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The Golden Era Nov 11, 1898

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Array The Golden Era
k the most widely oirealated and
beat advsrtising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
labtcriptlon, 92.00 per Annum
in Advance  ......
g The Golden Era,
Has been appointed the Gazette
for North East Kooteoey for
Dominion and Provincial Government notices and (advertisements.    Published by
The Golden Eua Co., Ltd., Ly.,
Golden, B.C.
VOL. VIII.   NO. 15
��2 Per Yeah
Cash Bargains
At tt^e Big Store :
Balling out Clothing, Boots and Shoes.
Snaps in Heavy Wool Under wear.
Sox, Mitts and Oloves.
Heavy Knitted Jackets 75c, worth 1.25.
Men's Winter Caps 25c. worth 75c.
Call and get prices.
H. G. Parson, Golden, B.C
Suits made to order from
$18 Up.
Inspection Invited.
J. C. TOM, Merchant Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
' Jlot 'and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barryi
816it Proprietors,
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $1.00 Per Day. _::::0::::_
C. A. WARREN, * ���
�� �� General Merchant.
Cigars. B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder Co'y,
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co'y
of England.
us , . -ass-*      . ,..*.,    as '��� , =--B
Subscriptions Taken for all Papers &
A Fin* Building.
The new round house at Field is one
ot the best on the road. It has accommodation (or eight engines. The pits
are being sunk and W. Fraser's bridge
gang are busy with the laying ot the
root which is ot iron. The now round
house covers a ground .pace of 72 teet
by 230 feet. The stone for the construe,
tion ot the building came from the
Calgary quarry, and fiom the quarry
at Hector. The m-clms ot tbe engine
stalls are splendidly finished, and the
whole building reflects great credit on
Mr. Muuro, who was in charge of the
work. The wall is built on the west-
era end so that an addition can be made
from that end without the erection et
another inner retaining wall. The
building will be completed in about ��
fortnight. The building will bo heat-
od by steampipea from the boiler now
in use for euppliiiR the steam for the
Donald shops. The new round house
will bo provided with a plant for tern
porary repairs and will probably be in
oharge ot Mr. Inches. Amongst the
improved equipments to be put in
Field will be a drop-pit by which the
wheels may be taken oft au engine and
new ones put on without raising tbe
engine at all, the pit being provided
with moveable rails. Further improvements will be carried out at Field next
year. The permanent way and trucks
-both at Field and Laggan are now in
readimsB for the proposed divisional
changes, Messrs Erickson and Killien
who have had charge ot this work
having thus got well ahead of the other
A surprise party was heM at Mr. J.
Mackay's ranch ou Hallowe'en. Among
those present werethe following : Mrs.
Kimpton, "Miss Gibbon. Mrs. Power,
Mr and Mrs. Stoddart, Mr. and Mrs.
McKay, Miss- Macl-ay, Mr. and Mrs.
Itehder, Messrs. Taynton, Fortey,
Bangs, Foster, Morthway, Rirchie,
.Mncltuy, Sisovil, etc. A most enjoyable evening was .pent. Games and
Hallowe'en prank, wero engaged in
until the "wee sum' hours of the
mornin." During lhe evening tbe
giu'B'8 sat down to a glorious repast
which was under the pt-rsoual direction of Mrs. Mackay.
I.otter From Mr. Iio.lo.li, X.P.
Mr. Bostock, M.P., in a letter to the
Board of Trade says :
" With regard to the telegraph line
between Golden and Windermere, I
shall endeavor to have a vote put on
the estimates next se.sion for the construction of this work.
" With regard to the Kicking Horse
River I think it would be best for the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for thia Province to approach
tho Dominion Government, stating
what the Provincial Government are
prepared to do. I could then go and
see the Minister of Public Works and
urge the matter on his attention. Ot
course yon know he has at the present
time no appropriation for this work
aud I fail to see bow he can deal with
the question this winter,"
Causa of Rheumatism.
How tbe Disease
and can be
is Developed
Carelessness in girldbood caunes the
greatest suffering and unluppiiiess i
afterlife. Little irregularities nud weaknesses in girls should be looked after
promptly end treatment given at once.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescript iou promotes regularity of all feminine functions, makes strength aud builds up a
sturdy health with which to meet the
trials to como. The Fa7orite Prescription is not a universal panacea It ie
good but for one thing. It is directed
Solely at one set of organs.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, a 1008 page medical work,
profusely illustrated, will be sent free
on receipt of 81 one cent stamps to cover
postage only. Address World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo,
N. Y.
WHAT A FLEET l-8our Stomach. Distress after Eating, Weight in the Stomach,
Wind on the Stom.-ic.li, Loss of appetite, Din-
Bine.., Nau*ea, Sick Headache���forinidnble
foes to good health���lint Dr. Von Stan's Pino
apple Tablets aro the invieiblo battleships
that can put to mut and destroy the last vestige of them, and make peace and happiness
reign where all was misery and Buttering.
ob cents,
Bold by C.A.Warren.
I Hudson's Bay Co. I
Incorporated 16T0.
The Most Up-Ta-Pate
Outfitter* in Wettera
f Intending Prospectors should '
j" write us for one of our new !
t Folders, which contains an
a> excellent Mapand an estimato
* ot the probable coat ot a com- !
t plete outfit for the Gold Fields ,
\ '.
i 381st                 Calgary. ;
Tenders For Stocks.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned will
be received up till noon of Monday, November 81st, for pnrchase.of the Tailoring anal
Kcady-Mailo stocks in Ilio uVsigned estate of
J. C. I'oan ol tiolalon. Ba-t-.edi.1e* and terms
will be supplied by tbo undersigned on appli-
catiou personally ur by letter,
B. A. HAGGEN,   .
Oolden, B.C.
Por Your. till. Trouble Baffled Pli.nl-
clan.' Rklll���Now lual.r.tooal ami
Easily Unreal*.Tii. Ite.ult of Sclentl-
From The Advance, Kemptville, Out.
There is a popular idea that rheumatism is caused by exposure to cold, and
that some localities are infected with
it more than others. Scientists say
that such conditions frequently pro
mole disease, but from than fact that
this ailmeiitjruns in certain families, it
is shown to bo hereditary, and consequently a disease of the blood.
Frequently an individual in whose
fapiily rheumatism hue not occurred
develops the disease, and when a dlu-i
uosia of tlio case is made, it is generally found that the ailment is due to a
derangement of the blood.
Ouo.juch suffeier who ha<. been cured is Capt, D. W. Becket, who lives in
the "township of Oxford, Greuville
County Capt. Becket is the owner of
21b acres and lives in a beautiful farm
borne ou the banks of the Hideau, some
three miles from Kemptville. Iu addition to being n thrifty farmer, Mr. Becket has taken an enthusiastic interest
iu our volunteer forco and has graduated from the military college at Torouto
with a first class certificate, which entitles him tothenink of Major, To a
reporter of tho Kemptville Advance,
Capt. Becket made the following state
men!: ��� "Four years ago I was taken
suddenly with rheumatism in both by
elbows and high join's. The pain at
times was something terrible. I took
medicine and doctored tor over six
months, but continued to grow worse
and worse. My arms from the elbow
joints to the tips of the fingers became
numbed and had a prickly sensation,
and I was unable to do any work; in
fact I could not lift my hand to my
head. The pain I suffered in my lips
was also almost unbearable andjmy
legs wero nearly as useless as my
arms. I bad frequently read testimonials where Dr, "Williams' Pink
Pills had cured this disease, and at last
I thought I would try them as an experiment. Before I had completed the
first box I felt they were helping me,
and after I had taken the pills a little
more than a month, the pain bad entirely left ine. and I felt ait altogether
different man. I feel satisfied there is
no other medicine could have wrought
such n speedy cure, nnd I can truthfully say I met the enemy and defeated
him through the aid of Dr, Williams'
Pink Pills.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro a specific
for all disease sarising from an impoverished condition of the blood d*r a
shattered condition of the nervous
forces, such as St. Vitus dance, locomotor ataxia, rheumatism, paralysis,
sciatica, the after effects of la grippe,
loss of appetite, headache, dizziness,
chronic erysipelas, scrofula, etc. They
are also a specific for the troubles
peculiar to the female system, correcting irrogularites, suppressions and all
forms of female weakness, building
anew the blood and restoring the glow
ot health to pale and sallow cheeks
In the ease of men they effect a radical
cure in all cases arising from mental
worry, overwork or excess of any
Protect yourself against imi-ations
by insisting that every box you pur
chase bears the full name Dr Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People.
The owners of the Sullivan group
say they have a vein of 60 feet wide of
solid ore.
W. Logan and J. Dolmnge report
that the assessment work which they
have done on their properties on Irvine Butte has given a tine showing.
D. McDougal and J. White have
driven a tunnel 50 f.-at in length on
the new copper discovery at Spruee
Mountain, in which i hey are interested
withW. 0. Mitchell-Innes. They have
cut five feet into the lead and found it
mineralized as far aa they went but
they have not yet cut through the lead.
The prospect is a very promising   one.
Says the Mining and Scientific
Press: "The latest 'mining boom' ia
in copper and commercial events justify activity in copper mining. I. is
constantly appreciating in demand
and consequently in value. Michigan
Montana, Arizona and Colorado an
profitably mining copper, and renewed
activity is rt ported along tho copper
belt of California."
The following claims have been le-
corded at Golden: Sept. 2i), Diapa,
Commander, and Ironclad by F. Lotiey
o i the Vermont Creek sleigh rond;
Ironclad by \V Logan, Orillia by CA.
Warren, Diiiirobin and Confidence
Fractional by N. F. Johnson, and
Mayflower by A. W, Upton, all on
Vermont Creek sleigh road; Oct. 11,
tjuick-rest by T. E. Wilson on Beaver-
foot; Oct. 19, Hillside by F. W. Aylmer, aud River Bench by John Dodal
on Columbia river; Oct. 28, Dominion
by J. Dolmage on Carbonate Basin,
Kootenay by C. E. Hamilton, ond
Columbia by W. Clemes on Carbonate
Creek; Oct. 29, Swan and Crano by C.
Cartwright oil Mid-lie Fork of Spillimachene; Kii chener by T. K. Haddou
on Carbonato Basin; L*irk No. i by A
Grainger on Steamboat Butte.
porsons in this state to manage our business
m their aawn nnal nearby countios. It is mainly offia'Q work eonuueted at home. Salary
straight 81X10 a year and expenses- alefiui'e,
koualido, no more no less salary. Monthly 975.
Keibrences. Encloscs8lf-a<ldre.��ed stamped
envelope, Herbert li. Hess, 1'ie.t., Dept. _M,
Red Hot From The n mi.
Was the hall'hat hit 0. B. Stead-
lnan of Newark. Mich., in the Civil
War, It caused horrible Ulcers that
no treatment helped fi*r 20years. Then
Bucklen'a Arnica Satlve cured him.
Cures Cuts, Bruises Burns, Boils,
Felons, Corns, Skin Eruptions. Best
Pile cure on earth. 25 cts. a box. Cure
guaranteed.    Sold by uli Druggists,  il
Californian Farms
For Sale.
$1200-200 acres; 8300-20 acres;
$2500-84 acres; 8800-40acres; 8G00
-I'i00acros;-i*i500-80 acres; S2000
-20 acres; Sl.iOO-100 acres; $1000-
20 acres; 81200-10 acres; $1200-80
acres; $1100���60 acres; 813,800-4(10
acres; $250-7<iO acre-*; $800-80 acres
$12,000-900 acres; $2170-217 acres;
$720- 24 acres. They are in California,
150 mil's south of the Oregon line, in
a valley Ave miles wide at east end and
tapering to a point 15 miles west
through which a large creek flows; on
the trunk line railroad connecting San
Francisco and Portland. Tho market
is good. Farm products always bring
tbe highest price. Best natural toads
in the world ���never muddy. Near
many gold mines. Elevation. 500 feet;
yearly rainfall 3'i inches; plenty of
wood; water is pure, soft and cold; no
alkali; no chills, no luug trouble, no
rheumatism; seldom any snow over
falls. Crops never fall. Coldest
weather 24 degrees above zero���no
ccld winters no sunstrokes; uo muddy
streets; no cyclones, no hurricanes or floods. No better climate
can be found. The products are fl jwers
of every kind, figs, peaches, pears,
prunes, plums, cherries, almonds, walnuts, raisins, grapes of all varieties;
wheat, barley, rye, oats, hogs, sheep,
chickens, etc. The best of socieiy;
schools are first Class, Congregational
U. B. and Baptist Churches. The peo
pie are white, wideawake, generous-
highest type of American citizenship.
Thereis no government or railroad land
there; no farms for rout.
We have an agent in the town to
show these places free of charge who
will also furnish abstract with each
sale showing clear title. For circulars
containing maps and full information
Notary Public k Ileal Estate Agent.
555 Golden, B.C.
Mrs, Lake
hags lo announce to the ladies
of Golden that she has begun
business as MILLINER in
the premises lately occupied
by J. McMillan, opposite G,
B. McDermot's store. Selected stock of the newest styles
Choice lot of Ladiee Underclothing. ChilJreu's clothing
Considerable enquiry is at present
being made as to the mineral and
other resources north ol the country
north of Gulden and Donald. Th��
only definite information we aro at
present at liberty to publish is what
was gleaneil from Messrs. Price and
F.vans when they wero recently in
Golden getting their supplies". Thoso
gentlemen put ill the last winter in
that country and describe It as tn
excellent place to winter in, with comparatively little snow, nnd a clima e
free from exceptional severity. Hy
putting up hay in the fall they wen-
able to winter their horses well. Last
spring they went east of Canoe rivir
as far as the Fraser River Basiu, ai d
met with such encouraging proepecti
in the skapo of placer finds that they
arranged to outfit for two years and
sent to Golden for their supplies, taking in tho largest and most coinple-n
outfit that had up to tbat time been
taken from Golden for the north. The
main difficulty of access to this northern route lies in the section from
Donald to the mouth of Canoe river,
where the trail is boggy in placee,
nnd the swift swollen streams are
difficult to cross with safety in the
spring. The Government should take
steps lo place this trail in hotter shape
and provide ferries at the worst rivers,
such us Bush river.
From a point 85 miles north of
Golden the travel is excellent, a wide
open valley being entered, over almost
any portion of which a wugou can be
driven as on a prairie. A water route
can be got almost the whole of the
way into the far north. The route
lies up tbe Columbia and Canoe Rivers to a point opposite Tete Jaune
Cache, and a stream from a lake,
which empties into both the Canoe
and Fraser Rivers, enables a boat to
be taken to the Fraser. Alon-r the
Froser a branch called Barker River
strikes north and a boat can
be taken along this tributary of the
Fraser to within half a mile of the
Parsnip River, which is the heed
waters of the Peace River. Once there
the traveller is in the great gold country of the Omenica and Findlay, aad
with the usual portages over rapide be
can wend his way at comparative ease
among rivers and streams innumerable,
all carrying sands of gold, and waiting tbe shovel and pan of the prospector to reveal their wealth���as great,
there is every reason to believe, aa the
Klondike. With the construction of
tbe railway from the International
boundary to tiie far ncrth Golden wial
be the key to this great country of tl e
north, where there are oppa rtunitki
innumerable for the lumberman, the
rancher, and the miner, as the country
is opened up. As showing the favorable nature of the northern country,
we are informed that the Indians wintered 80 horses last year, iu the valley between the Fraser and Canoe
Rivers, without even providing hay.
P. 85.
In tho Supreme Court of British Columbia
"Provincial Election. Act"
Election of a meniliei- for the Legislatiro
Assembly of British Columbia, tor tne "North
Riding of the Electoral District of East
Kootonay, boltion on the '.'oth day of June and
tbe 9th day of July. 18!W.
Proviuco of British Columbia,)
To Wit: (
Frederick W. Aylmer, Petitioner,
William li. Neilson-,
TAKE NOTICE that the above petition
will be tried at Victoria, B.C., on the 16th
day of November, 1898, an I on suoh other
subsequent days ns may be needful.
Dated Ihe First day of November, 1898,
Signed by Order,
The Master appaajnted under the said Art.
To Letter-Writers:
THE Postal Authorities' advice
to all who write letters is
to have the name and address of
Ihe writer printed upon the envelope. This saves time and
prevents letters going to the
Dead Letter Office, In order to
help out the public in thie important matter we will print
your name and address upon
100 No. 7 EqVelopes
white, and   mail   them to any
part of Canada upon receipt of
Sei/eqty-Fitfe Gents.
60T.DEN, B.C.
- golden -
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
are coming to hand every day.
We are showing bargains never
heard of before in Golden in the
following:    Blouses and Dross Silks���
Starting at 25o per yard���Grey and
White Cottons, Prints, Muslins, Dress
Fabrics and an immense stock of
General Dry Goods.
4,000 rolls New "Wall Papere just
arrived, in beautiful designs.
Bargains In Boots and Shoos.
Bargains in Crockery and Glassware,
Bargains in Carpets and Curtains.
in fnot
Bargains In Every Department.
Plenty of fresh new laid Eggs at
85c per doj-sOD.,
To Aalvoi-tl.er. and Sub.crlbei-..
The OOLDEN ERA *s nublisluia! every
Friday evening. It is the best advertising
medium iu tiie Kast Kuotonay district,
Subscription Kate**:   $*I.0U i*er nuhum IN
Alterations anal changes of standing adver-
tisements must Lie in the oliico nut later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will bo received up till
noon on Friday,
While all reu.-ionf.blo euro will be taken,tho
proprietors will not bo responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
All laa-caaiuiis to lie paid in tlio Managing i
Director,or Ills authorised agent,from avhoin
tbo uompltny's receipt will lie ubtainod,
Advertising nates: Display ads., 81.00 per
column iuchi Leg .lads., 10 cents per lino
for lirsi insertion, 0 cents for each nditltlonul
���Userlion| Rending notices, li! conts per line
audi issuo.
All liusiiie.-as communications should bo inl-
alrewoal to Hie Managing Director, audal!
literary cniiiiiiiiuic.-iliaiiis, letters for pujilica*
tiaan or noivs iloius should be addressed to the
Editor I
CoiTosponilenco is Invited am ii'iitlirj of
public Interest, but to secure publication
such lultors must lie brief, In tliecaseot
anonymous letters the name and address ait i
tin- writer must be enckiBOd, not for puliliea-1
linn. Imt t'aar the private information ol tliu
editor anal as a guarantee of good faith, Any
letter received later than Wednesday will |
havo tu stand over till tlio following issue.
Ninr-ientlis of her Bodily Ailments Can ho
Traced to Nerve Disorders and bad  Digestion.   South American Norvine Aids
Digestion and Strengthens tbe Nerves-
Miss Annie Patterson, of Snckvillo, N. B.,
writes:   "Indigestion (ind weak nerves wore
tlio bugbears ol my life lor  years.   1 tried
doctors aud proprietary medicines till I completely lost heart.   Ijeing iuduceal  by  a
friend to try .South American Nervine, after
taking oue bottle 1 was greatly reheveal-
Threo buttles etl'ected a complete cure. 1 can
recommend it ns u valuable remody and  believe it to be the best nerve and stoinccn tonic
iu tlio world."
Tha Gcldea Era Company Limited Liability,
Orpiou, GOI.DBS, I), c.
Kite (SuliiMt Viva
le going to be our Banner Year.   Wo
are wide open for business, and
making now customers every day.
Geo. B. McDermot,
fracneral Merchant
High clans school for boyn.   Good biwiuoss
education. Spoci.il prepArtiou for University
aud Frofe8nioml entrance.   For'terms, etc.,
apply to.
The College, Calvary, N. W, V.
***Fall Term Commences Sopt 15.   M7o3o
Whole-Hale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. C.       ZGtc
SWANSEA Mineral Claim, sitnate in the
Windermere Mining Division of North East
Kootenay District ���*-,
Where located i���On Wlndermero Mountain about three mile, north of the village aif
Take notice that We, 8 Brewer, W B Abel,
Joseph Lake and Geo rt McCarter, Free
Miners Certificates No. HMM, 80151,80671.
M9IA, respectively. Intend, sixty days from
tbe date hereof, to apply to the Mining Ko-
aaorder for a certificate ol improvements, for
th. purpose of obtaining a Crown gr.mtof
lb. above claim
And farther take notioe that action, under
lection HI. must be commenced before the
Usiuue* ofeueb certificate of iinprovoments
^stand this 8II1 day oi October, 1808
The Provincial Legislature is summoned to meet at. Victoria on alaniiary
5th. The Sainlin Government aro
thus meeting Parliament much earlier
than the Turner Government has been
in tho habit of doing. Ono of tho
first acts of tho now government will
bo to take steps to test its strength,
and if it does not command a working
majority in tbo House there will bo
another election. During their short
term of office tho Semlin Government
have given an excellent ucoount of
themselves, having effected consider
able economies iu the public service,
while no legitimate requirement of tiie
Province has been allowed to suffer.
There is no doubt lhat if the new -.ov-
ernment huve to go to tbe .country
again they will be supported by the
people by a marked majority. The
fact tliat the Semlin Government have
determined to do away with the rotten
boroughs of the Turner regime and
givo the people of lhe Province a fair
and equitable representation will alone
go far to secure for thorn u prolonged
lease of power. Dunsmuirisiu is already broken, and we shall no longer
have th'e edifying spectacle of the Turner Government making laws nod
setting up one of its number, in tiie
shaji3 of Mr. Pooley, to break them in
tho interest of the Dunsmuirs, who
havo now intimated that they are
going ti? comply with tho law. With
the Hon. Joseph Martin after them
they have evidently considered discretion the better part of valor r.nd announced that they will discharge the
Chinese miners whom they havo so
long retained against the law. "Much
has also been done in clearing up the
monopolies and abuses which had
obtained all over tlteprovince during
tlio Tumor regime.
Sold by 0a A. Warren.
Thero havo been several cases of typhoid fever at Field, a townsite that
should be one of tho healthiest in tbe
Province. As I ho population is rapial-
ly increasing there, wu suggest that
steps bo taken tu improve tho sanitation of tho town first, thin,; in the
spring. Probably the best and most
effective system of cleansing tho town
und keeping it clean will be hy the
construction of a ditch along the
boundary between the 0. P. R. and
the Government laud, nnd the diversion through this ditch of tho creek
thnt flows behind the Mount Stephen
House. Although a sanitation work
of this kind is one that should bo undertaken by tho Provincial Government, no doubt the C.P.R. wuuhl
co-operate with thorn in carrying out
tho requirements.
A l'tlESIDSN I"8 8T011Y.
A Slave to Chronic Catarrh for Years���Remedies Failed ��� "Specialists Failed-Dr Agnew's Catarrhal Powdor (Simplest ol all)
Cured llinl
D. T, Saiuplo, Proshleut of Sample's Instalment Company, Washington, Pu-, writes!
"Foryoars I was nfihutoj with uhrulliu catarrh. Kemedles and treatment by specialists
only gave me temporary relief until 1 was
iiitluced to use Dr, Agnew's Catarrhal Ponder. It has proved tee one good thing in
my case, lu almost an instant afrer 1 hail
made tlio first application I haul relief, anal a
littlo perseverance in its use entirely rial me
of this olfenslyo mtdiuly, 1 would be glarl to
personally reeoniuieutl it to any and everybody,"
Sold by C. A. Warren
Pain-Killer. |
* H.eiola. Chest I. IU.If.
SlnpU. f af. ..at quick Car. tar
29 and SO cant Bottle*.
beware of imitations-
Hon. F. W, Aylmer President
W. ll. Mitchell-lanes Vico     do
W. ti, Neilson,.!. P    do       alo
IS. .loliusou  do       do
K. .\. Haggon Secretary-Treasurer
The regular meetings of Ilio association
ivill he held on the first Tuesday in overy
month at the Columbia House, Uolden,
All possible Information will bo furnished
by tlio association upon application tu
E. A. IIaooe.n'. Sec, Goldon,
The Gia.ad'.in Riun&-Iy for ail
Lavge Bottles, 25 cents*
DAVIS & LMVaEN'Cli CO., Limited,    g
Prop's. Fury l>-j.vla' Faiu Killur. 0
Montreal    Q
New York Montreal
Men of force of character, who can furnisk
horse and rig for throe month*. Straight
salary to right parties.
T.jH. LINSCOTT, Toronto.
WANTED:���Farmers1 sons or olhor industrious jwrsons of fair education, to whom
-S-lO.oOa mouth would be an inducement
1 could also engage a few ladies at their
own homes,
T. H. LINSCOTT, Toronto.
Wo pay straight weekly Rf.lariys of from
$10 ni QCT, ai-cording to ability, tor rnuvaftsers
on "l.i'B and rtitrk nf Mr. (j)mlstcno." Tho
doimtnat for ihis wonderful book is hour ing all
hands working early mul late. The only
l 'aiiariian and British work published, Endorsed by tho Royal Family aud loading
public men.   A big. cheap book.
UradleyOanotMon Co., Limited,
Those handling "War with Spain" oto
making monoy, A good sharo of the profit
is yours il you take held. Seven hundred
paftea, two hundred illustrations aud selU
cheap. Wo give big eommusiun; pay freight
soil ou time, uud .supply outfit true.
Business Cards.
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B.G.
A supply of Building Lime
For Sale.
Flans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. S8to
...Mining Engineer...
il. Atn'n Inst. M. E.
Agont for obtaining  Crown   Grente,
doing annual assesraent work, ete.
Address :     tiohlen- B. C.
Clarence Hersoy,
Assayor and Chemist.
(Established 1870) I.EAiivn.Hi, COLORADO
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prices-���*Gold, silver and
lead, 81: any two of the above, 76c; anyone
of the above, 50c; copper analysis, 81; phaii*
niun, nickel or tin, tb. "Write for full price
list and mailing envelopes.
" Family Herald
��� :and: ���
The Hon. Joseph Martin mentis to
hi no ornamental Atti.niuy-Gmr.nil but
will give hit best services to the J?ru
vitice. Iu future he will conduct tho
Crown proceedings at the Supreme
Courts at Victoria ami New Westminster, and so save tho Province the
li\r>;Q expenditure hitherto puirt to
hangers o;i of tbe Turner Government
for thesu strrvieea.
November Dyeing.
Success, Profit and Pleasure
When Diamond Dyes
Are Used.
Thousanda of city and country
women and girls will dye during the
month of November. Old drosses,
costumes, capes,jackets,wraps, shawls,
and clothing for men and br.ys will bo
brought from attics, closets aud boxes,
and prepared for the dye bath.
It is safe to assert that every wife,
moth, r and daughter who has heard
of ihe wonder-working Diamond D.ves
will use them in preference to any
other mako of dyes,
It ia unnecessary to dilate upon the
many grand results tbat users of Dia*
mond Dyes obtain, A. few words will
tell the story. Tho Diamond Dyes
will make the old things look as fresh
and us good as new, and will give
colors that sun or washing cauuor,
fade. The unfortunate women who
are induced by some doalers to.buy
imitation and adulterated dyos will
certainly suffer loss of money, time
and materials.
There is profit in home dyeing only
when the Diamond Dyes are used.
Hee that you got lhe " Diamond" from
your dealer; refuse all imitations.   577
Kcftiso to Work���Foreign Matters Collect
aud Disease Follows���South American
Kidnoy Curo Relieves iu Six Hours.
A remedy taint has tlio cruical tests that
South American Kidney Cure has had���a ro*
niody -ahia:li has iuot cases ot' kidney uisonses
whose victims were at dentil's door * and lias
led thein back to -perfect health���u remedy
compound for the kidneys alone���a li(piiil
specific���a remedy that ha.i testimony piied
on testimony given unsolicited by those .who
have been cured���must he a remody of won*
deriul merit. South American Kidney Curo
lit-;.].! lirigilt's disease, liiubo es, dropsy, gravel, atone in the blnatder, inflniiiiuiition. It
cuu he your life preservoi's
Sold by C. A. Warren.
���-"'S's-i-.t*--. Wi aide rmfic.
'aiyntiiai & tlairalam Prop..
Goo! accomodation for prospectors and
Freighters,    First-class men's.
The Semlin Government is already
after the cliarto.-monger who were
pandered to so notoriously by the Turner Qovornmoiit; and I boy are uo\v required to carry out their charters to
the letter or huve them cnncellod. For
the first time in lhe history of British
Columbia, tho interest of the people is
placed before that of the charter-
persona in this state to manage our. business
in their own and noarbv counties. It is
mainly offiiee work conducted at homo. Sal
ary straight $900 a year and expenses-definite, bonalide, no moro, no less salary. .Monthly 8.5. Reference. Kncl-aso self*nddressod
stamped euvelope, Herbert E, Hoss, Frost.,
Dept, M. Chicago.
It will bo good news to the Province
to learn that the Semlin Government
propose io pass an equitable re-distribution bill iu place of the corrupt relic
left by the Turner Government.
Np.lin's lircali-st "Xticd.
Mr. 11. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken, 8.
(J. Weak nerves hud caused severe
pains in the back of his head. On
using Electric Bitters, America's greatest Blood and Nerve Keinedy, all pain
soon left him. He says this grand
medicine is what his country needs.
All America kuows that it cures liver
and kidney trouble, purifies the blood,
tonea up the stomach, strengthens the
nerves, puts viin, vigor and new life
into every musule, nerve and organ of
the body. If weak, tired or ailiugyou
need it Every bottle guarantees, only
50 cents.    Sold by all Druggists.    1
Assaying Institute....
IXcu-tliiiinrterfta, Ciilffiiry, Alberta.
I'h. I)., II. a M B, E'o.. Manager,
Special Course iu Ueruuuiy,:
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work, ami
Concentrated I Ires,    All parcels ot'oro are
carer'ulty sampled, ono portion tested, ouo
portion laheijod anal kept for six months lis
it reference, anil if desired the third portion
will bo returned to owner, as a check on
assay made.
CASH WITH SAMPLES, which should bo
ileft witli  tho Undersigned, frotn' whom
erms amy be obtained on application.
E. A. HAGUE.--*,
Resilient Agent,
87!lst Uolden, B.C.
Mineral The way for you to succeed
ia to make known tho resources of
your camps. The way to do that i�� to
send news of your finds to theGoi.DEM
Era. Subscribe yourself to the Era
and send it to your friends, The Eka
will tell thein all about it better than
,.ou can.
The D. & L.
Is tlio best and niost prl.ital.le prepiratlon ��f
Cod Liver Oil, agreeing vriUi the iuou delicate
stomachs. }
Is prescribed by tbo leading ph-fiieiani of
Iia marveli.iiia fl.-rh -prctiucer and will give
you un oppotitd.   BOtf. & i�� t per Buttle.
lie sure vou Ept j DAVIS & LAWRENCE
thecenuiiio    |        CO., Limited, Montreal
, ��� 2-1 Pages i "Weekly i Dustratc-i.
MMG��*Sdentific PRESS
330 KA2XBT ST., SAIf rUAHCl*3C0, CAL.
Weekly Star,"
Golden   L^rei
per year, payable in
���al-j-s . as n��J-a>--
This siibscriplion entitles
subsortbars ton free copy of
The "Ssav'^" premium picture
the famous battle scene
in colors, 17x 0,
This is the best clubbing' inducement offered in Canada.
SoudordvTS aad remittanc*;,
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open tor the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may he had from the under-
signed or any niembor ol the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS oxcept private warde.
Acting Secretary,
G-olden    Era
.   .   .   AND   .   .   .
B. C. Mining Record
"Will he sent to any addreas in-i
receiin of S'i 00 which covers
a years subscription to both
The GOLDEN ERA Co., I.'iM;*'
Tha Emperial Life
Assurance Company ���
Of Canada.
Capital stock, $i",ooa;Coo.
3250,000 Deposited with Dominiou
Government    for  Security .'
of   Policy   Holders.     . ���;
7,000   BICYCLES
carried over from 1807 must be sacrificed now. Now High Grade, ell
stylos, beet equipment, guaranteed.
$9.75 to   $17.00
Used wheels, late model!1, all makes
$3.00 to   $12.00
We ship on-approval withoir a cent
payment. Write for bargain list and
art catnloguo of swell '98 models.
Bicycle free to advertise them. Rider
agents wanted. Learn how to earn a
liicycle and make money,
J. S. Head Cycle Agent,
��7sc3*IO Chicago, III.
President-Hon, Sir Oliver Mowilt.�� ;
Vice-i'ro.iiilont--Joseph W. Flavelle  "Esq.
Managing Director���F, G. Cos.
. E. A. Hagoes,
219 Agent, Uolden, B. C.
Healthful, safe, inexpensive home
treatment for alcoholism. No hypodermic injections ; no publicity, no loss
of time from business and a certainty
of cure.   Consultation and correspon-
FOR DBINK. fJltotfZ:
ferences as to Dr. McTuggart's professional integrity permitted by Sir W.
B. Maredilh, Chief Justice; Hon. 0.
W, Rosa, Minister of Education; G.
W. Yarker, banker; H. S, Strathy,
manager Traders' B-ink.
Particulars oan be obtained on reference to the Editor ot Tbe GoLDBtt
Rubber Stamps
Or lorn fair Rubber Ptampa and Seal, wil
be received at the Golden ��raO$ceaud
executed with priiinptltude.
Tho Golden Era Company.
Limited fjlabi
Advertise in
only firm where you pot the Deal Exact
ih-nlf-rH' or Ml-HiemeD �� profiUiliM
Send for our new 1898 <'umIo��iip,
illustrated in colon, cuutalniug full
descriptions or all our Planoa and
Ont a ut. REMHMBER wo ore tbo
only firm of ootuol niaiiuructnriT.i
wiling cxcltulvely to the general
  ���"   '  far*--  *  "-'
r.   Thi
ot factory CMl���ths
Insult vour clr'umsuureii. -.���.-. -- _.���	
uuaor onr ewin\ warrant for tweuty-flva -fears.
inpiirclm-)cr guaranteed.
Ti(.l(kftltt*OR8,��-QiiriWfc1 your bank,
any imiik.tlitimlltoroftlilipaptii. or ot any
of the inilUMiils ot MtfOM who hnvp pur-
elm i-a mlUii-iii o( dolImB wortli of iuutru-
int'iiin frnm ns dUting Hinuly BO year*. Ollft
Intr i tlii��is��iid riiceiit irf-uroiwi-i, noiit irt*.
0 money irqul
��� *f toy*-VV' V'*^"* ,v��*v��,*,��"
TEUXRt No hitiefartlcn, No Car.
"v\y-y J- ��*, 'irtH^jFa^**��--.r*.'-*f,'--. * ���'v-*-*-'*-^ '* AflA*
>   Hit Ml for particulars oioui pop*
itlnr  Oo.l'urlncnhlp  |>liui   by
wiilch any one can eaully obtain a
I'uHNU.li 1'iononrOi-ganfornoib*
(tip. Full explanation with orcry
EatabllMhod ueurly 60 Years.
Paine's Celery Compound the Only Medicine
that can cope With the Dread Visitor.
The old enemy grippe ia now prevalent in many sections ot the land, and,
as in the past, it is the same old insidious Ibe -cruel and deadly.
The Ute eminent English phytician,
Sir Morell MacKensii, held that grippe
was the result of "poisoned nerves."
Sir Morrcll compares it to an extraordinary disturbance in the telegraphic
system produced hy a thunderstorm,
which is no'.hing compared with the
frisks pl.tyed hy th* living conductors
in ihe human body whin the governing centres are out of gear.
It ia certain lhat the majority of
medioal men now agree about the
theory of "poisoned nerves," which
explains the almost infinite variety of
the attacks that mark the disease.
Tbe profound impression made on the
nervous system by the poison explaina
all tbe after effects of the malady, aud
more especially that curious loss of
vital energy experienced by victims of
In past seasons, when grippe was
epidemic, tho ablest and most thoughtful doctors prescribe!' Paine's Celery
Compound, a medicine that acts directly on the aerves ol the body, cleansing
them from all deadly poisons, toning
and bracing up the entire system. In
this way. fre.li vitality is quickly be
���towed and sound health restored.
The mysterious visitor grippe may
pass many of us this autumn and winter; we have, however, no guarantee
that we shall bo spared, so that it bo-
hooves all to be | ropared for the arch
To those who are run down, weary,
tired, sleepless, nervous, who have
periodical headache and debility we
say, "Use Paine's Celery Compound to
fortify the system for all emergencies."
Physically Birong men and women are
not readily attacked br disease; the
half-well and weakly mortals are the
first vic'ims. At this time precaution and prevention nro all-important;
the b nLhtnetit of nervousness, sleeplessness, liinguidncss, debility and
headache should bo first thoughts wilh
old ami young.
To safely guard against gripi.o nnd
all other common diseases, Paine's
Celery Compound is the ono effective
medicine-tho only sure preventive of
Do not bo misled by dealers who attempt, for ihe sake of large profits, to
substitute something they call just as
giod; where health is concerned there
is no other medicine that can take the
placeof Paine's Celery Compound and
givo satisfaction to those who are
anxiously desiring a new life.      578
Pacif ie Hy
East via the Lake Routes.
Stenniers Leave Ft. William
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Golden,
* *��
One way and Round Trip Tickets at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
Klondike Gold Helds
Direct via C. P. 11. Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway.
At Clietipctit Kitted.
Sailings from
Tbi Toronto Telegram says: "The
Viotoria Colonist arraigns Hewitt Dos
took, M.P. for Tale-Cariboo, as an
enormiusly wealthy man, who has
made his wealth tbe seritaut of an
ambition to play a part iu public
There inijht lie good ground for
assailing iir. Bostock as a Liberal
who has condoned at Ottawa the sins
li* condemned at Victoria.
The Colonist will not assail Mr.
Bostock fur that weakness, because it
has dividsd iis time between loud
assaults on the sins of Grits at Ottawa
nnd louder apologies for tbo greater
���ins ol the Tories iu Uritish Columbia.
It is uo sin for Mr. llustock io have
inherited wealth, aud the constituents
to who.u he appeals must be judge.-; as
to the eharao-er of his ambition to
��� serve them, or is it a crime for Mr.
Hostook to use his money iu email-
liehing newspapers to promote his
ambition? It is'to his credit that he
has shown no desire to enrich himself
at tbe country's expense. Canada haa
too few rich meu who e k to get into
parliament or into the government, for
tne publio good, and has too many
rieh men who stay outside parliament
and the government, and ute their
money to ersata an influence which
will compel the representatives of the
people to betray public wealth into
private hands.
British Colombia journalism has
been bettered by the creation of papers
which an meant to serve the ambitions of Mr. Bostock. It has been
good for British Columbia, and for
Cauada generally, that a man should
have come into the politics of that
province who was not greedy enough
to cringe to corporations or individuals
(or further riches, and who was rioh
enough to ba independent of the forces,
wbieh ones regarded British Columbia
as their pocket borough."
Working "SisJit nnd. Day
The busiest and mightiest l'ttie thing
that was over made is D.\ King's New
Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar coals
ed globule of health, that chuuges
weakness into strength, lisllessni-s-
into energy, brain-fag into mental
power They're wonderful in building
up tlm healih. Only Son. per box. Sold
by all Druggists, 3
Popular It. .ailing.
We have received from tho Poole
Printing Company, Limited, Toronto,
Out., a cony of "His Brother's Keeper,''
by Charles M. Sheldon, tho well known
author of "In His S:e*js." This is not
pllly a delightful story, told in an interesting manner, but is full of helpfulness. Oue of the greatest problems of
the day is ably dealt with. The scenes
in the mining reigon nro bi sel upon
events which occurred during tho^reat
strike aiuouir the iron miners in the
summer of 1895, and which wero witnessed by tbo author. Everyone should
renal it. The Poole Printing Company
Limiied, Toronto, have already published seven of Sheldon's books and every
one ie having a very lar*;e sale.
Cottage City   Oct. 1
'���City of Seattle...    "   2
Queen City     "   II
Dirigo        "   (i
Alki     "   C
City of Topeka ...    -' 11
Oct. 1
la   a)
" 7
���' 6
" fi
" 1
" 1
Toes     "Iii
Kosnlie     " li)
"City of Seattle...    " IH
Dirigo     -'20
ii ]4
" 111
�� Hi
���' 18
" 20
Queeu City     "20
Amur     ���' 2(1
Rosalie     "27
I'ses        "27
"Calls at Dyea.
C.P.R. connection  through
,. 21
ii 27
., 27
" 28
from Vun-
couvor to
Dawson city in 10 days
Trains   leave   Golalen for tl-.u west   at
111-15 a.m.
Daily Mail
& Empire
Golden Era
Apply to the nearest Canudiau  Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Ute Ticket Agent, Golden
A Marrow Escape
Thankful words written by Mis Ada
E. Unit, of Grotou, 8. D. "Was
taken with a bad cold which settled
on my lungs; cough set in aud finally
-terminated in Consumption. Four
Doctors gave me up, saying Icould
live but a short time. I gave myself
u*i to my Savior, determined if I could
not stay with my friende on earth, I
would most my absent ones above. My
husband was advised to get Dr. Klug's
Now Discovery for Consumption
Coughs and Colds. I gave it a trial,
took in all eight bottles. It has cured
tttt, aad thank God, I am saved and
now a well aud healthy woman." Sold
by all druggists, 60 cts. and tl.00.
Guaranteed or price refunded.        1
ttolaan Marks!..
Wheat..... fl.00totl.05
Oats  0.60 to  0M
Barley..  0.26 to 0 80
���Hsef(iive)  *\.50to  4.75
Beef (dressed) ,... 8.50 to  8.50
jPork (live)  5.60 to   5.50
Pork (dressed)  8.00 to  8.00
Mutton 10.00 to 10.00
Butter  0.25 to  O.Ho
Ealgt  0.25 to  0.50
Hay (baled) ,.i-.. 17.00 to 20.00
May (loose) 14.00 to 14.00
tutoes.  0.75 to   0.90
���( i	
wmoiu in thi. state tn manage our bunnies.
Tn their iien and nearby counties. It i. mainly odea work conducted I at home. Salary
straight IHO a year ami expense.-dotlulie,
heoalUe, no more ne lea. salary. Monthly 175.
RaHsreueee. Knelose self-addressed stamped
MtWope, He-rberlE. Ben, Preet., Dept. M,
.fliicefo. i
Compelled by Female Weakness to Give up School.
Till she began te u.o Dodd's Kidney
Pill..Now .he I. lla>.ilt hy nnd Strong
���Dodd's Kidney Plll.cu.t-u Women'.
St. Cunogonde, P.Q., Nov. 7.���Tl.e
case of Mrs. Ellen Dowson, of Gerrsrd
St., Toronto, has a parallel in this
place. Dodd's Kidney Pills havo
brought happiness into a stricken
home, by restoring a beloved daughter
to health and strength.
Mr. P. Dubois, who resides at No.
100 Napoleon Roud, in this place, tells
the story in these words: "Por many
months my daughter endured the
agonies of -'Femalo Weakness" and
Kidney Disease, No remedy we used
gave her the least relief, and she be
came so ill, finally, that she was
obliged to remain at home from school
for fully three-quarters of the lime.
"By a friend's advice, I bought a
box of Dodd's Kidney Pills for her, and
was delighted to see that sho began io
get better almost immtdiatoly after
beginning to use ihem.
"She has taken in all four boxes,
and is today in better health than she
ever enjoyed in ber lifo before. She is
t'rong and healthy uud goes to school
every day.
"I cheerfully certify to the wonderfully beneficial effect of Dodal's Kidney
Pills in cases of Female Trouble-, for
besides my daughter's euro, I know of
a number of instances iu'which they
have completely cured the sufferers."
Women who sulferd from any of
the diseases peculiar to their sex, can
find no other remudy that will relievo
their sufferings and permanently curo
their complaints so quickly and thoroughly as Dodd's Kidney Pills. The
testimony of thousands of women who
have been cured proves this beyond
Hold's Kitlnev Pills go lo the root
of the matter. The) heal ami strength-
on the kidneys, and so remove the
cause of disease. 676
Subscribe to the Golden Eka and
help to advance the interests of tl.o
district, Send $2 fur a year's subscription!
V. pttnuif��tilt tine
Pl-utsrs will rsiirve
pain qs-k'ker than any
otktt. Put up only In
25c tin boxes rmi $1.00
yard rod*. The t-.tler
allows you to cut the
Platter any else.
Evory family
should have one
ready fcr an emergency.
B,-a-ta-e of tir.itaatiaa.is
Both papers will bo sent to
any address for one year on
receipt of
The cheapest and best
newspaper offer ever made.
Send address and remittance
Navigations Tramway fe,
& International Transportation Coy.
Connecting* with C.P.R. at Golden, RC, and Great
Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
3 *-o:; Xi o O o p O OS? 6
Iii iho ovent nf .1
j-Stroke of fionilfortr.no
you chti win
'.00.ono MtukM
I Tlm payment ot* I
:lio prizes is    s
giumtntoed by
isi drawing
TV-jviiiljur 21-nt j
C. H. Parson.
ruvinnnnn rLTiriru^^
Shorey's Clothing
|L -for Youths, Boys and Children
...WE   PRINT...
Send n. ya.ur order..
That ia what we aro'hero fair.
The Golden Era Company
Limit*-*!) i.iadii.itv.
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, B. C.
Yam .-aria inviinal In nurlii'lj -ale in til
���F?t.laaaiai-a-H of Winning; intlie-rruaial^ j
H lil-atwlllflHOl |;rlza-H-ralaia-.iiat.-a-al -.,.-
ra    taa a* finite ol il*l III till l-g 111 Which
3 11 Millions 34-9,825 Marks
surely linvo taa baa won.
, In tlio course ol thoi-u advantageous
di.-iwiugs, wliia-li contain according to tlio!
prospectus onl>*-lil-i,a.OOttekct8, tlio follow*
in;.- pii:-cs will lie forthcoming, via-.: j
'"'   highest prize will bo event.
'~<tO.;uK> .-tt-u-k-a
Premium of 1100,000 Marka
1 Prise ol 200,(100 Marka
1 Price ot ioo.tX-0 Marks
i Prizes of l.'a.n <' Marks
1 Prize of 70,000 Marks
I Prize of 05,000 Marka
1 Prizo of WW**) Marks
1 Prize of .r..'i.iM!i M ,rka
2 Prizea of 50,0 (I Marks
1 PrlzB ol 40.000 Marks
1 Prize of SO.OOOMarkj
2 Prizes of 20,'X'iO Minks
LU Prizes of 10,000 Marks
50 Prizes of   6,000 Marks
100 Prises of   11,000 Marks
-i'fii Prizes ot'   2,00u Marks
812 Prizes of   1,100 Marks
15IK Prizes of       +.0 Marias
40 Prizes of     800 Murks
140 Prizes of     ��00 Marks
80(152 I'rizes of      155 Marks
.at-."-'.) Prizes of l.'ll, 101, Iixi Murks
0851 Prizes of 711,46, il Marks
Bin all 50,180 drizos which must be sure!;
|\vou in 7 irawhigs withlu tho space of iij
lew mouths.
Tho highest prize of 1st ilrawiu,
f.-itnaniiits lo Mk. iaO.OlX*, increase in ".naii
'ilrawingtoMk. 55,000, in aril Mk -jH.000,
in 4th Mk. C5,B0O, in 6th Mk. iO.CKU, in litli..
_Mk. 75.000, in Till Mk. a00,0(10, .-anal to-*
Epethor with tlio Premium of Mk. bOO.OOOjS
tn\ tbo maist fortunate caso lo Mk. 500,OU)-M
p Tliu official cost ior participation in tlio;
Klirst two drawings amounts to
Dollar 4.50 for a full tioket
Hollar 2.25 for hall' a ticktt,
Dollar 1.13 for ono quarter of a tiokot.
,   Half resp. quarter tickots will entitle taiL
,.ono half resp. one ouarter of the amounts
Savon i(V the respective number, named 01131
| Kjlho ticket. K
a  '1 lie st.-.kes fm- participation iu the fol*R
glowing drawings, i*s well i.s the oxuctr
I |fprizu-tabio.  lire Indicated in Iho Otlic.i.d
prospectus, which I sond un demand gna-
lis in advance,    Thu prospectus isialsofj
sout gratis with every order.    After tlio;
drawing I sluill fori/ard to every ticket*!
lioMer tiie official list of the winning mini-'
[to those uotlcoritcd will have my S;aeeini
'mid Proiiint titteiitioii,ami with the Most!
Absolute Secrecy,
\A. Keiniltiaiii-aa ol money ran lie mania*'
bv Amotit-'iu  Hank-uoioa by registered^
le'tlei- or by Posi-i Mlii-e Orders.   Small:
lamouuts can (also t,e sent  lay postage
mini's j
m. On Account of   the npproaclilng'
ilrawing of tho prizes, please a,dross lhe1
orders  iinniealiateiy iu.--.il coitlliienco tin
Jl-oet to I
ijHA-flUil, II K^KKCII VM.Hn
at HAMBUKU, Ooru hi ���
507   n-.'.-JU.ri.l-.'.l'J.-.IJ
is cut and tailored in
the best ttyle, sewn
with linen thread and
Rives your boy just
that aijipc-nrance you
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garment to fit than to
cut it badly.
It is sold by all np-
to-rtale deaK-r.Hand has
a Shorey's Guarantee
Card in one of the
pockets of e.ich gar-
luent which means
Satisfaction or your
money back. See that
yon -.-(.tSliorey'Sinake
and take- uo other.
mm uvWTonrtm\Jirtnju\j\nnr*n^^
facturers of and Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
Beaver, B. O.
Munson    No.   2,
Tlio best  writing machine.     The only INTERCHANGEABLE STEEL
TYl'KWIir.l'l..    Elegantly Illustrated Catalogue Free,   Aildre-.s :
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Bailable Assays at Moderate Prices.
JViils & CO.. ��u Broadway, nbw York.
Oiliest tmrenu tor c-acurlnn piients in Anun-ics.
Kvery patent tnkun out by mi fa lirmwl'i I'pfo.a
the public of s notice siven tree ot charsjc in tbe
�� tit ntiiu ��tttcncaft
I-awa-oat a-trciilatlon of nuy solentlSo paper in tbo
world,   Srlcealldly uluitratcd.   No laaicllla-aani
liaiaai shoaalal Dal WIIIOM It. VVertlv. SH.OII al
jesn ���IXUals niaantla.. AUdriSai miinn k CO..
Kiiuausus, 3111 Bntdinr, Mow Vork cui.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Satlalle Horses and
Rigs of nil kinds for
Hire at Reasoiinble Raitos.
Teaming ot nil kinds n specialty
+ X + X +
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GOLDEN, B.C. 181to!
Through nn arrangement with Mixks and Minebals, wo are onalilod l��
offer all, who will pry CASH IN ADVANCE for a year's subscription to THE
fGOLDEN EKA. clubbed with Mines and Minerals, Five Coupons entitling
[ the subscriber to
Five Assays for Gold and Silver, Copper,
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These assays will lie mado nt tlio Mines and  MlM-EllAIiB  Assay   Office,
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litne nisde ttnyu bere.    Proinpt returns will be made in all cases.
Regular Subscription to Minks & Minerals $2.00
Regular Subscription to The Golden Era      2.00- Totsl $4.00.
Clubbing rime, Including Ahove-Sameil Assays {2.50.
If yi/u wish to see Mines and Minerals before inking up this ofior, send
! for a free sutnple eoi��y to Scranton, Pa., nientiuti Ihis psper.
l*<Mia< ��i-ti-l��V f *a-^-~.*������.��--.., a the Golden era, Friday, November u, im
Just as we go to press we learn that
to-day's No. 2 express ran off tbe track
west of Donald and that two men
have been killed. No further particulars are yet to hand.
W. Hobson intends opening a res'au-
rant at Field.
Mr. Orimiston intends building an*
other house at Field,
Field has a nice Library, which is
under the care of Mr. Killeen.
V. Hyde Baker has boon very ill at
Cranbrook from typhoid fever.
A. L. Siftonbeat Dr. Brett for the
Banff constituency iu the N. \V, dec
tioiie by 3b* votes,
Quite a number of buililings aro being erected on tho Ooveiiiinoni laud at
Ten children are at. prewnt at the
school at Field, which is under charge
of Mists Lettice.
Alfred C. Nelson, is gazetted Clerk
in the otihu of I lie Mining Recorder at
Fort Steele, vice C. M*. Tuilocb.
Mr. William Walter.of 15 Sergeant's
Inn, Fleet street, London, is appointed
agent-general, vice Mr. Forbes George
���* Mr. .Thomas Morgan, Nanaimo, is
Appointed provincial inspector of
mines, vice Mr. Archibald Dick.
H. C. Killeen, of Field, hus been in
charge of the Edmonton road for a
mouth, having boon relieving the
roadmaster there.
Great improvements have been effec-
d at Mount Stephen House, at Field,
The building is now lighted by acetylene gas and heated by steam.
Wo hear ou good authority that it is
tbe intention of the 0. P. R. to erect
the proposed no.v station building at
Golden iu stoue.
The son of Mr. Ames, engine drivei
at Field, is making good progress with
his medical studies at aUagill College,
We legret to learn that .Mrs. W. G.
Neilson has to go to Montreal for the
purpose of having a surgical operation
The C. P. R, employees are making
a nice tewnsite of Field, which is
being rapidly built up, and bas bten
muoh improved of late.
The services at St. Peter's Church,
Donald, on Sunday next, Nov. loth
will be: 11 a.m. Morning Prayer and
Celebration of Holy Communion; 7:30
p.m. Evening Prayer and sermon.
There has been a change in th-i management of Mount Stephen House hi
"Field, Mrs. Marsh having left for Win
nipeg. Her place has bean taken by
Mrs. J. M, Young from Montreal.
The Lumber Company have sent ta;
Moberly the engine employed at Henna's camp last seasou. The Company
will thus have two engines at work at
Moberly this season.
A eix-stall round house of stone has
been built at Laggan, and will accommodate six engines. Three new tracks
have been laid there alto, giving accommodation for 140 more cars.
Mr. Wilson, who is in eharge of the
Pacific Division of the C. P. R: Telegraphs, favors the removal of the repeating office from Donald to Field or
Rogers Pass, but no change will be
made from Donald for the present.
T. Wardman, engine-driver of Field,
has been very ill from typhoid fever,
and bas gone to Banff to recuperate.
He is now improving steadily and
hopes shortly to be able to resume his
Mr, Wesson, carpenter, was badly-
bruised and shaken by falling down
the staircase of one of tho Lumber Co's
buildings on Saturday last, and had
to be removed to his homo. He is sble
to be about again.
The Revelstoke Herald says:-The
Revelstoke Brick Co. has disposed of
(10,000 brick to the Columbia River
Lumber Co. The brick will be
used both at Golden nml Beaver in the
construction of engine houses for the
company's mills ut these points.
Mr. W. C. Wells intends putting in
H new engine and boiler at the Palliser
sawmills, and also intends increasing
the plant with a view to doubling the
oapacity of tbe mill. The past season
has been a very busy one at the Palliser sawmills.
Mr. W. C. Wells hss good news oi
(lis eldest ton, who is practising as a
veterinary surgeon in New York. Mr.
Weill junr., ie a Magill College man
and has achieved a high reputation in
hi* profession in New York city,where
hi* services are in great demand.
Application will be made by the pe<
' (Uipnert ia the election petition for
"North-Em* Kootenay to have the case
heard at Oolden aa the most convenient place io bring the witnesses to.
The petition will probably be heard iu
When  lady
Marie    Wortlejr
Montague visited
.the household of
the   Sultan,  she
wrote   home  to
England that the
ladies   of   the
harem  were
amothercd with
laughter to dis*
cover that her
ladyship wore
in  inner vest
of   steel    and
titrht, impenetrable nud stilting, in other
words, a corset.
The ladies
of the harem
would no doubt
have been
equally astonished, though pethaps not
disposed to laughter, h.ul tlicy known that
the women of western nations, thtoiiRli false
ideas aaf da-lieacy, Buffer in silence untold
sgony, aittal sometimes death, through neglect of their health in a wotunuly way.
Womi*n,wl.o suHer in this way shrink ftom
tlu- embarrassing examinations and local
treatment insisted upon by the majority of
physicians. If they only "knew it. there la
no ticca-.-aity far these ordeals. All eminent ainal skillful physician long since dis*
coveteil s remedy that women may use in
the privacy of their own homes. It is Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription, It acts directly a.n the feminine organism, giving it
strength, viator nnal elasticity, tt slops all
debilitating alraius. It is the greatest of nil
nerve tonics and Invlgorators for women.
Thousands of women who wete weak, sickly, petulant aud despondent invalids are
to-day happy and healthy as the result of
the tine of this wonderful medicine. Good
druggists do not advise substitutes for this
Incomparable remedy.
'-1 have itscal Dr. Pierce's Favorite Ptescrlp*
tlon anil 'Golalen Medical Discovery' In tny
family." writes Mrs. li. A. Caalitlef, of Alleghany
Spring., Montgomery Co., Va.," and laaive found
tlit-ni to lie Hi..* hest medicines tliat I ever used."
Send v one-cent stamps, to cover cost of
mailing und customs only, to the World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo,
N. V., fur a paper-covered copy of Dr.
Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser;
���Cloth binding 50 stamps, A whole Med*
leal library in one laou-pa-je volume.
Advertise in
Rov. Mr. Wright, Presbyterian
minister of Golden, holds weekly sor
vice at Field, which are always well
attended. Tho Rev. gentleman also
visits the camps regularly and holds
services among thein, where ho is a
groat favorite with tho boys.
The Palliser sawmills shut down a
fortnight, ago, and Mr. Wells has now
two lumbering camps iu full swing for
the winter, one 011 tho Beavorfoot and
the other what is known as the tunnel
camp above the railway track, about
lifty men heing employed in the two
At tha meeting of the Committeo of
the North Eaet Kootenay Miners' Association, held this afternoon, it was
resolved to hold the annual meeting of
the Association at its room at the
Columbia House on Tuesday next,Nov.
15th, st 8 p.m. when it is hoped there
will le a full attendance of   members.
Among other improvements going
on nt Field Mr. Wyokoff is enlarging
his private residence, and Mr. Ames is
building a two-story house. When this
is completed Mr. Ames will move his
family from Donald to Field. Tho new
house wilt have four rooms downstairs
six rooms upstairs aud two hallways.
Mr. Inches, who will be in charge
uf the new round house and machinery
ait Field, tho now divisional point, is
well acquainted with lhe responsible
work required iu handling traffic at
this, the most difficult part to work
on the whole C.P.R. line. Mr. Inches
has been in charge at Field lor shout
live years,
A fine new turntable has been put in
at Field. It is swung on ball bearings
which are set in a centre stone weighing sovran tons. This stone is without
a flaw of any kind, and considerable
difficulty was experienced in obtaining
a stone of the necessary qualifications
and dimensious. The new turntable is
sixty feet in length.
The Council of the Golilea Board ot
Trade met Mr. Gamble, Provincial Engineer on Saturday morning, and dis
cussed with him the necessary improvement* to the Kicking Horse. Mr,
Gamble repeated the views which we
expressed as his opinion in our last
issue and said he would report on the
whole matter to the Government.
Lovers of good music are remined
of tho concert in the Columbia Hall on
Wednesday evening, Nov. 16th, by the
Bernhard* Wall her Concert Co. Their
programme consists of violin, vocal
and piano solos, duets, and trios. They
are highly spoken of by the hest Eng
lish and Canadian prers. Tickots are
ou sale at McDormot's Store.
Madamo Walthor was also Recorded
a very cordial reception in her several
songs. Her voice, a pleasing mezzo-
soprano of fino quality, was displayed
to excellent advantago in her chosen
selections Special mention should be
made of her distinct enunciation and
of the naturally expressive style which
characterized her singing.���Toronto,
Dec, 19th, 1B96.
Messrs. Carlin and Wyckoff, of
Field, have one of the best stocked
general stores in East Kootenay. The
building ha3 been recently enlatged by
un addition of 20 feet square, and two
storeys In height. Tho store is provided with a roomy cellar 20 feet by
40 feet. The commercial office has
been moved from lhe main store to the
new addition at the rear. This office
is 18 feet by 20 reet. The post office is
also located In the new portion of the
building and is nicely fitted np for the
purpose. The upstair* portion of the
new building Is used as a store room.
In taking over the section from Donald to Laggan General Superintendent
Marpole made It a condition that tbe
C.P.R, employees who have been l���
charge of this difficult section of road
should remain there and continue control. The rumored changes as to tbe
present employees being removed
further east will not therefore be given
effect to. It is, however, reported
that the roadmasters' division* may be
rearranged, Mr. Erickson going to
Revelstoke and taking charge of the
Selkirk section of the road from Revelstoke to Beaver, and that Mr. Killeen
will be appointed to the charge of the
Rocky Mountain section from Beaver
to Laggan.
The Council of the Board of Trade
met Mr. Parsons, representative of the
Ronald engine works, on Friday last,
when it was decided to call a meeting
of the citizens at the Kootenay House
in the evening to consider the matter
of purchasing a steam fire engine for
the town of Golden. Mr. TJllock presided, and there were also present,
.Messrs. Greene, McDermot, Devlin,
Plowright, W. Dainard, McKay, C. H
Parson, W. McNeish, Warren, Henderson, M. Dainard, Haggen, lion, F.
W. Aylmer. The matter was fully
discussed and it was decided to refer
to the Fire Engine Company the matter of procuring an engine. C. H.
Parson took round tho stock lift of
the Company for subscription snd got
about $4,500 taken up in slock so that
tbe purchase of sn engine for the town
will probably be arranged.
A meeting of the Council of the
Board of Trade was held at Tub Era
office yesterday, when letters were read
from Snpt. Marpole, Mr. Hosmer,
Manager of C.P.R, Telegraphs, Premier Semlin, Hon. Jos. Martin, H. Bos-
tack, M.P., and Merchants Bank cf
Halifax. It was decided to write to
Premier Semlin urging that immediate steps be taken to prevent the flooding of the Kicking Horse by the
blocking of ico this winter pending the
arrangements being made for tbe construction of permniioiit protective
works, and to nskhim to communicate
with the Dominion Government as
suggested by Mr. Bostock. It was
arranged to interview Mr. Murrole regarding the new station at Golden,
use of C.P.R. tank for fire purposes,
roaiuced rate on fire engine, or subscription towards the purchase, river protection and other mutters.
At the invitation of the Hon. F. W.
Aylmer, Capt. Bacon. Messrs Griffith.
Jolliffe, Keyser, McNnught, W. ti.
Mitchell-Innes, Neilson, Robertson and
Scott, about 100 guests were entertained at a most successful dance at
the Columbia House Hall last evening.
The hall was prettily decoiatod for the
occasion, by flags, the "Union Jack and
Stars and Stripes intertwined, with
beautiful flowers, attained by Mr. C.
A. Warren from Winnipeg, and evergreens, Amostenjoyableevening was
spent, tho gueRts unanimously expressing their pleasure at the handsome
tieat provided for them by the gentleman named. Dancing was kept up
till lour o'clock this morning. Mr.
Warren acted as M.C. Many of the
ladies were handsomely gowned and
in the brilliant light of the acetylene
gas lamps the hall presented a fairy
scene. The catering provided by Mr.
and Mrs. McNeish was excellent. Extras were playod bv Mrs, C. H. Parson, Miss Devlin and  Mr. Plowright.
persons in this state to manage our business
in their owu and nearbv counties. It is
mainly olliiee work conducted at home. Salary straight 4900 a year and expenses���definite, lioiiatidu, no more, no less salary. Monthly tin. Heforenco. Enclose relf-addressed
stamped envelope, Herbort E. Hess, Prest.,,
Dept. M. Chicago.
'' Family Herald
��� IAND! ���
Weekly Star,"
Oolden   Era
per year, payable in
This subscription entitles
subscribers to a free copy of
The "Ssar's" premium picture
the famous.battle scene
in colors, 17x.'J0.
This is the best clubbing inducement offered in Canada.
Send orders and remittance
1. Tour best  local
The Golden Era-,
2. The thrice-a-week
New York World;
3. Finely illustrated
monthly magazine
The Cosmopolitan
Brighten your homes for
winter. These three, forming a complete library for
The Manager.
Golden Era Co. Ld. Ly.,
Golden, B.C.
The Eldredge!
Superior to ai! others Irrespective
ot price.   Catalogue tells you
why.  Write lor one.
439 BROADWAY, Factory,
Daily Mail
& Empire
Golden Era
Both papers will be sent to
any address for one.year on
receipt of
-      $3.50.
The cheapest and best
newspaper offer ever made.
Send address and remittance
Death is always dug to the heart's failure to keep the blood
in circulation.
Nervousness, debility, weakness, loss of flesh are always
due to the same cause.
If the heart continually pumps pure, vigorous, vitalized
blood inio the tissues, daily wasted by work or worry, you can
never be sick.
goes to tho root of nil disease��� goes to the heart-���strengthens it ii
30 minutes, and regulates il���helps it to doits work
properly���prevents and cures all heart disorders, nervousness, sleeplessness, female complaints and alt
other ailments traceable to a weak heart, imperfect
circulation-) mat-nutrition and poverty ofthe blood.
If you have palpitation���If you hnve shortness of breath*
���if you have a wenk or irregular pulse���If you huve chilly
SL-nsutiona- fntnt spells, nightmare���if yf-��
do not feel ns ttrohft nnd vigorous ns you
ought���go io your n-mrcst druggist and grt
a bottle of m AGSEW'B HSART CUBS,
it will strengthen vour hi*art and nerves,
give you refreshing sleep, and restore yuur
Vol vim, energy and health.
S1.C0 a Bottle or 3
Eottleo for $2.60
SOLD   BY   C.   A,   WARREN.
Notary Public, Mining, Real Estate and
Commission Agent.
Deeds prepared and attested.
Parties represented in Police court, Small Debts court and
County court.
Accounts collected and disputed claims adjusted.
Town Lots and Farm Lands for sale.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines in various parts o��
"British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper, Gold, and Silver-Lead Prospect* and
Developed Properties on Bond.
Ores   Purchased.
Reports and Information Furnished.
Stocks in British Columbia Mines Bought and Sold.
Cable Address:   KANAGAN, Golden.
Codes in use:   Moreing & Neal, and Bedford McNeill.
... the rplumbia House,
Golden, B. C.
A. Strictly First Class Hotel in Ever) Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
Wm. McNeish, Prop.
First Class Tailoring.
I have just opened, a first-class Tailoring
Establishment and Repair Shop at the. south
, end of the Kicking Horse bridge
Sign of the Scissors*
I am here to stay, and if first-class wojkman-
ship, perfect fit, and reasonable price is of
interest to you, we solicit your patronage.
Satisfaction  Guaranteed.


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