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The Golden Era Jan 11, 1896

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&: ERA.
VOL. V.   NO. 22
Per Year
I have just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds
n.y expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and caps.
In order to remedy this I offer the following Inducements:
Quite        I   have  over  FIFTY  Suits   that  I   will  sell  at  cost and
Pntltc       I hftT8 over THBEE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
jrcl-ll>S>* at exact cost.
p.-. _ a-       I have over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell at all prices-.
n..i.    0.   QUa-c     I have an immense stock of boots and shoes at
DUOvS   06   DllUOOe. prices satisfactory to all.
I have hats and caps to fit the head and suit tho
I  have  over  TWENTY  vests    that   I  will  sell  at  very
low prices.
Hats & Caps. l havePS
It will be to your Intercut to call and examine these
Golden, B.C
H. D. HUME, Prop.
BfiY CO.
Christmas   ix
. ix   Presents.
It hns boon demonstrated beyond
tho question of a duiiht that tho practice of present giving by tlio merchant to customers is a wrong ouo.
We never did believe hi tho system
mid we do not propose to abandon our
belief in this connection now, What
we do propose tb do, however, is to
supply our custodiers with seasonable
goods ut pries lhuttlm average merchant pays to lay ihem down. Look
over the following i.ud see if what wo
suy is not so:���
"Bachelor's" Hamper
1 Bottle 7 year old Bye Whiskey.
1    "    " Encore" Scotch    "
1    "    Roe's Irish \\ hiskey.
1    "    Port, Sherry or Claret,
1 Box Imperii! Cigars.
44 Family   Hamper"
1 Pail Old English Mince Meat, Tibs.
2 Boxes 1 hoice Hon lions,
-lbs liest ���--sort Figs.
-lbs   " "    Ku.si.is.
lib New Almonds.
lib   "   Walnuts.
lib   "   Filberts.
ulbs Fancy Alixcd llisctiits.
'2 Jars McLaren's Imperial Cheeso.
ill)Totley's Fuinoiis lea (sampleI.
I! Bottles 11 year old live Whiskey.
1 Bottle Old " Crusted *' Port Wine.
1    "     P11I0" Dry" Sherry.
1    "    H.B.Co.'s Palo or wuk Brandy.
Wines and Liquors Wholesale,
Drewry's Celebrated Beer.
Just Opened Out a Shipment of
Slater Boots and Shoes
Alexander Block,
Golden, B.C.
"That Dead, Tired, Sore Feel,
Simpson's Kidney Pills,
Templeton, Agent, Calgary.
Golden, on tho main line of the Canadian
Pacitic Hallway; at its connection witli the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river ;
thn mineral and commercial centre of Eastern
Hritish Columbia; heudquurters of thi Golden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widoly known and fur
finned agricultural uud grazing land of tho
Coliiniliia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest iniueral country ou the
Why should good resolutions taken
At New Year tide, so oft be shaken,
And young men find tgemselvcs mistaken,
In their own strength.
Ho, who upon himself depends,
And will not listen to his friends,
Will find that when the New Year ends
He's beat at length.
These resolutions are well meant,
And taken with the best intent,
But if on pleasure you are bent
Take nay advice:
Seek for some charming girl's society ;
You find of them a great variety ;
But if you stick to strict propriety,
They all are nice,
Either of the above will be
delivered.caretully packed and
carriage paid to Golden on receipt of price.
In  the  matter of  James M, Rogers,
By order of the County Court of
Kootenay, sealed tenders for the pur
chase of Lot 108, Group 1, situate
near Windermere in the district of
East Kootenay, will be received by the
undersigned nnd will be opened at
noon on Tuesdav the lKth day of
February, A.D., 189G.
This is ns lino 11 farm ns thero is in tho district, DO acres have been under cultivation
nnd ure fenced nud irrigated, UO acres additional are fenced nnd have been used us pasture. "HO acres aro excellent arable laud and
cun be irrigated nt a small expense. The
improvements include a frame dwelling
house and a full sot uf outbuildings.
For terms and further particulars
apply to the undersigned.
Official Administrator,
dl4 Donald, B.C.
Oolden Hospital Society.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " i p.m.
..       1     11   i.   ->   ..
Sunday from  10 a, in, to 12 m., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
visiting nouns.
From 2:80 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Br OiiDEit.
The curlers' ball is now definitely
fixed for tbe 23rd inst.;
But we are sorry to state that the
proposed series of concerts���for want
of musical instruments ���are not.
Blouse silks iu all the new shades
and evening good.- to matoh arriving
this week at G. B. McDermot's.
Mr. McNeish and Mr. Greamo left
town on Thursday to visit the Hiddeu
Treasure copper and galena mine und
will not return until the commencement of next week,
Suowslidcs are giving the C.P.R.
some trouble up the canyon. A man
while removing snow was a few days
ago buried by one and was only recovered after 4 hours digging. It
seems remarkable that he^should he
still alive after that untimely uud
somewhat lengthy burial.
The following laconic note came to
us���the writer having omitted to sign
his name���a few days back and I
must embrace this opportunity of emphatically denying it: "Our editor is
uow uo longer in (k)need of any news,
as his knee has so recovered that he
cau hustle round for himself."
2000 pairs boots and shoes and a
nice lot of eveniug slippers will be
opened up in a few days at G. B. Mc
We understand that there is a wedding arranged between two of our
young people, which will take place
In talkiug oi marriage. It seems to
us reasonable to suppose thut the
cause of so uiuuv young men in Golden enjoying the privileges of a bachelor's life is that they have to go so far
to obtain a certiticaie of marriage.
Cannot���to bring about a reform���it
be arranged for them to be able to get
them at home, direct home you know;
everything is so much better coming
from home. I think there is room for
an improvement und consequently for
With regard to the series of articles
published iu The Eua on the Economical Geology of East Kootenay, we
state thnt if any of our readers who
care to see und examine the different
ores that are treated in each week's
issue, they will so fur as we possess
them, find them on view at the Colum-
bia House, there also Mr. Leake will
be pleased to examine or receive any
minerals that may have been found in
East Kootenay with information as to
the localities in which they are found,
McDermot's stock of foot wear for
1896 will be found the largest and
host assorted ever shown iu Golden,
Curlers' Bull.
The Golden Curling Club request
the honour of the company of the
ladies and gentlemen of Donald, Field
and neighboring towns at their Second
Annual Ball on the evening of Thursday the 23rd inst.
Public Dinners.
There is one feature, in the large dinners given this season at both Christmas and New Year, that we would
like particularly to notice in our
columns and that is that on both occasions these social gatherings were
graced by the presence of ladies. We
believe that these are the first occasions
on which this has been the case and
we earnestly hope that it will not be
by any means the last, but that we
shall see them at many, if not all of
our social dinners henceforward. Nothing will tend mora towards the <_e-
vatiou and refinement of the community, than the softening influence of the
gentler sex at such times.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Donald Division of East Kootenay
MOTICE is hereby given, in accord-
" ance with the Stutues, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all taxes
levied under the Assessment Act are
now due for the year W.)3. All of tho
above named taxes collectable within
the Donald Division of East Kootenay
district, are payable at n.y office, tha
Court House, Golden.
Assessed taxes nre collectable at the
following rates, viz. :
If paid on or beforo June 30th 189G:
One half of one per cent on real property.
Two per cent on assessed value of
wild land.
One third of ono per cent on personal properly.
One half of one per cent on income.
If paid after June 30th 1896���
Two-thirds of one per cent on real
Two and one half per cent on assessed value of wild laud.
One half of one per cent on personal
Three-fourths of one tier cent on income.
Provincial Revenue Tax 13.00 per
Assessor and Collo -tor.
Goldeu, Juuuury 2nd, lHOli. Qilxc ffiJ*I-j-cit (Cvit
Tlio GOLD-N ERA ir. put-h'shud evory
Saturday morning in ciino to uutoh tho cast
uud wost mail trains, also tbo mail for the
upper country, Windornioro, fc'ort Steele etc
It is tlm only advertising medium iu tlio Kent
Kootenay district.
Subscription liarm
advance. :
S-.'.M per aiiiiuiii IN
Ailvnrtisoiiiouts and cl
tlio olllco not later than I'i
to insure uu-ortiou.
anges must be in
.1 in, ou Thursdiiy
All chIi to bo pni 1 to tlm Malinger, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertisement rates mail', known ou application '.o
Ik Ufa Eia Pjilisfiinj Compari),
SATURDAY, JAN. 11,  1896,
"In union is strength," this is gen-
enally acknowledged by nil sorts and
conditions of men, but very few of us
cure to produce this strength. I presume it is want of confidence. Why
will tho free miners not comliino and
form nn association iu thiii district?
This is the only wny to have a voice
in the compilation of our mining laws,
which you all know are about as bad
as they can bo. There aro no men.hers
of society ���individually or collectively
���so taxed as the free miner of British
Columbia is nt present, The only way
to lesson this tax is to protest against
it in a body. Tho laws are iniulo fur
us and why should wo not have '.hose
that aro best adapted to our industries
It's not only the Poll tax and the Free
Miners Certificates that we have to
contend ugainst, there aro the many
incidentals which occur beforo you
can obtain a Crown grant to any property and for records, publioat ion, etc.
all arc direct taxes. Of course the
Government must have money, hut
why should it make the poor prospector who is doing his host io advance
tho interests of the Province, pay more
than his share. It is not Lecnuse hu
does not protest against this, but heretofore ho bus l.e.sii alone in tho fight
and tho goveruuieut could resist him
with impunity, let trim combine wiih
his comrades iu making his protest
and it dure not do so. Cannot seme
person in tho district call a meeting of
the free miners to discuss the preliminaries to forming u Mining Association,
in connection v.ith some other neighboring association. It may le started
in a modest way, which however is
generally the ouo to eminence.
There is certainly a large percentage of ihe world's population inte.osted
directly or indirectly iu the milling
industry. Whether that interest is
confined to the fuol nml light employed
or the metal nnd rocks used iu everyday life; whether we invest our money
in mining ventures or gain our living
by the actual extraction ol minerals
from their repositories, it all tends to
thc same -fiul. to help on modern civilization, nnd adduce to our con.fort
and welfare.
Society is based on a monetary system, every individual in it Is employed
cither ' at milking or spendl ig money.
iS'ow iu selecting the means for milking
money not u few liud a pleasure in the
excitirni.ini. consequent un risk, and in
investing ill mineral properties they ut
onco arrive in tho immediate Held of
risk. It is lu sluiw how, to it more or
less degree, these risks lire brought
about, iu shoit, how innney is lost or
throw-' uwiiy on mining schemes,
much to tho detriment both of any
legitimate mining industry in the locality In, which it is spent and of the
cnpit.ilist.that I pen this short nrticlc.
It is not .infrequently seen that unprincipled men, taking ti.ne by the
forolook'and npplping their knowledge
not so much of mining us of human
nature, exert themselves by appealing
to the cupidity of munkii.d, by flattering the vanity of their medium and by
taking advantage of their ignorance.
seize the opportunity of swindling
them. There is too a certain laxity of
currying out mining business very
common among cupitaliste, which
makes ��� them so much easier imposed
upon, "What tho eyo doesn't see the
heart doesn't grievo about." I suppose the causo of this is thu* tho investor very rarely seo his Investment
nnd then again tho public havo a
curious idea In regard to mining, they
do not think their is much to bo known
or to be unknown about minerals and
look upon investing in mining sliuros
much the same as gambling ou nurds
or horses, Ignorant of geology themselves they cannot, comprehend how
others enn at once tell whether it certain mineral is or is not, found in a
certain locality and their knowledge ol
scientific terms is too limited to enable
them to take any intorests iu an explanation. Anything brought forward in
the wny of explanation that borders on
a technical is construed as n desire to
coiiftiso them, under the cover of whicli
tlie geologist's hopes back out. Thus
n plan put forward by n nooil conversationalist without any details is more
likely to take the public sympathy
than nil the scientific explanations
logic . and knowledge can adduce. In
the first case they say, "and it's so
siniplo too," and of the latter, "Oh, it
...ay be nil right, but I don't understand it." 1 was once conversing with
a gentleman who was anxious to invest in somo of the Florida phosphate
mines and who was asking my opinion
of some of them. I refer to a mine
which was then considered the best
and happened to nie.ition thut the
apatite it contained was exceptionally
pure, when much to my astonish ment
his entlius asm at once subsided nud
he immediately turned the conversation to another property. I subsequently discovered that he "wanted .. phosphate mine, not uu iipelit.o mine or
what you cull it,"���apatite is phosphate uf lime you know.
Even if you havo u valuable deposit
of iuiuer.il, there, are many things that
may occur tu depreciate its value,
sometimes to such nu extent that it
becomes valueless; of course this depends entirely upon how tho supply
balances the demand, for if easily obtained the market suuu becomes glutted and a full in value is inevitable.
Before a mine can be worked we must
find a market fur its products, then
means of transport are everything to
lhe successful building up cf a milling
industry. In East Kooteuuy we have
up the Columbia river hundreds of
mineral properties thut could be profitably worked if we hud better means of
transport, it is this nlouo thut prevents
them from being operated. Of course
this state of things will not exist long
but we must make it stir if we wish it
tu be of any benefit to the present gun-
oration. It appears to he extremely
unfortunate for East Kootenay lhat
tho C.P.R. crossed the .Selkirk range
where it did, for instance had it instead crossed 100 miles south of ils
present route, the vast mineral wealth
nuw lying iu the .McMurdo country���
tho geological system represented then.
is the homo'of the precious metal ���
would hnve been brought to market
and Eust Kootenay wuuld havo been
une ol the most active mining districts
in the world. The whole region fur
miles abounds iu mineralized quartz
vein���in some of the veins you can
hardly select a piece iu which you
cannot distinguish free gold will, the
naked eye. Wheru ihe pyrites are decomposed tliesn specimens will at least
run into the hundreds of dollars to the
ton, and some into the thousands.
This cannot be gainsaid, tho assays
prove ic and it is generally acknowledged by every one iu tho district.
Two things have attributed more to
retard iho progress of development in
that district than everything else combined They are the want of transportation facilities and litigation.
Companies and individuals have, after
spending considerable money in road
building   and shipment of machinery,
been forced into law suits for the de-
fonco of their titles and tho properties
have been tied up for years in unde-
cision. It appears incredible that
some men care so little for the interests
of the progress of this district that
they will on trivial points proceed to
retard it by persistently endeavoring,
to substantiate them by putting the
property into litigation.
An interesting and instructive article might be written on the errors
committed in the opening of mines but
must be iu large submitted to a future
occasion. However it. is often seen
mul very specially in East Kootouny
that a faulty method of opening up a
mine, owing either to luck of knowledge or a lack of funds may hamper a
mine through its whole life und obliged
to be -vnslcd or buried forever columns
of valuablo mineral, which does uo
good individually, and is itt. onco a
deadlock to the country.
Poor ores whicn are to-day valueless
may with improved methods of operation and a nearer market bu worked on
it gigantic scale, to the salvation of a
mine. There aro many instances
where iho old methods of stamps and
amalgamation did not pav in which
tho nuw processes (such as Cyanide
and Chlorinution) havo Losu brought
to give very profitable returns.
Then again there is a mania men
have for sinking shafts iu mountain-
ous districts where drifts could be
much more advantageously driven,
and driving drills in all directions except of the lead, sue of the b*st plans
iu opening up a mine is to keep on 'he
vein fur in such case you initio ore us
well us di'velope. These misplaced
efforts, ure offered to you for cash or
you aro asked to pay fur blunders of
those who through ignorance of the
profession have sunk money only tu
the detriment of the community at
large, therefore it is the interest of the
public us well as the individual to sec
that capable inea are placid at the
he..d of any mining operations.
is rapidly  approaching and it behooves Thrifty Housekeepers to study carefully where they can best'
purchase their supplies and all the
Innumerable + Pretty + Things
which go to make Dear Old Christmas a really happy and
joyful season Santa Claus is a little out of voice just
now. but for the last week ho has been whispering to the
knowing ones that
At one of tho mines of Mount Reco
near Siindon, West Koutenny, the
managers have experienced some
trouble with lhe miners and there has
of late been much "firing," ns I
should presume to keep things warm.
The fulluwing is a sermon written by
one of tho "boys" and placed ut the
mine for the edification of the others :
The words of my text are: -'��� Many
are called but few uio chosen," so I
say unto nil men, lie yo also ready for
yuu know lint thu hour that the High
Servant will say unto you, "Tin Master calleth thee." Fur verily I say
unto you that "Many lire culled but
few aro chosen.'"
And it shall come tu puss that many
men shall go unto Mount Reco todolve
into tho earth for silver, lead and
precious stones nnd when thou art at
Mount Reco thul. shalt be more than
careful lest thy stay be short. For it
shall come to puss that ihe High S-r-
Vttllt shali keep a close watch over time
i.ud if lliou art found wauling or lacking in thy duty, ho will go unto the
Masters and say uu'o them, "Sonic of
thy servants are scattering ��� ho precious
metals ill sluuy places uud it cannot
be gathered lugelher," and the Musters
will say unto their High Servant:
"Send them to us that we mny look
upon their faces for the lust time," and
���tho High Servant will cull thee to hiin
with his band uud speak unto thee iu
a still small voice saying, "Thc Masters wish to see ihec ut their sanctuary"
which is located at thc side of the
Mount and thou wilt not stand on on
the order of thy going, but go at once,
for tho Musters time is precious, aud
when thou en tores t their abode one of
tho Masters will say unto thee: "Write
thy naiiio," or'Make thy mark," in
the great, book of records, nud whon
thou hast written thy nai.iu or made
thy mark, the Muster will hand thee u
Email   piuce  of   parchment   with the
He is actually taking the wind out of old Santa Claus by
' presenting to his customers   .
A Handsome Present
delivered at their homes
Free   of   Charge.
Another departure which is puzzling old St. Nicholas
is that McDermot  has perfected arrangements to have
not one bnt
��ni-M    COUNTERS
.* ~i
when all goods will be marked in plain figures
nnd sold regardless of cost.
0,000 of Goods
is a big lot of stuff, but half of these
Must b3 Sold Before February 1st.
to make room for his
Immense Spring Purchases
Don't Miss This Chance of securing some
of the Wonderful Bargains to bo offered,
Thursday Dec. 12th
G.   B.   McDERMOT'S
Golden's Great Bargain Man.
Great Muster's nuine attached thereunto, which shall be called good
throughout the hind, and henceforth
thy nan*'! shall Ire "Dennis,M
And when ,l,ou bust receivoH tBy
earniii.c lliui. shall proceed to fold thy
tent und depart unto tho great city of
St anion, which is situated in tho valley
ol iSanilon, nigh unto Three Forks,
where thou cau'stoxchangn tiiy parchment for golden "pyasters" or "corn
juice," as thou see'st lit.
And it shi.ll come to pass thut thou
wilt see many men at the city whom
thou knewest on the mount, and they
will say unto thee: "From whence
combat thou," and thou wilt suv unto
them: "Mount Ileco," and they will
say unto theo: "Good enough," and
thou wilt say: "Nay, Rooo?M Aud they
will ask thee saying: "What teeniest
to be the trouble on thn Mount,'' Md
thou will Bay: "The altitude of Reco
is high an.; the air is light and it
see-nest to affect the muscles of mine
right arm and I have come to tho
vallej to recruit up.
An.! they will say unto thee: "Come
to o..r 11 iuud 'Block's Abode,' and take
something with us, for we have been
tii-KB and our name too is called
But if thou perchance to abide on
the Mount for the space of two weeks,
which will be called two measurements
and if thou art there on the morrow
after the second measurement^ will
then be tafe for thee to wash thy lineu
that it may be'dry before the third
measurement,     For verily I say unto i
one and all: "Many are called but few
are chosen."
And it shrill come to pass that the
Masters and High Servants will council together and say unto one another:
"Again we have troubles," have we
not had servants from the four corners
of the earth, yea even the Italians
from tbe sunny shores of Italy, with a
dagger under his coat, hath abided
with us a few dnys, bnt when we say-
i-st unto him: "Oo into tiie side of the
Mount and gather together some fuel
that we may koep warm, the Dago
waxeth wroth, for "ho smollcth a
large mouse," and sayeth unto himself
I shall go unto the valley for I seo my
namo is "Dennis."
Then last of ull coincth among us n
stomach robber, a thing that calleth
himself a cook, and he sayeth nhto the
servants: "It is well that I am here
and I will stay until the birds return
in the spring time." But after tho
space of a few days he is ordered to
take the snow-slido trail to the valley.
"Yea many are called but few are
chosen."   Be ye also ready.
Application for Certllicatu of Improvements.
Tako notice that I, Walter Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.47Si)!), intend,
GO days from the date hereof, to apply to
tho Oold Commissioner for n certillcate
of improvements, for tho purposo of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And furthortake notice, thnt adverse
claims must be sont to the Mining Ho-
corder and action commenced before
the issuance of subh cortilicnto of improvements,
Dated this seventh day of December
Walter Dai.nakd,
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer,
gxxaitxea* i&cxvii**
Ho.v. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
.  McCakteii.
fjonaliced  &  Jffr.L'nrrer,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol iters, Notaries
Ktc, Etc.
Solicitors for Hank o Muutrcal,
C'ALOAltV, . N.W.T.
B.  J.  JJ-Pf-SON,
DrmiglitsiHHii, Viilu'itor.otc, C'AM'AKY,
N.W.T,   Correspondence Solicited,
R.J.Jei'IISO.n, D.Ij.,S.,1'.Ij.S. of 11.0. SOnt.
t'ALu.utv, Alba.
Assoc, Mum. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Aliia.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
Mining I Smelting
CO. (Limited)
The   copper   market continues very
inactive   uud   scarcely   any business
i doue over  the Christinas week and in
*| the absence of nny business the quota-
i tions  may   be Lake It J ct->., elect ro-
' lytic lCc.     'lhe somewhat sudden depreciation in prices wus thought to be
J brought ubout by the over production.
\ Ot this   tbe Engineering and Mining
Journal says :     "The depressed price
of copper in London has beet, attributed   quite  unnecessarily to a supposed
threatened increase  of  the American
-.reduction and tho four that the market would  be swamped by an American  flood of  copper from Anaconda,
-lumct & Hecla aud other producers.
It is perfectly true that the production
from theso properties and others could
)e very easily increased  materially,
et from u business point of view it is
i-ery unlikely that any such liicreuse
)l output will be made if it should re*
uii in the farther depreciation of the
uoderate  price 0/ copper now ruling.
Chere  is  really   less reason for imcl.
pprehensiou ut this time than at any
tber in recent years,  as tho visible
['apply of copper in tho world is lowor
l)w than it has been since ihe commencement of the copper corner by the
llreuch syndicnto in 1889,"
Silver remained at a nominal figure
e past week, viz., facets.
Application    for   Certlflcatea of Improvements.
Take notice that I, Thomas Jones,
free miner's certificate No. 47848, intend
GO days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvements for tbo purpose of
obtaining crown grants of above
And further take notice thnt adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Ke-
corder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Tiios. Jones,
By his r-gent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated this 14th dav of December.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
ooii5>i_j-r, .   .    ii.v.
WliolcNalc and Jtetail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Church Services.
The usual evening service will be
}d to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will he held in the
tool house to-morrow ovening nt
10 o'clock, conducted by Mr. Robins.
?resbyteiian service will be held
morrow morning in the school
tse at 10 o'olock, conducted bv
r.T. S. Glassford, B. A.
-ft ill?
may bs cured. Via
treat ell sexual _t��Of->
den of men. Fonrout
of nre who suffer nor.
tiess, I������.ini worry,
attacka of "tho blues."
era but psying the pen.
ally of early exc_se_
Ths dread alarm of
tionof Spci-autonh���-3.
n_- bo CURED
)lasHet confidence st
     * moderate expense.
for ��*-*r/r/<-sealed hook, "PERFECT
MEDICAL CO., Buffalo, H.Y.
Notice of Application for Certificate
of Improvemon: .
Take notice that I, John McKoe,
free miner's certificate No. -144*1*1,
intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for certificates of improvements, Ior the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements,
John McRae,
By his agent F, W, Aylmer.
Dated this 14th day of December,
District of Eust Knott nay.
A COURT of Revision nnd Appeal
under the Assessment, Act of 1888 and
Amending Acts for the Southern part
of tho district will he held at the
Assessor's office at Port Steolo at leu
o'clock in the fo.-e.100u on Monday ihe
2nd day of DecemU'r, A.D., 188S,
A COURT of Revision and Appeal
under the Assessment Act of 1888 and
Amending Acts, for tho Northern part,
of the district, will be held nt the
Assessor's office, Golden, at Ion o'clock
in the forenoon on Thursday the 12th
day of December, A.D., 18!)fi.
Judge of the Court of Revision nud
Donald, 4th November, 1805.
iUPTURE fis-sffs
lwl *�� Wm��� fa-tod by my
\m-m��*Pmm*tmmmmWm*. TruuMM, with
perfect nn to wenrer. than by all other
J di<iirr-t-��wbliir4. ThuytotHlnlargoit
Rupture under nvtreit strain. A ���?���-
tern offlttlnirhM been perfected tbo a
Uit 86 year*, fully eauBltqparrional A
examlnatlou Hy ���mil.  97t-n tents _��]
i '^���^^RM^M
, IM-UsStw'Voav-'w^^ESfaJI
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
.   Calgary     -     -       A Ilia
31RH.  H'i'AliVtiRI'tt,
late with  Missn.1 Harlow & Weik.
Portage la Prairie.
guarantees  p-rfect  pit
and finish.
All orders left with Jin. 0. B. Mc-
Onit.MOT will have prompt attention.
i-Ofden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
ndiuissibu ol pittiuuis,
TICKETS may be hud from the undersigned or uny member of the
PRICE Ten Dollars per year or Si.t
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
ofcorp  F.
O r.ro'*."
notary I'nlnlr.
COMPANY of Montreal, and I-HIE-
XIX nml nil t.he principal companies
ffpii'se.it.'.l at Vancouver
ALSO  AII'.NT I'llll
��. :��. A'jfX i::i;i:_, K_q..
Smeller Land Es;aia
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common cvery-day
ills of humanity.
Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
Job    Depeirtmer|t
_:0._ OF -:o:���
tJS&S .1 WAl* 4 r-TBNTf   For ���
'OT,."_���*?*���!���;���' sail tr, honest opinion, -rite to
JIES" _-.��ft.mh" h��vf h*"- naarly Mfty^<������'���������,���
JJiSf.-K-?^ ooo-.delltlal. A Ilr.nd.iook ot In-
;J.I?,.,!',0,, oonofmlni! I'nleiita and bow to obtain them aent free. A ��o a cataloguo ot medua.
^Pt^lfto book'mot fit** ^^
iKS"i~-?lce"lt.hl* ISeteslllle American, and
if,?*-..? t"^01, *Wt iw'orattio pumiowUh.
fSLUS ���S."18, lav-M-or. Tbla aplendld paper,
l!SS_i'___f. sj-wsiitlr llloatrated.luu byiCtW
urp.Mt tinulstloa of air. -dentine work In tha
W-TiL,kta!_l_r--r*r���_ sanIP ooplea sent free.
^_,,*_*__L****'i_"0,1**ir. Sifsou j-ctr, sintTle
"Wft._r_W'*J"*��-n*rtili3 contalna beau-
" Monsoon Tea in put up by the tn-Kan Ta*
-rro-cru aa a -ntnple of lhe beat quaUtiaa or Indian
I'*-**-. Therefore they ���ie tha groat���,t care in Ihe
noletrtion of the Tea ana* ita blend, that ia why they
J put it up them���'Ivo and Mil it only in the orit-innl
oj-hog.-. thereby .ecurina; ita purity and exc-lenre.
Put up in jt lb., t lb. and 5 lh packagus, and never
If your grocar doaa not keep il, tall him to write tt
�� and 13 Front Btraat -let, Toronto Awarded
Highest Honors-World's Pair,
billiard   tahlo   hud beou replaced liy a
' piano, and   the   new   floor   sprinkled
With   horacic   acid, and devoted their
timo   to   the tc-vpsiohoreiiu url till the
���f^^'W^^^^e small   hours   ol   the   morning.    The
*_^H_l_l_r E_^ '''"'  'J,A:" 61''-|-i��0t'l0
*^B-��� a\\m\    1. m\W W^      | furnish the music lor this part Of   the
sHk VAfll VF_Lk_H failed to au
���A   W^^      ^^mmW        peurance, hut this was amply coinpeu-
r      |"DF AIM sated for hy the kindness of Miss Lang
and Messrs E. Plowright aud P. Leake
We cannot let this occasion pass without a word of -.irnise for the very tastO'
fill decorations, in evergreens, etc., for
which we believe, the employees of the
Kooteiiny House were responsible, and
tho  extremely artistic iced fruit cake,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free  '" >*'ree stories, made by the Kootenay
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,  Houso couk,  Mr. i. E. Young, which
40 YEARS THE STANDARD. | would   havo  doue  credit to any lirst
-������ class  confectioner.     Tho   cuke  was
most ably carved by our esteemed
friend Dr. Taylor, and who should
carve it better? if tho old adage, '*ex-
P'lrientia docet" hold good iu cakes us
in other things.
Cream of Oyster    Consomme d'Orsay
Bakod Salmon Trout a la Joinville
Boiled Fresh Rock Cod,Sauce Bechamel
Potato Croquettes.
Breaded Veal Cutlets with Olives
Chicken Patties   Vol-uu-Veut
Welsh Rarebit on Toast
Larded Fillet of Beef uux Champignon*
Pate de Foie-Oras eu Cases
Sugar Cured Hum, Champagne 8auce
Leg of Mutton with Capers
Ribs of Prime Beef, Brown Gravy *
Turkey, Cranberry Saucu
Goose, Apple Sauce
Haunch of Venison, Currant Jelly
ECONOMICAL    Ur_0~0(iY    OF   KAST
1.Y I*. LEAKE, M.E.
t'oiiper Orua.
Though this is one of the minor ores
of   copper, being   found   but rarely in
any   quantity, still from the beautiful
and diacritic specimens that are found
in this  district  it would he a want of
self respect to the science of  mineralogy to let it pass nninentioned.      It is
an ore thnt does not generally present
n crystalline  appearance though such
is frequently found, especially in Cornwall.      It. has a colour very peculiarly
its own and may be said to be between
a copper-red and pinchbeck brown.   It
so  resembles horse flesh iu appearance
at   first   sight   that   in the Cornwall
mines   it   is  generally   identified   as
'Ihorse-flesh oro."    It tarnishes rapidly   on exposure, 11 copper green colour
on   the   surface.    Tho composition of
this ore is copper   (12 h)   per cent., sulphur 25.5, and iron 11.7.     Before the
blow-pipe it  affords fumes of sulnhur,
and fuses into a globule attractable by
the   magnet, showing   the presence of
iron,    Almost wholly soluble in nitric
acid.     Its   colour will always distinguish  it from nny of the other ores of
copper, or in fact any ore.     It occurs
with otlier ores of copper in granitio
and other rocks    Specimens are found
in ninny places in the Selkirk range ns
it traverses East Kootenay.    I possess
an exceedingly good specimen brought
from   the   district.     I have also seen
fine ores from- crystalline -Cornwall,
Eug., and Bristol, Conn.     It is found
massive   at   Killarney,   Ireland,  and
New Jersey.    It is well worth preserving ns a mineral specimen.
Tlie   following games   have    been'
played off in the I!) point coui-iotitioii:
DRae 8       F E Young   li!
W McNeish  111     G H Brock     7
C Pearce       7       A McLean     111
T Todd       I'i       C II Pai'son    4
The  competition   for  the  District
Medal which was to have taken place
on Wednesday evening had to bo po��t-
poned on account of the soft weather.
Tho competition will now be played at
the   call of   the   umpire, as   soon ns
weather will permit.
Upper ColmMa llSayCo.
[L.S.]       E. DEWDNEY,
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God of tho
United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, QUEEN, Defender of
the Faith, &c, &c, _c.
To our faithful the Ministers elected to
servo in the Legislative Assembly
of Our Province of British Columbia at Our City of Victoria���
D. M. Eiierts, \ -tSJiHEilEAS
Attorney-General. ) ���* Wu are
desirous and resolved, as soon as may
be, to meet Onr People of Our Province
of British Columbia, and to have their
advice in our Legislature:
On New Yoar's night Mr and Mrs.
Horace D. Hume, with characteristic
liberality and kindness, invited their
large circle of friends to a most sumptuous repast. The U.ble was graced
by the presencoof severs 1 ladies among
whom were Mrs. Redgrave from Donald, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Moodie, Mrs.
J. C. Tom from Calgary, and Mrs.
Colin Mackay from near Sinclair
Springs in the Columbia valley, and
the Misses Moodie, Brownrigg, Wpod-
ley and Fletcher. That the menu was
a most excellent one, and very well
cooked and served was amply proved
by the hearty way in which the good
cheer was appreciated by the assembled
guests -we give tho menu below.
There wero vory few toasts after dinner, chiefly on account of Mr. and Mrs
Hume's circle of friends being so large,
that although their large dining room
in tlie Kootenay House was almost entirely tilled by the large dinuer table,
the whole of their gue.ta'could not be
accommodated at one time.
The toasts were, "The Queen," Mr.
Aylmer; -'The Ladies," Mr. Aylmer;
responded to by Mr. P. Leake; "Our
worthy and esteemed host and hostess"
Mr. Wm. McNeish. After the toasts
had been duly honoured, the company
retired to the billiard room, where the
Blue Grouse, Bread Sauce
Mallard Duck, French Peas
Boiled Potatoes   Sweet Corn   Squash
Butter Beans    Tomatoes
Ornamental and Colo Dishes.
Jellied Tongue      Lobster Mayonnaise
Ch icken Sulad   Salad a la Feruiiere
' Celery
Pastry anu Dessert
Mince, Pumpkin and Lemon Pies
Strawberry and Raspberry Tartlets
Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce
Sherry Jelly, Port Wine Jelly
Chocolate and Vanilla Blauc Mange
New Year's Cuke       Maids if Honor
Meringue Star Kisses
Japanese Oranges     Grapes     Apples
Nuts   Raisins   Cream Cheese
Tea Coffee
Sir Editor, if you have room,
I wish to speak of Mr. Hume,
Who entertained us this New Year,
And feasted us on such good cheer.
Our entertainer I've beeu told,
Was always friend to young and old ;
One thing I know sit.ee here he came,
He certainly has been the same,
There never was a man in need
That he refuseo to lodge aud feed.
As I have never been to college,
I beg excuse for want of knowledge,
In making (or iu spoiling) rhymes,
But in these hard and wintry times,
I hope that those without resource,
Won't over-ride this willing horse.
Our late most geuial New Year's host,
Horace D. Hume and bis good wife,
And Little Fred their joy in life;
May all things best be theirs below,
And when from earth they needs must
May they be found rejoined above,
In unity and peace and love.
Curling Notes.
A meeting of the curling club was
held on Tuesday evening last at which
final arrangements were made for the
coming ball on the 23rd inst. The
prica of tickets was fixed at $2.00.
Invitations will be sent to Donald and
Field and a number cf friends from
these and other neighboring towns are
expected to be present. The committee
of management consists of Messrs. H.
G. Parson, H. G. Woodley, G. H.
Brock, P. R. White and E. M. Innes,
and these names alone are a sufficient
guarantee of the success of tbe ball.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers
causes and considerations, and taking
into consideration tlie ease nud convenience of Our loviug subjects, We
have thought lit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Council of the
Province of British Coliiniliia, to hereby convoke, and by these presents enjoin you, and each of you, that ou
Thursday, the Twenty-third day of
the month of January, one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-six, you
meet Us iu Onr said Legislature or
Parliament of Our said Province, at
Our C.tv of Victoria. FOR THE DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, to treat, do,
act, and conclude upon those things
which in Our LegiRlatnre of the Province of British Columbia, by the
Common Council of Our said Province
may, hy the favor of God, be ordained.
In Testimony Whereof. We have
caused these Our Letters to he
made Patent, and the Great Seal
of the said Province to be hereunto affixed: Witness, the Honourable Eikiau Dewiinev, Lieutenant-Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, in Our
City of Victoria, in Our said Province, this fifth day of December,
iu the year of Our Lord one
thousand eight hundred nnd ninety-five, and in the fifty-ninth year
of Our Reign.
By Command.
dH 4in Provincial Secretary.
During the winter a stnge will be run between
Golden, Galena, Windermera. Thunder Hill. Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 12&26.
December 10 & 24.
January 7& 21.
February 4 & 18.
March 3, 17 & 31.
April 7 & 21.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
that application will be made to lhe
Legislative Assembly of the Province
of British Columbia at the next session for an act to incorporate a company for the purpose of constructing,
operating and working deep tunnels,
drifts or shafts for the purpose of exploring for, discovering, working,
getting, acquiring and recovering minerals situate in blind veins, ledges or
lodes in the Districts of Eust aud West
Kootenav, Yale and Cariboo, in the
Province of British Columbia, and for
entering upon nnd acquiring lands for
such purposes, and for collecting tolls
for the use of such tunnels or workings by any other persons or companies engaged in mining and for acquiring such water powers or privileges, rights or incidents, as may be
necessary for, or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.
d24 it Applicant.
_���_���������_���������_���������_��..  Truaaaa, with
net-feet aaaa to wearer, than by all other
lev-.-eaeo--bl.ea~. They retain la.	
Xupture under aevareat ������
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
Wlien the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.    Local 10 cents per mile.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, manager.
Small Investments.
l.cturning prosperity wid make many rich, but nowhere can they make so much within,
i short time as by successful Speculation in Grain, Provisions und Stock.
FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED can be made by our*]
Systematic Plan of Speculation,
originated by us.   All successful speculators operate on a regular system.
It is a well-known fact that tliere ure thousands of men in all parts Of the Uuited States L
who, by systematic trading through Chicago brokers, make large amounts every year.-1
ri.ngiug Irom a few thousand ilullurs for the mau who invests a hundred or two hunurecI
il. liars up to $50,000 to 81011,000 or more by those who invest a few thousand. J��
It is also a fact that those who make the largest profits from comparatively small in 1
vestments ou this plan are persons who live away truin Chicago and invest through brokers', 1
who thoroughly understand systematic trading, ���'-
it....   IilllH   .1 . .....   lint   ���!,.!.    Jl   ,      ...t.j-tlj��     ..��.-.-,���.__    T.._.
Uur plan lines not risk the whole amount invested on nny trade, but covers both sides, i
so that whether llie market rises or fulls it brings a steady profit thut piles up euormouslyjl
in a *hort time.     ' ���,*_
For further particulars address
THOMAS & Co., Bankers and Brokers,
241-242 Rialto Building, CHICAGO, ILL*
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Moulding*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails anf
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bat!;


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