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The Golden Era Dec 24, 1897

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 The Goldeu Era
It tks most widely clrcnlsied tad
btst sdvsrtiiing medium in list
Kootsnsy. This is ths papsr thst
It read by the miners, tbs rsncjiers,
tks rsilroadtri and lumbtrmtn.
Inbserlption, 12.00 per Annum
In Advance	
* Want a  Typewriter I
. lirjp u. a 1*jjii curd _nJ we'll -rana yuu a
,1 Unto iMimUtKrlbii-g th. tit-ii li.ila uu.
j  *__e vl. lUe 1���gjvl.t-t tv-i-.'*, . I-. :
��* Tlie j-iupli-u.
_ ViilUi Wi ilia** ��� Altwlutely l eri_uis_t
���* -Ijjiir�����_- Durubillly.
��     la.lt l-rliu, t��Or lim. Ptta*. |T1.
,��  lUO.MsuN unua. licot.to.o, caliW--r,
e   -Bur     .. -���
tttmmmmm   m mil <���  in .m.-^-���-�����MS*.
VOL. VII. NO. 21.
__- l'_u Yeah
General + merchant,
Our Stock   the
Coming Winter is Now
Complete in all Lines!
Mining in the Rockies
..vc-oooo ooo.i a
Pur Coats, Fur Caps, Fur
Gloves and Mitts, Sleigh.
Bob.es, Bugs and Blankets, Felt Shoes, Overshoes and Lumbermen's
Bubbers, German Socks,
other Socks and Warm
Wool Underclothes.
������ tottst
Please see what We can
j   do for You before trying Elsewhere.
*   '; . . Agent For . .
Phonix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+  +
Tits Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
i ��� > . .
+  +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co.. of Ontario.
����� ���r .
+  +    ,
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company!
Prop.rtl.1  H.ld   by   Major   Walker
and Mr. 1'. MoOarthy, Q. 0.
Bunning aorois Mr. F. MoCsi thy, ths
well known Q. C, o( Calgary, the
other day, we asked bim for lomo
information about the mining pros,
pecti in which Major Walker and he
ire intereated near Banff. "Oh yea,
buiy now, Me me it three," suid the
genial.- lawyer, and at the hour
appointed ws hie I to his spacious law
office! over the Imperial Baik. In
Mr. McCarthy'! room we found itrong
circumitantial evidence of his intereii
in mineralogy in the shape of a
large show cue on the wall filled with
���pecimeni, principally galena and
copper ores, and secured from the
vandalism of ipecimeo collector! by
look ind kiy, . Mr. McCarthy is con-
liderably interested in claimi at
Illicilliwaet, but thoie to which we
now refer are located about three milet
north of Eldon nation, the lirst station east of the summit, on the C. P.
Railway, and about 25 miles west of
Banff. The claims are located on what
Is known as Castle Mountain, and
which is described on Sir Wm. Daw-
eon's geological map of the country ac
carying cupper. Tbe group held by
Major Walker and Mr. McCarthy embraces seven location!. Six of these
claimi carry copper, and out is a copper ore carryinggalena.The formation it
limestone, but the ore rune in true
tiiiiire veint,of which four are proved
to be luch by tha development work
tbit hu been done, but n to the other
vein! visible them it not sufficient
work done to decide whether they are
fiisuro veins or merely itringen. On
thi largest vein there is a tunnel
driven a distance of sixty feet. The
lead ie quarts, sight feet in thickneti,
with copper glmM and lulphidei dii-
iimlnittd thrcugh it.
Mr. McCirthy then produced a number of amy certificate! from which
we noted the following: Barlingame,
Denvir, Colo.,4G.B0 per cent of copper;
Boi'.on and Montana Company of
Grast Fails, b. 48, snd 15 per cent
i-Mpectively; ind Stowell A Co.. ol
Spokane, 30 8/10 per Mnt copper.
Ths owners of th. property have consulted with W. Pellew Hirvey as to
amount ol copper in this ori to wir-
rant ths erection ol works snd thst.
gentleman hu advised that tbey
ihould uot go to any expense unlets
thsy hive 15 per cont ol copper, but
ti thi ivirige of ths ssssys is something like 231 Per cent the owner!
hive every reason to be satisfied with
their prospects. The ore alio carries
gold and nlver.
On one of tbe locations ii a galena-
copper deposit over 50 feel io width.
Thii fall been traced 500 to iiOO feet
each, way from discovery and although i drive hai been cut through
thii ledge for i distance of 50 feet it
hai not yet reaohed the hanging wall.
Tbe ors is low grsds running mainly
in lead, ol which, however, thtre is 72
per cent.slmott the possible proportion
to be found in pure galena. In addition, thii ore carries 5 per eent coppor,
The copper it risible to the eye in the.
dwpeit pirt of the lead, ai native copper. Nova Scotia and Montana minors ol great experience, who hive
sximined iht claim, have exprotied
tbt opinion that the probability is
that with depth the lead will give
place to copper, juit as the Butte
mines wire lound lo have given low
valuei for the fint 500 feet when they
���uddenly "went from poverty to
So conveniently ii the property
titutttd thit a man can now
ridt on horM back right on to
the oliimi, and a wagon road could bt
made between the railway nation ind
the mi nn for 1500.
With the peroentige of copper
obtained from the atiayi and the fact
that the loottioni ire so well situstsd
for tramportition, whit now rsiniim
to bs proved by development work le
that there ii a lutficienily large body
of ort in light ind that it maintains
iti vilue. It I! of course a well known
lict, in minirilogy that cooper oret
invariably Improve with depth, the
reason being thst suoh orei in
ipMltlly miMptible to leaching out
by atmotpheric and hydraulio influence!, and ai theie influence! ars overcome, there is svsry resion to believe
thst the ore will improve with depth.
Tbe distsnM Irom tbt railway union
li only two milei over the level ind
tbtn thtrt Is a gnduil sscent to the
oro body covering ths remsining mils
that MparatM ths deposits Irom tran-
iportatioa, to. tbst tht property ii
located in aa IiImI plan so Isr ss
tramportition Is concerned. -
This is not tht only copper In tbat
locality, bseauM near Silvsr City, on
tho south sids ol ths rlvsr, is whst is.
eallsd Copper Mountain, where there
ia a large eoppsr property whioh wit
tormsrly ownsd by the Alberts Smelt-
ting Co., bnt wss recently bought by
s Mr. Gilli, from Ontario- wbo initndt
to work it- txtintlvtly next lesson.
In addition to thli, llr. McCirthy ind
Major Walker hive another location
15 mile! north ol thi C. P. R. and
almoit due north of Eldon Station,
Thia diicovery lies north-east of the
other. The ore from thii location
astayed 28 per cent of copper and $7
in gold. There are on the dump 600
lbi of ore. In this case the ore
matter is not mixed with the
quarts of the vein but ii a
clean payitreak running from n
toot to two feet in width. Twenty
miles back of thii there it mother
locality where eleven locations bave
heen made also on copper ore. Mr.
McCarthy knew of thii locality four
to five years ago, but did not record
the ground ai he thought it too far
back from the railway, Yet igain
there is another group of locations at
s point between lhe group previously
referred to and the railway line,
from which it is distant some
25 miles. This gives a block of country 25 miles by 40 milos over which
copper has bsen found, and lhe prospecting work so far done goes to ahow
that there ii in immense deposit of
copper ore in thii section of the Rocky
We wish Major Walker and Mr,
McCarthy all success in the development of their property md they have
done excellent work in opening up a
country concerning which little hai
hitherto been known, and in which
comparatively little prospecting has
yet been done, Theso discoveries and
facts are worthy of tho notice of prospectors md must attract more attention to the country sooner or later.
another man who wanted tore-locate it
should  -ro   to   the   Mining  liecordei-
am) get a permit to re-locate on taking
an   oath    that   the  oi-lgiuul   ownerI
ihould have no interest iu the olaim.1,-.,.
An al-iin lotted claim should  bo open   *****
iu that rtiauun- for 60 dav��. an axcep-1
tioii only being niailo in tbo rasa nfi
llinesi of lhe holder.    After tlie lid
diyi ii should bu open to the original  "(lo .\niuc oil I-'arili no Inmasi
owner or any one else to re-locate thn        ���"fn  \it lap  Stove   Widely
"���"J.!"- ���  . .     ,   , . !      ln.Hnt-.-l.
Tha chairman said anch claims wore
no good anyway, ami tho Government,
go:,    considerable    revenue from  tlio i    No name tm earth,  -j-rlinps,   it �����
practice.      He opposed the proposed   well   known,   moro   |*onllarly    con-
amendment  of  the  law   to nop thoisiruoted  or    more  widely   Imitated
practice. ' I tlmn   tbe word   DOllD.   ' It   posset-
Mr. Neilson said theyshonldoticour-, set   a    peouliarit/   that    makes   ir.
af-o the 'irua-rector inotead of crippling jttund      out       prominently      ami
him. i Ho moved "Tbat whereat it  ia "fastens   it   In  the memory.    Ii iron-
understood an official statement  haaitalm four le'ltei-t, but ouly iwo' letters
been made that the Mineral Act  is: of the alphabet.  Everyone known lhat
likely   to   be nmonded b.v requiring the tirti kidney reinoiiy   ever patented
prospector! to do development work
before recording thoir claima, this
association begs to point out thai
legislation in thii direction will be iniquitous and a detriment to theintentil of
the prospectors and the country, moro
especially in Northoait Kootanay,
and will have a itrong tendency ��� to
check prospecting md therefore hinder
the - mining development of the
country; md thnl Col. Baker, as member for tht diatrict, be requested to
oppose luch an amendment,"
Mr. McNeish seconded-carried,
or sold was mimed DODD'S. Their
discovery startled the nietlir.a] profession the world ovet-.and revolutionised
the treatment of ki.li.uv diseases.
No imitator lias ever -uiticeedttd in
coiisirntrtin-' a uruno possessm-* tin,
peculiarity of DODD, though they
nearly all adopt names aa similar ii.��
possible in the sound end construction
of this. Tbeir foolishness pioionta
them realizing that attempt to imitate
increase the fame of Dciii'r. Kidney
Why is the name "Dodd's Kidney
Pills" imitated?   As well nsk why are
Or the North Bast Kootenay Miner.
A general meeting of the above
association was held at the Columbia
House on Wednesday night. Present:
Hon, F.W. Aylmer, presides!; Messrs
Neilson, vice-president; Warren, M,
Dainard, McNaught, McNeish, Lone,
Jol'ffe, Langlands, Bates, Mercier,
H.G. Parson, Halch and Haggen, sec.
Tbe President occupied the chair.
The committee's report on constitu-
tlon and bylawa was adopted after
aome lively ditcusiion on the clause:
"It shall be one of the object* of thii
association lo prevent the employment
of Mongolian labor in llie mines of
Britiah Columbia, and no person can
bs a member of this association who
will employ sueh labor in ths   mines,
Mr, McNaught strongly opposed the
clause. The Chiuete, aaid lie, were
Britiah lubjects., He would rather
see Americans excluded. They should
put Americans and Chinese on tlie
same basis.
Mr. Haggen supported the clause. He
pointed to the troubles that had
arisen in the Australian Colonies
over Chinese labor, and they ought to
prohibit it while this country wns yet
in the early stages of ita development.
Mr. McNeish considered thoy should
stop Chinese mining. In New Deuver
ihey had fired them right out and
boycotted a man who employed Chinese, It waa ridiculous to compare
Chinese with Americans, who had
done so much to develop the mineral
reiourcM of the country.
Mr. Dainard eupported the clause.
Chinamen never went out prospecting,
whereas Americans had been the
pioneeri of the country and had
brought in capital to develop their
mineral resources.
Mr. Lowe condemned Mr. Mc*
Naught's action in comparing Chinese
with Americana. Such an idea wat
Tho President said a white man
could no more compete with Chinese
than with a coyote, and he was in
favor of keeping out Mongolian labor
in every seme of the word, Tho only
thing he wai in doubt ibout wat
whether it wn wiie to include thii
clause in their connltution.
On the queition being put the clause
was adopted without, division on the
motion of Mr, Dainard, seconded by
Mr. Mercier..
Ai a vicsney remained on the committee, nomination! to fill it wire
received.   T. Mercier wu elected.
On the motion of Mr, Haggo'i.
Mconded by Mr. Lowe, it wai resolved
to uk the Minister of Minei to hive
ths Order-In Council re enictid granting thrae menthi extemion for assets-
men*, on olaims which wers inaccen-
able on iccount ol sniw.
On ths' motion ol Mr. Joliffe,
seconded by Mr. Linglsndi, It wai re*
lolved that tht committee tiki itipi
to secure a reading room lor tbt
association and report. '
On thn motion ol Mr. Hag-tin,
leoonded by Mr. Neileon, it wu
resolved to Mnd s nqueit to ths Minister of MinM thit Mr. Carlyle, Pro-
vinoiil Minsrslogist, should examine
and pnbliih a report on tbe minM ot
the distriot.
An   IntsrMtlng   diicuuion     took
plsce regarding tbls subject.
> Mr. Lows ssid ths ery sgsinst relocation wu ill talk- nothing in it.
It wu a hirmlMi imuMmeai.
Mr. Dainard considered lomtthfng
���hould be done In the matttr. Hi
iiiggeittd that whea the bolder of t
cliim   did not   do   hli UMtiment,
* During tho mooting letter! wero read diamonds and uuld imitated, liccauro
j from the Minister of Mines, promising diamonds are lhe most precious gema,
to send the Association any  puhlica- j gold the most precious metal,    llodd'a
tions of interest;and from Mr. Griffith
Government agent, stating he would
act on the recommendation of the
association in regard to the construction of roads in the diitrict.
Owing to the lateness of thi hour
some business had to be held over till
next meeting to be held on January 4.
The meeting adjourned with voles
of thanks to Mr. McNeish for the um
of rooms and to the chairman.
It ii not neceiury to go to Klondike
to find froien ground for mining.
Major Walker informs ui that ibe
tuunel which Mr. McCarthy und he
put in on their claimi on Cattle Mountain had to he driven through frozen
We understand flint negoliftibns between tha Goldtn L-iinUr Co. and the
Columbia River Co., for tlie purchato
of the former company's business by
the latter company, have now pro-
crossed so farthattliecomi'letionofthe
deal only awaits the arrival of paper*
from England.
tivo gentlemen or Indies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Coluinliia.   Monthly SSrYflO and expenses.   I'osi
Kidney Pills ire imitated because they
art the most valuable medicine tho
world hai ever known.
No medioine wm ever nam��d kidney
pillt till yean of medical research
gave Dodd't Kidnty Pillt to tho worl,I.
No medicine ever cured Brijjht'a dis-
eate exrepl Dodd'i Kidney Pills. No
other medicine hu cured ua many
catet of Rheumatism, Diabetes. Heart
Disease, Lumbago, Drops... Female
weakneti, ind other kiduev direasea
u Dodd'i Kidney Pills have. It is
univertilly known that thev huve
never failed to cure these diseases,
hence they art to widely md ahum*
lately iminted. 241 to
Or.it .Music offer.
Send ni the name* and addresses of
three or more performers on the piano
or organ together with ten cemi in
silver or posture and we nil! mail you
ten pierei full sheet music, consisting
of popular aomrs, waltZM. marches.
etc., arranged for the piano and organ.
Popular Music Pun. Cn,
233 Indianapolis, Ind.
Steamer Cleveland. Irom San Fran-
sed slamped envelope.   Tho Dominion Com-  P-*s*engers    and   crew   all   drowned
pany, Dopt. Y Chicago
SOlupKI' out-opt two.
Bound for the
But before I can go, must dispose of my
larq-e stock of Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings and Clothing. These I will soil
at rock bottom prices, for Cash, the next
thirty days. Do not miss this chance of
cheap goods.
' A Paradise for thi HomeMeker ind Sportsman.
The Kootenay Valleys Oo.
T. O. PROCTER,  - General Manager.
Baker Street, ��� Nelson, B. C.
26.000 Acres of Choice
Farm Lands in proximity to the Crow's Meet Pa-M R. R.,
in East Kootenay, within easy reach of the best market
on earth for Stock and Farm Produce; being the natural supply point for tbe mines of East and West Kootenay. You can purchase any amount you wish, from
twenty acres upwards. Stock Ranches up to 6,000 acres.
Prides Range Prom $8.60 to $86 00 for Acre.
EAST TERMS:-ii Yearly Pa-menu, 0 Per Cent .ntertst.
Buy Now While Lind ii CbMp,
Townsite properties are now being laid off.   Keep four
eyes on Elk River Crossing and Crow's Nost Landing. _��
- golden -
OUR   Stores,   Cellars   and
Warehouse! an fairly crammed
with   NEW   GOODS   from
floort to ceiling!.
Trade has been so good with
Ul thit lut summer that we felt
jaitifled in buying heavily for
our Fall, Xinai and Winter
Trade. Every train from both
eatt and west il discharging
freight for our stores.
Fresh mild-cured Hams and
Bacon, Creamery and Dairy But
ter.Fresh Egw.Creim Cheeae,
Factory Cheese and Holland
Cheeae, Finnan Haddies and
Cranberries received thit week.
A big lot of Eastern Poultry
now on the road.
One Ton of this season's Pure
Honey,: which we are selling at
15c per lb.
Footwear,   Rubbers,   Over
shoe* Shoe Packs and Mocca��ina,
Gloves   ind  Mittl   in  great
Remember we are the agents
for   Health   Brand    Underwear.
Don't go around ah ivering in
your ihoes when you can buy
��� euit of Health  Underwear
and be aa warm as toalt.
We are now unpacking Ten
Ca��es of
Xmas Goods
imported direct from Germany
and England. SANTA. CLAUS
hu never been so good to ui
ii thii yeir. Tou can make
the little onei hippy thii
Xmas it i very small coil by
purchuing from us.
In Ready-Made Clothing we
������Beat the Band." Our Dollar
Heavy Wool Pant! are ai good
ii ire usually sold for $2 00.
Cartful buyers are ihowing
their good judgment by purchuing it our stores. Wt
art crowded every week diy
and hive no reuon to com-
plain about dull timet.
Come and see us.   We will
bt  pleated  to  help  mikt  your
, Xmas a mtrry out.
Geo. B. McDermot,
General Merchant
To Advertiser, and nabaerlnera.
The UOLDEN RIU .1 nuhliihed every
Friday evening. It is the beat advertiiing
medium in the Eatt Kootenay dittrir.l
Subscription Kates: eTt.OO pet annual IN
Alterations and changes of standing advertisement mutt be in tue office not later than
noon ou Wednesilay to ensure insertion, but
casual advert sementt will be received up till
soon oa Friday.
While all reasonable care will be taken, the
proprietori will not be responsible tor any
-.mission or error in any advertisement.
All accounts to be paid ttt the Managing
Director.or his authorized agent, from whom
the coin pany's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates: Display ads., IIM per
column inch; ���eg 1 ads., 10 centt per fine
for first insertion, 6 centt lor eairb aduitionai
insertion; Heading notices, lit centt per line
each issue.
All business communications thould be addressed to the Managing Director, and all
literary communications. litters for publication or newt items thould be -derailed to the
Correspondence it invited on matter! of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters mutt be brief. In the cam ol
anonymous letters the name and address of
tbe writer must be enclosed, uot for publication, but for the private iul'or-natiou of tht
editor and as a guarantee of good faith. Any
letter received later than 11 eduesday will
have to ttaud over till the following issue.
The Golden Era Company Limited Li*bl(it|.
Office, Golden, B. C.
(Kite tSolbett <_ro
(Edited by E. A. Haoobn.)
Again comes round the feitivt Melon of. thi yur when the unpleaian:
incident! of the put yeir't life ire
���upiioied to be forgotten, and when
Christianized humanity is expected to
join in making the season one of joy
and thanksgiving. Beiidi the bluing Yule log moat family circles will
unite, but the mutual wish -'A Merry
Chrilimu md 1 Happy Ntw Yeur"
extends outside the family circle ind
unilM for the nonce humanity ai a
wholi in fellow fejling-t . f good withet
ind of mutuil help to raaki lift happy,
prosperoui and useful. Pity it il that
the lyitem of lift a, ode . bring! people into intigonit.n. ol.imet unavoidably, but Cbril'mii ilwiyi ifforda
thi opportunity Tor 1, ur rial forgiving!,
reparation of injury and mutual ex-
plin->tion of iheie mistakes ind mii-
underitandingi tbit ue fear rami
occur hetwM.i human biingi while
men and women exist on thii earth
Eiptrcially to thi children ia Chriitinu
1 tim of joy, or at lent it should be,
and every effort made to caute the
Chrittmat featival to be remembered
and looked for v* ai d to each yeir at it
comei iround.   We wiih our reader!
Tht Toronto Glebe in an tditorlil
heeded "A Ministerial failure," nyi:
���The   British   Columbia    Province
hu     luffered      from      a     most ���
uniortunatt Provincial Re
gime. It it to bt hoped the elector!
will im thi idvintage of miking 1
change when the opportunity irrivea,
The Miniitry Menu to hivt been
afflicted with a violent deiire to give
away on every pretext mineral and
font!, wttlth, which ihould Mrve
tht purpose of publie reviaue Ior
generitiont to come.
Tbe Caitiar Cemral riilwiy grantt
���re but in illuttritlon ptrhapt ol the
moat it-iking ministerial diiregard for
publio' inttntti By it Hirichel
Cohin, Irom Engltnd, will bt in a
potitivn to ltvy a royally on tht out
put of 1 large lection of miniril Und
But there in ehirgM mora Mrlom lu
ont mum than incompetencv igtinxt
tht miniitry. Hon. Mr. Turner,
premier, ind Hon. Mr. Poolty, preii-
dint of tbe council, figure u leiding
men in 1 company that hai limed a
prospectui Meking to cell thii-M In
London. In tht protpectui It wu
Mt forth thit thin will be advantage!
for itock holdere in the "unique con
motion" between the company and the
Provincial miniitry.''
Thii opinion ol the Globe will hi reechoed through Britith Columbii
ixMpt amongtt thi boodlen.
An evidence of the wty in* which
tht province hu been robbed by the
Turner Government ind the public
Mtate thrown away ii afforded in the
fact that In the deal between the
Gooderhams and Heiuze.the railroader
and smelter man, it wil proposed that
Heinie ihould receive $2,000,100
lolely for the franchises which tha
Province, through the Turner Govern
Governmen., had made hiin ��� present
of. No more icandalom inslince ii
nettled to thow how unfitted ire the
,-reient Government to be longer
entruited witb the relm of power.
Information Regarding Thia Rant,
la Asked for by a Spakan. Hu.
Ju. W. Galbraith ol Spokane
Bridge, Wash., thut writei: "I
Would like information on following
lit. Distance from Kiliapell to
Goldtn, vli Fort Steele wagon road?
5. Il old pack trail und by Canadian Pacific to carry supplies from
Goldtn to Bou Encampment open for
pack travel?
8. The diitince Irom Goldtn to
Boat Encampment.
4. Diitince from Bott Encampment 10 Yellow Head Pan,
6. From Boat Encampment to Tete
Jeune Cachi?
6. From Boat Encampment to Ju-
per House on Athabasca,
7. If road to Boat Enoampment li
not open oould It be opened? Would
the Government open tame if travel
wa. offered, before April or at what
8. Could you get for me any definite
map ol that country, whereby I oould
mark out a mute from 8,-okant via
Kaljs-iell, via Fort Steele, via Golden,
via Boat Encampment via Tete Jeune
Cache, via Yellow Head Pita into
Smoky River ind into Peace River.
II you cau I will du the rait. Tht
crane for Klondike bat Mt people
crazy and a route by which a man
with limited mwm could tike horaei
and cattle and paeki through to th*
Smoky River would bring that cleat
of mm, who In all ages have opened
up and built up the empire.
I have lieen in invself from Edmonton to put Findlay River, and all
around in that country in 1871 md
know of what I speik. ind cm mist
the intending prospector with valuable advice, instruction ind tact!
My only difficulty li in the road from
Golden to Boat Encampment. Old
Kinpaiket Shuawap wm guide. Write
me fully, and definitely. It will make
Golden a last point and add to tit
importance. I want either the authority of the Government or lhe cotnbin-
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Hories tnd
Rigi of ill kindi for
Hira it Reasonable Ratei.
Teaming of all kind! 1 specialty.
+ X + X +
Hamilton & Skelton,
GOLDEN, B. C.        lSlto
The McMurdo House,
carbonate landino,
bast kootenay,
Cbai. Cabtwrioht, Propbibtor,
Oood iccommodttion for Minert.
Beit Brands of Liquor! Kept.
8addlt or Pack Horiet for Silt or Hill
Thomas Lee
Hm Opsned t
b Qibton'1 building, oppotiti tin PotUffici.
Cabbage and Celery for sale,
MmIi tervtd it ill houn.   Tobacco,
Cigtn ind Rtfrathmintt.   21 tit
For lomt time there hit bMn ��� lot
of (rietion between the Surveyor General
tnd tht Provincial Surveyori. At tht
mMting ol the Surveyor! Association
at Nelson, with a view to overcoming
thia difficulty tht usociition puted
the following resolution: '-That
a committee ot five be appointed , lor the purpose of
drawing a itriti of queitiom for in-
formation toward! compiling 1
manual ol instructions for lurveying
miniril claimi, and that copiei ot
inch be luuid to eieh Provincial
Land Surveyor for their iniwen md
���uggMlioui; that said committee drift
1 manual bind on luch information
ind let in conjunction with the Chief
Coramiiiiontr of Lindi and Works,
and if neceiiary obtain in order in
eounoil lor the iiiue of tuch
manual. Committer Minri. Gam.
bit, Going, Burnet, Drewrv, and Far-
well." Another inconvenience which
���urveyon luffer from ii tht practici
ol keeping all field noiei in tht hnd
office In Victorii. With rtspMt to
thii gritvinct, tht asiociation ptiserj
tbt following ri-olution: "Tbit lilt
duplicate copiM of all field notei bt de-
poilttd ind prnervid in tht rtcordtr'i
office in the diitrict In whioh tbt
tnrviyt hivt bMn made, and that tht
plant filed in tht Gold Commitilontr'i
office ihould bur fnll ind complete
NapVA ..NKHVE BEANS ire ��� new
*,or'c    dkieovtrylhit cure the wont
Beans. ��*KS��fi8_&
mtorM the wMknett of body or mind cauied
by overwork or the erron or excenM of
yeuth, Thit remedy absobiielycurei themmt
ebttlnate cmm whtn all oiher traatments hivt
filled even to rtlitvt. Hold by druggists attl
ptr pukagi or aix for to, or nnt by mail on
Kctpl of prle. by irfdrtttin-r THE JAMES
MEOICIN- CO., Toronto Ont.  Write for
Caton's Tansy Pills.
fca&J-KlJ* S i mi
Imltattooi. Ott C'ATOX-.aad, Mvt rt*
tnti. At drugging er Mat iMhd.SI. Ou
jjeoBm��eeoie. >       - wm
'nt. Co.. Waatam, Matt.
In Ottiwi a fierce hattie hai been
rijting for weeks back againit the C.
P. R. Sir Louis Davin hai been
moved to eay on the lubject: "It ia
unjntt and unfair to charge thii Government with being under the
thumb ol the great corporation. .1!
It were generally known that on miny
an occasion Sir William Van Horn,
quilted our council with the determination to hive nothing more to do with
thii tdministrilion, perhaps, the
opinion of the Government in thii
matter would be somewhit different."
There it a pretty itrong felling
u'tuongit tht employee! on thit Motion
of tin C. P. R. it tht way In whioh
Drivtn Murphy and Jimitton, and
Conductor Job mon, ol Field, hivi bMn
trailed. Tnt min who ought to know
ny thnt offictri wnrt amongtt tbt
bMt and moit carttul of tbt it'll! ud
tht accidtnti thtt occurred w
through bo fault ol theirs. We hope
tht offictri el. tbt oomptny who art
mptntlblt tor thttt imploytM being
ditcher*-*, will Mt te thtir ro-lnitate-
mtnt u tht fact ipi*an to be tbit
thty art made to luffer for mittiket
that mora properly attach to hlghtr
id iimrince pf the cltiamt to open
the poor min'i road to tbt Klondike.
At toon it I git your reply, which
mutt bt .raliaUt and fioti, I will
deliver a lecture on that country and
route in Spokane, Miaiouli and Pore-
land, Ao. I bavt everything nady
exo.pt tbt pointt uked.
I have no axe to grind, want no
pay, advocate no route for nionied
intorciti, but being myulf a mtntr,
I ut for tbt bMt interctt ol Canada
and humanity. '
Should you, in tht niar future,
give rae aiiurmca of a fair road, and
with me to prnent. your route I will
do 10, winting no pay, but Itt what
you uy bt up to facta. Mynlf and
brother John were pionMrt before a
great many white men wen in your
country. I am nioit retpectfullr
youn. Jambi W. Galbbaith.
H.w t. Prar.at Pn.am.ala.
At thii tlmt of tht ynr a told It
vary Miily contracted, and II Itt to
run itt count without tbt aid of tomt
reliable cough medicine ll Habit to
reiult in tbit dread di tease, pneumonia.
Wt know ol no better remedy
to ourt ��� cough or oold thin
Chamberlain'i Cough Rtintdy.
Wi have uttd It quitt ixientlvely ind
it hu alwayi given entire latitfac-
tion.-Oolagah, Ind. Ter; Cbltf.
Thii ii tht only remedy thtt It
known to be a. certain preventive ol
pneumonia. Among the many thorn
audi who hivt uttd it lor coldi and la
grippe we have never yet learned ol a
tingliciM having multei in puin
monia. Petioni who hivt weik
lungi or bavt reison to fear an
attack of pneumonia ihould keep the
remedy at hand. For tale bv all
druggliti. Langley and Co., Whole-
tale Agenti, -Victoria and Vancouver.
J. F. P1H,
.   Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of
* Kicking* Horse Bridge.
Good Quality.
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Sign Writer,  Painter and
Paper Hanger.
Ordin promptly attended lo. .    28to
Donald News
(From Our Own Corretpoodent.)
Donald, Dm. 20. - The cluing ex
erciMt of the public ichuol wen
htld lut Friday. Tht cIiimi wero
quettionul on the varioua luhjectt
they had studied, aud the proceeding!
were viriad in the ifiernooii wiih a
number of recitetio 1 by pupil*, ind
by thi Canadiadian song 'The Lend
of tht Mtple" mng by all the pupils,
Ai theclosea number of priies were
distributed by Mn, Manuel. ThoM
receiving prizes were V. clui, Edwird
Forreit; IV. clui. Zeta Chirk; III.
clan, Catherine Aikiuion, and Evi
Manuel; II. clan,   Winifred Daniels.
A number ol pareuti were pm-ant
md expreited themtelvM u muoh
pleated wilh thi progreii nianifett*!
by lhl pupili, ind wiih tht improvement in lhe ichool building.
Thi childrtn of tht town art
practicing for a Chriitmu tne ind
entertainment to bt htld on Chriit-
rait Evt. Judging from iht vigoroui
practicing it it likely to provt a lue*
Lait Saturday afternoon it a re-
heanal tor the Chrlitmai trat Dr.
Procter wu preMtiled with in tddraii
and a handiome copy of '-Picturesque
Cinidi" hy the teacher ind pupili ol
tin publie ichool it 1 mark ol appreciation ot thi intarrit he took in thtir
welfir. during Iht put year.
Rev. Mr. Duncan conducitd Preiby.
teriin lervices on Sunday. Mr. King
bting laid up with a bad cold.
News In Brief.
Port Arthur ttratt ur buildingtind
can burned.
Wmllhy woman fonnd murdtred at
San Francitco.
Fivt children bnmtd to duth in
Iioum at Ottawa.
Man and two women killid In family
quarrel at Atlanta, Ga.
Durrant   again   MnttnMd   to bt
hanged on January 7th.
A. McDonald aged 61, ran ovtr by
oa- at Wooditock and killed.
Lord Sintlieoni prainttd hit bof-
filo bird to Banff National Park.
C. P. R. brakeman mmtd Winter*
mitr, ran ovtr and killed at Rennlt,
Man killed and inothtr Injured by
tltvator falling Ht itoriM tt St. Panl.
Whit 1 min
attaint to teemi
for a little time
to be the high-
ett mng ia the
ladder, and during that brief se-
, riod he may oe
content, bit when
he ditcovert thit
.here ire other
rung!, ttill higher
up, intuition glvei
birth to discontent,
'and he begins once
mon to climb.   To
climb it really man'a
chief end.   It Itn't In
attiinmcnt, bnt in
'   that man Indi hia
    happiness,  conte-
quently It it not ttraag.
that we Ind men working
until they break down
when there it no real
necessity for It ..���_..
If men only knew it. they could work to
almost iny extent on through middle life
ud into old tge, if they would only take 1
little common etan ear. of their heilth.
The trouble la thit thev do not tike the little stitchei here ud there tbit ire aecet-
Miy to preterve hetlth. "They My no it-
tmtlon to thc signs of on-commi ill-health.
A little blliousnett, 1 little In-lf ettlon. 1
little Iota of alecp and appetite, 1 little
nervonsnesi, 1 little heidiche, a little
Ihikinest in the morning, end 1 little doll-
nest ill diy, a little thit and 1 little thit-
���II theae little thlnii thn neglect Dr.
Pierce't Golden Medical D'teovery t-iikei
the appetite keen, di-reition ud aatlmila*
Hon perfect, the liver ictlve, tbe blood pare
ud the nervet tteady. It la the gnat
blood-maker and leth-bulldcr. It it the
(reit liver invlgomtor ud nerve tonic. It
Btt a man to work and work ud vrork.
Medicine dealer! wil it aad hive nothiig
else "Just at food."
Gilo.." writM t. P. Holm**, ��f OtrtTaty,
inaabant Co.. 1. ft, "altolhwa apnAcnmh
andcontUnth-i.il.-rlM. I then and Dr. ritttfe
Ooldea Medical DM***-* ud 'FIcittM M-
�����*.��� which In a few day. five au penMMit
A man or woman who neglect! constlpt-
tion tuBera from tlow poisoning. Doctor
Pierce't Plratant Pelleti cure conttlpe-
Hon. One little " Pellet" It ��� gentle lui.
tive, and Iwo 1 mild cathartic. All medicine dealera nil them.
live jgintleuien or ladits to travel for
respoiutibl., .arabllthed housa in llritish Columbia. Monthly t-ki.OO and .iptntes. Po.1-
lionttiady Keference. Kncloaeielftddret-
led stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago.
East Kootenay Distriot���Northern Division.
NOTICE Ii hereby given that ill placer
milling claimt which an legally held In
! the Norihern Division of Eatt
laid over I
-���rally t
laid over frum tbe date of thia uotice uuul lit
J. E. Gbifkitii,
Gold CoiumUiioner.
Don!-, Mb Kovember, 1897. _48d.l
Court of Revision.
No. them Division
East Kootenay.
A Court of Revision ind Appeal under the
"Attenniint Act,  Of**," and imendmenu,
will hi held it the Court Houte.at Gulden, on
Monday, the third day of January. 1W8, and
at Donald on Tuet lay. the tourlb day of Ji
uary, IMS, at eleven o'clock iu thi torenoon.
j. E. Guirririi,
Judge ef the Court of Revision
ind Appud.
Golden, 7th December, 1KT7. MTdSI
Notary Public,, Golden, B. C.
A poit card addressed to me
at the post offlce. Golden, will
receive prompt attention.       29to
Builder and Contractor,   *
���   -  -   -   Golden, B. 0.
A tupply ol  Building Limt      -
For Sale.
Plant prepnred.   Prompt attention given to orders. I8ti
Undertakers and
.   .   Embalmers,
Calgary,   ���   ���   Alt*.
Barrister, Solicitor &
-.-.> Notary Public.
Office at Upitei- Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.   .
Will be in Golden- ou Monday of lick
WMk. Sdti
Maaafartarar ��f
Steam Enginei and Boilert, -T_^
| Mill and Mining Maehintry, -�����
Saw, Shingle and Bark Mills, -m\
1 Elevitort, Hoiiti, Winehei and    t-H
Donbey Enginei, **4
Shelling and Getring, "H
Ciitlngi and Forgingt, ***a
At The .
Eagle Foundry
Watoh, Clook and
Jewelery Repairing
In ill In llnea dont on
Watchet, Chaini. Locktti, Ringt and1
Jewelery carried  in  itock, alto'
8-jtttaclet tnd Evt Glutei.
Mill Ordert Solicited.
CtU at my new place of  buii.Mi,
Oppoiite the Poit Office,
john McMillan,
Watchmaker,   ���   ���   ���   Oolden, B. C.
Cure For Drunkenness
It ii in ettibliihed fact that tin Dyki Cure
removes all crave for alcubolic itliniilunti in
a lew d..yi, and in four weakt reiioret Ihe
pal lent tn hia normal condition. It it a simple vegilable tonic. No hypodermic Injee-
tlnni. tin be taken privatelyl.t a hoot
Irealment, with uo bad iflir-ifficli or no
1~* of time from butinesa. Eor further par*
tlculart _ldr.ii Dr. HcTiggirt, London,
Ont., or enquin uf Editor of Uolden Era,
Uolden. B. I). UU��t
l^j Market Information and Prices Gladly Furnished |^,
fillMMi. Otrmt HlMtlttu
-opts tad Tin Viralikid Int.
Hides, Pelts, Wool
Tallow.  Ginseng;. Seneca.
Writt lor Clrcnlir giving LatMt Mtrktt Prion.
linmMllal. BcmlttanMi.
Jas. McMillan & ���T'o.
Se V.muilMlon OburgW. fl
<IIO*lll Vint Aw H.rth
SAVAGE RIFLE     for savaqe game.
Vow CataUgao ������ AwllMtlea.
Savage Repeating Arms Co.,
Uttlca, New York.       i
--'������;������ - I ���
r tba  Seal-Aa-aa!
Tht following an the multi of tbt
Mml-anoualtxamloatloni of tht Golden
publie ichool jut hold.
Prornetld Irom jr. 6th to Or. 6th,
total mirkt to bo obtained HOO,  to
Sin 660:-AnnitKinny 909, Gladyi
ouitoo, 819; Liun Kenny, 676.
From dth to 6th, total markt to bt
obtalntd 1090, to put 640:-Gertli
Fltldt 849.
From jr. 3rd to tr. 8rd, total mirki
to b* obtiined 700, to put KoOi-Idi
Bookbout 409, Mtggit Archtr 416,
William Houiion dlO.Omra Good 408,
Willi* Pugbt 408, Ella Miy Lovi 372,
Emily Kenny, 85..
From 2nd tt jr. 8rd, total mirki tt
bt obtained 650, to pan, 200: - Arthur
Jirnti 297. Violtt Pugbt 290, Lottit
Woodltv, 287. Josephine Leveque 238,
Geo. Love 916, Lyla Love 202.
From II Primer to 2nd, total to
get 850, tn pan 200: --Minnie Sutherland S12. Emma Livtq.i 280,Adeliidt
Ltvtquo 169.
Promoted conditionally: - Addle
Antoya, Fanny Conner, Jack
Pariom, Blanch Lovt, May Macdonald
and Kittii Rutherford.
From I. primer lo II. primtr with
oot written-Katie Ktnny. Avtr
agi atttndanM 89.
li-.pl., ktrsag,   Our.,  Sever Fad.,
H.v.r rail, B*tt la th. W.rld.
Thty color Dreiui, Coitumei.
BlouMi. CipM, Shawli, Coan, VMti,
TrouMn, Silks. Ribboni. Wool ".arm,
Cotton Yarna, Rags for Carpet! and
Mati, Flinutli, ShMpikin Matt.
Ftithtn, Photognphi, Euter Eggi,
Chickeni, Pigum, Moimi, GniMi,
Bukit Work, Bone, etc., etc.
They mike: Writing ink, Marking
Ink, Stenoil Ink. Bumping Ink,
Shiding Ink, Arl Colon,Wood Stalna,
Colored VtrniiliM, Shot Drauing,
etc., tte.
No othtr dyM In tbt world can give
tht lam. grand remit! u tbi Diamond DyM. Send to Willi and
Richardion Co., Montreal, lor book ot
direction! and lample card of oolonj
poit free to any addrau. 260
$500��?? IN GOLD I
A Mighty Change.
Made Well and Active After
Years of Suffering.
Pal..'. O.l.ry C.-npaaad  Wai
Ormt Lir.-ttlv.r.
Ntw lift, health, vim, tnergy and
activity art tome of tht blettingi
Paine't Celtry Compound bettowi on
thoae who in now belpleei, weiry tnd
half .Itid.
If you trt a martyr to rheumititm,
tortured with neunlgia, distrettel
with dyi|iepiii, or laid low with
kMnev trouble, that infallible lift-
giver, Paine't Celerv Compound, will
niton you to perfect health and- give
yot a long lease of life. Mn Page ot
Arnprior, Out., ifter yurt of mlerlng
uperiinced thi happy and mig'tty
change that- Piine'a Celery Compoiutd
alone can givi to tbe afflicted  Shet yt:
"I have lieen for many yean a great
anf.fer from rkeumatitm ind a complication of other troublei. About a
ytar ago I wu imviiled ui on to try a
course of Paine't Cilery Compound,
with a.mult no mirveloui tbat aiy
Milt Intimate friendt and neighbor!
could aoarcely believe me to be, the
tamt woman. Formerly I could oaly
move about With tba greaiMt caution;
now I am will and aetivi anl my
gent ml hulth it good. I believe
Paine't Ciliry Compoun 1 will do all
tbat ii claimed Itr it." . f"
A Dyspeptic?
Cniclited���w��tr*-|loo_r. No Me eta
���deqoittlr leterlb. thi ibjtet mltery ot
Ik. iiStnr from llyipsptla ud Iidlftt*
tlM. loath A-tricia Nervlat It Ihe
tr.at.it dlmvery la medlcil telenet
for tkt cur. ot all "ironic etM-iok
troubles. It MU directly tkmaik tk.
l.rvM���tb. mt of ill ditetM. Thorn,
tedi leitlfy ef cam mode. Belief from
Ike Irit dot*.
"I wn i ireit in-mr fnm
itomick ud nerve trouble! tried 1
���con of nmedlet. Se relltf. Half a
bottle of Boatk Amerleaa N.rrlne
worked wonder*, aix bottles mile a
n*w nun of mt "���W. H. gkinui.
liorrlsburx, Oat
Dm', .ap.rim.nt with now am
, I l.yltrul maattlntm-Xaha Ik. wtoc
ustUMM. :.
Sold by U. A. Wirnn.
Un gentleman or ladiei to travel for
responsible, et-abliahed house in BrltUh Columbia. Monthly W..IX) ind expMMi. Petition steady. Reference. EnrloM Mlftddrea-
sed stamped .nvelope. Tbe Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. Wtapn
lit PriM
2nd Prln
3rd PriM
I Prim of
6 PriiM ol
10 Print ot
26.00 Mch
10.00 tub
6.00 tub
To tho Twtnty ptopl j who lolvi thli Puuli, il thin in to mtny correct,
wt will giv* tb* tbovi Prim IN CASH,
With Tear
If mon thin Twtnty ihould be cornet, tvtry cornet oue will (In tddition
to tbt Monty Prlni) bt awarded onr fatnoua '���Faithful Timekeeper Silver
Watch," of which the net factory prlci ia 110, If preferred, the winmr un
chooM a ginuini Gold-ciMd Watch of thi umi vilue.
F - - TH -UL
F - R - M - ST
A word here
"True to the
Our Proud
in the Warch
A word which
here iiteaiu
they will lut
1 life-time.
The qualitlei
ot our
which are
to be Ihe
in the Englitb
and American
Al thii wonderful oSer il only made to advertise our far famed Silver
Watchei, ivery Competitor muit read the following condition! ind comply
witb thim.
Land Notice.
an Dayi after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commwiiouor ef Lands ind
Worki for rermlnlon to mirckiM SlOncrai
oflandinEail K^tenay District cemnenc-
ing it i nest placed un Ibe eat boundary of
lot M G.I. where wid lot huts eatt, ihence
north 80 chaini, theme eatt 10 irhaiat. theut-e
���oiub 81 chaini, thence west 40 chaini to
place of coainiacemenl.
_     .  . J. HT. BOM-Mlf.
Dated Nov. 18lh, 189T. IrKdiSI
T. Hurlbut arntttd at Toronto on
charge of ttttmpting to polion wilt,
*%��� National Matte Smelter.
A practical, cheap and lirapli mithod
ol matting ulphldt on, tuch u uiokel,
topptr, gold, and iii vtr ont. In local*
. ItiM whtn iMd on* and hnl .art
leant and aliuMt unattainable our
pyrltle wattr-jukittd Mattt Smtlltr
kit bMn racognind with highly mil-
factory multi, and bit bitn thoroughly teittd on viriout pyritic,
���ulphidi, and arMnidtont, incapacity
ot two to 80 torn fnr day It it the
limplMt mtthod ol gold aud illvtr on
matting and eoncenirating that it
known today.
It require! no txtraordlnary tkill,
no It id oral, no during maiiriil. and
no lutl for tbt imiltir altar it it
iiirt*l. Tht mlphur in tht on it
itt natural fail only, tnd Itt coit bu
no comparison with any other prooMi
ot conctntratiiig.
Wt ar* prepared to furnlih any iIm or
capacity plant eorapltli to lubitantiil
Mining peo-'li, Mt it up tnd furnish
our mm to ran it for thtm on tuy
pavmtnti. Prlcat and anMlfleationi,
with nfinuet* tnd tMtlmooialt, on
Muufwturan ef FaraaMt lor Niekil, Ctp-
IMr,IMI,4llvir,iad-MdOm.    w
tr. wuii, mo. ISOic
ofthtPrevinM of Britiah Culumt
nut miion tat U Act tn Inrorp	
Tramway ind IlKirie I'ompuy
ir to emitrnrt, acquire aid opsrito
andtramwtyt for Irani .rial Ion of
. .Anenibly
Columbia it Iti
, ration or Mir tbt Kakutp ft
. -r-J-iy Md'bmatbM thereof to
���ItM ondmlniril claima in lhl McUulg-n
Camp and Whluwalir Ha-ln and ibewbtn
In .tie Diitrict through which uid Riilwiy
 _,..    ^ fnln
Camp and, Whluwatir Ha-ln and
la th Dtttrlot through ?   '
aad branchet put or will put, _	
p duti m thi Columbia and Ktotwiay Rail,
way, Crow'i Nut Um, ron-tructod or tilt
���MMtraettd, ud bnmrhM Ibtnofin tht mil
lag district! of ^t-wd WMtKootMiy.to
mines uli mlatri. rUlmi In Iht dtttrlc-i
through wbi.'k Mill Railwtyt and bmch ��
mpMtively pats or will pom and to con-
itract, acquire tad orarm worki ind plant
tt gmereto indiui
'it* tnd supply bMt, light ud the-
i the uid District, and elMwbere In
ivinM, ind lo dltpoMof tuck.bMt.
dMlricityi ind o acquire tad hold
. of, ml and inreonil propniy, in.
,. with IM |Kmtr to tsiroprlat. lands
��� eUMrpcwire ind priviligM that may
y, lueldealal or advutigtoM tu
���   i irflb.pow.riMrtlnb.for��
Dittd thli Itlkdiytf DMMbw, 1807.
Davit. M ambau* MaoNmli. ft Amur,
Timber Notice.
THIRTY Dayi iftir dip-1 Inltnd to.
'._ lo tb. Chl.l Coiimlttioaer of l-tods
It and
It thi N. E. eoruir of Lot M, li. I, thence
���orth M chaiu, I hince cut Mchains, ibtnct
MUlk 40 chaini, th.nr.eot 10 chaiu, I hence
Mtttb ��i cbaiM, Ihence eait 40 chaini, tbanc.
Mulb 80 chains, thane. wanUlcbtins, ihmee
north 100 ckihu, tbanci wttt 40 ekaiu ta
ptact ct emiMMMMnt, cmtiiaing 1,000
acre, nun or leu.
Wm. McImiib.
Crubmk, Oct -tad, ifir^     IMJiS
NOTICE It hereby glrta that ���pplieilion
" will bt nud. lo .bt UgMitlre Auembly
of tb. Pro vine, of British Columbia at ill
aext tealon let u Aet to incornoriti i
eora'-any and emnower it toeonstrurt, equip,
eperattiad maintain a ttaadard ir airraw
gun railway from Mmt point at or Mir
Qold.n In East Kootenay District, tb.nc.in
i Muthtrlv direction in the valliyof tba
I'olnmbia Kirer en either Ihe cut or wut
aid. of th. said Columbii Rinr lo er hv to
lb. I'lnil Flit at thi loot of ike Unnr Col*
uttibla Lake by Ih. matt feaslbli routi, thanca
In ��� toutbtrfy direction dovn ibtvolliyof
the Koetmiy Rinr on litlwr the Mil or wut
tidi of tht taidKoottniy River by the tnat
follbll ronti to I point on tht Tobacco
"���mutator Mar where tbt Internatioul
Honndiry Una Intirnclt lb. uld Kooteniy
Hirer) with tbt farther power to construct,
equip, o-wrati ind maintain a tundird or
urrow-niig. railway from tomt roint it or
imr Oldin in East Kootenay Diitrict or
from Mmt point at or Mar Goklan oa tht
Iin. of railway aforeutd to be built Motherly
fiomGoldto.tbtm-ilni northerlydlwlioa
hy Ibe mott ftasllil. rontt through the vil*
Ityt of tht Coliunblt. Cinoe, FriMr ind Pii��
snip Ri.trt, na liiher the cut or wnt iMm
llwrtof, patilng Mir Fort Mcl-tod un Me-
JuMd Ukf. thenci eontinuing ilong tin nl-
ley of lb. Pinnin Rinr ini northerly dime-
���Ion, It. tht IMS piralUInf litiiude, tlMoee
MnhariycroMlu Um tOth. 67lh. Mth and
6Mk digreM of_lii.ri.byibamutifM.lbl.
-ouM to the valley tl tht l.ltrd Rinr wlikla
1, Bind yonr antwtr on in "International Poit Card," whioh can he
bought at the poit office (price 3 centt)
Then ii no tntnnct Im orcbirge
2. In tddition to the Cub Priiei,
everyone wbo lendi the correct aniwer
will thinhy win one of our ������Fiithful
Timekeeper" Silver Witchei which we
Mil ih England for flO each, ind
which could be told null in Americi
tor 116 to 128 uch.
9. Eviry winnir of the Witch ii re
quired topurchiMont of onr ip.imdid
valui ineipeniive Solid Silver Albeit
Chaini to w��r with the Watch, at
|ttr our unprecedented ofer which we
will Mud. Thete Chaini in Hallmarked on every link by the Englieh
Government. If the urae Witch ii
required wilb Gold tilled um initeid
of Solid Silver, a chain io match may,
if dnired, be choMn.
4. With our Watch and Chain yon
will nuivi onr mammoth Citilo-iut
quoting Whohwalt Factory Pricel for
Jewellery, Plait, tte. Tht Firtt PriM
will bt given to Iht ont who lolvee tht
Rabui, receive! tbe Watch and Chain,
and ortlen allogather thn largelt im-
onnt ol goodi from tht Mtilogm; the
Second    Prize  to  tht   winner   who
io on. If not mon thin twtnty win
and receive the Watch and Chain, and
it theae do not buy anything from ihe
catalogue, lhe whole of tht priie
money will be equally divided among
them, giving $2f> each. All amount!
in thii advertiiement are taken at the
exchange of f5 to ��1.
6 A form will be nnt (ree to you
which mutt be filled up md for'wirdid
to reach ui by December 2nth of ill
goodi ordered on iccount ol then
6. The natnei ind iddrenei of the
cith prill winner! will De printed in
the Timet, Daily Telegnph and Standard, of London, on Dec. Slit next,
ind tubieqtiently in the New Tork
Herald. Dnfti for thi PriiM will be
poind unit day.
7. Writt your mini tnd addreis In
full tvtry time you write to nt to
ivoid miinkei.
Orden for then Pritu miy he
mm in leparately from time to time
ind you will In credited witb the totil
of ill when you und in tht nport
form ii ibove.
9. Whin lending Orden pl.iti tt-
member thtt thi letter poitiga to Eng.
Und il 6 Mnn per hill ounce, ind if
iniulBolint pomgiii und the le'ter ii
Shoes for Show
 i to look well In i window���mid*
for anything but comfort.   Such are the
kind that please your eyet at the expense
of your feet   The shoe which does uot
fit your foot the first time you wear it
promiaei little comfort for Uie twentieth
time.   It cost! more money to lecure the footDtting laitl
of the Slater Shoe thin for tome entire thoe stocks.
Thit'i why they *��iiett more foot comfort, wear, and
atmearence,thanothirrahoe!. Goodyear Welt. 6t-mped
on the aole $3,50, $x jo, $5-50 P-* f"-
The Slater Shoe.
11. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     212
ftr-Vfe in Manufacturer! md Dinet Importer!, and earry a Large Stock of BelaneM,
FuruicM, Fin Cliy Goodi, Scientific ind
Pnctlcil Booki, Glut-
win, Platinum Goodi,
Acidi, Chimicali, ind ill
othir Auayera' and Minin' requirement!.
Sole Agenti for Morgin
Crucible Company, Batter-
Mi; Becker1! Son'l  Balance!; Brunton A Peini'iPocket MineTnmii, etc,
Vaneoaver, B. C.
P. O. Box 866. Ttdegnphic Addrettt  "A88AT," TancouVir, B.C. 14��c
Lodging House
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
ordin tkt Meond lirgtit amount, and liable to go ait ray.
Send your answer at once!  You are sure to win a Prize
if correct, while even if not correct it
costs you nothing-.
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
by tkt
_ vtllty of tkt LUrd Rinr I. lb. northerly
j-Hindory pf Ike ProvlnMi cr wMMrly by Ibt
nwil ttfmXt* taut, to a roint at er near
Tallin Lik* it tht  nortlwrry boundary
I emU
.   -     _     lint to
Stunt of miM* fnm any point en Iht lulu
I, er my of ito brancbn, wilh Iht nowtr
��� ���1���    ,. ....      .
TMiia uu ll IM   norlMrly  boun
���f   tht   ProvlnMi  with   powtr tt
itrect kratcb Umi, md uw power to
ud epenlt branch Un' ��� from thnt to III
optntlni-the railway and ini bruebMto
- IMm, lUetricity nr other metln mwer,
���powirlobulH taligranhiodul. hint
HnM fat tbt nuriwM. oftbtl'tifnianytnd
for trintmittlon of mmigM for IM public
       purpoMt: with powtr It
nry brMgts.   roadwtn,
i aid optrili for-
mt and docks, ud own mn epenlt Mr
, md wilb i-owir to tqulp md miialiin
iturn ind ether vcMiti md e-inlt Ike aunt
la eonMtikm wilh tin railway and ill
""���iH *�� ����yMvlgrt_witor iImitm
Mir to tht Um of railway and iti VmcbM!
and wilh |.ow��r to ac.uir. witir rigku aad
to gutnto itaetrlcity lor o-iirating tht railway ind lay ef It- brmrbw, and fnr tkt nn-
ly of light, bMt md othir nowir, md with
owertoex'tropriatelaadifor Ibe imrpaeM
if tht Com liny; md to acquire kadi, am-
mm, prlvUtgM or othtr tldt from my gov-
���raiMat, mualci al cor oration or ��� erton. or
hcdlM ror^orat., and lo levy tnd eelta-t tollt
IU I trtooi
��rer lo Imm.-aki lr.Bc or oihar arraag.
taaate with riilwiy. itwrnbotl oroibirrom
���miM ind for,ih other mul ud M-mir-
er lueldratil righto, rawire md nrlvilegM la
Hand ihUll.hdiyof rt.TM.ber, INT.
MoPMiLun, Wooiton A Bam-.id,
' Wjtll ���MMtonbrthtApplleiito.
Iieorpontod Mcording to Aet if PirUwmt-Cipllil 01,000 (1160,000).
184 Oxford Street, London.
Cible Addreui  "CLOCKUKI, LONDON,-* Butiniti EiUWUhed IHO.
ITlMleMUe--* Ketall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN. B. C.      Mu
Chemist & Druggist
Hit now opened in the premiiei
litely occupied by  D. L.  Bettacher,.
Prescriptions CirefaUy Pnp.,rei,
���appllee for
Chemists -:
Mnl-M, Crncibtat, 8eori6*rs, Farmcti,
Cbt.nlctU. ChemicJ Appiritui, BlUucM,
Baker * Adimton't C. pTAcldt.
Wt in Importen. Manufaclorert
and Jobbere.
4t* *.v.atM.lk 11. W.rkt.t
U.av.r.C.1*. Pa.bl. f.1..
A Fall Stock of Pit.nl H.licinw md
Droggilto Uundrltt Kipt,
An Honest Offer I
To all thorn mfftring from
Ntavoui Eihauitioh or any Pm vat*
DlliAlt, who bavt triad diffinnt doe-
tort or nmtdiM without eucceii, i
eompiet and vilnabli medicil book
will ht Mot FREE in plain Miltd tn*
vtlopt npon tppllcaiion to
laOdll Box W, Detroit. Mich.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Out attete al Onto.
Sam gMirol or ipMltl dtbilitv, wakeful-
a-m, tpirmtlotrbcM, Milsikmi, impotrncy,
paresis, etc. CorrecU functional dherdin,
umm) by irren r iicinm, qnkkly nitor-
lag Lott Manhood in old or young, givitg
Vigor aad Htrtagtk whtn foromr wi knaii
prevail*!. C nnatont pMktgt, limplt,
inVlnil ud lejrltlmtt..
an la q.l.k aad THwr.iih.
Dent bt dtnivtd by Imllaitontr Irulsl oe
Citon'i TltallMrt. Mint MaM If your drug-
slat doM Ml ban it. Price St per pkge.,��
for 06, wilh wrlitta gurutM if complili
III*. Information reforencM, ��e., fret .id
coaUmtlal. Smd ut iliitoMat ef rise ind
���Aettfeti.wMk-itrUllreaUiMt, Omenly
C... ��M��m. MaM.
K eu for ��� w-MkWrl
Mai %9 4MB ptrtM
Caiaa We*. Ci
Clarence Ilersoy,
Assayer and Chemist,
(ElUblUIdd 1879) LlADVIL.n, COLOtADO
Sampltt by mail or unrMi reciivi
prompt illiul
SpMltoM Amy PricMi-Gold, tilvirud
Itatf. Ill my two of tb. ibove, Toci iny ou
oflMibon, M-icoppir analyiit, ll: plt.ll
II; my two of lb. above,
 abort, Ui'i copper analytii, 111 .
nam, nkkil or Iin, N.  Wrilt for full prln
Hit md -liliiig mnlepM.
Fort Steele
... Royal Mall
Stage Lines
Stage teentea t.aldea
Eviry TUESDAY morning at 7 30
o'clock and irrlvei at Fort Steele
tviry THURSDAY.     '-,
M'Rfe Leaven Tort Steele
Erery  8ATCRDAY morning  and
arrivei at Goldtn tviry MONDAY
rirnt ClM�� E��alp_iemt
tnd tviry atumion  givta to tht
comfort   of   piiMngtn.     Oood
Hopping hoiiMi ivtry So milM
on tht route
Wixwrtaa Hatter
of ill kindi hindltd with prompt-
nru and eata,
rot I ATM, no., APPLY
Fulmer & Kerfoot, Props.
��� Head Office, Golden.  ��*J
���The Province'* Map of
Absolutely Free
To New Subscribers to '-The Province."
"Thi Province" claimi that it bat 'he largnt circulation west of Winnipeg, md thit claim haa never been questioned or challemied. It la now
determined if money and energy cm do it, to incnat. itt circulation until it
ittiin thli object the director! hive arranged witb The Province Pnbliihing
Compiny, Limited Liability, for lhl lupply of
One Hundred Thousand Copies ,&��;;, Map of the Klondyke
To every NRW luicrihir who lendi 11.00 to "The Province," Victoria or
Vancouver, Canada's onlv high claas weekly, "The Province." will tend for
one year from the date the luhicription it received lo any address in Canada
or the United Shim (United Kingdom 11.00 extra), together with oue copy ot
the ibovi mip. The map hai never been aold for lest than Fifty Cent! or
���Tht Province" lor lets thin i Dollar. Bv taking advantage nf thia unprecedented oSer, whikh il only possible in the case of New Suhcrihert who
an.-.loM their money with their order, they get the two for thn price of one.
Thii offer will be withdriwn ia loon it the special edition of one hundred
thousand codpiii it exhausted. It it the moit canorous offer ever mide hy
iny niwipipir in iny part ot the world to obtain new iiihicribert, Ercry
subscription booked under thli arrangement mean! ��� direct lost to thi pub-
Iithen, trut i Urge circulation meant mora advertiiing at better rates, and in
thii way 'The Province" hopes to make good the tlelicit. Send 11.00 to -The
Provinw" by nturn miil ind get a copy of thii buntifiil accural! map and
Tht Province" tor a yeir.
The PROVINCE PUB. Co.. Ltd. Lty.,     Viotoria and Vancouver.
Pacific Ity
"The Klondyke"
Wbsihir tht rout! to Klondyke be vii St.
Mit-hs.li ud the Yukon or via DyM or
Skagway and Ike I hilcat. Chilean or VI kite
PatMt, or via .ht 8t(ckMn Rinr routo,
which Is tht moit likely, or vii -dmonton,
Aiheroft ud tha different rnulei, lhl Canadian Pacific Riilwiy wUI be lhl but if uot
the only route lolnvel by. ,
Fill informitlcn will shortly bt in lhe
'   of all aginli of tbt Canadian Pai-iBe
RaUway Company, lhl compiny now miking
���t.qtiiri-w to unrtain before idvitlngthe
r-ublic which will be lb. bett rout, to ge in
jy. From informitlon ia ill punenlon a loo
Mrlyttirt doM not mcMMnly niitn (ret
arrival at tbt Klondyke. Ample linn wlUb.ll-
lowwl for all Mcemry irnngMinti.
If yM in going Mil er to Ike lU eeuitry
thia fall, writo fir a lUl of tht ram te hi In
i fleet.
If ���-�� in looking for i pliei to spend the
nntat . ,,   ,
Jifii ui tu IniIIii lilaais
in retcbtd it Miy M other pclili md thi
���ipkiiti it km Ikm It i.thtr m<irtt.
For Information and fuU partlcalart ipply
to year mmt ig.nl or iddrett
Trifle Minigir,
Site   . Winnipeg, Mm.
**V*���Wf I II III
If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Best'
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all other writing ma-;
chines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Add mi for pwlieolan,
The Munson Typewriter
Company, ���St.
* Cigini given away at Starforth A
Mr. Irving, ot Victorii, has been
appointed Judge,
Gold Commissioner Griffith has gono
<o Xelion for Christmas.
The next Court night of tho Foresters will be on New Year's Eve.
��� Thii year's crop ol nuts juit arrived at tho Golden Fruit Store.
G. D. McDermot bad his more prettily decorated latt night for Xmas.
Mr. Hutiny dailies that he hu re-
slgnad as manager of construction.
The atoi-eluMpi'i'-i of Donald report
busiuesi very good thit Christ rum.
' Choice variety of Cigari and
���Cigarettes just opuned at Starforth Ai
Tlie Hon. Mr, Sifton hai ordered an
investigaiioit oi tbe ***-,ar-:ee m.ulu b.v
the workmen uu itte Crow'a .Neat
The crossing at Elk lliver will be
the headquarters ol tbo Mounted
Police during railway construction in
East Kootenay.
G. E. Smith wil) hold service in
connection With the Metliodisi church
jjii Sunday next as follows: Donald
11 a. in. and Golden 7.1)0 p-m.
The Government Agent gives notice
that persona cutting trees within 60
-feet of tlie wtir-oii road bm ween Golden
and Canyon Greek will be  prose -uted.
The Calgary Harold says: "A hot
timo in tlte old town tonight. T. E.
Wilson, of Huiiff, is in the city." A
correspondent wants to know what
the genial Tom is up to.
Tbe hearing of the charge against
���evfebre at Goldcn last Saturday,
before C. A. Warren, Esq. J. P., on
the charge of stealing clntbes fiom the
Queen's Hotel, resulted in the committal for trial at Donald of the accused
rat well an Sivesen, who had pleaded
The C. P. R. intend to make a c.orr-
aiderable increute of power at Field to
meet the growing traffic over the
'���Big Hill." Three new engines
will be placed at Field for this purpose
and a now and commodious engine
house is to be built on the flat at the
milo pest on the Golden side of   Field.
At St. Paul's church, Golden, services will be held b.v Rev. H. B. Turner
on Sunday, the -"-Jib December (the
Sunday after Christmas Day). Three
will bo morning service at 11 a.m.,
-jhilriren'tt service nt .*} p.m., and evening service at 7.30 p m. Tliere will be
no service on Christmas Day. Morning service will be held at Donald lhat
day at 11 a.m.
Although it is winter Cnlj-ary looks
brisker than it has done for years.
The business people sty business is
good. A fine stock season, with
high prices for cattle, nt doubt contributed to this result, but tbe influx of
���>eopli in connection with lhe Crow'i
JJoat railway and the Klondik. outfitting have a lot to do with the improvement in the City of the Prairie.
Alter hearing eome friendi continually praising Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Curtie
Fleck, of Ainili-iin, California, purchase a bottle of it for his own use
���nd ie now lus enthusiastic over its
wonderful work as eny one can he.
For sale bv all .drim-iists. Langley
At Co, Whole-rale Agent!, Victoria
and Vancouver. 213ja8
It is understood that the terminal
-of the pacific division of the C. P. R..
controlled by Superintendent Marpole,
will be extended fi om Donald to Lug-
gan. The object in to place tho distribution of the mountain power in the
hanls of one officer, io that it may be
uscl where required, as lately there
has been seme friction between Messrs
Marpole and Niblock about engine!
Iieing required from the Selkirk* to do
work in the Rockies.
Owing lo complaints rewired, Mr.
Griffith, S. 31., when it Windermere
lilt week, hnd J. Stoddart, proprietor
of tho Windermere Hotel brought
befon him charged with a certain
eftaci ngainit tha Liconalng Act. Aa,
however, those who made complaint
would not back the matter up by appearing te give evidence, the charge!
wore diiiuiased,hut Mr. Griffith itited
that it action bad to he taken again
lie would lake care that then wen
evidence there to .prove the chargM.
Tht people of England haveovidently
���peculiar ideal of the Tukon.' A party
of about 60 young Englishmen arrived
tha other day at Calgary and hilt
,lor Edmonton on their way to the
Klondikt hy tht Edmonton rontt.
Thty had witb them about 50 torn of
provisions whieh included half a car
of champagne. How they expect to
get to the Klondike with tuch an outfit ii a invitery. It ii very evident
that the Indian* and packer! who join
.tht party will have a high old time.
Don't    he   penuided  into buying
liniment* without reputition or merit
-Chainl-erlain'iPain Balm colli no
jnin and ita merits have bnn proven
���by a teat of many yean.    Suoh let-
en* it tht following from Ii. G.  Bag-
Itv. Hut-tin*, Ctl.,  an   oonitiotly
being rMtlvtd:   Th* b**t remedy for
pain I hav* ever niod.lt Chamberlain's
JPaln Balm, nodi My �� otter niing it
in toy family Ior Mverai yean."   It
oun* -heumatiim. lim* bank, sprains
and twilling!.  -Tot Mil by JI drug-
M\*e.      Langley 4 Co.. Whotajalt
__ftati. ,Vletwto��n*T��iMooverlMji8
* Leave your orden it thi Golden
Bikery tor your Xdim Cakei and
Plum Puddingi.
Mr. Bostock, M. P., has become a
member of tbe Northeait Kooteniy
Miner's Anociition.
A. H. Scaife, formerly editor of the
Province, has severed hil connection
wilh that paper and will make his
homo in Toronto.
A wrestling match will take place
at Reveleioko next week for 850 a side
between J. McRae, of Donald, and
Gilt, of Revelstoke.
Mr. Taylor, manager of the Hudson
Bay Storn at Calgary, is euthuiiistic
over the prospects of that city as an
outfitting point for those bound for
the Clondike by the Edmonton route.
Mr. Cranston, the well known C. P,
R. Engineer who has done such excel-
l.-iit work on the Crow'i Nest road,
cume to Golden this week to meat hli
wife, wh" has arrived from the east
uinl will join him iu his winter quarters at Moyie.
The Calgary Curling Club hnve
extended an invitation to the Golden
Curling Club to take part in their
fourth annual bonspiel. which will
commence on January 25th. The
Calgary Club are makiug great preparations to extend to visitor! a hearty
At tbe police court, Golden, on
Tuesday, before C. A. Warren, Esq.,
J P., Mr. Kerfoot wae charged, on
the information of J, Lamontngn
���vitli having assaulted hiin at the
Columbia House os the previous night.
It appeared (hat there was some provocation, and after hearing the evidence the Bench dismissed lhe case.
The Christmas tree fnr the children
of Golden will be hold at the Alexander
Hall on Thursday, January 6th. Tlie
treat will be undenominational. The
practical for tlie Christmas carols are
now being held ut the Church uf England Misses Lung and Harcourt,
Rev. H. B. Turner, Messrs. Smith,
Harcourt, Plowright and C. H. Parson have the arrangements in hand.
The.-e it at present a good deal of
dissatisfaction in the ranks of the
C. P. R. employees, and a deputation
has gone to Montreal to interview
Sir William Van Home. If . the
causes of complaint are not
remedied a big strike is threatened. The way in which the
staff has been overworked, there not
having been sufficient men employed
'o cope with the great increase' of
traffic is ono of the main causes of
A party who have come out from
the .Yukon reiort that Major Walsh
was found encamped at Big Salmon
awaiting relief from Skagway. He had
lost two boats and much ot his provisions. Tlie remaining portion was
spoiled and unless relief arrives soon
he will be without food. Kastner sa.\s
hs cannot reach Dawson this winter.
One of his parly, Freeman, was
drowned on Thanksgiving Duy. The
authorities at Ottawa deny tbis and
say they have information showing
that Walsh is safely at Fori Selkirk.
With reference to the C. P. R.
deciding to change the divisional point
from Donald to Field, Mr. White,
general manager, wiites us: "The
reason for making Field the divisional
point and not Golden is that we intend
to keep the heavy mountain engines
working on the Kicking Horse grade
to work between Field and Hector or
Laggan and the passengers and freight
engines to run through as the
passengers did for sometime this
autumn between Revelstoke and Field.
Ir. is believed this will be in the best
interests of the company.
A meeting of the Golden Cnrling
Club was held at the Columbia House
Wednesday night. Present:- Messrs.
Warren (president, in the chair), Dainard, Rae, Parson, McNeish, Henderson Houston, Winn and Neilson. Mr.
Parson reported that the rink would
probably be in shape for Christinas,
and teams choien by the following
skips will compete: McNyiih. Parson,
Henderson, against Warren, Robertson
and Houston. It was resolved that ai
many as possible should accept the invitation to go to the Calgary bonspeil.
The Sandon Curling Club invited
competition for a trophy presented by
Mr. Bostock, M. P., to be compiled for
at Sandon. It wal decided to reply
tbat if potsible tht olub would he
cepreiented, but tnggeiting thtt tht
nturn competition tbould tiki plan
at the location of the winning club.
-nmi it if consumption alwayt
picks ont the brighten md bMt.
Fully one six* h of all the denthe thit
occur in the world are earned by consumption. Many things wire once
considered impossible. It would be
strange if medical science did not
makeiome progren. Tht telegraph
and telephone, the .phonograph, j tht
electric light���all were once Impossible,
and once it wat Impoaaible to cun
consumption. That wo* before tht
limt of Dr. Pieret'i Goldtn Medical
discovery. Taken according to direction!, this standard remedy will cun
98 per cent of all cues of consumption.
Comumption il oauied and tottered
by impurity in tho blood. It is oured
by purity and richness in tht blood-
surely certainly dund by the "Medical
Discovery." It buildi up solid healthy
floshind vigorout ttnngtb.
Dr. Pierce'i Common Sense Medical
Advlier, a 1008 page medical work,
profusely illustrated, will be sent free
on reeeint of 81 one-cent stamp, to
cover poitage Only. Address. World's
Diipeniiry Medical Atsociation,
Bulalo, N. Y.
Service will be held at the Presbyterian Churoh, Golden, on Sunday, it
111. m. ind 7. 80 p. m,
* Are you troubled with indigestion?
Chew Somervill's Pepsin Gum! Stir-
forth A Bligh, igenti.
G. S. McCarter intendi leaving
Golden for Fort Steele, when he will
enter iuto parnership with J, A. Harvey, is barristers aud solicitors,
Mr. Bostock, M. P., passed through
Golden on Wednesday on his return
trip from the east. He will spend
Christmas at his ranche at Kamloops
and then proceed to Victoria.
J. M. Kellie, M. P. P. for North
Kootenay, has renounced the Government and their works and will join the
opposition. Straws show which way
the wind blows, or rather bow the
general elections are going,
A pleasant gathering of the children
of tho Methodist Suiiuay school with
their friends, took place at Mrs.
Avery's house on Wednesday evening
A Christmas tree bad been prettily got
up. and the children having been
entertained at supper were treated to a
distribution of gifts, candies, nuts 4c.
Tho arrangement reflected great credit
on Mesdames Dolmage, Avery and
Rehder who carried oat the affair,
At the gathering connected with the
Methodist Suuday School at Mrs.
Avery's on Wednesday night, W. C.
Miller, ~on behalf of the congregation,
presented Rev. G. E. Smith wilh the
following address and a purse: "We,
as a Church, wish lo show you in
what great esteem we hold you as a
man and a minister of God, and take
this season of peace and good will to
make manifest to you our best wishes
for yourself in vour noble work.
Kindly iccept also this address and
small appendage in the shape of a
purse, and allow ut to wish you a very
joyous Christmas season and prosperous Now Year.'' Mr. Smith suitably
acknowledged the seasonable compliment.
News in Brief.
American Congress passed $175.cro,
and Senate8250,000 for relief in Yukon.
William Terriss, celebrated actor,
murdered bv super at Adelphi
Theatre, London.
Storekeeper named Jones, murderously assaulted on Nanaimo railway.
Tramps arrested.
Capt Pratt, representing United
Snucs, conferring with Dominion
government as to relief for Yukon.
Terrible fire at Grand Forks Hotel,
Dakota', which cost quarter million,
and several large wholesale stores
R Stevenson, president of Granite
Creek Co., is wanted for fraud in connection with iale of mining stock in hil
R��lief In tix houn I Whit a t_i nm-
tasoto tha palnnuked, bed-rlddtn, der
pairing sii-'eror from rheumat sin's cruel
grtup-aad thli Is a fact, bora, ont by
volnmet of evidence, for tbli grea-st of
pain conquerori.
Kheumatlim la -mrablo-Sonth American ltlwuniatlim  Cun It in abtolut.
spec'flc, ind radically caret tae mast
stubborn comi in from ono to three days.
" I -ufl-ertd Intensely from rheumatism
and striatic   Tr ed many remedies tad
many-pbyilclaiia without any lattlnrt
lK-iietit.  A tew datet of South American Kbeiimntic Cure wonderfully helped
m��i two bottles oured _���."-_, Knelt.
Mernckville, Out.
THou-urnd. of frMd.lavM tenth,
.am. tjory-don't Miflkr an hatw
Sold by C. A. Warren.
WANTED-TRUSTWORTHY AND Active gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established hou.e in British Columbia. Monthly Wi.i 0 and expenses. Position tteady. Keferencl. -n.-lose self.addret-
sed lumped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. Mapf)
For Sale Cheap
Interest in two good claimi near Goldtn.
Owner iMviig diitrict.  Apply to
1. A. Haoorh,
d!7 Mining ngent, Golden.
notary Publio and 1'onr.yanc.r,
Mining, ll.al Bitat. and
Financial Agant ....
Purehiaert Obtain**! for PraapMti md D*
viloped Claimt.
.... Golden, B. O.
For Sale
Group of two claims of gotd-bMrlng quarts
in bast miniril district of East Kootenay.
Assays np lo 8700 in gold. 18,17
Placer lean. It
Group of two gold clumi. One ef the bnt
propositions on the market, and east be
cheaply developed. Aisayt gave 'about WOO
per ion. 11
Interest in gold property in exchange for
develop-item work. S
Group of 10 claims, developed. No better
property in Britiah Columbia. 13
Well developed claini. Most promising
discovery in the Selkirki. Assays np to lift I
Group of teven claims in quarts country.
Good average aniyi. ill
Uroup of four full sited claimt. Copper
en currying gold. ��� II
Un* of bMt copper propeniM in Eitt Kootenay. Smaller tett 81 per cm copper, be*
aidetgold. 8
Claim In one of bMt locitiont In Selkirki.
Cheaply worked. Aimvi 8116 in gold, tllrer
md copper. > > 8
, Chotae geld BOMrty, ptrtly freemillhif.
Amyt uptoO-*. Development work    IT-
H. L. Simmons propotM to establish
a smelter at Nakuip.
The Cape Copper Company have
declared a dividend at the rate of 22}
per cent per annum, againtt 12} per
cent lait yeir.
The Bald Monnttln Compiny are
into a lawsuit, Mr. Jackion bringing
an action in connection with the disposal of some ihires.
J. D. Sibbald, of Revelstoke, has
been appointed Gold Commissioner for
North Kootenay in place of J. D.
Graham, who resigned to take charge
of the Waverly mine,
E. A. Allen has been appointed the
new manager for the Lillooet and
Fraser River Co. and will look after
the Isahol and Lanark minM belonging to tbe company at Illecilliwaet.
Chas. G. Warren report! tbe dii-
covcry of rioh placer digging! near
Dyea. He nyi there hai bMn a
stampede from Dyea to the placers,
whioh cro 96 miles above the town,
and that the discovery caused great
excitement there.
J. Henderson has arranged for
the men who have been working on the Lincoln claim
to start work on the Lucky
Jack, where a tunnel will he put in to
strike the lead. It is expected tha*. a
drive of 45 feet will accomplish this,
when the tunnel will be continued to
follow the lead,
In a paper read at Montreal a ion
of Sir William Van Home stated
that the Crow'a Nest Pass coal fields
are about 50 milet from the proposed
���melting litis and the smelters are to
be so situated that it is down grade
both Irom the coal and the mining
centres and not only will them srael
ten get all ore of East Kootenay
but a goodly portion of tha West
Kootenay ores as well.
C. Hatch and party have been
drowned out of the tunnel in the Sunday claim by an ice jam in thn Ottertail River backing np the water. The
tunnel was in 27 feet, and followed tbe
luud. when work had to be stopped on
it. The ore body was similar at the
end of the tunnel to its appearand
where it is exposed. A shaft has now
been started and will bo sunk on the
lead.   It ia now down 10 feet.
The Anglo- Continental Gold Syn
dicaie, Limited, of Great Britain, and
the Jersey Lily .Mining Company, each
brought suit for 850.000 damages
against Wm. C. Bashford and Daniel
F. Keinlin, alleging that the latter
suited" the Jersey Lily group of
mines and thus deceived their expert
in the value of the property which
they purchased, and on which thev
expended large sums in developing.
W. H. Lee, of Calgary, one of the
directors uf the Bald Mountain Co.,
informs us thst a drift hss been pot
in 1(1 feet on the left and 20 feet on the
right of the tunnel, showing the lend
to he 80 feet in width, _. Kenny,
the contractor, report! thnt the cn body
ii improving the furtuer ihey get into
it, md ii widening out. There ire
two pay chutes or chimneys in the
lead, respectively five feet and s'z
inches in widlh. Then are now 400
torn of ore on the dump.
The lead discovered lorat time igo
by T. E. Wilson and others on Ice
River ii believed to be the genuine
mother lode of the ores found in the
Sunday and other claima on which
such rich ore his been found at the
Ottertail. T. Hehaen it doing development wdrk on what il now believed to
the lamo lead, a distance ol MVin
milei up the Ottertail River md ibout
five milee from Ice River. Then it no
doubt but thit a rich mineral country
eiiati in the Ottertiil md will lie
found eome diy, il it hai not already
bMn located in the pi openy in quit*
J. Lewie A Son, Liverpool report:
Copper. -The demind hu not bnn
very iciivt during the put month,
although the comumption hu bnn
large, the market is still suffering from
the effects of tho engineer's strike.
Should the conference between employer! tnd employed now being held
reiult in a settlement ol tht quell ion
In ditputt, a turthtr incieaw in thi
comumption it expected, the number-
of mm on itrikt piy being 88,000.
Notice hai already been givtn for application lo Parliammt tor 70 different
electric lighting achemei; wbil* tht
���dvnnligii md economy of the um ol
electricity, iuiteid ol mu, Ior powtr
purpowi, hu been prominently advocated and conoluiivily thown. Good
merchantable copper bit fluctuated
betwten ��48 it. and ��47 8.. 9d..
An important Vrlkt hu bMn
made on tht Lincoln olaim,
recently told by J. Henderton to
W. C. Tilton, of Galena, Or. The
olaim it in tbt Burnt Buin tnd n
number ot men have bnn employed in
putting in a tunnel whieh ha* teen
driven 62 trot to ttrlke the main lead.
Thit tunnel in lit count out tht
Dutchman load md tour ilringirt.
Tht otlier day tha men ttruek a leader
In whioh tht drill would not work,
having itruck tome toft lubstance.
One of tht men nmarked that he
believed they had itruck gold.. A
ihot wu put in and on tht mm returning they found what wu Hold, tht
particle! ol which glittered about. J.
Henderton, who went np to tbe mint
lut wMk on ihow thoM, returned oo
Wednesday, bringing toifti ol
tho gold with him. A viry rich
pocket had evidently (Men ttruek, and
it another tvldtnM ol thtp'rotptotivt
rlohniu ol tht Burnt Buin.
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Otliers.
It nlievM tbe piint .nd achct tht
minute applied.   It Cum:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc,
Can be used internally at will at externally.    Hundrede teitify to it*
Magical relief.   No bomt ihould
be without it.
Sold by ill deilert.   25 etc. 91tc
Stable to Bent
Oppotiti the Queen's Hotel.  Inquire it
Owen's Hotel for term*. Atk for proprietor.
The British Columbia Rewlew,
Mining Journal and Commercial
l.ecord.    Published In London.
Subscription, 92.10 per annum.   Subtcrip-
tiont ind advertitementi received by
. E. A. HAGGEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kooteniy.
For Sale
15 Tom Timothy Hay.   10 Tone Oaten Hay.
SO font Marsh Hay.
Dry Fire Wood supplied in length! to init
item ind furnicet M required.
__ J. W. CONNER.
Wl Golden.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   fl.000,000.
8250,000 Depoiited with Dominion
Government   for  Security
ol   Policy  Holder*.
Protident-Hon, Sir Oliver Mowat.
Vice-Pre-ident-JoMph W. Flivelle, Eiq.
-lunging Dlnc.or��� F. G. Cox.
E. A. Haooen,
tl�� Agint, Golden, B. 0.
Ill  ���MII|.--HH<*M*MtM--nH��**-*>��**r*nM**��mnlll ������  III
We cannot afford
to be wrong.
rr costs money. ���
You go to a tailor, leave
your order, then wait,
After a wearying wait your
clothes come, perhaps they do
not fit, or when made-up, do
not look as you thought they
would when in the piece.
But if you buy
Shorey's SSS?**
you are fitted in a jiffy and save from 25 to 60 per cent
of your money.
But are your clothes as good?
The makers say they are. If they are wrong the
dealer is authorized by them to refund your money.
Consequently the makers cannot afford to be wrong.
��� ���       So* that Shorty't Outran.** Cnrd b la tb* pocktt
ol evory garment.
its a /team tmet I oaotatt,
rstar suit, netst camcil nr
suit or snontri atABV-ro-
v'M CLormna ttt halt tout
the Polumbia House,
A Strictly Fint Clui Hotel in Eviry RmomI.
Equipped with ill Modtrn Convenience.
BMt Brandt ol Liqnori and Cigari.
The Table ii Second to None.
HMdquirten tor Mining and Commirciil Mm.
'Golden, B. O.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop.
THE   i  i   i   i   ���   ���  ��   ��
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
- Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigar*.
Rates 92.00 Per Day. ���:t::o::::��� '.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
J_ot and Cold Baths.
S. ADLER, Prop;
Golden Sash ft Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Minutictureri of 8Mb, Doon, Men-Ming!, Turned tnd Sawn -ihuten,
Niwtl Potti, Hind Ralli ind Bnckett.  AA tlm tl glut hi itock.
TbtlUcbh-indBbekiinith Shop ire pnpind *od**ll kind tf repair
MK-oeupoMibi*.  JUtiiMofPiMFItUntandBfMlgocdionhiiid.
Wigoa repair, PcIm, Shift!, AxIm, Spo-wtad Filket. Hickory ud
M.,i.ri��k. HOUgTON  tk   CO.


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