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The Golden Era Mar 29, 1901

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Array w
s\/tr-\f^' -*-
s-U^K   .%-iU^yt CU   u
������  jv.-.s-wi
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister. Solleltor.
|' Notary Publlc,ron��ey ancer, etc
. Office In.Upper Columbia. Ntvierasiuti ual
Tram say CoMpaily'sfsufffling,   : 3aJ
Uelden. H.V.
THERE is a time for everything and
just now is unquestionably the
time to buy���on a money-saving basis
-everything in the line of WHITE
Pillow-slips and sheets ready for use
,   or.by the yard.
Crash and Glass Towelling from five
:,'   cents to any price point whioh suits you.
-v Table Linen, Napkins, D'oyliea, Sideboard Scarfs,   Tray Cloths,   Towels,
,;.,', Table Cloths, Lawns, Muslins and Cottons at most attractive prices.
1        Here are a few sample quotations :���
Horrockses, Miller & Co's English
','.''   cotton���the moat famous, bleached
goods on earth   .��.>.-.,-   ���   10 cts
Honey-comb white quilts    -   -   75 cU
i<        Fast color wash prints  ���  -  ���    8 cts.
. Linen D'oyliea, white or colored   ft cts.
Swiss Curtain MtfsUn   -   ���   -   Iti cts.
. ,.-.-'. .... -./i*.-*...-
Remnants of La^Itabroideries, Prints,
Muslins, Dress Goods and Silks.
EG. Parson,
General Merchant,
Alexander Block.
*���* ���~"t"-Jl       'ia. -
A carload of
GEO.GALEACo'a,    *
Iron Bedsteads,
Mattrasses and
..-at. ���.-. ...--, . -f.
, - * "i AOSOT-forGolden
tod Vicinity for the
St��mdaid fonkStook, Small Frulta, Oran-
nientni-ft-**^ Terns liberal.
Apply now to-Hie
*���-...   mUllW, Bmhsh ColUmbu, FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1901
"   .' ,Wiil******mm*--***li***,     '        ..    ���        nm       .i      )    i     . ii     T "    -^
Per Yeah.
Capital Authc.rlr.sjd, fl.-MO-OOO
Cajpltal rrrM T* m^*-��.*HH,
~Wt *       l.lW&OOO
' tt 8. Howhud,
T. R. Merrill,
. B. MerrJtt,
���^���fm. T'TiKtss:
Win. llmdrle.
H up Oinei. Tntmrrp.
D,��. WIUIB,Oeneral Mwifer,
I   A. Bat, Ittmtti......
A^ITOBA. ��.' W. T. and .B, c.
Calga,y,_        Edmonton.
  ...,       Portage la Prairie,
Prim Albert,    Ban-ebstoke,    Strathcona.
P**mv*r,      Wlnnlpaj:,      .
,....-        ���*,*,.'emit;'Parl'OMuorn.
��_ Pertane,^    Suit 8M. Ms**.    .. St.
CtharieM. St Tboasu. Toronto, Well.ud,
Weodstiiel., ml Mssntrtal, �������
Atftttm ImOitmtatiml*-.
Uiy*, Bank, Lid .TtUmbenl St; London
���altbvtbmemeue, nvartosltpssaited for
I - Aw**** M euutat Umtmt
-t-W YOBK-Banlt. or" atnt-hul, Bank <i
.4 **��*<* I. <Wh AM*��.
SAVINGS bajS^bpabtment   ��
I '���'��  kalwatlallowed -��a d.nosrls.
���   '*-**Ms��*BrTt��sW'1 IvckIi's   ,
Pr.rln.Ial, Maaldpal ud ,otbn4.benturea
nurchnard.  .
J. 5. OIW). Mgr*. Oolden Brand..
Hall Broa. & Go.
"��� ;wMa��Wit'-ettatt';;..
Cattle, SkMp aad Hone OeaUrt. >  '���
ii,       -jn<."   ii    '   ji i ' a rr
Jas. Bbadt, pii��.,. A P,LS.
Ina* 'anme "
M.Aiv/u. liisll-m.
Mining Jinatneer,
-****. Ut- ^^^-^^U^^'s.
..,':��� .-V ,. ..Tailor.
���nth Male HMslBl Mar*. .-������.�����.
HwMfe ��WMrter * Pftikligin,
Barrlalers, ���Wr.lToTe', Ar,
'        .-:U.:.'-;li:l-i"'
��EO.S.McCABTElt,        J.A.HAHVET,
' Hesrebtoke, HC.    ..   ..Fort Stele. ��.C
BREAD ���*_?���
oiii*A**'i*-y*%>i*^'*'V***A. ��*��
Town .and District.!
4/o,twz.'&z'*.,tMV*/i'i ��*&*���&���: I
Hr. Alexander, thn jeweller, has
moved Into the premises recently occupied by Mr. E. A. Hag-jen.
C.P.B. Ea.ter exaur.itn rates on tilt
April 4th and 5tlt; fart,l|; good In return op to and including April 8th.
Large numbers of men have been
arriving from the virion* lumber camp.
In the vicinity of Ooideo during the
put week. . The season'* operation, in
the wood, are about eided ind have
been fairly auccssful.
A public meeting villi be held on
Friday evening loconeide* the question
of imprpvesl School aoosjmodatlon. All
Interfiled .hould attend Thi meeting
will be held in the Sqltool- house commencing at 8 o'clock .harp.
* O#iog to the floatinglee In the Columbia it his bwp n'toaury to close
down the C. B. L. Co', ihlll fur a few
daya, Booms are being) .trengthened
and repaired in nadintp* for the continuous tawing that will follow the
breaking op of the river, ud the float.
ing of log. to (he compssasy'. mill..
Tueeday evening a slronk ansl did*'
orderly onir.itjr was gathered in by
the polioe. On thewijr to the cell,
the prisoner made the atatoapheie fairly
reek wilh larg lagt unfit for civilized
ear.. The ang,**stio�� I. !**��. that tht
(ag be applied to snebi*ile offender,
���nd thu. abate ��� nuittnee nnfortun-
tlely too previlenl liiOolden. Thi
priswsJer wis fined ��10 land ccstt or
three weeks'hard labor.
The Chlnete bind keep, up an un-
rthljt din .very night. Some new
lnitru.nenU have lean Misled reoently.
including a tom-jon, guzyfu��y and
huegag, which, when h. full play, It
enough to Awaken lhe departed or
cause' a strike among -stoker. In Ihe
infernal region.,.        /.-
A large crowd turned out Sundty
evening to hear Bev. W. D. Turner
preaoh hit farewell sermon. Mr, Tnr
ner hat made many frienda .ino. Homing to Golden tnd ainoen regret It��.
pressed at his leaving. When Mr.
Turner came there wu k debt of aome*
thing over 1800 on the church property,
which has ill been sflwred off. In
addition the congregation hive raited
between 1400 and 1500 towards Salary.
Thii oould not her*,, bs-en done very
wtll in a small town (Ike Golden had
It not been for the hearty co-operation
which exiattd between jji.tor end reo-
pis). .*       io).   ������
Tbl. I* tke ****-* ot \iie year -when
���11 nature items to be in combat with
tht deatlly microbe, bacteria or other
diaeaae mm- As an antidote for microbe, an oil Oolden practltiowir-gives
ibe. following m t most *mtrt**ve
agent to theso atomic plague.. Take
a nihbleof cheete, of which the microbe
il very fond, and pine, about .he centre
of the tongue; the little pesrt. will come
in squad, from lung, larynx nnd lobe
to feed on iheir delicious snerswl. When
tl.ecl.eew I. literally alive with them
douse in a .oggln of Glenlivel when,
thonld any escape this fiery element,
thty' will be drowned in tbe tide thai
.weep, 'toward the stomach. Goodbye
to the microbe.
���.WsetMlas sfJake* -~    .
Bread on Sale at O. B.'MoDermot'..
*m<*a, m t   ti   bit-  ��i(
Bicycles !
"i".'   ���''"��������� iMR'���^������.���-ss-
BEMOID. -4     '
���vmImIA-timd**,',. '���'.,','
ffc Stwing iachlnes.
'   Tketalr ��lsM*tttH.*>ta��
j aaHHIIss��sMlMas.ersnal-ntla....
Free Pi
Good Si
Having ���jompls^ armngti-:
ments tor the purchase of
VBrtor 0-*t*&.** ***!*}'
imL ttmtt kufcttttt* mirt A
eholttaf ammmtt,nid tab* be*
Aott **A***y*m.
IttiiaUrt hsvs��s*��y-
u ami* km it I* im pe*
tht Iiui wlfchJBN^|��^M|ldl
trMi|> aalt ariltlt bf tartna Bart hi
Ihi April OnmsurillliB.
fllfstrfHltat havidrawa np a tiratg
K-MMIaa wKi^tkt fot��l-**.0<��s**-��
Ml toglH tiWtantltl aid towirdt
divtlosplig tbe lead Indutry kf Ibt
* ffca TUltesj.
fht rmttttiU. Oji hifsrdasy PoM
. . -j       --,. ss,   ,SS*'SSlilVJ.|     .'
undersigned sMicits a-share
���W-T'.swj.""!.ll   l,li|,'.! ,. 'I  .1,
Of the public j��troriaj*e. ���'��� -,,
���1       _L__'*W^i
THE Annual Oeneral Meeting of the
Oolden Rink Co., Limited, will be held
.1 the Columbia Honsss on
at 90 o'clock.
8ecretai7 Trumrer.
Oolden, B.C., March 96. alS
Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
Roses, Sbrtrbs, Vines, Bulbs,
Hedge Planti aad sSetxU ...
Estra choice stock ofPiwh. Apricot, Plum,
Cherry and Praae Trees. New importation
efflratcUsa Rlwdodendrona, Bom., Cllsnal*
on* Bay Trsrs., Hollksa, etc.
EightIhontstod (��,0��)) toilioowfrom. He
ageata or co��miaabn to pay. No fimiga-
llon or InapKtien rlnram Onenaoiut
planta, agrldnltnral Implement., ferllliien,
Lertreit and most oomplete
stoek la tbe PrtjTlnoe.
Send fnr Catalograe before
plaelngr your orders.
**-M.J. HENRY,
Vanconver, 1i.Q.
Football on Good Frisky.
Welcome harbingers of spring/
robin* and pee-wee. bave arrived.
Flock, of wild geese have been observed in the vicllil-yltf Vachou'a lake.
WANTED-Smart men and wome'd
good wages, ateady emi los/mcns; Willi
H. Cannon, Boom 16 Fairfield Illock;
Vancouver, B.C. m2B
Or. BurgMi, dentist, ol Revelstoke,
will vl.lt Golden on April Srd, ro-
malnlng one week. Boom, at the Columbia Home.
FOR SALE -Mr.. Bobton 1. selling
ill her household furniture aud horae
���nd rig. Cill and tee It tbere ie anything you want, ai
Peter Sebastlen states that he will
begin development on the Lady Mellows and Anna Josephine shortly.
More power to you, Peter,
To-morrow a meeting of the shareholder of the Elk Park Ranch.Uo.
wtll be held In the effice of Thomas
O'Brien, at 2 o'clock p.m.
Thi local Liberal Association ahould
extend an invitation to Sir Wiltrid
Laurier to visit Golden in hia proposed
tonr through B.C. in the early summer.
The Kicking Hone rivet ii already a
wetk behind lut year in breaking
away from it. icy grip. Old Sol, how-
over, with hi. X ray. will soon cauae
the ice to disappear.
'Moonlight on the Waha.h" hu
not half tha txhiliarating effect thit
moonlight on a bikt hu upon one,
esoeoliliy when accompanied by one of
Golden', fair mild*.
A court of assise ia to be established
���t Golden end may possibly be in
readiness for Ihe next term. Thi. will
prove a boon and convenience to litigant, that will be fully appreciated.
The ateamer Hyack, frozen In 12
miles np the; river, last fall, was
moored at the ColnmbiaBiver Navigation Co's. landing yesterday, and fa
being made ready for tht opening pf
Mr. J. D. O'Nell, of Calgary, returned home on Friday la.t, after
���pending five day. In town in the interest of the London Life Iussranco Co.
While in town Mr. O'Neil appointed
Ed. V. Chamber., of tbe Era, local
A tmall box containing some shamrocks wa. found on tbe plazea of the
Era office, evidently aent hy some
Milesian sweetheart to her absent
wooer, containing tbe pathetic words,
" Lut night I ww fe.. a vision tweet
bin for whom my heart did ever beat."
Mra. W. J. Gould la In reoeipt of a
letter from ber brother, Cliarlea Ben
nie, ofthe famed "C" squadron, Strathcona Horse, in which ko state, that ho
enjoyed Boar-hunting in South Africa,
and I. ready to respond to .uy oall to
arm. that may be made In offensive or
defensive warfare In behalf of hi.
conntry. He.ipccts lo visit liis sister
Mrs. A. Hum. left oa Monday afternoon for a vlait to her relative, and
frienda at Calgary.
Mr, E. A. Haggen ltft Golden for
Berelatoke on Tuesdsy morning, alter
cluing up hit busineu affairs litre.
J. A. lawman, one of thi director,
of Ihe Elk Park Ranch Co., arrived
from Halifax on Thursday toatt.nd
thi annual meeting ofthe oompany.
Mr. and Mra. C. E. Welti entertained i number of their frienda lut erening. A. u.tul a very pleasant time
waa .pent.
John Wren, ofthe Queen'., returned
from Banff, where he had beenenjoyins
a weak', holiday, md taking 'he hot
bit hi for the after effects of a severe
cold. He statu tbat thewn* is all
tope on the eaat alone and the weather
beautiful. The C. P. At 1�� planning
in addition te thi Banff Hot*! in anticipation of a large increaat of busi ness
thii summer.
Loi-jiioij Ufa
w comply
Ml, Ml,
sJsmx MoOlrA��V, ESQ., Prs����eot.
!A.0.iirs.-At, K.O., LL.D, B.O.L., Vice-
..pm*��;.���'���,'���,'   . "".J-'.""
Joiti O. RrrONin, A.S.A., Manager.
'3, D. O-tttor, Oeaeral Ag���it, Oalgiry,
SowingMbrtd.*-M>ai* -*ieo*t*m**��
an t^sWvWJ^^ b**�� '**��*��� V
Local Agent will gtvt yon IM IfttMttitlt'.
Oolden, *..*���- Age***
��� - A Para, far Rev, Mr. Taraor.
The townspeople of Ber.ver gave a
farewell social to Bev. W; D Turner,
wbo hu Ml for Montreal, which all
hi. friend, steeply regret. A pleatant
tvtning wu tptnl. Tht following
look p��rt in tbt. programme, which
wu prwided ov.r by Hr. N. MoCal-
lam: Mlu O. Davie, Mr. j. Thornton,
H. Williami, Hiawi May and Sadie
McCallum, Hani MeCillnm, Mr. an.l
Mra. Hnlderaon, Mss-aara. P. Hhanwv,
J. Coalord, Harry McCallum, Mr
Ps.rdv, Mrs. T. Haney,
A farewell addre.. wai read-by Mr.
J. Morrla,  while Mr. N. McCallum
presented Mr. Turur with a pur...
Following 1. the .ddret. :
Rev. Mi, Tuixaa.
Deer Friend,���We, the ton-naneople of
Bea-ser, realising and deenly regretting Hia.
you are about to be eeparatM from us by Jung
length of miw, desire, ere your da;sarture,
tonstlfy m aoiM tangible manner onr ap-
pneiatioa of you aa a pwtor. We beg in
aawre you that tbe friendship during yonr
stay among us will be one of the imperi.lt
able link, of the future, and we aak yot. tn
accept tbl.asUrea..ndarcomp.'iiiyiii-r sum as
!a Uight token of our high eatsxsm. We pray
that srheror.r your lot In future snay
be .-flat, yon may ever be ...isvnsido-l by
kindaympalheticand nnerau.fri-s-da.anil
that yea may bav. a lull .bar. of happiness.
bejtowed npon yea.  May yssa alwaj
tinsse active and energetic in extend
circle of Uod. kiugaon. and
your adnslMson fnto th.tr.ml!
aJtraaliatkaHtavn.. *
Jieissflng the
om. abov.,
The eholr thtn ung, "We'll Nover
Say Oood bye la Heaven."
Bare. Mr. Turur, who felt duply
alMtd, tkanktd thouenunt bt a
raw haarthlt wud. lor tsWir kitdaau.
; tkt UdlM thek ftread it-irwhmanta,
wklehtllMloytd. A Tottoftkanki
wil tandered to ib* ekalt, and Mr.
Purayforhl.pboAotraph. Ti.aocl.1
wtiTtleatd by .lagln* "Ar Hatfcaal
I.yiii.inll.- Bnspeet   vt III bo Triad a.
Court or Aaalae.
A pMiinliiary lieariil<! wns (riven lo
11. McK.sigl.t on .Saturday lust lofor.
Magiitratb (irifflsli.-. charged with
wrecking the Chineso laundry at
AtHnlmer on 0.1. Att��. last and causinp
bodily barm Ib its ocoupants by the
explo.ion of dynamite placed under the
building. ConstiiUo .ISnriie. who ha.
had charge of lho case, tcs.illcd to
having t.aced lhe suspeuss 11 Mc
Knight and Paddy f'rompton to Fort
Steele and found tliey had there taken
a freight to parts unknown. Oromp
ton Wns now at large Uut McKnighi
having been located and identified here
at Golden some two weeks oro was
WmK. Bennett, foreman on Govern
ment roads, gave evidence of having
employed both McKnight and Cronip*
|ton. Shortly after tlio explosion botn
men asked (or their time, intimating
that thoy had to get out of the country
a. they expected someone would aqueal
on tbem In connection with the tlyna'
mite explosion at tbeChinese Laundry.
Bennett discharged them and had not
aten the prisoner until about a month
ago and ho now identified priscner aa
the person who apj lied for his time in
August la.t.
Quon Sing, having had the nature
ol an oath explained to him, in hi.
first attempt to kiss tl.e book, failed,
but on hit being instructed he pressed
Ike book to hi. lip. and deposed that
on the night of the explosion while
sleeping in an upper room something
awakened him an I ho jumped out ol
the wludow. He .aid th. building
wu all.ma.hed and that thru Chinamen were injured as a result of the
"blow np."
The prisonor who was wilhusit legal
delence pleaded not guilty and elected
to be tried by jury in Golden at the
next sitting of a competent court.
Thos. O'Brien conducted the prosecution.
The Shortest itnd Oct   Boute to the
MIm. aline. VI..Oolden.
If further evidence of tbe superiority
of the Golden Tele Jeaune Cache route
over all others word wanting mention
may be made that all the machinery
for tbe mica mines is being taken in
via tbe abovo route. Already there is
a consignment ol steam drills at Bea
verawaitiagtbeespeningof navigation-
Therefore, at a time when, the boat way
to reach the vast northern mineral
fields is a matter of paramount consideration, we unhesitatingly affirm lhat
there is no ploos; that offers tho facilities forreiichini; thut fi-tltl that Golden
does. The iase Dr. Dawson, than
wlsoiu no man was more convcr
snot with this route, rejsortel Ihn.
.lie only practical route for arsiil.v.y
was via th. Columbia vall.y and Canoe
river. By this route these is uo moun*
sa'n divide to cross nnd, us stated Iu
.previous article, the wny is inter
sprrscd with good feeding grounds'
which makes It so desirable in tbo use
ol puck animals. Golden being at the
intersecting point of tl.e C. P. R. for
this natural high wny north and south,
also as a centre of Columbia river navl
gallon, there remains no choice other
lhat. it for the transhipment ol freight
to Tete Jeanne Cache and tlie great
lone laud beyond.
Dr. Dawson in his report (ays: 'I
requires seventeen to twenty days to
reach Tele Jeaune Cache from Kan.
loops, a distance ol 215 miles. From
Edmonton to the Cache, a distance of
about .150 milea, requires ordinarily
twenty-five days, but it. a vory favorable season the distance might be coy
red in twenty days." When Ihe
journey may bo made in nine days
from lho Caohe to Donnld. o. It wns
by Mr. F. Halliday and party, the
reasons aro so obvious for the selection
of th. Golden-Cache route thai further
comment i. unnecessary. Of com*
other towns and points will compete
for the business of forwarding and
���upj.Iying the northern camps to be
formed in th. development of the mica
mines at the Cache, but Oolden has
nothing lo fear from the advocacy of
spurious claims aa to tht advantages
of rival route..
We publish tbis article with a view
to aet before tho public the only real
highway to Tele Jeaus.e Cache country,
Recently the Revelstoke Herald pu',
lished an article advocating the advis
ability of a trail being put through
from Revel.soke. Thou who know
th. conditions of the Rovelstoke ' 'ro.ite'
sav It is absolutely useless for practical
purposes aa there are two ranges ot
mountains lo peas over bcaisles con
piderable stvasnpy groun 1. It is dear
that If the Goverument will go to the
trouble ol investigating tho practicability of tht dlKs-rant pr.poaarfMrou.e.-s,
the trail by way ol Galskan will h ���
ohoaen u the chs-aptsst, thorlut cal
���Mint. Three thousand dollar., will
build i trill through to Tete .l.aons
Cache, whereas tHO.OCO would hardly
���ufflua for Iht Revelatake soma, and
th. mountain. wsmH Mill bava to be
Wap Preparations Being- Harried at tile Black Sea Dock-
New York, March 27-A llelpaHsh-
to the World Irom Coiisinuii.iop.ii
says: Advices from Odessa, the Bl.mk'
Sea port of Bussia. says ihat extraordinary preparations for war atO
be'lbg made, -Fb,e naval dbclsvards are
pushing work on the Blnik Sen fl*,e(,
while thousands t,[ s'nldlers are being
dispatched ih nil haste lo' various
points' of strategic importance. Th-.-
The garrison, in dll'tbeoliiesiare being
doubled and domiciliary visits ate
made continually with many ijffcsfs.
There is a real war fever abroad, ai.il
tha general impression seems to be thr
Ihere will be a conflict in thr far ea^;
with Japan and possibly a European"'
Iu.ur. in thr London Lite���a good
Cauadiau Crupauj.
Pretoria, March -..">. BabingionV
force, including Shekelton's dolninii,
attacked Delarey, 1,500 strong, sou'l.-
wut of Veutersdorp, and, havlhi; sle
featedhlm, followed him up rapidly,
with th. result that the Boer rearguard was driven in, and their convoy,-
including the guns, captured at Vtial-
bank. Great gallantry and dash wib"
���hown. Tlio force captured two 15-
pounder guns, one pom pom, six Maxims, 320 rounds of big ammunition,
15,000 rounds o[ small ammunllion,-
160 rifles, 53 wagons, and 24 carta;
besides taking 140 prisoners. British
loss was slight. Many Boers were*
killed or wounded.
Hen. W. 0. Well. Saecoed. tn U.ttluaf
a Ceart far OoIJen.
The last is?ue of the British Cdlunf-
bia Gazette contained the list of places
at which Courts of Assize would bar
held dnring the month of May. For
iome reason Golden wa. left out altogether, although a number of Hater
.liouTS.be tried here. Mr. T..'6'Brl.n'
immediately wired to Hon." W. C.
Wells of this fact asid asked that tha
list be revised and that Golden havt a
Court of Assize On Wednesday rass*
Mr. O'Brien received a snossage from
our representative informing him tha.
the Attorney-General would order a"
Court of Assize to behuldeunt Golden,
Tho following is a list ol tlio orim'-'
inal oases which .vjll cumc ou for trial
at this point:
King v��. Collins-The nccused it
charged with tl.e murder of A. Dandoi'
��t RiterborsjURb, last August,
The Attorney General for the Crownp
Tlios. O'Brien for the defenoe.
King vs. Cliai.ibei-I.iiii -This is a
charge of cattle stealing. The defendant was contmitte I to stand lii.'trial
about six weeks ago. Tl.oa. O'BriBir
fqr tho prosecution. It is understood
the defendant has retained a well-
known barrister iu Vancouver to itf
fend him.
King v.. MoKnltht.'���Aeouud.t*
charged with conspiring to ir-fs.r-.
property i��a> toendnntrer l.lehy n-iiittf
dynamite. Thos. O'Brien for tha
Iu addition to the above, three civlf-
cases will iu all probability be ready
for trial.
Tne prompt action taken by HoTi.
Mr. Wells in this connection will ho'
appreciated as it saves all connected
with the cases considerable trouble aiul
expenu from having tn ge to tVolsoii,*
aud aiuphaaiicaih. fact thai Mr. Weiji-'
i. a man of influenos in thocaU.s-.ia.id-
is keeping a watchlssl eye on the Interests of his constituency.
Lumberman EIIUcI by   a Swift De*
.roud lata l.o*.
About 9 o'clock on Thursday morning an employe at Sehuuter's camp,
named Geo. llyer. wa. killed at tne
slide used to .hoot log. Into the Coir
umbia from tho bench about 600 Iter
abore tho liver. Th. unfortunates
young man wa. engaged in watching
the lo,;. and Warning i hose above hiur
of airy mishap, J ,at how the dceess��l
met witb the accident ia not known,
but It is .opposed he missed his Fool'
ing end got in the way of a sliding
log with tlM rsm.lt thai Me leg war
fearfully crushed and cut. besides receiving internal Injuries that ciiii*jrj'
death while he wa. being brought to
the hospital at Golden.
, The young man was of good behaviour and had man f. ieuds among the
lumbermen. It is nutlerstood ha lists-
a brother somewhere In tbe cownrv.
A cablegram wa. sent to >af-��l.,i. in
Hereford, England, iiiformlasg" thein of
hi. death. Coroner Field I. conducting aa bat/mtt 'hi. afternoon. .
���j ���<.'..�� .'��� i _-.
Tlie Iiun for cleaning up v.rdsr
itrteta ani lana. is at hand, clenuli-
���esw* of peatoii and premise tr.a ��� Mu.
���la low, sunt boldfr good today. Then-
ttttud to it without delay.aitd1 make
your praui.es nets and clan...
What's Ih'- matter with she IumIk.II..
cricket and lacs oase silulin'/
Tike out an Ideal Bond i,, ,|���. j,,,,,,
ds.n Llfo*-noilsli _ Imirr aaau IntsussM SOUTH AFRICA.
1  HUDttET OP ftfiffS FBOX THR
Hard FlghtUr Ib SeTeral Dlilricts-
Bwn Wreck a Tnla nd
Cap-tart ttHgitNt
London. March 35.���-The latest dispatches frani Blot*m font fin show tliat
the 200 Doers who were reported
ittptured near Thaba N'Chu were ref-
ugeea who aurrendered voluntarily.
Tliey were in a bad plight, nnd had
recently been fighting under (Jew-nit
lie Wet nnd General Fouriu.
Standerton, Transvaal, Friday,
March 22.���-Four hundred Doers, under the Doer commander Buys, huve
wrecked a supply train north of
Vlaklnagtu. They overpowered tho
escort and curried oft several wagon
loads of provisions.
A convoy destined to Join General
French's vtlumn has been nttncked
between Blood Kiver und Hcheej>er's
Nek, Trnnsvnal colony. The British
had one mnn killed and three wounded. The bridge at Blood Kiver wus
Capo Town, March 24.���Severe*
lighting occurred Friday, March 22,
between the British and Boers ut
Harleibeestfontein, east of Klerks-
dorp, Transvaal.
Bloemfontein, March 25.��� Heavy
lighting is reported goiug on at
Thaba N'Chu, between Fourie' commando of Boers und a strong force
of  British.
Military operations In the southeastern part of Orange Kiver colony
uie progressing. Major Julian Dyog
brought in 800 refugees from Wepener and Hmithlleld districts. Colonel
Bethunc sent in 17 prisoners from
Thaba N'Chu. Three hundred prisoners are now camped here,
Cape Town, March 25.���Boer raiders in the eastern part of Cape Colony, with the exception of almost
daily skirmishes, are keeping out of
reach of the British. Colonel Scovil
engaged Commandants Fouche and
Malan near Blaawkrantz on March
20. Tiiree British were killed and
four wounded. Four Boers were
killed. The number of Boer wounded
wns not ascertained.
lafarlaafe  Hrwi   Ct-ioilanwd Into  Url#i
London, March 25.���The foreign office takes a pessimistic view of the
i mined in ie future in the far east, in
spite of the settlement of tho Tien
Tsin incident and entertains grave
fears thut the relations between Japan nnd Kussia may shortly reach
the danger point. Judging from information obtained in various official quarters in London, Japan has
confided to at least some of the
powers her determination to oppose
nt all costs nny secret agreement
made between Russia and China by
which the former could secure territory or ot her advantages conl igu-
ous to Korea.
Findley, Ohio, March 25.���Tlu* college at Ada, sixteen miles smith of
here, hns devised a new method of
draping its st utiles, and nn Apollo
Belviderc in red velvet knee U-eerlK-s
is one of the novel attractions of the
institution. Somo time ago the
Franklin Literary society of the college voted a ium of money to purchase a classical statue to be placed
In the hall-. The committee, after
consulting a catalogue, forwarded
the money to Sew York for a statue
of the famous Apollo.
Lust week the piece arrived, and
the committee, composed of young
men and women, began unpacking
it. When the. figure was fully revealed the young women uttered a
scream and ran from the nail, declaring that they had been Insulud
by the dealers and they would never
allow the statue a place In the college. The faculty took the matter
up and a long contention arose between those who adored art for nrts
sako and those who were shocked by
the exhibition of auch a figure.
It was finally decided the statue
must be returned or else appropriately dressed. The men were disgusted, but going to a local tailor,
had him make a pair of red velvet
knee breeches In which they clothed
the statue, and thus attired the
Apollo receives callers.
Tlen Tsin, March 25.���The Rev.
J. Stonehouse, of the London Missionary society, has been murdered
by brigands 14 miles east of Tien
London, March 26���One does not
have to be long In London to discover that King Edward is u very
popular as well as much talked of
man. The papers are filled with anecdotes of the new king and wiih
matter with which he is associated.
They tell of his coming coronation,
of past scenes in his life and things
now going on, and all with a kindliness of spirit which reveals the sentiment of regard which prompts ihem.
Montreal. March 25.���Wiseman's
hotel, at Victoria park, on the south
shore of the St. Lawrence, opposite
Montreal, was destroyed by tire early
Saturday morning. The fire broke
out at 1 o'clock and hy fl the building wu in ashei. The occupants
were compelled to make their escajs>
fn tbeir night clothes. The amount
of the loss in not known, but is
supposed to be covered by insurance.
Dublin, March 26.���Earl Cadogan,
lord lieutenant of Ireland authorizes*
the statement that be will retain office for another year.
Amsterdam, March 25.���Br. Leyds.
thinking the Tien IWn affair afforded
a favorable opportunity asked the
czar, through Boe/ agenM at Ferin,
it he would receive Kruger and himself. The czar flatly refused to wee
either ot then.
Winnipeg, March M^-A daring burglary was committed at 5*34 Banna-
tyne street on Sunday evening. The
house was broken Into from the rear
wlndom and money and other valuable stolen. Ko trace of the burglars baa yet bam discovered. ]
Washington, March 25.���Attorney
General Griggs has handed to the
president hiB resignation to take effect on March 81.
London, March 25,���The Bunk of
England has declared a 5 per cent
dividend, payable out of the profits
lor the last six mouths of S3.C0O,-
Melbourne, March 25.���It Is officially estimated that the wheat
yield will reach 17,790,576 bushels
or an increase of 2,552,628 upon fa**,I
year's yield.
Wheeling, W. Va., Marcn 25.-The
Right Rev. John T. Sullivan, o' the
Wheeling diocese, died today, aged
67, at St. Joseph's hospital. I'ur-
kersburg, W. Va.
New York, March 25.���Tiie Right
Rev. Travel's Lewis, archbishop of
Ontario, who is seriously ill in this
city, wus reported tonight to be
slightly improved.
Liverpool, March 25.���The steamer
Tunisian flailed from this port yesterday afternoon for Halifax with
52 cabin passengers, 230 intermediate and 830 steerage,
Ottawa, March 15.���No. 186, V. F.
C. A. Douglas, ol Howard's scouts,
formerly of Stratbeona's Horse, has
died from wounds received in action
on the 16th February.
Cleveland, Ohio, March 25.���At the
conference on Friday between the
Longshoremen's union and the dock
managers, the deadlock which existed
on Thursday was broken.
London, Mnrch 26.���In the House
of Lords today Lard Salisbury's motion to appoint a joint committee to
revise the King's anti-Roman Catholic accession oath was adopted.
New York, March 25.���Advices from
the Philippines ore so encouraging
for peace that the war department is
considering the advisability of reducing the garrisons in the archipelago,
Newmarket, Eng., March 25.���Tlie
strike of the stablemen hero has commenced. The men in several of the
stables stopped work at noon on
Saturday, after they had been pnid
their wages.
Milwaukee, March 25.���Fire tonight completely wiped out the big
piano establishment of William Kohl-
ling & Sons and wrought further destruction lo adjoining property: loss.
8250,000,  covered by insurance.
Pittsburg, Mnrch 25.���By the explosion of slag at Opcnhenrth furnace, number one, of the Carnegie
Steel company, at Homestead today
seven men were severely injured. It
is thought none of them will die.
Washington. March ' 25.���-Secretary
Hay on Saturday gave to the Spanish minister, Duke D'Arcos, a trens.
ury warrant for 8100,000 in payment of the Island of Cogayan and
other  islands     near    the     Philippine:
Pillsburg. Pa., March 25.���There is
imminent danger of a strike of the
coul miners of this district, ns a result of the stand of the operators
against granting the demands submitted by the men In the wage scale
proposed for the year beginning on
April 1.
London, Mnrch 25.���A dispatch
from Gibraltar suys the ..United
States armored cruiser New York
will sail for Tangier on March 26 to
convey the embassy to Mazagan.
Thence the embassy will proceed to
Fer. under a strong escort of the sultan's soldiers.
Glasgow, N. S.. March 25.���The
Sydney express wus derailed at Now
Glasgow on Friday afternoon by the
main switch being left open at the
Bridge street crossing. The engineer
saw the open switch but he was unable to stop the train in time. The
���Ftigine ami baggage car plunged from
the track, but no person was injured.'
Crunada, Spain, March 25.���Several towns in the province of Granada have been inundated. The floods
have done great damage. Pari of
the crops are ruined, and many cattle have -fierished and a number of
houses have roi lapsed. At Illora
half the town is surrounded by water and some of the houses have fallen. At Granada a little girl wns
X Elk horn .March 25.���Word has Just
been received here that the body of
Charles Kent has been found In his
house wfth his brains blown out; the
body was found lying in the centre
of tho room, with the head partly
blown off, and a ppin with one shell
empty lying beside the body. Pieces
of the skull wero on the ceiling indicating that he had been looking
down the gun when It went oft*. An
amount of money was found fn his
pocket, bul nothing to show thnt he
had committed suicide. Tho general
impression Is that it was an accident. Ho was an only son, his father
being an invalid, of Norval, Ont.
Hi Claim, to Bi a Morphine Fieia-
Wanted also for Counter-
New York, March 24.���Two men
were shot yesterday morning at the
Kdtla.kellw.oI lhf> Pabst hotel, cor-
ner ol Broadway and 42nd street, oy
a man who is believed to be Insane.
The Injured men are 3. II. Leffing-
well, 40 years old, ol tho Broadway
theatre, who was woisnded In the
left side, and A, Dingwall, general
manager ol Jacob Litt's theatrical
Dingwall was taken to Roonvelt
hospital, where it was lound that a
bullet had entered the -shoulder, ltlch-
ard Hayden Mor. is, 25 year, old,
who ssuys he Is a student and a native ol Tennessee, was locked up
charged with having done the shooting. When Morris was arraigned In
tho police court, he said he was Robert II. Moulton, ol Springfield, Tenn.,
and that ho had been a student lor
three years at Columbia university.
He was held in $5,000 ball Ior examination.
Moulton said he was a user ol
morphine, and that he took a good
deal ol the drug yesterday. He said
ho remembered going to the Broadway theatre, and remembered the
second act but nothing more ol the
play. He also remembered coming
out, but asserted he did not remember that anything mora happened
Irom that time until ho lound himself pulling up to the police court in
the patrol wagon.
While the man was In the prison
pen tho police explained that Moulton was almost totally deal and that
he read speech by watching the movements ol the speaker's lips. A detective, in court, who overheard this,
said he wa. looking lor a man who
could read peoples' lips, and was
deal and was named Moulton. He
showed a photograph al Moulton
and said ho was wanted Ior passing
bogus cheques. The detective said
the prisoner was known in Chicago,
Elraira. Boston and Buffalo. It was
said at the hospital that Dingwall
was resting easy.
Coldbrook, Mass., March 28.���Mrs.
Lizzie Noramore, while in a lit ol Insanity yesterday afternoon killed her
family ol alx children at her home,
hall a mile Irom this village, and
then tried to take her own life. The
children ranged from 10 years to a
Babe ot 10 month., and their Uvea
wero taken by the mother with an
axe and a club. Then she laid the
blood-drenched bodies on the beds,
two on one bed and the other four
on a bed In another room. This terrible sight met tho eyes ol tho husband and lather, Frank Noramore,
when he returned home nome hours
Mr.. Noramore then attempted to
take her own life by cutting her
throat with a razor, and when discovered sho was on the bed on whicn
the boslii's ot lour children were lying. Although she cut a deep gosh
in her throat and suffered tho loss ol
much blood the attending physician,
ara confident she will survive. During the evening a number of neighbors ol the family aaw and talked
with Mra. Niiramore, and to them
she told how she killed her six children. At tho time tho party ol villagers, she was asked how ahe did
the deed, and she said she took the
live, in tour different rooms, and as
fait as .he killed one child the body
waa placed on a bed. The children
wore three boy. and three girls
Ethel 10 years, the oldest, while tho
ages of Walter, Charlie, Chester, Bessie and Lena ranged trom eight years
to ten months, Lena being the baby.
��ew sud OM M.rlS'B
Cape Town, March SI
ol   psague have
.���Four Ireah
��ea reported
Halifax. March. 28,���Vith else
place, te tear from, tbi majority for
McKfnnon, Literal. 1. 871.
Watervilla, Maine, March 28.���J.
Dearborn, ol Clinton, murder��� his
three children on Friday with aa ax.
at their horn, lu that town.
Fort William, Ont., March 24.���
Jama. Hammond and John McOrath
were both accidentally killed while
Placing a boiler in position at the A.
L. 282 mine yesterday.
Kamloops. B. 0., March 24.���Fire
at Shuswap Milling company's aaw
mill last night destroyed the mill
and plant. There was' Insurance lor
���,15,000, and the Iou amount, to
Blnghampton, March 24.���The Brevier street aohool In thia elty waa
destroyed by fire shortly beforo noon,
Several children are reported mining
and it ii reared they have perished
In the "
A stane band named Csinli'lsl, wilh Ib.
Ilcrnbardt-Cosiuelin company, waa Injur
���si by falling acenery n short lime ago.
When Bernhardt heard of It, ah. aont 810
to the Injurs'*] mun.
Tbe progress of the season witnesses
iso decline In the popularity uf Ohnrls's II.
tlnnford'a new pluy. "Private John Allen," Tbis will be the Ural time lu hia career that Mr. Ilanfisrd has .confincsl Lira
���self to Ihe pnrti-ityai of . .ingle pnrt for
tn entire season.
The twenty-fifth anniversary of Pe.
body Normal college ol Nashville wil
oct-tsr iu January.
Dr. William E. Qiilne, dean ol lb,
sjollege af Pnyalri.tn. nnd Htsr-p'oua Id
Chlcoio, hn. flren .LTi.SJOO to lb. collegs
I. endow ll. library, and Dr. II. A. K
Steele, another member of the faculty
fca. given ��� like nnmnnt to endow Ihs
pathological laboratory.
H. C. Prick haa purchased .nd pre
���rated to tbe Klngsley Home nsssoclur.ssi-
of Pittsburg ��� valuable .'state oomph',)
for many year, by the late Mssjssr 11 A
Montoolh of thai elty. The .slsjs-s-ta ot
Ibe association are Ihe etlncntlssn and.fli
promotion of tb. geueral wj-l.arc s.f tb'
nug people if tbe diy.
Marseilles, March 28.���The council
ol the labor union and the labor exchange have decided in lavor ot a
general strike, and have Issued an
invitation to all unions to cease
work in support ol the atriklng dock
laborers. The harbor watchmen, the
soapmakers and the atreet ear employee, have resolved to strike union tho claims ol the dock laborer,
are considered. Two thousand soldier, have gone to assist the authorities In the suppression ol the trouble. Incident upon tbe etrike at Mar-
Gibraltar, March 28.���The fetes arranged for yesterday in honor ol the
Duke and Duchess ol Cornwall and
Vork were spoiled by a heavy rain
���torn.. The Duke end Ducheee took
luncheon on board the flagship ol Admiral Sir Harry Rawson.
Winnipeg, March 24.���Archie Mous-
���eeu, an old resident ol Lor.tte,
dropped dead last nlgbt. He wa.
engaged in a friendly game ot cord,
witb membera of bli family, and
without a word ol warning dropped
back In hi. chair and expired audden-
ly. Death wm reused by apoplexy.
Baltimore, March 24.���Valentine
Bot*, ol Buffalo, N. V*. hae had bla
sight restored to him a. a result of
a surgical operation performed in
this city alter having been totally
blind for 28 yearn. Mr. Bote is 82
years old and has been blind aince
tour year, ol age from tho effect, ol
smallpox, which left him with spot,
on bie eyeball. He waa operated on
by Prof. A. Douglas McConachle. A
delicate Incision was made behind the
eyeball and a piece of calloiued flesh
removed. Instantly light flashed Into Uw ball, and Mr. Bote saw bla
deliverer, tha flnt person he had beheld tor 28 yeare.
Wiartoa, Ont., March 28.���Complete returns of tho recent Dominion
bye-election In North Bruce, with
the figures ot one poll yet to bo verified, give Halliday, Conservative,
fourteen majority.
Fort Wayne, Ind., March 24.���The
Kerr Murray Machine works, one ol
the largest manufacturing concerns In
tho city. 1. on fire and total destruction ol tho work. seem. Inevitable.
Loss will bo very heavy.
Belleville, Ont., March 28.���Richard
George, a twelve year old apprentice
at Tickell's furniture factory, wai
killed yesterday by becoming entangled in a belt. He was badly
crushed about tbo body and lived but
a short time.
Dallas, March 23.��� Sheriff Johnson
made the following atatement:
"H. C. Henderson this evening confessed to me and County Attorney
Summers that ho 1. one ol the Cudahy kidnappers. Hi. confession was
made voluntarily."
Niagara Falls, N. Y., March 28.���
Two Pullman sleepers were derailed
at the cantilever bridge thii morning
on the westbound train ol the Lehigh Valley. The sleepers were filled with passenger., who were all
badly shaken up, but whether any
were seriously injured oould not be
Antwerp, March 23���The steamer
Chemnitz, ol the German-Australian
Steamship company, and the British
steamer Toy collided last night in
the Flushing roadstead. Tbe steam-
Toy aank and only two ot her
crew were saved. The Tay had put
into the Flushing roadstead owing:
to the prevailing storm. Thirteen ol
the crew ol the Tay perished.
Terry, Mia.., March 24.���Jerry Bell,
a negro, 25 years old, charged with
attempted robbery and osaault, was
lynched here last night. Another negro, Charles Hollingsworth, was also
arrested and the mob meant to hong
him with Bell, but he fought his
was/ through the small army of men,
and* although at least 50 shots were
fired at him, he escaped In the dark-
St. John, N. B��� March 24,-An ex-
citing and painful scene sitae witnessed at the maternity home ol tbe Salvation Army yesterday. Father Oay-
aor, a Roman Catholic prleat, called
to administer the last, rites ot btt.
church to a dying girl. He was refused access by Ensign Hick., bead
nurse, and Adjutant Holmaa, the matron, on the ground that the girl said
aha did not want lo mo a nrleet. .
Toronto, March 22.���A deputation
representing the Lord's Day Alliance
waited on Premier Ross yesterday to
urge that the Lord's day act be applied more strictly la the Niagara
peninsula. Two .lectrlc railway
lines were now running in that district though the act forbade it. Mr.
Rosa was also svsked to *�� that tbe
Ontario exhibit at the Pan-American
exhibition at Buffalo ahould be closed on Sabbaths when tha time cornea.
Chicago, March 88;.-After a thorough March with drag nets in Lake
Michigan at the loot ol. Sixty-third
���treet, the police became Inclined to
believe that May Comatock, Uw 17-
year-old daughter it a wealthy retired merchant, reeidlng at Benton
Harbor, Michigan, who disappeared
the other evening, was kidnapped Instead ol committing suicide, aa wai
at first thought.
Ottawa, Mirth 38.-The minister
ot the Interior, oa Friday, laid on
the table ol the house a return bt
the correspondenra la regard to tbi
pay ol the men of 0 battery. Thii
corps waa on .pedal service to Rhodesia lor soma thns, end during that
time received the pay ol the Rhodes-
Ian polioe, 81.25 per day for gunners
and driven, instead of tbi regular
imperial pay.
London, March 34���Po.tma.ter-
General Mulock, ol Canada, later-
viewed Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain
at tha colonial ohVe oa Friday afternoon. Mr. Mulock na. ban Invited by Mr. Balfour, ol Burleigh, to
appear belore tk. Inter-department
committee * on ths cable as/item to
Uie empire on Tuesday neat. Hi will
In consequent* defar bli departure until Wednesday, Joining Uw Hymalaya
at Marseilles.
Pari., March 31.-Ntct.olai Fran-
col, t'hlfflart, tba painter and engraver, li dead' HaY waa bora In
V'ctoria, B. C, March SH���Thes'ol-
lier Willamette broko In two latt
night and la now. a total wrack.
Montreal, March 28.���Oa tba Joll-
etto branch line of tbe Canadian Pacific railway, near St. Gabriel Do
Brandon, on Wednesday, a poas-ingei
car containing twenty peopl. -rent
over a fifty-foot embankment. Only
lour people were Injured, none of
them ���osrtouely.   ���
Washington, March IS*���-It la understood on high authority lhat the
prciidont has decided to appoint Mr.
P. C. Knox, of PltKburg, tb Ml thi
vacancy In fin eablnet that will bi
caused by the retire lit ol Attorney
General Grlggi on April 1.
A   m��ER   1URDRR0D8LT
taiis ttu win a
end Then SitcUm-Ht
lo lie laaaaa-Wi-ua Will
Hot Recover.
Dunnville, Ont.', March 83.���Mrs.
Lynch," wife ol Alex. Lynch, a well-
to-do farmer near here, was found In
hie house last eveaiag uaconcsloiu.
and with her head horribly lacerated
and bruhwd. In the bam waa fonnd
the husband, quite dead, and with
hii throat cut, thi knile with which
the deed had been committed .till
being clsltched In hii hind.       ���
A doctor wh called aad 'Mre.
Rynch 1-e.tored to conociouuen. She
then stated that walls in the'barn
together yesterday morning ber husband attacked her with the kingbolt
ot a wagon and beat her until be
thought she wai dead. -Then he
stabbed himself th tin neck, savoring
hi. Jugular vein, and expiring within
a few minute.. Upon regaining her
senses Mrs. Lynch staggered Into the
house, wben she again fell unconscious.
Mre. Lynch li terribly Injured and
tho doctors think she cannot recover.
Lynch ta thought to have been   in.
I '��.-��*>%*��%%�����** ****����%*.
''- \.
V v'taiTslUT-
mm eft.
,,^:.*i    ***
IT T. 0. DBAS.
London, March 21.���At St. James
palace yesterday afternoon, King
Edward, wearing a field marshal's
unltorm, received between lorty and
fifty deputation, from various parti
ot thi kingdom, bearing addressee <oI
condolence > end congratulation. 1JI.
Majeaty made aa acknowledgment to
the general body, but mad. separate
replies to the Free Mason, and to
the deputation from Trinity college,
Dublin. The Duke of Connaught presented the Free Masons' address.
The King expremd his great re_ et
at relinquishing the grandma.tership
Ming Edward li becoming more
and more exacting concerning Uw
formalities on theki occasions. :'A
tew hours before the reception of a
recent deputation His Majesty asked
the lord chamberlain what drew
they would wear.
"Frock coats, Vour Ma.esty," replied the lord' chatnberlala.        -1
For the last time, tben," said
King Edward, "in the future uniform or court dress must bo worn.
Thi. Is not a republic."
Ottawa, March 22.���The Now Wesrt-
mtniter, Britieh Columbia, lacrosse
team is out claiming that, the Minto
cup should go to them. The following has Men receives from the secretary :
New We.tmln.ter having defeated
all recognized aspirants lor championship honor, claim the championship ol Canada, awl contend that If
the cup was Intended to be given to
the preaent champions, New Westminster should be the flrst holders and
therefore should be consulted as to
the terms ol the future contest.. Under conditions pursuant to Uu above
New Westminster li willing l<> compete. We wish to tike this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation ot hi. cxcelleny'e I pmevcal
recognition of the national game.
(Signed) H. RYALL.
Montreal, March 33.���Grand Waaler P. M. Arthur, ol the Brotherhood
ol Locomotive Engineers, of. Cleveland, Ohio, aad Graad Master T. Sargent, af the Brotherhood of Locomsv
tive. Firemen, ot Peoria, III.', and "a
grievance committee composed of 40
representatives of these unions an
tbe Grand Trunk system between
Chicago ana Portland, have been In
secret session at the Orand Union
hotel here since March II aad: it 1.
learned that a breach sxwti between
the Grand Trunk aad these broncho,
ol ita men which will require most*,
delicate handling la order W> avssrtf
a rupture.
It �����.-**������� ho,
Elisabeth knew that ahe had been
thrown and badly Injured. Tbe sts a
were twinkling above her when sbe re
covered consciousness, ~ .nd resit/"!
whst bad happened. .There was a ds.ll
Fain In her heed aa well a. ..sharp pals.
In b.r left foot, and when she tried to
move she could nut do so. After thinking for . moment or two and renl-tlng
tait she was severely.injures] andtus-.
ftetly helpless, sbe decided to c-.U for
help, ansl call she did..her.cry ttchoiii-
f.r throi.il. the still wood.: -Afti-rlei'l
l��g for some time, sic tx-snil to tsaitsr
stand bow unlikely #-was. that belt. ia\j ,
ssreUd be beard. Rhe nuiht be far (ro..i
**y habitation, and If not, It might lit*
w late tbat all humanity iu thia icri��)i
was aaleep, and roislsl nnt be awakeus-sl
except by a loud cry near by.
Ah! Whst was thnt. Yea, sl.^*wa'
sari that was an answering "Hello;"
fc.hcr ci'y of "Help, help!"
8��e called .gain, nnd thi. tlmi-UM '
answer was more di.tl.ict, after whis'h
It waa not- long .before .the owner ssf
the .answering voice was'' by her side,'
then she sow thnt II wa. her ewn muster. She explained what had happened, aa he.bety over; ber with a milt*
tr's lantern Ih hi. hand, after which sbs
..ked hiin to raise her up $hat' she"
mliht test the extent tit IW'rrijurl.ssi'
nasi see if she eouM ,t :nsl. JSo, (he cou'd
n&t (tansl, her plslo [..titled ner Immensely', inst her left font was either broken
bt hiidly sprnim-d.
'"l.et ns think for a mm nt and decide:
what Is best to, be;ds>ue,','.*Fn.d. ViJIey-
fifcW; then, after s 'ss.sort i��a'siee,'he' (ton-
linncd: "Woulsl.it suit yon If I co.rhl
)-�� to my 6Wn eitblri,1 'some few'-nun*
stred yards from here. There lie uU
saddle mj- own ihu.-; and take yet these*
oi"fp your frleiulssl'*
They thoiurht of other thtrtin to Oo
hat, after mauy other sugo-estions by
both; this st length apprnred to them
..being the best mare to mnke. So.
lifting her In his t-tr- tig arn'ssonce mor >,
this time more teudrrlv than when he.
bit sflfistesi her over the .trenm, he
aoon' traversed the into.vs'nisif distance,
and.anon plnseil Iser on a sofa In hist
eirn "best room."' Then he went and
saddled his own horte, with the Inien
tion of conveying her on its lark,,over
to her friend,. Upon rettsin'n; to ben,
however, he found tliat sh? Ind faintest
Using water ass restorative, he. after,
little time, bronght ber back to her
senses. Her aisle gave her much .Ronr.
and It aoon bcca'.se evident to both thut
ahe eould notcmiure a journey of aav
kind that n.aht.
."There Is . *3.ii)t;*r at "I^'le's." !�����'
said, to consul* Iii.-.'.. "The tilth:; Is mow
fir I'p.nt, sm.r lWn nnie lilm Jiere
shortly after daylight. lie will then
l-'now what.is be:** te be.stolid, ^-sl
.'(.ini; lhat your bianco stinted tip' here
.in*I woke mc up. sr 1 mis-ht not. have
heard your enl!."
Drawing np n chair,   be   entlnuetl
hatting. with' her as the night psssed,
I'St-li moment (lulling lier nliich esl'sMcr,
tr, us wben we .re throwing ott . aevro
���hock. Dnrluy Iblss time Vallej-fio'.il
souked forvkerjuiif nifsed. her ra fov
a. ,he wotujl"nllow, but Elisabeth was s
prousl pntlMl'ond would consent to nothing hut the Most nsicfsiary naslatsnce.
**rlri* this ebWosl Idle ttwe: Elisabeth
lets'uHi- ntndis'sl ks>r manages*, .nd the
myro iho olwervedniui tbe inore it ei��e
sbe "felt brtsriMh hi. humble roof. In
mc'iy -w��y> He temihdcsl to* if, her
(usher, ansl where tho similarity* wu��
lacking it "**.������ iftdvetl-er la Uvet of
1 ulli'vfield." Its* had a "reflssed dignity
"ot tSnntier whls* tott-M -her rdosrat'*-;-.
but beneath shut, ha had the pulsation.
o1 his youth s'sd'a grave masterful a.lf-
reliaut jtay tim) MfJS.Mtreael, ��t-_
' On |ke alith day after her accident,
EliM��ie(h awoke from'W conch hv the
"sitting room." which had been given
JlcylicM*. cousclou. that
nre quite well. She al-
|.|v-eoshi breakfast, but
tie to the'mine, as wah
lus custom, Sllsahelh put on an apron
,m> t" tat,by..lji|is;.v!i<'is>, c
ii.be wai Ons* "iile iii.lt. v
Mowed VanryfieM-tv-edskil:
Mid in" lent pain. While sho "talked to
issin t-be hnd lime lo i'.st her eves .bout
lie room. Even in the dim I ght she
.Mild sets In the ninrtiuen, evldrmee M
.'clincUK-nt, and is. s-ime a-nae it put
her in mind et her "hither'. "Uiffilnt
s,ont". In New fork Oily," only la-ltu.)
., t Hi. po<t mortem tradition, to hei
that alsvaya seemed   to   cling to
t.stliere "musical sooni."
YilleylU'l*!'. "best room" wa. scrupnt-
oiialy c!e:.n. a cat pet was on Ihe floor,
and tbere were some water color painting, os the wall, while on nn easel In ���
���ornerythere rested nn unfinished ,.'!
painting, with .pigments and brash*,
near I*. Bhe'"felt Inttlnrtlvely* certs'*
tbnt tM- m-n who orerpk-sl this demdl-.
wns Ag.sntli mat. by birth and eultlv.
ton, l>o gh how he ,-nmo to be J miter
svns ts��,her yet :n mystery.    '- I
Towgrsls daylight  she  fell    Ino    ���
pc.irefnl slumber, cy.il iwoke mncfuri-j
f eshed after the sun hid rlaen.      ���'**'
The'doctor found beside. . ��p-.!n��d
foot, ��� iidint.rtd rib, thit hid .light"
issd tor tlur-irstitlnf hchef-IWi (unlet.
jsWcuu aa**thtt die fow d.-s .pent,
sssffh bet mmtfo lasasxslsaMn In N***e
Vork Oily, could lw ae tsjrmed)>u��iisj1.;
htiveif with IbeiduUe. of .heuaekeeplng. :.-
She swaipUi* Atajr, Jueted Ibe picture!
aud a. ^s^jwild ilisiened -hi-I
stove,   wnen the dinner hour .pproacu-.,
fore the fire, allowing the fat to drip on
the bread, ��� Whoji Villeyfield return***
slimier wns ready and!.waiting his ro*v>,\
ir,g. He wis muck iurprised,. and fnir
souse unexplained oauae, turned very
white, thru .be. recovered hlmaelf uid
tali Qtiletlyj;    ,       ���' k-i'
���" 'To'yo.i-fnli.fc you���os.Id bare done
thia?   Are .you quite .recovered.'"
���"Oh; yeilf she replied, "and yo.s hnrs> ',
'been to kind,ts> me.' U.s/ould bo st-as gs
II 1 could not'.how sny apprccin.ton a;-
a little way." '"
Iri the few days that followed Ell.iab.lh
look '-entire charge uf' ihe cabln,a..d thai
fiaj-c Vnllcyliclsl mot-o IJnie at the m'ne,
.hough his evenirps wire usual'y spent ,
with Ellcibefb li. rambliug through the I
groves and va}l.*ys.
These evehliigs'wefe''a source of rap. J
tttre to: both these [sedjsle.   The more
tbe nature of ea, h unfolded I self u
the oll.-r, the more rained to tech .thie
the charactertistics of each nature ba-
,caWe.    ValleyUfId intprcstrd Elisabeth .
with description* of the legends of thi
tarly mines, which he hail heed fro.',
the old miners, assd the superntitlon. of
the early scni't-het-s for .silver and gold,
while-she in turn told bliss of her trave'a
In Swltserhnd and of her school dais
lafter. her mother's death.     He never .
spoke to ber on the subject ef his srar'y *
life, and she surer mentioned the Cl,y> ���:���
motes..to him.
' I do not think thnt either attempted to
i.uge how sweet these'evenings were It',
Ihem. They lifted" the*cup to their Ilia
<md drank withont qnestios. In thi.
be.utir.il spot, without;fauyone to aay
.thin, nay, they^rlfted >wa the atreaiu
thit bore thomfonwnrd,-'absorbed la the
he��uty of a'sensation which hithetto they
had not kuown. They seemed removed
lis such rkn.bles.from the sin and pain
ef earth,'and passed down paths which
1<4 to the. blisal.il dells and valley, of
a new and l-enutlfiil Eden In the distance beyond. To the woman this new
experlens* wi. Indescribably aweet.
She nad Beeu thrown In'cbntnist'with ���'
io.��rn*.IWlltl*/"ii.tu*es,-��s "the reidir"
knows, bnt none had she hitherto met se
flank, so true isr sio noble-., thi. mas'.
waa, aad rah hswnjig si hi. eabU for
aim ud the rs> '-'--'s with htm In tl'i
.venlig Udnlfchi' ;onsll| to. her ��� new.
yet ecstatic scusittiiSu. Mo absorbing tor
words, end i�� Godfrey, hid not Hnt
her- tor lw, sAe mado ae, eflprt te taie the
initiative In this regard. However, eke
ai. brought te her senses somewhat
rudely one stay by the meeting of Stain one of th, r>Us��ys. Then .he kntW
that her comp.ol.in,hip with V.lleyllrid
���aa the sn.bj.ct ot mnch gossip la (he
Und. ind tlut she would hive te i*olsl
i, trmfiAb ��� Writing ��� haaty nott n
plsOulof Ait. die waa now fully recov-
end, aud tbat her frienda had called
tj-hotjU.lett this In the cabin whir.
London, warch M.-It i. repbrted
In   high circles that   King Bdward
contamplatw   a big   exhibition   lu
London on the   Una. ott th.   Pari.
em and]
Pa.. Hank ��..**,, D.
L. t. Battle-, doing bus-
Iww aa Straus., Battler 4 Op., and
the Pittsburg Limber company, filed
a petition In bankruptcy in the United States district court yesterday.
The firm ma llatslUUe* ol, 1100,000
aad so assets. '        '������'.'
���xpoiitlon, Uio Istea being to
the Thamea Irom W��tsala.ter bridge
to Albert brldgs, Inc'uding thi whols
ol Battersea park.
New Madrid, Mo., March 33���The
lire at Tlptonvllle, Tenn., Is suld to
have been Incendiary, and la iuppossv
id to have been started but ot lw-
vsanga hy negroes tor. the lynching of
Iki hlugeradd, om etAS*, rem, an
.      "T   '    Ml
Klngiton, March -s3.-tleut.-Col.
Reads, commandant at thi Royal
Military eoHege, Mre, ***** ****.e*t-
v-jnu, arrived la tlw s��y this alUr-
Boon. ' Alter lunrb Oal. Bwda ..was
drlvw acriM to tlw-cflihge.
Halifax, March Sl.-Acttag en V
Ue Instruction, received frooi.taslm.
parial authorities, Detective Power,
on the arrival ol the Allaa liner Corinthian from Liverpool hut evening,
arrested   Walter Pope,   an English-;
inn, charged with *m-*-*-**nt.
London. March 31��-Tb> King haa
eommlsiloned Edwin AT Ahtjey to
paint ite corohatM fMO. at WsMt-
mlnster Abbey, sir Francis Knollys
hss Informed the artist at Morgan
Hall, 01osjee.terehlre.al the Klag'*
wl.hee, and alio tha dimensions of
ihs canvas, which Will he 15 feet
Portage la Prairie. March 3l'.���Hr.
G. Davidson, of Prince Albert, has
been appointed rnanager srtth. !lnV
perlai bank ban to ncresd Hr. WH-
Weatport, X. 8. Hareh 31���Harry
W. McNally,,��: prolUlaent bratlness
mu, and a manner ol the firm of
MoNally Bro.., wai aocldaitalty killed it hie mtnsl term mimtnm pttt
lswt night.   H. uem a ""
lisjiiri'd lhe heart, and he ihsplt
l'aiis-his potii .it: too> taeresi?
least; i week.  .-iWflljsb'Sth j
letter to Elsl* nn'ilalng her i
abseuee, and the doctor delivered it oa
'hia way balk "to t.fin," t* hi laughingly termed It.   Tlie Godfreys has bean
*nmlpp*tr. Mjrtt-s-tb ��| -mat, tntpmb,
the letter to HIsle was reesl with much
r.'tlef, the doctor ae ur'ng thsm that ah*
wae perfeetly eons(e. table, aid. la ~ao
t'ssser.   Slate .gained,In .a letter,
on��-*��nt lisrk to BlissiMh, lhat u _
���*|le Rill .nd Sure Footed Colt were
hostile claims, It would be qnlte 'mpi��
slble for her t. go lo her   con.ln, hut
they would receive the doctor', report
siillr, ind (end for her ju* a. aoo. a.
'she wn, able to be moved. I        ' ���
For tbe next tew diy. Elisabeth re*
malned Indoors, seldom veuturipg lie--.
ybnd a .cor. of yards from the rabbi'
did not feel ill hut felt In that
my attte ��t weakness, whleh come.
wa. .are to we lt, thej s*.��
followed Elaie, and took np her visit al
lhe llodfrey. again.
��� lio-sntaatsnlsm diaplayed hy the Crarhi
freya toward Valleylleld arosjaed Ellsa-
' ttil's resentment, and she Inquired of
ilslo ait to Its cause, (f Is** , J/ ���:,
"Why? Its Ju��:bMe.��>nswered BWe.
-Thatjkllow P-^ey*,!* fwnd a rhe
1<-Je,l|0ie s!rlft,sjlBd-s>a..fool enough,
I" w.nt te give Ihe whole benelt ef III,
llud to the owners of Uie mine," _.  f' ;':
"i-os-nd a rich :mFiaikmmm
the mine te profit by hi. management'-
hWii stWrTlfsir'oSs, tntn ���
' *-�����-*& __
���nail I
���uffer lo be be.ulifnl, 1 know.
��� Mrs. .BldsH. - Ab, but how one .utter, trying ����� be pallia yon will Hv.r
r .
' Ne ���ao'sshould object lo thick <ol�� oa
hi. ahoea, aa Ihe objection, will aooa
wear .way.-Chicago N.WB.
r. Chase Makes Friends
of Hosts of Women
,nrv   hln-u.   m**A   ***-.*****A' ���.**-. .     -J���   S.1''  --.
atery blood
* due to a wealr-aed condition of
Mood aad nvitalla. th. depleted ner-
sra-i. .jsaters. ,-:.���-.. r.:   . .,������>...
��� It takssj Uau to *Mlld up tls. m.
���tmemf, tosu .tk. Mrrlvelled -Mr*
���wnmnlng feeling would,
Bf Curing Tluir Pociuiw Dli^Dt. Oham'-i Vmetoei
: >��� a *k**rtd**i *******
gtstftAzam   ....
U figure and   complexion, but also I seed would .ch. .*,*-*i**. it wotdd j
ass's lira j
itly du. to a wiake^ s*ionditr(����*"of thaa I ever"b35e^edT ^dteTw could;
do. Word, fall to express my gratlVi
tudi lor tlw wonderful cure brought!
********* im ssjejat-nsaat.''
hat done roe '^waj|tVi^eti; "I was
���o wank that I te*M not walk twlot
t*��fn��th of thi hiuw. Sine, uanrj
1bf.f0me'e time JMod I have N-
%!*?��!J?~��*' lean*-**.
m���� ���:without aay innuvsnlnMi
Thsw|h T�� year, old and ou/" ' ""
t dsjWorVh' honaework, dj_
erabl. slewing, knltttnk And I
bsM*. rtaU ,t*m**r*i>t.
BamA-tm*t,rTm*U,.,,l *'...
'is' :'irtf Mt*.t tJoJili.a.'i'.'i 4
G-ox.I5.hw* "EIra.
0. P. B. ITO REDUCE RATES.   '.'���
Winnipeg, March 28.���The C. P. S.
passenger department announces the
the following change, in the'' passenger rater
On and alter Thursday, March 21,
���a round''trip rate will be Introduced
lor local points throughout Manitoba
and the Northwest.. The,.rate.will,
be a fire and two-thirds bf thi present rate and will be good for one
month from the date of issue. Tho
same rates are now in effect In Ontario and Quebec
It 1. understood that on April 1 a
cut ol 20 per cent will.be made in
rates on the Pacific division, and'
round trip rates also Introduced in
British Columbia. ,    ���
Commercial travellers tickets, west
ol Canmore and Maoleod, will be reduced on April 1 to 3 cents per
Regarding tho reductions in rates
to the Pan-American exhibition, tor
which enquiries are heard,, nn aye*,
nouncement will be lunde-hy the end
ol thii week. A meeting li now,, on
in St. Louis, wben the Western Pas-
cnger association will fix on the
rates from Manitoba and the'Northwest. Mr. Robt. Kerr, traffic manager ol the C. P. S. Is attending the
meetiag.    |   ,'        - .���   v ��'j I    -
lini-i a horse at, the mangowith'
Dalhousle.   fy.,*|       '.*       ".'���.*..'
MONDAY, MAKC1I,25.       "'
, Tha-plag-u* i�� Bpteaiiling at , Cape
' ilastelpjila. ke'-Jtlm   *��ai
..    <*.
The Shamrock. II. will be launched
on April 20. .���!���-! I
Germany has declared In favor of
slavery Jr. her. colonies. .,,
G'. Bergeron, of Montreal, wae killed In jumping from a train.
Rifle teams: reprciientlng Canada and
the United States will shoot at Soa-
glrth, N. J.
-John A. Koadhos.se was killed In
Toronto while cleaning a 'printing
T. farmer, na/iicd Falcon. of.Stnr-
bitck, Man., 'wis lound dead hear'* a
St. Boniface bridge..
FJvo Manitoba! dels-gates have
for Ottawa to'protest against
ratification of the railway deal.
Mrs. Alice Homers hanged horsell In
Toronto Jail, where she. had been reinsured on a charge ol theft
.   horse   badly torn by
with MINARD'S'' LIN1-
I. -cured
pitch fork,
St. Potor'., 0. B.     ���'' T  ~"
I cbred a horse of a bad swelling
Bathurst, N. U,> '''���'
Queen Alexandra has left for Copenhagen!
A, Motisaeau, an old resident ol
Lorette, dropped dead.
South Australia', wheat ylelsl    is
estimated at 17.000,000.
-The Duke and Duehes*j*.of York and
Cornwall have lsrft for- Melt*. f
-r Japan! is using every mifxiin possible to provoke war with China.
Charles Kent, formerly bi Norval,
Ont.,, was found dead at Elkhorn.
The Shuawap saw mill at Kamloops, B. ft, was destroyed by fire.'
Missionaries In Ohina bava taken
a strong exception to a certain ur-
tleli pubtteSed By Mark Twain as be-
"They are accusing you ol trying
to take money out ol the publio
treasury-end give it' away..' ,
"Now, isn't that nonsensol" exclaimed the cold-blooded politician,
Anybody wbo knows me knows lhat
if I could get money out ot tho bub-
11c treasury I wouldn't give It away.
I'd hang on to it." - '
Before Bad After.
This la a year before marriage. He
li making her a call. He Is at the
front door ringing for her. He bae
been thinking all day ot hor. These
are his boots'newly blacked, collar
spotless, his lorn, ditto outside, hie
gloves drawn on tor the first time,
his hair newly parted and oiled-, his
face newly .haven. His heart palpitates fnr her, IB. nerves are nervous (or hei'. He fears sbe may be
out or that her parents may .object
or, worse than that, some other fellow may be there with'he/. The
door opens. Nlip Is there aajd-alono-.
He Is happy,   *   * '������ j* ���'.. -'��� *   is
This is a year after marriage. He
Is ringing nt the door. His lace Is
unshaven, his collar much *-o��i, his
'boots unblackem-d, his I.nlr'uhbrush-
ed. Ho rings uintslu in exactly ten
seconds. Ho gives the bell A - short,
petulant pull. Ho Is thinking of her.
He-re grumbling that she doesn't answer It sooner. Ho has not been
thinking ol her ull day. - lie has
gone further Maybe, ond fared worse,
Nowahe-'opehslt; lib pushes past
her and remarks, "Takes you forever
to answer that boll."
Hia unbrushed boots sound sullen
as he ascends the stairs. Sho follows meekly alter. Ho dashes Into
the room and around tho house and
hing. out, "Isn't dinner ready yet?'
She bMa him to bo patient for" a
'moment, but bo won't���because dinner isn't ready within one minute
alter he geta home; becauso tht. Is
the one year after marriage; because
tho bloom la off tho rye, the down
rubbed off the peach, and, various
other consideration.; because Its the
way ql the world, of man, of matrimony. O temporal O Muses! O
msWlraooyl���peanson'a Weekly,
lag llbelaui.
Tw" '
layer Arbuthnot has expressed a
willingness to resign and test public
feeling In Winnipeg on the railway,
""'.   ���frRIDAY, MARCH 22.   '
Striking dock laborers at Marseille, stoned the military. .    . ���
Champion Jeffries and a saloonkeeper had an interesting "sot-to."
An explosion took placo In a Now
York? Haptt :*f*nsft 'tunnel, Injuring
workmen*.      . .-1..*
Rain, spoiled the fetes arranged at
Gibraltar lor' the Duke and DuchcBB
of York..       ���   .-' ; i'l
Richard George .was entangled in a
belt in a Belleville lactory odd
By the breaking ol a ,dum near the
town of Colognn; Italy, flltcon persons were drowned.
A Massachusetts mother killed her
six .littlo. children, send ' a Main,
lather murdered three ol hi. family.
Valentino Bott, bl Buffalo, bail his
eight restored by an operation alter
twenty-eight.years of blindness
Ur. Boek.Ml.r's riv. Hailraa.
���tart in a, pubtrseei way,.bj>. work
on a New York farm, twelve hour,
out of the twenty-four, for twenty-
flve conts a-iday, Hs has -saraed hhsf*'
position as a multl-mlllionatro by
adhering to the principles ol tho Ipl-
lowlrig. five maxims: j*
1. It should be evory man', duty
to get all the money he con, keep
all lie can, and givo away mil he can.
3. Buy only what cab bo paid for,
nnd look upon debt a. an ogre thai,
flnt paralyses and then kills.
8. Llvs within your means, and
don't think too n.uch of your neighbor'! good fortuno,
4. Keep a record of all . ��|H'iiill-
or each yekr you can toll wlii'lhei
you are saving enough m'onoy tojirss*
vldi agalnat tho .inevitable "rnliii
dny.   Am. one-r^u nuily. iiipniiyf (i;\v
fl.   Uveas though every.- net '.Vi
y.issrs was under tho scrutiny ol yolU'l
-;l,li-i-m��lt otsemy,     ' ' ''
"'��� Hen nover get too   old to acquire
. ixperience. 'I     -
ofthe back,
b Urlo Acid
...... nd Uric Assail
no Lumbago.   Mak.
��.��Bwri ������*���*���
Pills ^-Mm tonwurjt
mm* ������� whs. s'iin'1 asTcs-d le
The.^.-iE, I. A Legislature, wn.
opened. ; . ,f" ������
A' now coal bed was discovered at
Sourls.        ...*,
Three Boers were .hot at Do
Aar lor .treason and murder.
-King -Edward contemplates holding a world', fair In Lonhon..
A Winnipeg lady died while Under
the influence ot chloroform.
A." Are low otsmpOO was su��-
tolnid at Itolnnd, Man.
A cowboy .hot two saloon-keepers
In New York city during a fight,
Three residences and outbuildings
in . St. Boniface were destroyed by
fire. .
A young man stole a tray bl diamond rings from a New York Jeweler.
Buffalo's new $3,000,000 poitofflce
was dedicated by the postmaster-
general. ��� ��� r St. :
A force ol Australians havo loft
Pekin to reinforce the British guards
*fm*W- __
���A serlova. fire -rwited Minto, N. D.
General    Botha has   rejected    the
peace temuj offered him.       '
Cowl* and itudcnlj , diissln��tra-
vte im '^yfteitibm^ .hfrTneree
rhtlng. J ,     I . J
JeK< Hill, hfa   wllo and   children
wore burned to death near Wellston,
. "proposed sugar tax Iii 'Britain
la iUongly opposed In the West India ���,',.;        (ft     .  '.     ;. .-'
A1'young; man named Wattee was,
seriously injured at Nelson, B. C, by
the. explosion pi A gun.
Lord Sall.bury propora (that a
committee be appoint*!, to consider
the amending ol the sovereign', coronation oath.    . j"    ,  .
Tne Manitoba government Intend
to transform the Portage la Prairie
jail Into sfrfjrrnataiTtihr ���*��������
rVCttllmrn dropped dead at White-
mouth, Man,        V   iff   'titi
Threo burglar., Charged with robbing a Brandon warehouse, halreRsen
arreted.. ...
A terrific expiation of chemical, in
a Cleveland work, wrecked a six-
���tory building.
.Six people lost their live In,a fire
it Little t*aaca|��dli/ Quh., ckused by
afaal.��tlAto,vo(np)osipn.    ,
Tecked InTtoWaTadfour on board
are fitally Injured.    (i-.TiU '
Tho British I ttXatttlty hi* ippro-
rlatcd (9,000.000 tor tlu csonttrno-
lbn'ol:*�� new warihipi.   .  <*','
"���VtWMi'i.i -brent*In Algorlil, inofl al
M/iiji un iv \h a tnu'l X20 miiee lu
l"i'*-'tj.i lii_t__�� Mild to l)Q ej_cee<l\u)ily
im-* "WgfiUW
f ;.	
Hii First A��Kl��nnieBt, WhJeh H��
Took Witli Urlm D��tenulaatlon,
Brottffct Him Fame In M��r�� Way*
than One and Cant ftitm Bin poal.
tion. ���
While chntting ationt tbe oddltiei of report oii.nl life u Philtidelpbin newspaper
mnn, who spent �� day In tke city Inst
week, told a queer story of a midnight Interview, "It neotu'rcij yean ngo," he
u'll, "when I .wan holding down my fint
refnilar joli on tlie local rstaH ' Like all
oul is 1 bnd been told at tho outset to simply linitfr around the office within call of
the elty editor, if hc should happen to
need me; but, not understanding the ne*
cesxity of liuviuj; a reserve of that kind,
I i-hnfed terribly under the' Inaction and
thought viiKiiely that 1 must lw In dli-
ginrc of some sort.
Ho yon may Imagine my eagerness
nml enthusiasm when I waa called over
to thu desk one nlgbt and told hurriedly
to co out and Bet an interview with e
prominent lawyer who waa leading a cit*
IzeiiH* Aiitivice crusade that bad recently
been started among the chronic reform*
This Inwycr���cnll him Thompson
for convenience���wns understood to be
planning a j bitter attack on the police,
and the tip had Just come in tbat be lo*
tended to open fire next day. 'It's now
nearly midnight,' snid. the city editor,'
'nnd he's probably been In bed for hours,
but I'll depend on you to route him ont
end get aome kind of a talk. Por heaven's sake, don't let him stand you off!'
I'll get him, sir.' 1 replied fervently, "If 1
hare to drag him oat by the feet' 1
reallard pretty fnlly what tho Interview
n.citrit not only to the paper, bnt to my
'Own future prospects, and as I hurried
toward tbe residential section I determined to mnke Thompson talk or perish
In the attempt.
"I found his house without much dllli-
pulty���it wan a dark, gloomy looking man*
-*ii.n In a <iulct aide -street���and was nbout
to put! the bell ^hen the door opened sudden Iy and n man appeared on tbe threshold, Ho had on his bat and overcoat,
ond, while I bod never met the lawyer,
his general appearnnee was -about wbat 1
had expected. Wc both started back In
surprise, but he wns .the first to recover
jilinsel*.' 'Whai do yon want? be nsked.
'I'm n reporter for The -���,' 1 replied,
'and I presume you nre Mr. Thompson.'
'I amt1 he-said curtly, 'and 1 nsk yon
again what you want V That was n bad
beginning, and I hastened to tell him
briefly the nature of my errand. 'H-m-m,'
be grunted, stepping outside and closing
the door. This is a most unearthly hour
to disturb a mnn fo: on Interview.' 'Uut
you seem'about to go ont, sir,' 1 suggest*
ed. 'Perhaps you will let me accompany
you a little way and talk as we go.' 'I
was going to propose It/ be replied, 'My
wife Is sick, and I bare been sitting up
with ber. In fact, I was on the, point of
���olng ont for a short walk and some fresh
ir wben yon came.'
"I wris overjoyed at this lucky turn of
events," continued tbe story teller, "and
as we walked together up tlie street I
proceeded to sound him as to his contemplated onslaught on the police foroe. He
was brnsqup and reticent at fint. but
presently he warmed to the subject nnd.
h'-gnn to talk In a way that promised ���
muling good article.
" 'The only police protection we bave la
the city at present.' be said, 'Is the protection given to lawbreakers'nt r much
a month, and the citiaen and taxpayer
hnve to look out for themselves. It Is
mere chance nnd luck' that keep my residence In town frbm being looted. If the
police made a determined effort to stop
burglaries, they would shut off tbe revenue of tbe very gentlemen who arc helping to buy tbem bread* and meat and
chnmpagne.' He rambled on In thia vivacious vein, denounclug tbe chief aa a
fat beaded Incompetent and characterising the detectives aa a lot of blackmailing
Imbeciles until I was really obliged to pnt
on the brakes for fear I wonld be too
lute witb my'copy.'
"I thanked him heartily for tbe Inter
view, which was. In (act, a mere'mono-
logue, bade him good night on tbe next
corner'and sprinted back to tbe office at
Ibe top of mynpocd. I dashed ap the stairs
fonr steps nt a time, grabbed a pad of pa*
per nnd began lo write like mad. When
the^city editor glanced over tbe fint few
pages, his eyes stuck out of their sockets. 'Why, this Is the hottest stuff on record!' be exclaimed, i never knew Thomp-
sun to turn loose In any such style! Are
you an re yon are quoting him correctly T
'Dead certnin,' I replied, 'I was surprised at him myself and took particular
pains to fix his exact expressions on my
mind.' 'All right, then/ aald the city editor, grinning. 'We'll doable lead this! It
wtll wake up tbe town.'
"My story, as aearly aa I rnoember.
covered about a colnnin, and wben I went
home after turning In tbe last sheets 1
had a pleasant premonition tbat the
night's work wonld make me peculiarly
.solid with Ihe pnper. I got up lo a happy frame of mind next morning and went
to the office somewhat earlier tban usual,
ao as not to mini any stny congratulations on my big hit. To my astonishment
1 found tbe managing editor and city editor In excited conference and several
si rangers stsndtogairouud. all lulklng at'
ouce. 'Here be lev yelled (he city editor
as soon ns be saw me. 'What In thunder
does Ihia mean, alrf 'Wbat does wbat
mean?* I'siaQiaered, scared naif oat of
my wits. 'Why, Ibis fake,' be bawled.
'This blnukcty blanked fairy story you
nn In nn us last nlgbt I' Aod Ho shook
Ihe paper under my nose, with my article nn Ibe outside fold. That Is no fabel'
I retorted liiillgnflDily. 'Mr, Thompson
said every word T wrote.', "The ���- be
did!' lie screamed.* 'Why. you Infernal
fakir, bere Is Mr. TboiiMon right now,
am) be says be never saw you In bis lite!'
I. stared bt'lplcasl/ ajflh�� group, and a
solemn looking ,t*nnftMn stepped forward. 'One moment, please/ be said to
the othen. 'Now. tben,* he continued,
addftwing hlmself.lo me. 'will yuu kindly
de>erilH> the exact circumstance.) of that
���Interview V*
.,' "I did so aa well as. 1 could In my rat*
tied,-condition, and he smiled faintly na I
concluded myy narrative, i think I see
through It. gentlemen.* said he. 'My res!
deqee was burglarised lost night, and tbe
���or-prrnon this youtlg man met nt tie
door wns evidently'fl$ fttt^who dd ih-
t#oik. Ills views on the pflllct' Hie it'di.
Interesting.' he udded' Mnmlf.v -It imi
some lime liefore I got ll..tfi. r>V >������ .
���i\l '   U wTke-the Ot-vt* Wnr.
Johnson, Jr., Imlng aent home moots
bla inter.
..Joliluou, Sr. tslwulyl-What's<thts?
There'., soinctbiug wrong With jrou
Sire yon ttn MlqtT' Ratt-W^oa tbe'
ns*? of ill yonr faculties?. ������*���.        ���   i
Johnson, Jr. (suilly)-It'a llie other
wsy.i ���The facuhy liiiao't any use foi
iue.-pylncelon TiftCf.p    ,.
' ������- ���     *       '��� i
0*��*n<la em tkt VlelNi.
-."TfcMB *m. tvfiK, *��lq4)��s--ar..4ci|��^pl��v
round," ��� * - ��� .    ;"-;>
"WUat Art iheyr*        a "?. ^
i gate who citn't afford to ctay
i>r^#*';T^i^,,fi*u.,**i -���**��
.Itis- n.'��'��|imii-i- sifssii in win-Ill,-j*,!
Ian. I'd. issi II..' "I.lnjj'fc 11-sfiWj.li-u i:,
alar eHIre is. ilsls llii>'''-ivi'.si''-.s.s-.i ,
TUOwl.f'SWK'snt.    .
' Tk* nr.p.-.l.r'. View.
"Hisses, till, etiloen,. tngMe then twa
been u lut ssf .t.ilK alsout Uir vrllovr
pL'rll.'" r.'..i..rlis��l Uw lUHUlslllvv Iwnnl*
er. "Now. wild! Is 'III.' fs'llew peril*'"
! ���A "|UiM(|.ls:lt, |ile." pnMrd thr iyt
ns>t>llr. l|WWls?i-.-WillBsJsirl|*4>Ui ttteet*.
M..IIOT Err v....--.
'���*���'���lsV_�� l'^��Vi.--fi
���-.il tile *��rcr ISiiis-,1 nnessss)
lb. el tier .riitiitiii tt'ti<I"1l!'
Whs��t-No. 1 aard. Fort WUllam,
Flour-Lake ot the Woods Five
Roses.ta.iO; Fatant, fl.��5; atedora,
��1.80; XXXX, I1.8S; Ogilvie Milling
company's Hungarian, f3.10; Glenora
Tatent, |1.96; Manitoba, ��1.60, and
Imperial XXXX 11.30 per sack si
9a pounds.
Mill Feed-Bran, f 14 per ton, bagged; shorts, f 16 per ton.
Ground Feed-Oat chop, $27 per
ton; barley chop. 919; mixed barley
and oata, $25; corn chop, $20.
Oats���36 to 38c per bushel.
Barley-40 to 45c.
Corn-46 to 48c.
Hay-Freeh baled la quoted at $7
to $8 per ton on track here, and*
loose hay Is worth about the lame
Butter-Dairy-Strlctly trash made
15 to 16c In packages; second grades
10 to 14c.
Butter���Creamery���Mc por pound.
Cheese- 10. per pound.
Eggs���Frs-sh case egg., 20c per
Vegetables-PotatoM, 40 to 46c per
bushel; parsley, 80c; lettuce, 40c
per dozen; carrots and beets, 45c per
bushel;turnip., 20c per bushel; parsnips, $1.25 per bushel; onion., $1.50
per bushel; cabbage, m to 2c per
tb.; celery, 35 to 90c per dozen.
Dressed Meats - Beet, butchers
dressed, 0\i to 6Vsjc per pound, delivered here; country dressed 5 to 6c ;
here; country dressed, 41$ to SVJc;
veal, 7 to 8c; mutton, 8V4 to 9c;
hogs, 814 to 7c.
Poultry-Dressed chicken., 8c to 10
per pound ; ducks, fie; geese, 91&C;
turkeys, lie.
Hldes-Froien, 5c per pound, ten
five pound tare; bulls, 4C. Kips same
price as hides.-Sheep and lambskins
bring Irom 40 to 70c sach the higher price being Ior sheepskins. Slunka,
25c to 85c each.
Wool-8 to SVsjc per pound lor un*
washed fleece, and 13Mc tor washed
j Tollaw-No. .1, 4c; No. 3, 8c per
Seneca Boot���80c psr pound,
Miss Olivia Plerson cf Windsor, Conn.,
has Riven |*l,U()0 to the public library of
that town to aid In the erection ef a
���Mis. Tue Laer. an American born woman, was oue of tbe skilled workers chosen to do VYUhelmlni's wedding cm*
Mrs. Alexis E. -Frye, the Cuban wife
of tbe formes' superintendent ot schools
of Cuba, said of tbe teeclsers' trip to thia
country lost summer. "1'bc Harvard excursion set Cuba's women free."
Mrs. Catherine Talcs appeared CD the
platform with her son when he was recently inaugurated governor of Illinois.
It wus just 3D years since she had sat
ilu'i-i' with ber husband, the famous war
Bernhardt la rc|io.-ted to hare heen de*
liuhtcd vs. it li tbe Cbl.iseo stockyards,
where she saw live bins*1- transported
.from tbe hoof to the can ...die sbe waited. "It Is liori-ilili', but beautiful," said
Sarah as she sniffed nt her bottle of lavender salts.
It Is said that Miss Molllc Woodward,
who was one of the wosnen wbo spent
many weeks within tbe besieged walls
is. Peking, will marry Lieutenant Frederick Bismarck, a gt-andsou of tbe famous
chancellor. Mculi-nsnt Bismarck was a
member of tho German legation.
Jenny I.ind's letten, to a woman frls-nd
living in Italy from 1845 ta 1874 will
souu hs published by an Italian Arm.
Tbe letters, it Is reported, number over
100 nud give the prima donna's outspoken
and unconventional opinions about tho
music and many of the musicians of her
Mrs. John W. Mackay, who hss Just
saved the Church of St. Joseph from sale
In Paris by paying an Indebtedness of
20,000 francs, hss been long known as
one of th. molt generous beoefactors of
Rssman Cstbollc institution. In Kurope.
The present gift Is In memory of ber son,
John W. Mackay, Jr., who lost his life
In 1805 by a fall from hii horse la Paris.
Susan B. Anthony Intend, to test thi
woman suiTrsgc question by refusing to
pny taxes on sossse property she owns In
Rochester, N. V��� busing her objection
on the point that taxation without representation Is unconstitutional. Twenty-
five years ago Miss Anthony began i
similar effort, but It ended lu a compromise. Now she proposes to flght lo a la-
Mrs. Alexander M. Brown of Philadelphia own. . silver bssgli, which .he say.
wa. presented to ber grandfather, Captain Francis Johnson, by Queen Victoria
mnny yenra ago. Tin- (jneen alwaya manifested an Interest In ilie negro race, assd
wben Captain Johnson took his bend ot
negro musicians to England he waa summoned to give a concert at Windsor castle. Queen Victoria, lhe Duchess of
Kent .nd many sit Iht members of tho
royal family attended th. eweert, and
tbe queen waa gi-cutly pleased,
At I..I report. Mrs. Nation had not
burled the h.iclipt.-l'hllidrlphln Inqnli*
France I. evidently drawing unlucky
card, again, as Iin-yfus Is writing a
book nnd W, W Astor says bs may mors
lo P.ri..
Sir Thomas Mplnn. coming gsrly after
"thai bit of family platss," .. be deacrllm
the America's enp. trill Hnd II oa Oncls,
Sum's shelf marked "I'cosoual."���New
Tork Herald,
England', "aplendld Isolation,'* of
which her .tati'siurn lsn,e boasted for
js'nra, has of late grown Irksome. Th.
day bas passed when any Barorsesia power mn play solitaire in ihe greet game of
World affairs.
MUlrs'ss-llrlilgs-t. I hope yon dont
light Us. Ure with kiroswe*! *i
I'ssi.k Nol a bit. uiu.nl 01 wel. It down
wid ki'i-iiai'iiss an lolghl. It wid ��� mitch.-
Th.ro .Imple help, lo health: Bold tb.
body ers-cl If atondlng. silting or walking.
Fill the lungs full ssf breath at constant
intervals, svhish lisi|irovr��J this circula-
tin... Masticate all food thoroughly and
slowly.      '
A Ktvwhmsn hns disco.,ml an Inat.s*
iiiiniiHs remedy for .lie horrible burn.
i nsised by ell or vlirl.il It la a soft paste
s,r esilelnsHl iiingni'sin and -waler. 'with
wbi.l. lhe parls are lovi'i-pfiii. Inch deep.
il iilh-vlais's Uu- pnln u1.us.kI Instantly
.ml .whra the paste Is removed no scar
There 1. nljiftya .Iis-fW.'l.i n..m.i'j i-
���ctnnlly and earWaily svmU. I. bis
are. iksa. I. I"** ncrpi-tu.l d'-.".ii-
Had His Spine Injured, and for Two
Venn Wm fnablii to do itny Work,
uud lor .11 out of the Time Wn* Con*
Hn*.. in.lhe Houm.
Mr. W. iD'Ealrvmont, a well known
farmer living at Wont Pubuico, N. S.,
writes ; "1 believe it is only right
tbat I should let you know lhe benefit your medicine ��� Dr. Williams'
Fink Fills��� have been to my son,
Constant, sixteen years of age. For
several years he was almost a constant invalid, the result of un Injury
to his spine while working with his
brothers on the farm. He grow weak
and listless, hud no appetite, and for
two years was unable to work und
was for the moBt of the time confined to tho house, aud for a part of
the time to his bed. Ue suffered considerably from pains in the back;
his legs were weak, and hu had frequent headaches. At ditiymit times
he was attended by two doctors, but
got no benefit from the treatment.
Then I procured an electric belt for
him, but it was simply money wasted as it did not do him a particle of
good. One day while my son was
reading a newspaper he came across
an artlclo telling of a cure in a somewhat similar case through the use of
Dr. Williams' Fink Fills, and ha then
derided to give them a trial. After
the second box was taken there was
a marked improvement in his condition. Ue continued the use of the
pills until he bad taken eight boxes,
and they have restored him to health-
His appetite han returned; the pain
hus left his back; he has gained flesh;
is able to ride a bicycle, enjoys life
and is able to do a day's work us
well as any one of his age. This letter is given gladly so that others
may learn the merits of Ur. Williams'
Fink Fills,-and find a cure if ailing."
Ur. Williams' Fink Fills cure such
cases as the ono noted above because
they create new, rich, red blood, thus
strengthening weak and shattered
nerves. They do not purge and weaken like other medicines, but strengthen from tho   first    dose to tlie lost.
Sold by all dealers in medicine or
sent post paid at 50 cents a box or
six boxes for $2.50 by addressing the
Dr .Williams' Medicine Co.,  Brockville,
  'C^OiAiHMi rib**
tds&fu* '/t -tntr AawGa/ y
Ho���You know they say ii woman
can't keep a secret.
Whe���That's a libel. A woman can
keep a secret us easily us a man can
���ull but two kinds. There ure secret b that aren't worth keeping und
others that nre too good tn keep,
FAGGED   UUT.���None but llwi- who
Iuts become fugged out know whut tt de*
Gmsed, miserable feeling it Ib. All btrenutb
done, and de0)(ondeucy Xvxe takeu hu.d of
the sufferers. Ibey feel us though there is
nothing to live for. 'Ihere, however, is e
cure���oo boi of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
wiil do wondera In reatorins health und
rtrength. Mandrake nnd Dundi lion arc two
of the articles entering into the composition
of Parmelee's Pllli.
Every man is all right in his way,
but a lot of them are right in the
way of others.
Don't talk at random. Muke everything you say hit the mark or i*uve
your ammunition.
"See the little girl run." we Baid
to Ihe mountaineer. "She fairly darts
in and uut."
"Yes." snid the honest fellow, his
face flowing wiih paternal pride;
"she's my clurter."
Statk of Ohio, Oity at Tolsoo. i ���
Lucas county, I
Fiiask J. i;m.Nfcv miiki*ontli that hell ho
Miliar i-urtueruf the ilnn of F. J. (Jhbnrt *
Co., ilii'i k l��usii:i>*'.�� In thu t'ltv uf Toledo,
County anil Statu ufuresatil. anil iImt Mid firm
will pay Uiu sum of ONE HUXJ^RkD DOL-
l.AKS for encli and every caw if catarrh tlmt
cannot tweuruu l>y thu nieot HAi.i.'si'ATAmtH
Sworn to t.t'f.ire. iiii> and iubsri-ilied In mr
presence, this titli day uf Dm-inher, A. li., lfcHd
r -��� i A.W.UI.EAhOS,
{bsalJ Aotary Ptiblic.
Hall's Catarrh Cure in n-k n internally and
ICts directly un the l.L.od and iiiucoub aurfaces
Of the M-ltem,   Send 'or twiinonlaln, free.
F. J. OHENEV & CO., Tuledu. 0.
Sold by Druggiati, 7fe.
Hull*n l-'mully PIIU are the best.
UiiTAQTANA " belianoe cioab
I U-VAIlA.,     FAOTORY, Montr***!
The man who buusts of paying us
hc goes is usually slow about making a start.
The female student in chemistry
should be able analyze he own com-
i:��l<*r!ia*)   III HU-T).
Major Count 1'irillnninl vnn Wnlsii
Ksterhnz.r. who Uglm'il so proitiiiii'iill-
in tin- I��n,yftits iii-c und who wih *1*
notitie-'il by Miiiiiii'ii Dreyfiia us ik-Hi
tin- wrlier of lhe rmuoiis borilch'ii
whicli hrottght til'out the fjvn rulivli
iioiiH of Cuptuiu Alfred hrujiTiis on ih-
i-Jhjrge of trcimon. has sunk Into utti'i
inlsery Hlidlvott'eA wife's Rttll npnlusl
hn iiiolher, the .Mai-quise de Bi'lHll
court, fur au itllowuuce on the ground
thnt she is in profound distress and nn
nlilc lo support or cilncnte hot* youiij*.
diiughters li��s brought forth thu foi
lotVlhg letter, wrtlteh by the intijor ti
Ills wife nnd dated London. Nov. 1: "i
luive been unnlile (o write to my chll
dren recciilly. not having Ihe money I.
buy n postage slump. I am ni the lin*!
extremity of strength, eottrnge and n
poui'i'i's. 1 han* not euteli for tw
days until this momitig In the woil
house. I have no clothes, nm sliiverln
with oold and tun compelled to wan:
myself hy euh ring ehuiohes nud inn
Hum never wu, and never will be. a
anivenal panaoea, in one remedy, for all ills
to whioh flesh li heir���the very nature of
many curatives being mob that were tho
germs of otber and differently seated di*.
eaKfl rooted in the system of the patient���
what would relievo one 111 In torn would aggravate the other. We have, however, In
Quinine Wine, when obtainable In a aound,
unadulterated state, a remedy fur many aad
grievous Ills. By Its gradual and judicious
om the frailest lyitemi are led Into conva-
Iweence ud strength by tbe influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
It relieve! Uw drooping spirits of tho-e with
whom * chronic state of morbid deni-ond-
enoy and lack of intarwt in life fa a disease,
and, by tranquil king Un nervw, disi>osea to
wand and refreshing e.eep��� imparts vigor
to the Mtlon of Uw blood, which, being
stimulated, coureei throughout the veinu,
strengthening the healthy animal functions
of Uw system, thereby making activity a
neoemry reealt, strengthening the frame,
and giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased eubstance-ro*
salt, improved appetite. Northrop A Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the publio iheir
superior Quinine Wine at Uw usual rate, and,
ganged by Uw opinion of -scientists, thii
wine approaches nearest perfection of any In
the market.  All druggist* nil It.
Unit1. LiiiMt Cum Street ii cows.
Nature made a mistake in creating
men who live for themselves alone.
Many a woman is forced to stand
up for her rights in a crowded street
Hr. Thonvis Ballard. Syracuse, N. Y,
writes: "Iimve been afflietcd for nearly a
rear with thut most-to-bo dreaded d �����u.-.i
dyipei-tjiu, and at times worn out with palti
and want of sleep, and, after trying almo-i
everything recommend* d, 1 tried one boi ol
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. 1 am now nuirlj
well, and believe they will cure mo, I would
not be without them for any money.
That paper railroad of yours.how
doPH  it progress?"
Well,  it's still stationery."
Mini's Liniment Cms Colts, Etc
A woman's second husband is supposed to believe that his predecessor
was the best man that' ever lived.
Someone litis said: "You can never
tell what a jury or u woman will
do." Any fool jury ought to know
that  a  woman will talk.
A mun seldom does his best iinlesfl
he le working for himself.
Loafers   seem    to    have a grudge
against all men who ure busy-
Homo pictures taken from lifo indicate thnt tho artist ought to be.
XXttaft Liniment Cures Distemper.
As u rule old age applauds the past
uid condemns the present.
Fortune is usually seen In the company of industry and charity.
Love   never  finds   a   burden   tim
heavy for it to tackle.
fade, but young lives endangered by severe
coughs and colds may be preserved by Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Croup, whooping*
oough, bronchitis���iu short, all affections of
the throat and lungs are relieved by this
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rheumatic pains, sores, bruises, pile?, kidney
difficulty, and ti most economic.
APVEffTlSINQ, .''���
Kiwmprt* ar. Ite best of otl .slier
Dalai, ���smHnsaa,
New ere Insrelsml IsinsiiSK. or et*.
leoer. bars) lo unslonsisnsl.
Write Dut to fill span-, bm Issj* .nonet,
���liace.to btt sip'ille svrliliisY. ''
The proper .aim.nl of wsisllni .ao air
pin, In coajoacil-in ia toe Ise.l iblnf.-*
islvlwr.    .
Why Oeorse .lis- Porter n.tnrsesl t��
III. Job.
"I linsl ��� coloii'il man woi'lsliif lot
uie In n wart'ltotise at t*o pur muuils."
Will tlio Pittsburg ...nu. "...Ill s. I.'W
n'iscks ago lie canto to tue ni.,1 snitl:
���"Mils rbllllps, I nlu't sluu hiuIkIIi'iI,
anil i'se g-vlno to striko for lilulirr
nagi's. I n-nnts 'on a moutli, or out
I goes.'
" 'Look lions, Uoorgo,' I bis hi In ivpl*.
'I am also dlssatlstliHl an.1 is in goiug io
strike. I don't tliluk yon nre worth
(20 a month, and If .rou won't take
118 jrou can go.'
"He went nwoy aud thought It over
for awhile aud thon returned to say.
"'Look hem, Mara ri.llllps. Mdsiso
I halu't got dis j-civ buslnos. right.'
"*A. to how?' I nskesl.
"' 'Bout do atrlkln,'
" That was all right Vou s nick
for $30 a month.'
"'Hnrtln I did, hut you turned right
around and struck for f 15.'
'"Yes, and thai wis ill right too.
Didn't you kuow that Ihere were Iwo
���Ides to a strike?'
"'I udibor. ueblscr did, sah. Just
thought dero was one aisle and li nils
all mine. 'Pears I'ke I had, got all
muddled up, and I waul to du sun*
���"Well, whit I. Itr
"i wont to cull my strike off, nnd
I want you to call your strike off, ami
I waul to go to work ag'in for 3--.0 n
month and Jest brtik my ole l.a.-k
Ooi.isln dem bar'li or Ume around sle
"I agreed to the proposal, aud lie Is
workjug for she at the old wages nnd
whittling In contentment"
M. Ql"AD.
Next to doing thi thinge that
should be done la leaving undone this
thing* that abo.da not, be done.
Free and esBy expectoration Immediately
relieves and frees the throat and innga from
viscid phlegm, and a medicine that promotes thia is the beet medicine to use lor
ooughs. colds, inlla.nmu.ion of the lungs
and alt affections of thu throat and cheat.
This is precisely whut Blckle's Antl-Oon
somptive Syrup ia u spcciHc for, and where*
avor used it has fgtv.n unbounded satisfaction. Children like it becauso It is pleasant,
adults like it because it relieves Bnd core,
the disease.
All tho world's u slug-*���nnd most,
of tlio occupants are supers, who play
thinking parts.
A girl nui.v know lier own weight,
but she never knows how long tth*.
muy havo lo wail for u proposal.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Solooion gave to posterity much
excellent advice���probably because
the rather numerous Mrs. Solomon
Wouldn't take any of it.
The   mosl
frum being i
of our    mistakes come
a Inirry.
Men   i
vise lin
rit their own past and de-
own future.
When a fon
the chances a
gets part of
parts with his money
o iliai Nome other fool
There Is still believed lo lie plenty 0-
roIiI in AlsHkn. The estintntrd output fit
HiUI itt |iiit nt fUS.00tl.0OO.
iron barred window* in resiliences an
no lunger peculiar to Spain. They hnvi
appeared in American mansions since tlr
klduiiper bi'gaii operations,
Japan is tukinj: a new step to approac!
western eivllizutiim nnd withdraw fron
Chinese traditions b.v requiring ofllclnllj
that the Jnpnnese language shrill !-������
taught in sehoolii liy nieiuis of Itnmnn
letter* and im loiiger by the syllable syui
A New Yorker who crossed the ocean
Inst simmier threw two bullies overboni'd-
hnving plneed In each one n ciml hearing
his niime iiinl iiffering ifo reward if re
tunieil to him. One of tiie eiinls has heen
fuAVillili'd from Pruitcv, and a check ha"
lieu Bent tn lhe fin iter,
Tunis, the famous hlnck horse which
(ifiiirii ntiiilnngi't' rode nt the review in
ISS*I, bus died. Hefore hU death the former minister of war consigned the unlinai
tc the chiirgf of his h leml, M* Louis liar
bier, who ti'tll It to the tiiroude to end it*
iln,\���- in penii'. It bait been decided to send
the iiiiiiiml'i) I nil en a prevent to M. Henri
A cotleeiiou of hliiiilng papers In the
possession of an American citizen ll e^ti
milted in be uf greui value. Kuch sheet
contain* the blotteil impremtioti of the
bnrnhviilitift uf a president, nml sll the
(���hleiN .if a n public slnw IHI I are repre
fieuif'il One sheet in .that on which IVesi
dent l.ftienln lilntled a lettc on the Aa}
ot hi* UHiitler.
Sore Lungs
mean weakened lunj*,���all
caused by a cold and cough.
Weak lungs sooner or later
mean consumption.
will heal and strengthen the
lungs, cure cold and stop the
Mr. JohiwoB, Maniftr C Dtnleli ft Co,.
KiojrSt. Stort, Toronto, My��: "We itll K-..
of Snlloh tnil wU tecomment It, Hm, I had a
���ever* attack of Pneumonia which tip mt
with iorelunn nnd* had eottjjh. Shiloh-Mm-
pteiety nnd rM,   Shiloh k ol/rtg*/."
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drunUts la Caaarla and Vet****. IUMi mt
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���re not MMafltxl go in yonr drafgltl and
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���m wi.it.tr. {*-��. 11. f 1 V> l-�� ���*���- Ktt*** tt
dM. tWtUsM.
laatiOM, ra*N*M aoo aeoHaa lnu��.
Wutit.'d Affontfl In EVEUY TOWN in
Canada to Bell our
Everything for the
m owen bt., wnnnrBa
W. N. U. 817. (loLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOOTEtfAt, fitf, FRIDAY, MARC 8- ?��. 1801.
Slu tjoifeien ajtra.
El>. V. Cll \mbkrs, . Editor and PuhushM
Hsil*a?ri|>tscsna W-00 par year in edvsnce.
Aslvertlaini} rate, made haosssa on raouaat.
FRIDAY, Mama 29, 1901.
IT i. wsll for tlse peopl. ol Canada
s hai there i. a raaa at the head ol
the Department of llsilwaya who
. ia sin.wervinp; in hii determination to
Mrv. lhe masses in preference to ihe
railway charter monger* that infest
the Dominion assd B.C. in particular.
W. .llud. to thi application of thr
British Columbia Southern Kailway to
have an esteusiou of five yeisrs added
to Iti already ample time for thi con*
���truction of th. road. Th. Hob. Mr.
Blair took a business Ilka rlaw of th.
application, and gavt th.m one year in
whleh to bsglu actual construction
othorwise thi company would forfeit
its charter.   The line from Golden to
��� Fort Steele la elected bjr themlnl'tttr't
decision and it li hoped It will hire
the slurred result of making the company build without further delay. The
country to be benefitted by tht. line I.
rich In mln.nl and agricultural re-
sources anil the*, industries mu.t nol
te allowed to languish to favor a tew
, charter-monger, who have well nigh
exhausted th. patiei.es of the people
and the MInlater of Railway, a. well.
' ��� Regarding the increase of Ihe' poll
tax from 43 to 15 II will place Brltlah
1 Columbia in thi unenviable poaition of
being, wi believe, th. heaviut tiled
province In the Dominion tor a like
purpo<i. For ��� couutrv to rich Its
mineral, limber and Bah it doe. Mem
as if these resource, ought to produce
a much larger income than tbey have
hitherto done, end we trust thit mein.
will be devised whereby tbe necessity
fir an Increase of poll tax will be
obviated. Tk. additional money needed
for school purposes might bi niud
by' x special tax on wild land held by
speculators. Those people ara waiting
to reap a value created by the people,
without any industry on thoir part
whatever, and It I. only fair that the
value created by the public sliould be
titled in their Intereat, In tome place,
tlse tax will prove a great burden lo
workingmen, for in addition to the t-
poll tax a -supplementary civic tax of $2
I. levied and collectible with ihi poll
tax. Tho keen competition between
white and yellow labor is a aufficlent
bunion lor the civilised workingman,
I It is jsi.t possible tbnt hiring in
Increrssod loud to carry ft may prove
tha "lust straw" an.) drlv. him out ol
the country altogether. Thi retrain
of the old song, "but, what can a pout-
man do?" ha. a peculiar .igniticat.ee
at thi. juncture.
It Is suggested by the Ne.vs Advertiser, is. view ot thi sleeieion of the
S'ipreine Court re the quiliflcntions ot
Oriental.'to vote, that tn iduci.llon.il
test In applied lo aU applicants for the
franchise. Tbli ti a good idja and
ahould be acted upon as a pro'ective
measure Until the esse ha. been decides]
hy tlse Privy Cousrcil. It m.y bo thit
it wo sld causes temporary Injustice lo
��� few E iropcan foreigners but there ii
nn other sltoruatifi If Chinese ind
J tps sri to bi ke|.t of the list.
Colonial Secrsrtarr Chamberlain, in
lhe Hon*, of C immon. on Saturday
���aid no .pecsbo objection, had bean
made by (Jen. Botha, whs had made
no counter proposal.' Tile csnly information in the poawHlon of tie Government ou'.isla of thai publish*! in the
papers wae oont.lned in a prlvste tele-
gran, from Oen. Kitchener, laying den.
B st.l.a Hid a .trong" objection to Sll
Alfred Milner, '������'" ';'���
Gibraltar, Msrel. 23. -Steamer Opl.'r
with Ihe Duke and Dsichea. of Cornwall
and York ea beard, wIM for Malta
tbli morning, thi storm which h.d
prevailed haying aubalded. All the
waralttp. In port wire manned and r*
lifts, warn find ia lb. 0*.klr .teamed
oal ot ihi harbor,
tlverpool, March Jo.-TIri Oall>
FMura tkat th. (allure of the peace
nfiotlaiion. In Sou.k Africa t�� Muting
IM Chancellor of lh.Kiiheqs.er, Sir
hUehael Hlek.* Beach. loaoniMir ill*
Jlenoy of abandoning Ihi iuggia
el a ahilllng renlarralloii duly on'
In fivor ot a ttn .killing direct
Chief ,Is..tles McColl, of B. C hai
reeel.tly tnS.rad lis* loe-i of hii falhir
at the sslvanned age of 83 it Chatham,
jerlou* thst* art (wenrrlng in St..
P��t��ratmr-t *mong atnlenta of the u .1
vsur.it*.. *%i a'r. oppotad tocampul
t*ty e��Ha��a��nt ia Um army aad are.
.If, demanding certain reform. In thi
working of the unlreril'y.
i W. Ha, *, ri-M-P.hi Llstgir,
Man., 'who wa. reo nll.tr 1 rmldent s f
Hstslwmblii B.C., dM In. Toronto, of
�����r.lv��l��, *n'a* xtMfc l*u*,
A Chlniman -but btm mnrdered. ti
liheroft. It U in|rpo*id by Higl ��s
liadert.   ThrrsliaCJlliiiWOmanlnthi
Mr Oirstaa moved that tbl* Govern
ment requeet Ihe Dominion Govern
ment to placa su great a duty on lumber coming into Canada from the
United States aa that country imposes
on Canadian lumber entering the United StstM. Mr. Hayward aeconded the
Mr. Martin said he waa opposed to
the resolution, because it de.lt witb
natter, not within the juri.dicfion ol
��� he House. He argued from the standpoint of a free trader thst the impo.i
tion of a duty on lumber would beneflt
th. manufacturer, but operate to the
diaadvantage of con.umera.
Hon. Mr. Wall, moved tht adjourn
ment of the debate until Monday.
Mr. Curt!.* moved that an order of
th. House be greeted lor a return ol
all Huprerae Court and County Court
auita begun In each Supreme Court end
County Court Registry ot thi. Pro
vine, during the pa.t year ; of tht
amount, claimed for whioh action,
war. brought at etch R.gl.try ; ot the
number of cases tried and dl.po.ed of
by eaoh judge at the respective placee
throughout the province where court,
were held, end thi amount ot debts
and coata (separately) for which judg-
menta wert given at tich Regiatry ;
also tht amounta of debta and cots
(separately) for which judgment, w.re
given on luminary application, at each
Registry, alao ot th. number of timea
each County Court judge held ooun at
each place where action, wtrt tried.
He aald ht thought ibe motion wu J
appropriate at the present time, t. he
understood thtt tb. question of affording idditional Supreme and County
Court judge, for th. province wa.
under consideration, aa wtll at the
question of registries for County Court
Hen. Mr. Turner opposed tbi resolution on th. ground of expense. It
would coat about II.sXX).
Hon. Attorney-General asked that <l
bo laid over till nut year.
Much talk than followed at to the
advisability of permitting the publication of Court return, by the commercial companies, after whioh the resolution passed nent. con.
Mr. H��Imcksnt moved : Whereas a
bill Is now pending befon the House of
Commons of Canada to amend the
Elections Act, end It' is desirable that
.he said Act should be so Amended as
to prevent the franchise being exercised
by naturalised subject, of Japan and
China: Be it therefore resolved thst
in the opinion of this House an humble
sildreas tn presented to HI. Honor the
Lieut.-Governor, requesting him to
communicate with tl.e Dominion Gov
ernment, pressing upon that Govern*
ment the necessity which exists for
amending the .aid Aot ao at to accom-
plish the above object.
Tbe resolution passed unanimously.
Upon tl.e adjourned debate on the
Coal Mines Regulation Bill being ie*
���umed, Hon. Mr. McBride asked thit
tht adjournment stand until Thuraday
next. I
Mr. H-twthornthwaite consented,
The debute wa. adjourned accordingly.
The Government ha. announced an
intention to bring down legislation on
sho line, of tbat Bill.
Mr. McPhillips moved the second
reading of the Shops Regulation Bill,
He explained that It. made certain provisions with respect to bakeshops;
rtgulat'ng the hours of employment,
the sanitary arrangements of the shops,
etc , and was a copy of in Ontario Act.
The motion passed.
, Mr. McPhilllp. moved the second
reading of an Act for the protection of
infant children. I provided for tbt
registration of houses fur the teceptinn
of infants, and in otlier ware for a
supervision over such places for tbt
bitter can. p.f children. Such np Aot
hid been In force.!.. Ontario for many
years ind wt. also in force In Ms.nl
lobt.   Tht motion passed.
Mr. Martin -noved the second reading
ot the Legal Professions Bill, which be
explained gave lawyer, the power lo
mnke bargain, wish their client, in
regard to litigation. At preaent, he
���aid, no lawyer waa allowed to have
any intereat In any litigation outside
of hi. taxed coata. In anew country,
especially a mining country, it often
accural that a lawyer waa asked to
sissdertske si case for somebody who
had uo reudy money to pay him with,
but might hav. a very consid.rabl.
amount of property tied up in litigation.
At present ��� lawyer was prevented
(rom making any arrangement, .uch
..thit httbould teoelve'i part intereat
n th. property, in theevt.it of incceu,
in taking the iuit, and tht condition.
op.rat.il unfairly to Ihi lawyer and
clia.it aa well. There might be ��� prospector, for Initanos, who*, claim had
been jumped, who without
would .slant a lawyer to lakt hii sum
on .uch oondltiona, ind In InittnoM
of thtt natsafttha law which pr.vouted
tuoh tn arrangement, worked ��� great
On motion ihadtbati wa* adjourned
until Tuesday nit. *
Hon. Mr. Turner announce 1 ��� re-si-
tagt from Iht Lieutenant-Governor,
transmitting ��� Bill providing for Ihi
collection of a tax. on penani. Thi
Bill wm introduced and read a fint
Upon motion (or th.third reading ot
a Bill impacting certain Hallway Land
Grant., the debit* upon which wm
adjourned some, diy*ago, Mr. Martin
asked thit a vott bt uk.u, ind tbi
'notion carried sin a dlvi.lon In tkl.
Bill th. right it made clear to th* Pro.
via** to oo'lect. timber rnyaltlat ���*
���ertaln railway land., and Mr. sDartli
had raised a quest ion whether any
o.is.ion., asiiiihecas.ofllMjSM)|il)Hilt
* Nunslrao Railway, should he allowed.
A pol'st waa alio Tilted by Mr, Marti*
����� lo tbi propriety af. paning th* Bill,
without allowing thi partita etmet
an opportunity to bi beard oa Iht
I'bjtot, u II .earned possible thit tht
and graatt oonctrntd car. led with
them th* timber roy.ltlM.
TU kill pawed Iti third Hiding on
a dlvltlm by * rot* of 26 I* 9.
d*dg*,|   Th* Mwai Bill wa. then taken up
"iiiumtmUt. Martin moved that Ih*cl...l��ei*
Sec. 6 passed a. did also sec. 6.
Soo. 7 provides for ths property
qualification of trn.tee.. Tht consideration ot this Mellon wi.. left over
till sec. 14 was taken up.
,Sjo. 8 passed. ^^^^^-m^����
S,c. 9 which read.: Section 88 ot
tlse uid Act ia hereby emended by
striking out tht word. "Ansl any Committee of thi City Council appointed
by re.ols.tlon of .uch council for that
purpose," wit then taken up. Thll
ha. reference to the Inspection of thi
Trustees' book, by Ih. Council. It
wu .truck out.
Section 19 daaliug with payment of
Salaries, purchase ot school shea, re-
palri, etc., by trustees, waa passed.
mom-at.   .
Monday was taken tip with tht report ot tht delegate! ��� Eberta and
Dunemuir- who recently w.ut to Ottawa to confer with Dominion cabintt
ministers on nutter, pertaining to the
welfare of thit ptovines." Aa tht full
report would lakt up nine or ttn columns wt in unable to do more tban
gin Lends ot tbe different .ubject. dl.
ou.m.1:     ������ ' .'  "
1. CbintM and Japan.*. Immlgra-
2. Tha right of tht province lo i
greater .hart of the rtviiineitrlilng
out ot tht Chines, immigration Act. J
.'I  The Baheriea.   .
4, The encouragement of .shipbuilding on thi Britiih Columbia cc.it.
6. Headjuitinent bt the lumber tariff
in the inlereiti of Hit local induitry.
" Financial relations ol she province
of British Columbia and the Dominion
of Canada.
7. Co operation ot" the Dominion
with tbe province In tht matter of railway development tn British Culumbii.
8. The settlement ot the Sougheel
Indiau reserve.. '.
9. Readjustment of boundaries, of
Indies, reae. ve. in British Columbia
10. The right of tkt province to administer the mineral, under Indian
11 Tbe right of the province lo the
foreshores," and tht mineral, under tht
..me. . -T,.V '������
12. Tic -alaric. of judge.,
,111. Amendment of the Nituraliia-
tion Act, to prevent fraudulent  naturalisation of alien*.
14. The claim, ol Robert Angni tor
compensation for timber seized within
the Dominion railway bait.
15. Claimi for .compensation in connection wish snrallpox q larantine along
Iht international boundary line.
The II. st bill taken up waa the Placer Min*
lag Uill. On motion of Minister of Mines.
Section 12. regulating the recording of
claims, waa amended to snake the d.l.of r*.
rocord the am.ivera.ry of tbe slay of the
original or anv Bitbsfisq>-e>jt record,'
Au additl'iti to Soctlun i�� waa adopted as
foltowai "Upon prodntting, to the aatisfaclhsn
nt lho gold coiisiiiis-toitor, evidenceshowing
tlw ..ik-e-.ii.ty for consolidation, and obtaining
Ida written consient, any free minor or free
niiiser. hokliag ailJ,.i..ing 1'lacor i-lalm, may
cm. Illate su many aa ten of .sich adjoining
clnlnia, l.y Hllug with tbs sii&lngTSrqrdsir
suil. consent, ansl .boa desTaratory atate-
meot ontsining the name of the company pr
partnership w^blsto*����l rf*-'**���?.*'-
cbsisna, the loca.ksi and"Sire
and auib
bolder or I .... .,. ���._ _, m ��������..
datesl. After..ling ��,,<**c*am;p*A��uch
doi'liiratory ataten-enti tfleb trie miner or
)*aMo t��r(brii|iiin any OWeOifintoe ofaael.
Cantarbarf srlsiaea* am- Jtrlag *���
���onitractiug ^'Vfsg* aatota Toby
crttk near ,k�� .csnyoa, providtd tht
towo.lt* cwapny ��� will sMllstt. It li
cliimed tbit a ro��d up the aou,h aid*
Will mak* a mnch shorter rout* to
-B: H,' Wa*bburh,;.;who hll b...
working a torce of isun on the Sllvtr
Crown,, situated sob Spring creek, kssj
quit work'on account of the swft mow,
which has mad.'It" lmposM|bl. tt haul
timber so the workings. Mr. Wassh*
burn hat been working aa hit aoatrsnt
all winter and will resume Work at
���oon m tlw weather will permit.
. A petition wa. put In circulitlon
lilt week with tht objtct of hiviag
tht telegraph Hat Itrmlnui at Peterboro. .But ii this waa not approved
ot by th* othtr town* another petition
la being clrculatssd aaklpg that tbt
terminus bt nol chsngtd and thit Ihi
Government illc'w th* tin* to bt utrd
ii i telephone line. Tht latter petition
appeari nn.elll.li ��pd |t granted will
glvt a ntlliii'.itr.viM at Ptttrboro,
Athalm.r, Canterbury and Wlnd.rni.rt
will aU be UneMlM; be��lds�� Gold.i I.
tht point whereHs>��ly ill th��' builnen
I. tranweted and.'t.legraph connection,
wonld greatly facilitate butintK. Th.
intermedl.te polnti,-iuoh n Sinclair,
Spilllmachtnt, etc., could alto-have
oonneotlon; " ���'���
,_^ -..ly'sll     ...
cenaolalated clainta all.b. werk ll.       	
as? -ba ���7JrtSi�����,8Ji-
sary to.beierforhsed In boLlaRi*,,*'1'
d.tesl elaima.  All cssmwlld.,I6..ir����
Iso i-,iii��kl.i*��rnii��li
Irtt isihir1^ '
,   -.     _-_...ble��.d"
by PartV.-of tbia set,'
An eUurtLH being made hy
la l'ari|soo to lias;. '* v
tho h��iuK ayatM. llissj
orawn grant. JsmaS I*.
done awa'v wi.hand ��� ���_
.toad.   Mr. llssntar (Cariboo)  objected  to
s*-��a a rbanee of
tbia for it would give .peel   	
boldin/ th* proi-nty wltbsJU ioing
-1' itsverk. I'bj di-scsssvios. will be takeu up
.. luspecliun of Melsllifcroua Mine. Bill
waa further eonaiderail In t'osesnis.oe. fa
ansondnsent nu adoi'ted to Iht s'necl tt.^
I��ur. iu 21 would 1st tl.e limit for a persson or
\mm,m to.op.ral. or handle sny Ural aaglh*
or direct acting sirholati.igeisgln*, any gear,
ed or Indirect holalijig engine, auo any
*l*tio*Arytw',aoAt,th**ta filer Mrs, hen.
Sutrll of a hoiier oTffsBI I^ltiS? u,
rtberdujicap.rloriised'liyldn,;        ^^^
was ssMflsssceua tins. susdmrxMM cem.iltle,
CsdusnlslsN.vig.llo.. .nd 1'rsmw.y ...tSdy
Mil. Hoo. Mr. 0,11. infonud Ik. luuae that
the bia ww intended to aMth tk. claim. o(
the L'ssrer Columbia Narlga|i��a sudTraa.-
nay CsMi.rs.ny, which siudsr Its orlgful ebp,-
trier waa entitled to receive freo. the uro-
,-iiii'e ihs proceed.-of eertoln had., not
owsyvJs^sfOOureaforsuscb mUeotlramwiy
csjurtraetod from Mud Ukt It Upper M.
uiubl* Lake, not .-.ceding ia all M,OW
Kit. V��*m- '     -ssT?-.
rrassMd lb* p.
d. it ��_
granwu tn* >
Ai.etwarda Ii waa wrseu
~itm I
Tbt company ces-.sru.Ud ander Its
'   ~ ilta.efima.seiy.iidbait
        I l�� ��
- jI-.ny��2,MDand :ljW�� set*. ^_���_
lieu of the land H was SMitlad to uwler Ita
t*m*..m. l_��_i_J; _ifc_f
,-. 'lb-siiS w.a for the purpossol
ing Iht Oorernsnem tt cirry oot tbii
charter, in {ull ssat|>faotloa of all Us claims
uuslor lbs original eulxdsfy set. Tht UU he
fore the Jh.sU. wu for tb. purpoaoof enskl
ment.   . ~_.,_^^^^
i >l/'MsK,*SM"''',��"l��i
Ise thought tk. coin pany
,J Wil _
had Mtcounlissd wilh tlselrorlgloelcaolrsc/[
end deserval so consideration. ...
Tbs bill was referred lo csmunlltsr. for. nest
. lu asevlng the aerood resdlig esTlkti.
nansusl Asst, Hon. Mr. Tunar isptakui
thai lb.��� Wu.no n.s�� tu or auaaiisint coc-
te.npl.tel undar the ntw ut. Thtrt wtrt
e.rl.ln emeeraa and tii.laldia KM hid et-
���ptd piyiug luwundw ik.tsl.tiic ul,
isd tl ejpreaMt anHsadwat wu Intend*,! id
reach II
nreaMt anwudawat. wai Int.
iht tiM h*i*i
���. .. ��� jpM.r.1 Aaaw.....H. n��-.
lowl^'tk. example ef older previaee..
adoj'iioa of �� general AssMusssseal Act,[ At
lark. Tsad taken .ten lo IsVoroegMy rtrb.
hor .yatem of, Uirioii, ind io that tnd a
i-smsaatkin kid bw* app-��nted le report on
tkl. n>7 important (abject.
.ha**' fo a* *ms|
,"^tterdiy **)*% "
l>i ipMiilonl.
hoot*l.*Wr'|s**^-i^^,i"iw1��ij; _���**���_���*'������"������� ����rtnttkobi.
Mty put knlf*intl fork In h)>n atttbl*. hut dot* not igsjttd KM."
f]OURTS or AhIsi. Nlil Print. Oyer and
~>- Terminer snd Geinral Gaol IMlmy
wHIbt htldtn in the Conn Hotoa, it tbrta
o'clock la the hireonoa, at Ik* placa. aad SB
tbe date, following, nsnnely. '    '
City of Naiutlne, on th. 9M diy of April,
I City of. Kew yreabnintltr, M Ik. SOrd day
ClPy oi Meissen, en the Tift dayof May. Noi.
Ijly of Rtvabtokiisea this 7th ity.etttay,
ytlftmen, oa tii*llth dayef Uiy,
foi Iin.loop., ou IU XM lay ef ifly',
of Viwscavtr, ta Ihi Hii ity at Mty,
tf Vletorli, oa Ih. IM day ..M.y,
��<dittos,o* Ih. miiajet Hay.
��� By rom,
"    UV.
Feruie. tht cenltaol the ooal Induitry
on the Crowe West Pati railroad, It
named after. Willl��mi*FernIe, tbt original Iqtator of tha black diamonds ol
ihat diitrict, ibant tw*lv* yeara ago.
At that tim. ht wm a common li*
Sorer depending upori hit own manual
labor for a living. He It .now a wealthy mau and came mm winning tht
tlectlon for th. local Itgtililurt lilt
ominer. .' "'
A ftw yeara ago tort *l**h wii Iht
near... town to Ftrnlt, about 70 mil*.
dlitint, and the rtglon around tht
looitton of tbt mines wm covered with
timber ind ihowtdnota .ignofelvl-
liiilion. Todiy Fernlt I. a thriving
town of 2,000. petpl*. Tht tbovt
illuitratlon ihowS* tb* wiy mtn and
towni ire mad. iu tbt Jtorthweit.
British Columbia li dsrslintd to bo
com* opt of ihijMttrlaloaal producing
countrietof ihi'snsblrldr Tke tataeaa
teii* it Vihodnirtr liltbd and of tbe
Crow'. Kest Pan Sivi already eitik*.
liihed their futnrt. ||xp|t)r*tJon In
Ihe Okanogan will be madt thii cojnlig
iummer and proipitta are good for
finding "conl ... lar^e' quantltl.i there.
-Spokane Mining Npw��.
���'- !'':''v>--ltS^i^Wi.: ������;���:
.Oiiawi,. Q��t��'s*��, M��rch 2I.-At
the railway coatmllWe'. netting todiy
a bill o( tht Britiibjl.srlum.lilaSouthern
whleh li really th. (B. P. Hi, ivphtd
lively Of iticism fr*n> (hi wtMtu mom-
btrt. ��� Th* swapaaoVeosMlht power fo
build > brinc1ki,H.n*��i throughout the
province whtntytr authorlxed' by tnt
Govtrnof in Council, k'nd ttj get i fin
yeara' igttuilon of t In-* fo uomplett th.
road.. .,   .,,,.'' .    .   : u
ThtwtsternmeinbWt proittaiedtne'r
gttically .gili.l allowing Iht company
16 blanket tht wholt province of-Brt
tl.h Columbia witb itt eharttr.Mlt
bad done In Manitoba, .nd so rill. th.
development oft h. wintry.
tion to gir. thecowptny oo. yMrn-
ten.lun In which fo begin vwtk, and
to limit ita pawn to build, a branch lo
thi. lin* from Fort Steele to Gdlslsrh,
watidtpttd.'       '���'" -fit
-  reitem*
Mr. Joteph Mirda wMtetradand k
bill aiming at th* kgaMtlng *f-obim.
perty. in thti, MtvMaMta lapwbably
extrcl.lng wlMjittmatloa to to.ure a
mean, ol earning a livelihood whsm ht
rttirt. from (wlitlsSt.iN'tlwti Mlntr.
It h hard to tay wfilefc of tbi rival
applicants for . chirter to build tkt
Coast Koottnay railway will betatmt.
td by th* Qofswumtasl; hnt, raiding
between tht lint* sjt th* rathtr
irnblgnou. innonnrtsmtnt of Govsnrn-
mtnltl polioy niidi on Thursday, it
would not at ill' bt Wrprlalng If tap-
port I. glvm to tkt 0. P. S. propo.il.
-Ntletn Miner.    ���2��   ..������V' -���.
Annptonntry sWegaUtn favor ot
the f., V. * E. r.llwty w��<rrerhs)*rd
i. .*i *.'*.
Uu^Mllw.'HaU, UoUsiTewy Wednudsy
In thi matter of tbt estate of Jon*.
McR.a,   lilt of Ooldtn, B.C.,
KOTICI ia.lseraby givta narsanl to tie
"Truiteu end Eiecutor. Aet" thai all credl*
IbelitbdayolMay. I��M
or bsrfore th. list day of
nsunes, sddreaaM ud dswerlptloaa tk.fs.ll
pirUrslaraof their etalw. tkt aUtemeeto*
iheir teeouit. lad Ihi niltrt nf tht aecorl*
Aad larlbtr tdi. aotle. thai afternrkbssl
aMntioatd date tha uid eaecotor will pre-
ceed to distribute tbe uwta of tbe dtctaswd
���mong the parlta. entitled tkereto, having
regard only io the cUlme ef which beahatl
IsVMlunUWiisd t|_
will not be liable for th.
part thereof, le an
"htatsjUlm notice ���
ctirtdby kirn tub.
uut.. wuy
or pevaosMot
aot have been rati neb dbitribu-
Solicitor for uid eiecutor.
Dated tb. lath dsy of 3*mry. A.D. 1S01.
�������*-,.��*. ����.-ww ... ****  v.ma oi.IM an
Canada. Complete book, h. coarse of pre-
Bration for over a year, now ready- Nearly
lp.ge.1 lOOIDustnitlens, ntsllbillt.llt,
lo girt tht following ihort, eonoitt
' >( C. tl\t*-\i*y tt bt
Th* Sin, *ay Art polioy
statement of
kniw It. ���:      ^_________
ii to p*t amino* thtlr Hah iwiy
from competition and thn fo .kin
hlnt-md bH**t* llriy'r* irtlati wltk
Ikiknlfa."- Saturday Psjal. .
Tht IUv.l.tok. Htrild give* w
nacy I* thtyirn thtt ttwmlnt owntn
ol tht.provlsjc. wlll'rtdiot tb* teal, ef
If th*y Ml to sTMM in tiMnd-
ta.8pecud attention gives te beggag* ef
Ceamtrcial men. Delivered ft anil Irom
atetion Ire* of charge.
Bates, w p.s
regular boardera.
Sppaekd rau. lor
j. 6. ULLOCK,
Is fttll of Business���in fact, we Uvo �� lift] p more
than we c&n handle jnst now. Customers, however-, wait patiently their torn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Pen'. Forget
the Following ';fl^___HI
We are now doing Bursiness on the
and intend to stick to it Or leave town.
ON HAND, This is too large a stock for our present
premises arid we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. Wo are now in the firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS ���������*;������ .' .   .
2,000  TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TIN8 Best Conned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 5 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs,
for 2Sc.
InducsMiMta le Called* aoenh.
....***....*.& uu.,
Clw* tet^oes. ';���   ���
*T. PAIIL'l - OHUiCII or ssTrO|,A��D.
Service, every Sond.y it 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m. Oelabetilonot Holy Communion l.t and 3rd Sund.y. of th* month
after Mprngti J>r��y.r, and on Orttltr
Ftttivsls ud Holy Dtyi at Si.ni*, or
at miy I* announced trom tin thinctt.
SsfodajrXisxJI at��:80 p.m.
All ar. cordially Invited I* atttad
tl.. servleH. ���
^     C P. TaTW, Visit.
Horrid tvtrj) Sunday it 7:30 p.m.
Suiday sSobsfol aad Blkli. Cist* at I
p.m. sharp.
Choir practlea tvtry Thnrtday *v*a-
it 7.        '���> :��� ��� ���'������' .
Bit. W. D. Tinran, Pmor.
,    MBTIODliT oaviog,
Service, tvtry Sunday at 11 a.m. aad
7:80 p.m. .,..���.
Sunday School hi 1:80 p.m.
pt��ytr Mining on Tufodiy it 8 p.m.
'���'���.'.   Gao. Kiiiar, Piilor.
AND.sislMlii.titK.     '
^���fV^'^-T'"' ��� ��� ���
i'*' '"*"''  ��� ���
Dtoect Rout*
���Vail pout.
East and W��*t
During the Holidays we gi ve to every purchaser of
I or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tens a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected [stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   *   .
Taken in exchange tof Goods.   CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
G. B. flleDERJWOT,
Golden* B.G. :
The Prospectors' Exchange
Gold, Sllvfe-Lnd ind Copptr Mint* wanted *t Ih* EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD propertie* want*! it ont* for Eiitsrrn Investor..
Ptrtlt. kiting mining property tor tilt in rtqutttrf to ..ud tamplt. of Iktii
on to tht Etching* fornhlbltlon.
Wtdwln to beer from proep*otor. who hair* promltiag mlatral olsam ia
Britiih Columbia.
Protpeotort t*d mining mtn in rsK)o<tt<d to aak* th* Bukangt tbtii koad-
ojutrttt* when in Noltoo. ���^���������IBM'ksssssssssssssl
All MmpM ihtsald bt tint by tipntt, PBEPAJD.
Ctrrttpondtnot tollelMd.
Auumem r. MMBBSkwaBB
P.O. Bot 700. NELSON,
ite Of Golden.
ibmi lo Iht Iwo pfr twit lag. Thi*
mtr be regarded' At a. MB*.���NtlMn
���eaaethlag Ahee, Aaf ttaelasm.
Mr. Wm. Cim, ti ifctik, Ott, wh. i.
travelling, t* tba W��M ki th* latsweta
of bU mtnnisKturlng -taalMa* hi, the .bore
named lossm, wm in OoUaa dyeing thffcrt
ptrl of last we*, ta) m Mr. Cms. wrtl
ito**l*aad. wltk Ihi Wa ssf Omvtakurit,
rlsmd"i>ba'on the fMlforb**V'���'UraTe*-
haret bit i.r'" "
Pmvlaeiil Ste ratti
. Wh Mirek,
China    .
Por sl**orls>tlv. PampkkiM tad ill In
.   iganl,.   .
atarfot' Joatt
0. B. WBtM,
-^Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is tlie Time to Boy.
Prices I Easy Isms of Payment
QOLDEN i* the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on tb* Columbia Biver, and th*
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching oonn-
try, extending trom th* headwater* of the Columbia Biver
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral dii
the Oolden and Windermere di
fact that transportation Is no'
*- y a rallwar'
lag CwiipMy, XJhSS, tmSbU Si
elfc. ufThiii"JBilia. Dtiiut... laMll
MTMBAY, UM Nth, Mfh,
Mt o'clock"   ���    -'     J*m**'~~~'~"
���iw.|anssusni SB   (lyw
ivay running the leu
 m*de in
_. i*r with th*
���wand at an early dat*
SjH the Colnmbii an**
Mtivjty'ln the^laining camps of ��
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will
SBE**   the .a**,;^^
���.   THE G4)LPEN TOWBJ8ITE nowqtfcred lb,
*��^*ly tiutariumtorti** extension of thibolE
^TteeenAt Hum -at prifesand tenn*obtained oft
'%% Alexander,
S-waw^       H* ��* panon' -*er***hmt?���*~***+<


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