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The Golden Era Mar 14, 1902

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vol. xi no -se^v
GOLDEN, Beitish Columbia, FRIDAY, March 14.1902
$2 Per Year.
T. B. MmilTT, Pre*ld��nt.
.    and
General Manager.
REST,     ;.
Interest Allowed on
Depoilts of 81.00 and
Upwards at Current Rates.
Manager Ooldsn Branoh.
TA8. Brady, D.L.S., & ?.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. An.. Inst.M.E.
Sunrsyi mud* far Assessment Work and
Crown Grants.
Land br sale on Lak* Winsiermere and
"indliT Crwk Eut Koo'.eimv.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholes*!* & Detail
-  CttU*, Sheep ��ud Hor** Dealers.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solleltor,
Notary PubllcConyeyanoer, ete
Ogsa.iu Upper Columbia Navigation and
Tram-ray Company* Bulkling,
Uoldert. B. V.
Harvey, MoCarter k Pinkham,
h?   t-anittiri. sfotltltar** get,
Nkysrlstak*, UiC.   -
Fort S**-Jt, BsC
Keruin'in  II. 0
���*GOLDEN, B.C.
.    OsM of th* Largest and Heat Man-
, sf*d Hotel* la British Columbi*.
��.8|~cial attsnhon |*iv*n to baggac* of
kraaure-l me*.    Delirered to ud frou
BaTIS, N psr sl��y*    Spwlal rates loi
Ttg-ar bo*rd*rs.
Canadian Pacific
Railway amp woo men-
Train* pau Ooldtn
Tourl* t Can Dally <���
Thur��day�� and Sunday* to
-   i    to.
LowMt HM Md b*M*errle*to*nd
(rota oU polat*.
fall lafwsMiiai *rM Bi��*tT��t*d Tw
������     *- ���-'-*   1 appiloatlon.
After-Stocktaking Sale
and each a atook-tak'ng I Not a corn*r skipped, not a (half or drawer or
package missed. Every article ha* been looked at with eye* of ooldeit
triticiim, Ptdigiw ha* counted (or nothing. What hn* been or wbat
may be ha* not been regarded We ara working for now���and finding too
muoh of certain good* fo. present need* hav* put in-eeistabl* pries* upon
thtm, of whioh the** are samples:
Chipped Beef, Ub. can...
Shore Mackerel, 1! Ib. can
Finnan Haddock, 1 Ib. can ,... .
Fresh Herrinir, 1 lb. can      	
Sardine*. Muou's, 4 lb. cans... .four for
Baking Powder, i lb. caa	
Hiking Powder. H Ib. can	
Baking Powder, lies. can.
... W 15 Ground Coffee, per pound J02S
411 Strawberries
15 Sasspbenlea
15 Red Currants
25 Black Currant*
75 Gooseberries
60 Apricot*
UO Pears
Jam or Marmalade, 5 Ib. carton     60 Pineapple
2 pound cans, si* fcr 1 00
per case.  8 60
3 pound can*, four for 1 00
percase    6 25
Upper Columbia
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, jftfKi.
MINING DIVISION. *.:.;,   9    .���_.*$,   ,    9
Tor rates oft Ore and otlier information apply to
C. H- Parson,
Just Passed Mo STOCK.
New Dress Goods
New Muslins
New Lace.
New Prints
New Window Drapery
New Linoleums.
1 Oat of Town Customers can Shop
by Mail. Samples Sent on Application   .   .   ���   .   .   ���   ���' ���   *>*:-*_.*   .
"'' Sao.
n**** n***r*t*t-
IWtiMmil OtlMiM* Istn, smMm,|*C
Golden &
East Kootenay
Trading Co.
Victoria Elects the Government
Candidate by 55 Majority.
Aft.r on* o[ ilia raosi bitterly con-
tailed e*mpnigm ever held in Viotoria,
Col, S. G. Prior, Miniate- ol Mine* in
Mr. Dunsinuii's cabinet, waa, on Monday, elected by * majority ol 65, over
his opi.oneut, Mr. E. V, Bodwell, th*
figure* being Prior, 1,139; Bodwell,
Both the Government and the Opposition threw all thair available lorces
into thi* light, as it waa generally
conceded that tbe loss of this aeat
mul*! spell defeat for tho Government.
In addition to thia Mr, Bodwell was
looking for revenge lor the refusal of
Mr. Dunimuir to conaent to the V., V.
k E. railway contract submitted by
tbe Great Northern through Mr. Bodwell last -session.
The taetics adopted by the Opposition iu the publio meetings held during
the campaign, were, if Viotoria papers
report the occurrences correctly, such
as would appeal only to ihe rougher
element, and culminated in tha use of
forco to obtain entrance to tb* opera
liouss on th* occasion of the final meeting on Saturday evening, which led, as
wn* to bs expected, to several fights
between Opposing pirtitai.a.
The -Government had a atrong candidate i* Col. Prior, and th* benefits to
Victoria ol the |*roposed Canadian
Northern were used to the fullest po*
sihle effect by him in the campaign.
We hope thet with this eieotion
over lhe House will settle down to
business and pass a fair "Redistribution
measure, so that if an election is held
this summer, es seems probable, justice
will be done to this mainland in the
matter of representation.
Th* Hon Edward Gawlar Prior, the
new n.inisier of mlu** In the Dunsmuir
cabinet, i* the seoond eon of lhe late
Re*-. Henr> Prior of Dallaghahill,
Yorkshire. England, wher* It* was
Urn on Msy SI, 1853. Ha cam* to
British Columbia to fill the position ol
mining eugimrr and surveyor for lb*
New Vancouver Coal Miniug k Land
Company at Nanaimo. After several
year* in theservloe of that company
li* wus appioined Governmeut inspec-
tor of raiuos, and afterward* sheriff of
Nanaimo. Resigning hia olice ht
went lo Victoria and establiehed *
hardware business, which he haa carried on *ucc*sstully tvtr line*. H*
haa alwaya b*an closely identified with
the Conaerrativ* party in Dominion
politic*., representing Victoria iu the
Hour* of Common* from 1888 to 1901.
Bifor* entering Federal politic* he represented Vjotoria in the provincial
legislature for two year*. He *ntered
th* Bowell cabinet in 1895 ������ controller nl intern*! rovenue, and went out
of office with hia party at th* general
election of 1896.
Col. Prior ha* alway* taken an
actlv* part lu th* hu*iness and aocial
lifeol Victoria aad ha* been closely
connect*! with nearly every enterprise
o��1cul��t*d to *dv��nc* th* d*v*lopmant
and prcgr*** of th* city ��nd provinc*.
Ja      wi
������ Bills of Sale Act."
At OTICE bliarsby gl<��a tbattb��t pert ion
IN of the Order in Council of the Ull h of
September, 1000, which provide-, that lho
place for registration ol Bills of Sate ...tlio
North Hiding of Ibe East Kootenay Electoral distriot shall be the offlce of the Kegla-
trar of the County Court at Golden has been
rescinded, snch recision to take effect on the*
f-.le��Br����sei,d��l bv the -Bills of Sal*
AnfiSR*-* Act. *.***." His Honor the
litanlenantGovernsit in Counailis pleased to
older that on and after the first day of April,
lHOsi. the place for registration of Bills of
Sale In the purtion of the North Riding of the
said East Kootenay Electoral District Win.
NORTH of a line comm*mcloeNit �� point on
thtvrcet boundary of the said North listing
of Eut Kootenay Electoral District,��hinh I*.,
the source of Bugaboo creek i thence oaater
ly, following Bugaboo creek to its nsouth i
thence due enst to the boundary of the I'm
vine*, shall be the office of tha Registrar pf
the County Court ��t Golden .and that ���n and
afttrth* first day of April, im, tin plane
ftr th* registration of Bills nl Saleinthe
wrtionoftne said North Ridhig of lb* ssld
East KootaiisT Electoral DUtrlot lylog
south of tbe said lin* shall be tba offlce of
the Registrar of the Couuty Court tt Peter*
Acting Provincisl ScoreUry.
Provincial Beciotarrt Ofloo,
1st Maroh, 191*
������  Wa*  lertansly   Wounded���Four
Qons Lost.
London, March 10. -Oen. Methuen
and four gun* havo been captured by
G**��r*l Delarey.
The text o! Lord Ki'chener'* message
announcing tha c��|,ture of General Methuen I* a* follow*:
**' P*torii, Maroh 8-1 greatly regret
to hav* to **nd you bad new* ol Methuen. He w** moving with 900 mtn,
ander Major Pari*, and 300 infantry
with four guns and a pom from Wyn-
burg to Lich.enburg, and was to meat
Greufel with 1,800 mourned man at
Roviraineifonteiu today. Yesterdsy
morning early ha waa attacked by Delarey'* foroe between Twebosch and
Pulmietnill. Th* Boer's charged on
iheir aide. Five hundred and fifty men
hav* com* in at Maribog* and Kraai-
pan. They ware pursued by "Boers
four miles from the icene of aotion,
They report that Methuen and Pari*
with tlie gun*, baggage, etc., were
captured by the Boer*. Methuen,
when last aeen, wa* a prisoner. 1
have no details of the casualties and
suggest delayiug publication till I can
send definite news, t think thia sudden revival of activity ou the part of
Delarey is to draw off the trooju pursuing De Wet."
Tn a second despatch dated -Sunday.
March 9, Lord Kitchener says; '-Paris
has com* In at Kraaipan witli the remainder of the man. He report* that
tha column waa moving in two partis*.
Ont, with tbe ox wagon* left Tw*bo*ch
at 3 a.m., tb* other with the mules
started an hour later. Just before
dawn tbe Boar* attacked. Before re
inforcemenl* reached them the rear
guard broke, Iu tbe meantime large
number* of Boer* gallopel up on both
flank*. Thu* at first were checked by
the flank parties, imt th* panic and
���tamped* of the tnults had begun aad
all the mule wagons, with a terrible
mixturo ot mounted man, rushed pati
the ox wagons, and all effort* check
them war* unavailing, Major Pari*
collected forty men and occupied a
position a mile in front of lhe ox
wagon*, which were then balled.
After a gallant but useless defence the
enemy rushed into tb* ox wagon*, and
Methuen wa* wounded In tha thigh.
Paris surrendered at 10 a.m. Methuen
is still in tl.e Bosr camp."
Tben followtd a number of the casualties. Th* killed include Lieut. G. R.
Venning and T. P. Ntuham, of th*
Royal Artillery, who were both killed
while serving the-guns wilh case shot
A* Lord Kitchener announced that
Major Pari* had autrendered and alee
telegraphed that be had reached Kraaipan will, the remainder of the men, it
wonld seem that the Boer* subsequent
ly released the Major and his company.
Oen. Methuen was wonnded in the
thigh. Three British officers ami 75
men were wounded. On* Britiab
officer and 200 men ere mining. Th*
tight occurred before .ta/vn on March 7
betwetn Wynbcrg and Lichtenburg,
Orange Bivar Colony. The British
tore* numbered 1200 men. The Deere
captured all the Britiab baggage.
London. Mar. 12- Th* Daily Chronicle understands that Lord Kitchener
will be relieved ot much administration work in South Africa to enable him
to take tb* field in person and lead u
large mounted force in an endeavor to
capture De Wet. The Chronicle is also
informed that when he is released Gen.
Methuen will not assume any further
military command in South Africa. A
casualty list (hows that four officers
were killed and ten wounded, including Gen. Methuen dangerously. He is
doing well.
London, Maroh 11 Mr. Brodrick
war able to inform the House Inst night
that the Boers who attacked Methuen
where dressed iu khaki, end the use of
their old device may parily account for
tha surpri**. Tb* newspapers thit
morning do not attempt I* rainimixe
the seriousness of th* iliuation. Tb*
Transvaal ligation at Brussels says
that Methuen will be kepi ua a hoa��g��
by Delarey.
John Wanamaker says that he wtuld
no mora try to run his store without
olerks tban he would try to conduct
hi* business without adveniiing-,
German students *r* bitterly pVote��*t-
ing against Mr. Chamberlain'* reference to th* cruellies of the Franco-
Prussian war, wbich thay ntttrly itay.
Thty bad btsttr reel th* eon fenlon* ot
th* man of blood and iron, whom they
���o much admire, Prinoe Biimirk. In
th* secret history of the Princ* by hit
sseretsry. Dr. Busch, with wearisome
iteration lit deacrib** Bis'tnarck'* tru-
"The proper Btktssy,* ho *ay��, " ii
In canting the inhabitants so much
suffering that they must long for peace
and force the Government to demand
It. The people must be left nothing
but their eye* to weep oi'er the war."
Speaking of the franc tirsurs, nnuni-
formed peasant Ughsers, "It will come
io thi*,1' said Bismarck, " t hat we will
shoot down every mala inhabitant."
Whole town* and villages were burned
and at Baxeill* many of th* inhabitant*.
Whan it waa rumored that Garibaldi and 13.000 ol hi* volunteer* h*t
been made prisoners, the Prince grimly
remarked. " that is really dishearten-
iug.    Why have they not been ���hot?*'
"There is nd doubt," he write*,
"but for me three great wars would
not have taken place, eighty thouonsl
men would not have been killed, ant
would not now have teen mourned-by
parent*, brother*, sistersaird widows."
Bismarck complains that th* unti*-
mentality of the Queen of England*,
and the interference ol Queen Augusta,
dslayad the bombardment of Pari*.
Dutch ahd Belgian paper* bitterly
denounce the British, while Holland
has carried on for 20 year* * ruthlea*
war againit the native* of it* ancitot
colony of Java, and tba savagery of
the Belgian* on the Congo i*, an American writer in the Outlook affirm**,
"on* of death dealing cruelty and
wholesale burning of village*." ti
one raid 200 aaiive villages w��r*
burned. Kitcliener, it i* true, burned
Boer farm* which, under protection of
the white flag, were Mad* an aabuih
for sniping at tbe Britiab, tnd for coa-
ctaling combatant* and weapon*, but
ho never Iwept the acythe of dwtrua-
lion over such vast areas a* did Sh*r*
man in his raid through Georgia.
Helena, Mont., March 7-Tlie Greet
Northern Railway ia preparing t*
transfer ita recently acquired property;
the Great Fall* k Canada Liue, into A
broad gaug* road. The necessary
surveys will I.* completed May 1, and
the work of widening will tben begin
at the Great Falls end of the line*.
There are only 68 mile* Of the road td
rebuild serosa she Canada line to Lethbridge where the rood will conned
wilh the Canadian Pacific at Diininore*
Junoiiotl. But ih* Greal Nonherd
hss 130 mile* of narrow guage lo rebuild to ilie international boundary
line, and the work on this |>1rt will U
done brat. Ill* ex|i��ol��d ihat br. st
goage trains will he running treat
Great Fall* to Dunmsr* Junction bf
Sept. 1.
Chicago, March 9-Th* earlier*
opening of navigation on tha great
lake* since the Si rails'of Mackinaw
became a factor in lhe commerce of thst
country seams to be at hand, A te-
sumption of bu*ine*s by April I on all
tl.e tipper lakes, two week* earlier tbsut
usual, is now predicted by vessel
owners. From all point! report* indicate less ice than ever before at thi
corresponding jieriod ot the year. Ther*
are Only 16 inches of ic* In lho tirait*;
and *von lea* than that itt Mud lak*.
At Sault Ste. Marie th* channel id
open, and iho ferries aio being put ist
Boer Commandant Krittinger, rail*
lured bj Genehl French, waa court-
martialesl s.tnl sentenced to d-uth.
Later kei.tenc* DVas cntil|iiuis*d to banishment.
A good story comet from Pinchsrj.
Creek district. Two traveller* ware
driving through that seolioh and m*t
with aii accident to their buggy. On*
of the two went to a near by ehnnty;
tha occupant of which happened to bt
a Swede, and asked if he I -ml a monkey
wrench. Tlio astonished traveller r��*
ceived tlie follow ing reply: 'No, Aj
got a cattle ranch ; nsa brother Ole halt
a horse ranch; Nels Nelson half a hog
ranch b* ds crick ots-r, and a Yank**
feller hall a sheep ranch but five mlie*
down do road, but Ay btt no feller foot
enough to start a monkey ranbh U
date count!*)-." THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, March 14, 1112.
��Ue (Soltu'tt ��vn.
PLllLlSlllll' KVKUY, ritll.AV.
Ko. V, CiI.VJiliEBS, - Editor and Tubb'shor
Siibac.-iption.-i s?*!.00 |ier year in advance.
Advertising r.-itea niaile known on request
FRIDAY. Mauch 14, 1902.
Look I su al lhe contract between th*
promoters of lhe l.uua.lian Non hern
Knilway and '.ho Provincial Govern
ment in the light of past history in
ihis province, ths agreement is, lusome
rcs|ii*cis, an improvement, nn.l more in
lhe interests of lhe people. Gut look
lug at it from i li.i standpoint of a busi
ne*8 proposition between the people of
11. C. anl the railway company ihere
is more room for (Utterance of opinion.
It will be generally conceded lhat li
railway through northern British Col
ninbia is a good thing and much ile
sired; also that any private corporation undertaking tha work would be
entitled t* substantial assistance (rom
the Government. Thos* points being
settled, it only remain* to deride the
exact amount of aid lo b* given and
the character it will aasume.
Descending from generalities to particulars, we thing lha land grant to
il.o C.N. R. 1* excessive aud mtch
U'jond what the people are willing
io give voluntarily. If this mattir
wus referred baok to the people 'wt
honestly believe ihey would reject ii
un account ot the land clause.  '
I'hcre aie other phase* of the agree
mtnt from which we differ. Th*
cl .use *>en pting the com pan v's land
from taxation, a* long aa it is in their
possession, is a bitter pill for the taxpayer to swallow. Thi* i* an unjust
slaiise nnd should be stricken out,
Government control of rates is con
spicuou* by its absence, no mention
Icing made anywhere in tha agreement that tl.e Government jrill pro
t.ct lho |coiil" from exorbitant freight
nml pussenijrr rates.
It is well that thia agreement haa lo
Ik* ratified by tha Legislature before
coming into force, and we {hope the
(lowrnment will accept such amend
Hients a* will make the proposition
more palntihle to tl.e eleotor*.
We confess to a feeling of agreeable
surprise that ihere are 8,000,000
ncre* of land latt lo give away. We
islo vuch an extremely generou* people
thut hitherto we bar* placed little
restriction on those in power as to
what ihey will do with our heritage.
But communities, like Individuals,
ure taught hy experience, and the ex
jurieiice ot the pint is foste.ingasentl-
inct in favor of keeping our land for
m-.iuiil settler* and not allow it 16 pais
into th* hands of corporations for
s|iei.iiliitive purposes. Thi* sentiment
is right and ought lo lw encouraged.
We ought to be just a* well n* generous.
The As-scuialFil Hoard* of Trad* bavr
���Tfiilly mot ��nd ainoi.g oilier recom-
tud.tUl ions wn* one favoring the reluo-
tiou ol taxation ol the miua owner,
��� he nnionnt to be made np by "IN-
-tVI-J.r-0." Tb* Associated Board* of
Trade hn* shown it* cloven hoof right
ihere, and it* resolution should be
pigeon holed by tbs Governments to
whom they nr* addrswaesl. We need
not comment on Ihe blow to that backbone of ilie mining siistrict���the pros-
pent or -which would he dealt by following out lit* sentiment contained In
ihi* retbliition.
Opinions of Editors on the Subject of the
Government's Agreement With the Canadian Northern Railway Company.
VIC romA colonist. j juat about s*t*n*|   lo  lb*   subsidy pro
The action of the premier in givlug' �����'������"��� ���- Mackenii. and Mann.   Po*.
the people Ih* full confidence ot the] "lb|V *k* mUibMn tte thsir way out
she Government I* in line with hia -' ""^ ��"''"-'"Jlul dilHonlty. bat m fnr in
character and  Intention.,   and   will "������' ������"* di��ee.*.!on no indication ha*
nuwt popular approval, *ven if tome
might sny that strict etiquette had
been disregarded. The Government
has nothing to bs afraid ol and nothing
to conceal. To giva this draft of the
agreement to his majeaty'* Loyal Opposition to ponder over, it like throwing a bone wilh meat on it to pack of
hungry doga. Tb* more meat
��� here i* on it tbe more they will
wrangle it. But whatever Ihey havt
to say about It, thev oannot convince
the people ot British Columbia that It
do** not mean the Ipeedy construction
of th* road, and the speedy construction of the r->ad nuder circumstances
particularly favorable to British Col
nmbia. The advantages gaired by the
province are:
1. The speedier construction ot the
road than oiherwiao jioaiible.
2. A ����y in lhe question of route and
terminus limited only by the physical
possibility or impossibility ot locating
a railway line along the route chosen
by the provinc*.
3. Th* construction ot th* road from
west to ets>, thut giving so British
Columbia trad* centre* a great advantage tl.ey would otherwise los*.
4. Th* tailing up ct the country trom
weat to **st a* the road progresses,
thus keeping tha incoming population
in touch, both in trade relation* and
more aeutiinental matter*, with their
fellow citlsen* in tbe province of Brie
ish Columbia,
Th*** aro great and notable advantages, so great that interested critluiam
will not protein the people ot British
Columbia from endeavoring to obtain
them. They are ao valuable to th*
proviuco ibat they ara worth paying
for and payiug heavily for. Th* in
direot return alone wouhl more than
counterbalance th* outlay. But tha
coat to tha country will ouly be the
interest ou the bonds issued, for n cer
tain term ol ytar* The two per cent,
return upon the gross receipt* of tbe
line, will reimburse the country for the
capi'al value of tbe bond* thamsalves.
People only dimly recognize the earning capacity of inch * rout* atttr it
ha* been thoroughly e��tablish**l. Wa
hav* no time in th* hnt of an electoral
campaign lo go into detail on the .*-
(ourcn it will open or the commerce it
will stimulate. There will be mor*
time for that later. But the greater
and more rapid th* development, the
quicker will the Government be relieved Irom the interest charge whioh
I* th* only bo; us, by the nturn of tha
Th* railway would be * very good
thing f.r British Culwabia, |srorid*d It
dbe* not cost ton much. It would
oj*��.i up fur se.ileinent and development a a splendid tract whioh at pre*
���ut praei ically tits dormant. But mn*
Out ut *v*ry ion p*ople will ask wonder-
iugly wber* th* provinc* 1* io lay It*
hand* on th* promind cash. Land
w* hav* In pltu'y, but monty I* hard
to get. In point ol fact, th* treatury
ia at present worst than empty, for
then is laid io be du* ilia bank* a sum
bsen given that th* solution i��*t band.
NEWS AllV-lirlSliR.
We have c-stiiistsntly maintained an
independent position as between tbe
Ooverninent nnd Opposition, and certainly shall not deviate trom lhat attitude in regard to thi* matter. But at
the s-ttue time we ara compelled lo admit we ..re convince I thut the ratilica*
tion by the Logiiliitur* tf an agreement on tl.e biisis of the term* set. out
in the draft ngretinent would b* a most
disastrous tiling for provincial interests. We ar* quite certain that th*
opini.ni of the electorate would b* *u
Itrougly against luch a vour** i hat any
party appealing lo tlie coustitnoncie*
on thut ground would meet with overwhelming defeat at the polls. On th*
whole the draft agreement is the most
reckless, the least regardful ot pnblio
interests of any proposal ot a *itailar
character that has been submitted to
the Legislature duriug the past twin.y
years. Compared with ihia prennt
pro|sO*al, the British Columbia Southern, Columbia k Westjrn and British
Pacific Railways' subsidy schemes, *���
���ubinitted to the Hou**, w*r* self-
denying ordinance*, and vraoanalmost
iee thos* promoter* ol the past- turning
green wilh envy at Ih* pleasant place*
on which the line* of their successors
in subsidy seeking hav* fallen. But
then tl.e happy idea had never struck
I hem of suggesting to tbe Government
that their attorney should also act a*
its agant and .legal adviser!
Ther* seems, indeed, to lis a studied
purpo**displayed throughout th* compact to apecifioally guard in all par-
tioular* the fullest privilege an I con-
cenion* io the company, but leaving
nothing of proportional* advantage io
the country, the small percentage ot
returns frin earnings of inn road being
���o infinitesimal iu cout mm with th*
aid extended a* to emphasis* and aecen
tnate the eollosal character of auch nid.
It i* an iniquitous deal from begin-,
ning to end. So far a* tlie term* tre
known th* scheme don not pouesaon*
redeeming feature. There I* nothing
���aid about what degret, if any, of control will beexercited by the province,
but a Governmant thnt will so gtuer-
ously donate th* peopl*'* money and
heritage in so leckle** a matter will
not likely he vary exacting iu the w��y
ot securing a c��nipen.*itory quid pro
vanoouvm ixiici*nMt>-sjNT (Labor).
Som* peopl* seem to think thst Premier Dunsmuir I* ipringing an election
dodg* on th* psopl* of Victoria in the
contrast li* I* alleged to hav* mad*
with Mao-mi* and Mann. Ws don't.
Dunsmuir, If he ean work out thi*
���chain* aud get a road dawn through
th* island, wiil make hi* property
many million* more valuable thau it 1*
now. Hs is th* mott dangerous man
in th* provinc* and *houlJ never bar*
bwn elected to th* position which he I*
���a unable lo fill.
To Keep Pace With the Times.
To make you acquainted with our MIRACLE PILLS without loss of
time we make this proposition.���the largest ever made to the Canadian public.
This is it: BT1P������iS>n J������ *. *��02, to
ngatt| Btne the person'who
This Automobile, ��� H comes nearest to the
Worth $2,000,
Will be Given
exact nnmber of Cn-
pons we will Receive.
Manufactured by
the Searchlight Motor Co.
British Columbia is Wing developed
on a wrong principle. Wo constantly
k*ep the cart before the horn. I��*tead
ol following * natural course by helping taxpayer* with good roads and
bridges and economic land laws, Ihu*
encouraging people to s-ttle on th*
lund and clear it, wa sptud all th*
money we can rain by taxe* and all
we can borrow in honuslng railway*
to traverse unse.lle.1 territory. Th*
Oreat Non hern from Bute Inl.t lo tb*
Yellowbead Pan won't pate a hundred
Save Your Snowshoe Tags.
The most popular brand of Chewing
Tobacco in Canada to-day I* "Pay
It*!!."* Every plug of - -"ay Roll", homntead*. How ean such a propo��l
!,eiu-s a'-Snowsho*" Tag. Consumer* tion be expected io pa)1 If onr Gov's l.oultl (ay* then 'tag*, M valuable trnment* would pay propar lie*d loth*
���,ie��ent��di-egl.��n for them. ?*g��*r* oMitU M,t|e���,n- ���!��. them what
.<ooitt,,i*i*m* 1, MN. Wtt*fcr iMd<
���ew  lllu��trated   premium ��at��loj*n*.,     ' ,        '
-! he Emplr. Tobacco Co, rAd.,Wlhn|. ,�����-��*�������> �����">". ������� ****** *��*~-:
eg branoh. Winnipeg, Man. ' ���* 1I-*I*�� or no call for .ubiidiss.   At *
matter of fact railway companies
wouhl be willing to pay for franchise*
and be glad to.got them st a good slid
figure. Wher* than ia population'
business It bound to develop. A rati
good waggon road I* of mor* rain* to
ti.* pioneer than a railway, becaun il
I* In* expendv* to travel on. Ltt
th�� Government intellig**Jttfcfet the
course of ntilenient, fok^j Vwith
fint class trail*, road* an.1 bridge*, and
than trill b* no nnd to throw taxpayer!' money away on railway*,���
thty will follow at th* proper time In
th* track of uttltri ag * matter of
Milk! Milk I Milk I
Do yon know that foo can get good
para milk srvery day at a very low coal,
Partln requiring gay quantity wonld
do wall to communicate with Palmer k
Shaw. Salmon Ara, B.C. Prion right.
Speoial raw on ttn gallon enn*, {
Judsesi of the strongest reliability will be -Selected, and the results published,
so that overyone will have a fair chance*, and will know this to be A BONA
The ordinary methods of making our Miracle Pills known to the public
arc too slow���takes too much time.. That is the reason we make this offer.
fY\* *****%. -***\ __.   TV* \i _�� are * guaranteed cure for all Bowel Troubles,
llilFclGlG  JkIilS Appendicitis, Biliousness, Bad Breath, Indl-
i ' gestion, Pimples, Dyspepsia, wind on the
stomach, bloated bowels and Heart Disease. ���
The world is full of people dragging out a miserable existence, unfit for the
duties or the pleasures of life, ti Burden to themselves and others. They suffer
from distress after eating; loss of sleep, mental depression, and all because of.
the failure of the stomach to properly digest their food. One Miracle Pill
after each meal will put your stomach into good working order, and your
general health will take care of itself.   Money refunded if you are not
amarrdiar ���* costa nothing to guess, and you may win the Automobile,
BWHWUBI which i8 listed at $2,000 by the manufacturers, The Search-
Motor Co., of Philadelphia. All you have to do is to fill ont the coupon below
and to send same to us with a wrapper of our MIRACLE PILL BOXES. Coupon MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY WRAPPER.
MIRACLE PILLS are sold by every good druggist and up-to-date merchants,
at the standard price of 50 cents a box, or $2.50 for six boxes. If you cannot obtain the same from your druggist or general store send direct to us. We
will mall them to you, postage prepaid, on receipt of price by registered letter
or money order.
Every Wrapper nnd Coupon jou send given yon it better chance of Winning the
Messrs. R. Cote & Cie, -
Bie, Rimouski Co., P.Q.:
This entitles me to the property of
the Automobile that I will get free if
you have received          Coupons, and I am the nearest giiessser?' I'
send  enclosed a wrapper' of vour
NAME     '.. 	
ADDRES8 ,...,,....
Bat Saved Through a Letter
From an Old Acquaintance.
To the Editor nl the Era :
Sir, -1 feel it a duty to let th* public
'know through your paper what a close
call I had and how I escaped. I wa*
engaged ae a brakeman on the O.P R.,
and contracted rheumatism, which
soon became chronic. I became unfitted (or work, aud finally was unable
lo walk, in which condition I wa*
when a letter from a friend in Winnipeg told rae ol Dr. Clarke'* Wonderful
Little Red Pllli, and how they had
oured aeveral ot hi* acquaintance*. I
reaolyed to try thein and It waa only
after taking ilx bottle* that I began to
improve. I am now, I aa plisxd to
���iy, a* well a* pver, and am back at
my old occupation.   .       .
I believe I would have die J had It
not been for thi* rasrvellou* medicine.
-A. F. Wood, C.P.R., Montreal.
Tho*. F. G��llwan, Marlbank, Ont.,
write*: Your pill* ire giving good remit*. My oa** i* one of eoaema, of 17
year*' (landing.
F. H. Yale*, Marlbank. Ont., aaya:
I have had etomach trouble for over
two year*, and tried diferent remedlee.
Three boxe* ol Dr. Clarke'a Littl* Red
Fill* did me mora good than anything
I bave tried.
Peter D. McFadyen, Riverdale, P.E.
I., write*: I bave used yoar pill*, for
etomach ".rouble and fonnd them a
wonder . Your Catarrh Care ie aleo a
perfect enre.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pill* are a
positive and certain oure for I* grippe,
rhuematlam, ��sihin*,par��l/*i��, catarrh
ecr-ma, cough*, backaob*, ladigeetion,
sll stomach and liver trouble*, female
coroj.lalnt* even when the dlwaiei hav*
been (landing for many year*, the moil
itubborn esse* will yield. Priee 60
cent* per box.   For (ale by 0. W.Field.
The Canadian Chemical Company,
Peterborough, Out., will forfeit <I0 for
o:..; -.-use that these pillt do not help.
Ur. f.'lnrke'e Sure Core for Catsrreh
in.l Dt. Clarke's Sure Cure for Eoaema,
salna i r'ici.. Ten dollars will be paid
lur any case they will not permanently
Horsy* mi honeet -tetoment
from peonio who nro in Ih*
boat poolilon to givo mi un-
MaMit opinion of any remody and thoy In tho atrongeet
torma wield tho palm to Or.
siiBnsMrv Ointment aa *, **r*
tion our* far Ml ailment* af
tha ahin.
th* Bonk* Drag Coapaay, s��f Mauch Cbtak,
hu writs*:���" Pteu* tiM at oae* two dowa
Dr, Alans'* sOlnlmmt, It has given gnat
���llshcllon In esses of skin diseue and pits*
and I* oa* of th* best aeUsna t* that lin* w�� stvs*
haadbd." (Tics,]|o*au (|
Sold by C. W. Fltld.
Th\(tnn pnpl* war* kllltd and 88
Injured in a Southern Paciflo train
IIMtoaKh "put* tha ahuttora
up" In many an honeet ntai.-*
hualneea, and thar* ara
thauaanda of oa*** on raoord
���aha them
trhar* Oio-only *a*i
dawn, again I* South Ameri-
oan Narvina,
���, , mstrated with Ns-rroes
I had to- giro up business���doctors
ni* tOTponsrilv. I ��rts the most dis.
i *llve,wl��jn I started taking South
     ,-Wvine, but th* sptaBdHcuMsI b*d
read gave m* hope, and 1 hsd not taken half a
bottl* befor* I round rellet I took tvrdve bot.
list, bw*ai��an*V""���-_, Enwtt, Morrickrille. a
SoldbvO W Ftald v
Wonderful TssMthnony
Ouratlv* Power* of Dr. Ag*
now** Catarrhal Powder.
Ch**. O. Brown, JonrnalW ol Dnlnth,
Minn, writ**: "t hav* ban a lufiKKs
from Throat and Nsial Ckturh for.ovor *c
y*j��, daring wbicb time my heed ha* been
���topped ip and my rondliion truly taller*
able. Within is minute* titer using Dr.
Agn*w'�� Catarrhal Powder I obb-Md reliel.
Three bollls* b*v* almost, li not entirely,
ciwm ine."  yo cont*. I
Sold by O.W. Field.
Engineers, Firemen, Mgobiniits an
Electricians send for 40-p��g* pamplsx
containing queatlon* takedc-y Bxamiii.*
ing Board, ol Engineer* to obtain Engineer'* liotn**. Addie**, Geo. A. Keller,
Publisher, 18 South Fourth etreet, St,
Lou i��, Mo., U.S.A. ���
TjOAt*- WUl word It atT and prnM
Iti* estmanghtof <HSe-w.
Trses tbe trouble to its tonne and In alntty.
ala* ctsts la a hundred where menu-land per ileal wreck ii the climsjs, you'll flnd food-fcrmenl
III* starting polat. Dr. VonSun's PlMsppla
tsbtets forsntsfl this pwcunor of Irosjb- Thn
keep the alomach nwssri���ihey keep Ih* ntrv*
rentrei well balanced- iWy tilmnlsi* Ih* dlgei.
live ornni, IT you're ilirrsirned with* "bnike*
down "it-much, on* dot* will giv* relist JSny
MUsts, jjcssnts. (p-
sSold by C. Vi. Fioltl.
Amtrlcan railway* ar* endeavoring
to prevent land-nekere crossing the
boundary to th* Canadian Northweit.
Sold by All Newsaealers
fotnleHea Morrthly lo* _1 !��-**, e��
Song ud Hu*��ir*d--ofam.o�� New,
OHrte, t**gam.'OMim*~*m*m by
aammtopoUtAbaatt.     -"-.,"
tmty S,UaiHm)lM.
- mm, i* **r -latf'tii i* .
��o��*a*.-��gi msi ttj*.
*"'*r-'f*'" -fn -r
""w. nent, Zlu***..
fetl**^|kta.*t*.  ;
���i ERA. QOLDEN, B. CL, March 1-1 IW,
- ..--**-***-l*-.*J-..---*-VX.i.   _T4*t!.-t*.
-:hed 1077. !N<
AUTHORIZE;) CAPITA!.. $100,001..
For Downright Satisfaction,
Shipment after Shipment,
Ship Your Goods lo Vs.
Full   Prices   and   Imme*
dial* Payment every Thne.
Bern Established 24'Years.
Writ* hr Prices. Mak* Trial
Shipment.   Convince Yourself.
McMillan Fur and Wool Co.
-00-21- met avi. n.
Are you
for a
Home P
On the main line of the GP.'l.
State and Steamboat ConiiTOtion with the
Upper [Columbia.
The oentre for the-*
BIG bend;
' Headquarters for the Lumbering Operations
in the Interior.
$@p w��& be had at very
reasonable rates in the
Doiaatafcm Government Townsite.
Ptobabhi adopted by Haa 6isb-.qn.sisj to
th. Huntioff Age.
It Is Impossible to trace the origin of th*
domestic oat witb certainty to any existing; spoclcs or vurloty of wlldcot. Indeed
the time at wbich tho cat was lirst domesticated and introduced to human society It
simply a matter of conjecture. Professor
Sbalcr expresses tbe opinion that tho domestication of tho cat must have been
much later than that of tho dog, while naturalists give reasons for believing to tho
Some poople agree with Professor Shalor
*Bd for tbl* reason: That dogt were prob-
ably first domesticated In Oder to assist In
hunting, and therefor* probably In what
I* celled tho hunting ego of human so-
oletyi whereas the oat ba* nowhere been
g*ner��Ily used as a hunting nniiiuil. The
dag la estontlally gregarious. He loves to
hunt In packs, and wbtn Introduced to *
human family ho regards the family as his
pack and hunt* accordingly, go that ho I*
easily mad* servleeobl* by tnoaninan
hunter. The oat, on th* citntrarnH* on-
social. It live* alon* and bunts nlsjfle, so
that It oould not bo eipected to be -i*htlly
trained to bunt, cither with then or.'or
men. In fact, tbe only mem her of tho cat
family tbat Is known to have been trained
to hunt 1* tb* cheetah, though an ancient
"Egyptian painting, wblob niay be (ton In
tbt British museum, represent a cut which
Is apparently assisting n hunter to catch
Then I* another reason for thinking
that tha rat must hav* boen adopted l.y
man after tb* bunting *gc���namely, tb*
cat'* wonderful attachment to localities.
Animals Ilka th* wolf, with which tba
dog Is most closely allied, follow their
prey over vast tracts of country and seem
to be entirely destitute of local attachment. Tho wildcat, on the contrary, settle* down In ��� particular *pot and w��lte
for It* prey to coma. When removed from
it* accustomed habitat, It seem* to loso It*
���kill, and therefore would be useless ta
men In a banting age, because In tbat age
mtn wldom bid fixed habitations, but
named abroad wherever ajn me wn* to be
found. Of courts much of tbl* I* oon
lecture. Whether th* oat or tbe dog was
first adopted by man cannot now be certainly known, but the cut waa well kuown
as a douiestlo animal at an early period of
hnman history.���Boston Journal.
���Odd Kotl.M That Ar. Alrad la last Will*
aod Tntam.au.
Duchess Dudley, dying In 11.55, left -100
(|600) per annum for tho redemption of
poor English Christian slaves from tbe
hands of "th* barbarous Turk," and In
th* year 1781 Thoinn* Bolton of lloxton
proved hi* enmity toward hi* own kith
and kin by cutting oil hi* threo sons and
his brother Timothy ��Ith a shilling apiece,
while he showed bis sympathy for bi* distressed countrymen by leaving tho bulk of
his property, about *18��,ooo, In trust to
tht Ironmongers' couipany. Ono-bnlf of
th* interestaf this large amount bs directed should be expended In i-onsoiiilnn British subjects from slavery In Turkey or
An old lady of Ilarton, Lincolnshire,
being one* benighted on tbo Lincolnshire
wold*,- was able to direct her steps by,
th* sound of th* curlew hell from St. P<-"2
ter's church. In grateful 'remembrance;
ehe conveyed a piece of land of 13 apros to
the parish clerk nnd his successors, on
oondition that thoy and ho ring tho bell
from 7 lo 8 p. in. .lolly, Sunday excojiteit,
from tho carrying <sf tbo flrst load of bar-
lay until Shrove Tuesday. Th* curfew
bell I* still rung In England In somo places
In accordance with old bequests.
Romp persons had aourlous predilection
for their own names����� predileotlon which
found vent oueaslonally In n puerile manner. Thus ons Henry Orosn left blsestatcs
to his sister, with tbo proviso tbat she
should give four green vests, lined with
greon galloon, to four poor men every
Christinas, ond bis fellow ��� townsman
Gray directed that 0 "noble*" (hould be
���pent annually In providing six old women with vast* of gray cloth and 40 shillings
In providing three old men with coat* ol
the earn* material.���Outlook.
Hew "Tits**** Wa* WrltUo.
"Of 'Tito*' lt mutt be (aid that It was
the result of tbo belief of ray mother In
me," nld llr*. Florence -Ions* Klngsloy,
tolling In Th* Ladle*' Horn* Journal bow
iheoumeto writ* "Titus, a Comrade of
tbe Cross." "A favorite uncle wrote to
tne tbet auch a Iwok wat wanted and said:
���Writ* ti You can do It.' I did not believe that I could, but my mother Insisted.
'You can. Iti* In you. Writo tba book.
It will-be a success.'^ That yoar I wat a
vary busy woman, for I bad a young son,
and 'Tltu*' wu written with many Interruption*. I would go oft tu writ* a chap
tor, b* Interrupted by �� baby voloe, drop
my pan, rush down stair* to en whether
then. h*d been a% accident of any tort or
whether uy llttl* folk war* having some
speeisl good tlm* In whioh th.y wished
a* to Join.
"Whil* writing 'Tltu*' I forgot all
���bout the possibility of lis bting a success
or failure; only I grow to love the story.
And yti II o��mo to rae In an odd way.
The hour* were so flllod up thit I Memod
to hav* no time to think, but I hive alwaya been In tb* habit of wnklngoarly,
and when tbe tun wu jutt tiling those
lovely summer morning* It seemed as
though the ttory of 'Titus' cam* to mo In
* dream and a* If I wero compelled to
write It"
An exoellent piece of advice wu thnt
enn given to George Gray, a young Metb ���
odlst preach**, who wa* a mere boy when
ho began bla Work. Within a few days of
the rime hew** UK yur* old hi* nam*
wi* on the record* of an annual conference
u a'.raveling pnaohor���tbe youngest oan*
dldatoevernoelved In tte Methodist Episcopal ohurob. H* wat seut to tho Barns
circuit In Vermont.
A* h* monnted hi*bore* tout out fsw
blauvpolntod Mil.at labor, a jaunt of
mora than 800 mile*, hi* undo, a Metho-
tU of much ahrewdntee end humor, gave
Mb ��� getting address which h* nover forgot ana to which he often referred lu later
"Never pntsnd that yoa know much,
s3Mrge,"ealdhe, looking up��tth* youthful rider from tinder hit (baggy eyobrotvs,
"fttrlt yousdoet pretend tb* people will
���oon god oat thet you are eedly mistaken,
but neither," he mlded aft** a moment's
pau**, "paid iou tell them how little you
glow, tm this tbey will And out *oon
VMtaib'* Companion.
A Brief International Eplaod. at Ti-nxltM
In the winter of ltWb the "mudhollug"
croiscr of tho ncrrh Atlantic squadron
was making virile to tho siiii.il ports along
tbe ouuHt of Central America, tho first one
touched  at  being  Truxlllo,   Honduras.
There is an old fsirt on the seaward s-.tle '
of tlio town manned by 60 or 0*0 ragged ,
and barefooted soldiers, under the com-.
maud of a colonel of tbe army ot Hon - j
duras.   This oTflcer, as tho commandant
of the military forces, Is tbo roost Important person In the town.   Soon aftor the
arrival of tho cruiser and whon national
salutes had boon exohauged between ship
and fort, tbe colonel and his staff enmo off
to tho ship to visit Iho captain, whore every attention wu shown him.
Tho qtiartcrniMtor of tho watch, ltoep-
Ing asliarp lookout for uverythlng through
bis Ioiik glass, noticed that tho Hog-stall
on tho fort presented an unusual appearance, having two flogs hoisted. Uo reported tho circumstance to tbo oilier o,1
tbo deck, who after looking earnestly nt*
tbe fort Bought tho oxcoutlve cftlcor. The
executive took tbo glnss, gave one good
look snd went tn haste to tho captain,
The United States Hast could be plainly
���een hoisted on the llagstuff of the Inrt
With the flag of Honduras waving proudly
over It.
Hero was an Insult to the flag that the
young midshipman wanted to wipe out Ir.
blood, or at least have target practice on
their tumble down old fort, but the.cap*:
tain had Ideas of hll own and uked an explanation. Tbo colonel was much surprised when tuld that wo could not allow
any foreign nation to hoist Its ling over
pur* and protested tbat ho had ordered tbo
display as a compliment, with no thought
that it would be taken otherwise. When
convinced that the captain could not eon
It In thnt light, be wroto an order to bis
second In command, which Was takon tu
tbe fort by one of tbe ship's officers, whose
:appcaranoe there and tbe ordor caused
great hurry and excitement. The troopi
wore turned out, drawn up facing the
. flagstaff and brought to a preaent, while,
-with tho ploying of tho bugles, the tn-c
: flags came down and ours went up again
alone. There It remained for half an hour,
flouting over a foreign fort to show what
a Hoaduran colonel could do In tho way of
reparation. After tho flog was hauled
down thu colonel and Ills staff went back
to tbeir fort with many a wish of "Hasta
la vfsta."���Now York Sun.
Asthma Cure ppee
Athm !��ne Brings Instant Relief and P.- r-
manent Curo in all Cases.
rite Vonr
y-gnrea Show That th. Cltj'a Churches
Hav. 80,000 Uoos-oapl.*] Slttlaga.
Massachusetts, and more particularly
Boston, has been regarded for many yours
as Iscinii a great center of superfluous
women. Now It seems likely to achlcvo a
reputation as tho city ssf un abundance of
church tilting!.. This Is gathered Irom a
report submitted at the annuel meeting ol
the liostsin City Missionary society. Th*
statistics show thut the I'rots-stiintohuichce
of the city j rovlile over 80,1100 surplus sittings Ior tho Protestant psipalntlon, even
were they ..11 to altoud church at any one
These figures are tho result of a careful
Investigation wmIo by thu society In November, INI),, when the ntkinilimee at the
various services on n-giicn ...unlay wns
obtained by nn iu.-cun.to comic Out of
805 iilooto of worship touiit svus mado In
834. The aggregate attendance nt the several services ansl meetings was 04,5111. An
estimate of these present at.theS0chun.-he*
where no count wus insula li, Ing,. this Hit*
ure up to 10*1,11111. Based on the estlu.at*
of the seating capacity nf thu Protestant
churches made In 181)3, the figure., prove
thnt If all tho worshipers of every description gathered in tho churches at ono service Ihe churebos would have only been
two-lhirds filled.
From tho o-sjiorloiioe of tbe superintendent of the society ho states thnt 1-U.lJ.i.ll
may bo regarded u tho total available nt-
tonduncantany ono churoh service. From
tbl* It muy lie seen thnt If the sum total
of ull those who hud attendcl all the services bad gono to church ot nny one given
service thore would have been over UO.UitO
tmpty sat*.���New Ycrk Press.
Crisis In Ilia Career.
"Cyrus," asked his wife, "what are yot
moping about!*"
"lt Is 37 years ago today, Keturah," ra
Slled tho gloomy man, wbo bad thrown
linsalf on tb* lounge, "slnoe 1 became
culiier of th* bonk,"
"Well, what of thatt Are you worn out!
I* tb* salary too small. Have ynu ever
bad tho slightest tronble with tho hunkr*
Is ther* anything wrong with your nc-
counts! Ar* they thinking of replacing
you with a younger maul"
"Ko, there'* nothing wrong In any
way," rejoined tho bank cashier, "but the
-lory fact that I bave been tho bank'* mast
trusted official for 97 years, that I have
never don* a dishonest thing In my life,
never road* an Injudicious loon, lhat my
Accounts nro perfect Iv straight an.l that na
mnn on earth can sny a word ..gainst ino
1* making peoples auspicious and they are
beginning to talk about mo,"���Chicago
i    '     . "
A Popular Play ladnd.
Bhaketpcaro't "Julius Csrssr" has been
translated Into Gorman nlno times, Into
French sevon, Into Italian six, Into modern Greek three, Into Latin anil Swedish
twice and Into Croatian, Danish, Dutoh,
Frisian, Polish, Roumanian, Russian,
Magyar, Portuguese and Yiddish. Thero
ere'sevon or eight English acting edition*
of the tragedy. But one attempt aotually
to alter and Improve II haa ever been
made. This was In 1789, when Jobn Sheffield, duke of Buckingham, divided lt Into
two puts at tbe death of Cesar, eaUIng
If'.Th* Tragedies of Julius Giesar and
Harcu* Brutus" and mad* many other
change*. To enrich tbl* poor ploy, or
rather these poor plays, Pops furnished
���om* obornse*. But they bad tbt usual
effects of 111 adjusted ornament*���thoy
served only to make the meanness of tb*
thing tbey bedecked" th* mot* oonsplou-
ene.���New York Time*.
Willie, ,tb�� bill colleotor, limped painfully Into tbe creditor'* otto*. "I- pro-
**nt*d your bill to Clodhopp**," ht murmured, ""with the accompanying threat*
tram you."
"WMM",q��erl*d theeredltor.
"8* footed the Mil," replied WllUt, de*
timing Ibt proffered obalr.-PtUaddi-l*
Noott American.
-f-uiifi anil Ai.tjreu Plainly.
There is notliing- liko AHi*
malene. It brings instant relief, even in tho" worst cases.
It cures when all else fails.
The Bev. C. P. Vitus, ol Villa Jiid*-**,
III., suys: "Your I rial bottle ot As.hnia-
lets? received in good condition, I csiiinot
loll yon how thuiikful I fell for tlie .rood
derived from it. I wus n slave chained
with iiuirid sore throat and Atlima for 10
years. I despaired of ever being cured.
1 saw your advertisement for the cure of
(his ili'-stidful uud tormenting disease'
Asthma, and thought you had overspoken
yoursrive*, but resolved to give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial acted like a
charm.    .Sand mo u full sized buttle."
Rabbi ol Cong. Bnai Israel,
New York, Jan. 3, 1901,
Dna. Tait Bros'. Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen : Your Asthmalene is an excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay Fever
and its composition alleviates all troubl'R
which combine with Aslhma. Its success (is astonishing ami wonderful.
Alter having it carefully analyzed, we can stale that Asthmalene contain* no
opium   morphine, chlorolorm or ether.   Yours very truly,
AVON Si-hinos, N.Y., Feb. 1, 1901."      .
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen,���I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested
the wonderful effects of Athmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife has
been afflicted with spasmodic Asthma for tl.e past 12 years. Having exhausted my own skill as well us many others* X chanced to see your sign upon vour
windows on lDOih street, New York, I at once obtained a liottle ol Asthmalene,
My wife commenced taking it about the 1st ot November. I very aoon notice!
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma hns disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel thut I can consistently
recommend the medicine lo all who are afflicted witli i his distressing disease.
Your* rosiieciively, 0. D. PHELPS, M.D.
Dr. Taft Bros, Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen.���I waa troubled with Asthma tor 22 tears. I have tried
numerous remedies, but they have all failed.. I ran across your advertisement
and started with a trial bottle. I found reliel at on.se. I have since purchases)
your full size bottle, and I am ever grateful, I have a family of four children
and for six years I was unable to work. I am now in the best of.lsoaltl. and
am doing busineas-every day. This testimony you can make such use of s*
you see fat.   Home address, 235 Rivingion Street. S. RAPHAEL.
87 East 129i h st, New York City.
f! I LIEF.
Do not delay.    Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDICINE
CO., 79 East 130th St., New York City.   Ao-SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.
Eleventh Tear of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list .tnd see if there is anything yuu if<-iiii*
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada:::;
Capital Subscribed 11,000,000 00
Capital Paid Up      450,000 00
Government Depo��it....     250,000 00
AsssclsllSOloeveryfiOOof Liabilities
First and Paramount:  ���' Absolute Se*
curlty to Policy Holders "
District Agont   -   ���   (.elder..
eor-rs-rtoMTe *..
> rtssts-k so* Oaaalpuca mtt
IM, wtaus,, u inrs-s-lsi... *
CojM.nsc.awM Mfleur
-      - ass. * WaaKtssjKo. olt���
���... ...... ���    ,-um ^
Ml Ur***-*,, K.w in*.
�� WW*.*), v%itiA}i'%-t.%'*,Jiltim) **�� I
%Town and District.!
ill*, V*lX*iZ-2. t^t/KIAI-iXt/t/t/i/tiX*
The Pretbyterian   congregation   at
Field  have  arranged to remove  the
Donald churoh io their town, and the
work will be commenced at once
Mr. J. T. Wood did not attend lodge
on Wednesday evening.   The arrival
ol a ton at liis resi.l.nce wa* hi* r**
���on, whicli wa* accepted by the officer*
*��� a good one.    Congratulation*.
The sum pi* room of the Kootenay
House is being fitii'd up for ihe accommodation ot Mr, McNuugli', th* new
barber, who Und* hi* quarter* nt lha
south end of the bridge untuited for
hi* rapidly Increasing trade.
Engineer.*, Firemen, Machinists and
Eleotrlolans send tor til-page jmmplot
containing question* askodby Eximiin
ing Board of Engineers io obtain Engi-
nter'i licenae. A.IUiess, Geo. A. Z-Her,
* Publisher, 18 South Fourth sireet, St.
Louis, Mo., US.A. ���
Our p.pulsr lo.iiher gooda man, Mr.
F. M. Barrett, lies long been wanting
an assistant to help lliul make shoes.
He advertised for one and she new hand
maierialixed on Thursday- morning,
whsn Mrs. Barrett presented her hu*
band with fine little boy. An ad. will
letoh 'em every time-
As will be seen by the notice pub-
lishel in this issue ihere has been a
change made in tlie jili.ee in which to
register bills of sale for that part ol
Northeast Kootenay south ot Bugaboo
creak. In future bills of sale in that
portion will be registered at Peterborough.
All those of our subscriber* who
have not paid up for tbe year 1901 are
requeued to do eo before the 1st of
April. Those remaining unpaid alter
that date will be handed over to the
Publish*!-*' Collecting Agtncy. We
hope our reader* will mak* it untiece*
tary to tike thi* (tap, by remitting at
.  once.
The management ol lhe Methodi��t
church hav* takeu advautage of the
presence ot Dr. J. C. Lannerberg in
Golden to arrange to hnve lilm auiit
th* choir n*xt Sabbath evening. The
Dr. is tht posstttor of a finovoio, and
hit service* as choir leader have been
in great demand in the cities where lie
hat been resident during the past 15
Dr. J. C. Lunnerberg, graduate ut
th* Spencer Ophthalmic College of Nov
York and Ophthalmic College. Chicago, is at I ho Columbia House, and
will remain till Tuesday ntxt. The
visit sit ihe Docior to Go'desi is being
taken advantage or by a large number
ol our reaidents and the results fully
juttity th* eonfidanc* placed in the
Doctor'* skill. Any |sersons who**
eves need aiitrtion ahould tak* ad-
.vantage ul thi* opportunity to have
them teased by a fully competent
ipeclali*'. .
From the Public Account* ol th*
province lor the jesr ending 30ih
June, 1901, we find that the trial ol
Fred Collins cost lhe country $1,053 31
lor witness and prosecuting lawiers'
leet. In the district ot East Kootenay
the to'al cost for tlio year ot witness
fees ami lawyers' expenses was il.*
THO.Til, and ILues io the amount of ti,-
287.05 were colU-cicil. This I* nearly
double the amount collected In any
o'her district, iho next highest being
11,225 40. collected In West Kootenay.
The total revenue collected iu E.st
Koot*n*y was 1111,8711.14.
Th* Ooverninent r.|sort of chartered
hanke, ler the month ending Jan. SI,
i-s to hand, and Irom it wo note lhat
tha Imperial Bank, which haea branch
here, stands wtll In th* list The
capital stock is 1*1,51)0,000 fully paid
up. Their assets amount lo th* com
lort��bl**um of $24.188,8011, while in*
liabilities are $19,330 583. which In
elude* deposit* ol $11,148,134. Their
lust dividend wa* 10 p��r cent., wbieh
it as high at that pais! by any Cana
dian bank. ttn-pt tha bank of New
Brunswick, which paid 12 per cant, on
n capital of $500.CCO.
The (Jtoeitrove Orcheitra Co., which
will ��|.|se*r in ih* Colnmbia hall un
th*eveiilngols_viurdny, March 82nd,
nnder the ���ueploee ol Pratt h. O. L.
1763, la an a��fl'egttlo�� of fintelae*
musical talent, anil the opportunity to
hear a renlly good concert U being
-.ken bv u large number of our reel
J*ui*. a Urge nnmber of watt having
brew nnt*-��*l off.. The Oraisgemen'*
s ballon U*~--K-4-'ittb Mth, proml***
to be mty \ai*-lt ���.���.���ended, the feet
.that ifceCoefrov* OrchMtr* will pro-
Wiethe musie ensuring au eujojrabl*
evening* ''���
" Job printing *i ihe E��A office.
Mrs. H. Mercier received word on
Thursday of tbe death of htr mother
in Montreal.
Potten are out announcing that a
Ping-Pong Tournament will be held in
the Columbia hall, commencing Eatter
Monday, at 3 p.m. Thia game hae in
au Incredible abort time captured British sooiety, ami-found Itt way to the
molt dittant colonies. Even theoffioert
ol the Brltlth army carrying outfit!
with thom whilt on tervice in tb*
field Maybe ibe Boer* bav* ere now
(alien victiuie to th* crait. and art
using ping pong tct* tound in Lord
.Methuen'e baggage train. Tliey got a
pom pom *et anyway. Though only
introduced at Christ m** tlm*, we have
in Golden several good players and the
tournament will give the public generally a chanoe to tee some really good
gums* While, generally speaking,
the game is spoken ot lightlv, it really
calls tor t lie exercise ol great skill, and
when played agalnat sn equal oppon
ent affords an amount ol exercise which
surprises tlie uovioe. The proceeds
will go to St. Paul'* church, whicli
iboui I receive a oointortable sum ub s
The Golden Board of Trade met on
Monday afternoon in C. H. Parson's
office, with a good attendance ol m*m
ber*. The following gentlemen were
elected as officers (or the ensuing year:
F. W. Jones, president; C. A. Warren,
vice president; Tho*. O'Brien, sec-
treasurer ; H. G. Perton, J. G. Ullock.
F. W. Aylmer, J. S. Gibb, counoil.
The treaturer reported a balance ol
$1.50 in the treasury. It was decided
to affiliate with the Associated Boarda
ot Trade, and lor that reason the membership fee was raised to $2.50. The
secretary was instructed to correspond
with the Provincial Government with
a view to having appropriations (or
the Ice River and Big Bend trails , the
Dominion inomber regurdiug ihe Kick.
ing Horee river improvements, and Ihe
C PR. regarding the need ot ��� better
The Women of Canada are Be*
comln** Proficient In the
Work of Hat and Hog
The elty tnd town rein and ixhibi-
tlont held latt autumn In tbe varloua
province* of our Dominion, have fully
demonstrated the faot that the women
ol Canada are becoming proficient In
the *rt of making mat* and rug*.
In tie tactions ot Canada'* fair* devoted to woman'* work, th* dliplay ot
mat* and rug* mad* from the Diamond
Dye Met and Rug pattern* wa* raoit
varied and ittractlva, tnd claimsd th*
attention ot tent ol thoutandt. The
price wlnnert (who used the Diamond
Dyes to oolor I heir rage and other ma-
teiiale Irom which the ruga were matte)
all agreed that the Diamond Dye Mat
and Rug Pattern! win the bttt end
eaalatt to work up.
It you would Ilk* to makeup a choice
mat tr rug, send your a.lrire** tn Th*
Well* k Richardson Co., Limit*!, HOO
Mountain sireet Montreal, P.Q., and
you will receive a full rang* ol ntw
I, O.O. I*.
Rooky Mountain Lodge No. 84 meets'In
Osldtello-vs Hsu, Uolden, every Wednesday
at 8 tun. Sojourning brethren welcome.
E. M. PEAHOE, N.d. 	
T. KING Bee.
Ia. O. Ia.
PRATT NO. 17M, meet* In their hll
every second Thursday In th* month.  Visit
ing llrothers welcome.
W.M. Sec.
Save Your Snowshoe Tags.
The most popular brand of Chewing
Tobacoo in Canada to-day ia "I'ny
sjffoll." Every plug of "Pay Roll"
Van a "Snowshoe" Tag. Consumer*
���hould save these tag*, a* valuable
present* tr* given for them. Tag* are
good np to Jan. 1,1903. Write tor
new Uluatrated premium catalogue.
The Empire Tobacco Co. Ltd., Winni
peg branch, Winnipeg. Man.
A. r. A A. M.
A A. r.Jk_A
/\J\ Mod* fain Loon-Ft, No. 11, A. F,
��� w 4 A. M, Regular Oosnmunlct-
Hen, Spd Monday In every month.  Sojourn
ing broethren cordially'invited.
C. H. PARSON. Secreurv.
B. 0,
F. M. Barrett
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harnens,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Rid
ing Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Oattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brashes, Snaps (all sites), Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of airkinds
made'to order.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired.
Prices right.   Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
Churoh Services.
Servloe* every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration ot Holy Communion 1st and Srd Sunday* of the month
alter Morning Prayer, and on Gretter
Festival* and Holy Day* at 8 a.m., or
as may ba announced from the chancel.
Ssinday Sohool tt 8:30 p.m.
All are cordially Invites' to attend
the services.     C. F. Yai es, Vicar,
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Sohool and Bible Cl*** at 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thuraday aven*
at 7.
,    Rev. J. E, Hooq, Pastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3.. pm.
Sunday School ��t 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Messing on Tuesday et8 p.m.
Rbv. R.B. Laidley, Pastor.
How is Your Eyesight ?i
Our New
Spring Goods
Have Arrived
in our stock are so good that itis surprisingjthat
they are not cleared out at once.
Some people are a*little slow getting on to the
value of our **.
In which line we challenge comparison with any
stock in town, Stylish fixings of high-giade
quality can-be purchased cheap.
Milk!   Milk!   -Milk!
Do you know that rou can get good
pur* milk every day r,t a very low cost,
Purtles requiring any quantity would
do well to communicate with Palmer-
Shaw. Salmon Arm. B C. Price*right.
Special rat** on ten gallon can*.
A Ba'r "_LL0U3
Paine's Celery Compound
In Nourishes tha Tired Brain
and Braces the Weak Nerves.
Paine'a Celery Compound purifies the
blood ae nothing els* can do; il is
nature'* brain tood; it build* up wtak
and shattered nerves; it is th* world'*
best and aurest health-giver.
Paine'* Celery Compound taken during the openli g ot Iprlng, ha* * M-
markable efficacy in making sick people well and strong. It niukee, ihott
work pi debility and nervoua exhaus
tion. It quickly drive* out neuralgia,
rheumatism, ileepleunw* and dy��p*p-
���ia from th* ��y��tem. It* virtue*
promptly banish kidney disease and
liver troubles- It enables all weak and
run-down men and women to cast off
their besetting trouble* and give* thein
a happy and vigorous lit*. Mr. Chas.
E. Beck, Goderich, Out., whose lit*
wa* directly laved by llitnt* of Paius's
Celery Compound alter oilier inidiciiiet
bad failed to do auy good work, wrltte
as follow*:
" I am a tanner hy trad*, and about
thirteen year* ago bad an attack of
rheumatic fever. While recovering I
took a cold and had a relupse which
ended in lntiKm.iiats.ry rheu-natiim,
and I wai laid up lor y an. I was
���Iso affliced with si-eplttsneis, and
my dootor aaid I would not live to set
my thirtieth year. Whil* alsno-t giv
ing up in deapair your Paine's Celeri
Compound wus i-eci.ioiueud.ssl t��.nie. I
bought a bottl* aud uaed it, ai.il lo my
surprise it gave mo natural sleep and
net. Atttr using sli bottlet 1 waa
entirely cured. My wite used your
medicine for Insomnia, an I before she
uttit on* botile was antlrtly oured."
Mr. Ja*. Wilaon, a promisjent Goderlob druggist,' *av*: ' 'I know Mr,
Beck intimately,, and can vouch lor
what he *ay* about Pain*'* Celery
Insure lu (he Imperii) Life
�� - Eye Specialist - <-
Head Offlce, Kamloops, B.C., will be in Golden for a few
days and will make regular visits every three months
hereafter. People with defective eyesight should not
miss this opportunity of having their eyes scientifically
examined and glasses fitted.
Many Ailments are Due to Defective Eye-Sight
And many people suffer through life with headache and
nervousness when relief can, in nearly all cases,,be received by wearing a properly fitted pair of glasses.
When the Eyes Feel Tired Through Overwork
A pair of jsrlasses properly fitted will give instant relief.
In correcting chronic eye trouble, I feel well able to give
the very best pf satisfaction in my work, and when no
aid can be had in restoring lost vision, I will truthfully
say so. All work guaranteed. Consultation free.
J. C. TOM & C
ig   ALL HOME sJO_-0n,T8
Vernon, B.C.. June 84, 1901.
To whsm it mav concern:
Mr. J. C, Lannerberg, the eye specialist,
has Htied me with a pair of glasses, which
havo given ine entire satisfaction, and to my
Sirsonul knowledge he lun don* work for
any ..four ritlsens, all of whem speak in
the highest teruin of his work, I can heart
ily recommend Mr. Ltuneruerg to thos* rsv
Hainan* tha services nf a Brut clans ey*
Mgr. Vernon Mews.
Kamloops, B.C., Jan. SI, 1901.
Dear Dr. Lannerberg t
It affords me very much pleasure to say
tbat tht work you hive done fer Mra. Wood
and also for my son is In every way satisfactory. I am alto glad to state that every
cose yen have had In this torn, tbat hat
some under my obtervati-in, has given ptr
feet satisfaction/ "
l'astor Mtth-sdist Church.
DR. LANNERBERG will tie at the COLUMBIA HOUSE till TUESDAY, March 18th.
FOR  $12.00,!
Nlckle movement
in 3oz. case.
the JeWellei;,
Golden, B.C.
first-Class Acoomntdition fer
Repletoin Everything.
Being on lhe only direct route to the mines on Toby, Horse Thief and Ko. 1
��     Creeks, it Is tbe hetdqutrters of ill mining men,
Good Stable Accommodation.
Finest Brands
of Liquors
and Cigars.
Columbia River Lumber Co
________ Fir and Spruce lumber,
manufacturers of Cedar Sills, etc.,
ALL KINDS OF.......    _,.
  Fir Dimension a Specialty.
Hills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. m
Terms Cask.
eoi.DE>, a. e.
Largest Capacity In the Mountains,
HF.AD OFFICE, - ,  -
touth Amerioan Nervine oured
thie eevere oue of a gener*
���Ily upeet 	
jh developed Into Newt
gl- ofthe atomach. No nervoua trouble that It wUl
oure qutoMy tot perrnanently.
,   ., _J.. ***,**���
Ihn* mlstnbl* months of very scute
fromoeuralflaef the stomach anda
disordered nenras- system. Docton
lad any Ire-neat that -sroaM pn n* any permanent Mp. AfsIens*,wlK>nVntthAmerfiiJi
Nervine had cured of a very trabkern cos* bl
stomach trouble, recommensled ll for his cose.
He tried it-one bottle greatly benettad anil lis
boltlneflklsdapcrmaMntcurt, *s��
Sold by C, W. Fitld.*
would be your laet-that tho
thumping,  atMIIng  <Mttea-
ttona about your Heart weru
eruahht** your 1Mb out?
Dr, AfneWi One fcr the Hint b .ll*;e_y
eta-uttfis uoialllaf remedy known ud r**-
��ib*d 6y ttmmj^-eim JaJAmU
et ott-i-aoj e-df ��
_     * IBT* tb*
'*<mtem&'hmnn-i*-j. t
Sold by* C. W.Pi*lsl.
���tt i*"��*���"��.���pht.lUNr'a
-- -,jiin*_a*or   '  *
relief !s?tliMy��m-uE��   A few botdM cur*


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