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The Golden Era Feb 4, 1898

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Hm tolder* Ura
I* Um a��t widely ���imlkted and
���wet advertising tmediaa in East
KeoteuT. Thii ����� th* paper that
it rod hy law miners, the ranchers,
th* rallreadere and lumbermen.
Safeaeripttoi, 91.00 par Annum
la AdTtnea  	
Map of Clokleu
Mining Division
$ By V. V. iMttg...
...     On  receipt of fl coplei of this vi.Jiu.Ws
5,  miip will be uii.ile.lliy
^ Tlie Golden Era Company Ltd. l.hy.,
? Ooldoo, I). I'.
VOL. VII. NO. 27.
��$J Per Vk.wi
General 0 merchant,
k JS3B E��30S^3S5 ��
Is the next thing
On my programme.
In order to
Reduce Present Stock
and to make
Boom for Spring Goods
Specially Low Prices
will be given
on many articles.
Particularly on
Glassware and
and DRUGS.
These goods must be cleared
. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Cos
+   +
/The Confederation Life Association. Toronto.
+   +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
+  +
' Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company
Hon. F. W. Aylmer   Lays   Ills   Views
Before the Miner's Association.
At the meeting of the North Kast
Kootenay Miners' Association on Tuesday evening the president, Hon, F. W,
Ayliner, read tho following paper:���
Genti.bmen, ��� In bringing before
you the question of the abolition of
assessment work on mineral claims, I
quite understand that I am laying myself open to tbe charge of being n
crank, particularly so as at the present time tbe one desire throughout tho
length and breadth of British Columbia seems to be an effort to impose
upon the prospector greater hardships
than thoso already existing.
Such a radical change as I would
submit to you for discussion is ono
that would affect the existing conditions under which the prospector
finds himself to a far greater exlent
than would at first appear, and to
make this clear to you -that is, from
my standpoint���would take me more
time to prrpare to do than I have lately had at my disposal.
Though I propose to merely glance
at a few of the many different ele
ments, as it were, contained in the
proposition, and would first ask to
what can we attribute the origin of
tho penalty now attached to the holding of a mineral claim by a prospector?
I imagine the first quartz mining of
en extensive nature in North America
was done in Mexico, and to tho Moxi-
can, a people even today not remark
able for wise legislation, I believe we
are indebted for the labor imposition
uow upon mineral claims. However,
the Mexican Government made no
grand pretensions about tho object ol
this assessment work, their law simply provided '.hat a hole six feet square
and 10 feet deep should be dug yearly
anywhere upon each minora! claim.
There was not any cry about millions
of hidden treasure lying idle and
charged to the dog-in-the-manger propensities of the prospector us tho custom is today in British Columbia. No,
the Government of Mexico simply recognized the face that the pejn was
naturally averse to useless labor, so it
imposed this penalty as a certain
means by which to prevent tho development of the minor.i! resources of the
country and the acquisition of property
by the people. Such SO years ngo was
the trend of legislation in Mexico and
���uch I believe it to be today ���in British Columbia.
A principle embraced, I imagine, in
all business propositions is that there
shall be value, secured either equal to
or greater than the expenditure. I
would ask, is there any value derived
from the assessment work done ou a
mineral claim? I hold that there is
not, that in 9 cases out of 10 yearly
assessment work is utterly wasted. It
is looked upon by the claim holder as
a mere labor condition attached to the
olaim, and is generally done in ��\ very
prefunctory manner. And I also contend that there are very few clai'us
discovered upon which a small expenditure could bo of any benefit. Our
experience in this district I think has
prcttv effectually proved this.
I would not suggest doing awry altogether with assessment work but
would, rather, leave it optimal witli
the claim holder. I simply hold that
compulsory assessment work is a mistake, and that there can be substituted
therefor conditions net only beneficial
to the claim owner but also to tho
mining interests of the country.
I am satisfied that at first there will
be great difficulty to induce many to
even entertain the idea of doing away
with assessment work���to suggest it
after so many years of existence Almost approaches an attempted act ol
desecration, but still men will gradually come to reason the thing out, then
will surely follow conviction, and al
no far distant day we will look back
and wonder what, ever induced us to
calmly aubmil to anything so ridiculous.
The mining industry as it is called
might be divided into three distinct
branches: Prospecting, developing,
and mineral production, each having
its own allotted work. To compel the
prospector to do development work ���
for such tho yearly assessment work is
sometimes most erroneously sailed - is
deliberately taking him awny from
that whioh he it competent to do
that for which, 99 times in 100, he
has neither time, money nor training.
It is claimed that were it not for
this labor penalty the prospector
would stake the whole country, record
it and let it lie idle. This seems to me
to be a most unreasonable contention
and I am satisfied the average prospector does not undergo the many hardships of his calling merely to acquire
temporary possession of a few actes of
land. But, should he be possessed of
any such mad desire I think there Is a
simple way of weaning him from his
madness���a result not yet secured by
the present Mineral Act.
The above I would submit to you
this evening, proposing to leavo for
some other occasion suggested legislation.
Mr. Ijowo said that under present
conditions then was no doubt there
was* great deal of work thrown
M, Dainard said that in nine  caces
out of 10 the assessment work was   of
no account.
On the motion of Mr. Lowe, it was
resolved that the members consider the
suggestions made in Mr. Aylmers paper
and that the matter bo fully discussed
at next meeting.
Course gold has boen found on Hay
River, which flows into Groat Slave
An easy pass through tl.e mountains
has boen found near Fo��t St. John.
This solves the problem of tho feasibility of tho Calgary Edmonton route,
A son of Mr. Knowlton, of Foster.
P. Q., will arrive iu Golden iu a week
or so and will toko charge of the development operations of the Sunday
mine at Oitertail.
The Prospector expects to see several
large placer mining companies working
on tho famous Wild Horse Creek, that
has given many millions in gold to the
world in days past.
Frank Berthune wrote us from Beaver under dale of January 20th: "Wo
arrived hero all safe and found the ico
good for travelling. We will hit the
trail early iu tho morning."
The Prospctor says that the Sullivan Mining Co. will coiiunenco
operations in March. New machinery
will be plueod on the property and a
large number of men will be employed
in taking out ore.
A telegram received from Tomsk,
Russia says that a lump of auriferous
earth containing 74 1-1 pounds of pure
gold lias been found on the gold washing estate in the Mlnusslnsk district. ]
Siberia may beat the Yukon.
Tho North Star Company have late-1
ly increased their force of miners nnd
are taking out ore, Several hundred
tons have been taken to the landing,
The company will put iu machinery
and prnparj for the handling and shipping ol large quantities of ore this
On the St. Eugene the lower tunnel is in 700 fee', anil iho face is showing in solid galena. There is 15,000
Ions of ore on the dump. A mill silo
has been surveyed for a 300 ton con-
oentranr, which will bo put in in tbo
spring, together with a tramway and
road to the mine.
Word comes from down Yukon that
ther is considerable excitement at Cir-
clo City. On nearly all the creeks in
the Birch Creek district mines are being located, and many are locating
mines from which th" owners are
temporarily absent. There is expected
to be many disputes. Tno district is
the largest in area ovor oponed in the
Y'ukon country, nud there was produced last summer over hnlf a million
dollars. There has been a stampede
from Circle City over tho Razor-book I
divide to look for a Croek on I he Tan-1
nanan side, upon which a miner found!
some gold prospects.
Tho Winnipeg Tribune says: "Mr.
Foulds, whoi-e sister is the wife of
Chief Factor Camscll at Fort Simpson,
has received a letter which states that
while several of tho hoys wero excavating for the foundation of n cabin on
the Liard river, where it empties into
tho Mackenzie near Fort Simpson, they
came upon rich deposits of placer gold,
the nuggets being tho size of barley.
This find Indicates that tho placer deposits are not confined to tho western
slope of the Rocky Mountains, but
that fhey oxist on the eastorn slopo as
well, which is most reasonable and
what might be expected."
At tho monthly meeting of the
Miner's Association of North Kaf-t
Kooienay, held at thu t'uhiuthia House
on Tuesday .light, llieio were present:
Hon. F. W. Ayliner, president, iu the
chair, Messrs. M. Dainard, \V, Dainard, J. A. Bates. T. Merrier, ,1. Noble.
0. Cartwright. 11. Loivn, II. Munson,
A. F. Logan, E. A. Hugged, secretory,
and Capt, Baron. As Sufficient members had offered to voluntarily subscribe Jn each towards providing iho
rent of ihe room offered by Mr. McNeish, it was resolved to accept his
offer, aud a reading or club room will
consequently be provided for members.
The Situation Very Serloas--Jnpan U
(letting Keiuly.
London, Feb. 2.���Tho Chinese situation is becoming very serious. Japan
is most actively preparing for war and
Russia is pouring troops into the Orient. Attorney General Webster at a
public dinner yesterday said that the
United States is supporting England
with surprising unanimity. If England is killed in war it will be a quick
and glorious death and not a lingering
extinction by starvation, owing to her
food supplies being stopped.
It is definitely reported that Russia,
Germany and France are preparing for
an attack on Great Britain.
Steamer Corona from Victoria ran
on rock at mouth of Skeena River and
was wrecked. She had 238 passengers
on board but all saved.
III thu Yukon--Excite in :nt ut Cal-
ffar.V"-rht3 Mounted r>iin. Dnder
Monday's) Herald says: Considerable excitement was causfd in the
city yesterday afternoon when it be
cinue known that nil the notioomtnie-
aiotioi] officers Am) men of ihe ���'!>" and
'\E" divisions of tho North VVest
Mounted Police at Maoleod and t'ai-
gary reactive y had been ordered to
hold themselves in readiness to proceed
at a moment's notice to the Yukon for
temporary duly. Tho orders which
wero received by wire by the officers
in command of the two divisions arts
Raid to be due to the existent:; of serious M-ouhle between the Couadian and
United States authorites in Alaska relative to tho attempt by the Americans
to Ret provisions into the Yukon freeof
duty ostensibly for the relief of dis
tress, but in reality for salf to the
highest bidder. Tho orders include
non-commissioned officers and men
either at the posts or on   detachment.
The arrival Saturday from   Manieod
of   Major   Steele,   the superintendent
commanding "D'1 division, causedstiil
more excitement when it was   learned
that,  that   officer   had   received   tele-
gtiphic notice of only a few hours,   to
proceed at once to the Coast   for   service in the North.  Majur Steele left nn
the Pacitic express accotnpanio I   only
by his servant, and gave no information as to the cause of his sudden   departure.   It is believed that something
serious has taken pbico or is about   to
take place to necessitate Major Steele'** i
presence.     Ono thing is   certain,   thej
Major will stand no nonsenso when he j
gets on the scene, as the ai who   "uu
up1' against him during  the   rebellion |
know only too well.
Futher   developments   are   awaited
with interests,
Golden School Report.
The following pupils obtained 1st
and 2nd standing in their respective
classes during tbe month of January:
Sv. 5th, Annie Kenny, Gladys Houston; Jr. 5th, Walter Houston, Gertie ;
Fields; 1th, Mary Conner, Ernest j
Sutherland; Sr, 3rd, Willie Houston, |
Maggie Archer; Jr. 3rd, Josephine Lft��
veque, Lottie Woodloy; 2nd. May Mac-1
donald, Blanohe Love; II. primer, j
Percy Lake, Katie Kenny; I. Primer, !
Roy Hauna, Thomas Co unci'. Aver-!
age attendance, 39.
A, PutlUr Sunt to I'rtson for n^pro-
���entluir an Imitation Pill to bath*
Santo ax Dr. Will hum.' Pinl. I'Ulw-
A Pur Ituaeliliifr UeoUiou.
Montreal, .f��n. 24. lc-98.- A ruse
of more than ordinary interest 10 the
public enroe before Jude Lafoutalno
here today, the facts hoing ltd follO.WSi
For some time pas>t ono It. K. Migin*!'
lift* beiMi irolug about peddling a pill
which he represented as beitiy ihe same
as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. The Dr.
Willi.tins Medicine Co. placed tho mutter in the hands of Detective Ha/nes,
of the Canadian secret, service, who
soon had collected sufficient evidence
to warrant the arrest of Mlguer on a
charge of obtaining money under fi. 1 se
pretences. Meantime Migner had left
Montreal, going to St. John X. B. O:)
his arrival in that city ho was at once
placed uriiler arrest and an official sent
to brine; him back line. IU was
brought beforo Jud-je Lufontain-; this
morning ou two cliai-pes, and pleaded
guilty to both. J "-as pointed out that
bis uffenso was a grave ont! am] Inft him
liable to a lengthy term of imprisonment
The counsel fcr tho Dr. "Williams
Medicine Co. stated that his clients did
not wish to press forsovtre punishment
at this time; they only wished to es.
tablish th. f.-i" ���' * vinrcsenling an
imitation pill to ;, _ same as Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills was a crime
which left the perpetrator liable to a
lengthy imprisonment. Ou one cinago
the judge then imposed a sentence of
10 days, witli the option of a fine of 10
dollars, aud iu the other case a sen-
teneo ef two days in jail without the
option of a fine.
This decision is likely to have a far*
reaching effect, as it seems to establish
the principle that subtituters andtlioso
who sell imitations representing them
to he "the same as" Dr. William*'
Pink Pills, a e liable under the criminal cuJe, which is iu force all over tho
Dominion, and it will no doubt. :o a
considerable extent, put an end to this
nefarious buslness.asit is evident from
the fact that the Dr. Williams Medicine Co. went to the expense of briug-
ing this man back h-om so great a dioi-
Unce as St. John, that they intend
sparing no expen-a to protect buili tho
public and themselves in such cases 303
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
rospoiiriiWe. established house in Ifritish Columbia. Monthly 865.00 aud expenses, Posi-:
Hon stoady. Reference. Enclose sell'addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. V Chicago. SOJapSt)
Mrs. Kanovan poisoned her sister at
Woodstock in fit of jealousy.
Huipmaii party broke up at Kdinon-
ton before starting for Yukt n.
Capt. Ray, of U. S. army, seized the
supplies of two transportation companies to feed hungry at. Fort   Yukon.
The C. P. It. is tho lowest tenderer
for carrying across the continent 500
reindeer imported by the American
Government for the Yukon relief expedition.
FOR   30   DAYS   IN
Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Fancy Goods.
. . C. A. WARREN . .
A Paradise for tbo Hmne*eel:cr and .Sportsman.
The Kootenay Valleys Co.
T. G. PROCTER,   -  General Manager.
Baker Street,   -   Nelson, B. C.
26,000 Acres of Choice
Farm Lands in proximity to the Crow's Nest Pahs R. R.,
in East Kootenay, within easy reach of the best market
on earth for Stock and Farm Produce; being- the natural supply point for the mines of East; and West Kootenay. You can purchase any amount you wish, from
twenty acres upwards. Stock Ranches up to 5,000 acres,
Prices Range From $2.50 to $3500 Per Acre.
EASY TEBMS:-5 Yosrly Payments, fi Per Cent Interest.
Bay Now While Land it Cheap.
Townsite properties are now being1 laid off.   Keep your
eyes on Elk River Croseing' and Crow's Nest Landing, THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1898.
To Advertiser* aod  SmbMrtbert.
OUR   Stores,   Cellars   and
Warehouses  are  Fairly  crammed
with   NEW   GOODS    from
Moors to ceilings.
The (JOLtM&N F,KA lS nublisbed every
Fi-j.Uy evening. It m thu bfi*t .idvfirtisui**
ttedimn in the V.aat Kooienay district.
Subacriptiou Kj��Ub. ; ft!,UU per annum IN
A.lter*Uona And chargesnf standing adver-
ti��o��trt?*jit.s iituat be in tne othce not laier than
��*<�����>�� -ni Weaned Iny to ensure insertion, but
ctisu-'d ml vert scineatswiil be reteived up till
noon on Friday.
While nil reij��iou;il��le care will l>e taken, the
proprictora wiil  not be respoiesiblf tor any
uuiirifion n? crrur in any advertisement.   t     '
Ail xccouma to be paid tM the Managing
I Director.ur his authorized agent,from whom
���������A xr "* j    j the company's receipt will be obtained.
iVl PVff*. nfl.TlTi   !    Advertising ratest Display ads., 81.60 per
XTJLC7X SjXXCAiXXVy |columnmcht Ug lads., iu cents pit lino
tor first iiisonion, Occult for wait auultiounl
insertion; Keading notices, 12 cents per Hue
eaeh Issue.
AW iniMin*H��j coininuuicatlona should be addressed to ti�� Managing Director, ami all
I literary coimuunluaUons, letters for public!.*
1 tiijn or no^va itoaia should be ailurussed to the
\ Coito."pendente is invited on matters of
1 public interest, but to secure publication
I siirli letters musl bo brief. In tl-ecaaeot
anonymous letters the name and a��ldress of
j the writer must lie enclosed, not for publiea-
Ti j i u*>v�� ����� ���.^��,i ���,!*.u I tlon, but fur the private intbruiatiou of the
I'JUiC UaS boen SO gOOCl Wltn|6(Utoran(las��iffuarauteeot'aood faith. Any
us   this   last summer that wo felt
We have it on the best authoritv
that there are serious dissensions in
the corrupt cabinet that has at present
in its control the government of British Columbia, There are certain mem
bers of the present cabinet who would
like to gel rid of the other member*
thereof, and other members would
like to whitewash themselves and rt
naiu a new lease of power by the
reorganisation of another party at the
coming elections. The electors, however, are too familiar with the trickery
that lias been so successfully practised
on them to be again out*y victims of
such a scheme.
Hesh aud the more susce-tible he is to Extract from the Toronto Daily "GLOBE"
justified in buying heavily for
onr Fall, Xmas and Winter
Trade, Every train from both
east ond west is discharging
freight for our stores.
Fre3h mild-cured Rams and
Bacon, Creamery aud Dairy Butter.Fresh Fig-,'s,Cream Cheese,
Factory Cheeso and Holland
Cheese, Finnan Haddien and
Cranberries received ti..fl vpeeV;.
A btg lot of E isteru Poultry
now ou the rosd.
One Ton of this season's Pare
Honey,   which  we  are seiliuR at
liic per lb.
Footwear,   Rubbers,    Overshoes. Shoe Packs and Mocca��ins,
Gloves   and   Mitts   in   great
Remember we are the agents
for   Health    Brand     Underwear.
Don't uo mound shivering iu
your shoes when yon can buy
a suit of  Health   Underwear
and be as warm as toast.
We are now unpacking* Ten
Canes of
Xmas  Goods
imported direct from Germany
audEn��l.tnd. SANTA CLAUS
has never been so good to us
ns this year. You can make
tho little ones happy this
Xmas at a very small cost by
purchasing from us.
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are crowded every week day
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Come and see us.   We will
be   pleased   to   help   make   your
Xmas a merry ouo.
letter  received   later than Wednesday will
have to Stand over lid the lul lowing ihM.e.
Ii? baton Eia Cuirpn; LinJled Liability,
Ofpick, Goldkn, B.C.
(Edited  by E. A. HAOGBM.)
Ilmirt ttesctiu In 30 Mluutui
aftor momentarily expecting for years that
death might snap the vital cord at any minute. This is the story thousands could tell
ami havo told of the almost Divi.e formula.
Dr. Aguew's Cure for the Heart Every day
chronicles the talcing away of many who
have not hooded nature's warnings that the
heart was tired out aud needed the hel iug
that thin wuuderfol cure gives. Ik-art disorders are insidious. Don't trifle This
groat remedy attacks the disease instantly.
Sold by U. A. Wan en. ^tW
li sense. Dr. Pierce's Medical Discovery
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and infallibly cures all blood diseases.
It isn't a medicine for some one particular so-called disease. It is a medicine for the whole body. It forces out
fill the germs of disea-e, and replaces
impurities with rich, red blood.      303
H. Bickford Wilson, manager of the
Mo!son's bank, is about to leave ihe
city to become manager of ihe branch
of the bank about to lie open id in Vic-
torin. and will be succeeded here by W.
C. Rhodes, formerly account tint at
Woodstock. Ont... who is now in the
city. - Calgary Herald.
T.  White,   M. E , who  represented
of August 7th, JW7.
A  Homo  Treatment.   Known at the
l>yk��* i'ure* by which Every Victim of Intemperance can be
Permanently   Cured.
All crave or desire for stimulants is
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in four weeks patients are restored to
their natural condition. It consists of a
vegetable liquid, taken as a tonic. No
publicity, no bad after-effects, and no
loss of time from business duties. To
bring the cure within ihe reach of all,
the Hammond Syndicate in East Koot-; the fee has been reduced to $2:").
Geo. B. McDermot,
(���uneral Merchant.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses nnd
Rit;s ot nil kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
G0LDEX, B. C. lMtc
Now is the time to tak^ action
with regard to the improvement of the
channel of tbe Kickinghorso so as to
prevent a repetition of the troubles of
the present winter. The work is one in
both the Dominion nnd Provincal
Governments should join, The Dominion Government are liable in that
Golden is a Dominion townsite, aud
his Government are about lo offer
other of their lands here for sale.
Then again tho dredging of the Columbia at aud below its junction with tbe
Kickinghorse must be part of any
scheme having for its object the effectual protection to the town. The Col-
umhia is a navigable river under control of the Dominion Government, and
this work clearly lies within their
province. As to the Provincial Government, the grounds for their (lability
are that the administration of all town
sites, with the exception of municipalities, is within their control,
and the lauds aud property of these
townsitea are subjects of the regular
taxation of the Province. It is the
duty of tbe Provincial Government to
pr itect its taxable property. The better course will he for the Town Board to
call a public meeting of taxpayers
by whom the matter might be fully
discussed, and consideration given to
tbe best method of bringing these matters under tho notice of the Dominion
and Provincial Governments with a
view to having the necessary works]
carried out. Probably the best course
will be to pass resolutions and forward
them to the representatives cf the district, in both iho Dominion and Provincial Parliaments, with a request
that they do their utmost to have effect given to the suggestion embodiedin
such resolutions.
The McMurdo House,
CAKTwniGtir, pRorniETOR.
Good accoramodstion for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hii
Vaiiva NERVE BEANS are a now
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youth. Tbisreniedyalirtolutolyeuro-s themnst
obstinate wises when all other treatments have
failed oven w relieve. .Sold bydrtiggists At8l
per package or six tor 95, or sent by mail on
receipt of nrice by ^dressing THEJAMES
Write for
An Honest Offer!
To all those suffering from
ISTbrvous Exhaustion or any Pkivatb
Disease, who have tried different doctors or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will be sent FREE in plain sealed envelope upon application to
190rJ3i Box 60, Detroit, Mich.
��V tive guntlemen or Indies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly fdo.OO and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self^ddres-
eed stamped envelope. The I^mlmo^om-
pany, Dept. V Chicago. ��4apW
The Union Bank will oheu at Cal-
Mr. Rnttan, of the firm of Manuel &
Rnttau, of Donald, intends going to
Rosslaud is to have a carnival or
sport in March. Ski racing will be one
of the attractive features,
The Fort Steele people are endeavoring to induce tho Imperial Bank to
open a bianch at Fort Steele.
The Golden Curling Club will probably send a rink to ihe Saudou competition for Mr. Rostock's trophy.
The Province has gone into mourning for the political decease of the
Hons. J. H, Turner and C. E. Pooley.
Mr. Bostock M. P. passed through
Golden on Friday on his way to Ottawa to attend to his parliamentary
Mr. Fernie. Manager of the Crow's
Neat coal fields, has despatched the
first shipment of coal from the mines
to Fort Steele.
A man was sentenced at Wardner to
six weeks imprisonment for illicit
liquor selling iu tho Crow's Nesi
Railway camps.
Ninety teams are at work ou the
Crow's Nest Railway hurrying iu sup
plies III expectation of the toto ivad
breiking up when soft weather comes.
The C P. R. will give free transportation tu buyers of Manitoba Blockers
importing not less than two c. rl cm da
of cattle into Altierta, and carry cattle
at nominal rales.
The B. C. Mining Record has published an excellent Klondike edition,
well illustrated, and with perfect letter press aud neat cover showing the
routes to ihe fields.
The Calgary Herald says: "It is
staled that the Medicine Hat division
of the C. P. R. now terminates at
Liggan instead of at Donald." We
think this statement is premature,
Tho school at Windermere lias started with an attendance of 12 scholars.
Mrs. Kimpton, Messrs B. Morijeau
aud W. A. T.iggiirt are Trustees, Mrs.
Kimpton having been appointed se.;-
Mfijor Walsh, in a letter to Ottawa,
ciilculates ilia*, river boats will not lju
able to land more tlmii one half of sup-
j plies necessary to sustain thet-stimated
I population in Yukon next summer. He
Inst summer, has been nppoiuied
innuHgcr of construction of the rail*
wav which the C. P. R. will build between Stickeen and Teslin Luke, Mr.
White is to enter on his duties immediately and reckons to have the tote
road completed between the river and
the lake iu t lie course of a month.
The Rev. Father Cnccola is a wonderful man. He had hardly got the
enterprise of erecting a big church off
bis shoulders than ho launched into a
hospital for St.. Eugene, He bar now
another and equally important scheme
on foot, namely, the building of a liigh
school for completing the oducatic n of
those who have gone through tbo
studies in the district schools in thin
part of the country. Tbe school will
he equipped With a first class teaching
Relatives of Cassius and Anthony
Chittick. of Indianapolis have received
word that 'he two men perished in tbe
Klondike reigon. The two left home
for ihe gold reigon last Auuest. At
Seattle they were joined by Wm. Gos-
ser. of Pittsburg, and Melville Seoville,
of Syracuse. Tho lust letter they wrote
horn* stated they were within 30 miles
of the Stewart rivtr. Relatives here
have received a letter from returning
miners who have reached Seattle, stating that the whole party perished iu a
The Fort Steele Pros) ector   has
article on iho necessity of a judge   he-1 does not believe that 50.UUU cauget
At a public meeting at Fort Steele it
ing appointed for East Kootenay   and
wequitoendorsewhatourcontemporary | was resolved on the motion of R. G.
says: "Among the most pressing ' Shier seconded by Mr. Lewis, tint ihe
needs of tho district, and one which Government be asked to have the
��tn k��KltmAMl��...l,,   ..   ���...   ,_,. [^eedy incorporation act amended   so
as to extend its   provisions   over   the
advances,   is   the   Appointment   of
County Court Judge for East Kootenay
Wo have drawn attention to this m.;tt
ter on several occasions in the piwt, Crow's Ne��t Ry
and representations have been sent for- [���uuorlutetiiHng
ward to members of the Government.
Judgo Foriu doubtless is already well
burdened with work in the western end
of the country, and from what wo can
learn be cannot reasonably be expected
to do more work than he is now doing.
The grievance is a serious and growing
one, and there should no longer he delay in the appointment of a Judge for
this part of Kootenay.    Action   neo.la
'o be taken speedily so that at tbe ses- known ,s Captain of the
aionof the Legislature which begins on   has accepted tbe general
The Winnipeg Tribune says: C. A
McCool, ofCartier, Out., has left foi
for the purpose of
the cr.'ct on of a
llar.e saw mill for the railway com-
' pauy. It will be located ou Coal Creek,
East Kootenay.
R.L.Galbraith, of Fort Steele, who is
also tho owner of tbe Windermere
Townsite, has kindly presented the
Win ermere school trustees with two
lots for school purposes. He has also
subscribed $2i> towards the building
fund and piomised u further sum if
I quired.
Captain   J.   B.   Sanburn,   so   well
10 prox. an appropriation may bo
made for the salary of the new Judge,
to be followed immediately thereafsr
by the appointment of a suitable man
by the authorities at Ottawa."
The eighty Who Suffer
In Every Hundred From Catarrh, Have a
Friend Indeed in Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal
"I was a catarrh victim for many years.
Dr. Agiiew's Catarrhal Powder has done me
great service. I tried every remedy in the
category of catarrh cures wi hout any permanent relief. After taking only a few doses
I received great bi neiit, and in a very short
while my catarrh had disappeared. I am
satisfied it is the best, safest and quickest
remedy known for this malady today." Jas.
E. Hell, Pauldiug, O.
Sold by C. A. Warren. ��98
of the Yukon Transfer company, Th
company has Hi steamers, 22 barges
and two tow boats, that will operato
between Seattle aud Dawson City.���
Wardner International.
The old man who looks out at the
world with clear and healthy eyes cannot help feeling great gratification at
the thought that bis children have inherited from him no weakness nor tendency to disease. The healthy old man
is the man who has throughout Ins
life kept bis digestion good and his
blood pure. Not one in a 1.000 does do
it. Germs go through the healthy
body without effect. Let them once
find lodgment or let them find a weak
spot, they will develop by the
million and the blood be full of them.
Instead of giving strength to the tie*
sues, it will force upon them innutri*
tious matter, and the man    will  lose
It is altogether admirable
hen a man, by dint of
ill, wrings a for-
;   from   niggardly
umstances.     The
world    is   full
of instances
where    men
have done this,
but   never   in I
history was this
by a weak and '
unhealthy man, j
Ill-health    not |
only    weakens '
every  physical
function but every mental faculty and every
moral quality.
If ? man will
stop and reason
for a moment,  \
^ he    does    not
have to be a physician to understand the
cause? of impure blood, or its far reaching
effects. When a man's digestion is disordered, his liver sluggish, his bowels inactive, the blood is deprived of the proper
food elements, and the sluggish liver and
bowels supplv in their place, the foulest
of poisons, the Wood is the life-stream.
When it is full of foul poisons, it carries |
and deposits them in every organ and tissue of the body. Bone, sinew, muscle, and .
flesh-tissue, the brain cells and the nerve
fibres are all fed upon bad, poisonous food.
Serious ill-health is bound to result. The
man is weakened in every fiber of his body, j
He is weakened physically, mentally and
morally. He suffers from sick headache,
distress in stomach after meals, giddiness
and drowsiness, loss of appetite and sleep,
bad taste in the mouth, shakiuess in the
morning, and dullness throughout the day,
and lassitude and au indisposition to work.
Sooner or later these conditions develop
consumption, nervous prostration, malaria,
rheumatism, or some blood or skin disease.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is
the best of all known medicines for ambitious, hard-working men and women. It is
the great blood-maker and flesh-builder.
It makes the appetite keen and hearty, and
the digestion and assimilation perfect, the
liver active, the blood pure and rich, the
nerves steadv, the body vigorous and the
brain alert. Where there is also constipation Dr. Pierce's pleasant Pellets should be
used. Both of these ereat medicines are
for sale by all medicine dealers,
For futher information write or con
suit Dr. McTaggart, London, Ont.
Reference as to Dr. McTrtggart'S pro
fessional standing and personal
integrity permitted .by.
Sir W. R Meredith, Chief Justice of
Ontario, Toronto;
Hon. G. W. Ross, Minister cf
Education. Toronto;
(I, W. Yarker, Banker and Financial
Agent, Toronto;
R. J, Fleming, ex-Mayor of Toronto
City.   Toronto;
H. S. Strathy, General Manager
Traders'  Bank, Toronto;
S. Nordheimer, German Consul,
The following from Aid. Spenie,
Secretary of the Dominion Alliance, is
one of many such testimonials in i.is
Toronto, July 12, 1887
A. McTaggart, Esq., M. D.
DEAR Sir, - In reply to your enquiry
regarding my knowledge of the Dyke
Cure for Intemperance, I have to say
tliHt it was brought under my notice
about a year ago, aud I specially interested myself in a number of cases
that were treated by it. In some of them
tbe results were remarkable, several
parties who were confirmed inebriates
becoming entirely changed and remaining till the present time sober and useful citizens. Several other parties
treated at the same time I have lost
sight oL, but do not ���ersoually know
ofacaseont of a half a dozen in which
tbe treatment was not. successful.
With best wishes I remain.
Yours sincerely,
209 F. S. Spence.
Removed to
New Stoie .
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge
Hy Motto i*
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanshi
Business Cards
Notary Public, Golden, I
A post card addressed to m��
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.
Huilder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B 0
A supply of   Building   Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.    Prompt attention given to orders. SBt
R. A. Kimpton, who came down
from Windermere on Tuesday, informs
us tliat this has t^on one of tbe finest
winters experienced in that part of the
country.   Stock are*in   fine condition.
Mr. Baillie. editor of the Fort Steele
Prospector, lias gone to Ottawa to
urge on tbo Government, in conjunction with Mr. Bostock, M. P., certain
matters of interest to the people of
that town,
J, F. Wardner has sold his interests
in the Inter national Transportation
Company, that owns the steamers
North Star aud Gwendoline, to tbe
Fo t Steele MercuntileConipanv, and it
is quite probable that the Company
will acquire oilier iutersts.
Support local industry in your district. Tho GoLdbn Era printing
office if* one of the local industries
most deserving of your support. We
can do anything in the printing line.
Barrister, Solicitor &
-  -  -  Notary Public
Office at Upper Columbia Navi|ratic
Co. Buildinn, Golden, B. C.
Will be in Golden on  Monday o! eocfc
week. ' Jtt
Golden Hospital Soci
THE HOSPITAL is now open tot fhe
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the ur. ft i"''
signed  or   any member   ot  tl
PRICE   Ten Dollars per year or :  I
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wardi.
Acting Sccretar;
Hon. F. W. Avlnier President
W. O. MW'hefl-liinos Vice     do
W. O. Neilson, J. P    do       do
E, Johnson...   do       do
E. A. ilaggon Secretary-Treaaurer
The reffulnr meolinffs of the association
will he held on iho first Tuesday in every
month at the Coluniliu House, Golden.
All possible Information will he furnished
by tho association upon up. lication to
I E. A. Haouen, Sec.Goldon.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of anada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,00.
(250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   for  Security
ot   Policy   Holders.
President���Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat.
Viie-Pre-iilent-Joseph W, Flavulle
Managing Uirec or���F. O. Cox.
E. A. Haiokn.
21�� Agent, Goldon, B. C
We Charge No Commission.      We Buy Right Out.
it|M aid tifl Taralihss Fris.
Fall Prices.   Comet Sslsetioa.
Immediate Remittances.
Hides, Pelts.Wool
Tallow,   Ginseng:,   Seneca.
��� ���������������
Write for Circular civing Latest Market Prioet.
Jas. McMillan &c Co.   inc.
300-212 First Ave Horth
aa i'   i     aa
Xew Catalogue on Application.
Savage Eepeating Arms Co.,
Uttica, New York. *
���-�����������:��*���' THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1898.
News In Brief
Miss Kinnear frozen to death at
Siven sailors mutinied and attempted to take ship off Tacoma.
Reported that Sir William Van
Home will resign presidency of C.P.E.
It is proposed to settle the Chinese
difficulty by a joint British-Russian
Donald McLean, farmer, found dead
at Moosejaw, having betn suffocated
by natural gas.
ThrtC. P. R. hare bought Heinze's
railway into Rowland aud also hie
smelt����� at Trail.
China has receded from her position
with Great Britain aud is now courting Russia's good will.
A infill named Bonlofsky cot $2.COO
damages at Vancouver from the Tramway Co. for loss of an arm.
U'liiel Stites resolved lo pay silver
Iimi-U iu silver. Quite right too!
Rj.igh on the ^old bugs however.
Diamond  Dyes are the Only
Safe and Pure Dye-stuffs.
Our legislature have enacted string-
nnr laws for the prevcmtbn of food
adnlerntfoii, ami as �� result onr people
liavn Iwbh benefitted, iinij all classes of
our population K**t value for ther
It would be a boon for the womeu
of Cutiadit if thn adulteration act applied to package dyes sold for home
dyeiiiii. DyewtiifEs .uv now used iu
tens pf thou.situ Is of home*, and too
frequently nhmhle go'tdi* and mat-
eriils are tput'lud by use of adulterated
dyes ihat should be prohibited by
Thu Diamond Dies for lone year**
have mi vou the most complete satis-
factio i They art) the only reliable,
(mm -md fast dyes now before the
public ���the only package Dyes that
can s'and the most crucial chemical
Diamond Dyes are snld by up-to-
dare druggists and dealers. If you
meet a de iKt who recommend-* some
o'her make of dye, pause before you
buy from him. S ich a denier is
working only for big profits, he has
uo regard for your success and comfort. ^02
SnHon* .Hot-,.
BoMllAY. January 29. ��� Serious riots
have occurred at Siugan in the Nassik
district. Bo'tdmy presidency, hgainst
the plague measures. A mob killed
the ho*tpital assistant, burned the segregation camp, ruined the postoflice
ami cut the telegraph wires. The
policH were obliged to lire ttpnn the
ra.)h iu order to quell the distiirbance
and u.-Mi.v of ihe rioters were wounded.
I'oit 17,    u nilng, Jreaplnjrf, Crawling
Iti 1 Dinea es relieve 1 hi a few minute? by
igae v's Ouitmeut. I).-. Agne.v'ri ointment
relieve-l bis hi IV am cured Tetter, S.-.lt
1'hoini, Si-��IJ Hem! Erzn.tm. Ulcers, lllot-
rJiOH aud all Era tious of the Skin. It is
no itllblg and q.deling an I acts like magic iu
���ill Ha iy Kumars, Irritation of the ricalp or
ltaslies during teething lime- 00 cent* a box.
���Sold by C. A. Wairon. *21��3
4 ���
General Wcstmacott's brigade has
met with a serious reverse. 2l of his
men being killed and 33 wounded.
K&K   K&K   K&K   K
I The Leading Specialists of America (
20 Years In Detroit.
250,000 Cared.
j Thousands of young and middle-aged I
1 men aro troubled with this dinease���lnftny I
I unconsciously. They may have a smart-1
1 ing sensation, small, twistiuf stroara, f
I sharp cuttine pains at times, slight dis-1
I charge, difliculty in commencing, weak I
I organs, emissions and all tho symptoms I
I of nervous debility���they have STK1C- I
I TUltE. Don'tletdoctoMexperimenton I
I you, by euttlus. stretching, or tearing I
I you,  This wlUnntoureynu.u it will r*> I
turn. Our NEW METHOD TltMAT- I
I MENT absorbs tho stricture tissue; P
I hencoremovesthoftricturepormanently. L
1 It can never return. No pain, no Buffer- I
I log, do detention from lusineis by our I
I method. ThosezualorgansarostrAn|th-1
] enod.  The nutves are Invigorated, and |
the bliss or manhood returns.
I ���* Thousands of young and middlo-aged ITI
1 men are having their (eiual vigor and p^
I vitality continually sapped by this dis-1
I ease.   They are frequently unconfeious f
1 nftheoauseofthesoeyuiptump.  (loncra!
Weukness, Unnatural iJi-wharges, Fiul-
| log Manhood, NervounncM, Poor Mem-
I ory. Irritability, nt Uhum Smart ing Sen-
| nation, Sunken Eyes, wilh dark circles.
I Weak Back, General Depression, Lack L
I or   Ambition.   Varicocele.   Shrunken frrl
Parts, oto.  GLEET ond STRICTURE r**
I may be the cause.   Don't consult family
doctors, as they bavo no experience in
I these-  special   diseocos���don't   allow
8uacka to experiment on yon. Consult I
pccittliati, whehave made o> life study of I
I Diseases of Moft and Women.  Onr NEW |
METHOD   THEATMBNT will wii- .
tively cure you.  One thousand dollars I
for a case we accept for treatment and |*J
cannotcuro. Tormimoderateforaoure. ^
I   We treat and rare:  EMISSIONS, f
A naabl. to call, write for I
TON   BLANK   for    HOME I
1 Cor. flfletjlgan Ava. and Sbelby St.
K& V-   K&K    K& K   K
"Made Me a
New Woman."
The Life of Mrs. Mc-
Master, of Toronto,
is Saved.
A Case tbat Proved too Difficult
for the Physicians Yields to
the Wondrous Virtues
of Paine's Celery Compound.
A Signal Victory for the King
of .Medicine*.
aln.  Ilnnl.h.il, Kv.slirlit  Quito He-
.tort-il, und u New Life NeKiln.
Wells A Richardson Co.,
GENn.KMEN: -10.veins ago I was
aitai.-ke.| wilh neuralgia, and though
treated by six doctors, the disease
grew worse ami nearly drove me insane, i was one summer nn out door
patient at I lie hospital here, but only
noi temporary relief.
I was sleepless for nights my digestion was bud, ami I would feel a pain
in my stomach every time I aie anything. Day afier day I suffered ihe
most interne a our, and I often
wondered I didn't go crazy. I took
endless medicines given me by medical
men, and getting worse, I became utterly disheartened.
One day my deliverance came. A
lady who had suffered just as I had
told me that Paine's Celery Compound
had cured her. I used the Compound
as a la��t resort, and it simply made a
new woman of me. The pain vanished;
my eyesight, which was impaired, re
turned, and I felt myself growing
well, and I never felt happier in my
life I am now well and strong, and
all mv health and happiness are due lo
Paine's Celery Compound. I will al-
wuyii gratefully remember the medicine
that cured me, and will speak a good
word for it,
Mrs. Thos. Mcmaster,
4i) Cumberland St.,
301 Toronto.
���  50c.
50c.  ���
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding the mineral sections of
East Kootenay aud their resources,
will be furnished such information hy
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the Era, free of charge.
A Cure for Lame Back.
"My daughter when recovering from
an attack of fever, was a great sufferer
from pain in the back and hips,"
writes Louden Grover, of Sar.il*, Ky.
"After using quite a number of reine-
din without any benefit she tried one
bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm,
and it has given entire relief." Cham-
lierlaiu's Pain Balm is also a certain
cure for rheumatism. Sold bv all
druggists. Langley and Co.. Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
Toronto capitalists have bought the
Wardner Townsite and Mr. Gurd will
be in chaige.
Salt rheum
��� It I. a marve lous cur. for all snoh dlsv
gustlng and disfiguring.diseases a. Eo-
xemu, salt Ulicum, Teller, Harriers' Itch,
Scold Head- Ulcer., zV.otehes. It cures all
eruptions of lb. ekiu and make, it eoft
and white.-27.
Sold by 0, A. Warrsn.
WANTED-TRUSTWORTHY AND Active gentlomen or ladies to travel for
rest.onsilife, established hou-o in Hritish Columbia. Monthly Wi.tO and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. SWapiM
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1879) Lbadvillk, Colorado
Samples hy mail or express receivo
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prices:���(Md, silver and
lead, SI; any two of Ihe above, 75c; anyone
of the above, 50c; copper analysi,, lit ph,ti-
n'lin, nickel or tin, $5.   Writo for full prico
list and mailing envelopes.
Advertise Your District
To do so, send your orders for us
to print your raomoranda with a
locality map of East Kootenay
and the various locations on the
back of each form!
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
General Primers and Publisher*.
Oolden, B. C.
These watches arc solid 14 -arat
���/old, itnd our usual list price for
tliem here in England is ��f* (S25)
each, but to introduce our enormous
Catalogue, we will send you ih
wa'ch free if you take -advantage of
our marvellous offer. If you want
one, write to us without delay.
With your letter send us 50 cents
International Money Order, for
which we will send you a solid silver brooch, worth 91, and our offer
After yon receive the beautiful
watch, we shall expect you to show
it to your friends, and call their at
teution to this advertisement. The
watch is sent free by registered post
on your complying with our adver
ti*ement and our offer, and is war
ranted for five years.    Address: ���
Watchmakers' Alliance &
Ernest Goode's Stores. Ltd.,
184   Oxford  St., London, Kncl'iiid.
Money returned if not more than
eat is tied.
15 Princess Street. Birmingham,
"I thank you very much for the
beautiful watch you sent me free of
charge. I havo tested it for nine
months and it never varies one
half-a-minuto from one week's end
to another."~E. Wilks.
"To gire away a Gold Watch
worth 25 dols. is certainly a splendid advertisement, hut as the
Watchmaker's Alliance is the largest firm of Watchmakers in England, they can afford it.''-Ei>lTOltX.
Be mre nnd address your letter, 184
* Oxford street, London, England.      ���>
��� ���
Wholeaale and Itctall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. C.        26tc
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied   by   D.   L.   Bettsctien,
Prescriptions Carefully Piep..red.
A Fuli Stock of Patent  Me.icuiM and
 Pruggista Sundries Kept.
Fort Steele
Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Save .. ]|Hf *
Your Feet!
'Save your eyes! 'Discard rubbers! 'Ask your Doctor!
Wear ihe new wet-proof, snow-proof, swealicss leather
footwear.    I.ighl-weight, easy, warm, stylish, economical.    Marie with the famous Goodyear Welt.
jit lor the  $3.50 per pair.
"Slater Rubberless Shoe."
mo^mKM*m*mmM^mMM��l**U3*mmmmmst*M '
II. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.
fit We ure Manufacturers ami Direct Impor
ters,   and  carry
Furnaces.    Fire
THE Eaat Kootenay Railway Company will
apply to the Parliament of Canada At its
next session for mi Act to declare tho Company's undertaking to be tor the general advantage of Canada, to authorize it to kiue
bonds io the extent of thirty thousand dollars
per mile of its railway and to empower it to
convey or leaso the Company's railway.
Vancouver. 15 Doc, 1897.
A. Si(i. HAMtiRSU'Y,
Solicitors for Applicants.
Ueumill & May,
Ottawa Agents. 26'2f25
Stage l.envetf (-olilen
Every TUESDAY morning at 7 30
o'clock  and arrives at Fort Steele
Stnee Leave* Fort Steele
Every   SATURDAY   morning   and
arrives at Golden every MONDAY
Firnt Class Equipment
and   every attention   given  to the
comfort    of    passengers.      Good
(Stopping houses every 25 miles
on the route.
Express Matter
of ail   ':iuds handled with promptness and care.
Fulmer & Kerfoot. Props.
Head Office, Golden.   i��
Large Stock of Balances,
Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Hooks, Glas>-
w a re, Platinum G oods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assayers' and Miners' requirements.
Sole  Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter-
sea; Becker's Son's   Iliilan-
ces; Brunton & Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
fl *numu/A
Vancouver, IS. C.
O. Pox 355. Telegraphic Addrossi   "ASSAY," Vancouver, B.C.
lflMbAiii^tiU"ia.-l^l'i,rt*iii'(|iif , jfltl *^*i^*l'' r*rfcakW*r tfs!Vlltaw>,Tisw-iiiL-'r',.-,>l.V�� n^f n��Lfi to> f|-��^tii^*^
Lodging House
e t��e Steele House,
JJOTICE Ie hereby given that application
���will he made tn tne Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British Columbia at Its
next session for an Act t" Incorporate Tbo
Mountain Tramway aud Eluctrio Company
with power to construct, acquire and operato
ropeways and tramways for transportation of
freight from points on or near iho N-.kusp &
Slocan Kailway and branches thereof to
mines and mineral claims Jn the McUuig'in
Camp and Whitewater Hash) and elsewhere
in tho District through which said Kailway
aud branches pass or will puss, and from
pt'intfi on the Columbia and Knotenay Rail*
way, Crow's Nest Line, constructed or "to bo
constructed, and branches thereof iu tho min
ing districts of East and West Kootenay. tu
mines and mineral claims in thn districts
through which said Railways and branches
respectively pass or will pass; and to construct, acquire and operato works and plant
to genorato and supply heat, light and electricity in tho said Districts and elsenhere iu
the Province, and to dispose of such heat,
light and electricity; and io acquire and hold
all kinds of real and personal property, to-
Bother with the power to expropriate lands
and all other powers and privileges that im.y
Im necessary, incidental or advantageous to
the full exercise of tho powers horeiubefore
Dated this 14th day of Decembor, 1897.
Davis,Marshall,HacNeili, ft Abbott,
254ja28 Solicitors for Apl licants.
Golden Evl
Published Every
Friday Evening.
Subscription, ��2 per Annum, |
Payable in Advance.
. Paper.
The Business Man,
The Politician.
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Haaa'aciuKis, 8404H4 W. I ��k�� BMW,
CWt*J��, 111. m THE GOLDEN  EKA,  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY -i,  1898,
a   case   of   diphtheria   at
Then it
* Cigara given away at Starforth &
Notice it given of Sheriff's sal* at
Golden tn Friday next.
��� Thie tear's crop of nuts just arrived at the Oolden Fruit Store.
Service will be held at the Presbyterian Church, Oolden, on Sunday ut
1.30 p.m.
K. B. Richmond, carpenter, ol Belle-
iille,Ontarie, was among the men who
want with Capt Armstrong to Teslin
ii, Peteraon, of Calgary, arrived in
town on Thursday and it opening out
a tinsmith then near the Kiukinghorse
0. H. Itehder who recently served his
connection with H. Q. Pnrson'a llore,
hat gont to Kamloopt, where he ha?
secured a poaition.
��� Choice variety of Cigars and
Cigarette! jutt opened at Starforth &
Mr. Sinyho, of Windermere, arrived
by last ttagt on hit way to the Home
country. He will be much missed iu
tbe Windermere district.
Mr. hlunson, who has ben prospecting in the Windermere district the
greater part of the season, loft Golden
today en route to Klondike.
O. F, Smith will hold service in
connection with tbe Methodist church
on Sunday next as follows: Donald
11 a. :n.  and Golden 7.30 p.m.
St. Paul's Church. Oolden, Sunday
February Gtb: Morning service, 11
a m; evening tervict 7.30 p.in Choir
practice at 8 p.m. on Saturday.
* Are you troubled with indigestion?
Chew Somervill's Pep.sin Gum! Star-
forth * Bligh, agents.
Before Mr.Griflith. S. M. at Donald,
on Wednesday, tive men ware charged
wilh vagrancy and released on their
promise to quit the town forthwith.
The night befo-e the death of O.
Woodloy, his family received intimation of the death in England, on January 7th, ol the father of the deceased
At the Police court on Saturday
morning Nellie Siuhei-lund was lined
$25 and 92 costs for keeping a disorderly lioute, and Margaret Mulvaney
was fined $10 and $2 costs for being
inmate of such house.
We are glad to tee that the police
eve roo'in,; out of ihe "jwn xoine loafers who have been about for sometime.
Several drunken men have been "rol
led" of late. We dont know of course
who did it but it is pretty certain to
have been due to tome of the gentry
who have nothing else to do.
The ti<ani8hip Portia from St.
John's reports a harrowing tale ol
blizinrds there and destitution on the
coast ttationt of that country. Hund
redt of men, women and children died
of starvation and exposure, with
abundance close by, and hundreds
more are threatened with a like   fate.
G. Raintay, who was recently fined and
tent to priton for contempt of Court by
running away after a fight at Golden
broke into Constable Stirret's house at
Donald the other night. For this offence be was brought before the court
on Wednesday when Mr. Griffith con
tenced him to three montht in Donald
B. M. Wilton, of Tub Eka office,
assisted at the Minstrel Entertainment
at Calgary latt week. The Herald
aayt: "At on the previous evening
the club twinging of Bob Wilton waa
especially enjoyable, in fact those who
have witnessed Mr. Wilson's perform
ancet state freely that be it without a
peer in the west."
This morning the remains of the
late O. Woodley were removed to the
Methodist church where tbe funeral
t.rinou waa preached by Mr. Smith.
There wat a large attendance of mourners. The body was taken from the
church this afternoon to the railway
atation whence H. Woodley acconi
painet it to Port Hope, the place of
Pertont who are troubled with indigestion will be interested in the experience of Wm. H. Penn, chief clerk
in the railway tervice at Dei Moinet,
Iowa, who writei: "It gives me plea-
ture to testify to the merits of Chara-
btrlaiu't Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. For two yean I have suffered from indigestion, and am subject to
frequent severe attacks of pain in the
stomach and bowels. One or two
dotes of this remedy never fails to give
perfect relief. For sale by all druggists. Langley A Co., Wholesale
Agents. Victoria and Vancouver.      4f
It teems that the statement recently
published that members ot the Foresters going to Klondike   would   forfeit
their life policies is not correct.    II. L.
Brown,   who   has    been   for    some
years    attociated    with    tho    Foresters     informs     ni       that      he
did not credit the report, and that  he
wrote to   the   Chief Secretary.     Mr.
Brown has shown us his  reply, from
which ws extract the following -"II
you intend going to the Klondike you
will  require    to  par  extra  haaard
assessment, which in your  ease will
amount to 11.78 per month instead   of
$1.88 whioh you formerly paid." From
this it wonld appear that Foresters are
sot prejudiced as to  thir  iHmm
polluiss  by going   to   the  Klondike
provided they get a permit from  the
bead office and pay tho extra rate,
A ttart hns been made with the aO-
litions to tbe Columbia House, the
contract having been let to J .Henderson.
On Feb. 1st a new C. P. R. timetable weut into effect, making No 2
due at Golden at 3.15 p. ra. No. 1 is not.
affected by the change.
The progressive ladies of Westfteld,
Intl., issued a "Woman's Edition" of
the Westlield News, hearing dare of
April 3, 1890. The paper is filled with
matter of interest to women, and we
notice the following from a correspondent, whioh the editors printed, realizing that it treats udoii a matter of
vital importance to their sex: "The
best roniedy for croup, colds nnd bronchitis that I have been able to find is
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. For
family use it has no equal. I gladly
l-econimend it." For sale by all druggists. I.augloy & Co , Wholesale
Agents, Victoria and Vancouver.       f4
Bonspiel   a
i   Ualgary--Goldeiri
-Other Nott*��.
H. K. Noodle Before the Court-Fine I
$1 and Costs.
A case affecting the Golden School
came before Mr. Griffith, at the Police
Court on Monday marning, when H.
R. Moodie was charged on theinforma*
tion of the School Trustees, with having created a disturbance iu the school
on & recent date.
"W. L. Houston, trustee, said the
trustees had offered to drop the matter
if Mr. Moodie would tender an apology,
but this he declined to do.
J. A. Bates, teacher in charge, gave
evidence as to his refusing to receive
buck defendant's daughter without tho
consent of tho trustees, as lu refused
to give him a satisfactary answor as
to her future good behavior. The
children wheio at their desks ready to
sit down when he saw the defendant
in tbe room and went across to apeak
to him,   when   he   said,   ,'What the
d in an this fuss about"   Witness
drew his attention to tho fact that the
ohiIdem were present and that was no
place to say anything. Defendant
shook his fist in witness' faco and
Said "I'll bring charges against you
that will put you out ot this. He culled witness a "G d something
and walked out of the school taking
his little boy with him.
To Defendant: ���Did not '.ell your
daughter that "I would slup her
on the mouth and make her see
stars." Said I wonld slap her on the
mouth for misbehavior.
W Bookout and R. Kenny, pupils
at the Heboid, also gave evidence as
tho language used by defendant.
Defendant admitted he had called
Mr. Bates a d hound.
Defendant said he hnd great difficulty in persuading his daughter to go
to school on account, of things Mr.
Bates was in tho habit of saying to
her. Had asked Mr. Bates to place
bis little boy elsewhere than where ho
was placed as be wished to keep him
away from another boy. Instead of
complying he said offensive things to
hie children such as that his daughter
should be sent to a ladies school, as
this school wus not good enough for
her. When she wtnt to school she
was met with the question, "was she
going to behave herself?" She replied
she always did behave. He then told
her she could not come back to school
till she saw the trustees. The whole
affair occurred before school had commenced. On hearing from his daughter what had occurred he went down
to the school. Mr. Bates was outside
as he weut, and by the time he got to
the school he was inside standing on
the platform. Asked Mr. Bates whv
he had sent Ethel home but he did not
reply. Asked a second time, when he
replied "you wilt have to see the trustees." Defendant said he should have
laid charges last summer, and that he
would do it now and have the matter
sifted. He positively denied having
shaken his fist in Mr. Bates' face, but
put out his hand to his little boy to
take him home, and turning to  Bates
told him he was * d-  hound.    Had
the school been going on he would not
have gone inside but called Bates out.
His Worship said that when tho
trustees had asked Mr, Moodie
to apologize it would have
been better had he done so.
If the Trustees were going tu allow
interruptions of that kind how wero
the childern to be taught. If Mr.
Moodie- could prove tho charges he had
made against Mr. Bates he would not
be allowed to remain in that school.
He might have children going to the
school himself aud he would certainly
not care to send them while these
charges remained unvestigated. It
was the duty of the trustees to investigate them and he hoped they would
do so. Mr. Moodie was evidently in a
hot temper but he had some provocation. He would impose a fine if $1
and costs, $2 to go to the trustees. If
Mr. Moodie had any reason for these
charges he should press them.
Calgary's bonspiel terminated on
Saturday evening last, the different
trophies being won as follows:
The Walkerville-lst McNeill, 2nd
Walker, Smith and Freeze to ^.lay for
thirl place.
'Hie McNeill ���1 Smart, 2 Kinnisten.
Smith and McNeill play for third
Br*.*wing Company's���1 Smith, 2
Lauder, Edmonton; 3 Hood, Sandon.
Bannermau-Crkohley���1 Freeze, 2
McNeill, Smart plays Walker for third
Visitors- 1 McLeod. Lethbridge; 2
and iJ McNeish und Warren, Golden; 4
Lauder. Edmonton.
Consolation -All to Golden,
Points competition -Kinnisten 3G,
Smart 84, Vincent 31, Maw 30, Forbes
McNeill 30, Langford 28, Freeze 27, T.
McNeill 27. Farrow 2ti. Tho prize
winners in this event were all Calgary
men. The first prize is a pair of handsome curling stones.
On Fridey evening the Calgary curlers entertained all the visiting rinks
to a magnificent banquet at the Alberta
Hotel, when the chair was ably tilled
by President Kenny, with Vice Presi
dents Walker and Maw in tho vice chairs,
The usual routino of toasts were pro
posed and responded to. Songs and
recitations were rendered by several
gentlemen, many of whom received
hearty encores. The gathering broke
up at a reasonable hour with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne" and the
National Anthem.
The Golden curlers all speak well of
tho gentlemanly and cordial manner in
which they were treated by the Calgary hoys both on and off the ice.
Nearly all the local men returned
home on Saturday, a detachraeut of 3
being left behind to bring home the
prizes, but it was found that they
could not handle the whole of them
and a number have to be sent on by
golden's spiel.
A meeting of tho local curlers was
held in tho rink on Tuesday evening
when arrangements wero completed
for a small bonspiel in Golden, which
will tnko place on Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday of next week. A cup
has been liberally subscribed for and a
second prize bus also been provided.
Two rinks will attend from Calgary
und another is expected from Sandon.
It wus also decided to entertain the
visitors at a curlers ball, which will
likely bo held in the Oddfellow's Hall
on Wednesday evening. A committee
of tint'-) was appointed to make arrangements for music, a supper, etc.
On Thursday night the points and
district medal competitions were combined when H. G. Parson was successful in securing first plnQO with a score
of IB, W. L. Houston nnd G. Brock
tied at 11 for second place and had to
pluv off, when Brock won by a score of
2 to 0, Houston getting third place.
Death of George Woodley.
On Wednesday morning at 8 o'clrck
the death occurred of George Woodley,
who was formerly well known as the
manager of Hull Bros, business. Deceased was a native of Tavistock,
Devonshire, England, where ho was
born in 1844. It 1869 he migrated to
Canada and settled for some time at
Coburg, Ontario. From there he
moved to Port Hope, where he resided
from 1873 to 1880. He then erne
west to Calgary, aud settled in Golden
five and a half yours ago, when he
waa appointed manager of tbe butchery business of Hull Bros., a position
which ho held up to tho time of tho
illness which ended in his death. He
leaves a widow, one boh, Harry, who
is well known iu connection with the
Columbia House, aud six daughters to
mourn his loss. Three cf the daugh
ters are married. Deceased was t
member of tho Sons of England, and
also of tho United Workmen, and the
body was taken by today's train to
Port Hopo, where it will be buried
with due ceremony by these brotherhoods. Deceased was 54 years of age
at the time of bis death. Ho never
had any illness prior to the paralytic
stroke which proved fatal. To the
:low and family of tbe deceased we
unite with the people of Golden in extending our sympathy.
Before his illness the late Mr, Wood-
ley had arranged to have a handsome
new residence built, and removed into
it a few weeks ago.
James Thompson Cured of Diabetes by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
News in Brief
Big fire in Winnipeg. Molntyre
block destroyed.
1,000 persons sailed in one day from
Seattle for Yukon.
Three men killed by explosion of
dynamite at Duluth.
Corbett signed articles for another
fight with FitzsttnmonB.
Three men fell from five story building at New York and seriously hurt.
Capt. of Fir* Brigade hockey team
at Calgary had his eye knocked out in
match last week.
Oh! Where is the Visitors Trophy?
Echo--Far, far away (in Lethbridge).
The president's ?(t)ocks dropped 1(>
to 0 when Smith was tho plunger.
If grandad had had his way we
might (?) have had the Visitors.
Tho manager of the Colts wants to
know when the Consolation is to bo
played off.
Although Golden had throe parsons
with them it was no go.
There waa a (R)ae of hope near the
finish but Win(n) he couldn't.
Who broke th.1 handle of Brock's
curling stone. Answer-Jim Winn
Hnghes'd it.
Wanted���A season's pasturago for
tho Colts.
Somebody said Todd(y) was very
much present during the spiel.
Notary Public and Conveyimt'er.
Mining, Heat Estate and
Financial Affuiit   .   .   .   .
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects and Developed Claims.
....  Oolden, II. ���.
AGENTS Sel1 "Klondike Gold
21AJ.E.l*Xt3 Fields" like a whirlwind.
Prospectus 25 cents, worth $1.   Big pay.
Capital unnecessary,
Bradley-Garretson Company, Limited,
273dol Toronto.
Golden Marketi.
Wheat $1.00 to $1.05
Oats   0.fi8 to   0.(18
Barley   0.2f> to   0 30
Beer (live)   3.00 to   3.f>0
Beef (dressed)  4.50 to   5.00
Pork  (live)   4.GO to   4.25
Pork (dressed)   5.00 to   5,00
Mutton  5.00 to  5.00
Butter   0.25 to   0.25
Eggs   0.20 to   0.25
Hay (baled) 17.00 to 17.00
Hay (loose) 14.00 to 14.00
Potatoes   0.75 to  0.75
British troops occupied Okute, place
claimed by French on West coast of
Tbe most pronounced symptoms of
beirt disease are palpitation or fluttering
of tbe heart, shortness of breath, weak or
Irregular pulse, smothering spells at night,
Dilns In region of beart.   Tbe brain may
congested,   causing   headaches,   dlssl-
Dcs* or-vertigo. In abort, whenever tbe
heart flatters, achen or palpitates. It Is
diseased, and If life Is valued treatment
must be taken. Dr. Agnew's Cure for tbe
Heart li tbe only remedy yet discovered
which will always give relief In 80 min-
Qte-i, find cure absolutely.-���3&
Sold hy C. A. Warren.
For Sale
Group of two claims of gold-hearing quartz
in If'st mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to $700 in gold. 10,17
Ptesar lease. 15
Group of two gold claims. One of tho best
propositions on tho market, and can bo
cheaply developed. Assay* gave about $200
per ton. 11
Interest in gold property iu exchange for
development work. 3
Group of 10 claims, developed. No better
property in British Columbia. I:!
Well "developed claim. Most promising
discovery In the Selklrks. Assays up to ITS, 5
Group of seven claims in quartz country
Good avorugo assays. 18
Group of four full sized claims. Copper
ore carrying gold. .(
Ono of best copper properties in East Kont-
enay. Smelter test 24 per cent copper, besides gold. 8
Claim in one of best locations in Selklrks.
Cheaply worked. Assays 805 iii gold, silver,
and cupper. '���>
Choice gold property, partly frcotnilling.
Assays up to $M0,   Development work      fil
Two claims in good location. Quartz carrying gold and copper. '20
Claim adjoining known gold property.   21
Four chums in Yukon, near Dawson City,
ground running up to $75 per pan. 5
Three claims near Columbia River. Big
ledge, gold and copper. 7
Three claims, developed, assays $28 in
gold, best location ia Selkirk*. 2(i
Gold quartz claims, assays &���'.'>. 27
Gold quartz claim, developed, good lead,
assays to #28. 28
Two quartz claims in convenient position
pan gold. 30
Five claims, copper and gold, valuo$80a
ton. 31
Three quart, claims, no cash, working proposition. 32
Three claims in proved country. 33
One-third unasKossiblc interest in developed
group of claims near Golden, _     39
Silver lead mine. One of the largest in tho
world. 60,000 tons ol ore blocked out ready
to ship. Location convenient to railway.
Price, *ti00,000. 40
Group of three claiina in Moyie district.
Free milling gold averaging $21 i er ton.
Considerable development. 41
Group of two claims at Moyle, Free milling gold.   Big proposition. 42
Claim at Moyie.   Copper and gold. Developed.   Good prospect. 43
Three claims of 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, near Klondike. Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, blacksmiths shop and tools. Wash averages $5G
per square foot. 5
Two placer claims on celobrated Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will realize $b0 per man
per day.   Title perfoct. H6.88
Placer claim on Miller Creek. Prlmitivo
work last season cleared $11,000 per man over
expenses. 37
Claim on El Dorado Creek, one of the banner  properties  of tho Klondike.   Dirt from
No. 2 shaft averaged fu.51 per pan.  Well improved.   Title clear    Price. $800,000.       38
Treasury stock in the Victoria-Texan" a
Gold Mining Company. This stock is offered at tho par value ot 25 cents. Five of
the mines on Toxadu Island have been working for the past 10 months ami this company
considers it owns tho best proposition on the
island. Prospectus may be seen and full particulars obtained ou application at my office.
30,nuo$l shares of treasury stoek in one of
the best proport-os at Fairvlow at 30 cent*
per sharo.
1,000 shares in Cariboo mine, Camp Me-
Kinney, a steady dividend payer.
Shares in l.e Rot. Reco, Slocau Star, Ram-
bleM'ariboo, Last Chance, Idaho. All good
dividend payers.
Farm of 100 acres near Golden; 30 acres in
Itivation; well watered.   Outbuildings con
Dodd's Kidney Pills Havo Muny Start-
ling Cares to Their Credit In Bruce
County.-No Medicine Miule can
Approach  Them.
Paisley, Jan 31.-A marked peculiarity of the people of Bruce county is
their firm belief in Dodd's Kidney
Pills, as a sute cure for Bright's Disease, Diabetes, and all other Kidtiuy
So many remarkable cures have been
made by Dodd'a Kidney Pills, in this
country that the people's confidence in
them is only natural.
One of those who have been rescued
bv Dodd's Kidney Pills is James
Thompson, of Paisley. Ho suffered for
years, with "an extreme case of Diabetes," and was so bad he could hardly move. Almost every medicine on
the market was tried, without effect.
Then he tried Dodd's Kidney Pills.
His recovery began at that time. Now
he is fully restored to health.
Mr. Thompson is only one of many
thousands who have been cured of
Kidney Diseases, by Dodd's Kidney
Pills. The simple, undeniable truth is
that evory person who has used them
for any of these diseases has been
thoroughly and permanently cured.
This cannot be said, truthfully, of any
other medicine that has ever been used.
Dodd's Kidney Pills stand alone, in
proud position far above any rivals.
Dodd's Kidney Pil's always cuke
Rheumatism, I-iune Back, Lumbago.
Heart Disease, Female Wenkness,
Gravel, Stono in Bladder, Sciatica,
Neuralgia, and all impurities of tho
blood. They are the only medicine on
earth that will positively cure Bright'*
Disease and Diabetes. Dodd's Kidney
Pills aro sold by all druggists, at 50
cents a box, six boxes for $2.50, or will
be sent, on receipt of prico, by the
Dodd's Medicine Co., Limited, Toronto.
Industrious Men of Character.
273d31 TORONTO.
tivo gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly SG5.00 and expenses. Position steady. Referenco. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. 204apM
If You are Energetio and Strong,
It you are above foolish prejudice against
canvassing for a good book, writo and get my
proposition. The in formation will coat nothing. I havo put hundredsuf men in the way
of making money; some of whom are now rich.
1 can do good things tor you, if you aro honorable and will work hard.
273d31 T. S. LINSCOTT, Toronto.
Two persons killed and a score injured by wreck of St. John's train in
Wanted--Can vutttterr-.
"Queen Victoria: Her Life aud Reign," luu
captured the British Empire. Extraordinary
testimonials from the great men; send for
copy freo. Marquis of Lcrue says: "Tho
best pop ilar Life of the Queen I have seen."
Her Majesty sends a kind letter of appreciation. Selling by thousands; gives enthusiastic satisfaction. Canvassers make $15 to
$20 weekly.
273d3l (Limited) TORONTO.
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen's Hotel.  Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask tor proprietor.
sist of hay shed, poultry yards, root house,
uso and stables.
milk liousn and stables. 4
Farm of 260 acres, Windermere district.
Lund fonced and under cultivation. House
and stable.   Rare bargain.
Farm of 150 acres, ono of the best and most
highly improved to bo got in East Kootenay. 1
Farmot 820 acres at Windermere. 35 acres
under cultivation. House and stable, fencing, irrigation.   Cheap, 6
Farm of 400 acres at Windermere. 100
acros under cultivation. . House,  stables,
granary, roothouses, fencing and irrigation,
took and implements, 6
Farm of 400 acres. 36 acrea under cultivation. All fenced. Stocked with cattle and
horses. Terms maybe arranged. This it
one of the best tarmi in the Windermere
Golden town lota, , ...
House with four town lota in town of Golden
for sale. ���     ,        .   _
Patentt for a Hallway Coupler and a Rope
To Let
Biz-roomed house in town of Golden.
Stables In Golden.
WANTED-To borrow for a client, 11,000
on good security.   ,       . c ,
Vet particular! of above apply to
B.A.HAOOBN,    ^_
Golden Era OftVe.
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial Land Survoyor.
Sub-Agent Dominion Government.
Agent Dominion Townsite, Golden.
Sj-eciiil attention to Mineral Clllimt.
304 Office, Alexaiulor Muck, Golden.
1JY VIRTUE of two Warrants of Execution
Issued out of tho County Court of Donnld
against Colin C. McKaytbr the mini of SGJ 8.">
and 8347.64. with rosis. I havo seized Iho
property of tho said I uliu 0. McKay, consisting of 1 loam of horses, cutler, harness, etc.,
also a quantity of groceries and general merchandise, and slmll sell tho same by Public
Auction opposite tho l'ostoftice. Golden, on
Friday, tho lllh day of Kcliriiary, at 12
o'clock noon, or so much theroof to cover the
said amounts, with all costs, charges, poundage, and ShoritTs toes, etc., unless the said
amouuts are sooner satisfied.
Sheriff, K.
Golden, B. C, Feb. lit, 1808. 30G
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
Kecora.    Published in London.
Subscription, S!.50 per annum.   Subscriptions nnd advertisements received by
E. A. HAGGEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kootenay.
Office.. .
NEW Additions havo boen niado to our plant
and appliance*.
Our prices are right.
We shall endeavor to please yon.
We havo the best of workmanship.
Support local industry.
Given* atrial.
olumbia House,
A Strictly First Clast Hotel in Evarj Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Beat Brandt of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquarters (or Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
Wm. McNeish, Prop.
THE   ���   .
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms,
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cijrpxi.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Russell House ...
Golden, B. 0.
Skelton & Healy, Proprietors.
Headquarters for Miners,
Prospectors and Lumbermen.
Ratei, 91.00  Per  Day.
Board and Lodging, $5 Per Week.
Fint Otis Bur.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers ol Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned end Sawn Balusters,
Newel Potts, Hand Ralls and Brackets.  All sites of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do all kind of repair
is soon aa possible.   I lliitea of'Plpe Pitting and Brast goedeon hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Aries, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory and
MaplePUnk. HOUSTON    &     CO,


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