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The Golden Era Aug 31, 1900

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Array (
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of Building Lime fnr Male,
am prepared.  Prompt attention given to
VOL. X  NO. 5
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, AUG. 31, 1900
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.Conveyaneer. ��tfa
Oflsca In I'pp-r Columbiss Nisviffaslfia i&&
TruisiA-sy t'omiisuiy's liuiluiub",
$2 Per Year
Do You Wear-
If you do, and want the best, try the
x   " Strathcona,"   :���:
���exactly n*s supplied to Strathcona's Hors-a, made of heavy
"Khaki "Duck that will shed water; doubl-ad in front
from waistband to midway lietween knee and foot; donblo
seat; overlapped seams, double sewn with LINEN thread,
��am intersections and pocket-corners sewn to make ripping an absolute impossibility; best metal buttons,put on
to stay on; four large outsido pockets, with button-ad flaps.
The greatest amount of Pant Goodness ever embodied in
a single garment���a brilliant triumph of canaihan manufacture.
Price, within easy roach,
Strathcona Overalls, same material
as above,      - *        _ ���
AU Sizes in Brownie Overalls for Boys and
Girls,   50c,   65c.   &   75c.
A  complete   new   stock   of  sShelf  and   Heavy
JcHsop's.  Ifcst   Steel.
H. G. Parson,
General Merchant,
Aexarider Block.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2 500,000
Capital Paid Dp *��*.15H,��03
Bcstt ���        1,700,000
II. S. Huwlausl,       -       Pi-Mislriit.
T. R. Merrill,        ���        Vls-ssPrss..
Wm. ltHiiiany,     T. Sutlissrlsissil sstssyssor
Hubert .latVray, Ellas Ilo-[ens.
Wns. Hesidrle.
HhadOppiiski Tosjsssto.
I). II. Wii.kik, (Isisiersil SliiiiHgor,
��. Hav, lius|ieL'tor.
MANITOI).*,, N. W. T* susd II. (***.
Ils-nssilun, CHl-rary, Kilisiontnn,
Oulilun,      Kelssois,        I'ortajrtsla I'riisrio,
l'rlure Allis-rt,     ltovelatoko,     Stratlscossts.
VtincDiivor,       Wisinlpotf,
ONTA11IO k QlieilEO.
Esaex, Ferirsia, (lult, Hassslltsiss, Isisreranll,
I.latowel, Sia-ram Falls, Part t'olboursiss
Rat Portaite, Sflsilt Ste. Marie, St.
C.tliariiiiM. St. TliunuiH, Toronto, Wellansl,
Woodstock, anil Mosstaal, '-Suo.
Agents. In (���rent Britain!
Lloysl'a llassk, Ltsl., 72 Loisibnnl St., Lonsloss
-.vith whom money may he sle|Hiaitesl for
trasnst'cr by letter or cable to assy of the
abos-e branches.
Agents In Enitcil States:
NEW YORK-Ilassk of Montreal, Baisk ol
A merit-a.
OHlCAliO-FiratNatiossol Hasik.    .
ST. PAUL-Socossil National lias*.
SAN FIIANl'lSCO-Wolls, Fargo A Coin
Agents, In South Africa.
Interest allowed on deposit.,
Provincial, Municipal nnsl otlier debenture.
Available at all points in (.'annsla, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
If You want a Good Fit in
call at Warren's,
Tne Finest Range of Clothing ever shown in Golden at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co,
Conn-acting with C.P.B. at Golden, B.C,
Dlreot Route to Peterborough, Athalmer, Windermere and
Surrounding Mining Distriot.
Con.tgswr. will be oh.rged with all way freight between Golden
and Windermere, at wbioh point a Company', agent will be
AU freight aud oharge. on good, to Windermere and point, beyond will havo to be paid to the Company's agent at Winder-
mere before delivery ot gooda.
C    H.   PARSON    Manager.
It lorni.hee more at the prloe than
any other newspaper published in
America. Its news service covers all
the globs and Is equalled by that of
(ew dailies, Its report, from Ihe Boer
war bave not been excelled in thoroughness and proptness, and with the
PreeidentiiKsjampalgn now in progress
It will be invaluable. Its political
news Is absolutely lmgartlal. This
(aet roakea It ol espeolal value to you
at tbia time. ,
If you mat to watch every move of
the great political campaign take tbe
ThrSs-U'Week World. If you want
w ma ytatt Aye on the Trnsta -and
ibw**tfr*-Jfol-l**-t the Thrice-
a-Week World. If yon want to know
all foreign developments, take the
Thrice a-Week World.
Tub Golden Kit-* and the Tlsrlce-a-
Week World will be supplied to new
subscribers for one year 12.65. Now
Is the tlmbe to subscribe!
Bodega   Restaurant,
Meas at any hours.   ,
Fish and Game In season.
Bread, CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionery
Aways in Stook.
Fresh Oysters.
Cherries; Red, White and Clack
Currantsi Pears; Plums; Prunes,
Apples; etc., etc.
���     ���     ���     ���
The great mirier*! discoveries that have bean made iu the Upper
Country have attracted attention from all parts of the world and.
to-day there is no more familiarly known taction than that which
claims PETERBOROUGH, B. C, ns its Centre. Direct, communication per steamers with Oolden nml the outside world and
thickly settled in all directions. PETERBOROUGH is tho key
to the wonderful Toby and Horse Thief properties now being
extensively developed, as ic situated directly between these two
Creeks.   Tor further partiauUua, apply to
G. A. STARK, Agent,
 Peterborough, B.C.
Not in Our Class.
At last tbe people of onr eastern
provinces are awakening to the fact
that a large percentage of the immigration coming into Canada is a
detriment and not a help to up,
Roumanians, Polish Jews and others
from the lower clas.es In Southern
Europe are Slocking Into Canada by
onr eastern seaports,'while hordes of
Japs and Chinese are coining in a, our
western ports. Any of this class of
immigration is undesirable in a British
While It is luite true that we have
millions of acres of fertile lands hardly
as yet seen by white man's eyes, let
alone taken up or put under cultivation, and large undeveloped resources
In mine, forest and fisheries, all these
are tho heritage of Canaslians who are
willing  to  share  it   with good men
from   aay   InnO, bu," who object    to
giving it up to the eotsm of the earth,
which.is now being dumped upon us.
Cauada should make a rick and
powerful country, but to be such the
parent stoek of our future generations
must be men, and not a mixture of
nigger, China suao ud Jew.-Silverlon
We are prepared to pick, pack and
deliver on board train at Harrison
Station. Send in your order at onoe
for your supply for the season, and
your orders will be attended to promptly at market price.. Address
W. J. Gould,
Golden, B. C.
Portraits, Cabinet Heads, a Specielty
Views of B, C. Residences,
First Class Work Guaranteed.
Photos Finished Is 3 to 8 Days.
Canadian Pacific Railway
" Imperial
Limited "
T?C3i��af   VIA THE LAKE
X2ysfc.-I.S3L ROUTE
by the Stsamera
���*���"���"������ Manitoba.
Sailing from Fort William
���"* Sunday.
For full particulars apply to the near*
Mt C. P. R. Agent, or to
Societies Re-union at Nanaimo.
At the second annual re-union of
secret societies held at Nanaimo on
the ]lth inst., when prominent members of the mystic craft had gathered
together from the cities of Nanaimo,
Vancouver, New Westminster and
Victoria! an opportunity was presented
and reference made to the action ot the
representatives of the British Columbia
Medical Association residing at Victoria, fn refusing to attend the members of the various secret societies of
that city, lt appears that the societies
have been paying "JU-OO a year for each
in standing to the medical officer
appointed by the lodge in consideration
of his attendance and medicines to the
members. No reason has been assigned for the action taken by the doctois,
but it is assumed by society men that
tbe medical profession desired to increase the amount of sick benefit paid
by the lodges from HOO to 110.00 per
week and allow the iudividual members an opportunity of choosing their
own physician, thus dividing thu
prnctirt more etenly among the doctors. On the other hand, it is claimed
by soolety men that the privilege of
choosing lodge physicians���and it is a
practice that the societies havo enjoyed
for many years���hns proved the moat
satisfactory, both to ths lodges and
the members thereof, The small sums
set aside monthly from the individual
member provide for those who may
fall tor the time being from the ranK
of wage-earners, nnd it certainly seems
reasonable that the producing classes
would be in a better position to contribute toward suoh sicknesses than
the afflicted one. Another great objection which the lodges have to the
practice tbe Victoria physicians wish
to establish is lbs confidence existing
between patient and doctor. Certain
prescribed Illnesses will nullify not
only the medical attention hut also the
sick benefits payable to members.
Lodges bave been refused by private
doctors to disclose the oondition ot
certain members, urging that such
would be a breach oi etiquette and of
no conoern to tbe lodge. It will be
easily seen how difficult is the task of
safeguarding the lodges against such
svlll* The Victoria societies have been
fortunate In securing the services of
three physicians to carry oa the work
in faoe of the opposition created by the
Medical Association., but -ore tmaWe to
obtain additional assistance until tho
present Medical Act is amended, conferring as it dnes rhe powers of examination of new arrivals by a now very
interested board. The mntter has been
placed in the hands of the Government
for over a month and as yet there nre
no signs of dealing with the subject.
Representations have n^ain been made
within the past week, that the matter
may be dealt with before the present
session is ended. To strengthen the
hands of the committee appointed b.v
the Federated Board, the following set
of resolutions was read by the president of the Federated Board of Secret
Societies, W. H. Price, and was carried
by the meeting unanimously: ���
Whereas tbe legislature of the Province of British Columbia have enacted
legislation conferring special privileges
upon the learned profession, and
Whereas the powers and privileges
so conferred were for the purpose oT
qualification aud the protection of the
public interest, and
Whereas the action of certain pro
fesjuoual classes has been directed
against the accustomed and legitimate
active uses of benevolent societies and
inimical to the best interests of the
public welfare, and
Whereas difficulty exists in obtain'
ing medical practitioners to carry on
the work of benevolent institutions,
Whereas the B. C. Medical Act excludes from practice in British Colutn-
pia graduates from all colleges and
universities unless they pass the
examination provided by the B. C\
Medical Council,
Therefore bo it resolved that the
combined benevolent societies of British
Columbia here assembled protest
against the unjust discrimination of
the B, C. Medical Council ami memorialize the B. C. legislature to repeal,
during the present session, obnoxious
clauses in the Medical Act and admit
upon the Provincial Medical Register |
all practitioners possessing n medical
diploma from British or Canadian
colleges or universities, holding ;i
license in any province of the Dominion of Canada, and
Be it further resolved that we vigorously protest against class legislation
and ask that equal privileges be given
the members of the legal and dental
Be it further resclved that copies of
these resolutions be presented to the
Premier, Hon. James Dunsmuir, and
also to the press.
(From our Own Correspondent]
Tlio revival ot pleasure In Field wss
celebrated last Friday, when the devotees of terpslchoro held their grand
fancy dress ball in tlio Town Hall.
Tlio function began ��i tlm extremeiy
aristocratic honf of 10 o'clock, when
the ti ft 11 presented ti brilliant fairyland
appearance ami the spacious floor was
thronged with futUasiioslly attired
couples. The music, as usual, wai of
tho very best nnd enjoyment wns the
order of tho hour until 10..'JO, when
certain ladies thought they had been
long enough away from their mothers
and decided to go home, caused tho
dance to turn into a very enjoyable
smoking concert. The principle and
most beautiful drosses there were: ���
Miss Bitrno as Pienrot.
Miss Edwards us tin extremely fascinating Britannia.
Mr. MaoDonahl as Sarah Gamp.
Mr. Lewis as Old Clo.
Mr. McRae ns the Summer Dude,
Besides far toa many others to
The gonial face of Mr. Palmer is
much missed these days.
The towu is full of visitors-both
tourist and business.
Mrs, John Stocks and family are
visiting friends in town.
Mr. Prlngle has become possessed of
a fine collie dog,
The air Is full of suppressed cxciie-
ment; there is a wedding in towu on
the Utii prox.
Messrs, Brock, Lewis and Timmlns
havo lost something, but dare not
advertise for it.
Last n'ght our popular resident held
a very agreeablo danos, at which all
the social lights of the town wero
present, Dancing was indulged in
Until a Into hour.
West. Tho boys from West have a
Bomblnation and stylo peculiarly their
own, which ia remarkably effectives!
and seem to have good ground for the
claim of having the best twelve in the
The Westminster* havs cow met
aud defeated badly the Montreal^
Quebeos, Nationals and Shamrocks',
and ou Monday next they meet thi;
famous Toroutos.
The Miller Concert.
Lust night Miss Edith J. Miller and
her talented company eutei'tainfid ou'v
music lovers at the Columbia Hall U>
something we seldom get a chance oi
hearing. There was a good honSe lo
greet tlie artistes, wtto were highly
tdti* Miller is too well kuown to ihu
public lo require comment hare. Suffice it to say she was all that wai
I expected of her, rendering every number in a very plenbiug nianno:.
Stanley Adams 1ms not lost any
powers, liis rich baritone voice wao
really a treat to everyone. His parody
on Wearin' c* the Green brought forth
no end of applause, and altogether hb
was well received.
Robert C. Campbell, tenor, also captivated the audience with his severer!
attentions, all of which we.*j well
Miss Forsyth, accompanist*!, showeS
herself to be accomplished and p'ease-3.
tho audience vory nUfbh by tho way
ahe masterel the piano.
B, C. Boys Doing- Them Up.
The showing of tbo Xeiv Weil mi lister lacrosse team cn its present trip
In Eastern Canada, has surprised the
natives of Montreal and otber Eastern
cities, who have seen their senior
lacrosse loague teams mowed down by
Wanderers from the Wild and Woolly
The Gun Club Annual Hunt
Tomorrow nioinir.g the Gun Clut
leave on their annual shooting c-xpedi'--
lion up tho Columbia Kiver by the
steamer Ilyak. The steamer will leavo
at -l o'clock- and travel most of ths
day, perhabs doing a little shooting aft
the way up.
The party comprises AV. McNeish.
C. A. Warren, Jos. Lamontagne, Jr.
G. Ullock, J. Scott, Capt. Ra*cn and
W. Hou&'on. Others wil. be picheft
up along the route.
Send In you* order with the Coupoft
and 15 Conts to this office a.id yecei-rt
a beautiful portalt cf Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, the best photograph q\ct
taken Of the great JPrefttf&r,
The C. P. Strike.
A settlement of tho C. P. B. strike
is in sight, snys a lata do-spatch. Tlie
whole mntter is at present under arbitration in Winnipeg, where tho mou
are being represented by the president
of the International Association of
Machinists, James O'CounolIof Washington.
The very peculiar action of the company towards certain of tho passenger
conductors in the enst has caused a
good deal of ill-feeling, which may
resi.lt iu bringing abont vory serious
From all reports It appears to bo.
fairly evident that unless the company meet the reasonable demands of
the men without much further delay,
�� general tie-up of tho whole system
will follow. $o far strike proceedings
have been conducted In the fairest
manner possible by the men, every
means being taken to prevent unnecessary loss or inconvenience to the company, at the same time there is a
growing feeling that the present situation is occasioned mainly by a desire
on the part of certain officials to disrupt the unions* Thia is an undertaking beyond even the great resources
ofthe C. J*. R. corporation, aud the
sooner the (act is realised tbe better it
will be for all concerned-.
the Big Four in Teas-Ram Lai's-.
Balada, Hondi and Nabob, Oet them
nt the Big-Stow,
Peterborough, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves witb the largest
and most complete stock oi
General Merchandise
in tlie Windermere Mining District anil!
maiditg' their
dquarters for all pi -i ���
iches of Mining \lirm 11-00
Prospecting  .   .   UUUUllCJO%
Headquarters for all pt
Lowest Estimates given to Milling Men
coming into the country t*%
... Develop Properties*
Having Our   Own Frei
Boats We Defy
Pf^-ie*i?.\.'-*Wli^ ......^ ,.    * ���...���..�����.,,.,,��   ...
"*,:*������:���"������ iV**-***-.**. PEKIN IN FLAMES.
Kussinn  Uoueral   Says  His Government  Has Declared  War on
China-Uprising In Corea.
Loudon, Aug. 2I. ���Fires, fighting
ami disstmtiou, are apparently following iu tho wuko of the relief of Pekiu.
'ihe Dully Mail published dispatches
Iro'-u the Ohinese capital dated as late
us Auk. 17, declaring a great fire was
then raging in the Imperial city. The
Hussimi commander had declined to ao
cupt tha decision of tho order generals
not to violate tho Imperial precincts
and street bghtiug was going on.
Uen. Gbuffen, so it is asserted, maintained the Chinese hud beeu adequately punished already und thut it would
be unwise to tak-.- the Imperial palace.
Tbis explains the withdrawal of tbs
Americans after breaching throe gates
as cabled by the special correspondent
of ths Amocluted Press. The Kussinn
general, however, maintained tbat his
government hud deomred war nguinsl
ChiuA and thut thoiofore thero were no
reasons to prevent bim carrying hostilities into ihe sacred preeiuots. Judging front various and in many cased
contradictory dispatches that have
reached Europe this morning from Pekin, the commanders eventually adopted
a middle course, for a Renter telegram
asserts that sentties were placed to prevent looting. Hence it is presumed
that tha In penal buildings although
captured will not be destroyed.
The fires appear to be incendiary and
to be caused by ihe Ohinese themselve.
All the dispatches point to the fact that
with the latest received bere trom
Pekin the oommanders were somewhat
at sea regarding fnture action, all
awaiting instructions from their governments. The foreign residents ap*
pear to have been Bent to Tien Tsiu,
although the St. Petersburg correspondent of the Daily Mail says the ministers
will not leave Pekin until negotiations
for indemnity are nnder way.
Neither the commanders nor the diplomats were in communication with
the Ohinese government on Aug, 17.
They were then BearobiDg for Prince
Among the puzzling reports as to tbe
wheieahouts of the empress dowager is
ouo from St. Petersburg that Bbe is in
the vicinity of Pekin, but surrounded.
The emperor seems to have disappeared
coinpelely. It is officially reported that
tbe minister of the Netherlands, Dr.
Kuobl, was slightly wounded during
the Biff e.
St. Petorsbnrg dispatches announce
good progress fn the Manohnriau campaign. The town of Mergen was captured Ang. 18, with trilling losses,
while tlie Ohinese suffered severely,
leaving 10 gnus, 700 rifles and large
quantities of ammunition in the hands
of the Russians.
Washington, Aug 24.���Orders bave
beeu issed by tbe war department directing that the troops ou the trans*
port Meade intended for Tak, China,
be Rent to Nagasaki, on arrival there,
to Manila. Troops of the Meade con*
Bint of 27 officers and 1,020 men. The
government ia satisfied that there ure
now sufficient Boldiers in China for present purposes. Orders have been issued
diverting all otber transports now eu
ronte with troops for Ohina from Nagasaki to Manila. About 4,000 troops
will be affected.
Dr. tiavlss Brown Clark. M.P., Mobbed by
Ilia CosiHlltuotit..
Loudou, Aug. 84.��� Tho ooloiil.il
office today irnsdo publio the teit ol the
correspondence seized at Pretoria. Bo-
alsle. Ur. Henry Labouohere, Mr. John
Edward Kllin, Liberal member of parliament for the HuHheliffe division of
Nottinghamshire, -wrote to Mrs Solly
for facts favorable to the Transvaal,
and Dr. (Javin Brown Clark, Radical
member for Oalthnesi and former consul-general of tho Sooth African repnb*
lio In Loudon, wrote to President Erug,
cr under date of Aug. 29, 189*), of the
unsatisfactory results of a conversation
he had with Mr. Joseph Chamberlain,
the secretary of state for the colonies.
Dr. Clark said he thought war was inevitable, aud discussed the s fleet of
President Kruger seining the passe..
Dr. Clarke is condemned by the morning rapes*-., irrespective of party. Some
of tlie Rovf-rnnse.it organs in big blaok
type proclaim him a traitor of the
worst kind. Last evening ho wa. mobbed by his constituents, and was only
saved from wortse fate by one of his sup,
porters, who held (he orowd at bay
with a revolver.
Stony Mountain,   Man., Aug. 24	
Four offloers ol the Selkirk suylnm appeared in town early thi. morning and
.uoceeded in recapturing an escaped
lunatic about a mil. west of the town.
The lunatic escaped about noon yeiter-
day and nntil captured evaded hi. pur.
���ner. by resorting to the bluff., lie appeared lo town early next morning in
hi. Iiaro feet and looking fatigued. Hi
hub taken to Selkirk this afternoon.
Winnipeg, Aug 24.���-A speoial meeting ol the s ounoil of St. Andrew's wm
held Wednesday to consider proposition,
on behalf ot the Selkirk Eleotrio rail,
way company and lhe Winnipeg, Selkirk and Lasso Winnipeg Eleotrio Railway company, for the exolosive privl.
lege to oonstruot and operate an eleq*
trio line hallway, nnd also permission
for a telephone eleotrio line, over tbe
highways, roads and streets of the
municipality. The oouncil unanimous'
ly deoided to take up the application of
tho Selkirk Elenlsin Railway Oo.
Ottawa, Aug. 24.���An orderln-ooun-
oil hs��s passed granting the Northwest
rebellion medal lo Ihe members of the
monnted polioe on -ervicj in the Territories in 18811. The previous order-In*
oounoil passed in 1B8H governing thll
oom authorised the grant to thosw eo-
tnally nnder lire.
In the >eed grain competition Issang-
oratod by Prof. Rob.rt.on lt has been
deoided to make an experiment neil
year with u quarter acre as tbe showing of n full note is found to be somewhat busdensonsa.
It. Now. Sss UonsloUMil I'lsnixr.iiilia.
Ottawa, Ang. 34.���Sir Wtllrisl Laurie, letumest to tbo cupitisl today.
Parry Sound, Aug. 24.���Mr. (ioorge
W. Rosa laid the lonudatiou stone of
tb ne.v Presbyterian ohunh yesterday.
Woochtock, Aug. 24 ���John McK-ven,
while bathing in tbe Thames river, got
beyond hiB depth and was drowned last
night. He was a mnson by trade aud
aged 45.
1'oulou. Aug. ��4 ��� M. Ouatave Paul
Olusetet, a famous member of tbo Com*
sn-jne and until uow otse of the deputies from Toulon, died yesterday ot
Ottawa, Ang. 24 ���It is announced
here that ObarleB H. T. Askwiih, of
the Ottawa Evening Journal, has been
appointed to tho editorial management
of the Brandon Sun.
Montreal, Ang. 24.���Tbe Lake On
tarlo, with 100 invalided Canadians,
was sighted at Faiuo Point at uoon.
Sbe wiil roach Quebeo on Friday, and
Moutreal on Saturday.
Chicago, Aug. 24 ���A special U the
Chronicle from Salt Lake City, Utah,
says: Joseph B. Noble, father of the
Hi st polygamous ohild bora after the
tenet wiib introduced into tho Mormon
ohuroli, was buried at Bountiful, Utah,
Seattle, Wash., Aug. 24.���Tho government has chartered from tho Brit*
ish*Amerioan steamship line for use a.
transports between the Paciflo ooast
nud the Philippines, the 0,000 ton
stcamerB Inverness, Carlisle City and
Ping Suey.
Brandon, Aug. 24.���The third annual ebow of tho Brandon Horticultural society op ued in the oity hnll
this morning. Notwithstanding the
unfavorable Beason the exhibits tbis
yoar promise to be tho best ever shown
here both as regards quality and
New Orleans, Aug 24.���Sam Fields,
a young negro was sbot to death by a
mob ot white men last night near
Whitehall, Livingstone parish. Fields
attempts d to assault a while woman.
He was taken from tbe officers by a
mob and put to death.
Montreal, Aug. 24.���Mrs. Felix La
belle, wife of Mr. Labelle, of Lubolle
& Payette, contractors, who owns the
flue*, summer residence at Ste. Rose,
upset a lamp last uight, and before the
sire was extinguished Bbe was burned
so badly that she died from the effeota
this morning.
London, Aug. 2-14.���A nnmber of
Canadian Invalids Bailed yesterday by
th Tunisian for Montreal. The deputy
lord mayor of Liverpool addressed
them. They were greeted witb au enthusiastic demonstration by an immense
crowd assembled at the harbor to bid
them farewell.
Toronto, Aug. 24.���The particulars
iu the petition against the return of
Finlay G. Macdiarmid M.P.P. Conservative member for West Elgin wera
held today at Os-goode hall. There are
137 charges ooverlng a majority of tbe
offences uudor the eieotion law.
Montreal, Ang. 24.���The 0. P R.
received word from Banff that two
Chicago men have broken the rsoord
for the ascent ot the Matterhorn of tbe
Rookie.. Messrs. W. Q. and W. E.
Waldissg usocudeii tbo peak uf tho giant
uiouutaiu to a height of 11,850 feet,
whioh is 1,200 feet higher than ever
renohs-d before.
Viotoria, B.C., Ang. 24.���Mr. Jus-
tioo Martin loaves today to hold court
of assizes at Atlin aud adjudication on
the claims of miners wbo by the recent
delimitation of the Alaskan bonndary
are thrown Into Oanada. A. the
claims are staked under American and
Canadian lnws he ha. a dlffloult quel*
tiou to settle.
Washington, Ang. 84.��� The postal
authorities of the United States have
sent ont ss notification that Porto Rioo, j
Hawaii, Gunva. Philippines and Un*
is tod States islands of the Sainoan
group are to be considered iu the future
as coming within the domestic tent*
tory of the United Stites, so that let*
ters between Oanada and these plaoe.
tbe two cent, will in the future apply.
Halifax, Aug. 24.���The Allan line
steamer Assyrian, whioh arrived at 9
o'olook tonight from Glasgow and Liverpool via St. Johns, Nofl., brought as
a steerage passenger a roan who is alleged to be one of tbe most notoriou.
oriusiuals In Europe. Detective Power
and Anting Immigratiau and Agent Olay
were ou the wharf awaitlug the arrival
of the steamer and u. soon as thn gangway wu put up they went on board.
The deteotlvs and the Immigration
agent had telegrams and paper., lu
their possession to prevent oue of the
passenger, from lauding at this port,
and they lost no time in locating tha
man that they wanted. The man prevented from landing Is Johan Hanna,
a Swede, who is credited with baying
taken the lives of nine human beings,
Tbe oaptain of Ihe steamer wben apprised of the character ol the man he
had on board hi. ship wa. greatly surprised. The murder, were, lt I. alleged
committed at Stockholm, Sweden,
whore Hanuu wa. tried aud convloted
or the crlniea. He served 12 jean of
bla aenteuoe and tben the authorltle.
at Stockholm doported bim fsom the
Fitohbnrg, Mas.., Aug. S3 ���The
Moutreal flyer on the Fitohbnrg divl-
���ion of the Boston and Maine railroad,
leaving Boston II a.m., and Fitohbnrg
at 12.80 p.m., ran into three oan of a
working train between the state Una
and FilzWIlliani**, N.H.. thi. afternoon. The engine of the fiver wa. derailed, the engineer, Frank Hughes, of
tbl. olty, wa. fatally Injured, dying
tonight at Jone, while the passengers
wero more or leu shaken nu, and the
traok was blocked for five honrs. Fire*
man Lnde, of the flyer,. jumped nnd
esscns/osl with a few hrtsiss-s
St. Louis, Mo, Ang. 98.���The Intense heat wbioh has prevailed her*
for several week, almoat without Intermission, continued yesterday with apparently no prospeut of cessation. Two
death, and 11 prostrations were nported a. tbe result of yesterday'. Ugh
London, Aug. 28���C. J. Josh, a
former olerk of Pain' bank, wbo wa.
accused of stealing about 1800,000
from tbe bank In January, 1899, has
risen sotiiiii nasi for trial. Ho was
nn-jlit whilu pissing a ��5 note,
Conditions I'haistiu-Pekln I. Being
Apportioned Into Districts for
Police  Supervision.
London, Aug. 23.���The Chronicle
publishes an interview with tho Japanese minister iu Loudon, Kat Takauki,
wtho'i represents him as having said:
"Tho empress dowager is the heart and
soul of Ohina. So loug as she lives,
eo long as she remains in Ohiun,whether supreme power is takon from her or
not, she will always be tbe greatest
force, and the one above all others to
be reckoned witb. The difficulty will
be to get auy one who oan speak for
her. The influence of Chang has now
extremely little weight. The powen
must oome to a final understanding
qniokly. Riots, anarohy, bloodshed
aud misery thronghout China will bo
the Inevitable result of the polioy that
docs uot immediately disolose itself.
Goverument must bo re-established."
Count Von Walslor. ee, aooording to tha
Mail's correspondent, expresses the
opinion tbat his labors id China will
be of long duration, as the pacification
of the people will be a tlitllcult nnder*
Thne hundred and seventy-five
thousand Russian truops aro already In
the far oast, or on tho way Ihere by
land and sea, cr under orders lo em
bark. This statement Is made by the
Moscow correspondent of tbe Dally
Graph *.o, who adds tbat mobllii.tion is
in progress*" all over European Russia
and there are now at Casssa fourteen
steamers charactered to tako troops.
Berlin, Ang. 23.���An officer who is
in command ut Taku reports under date
of Ang. 19 that tho Chinese still threaten Vang Tsnn.
London, Aug. 28. -The admiralty
has reoeivid tbe following dispatoh
from Bruce: "Taku, August 20.���I
received lhe following from tbe general
commanding at Pekin, dated August
17 -. "I regie! that uwlng to the heavy
roads the uuval brigade wus unable to
participate In the entry into Pekiu.
Tbeir transportation of their guns to
Pekin was a proud achievement. The
casualties amoug the British at Pekin
wen oue captain and two privates of
the marines killed and a oaptain and!
eight men wounded."
Yokohama, Aug. 28.���An official
dispatch trom Corea say. thousands ot
rebels have attacked Song Ching, burning the governmeut building then.
The situation is oritical.
liners Wr.s-k a Trulls at DasssiliuuHur, but
No FaSulllis-a Occur.
Loudou, Ang. Oil���Krnger,    liocord-
Ing lo the Louronao Marbnez torres-
poudent of tbe Express, has issued a
proclamation counter to tbe proclamation issued by Lord Robert. Tbe
Transvual president Bays: -'It will
help yon nothing to lav down yonr
arms or loave tho commandoes. Every
step homeward means a step nearer St.
Cape Town, Aug, 23.���In the honse
of assembly loduy Iho treason bill re*
ceived it. seoond reading withont a
Durban, Natal, Aug. 28.���A goods
and passenger train was wresked at
Dannbuuser by a small patty of Boers
which bave bean operating in that
neighborhood. Then wen nu casualties, bnt the line was destroyed for a
distance of abont 100 yards. All the
Dutch officials at Hnrrianith. including the landroat, have been Bent to
Ladysmlth. The burghers who surrendered at Harrismith will be shipped
from here on tho Catalonia tomorrow.
The transport. Dllwara and Mongolian
with 8,000 Boer prisoners, sailed from
the Oape for Ceylon.
Pretoria, Ang. 28.���Tbo combined
force, of DoWet and Delarey nth moving eastward of ben. Paget', troops
came In oontaot witb the Boer rear
guard yesterdav.
London, Aug. 28.���Numerous dis
patches appear in the morning papers
regarding the Bulgaria-Roumanian
situation, growiug out of the demand
ot Roumania tor the suppression of the
Macedonian revolutionary committee,
whose headquarters are at Sofia. What
appears tbe most reliable summary of
the letest developments come, from the
Vienna correspondent of tbe Standard,
who says: "The conviction prevails
that the conflict between Ronmania
and Bulgaria has now lost muoh of it.
cuteness, and that In tbe end Bulgaria
will satisfy Roumanian demand.."
Birmingham, Ang. 28��� Ethel, the
daughter of Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state for the
colonies, was married today to Whit*
mon Richard., of London.   Rlcbaid.
it a lawyer.	
Wuhington, Aug. 28. ��� United
States Consul, at Bombay, report, to
tbt state department that cholera la
raging thero.
llo-Blond, Ang. 88.��� Fire thi. afternoon destroyed the sawmill of R. B.
Miller, six mile, below Hoesslaiid on
the Red Mountain railroad. The cause
of tbe An la unkuown. It started in
Iho mill-building sst 8pm., whioh wu
a total loss by 4 o'olook. The blaze
oaoght a pile of lumber on and near
the slsidway and it was destroyed.
Half a million feet of lnmber hu gone
np. A oar and a carload of dressed
lumber was also consusssod. The oispa-
oity of the mill was CD. 000 feet. There
is no insurance; lho estimated loss i.
|20,000, The firo at Ibe time of wiring I. threatening tlie will bouse, and
those of the Philadelphia Mining company near by.
Stockholm, Aug. 23.��� King Osoar
has formally agreed to not a. arbitrator of the claims for compensation for
losses sustained by British and German
subjects aud American citizen. In
Some men an kept so busy trying to
conceal their awn defect, that they
have no time to notice Ihe defect, of
Tek-t>ai>hlo  Intelligence In Couslenaesl
Foi tn.
Denver, Ool., Aug. 23,���Ten million
dollars damage is estimated to be tha
result of the forest fire, in Colorado
and Wyoming.
Montreal,    Ang.    28 A    laborer
named Hughes, committed suioide
tbis morning by hanging himself to
the gallery of his house.
Viotoria, Aug. 23.���The lighthouse
keeper at Cape Beale reports that port
of tho oabiu of some vessel drifted into
there. It is probably from seme old
Walkerton, Ont, Aug. 28.���Berate
Malbracb, aged 32, assistant at tbe
Grand Trunk railway station here.died
yesterday from the effects of a bioyole
acoidout yesterday evening.
Winnipeg, Aug. 98 ���A young lad
named MoOaw. aged 8 years, residing
at the corner of Poison avenue and
Main street, wu accidentally drowned
yesterduy afternoon.
Viotoria, B.C., Aug. 28.���The Tee.
bring news that U. 8. Marshal Hosey
���hot and killed Dan Robinson, a oon*
ner y boss, at Ketouian, on Aug. 19,
Robinson fought agaiust arrest.
Akron, Ohio, Aug. 28 Fire today
in tbe elevator of tho American Cereal
Oo. here caused a loss of |18,000. Firo
aud water praotioally ruined 150 000
bushels of grain,
Toronto, Aug. 28.���Ohurles Krauts,
a Swede, who poisoned himself by
Btoeplng matches iu wine and drinking
tho mixture, diod this morning, He
leaves a wife and family iu Keutuoky.
Ottawa, Aug. 28.���The exonrslon of
Minnesota editors, whiob has been
visiting the east, arrived in tho capital
today. A committee of tho oity ooun-
oil and newspapermen tendered them a
spleudid reception.
Blythe, Out., Aug. 28.���Early tbl.
morning llie completely destroyed the
Livingston sawmill along with a ho.ip
factory aud eleotrio light plant. The
loss is not known yet. The works were
partially insured.
New York, Aug. 28.���The vestmak-
ers in Manhattan have won their strike
for the uuiou scale of wages aud the
ten hoar work day. A stampede of
contractors took place last night. The
striko affected 2,000 men, women and
Toronto, Aug. 28.���A special oable
published bere confirms yesterday',
dispatoh as to Prince Georgo's intention ot visiting Canada. Ho will Bail
shortly iu the royal yacht Viotoria and
Albert for Halifax and will spend
some time in Canada and perhaps visit
tbe United States.
Ottawa. Aug. 23���A cabiuet meet*
Ing, at which there will be n pretty
good representation of the ministers,
will be held probably on Saturday,
which will be tbe first opportunity
siuoe the close of the session for consideration of matters of policy aud mat-
tors ot importance.
New York, Aug. 28.���Tho grand
jury yesterday ndered  an ludlotmnut
Bgaluat Arthur Hurria,   who   shot   aud
killed Policeman Robert J. Thorp, on
Aug. 12. Harris la now In Washington and tbe indictment charge, mnrder iu tbe first degree.
Berlin, Ang. 93.���Owing to a case
of bubonic plague at Hamburg, ibe
governmeut authorities an taking un*
usual precautions to avoid tbe insro*
duotion of tbe pest into any other part
of Germany ; quarantine ts i articular*
ly rigid against Cardiff,
Tazewell, Va, Aug. 28.���A wreck
at Maxwell, six miles from hen on the
Norfolk and Western railroad, resulted
In the death of two men and the
wounding of seven othen, A light
engine wa. rnnning west at forty miles
an hour.    The crash wu terriflo
London. Aug. 28.���A special dispatoh from Allahibad, capital of the
division of the northwest provisioes of
British India of the samo name, .ays
tbe ttial of twenty-five prisoners-concerned in the Oawnpora plague riots
has resulted iu the condemnation to
death of twenty of the sicca* ed, the
transportation of one aud the aoqnlttal
of four.
Winnipeg, Aug. 28.���The strike sit
nation remains unohanged today, and
neither the officials nor tbe men had
anything to give for publication. The
conduotois and brakemen were to havo
met the oompany'. officials thi. week
regarding the nnewal of their tone-
dule, bnt, owing to the strike of tbe
���hop hand., the meeting hu been Indefinitely postponed.
London, Aug. 23.���Twelve Said
officers have been ordered to nport at
Aldenhot for the purpose of being examined u to tbeir fitness to hold commands. It I. presumed this is one of
tbe result, of Lord Wolseley'. criticism
of the work doue by thi.ee offloers dnr*
ing the noent field day exercises.
Vanoouver, Aug. 98.���Ole Oleson,
an old man 68 yean of age, wu found
dead near the E. k S. railway station
at Nanaimo yesterday. It Is thought
he wu murderod by tramp, for tha
purpose of robbery as he had 1200 on
him a .hort time befon that. He had
deposited It, however, with Ihe itation
muter for aafn-keeping.
Kingston, Aug. 81.��� Mrs. W. H.
Keeue, wife of a grocer of Davidson
street, horsewhipped Mi�� Levina Joy
ner because cf her attentions to ber
husband. Tbe wife says the young-
lady was forever witb her hnsbaud in
the shop and os tbe latter beoame die
subject for talk, Mn. Keeue deoided to
stop further relations. Meeting the
young woman she remarked she owed
ber something, and would give It to
her uow. She tben proceeded to apply
tho whip. Miss Joyner In tnrn knocked Mrs. Kueno down bnt tbe neighbors
Hepniutod thein.
ifcdina, Ohio, Aug.-18.���The oounty
court house here wu wreoked yesterday by a terrlfflo explosion of dynamite, a lafge box of whioh bad boen
stored In tbe basement to be used as
evidence In a criminal oase. Some
waste paper near the box containing
tne staff bad caught fin. No one wis
killed, bnt seteral wers slightly injured.      	
He: "Vou have stolen my beart."
Bhe: "That's a nice thing to aay after you hare been begging  me for six
weeks to swept It"
c.   H.   H,   AakwUh  hng been appointee
cilltor cf the HrAudun Puu.
. Gilim\, Pocki' fckat-Hl Fargo at baseball
In the iir.it of n ser.M of games.
A dauglitir was boru to Mr. aud Mrs,
Goo. \anderliUt. wh ch is heir to t3O,O0Q,��
Mrs. Label e. of Montreal, died from
injuries received from the upsetting ot u
V.. 8. Brown waa sent up for trial In
Winnipeg charged with attempting to
murder Geo.  ltiley.
Intel-outline <U-v i0.; pin unt h in vou miction
with tbe Theatre puiucitUo lire In Montreal, will be made.
Bev. hr. a. h. MeKay, pnstpr of CreB-
cent street rtii.i.h. Montreal, bnd a narrow escape from drowning.
The tl. S. ji'mtul service has boon extended to the riilli[t|i|iii>ti, Hawaii, Porto
Itii-o nnd   I".   S.  Sinioun Inlands.
A moli nt Akron, Ohio, tnok possession
of n portion of the city, destroying tbe
city bull with dynamite aud burutug down
other bnildings. 	
TUUI18DAY,  AUO.  33.
("nil Smith, tin- sculptor, died at ('opeu-
Tbe Duke ot York will Bull shortly for
Kev. J. K. Clarke, of I'rnnklln, Mnn.,
was married In Toronto.
Au electric ear was wrecked at Cleveland, Injuring 11! persons.
H. Itoblnson, a II. ('. cunucrjr boss, wag
killed by u V. B. mm-shuU.
l'hiladelpbla'K population Is l,'JlKl,iUt7.
Qrcnter New York's is placed at :i,-i;i7,i��ii
A mun was killed during u row at a colon-it oddfellows' picnic at Audover, Muss,
It It* HtnhHl that -ISO deaths resulted
from the 2,1(10 duels fought last ymir In
('litis. Anderson, arrested for burglary,
In Wlunlpeg, received a ten years' sentence.
II. Mnlliraeli, of Walkerton. Ont., died
from Injuries received while riding a
A shirt waist man Is suing n Chicago
rcstaumnteur for $50,1 mm for refusing to
Serve him.
A big Canadian produce company, with
a capital of **Js,ihhi,immi, Is beiug formed
In Montreal.
Vt H. Commissioner I'cck nnd WJ other
Aim-TH-niis have applied for tbe dm-ora-
llon, legion of pouor.
KlUK Oscar will arbitrate tho losses
sustained by Drltlsh, German and American subjects In Sumoii,
The Duke of York Is planning a visit to
Two prisoners escaped from the Portage
la Prairie goal.
A big combine of U. fl. western pinning
milts lias been carried out.
Tho population of Minneapolis Is 2021-
T1S; thnt of Ht, Paul 108,082,
T. Walert, of Arlington, Minn., murdered bis wife und four step children.
The states of Maryland and Indiana
were visited hy tremendous storms.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has completed his
Nova Sent In tour, and hus left for ottuwu,
. The   yield   of   Ontario   grain   crops   will
frobnbly be above the average of tbe past
S years.
Mrs. Mnybrlek hnd a private Interview
with her counsel. She is stilt hoping for
Mrs. Chns. Irons nud daughter, of Mont-
teal, died from burns received ny a lamp
jt la entlumtcd th'it ten million dollars
damage hns resulted frotn the Colorado
forest  tlpes.
Tlie Winnipeg council hns decided to
sepd for W. T. Jennings, Toronto, lu con-
poetloji with tjie waterworks ijltllculty.
It Is reported 200 Armenians were massacred iii the SiiM-Hiiiu district by troops
And  Kurds,    The  sultan   will  Investigate.
Ipdlapu'R crop Is a failure.
Chicago's population Is l,0P8,r>l[>.
Minnesota editors are visiting Montreal.
The cotton crop of Georgia will be a
poor one.
A terrible windstorm duiung-pd houses In
Hhcboygnn, Wis,
The prises won by Cupaija nt the Paris
exposition were many.
The WolNcloy, Assa,, mill ni|d elevator
were destroyed hy lire-
A warm welcome was extended by Dawson Clfy residents to Lord nnd Lady
The will of the late Win. Christie, of Toronto, disposes of up estate worth nearly
n million dollars,
}.. 3, Henderson, an olilclnl assignee lu
Montreal, Is mission, uud Is reported ��7,000
short In trust funds.
Iter. John C, Coleman la in Winnipeg in
connection with Inducing 100,000 colored
people to settle In   Manitoba.
C, P. It. conductors and trainmen In
the cast have appealed to Manager Mc-
Nicoll for au Increase In wages,
L, It, Gruhnme, of gat Portage, may be
deported home by Unseat). Minn,, authorities for alleged criminal conduct.
The motion to charter a competing lino
to the White Pass road has lieen again
defeated hy the li, C. legislature,
The Soo blockade wns raised Saturday
morning. ���***
A wide scam of bituminous coal has
been discovered uear Emerson.
Roumania hns addressed a sharp note,
almost nn ultimatum, to Bulgaria.
PUlshury won flrst prise and 1,000 marks
In cash nt the Munich tournament.
Andrew McMillan died at Douglas, Mun.
from Injuries n-celvsd from a bull,
Tbe crop In tho   Calgary district    will
average, wheat 88, barley tS, oats
Armed white men patrol the streets of
Liberty, Mo. It Is caused by another
race conflict.
Sir Louis Davies, Messrs, Itlnlr nnd
Fielding, Dominion ministers, arrived at
Quebec Saturday.
Three incendiary flrcB broke out In Winnipeg early Sunday morning, SSIon ukurcu
was badly damaged by water.
The czar will visit Paris Sept. ID.
Tho Prince of Wales 1b nt Hamburg.
Fierce forest fires arc raging In Colorado.
The blockade ot the Boo may extend
over a week,
A donation nf 92-1,000 has been given to
Laval university.
The eighth victim of the collision on tbe
Grand llaplds road has died.
Au attempt was made to burn Smith
field. II!., hy Incendiaries. The loss was
The King nf Italy Is qunrrellug with bis
ministers, desiring younger men us advisers.
Jt Is announced the Carnegie company,
of Pittsburg, bus cloned a contract to take
ten million tons of Lako Superior oro for
00 years.
There Is a striko on among the cotton
operatives nt Mount Morenel inllK the
management  refusing    to    reeognks-J    the
Itev. Father Chcrrlcr, of Winnipeg, has
mnde nn ntinouneemunt respecting his
position ns a member of tlie advisory
The steamer Quadra, with Lord Mluio
and party ou board, did uot fly tho American flag at Skagway, causing some stir
amongst cltiicns.
Johnn Iliiiinii. who was on bis wny to
uiaifV n Winnipeg womnn, was not allowed to land nt Halifax. Hc Is suspected of being n murderer,
Tbo correspondence seised nt Pretoria
hss tiei'ii published. Dr. Gavin Chirk, M.
P., was mobbed hy his constituents, he
having told Kruger tho beneflt of seising
tbo passes.
Mew York, Ang, 81.���The Commercial Oable company wakes the following annonnocmeut:���"Owing to damage to the telegraph lines beyond
Shomonoseki by innndatlcn, messages
for Japan, whether looted by tbe
northern or tbe eastern are accepted
subject lo delay.
A Japanese warship has left Toko-
hma for Shffhghal, ooonrdlag to the
Daily Mail, to land troops and pro loci
Japanese subject*. The Dally Mall
also annonucos thst Geramuy will laud
a de Inch meu t at Bbnnglml.
<j>      Copyright, 1900, by C. B. Lewis.
"Have I ever killed a man?"
Of a sudden, as be lay dosing on his
bed In camp one day, Private Holllns
asked this question of himself. He
bad been In battle and skirmish. Hc
had fired away his 40 rounds and fired
to kill, but as he began to recall all
bis battles he could not remember tbat
he had ever had an euemy bo near and
so fairly before bim tbat his bullet bnd
surely done tbe work. Tbere wero few
soldiers who boasted of taking life.
Tbere were sharpshooters wbo had
brought down a dozen men, but tliey
uever talked about it Men were promoted for desperate fighting, which
Romctluics meant killing single banded,
but they were proud only of the promotion. It was a curious question
Private Holllns asked of himself, nnd
It led to strange results. Hc was not
a bloodthirsty man, aud yet as hc lay
thinking the Idea came to lilm that he
had not done himself Justice as a soldier. He hod not killed n mnn. When
tlio war was over and hc bnd returned
home, he would be asked thu question.
Ills friends aud neighbors wouldn't be
satisfied with his record of battles, but
would sweep lt aside and say:
���'Yes; wo know you wore In Ave or
six battles and tbat you fired hundreds
of bullets at the enemy, but can you
truthfully say you ever brought a mnn
He couldn't say It, aud be felt that
be would lose enste. This feeling
brought a sudden resolve. It was g
resolve that startled him at first, but
the more be thought of It the more determined he was to carry it out- Ho
wonld kill a man; he would do it next
time he went on picket There wero
no orders against firing. It was by
tacit agreement among tbe pickets that
they refrained. If ho brought one of
the enemy down, he would uot be reproved even If uot praised. He would
not boast of tbe kill to bis comrades,
hut when he reached home nnd farmers nnd their wives and sons sat listening to his stories of war he could
answer the question they would be
sure to put, aud answer In the nlllnu-
utive. It was a fortnight before PrI
vale Holllns wus detailed far picket
duty, lie wns uot impudent. He wus
willing that time should puss, but
when the opportunity cnuie lie wottltj
kill a mnn. He uever wavpreil lu this
"Tills Is your post, Holllns," unhl the
corporal ns he left lilm oue afteriiooq
nt the edge of a wood under it largo
oak. "We don't know exactly when
the enemy's picket Is. hu) it's boi.iu
where around thnt |og limine. However. If you dop't get joo fresh pud gti
to walking hround hi the open lie won't
bother you. There hasn't heen a shot
tired along here for two weeks. If you
go la for roasted uc-orps, don't mnke
much ofn lire."
"Todny ( shnll kill g man." snld
Private Holllns na he wns left alone,
nnd be began his preparations nt once.
At loug rifle shot, away nerdss an old
eottonfield, was a tog house with n
few fruit trees standing nlinut It. One
might be sure the -tanner wns off to
war and thnt wife ami children. If they
bad not abandoned lhe place, were
having a miserable existence. Holllns
crept down to Ihe fringe pf bu��hcs ou
bis side of the field nud peered nnd
watched and waited like nn Apache lu
ambush. Kor pn hour hc sgw nothing.
Then a gnunt. Ill used dog came among
the trees nnd trotted about In tbe opeu
In a sneaking, furtive way. If thu dog
wns there, the house must be inhabited, lie had Just come to this conclusion when he caught sight of a figure
amoug the trees. It was between the
house aud the hushes, where ho believed the enemy's picket was lying.
It must be the picket oq his way to
nud from the well. Perhaps he had
gone to the house to light his pipe or
boll his coffee. There was a glimpse
and It woe gone Another glimpse, another hiding, and then the figure was
fair to view. It was a long shot, but
a pretty fair target, and without an
Instant's hesitation he drew up bis gun
and fired. When ho looked over tbe
smoke, the figure was gouo.
"But I know I hit him, and he's lying dead on the grass," said the soldier
as he reloaded bis gun. ''Now I can
tell them at borne that 1 killed a mag.
Mighty loug sbot, but I dropped blto
for sure."
The dog was still In the open. As
tbe sbot rang out be looked back
omens tha trees. As tbe echoes died
away hc turned his bead toward Hul
llus and bowled dismally- A moment
later aud the figure of a young girl
appeared beside the dog.' She was
bareheaded, barefooted and uot over
S yeara old. ilosllatlug for ouly a moment, she began advancing across the
field. The smoke from the soldier's'
musket bad located him. The dog followed at her heels, head and tail down,
and with surprise Holllus watched the
girl's approach. It took her five minutes to cross the field. She came
straight at bim as be stood up among
I the bushes, and when Bbe reached biro
She extended her hand and clasped his
���nd said:
"Come a loug. you!"
He rested his musket against a log
and permitted her to lead him out Into
the open und across the f eXd. He did
not Inquire why she bad comcvjlc did
���ot ask where sho was leading him.
Not a question passed his lips, nor did
she speak further. Straight across the
field to the trees among which his victim had stood, but long before he got
there he saw a form on the grass. By
and by they were close up to it, and
the girl let go of his hand and pointed
and snld:
"You shot mam!"
It wasn't a mnn lying dead on the
grass, soldier or farmer, but a woman.
The soldier rubbed Ills eyes and looked
nrotmd In a dazed way. A boy. of 10
aud a girl of 5 cuuie out of tho bouse
nnd stood there und looked from tbo
soldier to the dead woman nml hack.
They spoke no word; they shed no
tears. It was true that the enemy's picket post was In the bushes a few rods
nway. The man ou post came out of
his hiding. He enme walking slowly
down, nnd when hc had rehched the
body there was a gasp In hia tliront.
He looked around upon the children,
looked up at the blue sky ns If speaking to God uud, with a groan, turned
his bnck on the place and returned ta
his post.
"Well?" queried Holllns of the children us they continued to stare al him.
They simply pointed to thu mother
tying dead and uttered no word. The
soldier tried to speak again, hut he
could not. With face whiter than tho
one on the grass, with quivering chin
and blinded eyes, he made his wny
slowly across the old field to tils post
As he lurched and staggered he heard
the dog howl again, but no one fired
upon bim, no one called to him. Wben '
lie reached his post, bo sat dowu on
the grouud and covered his fact' with
bis hands and groaned. Au hour later
the corporal came with the relief. Iloh
Una wns lying on the ground with arms
"Say, hoys," snld tho corporal, us ho *
bent over the body, "I'll lie Ijmtjred If I
Dan  hain't  gouo  and   killed   himself
with  his own   musket!    Who'd  ever
havo thought it of lilin!" ,
Up there among (lie tyccs.'-stuiidlng ll
about with  the awe of il-hjh  upon 'J
them, the children had heard the. shut) J
and ns tbey looked at each otlur tite\
girl Imd whispered:
"Mcbbp he's dead too!"
futile Jointers. .g
Cahlp jointers are clever spei inlists .1
who  work   fur  ie|egniplile  pnglmersJ
��ni|  co nt ni cl  in  llie. iiM-mqniiiili.m of]
agreement lo go anywhere-   Tiny tirc-1
employed op (lie ships pfStltP ocean lel-T
egilipii companies, and their duty Is In -
mnke splices and Joints lu llie rtiblei
Which pre dragged up from the wit fur I
repairs.   To those wliuprc nut initialed _
this >yould see in lu he fairly easy vvorliJ
|��ut It really requires great sk'||l au<|
takes years to learn.    Few tiro i|\vai*t
jiow liable fo damage iindcrseq cablei
pre.    Iti the case uf some of the otd|
lines there Is scarcely a mile of the
bie that bgs put one or more joints Injj
flxport engineers can determine 1" I.
length of thousands of |iil|es to vvi|bi|
p few feef where a break ju g cable Is
tbp telegraph ship proceeds to the spot
Which Is Indicated by a buoy; the iIjum
pged length of cnble Is dragged  up '
and the Jointers proceed lo eut out thi
fault and deftly splice the cable.   Th. I
slightest mistake, a tiny air bubble, li
the reheated India rubber would Bpol
the Insulation.   Thnt would mean thai
the cpblp would fail to transmit ine-fiV
sages nt gn   Important   moment  flu-f
flint n ship, with all Its high price/
scientific staff, would have to s|eui?l
hundreds   or   perhaps   thousands
miles to pick Up tbe cable ��ga!n.-Ne\l
York Bug.
Jobn R. Gentry works-sl o mils* ot 0{|
���hen a few dnys ago In 2:11%. In:
eighth lu HY) Bi-i-omlH.
Alible ,\, 8*2'l'=, by Hexameter, slis*u
Abby, 3:20, by George Wilkess, bus W-'i
.hipped to li prominent lis>iwiii|iu ' i
AMtrln. VJ
Frank Coyner, Ds-laware, 0��� lias'*'.
Oily by I-agisnsla Chimes, out of l.is.,1
Ruth, that In entered In *32,0uu woi-tlt
ot stake.. L
Out of the 21 horses In the I.nwsss 11
���table only seven will bo taken tolll.ll
races this year, the balance being r;
for uftt season.
Cresceus, 2.0'Vt, has worked uo ful
miles yot at Cleveland, but I. is-pisii*7
brushing eighths In 15 seconds upisiil
ently within himself.
Triumphs of Dr. Chase
Over the Most Obstinate Diseases That Tortur
Human Kind���Remedies That Bring Health an
Happiness to Canadian Homes. V,
The raarnlloos tnoMiws    of   Dr,
Obsue') great family remedies prove to
���11 the world tbat no disease Is too
severe or of too long .binding to yield
to these great prescriptions. Their
worth to the slek and suffering nn
never he minuted.
llr. W. T. Wlgle, "Uncle Mike,"
Kingivllle, On*., .tate.:���"For about
18 yean I waa tronbled witb piles,
which at time, would cause most In
lenie distress by itching, and wonld
ulcerate and bleed. I wu treated by
several phyaloiana, and tried every
remedy I oould hear of, bnt oould get
no more lhan slight temporary relief.
A traveller, Mr. Golding of Toronto,
reoomraendea Dr. Ohasa'i Ointment,
wbioh I at once purchased from our
dealer and obtained relief alter the
third application. Dr. Ohase's Ointment completely cured me. That wis
two years ago, and I have never since
bad a touch ot piles, b baa alnoe cur*
ed many to whom I ban reoommende I
lt, and I am aniion. to have every
���offerer know of lb value."
Mrs Stephen Deupsey, Albury.P., 1
County, Ont,write.i-My liltle granuj
daughter,   nine years old, was vy
pile and weak, and had no appotl:
She bad a tired, wornont app nrar-*
and was delicate and  sickly.   I k ���'
somo of Dr.  Ohaae'. Nerve Food .
her, and It has helped ber very mncU
She is gaining considerably in welg*'/
and looks real healthy."
Mr. Geo. Bonner, Wlarton, Oni;
write..���'"Idon't like io have
name pnt in publio print, bnt I feel,]
a duly to my fellow men lo reoosnsns-
Dr. Obase's Kidney Liver Pills,
about four years I waa troubled wij[
olironlo con.tlpi-filon and weakness r
th-s kldneya. My condition waa aerie,
when I began to un Dr, Ohaa '
ney-Iiiver Pllli, aud I, verily lolls1}
that tber bave saved my life. I
now well and feel like a new man."j|*
Dr. Chase', portrait and .ignaturci-i
on every box of the genuine  iemodif'1
Imitator, dare not reproduce them, t "
dealer., or Bdmunion,  Bate) k C
Toronto. ������
, <1.
An Immense Sum Expended Annually In This Form uf Sport.
As to the sums speut ou shooting
In Scotland, so large is the total that
it Is a difficult matter to arrive even
nt un approximate estimate. In Perth-
���Ciire atone there are 4U3 shootings, of
which about four-fifths are fet to ten-
nuts and bring In about ��150,000 a
year, or an average of ��400 a year,
which seems about a fair estimate If
It be borue In mind that this 1b au expensive country and thnt 00 of its best
shuotlugs bring ��30,000, or nn average
of ��700 a year. In tbe whole of Scotland there are about 4,000 shootings,
nud ns each of tbem must at least employ one keeper nnd one gillie during
tbe shooting season some estimate
may he formed of the money expeuded
In wages and the number of people
In tbo deer forests and on the larger
shootings tbere will often bo from four
to six men permanently cngnged and
from six to eight others wurklug for
tbe shooting season only. In a well
known forest where I once spont many
pleasant days there were three foresters, three gillies and three pony men
out each day. On the grouse ground
there were three keepers, with three
undcrkeepers, a kennel man aud two
carriers going to and from the nearest
railway station, a totnl of 18 men nnd
five horses, not to mention tho ponies
kept for riding Into the forest nnd
those kept to carry grouse panniers.
On this property three rides could stalk
each day, while threo other parties of
two each could shoot grouse, or the
six could combine for driving.���Chambers' Journal.
Dear Sirs,���For some years I bave
had only partial use of my arm, caused
by a sndaen strain. I have used every
remedy withont effect, until I got a
sample bottle of MINARD'S UMI
MENT. The beneflt I reoelved from it
caused me to continue its use, and nnw
I am happy to say my arm is completely restored.
Qlamls, Ont,     R. W. HARRISON,
!rn D. flnnfcoy, who Is likely to visit
I'iiudund In September, has l n nsked by
the Itcv. Thomas ftpm-wmi ������> lake pint
In the reopening of the Metropolitan Tab-
eruiK-le, l-oiulon.
At the reeeiil enmmeiiei'ineut of Ohio
university t|ii> htthiirary degree of doctor
of divinity wits conferred upon the Rev.
Percy T. I'Vnn, rector of St. .laines'
church, Tcxurcana, Tex. Pr. Fcnn was
fm'inerly au nssuehtte missionary in the
Asxoeiatc Mission of 'Dutchess comity,
N. Y��� under the late Itcv. Dr. Thomas
pr. John Charles Rylc, bishop nf Liverpool, who died recently, waa twice select
trencher at Oxford nud once at Cam-
Hdttu. His father wuh u hunker, nnd
the late bishop for n short time fool: n
pnrt hi ih ' business. Then financial dffll-
cuhlcs came in bis way, nml, leaving
commerce, he exchanged bis business ca*
peer for that nf n cleruyman.
The great lung healer Is found In thnt ex-
pol|e?tt medioine -cold as Bidden' Anil-Con-
Bumptlve Syrup, It Foothes and diminishes
thu sensibility of the membrane of tho
throat and air pastures, and Is a sovereign
remedy fur a'l coughs, colds, hoim-ones*-),
1>uin or soreness In tbe chest, bronchitis, etc.
t has cured mauy when supposed to be fur
Advanced In consumption,
In southern France successful efforts
have been made to arrest forest flies by
growing the juicy cactus plants In opeu
Spaces separating the sections of the for
|q Bnghind tho tallest single stemmed
beech  tree stands in   Lord   HrownlowV
{link at Ashbrldge, which overlooks the
leech country uf Uuckiugluunshire. It Is
known ns the queen beech and is 150 feet
A fad in horticulture which hns pretty
results Is to Insert strawberry plants in
holes In barrels which have previously
been bored fur the purpose nml tbe barrels filled With earth. The plants flourish
In this way splendidly, ofteii completely
covering the barrel with the leaves, blossoms and fruit.
THE COUGHING and wheezing of perrons troubled w.th bronchitis or tho asthma
Is excessively harassing to themselves and
annoying to others,   Dr, Thomas' Eclectrio
""    White* a        '���' '
 nd Is uh.mlgu     ���
ness, Kuru.', injurks, piles, kidney and spinal
Oil t.bviuti's* all this entirely, safely and
speedily, snd Is a banian remedy for lame.
Tfti 1'efcin Omtlt* Wm Kaubllctird Nine
l'-��nturl��a Ago.
The Pekin Gazette, or an the Chinese cull it the Metropolitan Heporter
(klngpna). was established In the
yenr nil of tho Chrtatian ora.
and has beon published regularly
since iM.ii, A,I),, being hy far tho
oldest newspaper In the world.
Fur u grout many years past English trunslutlmiH of the more important documents Issued to and published by thi Pekin Gazette oltlce havo
boen furnished, either In full ur in
tho form af a digest, according to
their Interest by the leading Shanghai newspapers. For here Is the formal record of all the important ordinances, ceremonies, proceedings,
Judgments, opinions and transactions
of the Chinese Government.
Tho GuKultu also deals IndlfTorontly
-with science and theology, with public Instruction, and superstitious usages, with tho latest Euroi-can Inventions and the most primitive forms
of worship. Rules for competitive examinations, and .the conferment uf
educational degrees, high civil and
military officers arc promoted and
decorated in life or after death in-
dillerently, the establishment of free
schools, the launching of steamships,
post roads and legal discussions.
- -���-������ '       '   ""���
Stats or Onto, Ottv or Touroo,I *,       \
Lucas rooiyrv, I   .   ,   .:
Fh ask J. OnsssY makes osth that he Is ths
senior partner of tbs Arm of F. J. Chmiy A
Co -ftloliif. burin-wi In the Oitv of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that said firm
will ray the sum of ONB HUNDRED UOL-
LA US for eaoh and every cute of catarrh that
���cannot be curoi bythe viae of HAtL'sCATABBH
Sworn to before mo snd subacrlbod in my
{**-.} Hotart ftsJXss.
lull's-** Oatarrh Onre la taken lntnusltoud
aen Ul-Mtl; oil th. blood and muootu srarfsKsss.
*t tbo aj-atam.  sjessi) far bsallisunlala, traa.
r. 3 CH EN E Y k OO., Ml, 0.
Vui.u-.tb. tart.
Detailed Acconnt of the Capture ot
Pekiu liy the Alllos-Kellof
Came Sosse Tan Soon.
Pekin, Auk 14, by -way of Ohe Fao,
Aug. an.���The American and Bneelan
flags were [iluuted ou the east -wall ot
Pekin at 11 o'olook yesterday morning.
The Indian troops entered tbe British
legation at 1 o'olook and the Americans
at 8. They were givon a joyful reception Irom the wall. The emaciated
tenant's coold havo lasted only a little
longer. Tbey had only three days'
rations. The Ohineae hud heen attacking them furiously for two days. Four
thousand shells fell iu the legation in
the .lege Sixty-live wero killed and
100 wouuded. The Japanese began
the bottle before daylight and they are
���till fighting about the north wall
where part of the Ohinese are defending the Imperial oity. The Japanese
oasuaitlos have not yet been ascertained. The KuBaiaus have live killed and
twelvo wounded. Tbe Americans and
British had few wounded. The plan
was to make a general altaok today,
troops arriving at camp five miles east
whore they wero to remain all night.
They were completely exhausted and
slept in tho corn fields in tbe rain,
The generals, however, alarmed at the
sounds of a heavy attaok on the legations, pushed forward independently,
the British, Americans and Frenoh (?)
on the left of tbe river aud the Bus*
Bians and JapaneBeon ihe right. Be*
ginning at 2 o'olook yesterday morning
Japanese diverted tbe brunt of the resistance to the northern oity, their artillery engaging the Ohinese heavily
there, The Americans and British met
only alight resistance unlit they entered the oity, where there was street
fighting. Beilly's battery attemped to
reach the Inner wall. The troops finally entered the foreign settlement
through tho canal. Oonsp.ny E, of the
Fourteenth United Stales Infantry,
planted its Hag on the outer wall,
Musician Titns scaling tba wall with a
rope, by meaus of whioh others ollmbed
to the top. Tho Ohinese had continually violated the armiatloe. Tho food
supplies left for the legations by the
Empress Dowager wero only sufficient
for one day.
Urlti.lt Soldier. Havo Chaaesl Hiin From
Hia Mountain Sttongholil.
London, Ang. 29.���A dispatoh from
Pretoria says De Wet has retired from
the Pyramid hills u*bout fifteen miles
north of Pretoria before a strong forco
of British.
London, Aug. 88.��� The Mansion
House war fund today passed the million pounds mark, making it tbe largest volunteer fund ever raised In Eng
Toronto, Aug. 89.���A London oable
states that Pie. K. H. Tnrner, of the
41st Brockville Rlflea, and a member
of the Ottawa oompany of the Royal
Canadian Beglment of Iufant>y,bs dan*
geroosl7 ill at Oape Town. Thomas
Mills, of Newmarket, a member of
"A" squadron, Strathcona Hone, with
a wound in his right arm, has arrived
at Stassdorton from Bethel. He reports
that the Strathcona patrol captured by
the enemy's fotoe at Greylingstad, on
July 5, are prisoners at Bethel. All
are well, exoept Fred Morris, of "A"
squadron, formerly of England, who
was killed, and 808 Taylor, who was
dangerously wounded and bas slnoe
London, Aug. 99.���An army order
Issed today grants to colonial officers
invalided from Sooth Afrioa a daily
allowance, oarrying from 6 to 15 shillings while they are detained In Great
Britain. The order mostly affects
Oape Town, Aug. 89.���Ermatlnger,
of the 18th battalion Oanadlau Monnted Rifles, reported missing, hu returned.      	
Portoge la Prairie, Aug. 99.���Abont
8 o'olook yessterday afternoon two prisoners oioaped from the local jail.
The men were Henderson, the Dauphin
housebreaker, who a few days ago wat
sentenced for a year, and Taylor, who
is serving a term for theft of a wheel.
These two, in oompany with other
prisoners, were working In the garden
surrounding the jail, when they mad*
their exit and were last seen heading
for the Muth, where tbey undoubtedly
hope to elude pursuit hy taking to the
unbroken hush oountry, As Taylor Is
well acquainted with the surrounding
counlry It is feared that there may be
some difficulty in oaptnrlng Ihe runaways. Turnkey Thompson and T.
Front left wilh a horse and rig thia afternoon and will endeavor to bring
baok tbe prisoners. Taylor i. a tall,
dsrk man, while Henderson la stout
and fair.   Both are young men.
Chicago, Aug. 99.���Thirty planing
mills, including praotloally ill tha
ash, toot aud blind conoerns in Ohl.
cago, will pua into a combination thll
week with a capital of 144,000.000.
, Winnipeg, Ang. 90.���The fire at Zion
ohurob was Ihe most damaging ot the
evening, that building being damaged
to the extent cf a thonaand dollars.
Tho men of Ihe north lire hall were
silting onlslde Ihe hall when they noticed a reflection on tne s-ky and at onoe
hitched np and fonnd tbe church on
fire. Then the alarm rang and brought
out the central brigade. The building
had caught on the east side and when
tho flremon got there tbe flames had
bnrnt up 10 the roof. It wu neoesury
to use the engines and two thousand
feet of hose and then it look two houn
before the btigade had the fire out. The
damage to the bnilding will probably
not be the only loss as lt la feared tha
Organ 1, spoiled hy smoke md water.
There is |7,000 insurance on the building and the congregation will not be
losers. This lire is attributed lo thi
work of fire bug. as tben wa. no other
way in whioh it oould have oanght.
Guelph, Ang. 10 ���Edward Hewer,
���n employee ot thi Bell Organ and
Piano SOo., while attempting to board
a moving train, slipped ud had a toot
out off above thi ankle.
Coiisluii.nl   I'ltrji*- ajilis   Culled   From
Calilea unsl tvirea.
Braddock, Pu., Aug. 88.���Fire tonight dtsiroyed property valued at
Hamilton, Aug. 83.��� Rev. O. H.
Euiesson haa aojeptod a call to the
Baptist ohurob at Mouut Forrest
London, Ont., Aug. 28.��� W. A.
Dnffield, present of lho London Gu
oompany, died yesterday of typhoid
Hamilton, Aug. 38 ���Edward Williams, ot Hamilton, haa been appointed
special officer fur enforcing the Alien
Labor Act.
Niagara, Out., Aug. 99.���Arthur
McGnire, a farmer, aged 40 killed himself by shooting himself through the
head Sunday.
Rome, Aug. 88.���Bresoi, the assassin of King Humbert, has uked for a
postponement of hi. trial nntil witnesses oan arrive from the United
Sheboygan, Wis., Ang. 98.���A ter.
riflo wiudsti rm atruok this oity this
afternoon Several honses were blown
down and a number of person, ore believed to have been s-rushed under the
New York, Aug. 99.���The flnt test
of a hor.-eless vehicle for collecting
mall metier in this city hu beeu made
from the general postoflloe. The testa
yesterday out the time down over 80
per oent.
Ohioago, Ang. 89.���Sol. Bloom, a
muslo publisher, has brought suit for
160,000 damages agaioBt the Union restaurant and holel for refusing to serve
him while he wu clad in a shirt waist
end minus a coat.
Qlenfor.1 Ohio, Ang. 99.���By the
explosion of a boiler in Helser's paw
mill yesterday Laviga Dupler. Elsa
Wlnegartner and John MoLaughlin
were killed. Manna Helser, owner of
the mill, wu severely injured.
Wuhington, Aug. 99.���Vice Consul
Reed, ut Madrid, has informed the
state department that by a decree the
time in Spain is hereafter to be counted
from 1 to 94 hours, tbe order to go into
effect Jan. 1, 1901, the day to begin at
Vanoouver, BO., Aug. 29.���Will
MacOlain, the Socialist labor man, who
oontested Vanconver oity in that interest in the last provincial general election, is now Bald to be intending to
contest the Beat for the Westminster
distriot in the house of commons.
Toronto,  Aug. 89 The suicide in
High park wu buried -yesterday with*
ont identification, bnt tonight word
comes from Cincinnati whioh seems to
indicate he was a commercial traveller
belonging to that olty named Henry
Oohen. He had no relatives here apparently.
Chicago, Aug 99,���The Journeymen
Plumbers' Union bas oidered a general
strike to take effeot at once. The aotion wu taken at a protracted meeting
when it was determined to pnt an end
to the dilatory methods now being used
and begin an aggressive fight on the
Arlington, Minn., Ang. 23.���Theo.
Walert, the farmer who murdered his
wife and four step ohlldren, wu captured yesterday. He had taken refuge
in the born of her sister's farm, two
miles from the scene of the tragedy.
Wallert admitted his guilt and wu
placed in jail.
Washington, Ang. 93.���The oensns
offloe ye-terday made pnblio the census
retnrns for St. Paul and Minneapolis.
The populaion of St. Paul is 168,639,
an iuorease over 1890 of 80,476, or
99.80 per oent The population of
Minneapolis is 909,718, an increase
over ISO J of 87,1)80 or 98 06 per cent
Ottawa, Aug. 88.���The justice department haa received a letter trom
Washington in regard lo inquires made
concerning the death of Arthur Hill,
said to be a Canadian, in Ihe East river,
at New York. Tho letter says so far
u oould be ascertained there are no
signs of violence on tbe body and nothing to bear out any Busplolon of foul
Montreal, Aug. 93.���The joint oom*
mittee representing the oonduotors and
trainmen on the Ontario ond Quebeo
division of the O. P. R. met Mr. Mo*
Nicoll, general manager, today and
asked for an increase of wages. Mr.
McNiooll said he oould not see his way
clear to grant the increase. The international ofHoera of the employee, will
interview him,
San FranolBoo, Oal., Aug. 99.���Julian Tregenna Biddulph Arnold, son ot
Sir Edwin Arnol-s, has been ordered
extradited to England by United States
Commissioner Neacook, on the oharge
of embeuling orer $60,000 of the estate
of John Thomas Donvllle Taylor.
Arnold had already been ordered extradited on two obarges and will be
given a heulng on still another.
Constantinople, Ang. 99.���The sultan hai ordered a committee to Investigate the recent massacre of Armenian!
in thi Saisnm diltriot of Asiatio Tor-
key. In tbe meantime hll majesty hu
relieved All Pasha of thi oommand ot
Bltlla. A dispatch from Constantinople, Ang. 0, announce that 900 men,
women and ohlldren had been massacred by troops and Kardi under AU
Pull, Ang. 90.���Another aoolsjent
hu ooourred at the exposition, the
bridge over the Boulevard La Tour
Maubanrg, joining one part of thi
show with another, hu fallen. Aooording to the flrst account ot the accident
80 persons were Injured five of them
Toronto, Aug. 90.���Andrew Hughes,
i well known sailor, was drowned at
the foot of Jsrvis sireet, Satmday
morning while Intoxicated, It ll supposed. Be was popularly known as
Liverpool Andy."
Mahony Oity, Pa., Ang. SO ���Three
men and 86 mules ire Imprisoned In
slope No. 8 of the Lehigh Valley company's Prime rote colliery near hire,
whioh hu been burning ainoe lut
Toronto, Aug. 80.��� Sydney A. O.
Greene, a well known citiaen, manager
of the General Advertising and Publishing oompany, wu drowned while
bathing at lhe Island Saturday evening,
being celud with cramps while swimming, Ho wu sged abont 88, ud wu
a Bon of Co'umbos H. Greene,
Alloway �� Gimp j
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bonds bought, sold and
carried  on margin.    Listed
mining stocks carried
Reported   by Alloway &   Champion,
863 Main street, Wiuuipeg.
Hanks. Hellers.   Buy en.
Montreal  :00 nti
Molmm'B  IBS Itt
Merchants'  wi 12
Comnnirou  ,i|) UT|
Warliugle  HO 1601
|>r����       9-1      ..���
Coin morels' -Cable         Mi) ,flH
Montreal Tel , dt WJ
Wen. AOntNav  ita        uo
City I'mu. Wy  Hit ;��1
Halifax li-y .""" .,.-> ��-
Montreal um  Iftt
Toronto R'y ,  jig
Duluth Preferred  15
Can. Pao. B'y. Montreal  00 6uj
Can. I'ae. R'y. London  Ill
Money, timo         --7
Money, on call  6        ....
Quoted   by Alloway &  Champion,
863 Main street, Winnipeg.
HeiehsinarkB -jo.ij ..4
Austrian Gulden Hn iM
Holland UulUlem Bl)
FranoB , in 7-8
Knssian Roubles no 3-4
Finnish Markkaa	
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 hard, Fori
William, 78)*o.
Jflour���Ogilvie'a Hungarian patent,
���3.20 per sack of 98 11m; Olenora,
$3.05; Lake of theWiodn Five Rosea
brand, **a.2u; patent, $3.05.
Millfcod���Bran, $11.50; and Bhorts,
Ground Feed���Oat ohop, $28.60 ton;
barley ohop, $21.60; mixed barley and
oata, $25.60; oorn chop, $33; oiloake,
Oatmeal���$1.80 per saok of 80 Iba.
Granulated and standard, $3.60.
Oats���For good quality, 88 to 40o.
Barley���Nominal, at 46o.
Oorn���61o per bushel.
Hay���Fresh baled, $6.00 to $6.60;
loose bay on the street, $5.60 to f6.
Batter���Creamery���18^ to 19u per
pound at the factories Dairy���Choice
fresh made, 14a; seoond grades, 8 to
13-j pei pound.
Cheese���9 to 9)��o per pound.
Eggs���is^o per do<.en.
Vegetables���New potatoes, 56 to 6O0
per bushel; lmportel onions, 80 per
pound; rhubarb, 20o per doz, bunches;
lettuce, 16 to 20c per dozen; parsley,
40o; green onions, 20o per dozen;
larrots and beets, 8O0 per dozen;
turnips, 20o per dozen; cabbage, 80 to
40c per dozen; tomatoes, $1 per case;
oelery, 8110 per dozen; cn.umbers, 80 to
40o per di.z'-n.
���Lxeaanl Meats���Beer, 6 to 6^0 per
pound; veal, 7 to 9o; mutton, lo^c;
lamb, llo; bogs, *���% to 7^o,
Poultry ��� Live thickens, OOo per
pair; spring chickens, 14o per pound;
fowl, dressed, 12c por ponnd; turkeys,
dressed, 18c per pound; live weight,
9o per pound.
Hides���No. 1 inspected hides, O^o;
Na 2, 6^0; Na 8, 4j��o; shearling
sheepskins, 10 to 160 each; oalfbkins,
80; deakins, 26 to 85 eaoh; horsebides,
75c to $1.25 each.
Wool���Unwashed fleece, 8 to 8^0
per pound, washed, 13)$o
Seneoa root���Good clean, dry root Is
worth 23>^o 1 er pound, delivered here,
dark inferior grades less.
A MiMHidcrattindliiir.
"My dear," tiiiid a gentleman to bis
wife, "wlii'tv did all lliosi- hooks on as-
tronomy on tlio library como frotuV
They arc not onrn."
"A pleasant littlo surprise for you,"
responded the lady. "Vou know, you
said this morning thnt we ought to
Htudy astronomy, and so 1 went to a
bookshop and bought everything 1
eoiilil tintl ou the subject"
It was some minutes hofure lie spoke.
".My dear," lie then said slowly, his
vol��e husky with emotion, "I uever
said wo must study astronomy. I said
that we must study economy,"���Poor*
son's Weekly.
The Same Old War.
-Curious Old Lady - How did you
oome to this, poor man?
Convict���1 was drove to It. lady.
Curious Old Lady���Were you really?
Convict���Yes; they hruug mu In tho
Black Maria, as usual'
A Ti-uilifitt Mnn.
Miss riaiufacc (earnestlyI���But If I
had not all this money do yuu think
you could still he happy wilh nieV
Mr. Seekrox (stintUM, but eiiunl to
the emergency)���A���0���a���impnv ti uot
the word for Iti
The oldest (icnmiu nml mines were
first worked iu IIIKt. They nre near
Worms. Ku;:laii'l did not begin to
mine Its coal until the fourteen til ecu
I my.        	
Joy Is tho best of wino.���Georgo
They nlwnys talk wbo never think.���
The luxury of doing good surpasses
every other personal enjoyment.���Clay.
Tls not what mnn does which exalts
him, but what man would do.���Browning,
Loveliness needs not the old of foreign ornament, but Is wben unadorned
adorned tbe most.���Thomson.
We ought not to Judge of men's jnerlts
by their qualltlcatlous, but by tho uso
they make of them.���Chnrron.
A God snooks softly tn our breast,
softly yet distinctly shows us whnt to
hold by and whnt to shun.���Goethe.
There Is no bcnutillcr of complexion
or form or behavior like the wish to
scatter Joy nnd not pain around us.���
He who seldom sneaks and with one
calm, well timed word can strike dumb
the loquacious ts a genius nnd n hero.
-La voter.
No human being can come Into this
world without Increasing or diminishing the sum totnl of human happiness.
A  Peculiar Dlddiae Thut Waa Killed
uy Ventilation.
In the tight between the Monitor nnd
Merriume it wus fuuud that tbere was
uot sutticient air In tbe tlimited steamer for tbe crew and tbat the suffocating
gases generated by the explosion of
gunpowder found their way below and
rendered It practically Impossible fur
tbe men to work. Necessity therefore
compelled the Introduction of some apparatus fur Artificial ventilation.
The old methods lu vogue for hundreds of years hud been rotulued even
under the new conditions and but for
the striking exhibition uf direct Interference with lighting capacity would
have remained for many years longer.
In the Monitor was placed n rotary
blower, worked by steam. Air was
thus drown from ono half of the steamer through a system of pipes and
forced Into the otlier. Various changes
wore made In later Ironclads of this
period. In somo the air was drawn
down the turrets ond forced throughout the vessel, thus rendering them
more thnn ever liable to suffocate the
men below In battle, while in others the
supply was obtained through armored
cylinders nnd forced out through the
It was In the early Ironclads thnt n
peculiar disease develuped whleh, lie
ing coutltied to those vessels, was soon
designated Ironclad fever. In tills nf-
feet Ion the Initial symptoms were
much like those of typhus, hut in n
short time severe occipital pain was
followed by complete aphonia nnd this
by como nnd death. The Introduction
of ventilating appliances caused thr
disappearance of this singular disease.
and in time these metal boxes, almost
entirely submerged, came to be regard
ed as probably tlie most salubrious vessels oflottt.���Cassler's Magazine.
. PREVENT DISORDER. - At tho first
symptoms of Internal disorder Pnnnclco'o
vegetable PUIs ehuuld be resorted to immediately. Two or three of these salutary pellets, taken before going to bed, followed by
doses of one or two pills for two or three
nights In succession, will serve ns a preventative uf attacks of dyspepsia nnd all the discomforts which follow In the train uf thut
fell disorder. Tha means are simple when
the way Is known.
Cult Mi K Mr.*- I. r .. 1. vi   ���*.
The trucks of London are many,
uud some of them seem very str.ingi
to n Canadian. One occupation by
which u score of Br J tons ure said to
earn their livelihood is that of 'poking firos." It is thus desMbcd oy a
London exchange, and whatever else
may be thought of tlie story, It
speaks well for the .lews of ICuglund
as faithful keepers of their law.
By tho Rabbinical law, no .lew is
allowed to kindle or mend uny lire
on tho Sabbath, und in certuiu plnre.
in England, where Jews uro ver)
numerous, this prohibition makes it
nocessary that persons shall be employed from Sunset on Friday to the
same hour on Saturday, In going
from house to house lighting flros and
lumps,  nnd uUundiug  to  them.
One  woman     In     tho  Enet   End  of
London often hus ns many as fiftj
houses to attend to, nnd draws (.mall
fees from each of them. It is not long
since -a male "lire-poker" in that
quarter died worth more thnn ��'!0(i,
which he hud saved out of liis earnings.
It often happens at the East End
that a strict Jew goes out into tho
street and snys to some Christian
passer-by, "Would yon be so kind
ns to como indoors nnd light my
lamp? The fire-poker bus failed me."
Many a tip do tho police constables
got for services of this kind. One of
Uiem said that he hud received scorns
of small presents for putting kettles
on tin- lire.
DO NOT DELAT.-When, through deblli-
tatcd digestive organs, poison finds Its way
into theldood the prime consideration is to
get the poison uut us rapidly uud as thoroughly ns possible. Delay may mean disaster. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will be
found a most valuable and effective medioine to assail the intruder with. They never
fall. They go at onco to tho seat of the
troublo and work a permaneut cure.
Her La��t Drink.
In Hyde Park lives a young matron
who Is of such a high nervous temperament that If she drinks the very smallest amount of alcoholic stimulant be
fore going to bed the result Is sleeplessness for tbe remntndcr of the night.
Some nights ago a number of friends
dropped In for tbe evening, nnd Ihe
husband, who, by tho wny, Is a southerner, suggested that he mnke a mint
Julep for each of the company, The
suggestion was received wilh delight,
and the Juleps were promptly mixed.
In his wife's glnss, however, he put
only enough whisky to flavor the
wnter, probably not more than n tea-
spoonful. Of tbis she sipped nhout
half. The result, however, wns the
same. She was troubled with Insomnia
all uight long, nnd It wns not until 5
o'clock tn tbe morning thnt she dropped off to sleep nud, ns a consequence, wns not called for breakfast.
At 10 o'clock she came down stairs
and hearing the voices of children on
the front porch stopped to listen. Her
heart filled with motherly pride as she
heard ber elder son, a buy of 0, telling
seven or eight children from tlio neighborhood thnt they must uut mnke tuo
much noise ns his mamma was asleep.
Imagine her horror, too, ns tho yumig
Ifupcful added:
"She drank so much whisky last
night that sbe couldn't cumc down to
breakfast this morning."
Merely lln>lnir.
Caller���Isn't ymir mother in, Ethel?
Kthel���No, ma'am.   She down town.
Ethel���Oh, no, inn'iim. I don't think
she hnd time for that. She snid she was
Just going to run <1own nad get some
things she needed.-
Artlit Hlder RcprodsceH In Colon a
Spirited Incident In the South Afrioa a War,
We aro In receipt of the Free Press
premium picture "The Capture of
Commandant Botha by the Canadian
Mounted Rifles." Tho Winnipeg Free
Press has made a great hit with this
fine plate. Representing a spirited
scene In the South African war, lt
has caught the public taste and the
demand for It Is enormous. Although
the "picture Is copyrighted nnd the
Free Press cuntrol the exclusive right
to its sale, lt Is offered at a price
which places It within the reach of
everybody. The Free Press advertise
that for 85c they will send the Weekly Free Press to end of 11XH) and a
copy of this beautiful picture. Any
one wanting a really handsome picture, one that Is well worth framing,
ahould avail themselves of this offer
At ones.
iuuu, TuwtTv ^W^iw
(JfmAASxmJ^ fKt>oM/ omd/ /-VMs-
fCrnve/ mVfUfitt
*4  *V tb+i-ds *^mie^(<
rsluiitr.nl. Free Hus. Am
, P. tLu sip. E. P. tl.ou ea.
An Inventor claims to have dlwcovered i<
method of obtaining motive power from
Tlie nearest approach of n comet te
the earth observed was in 1770, when
one approached to within 1,400,000 uiiJe.-
of our planet.
The sound of thunder amy he heni'd
fer 20 to 25 mill's, witli the ear tu thi-
gniiind much farther. Llglitiitng is re
Hooted for IHO to 200 miles.
Recent experiuiinls hy M. .Innet show
tbnt the temperature of the carbon Hia
rin-iit In nn electric lamp is lietween 2,000
degrees nad 3,000 decrees l��\
Appeal* to 1'Vnr.
The appeals to fear havo well nigh
ceased, and yet there Is no fact which
we are so compelled to see ns tho fact
of retribution. The law of retribution
works in our present life. We become
aware of It in our earliest infancy, nud
we never become developed In clinrac-
ter until we have learned to fonr Hint
which Is evil nnd to shun tbe consequences of sin. There Is n sense of
righteousness in nil men, and nil men
know that unrighteousness brings punishment It Is fair to assume thnt
what is a part of man's vory structure
here will continue hereafter. We may
give up entirely the notion of n material hell, but we cannot give up the
doctrine of retribution. Suffering must
follow sin, and therefore to appeal to
fear Is not only legitimate, but It Is In
accordance with tlie structure of man's
nature.���North American Review.
There never waa, and never will be, a uni-
rerflal panacea, in one remedy, for all ills to
which flesh is heir���tho very nature uf many
curatives being such thnt were the germs of
other and differently seated diseases rooted
In the system of the pnticnt���what would
relievo one ill in turn would aggravate the
other. We have, however, hi Quinine Wine,
when obtainable in a sound, un-idultenitpd
state, a remedy for many and grievous 111b.
By its gradual and judicious use the frailest
systems aro led into convalescence and
strength by the influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives. It relieves
tho drooping spirits of those wfth whom n
chronic state of morbid despondency and
lack of interest in life is a disease, and, by
tranquilizing tho nerves, disposes to sound
and refreshing sleep���imparts vigor to the
action of the blood, which,being stimulated,
courses throughout the veinu, strengthening
the healthy animal functions of the system.
thereby maklog activity a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life to
the digestive organs, which naturally demand increased Bub&tunce���result, improved
appetite. Nurthrop & Lvman, of Toronto,
have given to the public their superior Quinine Wine at tho usual rate, and, ganged by
the opinion of scientists, this wine approaches nearest perfection of any in the
market.   All druggists sell lt.
lomethlnor lie Couldn't Wenr.
A wealthy American who became a
convert to Home wns very generous to
Pope Leo XIII In money matters. He
had done many gulieroua tilings, and
the pupe had rewarded him with orders and medals gnlurc, I'or once a
year tlds convert made a pilgrimage to
Hume, where he was kindly received
by tlie holy futher as n son aud generally, until the orders wore exhausted,
each time was bestowed with some
fresh honor. On such occasions all
these brave metal pieces were attached
to the rich A mor lean's breast.
"I'll soon end that," the pope remarked to a confidante who was at his side
during the luveu. "Next time I shall
give him n snuffbox," whicli he did,
und a beautiful Jeweled box it wns.
The following year the American
turned up again aud was granted an
audience, when to the holy father's
consternation the faithful sou of tlie
church appeared not ouly with nil his
medals, but with the snuffbox attached
to his waistcoat.
"The next time," the pope said, with
a comical sigh, "I shall present lilm
with a marble topped tnble. It is tlie
only thing 1 can think of that he can't
t'e to his waistcoat."
Minard's Liniment Cores Euros, Etc.
Coin nntl I'd per Mimi'j*.
*'N*o, I will not many you," snid Miss
Nnithsi.lt- hi reply to Hie proposal of
Air. Manchester. "You do nni love tne
foi' myself alone. It is my coin that you
"You misjudge tne terribly, Miss
N.irthside," protested the young mini
carnestlv. "I would (llat 0" lief have bank
Fond nf Ohlldren,
"I understand that tho empress dow-
ngei- is fond of children," said the Chinese gossip,
"Yes," answered the courtier. "Sho
Is very fond of ohlldren, In fact, she
wouldn't think of having nn emperor
over  21   years  nf  age."
IttsiirH Itn  IiU'iil   1'iilliy.
M-ffrs. Muiiltuba iiinl N. W. T���
wiitnlpog, Mnn.
Or to ROUT, DICKSON, General AKi-i.t,
WlinillH-B, Mini.
Brass Band
liiHtrumentH, DrtiniN, I'ntls.i iu��, Kir.
LoWCtt prlt-UH BVSr  i|��"t-wl     IflllO  C-atuliiKU*
SOU tlluitnitlonn mailed froe.  Write a* for any
Ihtnf hi Muilo or Muil'-itl liiHtriiineiiU.
nn,.,,. !>�����������* Mr Hn   Toronto,Ont.,nnd
Wnaley Boyce & Uo.,     winni^*, Mun.
Mitauraeturt-d by TII OS. 1,KK, Winnipeg.
Western Canada
The Forum,
Winnipeg, Man.
Best Systtirnfl.     Csp&blfl Stuff.
Individual Instruction.
ETenltift classes now organised. A eoursq In
onr <���<���lieu*! will cost yoii Innu }�� to % tlie tiin��
and money yuu will have tn spend in oihi-r business colltKes for tht> wnnedii-jrt'el*t ifllciuucy.
86 per cent of our graduates uru holdhiy good
positions.   Write for cataloguo.
W. A. SIPPRELL, B. A., Principal.
Catholic Prayer gsX'-SsS:
oUrs, Ittllpinufll'ifliiri's.siiituiirv.anslciisireli
Os-sii-isioiitB, Educational \Vsjrhss. Haltordei-arss*
��lvo prompt attention, J, J J. Sadlier t MMMI
and bo would many a young
lady, rather '.Iiun take a bath
without the "Allien"
It leaves the fkln wonderfully soft
nml fresh, ami its inlnt fragrance is extremely pleasing,
llcwiire of Imitation**.
L itrouwjjin
m.ttlt THE LMH[lf ,*m
onetrial will convinct you
op its superior i-ichits
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Slit Ewmrlin.
On Their FlahlnK Trip.
Short-I llioilKllt foil were koIiik to
drown that cat V
Lnhff���Well, thoy sny a ent hns nine
lives, hnt this one lias 20, I think. Why,
I not unity put that eat into n tuh nf water iiinl tied n brick round Us neck, nntl
what dn yon think?
Short���Oood ness knows.
Lnng��� Well, this morning when I went
to look nt tlie tub the eat hail swallowed
all tho water and was sitting on the
Did ynu cvo
i Acctylonn Ons?
1b tho li'.-at, iho only rolinblo, and Iho niosst
ionlly | roqiils-oss no Attention wlsilo working.
Til Mil-West AielTline lias Company,
aiiPrlnci��sSt., Wlniil ig,Han. A-pnts Wmstod
*fi*************** ******,
Wo keep a large Stock always on
hand of
W. can fit out Dssll, or Weekly
Papora or Job OuUlta nn a
fow houra notico.
W. aim srapply READY.rRINTS.
W. N. U. 287. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, AUG. 31, l.'QO.
1 Cap Upholstered
The Latest Styles in Parlor, Dining-room
and Bed-room Suites.
Arm Chairs, Window Seats, Lounges and
Writing Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs, &c.
1 Bar Common Furnitnire
Mattresses,  Pillows,   &c.
1 Car Shelf Hardware.
1 Car Heavy Hardware
Including everything necessary for the
building and mining Trade
1 Car Choice Groceries
Ganned  Goods,   &c.
5,000 Rolls Wall Paper.
Flags of all sizes for
Screen Doors and      "dows
to keep out mosquitoes.
Genuine Maple Syrup
from Quelsec.
Oolden,   B.C.
Kirriptori     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going- northward via, Canoe river route will
find it ii large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere.  Golden    &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
. . . THE ...
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Freo.
Hot and Cold I In ths.
J ates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C.,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,     -     B.C.
Wss nre Manufactsirens and slireot, *iss**a��tera, and Starrs-�� lur re .tswleof BaUsrsM.,
v,,raar*.l^Cliy*ooa., Hctoutsfc* *swl. Prsctlssal Book., U*-s��s rare, 1'lsitinum Gooda,
I IKrrTssHnlral. s-Jssl ss" "I1""" Amaycsra asisl Minora'reqissrssmeissa. -
Ac'wW^k AGENTS *>r Ms.i��ass Crucible Company, UHltsrueai Becker'. Bona
B-ilsnss.ee, Etc. Cnt,|���g,ieansl full psu-JiculMn oimppllcaliwi.
Subscribers nnd Advertisers Are hereby notified that this Company, havius:
reauiued poss;esaiou of Thh Golden
Eka as from Ma; 25th, aooount. in
connection wilh the business from
that date sirs payable at the Company',
office or to A. G. Harrison.
The Golden Era Co. Ltd. Ly.,
per E. A. HAGGEN,
Managing Director.
J. D. Well* hat returned from the
Hairy Gate, of Palliser, spent a
couple of days in town this week.
Miss Dora Rogers left Inst Saturday
for her home In London, 0.it.
C A. Macmillan, Thos. O'Brien and
W. W. Roger, visited Banff this
Last Sunday Dr. Thos. F. O'Hasan,
who ha. looked after the duties of Dr,
lawful to kill the follo\viug:-Cai-ibou,
deer, snountain goat, mountain sheep,
duck, grouse and ps-airie chicken. It
should bn borne in mind, however,
that it is unlawful At any time to kill
the eow or calf of the cariboo, and tl.e
ewe or lasnb of the mountain sheep.
Ontus-io capitalists are about to erect
a woollen mill at Nelson.
Tiie Era is in receipt of the Statistical Year Book of Canada for 1899,
published by the Department of Agriculture, Ottawa. The book, as usual,
iss brim full of valuable information
and in'akes a splendid addition to the
Regular meoting of the Golden Fire
Brigade in the Fis-e Hail on Tuesday
evening at 8.110. All members arc
requested to attend.
Monday is Labor Day nnd a Statute
holiday for all cla*si-s. According to
law no one is allowed to do business
on that day.
The mixing of gold metals Is one of
m   ,      .    .       ,.      .    ���      ,   ���   '.the marvels of modern physics.   After
Taylo:-  during   his  ab��encs>  In New - .   ��� . ...,,  .        ' ,,1 .... ,
York for the past three months, left
for the Coast, where he will spend a
abort holiday before settling down to
his new charge at the Halcyon Hot
Springs Sanitarium. What is our loss
will be another's gain. Dr. O'Hagan
has made mnny fast friend, in Golden
during his shcrt sissy here who will
wish hisn every success in the future.
The doctor was ever ready and willing
to answer the call of duty, and at all
times took a keen interest in his work
and patients. We hoge the doctor
will again have occasion to visit our
town. t
Baratsria Shrimps-something very
nice.   Buy them at the Big Store,
Tha secretary of the Golden General
Hospital begs to acknowledge with
thanks a donation of a quantity of
vegetables from Mr. Mitchell, of Fortress Ranch,
The Mail and Empire says it I. now
definitely known that J. Ross Robertson, who has sat for East Toronto as
an Independent Conservative for the
past four years, will not again seek
Parliamentary honors.
Mary Maakwcll, writing In the Free
Press, at the suggestion of men in
shirt waissss, rises to make the following remark:���When Ihe men get into
shirt waists we are going to don
swallowtails! We will compete with
men in law, In physic, in everything
save fashions: what if the men take to
tucked yokes? Wl,i*s if our huahand
assumes insertion and baby ribbons at
throat end wrist? What if he polka
dots himself In pale blue, which is a
color that kills our afternoon com-
ple.ion? We shan't havo it! The
shirtwaist is ours-our belted knights
may lead on fields of battle, in senate
keeping a cylinder of gold asid one of
lead together for four years, at about
65 degrees P., Sir W. Robert. Austen
finds that the gold lias slowly but
surely made its way into, or mixed
with, the lend.
A petition is being circulated in
Kamloops, signers of which Bay: ���
" We solemnly pledge ourselves before
God and our fellow-citizens tliat we
will hereafter.have no dealings whatever with Chinese���neither to buy
from them, sell to them, nor employ
them, antl will use every lawful means
in our power to induce oiker to do the
The Imperial Limited will be taken
off on October 15t'h, when the.winter
time card wilt go into effect.
A phone typewriter has been invented which is talked into one side and
delivers the uttered words in print at
the other end.
The Friend of the Canadian
Lord Roberts has on more than one
occasion expressed his admiration {or
the Canadian boys who are taking
such an aotive part in the South
African war. In all the correspondence from the front it Is also pleasing
to note the esteem in which thn boys
hold their friend ss Bobs." * Lord
Roberts has the Canadian boys with
him all the time. This is a grent
compliment to Canada. There are
thousands of Cnnadlnns ��ho have
fl ieuds, or relatives in the Canadian
contingent nnd who would be glad so
haven portrait of the great general
���jnder whom sliejr are lighting and
fighting successfully. The Fartiily
Herald and Weekly Star hns published
!&   Cut This Out!   1
m    . **
:��� And mail to us with" 15 Cents r:*t
\a and wo will send you a beanti- p^
13 ful portiait of SIR WILFRID -'-
k3 LAUHIER, wbich has been [J
J51 l-opsodueed from the latest and e*j
rs moat natural photograph of rA
js J the Premier ever taken. j-j
U      . NOW! IS
tj ti*
...        , *...,*.        .       a really hanslsome colored portrait of
and in other spheres, but if he enters | Lor(- Kobei.l8 ������,-���.��� |.a..e-%oni*d.sied
into ths) traok of fashions and shows arriiiipmnents with them by which sill
his pace. In bolero and Eton effects, our senders and residtnss uf this violn
we wilt quit and take to-trousers.
Some of the simplest things in the
world, says the Scientific American,
are the most efficacious. If you are
afraid of lightning, here is a very
simple safeguard to remember: Simply
put on your rubber, and then stand
up so that your clothes wilt not touch
anywhere. Whether you are indoors
or out of doors yon are perfectly safe,
for rubber is a non-conductor, and yeu
completely Insulated.
ity oan securss a copy. It is a true
picture of the famous general. It;]-,
17x22 inches, ass exat-.t reproduction of
a painting by ou ot lho best European
We will send The Golden Eua and
the Family Herald and Weekly Star
from now until the end of the year,
Including the portrait ol Lord Roberis,
for the small sum of $1.25, asid if any
person feels that it is nol worth the
money the same will be r. funded.
To any of our subscribers   whose
arrears  have  beeu   paid  we offer lhe
Family Herald and VV'sekly Siar and
the picture for 60 cents.   Tho above
We havo received at this office tbe offers are open for a limited time only
premium picture offered by the Winni
peg Free Press, Capture of Commandant Boiha by Canadian Mounted
Rides, which accompanies Ihe Weekly
Free Press to the end of the year for
Ihe small sum of* 35,-s. The picture Is
a good one and should be a splendid
drawing card for that already popular
The Cynic.
-~-"""*--* ���
It is always easier for any woman
to pleaso a man than the one who is
married to him.
Probably no one ever mourned fcr
the dead in a manner satisfactory to
all hi. friends.
Some people have good luck tliey
Tho reception tendered the returned can't boast about���tho good lurk of
Canadian Invalids at Quelec wai of
the warmest character,
William Waldorf Astor now very
nearly fulfils the definition of a man
without a country,
Said Robert I-'itz.imraon. tha other
night in New York!���''I am through,
I will retire from the ring and will not
0* tim the championship from Jeffries.
I em ready and on edge to meet him
next Friday night, a. his manager
���ugguted ten daya ago, but a. ha
claimi that ha Is In no condition to
fight on that night, I am through with
him and the ring. Henceforth thin
will be one Im In tha heavyweight
dlvl.ion, lor I will go oat with the
Horton law,
Contractor J. Henderson is superintending ereotion of a new reildenoe on
thi louth tide of the Kicking Horn
River, which will be ocoupied by A.
M. Langlands and wife.
We were In error last week when
Wl stats-id that thi p'p'ng in the shaft
of tha placer digging! at Canyon
Creek wa. Inadequate. The fault dot),
not Hi in the pipes but In the pump,
whioh ll too small.
At thi request of Iht Imperial
authorities a proclamation is being
prepared by tha Dominion Government
prohibiting tha aale, or In any way
tha supply, of arras or munitions of
war whatever to the Chinese In this
Thi eloM Mason for moat kinds of
garni expires to nighl, when it will bs>
not yet being found out.
The real clever people nre those who
recognize the importance of occasionally letting on tbat they are fooled.
So many new thing! are put up in
cam every year that it i. getting easier
every day for men to live comfortably
without women around.
We have noticed that the announcement of an engagement always comes
from the bride', family and that the
groom', family are tbl most skeptical.
All persons having any claims
against thi partnership heretofore existing between Messrs. Smith tt Bale.
as printer! and publishers of The
Golden Era, carrying on buttons at
Goldon, B C, will kindly send in to
tbe undersigned a detailed itatement
of same on or before the 8rd day of
September, 1900, Any perion who
may be indebted ta tke laid -firm will
also be good enough to pay same to
the undersigned on or before the Uid
day of September, 1900.
���C, H. PAR80N.
Having disposed of my hotel business to Mr. Frank Whi ing, all
accounts dne to me are to be paid to
Mr. Thomas O'Brien, Solioitor, who
alone li authorized lo receive the same
and give receipts therefore.
Dated at Golden this DOth day of
July, 1900.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in  Iho Golden Mining Division of
East Kootititay District, lt.C, at tlte hoi.tl
ot* FifldOD -Mifo Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, James Drndy,
agont I'or Mnni'.s'l Daiisard, Freo Miller's
Cortiiirato No. 1110!"sor>, intend, sixtv ilaj'a
from tlie slate ln-rent', to.-tpj-lv to tlio Mining
Het-oi'tior for a t'ertiiieale of Improvements
for she pitrpo-te of obtaining a Crown Us-ant
for tlm libovo i-lllisn.
Anil fnrtliui- take notieo that ar-ion, under
8eciiun -*7, insist ne i-ismnioncod boforo tlie
is*nii;iii-oiit* sus.lt Ues-tilivsito of Improvements.
Dated this 1st slay of Annual, 1U0O.
Agent for Mauucl Dainard.
Fop Sale
Wagons, Sleigns,
Aperajoes, Pack
Saddles, Harness,
and Camp Outfits.
Apply to
tf."**:-** ;Q&>;''-..
I Shorey's
! Clare Serge Suits
Mode of
Fast Blue
20 oz. to
the yard.
{Not made
!   to order
j but made
]    to fit.
; Sold only by
the best
dealers for
Tailors' price for the same
goods $20.00.
��� Rccomm.nd.tl by Leading
��� ISrcesmakera. A        J**
��� Ihey Alwaya Plt.-e.-fe,
mm. BAZAR,    i
pri'lieto nsiivrni an ��nM In tifaily
ever**- ciiy -inA u.wn in Hie Mullet) Suits
ralsr iliiei Hnt  kctfi  litem icml
in.    Ono cent Manilla icctivtd.
jssurncurnt jiolnl.
i 118 lo 146 W. 141(1 Sir..!, Nti. V.rt
niiANcn ors-ica. t
.     s8�� Filth Ave., Chic..., and
; loss M.rRat St.. San Franclaco.
B Brightest  MiffUlM   Published
| Contains Beautiful Colored Plnte*.
Illustrates laty-i Patterns, Fash
E ulars.    SuWrii'tiiin only llOc* per year.
��� Including a FKBB Paticrn.
B Iddras THE McCALL CO.,
138 to 146 W. 14th St., Ntw York
J. C. TOM & CO.,
Merchant Tailors.
We have recently added to our Tailoring
Establishment a full line of
:-: Gents' Furmshing&V
The Finest in Town
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired on Shortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite of Golden.
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the koy to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on tho Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising* and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also prcx-eeding, whioh will seagm-e tbe
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available toi* the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who wilt*
find it to their interest to purchase before a fttrther rise
takes place..
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trust-aes.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson. Merchant,
P. A. Desormeau,
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
South Side Kicking Horae River,
Harvey, HoCarter ft Pinkham,
Bssrrlatera, Sotlc-ltora. Ac.
Iterel-ttoku, 11.1'.
Fort Sls-elo, U.O.
Itooma, Alexander Illock, Oolslcn II. C,
Hull Bros. & Co,
Wlsuk-wilo & Retail
Cattle, Shoep tisisl Horso Denier..
Jas. Bbady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
H. Ain'n. Inst. M.E.
Affont for oblniniiifr Crown Grant., sluing
annual uaeaansesit work, ole.   Aslslre..
Coffins and
Funeral Robes o( .11 ki.nsls.
Order, promptls; iiKewW ts.
W. L. Houston,
Golden, B.C.
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Crauaerelal College,
Box  847.   Vanconver,  B. C.
Tliorongt instruction In business
methods, Book keeping, (we um no
text-books, but do actual business)
Shorthand and Typewriting. We prepare for examinations,
A. F. A A. Me
Mountain X.otlgo, No. II. A. F, &
A. M. RoKiilfir t'oinmnnk'ntion,
mcoihI Mommy In ovory month.
Sojourning brutlirou cordially Id-
C, H. PARSON,  ���Secretary.
I.  O.  0.  F.
RiM-ky Mountain Lodge No. Al meets in
fW-dtellowit Hull, (ioldon, ovory WodiiewUy
At 8 luti.   Hojnurnliiir brotliron welcome.
OtirfnreuninlUmfalL Anyoaeacs-ding
aks-tch ana deacriptitm of any invention will
promptly receive our opinion fre. concerning
the patentability of aatne. " Bow to Obtain ���
����*.**.�������� aentssnij-s nqneat. Patenta -.-cured
through ua imNMHr aale .1 our eipenic.
Patent, taken out Ukroujh su receive timSlo.
.0 mii.tr.led and wktlly drcnlated jouru.1,
conaulted by Manufacturer..ndlirvetfon.    ^
���cud for aample copy nil.  Addrea,
(flaunt Altonu-r.,)
(������� luiidi.f. wnas-siNoTON, o.-c
; THIRTY-SEVENTH VEAW.  ��� ��� .���;
N-"   -���   MADE   FROM
(220 Mmm-i- 8T.. 8an Fmncisco, Cat.
TtaUII patatAet.
pemaaum. easnplM
tbe PA-rnsr H>
"*    plMftsl*
FRUIT tnsj     nTDT?1?Cl
MA0N0MA8, BULBS, new crop of
For Sprlug planting.     Largest  and
most  complete  stock   In   Western
Canada.   Call and mak* yoar selections or send tor catalogue.    Address
it Nm scry Grounds or Greenkouse.
M. J. HENRY. ^^ ^��"��>��*��
Koad, Vancouver
sh F "K, WaaMwSsSf J'tt'^


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