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The Golden Era Jun 22, 1900

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Array ���*%
\J/\*$-\r UvaJAXaJ
f -^
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A aupply of Bssilding Ume for Sale.
���ana prepared. Prompt attention given to
un   may   (ie  seen  at nnd Prices of
Lot* and Tertns obtained  from
C. W. FIELD, Agent, Golden.
NO. 47
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 1900
$2 Per Year
We have just passed
into stock a complete range of Tinware of
the best maksa, including everything you need
and nothing you do not need. These are a
few of the many useful articles now awaiting
Camp, Tea, Glue and Preserving KETTTLE9.
Bread, Milk, Kneading and Dish PANS.
Oil and Sprinkling Cans,   Milk, Water, Strainer
and Slop PAILS.
Cloth-ss Boilers, Egg Poachers, Coffee Pot*-",
Pudding Dishes, Boston Strainers,
Lanterns, Flour Sifters, Scoops, Graters, Juice Extractois.
Lemon Squeezers, Ice Cream Moulds, Broilers, Toasters*.
Pure Food
'   Cookable, Wholesom Beans���Lima White and Pink.
LIPTON'S Best Ham and Bacon.
Choicest California Evaporated Fruits. High
Grade Domestic and Imported Canned Fruits and
Creamery Butter in 1-ponnd prints and 2-ponnd
tins.      Dairy Butter in 1-pound foils.
H. G. Parson,
���General Merchant,
Xexa,r|der Block.
Now is the Time
for Sining "JMirino lo put you in .shape for the hunt ot the coming
S.tinn-ir. Anv of tlieao are well known and reliaille -South
Aniei'iJun Stoiuiok and Lister Ore, B. B. 11., Paine'a Celery
Compound; Clarke'a, Hood's,Ayer'.ttiidChbnnlng'aSaraaparillae.
AOAtS, IS TOXICS yon can get Quinine Wine) Bcel, Iron and
"Wine; Fallows' Syrup; Casnphell'a Elixir; Malt Extract; and
P.ptonlie-1 Wino of God Liver Oil.
IN PILLS ^-Dodsl's, Doan's Chase's, William's, Coobri's, Ayer'.,
Parmsli-oVBssenham's, Holloway's., Seigel's, Carter's, Burdock's
Agnew's. Hood's and Wills'.
aud Nerve Medicines; Plasters, Ointments, Liniments and Diug
Patents (federally.
If You want a Good Fit in
call at Warren's.
The Finest Eange of Cloth
ing ever shown in Golden at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, EC.
Direct Route to Peterborough, Athalmer, Windermere and
Surrounding Mining Diltriot.
<R. Consigners wtll be charged with all way freight between Oolden
and Windermtre, at whioh point a Company's -ment will be
All freight and charges on goods to "Windermere and points beyond will bate to be paid to the Company's agent at Winder-
men before delivery ot goocls.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized,
Capitol Pnlsl Up
II. S. Ilowla.ul,       ���       rrtsMi-ttt.
T. It. Merrltt,        ���        Vis-e-}'"-.-
Win. R.maay,     T. Buthorlanil Humor
Robert Jaffray, Eliaa BokDI'j,
Win. Ileiislrie.
II rah orfiiiK. Tstno**rr->.
D. It. Wll.KlK, (.esseral Mmsagor.
E. Hav, Inapeetor.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. aial It. C.
""Iras-don, Calgary, Rlssionton,
Uolden,       KeUoss,        Portage la l'rairu.
Prince Albert,     Hevelstoke,     Htruthcosi..
Vancouver,       Winnlpog,   ���
Eaaex, Fergua, Unit, llniililloli, Inpswll,
Uatowol, Niagara Falls., i'ort OoH-o.ir.lt.
Hat ForlSKc, Sault Ste. Marie, St.
Oathariuo*.. St.. Tlion.aa, Toronto, Wulantl,
Wou-hsUN-k, awl NinitifciJ, Vi:o.
Agents. In (.rent llrltnln:
Lloyil'a Ilnlik, l.t.l , "tl 1-nssslunl St., Losulon
with whom money may lw iIoixmsss-iI for
tranafer by letter or i-aliloto auy of tlio
above brum-hea.
Agent* In United States*:
NEW YOP-K-Unnk of Montreal, Bonk ot
America. , ���
CHISIAUO-Flrat National Sasik.
8T. PAUI.-Hcwmil National llank.
SAN FliASl'ISCO-Wells, Fargo k Co.��
Agents In South Afi-len.
Intereat allowed on ileooaita.
Proilnciul, Municipal nud other debenture.
Avi.iliil.lt, at all jviinls ill Canada, United
Kingdom, United Statea.
J. S. Gibb, Her., Golden Branoh.
Tenders for Packing.
Teisders are hoi-oby invited for packing
Mine riant nnd .Supplies, and alao Camp
8upplie>, from the Il.rao Creok Landing on
the Columbia Kiver to Ihe Certainty Mine,
on Fifteen Hiks Crasik, for the oswuing season.
Tender, adslremed to tlio iniilor-.lg.ied will
cloao nt 7 p.m. on tVodnsasdny, Juno27tb noxt
Engineer to Ilio CortsiiiilyUolsl
and Missing Company 'Limited.
HOUSE nnd LOT fur Sido near tlio Court
House, p* Uuu. Apply to Mrs.'Blophesis, ot
the Kiuel.or. JiiMsss
The groat mlnerssl di*scovoris*s that havt! been mado in Ihu Upper
Country have attracted attention from all parts ol the world and
today tlss-re is no more familiarly known aeusioss than that which
olalms PE'/ERBOROUGH, B. C, aa Its Centre. Direct communication per stearaess with Golden and lhe outside world and
thickly setlled In all directions. PETERBOROUGH is the key
to the wonderful Toby and Horae Thiol properties now being
extensively developed, aa it situated dirccily lietween theso two
Creeks,   i'tor further particulars, apply to
Ot. A. STARK, Agent,
Peterborough, B.C.
In out despatches to-day our readers
will see the result of Lieut. Governor
Melunes' folly in trying to run things
to suit himaelt. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
wisely came fo lite conclusion that he
had no other alternative, so dismissed
tht Lieut. Governor, not beforo asking
bim, however, to resign, which that
gentleman refused lo do. That this
action will meet, with the approval
ot the people 6f British Columbia
has already been only too- plainly
evidenced in the result of lhe election,
whioh fired Martin bodily and sent
Melunes in bla wake.
We, of Norlk East Kootenay, can
now congratulate out-solve, as welt as
our member, Hon. W. C. Wells, upon
latest turn of the tide. Mr. Wolls was
yesterday sworn in,as Chief Commis-
sioucr of Lauds and Works in lhe
Duiismtiir Government, and it is quite
within bounds to nay that abler man
for tbis branch ot the Cabinet catinut
be found among the 33 that will sit
the next House. We venture to
predict that Mr. Wells will not only
perform the duties of his ollie
thoroughly, but that he will do so to
the eiitii-c satisfaction of ull.
All persons who hnvo any bills, charges or
claims upon Mr. W. C. Wells for or iu r**s*
poet of thi late election its the district of
Kuril. -East Kootonay will kindly sond in
auch bills, charges or claims to lho under*
aigued within one mouth from the llth dayoi
Juno, 1000.
Dated At Goldon lids llth .lay of Juno, a.
D. mux
Election Agent for W. C. Wells.
British Columbia.
1 110
Lend    ,	
Uiilsl and Silver SCO
Lead antl Silver 9 00
Uold and Coppor  2 10
Silver nml Cops-or    8 tu
Gold Silvor nil.r Us.il BOO
Gold Silver nssd Copper-. H til
Gold Hiker Load and Copper  4 00
Iron 400
Tin aoo
Zinc aw
Nickel   6 00
Hiasmsth 8110
Antimony  It 00
Complete analysts of Iron ore. II Cvi
All ore. for ssaay are cArofully sampled
���nd a portion kept in the oRfcs, ao that the
owner may get a sample ahould Ise *t any
thue dealra tu have a check assay made.
Reduced price, for Hve sample, and ever
when brought in together and lor the suae
Proapecta uamined and reported npon.
Hero is a satnplo order on tl
Pretoria nnd Coast Jliiil.vuy: "Engine
'Ml will haul the Government from
Whoopu'jfotriu lo Haardsuhrahbledorp
leavisig at 12 p.m." Paul Ki-tuer's
Cabinet is now composed of a Minister
ot Ibe Bellrope, a Minister ot tne
Brake, a Minister ot the Red Lamp,
a -Minister of Window Wnshiug, and
a Poch Bah who is Minister of Sour
Oranges, Rotten Peanuts, Can ly- und
Novels nnd Newspapers.
A Rich Musical Treat!
Never have the people of Golden hart
the pleasure of listening to such musical talent as that presented at Coluin-
bia Hull on Tuesday evening last,
when Mile, Dolores (Trubollt), treated
us to something new. Tho hnll was
not packed, although a goodly nnmber
was hi attendance. It is impossible to
say all that might be said of the
different numbers. The old English
ballads were Biintf _M only Mile. Dolores ean sing tlieirt. The following is
theprogrnmmo: ���
1,   "Ah fore e hii" (Trnvinta) VeitH
Mllu. Dolorci
2.   " I/Altarttto
Mr. J, Dunsmuir Succeeds in Forming
Victoria, June Mist.
What with the dismissal of
Lieutenant-Governor Mcln-
nesand-a great many other
incidents, the past week has
beon replete with political
Tho Opposi t i on caucu s
held in Vancouver on Monday passed resolutions asking for the recall of Lieut-
Governor Molnnes, and next
day Sir Wilfrid Laurier wired asking him to resign. Mr.
Mclnnes refused point blank
and the following day lie was
dismissed. Sir Henry Joly
de Lotbinioro was immediately appointed in his place.
The formation ofthe Cab-
net was completed to-day,
Messrs. Mclhide, Wells and
Prentice were sworn in, Mr.
Wells as Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works.
The news of tho relief of Ludysmith.
and later of MHfcking, wiih tho more
recent report of tho capture of Pretoria,
wero received with hut littlo more
enihnsliisin than when lust Saturday
evening the People ot this Province
became  convinced of  the  fact  that
taled. -Nanaimo Herald.
"The blow which Martlnlsru received
on Saturday was one of the meet significant expressions of public opinion
ever given voice in this Province. We
think that it may safely be asserted
that the cause of pood government now
stands firmly on its legs, and that the
incubus under which British Columbia
has suffered is for onco and all removed. Mr. Martin has only a scant
following of seven members at his
back, and it is not unlikely that some
of these will take the first opportunity
of deserting his sinking ship.
The sit jat iou ti somewhat perplexing; but tho result, on the whole, ti
one upon which all wishers for a return to good government can congratulate themselves.���Vernon News.
The defeat of the Martin Government
at tho lat general election has brought
satisfaction to the people generally.
Many of those oven who supported
Martin and his eandidate in this riding
feel a sense of relief at Martin's defeat.
The systems and methods of that
moribund Government were all hostile
to the interests of the common peoplo
of the Province. So we find that many
who have supported the Government
candidate in this riding are now re-
j doing at the downfall of Martin,
Public fail li in the future uf .his Province is brightened and strengthened.���
Port Steele Prospector.
The six constituencies in Eust and
AVest Kootenay polled 7,400 votes, or
moro votes than were polled on Vancouver Island, that has fourteen members j or more than were polled in
Vancouver, New Westminster aud
Westminster diatrict, with uiuo members. This Is equal representation as
viewed from the Pacific Coast
politician's standpoint. In any redistribution measure that mny be introduced Kootenay must have what she
is fairley entitled to-that tii representation according to voting strength.
Kast K o enay, West Kootonay and
the Yale districts are the most import-
I for acceptable Ideas,
State If patented.
   ���}      Baltimore, Md.
Eriptlon prloe of the Patent Krcord 81,00
per annum.   Saruplw-. free.
ant in the Provii co, and they should"
have voting strength in the Legislative'
Assembly in proportion to their importance. Thirteen out of the thirty-
eight members should be allotted to'
Kootonay and Yale.���Nelson Tribune,*
Suicide at Palliser.
Eric ^riebctget, a SwRde who haa'
heun in the employ of the Palliser
mills for some time past, apparently
got tired of life-and whisky- on Sunday Inst and deliberately jumped into
the Kicking Horse River, which av
the present season runs about twelve
milea an hour. I'Yieherget- had lieon'
on a protracted spree previous to time
of committing the rush act and was'
only beginning to sober up at the time.
Some of the men wore talking to hiin
merely a minute or two before and had
in fact only turned their hacks wheu
they heard a splash and a grunt from
the direction of the river. They all.
immediately ran to the assistance of
the un fortune man. taking whatever
they could to help him out. The meu
ran along the bank for a half-mile or
more holding out poles and hoardrf
[some of whicli actually readied him)*
calling on him to take hold, but lie
did not or would not hear thom, while'
his comrades were doing all in their
power to reach him, when at last he
sank from view and has not been seen'
since, although a close watch is being
kept vip all along the river by willing
This is known to be the second time
that Prieberger has attempted suicide.
Last winter he was discovered iu a
precarious condition by some of his
comrades after an unsuccessful effort
in hanging himself, and when brought
to his senses .seemed quite disappoited
about it and as much as said so later.
Sthtnge to say, it was Prieberger
who found the body of Smith, who was
drowned in the same river whilo working on a survey party about aix weeks
ago not far from whore this last act
took placb.
Bodega   Restaurant,-
Ideas at or.y hours.
Fish and Game In season.*
Bread, CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionery
Aways in Stock,-
Fresh Oysters.
Columbia   lsrrsolf   ls.il   been
Wlsilo no mora loyal son.
.'���    IS THE   BEST.
M. Kiif.-1'iic. A. Urn**-, is. I relieves!.
5. Noriteglissi8..ssK.''8oli*tis['al.is��l''.Grteg w8���, ftrt|, f,om Crniasl. thnn onr own
Mil... Ilsllsita ,.;..,       ,, ... ,
4.  "Hy"Dsairc��lI-�����'' Es-lsorl British Colnmbia .olslserss, nni every
Mile. Dolor��� {part ol Iho Prorlnsso wntchol   with
t.  Roiulo Bflig*^- $%%��. Volp0 k**1'wl lntCTe" 'I" Pi*0(!����s cl British
6. Old Knclisil. 8011-r-.           "ins in South Airiest, the people here
llil'r"     M011""' U1'U ""* "'.""*  H<sj-sln' n'Vt'a """ in the '0CI11 Pollticstl situ-
(bl "Wlsero tlio He. S.iclia..
Mile. IXiluiea
7. Tnrasitello Dliet
8. (i.) Nocturne	
(b) VssJao * Chopin
M. Ksstceise Benutelsi
Dr. Arne Miou there was beinu; waged a contest
thnt had (or us almost as great an
intereat a. any temporary success or
failure of lha "March ol Empire"
in foreign lnnds.
Peterborough, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with the largest-
and most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in the Windermere Mining- District and
making- their
Headquarters for all -fi
branches of Mining
and Prospecting
or all d -j ���
!n,."s Supplies,
" Sprssig".
��� Toati
Mile. Dolorw. |   That a sigh of relief went up from
On mnioluslon of the fourth sclsotlon all quarters of the Province when the
the sndionce went wild and encored' retult of the polls was announced is
Mile., who then tang " Coming thtou'
the Bye," which fairly brought down
the house. Several other encorei had
to he responded to whioh were equally
well rendered..
Mile. Dolores gavo tho audience
her rendition of tho Laughing Song,
whioh was something wonderful, her
laughing being ao natural that It was
absolutely impossible for the audience
to atop when she did.
Should Mile. Dolores ever revisit our
little town we have no hesitation in
saying that a house unprecedented In
our history will greet her.
too dear to noed any demonstration.
The uncertainties of the present situation and the speculation as to what
turn things might take now are not at
all to be compared witb tho sense of
relief that haa swept over the Province
since it Is known that Mnrtinisin and
Mclnneslsm are everlattingly dsoapi.
Low    ! t I ! i v i is given <oMining Mn
coining into the country td1
... Develop Properties,
Having Our  Own Freight-
Boats We Defy
*- - ��� *���*���	 BOTHA RETREATS
All Ilritislt Commands Now Working
Together���Lalng's Nek Tnnnel
lllown In���Brave Donets.
Loudon, Juue 15.���The war office bu
made public a dispatch fr:m Gen. Bul-1
ler, accepting the congratulations of
tbe secretary of state for war, Lord'
Lnusdowue, in wbioh be says: j
"The Dorsets, who bave been on-j
lucky. had a chance at Almond's Nek
aud showed themselves to be as good as
au; others. I
About 1:0 -yards at eaoh end of
Luings' Nik Ihe ends of the tunnel are
blown in aod V will require several
days to mow ihe debris. Tbe line, j
otherwise, is uninjured and open to the
reversing stations aud alio to Sand- ���
spruit." I
London, Juno 15 ��� That Commandant
General Louis Botha should have been
able to stand for two days against Lord
Roberts, aud thon to retreat without
losing any guns, or having any of hiB
men captured, ia taken to mean that be
hus a foroe whioh the British must still
reckon us formidable when noting defensively. Tbe pacification of the
wbole Transvaal, especially tbe wide
it puces far fiuui the railways, is looked
upon ae a business requiring months
rather than weeks. Meanwhile every*'
thing robs well for the British -arms,     j
Tho Lorenzo Marques correspondent
of the Times, telegraphing yesterday, <
says: "Among the Boer agents here
there is talk of negotiations being re-I
opened, with a view of securing peace. I
Tho nature of the negotiations is not
made pnblio. I
Mr. Wolmarans, a cousin of the member of tbe Transvaal exeoutive of the '
same name, has arrived here. He de-!
dares that ho intends to take no further part in tbe fighting.
The British prisoners utNooitgfldacht
are suffering terribly from odd, and ar-I
range men tB are being made to provide !
them witb shelter. Their rations are '
identical with the soanty fare served
oat to tbe burgher.*.
London, June 16.���Lord Roberts reports that Methuen advanced to Hor-
ringsprnit yesterday and found all quiet.
Kronstad is strongly held. Methuen
returned yesterday to Rbenoster river,
where the railway is being repaired.
We were engaged all yesterday witb
Botha's army. The enemy fought with
considerable determination and held
onr cavalry on both flanks; bnt Jan
Hamilton, assisted by the Guards brigade of Pole-Care w's division, pushing
forward, took the bill in bis front,
which cased the enemy to fall baok on
their seoond position to tbe eastward.
In another report Lord Roberts says:
The enemy evacuated their strong position during tbe night and bave retired
to the eastward. Boiler's foroe and
mine have afforded each otber mutual
assistance. Our occupation cf Pretoria
caused numbers of Boers to withdraw
from Laiugs' Nek, and BullerV advance to Volksrnst made them feel
their rear would shortly be endangered.
General Buller reports to tbe war
office from Lalng's Nek dated yesterday
that General Lyttleton yestorday received the formal submission of tbe town
and district of Wai It ers (room, which the
enemy is believed to hare completely
Mnrtln   II... Reigned and Will   lie Hae
cot-dad bythe Millionaire ISilneu-vnei*.
Victoria, June 15���Mr. Jo.. Martin
has resigned and the new premier of
Britiab Columbia bits been ohosen. He
is Jamea Donsmuir, and tomorrow af*
teronon he will be sworn iu os premier.
Dunsmuir waa recommended by Mr.
Martin when he resigned, and was
called hy tl.e lieutenant governor this
Tbe cabinet of Mr. Dunsmnir will be
formed strictly on non-partisan lines.
In the recent campaign he was not one
of the big gnu. of tbe opposition. He is
a son of tbe late Robert Dnusmuir, 48
yearn of age. He is half owner of tbe
estensive mines at Comox, Wellington,
and Alexandria., ou the island and half
owner of the E. & N. Rv. The new pre*
niier is also the largest employer of la*
bor lo the province, and hi. pa; roll
monthly, exclubive of .teamen, of
which he has a nnmber, amonuts to
1130,01)0 He was flrst eleoled to the
' British Colnmbia legislature for Comox
in 1 SOS, aud at the recent election, wai
returned for South Nanaimo.
Hudson's Hay Company Dividend.
Loudou, Juno 15,���The directors of
tbo Hudson's) Bjy oompany have declared a dividend for the past year of
15 sl.illii.gfl psr sharp, and sbonusof 10
ahllliuga per .burn, cqn.l to OH per
oent on tbe capital stook of the oompany, ns agalnat 7 3-4 per oent.for the
previous year. In addition to this, the
directors ot tbe company have, ont of
tho year', profit, set aside ��10,000 for
tho employees' benefit fnnd, have added ��10,000 to tbe insurance reserve
fund, and hnve carried forward to tbe
credit of profit and loss account ��53,-
000, or ��10,000 more than tbe year before.
Klot at the Persian Capital.
Paris, Jane 15.���Tbe New York Snn
eonmpondent hears from a high ssonroe
that au uprising baa ooourred In Teheran owing to the high price of cereals.
Persian ministers were accused of
gambling in the., necessities and a riot
borke out In a baser in whiob several
Persians were wounded. The govern-
went ha. called ont troop, to preserve
order. The situation is said to be ser*
Pearls are sometime, found in mused shells.
Dynamite Explosion.
Bt. Paul, Jnne 15.���-A terrible scold
ent ooourred at the Bale mines three
mile, form Blwabik, Minn., in whiob
five men were instantly killed by an
ixplsxlon of dynamite. Their name,
are: P. Stark, W. Hattal, U Chalvert,
P. Hanso, and O. Mar-oak. A oharge
of dynamite had been let, and the fuse
lighted iu one of the drifts, and when
the usual alarm was given to enable the
laborers to reaob * place uf safety, tbe
five men rushed directly Into the drift,
where the charge wat planted, and met
theu death.
A  U..S.1 ���  llvtweeu  Force, or  Combined
Power, and .Uoliutnuu-duu Ttool��.
London. June 15.���The Time, publishes the following dispatch from Tien
Ttin, via Shanghai Jnne 14: "A ser-
iou. engagement ha. occurred between
tbe international columu aud the Me*
hummedan troops of Qen. Tang Fa
Sing near Pekin.
"Mr. Byron, Erenuan, British consult at Shanghai, who is now in London, says that these Mohammedan
troupe are armed with machine guns
and repeating rifles."
London. June 15.���Observers at
Shanghai and Tien Tain think tbere is
a great deal more trouble ahead for the
concert of the powers than the mere
reaching of Pekin with 9,044 men.
Serioos distnrbano.s are taking place st
Ynu Na Fn and Meng Tse, as well as
at other points a considerable distance
from the capital. The whole Chinese
empire seems to be in a ferment.
The intention, of the empress dowager are .till equivocal, with a balauoe
of testimony on the tide of a determination to expell the uppropriators of a
part of her country, or to lose hor dynasty in the attempt. It 1. related of
her that on the Monday following the
mnrder of the ohauoellor of tbe Japanese legation she was brought to a.ewe
or danger and went personally to the
Ynng Tung gate of Pekin, where she
advised the rioters to disperse. Bot .he
took no eteps to apply foroe and tbe appearance of things le more threatening
than before.
London, Jnne 15 ���In the house of
common, reassembled tbli afternoon.
Nothing of interest occurred nntil the
orisls in Ohinn was reached. The par*
liamentary secretary of tbe foreign
office, Wm. St. Jobn Broderick, made a
itatement tn regard to the position of
affair, in in the Chinese empire.
"Her Majesty's minister at Pekin,"
said he. "has been in constant communication with the Chinese government since the attack by tbe Boxers on
the peaceable converts and the destruction of tbree villages about 90 miles
from Pekin on May 13.
Eight Miners Klllml-One uf the Vlcthm
Opened His Safety Lamp.
Can more. Alberta, June 16.���This
place was thrown iuto great excitement
shortly afternoon yesterday, wben the
news olroulated of a gas explosion at
tbe coal mines.
Owlog to the nature of the explosion,
it was impossible ts ascertain definite
particulars as to how many men were
entombed, or how muoh of tbe mine
the explo��ioi had effected. All the
fans were set to work with the utmost
speed, aud after several boors of intense suspense and arduous work the
mine was cleared of smoke sufficient to
allow of the search party entering. It
Mas then atcertained that the explosion
had confined itself to ouly one section
where eight men had beon work inc.
All were found at their several posts,
"oold in deatb," which bad been inst in taueons.
The work of bringing the bodies to
the sufraoe was at once bejznn and tbe
Bcene at the ��op of the pit when tbe
nnxioos mothers and wives saw tbeir
deir ones brought out fir the last time
wus one never to be -forgotten and cannot bo described. Several men who had
been working in tbe vicinity of the explosion were badly shaken np, out and
bruised consid��rably,but none seriously.
The names of tbe killed are: Peter
Oanlfield. Spring Bill, N.S.; Prosper
Daye, Amaud Regard, Toney Bolliuo,
Toney Bul i no, Jr., Charles Menu pace,
Peter Aimonitto, F. Bernette, Canmore.
Doye, Kegarde, and Bollino leave widows and large families.
An inquest and iuevstigntlou was
held and the evidence submitted showed
tbat tbe cause was due to the grois
negligence and violation of tbe laws
and roles regarding safety lamps, ai
two of the safety lamps were found to
have been unlocked and opened.
Annual Guisierliig of Diofle.. of Hup.rt'a
Land���Archbi.ltop'a Addreaa.
Winnipeg, Jnne 15.���His Qraoe the
Arohbisbop of Bnpert's Land delivered
bl. annual oharge to the assembled
olergy and delegates of the synod of
the diocese of Bnpert's Land, in Holy
Trinity ohuorh last evening. The letter of the venerable aorbbisbop w.s a
lengthy one, going into many details of
the work in tbe disocese In opening
reference wai made to the prosperity
that prevailed last year and in wbioh
the diocese shared. Tbe harvest gave
satisfactory returns; Winnipeg and Ihe
province generally made good progress,
.(egret waa expressed at the war in
whioh the empire was engaged, and tbe
sorrow which it hai causes, in many
bomei, bot It wis pointed out that tbe
war was for the sake of righteousness,
and not for mere glory and aggrandise,
London, Jane 15.���Tbe Daily Express baa the following dispatch from
Prah Su. daled yesterday: "There has
been another tight on the lines of communication of the Knmassie relief expedition. No details have bsen officially supplied. There are 10,000 Aihsn-
lis surrounding Kamaesle, and 5,000
surrounding Kumasaie, and 5,000 ior-
rounding the relief force."
X.tehup for Lit..
When I was a boy they spelled it
"catsup," but "ketchup" will do for
this story. The article ia made of
tosnatoea over in New Jersey, and has
nn enormous sale. A dear old lady in
Connecticut heard of it, and, having a
reputation in the neighborhood for
making ketchup, determined to try it.
A bottle was purchased in the village,
and on the following morning Aunt
Jemima started for New Jersey. Ar
viying at the factory she called for tho
proprietor, informed him that his ketchup was, if anything, a little better
than hers, and as she didn't propose to
be outdone at home, she wanted his
recipe. It was the first time she had
ever heard of a ketchup being better
than hers. The proprietor said, smiling at her innocence: "My dear
madam, I can not give you my recipe,
but if you will leave your name and
address I will see that you get as
many bottles of ketchup every season
as you may want all the rest of your
life." She returned home only half
satisfied, bnt the first installment of a
dosen quart bottles eased her troubled
apirit.-New Seek Prua.
Victory of Kitchener and Methuen at
Khenoster Secure* British
Montreal, June 14.��� Tbe following
is a speoial cable from Richmond Smith,
tho correspondent ot the Star with tbe
first Canadian contingent: Fietoria,
Juue 6. ���by courier to Kronstad. Juue
14.���I was preseut wheu Geo. Roberts'
troops made the triumphal entry into
Pretoria on Tuesday, June 5. It fell
to the lot of tbe Canadian regiment to
be inoluded in tho march past the field
marshal aud his staff, who were stationed in tbe square iu front of tbe
parliament buildings iu Pretoria, 'in
the opt rations hading nptothe capture
of Pretoria, Geu. Uuttou wiih the
mounted Canadians marohed on- ihe extreme left of the British force* from
Johannesburg to Pietorla. When the
British foroes came in touch with the
fire from the Boers before tbe olty aud
from tbe forts of Pre tot ia ou Monday
Gen. Hamilton's advance was beiug
made over tbe bills of the oity. As he
advanoed the Cordon's and Corowalis'
held tbeie hills nuder heavy rifle fire.
The duty assigned to tbe Canadians
now was to guard tbe baggage left on
these bills by the troops  above named.
Tbe preparations were at ouce made
for the entry of the army ou the following day, when at 2 o'olook Lord Roberts
took up hiB poiiiion iu frout of parliament buildiugs and reviewed tbe British troops as they proudly marched past.
London, Juue .14.��� The dispatoh
from Lord Roberts olearingnp the situation at Pretoria nud along tbe communications st uds alone. Military observers, noting that no mention 1b male
of prisoners, assume tbat Geu. Ue Wet
got away with hti foroes practically intact. Gen. Buller entered Volksrisst on
Wtdnesday, pus.-ed through Charleston
and enoamed near Laiug's Nek.
Three hundred Free Statt rs- released
from guaidtng Vaure?neus Pane, have
gone to join President Steyu's ioroe in
the eastern part of tbe Orange River
colony. Gen. Bundle bas sent notice
to tbe Free Staters tbat unless they surrender by June 15, tbeir farms and other possessions will bs confiscated.
Geu, Boilers' casualties on June 10
have been issued by the war oflice,
Tbey were at) killed, 124 wonnded and
il missing.   	
Another Revetie to Itelti f Column Under
Col. Carter nnd Mnjor W lit Inn	
Accra, Gold Coast, June 14.���Details
have been received here of nno her ter-
iou* reverse to the relief columu ULder
Col. Garter, and Major Wilkinson, a
day's maroh north from Prab. There
were heavy casualties. Ibe latest
romcrs represent a further disaster to a
detachment on the north bank of the
Prah, wbioh is now flooded and where
the Ashautis were fonnd strongly en*
trenched. Col. Wilcock's advance has
been delayed by ihe rnins which have
destroyed the bridge onthePrah'sroad.
The ooutiuued obseuce of news from
Kumaasie tends to confirm the pessimistic views us to the saiety of the governor and his staff. Tha ooast towns ara
apprehensive ot their owu safety.
Tbe British gunboat Magpie, stationed at Accra, is the sole protection for
tbe ooast.
Owing to tbe difficulty encountered
in procuring carrier?, tbe enforcement
of a labor ordinance is threatened, but
tbe step is considered unadvisable in
view of the preseot temper of tbe inhabitants nod the unprotected condition of the colony. The general opinion
ia that the present foroe is inadequate
to cope with the situation and tbe local
government apparently fails tn recognize its gravity.
Grand lSSi*-.ter Leslie's Addreaa a Feature
of the Opening Session.
Winnipeg, June 14.���The 35th annual communication of tbe grand lodge
of Manitoba began last evening, when
M. W. Bro. John Leslie, grand master,
delivered bis address, in wbioh reference is made to the war in Sooth Afrioa
and the part Oanada is taking lu connection w.tb it
It was also a source of gratification
to remember that brethren are nnder
tbe oommsnd of snch distingnished
Ma-sons as Loid Roberis, Past O. 8. W.
of the grand lodge of Ireland, and Lord
Kitchener, of Khartoum, D.D.G.M. of
the Soudan.
New York, Jnne 14.���Concerning
the visit to thll city of M. Rothitein,
general manager of the Imperial Bank
of Russia, the Evening Post say.: M.
Rothsteln may decide to establish a
Rtusian bank in tbli country throngh
whioh Rus-isn disbnrsemeti could be
effeitad. These disbursement, lt is said
aggregale nearly (10,000,(.00 a year
and with probably farther developments
of Russian interests in tbis oountry it
may be adiviable for the government
to have a bank cf its own.
Seattle, Wash., June 14.���A report
that seven persons iu one party went
down In Lake Bennett abont the first
of the month through the overturning
of a soow is published in the latest
Alaskan papers received bere. lhe
names are as follows; Vt, O. Mergenn,
Mrs. Playmate, Mrs. Werner, O. E.
Peabody, Joe Rose and two men whose
names oould not ke learned, all from
Sndbnry, Jnno 14.���Two miners
were killed last night at the Viotoria
niokel mine.
N. P. Manitoba Lines.
St. Paul, Juuo 14.���A Pioneer Press
New York special saya: "There have
been many fuls*. stories sirculatcd lately," suld Presld-nt Mellen, "concerning th - Northern Paciflo snd tbe government ot Mau tobn over our lines.
I have aeen Premier Maclonald bat
onoe regarding ihem, aud there has
been no offer made by the government
to bny onr lines ill that provineo."
The giaut bmt of India I mid coiiibi
ten feet In height
Ottawa, June 14.���The member for
Jacques Cartier, Mr, J. Monk, gave notice today in tho House of a motion
which le intends to move in regard to
the emergency food supplied to tbe
soldiers in Booth Afrioa by Dr. Devlin.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier pointed out that tho
question was uot one of privilege. Ho
told the member for Jacques Cartier
that if he charged iraud be would give
him a committee to investigate it
There was no oharge of frjud in tho resolution. The matter was allowed to
stand over.
Lieut.-Ool. Prior asked if tha government bad sout any instructions to the
lieutenant-governor ot British Columbia
Sir Wilfrid Laurier���I may Inform
my hon. friend tbat I have not seut any
instructions io the iieutenaut-governor.
The lieutenant-governor bas applied to
tbe people of tbe provinoe and tbe answer is In tbeir hands.
Mr. Clarke Wallace reminded the
premier of bis previous statement in tbe
house and therefore wanted to kuow
whether Mr, Molnnes wu to be recalled or what was to be done in the
matter oousiderlug the decisive majority there was against him.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier���Tbe question Is
not one lhat is to be treated with
leiviy.. The elections only took plaoe
on Saturday last and tbe exact result is
not yet known. Th j government will
not take any aotion ou newspip r reports. We must bave something ofliolttl
before us."
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will introduce a
bill in the house tomorrow in regard to
the restriction of Chinese immigration.
It is probable that the poll tax will be
iuoi eased from $50 to $100.
W. Christie, tlie Toronto biscuit" manufacturer,  is dead.
Work has begun on tbe cement beds In
tbe vicinity of Miami.
Th* school lauds tales are su-ice*-it'll
and high prices avenged.
The Hudsou's Bay companr hare declared a dividend of 6-H per cent.
The Fox Bay settlers are on me>r way
to their future home In Manitoba
Tbo Southern hotel at Trail, D. O.,
wa* burned to the ground.
Mrs. W. E. Gladstone, widow of Hug-
land's Grand Old Man, passed ii��i-iiy at
Hhwarden  (.'untie.
Dr Thornton, of Deloralue, has been
elected print I master of Manitoba
grand lodge .Masons.
Mr, Joseph Martin has resigned the w-
mlersblp of British Columbia, aad will
be succeeded  by James Uunsmulr.
Eight miners met their death In a gas
explosion at Canmore, Alberta, and Ave
were killed by a discharge of dynamite lu
International tor-no* or* reported to
bave engaged in battle with Mohammedan troops In China, The gravity of tbt
situation Increases.
Ths. Law lo lie Euro ced Wish It.g.r.l 1.
she Importation of Foreign Goods*
Toronto, Jnne 14���An Important regulation governing .nipping from
En ope by the St. Lawrence rente bu
been laaued by tbe enitomi department.
Tbe Uuetutni Act provide, tbe nine for
duty shall be a fair market value of tbe
gcooe when e .Id for borne consumption
in tbe pr-noip.l markets of the counlry
when imported direct into Oanada. Thie
word "direct" haa bsen -somewhat
loosely intespret*.d in tbe put in tbe
one of Bntiib and osntinental good,
imported throngh United State, port..
It- ia tbe intention of the* onalom. de
partmi-.it now to app y Ibe law regulating direct importation, more .trictly,
nnd to require eridenee of tbe goodi
brought from Europe to Oanada via
United Stat s, baing a direct importa*
tin. It is expected tbat tbe new regn-
laion wi 1 promote trade via tbe St
Lawrence as there oan be nu question
oi the importations by ocean steamer,
to a Oanadian port being direct
Herealtir European goods, coming
into Oanada tbiongb tbe United States,
will be valned for doty u tbongb imported from tbe United State., and tbe
doty will be levied on ibe open market
value in that oountry, nnle--i the bill
of lading clearly shows goods to bave
been onsigned from Europe to the importer ut a parti, ul sr port in Canada.
l'bis aot may be cited as "lhe Liquor
Wholesale druggists' lioenjea to sell
liquor mav be issue;*, (Seo. 4).
R stall druggi t��' lioen.w lo it 11
liquor may be issned.   (3eo. 4.)
"Ibe eipiessiou 'liensed premises'
means tbe warehouse or store in respoot
of wbioh a license under thii ut bu
been granted."   (Sect.)
Any persons wbo oomplain against a
licensed bonse must put op twenty dollars.    (Seo. 86.)
Liquor may be lawfully brought from
any other provinoe, or the United States
into Manitoba (or consumption bnt not
(or sale, eicept under conditions prescribed by act. (Seo. 68.)
Any licensed brewer or distiller may
lawfully mauufaotnre spirituous liquors
(Seo. 68.)
Persons may have liquor for sale in
warehouses suitably oonstrnoted for tbe
���aid business.   (Seo. 64.)
No person shall tell liquor otber than
a dnly lieennd perron.   (Seo. 60.)
Any person wbo coniideis it ne.
sary for bis health and gets a dootor'i
certificate to tbe same effect may pro*
onre liquor,    (ieo. 69.)
Any person engaged in suoh pursuits
may lawfully procure liquor for me
ohanloal or solen.ifio purpose..
Any priavte dwelling wbicb become,
disorderly shall be deprived of tbe privilege enjoyed by private house, ot having liquor lawfully on the premises.
(Sec 06.)
No person in Manitoba shall consume
Intoxicating liquors eioept as provided
nnder the act.    (See. 65.)
Any person enthralled to sell liquor
must not harbor on Ibe premises or
give drink to a polioe officer. (Sec. 69.)
In sa.es of death doe lo drink, tbe
person wbo supplied tbe liquor is gnilty
ot "a wrong ul aot," and liable to an
aotion for damages. (Seo. 0 )
Tbs. rreal.yterlan general asaornbly
opened nt Haiti..... '
Th. steamer l-'lurn baa broken all record* to Dasvaou city. .
It la ..ported lltat MVeu persona wer.
drowned In i.nkt Hamnett siboul the (srat
of tbe month.
The utue yessr old sou ssf Mr. Henry
Luwami, ol i>ouilnlon City, waa drowueil
lu the ltoa.au riv-ur.
i's-eiiiler Sebrelocr, ot Cape Colony,
tenders hia re.iui.atlnu and Sir Alfred
Mllner nce.pt. it.
The Canadian CUsette denounces thssao
ssl.n snake Canada appessr ... England
a. a   poverty alrickcsn land.
The reatgnatlous ot l.lwut.-Gov. Me.
Ins.es aad Mr. Jo.opli Mui-tln are expect*
est to he handed in at. any moment.
Hereafter European goods conslslff
Irom the U. S. will be valued by the
cuetome department a. though imported
from the U. S.
President Mellen, of tho Northern Pacific, denlea emphnticajly tbat Premier
Macdbuuld has otlered to buy tho eoiu-
pnny'a -Manitoba' liuea.
Monongahetn, Pa., Juue 14.���In a
terrific gas eiplwlou at lhe Ellsworth,
twelve miles wost of this plaoe, two
men were killed and three Injured. Tbe
dead are Thos. Forejtii, driver, and
Wm. Bodgers, miner.
Prohibition or a Bifid Character,
Oharlettetown, P.E.I., Jnne IS.���
The legislature p-oroaued Saturday nf.
ternoon. Though ouly possessing a
majority of one, important legislation
wai pnt through, Inolndlng a meu ure
for prohibition of a rigid character, by
whioh the government is prepared to
stand or fall
' This ia tbe first really prohibitory
Uw enacted in Oanada by any provinoe.
Tbe bill absolutely prohibits the sale
by retail, save for sauramental, medioal,
eoleiftifio or meofaantoal .purposes. The
wholesale trade is also inhibited, aave
to physicians and drngglsts, and where
the liquor la aold outside the provinoe.
Hals Falls In "southern India.
London, Jnne 18.��� The vioeroyTof
India, Lord Ooreon, has oabled to tha
s-oretary of state for India, Lord Hamilton, announcing that a good rain bu
fallen in southern India, tbat then
have been scattered sbtorers elsewhere
and that tbe meteorolbigcal reporter
forecast! a good bot late monsoon. Tba
bot weather, however, still prevails and
tha famine relief si i nation haa not
altered. There are now abont 6,801,-
000 persons reoeving relief.
Tlio Cypress Hirer race meat Is sue*
cessfully run ott. "i
Tin1 Merman Kelciistag bas passed tlie
Navy Bill.
A puvcrful Chilian Ilylnff squadron Is
oft tho coast ot Peru.
President Enusurixe, of Santiago, ts
reported to be dying.
Two thousand jhIuuib In Newfoundland
gc 'out olt strlnv for u 50 per cent, lu*
v tease,
Tlio .Norwegian steamer Cai-lo ar lives
ut Fort William direct with a cargo
ot rails, i
Sir Tliomas Upton will not unnjunce
tiii* dato of Iii j uext challenge fur the
Ameiicu'H eup.
Fuinino auti cholera are rampant In
Isiillu, where tho state of tuo puuple
ts in uo way improved.
Aid. Woods, of Toronto, made a lilt"
itr attack ou the mayor ot that town,
A   Jiiiei suit will  robiilt.
Premier talnituer, ot Capo CoU>iiy,
has tiie suppoil of the loyalist party
ia forming bit uew cabinet.,
Seven thousand London dock laborers
are on strike.
The St. Louis car linos are now lu
rperallon and riots have :easoL
U Ih reported that the National forces
of Columbia have sustained u reverse
aear Colon,
The ore shipments from Rostilaiid for
the past weak show a tailing off of
over 1,000 tons.
The three year old son ol Jas. Ward
we* smothered io -death during a lire
at London, Out.
Twenty-three deaths Irom the hu-bonlc
plagui are reported from tjueeabland.
aot' two cases are at Adelaide.
lier Majesty has cablsd her thanks
lo Canada for tbe addrefas of cougraU
ulullon ou the fall of  Pretoria.
The first Canadian contingent was
presented with cronje's Hag In commemoration   of thoir  gallant   irork.
The South tircy Coin.ri"wiiiv*M huve
nominated Ur, Matthew lticbardson ae
their candidate for the eommoas.
Iu marching to the relief at Kiimassle
Ool. Carter has formed a jiinottou with
Cap*;. Hall, but the united force Is un*
able to adraucc.
The funeral of tbe members of tbe
BcArtbur family, recently murdered ut
MuMwmln, toqk place ycbtcrduy. Tbo
murderer will probably Xi-e.
Tbo world's temperance congress opens
today In London, Eng.
Charles G, Campbell and John Moran
were drowued near Inribiu Head yesterday,
Msrquls Ito has refused to assume the
l-esponnihility of forming a goverument
In Japan. ���
Capt, Mitchell, of the 00th, will be
ono of tbe Ulslvy team sailing for ling-
land on the 21st.
Ottawa has cabled Its thanks to tho
fisitibh public for their subscription to'
the fire relief fund.
Tuo loss Ineutrod by the (Ire which
levelled Virginia, Minn., iu-jt Thursday
amounts to f450,000.
Tnt body of Fred Claysoa, the murdered bicyclist, was found in a sandbar In the Yukon river.
Capt, Bell, now lu South Africa, will.
It .14 reported, be appointed A. D. O.
to  the governor general.
The situation In China has tacome
alarming and Britain Is preparing to
move  moro troops to  i'ckln.
Twfuty-fire uativos trained fur mis*
Military work by Americans have been
burutd alhe aud massacred uear Tang
Oban, China,
The Fox Bay settlers are en route for
the Canadian west.
Northern Pacific crops reports Indicate
tbat more rain Is uci^ded.
Henry Wellestey. third duko of Wellington, le dead, tn his filst year.
Fifteen persons were Injured In a railway accident In Southern lows.
A rumor tbat 7,000 British troops were
ordered to Egypt is offloially denied.
Bev. Dr, Stewart Is elected president of
the Methodist conference at Brandon.
Tbe Western editors visit Rochester,
Kingston and Montreal eu route to Quebec.
Jack Roche, of Napanee bsnk fame, wss
found guilty of "holding up" iu Montreal,        -rt---------*----------*-*-------
Colonel Paul Jones Lasslter had been '
practicing law In Reubenville about two ���
years, during which time be bad won I
several verdicts la ths justice -court on
appeal to jury, and on oue occasion tbe
circuit judge had sustained, a certiorari j
with complimentary remarks about tbe
commendable  energy  displayed  by  the
young lawyer In bis conflict with tbe
vicious magistrate who from tbe beginning of his legal career was of course bis ���
natural enemy.   Though bearing a proud J
imine associated witb naval history, the]
colonel had never been a soldier.   In justice to him It must be said tbat he laid
no claims to a war record.   Be wna will*
Ing to let tbe law of custom bare Its
way, however, and In Georgia that of
Itself   had   already   passed   him   from
"Squire Lasslter" to "Colonel Lasslter,"
uml when be was so Introduced by tho
principal of tbe Reubenville high school
last June bis patriotic speech had silenced all inquiry, If any, as to his right
of title, and the school children If nobody
else were satisfied that at some time or
some place, notwithstanding his youth,
be must have been a gallant colonel of
something,   leading  his  charging  command right Into tbe cannon's mouth.
Tho colonel's boarding bouse was just
across the street from the residence of
Major Barnes. The major had seen service, uud oh tbe front plasxa of tbe old
Barnes homestead be was accustomed-to
relate how his troop of cavalry had been
right with Jackson wben the grim old
Presbyterian bad "knocked out Fremont
and Shields and was like to have ended
tbe war before anybody knew what be
was up to." Miss Corabel Barnes, tbe major's ouly daughter, would smile at the
major and then nt the colonel,' who sat
on tbe opposite veranda with a great
sbeep bouud law volume, over tbo printed page of which he was alternately cut*
ting his eyes toward the white neck and
brown curls of. Miss Corabel- and with
his pencil making some sentence that
would sound well In a commeuceracnt
Tbo colonel was violently In love with
Miss Corabel, bad written ah ode to her
mocking bird nud once ventured to tell
ber she was "fairer than the flowers" sho
sent when be was ill (tbe colonel bad
been to a barbecue given by the major
off his plantation, and mint julep and
fresh meat gave htm cholera morbus next
day), but beyond these sporadic outbreaks had suppressed all manifestation
of his real longing because, he snid,
"Poverty chills the affections and-dwarfs
the soul. I'll wait till 1 run lift myself
above Iheir old, withered aristocracy."
He hnd evidently been reading some of
Dr. Johnson's philosophy, not hi regular
sequence, but ae bits of it cropped out
In a volume entitled "AT Thousand and
One Gems of Poetry and Prqse," which
lay always alongside his code and from
which he quoted copiously in conversation and argument. I bad almost forgotten 4o state that Colonel Lasetter's
father was the overseer on M ajor
Barnes' plantation and hnd won nnd still
bore the repututlon of the hest manager
of negro laborers In that district uud was
noted more as n lender ot the "Regulators" (organised Just nfter a strike of
the cotton pickers and the Incendiary
burning of some glnhousos) thau for his
literary attainments. The -colonel did not
Inherit bis political and legal ambitions
from his sire. In fact, between sire and
son tbere were rather strained relations,
though the one declared "Paul was either
a mighty smart boy or a fool, be didn't
know which," while the otber was complimentary enough to say, "Tbe old man
is rather rough, but he ain't scared of
the devil."
Tbe colonel had long hoped for un opportunity to show his mettle and his skill
In the forum or ou the hustings, bed
dreamed of standing on the marble tiling
of the stntehouse representing bis county
In the legislature, bad let bis fancy soar
Into thnt proud season when hc conld
sny to Corabel: "I have won place and
fortune. I lay my laurels at your feet."
In tbe next chapter wilt be told bow. tbe
mau und tbe occasion met
The autumn season had come, and
Reubenville was the storm center of tbe
approaching county fair. Tbe schedule
of the prizes Included among tbe numerous awards for agricultural skill and
energy "For best red petroleum goat,
f 4." and "For the largest whitehead cab-
bagc, free ticket to state fair." Just
whnt "red petroleum" goat Is nobody
knew, unless It be .Joe Swnn, one of the
committee on management nnd awards,
nnd I have since been informed that Joe
manipulated both title and goat to work
ont the conspiracy whereof tbe innocent
victim wns to be the colonel nfter the
following manner: A common blllygant,
foraging oh tin cans and gunno sacks, if
tradition may be trusted, was dyed with
a bright solution of cochineal, vermilion
hued. Ills abundant whiskers were
streaked witb tbe colors of the rainbow,
bis tall���wbst tbere was of It���supplemented and suffixed with a rosette of tissue paper of gorgeous dyes and his horns
wound witb tbe stripes of a barber pole.
If auy such breed of g..at hnd ever
dwelt In that county, the secret orders
had monopolised tbem for service in the
lodges.   liven Joe Swann could not trust
Col. Sim. Hushes Is very favorably lin-
Sressed with his own work in South
Cholera Inereaeinf la India.
Simla-June 1ft.���Over 0,000,000 persons are now receiving relief. There
wae an increase In Bombay of 900,000
seeking aid during last week, owing to
the return of destitute people who have
deserted tbe public works on account
of oholera scare. Prospects for a fair
monsoon are eo mew bat improved.
Toronto, Jnne 16.���Wm. Christie,
the well-known biscuit manufacturer,
died tbli morning at his residence in
Queen's park after many mouths'hopeless i'lness.	
Real FrUai.hlp.
"How red your face ts, Ellenr
"Yes; Mrs. Nlbbcr called on Delia
while I wna there, and I bad to *lt bnlf
an boor over a torn place In the matting right In front ot thr llr*."���Chicago Record.
Th* Crafty Widow,
Pbll Osslfer���Every woman believe
tbnt the proper age at wbioh to marry
la the nge nt which iba married.
SI it ulcus���Yes, unlets abe hnppenx to
be a widow. Tben ah* protoets tlml
abe was too yonng at ber flivt marriage.-Philadelphia Press.
tne mock gravity of his Own face In thi
presence of tbe goat, so be bad him carefully concealed under the speaker's stand
uuiil the proper thne for his entry on tbe
stage of action. Colonel Lassiter was to
deliver the-prises with a fitting oration.
Thut part of his speech which was to declare the premium won by Allen Piper,
by Swnnn's decision, was duly embellished aud memorised. Allan est prominent
tn his rows of benches prepared for the
occasion in front of tbe speaker's stand,
the wbole ceremony being outdoors on
tbe bermuds sward. Allen was a believer in 8 cent cotton, frequent barbecues
and tbe "third party." Given to hilarrty
by nature, Joe bad warned Allen to look
solemn on this occasion, bnt had made
the mistake of supposing that tb-^rult
of corn liquor might add to his gnp on
solemnity. Allen straggled to contain
bis risibilities, hut the result was only
more redness of face and a certain swelling of neck that made explosion certain.
Near tbe speaker's stand Joe had tied
with a convenient slipknot a certain species of dog hard to classify by ancestry,
but facile princeps in local reputation for
tackling auy form of man or beast he was
set upon and for holding on like a mud .
turtle. His tail bod been amputated
while young, and what remained stuck
out nnd up like a banana Inverted. His
neck was biggest In tbe middle, and bis
ears, nhout the slse of a peach leaf and
mostly gristle, except a little flop at the
top point, lay close to bis bead. Tho
shade of his sides suggested the brlndlo
state color of souse meat, and that part
of bis nose between tbe tip and eyes was
wrinkled and sunkeu, giving bis phis the
appearance of being all mouth. Trim ot
legs, bowed of neck and eyes as big as
two glass marbles, his upper Up snarled
by nature to show bis teeth.
Tbe .colonel: "I now come to prise No.
���7, for the red petro"��� (Here billy wss
released and pranced Into tbe arena. Miss
Cornbel's spaniel, lying sleepily at her
side, looked up, then bowed his back and
growled. Allen's jaws swelled out Ilka
a football, while be held bis hand against
bis mouth and nose, which seemed in danger ot being blown off at any moment.)
"Red petroleum goat, which 1 am bap-
Uny to present to you as a specimen of
|%hat can"���
Joe loosened tbe knot, and the dog
Maje bounded Into tho open space near
tbe goat, with tbe hair about bis top
shoulders erect as a blacking brush, pausing a moment to perform a canine courtesy and throw tbe dirt back with bis bind
feet. The goat looked at him, shook his
fantastic beard, suored loud und sinellcd
���trong. Allen blurted out like n schoolboy when something funny has buppened
In the schoolroom and he is obliged to
lough, though he knows the master will
thrash him* fborabeL was tittering behind ber spread handkerchief. The whole
company watched tbe belligerent attitudes of Billy und Maje.
Attention ouce called to the goat by tbe
orator could never he diverted. Tbe colonel spread bis wlugs to soar Into the
beauties of pastoral life "wben tbe shepherds watched their flocks on the hills of
Persia and Spartans slept with lowing
herds among the vales of Syracllla."
The goat lowered his horns and sprang
seven feet at Maje, who squatted nt one
side and snapped at Billy's nose, but
missed. Billy wheeled nnd caught Maje
under the ribs and tossed bim straight
up. Maje turned entirely over In the
air and landed with his jaw clamped like
a vise in the fleshy part of Billy's bom.
Billy bleated loud an he whirled lo rcfa-L
the rear attack; a freckled face hoy witb
coppersas breeches and paper collar ran
oul In Ihe open and yelled: "Eut him up,
Maje! Hold y'r holt, sonny! Hurrah,
bully boyi"
It was Mnjo's master. The audience
rose up to see the fight Goat and dog
rolled over and over In the dust. The
colonel forgot his piece and stared wildly
around hiin. Allen, with eyes running
water from much loud merriment, ran
and caught the gnat by the horns just
as tho overseer seised Mnje's hind legs,
pried open his juws with his hickory
walking pole and slung him against tbe
spanker's stand, kerblnml
The arena bad obscured the forum, tbe
goat and dog bud spectators, but the orator uo hearers. Tbo colonel retreated
through a sido gate already cKpIed by the
Billy, and be, too, was retreating.
The colonel was oa the track and Bitty
was the engine. Kerthump, the wild
eyed, wsr painted savage, struck tbe rear
of the colonel's knee joints snd backward
be fell on Billy's back and was borne
outside tbt inclosnre amid such applause
as no orator ever before or since received
from the patriotic and liberty loving sons
or Reubenville.
How quick the transition from comedy
to tragedy. The overseer, believing Allen
to be tbe perpetrator of this plot, turned
fiercely on bim and was about lo break
his walking pole oyer Allen's head, while
he protested his Innocence and swore
be "never seen tbe dui-ned goat before,"
and the major bad to Interfere to prevent a riot, when Allen laid off. bis coat
and declared he was ready to keep up the
show If tbe overseer didn't believe It.
Joe Swann steered clearsf the colonel till
time softened him, but Miss Corabel got
sorry for tbe colonel and now tells the
wbole story to ber grown children.���Atlanta Constitution.    ���
Pn a I ah meat of Reekleim-tai,
Miss Barkis���I suppose you never
dream of marrying?
Boudsby���Ob, sometimes���after a late
and particularly Indigestible supper!���
Truth.      ���
Be TImo to Break Daws,
"There's one One thing abont a political career after all."
"Whnt le tbotr
"It keeps all candidates In lucb excellent health."���Chicago Record.	
If ao saris, suilsl polann ia In vonr ay,.s.sn ami jrnssr aasTfrlnf. will b. jrrwtl nn.llT.tt
a.. IK. kl.sss.ja rt,hl-Ilr. Chaa..'. Kl-lnr, *!.l..r l-lll. m.k. Ik. -Ida.,, h.allbr
���nd .or. nil ttrlo .old Ironbl...    'm^^^^*^^^^-���^^^^*^^^^^^^*���
lha moat painful, tba inclt fatal aad
ooaiaqnaptl-f Ibe moat dreaded dlseaic.
ol tbe banian body are oaaied by tbe
praeenoa ol orli aold lu Ibe blood,
Urlo aold le tbe name gl.on lo ths.
foal, pol.ODOui Imparittei wblcb are
left In tbe blood wben tbe k dueja are
deranged and nnable to peroral Iheir
duty cf flltsring tbe blood.
So long a. tbe kidneyi are In petbet
health tbe orio acid 1, paved oat of the
body by way of tbe bladder aad Ibe
bleed i. kept pare and olean.
Wben tbere ale .enre body pain',
headaohe, backache or weakniM. In tbe
baok i when the akin beoomea yellow,
dry and bud, #h.n Ibe orlna contains
depo.it>, la thick, or Irregular; wben
there la atomaoh tronble and poiua
about tha heart; wben you feel weak,
dlaay and become languid and deponent; yon oan put Ibe oanaa down to
uric acid In the blood retailing from
deranged kidney..
The nature of joor ailment will ha
deoided by yonr cosi.tilotion. Ibe
potion latt In the blood will And lodg
ment in the weaken part and .et up
aome dreadful diaease, Il may ba
Bright'. dliess>e,d'ab.tea or dropoy. It
may ba tha twanging pain. o( rheum.-.
tlitn. It may be ohnnlo atomach
trouble, or bladder ailment.. Whatever
tha form ot diaeaaa thia poiioned blood
may came tbe core oan only be brought
about by aettlng Ihe kldneya right
'Ihe experience of tena of thouaandf
of men and women In Oanada and th*
Uulied State.|.olut.loDr. Ohaae'.Kid-
uey-Llver Pilla aa the moat flfeoHv*
meaua of -setting Ihe kldneya light
No other kidney medicine can prodnoe
to much irrefutable eTldenoe of Ite
woudeiful curative" virtue. No other
kidney medicine haa reoelved auoh
nearly ondorution from phy.lciana.
Nor I. tbia to be wondered at when It
ia n members-d that Or. Ohaae la a
prince among phyiloiana.
Na'arc ba. only provided one meana
ol keeping tbe blood free from orio aold
pa'aoni���the kidue... Nature', moat
effective invlgs r.tora of Ibe kldneya an
onutaned In Dr. Cbaaa'a Kidney-Urn
Purely vegetable in oompoalltoj
n.lentlfloilly prep*red from Iba f
lormnla of Or, A. W. Ohaae, thoroughly le��Ud iu thonnnda of aevere oaNa,
wonderfully flTMent la all dlie.Hk
roo-nsd by urlo aold in tha blood, Or.
Ohaeo'a Kldney-Islv.r Pilla .land alma
aa tha world'a greoteit kidnoy medioine.
Tbiy prevont and onre diteaie by nd.
ding polaonona impnritlea from tha
blood. One pill a daee, II oent. ba,
at all dealer., or Edmanaon, Balea *
Oo, Toronto.
I tlo-"-,
grtSl ��
a-oXiZDEN- Bra.
Bot   It   Wm Really   Ills  Own   Fault
After All.
"What we're ufter Is your tobacco
older." announced the big man at the
door. "We're bucking the trust and
are bound to win out If tbe people'11
011 ly stand by ub. Don't make any difference whether you smoke, chew. dip.
swab or snuff It. We can tit you ont,
lit yot��Rght and guarantee every package."
"I'm glad you didn't mention cigarettes," smiled the little old lady ut the
ether side of tbe sill. "I have uo mercy on blgnrettes. Not a bit! Not n bit!
1 say. 1 abominate snuff. 1 think
chewing a most uncleanly practice, I
will no) allow a pipe lu tbe house, and
1 can just tolerate a cigar. Won't you
coiue In?"
lie accepted and for 15 minutes dilated on the merits of his goods uud
the Iniquities of the trust She was n
sympathetic listener ond made au occn-
tdmml Inquiry.
"Now," he reached tn his peroration,
"ir you will have your men folkB try
our goods I'll call later, sell them n
trial lot cheap and then put, them on
our list of customers, for 1 know they'll
lie pleaded."
"Meu folks? Dear me! Sister and I
hnve lived here for 30 yenrs irlone.
(loudness! Hid you think I wns married?" And she looked pleased. "But
you're mistaken. Not Hint 1 didn't
luive chances enough, nnd sister, too,
"Mndain, I'm Helling on commission.
You should huve told uie Iiu If nn hour
ngo" And he 'made long strides toward the door.
"lint if you eouhl send me up an
ounce nr ho of some ehvnp snuff to keep
the mollis out of the furs��� Why, the
ntde mun!" Kor tie wna hntf a block
owny.-Deli-nit Pree l'i:esa.
Dear Sirs,���Within the past year I
know of tbree fatty tumors on lhe head
having been removed by tbe application
any surgical operation aud tfatro is no
Indication of a return.
Olifton, N.B.   Gondola Ferry.
In Its Mid-it.
"Well, they've Just au average lot," r^
marked the stoek huyer. "Four and a
half Is the hest I can offer yuu."
"That'll lie all right," replied the owner
of the cuttle, "except for Ihe hiiudle
iteer. lie's worth $200 just as be
*/.*h:il are you talking about? I won't
pay a cent more for him than 1 do for
any of the others. He's nothing hut scrub
stoek, ---ind he won't weigh more limn
shout 'leven hundred." *
"Thnl's ull tight. You hmrd whnt I
said, ir you take him he'll cost you &JU0.
He swallowed my gold watch this moruiug."���Chiuigo THIntiie,
It Frequently produce! Headache, Heartburn, Dls*lneu aud Oilier Distressing
SjiiiptouK-A Victim Tells ot Hsr
From ibe Ttleiirni b, -Quebec.
The primary cause of indigestion or
dyrpapsia is lack of vitality; the ab*
senceof nerve force; the Uss of tba
lite sustaining elements in the blood.
No organ can properly perform its function! when tbe tooioe of nutriment
fails. When tbe stomach is robbed of
tbe nutrinifnt demanded by nature, as
���imitation ceases, unnatural gases are
generated and tbe entire system responds to tbe discord.
A praollotl illustration of the symptoms aud torture of dyspepsia is furnished by the case of Mr.-. A. Laboute,
who lives tn tbe village of Stadacona,
(Jut). When interviewed by a reporter
of the Quebec Telegraph, Mrs. Iiabonte
looked the picture of vigorous health,
showing no traces of the malady tbat
bad made her life for tbe time miserable. Speaking of her illness, Mrs.
Laboute said: "For about two years
11offend dreadfully. Uy dig* stive
organs were impaired, and the food I
ate did not assimilate, and left me with
a feelmg of flatulency, pain and acidity
of the stomach and frequently heart
burn. Toil condition of affairs soon
told on my system iu other wuys, with
the lesult that I had frequent headaches, diisine.-s.and at times a dimness
of tlsion with spots apparently dancing
before my eyes. I became so muoh run
down that it was with difflonltv I
oould do my Lousehold -work, and at all
times I felt weak, depressed and nervous. While I was at my worst, one
of my friends, seeing that the dootor
wae not helping me, urged me to try
Dr. Williams' Fink Fills. Uy husband
then got ma half a doaen boies and I
began taking than. After I bad used
two boaes J began to enjoy my meals
and the various symptoms of my
tronble began to disappear. I oon tinned the pllli nntil I bad need the half
doaen boies, when I again felt peifaot-
ly well. My stomach was ai healthy
aa ever it had been. I could sleep wall
and my head wu dear and free from
tbe diailueas and aohes tbat so long
helped make ma miserable. It is more
than a year sinoe I stopped taking tha
pilla, and health hu continued better
than It wu for years before.'* Hia.
Labonte added that she wiH always
feel grateful to Dr. Williams' Pink
Fills for tha misery they have releaaed
Mr fnm, and aha always advisee
friends who nre ailing to nu them.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla onre by going to the root of the disease. They
renetf.jind build np the blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving die*
eue from the system. Avoid imitation^ by insisting that every box yon
purchase la enclosed in a wrapper bearing the full trade mark, Dr. Williama'
Piuk Fills for Pair People. If yonr
deaer does uot -keep them they will ba
tent postpaid at SO oeuts a box, or six
boxes for $9. CO. by addressing tha Dr.
Williams' Madioina Oik, BrookriU-a,
Taking the reins.
Tom Nolnn, 2:11%, won 14 races oul
of 10 starts last season.
Charley B, 2:07%, will be raced
through the Canadian circuit this year.
J. H. Bronson, Jr., of New Haven haa
sold all of his horses and is out of tbe
racing game.
Senator J. S. O'Brien has bought from
Tommy Griffin the 2-year-old colt Wild
Pirate for $1,100.
J. S. Brown, Griffin, Ga., has a 2-year-
old by Oratorio, 2:13, that is a great one
and will be raced as a 3-year-old.
Bertina, a 4-year-old, hy Directum,
tbat is In Heating's Btrlng, recently trotted a mile over the Pleasanton track la
Up to the week ending on April 14
British agents had shipped from New
Orleans 20,000 mules, valued at $ 1,980,*
375, averaging $05 each.
Tbe Slly by Searchlight, 2:03V��-Zela
Carter, by Director, 2:17, has been named Itecoid Searcher. The little one la
entered in stakes to the amount ot $30,-
Typhoon II, by imp. Top Gallant, dam
Dolly Yarden, was fired, gelded and rested all last Heasou, hut will not stund
training this year and bas heen turned
out agaiu.
The Great Metropolitan Stakes of 1,000
sovereigns, run at Epsom, England recently, was wou by Lord Tenrhyn's
5-year-old-horse King's Messenger. Fifteen horses ruu. -
Miss Bennett wou the 2-year-old race
at Memphis the other dny, covering lx/i
furlongs, with UO poundi up, iu 0.55,
the track record hy half n second. She
won, pulled up, by four lengths.
The Austrian Trotting Derby Is a
growing Institution. Tlie entries for
1000 are 33; for 1001, 02 entries; for
1002, 141 entries, and for 1003, 212 entries. There tiro many Americau hied
horses iu the lists.
The best kind of bees to buy are Italian.
The less swarming the more surplus
honey you will huve.
Drones draw uo heavily on the stores of
houey that uiuny contrivances arc now
used to kill them.
If two or more swarms cluster together, don't put them ull iu one hive, or valuable queens may he lost.
If hives become daubed up with propolis, lift out the frames, place them iu a
new hive and cleuu up the old one.
Hives should be made so that they can
be opened without jui-rlug ihelu. Nothing Is more irritating to bees than sudden jars.
Arrange the apiary so that everything
may he kept neat and tidy, nnd do not
compel the bees lo thread their way
through weeds uud gruss to get to their
Bees moved In the spring seldom go
buck to their old quarters, for they generally mark their locution wheu they take
their first flight, whether they have been
moved or not.
Propolis is n gum or vni-uish thnt bees
collect tor varnishing over tbe inside of
their hives, filling cracks uud devices,
cementing loose pieces of the hive together and making things fast.���St. Louis
Tbe Paris exposition Is not quite ready,
but Paris is reudy. The people of France
nre always reudy for tbe dollar of the
unwary traveler���Springfield News.
Our prediction Is that ut the Paris exposition all records wilt he surpassed In
receipts, as they huve already been beaten iu the matter of expenditures. And
a great proportion of tbe totul will be
Americau money.���Philadelphia Inquirer.
Tbe fact tbat the there of the United
States lu the Paris exposition is greater
than that of uuy other country except
France appeals to the pride of Americans and mny lie expected to prove of no
small benefit to our commercial Interests.
���Omaha Bee.
Americans have scored their first victory ut the Purls exhibition hy an exhibition of energy In getting their building
and exhibits advanced so much ahead
of others ae to make the French commissioner general say, "It is nu object
letisuii to us all to me the American ueo-
pie work."
The only side Turkey takes lo tbe matter uf debts ti the side of Ihe man wbo
"lets (hc otber fellow do the worry iug."
���New York Press.
It Is time now for the sultan of Turkey to remember and aet ou the old adage, "Kewui-c the fury of a patient man,"
and pay, puy, pny.���Baltimore Americau.
The Turkish government seems to have
become a convert to the philosophy by
which the debtor leaves the other man to
do tbe walking of the floor.���Washington
The sultan ts in debt to tbe whole
world nnd canuot establish a precedent
by paying us without bringing nil Europe
on his hack.���New York Commercial Advertiser.
Turkey's cash box must be running
rather low or the sultan would not go
back on his promise to pny the trilling
sum of $00,000 as indemnity for the de
struct iou of buildings erected hy tlle
American   missionaries. ��� Globe-Demo-
The United States by Its extent would
be un easy prey to a grent sen power unless we bad ships to. enable the man he
hind the gnu to work to tbe best udvan
tage und keep the enemy off our coasts.
and this Is the object of the naval appropriations. It Is always best to be pre
pured.���Ui-iuid Itapids Herald.
Conitl-css Is building up tho navy, but
Secretary Long suys tbe department h
short of olliceis to bundle the ships, Il
might be 'a good plan to hire clerks to
do the clerical work of the various bureaus of the navy department aud send
tbe uuval officers to sen, where tbey be
long.���-Philadelphia North Americau.
rsiBtry -.honld nlwiiya be mail. In I
coot pines* nml mlu-sl .vith a knife rather
thnn Ills- l.i.iitl Is. Iiiauru llglstiictta.
Wlit-n winking tlie aalt out of cuemn-
l���.|-ss. It la staid tbe pickles -wilt be more
s*fl*s|s If tiot water I. iwi-sl liiftts-nil of colli.
Illcs- water rcei-Vetl from boiling rice
,e an s-.v.rlleut fnmi.inllou for wblte
anil.*., ll nl-.*, mnke. a groundwork ot ���
-o.ilii.ii ill ink.
Th. Coan.er.laHi.
"Bave you got tbe coumer.lgn?"
Hikes] tbe Kutiuel.
"Well," replied tbt ni recruit, wbo
bad left a department .tore lo enter
tbe arm***, "when I left the counter It
wn., Tbl, Bilk's twice leu than co,t*'��
-Philadelphia North American.
Tra* la BI.uM.lt.
Hungry Ulgglu.-But >'poM jon
Jort bad to work, what would 7011
drutber do?
Weary Watklnt-Dle.-Indlauapolli
Have at l.en.1 the Merit ot
B��la>ar Very ferae and to the Point
���sat Are Founded on Some ot Bl.
Peraonol Experience..
(Copyright, 1900. by C. B. Lewi's.]
Alius respect de truth,  but at de
same time remember dat de world expects you to He 'bout half de time.
While It am well to strive fur a rep-
utoshun as an upright innu. remember
dat de merchant wbo pays bis creditors SO cents on de dollar kin alius
come back in de market an git pleuty
of credit I knowed a man wbo spent
20 y'ars in trylu to make up bis mind
whether It rained fo'ty days an fo'ty
nights to bring on de flood or only 00.
an Jest as he was ready to split de
difference dey carted bim off to lie
Ebet-y man makes a fule of himself
'bout once in six weeks doorln his lifetime, but let his boss balk or bis dawg
git lost once In five y'ars, an be jumps
on his hat an wonders why de Lawd
dldu't gib animals sense.
If I was a rlcb man, I should pack
up an go to Yurup once In fo' y'ars an
stay dar fur 10 or 12 months. As I
am not, 1 bev to remain at home frew
de presidential campaign an look upon
all my feller citizens as boss thieves
an Hah.
When my cabin burned down an wns
a total loss, I braced un an got ober
my lamentln In 'bout fo' weeks. When
a sore heeled mewl cum along an
kicked me end ober end ns I sought to
find out his hurt, I didn't furglt It fur
a wbole y'ar. It am de little things
dat hurt de most.
Wben a law went at It an made a
distinction between lyln an perjury. It
smoothed de rood fin- a powerful lot of
men to dodge round de truth nn 'not
suffer fur It But fnr dat distinction
I doan' know bow I'd eber worked off
my blind mewL
Tie bin tryln fur SO y'ars, ylt I can't
gtt a straight line on my feller man
It was only de odder day dat n stranger picked up an handed me a silver
dollar dat bad worked frew a hole'In
my pocket, an ylt as we set dowu In n
street kynr be beat de conductor out of
bis fare an nebber winked nn eye.
We nm told dnt charity am a divine
attribute, but de man who sets out to
practice It soon dlskivcrs dat It am a
one sided affair. De other feller looks
upon It as a slick uu easy way to glttln
suntbln fur nutbin, au when choked
off he feels he baa bin robbed. Be
charitable, but dou't cut de bone off de
ment an keep a buck saw an a cord of
wood on band. M. Quad.
Kaen It W.a Bla.
Ur. De Avnoo��� I saw our baby wny
around on a side street todny. The
baby should be kept lu tbe park.
Mrs. De Avnoo-Tbut's where sbe Is,
Tou must be mistaken.
Mr. De Avnoo���No, I'm not Don't
you suppose I know that perambulator
tbat 1 paid f02 forl-New York Weekly-        ���   	
Hans.Ml.nMli.st Stratear.
"Was that a porch climber we saw
orer at Camper's?"
"No; It was Onmper himself. He was
afraid to go In at tbe front or back
door for fenr his wife or Ibe cook
would set bim to beating carpet"���Chicago Record.
A Capital Delaltlaa.
"Pa," said tbe senator's little son,
"what Is a nemesis?"
"A nemesis, my son," replied the senator, "is n female office seeker for
whom you bnve foolishly promised to
use your Influence." ��� Philadelphia
Press. ���
���h. DM.
"Do yon believe In teaching the languages lu Ibe schools?" nsked Ur.
Clingstone of Mis. Ullderslecve.
"Yes. Indeed," replied the young lady,
"Every one should be uhle to speak
English and golf."���Detroit Free Press,
Th. Situation.
"Is a man Influenced more by heredity or by environment?"
"Humph I If heredity brings a man
money, he enn mnke his own environment."���Chicago Record.
A Feminine laraeatloa.
"They uy Paderew.kl It getting
"He'll 'do bis hair np' to at to hide
lt"-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Th. Foreen.l.
t lub to sich de bluebird
A'Plpin Ob hll tun.
Bat bring d. href ob nsmsnaa,
Ob frgrant lion.)' Junes
I lub to Ileal, Aunt Dinah.
Wid de -a-,p��n In her lap,
A-sisnnln off* preiliitlon.
About tii. snilon imp.
���<"*",'*������*-�� H**t
Aa Artt.t With Hon. tea.*.
Friend���What on earth are you doing
to. that picture?
Oreat Artist���1 am rubbing a piece of
raw meat over this rabbit In th. foreground. Mrs. Do Shoddle will be here
this afternoon, and wheu she .ee. her net
dog amell of that rabbit .he'll buy it-
New York Weekly.	
A ll.rd.bll>.
"The men', wear I. very loud thi.
iprlng," uid tbe salesmen soothingly.
"I should My so. A man can't get a
necktie or a colored shirt any more that
doesn't look as if bl. wife bod bought lt
for him."���Washington Star.
Whent��� Manitoba No 1 hard, Fort
William, 74o.
J*lsrar���Eeat patents,$1.85; seconds,
���11.66; Stroug Baken', ��l.*S5.; Uedora,
,1.110; XXXX. ,1 to 11.10, in Ott-lb.
���aoks delivered to the trade.
Mlllfeed���Bran, 111; aborts," 118,
Gronud Feed���Oat chop, 123 p rton;
barley ohop f 19, and mixed feed ot
barley and oats f 22; oilcake, 127.
Corn���Oarlots of No 8 corn on traok
are wo th 48)40.
Flaxseed���No business sloiag.
Oats���No. 2 white, 82c per bushel;
No. 8 mixed, 80 to 81c
Barley���Oarlots 86 to 880 off cart
Hay���Fresh baled, |6.00 to |6.50!
loose hay on Ihe street, |4 00 to .11.00
Batter���Creamery���16 % 0 per ponnd.
Dairy���Choice, 12 to 14c; for second
grades, 0 to 12o per ponnd, oommlt-
>ion basis.   .
Olieeee���New, llo laid down bere.
Eggs���Commission bonses are paying
11 Ho per dosen net for fresh in oases
delivered here.
Vegetables���Potatoes 48 to Ko per
bushel; turnips, 40o; carrots, 11.00 to
11.20; parsnip,, lJtfopMib.; onions,
43 per ponnd; radish, 2S to 8O0; California cabbage, 60 per ponnd; lettuce,
8O0 per doien bunches; parsley, SOo;
ttreen onions, 1 5j {.er do-eu; asparagus,
40o per dozen;  rhubarb, 20 per ponnd.
Poultry���Best Smith', Falls turkeys
wholesale at 18o per pound; ducks sell
at llo; geese, 9.; chicken, 12o. Dealers pay 9o per p und for wild geete;
live abiokens are wc-rlb 780 [.er pair,
Dressed Meats���Beef, 6% to 7n per
ponnd; vial, 8 to 9o; fro h killed
mutton lu to llo; frozen mutton, 8 to
Do; lions OH to 7o,acoosding to weight
and quality; spring lambs, f4 to |5
Hides-No. 1 inspected hide., 6*^0;
No. 2, 0H0; No. 8, i%o; branded
hides grade No. 3, and bulls Na 8;
kip, le; ealf, 8 to 8^0; deakln skins,
35 to 85o eaob; sheepskins, 40 to 60o
each; horsehides, SO to 76o each. *
Wool���Manitoba 9 to 9)^0 per ponnd
delivered at Winnipeg.
Seneca root��� il5o per lb. delivered
at Winnipeg.
Negroes to Nominate Candidates.
Seattle, Wn., Jnne 10.���lhe steamer
Cottage Oity arrived here yesterday
bringing news of the Democratic convention held at Juneau. The convention deola. ed for Bryan. The platform
denounced tbe growth ot trusts, expansion and unwarranted fuvoriti-m to
the shipping and commercial interests
of Oanada to the Injury of Amerioan
Interests on the cout, and the rnlnation
of tbe Alaskan trade." Ihe convention asked that the bonding privileges
be reslnded.
Philadelphia, Jnne 7.���The flrst slept
looking to the organisation of a national negro party have been taken In this
olty. Prominent negro bishops, ministers, editors and lawyers, at a meeting
deoided to plaoe a presidential tioket in
tbe field with negro candidates. An
executive committee hu been appointed
to draw np a oall for a convention.
Gloucester, Ohio, Jnne 9���A au on
plosion oconrrod this morning at mine
No 2, near tbia oily. No fatalities are
reported, bnt between 16 and 25 men
are reported imprisoned in tlw mint.
There ia no tree which requires less
pruning thnn a cherry tree, cither at the
time of plaiitlag or nt any other.
There is n hospital for trees on the
hnnks of the Seine iu Paris. Tree*
which grow wenk nlong the boulevards
are taken there to recover.
Most people think milkweed Is poison
mis, but botnnlsts und otber people who
know whnt Is good declare that the
young lens-cs, when tliey are just In the
right condition, are n cross between
.pinned and asparagus and are delicious
in a salad.
III. In.plrnllon.
"Whnt furnishes your inspiration?"
they nsked of the auttuir.
"My wife," sviia the reply,
"Hsiw lovely!" tliey cried. "How pes*
fectly Idenllstlc!"
"Yes," he went on. "if the muse ever
liutls nn.t I feel like Imiflng on my jnli
her demnnd for 11 new gown or some ml
illtinnal money for lii.nscllnlil expenses
stir, me to renewed effnrl nnd puts I'eg
asus in a gallop."���('Iiii-iu-i, Post
.HI. Qniet Assurance,
"One finds very little- real poetry in
print nowadays," remarked the young
"Yes," answered Air. Bardly Scrips
at be pushed bis hair luck from his
brow. "It's the old story with me. If
a man wants to be sure sometlilug la
well done, he must do It lilusself."-
Wasblngton Star.
Do Not
Pay Cash^��
A *ftcy large saving un be satdt.  Wtoaa
hnlabthttntt imout fw taypayatat
Write fix parlloalu. ud pdoa.
AllOWAT A OHAMNON, ��>"-"���
Whnt Thry Am- Origin,ami ln-vnl.u��iii*rin
itf tlm .tttu'lliiiM tit) 11,
The guns of the Hours culled fu.uil-
iarly "pom-poms," uro 1-poundcr
Maxim machine guns, und an* of interest in several respects. A clause
in the St. Petersburg declai't'tton �����(
1808 unjoined lha no explosive projective less than 14 ounces in weight
should he used in civilized warfare-
nnd the Boer pom-poms hav.) the
narrowest margin to permit -t lieing
admitted hy the nations, besides lining the distinction of being the lirst
of their kind ever used in the field.
In order to make clear the full
meaning of this statement, we mist
flrst explain certain technical terms.
A machine gun is one that Is loudc I
and llred by machinery; a iiuie*.-: r-
ing gun is one thut is lo..d.d by
hand, und fired either by hand or ly
machfnery. The former wus limited
in calibre until quite recently to tliat
of small-arm ammunition.
The machine gvn dates from the
primitive tyie if Gatllng gun vs d
in the United Wtnl.es Civil War, The
lirst attempt to In reuse the calibre
above that of small-arpi ammunition
wus made iu the Hotchklss revolving
cannon of 1-5 In h ca'llre, thrnwhu
a 1-pound tthe'l. Its ranee was
about fi.fiOO yards, and It cou'd fire
80 rounds a minute, The objection
to It wus thut ft wus too heavy a
piece for its calibre.
The next Im* rovcinont was t'��
Maxim 87-mJtilin Uv fl,4fi inch',
which is entirety automatic; thn Is,
after firing the Iir, t sin t It is nrce -
sary only to keep the fin- er on the
trigger; the gun go.s on loading nnd
firing, nnd can discharge SCO l-
pound shots per minute. Tie ue'gMs
of this piece is proportionate ti its
calibre. This is the so-called "pompom" of (lie Boers.
She  Followed   Inn tract ton*.   With   a
Very Surprlalnv Result.
"Thnt daughter of mine will he the
death of me some day," declared the
portly purty with a chuckle. "There hae
been a young man hanging around tlie
house for tlie past six mouths, and 1 was
growing tired of it, for I dldu't consider
that he wan good enough for my girl. Bu
yesterday 1 ttuutiuuurd my daughter and
" 'Daughter, will that .young man br
here again tonightV
" 'I suppose so,' fihe answered, looking
it me out of the corners of her eyes.
" 'Well, when he comes 1 waut you to
sit down on him/
" 'Very well, papa,* Bho answered de
nut rely.
"I went down towu congratulating my
self, for I really expected a scene, ns my
girl has a will of her own and Is not nl
all backward about expressing It. But
when she promises to do a thing It is as
goud as settled, aud I chuckled to myself
when I thought of the reception that that
young mnn would meet with when hi1
called lu the evening.
"Well, that night the yonng mnn made
bis usual evening cull, and I cleared oul
to give my daughter a chance lo carry
out her promise. I waited an hour, aud
then as the young man showed no sign.*-'
of leaving 1 entered the drawing room
where they were. The gas was turned
down, hut It was light enough for ine tu
discover that the young man wns holdfnj:
my daughter on his lap.
'"What Is the meaning of tillsV I de
mantled with the little breath 1 hud left.
'"1 am only following your Instrue
tlons, pupa.' she answered without even
looking np.
'"You're what?' I gasped.
'*'Following your Instructions. Don'l
be filly! Didn't you tell tne to sit down
on Mr. Blank when lie called? Don't I
hear mamma calling ynu?'
"I took the hint and Hid. Cards will hi
nut in a few days."���Detroit Free Prcsu.
The Ml-Iii Letter.
Slip wrote ln'tHtrn the lines ami tirrJtiiicd
JJNiiw these limit unnls will make lilm clad;"
Hi- mill Iil'Iwivu tlir lines���ami tcctncl
Tu lin I gninu lliuugkt whicli made htm mad.
���Detroit I'm Prof.
Reported  by Alkway & Champ on,
Stook Broken, Winnipeg.
Banks.                          Belliim, Buyer*).
Montreal  H9 At
Motaon'i  mo 17)
Meretuwti-  A)
Union  l��
Commerce  fid i4T
War Eagle  teo im
Payne  16 im
Commercial Cable  1(8 lf-t
Montreal Ttil  i<8 0S
Hlch. * Ont, Nnv  tl" 15
QltrPasa.K>  tr. - 1
Halifax K'y  8A mij
Montreal Gas  15 I* a
Toronto K'y  K'J i<7
Duluth Preferrd	
C.S.W.Land  M
Can. Pae. R'y, Montr-*-*!  (4
Can, l'ac. K'y. London  9
Money, time,  ��-"
Money, on call  u
roasioN xonit.
Qvoted  by Alloway A  Champion,
80S lbln street, Winnipeg.
 te.W 1-4
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's cat anli cure.
P. J. CHKN'E Y A CO., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known P. J.
Cheney for the last IA years, and believe htm
perfectly homaalile In all business transactions
-ud financially able to carry out any obligations made by their lirm.
WnsxATsuix,Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,0.
Waldinq, Kihnam <�� Mahvin, Wholesale Drug*
gis's. Toledo, O.
Hall's Oatarrh Care Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the Wood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price, 7 5e per bottle. Bold
hy all druggists.   Testimonial* Tree,
Hall's Family Pills are tha beat.
Much Like Oemosthenea.
"Womnn," he said, "really ought to
be a better orator than man."
"Why so?" she nsked.
"Because," he replied, "to a certain
extent nt least she follows the methods
of that fumed orator, Demosthenes."
"Iu what wny'/" she Inquired, still
busy with the finishing touches of her
"You remember," he ooBwered, "that
Demosthenes used to practice talking
with his mouth full of pebbles."
She hastily took the plus out of tier
mouth and Informed him tbat he was a
mean old thing, any wny. ��� Chicago
Vegetable Pills are vory mild in tbeir action.
They do not cause griping in the stomach or
-cause disturbances thore as so many pills do.
Therefore, the most delicate ean take them
without fear of unpleasant results. They
can, too, be administered to children without
imposing the penalties which follow the use
of pills not so carefully prepared.
The Condition ot Affair*.
How do you Iiinl your neighbors?" Inquired one man of another who bnd moved into a new quarter of town about a
month In-fine.
"1 don't have to," wns the reply. "It
takes all my talents to keep them from
finding ine."���Detroit Kree Press.
There never was, and never will be, a nni-
. jrsal panacea, in one remedy, for all Ills to
which flesh is heir���the very nature of many
curatives being suoh that were tbe germs of
otber and differently seated diseases rooted
In tbe system of the patient���wbat would
relieve one ill in turn would ���ggravdte tbe
other. We have, however, in Quinine Wine,
when obtainable In a sound, unadulterated
state, a remedy for many and grievous ills.
By ita gradual and judicious use the frailest
systems are led into conva'escenee and
strength by tbe influence whioh Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives. It relieves
tlte drooping spirits of thoee with whom a
chronic state of morbid despondency and
lack of interest in life is a disease, and, b]
"ie nerves,disposes
sleep���imparts vis
���ouuoui uie mood, which,being smuiuikwu,
courses throughout the veins, strengthening
tbe healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity a necessary result,
strengthening tbe frame, and giving life to
the digestive organs, whleh naturally demand increased subetance���result, improved
-appetite, Northrop ** Lyman, of Toronto,
have givon to the pnblio their superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate, and, gauged by
the opinion of scientist*, this wine approaches nearest perfection of any li the
market. All druggists aall It
ibok oi mwrMi in uie i* n uumw. uuu, u,
tranqnitlsing the nerves, disposes to soune
and refreshing sleep���Imparts vigor to tbe
aotion of tbe blood, whioh,being stimulated,
Baseball, Football, Tennis, Oolph, Orlcket,
Fishing Tackle, Ammunition, and all other
lines Including light hardware, we cairy in
etock, and our prices ure very low.
We also do gun repairing good and cheap.
We will take in exchange for goods any
p-oduce you may have, cordw-ood, etc. e'c.
Write us, glvirg full description of what you
SlionhiK  IH* Gratitude.
After the editor uf the Haw ville Clarion had heen htiiigcil up against the wall
a few times and dragged around iu the
dust lie Fiieeeedul In breaking nway from
his assailant long enough to say, "Sir, I
tliatil; yun."
"Vou i hank me!" exclaimed the irate
visitor in astonishment.
"Certiiinly," replied the editor. "Yon
have done nie an inestimable favor."
"In what wayV" demanded the visitor.
"I said in my paper tliat you were a
lawless brute, didn't 1 ?" inquired the editor.
"That's whnt you snitl."
"Well." iPtmiied the editor, "it occurred tn me afterward that possibly 1
might have heen mistaken, hut you have
now proved (lie ease fur me, aud I am
naturally grateful, Von have relieved niy
conscience of a gnat loud. 1 reared I
had dune you an iu justice, "���Chicago
IV t.
-'uruing the joimUr Internal and exter-
.al reiiedy. OH. THOMAS" KCLEO-
TiUC OIL���do not, sj fur as known, exist-. Tie testlmoiy Is positive and con-
ouiruut that the article relieves plyblcal
I aln, cures lameness, cheeks a cough, Is
an excellent remedy for pains and rneu
inatic complaints, and lt has no nauseating or other unpleasant effect wheu taken
He Was Astonished.
"Do you mean to suy that the horae
ran away with you?" said Mr. Meek-
ton, aghast.
"Yes," answered his wife.
"And wouldn't-slop when you told
lilm to?"
"Of course he wouldn't."
"Well, Henrietta, 1 don't know whnt
to sny except thnt the horse wasu't acquainted with you or else he wouldn't
huve dared to act In that manner."���
Washington Star.
The great lung healer Is found In tbat
jxcellent medioine sold as Blckle's Auti
OoLSumptive Syrup It soothes and
llminlshes the sensibility of ebe mem
rrar.e of the throat and air passages, and
Is a sovereign remedy for all ooughs,
���olds, hoarseness, pain or soreness in the
thest, bronchitis, etc. It has oured many
*hen supposed to be far advanced In con-
The Bird Orniiinent.
Pair laily, rIvp [inline,
For, stiKT yon ii it fnir,
Shall yun s!uti*j1ili>r u sung
Kor u frutlier to wear!
Ilia curol pray spam;
Let tlie maxim full pat,
"A Mn) In tlie Imisli
Is worth ten on ��� hut."
���Washington Htsr
THEY ARE A POWERFUL NERVINE.���Dyspepsia causes deraugemeut of
the nervous system, and nervous debility
onoe engendered la difficult to deal with.
There are many testimonials as to tbe
effloaoy ot Parmelee's Vegetable Pilla in
treating tbis disorder, showing tbat tbey
never toil to produce good results.   By
Sving proper tone to the digestive organs
ey restore equilibrium to the nerve
Clin meter In Ilnnil-ivrltlu^.
"Du ymi lielieve there Is anything In
tlie elniiii that men's characters are
shown in their liniiilwiitiugV"
"Yes. A man who always writes liis
name so thai it ean he read at a glance
hus imt yet nr rived at the point where he
thinks tiie world cau better afford to
waste time working over puzzles tlinu
thai he should put forth an extra effort,
au nial ter how suiitll."���Chicago Times-
Ask for Minard's anil tate no otter.
Not I ned tn the Motion.
"Who Is thnt innu so violently seasick?" nsked the captain of the ocean
"I don't know his nnme. sir," said the
supercargo, "hut he's nu officer of n
revenue cutter ou ft vacation."���Chicago Tribune.	
iii) uuiDi luikit u tii iou.
Modern Poetry.
Ardent Vouii;; Woman���From what
hidden sources, Mr. Hiii'dde. do you seek
your inspiration?
Poet���My denr girl, I'm tou much
rushed with my writing ever to waste
time chii King n nm ml nfter Inspiration.���
Chicago Record.
MIAMI IilBlgT ll ll* tTPlTllcUll.
"I am content to be numbered amoug
(he politically dead," said oue politician.
"I dou't blame you," snld the other.
"If I were iu your place, I'd rather
have an epltnph than to have nothing
at all said about inc."���Washington
Brother Dicker's Philosophy.
I got uo fault ut all wid ills wort*.
It's des so bright dat sometimes I gits
blinded fum look in ut It.
De ouly wuy ter make a garden In
dis wort' Is ter take good keer er de
flowers eu see ter it dat dey gits plenty
er sunshine eu rata.
Dar'a alius one mo' rlrer ter cross,
but sometimes de ferryman Is fas'
asleep, en you got ter swim It.
Some folks think Jedgment day ts so
fur off dey kin git a good, loug sleep
fo' sntan ketches holt er 'em. Atlanta
M outre*].  Free Hun, Am.
j P. *1.H) up.  B, 1'. fl.0J -es.
An  Knuie For Unvallantry.
"It almost kills me to stand!" moaned the ludy in the street car. "If I
don't get a seat pretty soon, 1 shall
Just drop!"
And it was only the next dny thnt
she stood up two hours nud a half
while she hnd n dress fitted.
But theu that's a different thing.���
Boston Transcript.
I UaVftllA,    FACTUHY,Montrul
Brass Band
I   HlMiini'iilr*-.. DruiiiK. I'iillii-i nisi, |-;tc.
Lowest prices ever (juntbd.    Pino uttiilugUD
\o i lustrations mulled rive.   Write in for anything lu MuhIv or MuhI.hI lualruiiieiila.
Winnipeg, Ifmi.
Whaley Royce tt 0o.,
Wc keep u large stock
always on hand of Ttme.
'ti PjtisTKiis'MATEi.-:ALand
' Pristebb* Machinkhvj
we can Ht out Daily or
Weekly Papers or Job
Outfits on few hours" notice, Wc also supply
Reauy-Pbints, Steheu-Plates, and 1'ai-kh
and Cabo Stuck.
ITS Owen Street, Winnipeg,
Farm Lands
For Sale In All Parts of the
Province.   Write for Lists.
Hnniifaetun <1 by THOS. I.IX, W Inulppg.
The Manitoba
Fsiruicrs Mutual Hail
Insurance Company.
Howe Office, *.o:s Moltityre uleck,
-.Vluti!*.-**-. fllus..
Chartered to do Business in Manitoba,
also all over the Northwest
Over $**,000,*XIU liiBUranue in furoo and
ISK-n-uailiH every day.
Farmer*,  wunlin;*  proteutlon  Irom  hail
should write ii-t or ace our lueut iiyeut.
Hot all, Winnipeg.
W. O. GRAHAM, Manager.
No midsummer holidays.   Now 1b the time ta
���tapara tut a situation in the tiosy aeuioa.
Full partleoUrs on application.
O. W. DONALD, Sea.
N. B.���We tulited over 100 of our students to
position! dnring the jiast five months.
Catholic Prayer ?r�������ckin^*��.*?
ulan, Religious l'lrlurea. Slatu&ry, and Church
Ornamenta,Kducatlunal Works. Mailorder.,*?
Ml., prompt .ttenllon. HI .Ml*:riC*l.,I"llltnll
W. N. U. 277.
04itS d*A*U
U- l4 *s
. My*
I Must Kave the
genuine, The
imitations look
very nice> but they
hurt my delicate SKIN.
Tilt s-HtBotTTomT Soap Coy.	 THE GOLDEN EltA, FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1000.
I Car Upholstered
Tiie Latest Styles in Parlor, Dining-room
and Bed-room Suites.
Vrm Chairs, Window Seats, Lounges and
Writing Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs, &c.
1 Oar Common Furniture
Mattresses.  Pillows,   &c.
1 Car Shelf Hardware.
1 Car Heavy Hardware
���ineluding' everything necessary for the
building and mining Trade
L Car Choice Groceries
Ganned  Goods,   &c.
5,000 Rolls Wall Paper.
Flags of all sizes for
-���screen Doors and      :' dows
to keep out mosquiti-es.
Genuine Maple Syrup
from Quebec.
Golden,   B.C.
Kin^ptori     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
Audit a large saving and convenience to procure thoir
applies at Donald,
Solo Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining. Divisions.
iVgentsatWindermereforCaliforniaGiant Powder Co
Mr. Howard Pratt of Field Is visit*
inji Mrs. John Pratt ot Golden.
Mrs W. C. Wells of PalliBcr spent
Tuesday in Golden, accompanied by
Mr. George Wells.
Frank Lang, our populnr mining
recorder, lias complftely recovered
from his attack of la grippe, nnd is
again nttondinji to his duties at the
Government office.
Harry Gale has completed the job ot
moving the ore sum pie show case
from the old Government Otlice Into
the new Court House huildiug. where
it makes a very striking -ipiiPtirmice
and adds to the heauty of tlio ollico.
J. 0. O'Neil of Calgary, gnnenil
tii-ent of the London Lite, was in town
this wi*k working up business for his
China has declared war on al] the
powers that he. Murder aud massacre
are the order of the day with the pigtails.   Now, look out!
Harry Gale left Golden on Wed ties-;
day morning tn taku a post ii on at the
Palliser mills, where he will put iu
the remainder of the summer months.
James D Wells came down from
Palliser on Tuesday to attend Dolores
Mile. Dolores nnd M. Eugene Bernstein, the grt-iat entertainers, arrived,
in Golden on Tuesday aud tilled their
engagement hereon that, evening, leaving for the West on Wednesday.
Word liasbeuii received from Jo.-eph
Lntnontagne announcing tliat both he
and the goat have arrived safely iu
England. Ail our readers will be glad
to learn this.
Judge Forin enmo from tbe \V*t
yesterday morning nud retured. ln>>t
Chas. A. Wnrren returned to Golden
this morning from attoi diag the I O.
O. F. grand lodge at the Coast.
Hon. W. C. Wells is expectod home
Thos. O'Brien will return from the
Coast on Monday,
Golden is occasionally lit up hy
electricity by the appearance of engine
683, wbich proves to be -interesting to
the natives.
E. A. Higgen, engineer of ths Cer-
taintly Gold and Mining Company, is
showing intending contractor!) over
the company's property, preparatory
to the commencement of considerable
development work about -to bo done.
H, L. Estell to day moved out SLp
plies nnd men to, commence operations
on his Canyon Creek placer property,
where the machinery and nil necessary
equipments have been placed in position ready to s r ou a moinei t s
notice. The shaft ts down fifty feel,
the wad's six feet by eight and heavily
timbered, and when work Is resumed
it will be pushed vigorously tbe year
* * * THE ��� ������
lleadqiiarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Eag^afre Transferred Freo.
Hot and Cold liaths.
I ntcs ��2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First clas3 accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The 13. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co, Ltd.
Vancouver,      -     B.C.
Wn aro Mannfsctnror* and direct Iinnortors, and terry e largo stork of Mances,
v     ��2fcTwoKvOoorLi, Htioutific and Practical Book*. Glassware, Mathium Goods,
Aeids,Chomtwii*^aw^��^��^r Morgan Crucible Company, Uatterseai Decker's Sons
; Halancec, Etc. catalogue and full particulars on application.
Petorbcrough Celebrates.
The chief interest of the Queen'**
Birthday sports wtis centred in the
bniebnll maicli between Peterborough
and Wlndoi'tnero. The visiting team
went first to bnt and failed lo score.
The home team scored one in tbeir tirst
inning. Iu tbo seoond inning Windermere scored one and Peterborough
threo; third lulling, Windermtre 0,
borne team 4; fourth inning, Windermere 0, homo team 3. In the first half
cf tbe fifth inning tbe visiurs snored
seven runs through the careless fielding nud throwing of the homo team,
thus marring their playing of the
previous innings. At the end of tbe
game the score stood Windermere 18.
Peterborough 1-1, with tlie Inst half of
the inning un played.
For tbe short time (be teams hnd for
practice nnd tho lack of team work,
the game certainly was very credii able.
Immediately after tbe ball game tbe
horses wore called up aud much interest was shown in tbat event.
The danco in the evening was largely attended by people from nil tho
surrounding towns nud it was a most
soci 1 and enjoyable opening. About
1 o'clock lunch was served. Tbe party
broke up at 4 o clock, everybody feeling well satisfied with tbe programme.
Mrs. E-iei-ion. nn English laly who
did nur��ing in Duwson City, carried
out an original idea in London, which
greatly gratified the C. P. R. people.
Mis Egi'i'iou has lieen mmli struck
by the scenery along tbo line of the
C. P. H., us well as with the service
the company reudetod across tbe con
tinent, aud ��he determined to let the
folk In England know something about
both. For this purpose she availed
heifelf uf a fancy bull at Co vent.
Garden to appear tu a costume which
took first prise for originality, and
Whleh illuhtrated Canadian seoneiy
and theC. P. R. in n highly striking
manner. The lady's hat whs trim nnd
In a manner to ahow theC P.U. trail s
In motion; her oape set forth Lake
Ontario, Lake Superior and the Rocky
Mountains, while the front of her
dress showed a train running at full
���peed through the wonderful ravines
tn the Northwest. In the lady's band
waa a banner whioh contained the
coats ot arms of the several provinces
constituting the Dominion. The tout
ensemble, aa the London pross remarked at tha time, waa wonderfully striking and impressive and gave at a
glance an idea ot a country of which
Londoners, previous to the jubilee,
knew little. Mrs. Egerton, aa Mr.
Baker, the C. P. R. agent fn London,
Kin ted out, did all thia oft " her own
t," and solely with the patriotic
view of making Canada known. Tha
lady la coming out again, probably
tbia summer, when aha will make an
extended tour of the country. Photo-
grapha of Mrs. Egerton In ber unique
costume are at the general offices ot
tha 0. P. R.-Montreal Witness.
The Friend of the Canadian
Lord Roberts has on mora than one
occasion expressed bis admiration for
tbe Canadian boys who are taking
auch an active part in the South
African war. In all the correspondence from the front it is also pleasing
to note the esteem in which the boys
hold their friend "Bobs." Lord
Roberts baa the Canadian boys with
him all the time. This is a great
compliment to Canada. There are
t lions.imis of Canadians *ht> have
fiieudsor relatives iti the Canadian
contingent and who would he glad io
haven portrait of the grent geueral
un er whom tbey are fichting and
fighting ��iiecessfuIly. ��� The Family
Herald and Weekly Star has published
a r.-itllv liaudsmne colored portrait or
1,-ord Roberts and we hare completed
nrrangemenis with thom hy whioh all
our readers and nwidimla uf thia vicinity can secure a copy. It Is a true
picture of the famous general. It ia
17x22 inches, an exact reproduction of
n painting by on of the best Euroj*an
Wo wilt send Tun Goluhx Era and
tbe Family Hftrald and Weekly Star
from uow until the cud of llie your,
including the portrait ol Lord Roberts,
for tlte small sum of $1.25, and if any
person feels that it is not worth the
money the same will be r*>-funded.
Tu any of onr subscribers whose
arrears have been paid we offer the
Family Herald and Weekly Star and
tho picture for^fiO cents. The above
offers are open for a limited time only.
As Good to You as a Dally and
You get it at the Price
of a Weekly.
It furnishes more at the price than
any other newspaper published fn
America. Its uews service covers all
the globe and is equalled by that, of
few dailies. Its ra^orM from the Boer
war have not been oxoelled fn thoroughness and prop'ness, and with the
Presidential campaign now iu progre. a
it will be invaluable. Its political
news is absolutely impartial. This
fact makes it of especial value to you
at this time.
If you want to watch overy move of
the greit political campaign take the
Ttirice-u-Wwk World. If you went
to k>ep your eye on the Trusts -and
thoy need watching���take the Thrioe-
a- Week World. If you want to know
nil foreign developments, take the
Thrice n-Week. World.
Tim Goi.uux Eua nnd the Thrioe-a-
Week World will bo supplied to new
subscribers for one yenr $2.65. Now
Is the tiujhe to subscribe!
S?rvices fn St. Paul's church Sunday
next- 8 a.in. Celebration of Holy Communion; 11 p.m., Mattins. Litany and
sermon; 7.30 p.m., evensong and Struma.
Mr. Wells to lhe Electors.
To the Electors o( North Eut Kootenai".
- My allien, tlianks I. duo to yon at
th. surliest possible moment for th.
generous manner tn whioo yon hav.
attain returned me to th. Legislature
of this Province.
I accept tlio responsibility wilh the
fullest appreciation of tlio task you
hnve iin.io-ss-d npon me aud with tie
.It-termination that no effort on my
owu pnrt will l-e warning to repay
the confidence you have so unmi.tnk-
fsbly accorded me.
I am, Gentlemen,
Your Obedient Servant,
P.slliss-r, loth June.
Canadian Pacific Railway
" Imperial
Limited "
Daily Tourist Oars to
We   Sell
The Oerhato-Heintzman-
The Finest CimatUun Piano.
The Moueis-
A Meant y at n Lest Price.
The Uxbmdge���
Splendid Tone, Pine Appoarnnre,
Very Moderate Prjea.
We Sell
The latest Edison  I'liono-
ft'roph for.'   $12.50
Edison Records nt 50cts.
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
etc., etc.
Sheet Music of all kinds and
all Musical Supplies.
Tho Alberta Music Co.
Ou-liextra tor Dances or Concert...
Wednesday & Sunday
Fridays to
AND Bostorj.
Passing Oolden as follow: ���
3 Imperial Limited
J. C. TOM & CO.,
Merchant Tailors.
We havo recently added to our Tailoring-,
Establishment a full line of
:-: Gents* Furnishings,
The Finest in Town
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired on Shortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite of Golden.
Buiness ��� and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time lo Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy 1 erms of Payment.
E. .?. COYI.K,    C. K. WKI-I.S,
A-fl.P.A,, Agent,
Vancouver. Golden.
FRUIT and     rrrpTpTpQ
MAGNOLIAS. BULBS, new orop of
For Spring planting.     Largest  and
moht   complete   stook    in    Western
Gisnisda.   Cstll and iiihIzo your selections or send for catalogue.     Address
at Nmsery Grounds or Greenhouse.
Ml   UCMQV   3001) Woot.nlnater
.J. nCII 111, Uond. V.nsionvs-r
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with tho
ftict that trai.sportation is now assured at nn early date"
by a rnilway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Goldon to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
TOE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further riso
tak-3s placse.
Plans mny be seen and prices and terms obtain-sd qn
application to **
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale sign-ad by Townsite Trustees.
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Parson, Merchant, .
������*..,       .. i isMiiam mi i   ii ������������! ii ���    laaa.a.i
A. P. *. A. 51.
Mo-mluiis Lo-'ite, No. II. A. F. &
A. il. Kojjniiir s_'oniinussl.-��lli)ss,
let-owl Mosulsiy lu overy luontli-
S* journiiig brutliren cordially iss-
3. C. PITTS. W.M.
tl. ti. PARSON, Soerolnry.
I.   O.   0.   F.
Rocky Sroutsttiin Lodge No. 114 meet, iu
Otlsltelltm* Hull, <Jol��lei>, every Weslueaili.y
at 8 l��.m.   Hoimimli.-r brethren welcome.
W. li, HOllfl'ON, N.(l.
J T. WOOD Snirotnrv.
Export srs and Importer*.
100 to 208 rtrct Ave. Na.
Shlprn-M-U SelleHod.
Wriu for Cli-Mla*
" ARTISTIC-*-       r^
iRMsmnunsMb-r LraMog
Dr.aatn.ker*. 0        A
(VTh-M* patUrn* HM told I* BMtljr
-mryalty and town ta Iba UnlKMl SiaiM.
irrouritaUf doai rm h*wp ititm aand _
Itract la nt.   Ona cant atampi taeawtd. m
(UdrtM yoar naarait point. B
mt. lw w. unsitn-K, iMV.it
11.',, MarMSt.*,' U*Vl-2��*c*.
���rift-tart tUiula.   PstMUkrt
Contain Bawtltul Waft Ptaw.
Illuurasc. Utnt "Assuma, nak-
Ion.. *f.n(y Wssck.   >S
work.   WrUoTor tariM wdptliar partlt*
Ill t.l4��W.i4lhll.,Ns)W York
Public Notice ialiorobyifiven thnt at the
expiration of i'O days fvoni this dale the
I'rini'o Mining and Development Conipniiy,
" limited Liability, will tlmiiffe its ollk-o from
or priiu-.ii'aljpbii'o of business from Golden,
U.��'., t.i Kevel-toke, D. C.
Datod Api-tl'JOtli.lWQ.
(JEO. 8. McCAItTEn,
ii-JOiii^") Solicitor for the Company.
Robt. Elliot, M.D.,
Llcensod Physician -Se Surgeon
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wlsole-sale ft Retail
Cattle, Slseo|i ami Horae Denier..
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Commerclnl Colie��c,
Box  847.   Vancouver,   li.  C.
Thorough instruction ia busiuesn*
method*, Book keepfiiR, (.vo un no*
lost-books, but do actual business)*
Shorthand ansl Typewriting. We prepare (or examinations.
Jas Beady, D.L.8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
H. Am'n. liwt. M*.
Afteitt for olitnininf! Crown Oranta, doing
sissiuiiil aaMssainesit work, etc.   Ailtlrew s
Harvey, MoCarter tt Pinkham,
Uarrt.tor., lotleltor.. *e.
geo.s.mccarteh,      j.a.hahvby.
Revelatoko, II.O. Fort Steele, ll.C.
Rooina, Aleaassvler Block. Oolden R. C,
Twenty Pares; WeeklyinimtratsSL
Tim MIUM fit TBI*. MRMA.
220 Makkit Sr*. Ban ruANsMswo, Oal,
Coffins and
Funeral Rotas of nli kind..
Order, promptly attended to..
W. L. Houston,
Golden,  B.C,
..Useful Now..
Pectoral Balsam
Pure Norwegian
Cod-liver Oil
Parisian Emollient
Cold Cream
Witch Hazel cream
Field's catarrh snuff
The Druggist.
���a 111
IWHtHlMlal, WatHINOTON, 0.0.
P. A. Desormeau,
.  .  . Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
loath IM* Kicking Horn Blr.r,
Thomas O'Brien^
Barrister, Solloltor.
Notary Pnbllo,Conveyanoer, eto
OBc. in "Upper Oohmliia Navigation and
Tram.ay Company'. Building,
eaMea, a. V.


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