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The Golden Era Aug 13, 1897

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Golden Era
v. -dug medW-l la "East
Kootenay, 'Wis is ttaHPerlkat
la reed by the miners, Ae ranchers,
the -railroaders and lumbermen.
S__sorlpt'o_, $2.00 par Annum
Ivanoe .
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wan I'ViiiMH.^-U
aa any retail stock In Wiauipeg or Toronto.
Our Prises are Meeei-U. Ju.ttryns.
TBOMaoa BROS, Bookstore, Calgary.
91 Her Yeab
General 0 Merchant.
i Hit-- Just Received a Sample Shipment of the
*�� New Patent Ventilated Shoe,
This invention is bound to revolutionise
the shoe trade of the world, and should
te tested by every one that appreciates
Comfort for the FEET.
t,   . ���'. -Jar****--**
Slater aies!
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la nearly over, bat there are still a few
Bargains to be obtained.
Millers Supplies a Specialty
'i ��� ' ' ' ' . :
. . Agent For . .
PhcBBix of London and other Fire Insurance Go's
+  +
The confederation Life Association. Toronto.
+ +
T|p Reliance Loan I Savings Co., of Ontario.
+ +
Cfftadiaii Railway Accident Insurance Company.
S. Brewer haa found a de-io.it ot
native mercery In the vicinity of Fair
moat Springs.
Prospecting is very active at present
on No. S Creek, at the boundary of the
Oolden and Windermere mining di-
Tom Jones and W. McNeish have
given Capt. Armstrong a three months
extension of hie option for 16,000 on
tbe Dslos claim, Horse Thief Creek.
A. McLeod haa sold to J. L. Parker
and J. B. Dabney, of Rossland, one
Math Interest In the Cracker claim on
Toby Creek, the consideration being
3. R. Ferry has sold to W. Marrott
tin let ef June claim on Toby Creek,
and I. Jehnstou baa sold to J.O.
HarMa the TrMnaah claim, wbioh le on
the same Wife.
Mr. Lake lalorms na that since tbe
Swaaesa eiaHk at Windermere haa
bean boa��d to 0. Kirk further offers
have besa received for options oo this
claim lit #11,000 and 08,000 respectively.
Sam. Johnson aad Billy Soott left
on Sunday's No. 8 for Ottertail, where
they -will strike for tbe bead waters cf
the Blaeberry on a prospecting trip.
Tbey expect to be ont two weeks or a
month.  --
Ore from the Jena claim, between
tbe Skookunwhuck and Findlay
Creeks, aad four miles back from the
Kootenay Hirer, haa assayed |7 In
gold, 46 ounces ia silver; and 14 per
cent copper.
W. t. Clemes lei*- on Tuesday evening for Ottertail to.do development
week for Mr. Hammersley, of Toronto,
oa the Black Bear, whioh Is situated
on tba Klekinghorse between the Porcupine aad Bear Creeks.
A well-known- Mining man remarked
to aa tbe other day, "What we want
la this part ot East Kootenay ie a
shipping mine. Ae soon ae regular
]#hipiiMate ot ore go do wo the Kootsqay
Hirer tha country will go ahead.'
S. Brewer, who holds two-fifths
interest, aad W. Babel, J. Lake, and
0. 8. McCarter, who each hold a fifth
interest in the Swansea claim, have
given 0. a. Kirk an option on the
claim till Sept. Jist for $1,000 per
Interest, or $6,000 In all.
fyrry Blchardajn bee atruck aa 18
inch aolld galena (tad in the MoMurdo
Baain near the Crown Folnt. Dan.
McKlnnon andBobert Cameron'have
staged aa extension on tbe same ledge.
Tber have considerable development
work'to complete this fall.
8. Brewer, of Fairmont haa taken an
active Interest in mining development
in tbe Winds-mere distriot. He owns
a two-fifth Interest la the Swansea
claim, and also holds Interests in a
copper proposition on Skookumchuck
aad In quarts claims oa Dutch Creek,
Ae illustrating the mining aotivity
at Windermere, forty reeorde were
made then for the week between the
Sad and the 9th ol August Of
aixtaan .were on Toby Creek, four on
Dateh Creek, foot on' Horse Thief
Creek, and sixteen on Findlay Creek
aad Kootenay Blear.
There hea bsen a new find on one of
the tributaries of Dateh Creek over tbe
divide from Toby Creak. The find
waa made by a prospector named
Lamb, and tbe location la a large
lodge of small etrlngara. There are
about 100 tone of epltodld float lying
���boat the location. Tha ore ie a
sulphurate of copper showing peacock
3. Henderson hu mada aa important And of gold bearing quarts oa the
Bobble Burns Baeln. It la a Utile be*
low the Bobble Barns shacks and from
half to three-quartere of a mils sooth-
east ot the Robert E. Burnes claim.
The vein ie believed to be the same ae
that of tbe Borate, and ae Mr. Hea*
sou has been bunting for thia vein
for the peel fear years we hope his
peresvera-cs haa at length been .warded with sucoess.
Logaa and Mnnson, who bonded the
Bleak Prince on the Beaver slope of
Logaa Greek te W. Lindsay, have
completed their contract development
week on tbe eetd claim. The leet
aeeay aa thie claim gave IS9 In gold,
MO ounces of silver, aad 89 per oent of
L Messrs. Logaa aad Moneon,
who are pettiag la development work
oa Ibe Oolden Lion oa McMurdo
Creek, have alee headed that property
to a local mining maa.
A prospector named Lamb has made
a Btrike of grey copper ore at the bead
ot Dutch Creek above Canal Flat. The
samples shpwn us look well.
J. Lake has a fine collection cf
samples of ore from different locations
around Windermere, including Skoo-
kumebuok, Toby, Horse Thief, and No.
9 Creeks.
������' "t
A prospector named  Driver,   who
haa had large experience In Watt
Kootenay and elsewhere, came into
Windermere a few days ago and expresses a high opinion of ths prospects
of Toby Creek.
Messrs. Stracey and Jollffe, who
lately purchased the Maud 8. and
Stand By, have let a contract for
development work on tbe former to
0. B. Dean, of Spokane, who left on
Tuesday with five men to commence
the work.
The aeeay from the Eureka claim
recently located on Toby Creek by B.
Morigean. and which was bonded to
O. Stark for 11,000, gave the following
return: flilver 57 ounces, lead 60 per
oent, copper 1 7/10 per cent. J. Lake
haa located an extension of the Eureka.
Messrs. MltcbaU-Innes have aui^|����,1,!������ ** the prospects are in all
development work on their claim al
Horse Thief, the Pretty Oirl. The
claim ia on the top ot the spur, about
90 miles distant from Windermere.
Assays of ore from this claim have'
given 86 par oent ol copper and 89 oas.
silver. Tom Jones hua oharge of tbe
work, and look ont man and supplies
on Monday, ���
C. Troyer, who ts at present engaged
in the development of the Dslos claim
on Horse Thief Crash tor Capt. Arm*
strong, is the owner of three claima on
Toby desk. One of theae, the Idaho,
on the Jumbo fork of Toby Creek, ia a
galena proposition. The other claims
are the Oxbow and tbe Hannah, at
Horse Shoe Bar. Theae latter carry
copper and gold.
Tba following, claims have been
oorded at Goldeni-Blue Bell, on
Vermont Creek, by C. Vanese, July
18th; Alaca, on Vermont Creak, by N.
F. Johnson, July 18th;Tamo'Shanter,
on Copper Creek, by T. Stuart, August
ind; Aome, on Badger Creek, by A.
H. Mogrldge, August dth; Lake View,
on Badger Creek, by J. J. C. Jollffe,
August 6th; Omega, on Badger Creek,
by A. A. H. Stracey, August 5th; Bego
later, in Cariboo Basin, by D. Mo
Dougall, August 3rd; Belmont, on
tributary of No. 9 Creek, hy D. Taylor,
July 9xnd; Coipper King, on No. 9
Creek, by C. MoKinnon, July 93rd;
Copper Qussn Extension, on tributary
of No. 9 Creek, by F. W. Riokward,
July 94th; Blue Grouse, on Spruce
Tree Creek, by H. Woodley, August
6th; River View, on Cariboo Creek, by
D. MoDoogall, August 6th; Mayfalr,
oa middle fork of Spillimachene, by A.
A. H. Stracey, Augaat Oth; Ben Hur,
oa Logan Creek, by H. Moneon,
August Oth; Crystal, oa Logan Creek,
by W. Logan, August 6th; Oolden, on
Logan'Creek, by C. Warren, August
7th; Prlnoees, on middle fork of Spillimachene, by Florence Chambers, August 10th; Lucky Jack, on middle fork
of Spillimachene, by R. Hutchison,
August 9th; Snowstorm, on Bobbie
Burns Creak, by H. Richardson, August 1st; I. X. L-, on head of MoMurdo
Creek, by D. Jameson, August Oth.
Dr. Xetetra, Lately Returned Prom
Barepe, Olves HI. View, at the
��. O. Mining Districts
Dr. J. M. Lefevre, C. P. R. physic-
Inn for the Pacific division, oatne in
on the S.S. Duohess from the south on
Wednesday evening and furnisher], on
request, his visws in brief on the mining districts of B. C, and especially
the Kootenay, whioh he has just
visited. The doctor has resided in
Vancouver since 1886 and haa been
active in promoting the interests of
the province since his arrival in it.
He has been in Europe for the past
two years and made his present trip to
get a personal knowledge of the progress of the mining interests of B, C,
during his absence. He visited all the
Important centres In West Kootenay
and was ainased at the change In the
prospects during his absence. Rossland was almost unknown when he
left and now Is a hive of mining Indus-
try. Other centres there that had no
local habitation or name are now
thronged with busy men seeking the
precious metals with every chance of
Boat Paige-gars
August Oth, up-Hon. A. Morrison,
0. R. Dixon, T. R. Ella, H. D. Hen*
eoo,i-B. B. Harstour, M. Mahoney,
0. E. 8. Whiteside, Mrs. MeMahon,
R. Fate end wife, to Steele.
Aogast 8th, down���J. Darlington,
R, W. Caatley. te Ooldea; H. Lambert, J. H. -usmsn, Canal Flat to
Windermere; J. Brady, Canal Flat to
Ooldea; H. C. Howell, A. H. Stacey,
0. B. Dean, Carbonate to Oolden.
August 9th. up���Messrs. Hannlng*
ton aad Brunei, with party ot seven
(surveyors), J. McK. Smith, N. Ken*
nedr, T. F. Thomas, J. Buxton,
Madame Martini and daughter, to
Steele; W, C. Kinnon. W. Ron, O.
Stark and wife, to Windermere; Major
Clohecy, W. Dainard, .0. Coleman, A.
Sorruaeo, A. Strom, 0. B. Dean, D.
MoDoogall, to .Carbonate; 3. Bray,
Windermere to 8>asle.
Augael Uth, down���Dr. Lefevre,
R. P. Harvey, T. R. Ella, to Ooldea;
0. F. Wegasr, 0. V. Garrard, Canal
Flat to Oolden; lire. Lake aad two
children, A. 0. Cootwer, Windermere
to Ooldea; D. -root, Adela to Ooldea;
3. Hendtreea, Carbonate to Oolden;
J. H. Sueman. A. E. Haggen, Windermere to Carboaate.
parts of tbe district of the most promising kind. The doctor reached East
Kootenay via Spokane and the Kootenav any Columbia rivers. He spent
tome timo In the southren part of this
district visiting the prospective cities
ot Wardner, Sifton City, Cranbrook
and Fort Steele. In hie opinion Sifton
City is tbe most promising of these
sites aa a spot for a smelter, being
most ceatf kliy located regarding the
mines al present in operation and having plenty of water for all purposes,
whioh the other places lack. He
visited several of tha mines in operation such as the North Star, the St.
Eugene aad others and thinks that as
soon as the Crow's Nest line Is completed the results from theee mines
will rival thoas of the west distriot.
The doctor le intir-eiii In tbe Snilll-
maobene valley but was unable to visit
bis properties'this trip. He is, how-
returning In a week or 10 daya,
when he will visit the mines on that
river and make preparations to begin
work on his claims, if not tbis season
at lesst on Us opening up next spring.
He thinks Oolden admirably situated
to secure the whole trade of northern
Eaat Kootenay, of the mineral wealth
of which he has heard and believes In
so confidently. The doctor is interested in mines tn every distriot ot
British Columbia and Is satisfied tbat
the results will justify his faith in the
mineral wealth of the province as soon
aa communicative lines can be opened
up permitting ore to be ebipped at reasonable rates. Dr. Lefevre says that
tba fertile valley between tha Selkirk
and Rocky mountains should oiler an
inviting field to cultivators of the soil
ae the indications are that in the near
future the mineral wealth of the hills
will attract thousands of consumers ot
the agricultural products whioh oan
be grown in the valley.
Ck-ld brick swindlers have caused a
very glittering sensation in Calgary.
The sharpers succeeded in duping 0.
C. McGregor, ot the Molsons Bank,
and J. J. Young, editor of the Herald.
The tone was near 819,000. The story
is a long one, but when boiled down
nothing Is left bnt the same Identical
old Irlok whieh hu been going around
the oountry since the deys of '49, The
bank etan lott hie job, bat the editor
ta still in his sanctum.
A Fatal Accident
Wa. l-auglst In ��� Uaard Ball ��a��
KIII.Ml-._n Inqar** Hel-.-Frolg-t
Conductor Lose. Bern. Finger.
On Monday afternoon a most de*
plorable accident happened in the station yards at Donald by whioh the
yardmaster, Archibald Smith, a former Torontonlan, lost his life by having bis foot caught between a guard
and main rail and before he could extricate it he wu struck by a shunting
train and 14 cars passed over his body,
which was frightfully mangled. The
unfortunate man, wbo wu formerly
a conductor on the 0. T. R. in Ontario, and who had only been in Donald a couple of monthe, leaves a wife.
and four children to mourn his loss,
The body of the deceased, who waa
Insured in the Trainmen's Order, waa
taken charge of by his brother Qdii*
fellows at Donald and shipped to his'
family, who reside at Toronto Junction. An inquest wu bald on Tuesday
and although tbe switches were under
repair nevertheless it wu thought by
the coroner that tba company should
have bad tba necessary blocks in place
to protect against accidents of this
kind, aad a censure wu placed upon
the C. P. B. for lack of caution.
Freight Conductor Bison, who runs
on the Pacific division, bad the mis*,
fortune one day thia week to lose all
the fingers and part of ths thumb of
his left hand while coupling oars west
of Donald.
Rav. 0. E. Smith will conduct
services in connection with tbe Metho--
dist church on Sunday nextufollows:.
Donald at 11 am.; Golden at7.80p.m..
'     'i
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While all reasonable care will be taken, tbe
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All accounts to be paid tu the Managing
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Correspondence is invited on matters of
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the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for the private information of the
editor and as a guarantee of good -ith.
The Caldee Era Companf Limited Llsillitf.
Office, Got dbn, fl. 0.
(the OUolben ffiro
(Edited by E. A. Haoobn.)
FRIDAY,  AUGUST 18,  1897.
A special feature of
our business.
We havo received from Mr. Semlin,
chairman of tbe Opposition party in
the B. C. Provincial Parliament, a
circular issued by the party. The
programme proposed is a redistribution
of representation, reorganisation of
the civil service, vigorous and effective
prosecution of publio works, discouragement of Chinese immigration, res
vation of coal lands in the same way
| as other minerals; timber to be disposed of by open competition and in
such quantities u the trade demands;
agricultural lands to bs reserved for
actual settlers; repeal of the mortgage
tax; amendment.of the law in regard
to free miners' licenses, so that a man
shall not be compelled to take out a
free miners' license before be oan work
in a mine for wages; provincial aid to
railways in the put having resulted
unsatisfactorily, both u regards eeon.
omy in construction and moderation in
transportation on charger, any futute
aid to railways to be based on efficient
provincial control both of the raising
and expenditure of tbe capital and Ol
the rates of transportation.
We Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the mountain-, We employ an
old, experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains before leaving
the premises.
We notice in tbe United States
newspapers that, there is considerable
less talk now of pressing tbeir alien
labor law into effect against Canadians. Have they at lut realised
that "What's sauce for the goose la
sauce for the gander?" The thrust
given tbem by the C.P.R. on the
Crow's Nest Road in retaliation in
refusing to employ Americans, and
still later tbe Imposing uf doty on
American goods going into the Clon*
dike, seems to have struck home.
With such districts in Csnada u the
Clondike, the Cariboo, Slocan, and
East and West Kootenay, to which
the Americans are now rushing, we
surely ought to "do onto others
tbey would do unto us."
Aa AtmaeaA Ohlaaaaaii meat nee ��f
catting a Chicken'. Head OK.
There wu considerbile oommotlon
among the Chinese population of Oolden on Sunday afternoon, and on
enquiry being made ft was learned
that a Chinaman had been accused of
stealing 140 from one "of his kin���
hence the rumpus.
After much tongue thruhing and
ki-hi-wa-ing tt wu decided by the
Celestials that tbe fracas should be
settled according to the customs of
China, and accordingly the acoused,
Lee Qee, accusor Wong Gin, and
Crown Prosecutor Wong Ping, repaired to the cemetery, provided with
tbe following artioles: One ohicksn,
one butcher knife, two wax tapers,
several small Chinese candles, and a
silver coin. j
An Era representative, on being
informed that blood wu to be split,
Immediately borrowed a bioycle, procured a crack pace-maker, and started
for the cemetery at a break-neck gate,
arriving there in time to witness the
trial, which was u follows: The
tapers and candles were lighted and
planted in a semi-circle at one end of a
grave; the prosecutor then tied the
chicken's legs, and placing it and the
coin before the burning tapers ordered
the trial to proceed. The accusor then
came forward, and aftfer taking the
oath, which ie accomplished by per
forming a devotional exercise before
the tribunal of justice, got on his
knees and tried to convince tbe Chinese deity that Lee Qee Was a bad man
aud should be suspended bv the cue to
the tallest available tree for having
catch'-- hie 40 dollee. Lee Qee then
took the oath and gave evidence in hia
defence, protesting his innocence and
explaining that he thought some lats
oatoh'em Wong Gin's 40 dollee, allee
ssmes. He then arose from hia knees,
seized the ohicken and bntoher knife,
and having severed the chicken's head
amid many exclamations from his
countrymen, he pocketed the piece of
silver and left for town, thinking no
donbt tbat he catch'em pretty good
t'lng and play Chines game some more.
A bystander then uked Wong Ping,
the prosecutor, why he did not kill the
chicken and put it out of ita misery,
but that personage exclaimed; "Let
chicken die; Lee Qee die allee samee
chicken. He cate_'em hellee, you bet"
We would riot advise the law makers
of Canada to copy tho Chinese system,
u if they did chickens would become
a very scarce article. McKinley would
raise the dnty on importations from
the statea, and u a consequence all
our "golden eggs" would be batched in
Uncle Sam's treasury vaults, which
would bs giving him too big a corner
on the wealth of B.C. and the
A Reward.
The following from the firm of Coffin
A Warner, Dulnth, Minn., bas been
handed to the Era for publication:
'Duluth, Minn., July 81st, Dear Sir,
-I will give 810 to find William I.
Stretch, who la a man of medium
weight, about sixty years. of age,
brown, or perhaps grey now; 6 ft. 9 in,
tall, slender, slightly stooping. A
Canadian by birth,, bat of Scotch
parentage. Of peculiar and eeclusive
habits. A man who wander* from
place to place, remaining in one place
Two Old-Time Lore Letters.
In an old book, dated 1890, tbere is
tbe following curious love epistle.'' It]
a-oi-de an admirable play upon words:
Madam.: Moat worthy of admiration! After long consideration and}
muoh meditation on tbe great reputation you possess in the nation, I have
a strong Inclination to become yonr
relation. On your approbation pf tha
declaration, I shall make preparation
to remove my situation to a more convenient station to profess my admiration; and if such oblation ie worthy
of observation, and can obtain consideration, it will beanaggrandlMtlon
beyond all calculation of the joy and
exultation of yours,
Sans Dissihulation.
Tho following Is the still more
curious answer:
Sir: I perused your oration with
much deliberation at the great Infatuation of your imagination to ehow
suoh veneration on so slight a foundation. But after examination, and
much serious contemplation, I supposed your animation wu the fruit of
recreation, or had sprung from ostentation to display yonr education by an
odd enumeration���or rather multiplication���of words of the same termination, though of great variation in
each respective signification. Now,
without disputation, your laborious
application in so tedious an occupation
deserves commendation, and���thinking
Imitation a sufficient gratification���I
am, without hesitation, yours,
Mabv Mod-ration.
Golden Era,
PnUlshed Every
Subscription, 92 per Annum,
Payable in Advance.
. .***������ td^i.
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let���By baying for spot cuh and
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2nd���By selling for spot cub and
avoiding all bad debts.
8rd���By doing my own cutting and
atving 8100 per month.
' 4th���By: saving heavy travelling
and other expenses.
In patronising me yon support the
tbe claims of aeor. I pay the
highest rate of wages
and expect the
Scientific Cutter and Practical
Tailor, Golden, B. C.      8to
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Is It Sot
Spokesman Review: The adjourned
meeting of the Le Roi Mining and
Smelting Company wee held laat
night, and luted about an hour. It.
wait expected that tome definite action
would be taken regarding the smelter
location, bnt in answer to a question
President W. W. D. Turner said: "No
action was taken regarding the smelter;
that wu deferred." "Wat' Mr.
Heinse'e otter to carry ores fer fa cents
to a point within a radius of six miles
of Trail disoucsed?" "Not tonight; it
wu mad lut night." ������What wu
dono with itr "It waa turned down."
There were two real important thlnge
before lut night's masting, however.
One wu a telegram from Wublngton,
O.C.. Whieh read ufoUowe:-"LeRol
Mining and Smelting Co., Spokane:
The new Canadian law admits free I
coke, ores of all kinds, and alt kinds [
of smelting machinery."
bnt a short time. Hu been a surveyor, prospector, miner, and sheep
herder. Worked at herding sheep In
South-eastern Wyoming the lut time
heard from in 1896. Hu lived in
Minnesota, Wublngton, Oregon, and
Wyoming. Will pay tha above reward to the party giving ue tbe
earliest information of hia present
location. If fonnd It will bo to his
advantage. Yours truly, H. W.
KMaey Orlad. ,
South American Kidney Cure the Only
Speeilo lor Kidney--esse A Liquid
snd Solvent���Never Fails.
Med|ea! selsaee has proved beyond adoubt|
thst the solid partleles Whieh pass threogh
the kidneys In the ordinary coon, ��r���oll���c������.
^tlon-_-_ whkh In Uiw so grind and wear
these organs that they beeoaie dtoisstd snd
will not perform ths fuKtlont fW-ehfeb they
���era created-requlre a solvent to dissolve
and eradicate from the system these foreign
subs-aces, and ths greet South Amerfesn
Kldney (hire hai proven to be the Mat aad
most selenfllk apecMc remedy for such, and
the testimony of thousands who have been
cured by It when pill doies bare failed I. the
be��t demonstration of the fact that a sort-ant
most be admlii-tersd. If in despair use this
StldbyC.AWsrrsu. IM
���*���fr   '
Advertising is to business what food
I is to existence. Try aa ad. In the Era.
A Happy Olrl
Miss Amla*. Kelly Tells of Her Ulaess
���nd eabaoqaent Oar*���A eiat.aa.at
That Should be Bead by ..very
flirt Isr Cauda.
Miss Amlna Kelly, a well-known
and much-esteemed young lady living
at Haplewood, N.B., writes:���"I eon
elder it my duty to let yon know what
yonr wonderful-medicine has done for
me. In April,, 1896, I began to lose
flesh and color, my appetite failed, and
on going upstairs I would be so tired
I wonld have to rest. I continued in
thie condition for three months, when
I wu suddenly taken ill and not able
to go about. Our family doctor was
called in and he pronounced my Illness
chlorosis (poverty ot the blood.) At
first hie treatment appeared to do' me
good, bnt only for a time, and I then
began to grow worse. I continued
taking hia medicine for three months,
when I wu eo discouraged at not regaining my health tbat I declined
taking it any longer. I then tried a
liquid medioine advertised to euro
cases like mine, but did not obtain the
slightest benefit. I had become terribly
emaciated and Weak; there wu a constant terrible roaring noise in my head;
my feet and ankles were swollen, and
I wu u pale u a oorpee. One day
while in this oondltlon my father
brought home a box of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pllle and uked me to try then,
In lees than a week I could elt up, aad
in a couple of weeks I oould walk quite
a distance without being tired. My
appetite returned, the roaring in my
head ceased, I began to gain fleah and
color and below I had need a half
doxen boxes I wu u healthy as I had
aver been in my life. My friends did
not expect me to recover, and are now
rejoicing at the wonderful change Dt,
Williams' Pink Pllle have wrought b
me. If my statement will be tht
meana of helping somo other discouraged sufferer yoa are at perfect liberty
to publish it."
The above statement wu sworn before me at Maplewood, York Co., N.B.,
this Hth day of May. 1897.
Timotht W. Smith, J.P,
To ensure getting the genuine
alwaye for Dr. Wllllame' Pink
for Pale People, and refuu all aubetl<
tuteo and nostrums alleged to be just
ugood. IM
London, Ont.
Fort Steele
Medioine Hat'
Canal Flat
New Denver
One of the most vigorously conducted and widely circulated papers
published in British Columbia.
A Tip-Top Medium tor Advertisers.
Rates on application lo the proprietors.
The Golden Era Co.,
Limited Liability.
Goiden,  . B.C.
|<i-.yf#v*vf��V'r*f��v.iH ��vwV. *t��v
WAnt^--**-*-*- ft*** "t���* **������*���
v-VKUMTU Ulf_> tlm SaiSatai Via-
mood Jubilee." overtowing with Istert sad
richest pictures. CMt-lnsthe endorsed bt-
ograph*- of Her Msjesly. with euthcatle His-
toryofher remarkable reign, and full ao
count of the Di-rr-ood Jubilee. Only tl.o-
Big book. Tren-endouadei-ind. Boaaeia
for agents. CoonniMion 60 percent Credit
Ms-en. Freight paid, outfit ran-. Duty
mid. Writ^nfittooiitlH and ter" -
I PeubornS*., Chicago. "*'
\i>   ..*",  ' 1������1 ���"~*
Support local industry in your distriot. The Go-Daa Era printing
office is one of the local industries
most deserving of -roar support. We
oan do anything in the printing line.
.    <���   i��
Wltfceat a feev-Werbo Miracles.
Dr. Agnew's Oara tor the Heart It whhoat
a peer. This great remedy relieves iasta-Uy
the most aggravated sad dlstissslag tons
of bssrtdlssess. It Is the surest and qahkest
asttag ftnaela tor hear! tttmble known to
medical selsaee, ud thoassads ofthaas hss
the hand efthe grimdestroyer hssa stayed
by Its ass. If there Is palpitation, shorlnsM
i>f breath, pain In left side, sootherf
tatkas, doat delay, or you may be
ia ths hog list efthess who have gnu
to thi ileal majsrily, beeaaae tha
remedy ia ths world today was act prosM>-y
SoMbyC.A.Warrea. Ml
I beg te give notice thst the report appearing in certain newspapers to the effect
that I have transferred my intent ia ths
Oiant Mineral Claim to Mr. Henry Croft is
absolutely without feaajatjea.
Victoria Ms-Surgical Works. MaM
Business Cards.
Sign Writer, Painter
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended to.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
��� A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
reoelvi prompt, attention.       29to
Builder and Contractor,
....  Golden, RC.
A supply of Building Lime
For Sale.
Plana prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. S8to
Undertaker, and'
���  ���   Embalmert,
^M^ry,   ���   ���   AIM.
j Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Oolden, B. C.
Will be in Oolden on Monday of each
week. 86to
Wateh, Clock and
Jewelery Rep-irinf
In all Ita lines done on
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Ringa and
Jewelery carried in stock, also
Spectacles and Eye Glasses.
Mall' Orders Solicited.
Call at my new place of business,
Opposite tbe Post Offiee.
john McMillan,
Watchmaker,   *  *  -  Oolden, B. C.
Assay Offices and Chemical Laboratory,
Vancouver, B. C.
Established IHO.
For several yeara with Vivian k Sons,
Swansea, ana local representative for them.
For a yean manager for the assayers te
tbe RioTlnto to., London.
wao Data.
flee* Ateota at Oaee.
A fortune In an boor oan be made by
Canadian representative of the Caasel Oold
-it-acting lo., Ltd,  lllasguw   11'yani.le
Mining, Heal -Mate aad
Flnaaelal Agent ....
Purchsaers Obtained for Prospects aad De-
;��.., veloped Claims.
..... OaMe-, B. C.
For Sale
tha Dominion, transect!
!____���****�������� ���"�����
^eew, ae aa*-.
M sissd claim ia one of richest localities
ef &t Kootenay. ll.nOO of development
work done, Aassys from Ihis claim ban
arret MD In goH. ill ouu.-os silver and W per
seat copper. There are five well defined
Mass sn tbs property. Price 16,000.
j Onafi'tt tm tali sited clsims.  Obnoer
Fumofieo aeree near
eamvatlo-i well, watsred,
Patantsfarals-weyCoupler andaRcps
mi  y^-
StaUatU Oolden.
for particulars of above apply to
X. A. Haoorn,
0-*��e��_raOica. l(
Police for Clondike.
. Inspector Harper, of Banff, panted
through Golden on Monday in charge
of 80 well-bodied Mounted Police for
the Clondike, where the Inspector
informed ue it wae the intention of the
Government to establish a dog train
mail service for tbo oomiog winter, so
that tha many outsiders who are inter
ested in that region will have a chance
to keep posted by news from the
Interior.. .
On Saturday lut Hon. R. M. Scott,
Secretary of State at Ottawa, received
a telegram from Dyea stating that, the
erush there, caused by tbe crowds tbat
sire pressing Into the Clondike, is
becoming intense, and that more
assistance Is necessary.'
In view of the above it is possible
that another 100 of the polios will be
ordered to the district immediately.
The Great Bernhardt
at the Head
of Her
Speaks   About   Paine's
Compound* - '
The immortal "Sarah" provokes enthusiasm, admiration, and curiosity
wherever ahe appears before {be public,
���nd hu never had an equal in the
history ol the stage.
Sarah Bernhardt fully appreciates
the immense advantages ot health and
strength for one in her profession, and
no one knows better shan ahe how
essential to artistic success is a vigorous nervous system.
Hard and conscientious work in all
matters pertaining to her profession
, bu at various times left her weak and
nervous, but when friends prevailed
apon her te use Paine's Celery Com.
pound she realised that she had found
a blessing -a strengtbener and invig-
orator that she cannot praise too
highly.   She writes as follows:
"I oeg leave to state that, according
to your instructions, I have used
Paine's Celery Compound, and lam
convinced that it is the most powerful
nerve strengtbener that oan be found.
It ia with the greatest pleasure that I
send you my sincere testimonial." 106
Be loyal to your town ami district!
Oat your printing done at thi office of
the Oold>_ Era. \
Let Tear Charity Be   Bright and
. Attractive. .
The inmates of charitable institutions
and,our deserving town and city poor
are with na at all times.
Many, ot us yearly send the poor our
cast off aad half worn garments, such
as dresses, jackets, capes, skirts, coats,
vesta, and pants. By this .work hundreds of half olad people* are'made
warm and comfortable, and are en.
abled to appear on the streets.
In thie work of charity many donors
are making tbeir gifts bright a
attractive by the use of the Diamond
Dyes. The old garments are dyed
aome suitable color, and look quite, u
wall u new onea.
New and fresh .colors add to the joy a
aad pleasures of the poor, and thi
garments do not have tbe appearance
ot cold charity.
This work of brightening up old and
faded clothes is done at a trifling cost
with the Diamond Dyes. Think of
this speoial work, dear ladiee, when
yonr bundle ot clothing la being prepared for the poor. One packet of
Diamond Dyes, easting ten cents, will
add wonderfully to the Value ot your
donation. 106
Information fttpartmant
Those desirous of obtaining Information regarding tha mineral sections of
East Kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished such information by
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the Era, free of charge.
a������������ ���
A   Remarket.-.   Care   of   Chronic
"In 1862, when I served my country
as a private in Company A, 167 Pennsylvania Volunteers, I contracted
chronic diarrhoea. It has given me a
great deal of trouble ever since. I have
tried a dosen different medicines, and
���I prominent doctors, without
any permanent relief. Not long ago a
friend aent me a sample bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera, and
Diarrhoea Remedy, and after that I
bought and took a 60 oent bottle, and
now I oan uy that 1 am entirely
cured. I cannot be thankful enough
to you for thie great remedy, and
recommend it to all suffering veterans.
It in doubt write me. Yours gratefully, Henry Stelnberger, Allentown,
Pa."���Sold by all druggists; Langley
A Co., wholesale agents, Victoria and
Vanoouver. 107s?
��� ���
If you want a business, advertise
and get It; if yon-have a business, advertise and keep it. Put your ad. in the
Golden Era.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, .and
Diarrhoea Remedy always affords
prompt relief.���For sale by all druggists; Langley a. Co., wholesale agents,
Viotoria and Vanoouver. 107s7   '
Miners! The way for you to succeed
Is to make known the resources of
your camps. The way to do that Is to
send news of yonr finds to theGoLDBM
Era. Subscribe yourself to the Era
and send it te yoar friends. The Era
will tell them all about It better than
you can.   82 a year.
It Is always gratifying to receive
testimonials for Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy, and
when the endorsement is from a
physician it is especially so. "Tbere
Is no more satisfactory or effective
remedy than Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy,"
writes Dr. R. E. Robey, physician and
pharmacist, of Olney, Mo., and u The
hu used the remedy in hia own family
and bold itr in bia drug atore for six
years he should oertainly know.���For
sale by all druggists; Langley A Co.,
wholesale agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 107s7
Another Remarkable Recovery
From Catarrh
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps snd Sssls will
be received at the Oolden Era OMce and
e-ueutad-ith pii-mptitade.
The Golden Zra Company,
Umiied Liability.
HmnIlea far
Assayeps ...
Muffles, Crucibles, Scarifiers, Furnaces,
Chemicals, Chemical Apparatus, Balances,
Baker A Adamson's C. FlAclds.
We an Importers, Manufacturers
and Jobbers.
Japanese Catarrh Care '
. Xever railing Remedy �� Cared
'wheu Catarrh Sp.olall.ts Failed.
Joseph Little, mill owner, Port
isington, formerly of Vanoouver,
writes.- ��� "Japanese Catarrh Cure
cured me of catarrh which had troubled
me for 26 years, during whioh time I
had spent hundreds of dollars with
specialists in Toronto and San Francisco, but obtained no permanent
relief until using Japanese Catarrh
Cure about eight years ago. Since
that time I have been completely
cured, and my catarrh has not
troubled me In the least. It Is truly a
wonderful remedy; the first application
Japaness Catarrh Cure cures Cold
In the Head in 80 minutes, and there
ia not a case of Catarrh which oannot
be cured if Japanese Catarrh Cure te
persistently used. Sold by all druggists; 60 cents. Mailed on receipt of
price. Address W. A. Griffiths A Co.,
wholesale druggists, Vanoouver, B. C.
Sample free, enclose three cent stamp.
a a
Judicious advertising ta the keystone of success. Advertise in the
Golden Era.
To know if The Golden Era is a good
advertising medium. To Test this and
to introduce our goods iii thia vicinity
we will give away absolutely raica a
Sterling Silver Pickle Fork, beauUfully
twisted ha-idh-, II inches long, worth Sl.rM,
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened In the promises
lately occupied by D. L. Bettschen,
Prescriptions Carefully Prepared.
A Full Stock of Patent Mellcinea and
Druggists Huudries Kept,
Cattle* Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN. B. C.      26tc
Windermere Hotel,
Best nramls of
Liquors Kept...
e a a
Saddle Horses, Single and Double Rigs
On Hire at Shortest Notice.      44tc
nnn. .1J.IH..O, v i.i���io. i���s,.uiui.i,m
Cut out this Jul. and send with IDc for
rklng and postage and we will send
t prepaid, together with our big bar*
__jilist fkhh. We have bargslns in
everything and sell at wholesale direct
to consumer. AGENTS WANTED.
Wonewoc Bargtln Heaae,
Wonewoc. Wis.
T   William McKensie. hereby give notice
'   that DO days after date 1 intend to apply
Chief Commissioner of Lands sad
of ��� ...
irehaae i-9 sens
Works lor permission to purcl
of land ii uaied In East Kootenuy District,
drsuribed as tollows*���Commencing st a nest
placed it the northeast corner of Lot 8�� O.I;
theuco west 10 chains! thence north Ml chains)
thence east 40 chahu: thence south 80 chains
to place of commencement.
william Mckenzie.
. Dated July 86th, llrW.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL Is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under-
sighed or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTi.AS except private wards.
"FlaMread" Shape
Beet for feet which are long from ball to toe,
and short from heel to ball. Ordinary Shoes
curve upwards too sharply for such feet,
beading them fojarioasl-.   Full ridged box
toe, slightly curving tides, and stylish
effect.   Laced, Buttoned, Congress,
Oxford.   Black-Taa-Seal Brown
--Carmine���Wine.   Sizes, 5*011
Widths, D. to B.E.   Goodyear
Wdted.   |j.$o, aVso, Isso
m**mk"    "The Slater Shoe"
eavaioees r...
:kVA*.'Y}\ Art'
li. U. Parson, Sole -bioltteu Am cm.      7f��
[Upper Golunjbia HaVigatioq & Trai-l^ay Lo J-j
e   and
I-lterqational Traqsportatioq Corqpaijy.
Connecting with C. P. R. at Oolden, B, C, and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
Acting Secretary.
JJ. R, Dalton hereby give notice that*)
��� daya after date 1 intend to apply lo the
Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works tor
permission tn purchase r_0 seres ef lead
situated in E s Kootenay District, described
as follows-���i uiunencing at a pest placed on
Um eaat boundary of Lot IK O.l.at the angle
where aaid boundary tut eaati thence north
DO chain, to Hagen-a ��._. comer; Iheuce eaat
to chains; thence south 80 chain.] thenee
west 4g chains le place ol' comuieuceaieat.
�� J. & DALTON.
Dated August Snd, 18*1.
VOTICE ia hereby given lhat 60 days after
* date I, tbs undersigned, intend to apply
lo the Commissioner of Lands and Works br
stave to purchase MO acres of land, described
at follows i-Beginnlng at a pott mark' 1 "A
1710-Jhir.nlpa at.
Denver. Cole.
Works at
Pueblo. Cole.
Advertise Your District
To do so, aend your orders for us
to priat your memoranda with a
locality map of East Kootenay
and the various locations on the
back of each form I
The Golden Era Company
;������''. Limited lability
Oeneral Printer* and Publishers,
Ooldea, B. C.
tents astaa-rgetMaf steki ee, _    _
Oae agent, to earn ear, eleand 810.40.
rr���ts aa* Catalogue tree ea asslln.Ha
Morant oiinrt TAtttv nua. v��e
cr stfM, *. t-m el
ra��. r-a
une MgeieiNg ea. tsenvesat. a-.
O. Fbrguwn'. south-east corner,   	
about the Junction et the North and Wast
Hraaehes of the St Mary. River, in latt
Kootenay, Fort Dtjele Diatrict* theatre west
tO chains; thenee north 40 chains; thence
eatt 40 chains; thence south 40 chains to the
place ef beginning.
East Kootenay, Fort Steele ~
June slit, 18(7.
VOTICE fa hereby given that *0 days after
" date I, the uudmigned. intend to apply
to the Commissioner of Leads sad Works far
leave to purchase UO acres of laud, detcribed
ta Mlowtt-li-eglnntng at a post marked "H.
Abbott's south-west corner,*- situated about
the Junction of the North aad West Hranchet
"the St. Mary's River, in Best Koeten
. jrt Steele District; thence esst 40 chains;
thence north 40 chain.; thence west 40
chains; Iheace south 40 chains to thr place cf
_     H. ABBOTT.
Esst Kootenay, lort Steele District,
June-!lsl,lW7. MSeM
NOTICE b hereby given that 10 days after
" date 1, the undersigned. Intend to apply
to the (Siniinissioner of lands and Worionr
leave a) purcaaw IIU acre, of land, dewsribsd
a. n_lew��t-Hea*fnnlng at a post inarlud "J.
O.  Alien's north-east corner," situated
...     .   "i��_L?��5LWei��
River, in Eatt
about the Junction of the Nor-h and Watt
-tranche, of the St. Mary's Diver     ~
Kuoteiiay, Fort Steele District: thei
40 chains; Iheace Moth 40 castas;	
east Mahalus: iheace north 40 chains to ths
place ef beginning.
ray, Fort Steele I
���list, ion.
VOTICEh hereby given that todays after
* 4tal.tl_,i-denrigiisdllnleadtaapdy
to the Commissioner ofTandt snd WorkerS
leave to purcliaae M0 acres of land, detcrlbad
sa lUlaws*���Beginning at a post marked " W.
A. Morrison's north-west corner." situates
about the junction of Ihe North aad Watt
Hranchet of the St. Mary's River, In Eatt
Kootenay. Fort Steele District: theme eatt
40 chains; .thence south 40 chains; thence
west 40 eludns; Iheuce north 40 chains to lbs
W^I-*_* A ^
East Kootenay, Fort Steele District^* *_^
June Hist, 1MI7.
Notice to the Public
K, A. Haoobn,
MtaagbW Dheetor Ooldea Ira
Company Limited Liability.
Dated this Uth day ef May, IW7.
Pacific Hy.
Direct Rail Route to
Montreal and Toronto
And all Eastern points.
Lake route lo the east-gallings from
Fort William.
Alberta ,...Every Tuesday to Windsor
Alhabasea. ..Every Thurtday to Owen Hound
Manitoba Every Sunday to Owen Sound
Connecting trains from Oolden at 16.80 every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Dally and direct tervlce to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon
And aU point, in the Far Famed Kootenay
aad SUvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Empress of ladle ind August
Empress of Japan ami August
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
 Mh August
Aerengi gird August
Apply for particulars to
c. k. wrxui.
Or write to   ROBT. KERR,
Traffic Manager,
Site Winnipeg.
148 Hours to Fort Steele
Steamers leave Oolden Mondsy and Fridsy evenings on arrival
of East bound train. Connections at Canal Flat with Stage for
Fort Steele and Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable route.
Address sll express care ol V. C. Co'y., Golden.
F. P. Armstrong:,
!*-���_--��_-______________-'. tiita
r i
- - -
111111" ttnttifiiHiiii
r-^HMH-a-jej-S BICYCLES.
���   OFCUUM
Mtmm ttatee, Totonto.
Md Up Capital ��� 11,968,000
Beserve   ���  -   ���    11,156,800
H. 8. Howland, President.
T.R.Merritt, Vice.Pres.(8t.Catharinee)
William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,
Hugh Ryan, T. Sutherland Stayner,
E. Rogers.
D. R. WUkie. Oeneral Manager.
Korth West and British Colombia.
Brandon    Portage la        Vancouver
Calory Prairie  Winnipeg
Edmonton Prince Albert   Revelstoke
Niagara Palls    St Thomas
Fergus     Port Colborne    Toronto
Oalt        Rat Portage      Wetland
Ingersoll Sault Ste. Marie Woodstock
St. Catharines
Agsats la Great Britain-Lloyd's Bank,
Ltd., 71 Lombard St., Loudon, with whom
���oasyaiaybs deposited fortranafer by toiler
or cable te any otabove branch*..
Agents In the United States-New York,
Bank ef Moatreal. Rank of Amerirai CM-
ago. First NsUoaal B._<: Ht. f-.l. Mecoa.1
'r-ring. Bank Departie^t-l>->o*l_ of ��
iir_i_s!��reciwiS_ -"-i'i; __*t_
other mn
Dn��vS-~-<>-i of Credit V. nll.blo al
I patois la Canada, United Kingdom
... ^.$>m >alpp( Mb, t bias, Japan,
New Zoaland, etc.
u. Moaarn,
gist Manager Calgary Branca.
Caton's Tansy Pills.
I^MX^^r-O-W - eartn-
greta.  At draggistaer teal seated, 11. Our
^oSllJ'efce. Ca.. aestea. men.
A WINNER from the Start
You'll want It, if you SEE It
tgtatt Wastes In Daec-upled Terrlt.-.
Big Isducamesti lo Wer km.
Keating - - -
A Bicycle that sells quickly because it is made
to please the rider. Because it inns wonderfully easy with its long chain, and with
the bearings so made that tlie hall, revolve
without even common friction.
Keating is the Lightest Guaranteed
Road Bicycle in the World.
ti Keating Wheel Co., t
Write sad mention ���
oppositb the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
. T-
Awarded Mr. 0. Meade, of tbe Russell House,
Hlgheet lUaora���World'a Pair, returned to Oolden on Monday from
A pure Crape Creim of Tsrtir Powder. fttt
bom Ammonia, Alum or sny other adulterant.
Mr. C. W. Burbar left on Sunday
Ior his ranohe on Boundary Creek.
Mr. Leitch expects to have the sawmill at Cranbrook at work next week
Miss Morrison, of the C.P.R. hotel
at Field, spent Tuesday in town on a
business trip.
J. R. Reilly, of tbe Ottertail sawmills, paid a business visit to Oolden
on Wednesday.
J. F. Armstrong left Oolden on
Monday to take up bis residence permanently at- Steele.
John A. Bates, late ot Yale, took up
bis position on Monday aa teacher of
the Oolden sohool.
The Oolden Lumber Co. have greatly
improved the road crossing over their
new track in town this week.
J. C. Joliffe, who has been laid up
with a aprained ankle for tha past
three weeks, ts moving sround again.
Mr. Jamee Winn, of Calgary, arrived in town on Wednesday to do the
plastering on Mr. McNeish's new
house. -
Inspector McPheraon, of the North
Watt Mounted Police st Calgary, was
a passenger on Wednesday's train for
The many friends of E. Clark, of
Windermere, will regret to learn ol bis
serious illness. We hope soon to hear
of hie recovery.
A.H.8tracey lsft on Tuesday evening
on a short pleasure trip to Ban.,
where he expects to meet aeveral old
country friends.
_t. Groner, of Sheep Creek, Alta.,
wbo Is Interested in several mining
deals tn the district, returned to town
on Sunday and is registered at the
Harry Abbott, ex-superintendent of
the Pacidc division of ths C.P.R.,
baa been presented with a massive
silver punch bowl, a pair ot candlesticks and a handsome purse by the
railway employees.
A well-known rancher in the Col*
nmbla Valley wu rather aetonished to
receive a letter addressed to him as
������Horse Thief. British Columbia."
Horse Thief Creek was meant, bnt he
appreciated the joke.
E. W. Barley, ot Calgary, auditor
of the International Transportation
Company at Jennings, came down on
the Duchess on Sunday, and proceeded
on Monday's No. 2 to Banff, where.be
will spend a short holiday with his
Mr. Susman, mining engineer for
the C. P. R, and Mr. Haggen, editor
of the Golden Eua, have been visiting
the mining camps at Canal Flat,
Windermere, Vermont and Copper
Creeks, middle fork of Spillimachene,
and McMurdo.
H. Cergill, M.P. for Esst Bruoe,
Ont, accompanied by his wife and
two daughters, passed through Oolden
oa Wednesday on a pleasure trip to
the coast aad Watt Kootenay. It ia
their intention to return to Ontaria
ria the American side.
Rev. Mr. Hsroourt, Presbyterian
student at Oolden, hah received word
horn Rev. J. Robertson, superintendent of the N. W. Territories and B. 0.
Presbyterian missions, that he expects
to be In Oolden on Sunday, August
Mod, and* It ie expected that he will
' address the congregation hare on that
. date.
On Thnraday of leet week, when tha
Colombia Navigation Co.'a stage waa
within eeveu miles of Hsaseo's on the
down trip, tbe hones became unmanageable aad ran away, witb tbe reeult
that the paeatngers ware thrown out,
one man having bit tag badly bruised.
Tbe whlffletreeaud toagae were beokee
aad the body of ibe stage considerably
damaged. Tbe pisaiag|re bed to walk
into Hansen's, where next mot-tag,
tbe stage having been ledtted, tbey
proceeded on their journey, aot muoh
^wemolthaif'Uttie oiupode,
the coast,
The Kickinghorse and Columbia
Rivers have risen considerably owing
to the heavy rain of Monday laet.
We are informed that the sidewalk
across the Kickinghorse bridge will be
laid by the Oolden Town Committee.
The telegraph line to connect Steele
with Kallspel is nearly completed.
The 8teele people contributed tOOO
towards tbe cost of ths work.
There were ao many passengvre for
Fort Steele by the Duchess ou Fridsy
that it required two stages, a rig, and
eaddle horse to take them from
Canal Flat to Steele.
We have received tha August number of the Kootenav Oulde, published
liy Young and Luxtou, Calgary aud
Rossland, and oau but ssy ft is a well
got up companion for western travellers
Owing to No. 2 being five hcurs late
on Monday last the Duchess did not
leave her wharf on the up trip until
10 p.m. It was the intention of Capt.
Armstrong, however, to run the
steamboat all night to make up for
lost time.
Mr. Harry Woodley, who for the
past two or three weeks haa been in
very poor health, and who was ta the
hospital for some time, left that
institution on Monday, and We are
pleased to state that be is rapidly
assuming a more- healthy appearance.
Mr. and Mrk. Pratt returned from
Brandon, Man., on Sunday. While
there they visited the Winnipeg and
Brandon fairs and other porta of the
province. They report things as
flourishing in Manitoba, but state tbat
they found no place they Uked so wall
aa Oolden.
Mrs. Dolmage, wife ot J. Dolmage,
who is well known In mining circles
In Oolden, arrived on Tuesday from
Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Dolmage bave
takan np housekeeping in the house
opposite the smelter, and wb bops
they may not have reason to' tire of
living in our little burg.
The Dominion Government dredge
haa now been removed down the Colombia River to tbe bend in tha river
at Maekay's. The dam will be
paired and the river Improved at that
point. The river is in better shape for
navigation than it has previously
at this season of the year.
By the Ducheaa on Friday a Government survey party in charge of ��. A.
Cleveland went np to Fort Steele to do
a triaagulation survey of tba country
between that aad tha boundary. Mr.
Cleveland will also establish mineral
monuments when looetteae have been
made. After completing tba work tn
tbe southern part of tba district tbe
party wilt work north towards
Mr. Goldie, of Windermere, ix
making an Interesting experiment in
tbe growing of Kafir eon. It ia
somewhat like maixe in appearance,
but hardy. It ia a valuable forage
plant. Mr. Ooldle's Idea it to
tain whether it ia suitable for the
Windermere distriot. If,the experiment tt successful the crop should ha
widely grown by the ranchers af the
Columbia Valley.
The building being erected by Mr. 3.
Henderson for W. Miller on the south
side of the new bridge will be occupied
we are Informed by J. F. Pugh, tbe
tailor. C. P. Hndon, shoemaker, who
is bnildtng on the opposite side of the
track from Mr. Miller, is making good
progress on hie new store. Thie will
soon become a very convenient corner,
as having got ������suited" by the first a
person haa only to step soross the
street to make tbe acquaintance of the
Monday's No. 2 wee Ave hours late,
the main cause being tbat It wat tbe
heaviest out bound train lhat hat
this division tbls year, it
being composed of 16 coaches, seven of
which ware occupied by Christian
Endeavour delegates of tbe eastern
otates, aad who were returning from
Ibe convention lately held in San
Francisco. Tbe train wae cut late
two sections at Oolden eo ee to assure
greater despatch ia getting ovar the
iurnjo.lt. Seotion two was detailed ia
Oolfrn for some time, ani tbe Christian Endeavor people, Ming deelrous
ol furthering tbe good eaaae, favored
the townspeople with several vocal
aslsotlons. Ax tha train departed two
fog tigoala, whieh bed ne doubt been
Biased oi the track by aome hind
hauled Individual, exploded, and the
ehuiah workers evidently thought
tbat they had aaeoaaded ia "developing" a vein of "thought" among their
wild end woolyeadisooo.
The C. P. R. have built a large
warehouse at Steele for storing supplies for the Crow's Nest Road.
A water supply Is being" srranged
for Steele. Dr. Watt, and Messrs.
Keep, Molnnes, and Barnes financing
the scheme.
Dr. Lindsay, who recently went
from Calgary to Steele to practice, has
returned to the former town. Tbe
people of Steele are too healthy to
afford a field tor more medioine.
A start has been made with the
Jubilee Hospital at Steele. An excel<
lent site has been selected. Dr. Watt
and Messrs. Galbraith and Vsnosta
have taken a great interest in promoting so desirable an Institution for
Mr. W. Skelton, of the firm of
Hamilton A Skelton, livery atable pro-
pi ie tors at Golden, returned on Monday
with 14 head of horses from Alberta,
nine of them for J. I. Brewster, three
for Fulmer A Kerfoot, and two for
The McMurdo distriot has never
bsen so lively as at present. At Mr.
Cartwright's McMurdo House at Carbonate there are piles of supplies waiting to be packed into the camps and
the peek trains, have not been equal to
the demands on them, In order to
overtake the work Mr. CartWrlght has
sent east for a mule train.
Some mining investors at New
Westminster have adopted the novel
method of sending a Japanese to
Steele to stake twenty olaims for them,
the locations to be made la groups of
five In four different parts of the distriot. We shall watch ths development of thie piece of humbug with a
considerable amount of suspicion.
A Windermere farmer haa resorted
to a novel method of getting a road.
He saya be finds that the Government
will make roads for miners, but not
for ranchers, eo he has located a
mineral claim in the valley where he
wants a road. As the Government
has ao far refused to give bim a road
to bje farm, he will apply lor a toad to
his mine, and is in hopes that be may
get it ao that hit purpose will be served
all the same.
The smart transportation of the
Upper Columbia Navigation Company
has evidently mada the route by Golden
and the Columbia River the favorite
route into Steele. The Dochess has
frequently had large passenger lists of
lata. On Monday last she again took1
21 passengers np the river, and the
trip waa rendered specially pleasant by
a concert on board, the passenger list,
comprising several clever muslolans,
who willingly contributed to the suo-
oess of tbe entertainment.
The Fairmont springe ere at the
north end of Lake Windermere, and
consist of several small pools of hot
water exuding from a hill above the
main road. Two of tbe springs are in
the form ot natural bathe, tht smaller
one being lukewaam, while the larger
makes aa hot a bath as oan becomfort*
ably borne. The basin of the large
spring ia- sufficiently large to allow a
person to lie In It lengthwise. Then
springs are the property of Mr. Gal'
bratth, of Fort Steele, and tbe ate of
them ia fret to.any person wishing to
tako advantage of them. Excellent
accommodation ia afforded at ' Mr.
Brewer's homestead near by, and a
large number of people visited tbe
springs this seeson. Mrs. Brewer te a
first-class hostess.
At Steele on Thursday week oa Ini'
promptu converoaaione was arranged
for the purpose of welcoming the Hon.
Mr. Footer, late Minister of Finanoe.
Mr. Vsnosta arranged the gathering.
Messrs. Galbraith, Cronin, McQuade,
and others spoke. The mail servtoaa
ware especially a subject of complaint,
aad Mr. Foster promised to represent
the matter to tht Postmaster-General
at Ottawa. Thi honorable gentleman
spoke of the mineral resources of tba
distriot, and urged that what'wae
wanted to Introduce capital wu tha
development of their mines aad. the
reaching of a stags where they
should have dividend payer*. Mr.
Foster's health wm drunk in bumpers.
The honorable gentleman left by tbe
beat neat day Ior the south en routs
to the Weet Kootenay.
The following locations have heen
recorded at Windermere since July 1st:
July Tth, Matterhorn aad Elkhorn, on
Toby Creek, Silver Island and King
Solomon, on Horse Thief Creek, all by
R. G. Gallop; Iron Horee, on Toby
Creek, by F. Gallop; Headlight, on
Horse Thief Creek, by A. G. Gallop;
July 9th, Lucky Boy, on Toby Creek,
by 0. Pelfer; Black Prince, on Toby
Creek, bv W. M. Pelfer; July 10th,
Marlon, by J. R. McLeod, on Horse
Thief Creek; July 18th, Jumper, on
Findlay Creek, by A. W. Tegart;
Peacock, on Findlay Creek, by J. Tait;
July Uth, Grand Master, on Toby
Creek, by C. Stoddart; July 15th,
Windermere, on Horse Thief Creek, by
T. M. O'Brien; Copper Ranch, on
Horse Thief Creek, by W. R. Gallop;
July 22nd, Europe, on Toby Creek, by
0. Youngqulst; July 28rd, Belle
Harris, on Toby Creek, by J. A. Bell;
0. K., on Toby Creek, by F.T.Herriei
July 24th, Patience, on Horee Thiol
Creek, by W. W. Tallows; Muriel, on
Horse Thief Creek, by W. D. Rose;
July 27th, Eureka, on Toby Creek, by
B. Morigean; Oold Cap, on Findlay
Creek, by A. Fortey; July 28th, Busk-
ley, on Toby Creek, by C. Hanson;
White Besr and Oolden Bell, on Toby
Creek, - by M. J. Bookmark; Push
Ahead, on Toby Creek, bv J. E. Bingham; Duohess, on Findlay Creek, by
W. Walsh; Thynne, Findlay Creek, by
8. S. Simmons; July 10th, Mountain
Lion, on Dutch Creek, hy S. Brewer
and J. Young; Gold Drop, on Dutch
Creek, by N. F. Dalnee and D. Arnot;
July Uth, Royal Arch, by G. W. F.
Carter and E. Clark, on Toby Creek:
July 28th Enterprise, Keep Cool, and
Surprise, by Desmond and Wilson, on
Dutch Creek.
The following locations have been
recorded this month: August 2nd,
Copper King, on Toby Creek, by. B.
Morigean; August 1th, Golden Gate
and Crown Point, on Toby Creek, by
N. B. Bergstrom; Helena, on Toby
Creek, by Stevenson aud Youngqulst;
Legal Tender and Copper Queen, on
Toby Creek, by 0. Youngqulst; Good
Hope and Great Western, on Toby
Creek, by A. Nelson; Mineral Queen,,
on Toby Creek, by E. Stevenson; McDonald and J. D. on Horse Thief
Creek, by J. D. McDonald; Albertine
and Arthur, by P. H. Schults, on
Toby Creek; Sky Line, on Dutch
Creek, by 0. A. Watt; Little Giant/on
Dutch Creek, by A Austin; Duiofay,
on Dutch Creek, by R Lamb; Nickel
Plate, on Dutoh Creek, by W. B. Abel;
August 6th, Wastland and Niagara,
on Toby Creek,, by Brown and Stoddart; August 9th, Sherbrooke, north
tide ot Kootenay River, at Canal Flat, I
by R. D. Morkill; Sao Pedro, west of
Canal Flat, by R. D. Morkill; Son,
west of Sun Landing, on Columbia,
Lake, by R. D. Morkill; Fra Dlavolo
and Khartoum, on Findly Creek,-by
J. Brady; Red Elephant, north side ol
Kootenay River at Canal Flat, by'J.
Brady; San Jose, same place, by J.'B."
McArthur; Santiago, on. Findlay
Creek, by J. B. McArthur; Elk Na 8,
west of Sun Landing, Columbia Lake,
by J. B. Mr-Arthur; Alexandria, on
Findlay Creek, by J. & 0.'. Fraser;
San Juan, north aide Kootehay Rl-sr
at Canal Flat, by A 8. C. Fraser;
Olympia, on Alkali Lake, Findlay
Creek, by 0. S. Armstrong; Mascot,
by R. W. Grlgor, on Fllidlay Creek;
Santa Maria, by F. C. Moffatt, on
Findlay Creak: York, by L. H. Moffatt,
on Findlay Creek; Cairo, by 0. L.
McNlool, on Findlay Creek.
A fortune in an hour oan be made by
Inventing something naw. Send stamp
for our beautiful 7lBook of Patente*
" Prises on Patents," aad " What pro-table to Invent" MARION* MARION,
Tempi* Building, Montreal, Can. The
only firm of Graduate Civil Engineers in
the Domtnlaa, transacting patent business exclusively. Pern Moderate. No
patent, ao pay.
Wanted--*6-*- f��r "���"���wen ?���<*-
TV ItI_liVU ^ ifo, Helm and Die*
_. ���1 Jubilee." overflowing' with latest and
richest picture*. Contains tie endorsed biography of Her Majesty, with authentic History of her remarkable reign, and full ac-
count of -.Diamond Jubilee. Only 01.50.
Big book. Tremendous demand. Bonaasa
for agents. CommiaaionoD per cent. Credit
given. Freight psid. outfit raw. Duty
paid. Write quick for outflt snd territory.
Dearborn 8t��� Chicago.
Stable to Rent
East Kootenay Elbgtora- Distiict.
NOTICE it hereby given that Hit Honaur
tbs LimtenantGovernor in Council haa
bsen pleased to authorise the division of the
East Kootensy -lector- District kite a
Northern and a Southern Division for tba
convenience of nubile b-dnsti, namely:���
Nobthuui Dmsioa
To, ii--i_pr*jo ��be PprulS, Oolden, aad
Windermere Mining Divisions,
Soot-urn Division
To include the area contained within tba
Fort Steele Mining Division.
Provincial Secretary's Office, Uth July,
Opposlte the
(Jueen'a Hotel *
e Queen's Hotel. Inquire at
for terms. Ask lor proprietor.
Hotel to Let In
Golden, B. 0.
THEQUE-N-S.-Comeandaeeit, Everything up-to-date. Two large sample rooms.
Inquire for temu from JT C. Greene, proprietor. lM-tf
Senor Canovas,
Spain, bat been
prime minister of
by an
Theee Werrylag Piles.
Oneapplkatioa et Dr. Agnew's Ointasat
wfiglva-macemfort Apt-ed every night
for three to six nights end a care la eritetol
ta lbs awst shibhora mats tf blind, bleeding,
er HeUag piles. PrAgnew's Outasotearct
tiseais sad si tiaMagaad hara-g Hassan
It sets like msgioiMetatt.
MbyO._.Wenea. ��
A Pair
of Pants
Made from Hair Lino
. Stripe, solid Worsted, In
15 designs
.. .Make
' can be bought retail for
Worth 86.00 made to order.
Provincial  Secretary's Offlea.
HIS HONOUR the L-ntenaaMJovwno.
has been pleased to make the fcaewing
appointment, i-
18th July, MM.
Jambs FaaoysaoH Atttumoaa, of th*
Town cr Fort Steele, Etqulre, S.M.. to bs>
Oold Commissioner, Government Agent,
Assistant Commissioner of Lands snd works.
Judge of the Court of BevialoB and Appeal
under the "Aaaestment Act,*' aad to receiye
applications for Registration snd Record
under the provisions of the "Lend Registry
Act," for ffie Southern Division of the East
Kootenay District.
John E. Obu-fitb, of tbs Town of
Donald, Etqulre, CA, to be 8-psndlary
Mag___re70old Commissioner, ^oroni*
ment Agent, Attistant Commissioner at
Lands sad works, Judge ei the Court at'
Revision and Appeal under the '"
' ���" ud to receive
r and Record r
(to North*
Act." sad to receive applications tor Registration and Record under the "
the "-snd Registry Act," for	
Division of thsEa-t Kootanar D-tsiet
Josiah 8-Uirr, of the Town cf Donald.
Etqulre, Mining Record*., to heSegjstrar-
of the County Court of KootensyJh-den at
Donald, Collector of Votes.DialsmiBaatattar
of Births. Deaths, sad Marriages, snd Registrar under the "Marriage Act," for the-
Norths-. DMtion of the. East Xeetonay
Charles Massuy "_-.wa.ds, of tba
Town of Fort Steel*, Esquire. M_u_g Recorder, lobe a Collector ofTetso,s-d District
Reg-trar of Birth.. Dealt., aad Marriages
for the Sou-tot. Division of tha East Kootenay District.
Fxank L. Owi_u_, ef the City of Kaslo,
Etqulre, to tea Notarr Public w_____ for
th? Mainland of Brit-h Colombia.
City of Nebo*. Esqul-e, Mining leoorder, to-
be a District Begistn. tu-W-W^Bii-a.
Death*, aad Marrbge. Act." for tbe Nelson
Division ef the West Kooteaay Electors.
Jcei inian PB-I.T, of ths Town of Chilliwack, Esquire, Barrister, tobeaStipaoT
Magbtrate in and for tne Biding of C	
wack, of the Westminatet Electoral District.
. Mb July, 16V7.
' ToteNotsrie*PubU*i-
John Fou> Bubnb, of ths City of Nelton.
-squire, within and foe th* Province or
Brft-h Columbia.
JOHR GlLB-RT Gordon, ef Silver-ton,
West Kootensy, Esquire, within snd for tha
Ms-ds-lotT���ti_iCeli-nbi*. __
The English cavalry completely
routed the rebels at Fort Shabkradar
In India on Sunday.
Notice of Removal
Theo_��e rf tteOouiMi Eat
Sewed Avsaat, opposlts lbs
THE    aaaaaat.-.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Bag-gage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
r5_ Columbia House
Home Comforts.
Modern Conveniences.
Best Cuisine in the West.   . .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Ulrn. j\.cj.eish, - Ppop.
Furniture Co.,
Parlor, pining Room, Bed Room, Offlee
and General Furnishing.
Special Inducements for
One Month Only:���
10 per cent Dteooant oa Orders Under HO.
lOpsreentSbaeantand Freight Paid oa Orders
��� -   Over NO.
Golden Sash & Door Factory ft Machine Shop.
..     .. M-.. .    I ���  '
-Wsctnrsrt oi Bash, Doors, Men-lags. Turasd aad Sawe Bakstort,
!'    a. ���������.,.i        " i  ;	
Nswsl Potttj Baal Ralls sad Brashest, Ah slsss of glees la slash.
I-TMacWaadB--d--iftg---pai�� et tepalr
ss'sooasspossibls. i Bolsm of WpsftlMag sad Brass goodseahsad.
'' Wagennepalr^Polto,,lheflo, Adas, BpshaseaiFtBoas. Hk-ocy aad
MaplsP-ak.      *W ' __
fTO1,.. ������*   HOUSTON it  CO.


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