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The Golden Era Dec 29, 1899

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Array '���A^i/-t^Mi-c^c��^
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of Building Mmo for Sale,
Plan prepared. Prompt attention given to
Stock ot over 200 to choose from.
Xmas CAKDS ","1
FANCY   1000
As feoo'l as the Best
Anywhere in the Wost.
FIELD,   the   Drua.2ist.
VOI* IX  NO. 22
$2 Per Year
Fop New Year's
Prime Turkeys* Geese and Ducks.
Egyptian coffee,      Chaso & Sanborn's coffee,      choice Fruits,
seeded Raisins,      cleaned Currants,
Ilallowe Deates,       choice Figs,
Raisins,    Pickled Walnuts,
Queen Olives.
Malaga '
NOW is the right time to buy all norts of Household
i Linens and Cottons, uand to assist those in ne*ed of
" snch goods we have made Special Prices on all
lines of
Towels,    Napkins,    Towelling,    Sheeting,
Bleached Cotipn,     Grey Cotton.
Don't forget the Rink or our
I H.G. Parson,
General Merchant,
Alexa.rjder Block.
Toilet, Necktie, Shaving, Photograph, Jewel and Work
Mirrors, Military Brushes and Perfumery.
Match, card, puff and match bratos.
Fancy Leather Goods of al] kinds.
Over Seventy-five bound books to pick from.
After the Ball
and just before Xmas
I will sell Xmas Goods���Cards, Toys, Silks, Ladies, Gloves
and Mitts, Table Covers, Photo. Stands, Felt
Slippers and Shoos at very
Low    Figures.
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
LADIES'. ...
Watches, Necklets, Brooches, Bracelets,
Lorgnette Chains,     ���   in great variety, at
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. O.,
^Saddle and Pack Hone*
TAKE NOTK* that hd Jays after flats
tre iutstiil tn apply to tbo Chief Commissioner
of Lands tuiil Work, for a special licenso lo
rtttstjil carry away timber on the following
iloscrlM lanilst Situate on Sprimr Crook
MMUt .1 Julias cume its Junctioh with Toby
Creek, in ths Dlatriot of East Koolensy.
cuiiiinsuclnB ata.poslon tlra west side of
Hnriiinr Oreek, thence north oast 1*0 chains,
tbonceorat 70chnin��, theuie norlliiOt-halns,
thence west I'M, tl-.once south !0 chains to
placo of coininenceinoiit, coiitaiitluii 1,000
acres more or less,
winrlormere, "NoveniUr V, SB. 61
NOTICE Is horeby givon that HO daya
after tlj-to we Intentl to make applicstion to
ute t.'hief Commissioner of Lamia and Works
for a speclsl license to cut and carry away
tlmlier from the folltwltijr described Isndst���
Blluatotl on Houliler Creek, in the District of
Lust Koo-eiiuy, at or near the Forks of tutiiio,
cniinnonoinu; at a slutto planted altoiit 100
yards east of the cre-k, thence 160chains
south, thenco 621 chains west, thence 160
chains north, tliom-e��2J chains east to place
of c-uiiiionceiuont.coutsinitm QUO seres more
or law.
W. URN. ABEt,.
Wlndertnero, Oot. SO, MU).
Bltiuta lu Oolden Mining Division of North
East Kootensy.
Where loco-ed-Ou Ihe Middle Fork ofthe
Hplllliiinchene Kiver.
TAKE NOTICE tliat I, Frederick W.
Aylmer, as agent for Harokl E. Forster, Froo
Minor's Certificate No. 2UK4, intend, sixty
day. from date horeof. to apply to the
Mining Kocordt-r for a Certificate ef Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Crunt of the above claims.
.Aad further toko tsotlce that action, under
Section 87, mnst be tsken before the issuance
-rftufhCe'rriUc-to of Improvements,
PsjUd this 14th day el December, 1889.
Dainerd & Holland,
Heals at any honr.
Fish and Oame la season.
���read, CaKtt, Fruit
-*,       and Gonfaotlonery
Alwayi la Stoek.
fresh Oysters.
Imperial BanKof Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital Paid Up ��*,31 1,034
Best ��� 1.502,17%
H. S. Hin.lsi.-1,      ���      President.
T li. Msrritt,        -   -    Vit**- Pros.
Wm. Hsmsav,     T. Buthurhil-d St-wnor
Robert Jalfray, Elhu Rogers,
Wm. Henilt-io.
HaADOri-ltiKi ToHOKro.
D. H. Wit.KIE, Qsuen-I Manager.
E. Hav, Inspector.
MANITOBA. N. W. T. ami tl. C.
Ilrstidou, Calgary, Ktlmoiiton,
Oolden,       Kelson,      ' Portnge In Prairie,
Prince Albert,     Revelstokn,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
{Wellington Street.
Yonge and Queen Streets.
Yongo ami Blow Street.,
King aud York Streets.
Essex, Fergus, Oalt, Hamilton,   Ingors'-ll,
Listowol,  Niagara Falls,   Port  Colbourno
Hat Portage,        fault fito. Marie,        St.
t'atboriuos. St. Thomas,  St.Thoinna (East
End Branch.   Welland,   Wooilstock,   and
Montreal, Qr.e.
Agent-tin Kreat Britaint
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd , 7* Lombard St., London
with whom money may be deposited for
transfer by letter or cable to any of the
abovo branches. ,
Agent* in II111 toil States:
NEW YORK-Bauk of Montreal, Bank of
America. y, '-���
CHII * AOO-First National "Bank.
ST. PAUL-Second NatMml Hat*.
SAN FRANOISCO-Wolls, Fargo * Co,'a
interest allowed on ileooaitsi
Provincial, Mnulciral anil, ethot tlot-onttiros
Available at all point, in Catiailn, Unitul
Kingdom, United Stales.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
A reward of Fonr Hundred Dollars will lie
Slid to anyone giving information that will
ud to conviction of anyone Killing or stealing cuttle and lior.e-.of thu following dramis,
belonging -tn tho Elk H.-.-k ljant.li Co. ami
fl. *. Korsier. *
Cuttle l.rnmlc.-II
'I   On right ribs, half right ear cnt off.
'I   On loft Mil
M On left ribs.
2    On left ribs,
if**-  On left hip.
Ilflraea Ui-andcd:
-I  On right neck.
1   On left shoulder.
M   On left ehotildor.
rf  Ou right shonldcr.
IH   On left shoul-lsf,
Elk Park Ranch Co.
H.E Forster,
Sluclali, B.C., Sept. INIi, 1KB.
Music 1
We   Sell
Tl�� Finest Canadian Piano.
The Mohris���
A Beauty at a Loss Price.
The Uxbbidoe���
Splendid Tone, Fino Api'earnm-o,
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The latest Edison I'liono-
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The Alberta Music Co.
Orchostra for Dances or Concert.,
U.J-1X   II  l'i'        - I SI   II ���
For Sale.
Owing to my inability to
be in the store continually I
am compelled to close out
my business consisting of all
kinds of millinery, Ladies
Fancy Dress Goods, Hats,
Trimnings etc. etc., articles
too numerous to mention. I
will sell the whole stock out
and out at a very reasonable
price and on easy terms.
Parties bying goods now
Mil receive aay article at
���actual cost.
Progress of the Fight, as Published In Our "Daily
War Bulletin."
London, Dec. 23. 4.30 a. m.���Up to
tliis hour nothing 1ms arrived from
South Africa thnt would indicate any
change in the military situation thero.
The War Office is at pvescnt issuing
Hats of further deaths aud wounded as
well as accounts of sickness. Tbe must
perioiiB report of tbe last class is that
sickness had broken out in both the
British and Boer oamps in Natal. Four
hundred of tho British Cavalry horses,
it is said, have already been shot owing to the occurrence of glanders and
the disease is likely to spread with
mnch greater rapidity among rhe British horses than among tbe more hardy
ponies of the Boers, and it is thought
thot this will mean a considerable prolongation of the campaign.
A despatch from Chievely dated
Tuesday December 19th, Says that the
British naval guns abandoned by Gen
eral Duller bave been destroyed along
with the Oolenso foot bridge, thus preventing the Eoevs holding possession
south of Tugela River. The enemy
however are taking np a fresh position
on the eastern side, nearer the Britisli
The British position at Freie is being considerable strengthened. Tugela
River is rising fast, and there arc
prospects of heavy rains.
Two hours' bombardment of Lady*
smith has been heard at Frere.
According to reliable native reports
the Boers lost two hundred killed at
the battle of Cotenso.
News that the Oolenso foot bridge
had been destroyed is believed to indi-
.cine thnt Buller ia more anxious to
| keep the enemy ar bny thau to attempt
any fur bet advances.
Despite the severity of the censorship hints are being continually received at the War Office of the spread
uf disaffection of the Dutch of G:ipe
Colony and Natal. The correspondent
of the Daily Mail says tho extent of
the Di'tch disaffection should make
the Imperial authorities realize the
magnitude ofthe tent before them.
There are unconfirmed rumors from
Oape Toyvu that Sir Charles Warren,
commanding the fifth division, has
���wornml there. ���
The Times this morfftng makes tlle
following announcement: -''We ar*
informed thut the Government have
deedled that it is not desirable to mako
further demands upon the European
garrisons in India unless unfore.-epo
di faculties arise.
An undated heliograph mossago from
Ladysmith by way of Pottermariiss-
t'Vrg rrprcsonts the garri-son as in no
way daunted by Gon. Bolter's reverse,
and they nre still coufidrnr. of being
able to hold oet indefinitely.
Mails oro jnst arriving from Ladysmith. All lho corespondents comment bitterly upon tho superiority of
th** Boor artillery.
London, Disc, _7. -According to do
upatches from Modder River dated
Thursday, December L'I, it. appears that
intermittent firing has been raging on
both sides, all hough tho enemy's shells
fell short of their mark. The despatches
also add that a number of the Fl'tsD
State burghers have surrendered tn the
British forces.
There is nn unconfirmed report to
the effect that the Canadian piquet hatt
I can cut off by the enemy near Belmont.
It ia utterly impossible to verify this
report, however. It is also reported I
h*it fever is raging among the   Boers.!
A despatch to th* Daily News from
Ladysmith dated Friday December
15th, by heliograph, says that at another sortie the previous night General
Hunter, with tive hundred volunteers
destroyod one six-inoh creosote gun,
oue howitzer and one m-ixim, while
one Briton was killed. The Boor gunners find.
There is an idea in some (|uarters
hero that General Butler's destruction
of thu Tugela River bridge heralda an
Attempt to cnt off the Boer forctn uow
smith of tho river, but the general
opinion prevails that Buller will uot
mako any serious move in any direo*
tier) until the arrival of Lord Roberts.
A despatch dated thn l!Hh lW,.-inU'r
snys that tho British imvtl guns st
(.Vlcnso have hcM) cannonading the
Bnlwer bridge over Tugela River with
a view to smashing it completely, thus
pioveiiting the Boer ndvancd in that
The bombardment of Ladysmith is
proceeding slowly. General Jonbert
has snivel hero and ha* been Accord*
ed a hon ity welcome. He addressed
the Boer forces on the 18th inst.
Tho Oape Towu corespondent of tbe
Daily News, tclograuhingon Weilnes*
day, December 20th, says:��� ''Lord
Methnen, I understand, Intends to re-
maiii At Modder River about three
weeks longer. From Boer sources,
hitherto singularly wsll informed, I
learn that there are eight thousand
European officers and mon, skilled in
Modern military tactics, particularly
artillery, now In Pretoria as a reserve.
Au administration official tn the Cape
service says, they are not worth
London, Dec. 28.���A despatch from
Chievely camo, Natal, dated -Tuesday,
Deo. 26th, says "The naval gnus began
shelling the Boer position at 5 o'clocfi:
Ibis morning, using lyddite, The*
shelling continued about two hours,
Ever sine* Uie engagement nt Oolenso
tha enemy hs* been energetically improving their tn trench men ts and can
be seen gslloptus About freely from hilt
to hill ��U tbe tfiae, Ladysmith also
[had a busy morning of it tbis morn-
ing shelling tha Boer strongholds oft
VmbaUowaft Mounting tho bunting
shells being plainly visible at Chievely."
Chievely Camp, Dec. 22.-To day
our scouts having reported the Boers
in force on this side of Tugela River,
three regiments of regulars, supported
by artillery nnd all tha available
mounted volunteers under command
of Lord Dundouuld, advanced on tbeir
poiltlon mid drove tin-mi bank across the
river. The British captured all their
Kimberley, Wedi eftday 20:���At
half-past two this morning a mounted
detachment under command of Col.
Parkman, with three maxima and
three seven-pounders under Major Mc
Donald, reconnoitred, leaving the tin
trenchmiitits. The British advanced to
Loll pan, where the Bner plquell open-
id firo on us. Our maxims replied in
stnntly causing tha Buers to disappear
over the rid go, Four guns then began to shell Lollpun iu a range of
2,fi(10yards. The Boer guns dropped
four shells near our men but did hot
do any damage, As the Boers wore
strongly iiiiirenciied wo \vithdi-ew
without further advancing. The Boer
guns are well posted.
Chievely Camp, Dec. 25. Christmas
day. Although two armies were in
sight of each olhv.t will) the tfemi-ent-
tureatono hundred degrees in the
sdade, the British to-day enjoyed
characteristic Christmas cheer, everyone iu the camp making ibe duy enjoyable.
London, Dec. 2R. The Morning
Post received the foiiotfing from Mr.
Wins*-jn Churchill, under date of De
cember 2Gt h, telegraph ing fromChievelv
Camp, where h* has arrived safo and
sound: ���"All ranks have complete
confidence in Sir Redvers Butler and
ih<>re is a stern determination to succeed the next time at all costs. There
is a painful impression caused among
the troops liy tlte announcement of a
change in tbe coinmandt-r in chief, and
tbe soldiers tier.', timh rank and file,
are resolved to vindicate their trusted
It is reported frotn C��p6 Colony that
the authorities there ha-.e enrolled
forty thousand volunteeis for service
in South Africa.
To-day's JleWa.
London, Dec- 29.- Despatches from
the front represent the Boers a* being
in a very norveous condition and thut
Itiuj- ura [������  *.-,tx*-tt.t,L d-cHaJ at ���>--���   -.*,*
ish advancp, ulihou^h ibis is probably
an exaggeration.
Cape Town despatches complain of
the ini-j'4 lacy or thi h rtpilal arrati ge
meutsamong il.e troo|.s in South Africa
It is now estimated (hat the present
war will cost at least sixty million*of
pounds, and it is an*, gested that the
sinking fund of the national debt, be
suspended for fivd or six years in orJer
to defray the cost of tho campaign,
Tho Boers have converted the hills
around Colensointo fortresses of im-
inencostrength. Everywhere tliey have
constructed splendid trendies, many of
thom lieing bomb-proof. Tramway
lines have been built, v. Iilch permit the
moViug*of guns with most astonishing
rapidity. Their main positions are co i��
nected with all the outlying [osiiions
bv underground passages, and the forts
proper are bristling witli machine guns
thut command ail the npproehes, whtln
it is most prohabletli.it mines nrn laid
indifferent directions.
Chievely Camp, Natal, Wednesday.
Dec, 27.--A heavy Boer gun fired Steadily on Ladysmith throughout the morning, 'fhe garrison did nOt reply. The
enemy having been do'ecied Again attempting to improve their trpuohea
facing Bntler, the Britisli heavy guns
opened fire upoil them and tlm Dan
scampered back unto the hills, Tbe
British pntroU sighted the enemy in
force on our extreme left, Nino Boers
.vere killed in tlio skirmish that* foi
lowed aud six Boer waggons captured.
Tho    correspondent
Whits the burden of upholding *.h<f
| credit of the Empire rests heavily on
the men who are going to tho front}
and those left behind, it is tbe duty art
well as the privilege of tho larger
number of us to lighten thai burdei*
us much as possible,
These men are sacrificing tbeir lives
ttiAt others may enjoy the liberty and
freedom that we do, and we should not
wash our hands of our responsibility
until we have provided for those near
and dear to those left behind. Besiders
they ribt; their lives nnd upend tbeir
time.for it?, end we .should see that
full justu,e be dono With this end iu
tiinv a fund basl^Mii est:��IdI*hed kuown
us the Mansiop House Fund, and foi
the widows nud OJphans of ''The Ab-
sflpt Minded Beggar." The question is,
Is Golden going to contribute towards
tliat fund or not? Is it not a ^ebt of
honor, and forthe glory ofthe Kritprrc^
Before another issuo of the Era, wo
shall be greeting each other wilh a
"Happy New Year." But probably at
no time since Crimean days shall it lie
said wiih such a tinge of sadness and
sympathy, ��s there are few of us io-
deod who have not a relative or a
friend in South Africa battling for
human rights and British liberty.
Wbo can doubt but that we shall win,
and in years to come we Canadians
shall be able ro sing the National Aif-
them with plory in the might and
grandeur of the British Empire.
At the Caondiau society, held af>
New York a few days ago Sir Roderick
Caine-on who responded to the toast,
"The Land or Our Birth, said iu part;
Nort hern men are never conquered.
Tlm Dominion people will some day
rule the continent of North America'
Europe lias over forty governments nqw.
hut tbere aro only two kinds ,<**f
government on this continent. If tdr��f
there ls-a change, the Dominion will
nitnftx New England, as much of N-5*rtr
Yutk as she wants, and take some of
the western plains, England is right
in h r present war Shi tvill win in-
*i(Jc of 00 days. An English man i:cver
knows when he is beaten, and has
never been known io admit defeat- A
little blood-letting now and theu is not
Pitch a bad thing after all";
Unbounded patrioiiz.enthu&iasm was
dianlaiitd ut Nelson nt the smoking
couoorl in aid of the -Mansion Houao
l-'iind Tho large opera housjwaspaclc-
ed to the doors and oheering was al-
moeijcontiuaious throughout! the pro-
gn-.-s oi the long programme. The)sihjs-
llig of '-The Absent-Minded Beg��&f*'
was greeted with snch a storm of gold
uud silver thar tho singer hud to fled
from tbtis'nge. One enthustaettB m\ti9f
wrapped a large bill around a piece of
ore and throwing it at the stage inflicted u nasty scalp wotliid ou the gbHtlHf*
man who was playing tho accompaui-1
ment lo the song. Merchants donated
articles which were sold at auction
am) brought fancy nrices. Bottles of
beer went at over $10 each, aud two
tiny flags, the Union Juck and Stars
aud Stripes, worth not more than five
cents each, brought -$15. Turkeys were
disposed of for 67 and $6 and cigarA i*t
f>0 cents each. Never was such loyalty
displayed in tbe Kootenra and as a re-
suit the Mansion Hou so fund will to
increased by SI,400 ns Nelson's contribution,
^^^^^^^^^^^^Jho Da ily
News announces that a tramway is ire*
ing constructed from the rallw ay tn ..
hill commanding the Boer posit (oh nnd
that along this tramway thn British
will convey their heavy guns.
London, Dec. 20, \ despatch to
the Dailv Mail from Plot erm arti Kim eg,
dated Srturdny. Dec. 2;Jrd. snys overy
day bring'' something new regarding
the streugi h of the l-*.*.r position ut
The secrotary-trciieiirflr ofthe Golden Fire
Protection Association tltnukt'ully acknowledges thn following contributions from the
many wliobwlo hotwfls doing btiBiucs* herot���
Liii-M, Steele Jtc Briatol. Ilnmilton S5f��.0t>
Geo. ��. Tucket & Sun, H:.niiltou ..
Wood, Vflthim & Coi, Ilnmiltoft. * *
Thou. B. (Jreeniug & to., 1 IniuUton
Gurney Stove Hange Co., W'pg ..
.lohnton & Wallace, Wpg
Myron McBrWe ft Co., Wpg ....
Ji ft T. Bell, Thst Shoes. Montreal... $i0.m ���
I., ft O. Gmth, Bostort C*g��r Montreal ,\om I
McMennanft MvNeely, Vsneov-nr . SI0.00
Tho-*. Dunn ft Co. Vnucotiver' S10.00
Also from tho followfng weft ktioftit gonial
commercial travellers:���
h. F. Moneyneuny, Toronto
Doti&kl McEwan .Mon'viat
R. **��� Pediler. LondoH
ft. II. Jamitisoii. VictorFu .
O. R, Dixon. Calgary	
A. tfesBranny. Victoria   *,.
V: A. Smith. Vancouver ...
W. It. Angus- Toronto	
i. Faliey. Toronto ,
Alton D. Dodds. Wiuuipeif.
Public School Examinations.
The Christmas examinations at tliff
Public School were held on Thursday
iiftd FtMftj afte: nfaons Of last week. A.
number of thu parents aud friends of
the pupils were present each afternoon.
After die examination ol iho different classes in tho senior division n
n mu ber of prizes Were distributed.
Mrs J. E, Griffith presented the pupils.
Space will not permit us to mention
i he winners of the prizeif suffice it to"
sny that about twenty prizes wenr*
given hy the business men of the town
and the teacher,
Early in the term Mrs, ft. A. Kimpton donated two silver medals for de-
norttneut to the school in memory of
little Clifford Kimptort nn excssdlngly
brlglfl little bul, whose life wan cut,
short by sickness !nst iititumn. One of
rhe medals was set spuri foi- the senior'
and one for the junior division of thrf
school The medals were presented t<r
Mutreif Mcintosh or tlio junior, and
Jaok Purson of tbo senior division.
Mrs. J, E. Griffith in pre-onting 1 her
medals to the recipients, spoke a \evt
kind words of encouragement.
This being ovor Mr. J. E. Griffith/-
on behalf of the   pupils,   stopped   for-
wnrd and   with   a  few   well   choseif
words' presented Mr, J. A. Bates,  ihtT
principul, with a  gold   fountain pen.
In reply Mr. Bates thanked Iho pupils-
for the beautiful ami useful gKt, whlclf
was   an   entire   surprise,   and thutotf
Christmas and New   ��onr   he   would'
ten  on memory's   page n  kindly   re<"
885001 inembranco of his pupils.
$15.00;    After short nddresyeiby tho�� pTes'
Wftflbrint on  eaeh   afternoon,   soft oof wast
8I&00 -dlstfldsed until January 8th.
efiO (M ' *.*i ���     ������������!     ���-������-��� -!������!��� r ���������.���������������������>��_. -**'maa*f
810 Ai!
LIQT10& LlCENt E  ACf, f89��
. 810.00
A: �� si'ecM   nteeiinir  *f. rfte   PAnW  <�����
Lice'iifc C'oiiiini.sMioiair's tor   Up  North  l*it*i
l.noieuay Distrji-t io be hold in tho  Uove'riV
n.eiit oili-i-e, (iulileu m 4 oVliti k in   tlio  lifter'
������,,,..  iioou uf FiiU'i.y the tiWh Ueeoadier lftif>, tlitf
KiOO followingapptii-ntri n wiH lo toiihH.ta'il:--
Caundinn P;;eille Hiulwny Conipauy, Mor?*
tieal, b'dtj.il UtdUa, JloiwtStephen"
Hotel, Field, H.O.
Chief Licence Inspectw,*
K. Parkor,Toronto*-.:..V..".  95,00 i Holden, Deeotnbor Mlvrim,-
| Ami   Iho   llriyutlM  UlvUJoil ut   Artillery
'       fni- S|)Rt'lul Soiylen In  South   AlVltn.
OOOO   SPIRITS AND      Ottawa. Dec.   88.���A militia order
I issued tonight gives full details of the
._^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^_.       : regiment to be organized ni the  "Oan*
  a nan Mounted Kiflea aud  tbe Brigade
���tiler* U-tt Killed, 146$ ffoiwded,! Division of Artillery," for special ser-
77��� . i ***** *. ��! u.iio.i ���T1C?I iu $��tdh Alr.o.**. The composition
146-Lord Kitchener Has Sailed    i(rf tb_ (br_0 ^^ ond   ,be thpjm
for Malta on the Cruiser X*ti.      ! Bquudrous have  been   already  given.
. . The   squadron   will be   divided into
,.    ��� ., "A," "B"anrt "C" un I the batteries
London, Dec. 23.��� The  Daily Mail lnt0 ..0 .. ,.Dm nml .._g ���>
says:   "We understand that news Jiasj    ..A>. BqUa(fr0Ui Mounted Rifles, will
arrived from Hen. White to the effect
that Ladysmith is well supplied with
food and ammunition and oau hold o_t
mnch longer than has beeu estimated.
The troops are described as in goad
spiiit and anxioiu to fight."
London, Dec. 28.��� There is as yet
no definite news regarding the military
operations iu South Africa. Probably
this is becaus) tbe only cub's that is
now working is choked with official dispatches. General Boiler's casualty
list at Cob uso, just ut-.blisi.eri, shows
that UO wero killed and 746 wonuded
827 are described us mi-hiiu and of
these about 40 nre known tu bu prison*
ers iu tbe hands of tho Boers. This
makes a lotul larger than (Jen. Bul
ler's original estimate.
Royal letters eigned by the (jaeeu,
nre being circulated by the ntchbisnop
to tbe bishopB of the various dioceses
authorizing u colleotiou in the
churches throughout Kngluud on January 7. in uid ot the fund for slok and
wonnded Boldiers and their families.
Interest centres for (lie moment in
the preparation tu send nut reinforce'
incuts. The vnrions city nuihia hive
given an additional ��12,00" 'or tlr expenses of the imperial volunteers, be-
sides gifts of homes, nnibniuuces and
other paraphernalia. The latest not
able volnnti-rii iticlude th" two ue
phews of Lord Roberta, Major Charles
Shois'on and Major Maxwell Slier*.���on,
their brother was killed at Glencoe.
The admiralty has decided to dis
patch another naval brigade of 700 nun
to South Africa.
It is believed that in mobilizing the
eighth division, tho war otlice wiil
have recourse to some extent to the
militia, it bc-dug deemed inudvU -bio to
denude the home garrison over much of
regulars. ^^^^^^^
The ohauoelli r of the exchequer, Sir
Michael Hicks-Beami, hns issued n formal denial that any differences exist in
the cabinet regarding war expenditures,
According to a di-putch from Cape
Town ttiere is a good deul ot distress in
the Orange Free State, owing to thi
scarcity of Rraiu.
Tbo staff of Lord Roberts includes
Major Gen. Pretyuiau an 1 Vi count
The British war otlice received n dispatch dated Sunday, Dec. 17, confirm
ing the Associated Press dispatch that
Lieut Ohandospole-Cell was taken 1
prisoner last Thursday going to meet a
ting of truce.
Alexandria, Deo. 83.���Lord Kitchener arrived this evening fioui Cairo, and
went on board the second class British
cruiser Isle, whioh immediately sailed
for Malta.
Cairo, Dec. 23.��� Gen. Kitchener has
arrived in thia city, ami win given an
ovation bv Lord Croumr. the British
consul general, aud others. He im*
mediately boarded n iruiu bound for
Oape Town, Deo. 28.���As a result of
th* inquiry into the disaster to tbe
British transport Ismore, whioh went
ashore on tbe rocks in St. Helena Bay
on Deo, 8, the oaptain has had his certificate suspended for ni_ months.
General Jim Kock.
General Kock was one of the conspicuous Boer leaders, lu the lighting at
Gleucoe his cominaud was badly cut
up, and be wns wounded aud captured
by the British.  He died Inter.
Afreets Lumber Trade.
Ottawa, Dec. -.8.���The Hornh African
Umber trnde although not largo, hai
been killed by the present war. Canadian lumber shipments cannot be
made owing to tbe absence of chipping
facilities und the cessation of building
operations iu Sooth Afiican towns.
Regnlnr shipment.- of dcors and sashes
wen made from here to Newcastle,
Oape Towu, Johunuesbnr^ und Pieter*
maritabcrg, bnt now shipments can
only be made lo Oape Town, It is ex
pectcd, nowever, thut the close of the
war will usher in u market boom in tha
Gunadinn turn I or trade with South Af*
Lemieux (iuillj.
Monties), Deo *'���'���.��� Ferdinand Leui-
tens was fouud guilty-this morning of
having signed a false ret urn to the gor*
���rnment of the standing ot La Bauqne
Ville Marie of which be was chief ao*
cocntant, and sentenced to tbree years
in the penitentiary.
Pekiu, Deo. 28.���Li Hung Chang has
beon appointed octiug viceroy of Canton, the present iiicumb.nt of thatofT.ee
coming to Pekin. It is believed this is
preparatory to his degradation in compliance with the Frci'i-h demands.
Hie Fair Prop-si I tlea.
"Are you able to support my daughter?' asked the old gentleman. "Ton
know, she bss pretty expensive tastes,
and I don't mind saying that tbe burden
has been pretty bard for me at times,"
'That's just the point," exclaimed the
prospective benedict. "If I marry her,
we can divide the expenses."���Chicago
WkM She Is Coatnt,
Maud-Do you like to ban men flat'
ter you?
Stool-Ob, I don't mind If thn bap*
mi  to  bt  photographer*.���Barper'e
be divided iuto four troops. The first
aud second will be concentrated at Toronto, tho third ut Montreal, and the
fourth at Halifax, N.S
"B* squadron, first troop, will be
enrolled at Wiuuipig, aud concentrated
nt Winnipeg, second troop, enrolled at
Portage la Prairie, Brandon, Virden,
Yorkton, Winnipeg, aud concentrated
at Winnipeg; third troop, enrolled at
Regina and concentrated At Regiua;
fonrth troop, enrolled nt Mcose Jaw
uud Rcginu, uud concentrated at
"0" squadron, first troop enrolled at
Priuce Albert, huttleford nnd Regina;
second troop enrolled at Moosomin,
Qa'AppelU', Regiua, uud conoentrutd
ut Regina; third troop enrolled nt Lethbridge, Mucluod, Mediciue Hat aud
Maple Oreek und couceutrated ut Regain; fourth troop enrolled nt Calvary
nud Edmonton and concentrated at Cui-
muttlitit'iit'oiiM--Standard I) igtit 6
feet U inches witli 84 iuohes chest men-
mi re men t. Age not less than 22 years
or more than 40, Time for enlistment
six mouths witli liability of extension
to one year. Pay ut rates laid down
for Northwest Mounted Police at lime
of disembaikatiou ut South Africa, af*
ler thut dale pay will be issued by imperial government. The men who offer
for enrollment are invited to offer their
own horses and if acceptable will become tiie property of the government
Standard ttjie of horses to be between
five and teu years; height 15 to Hi}-*
hands and practically sound; saddlery
will be provided.
Tho medical officers of the permanent corps aud ihe Northwest Mounted
Police will inspect the men. Where
these ure not available others may be
ohoseu. Men uud horses will bo kept
ut the place of enrollment. Distriot
otrlcerB nonmiu tiding will pay uli expenses out of the imprest sent them.
A batch of other details follow and
uro similar to that ismed in connection
with the rntsiiig of the fir.-ttontingtnt.
The brigade ai vision of artillery will
comprint' C battery, mobilized nt Kingston, D ut Ottuwu, uud E at Quebec.
There will be u lieutenant colonel commanding, adjutant, medical officer und
veterinary officer. The detail of u field
battery u oue major, oue captain, three
subalterns und otlier-**. Iu the brigade
division there will bH ill officers or 581)
of all ranks w th 27 horses, and one
section of each battery will bo from
the Royal Cnunttiau Artillery aud
the remaining two cectiuus
from lhe field batteries of thu :uti***e
militia. The militia enrollment will be
uurried out ut already stated
The Onuadiun Mounted Rifles will
Imvo ana liauteuaut colonel in command, u second iu command, uu adjutant,a transport officer, a qnurtcriuuster
and u medical ctfloer. Etch Fquudrou
will have a major, a cuptuiu uud three
subalterns. Altogether there will be
25 officers or fittl of all ran**, und n.Hfl
Tim ruiiiuiiiui Paul (Id wilt llaiiatti iiutid
Mllltlly  III  111,'   Winnipeg  lllllllxtl' til,
Winnipeg, Dec ���*.(>. ��� Mr. William
Brydou, President of the Wiuuipeg In
dustrial, hus re eivefl n letter frem the
geuerul manager, Mr. Heub.ich, who 1b
at present in Mout eul, staling that he
has just had tin iireiview with Mr.
Shaughuessy uud Mr. Boswortti with
the result "that the Canadian Pacific
Rnilwuy havo recognized the speoial
effo ts of the dirt ctoruie of tho Winui
peg Indnstiial in their determination to
make next year's nuunul exhibition
cmimieiiiorutive cf the opeuiug of the
twentieth century, by donating to the
associatiou u casb subgcriptiou equul to
the revenue received for tim transportation of exhibits."
Police Si-arch for Lust Miners,
Ottawa, Deo. ^8.���During the lntter
part of Au; ust u putty of Northwest
Monntod police, consisting of Corporal
Sbirvlug and two constables, left Duw>
'son to search for lost mining parties on
the Edmonton trail. For Kome time no
tidings of the rescuers were received,
and it was feared that something had
happened them. Comptroller White,
of the Mounted Police office, received a
dispatch slating that the police party
had icturned from L.i Pierre's house to
Dawson about Dec. 11, having found
two dead bodies ou the trull. These
were Moffatt und Holmes, who uie said
to have gone from Pembroke. The
police also reoelved soma information
in regard to the death ot ���* mau named
Belleveuu. La Pierre's house, where
tho police feuich tt-riiiiuitti'tl, is near
the mouth of tbo Mackenzie river.
Dubuque, Iu., Dec. 38.��� Tbo car
shops at the Chicago, Milwaukee and
St. Paul ruilway were completely destroyed by firo Wednesday.
College Burned.
Akron, Ohio, Deo. 211.��� The main
bnilding of Buohtel college, iucludiug
all the laboratories, library, meu'a
and women's dormitories, was burned
to the ground last night. The fire
started in ibe men's dormitory about
five o'olook and spread to oilier por-
tioni of the building rapidly, Mnch of
the personal property of the students
aud a large number of vuluuhle books
from the library wero saved. The loss
Is fully $100,000 with $Uo,00t) iusnr-
finrled Alive.
New York, Dec. 30.���Members of
the Academy of Medioine were startled
last nigbt by tbe uncanny declaration
of Dr. Henry J. Oarrlgnes, -who said
that out of every 3*. o coffins pnt nnder
the ground In this country, the ooou*
pant of at least one was simply In a lethargic state nnd was buried alive
Five Mlunenyolli poople were drown.
ed neat- 0,-iivle, Yukon, their boat being
enn?licit in   the ire.
Tlm Whit* mar liners-*MujuiM, Brit*
tan If ami Cymric, have uteu taken IU
British transports.
Only a Powerful Attacking Force Can
Hope for Success���Euemy Well
Supplied With Ammunition.
London, Deo 31.��� The gravity of
tbe military situation is .again beoom-
iug accentuated in the pnblio mind,
owing to the complete absence of news.
^Nothing has been heard from Lord Methuen since Suuday, and it is feared
that his cum in uuicutionj*-huve been cnt.
A correspondent cf the Daily News,
telegraphing from Modder River last
Saturday says: 'The Boer position, already formidable ou Dec. 11, has since
beeu greatly strengthened, extending
for nn area of 13 miles. Itiseutrenohed
according to the m st modern methods
throughout its entire length. Wire
fences have been plaovd before all the
trenches ut every point, guns have been
piitintopositi.i), and there is every
evidence that the Boors nre well supplied with ainniiiuition. Only a powerful uttaokiug force cuu hope to make
U Successful tl-H.Ult.'
Tho Times iu au article frotn the pen
of a military expert, laments the disper*
siou of the British forces, and quotes
the innxiin uf Nupuleou in favor of
concentration, and legiets thut Lord
Methuen did not retire to Omuge river
a week ago The latest dispatches re-
oevied seem to show thut the British
fores are stnudiu *i ou the defensive at
all points. Gen. Buller is ordering
the troops now arriving at Oape Town
to proceed to Durban to reinforce the
Natal column. The absence of news
from htm has led lo the surmise that
he is trying to join Gen. White by u
flank moveiueutt.
Tbe appeals for yeomanry and volunteers are beiug lespouded to with the
greatest enthusiasm iu all parts of tbe
country. Lord Wolseley pn-poses thut
the forces being raised by the lord
mayor of London le called "City of
Loudou Imperial Volunteers." The
government expects the total of yeomanry to retell 8.000. Baron Oheshum
will command with Lord Lonsdale as
adjutant geueral.
Tho Australian colonies ure responding eug.rly to the imperial governments appeal for second   contingents.
It is reported that the Queen will
abandon I or propose I visit to Italy in
consequent'!' of tbe war.
London, Dec. 31.���The Daily News
lias the following dispatch from Oape
Town, dated Sain nuy. Dec 16: "The
Boers intend to make a big stand at
Stormberg, uud nre amassing a great
force at the abandoned bridge camp.
One command of 3,000 consists chiefly
of rebel.Dut li."
London, Dec. 30.���A Oape Town dispatch dated Saturday, Dec. 10. says:
"1'ivs hundred colonists of the Viotoria West district have perfected un
apparently anti British organization
there and us individuals have opeuly
expressed disloyalty and have threat'
eued to attack the railway station
which is on the direct Hue b-tweeu
uape towu aim ���� Aar. Tho Afrikander buudltcs at a meeting there
passed u resolution thut the troops in
the viciuity irritated the farmers dangerously. The meeting proclaimed its
loyalty, bnt declared tbo conduct of the
troops forced the people to use expressions aud commit acts which were capable of beiug interrupted  as disloyal."
Who Has the (-iunat
Loudou, Dec. 20.���It still seems
donbtfnl whether tbe guns General Bul
ler abandoned nt Colcnxo ure in tbe
possession of the Boeiflt Au Associated
Press dispatch from Durban, fyled on
tbe evening of the battle, bnt only now
received, stated that the guns were
covered by the heavy guns of General
Hildynrda' brlagdc, occupying un eu
trenched position. The dispatch adds
thnt Uie Boers have thus far not attempted to cross the river and cairy off
the gnus. Advices to tbe Associated
Press from Pretoria, nnder the same
date, say that uu official Boer dispatch
reports two guns, thirteen wagons aud
a qnnutity of uinmuuitiou captured,
besides 208 pri oners.
A special dispatch from Durban
Natal, dated Saturday, Deo. 10, says it
is rumored that Geuejul Buller called
for voluuteers to recover the abandoned
guns, aud that a purty issued from the
oamp ufter midnight uud brought in
the guns, whioh were uniujured.
-Herman Coaling Stations*
Berlin. Dec. 30.���In Oonnt Vou Due-
low's budget speech last week occurred
a passage indicating Germany's need of
a uuniler ot points d'nppui and coaling
stations for the German navy. This
passuge was purposely worded cautions
ly, tbe meaning being spine what veiled,
so as not to attract the suspicious or
otber nations; but there is the belt
authority for the statement tbat Germany's alms, duriug the next four
years will be earnest I r* dlreoted to the
acquisition of u number of suoh points
in part of tbo world where German
war vessels in a tlmetf uotual hostility
wonld need them most, particularly
in the far east, the Antilles, Central
America, Sooth America and Polynesia,
Nearly Snffocated.
Montreal, Deo. 18 ��� A dangerous
Are broke oot abont 7 o'olook last even
irg in oue of tbo dry kilns of tbe
Shearer and Brown Lumber Oo,, on
Seignnres street. It quickly spread to
the adjoining bnildings, and it looked
for a time as if the whole establishment
would go, bnt tbe firemen did splendid
work, and nfter two hours got it nnder
control. Tbe firemen from stations 7
and 10 had a narrow e onpe. They
were iu the shed fighting the flames
wheu they suddenly found themselves
ont off from the door. Their comra'es
rescued them jnst in time from suffocation.
Dallas, Texas, Dec. 28.��� F. H. Ethe-
ridge, a prominent lawyer today shot
and killed Attorney Edwin 0, Harrell,
in a crowded elevator in the North
Texas building. Ethe idge is iu custody.
The men quarreled conoerning professional affairs.
Uavld Lamar/* of Park Itivt-r, N. D, Is
salute the Oreat Northern railway for
���80.000 for injuries sustained while be
ing put off a train-:
Cow position of   CHnudlan Contingent as
Oiitllurd by tin* Minister of Mllltla.
Ottawa, Dec. 3],��� The composition
of the seconu Ouuniduu contingent to
join tbe British forces in Sooth Africa
is no longer a .natter of speculation.
When the minister 'of militia left the
privy council room, wherr- tbe cabinet
bad beeu fitting, nt 5 o'cto?k thia nfter
noon, be was interviewed by yonr correspondent on the matter. Although
there is not mn:h to add to what hu
already beeu outlined lu tbis correspondence the statement of Dr. Borden
will satisfy tke iu||ic mind on the
whole subject and iir that regard will
be welcomed uud read witb interest.
"In the first place," said the minister of militia, "I may sny thnt the expression truiut d men was used in tbe
cable received from the war office and
iu regard to lhat point, the following
uuble wasrece'ved l>y His Excellency
tbe Goveruor Gt ner.il lost evening fioiu
Mr. Obamberlain, which rends as follows:
"London, Deo. 10���With referenoo
to expression trained men, the secretary of statu for war explains that volunteers must be good shots nud i ompet-
cut riders, bnt need not be members of
nuy regular drill force.    Cbntuberlniu.
"The entire contingent will be 1,044
in strength Them will be three
squadrons of mounted rifles or f>8t of
all ranks, one squadron aud half a
squadron will ba taken from the Northwest Moulded Police, the other squadron and half squadton will be seleoted
from the different cavalry ��� orps and
dragoous throughout the Dominion and
from good shots nud riders wherever
they ure to be fouud, uud there are
quite u number uf tbem to be had in
westeru Oanada lhe three EquAdrous
will have 511*0 horses.
"There will he three field batteries,
the strength of each being 171, or filS
in all. They will have ��l)i) horses.
The artillery will le taken from the
field batteries uli over the Dominion.
"There will be uo infantry, nothing
but artillery aud mourned troops. The
recruiting will te done at the headquarters of the batteries iu the case of
tbe artillery; for instance at Kiugston,
Gauououe, Winnipeg, Haniltou, St.
Cathariues. Toronto, Guelph, Ottawa,
London, Port Hope Quebec, Montreal,
Granby, Wooistock, N.B., New Oastle,
N.B. Sydney N.S.'
"The mourned lilies will be Toronto,
St. Catharine*,PeterLoro,Ottawu,KingB-
tou,London,Montreal,8 ssex, N.B., St.
John.N.B ,-"Quebec,Cunning,N S.; Win*
uip'Ki Portage la Prairie, Virden, Bran*
don, Yurkton, Begins, Mcose Jaw,
Prince Albert, B.ittleford, Moosomin,
Qu'Appelle, Lethbridge, Fo:t Maoleod,
Medioine Hat, Maple Creek, Calgary
aud Edmonton.
"The lecruitiug will be conducted
by the district officers commanding and
Couiini-tiouer Herchmer und the diltriot offltets of the mounted polioe.
Grain, Proviricr.31*. Stocks
Pi Win OonnacUoa wl h .'1
Onl. udSMlritlaatuui.il
*ypMOod.tan3��d upon ��MHea>
IM PiUmm Bt., WlaalHf. -*-*���
r. O. DBA WEB lia-f.
Major General Sir Arrhili.lil Hoatcr.
Wheat���Matiitotu No. 1 hard at Fort
William, OiHo.
Floor���Oj-ilvie'a Hn-iguriuu pateiit,
$1.90;Oleuora, 11.10; Mauitooaalroug
baken', $1.60; XXXX II.30; Lako ol
the Woo.lapat.-ol, f 1.90, -trotiR tinkers',
11.10; Medora. fl.to; XXXX $1.80
per aaok of 98 pound*, delivered in
Millfeed���Brau iu balk, IS. 60 to
110.00; shorts iu balk, .11.AO to
Iii).00 net.
Oronnd Feed -Bent Oat chop, 1*0
por tou; uiixnd barley and onts, lit* 00;
barley chop, *!**; Utloake3,|*i8 per ton.
Oata���Mi'liii-.-, UTo, ul"l '""'I tirade*
35 to 3tto on Irat k hero.
Oatmeal���Per aack of BO Ilia. 11.70.
Barley��� 30 lo 38a for lernl; mulling,
83o ou Ita k here.
Ooru���10 to 4lo ou trutk.
Wheat���At aonnlry paint., -18 to 5.'lo
per bushel.
Flui���At eooutry points, |l 30 per
Hoy���Wild, baled, *ti CO   lo  |0.60;
timothy, baled, 17.60;   looae, ��6 to|0.
Bolter���Creamery, 38,*; dairy, 18 to
1 33o for Hue grade*.
|    l.heette���Mauiioba,     Itto;    Outario,
I 1��H��-
|     EgRH���Strictly frelh, SOo.
<    Vegetables���Poutoes, 46o per bushel;
. carrots, 40o per bushel; lurnips, 30 to
: 3;">e per bushel ; beeta.   80  to 40o  t er
bnahel;   parsulps,   I'-jO   per  pound;
pumpkins,   1 Ho per lb.;  dry o'uious,
76c to |1 per bushel;  cabbage,   **-*;  to
lo per pound   celery,   80o.   per dozen
buuohes; green houso lettuce,  40o per
doaeu bunches;   groeu luuse parsley,
80o per dozen bunches.
Seneca root- U7o per pound.
Hide..���Inspected hides, No. 1. ""..-i0*
No. 3, OHo; No.   8,   6%c.     Bruudea
hides  grade  No.   3, aud bulls No. 8.
Kip, 7o; oalf, 8 to 8.',,o  dead iu skin*,
36 to 86o eaoh;sheepskins, fresh killed,
60o oaoh; couutry tkin! and lambs, 80o
eaoh; horsehides,60c lu 76o each.
Wool���Uuwashed Manitoba fleece, 8
i to 8c. per ponnd.   Noue offering.
Dr. sued Meats���Beef, fauoy Christinas, OH to 7c; ordinary (trades, 5 lo-flo;
mutton, 9o; lamb,0 to Ida; veal, 7 to
8o; dressed hogs. 6^ to 0 per ponud.
Poultry���Turkeys, lie per pound,
dressed weight; geese, Oo per pound;
dnoks, Ho per pound; olilnkeu-*, Oo per
Moutreal. Deo 18.���J P. Hamilton,
bookkeeper for Morh-y k Ami'trou-i,
wholesale hi t nud shoe firm. Wellington West, who intrigued lately, has beeu
mU-tiug uud an expert accouti-aut fln-^ri
he is a defaulter to a cons.dtrnble,
General Hunter, chief aid to General
Bit- George Stewart White, has been In
tbe thick of the lighting In Natal since
hostilities began. He Is a youug aud
v��ry promising oflicer.
Yukon Tragedies.
Vanoonver, Dec. 31. Advices from
Dawson, dated Dec. 14, recount a terrible tragedy whioh took place near
Ogilvie, by whioh Mrs. J. Rnmball,
Mra. Dnmbotton, Henry Kelly and two
MaoNamara brothers, who had been
passengers on the wrecked ateamer
Strntton, and hailing from Minneapolis, were caught in an ice jam. Their
boat being small waa crashed aud all
perished. ���
Another tragedy la reported from
White Horse, whero threo men, named
James T. Smith Fred Batty uud John
Mcintosh, wero eugaged in salvaging
tbe cargo of tho steam scow L uder-
man. Being unexpectedly struok hy a
heavy .well, Iheir loat hlledaud sank.
The men were not set u alter tb* boat
disappeared, aud it Is supposed tbey
were carried ttn-er the ioe.
London's Ueneroslly.
London, Dec. SO.��� The lord mayor,
A, J. Newlon. untituuced today that
��36,000 had been Fuhscrlbed by large
oltj Arms lo defray ibe expenses if a
thousand voluuteers umong lhe city
Lord Kothaohiltl bas given ��6,000 of
thll amonut aud Mr, Oharlea Wilson,
the Hull ship owner, boa promlred a
folly eqnipped veaael, which is equivalent to a gift of tl ,60010 trnnadort llieae
Vuuo-niver, &C., Dfn. 10 ��� Th9
police magistrate ou Sofiir.liiy, dismissed the case Against E-eoretar," Harrison, o' the Trades aud Labor ti in .
The wife refused to give oridcuoe ui.
the charge of uou suputrt. It np:*i ars
that the pi-os-cutiou niad-i to 'vile inferences' and ti local news nper wat
suuitwb.it Hinutll. spekeu abtut by tin
magistrate for printing words not given
tu the evidence.
Word lis. been racoivetl 'row tb.
partv of Northwest Mounted Police Mot
over the Edmonton trail to Search for
lost miners, ,        ,    .
Dr. Henry J, Qarrlgue., iu Now York,
ilrcfarea tliat one out of .very 800 per.
Bona I. Iturt.d nliv*.
New York, Dec. 2.1.���All Ihn sneel
n-ilwtiy interests in the city of Havana
were t-niiHiliifated at a meeiiug in the
oflice of the treasurer ot the Havoua
Kit-curio Railway company, iutbi-tiiy,
thus ending a contest begun more than
a year ago.
'(term-in Flag Hoisted In Samoa.
Apia, Samoa, Deo. 10,���-The German
ftatt was hoisted over tbe * court house
toduy us uu ><fH ul notification of the
turnout!' nt nt et the annexation of the
iBlniHs by agreement to Germany Tin
''crinnn coin-iil \vn*- inlcrvi-wed by th-
Hantaan chiefs. He replied lhat lhe
Batnouiis could have th-ir t.wu kings
aud chiefs. They than Inform-d Hie
consul that Mataufu would bit selected.
Haviii.-tleclitrc.lt eir govelliraent tl
tahllehed, the Mutaulllcs are dt Iviug
the Malio onus ont of Ibe villages,
Tioiib'e appears luiutiuenl.
Monetary Trouble*.
London, Deo. 80.���The failure ot lb*
London and Northern Bank, Ltd,, wai
announoed today. The dlreotor*
aatatement allowing tbat It*
should folly cover llabilltle*.
Boaton, Deo. SO.��� Dlllaway k Starr,
bankera and brokers, 40 Water atreet,
of this city, have assigned.
New fork, Deo. 30.���J. Overton
Paine, little kuown In Wall street np
to a few day* ago, is said to have mad*
18,000,000 in the recent' brtak iu
Pay In SCRIP for Dominion Land* and
Bait 20 p*r Out. DUcount.
for fall Information tpplr i>
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any olBoeof lb. lOMOHAliTS' BANK
OANADA la Manitoba or the Wad.
Engineer Shanl*r Veal.
Montreal, Des. 18.���Walter Bhanly,
O.E., tbe lint general manager of Ibt
Grand Trunk railway, died in Montreal today, after au illness of bnt two
iks. Suenly, aa an ���ngtneer, ttood
at tb. bead of bl* profession.
Large numbers of Brltona In America
are off.rlnK tlioii- Mrvleca far South
Africa to tha hriil.tr conaitl lu N.w
Vork. , >t
*tlnclllamili], Cona��rvat|v��, wa. olfl.
tlally diclar.il .lectod lor Welt Slgln by
11 ntalorlty.
Reported by Alloway ft Champion,
Stook Brokers,
Htter*     Buitn
H71j        1 11
01          SSI
las          <-0
Can. lie, B'y. Moutreal...
lit       no
���o         a
SO           -J
-   * ::::
rOBBIOH  MONK*.    '
Quoted  by Alloway ft Champion,
III Main street, Winnipeg,
���lelctaiiju-ka.. ......,...t��.��w
i��o0��0te::::::::::;:;;:::::;;:;: :S��
S��Uit.';i.'.',',"!.'.'""!!.;,",""! .'toit
KarkkM M
<������>>< at ia.1 tin t.r. at*. ���>���<���*.>..     <H
salnriliiy, 1>�� rii��b��-r Mil.
The Hew Guinea natives ar�� lu *
leriuint over the a>��tre /or a new Mag.
One law-ftt shot ami killed mother lu
Mi elevator la e building in Dallas, Ta
Tho 0. U- antl St. 1'. railway car
shoiw at DataqUe, ta.| were destroyed
by fire-
John D. Rockefelier downed Antbouy
Brodv darliiff Monday's financial
troubles, t
Several easterners piused successfully
tht* recent British Columbia bar exam.
J. T, Harrow, iur*tii*.ier-elect for Weft
Huron, In tbe Ontario house, hae beea
Ferdinand l-emleiix. the Ville Marie
bauk accountant, wee sentenced to tore*
years*  imprisonment. -    \
I'rlilay, Uecei|ib*��i' %'A.
The Lake Ontario bas reached Halt.
fax with 480 Immigrants.
Ilev Hush Pedle-y, of Winnipeg, lias
been called to ������* Montreal church..
The sheriff at nrniirton has lieen Iu*
���Imeted to proceed with Hi-rouiremeuts
for the execution ot  Hilda Ulake.
No inoii' fin*litfi will l:ik-*' jtlnco on
Coney Islnnd this winter after Pec. 20.
when  the  Mi-coy-'Malier  Ihjiu comes off,
A -bomvany ban bean fornued in Mlo>
uesota to build a bridge over tha Italny
river la conneition with the South Kast.
ern  rail-any.
Depositors of Uamiue Ville Marie
wailed on the Dominion uoverunieut mlu.
latent with a view to having their
losses made good.
11 has been decided to' Increase Jam.
alca's military force from 800 men to 34
Ktf Intents, u*Ii>k mllltla, to off-let
Prance-, latest move lu the West
Ind lee, 	
TIiiumIii.v,  U\* em her  HI.
Siiarn earthquakes bave visited Germany.
liriinilonv Hiiiiiiuci' [air dattiH are July
81,  AliKUMt IU,
Jas. K, Ki-em! (tleured -fil.ooo.ouo by
the recent hlumii lu  stocks,
I'rrof. ,1 W. niover, a noted Irish must.
clan and tomponer, Is dead.
Trliildan has vejectud tho proposed
treaty with the lulled States.
Germany Intends to secure coaling
stations in   various parts jf the world.
It. I., UuUlniiiKon has ti-aeii officially
declared elected for Qlmll by 8   votes.
Cnnndlni: lumber trade wilh South
Africa hub been frreull.v affected by the
A formal call haa been mailed for the
Republican     National    eon vent Ion     for
London, Hug., firm* will equip and
transport 1-000 volunteers to the Trim*.
Weduenday, Dei ember 90,
Seven lives were lost In a New'York
tenement fire.
The Moi-iiuirt ot (iueeiiBl'tiry Is ia a
critical condition.
Geueral Lawtou, of the l;. S. army,
wen killed In a I'hiiiuplue oiifcatfeinent.
J. Overton 1'aluc cleared over ��2.000,
OOo by the recent Wall Street nnnic.
The cotton operatives ol Cornwall
win havt their wages raised 10 ptr
The majority of Ualdwiuson hi Gtmll
le now placed at 8; all polls heard
heard from,
There wa�� a revival lu mock** yester
day, and the slump of Monday was al
most recovered.
The Uritlsh roynl conimistiion decides
not to withdraw tbeir txh|iiil4��b,-|tin tho
Paris exposition.
Ur. J, M. DouuIuh wuh unanimously renominated at tbo East Assiulliola Lib-
ernl convention. t >
Tiii'Mlny, December 19.
Mr. Bui rows' official majority In
Dauphin Is  420.
A piilp-uuod manufactory tufty le add*
td to Brandons Industries.
llotit. Buchanan, ol Toronto, Tell In
tho charge of Elandstaaffte.
A nephew of Colling wood sclir**lner wai
kilted nt TuRcla river battle.
The Winnipeg city council beid their
last regular meeting last evening.
Buldwliiscn's majority in tllmli tt
now seven  with one poll  to bear from,
Tbe Soldiers' Wires' league broach In
Winnipeg held on Important itulnerlnif.
President Castro's government In Vene.
melu has been recognised by all nations,
A bie Indiana bicycle factory, control,
ltd by the trust, is being removed to
Clarence ivlig, the young forgot', who
Hc.ioed fiom ureeuwood. B. ij. luislwon
recap t med.
It le suggested a corps of western rid.
trt for the Transvaal be secured In the
Alexander vs. Ken may l< armor* tiler*
ter Co, was heard before Chief Justice
Klllam In Winiitpe-x.
M*iiiiI��>, Oecambtr IH.
Duluth was visited by a $130,000
Bt. Hou. Jos, Chamberlain paid a rlilt
to Ireland,
Three Chicago firms assigned for ovtr
Chief of Police Murphy, ot Moorlitad,
was fatally shot by a burglar.
Martin Johnson, a Norwegian* wat
killed by tlte train near Hale van,
Cameron's boarding bouse at Normaif
wu destroyed by firo on Saturday.
Ur. Daldwlnson has 10 inajorlty In
dim 11 with two polls to hear from,
Urt. Jas. I;, liogurs was killed by t
trolley car In  Toronto wlillo driving.
A big jump In freight rules Is expect,
td an railways east and west of culeago.
Fergusou's muiorlty In Saskatchewan
bas been lucrensed to 13 by the recount.
Wlialeback barge No. 118, with e
crew of nine mun, lias beeu given upf or
Bate's large feed stable at shoal Lakt
was burned to the ground on Saturday.
Hpearer and Brown's lumber kilns in
Montreal were damaged to tbo extent
of 120,000.
A |&0,000 collection was taken up In
It Toronto church in aid of the 20th
ttntury fond.
"A dog," snid tbo lover of animal*
"li wait's best friend."
"Well." auiwored Former Coratowel,
"It leeini tbat way, but 1 dunno wbetb*
���r It ti or not. Vou iee, a dog bai ono
big advantage iu not bein able to got
Into an aigumout an spoil a friendship
after be gets lt ttort ed."-\Voiblngtoo
Gjrnwall. Out, Deo. SO.���Tbo operative! of tbe Gonadinu Oolortrt Cotton
Mills oowpouy Iteie, tome two thom ond
in nnmber, have been advised of a ton
por cent raise in tbeir vnget to take
effect ou January Itt
How Different If at localities Stent t*
Adopt DI Vere at Methods.
"It ti very strange bow different nu*
liomilities teem to run to special modes
of committing suicide," remarked a physician of this city who ttket an interest
In the bizarre tide of bnmaa nttnre. "1
tee by tbe papers that an old German
eat his throat bere the other day. Thit Is
a favorite method ot self destruction
among middle class Germans of a sul*
cidftl temperament Jutt why It should
be so Is hard to conjecture. It it unutterably horrible and a wholly unnecessary
infliction of pain, yet anybody who has
given the subject attention can recall
dozens of esses���all (jermaus.    ���.
"Americans generally shoot themselves.
That method, It seems to me, can be
traced to certain nitioml characteristics.
When a typical American decides npon
doing anything, be wants to do It the
quickest, surest and easiest way, and
there Is nothing that flits the bill In all
those particulars as well as a bullet
Drowning is a way of getting out of tbe
world thnt is more likely to be followed
by u Frenchman than ohe of any other
nntionalily. Tbere, again, Is a chance
for the theorist. The French are an aesthetic, romance loving people, nud a
plunge iuto tbe rlrer Is a vastly mare poetic style of making au exit thau at the
end of a rope or by tbo mutilating Impact of a lump of lend. Tbe despairing
heroes aud heroines of French novels gin*
erolly take the water route to eternity,
aud the Influence of Action on everyday
life is a good deal stronger than matter of
fact people would care to admit
"Am far as hangiug is concerned 1
don't know. I huve memoranda of 70
suicides by hanging, covering a period of
ulout lire years, and tbe folk who pre*
dominate ure Norwegians. The nationalities nre so varied, however, that It would
bo foolish lo attempt to lay down a role,
lour Kngllsh suicide is a most versatile
i i nl I villus I. He ploys no favorites. With
him all roads lead to Lethe."���Now Orleans Times-Democrat
New York, Den. UO.���J. Overtoil
Paine, little known iu Wall street np
to a few dayi auo, is laid to have mnde
$1 000,000 In the roceut break In stocks.
London, D o. 20���The Earl of Tuuk*
eivlll? (OtmrlPi Bonnet) u dead He
has beeu bonorarr colonel tf the Flut
battalion <f the Norllmwberiaud tfnii-
lien ilnuo 1874.
New York, Deo. 20.���Tho o osi examination of Wm. J. Kinsley, tlio hand
writing expert In Uie trial of Molfno t
wss completed tbli afternoon. Tbe
attorney for tbo defouoe bos been unable to shake Ur. Kiusley's conUdeuce
tbat tbe hand of Roland fi. Molweas
penned tbe nddresi ou tbe famous
poliou package.
Tii* olooer yon get to a groat ann tho
smaller he eppm%tt '..
Doubling Up.
Speaking of "doubling things" reminds
mu of a story I once heard of a little girl
whoDc name was Susie. This particular
Susie had a habit of saying "g-o-o-d,
good," nnd "w-o-o-d, wood." and sbe used
to look so funny wheu she spelled words
lu that fashion tbat, like Mary's little
lamb, she always caused a commotion In
tbe schoolroom.
So one day the teacher aald: "Susie,
dear* you mustn't say g-o-o-d; ssy g-dou*
blc-o-d.   Try and remember* my child."
Just then tbey came to the old familiar
phrase in the regulation first reader: "Up,
up, .lane! The sun is risen!" It was lit*
tic Susie's turn. Looking up with a cute
smile to catch the look of sympathy and
ap pro val she fctt sure sbe merited for re*
uu'iiilieriug the rule of "doubling things*"
snid sbe, without even a sign of hesitation: "Double up* Janet The sun bn
risen!"���London Answers.
Golf Under Dlfflcaltles.
There Is it least one instance ot a golf
match being played In tbe dark. This
was on Montrose links, lu England, and
tbe pluyers were Lord Kennedy and a
Mr. Crulckslianks, Tbe match, which
wus one of three boles, was got up at 10
o'clock at night, and one of the conditions
was tbat It should be played off immediately. Each man's caddie carried a lantern, and a light wns placed at the bolt.
Otherwise the match was fought out In
ibe dark. In order that the bills when
driven should not be lost I string ot caddies covered the course aod traced the
balls by tho whizzing sound tbey nude la
iheir flight overhead.
"Remember," said the young man with
tiie downy iimslnehe nnd the foreign tl*
tie, "I a in not a fortune hunter."
"Nu," answered Mr. Cumroi gloomily.
"1 discovered Hint shortly after 1 became
your falliur-iii-lflw. You propose to alt
Mill and huve the fortune walk into your
bank account. You wouldn't do anything
so futigiiing ns to get up ond bunt /or
it."���Washington Star.
Alwajr* I.osen mt First
Wife (pntbetiiully)-- Are you going to
be out until after  midnight again  tonight?
llimbund��� Oh. I suppose xo! I never
Bcetu to have uny luck until about 1
o'clock!���Detroit .lotirnal.
atreet Car Amenities.
"Why do ynu glare ut lhat woman to,
Louise ?"
"Arthur, 1 overheard her call our dear,
precious bnhy a Lit cent music bog."���
Brooklyn Life.
Bright's dlaeau |i, with tliealugleM-
oeption of oouramptlou, lbs mnat fatal
o-f dlaaasas. II la wbat might ba oallwl
oonatimpllon ol tbs kldaej.���a gradual
waaliug away o( tbs tlaitus. Io lis latter .tags, Bright's "DIs.sm nut ntter
ba oared, (or tb. Harass wbsu ono. d.
oa-fsd oan ostm bs nsntwt
Kidney Dltwasa, whioh Isflntlndl.
oatsd by baokaob., dsposits III tbt
ariiM, sti (rufslu* or painful urination, Is sun io dsfslop Into Bright's
Dltsaae If uegleotsd, No dlsaseea sit
to terribly painful and deadly in thtlr
rtaulta as kidney diNaaas. Dlsstatd
kidneys means poison to ths wbol. system and endless oompllostloos.
Soienoe bss nsrsr known a nsort
eSeotlTt remedy for diseases of tbs kidneys than Dr. Cheat's Kidnsy-Littr
Pills. No pbytielan was erer aoaao*
oeasful In ourlng kidney ailments M
was Dr, Oha-o with this rsry sams prs>
soription whioh Is now put ap in pill
form and known as Dr. Chase's Kid-
ney-IiWer Fills.
They aot directly and nalurallr on
the kidneys, glring them new vigor
and aolWlly and oompletely eradloatlng
from the syslsm tha laat traora of "kidf
ney diieaae, Tbey poiltl.ely one baok.
aobe, lumbago and rheumatism, sad
unless Ibt kidneys sn wast d away
will stop the dsoay and one Bright's
Disease. One pill a dote, 88 osulsa
bos, at all dealers, or by mall on n*
osipt ol prloe by Bdsuneon, Bates ft
Co., fttoato.
m- Q-ox.:DE3xr IEjR-a..
Ita UlacoTcrr Kill-** tha Great MM*
der Orowlaa Indnatry.
A striking example of how au industry
may be revolutionised by on apparently
imigniflcant discovery is shown In tbe
history of dyeing.
Before 1868 madder was used for the
source of a valuable dyeing material
which Iti roots contained, called alizarin.
By varying tbe treatment several colors
and shades can be produced. Some of
thewc are among the fastest and most
brilliant dyes known.
In 1808 over 70,000 tons of nadder
were grown. In 1869 two German chemists, Groebe and Llebermaun, were making scientific inquiries regarding its com*
position. They found that by heating alls-
arin with sine dust a body wns obtained
which, after much trouble, was found to
be Identical with anthracene. Anthracene
Is a well known body obtained In tbe distillation ot coal tar. It occurred to the
scientists, "Can alizarin be obtaiued from
anthracene?" After mouths of strenuous
labor they managed to effect this, but the
process discovered by them was Impracticable ou a commercial idle. At this
poiut an English chemist named Perkins
devised a process which could be worked
on n large scale, and iu a few mouths artificial nllxurlu, which so lately had been
looked upon qs i chemical curiosity, was
being produced by tbe ton, and its price
rose from a few shillings a tou to orer
300 times Its former value.
At first, owing to the difficulties In iti
nifluiifdciure, the artificial altsarln little
more than held ita own with the natural
product, but successive improvements
gradually cheapened It till the price of
mndder fell from #250 to $00 a ton, and
ultimately the artificial product drove It
from the market.
It was found that one pound of dry alizarin was H'i|unl in dyeing power to 00
pnmultf of madder. Now the great madder growing industry is practically ex*
tlm-t. Alizarin was the first vegetable
dye which wat made artificially.���New
York Press;
Itw a Drunken Husband Was Made I
Sober Man by a Determined Wife
She writes:���"I had for a long time been
thinking of tiring tha Samaria Proscription treatment on my husband for hia
Irinklnghablti, but I was afraid he would
liacover that I was giving him medioine,
tnd the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a wook, but one day when be
-erne home Tory much intoxicated and
tut week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
Mi all fear and determined to make an
iffort to save our home from the rnln 1
law coining, at all hazards.   I aent foi
tour Samaria Prescription and putltln
la coffee aa dlreoted noxt morning and
watohed and prayed (or tho result Al
noou X gave him mora and also at supper.
He never suspeoted a thing, and I then
boldly kept right on giving It regularly, ai
[ had discovered something that sot even
serve tn my body tlntrllug with hope and
happiness, and I oould see a bright f utun
ipre.td out beforo mo���a -peaceful, happi
home, a share lu the good thi tigs of life, ar
attentive, loving husband, comforts, ant!
everything olso dear to a woman's heart
for my husband had told mo tliat whisker
was vile stuff and he was taking a dlsllki
to it. It was only too true, for before 1
bad giveu him the full course he bod atop
pad drinking altogether, but I kept giving
tbe medioine till it was gone, and then eem
for another lot to have on hand I ( he should
relapao, as he bad done from his promise
betoro. He nover has, and I am writin.
rou this lotter to tell you bow thankful 1
am. I honestly believe lt will oure tbl
worst oases."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
sent free, giving testimonials nnd full In
formation, with directions bow to take
administer Samaria Prescription. Corre*
anondenoe considered sacredly conHden*
Hal. Addroas The Samaria Remedy Co.,
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
Flail I'olannlDK.
In the United States HhIi poisoning la
must rreiiiii'titly duo to di-coiiiposltlon
lu raiini'il Hsli. The most pt-innlnont
ayttiiHiiuts nro nnusen, vomiting nud
put-King. Hiuiii'llnn'** there is u scurlfl-
lluiius i-tisli. which ma*-' oottt. "'���
whole body. The wilier has studied
two oiiilii-i'iiks of this hind of Halt poisoning. In both Inslnuct-H canned salmon una tbe cauae of the trouble. Although n discussion of tlio treatment of
food poisoning Is furelgn lo Ibis paper,
tbo writer iiiiihi cull ntteutlou lo the
danger 111 the administration of opiates In cases of poisoning with cnuued
Vomlllng nnd purging arc efforts on
the part of lint lire lo remove lhe poison nnd Hl'oulil lie assisted by the atom*
tit<l> lithe nml li.v irrigation of the colon.
In one of file i-nsi-ii seen liy Iho writer
large doses of morphine hnd been ad-
ministered In order Iii check Ilio vomlllng uml purging and lo relieve the
pnln. |t| Ihis case dentil resulted. The
Hunger of ni'tvsilng the elimination uf
tin- pnlson in nil eases of fowl poison*
In-! t-tiiinui tie loo ciiipliiilh-iilly cou*
'. tli-iiiiii-il.-VI-.tor (.'. Vntighiiii In I'op-
111iii- science Monthly.
sorr,  lo llnv. Troubled III...
\   'Un-   Hiiiiiiir-So yuu  riiiiuot  nay,
iiinl   I   have  hnd  my  labor for my
The llllll|lt>il-*Xui'l'.r, I'm sure. If
you Iiinl mil)- sent word )*ou were
coming. I might linvu lei you know It
would In- wort bless. You kuow mi-
will i ugh lu know Hun I would nol
willingly pill .vou lu lite trouble to call.
��� ISoKlllll 'I'l'IIIIKI'I'Ipt. 	
I     lho.. Willi Hereditary I'redlapmltl-au
Hhonlil T.k. TrMlMBl In Tlm..
/ Tlm miter ou ceueete la the, Brltlah En-
eyelopedia,aayathst nearly haUof lallcMe*
can Betiaoed to hereditary iiredbpoaltlon.
Nearly evory authority on mallgnunt growth,
emphaslw. the faot tbat In u large propor-
lionof due. It Kill bt found that either tlu
lather or mother, grandfather or amad-
mother, rted of UtcdlM-je' Thia hereditary
tendeney to canoer shows that the disease
must he of a conatltutlonal nature, and It
should always nut thm pet-sons, whose mo.
janltcn ihn died of tbo disease, on their
guaid to tak. tM.Un.nt on the very drat indication of Its approach.
A new light buSt-an shed
A new ugnt na. eeen ened ou, the method,
of Mating this aetloua malady. The bar-
hsritlee ol the knife aad plaster wilh their
overwhelming percentage of f allurae and r*.
eutfrenoes, bsva been superceded by a oonatl
eunenoes, hsva beon supeieeuea py n oonjo-
lullonal remedy that build, up tbe depleted
rirengtb,H��oheswt the canoer Mian la
every comer of the system, and without any
nutting or suffering rsdleslly snd permanently outee the ilaaaae, ..
We do not MbUA tastlmoalals la th.
papers, as aenalUve people do no* care to
And U Being I'eriuaneatl-r Cured Daily
by Clark*'* Kola Compound-Hero Is
What a Hamilton Lady Bays i
Mrs. Gilbert, 105 Rebecca street, Hamilton,
writes: "I hare suffered from a bad form of
asthma for orer nine years, snd notwithstanding all the doctors conld do for me, got worse
and worse, so thst my neighbors looked for my
death at sny time. I spent money lavishly In
theefforiHtoget relief, hut uli to no purpose.
for six weeks at a Ume 1 could not get up or
down stalni, and was In a miserable condition
Hy daughter, who olorkn in a drug store, bed
heard a good deal of Clarke'n Kdin Compound.
ana urg il mo to try It as s last ref-tori. I paid
���i!.0tlfnr ft Imttlu, anil that is nothing, for ft Is
worth more than thst fur every twwpoonful.
Two d Ben gave ma splendid relief, and, after
naluKhutoiiu lioitle,lamainurvello all who
kuow me. 1 nni dulng my own work, can get
around as well us ever, aud feel like a new
creature. Clarke's Kola Compound has been a
Godsend to ine, mid 1 look upon It as a marvelous remedy \uil may use thia testimony as
you nee fit, nnd 1 shall be glad to give fuller
particulars to any one Inquiring. 1 gratefully
endorse Clarke's Kolu Compound."
Mold by all druggists. A free samiile will be
sent lo any penult troubled wllli this disease.
Address Tho Urlfttths * Kacpherson Co., m
Church street, Toronto, Onl.
And All Bcoasis Ha tonldn't Ma��� ter
the Trolley Car Walk.
"Going In and out of a moving street
car gracefully ought to be -part of a modem oiluciitlon iu deportment," said a iiiuii
about town, "It is one ot the most difficult feats in the world and something nl
which \m out of 1,000 arc almost certain
to make themselves ridiculous. I am peculiarly interested io the matter because
It bas resulted in m falling out with my
best girl.
"About a week ago I got ou board a St.
Charles avenue car this side of Lee monument and snw her sitting next to the
door, In front. Of course I started In
that direction, smiling and raising my
hat ib I did so, and just then tbe car
took the curve arouud the base of the
monument. I made tbree or four idiotic
lurches, grabbed the empty air and dived
head first into a fnt old gentleman who
was reading a newspaper. I must hnve
knocked the breath out of the poor old
chap, for be gasped like a fish, but I was
on my feet in it minute aud would bave
made the rest of the trip to the cud all
right If Ihe confounded curve hadn't been
whut Is called -a 'reverse1���that is to say,
tt crooks first one wny and then ths other
like a letter 8.
"I started on my second heat exactly
in time to catch lhe upper crook, nnd 1
promptly repeated my original performance with variations. I wound np the act
by fulling over the knees of a stern looking matron In spectacles, and she remarked in a tone audible to all hands
thnt sbe couldn't understand why drunken men were permitted to ride with respectable people. The young lady wns
scarlet with mortification, and to avoid
compromising her I snt down on tbe other side.
"Id a moment or two my hated rival
sauntered in as gracefully as a dancing
master and immediately monopolised her
society. The fellow was broke once in
tho north and did a couple of months as
a conductor, so be Is on to tbe curve, and
since the episode I have described be has
frozen mo completely out. As I said before, the trolley car walk ought to be
part of every gentleman's education. It's
as necessary as dancing."���New Orleans
An ���aexpected SensatUm Experienced hy Hear Parsons.
Many persous who visit Niagara falls
find they have a great desire to Jgurf rom
various points on the several Plages or
from one of the numerous points of observation. For this reason, after once
having experienced tbe fascinating sensation that Mixes them on to death in
the deep aud rapid running waters, they
never go near any of the seductive points
without being in company with some one
wbo will guard them from harm as a re*
suit of wbat perhaps might be termed
by somo their weakness.
Many people who have visited Niagara
hare confessed that Ibe waters of tbe
beautiful river bad a weird fascinatldn
for tbem while standing iu places where
death would bo easy by simply letting go
one's hold and slipping into tba river,
and people saved from suicide there havo
admitted that they knew do reason why
they should end their lives, bnt tbe scene
was so delightful that It coaxed them to
seek tbe peace of death tbere.
In other places than at Niagara the
public comes In touch with folks who.
when on ao elevation, bave a proneness
to Jump off. and for this reason tbey keep
away from all such danger points. An
Interesting explanation of this desire Is
that given some yean ago by Professor
tjowe of tbe army balloon corps. He bad
frequently Invited a oewspaper correspondent to make an ascension with bim,
but each time the Invitation was declined.
Later ba told tbe professor of Ibe
temptation be had to Jump from high
places aod that he feared making an ascent. Por this be was laughed at. tbe
professor stating tbat tbe reason people
had such desires was that they were full
of electricity; tbat the magnetic current
la the earth was the attraction, aud that
what be was standing on carried tbe cur*
rent. He alio said tbat wheo up io a
balloon the continuity was cut off. Fi*
nully tha man made ao ascension aod
found tbat tha desire to jump was Dot
present. It Ii a curious statement-Philadelphia Hecord.
pi* Tfclnss In Providence.
Providence bas tbe largest silverware
factory lo the world, tbe largest screw
factory, tbe largest manufactory for
small tools and the largest Qle works.
Perhaps It Is especially unique lo producing more Jewelry than aay otber city
in the Halted States aod nearly as much
as all tbe rest of the country combined.
There Is do city which possesses so many
separate aad distinct shops for tbe manufacture of a single commodity as Provl*
dtoco does for tbe manufacture of Jewelry, Thero are at least 200 separate
factories devoted to tbe making of gold,
ailrer, rolled plated, electroplated and
brass Jewelry aod novelties. Io addition
tbe auxiliary iodustries for furnishing
supplies of special labor to tbe Jewelry
factories number more than 73. Many ot
the Jewelry shops are small, employing
only ten or a dosen bands, while some
employ as bigb as SOO and In one case
l,400.-Nashvlllo American.
���renklns Ma ���������prints.
Tb�� statement is made by many Jewel-
era tbat It Is fhelr experience tbat tbey
have many more mainsprings of watches
to repair after a warm, humid day than
at any otber time. Others believe the
breaking to be dut to electric disturbances, stating tbat after an electrical
storm they And tbat many of their cue-
tomers bring their watches to tbem for
repair. Tbe sudden cooling and consequent cootractioo of the tightly wonnt
watch spring, or main spring, caused by
tbe removal ot the watch from the body
on g cool night following a warm day, la
believed by aome to account, la �� measure, for tbe acoldaati Io question. So
far, however, ao entirely satisfactory ex-
plaoatlog et tbe dlBcolty baa bean stir
gaatad eim hy tbt moat eapert wtri*
teem tm XXmUe.
We may BOofi licnr nt iinvimU ht'stuwwl
for stoiiptitg runaway ntrtiimiiMb*. -
Tiie price iif mill; bus #i��t> up, lull li I*
nothliu tn the pi-ire thai v.-.nw cimiiinuids
-on   lhe  Stuck   i;M'ii.iii*vI��i>   (lund*
The latest twins tu arilvc in New Ytlik
have Iwcn niuneil Tlintiiiis ami l.i|it..u.
Quite likely they'll llfi >"inc eii|w appropriately totrlbed.-Hiwi.in Met uid.
That OM it In u ii ;i inwu ivltieh put itself
on wheels hml moved iu n rullivny line
cert ii inly dtepliiyt'il ln:e Amorlran gii up
ami giintiveness.���l'i. Lmiis lte|nil>lic.
There's no thinge-.* ot Knrupoml vik-Ikh-
men learning iou inm-li of our willing
model when lhe Columbia guft-i alumni lo
show her speed. Tliey wiiii'l.*--.ee flit' beyond her Klein lines.���St. I-mii,- Republic.
We notice ilmt lhe city nt Uwell bus
found ll necessary io asl; i'or nu Increiise
of the polite I'one lo iircscrve the |ic;icl*>
there nnder uo license. IMsnrilcr seems
to wait on thirst up there.���lUston Herald.
Kansaus will smile derisively over lhe
picture now being printed Eu ihu papers
representing a two,horse team hauling
three ears of corn upon n truck. There
sliould be at least hix horses in the ti'iuu.
���Tlf't v*��e I'uwl
Why will you allow a cough to lacerate
Soar throat or lungs and run tho rlk ol
IliiiK a consumptive's! (rrave, when, by
tbe tliuely no ot lifukle's Antl * -on -
BQinptlve fyrup the pnln can be nlluyml
and the danger avoided. ThU syrup In
ph��?ant to the taste, and inihiirpusf-eil for
relieving, healing nnd eurlrg all affections of tbe throat and lun^a, cough?,
oolds, hroiiflhltii, etc., eto.
The Nnllor nnd (lie Fl-uurelivnd.
Old Ktillurs sigh as ihuy wa tutor
around flic water front these ilu.vs und
note tliu illsappeanutce ul' the famous
old llgim'lioml, wlih-h useil to hu the
delight of every clipper ship's crew.
They were liugu wooden luingus of almost every thing imaginable, hut tho
renin le foi-iu predominated. .Many figure lit'iulu weiv ru represent lliu full-
one ufter whom the ship was named,
and thero Ih an old sea yarn nhout a
stilloi' who fell In love with the lin ml-
some wooileii female which adorned
his slifji. He used lo slip down the
"dolphin striker" nml liuiig on there,
whilu the ship Imwoil ami lurched,
Milking love to the llguivliead. Finally,
aeeoi-dlng to furecasilo tradition, the
ilgtli't' sneezed, ami lhe sailor, who was
known as "Lovely .Mike," been use he
was tbe ugliest man that ever set foot
on a ship's dock, nearly fell Into the
sea. llo recovered his senses ami said,
-Old you apeak';"
"No. I didn't speak." returned the
llgliiv. "I Jim snoozed lo nltruet your
il mill Iou. You're known as 'Luvoly
Alike.; ain't .vimV You're a married
mau. nlii'i you'; Ami your wife hus to
lake in washing bulb when you're ut
homo uml when you're away, bocauso
kIio can ucvf'i- got a cent out of you.
Mr. runnel*, jusi climb back to the
foi'eruxile ami don't bother any more
tiboul mo."
Thin rather curl Interview Is alleged
to bave worked a marked change in
Mike, nml when he got homo he aston-
Mini his wife by giving hei- it couple
of 'lolliii'rt.-Hiitlliiiove Sows.
HE HAS TRIED IT.-Mr. John Anderson. Kluloss, writes: "I venture to say
few, if any, hnve reoelved greater benefli
from the use of Dr. Thomas' KoleUrlo Oil
than 1 have. I have used It regularly foi
over tea years, and have reoom mended lt
to all sufferers I know of, and they also
found lt of gnat virtue io cases of severe
bronchitis and Incipient consumption."
(ftaeereit Pearl Bver Fnnnd.
A unique ami beautiful gift was presented to Louis XIV of Franco hy a
Genoese, (linnellno Samerin. It wan a
peart weighing 100 grains nml had been
brought from the Indies by one of thia
gentleman's retntlven, But (be most
striking part of the matter wus not Iti
weight, hut Its form. It was the exact
shape of the torso of u mnn from the
nock lo lho knees. Sninerlu had the pearl
mounted iu so artistic n manner thut il
was the wonder of the French court,
The pearl was utilized for the body of
nu armed warrior. The henil and arms
were of hammered gold, tucked lo the
[kail liy gold nails. The casque and
plumes wore also made of gold and set
with dlumonils. The cloak and sash
wore of gold enameled hi blue with gold
llcur-ite-lls seallereil over It; tlle logs
ftoin ihe knees down were of gold; the
lance was of gold, with a single diamond
for Its head, shaped to a point. Three
large diamonds form n perfect fleur-de-
lis and nre surmounted by a gold crown,
set with diamonds, having a small fleur-
de-lis ou lop. An angel, also mndo of
hammered gold and currying a trumpet
in one hand, supports the largo fleur-de-
Its nnd crown will) the other.
Tlio trophies lying ou the pedestal are
a drum sot with diamonds, n cuirass,
buckler, anothor casque, a turban, a bn liner with n diamond point, a saber nml a
gnn. Thirty-two large din urn nils, rubles
nnd topnscs in alternation form tbe border of the pedestal, which 1b supported
hy four gold sphinxes.���Philadelphia Inquirer.	
The three great vital factors
of this body of ours are the
heart, tbe nervesandthe blood.
It is because of the triple
Eiwer fastened by Milburn's
���pnrt andNervePllls of making
weak, Irregular beating hearts
strong and steady, toning up
run down, shattered, nervous
systems aod supplying those
elements nscesssry to make
tblo, watery blood rich and
red, tbat ao many wonderful
eurei bave bean accredited to
Jo remedy.
Here Is the eaaa of Mra. R.
J. Arnold, Woodstook, N.B.,
who aays:
111 wu troubled for aome
time with nervous prostration
and general weakness, feeling
Irritable, debilitated and sleepless nearly all tbe time. Hy
entire system became run
dowa. Aa aoon aa I began
taking Mllburn'a Heart and
Nerve Pills. I realised tbat
they bad ft calming, soothing
influence npon the nerves.
Every dose seemed to help tbe
cure. Tbey restored my sleep,
strengthened uy nerves and
- e tone to my entire system,
link than wonderful."
Hale Old Age.
Bad to see people
advanced in years
suffering fromBack-
uube, Lame Back,
Urinary Troubles
and Kidnoy Weakness. A halo old
age, free from pains
und aches, can only
aud tbo blood pure.
befrieud ths aged by freeing thein from
pain und correcting all Disorders of the
Kidneys and Urinary System.
Mr. Thomas Ash, uu old resident of
lteufrew, Out., spoke as follows:
"I am 72 years of age, and have been
troubled for a numWrof years with pains
across my back. When I would stoop
over It gave agonizing pain to straighten
up. I was bo bad that I could scarcely j
walk. I have taken many kinds of medicines, but got nothing to help me. Being
rceommondod to try Doan's Kidney Pills
I got a box. Aftor taking three doses I
noticed a grent change for the better,
und I can now get mound as smart as a
cricket. I cuu split my own wood and am,
lu faot, just liko a new man. "
it is iiiijinrlanl In wiuforlng bees to
haven Well I'm med luood Host.
Cottlb huilillug reuses ut lhe winding up
of the luiliey How at any housoii of tho
If bees caa gather honey during the fall
mduUis, Usually the lirnoil nest will lie
well formed.
To hnvo bees do well ill winter they
should be kept vely quiet, with uo disturbance whatever.
If bees are wintered in the cellur, thoy
must be kept quiet throughout nnd in utter darkness all the time.
Bees that are wintered in ohulf hives
may have the entrances to the hives
elosed entirely during cold weather.
N .lliing will advance (be progress of
the apiary so well as a supply of empty
e bs. With good care they will last indefinitely.
Kmpty combs that arc not in tho hives
uiul prolct'li-d by tho bees arc in danger
of being destroyed by moth worms. I'll-
ungating wilh sulphur Is the hest means
of ridding thom of moth.���St. Louis Republic.
Gannda's Greatest Liniment.
Griffith's Menthol Liniment is tho
greatest curative discovery of the age. A
liniment which penetrates muscle, membrane and tissue to the very bone, bun-
Ishos palos and aches with a power Impossible with ouy other reinedy. Ute it
for rheumatism, neuralgia, hendaohch
and all snren-ss, swelling and Inflammation.   All druggists, Socts.
The Lena-lb uf Sermon*.
In The Methodist Times lung winded
preachers ure lashed wiih scathing rhetoric, Tliey are accused of "ivicked sell
Indulgence" and told that they nre
"guilly of the same moral offense us the
It is an ingenious analogy, though it
cannot he pressed too far, for oven those
��f us to whom long sermnus are most abhorrent would hesitate (o say of llie.
"moderate preacher" such hard things hi
some teetotalers suy ut the "moderate
drinker." On tho other hand, the comparison holds good iu this���flint, jnst ni
there aro "three hot lie men" who caa
curry their Honor with dignity. ,n thoi-**-
aro "three-quarters of au hour men" who
cuu prctich fur that length of time without wearying their bearers.
Tin- dilticulty Is for nny preacher to
discover what should he the duration of
his discourse In order to produce tho
maximum effect upon his congregation.
Perhaps lie might find a way out of it liy
taking a post card plebiscite of bis pn-
rishloaors.���London Graphic.
Tin. Clitllmit Irish 1-ie.lllrr-K.
Some remarks made by Sir William
GatutTp in leaving Colchester to take
np the coinmnmt of tho 3rd British
Division in South Africa bear upon
fie gallaiU conduct of the Irish Fusiliers in the engagement at Gleucoo.
In the morning Sir William bad n
farewell audience of the town council,
the ceremony being a picturesque and
imposing one. In reply, Sir William
said he counted himself fortunate in
having a tine lot of men to command,
Which included five craek Irish battalions. The knot that live Irish regi-
mentH could not untie must bo a very
stiff one, for if Irish soldiers were iu
the right mind there wus nothing on
this mortal eurt It thoy could not do.
A mun who failed with such u force
ns he wonld hnve wider him must be
a very lind specimen.���London Telegraph.
So She Cun Tnlk Abont It.
".lofeophiuo won't take any medicine for
that dreadful cough."
"Why notV"
"She doesn't want to get rid of it, bemuse she uot It in Paris."
The PiiNlihiiiiilile Scramble.
"I rnu't arrange toy hair tu suit mo."
"Uow do you wiint it. riossloV"
"I wtiut It to look as If I hail beeu
playing basket ball."
All Toronto Is Talking of
a Most Remarkable
Are    the    Duys   or    Mlniulen    With    1 *
Agalu'.'���ltci-ent  l'vi'iit* lu Certain
Direct ons   Would   Seem   tu
Indicate That They Are.
Wben the action of tho kidneys becomes
Impaired, Impurities in tbo blood are al-
iu.it sun to follow, and general deraoga-
ment of the system ensurs. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills will regulate the kidneys,
so that thoy will maintain healthy notion
and prevent the complications whioh certainly oome when toero Is derangement
of those delicate organs. As a restorative
these Pills are In the first rank.
Abont Capers.
"About 8,000 Itega riud barrels of capers, u small, sour berry resembling In
color uud shape a green pen, are annually Imported Into the United States
from Spain and 1-Ynuee," snld n wholesale dealer In nil softs of foreign condiments In New York to the writer ro-
coolly. "Cnpera grow on a bush, nud
arc extensively used by ell classes of
cooks In this oountry for gnrnlEblug
nil In it 8 nml making n sauce which Ih
usually served with boiled minion nud
oilier meats. There nre four sizes of
capers. The smallest nre commercially
known ns nonpareils and the three other sizes ure called cnpnclnes. _capotes
and siti'tiiu's. The smallest capers nro
the most desirable nnd bring the most
money. Very few capers nre imported
iu glass. They are shipped lo A hi erica
lu kegs nml barrels, holding from |,*i io
io gill Ions of the berries in brine or
vinegar. The work of bottling the capers is done hy lhe wholesale dealers."
Washington star.
If your children are troubled wiih worms-
givo them Mother Clmvcs' Worm Kvtonnl.
uutorj safe, mire, und effectual, rry it, and
mark tho improvement in yeur child.
leenerr That A*U>
Scenery tbat acts! If Wagner had
wrought uo other revolution on the
operatic stuge, bo would deserve our
gratitude. Take for purpose of comparison the vessel lu "L'Afrlcnliie"
and tho ship Id tbe first act of "Tristan
and Isolde." The former shows iho
section of a vessel as neatly divided
Into various compartments aa a box ol
seed samples. .If tho scene la well
done, If, wben the double basses begin
to rumble and the ship begins
to roll, the women shriek in their compartments, tbe priests pray In theirs,
and the savages whose canoes would
surely bave been swamped tn the
storm, Bupposlng they could have beon
launched at all, climb over tbe shlp'a
aide and massacre everything In sight
���well, we see the cleverness of It and
are entertained, but hardly horror
stricken or overcome by terror.
On tbe other hand, the ship's deck
In "Tristan," with Its group of silent
men near the helm and Ita passion
torn woman In the foreground, the distant horliou tine suggesting the sen far
more effectively thnn a wbole platoon
of mechanically "worked" wavea po��
slbly can, creates Illusion and atmosphere, and forma as much a component
part of tba music drama aa tbe slug-
era and orchestra. The ship In
"L'Afrlcalne" la a clever bit of atage
mtchanlca; tha ahlp In* "Trlatan" la
Matter? tbat Mti.-Qaata* Kobba la
Torjnto, Dec. 13.���A few weeks ago
tbe press of Um city gave the particulars of a snecessf nl case of skiu-graf t iug,
a large number of i uticnts in the hospital voluntarily permitting the surgeons to tako rom their arms and
chests small pirceB of skin, which
were "graft d" on the buck of a young
Ind wbo bod been terribly bnrued sometime previously, and whose back was
entirely covered with these engrafted
pieces, which have "taken root" so to
speak, injihe most satisfactory manner.
Now oomes the report of a still more
wonderfnl triumph of medical skill���a
man who wus horribly mangled and
broken by n full of forty-five feet, uud
who has beeu nu almost totally help
less oripple in consequence, having restored to him the comparatively fnll
use of his limbs, ami fully all bis
wonted strength and health. The narrative is a mo-t inlerestiug one uud
shows clearly the wonderful extent of
modern medioal resources.
Tbe mun who has had tbis rare experience is George Roberts, a well-
known bricklayer, win lives at 82
Armstrong Avenue. At tbe time of the
accident be was working on one of the
walls of the bnilding now knowu as
tbe Toronto Opera House, but which
was tben the Adelaide Street Holier
Skating Rink. The bones of both his
lpgs w re brok-u at thn ankles, the
���Joints in his left foot were dislocated
aud other injuries equally severe
were iufl.ete.l. For six mouths tbe victim iuy in tho hospitil, his legs in
splints, uud liis foot iu a plaster ot
ParlB east The most skilful medioal
men iu TV rou to '.(tended him, und succeeded in selling the fractured bones iu
tbe legs but the dislocated joints of the
foot dolled all their skill. It was found
utterly impossble to keep tho bones in
their places, and ut the cud of six
mouths Mr. Roberts left the hospital a
helpless cripple, with little prospects of
ever recovering the u e of the font. After a time, however, the bones grew together and he was thus enabled to
move about, though there was not the
least semblance of movement in the
joints. But with this change came new
troubles. Rheumatism of the most
agonizing nature set in,and hia nervous
system became a source < f continual
torture. Day after day, experiments
intended for his relict Mere made, dootor ufter doctor treated him, one kind
of imdiciiio after another wus used,
but efforts were fruitless. For two
years he endured increasing torment,
and, ns he to.d the reporter, had it not
been for the sinfulness of the petition,
he would have prayed thnt be might
din. Tbis pitiable suffering coutiuued
until n few we.-ks ugo, wleu whnt
many of his neighbors look upon as a
genuine miracle be was completely restored to health. In n v tie broken and
quivering with emotion, hc told tho
reporter bow this happened.
"Of late my sufferings had grown almost unbearable. Tbe lower portion
of my body wus entirely without feeling, except that of the burning agony
caused by my rheumatism, nud ray
quiveriug nerves. I wns at this time,
watching witb internet tlm case of a
young girl, Laura Shceban, who had
beeu brought borne from St. Michael's
hospital lo uie, but who waa steadily
getting better since ber mother began
giving her Dr Arnold's English Toxin
Pills. So ^ondorful was her improve.
ment thut I thought I would try the
melloiua myself. I did so, und thank
God, it made a uow man of me. My
terrible, u-conicing rheumatic pains
ore gone. My nerves aie now as sound,
strong and steady ns ever they were,
and I am enjoying the best of health
aud oan eat and sleep naturally, aud do
u tall day's work. I have used, I believe, every remedy you can name, bnt
they did me .not a particle of pood.
Dr, Arnold's English Toxin Pills alone
benefitted me. They havo giveu me
now life���made rae a new man in faot
���and I earnestly and boneatly* urge
every man or woman who suffer-) from
rheumatism or brokeu down nervous
system to take tbis most exoellent medioine. When it oord me, it will oar?
Dr. Arnolds' English Toxin Pilla are
made to cure disease in tbe only ration-*
al way���by killing the germa that
cause it Tbey stand alone in thia re-
apeot, for no other medioine made do*
���troys tha germs of disease in tbe sya*
Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills an
aold by all firot-olass druggists  at 70
eenta a boa, sample box  96  cents, or
sent postpaid ou r��oeipts of price,  by
Tbe Arnold Chemical Oo, Limited,
Canada Life Building, 48  King Waal,
Toronto.     _________-^___
���th. u. tt a. W, railway has applied ta
parliament for author lut lon to ��oa.
put* their sxtaaaiooa la  earn year*
The human voice can, in a fow cases,
utter 200 words a minute.
The shipyards of Great Britain, all
working together, could turu (Tut a big
steamship every Ouy of the yoar.
Tho historic Vllleres pecan tree, near
New Orleans, never bore fruit after General Pakenhnm was wounded aod afterward buried beneath it.
Under Austria's poor law every mnn 60
years old Is entitled to a pension equal to
one-third the amount per day which he
bas earned during his working days.
A tramp's minimum income in England is over $1 u day. At least, a tramp
hns declared Iu court lhat he did a bud
day's work It be could uot tind 00 persons
to give bim a penny.
There are "peroxide" horses us well as
women lu old New York. Horses suitable
for carriage work, save that thoy do uot
quite match in color, nre now "chemically bloiidinod" to the tint desired iu a very
fow minutes..
Thousands of persons in Geruiutiy live
literally "on straw," making it up into
blankets, punuiers, boxes, kuickkuncks,
huts, bonnets, etc. Professional schuols
havo even been founded, where tbe trade
Is tiiught iu all its varieties.
A novel way of pairing guests at fitsh-
bumble dinners bus come Into .vogue in
New York. The guests uie masked, ami
each geiith'iniili chooses ii Judy uud escorts hor to the dllllllg room. When the
soup is served, the guests iinmusk.
An exhibition of everything reintiug to
the Industry of printing hooks is to be
behl at Mainz next -luuc by way of celebrating the live hundredth anniversary
of tho birth of Gutenberg, The intention
Is to make tho exposition permanent in a
Mo tun Itnliiler'e sIhiiIimvk.
A recent visitor from the enst to
Puget sound describes with eiitbusl
nsm iho wonderful shadow effects pro
(luood by. and upon, the glgnnitc
snowy cone of Mount italnior. li sometimes happens thnt the sky, ns soon
from the city of Tncomn Just before
Biinrisi' Is covered with n dome or
cloud ih.OffO feot. or more. In height,
while behind the peak, toward tbo east,
the sky Is clear. In such clrciiinstnticos
the rising sun casts the shadow or lhe
groat moiminin upon the cloud curtain
overhead iu iho forin of a vast blue
trlniiglo. Hie point of which rests upon
the npox or the peak. At otber times
the shadow or tho oiii-ih can be seen
Creeping up iho cone in a distinct curve,
while the (lush of sunset sialns tho
snow above lho Hue of shadow to u
deep pink.- Youth's foniiianioii.
Ill-titling hoots und shoes cause corns.
Hollowuy's Corn Cure is tbo urticle to use.
(let ii bottle nt onco and curo your corns.
The Mnn Who Stars at Home.
Hi-re's hi tiie mun who iluji at liomi
Ainl iiiukM Uir nali tor lilt wife
To "blow In" wwkly for tiie joy
Ami whirl of a M-utiilc I He,
Wbo wmki und iWMtl bin life awijr
Ami neve? n protest (ilea,
Bui Mjunti lilmiell well [wiil lor ill
Uy one ul the lady's btulles.
Here's lu llie man wbo si,iy�� at liutnt.
Ami It'i nol Iter fault ulway,
Toi bin- without her lietliir bait
Mil ny ,i iun.-niiif day.
But he wiifltl her to have lhe beat
Thai his i-oniliin mil ran buy,
I'or i.in- ii n-.l int tin be up lu date
Or one would ihe beller die.
Be Didn't
A tn Ibe mini -vho Man at home;
hero in pes��� li be,
������.j.!*- no lank loo heavy (hat
i- I.ill mny liuiipy be.
And m*\ lie tltid in the wife
Tin- rwom|wit�� of lusiitiK Ibvt
To tlxhlen die toll of life.
- I'liiladeloliia North Am*rlcaa
and Dandelion ure known to exert a powerful Influence on the liver md kidneys,
restoring them to healthful notion, induo
ing a regular flow of the secretions and
lmpnrtlng to the organs complete power
to perform their tnnutions These valuable Ingredients enter Into the composition of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, and
serve to render them the nureeAblo and
salDtarymedloloo thoy are. There nre few
pills so effective as they in their aotion.
Mre. Ilren'e Opinion or ttilufn limith.
I-Mwin llootb bail a very sweet character nml a charming inauner al re-
henrstils. which he detested. I think.
after Hn in let, his Bertucclo iu the
"Fool's Itevenge" wns bis tiuest representation, llo threw his whole soul
Into it. it nil It was Indeed a performance to he remembered.���Mrs. .lobn
Drew In Hcrihuer's.
A   INTHOIUll   lMI|��|-t-ltMloll.
 " snid Semiior S.irghuii
"Or course,    snid iM-miior S.irghni
"pewo.v Is it remarkable mail, hut"���
"You nro not going to i|imlify yo
"Well. I admire bis courage ntul all
I lint, hut 1 must say *l but wben a man
wilh his opportunities stands up ami
refuses in run for office It sets u
mighty   bad   pi-cecdont."���Washington
In f unit nt Ion.
This country Is very bcamii'iil. Can
you direct mc to auy particularly in
lore, llllg spots';*"
Yes, sir. Dowu this mad a mile Is
the poorhouse. .lost over (lull lull Is
Die Insane asylum. That crossroad
there leads direct io the homo for Imbecile children,"
Htmy am I.onff ne  He W��e
Expected To.
"Now, iny dear, I waut you to bo
Tory kind to .vour Couslu George when
he comes," said the girl's mother.
"Ob, mamma: I simply can't tote
bim all over Detroit, and I don't think
you ought to expect me to."
"But you must entertnln him nicely
while he's here. He probably will not
stay long."
"How do you know? We've never
seen bim���we don't know anythiug
about him. Dear mel I think It's horrible! I dou't see what he's coming
for. Just suppose he's dreadfully
awkord and doesn't kuow how to act!
Why, It would be too einbarrasslng for
anything! And the girls have been
studying genealogy at the library for
the last two weeks, aud they're aw*
fully critical about one's relations."
Tho next afternoon a coupe drove to
the door, nnd a young mau alighted. It
wus (ieo:6e. He wnsnu athletic youug
follow, who, though he bnd hulled from
o small western town, had beeu educated abroad ami wns as lino a specimen of muuhood nn could bo fouud.
Marguerite was delighted. Tho relief
was groat. She gushed profusely over
hor uow found cousin uml offered bim
all sorts of social Inducements to spend
a week. Hut he loft the noxt after-
"What was the matter���why didu't
you stay longer with your Uuclo Heu*
ry's family?" Bald bis father after lie
had reached home. "Didn't you like
"No. Thoy were the shoddiest lot of
people I ever ran ncross."���Detroit
Tree Press.
A Friendly S-awKeetlou,
"I'm afraid I'll have lo move ngaln,"
said Smith the other morning ns lit
boarded a down town car.
"WluU's tno troublo uow?" luuiiircd
his fi-ii'iitj Jones,
"The kitchen chimney smokes dreadfully," replied Smith, "nml I'm unable
to stop it."
"Til toll you whnt to do." said Jones.
"(>ive It one of those cigars like you
gave tne yesterday, nnd It's n teu to
one shot It will ipiit smoking of its
owu accord."���Chicago News.
A  lli-itioiiHti-alloii.
Slio-I see. doctor, that the learned
uieiiihi'is of your profession object to
kissing because It is liable to transmit
disease. Now, honestly, doctor, docs science recognize or define any such thing
ns u kiss?
lioi-tor���Ob. yes, certainty. A kiss
is an enlargement, of the heart, accompanied by more or less palpitation and
a coiiiii.ciiou of the labial muscles.
I'or instance���
\BLt       |
Aovmts Want-so in Us hei'hkskntid Distiiots
HeaNrer* Mnn. **���*>.  N.W.I,
Write us for full  intinmullioi.    Vou
W.   H.   SPROULE   &   COMPANY,
Keel Estate snd Financial Broker*,
375 Main St., Winnipeg.
If you keep cowa you cannot afford to ���**
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and tf yoa
want to have tbe beat, most moderate In
pries, and oo easiest terma, apply to
R. A.  LISTER ft  CO., LTD.,
I8> KIdjc St., Winnipeg,
Dealer* In Dairy Supplies ond Produce, Ow-
ullno KiigluM, Horn Trend Poworo, EU.
(Numa-KM, wneons,' Barrows, WlndminsI
Am.  COCK1HPTT PLOW CO., Wlnnlpof
tv��> 1.-H.-I. Miortlitmd, all llu.ln... mil.
k.'t. mill T-tl��'Br��|ili*--     No  llollilitya nl
Xmu-    Imlltlilitiil In.tructf.iii.   Sli.ttfliit.
tint, .liter nt uny Hluti.   Ort riirll.-ul.r..
(I. IV. IMIN A I II, *....
LOU!, STEEL! I 110111,  OlMta ****..
I-P""**.. I Or**n*t     tlSlthirZ.
IIM U H-_.llto-a.OMt.    Ui ��.1��UM
W. N, U.    *2��*2
W'hi-u t.ilil. ratlin niimmr
_.           -               awy,
���mh! wo bI��p yuu nwrinioi ofn uavny pmttt Otaun BrmUt with
���Unit -tu.]  K����. ur Solid U-jld Shall ll**-'.!*,- ������'-���' ' -
li Ten-c't'il jlavka*."���*, ft Jin-1
lit. return m
liillK *.,
Hll BOtbtWi -i wf pay tbe duty t
av,   VT  PUIN   *UVIU    flUOU    HM-l-IILT    lllnlllliy    llllllf.
rttliout luuiu-vor prlii**.   Write ludny.    1'uii Hik ���.
ul.. l* umln. tuakliiL'tliilitlitrit -ni.-i-Jiit.-li f*���������*���. nu.I nn-i..|i| in*,*,!, iiv i.-iiiriinl.lr.
NATIUVHi HJI-PI.V CO., iiioo Writ laned HI., Detroit, Hie*.
"TxiRAQRDINARY~~ ���-���       "-<"* ��       ���pn;
the Crowd!
They All Go To
McDERMOT'S. . . .
Our Complete Staff
tins beeu workhifr eighteen and twenty
hours ovory (Uy this month tiithur ortlors
113 tiny come from North, South, Eust and
Santa Claus
lilts jnst arrived at our 9toro direct from
London, Knfilfilttl, with 500 real English
Xmfts Stockings, just oramuied witli tunny
things for Doya rind -Girls. Santti���poor
ehni>!-Is pretty llrt'd after hU long trip
with Hiieh a heavy piu:k, hut seems ([title
rlieerful and snys ho is real glad to have
arrived hi time to givo ua 810.00 fur the
Fire Hall now being built iu Uolden.
We have plenty
of Jim Cracks, Jumping Jacks. Mculmnirnl
Tuj-h and al' tho other Tom foolery necessary to minto little ones happy.    We find
A Decided Disposition
on the part ofthe public (os buying tisoful
Ihhigs tins year, and wo woro nover so well
placed to cater to your wants in thisVesptct
We have just received
a l-irgo coiiMgtimont ofTabloand I'onket
Cutlery direct front tho Cutlers in Sheffield
aud bought before tho advance��� Carvlug
Seita, (iame ��ot-n, in Mnliojrany, Rosewood
and Velvet Cmus���beautiful goods and
( HEAP. Alao Dinner, Hreakfant and
Dessert Knives with Ivory Hnntlles.
Forks, Spo-'iiH, Uutter Knives, 1'k-kle Castors, Table ('Hunts, Decanters, Cut Glass
Tumblers, I'lriod xior-l*, ft*C.( t...
Skates! Skates I   Skates I
lo fit every boot ard every pocket.   Also
I Ws to lit every skate���Mon'a, Ladies' aud
Muses1 at vory low prices.
In Staple Ooods
wo lo,-id tho advance column for tho relief
oLsvorymio. It pays to trade at a store
doing a targo IniKiness. We etear out
everything and iu consequence aro eon
tiiiiiatly roceiviug the freshest and newest
A carload of Stoves received from the Gurney foundry
last week, and another car of onr Celebrated Furniture
from the eastern factories expected about the :40th instant
Over $40,000 worth of goods in stock to select from.
If you are not already a customer of this up-to-date
Store, give us a trial order. Trading- with us means
BUSINESS, PLEASURE and PROFIT, as thousands of
our customers can testify.
Wishing You  a Happy Christmas
Prosperous Now Year.
Golden,   B.C.
id a
LAKE   &   CO.,
have opened as
ATHALMER    (Salmon Beds)
Stock of Miners'  Supplies, Genoral
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Kinqptori     6c
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Can ton Steal Company,
Windermere* Qj'den   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
The Eua wishes its renders one and
all a happy and prosperous New Yee\t.
Christmas day was a beautiful sunshiny day.
Sara the turkey's "growing iime1' is
almost past.
Fort Steele is to have a daily mail
after January 1st,
Nelsoo is to have a business college,
which opens on Jan. Hrd.
The Dominion House will in nil pro-
liability be culled for the end of January.
Services at St. Paul's Church on
Sunday next, Dec. 31 at will lie. --11
a, m. Mstins, Litany and sermon,
7.80 p. in. E'-tMiKunK and ii.nnoii.
Premier Semlin cabled a Chris* mas
greeting to the Britiuli Columbia hoys
in South A'i'ica A reply was received
from Belmont thai all's well wi'h the
Canadian contingent.
The merchants of the tnvn report au
excellent Chi'istmaa trade, notwithstanding tho continual downpour of
rain on Saturday. Mnv Nmv Years
trade he just us good is the wish of
Tub EltA.
Tin'Young Ladie** Calhnhenic Club
had their first drill in club swinging
in tl e Alexander Hall. Key, Mr. \VWt-
nian wee master of ceremonies Next
drill on Tuesday January 2nd.
D. L. Moody, the famousevan^elim,
died at noon ou Dec. 22. Ue was
Ktrick'tu with heart trouble on No1
Id lust while addrcr ning probably one
of the Inrgcftl audio ces he ever faced
He was li2 years of ape.
On Tuesday evening the skating find
curling rink was open for the firm timo.
Nearly all the skaters took advantage
of the first evening's skating and report
having enjoyed themselves immensely.
The roarin game was a success tou.
Sunday school teacher- I read iu the
paper of some naughty boys wbo cut
off a cat's tail, Can anv of yon tell
me why it is wrong to do such a thing V
Willie��� Cmiso the bible snys, "What
God hath j tined together let no man
put asunder. "-Ex.
The trial of Thomas Alva Qulgley,
for the murder of Nelson Bagel, near
Lacombe. in June 1898. was concluded
laat Thursday, Mrs Hagel wife of
Quigley was the principal witness,
Quigley was found gnilty of man-
slauti-1'. Mrs Hagel charged with being
nn accessory, was acquitted.
Methodist church Sunday Dec. 31*t.
Remember the special services commencing cn this date, 11 a. m. subject
"Our open conference" 7.80 p. m.
subject "Stock taking." Theseservices
are special every way, special music.
Ask for A programme for the week.
Tbe pastor takes charge of each service.
Every one invited,
J. A, Leamsri, president of the Elk
Pack KancheCo., came down from the
ranche yeaterdav and leaves for his
home in Halifax to-day. Mr. Leu man
has spent the past week on tne ranche
looking over tlieatock, etc., and is well
pleased with thn manner iii which the
affiairs of the company are being ad'
mitiTstoreii by their energetic manager.
J. L. McKay.
J. L. McKay, mannger of the Elk
Pa t Ranche, Co., came iuto town lust
night from the ranche, bringing witli
htm a couple of spring calves which
dressed 8'iO and 875 pounds respective'
ly. The calves were horn and bred ou
the rancbe at Sinclair and are only a
specimen of the stock raised there.
The man with the standing ad is the
backbone of thn newspaper, nnd
solid man of the community snys nn
oxchange. Iu summer or winter, in
sn slijno or rain, hit name greets th
public eye with every issue of ths
paper, and the public come in time to
regard him as well established In a
successful business, whether they havs
been his patrons or not. "Nothing
succeeds like success," and the public
once getting the idea that a man is do*
ing well, stands ready to patronize
hiin, and turns to him uat.irully when
it wants anything in his line. In this
simple fact lies the whole sccrt of per
sisu-nt ad-ertising.
5500.00 Given Away.
We giva our customers uo Christmas
present this year, but as an nice wind-
up to the holiday reason McDermot is
presenting his customers with $500 0O
worth of beau'.iful art gool
Wa on passing into stook to day a
large consignment of lamps, ot all
descriptions, crockery and glassware
etc, direct from thn Old Country.
Christmas Treos.
The annual Christinas tree entertain
ment of the Methodist Sabbath school
took place in the church on Monday
evening. The church was crowded. Mr
Booth hy presided. Thn prog ran in me
was varied  and   interesting,   At   the
NOTICE U hereby given that ao application will be wade to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British Columbia, at its
next session, for an Act to incorporate e
Company wilh iwwer to construct,*' equ'
uiftiutain, and operate telephone and ft.,
graph lines within and throughout tits Province of Hritish Ohimbia, and to consruct
erect, and maintain such aud so msuy poles
aud other works and devices iih the Cdraesny
deem iiecewsry for making, cum pleflng,
porting using, working, operating and i
���.    -       ...  . ..-. -undo-
t'.iiiiug the system uf coimiiiuiication by telo-
b jiio and telegraph, aud to opeu nr bre Jt up
���uuy pari or pars of thn said highways or
si reels as often as Mid Company, its agents,
utViccrs or workmen thi*'k proper and for the
; ur|��os'.s ot the undertaking to purchase, nc-
quire or lease aud hold and sell and rii>*po*o of
lands, biiilpigs or tenements within tbe limits
ji'.iciaaid and to purchifue. ae-quiro. or lease.
iclusionoftheprogranmmethegaily  foraiiy       term    of        y����r% _   ,��oy
.   _     *     ..        . "      ... iihuind a-*, tu la .* f null  lin_a   A_tnl.llBi.Aj      ...
decorated nn<) heavily ladeu Christmas
tree was slipped of its fruit, aud all
��� he children of the Sabbath school and
many of their friend!* were made happy.
The Annual Christmas tree of the
English church was held in the Alexander Halt yesterday evening, and was
cerlainlv a grand success in the way
uf au enjoyable time. A suitable pro-
granniine of ncitations aud music,
specially suited for the occasion, was
gone through Recitations were givon
by Vitlet and Katie Pun he; Thomas
Krauk ami Ethel Stephens, and Salma
Johnston. Mr, E. Plowright ansig
' The Sobleiiw of the Queen'*, which
was eiiihtisiasiic-dly received The.
corals sang hy tbe childern were
beautiful, When the programme was
over Mr Frank tang as Santa distributed the good things of ths tree.
Nearly every person old and young received a present, Some of ihem certainly
very comical indeed.
Last Tlmrsday evening, at Windermere,
towu nnd country turned out to attend the
Christmas tree and entertainment given by
the Windermere public school, A programme
which was InteroKting aud well roudored
showed A marked progress of the children
'luring the past yoar, under their patient
nnd worthy teacher.
The Ch- istmaa true mu a beauty, iu Its
decoration and load of presents. AH present
received something even if it wero only a bag
of candy. Baskets of good things were seut
to the little ones in Canterbury, Peterborough
and Athalmor,
Later in the evening a dance wu hold at
Windermere Hotel, where a most enjoyable
time was epent.
toephoneor telegrpah lines established, ur
tn tie established, in Hritir.lt Columbia, connected, or to bo connected with tne line
which the Company may construct nnd to
amalgamate with ur loat,�� its lin* or lines, or
any portion or portions thereof, to any Company possessing, as Pronrletor, any lino of
telephone or telegraph ��mi mun icnt iuu connecting, or to be couueeted, with tho said
Company's lino or linen, and to borrow motley
lur tbe purposes of ths Company, ami to
pledge or mortgage any of dm Company's
s^Mi* f��r thnt purpose, and to receive bonuses
a'i*t privileges trim any parson ui b.-sly ior-
pernio? and with all otlier usual, Ufeessaay or
incidental rights, powers or privileges as
may bs a.wessary af iuciJmilnl lo iho attain
ment of tne above uojocts, or auy of them.
Dated tills lSth day uf December, 1880.
J. tl. BROWN,
dSO-t'J Solicitor fbrthe Applicants.
I,   O.   O.   F,
Rocky Mountain Lodge no. 81 meets in
Odiltellows Hall, (iolden, every Wednesday
at 8 p.m.   Mounting brethren welcome.
U. PuARCE/n.U.   W, I*, HOUSTON, V.O
J T. WOOD Secretary.
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
...THE . ..
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms,    fiaggage Transferred Freo.
Hot and Cold Hatha.
Rates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.B. at Golden, EC.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
W. 0. Walls M P. P. of Pulllsor.
Itft on Ti'e.iUy foi Cal|[Hr*r. He will
ho in Gohlon shortly on liis way io
Mr. J. V. Willti <son ol tho Vancouver Province, [iniil u. k friendly ou 11
this week. Ho left on Thursday's
train for the coast.
Mr. M. J. Qiiinlivnii left this morn
inn for Wintli-nnere.
iilr. H. llrindle, an employe of thn
C. P. E , who sent In his api-licniiou
for oiiiolliiiorit on the scuond (lauudiuu
eo iiiiiKeut. has been summoned to Cal-
Kar.v for examination,
Ii. L. lincioii. 11, A. of Field hns
been appointed us leaoher at Al-bots.
ford, B. 0, and left lor duty on Thursday.
Mr R. C. Jnlljr, of He'd came di-a-n
for a kooiI skato on Tim .dry.
Mr. A. F. Smith of Tn�� Eka. has
just received word that h a .voun-ieat
hrothcr, it golnii to South Africa
with the second contlnnent. This ia
the third hrothcr il-sliiluir tor British
liberty, lhe otlier two being witb Get),
eral Methuen.
Thomas O Brien and A McMillan
who spent Clii-istiuas in Calgary re-
rnv.,.^ Wed',*-.,!*,,-, hale and hei-ty,
tnd report at haying a good time.
J Pink am, of the In pa in! Bank,
wl.- ape,' Chrie'niiio ' Calvary, re-
tarned on Taeada   taorni;g.
U n Pinkh.m, a gradule of Hsr.��y
and McC'iirter'a office e, Revelstoke
will ahortly open a knoeb olee in
Golden for thnt firm
Miaa Jean McDonald, tbe new leader, arrived on VYt-dnt-Miu* strain from
the weat.
Mr. J Csrlir of Field aad till nether
epent Chrlattru in Oolden, tbe nnesta
of Mr. and Mrs. M. Damn.
Mr. E*. A. Haggen aide aflyl ig trip
to tbe Certainty Atttt** this week.
Ber. Arehdeeeon M.cK.r and Mm.
MaoKar e��me fraa Donald for tbt
Christina* tree held la-,t algbl.
W. C. Welle M. P. P. cum In on
today'a No. 1.
JoeMartta M. T. P. it Tlaltlng Ool-
dea l��-day.
Wedding* Bells.
At Rercbtoke, on tbe 27th inst., a rery
happy evont took placo wben Rer. J. P.
Woatinao, the popular 'pastor of the M*��tln>*
diat church ot Uolden, and Miaa Jessie Sinclair
the esteemed teacher of the Golden pntillc
school, wore united in the holy bonds of
wedlock. The ceremony was perfomod Rev.
S. .1. Thompaon of Rerelatoke.
Mr. and Mra. Westmnn returned to Golden
on yesterday's train and went to the n-nnso
where a sumptuous repast had,been prepared
by tho ladies ol the church.
. The Era ji-ius in wi h the many Iriend. of
the newly married coliplo in wishing tbem a
bappy new year, and a Ions Hie of happiness
nud proapority.     a'':
-���i���-r****- -���
(From our Owa-Conc-v ondant)
Donald it ei afentaqniet but pleasant Chrst-
Dr. Cross of Rerelstuke, wee la town the
KiifHtof Mr.and Mn. Titte,
The Mfleonic Lod(r* held a speeUImeetfnff
on Wednudiiy last, Tisltinc bretliern from
the eaat and west being present. A special
Masonic contingent from Gulden arrived
early in the evening, en "un arimttronff
motor." Thoy were not -very enthusiastic
ovjr the motor scheme. PrompUy at2:j o'clock
thoy wore all reudy for the return trip! Diult
looked snd, Ch&rllo looked determined, Harry
aud Mac took consolation from the fact that
they had three professionals fn the party,
All aboard shouted Charlie." The order was
promptly obeyed, each man taking his posi*
tion sllenco Instructions were passed aronnd
in a whisper. The pbWor was turned on and
the motor sped on its way Ooldenword. Dick
was In ffivor of letting her drift by the time
niaeberry wu reached Mau muttered some*
thing about not understanding why Golden
wae located so far east of Moberly. "Brace up
there, forward," shouted tbe irrepressible
Charley, "only six more miles. The professionals rodponded bravely and effectively, Lut
our masonic friends lacked steam. Golden
was readied aud the motor anchored. "Havo
something," Harry said. The professionals
grinned and our friends looked pleasant. In
summing up, Mae sald,"he had no idca'therc
was so much energy concealed about the
pn rson of an ordinary trackman.
NOTICE is hereby given that an Application
will lie made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its next
(tension for an Act to incorporate a company
wiih powor to construct, equip- maintain and
operate a line or Hues uf telephone electrical
works, puwer hnuxes, generation plant aud
all such other appliances as are necessary
and proper for the generation of electricity
or or ther powor and transmitting the nnme
within and throughout the Pbtrict
of Kast Kootenay and the various
townsite> in tho said (lis- trict ns
the Company from time to time determines and to construct, maintain and
operate tho same along the sides ot, and
across or under a-iy highway, streets, public
bridges, or any am h places in the said district as the Company from time to timo de
tertnines, and to construct, erect aud maintain Mich and so many pules and other works
and devices an tlm Company dooms necessary
for making completing, supporting, using,
working, operating and maintaining the
system of commuuicatluu hy telephone
or electrical works, power bouse, generating (tout and other appliances, and
to open or break up any part ur parts of the
said highway* or streets as often as the said
Company, its agents, officers br workmen
think proper, and for the purposes of the
undertaking to purchase, acquire, or lease
and hold and sell and disport of or surrender
lands, buildings or tenements within the
limit* aforesaid and to purchase or leane for
iy torm of yours, any telephone line established or to be established in British Columbia, connecting or tu be connected with the
lines which tho Company may construct aud
to purchase or loose for auy term uf years the
right of any company to construct aud maintain any such telephone lino and to amalgamate with or leaso Its lino or linos, or any portion or portions thereof to any company
possessing as proprietor any lino of telephone communication connecting or to be
��� r-tfld ivitli   the  wild Coinjumy'a line or
Curling: Notes.
Tiie_follou-ing rinks  will compote In
Vioo    President
the    President
Ciiiti-jeiition: .
view nnnstuEST
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Itiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently mode Jn
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportatipn is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length ot tlio Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
TOE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered foims
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a furthor rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
. No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale bigned by Townsite Trustees.
n. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
The B. C. Assay& Chemical Supply Co., Ltd. j
(Late MA CPAHLANE 4 Co.)
Vancouver,      -     B.C. j
We are Manufacturer** and direct Importers, and carry a large stock of Balances,
Furnaces, Fire Clay tfoods, Befoitlfic and Practical Rooks, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all other Assayers'and Miners' requirements.
HOLE AULNT8 for Morgan Crucible Company, Lattersea: Becker's Sens'
Kalancec, Ete.
Catalogue and full particulars on application.
lines aud to acquire lauds,bonuses, privileges
or other aids from-any persons ur bodies
corporate, ami with all other usual, necessary
or incidental rlgUs, pnivfirs or privileges as
may be necessary or incidental ur conducive
to the att.\itiiiioiit of the above uhjocts or any
ol them.  *
Datod this 10th day of October im.
di" Solicitors for the Applicants-
If you want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
Tbe Calnsry Milling Company guarantee their (lour Ihe equal ol any
brand on the Golden Market and
hereby authorize allurocers to soil
It aubject to above guarantee aud
they will refund the full amount
paid lor Hoar upon return of any
' not equal to guarantee.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
111 e' ���'	
A. W. Palmer,,
Chemist & Druggist,
Robt. Elliot, M.D.,
Licensed Physician a Surgeon
Tbe Oitilvie Milling Co , the Calgary
Browin-,- k Malting Co.. Hiram Walker
k Smt, and Bryan k Lee havo pre-
a tiled band.ome Irophiea 10 Ihe Club.
It ia ubaulutely ��� r.eoe.a.ry lhat tbe
counetitlon ahould eturc early ne.t
week, All who intend coiling ahould
in their aubaoripllon to the secretary
ea aoon aa possible.
Special attention ta called to a rule
of tbe Club. That no person be allowed
to ourl until bi. subscription haa been
banded in to tbo aecy-leaa,
. A Publico Meeting will be held In
Columbia Ball at 8 o' this evening.
Hon. Joseph Martin will give an
an uddrees upon the present Political
The Annual general meeting of the
Share holders ol tbo Oo den Rink Co
Ltd. will be held at tbe Rink on
Tuesday Jan 8th 1900 at 20 o' clock
for the eleoiion of Directors and other
busineas. All these wbo have paid (or
tbeir sharea in (all* can obtain tbeir
certiflcatea on application to the
aeoretary of the RinlCompany. Thoee
who have not paid In full are requested
to do ao before tke date of the annual
meeting. H. 0. Parson Boo Tree
A General meeting of the Board Of
f ride will be held at the offico of the
Upper Colombia Nav-tation Co on
Saturday Dae Wtk 1899 atliftOo'
clock for Election of Offloers.
H. O. Parson PresUeejt,
Livery & Feed Stables
Big. ol all kinds for hire et naaotuble rate..
Teaming of all kind, a Specialty.
A. V. Hamilton,
Jas. Bbady* D.L.8., & P.L8,
Mining Engineer,
M.Am'n. luat.HE.
Agent for obtaining Crom Oranta, doing
annual luacaaiueut work, etc.   Addreaa l
P. A. Desormeau,
��� j
.  .- .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
���rath lie. KleklH BorsOaliv.r,
The H. B. A. VOGEL
CoB-nerclal Colloge.
Box 84T.  "���'���nrouye*f,  B. C.
Thorough Instruction in bunt
methods, Book-keeping, (we a* no
test-books, bat do actual Wneea)
Shorthand aod Typewriting, ^fkpre-
Why Spend JVIoney
on READY-MADE CLOTHES when von can
just as CHEAP.
I have the best assortment of Tweeds, Sey^es,
Fancy Vests and Overcoats in the Province.
���It is foolish to spend pour money in the East
on Inferior Domestic Goods wheu you can get
the Best Imported Material at home at lower
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired.
J. C. TOM,
Coffins and
Orders promptly attended to.
W. L. Houston,
Golden,  B.C.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale A "Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Hone Dealore.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solioitor.
Notary Publle.ronveyanoei', eto
OSes In tipper Columbia Navliraibn and
T'ainvay Coiniuiny'. BnlMlag,
floldea, a V.
White & Scott,
Barrleten, Solicitors, Notaries.
Revelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all County Ceart. at Golden*BL
W. Whithi, Q.C. J.M.S0OTr,B.A.,L.b.B
bo vunr
Lakeside Hotel,
Tayston & Gordon. Props
Good aeoominndiitlon fur Pro.peeto*-s and
Frelghton.  First claa. weals,
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent (or E. A, HAGGEN,
Assayer ft Metallurgist.
OrrioB at LAKtuioa Hotel,
Windermere,  - B.C.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Quickest Time and Lowest Ratao to tit
points EAST and WEST.
Excursion Bates to
snd all Winter Beeoits.
Old Country.
Apply (or paMloulare io nearee* 0.V.U
agent or to
. 0. ft' MoPHERBON
Ow. 9tm. AgeM


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