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The Golden Era Dec 1, 1894

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VOL,. IV.   NO. 17
$3 Per Year
Charles A.  CUar^en's.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has been newly built and newly furnished
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JWefleish, - Prop.
(Incorporated 1670.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Carlin & Lake,
Coy. Calgary, or
A carload arrived, choicest winter varieties
Northern Spys, Baldwins, Russetts, Greenings, Etc.
We will sell these at close prices before cold weather sets in.     Order a barrell
ior the winter.   They will be dearer later on.
Onions! Onions! Onion
We have lots of them now.
is now well stocked for the winter.    Rubbers, Overshoes,
Moccasins, etc., at prices lower than over.
For the Next 30 Days
We will sell Men's suits of clothes and overcoats at your
own prices. Our stock of these goods is large and we will
make some big cuts in the prices. Come around and get a
good suit of clothes at about half price.
in Everything.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
Calgary      -      -      Alberta
orn town.
Golden, on tho miiiii line of the ('aiuuliaii
I'ni'ili-t Railway, lit its coimei'lion with the
ste-uulio'it iiiivigiition of the I .'oiiiinliiii river ;
tho tniiit't-.'il nml commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia* hi'iuliiunrters of thit'oltl-
cn Hinoltin-f works, tho Upper Coliuiiliiii
Navigation Co., nntl lumber industry! tlie
outlet for the widely known nntl far
finned iigrii'iilttirnl iliul grazing laud of the
Coluiiiliia A Kooteiiny Vnlloys; iinriviilloil
for scenery of nil kinds; the ilistrilnitiiig
point for the richest mineral country ou the
Manicure Sets
$1.50 to $12*|
Perfume Sets
From 1 to $5
Collar & Cuff Sets
In Plush, Wood, and
Leather, combined &
seperate, $1.50 to $7
Shaving* Sets
Plush and Wood, from
$2.50 to 7.00.
Cards Sets
75 cents to 2.00
Smoker Sets
$3.00 to 6.50
Toilet Cases
In Wood and Plush,
$1.25 to 18.00.
Ladies & Gents Dressing Casts in Leather
$6.00 to 12.00,
One Handsome Plush
Manicure and Toilet
Case combined $16
Also one in Wood combined 12.00.
Silver Trays
With Brush, Comb &
Mirror 4.25 to 7.50
Military Hair Brushes
Mirrors, Perfumes of
all kinds from France
and Germany.
White   Metal   Photo
Frames 1.00 to 2.50
Celluloid Novelties
Such as Photo Frames &c
A meeting of the curling club was
held in the Kuotenay House lust Monday evening. There was r large attendance, President F. P. Armstrong
in chair. A communication from the
secretary of tint Manitoba Branch It.
C.C'.C. was rend stilting that the Golden Club had been duly affiliated with
the Manitoba Branch and the distance
from Calgury bain-} so great it had
been decided to font, a new district to
be called the Coluinliia District. Tha
usual Royal District Modal wilt be
awarded tli is district for competion.
Mr. Win. McNeish was appointed dis--
trict umpire for the season,
A lively discussion took place re the
election of skips, it was finally decided
that the skips be elected by ballot aud
that the skips then make up their
rinks ut once Bight skips were then
elected and rinks mutle up as follows:
C. E. Hamilton A. Morin
C. C, Cothran W. it. Hamilton
J. Lake U. Sutherland
W. McMoish, skip Capi.Armstrong,sk
It. Connacher       J, C. Greene
A. 11. Watson      Capt. Parson
M. Dainard
(j.B.McDermot, skip
J. A. Campbell
P. G. Healey
Jus. Henderson
P.O. BOX 53.
The Bon Ton Bakery for fresh bread,
cakes, pics, etc.
The stage left on Tuesday as usual.
Mr. Geo Stark returned this week
from the coast.
Archdeacon McKay returned from
his trip to the Upper Country lust
In future the shooting gallery will
only be open on Thursday and Saturday evenings.
Mr. Hurry Connacher is expected
homo shortly. He left Sun Francisco
on Monday for B.C.
Messrs Hannny from Fort Steelo,
Geary from Windermere, and Cart-
wright from Carbonate wero visitors
this weok,
Mr. Frank Glover is importing fresh
butter and eggs from tho praieie and is
prepared to supply the wants of tho
public at reasonable terms.
Messrs. Hull Bros. & Co. are receiving a largo assortment of poultry, etc.,
for the holiday season. Reserve your
orders and examine their stock.
Tom Eaton was the successful competitor at the shooting gallery last
Saturday night, winning the prize
with a score of 45 out of a possible 50.
M. Dainard and Bert Low returned
from their search after "Red" McLeod.
McLeod had been seen several times in
the Upper Country but so iar has not
1 been caught,
Any .flail Orders will receive
Careful and Prompt Attention.
CHEMIST,      ���
Calgary,      -      Alberta.
'Hull for tlio Illicit clort..
The single men have nt lust succeeded iu beating their married brethern,
this wus nccomplished lust Saturday
when they shot a match for lOUlbs. ol
flour for the hoKpitul. Each man shot
at II bilds. Tlio following is the
Capt Parson li
Capt Armstrong 10
C C Cot It run 8
H R Moodie 12
GB McDermot    9
F W Aylmer
H G Low
.1 N Taylor
W McNeish
F H Bucou
The latest in Gun Club circles-the
"long and tho abort of it" mu making
arrangements for a mutch.
The Gun Club held ils first annual
dinner nt  the  Columbia  House Inst
evening.    An enjoyable time was suent
by those  present,     Full   particulars I
will bo given next week. J
P. J. Russell
D. M. Rue, skip
W. Dainard
J. Pratt
Dr. Taylor     H	
CA.Warren,skip H. G. Parson,
C. H. Parson        G. H. Brock
W. L. Houston     V. W. A*t liner
G. Woodley J. Rae
P.R.Wllite,skip    H,  Woodley,   skip.
As the membership increases competent skips will be appointed aud new
links lorlued.
Lieut,-Governor Dcwduey was appointed pal ion of the club.
Messrs. Capt. Armstrong, G. B. McDermot, W. McNeish uud D. M. Raa
weec appointed h coiumillee to urriiugu
fur competitions.
'lhe inet'Ung thou ntljoiiiirncd.
The secretary begs to remind the
members tliut the dute of payment uf
membership fee is now up ami hopes
they will not be backward in coming
forward with the sume.
On examination of the skips elected
at llie curlers meeting we liud thut one
llllll ure benedicts and tho other half
bachelors. This will no doubt mean
some strongly contested games us
greut rivalry exists between the married and single men of Golden.
Iu regard to the lire which occurred
a lew weeks ago, immediately went of
the Kicking Horse Bridge, it is reported thut a recently returned property
holder has applied for au investigation.
Wc beg to call the attention of our
readers this week to the advertisement
iu another column ol J. G. Templctou,
druggist, Calgury. Mr. Teuipletou
has n large assortment of Xmus goods,
consisting ol iiiiiniculc sets, ladies
and gems' dressing cases uud {unity
urtlclos. Orders by mail will receive*
prompt attention.
Coition llospitiil Hoirluty.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m,
"       2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
"        7      "    "   8    "
.Sunday   from   IU a.m. to  12 lu., ami
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
visimo nouns.
From 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Moudiij   and Saturday.
BV OftDEit. i'"it�� (SjHicu feva
Tliu GOLDEN EUA is published every
Saturday inorulug iu ti.ne to catch the east
and west mail trains, also the iiinil lur tlie
uppor country, VVindei'iiio're, Fort Steele etc
It is the only advertising lllOillillll hi Uiel.eat
Kootenay district.
Subscription Kates : Sri.00 por aiuiuiu IN
Advertisements nntl changes must be in
tho office not later tli..it II' ,. ui, un Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advei-tisouiout rates utiide liuoivu on appli-
Ciltiill' *.o
All cash to bo paid tu tlio Mntiiigor, from
whom tlio Company's receipt will be obtained
The Goldsn Eia Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, DEC. 1,  18114.
Jupuneso  Vlt'torluus   ull   Along  tlio
London, Nov. 21.���The Jnpanece
captured Port Arthur ou Wednesday
evening. The fighting began on Tuesday. Tho Chinese made nn unusually
strong defense nnd the figliHng was
severe and incessant for fully oil hours
Both sides are reported to have lost
A despatch from Cheo Foo savs : ���
Tho backbone of Chinese resistance has
given way and tlie mountain pusses
that lie bet ween the great naval station
and Pckiu now shelter tlie scattered
remnant of tho Emperor's forces.
Word has just reached hero tliut Port
Arthur foil lifter u buttle tliut lusted
17 hours. The reports of tlie lighting
are very meagre, but it is believed thut
both sides suffered heavily. China's
loss, it is said, exceeds that of Japan,
lor undisciplined us the Emperor's
soldiers were, they fought wilh the
desperation of tigers. The attack ou
Port Arthur by Jiipnn s second iiruiy
under Gen. Oynuia wus so carefully
planned thut when lire wus opened the
Jn'puueso tro .ps assailed tlie city from
every point. The lighting wus terrible
und wus only eiitkd u ben tlie Chinese
unable to struggle any longer withdrew iu retreat io tliu mountain pusses
iienr by, leaving the city ut the mercy
of their foes. Tlie full oi Port Arthur
clours the way lo I'okin lor Japan.
Whether or not thut city will suffer u
like fate must depend upon what action
China will take in n very few dnys.
Already China has usked for pence ou
the terms of paying *:i"iO,l/tU,UOU tacls,
or 8175,000.101) for it. Willi Pckiu
iu peril no one cun estimate what
figure Japan will place upon peace.
Tiie plans of the Japanese fur un advance upon Pekiu have succeeded completely. At Moiikdeu tlie advance
III rough lhe interior wus so hitxtirdoits
ns to Ic almost impossible. The second army wus scut to silence Port
Arthur, and'it has done so. Willi
the great poi-l iu Japan's hands, and
with Japan,-! victorious fleet guarding
thut place uu ihe waterside Cltidu's
fleet is powerless. Japan, uu the
other li ti ml. has n clear roud by land
around the Leeotou gulf, Ihence along
the westerly shores of Pe-Chi-Li gulf
to Tien-Tsin. With the Japanese
army iu pursuit, lliu Chinese must
liiuke their luststailll iu the mountains
tli.it ure in the path to Tiuii-Tsiu.
These pusses may bo held for u long
lime if the Chinese army can be rallied
sufficiently lo iiiuku u siuiiil. I is not
bolto.el here that China will continue
tho war nny lunger. Port Arthur is
regarded by all European military
and naval critics us tho keystone uf
China's tltrfeuc.tr. and without whicli
sho will bo in Japan's mercy.
A Central News despatch from
Shanghai suys tliut the full of Port
Arthur, wnich was received at Choc
Foo last night by a British steamer,
has caused much excitement among
tho natives.     Although details ol iiu
buttle ure lucking it is reported that
the Chinese fought gallantly until the)
were overpowered, Somo of the forts
ou the promontory were defended with
such energy lhat the garrisons were
refused i|Utirter by the Jupuueso und
all were cut down and killed.
A Snuiigliui despatch suys: . The
full of Port Arthur created great excitement iu Shaughui. Accounts
agree that the Chii.eso fought gallantly
Some officers nud meii were uut dowu
at their posts by the Japanese, Tlie
Stnr publishes n dispatch saying the
Japanese torpedo Louts engaged the
attention of the fort white the troops
closed   itrouiid   the   forts ut llie rear.
Tlio torpedo bouts intulo u sudden und
i ���
concent.'ated dusli and succeeded iu
getting inside the harbor, The Japan-
use artillery kept up a continuous fire
upon the Chinese fo.-ls. After the first
onslaught by the Japanese the resistance uf ihuChiiiu-u is suid to have been
fechlo, und linullv the Chinese troops
became panic stricken and tied.
The Globe's Shanghai despatch suys
China bus stmt u special iiguut to Ja-
paii with instructions tu accept any
terms of peace except cession of uuy
portion of China proper to Japan.
Several foreign English liuuks hnve
offered to contract. [ur the Chinese war
indemnity gold  loan at four per cont.
A despatch to tlie Globj sins thu
tlie third Jupuiiese corps is destined
for Wei-Hal-Wei, which place is iu
utter collapse uud confusion. Tlie
luud defenders of the place ure deserting hy thousands.
Washington, EC., Nov. 24.-The
States department bus received u cablegram from Minister Denby, ut Pekiu,
saving that Port Arthur wus tukuu ou
the 22ud.
A .Shanghai despatch savs part of
the Chinese fleet will remain ut Port
Arthur und tho rest will cruise iu tlie
Gulf of Pe-Chi-Li.
News Brevities.
Whales are never found in tht Gulf
Big oralis are found iu India. Some
of them measure tno feet iu length.
Rice paper is nut iiiudc from rice
but Irom the membranes of liu lue id-
fruit tree.
Fruit wrapped iu brown pup-r will
stand 15 degrees more of cold than if
not thus protected.
Rain has never lieen known to full
in that part of Egypt bet.ivc.iii the two
lower fulls of the Nile.
If all tho money in the world were
d vided equally tuning the people eui'.h
person would get about $.10.
Ancient coins, many uf which aire-
dute the Christian era are made iu
large quantities iu London and find
sale nil over the world.
White hats aru worn for three years
us if sign ol mourning, by eiory gro-ui
���utile iu Corea, after the death of u
member of ihu royal family.
Tho button's ou u mini's clothing
arc usually ou lhe right nan.I side; o i
a woman's clothing they ure on llie
left.    Why is this?    Nobody  knows.
Highest Honors���World's Fair.
V pun Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fr��
rom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
HiiTi-il Tl n"iitn.��� S-1-ot lurgr" ml onea,
Inks the skin "IT unit st*oliuii uf the ball*
huh. louse i tint skin fi'otii them, put n row
inn dipping p.u with tho sido up from
which yon look tho peeling, sprinkle
ttutir over tliein, bake half au hour in
quick oven.���N.Y. Observer.
Pickled Bed Cabling?. ���Slice the cab*
lingo thinly into n oolauder; sprinkle each
layer with still and let it diaiu two dnys.
Fnt it into a jar and pour over boiling
vinegar Aiiot'.gh to cover, putting in it few
slices ut rod beet root Those who like
tho flavor of spice will ndd thnt to ths
vinegar while it is boiling. Choose those
(tiiltliii'.'es thnt are of a purple red,���Good
Salt Mackerel Fried.���Sonk lor thirty
hours in nt least a gallon of water, laying
the flesh side down; remove tlie head nud
see ilust the fish is clean; melt a spoonful
of butler iu the frying pan und fry slowly
for fifteen minutes, taking rare thut it
does not scorch; take out the fish aud
pour into tiie pan a cupfnl of in ilk or
cl'cillll, let il boil and pour over the fish.���
Huston Uild^et.
A Hum Fritter is a good breakfast relish
ou chilly September mornings. Mince
line about a pound of cold boiled hum,
lining the fttt nud lean. Add two beaten
igK*. tit'Up'if llutir, a pinch of cayenne
Hinl etiuiiji ninck to make a g-iuJ fritter*
butter. Fry these fritters in hot fut till
they tire n good brown, Some cooks use
s dash of grilled cheese to give them a
Neopoiituu flavor.���N. Y. Tribune.
E.'cs Willi Cream.���This dish Is quickly
prepared, if one hat cold boiied eggs.
Shell the i ggs, out iu halves und arrange
I hem cut side downwind on a buttered phi
plate; ponr over a sauce made of ereum
thickened wilh a little cornstarch uud
sensniied llllll stilt nnd pepper. If yuu
have any scraps uf cold meat chop fine nud
mix witli the cream sauce. Over the
whole grute a hard-bailed yolk, and you
have un at'ruciivu aud appeliziug disk,���
Ouio Furuier.
Tlie Chinese have a traditlou that stray
dogs bring luck.
A family nl Marinette, Mich., has ran
nut of names, so their latest nrrlvul bus
been christened "Thirteenth."
Among ihe uneducated whites in Alabama tliere is ti popular superstition thut
if il coiored person kis-es a baby twice on
the month, the teeming period wll bo easy
tu the child.
A couple nf Pittsburg, (Pa.) boys picked
np a physician's small medicine chest that
hail fallen uut of Uis buggy on the rosd
and mo an many of tiie sugar-coated pills
that tbey nearly died.
"Well. I'll be gosh darned if I ever seen
a car shoved idling Willi a fishing pule before, "sad uu old fanner at Toronto the
other day, as he witnessed fur the first
time tliut up ration of the trolley.
Tlm healthiest trade is said to be that of
a waller, a man who attends to the paus
in stilt works. If he falls iu he dies, but
While lie lives lie is free from cholera,
ama.lpox, scurlet fever aud probauly in
A new shoo liu* a ventilated toe.
A patent bus been Issued for a look
which can be operated only by a magus-
lined key.
A man in Paris has invented a new
kind uf snuff mads of tan aud pounded
baked apples.
John Jacob Astor is the inventor of an
nntoinatio rond sweeper, on which lis hoi
lukeii out it patent, and which, it is claimed, will be of great service ill clearing
roads of dust and other obstructions.
A French novelty in tile way of a timepiece is a floral clock, the long hands of
which sweep above twelve flower beds,
each being different from all the others lu
the colors ami variety uf flower. Tha
hands are moved b/ subterranean mechanism.
"As terrible as nn army with banners"
has no refereiioe to tlie  political   parade, |
although the banners nre terrible enough.
���N. Y. Herald. I
Brown���I wns looking for "mud;" bnt in
this dictionary the letter "in" is toru out
_Fogg��� Why not look under "water?"
That's the place to find mud.���Boston
Transcript. |
A peculiarity of'their kind. ��� Manufacturer���Whnt   makes  yon   think  eleotrioj
clocks should sell so freely!    Drummer���
They're all to be charged, are they not?���
Jeweler's Weekl;.
Pekiu boasts of 80,000 beggars.
A dwarf residing at Shigaken, Japan, is
80 years old and but 17 inches high.
The officials uf tiie Chinese empire are
dlvld-d into nine different grades ur classes, distinguishable from uue another hy
���lie button worn ou the cap. |
Mount Arnrat, the resting pluoe of tht
Scriptural ark, is iu reality, two mountains separated ly a valley. The highest
peak is 17,810 feet and the lesser 18 000
leet above sea levsi.
Water is composed uf oxygen and hydrogen in 111" proportion of one volume of
I he former gns lo two volumes of the latter.
No bird can fly baokward without torn-
inn. The dragon fly, however, can do this
nntl outstrip the swallow in speed.
It u man who weighs 108 pounds were
proportionately as strong as a flying beetle
uf lhe cockchafer family, he Would be able
to push along level grouud a Weight equal
to 11)1 tons.
llr. Jules Rochard, In a paper read before tlie Freucii academy of medicine, says
lhat prushic nod is among lhe active prin*
i iples tiiut pass into the smoke of a cigar
undergoing combustion.
The little black sputa on the end of Ihe
snail's horns are the animal's eyes. He
can see with them very little, hat they
serve to distinguish for him light from
darkness, and enable him to observe ob-
j cia at u distance uf ou inoh or two,
West India people eat alligator eggs.
The thirty-two teeth tn the mouth of
John McDiirby, of Solinou Falls, Ma-**),
are all don tile.
A woman's tombstone Is the only one in
Etiiihitid upou which the epitaph is writ-
t. u in short hand.
A lew tree, said to be three thousand
yenrs old, Is still flourishing in a cemetery
at Darley Dale, England.
A planter iu Apnlnohioola, Flo., has
grown nu immense cabbage; a single stalk
with four well-developed heads.
A freak of nature, a large tree whioh
possesses the characteristics of a pine aud
an oak, may be seen near Ashburuham,
Mass. In the fall of the year pine burs
fall on one side nud acorns un the ulher.
The smallest bible in existence has recently beeu issued by the Oxfurd university press. It is three and three-quarter
inches long, two and oue-eighth inches
wide and seven eighths uf an im li   thick.
A New York butter has just made a hat
eight nnd three-eighths in site. The length
aud width are nine and a quarter by seven
and a half. This, he s.iys, is the size
necessary tu the comfort of the nun with
tile biggest head in town.
John Boyd Timelier, of Albany, N.Y.,
has presented thai city wilh the original
bill h gued by Queen Anne aud Karl Uo-
dolphin to compensate Albany's first
mav or, Peter Schailer, fur taking four
ludiuu c.itfs to Engl md in 1710.
Hia Proposal. ���He (Indignantly)���I don't
propose to tie sat ou by anybody. She
(Kindly)���Tuen yoo sliouldu't have proponed.���Detroit Free Pree*-.
'Haven't you broken yonr engagement
with Harry Summers, yet?" "No," re*
replied tlie fair girl as she raised her h mil
tustruw u solitaire, "Ism still iu the ring."
���Washi gton Star.
Polls���How did you Ilka the new tenor
that sang in 1) dtsou's opera? Lotto���On,
be isa total ftiilnie; you can understand
every wortl he slugs.���Inter Ocean. I
Iluinsqiiizz.e���How   would   you   define
the word "crunk," Skimgullet?    Skiingul- '
1 I���A crank, my dear sir,   is a specialist
ill something that yuu take no  interest iu. j
���N.Y. Herald. I
"Hid you read in the paper," said tha
milkman, "about a persou that put   paris j
green iu a family's milk?"   "Maybe," said
tne cook, "tney got   tired   of seeiu' their
uii.k bine."���Washingtou Star.
A little ginger put iuto sausage moat improves the flavor.
Iii icing cakes it Is best to dip the knife
frequently in cold water.
Tumblers that have had milk in them
should uut be put ill hot water.
If your coal fire is low throw on a handful of salt aud it will brighten it very
A spoonfnl of stewed tomatoes put in
the gravy uf either roosted ur fried menu
Is an improvement.
Broil steak without salting. Salt draw*'
the juices in cooking, and it is desirable to
keep these ill if -Hnvilble.
To clean nil cloths n<e milk and water
and wipe wiih a flannel c.oth. A brush
and soap will ruin them.
Yon can get a drop or a bnrrelfol of oil
off any carpel or woolen stuff by applying
dry buckwheat plentifully aud faithfully.
Never pnt water tu euoh a grease spot, or
liquid uf any kiud.
Four men in every six use tobacco.
The 23 000 newspapers ia America employ 200,000 men.
There are nearly 8.000 stitches in a
pair of hand sewed bouts.
One third of llie deal hs among American
Indians are due to consumption.
The Johnson* outnumber tbe Smiths by
700, in the Chicago directory.
The men employed in a Michigan basket
factory make a grape-basket apiece each
Tlie largest sum ever asked or offered
for a single diamond was $3,160,000, which |
the prince of Hyderabad, iu India, agreed i
to give tlie jeweler who then owned the
Imperial, which is ouusldered ths finest
Sloue iu the wurld.
A little store in Philadelphia   has  thi* '
sign beside the door:    "Coal, oil,  Wood,
milk ami oilier notrons." I
There lately appeared an advertisement ���
iu an English paper for an editor of a flrst-
I'ltiss iou u.d, it Iieing expressly stipulated
liiat "be must lie a practical man uf the
world. Nu one who hut graduated at Oxford ur Cambridge need apply."
The following advertisement appeared In
the Birmingham Daily Post: "New Religion.���Yonng gentleman is founding a new
religion, which is sure tu become popular,
aud de-ires a uidy uf means to assist him
IU llie work.    Address ."
A Londou detective agency advertises,
for the benefit of then contemplating ma-
irlinuiiy, thai it will supply details as to
lhe "mr-uiol position, past character, future
pro-peels, general habits and temper of the
intended partner for life, ill order to make
uurriuge a success."
M. Delbler, the veteran executioner of
Paris, has beheaded 220 persons. Ha It
always calm and never loses his head.
Onlda is said tu be so proud of her small
and heuutif ully shaped bunds and f < el that
ill summer aud wiuter, oBtoftluors ami
in the house, sht wears sleeves that fall
jnst below the elbow, tnd thiu, low cut
The orders and decorations of Prince
Bismni-ck, if worn three deep, wuuld
cover Ihe breast of a man six feel across
the shonlders. Tbe ex-chanc-llur is said
to pons <ss mure of thus* honors tbau any
other niau iu Europe.
Tht tallest policeman in tht United
Kingdum is Cuustuble Daly, one of the
members of the Royal Irish constabulary.
He is 0 feet 8J niches iu heigut Among
members uf the same forte, Sergeaut llof-
feit, uf Ballysbanuon, stands 0 fttt Si
Hazy���Pid yon ever contribute to the
press? Mary (liliithingly)���I have turned
down tht light sciiictiiues.��� Chicago Sun.
Dakota has a 80.000 acre farm-,
New York hna a woman oobbltr.
The Indian population of Aritona It
given out as U-lug 86,777.
In Saxony about 70 per cent of th*
workiiigiuen euru lest than 9150 a year.
A laborer in Washington bad hit volo* |
desiroyed by being overcome with tht I
heat '
Only native or naturalised eltlnu* art
permitted to work on the street* of New
Bedford, Mass.
The first inhabitants of the far north
did not employ dogs, but draw tbtlr walrus-rib sleds themselves.
A typewriting firm in New York says
that ou an average thirty plays a week art
sent to their office tu be copied. |
The470ciirttt diamond from tht South
African mluet, uf whioh 270 carat* art
being takeu off by tht diamond cutters of
Antwerp, is almost ready for tale,      ^^ ���
Thimbles made of'lava are used in Nt>
Parrots coat bnt ten cents taoh to the
dealers in Central America.
Tht best corks come from Algeria.
Tliere are 2.680,000 acre* of curk forest*
tu that country.
It is estiumted that nearly 20,000 pound*
of bread are daily euteu in the Saltan uf
Turkey'* household.
The native countries of tbe tallest and
shortest people in Europe, Ibe Norwegians
aud the Laps, adjoin each other.
Although Costa Bits is only about half
the site of Ihe Province of Ontario, it* list
of birds number 780 species. It it a
country of toretlt and of all tort* uf climates, from the torrid tea ouatt lo thai
found at an elevation of 11,600 fttt, the
top of tht volcano Iran, where lot form*.
The Argend lamp waa th* lnvtotlon of
Argaud in 1799.
Cannon were invented in 1880, were
used by the Turks at Adrimoplt in 1468;
and were made in Euglaud iu 1647.
President Lincoln was assassinated at
Ford's theatre, Wa-bington, tt 10 o'clock
p.m.. April 14, 1865, by J. J. Wilke*
Brat* pint were first made by tht Str* *-
en* in  Spain,  in  A.D.   800,   and were
brought In England by Catherine  of Ar-
logon, wile uf Henry VIIL F^xR^^-
The Boston nre iu iSfj} was tha scene of
��� conflagration to terrible that it burned
over 60 acres of massive stone, brick and
Iron buildings in the very business heart
of the community, and destroyed 870,-
000,00yrof property before its awful fury
was stayed.
Five volumes of air cuutain one volume
of oxygen.
Tne im 'un is apparently bronght within
fifty miles uf the earth by the largest
Tue total work performed by the human body during five hours mountain
I'llmliiiij* is equal to 1.826,Out) foot pounds,
Dot counting other forces exerted, which
Dr. line lelsler suys will run llie graud
toiul up lo 1, UK), (Hal toot pounds.
Carbonic h id g s, which is ejected in
lnr/e quantities from tiie earth, is being
11 r izcd ill several lucidities, At lllirg-
bro d, t.ciirC tblSIItt, n carbonic ucll spring
i.pc.ed tinting boring operations, and
���vi.ich is eihht ihu. es wide anl some
thirty or forty t et high, is being used
in llie impregnation of lui.ter I waters.
Among tlie newer popular diversions in
the due iif athletics is that of walking
French women are much affecting red
t ii aiitiiinii iu gowns, buiinets, aud eveu
hosiery, shoes nud gloves.
The portiere poles of rooms are now
, fteii swimming ones or crane*, which permit of adjustment at different augh s,
Ott" of ihe linear Fruch fashiniis is to
have the curse s slid silk petticoats match
f'-t.ii'tiv; this nas a very pretty and finish*
ed ell it,
'ine gi'iiiilue Ttnkish coffee table Is a
very pi' tnrc-qni' object and Iiai been cop-
i 1 by "tir uiniiuiairiiirers. It is uow gen*
i-.tily loiii'd iu t'Ur shops ill various
|< lu'tita wnere it it sold either for .ow
la jus or 'o  -tools.
A bad dny does nol ulway* begin wilh a
dam morning.
A doubter is always a dodger and hlder
li'utn tne truth.
S.ieeteliwl poison will kill as qulok as
Ir   t wlitcrt is hi ter.
Many very giitsl- looking people .re de*
fi'itiieil ou the tiiside.
The darker ll is all around us the more
' our li.'ht i ��� ueeiied.
More gisHl nl vice wonld be taken if it
were given ill a trooil way.
If some p rents would laugh more their
children Hun tl weep le-s.
Th it iniiii helps tlie thief who does not
���it is luuuey iu a ssfe bank.���Barn's
Hairpin* are heated tu a tempertiturt
o! 1(10 degree., iu tile pioceos uf macufuo-
Aci'oriliiig lo ThesHuliiii' legend the first
linrse was iiiirain iillaly hlitllgiit forth l.y
i.'i'pti'.lie striking a ruck wl|h  hia trident
'io f mi siiuic. hi.nut the largeiiess of
lhe e il In one may louk upon lln* I ind-
t'c pe fr..m tht top of an ordinary church
elw'ple i.ud then Is-ar ill mind thai one
lit list I'M OtlO.OIH) similar landscapes tu
i;.i nn nppr ximuiil. correct   idea  ul lhe
sllte ol 11 e 'lirlil.
Tlie standards lur soap of narrow raised work li. rs are very pretty.
The new c unll-stlcks for tapers art
re pretty us Lany toys uud louk like
Tr i span-tit colored stonca are si eve
liiittou i wliu uu mure gulu snowing than
New Imltlcs for salts have silver cover*
Willi oqu n- t-rixlike lops for their easy
in iiipiilati.tu.
Ar istir ie��f k-kmim irruw in imtnhert
i-very d y. A Hpealiw'n i* a lily leal for
th* Isiwl ami two twisted tendrils wilh
Liius for li.,'hand le.
Tin re are ilMiidi'd novelties in silver
fill.*, ilisli*-*. One is a low. round ho-tl
is ith raise I mil | noiiiL-d work. The
..rmiitpittaiii'ii la very rich. The same
designs .. ve low atiiiiuaiil*, and round
kuuii'hkt* ii-it
riitt.l" si eve buttons are larger than
������ver. Tney r ��� wur t chiefly by m.'ii, ami
��� women Hlm nllect murciiliiir dress. They
pr vail ut di'iid ' 1.1. The inure ebtltoraie
lav*, a sect run ,u r< jhju.su work.���Jewelers' Circular.
Vf till 1 s s tinid always be put In cold
w.i i all'nu hotii b-fora using them; It
will freshen litem up wonderfully
111 tig off silk Inreild, if long t'o'itlnut'd,
funics had poisoning, Tn I'erase iti
weight, silk Ihreiul i.soaked iu a solution
��.f ac-tatf "f lend.
A chemist advise, t'tat ranni-d frnlt lie
upeii'ti nit liu'.ir or two before it Is used.
It is far if ter ifter tlie oxygeu uf the air
l.u. lieen .io.u|cu lo it
Application   for   Certlflcut ���  of Im-
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certificate No. 474li7, intend
00 dnys from date hereof, to apply to
the Oold Commissioner for a ceniiioute
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a crowu grunt of above
And further tako notice that adverse
claims must he scut to the .Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such iiei'tiiloalo uf improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of .October,
Manuel Daixaiiu.
Hon. J, A. Louohbed, Q,C.
Lonrlieed  A  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bunk of Montreal.
Application for Curtlfloato of Ini-
Take notice thut I, Manuel Dainard,
tree miner's certificate No.4(4ti7,iiitend,
liO days from thede.te liereof, to apply io
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for tho purpose of
obtaining a Crowu grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and notion commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements,
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manuel Dainard.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for Ihe
admission of patients.
TICKETS mny be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
$n��itt--��fl (&txvt>a*
��AT EN 7$
prompt answer sua sn honest opinion, write to
SI UNNoVCO., who hsvensd nearly art? ���tears'
experience In the patent business. Commonlcs-
tions strictly oonfldentlsl. A ilandbaok of Information ooatwroltja- rntents and bow to obtain tbem sent free. Alto a catalogue of median,
leal and sclontlSa books sent free.
Patents taken, through Munn A Co. receiv*
special notion lo the l-W-lcntltlc litieiirnii. anil
thus sn broutiht widely beloMthe publlo without east to tbe inventor. Tbls splendid paper,
iHaed weekly, elessntly Illustrated, bos by for the
Isreett cirailstlon of any scientioc work In tho
world. S3 a year. Sample copies sent free.
Bnlldlt      -" -��� ���   - -~
Bolldltis Bdllloo. mrinl lily, KM s > car. Smile
lories, ���!.���> cent*, livery number contains beautiful pistes, In oolors, snd iiltniosraphi of new
nouses, witb plans, enabling builders to show the
latest desires snd secure oontrnots. Address
MUNN * CO, JilSW VOUK, 3(lt BuOjUiWAT.
Prvsbytorluii Borvl-c.
Sri-ice   will     bu   Iniiii   to-morrow
niui'iiiiig in the school hot.su ut 10
o'clock, iipiiduoiud by lici, W. Rt
It.   J.   JEPHSOlrY,
D.L.S. A P.Ij.S. for B C, DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Valiiator.etc., CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence -Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.L.S..P.L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
.llt'Carthy   A   Rapvey,
Barristers, Advocates, Xotarios, &e.   Solicitors tor i���
'Iho Imperial Bunk of Camilla.
The (.'tiii'iiln l'oriuitiioiit Loan A SnvingsCo.
The Yorkshire I .oini A Securitiest orporutioii
Tlio Mussey-Hiirris I o. (Ltd).etc., etc,
Orlicos���Stephen Avenue, luigiiry,
P. McCarthy, q.C.
Horace Harvey, B.A. L.L.B.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Ml SIX*.    EXih-fXEER,
Cochrane, Alba.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
(Graduate of Laval and McGill.)
Head Office, Quebec ;  Brunch Offices
Skeruiiooke, & 17 Pluco d'Amies
Hill. Montreal.
Samuel S. FowSer, E.M.,
Properties reported upon.    Estinuites and
plans tor nil niotiillurgicnl plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Goldon, B.C.
Assay Offices & Chemical Laboratory.
(Established ill B.C. in 188!).)
Vancouver,      ���      L.C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
VV. B. GRAVELEY, Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire,
Whole-talc and Ketail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse, Dealers.
Undertakers and
���  .   fimbalmers,
Calgary ���       Alba
lteeorapii  orders promptly
attended to.
Pitofi PI tTC I will mail (Pit hk) on receipt
r I III r'.CiJ ot'*u 2 sti.inp, ii recolpe for a
simple VEGETABLE BALM Unit will re
move ' ���f-n.'ck'i-o, Pimples. Illotclics'
lllnoktiemls. etc., leaving the skin soft,
clour inul lipiniiifiil. Address A. D. STEM-
1'EL, Ia) Ami St., New Yurk.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests, Headquarters for minim* men und
miners, Convenient to Station and Steambout
Landin-;. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, aud Cigars,
Special attention given to orders from Up the
Coluinliia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Depeirtmer|t
_:o:_ OF ���:o:���
" It Is -v-irth the pr'cf to evfrv iktsoi-i
wliu even reads a newspaper."���Darlington
Blue Penoil Rules.
.co.. Oh. NXTVINB.
A Poclttt Prtmtr for the use of Reporters,
Oorrtssondenis and ropr Choppers.
Hhoit. Bimole and practical rules for
nut-lne ana edltlm* newspaper copy,
tnd nf equal value ta all who with to
r write correct Ensiish.
Bent nn recrto-. of price Pice, 10 rente
I per cony. AI.liAr-VHKM��N, Publlshw
:    117 .>asg���u Street, New V. rk.
and understands what pure wool is and
appreciates exquisite finish buys the
both for herself or children. These
goods are made ki Vests, Drawers,
'Tights and Combinations, and are
kept by every first-class dry goods
store. __
Vie tin not li'tltl niii'selvtr.s ri'spniisililo ior the
opinions oxpresJed by um' correspondents.
Tlio "l'lolilitu Burns" Mining Suit.
Editor Golden Eua :
Sin, ���I liuvo only, to-duy, scon your
issue of the 24th. Tito article on the
���' Bobbie Burns " seems to require some
reply from ire and tho followiii},' will
sullieo for tbo present, particularly us
you hnve usked ino to inrikii it short.
Mr. Justice Crense, who is noted at
the Const for his knowledge of the
law, seems, in this instance, to hnve
ignored both law and fact and to have
followed tbe lead of the counsel for tbo
defendants, the Hon. Mr. Pooley, who,
it is reported, is pecuniarily interested
in tbe property, nntl to have given his
decision ou sentimental grounds only.
It is not true that I discovered any
slips in the reeords; it is not truo that
I bore testimony to that effect; it is
not true that-it was "drawn" from
ine, and it would bo difficult for tlie
venerable judge to prove it from the
shorthand writer's notes. It is not
true that the records are in Golden,
nnd therefore it is not true that Mr.
Moodie had anything whatever to do
with the matter.
The learned Judjro locates the property in his judgment us on the "Similu-
kameen river" and the local town ns
"Nelson." It follows that Judge
Crouso hiis not grasped tbe case at all,
Ijut had bin mind mado up previous to
trial as was evident from his opening
remarks when he took his sent on the
liencli. His til-ado about jumping is
beside the question and it is to be hoped
lhat when the case is considered by a
full Court on evidence this grandmotherly lecture will be left out.
The facts are briefly these : The
" Bobbie Burns." became forfeited oe-
cruise an assessment was omitted.
Spragge and Askwith discovered this
in Donald and immediately hied away
on n section car to Golden where they
employed McCabe to restuke the ground
McCabe did so in bis own name as the
" Robert E. Burns." A bogus; sale
was made by McCabe to the defendants;
tbo defendants then applied for a
Crown Grant for llie non-existing
"Bobbie Burns," which, according to
tho Mineral Act, they could not obtain
except by swearing that bluck is white.
As I hud negotiated the sale of the
property, and seeing the muddle the
��� business wns in,' and knowing Mc-
Cabe's stakes were wrong I re-covered
tlio ground in my own name, in sclf-
defeiico us tlio "Safety." I cullod it
tlie Safety because seller and buyer
alike repudiated my connection with
tho sale Although I have over GO letters
Irom the latter on the subject. Had
the principals acted like honourable
men this case would never have hud
any existence.
Doubtless Ellis et al urn nettled that
for the present at least they have failed
to bug tlio S*!00,000 fully paid up stock
which they as vendors wero to receive
from a London, Kng., company, and
which according to the agreement of
the 22nd July, 1895, they bound themselves to Hunt. The capital of this
company wus to be $.'100,000.
I now close this (may be) preliminary letter. .  .
Yours truly,
Al.I.AN GltAXHKll.
Goldon, B.C.  Nov. 2Mth.
columns to appetir in tho light of a
"kicksr," hut I ask in all sobriety
what benefit cun be gained from such
a society in ii place liko this. It may
work out all right on paper, but being
myself one of tbo sterner sex it is forbidden that I should know them, perhaps I am doing it (tho society) an
injustice, it may bo a general stocking
mending club, but I certainly object to
mino being hauled round and iny wife's
shortcomings held up to ridicule.
If it were a reading class or a mutual
improvement society, I think good
might come of it, but I distinctly draw
the line and tho curtain at stocking
This sociofy may bo and may do
good, but I certainly object to all this
whispering nnd theso undertone conversations which arc continually going
on, as I think no ultimate good can
como out of any undertaking where tho
golden rule "truth nnd daylight" aro
In conclusion lot. me ask tho good
people of Golden for their sympathies,
nud my most earnest hope is that you
may ever be delivered from " the voice
of the charmer, charin she never so
wisely," in tho shape of one of these
Yours truly,
A Muuii Masiued Max.
"Tlie Woiiitiii'sCoiiiK'H of lloiiultl."
Donald, B.C., Nov. 21, '94.
Editor Golden F.iia ���
Sut,���There aro old adages: "a
woman's home is her kingdom," and
also "charity begins at home," yet a
branch of the Above society hna been
formed in this town ; which society reminds ine very much of Max O'Rell's
definition of the American people, thnt
they���' are all office bearers, of course
this may be accounted for by the
the dearth of members. I am not
-raising this question in your valuable
Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Ross tendered
Robt. Barker u farewell dinner last
Thursday. Mr. Barker has been relieving Mr. Downie as chief despatcher
during the latter's visit east and since
Mr. Downio's return Mr. Jas. Frusser
had taken a vacation and Mr, Barker
had also filled his place. Bob left the
following Monday for Kamloops.
Mrs. J. Frazerand children returned
from their visit to the coast.
Mr. Chas. DeCheyne and Mr. Jas.
Liiphnm went to Calgary last week.
Mr. DeCheyne and Miss Honors Sullivan were married at Calgary on the
27th. Mr. Lapliani officiated as
Messrs. Trickey, Spragge, McKay,
Dr. Symons and Thos. Kilpatrick left
on Tuesday's No. 1 for Okanogan lake.
They intend to hunt along tho western
side of the lako. Game hud better be
careful us these gentlemen, it is understood, intend hiring a freight train to
bring home the spoils.
Tho shareholders of the toboggan
slide held u meeting Monday night and
drew up rules and regulations regarding the use of the slide. They have
been unable to use it so far for the
want of toboggans. This however
will soon be remedied as those ordered
are expected daily.
Mr. Campbell, representative of |
Messrs. Hull Bros., in their meat market here intends to leave Donald as
soon as he can be relieved. Mr. Campbell intends to go into the butcher
business with his brother in Vancouver. Mr. Campbell will be missed
especially in the Presbyterian church
as he took great interest in church
work nad wus superintendent of the
Sabbath school.
FOR   $2.25
The  "Golden Era"
rou iiriK v Lin,
���J rj Navigation fU
M &TramWaYV^'
I'resbytcl-ll.ll Mortice.
Service will be held to-morrow
morning in tho school house nt 10
o'clock, conducted by Rev. W,
20 Complete Novelette.!
"Wo havo nrmnfred with the publisher of tho popular
IHuatrfltod lltorary and "family monthly, Tin* iuhh.
Irilcil II.imi- Giii'-sti V) lurnisli thin excel Ion t
pnhliiMtlon in club with uur paper upon tho gtw-tolly
lii--T.il n-nii.-i i'ii'Ip-I abov-i, nud wo aro alsoennMoii tt>
oll'jr tu o:.eli suii ���*-**��� I hor, Fi'��m-. u larso qui) FiiHi.l-.omo
(ii-fj'iiliiin boo!:, entitled, " Twfitty ft m.iteto
N��vutetti>fl by Puimlni*   Autlima,"   Tims
our MitH'-rlben, by t:i'.i-*r*" o-iwit l-H of tha ahnvo
libQKil oifur, nKiy neouro- In ad lltl u to their ihvnrlto
litun-j n-)vv-.ivi|id.-, i year's signer' ition to -.onof tho
bust and most |.n|inl.ip Hh-rnry and family pnpen* pub*
ll*,.iBd, and also an nttraotlvo and entertain I nir book
("itit-iinluT twenty convdnlo noY.dc.ttes by twenty of
tlu moat famiua niitliors of America, EbjrlAnd nnd
Franco���In fact, a largo amount of tho most rasclnatlna
reading matter ar, tbe innst trilling cost.
Is a tarsio and handsomo 16-pago, M-column Ulna-
trarod lltorary and fa-nliv pinor, imh'l-ihml monthly,
and oont.itntRV Serial aid S'wrt Storlo-t by tho mm-t
popular aiitlinrs, SkotRlic. I'oemfl, Uwiful Mlmellnny-
HoiinQiiold, flhllilron's nnd llumoroni pornrtmnntu,
and ovorythlntt'toa'n-i-'e, ontnrtnin and Instruct pacli
mombar of tho HtmHy clrolo Amonn the writer*.
whoso stories constantly annoir In TnK TrLrCTitATEi>
IIOHR OOH3T aro Mr-*.' fl-nuia Ti. R V. Sonthworth,
Mrs. Mary J. Holmes, Charlotte M. Itrfttmte. Mm. Ann
s. Stonhenu, Mm May Aanea Flomtntr, Etta W. Plprce,
Mrs. Jano O. Auatln, K*nma (lirrlson Jonen. Mary
Kyle Dalla-t, Sylvan'ii Cobb, Jr., Kmerflon Rennott, A.
Oomn Hoylo, and many other*. It h a biph-clnc'i pub-
llcatH-i for tho family clrolo. handsomely printed,
honntlfnlly Illustrated, and whit-} It h a'-rnya lntoreHt-
inu and never dnll, It In puro la moral rono. not an
objootltnablfl ffnrd or lino taint? allowed to enter its
cohrun-i. Yon '..'ill ho dslt-rht'-d with thin charming
paper, and eagerly wclcmno \u monthly visits.
By Popular An-tVir. Is a lanre and handsomo
book of 193 tanro do-tVe-coln-na nr-tnvo paRon. nicely
printed in c'oar, bi't|, reanahln ty*M) on jrood caper,
and hand-fOTiolv bound In rolnr��v| papor eovorv. It
contains, as It-- title tnd'caio-, twenty complrtenflvtlftfrs
by twenty wall-knotrn and popular amlmra, each ono
of which la Intensely lnt-iresl imr. it cnmorlsos a wholo
reason's dell?h>r<il readlmr, nnd is hy far tho lament ,
and finest collection of complete popular novo'eftes
over niibllahod in n i-in-rb volnmo. Trio tltleii of tlio
twenty complete noveletton conbilned !n this book are
as follows:
Under tho Holly Bnrrloo. By Charlotte M.
Tbo Pliantom lVoddlntr, By Mr"- Emm�� D. e. if.
Bon Ih worth.
Tlio -liyiHv'M IT'irnlntr.   nv ifr��. Henry Won*
Moonalilno nntl Vtntfgaorites* by "Tiio nn-
Tbo llniiflsninn of Anttvorp.   Br Mrs. -Ann a
Ttl" "Stor-r ofn tj��fh.    By Strn. Mar Aerie* Piemlnij.
Old llll(lllci-flli-ll Hull,    H* MIk-i M. K. H-*-iiiili.n.
Ill mipIh- ��f lli-tiiilh-n.    By Alr-wnder Dntnun.
A Ttlle orTlimo I.tona*.    Bvii. RMer BKffwrd.
A Di-mnn In llio Air.   Bv JiiIm Vnrrn*.
Till- Mi)l-y of IEpIcii.    Bv Ainnn.ln M. Doncl-A
Tin? Captittu of tlio Folc.stnr.   By A. Ooiud
Tho Kiillui-'--- Soorot.   BvWrs. JtwQ, Anrtln.
Tin- tMi'l in Hnrnn Wood.   By WIHclo OolHtm,
Tlin IliMri'SH u! W!ilt-4ou GrnnRO.    Dy M. T.
NlHM Vili-MI.    n*- Mnrv Kyle tV-llnw.
fhn niiM-k<*tvii(?i*M p^iuchtor.  Bv Ftt�� w, Pictm
Tlin Ronlfrtor of flmlotiti.   liy Bylmnni Cut*, ,lr.
Til" Filial! IH-iiihmhN.   ��*��� Urn Mnry A. Denlson,
A:.li<TnlX Hull.   By Knmi-i (iiirrismi .* wi-n,
that ��o si-mi TlIK GOLDEN EK.\ for ono
for ouo your, nud lliu hook, "Twenty I'om-
plele Novi'lotlts liy I'lipuliii* jVutlmrs."nil
post-pniil In- infill upon roreip" of only 82.25.
Thiti oli'or tipplios both to now subscribers
inni reiieiriils. Every luvor of bri-rlit ami
fasciiM'tin*; litoratiiro sltoiilti titko inlvaiitiiKO
of It. Stuuplt'K (ionies of The Uliistratotl
Home Guost" anil of tlio preiuiiiin book may
bo soon at tbis utiiiru.   Ailtltoss all letters:
The Golden Era Pub. Co.,
Golden, B.C.
During- the winter a stage will bo rnn between
Golden, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:M.   B.   LANG.ZK
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
ms>. lUTEt, of latvxi-ur
Bt. West. Trten-o, willmako
lis Dth r**'!tiiil visit to British
Columbia Uetlesttojtlts-ptiin*.
ba ennuot hold with ease. Put-
��'m-I 87 jp.toi'ts on appliances for onto of Club Feet nnd
ftitliof-rmltio.. Bsoommeadad
br Physicians sTorywbsxo.
Will -n.lt personally.
Hon. ft Tuts., Oct. 89 and 80.
ESTA3utHID (071
' RI'.VEI.HTI>HE. B.C.. victim
UuUI, Wudneti-laj', Oct. Slat,
In tho Siiiiroitin Cnurt of llritish Columbia,
16111, H No. 8
lUtt'vivii Alt'.xtinilcr I,.  Hogg nud  Frank
IIuukIi-.iiii, riiiiuliH's;
Cliiiilns C.  I'lirrcll uud CI. II. Johnson, De
To Cli-irkst C. Fnrroll nml 6. II. llohnsou of
Fort Stiralc, iu tlio liistrict of Kooteiiny
Tnko iiotito Hint on tlio ni.xtli tiny of Auiriist
Is'Jl. ti writ ul summons wns insui'ti out of this
Court luirniust yuu nt tlm suit, of tlio above
limned, Aloxmulor 1.. IIu-^k- nud Frank
Houirhtoii, uf Fort Steele, Fine .Mint-in;
Thnt tint snid writ wns I'lit'luscd with the
fulimviii'; stiitoiti(riit uf chilli:
"Tlio iiiniiitiii'scluiiii is for tliei'iiiici'lhition
of tliu records of tlio llouilwnisl inul Lentil
Toutliii' iiihiorul I'lniiiis, in tlio otlicit uf tlio
Mining Hccuiik'.' nt Fort Steelo iu tlio Province of lli'itislil'iiltiiiiltiii, t'ui- ttti injunction
ritsti'iiiuiiiK tlio iluii'iiiliiiits, tliuir sui'vuiits,
iiKiuits, ur ivoriunen tfrom entoriiiK ii|��ui tho
1,1111't'it of tliu Hills iiiiiI l.ttki'Sliut'c nml Muyun
iiiiiierul I'liiiitts, nml fur ilautu^es mill the
costs of this actioili"
Ami Inki' iititii'ii, furllsir, I lint hy nu onler
of His Lurilsltip .Mr. .Ittstico Wiilkem, iluteil
uth I Ictoher, li-'.H, it wus onlerinl thut service
uf the sniil writ lie. eiVecli'tl Ity iHiHtiiiK tlio
Kiimo on tliu oliiee of tho M iniiii,' uvcuriler ut
Fort Surirltr, mul on the sniil Ijueou of tlio
Hills, Moyeu mul l.uke Slmre ckiiitis, mul liy
ailvui'tisiii-; it notice thereof fur SK) days ill tho
littl.iii.N iiu a newspaper, nml tliut tlio tle-
feiiilinits tin outer nn iipi-uni-uiico ivitliiuilO
���lays uf tlio lirst Itruortlon uf such notice.
You ure tliereforu -reqiiireil pursiimit to
such order tu outer uu tippum-unee to tliu snid
writ iu tlie uliicu of tlio ltouistrur of this
Ijittt't ut Kumloopm, llritish Cuhunbhi. within
iKl days of the first nisei-tioii of this notice.
Dnted tills -Jlith Niivemliur, JKU1.
A. O. M. Sl'IUaOE,
Of Duutilil, in lho District of Kootenay,
l'liiiiitillV Suiii'itor.
Eirsl iusei-liou Dec, 1st, lbtll.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Moulding-*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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