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The Golden Era Mar 11, 1898

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Array The Oolden Era
Is the most widely circulated and
beet advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
in Advance	
�� Map of Golden
I Mining Division
| By V. C. Lang ...
�� On receipt of ?! copies of this valuable
>j map .viil uo ini.ilo.1 by
t The Golden F.rn Company L'ld. Luj-.,
9 Uoldon, B. if.
VOL. VII. NO. 32.
$2 Per Year
Is Now Completed.
��� e a ��52 000009000
Surplus Goods in many lines
will be cleared at Cost Prices.
Snaps and Bargains to be
had in all directions for
 Ready Cash.
General 0 merchant,
y'. Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
Ihe Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
.. the rolumbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Ever) Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
, Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
Wm. McNeish, Prop.
���   ���   ���   ���
Headquarters for Commerc 'al men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. _::::o::::_
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jiot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
316it Proprietor..
Russell House ...
Golden, B. '**��� ���
Skelton & Healy, Proprietors.-
Headquarters for Miners,
Prospectors and Lumbermen,
Bate*, 01.00 Per Day.
Board and Lodging, IS Per Week.
First Class Bar,
Complaint. 'Mr.rfly Aaruinat tho Employment Ajrunta.
The International says: "Monday
morning a session of the commission
was held in accordance to notices
posted the day before, nnd 12 or In
witnesses were examined. The chief
points of contention seem io be the
question of raiiroad fare, over-charges
for merchandise and conditions of
sleeping apartments. The members
visited most of the camps, and especially those of which special compluints
had been made, It was shown tliut
much of the trouble seems lo have or
iginaied from the representations made
by the employment agents down east,
'Especially was this the case wilh the
question of railroad fare. The coin-
mission left Wardner Monday afternoon for Fort Steele, and from there
they will fro to Crnnhrook and on
west, expecting to complete their work
along the line within a week. They
will go out by Nelson, and then return
to Calgary. Winnipeg and points in
Ontario and Quebec and take further
testimony, and expect to have their
report ready to submit to the Government by the first of April."
War Is ThrentoneU���Much Anxiety In
Grout llrltulli.
London, March 8 The news from
the far east is causing much anxietv.
Russia has 'already begun the partitioning of China and Lord Salisbury's
absence from i he Foreign Ollice on account of ill health is causing much
alarm. The Queen has postponed her
departure for Nice owing to the unsettled condition of affairs. The Daily
News says today that Great Britain is
in bad need of the strongest man now
New York, March 8.���A cable despatch to tho New York World says
that nothing short of a miracle will
prevent a general war is tbo belief of
English statesmen. Nat since the
days of Napoleon have thu times been
more threatening than at present.
News in Brief
Chief Justice D.ivie is dead.
Man named Casper missing from
Steamer Bessie K from Dyea wrecked and all hands missing.
Thomas McDonald and daughter
aged 13 drowned at Toronto.
Canadian revenue over $300,000
more than for corresponding period of
last year.
Congress voted (50,000,009 for emergency war fund, and Hying squadron
being organised.
The floating debt of Spain was augmented by 13.220,681 pesetas during
the month of February.
James Clark, fireman on the passenger train wrecked on election day at
Burlington, died from injuries.
Royal Canadian Dragoons and infantry and artillery ordered to Yukon
to assist civil power iu preserving
Spain demanded recall of General
Lea from Cuba, nnd United States refused. War threatened but Spain
backed down.
The Central Council of Kings Daughters at New York will next week begin
cutting and sewing garments for
Cuban famine sufferers.
Fire started in the Saturn and Sez-
onwice mine at Breslau, Prussia, on
Saturday. Twenty dead bodies have
so far been recovered. More are below
in the burying mine.
Express train crashed into a freight
at. Burlington. Engineer Thomas
Hutchinson and Fireman James Clark
were fearfully scalded and otherwise
injured. Premier Hardy and Rev, G.
M. Mulligan, of Toronto, were in the
train.   No passengers injured.
That the Rothschilds will attempt
to buill a railroad to Yukon is now
believed to be certain, The steamer
Waloott, which arrived at Juneau on
March 1st, landed n party of over 40
men and equipments for the railroad
building at Pyramid Harbor,
Concerning the Maine disaster the
latest discoveries made by divers not
only support the information printed
by the New York Herald concerning
the disclosures of paramount importance made by Ensign Powelson, but
convince thtue In charge of the submarine investigation beyond all doubt
that a mine rent the U. 8. battleship
The International says: "The hospital at the Mission is now becoming
crowded. There are about 25 patients
there, nud four more sisters are expected from Vancouver next week to assist in the work. The hospital has
been a boon to the afflicted along the
line of construction on tho Crow's
Nest Pass road, aud many words of
kindness are being said for FatJior
Cocola and the sisters."
At New York: - Silver bullion 54-3/8,
lead 13.00, spot 54-5/8.
It is believed that placer gold has
been struck on ihe upper Liard.
The Provincial Parliament .has resolved to take into consider. I ion the
issue of Crown grants for placer holdings.
The shipment of 20 'ons of ore from
the Waverley to England assayed Was
proved to contain a value at current
prices ol ��33 per ton,
Mr. Bradon, M. P. P., hai given notice of motion to ado,.t the principle
of tlie United S'ates mining law, limiting location and holding of mines to
British subjects.
The Canadian Pacific R'tilway Company, which recently liotijtlit the Trail
smeller on the Columbia River and ihe
line of toad from tiie shelter to the
mines at Rosslaud, has contracted
with the War Eagle mine for the shipment and treatment ol 100 Ions of ore
daily for one year. The freight aud
treat ment charges is $7.50 per ton, it
reduction of $3.50 heloiv the rates
which have existed.
The Tangier Company contemplates
joining with the Goldfields of B.C. nnd
the Waverley in constructing a railroad from the group of mines down to
the C. P. II., and also proposes to construct a smelter on the Illiciilewaet
River, close to the Canadian Pacifi.:
Railroad. According to latist advices
a shipment hits just ln-cn inmle of lo
tons of clean shipping ore of the tip.
proximate value of $1,700, equal to
��23 Us 8d per ton.
Mr. F. M. Chadbotirn, of Nelson,
has just concluded a deal whereby h
strong London syndicate bus acquired
control of the Matterhorn group on
Toby Creek. There are six claims iu
the group. The claims were locale.1
last July, and have ou alt a strong
ledge showing, assaying 15 to 45 per
cent, copper. $5 to $25 in gold and 80
ounces in silver. Not much work has
yet been done on the group beyond a
few prospect holes. A first payment
was cabled to tbe Bank of Briiish Col-
uiuhia at Nelson, and the remainder of
ihe bond will follow in a year. Work
will he commenced by a force of men
as soon as the snow disappears.
Messrs. Moodie and Estelleare forming a mining partnership to s uk a
shaft to bedrock at the mouth of Canyon Creek. Two attempts have hem
made to bottom this creek but without
success, and it is now proposed to put
ill steam pumps to keep down the
water, and then closely timber the
shaft, Iu this way It Is believed1.bed
rock can be reached and the ground
properly tested. In the previous attempts made to bottom this creek the
ground bus improved in gold value
with denth, unci at 15 feet there ha��
been no increase in water. Tho experiment appears to be well worth a trial.
The prospectus has been issued und
that and the deed of louse may be seen
on application at The Era office.
D. W. King editor of Ihe Kootanian
has issued a circular-letter designed as
the first gun in a campaign of work
looking towards the fostering of the
lead mining, smelting and manufacturing interests of Canada through the
reclamation and preservation of the
Canadian market for Canadian lead,
thereby making it possible to work the
lower grade lead mines and carry on
profitably the industry of smelting in
Mr. King says: "It is absolutely
impossible, because oT this tarilf discrimination between lead iu ore and
lead in bullion, to carry on nt a profit
the industry of mining and smelting
of ores of any grade, inasmuch as under present conditions our lead must
go to Ihe United States markets. It
is a fact that t. o lead miners rf the
United States are, under a protective
tariff on lead, successfully and profitably operating mines that lange iu
grade from I�� to 30 per cent lower
than those which iu British Columbia,
under present conditions, we cannot
think of operating. Kootenay has the
highest grade lend mines In thn world,
yet the lead product of her highest
grade ores, because of being forced Into a hostile market, fall short of paying tbe freight, treatment and duty
charges And were it not for the association of silver with the lead thev
could not be worked at all. The reason
we are forced into that market lies In
the utter absence of an available home
market. The home market is not
available because of a low Canndian
import duty on lead and lead products,
which admits foreign leads and for-
eign lead manufactures comparatively
free. The United States tariff on lead
in bullion, pig and tbe principal lead
products, is. nverage.l, four times
greater than that of Canada. Canada
draws her lead supply principally from
the United States and Mexico, and sh"
will never consume the product of her
own load mines until she has placed
her lead miners nnd her lead smellers
on an equal footing with those of the
United Stales; until she has by a similar tariff act, shut out the .-heap leads
of Mexico and placed   herself   beyond
tho control and influence of the United
States Lead Trust. The lead miners
of the United States areenjoylug greai
prosperity today because iliey are protected by their tarilf.
"Some three years ago the Dominion
Go- eminent sought to fi ster tiie smelting industry by offering a bonus of
$150,000 to he paid at the rate of $.'10,-
000 per year with a maximum of 5u
cents per ton ou nil ores sineltol in
Cauti.la. This wus wholly ineffective.
The Pilot Bay smelter made a short
run, closed down and will not he blown
in again under existing conditions. A
splendid lead stack al the Hall Alii.e-t
uopper smelter, Nelson, remains idle,
and notwithstanding rumois, the C. P,
R. will never attempt to stueit lua.l
ores at Trail or Rohsnn until a market
other than [liiiie.l Siaies is found for
their product.
"An export duty as a means of forcing the smelting of lend ores in Canada is not to bethought of, as ic would
completely prostrate lead mining
without Queuing the Canadian market
to Canadian lead.
"The only solution, then, li.-s in following the example ul" United Suites
and readjusting ..ml raising 'he itir.ff
ou lead to a figure at lease equal to
thai of that country. Bv so doing wo
would preserve t he Canadian market
for Cuuadian lead. This would bring
into existence, bv an immediate demand for lead, home corroding works,
home refineries home factories, ami
home smelters, thereby giving employment to Canadian labor ami re asserting Canada's coiiiuieruiat independence,
"The problem of lend smelling in
Canada can only he solved through a
prohibitive tariff on lead iu pig or bars,
white lead, dry or mixed, bull o ., lead
i.'ianuiuutures and all articles tu tun
composition of which lead figures lo
any considerable extent, Canada will
never be iu a po.-itiou to uitiuufauture
lead until she has tlie lead smelters.
She wilt never have a lead siu.-I er until she has shut out fo.eigti lends and
made the home marketavailanle to the
home smclier.
"The question naturally follows,
can Canada consume the product of
tier lead mine*? Theufflclal statistics
given out by the Department of Trade
and Commerce show the consumption
of lead in bar, sheet, white lead and
load manufactures to be aliQUt 2.'i.00(i
tons per annum. The lead output or
Canada for the year 1897 was appioxi-
maiely 18,000 tons. 7,000 tons short of
the consumption. It is true that ihe
establishment of factories to supply
ihedemand for lead products would re
quire time, Inn there is already a Can
adian market for 8.010 tons of |,ij
lead, none of which is now supplied by
Canadian mines and tile comparative!,
ei.sv esiiibiisiue���t of corroding works
would make a market for (i,uU0 tons
more for the manufacture of lead
paints. On the immediate o- any fu
lure surplus we would be at no greater
disadvantage, so far as the United
States market is concerned than we
are at the present lime. Eighty per
cent of ihe output could be . liuost immediately utilize! iu Canada.
Tiie effect of such a measure woul I
be, of course, to greatly stinx.late lend
mining In Canada, as it wo. Id make
it possible to then work at a profit
mines so low iu grade as to tie now
woithless. and so greatly increase the
output. Hut great Btneltlng and manufacturing concerns would 'hen have
lieeu established, and they, being iu a
better position than the individual
miner with his ores, or a lone and
unprotected .smelter with its bullion,
could seek the Orient or liurope as  a
arket for this surplus."
The Golden Klondike.
AonriG Sound AtlvUv Prom Ono Who
Jiu* Mail** tliu Trip, und Known
BoitmHtlitg of tlit* ll.-inLflil-tiN tiie
���Jolil Suukoi' Jlibl Liidei-yo.
In tho rush towards tlie Golden
fi Ms of the Klondike, there n.-e tnous
amis who it ie ill-Htied lo stund tho
: st i';i in of hardships a n<] expos tire,
which tti'ii ii'separuhle from the trip.
1 Illness, disease alii] (lentil is
; ajmast     c--riiiin     to     uhtfill      ninny
I of     tho      ill-prepared      aUentureis
jTho     following     [utter     livm      om*
who hits undergone the hardships ut
j the trip, will prove Inlet'ei-ling >o
those who intent) goiug into the desolate but gold laden north: -
Skaoway, De*.), 12th. 18D7.
j Dear Sui-s, ��� Mv object ui writing
��� tIi K teller is io givo a word of advice
to thusu who contemplate going to the
Yukon gold liehla. For lu years I
hute followed ihe oicupation of pioa
pjciitu limber, estimating and mining,
ami the hardships ami privat ons
i which oua has io undergo, are Qiioiiph
to .wreck the stroimest con ��*i tut ion.
Iu the sprinti of 18!)7 I w��a stricken
i -villi pleurisy, ns the i;es-ilt of exposure.
II recovered from this. hut.   it   left   Ij -
bind the see-Is of dise.se which uuiiii-
jfes*e'i iliem-elve.s in the form of heart
and It'duey troubles, I managed tu
reach Vancouver, Im* did not have
much hopes of recovering. I wis ml*
vi-ti'd. however, to trive Dr Williams'
Pink P.lis a trial and at firm ptircliaH-
ed but two boxes. B-fore ilics.; wer*'
yuno I found beyond a ilonbt that they
where helping me. und their eoulhi*
ttod ti*e "put me mi my feet again." to
use a common expression. I then engage 1 to go to ' In* Yukon countrv aud
only tho-e who havo made the trip to
L)iw>on City can form even the fniut
est couseption of the bar sbi s ili.tt
have to lie borne 111 milking th? trip.
Before darling I tubled to my outfit
i wo dozen luxes of I).-. Willi uns1 P.nk
P.II- an-! I can honoMtl* sax n |eift of
my out lii pro.*> -de �����!' .s u ..... j aide
.service 'o mo. an I I wo ibl s' Duply
urge every man �� ho i^oes in io taken
supply with htm, as hi' ull linn ihe
need of sTich a 'on c ultd Uphuildi r of
the s�� riinn uti nmiit ore imuij-. I wont
ni mil returned o this plm'H by the
Dillon trait, which consists of H50
miles of ol-1 Indian trail, s-a. ting at
Pyramid Hirbor. Ingoing o er the
nail one has al lim-s to wnAe throuyl]
mud more than a loot thep. and ford
-.t renin-" ��vmsi Jeep in ice cult I waters.
When I-farted for the Yukon mv
Afiiuhi was otil.i 14!) pounds, mid I
now -.vinfill In!) pounds, thanks to Dr.
Wi limns1 Pink Pills.
I am soon s'Hitiiiy for another nip
to Diwsuu by i be sam��* route This
time, however, ihe ir-uelling will be
ou snow shoes, and yon may dej.ei d
upon it Dr. Wi limns' P.nk Pills uill
again form pail of my on I Ii;.
I write this letter for thn t^i-foll
purpo-es of letting yuil know what
your modiciiiu bus done for me mid
urging thosti who co in to tnke a sup
ply with ihum. Even man. whether
he is sick or well, who Undertakes iho
trip to the Yukon will require some
tiling to brace him au I keen his constitution so md in tin* c mntry I may
say thiit my hone i- ut Copper < lift,
Out,, when* m/ wife now resides,
Yours very truly,
Ml JotiN Piuna
C. W. Field, who has started business as chemist in Golden, must he a
good man in his profession for bo
passed fifth in a class of 120 at thn
Ontario College of Pharmacy, and took
first class in each of six departments, including practical dispensing.
Tbe Dean of the college MiyH o! Mr,
Field: "He proved to be an industrious, painstaking and intelligent student, making rapid progress in every
department, ard at the same time very
gentlemanly a. A. courteous in his
conduct. His work in practical dispensing was of very high order, showing intelligence, good judgment, cure-
fulness', accuracy and despatch." With
such a high recommendation Mr, Field
should prove an acquisition to Golden.
Goldon Markets.
Wheat fl
Beef (I've).
lieef (dressed)   4
Pork  (live)    4
Pork (dressed)   n
Mutton   it
Butter  0.
Eu'us   0
Hay (baled) 17.
Hny (loose) 14.
Potatoes    0,
f0 to
HO to
2.') to
0(1 to
fiO to
(0 to
CO to
(0 to
2J> to
2ft to
U0 io
00 to
75 to
5 50
4 2n
5 00
o as"
20 00
14 00
tit*o fftnttleaion or l;.riii?s to travel for
reai,rm-ih!i\ es ahliolieil hou.-o in Hritish Col-
uiiieia. Monthly 8Bu,< 0 unrl expenses. Position steady. Keferonee, Eneloae KelfnnHerg-
mxI slaiii|V'l envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago, iXMipH
Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Fancy Goods.
. . C. A. WARREN ., General
- golden -
$���> {$ *$ $
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
To Advertisers and subscriber,.
Die OOl.DEN RRA .9 nublleliwl every
Friday evening, tt is tbu beat advertising
medium in the Kiet Kuoicnay districl
aubaeriptiou Kates t St.UU per Mmu.11 IN
Alterations and changes of standing advertisement-, must be in tt.e office not later than
noon nn Weunos'lay to ensure insertion, but
c-.suiil advert sonionts will be received up till
noon on Friday.
While all reasonable care will lie taken, the
proprietors will not bo resiionsibln for any
omission or error iu any advertisement.
All accounts to be paid t.< tbe Managing
Director, or his authorised agent, from whom
the company's receipt will ho obtained,
Advertising ratest Display ads., 81.50 per
column inch; Leg I lids., 10 cents per line
for first insertion, ti cents for each iidilitioii.,1
insertion; Heading notices, 12 cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should be addressed to the Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or news itema should be addressed to the
Correspondence is Invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the case ot
anonymous letters the name and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for tho private information of the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith. Any
letter received lutor thun Weduosday will
have to stand over till the following issue.
Ibe Gulden En Compi-ii Limited Liiklllt),
Offick, Oolden, 0.0.
proclivities to over-ride a movement
for the benefit of the mining industry
of Canada, the array ot facts and
powerful arguments which Mr. King
has on the side of the cause which he
has espoused should leave no room tor
doubt aa to the desirability ol immediate and far reaching action being
taken by the Dominion Legislature.
are coming to hand every day.
We are allowing bargains never
heard of before In Golden in the
following:    Blouses and Dress Silks -
starting at 25c, pi'r yard- Grey and
White Cottons, Prints, Muslins. Dress
Fabrics and an immense stock of
General Dry Goods.
4.000 rolls New Wall Papers just
arrived, in beautiful designs
Bargains in Boots and Shoes.
Bargains in Crockery and Glascware.
Bargains in Carpets and Curtains.
in fuct
Bargains in Every Department.
Plenty of fresh new laid Eggs at
25c per dosen.
Is going to be our Banner Year,
are wide open for business, and
making new customers every day,
Geo. B. McDermot,
General merchant.
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
iiecord.    Published in Loudon.
Subscription, 82.50 per. annum.   Subscriptions and advertisements received by
E. A. HAGGEN, Goldon,
Agent for East Kootenay,
Wanted 1 Farmers' sons or other industrious
persons of fair education to whom StiOa month
would be an inducement. I could also engage
afew ladle, at their own home,.gcoTT|
iU>2 Toronto.
Agentai "Glimpses of the Unseen." fascinating book. Sweeps the entire Held of borderland subjects. Everybody orders. Mar
veilous illustrations.    Prospectus   free to
"bradley-oabbetson compant,
(41 (Limited) TORONTO.
ti.o gentleman or ladies to travel for
responsible, established houre in Ilritish Columbia. Monthly166.00 and espouses. Position steady. Reference. Em-lose self-adders-
se.1 stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. 804ap21
A gas ta, ���' Woman" is the title of our great
new book. Discusses all phases of the subject. Contains "The Life and Work of Miss
Willard," the most wonderful woman of the
century. Over a hundred beautiful portraits
ot the greatest women known, with biographical sketches.   Snaps for canvassers.
mj   . TORONTO.
Agents sell "Klondike Gold Fields"like a
whirlwind. Experienced canvssssera reaping the richeat harvest of their iveai new beginners doing wonders. Nearly everybody
snbsoribes. One young fellow on a farm at
��I2 a month Is making !7o. A lady typewriter at�� a week Is clearing Sit. A mechanic who had earned ��l.Wadayie clearing
H a day.   We want more agents.  Canvas-
(Edited by E. A. Haogen.)
FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 1898.
We publish in another column an
article in the foru of a circular letter
issued by Mr. King, editor of the
Kaslo Kootenian. "'���'erybody ought
to read that article whether interested
in mining or not. It draws attention
to a scandalous state of things as affecting the mining industry, and
shows that at the present time an enterprise of so much importance is entirely at the mercy of the TJuited
States Lead Trust. The writer proves
that there is a large Citnadian market
for lead and that by adopting the
United States policy of shutting out
foreign lead British Columbia could
supply the Canadian market, thus
establishing the industry on an independent, firm, and solid tooting, and
resulting in the establishment of lead
smelters an 1 refineries. As Mr. King
argues, when the industry is put on
such a basis it can fight its own way,
and establish f .reign markets for the
surplus. What has got to be done is
to secure the monopoly i.f the home
market first, and this would, for the
present, consume the wlu.le of the
British Columbia output. If the Turner-Pooley crowd were worth their
salt and hud the interests of the Province at stake, instead of being servitors to the pockets of their friends,
they would take up a matter of this
sort and hare it urged on the Dominion Government, who should ole .rly,
in the interest of industry adopt
a retaliatory measure in a case of
this kind, and show to the United
States and the world that this country
has some sslf respect and Independence
of spirit and action. With all our
free trade boasting Canada is today
confessedly under a stringent protective tariff and it is well that it is so.
Such a tariff is necessary as a matter
of expediency where we have to deal
with a Congress that sticks at nothing
to gain advantages at the expense of
its neighbour. Protective we are, and
protective we shall nave to be, until
such time as this Dominion can afford
to act otherwise, and it cannot do that
until it receives the co-operation instead of the antagonism of a nation
like the United States, with whom it
carries on such a large trade. We
hope those members ot the B. C. Legislature who represent the mining districts will take this up and have a
resolution on the subject adopted and
submitted to the Dominion Govern-
ment. We also suggest that all
Boards of Trade, Miners Associations,
and above all the Mintrs Institutes,
should take up this matter and push
It to a successful issue. There are
many influential interests in the Eastern Provinces connected with our min
Ing resources and although some
manufacturers would allow their selfish
We hear very great complaints from
persons interested in mining operations
about the exoeaive freight rates, which
are blocking business and preventing
the development of the country. Cer-
tian English firms want to buy ores in
British Columbia and would have established sampling works at Golden
and Vancouver, but it has been found
impossible to get from the C. P. R. a
reasonable rate of fre'ght at which
such ores could be handled and so both
schemes have had to be dropped for
the present. It is a crying shame
that any corporation should be in the
position ot tying up these mineral resources ot the country for such a cause.
Mine owners are made to suffer,
progress is hindered, labor is deprived ot empleyment because
of this huge Government aided
monopoly that is gnawing the
vitals of the country. Meantime
English smelter owners will have to
continue to draw their supplies of ore
from the States, Mexico and South
America. This all goes to show ths
nesesssity of a Railway Cominisson as
suggested by Mr. Jamieson, M, P.
which will have the power to dictate
to the C. P. R. fair and reasonable
rates. These rates should be based
on full enquiries by the commission
and the C. P. R. ought to be compelled under severe penalties to live up to
the rates on which the commision
shall decide. If the C. P. R. are not
satisfied with such an arrangement let
the Dominion Government take over
the Company's roads and manage them
iu the public interest.
k Subserlbo for tbe Era
A Living Death.
Shattered Nerves���Appetite Gone-Digestion
Deranged���Discouraged to Death-South
American Nervine is Hope and Health in
all Such Cases.
Mr. C. J. Cnrtis, of Sandwich Weat Ont.,
testifies: "I had a vary severe attack of La
Grippe, which left me very weak; no appetite, and my nervous system and general
constitution very much ahattered. I purchased Hve bottles of S-mth American Nervine, and when I had taken but three bottles
I waa aa well as ever I was. I attribute my
recovery���my regained strength and appe-
tite-entirely 10 this great remedy. I can
not recommend it too highly."
Sold by C. A Warren. 315
The Royal Niger Company's forces
left Lokoia on Saturday for Sokoto to
drive the French out ot his territory,
should the French forces refuse to re-
cross the Niger river.
The fact that the corrupt Turner-
Pooley Government defeated the mortgage tax resolution by only four votes
on a strict party vote, in a servile assembly, is the boot evidenoethe opposition could wish of the fact that the
Cabinet have not only entirely lost the
confidence of the people of British Columbia, but also that of many of their
own supporters. The loyalty of the
people to the public good as a whole
could have no other result, and we
take it that it is a healthy sign that
public opinion is at last being aroused
to the Dnnsinuir dominance nt Victoria, resulting in the demand thnt the
reins of Government shall be placed in
the hands of those who will administer the public affairs of the Province
disinterestedly, ruber than by the
sacrifice of the public estate for the
benefit of their friends as has of recent
years been the case.
The actual work of construction on
the Victoria. Vancouver and Eastern
railway will commence on April 1st. The
work will be commenced at Pentioton
and Chilliwack simultaneously, those
two points being easy of access for
The clouds
have hardly held
more rain drops
than the tears
which have fallen
from women's
eyes. There is a
world of truth in
the old song
which said: "Man
must work, and
woman must
weep," Women
must weep not
only for the troubles and Ills of
those they love,
but because of
,the physical agony and suffering
that they themselves endure la
Nine-tenths of
the pain and suffering that women undergo
could be avoided
by a little knowledge, and a resort to tbe right remedy.
When a woman feels weak, sick, nervous,
fretful and despondent, and suffers from
pains in the back and sides, and burning
and dragging down aensationr, she is suffering from weakness and disease of the
distinctly feminine organism. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is the best of all
medicines for ailing women. It acts directly and only ou the delicate'and important organs that make maternity possible.
It makes them strong and well. It allays
inflammation, heals ulceration, soothes
pain, and tones the nerves. It does away
with the usual discomforts of the timorous
period, and makes baby's coming eaay and
almost painless. It is the discovery of Dr.
P.. V. Pierce, an eminent and skillful specialist, for thirty years chief consulting
physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Inatitute, at Buffalo, N. V. No honest
dealer will urge a substitute for this superior medicine.
" I cannot say too much for Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription," write. Mlsa Clara BUM, of
TheFree Lance says: We wieh some
Klondike? would come atom; aud buy
up all the town dogs and take them beyond the 69th parallel. Golden reechoes the sentiment.
It is figured that Hardy will have a
majority of at leas' six in ths next
House, probably more. No one seems
to expect he will not be able to canyon
the Government of Ontario.
Owing to a difficulty raised about
Dr. Cross practicing in British Columbia under his pie-ent Manitoba qualifications, he has hnd to go from Donald to Winnipeg in connection with
tbe matter.
On the morning ot Feb. SO, 1895, I
was sick with rheumatism and lay in
b.-d until Mar 21st, when I got a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. The
first application of it relieved me al
moat entirely from the pain and the
second afforded complete relief. In a
short time I was abla to be up and
about again.���A. T. Moreaux, Lu-
verne, Minn. Sold by nil druggists.
Langley & Co., Wholesale Agents,
Victoria and Vancouver, 84'Jal
The Canadian Pacific annual report
announces that the Crow's Ni'St Pass
line will be complt.ted to Kootenay
Lake before the end of August. Temporary connection will be made at Nelson by a train ferry, whereby a
through train service will be established.
It is, or should be, the highest aim
of every merchant to please his customers; and thnt the wide awake drug
firm of Meyers & Eshleman, Sterling.
111., is doing so, is proven by the following, from Mr. Eshleman; "In my
16 years' experience in the drug business I have never seen or sold or tried
a medicine that gave as good satisfaction as Chamberlain's Colic Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. Sold by all
druggists. Langley and Co.. Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 343al
Fully realizing the importance of
preparing for an emergency President
McKinley has directed the navy department to open negotiations looking
to the purchase abroad of war ships.
This f..ct is now for the first time
made public, and probably would not
have transpired at this juncture but
for the excitement caused by the statement just published that Spain has
purchased or is negotating for war
s'.ips neing built in England for Bra-
i 1 ind otbersliips under construction,
I desire to attest to the merits or
Chamberlain's Couuh Rimedv as one
of the most valuable and efficient pre.
paiatious on the market. It broke an
and in graii'-itde therefor, I desire to
inform you that I will never be without it. an 1 yon should feel proud of
the high esteem in which your Remedies are held by the people in general.
It is the one remedy among ten thousand. Success to it.-O. R. Dowxey,
Editor Democrat, Albion, Ind. For
sale hy all druggists. Langley & Co.,
Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 846al
Mr. Patching, of the Toronto Globe,
paid 11 visit to Golden on Thursday
and Friday of last week, his object
being to write up the Golden Era
Air Line for the forthcoming special
edition of the Globe on the Yukon
routes. Mr. Patching was much Im-
presesed with the claims of the Columbia Valley and Golden to the best
route to the northern country when
once properly opened up. The spscia!
sec'ion of the Globe to lie devoted to
the Golden Era Air Line was well
supported by local advertisers.
The report circulated some weeks ago
that the Canadian Flag had been planted at Summit Lake was confirmed by
Major Perry of the Northwest Mounted
Police. The major also reported that
the Canadian flag has been planted at
Ciater Luke, the summit of the Dyea
trail, and in fact Canadian police stations are to be established at both
these lakes, Canada thereby asserting her claim to the summit of the
coast range. These stations although
they are well within the boundary as
claimed by Canada, are also in the territory claimed by the States.
Holding of the Annual Meeting���Offl-
cai-a Eleoted for the Year.
On Saturday evening last the Donald
Branch ot the British and Foreign
Bible Society held its annual meeting
the Presbyterian church at that
place. In the absence of the president,
Dr. Proctor, the vice-president, G. E.
Smith, took the chair, and after the
devotional exercises addresses were
given by Messrs. Barron, King and
Smith, and the various phases of the
liible Society weie presented. It was
contended that the Bible was showu
not only to be the greatest educator
among men but it was also the Word
of Life aud the power of God unto tbe
salvation of many. It was also shown
that having received this book themselves, and knowing the privilege
which it affords, they were responsible
for the giving of this light to those
who were seated in the darkness of
The report of sales since the organ!
zation of this society in August last
was rend by the secretary, M-. Barron,
nnd bible* to tbe amount of $19 have
been sold.
This being the time for the appointment ot tho officers for the coining
year, the following were elected: President, G. K. Smith; Vice-President, J. C.
Pitts; Secretary-Treasurer, T. J. Barron, and tbe following executive, Mrs.
P. Hooley, Mrs. J. Atkinson, Mrs.
Forrest, Messrs. A. Dunn, J. Cahouu
and H. Cicatrix.
The following young ladies were appointed to canvass the town for subscriptions dur.ng the present week:
Misses M. Williamson, K, Atkinson
and E. McDonald.
Tailoring I
Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
My JKotto 1*
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29to
Bridgeport. Montgomery Co.. Pa. " I cinot
pral.e It too hig-hly for ihe good It did me. If
any one doubts tilts give them my- name and
Send for Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser. Paper-bound, 31 one-
cent stamps; cloth-bountl, 50 cents. Address Dr. 8. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N, X.
From the Catholic Record.
London, Ont., March 20, 189i
We can speak from personal knowledge of tht good work done in this
'city by the Dyke Cure for Intemp.r
unco, and the consulting physician,
Dr.A. McTaggart, guarantees that the
remedy will do nil that is claimed for
it. In proof of this, he is willing
that we become the custodians of each
fee paid, until the end of theireatment,
when, in the event of is failure to
cure, we tire authorized to return the.
satnt. to the party who sent it.
Matty cases in this city have been
cured since August lust, and only such
families can truly appreciate the great
happiness they now enjoy.
Tiios, Coffey.
Publisher Catholic Record
Brant ford, April 2, 1897.
Dr. A. McTaggart, London: ���
Dear Sir-We have much pleasure In
giving our testimony to the wouderfnl
effect ot the Dyke Cure for one ot our
citizens, who was a victim to the drink
habit. He had been addicted constantly for 16 y ars. and now he can
say truly he has not the least desire
for drink. Will gladly give any information to those desiring it.
(Signed)       Wm. Will.man
City Missionary.
Mrs. R. F. Biiophry
President W.C.T.U.
London. Ont., April 6, 189T
At the request of Dr. McTaggart,
the Secretary of the London W.C.T.U.
and myself visited a number of his
patients who had previously been ad
dieted to the too free use of intoxi
cants, but who. through the taking of
the Dyke cure, were changed from
drinking into non-drinking men and
women, they freely admitting that
even the taste of strong drink has been
removed. Judging from our observations, we think that any alcoholic victim or sufferer would do well to givo
the above cure a trial,
J. K. Wrioht,
E. S. Cosford.
919 mr 17 ��� Secretary.
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of  Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28to
A Wlfo'a^aat Hope-
Husband Smitten with that Direst of Sufferings ��� Rheumatism ��� South American
Rheumatic Cure Gives Relief in 10 Hours
Mrs. C. Saunders, Brookbury, Quo., writes:
"My husband was confined to his bed for two
months with acute rheumatism, pains and
fever. Doctors could give him so little relief,
1 bad about lost hope of his recovery. I wits
induced to try South American Rheumatic
Cure and 10 hours after commencing its use
all pain had left him. He took in all three
bottles, and is now well and strong, and free
from every pain.
Sold by C.A.Warren. '    MS
A fire in the grocery department of
Miuhie k Co.. Toronto, did damage to
the extent ot $35,000.
Kidney O loads.
Bladder Troubles���Acute Kidney Disorders
-Diabetes-Bright's Disease Dispelled
by South American Kidney Cure-Relief
in six Hours.
Kidney Symntoms are legion. Have you
dull, aching pain, or stiffness in the loins,
tenderness in the kidney region, headache
and backache, visual disorders, dizziness,
sluggish circulation, irregular heart, droo-
sical swellings, hot. or dry skin, sediment in
theuriie. Any of these Indicate kldne;
ease. Seed sowing for a fatul harvest.
     .... is the one proved,
tested ami never failing aperitlc for kidney
diseases in all forms at all stages.  It baa
worked mlracloa.
Sold by 0. A. Warren. US
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Sub-Agent Dominion Government,
Agont Dominion Townsite, Goldon.
Special attonti.ui tu MiuerU Claims.
301 Office, Alexander Mock, Golden.
Barrister, Solicitor &
-  -  -  Notary Public.
Office nt Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will be in Golden on Monday of each
week. "      86to
Clarence Ilersoy,
Assayer and Chemist,
(established 1879) Leadville, Colorado
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prices:���Gold. silver and
lean, $1: any two of the above, 75c; any one
of the above, Mcs copper analysis, tl: platinum, nickel or tin, tu. Write for full price
list and mailing envelopes.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open tor th*
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of tht
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary,
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
$250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for   Security
of   Policy   Holders,
President���Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat.
Vice-l're.i.lent-Joseph W. Flavelle
Managing Direc.or���F, G. Cox.
E. A. Haooen,
lit Agent, Golden, B. C.
Don't Hold for Traveller.    Ship and Save His Expenses.
Bopes and Tags furnished Tree.
Veil Mess. Osrrset Meetttt,
Hides, Pelts,Wool
Tallow,  Ginseng,  Seneca.
Immediate Beintttnnoea.
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices,
Jas. McMillan & Co.   inc.
Mo Uoiiiuilaslon bburged.
lOO-ltl Flral Ave XerSfc
Dan Mann ttlvus a Few P��lat��ra--A
SUIgh Road to T.alla Lake.
Dan Mann states that the first 60
miles of the Stickine rail way am pretty
rough work with a rise of about 3,000
feet in the distance. There are now
three engineering parties in the country
locating the line, having gone in bv
dog train, and a fourth is now on the
way. Mr. Mann advises parties not
to start over this road till March 15,
as all experienced travelers in tbat district say that np till that time cold
and terrific storms from tbe mountains
aweep down the canals along the coast
and down the river valleys, rendering
travelling very difficult. After March
15 old miners from the Cassiar country
say good weather can be relied upon.
Tbe Stickine river between Wrangel
and Glenora. Mr. Mann lays gives
good navigation from ice to ice. There
���re now seven outfits on the lias of the
sleigh road, these are composed of 185
teams and over 250 men. The sledge
road from Wrangel to Glenora is now
in passable shape with stopping placos
along it. About 15 teams per week
with men to work them are being added to the outfit.
Regarding the road from Glenora to
Teslin Lake there i* now a one ho.-se
sleigh road over this route, and Mr.
Mann has hired the men who made it
to widen it out to a two horse road.
Three large independent outfits are on
the way to Teslin Lake to build steam
boats to run from Teslin Lake to Dawson and these men have also been hired
to work on this road. These three
companies will represent at least four
or five steamboats to run from Lake
Teslin to Dawson.
The workman often eats his lunch
on the same bench where he does his
work. The office man turns his desk
into a dining table. Neither gets the
out of doors exercise he needs, neither takes the proper time for eating.
It is small wonder that the digestion
of bo h gets out of order. In such
cases Dr. Pieice's Pleasant Pellets
come to their assistance by aiding nature in taking care of the food.
The cause of nine-tenths of the sickness of the world is constipation.
From this one cause cotne indigestion;
disorders of the stomach, liver and
kidneys; biliousness, headaches, flatulence, heartburn, impurity of the blood
and the- serious complications that follow. To begin with, constipation is a
little thing, and ajittle thing will cure
It. The ''Pleasant Pellets" are tiny,
sugar-coated granules. They will perfectly cure the worst case of constipation and indigestion, If the druggem
tries to sell you sune other pill that
pays him greater profit, just think of
what will beat pay you. 311
The Montreal Gazette, commenting
editorially on the Canadian Pacific's
annual statement, finishes as follows:
���'The Canadian Pacific Railway Company is only 18 years old. When its
project was published the people
thought It could never be executed.
The system comprises 7,676 miles of
road, owned and operated, and two
steamships lines on the Pacific. It
has assets representing a value of
$945,000,000, earns $24,000,000 per
year, and is paying dividends, where
some thought it would not earn the
axle grease for its rolling stock. Its
etory is one of the most wonderful in
the annals of modern businsss enterprises."
Home Dyeing with   Diamond
Dyes Is Pleasant and
Beautiful and Brilliant Colors Tbat
Will not Fade- Diamond Dyes Have
Bpeelal Colors for Hot ton and M Ixed
Uooda-How Wise Women r.oononilae
In If ant Times-A Ten Cent Package
���f Diamond Dyes urteu staves Ten
In these days of enforced economy it
should be a pleasure to any woman to
learn how she can save the cost Of a
new gown for herself and suit for the
little one, or make her husband's faded
clothing look like new. Diamond
Dyes, which are prepared especially
for home use. will do sll this. They are so
simple and eas/ to use that even a
child can get bright and beautiful colors by following the directions on each
There is no need ef soiling the hands
with Diamond Dyes; just lift ani stir
the goods with two sticks while in the
dye bath, aud one will not get any
stains or spots,
In coloring dresses, coats, and all
large articles, to get a full and satisfactory color, it la absolutely necessary
to have a special dye for cotton goods
and a different dye for woollen goods.
This is done in Diamond Dyes, and before buying dyes one should know
whether the article to be colored it cotton or wool, and get the proper dye.
Do not buy dyes that claim to color
everything, for their use will result in
News In Brief.
K&K   K&K    K&K   K &
I The Leadlag SpwUlittt of Aatrteaf
250,000 CURED.
J   Nothing can be more demoralising to f
I young or middle-aged men than the nres* I
��-���,,( thero "nishtlr loases."    'Key!
loe weakness, nervousness, a footing I
.snstando whole train of symptoms.
,..' unfit a man for bssueas, married
, Jfe and social happiness.   Bo matter
I whether caused by evil habits In youth,
I natural weakness or sexual exeeaaeu, our I
I Sew Method Treatment will positively I
1 oorsyou. I
'Bander, you need help. Early abuse or I
later eioenes may have weakened r~
, Bipolar* .may have> diseased yoa. J
I aronotafe till eared.  OurHewMet
I will cure ion. Ion ran bo risk.
250.000 CURED!
Tonne- Kan���You are pale, feeble |
sad hsfsardi nervous, Irritable end excitable. Ten become fortetfal. BMroas,
and despondent: blotehas and pimples,
sunken eyas, wrinkled tees, stooping
form sad downoast ooununsaos renal
tfceblifhtofrourexlituoo. I
I. Ho matter how serious yonr ease< may l-i
I -M'sTeW T&A^WlE
I sure It. The "wormy vena" return to I 'A
��� their normal  condition sad hence the I
I sexual organs reoelve proper nourish-1
meat The organs become vitalised, all I
unnatural drains or losses cease and!
manly powers return.    No temporr
Eeneitbut a permanent euro aisar
K&K   K&K    K&K   K&
Mrs. A. P. Dagnault was killed at
Montreal by falling down stairs.
A. H. Clntrat, marble cutter, was
killed by an electric car at Montreal
Fire broke out in Dr. Moore's livery
stable at Cobourg. Wm. Dorris was
burned so badly that he will die.
The Reichstag has resolved that the
proposed total of new vessels for the
German navy shall be finished in six
instead of seven years.
The house of Louis Lachnir, Lake
Megantic, was burned, the cause being
an explosion of a lamp. A boy 6 years
was burned to a crisp.
A dispatch from Memel, Prussia,
announces that four fishing vessels
were wrecked in storm, Ton fishermen drowned, six others missing.
The Canadian Mining Institute was
organized at Montreul on Friday night
last with J. E. Hardtnan as president,
and W. A. Carlyle as vice-president.
Alfred Blackball, one of the car repairers in the C. P. R. yards, Winnipeg, was killed while engaged at his
work underneath one of the colonist
Wife murderer Luetgert has been
told the task selected for bim during
hfs life imprisonment will lie
the manufacture of sausages for the
use of the prison.
A German was arrested at Back
lands, Leitches Creek, C.B., and lodged
in the North Sydney jail on a charge
of murdering Thomas D. Newton, his
wife Sarah, and a daughter Elsie, near
Boston, early In January.
Chinese mandarins at Shanghai received news from Manchuria that Russian army of 10,000 troops crossed the
Manchuria frontier and is apparently
taking possession ot Chinese territory.
The intelligence has oaused great excitement.
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding the mineral sections of
East Kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished such information by
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the Era, free of charge,
Heart Spasms
No orgaa la the human anatom? te-day
whose diseases ran be more readily detected than these ef ths heart-end medical
dlssovarv has suae them amenable to
proper treatment 1! you have palpitation
or nuttertai. ehottaoes ot breath, weaker
Irregular pulse, ew.lllng of feet sr anklea,
pals In ike left aide, faintlag spells, drspet.
eal tendency, any of these ladioato heart
disease, Ko matter ef how long etandlng
Ot. Afsew'eCun for the Heart will sale-
It's a heart epeeuu-aeu ssiskly-aau
sarely-acla safely.
" I waa given np to die br phyalciane
aad friends. One does ot fir. ignews
Cure for the Heart gave me eaeo. nnd
els bottlea cured mr easr ef fifteen
reare'sUndln.'." Mrs. J.L. HsXUR,
Whltewood, N.W.T. 10
auarautteaa reiser In M minutes.
Bold by 0. A. Warren.
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly 166.00 and expenses. Position steady. Reference, Enclose ash* addressed stamped envelope. Tne Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. SOlapH
���   50e.
50c,   ���
To purchase for a Now York client a freo
gold prospect worth 110,000 to 910,000.
Apply        E. A. IUihikn,
331m.ll Golden,
These watches are solid 14-carat
gold, and our usual list price for
them here in England is ��5 (125)
each, but to introduce our enormous
Catalogue, ' we will seud you this
wa'ch free if you take advantage of
our marvellous offer. If you want
one, write to us without delay.
With your letter send us 50 cents
International Money Order, for
which we will send you a solid silver brooch, worth 81, and our offer.
After you receive the beautiful
watch, we shall expect you to show
it to your friends, and call their attention to this advertisement. The
watch Is sent free by registered post
on your complying with our advertisement end our offer, and is war-
ranted for five years.   Address: ���
Watchmakers' Alliance &
Ernest Goode's Stores, Ltd.,
184 Oxford St., London, England.
Money returned if not more than
15 Princess Street, Birmingham,
"I thank you very much for the
beautiful watch you sent me free of
charge. I have tested it for nine
months and it never varies one
half-a-minute from one week's end
to another."���E: Wilks.
'To give away a Oold Watch
worth 25 dols. is certainly a splendid advertisement, but as the
Watchmaker's Alliance is the largest firm of Wntchmakers in England, they can afford it.''-Editor X.
Be sure and address your letter, 184
��.      Oxford Street, London, England.      *
��� ���
����������� ������������
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ X + X +
A. C. Hamilton,
GOLDEN, B. C. 181tc
The McMurdo House,
Cnae. CAnTwnioHT, Proprietor.
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sate or Hire
FAVORITE Mineral Claim, situate in tho
Golden Mining Division of North East Kootenay, located in International Basin, on
Middle Fork of Splllimachene 1,'iver.
Tako notice that I, Manuel Dt.inard, Free
Miners Certificate No. 86925, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Gold Commissioner for a Certificate of Im-
Erovementa, for the purpose of obtaining a
rown Grant of tbe above claim.
And further take notice that ad verse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner, and
actions commenced before the issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this third day of March, A.D. 1898.
339my4 M. DAINARD.
Hon. F. W. Aylmer President
W. G. Mltchefl-Innea Vice     do
W. O. Neilson, J. P.  do       do
E. Johnson  do       do
E. A. Haggen Secretary-Treasurer
The regular meetings of the association
will be held on the first Tuesday in every
month at the Columbia House, Golden.
All possible information will be furnished
by the association upon application to
E. A. Haggen, Sec, Golden.
For Rent.
Ten (10) seres of a vegetable garden to
rent on shares. Team, seed and tools furnished.  For further particulars apply to
J. W. Conner,
323ml7 ' Golden, B. C,
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Seals will
be received at the Golden Era Office and
executed with promptitude.
Tbe Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
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to print your memoranda with a
locality map ot East Kootenay
and the various locations on the
back of each form 1
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Wholesale and Ketall
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Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. C.       26tc
Golden Era,
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Friday Evening.
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Pacific Hy
Write for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon Country, Sailing
Dates, Rates, etc.
Sailing* for March.
Danube Mar.   8
Victorian Mar.   9
Ning Chow Mar. 10
Cottage City Mar. 11
Queen Mar. 13
Islander Mar. 16
Thistle Mar. 17
Victorian Mar. 19
Danube Mar. 23
Queen Mar. 24
Cottage City sails for Wrangel, Juneau
nnd Sitka only.
All Agents can ticket
through at rates which will
include meals and berth on
Apply to the nearest Canadian Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Cite Ticket Ageut, Golden
Weather I
'Hate to wear 'cm���'hurt your feet���
'injure your eyes���'feci clumsy���'slick
in the mud���'f.ll with snow���cold,
clammy, needless (Rubbers). Ne\��
leather shoe-wet-proof, snow-proof, stylish, warm, Mado
by the famous Goodyear Welt process, which gives elur.ti-
city to tbe sole, and durability to tbo shoe. $3.SO per pair
Ask for the	
"Slater Rubberless Shoe."
H. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
^'We are Manufacturers ami Direct Impor
ters,   and  curry
Furnaces.    Fire
Lfir��o Stock of Bnlnnceu,
Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glasn-
ware, Platinum Goods.
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assuyers' aud Miu-
era' requirements.
Sole Agents for Morpan
Crucible Company, Batter-
sea; Becker's Son's   Balan
ces; Brunton & Pcarse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
Vancouver. II. C
P. 0. Box 355. Telegraphic Address
"ASSAY," Vancouver, ii. C,
Lodging House
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
���The Province" Map of
Absolutely Free
To New Subscribers to "The Province."
"The Province" claims thnt it has the largest circulation west of Winnipeg, and that claim has never been questioned or chnllenced. It is now
determined if motiev and eneruv can rlo it, to inrreasp its circulation until it
attain this object tiie directors bare arranged with The Province Publishing
Company, Limited Liability, for the supply of
One Hundred Thousand Copies
pamons Map of the Klondyke
To every NRW suscriber who sends $1.00 to "The Province," Victoria or
Vancouver, Canada's onlv high class weekly, ''The Province." will send for
one year from the date the subscription is received lo any address in t'niinUa
or the United States (United Kingdom $1.00 extra), together with one copy of
the above map. The map has never been sold for less than Fifty Cents or
"The Province" for less than a Dollar. Bv taking advantage of this unprecedented offer, whioh is only possible in the case of New Stil.crilei-s n lu)
enclose their money with their order, they get the two for the price of one.
This offer will be withdrawn aa soon as the special edition of ore hundred
thousand codpies is exhausted. It is the most generous offer ever made ly
any newspaper in any part of the world lo obtain new subscribers. Every
subscription booked under this arrangement means a direct lo.-s to the publishers, but a large circulation means more advertising nt better rates, and in
this way "The Provinco" hopes to make good the deficit. Send $1.C0 to "The
Province" by roturn mail and get a copy of this beautiful accurate map aud
"Tho Province" for a year.
The PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty.,      Victoria and Vancouver.
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It   relieves   the pains and aches the
minute applied.    It Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chost,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can be used internally us well as externally.    Hundreds testify to its
Magical relief.    No home should
ho without it.
Sold by all dealers.    25 ots, 9ltn
If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Best?
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter
Manufacturers, 240-814 \V. Lake Street,
Chicago, III. 517 THE GOLDEN ERA,  FRIDAY,  MARCH 11,   1838.
* Cigars given away at Starforth AY
Service will be held nt th�� Presby
terian Church, Golden, on Sunday ut
130 p.m.
The public meeting held at Calgary
last week pa��aed a resolution ngulnst
the Stickine, Railway grant.
M Dainard has arranged to build a
tailor's shop for .1. C. Turn on his lot
near the GOLUHN Eka office.
* Choice variety of Cigars und
Cigarettes just opened ut Starforth &
The Edmonton Railway Company
has applied for a chnrtcr to extend its
lino to connect with the Crow's Nest
Pass line.
Dr. Mnllor.h. has taken Dr. Cro-s'
work in connection with ihe C. P. U.
for the next two or three mouths ut
Rcvelstoke and Donald.
Captain Sanborn ��������� In Goldon on
Tuesday on hi.-, way to the Stickino,
where he goes under orders from D.
Munn nnd W, MoKetisie,
A report wns in circlntion on
Thursday that, of Capt. Armstrongs
party, several min had been frozen.
The report is without foundation.
* All kinds of fruit it ml ornamental
trees for sale, cheap and warranted.
Cull at my place, Oolden, K. ','., -Tohti
.McMillan. 340up4
The lioino of Joseph Martin is freely
mentioned in connection will, the chief
justiceship of British Columbia vacated
by the death of Mr. Davie.
G. E. Smith will hold service in
connection with the Methodist church
on Sunday next as follows: Donald
11 a. m.  and Golden 7.30 p.m.
Capt, Bacon has received a letter
from Capt. Slude, who, wilh Capt.
Armstrong's patty, was camped on
the Stickino at the time of writing.
The Provincial Parliament has resolved to appoint u committee to report
on the advisability of obtaining loans
for farmers at low ra'.cs of interest.
* Are you troubled with indigestion?
Chew Somervlll's Pepsin Gum! Star-
forth & Bligh, agents,
A mass meeting nt Calgary has resolved to urge on the Government, the
necessity of immediately taking steps to
open a proper road to the Yukon by the
Edmonton route.
On Tuesday the C. P. It. bridge nt
Mitford gave way under a freii lit
train and seven cars went through.
Tuesday's No. 1 did not reach Golden
till Wednesday morning.
The point raised in the Pol'co Court
at Golden as to what is the correct
time hns resulted in the Attorney-
General bringing iu a bill which practically makes the C. P. K. lime the
legal time.
Mr. P.mder, of Donnld. hns received
a letter from the Yukon from Archdeacon McKay. The Archdeacon has
secured some good prospects but warns
people against going to the Yukon, as
be says the hardships are terrible. The
Archdeacon sent bis wife a substantial
bank draft as evidence of his pros
In a letter to Capt. Bacon, Capt.
Slade, of Capt. Armstrong's Teslin
Lake party, writes that the party were
in camp waiting for the rest of th ir
machinery. The doctor who is with
the party took four toes off a man
whom they found on the way with
his feet frozen, and another man was
reported badly frozen further on.
The C. P. R. will, within a short
time, extend a branch south from the
Kootenay into Spokane, in Washington
State. To accomplish this object, it
is said that the Canadian lino will
secute the Central Washington, which
starts at Chcuev, Washington, and
goes in a northwesterly direction into
Douglas County, south of tho Colville
On Saturday morning Mr. Griffith,
S. M-, gave judgment in tho recent information by M. Blake against the
Queen's Hotel for alleged Sunday trad
ing. His Worship said he had taken
the advice of the Attorney-General on
the question of time, nud that oflicer
had advised that the sun tiino was the
legal time. On thnt ground he must
dismiss the information.
On Sunday as the train wns
entering the third tunnel from Golden a rock struck, the engine
of No. 2 at the fire box close to the
front of tlm cab, nnd tore down the
running board and brackets and pulled
out bolts, emptying tho holler, paralysing the engine and necessitating the
train being pulled back to Golden. Another engine was attached to the express, and the disabled engine, No.
405, Patrick engineer, was hauled to
Donald for repairs.
Mr. Boss, of Toronto, who has been
up the Stickine, reports of the parties
camped on Cottonwood Island waiting
jfor the McKeuzie & Munn people to
break the way- for them: "Among
these wore Capt. Armstrong and his
party on their wsy to Toslin to build
a steamer to ply on the lake. Cept.
Armstrong hss two steam sleighs.
These are fitted with boilers nnd Bieam
capstans. The cable* are taken ahead
600 or 1,000 yards and then, anchored
and, tho machinery being put in motion, winds the sleighs'up td tho-|
anchor,' whioh is again carried Mr--
ward. To each steam sleigh! is attached a trnin of eight or 10 sleighs,
and Capt. Armstrong expects to move
40 tons with tbo two sleighs."
Health in March, April, May.
Use the Only Spring Remedy in the World That has Stood
Every Test of Time.
In March, April and May use Paine's
Celery Compound,
And only Paine's Celery Compound!
For i*. is nature's, remedy.
It is the only spring melicine that
thu be9i physicians recommend.
Clergvineu of all denominations
speak of the wonderful medicine with
Paine's Celery Compound has n record of life saving work that has never
been equalled'
Paine's Celery Compound cures disease. It makes people well. It lias
saved tho lives of thousands of sufferers.    It makes the weak strong.
It purifies the blood and enriches the
E> ery condition of winter l[fe has
leen detrimental to health. There has
been a steady decline in nervous vigor.
Now that spring comes the body is
ready to cast off nub.nlthy tissues if
i' is only given a chance. This opportunity comes when the excretory organs, kidneys   skin   and   bowels   are
made to work actively nnd the nerves
are able to furnish sufficient, energy to
the digestive organs.
Nu remedy in the world accomplishes
these ns .lis like Paine's Celerv Compound. It. nourishes, regulates and invigorates the entire nervous system
from the brain to tho minutest netve
filament. I. causes an increased appetite und tones up the stomach to dual
with the increased food. Its nourishing ticiiou is immediately manifest in a
clearing up of the muddy, unhealthy
akin, an increase iu weight and mine
refreshing sleep.
First dlscovertl after laborious,
scientific research l.ytlieiihlestphvsiuiau
Aiiierict. bus produced. Prof Elwnrd
tl Phelps. M. D.. L. L. D, of Dirt
mouth College, it is prescribed and
publicly endorsed by ilie b st. practitioners in every city of America. Ii
has been so i.iiihiis|i.stiua|ly recommended by grateful men and woman in
every walk of life tha. it is today in
o.ery sense the most popular remedy
the world tier knew.
It has proven itself the greatest if
all spring medicines.
Lcndon, Quebec, Halifax, St John,
Winnipeg and other cities, the leading druggists hu.e found that the de-
man.1 for Paine's Celery Compound
surpasses that of all other remedies together!
P..itie's Celery Compound, taken during the early spring days, lias oven
more (Intuits usual reiuatkabieefficacy
in making people well It makes short
work of disease,. It rapidly drives
neuralgia, sleeplessness, dyspepsia and
rheumatism from the system. Ir removes that lassitude, or "tjred feeling." which betokens weakened nerves
unl poor blood.
Women working in close offices
sales women tired out and nervous
from long hours' standing on their
feet and waiting on impatient, irritating customers; overworked, worried
and disheartened men end women
every where will Ik? astonished ti   find
nor hns there over been a remedy that
was welcomed in so many intelligent,
prudent homes where cure is taken to
vet only the best in so vital a matter.
I > such families all over the country
Paine's Celery Compound is the first,
last and only remedy tisitil.
Prof. Phelps hud studied the nerves
in health and disease, when well
nourished and when under nourished,
in men and women nud children years
before lie looked for the remedy.
Paine'.-- Celery Compound is thu outcome of Ilia entire professional life. It
is the one remedv that 'he world could
not lose today at any price.
Paine's Celery Compound induces
the body to take on solid flesh.
Pbysioatis recognize Fame's Celery
Compound as the one scientific spring
I remedy, and it is iini.orsally prescrib-
!ol bv them wherever there is great
| need of a vigorous nud prompt   restor-
hn,v much happier life becomes   when : ing of health   and   strength,   to   the
tlit.ir nerves h.,e   lieen   strengthened ( worn out system,
and their blond purified by   means   of
this great remedy.
No other remedy has the hearty  up
proval of a a like   body   of  educated
In   .Montreal,   Toronto,   Hamilton, | men and woman and professional men,
P.tine's Celery Compound is tbe liest
spring remedy because it is moiv than
a mere spring remedy. It brings about
a healthy appetite, completo digest ion,
regular action of the bowels   and   tho
other excretory organs whenever taken,
whether in summer or in winter; but
as the greatest of spring remedies it hat
extraordinary opportunities for inducing the body to throw off morbid
humors that poison it and cause rheumatism, neuralgia, heart trouble and a
general low statu of lite health, as in
s ring ihe system is more pliable, and
chronic diseases, so securely lodged in
the system that they are with difficulty
ousted, become more tractable.
Thousands of men und woman hav*
found from personal experience that
Faille's Celery Compound makes people
well, and keeps all from sickness who
take it in the spring.
Many a father and mother have
noticed the unmistakeal.le improvement in the health of their children
from taking Paine's Celery Compound
in the spring. It is the one scientifically accurate remedy fitted by its
composition to thoroughly purify the
blood and dispel that exhausted feeling and get rid of skin diseases, headaches and fits of depression with
which children with weak, nervous
systems, at. wall as grown iieople, are
afflicted. 344
Mr. Whyte General Manager ol ihe
C. P. R. passed through Golden on
Wednesday morning for tbo west.
Judicious advertising is the keystone of siicc. ss. Advertise in the
Golden EltA
Major Walsh Is coming back toSkng-
wuy for some reason, but the rest of
the party are continuing on to Dawson,
A Spanish g tnboat has captured no
American school iu an inlet near Cusa
Ltida, Spain, the captain giving no
satisfactory reason why he was there.
As the tote rond from ICooienny
Lake to Cr.ubiook is now ceiling im
passible for freiubi the Steele tntllic
will again come into Golden, nud several carloads of goods for Fort Steele
merchants nro now oil I lie way to
Golden station.
Mr. Higgin-.' resignation lias still
more disorganized the Government
party. Few people hero believe that
the Government will carry Ihe elections, and some of its present supporters in the House will join iho Opposition at the close of this session.- News
In reference to the proposed Crnn-
bro.ik-No. 2 Creek railway the Nelsoti
Tribune   snvs:    "It is pretty safe to
R. mill at Coal j sh>* "!ow,,hat   "'f e   is "ot H- 1l"lle>''
ruuniuu from iiowljere to anywhere in
I Kootenay, t Inu has-hot  been   covered
In order to overcome   the   difficulty   hy u   railway charter f.om the local
hitherto raised about the question   of Legislature."
time nt the   Magistrate's   Curt   Mr,
* This year's crop of mils just arrived at the Golden Fruit Store.
The western trains were badly delayed nt the end of the week by washouts near Kamloops.
Wo h-.ve received the first nimiher
oftheNaiion.it weekly paper siartod
at Victoria in support of the Turner-
Pooley Company.
The Toronto Mail Empire and Montreal Dail.i Star publish lengthy interviews with Mr. Ibtillie. editor of the
Fort Steele Prospector.
It is rumored that Speaker Higirins
has placed his resignation ns Speaker
in the hands of i In; Government- The
mutter will come up on Tuesday.
A correspondent from Alaska says
of the crowds going there: "God help
them. The steamboat companies thnt
send out information leading men to
come here ought to be Hanged."
Mr. Field, chemist, and druggist,
has taken over part of the stock of,and
premises hitherto occupied by, D. M.
Calder, und has ordered from the east
a first class stock of drugs and supplies.
Peter   McLaren   is about to build n
sawmill near the spring in the Crow's
Nest Puss. The machinery has already '
been ordered, und the building will   be
larger than  the C. P
Creek.���Culgury Heruld.
Stable to Rent
Opposite tho Queen's Hotel.   Inquire nt
Queen's Hotel tor terms. Ask tor proprietor.
Griffith S. M. has decided to murk
summonses in future as "local time"
and will require litigants to act up to
that tune.
The revised statutes of British Columbia now include, a properlv drawn
act, containing an enforcible penalty
clause in exclusion of Chinese underground labor from the collieries of wns followed with great r item ion and
the Province. interest by a large  congregation     At
evensong  the   church   was   crowded.
blind, now I see," a very powerful nnd
interesting   discourse     The   musical
On Sunday morning Inst the bishop
of New Westminster ordained Rev. H.
B. Turner, of Donald, nnd Rev. S. F.
Yates, of New Denver, priests, in St.
Peter's church, The sermon was
preached by Ven. Archdeacon Small,
ofLytton. who spoke of the duty nnd
office of the priesthool. The impressive service of the   Anglican   church
ttvo gentlemen or Indies to travel for
responsible, established house in Itritb.h Col-
lunula. Monthly 9J5 00 nud expenses. Position steady Reference. Enclose self addros-
S'd stamped envelope. Tug Dominion Coill-
pt.ny, Dept. Y lliicngo. 20lnp��l
C, F. Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South End of Kickiughorsu Bridge,
Order d work punctually attended to.   3l!ist
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public and donvoyaitcur.
Mlnlnff, Ileal Estitte und
Financial A/jent  ���   ���   ��� >
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects aud Developed L'li.uis.
....  Oolden, B. C.
For Sale
Group of two claims of gold-bearing quartz
in Uist uiiiieri.l district ut' jthsi Kout-jiu.y.
Assay* up tu tftUO iu guld. lu,i7
P>cqt lease, 15
Gi-uup of two gold claims. One of the best
pruposniuiis mi the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assay* gave ..boutS'-tO
per tun. 11
St. Paul's Church  Golden, on 8 in-.
day next   March Idth,  heservicos wtll ���   <r fc fc        , |(1 T j
bo aa  follows:    At  11 a m., morning -
service and celebration of Holy Communion; at 7.30 p.m , evening service.
Choir practice nt ti p.m.  on Saturday
the 12th.
The British naval expenditure lias
been increased one million four hutideril
and forty thousand four hundred
pounds. Six thousand three hundred
and forty men will be added to the
navy. Fifty-four war ships of all
classes and 41 torpedo boats are being
It is reported at Donald that the C.
P. R. has decided not to make the
change intended us to tho removal of
the shops from that town, and families are moving back there again.
This week two new families moved in,
including nn engine driver on the
Western Division.
F. Nichols, just from Dawson, confirms the reports of big strikes on Am-
eriken Creek nnd a stnnpede to that
place from Dawson Ho also reports
rich strikes on Rosebud Creek, nO
jnilcs this side of D.iwson. Prospectors lookout $i to S > to the pan, and
the news reaching Dawson a big crowd
started for the new diggings. The
creek is lined with tents und said to
be very rich.
portions of both services weio well cht
ried out bv the choir, thoituh owing
to its being Lmt, these wero somo
whut curtailed. - Rivtilstoke Herald.
A Dyspeptic?
Emaciated���wettry���gloomy. No one can
adequately dcucilbe the abject misery ot
the sufferer from llysp.psia and Ind ges.
turn. South American Nervine Is (be
greatest discovery lu medical science
for the cure of tilt chronic stomach
troulilcs. It acts directly tluougb the
nerves���the scat of ml discus". Thousands testify of cures wad.'. Mellet from
the first dose.
"I was n great sufferer from
stomach nnd nerve troubles. Tried a
scofil of remedies. No relief. Hnlf n
bottle of South Aniot'tcim Nervine
worked wonders, six bottles nude n
new mini of ire "���w. H. tiuorinnn.
Mou-lsburg, Out.
D-ii , o, pjrlmunt with now an
I otbuLful modi=ino3���Take tho irloc
I -.n-J toataj. -'
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Price, $003,000. 40
Group of three claims in Moyie district.
Free milling gold averaging 821 {er ton.
1 oii.-idori.bla development. 41
Croup of two claims nt Moyio.   Free milling gold.   1'ig proposition. 42
Claim at Moyie.   Copper und gold. Developed.   Good prospect. 43
Three cliiitns of 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, noi,r Klondike. Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shucks, black-
yn.i.h'-. .hop mid touls. Wash uvorugos Sou
per stpinre toot. 5
Two placer claims on celebrated Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will realize 830 per no.n
terdity.   Title | et feci. :-5.30
Placer claim on Miller Creek. Primitive
work last season cleared SI 1,OCX. per mnn over
expenses. 37
Claim on El Dorado Creek, ono of tho banner pro orlius of the Klondike. Dirt from
No. 2 shaft averaged $5.5' | er twin. U ell im
proved,   Tiilocle-r    I'rice, W0J.030.       38
Treasury stock iu tho VIctorlH-Texada
Gold Mining Company. This stock is offered nt the par value ot 25 coins. Five of
the mines on 1'exwln Island have been working for ihe past 10 moil lis l.ud this company
considers it owns the best proposi ion on the
island. I'.ospectus may bo seen ami f..ll particulars obti.iueil on application i.t my office.
30,'01)81 shines of tre.-sury stock in one of
the best properties at Fairview u 30 cents
por sln.re.
1,000 shares in Cariboo mine, Camp Mc-
Kinney, n stoutly dividend p..yer.
Shares in Lo Roi, Reco. Slocan Star, Ram
bier- iiriboo, l.ust Chance. I.li.ho. All good
dividend payers.
Farm of 100 acres near Oolden: 30 acres in
cultivation: well watered. Outbuildings con
sist of hay sheil, poultry yards, root bouse,
milk house and stables. 4
Farm of 200 acres, Windermere district.
Laud fenced and under cultivation. House
aud stable.   Rare bargain-
Farm of 150 acres, one of tbo best nnd most
highly improved to begot in Kurt Kootenay. 1
Farm ot 320 acres ut W iiidermere. 35 acres
under cultivation. House and stable, fencing, irrigation,   cheap. 5
Farm of 403 acres at Windermere. 100
acres under cultivation. llouso, stables,
granary, rootl om-os, fencing and irrigation.
merest in gold property in exchange for glock and iiu lointnits.
'1.1.. Ik ..A.if   ll-i. I'll- tl a
develop.no.il work.
Farm of 400 seres.   ! 5 acres under rullivi
Group of 10 claims, dm eloped.   No belter |ioI1    All tbncal.'Stockeii with vattlo and
pi operty in British Columbia,. 12 1|orMB   .ponllll m,y\��� ,,f ranged.  This is
Woll developed cl���i Most promising one of the best P-rms iu the   ��iudenuere
discovery m ihe Selklrks. Assays up to 8,8. 2 district
Group of seven claims in quartz country,
Good u.orago assays.
Group of four full sized claims,
ore cri-ying gold.
Ouo of best copper properties in Enst Kootenay. Smelter lost 24 per cent copper, besides gold. S
Chum in one of host locations in Solkirks.
Cheaply worked. Assays Sua in gold, silver
and cupper, V
Choice gold property, partly freemilliiig.
Assuys up to 8.40,   uevol,ip,.tonl work      .3
Two claims In good location.   Quurts cur- on good security,
ryiug gold und copper. 20
CLIlti adjoining known gold property.   21
Four claims iu Yukon, near Dawson City,
grouud running up to 3<o por pau. 6
1 hree claims near Columbia Hiver. Bis
ledge, gold and copper. 7
Three claims, developed, assays 128 in
gi Id, best location in Selkirks. 20
Gold quartz claims, assays S33. 27
Gold qiiurtz claim, developed, good lend.
assays to *u8. 28
Two quartz claims in couvcuiciit positiiu
pan gold. 40
Five claims, copper and geld, value 430 a
ton. HI
Three quartz clr.ims, no cash, working proposition, 32
Three cb.iins in proved country. 33
One-iliiid uniuwossibleiiito.'ost in developed
group of claims near Golden, 39
Silver lead miiio. One of tlm l.irgrst in the
world. 00,000 tons ol ore blocked out ready
to ship.  Location convenient to railway.
Goldon town lots.
House with four town lots in lown of Golden
for sulo.
Patents for a Railway Coupler and a Rope
Office. ..
NEW Additions have bom mode to our plant
mid uppliuuce*.
Our pri les'ure right.
Wo shall endeavor to please you.
We havo the best of workmanship.
Support local industry.
Give us a trial.
...WE  PRINT...
To Let
WANTED-To borrow for a client, fl.OM
For particulars of above apply to
E. A. IIA��UE5i,
Golden Era Office.
Send us your orders.
That is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability.
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, B. C.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Mannfaerorers at Snsh, Doors, Mouldings. Turned and Sawn Balnsters,
Nowel Posts, Hand Rails and Brackets.   All sizes of glass in stock.
Tito Machine and Blacksmith Sbopnro prepared todo idl klnd_ of repair
ns soon ns possible    III sizes of Plpo Kitting and Hrirss goodson bund.
Wngon repair, 1'oles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes t.nd Felloes.  Hickory and
Maple Plunk.


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