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The Golden Era Aug 1, 1896

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VOL. V.   NO. 52
9- Per Year
For Close Prices
On Ladies and Gents Boots and Shoes try Wan-en's.
Men's Clothing1 and Underwear going very cheap.
Silks for the Ladies very cheap in 6 yard lengths.
Clocks for everyone at suitable figures. i\'eat packages of Tea Biscuit and Pancake Flour ready for
use.   Try i ucan Oil Blacking.
And the Best Goods
Watch, Clocks Jewelry
in the best style of jthe trade with the
least possible delay. Mail and Express
orders receive prompt attention.
Wtttchmakcr  and  Jeweller.
���Golden, lt.C.
#    #    #
p  i # # # fp
Price is No Object.
Having completed Stock Taking, we
find that we have several lines on hand
which we desire to clear out during the
next two months to make room for Our New
Goods: and in order to do this, intend offering
specially attractive bargains to which your
attention is requested.
In Dry Goods, Millinery, Mantles, Capes,
Blouses, Gents Furnishings, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Trunks, Valises, Furniture,
'Btc., Etc., Etc- Substantial reductions will be
made.   Do not forget to give us a call.
Surplus Stock Must Go.
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop ia prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of tlie Big Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no lmsoii why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
��� information oh the subject.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mall, free of charge, one of their
Illustrated Cataloguer, and Price
Lists to any person sending them
lheir address.
The   Nellson    Furniture   Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
Golden, on the tniiiu lino of lhe Cniiadinn
PllciHc l.i.iln.iy. ut its connection with the
steiitiiliiint iiiivif-ntion of the Coliiniliia river;
tlm mineral nml commercial centre of Eastern
liritisli Coluiiihiii: ho-iilqunrters nt'tli.��� Uold*
en i-nmltiii-r works, tlio Upper Coliiniliia
N.'ivi'-utiiiu Co., mul lumber industry; tire
oittl.it for tlie widely known and fur
I'linreil -i'-ri'T,ltiir''.l -.nil -rrn-.ih-' li.nd of the
Columbia A Kootouny Vi.Hoys; unrivalled
for scenery of nil kiwis; the distribntim*
point for the richest uiiueriil country on the
Simpson's Kidney Pills
sre tlie best pill to build up
the system and give one new
Wholesale and Retail Drug-gist
sells them. In June he sold
307 boxes.
Price 00 cents a Box,
0 Boxes for $2.50.
���    ���    ���
Paciic By.
C.P.R. Excursions have been
Imitated By Many
But Excelled by None.
EXCURSIONS to the East by various
EXCURSION'S to China and Japan'
EXCURSIONS to Hawaiian   Islands.
Australia, India and
Around the World
To Chicago via Port Arthur and
Duluth or Port Arthur and Suulte Ste
Marie at cheapest rates.
Every Wednesday for Windsor.
Every Thursday for Owen Sound.
Every Sunday for Owen Sound
Ooean Steamer leaves Vancouver for China and Japan
EMPRESS OE INDIA        August 3.
WARIMOO August 8.
From  Montreal  and New York every
Wednesday and Saturdoy.
write for Illustrated Tour Book to
Traffic .Manager,
Or to Wiunlpeg.
..cent, (wuiden.
The mill resumed operations on
Monday i
Mr. Mercier is hard at work cutting
a trail to his claim ou the Bugaboo
Work on the clearing out of Fifteen
Mile creek trait will commence immediately.
This week shows an increased activity in mining circles. There's a good
time coming boys, wait a little longer.
Chas. Csrtwright, and outfit left on
Monday for Iilecillewaet, where he has
obtained a contract to pack 100 tons of
The annual meet! ig of the Golden
Hospital Seciety will be held in the
school house on Monday evening next
at 8 o'clock.
Messrs. A. L. Hamilton and W.
Skelton have runted M. D.inat-d's
livci-y stable. Tbe new firm take
over the business today.
Mr. Burdick, who has charge of the
Boot and Shoe department of the Hud-
ion's Bay Stores, 0��lnary, was in
town this week on business for his
A. C. and W. G. Mitchell-Innes,
accompanied hy Mr. Stanley, a mining
ex|iert. have gone up to examine the
Hidden Treasure, which they recently
purchased from W, McNeish.
The damage done by the high water
to the Government Bridge has been
repaired. The thanks of the community ure due the Provincial Government
for that magnificent now bridge which
they promised.
The long-promised wagon road to
Donald wns commenced on Monday.
This rood was to have lieen made a
year ago last spring, and a bridge
across the Blaeberry was promised
t liii year, but as usual the Provincial
Government is somowhat stow in fulfilling promises.
Rev. G. R. Maxwell, MP., the
newly elected meinour for Burrard
district will deliver a lecture in the
I.O.O.F. Hall, Donald, on Tuesday
August 11th. on a most interesting
subject, viz., "Stages ou the Road to
Matrimony." All who have uot heard
this talented gentleman speak, should
avail themselves of this opportunity as
he is undoubtedly one of the .ablest
orators in the province.
Rev. Mr. Osborne, who has been appointed by the Missionary Society of
the Methodist Church to take charge
of the DonaM-Goldeu district, arrived
here from Winnipeg the latter end of
last week. He preached his initial
sermon in Golden on Sunday evening
in the school house and made ��� favorable impression on the audience. In A
few closing remarks Mr. Osborne asked
the co-operation of his hearerl In the
work he had been lent here to do.
feeling assured tbat with their assist*
ance success would attend his efforts.
An organ has been purchased for use
at the services, and regular service
will be held every Sunday either in
the morning or evening.
A complaint has lieen made to the
Dominion Express Co. regarding tha
selling of fruit by the news agents ou
the trains to Chinamen, thereby defrauding the Express Co, of their
charges and enabling the Chinamen to
sell frail much cheaper than onr merchants, thereby injuring the business
of the latter who have to pay the express charges on all fruit imported and
run ihe risk of its being in good condition when arriving here. It. cat*
easily be seen the merchant* can not
compete witb the Chinamen who obtain their goods by stealth, and we
are glad to know that steps are being
takeu towards putting a stop to this
fraudulent practice.
The efforts of any newspaper to
build up a town is practically nullified
unless it is backed up by the businessmen. A stranger turns from the new*
columns of a paper to its advertising
pages, and if he fails to find there the
business card of the merchants and
professional firms, be comes to the
conclusion that the publisher Is not
appreciated, in which esse it ia a good
place for him to keep clear of. No
town eyer grew without the active
assistance of its newspaper, Nor cap
papers grow and build up their localities without tbe assistance of th*
town. Business men should realise
this and remember that in giving support to tbe newspaper they are not
only building up their own business,
but helping to support that which is
steadily working for the benefit of the
whole community.
Two mining deals have been consummated this week. Mr. Clohecy,
who has been here for some time looking np properties in the McMurdo district, has purchased the Crown Point
claim ou McMurdo creek and the J.P.
on Vermont creek, from Messrs. Bury
and Comiskoy, for an influential
American syndicate. They are good
silver-lead properties ulso carrying
gold. Developinju-t work has been
commenced on both claims with %
light force. Mr. Clohecy went v-es|
ou Wednesday and will return in about
ten days, wheu the work will be carried on on a much larger scale apd ft
is hoped that before long they will bo
lu a position to ship oro. There it
only one thing necessary to make
Golden an important mining centre,
and that is the operation of tin* smelter. There is uot a question of a doubt
about there being enough ore in the
country to keep it running, all that il
required is a start and ihe question
that is now agitating the minds of the
people of the community is: When
will that start be made?
A wind and rain storm of uuusual
fierceness visited Pittsburg l..��t Monday, causing the loss of three lives and
doing iitiuieiist' damage to '��'a-ieriy, tKht (Sol.m -itvrt
The UOLUK.. KIM is 'tuil-lisl-.-.! every
Saturday morning iu ii.no iu ,���,ui.   i.u -ml
and west mail trains, .1  '  lli-i   ti  i���������  tin'
upper couutry, ..Viii In.' uo,.-, i ,,i i .-.,..,,. , ie
is tha only wlrurtiaiiii; <i..-.li.i��.. in ii.nl..,.I
ootenay district
Subscription l-itn.. r bt.tY) -sir minimi IS
Advertisement* mil i'Ii.iii���-i..i intisi Ir In
the office not l.ttiii-tin . :.'.. m, nu rin,i.,il,.y
to insure insertion.
All cash tn Im puM !���, i Im M.iii.li'hi. I'r.itii
whon the Cm ripniiy'- rcuuipl .vill iinuliitiiiitnl,
Advertlseiafliit r.uea iniiile kiiuivu nn tippl,-
eatior *,o
He Ufa hi Pjilisiinji Ch*".;,
SATURDAY, AUG. 1, 1898.
An Interview with the Yale-
Cariboo Member.
Mining Record: The view which
confronts me as I wend my way
towards -Sohuhum," the Victoria
residence of Hewitt Bostock, Isent upon interviewing the Member-elect for
Yale-Cariboo is one not easily to be
surpassed for beauty even in British
Columbia, where the only compliment
that can he ur--ed against the scenery
is that there is ton much of it. Across
the straits that grand Olympian range
lies bathed in.the soft hues of tbe setting sun, each snow-clad peak crowned
with a coronet of gold, while away
-over San Juan, Mount Baker proudly
rears his hoary head above the mist
which shrouds his purple foot hills,
veriest majesty amongst mountains.
Victoria.in addition to her niagnifieeut
surroundings, can boast a goodly show
of "desirable family residences," and
not the least attractive amongst them
is that. of Hewitt Bostock. No one
Would think the house was only two
, j ears old to look at it. But vegetation
is of raPid growth iu these latitudes,
and the .shrubs and Mowers, to say-
nothing of the tennis ground adjoiuing
it, have ,,a .sturdy, veteran air about
tbem which , quite belies their youth.
I shall .bojlortynate if I secure an interview, a* Mr. ;Bqstock leaves tonight for Ottawa, but it is my only
chance, and knowing that this issue of
the Mining Record would be incomplete without a sketch of the "man of
the hour-* up country, I summon up
that courage whioh is currently supposed to characterize wielder: of the
pen no less than of thu sword, nnd
���titling all misgiving I press 'he electric button.' Fortune favors the brave,
for Mr. Bostock does the rest. A insn
with "straight as a line" written upon every feature of bis face, of medium
height, with strong, thoughtful brow
and penetrating eye greets ine with infinite courtesy. He cau give me ten
minutes though others are waiting to
see him, so I at once get down to
business by stating mr errand. The
difference between the interviewer and
tbe interviewed at once becomes apparent���one haa far greater modesty than
tbe other.
80011,   howevor,   we   are  chatting
pleasantly enough, and  in the course
of  conversation I learn that Mr. Bos-
���took  ie an Englishman by birth, the
son of "rich but honest" parents.   His
father made a fortune aa a broker on
tha London  Stock Exchange, which
tbe ion  in due course inherited.   He
waa  born  on .May 31st, 18(14, at the
Hermitage, Waltham Heath,  Epsom,
whioh  he still owns, near the world-
famed  Derby  race track, and he was
educated by private tutors at home. In j
188-   he  matriculated at Trinity Col*,
lege, Cambridge, taking the full three 1
years'  oourse at  the university, and,
graduating with mathematical honors
in  1885, taking  hie M.A. degree the,
same year. ! He thou read for tbe bar |
and  waa oalled at  Lineolii. Inn in
1888. I
I "And when did you first visit B.C.,
.Mr. iiostock?" I ask.
j "That same year," is the reply. "I
rrok a tour round the world, and camo
1I1 ns way eu route for Australia, China
anil Japan."
I    "Was, that when vou bought your
ranch ut Ducks?"
"Yi'H* I liked tho country immensely
nnd laought it hud enormous possibilities before it. I bought the Ducks
i-'i ch witli a view of spending a por-
t ion uf the year on it, but not with the
i'i.'U of settling definitely in the Province- that, like everything else, wus a
mm ter of evolution, und came about
*.'r"liiiillv. On my return to England
I got iinii'i'ied to Miss Cowie, -laughter
oi' Hugh Cowie, Q C, Chancellor ol
Durham, and brought my wifo out to
Ducks, ihis time tn route for Alaska
for our wedding trip. We both liked
the country, aud I found it improve on
"And what caused you definitely to
decide upon leaving England und settling iu British Columbia. You must,
with your position and means, have
found much to interest and attract you
in the old countryV"
' No doubt," Mr. Bostock replied
with a smile, "there are few places for
a man of leisure and independence
more enjoyable than England, but a
younger country offered special attractions to me. I think my decision to
reside delinitely in British Columbia
and cast in my lot with the Province
may have been largely influenced by
the experience I gained during my
association witb Geoffry Drugs (uow
M.P. for Derby), who was then secretary of the Labour Commission, and
in whose work I took a very keen interest. I visited British Columbia in
each of tha yeurs 1890-91-92 and made
various investments in different parts,
but it wus not until 189!) that I finally
niu.l.i up my mind to live over here
"You started The Province newspaper, did you not, Mr. Bostock?"
"Yes. I hud already formed the
idea that there was room for a journal
of that description in the west, and as
I was fortunate enough to meet with
kindred spirits, whose views and
principles coincided with my own, I
was quite willing to back the project
financially, and have not much fear of
the paper's success. I think people
have already recognised its value."
"Aud what led you to adept politics
as a career?"
"Oh! 1 hat seemed to come in the natural order of things, aud wheu a candidate -was wanted to contest Yale-
Cariboo, in the Liberal interest, I gladly accepted the imitation 10 stand, for
I felt 1l1.1t the number of men who
could spare the time and money to
canvass no large a constituency must
of necessity be limited, and I was
therefore ready to do what I could for
the cause."
"Whicli you have very much at
"Which I have very much at. heart,
as you say. It wan very hard work
and tbe amount of ground I had te
cover was enormous. Tlie constituency is not fur short of 210,000 square
miles in extent, -about us large ss the
whole of Fruuco, and the facilities for
getting about in some parts of it are
none too grant, - but I think I uiaung-
ed 10 see ns many of tlie electors as
cculd be seen aud lo hold as many
meetings as possible. The peoplo were
exceedingly kind ami I very greatly
appreciated the way they received me,
seeing thut I cume amongst them as a
total stranger."
"Your victory over Mr. Mara seems
to have been very popular up country."
"I think it was,���though this. I
fancy, was largely due to my oppou
eul's unpopularity. To a great extent
my strength was due to his weakness,
aud I do not ascribe the result to any
personal merit on my part."
'���The Victorians, judging by the re
ception they gave you oil Saturday,
seemed highly delighted too."
"Yes. indeed. I had no idea that
they had anything of the sort iu store
for me and felt quite overwhelmed by
the ovation and all the kind thiugs
that were Said to me."
"I suppose the future of Kootenay
as a mining country is assured."
���'I don't think thero is auy doubt
about it. Everything points in that
direction and I fancy before very long
the attention of milling men from all
parts of the world will be centered
upon British Columbia."
"You represent au important constituency Mr. Bostock."
"I do. I am quite aware of the responsibility it involves, but I um do-
teriuined to do justice to die trust
confided in me by the electorate though
I do not flutter myself that I shall lie
upon a bed of roses."
But time is up and I have to take
my leave. This I did with the firm
conviction that Yule-Cariboo is to be
congratulated upon its choice iu having selected a high-principled, disinterested, absolutely reliable representative, who, come what may, means
to do his duty. Tlie Liberal party
will be strong indeed if it has many
men of the stamp of  Hewitt Bostock.
Attobn_y-G-N-Ral's Opfiob,
Juue luih, WJ0.
Disputed Lands in Railway Belt.
Send To-day.
Ladies and gentlemen, be alive to
your own interest. There has recently
been discovered, and is now for sale by
the undersigned, a truly wonderful
���'Hair Grower" and "Complexion
Whitening." This "Hair Grower" will
actually grow hair on a buld head in
six weeks by the use of this wonderful
"Hair Grower." It will also prevent
the hair from falling. By the use of
this excellent remedy boys raise uu excellent moustache in six weeks. Ladies
if you want u surprising head of hair,
have it immediately by 'he use of this
"Hair Grower." We also sell a ������Complexion Whitening" that will in one
month's timo make you us clour and
white as the skin can be inudo. We
never knew a lady or gentleman to use
two bottles of "Whitening," for they
all si.y tliut before they finished the
second bottle they were as white as
thoy would wish to be. After the use
if this "Whitening;" the skin will forever retain its color. It also removes
freckles, etc, etc. Tlie "Hair Grower"
is 5o cents per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening'' 60 cents per bottle. Either
of these remedies will be sent to any
address on -receipt of price. Address
ull orders to���
201 Division*  Si-iieet, Otawa, Ont,
"We had an epidemic of dysentery
in this vicinity last summer," suys
Samuel S. Pollock, of Briceiand, Cal.
"I was taken witli it and suffered severely uutil some one called my attention to Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
uud Diarrhoea Remedy. I procured a
bottle and felt better after the first
doso. Before one-half of the bottle
hud been used I wus well. I reuom
mended it 10 my friends and their experience wus thu same. We all unite
iu saying it is the bust. For sule by
Druggists Langley A Co., Wholesale
Agents, Victoria uud Vancouver
retry be cnre-1.   We
Iru.t ail ssxu..l <_;,��-.
dem of men. /..-oil
offi-ew'rofiif t. an.
r-sl, i-r*ot��l wiirry,
f j *_eoctpiyir-*th��pen*
t'.'~tt c*:'y CTCtstet.
Tie -read aliim ol
"^ffpnim'rtil confidence at
���-���'*"'-  "*"���->**' moderate expense.
End for ou.- pee is_.-d U_i, - ?j_,i_'_-CT
Kootenay Disttict.
Lot 6, Group I., Townsite of Farwell
��� Original grantee, Arthur Stanhope
Lot 7, Group I.���Original grantee,
Gustavus Blin Wright.
Yile District (Kumloops Division).
Lol 518, Group I. - Original grauiee,
George Bohun Martin.
Lin. 020, Group I���Original gruntee,
Gustavus Bim Wright.
Lot'497, Group I���Original grantee,
Gustavus Blin Wright.
Lot 529, Group I -Original grantees.
James Mcintosh, William Bell Wilson.
Lot ib2, Group I -Original grantee.
George Byrnes.
Lot 52,"), Group I-Original gruntee,
Charles Edward Perry.
Lot 528, Group I- Original grantee,
William Arthur Beddoe.
Lot 496, Group I - Original grantees.
Simon John Tunstall, James K. Call-
Arrangements having been made between the respective Government^, of
the Dominion of Canada and the Pro
vince ef Biitish Columbia whereby
owners of lands iu above mimed districts deriving their titles through
origin.! grantees from the Provincial
Government may obtain confirmatory
grarts of said lands from the Dominion Government, notice is hereby given
that all persons owning lands as aforesaid are requested to forward their
applications for such giants forthwith
to the undersigned, together with
their title deeds or authenticated copies
thereof, in order tbat the same may be
examined, and releases auu surrenders
piepared for execution.
Deputy Attoruey General.
We pay $'i io HO per week for
easy homework. Child can do it. No
Suiussi-i Books011 Puddling. This is
Ij'-rin iii'*. Send stamp ior work and
nni'-ici-lurs at o-rrri.- THE SEYMOUR
���SUPPLY CO., Masonic.Temple, Cum*
len, N ,f.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
18th May, lisflii.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
rescission of the operation of the
"Official Scalers' Act. 1894." will take
effect from und after the 80th day ol
Jtti.e, next.
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
THE following extract from the
"Health Act, 1898," Is published
for general information by direction of
thu Provincial Board of Health:
"Sec. 69. Whenever any householder
knows that anv pfrson within hie
family or household has the small pox,
diphtheria, scarlet fever, cholera, or
'typhoid fever, he shall (subject in case
of refusal or neglect to thn penalties
provided by aub-section (2) of section
98) within twenty-four hours givo
notice thereof tn tit- Local Board of
Health,* or to tbo Medical Health
Officii'ef ilieDis vi'it in which he ru-
��ides. if th.i'u be oue, and such notice-
sbi'.ti lie gi.i en either nt tbe office of the
Medical Health Ollicer or by n com-
muureutiiin uddress>M to him nml duly
mailed within the time above spe-ified,
and in case there is no Medical Health
Officer, then to the Local Board of
Sun-section (2) of section 98 provides
a penalty of $100. or imprisonment for
six   mouths, for  neglect  to report aa
I required.
r    "The Government Agent ie the Local   Board of  Health in outlying Dis*
! tricts.
Secretary, Provincial Board of Health,
Showing tho-late, nnd place, of Courts
of Assize, Nisi Prlus, Oyer and Ter*
miner, and General dual Delivery
for the Tear 1806.     ,
Si'ring Assizes.
Nanaimo Tuesday ... 6th May
New Westminster. Tuesday .. 12th May
Vancouver Tuesday .. 19th May
Clinton Monday .. 26th May
V ictoria Tuesday .. 26th May
Kamloops Monday.... 1st June
Vernon Monday.... Hth June
* Nelson Mondsy... 16th June
���Donald Monday... 22nd June
"Special Assise.
__     A
Education OFFICE,
Victoria. May 4th, 1896.
MOTICE is hereby given that the an*
���*���' nual examination of candidate*
for certificates of qualification to teach
in the Public Schools of the Province
will he held as follows, commencing on
Friday, July 3rd, 1896, at 9 a.m.: .-
Victoria In South Park School Building
Vancouver- In High School Building.
Kamloops- Iu Public School Building.
Each applicant must forward a. notice, thirty days before the examination, stating the class and grade of
certificate for which he will be a candidate, the optional subjects selected,
und at which of the above named
places he will attend.
Every notice of intention to be nn
applicant'' must be accompanied with
. itisfactory testimonial of moral
Candidates  sre   notified that all of
the  above  reqiiiteiuenti must be fulfilled before their  applications
All candidates lor First Class, Grade
A. Certificates, including Graduates,
must attend in Victoria to lake the
subjects prescribed for July Uth nnd
15th instants, snd to undergo required
oral examinations.
Superintei dent-of Educutio
"It Is worth tbe prte* to every wrwm
who even reads a aewspep.-."���DarUngui-
Blue Pencil Rules.
'!*-&-? -j-1     ��� it. >�����'-)  �������,-/; jj.v-y.jj'KgiiM; j   '"'������' /������* -^.f,;*}
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Donald Division of East Kootenav
VOTICE is hereby given, in aocord-
p" anoe with the Statues, tbat Provincial Revenue Tax and all taxes
levied under the Assessment Aot are
now due for the year 1896. All of the
above named taxes collectable within
:he Donald Division of East Kootenay
listriot, are payable at my office, the
3ourt House, Golden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at the
following rates, viz.:
If paid on or before June 80th 1896:
One half of one per cent on real property.
Two per cent on assessed value of
rild land.
One third of one per cent on person-
d property.
One half of one per cent on income.
If paid after June 80th 1896���
Two-thirds of one per cent on real
Two and one half per cent on assess-
d value of ��,id land.
Oue half of one per cent uu personal
Three-fourths of one ��� er cent ou in-
Provincial   Revenue  Tax $.1.0(1 per
Assessor and Collector.
olden, January 2nd, 1896.
Application for Certificate of Ini*
Take notice that I, Walter Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.47839,intend,
60 days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must he sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of im
Dated this seventh day of December
Waltbd Dainard,
By his agent, F, W. Aylmer,
@xxaixxc*a Qtart.e.
Hon. J, A. LouaiiBED, Q,C.
. McCarter.
Lougheeil   A   McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol iters, Notaries
Etc., Etc;
Solicitors for Bunk     Montreal.
Caloarv, - N.W.T.
D.L.8. & P.Ij.8. for B.C. DOMINION A
Draughtsman, Vuluator.etc, CALOARY,
N.W.r.   Correspondence Ijulieited.
R.J.JEPUS0N, D._.B.,1'._.-. of ll.C. -Out.
Caluakv, Alba.
Application   fori Oertlfloatua of Improvements.
Take notice that I, Thomas Jones,
free miner's certificate No. 47848, intend
iO days from date hereof, to apply to
-lie Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of above
Aud further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates uf improvements,       e
Thos. Jones,
By his agent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated this Uth day of December.
i the Supreme Court of British Columbia, re Connacher,���Connacher
va. Pither.
.Pursuant to an order of the Supreme
lourt of British Columbia made in the
latter of the estate of Henry Con-
usher in the suit of Connacher vs
ither. Tlie creditors of Henry Cou-
toher, lato of Golden, iu tiiu District
Kootenay, hotel kee|ier, deceased,
ho died on or about the month of
.uuary, 1895, are on or before the
���st day of April, 1891, to send by
iicistersd letter to A. G. M. Spragge,
f Donald, In the District of Kootenay.
riiish Columbia, the solicitor for
smes Stevens Connacher, the above
imed - plaintiff, the executor of the
ceased, their Christian and surname
Idresses aud inscriptions, the full
irtioulara of their claims.a statement
! their accounts, and the nature of
ie securities (if any) held by them or
'��� defanlt thereof they will be pei-emp-
prilly excluded from the benefit of the
mid order. Every creditor holding
[ny security is to produce the same
iforo James Ferguson Armstrong.
Registrar of the County Court at Don-
Id, the Referee appointed by tb*
'ourt to take the accounts and en-
uiries under the said order, at his
[-.ambers at the Court House nt Don
H in the Province of British Colum
la on the 8th day of April, 1889, at
m o'clock in tho forenoon being the
pie appointed for adjudication ou the
lid claims.
Dated at Donald, In the Distriot of
ootenu.v, British Columbia, this 16th
ijr of January. 1896.
tierce appointed under the said order.
Oolden Hospital Society.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
'���      2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
ti       i     ii   i.  h   ii
tday from 10 a.m. to 12 m., and
from 1 p.m. to 8 p m.
rom 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., dni
pt Monday and Saturday.
Notice of Application for Oertiftcute.
of Improvement..
Tuke notice that I, John McRae,
ree miner's certificate No. 34458.
ntend, sixty days from the date
'lereof. to apply to the Gold Coin-
riiss'oncr for certificates of improve'
ments, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining He
corder, and action commenced before
i he issuance of such certificates of improvements.
John McRae,
By his agent F W. Aylmer.
Dated this Uth day of December,
Mining Engineer,
A    Mallnrglnt.
Reports ou pro-��rties a Specialty.
Golden. B.C.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
GOLDEN,      .      B.O.
Wholeaale and Keto.il
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
J. SMART     CO.
Undertakers and
���  .  Embalmers,
Calgary     ���     ���       Alba
The attention of Prospectors and Miners is called to the merits of _ rti��
improved apparatus, for testing and smelting various kinds of ores and miner*
a s, also separating and refining base bullion, etc. ������'. r'''.'> .
Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist who thoroughly understands
the wants of the assayer, the prospector, tbe miner, the chemist for laboratory
test; for all furnace work, such as smelting, scorifying, coupelling, fusing in
crucibles, testing of sampling charges, roasting, etc.
This furnace is built in two halves for easy transportation, is complete is
itself, made of steel plate, with cast-iron slag and metal spouts, wind supply
pipe and knock-down bottom.
It is of the cupola type, with extension when smelting ores; capacity 1000
to 5000 pounds per heat; also smaller size, capacity from 100 to 200 pounds
per heat, according to the character of cres.
The Advantages in Practice are as Follows}    pc
This furnace is constructed by and for a prospector, who requires a serviceable furnace, easily transported over a mountainous country by a pack burro,
that is complete and ready to be set up at any dump of 'low grade' Orel,' that
otherwise will not pay to ship, and make bis good pay out of one to two tons
of ore a day.
On low-erode ore. picked at tho dump, thi. little furnace will pay for It-
self every week, besides wages and expenees. Ijet someone else do the risk in
mining, aud stick to a certainity.
What We Furnish and What It Costs.
A Handy Prospector's Furnace, 3 feet in diameter by 5 feet high, cupola
type with knock-down bottom, made of No. 10 Steele plate, and stiffened witb
angle-irons made in two half-circles for easy transportation, and then bolted
together. Two Steele-flange J metal and slag spouts, one blast supply pipe,
two ladles, three furnace tapping tools, two darlings (or plugging sticks), one
graphite No. 40 crucible, one blacksmith's forge blower, geared complete in iron
frame, to supply blast by hand-power for the furnace.
The entire outfit complete, ready to lie set np, delivered on board ears   a
St. Louis, will cost  ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS NET.     Terms:     $25 0
cash with order, buluuce draft attached with bill of lading;  the smaller sise,
100 to ��00 I'ctMi-ls Capacity, Cant ���48.00 Met.
Terms:   $20.00 cash with order, balance draft attached to bill of lading; 6
per cent, discount for onsh with order.
Printed Directions and instructions as to setting up furnace, fluxing
material, fuel, smelting operation, separating and refining of base bullion, etc..
We Want a Representative. 415 LoCUSt St.. ST. LOUIS, K0,
Water-Jacketed Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver uid
Lead Ores, Aluminum and Nickel Alloys.
Engineers and Contractors for Equipment of Obemleal  Bed nation Work.,
Golden City Bakery.
Fresh Bread Daily.
copper     . .  WANTED.
Write for prices,   Givo assays, etc,
DI.NVI.lt,  l-OLO.
Goiti.n Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now "-.pen for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under-
signed  or   any   member of  the
��     committee.
PRICE Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
1 nurfoct
"Moaaooa" Tm- sut up by the Indian Tm
fnweetia.a sample of the heel quallte of In-aa
Teta. Thrnehn that �������� tb* fnatMt car. tn th.
������Uclloa of Uw Tm ind lis Vtad, lhat is why thay
pulltup lt.l_Hli.i aad mu ll oalyla th. onc-al
all oooo onoocm K_n�� rr.
If j*ar (raoar aVaa aet keep k, tall hia to write te
* ���****������-, HAYT-R * OO. |
tl and 13 Front Wrsrt (art, Toronto,
C0PVRI0HT8,   ot,
tor Information anl freo Handlwqk writ, to
MUNN a CO.. Wl lIlin.DWAT, Naw Vnnit.
OMosI Iran-ail for aKiirlns |nu*nt. In Amerlra,
SroryrnU'iKlak-noiitbyiisIs liroimtit More
the pulilio hy a notieo glinto tie. o'ehanjo lu Uio
9tM\ik ��t��etott
l-nt-it cl-nlstl-m ot any ���N-ln-tltte par" In tha
worlj.   trili'inlurr iri.int '    "���- '���""	
man ahonu b> will
world." Snlindlulf iriiiritruusl, Nn lufllii'-'ii.
man ahonld Im wllliou. it WartO. jM.OOa
roan SUUsUi-Mn*!**, A'!*.-"-*, H*l*r* ��*���
4w.gr, i..w York City.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Job    Depa,rtmei~|t
���ror��� OF ��� ror���
Manufacturers of Fash, Doors, Moulding.
Turned and Sixwn Balusters. Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets.   ATI sizes of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prcpnred to do
all kinds of repairs as soon as possible. All sizes of Pipe
Fitting1 and Brass Goods on hand.
Wag-on Re-mi rs. Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes & Felloes,
Hickory and Maple Plank.
HOUSTON  6a CO. iif.V.s'iii I
���  Awarded
Hlchesk Honors���World's Fair,
'the  ���jOu "tm lls's   In the new Dominion ! Ohnroli So"vloe��.
PiiiH'itTitm't.    Wo mi.,.- fairly lay claim      The usual   Bvenin-*  servicp will  1*
tn   iho   Lllowiiif-:      Mr.   John Boss  held tomorrow  in  St. Paul's Church
Rob .tsoh Toronto Telit-iriuu; Mr. R.  at 7:SO o'clock.
....'RlCl.iirdsiiii, Wiiuiipt-jf Tribune; Mr j    Sarvios   will  be  conducted   in tho
W.   V.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
Bom Ammonia, Alum or sny other adultcrar.t.
from   Ontario nnd a
Quebec are eucourng-
Crop ifpol'rt)
isrge portion of
Sir Donald Smith will retain the
high coinnlissianersliip in Loudon. He
leaves for his post to dny.
Private'Thompson of the Queen's
Regiment, Edinburgh, captured tho
Queen's Prize at Bisiey with a total of
Despatches from Capetown report
that intelligence received from Buluwayo Iti that the Matabeln aro again
massing nrouml thnt place. I
Dr.   Jameson   nnd   associates have!
been   found   guilty   of   violating the
Foreign   Enlistment   Act.     Jitmeion
has been  sentenced to 15 month's im* j
prisonment without labor.    Major Sir'
John Willoughby 10 months; Major R
Whito   7   months; Captain Henry P.
Coventry, Col. R.   Grey and Col, H.
_\ White to 0 months' imprisonment.
Premier Laurier opened t he cam paign
at St. John's, Quebec, last Saturday,
On behalf of Mr. Tarte. In the course
of his speech he stated that it was not
the intention of the Government to
make any changes in the tariff during
the coming session, but would enquire
into the workings of the present tariff
befrre making the much-tsiked-of
changes. The interests of the agricultural community would be specially
considered, as also would be the development of the North West. In
regard fo the School question tho
premier felt confident of settling tbe
difficulty within six months.
Tbe 60th Anniversary Number of the
Scientific American, New York, just
out, is a really handsome and valuable
publication of 72 pages. It reviews
the progress of the past 50 years in the
various sciences and industrial arts;
fend the various articles by the best
scientific Writers of the dny are racily
written and richly illustrated. The
editors have accomplished tho difficult
Mriiiieiiii, Tofuiito World; Mr
��� nn V. Ellis, St. Joim iilolie; Mr. J.
I i'i.hI'I'.irle, LirCtili iviitem; .'ni'. Field-
; , Hrtliiu** C'broi.ii-.k'j Mr. Pari-.elue-
W.iui'iciu Advertiser j Mr. H. Bostock,
Victoria !'r'i"iiice; Mr. Oliver, Edition-
��� -ti ..illerloj Mr. L'avin, Regiuii Luud-
e ; Mr. .Hii.rlH.r-:, Lindsay Warder; Mr.
iii....--!, t.u������ 1|'1| Mi'rclin; and ptir-Nllily j
n .mi' iiiIh'I'm, wl'.os'ii names, at the tuu-
irn* t  ate ovi'i'luokotl. !
O-'-.i  j.;���'.it   rt iiiii   Mr. Isaac Reese
0|ipi���i-   with   me, says M. i'. ���
u pr imiiieut nmiuiiant 01�� Qiiiir I
termasi.cr, Washiilglon. I  hoard   him |
groaning.     Ou   going   to his room 11
found him S'rtfforiiig from criim|i colic.
Ho   wus   in   such  agony  I feared lie
iv.iirl't die.    I iitiHtily nave him a dose
of   Cliniiilierliiin's   Colic, Chub-ra and
Diarrhoea Remedy.     He wns soon relieved   nnd   the first words he uttered
were,   ".vltat  was tlist stuff you gave
inir?"     I informed him.     A few days
ago we   were   tuikiit'* about his attack
and he said im was never without that
l'i'iiied*-   now.     I  havo used it in my
family for several years.     I know  it
and do not. hositate to recommend it 10
my   friends  and customers.   For sain
by Druggists   Langley & Co., Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
Church   by    Rev. T. S.
ii,. tomorrow   morning
Glassford,   B,
at 10 o'clock,
Methodist service will be held in the
1:30 o'i
to-morrow   evening at.
" Hidden  Mines,"
"How to Find Them,"
Wanted at Once:
Active agents for each couuty. Exclusive control and no risk. Will cleat
1,2 to 25 hundred dollars a year. Enclose stamp for full particulars or 25c.
lor $1 sample. Big Rapids Mineral
WntH' Co., Big.Rapids, Mich.
��� It is the best patent medicine iu ,
the world'' is what Mr E. M. Hnrt-1
man. of  Man-iutm,   Oregon,   suys of jPl'aCt.Cal   IllfOrHiatiOn
Chamberlain i Colic, Cholera und j
Diarrhoea Riime'dy. "What lewis mc
to muke tbiii a-Werilon is li'diii Ihu f.ut
that dysentery in its worst loi'ui w ,s
prevalent around li-ji'e lust tuiniiier
audit nevur took over 1 wo or three
doses of that remedy to effect u complete cure.'' For auto by Druggists
Lunglcy '-.'Co., Wholesale Agiuit, Victoria and Vancouver.
Mines, Metals and Ores
Ex. nrnloa to II.O.
Mr P. J. Dean of iho Victoria Province, who is in the city ou his Way
home from a prolonged trip in the east
bus iiiier.'Sifl'i tlie boards of trade in
Mont.-eul and Toronto in an excursion
to the mining regions of British Columbia. Mr. Rostock, M.P., who is
now in tho cast, is also working up
the scheme, and success is assured.
The affair will be of the utmost importance to ail Western Canada, an
over two hundred of the wealthiest
citizens of Canada's greatest cities
wilt cross the continent uud inspect
all places of prominence in so doing.
It will take a train of seven or eight
sleepers and two diners to convey tliu
party to their destination, aud return.
It wiil i.lso be a big advertisement for
British Columbia, for nowhere on re-
Cord hus such u largu body of men
gone 3,000 utiles to iuspect an investment.
While in the city Mr. Dean is interesting the Winnipeg Board of Trade
in the excursion. On account of the
great interest that Winnipeggers are
commencing to show in B.C. gold properties, it is altogether probablo that a
large number of business men will go
from here. ���Winnipeg Tree Press.
Rossland Miner July 24th: A. telegram   was   received yesterday asking
for  2C0   beds to accommodate the big
task  of presenting a compendium of Torouto  boah]  of   tnt(]e    extiUrgion
information tbat shall be at once historical, technical and popular. Tbo
interest never flags for a moment, and
the story of the half colitury's growth
is in itself a veritable compendium of
valuable scientific information for
future referen ce. Price 10 cents per
Calgary Herald: The prospector's
lot, like tbe policeman's, is not always
in happy one. Two weeks ago two
men named respectively Smith and
Parker started over the mountains
with ponies and a prospectors outfit,
intending to reach the Kootenav
through thc White Man's Pass. Arriving At the Kootenay river they
abandoned their horse* and Started
down on a raft, with the result that
the raft went to pieces snd they lost
everything, including each other.
Smith was picked up sis miles from
Banff, completely exhausted, having
gone twelve days without food. Parker is Still misting and it is hardly
possible thst he will ever be heard of
���live. The men are supposed to have
come from ths north,
Th* Printer snd Publisher for July
toys:    The dailies are giving lists of
which is coining to Rossland. A committee will he formed and accommodations provided. We will give our
Toronto visitors a hearey welcome.
The excursion is being arranged as a
joint affair by the boards of trado of
Montreal and Toronto.
' The excursion will leave Toronto on
August 10th and the fare will be $100
te Revelstoke and return. If a large
number of business men take advent*
age of the Opportunity to inspect the
British Columbia gold fields tho fare
will he reduced.
Mr. C. G. Strong, principal of the
public schools at Anderson, Cal.,says:
"I have used Chamberlain's Pain
Balm and have found it an excellent
remedy for lameuess and slight
Lameness usually results from a
sprain, or other injury, or from rheumatism, for which Chamberlain's Pain
Balm is especially intended and unequalled. If affords almost immediate
relief and in a short time effects a permanent cure. For sale by Druggists
Langley A Co., Wholesale Agents,
Victoria and Vanoouver.
A general meeting of the Golden
Hospital Society for the election of
Trustees will be held ut the school
room, Golden, ou Monday, August 3rd
nt 8 p.m.
Similar meetinj.,8 will also be held al
Donald, Beaver, Palliser, Field, Wnss,
Fort Steele and Windermere, at the
same dale and hour,
By Order.
C. H. Pa-hon,
Acting Seciota-.-y.
A Complete Glossary of Mining Terms.
Sent post paid on receipt cf price,
Two   Dollars.
The Golden  Era Publishing Company,
Golden, B.C.
Gbid Quartz
Advertiser will promptly
investigate promising prospects and close a deal immediately on satisfactory proposition. Send fullest particulars and fair samples,
with price asked to
W. Thos. Newman,
Care of "Golden Era"
Golden, B.C.
*      TO RENT
An Improved Ranch,
East Kootenay, B.C.
Lot 272, Group 1, known as the
Cannon Ranch, 319 acres of bottom
land situate at the mouth of Sinclair
Creek, Columbia River; farm buildings
etc   Apply to
Solicitors, Victoria, B.C,
Or to A. G. M. SPRAGGE,
Solicitor, Donald, BiCi
AAA iAAAAAJAAA i__4_M__aa_4A-_4A a\ a*a_. fc__ A-k-fc-*- _fa -~- -- _j__ 4AAAAj!A_| -*- -
5~~ ������ WWW fffffT??T��TTTT?TTfwT???fTTf^Tf?ffffff-l
Rigby Rainproof
Bicycle Suites
Any cloth can be made rainproof by the Rigby Pro-
. cess, without changing the texture, the color nr tha
feeling and still leave the cloth porona a. before lo
admit of the free circulation nf air through it.
���'-_�� Men's Rigby Rainproof llicycle Suits can be bought ���
" ronay to wear of any clothier and ladiei can have any T
cloth they select Rigby proofed. Ask vnur |i���j| m
dealer to thorn yon Righy Waterproof Clothing. *
H. SHOE-BY & CO.. ��
WktlMafeCtothlm, MONTRBAL
The Western Milling Co.
Man 1 ifacturers Of
Resina,  N.W.T.
��� IVl-wJ-ZUlldlU)  and British Columbia.
Calgary, Alb.


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