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The Golden Era Jun 24, 1893

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Full Text

VOL. II    XO  47
$2 Per Yeah
INSTANT    -     HEADACHE     -     WAFERS
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
uervours, bilious, or neuralgic,    Sent post
free on receipt of price
X.��   ContM   Vvr   Btoi.
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  raid  Shoes, \mr en,-.;
���turdware,   Etc., Etc, groceries
California Giant Potior Co.
Of v. bJcli n .Full Stock   is Constantly 0:2 hand
OH AS.  A. WARREN JS^oS��� wZ ��p��"
Golden, YiC.
t~4 Messrs. Aiiwood, D. li. Mann, and Capt, Miller proposes to run regular'
W Leslie lliil have returned from their ly once a week. 1, takes two and a
t 3 examination of tho North Star mine.     . half days to make   the trip from Jen-
*'*       Several visitors have come and gi    "ings ami eight hours to return.
this week; all well known of course, but      M. Phillipps, J.P., bus  gone to To-
lost io fume iu the general rush of the  bacco Plains,
past few days, chas.   Edwards, recorder,.is  away
Mr. W. II.   Wan, how   has  I tied I collecting taxes at Windermere.
i Im  '��� Sundown" from   Messrs,  Joint-      The Hon.   Attorney   General, Theo
gun, Henry and Hun lumpti mil has   rjavic, is expected to'visit Fort Steele.
gone to Spokane to raise the wind. when here he  will arrange  about ap-
S.   Poster MacGowan   and  family,.)pointing  a    constable   for   Tabacco
ken iii the river trip this week.   Plains.
He is general   manager, I'acilic  Dept.,      Mr, McCarthy, U.S. Customs officer
Mutual Life Ins. Co., New York. 'succeeds  Mr.  McConnell, U.S.   officer,
Mr. II. Coilliuchci'   went east to Cal-   who recently resigned.
gary on Sunday   lo  at'end   llie   races      rj|1|)t    Ariusirong   nnd a   party of
and Spot-is which   are being  in 1,1 th. re   |.���| ,,s ;lll,| B01lllellie���   are expected ou
this week.      Mr. L. Moody  also went  Saturday and   will likely  make a trip
east. : on (],,. Co.'s new boat.
The Oddfellows of   Donald paraded 	
to the   Presbyterian   Church lust Sunday   evening, wh  ii    II ���!'.    Mr,    Ross
preached an appropriate sermon.    The
Etc.  Elc.   attendance was vn-y large.
���:0:- Lady Atleln Cochrane. Miss  Brady,
Prices qnotoil and samples sup, lied on  and Lady   Gwendolen   Rous,   nccoin-      There was great interest shewn  by
application. piniied by T. U. H. Coclirano and Lord eveyrono in the case of the Crown v
Noi'bury, were among the  passengirs Larmour.      We   will   not   go   fully
if   the    Duchess   which    arrive 1  on   into   tho case;    but    we    have our
o'linions of whnl might have been had
i he Government t hedesiro to send up one
if   their   regular piosecuting  counsel
,., r    -..".      (f> n.���      FORT STEELE   BRIEFLET3.     L     ,,ays   beforehand   to work up
riUli. -oj     lui.i.'oi. J   UJIt-l ihe
I)..pari mental Just Ice.
The Rev, Mr.   McKinnon   lield ser
It appears from the
iaciiou of the Attorney-General's Device nt Fort Steele and had a I irge and : P>"'tmont that il does not care for the
attentive congregation, who joined moral welfare of the people; it showed
heartily in the service. He expressed . r>'""> fi���' t0 lils'' hul; of inte,'eSt' 1,u;k
biinself plo.ise.1 with the  reception he of wisdom, foresight and justice,
HUDSON'S SAY  Co.  ' win,. tF<w����""�� *����*> '"' ��ur ~
is    concerned,   a    uuluihuI    is   culled
by    iele^riiin,   allowed   tu   step   oil
Now ready for business, has been newly bviiltl   " Startling-Facts''   IXS^^Si""^ ftt^^��� t\7i��l����
lo y, Ldifj-aiy, Oi*
a  HOOK  i:.\i'iri,i;.i
��� Wnl I Ma
has  hen il.
this section   pretty   thoroughly, it  is
and ne.vly/urmsheJ.    The table is first class.    The
is stocked with choice Wines. Liquors, and Cigars.
i For men only. SENT FREE i" anyone mineral and
/I'h'UllUI'ul     it
nil    is   not    hi,lined,    when     should
Dill'l ''"., i V|." ;", "," I V"    7  lie be?    Never   has   greater   injustice
auiiii -sing Fort Steele and the surround.ng Conn- .   ,.
; heen done and never   greater   iniligna-
Jf~\   T-TRJirH   CTrtM    try.
. V3     I CmrLt. I UIM, ,,    ���      tion raised.
���Ontario   ttiugglmt," Mr. Dan Mann, accompanied by Mr.      ,,.,���. ,,���,���,,  |leople have protested
< iilgury.
Altwood, F.C.S.. niiil Mr. L. EI.ll, liave Ti,
gone to tho North Star and will remain
oiiipluiucd   at    Leing    Heated   so    badly ;    aud    we   all   coin-
�����i8r    T������ r     �����T.�� TT2)������^.^^�����i ~J. ��.^�� ..,-,. ���,.,..,-* 'there   for a   few  days to   thoroughly  .jai rt     cumesi    to    this,    under
. McNeisn,  -   Proprietor. ,,���, ,;;";��� (. ,,. ��* �������� i��-������^-- o^����*����viuoh olniuaH ��� ���,, , ���
/ A j       ' 'Mil |f ll. nil  fill   II,.. III Mill'   n|    III''    I  i. Uilf I j; ,|| ' .      ,.   i i r   \ i \ . . i
I  . I.  .       . . I.'      111     I        it.' II ,11      I ,   UT        111 M    I- \f   It'll     II .' ��� I :' I f. ���
I'acilic"ii-i.iiivny. ii'i'ii'ii cuimoctioii  ivitli the  is ll'lt ''IS '" ll"' report of Mr. Altwood.   s..f,. iu u,js UJU.ury : or .die, if left iu
|monunm.l3 The sir. Annerly   came   in  the last  the hands of tho Government for pro-
llritish i "I bi���i lie..ihiui.rtois of III) liolil-   two trips with   a ne.v   captain -Capt.   tecum,,,   may  say, she   will   find   none
' ,i .-intuiting works,  the   I pper   Loluuihiii   ,.
Navigation (' ml I.. r industry; the Miller is now at the  helm aud handles  there.
The steamer   on her last   trip had  appear against those  who are  acting
I   J f*.' I y V^tA.1 i iCtij'iCOa | navigation  i mi  i.uuner tiiiltistry; tlio  ���""������=��� ����� ���������"���������- ���.��������   "��� " ��� ��������������� mm.
J <--, ' outlet  for   flip   widely    known    i,ml    i',u'  the boat well,      11 is now  evident .-he      To  send   proseciltiug-coillisel  direct
fiiii.ciliigrici.iiiu'iili.nilgriizingl���ni]  of the
5   | AVINGr Secured the AcrenCV of tlie famous] Vul hiiiS  Kiniieimy ViJIovs;   imrivi.llcil  is Hero to stay. I from a railway journey into court to
fi���tl      mi-        i    ii        ���       , '"""   i    'i ��� , I for scpuery  "l ..II kinds;   ifiu ilistrilnuhi
li  1    Mclvee & HaiTing'i.on baby carrin a'l-i. I paint for tlio richest u.inon.i country ou n
am prepared to furnish a superior article at
very low prices.   These gooi s are the best,
and are guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Call n id see photos and get prices.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
N.B.  islaiS Orders promptly executed.
I about twenty   passengers from all sec ior tha deictico, aril who arethorougly
tions   of   llie   adjoining   states,   the prepared with their Case,.is a disgrace
majority   were   prospectors, who  im- to uuy government;   uud we trust tho
.     mediately  outfitted  and are now scat- Opposition   member   of   the    House,
��''���  Herbert  bus v,s.ted us   ag   t01.ea t)ll.011gh the country, who    fortunately    happened    to    he
'"','; """;'   , .    , n    , Messrs. Slade  and    Walliugor   have   P��seilt, will   see   for   our   sakes, lhat
Mr. I.en Low came iu from Lurbon- .   .. this  mutter  receives  great   attention
.,      , rone to Ihe ( row s .Nest. p
ale on Moutlay. luter on
Mr,  Pernio   of   the   B.C.S.R.R., is
expi'cle I fl'Olll the Pass I'ul'lv ill Ihi
week. II.' will remain al Furl Steele
for a (t'w days.
Choioa Fresh Buttor, Baled Hay, Food and | Tito Libel Cine.
Seed Orain, Vegetables of all Kinds On  Saturday  morning  there was a
���. . _ _���&���   bm   Sitting   of   the   Court   before   Judge
(jti-ocerleB, l"i'ovtsion��,  l-'ltrnt
mill Feeil.
Mr. \V. Alexander, of Donald, was
in loan ibis week.
Mrs. Ilnckii', from Canal Flat, was
iu (own this week.
Mrs. .1. Newberry  returned to ICinn-
loopS Oil Sill urday .
Mr. M. Ciirlin roturned from tho
east on Saturday,
There were many strong points in
the evidence for the prosecution which
wore never alluded to ; witnesses were
present who would have been of much
Mr. Tatu, C.E.. Toronto, hu��  joined  UMi tt|1|] uhy   were they not called?
staff a�� chief engineer. Tno case should   have  been adjourned
the ll.C
Tim II nipt and Thompson mine near j{ there was  any  difficulty in  getting
Hanson's is showing up first class.       Icounsel; and time allowed to woik up
Mr. George Cowan just in from Sand the prosecution j when a  very differ.
���Tony's" jovial countenance is to fjreek reports work  steadily progress- out light would have been thrown over
seen iiroillld loan this Mick. [ng |)9 Elnpj,.e| vv|lic|, sIiews ��� ,,���,.   ,|,e whold of llie proceedings,
\V ii litem, when formal anplicntion was J    Mr, ('has. Cnrtwriglit, of Carl ate| hody of mineral, 	
I made by Mr. Wilso wnsel  ror Mr. Lftn:llnl5 wttS iu.towu on Thursday. Mr. Hooker   from   Kaslo   has I n| E.ootlonueiliKt.
Harvey,  for release  from   bonds  and      Owing   to   great    pressure   on   our  out looking at the Last   Chan..'.      lie; There is no knowing when  the  peoplo
Harvey, for release from  bonds ami      lhvi"g   to  grout   pressure   on   our out looking at the Last   Chance.      lie j There is no knowing when the pco
pnTA    other formalities  in  connection with spac0 "��ver*' l,"'l'l> '"'" heU ovel''       ; ''"l"'1'1" hil"lolt wu" Pte��*1  "'"' the -��*" '"' ^dl"'' "I""1 to give tL��lr vo
ERTA.    ..,.,, ,���,     ,   , ,  ,    i    Mr A. P. Cttininiiis. Gold  Coinmis-  shewing. in eleutioiiccriug matters   Theyshoi
this libel suit.    The dudge g.-antcllhe , ' ,
coititBSPON'UE.\iH3 SDi.ii'ii'iiii. unulioHtion readily, und said it was a S"""T' "witetl Golden on i'lmrsday. Ml, Levasseur, from  Pincher Creek, therefore see mal tlie.r names are en
shame that such   men
Messrs.    Wells and   Henderson re-  has jusl   arrive.1 with   a hue band of | tered in accorduuee  with  the Qualifications   ami  Registrations of  Voters
I were  nol   put   under   .some  son   of ""' I this week from the mountains, horses.
Pitts.���At Donald, on   Saturday tho boll(1  Lo l,))poal.   w|l(.���   (..,n,,,i      ira|0|    Miss  Ileiiha VVoo.lloy   lefl  for Cal-     S I Norris, from MacleoJ, has jusl
counsel for Mr. Lucas saitl all   Iciiccs gai'.v  on   Wednesday   where sue will passed through  on his  way to Kaslo.
sent to ihe pluitttiff had been  returned spend a few weeks. lie roports Crow's Nest Pass open.
through   the   dead-letter   office,   nnd     Capt, Torrena and wife, Kent, Eng., The sir. Annerly   had a number of
A drowning man  will  grasp at a Justice Wiilltom  suggested  that, pos-  have just returned from a very pleusaiil passengers   for   ICttslo    who   go   via
straw.-- So will a thirsty one.              |sihlc tho innii was dead also.                  tiij, up country,                                   ] Jennings.
17th  inst.., the wife of Mr. J. C.
Pitts, of a daughter.
Act ; forms for which purpose can be
obtained at any of tho Government
offices.   This i.s very important.
Man's   linger  nails  grow  about an
inch and a half every year. ft. I.' fJJjUiint C!;Vil
Tito GJLDENEtlA is published evory
Saturday morning In time to catch the east
an 1 west mail trains, also llie mail fur the
uppji' country, Wiiiileriuoro, Furl Steele etc
It is tho only advertising medium in thoEent
Kuoteuiiv district.
S ihscriptiull  Rate
a. iv, v. ���;.;.���:.
$100 inn
ise nulls   a
not later lh
id chin
m I.'.i.
know the   relative  quantities  of   lead
and   silver   which   the   ore  contains;
from the specimen shown us, however,
it must, be very rich.      Mr. Myers has
located  four claims, one  for   himself
and   three   for   his   company,     Mr.
j Myers is highly  pleased with his find,
says that its  soon   as he gels a report
imitiiu is*  of the assay   from Tacoma, he will set
to work at getting  out the ore, which
| can he easily worked.    Kamloops Sou-
The Larmour Case.
Acquittal of Prisoner.
must he in
i Thursday
to iusari
A Ivertlsoniont rates made known ou application in
All cash I.. Im pai I in ihe Manager, fr	
wheal Ihiit.'ii.npuuy'.si'ei'i'ipi will hoobtidueil.
IJ2 GnlJeii fia Puiiisfaj CaJipany,
SATURDAY, JUNE ��4,  1803,
Sir Domtl'l oi Ilucinroclty.
I.i speaking to a St. Paul Pioneer
Press reporter a couple of days ago Sir
Donald A. Smith said : '��� I see by I he
papers that you have had a reciprocity
convention here during the present
week, and 1 have been given lo understand that it was a great success.
As regards reciprocity, the feeling of
ihe   people of   Canada  is   that there
Wo are pleased to report that there have pened as  she exnected  Johnson to le
been un ciiiiiphii'tts in regard tn iniittei's re-  baok       Next   dfty   ^e saw   prisoner
Quiring attention in the District:  which is . .... .   ��
,,  .,,      ,,,       ,   ...    ,.,, ,   coming towards the house anil she ran
good evidence of the prosperity ol the rostu-
eais and of the gonoral .satisfaction felt ia tlio  towards Shorty's.      He caught to her
supervision of the public works now in npor-j and offered her $5 for the watch, she
ati in, and nnilor consideration.    We hng to j refused to give it to him or go back to
lender our since,',., thanks to Your Lordship  t))0 , but went on tQ sho,t  ., and
tor your courteous und kindly consideration
and attention In the llrand Jurors,
t'locau N'ng'guta.
New Duivcr, dune 7th,
Ever since he returned from the
coasi the Gol 1 Co uinissiouer has been
expected to pay the town a visit and
decide as to improvements in nut communications lie melius of wagon roads.
Up lo ihe present he has not put in au
appearance, mil great dissatisfaction
is ox pressed at tlie indifference of tins
authorities io our requirements.
While on the subject of communications I may mention that a petition
numerously and inll le.ilinlly signed,
has been forwarded to the Pxstin tstor
General drawing attention to the fact
thai we have only a weekly ni.iil s"i -
vice at present, pointing out ihe importance of this point as a mining
centre and the necessity of more
frequent mails.
Passengers from N.iktisp will he
glad io know tint the steamer W.
Hunter leaves the head of the hike
every evening at 5 o'clock, so that
I hoy can come through to Denver iu
ono day.
Madih-ii's paoktrain of 27 head has
gone up to work on the road Imtweeu
Nakusp and the head of the lake,
traffic being heavy between those
Up to the present time '.).,:> claims
have been registered in this district.
Notwithstanding this enormous number fresh strikes me constantly being
in i"li'. Only twodaysago two strangers found uud located a most promising
Th"  Wakefield  .Li ., on Four M le
Creek   li is iiv ,   hvilel   for *;., Uud.
Tue   Loudon   Mor untile Association,
which   purchased  through Mr. Chad-
bonrn Ihe group of claims  kuo.vn as
the   li'ad  an'|   llolv.TIKOn, have completed a trail to thool.ibns and started
ill to develop them.      Tne   Minnesota
capitalists represented by W. D. Mi.l-1 Onti
diuigii million. Scott, havo coinmiiiiceil I of   ���
work   on   tliuir   claim
Crock, and are hrcakii
build rot solid giloua foiu 1 -
I hem.
Bourne Bros, have moved into their
new store, and now have room to
attend to their custom ts and the mail'
li is rumored thai  a nt
Great interest was shown in this
; trial. After the court had been declared
open by Sheriff Redgrave, Mr. Blyth,
Deputy Registrar, road the Proclamation.
Petty jury called by ihe Sheriff; all
present. Grand jury called by the
Sheriff, anl sworn hy Mr. Blyth.
Grand Jury Messrs Beasley, (foreman); Neilson, A. Granger, \V. Alexander. Stirri It. (I. S ilhcl'land. Kit I all,
Downie, Murphy, Biker.
An until of allegiance to the crown,
taken by Jos. Roberts, of Ft. Steele,be-
(Siguitil tin behalf of the (.rand Jurors.)
Foreman Grand Jury, j and it cut the skin
Tn the linn. Jiisdce WlllkO'n,
Doiuild, U.O.
,i.,ii. null, 180,1.
be went back.
Cross-examined   by   Mr. Fulton :���
He held the knife  across   my throat
It was oi��?n nnd
was a large pocket knife.   It happened
iu the room where  the two men slept.
Cross-examined by   Mr. Wilson :���
I struggled quite a longtime.   He took
On returning after lunch the Grand I the knife onto! bis right hand pocket,
lury returned i true  bill  against  the1 J do  not know bow  he opened It.      I
slioull be   ihe closest   possible   trad.
relations   between    Cu la   and   the| fore Mr. Piillips, J.P.. was then read
United States consistent with our ties  ''V Sheriff Redgrave.
with Great Britain, In other words,
we want the closest possible commercial union with ihe United States.
Political union, which is spoken of
very often nowadays, is but llie visionary hope of a few. It will he many,
many years, in my judgment, before it
enters the domain of practical politics.'
It is sometimes said that tho French
Canadian population of Canada favor
annexation to thoUiited Slates, but
thai is not true. French-Canadians
as a body are as loyal as any class of
Canadian Subjects. The French-Canadian generally is what Sir George
Carter use 1 to call himself, n French-
speaking Englishman. In short, Ihe
people of Canada do not desire either
annexation or independence. They
are perfectly satisfied and contented to
be a part of the British Empire,
Hunk of Montr nl.
The annual general meeting of tlie
Bank nf Montreal was held on the nth
insi. al Montreal, Sir Donald S nilh
presiding. The annua! statement read
by Mr. (Houston, the general manager,
showed the affairs of the bank In he
in a very Hour shing condition. There
is nil addition to the amount brought
forward this year of $12.),8i9.20,
malting altogether $i!ll,4i6,��H in addition to the rest, of $i.U00,00U or Ou
per cent, of the actual capital. The
following were elected directors; Sir
Dm*M A. S'i I., iloii. (I. A. I>; im-
inoiiil, A. T. !> -ei'sou, fliml McLennan, E.   H.  Grcinshields, W. I .  ilac-
H's Lirdship then addressed Ihe
Grand Jury, congratulating them on
the orderly state of Kootenay. and of
E. Kootenay particularly, as com pared
with the country around Kamloops,
where there wore several disorderly
spirits. He then went on to say that
only two indictments wee before them ;
one confuting of two charges -one for
rape an 1 the other for indecent assault,
against Divi I Larmour. and the other
against AV. P.'Hirvoy, editor of ihe
Goi.hkx EllA for criminal libel.
Ho would not go into either case
having just stepped from the train to
the bench, but would remind I hem that
if they threw out the first indictment
against Lirmour, they must then proceed to tho minor charge against him
of it decent assault, alt hough if they
returned a true bill on the first charge
they need not trouble about the second
one, which would not, ho proceeded
with if he was found guilty on the
graver charge. He then tol.l them
���hat they could hive all tho depositions
taken before Mr. J 'F. Armstrong,,!.P.
at Golden, and could eirmiiij ou oath
any of the witness they wished.
His lordship explained that in a
grand jury, 12 must bo unanimous one
way or tho other and therefore ought
to consist of 28 men, but in a scattered
prisoner on tlie charge of rape and by
some unexplained mis-inderstnnding,
no bill ou the charge ot indecent assault. (How 11 apparently well educated men ciuio to tho conclusion that
the prisoner committed a rape without
indecently assaulting the woman is
best known to themselves )
The prisoner was then brought in
and the charge read to him by Mr.
Blytho, and in answer ho pleaded not
Tho Petty Jury was then called - P.
J. McDonald, Alex Morrison, J. A.
Campbell,, G. Baynes, Francis Court-
land, M. Ryan, ,1. Barr, F. Bethune,
N. Palorica and three others whose
names wet-3 lost iu th,.* numerous challenges made by Mr. Spragge.
Also called hut challenged by Mr.
Sprugge:-,). lleiiil.'i'son, ,1. Walton,
W. P. Harvey, Spencer Fethorton, W.
Iloves, ,1. Dunne, W. Gulteridge, S.
Bolton, ,1. Muthie, W. Jaiuo", J. Gar-
roll, Clollan, N. ,1. Jephson, W.Millar
R Conkrite, J. McGltif, 11. Copeland,
.1. M 'L'u.l. W. McNeish was also
called but challenged by Mr. Fulton.
Mr. Blytho then adminstered the oath
to the Jury, who elected Mr. Barr as
Mr. Fulton, crown prosecutor, rone
an I dem in.led that alt witnesses leave
the court and remain beyo' 1 earshot
and then called the prosecutrix.
Mr. Hanson was sworn as interpreter and ho interpreted ihe oath lo
who   stated as   follows: -First   saw
prisoner about two mouths before assault.    On l'ith March ho came to our
could not move mv bands. I kept
them down, ho was laying on them.
I did not see him shut up the knife or
put it iu his pocket. He left immediately he had finished the assault. I
met two men whilst going to Smith
and Campbell, one was W. Tuinton.
I only stopped to ask if they knew
where Smith and Campbell were working. Tuinton bad a gun und bad shot
a chicken, be gave it to me. I told
Smith aud Campbell I bad lieen abused
tlid not say I had been raped. I showed them my underclothes. Johnson
returned on Saturday morning and I
told him at once what had occurred.
When I met Larmour on the second
day I meant to prosecute him. I hail
no hard words with him then. \Yu
came tu Golden in llie same sleigh.
There was whiskey along, I did not
drink with the prisoner, nor did Johnson ns far as I know. I was married
ith July, 1N'I2, had known Johnson
about a mouth.
sworn, said : Mrs. Johnson came to
me on the Pith March, about noon,
she was red iu the face and looked
confused. Her neck was scratched
and some of her clothes torn. She
showed me the watch. When 1 got
back to the house I saw our boi all
disordered ami our grub box broken,
am positive she showed me the murk
on her nock. Do not remember leiiiug
tho magistrate she did not slum urn
any iua''k thai tiny.
sworn, saitl:    I am the constable who
arrested the prisoner.      Mrs. Johnson
listricl like this
cult to find that number, and so any
nuni'ier greater than 12 would do.
hut althoug there was in this case only
14 of them, still 12 must be unanimous.
O.it.irlo Crop .tup irl,
7 ironto, Juno  Li.    A   bulletin  lias
jus; been issuel by the Ontario bureau
if  industries  regarding  the  crops in
The following is a nummary
returns   with  respect to fall
 '"''l-enterUvhent:    Acreage reduced  by at least
up Hi- lingo oiio-qtinrter; growth, backward; gon-
iu ono of I (.ml condition, variable; prospects on
June 1st not quite up to tlie average.
Tho rye crop seems to have stood the
wiutor and spring butler than fall
wheal and to be in a promising condition. Tlio total amount of grain for
vspaper will the proviuco will Ixi small, continued
shortly ho started here. There is a rains of the late spring delayed tho
(,'.o.l opoiiing here for a dairy and sowing of spring wheat ill most coiin-
hvory stable. | ties.     The acreage probably  will  be
Donald, S r John Abbott, R. li.  ��� ugus .    As rf.,,.lr,is ,i,(, 2lm ���.ls(, ,,f  -j:u..|S y
nd W, H. Meredith. Harvey;   Mr.   Wilson appearing for
Air Harvey, and Mr. Spragge for  Mr.
and knew his face,
a.in. He said good morning and
walked in and sat down without invitation, itski he was not lonesome,
she sa J u are two mull working
close h tl hush, W. Smith and
Dan Can pi Id him their names.
He    Aid   ho fi tali ���
L. Lucas.     His Lordship was itnwill-1 Golden t  l.e would
am it" o   hi  i.' ...
to let the indictment .go to the and sec her.
i ties.      'Pin
about the
a me as last year.
O.'I'.It. |�� for Bitlu
Sew \' ��rk. .lime |'i   -Mr. (1 lorge J.   lowing report :
nol  of   ihu Grand Trunk  railway of!
scare 1 she could hard
A Ureal ri.ui.
John  IL Myers an old  prosp
returned lo   town   yesterday   fro.u a  foul I said this morning regarding tlio I   May it please Your Lonlslilp, Wo the Grand j hurt or the arms, logs and breast by
must   prospeious   trip to the   Adams if-wit that lie is seeking to secure con -| Jury of tlie East Kootoiiny Electoral District | |,is   hands.     She   went towards the
Luke district
\k    vt ''"'  "l   '" ' "laii'i iniiiii railway ot are iiea.uitl tu corroborate Your Lonlshins    i i      t,   ��� i        i ,.       in
Mr. Myers, who repre- ,,,,   ,..      ���,.   ,,     , ,p     ,     ..���' '        ,      ,,.,,,, .       place where Smith and Campbell were
I Gaiiaila :    ������ I he Graiul Iruiik railway   reniiirks, when luldii'ssnir ilm Grand Jiirv. I
wins a imimter of capitalists in raco- W���H 0(fore.i ���,   ������. lvt  a  llrroe> Dut 11 a8 to the goneral peace abiding eoiidWons of| working.     He came after her and met
inn, went to the Adams Lake district declined it.
about six weeks ago, ami was so pleased   with tin
prospects tin
Those who offered it to the District unit the consequentHiimlliiiunlior I her half-ways  and   asked   her to go
me suggested it would lie a good brunch fof cases submitted for our consideration.   We'hack nnd give him his watch.     She
that he !0Mhe. W..b.n��'.-     There was it met-, feel that the preservation of pence and tlie ntnx0t m,cl he ,niw )luv (lowll ������ ,Ue
,      u     , .   . ,       ing at the Savoy   hotel four or live otlininstration ot lirstlco throughout ihe tils- , ,       , ,       ,       ,
returned to Kamloops anil obtained an  ��.����lro .,,���,.  ;��� ������.i ,��� ,i.��� ,���..,,������  ... I. ���     ��� ,   .     ,      ,,    .,    ������ ,.     .  .   ,  snow, she screamed and he   then  let
\t -eus ago, in regard to tne matter, at  trict, is boat endorsed by lue light criminal
outfit and went back again iinmedi- j which Mr. Russel Sigo wns present, calender; and that the officers iu chargo of | l'er K�� Bn'l a8'c*<l her not to tell John-
diately. He states that he has located I wits sick at the time. That is all j ths saiuo lire ontltlod to the thanks of the son or anyone elsu and not to show
a mineral district, nnd th..t,.although \\mo is to 'lie matter.     I start for community in geuond. I the watch to anyoue and on his return
,ii t i  Europe lo-iiiorrow on  ;i pleasure trip     Wo are tt.irticuli.rlv well nloasod ivlth tlui', M   .    , '   -.-   a,       ..      ,.
he has heeu prospecting for yea.-s, ami .tf'     ... ��� ,      .       ���i..       .   '      :        .' ��� ""'i' *       , i he won d glvoher $o. Shesiiidnoth ng
'       , , .   .' of from three to six weeks' duration, pniiis-titking care bestowed on the prlsonors,       , *,
has seen some gool c nuns, this is the  |t is ���������.���,. lhat I am going abroad in I j,il, jnilym\ ami Court House gromuls, by ll,ul WL'llt ,0 ll'�� uvo mou   'L",l llsk��a | and chat.
l*33t be has over cone ill contact with. I relation  to any effort to  control the! shorirf Redgrave ittul   his assistant   ofH- thorn to go back with her to the house     The Judge said this is not evidence.
It is a ledge of galena, lift, wide, und Grand   Trunk   railway.     Thu   price cent, and comldor the system of employing [ and she showed them the State of the     ji,. Wilson said bo wished to show
run be seen for miles across tin, conn- "sl:"'lfw the Giand  Trunk railway is  tlie prisoners in Improving tho gonads mmI j bed wad Billy  Smith went to Shorty's L 1110tivl! for 1 jiirni.m.'s mini, tn r���l.���
,,  .      ..      .,.'      .  ,��� �� muter hetween the seller and the Biu-roiuiil.iig proclnts a very good one, os-      ,.  . .    .   , .  .     ,       a motive lor jjarmout s goiug to Jolin-
iry.    ,le has shipped 4..lbs. to I aooin.t,,, ,yi.,, ���,���, r ,,��� n0, Ree ���,,,, , ,������ (,.(||e)1        w|   M *fl !,s Mwl m    ' fa ^^ | to hud out  who had  passed that day.  ��������������� |10ust..
as   rather  d'ilfi-1 house, had  only seen   liiill oiice before  showed  ine  some  marks  at Spillimi-
li was aiio.a 11 uheene in the presence of her husband
and Mrs. Barnes. There was one bruisu
���i inches by 1 inch or 11 ou her right
knee.auother about the same si/eon her
right shin jusl above her ankle. Both
her breasts were bruised mid four or
livo pieces of skin rubbed off litem.
Six of us wore ill 'he sleigh, we hail
some whisky and all had drinks. Mrs.
Johnson would in" drink till Johnson
v. a wash-1 persuaded her.
This closed the prosecution.
Mr. Spragge for I he defence said that,
the crime was one hard to prove anil
harder to disprove that he would call
Mr. Tuinton who met Mrs. Johnson
directly after the alleged assault and
who noticed nothing unusual about
her appearance. Ho would show by
means of it corporal in the N. W.
Mounted Poliou that Johnson was a
bad character uud lived with a disreputable woman in the North West anil
that in all probability bud made up
this talc for blackmailing purposes.
As to the knife Mr. Rogers who travelled up the road with Lirmour will
walk ami was | uvo that ho bail no knife on that trip
and Jim McKay will swear that ho
saw Mrs. Johnson and Larmour saying good-bye in a friendly way outsido
her house ou tlie Kith March.
sworn, said : I have known Larmonr
some years Ho lias worked for ine
two years. On the loth March, Tag-
gart, Rogers, Larmour and I were
travelling lip the wagon road from
Golden, Larmour led that day. I
saw him and Johnson meet and stop
Glimit Jury nt all, as the prosecutor room to gel a hail
was absent from the Diiiiinion. Mr.
Wilson reminded His Lordship, that
iu it criminal libel case, wheren private
individual was prosecutor, ho wns
liable.to lie mulcted with tlie costs if he
failed to appear; and that h was manifestly unfair to let Mr. Harvey go on
with it prosecution hanging over his
IPs Lordship agreed, and reminding
tub.     He followed lioi and put his arm
around her nod; and kisso I her. she
told him lie ought no*, to kiss married
women. He then pushed her on to
the bod, slut struggled to get away but
was not strong enough. Shu struggled
on to the fljor and be picked her tin
and threw heron the bed and struck
her head ou the bed post. He then
look out his knifo and held  it to her
the Grand Jury that secrecy above all throat, she was  crying   for help,  he
things was to lie observed by them, he held her mouth   and nose and  tore
detailed not to let the indictment for her underclothes off and committed the
libelgoin. The Court then adjourned at assault.   He t lieu loft.     She fixed up
11:15 a.m. until I p.m. her clothes and in looking tor her halr-
The Grand Jury  presented the fol- pins  found  a watch.     Shu  w;.s ur,
lor   assay, but   lit   present   does  not   upon to lull what it was."
i ut the peace.
I She did not tell them ull that hud hap-
(t'i nil initial uu page I.)
,,���,,, i,���. ,���k��i i.T���,imio�� uotioeto taxpayers.
lied to regiments ordered ou* ��     **
Ottawa,   June   15.��� A   number   of
militia officers, whoso   corps  are not
going to cai
to be attach
of training.
The Executive of the Dominion Ride' Assessment Act and Provincial
Association met   yesterday and praoti-! Revenue Tax.
oally arranged the programme for the 	
annual matches in August. The gift | NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in accord- JJ?'!,Jte��� Assocn, D.L.S. ,���;��� |..|,.s. for II.t ,
of another valuable cup is reported. I -nice will, the Slatutes., that Provlucial Rev "^JM.-.'���>. ^ !' J".'1 '\^ld, LA M -
The Provincial  accounts arbitrator
Hon. j, a. LoumiEBn, Q,C.
0. s. McCAimni.
I.i HS-it'i'il  &   aTi'Cni-rei,
ib.rristcrs, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk of Montreal.
Caloarv, K.W.T.
.IBirHf-iJUY nmi  V. Itl'.llM'Si:
i   n a-       ii     ,      ii     SURVEYORS, (nil Eiigiii �����   Draughts-
oiiito lax and all I,axes levied iiiulei' the As-1 uion, Vi,hiators,etC   Calgary mill NewN'osl
���sSnofneoo Qttovir**;
sossniont Act are now duo for the ''ear |89,'l,  imitator.   Con'ospoiiileiicosoliciicil
commenced taking evidonce yesterday. , A|| of ,������ .||lm.,. ���,. , T,iM,s ',.,,||,.,.tli,[,., K..I..Jki-ii-son, D.L.S.,I'.L.N. nf ll.c. ftOnt.
A. M. Ross, formerly  provincial Irea-1 witliiti tho Eastern Phisinn, of tho District  ,\.o. Wiibbleii, D.L.S. &p'!l g of .U'"'
surer of Ontario, was on the stand.      I of Knntonay, are payable nt mv offico, C'oitrl |
Green   goods    circulars   are   ���..,.!,, I House, Donnld.    iissosiioilTiacosi.ro
bniug poured into the country through
the mails.       Il will  he   well for Cam
Nl'iw \Vi;s'!')iixsn.;|[  n.c,
hie at Ihe following n.les.vlz.i '|       ���?���><'"���'<">���    ��    Harvey,
Hamsters. Atlvoc.tes, N'otcrioi
If paid on or bofore June OCtli, 189!) tors tor;
I    i,     ���    ��� , ,, ,,.,���, :'lhe linpei'i.,1 Hank uf ('.'uiail,,.
dians to have nothing to do witli the     1 rovme-u.l   ovoimo, U.tlOpoi ci.pitn. Tlio Cini.,iln IVrimuioul Limn K PiniiitrsTn
,     . ,i     i,      ���   ���       , (iueh���ll'..l',ice percent .,n hV. I l'r,,|,ei'ty,   'Ih' Yorkshire I.o,,n & Seenri iesi ���n.��� ri.iiuii
liusiiiess as  ihe II.mini  law is very     ,,, ,       ,. ,..,;,     u'l,,. w...,.,. m, .  ,, ,. ,,, ,,   '  """���"
*  I    1 wo per coat on i;sf:esso.l  vi.luo ul  Wild      'll( ''i"S-e\ ii.aiis ( n. (i.,iii,eic., cit-.
strict. Land. " I    """'''*   Stephen Aveni.e, t idgi.ry.
Douglas Cameron, assistant account-1   One-thiril ol ono per cent on  Personal     ' '''' AK|,,iv, lM ���
. .    ,,      ,r .  ,., |,       i, ,,. HoitAUfcS HAIIVEY, H.A., L.L.II.
tint in the House of Commons and for 11 ioport>.
Ono li.'.lf of ono per coiit on incoiiio,
If paid after .1 DOlli, 1893;
Ttrn-tiiirds of por cent on  Goal Prop
Two mid one I1..I1' por con! on assessed valet'
of Wild L1.111I.
Ouo-lu.lf of nno per cent im Pci'solii;] Prup
; i Smelting
CO (Limited)
Three four:
I iinc per cent mi income.
Asresaor and Collector.
ii. t,. vr?iNi?in,
KMil.NKKh', Err.
Golden     -     -     -     n.C.
soveral years secretary tn the Conservative whip, and n son of the late Sir
Matthew Crooks Cameron, was married this evening to Miss Edwards,
eldest daughter of J. Edwards.
Dominion Statistician Johnson lias
received several inquiries Iroin Australia ou trade mutters. Wiiiehieoinh,
Carson & Co., produce salesmen, Sydney, ask for thu names of I wo or three Don.'.ld Jan 11 li
reliable firms in theeities of Canada to
net as selling brokers for ihe disposal
of fur skins, tanned ami untauned,
sheep skins, basils, etc. Another firm
Edward   Harden!   it  Co., of   Sydney,
want it lisi of drvgoods manufacturers '    Pe.Je.1 tinn'crs for the supply of from Jim.
r, '       , .    ,      DoNlto I.OOn.nflOfeot, H.M., I bio Liui.hor,nil
111 the  Dnuinion.      Inquiries ol    this  ,lTOs,eil to Ihn nndersigued, will lie received
kind show   t hut interest   in   the   new  ���������'ho oHh'O uf the clork of coiniuitlep up to  c   ...     ..    "V "j," .'.'""""'"'"',, ,.
8el-luck p 111, on Ilii.rsdny, ��htd ut Julie,       ^��> ui.a.ni., .11.1,a.    j ,. ,i, t.i.i.i.,, i>.( .
route is henm rapidly dnveloped, j   Tho lumber sli. II 1 f sound pi.10, free
The  Countess of   Derby   has sent t01 ffoni luosu or ,,us,i���nd knots, siovn to i.n even
the Duke of York the various suggestions for   a   wedding   present  to llie
jtiiCERS FOR LbiTi'ibR.:
SI. 13.,    P. C. S,
Reports on Alines &, Mineral Properties
-Uu A 1.1:1:1;r Si'.. Ol'l'AWA
Assoc. Midi. I.vst. C.E.
1H KING    EftffiUXEEK,
Princess May. asking what kind of n
present be and his affianced would
prefer. In tin's way it is hope I to
ahtain a decision most satisfactory
tinder the circumstances,
(I per cont ni' the ivl.olo, uf .',-inclt
Toiiilers iniiV he l.v citrlocd lots, delivered
I'.O.H. ,y ini.i,�����..���. IIsubject loi.ccept.'iiico
hy ih ��� i ity Engineer.
E..i h vein!, r nuist ho nccoiiipduioil by nn
iieefipie 11 heqi.o, m.jlo p;.\'. blc to the order
.a die d v lro..s ,rer, fur the sum of -5101),
which will ho forfeiieil by Iho pi.rly whose
ten e  i- ..11 e; led . h mill he I, il to enter into
  . a wri.ten cnulr. rt, will .'.ppruveil sine ies.
U orM'a llet-ortt Ronton. ,;,  lowest or i.ny louder not uecess,.rily
Wilmington, Del., June l'i.    Janus  -ccopto; | ^       f.
Loel yesterday drove his stallion. Sil- ( |,..:;.���. ��� ,��� jttcoon Works,
n Iin. 11 mile  in 2.01VJ  o-er a half-iniln   ,1;,,,; ���.. ���������.,   n .mm
tr ck ni Wauwiisel  park here, beating
tho world's  pacing or  trotting record
over a half-mile track.      The quarters
were made as follows :    First quarter,
illj;  half-mile,  LOdjJ;'hree-qunrters.
1.8il; mile, .i1.''.',.     S.ladin is a half-
brother to Stiimboul  (2.07i). his sire
being Sultan.
a   '  li iles'iiln   Drugged,  C.Jgnry.
supply hy luaii will ho lorwnrile.1,
Down' With High Price.1 3  .-
Electric Belts. I5lfifin, re iwiiimi.ilfi'UEEienrocoipt
v>.oo,   -.'. , so.iu; inn,. 1 ��� ,     .,,.,,.   ,   j ; ���., j  /, 1.....��  otn ���istnmp.n r.icoipofur 11
|10.    Qitalty remains thosame-18 till-  ���Iinple vEfjKTAHLE PAI.M tli 1 trill re-
lliirkiiesfi ����� ml v- i liout .v..v
Tlir ai'Mis iv iij.ci! wi I Uo 2-iiH'li pl.iilk, i.i
wifltlw of front l* iiii*lies to i- iuelies .'.ml in
lmurtlw from Iii to y:*t:;.! to ft nutiiitity, not ox
(GrwliuttoofLi.viilniiil McGIH.)
Tli:��'l.\��>!    I'LS'HJBXB'II'IK.
Head Office, Ql-eiiiiii!;  Uruuoli  Offices
SlIEIlilltOOKil, & 17 Place d'Ariiies
Hill. MoxritEAi..
Yep & Lead Ores.
Fur full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
hos. Fry,
w. ?&iE] harvey I Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alba.
CoNrKxrii  ']������::i sr ; wt.^nni nosstrotij:-
iii.n s,i;..r.     ' i-ii fi.rry  c |ii..l  tn-.'l s. in
iiiovo run, l-'rci'ltili-s, rimi'lf'. li|olcht'H.
lU.tckhuutU, etc,   |oi��viiiff i\w skin soft,
Blue Pehgil Hhles. -
Cattle, Sheep and
ferent styles; dry lintteryanilueid lieitu
���mild or strong current. L -ss than naif
thepriceof anyotheroompnnyandinoro | .
home testimonials than all the rest to- I','"'",'';i"11 l"'''""'1'1'    Adtlross A. D. si I-..M
pether.    Full list free.   Mention this  J tL>u0 Alm st'' Mw Yl"'k.
paper. W. T. BAER �� CO. Wu dso'r, Out-	
  "lf Is worth Ibo pr'cp to everv nerstin
whn bvan rcatls a newsiitiii. r."���Daillagt*io
Metal  Ite-iirt. Journal.
We are indehted to the Engineerinp:
and Mining Journal of Ne.v Yurk  for
the following "[notations; -
New Yin:;;. June 11, 1893,
���Silver. The London prices advanced
sharply, owiii^- to ihe expectations that tlie llerscliell committee will recommend the
government to adopt measures
tinfavoraliln to  lutnro Imuorta-
thins   nf sllvei .        I'l'ici'S.    New
York 82Jo,  pur oz.     London,
.'IHj.l   per oz.
Copper.   Continues to he flit at from
10^  to   I0j|n.  for eleotrolvtlc.
G.M II.   M.l   17s. fid.   in   'II
7s. (id. per ton,
I  -ad.      This   market   has   linen very
weak anil is  conslderalily lower
than last week at 8,7*1 to D.SOc.
jier lb.
l ;>
'�����> miners!   %m:{ W Konireal.
ii.hfl lu'T K u'lihioii | Sil-VrMGS    1IAXK    DEPARTMENT
Interest at Current rates,
W. 11. C!l WIII.MV. Ma.naoer.
l.ive:'y & F33.1 Stabluj,
Analytioil Chemist & Ascr.yor,
Golden, British Cclurnbia.
IS'12      ASSAYE11 TO THM      i sl!'!
Jritish Columbia Government 	
orallspesiraMissat .".-jm tlie Froviass to      WorkmitllMllip  Glltirailtccil   Wl'POml   to   "tinnc   ill the Xortll
X'.'i'.i-it TeiTitoi'icsn.
Saddle !!o.-sos for !!ire.
<jo i. ���$-���::..     -     k.c.       "    i
Wholciinlc and Itetail
3 U T CHERS. .
: -:     PRINTING
Jol)    I )epa.rtrner|t
���:o:    OF   -:o:���
j��. a-. isriDviisra.
A Pocket Primer for the are of Reporter!,
Correspondents  aiai i opy Oboppera.
Hno.t. hiiniilu null practical itiies for
ittniuiu- ami eiiltiriK DewipaP' r copy,
and of equal value tn nil nno with to
wr.le correct KiiUhh.
Sent en reo'lot of prli a 1' Icel 10 cents
r r cony. ALLAN f HUMAN, I'ubllsluc
117 Nassau Strict. New Yt ik.
Scienlific American
/% Aooncy for
ft* |l'.!"'.--UIU-   "   ..<&fr. <?
i   VA'JJ^      0AVBAT8,
fjl  : ^&%&r      rRADE   MARKS.
Qorae Dealers.
G0LD��N,   II. C.
Undertakers and
.  ���  .   Embalmers,
Cnlffni'.r Allm.
(il.WT   POWDER.
Mag-aaine At Thundor Kill
X.i. I, COpercoiiti No,'-', l�� per cent
Por Deep Work and Ulowing t'p Stumps
'aVreau Strtotly Cash.
THUNDER llll.I. M'g. Co���(Lt'd.)
Agent, l.'l'.fiir llltliot Co.
8 ^i Kootenay
I^IOiJifltiliJ   w nuiioc.
���-. ''-^#'i^^i:r|js! '
:^-H. Connacher, Proprietor
Newly nliiieil ami furnished. .Strictlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial nun. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners, t'nnveuivnr to Station ami Steamboat
Landing, Direct importer and wholesale and
retail denier iu Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from it,, tho
Cokiuibin River.
  ������ I   For information and free Handbook write to
MUK.N ,V CO., XI lniii.lliiv.lv. M;w VollK.
Tn   Itiitlili'i'M  A    d'nitf ere  tfni'ft. I 'ptdeatbnreau foeaocurliur patentaIn Araeriea.
A��   niiiii" "   aav   wiauiiwn'.     Kvcry patent taken out. by lis l�� brongHhofore
1'lltsr ci.lss the publlobyaaotlce given ireo of obafsa In tlio   I.	
BUILDING LIME,   | gtmtffiS MtfUM , ���       ,.      ,     ,    , ,.        ,.;.,, ,x.     ^.-.-v^^ww,,^-.
lu carload lota or by tl o btmliel, �� ����� > If votttvaiitj r liotaePalnleil. I iiperti    j   <      \    i k> ] .> \ (     OVXI AT    RPF?
.,    (ii'iiKi.'s I'l.'i > M I'll V I'll I I li   ', j; Lnrorstcireiilutiiin of any Klontlflo paper In the or Calaoinmetl, or nil}' KIII'I ot nslgn 1'liilltei     1   L j   X  I   t.  IV    I             V_v �����^X>  X X J W_-  L. X X_> J. V,
*          ai J��a.ia V Vaia.ri.i world.   si.i,',i,l���ilyili���,tr?iod.   No iHelWeilt wrltotoj. II. olILLWABD. CAI,(IA1IV. tlie                                                                                                                                                 '
l.����l-:it &  "MITH. ; !!;:;:,.'.'V���.'';',-''Vnon'/,""La!;,!r"s^'mrVn .v��<">T  U'*> K Paint Shop iii the weat, forff.iodl
KANANASKIS     LIME    KILN'S.      [ pcuumijins, aUinroadwayiKotrrorltOltr. Work and pricoB that aro right,
PKiH'I'.IlH B'AIWT MIi<)l^
Stationers. Booksellers,
AX �� X,tt\VSl��EALEltS.
CALVARY       -        ALBA.
assizes at donald.
nntiiiiicil final Pago -���'
Mr.  Fulto
mid:   The
lelead ami
rrinveil my
once.     I
id  und I
over-ruled Mr. Wilson,
Jim McKay continuing
next day Larmour was on
having to cut some rope I
knife, which ho returne I nl onci
saw Liirininir go into Johnson1
concluded to wait for him. II" was in
about len minutes nnd came qui with
Mrs. Johnson, they tvalku 1 a little
together ami then had; to the
k h in Is when I hey
was only in tlie house a
id time. I have talk-
��� with Johns in. lie
motif's people and
skip ihe country.
Mr.   Wilson addressed the jury
follows : -This crime and tlio crime of
murder are  the only  crimes now punishable with death and iu this case the
prisoner's life is in your hnnds.  ,  Several of us men would sooner by far see
our women folk  dead rather than suffering  the elf Oct of   ibis  most awful
crime.      I want you to  disabuse your
minds of that chivalrous feeling which
lives iu every   mail's heart  and which
is stronger in these   western countries
of ours where women  are scarce than
in thu eastern countries where women
are more plentiful,ami to try and judge
this case solely by the evidence.      K>-
ineiuber you have not io hear sufficient
evidence to prove   L.iriuouv innocent
but the Crown's  just duty is to establish Lttl'Ulour's guilt beyond all tlouhl.
We will  now see how  far the Crown
the two (prisoner and prosecutrix)
shaking hands outside Johnson's
house at the very time the assault was
said to be committed.
Smith told one tale before the magistrate at Golden and another bore and
yet he may be honest and truthful as
lots of men get o nfiised and forget
things and I think he is honest.
McKay's evidence is strongly in
favor of the prisoner, believe it or not
as you will, you know the man and I
do not.
I throw all tho responsibility as I
am entitled to do upon vein- shoulders
so now judge fairly and equally and
not ni haphazard. Had it not been for
the evidence of McKay and Tainton I
would have said the case was undefended and now you have to judge of
llie worth of that evidence.     I noticed
Sirs. DUCHESS & IIYAK on Columbia River
u PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
" GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
.      He
parte 1.
minute, tin
e.l about th
saitl if I we.it to 1. n
HOt I'LOCO he would
I did nol propose a settlement to him,
that   was on   the Sih nf   May. no   one
else was present,       Have nut talked lo
him since and I did  not ask what was
the least he would take.
mi:   itnfiEltS
sworn and examined by Mr. Sprag
said ; -I recollect going up tlio road in i [,,.,,.
March with McKay and   Larmour and
has succeeded.      The case reuts uu I he
uncorroborated  story of   this woman.
There is nothing   corroborated iu the
whole case   aud  if   it   was his   oath
against hers the  pluintilf   would have
failed to establish her case.    After the
1st Jur,  1   believe   we  sn  ii be able ;
|iul Hie ih'lV'uduul into Ine A'itllOSS box
uud I am sure   lhat in III)  cases out  of
LOO if   the defendant   were innocent he   verdict ami when your minds are made
would whilst iu the witness box prove  up let me know.
his innocence   beooud all duuht or ut
any rate leave so much   doubt in the j    The jury after half an hour's deiiber-
niiiids uf   the jury  thai   they   would |atiou   returned with a verdict of   not
have to let him go l'n     vii.lst a guilty Iguilty and owing to the Grand  Jury';
man would be   sure io give , himself | blunder iu throwing out the indictment
away under cross-examination.
that Mr. Wilson put the severest side
of the case before you, this is a mistake though often done by counsel as
it often niystifies the jury who say,
litis man's life is in danger let us save
him. It is fur better lo leave it to the
judge who will then act as a judge aud
not as a bar! ariau.
You wiH now retire to consider your
Tuesday & Friday 7a.in.
Wednesday & Saturday.
Golden by steamer Duchess
Ait la
Tramway hettvi
Thunder Hill.tl
Cr.mil i
1 alios
Thursday & Monday.
S; tardily.
Mr. Pulton addressed the jury shortly us follows:���There urn two points
I wish to sbo.v you which Mr. Wilson
brought forward hut slurred over. He
said rape necessitates violen ���", just so,
��-' ! but il the woman consents through
it is Justus lunch rape though
I here be no violence.      Mr.    Wilson's
for indecent assault it could not be
proceeded with and llie prisoner was
remember Ltrmour borrowed my
knife at Mr. Uaruus, on ceiling of 15th
or morning of l'ith, lie returned ii ;ti
once.      Did   not  see    him   wilii    any
knife.    He always ha 1 n goo 1 charuc
tor as far as I know.    Did not see him
go to Johnson's.
Judge���Did you ever heir of I In
Glasgow bank directors Mr, Rogers'/
Mr. Rogers    No, sir.
Judge -They had very good charitc
ters and ruined hundreds of people,
sworn:    1   remember    meeting   Mrs
Johnson on   llie l'ith   March.       I ha.
been shooting and had a willow gronst
which I gave her.      She   was  a litili
untidy, we stood   talking   about twi
minutes.      Wiilkins was with ine, we,itRtin
went on to Shorty's   and saw   Hirers'
ami McKay ha vine dinner.     Larmour
was at the table when we got in.    Mrs.
Johnson  ashed me  where S nith  and
Campbell were  working,   sue did nol
seem to he hurrying.
sworn : - I know Larmour, saw him ai
Barnes place in March anil travelled
towards Golden with him. Smith had
been there the night before. We met
Johnson while coming down. I saw
nothing unfriendly between Johnson
and Larmour. We bad a drink with
him, I am nol sure whether Smith
was ahead of us.
sworn:    I was  driving  the sleigh  in
which the  prisoner and Mr. and Mrs.
Johnson   came down   to   Golden   iu.
Thev seamed friendly and we all bail
sworn :    I am a corporal iu the N. W.
Mouutel   Polii't'.      Am   in charge at
Canniore, was in charge at Anthracite
from 's7 to ",W.    I knew Johnson  -
Judge- I refuse lo take this evidence.
oi her point is about tin re being uo
corroborative evidence. You must remember that in a case of this kind you
cannot get any because there are never
any eye witnesses and nearly all ihe
other evidence which would bo corroborative is inadmissible, according tu
the law and I therefore maintain that
the case is complete ns it stands.
The Judge   summed   up siying: ���
These cases are  always most unpleasant cases for everyone connected with
them.    This woman's apparently only
attraction was her   virtue as   she  is
Idecidedly plain to look   at but she Inns
I told a must  extraordinary story about
I which 1 will try  to be as unbiassed as
I I can.     I was told at Kaslo that 1 was
as Crown  Prosecutor because I
Hummed up against the prisoner, but
it is the Judge's duty sometimes, us in
ihe celebrated   Tichborns   cis. when
Chief Justice Sir Alexander Cockburn
suininelnp  for   I'd days  so strongly
against   the   prisoner   that   Sergeant
liallantyne, one of tbecleverest counsel
at that time, threw up  his brief and
loft the court.
As Mr,   Pllltoll    told you, this is   a
case which does not, require corroboration.    The woman and all the witnesses  are  known  to most of yon, io me
they are all unknown.  If this woman's
tale is false slut has the imagination ot
a George Elliot, for she   tells all her
details well; bis bands though,according to her seem to li)   everywhere, but'
I do not   think it is ut all   improbable!
that he could open bis knife with one |
hand and then disposed of  it without
her knowing bow  or seeing where  il
goes, but you must remember that a!
virtuous woman would only lie thinking of niie thing and not u< tico details
at the time and remember (hat if even I
a prostitute  were to resist, she is Immediately protected by the law us with
a shield.     The defence takes the deed I
Indignation at Donalil.
A large and reoreseul.tl ive meeting
of tlie citizens of Djiutld was held iu
the school house on Monday evening
lust for the purpose of considering
what steps were necessary to be taken
for tlie further protection of the moral
welfare of the residents of this district.
Rev. Mr, Ross was called to tho chair
and Mr. Taylor was appointed secretary. The reason the meeting had
been called was owing to the decision
of tho court in the late trial, Regina
vs. L.triuotir. Messrs. Watson, Forrest. Jordan, Muthie and Murphy were
the chief speakers. These gentlemen
were oi the opinion that had a man
been sent to represent the Grown who
bad hail lime to work up the case, the
result would have beoii different. This
was the third case of the kind in this
district in which the man had been
Mr. Watson moved, seconded by
Mr. Manuel, that a committee be appointed to frame a memorial to forward io the Lieut.-Governor, compluin-
.ng of the manner iu which this locality lias been Healed, and pointing out
to him the fact that it is unfair to call
,in au outside lawyer at a moment's
notice to take charge of a case which
is of such great importance to tho
general public, one who knew nothing
of the case beforehand and was therefore entirely out of place as Prosecuting Counsel.    Carried unanimously.
It was again moved by Mr. Watson,
seconded by Mr. Muthie that Messrs.
Manuel, Jordan, Baker, Forrest, Dow-
uie of Donald ; Harvey of Golden ; and
Xuilson of Beaver, be a committee to
draw out the memorial and have the
same signed by the residents of Donald, Golden, Beaver and surrounding
district.   Carried unanimously.
A voto of thanks was tendered to
the School Trustees for the use of the
school house, and also to Mr. Ross for
) his services as chairman. The meeting
then adjourned by singing "Cod Save
the Queen."
Freight Hates to Fort Steeli
1&2, $3; Class 3, 4, ">,&��, $2.25;
Class 7, 8, !), & 10. Sl.fiO.    Canadian Freight Classiiication.
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steele - 4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
-' Golden to Caual Plat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
:M.   B.   LANG,
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
C ranberrie s,
Whether Johnson Is the greatest for granted nnd merely tries to prove j At the close of tlie public meeting,
scoundrel ou earth does not affect this! that the woman consented. Johnson i seeing there was such a large number
case himself has  nothing to do with this ol the citizens present, one or two gen-
Mr. Spragge persisted nnd the Judge cose and whether lift is a blackguard tletnen' thought it would be a good
fold him that if lie bad taken it lesson I 0r not does not matter.' It is his wife's j time to see if something could not* bo
lin'ui bis senior counsel (Mr. Wilson) I case and not his. done with  regard to improvements at
and not 1 lied to force evideuceon the I liked Mr.'Clinton's way of giving| the cemetery, fencing it, etc. The
.Indue he would have acted with more his evidence, but one ol the witnesses following committee was appointed to
propriety uud that be bad better sit for Utu defence, James McKay, I did tako the matter in hand:-Messrs.
down. I not like the way he gave his evidence,  Hobbs," (convener)   Watson, Newman,
This closed the defence. |cr took the oatb.     He swears he saw   Ross and McLood.
on Mill and Mining- Machinery, Boilers, Engines and
Agricultural Implements. A good general blacksmith
shop in connection with the Machine Shop.
Sash, Duoi'3, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.
Houston & Wilson,


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