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The Golden Era Apr 15, 1898

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Array I
Tbe Oolden E ra
Is the most widely circulated and
best advertising medium iu East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2 00 per Annum
in Advance  	
; Map of #uldeti
i Mining- Division
% By V. ft l-fin* ...
5      On  reroipt of SI ri.piss ot' this ralflubas
,;,   map will be mailed by
-f? 'i'be Golden Era Company I.'ul. Lbv.,
S Gokleo, li. C.
GOLDEN B.C.. FRIDAY,   APRIL 15, 1898.
$2 Peb Year
Is Now Completed.
OCf  9 ?   ���>   O *3*?   S  3 ,3gf.C.*!>
Surplus Goods in many lines
will be cleared at Cost Prices.
Snaps and Bargains to be
had in all directions for
..... Ready Cash.
General 0 merchant,
. . Agent For . .
PJioeiix of London and oihor Fire Insurance Co's
Tha Confederation Life Association, Toior'o
Iii. Rates Loan & Savings Co., of Dnfarf.
anadian Railway Accidant Insurance Company.
... the Columbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel iu Every Bespect.
E inipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Tha Table is 8econd to None,
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men,
Golden, B. C.
Wm. McNeish, Prop.
���   ���������������*>��
Rates $.'.00 Per Da v.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigfrs.
__!.. IJ1I li-.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jfo and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
916*t Proprietor..
Russell House ...
Golden, B. c.
Skelton & Brewster, Proprietors.
Headquarters for Miners,
Prospectors and Lumbermen
Bttea. 01.UO  Por  Day.
Bear! and Lo.l��iUii, fa Per Week.
First Class Bar,
At   the   meeting of the Miner'* Association en   Tuesday   week   a   lii.-l
tribute was paid to Ihe work which T
Hebsen   has   done in the district as a
prospector.   Mr. Hebsei has   been   a
work all winter on the claims in whirl
he   is interested at Ottertail.    He has
now got the tunnel on tbe Hercules in
a distance of 210 feet, having driven it
77   feet this wituer.    On the Phoenix
claim he put down a shaft on the lend
a   distance   of   ten   feet.    Dunne, the
pioitressof thn tunnel work this winter
he cut through three veins,  nud when
hu slopped work he was in the fourlli,
He  had tu tiitlit agnitisi great diHioui
ties owinj> to the freezing of the wnlti
at the mouth of the tunnel   necessitating i:s being baled out four t in.es a on,!.
The   ore matter in the veins Is ealciti
and carries galena and copper   ore   all
through it.   The ore is high grade, but
Mr. Hebsen expects,,... n.ivo   10   ami
the  tunnel a good nit yet m-fure sti.k-
ing ihe main lead for .ill oh lie is hi..
ing.   Tbe countrv ro-ik is slum.   Ti,
veins whioh Mr, H'bseu cut ibis wn
ter run from 18 inc tea io two feet hi.
the vein in which iiu tunnel ended ���
ihe time of stopping nork is over foi.
feet thick.    Assays   of   float   in   the
vicinity of this propeit'ystave us niue.i.
us^a.liCO in value, and an assay of tbe
ore found on Mr. Hebsen'. propeii., ran
3117 us'i. silver, 3) in sj.ilu, ami li;   per
cent copper.    We wish .ur. JdeUeu all
success with these cl.iiins.
It hiia always been recognised that
there is high grade ore in the Oi.ei
tail district if it can only be found in
place,andMr Hebsen belieres heis on the
matrix of tbe deposits which me found
all tlio way dowu the Ottertail Hiver.
His claims are about nine miles from
the C. P. It. line, and will be remarkably easy of access fo.- ..nipping .on
if they turn out trumps. A huge
glacier separates the slope of thu inoun
ruin where Mr. UeUseu has been working Irout the Choline Mining Company's piopcrty on the other side of
divide, at the head of lee River, and
Mr. Hebsen thinks both hia claims
nnd thoae of the Chauiie Mining Company ore on ihosuine lead.
W. Pellew Harvey will buy for cash
all clnses of B. U. ores in lot* ui !>0U Hi*,
and upward.
The Minister of Mines has refused
all applications for extension of tune
for assessment work this season
Mr. Rutherford, who, bonded tho
Delo.s ou Hoi'sntheif Creek, intends
getting to nork and developing this
property as soon as possible.
Provision is made in the estimate.-,
for a new gold commissioner lit Duncan
Luke. This is reported to have b.e,i
offered to Mr. Fauquier, of Nakuap.���
It is reported that at the junction of
the Peace with the Smoky river astrike
lm*_ just been made; one pan paying
���H85, and the mine was down only lu
fe.'i at the tiino
The syndicate which has been operating through \V. G. Mitchell-Iuues is
buying out the other interesis in the
Preity trill group ou Horsethief creek.
The Golden & Fort Steele Mining &
Development Company have paid $4U0
into the treasury iu lieu of assessment
on four claims iu which they nru interested in Cariboo Basin.
With a view to acquiring claims in
Pyramid Camp, F,��st Kootenay, the
Pyramid Copper Syndicate, Limited,
hns boon registered iu London with a
capital of .tiU.OOIJ in ��'1 shares.
J. M. Harris says that he will soon
ship to Swansea as an experiment,
about lull tons of sine ore. He expects
ihe shipment to run something near
50 per cent zinc, wilh a considerable
silver value.
T. McNaught has formed another
Company iu Scotland to handle tho
properties of the Alberta and Kootenay
Development Company, including 'he
Cariboo Marsh claim at Moyie, und the
properties ou Copper Creek.
Mr, Mtagher.of Fort Steole. returned
from Toronto on Monday, having spent
the winter in the East. He intends
pulling in another season prospecting
round Fort Steele. He hns some good
claim* on the North Star Hill aud
Perry Cieek,
Tho Kootenay Mail has received information that Mr. E. C. Erbsloh, of
tbel.oudon & B.C. Alliance Syndicate,
Loudon, England, has floated a company there with a capital stock of
��250,000, to operate very largely in tig
Bond this year.
From private sources it is reported
tbat the main lodge or vein hns been
struck on the North Star mine. The
new discovery is said to have been
made at u depth of 100 leet, and the
rein is 10 feet in width mid of n higher grade tliun on the'surface.- prospector,
It. is understood that the syndicate
which Thos MoNiiuglit. lias formed iu |
Scot laud will operate not only tlio'
lliigaboo but also Ihe Kinbnsket. Liiko!
claims. The latter is the claim on I
which development whs curried out all j
summer under the supervision of F.
Bertliuiio, who had bonded the claims
to the Company. j
We are informed on gjod authority
ihat T. MeNaiight. formerly cf Gold*!,
ami Fori Steele, has succeeded in rioat-
mg in Scotland a company to work
the Golden and Fort Steele Company's
mine on the Bugaboo, in which T.
Mercier ia interested. If the work goes
ahead a* anticipated Bugaboo will become an important camp. The Eug
lish company, who purchased the pro
perly there in which Dr. Lnngis and
Mr. Mercier were inten srod. also ill-
tend getting to work, and the coming
season should thus see the opening of
regular shipments of ore down th
Columbia rirer from Bugaboo. The
Navigation Company intend to mnk
liberal provision to encourage this
trado and development of tha mint's hi
building ore scows as soon as trade
warrants it,and by carrying the ore to
Golden at from (1 to ii nil per ton.
Arrangements will also be made to
save handling by the transfer of ihe
ore over Hie Lumber Co's tramway to
the C. P. H. station.
Referring to the annual report of the
Minister of Mines a correspondent of
the Fort Steele Prospector says: "I'
merits the contempt aud scorn of nil
those interested in mining. If Col
Baker takes so little interest in this
district and its mineral developnteni
himself, tho least he could do would lit
to get au unbiased report from some
person of standing in the district
whereby justice might be done and
external interest diucted to this sec
tion. The of'eurr one reads the ro
port the less one likis it. Tim total
elimination of the northern part of tin
district is, to say the least of it insidious (it might even be culled
criminal), and although South
em East Kootenay is mentioned, ii
might just ns well be left out, ns nine
tenths of the facts are omittod, and ii
the other tenth a great deal is left to
the imagination."
On   Saturday   Mr.   J.   P.  Fraser.
prospector for the British Pueih'c Gold
Properly  Company, arrived iu Golden
from Victoria and   forthwith   ordered
sti, plies   for Toby Creek, were he wi 1
immediately put in Hand the  development   ol   the Wellington and Old D<
minion claims which   he   staked   last
seasjii   en    the   north   fork of Toby
Creek.    Tlio Company   will   expend
$1,000 ou these claims this season, ain
this   amount they consider will shou
up the ground pretty well.   The main
ledge   is 50 feet wide and outcrops on
tiie claims for a distance of   800   feet
Tho   ore is galena and copper and th*
ore-body rises between walls of shale
and    grnntite.      An   assay   by   Mr.
Cowell gave S9.8 in silver,   Jll',09   in
copper.    No   assay was made for lead
The Company is regit tered at Victori.
with a capital of *fi,000,OCO.
Mr. Kiime.y who is interested with
G. Stark in tiie Sitting Bull and Man
G. claims on Horse! heiei Creek, pro
poses to gel in dovelopmnet work o
these claims. Mr. Kinney having arrived in Golden from Kaslo ou Sunday.
He reports a large prospective influx u
this district of milling men now ii.
the Slouan.
The men engaged to prosecute the
development work ou tlio Beunisoi.
Group for the Kootenay Consolidated
were to I a e t idav for the claims. K p
Johnson will te in charge of the won
for the present. The low level tunue
will be pushed on and the upper tunue
will bedtiven rirght through the mountain into the International Basin.
Mr. Griffith has issued instruction)
to Ben Abel, contractor for tho Dutch
Creek trail, to push ou the completici
of the work so that prospectors cm
get in there as soon ns possible, an
also to enable tho owners of the coppe.
claims bought in November last frou
B. Abel, to get iu their men for th
prosecution of development work.
A magnificent specimen of gold
bearing quartz found in some secre
place in the district has been depositee
with Mr. Lang fur his mineral collection, A streak of rich yellow gob
shows through the stone.
The Golden Era Air Line S!S..
rou'.e. In OotoLer
may bo nut any.
���eat valley west of the
Rocky Mountains' and thus, when tlm
ninter bleaks up, the piospeciur, if l.e
dues nut wish to lose time by returning
tu civilization, may continue ou his
expedition without having toeoine out
for the winter."
"From Gulden to Columbia River is
about lot. miles, mid another Hu miles
lake, 'he iru/elier to the Fraser River
at Tele Jeiino Cuche, which is ihe
junction of roads going norih fiom
Kuinloops, Revelsiokc, Hidden, Donald
near Fort Sieele, tip the valley between j and even unu fruin Edmonton. To Big
the Rtckles olid tbo Selklrks, sen 68 Bend is IriO miles more, hnd up to this
the main line of ihe Canadian Pacific point ihe trail is good lor man and
Railway at Golden or Donnld mid on beast, or ihe water route would ho
north for over 800 miles. It is along found to "offer email obstacles A shoit
ihe lino successively of many rhers,! portage of 10 miles will take the pros-
Whnt Til* Toronto   Globe's   Hpveinl
Soya ni The Columbia Valley Ituute.
'���Very littleci uipanitlvely bus so far
beeii heard of the Columbia Valley
route ft'i m the international  boundary
among which are the Kootenay, Columbia. Came, Fraser. Bad, Parsnip,
Find lav iindTonhiecn, The'i tie between
ihe Bad River and the Fraser bus not
yot been surveved, and irs extension,
if any. beyond the Toehieea is stili unknown. It* width varies from two to
fifteen miles, and it is everywhere  in-
peetur into Parsnip River, or, more
properly, the lu-mlnatels of the Peace
Rivor, a locality where nil eyes me
now turning on account uf its weli-
knowu gold resourcis. Ouo bundled
and thirty miles throigh llrst-clitss
navigable water, and ihe Omenica,
which bids fsii to rival  Caribou and
closed, except for some distance along jCassiar in its golu yield, is reached.
I he west hank of the Parsnip by tnottn- The Ntitiun, Ouieiiica, Osiliuea, Man-
tain ranges, varying in height from'son and Mcsilmea Rivers, all well-
^,000 to 13,000 feet, ur mure above the known gold sluices, i uite I ere within
valley. Mr. Walter Moherly, whose a few miles of each oibei and the gold
ex pic rations over this country have en-1 hunter lias hero h i armlise to rival the
abied him to spoiik wilh intimate por-; Yukon. Three Inn d red m e�� of c m-
sotuil knowledge thereof, says:-"Ii i.s parolively unknown cotatry cut be
not claimed lhat thero is at present traversed by ihe F.iillay and Back
iiiy practical route uf trawl through ' Ri-ers. nnd the lafti r j.. lis 'he Liuid.
���be con u try here ilescrils'd iu the Klou- One hundred and lltiny miles of travel
like, but there is utidoiihiedlv n route|a'oug this liver biings the pro-pector
to he   iniule   ut   cou.pi ratively   small  to the Pelly Rivor, one   of   the   main
United States and Spain.
The President's message was road to
Congress on Monday, and asked per
mission to use tho army and nav*
forces to establish the peace and hide
pendence of Cuba.
By the intervention of the Pope
Spain proclaimed an armistice in Cuba,
thus conceding tlio demands of the
The Committee on  Foreign Affairs
endorsed the President's message.
Senator Allen has introduced a resolu
tion for a declaration of  war against
The latest report is that the President hns demanded tho withdrawal of
the Spanish frutu Cubs. This the
Spanish will not agree to. and it is
still believed Spain will fight in preference.
The United Stales Consuls hnve
quitted Spanish territory. General
Lee left Havana on Friday and hauled
down the U. S. Hag. He hits returned
to Washington.
Kingston. Jamaica, April IU,���A
moh of Spaniards rioie I in the vicinity
of United States Consuliiie, und threw
tomatoes, eggs nnd siones at the Stars
Stripes. The mob shouted "Death to
America I" "Long live Espuu. I"
tributaries of the Yukon, and from
iheru io Dawson City is "an easy proposition," comparatively "
"This, liko oilier of the inland
routes, offi'is big inducement* for prospecting, anil while Dawson City can
be reached thi* way, it is forilie grand
opportunities on iho rosd that the
��� onto will he sought after in the im-
tieiliale future. Tho fncillit-8 for outlining in Golden are excellent, and no
prospector need purchase supplies lie-
fore arriving at this, his starting
The distances by this route are
estimated as follows: ���
Golden to Cnnoo lliver HO
..'uiioc Riier io Tete .leune Cache.. M0
fnnno Cache to Big Bend lb'O
Big Bond to Fititllay Rapids.
Fni'liav Rapids 'o Liard River.
Liard River to Furl Pelly	
Fort Pelly io Dawson City....
. I.'lu
i Hudson's Bay Co. j
lucnrpontUd 107U*
ost for puck horse* .mU vvt).
miUvrty  could  be constructed  nliiult
would run through   the gold  bell   all
he w��y. It i�� prohitblo that many
iti'os-.iectorn who hnve studied the gold
country of the west and who ura head*
11114 for thu Klondike will look to this
route, which offuri the best chuna* for
rich discovei ies en route."
'���Dr. Dawson, whoso opinion will be
iccepted as valnnl.te.expressed the viow
'hut the proper route* for u railway tu
open up the interior was along the
Columbia and Canon Rivers, while Mr.
Gosnell, who hns already been quote.i
iu these articles, goes so far hs to siu
that: ��� '��� The railway of the futitie is
neither tho Peutiotou line nor the
British Pacific, nor any one yot built
tv projected, but one of which all those
.vouki become tributaries an essential
Jinks. Reference is made to a r.iihvn-,
/rim the south to the north exteiidiii"
��� hrongh the (iivat interior plateau ol
ti'itish Columbia and as fur north as
tho miut-rul belt is accessible, and having its outl.'t. it may be. in Alaska tu
ihe mouth of tho Yukon   and cornier
ing ultimately with the Siberian Hail-
t-ay now pushing eastward to the
Pacific port."
This is a hold prophecv. and the
contemplation of its fulfilment carries
is far into the future. Yet- it indicates
he trend of events and points once more
to the nntural advantages of tbe gietit
highway to the north which is here
being considered.
"As described by competent author-
itv the Columbia Valley route has the
following distinctiva features: Ther*
ts a first-class waggon road to start
with, which runs a length of J-joQ miles
friiti the American boundary to Gold
..it, which town is situated at tht* head
if navigation on the Columbia Hiver.
tint the Canadian Pacific Htiilwny
This road, therefor*.', reslly covers *
(itai'ter of the distance between the
Vmerican boundary and tbo Yukon
���.���irdi a highway is nn immense advantage to start with. It pusses
tttrougn a rich mineral country all the
way, much of which is unexplored,
At Golden, before entering tutu the
northern country, the prospector can
��et a complete outfit, and thus save
freight or packing and luty. Auoiher
im port ant feature to the prospector in
that ho can depend ou getting fresh
food on his travels, and thst he shall
be ensured abundance of fodder for his
horses. The Columbia Valley route
possesses these advantages to tho fullest extent. Fish abound in iho lakes,
streams aud rivers. Got'so and ducks
are plentiful. Deer nnd oilier tirst-
class food anhnals are to be had from
time io time, For horses there isahun-l ���*.-
dance of fwd.  and  that of the most      A    Wl(iitiuI,    i(S   houtefcrtjw, Can
.iiitritiou.* character.   Trout   April   till. (UTn^jJ .,wl)(] ren/ieue*.*-.
November,   while   if  the   prospector j
wishes to camp ont for the  winter  he
can easily provide good winter quart-j
era for himself and his nnhnals utmost  U80ttS9
The Mont HpJfo-Vatt<t'
Oatttttera In Weskra g
lannda %
Intending Prospectors should
write us for one of our new
Folders, which contains an
excellent Map and an estimate
of the probable cost of a complete outfit for the Geld Fields
ro 381st Calgary,  s
�� IZ^^tl^i':
To  Let.
Two furnished bedrooms iu  privjs'.e
house,    for particulars apply to
SS3te Tin's Office.
B. .f Kwbk,
Ualiltru. B.C.
~"^mWmmmmm1^mmmmmmmmy mmmWM ~m'?'Xz'*'iLj.~
For the next weok while taking' stock will sell
Huts,   Caps.  Shirts,   Dry Goods, Clothing,
flardware, Fancy Goods.
Get your bargains with cash pni'diaees.
. . C. A. WARREN . . THE GOLDEN ERA, FltlDAY,  AWUL   lu,   lbirfc*.
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Fit-
lows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
To Advertisers und  Subscribers.
Die (jOLDKN ERA ,s nulilisli-d every
Fiiday evening, h is tlio best advertising
mediiuu in Hie Ki st Kootenay ctistiie-i
Subscription times :   j:;.ihj per iinntim IN
Alterations nntl changes of standing advertisement.- must be in n e i ft.ee Lot laicr than
uooiii'ii Vieilnos'lay tn ensure nisertii.ii, but
casual nil vert seniculs will bo received up till
noon on Friday.
Wl ilo all reasonable cure wil! he taken.Ihe
proprietors will not be responsible for any
omission er error in juiy advortUelneut
All accounts to be paiil i��� the Managing
Diroctor.or hi.- authorized agent,from whom
the company's receipt will he obtained.
Advertising nilesi Display lids., SI.SO por
column inch; Leg 1 alls., 10 cents per lino
tor lirsi insertion, II cents for each attnitioiu.l
insi rtion; Heading notices, Iii cents per lino
each issue.
All business communications should he addressed tu iho Managing Director, ami all
literary communications, totters for publication or nous ilems should lie addressed to the
t'orrospondonca is Invited ou matters' of
public Interest, but lu secure publication
si.eh loiters must ho brief. In tl.ecasooi
anonymous letters the name ami address of
the writer must bo enclosed, not for puliliia
tion, but for the, 'private iiiforiniltioit of the
editor und ns a guarantee of good faith. Any
lettor received later than iveduesday will
have to stand over ti.l the following issuo.
las Min [is Cumpany Liiriled Liability,
Office, Oolden, B. 0.
are coming lo hand every cluy.
We aro showing bargains never
heard of before in Golden In thu
following:    Blouse* and Dress Silks
Starting nt 25o per yard   Gia.i ami
White Cottons, Print*, Muslins, Dress
Fabrics and un immense stock uf
General Dry Goods.
4.000 rolls New Will) Papers just
arrived, in beautiful designs.
Bargains in Boots and Shoes.
Bargains in Crockery nud Giasrwiire,
Bargains iu Carpets and Curtains.
iu fact.
Bargains iu Every Department.
Plenty of fre li new laid Eggs at
Sue per dozon.
Kite (JJsileH'.i (Bva
(IMitod  by E. A. IIauoex)
FRIDAY,   APRIL   15.  1898.
Is Koir.1** to It* our B-mner Year.    Wo
are wii-le open for business, and
making new eiiBtomeia every day.
��� ���������-
Geo. B. McDermot,
(acm-ral Merchant.
The British Columbia Review,
Milliner Journal ami Commereiid
l.ocord.    JNib.ijthe.1 iu London.
Sulwcrijition, -?J.50 tier annum.   .Subscription.-! and advertisement;* received by        '
E. A. HAGHEX, Ooidon,
Agent fi.r.Kast Kootonay.
WA11 ��t>d : Farmers, or Mher tndnslriolls
persons of fair cdiicatiori o ivhoth -*fti0 a month
vyo.iM be an Inducement 1 could alsoeiigago
a few ladies at ihoir mvn hoinoa.
:��!> . Toronto.
Agent*: "Tho Beiiiittfnl Life nf MK
WiOard,''by hor secretary and literary ex
editor, Anna A. Gordon ; iiitrwluctioii lie
Lady Henry Somerset; sells tn everybody.
Ureat'snap.. Pros; ectus fifty cent.,. Book-
on-time, slit
Bradloy-flarroston t.'ompany, I.t'd, Toronto
.live gentlemen or ladies lo travel for
responsible, established house in British Col-
lunbi.'i. Monthly Stiu 00 and expenses. Position steady Reference Enclose self addressed stamped envelope. Tne Dominion Com
puny, Dept: Y Chicago. gOlarg.
to introduce " Glimpse* of tho Unseen," th
most marvellous buna since the publication of
the Bible. Hevoaleil religion demonstrated
Supernatural facts uf the I iblouo l.mger in
dnnht. ' Kov. Dr Aus in Is iho Editor : Dr
rhidgley, Professor of Philosophy, Victor.:
University, writes the Introduction, 'ihe
contributor, are scholarly and devout men.
among whom aro her. Dr, Thomas, Judge
Groo, Roev.0. VV. Henderson, Nov. Wm
Kettlewell. J. II. Coyne, M. A., Chaplain
Searles., Evniigelist Orossley nud many
pthors. ('ontlihis nxperiences of Wes oy
Hi rk Twain, Dr. Buckley, V. I'. Sfoiid, aim
a h -st nt siiuihir men. The veil sepiiruting
the spirit is drawn hack su that all may in
least havo a " glinpso " Full bound canvas,
jng book, 75 cents ; w.irth twieo that. Ex
perio.ico uniiocossaty. Buoks on tiino
Freight |uiid. liigcuiiiuiissiou. Selleusight
Bradley Garretton Co., Limit���!.
���4ff4 Toronto.
Tho Revelstoke Herald sttys that
Mr. lliiggen will run ill the interests
of the Opposition for North-Easi
ICootei ay. Tho Honrld may make
its mind easy on I hu: score as Mr.
Hiingeii bus not the remotest intention
"f peisonally going into B. C. Politics.
The Herald must havo it hail cause
win n it has to resort lo lying to lulls
teritup. Neither does Mr. Bosiock
interfere iu any way with' tho control
of the Eu.\ having no iuterent in it us
it shareholder of the Company,, and uo
other iiiieiost than that which ho, ns
.a mattor of honor, accepted as a former
Director of the Company, and which
will shortly lie liquidated. This paper
Is not n tool of nnylio ly iu creation.
The EltA is not like the olher state
aided papers of Revelstoko und Gol
den. subsidised hy i lie Turner Pooloy
crowd out of the Public funds to li.-
against tho hest' interests of the Province ; nor ia the Eka run by turn
coats who chango their opinions and
policy nt tho first offer of a dollar of
public iniuiey heltl out to bribe them
to sell the interest! of the nation to
whomsoever will buy. Tho scarlet
woman moots with the severest of
social ostracism ; yet what worse is
she than the newspaper that sells itsoli
body nntl soul forihu s.iko of gain? As
for Mr. Bostock, it would hu well for
the Province if mere were more likr
hirn He is one of the few men who
devotes his life ami his means unselfishly to the public Interest, anil hu is
tu: slivn of nn vested interest to. he
bought and sold like the sneaking ours
wil. iiavo to obey tlio orders of their
musters by yelping at him and his
work. Wo don't beliie there is u
puhliu man iu British Columbia today
who has a cleaner r cord, or who is
more deserving of tlio confidence of tho
people than Mr. Bostock.
That house of rofugo of defeated and
iuibocilo politicians, the Samite of the
Dominion, has reached a stage in its
history when it becomes a question
for the people to consider whether it
isofany value to tho nation, ami
whether it should not be abolished
as having outgrown its usefulness. At
the last Dominion elections the Libera I
party ivere returned to power by u
large majority. They therefore became
the party to which tho rem* of Gov-
ernment should he entrusted, as being
responsible 0 the peoi le, With tho
voice of the country on their side,
thoy have therefore n right to expect
fnirphiy for their policy and admlnis
trillion, and that their policy shall not
be blocked by an abuse of its power
by tho Sonato nt tho instance of tho
minority conservative party in the
Commons. Much us we condemn the
Yukon bill tho Senate had no right,
f.'OIll a constitutional point of view, lo
set its faco ugain-.t the policy of tho
Government in such a vital matter.
and having dono so it becomes the
duty ol tho Government to devise
melius for the reform or': abolition of
tho Semite, bo that it shall' not stand
any longer in tho way of the will of
the people. Some oiiiorprislng Americans from San F-ailolsco went to
Ottawa anil addressed the S.-nato in
the internals of the American coast
Cities, The result was lhat thoy wero
able to buy and s II thnt august body
of Imbecile's to throw out the Government bill, und now lhey iho delilior-
u'ting on a bill to givo uncle Sum sole
control of   the   Canadian   Yukon   as
effectually as if it belonged to him. In
liscussiug the proceedings of this
C-nniuitteH of bond slaves, one of the
imbeciles, Senator MiicC'allum by
n une, gave expression to these extraordinary sentiments: ���
" What use luue we for the press,"
hi said, "they have no use forthe sen
ate, Tney take uo nute of our pro
oeodiugS, Why, they would go so fains to abolish the s -mire. What reason
have wo to belie.e that they will take
any noiico of iho present com
inittee." When the legislutio,
of the country is nt iiu
mercy of men whoso nets aro mon
like those of a drivelling idiot, it is
pntry clear lhat it was time tin's
house of "Old Women" was abolished
and tl.e interests of the coun ry on
trusted to men of youth and vigor o
mind. When u second chamber adopt-
tiie measures of ihu Govei'iimeii it is
au unnecessary am! useless burden oi
tho country, and when it opposes
��� ho wil] of the people through the]
responsible executors, t lie Govern ment.
it is out of place ill the constitution u
any free country und ought to In
abolished, The-Liberal party canno
to soon add to its b.ittlecry ''Dow.
wilh tliu Senate." Tlio country wil
re-echo the sentiment. Second chimin
ers nro invariably vehicles of briber,!
and corruption, and only Ihoes whi
leal iu those discreditable association'
jf statc-critl't will support cou'.iuuuiic.
ot the upper chamber.
sy        Expert bicyclists
'''(-)  ''��� ���M///K. ^ave alrcatiy B-*c*
t~   '' >   Jw\\\\lf'A eeeded iu riding a
\ -1     A* \k&i&\ mii'-yele, for short
\t    m/<\/^Y'^il distances.  In years
'-> iM^.'-^Tl :^''1 to --"onie the uniey-
���<'!]      elc may hecora'i
,*, I^IMM'M-    ,   ,- ,  ���
lxWl���ijT*~*j -4  ,    'n��('c   of   loco-
i' i\~ I /ll^"r~H~ '  motion   as   the
V-f'F lIHtlW'-^t��� years ago
v'l lf-?i Jaf-''���'-'"ii' -v people would
" ! A\l -X' \<lk , 1,i'vt' lanshcdat
g' -A/'Sf, '��� i�� i J Hie idea tbat
���'fi fklVtirJ} all the world
:t IhwgL J ���- v.-oul.l sliortly
~ \ j       be awheel.
It is not iu mc-
pltauics alone that
the world is making; rr.-'i.-l progrcw. Not
itinny j-eurs tifto ���<���]] pliy-iciaiiH pronottneed
cuiis'uiup'.ioo aii hicutfible diseano, To day
a brgc t'ro'iuitioii t: people recognise that
i: is il qisltnclly etirnole di^casi-. Doctor
Pierce1 a C.��M<.!i Mcdk-nl Di.-iCovtr>- cure*
.>'-. per i-*oi:t, of alt eases "t" eoiisunipiion.
It ha1* stood the ter.t for thirty yean*. Tfinu-
.s.iudsnf people who wen* (jfiveti up by tlic-ir
doctorn, and had lost nil hope owe thoir
Hvjs to thin marvelou* remedy. It acts
directly on the Huigs, drfving out ..ill im-
pnril :���?;��� and diseas** -jrcnnH, It rcslfii'ca the
appetite, corn etr- a1,! dir.onijrs of the digestion, Htreu-frthenTi tbe weak stomach, makes
the assimilation of the life-giving elements
nf Hie forjd perftet. iiivi^.-rate.-i the livei*,-
pu-.ifi'.-s the blood aud tones iliv* nerves. It
is the great blood itmltei and flesh-builder.
It does m-t make flabby Seal, like cod liver
oil, b.it ihe llrai, muscular tissue of ahso-
lute lualth. An honest dealer will not
ofFer vou an inferior substitute for the sake
of a litil'; addrq pa-fit.
Mi.,s- Mary Whitinap, cf Kast bicbitisou,
PrankHn C-... N. V., wiltest "For nearly ten
moiitlii I hare had n bad. con-jh. and instead of
[���t.lnijr I titer, it grew worat*. I waa said to have
r..nisiii'iiji;iuii. I tiled IT. Pierce''. Golden Medical Discovery, and when the second bottle wan
empty I l:uci no cough and wan cured."
Dr. Pierce's -J&'nsi
JL-**I�� ��� ��V.^^ /J of go6d health,
and Rood b-attli is largely n uiulter of healthy
iic'-iviiv uf th- l;,,H'>-. t)r. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets'Cure cotiatlpatiou, They arc safe, sure
and speedy, and o��c�� I'lVen do not have to he
taken always, One little " Pellet" is a gentle
laxative, aud two a mild r--^ g * .
cathartic'    They   never   K--'A|j'aTGI
(���ripe. Di'aj,'siui-iii'-lltl.v.
a r>
When the liliel actions brought
hy Turner. Poolfty & Co. ay-ainst
ihe Times and Province wero under-
ffoin-^ hetriii-Lf the (To-'erment lup-doii.
the Cjlouist. w.i-) yelpiiur cotitinimlly
at the Ma^Urrate with k view to urff-
iiiiX li j tn to obey th" bahns'-s of the tap
do^'s innster-1. The Mfttjistrnte, ^ooil.
loyal servant tlint lie is. lUccne.) totlie
yelp of the lap-do^;. The lap-doir has
not heeii irettiui; off itsulf oT lilte Iiaviujj;
baun fined for contempt of court, nud
as a result it has starred a yelp which
would of course have lieen f|iiiie tut, of
place iu the Titnos or Province*. It is
amu*-injjr under thu alteivd oiroumstait*
ccs t> re.id this squirm of our coiiie.ii-
14It has coraoto this pass in Driilsli
Columbia that u news-map r editor
prints the news of the day at'tha ppril
ot his lifa and liliertv. We have como
to thatstago when tho veriest scalawag in all creation can employ any
shyater lawyer to institute proceedings
in which the most iufamons rusciilitj
is involved, and if .1 newMpRporlias tlio
presumption to expose thatransactioti,
thon'fth every public interest- may re
quira' thu exposition, the editor may ho
dra^Kf'd heforo the court and be fined
und imprisoned if any jutljio may so
doterminc. This is not the law of
England, It is not the law uuvwhoie
el***e in thn wbolr) realm of Britain,
This province is the only part of this
hroiul etnptro where the pr;ss is
muzzled, where newspaper men th-re
not print the truth, where the doors of
;t prison stand open for the editor who
has the hardihood to let tho public
know what is ^oiilg on from day to
This is the law,  and, tho editor.of
the Colonist ought fi know it. The
lit'css under British law is expressly
forbidden to make any coin men ts
which may influence the cause of jus*
tice, and rightly ho, In the United
Suites they have, trial by newspaper,
which is a most dangerous pandering
to the .-eitsationalisni of the hour. The
Colonist has been trying tu introJuee
that judicial scandal in this Province,
un 1 every honest newspaper will agree
that such a tendency should ho stopped,
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Pow.lers Proved tbo
Uoud siain.ir.dtau to Diinisands ot Kutfei'-
era iu th t Tranent iCpido.nii: -"Jooi'rfa
K. Casey, M.P., U ouo of tho
Many Who Kuuwi of its
What to do lo secure relief in tho present
} MiMiii: i. tlio nu wtljQ tlu sands are usK
.ug. -tqlds tills sei.sim j.tt.xk throat hiirl
uc.d and tliore Is nothing that gite*- relief
iu ipiiekly iu even Mich case ..a Ur Aguew'.*!
un.rrh.il Powder, "uetirge K. t-asey, M, i'.,
is only one oftirty others ot the liuo��e ui
.uuiiuuiu Mil oeuato wlt.i liuvb tried this
I'oiueuy, alio bo..r te-.ii.nouy tu its uoaoub.0.1
**iuld by C. A. Wjirron. 378
An English Company has just paid
1 dividend of ^0 pnr cent out of the
iiolits derived from the sale of t Wo
barters obtained through the Tomer
tJooley Government. Tho churter-r-iou-
,ers were not bound to carry out the
ituposos for which the charters   ware
ijivHn   though lll'J P.O.lUC-rJ VVllS 1)0111) I
10 protBC, the moiiojioly. Uii'ler Turner Pooley aud Co. this trafficing in
t'taochisos uhich should properly re
uain with rife people, an I he exercisi'd
n tho public imeivsr, has hocome ti
;ior.s scandal.
HRART    .MIIlACt.T:?.
������iiflucaiiun -Fluttering--Palpitation���Acute
Pains���Certain signs of tho Heart's
KiuknoHH���Dr. Ag.io.v^ Mo..:-t
Cure Relieves in.'lO Minutes,
In enss of heart trouble lb-. Atfiiew's Cure
for tlio Heart lias proved itself iho fpiickest
acting roniody iu existence. Ir has stop ed
iu when the victim of lionrt di.-c.se seoiiiod
beyond hope iu the last giu-p h.-.H sraveii
death's hand, and h.-.s proved a never ���tailing
aim jici'.ii.oieut can*, it is au liouost liicdt-
eioa iii id wih do ill claimed fur it.
I'r A^nowV Idvor Wilsare the chonpost
llvor c 11 rector known.
Soil by 0. A, Warren, 378
Extract from Iho Toronto Daily "OLOBE" of
August 7th. 1897.
I)o:i:tIi]   Ncliooh
akpo :r POtt   MAUCII.
FiTth Clasi 1st, Chrisiioe Mitel
.n��l. Ed. Hrfttle. Fourth Class -
Pit toitco Williamson ; rhi-l. /o'u (
Third Clasj 1st, R.hy Clark:
Olilford, t/'aisou. S-cond ChifH
William Porresr ; 2nd, Norma Mm
Promoted from II, Primer 10 S.
Class: Hildi H-vhbs, Erhul Chap
Lena Atkinson. Angelo Ooluroh.
Averago attendance 53.
ia,   .
Groo* s of Ctobni-t in which Intei-ejt will ho
given tor tl,pde\clttin(int uf iho r'roporty,
( h.iuis uitiKt. faesiich'i.s nil) itimd exuniua-
tion,   A[ ply
Milling. Agont.
A  Homo  TrentHR>nts   known  nr the
Dyko Cure, by which Every Vie-
tlm of Intoiiiperanou  cua be
lVi'imtuuiitly t-uroU.
All crave or desire for stimulants is
removed in from three 10 tive days, aud
111 four weeks pa' ients are restored to
their natural condition. It consists of
a vegetable liquid, taken as a tonic.
No publicity, no bud after-effects, and
no loss of lime from business duties.
To briny the cure within the reach of
all, the feo has been reduced to $2i),   .
For further information write or
consult Dr. AluTtiggiirt, London, Out.
or manager Golhen Eka.
References as to Dr. McTaggiirt'?
profcssioual standing and personal integrity permitted hy
S.r VV. R. Meredith, Chief Justice of
Ontario. Toronto;
Hon. G. W. Ross, Minister of Education Torou'o;
G. W. Yurker, Banker and Financial
Agent, Toronto;
R J. Fleming. ex-Mayor of Toronto
City, Toronto;
H. 3. S'ranv, General Manager
Trader's Bank, Toronto;
S. Nurdheiiuer, Gorman Consul,
The following from Aid Spence. Secretary of the Dominion Alliance, is one
of many such testimonials in his possession:
Toronto. July 12. 1897,
A. MoT.*agnrr. E>q . M. i>.
Dear Sir, Iu reply to your eiujuirv
regarding my knowledge of Iho Dyke
cure fo: Intemperance, I have to say
that it was brought under my notice
about n year ago, -ind I spcciall-, inter-*.
usied myself in a number of cuses lhat
who ireifted hy it. Iu some of them
ihe results were remarkable, several
parties who were confirmed inebriate.*-,
I iei*omiri# entirely oh tinged :\\n\ ivinttin
ing lill the present time sober and use
fill (.i-i.:ens. S-Jvera) otlnr piirtits
treated at tho same lime I have loss
s ght of. but do not personally know
of a case out of half a dozen iu which
tho 1 realmont was not sticressiful.
Willi he>t wishes; I reniaitl,
Yonl-s. sitiC'M-elv,
ihH P. y. Si'i;Ni'ii.
Brief and  Deeisivo   Opinio* i
About Diamond  Dy33.
Mrs. J. H. Coulter, NVpawa, Mai
says:    **I always have much pleas., e
in using Diamond Dyes;   1 think ihe
are grand agents for making old 1 hing*
look like new."
Mary A. Ravers ft,   Leeds.   P.    Q
gives herHxuprieuee in  seven  wor;s.
"lam delighted with  your  Diainoud
Mrs. dibs. Hutching--, .Jones' P Us,
Ont.. writes:
"Havo used several packages of your
Diamond Dyes and liud ilium betier
'ban 1111/ other make; they never fade
or crock, and areeu'irely Ha'i^fai.tory.'1
Mr--. John Meriitt, Sandy Co/e, N,
S., says :
u Have used Diamond Dves for over
seven years, and have found llioin
greiii successes."
Mrs. David Grant, Mountain Station.
Ont,. says:
" Diamond Dyos far surpass all other
dyes that I have tried." 1177
Subscribe  to the Goj.iuin Era and
help to advance the interests   of   the
district.   Send ��- for  ii year's subscription)
20 "im lo Detroit.
256.000 Core..
Thousands of young and middla-ajred'
men are troubled with this discaso���many
tmconaeiouBly. They may have a smurt-
^'   inn 6oni.atK.fl, email, tivistics stream,
m  sharp cnttinff pains at timoa, Blight diE-
>.  charge, dilTioulty in commencln-i*, weak
organs, emir.ion��, and all the symptoms
of nervous debility���they have STRICTURE. Lon'tlet doctor) experiment 011
yon, by cutting, stretching, or toarius
,-!   you,  Thiswlll nnt euro you, as) twill ro-
a turn.   Our NEW METHOD TREATMENT absorbs tho stricture  tissuo;
henooremoves the stricture permanently.
It can never return.  No pain, co suffer*
lug, 110 detention from business by our
method. Theeoxmlorganflarostrength-
eneil. Tbe nerves are invigorated, and
tbe bliss of manhood returns.
Removed lo
New Stoie
South-East of
Kicking- Horse Bridge
.Ily .tfotro la
Good Quality,
Good Fitting: and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card Hrlelresseel to lno
nt (lie post oflie'r-, Roldiiii, e\-j|i
reooive prompt ktmutioii,        29ic
fiuikler and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, a O.
A supply of  l'iuildiiii!  Liu*
For tittle.
PIhiis prcpure.l.    Fromrjt at-
leuiion (iiven io onlors. 2Sio
Hon. F, W. AYLAfiJR, (JJ
1'i'ovinulitl I.ftiid .Stir\e;.'e.r.
.Snl��-.\)-eut Do'i inion (iovdi'iiiiiciit,
A(vaut !J..iiiiui���u 'i'uiviisile, (ii* ,���,,.
8| oui.'J ntlmiii.,11 te. lllier. 11 lul.i j
-.IM OBicf, Alo-miilcr I Uk, Ooleisii,
ARTHUR U. 31. glflAOflB
Barriafoi', .Solicitor &
���  ���  ���  Notary i'iiblic.
Office nt Upper Cpljiii'i|iiii Xiivii:iiiion
Cu. liuifdiiifr, Gold���. IJ. O. -
Will I* in Guillen on   Woiulnv of euili
wwk; '      ji:jI0
I ��� Thoiuaneli ot young snd middle-aged
1 man are baring their lexaol rigor and
I vitality continually sappod by this ells-
I ofthQcauseofthesewmptomi?.  tJcneral
I Weakness, Unnatural lilsoUa-rges, Fail-
| log Manhood, Nervousness Poor Mem-
| ory. Irritability, nt timo < Smarting fcien-
| ration, Sunken lye-*, with dark circles,
I Weak Back, General UepresBion, Laok
I of   Ambition.   Vfiricocele.   Shrunken
Parts, eto. GLEET and BTHICTU HE
may bo the cause. Don't consult family
doctors, as thoy nave no experiosco iu
those- special   disence-j���don't   allow
Quacks to experiment on you.   Commit
Specialists, wMhaveiwuloalifo study of
DiEeapesofMenand Women. Our NEW
METHOD   TUEATMENT will positively cure yen. One thousand dollars
for a cote wo accept for treatment and
onanotouro. T��rmsmodorateforacure.
Wn treat snd ours:   EMISSIONS,
Clarence llergey,
Assayer and Coamist,   '
EstiUisliwl 18711) I.HAiiviM.r, Cpi.OIU.UO
SmViploif by iiim'1 or oxrn'ess rce'cive
, prompt .itiontiuii.
Spoi'im.ti .W,:,y 1'rire.i: - (Jdil   silver iiiiil
I loiiil, >3lj siiy two' ot tho iiliovo, iBc: i.nyone
���l tlio lifwve, {tk't.ropuer iaiilj-sis, 8 : pl-.it-
inn, un-ki.'l or lift, si.   �� rho lor full prico
list nntl iniiiliiij; envelopes.
i  EM
nj ES, KI DNKY and IILAIiriER Diss����,.
" FREE. If unable to coll. mile for
Kennedy Kersan
J Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. j
MiAfwl Tlio way for you tOSUf-QeS*
i-* io make known tli�� rosourcpis qf
your camps. The wnv to do thnt is to
hoimI doWH of your Hlid�� to tlioGohUCN
Era. .*3'il),scriln. yournelf io tliu Kit a
hu.I stuiil it io vonr friemls Thu Era
Kill tell thein nil about it better _than
you on li,    $2 a year.
d'olden Hospital .Society,
THE HOSPITAL is now open for Iba
admission r.t patlopts.
TICKETS-niny bo'darl from the niider-
siKiied or iiny moiulior of the
PRICE Ten JJoIinrs per yenr or Six
Bolliirs per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
The Imperial Life
issuraiics .Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $ 1.000,000.
$250,000 Deposited with DominifiM
Oovernineiit    for  Security    ���
of   Policy   Holders.
Prer.iilent���Hon. Sir f'liver Mnmit.
Vie'o-Pi-o-l:leiit-Joseph \V, Flavolle   Esq.
Mnuiii'.iii,'- Uiroc.or���y. O. C<w.-
E. A. Uaoqicn,
210 Agent, (WdoD. II. 0.
Increase   Your   Business   and   Make   Money   Hanc
Hopes sad Tags rnrnisttfii fyo...
Pull Pri-as.   Corrf��t Snleotion.
I milled late Rt-nilttuiirur*.
Hides, Pelts, Wool
Tallow,   Ginseng-,   Seneca.
a)  O ��� .��  ��  ���
Wrile for Circujiir Hiving Latest Market Prices.
Jas  McMillan .& Co.   inc.
No Commission Cliargeei. '
200*212 Hist Avt' North
���HlX\KAl-OI.IrS,   JUIN9T. ��
THE GULDEN  ERA;  J-'HJU.AV.   APRIL  lo,  1898.
Be loya.1 to your district! Subscribe
to and advertise in the Golden Era.
Mrs. Evans has purchased from
Peter White a Jut near tho government
J. Ri'illy k Co. baro a big pile of
logs at Ottertail waiting the starting
of the sawmill for the season.
Mr. Griffith will put in hand the extension of tne dykeing of the Kloking-
horst rirer as soon as the ico goes out.
���1,500 will be expended on   the work.
$2,000 has been voted by the Provincial House to the Golden Hospital
for the ensuing year; and $i00 cacii
for Golden, D-mald and i'ort Steele for
fire protection.
The piers of the old bridge over the
Kiskinghorse river should certainly bo
removed before high water or they cannot fail to endanger the new bridge
when high water sets in.
Sir Charles Bias, Bin. T. M.
Daly, and J. B. Macarthur are applying for a charter for a railway lino
from the Skeena River to the Yellow-
head Pass, aud for an extension by
way of the Parsnip River.
R. Marpole will shortly visit Oolden,
Field aud Laggau iu connection with
the taking over of the stations to the
latter point, Great satisfaction is expressed amongst the employees and the
public at Mr. M-irpolc's jurisdiction
being extended over this section of the
A. B. Cotton has applied for a charter for tho con-itructiou of a railway
from Rovelstoke up th.- Columbia and
Canoe rivers lo fete Jamie Cache ami
thence by the Fraser and Parsnip
rivers to De.iae und 'l'ealln lakes, or
alonj; Liard river to the Yukon, with
extension ou the cat to the Yellow-
head Pas*.
Tho Nelson Tribune says of Col.
Baker's negleot of the mineral
resources of North East K-joiei'ay!
''The fact that iu the recently issued
' report of die department of mines, b.it
scant attention is paid to North-East
earn JCooieuuy, is b'iug used with
damaging effect against the warlike
A correspondent writes asking whv
thn annual mooting of the Liberal Association has not been held, and tbo
ofliiers and o.uuiittee elected for the
ensuing year. Wu certainly ihiuk th.s
association sIijliI I be kept alive ail,, it
is for the out-gum,; officers to convene
the annual meeting and submit their
report ut tiieou-liest opportunity.
Ontario farmers find a Klondyke iu
��� growing lob.icco. An Eastern f.irmer
says: ���.' -'Eejery person is talking of
the lobacco busiuoss. Every fanner is
.jU'dpurillg toso.v the plant. Lu.-t year
iliraui Walker had li! acres in tob.ecco,
aud the receipts aaiouutol to SJ2,uU0.
Tne expenditure amounted, nil iu all,
io $7,000, so he had Mo.OtJO clear.
Timt is good enough Klondike for Essex County. List year oue million
pjHi.li of tobiooo ware produced in
Ontario. This year 5,UUU,u0o pounds
will be produced."
T.vo years ago R. J. Warren, a
druggist at Pleasant Brook, N. Y,,
bought a small sppply of Chamber-
Jain's Cough Remedy. He sums up
the result as follows: "At the time
the goods were unkuowu iu this .section; to lay Cnumborlalii's Cough
Remedy is a housebote! word." It is
thu same in hundreds cf counuiiiiitiee.
Where ever i lie go*d qualities of Chain
berlaiu's Cough Remedy become known
tha p.o.de Will have nothing else.
For sale by ail druggists. Llugley &
Co., wholesale agent*, Victoria aud
Vancouver. i)7U
This month the number of locomotives en the western division of tie
Canadian Pacific railway will bo increased by the addition of several powerful compound engines. At the Montreal shops one locomotive a week is
now being turned out for this division,
snd the tifteeu that hare been under
construction all winter at the Richmond locomotive work, are uoirly
finished. The first was Suit out en
the ifttii iust., and fro.u now ou three
a week will bo completed amid li verm!.
These will be placed ou the mountain
section between Laggau and Rjvel
stoke.���Free Press.
Mrs. A. I>iveen, residing at 720
Henry St., Alton, III., sufferel with
sciatic rheumatism for over eighi mon.
ths. She doctored for it nearly the
whole of this time, itsin*. various
rethelies reuo iim/Mide. by friends, and
was treated by tho physicians, bill received no relief. She then used one
and a' half bottles of Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, which effected a complete
cure. This is published at her request
as she wants others similarly afflicted
to know what cured her. For sale by
all druggists. Langley k Co., wholesale agents. Victoria and Vancouver.
Ex-Mpeikor Wiggins, in speaking on
tho Turner-Pooley finances, said:
"The printed record, as laid before the
House In tbo form of estimates of re*
e*ipts and expenditures for the fiscal
year ending 30th of June, 1899, was
startling. To the well wisher of this
country, those documents furnished
melancholy reading. After carefully
considering the piipir.s, he was strongly of opinion that the record is mo.it
��� .arising and that lit iho earliest moment, whan tho country shall havo
liad nn opportunity to pronounce
judgement, th.it judgoinent will
lie almost universal eon leninstion of
the policy lhat is destroying tha crolit
of the Province and hastening it with
rapid steps towards n financial catastrophe. "
J. M. Kellie, M. P, P., has introduced in the Provincial House a bill to
make more effectual provision for liens
of mechanics, wage earners aud others
ou coutracts.
Ainericans'are the most inventive
people ou earih. To them have been
issued uearly G00,0t0 patents, or more
'ban one-third of all tile patents issued
in the world. No discovery of modern
years has been of greater benefit to
mankind than Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera ami Diarrhoea Remedy, or has
dono more to.relieve pain and suffering.
J. W. Vaughn, of O-ikton, Ky��� aiys:
"I have used Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in my
family for several years, and lied it to
be the best medicine I ever used foi
cramps in the stomach and bowels
For sole by nil druggists, Langley it
Co., wholesale agents, Victoria and
Vancouver. S7!)
Tho  Coming of Duby.
When a baby comes jo the house real
happiness comes. Tbe cure and anxiety
count for nothing against the clinging
touch of the little hands and the sound
of the Utile voice. The highest fnnc
tion givon to human beings ia bring
ing hnaliby, happy children into the
world. Over thirty years ago the
needs of women appealed to Dr. Pierce,
now chief consulting physician to the
Invali I'a Hotel ami Surgical Institute
of Buffalo, N. Y. The result of his
study improved by 30years of practice
Is embodied in Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. It strengthens, purities
and makes healthv theorgausdistinct
ly feminine. It gives weak women the
strength and he..lth necessary for ihe
production of healthy children and it
makes the hearing of those children
easy. It is sure to euro any weakness
or derangement peculiar to women ;
slops pain, soothes, inllamination.
strengthens, purifies, invigorates,   il7��
News in Brief
A carter named Diunis Clifford, of
Ayliner Si. was murdered at Montreal.
Mr. Gladstone's death is expoc'e-l to
tHka place within the next two months.
C. P. R. has come to au agreement
will the American railivuvs toeud the
rate war,
Cecil RliO'les is endeavoring to
establish nu Anglo-Dutch confederacy
iu South Alrica. ���
Lord eSevtuoiir will succeed Gonei-al
Moore as commander of tliu Imperial
forces iu Canada.
Three British cruisers hues received
orders to proceed at once tu Jamaica
and await there for fun her orders
An engine and / now plougn were
h'uily wrecked while attempting to
clear Long L'.ke and Rogluu road,
Another avalanche is reported to
have taken place on the Chilcoot pa��s,
resulting in ibo loss of many lins.
April 11. -Despatches from Nagasltl
report tbat a collision has taken place
between tbe English and the Russians
at Talien Wan.
Dr, Nortlenskjold, n relative of the
famous explorer of lhat ilk, is
on bis way to the Yukon, Ho hopes
io Ion nt something of Andrea.
Pile f errors Swept Away.
Dr. Agnew's Ointment stands ..t tha head
us a relieve,'.henlor,und sure care tor pile, in
i.ll forms. One application will give comfort
in a foiy miliums, nud three tushdays'ap,>ii-
cation according to directions will cure
ehrjiiic rases. It rehoves all itediiag and
burning sliju diseases in a day-  .15 cents.
Sold by C. A. Warien. . J.78
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding iho mineral sections of
East Kootenay and their resources,
will he furnished such information by
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the Era, free of charge.
Hou. F. W. Aylmer President
W. (1. MiK'liefl-lunoa Vico     do
.V. O. NelUon, J. I'    de      do
IC. Johnson   do       do
E. A. Ihiggeu Secretary-Treasurer
A FORTUNE.      \
In the event of a j The payment of tlio
.stroke of *eptod for-1 prizes is guar'tir.cc*.
tune you can will I bv-Jovornniout. Jut
_5UQ,0U0 Macks.   UlrmviiiwJu.\'.-: Ititli.
YOU are Invited to PartliiipAto iu the
ulmufiun of vviiniiiitr
in the Grunit Drawing.* of Prizes fJiinf-
teed by the .Stato of Hamburg i.: which
11  mllions  319,325 marks
unruly hiivo to bo won.
In the cuii'so of tlioi-o advantageous
drawings, which contain .ueord.iig io ilio
pros eetiiD only l 8,0 H) tieUem, the foi-
lowing prizes will be forllK'oiiiiiig.vis*.; Tiie
Highest prize will bouvent. 500,/WO marks
I'reiiii'iiu of IrOOOOOnmrka
1 Prize   of ^10,000 uiiirlw
1 Prize   of 103,03 \ uinrki
2 Prizes of 73,0-OiUi.rlH
1 I rizo of 7fl,0.Wiwirk*
1 Prize of On.OfT) marks
1 Prizo of W),Q00 marks
I Prize of iii, OQiimrltH
'J Prizes of iiO.OJO marka
1 Prize   of 40,033 uiarka
1 Prize   of 80, 00 murks
2 Prizes of SJO.000 marka
20 1'rizos of 10,000 marka
50 Prizea  of   5.0 X) marks
100 Prizes  of   8,030 marks
2 0 Prizea  of   2,000 marks
813 Prizea nf   1,003 murks
1518 Prizes   of     4O marks
4) Prizes  of     800 murks
140 Prizes  of     200 marks
80052 Prizes  of      155 marks
IttKSU Prizrs   of !,!U, JW, 100 marks
U85I Piizea  of 78,45, 21 marks
in all 59,180 prizos which must bo surely
wuii iu 7 drawings within the space oft ii
few months,
The highest prize of 1st drawing am-
ouuts to Mk, 50,030, increase at 2d draw-
log to Mk. 55,0n0, iu iic\ Mk, 00,003, in 4ik
Mk. 05,000, in 5th Mk. 70,0 0, in Oih Mk.
75,000, hi 7th Mk. 200,003. and together
wilh tho Proiiihuii of Mk. :>03,(XX)ui ihe
most (rbvfunate case to Mk. 03,000,
t The ii flic bll cost for partlci, ation in tho
first twu drawings amounts to
Dollar 4.50 for u-full ticket,
Dollar 2.2rt for half a ticket,
Dollar 1. Ill for one quarter of n tiokfit,
Half resp. quarter tickets will entitle to
one half resp one quarler of the amount,
won by iho respective number, named on
the tickor.
The stakes for piirtii-ipa'ioii iu ihe following drawings, as well as the exact
iirize-tiiblo, are iiviicaiad in the oificial
urns edits, which I send on demand grails in advance The pros ectus is also
sent gratis with every oi'tior. After Hie
drawing I shall forward to every ticket-
lioldor the utncii.l list of the winning
Ths payment and laMfnf cf the amjiiols won
to those c^oncorued will havo mysjecial
and prompt uttoutioii. aud with tho most
absolute secrecy.
&*1* Remittance of money can bo made
by American Hank-noios, by rogisterod
jlotior or  hy Post-UflicoOrders,   Small
j amounts can ;..lso ho sent  by  postage*
] stamps.
j ���?*''���," On account of tbo approaching
{drawing of the prizes, please address tlio
(orders Immediately j.i all ceutiileiico di-
1rect fo
*. tfninne-l   M����Uscher, aeni*..
] Honker
>   at HAMHURG, Oermnny.     852ap22j
M.*aJ.e..-e. i> �� t>��
9 **s> i*m*mwmm
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses nnd
Jii};s: of iill kinds for
Hire at Reaseiiiulile Rates.
Teaming of nil kinds a specially.
+ x + x +
i C. Hamiiion,
GOLDEN, 13. C.
The recular nieetinffs of the nssnidntiin
ivill he held on thn first Tnes-lay in every
montli at tho Coluinhht House, Gulden.
All possihle inforiuatlnn ivill ho furelslieil
hy tho iissoeiniioii upon i.p; liration to
E, A. HAOitt-y, Soc., Gulden.
H-irenfter the suhseri|itioti rates to
The Vaiipo'ivnr Diily snrl Siini-AVeek-
ly World will he ns follows :
Daily orlilion. by mail, por .inntun, 9") n.1
Do,        tot sis months  i! 75
Do,        ver in )uth     50
The Semi-Weekly elitio i, mailed
per auu.iiii  SI 00
Dn.        fjr six months ...     IV)
Advance payments insistol upon in
every instance.
The forolern postage (that is to all
nounti'ies outsidi. of Canada, Neiv-
foundland and the United suites) will
he added to the subscription Kates.
^1" Simple eupi.s supplied on application.
Address -
J, C. Mui.AOAy,        Vaneonrer, II.".
Miiuiis-or. .ir>u-ui3i
Wholesale iiiiri Kelnil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN.   B. C.        88rc
A   f^l   .lll.lVll    ..Al      t, 'l   ijj^     J*   .   I.'   .^.'1.:'.   ..��.-'-"
Golden Era
Published Every
Friday Evening'.
Dry Feet!
Healthy��� comfortable���warm���cornlws��� "vfrjjii)-
painlesa���comely feet. Ftct rescued from ��-��^F"��'
cold, clammy, clumsy ruMnrs and ihod in wet-proof
���snoiv-jiroof��� oil dre;:.-, d 1< atiicr shoes, made v/itli
Ihs famous Goodyear Welt. Stylish, war-resisting;,
tjiuckly cleaned, li'tbt   Clack or tao.    f.'i.-li).
Liter Rubhertess Shoe.
-"a^au ^.-...--.-, ���*.-^.-.e.*^-..-*-^.*..^.^^er..**.J,..*r^Tr*frt;rrr,l-t--r:.*i*^..-.sr���..^.-^ap1
li. ii. Parson, Sole local Agent.     242
Subscription, $2 per Annum, | ASSAY - AN.D
Payable in Advance.
. Paper.
fift We hiv Mtini fncturcra und Direct Iinpor-
pis,  nud  entry  ��  h->\\\:f .Stock  ot'  Ui.lunupy,
Ptii'iiiici'P,    Fire   Cay   Goods,   Siiientifiu   und
/SggB&% Pructical     Uooks,    Gins.-.-
lf~^l$~iffl WHie,    Plat in ii mi     Goods,
HAtAiSiNP-S] Acids,   CMicn'-.tiulH, und all
l-tpacfte;   ft**,,        o-lier Assuyei's'  and  Mi..
tttid,     el's' re'ipiirdincnis.
yp��*i       Sole Auenis for Moi-irnii
l{| -ATTEKi.. 5V\
The Business Man,
Tiie Politician.
The Railroader,
The Miner, ]     	
I jy;. r (*./1-"-*''-^r*..-1**'.*'^- '���*���.**���#*.���
The Rancher, J ^"-rK-w-irw��ii'-it.Vr'��irf;iiVff
The Liuhberman.
csiteifi-ATKa ix
!��m#x*,<   ,.   ...  ..
^.h:aov rtwNei'.r,--'.-       Crui'lljln Couil'.'lliv, lititter-
'} -*m"'���'��� ���"       sen; Broker'* Bon's linlau-
-eejllrumon it Pear e's'PocltHt aline Transit, etc.
macpa'rlAne & Co.,
Vanconver, If. V.
P. O. !.'o.v 1153. Toleffruplilc Address:   "ASSAY," Vinie'oii
The McMurdo House,
C.t,od fteeomtnodiition for .Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
.-.addle or Fuck Horses for Sale or Hiiv
FAVORITE Mineral (Mm, aitu��to in tho
: Goldeii Mliiiiiu Divi-iim nf North J'jist Koot-
1'iiay, lor-MO'.t in IuternHtioiii;] Iti.siti. on
Midiilo Fork of Si itliiii*ndi*3ne livor.
Tuttehotlcnthflt 1, Mmiiiel D.diurd, Freo
Miners t'orlificitu No Stitl*?!*), Intond, ulxty
i.nvM from the diet" h r��o-^ to apply'tinlie
(toldt'oniiitirtsioimr for n CorHHcato of liii-
provententft, tor flm pur OBOofohtainliifffl
t. roxv11 lir.oit ot ilio itlmvo claim.
And furtiiRi' titltti iioiii'tJtlmtadvorrio I'laitiio
iniiHt 1)0 t-ent to ilio t.olfM iniiiiiifi^i.jjior, ;.ik!
���icli'inn conimom'ed  heforo the ttuti'jtiico ot*
biil'Ii Coi'tiilcato of finpro-onienfs.
O.-ited this third day of Jlarcli, A.D. IfiftJ.
Js-jOitfy-l M. D.iix.UfU.
CUPPG1{ Mliifral Claim, -tlftuttfl in the
(.olden Miniiic: Division of North Kast Kmil !
oiiay, luii-.t.'d in Intoriiallonal Itaafit, on j
Middle Fork ot'8jnUim,ichc.'Oii Blvor.
Take notice th tl, John Wallace Connot', i
Freo Miiior.-i t'ei'tilk*;ito Mo. SJi,lfcJ'Jj itifoinl,
i-ixty days from rho da to hereof, to ttp.-ly tn
tho UoM Commi-'r-ionor for a Certificate of
Improvement^ for tho piirpoiw of obttlinin^
:i Crown Onint of the above eUiiu,
\n\ further tjilc-? iiotitjO that lid vorsochiinii1)
inn-it lie sen; to the Gold Coininisnioiier, and
,-u-tions eommoiired  before the is-niam-o of
such '.'eitilicatc;.' of Improvements.
Dated thbUitthdayot'Mart'h, A. I). I8H
jo-7 J. W. CONNKIf.
Rubber Stamps
Onlei's for I?u!ilier stamps and Seals will
ho received at the (.olden Krn Office and
executed with promptitude.
The (JoM-m Era Cnmjiany,
Limitwl Liubility.
London, Out.
Fort Steele
Kavn loops
Canal Flat
"    Now Denver
opposite the Steele House, iout st^k.
Prices to Suit Everybody.
O. LEVETT, Prop-.
'The Province" Map of
One of the most vf/^orotiRty condue*
ted and  widely elreulutod   pnpord
pablifihed in l.riiisli Columbia.
A Tip-Top Medium for Advertisers,
I,nits on application to the p oprietors.
j'hs Golden Era Co.,
Limited Liability,
Golden,   -  B. C
Pacific Hy
Wrifro for pamphlet descriptive ot'ilie routes to tiie
Yukon Country, Sailing'
Dates, Rates, ere.
SKllltiff.ei f.tr A l>r j I.
���CoitHge City April 10
Alki April II
Ishindor   April 12
TliistIe  April 14
AufijT.lian  .April 15
Vie'iorien   .... .April Id
PHkfilinn. April 17
D.iunlra April 1!*
Queen April HO
NitiKCIiojv April 28
*Oottnp0 City eniN fur Wningel, Jun-
iiiu mid Sitliu only.
All Ag'oritsi can ticket
tliroii.i!-h at rates which will
include men-Is nud berth on
.Absolutely Free
To New Subscribers to "TIih Province."
'���The Pro'dnee" oluiins Hint it hns tliu liirzo'st nTrcnlntlon ivest of U'iu-
"ipejr, end that elniiu hns i!i"cr lieeni questioneil oi' clinlli'iieed. Iris now
letermilied if money nnd euerur enn do it. io inrretise its eirculntioil uiitil it
.���mi print' thm it hss THE LAKGE.vr ClBCOLATIQJt-J IiV CANADA. : To
ttitiin this ohje'o.t ih.e directors huve nrrar-ited with The Province Publishing
Company, Limited Liability, for the1 supply of
One Hundred Thousand Copies ,"[���*���'.���'�� Map of the Klondyke
To every NI.YV suserilmr who sends ��>I.00 to "The Pro'viiii-.e." Victor^ er
VaneoHvoi', Canada's onlv hiuli class weekly, "The Provlu.'-o," will .-.end- for
eitie \e;ir fniin the date tho suliscriptioii i* rcreivbil to nny I'.dd.re'Mi in Cnnsi'a
or the United Stan's (United Kingdom SI.CO extra), toa;ptlii:r wiih one copy of
the nhovo mnp. The miip hns never been sold for le-*s thiui Fllty Cnit's ir
"The Provlneo" for less than a l)i.Ihir. Hi tiikiii(r n,1vi,iiipt;a of this ���iiiipre-
cedentcd offer, .whie-h is only possihle in iho ruse- of New 8uh6i.ber>i"who
eiw.lose their money with their order, ihey set the nvo for ilio pri'ee of due,
Tliirf offer will bo wiihilrnwii ns soon as ihe special edition of one hiirdnrl
thousand coilpien la exbiiunted. Ilia the most petieious offer ever- i.unrfe'-'l.y
any newspaper in any pnrt of the: world io obmin new sulscribits. Every
-ttliscrlptloii booked under this aimiiuteinciii iiii-ans n ditccl loss to ibu pi I-
Heliers, cut a Inrjro ciruiilntion mentis luori' ndiei't.isiiii; .-it belter rate*, nnd -in
this way ."The Province" hopes to ni.iti' eood the di licit. Si ml 31.10 lo-."tlio
Province" hy return mail and get ti copy of this ejoniitifiil nceurnto innp nnd
'Tbe Province" for a year.
T.18 PR0VIN.:E PUS. Co., Ltd. Lty.,     Victoria and Vancouver.
GRIFFITH'S        I If Vou are Wanting a
The Great Pain Reliever!    w y >:o' miy tho Eesir?
Apply to tho nearest t'n'.i.'idian  Pa-
olfic Riilwny Auciit. or address
Tr.iflio Miiunitpr,
Wlunipog, Man.
Gltc Ticket Agent, Oolden
Superior to All .Others.
It   relieves   tbe p'niiip .,nd nebe's the; j
minute applied,    it Cure.-: ���
Neural tri.i.
Stiff Joints,
Musciilar Swol.lii.iffs,
Sore Flock or Side.
Scalds, Burns,
Cdillblttius, eto���
Sore Th rent,
Son; ("lies!,
Cold on the Chest,
i Coughs, Colds, etc,
Can botiaed intcrnallv ns  well ns ex-
;    trrnnlly.    Hnt'idredfl testify to its
Mneical   relief     No liouie ahonld
i    bo wil bout it.
' Sold by n.11 dealers.   Suets. !>ltc
The MUftSON ixissesses
mnny]>oiiits of superiority
over nil ot-her writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured".
Aildress for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter
MAnufsehirort, B-10-B-l-J W. l.nho Street.
Cbie'iiKo, flL 51? tKM HOWES ERA, fithUAX, AtRIL 15,  IMS,
Paine's Celery  Compound Cures
Nervous, Weak, Sick, and Broken-down
Men and Women.
Has Saved Thousands  From Agony,  Suffering  and  Ihe  Grave.
The Great Spring Medicine That Cures When all Others Fail,
Eminent Professional Men, People of Wealth, and the Ordinary
People Declare that Paine's Celery Compound has no Equal.
\\r.\\i Sins:-I tako this opportunity
to express my gratitude for tho good
that I ami *-���}' fr-^nila l^ave r coivet
Irani SWVs*> vnlu��bl# iliscuv��i-y, P.*,jnc'i
-"Pelery Compound.
For years I have snfferc*. from con-
stunt tlUik headiiche; at iime.<* I have
Itttm bo bad that I have It-en uti.Mo io
ale.��ptuo brvMi,*-at a Qighr for weeks.
] hftvo triwimany inpUfcijUes niijfi iloc
ip*re*l \'f great deal, Uut never r��-c��iv��ii a
bumlrofith pni,t cf thn value from them
(hat \ Utw'frobtained from Paine's C��l
ery Compound. After using three hot
|Ies I can sleep well, my headhche*
hare ceased, ami \ feel l.K.-Ithior and
f-feshev (Ma I have done for \ ear-s.
Being one of the earliest settlors in
t^iis place, I am known to all the snr-
i oiHirti- i; Qoumry. { feel it a duty to
let others know about the uiedim'nn
(bat has done me so much good. I
send ihis tcntiinoniul without any
Yours with gratitude.
^\W. E. WlLOOX, Creemore, Ont.
���as s*���m asaisfgggtsss^ssa
Two furnished rooms are advertised
SCI let.
A mail in to he established be twee
Wardner aud Cual Creek
Mr. Owen, of the firm of Caiman k
Owen, formerly of Golden, passed
through on Moniluy bound far fjuglaud.
The Kickiughorse and Columbia
{livers are now opsniiigbnt navigation
on the latter will not probably begin
till April iitist.
At the Police Court. Golden, on Mori-
llay, before Mr. Ciriflith, S. M.J.
Hjiucock was tiuccl ti and costs  for
���4runke.il ness.
Two journeymen tailors employed
by J. F. Pegh su|ide���ly disappeared on
Monday nijjh.t uuil have not since boen
beard from.
Inspector Burns, of the Education
Pepartinent. arrived in Goldon on Monday to conduct tho High School exam-
Jnations, which extended over Tuesday
ami Wetinosqay.
The electors of Souih-EnstKootenay
will hold a meeting ut Fort Steelu on
Tuesday night to aulect a candidate for
IV Steels in opposition tothoTurner
J/oolcy Government.
tl, 100 was authorized by the Government (or opening the ice ami freeing
Goldan from tk�� waters of tho Kick-
inghorse river in November h.si. 'Plie
amount actually oxpended was $847. TJ
It is reported that the Minister of
Militia aud tbe Adjutant General, Cob
One] Ayliner, will visit the Province
during the coming summer. Colonel
Aylnier is. a b.rQthor of the Hon. F. W.
Ayliner, ol Golden.
Mr. Rcibson, formerly a well-known
farmer in Gqlcien, uhqikJr reluming
and settling here He occupied the
am now rented by Mr. Sntherland
anil was such a successful rancher thin
he cleared off it tome SbOO in two sea-
Premier Turner ttales that the Gov
ernmerU it. considering the ndvisabilitt
0* appointing an engineer, whose busi
uess it would be to enqnire into the
feasibility and need of nil roads and
trails petitioned far throughout the
J. take baa severed his connection
with in.) ��aat Kootenay Supply Store,
and baa been sucpaettod by 0. II. Keh
der. Mr.Lake informs ua that the
"���inter in Golden i* exactly a month
behind Windermere, where the farmers
fire, busy getting in their crops.
It appears that Meter*. Fnlmer k
Kerfoot declined in continue their
original contract for the Golden-Fori
tiieele mail, and ihe new arrangement
with the firm is temporary ponilin.; I he
������������ ��,!���,,. *,f ,������ i-!row'i, {fe��i Railway to
Wardner when other arrange-wiit.
Will bo inude ior the Columbia Vulle.i
The   Donald   shop,   are at busy 11
us ,al.uii-i ha. u jt.m iiirned out engiii'
iOH and 8I'I thoroiuhlV reuovmed
The falter r"hVc;s croiit credit on /lb.'
work of-f. MnLeod. the painter n�� lb'
shop*, who alway* tikes great pride
nnd interest iu hi. work i.nii givo* the
engines an apia-sri-tire its u-i'Oil ns brand
pew hy tho time they leave his hands.
W^LLS & R_(CHAItllSOS Co.,
Deak Sirs : - It is with grant pleasure that I testify to the value oF your
grout medicine, Paine's Celerv Compound. For no rly two years I sutter-
ed with itiiliga-iliaii. kidney and liver
troubles. After trying several medicines that did not effee't a cure 1 de
aided to try your Compound. Before
using it I was so lo.v in health thai I
Cftuld not eat or sleep. I coul not lie
;n bed owing, to pain ill my buck ; it
wits only bv re-linn on elbows and
knees 1 wai eiiHtiliid to obtain a alight
degree of ease. Before I bad fully taken one hoi tie of your medicine I bewail
lo improve. I have now taken in all
fourteen ho.ttles with urand results I
;ii|l it farmer and am now. working
every day. Anyone niav refer to me
in regard to these statements, ortoany
of my neighbors around SIi.-HhIvJ,
where I am well known- I am a liv
ing witness to tho worth of Paine's
Celery Compound.
Yours very truly.
Uboriie J. Smyii, Sheffield. Out
Wells & Kichskoson Co.,
GK.irt.BUEN: -No living mortal can
imagine the terrible sufferings that I
endured for fouryeats. owing lo liver
rouble, headache and sore back. I
may say that in addition to the dangerous ailments just mentioned, I was
continually sick at iny stomach, with
a sour taste und my mouth ail furred
and coaled. 1 tried many patent medicines and was under thu treatment of
doctors, but received no benelit. I
thank God for having heard of your
wunnVrful Paine's Celery Compound.
I procured u supply and used it, and
experienced a great change. No other
remedy ever gave me such wonderful
results in so short a lime. I now find
myself a new woman, and can nleep
well and enjoy my food, No soul
should despair when they can procure
Paine's Colery Coinpou, d, tho surest
aud best of all medicines.
Yours truly,
Mrs. J. CtiitniE,
j 280 Delaware Avonue,
Mews In Brief.
Colin Qeato�� killed by train at Vancouver.
By collapse of Conlee bridge near
4-ctbbridgo four workmen killed.
Miss Higvins whose lover died 10
years ago donned ber bridal dress and
ccinniitied suicide.
J. McLean Smith, editor of the Dayton
Evening Press, died from a fracture of
the skull.   Run into by a bicyclist.
Wm. Gilktr, diver, of Montreal met
with a horrible death. He \tii�� down
lor 20 minutes and has given uo signal.
Culler), agent for Wisconsin Central
at Gliddcu, was murdered. The money
drawer whs broken oneu and I lie money
and tickets taken.
A boiler at Miller's tannery Orillia
blew up. The building wus badly
wricked, and debris scattered for two
hundred yards.    Nolajdy hurt.
Toronto, Out.
Sheriff Redgrave goes to Nelson   on |    The OeldMlows Ball,   given  ill  th
Monday to arrange for ihe execution of Alexander Hall last night, was a great
success. There were about 4*> couples
iu attendance. The music (violin and
piano) was supplied by Me-sra,. Mc-
Pliei-aon and Woodhotite, of Donald
Tne catering was splendidly parried
out by Mr. Sniriurtli. Many of the
ladies were liandsruiely gowned, and
Mfsi D.ylu waa admitted the Belle of
the Ball. C. A. Warl'en whs au
efficient M. C. There wuuld have boen
many visitors from.Donald but No. 2
was delayed by snow-elides.
S illivitn. who wits sentenced to death
fur shooting a man at JCnskonook.
'    Terrible floods nro lieing experienced
on the MacLeod branch, th'. permanent
I way    having   been    washed   out   in
several places, and a l;l'id,'e do vn.
I At the Police Ciurt yesterluy, lie-
fore Mr. Warren. J. P. C. Volrath was
charged with creating a disturbance in
tho Kooteiuiy House and was discharged with u caution,
At the Police Court ibis morning,
heforo Mr. Griffith S. M. Joe Davis
wns sentenced to six mouths imprison
ment at Donald for assault and rob
Iwy of E. G istnfson behind ihe
Queen's Hotel on Wednesday evening
Mr. H. $, Foster rctnrned from Win
ileiinero on Monday, having been on a
visit to bin ranch. He wusnccompnn
ind by Mr. B nigs of Calgary. Mr.
Foster intends lo have a rood road put
in to the Gordon Ranch from Winder-
tri"re ro.d. crossing Ihe river about a
mile Mow the usual crossing. Mr.
Foster was one of the lucky ones of
the Sunset No. 2 nt Rossland which
turned out. so well for the owners.
A great deal of dissatisfaction has
existed among the C. P. R. emnlovecs
in the W?st owing to the action of the
company in importing a number of
engineers nnd firemen from tho United
States A denotation waited on Master
Mechanic Cross during his visit to
Moose Jaw last week, when, it is understood, the grievance waa nmicnblv
settled. Mr. Cross agreeing to tend the ��-\*��'h-is hisi.churchwarden,
Americans home-Calgary Herald. 9"1,,he "10'i0"1V L- HUP""!����'  "e0"
onded by E. R.   Pughe, E. Plowrlghl
On Tuesday the hotel keepera of the was elected Peoples churchwarden,
'own waited on the manager of H"ll    Hon  F. W. Aj liner and E. R. Pughe
Bros, k Co s butchery   business   and  were elected sidesmen  for the ensuing
conii laind of the recent   rise   in   the year.
price of beef. This they considered ex- Mi. Plowright; as People's church
oessive. and said that while thev did warden, was inst,noted to piepuie a li-t
not wish nnv unnecessary unpleasant- of uaiius and probable subscriptions
ness over the matter they would be for the liquidation ol ihe church debt,
bound to endeavor to secure an opposi- The meeting adjourned fur a fort-
tion butchery business if the prices night to allow a proposition being re-
were not reduced. Mr. McKay promis- ceived from Mrs. C. E. Wells on behalf
ed to refer the matter to ihe head office of thu ladies of the conuregaiion for
of the firm at Calgary. collection of subscriptions towards our
.       ,    ,   , ��� _     ,      rent expenses of church and  stipend
At a fnothnll meeting on Tuesday funds,
night A. Stiitli was elected sec..tress,
proton*. The Grounds Committee reported that they could do nothing yet
on necount of snow not being off. R.
M. Wilson was elee'ed naptain. and D.
M. Rae waa elected to captain a second
team for   practice   matches,   so   lhat
more interest wuuld result from picked HO 8LBEP���NO  REST.
teams. A committee, consisting of Dr. LL ,,��� uot alH,tK!|a,a
Taylor. D. M. Rae and A- Smith,   was     /*S\YlTBL ths words of John 0.
appointed to contract for the niircha ii     ^iS'y^S^ BaI5' r,ho ""%��� "u':''
of suitable costumes for the club. <JS*ysJ'*7^k      a,���"1 in'venteTslem'I't
Hut appreciation It
not tr.vitlnjr to -those
who have suffered at
Mrs. White, of Mara
Township On'... who
LUfame so II) with
nervous, troubles that, to quote her brother. Mr. Donald MeRae. a we:|.fcnomi re-
St.   Paul's   Church.
A vestry meeting was held on Tuesday night, when there wero present:
Rev. H."li, Turner (chair), Hon. F. W.
Ayliner. E. R. Pugho, E. Plowrijsbt,
(j. H. Parson and Capt. Uncoil.
The church accounts us presented by
C. H. Parson were adopted.
Votes of ihauks were accorded to the
officers for 'he past year, to Mr. Ph w-
right as organist, and to the inemlans
of the choir; io M.ss Lang and Mr. C.
U. Parson for their services iu connection with the Sunday School, special
mention being made ol tliu excellent
work tlone bv Miss Lang during the
time the church was without a minister.
On the motion nf Capt. Bacon, second.. I hy Hoj. F. W. Ayliner, Mr.
Dowiiie was appointed lav tlclciuiu to
represent tbo church at the synod
meetings nt New Westminister,
Rev. 11. B Turner nominated  J. E.
Savos Thousands of Llvot.
Pour years oso Jacob Dtwltta, of Hnr
Island, r.-ns dragscil to the verge of
death by dreadful heart disease.   He was
(tlrea up to die. From vigorous manhood
ic hud gone to a broken despondent wreet-.
He procured Dr. Agnptr's Cure for it.,*
Henri, used It faithfully, nnd tb-rtsy
trelgha 2tS pounds, nnd lives to bless tbe
day the Brent remedy was reeoniuiendee
to him.    It relieves lo SO minutes. 21.
Sold by !.'. A. Warren.
Fu.l na|��i��ly of. fl"ilU��'
Drugs. (. hetnicils, Patent Medicines.
'IVik't A rticle-i and Stationery have sr-
Golden Pharmacy..
And yoiij are most heartily invited to
call nun mspoet our stock.
Proscriptions anil private Recipes cure
fully prepared with Pure Drugs.
C. W. flKI.D,
".oldest. It V.,
Chemist, Druggist & Stationer
Assaying Institute...
Hctidqunrtvri, ('alpiry, Albv^tn.
Ph. D., B. 0. M E. Eic. Manager.
Special Course in Germany.
Assaya, Saiiij Jinjr, AiuJvtit'*il Work, nu-l
Concen' ratGfl Urea. All purveh -afore mv
carefully naniplod, ouo portion tested, one
portion litliellnxl unit kept for fix tnonllis us
a rotereni'O, and if desired tlio third portion
wilt he returned to owner, as a check ou
ims.-.v niM.o-
CASH WITH SAMPLES, which should be
left  with  tho  uiifler.-ii-u'iied,  from   whom
terms may be obtiuued on application.
'  Kt'niflent A***out,
��78��t Golden, U.C.
C. F, Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South Kin! of Kickiuf-hnrsu Itriclje-e,
Order d work punetu.'illy attended to.   3I.rst
Stable to Rent
OppOKitfl Ihe Queen's Hotel.   Inquire at
Quoou'm Hotel for terms. Ask tor proprietor.
,nce in the ,rain bv thre.,,.',,- fiStf Jiff Jgjg-fijf mfimfl North
"t a fellnev pnssencer.      Ac    'or over three months. She eoolel aot hae-e
At Donald yesterdav a mnn named
F. W. Eastman, formerly of Hanson's
ranch, High Kiver. was removal from
Ihe train at the instance of Conductor
Noble, and wus cbartrod with ereatin
a disturhan
inp. to shevi
cased s'tid he had been drinkiiiK and
colored man who wns antiovin^ him
drew a knifo. ilnvnteiiiuit to atab hi n.
whereiiioii he drew his revolver.    Mr
Griffith fined him *I0 anil costs,  and
ordered him io he imi.ri.oned  till to        ,..,������, ,.,.�����.������,������.
.Iny'a train, and that his revolver be ��-!����-����� anywhere In tho.woru���2S.
conCscateil. Sold by C. A. Warren
stood this much lontrer, nnd It was only
when death seemed Imminent thai Soiiih
Americani Nervine lieenme the toad nhv-
alclnn. After teklujc the llrst ioti ot he
V'"'"' ��hf�����,-l'S ���� n'cht. ����d k'|i��,1
In fl.sh cntll perfectly well. n���d his now
?�����i",'j",?^ "Vomiic-s." This Is s irond^
ItL elne In  the severest rases of net*
ET���!{' ."��'"' -!"J ��."',l��t f.'c.h.hnlMcr to
The Eldredge
The Belvidere
Superior to all others Irrespective
ol price.  Catalogue tells you
why.  Write for one.
339 BROADWAY. Factory,
Upper Columbia Na^igatioq & Tram-
Way Co., L't'd, and
Iqternatioqal  Transportation  Co'y.
Conneeting with C. P. R. nt Golden B. C, quel
great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
Direct Route to  Fort Steele.
Steamers leave   Oolden Tuesday and
Friday mornings at 4 a. rn.    Connect
st   Windermere with Stage (or Fort
Steele and Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable ronte.
Consignors  will be charced  with all
way freight between Golden snd Win-
dermero at which point a Company's
st;cnt will be stationed.
All freight  and charKce on goods to
Wiiidrrinere and points   beyond will
have ro be paid to the Company's agent
at Windermere before delivery of goods,
Baggnp.0 allowance on Stramer ISO lbs.
per adult; allowance on Stsge 25 lbs.
per adult. If desired extra baggage can
be forwarded by impress team at depress
rates (10 cents per pound).
Address nil express care of U. C. Co', Golden.
C. H. Parson,
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public and ('onveynneer, I
Mining, Itvnl Rstnte nntl '
Financial Agent  .... I
Purchasers Obtnin"il for Prospects nud Developed Chains.
....   ..oltli n. IS. C.
For Sale
Group of two chums of gold-hearing quart/.
in b��wt iiuueri.1 district of Kast Kootenay.
Assays up to 13700 in guld. 10,17
Placer lease, lo
(.roup of two gold claims. One of the best
propnsitiniis on tlio market, and ei.n be
cheaply devebne.1. Assays gave about 8200
periuu. 11
Interest in guld property iu excbiiugo fnr
ilovi.'leipiioiit work. 'I
Group of !:���( cli.iins, deielnpod. No better
pi opurty in ltriti-.li C'oluiiihia. l'J
(,1'otip of th eo i-hiiins in qu.-.m eotititry.
Oood average assays. 18
Claim in one of bet local ions hi Selkirk..
Cheaply worked. Assuys 91 In in guld, silver
and copper, II
I'hoii'O gold property, frcouiilllng
Assays up to 3.10.   Development work      l!l
Two claims in good location. Quarts car-
ryiug.geild and copiKir. -JO
Cliiini adjoining known gold projicrty.   al
Threo claims near Columbia 1,'iver. Rig
lodire. gold and copper. 7
Two claims, 10 ft. ledge, assays in gold and
16 per eeut copper. !ii!,i'l
Three claims, tlnvolorieil. assays 3U8 in
gold, host liit-ntieiu ia Selkirk... 20
(jold quartz cliiini, assays S-!:i. *J7
OoM fpinrtz chihn, devebipeil, good lead,
assays to -^8. 28
Two ni'nrlK claims in convenient iwslli'.n,
pan gold. IiO
(���rout, of 4 claims, one ats.'.ying 853u Oold
and 8'i per cent eo;>; er. U
Five vhiiiis, copper and gel!, value910s
ton. I"
Three quartz rhiiini, no cash, working proposition. *��-
Three elnims in proved eniintry. i-t
One-thiil unassessible into est hi developed
grou i of claims near Oolden. lift
Silver lead mine. Ono of the largest in the
world. (10,000 tons of ore bloeked out ready
lo shin. Loentiou convenient to railway.
Price, SCITI.OOO. 40
Groan nf threo claim, in Movie district.
Freo milling guld averaging ��l |erton,
Considerable development. 41
Group of two cl.-.hus at Moyle. Free milling gold.   1'ig proposition. 42
Claim at Moyin. Copiwr snd gold- Dcval-
o| ed.   Good prospect. 4H
Group of claims, freemilling gold ipu.rtz.
Orou" of threo claims, geld, silver, lead
and bshnuth. . 47
Group of 4 claims, very promising pro-
spects. *��
Group ol 4 1'lr.ims, gold quartz. 49
Group of iwo claims, gnkl quarts, worth
���Ie, eloping. 50
(iron ol 5 claims, gold, silver nud lend,
near railway. ��'
l.eiueof hydraulic river hod. 52
I khn, currying bismuth, galena and co:i-
per. Assayed np lo Jlloo. itt
Gold-copper cliiini, wilh big kalgo, assr.ye.1
127. M
Throe claims, nbh'-h have shipped consider
able ore - galena i.nd grey eopner. 50
Group of three free gold cUlms at Fair-
view. -*���
Group of four free gold claims nt Falrvlew
Two claims In splendid twatiou- Free gold
qunris. "'���-���
Crown grant frfie gold claim in woildng
camp. !-""
Freo gold developed claim ready lo work.
Assays SI2. �����'��
Kroomilling gold clal.n In Washington
State. Heady to shi;>. 01a
Claim on Wild Horse, Nelson. Free gold,
assaying 8.6.95. A snap. 02a
Working free gold rroperly nearr'anFrnn-
eisco. Cnnn leto milling and chlorination
riant.   Price 1*250,000. 61
Free gold pro| oity on Selkirk range.    CO
Guld rhiim on Lemon creek with \wa
thirds and ono third interests in adjacent
pro| erties. 08a
Two thirds interest iu claim in West Slo-
can I. ke. 68b
Claim, free gold, iu Bridge liiver District.
Crown griint, free gold claim, at Koasland.
Freemilling gold cliJiii, near Nelson.  71a
( hum hi Idaho. Free gd I. 78s
Hydraulic proportpon i*keana river- Aver-
ngesSloonyar* ' 73s
Cn] par property running ?Jo por ton. 7i!h
22 claims nt Harrison Lake. Guld and copper. 74e
Threo claims uf 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Crock, near Klondike. Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black-
audio's shop and tools. Wash aierjigea MO
per squaro font. ft
Two placer elaiius on celebrated Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will realize 850 por man
1 or dry.   Title |ci feet. ��� 5,30
Placer rhiim on Miib-r ''reek. Primitive
work last se.-ison cleared ffl l.ffX per man over
ex; discs. S7
Clsim on 111 ilm-adu Creek, one of ihe banner pi-conies of the Klondike. Dirt from
Nn. 2 shaft averaged 85.511 er luin. Well improved:   Title dear    Price. 8HOU0O0.       *8
Claim on Honshu- Creek. VI ildodHyoA per
day lo iho man. -   45
(lahn on Miller creek, n:i uiug iruin Gc, te
8S.ili> ta tha pan.
Two claims on El Dorado creek.;   64a 04b
Cl.'.iino ou Brimstone creek. Otu
Seven claims ou 1.1 Dorado ereek.
(lai.iis on llonaiita, Iluiiksr, All Ui.lJ, Adams, Per, UoiikUn-, slur, hy, Deiailwood,
Meadow. Sul.ihiir, Umvvln nud Cormaclt
ereoks; also on McKays, Nugget aud I.itt|e
El Dorado gulches.
Fall particular., regarding any of Ike
nhovo properties furnished on application by
Treasury stuck in the Victoris-Tuxada
Gold Mining Company. This stock is offered at: lie. par vnh.e ot 25 cents. Five of
the mines on Texnda Island have beon working for the past 10 nion.hs and this company
considers it owns the best proposi ion on the
island. Piospeetua may ho seen and full particulars obtained on application at my office.
hO.'OOOl shares of treasury stock hi one of
the best properties ut Fairview u :j0 cents
por share.
1,000 shares in Cariboo mine, Camp Mc-
Kinney, a steady dividend payer.
Shares in Ic Koi. Pee-o, hlocan Star, Ham-
hlur-t'Ariboii, 1 list (hance, Idahu. Alt gotsl
dividend payer.,.
lori.Oe'Ki shares In Klondike El Dorad*
lon,') a) shares hi the best miiiiug lure,!-
ment in Canada.
2.'i,iion shares in Conaalitlated Cariboo.
Farm of S*I0 acres.'Windermere district.
Land fenced and under cultivation, flouse
and stable.   Pare bargain. 8
Farm of 150 acre-., one of thn best and most
highly improved to begot in East Kootenay. I
Farm ot :*I20 acres m W i.iilermore. 115 acres
under cultivation. Hou-o and atiibie, fent-
iuir, irrigation." Cheap, ft
Farm of 400 acre, at Ye'iudermero. 100
acres under cultivation,    limine,  stables,
Sranary, rontl:ou..es, leucine- ami irrigation,
lock and im' leiueiits.
Farm of lt-1 acres !-6 acres under rultivi.
tion. All fnriroj. Slocked with eallle and
horses. Terms may I-.' arranged. This is
one.if tha Iwal ti.ruis in the Windermere
SFarmsof U*)arrr*niar('o|.!ca:hiipni-ed.ty
Oolden tomi lots.
Honae wi h four lota ia tows efUeklea
for saie.
Patents fur a Kail��y Coupler and a Bepa
Two townsite, on Cvo'v's Nest rosd.    8 to.
WANTED-To borrow for clients, $1.����
and WOO and 85no un freehold reccri-.y.
For particulars of above apply te
B. A. HA��-.U\,
Golden Era OSee.
Manufacturers of and Derlers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
Golden and Beaver, B. 0,


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