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The Golden Era Oct 22, 1897

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 The Golden Era
Is the most widely circulated tnd
beet advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by tha miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
in Advance	
Wall Paper
Just Received
Slew Full Htork.
Yon can't send east and get papers here for
10c, life, l-E'c, loc and up,
a roll thnt will compare with the papers we
are ottering at same prices.
Let us send you samples and prices.
THOMSON BROS. Ilookstore, Calgary,
VOL. VII. NO. 12.
��2 Per Yea it
JL.XJL    a    e    ���    a
Dress Goods,
# Jackets and
|��     Mantles,
��� Blouse Straps and
O 0 O O 9 O
Well Assorted Stock
In All Department.!
10 Dozen
Men's Winter Caps
25c each
���ooooooooco oopo.o
General J} merchant,
. .Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+   +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+  +
The Reliance loan ft Savings Co.. of Ontario.
+  +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
On The Big HI11-.Another Runaway
Traln-El.ht Oars Smashed to
On Monday morning a freight train
followed No. 1 express from Laggan
down the big hill towards Field.
Shortly after leaving the top of the
hill the train broke away and as all
efforts to hold her back became unavailing and a wreck was inevitable
the driver, fireman, brakemen and conductor jumped from the train, all escaping without injury except the
driver, who had one ot his arms badly bruised. The train consisted of 15
cars, and was hauled by consolidated
engine 314. The train was in oharge
of Conductor Jamieson,Drlver Fawcett
was in charge ot the engine and the
fireman was Chapeau, who was also
fireman on tbe train whioh was wrecked in the Kioking Horse at the same
time and ou the same day a week pre-
viously. After the mon left the train
they heard the engine working hard
against the load behind, tho driver
having reversed the lever and opened
the throttle before he left her. At the
safety switch four mites from Field
the tender and engine appear to have
run on the safety switch all right, but
the shock seems to have thrown out
the switch and the cars were carried
on the main line. The engine tore up
the largd rails, bending them like so
much wire, and both engine and tender toppled over in tho ditch between
the main line and safety switch, the
working ot the engine tearing up the
trackway. The first eight cars next
the engine were smashed to pieces and
their contents strewn around. The
ninth car was off the track but the
rest of the train was uninjured. Engines were got from Laggan and Field
and the wreckage pulled clear of the
main read bed and burned. By midnight the track was cleared sufficiently to allow a side line to be connected
and su No.2was enabled to get through
with about five hours delay and No. 1
got through on time next morning.
Sheriff.* Shot by u Stugo Bobber.
Delta, Cal., Ootober 14.-William
Harold and Under Sheriff Radford of
Slskyou County, were shot and killed,
and Deputy Sheriff Stewart seriously
wounded while the officers were attempting to arrest Harold for com'
plioity in the robbery of the Yreka and
Fort Jones stage. The stolen money
was traced by Detectives Thaoker and
J. Jennings, of the Wells-Forgo and
Company, to this place, and the Slskyou County officers, in accordance
with instructions, came down from
Yreka last night.for the purpose of arresting Harold. About 8.80th Is morning
Radford and Stewart presented themselves at Harold's house and asked
for him. When he came to the door
Stewart said: "I want to see you,
Harold." The latter replied ''I'm
ready," and opened fire on the officers
with a revolver. The first shoe took
effect in Stewart's leg, while the
second bullet struck Radford in the
left breast, killing him almost instantly. Stewart, who had fallen in
front of the door, emptied his gun at
Harold, who fell mortally wounded,
with several bullet holes In his ohest
and abdomen. He died soon afterwards.
A Dangerous Character
On Wednesday night a man named
J. Vandell assaulted a woman named
Lucille Langie. Next morning the
woman laid an information against
him and in the absence of Constable
Cox F. C. Lang set out to arrest the
offender. Vandell had, however, made
himself scarce, and W. C. Miller was
despatched in searoh of him, finding
him at McLaughlin's camp, where he
had been drinking. The acoused was
brought into town and wauled bail.
Mr. Warren J. P. was sent for aud
was about to go uptown lo see the
psrtiss whose names the prisoner gave
as his Sureties, when the prisoner
wanted lo go too, and laid he wae not
gelng to be goaled by them. The
prisoner then set upon Messrs. {.ang
and Warren, hitting, kicking and
scratching. Mr. Lang had to use his
bacon And pluckily stuok to the man',
enoeeedlng in lodging him back In the
cells but not nntil he had bruised Mr.
Warren about the body and had cot
Mr Lang badly about the neck and
face. Dr. Taylor had to bo called in
to attend the injuries sustained by
both Mr. Lang and the prisoner. The
Gold Commissioner was telegraphed
lor this morning and on his arrival
Vandell will be brought up for punishment. Thie Is the man who oleaned
out the town last Christmas. Suoh
characters are not wanted in this
country and we hops that the court
will make en example of hlm by imposing tbe lull penalty of the law. A
repetition ol tbls sort ot thing must
be stopped at all hssards.
At Ouelph Miss MoNlver got 1800
damages against Rev. Hope lor bresch
ol promise.
81s persons going to Yukon killed
at -.ska by boat accident or murdered
hy Indians.
Only six men are now at Wui'k on
the Lanark.
Mr. MoKinley lias made another find
tn Carbonate Basin.
New discoveries are reported in tho
country west of Okanagan Lake.
Rich gold is reported to have been
struok at Dyea, Sheep Creek, Hootnl*
inqna and Stewart Rivers on the way
to the Yukon.
The Fort Steele Prospector says;
James Angus and William Tarrant
have staked five very promising claims
near Barnes' Ranch, west of the Green
Monster proberty.
F. P. Norbury, of Fort Steele, has
necotialcd the sale of the Sylvia Mine
at Wnaa to the Hon, E. Dewdney at
$25,000. The property is a promising
gold and copper proposition.
Mr. Lindsay went out to the Blue-
water this week, on behalf of Mr.
Kiiowlton, to insiect the Little
Brother, Mowgli. and Akela claims,
on I which Dr. Taylor, Messrs Moodie
ana Connor have given that gentleman
a working bond.
In the October report James Lewis
ft .Sons, of Liverpool, say: Copper
gradually advanced from ��49 Is. 3d.
oil the 1st ult. to ��49 15s. Od. on the
15th. but from this point fell away to
��49 2s. fid. on the 80th, at. which it
closes today, ��59 Ss. M. having been
On Saturday Messrs Kiiowlton and
Lindsay completed the deal by which
they take np the bond on tlie Black
Prince, on Logan Creek, for eastern
capitalists. They paid the former
owners, Messrs. Logan and Jones, $2,.
000 each in cash, being Ibe amount ot
tlii balance of the bond.
The following transfers have been
recorded at Golden: Copper King, on
No. 2 Creek, from C. tt. McKlnnon to
Dan Taylor; Picton anl Maple Leaf.
International Basin, by B. J. Towns-
end to L. Keyser; Galteo More, on
Butte Moutain.hyC.E.Hamilton to the
London and Vancouver Syndicate.
The following cloima have been recorded at Golden: Iron Cap and Monday, by J. W. Connor nnd G. Heffner
respectively, on Sprucetree Crook, Oct.
16th; Roso Second, by H. G. Parson,
and Thistle second, by Wm.Crnwtord.
on International Basin; Wren and
tawk by H.O. Fsrson nnd JJ. Grainger
on Steamboat Butte, Oot. 19th.
Ata meeting of theAlaskaGoldMining
and Development Company at Halcyon
Hot Springs, Captain D. H. Mac-
pherstin was elected president; Walter
R. Myers, president of the Lexington
Mining Company, viceprcsident;
Horace W. Bucke secretary; Dr. Brett
and Hugh Sutherland directors. The
Company will despatch an expedition
to the Yukon.
W. C. Tillson, of   Salem,   Or.
tnrned yesterday from a visit to lhe
Lincoln claim, located some time ago
by J. Henderson in the Burns basin.
Mr,     Tillson has        purchased
this claim and has decided to put
in a winter camp in charge ot Mr.
Henderson for the purpose of driving
a tunnel to further devolop the property.
The latest news from the Klondike
says that Hunker Creek and Gold
Bottom Creek are conceded to equal,
if not rival, the now famous Bonanza
and Eldorado creeks, Many claims in
Hunker Creek run (2,000 to the box.
On No. 80, Eldorado, Alexander McDonald's claim, one man, in 12 hours,
shoveled in $20,000. On Skookiim
Gulch, $30,000 were weighed out of
two box lengths.
Major Clohecy bas received Information from his foreman at the Bennison
Basin, Mr. Moldenhauer, stating that
he struck the Boston lead by the 250
feet level, the tunnel ot which lias
been run in over 90 feet. The load
looks well and is conclusive evidence
of the permanence and value of the big
vein which runs through the Bennison
snd Boston claims. It is now proposed to cut the lead aoross hi an oblique
Regarding the lead market the Mining and Engineering Journal says:
"This week some refiners who were
getting tired of holding their stocks
pressed sales, and from day to day
lower quotations were established until on the Uth inst, transactions in
round quantities were reported at 4c.
New York, at which prices there remain further sellers. This is quite
a material drop, and at the time ot
writing it is difficult to judge if the
bottom has already been reached.
Writing to Mr. Haggen, Mr. Carlyle, Provincial Mineralogist, says:
"Next season I autioipate spending
considerable time in East Kootenay
when I expect more work will have
been done giving muoh greater opportunity of learning what is premised in that important part of the Province. For thie reason I will be unable this fell to give a public talk on
our mining industry, although otherwise I would have done my best to no-
cede to your wishes had I been in
Oolden. Later on, with photographic
tildes, lanterns Ae��� I hope to be better equipped for sneh au undertaking."
The War Eagle Company now propose to erect a smelter at Ilosslaml.
Capt Black hns brought out from
Otneinna nuggets weighing as much
as $115.
The development in tlio lower tunnel of the St. Eugene mine now shows
six feet of solid galena.
The Fort Steele mineral exhibit was
the main attraction in the mineral
section of tlie Spokane fair.
The following tranters have been ri ���
corded at Golden: Alice from A.W.
Upton to C. Cartwright; Blue Bell, hv
M. Dainard to C. Cartwright and W.
The New Westminister district is
coming to the front in mining activity.
According tu the Columbian, during
the eight, months, ending 31st August
last, the mining fees taken in that
city amounted to over $24,900.
The Calgary Herald says: -'P. McCarthy, Q. C, and Major Walker returned this week from a prospecting
trip in the copper district north ot
Banff. They had an arduous trip bnt
succeeded in staking aome fine claims,
bringing buck some excellent samples
of ore.
Capt. Wardner and W. G. Mitchell-
Innes went up to Toby Creek at tho
beginning of the week, the former gentleman having gone up 50 see tlie Do*
los, in which ho is interested. Mr.
Mitchell-Innes has bought tho New
Chum, the southern extension on the
Pretty Girl, from J. Jeffery, and has
bonded from Tom Jones the northern
extension, known na the Old Chum.
Mr. Mitchell-Innes has brought down
some magnificent specimens of grey
copper from the Pretty Girl, on which
the shaft is down 15 feet. A drift will
now bo put in on the south side. There
are four leads on this properly, one of
two feet, which is solid nie, anotherof
a foct and a half, and two of one foot
Sneh  Misery to Men anil llorses Wns
Never Heen
Messrs Vaehon have just received
the following letter from their brother:
Whiti: Pas*.. Octolver -Ith. 1W7:
| Ileal- Brotlier.-I am now six miles
I from Lake 'jennet '.ith all my pro*
visions Ae. in guoii cupditinn. T -till
Imvp hopes of g trill-* down the river
11,:h full. I inn ill gmril health but
almost played out .villi fatigue. My
horse is almost gone, heen feeding him
on rolerl oala the last tour days, ami
he has had no hay for eit lit days,
Hopo the three of yon are in good
health. Today and yesterday fine but
we have heen having winter
for ten dnys up till yesterday.
Somo nf the small lakes
are frozen over. Write long letter
anil addi-osa to Lake Tagish, Whim
Puss tra|l. care of Capt. of Mounted
Police. I will try to have the letter
forwarded to me, hut God know-,
where that will he. The trail is
strewn all along with deed horses ai il
we have to walk and jump over them,
besides hundreds thai have roiled over
cliffs out of sight. Huclt misery In
men and horses wns never seen. I
am ahead of nil tlio Vancouver boys
who stnrtnil with me and many have
cone into winter quarters. A great,
many have gone right hack. Good
wishes to nil, from   13. Vacuo*,-.
News in Brief
Col. 'taker's Account
The News Advertiser has tho following in its interview with Col.Baker on
his visit to East Kootenay:
Of course Col. Baker found many
'-wants'' in his constituency.
"At Golden," he said, "a deputation
waited on me wanting a trail uu thn
North Hend to Kootenay River, whicli
I think would be a very good -.rail to
build. It will open up it iiiineriil
country. 1 have built a littlrr evory
���'Your constituency is  pretty  big'-1"
"Yes. ;.00 miles long, by lnl) miles
A very good district to try and redistribute, ia ii not?''
But Ccl Baker did not want to
treat of political suhjuc-s for publication, so ho only laughed.
The Ross-McKenzie syndicate, of
Toronto, will build a 23 mile tramway
iu Jumncia.
Ponton hns been discharged on warrant for having robbed the Dominion
bunk ut Napauee.
Correspondent of Blaek end Whito
said to have beou killed by brutality of
Spaniards in Cuba.
Austria protests against thu recent
shooting by the sheriff of the Austrian
miners at Hazelton.
A St, Louis man, his brother anl
two sisters have jnst come into a fortune of three millions,
A servant attacked her employer
and his wife and daughter with an
axe ut Stanford, Conn.
One man killed and four injured
by explosion of boiler of thrashing engine at Sriuit St. Marie.
A drunken Frenchman weut about
the streets ot Ottawa with u loaded
revolver looking tor Laurier.
United States proposo to recall tin.
bonding privileges now enjoyed by the
C, P. K. on goods going to the States.
Big strike threatened in England
and csiitimnted 400.0CO men will bo
called out iu sympathy with tho engineers.
Bush fires raging in Nova Scotia,
and a village burned. Terrible fires
also reported from Pennsylvania and
much damage done.
Robbers held up the Cannonba'l
traiu when within 12 miles uf Austin
City, Texas, took $200 (rom the passengers, shooting tho conductor and
a passenger.
A Seattle Company has arranged to
take in people, to Yukon next season
via Stikeeu, and will run a stagu
service between Telegraph Creek ami
Tesliu Lake.
Rebellion In China,
Millionaire Pullman is dead.
Scarlet fever raging at Kan���nop*.
Lord Mount-Stephen will matry
L, Bellcrivo drowned himself at
Yellow fever stili spreading at New
Sir Edwin Arnold married a Japanese woman.
Britain proposes to increase army
and navy.
Womnn killed by freight train at
Steamer Triton sunk off Havana and
150 lives lost.
Boy killed at Shoal Lako by roller
passing over him.
Girl killed by engine on Grand
Trunk near Toronto.
Another outbreak of supposed bubonic plague in India.
British force now driving back the
natives north of India.
Mrs. Ellis, of Rochester, N. Y.,
shot herself at Winnipeg.
Hails on Crow's Nesl Road are now
laid as far us Pincher Creek.
In a row at Pincher Creek one man
stabbed another with a knife.
House of P. Downey, of Preston,
burned, and two boys cremated.
British steamer Clan Gordon wrecked near Natal but all hands saved.
Canadian bankers protested against
Bank of England helping out silver.
Eight of jury against four are tor
the conviction ot Leutgert at Chicago,
Martin Carlyle, ot Chatham, killed
his brother-in law while out shooting.
Town of Windsor, near Halifax,
burned and 3,000 to 4,000 people homeless.
Henry George has withdrawn, from
the Mayoral candidature for Now
In Kentucky a vicious black woman
burned a white woman on a red hot
The Pope will ratify   the Laurier* j __.._,_,.  ,���,���.0,-������-��,,,  .....  ...
Grnenwav   ttnreement   on   tha   school   WANTED   TiaSTWOItTll.  AKD AC
ureenway agreement  on  tut  scnooi i w (Ivo -,llll9nwn or _diw ,��� ,���,,.������ for
question. r responsible, mial.li.heil hours iu Hritish Col-
Roof of thsatre fell in at Cincinnati ".'"liia. Monthly ��.*>.<0 aud expenses. Posi-
..j j-,��� .-...���..,, kill-) �����.i on Hon Steady. Reference. Euclose self ".hires
and    three    persons   killed   and   20 ���,, ,���,,���,>*,��� envelope.  The Dominiou Com-
I pauy, llept. Y Chicago. -tNap-ri
Bound for the
But before I can go, must dispose of my
large stock of Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings and Clothing. These I will sell
at rock bottom prices, for Cash, the next
thirty days. Do not miss this chance of
cheap goods.
In Every
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Crockery and
Fancy Goods,
Stoves and
Flour and Feed,
��� ��� ���
Mining Supplies
A special feature of
our business.
To Advertisers and Subscribers.
The OOLDEN EUA .s nublished every
Friday evoning. It is the best advertising
medium in the ��� irst Kootenay distriqt.
.Sitij.-.-riptioii Kates i S5-00 per annum IN
jVlterabei���ami changes of standing advertisements must he in tue office not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
noon on Friday.
While all reasonable care will be token, the
proprietors will not bo responsible t'or any
omi.-.iion or error in any advertisement.
AU accounts to be paid to tho Managing
���*-*-"-"-"-"-"-"-"������"������ ��� ���-���'  ���  wl,���
Pi rector,or bis authorized agent, from whom
tlie company's receipt will Ire obtained.
Advertising rates: Display ads., 81.50 per
column inch; I.eg.,1 ads., 10 .cents por tint
for lirst insertion, 11 cents for each additional
insertion; I'ondiug notices, 12 cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should be addressed to the Manugiug Director, und all
literary communications,letters for publication or news itenis should he addressed to the
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the case oi
imoiiyiiious lettors the name and address of
tho writoi- must he enclosed, not for publication, hut lor the private information of the
editor ,-md as n guarantee of good faith,
ht iiol'en Eta Catrpanf Llr,!!- Lliblllt),
office, Golden, B. 0.
The Hon. Colonel Baker, in acknowledging the petition from Golden
re the proposed wagon road to the
Tukon, describes it as a "soheme for
railway," Now the people of Golden
made no such big order, and tbe gallant Colonel should look after the interests of his constituents better than
to misinterpret their requests. The
order for .a road over tbe "Golden
Era air Une" is considered by some
people a big order. What would they
say if we had been so bold and Impracticable ae to demand a railway
from the Provincial Government?
There have been some toughs about
Golden recently. We hope the police
will keep a close eye on these gentry,
as Golden objects to be made a dumping ground for suoh people. The law
is sufficiently far reaching to meet the
case, as such characters are simply
parasites in a community, seeking
whom they may devour.
A '-Cross" Official
Oiltc 05olfccn t&va
(Edited by E. A. Haggen.)
FRIDAY,  OCTOBER 22,  1897.
Vie Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the mountains. : We employ an
old, experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains before leaving
the premises.
We have something for you
for thc next two weeks.
200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies' and Children's Boots
and Shoes at Cost for
the next 30 days.
��� ��� Don't ��� ���
Hiss This Opportunity!
J. Lamontagne,
Tensorlal Artist.
Everything Strictly First Class
Tlio number of accidents that have
lately occurred on the Western and
Pacific divisions of the C. P. R. show
that there is something radically
wrong. We have been endeavoring
to find out what is the trouble and
have como to the conclusion that
there are mainly two causes. One is
that the company has not sufficient
engines to move the largely increased
ti attic, with the result that some of
these engines have been required for
such constant use that they have not
been kept iu the best state of repair,
and have thus rendered the liability to
accident much greater. Another
reason is that OA-ing 10 the rush of
freight the trains that have been pot
over the mountains have been muoh
too heavy, so if they got away there
was no possible chance of stopping
them. This was particularly evident
in tho accident that occurred rn Monday morning last. It used to be
rule of the road tbat not more than 10
cars should bo taken at a tinio over the
hill be: ween Laggan aud Field, whereas the train that was wrecked consist-
ed of 15 cars. The men in charge of
the trains are thus made to suffer for
causes which are under the control ot
the head officials of the company'
rather than of their employees, When
an accident happens however, the unfortunate emplovee bas to suffer suspension or dismissul for what may uot
really be his fault. We hope the
President will cause full enquiry to be
made into these matters, when he will
no doubt find that what we say
true, and the best safeguards lie iu
supplying ample motive power, keep.
ing the plant in first class order, and
hauling lighter loads over tbe worst
portions of the road.
We quiie admit that sometimes the
employees may bo to blamo and that
in such cases the officer guilty should
be promptly suspended or dismissed,
but it is altogether unjust that these
men should have to suffer for mishaps
from causes not under their control,
and where the causes really lie with
tne adiiiiriistruti-.ii at headquarters.
Hitherto the C.P.R. men at this end
of the road have, as a rule, shown
every courtesy to the publio, and have
made many friends ol the C.P.R.
amongst travellers, but an exception
was found the other day. We refer
to the man Cross, who has just been
promoted to the charge of engine 316.
This individual has been sent from the
eaat, and while his promotion has im-
with the idea that he is
On The  Road to Tho Yukon.
Aa Awful Trip-Letter Fron B. Taehon
Summit of White Pass, Alaska,
September 17, 1897.���My Dear Lang-
lois:   Here I em about 19 miles Irom
Skagway, after 82 days ol the hardest
and most miserable period ol my life.
I am sure I have averaged 16 hours
work every  dey  since I struek this
eternally  damned  trail, And Just imagine 19 miles In 32 days, a little oyer
half a mile per day for myself and one
horse to pack about hall a ton (besides
horse feed of course), oats  And hay
you cannot buy here, not even at 40c.
per pound; you must go down to Skagway  for it and pay So. per pound.
This is my first day  to  be  idle end
most  ol the boys are doing the same
because  tt Is ons ol the worst storms
we have had since we got on this cursed trail,  cold rain and strong wind.
Fire  wood very scarce here, nothing
bnt shrubby hemlock, and  the roots
are much larger than the tree itself,
whioh we have to burn roots and All.
I am the only one of onr outfit who is
still going Ahead, Maokie, Miller and
Robinson are eamping for the winter
further down the trail,   tbeir . horses
having  given out.    If my horse oan
hold out another ten days I hope to be
able to get down to Lake Bennet in
time to get down the Lakes and on to
Tukon, at least part of the way,   but
all depends on the horse.   Horse power is the main spring of thie proposition.   If my horse gives ont before I
reach Lake Bennet. I will take to Decking myself, (whieh I have been doing
every day anyhow, besides leading my
pressed him      ________________
the Czar of all the Russias, it appears I j^) ,������*,��� pushing' on.Retreatie out o'l
to   be   due to the_^*; th^ _��*;19 * | question with met   Get tbere or die ts
Attacked  With Inflammatory
Rheumatism at an Early Age
Eaoh .uoceselve Tear Brought Fresh
Attaeks with Increasing Severity
Until he was a Physical Wreck.
From the Sun Belleville.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Kelly are people who are deeply grateful for a kind
intervention of Providence whereby the
life, health end happiness Of their IS
year old son, Master Harry, has been'
restored and preserved.   Mr. Kelly is
one ol the best known conductors on
the Midland dvision of the G. T. R.,
and is now residing in this city.   A
Sun reporter having heard ol the oure
ol the little fellow and the joy of his
parents, called at their home and was
met by Mrs. Kelly who, on being informed  of  the object ol bis visit, at
once told the story of ths cure and how
the results were attained.   "We were
living in  Madoo  when our boy waa
about five years of  age  and  in  the
spring I went to call him one morning.
He  replied  to  my call by saying be
conld not rise.   I at once went to him
and found that hc was unable to walk.
Medical aid being summoned we  discovered that inflammatory rheumatism
had  our little boy in its grasp.   All
that attention and doctors  could  do
was done and the attaok passed o_,but
the  following spring while in Peter-
boro  he  was again seized witb the
dread  disease  and  again we were in
terrible dread  of  losing  the   child.
When the warm weather came again
he  rallied,   but  was very weak and
Removed to
New Store
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
Hy Motto ia
Good Quality,
Good Fitting: and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
brother, nephew, uncle, cousin, or
aunt of Master Mechanic Cross. At
all events he is as cross by nature.as he
is "Cross" byname. When Matter
Meohanio Cross appoints another of
his relatives to such an Important
position he should first of all send hlm
to a school where the "extra twopence for manners" might be taught
with some advantage. The C. P. R.
have had many millions out ot the
public purse on the pretext ot publio
convenience, and the company enjoy
great public privileges today as a re.
salt; but a few disobliging and insulting employees like the "Cross" driver
of engine 316 would soon make enough
enemies to set aflame tbe demand for
the repeal of the franchises at present
enjoyed by the C.P.R. When Master
Mechanic Cross wants to promote any
more of his relatives of the east ot the
"Cross" driver of 316 we hope he will
send them somewhere else than to the
Western division. Indeed they would
seem to he specially adapted to the
Russia Siberian service, whieh will
shortly be inaugurated, and the sooner
their promotion is extended to that
quarter the better will it be for the C.
P. R and for the pnblio.
Roots, Shoe* and Ilarne-m
Bepalreil promptly.
Livery and Feed Stables
o ���
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs ot all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ X + X +
Hamilton & Skelton.
GOLDEN, B. C. 131tc
A Fine Volume.
Standard books are are ever welcome
when they come to us in forms and
bindings representing sll the embellishment of the art of book making.
Suoh a book ia Tennyson's complete
works published by tbe Dominion
Company, Chichago, a copy of whioh
has just come to our desk. The contents aro well arranged, the illustrations, the print Is elear and neat and
tbe binding is superb. The Dominion
Company is forging ahead ee the leading western publishing house making
it specialty of fine subscription books.
Having salespeople In nearly every
nook of the country, the company
enjoys a large and growing trade.
As this company has a known reputation for liberality towards its agents
and fair trtatment of them, an agency
in this community for the above book,
or eome other published by this company, would be a source of considerable profit to the one fortunate enough
to secure it. Interested readers should
write the company for full particulars.
my motto.   I will not attempt to give
you in writing an idea of the stste of
the  trail,   it ie  simply horrible and
baffles  description  by even  the best
descriptive writer In the world.    In
many  places   you have lo walk over
dead horses and mules, sharp broken
rooks, boulders, liquid mnd, and up to
knees along most part of the trail.    I
often wish I could  have carried out
my first idea  ol  taking  only about
three weeks provisions, and a canvas
csnoe and gone right through.    I can
see  ..ow   tbat my idea wae right and
the trip (rom Skagway to  Dawaon I
could have made in 18 days and perhaps less.   A man witb a pack ol 75
pounds on bis back oan get along this
trail  comparatively easy, but when
you come to go over it with horses it
Is altogether different, and   wo must
not  forget  that we have had to build
this trail since we got on to it, and to
do that it had to be closed entirely for
about  eight  daya.    It was not half
made when we reached Skagway. The
man or mon who are  responsible  for
leading euoh a number ol resolute and
well  meaning  men  lu  suoh a trap
should   be   pnt to death bv the most
horrible   torture imaginable.     Every
day some poor fellow gets discouraged,
sells bis outfit for what he oan get and
commences to retreat with  as  sad a
lock as Napoleon's best men hsd whon
they retreated from Moscow.    I have
lo close although I would like to write
a great deal more,   but I am getting
cold and joints getting stiff.   I have
been sleeping in wst olothes and wet
blankets more   than  half the  time
since I am on the trail  And it hee
been raining about six days a week.
Good bye and an reyoir,
Yours sincerely,
E. Vaehon.
-      JOHN A. MUIR,
Sign  Writer,   Painter
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended to.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.
_ _  _ Practical
Price List on Application. 144to
The McMurdo House,
Oood accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
In -Maetoe TmiHmt. Oar Bates sen al
liflM. OttjurCMBt-r
Aieat* AStaally fettlM risk- so eaa joa
Oae af.it, la aae day, tleatmd ���T3.40.
feetaamiCataleema tree am a**pllaatlo*
On the occasion of the deputation
interviewing Hon. Col. Baker at Golden last week that gentleman gave
himself away badly when he stated
that there had been for three years a
vote on the provincial estimates lor
opening up the Moberly trail. Col.
Baker represents East Kootenay in the
Parliament of the Province and it was
his duty as such representative to eee
that tho votee made by parliament
were duly expended for tbe dletriot.
Otherwise, what was the use of having
theso votes made at all, il it was not
intended to spend them. Such a position is to our mind clear evidence of
neglect on the part of the Hon. Col
Baker of the interests of hit eon
The Columbian snys: " _-. A. Hamilton, Land Commissioner of the C. P.
R., and Col. Baker met at Golden on
Monday and proceeded to Fort Steele
by the Duchess, for ths purpose of discussing on the ground the methode ol
dealing with the townsite of Cranbrook, and the transfer to tue C. P. R.
of the interests of the B. C. Southern.'
���We clip the above paragraph from
tho Goi.iien Era ot Oct. let. Tliere
is nothing wrong about it. It is all
perfectly legal, but the B. C. Southern got its "interests" as a gilt from
tha Province; and we shall be glad, to
hear from some olover fellow with a
capacity for small detail,, what the
Province got or will get in return,"
All the poetry, sll the
romance, all that Is Ideal
in the wide, wide world.
Is bound up In that one
word: ' Motherhood." A women's greatest
hspplness, her
greatest doty sad
her greatest priv-
ilefe is to become
the mother of a
healthy, happy
child, -ntoli
thonsuds of women hli short of
this   because  et
esss of thtir wo*
 .      Blt-tr they live childless
lives, or for a brief spell sre Ike mothers
of puny, sickly children thst bring thea
only pain, snd leave them only sorrow.
The women who suffers frost wisksees
end disease of Ihe distinctly ftalnlac or-
goes is certain to become ea lavalld. No
woman can suffer In this wsy ud be a
healthy, happy, amiable wife and a competent mother. Trembles of this ootart aae
the ttrfa-rtb, task the atmt, petal ltass of
surj-rlnf upon the lice, destroy the temper,
mske the once bright eyes dell sad Ike owe
active brsln tlon-b, sad transform s vivacious woman latt a weak, sickly, invalid.
This It alt wrong. It Is sll innecttsary.
Dr. Pierct't FaTorlti Frttcrlptloa It e marvelous medicine tor ailing women. It acts
directly on Ike delicate end Importaat
organs tint beer the burdens ef tasters-
Ity sad mokes thtm strong snd healthy.
It allays Inflammation, heals ukersUoa,
soothes pain and tones end builds up tkt
nervet. It banishes the discomforts of the
expectant months and makes baby's com-
legeuy tnd almost pal-lett. Ksuarsntees
ths little new-comer's heslth sad sn staple
supply of nourishment. Thotuands of
women have tettitid to its marvelous merits. Aa honest dealer will not endeavor ts
substitute tome interior preparation for Ihe
tskt of sn extra little selfish proflt'
Mn. don-
Croup Quickly dared
Mountain Gum, Ark.���Onr ohildren were suffering with croup when
we received a bottle of Chamberlain's
Croup Remedy. It afforded Almost instant relief.��� P. A. Thobhton. TMs
celebrated remedy le for sale by all
druggists, Langley 4 Co., wholesale
agents, Viotoria and Vancouver. 187u8
e e
Dr. Fiset, M. P., has been celled to
400 emigrants on an Italian steamer
poisoned by verdigris, And many will
C. P. R. receipts for lut week were
$200,000 more than for the same week
of last year.
Through carelessness ef landlord of
Palmer House, Winnipeg, men named
Waldron suffocated by gee.
only a ehadow of his former self. Despite ell we conld do he was again attacked in the next spring. You can
imagine the fear and dread with whioh
we watched these recurring attacks,
eaoh one more severe than the last,
and each one leaving onr boy in a
worse condition than those that weut
before. His last attack confined him
to bed tor three months, and his heart
was dangerously affected. His suffer-
ings were terrible, and it was pitiful
to see him trying to carry food to his
mouth. His nervous system was so
shattered that a- form of St. Vitus'
dance had affected him. and
his hand and arm trembled so
that he could not feed or aid himself.
Some friends advised me to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and recommended them so highly tbat my husband and myself decided to try them.
We gave them to Harry for several
months and whon the spring came
watched anxiously, fearing a return of
the trouble, bnt were thankful and
delighted to eee no symptoms of it, nor
has he been troubled fnr the past three
years. "What is the condition of his
health at present?" asked the reporter.
'He Is as sturdy and as healthy a boy
as parents could wish for. I attribute hie recovery end present health
to nothing but Pink Pills, and I cheerfully recommend them to all."
Rheumatlam, sciatica, Neuralgia,
partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia,
nervous headache, nervous prostration, and diseases depending upon
humors of the blood, suoh as scrofula,
chronio erysipelas, etc., all disappear
before a fair treatment with Dr. Wil
Hams' Pink Pills. They give a
healthy glow to sallow complexions.
Sold by all dealers and post psid at
50c. a box, or six boxes for 12.50, by
addressing the Dr Williams Medioine
Co., Brockvillo, Ont. Do not be persuaded to take some substitute.      209
Builder and Contractor,
-  -  -   -   Golden, R C.
A supply of Building Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders.
Undertaken and
.   .   Embalmers,
Calgary,   ���   ���   Alta.
"I took Dr.	
prtvlou to co-lneSKDt'' wrllss Mrs.
Culpepper, of Tanks, CoUlf Co,, Teiss, "too
atnrim so welt la my lttrjl to only two
, weeks and ltmtMiM do tiy work."
In mott healthy families yoa will tad.
Dr. Pierce's Common Beets Medical Adviser. Por a ptptr-covered copy tend Ji
one-cent stamps, to emtr easlomt and
mailing only. Cloth bound 50 stamps.
Address Driv."       	
. Pierce, -alhlo. N. T.
A tilting of Ita Cwmty Court of Kootenav
will be bold at'the Court House at Donald,
      ..   -.       gc ��� ���      ���    -
on Friday, the tth day ��
10 o'clock In the tot-moon.
Ily order
Donsld, B. 0., September oth, 1WI
imi-aMOOB.       *.*��     vaivi, a    ���_���    m*.u   ������'
���rati.  At druggists, or sent sealed, fl. Onr
Booklet 4 cenu.    __._�����*
Oaten Ipee. Oe., Beeto-, Mass.
ly Court is
The there sttslcn of the
adjourned UO 10 o'clock on
Josiah Stibbbtt.
19M> Regtetrsr
Streagth, Vitality, HMfcoed.
DR. WARD'S "Siin
Are sold under a positive guarantee to c
or refund the money, and we stand by
���roars-tee.  Cures all NBBvnus Die-Al
, DlS-AMS,
 I.VABJOOO-LB, LostVitalitt
or excess*,  -tops
~   " ���- T01
danferaus drelnt.   A
-^Shows Immediate
receipt of pries."
Wabd Medicine Co.,
360 Dearborn St., Chicago.
WA'r*T-.D-'n|U8TWO_Tir��- AND Active gentlemen ar ladies lo travel for
pooiiue, established bouse in Hritish Col-
 bio. Monthly Wii.OO snd esper-ies. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self addressed ���tamped envelope.  The Dominion Com-
psny, Dspt. Y Chicago.
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office At Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will be in Golden on Monday of each
week. 36to
William Bennlson,
Mining Broker.
Seattle. WaAklagtoa.
Mines exchanged, bought, sold or bonded:
Correspondence solicited.
London reference���W. L. Cottaer, Solicitor,
No. 6 (juson Ann Street, E. C.
American references���Seattle National Bank
and Everett National Bank. itt
Watoh, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing
In all its lines done on
SHOBT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lookets, Rings and
Jewelery carried tn etock, also
Spectacles and Eye Glesses.
Mail Orders Solioited.
Call at my new place of  business,
Opposite the Poet Office.
john McMillan,
Watchmaker,   ���   ���   ���   Oolden, B. C.
Caton's Tansy Pills.
A tried, tnvsA-dMfe |'[|[f fi| IIMEI
A ways reliable. Avoid "~��� "" "m"
imitations.    Oct. CATON'S and. tavere-
VOTICE Ii hereby given thai spplicsliou
" wUlbenndetoiheljegUUtlTtVUtembly
of the Province of_Brl-eh Columbia at its
next session by Tho Trusts and Ouarantee
Company (Limited 1, a corporation Incorporated in (J-Urio under "Tae Ontario Joint
Stock Companies' Utters Patent Act" and
under "TheTnist Company Act lW��,"on the
Mth dayof February, 1W7. for enact con-
fli-doff aad rottfttrlni upon It the powers of
Lettenr^tdepotlled ta Ontario with
Pfovtnelal Beg-trar and upon the approval
of the -_��tei_nt<loven_rln-Cou��cif, and
wilh its content tint the said company may
be appointed by anyJudge of the Supreme
or Connty courts oftbe I'rovince of British
Oolmubla 10 eiecute tbe uflce of eieeutor,
administrator, trustee, receiver, assignee,
guardian of minor nr committee of a lunatic
without giving securltyi and for ill further
snd necessary powert as may be incidental
���iree^urivetotheattsinmenl of lie above
8 Bastion Squ
Solicitor for Tbe Trusts and' Quaraates
IWnJO Compsny, Limited.
it��ieJ&. 1
s tad Qui
Kdhfwtth NERVE BEANS Are a new
iVOrvo    discovery that cum the wont
Roan a eii_-of.iervoiitdiblllty._otl
Uennn. vigor end Falling Mtinoodi
restores the weekness of bodyor mind caused
by overwork or tbe errors or tncettet of
youth. Thtoremedyabudiitelyeuestliemcst
obstinate catei when all other trestmsnts have
failed even to relieve. SoM by druggist, at II
per package or six fcrtB, or Mnl Tn mall��
recelpl of price by -idiesslng THE JAMES
MEDICINE CO., Toronto"Oat.  Write for
The Eagle Foundry
Mill and Mining Machinery,
Portable Engines, Pumps,
Castings ana Forging-.
�����   ���   ���
Elevators, 8hingle llllll, Etc,,
Blake's Challenge Stone Breaker,
Heine Safety Steam Boilers.     170dgl
Magical Complexion Tablets
b-mtjfy Ike tkia aad complexion. A
snd Benghnssi of the nice snd himL,
oropigo-, -stems, .Prickly .llsetj
oSBts.  vrart	
U.,Chksfo. nimrti THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, OOTOHER 22,  1897
The Moberly Trail
Mr. UrlMth Ooee at Far at Wood Blver
Mr. Griffith, Gold Commissioner,
returned laet week from a trip un the
Columbia Volley as far asWood Blver.
He considers the Moberly trail oan be
opened for about $250. He finds however, that a muoh better road than the
Moberly trail oan be got as it runs
over hllli and dAles without any attempt at grading. It took Mr. Griffith six days to get through on the
wuy out, owing to the delay in cutting
through the fallen timber. There-
turn journey wai, however made in
four days, whioh was good travelling
considering the etate of the trail.
From the Klnbasket Lake to Wood
river Is 81 miles, and Mr. Griffith
made that part of the journey easily
In A day. A wagon road oould easily
be made here because it is practically
level country with the exception of
two miles of side dotting. Along the
Klnbasket Lake there would be about
three miles of bad side hill to out
through, the mountains here running
right into the lake. There are eight
miles of the trail between Donald and
the Lake that form remarkably good
travelling and could easily be converted into a wagon road. In making a
road between Donald And Wood Blver,
Mr. Griffith is of the opinion that
there would not be more than 10 miles
of difficult grading 'on the whole road.
Por the rest of the way the road oould
be formed by dumping and olearing.
Ten miles above the junction of the
Canoe and Columbia rivers, the Commissioner was informed that the country was all open so that from there to
Tete Jaune Cache the opening of a
road would be a very small expense.
Mr. Griffith says there are forests of
magnificent timber between Donald
and Canoe Biver. The Commissioner
was accompanied by H. G, Low.
Two Agonizing
Special Advice to Ladles Who
Contemplate Coloring
Cotton Goods.
If a merchant or anyone else telle
you that package dyes prepared for
all wool goods will color ootton goods
equally well, do not believe him. A
person ranking such an assertion
knows little or nothing about dyes
and dying work.
Vegetable fibres require speoial dyes.
Such dyes are not made by the makers
ol imitation and common package
-Ives. Special dyes for vegetable
fibres, such as cotton and mixed goods
are in-.tde only by the proprietors of
Diamond Dyes, and every oolor is
simnly perfection.
Theso speoial Diamond Dye cotton
colors are ure.it chemical discoveries,
and confined entirely to Diamond
Dyes. The colors are sixteen in number, and tin men sly popular With oar-
pet, rug and m it makers everywhere.
Cotton goods dyed with these Diamond Dye Cotton colors never fade in
sun or washing.
If you are about to dye cotton goods
or desire to eelor rags for carpets and
mats, be sure and ask your merchant
for Fast Diamond Dyes for cotton and
mined goods. He should beep the
full variety -16 useful colors. 201
a ���>
A villain named T. Williams has
hoeu arrested at Winnipeg for assaulting an Indian with a knife on account
���if his squaw.
a ��
���'lis National Matte Smelter.
A practical, obeap and simple method
of matting sulphide ore, such as nickel,
copper, gold, and silver ores. In localities where lead ores and fuel are
scarce aud almost unattainable our
pyritic water-jacketed Matte Smelter
lias heen recognised with highly satisfactory results, and has been thoroughly tested on various pyritio,
sulphide, and arsenide ores, incapacity
ot two to 80 tons per day. It ie the
simplest method of gold and eilver ore
matting and concentrating that Is
known today.
It requires no extraordinary skill,
no lead ores, no fluxing material, and
no fuel for the smelter after it is
started. The sulphur in the ore' is
its natural fuel only, and its cost has
no comparison with any other process
of concentrating.
We are prepared to furnish any sise or
oapaoity plant complete to substantial
mining people, set il up and furnish
our msn to mn it for them on easy
payments. Prices und specifications,
with references nnd testimonials, on
Manufacturers of Funucte for Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver, and Lead Ores.
BT. LOUIS,  HO. 120tC
er ladles to travel for
jed bouse in British Col-
  . MVfOaod eipintes.  Pcsl-
 ��� steady.   Rsfcreaee. Enclose ���olf-add-M-
sed stomped envelope. The Dominion Corn-
pony, Dept Y Chicago. SMap��
Dr. Ward's
Celebrated Kidney Remedy
Mlevss pale in the bwk. kidneys, liver,
(M'leraed every Mrt of the nriniry pts-
fins, ltcnrmeutaa-jlll-yto^ui^-nid
teddfau pata la passing it, or bod effects foi*
KfigX* roo 'or FlTiiir. -Ins or beer ud
. - -"���- *-| iuudeawat necessity of being
' TM MSd a asdlcine yon should have the
ni  Price, II.
tTlmrMI 8-1 Dearborn St., Chlcsgo.
Quickly Banished by Paine's
Celery Compound
Two Thankful Letters that Should be
Read by Buffering Men and Women
For the effectual banishment of
rheumatism, sciatica and neuralgia,
Paine's Celery Compound is without
doubt the best medioine that human
science has ever produced. This marvelous remedy, devised by Professor
Edward Philips, M. D., one of the
ablest physlotans that ever lived, has
won the hearty praise of millions
of people for the wondrous oures It
has wrought In all lands. It is only
a medicine with euoh a record of cures
that oan Attain a world-wide reputation. It bss saved men, women end
ohildren, many of whom have been
given up by the doctors. It does its
work quiokly and well; it eradicates
every trace of disease; it builds np
fortifies and makes aotive every mortal whose limbs have been crippled
and deformed by rheumatism, and
drives away the terrors of neuralgia.
Today the ablest doctors are freely
prescribing Paine's Celery Compound
for tortured rheumatic and neuralgic
people. The thankful letters received
eaoh year from the cured in every
section of Canada would, if published
in book form, make a large and interesting volume.
The following letters will surely inspire all rheumatic and neuralgic
sufferers with a new and lively hope
for a better and happier life. Mrs. F.
McMann, of Thorold, Ont., says:
'I think it my duty to let you
know what Paine's Celery Compound
has done for my husband. For two
years' he suffered very much with
rheumatism in the back and became
so bad that he could not bend, stoop,
or sit in a chair at table, and I was
obliged to take his meals to him while
he lay in bed. He was treated by
various physicans, but received no
benefit until he used Paine's Celery
Compound. The first bottle gave him
relief, and after he had used six bottles he was quite free from rheumatism. He was troubled with piles
for 14 years, and found great relief
from the Compound. He says he feels
like a new men just now. We think
there is no medicine like Paine's
Celery Compound."
Mrs. A. Acheson, of Montreal, says:
"Two years ago I suffered intenselv
from neuralgia in the head, face and
shoulders. I was i i a terrible condition, and often so tortured that I conld
not rest or sleep. I became very
���veak and feeble, had giddy and faint
���pells, and often could not attempt
to go out on tho street. My appetite
becume poor and digestion very weak.
At night, while in bed, Ioften had oppressive and smothering feelings; my
whole nervous system was run down
and verv weak.
"I had been under the care of a
medical mnn and used various medicines, but no relief came to me from
these sources. I fortunately heard of
your Paine's Celery Compound; I decided to give it a trial, and I bless tbe
day I commenced wilh it. I used it
several months and now feel as well as
ever I did. All my pains have been
banished, I sleep and eat well and find
myself a new woman. I heartily recommend Paine'e Celery Compound to
All who are in need of an honeet and
true curing medioine. 200
$500*?? IN GOLD I
1st Prize
2nd Prise
3rd Prize
2 Prises of
b Prizes of
10 Prizes of
25.00 each
10,00 each
6.00 eaoh
To the Twenty peopli who solve this Puzsle, If there are so many correct,
we will give the above Prises IN CASH.
With Tour
If more than Twenty should be correct, every correct one will (In addition
to the Money Prizes) be awarded our famous "Faithful Timekeeper Silver
Watch," of wbioh the net factory price is $10. If preferred, the winner can
ohoose a genuine Gold-cased Watoh of the same value.
Pile* whether Kohln*. Mind or
Martina-, aro relieve- by one
application ef
Dr. Agnew't Ointment
35 OENT8.
And sand In (to S nlibt*.
Dr. M. Barkman, Blnihaaton, S.T,
writ-Mi Bend im IS down mors of Ar
���tw's Ointment. I presents large quia*
titles of It. It Is a wonder worker la skta
diseases aad a gnat ier. for pill*.-**.
VOTICE Is hereby given that 90 days after
" dale I intoudlo apply to the Chief Commissioner of -indi ind Works for pe-minion
to purchase ISO seres of lend situated la East
Kootensy District snd described as folio-*:
Commencing at s pott placed at the south-
west comer of lot SO, G.l, thence wist 10
chains, thence north 80 chains, Ihence esst 40
chains, tbenco south (0 chains to place of
L. T. MacIjBOD.
Hated Angus! _M, 1807. WlnlO
T R. G. Gordon, hereby give notice that, 00
^ diyi after dale, I intend to apply tu llie
Chief Commissioner ot Lends and Works for
pet-million to purchsie 890 acres of land in
Esst Kootenay District, snd described is
followii-Coinmencing st a post placed st
the south-wait corner of Lot SH G. I; thence
west 40 chains; thenco north SOcliainii thenee
esst 40 cboiw: thence south 80 chain, to
place of commencement.
Dated August "7th, 1807. ISWo-B
T  J. & Dilton hereby givo notice Uut HP
'  days after date I Intend to apply to the
Chlsl Cotrnmliiioner of Lands and worki for
permission to pnrchise 890 icret of land
limited iu -Alt neatensy District, deserlbM
st followBi���Commencing at a post placed ou
the eatt boundary of LotaUO. I,at the angle
where s-dbonndiry Jags easti thence north
80 chillis to Hi-en's 8.1, corner: Ihence oast
40 ohiinti thence sooth 80 ohainit thence
wut 40 chains to place of commencement.
-    . . .   -_���>��� R' DALTON.
Dsted August tnd, 1807. nc37
F - - TH -UL
F - R - M - ST
A word here
Our Proud
in the Watch
A word which
here means
they will last
a life-time.
The qualities
of our
which are
to be the
in the English
and American
As this wonderful offer ts only made to advertise onr far famed Silver
Watches, every Competitor must read the following conditions and comply
with them.
1, Send your answer on an "International Post Card," whioh can be
bought at the poet office (price 2 cents)
There is no entrance fee or charge
2. Iu addition to the Cash Prizes,
everyone who sends the correct answer
will thereby win one of our "Faithful
Timekeeper" Silver Watches whioh ws
sell in England for (10 eaoh, and
which could be sold retail in America
for 116 to (28 eaoh.
8. Every winner of the Watoh is required to purchase one of our splendid
value inexpensive Solid Silver Albert
Chains to wear witb the Watch, as
per our unprecedented offer whioh we
will send. These Chaina are Hallmarked on every link by tbe English
Government. If the same Watch ie
required with Gold filled case initesd
of Solid Silver, a ohain to match may,
if desired, be chosen.
4. With our Watoh and Chain you
will receive our mammoth Catalogue
quoting Wholesale Factory Prices for
Jowollery, Plate, etc. The First Prise
will be given to the one who solves the
Rebus, receives the Watch and Chain,
and orders altogether the largest amount of goods from the catalogue; the
Second Prize to tbe winner who
orders the second largest amount, and
so on. If not more than twenty win
and receive the Watoh and Chain, and
it these do not buy anything from the
catalogue, the whole of the prize
money will be equally divided among
them, giving $25 each. All amounts
in thie advertisement are taken at the
exchange of |5 to ��1.
6. A form will be sent free to you
which must be filled up and forwarded
to reach us by December 25th of all
goods ordered on account of these
6. The names and addresses of the
cosh prize winners will be printed in
the Times, Daily Telegraph and Standard, of London, on Deo. 31st next,
and subsequently in the New York
Herald. Drafts for the Prizes will be
posted same day.
7. Write your name and address in
full every time you write to us to
avoid mistakes.
8. Orders for these Prizes may be
sent in separately from time to time
and you will be credited witb the total
of All when you send In the report
form as above.
9. When sending Orders please remember that the letter post..go to England Is 5 cents per halt ounce, and if
insufficient postage is used the letter is
liable to go astray.
Send your answer at once!   You are sure to win] a Prize
if correct, while even if not correct it
costs yon nothing-.
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
Incorporated according to Act of Parliament-Capital fiOU.OOO (W30.000).      LIMITED,
184 Oxford Street, London.
Cable Address:   "C-OCKLIKE, LONDON."   llnsinoss Eit-Ulshed ISO. lO-urli.
Wholesale end Betall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN. B. C.      20tc'
8-f��llM fer
Assayers ���������-
Muffles, Crucibles, rlcoriliert. Furnaces,
Chemicals, Chemical Aniuritus, Halluces,
linker k Adamson's C. P. Acuta.
We lie Importers, Mnnufscturors
ind Jobbers.
410 Seventeenth Bt
Denver. Celo.
Work, at
Pnebla. Cole.
An Honest Offer!
To all those euSerlng from
Nbbvoub Exhaustion or any Pbivatb
Disbasb, who have tried different doe-
tore or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will be eent FBEE In plain seeled envelope upon application to
180d.11 Box 00, Detroit. Mich.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
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nets, spiriTwIoirb-a, (snlssloiis, fmrjottpcy,
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canted by errors ur eir-mm, quickly rator-
Ing Lott Msnhood in old or young, giving
Vigor and Strong!- where former weskrwis
prevsileil. Convenient peckige, staph,
sheli-il ���;''ta&Umste^ Ti#r#, ���
Don*be de-aired "imlutloi-i"nil's!en
Caton*! Vitalise-!. Bent sealed If your druggist dees not have It. Price II per pkge-. 0
for W, wilh written guarantee of complete
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ruuMentlsl. Send at statement of rsie sod
Sdcts for a week's trial treitineoL  Oue only
rl person
i mat. Co.,
BmI.i, Mass.
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
Utely occupied by D. L.  Bettschen.
Prescriptions CawftffiyProt-rod.
A Full Slock of Patent Meltcinos and
Druggists Sundries Kept. .
��� ��� OF CANADA
Head Office, Totonto.
Paid Up Capital ��� 11,963,000
Reserve   -   ���   -   ll, 156,800
H. 8. Howland, President.
T.R.Merritt, Vice Pres.(St.Catharines)
William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,
Hngh Bran, T. Sutherland Stayner,
E. Bogus.
D. B. Wilkie, General Manager.
North Weet and British Columbia.
Brandon     Portage la        Vanoouver
Calgary Prairie   Winnipeg
Edmonton Prince Albert   Bevelstoke
Essex       Niagara Falls     St.Thomns
Fergus     Port Colborne    Toronto
Gelt        Rat Portage       Wetland
Ingersoll Seult 8ie. Merle Woodstock
Bt. Catharines
Agents In Greet Brilsln-Lloyd's Bulk,
Ltd.. TS Lombard St, London, with whom
money may be deposited for transfer by letter
cr cam to any of above branches.
Agents In the United Stalei-Now York,
Bail- ef Montreal, bank of America! Chicago. First Ntnkmil Banki St. Paul, Second
Nitkmil ilsnk.
Savings Bank Dspsrtasnt-IjVji-ioi.111 of II
aad upward! received snd Interest allowed.
Dsbentnres ���Provincial. Municipal and
UrafltaAdLetKlTmlil-Avalhljta nl
all    points la Csnsdl, United  Kingdom.
tint Mimger Calgary Branch.
---i----------^-g.--.^--->. -fr ��_a_��_��-fea--i_B_tes
Mine" gtan.a.. and Beauty
A WINNER from the Start
You'll want It, ifvou SEE It
��Sir,lt Wanted In Unoccupied TkiIIm*.   it
Dig Inducements lo Worker*.
raeiNNA-ri, OHIO. {���*
B. O. Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Corner Alexander Street ami Westminster Avenue,
Telephone 31C.     P. O. Drawer 7ii4.
Manufacturers of:-
Stamp Mills Roller Mills Ore Concentrators Ore Feeders-
Book Breakers        Sraeltors Hoisting and Puinpin-; Machinery
Air Compressors        Water Wheels Engines        Boilers        Tramways
Hydraulio Mining Machinery Mining Supplies
tjeneral Manager, Phono 449.     Supt. Mining Dopt., Phono 44(5.     Soc.Trc.is., Phone :W.
Estimates Furnished.     164
Lodging House
���e Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
- - KLONDYKE - -
"The Province'- Map of the Canadian Yukon
In Five Colors.
Size, 88-4S
Shews Mining Regulations, Mining Information, Routes, etc., etc   One of the
Leading Features of tlie Map being tho Prominence with which the
Compiled and prepared from the following authorities:- Ogiivie's reports and miips,
Dawson's reports ami surveys, Department of tho Interior [of lhe U.S.] limp of AlnsKii,
Postmaster General's (of tne U.S.] ofliciul postal map nf routes, l'nitc.1 States Geodetic
const surveys.
Price in neat folder, Paper, 50c; Mounted on Cloth, 75c; Mounted
on Cloth and in Waterproof Cover, $1.00.
Order quickly, .he First Edition is entirely sold nut.
T_e PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty.,      Victoria and Vancouver.
Is a credit to the publisher.��� Torouto Monetary Times.
Contains the latest information.���Winnipeg Tribune.
Prononnr-ed by persons wbo have been there, very accurate, reliable and valuable.    We congratulate "The Province."���Victoria Times.
It Is an excellent production.���.Miner, Nelson.
Those familiar with the country sny it is the most reliable and correct map
yet issued.���Kootennian Kaslo.
"The Province" maps are of good size, clear and accurate.���Toronto World.
"The Province" maps sre very stylish, business-like and handy.���Columbian.
Without doubt the finest yet issued. ���Brandon Times.
I Upper Golurqbia NaVigatioq & TraiqWay do. J
���   and
Iqterqational Traqsportatioi} Conjpaqy.
Connecting wilh C. P. It. at Goldou, 11. C��� ami
Great Northern Railway at Jonnings, Montana,
48 Hours to Fort Steele!
Steamers leave Golden Monday and Friday evenings on arrival ��u
of East bound train.  Connections at Canal Flat with Stige for ���
Fort Steele and Wardner. ��g
The only quick nnd comfortable route,
Address all express care ol U. C. Co'y., Golden,
F. P. Armstrong,
How is Your Printing!       Give us a Trial! THE GOLDEN EUA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22,  181)7.
Rumple .copies ot tlie Gih.des Eua
will bemailt'd free upon application.
Mrs. Msrsh has succeeded Miss
"Morrison hs manager ot the hotel at
Abbey's drug store and J. Petrcth's
premises at. JJevelstofco were burned on
M. Carlin, H. G. Parson, and R. H,
Milligan aro taking up U40 acres of
land at Elk River.
3. Lan-onta-mo is having his premises plastered throughout and
-thorougily renovated.
C, A Warren offers hargains in his
.took ot boots, shoes, and gents furnishings and clothing.
We regret to learn that Mr. Hansen,
of the Monarch Hotel. Fit-Id, is very
ill with typhoid at Banff.
Tbere are at present ��0 men employed at Messrs Reilly's Ottortnil null*
an getting out tics for the C. P. R.
Sir William Van Homo announces
,th��t the C. P. R. will build a road
���through Boundary Creek to the Fraser
J. C. Greene, proprietor of tho
���Queen's Hotel, Golden, left on Tuesday
ior St. Paul, and expects to be away
���bout a month.
The Montreal Board of Trade -urges
tt!ie Government to secure tlie Yukon
���trade for Canada by opening An all
.Canadian route.
A report has just .-cached here that
ithe C, P. R. has obtained control of
the Kaslo and Slocan .and ull its franchises. No definite information is
The oiler of an English syndicate
_sb been accepted for tlie erection of a
_m'-lter at Vancouver. The city
.grants $65,000 and receives stock in
A-J.Hopkins informs us that matters
_re very lively ut Windermere. The
-at crop has been very satisfactory,
rand at is being threshed now with
.good yields resulting.
Inspector Fawcett, of the Education
Office, paid his annual visit of inspection to the Fiel >. school on Thursday,
���ind spent Wednesday and Tuesday
jn the examination of the Golden
Miss Francis World, who in described as tbe "Cunuditui Nightingale," has
met with great success in her tour ot
the Northwest Territories. It is very
probable that ske will give an inter-
tainment at Golden.
A new system of checking baggage
-will be inaugurated on the Western
division of the C. P. R. on Monday,
��by which thc brass checks now given
no passengers as tokens of their lug-
��age will be dispensed with.
The Cranbrook townsit>. is on the
market, V. Hyde Baker being die
Agent. Lots are goiug off readily, the
.price being from i'MQ .to $400. Mr.
.Baker intends proceeding at once with
-the erection of a large hotel.
Tbe Family Herald and Weekly
���Star of Montreal occupies a splendid
position amongst the journals of the
world. Itsfmlilishers never tire in the
work of impr-nement. No wonder that
ithe Family Herald and Weekly Star is
���such a prime tint favorite.
The Winn peg Coinmerical has ��*-
iMied a very complete description of t_e
route from Edmonton to the Yukon,
also a sketch map to accompany .the
descriptive .matter, but the map is
-anything but accurate so far *s tne
���mountain topography is concerned.
It apjienrs that a lot ot liquor has
tbeen stolen irom tlie scene of tbe train
wreck in ithe Kickinghorse Canyon,
juid a C P. ii. detectivo has been in
own with a view to finding out the
offenders. It is believed that a lot ot
ithe liquor is still   cached somewhere.
Another train came to grief in the
Kiaktaghorse Canyon on Thursday
���morning. Two engines were attached to the .rein, which was a
{might, Tho accident was caused
by ihe drawheads giving way. Two
_ars left the rails but no serious damage wu done.
The new Canadian loan of ��2,000,-
���900 was a great success. The applications for tho loan aggregated over
.��4,300.000, or more than double the
.amouut asked for. This loan Is the
-beet ever floated by the Dominion Gov*
eminent. The rate was two and a
half per cent and Canadian capitalists
took up hall the amount.
Can any reader of the Golden Eba
describe the "Family Herald and
Weekly Star" premium picture lor this
season. It is entitled "It Fell From
the Nesl." The publishers ot the
'���Family Herald and Weekly Star"
���offer $50.00 in prisee to those who oan
best describe the picture from the
���title. The Golden Era snd the
"Family Herald" one year, and the
Wailful picture "It Fell From the
Nest" all for 12.75.
Those who believe chronic disrrhoea
4o be incurable should read what Mr.
P. E. Grisham, ol Guars Mills, La,
has to say on the eubjeot, vis.: "I
bar* been a sufferer Irom chronic diarrhoea ever since the war and have
tried all kinds ol msdleinss tor it. At
last I lound a remedy that effected a
euro and that was Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera end Diarrhoea
Remedy." Thie medicine can always
he dspsndsd upop for nolle, cholera
morbus, dyssntarjr snd diarrhoea. Itis
pleasant to take end uever falls to effect
��� oure. For sale by all Druggists.
Langley * Co., wholesale stents, Viotoria and Vaoo-ver. UWuB
II. B. Alexander, superintendent ot
tbe Ruth mine, is principal owner ot
tho Silverton townsite.
R. Turner nnd T. McVittie had a
narrow escape between Steelo and
Movie owing to the pole of the carriage breaking and tho horses bolting.
The Hyak is running up tho Columbia making very good time considering
tlie low state ot the river. The rain
ot the Inst few days ought to have improved navigation.
We regret to learn that littlo Ethel
Linilley, of the Lindley Comedy Co., a
great, favorite in Golden.lms died from
the effect of injuries received on
Ferris wheel at Moose Jaw.
Tbo C. P. It. authorities at the
Crow's Nest Pass have wired their
agents anil tho immigration department not to send any more men out to
assist with the railway construction,
as ihey are fully supplied.
Tho formers up the Columbia Valley
are complaining that thedredging operations have banked up the river in
some places so that the water could
not get off the sloughs as usual, with
the result that in some cases they have
lost their season's crop of hay,
By Ne. - on Sunday there passed
through Golden a Klondiker and his
wife wbo had been in tho Yukon for
four years. The man nsspured us that
the wealth of the Klondike bail not
been exaggerated and snid tliere was
no other place on earth where a man
could make $2,000 a year Blear of nil
expenses in shovelling dirt.
The Prospector says that a m.ithod
hos been found hy which the big tin
nel on tlie Crow'B Nest Railway at
Elk Riyer csuld ho overcome. A. cut
45 feet deep is to be made, which will
save tha company some $250,000.
Thia result is due to the skill of En*
gitieor Cranston, who was sent down
t;i look at the road after the tunnel
had been pronounced unavoidable,
A. F. Turn-hull, who is is charge of
the C. P. R. bridge at Ottertail, has
one of the best kept and most comfor
table log cabins in the weet, nicely
ornamented wirh flowers _c. He also
takes a great interest in the breeding
of poultry snd has had to build extensive fowl houses to protect them
from the ravages of the hawks, which
did immense damage to the poultry
yard last season.
*Wo nre informed by tho proprietors
of the Commercial, Winnipeg, thnt
extra copies of the Klondyke number
of The Commercial, with mips nnd
full information about lhe Edmonton
route to the Klondyke, will bo -nailed
to any address for 15 cents, or two
copies for 25 cents. 25 .or more copies,
111 cents each. A large issue, has been
printed nnd the proprietors can supply
any tiumuer.
We received the special mining
number nf the Los Angelas Times
We have never seen a better or more
interesting special edition and tho proprietors cf the Times deserve great
credit for cha splendid get-np of their
paper, which is copiously illustrated,
and contains much interesting and
valuable information with reference to
the. gold milling history, especially of
tihe earlv days ei California aud
British Columbia.
In tho Supreme -Court the appeal
Against thc cons-tirtionality of the
"Chinese underground exculsion act In
British Columbia was thrown out at
���Ottawa; so that the act is sustained
and remains in force, The endeavor
���to quash the act was made by Messrs.
���hiiiKtniiirH, who desired to replace
white miners with Chinamen, but
they nro thus defeated in their scan
Onions attempt to set nt defiance the
laws ot the Province.
By a collision between express and
frelitht trains on the C. P. R. line
near Ottawa the following were killed:
Frank Lnurendenu. engineer, Ottawa,
body still in the wreck; Robert Pedan,
mail clerk, Ottawa, killed; James Has-
ley, brakeman. killed, his body being found in the tank; John Kearney,
cattleman, freight train, killed.
Several others were badly injured.
The accident occurred through theoper
ator failing to hold the express.
The Prospector has the following
lignfiicant items regarding the Crow's
Nest Road:-"During the past week a
considerable number of men reached
hero from the line of the Crow's Nest
Railway east of here. Most ol them
are "broke." They all come with the
same taleol llltreatment and failure on
the part of the Railway Company to
carry out their agreements and prom-
ises." "J. D. McArthur, who had the
most extensive contract on the Crow's
Nest Railway has pulled out and gone
east with his whole outfit. The reason
of this sudden quitting ol the road has
not transpired."
A few wesks ago the editor was
taken with a very severe oold that
caused him to be in a most misstahle
condition. It wss undoubtedly a bad
case of la grippe and recognising it ss
dangerous he took immediate steps to
to bring about a speedy oure. From
the advertisement ot Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and the many good
recommendations included therein, we
concluded to make a first trial ot the
medicine. To say that it was satisfactory in its results, Is putting it
very mildly. Indeed. Ie acted like
magic and the result was a speedy permanent cure. We have no hesltanoy
in recommending this excellent Cough
Remedy io anyone afflicted with a
cough or cold In any form. --The Ban
ner ol Liberty, Llbertytown, Mary
Und. For sale by all druggists
Langley A Co., wholesale egenls, Viotoria and Vancouver. 181.8
Next Sunday service will be held at
the R, 0. church, Golden at 7.30 p.m.
bv Rev. Father Peytavin.
Some eentation hns been caused at
Revelstoke by a Mrs. Robinson eloping with an adventurer who has been
living in thnt town for some time,
An employee of the Ottertail mills
camo into town this morning to have
his hand dressed by Dr. Taylor, having had it badly torn by being caught
in the saw.
The C.P. R. hotel at Banff is closed
for tho season and the staff are en
route east, Supt. Pratt is in the
mountains inspecting the hotels at
Field, Glacier House and Revelstoke.
C. W, Bubar has returned to Golden from a prolonged visit to his
ranch in tho Boundary country. He
has joined tho Colombia River Co.,
and will take charge of one ot their
lumber camps this winter.
Premier Tumor must wear magnifying glasses. Ho told thc people of
Rossland that everywhere he had been
he had seen that his government
would bo strongly supported nt the
coming elections and that thay are
held in high esteem. Nobody else has
been able to see these things, from
which wo conclude that Premier Turner either saw double as a result of
the firewater that the Rossland people
refreshed him with, or wore deeply
coloured magnifying spectacles when
he went through West Kootenay.
At a special meeting of the shareholders of the British Columbia South
em Railway, held at Montreal, the
following were elected directors for
the ensuing year: Sir W. C. Van
Home, T. G, Shaughnessy, R. B. Angus and William Hanson, all of Mon-
trcal;Sir George Kirkpatrick and E. B.
Olser, Toronto; J. A. Gemraill, Ottawa; Harry Abbott, Vancouver, and
William White, Winnipeg. It is on
the charter ot this company that the
Canadian Pacific Railway is now
building the Crow's Nest Pass line.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier writes to Mr.
Haggen respecting some suggestions as
to a plan of meeting the monetary
requirements of the Yukon miners and
at the same time securing the wealth
of the fields for Canada: "Ottawa 9th
Oct. 1897. Dear Sir,���I have your
favor of the -2nd of September for
which I beg you to accept my thanks.
As soon ss the Hon. Mr. Sifton, the
Minister of the Interior, ia back from
the west, where he is now, I will dis
cuss with him the matter refernd to
in your letter, with tho object of taking action in tho way you suggest, if
The sick man knocking at the door
ol health gets in if lie knocks the
right way. and, stays out if he doesn't
Thero aro thousands of ways of getting sick but only one way to get well.
Do whatever yon will; if you do not
put your digestion in good order, nnd
make your blood rich anil mire, you
will not. get well. Rich, pine blood is
the only thing that can bring perfect
health. Constipation is a disease of
the blood. A large part of all
diseases are traceable directly to impurities of the blood, and can be cured
hy eliminating them with Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery The first
thing it does is to put the whole digestive system into perfect order. It
stimulates the appetite, excites a copious secretion of the digestive fluids
and promotes assimilation. It searches
out disease germs wherever they may
be, kills them and forces them out ot
the system. The "Golden Medical Discovery" has heen need with unvarying
Success for over 30 years. 203
Donald News
[From Our Own Correspondent.]
Mrs. Bobbins left for Revelstoke on
Mr. Lowe, holler inspector for the
C. P. R., hns paid the town a lengthy
visit and examined all the boilers ot
the engines running into Donald. He
left for Donald on No. 1 Monday.
'Ur. Proctor will soon be located in
his new premises above the station.
Since the closing ot the hospital all
drugs and dressings have been removed to the dispensary.
Merchants report that business is as
brisk and promising as in any fall for
some years back.
Mr, P. Hamilton and family have
moved to the coast.
Brakeman Llnas had the misfortune
ot crush ing ono of his fingers on Sunday, morning.
Tho C. P. R. shops arc busy repairing the engines damaged in the late
accidents. Several carpenters arrived
from Vancouver within the last few
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1870) Lbadvi-lk, Colorado
Samples by mail or express receivo
prompt attention.
Specimen Asssy Prices:���Gold, silver and
lead, tl: any two of the above, 76c: any one
nf tho above, 60c: copper analysis, 81: platinum, nickel or tin, to. Write for full price
list arid mailing envelopes.
Follee Court.
At the police court, Golden, on Saturday, before J. E. Griffith, S. M. and
C. A. Watren, J. P., E. G. Brown
was charged oh the information of F.
E. Fnvier, with having assaulted him.
On the informant proceeding to give
evidence he said he would not swear
the accused was the man, though be
had already done bo in swearing the
information. He was asanlted at the
back ot the Columbia House but he
did not know bv whom.
The bench reprimanded Favier for hie
conduct.and told him that from the condition he had been in about the town
his conduct would be no longer tolerated.
The ocensed was discharged being
evidently entirely innocent of the
offence.. Favier soon made himself
scarce, getting out of town in the
course of the day.
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen's Hotel. Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask lor proprietor,
IM-el In six hours! What a glad ton*
sago to the pain-racked, bed-ridden, despairing sufferer from rheu���st.ra'i cruel
Ki-aip-aad this is a fact, borne out by
volumes ot evidence, (or this greatest ol
pain conquerors.
Rheumatism il carahlo-South American Hhtumatism Cure It aa abMl���re
tpecillo, and radically ourei tee molt
stubborn cotes la Iron one to thru days.
" I suffend Interittly from rhnmatlsm
and Klatlca.   Tried many rtmedits and
6tony physicians without any laulnit
ensflt. A few dam ot South American Khiamatlc Cun wonderfully helped
mo | two bottles ootid _���."-_. Krrett,
MemckvUIe, Ont,
Thou.-.-.-, ef freed slaves tall the
same etary-den't eatttr Am haw
Paeiiie Hy
Choice of Six Routes to
-tentreal, Toronto, New Y��*k
And oil -astern points.
Lake Steamers leave Fort William for
Owen Sound:
Alberta   Every Tuesday
Athabasca Every Thursday
Manitoba.  Every Sunday
Connecting trains leave Winnipeg at 19.40
every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
If yon are going east or to the old country
this fall, write for a Hit of the ratet that are
to be in effect.
If you ore looking tor a place to spend the
"      lip ui tlii Imlii* lilm.t
are reached as easy u other points and the
expense is lestithan it other roiorti.     .
, For information and fell particulars apply
to r-eur home agent or address
61tc BOBT. KEBB,
Traffic Manager, Winnipeg, Men.
Rigby Rain-Proofed
Freize Ulsters
In Olive Mix, Brown,
Fawn, Claret and Oxford
Gray; 51 to 54 inches long,
with 6 inch collar, 5 pockets
and throat tab, with "wont-
come-off" buttons can be
bought retail in every Town
and Village for
E. A. IIAflUK**'
Mining, Heal Estate ami
Financial Agent ....
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects anil Developed Claims,
....  Uolden, II. C.
For Sale
Group of two claims. Accessible position.
High assays in gold, silver, and copper,    10
Group of four claims. Ore carries copper
and gold.  Good position. 14
Group of two claims of gold-beiring quarts
in best mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays nn to 8700 in gold. 16,17
Pixor lease. 15
Group of two gold claims. One of the best
propositions on the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assays gave about (SOO
per ton. ���        11
Interest in gold property in exchange for
development work. 8
Group of 10 claims, developed. No better
propertv in British Columbia. 13
Well developed claim. Most promising
discaveryinthe Selkirks. Assays np to 178. 2
Group of seven claims in quarts country.
Good average assays.     - 18
Group of four full sited claims. Copper
oro carrying gold. 8
Threo claims of 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek,, nonr Klondike Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, blacksmith'* shop and tools. Wash averages $30
per square foot. 5
Ono of best copper properties in East Kootenav. Smelter test 24 per cent copper, be-
���idesgold. ,     ,      ,     ,  ��� ,      8
Claim in one of best locations In Selkirks.
Cheaply worked. Assays 8115 in gold, silver
and copper. ������ 0
Choice gold property, partly freemilling.
Assays np to 8640.   Development work     18
Two claims in good location. Quartz carrying gold and copper. 90
Claim adjoining known gold property.   21
Two clsims, gold and copper. 22,23
Four claims in Yukon, near Dawson City,
ground running up to 176 per pan. 6
Three claims near Columbia Biver. Big
ledge, gold and copper.     . 7
Three claims, developed, assays 828 in
geld, best location in Selkirks. 28
Gold quarts cliims.iitayBgKI. .  27
Gold quarti claim, developed, good lead,
assays to 128. 28
One pf belt high grade ore properties in
Windermere district, assays np to 8186.
Cheap. 28
-Two quarts clolmt In convenient position
Mn (told. 80
Five claims, copper and gold, value 880 a
Ion. 81
Three quarts claims, no cash, working proposition, , 82
��� -Three clllmi to proved country. 88
Treiiury ttock in the' VlctorifrTexsda
Gold Mining Oompiay.. Thta stock It offered at Ihe par value ot 26 centi. Five of
the mines on Texada Island have been working for the put 10 montht and this company
considers it owns the best propmilion on the
islsnd. Prospectus may be seen and full par
tlculsrs obtained on application, at my once.
80,00081 .hires of treasury stock In one of
tho best propertlei at Fafrvlew at 80 centt
V"*���' RAMS.      ��� ,
Firm of 180 aerei nearGoldeni 80 acres In
cultivation; well watered.  Outbuildings con
���lit of hay shed, poultry yards, rot-thouM.
milk lwoie and--tablei. 1
Farm of 280 acres, Windermere district.
Land fenced and under cultivation.  House
and stable.   Rare bargain. . _2
Form of 160 acrei, one of the bettand meet
highly '���"���""^'i^'iW- ���B*,t Koo~-m��'/'
Golden town lots. .        ,   _
Patents for a Railway Coupler ud a Rope
damp. _,    _    ,
To Let
Stables in Golden.
For particulars of above apply to
' noMen-'ra Offiee.
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia, Monthly 886.00 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. ~..���-.
Another Remarkable Recovery
From Catarrh
Japanese* Catarrh Care
A  Never   Palling   Remedy ������ Oared
wheu Catarrh specialist. Failed.
Joseph Little, mill owner, Port
Essington, .formerly ol Vancouver,
writes: ��� "Japanese Catarrh Oure
cured me of catarrh whioh had troubled
me for 35 years, during whioh time I
had spent hundreds of dollars With
specialists in Toronto and San Fran*
Cisco, but. obtained > no permanent
relief nntil using Japanese Catarrh
Cure about eight years ago. Since
that time I have ..been completely
cured, end my catarrh has not
troubled me in the least. It is truly a
wonderful remedy; the first application ,
Japanese Catarrh Core cures Cold. '
In the Head in 80 minutes, and there
ie not a oase ot Catarrh which oannot.
be cured If Japanese Catarrh Cure ie .
persistently used.   Sold by all druggists; 50 cents.   Mailed on receipt ol
price.   Address W. A. Griffiths A Co,,
wholesale drnggists, Vancouver, B. C.
Sample free, enclose three oent stamp.
 ,    91te
Fort Steele
 Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Stage Leaven Uolden
F.very TUESDAY morning at 7.30
o'clock and arrives at Fort Steele
Singe Leave* Fort Steele
Every  SATURDAY morning  and
arrives at Golden every MONDAY
Flint Clans Equipment
and every attention  given to the
comfort   of   passengers.     Good
Btopping houses every 25 miles
on the route.
Express Hatter
of all kinds handled witli promptness and care.
foil HATES, El-., Al'PI.Y
Fulmer & Kerfoot, Props.
Head Office, Golden.  l\\
LOST-A Black Stallion, two years old.
Went towards Windermere. Finder reward*
od on returning to
171-021 P. LUND, Ooldea.
Independent Order of Forester*
8lck and funeral benefits.
Most popular system of life insurance.
Membership increased by 6,000 lor lut
Persons desirous ot joining in forming a
Court at Golden are requested to leave their
names with E. A. Haggen, office of the
Golden Era.
IW J. E. Annablh, Organiser.
Reliable Assays
���I *���
Gold $1 60
Silver  1 B0
Gold and Silver... 2 00
Copper  1 50
Lead  1 50
Lead and Silver... . 00
Ores tested by Cyanide Prooses.
127to Other Fees on Application.
. the_ folumbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Thn Table is Second to None.
Headquarters (or Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B.C.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop.
THE   ���   ���   ���
���     ���     a     a     ��
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms-
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice "Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Neilson Furniture Co.,
Parlor, Dining Room, Bed Room, Office
and General Furnishing.
Special Inducements for
One Month Only:���
10 per eent Discount on Orders Under ISO.
10 per cent Discount and Freight Paid on Orders
Over ISO.
���VWe are Manufacturers and Direct Importers, and carry a Large Stock ot Balances,
Furnaces, Fire Clay Oooda, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Aoldt, Chemicals, and all
other Assayers' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents lor Morgan
Crncible Company, Batter*
sea; Becker's Son's Balances; Brnnton A Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
Vancouver, B. C.
P. 0. Box 8B5. Tslegraphlc Address.  "ASSAY," Vsncouvsr, B.C. MKe
Golden Sash & Door Factory ft Machine Shop.
Minu'ictureri ot Sash, Doom, Mot-Mings, Tuned end Sawn Bah-ten,
Newel Potto, Hind Bills and Brackets.  All time of film la stock.
The Michlne and Blacktmith Shopsre prepared to do all kind of repair
sssoonsipoMiUs.  A U sites of Pipe Fitting and Brass goodt on hind.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shsfts, Axlss, Spokes snd Felloes. Hickory wl
Ms-He*.*-*. HOUSTON &   OO.


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