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The Golden Era Nov 4, 1898

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Array file Golden Era
Ii the most -widely circulated and
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This ia the paper that
ll read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Imbseription, 92.00 per Annum
In Advance	
Mt (Mim
i The Golden Era,
Has been appointed tha Oaiatto
for North East Kootenay (or
Dominion and Provincial Government notices and advertisements.    Published by
g, Thb Goldeu Era Co., Ltd., Lt.,
VOL VIII.   NO. 14
$2 Per Year
M Fall A Winter Goods
At tt|e Big Store :
Drees Goods Black and Cold, Paramattas, Henriettas. Cashmeres,
Repps, Crepons, Striped and Checked Plaids, Blouse Silk Buttons,
and Checked Plaids, Black Navy. Army and Cadets Velveteens,
Lrdies aad Missel Buttoned and Laced Kid Gloves, Ladies Cashmere and Wool Hose and Gloves. Beantlful lines in Knitted Jerseys,
Large range Ladies Wool Underwear, Large range Ladies Melton
Cloths Irora SO to 75c, Ladies Corsets newest styles and shapes
from 60e. to $4.00.
House Furnishings.
Pillow Canons. Sheetings, Towels k Towellings, Blankets, Tie
Dows, Curtain, Table Damask Napkins, Art Muslihs, Cretonnes,
Flannelettes from 8e.
Gents Furnishings.
A large range ot Scotch Lambs Wool Underwear, Shirts, Collars,
Ties, Sock* k Mitts. Fur Coats, Caps, Lap Rugs. Bargains in
Boots and Shoes,
H. G. Parson, Golden, B.C.
Suits made to order from
$18 Up.
Inspection Invited.
J. C. TOM, Merchant Tailor.
Copper Properties te the Fore.
The week has seen the consummation ol two important mining deals.
By the first the syndicate represented
by Mr. T. A. Knowlton has acquired
from John Henderson the Certainty
group on the north fork of Fifteen
Mile Creek. The group consists of
three olaims, the First Chance, Laat
Chance aid Certainty. These claims
are conveniently situated, being located about seven miles from the Columbia River. Tho ore consists of a
white quartz carrying copper, and
there is an immense showing, the lead
in the draw being exposed for a width
of from ton to forty feet, with a erase
load running into this at right rngles.
This cross lead ia from 2J to 4 feu in
width and lies in the contact between
limestone and a trap dyke. In the
draw below the lead runs between elate
and porphyry aud where shots have
been put into it excellent ore is shown.
The lead here rapidly widens and there
ia splendid float copper lying in the
slide stuff beneath. The lead shows
ore wherever exposed and has the advantage that it carries good values iu
gold aa well. Thero is every prospect
that development work will prove thia
to be a bit; deposit of copper ote, which
from its position can bo handled economically. Timber and water aro
plentiful. Mr. Knowlton will start
development work on this property in
tho epring. The country is most favorable for mineral deposits,
Opposite The Columbia House.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jbt and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
lltst Proprietors.
The or ber property on which a deal
has been made is the Porpbery aid
Iroa Hill uroup of two claims, that
already mentioned and the Eagle Cliff.
These claims were located this season
by H. Ettell and ar* amongst the best
prospects which we have seen iu the
district. We recently published a full
description of theai from a personal
visit, and need say nothing more
about the property than that it is exceedingly well located, close to Golden.
and te transportation, and to the
Goldeu smelter, should it be rua as
anticipated. The ere too is of excellent
grade. The purchaser is Mr. J. M
Mcintosh, of London, Out., who has
taken it subject to a development bond.
The development of this mine will be
watched with interest as its success
means much to Goldeu and the surrounding district. We congratulate
Mr. Mcintosh on having got hold of
what gives every promise of being a
valuable mine, and tht owners, Hon.
F. W. Aylmer and H. Estell, have
done much to help the miniug enterprise of the district by dealing with
this mine in suoh a way as will ensure
its development as soon as the spring
season comes round.
The event! of the season at Donald
earns off on Monday night. This was
a party given by Mrs, Forrest in honor of ber second daughter Miss Deborah
Forrest, it being her birthday. Tbe
ball was most beautifully decorated
with flags, and the stage was indeed
beautiful, it being adorned with lace
draperies, tastefully interwoven with
flags, and the presents which the
guests brought were neatly arranged
on small tables. They were both
numerous and costly which testified of
Miss Forrest's popularity among her
many Iriande in Donald. The music
was all that could be desired. A most
appropriate speech waa made by our
worthy sheriff, and a song was well
rendered by Mr. W. Lines. The ladios
were beautifully gowned. The elaborate refreshmeuts were dispensed by
the youthful hostess, and some of her
mere intlmato friends. Dancing was
kept up till " the wee etna' hours i' the
niorniu'," when all wended their way
homeward feeling that they had spent
an evening never to be forgotten.
A Mjstertoas Affair.
" Should anld acquaintance be forget
And never brought to mind,
Should aulal auquaintuuco be forgot,
Anal the days u'auld Isug syne."
The following is a partial list of the
presents: A gold wuta-.li, long golal
guard chain, an opal brouch surrounded by diamonds, a pearl crescent, gold
broach set with brilliants, a gold chain
bracelet, an opal ring, two pairs or
gloves, an evening shawl, a hand
painted glove case, a dress, a purse, a
Jubilee writing cabinet, eeverol bottles
of perfume, several silk and linen
hanallterchlefs, a set of doilies, a Huni-
ton l��oe collar, a china porridge sot, a
souvenir card receiver, a feather fan, a
book, etc.
A POCKET Cure.-Dr. Von Run's Pine
apple Tablets are put up in compact form,
convenient for the pocket. They.re the newest and beat known aid tn digestion and a
oure for Dyspepsia and all kindred stomach
troubles, Carry them with you and you'll
never be at the mercy of stomach troubles,
incipient, acute, or' chronic. One Tablet
gives quick relief. 85 cents.
Sold byC, A. Warren.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Bates |2.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
O. A. WARREN, * *
�� ��General Merchant.
Cigars. B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder Co'y,
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co'y
of England.
Subscriptions Taken for all Papers &
Hudson's Bay Co. ��
laoerperaM 1��T��. f
* *
Th*   Utmt   Cp-To-Pmt* |
Ontflttern   la  WeKtera I
Intending Prospectors should
write us for one of oar new
Folders, which contains an
excellent Map and an estimate
ot the probable oost of a complete outfit for the Geld Fields
381st Calgary.
I ,^��-J.-��aV��ev��sV��.��V*eV**��-ai-����V��K (
Tenders For Stocks.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned will
bo received up till uoon of Monday, November 81st, for purchase of the Tailoring and
Heady-Made stocks in tbe assigned estate of
J. 0. Tom ol Uolden. Schedules and term,
will be supplied by the undersigned on application personally or by letter.
I. A.
Uolden, B.C.
It is stated that the Iron Mask, si
Kossl.nal has (5,000,000 worth of ore
ia sight.
A stiike of rich golal quartz his bee.i
made on Moulder Crock at Fort Su-ole.
tbe ore assaying up to 912,860,
Gns Johnston and party have struck
a deposit of copper ore oa the Blueberry
River, about seven nud a half mile.
from Ihe railway track.
The dispatches announce that silver
is now til cents per ounce. This is the
highest that silver has boon in a gnod
many months and the outlook is that
will go higher, and will be pleasant
reading for tbe miners of the silver-
lead section.
A meeting of the Committee of the
Korth-Eust Kootonay Miner's Association haa been convened for Friday next
for the purpose of reorganising the
work of the Association for the winter
months. Ths Committee will arrange
for the holding of the annual meeting
and for the reading room which it was
decided to leaee from Mr. McNeish for
ths use of tha members.
A letter to Mr. Knowlton from Bos
ton says:���''Your exhibit is by far
the best in the fair aud the samples
have ihe front places of all." This
letter refers to tbe mineral exhibition
now being held at Boston and to the
exhibits of ore whioh Mr. Knowlton
sent from the Sunday, Little Brother,
and Certainty claims which he is
operating in this district,
Gold Commissioner Griffith brought
to Golden on his return from Windermere this week a magnificent sample of
ISO lbs of ore from the Delphine mine,
owned by Messrs Kimpton, Stark, and
Harrison, on Toby Creek. The pay-
chute has now opened out to a width
of three feet of solid ore, of such high
values that after packing it from the
mine to the Columbia Ui ver and paying other expenses it leavee a surplus
profit of (70 per ton.
Lead has fallen quite appreciably in
price during the past few weeks and is
quoted as low as (3.50 per hundred.
Whether the decline is attributed to
the lead trust or an overproduction,
the result is the same, aad will be apt
to inspiro a tirod feeling to the lead
mine owners. But it is to be hoped
the weakness is only tompnrar., and
that the upgrade movonieut will soon
set in again.
Tbe main shaft of theLe Roi is now
down about 800 feet, and a station
will be out out at that level. Afterwards tbe shaft will lie continued al
once to the 850-foot level. It, ie ex*
I acted tbat in the next 14 months tbe
workings will have reached a depth of
1.200 feet. As the shaft is being sunk
in the hanging wall outside of the
ledge, the character of the lode at tbe
800-foot level will not be kuown until
a back out is driven.
Volr-aule t-lTuptla-na
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
cures them, also Aid, Running and
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains.
Best Pile Cure on earth. Drives out
Pains and Aches. Only 25 ots. a box.
Cure guaranteed.Sold by all Druggists,
In last Issue we reported the death
of Alex. Clark, a brake-nun of the C.P.
R.. by accident at Moberly. On Saturday afteruoon Coroner Manuel held
an inquest on the body at the Queen's
Hotel, tbe jury consisting of Messrs.
G, MuDcrmot (foreinun), J. C. (ireuiin,
J. G. Ullock, W. McNeish, R. Manuel,
and C. E. Hamilton. The jury having
viewed the boalyevidoncowas given by
Con. Walker, of whusu braking gang
deceased was ono, uud by T. It. Gill,
engine driver of the express trains between Cnumore and Donald. The evidence of Conductor Walker went to
show that ho was at Moberly with a
work train aud was transferring the
freight from a wrecked car. He had
orders to Sag against a west-bound
freight and despatched the deceased
along the line with flag and torpedos
for the purpose. Deceased wa, perfectly sober as far as witness knew.
The gang had been 1G hours ou duty
up to the time ef the accident.
No light was however thrown on
tbe manner in whicli deceased came by
his death till Driver Gill was called,
and ihis witness gave bis evidence in
a remarkably clear and Intelligent
manlier. Mr. Gill was driving No. 2
and had Instructions to look out for a
wrecked ear at Moberly. This side ol
tho station the track takes n reverse
curve, which prevents the line being
seen for any distance ahead. When
rounding this curve Mr. Gill saw what
he took to be a bundle ef section-men's
clothes lying on the outer side ot the
left rail. He was then within a car-
length of the object. Of course it was
then impossible to pull up, but he
watched it and thought he saw a
man's knee sticking out. The fireman
said it was s-.rnck and witness pulled
up his engine uud went back when he
found the deceased,wl,o had been lying
ou his back with his head to the east
and bis feet to tbo train. Tbe pilot of
the engine had evidently caught the
feet cf deceased aud crushed the body
forward, resulting in the iujuries
which deceased sustained. The body
wus taken up and placed in the baggage car. It was evident deceased had
never been en duty as the signal flag
which he carried was still rolled up
with the torpedoes attached te it. Do-
ceased had evidently not got so far as
where he would require to fl.g as no
brake-nan would flag a train in place
where deceased was. In fact he should
have to go another length of 25 telegraph poles. Neither could deceased
have lain down there to sleep as it
was a low, wet place. Deceased was
cold and clammy when he was picked
up, and he must have become sick
when goiug out to flag the train to
account for him lying thete. There
was no smell of liquor on the deceased.
After he was put in the baggage car he
lived till tbe train reached the mile-
board coming into Golden, Deceased
never spoke, but groaaed,
Tbe jury returned a verdict that deceased diod from the result of an acci
dent on the railway track, due to his
having been disabled by some unknown
cause, and that no blame was attachable to anyone,
The deceased was badly smashed
about, his back and legs having been
broken, and tbe wonder is lhat death
was not instantaneous.
The body was forwarded at the request of the friends of deceaseal to
Allandale, Ont., for intermout.
I'actflu riant Cnder foaled Orders,
London-The fact that tbe Coast
Guardsmen throughout the United
Kingdom have received warning to be-
in readiness for mobilization is regarded as a very meaning sign. Many of
them have already joined thoir ships.
Wai-Hai-Wei. Novetnbei 4. -All the
Bri'ish warships here are oleared for
action and ready for mt. at un hour's
uotico. The greatest secrecy is maintained as to the meaning of all these
warlike preparations, but no doubt important instructions are expected to
arrive at auy moment. A largo Russian feet is assembling at Poit
The Pacific squadron has left "Esojii.-
mault under sealed orders.
Fiance hus agreed to retire unconditionally from Fashoda, but to show
her bitter feeling against Britain, haa
declined to re-appoint her British ambassador for the present.
. rovlnelnl Engineer Arrives.
The Semlin Government are setting,
a good example in the way of prompt
attention to thu representations of tbe
people. Although Goldeu is at tbe extreme eastern eud of the Province tho
Hon. C. A. Semlin had Mr. Gamble,
Provincial Engineer, here within,
little more than a week after the representations had been made to the Government Agont, Mr. Griffith, iu regard
to the Kicking Horse, by the Council
of ths Oolden Board of Trade. Mr.
Gamble hns examined the stream aad
in reporting to tbe Government on the
matter but he appears to consider that.
any temporary work will be merely
thrown away, and that the proper
courts in that represented by Mr. Griffith last year, namely the extension ol
the dyking work which has been carried out ou the upper side oi the bridge
to confine the channel  past tbe town.
Uoidou School.
Child Burned to Death.
On Monday week a sad accident happened at Windermere, whereby the
youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. Tegart met her death. It appears
that the little girl went upstairs to
bed and shortly after the household
was aroused by her screams. On
reaching her it was found that she bad
been handling the lamp, whicli bad set
fire to the bed aud her nightdress, and
she was so severely burned that she
died two hours after. Much sympathy
is felt for Mr. and Mrs. Tegart in their
bereavement under such sad circumstances.
Mi-toiai-k's Iran Serve
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach.
Liver. Kidneys and Bowls are out of
order. If you wan't these qualities
and the success they bring, use Dr.
King's Now Life Pills. They develop
every power of brain and body. Only
25 acuta at any Drug Store.        2
The following is the report for month
of October: ���
V, Class���1 Laura Kenny, 2 Gludya
Houston and Walter Houston (equal).
IV. Class���1 Ernest Sutherland, 8.
Molie Anderson, 3 Chas. Bubar,
Senior III���1 Maggie Archer, 2 Ella
May Love, 3 Willie Houston.
Junior III-1 Arthur Jaynos, 2 Bert
Hanna, 3 Violet Pughe.
II. Class���1 Minnie Sutherland, 2
Blaucho Love, 3 Jack Parsons.
II. Primer���1 Lawrence Dalquiat, 2
Katie Pughe, 3 Katie Kenny. '
I. Primer Sr. - 1 Arnold Hanna, 2
Charlie Dalquiat, 3 Harold Tom.
I. Primer Jr.���1 Vivian Nattrass, ?
Ethel Pughe, S Arthur Kenny.
Daily attendance-47,
Women are not the only ones who
are sensitive about their ages. A man
doesn't like to be told that he is getting
old. Health keeps a man young. It
doesn't make any difference if he has
lived eighty yeaas. If they have been
healthy years, he will be hale and
hearty and won't look wiihin twenty
years as old as he is. Good digestion
and rich, red blood make people look
youthful. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery makes rich, red blood. It
makes health in the right way. It
works according to the right theory
and in 30 years of practice, it haa
proved that the theory is abvolutely
correct, It begins at the beginning-
begins by putting the stomach, liver
and bowels into perfect order, but it
begins its good work on ths blood before it finishes with the digestive system. It searches out disease germs
wherever they may be and forces tbera
out of the body. All druggists keep the
Mrs. Lake
begs to announce to the ladies
of Golden that she has begun
business as MILLINER in
the premises lately occupied
by J. McMillan, opposite G.
B. McDermot's store. Selected stock of the newest style*
Choice lot of Ladies Underclothing. Children's clothing
Subscribe to the Goldbx Era an*
help to advance the interest! ol tho
district. Send (2 for a year's subscription!
. r.-.T, ���    ->���"'���
,, ;.-. a...^"^^.*^^*^
- golden -
$ �� �� &
To Arrive
This Week
* car^Coal Oil "Best
I car General Groceries.
H car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
t car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
i car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
are coining to hand every day.
V/e aro showing bargains never
'heard of before in Golden io tho
-following:   'Blouses and Press Silks���
.starting at ?iic per yard ���Grey and
-Whito Cottons, Prints, Muslins, Dress
'Fabrics and an immense stock of
Cajoneral Dry Goods.
4,000 rolls New Wall Papers just
���arrived, iu beautiful designs.
-Bargains in Boots and Shoes.
'Bargains in Crockery and Glassware.
{Bargains in Carpets and Curtains.
in fact
bargains in Every Department.
Plenty of frcih new laid Eggs at
���Kfcc per dozen.
lis going to be our Banner Year.   We
are wide open,for business, and
���making new customers every day.
*Seo. B. McDermot,
(ieneral merchant.
C^,GAEY,.N. W. T.
High class school for boys. Good basinets
.education. Special prepartion for University
.and Profossioral entrance. For terms, etc..
The CoIIobo, Calgary, N. W, V.
"WFail Term Commences Sept 15.   olToSo
Wholexnjo and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B.C.       26te
SWANSEA Mineral Claim, sitnate in the
���.Windermere Miffing Division of North East
{Kootenay District
���Where located s���On W.indermero Mountain about three milos north of ,tho village of
Take notice that We, S Brewer. W B Abel,
Joseph Lake and Geo 8 McCarter, Free
'Minors Certificates Nos 80191; 86151,80674.
6991A, respectively, intend, siity days from
the date hereof, to apply to tbe Mining He-
.cordor for a certificate of improvements, for
.the purp-vn of obtaining a Crown grant of:
���tbe above claim ...... .
And farther take notice that action, under
auction 37. mnst be commenced before the
Saniance of such certificate of improvements
.Dated thi* 6th day of October, 1888
To AatvertLiers nml Subscriber*.
The GOLDEN ERA Is published every
Friday,evening, it is tlio best advertising
uuyliinn in Ilio East Kaiotcuay district.
Subscription Kates:  j-j.ou per annum in
Alterations and changes of standing advertisements must la(!.in tlio a-lljce not lalor tliiin
noon on Wednesday to aansnrai insertion, but
casual advertisements will he received up till
najon on Friai.-ay.
W'liilo all reasonable care will lie taken,the
proprietors will not he responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
All accounts to bo paid taa thu Managing
Diroa-tiH'.anvliis authorised agent,from whom
thai company's receipt will be obtaine-I.
'Advertising rates: Display ads., Sl.a'iO per
column inch: l.og.-.l aals., 10 cents per lino
for lirst insertion, li cents fair each additional
Insertion!, Reading notices, it cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should bo addressed to tho Managing Director,.and all
literary communications, loiters for publication or news items shoulil bo addressed to Iho
Correspondence is Invited am matters of
public Interest, Imt io secure publication
such letters must tie brief. In the case ot
anonymous letters the name and address of
the writer mast lao enclosed, li"t for publication, Imt fur tlio private information of the
eilltaar anal ns a guurnnteo of goaid faith. Any
letter received biter than Wednesday will
have tu stand over till thu following issue.
The Gulden Eia Ccmpsnv Unlled Liability,
oppioii, golden, n. o,
Who @Olt>e�� Viva
The San Francisco Call has some
pertinent remarks regarding a species
of humanity which flourishes in some
of the milling districts, usually known
as a "bnokcapper."
"The worst enemies many mining
sectious havo nre among their own
residents. They pretend to know all
about its mines, their history,product,
probablo future and thoir value. Then
if some enterprising owner succeeds iu
getting investors interested enough to
como nnd lock at his claim theso 'back-
cappers'.get-in.their work. Instead of
bringing out the good points of the
propirties, tbey bring out all tho bad
ones nnd give the property *t 'blnokeye'
to any sale iu which they can have u
linger. If a cyclone or an earthquake
could be induced to select this class of
people for general destruction a great
many more mines could command capital with which to operato. Even a
camp with plenty of good mines anil
.prospects will havo uphill work to ad-
vanco if it contains a few mon oi this
kind. Any doal they may be in on ia
all right, but those with whicli thoy
have nothing to do are sure to get the
rough side of their tongue. Of oourso.
a stranger will be apt to listen to an
old resident, who tells him apparent
facts concerning the mines of his section, and it is for this reason that men
of this kind can do much harm. Many
a mining sale has fallen through because of hints or innuendoes from such
people ns this, Men about to invest in
mining property are timid at best and
any cunningly devised story adverse
to the mine is apt to lind a ready listen
er. No decent person wants to see
capitalists swindled with a worthless
claim, of courso, but it is usually
those which have merit which are
attacked by .the blackmailers, back-
cappers or hoodoos to be found in almost every mining camp in the miuiug
regions of the west."
A Diamond Mine.
Worked fop the Benefit of All
Economical Homes.
A diamond mine 1 Where? Right
here in our own Canada, und worked
for the benefit of all economical homes.
The variety of diamonds iu this mine
is wonderful, and the supply is praoti
cally Inexhaustible. All the latest col
ors are represented in these diamonds;
tbey ure of the first water, and under
the most severe tests tbey are always
found reliable, true and genuine.
These Diamonds are known as Diamond Dyes, celebrated all the world
over for their brilliancy, purity and
durability. These Diamond Dyes
possess marvellous and astonishing
powers. When used according to directions that accompany each one they
give new life and beauty to all faded,
dingy and doad-looking garments.
Each of these Diamond Dyes gives a
return to the user in money value of
from ten to twenty times their cost.
Have you tried any of these Diamonds���Diamond Dyes '/ If not, then
look up some old faded drees that you
have laid uside, or some jacket, blouse,
ribbons or hose, and give these wonderful Diamonds a trial. Thoy will
surprise you with the magnificence of
their work.
Now, just a word of warning if you
are a novice in the work of dyeing.
Beware of adulterated package und
soap grease dyes that bring only trou
ble, disappointment nnd vexation of
spirit, ns well as complete ruin to your
Uncrowned Kings In ttenilneas,
London,-Oct. 28���The Koine correspondent of thn Times says: "I learn
that Prince Louis Napoloon, who wns
supposed to have rejoined his regiment
in Russia, is really ot G-enevu, where
lie haa raised a loan of such dimensions
as excludes tho hypothesis of its being
required for privato purposes. Prince
Louis has long been the candidate of
tho Uunapartists for the/French throne
in preference to his brother Prince
Vienna, Oct. 27.���The Duke of Or-
leaiiH has started for Brussels.
Hon. F. W. Aylmer President
W. G. Mituliofl-Innes Vice     do
W. G. Neilson, J. J?  do      do
E, Johnson  do       do
E. A. Haggen Socretary-Trejwuror
Tho regular meetings of the Hasociwlion
will bo held un tho first Tuesday in ovory
month at the Columbia House, Golden.
All possiblo information will be furnuhed
by tho association upon application to
Many Victims of Bright's Disease���Diabetes,
Dropsy and Distressing Urinury Troubles
Have JJoen Saved by tho Timely Use of
South American Kidnoy-jCure.
Tho kidnoy tire nature's filters in expelling
from the body all impurites, If tho kidneys
are out of sorts the whole system becomes
impaired and disease follows as sure as fate.
Bright's disease, diaebt-as, dropsy and dis
trossiug urinary troubles infest four-fifths of
the r��oo. It need not be so, for South American Kidney Cure is a power in dispelling -nil
tendency to tho seating of disease. It hus
cured cases that havo been long and stubborn
ami that have hatVIed medical skill.
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
One ITuuilrod and Fifty will IHovo from
Nova Scotln to British Columbia.
Pays tho Winnipeg Tribune: "The
completion of the Crow'sJN'cstPuss
railway has opened a field for the development ol tho enormous coal deposits ut Fornio, and iu November ono
hundred nnd fifty miners and their
families will leave for this place frotn
Sydney, N.S. The western fields are
immensely larger in extent than tliuno
in Nova Scotia and aktlled miners can
get considerably higher wagei than in
tho east; hence the wholesale exodus
The migrating miners will lie brought
west on-a special train, which will
tako them direct to their destination's
without changes."
Mrs. Oainpton UtBi Or. Agnew's Cure for
tlio Heart and Koceives Inslaut Lasting
Koliof��� Immediate Relief in what tbo
Sufferer Wants���and ('els when Ur. Agnew's Curo for the'tlfcy-.**? is Used.
"I was for a long tiino a groat sufferer from
heart trouble. I hail palpitation .-ind smother-
,ing accompanied by great weakness and
painful spasms. I got viary Utile relief from
remedies, anal doctors failed to give mo real
liunntit. A friend of miiio had used Dr. Agnew's Cure 1'ur the Heart, am! it had been a
great relief to her. 1 procured a bottle ami
it has proveal a groat Mussing to mo, 1 think
it a great heart euro and heartily recomnieml
it tn all like sulVerors. Mrs. Oasiptou, 41*
iiishop Street, Toronto."
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Road to West Kootonnj.
To The Editor Goldkn Era :
Dear Sir, In your issue of Oct.
14th you have an item about a wagon
road between East, and West Kootenay,
Tbat such a road is very much needed
and.the public who would havo occasion to use the road are grateful to you
for drawing attention to the matter.
At present there is no means of
access or communication except by the
railways and tbey are at the extreme
end of the Selkirks you might say.
I hope our energetic Hold Commissioner, Mr. Griffith, will see the matter is pushed and have everything
ready for opening it up next spring.
With the country opening up rapidly
nil over closer comtnatnicatioti is very
desirable between such important mining districts ns Ens: and West Kootenay.   Yours very truly,
A. Allan.
Calgary, Alta., Oct. 17th, 1898.
Sfe \hV*hmt9
I b^ATEM WH piahhi in slwuo
{ ���*nTrtt��� W ���CI* **5*'5LS8 MIIUMI
plAf)��DAta|\ R0.(j pBjc-Hu,- %
Wiu-Actuiwi       Morni
E, A. IlAfiiii'.N, Sec, Oolden.
EVERYWHERE for "Tho Story of the Philippines" by Murat Hakatead, comniissiomal
by tho Government as Ollicial Historian to
tho War Department. The book was written
in army camps at Sau Francisco, on tho Pacific with General Merritt, iu the nospitals at
Il.uolulu, in Hong Kong, in tho American
trenches nt Manila in the insurgent camps
with Aguinaldo, rui the deck of tho Olympia
with Dowcy. and in tho roar of battle ut the
fall of Manila. Uonanaa for agont.. Brimful of original pioture. token by government
photographers on the spot. Large book. Low
price..   Big profits.   Freight paid.   Credit
Sivc-u.   Drop all trashy unofficial war books,
utfitfroe.  Address, P. T. Barber, Sec'y.,
Star Inturanse ISIdg., Chicago.   WMll
Miners! The way for you to succeed
is to make known tho resources of
your camps. Tho way to do that is to
send news of your finds to the Golden
Eua, Subscribe yourself to the Era
and send it to your friends. The Era
will tell thoin all about it better than
you can.
Very valuable Remedy in all
affections of tbe
"Large Bottles, 2ic
Prop's, of Perry Davis' Pain-Killer       Jg
'KiSKsw. Wi -nde-fincrc.
T.tyntoai .V; Goralon Prop..
Good accomodation for prospectors arid
Frelghtprs,    First-class meals.
���ES" Rates : SIoderatr,
I am Just starting the best thing for money
rooking you have Seen for many a day. Your
name and address will bring the golden information.
T.H. LINSCOTT, Toronto.
Industrious man of character to travel and
appoint agents.   Salary and expenses paid.
Bradley Garretson Co., Limited,
a-80 Toronto.
We pay straight weekly salaries of from
tlO to J-*!), according to ability, I'or canvassers on " Life and Work of Mr Gladstone"
The .demand fur this wonderful volume is
keeping idl bunds working early and late.
The only Canadian and British work pub*
lislieal. Endorsed by the Royal Family and
leading publio men.   A big, cheap hook,
Bradley-Garretsou Company, Limited,
JAMES BJtADY, D.L.8.4*"P.I,.'8.
...Mining Engineer.-
M. Am'n Inst. M. -E. _
Agent for obtaining Crown -Grants,'
doing annual aasesmont work, etc. i
Address:     Uolden, B. O.
Holiday hooks naav ready; ono prospectus
representing four books; range in price from
ono dollar up. Cheaiiost and host holiday
books published i cheapest books bound in
actual cloth, while otlier publishers usolitho
clolh. Wo pay froight, give premiums, you
pay us after you make delivery. Capital and
experience not necessary, so don't lot this
chance go by.
M8 Limited, Toronto.
Assaying Institute...
Hendquarterfi, Vulffnvy, Alberta.
P.h. D., B. 0. M. E.. Etc., Manager.
Spedldl Courso lit Germany,
Assay*,  Sampling, Analytical Work, and
Concentrated Ores.    All parcels oforo urd
carefully sampled, one portion tested, oho
portion labelled and kept for nix months u��
k retorenco, and if desired tiie third portion
will lie returned to owner, as a check ou
u^ay mado.
CASH WITH SAMPLES, which should bo
tlt't't with  the undersigned,  from  whom
urms may he obtained-on application.
Resident Agont,
!173st   . Golden, B.O,
Read tlio OOLDEN ERA.
For information ���nd freo Handbook write to
OlileH t-urf-au for locurlnn pnlonti In America.
Every -.intent taken out by us Is brnuirfji befure
tho public by ft notice given freo of obanjo in tho
�� MHtiffa gwmau
Lfimost circulation of any scientific paper in the
world. Sploudidly illustrated. No lutelllBBnt
nan should he without it. Weekly, S3.U0 ���
year* ILGOitx months. AridrSe MUNN A CO.,
PuituauKUg. 301 Broadway, New York Uty.
Tf\B Oreat Pain Reliever
Supei'Ior to All Others.
It   relieves   the  pnins ..ml aches the
minute applied.   It Cuveu:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sone Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc,
Can beiMjed Internally as well an externally.   Hundreds testify to its .
Magical relief.   No home should
be without it.
Sold by all dealers.   25 cts.
7,000   BICYCLES
carried over from 1897 must be sauri-
ficod now. New High Grade, all
styles, best equipment, guaranteed.
$9.75 to   $17.00
Used wheels, late models, all makes
$3.00 to   $12.00
We ship on approval without a cent
payment. Writ, for bargain list and
art catalogue of swell '98 models.
Bicycle free to advertise them. Kidur
agents wanted. Learn how to earn a
llicycle and mako money.
J. S. Mead Cycle Agent,
Chicago, 111.
Business Cards.
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. Cj
A supply of Building Xim.
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. J8��oJ
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established mid) LbadtiIiU, COLORADO
Samplo. by mail or eiprea. reciva
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Price. i-GoM, silver and
leuij, 81* any t*vo of the above, 7*wi any eu i
of tii. above, COci copper analysis, tl; nlali*
nam, nickel or tin, tb.  Wiito for fall pric. '
list anal mailing envelopes.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open f.r tb.
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from th. under- '
signed  or   any member   ��f  tin
PRICE-Ton Dollars per year or .flte
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private ward*.
Acting Secretary.
Goldon    Era
4     ���    .    .   AND   .    .   .
B. C. Mining Record
Will be sent to any address an
receipt of 83.00 whiaili covers
a years subscription to both
p.-i pers.
The OOLDEN ERA Co.-Jtra,
Tha fmperial Life
Ascurance Company
Of tetia.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
J'250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   for Security
of Policy  Holder..
Prenialont���Hon. 8ir Oliver Mowat.
Vice-Prerident-Joaeph W. Flav.ll.  Eta.
Managing Director���F. Q. Cox.
E. A. Hague*,
219 Agent, Golden, B, 0.
Healthful, safe, inexpensive horn,
treatment for alcoholism. Na hypodermic injections; no publicity, uolois
of time from busin... and a certainty
of cure.   Consultation and correspen-
feronces as to Dr. McTaggart'. prof...
Bional integrity permitted by Sir W.
R. Meredith,. Chief Justic; Han. 0.
W. Ross, Uinister of Education,- 6.
W. Yarker, banker; H. S. Stratby,
manager Traders' Bank.
Particulars can be obtain*! on reference to the Editor of Tub Soldi*
Rubber Stamps
Order, for Rubber Stamps and Seals wil
lie receiveil at Ue Golden IraOSoaasai
oseoutald with promptitude.
The Golden Bra Company,
Limited liability.
Subscribe to th. Goldm* Iia anal
h.lp to advance th. Interact, ol tl.
district. Send 12 for a year', eub-
-���-���-.-,. ,a,a
Send for our n��w 18��8 Cawloi
deaHliptfou of .11 our P|i
isr "
pa'oi flllildlemcn ��� prol
your rirrumsiRi)ccn. PI
ily fli
.Ulna r���
public direct, ��t Dietoj
  T6r~ -     ~
Ir ft
...    REMEMBER we Are
rm of kotual niuuf-uturen
iioltutvely to tbe general
, ��t fee
Ifimlt yuur rlrcuftislRiiccH. Plaiinf and 6nniu8 ���hippoJ on tiiirty davi' trial Inyourown homo
nn.ipc our ipoclal warrant for twenty-five years. No money roqulrertlp advance. Sate doll very
any (wnlt, tlinclHoroflliUpap"*, or -of any JHIHL >    r*fcM# furpirtToiUMaorovirfoi*. i
      -    ____--,������.,_. ( which any one can eortly obtain -
iiioiitJiffoiiiiiH'liirlnff noarly 60 yearn,   Our-flj     GUP) CoitNUfll,'"     *   *
n OW lir-ok "The Ht-art of th-9P��oplu,"0(in*Wn<
(nr a UlOtlMnd recent IvferMMH, Wut Ire*.
COKNIBH Pluto or Organ for noth-1
tug. Full explanation with evury <
catalotfau, i
Eatnbllthod ncarTr 50 Yean.
AHADiiiiPd ncarir ov xcatK     ��*��
 Mwiufitdnftraof Anterl-��n Planoi nti-l Or-iaaa. WAoHINBTOHl III J���**!*��"
yff* ynnitys'iyi ��iyi ��iy i y��yi"fif��tfii fwrwm*ft *i>i w ��fT' ���fn^T'T*,m^T',r*yei^r' yvyi-yryi. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 189S.
.For Tired and Run-
v down Wives and
Paine's Celery Compound Gives
Them New Life, Vigor and
Needed Strength.
,It Purifies the blood
and braces the nerve.
Jt gives bright eyes and a clear
and healthy complexion.
Miss Mabel Jennass, whose wonder-
aful system for the correct physical
training of women and girls is so well
known all ov.i* the North American
continent, ia a firm believer in the virtue, of Paine'. Celery Compound.
iWhen overworked by her multitudin*
on. duties, sho always recuperates and
Strengthens her system by using
iPkine". Celery Compound. In a letter
to Wells k Richardson Co..proprietors
of. Paine's Celery Compound, she says:
"I was induced to try Paine's Celery
'Compound at a time when I was suffer*
aiiig from overwork and the effect of an
accident. 'I began immediately to
realise -tonic and blood-nourishing
.-Seats. .1 ta.k. pleasure in saying that
although oppose! to medicine iu general, I really consider this an excellent
, preparation.
,.,.'���1 -hav. not been able to take one
day's rest sinct 1 returned from my
-long, hard wostern trip. I am sure
���were it not for Paine's Celory Compound, which h ta a tonic effect, I
should not be able to keep up and wort
"I recommended Paine's Celery Com*
��� pound to a friend who dined with na
yostorday, and on leaving here she
went and bought a bottle. I shall do
all I can for it, for I.helievo.in it."
-V/liat.a Traveller Bay" of It.
A recent traveller over Ihe Edinon
iton route to tho Yukon says: '-Being
.an eastern man I was rather surprised
-to find quite a number of bright little
��� h ilf-breeds at the various Hudson's
liny posts I visited. Upon enquiry I
fo ind-that most of the clerks and employees lived with Indian women.
Thi. was not so very startling in Itself but I was also infoimed that these
.women had been purchased from their
parent, like so many chattels. . This
statement was corroborated by many
people I met in tho north. Fox at
Fort Graham lived with n magniflcotiT.
-specimen of Indian womanhood aud
had several bright little half-breeds iu
his household. I was informed that
the price he paid for his companion
was fifty blankets.
-'I believe the missionaries fought
hard against this practice bnt what
could they do���the Indians wanted tbe
blanket, and the white men wanted
ith.ir daughters."
London, Oct. 28,-The Pall Mall Gazette this afternoon summarizes the
result of the meeting of the British
cabinet yesterday as follow.:
One���Marchand must be withdrawn
unconditionally, and no undertaking
or promise to be given to discuss the
questions raised by France in regard
to access to the Nile and such like.
Two���When Marchand has withdrawn it will be determined whether
the questions raised admit of discussion and under what conditions'the
discussion wilt be proceeded with.
Three-Every possible facility will
bo afforded to assist the Marchand
withdrawal by whichever route selected.
Fourth���If Marchand is not withdrawn there will be no interference
with him remaining at Fushod-i, nor
th. dato fixed for his withdrawal;
necessarily, reinforcements will not bo
permitted to reach him, Ho will be
treated courteously as a foreign visitor
and will be regarded in no other light.
Five���Therefore, it is left to France
to adopt auy active monsurea to precipitate a conflict.
The Pall Mall Gazette adds that it
has good reason to believe that while
Russia has counselled France to tid>
over the difficulty and avoid wnr, she
has promised to throw her weight ir
the scale at no distant date for the
purpose of bringing the whole Egpp
tiau question and tho British occupation of Egypt to the front for settlement.
Remarkable Benene.
.Mrs. Micheal Curtain, Plainlield, III,
makes the statement, that she caught
cold, whioh settled on her lungs; she
wa. treated for a month by her family
.physioian, bat grew worse. He told
her .he was a hoples. victim of consumption and that no medicine could
cure her. Hor druggist suggested Dr.
King'. New Discovery for Consumption; ah. bought a bottle and to her
delight found herself benefitted from
first dose. Sho continued its use and
after taking six bottles, found herself
sound and well; now does her own
housework, and is as well as she ever
was. Sold by all Druggists, large
bottles 60 cents and 11.00. 6
(Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand aud foot for years
by the chains of disease is the worst
form of slavery. George D. Williams,
of Manchester, Mich, tells how such a
slave was made free. He says: "ily
wife has been so helpless for live years
that she could not turn over in bed
alone. After using two bottles of Elec
trie Bitters, she is wonderfully improv-
i-d and able to do her own work.,, This
'���supreme remedy for female disea.es
quickly euros nc-nyousness, sleepless-
n.ss, melancholy, headache, backache,
fainting and dizzy spells. This miracle-working medicine is a godsend to
wotik, sickly, run down people. Every
bottle guaranteed. Only bO cents.
.Sold by all Druggists, (I
Ur.at Etootrleal Discovery,
The Eleotrical Review comments on
Mr. Tcsla's novel idea as follows:
"Tesla now propose, to transmit without th. us. of wires, through the natural msdium, th. earth and the air,
great amount, of power to distances of
thousands of miles. This will appear
a dream, a tale from the Arabian
Night*, but th. .xtraordinary discoveries Tesla ha. mad. during a number
of yaars of incessant labor, makes it
evident that hi. work in thi. Held has
passed a .tag. of laboratory experiment and is ready for a practical test
���on an indu.trial scale. Th. success of
hi. effort, means that power from
��uch sources a. Niagara will become
available in any part of tb. world regardless ��f distance."
X Dimpled Dot in Her Arms and a Body
Without a Pain-Here', a Caie of Mother
Cured of Tormenting Piles by Dr. Agnew's Ointm*nt.
"After baby was born I suffered great torment from piles. Nothing gave me any lasting relief or benelit until I had used Dr. Agnew's Ointment. One application of it gave
m. almost instant relief, and a few applications cured ra��. Mrs.M. K. Collger. 30 Pacific At.., Toronto."
Sold by C. A. Warr.n
East via the Lake Routes.
Steamers Leave Vt. William
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Sunday,
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Golden,
�� ���
One way and Round Trip Tickets at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
Klondike Gold Fields
Direct via 0. P. R. Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway.
At Cheapest Hates.
Sailings from
Victoria Vancouver
Cottage City  Oct. 1 Oct. 1
���City of Seattle..."   2 "2
QueonCity     "   G "7
Dirigo       "   G "6
Alki     "6 "6
City of Topeka ...    ���' 11 "1
Amur      "12 "1
is     "13 " 14
Rosalie     "13 "13
Cottage City     "16 "16
���City of Seattle...    " 18 ���' 18
Dirigo     "20 "20
Queen City     " 20 '��� 21
Amur      "26 "27
Rosalie     '��� 27 " 27
Toes       "27 "28
���Calls at Dyea.
C.P.R. connection through from Vancouver to
Dawson city in 10 days
Trains   leave  Golden for the west  at
11:45 a.m.
Apply to the noarest Canadian  Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
lite Tioket Agont, Golden
\aXVw*1 ���   ftrrmiiu ot BLOOD.
awfmtW'f       *���*       0- APPBTlVl.
DMIlirr. tba b*>orIIU cf 1Mb arllcU
���m noil waaUV'iU
Br tha tid ef The D. & L. Btnultlon. I h*va
|Otlen rid of ibacklnf o��Uf h which had troubled
ne for over a year, and pave f aincd eortilder-
ably la weight.
T. II. WINGHAM, C.E., Montreal.
80c. aad $1 per Bottle
Xove has a long way to go to reach
the heart of the modem up-to-date
young man. When he looks for a
wife, ne expects a good deal. Probably
he expects more than he deserves.
He wants
good looks,
I good sense,
good nature,
good health.
They usually go together. An
observing man
learns that a
,_ woman who is phys-
i~ ically weak and nerv-
S *r s ^ ons and incapable, is
* likely to be ill-natured too. The sweetest'temper is mined
by continual sickness.
A woman whose nerves are constantly
racked und dragged by debilitating drains
and Inflammation j cannot be a genial companion or happy wife; aud she is totally
unfitted to be a mother.
These troubles prevail almost universally among women largely because of
carelessness and neglect. There is no
need of them. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a positive specific for the weaknesses and diseases of the feminine organism. It cures them radically and
completely, It heals, strengthens and
purifies. It is the only scientific remedy
deviled for this special purpose by an
educated, skilled physician. It is the only
medicine that makes motherhood easy
and absolutely safe.
Its sale, through dealers in medicines
exceeds the combined sale of all other
medicines for women. It acts directly
aud only on the child-bearing organism.
It allays inflammation, soothes pain,
heals ulceration and gives the tortured
nerves a rest. It does away with the
discomforts of the expectant period and
makes baby's coming easy and comparatively painless. Thousands of women
have testified to its wonderful virtues.
All good druggists sell it and honest
dealers will not offer inferior substitutes
for the sake of a little extra profit. Dr.
Pierce ha3 been for thirty years chief
consulting physician of the famous Invalids' Hotel aud Surgical Institute, at
Buffalo, N. Y. His reputation a3 a
skilled specialist in woman's ailments is
Miss Lauretta McNees, of Reno (P. O.
Box 72.1), Washoe Co., New, writes; "-I
have discontinued takiagf the ' Prescription' mid will not take anymore (at prest
ent). Last month I had no pain at all and
worked every dny without any inconvenience whatever, It was tbe mat time I
never had pain during; that period. I cannot say too much for your medicines especially ihe ' Favorite Prescription' and
'Pleasant Pellets.' I know of a lady who
took one bottle of your 'Favorite Prescription ' and she says she was not .sick like she
was with h-;r first baby, This was her
second baby. She thinks it a grand medicine.   So do I."
" I.had suffered untold misery for a number of year*, with ovarian trouble, an ex-
hanstitig drain, constipation, painful period.** and other annoying trembles,1' writes
Mrs. Annie James, of-No. 27 Seventh St.,
Memphis, Shelby Co., Terin. "Thank God,
my liepllli haa been fully restored and I can
gladly say I am a well woman to-day. I
used si.T or seven bottles of your ' Favorite
Presentation,' and also used the lotion
which you advised iu the ' Common Sense
Medical Adviser..'"
"For years I had been failing- in health
and kept getting worse and more nervous
fill the lime," writes Mrs. Annie Dulan, of
East Strouctsburjr, Monroe Co., Pa. "I
doctored wilh two different doctors and
they told me that my system was run down
and my nerves were weak. I had ulcers of
the uterus whicli were so painful at times
that I was afraid that they must be cancers.
Indeed I felt discouraged with the treatment, aud did not get any better until my
nurse advised ine to write to you and I
did so.
" In May I commenced taking- your
* Golden Medical Discovery1-and 'Favorite
Prescription' and followed your advice a3
closely as I could. I took twelve bottles in
all, nix of each. Thanks tb God and the
right kind of medicine I feel myself cured
aud a well woman. I have no had feeling
whatever aud can do the work for a family
of ehfht, and feci better than I have for
Dr. Pierce has had a life-tii..: of experience in this particular field. His 1000-
page illustrated book, "The People's
Common Sense Medical Adviser " contains several chapters devoted to woman's special physiology. A paper-bound
copy will be scut free on receipt of 31
one-cent stamps to pay the cost of customs and mailing ouly. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, if. Y.
For a cloth-bound copy send 50 stamps.
... WE  PRINT...
'Stud us your ovale*-..
That ia what wo nre lion- fur.
The Giflden Era Company
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, B. C.
Daily Mail
& Empire
Golden Era
Both papers will be sent to
any address for one year on
receipt of
The cheapest and best
newspaper offer ever made.
Send address and remittance
Iu the event cf it
���stroke of good'fof tune
you can win
( ,%00-WiO   BlHl'ItB.
The payment of j
iho prizes 1b
guaranteed by
1st drawing
Duct* m ber 21st |
You ���'�����'-' invited to participate in tho
'ctiaiiceu or Winning In the grand
\j draw tup* ol r>rIiei*��ffUtti'an*oea Vy
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I 11 Millions 349,325 Marks
II surely havo to bo won.
m  Tn the course ol tlioiaeftdviinlapeoii.'aii
?a!a-*i-a-iii(,'��, which contain uncording lo tin*
Bnronpeetusonly 118,000 tickets, tho follow
ring nihaoaa will lie forthcoming, viz.:
1 lie Iii /.'hest prizo will lac event.
SUO.OO<> Murks
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in all 59.180drii-.es which mii.t bo surel5J
won in 7 Irnwings within tho spue of aj
lew months.
The highest prize of 1st alrawint
..mounts to Mk. 60.000, increaso iu Sudl
!ilriliv!ng l<a Mk. 55,000, in Ural Mk. 1*0,000,
iu 4th Mk. IS5.GIX). ill 5th Mk. 70,000, in 0th
Mlt. 75.000, ill 7th Mk. 200,0110, and to-j
nether wilh the Premium of .Mk. 300,00a!'
iu tlio maast fortuuato case tu Mk. 600,000.1
The official oust for participation in thejg
first two drawings amounts to
Dollar 4.50 for a full ticket
Hollar 9.25 for half a tioket,
Dollar 1.13 for one quarter of a ticket.
Half resp. quarter tickets will entitlo to!
'one half resp. ono quarter of the amount]
jwon (|y the rcspeclia-o nuinbor, named on]
;the ticket,
Tho stakes for participation in the tol-.
lowing draavings, as well as  tho oxaact;
Prize-table, aro indicated in tlio Oflie-ial1
'rospectus, which 1 scud on deiaaaud gratis in advance. Thu prospectus is also
sent grails with every order. After the
drawing 1 shall fori.ard to ovory ticket-
holder tiie otlicial list of the winning num.
jto those couconied will havo my Special
].'iiial Prompt nttontion, anal wilh Ihe Most
aVhsoiule Secrecy.
aM. Remittance uli money can be mail
[by American Hank-notes by rogistoroal
'letter or by Post-Oltlco Orders, Hmall
amounts call alsu ho sent by jiostaga
stamps. .
t*. On account of   Iho approaching
Iraaaingoftho prizes, please address tha:
Di-alers immediately iu all confidence di
Jroet to
at HAMHUKli, Germany.
507  02,29,6,12,10,80
Upper Columbia
Navigation 4 Tramway S,
& Iqtenjational Transportation Co'y.
Connecting- with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C., and Great
Northern Railway at Jennings,Montana.
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood .Saiddle Horses and
Digs of r11 kinds for
Hire nt. Reasonable Bates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ X + X +
~e.ij?~Q ^o's'z Q O.Q Q^ 'i_$
C. II. Parson,
rrrririrBTf *inniTnrif ns yirrs'iririrririnris i
Shorey'S Ready-to-Wear
Rigby Waterproofed
Freize Ulsters
Made from pure-wool, -jj oz. to the yard
Frieze. Five pockets.��� Deep flaps.���Six
iuch collar, with throat Ub.���Double stich-
cal edges���Raised seanis. Length 54 inches.
Nine colors. Black, Blue, Mid Brown,
Diab, Claret, Heather, Oxford, Blue mixture aud Olive mixture.
Waterproof, Windproof,
Frostproof, Comfortable.
Sold by all reputable dealers frem
Nova Scotia to British Columbia for
$6.75 i
Shorey's Guarantee Card in the pocket,   a
of course.    Insist on seeing it, it ia a good   !
_���.. w -     square guarantee. ' |
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
Golden and Beaver, B. C.
"Munson    No.   2.'
Tho beat writing machine.     The only INTERCHANGEABLE STEEL
TYPE WHEEL.    Eleflttnllj Illustrated Catalogue Free.   Address:
EDGAR A. HILL, Manufacturer, 94-96 Wendell St., Chicago,
Reliable Assays at Moderate Prices.
A. C. Hamilton,
Through an arrangement with Mijsbs and Minerals, we are enabled la
offer all, who will pay CASH IN ADVANCE for a year's subscription to THE
GOLDEN ERA, clubbed with Mines and Minerals, Five Coupons entitling
the subscriber to
Five Assays for Gold and Silver, Copper,
Iron, or Lead.
These assays will be made at the Minus and Minerals Assay OfBoe,
Scranton, Pa., and are guaranteed as reliable (nd accurate aa it ie possible ta
have made anywhere.   Prompt returns will be made in all cases.
Regular Subscription te Mines k Minerals $2,00 ""���
Regular Subscription.to The Golden Era      2.00- Total (1.00.
Clubbing Rate, Including Above-Named Assays 12.60,
If you wish to see Mines and Minerals before taking up this offer, send '
for a free sample copy to Scranton, Pa,, mention this paper.
James Patterson was thrown frem a
iand ear on the C.P.R. aud bis skull
H. G. Lowe was brought into the
Hospital from Carbonate on Tuesday
suffering from a severe attack of
Dr. Furrer, partner of Dr. Proctor,
ot Kamloops, died at the Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, en Sunday last, sf cancer of the stomach,
Mr, Hugh Goslin, manager and director of the Bernhard-Walthers Concert Company is in town arranging for
a grand popular concert to be given on
Wednesday llith inst. Full particulars in next issue.
The many friends of H. G. Parson
will be glad to learn that ho has now
safely passed the worst stages of his
attack of typhoid fever, and is now on
his way to recovery. We hope sooa to
see him abuut as usual.
The doings on Halloween night In
Golden were somothing disgraceful
and the indignation of the townspeople
was so strong that the police were
forced to take action to endeavor to
discover and punish the mischief-
makers, but so far havo not been successful.
Mr, Griffith, Government Agont, has
received Instructions from Premier
Semlin to take steps in regard to the
request of t he Golden Board of Trado
that the channel of the Kickiug Horse
should be improved, to prevent its
being blocked with ice as occurred last
We have to thank Mr. R. E. Gosnell
for copies of the compendium to tbe
year book of British Columbia. A
work that reflects tbo highest credit on
the literary ability of Mr. Gosnell, the
loss of whose services cannot but be a
disadvantage to tho Province which he
served so faithfully and well while
Parliamentary Librarian at Victoria.
At St. Peter's Church, Donald, on
Sunday nest Nov. 6th thero will be
services as follows: At 11 a.m.
Morning Prayer, Litany and sermon;
ut 7:30 p.m. Evening Prayer and sermon. The offertories will be given to
the society for promoting Christian
knowledge Tbo Ven. Archdeacon
McKay will take these services.
Capt. Armstrong returned a few
days ago looking well after his experiences in the north. He thinks highly
of the future of the Stickino and vicinity and of tho new gold finds at Atlin
Lake. Tho Captain met with a hearty
welcome from his old friends ou his
return and he will probably remain iu
Golden during the winter months.
The Columbia River Lumber Company intend re-arranging their mill at
Golden and increasing the plant so
that by next season the output can be
considerably increased. The Waterous
Company are puttiug into tho mill
seventeen earloads of new sawmill
machinery, and with the Golden and
Bsaver mills the Compmiy will bo able
to reach aa immense output.
The services at St. Paul's Church,
Golden, on Suuday next Nov. filh will
be as follow: At 11 a.m. Morning
Prayer and Celebration of Holy Communion; at 7:30 p.m. Evening Prayer
and sermon. This day will be observed
as an All Saints Festival, with special
hymns and addresses. Tbe offertories
will be given to the society for promoting Christian knowledge, a society to
which St, Paul's is much indebted.
J. W. Wilgress of the head office of
the Bank of Montreal at Montreal will
succeed Mr. Graveley as manager of
the Calgary braneh. Mr. Wilgress
and family will arrive esrly in Nov
ember. The citiaens of Calgary have
presented the present manager, Mr.
Graveley, with a handsome silver service on tho occasion of his leaving to
assume an important position in connection with the Bank's eastern business.
John McKenaie, who returned the
Other day from the Omenica, brings
news of further trouble with the In
dians up north. Sergeant Moody, of
tbe Northwest Mounted Police, and
several other parties were reported to
have been held up by the Indians and
aome of their provisions taken away
from them, A man who wandered
away from his camp after strayed
horses did not return, nnd a few days
later his bonos were found where he
had been killed aud eaten by bears.
Farquhar Macrae, police magistrate
of Victoria, has been suspended by
Attorney-General Martin, and the complaint against him will be dealt with
by the provincial executive. It arises
out of tbe case of Joseph Liddy, a seaman on the steamer Tartar, who was
recently sentenced to two weeks' imprisonment for refusing duty. It is
alleged that Liddv had a good defence,
In that he had been discharged before
tbe refusal, but that the magistrate
Improperly prevented him from stating
his case.
Our local contemporary has taken to
publishing sneering remarks regarding
the Era. Tho people of Golden know
the condition into which Mr. R. VV.
Harrison, who is responsible for this
aajonduct, had lapsed when the Era
took him by the band and put him on
his feet; and his remarks say very
little for any spirit of mauliuesa that
he may possess. We don't want to be
a party to journalistic amenities unles-a
they are forced upon ns; and then we
���hall see. W�� don't understand why
% journalist can't be a gentleman unless he. has gone too far to recover
himself aud allows his jealousy of the
Era as a better advertising medium
than his own to blunt any small sense
af justice, h? may have left.
���-r<���. v^.-,..,        If IM la worm
/       rVV  having it is worth
��r*, t     '      _jr��t   taking  care   ef.
r^ttj#\^ V. Hecltlessness  does
u,,ltl pay, either la
��� ur work or
onr  pleasure.
When    people
read of a young
man who  has
been killed
while performing some rack-
leas feat on a
toboggan or at
., torn, other has*
ardou.   sport,
their sympathy
I. mixed with
surprise that
any human being
ationld  thus carelessly risk life.
There are thou-
sands of men who
are recklessly risking their lives while they
HO about their cnuiuion everr-day avoca*
tiar.il-. They over-wank, they do not take
suiticlent time from buaiitiesj or labor to eat
or sleep or T,-rt, or to car. for their health.
Outraged nature tl-rows out danirer aignala,
to whi.ia Ihcy pay no heed. They Buffer
from billons or nervous disorders, from
licit headache, giddiness, draiwsineaa, cold
chill., flua-.tiiuir. of beat, shortness of
brraib, bla*t;:l]r. on the skin, law* of ap-
petit-:, uncomfortable sensations in the
stotnar-h alter aueals, loss of sleep, lassitude and trembling- sensations. These are
the advance syniyloauo of serious and fatal
All allaanrU'Taa of this nature are cored by
Dr. Pierce's ('-olden Medical Discovery, ft
restores the loaal appelate, gives sound and
refreshing sterp, makes the digestion perfect, the liver aa.-tf-.-a:. It purifies the blood
and makes It tia-h with the life*glrlng element, of the food. It is the great blood*
mik'-r and gosli-buHclcr. It make, the body
active and the brain keen. It Is the best
of nerve tonics. Thousands have testified
to its merits. No honest dealer will urge
upon yo-.i a substitute for the little extra
pro6a It may afford.
The man or woman who neglects constipation is gathering in the system a store
of disorders that will culminate in aome
serious anal possfely fatal malady. Dr.
Flerce's Pleasant Pellcta are a safe, sure,
speedy anal permanent cure for constipation. One little " Pellet " is a gentle laxative, aud two a mild cathartic.
The membership of the curling club
is steadily increasing and will soon
reach the forty mark.
The Columbia Rivor Lumber Co.
have now 250 roaa in camp and expect
to have f>C0 men at work shortly.
T. A, Knowltou and W. R. Lindsay
have returned to the east for winter,
and will be bask early in the spring to
resume work ou their properties.
S. Adler, a recent resilient of Golden,
has been getting into trouble in the
north, having been arrested at Telegraph Creek on a charge of supplying
liquor to Indians.
D. M. Calder was charged at the
Police Court this morning before Mr.
Griffith, S,M. with using abusive language to II. J.Starforth but the charge
was dismissed.
At a meeting of the Oolden Rink Co
on Tuesday evening several tenders for
leasing the rink were considered, and
after some discussion W. Avery's offer
of (240 for the season was accepted.
The difficulty which T. Forrest, ef
Donald, experienced over his hotel being built on tht wrong lot at Cranbrook, bas been arranged hy Mr. For
rest purchasing the lot for 1600,
Says the Toronto Telegram: "When
Hon. J. H. Turner declares that Hon.
Joseph Martin is making lots of trouble for his colleagues in the new Government, the ex-Premier of British
Columbia speaks out of the bitterness
of his knowledge that Joe Martin made
lots of trouble tor his enemies in the
old Government,"
On Friday morning a couple of
ears of a.freight train were thrown off
the track at Moberly siding. One of
the ears was replaced but the other
was smashed and the load had to be
transferred. This was what Condnc
tor Walker's work train was engaged
in when the brakeman A. H. Clark
was sent on the errand which so mysteriously ended in his death.
C. A. Warren has imported a full
stock of the Carss Mackinaw clothing
for winter use, and it ia first-class
goods. He has also opened out a ship,
ment direct from Japan including
pretty designs in China tea-sets, fancy
cups and saucers, vases and Japanese
nick-nacks. Mr. Warren has also
opened out a fine stock ef lamps of all
sorts and sises, crockery, glassware,
and a full line of stationery.
We have received from G. B. McDermot a parcel billed of '-Nuggets from
Canoe river" in the shape of toothsome chocolates wrapped in cloth of
gold, Judging from the sack in
which they came they have travelled
far, as they are labelled "Dawson
City," "Juneau," "Vancouver," "Toronto," and bear the label of the Yukon
Transportation Company and the
registered mail mark. Mr. McDermot
is evideutly determined to get ahead
of the Golden Era Air Line in tnak
ing Golden the headquarters for the
Yukon trade.
A littls bird whispers to us that in
this week's issue of onr contemporary
there will be a terrific whine because
tbe Semlin Government have written
asking that it be not sent to the Government offices; and it again vests its
wrath on the Era. The bird also says
that some wag bas sent it a poem
which will describe in admirable terms
the new political boss who reigns over
its sanctum. Really this is a shabby
way to treat its friend. Ic is also
whispered that if Billy Clemes's shack
could speak this week It eould tell
strange tales of our contemporary's
doings. If our contemporary wants it
we can beat "The tale of the shack,"
at our contemporary's expense and tbat
of its friends, but we don't want to be
revengeful till we have to.
Read the GOLDEN ERA.
The  Japanese cabinet has resigned.
Warrington, the largest cheese merchant in Montreal, has failed.
Indian murderers were excutedat
Dawson on November the 1st.
Woolich. arsenal is "working over
A Russian spy has been arrested et
Harwich, ^England
The British channel squadron is
anchored off Gibralter.
Tbe defences of Dover have been manned as an experiment.
The Egyptain batallion bas been
ordered to proceed to Fashoda.
During last week four murderers received the death sentence in  London.
Her Majesty Queen Victoria has
taken a most deoided stand against
The Maria Teresa, one of Admiral
Corevora's warships, is en rout to
Hampton Roads.
The British volunteers, militia and
the reserves are to be called out and
It is reported that the London and
Paris financiers may embarrass Germany by calling in loans,
An anarchist congress bas been
called to meet at Berlin on November
All tbe powers will send representatives to tbe disarmament conference.
Theofficial relations between Russia
and the German government are said
to be strained.
It is reported that an alliance has
been made between France and Portu
gal rospceting East Africa.
Spain A/ill withdraw from the peace
negotiations as the United States gov
eminent demands the Philippines.
Foreign     residents    in   Pekin are
very much alarmed at the great in
crease of ihe Chinese garrison  j-* the
Much damage has boon done by a
cyclone which swept over Denmark
Hill, Cam pair wil I,; London. The gate
of the Wellaud Canal is broken and
all traffic is suspended.
The special train carrying the Bri
tish marine roserves from Halifax to
Vancouver was wrecked at Rat Portage, Two boys from the training ship
Aginoourt laying at Chatham, England
were killed,
Though his Physican Pronounces his Disease Incurable.
Bright'* Disease Is not Incurable,   for
Dodd's Kidney Pills have Cared
It ThoasuBal. of Times, and
will Core it Thousands
of Times Again.
Toronto, Oct 31.���Newspaper despatches from Pekin, China, bring information to the effect that the Emperor is dying of Bright's Disease. He is
under the care of a famous French
physican, who asserts that tha Emperor's complaint is "an incurable Kidney
That is where the famous French
physician is mistaken.
There ie no incurable Kidney disease.
Every disease ot the Kidneys is curable. They, like all other diseases,
yield readily to the proper remedies.
Theoxperience of the past eight years
has shown conclusively, beyond the
shadow of a doubt, that there is one
remedy that will cure any case of Kidney disease, no matter how severe, no
matter how long it hae run.
This remedy is known throughout
the English-speaking world, to physicians and laymen alike, by the name
of Dodd's khinby pills.
When Dodd's Kidney Pills were first
introducd. medical men were sceptical
regarding their power to cute Bright's
Disease. Experiments were made in
cases that had defied the skill of tbe
most eminent medical men on the American continent, cases that were given
up as hopless���fatal. To the astonishment of the medical men, Dodd's Kidney Pills worked a complete cure iu
each and every cuse. Thenceforth
they were recognized ns the only known
cure for diseases of the Kidneys including Bright's Disease and Diabetes,
This place they have held since, and
bold to-day, No other cure for these
diseases has ever been discovered, although many worthless imitations of
Dodd's Kidney Pills have teon placed
on the market,
If the famous French physican, under whose care the Chinese Emperor
is, would use Dodd's Kidney Pills in
the case of his imperial patient, bis recovery would be rapid and certain, 676
When the Blood Is Pure and
Rich it will Heal Rapidly.
rhls Faet Demonstrated la the Oaee of
Chester Gravely, "Who Bad Been
Troubled With a Moaning tore Far
Bore Than a Tatar.
From the Times Owen Sound.
In the township of Sarawak, Grey
county, there is probably no better
known or respected farmer than Thos.
Gawley, of East Linton P.O. Learning
that his nephew, a young lad now
about ten years of age, had been cured
of a disease of his leg, whichthreatened
not only the loss of the limb, but also
of the life of the little fellow, a reporter ot the Times made enquiry, and
we are convinced that the wonder
working powers of Dr. Williams' Pink
Fills for Pale People have not exhausted themselves. Meeting Mr. Gawley
in one of the drug stores of the tewn,
he waa asked if tbe reported cure was
a fact. His face lightened up with a
smile as bo said, "Indeed it is, sir. I
was afraid we were going to lose the
lad, hut he is now as well aa ever,
hearty and strong." Asked for particulars, Mr, Grawley did the most natural
thing ia the world, referred the reporter to his wife, who iu telling the caso
said���-"In the mouth of September,
1897, my nephew, Chester Gawley,
who lives with us, became afflicted
with a severe pain in his left leg. In
a few days 1 he limb became badly
swollen and painful, and the family
physican was called iu. The case was
a perplexing one, but it was decided
after a few days to lance the leg. This
wns done, but the wound indicted
would uot heal up, but became a running sore. The little fellow soon was
reduced to almost a skelton. This continual through tho winier mouthr,
and we thought he would never get
off his bed again. Iu April two of the
best physicians of Owen Soiuid operated on tbe leg for disease of the bone,
resorting to scraping the bane. In
spite of this treatment the wouud continued to run, and we were in despair.
In August a friend residing in Manitou,
Manitoba, advised us to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Wo commenced to use
them at once, and I n a short time eeveral
pieces of the bone came out of the sore
and before the boy had taken four boxes
the leg was completely cured. This
wae over a year ago, and Chester ia
now well and strong in the left leg,
which caused the trouble, as in tho
other. Of course I recommend highly
the use of Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills."
Such is tha stery of the fourth cure
which It has been onr pleasure to report from Owen Sound. Chester Gawley is growing up into a strong healthy
lad, and it ia hut adding another tribute to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to say
that tbey were tho instrument in his
restoration to bodily vigor.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills create new
blood, and in this way drive disease
from the system. A fair trial will
convince the most skeptical. Sold
only in boxes the wrapper around
which bears the full trade mark "Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills tor Palo People."
If your dealer does not have them they
will be sent post paid at 60 cents a box
or six boxes for t'lbO, by addressing
the Dr. Williams Medieino Co., Brock.
villo, Ont.
There Is a Minnesota lawyer who
usually succeeds in acquitting his
clients, no matter how atrocioue their
crime or overwhelming the evidence of
their guilt. One day his little boy,
Tommy, was asked by his Suuday
school teacher: "Tommy, tbe man
who is good in this world goes to
heaven, Now, what becomes of tbe
bad men who disobey the laws of
God?'. "Papa geos them off," was the
-IpScan only be
where there's clear
and healthy
The ,-n-er amon-j xkin healers and complexion elarifiers : ��� One
application of DK. AGKuWS OINTMENT give* laataal re-
lief in cases of tlistrersin;, i'.chinf-*, burning, stinging lUa dltaMSS >
BC/erna, telter, sr.'.t rheum, scald head, ringworm, Itch, altera,
blolebas, chronic erysipelas, and all -.kin eruptions, aad Itching, bleerf-
ing, ui*W��tIri|J "ni blind piles���has mado marvellous curat In ehrsmie
��� urea of long standing���others have aad Hill fail���thia ���int-newt
never���helps nnd heals with majical quickness���31 CENTS.
I used '���'-. igaow'e (���"���ntire-.t fur Files, i Sr. St. Bart-nan, Btogbsa-itia, % ��,
���'wo apiil!.*��tloii�� of -Iris wondrri-iil Oln-t-! wrtten "tout me it down -me i-f
luoirt coinplctmj ans-ed   tlao   tKujleeonw J*j;ffiJT ,,0.1*'-����?J-. ' vnootttt lane
- .' ,.-.     It,, va*   T-*,./.-.av  '-   a-.-nlaun-.la.llna   H^'iB���-1 ��* fr --. �� '��� ��� ���"��* "V*?.
Ai's-ai    n-ryaien,    Delaware    avenue, ���*-������, lilw-asw aud iiu ���
:-ia,a;aj*j*u.���36 ClQU a taOX.
|jrn"*ue~��j. e��a��e"a hex.
,18. AGNSW8 W.Z MS THS KSABT-Not a cnre-al, bnt a heart
Relieves in thhty irinulee. Medical profession prescribe it as safest,
,iaid quickest cf heart remedies. Foe shortness ot breath, palpitation, BoMcr-
nr, pains about the heart and ether organic derangements, It li a never-taUtna
JB. AJOT3   CAMRnHAL   POSDER-Catan-h Is an almost onjveml	
Sumo ot the sym-ptnine of catarrh in eriSA In the head, dlnlseee, pains la sas
forehead, teattaclK*, offensive breath, Ices of taste and sense of smell. This ����J-
.--i-3.il remedy relieves iu ten minutes and cares permanently.
Mi aokxws LivitR nuus-Our* oenatlpaWen, alsk headache-, Mllmsnesa,
...Howcomplexion,torpid liver, Indlsreetlsn and chremla iliepnpela ���la
Jce-M-23 canto.
SOLD  BY   C.   A.   WAHREN.
E. A.
Notary Public, Mining, Real Estate and
Commission Agent.
Deed3 prepared and attested.
Parties represented in Police court, Small Debts court and
County court.
Accounts collected and disputed claims adjusted.
Town Lots and Farm Lands for Halo.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines in various parts of
British Columbia. ���
Gold Quartz, Copper, Gold, and Silver-Lead Prospects and
Developed Properties on Bond.
Ores   Purchased.
Reports and Information Furnished.
Stocks in British Columbia Mines Bought and Sold.
Cable Address:   KANAGAN, Golden.
Codes in use:   Moreing & Neal, and Bedford McNeill.
... the rolumbia House,
EVERYWHERE for "The Story of the Philippines" by Murat Hulstead, commissioned ,
by the Government as Official Historian to :
the War Department. The book was written
in army camps at Han Francisco, on the Pa*
cine with General Merritt, in the hospitals at,
Honolulu, tn Hong Kong, in tho American
trenches at Manila in the insurgent camps
with AguinaMo, on the deck of the Olympia
with Dewey, and in the roar of battle at the
fall of Manila, Bonanza for agents. Brimful ef original pictures taken by government
photographers on the spot. Large book. Low
prices.   Big profits.   Freight paid,   Credit
given.   Drop ell trashy unofficial war books,
utfitfree.   Address, F. T. Barber, Sec'y,,
StarlnsuranteBldg., Chisago,  N��aI7
The Belvidere
Superior to all others Irrespective
of price.   Cataloguo tells you
why.  Write for one.
New Vork.
Advertise in
A Strictly "first Class Hotol in Every Bespeet.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Seoond to None.
Headquarters for alining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. O.
"Wm. McNeish, Prop.
First Class Tailoring.
I have just opened a first-class Tailoring
Establishment and Repair Shop at the soutfc
ond of the Kicking Horse bridge
Sign of the Scissors.
I am here to stay, and if first-class workmanship, perfect fit, and reasonable price is of
interest to you, we solicit your patronage,
Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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