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The Golden Era Apr 13, 1900

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St !���
sl������/ ���*-  >l
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A .apply of Building I.lme for Sale.    -
ui, prepared.   Prompt attaallon kIv.ii to
Look here each week Fofi St'.vT*
Plan  may  be seen  nt and Prices of
Lots und Terms obtained from
C. W. FIELD, Agent, Oolden.
VOL. IX  NO. 37
GOLDEN    B.C., FRIDAY, APRIL 13     1G00
$2 Per Year
this week.
Blouse Sateen
Organdie Muslins
Silk Zephyrs
Lotted Swiss
India Llnon
Linen Lawn
Victoria Lawn
Book Muslin
Bretonne Net
Cambray Net
Brussels Net
Spotted Net
Parasols and Umbrellas
. Satin Ribbons
Summer Underwear
Full Line of STETS::*f.   ELVIS
expected  In a few days.
H. G. Parson,
General McrclTorit,
Xexeiridei~ Block.
Now is the Time
or 'h - l-o.sJt of. be citilng
o*. n it...! .*--' i.-li-j -Soiiil.
"'. B. il.    I* .ma's t-Ialary
V's i-n lUisi'-Sarstspai-illus.
for Spring M-!!.:������ **��� nt.fyoti In
S-.iinmcr.       :*������������  "I ih-**n ��***
American Si'mu-li null I.ivoi- ���
Compound ; C'.ai     ���- l{oud'a,Ay
AGAIN, IN TO.*''.' s v -.i th get Qbl-.i.,.. Wi....-; IW-f, Ii-ou anil
"Will.; Feliowi' Sxi-opi ��� '.'l-haH'., El *-tr;- Malt Eatracij ami
I'eptonlmd Wlna ol Cod I..v**> Oil.
IN PILL8:-Dod.l'i, Dotn'  -Sbis-iV*.'; Willi;
Farmelee'a. Btecham'., Ho. o-..���>���'���. **������"���
Agu'w't. Hood'a aud Wills'
and Narva Mediei nea; Flat era", Oiut.... nt-.
Patantt gtderallv.
R.   W.  PATMOKi,-
*oo1).i'h. Ajer's,'
���er'*.. B. r lock's
; He-rt
.. Diug
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Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Yilutne- Men.
SaddieandPack Horses Supplied.
.lie B,C. Assay & Chemical"
"v (Lata MACFABLANE A Co.)'
Vancouver,    ..-' ���������S.B.i).-
Co., Ltd.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, 92,500,000
Capital PnM Vp *8.393,3*S
Beat - 1.5J5.63II
**    II. R. Hmvliu il,      ���       rrtt.ll' nt.
T* H. Mimilt,        ���        VI��� I'n-a.
Win. ltnt.iBiiv.     T. Kiiiliprln.nl Htnytlor
Italn-rl Jalfray, Uias NsiKcr-.,
Wm. Hen.li-lo.
ItBAD OPII.ll-1  'rniKisr".
D. II. Wll.KIK, (.Miami Manager.
E. Hav, lnapcctor.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. anil B. (-.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Goldon,       Kelson, Portnge In Prmrlo,
I'riuco Albert,     llevelatoko,     Strathcona.
Vani-ouver,       Winnipog,
Eaaci, Fenisia, Unit, Mniuilt.ui, Inoer-K.il,
Li-.tm.-el, Niagara Fulls, Fort Colbourne
Hnt Portage, Sanlt Ste. Mario, Ht.
Oatharinea. St. Thomas, Toronto, Wellaud,
Woo.laU.ek, and Montreal, 'ine.
Agents*. In IWrcat Britnlsi:
Lloyd's Bank. Ltd.. 7*1 Lomtmni St, London
with whom money may be deposited fin*
tranafer by letter or cable to any of the
above linim-lies.
Age-its l^i United Mtntea:
NEW YOKK-Bank of Montreal, Bank of
CHKUdO-First National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Second National Bank.
SAN FRANOISCO-Wolla, Forgo A Co.'.
Agents In South Africa.
Interest allowed nn deuoslts
Pro.incliil, MuuU-lpat nnd other debenture.
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Orclioatta for Dances or Concerto.
to the Ladles of Golden and
Vlolnlty for their attend
anee and appreciation of
our Millinery Display.
NEXT WEEK we oommenee to
���ell out the (took purchased from Mre. Lake at
A.  M,
aecend' lleususy In every snoulh*
Scjoorntag brethren cordially lu-
O.M.PARs6n, Secrotary,
Wa'^ia'tonBhctiiior.anddliactlmMrkw.jigp.rrj'aiarira stoek of Bal.ncaa,
k Vls**t��Uy 'V'l'- * ���* atf* -ad PracilcafBooka, Olunar., PUliuiun Oeoia,
lidfit -ok*.' S.-.W>���". ��n-l Mlnei-s?rMiulransMU. _  ,.
uiNl'S iot Morgan Crucible Oomi-aari Battemai BeakRl lw.
(JtialegMual nil "parlUiiilara pa. iafllestlw
I,  O.  0. f*.
Rocky Mountain Lodge ko. 31 meet. In
(MdlellowB Hall, OoMeo, every Wednesday
at8p.m.  Rojonrniii-rbrethrenwelcome.
3 T* WOOD HocrelarT.
Mining Beeordh.
Gold HIM (Fractional)-On north
fork ol Fifteen-Mile ertak, recorded on
Maroh 19 by August Johnaon,
Tsil - On Irvine Baits* recorded
Maroh S3 bv J. B. Devlin.
Bathmullen-By John Haas; Orla*
���ley Bear-By Albwtlna Maak; Black
Boar-rBy Dan liioholeonj Brown
Bear-By N. P   Eaablotu, recorded
J&I*. SL1^"^ *mfa *<>* '"i--
fotk ol Fifwta-Mlla
(Specitil Correspo*wtent}
Thero weie between 400 ami 500
in-esent at the opening o( the T.ibeiMl
convention in Vancotirtr last week.
Of 'Ms number only 289 were duly
appointed delegates, tho others drop
plnir in to witnens the opening cere
monies, which, like tho whole convention, proved decidedly interest ing.
After considerable wnincliiiK- which
Immediately showed that two distinct
and totally different Tactions weie present, Hon. F. Peters of Viotoria wns
ohosen temporary chuinhau aud A.
Malins secretary.
Hon Joseph Martin then moved that
the siiKgestioii uf the Vancouver asso*
elation that the different flections up
point a credential* commit tee and thnt
the committee proceed toits work a-
todecidiip who had n right to sit in
the convention. This met with grcn'
oppo-sition from those opposed to Mr
M.irtin, hnt it wan finally deoided thnt
the credential committee meet nt 5
o'clock iu the afternoon and the con*
vention at 7 .'JO p.m. J. G. Grceno was
c.hoftcn to represent N. J* Kootennv at
the committee meet in tr. which wns held
with closed doors, and it is impossible
to find out exactly what took place,
but apparently a lively time followed,
judging from the discussion's that
followed in the convention later on,
for tho meeting it appears broke up at
midnight. Tho chief discussion aros��>
t>verthe Esiftiimalt and Cassiar dele
Ration. One meting in Esquimalt
elected lit an'i-Mnrtin men. while a
subsequent favored the premier and
elected others. -There were I wo credential men from.each of these iu the
committee. More than half the Ca"Btar
delegation was thrown out. i'roxies
Wire not- accepted.
"Whrn the convention opened on
Wednesday morning there wn* a gen
era) riot and the police had to bo called
In to prevent self chosen ihdegstes from
gaining admission, as enoh delegate
had to ahow his credentials. B-ime
thought the credential committee were
���j ver-officious and the ohjectlan created
nither a stormy tiineat thedoor,��-hi:;li
wn* ccrtiinlv a dlsjiiMce. About ."0 oi
he^o dclegates headed by one who
���honld certainly have known hotter
{allied a -mittnnce bv* a side door.
After several preliminaries the con-
votnion actually got doiVwLtb work,
and Messrs. Peters aud Mali iir ivn-p
permanent chAH-in.-*Hi -and .^wrftiu-y
respecti vely. ���'- -It wat* tU*Mt~**ioved nud
seconded hat the report of tl,o nreden
tiul committee ha adopted, J Weart,
Bichmunl, asked that Chas. B. Feed
ham le suhstitmed for J. Jotici for his
district, and here the hall hegan rolling,
nearly half the delegation trying tu
-uwiifc nt'oitcp. (Here it was ducidpd
that delegales when speaking slioi-11
give their name and whero thev come
from, F. H. Medburst, S. E. Koote
nay, here objected vigorously, say in t-
if one proxy wereadinitted why not
others, as he-had three proxie* in his
Docket and sa-v uo reason why tiny.
shonld not bo oned, W Alexander.
N E Kootenay, climbed upon u rhair
and made himself heard above tint
medley, saying that if this substitution of mimes were allowed it would
ho perfectly in order for the delegates
of N. B. Kootenay to go out in the
street nnd | ick enough from the pass
ing throng to till the delegation from
bis district. For a time nothing was
heard above the cries of "No! No!"
F. J Deane wovod that the minority
report of ihe credentiai committee he
adopted. E. P. Davis said hit name
waa Davis and he 'vjis from Langley
(laughter), lie seconded the motion,
saying it was quite plain that it wus
impossible in the time at their disposal
to get delegates from Cassiar nnd Cariboo unless they allowed proxies.
Jas. McQreer, Vancouver, said thn'
no person had a right to elect himself
a representative of Cassiar, for If all
other places bad followed Victoria's
action, what would have happened?
It wonld be establishing a bad precedent to admit the Cassiar proxies, as
aome of them were not Liberals.
A nnmber of speakers spoke upon
the Cassiar quostion, all asking for
British fair play-Liberal fair play ;
but it wonld take all the lawyers In
Philadelphia to decide what fair piny
in the minds of the speakers really
was. It wa* finally decided, however;
to allow the Cassiar delegates to sit
hi the convention by tht chairman
easting the final vote.
Frank Higglns then took up the
question Of lho E-qninialt delegation.
Tlie Interior delegntcs became thoroughly disgusted with the course pur
sued on this question, A compromise
wit eventually decided upon.
The trening session began sharp on
tlm* in. the flrst business whs a
resoluilm by E. P. Davis as follows:
11 That the Liberals fn provincial
convention assembled hereby refuse to
accept tht government of Hon Joseph
Martin aa a representative Liberal ad.
ministration, and hereby declare that
It ia optional with any Libdral to support or eppose the Government."
Il ttn. understood Mr. Davis desired
to speak on a personal nffalr, but the
interior delegates would not accede to
it. Some wanted a ten-minute limit on
sneakers but the chaii man ruled that
Mr. Davis's motion would first have to
bt disposed of, Tbe interior delegates
insists! tnd several angry remarks
wert made. The uproar continued
and the chairman tried in vain to get
Mr Miodie rising, said: "I am H
B Moodie. Icot;io from North Ean
Kootenay." But alt hon At Mr. Moodie
stood It out for over a hour he Tailed
to get a hearing, but calmly smoked a
cigar.    Everybody tried to speak, but
from that till tho close it was nothint:
but a pandemonium with shout* and
hisses from nil corners The chairman
endeavored to hring the meeting to
order,   but   was   only   replied    with
Soldiers of the Q'ieen" ami other
song*, supplemented with chenrs for
npbudy iu particular, .the convention
eventually leaking up with "God
Save the Queen" ami three howU for
Davis and the chairman.
The friends of 'lie Mmtin admini*
tration nfterwatds met in the Y, M C
A. rooms and endorsed government
under his leadership*
Following is the platform laid down
to the electors of the province by Hon.
Jorteph Martin: ���
1 The abolition of the 8200 deposit
for cnudidntesfor the Legislature.
2. The bringing into fore, as soon 'is
arrangemeets can he completed, of the
Torrens B<vistry system,
3. The liodiatrihiition of the constituencies on tho basis of papulation,
allowing to sparsely p6|iul>ited districts
a proportionately litrger representation
than to p"pulous diHtrtctsanil cities
4. The enactment of an accurate
system of Government scaling of logs,
and its rigid enforcement'-1,
5. The re ciitactineut of the disallowed Labor Regulation Act. 1H9H and
also all the statutes of 1KH0. contain
ing anti-Mongolian clauses if disallow
ed as nropossed by the Dominion Government
0 Titakea firm stand in every
other possible way with a view of dis
couraghig the spread of Oriental cheap
labor in this Province.
7 To provide for official inspection
of all buildings, machinery and works.
With a viow to compelling the adop
tion of proper safeguards to life and
���H With regard to the Eight-hour
Law the Government will continue to
enforce the law as it stands. An immediate enquiry wilt be made by he
Minister of m'ues into all grievances
put forward in connection with, its
operation, with a view >>f bringing
about au amicable settlement. If no
settlement is reached the pi-|nci;deof
tho referedum will be applied aud a
vote taken at the general election as to
whether the law shall lie repealed. If
tho law is sustuined bythe vote it
will be retained mon the statute book
with its penalty clause. If modiffca
Hbus crib I* madt* removing an>��� oCr-tlMl-
frictiou brought about, witliour impairing the principle of the Uw, tliov
will be adopted. If the vote is again.-*-)
it tbe law will be repealed.
9. To reestablish the London Agency
of British Celumhiii, and to tako every
effective means of bringing before tho
Ht-itish public the advantages of \hti
Province, ns a place for the profitable
investment of capital.
10. Tliu retaining of the resources of
the Province as an asset for the henufit
ot tho people, and taking effective
measures to prevent the alienation of
the* public domain, except to actual
settlers or for actual bona fide business.
oi iidiirtiri.il purpose*; pu'tlug un end
to the practice of speculating iu con
ticction with the same.
11, The taking of active measures
���for the systematic exploration of the
12 The borrowing of tnotiev for the
purpose of providing roads, trails and
bridges, that iu every case the money
necessary to pay tho Interest and sinking fund in connection with the loan
shall be provided by eddUitional luxation so as not to impair ihe crmlit of
the Province.
Ill- In connection with theconstrnc-
ilon of Government roads and trails,
to provide by tbe employment of com-
l��tent civil engineers aud otherwise
that the Go-, eminent money is expended upon seme system which will he
advantageous to the general public, so
that the old system of providing roads
at a special favor to supporters of the
Government may be entirely discontinued.
14. To keep the ordinary annual expenditure within the ordinary annual
revenue, in order to preserve intact the
credit of the Province, which Is its best
16. To adopt a system of Government construction and operation of
railways, nnd imme.'intely .0 proceed
with tho construction af u railway on
lhe south side of the Fraser river, connecting lhe coa*4t with the Kootenay
district, with the understanding that
unless the other railways now con-
btructod In lhe Province give fair con*
nections, mid make equitablo joint
freight and passanger arrangement*,
the Provinco will continue this line to
the eastern boundry of the Province.
Prepare connection with such Koote-
enay railway to he givon to tfte Island
of Vancouver. With respeot to other
parts of the Provinco, to proceed to
give to tvtry portion of it railway
oonneotlon at as early a date as possible! the railway when constructed to
be operated by the Government through
a commission.
Id. A railway bridge to be constructed In connection with the Kootenay
railway across tlie Fraser river, at or
near Ntw Westminister, and running
powers given over it to any railway
company applying for the same, under
proper conditions,
17, In oase it is thought at nny time
advisable to give a bonn* to any rail
way company, tbe same to be in cash,
and not by way of auy land grant; and
no suoh bonus to tie granted except upon tht condition that a fair Amount of
the bonds or shades of the company be
transferred to the Province, and effective means taken to give tht Piovince
control of the frieght and passanger
rates,   nud  proviittou  mado against
Such railway    hating   any   liabilities
against it except  actual cost.
18 To take uwnv frntti the Lieutenant Governor in council anv power to
make substantive changes in the law.
I'onfitiinn the jurisdiction entirely to
tn at tern of de<ail in working out the
laws enacted bv the Legislature.
19 'The establishment of an institution within the Province for au educi-
t on of 'he Deaf and Dumb.
20 To repeal the Allen Exclusion
Act. aa the reasons justifying its
eiiiic'ment no luugei obtain.
21, Au atuii.ilili* S'ttleiuiMit of the
dispute with >i-e Dominion Government
as to Dendnmn's Island. -Stanley Park
and other lands, and an arrangement
with Mr. L'kate, Im which if puss
ible. ii rh wm 'II industry mar beestah
hsli nnd carried ou un Denim m's
Isl iinl. under s.iiisfuc'ory con .itious.
protecting the interests ot the public
2*2 Proner menus of giving tecb"l
nni iti"-rue ions to miners and pros
c eet on.
If Lord Roberts could hr.ve hitehod Ids
army buloons to the Vancouver Libernl con*
ventinn tlie Empire would escape the great
expense of producing gas by a chemical
There arc two directly oppn4te reason*
why Mine two! le cannot obtain credit. One
is beuiUNe they ure not known and tho other
becuur-e they are.
A youiij.- man who wv.u struck by lightning
i.i I'.erliu ii lew weeks tig" reinuhied iineon**
floi.nis -iloitg iiun but shouted in liiN delirium
that ho was in hell -und begged to have tl.��
devil Uikuuuwny.
British Cnlmnbln can afioWl to pay littlo
attention to tha Crow's Nent Pans brigadierr,
thesulnutly grabbers aud general "grafteru,,r
who.lose ut EhRtern business Meu and
loudly View With Alarm the nwndancy of
Hon. JuhO: h Mai tin.���Toronto Telegram.
A Grand Movement
Robert Cbo.ite, of Boston, mi Amen
cau. wrote to Montreal Star, enclosing
twenty small subscriptions of his
friends, and suug��Rting a popular
patriotic fund to be star ed in Canada
und thu United States to gather in ten
cents pieces, quarter dollars, etc , for
the fifty thousand orphans and widows
of British soldiers dead in Africa. The
Star, iu publishing this letter from
Boston, suggested the starting of a
Children's Testimonial to Qiieen Victoria, promoted by the buys and girl*
of Canada, accompanied by a special
patriotic fund. It was proposed to en-
gros�� on parchment (he mime of every
giver to this fund �� f ten cents and upwards. Th6 name of every boy or girl
who collects teu subscriptions in the|
testimonial ns a leader iu the move- j
ment aud the photograph, beautifully
mounted, of every boy and of every i
girl who collects live dollnr* or up-
wards is to accompany the gift and
tbo testimonial. The latter of wbich
will be iu form suitable for placing
amongst the tributes from her loyal
Mihjeuts, placed in the Bourn in Windsor Castle, where the public can obtain
a view of thein The presentation of
this great testimonal from,tho children
of Canudn, through Lord Minto, accompanied by the photos of tbe child-
rou who are raising it, will Ite a touch
iug incident i < her life, and it. Is ni>
opportunity that will probably come
only once in n life time to tha children
of Canada. Boys and uirls wanting
special blank subscript ious lists and
particulars of tin; movement um- obtain
them by untiling a postftl curl ro the
Montreal Star Phoiugraj hers fill over
Canada ureofferiug to photograph- free
to place in the Queen's testitnonal the
boys and utrls of C-Himla who identify
rhomselyes snceet��8fully with the move
ment. Subsetipiions by the iiiousinids
pouring iuto the Star office.
Says an oxchsngtf-" Dukes may be sll
right," declared Mrs. Hetty Green denying
the reported engagement of her daughter
to a Spanish grandee, "but for iny part I'd
rather Sylvia would marry a ��ood wide-a-
wake newspaper reporter than any duke iu
tho world." As Hetty has 850,000,000, she
ub. ultl not experience much difficulty in ee*
curing some widewake newspaper reporter
as a husband for her daughter, Svlvi-n.
Ko, quite so, THE Era is not above paying attentions to either Hetty or her daughter.   Come right along.
Capt F. P. Armstrong is being stongl?
urg. d by hia many admirers to stand in
the interest of tbo Opposition
party in North East Kootenay. It is
q. ite like that the t flptain "ill concent to
run- Captain Armstrong has long been a
favorite wth all who knew hiin, and should
put up a solid fight.
A spirit of Reference to (tie prejudices of
Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener may bo
admired iu its wny, but Col. Bain Hughes
should really do his duty imd fire Lord
Dubs are bo planlltul in the public life of
Biitish Columbia that It is possible Hon.
Joseph Martin may have been able to discover
one or two men of merit iu iho private life of
that province.
Conservative opinion in tho Boundary has
crystallized In favor Of.me selection of C". H.
Mackintosh) thubero .of a himdrqd, political
fijjlit!*, ns iiu- logical candidate. Among t-ld
line Ubor.vs, who do not relied) the Martin-
dis ensatiou, the ex-tiuvernor seoins to h.-iva
many eiithusia-tit- f. lends and supporters,
j Perhaps tho gentleman who, when rending
j THfc ER.Va telograiii amituilieiHg ilio Ottawa
ultimatum regarding the Lieut.-Governor's
recent actions, will find it in order to call
around to our Sam-turn and apolijrize for
declaring that our telegrams, being "from
Victoria," were " very unreliable." We promise you, it will be stric ly between us.
Peterborough, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with the largest
and most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in the Windermere Mining District and
making their
Headquarters for all
branches of
and Prospecting
for all p I ���
.r.,,s Supplies.
Lowest Estimates given to Mining' Men
coming into the country to
... Develop Properties.
Having Our  Own Freight
Boats We Defy
Clements-' Mvlslon   Joins   Huberts-
Plnmer's Nen Checked Near Mafe-
kln-g-Dr. Jameson Very 111.
Loudou, April tl.���The JUoeuifoutein
correspondent of the Daily Mail says:
"Oen. Clements' division, 0,000
ntroug, bas arrived from the south*
ward and has encamped five miles
uortb of the oity after �� toutinoous
march for u fortnight There is no
danger of a water famine here. Au
important engagement, lasting several
hoars, was fought yesterday afternoon
at the Bosnian Kop between the Boers
and BritiBli troop."
The war oflice tiem d no uews yesterday, and little was allowed to come
through from tbe correspondent* at
BioomfoBteiu. According to the Standard's representative, thete is no sign
that tne Boers intend taking tbe < .ffen-
sive, and Gen. Clements Is disposing of
his forces so as to guard uguinst nuy
snrpris-.! iitr-auk, wliiuh, although im-
jirohiihln. ti evidently not legarded as
impossible, jndgtug from tbe preparations of Lord Roberts.
Advices from Wynbntg, Ventersburg,
Prietkn and Kenhi.rdt show thee.lony
is lull of rebels. The Kenhurdt rebels
are marching on Culvinia and others
ure ou tbeir way towards Fourteen
Streams. A disunion boi wns fonnd
at Sauna's post, containing the oath*
sigued by the Fre i Staters who surrendered. The signers have been sent
for in outer thnt the general may ex
pain tbe invalidity of oaths nnder
Pretoria, April 0.��� Tbubu N'Chu is
now in possession of the federals.
Forty-one British subjeots were escort
ed across the frontier this morning.
A dispatch from Oape Town, dated
yesterday, announces the departure for
the front of the wcoud contingent of
Cunadiun mounted Infantry.
Cape Towu, April tl.��� Dr. Jameson,
tho leader of the famous raid into Transvaal territory, 1 as arrived here. He is
very ill.
London, April ti.���A special dispatch
from Lorenzo Marques stys sharp fight*
ing occurred April 8 in the neighborhood of Mafeikng. Tbe garrison made
u sortie, whilo Colonel Plumber's cavalry attacked the Boers at Raniutbla-
Uusa. Both attacks were repulsed.
Twenty of Colonel Planter's men were
food deud ou the field and Bis others
wero nmde prisoners.
Thi   llttlmttt!   on   tliu Atl-tliem*  Cwiillunes*
Wiuuipeg, April fi.���On Speaker
Hespelor taking tho chair Mr. Miokle
presented a petition from Albert Dong-
las Biubnrds and others uskiug for legislature affecting certain trust*-*1.
The several standing committees re
ported having elected their chairmen
us follows: Law amendments, Hon.
Colin Campbell; private bills, lt. F.
Lyons; privileges nnd elections, W.
Garland; staudiug orders, Dr. O. 1.
Grain; public accounts, Kobfr. Rogers:
printing, Wm. Ferguson; library,
Speaker Heapler j ugricaiture and immigration, .Ins. Argno; railways, R.
P. Roblin.
Mr. Macdouald laid on the tahlo tho
annual report of the department of the
attorney*general, and the regulations
of the advisory board, us to teacher*
Tbe sitting occupied most of the first
hoar with the pasting of motions for
var ous returns and tbe asking and nns
wering of qnestlons relating largely to
dismissals of otvil servants. Mr. Campbell continued tbe debate on the nd
dress, speaking for an boor and a half;
aud was followed by Mr. Non-U for an
hour and ten minutes, ending at 0.30
o'clock. Mr. Robs. Rogers will have
the floor in the debate today.
Montreal, April 0.���Private H. Forest, of the first Canadian contingent,
whoso death from fever at Bloemfontein has beeu announced, was nut a
French'Canadian, bnt was a nephew of
Mr Forest, managing editor of tb
.llaotreal Witness. He was tbe only
Kuglish-speoking member of the 61st
battalion who volunteered for service
in South Afrioa
Copenhagen, April (I,���Tbo Prince
and Princess of Wales arrived here this
evening and were met nt the railroad
elation by King Christian of Denmark
and the entire royal family. As the
train drew np to tho pltaform the king
advanced to the royal saloon carriage
and entering it alone, was tbe first to
greet Its occupants.
Palinerstou, April 6���W. J. Ward,
mayor, was nuseated today for lack of
qualification. This is the second mayor
unseated here this year.
St,p. 'fakes, to Scour-, Uovcriim.ut Con-
Irul-Keltle lllv.-r Hallway lllll.
Ottawa, April 6.���In tbe house yesterday Mr. Blair, minister of railways,
introduced a bill to amend the railway
act. It provide*, tbat street and eleotrio railways are exempted from tbe
operation ol Ibe railway aot. Another
olanse Is that a railway wbich has received aid from the Dominion may be
compelled to locate stations at points
whioh the railway committee of the
priry conncil may decide. This is to
prevent oouip-.msu exploiting townsites
and sidetracking eiisting towns. It is
also provided that oue set ot uniform
working role, shonld be adopted by all
railways in the Dominion. It is also
provided in certain oases for tbe sequestration of railways, if a company has
teen in receipt of aid trom oue of tbe
provinces and bas operated part of it**
line, but does not choose to operate all
of it, and tbe uon-op.ration of wlrcb is
a groat detriment to that part of ibe
Mr. Sutherland said that the number
of immigrants brought into Canada in
189? was 111,1104 (ont of total of 20,01(1
immigrants, 71*) of whom came fiom
United States. J In 1898, US,781 (oot
of a total or 111,900 immigrants, 9,110
of whom came from tbe United States)
and in 1899, 83,598 (out of a total of
44,543 immigrants, 11.941 of whom
came from the United States.) The ex
pendlture on immigration In 1897 was
1974,1184, and in 180(1, $8111,194, and
in 1800, 1255.878.
Mr. Charlton made a very able
speeoh lu reply to Clarke Wallace. Iu
oonclnding be moved tbo following
amendment to Sir Obarle. Tapper's resolution: "Tbat Ibis house, reooguis-
ing the faot that Groat Britain givss
free admission Into her markets for all
products of Canada, while Oanada Ini
poses heavy duties npon two-tbirds of
ber imports from Great Britain, that
Great Britain boys Canadian produce
nearly tbreo time ber sa'es, that Great
Britain gives to Osnada the proteotlon
of ber army and navy and tbe good
offices of her consular and diplomatic
servioes free of cost, thut a preference
In favrr of Oanada food products wonld
be advantageous to Oanada. Tl at,
nevertheless, tbis house recognizes thai
tbe keen contention now existing be*
tween Britain and otber manufaotnrtug
countries, renders nutaxed raw mater*
Ial and food neoessary to Great Britain
for success iu that competition, and
tbnt so long as Canada furnishes ouly
o percent, of tbe total trade' of Great
It is probable a preferential tariff on
food p oducte in favor of Oanada will
uot at present, or not at any early period be in accordance wilh imperial in
t*T0Bt or within tbe hoouds of reasonable request, and that Cauada may at
preseut be satisfied witb the trade and
advantage giveu her by Great Britain
aui denied her by all other countries,
aud witb that valuable preference
which is enjoyed by Oanada in her relations with Great Britain."
l-ivtenatv* Clin-i,,.-*, l'ropoM-,1 hi It hnilil-
l*g ot III. I'vlllbltltxi <lr.<li<1at��niS.
Winnipeg, April 0.���Tbe board of
dlreotors of tbe Wiuuipeg Industrial
exhibition made a trip to the grounds
Thursday morning on special electric
car., nnd deoided definitely a. to the
position of Ine Brit ab Columbia building and also as to the position and
style of tbe new grand stand. In ordor
lo give tbe British Colnmbia building
ns good a location as possible tbe grain
and horticultural bnilding. will be
turned sideways to tbe main bnilding
and brought closer and in the spaoe
tbns left, about 150 feet west of the
main bnildi.-g, tbo British Oolumhia
buildlug will be erected.
Tho changes which will be made
with the grant stand and paddock will
be snoh as to completely remodel tbat
part of the grounds. The present gran.l
stand is 400 feet long and lt has been
fouud that bo b for the finish of tne
horse races and for the platform attrat*
tions, these Mated at extremiiie. are
too far away to obtain a fair view. It
has been decided therefore to remove
195 feet from eaoh end of the stand to
what are now tbe ends of the paddock
and place tbem at suoh an angle that
those occupying seats thereiu will be
able lo obtain a fnir view of both tbe
traok and platform while the stands or
"bleachers" will be far enongb reniov
ed Irom tbe main stand not to interfere
witb tbe view of tbe traok fioin that
point. These stands wiil seat nearly
4,500 people. The centre stand will be
a very commodious one and will be
built on Ihe most modern stylo. Tie
"double deck" stands havo been found
to hnve several i. rions defects and are
no loogor being built, and are being
replaced by tnose of narrow frontage
and great depth. Tbe new-stand will
hare a frontage of 150 feet and a depth
of 110, tbns giving it a seating capacity of abont 7,000.
Opiates Hasten the Decay of the Nerve Cells���
,-Dr. Chase's Nerve Food Restores and
Revitalizes Wasted Nerves.
Yoar physician will tell you that morphine, cocaine and other opiates Induct*
aloep and rest only by (leadening the nerve...
that such relief is only temporary, and that
the uw of such drugs actually hastens the
decay of the nervo cells.
The nerves must not bo trlded with. No
ono can afford tu waste nervous energy, the
vital fo.ee of Use body. No ono can afford
to neglect diseased nerves until overcome by
nervous prostration, parnlysia, epilepsy or
It Is next to impossible to estimate the
effect of disordered nerves on the organs of
tho body. Tbo whole machinery of circulation, respiration and digestion can only be
properly curried on when foroe Is supplied
by the nerves. '
Starved.exliausted nerves cause pains such
as headache, neuralgia, sciatic rheumatism,
backache and aching limbs.
The beginning, of wrve dlmdm an anally sleeplsMsntss, Irritability, lea of energy
and nppet-to. a twUohltsff of Uw muwle.,
tlrtd brain and dopreeeedepifit..
When you can't dean at nlgbt. and toaa In
misery longing for daybreak te com, do not
yield to tho temptation to use morphine,
..-calne or other opiates. They only hasten
Let reason rule. Oet right down to the
foundation of tho troublo and build up the
system by using Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
This great.re*toratlve lain pill form and
contains the very elements of nature which
go to form new red corpuscles In the blood
and eroate new nerve cells.
It Is worth whilo to remerab-r that Dr.
Chase's Nervo Food Is not a patent medicine, but tbe greatctt proecilptlon of Dr.
A. W. Chase, author of the famous receipt
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food Is an up-to-date,
scientific preparation, which has proven itself
to be epcctSc for all nervous diseases. It
cannot fall, if nnd pcraletentlr, becauM It
actually rebuilds and revllallsa tho wasted
Krves. It is eepeUallr-recommended for
, . peculiar to women, bacniin ahey almc-at
Invariably arise from enhausted nerves. Dr.
Ohsje's Nerve Food, (0 cent, a bot at all
druggist., or by null from Edmaaeon, Bate.
A Co., Toronto.   Book oa Mrvou. dlscuet
Cel. Portei'n Forces Charge a large
Body of Boers aad Bescne
Ninety-one Prisoners.
London, Apr.l 6.���It looks today as
though Ihe Boers had conceived the
audacious plan of attempting to invest
Lord Roberts at Bloemfontein, or at
least, to endeavor to delay his northward advance by harrasaing the Britiih
lines of communication. On hie side
land Roberts is concentrating hia
forces and preparing to take every advantage of the bold but risky taotica of
the enemy, he is not likely lo strike at
Bny of the trenches until he la certain
of delivering a crushing blow.
A special di.patch announce, tbat
Mafeking wa. still besieged but safe on
March 97.
A further list cf tbe casualties sustained by the British officer, at Ko-vu
(Earee) .pruit, March bl, adds eleven
misting aud one wounded, making the
total tbns far U9.
Bloemfont.iu. April 6.���Then are
numerous indications that In pur.nanoe
of their boa.t that tbey will recapture
Blemfonteln, the Boer, are trying to
surround the town, and cot onr line of
communication to the south. Large
forties are reported east aud south,
whioh are supposed to be making for
the railway. They .till hold Thaba
N'Ohu and tbe waterworks. Lord
Roberts is oc mpletiug his concentration.
The Daily Mall has the following
from Bloemfontein i Ool. Porter with
90 Carbineer, and Scot. Grey, and two
gun., performed a brilliant deed Sun:
day. He charged a large body of Boen
and reegned 91 British prisoners, including 11 officers who were captured
the previous day. There were no casualties on the Brltirh aide.
Berlin, April 5.���The SohleultKhe
Zeitung reports tnat Herr Maloommess,
German consul in Bast London, Oape
Colony, ha. been grossly insulted hy a
mob, wbo burned him in effigy. Tha
Berliner Tegeblatt. wbioh repndnoe.
the announcement, aays: "If this newt
should prove to be true, it will he interesting to watch tha German foreign
office take action."
T����� Shot. Fired at Him by an Anarchist
lu llruaMla*
London, April 5.���The Prlnoe and
Princess of Wales started for Copenhagen tbia morning for the pnrpoae of
attending the celebrat'on of King
Christian.' birthday, which ooours
April 8.
Brn.se:., April 5.���The Prince of
Wale, wat .hot at today while leatvng
the railroad station here. He wu not
hurt. A. tbe train wm leaving the
Northern itation for the southern rail-
raid station an individual fired a revolver at the Prince of Wales, bnt
missed hll royal hlghnex,
British Consul VuraVesU
Kingston, Jamaica, April 4.���The
royal mall steamer Don brought newt
here yesterday of tbe assassination of
Mr. James Lyall, the Biltlih vice-consul at Oluda Bollver, Veneauela, "Teh.
i*. Alt. Lyall, who was an Englishman and 99 yean of age, wu leaving
the consulate when he wu fatally .tab-
bed u he went Into tbe ��treet. The
murderer, who wa. arre.ted and lodged
In prison, ia Mid to have oonfaeied the
crime, bnt edited that he wu merely
the agmt of othen tn tbe oomminlon
of the deed.
���Stubborn Chill.
Berlin, April l.���Tbe Pekin correspondent of the National Zeituhg des.
oribeathe "growing .tnbbornneao of
thetanngli yamen (Ohineu foreign
offloe) toward all the powers, Russia
included." and he mention! the fact
that Russia finds herself suable to obtain the consent of the Chinese government to a railway from Monkdeu lo
Pekin. Germany's offer to penetrate up
tbe Ohinese riven with gunboat, have
failed beoauie the bran are too -deep.
European Immigrants,
London. April 6.���Mr, Hulett, of
the Canadian Pacifio Immigration
offloe, takes an excellent party of em-
grants to Canada. Tbey are Well-to-do
farmen, with .mailer capital, being
the flnt fruit of the government's
efforts in the fresh districts of the
southeastern part of Europe. Mr.
Preston alao Mile cm the Tunisian, ia
connection with the West Elgin ease.
Argentine Cattle.
Montreal, April 5.���A special to the
gaaette says the imperial government
hu iisned an order prohibiting the importation of live animals from the Argentine republic on acoonnt of the prevalence there of foot and month disease. The eider takes effeot on April
10. "	
Hamilton, April 6.���Lord Strathcona
hu donated 19,000 to ibe normal
training sebool for teacher. In dome.Ho
���oienoe, established here mainly by
Mn. Hoodleia,	
Simooe, Adril 4.���Geo. Fry, of Lynn
Valley, loat hi. ll.e in a In that destroyed bia dwelling.
Wlndafr,   Ont,    April  4.���Thirty
m wen bnrned to death in T. O.
Ferris livery stable. The total lomt
on the bnilding and oontenle an 190,.
London, Ont., April 4.-Colin Cam.
eron.a Grand Trunk biabeman, from
Allae Orsig, stepped in front of an ap-
pnwohing train at Ssrnla and wu
Ottawa, April 4.���Mr. Maxwell, M.
P., left for Vanconver tbli afternoon.
He hu received word that- hi. mother
(���dying, and-bell hastening to reach
her bedside.
Minneapolis, April 4.���The employing plasterers have looked out their men
pending the isttlemenl of their dispute
u to houn. The contractors have made
an offer of arbitration and tbis will b*
ap by tbe union Friday night.
Philadelphia, April 4.���Diamonds,
Jewelry and money, to tha nine of
110,000 were stolen today from the re-
���idenoe of Cbsrlts W. Smith, at Gar-
mantowa, a suburb of tbl olty, and
suspicion rests npon Edward Brannin,
Mr. Smith's ooachnua wbo It mUelaf,
lte].��il  and Ittc..,i..iiii��'.atliiii�� Ar. Latt
.   Before Purllaiu-ttt
Ottawa, April 5.���Tbo riport of the
elevator commission, n brief .ummary
of whioh bu already been given la tbia
correspondence, waa pieiented to parliament lut night. The principal
grievance, wblcb tne commission la-
qnired into were: Flnt, tbat a vendor
ot grain was subjected to an unfair
and excessive dockage of bis grain at
the time ot ekle. Second, that double
existed u to tbe fairness of weight, allowed or need bj* owners of elevators.
Third, that ownon of elevators enjoyed
a monopoly In tbe purchase of grain by
relnalng to permit tbe election of Hat
warehouses where standard elevatm
are situated, aud were able to keep the
price of graiu below ita true value, to
tbeir own benefit and tne disadvantage
of othen wbo were especially interested In tbe grain trade, and of tbe publio
generally. At all the meetings parties wen present wbo wen Intereeled
on both sides, In regard to elevatois,
the nport lay.: " We do not detin in
any way to censure elevator owners ot
employee, u a body. Bnt it it reason,
able to believe tbat wb n tben an eo
many elevaton then will ht em-
ployeee who will take advantage of the
farmen if It is in tbeir power to do to.
It teem, to us, lhat apart from any
abuse of the power given by the elevator system, it It unfair to require a
farmer to pay to hive hi. grain paamd
through an elevator is long u either
hy loading direct on can, or by the nu
of a flat wan home nob u recommended In thit rejort, he ban tare or
deereaee that expense."
The report goes on to say that gradsx
and weight! should be made compnl-
���ory by law where the Identity of the
grain it not preserved by the elevaton.
When employed do appear to bava
dealt unfairly with the farmen, tbe
elevator ownen did not profit thenby.
Elevator aud warehouse ownen and
operators should be compelled to giro
security for the proper performance of
their duties. The wanhoue commissioners are recommended to be given
power to'dul witb shrinkage..
It farther gee. oa to My that io long
u any fumer ll hampered or hindered
from himaeif .hipping to a terminal
market, he will be mon or lest at tbl
mercy of elevator operaton. Discontent ou this point li very serious, and
without further AImuwiou theoauwe
giving rise to inch, tbli diioontent
seems to nt un Inevitable result of tbe
reslriotious nnder whioh farmen have
beeu laboring in the marketing of their
grain. We consider that to nmove
thll trouble the law ibcnld require all
railroads to furnish cara to farmen for
the shipping of their .own grain, and
should allow the Mtabllhment at shipping points if required, of flat wan-
nouses, nnder proper" regulation!, by
means of wbich a farmer who cannot
conveniently load on can direct, can,
for a comparatively small mm, obtain
for a limited number ot days the aw ol
a bin of tbe oapaoitr of a carload. Ha
oan tben transfer hll grain to tbit bia
until he acoumulatu a carload, to bt
tben at onoe shipped. Furnlihing oan
to farmen should be given u a legal
right, and not u a privilege. The re-
port also recommends the erection of
loading platform, free of charge.
Portugal *>i Britain.
Lisbon, April 5.���The queatlon of
the tramport of Brltlth troops aoron
Portugese territory from Belra, Portugese Eut Afrioa, ioto Rhodeiie, having been brought np in the ohamber ot
deputies, tbe foreign mioiiter, Senor
Beirno, made the following tlalement
"The tranaport of British -Midlers hy
railroad from Belra to Umtali wu ro*
quoted by Gieat Britain and oon*
tented to by Portugal became tbe British goverument thenby only exerclted
a right recognised in the tieatiee between the two countriea Tbe outbreak
of the war bu not abrogated thru
trealiet, whioh were concluded and
signed pi ior to tbo war by Portugal In
a apltit of loyalty. Thin oould ooonr
no mon solemn oocaiiua Una tbo pros,
ent to deolare tbat the Britiih cabinet
bu maintained with loyalty for whleh
tben it reason for congratulation.
Pleue God tbat thaw good relation,
���ball ilwayi he maintained."
Territorial Aswably.
Reglna, April t.���The Territorial
home Mt for half an boar today. R.
& Lake, of Grenfell, gave notice of a
resolution requesting the Dominion
government lo extend Ih* militia .y.*
torn to tbe Territoriee u loan u poe-
���ible. Tbeuotioswai received with
Tne premier In reply to O. H. Mo-
Donald, Mid tb* nport of hia tpeeeb
in the Yorklon BnterprUe of. Ootober
14 lut year wu a fairly accarato nport
of what be aald or Intended to any*
Dr. Patrick Introduced a bill to in-
oorponte Yorkton ud It wu advanoed
a ��tage.
R. a Bennett Introduced a bill gi*
ing oompeuMtica to workmen in oer-
tain cam and the bill wu mad a flnt
time. Mr. Bennett alao Introducd a
bill to amend the regalatloaa with reaped to coal mine*.
Some government ameadmante to
bills met- tbe wooed readtag. laolad.
ing a bill extending tba ttn of offloe
of law banoben from one year to Ihn*
yean after tb* onrrent year.
Albany, N.Y., April 4.-Governor
BocMvelt hu signed Atnmblymaa
Loomte'i Mil wpwllag to* Horton law.
Albany. N.T., April ���.-Tb* canal*
of the Mat* wUI be opened oa April 11,
unlm th* wMlher prerenal. Th*
osnalswsre opened on April II teal
year, wbioh wu oaeof the earlut date*
la It* htatory.	
Wuhington, April 4. ��� Admiral
Dewey ia reported u exprenlng bl*
willingness to broom* preeldeatal
candidate for rilber parly which vtealA
nominate him.
Crated by a Tender
Dauphin, April 4.-A mu
Wm. Holden, aaplojed in Ibe Oaaad-
laa -Northern rnilway worinbop, art
inrtant death thit afternccii Ihroafba
Mads* falling oabla. Tbo toaster bad
beta hoisted up for npeln, wbat oa*
of the limbsrs .lipping, It gave way,
allowing the tender to oaa* down ca
th* unfortunate nan', hud,
It toe Jelly. Mo Mam* wktlira
" to the of '
Belleville, April *.-"*. 11
altted auloidi by fkiag petit mm,.
Tw* Serial. Far *���*>��� .1 Ik. Poor at
New Orleaae,
The man with tb. ImiiiJ brimmed bat'
bad been dilating on the beauties ot New
Orleans. Ho had told ot tlle air heavy
with perfume In winter. He bad described the foreign quarters where the architecture and customs nf continental Europe were transplanted bodily. He bad
gasped for breath to tell of the old
French market ond of the acre, of sugar
barrels ou tbe levee..
"And tbe pour people of tbe city have
two days ot judgment." be said dually.
"To all tbe world there comes one day of
S'cckouiiig, but .Vow Orleans is perhaps
the only Aiueiicnu city thut hates its citizens to an earthly reckoning after death.
"Owing to the fact that tbe city lies so
low that u hole six feet deep will till with
water in u short time, there are no graves
in any or the cemeteries. . All tbe dead lie
In tombs. Tbe t-mibs of the wealthy
make the cemeteklea plnces of beauty.
They are like miniature cities desertesl.
The tenements ot tbe .tend poor serve as
Willis for tbe back lines of lhe cemeteries.
These wall, resemble u aeries of bake
evens In that they are full of huge pigeonholes, end. hole large enough to admit a
"A poor man Is entitled to lie in one uf
tliese pigeonholes free fnr a cei-lain term
of years. A small payment wtll secure
rest there for all lime. A smaller sum
will sects.-,, t, pigeonhole for a limited
number ��r years. Nv.-ry few .vi-ni-s there
is a dny nf rs>i-k..iiliig. or a slay of Jinlif
incut, lis It is ealtest then-. A lings' hole
Is .hii* In ii corner, at the cemetery, and
the ili-a.1 who arc In arrears of rent are
pitlli'tl ...nl uf the pigeonholes and cast
Into lhe common grave which has shel*
teresl tlit.iisnii.ls in its time. Only those
hotlii-s Mint tire U-yoii.t slecay un* east lu*
to III.- I<!u grave, which Is iise.l*..ver and
over, being reop.-iietl whenever occasion
"Over the slnlw lhat seal tlle recesses
.ire Mocks of wood, anil on these are
tacked lags telling who Is Inside. Pew
have epitsphs. Usually merely the nam.
"The masses down there do not reld,
ami lhe i.cwspaivcr plays little part in
their lives. Therefore when one dies as a
rule there is no announcement in u newspaper, hut an invitation to tbe funeral Is
iv.-i.li>.. in English or l-'rench on black
bnnts-rcil cards, anil these arc tacked to
tbe lelegraph poles In the neighborhood
of the iK.ri-oved . family."���New York
Mall an.l Kxpress.
H-.W Haar ttss-aa te Year Ho*.* er
Battoa. aa Yoar Walntroat.
Was it not Sherlock Holme, who convicted Dr. Watson of ohtusoness because
he hast climbed hun.lre.ls of times up a
|.nl-tlculnr flight of stairs without uotie
ing that there were 10 of them?
It was au unfair test, because nobody
ever dreams of counting any steps except
those of the monument, nntl nobody ever
goes np the monument except inquiring
sti-niigers and enthusiastic provincials.
But it exemplifies as well as anything
tbe lock of observation to be found In all
men excent tbe detectives of fiction.
There "la a certain intimate circle of
things wblcb I.. ��i> to .peak, inside the
range of scrutiny. The stair question
H'ould bare battled Solomon blmaclf.
There is not nn. man iu a thousand who
knows bow many steps conuect the
ground floor of bis bouse with the tint
Take, for Instance, a watch. This Is a
fairly familiar object, and If you were-
naked whether Ibe numbers on-tbe face
of It corresponded lo tbe llotnan numerals yon would no doubt say "Yes."
Yet If yon will take Out your watch
.ud look at the symbol for four you will
observe lhat it la not tbe customary IV,
a difference wbich it probably never occurred lo you to notice before.
Or, again, can you say bow many buttons you have on your waistcoat? This,
as the advertisements say, Is no catch.
There I. no aroma of the herring and a
half about It.   It mean, wbat It .nya.
The average tailor i. accustomed to
uw on the average waistcoat a certain
number of buttoua. The preciae number
be know., but bow many of hi. customers? Lay your baud on yonr heart, well
to the.left, O masculine reader, ond say,
keeping your eyes in front, whether Art
or six or seven Is the number uf buttons
tbat front yon every day.
If your staircase consisted of only three
steps, uo Sherlock Holms-, could corner
you, and a three buttoo waistcoat would
be easily remembered. It is only when
the number rises into the regions of tbe
Oven and sixes���where tbe savage aforesaid givca up arithmetic end takes refuge
lu tbe word "many"���tbat exact recollection becomes dlfticult.���London Globe.
������hy'. Orlalaal Feat.
One of tbe clerk. In tb. Pennsylvania
ralli-ond oflice wbo Is something of-a wit
came dawn yesterday uiumiug with a
tale about bis baby���hi. flrsthorn. There
wns iintblng unusual in this particular
clerk relating the experiences of bis baby,
for, like all young fathers, he I. addicted
to the practice, but tbl. Ul. wn. out of
tbe ordinary.
Wilh many digression, and considerable embellishment the proud parent related buw bis offspring bad thrown the
household Into consternation by swallowing a sponge and bow various remedies
had been applied to relieve the child.
Finally one of Ibe other clerks grew
weary of tbe recital and broke in witbt
"Ob. cut It short! The kid didn't kick
the bucket, did it?"
"Not exactly," replied Ibe yonng parent, "but- be threw up the .pnnge."���
Philadelphia Record.
tiara, te BoaaksnasT.
Some time ago a largo teaabop wa.
opened lu a town uear l-ondon. To attract cu.tom.ra It wis. aiimsunced that
each purebnaer of a pound of tea would
receive a check for a ���hilling to buy
good, oa a certain date.
The proprietor did a DourUhlng trade
till tke day came for the check, te be
pmwnted. Crowd, of ctiMomer. eaat
and were drearily diuppolntcd to ere Ibe
.butter, down and en idem a big potter,
which reads
"Our compliment, to onr cu.tom.rs,
and we beg te slate thet we have gon. to
Hongkong fer mora tea."���London Standard.  *
Derated tea li very lergely drunk ta
Chi-in. This to made by mixing orange
UiMwau with tha tea and letting It remain lightly thul up for 24 born*..
Thing, are pron. tu look roay when .we
run late debt, but aot Ion* efterwerd everything le dun colos-ed.-Bossteu Tree-
Ike Mad cfllw. ol th* Oallvle Jlllllag
���*. are to be named le final*-*-***.
��� aqnadroa, It InnlpM Dre********, *****
{MtTOardaer, wlllTe kept up to tk.
wtraaer standard.
W. TMl>. a ehsal*. Is. Haa* * Oo.".
works. Hamilton, waa blown to |.|MM
la aa .spleelosi,
Mere are a aaabtr.ol ekaar*. lo b*
���ale la the u-MkiuKal slMMriiunt ot
the O I'. II. llr, Cross Is *.o be iiro-
Ataou Cauda', altraetleae at.Part*
Mf-oeltloa will l�� a l-w.lalatkrowl!
fltll.AY, Al'lttL, d.
A |4|.,0Ut. fire vl-.il.*-.! lin-eioia, Mich.
Berdiug hn*> fcttu-u-il tit Sony Aioim.
A ��*.',*HK'* Ure visited Op..*-" Uls.r,
Japan end itrsain are still making
warlike pF.pai-utlb-1..
The Prince, .l.isl rri--.ee.. ol "ft'.U.
huve reachtd Cupui.bag....
Osn.au    Pasta.,    the'hero ot   ll.vnd,
died on Wednesday .veiling,
air. t homier.uln denies he ever offer.
ed preferential .rail, to Canudl.   .
Canadian entile tuny be utf**ule:*lby lb.
embargo on Argentine .lilpni.uta.
The New York Jury returned t. verdlet
of '-nut guilty"' In  thu Mapho van.
The Queen suggests tl.e' uuuio of Patrick for the Duke ot .'York's futanl son.
A C 1'. K. train waa wrecked in card-
wet: county, Out., oust the ninlla l.urn.d.
The Queen'e fir.t day l:> Ireland wn.
uneventful.- Her Majesty t*�� In good
Tbe artlll.ry at Halifax bare bsMa
ordered te mount guard with fixed
bnyon.1., * '
11IU1-SUAY, APltll. 3.
The Paris .xpualtlou -trill open April
'Ih. big l'.irl. wheel iu Chicago I.
tu b. tors. down.
The revolt In the Uerman Cameron..
1. becoming .erloua.
llr. Jo., l^all, u llrlllali rice coisis.ol
111 Ysuesucla, was murdered.
Live Argentine cattle have been pro.
hililled from enl.rlug Urllulu.
Seeding Una started oil farina naar
ltoa.nfeld, Uegl.it. and Hordeu.
Al.x- IfeNuugbton bn. been unpointed
town clerk uf Furl. William.
A 150,000 fir. visited is Toronto print-
Ing liana., a I'icsbylcrluii Journal being
burned out.
A mob of 150 masked men -loatroysHl
bridges and toll house, ou a pike road
In Indiana.
A fair wag..' reaoliill.ni waa carried
In the Ontario honse by a guv.rnm.at
mulorlty ol 0.
Oreat concern I. felt lu Victoria over
th. dl.nppeuruoce ol Pi.ynia.lor Clark.,
of 11 M. 8. Launder.
"ft'ENt-EBDAY, AI'IIII- 4.
Tho Dowager Countess of  Ab.rd.ea I.
Grain, Proviiions m- Stocks
IM Prta-MM Si, WlaalpH, U*-*
r. b. DBA-ma i**7.
O. If.  Onrrluch
I.  d.ad.
a   Portngo pioneer.
���"wat.    there will be l***t esklMi
Atm Ik. IMalalea.
m Oat 11, t, I,
Brjrun addreued 00,000 people lu Seat,
tl.. ka>.
Mr. Tarte, mlnl.ler cl  public work..
I. lit   London.
A K.wfonndlan.l veewl ha. broken up
on the l.lund ot Sicily.
Tho bill Incorporating Yorkton pa.s.
wl tho Terrl.orl.il a.aeinbly.
Sai-loiia strike di.erdera occurred at
Sau Juan de Porto Hlco.
Fltsalmuiona and ltuhlln bav. been
matched to light 20 rouud..
Tba arrivals of Immigrants in Win*
nlPH* for March wer. 4,100.
A number ot fanner, lu tbe Duarea,
Man,, dl.trlct, are .ee'dlng.
Tbo Drltlih wnr offico haa. let a large
contract to a   Montreal clotbter.
The Puerto lllcan tariff '-.ill paaaed
congreaa, cloving tho longest debate alnee
the war cougres..
<4u.w Victoria ba. arrived anlely at
Klngitowa, Ireland, but will not reacb
Dublin till lu-diiy.	
Large crowd, all.uded lb. I'rlace ot
Water l.vc. -
Sir Cbu.. Tupper addre.aed th. Garrison club, (Iu.bM.
A British .team launch ba. been cup.
tared by Chine., plrat...
lt.T. Hugh Padley ban preacbad bl. ta.
augural sermon In   Moutreal.
Stewart Mathewa, a O. P. It. broke.
man, wa. klllad near ltogera Pass.
Brandon', n.w aHM.rn.nt la 1*1,1*10,.
000: the population I.  0-UJk
A 14.000 .cholor.blp Ha. been givon
to Kus.x eollego by lato David lloaa.
Mr.. Klngamlll. wil. vl tb. Ulob. cor-
re.pond.nl, Ottnwa, dl.d .uddraly Irom
Muuy application, lor exten.lone of
wnt.r main, .re being received by Wlu.
nlpeg eouncli.
Strike, lu the building trad.. w.nt
Into .ffect In N.w York, OrMnwIcb,
Owurctlcut, anil St. Loul..
geidlug .tarltd at Holland, Mat., latt
Tbo Chicago inacblul.l.' etrike baa
b..!. deelar.sl off,
Stratford ha. doaated over 10.000 to
tbe patriotic load.
Tbe Dutbw. ot York gave blrtb te a
���on  oa Saturday.
. Jaa. Chart.., on old-time a.lor, drop.
pet dwd In  ltocb..t.r.
Tba .turner Calltornlan ha. bun haul-
.d ott the rook, nur Portland.
New boat, for tb. Lake Wlunlnegosl.
fish trade are uud.r comtruction.
Turkey hn. addrMMd a note lo nu*
.la regarding railway eonuHloua.
On Saturday 100 wttlsr. and 100 carload, of .tfuta arrlvad In Wlnnlpw-
tYianlneg'. bask eluraaeu for Hank
are ��4..,Ooo In .sew. ol March a yur
Mnrch Dominion enfctom. receipt. w.r.
tbe largest la   tb* history ot  Canada
Tb. M.attuba legl.l.lur. may adjourn
to allow faraiar aeaber. to lock alter
���prl.g audlag.
Mr.. Jao. Urown, of the Lindsay, Out.,
dletrlet, we. urlouily Injured In i. ruu.
Mr* Italph Smith will not loin tb. n.w
Britl.li Columbia cabin.!.
Numtrou. auaull. ar. recorded la
Chicago', strike dl.trlct.
Th. Toronto Patriotic lund uow
amoual. to about 178,000.
Mr. Archibald Forbes, th. eeltbraled
war correspondent, I.  dud.
Tb. Prlne. uf  Wain' bone, Ambush
II, won the Ornnd National.
Oh... I-cgne, of Manlwakl, Onl., Ih.
"King of lb. Gallueau," I. stead.
H. Sba.ld.r .hot btsaa.ll at Niagara
Fall, aad thu Jnaipad ov.r tb. lull..
Im bar-rMt.r. la Wlunlpeg ar. work.
lag algkt and day to .av. tb. crop.
Tbe Int.r.unlv.rally arhl.ll. gai ..
betwwu Oxford aud caabr.dg. wire
Jaa. Alkarflreum fell down th. ol.va.
tor .haft ofa n.w Wlunlpag war..
Tb. official account ol tbe Fran*,
troop. Tl.tory et lawlah eaale haa hen
by tt* light hiuM.
O. P. n. lead ul.a for Mareb ware
very heavy, tk. mere... being SB pit
ent. onr F.bruary.
Tb. Cblat.. guv.rnia.at ba* Hilled tke
Matreveray arl.lng oat ol tba luerdw
of MlMlonary Brook..
Dr. SheMoa'. sokrn. to and 1.000,000
bn.bila ot Kanaae corn tie India, bae
hew. approved by the fanner.
Baxter aad Umlnx fere ***tfaw* t*
fin yean la tb. ���mltutlary for eoa.
eplrlag to rob lb. Baak Vlll. Marl..
The Caaadten Paetll. Hallway com*
pany aan toale* 0�� t*M prlan te-
ward., the thoreatbbrMI utile d.part-
a**r. ef the Wlaalpr* fair.
OoattenUnopte April l.-The Turk*
*v*alaf t* tb* B-ariaa eabawy ttealir*
tag lhat U tke mat of the Part* art
coaanoting railway llawtoth* Blaok
���MdlsMtofiboeaM br railway* *!���
mdr-eouated to othen the* ooaew-
-doa*wUlb*|natod to Euwl*. Ill*
eoswMwtd that lb* Pari* la thit
aarU It���Tb* S*aU oeov
ndbwooflilwAltei SMbwlaad, tto
tmniUmit* yam U-aa.
Wheat���Manitoba No 1 bard, foil
William, OlHo.
Flour���Ogilvie'. Hungarian patent,
11.80; Olenora, 11.70; Manitoba
St.ong Bakers, *i.*IO; XXXX til
Lake of the Wood, pa-eut. $1.85;
Strong Baken. (1.05; Medon, 11.40;
XXXX, fl SO per wok of 98 pound* delivered in Winnipeg.
Mlllfead-Ogitvie'* braa, tl4.60,
shorts, tto 50 per ton; Lake of tba
Woods brau, 914.60; i-liorls.  $15 50.
Ground Feed��� Oatch.p, 123p rton;
barley ohop $17, and mixed feed of
barley and oata $10 pw ton. Corn
chop, (18; olloake, $17..
Oata���No. 8 while, 81 to 81^0 per
batbellaoarlottonlrack. No. a mixed,
10 to $0,1,0.
Barley���Oarlota 80 lo II* off oan
ben. At country point* SOo on traok
te tho ruling figure.
Oorn���Oai lota of No 8 corn on tnok
���re wo th 48a
Wheat���At 16o freight rate point.
54o te now the ruling quotation, at It*
point* 58 -, aud we.t of that 51c
riaxwed���About |i.a*s per buihel
represents the value.
Oatmeal���Manitoba meal la being
offered at $1.05 ptr 80 lb. sack to ta*
nlail tra.e by miller.
Hay���Fresh baled hay ii worth $5 to
$8.60 per ton; loom bay ou the street,
(8 to (4.
Butter���Creamery���The market te
nominal at about 34o per pound. D*iiy
���Finest dairy In tub* will bring at
high as SOo, aud te regularly quoted at
18 to lOo, printt fetch SOo per pound,
roll* 18 to ISo, and eeoond grade hatter from 14 to ��7o, aocording to quality. Freight and commiiion off tba*
Cheese���Small, 14 to 14 l-lo ptr
pound; large, 14.
Eggs���The tap price for oaw eggs
now, subject to candling, is ISo par
doxen, leu expnaage, Limed *r*
worth 8o per doaen, and fm*b looal
egg* S5o.
Vegetable!���Potatoe. 45 to 50c per
buahel; turnipe, 20* to 80o; oarrote
60c; been, 40 to OOo; pannlpi, 1 l-lo
par pound; dry onion., (1.10 to (1.60
per bubel; cabbage, %Ht per pound;
oelery 75o per down bunoha, lettao*
���nd pinley. 40o per doaen bunoha.
Drewed Meats���Beef,   oily drewed,
0 to 7o per lb; cocptrr dressed, 8 to tot
mutton. 8 to 9o; lamb, 8 to to; -rial,.
8tote; hogs, Soto 0  l-tto ta bat
welghte. c'
Poultry ��� Turkeyi, llo per lb.;
dnoks, lOo; geese, Oo; ohlokens, llo.
Game���Rabbit! are worth 7o taob.
Pigeoni SOo per pair.
Hides ��� Frown hidw 8 Mo ptr
pound, Ave tounds ten; No. 1 luapeot-
ti hides, 7c; So 8, 6o; Na 8, 5c;
Branded hides gnde Ma 9, and bull*
Na 8; kip, To; calf, 8 I-So; deakln
���kin., a 5 to 85o eaoh; abrnp skins, 40
to 60c eaoh; honehldes, 50 to 70o eaoh.
Wool���We quote prions hen 8 to to
for unwashed fleece.
Seneca root���18c par lb.
Copenhagen, April 8.���The Prlnoe
���nd Prlnoea of Wales arrived ben tbii
evening and wen met nl tbe, railroad
atatlon by King Ohiitllan of Denmark
and tbe entire royal family. At tb*
tnln dnw up lo tb* pltaform th* king
advanced lo the royal uloon carriage
and entering lt alone,, wat the Snt to
greet He occupants.
Dublin, April G.~tjuoBu Viotoria'a
lint day ot nsideuco lu Dublin patted
qui e uneventfully. Such soenos at
theie were might well bave occurred In
Madame Allu.nl sting in lbs Crystal
tpaluce, Luislon, .at n concert: in aid ot
tho Maine hoapttnl ehlp fund..
A Boer lyiapatbixer attempted lo assassinate tbe t.luce of Wales In R.lglunt
firing two revolver ^iol��, n.ltbsr 'of
whleh took effect.
Ml.. Hall, mntrmi of Brandon-n.ylum,
nnd Oov.rnor Noxon, of the Jail, l.av.
been dliutlsaed by the government. A,
Aeton, ot Alexander, tills tbo latter ]>u.
sltloir. ~
A Klllarney dcpulallnn waited upon
ih* local government and urged th*
necessity of further rnilway conalru..
tton In* the .outhweslerii port ol iht
(two nen were laetaatly killed at N.I*
.on, B. a, "by a powder oxploalon. .
Melville Ball, a desperado wanted In
Canasta, haa been caught at Ogdsm.-
bin, *i. V.
Do Not
A very lasgeavtet wake made. Weaa .
hnUHbeenetameaatfw aay*
Write fer partiaalan aad price.
M.01.TMMA-, *****.*.
Reported by Alloway <% Champion,
Stoek Broken, Winnipeg.
��� nhrw tltosmr.
Qaoted byAUowv*
Ml MaU ttrwt, Winnlp*.
���** tee. II *l**44��*tlfa****IV'V J
k ���*������<��������� ��***������ ****** .ee* *W 9
te.tettetteet .*.*������..**������ e9t
I ���*���������* ������****** .****���*.** .w*
it!*******!***!******!*** ��H
��f*Htt bit* tele ten *������*������ mt. fl
Q-oxiDE-nt Era.
'   ��sl\
golden, nmi-nin coijmbia.
9ert.er-e Venrtmnr Be* Lack Wit*
���   th* CiiI<i4Imi ol HU Books.
Franclsqne Sarcey had a splendid libra*
17, uf which he waa very proud, and
there art' many stories told in Parts about
the singular fates, comic aud tragic, thot
overtook the librarians who successively
looked after tbe late critic's books.
The first was a released convict, who
pleaded that to be much among good
books would reform him. Sarcey, pugnacious in print; waa the kindliest of men in
practice. He yielded to the plea. Unfortunately his protege carried the ethical
core too far, for one day he decamped,
taking with him tbe bnt of Wt. Saiwy's
good books.
Tlie second was a distinctly minor dramatist, Debrit by name and debris by nature. He bad worn himself Iuto an In-
curable melancholy by persistent addiction to the humorist vaudeville habit.
Surcey saw that abstinence from further
composition could only be secured if tbe
man bnd some light occupation with a
living wage. He established him In the
vacancy left by the convict. A few days
later as the critic, returning from tbe theater, drew hti carriage np before his door
he heard a smash of shivered glass above
him, followed a minute later by whut be
no longer dared to call a dull thud on the
pavement below. Tbe woebegone libra*
rlau, wearied of life, had thrown himself
ont of the window. With bis last breath
he cursed Sarcey ai his murderer.
Third tn order was one Bernard, a
gladsome youth, whose blithe temperament promised relief from the gloom cast
by his predecessor. In tho height of.his
glee be pulled out all the books, so as to
rearrange tbem In more logical order on
the shelves. He stacked tbem Id craggy
pyramids all over the floor. But It happened to be the special day or the week
whereon Sarcey was wont to have a few
of his theatrical friends, male and female, to lunch with him. After lunch 0
dance, followed ns a matter of course.
Nothing.could dismay tbo librarian. He
whisked the pyramids to four walls and
joined In the dance. Next day he nsked
jtonnlssion to go home and see his mother. He never returned. Tbe pyramid*
had to be sorted out by Snrcey's man*
servant and put-pellmell on the shelve*
The last librarian was Mile. Blonsko.
an elderly Polish maiden, wbo proved at.
Invaluable assistant until she perished
mlKcrably In the fli-e at the charity ball
In Paris.'-Phlladelphla Times.
A   Romaaslnv  Reporter   Who   Was
FIrn)17 Found Out.
"The most Incorrigible fakir that ever
spilled lull on a dally paper Is at present
a director In a big trust In the northeast,"
snld au old reporter last evening. "The
way he got out of tbe newspaper business
was rather peculiar, and as tbe story is
now pretty generally forgotten It may be
worth telling,
"lie had persuaded one of the big
northern dallies to send him on a trip to
Hawaii to write up the sugar Industry,
bnt after he arrived at Frisco be concluded tt would be foolish to make a long
ocean voyage wben tbere were ao many
good cyclopedias nt baud nnd proceeded
fo grind out his letters from a room In tbe
Palace hotel. Tbe correspondence attracted a good deal of attention, and bis
descriptions of Island life were generally
regarded as the most truthful and graph*
Ic tbnt bad ever been penned. Just how
he arranged about getting bis remittances
I don't remember, but he fixed It some*
how nnd kept the tning going for several
"Then be was supposed to return and
at last really took Ibe train for the cast.
Ko route be got broke In a Pullman car
iwkcr game. It was then, bo executed bla
great coup. Ho got off ot a little town lo
Arlsona and telegraphed his offlce: 'Just
held up by train robbers. (Jot all I had.
Wire me ?230,' Tbe office answered:
'Money aent Bush In fall account of
bold up.' In response he promptly wired
a lurid story ot 0 train robbery on Ibe
Grent Amerlcftn deacrt, which his paper
printed umler glaring headlines next
moruiug, and when a few went ern correspondents denied it later on they weren't
believed. Tbe superintendent of tbe road,
fcoW(rfyer, was vpry tore end look* tbt
���rouble to send a bunch of atHdnvlta to
tbt literry romancer's editor.
M-fVbon the young man was ��on-fronted
Witb tne proofs, he said calmly that a
chap on the Pullman had held a sequence
flush against his four aces, and Ir that
didn't constitute train robbery he would
like to know what did. Tbe argument
waa Ingenious, but it didn't aare lilm, Uo
was Ignominlously fired* and now, as I
aald before, be Is a bloated (rust mar
nate rolling In riches, I always tbougbt
be would come to some bad end."���New
Orleans Times-Democrat
A OoMoeratle Mar**Is.
The late Marquis of Winchester, wbo
was killed In the South African war, was
vary popular with hia soldiers. There
was one duty, however. In connection
with tbe Household brigade wbich he
positively detested, and many stories art
told of the marquis' stubborn protests
against going on bank guard. The staff
qa rulers assigned the officers In Thread-
needle street were cloae and stuffy, and
the marquis Invariably left them with ft
violent headache. Once wben going off
iety he said to tbe sergeant: "This job
always makea mt wish such �� commodity
as filthy Inert had never been invented.
Tben thert wtmUl bt no bank guard."
"Biita my- detr lord," came the rtply,
"you wouldn't bare had an Income of so
many thousand a year. Tbnt might uot
have boen very pleasant either."
"Ob* aergeant," rejoined the marquis,
With ft imlle, "It Is not the first time In
my. lilt tbat I have wished 1 had been
horn plala John Smith, without �� sixpence la toy pocktt unites I bud earned
Tilt Atte mt tkt Berth*
80 far as I bare been able to form aa
opinion 100,000,000 years would suffice
for tbnt portion ef the history which la
registered In tbt stratified rocks of the
crust Bat II the paleontologists find
auch a period too narrow for thtlr requirements (can see no reason on tht
{[tologlcai side why thty should not bt at
Ibcrty to enlarge It aa far as tbey may
Ind to be needful for tht evolution of or-
Sjs-ii��tap.�� a* **-��
.  t ohm uu nu.
Mn. Good-Why duel yonr d.uihtee
wear, your diamond, when.nr sh. expects Ur. nichmonV
Mn. Wtae-Oh, be'�� ��� jeweler, rea
knew, end wuuld be .shamed aet te tin
her larger and better enn than be think*
���be han,-J��wel��r.' Weekly.
Al tk* Boardla* Heaee Table.
"Hume of Hint llnislllau Infected col*
fee. Issn't It, lira llnahemt"
"Wtifti (lo jrou mean, by that, Ur.
Clim-MMl" ,
"I menu it'* ** wet"
"Vet, Vet ten the*, mart ban tuned tlio ���Jector'e boaeea lf-CI*T.U��d
Plain Dealer.
A Mam Mar Eaallr Make a Hlatako
Abeat Hia Own.
The general opinion I. that It 1. an easy
matter to identify u signature, and there
are feu. people wbo would not toy witb
posltlTsncsa tbat they could identity their
own signatures under almost auy conditions. A dlacussion by some lawyers tbt
other day make. It appear that a person
cannot at all times be sura ot bis signs*
lure, because of the nicety to which the
forger bas brought bia art.
One of the lawyers said tbat ao man
conld safely go upon the witueu stand
and swear tbat a signature shown him
was his signature. He claimed tbat in
tbe Identification of a signature a person
was largely influenced in bis decision by
tbs quality ot tbe paper upon which the
signature wus written end by what pre*
ceded or followed tbe signature. If the
name was written on a blank piece of paper, like that In common use, tbe lawyer
claimed that a witness could nut swear
with auy degree uf posltiveuess tbat tbe
signature was or wos not his own.
In support of bis argument the lawyer
uid tbat handwriting experts claim that
nu person can write bi. earn, twice exactly alike, nnd tbat in nuy litigation
where signatures are In dispute and two
signatures appear tbat are exactly alike,
tbe experts will pronounce one of them a
forgery. It may be true tbet iu general
conformation two slguaturet may be
���like, but in .sylug tbat uo two algua*
lure. wer. .nr mnde alike, the expert,
mean that ths loop, of the letter, .nd the
distance, between thorn will not be the
same, dlstluctlone which can be determined only by a system of cloae ineaatu-c-
ments. In support of this theory the experts take tbe ciso ot a fanner wbo Is
in tbe bablt ot going from bia house to
bis burn at about the usual time erery
morning. Tbey ssy that not once lu a
hundred times will bo walk In exactly tbe
ume track..
Auutber lawyer told of an experience
he had in the trial ot a cau In Tolland
county 20 or 80 yenr. ago. A uute was
In contest, and a question wns raised as
to. the genulucncss of the signature.
Ut-org. r. Blssell was called as a handwriting expert. He testlfled that the
signature on the note was a genuine signature. For tbe purpose of testing bis
ability as a handwriting expert while uu
tbe witness stand ho was given a piece of
paper and asked to write his name tbree
times, A blank spsce was left between
tbe signatures. Mr. Blssell did not know
for wbst purpose be was nsked to write
bis name, aud after tbe paper bad been
handed to the lawyer wbo examined hlsn
it was given by the lawyer to en expert
with the pen. Tbe expert wrote the
nsmo uf Mr. Blneil on the paper three
times, and after tbis was duue Mr. Blssell was recalled to tbe witness stand,
and the paper containing the six signatures was handed to bim. He was asked
to point out the signs lures that be hud
written. He endeavored to do so, but
not one of the signatures he picked out
ns having been written by himself was
his writing. Tbe three selected were
written by tbe pen expert.
Reference was made during tbe con*
rerution to a trial which occurred in
Washington, where a will wss in contest. Several experts ou handwriting
wbo testlfled st the trial claimed that tbe
will was in the handwriting of the testator. It was proved, however, thst the
entire will bsd been traced. One of tbe
relatives ot tbe deceased had found many
of tbe letten of the deceased. Words to
put Into the will wen taken from the
different letters and by a chemical process reproduced In tbe document which
made the will. John Sherman's name
wa. signed as oue of the witnesses of tbs
will, and It was alao proved that tbe signature bad been taken from a algnaturs
which Mr. Sherman bad placed to an article In General Grant'. "Memoir, of the
Tho conclusion which tbo lawyen came
to wben tbe discussion ended was that lt
I. uot such an eesy matter to Identify
signatures as msny people Imagine.���
Hartford Couroat
Kaarl laa.
New Zealand Is ��� country rich In the
great variety of Ita forest trees���most of
tbem useful, all beautiful, but none to
compare witb kauri pine cither for stately beauty or commercial value. This noble tree attains a height ol nearly 200
feet end a diameter of 15 or more. Its
stem, or barrel, as tbe bushmen call It,
rises from 80 to 70 feel without knot or
limb end then bnncbee Into an even bead
of dark green foliage. At the place
wbcre It forks the stem Is almost the
ume In circumference aa It Is six feet
from the ground, and as It bas a bark col*
orcd In various shades of red or brown It
gives one tbe impression of a beautiful
pillar at th. entrance to some woodland
Every tne I. .unrounded by a monad
of librou. uli consisting of decayed
Icares, bark, etc., the accumulation ot
centuries, for Ibe kauri la extremely
slow In its growth. Thew mound, rise
from two te >lx feet In height, according
lo the age ot the tree. Hnt the moat remarkable thing about tbe kauri I. th.
quantity of rcaluoua gum which I. abed
from even, part of it. Tbl. gum hardens
rapidly on exposure to tbe air, eventually
becoming clear aud almoat transparent���
Like a Mlraele.
A writer uysi "1 happen to kuow a
caae which Illustrate, forcibly how es.y
an accident might bave affected tbe whole
eonno of blatory. A few engineers, uf
whom Sir Revans Edwards is tbe only
���nrvivor, composed tho party which blew
np tho docks at Sevastopol, Then was
a shsft 80 feet deep, witb a gallery running borlsontslly from it
"At the bottom of this shaft, lust In*
���Me the gallery, stood one Gordon, afterward ef China ami Khartum, with a
lighted candle I* hia hand. Tbe powder
wa. lowered lu Honr hernia, and one of
these slipped from the slings, fell to the
bottom of tbe shaft and broke up, se Ihst
Gordon we. left Handing np to bis kneos
In gunpowd.r with ��� lighted candle In
"Thtl then wu a* premature explo-
���loa wu a salnde, and If that miracle
had ut been worked the odds an that a
different dynuty wonld bt ruling In CM-
ai and that land Kitchener would never
have had the opportunity ef making hi*
f.moui m.reh to Khartum."
M.lk.r1. taut War*..
Sunday School Teener-Come now,
Arthur, an rely yen can tell me what a
benediction-la, Whit I. the lut thing
your mother uki when ehe fou to bed
���t night 1
Arthur-She asts pa If he Is sun he
locked all th* doors and windows dew*
���fair, and pit th* cat oat-Vhlcag*
A Ws.rk.sl Oal Mia*.
"I am Hip ca* meter Inanector," aa*
aotincnl III* caller.
"Come In." replied lb* man et lb*
house, "but I don't think you'll Ond
iimcb left The plumber bot Jutt left
���lid w* were visited by burgtare dnr
Ing th* nlgbf-rblladolphl* North
American. *-.	
Oa* Melkeal.
M*MI*r-Tbe villain doan't eeera
up lo lb* mark tonight
Pi-MI Ag*nt-Tcll lilin that th* hog
oBc* win an par aalarh* Ml a ��**k
tram Ut*ti*y.-*t run** HmM.    *
A Solid
When it comes to healing up old
running sores of long standing there
is no remedy equal to Burdock Blood
Bathe the sore with the B.B.B.���
that relieves the local irritation.
Take the B.B.B. internally���that
clears the blood of all impurities on
which sores thrive.
Miss D. Melissa Burke, Grindstone, Magdalen Islands, P,Q��� says:
" It Is with pleasure I speak in favor of
B.B.B. -which cured me of a running- Rore
on my leg. I consulted tbree doctors and
Ihey gave me salvo to put on, but it did no
good. Finally my leg became a solid
running sore. In fact for nearly a month
I could not put my foot to the floor.
"I wns advised to use B.B.B. and did
so. Threo bottles healed up my leg entirely no that I have never been troubled
with it since."
Pints, ofsllu -***���-, (lr.iiilstHil-1 Niiltii. Ms-sl���
SU. I'. It. ..Ives N-i.elal l-rla < r���i- Mst-s-t-
linnis���New lllrtetors
WiiinipfK, April <��� A mealing of
tbe board of tbe Wiuuipeg Industrial
exhibition was held Mouday afternoon
a. 4.1.0. The preiitl.nt, A. J. Andrews, occupied tiii obuir und the foi-
lowing directors were present: A. li.
Stovel, T. W. Taylor, B. J. M. Power,
Geo. P. Unit, D Monroe, J. U. Uoss,
Aid. Hir.l ly, Juo. Arbuthnot, O. .1.
Mauls u. V. W. Drewry, Wm. Brydon,
Aid. Spiels nud J. A. Mitchell.
Letten were read from bis. worship
Mayor Wilson und Hon. Hugh J. Mac-
donald accepting tbe positiou of honorary directors.
Reports and estimates from printing
and advertising ccmiiuittr,- were read
and adopt (1.
The tender of the Stovel oompany for
the lithographing of Ibe new poster
wat accepted and tbe printing and ad*
vertlsing committee wero authorized
ti decide npon a suitable design.
The grounds and bnildings committee wen instructed to advertise for
tendon for fonr new bone stables to
be similar in onaraoter to tbe present
The plant for the new grand stand
wen submitted by tbe chairman of the
grounds and bnildings committee and
ha was inttrncted to advertue for tenders forthwith. A Enb-comn>ittee con-
silling of Messrs. Wm. Brydon, Jno.
Arbuthnot. Aid. Barclay, J. M. Boss
and tha olty engineer wen appointed
to look after details
The manager bu just received a letter from Montreal, from L. A. Hamilton, land commissioner of tbe Canadian Paciflo railway, stating that the
oomptuy have deoided to offer speoial
prim for competition in tbe Shorthorn
classes, a condition being lhat the
animals should be bnd in Manitoba.
Northwest Territories or British Colnmbia.
It ia likely the exhibition association
will make a apeoi.l class a. follow.:
Speoial prises offered by the Canadian
Paoiflo railway oompany, for Short-
borai bnd in Manitoba, Northwest
Territories or British Colnmbia, win-
nen in regular Shorthorn classes, to
he bundt
Bull, I jr*an, 120, f 13, |8.
Bell, 1 year, |16,18,15.
Calf, nnder one year, fl 3,18, |1, *2.
Heifer, t yean, ISO, 111, $8.
Heifer, I yean, 110,112, |8.
Heifer, 1 year, |15, |8. 15.
Under one yoar, 111, |8, $4, *)?.
Herd, two yoars and nnder, 130,
111, 18.
Bull, any age, 110.
Oow, any age, 110.
Ai the competition in the imported
clauses will likely be very koen, thia
geneiou contribution ou behalf of the
Canadian Paoiflo railway, will be very
much appreciated by tho Manitoba,
Territories   and    British   Colombia
Hon Tin.. 1. Ileaulal.* In 'the Domain, ot The. ro.est.nte.
Itobcrt Crawford of Chicogo .pent a
number ut years wandering about this
globe and in the cs.nrse uf his travels
spi-ut some months In Stnuxlbnr. lu speak
ing uf bl. experiences then Mr. Crawford said:
"Znur.il.ni-, you kuow, is a .mull island
ou the cast coast uf Africa, about hull
wny hei ween (be cutl-once to tlle guir ol
Ailt-n nssd Delagoa bny. While I wm
there I hcciinc rery rnVmlly wilh His
sultan, and one day after sve bad U-cnim
well ucfiuniuted, when 1 was culling on
lilm, he led sue tu a room In a pnrt of lhe
paltice in which I hnd never la-fore !>ih-u,
saying we could talk more quietly th.-i-e.
"We were enjoying u tepid peg svlien
clucks began striking in un udjuluiuii
spuitiucnt���lirst a sharp tlngulii.g. ibeu
au nlui-tn wi-nl off, then lhe Imhiiii. boom,
uf ivlull cnuttl only hnve been grand'-.
Iher's cluck.. l-'lnnlly I could eland II no
lunger and uski'sl htm whtil it svas. iitive
I uever ahown you uiy ducks'*- he ones
tinned us hi. fs.-e lit up wilh pleasure.
He let me ii-tis the next niuii'lini'iii. The
wiilts were literally lined wilh clocks ul
all .oris, fixes and descriptions ami ul
every manufacture. America wa. retire-
.i-ntr.l. nnd so. too, w>. every utbs*r country. All were licking merrily, bul no two
kept Ibe same time, .nil to I naked bim
why he diilu'l hsve them rs-gnlstcd.
"'Oh. I dn ibot on iiuriH.se.' he airily
rcplk-d. 'Yuu see, mime day. when I Has
Inie I am sorry and want it curlier, aud
vice versa. Then I cine In here and
glance nt one of my clucks thai I know lu
bu ellher fast or lluw, nud there yen nre.
The time Is a* I wan. IL You see. I regulate lime like everything else In Zmiiki
bur.' Wish a dnxi-d feeling lbs. I wn. in
tnlllililte ci.livi'i-stilh.n, witb ibe ltd
Qusi-u in 'Alisv In Wonderland' 1 help
Imsly naked I.i... what be utt-uut by regu
luting time fur the Islnnd.
"lu Znnxll.nr ihe ulHilnl Ume I, taken
from . i-Jm-k un the tntver opposite ilia
rlitre. The allium nsks-sl me wlslt lime
wuuld llks- II tu tie. nnd upon my .nyiug
b n. ni. be list (hi* wuy lu tbe porch, emu-
mnns-d Ibe s.tlMnl timekeeper and anal;
it is uow 8 In the morning. Act nword*
tngly!' And In a few momenta I'm mossed If lhe lu.ii,Is of that dlxxy old clock'
weren't turned beck tu V o'clockl"���New
York Tribune.
A Lmekr tie*.
"What sio you feed your dogl"
"He lite* ou the tut of the land.
Nothing that th* neighbor, can furnish
la auy too good fo* Mm. Tbe fact Is bt
lie** better tbia w* do."-Clevelnnd
Plain Dealer.
"Canada's Greatest Seed House"
This picture (printed in beautiful colors) may be seen In the
stores of leading merchants from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
When buying most article! in commerce, tbeir quality and value may be
ascertained  by examination,  but  with  GARDEN,  FLOWER Uid
FIELD ROOT SEEDS lt requires a, aeaaon'a growth to
prove their worth. How neceasary I. It then for the planter to buy hi*
cocas from th* moat -reliable aourtwa known.
Where Is ibe economy In buying untried or " bargain " needs, for a possible
.mall saving in first coat, with the added risk, of losing your labor and crop ?
The Steele, Briggs Seed Co. expend hundreds uf dollars annually in testing
and proving the growth and quality ol all aeeds they supply, that
ihe purchaser and planter may obtain tbe very
If your merchant cannot supply you with Steele, Briggs Seeds, rein*, substitutes, aud und your order direct to them.
Catalogue aent tree for the asking.   Address	
���The Steele, Briggs Seed Co., Limited,
Most itrtnge lt U to tland wlicn ihadci ne fn-*���
Loosed from Ihu light tliat chained llii-m here
���nd then,
Tw hold their huahed deminlon ���verywtiH-e���
To si ii ml and commune with Hum silently,
Kor one wus bound hy daylight's tyrant flan,
Tlie faithful follower of a cur tn be.
And one was forced���tight tetters needed be-
To wait all day upon a maiden fair.
Anil each wore then the iliape of love or lo-it'ilng
Ol liim whom ti��y their daylong master made;
Kcw all have doffed their loved or hated clothing
And mingle o'er the earth lo shapeless shade
Ann we, when death shall loose our souls from
Shall ahuddt-r to have served ao tout an elf.
���"Mlmisrala," Kranrla William Uourdillon.
fade, but young lives end lingered by wveie
coughs nnd colds may be preserved by Dr.
Thomas' Eolcctrio OU. Croup, whooping-
cough, bronchitis���in short, all affections of
the throat and lungs aro relieved by this
sterling preparation, which also remedies
rlieunvitic pains, sor s, bruises, piles, kidney
difficulty, and Is roost economic.
TrrlnK IP IM-BLKfc. Trouble,
Optimist���Don't yon thoroughly en*
Joy these'prosperous .times?
Pessimist���No; tliey niiike tne awful*
ly -sail. .You know very well that
when we have good weather It always
ini'iins thut sooner or later we are going to have bad weather.���Chicago
So rapidly does lung Irritation spread
and deepen, that often lu a few weeks a
ii tuple cough oultulnxt.'S in tubercular
winnuiuptton. Give heed to a cough,
there li alwoys danger In delay, get h
bottle of Blckle's Antl-Consuroptiw
Syrup, and euro yourself. It ie a lutdl-
cine ims*urrn-Fed for all throat and lunft
troubles, Ic is cnnpuundeil firm tewm)
herbs, Hich one of whioh stands at the
head of the Hat as exerting a wonderful
influence In curing consumption and all
lung diseases.
Then title AmUm, "U'hnl'a Trmupaf"
When �� wonmh linn ou hei- licsi -null
noil is t'siH'i-lt'iu-injt nu inn in a couii'Ht
��l funis, slii' ihiiil;*. to li'THi-lf:  "Till* ti
Ite.    At  lasi  I um living."���Aiehlmui
The Hest Spring Medicine.
Dr, Arnold's English Toxin Pills clear the
blocd of disease germs us thoroughly as an
Intense frost clears the air of gnats. No
bolls, eruptions nor skin disease*-", no dys.
pepsin, sour stomach, depression, slok or
nervous headache, nor female weakness, oan
exist when Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Flits
aro used. They are the most perfoot spring
medicine known.
At all druggists; largo box, 75c: small
box, 26c, or poetpnid on receipt of price,
from the Arnold Chemical Co.. Limited,
Canada Life Building, Toronto.
A Wartime Pan.
"1 see they liuvc boen Issuing a re-
mrletwl ration lo the Uritlsh soldiers
along (lie Modder."
"I'} ti co urn gins M odder-ration Id appetites. | SUppOiHV"
Bnug! Bang!-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Where Keleisoe Com.. I*.
"All Invent...* I. n .uuu who dlaroven
m.iii..lliiiii; new, Isn't lie?"
"No; nil Inventor I. n mnn who got.
n iMtent out ahead of all the otlier meu
who have Invented tho same thing."���
ClileUKO Record.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colli, Etc.
. ssalsHs-s .all llii.k.
Mrs S|.l..k��-V.-H. I wish to hire *
servant tflrl    Do ynu like iliis.V
A|i|illi-iiiii-No. mum.
Mns Sjsfiik-4���Tlis-n you won't do.
A|i|illiiutt* I'lt-itsi*. ilium, when 1 fnisi
Sir .H-iiuk*. I liiilwl stssir. anil ml like lo
kill tlit>m every sine lie snl.l I'd Just
Klwil Liniment Cures Distemper.
Due So iKssoranee.
"He thinks lie'*, rnmoim."
"Well, he never wns iimeh of * ninn
for .ic-iiIi-Iiir knowleilce."
"Whnt hns Umi to do wilh It?"
"Why. lie iirntintily never hu.-consulted the dlt-tltiittiry nml li-iirned the
dUTereuee hot worn rnme nml nolorl**
tjr."*-Clili-nno 1'ont.
Th. It-spssrtnn. <**���....ou.
"Say, sio yon know Heiulei-sou It ���
fellow worth knowing?"
"Thill no? Mow iniieh 1. he worth?"
-Plilladellsliln North American.
Miuit'i umat cm tont 11 cm
There never we., and never will be, a universal panacea, In ono remedy, lor all ills to
which flesh Is heir���the very nature of many
curatives being such that were the germs of
other and differently seated diseases rooted
Id the system of the patient���what would
relieve one (II in turn would aggravate the
other. We have, however, In Quinine Wine,
when obtainable In a sound, unadulteratod
state, a remedy for luanj? and grievous Ills.
By its gradual and judicium* use the frailest
3'stems are led Into convalescence and
rength by tlio influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives, It relieves
the drooping spirits of thorn with whom a
chronio state of morbid despondency and
lack of interest In lifo is a disease, and, by
tranqnillslnL' the nerves, disposes to sound
and refreshing sleep���imparts vigor to the
action of the blood, whicli,being stimulated,
courses throughout the veins, strengthening
the healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving lifo to
the digestive organs, which nutnrally demand increased sub-stance���result, improved
appetite, Northrop ** Lyman, of Toronto,
have given to the publio their superior Quinine wine at the usual rate, and, gauged by
the opinion of scientists, this wiue ap-
ptbmUm Marat perfection of any in the
mirk ft,   All druggists sell It.
linen SI Kverf
Mra. Rtnrvoin-f Itiotlglit you were to
take your iiietllclnp before und not
ttfter ineiilH, .Mr. Sturhonl?
Mr. fitnrliord-Well, ma'am, I guess
It don't mnke much d I (Terence.���Philadelphia Press.
Dear Sirs,���This is to certify that I
have beer tronbled with a lame baok
for fifteen years.
I bave u-ed threo bottles of your
MINARD'S LINIMENT and am completely cured.
It gives me great pleasare to recommend it and yon aro  at  liberty lo use
this in any way to farther tbe use of
yonr valuable medioine.
Two Rivers, ROBERT ROSS.
uAtts {-tingle/
' tl       '/ /���*��� -ia
tVrvtt tl-wtv   bfft&m
Hotel Balmoral, R'W.'WirfS:
'    290 acres���150 under crop;  good frame
: dwelling,   Inrge  frame  horae   and   cattle
stables, good welt; adjoin?* station, school
AtfafvTeal. stables, good well: udjoiin station, school
Are yon Him- Mitt! In us gentle nut!   and c|tur(Jii;   fine Ud, gtKKl district;  only
llaiiKcr of ii   HiiNh.rsM  l-tlurnlIon.
"This love letter that you wrote to
uie"��� she siih) nml then puiised luquU*-
"Well, what of ItV" lie nsked.
"1 nol Ice," she answered, "that II (ins
been manifolded.."
"Ilaiir it nil!" he exclaimed na he
jammed his hat down ou Ills head and
stinted for the door. "I never did believe in giving woman u business ed lien tion."���ChlengQ| Pont.
A MAGIC PILL.���Dyspepsia tsa foe
with whleh men are constantly grappling
but rannot exterminate. Subdued, and
to all appearance* vanquished tn one, It
makes Hs appearance in another direction. In many the digestive apparatus ts
as delicate ai tbe mechanism ot a watoh
or a Bolentifle instrument In whioh even
a breath ot air will make a variation.
With snoh parsons disorders of tbe Btom-
aoh ensue from the most trtrtal causes
nnd cause much suffering. To tbef-e Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are recommended
as ml Id and sure.
Tool*  (lie Prescription.
Poor Patient (after mi exnminntlon)--
DoctoV. Is there much the mnticr witli
Docl or���Not Ii lug but the effects of
care nml worry. Von must reduce your
expenses so us to live within your in
CO 11II*.
Patlent-I'll begin now. Here's Id
cents.   Hood day*--New Vorlt Weekly.
Thr Uremits ol Infant*.
The Idea linn Imig lieen entertained thnt
babies do not dream, hut II seems Hint
this ti n mistnke. A few weeks iifti"
they tire horn and while asleep siuns nt
suction, smiles and Imighiei hnve lieen
seen. No doubt but that the reineia
bruncc of drenins only occurs when a
child begins to talk and widcndinula
what Is suld to It, nnd tbat Is the reiiwin
why our recollections do not go nun-li
further back than the time when we were
0 or U years old, but tbnt we dream long
lie fore thut age there Is no doubt, nl
though Ihe range of our dreams Is until
rally circumscribed by lhe elementary
sensations we experience. Ami (Imt li"
why lu rearing children normally or abnormally formed it Is most essential tn
watch over them white they sleep nml
try to gauge Ibe significance of theli
It Is a fact medically ndmltled, snys
the eminent psychologist M. Ue Mima
eel ne, who supplies us with (bis Informn
tion, thnt Ihe heavy, troubled dretium ot
Infants Indicate approaching Illness, li
tbey awake with N start, begin to cry nnd
nre not easily soothed, then recourse
should be mnde to medical advice, for It
le a sign thnt their normal equilibrium Is
patient and titulalde ns
asked the friend
"Nm quilt' sure." nnswereil tlte
young man who Is lu love, "lint  I'm
"going to mid out."
"I'm going to get her to coll some-,
hotly Up over n loug distance telephone
and   iheu   watch   her."���Washington
direful obfervation nt the eftwti ot Par-1
melee's Vegetable Pills has tbown that
thuy act Immediately- on Ihe diseased or
gane ot the system and stimulate them to
healthy action. There may Im cases It:
which the di enw ban beeu long seate<i
ind does not racily yield to-medioine, but
oven In such raws these pills have been
known to bring relief when all other go-
culled remedies hiiv�� failed. Theso assertions enn bn substantiated uy ninny who
have used the Pilla, nnd mullenl men
speak highly of their qualities.
A HltlnK Nimr.
"And what do you cnll thnt wheel
whlxKlug around thereV" Inquired a
visitor lu the machinery department.
"South American republic, sir," nu-
Rweretl the guide.
"That's odd. What do you call It thnt
"Owing lo the number of its revolt)-
lions, sir."-Detroit l-'ree Press.
I olike Ihe Feminine Header.
"Mr. Flambeaux, hnve you any special methods In willing your novels?"
"Yes; I generally try to begin tit the
beginning and wind up nt the end."-
Indianapolis .tout-act.
30 miles frum Winnip.g-- $4,000.
*Wliiiii|i<-g, Mau.
c^ f[f*:.khk<E*-9>
lUiiiiurnctured br TH08. I.KE, Winnipeg,
When tho doctors give you up���Try an
Oxydonor. It is better and cheaper than
going to California, as It furntehes purest of
Oxygen to the system by nature's laws, discovered by Or. Sanche. Sub-dealers wanted
in each town in Manitoba. Address W. T.
Clibbins, Grain Exchange, Winnipeg. Mr.
John Buller, Wlnnlpegosis, writes: "Your
Oxydonor Is a wonderful thing und has made
u new man of mc. I have also cured one
man In e'ght hours of a bad case of lumbago." We bave dozens of similar testimonials.
Catholic Prayer i
Uooki. Itraurl-M,
Crucifix*-*, Scapulars, Iti-llgioui l'irturea. btuttiarv, nml Ctrarcb
OriiSHicnti, Educational Works. Mail ordersi*
c-ftt-ro prompt attention. J.ftj SaiIllfcr4C0���l0IllrBII
UEIDO    TH   "r "l>(-<-"��?   to
.Hll}      IU   inherit money or
Women are eon-
Ing lo understand
that the Backaches,
Headaches, Tired
Feelings nnd Week
Spells from which
they suffer an due
to wrong action of
ihe kidneys.
The poisons that
ought to be carried
off are seut back
Into tho blood, taking with ihem a multitude of pains and aches.
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
estates left In ths
old countries
should know that
millions await
heirs of their descendants in this oountry. Dook ot mums sent
ou receipt of 10 cents.
  Uox 140, Truro, N.8., Canada.
W,il, STEELE t BBiSTOL.    gyteg^��ftM
Importers of Orocerle*        t j,'tm. b. Kit raota
WfJKlf. lUrolltoB.Ont.      I..S.* ILNploes
**>.    COCIUHUTT PLOW  CO., Wl.al|WI.
driv. away pain, and .eh.., m.-sfl'
hoalthy and happy���-abl. lo enjoy III..
Mrs. C. H. Gillespie, *!04 Britain Strut,
St. John, N.B., wyai
" Soma tlm. ago I had > -rlolant attack
of La Grippe. From thll, .ever, kidney
trouble arose, for which I doctored with
a number of th. best physicians in Bt.
John, but received littlo relief. Hearing
Doan'a Kidney Pill, highly spoken of, 1
began thoir un and In a short time found
them to b. a perfect our.. Before taking
the., pilla I .uffered such tortnro that I
could not tarn ov.r in bed without assist-
anoo. Doan'a Kidney Pill, ban rescued
ma from thia terrible eondltion, and haw
ramo-iad .-caiy pain and acha.	
Work while yon .loop without a gripe
or pain, curing Dyspepsia, Sick Headaciie
and Conatipatlon and mak. yon tswl **"	
ll Uw ���a.nalafi Prlc St..
Are Pure Havana Filled
They're made for men who enjoy a tr*.
urrmt nnd aweot smoke.
Obtainable ul all m-<**l dealers .-very-whore.
Sho* Drawing
W. N. U. 267.
According .to Tlio Hawaiian Gazette,
there are ordinarily from 30 to 40 varl-
otls's of ilsh In the Honolulu market A
Iiii-r." percentage of tbt natlvea mnke
tbeir living by Hailing.
There are oo microbe, on tbe 8wl.i
mountain, it no altitude ot 2,(100 feet '^ftw
1 ������".������ -. -��:>m
for the
The Latest in Ladies Summer Dresses.
Different Designs
Delicate Colors
Washable Material
V oomplete trimmed costume for
Only $3.00
A New  Assortment
Your choice for
A Job Lot of Blouses at Half
Price this Week.
New Portiers,   Table Scurfs,   Table Covers.
A Car of Furniture.
Golden,   B.C.
Kliriptori     6c     Pitts*,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure thei
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere,  Golden    &    Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Shn? Powder Co
... THE' ��� ��� .
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Jlngvage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
J Ates $2 per day. Choice 'Vines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation (Do.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Colden, B.C.
C    H.   PARSON    Manage
FOR SALE Parlor suito.storo ami
ledroom set.    Erfq-qlfe at this office.
To-lay ti Good Friday and a publio
holiday. ...
Smokers! Call on Patmore for anything in your line. He is aura to
please you.
Service in the Presbyterian church
as usual on Suuday. Mr. Blumberger
will preach.
W. Alexander returned oo Sunday
from Vancouver, where he attended the
Liberal convention.
J, C. Green, who wna one of the del-
effMtea to the Liberal convention at
Vancouver oame home on Monday.
Patmore keep* the finest IhiuuIh of
Iini'Oited or Domestic Cigars on-earth,
and cheap tou.
H. Jl. Moodie returned on Wednesday from the roust, where he itttcnJed
the Vancouver LiherHlcouveutioii.
Capt. P. P. Armstrong, wife and
-twochildten returned to Gulden from
the Const on S.inday last.
The Public Suhool closed fetterday
until the33rd, Inst, owina to the IWli-
ei's Institute now being held at ih-j
Geo, I). Mclbrmoi returned to Guidon Weduesilay morning, nfiur having
siient a mouth In the east combining
business witn pleasure.
The fines' Imported Oljrars lo be oh-
tai nod any where may be h a'I frou Put-
more nt two for a quarter.
The Legislature of British Columbia
hits been dissolved in compliance with
tiie advice of Premier Laurier. Elections will take place on June Dili.
Sect ion men are at work reparing l! e
railway to the lumber vanls. It is
undent:ood that ibe whole tn. k will
be pructkally itcons'ruct'il.
| [('. II. Parson, manager of tho Upper
Columbia Navigation Co., left jester-
day morning for the Const au a business trip.
W. C. Welts, M. P. P. came into
Golden yesteidny morning. Mr. Wells
has just returned from tho east, and
looks well after his trip,
The Navigation Company's steamer
Hyak left yesterday morning for Win
dermere heavily loaded wiih freight
for Windermere and other points along
the river.
Admiral Dewey, it is reported will
not lie a candidate for Ihe pre*ideuey
of the United States, having been persuaded by his brother in-law to withdraw from the contest.
J. C. Green Is having a new foundation placed under the Queen's Hotel,
the old one having entirely rotted. Mr-
Green intends building a conservatory
ou the eastern side of the Hotel.
Methodist Churoh Sund.iy 15:b tl.
a.in Rules of the church 7 30. p.m.
Special Master Service S inday School
2.30 Every ouo is invited particularly
to tbo special service Suuday Evening.
Strntlicona's Hois.) have arrited at
Cape Town all well except the precious
horses, 163 of tha quadrupeds having
died on the high seas, and probubty
moro will follow.
Lord Strathcona has askod fnr fifty
mon? in-en to be enlisted. .jp_Jlll.aho
t-Hiicnncics which maybe caused by
cisuitlties or otherwise. They will be
selected from the North wes'.
E. ��. Vincent, representing tho Calgary Brtwiug and Malting Company,
spent a couple of days in town this
week aud left yesterday morning for
Windermere per steamer Hyak.
_ An attempt is being made to dis-
ranch ise about 900 voters In the Slocan
chiefly miners, andSilvercon Silveiton-
ian declares that it is the work of (he
Silver Lead Mines Association,
Tho commit re of Lloyd's Patriot ic
Fund havo informed the Canadian
High Commissioner of the intention to
make a grant of $1,000,000 to the
Canadian Patriotic Fund.
Tlie Secretary uf tbe British Fund
for tho Canadian Contingent has received three large package* of warm
clothing from Princose Louise which
are beimr forwuided immediately to
South Africa.
Jas. Noble has bought the Diamond
Point mineral claim for $200 cash.
The Diamond Point is situated on
Fifteen Mile Creek and adjoins the
group of claims recently bonded to O.
L). Hoar for a New York syndicate.
Word wns received yesterday
announcing thnt Thos O'Brien wus
seriously ill at Winnipeg, suffering
from a severe attack of inflammation
and that it will be impossible f��r him
to leave hospital for some time to come.
Work on the newC. P. IX. station at
Colden will becomtnenred mimednuo
ly. H. C Killeen liuvliu seemed in
struct ions io that effect. The woik
will be pushed vigorously until cum
plot ion.
A box car dissolved partner.-*!) p
with thn sido taack here on Tueida>
eve iiug on a .omit of the Irtkes refusing to work, bu' was quickly a'-
jusie.l by lhe crew, who worked will
a will for about ten mlnu'ei.
Tun Eka received word from its correspondent at Victoria on Wednesday
morning by telegram to tha effect that
Prime Miuib'er Lanrfcr had advised
Lieut. Gov, Mcluues lo either select a
government fnr t he Province or dissolve
the House immediately.      .
Services In St. Paul.* Church next
Sunday, Easter Day. April 15th will
bo as follows: - At 8. a.m. Celebration
of Holy Communion; at 11 a.m. Matins aud Celebration of Holy Communion. At 7,yo p.m. Evensong and sermon.
Navigation opened last week for the
season when Mr. Foster's yacht Selkirk arreved In Golden from Flrlauds
on Friday afternoon, having made the
trip from the later place In a little over
a day and half. The Selkirk pulled
baok ap the river again on Tutsday
afternoon with a load for Mr. Foster's
A, C \ Hancock, of Goldon, showed
Tub Eka the plans forthenewKpisoo
pat church nt Windermere, the dmw-
'ng up of which has been entrusted to
bim. The new churoh will present a
very picturesque aod striking appearance and will bo a credit In every way
to the townsite of Windermere. Mn
Hancock Is no novice at tbis work,
lut is an experienced architect, wbess
work' Is to be seen both in Golden and
Windermere before this, he having
-drawn up plans for tbe beautiful Win*
dermere Hotel built last sammuor.
Windermere School Report.
Fourth Class-1, Walter Stoddart;
2. Edward Morigeau.
Sicond C!hss>- l, Vaughan Kimpton;
2, Martin Morigeau,
Second Primer Class Snr.-l, Ed.iard
Hamson; 2.   William Taynton.
Second Primer Class Jnr.���Donald
First Primer Class-1, Clive Cameron; 2, William Harrison.
Avtrage attendaue 12.
Kitchener at Cape Town.
Here is an extract from a tetter from
Cape Town which reveals Lord Kitchener iu a very olnu-ucterUtio light:
''The difference since Roberts and
Kitehener arrived here is so netliiug
stupendous. Ki-o'iena.r to Idles about,
walks into hotels, sniffs ufter you iiu
suhal'erns itrutthig nhout in stall nni
form, and makes himself gemi-uily
'unpleasant.' Tlie (ther dnv ho pre
sented himself before one of tliece pea-
cocky gentlemen who was lulling
about in (ho chief h"tel here, surround
ed liy a crowd of feunile admirers, ami
abruptly asked the young go .tlemm
what is name wus. The yonng gentle
man sprang up, sioed toaneiition, and
informed him. "And whai nre you doing here?' sail Kitchener. 'Hiwl' replied the bean'eons youth. I have
jnst comedown from Mudduh Rival.!'
���Oh!' said Kitchener, 'Well, per buns
you had better go back toMo'tdah
Bivuh. The train starts at 0 o'clock
to-night !* and then ho weut lu search
ofthe next staff officer.. He is a holy
terror to the gilted youth who have
ciineout here to play at picnics,"
NOTICE is hereby given tbat thean-
nuol general meet ing of the Golden Rink
Co. Limited, will be held at the Columbia House on Tuesday evening, April
17th next, at 8 o'clock.
Eieotion of officers and other business.
April 3nd 1900.
An Amerioan Opinion.
Here is what an American military
journal thinks of the fighting qualities
ofthe Bi-liUhers:
'-There are those who, carried sway
by their wishes, assume that fn view
of Great Britain's entanglements in
South Africa, the present is the fit
opportunity for Continental attack;
that now Is the chance for reprisals
or various sorts for all tho affronts and
insults experienced during the long
hist or ry of the 'Tight little Island.'
These assumptions leave out of no
count the very potent fact that "the
first line of defence,' the Navy, Is of
greater polencv than nt at any time in
her history; they forget that ft is quite
possible for Great Britain .to place a
quarter of a million fighting men in
the field, leaving at the -ante time her
armies to fight rhe Boers with a free
baud. Tliov forget that England Is to*
day stronger thau at suy time in her
history, for we see to day tho Colonies
taking a real part in tho defence of the
Mother Country; we see ihesa same
Colonies for the first lime excited by
the glory of conquest by forco of their
own arms; we see such ah outpouring
of loyalty as the world hah seldom
seen; In other words, we see Great
Britain able and witling to aay 'Nolle
metnngere' to the rest of the civilized
world. And what is more to the point,
that country is fully imbued with this
same spirit, and fully believes she Is
able to stand alone and fight to a finish
NOTICE Is hereby given that an application will lie mndo tn the l.ogislathe Anseiiibly
ofthe i'ruvhiee of Britiih Columbia, at ita
next sossi-.n, for an Act to fnrorporata a
Compnny with power to construct, equip,
infinitum, ami operato telephone and tele-
and maintain such ami so many poles
graph lines within and throughout all the
cities, towns, nuiiiici|tiditle.H and district*
ef tlm niafnh'Ud of the Provluro of
British Columbia, snd to cousritel, erect..
and other, works ami devices ns the ('outrany
deem recewary fur making, ruinHeting, sup
p rthtg using, working, o| oratiti/ and main-
ti.intngth.iKVKieni ef i-oimiiimlctittuii by telo-
huno and teletrr-uph, mid tu upon nr lire k up
any part or pur's nf the n.iiil hiirli>vny*nr
HtreelHtm nfteti an mhM ���'nin*.u,1y, ItMigouth,
olKcora or workmen thl��k propor a��d for the
purp<m"sottlioun'iprtnkiiig to putrhasH, ae-
quire lease en prop, law, hold an, I \\on and dis*
posnuf IiiiiiIh. bailings or tenements within
the limits nfoersiJil and to piirehuse.
or lease, for any term of years, any
telephone or tdogrpah linen established, or
to l>o BStithlihlied hi British Cehmibla, enn-
nee ted, or to be cooueetwl with the line
which tho Com! any may construct snd to
amalgamate with or lease Its lino or linen, or
any portion or portions thereof, to ai.y Company pttsfiessinfr, as Proprietor, any line of
telephone or telegraph eitninmnteitthiu connecting, or to be connected, wfth the said
Company's tftio or lines, and to borrow money
for the purposes of tho Company,, and to
pledge or mortgage any ef 'ite (Vimpauy's
apsetsfor that pur. me. and to receive botiniies
and privileges trom nny nerso'1 m h[\Ay aor-
nor-nf��! and wit>i all other usual, neressany or
liirideiital rights, powers or privileges as
may lie ui'cesnary ar incidental to the attain
nie'it of tne almve (inject*, ot auy of them.
Datoil this 1st dsy of March, lUOO.
DALV& Hamilton.
Solicitors for tbe Applicants.
NOTICE is hereby given that an spdi
ration will lin made at the Legislative Assos
inbly of the Province of British Cnhuublaat
its next session for nn Act to Incorporate e
company with power to construct, equip,
maintain and operate a line or linos of telephone electrical works, power houses, generation plant and ail such other apdlinnco as
are necesssry and proper fur the generation
of electricity or other powe- aud transmitting- the samo within nnd throughout the District of Kast Kootensy and tho various town-
sites iu th * >ntd District as the Company
from time to time determines and to construct, maintain ami operate the some along
the sides of, ami across or under any highway, streets, public bridges, or any such
places in tbe said district ns the Company
from time to time determines, and to construct, erect and maintain such snd so many
poles aud other works and devlcw as the
Com pony deems necoos ry for making cotn-
filellng, supporting, using, working, oporat-
ngnnu mnmtiiiningthesystoinofcominnuic-
tiou by telephone or electrical works, power
house,|geiieruting plant nnd otter appliances,
and to oi >en or break up auy part or parts of
tlie satd highways or streets as often ns ttie
said Company, its agents, offioors or workmen think proper, and for the purpose of the
undertaking to purchaae, acquire or lease
and hold and sell ami disp se of or smreiid:
er lauds, buildings or tenements within the
limls aforesaid and to purchase or loose for
any term of years, any telephone line estsb-
any~7oe'"wfiring' 16"stand Wfire hVFl S*M��tq.& Ps^bliVheil In British Cohmi-
i   *��� '.  . .f4Ti������� . u- ...,������� .* t*,  "ta, connecting or tnho connfcrod with tbe
long enough to allow the process to be ��� mieii wUl:h ���,��� , n^   ���y imy C(mfltruct and
carried out. to purchase or lease for any term of years the
 a-o, I flgh' o^'uuy umupany iu eoiwtrdetau'l main-
��� tain any such telcplimia lii.n and lonmulgnin-
Th6 Bookkeeper's Salary.        a(tewlih or lease ir�� IIiiaoi' lluos, or any pur
w * Itiouor (wrii'ms therefore tn any coup anv
An advertisement   in   a  newspnper p����w��shi��tiispro1-rlBt��rimYHi��eftelepboM
ceiling for "a first-class book ki��|*r at! 1'?��,,.��!"!l.t'��,|rt��. wnneclhiy ur tu be eouneet.-
|.'I a woek"' drew forth the following
answer, the only one intruded by the
munificent salary
.r ..��� <,  ..... ��� *   �����.��,.    ���!.:.... ���*..-.���.  or lucfrlontal rights, powerjor privileges
Iain a young   man.   thlrtv-s-iven inav be neeessary ��� ���'���   '       ' b
yours of a;;e, having had a business
experience of twenty-three years, lieing connected with the United Stales
Embassy nt Madagascar, and fuel con
fi lent, jf j on will give me a trial, I
can prove my worth to you. I n-n not
only an expert bookkeeper, proficient
Stenographer and typewriter, excellent
operator, and erudite college graduate,
but have several other accomplish
ments which might make me desirable.
I am an experienced st.ow-shoveler, a
first-class peanut roaster, have some
knowledge of removing superfluous
hair and clipping puppy dogs'ears,
have a medal for reciting 'Curfew
Shall Not Ring To-night/ am a skilful
cbalropodlst and practical farmei; oan
also cook, take oare of horses, crease
trouserss. open oysters, and repair
umbr-His. Bein? poses el of grar
physical bo.uty, I would not only be
useful bu ornamxntat es woll, lending
to the sacred pis i icrs of your office
that do'iwhtful artist'o ch.irtn (bat a
Satsuina   vase   tr   et>Ted   billy gout   Field's CataiT]) SllUff
ed with the said Company's line er lines and
to acquire Ij.ihU, botumes, privilegos v,
othxr aids from any persons or Iwdiiis corporate, uud with all otlier usual, necessary
or incicsntali.rcmiiWtivo
to the. ttiduuietit ef tho alsive objocls ur any
of i hem *
' Dated this 1st dny nf March 1000,
tfolicitursfor lho Applicants.
..Useful Now..
Pectoral Balsam
Pur.** Norwegian
Cod liver Oil
Parisian Emollient
('old Cream
Witch Hazel cream
would. A. to sultry, I wot 1*1 is-l 1 wish
jobbing sits? n-Mow atsd .wipitiK ��I.st**
spnnjtA*t-t.ke Iron, tin* or|.lit.ii if I .- tta
to ti.ke ..IvanlRue of .v.'i.r mu,, Hs: ���',���������
hy Ms-coptinu tb* too IiiIh*I.jii-. a..m of
til |��r wwk, nnd I would Ik) i-iitfr..i
wiltisi-i to -live you my Bervice. fs.i
lets, nnd b.v aocepllnu $1,117 per H-ecl*
would ffhre you est 0|.st��rs..niiy of tin.
oily In'irfa.it'g yo.r dona*ion tu ila
ohm*, b. pay your butch., and keen up
your life In.sirisnsw, bus xl.o to lo-.i.d
a home for Indigent 8y p..per aalo.
in... nnd endow a free bed in the oat
Th   Druggist
In view ol the approaching .lection
I heraby convene a sn.-t.lnK ol lis.
���uppsrtera of Mr. W. 0. Well., each
maeting to be Its-Id at tha Columbia
Hall, Oolden, on Saturday, April Slat,
at 8 p.m.
A full attendance la nqaeated.
Chairman Mr. Walla' late Com.
w viur
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Robt. Elliot, M.D.,
Licensed Phyileltn h Surgeon
Townsite of Golden.
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
ak��<'ts?nd dMcriptloss of ..yl.Tm.loa will
I��t.nt" aeat upoa ttaooh   -I
tbcougbu.adverti^dforMlc.tootstnosM.   ,
FMUU UlKts out through a. KMMV. tptaU-
����-*��,-^tlmtch.rl.,in-f��iPA-nnst taaxta,
..THwuSa .od/Md.ly dratatsjjoara.1,
Mad for -.mpl.copy rill. AsMiaa,
vtoToa j. ivam * eo.
��� (***-t***t*tr**>
tv.a. Intnl.,,       watHiNvree, *. *���
��� GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
ftict that tnii s|,ortation is now assured at an early date
bv a railway running the length ot the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from G-olden to Cranbrook, ensure great
aotiyity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tho
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forma
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
And it to their interest to purchase before a further rise-
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terras obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Parson, Merchant, or
a nice Suit or a
Pair of Pants for
Easter, call on
P. -A. Desormeau,
...  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Soutli Hide Kteklnjr Horse River*
Hull Bros. & Co.
Whoteule A Retail
Cattle, Sheep sud Horse Dealers.
Coffins and
Funnel Bohe. of all kind..
Onler. in-omptly attended to.
W. L. Houston,
Goldeil, B.O.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solleltor.
Notary Publlo.Conveyanoer, ete
Offi'-eln Upj-er Columbia N.vlfnt'lon antl
Tram ay Cutnl'tiuy'a huiluing,
b. e
Harvey, HoCarter ft Pinkham
Barrlrier., Solleltor., *e.
GEO. 8. HoCARTZR,        J.A.HARVKV.
KeveUtoke, B.0. Fort Stool., 11..
Room., Akuandor Ulos.li, UoMen, B. C.
Jas Beady, D.L.8., & P.L.B
Mining Engineer,
M.Aat*n. Ittat.UI.
Aa*ent for obtalnlnjr Crown Grant., titling
 . *.;.. ^^ ^^   Addraw t
T. B. ROW,
House Painter,.
Paperhanger. Ete
PBUIT and     rpT>lTT?a
MAGUOLIAS, BTItBS, new crop o(
For Sprlait planting.    Ltrg-Mt and
moat   complete   atock    in    Wxttrn
Canada,   Call and.make jfoor talt-o
tion. or send for eatalo((ua     Addraa.
at Nnssery Owtinds or. Oreenhotiw.
Ml   UCIIDV   800S Westminster
. J. nCnm, Uoad, Tumi*
bLeNded Hard wHeat ���
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Cemaaereial Cellefe,
llox S47.  Vancoaver,  B. O.
Thorough Instruction In bnslnsss
,tethods, Book kaaplng, (ws use to
-xt-books, bnt do a.tual bnslnsss)
Shorthand aud Typewriting. W.pra-
.are for examinations.
anadian Pacific Railway
J.tlokest Time and LowNt Bates to all
points EAST and WEST.
Exourilon Kates to
and all Winter Besorts.
Old Oountry.
Apply for particular, to nearest 0.P.B
-tu. Paso. A|��at.


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