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The Golden Era Aug 20, 1897

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Array -The Oolden Era
Is the most widely circulated and
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A Boh* and Rider Qo Over a Bench--
BhM Agalnat a Circular 8aw���
Blase 1 oleonlng .. Under a Blab
On Sunday afternoon last, at about
1.80, as Mr. Woodley, manager for
Hnll Bros., aad Archie Fountain were
returning to town after looking op
some cattle on the bench north-east ot
Oolden, a thrilling accident happened
which might bave cost the last
named his lite. The two horsemen were riding along the toat
road on top of the bench, and apposite
the smelter, when a branch of a dead
buah struck the heels of the horse
npon which Fountain was mounted,
causing the animal, which was a
rather nervous and excitable one, to
break into a furions gallop along the
trail. This trail, even with a quiet
horse, Is considered rather dangerous.
Fountain endeavored to turn the Infuriated animal up hill, but his efforts
were of no avail, and both horse and
rider were precipitated over the faoe of
tbe bench, which Is very steep at this
point. The horse, alter rolling over
its rider and turning several somersaults, fetched up at the bottom of the
bill none the worse with theexception
of a few sere-Then and bruises. Foun<
tain, however, fared much worse, for
when reached by Mr. Woodley he
in an unconscious condition, and it
wag feared tbat he was fatally injured.
Messrs. Devlin and Dolmage, who had
witnessed the accident from the front
.of the smelter house, arrived on the
.scene, and with the aid of stimulants
succeeded in restoring the unfortunate
young man to his senses. A conveyance having been obtained by Mr.
Woodley, be was removed io tbe hospital, where it was found that hie
��� .injuries were by no means dangerous.
He received a nasty cut over the right
temple, several scratches and bruises
on tbe right side of his fsos and other
parts of his body, a seven straining of
tho neck, a sprained knee, and a bad
shaking up.
Alexander Ritchie, while piling
slabs in the Lumber Co.'s yards on
Friday afternoon last, had a very
narrow escape from being crushed to
death. It appears tbat the pile on
which he was working was considerably tilted, and while in the aot of
straightening it np the whole pile fell
and crushed him to the ground, completely covering him witb its enormous
weight Another man who was on
the other side of the pile heard his
cries for help, and with the assistance
of some other employees who were
close at hand succeeded In extricating
him from his perilous position. The
Injured man, who had only been in
the employ of the company for about
three hours, was at once taken to the
hospital, where It was fonnd that no
bones had been broken, but that be
had received severe bruises end spraina
on the arms, back, legs, and feet. He
ts doing nicely, and it Is expected that
he will be around again in a few days.
Charles Braman, while following
the ususl routine of work In McLaughlin's oaup on Thnrsday of last
week, scratched the second linger of
hie left hand on a saw, but aa the
scratch. waa very small and did not
even bleed no notice was taken of it at
the time. However, on Friday hie
hand commenced to swell, causing him
considerable pain, and he immediately
started to town on foot to have It
attended to. He ia now at the hospital suffering from blood poisoning,
but is speedily recovering under Nurse
Holt's excellent, care.
P. Desormean while working In tbe
Oolden Lumber Co.'s mill, received a
very painful out from a oiioular saw
on Thursday of last week. At' the
time of the accident Desormean wae In
a stooping attitude cleaning away
aome blocks and sawdust whioh had
accumulated around the saw-table,
and tn pursuance of his work he
stepped backward, with the result that
his hip oame in contact With the saw,
which, being In motion, cut a deep
gaah six Inches tn length, In his hip.
He was removed to the hospital,
where Dr. Taylor fonnd it necessary
to put In several stitches to bind the
wonnd, Mr. Desormean, although
the out la healing rapidly, will be
incapacitated from work for a couple
of ���*--
A party has gone out. to do development work on Mr. Johnston's claim
on Copper Creek.
H. Q. Low left by the Duchess on
Monday for tbe north fork of the
Spillimachene River with supplies.
J. W. Connor has sold the Clipper
claim at the hear) of the middle fork of
the Spillimachene to B. J. Townsend.
Mn Hammond has given up the
bond which he took on the claims
owned by Messrs. Moodie and Connor
at Bluewater.
R. Hughes and F. Perry are at
present prospecting the south fork of
tbe Spilliinaehene, where they have
discovered some excellent ore in the
shape of galena and copper,
J. Noble, who has been in charge of
the development work being done tbis
season by Mr. Townsend at the International, has resigned his position
there and returned to Golden,
The following claims have been
���recorded at Oolden:���August IStb,
Mystic, at head of McMurdo Creek, by
W. J. McCusker; August 18th, Picton
Fractional, In MoMurdo Basin, by J.
H. 0. Low, who located the Trade
Mark claim on Beaver Creek, bas received the following assays from that
claim: Three assays in gold. $4, 111,
and $7.60; two assays in silver, 37
and 43 oxs.
Dobson and party have made I
couple of good strikes in the Inter-
national basin on the right hand side
of the headwaters of the middle fork of
tbe Spillimachene. The ores found
are copper and galena.
The ore from the Bennlson olaim,
owned by Major Clohecy and others,
will have to be shipped to the C. P. R.
line by the Beaver. Bear Creek
Station is the nearest railway point,
the distance from there to the claim
being 28 miles.
The Messrs. Mitchell-Innes left on
Mondsy for the mines on Badger
Creak, opposite Prairie Mountain.
They were accompanied by Mr. Griffith, Gold Commissioner, who has gone
out to investigate tbe trails and prospective means of giving proper access
to that part of the district and also to
the middle fork.
F. Bethune reports tbat the sheft
being put In on the Klnbsskat olaims
by the Golden and Fort Steele Development Ca is now 81 feet in depth and
timbered throughout. Fortunately no
trouble has so far arisen from water.
The lead dips at about 45' and the
shaft has gone through it. A drift
will be ran to strike the hanging wall.
The ground is so strongly mineralised
thet ore wu fonnd in every bucket of
stuff that wae taken out of tbe shaft.
Here ia the latest mtning joke from
Fort Steele. A property there was
offered to a company in which certain
Golden people ate Interested. Tbe
company's expert visited the property
and after due Inspection recommended
its bond. When the company started
development work it oould find nothing
to devolop, and now threatens to sue
the original holder for a rotund of the
cash paid down on tbe ground that he
sold them a olaim oo whioh there was
no mineral tn place.
D. MoDougall has staked two
claims, the Regulator and River View,
in Carib-io Basin. One vein carries
galena and copper, and the other is
supposed to be a gold-bearing quarts.
The galena ledge ehows a width of
five feet, and ia between slate and
lima. Mr. MoDougall also holds a
claim at Prairie Mountain on the same
ledge aa the claims held by Messrs.
Mitchell-Innes. The ore-bod y is quarts,
showing copper pyrltee. He hns also
a claim on Bear Creek, the ore being
galena In a ledge six feet wide, showing through slate formation.
Messrs. Wattelet and -angle have
started to gat out ore from their olaims
on tha Bugaboo, and the first lot will
be shipped this week, being pecked
down the trail to Spillimachene, where
it will be taken on board the Duohess
and bronght to Golden tor shipment to
Taooma by tbe C.P.R. Mr. Wattelet
Intends arranging about a sleigh road
bv whioh ore can be got ont daring
the winter months. We congratulate
Messrs. Wattelet and Laagis on their
enterprise, and hope they will have the
success whieh Ihey deserve In the
shape of big returns from the emelter,
Dr. Roberts, who bonded the Flying
Dutchman from H. E. Forster, haa
been granted a further extension of his
option for 30 days,
J. Noble has staked a claim In tbe
International Basin, along side the
Maud 3. He has named it the Picton.
It shows a ledge of good ore three feet
in thickness.
We are glad to learn that as the re.
suit ol further development work the
Crown Point looks better than ever.
No man is more deserving ol success
than Major Clohecy, whose enterprise
and pluok has been a splendid example
to other Investors in East Kootenay
mines, and we hope this mine will
prove a bonanza for him.
Leonard Keyser, of London, Eng.,
who arrived in Golden on Saturday
afternoon last, left by the steamer
Duohess on Monday on a tour of Inspection to several of the mines in the
Spillimachene and McMurdo districts.
It is Mr. Keyser's intention to remain
in East Kootensy till the close of the
season, and It is also likely that lie
will Invest in the mining business.
As showing the extent of development work now going on In the McMurdo district and vicinity, Messrs.
Mitchell-Innes have 10 men at work
on the Miteher group and four men on
tne Edinburgh group; Messrs. Towns-
end and Stracey have gangs at work
on development in the International
basin; J. Henderson has a party
driving a tunnel on the extension of
the Flying Dutchman, in the Burns
Basin; Major Clohecy has men employed on the Crown Point and Bennlson; Mr. Johnston is having a lot of
work done on Copper Creek, and
Major Clohecy baa let contracts for
work on the Idaho and Alaska in tha
same locality. The prospects of mining
in thia part of East Kootenay have
never looked better than now.
G. A. Starke, who owns the Del-
phiene on Toby Creek, has bonded the
Eureka on the same creek for 30 days
at a pretty big figure. Two assays on
the Eureka, whioh is 18 miles from
Salmon Beds, have given the following
results: No 1, 64 ozs. sliver, $1.60
gold; No. 2, 616 ozs. silver, 10 por cent
copper. The latter assay has proven
thie mine to be one of the best strikes
tbat has as yet been made in East
Kootenay, and good results are sure to
follow. Twenty tons of ore are in
sight on the surface, and it is the
bonder's intention to commence shipping immediately. Mr. Starke has
also mado some good strikes on the
Horse Thief Creek, which carry considerable copper, and also has a quarter
interest in the Patience and Muriel,
the former of which gave the following
aasay: 825 oss. silver, 22 per cent
copper. Mr. Starke's partnars in the
two above claims are W. W. Tallows,
W. D. R. Rose, and W. Kinnee.
Ur. Agnew*. Ointment Care.
Salt Rheum, E<-tenia, Tetter, Barber's Itch,
snd sll like skin diseases anil eruptions. It
gives relief in a day. Its cores are legion;
its failures are few. Years of testing, and
grew, daily in favor of suffering humanity.
Good for baby's akin, good for yonng,
middle-aged, or old folks. Do rents.
Sold by U. A. Warren. 10H
��� ���
G. B. McDermot Is now landing
stocks to fill up every section ot his
dry goods department. He ie buying
thie season all the heavy clothing and
woollen goods direct from the mills,
and this he finds makes a wonderful
difference in the prioes at whieh he is
able to offer theae goods to his customers.
Mr. Snsmann, Mining Expert for the
C. P. R., returned to Oolden on Monday night after an oxtended tour of
East Kootenay, in the course of which
he visited the most important mining
locations around Steele. Windermere,
Canal Flat, the middle fork of the
Spillimachene and Vermont Creek.
Having travelled with Mr. Susmniiii
over a large section of the country we
must state that we have never oome
across a harder worker and more conscientious officer, apd tbe fact that the
C. P. R. selected him for the Important work with which he bas been entrusted shows the desire of the great
corporation to promote the mining interests in a legitimate way. Mr. Sus-
mann in no way represents the individual interests of officers of the C. P.
R. as has been reported, but his instructions are to use his own discretion and judgment as to the best way
in which he can promote tbe mining
interests aa a whole entirely irrespective of personal interests. In thnt
way Mr. Susmann bas been able to do
work of great valne and while he will
not undertake any work that should
properly be referred to the mining engineer, he will gladly give any assistance or suggestions in hit power lo
those interested in or desirous of investing lu mining properties. Those
wishing to bring any matter affecting
the mining interests under his notice
will find Mr. Susmann the most approachable of men, and what is a
great thing In these days of mining
tbey will find him thoroughly reliable
in any suggestions which he mny
offer. It wonld bs well for the mining
industry if theae were more men like
Mr. Susmann connected with it. After
observing Mr. Susmann's work we huve
no hesitation in saving that in seenriu g
hia services in the capacity in which
he acts the C. P. R. have rendered it,
great service to the mining .Interests
of British Colnmbia. We are certain
that Mr. Susmann's visit to the Spilli-
inachene country will not be without
benefit to this part of East Kootenay.
Dying Man Urasps at a Straw
"Dr. Agnew's Cine for the Heart has done
ao much for me that I feel I owe it to ���utT.-r-
ing humanity lo give testimony. For yei..s
1 had smothering spells, pains in my hut
aide, and swelled ankles. When 1 took tlie
first dote of Dr. Agnew's Heart Cure my
friends thought 1 was dying. It gave i a
almost instant relief, and >ii bottles entirely
cured me." Mr. F. I.. Luinsden, Sirrnutuii l'a.
Sold by C. A. Warren. nil
,JY Letter
THE first thing wive people think of
wlien ordering iroads by mail ia
the capacity for finsiiiess of those
thoy wriie to. The repute-ion we
enjoy for promptness makes our Mail
Order trade forge ahead at n
ing rate.
I gratil'y-
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Prospectors and Miners Supplies Always in Stock.
- golden -
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Boots and Shoes,
Crockery and
Fancy Goods,
Stoves and
Flour and Feed,
Mining Supplies
A special feature of
our businesa.
-��  ���  ���  e.
"I 'ITI*
We Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the mountains. We employ an
old, experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect every
paekage put up for pack
[rains before leaving
T* Advertisers ana Subscribers.
The UOLDEN F.KA it published every
Friday evening. It it the best advertising
medium in tbe East Kootenay district.
Subscription Rates i K.00 per annum IN
Alterations and chau-res of standing advertisements mutt be In the office not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
cuual advertisements will be received up ���11
iiu���rea Friday.
While all reasonable care will he taken, the
proprietors will not be responsible fur any
omission or error In any advertisement
All accounts to be paid tu the Managing
Director, or his authorised agent, from whom
the ooinpany'sreceipt wil! be obtained.
Advertising rates; Display ads., tl.-) per
column inch; Leg.! ads,, 10 ceuta per line
for Drst insertion, t tatits for each additional
insertion; Head uur notices, 12 cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should bend,
dressed to the Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or news items should be addressed to the
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief, lu the case ol
anonymous letters the name and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for tbe private information of the
���editor and as a guarantee of good faith.
Office, Golden, B. 0.
JChe ��o-lbett ffitra i
(Edited by E. A. HAOOBN.)
FRIDAY,  AUGUST 20,  1897.
In view of the importance ot the
Spillimachene country a* a mining
centre we suggest to the Government
that they'-should take into consideration as early as possible the question
ot constructing a good traffic road
aoross the "range from the Columbia
River into the Spillimachene Mountains. Carbonate should be the point
where such a road should strike the
river, as it is two and a half miles
shorter than the old sleigh road from
Vermont Creek to Wells' landing. A
good grade can also be got over the
summit at a point not more than 200
feet higher than the crossing plsoe of
the sleigh road. Machinery Isalready
required %on some of the olaims in the
Spillimachene country, and it is utterly
Impossible to pack it up. The Spillimachene is now proved to be a rioh
mineral field, and has reached the
stage where' machinery will have to
be put In. There is little doubt that
the large mineral deposits along the
middle fork of the Spillimachene are
among the richest in British Col
umbia, but they cannot be operated
without good communication by road,
and the time has arrived when suoh a
work is fully justified.
We have something for yoo
for the neat two weeks.
200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies'and Children's Boots
land Shoes at dost for
ithe next-30 daya
- - fleol - -
Mist Ihis Opportunityl|
The editor of tbe Eka has just been
through a tour of the principal mining
camps of the district, and olaims to bs
in a position to write authoritatively
ou the state in wbioh he found the
trails. Aa a rule these are in a
neglected state. The policy of the
Government appears to be to open the
more important trails at tha beginning
of each spring season and then to
leave them in a happy-go-lucky sort of
condition for prospectors and horses to
waddle over as best tbey can. The
condition of tbe bridges is particularly
bad. We found many instances in
which the timbers bad broken through,
and no repairs had been affected even
when tbe trails were cleared out tbis
last spring. Bad bridges are known
to be amongst the worst dangers of
the highway, and the auto of tba
trail bridges to whioh wa refer makes
them little better than horse-traps.
The expanse of repairing the bridges at
the same time aa tha trails are cleared
out would be very email, and tbat
this part at the work ahonld have
been so neglected shows a want of
system and thoroughness in the carrying out of the Government works. We
have seen a good deal of mining trails,
aad it aeems to ns that the only efficient way in which they can be maintained la by the appointment of a
reliable man to take charge of the
trails of each mineral belt. For instance, there ehould be a man in
charge of the Spillimachene trails,
another in charge of Home Thief and
Its tributaries, and another on Toby
Creek and adjacent trails. It wonld
bathe duty ol theae men to clear tbe
trails ia tbeir respective sections of
fallen timber, to repair bridges, and
reopen tha trail Una along rook slides.
The Government now draws an immense revenue from the mining industry, and tha whole ef that revenue
should ha devoted to farthering the
Interests of the miner and prospector
by opening up tha oountry by good
trails, and by keeping these trails in
good shape tor traffic.
KMaey tease
It was understood some time ago
that the Government would reopen the
Moberley trail so as to give access to
the country between Donsld and Canoe
River. Tbe trail is blocked by .trees,.
and the. bridges are in a bad state of
repair. This trail opens np an Important mining and ranching territory,
and as the trail is a good one provided the dead timber is cleared off and
the bridges repaired, we regard the
work as one of the most important to
be done in tbis mining division. We
hope the Gold Commissioner will give
the matter some attention, as now
that there is every probability of prospectors penetrating tbat region they
should be afforded every facility by
means of a good trail. The extensive
| development work being done on the
KinbAket Lake olaims by the Golden
and Fort Steele Development Company is a further reason why tbis
trail should receive attention.
The publio road from the main road
to Carbonate landing is in adangerons
condition, As this road is under the
control of the Provincial Government
we suggest that tbe Government
Agent should take Immediate steps tu
put it in a proper state of
repair. The encroachment of the
Columbia River bas left hardly room
tor a vehicle to get past without dropping into the river, and if something
is not done shortly to improve the
road some serious accident ie sure to
happen there for whioh the Govern
ment will be responsible. This is a
case of the proverbial '���Btitch in time."
We are not very favorably Impressed
with the way in whioh the Government look after the trails to tbe
mining camps. The Horse Thief trail,
for Instance, ts In a dangerous state
in some places through the bridges
falling (nto disrepair or for want of
bridging bad crossings ot mountain
streams. Trees have also fallen aoross
the track, and no steps have been
taken to dear them out.
British opinion regarding tbe col
onies, says Hon. J. M. Gibson, who is
in harness again, haa ohanged largely
in tha past year or so. Formerly
Australia and South Africa were on
everybody's tongue in the motherland,
but now it is Canada and tbe Can
adlans all ths way. The indifference
to thia country haa given way to tha
reverse feeling, a keen appreciation
and interest.���Ex.
Mrs. r*t*r Brow* and   her Brow*
Cui-Mdls ar* oat of the (Juestioa la Kidney
Din-ltM- A Liquid Solvent-ASpeelfle
Kidney Tonic it lb* Only Safe Bsasdy.
How -any dissever wh_.lt le loo late that
the kidneys hav* literally been ground oat
by the little solid particle, which ar* con*
MhMd la the bktd tt atteunWer. fro- kidney
ilamat, sad whish accumulate la tbsee
organ. Oca-tea muss toys lhat msdksl
tetancs has proven It thst a HqaM solrsnt
which win dnaolv* Ihsss solids sad eradicate
thsa* Item the system It the imly sate care
for kidney disorder. South Aawrfaaa Kid-
asyCanlsasolnat. it ha. been treated ia
et__, and there It yet to
��ka failure te ear* *hea
ksshsda-tthf-.ial.  Pill. -HI aet do it,
asthayanasts-vsnts.  Deal txtfs.
SoMhyC. A. Warren. <       IM
Mrs. Peter Brown waa a worthy and.
thrifty housewife, and though proud
of her Brown family she got tired of
browns-we refer to brown colors.
Now, Mrs. Brown had a brown
cashmere drees that aba had donned on
Sundaya tor tally three years. Going
to churoh in sun, rain, sleet and sniw
for sneh a length ot time had discolored
aad faded Mn. Brown's brown dress.
Tha material still good gave Mrs.
Brown hops that tb* brown dress
could ha changed in color and mada to
do service until timet, ware better and
money more plentiful with her.
Mra. Pater Brown had heard of tbe
marvellous Diamond Faat Black tnr
Wool, and decided to experiment In
th* work of home dyeing. Tbe dye
waa porohseed from her druggist, and
tha operation conducted as per directions on th* envelope, and what a
transformation! A deep, rich and
pur* black, equal to the fineet blacks
produced by French profossloael dyers
���a sew dress al a eoat of about 10
Mrs. Peter Brown's experience ta
jnst tha experience of thousands of
economising woman ia Canada today.
They Sad tha Dieat*nd Dyee ao India*
peasants that home would be robbed of
half iw eleaeuroo II tbey oould not
proCQfS ln-M9 (NM n*-Mjr MTtff*
The Highest Position
In  the Dominion of Canada
1 aloe's Celery t'ompoand the Popalar
Medicine with the People and
the Medical Frof.Mlon
Only a truly great and effective
remedy oould continue, as Paine's
Celery Compound has done, to bold its
high place In the estimation of the
ablest physicians and of tens of thousands of .busy -men and women whose
only means of judging is Irom the
actual results in their own homes or
among their friends. No remedy was
ever so highly recommended, because
no other ever achieved so many grand
viotorles over disease and sickness.
For feeding exhausted nerves; building up the strength ot the body, giving
a natural and healthy appetite, and ae
a promoter of refreshing sleep, Paine's
Celery Compound stanos today with'
out an equal in the world.
Mrs. Garland, 675 Crawford street,
Toronto, gives ber experience with the
world's best medicine as follower
"Tour Paine's Celery Compound has
most wonderfully improved my health
Befoie using it my appetite was poor
���almost gone; I wss also wsak and
debilitated, and suffered from pains in
the head. Paine's Celery Compound
does all that is claimed for it. I have
recommended it to my friends, and
they all speak highly of tbe results
received from it. I wish Paine'e Celery Compound tbe success it so richly
4 ��
Let Us Have P's.
Persons who patronise papers should
pay, tot the pecuniary prospects of the
press have peculiar power in pushing
forward prosperity. If the printer is
paid promptly, and hia pooketbook
kept plethorio by promptly paying
patrons, he puts his pen to paper in
peace, he paints his picture of passing
events In more pleasing colours, and
perusal ot his paper is a pleasure to the
people. Paste this piece of proverbial
philosophy in pumpkin pie order in
some place where all persons may
It plainly.
Oone to * Shadow    .
Backed by Pain, Bed Hidden, Ufa Despaired of-8outh American Rheumatic
Care waa the Good Angel whieh Stilled
the Tempest snd Piloted SaMy into the
Harbor ol Health.
"I was so troubled with sciatica that at
times Ihe pain and suffering I esperieneed
was excruciating. I failed in flesh to almost
a shadow. I wae almost continuously In bod
fer over a year, and I bad spent hundreds of
dollars In doctoring. I bad almost given up
hope of a cure. A relative who had been
cured of the same disease by South American
Rheumatic Curs induced me to try it The
Ant dose gave me Instant relief. Alter
using three bottles I was completely cured."
William Marshsll, Vsmey P.O., Ont
Sold by C. A. Warren. 108
wt taMnaaa.  sin, wt sm win
��trUtt tUTITVTtS   turn m i
tt -HN| IW Ml WStlMI, ������
UMtMUteiNie*, nwrraut, *m
f*!*** *z.---.y' ,m,ji
uMMCBieinieo.. NMTafat.e��.
Some people think money ia a greater
iwer than love.   Oh! What a mistake I
���-e .how tbe great money kings are con-
.rolled by the little boy Cupid f See how
"ie great soldiers snd men of power are
* Jaip��_d__Uttl*_ns*ersl
A wotti.-rn's most precious pots*Minn t*
the cap-ii-itv for awakening pure and noble
love. More potent than wit or intellect ia
the womanly capacity for happy wifehood
and motherhood.
A woman who is weak or diseased in tha
special organism of her sex Is deprived of
the power and prestige'Which naturally
to-long to her. Such troubles are aot a
necessity. 1'ei-fcct health and strength of
thc feminine organism is insure, by
proper care and the- aids sfforded by enlightened medical science. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription cures sll weaknesses
and diseases ot woman's special organism.
For nearly to yeurs Dr. Pierce has been
chief consulting physician to the Invalids' Hotel snd Surgical Institute, of
Buffalo, N. Y, No other-physician has
had a more extensive practice or greater
success in the treatment of women's diseases. No otlier such perfect and scientilic remedy for these ailments hss'ever
been devised. It hns restored Health,
strength and womanly power to tens of
thousands of women,
Any woman consulting Dr. Pierce, either personally or by letter, will receive,
free of charge, the professional advice of
a skilled speciali-it. No mere nurse, however excellent she may be, has the knowledge, or slrill to porscrihe remedies for
cotaplicated diseases, and no sensible
woman will risk her life with to unsafe
a guide.
������ Since my last child was born, thirteen
������ears ago, I had suffered from uterine
trouble," writes Mrs. Paul Devraine, of
Jellico, Campbell Co,, Term. "I con*
suited several doctors, and took much
medicine, but failed to find any relief. I
had very bad health for twelve years.
Every month I wns in bed a week before
the monthly period and a week after, and
when I was hoping to be better was in
bed again. I was obliged to keep the
bed four months last summer. I lott
twenty-six pounds In four months. I
was coughing to much I thought I waa In
consumption, I wrote you a letter ait*
ting In my bed. I was suffering severely
from puin in my back, bearing down
pains in womb, chills and cold aweata.
You were to kind in giving me good ad*
vice to take Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, and hia ��� Golden Medical Discovery 'for my cough. I commenced the
medicines the same day. I also used the
Fountain Syringe, as you advised, until
cured. Now I feel the benefit of all. The
first month I did not have any chills, and
the pain was less severe.
"After I took four bottles of the
'Golden Medical Discovery1 my bad
coughing stopped After taking six bottles of your 'Favorite Prescription' tha
periods became regular, and were passed
without pain. Now I am fleshy, more so
thsn ever before. All my neighbors sre
surprised to see me in such good heslth
after having seen me ao low."
" I would like to add my testimony to
the great benefit derived irom using Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription," writes
Mrs. H. Mason, of Strykeniville, Wyoming Co., N. Y. " I commenced using tt
sbout three months before confinement
With my former confinement I suffered
greatly while thia was comparatively easy,
owing, I feel confident to the use of the
���Favorite Prescription.' I gladly recommend it to all prospective mothers.
Women who would understand their
own powers and possibilities Should reed
Dr. Pierce's thousand*page Illustrated
hook, "The People's Common Sense
Medical Adviser." It is the most interesting and enlightening book of the kind
ever published. Apaper-txrandoopyw-l
be tent absolutely free to any one sanding
}i one-cent stamps to pay the cost of
customs and mailing only. Cloth-bound
copy so stamps. World's Dispensary
Medical Aasocmtion, Buffalo, H.'V.
Tailoring! j
At Golden, B. C.
��,;.4Jfc3BS*   .,-
Suits to Measure From
How la It Daaet    .
1st���By buying for spot cash and
getting all the advantage*.
2nd���By selling for spot cash and
avoiding all bad debts.
8rd���By doing my own cutting and
saving 1100 per month.
4th���By saving heavy travelling
and other expenses.
In patronising me you support the
the claima of aoor. I pay the
highest rate of wages
and expect the
Scientific Cutter and Practical
r Tailor, Golden, B. C,      Sts
Wa-i+jAH���Agent, for "Queen -Vie-
TTUUIreU torta Her Reign and Dla*
mond Jubilee.*' overflowing with latest snd
richest pictures. Contains the endorsed biography of Her Majesty, with authentic History of her remarkable reign, and full account of the Diamond Jubilee. Only IUTO.
Big book. Tremendous demand. Bonanta
for agents.  Commission SO per cent, Credit
-liven. Freight psid. outfit pkhh. Duty
naid. Write ontck for outfit and territ���
Dearborn St., Chicago,
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Good Effect, at One*.
Cure, general or special debilltv, wakefnl-
ntss, sperinatoirhrM, euiistlons, hnnotency,
permit, etc. Cornell functions! disorder.,
canted by errors or excessos, quickly restoring Lott Manhood in old or young, giving
Vigor snd Strength where former weakness
���       Convenient  package, tlinple,
effectual snd legitimate.
are la Quick and Thorough.
Don't bs deceived by imitations; insist on
Caton's Vitallters. Sent sealed If your druggist does not have It. Price tt per page., 6
for to, with written guarantee of complete
cure. Information, raferencet, etc., free and
confidential. Send nt statement of case and
Vets for a week's trial treatment.  One only
tent to each
. Oe.. B*at*a. Mass.
THIBTY-StV.NTH V-AF..   ��� ��� ���
muaki m Tiu,Mnr-i>.
maatmam tsMI ____r
animate aav^a nmi
i   iiiwiiDJraRFnfnM,' -
(MOMmikitSt., Ban Fiuhoisoo,0m.)
Business Cards.
Sign  Writer,  Painter and
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended to.      29to
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.       29te
Builder and Contractor,
....   Golden, B. C.
A supply ol  Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to order*. Srjtc
Undertaken and
.  .   Embalmers,
Calgary,   -   ���   Alta.
Barrister, Solicitor &"
��� - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden, B. C.
Will be in Golden on Monday ot each
week. 86te
Watoh, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing-
In all its Unas done on
SHORT Notice.  '
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Rings aad
Jewelery oarried  in  stock, also
Spectacles and Eye Glasses.
Mall Orders Solicited.
Call at my new place of business,
Opposite the Poet Office.
Watchmaker,   -  -  -   Golden, B. C.
Mining. Heal Estate aad
Financial Agent ....
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects sad Dove-oped Clsims.
Addresai ...��        _  ._
Ooldea, B. C.
���     ���     ���      a
For Sale
Full sited claim in one of richest localltiet
of Esst Kootensy. tl.WO of de-relopmeat
work done. Assays Irom tbit claim have
given M0 In gold. TO ounces silver and W per
cent copper. Tliere are five well dadaed
lead, on tir* property.   Price 10,000, " -
Group of (bur full sited claims. Copper
ore carrying gold.
Farm of 160 sens near Oolden; DO acre. In
cultivation; well watered. Outb-lrUngt eon
slat of bay shed, poultry yards, root Muse,
milk bonae and stables.
Patent* for a Hallway Coupler aad a Rope
Stables in Oolden.
For barticulsrt of above apply to
E. A. Haoobn,
Golden Era Oflte.
Plant your - ,-,
[Steele, Brig***!
"High Orsds" Sssss,
ssid ay Isaslsg ttttirs.
Ask for than.
OATAxoouaa ne*
iThf Steele, Brlgga SaadCo.1
ToiONTo, Out.
vry''-'-  (".ft.Mr.f-.'
.       S-f*-(!.����rrr-lrt "Mr
A net to th* rrlaelpal Mines of thi.
.., ;,.i*:toitW$*-,u
VermontCreekwaa one ot the first
5tree of mining activity in' the
mmachsa*oouitlry.'" It occupies a
talrlr convenient petitioa, Mas 22
miles horn Carbonate landing.  As a
considerable quantity of ere was at
oae time taken out of Vermont Creek,
/$-*pleigb- road was built to Weill'
'rjaodlrig on the Columbia River. From
jttot appearances this read  could
never have been of muoh account, tbe
piece between the second summit and
the south fork of the SpUllmsohene
leeembling the reputed rocky road to
Dublin more than anything in the way
ot roads we ever heard ,of.   From the
bridge over the middle fork to the old
cabin and stables tor the sleigh horses
near  the entrance  to  the  Vermont
Valley the read has evidently been a
g**d one,  hat has now fallen   Into
dhitp-ir except in so far as it may be
necessary  for a horse trail.    The
valley along tha south fork ia of considerable width, wall timbered,  and
aoteperatlvely free from elides.   Past
tha old oablns the trail leads up
Vermont Creek, which Bows through
a narrow  valley,  from which   the
mountains rise eteeply oa either side,
k bad place for traffic fn winter and
spring on account of the liability to
anew slides.   At tbls season of the
year the scenery Is magnificent, the
slides bslng covered with tall grass
and   shru-bery,   while tbe streams
shoot in silver waterfall* down the
mountain tide*, till at th* head ol the
valley a treat glacier, tent In erev-
supplles the source of the main
On lb* right hand side going
up th* valley are several locations of
copper or* aad galena, theee locations
-running over the divide into Copper
.Creek.   Excellent samples of ore have
ejsen obtained from some of 'these
-locations.   Further up the valley ou
th. sum* side, and in a drive towards
ths divide, 1* situated the
seiMiTH atdirr
.claim, on whioh a g**d deal ot work
wu done a few year* ago by H. B.
Alexander. An excellent trail leada up
to tbe shack on which aome genius
ha* written the inscription ������Orphans''
Home, or Rat Heaven.'*' The reman-
der ot tha trail up to the mine seems
to have been wiped out by elides, aid
-great difficulty is-experienced in reaching tbe workings, whieh are on a
-etasp face. Here a tunnel haa heen
-run along a assail galena vela, which
we are iuforawd ebowed also bismuth
and antimony. Half way along the
tunnel there ie evidence of a strong
pocket al are, hut at SOO teat the vein
pinched and tha work waa abandoned.
Tber* is a fain of good-looking galsna
higher up, bat nothing haa been dona
to yro** it. Two other claim*, th*
Ague* and Blaok Hot**, are located
above the Syenite BlnS.
On the opposite aide of tha valley ia
the celebrated Ruth claim, wh.ie more
.actual stork ha* been done than on
almost any other mine In Eaet Koot-
���enay. Tha evidence of these workings
remain in the double line of wire rope
from-' the- formation,: that- the grey
copper vein may extend through the
olaim as Was originally supposed, and
that It ia merely a question of pushing
on the tunnel to strike it. If this can
be done the -claim has great possibilities before it.
The claim next became the property
of Capfc" Armstrong and M," Carlin,
who opened out a tunnel, shaft, and
lower tunnel In a large mass of mineral which seems a counterpart of the
are body ia the Sullivan group. About
a hundred tons ol ore were taken out
ot what seems a mass of mineralised
slate. Seme of the ore was shippsd,
but proved too low grade, and of the
100 tons taken out some lies on tha
ore dump and some at Wells' Landing.
There ils a possibility tbat this large
body of ore is a concentrating proposition, in which casa it oould yet be
properly handled by concentrators
placed near the mine. The ore evidently runs high in sine The ore
shipped Irom this mine waa got out by
means of toboggans, C. Cartwright
having ths contract. There is als*
���aid to be a good showing of galena op
top Of the cliff nnder the glacier, but J
tbis our representative did not see.
We are, however, informed that a
quantity of ore was shipped from this
vein some years ago Above tbe
Ruth are two other olaims also held
by Capt. Armstrong and Mr. Carlin.
,   Baau.rkaT.le   Care   of   Chronic
������In 1862, when I served my country
as a private In Company A, 1<S7 Penn
aylvanla Volunteers, I contracted
chronic diarrhoea. It has given me a
great deal of trouble ever since. I have
tried a dosen different medicines, and
several prominent doctors, without
any permanent relief. Not long a-jo a
friend sent me a sample battle of
Chamberlain's Colic Cholera, and
Diarrhoea Remedy, and after that I
bought and took a 50 cent bottle, and
now I can say that 1 am entirely
cured. I cannot be thankful enough
to you for this great remedy, and
recommend it to all suffering veterans.
If in doubt write me. Yours, gratefully, Henry Steinbere-er, Allento-vn,
Pa."���Sold by all drug-tints; Langley
A Co., wholesale agents, Victoria nnd
Vancouver. 107*7
. ���
1 did not wed him; no, ab, no!
Hence ia my soul mbmerged in woe;
And hence my heart's an ashen srjeelt,
My life *. harsh, embittered wreck,
I did not wed him; no, ah, no!
Yet do not chide me though 'tis so:
My secret aad 1 breathe to you���
The stupid never asked me to.
Another Remarkable Recovery
From Catarrh
Japanese Catarrh Cure
A Never Falling Bemedy ������ Cnred
when Catarrh Specialist. Palled.
Joseph Little, mill owner, Port
Essington, formerly of Vancouver,
writes: ��� "Japanese Catarrh Cure
cared me of catarrh which had troubled
me for 25 years, during which time I
had spent hundreds of dollars with
specialists In Toronto and San Fran-,
Cisco, but obtained no permanent
relief until using Japanese Catarrh
Cure about eight years ago. Since
that timo I have been completely
cured, and my oatarrh has not
troubled me In the least. It it truly a
wonderful remedy; the first application
Japanese Catarrh Cure cures Cold
In the Head In 80 minutes, and there
Is not a case of Catarrh whioh cannot
be cured If Japanese Catarrh Cure Is
persistently used. Sold by all druggists; B0 cents. Mailed on receipt of
price. Address W. A. Griffiths * Co.,
wholesale druggists, Vancouver, B. C.
Sample tree, enclose three oent stamp.
a ���
Judicious advertising Is the keystone of snoot-as. Advertise in the
Golden Era.
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D. L.  Bettschen.
Prescriptions Csremlly Prepi-red.
A Full Stock of Patent Mo licines ami
Druggists Sundries Kept.
Maiden Clnah*.
Hew Thty Fade when the Hand of D-eme
and Disorder Lay. Hands on Them���
WhataOod-SendisaHellahleand Well-
Tried Remedy���How we Hall the Return
of Ihe Piuk of Health under ill Influence
-If It's Hood for the Maiden, It's Good
for the Mother, (f
"My daughter had been ailing for iio.-rnly
two yeara wilh nervous  prostration, indigestion, and other complaiuls which girls in
To know if The Golden Era is-good
advertising nieiliinii. To Test this and
to introduce our goods in this vicinity
.ve will give away absolutelv t'Rt-:_ a
Sterling saver Pickle Fork, beautifully
twisted bandie, (1 inches long, worth tl���3.
Cutout-mad. and send with If- for
parking and postage ���nil we will send
fork prepaid, together witb onr big bar-
gainllst rants. Wo ha ve bin-gains in
everything j���il sell nt wholesale direct
to consumer. AGENTS WANTED. ���.
Wunevi or Hargnhi Honae,
Wonewoc, Wl..
Whole**, le and He tall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. C.       26to
because its -'shine" lasts !
long, and seems too simple.
'Pays him better to use a
wax pore-filler, and polish \
up a previous polish.
Paid by the week,
instead of by the pair,
he'd shine the actual
leather, hard and
smooth surfaced, with
Windermere Hotel,
Hest Bunds of
Liquors Kept...
��� ��� ���
Saddle Horses, Single and Double Rigs
On Hire at Shortest Notice.      44tc
T William McKenzie, hereby give notice
' that Oil day�� lifter date 1 intend te apply
to the Chief Coinmissioiicr of Ijinds and
Works lor permission to purchase 1���0 acres
of land ti u iter! in ���list ho ten iy District,
uescriheil us tollowsi-L-ouiuieuciiig ut a post
filaced at the north east corner of Lot **9 G. 1;
hence west 4(1 chains; thence north Wchain*\
thence east 40 chains: thence south HO chains
to rhice 'it' commencement.
william Mckenzie.
Dated July Suth, 1867.
T  J. R. Dalton hereby give notice that DO
'   days alter date 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase aai acres of land
situated in Eust Kootenay District, described
as follows:���I oiniiiencing st a post placed on
tlie east boiindnry of Lot 96 G. 1, at the angle
where said bounuary jag. east; thence north
Wl chains to Han-en's ��._. corner: thence eatt
40 chains; thence south SO chains: thence
west 40 chains to place oi c nmineiiceineut.
Dated August 2nd, 18tTJ.
VOTICE is hereby given that 80 days after
date I, tho undersigned, intend to apply
to the Commissioner of Ijands anil Works for
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ their teens are subject lo.   For day. at a
tbat waa used to carry the oreln sacks [liaiaahe wat confined to her bed and could
* I ___._!.*   -,-tk.-.-. ��� L-_ .___,_alL_,      __-,_ ___-*!_
Irom th* tunnels to the dumping
ground below. Tbe olaim'is located
���on a precipitous bluff of iran'-otalnad
-slate, and rune hack towards tha
divide. At tha toot of tha bluff an
the aback and blacksmith shop ou a
site blssted out of the rock so as to he
Ire* Irom ��lld*s. Th* first part of this
claim opened up waa towards th* top
���of th* bluff. Th* claim was then
-owned by llr. Pollock, wbo drove a
tunnel for 100 feet on a vain ol galena
which waa rieh In gray copper and
gave soma high returns. About 100
tons of or* were taksn oui, and we ar*
Informed that Ih* own*r ot th* mint
cleared 11,000 out of the transaction,
notwithstanding tha heavy expense of
���siting the ore ont. The vela waa
narrow, averaging (bout six to eight
laches in width, and raa down 1o four
inch** at tha end. of the tunnel. It
gat* a nturn ot 1100 to th* ton aa
a whole. Tha vein has a clean
hanging wall, _nd lis possibilities are
by no means exhausted. It has th*
advantage ot being a nice clean concentrating or*.
Itr. Hammond, of Toronto, than
bonded th* claim, and put In a fine tun*
n4 6x4J ft. and 400 ft. tn length, with
oris* drives, hia object being to eat at
a lower level the vein which, Mr.
Pollock ��� had worked. Tors* cross
drives war* alio put In and cut quarts
strlngero, but as the vein waa not
struck ths work waa abandoned and
Mr. Hammond threw up th* bond.
Tks hast cross driv* cuts a well-defined
trein el galena about nine Inchea ia
thtckaaW, with elsea walls. Tber. I*
still svery reason te believe, judging
retain nothing on her stomach. Our family
physician finally declared she waa in a
decline. We despaired of her recovery. She
gradually grew worse. I had found so little
benefit from remedies I wss skeptical about
trying South American Nervine. I, however, procured a bottle and relief cume like
magic: the pain left ber in a day, and after
taking fire bottles the waa completely cured
snd as well and hearty aa ever ahe had heeii."
Mrt. Uso. Booth, Oraiigeville, Uut.
Sold by C. A. Warren. 10.1
Nnnallen far
Assayers ud
 j, Cruclbloa, 8-wr_k.ni, Puriinim*.
Chemicals, Chemical Apparatus, Halnuci-s,
linker * Adamson'. C. V. Acids.
We are Importers. Manufacturers
and Jobbers,
trie okami��at.
*��� v.r, C*l*.
Work, at
Pnebla Colo.
Advertise Your Distriot.
To do *o, send your orders for us
to print' your -iieiriorniiila with a
locality map of East Kootenay
and the various locations on the
back of each form I
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
Oeneral Printers and Publishers,
Oolden, B.C.
A fortune in an lu.ur ran be made by
Inventing something new. Semi stamp
for our beautiful " Book of Patents,'
"Prlaia-a- P.-mw " .ml <��� What n*--t-
Priaesotl PaMftk" and      _--..__-
abletoln-ent."  M.ARI0N A MAftlON,
Temple BalMlrw, Mnnlreal, Can. the
only firm of Graduate Civil Kngineers in
tha Dominion, tawaafttlfig fatanl Wis-
leave to purchase IlKI acres of land, described
as follows:-Beginning at a post marked "A.
U. Ferguson's southeast corner," situated
about the junction ol the North nml West
Branches of the St. Mary's Hlver, in East
Kootenay, i'ort Stjole District; thence west
40 cliiiius; thence north 40 chains; thence
east 40 chains; titmice south 40 chains to the
place of beginning.
East Kootenay, Fort Steele District,
June --1st, 18117. WSeSH
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Slater Shoe Poush
H. G. Parson, Sole Golden Agent.
! Upper Columbia Natfgatioij &Tran}Way l_o..��
and   ���
-a       ��������-�����-���-���
International Trai)sportatioij Conqpaqy.
Connecting with C. P. R. at liolden, B. C, and
(ireat Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
r. i
r i
148 Hours to Fort Steelep
Pacific Hy.
Direct Rail Route to
Montreal and Toronto
And all Eastern points.
Lake route lo the east���Sailings from
Fort William.
Alberta Every Tuesday to Windsor
Athabasca...Every Thursday to Owen Sound
Manitoba EverySunday to Owen Sound
Connecting trains from Golden at ltt.20 every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Daily and direct service to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon
And all points in the Far Famed Kootenay
and SHvery Slocan,
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Empress of India 2nd August
Empress of Japan ���Brd August
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Miowera 8th August
Aorangi 23rd August
Apply for particulars to
C. K. WEI-Ijri.
Agent. Uolden.
Or write to    ROBT. KERR,
Traffic Manager,
61tc Winnipeg.
Steamers leave Golden Monday and Friday evenings nn nrrival
of East bound train. Connections at Canal Flat with stage fnr
Fort Steele and Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable route.
Address all express care ol II. C. Co'y., OoMen.  i
F. P. Armstrong*,
k i
-._k__JkJk.kJLJkJl._l. JkJk_k_*L_k_kJ!-Jk.k_kJk_..l.JLJk.t J
it i ii sn ifi -i in a - " a\ -*��� -*- ���*- a a -*��� ���
"Hlpl-iB" Standard and Beauty
^-nifiH^BAo- BICYCLES.
A WINNER from the Start
You'll want It, if you SEE It
<$fap nam j*,.-^^-jyaj*e��gja|,*y
M| ItSucMMts It W*fk��ri.'
-~T-^**^t-u^"j).'^PlTl T ��
leave to purchase 100 acres of land, described
ns follows-���llcginniiig at a nost marked "H,
.thlntt's sonth-wrst corner,-1 sitnated about
the 'unction of the North and West .'ranches
of the St. Mnry'a River, in East Kootenay,
Fort Steele District; thence east 40 chains;
thence horth -Ml chains; Iheuce west 40
chains; thence south 40 chains to the place of
11. AI1BOTT.
���list Kootenay, lort Steelo Dlsirict,
June -.1st, I��I7. H8Se24
VOTICE is hereby given lhat 00days after
date I, the undersigned, Intend to apply
to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for
leave lo pun-huso 1110 acres of land, described
os follow*-��� Hegluiiing at a post mark'd "J.
II. Abbott's north cost corner,'' situated
about the Junction of the Nor h and West
Hranches of the St. Mary's River, in East
Kootenav, Fort Steele Dlsirict; thence west
40 chains; thonco south 40 chains; thence
east 40 chains: thence north 40 chains to the
place nf beginning.
"^ J. 8. AtlBOTT
East Kootenay, Fori Steele Dlsirict,
June 21st, WW, ��*8e���
leave to purchase 100 acres of hind, described
as follow*.���Ileginnlng at a post marked " W.
A. Morrison's north-west corner," situated
about the junction of tbe ' orlh and West
Hranches of the St. Mary's River, in East
Kootenay, Fort Steele Districts thence esst
40 chains; thence south 40 chains; thence
west 40 chains; thence north 40 chains to the
place of beghiuing.
^ W. A. MOi.RISON.
Fjist Kootenay, Fort Steele District,
June-1st, 1897.
lin'SO exclusively,
naUat, ao pay
4b j-uIuIt. T.rrltn-r. Onr Safee sell nl
���,ghk  CUr ar Ooaatrr
stents aetaally gattlag rlakt so aaa yen
On* a*ent, I* eta. day, ttMWtd OTS.M.
r*-wf>wi4 OataMgae tree ������ aMFlltwMoa
��� ��� OF CANADA
Head Oln��e, Te-ranta.
Paid Up Capital - (1,963,600
Reserve   -   -   -    11,15(5,800
H. 8. Howland, President.
T.R.Merritt. Vice Pros.(St.Catharines)
William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,
Hugh Ryan, T. Sutherland Stayner,
E, Rogers;
D. R. Wilkie. Oeneral Manager.
North West and British Columbia.
Brandon     Portage la Vancouver
Calgary Prairie   Winnipeg
Edmonton Prince Albert    Revelstoke
Essex      Niagara Falls     St Thomas
Fergus     Port Colburne     Toronto
Oalt        Rat Portage       Welland
Ingersoll Sault Ste. Maria  Woodstock
St. Catharines
Agents In Great Britain-Lloyd's Rank,
Ltd., 71 Lombard St., Ijondon, with whom
money may be deposited for transfer hyletter
or cable to any of above branches.
Agents In the United States- New York,
Bank of Montreal. Bank of America: Chicago, First National Bank; St. i'a.,1, Second
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department Deposits of tl
snd upwards received snd interest allowed.
Debentures ��� Provincial, Municipal and
other debentures purebsted.
Drafts and Utters of Credit-Available at
all points In Canada, United Kingdom,
United States, Europe, India, Udna, Japan,
Australia, Mew Zealand, etc.
87st Manager Calgary Branch.
Caton's Tansy Pills.
ii&jEK-ia m �� m
iinlta'lon*.    Get  CATON'S and save re-
rreta.  At druggists, or sent sealed, 11. Our
ooklet4cenU. ��� _      IHHc
Caton npee. Co.. Iloetoa, Muee.
Keating - - -
A Bicycle that sells quickly because it is inaile
to please the rider. Because it 1 uns wondt-i*-
fu'ly easy with its long chain, anil with
the bearings so made that the balls ii-volve
without even common friction.
The Keating is the Lightest Guaranteed
Road Bicycle in the World.
ft Keating Wheel Co.. ft
Write tnd mention "ERA."
Lodging House
Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
MRS. LEVETT, Prop. ������*����������� ��������'
Hljhest Honors-World'* Pair,
A pure Crape Cream ef Tartar Powder.  Fr��
hem Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
be a very
Wardner is reported to
���active townsite at present.
Sample copies of the Gulden Era
wilt be mailed free upon application.
H. 0. Parson is at present receiving
large shipments ot dress goods for his
autumn and winter trade.
The weather this week has been exceptionally hot, the thermometer running between 84 and 88 in the shade.
Thursday was the hottest day.
Rev. G. E. Smith will conduct
-services in connection with the Methodist church on Sunday next as follows
Donald_t.ll a.m.; Oolden at 7.30p.m.
Messrs. Fulmer and Kerfoot. of the
Golden-Fort Steele stage line, have
received by freight a handsome tongue
or shaft dog cart, which they have
taken to their stables at Windermere.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and
Diarrhoea Remedy always affords
prompt relief.���For sale by all druggists; Langley A Co., wholesale agents,
Victoria and Vancouver, 107��7
George Lafood, who has been working at McLaughlin's camo for some
time, was brought down on Saturday
in a row-boat and taken to tbe hos
pital,  be having contracted a light
Owing to the theft, of p-ultrj/ by
coyotes Mr. Brewer, of Fairmont, has
-obtained a oouple of hounds with
whioh he intends to hunt down tbe
pests when  they appear  about  his
*W. L. Matthews, who has been
with Surveyor Bark's party on the
Crow's Nest road east of Steele, left on
Monday�� No. 4 to resume his course
at the Military College at Kingston,
W. M. Blake and W. Smith have
started �� pack train with head
quarters at Carbonate. Tbey left town
on Monday night last to commence
-Derations, taking with them several
good 'horses.
The warm weather has bean having
ran effect on the glaciers and the rivers
iave been in (excellent condition tbis
���season for navigation. The Kootenay
river is usually dosed to navigation
at far as Steelo at rtris season of the
year, but a letter received from Capt.
Armstrong states that the water is
���still 'keeping up well.
G. S. McDermot Intends building a
new .general store. The site of the
4uih_ag will be between the present
steee aad the warehouse which was
recently built. The new store will
have a frontage of 27 feet to the main
atreet aad will have a depth of 85 feet.
It will be a handsome addition to the
business .premises ef the town of
Mr. Shanghnessey., Vice-President
of the C. P. R., aad Mr. Whyte,
Oeneral Manager, are on their way
west and expected to reach Golden
today or tomorrow. At Donald they
will meet the people of that town and
give the official intimation of the
company's decision in regard to the
removal of the workshops and divisional point from Donald to Golden.
Mon-S. .tartan
Divines All Meet on s Common Ijevel and are
of One Accord In Proclaiming the Healing Powers of Dr. Agnew's Catarrh.
Powder-It Relieves in Thirty Minutes.
���"When I know anything is worthy of a
rtto_.mandal.on I consider it my duty to
ieliit." Hev. Jss. Murdoch, of Harrisburg,
JU., say. Alt of Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal
Powder after having heen cured of every
malignant form of catarrh.  He is not the
���inly greet divine on this continent who
���could and who lus preached llttJ.Mrrooo.tte,
on the wonderful curst effected by this famed
���remedy.   What name, sre more familiar to
Canadian, than tbe Rt. Rev. A. Swaetmtn,
Lord Wahop of Toronto, and Dr. Lsngtry,
_f the Church of England, the Rev. Mango
Fraaer, ef Knox Pretbyterlan church, Ham*
Jllon, or the noted Methodist preaehor-travel-
ier, Dr. W. H. Wdthrow, of Toronto.  AU
Hbsss men have proven what it claimed for
Dr. Agnew't Catarrhal Powder. And have
.given their written testimony to it.
JJuldbyC. A. Warren, 103
We are informed that the thermometer stood at 95 at Donald yesterday
and that the day was the hottest experienced there for seven years.
There are now three engineering
prrties at work ou tho Crow's Nest
road in the Steele district. The parties
are in charge respectively of Messrs.
Earle, Cranston, and Hennington.
The Golden Lumber Co. have opened
a new camp for cutting railway ties
for the C. P. R. at Ottertail, and
several of the men hitherto employed
at McLaughlin's camp have been removed there.
Postmaster Warren informs us that
jubilee stamps are not redeemable, and
that a condensed postal guide of the
Dominion of Canada���containing the
principal regulations embraced in the
Official Postal Guide, corrected to May
1st, 1897 -oan be o-.dered through hiin
and obtained for three cents on the
order being left at the post office.
Sir William Van Home and Mr.
Sbaughnessy, the President and Vice-
President of the C. P. R., intend making a tour through Eatt and West
Kootenay before their return to the
east. They will be accompanied on
this tour by Mr, Susmann, the company's mining expert, who has a
thorough knowledge ot the country
and ita resources,
Mr. Susmann, tbe C. P. R. mining
engineer, and the editor ol the Era
had the good fortune to have D MoDougall as their "guide, philoaopher,
and friend'' over the claims in the
Vermont Creek Basin. lie proved to
be an excellent companion, courteous
and well versed in the mineral aspects
nf the country. A better camp mate
no one could wish for.
Mr. Morse arrived in Golden on
Thursday witli another party of engineers for the Crow's Nest road. He
goes to Steele by thn Duchess, and will
join Mr. Cranston at Cranbrook. Mr.
Morse has been engsged in the laying
out of part of the road on the middle
fork of Pincher Creek, and informs us
that construction on that side of the
range ia proceeding very rapidly.
F. Beth une, who came in on Monday
from his Kinbasket Lake claims, informs ns that tbe Moberley trail is in
a very bad state, being blocked by
dead timber, while the bridges are in
an unsafe condition. He himself
cleaned out the trail last spring, and
reckons that an expenditure of $200
now woald put it into good condition.
The bridge at Shell Creek is in a very
dangerous state.
It ia always gratifying to receive
testimonials for Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy, and
when the endorsement is from
physician it ia especially so. '-There
is no more satisfactory or effective
remedy than Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy,'
writes Dr. R. E. Robey, physician and
pharmacist, ot Olney, Mo., and as be
has used the remedy in his own family
and sold it in his drug store for six
years he should certainly know.���For
sale by all druggists; Langley A Co.,
wholesale agents, Victoria and Van
couyer. 107s7
It takes the Golden Era to get for
the district what it wants. After tha
Government had refused to make tha
required enlargement to the Donald
school the Era took np the matter of
the wrong being thereby done to the
people ol Donald, with the result that
we have converted the Minister ot
Education to our views, and the en.
largement ot the school Is after all to
be put in hand. Then again an assay
office has for some time bsen a necessity
tor Goldsn. The Era gave publicity
to the fact, with the result that we
have had numerous enquiries from all
parts as to thc opening that existed,
and an assay office will now be opened
Kidney Deceit
Mr. Walton, assayer, of Fort Steele,
who has had extensive experience in
the States, has decided to locate in
Golden. He has an excellent plant
and appliances, and shonld give every
satisfaction to those entrusting him
with their work.
We have received from the Province
Publishing Co. a copy of their new
map of the Klondvke and of the northwest territories of British Columbia.
The map is well compiled, and is
indispensable to everyone Interested in
or thinking of going to the Yukon
The map is mounted on cloth and
provided with pocket cover.
Messrs. Archibald and Charles
Butter, of Faskally, Pitloohrle, Scotland, arrived on Saturday's No, 1 and
went south on Monday as tar as
Hansen's, where they were to be
joined by Arthur Fenwick, ot Fort
Steele. From Hansen's the party will
proceed to St. Mary's River, In which
district it is their intention to hunt
large game���the elk in particular���
until the end of January.
A meeting of the citizens of Golden,
convened by the Government Agent,
was held at the Court-house this
morning for the purpose of electing
fire wardens. F, C. Lang presided,
and there were prcoent Dr. Taylor and
Messrs. Henderson, Houston, Plow-
right, McNeish, McNaught, and
Haggen. Messrs. C. Warren, E.
Plowright, and W. Houston wers duly
elected as fire wardens for Golden for
the ensuing year.
How many young men and young
women are out off just as the future
seems brightest and fullest of promise!
They are taken away by the disease
whioh causes over one-sixth ot all the
deaths in the world���the disease which
doctors call consumption. There is
absolutely no reason In the world why
consumption should be fatal, why It
ahould be even serious. It Is a disease
of the blood, and oan be cored absolutely and always by purifying and
enriching the blood. The only exception to this is the case where the
disease hss been neglected and improperly treated until it is stronger
than the body���until the body has
become so weak as to have lost the
ability to recuperate. Dr. Pierce's
Oolden Medical Discovery will cure
per cent of all cases ot consumption it
nsed according to directions. It also
cures all lingering coughs, bronchial,
and throat affections.
How Many are Unintentionally Deceived in
Treating Kidney Disorders���Can You
Afford to Trifle with Your Own Exist
ence*���If You Suspect there it any
Kidney Trouble Discard PUIa, Powders,
and Lure-AUs-South American Kidney
Cure it a Time-Tried  and TsstUsd
Kidney Specific.
A remedy which dissolves all obstructions,
which heals and strengthens the affected
parte, and which from its very nature eradicates all impurities from tb. system, is the
only ale and sure remedy in cases of kidney
disorder. Such a rtmedy it South American
Kidney Cure. This b not hssrssy. The
formula hat been pat under the severest of
., and it ha. bsen proclaimed by the
greatest authorities in the world of medical
science that liquids, and liquids only, will
obtain Ibe results-uughl tor.   A liquid remedy taken Into the system gets directly into
the circulation aad attack. Immediately the
affected parte, while solids-such st pills or
powders-caanot ptmdUy stlsln thaw results.
Kidney disorders cannot afford to be tridsd
vrllli. The quickest way Is ihe safest way te
combat these ins-lout-dbnenta.  This mat
remedy never fails.  Ith a liquid kidney
specific.  It's a solvent.
Sold by C. A. Warren. /      101
Send 31 cents In one cent stamps to
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N.Y., and receive Dr.
Pierce's 1008 page common sense
M-DIOAL adviser, illustrated.
The following transfers ot mining
olaims have taken place: M. Dainard,
sale of interest in Snnday claim to S.
Barber for $300; Anaconda, Eureka
and Alice, on Vermont Creek, by N.
F. Johnston to M. Dainard; C. Nelson,
sale of Argentine, at Bugaboo, to P.
Cordlner for $100; Aome, on Badger
Creek, by A. H. Mogrlde to A. C.
Mitchell-Innes; Magda, France, Lost
Chance, and Surprise, on Bugaboo
Creek by H.E.Langis to P. Wattelot.
Helplets for BU Months
Rheumatism Held Him in Chains-Suffered
Untold Torture - Tbe Great South
American Rheiunatic Cure Waged War
and Won a Complete Victory-Relief in
a Few Hours.
"I have been a great sufferer from rheumatism. I wat completely helplets for over six
months. I tried all kinds of remedies, but
gut no relief. Having noticed strong tetti.
menials published of the cores effected by
South American Rheumatic Cure I obtained
a bottle of it, and received relief from pain
from tbs Drat dose, snd in sn iaeredibly
short time I wss entirely freed from my
sufferings." Jamet K. Cole, Almonte, OnL
Sold by C. A. Warren. Ml
As there Is a section of 19 miles of
rock work on tho Crow's Nest road
past Lake Moyie that will bs very
difficult of construction Mr. Earle,
the engineer, who has been tn ohargt
ot the work west of Moyie, has received Instructions to return and get
this section of rook cutting ready for
the contractors. When the engineer,
ing work hss bsen completed tbo
contrscts for the work will bs let so an
to get It advanced as far as possible
this fall.
��� ���	
Bead Xsrves
An Disturbed when the Stomach Rtfosit to
do iu Work-Indigestion Vont* tbe
Whoh System, and Make. Wrecks of
S-Af-U-icriSr "y ���**���
For mitral year. I have been a subject
of se vert nervous headaches, and last June I
became sbtdatsly prostrated from the
trouble. I slso became a martyr te indlget*
Uon. I wu persuaded to try South American
Nervine. I procured a bottle. My head-
achat were relieved almost immediately aad,
In a remarkably short time, left ae entirely.
The remedy bat toned and built up my
tarn   wonderfully."   Jamet   A.   Ball,
Sold by C. A Warren. tOB
[From Our Own Correspondenta.]
Mr. F. W. Clark, B.A., who has
been staying with Rev". R. A. King,
ot Donald, returns to his home in
Winnipeg on Friday, August 20th.
An addition is to be built, to the
Donald sohool. In the meantime Mr.
Barron will "teach the yonng idea
how to shoot" in the Foresters' Hall.
. Mrs. J. C. Pitts und ohildren and
Miss Behan have returned to town
after a few weeks outing at Kelowna.
Miss Ida Hobbs has gone for a short
holiday to Rogers Pass,
Rev. Dr. Robertson will hold communion service in the Presbyterian
church, Donald, on Sunday morning
at 11 o'clock. Rev R. A. King will
preach in the evening at the usual
honr, 7.80 p.m.
A publio meeting was held in the
Presbyterian chnrch on Wednesday to
consider the advisability of forming In
Douald a branch of ths Upper Canada
Bible Society. Although the meeting
was not a very large one, still enough
were present to show that considerable interest was felt In the matter.
The meeting opened with a hymn,
after which Rev. G. Smith read a scripture lesson and Rev. Mr. King led In
Dr. Procter was appointed chairman, and brief addresses were
given by Messrs. Barron, King, and
Smith settlng'forth the aims and work
ot the British and Foreign Bible
Society, of whioh the Upper Canada
Bible Society ie a branch. It sought
to supply the whole world witb the
word of God without note or comment;
it sought to place in the hands of
every person in the world the word of
God In his or her own mother tongue.
Since its beginning in 1804 this society
had Issued over 147,000,000 copies of
God's word, and pnt in circulation
148,000.000. It had translated the
bible Into 326 languages and dialects.
Revs. R. A. King and G. E. Smith
both mentioned the fact that even in
their midst many were unsupplied
with tbe word of God. Mr. Smith
stated that he had ascertained that
bibles conld not be found for sale In
any of the stores either in Golden or
Donald. This reflected not so muoh
on the merchants a* on the churches
and Christian people.
It was then moved that a branch
society bo formed at Donald and a
depository established. After disouss-
tng the difficulties in the way the
motion was finally carried.
An executive committee was appointed, and Dr. Procter was appointed
president of the society, Rev. 0. E.
Smith vice-president, and Mr. Barron
The payment of one dollar annually
constitutes anyone a member ot the
society, and a sufficient number signified their willingness to become
At the doss ot tho public meeting
tbe executive oommlttee met, and it
was resolved to place tha depository tn
charge of Mr. Pitta, and to order at
once from headquarters a supply ot
bibles and testaments. Visitors ��
appointed to canvass tbe town and
solicit subscriptions, and slso ascertain as far as possible the needs of tha
people regarding bibles.
Mr. Smith suggested that a branch
of the Donald society be formed at
Oolden; but It was thought better that
the Golden people take the matter lo
hand and form a branch society of
their own.
The committee then adjourned to
meet at the call of thi president.
T. J. Barron, Secretary.
A city batintas man, who
��� to work st nine in the
hoar for lunch aad
leaves-flu home at
faur or -ve ia the
afternoon, little an-
deratands the
haidaUpa of the
'who alsrtt to worst break of day
works on
r Into, the
night by laatera-
A man to endure
the hardships of a
._ . termer's life, mutt be
physically at the outset, aad if he
live a long life, always keen a watch*
i upon his health.   He should re-
it it the apparently trifling
would 11
All eye upon
member that
disorders lhat eventually nuke the big disease.. It does not do for a hard working
nan to neglect bilious attacks or tpetls of
indicest'o.. If bt- does, he will toon find
himttlf flst on his bach with malaria or
crippled with rheumatism. Dr. Pierce's
n Medical Diwovtnls the bett of all
Inc. for bard working men aad women. It make, the appetite keen and
hearty, the digestion perfect, the liver active, tbt bios, pure and rich with the life-
giving elements of tht food, snd the nerves
strong and steady. It bullda firm muscles
and solid flee.. It it the greatest of all
blood-makers and purifiers. It cunt malarial tnabltt aad rbeumatlim. It ie an nn-
felling care for biliousness and indigestion.
An honett dealer will not try to substitute
tome inferior preparation for the take of a
little additional profit
���' I waa a euflerer tor (bur years with malarial
firm aud chills." write. Robert Willlama, of
Kiowa, Barber Co., Kan.    " Four bottle, of Dr.
Notice of Bemovfl
The otnre of tht GOLDim 1*4 ha been
removed lo the comer, of First Strut
Second Avenue, opposite ths Post O-e*,
Pierce'. Oolden Medici Discovery cared me
and I now weigh 160 pound. lnst<*d ol 130, my
Cottivenett, constipation and torpidity of
lhe liver are surely, apecdily aad permanently cured by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Tbey are tiny, tugar-coatcd granules.
One little-~ Pellet 'Masgentle laxative, aad
two a mild cathartic. They never gripe.
They stimulate snd strengthen the jaded organ, nntil a regular hibitls formed and may
then be discontinued without a return of
the trouble. They stimulate, invigorate
and r-nrulite the ttomach, liver tnd bowels.
Medicine atom tell them, aad have ao
other ptllt that are "Just at sued."
Boat Passengers
The following la a list of the passengers of the Steamer Duohess:
August 18th, up ��� H. Drew, R.
Randall, Dan McNeish and wife, to
Steels: H. Gruner, to Windermere; P.
Loydd, A. Anderson, D. A. MoKinnon, lo Carbonate.
August 15th, down���E. G. Davison,
W. D. Matthews, to Golden; A. G.
MoKinnon, H. Gruner, Windermere to
Shorty's; T. .tones, Johnston's to
Shorty's; Oscar Book, 0. A. Brown,
H. Mitchell-Innes, Carbonate to Golden; P. Wattelet, Spillimachene to
Angnet 16th, up-E. F. Hardy, A.
L. McDermott, C. A. and E. Butter,
to Steele; Thos. Bingham, J. E. Griffiths, W. G. and H. Mltohell-Ionss,
Bert Low. B. J. Townsend, A. A. H,
Stracey, L. B. Keyser, to Carbonate;
three Sisters of Provldenoe, to Steele;
Hon. F. Lasoelles. to Canal Flat.
August 18th, down-H. Mnnn, K.
Randall, to Windermere; W. Fernie,
J. McK. Kennedy, two Sisters of Providence, Father Onellette, F. W. Buxton, Mrs. Martin and daughter to
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen's Hotel.  Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask lor proprietor.
Hotel to Let in
Golden, B. G.
THE QUEEN'S.-Come and see it. Everything up-to-date. Two large sample rooms.
Inquire for terms from J7C, "	
Greene, pro-
S. Brewer has grown some fine
crops this season on his ranch at
Fairmont Springs. He has just out
and saved 50 acres ol hay. There are
ten acres tn oats and a small area In
Rigby Rain-Proofed
Frieze Ulsters
In Olive Mix, Brown,
Fawn, Claret and Oxford
Gray; 61 to 64 inohes long,
with 6 inoh collar, 5 pockets
and throat tab, with "wont-
come-off" buttons can be
bought retail in every Town
and Village for
THE     B     a     a     .     ���     a     ���    ,
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
52 Columbia House
Home Comforts.       . .       7
Modern Conveniences.
Best Cuisine in the West.   .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
CUm. JV_e.fieish, - Prop.
Neilson Furniture fo.,
Parlor, Dining Room, Bed Boom, Office
and General Furnishing:.
8pecial Inducements for
One Month Only:���
10 per oent Discount on Orders Under ISO.
10 per oent Discount and Freight Paid on Orders
Over ISO.
Golden Sash ft Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Mann-ctufer. ot Sssh, Doort, Mwildlngt, Turned aad Sawn Balusters,
Sswel Potts, Hand Balls snd Brackets. Ah slselcf gists tn stock.
Tlwll_~hiiieai-atcl_��l_iglwpawpreparedtodoaU kind of repair
Mtoonaspossibls. JUslsesofIH*��l4tllngsadBrsssgiiodsonhand.
Wagon repair. Poke, Shafts, Ardss, gpoket snd Fclloet. Hickory snd
Maple Plank.
HOUSTON &   00.


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