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The Golden Era Aug 25, 1899

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..4 W'i^
Thomas O'Brien,
Notary PuMle-ConYey anoer, ete
Office in Upper Columbia Navigation and
Trams-ay Company's Building,
James fiENDElRsb"S,
Builder & Contractor^
A supply of Building Lime for Sale.
Plans prepared.  Prompt attention given to
orders. -
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, AUGUST 25,  1899.
Pbb Yeas
H. G Parson,
By the time this paper reaches you we
will have opened up and placed on sale
the latest ideas ill
Ladies Felt Hats
including Sailers, Alpines, Walking1
Hats, etc., in all staple and fancy colors
favored by Dams Fashion for Fall '89.
Men's Black Fedoras
and Knock-abolits, ia all the correct
shapes. ,3
Children's Hats & Caps
in pleasing variety, at prices sure to
suit you.
These goods are faade right, bought right, and will
be sold right, giving you the most hat style, the moat hnt
value, And tho most hat satisfaction the market affords.
......An Early Inspection will te
to Your Advantage.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with O.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to AVindermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
-agent at Windewnere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat;
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer. B. 0.,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The Dreoyfus trial Is still the absorbing topic in Francs. It is stated
that the Government will withdraw
the charge against Dreyfus and proceed
inatsad against General Mercier for
forging documents tocondemn Dreyfus.
Tho Nelson Miner, an Opposition
paper, is candid enough to admit that
"the real reason why Mr. Henderson
was not opposed in New Westminster,
was no doubt ths fear that he could
not bs defeated."
Hon. A. Henderson, who Wns appointed Attorney-General in place of
Hon. Jos. Martin, has been reelected
for Ntw Westminster by acclamation.
Where wore the Opposition who boasted that tho Government had gone to
pieces and that a Government candidate could not be elected for New
Westmiuster ?
Thi Nelson Tribune says: "D. W.
Higglns has left tbe Government,
party, Mr. Higglns has been leaving
government parlies sver since he became a member of ths legislature. The
trouble is, governments will not trust
tbe genial ex-speaker any further than
a cowboy can throw a bull by the tail."
According to the Inland Sentinel:
"The inability of the Opposition to
find a candidate to contest the New
Westminster by-election, is the best
reply tt all tht nonsense that has
appeared in Opposition [tapers recently
concerning the critical condition of tbe
A Mother Tell. Bow She Saved Her
Little Dunghter'. Life.
I am the Mother of eight children
and have had a grout deal of experience
with medicines. Last summer my
little daughter had the dysentery in
its worst form. We thought she
would die. I triod everything I could
think of, but nothing seemed to do her
any good. I saw by an advertisement
in our paper that Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Dinrrhooa Remedy wus
highly rocominetiduil and nent and got
a bottle at once, II. proved to ho one
of the very best medicines we ever hnd
iu the bouBO. It saved my little daughter's lifo, I- .ni anxious for ��".iy
motliBr,..t6^Itn6w what on excellent
medicine ft is. Had I known it at first
*%*M***m***m* > ��� ..i.-hww-i�����hi-tot  (teat
of anxiety mid my littlodan^hier much
sulferiue* Yours Iruly, Mrs. Geo. F,
13urkick, Liberty' lt. I. For aula by
all ilrugtsistft. Hondt-rson Hroa. whole.
e.Ue ugts, Victoria and  Vancouver.
Aa Exj'anatlon.
To Tho Kditor Column Elt.tl
Golden, B.C., Aug. 24. 1830,
Sir, -Kindly ius-jrt in your valuable
paper the following nou'eo in ref-rence
to tho itocide .t I met with somo weeks
ago in losing my four fiiiirei's of my
left hand, through a freight car going
over my baud.
1 wish to clear the air of anye.il
ropurt that may have arisen. I had
been working in the sawmill here for
quite a while and hail td leave it
through a disease called vartlgo, and
had been treated for ths same here
before the accident which, I am sure,
waa the cause ol my misfortune. I
am an Old Ctuntryman, and have
served In Her Majesty's Service, I
write this to give the publio a cioar
idea of the accident.
"Who stouls my piiric steals trash,
but he who steals from me my good
name robs me of that which makes me
poor indeed."
Henry H, Tikmias.
Tronblu.onio to tho Army.
During the civil war, as well as in
our lato war with Spain, diarrhoea was
one of the most troublesome diseacts
the army had to contend witb. In
many instances It became chronic and
the old soldiers still suffer from it. Mr.
David Taylor of Wind Ridge, Greene
Co., Pa,, is one of those. Houses
Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy aud says he n.vor
found anything that would give him
suoh quick relief. It is for sale by nil
druggists. Henderson Bros whole, nlo
agts. Viotoria and Vanoonvor.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A, Kimpton desire
to tender their heartfelt thanks to the
people of Golden and distriot, nnd particularly to tho officers of the Golden
Hospital aud The Upper Columbia
Navigation aud Tramway Company
for tht kindness and sympathy extend*
td tt them during the illness, and
since their bereavement by tht death,
ol tbeir late ton Clif ord.
Better take Life's Chatum on a Battlefield
Than with a Diseased Heart���Dr. Ag-
lew's Cure for the Beart Give. Belief in
90 Minutes.
A nan ni.-ty pas. through all the dangers
of war and come through without a.ear, only
to And thnt il'sonse hns laid hold ef him anil
he ha. an enemy more ruthless to fight. It
was this way with a well-known Aniorioan
officer In the recent war. Heart disease
developed, end he says in wilting! "My
-ulmaut. wero palpitation, fluttering and p-tin
about my heart. I used two bottles of Dr.
Agn.w'1 Cure for the Heart. 1 feel liko a
���- nil nnd would not flinch at facing
 thtr campaign.    Its a wonderful heart
loW by 0. A, Warron,
The following repdrts were pros-anted
at the annual mteciug of tbe Oolden
Hospital Society \
To the Buard ol .Directors,
Gulden Hospital.
Gentlemen :
I bave tho honour to present herewith reports of Medical Superintendent, balance sheet, statements of
revenue and expenditure, and compara
tive statements for year ending Jtuie
30th, 1809.
Tbe number of patients in the hospital has been smaller then during the
previous year, the decrease of in:
patients being 16 for h total decrease
of 85 days, as compared with the pre-
vious year.
The number of out -.patients has
increased 2.33 per cent, b-.'ing 14 moro
than Inst year.
In reviewing the comparative statement of expenditure you will notice aU
items shew a decrease with the exception of salaries aud wages, b-iilding
and repairs, there being an increase of
$395.72 In salaries, aud I601.7G
in bnildings and repairs. Part of the
increase is due for extra help for nurs-
ingnud watching. $45 increase in
salary as per agreement, and t4ti paid
on last year's acoouut. Taking into
consideration the serious cases that
were treated nnd' the number of
ptitieots nt times in the hospital it
would have been impossible to do
without the extra assistance.
Buildings nnd repairs.���This shews
an increase of $001,7(1 over the pro
vious year. In thie increase are included $1000 sot apart by the Directors
towards the erection of an isolated
ward for infectious diseases.
The feven.no acoount shews ths largo
increase of $1301.1*7 over the previous
year. The monthly fees owing to the
busy season of the lumber uuinps bave
also considerably increased. In this
increase of $757.33 is included $;i'i7.yo
which should have beon credited to
189-3 account as explained by my predecessor at the lasr. annual meeting.
The annual ticket holders and pay
patients havo mote th.tn doubled in
>udi|mv m tlte i-iyjftut.vear.
I rt-oui'U'iiiih'^TitiittTbe lung wanted
ispFrttpd cottfigu for iufi'ctious diseases
nhouttl now be bnt It nnd-Hntt-i-t ho used
as a maternity ward until such tiino as
tt may ba needed for infectious cuses.
I. would also ivcomuvml than the
fmica be extended from the fi. 13. corner to the ffueu adjoining Mr. Avery's
Tho manner iu which the townspeople hate contributed towards the
hospital hns indeed beon gratifying.
Ore-it credit is due to Nurse Holt's
econumicul management and the uu
tiring manner i;i which sho has por-
formed Hor duties.
In  co ti ul union   I  beg to thank the
0tttff uml Board of Directors for their
kind assistance during  the past your.
I remain,
Yours odediently,
S. G. Bohbins, Sscy*
Golden, B.C., Aug. 7th, 18t>&
The Board of Directors,
Golden Hospital Society,
Gentlemen ;
I have the honour herewith to submit tu you a report uf patients treated
at the hospital during the year ending
June 30th 1899.
The indoor patients numbered 75, of
whom 78 were males and 7 females.
There wero 80 patients admitted, and
5 remaining in hospital from the previous year. 76 were discharged as
cured. 3 improved (ono ef them was
subsequently treated as an out-patient,
and matte a prompt recovery), 3 remained in hospital at the end of tho
year, and 3 died. Of the deaths one
due to pneumonia in a mamagpd 78|
one to chronic Bright'** disease, aud
one to cerebral hemorrhage iu au infant two days old.
The total number of hospital days
was l4>>2, making an average stay per
patient of 17.08 days. There were til3
out-door patients. A list of diseases
treated is appended.
The cutting off of the Government
grant has indefinitely delayed the construction of an isolatod building for
the reception of infectious cases. Tbe
need of suoh a building would bo seriously felt by th* community iu the
oveut of nny epidemic
I would suggest, for your consideration, tbe necessity of a separate build
iug for maternity canes. A building
used as a general hospital Is not a
proper place wherein to receive maternity patients.
I bave tbe honour to be, gentlemen,
Faithfully yours,
J, N. Taylor,
Two Men Hurt.
On Saturday morning, as the special
with the Canadian Press Association
was coming through the Kickiughors*?
Canyon, tbo engine struck the guy
rope of a derrick in use by McGregor's
bridge gang, who were engaged in repairing a bridge, at Glenogle. The
result was tbat tho derrick swung
round, aud A. McGregor, the bridge
foreman, 'and Edward Suucie, who
were on it at the time, were thrown
down. McGregor hud au arm broken
and his head badly cut, nnd Souoie
had an arm and a rib broken. The
men wero brought on to the Golden
Hospital, Dr. Sylvester, of Toranto,
who was ou the train witb the excursionists kindly attended to the injured
men meantime. At the Hospital Des.
Sylvester and Richardson set the
broken limbs and dressed the wounds,
and we are glad to report that the
pat ion ta ere doing well.
Catarrh had Pinioned Them, but Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder Cut the Cords
and Freed Them from the Disease.
Mrs. W. A. Steele, 24 Inkermau street,
Toronto, says: "For months and u.ontliH I
suffered torments from pain' in my head,
caused by acute chronic c-inutJi. I used Dr
AguOw's Catarrhal Powder nnd found ita
perfect specific. My son was also a victim
of this malady for three years and suffered a
great deal. Doctors could not euro him, hnt
one application of Dr. Ajruow's Catarrhs!
Powder gave him great relief, and It cured
bim in an incredibly short time.11
Sold by C. A. Warren
Divine service will hs hold In tbe
Presbyterian Church on Sunday next
at 7:30 p.m.
A Long: Wire.
One result of the accident to an east-
bound freight 4 miles east of Donald,
about one o'clock Monday morning,
and which interrupted telegraphic
communication at that point, wns to
give ua an interesting example of the
capabilities cf the Canadian Pacific
and tbo American Postal Telegraph
systems, Ou receiving the report of
tho accident Superintendent Duches-
nay, at Revelstoke, was anxious to
instruct Field regarding the wrecking
outfit and make arrangements for
clearing tbo wreck. In a few minutes
a direct wire to Field was arranged
which enabled Supt. Ducbesnay to
make all arrangements direct. Considering the fact that this wire circled
tbo continent with the exception of a
few miles, it is certainly a wonderful
illustration of the perfection of ths
C.P.R. and Postal-Telegraph Systems.
The wire leaving Donald passed
through Vancouver, B.C., thence via
Portland, Ore., San Francisco, Cal.,
Alhcquorquo. New Mexico, Denver,
Colorado, Kansas City. Mo.. Chicago,
111., Toronto, Out., Montreal, Que.,
Winnipeg, Man., Swift Current, N.W.
T. to Field, B.C.. a distance of nearly
worked to perfection,
a woman's s'j??jsai;;o.
WaslYuublo.l Willi Palpitation oftho
Heart, Extroiiio WoaltiiesHfititf Serous UoUilAOllOi
In tbo little hamlet of Montroso
Wetland Country, resides a lady who
gives much praise to the curative
powor of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
The subject of this testimony is Mrs.
Richard Hanna, an estimable lady who
has resided iu that locality for many
years. A ro porter seeking an interview with Sirs. Hanna found her
willing to give full details, which are
given in her own words. Five years
ago I was taken ill, I attributed tbe
trouble nt the time to an injury
sustained by a fall, Timo went on and
I did not get better. Tho symptoms
of my complaint worn palpitation of
the heart, extreme weakness, stomach
troubles aud terrible headaches. I was
very nervous, had no appetite and experienced much wakefulness at night.
Finally I was compelled to taku to my
bed. boing too weak to ait up any
longer. Iu tbis condition I was treated at different times by three doctors,
and took a great quart ity of medicine
but realized uo benefit. Not one of my
neighbors thought I would get well.
In tbe meantime I thought myself that
death would soon end my sufferings.
One day Mrs. Smith, of Port Robinson
came to sea uie aud pnreuaded my husband to procure fur ine some of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, and ho purchased six boxes. After taking the six
boxes I had improved very much and
was ablo to b.r up. though yet too weak
to walk. I sent for another six boxes
and ns a result considered my cure
complete. I can relish food better,
sleep soundly, and stand more fatigue
than I could for years previous.
Although t have passed themoridian
of life I feel as healthy as when I was
in my twenties. With great pleasure
and a grateful beart I give this
The publld Is cautioned against, nurn-
orous liukcalem) imitations of these
famous pills. The genuine are sold
only in boxes, the wrapper around
Mhioh bears the words "Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People," If your
dealer does not have them they wiil be
a*nt postpaid at 50 cents a box, pr six
boxes for $2.50, by addressing the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Golden Social and Athletic Club.
At the meeting held last night to
consider the above iho following ofli
cers were appointed:
Hon.-Bres.- W. 0. Wells, M.P.P.
Hon. Vice-Pres.-F. W. Jonu>. Esq.
President���Rev. J. F. Evans.
Vice Presidents-Rov, H. B. Turncn
and Rev. J. P. West man.
Secy,���J. A. Bates,
Treas.-lt. M. Wilson.
Committee of Management���Thos.
O'Brieo, C. H. Parson, J. Grady.
Tbe officers will meet and arrange a
report to giro effeot to the objects of
the Club which will be laid before the
Clnb for approval next Thursday
Report of W. F. Robertson* Provincial Mineralogist.
A Crown-granted claim, 1,600 by
1,500, on the south-west side of Spillimachene Mountain, owned by W. J.
R. Co well, Assayer, of Victoria,
Lower Tunnel.���In 300 feet in limestone. At 100 feet in from the surface
tbere is a deposit of "heavy spar,"
carrying about 15 per cent ef galena,
but as fur as I could see, tha deposit
wae of the nature of a pocket. The
rest of the tunnel is in liraeatene,
through which, bere and there, are
stringers of galena, "frozen" to the
country rock, and in no instance of
very appreciable sifse or strength.
Open Cut.���Above this lower tunnel
to the north-west, and at an elevation
of 3,825 feet, is an open cut, showing
lime and heavy spar, heavily charged
with galena. About 10 feet under this
there is an outcropping of slato, dipping to the south at an anglfi of 60',
and with a etrike about E. and W.
Upper Tunnel���At ao elevation of
3,850 foot, there is another tunnel,
said to be in 100 feet, but now caved
in. Judging from tbe dump, this tunnel, was run in a black shale, which
does not seem to have been very highly
mineralized. I noticed in the shales
concretions or kidneys of zinc blende
aud galena, hut in no great quantity.
Shaft. ���Within 50 feet of the upper
tuunel there is a shaft, irnid to be
down 20 feet, but which I could not
A Crown-granted claim, 1,500 x
1,500 feet, owned by Henry Croft, of
Victoria; a continuation of and shunted above the Giant, at an elevation
of 4,250 feet.
From the development done it
would appear as if, at the contact between tbe lime and slates already mentioned, there was a deposit of heavy
spar (sulphate barium), which follows
tbe contact as far as I traced it. This
heavy spar is nil move or hjss mii.er-
points on the hill tiie mineralization seems to btj chiefly zinc blonde,
which, as ons proceeds higher tip,
changes to galena, whilo still bigher
up the mineralization eeoms to be
chiefly copper,
(To be Continued.)
Windermere British Columbia Copper Mines, Limited, of Rossland, capital 4125,000 has boon gazetted,
A. Macaulay has had his claim ni
Cariboo Basin surveyed  by Hou. F.
W. Aylmer  and   is   taken siep3 to
Crown Grant it.
The owners of the White Elephant
Group, adjoining the Red Line, on
Horsethief Creek, are reported to bave
four feet of solid ore.
Prospectors are beginning tp go into
the upper Kootenay country beyond
Canal Flat. Messrs Bullman and
Hardy started out a fow days ago.
F. M. Chadbourne, ore-buyer for the
Hull Mines Smelter, was again a visit*
or to Golden yesterday on bis way to
Windermere, where he represents extensive mining interests.
D. Granger of Canal Plat has made
some locations on Fiuley creek, some
of which aro most promising. Ou the
surface the ore is a high grade: ���
Another crowd of prospectors have
gone out ts Canyon Crouk, the party
including T. Hubson, D. McDougal, A.
Logan. J. Lamontagne, H. Estell, A,
MacDonald, D. Robertson, A. Vacbon.
The Now Golden-British Columbia
Limited have bonded from D. Mo*
Dougnl his claim on Spruce Mountain
adjoining ons now hold by the Company. The bond calls for 5*2000, This
is a coppor proportion.
Development work is biting pushed
on by the Certainty Company ou the
Porphyry and Iron Hill property on
Canyon Creok. No. 1 tnnnel is iu 27
f<et showing a low grade of ore all
through, No 2 tunnel which is 100
feet north of Ne. i, is in .'10 feet, and
shows between two and three feet of
a good grade of ore.
Messrs. Kimpton, Stnrko, and -Harrison, the enterprising owners of the
Dtlphiue mine ou Toby Creek, have
put in an excellent trail along the
monntninS'de from the north fork to
get a grade to the mine, They intend
raw-hiding ore out this winter. Arrangements havo also been made for n
pack 'rain to como in Trow Argenta
and the mine wil' shortly rosuino tho
shipment of ore.
But Shattered Nnrvda and Poor Digoatioi
Pulled her Down���Houth American Nervine Cures tho Norvos and Gi���� Porfect
Digost fans'  lady down East, in writing of South
American  Nervine .ind what It did for her,
says:   '"I am natur.illv fleshy, but la grippe
upset my nerves and  my digestion, nib\ \
lost forty pounds hi about that, many dayi-i*
Friends said 1 wus going into a dci-ltne, but
I used 2 bottles ut Houth American Nervine &
my digestion is now perfect, and I aut putting on flesh ig.-.iii.    I mean to take six lot-
ties helore I quit it."
Held by C" A. Warrea,
(From Our Own Correspondent.^
All the principal ranches havt exceptionally fins crops this huid,
Messrs, John Harris And Robt. Jackson's ranch, and Felit Larivee a "San*
nyiide Valley" ranch easily head thi
list. They are both generally accepted
as the leading ranches throat hon t the
Fred West and partners have struck
it rich.on Horae Thief Creek.
Joe Lake ie getting a large share of
the prospectors trade thie season. Joe
is well likod among tbe boys in general.
Copper City seems to be all the tait
at present time. It seems assured that
Mulholland's syndicate have secured
the coining town.
Mr. Chadbourn, ore purchaser for
tbe Hall Min-ek Smelter, spent a few
days in Athalmer during the past week,
C. F. Smith, of Mackintosh syndicate, spent Sunday in town.
It is said that Ed. Johnston he*.
struck it pretty rich on hie group of
claims called the Virginia group, situated on Horse Thief Creek.
F. C. Lang, Recorder, arrived id
town on the 17th inst., on his ore col;
lecting trip, he was accompanied b**
William Taynton.
Athalmer lots are still selling and
will Continue W.
Thero are rumors of two new fitoreS
one each at Copper and Peterborough.
David Bale is pushing construction1
work on the Government bridge acrosi
the Columbia river.
Copper City has beon put-chased by
Fred Mulholland representing a syndicate from Edward T. Johnston. ThB
figure is understood to bo a large one.
Harry Mitchell Innes Is pushing
development work on a group of claima
on Bon I der Creek.
Copper lots will be placed on the
Peterborough town lots are also on
the market.
Copper seems to be the favoritp
among the old timers and as a general
rulo among the Johnny-come-latelys.
It certainly commands a grand situation, being situated on the extreme
north end of Lake Windermere, and
adjoins Athalmer townsite.
Death of Clifford Kimpton.
Last week Clifford Kimpton, eldest
son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A ICimptori;
of Windermere, was brought to tho
Golden Hospital for treatment, wben
it was found he was suffering from en
attack of appendicitis. Dr* Sylvester,
of Toronto, who came through with
the Canadian Press Association, and
Dr. Richardson operated on him. On
Tuesday Dr. Brett, of Banff was sent
for and performed a further operation,
but still without relief, and tbe patient
died that nighc of peritonitis. Mrs;
Kimpton was with the deceased
through his illness at tbe Hospital,
and Mr, Kimptom came down on Bat'
arday. Deceased was a clever and
and promising lad, and much sympathy is expressed for the parents in
their bereavement. The funeral took
place on Wednesday, tho procession
leaving St. Paul's Church for the Gol*
den Cemetery. Ven. Archdeacon
McKay and Ret, M. Turner read tho
burial services,
The funeral Was largely fcttdhdedi
many friends of tbe bereaved parents
coming from Dofthld, their former1
horae. The pupils cf tho Goidert
school under their headmaster, Mr.
Bates, formed in procession to dd th��
las-t honors to their fellow school-boy
from Windermere. The coffin ' was
beautifully clothed in -flowers and
wreaths contributed by Mesdames
Manuel,Stirret and McMillan, aud Mr.
and Mrs. Pitts of Donald, Mr. and Mrs
Parson, Mrs. Devlin, the boys and!
girls of the Golden school, the pall-
barers, Mesdames Greene, Starforth,
Woodley, Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Patmore. Vera Patmore, Miss Hudon.
Dr. Sylvester, who operated on the
deceased, took so much interest in thd
case that after leaving Golden be wired
daily to inquire how he was progressing. Capt. Bacon, of the Navigation
Company, aluo went to mnch troublfl
to get tho lad to the Hospital ss soon
as possible, leaving Windermere at 4
a. m. on the morning ho was brought
Methodist Church District
The fliianclal district meeting o*f thd
Kamloops district of the Methodisd
church wns held in Revelstoke lute
week, Rev. C, Ladner, of Kamloopr-J*
presiding. JUovs. Laid ley ( Ashcroft j
Neville, of Ntgola; Powell; ofEnderbyj
West mun, of Golden, aud Thompson
ofj Rovelstoke; It. H. Poavdon-, representing Salmon Arm, and G. F, Llud1
mark of R*veIsioko, wore preseuh
H��vs, Gardiner, of Lillooet, Robsoitj
of Vernon, and Moody, of Fairview,
nent apologies for non-attendance. THd
tiiiam'.i.iJ standing of each circuit end
mission in the district was thoroughly canvassed and grunts oT aid front
ibe Missionary Society wore recommended tn tho weaker cbaraes. Kam-*
loops and Rn-i-lst-nkd congregations
are tftli'supporting-, R.-velstoke having
agreed to assume this standing during
the past year. Reports of thn various
missions were encouraging, and tht*
year is looked forward to confidently
on the part of the Mctboiist ehuriheei
^''i*fZ*-��X END IS NOT YET.
The Blver Is Still on lhe Ml***, Md
Is Fall ol Drill, Miners'
Shacks .nd KdVi-U.
Edmonton, Alia., Aug. 18.���The
Saskatchewan river lias overflown, ns*
inn forty feet during the last twenty-
four hours, and continues to rise fast.
Already the bridge piers ure four feet
under water, and tho electric light boilers are covered. Floating islands of
wood ure passing the town. The fer-
rieB huve broken away, mid no mail
has arrived. Thousands of feet of lumber arc adrift.
At present the water is rushing over
the Hudson's Buy Co. Nats. Two aud a
half inches of rain fell in twenty
hours. The end is uot yct.aud the loss
will be groat.
The historic steamer Northwest, of
the Hudson's Bay Co., lias just broken
from her moorings, slruck the middle
pier uf the bridge, and gone down the
river a total wreck. The river is still
ou the rise, aud is full of drift miners'
shacks aud effects. Oitixeiii ou the
river bank are moving out.
Warrant* ts*n��l for tha Arrest ��t Fresl-
tlvnt Hi'lr uml Others.
Montreal, Aug. IS.���Startling developments in connection with the suspension ot tho Buuque Ville Marie
have arisen. There was issued today
warrants for the arrest of President
Weir, F. W. Smith, director; aud P.
Lemieux, accountant of the bank, at7
tbe instance of the government.
The Canadiuu Bunkers association
met yesterday to receive u report upon
the affairs of the Bauque Ville Marie,
prepared by an inspector from the Bank
uf Moutreal, aud one from the Merchants' Bunk, but they decided to ludko
public nothing about the report as suoh
publicity might tend to interfere with
the liquidation of the bank, and depreciate tbe value of some of its securities. The report ouly covered points
uf the Ville Marie bank's circulation
in which other bnnbs are naturally interested, as they would bave to. make
flood whatever amount the Ville Marie
Bauk was unable to. The supposition,
therefore, is thut (hero ti a large over
issue circulation, and ou tbe street tbe
amount of over circulation is plaed as
high as $700,000.
It is stated tbe different banks of
Canada have nearly $111*0,000 of the
Ville Marie bills in their possession, as
the bank nfter suspension is said to
have redeemed abont $100,000. Thie
would amount to a cireuiution of $400,-
000; when on dune U0 the official returns gave n circulation of only $201,-
870, Whether the over circulation is
really as large as this cannot be stated
positively, as the bankers' association
decline to make public tbe. repnrfc -of.
the inspectors. In the" meantime the
bauk will not redeem any more of its
bills until after Monday, when the
creditors meet.
Miners Arrive With S.150,000.
Vanconver, B.C., Ang. 18.���The
steamer Cntoh arrived from Klondike
ports last night with 100 Yukon uud
Atlin mluers on board. Purser Turner
states the ship brought down $350,000
in gold dnst.
The trouble over the recent seizure
of six Canadian fishing boats near Point
Roberts by the U. S. customs officials
will probably be teBted in a day or so
by tbe release of tbe boats.
Lizzie Goles, a comely young woman, died in the cityhospitnlon Saturday of cancer. Less than two months
ago, Miss Goles left the home of her
widowed mother in Montreal to come
to Vanconver, Here sbe was to meet
James Kelly, fireman in tbo Hastings
mill. The yonng couple were to have
lieen married shortly after her arrival.
The friends she made daring her short
life in Vancouver were greatly shocked
to hear of her untimely demise.
Reducing Yukon Force.
Ottawa, Ang. 18.���Within a month
or six weeks one-half of the military
force in Y ukou will be back iu the depots from which the men were drawn
labLyear. There bas lieen some talk
uuraug the men of the forces hete that
iu case of au outbreak of trouble In the
Transvaal a -portion of the Canadian
regulars might be despatched to South
Africa, but the story meets with official
denial. In case of the uiuiappy necessity for employing actual force in
South Africa, it is quite possible Cauada might contribnte towards the defense of tiie imperial interests and it Is
not at all unlikely volunteers wonld be
forthcoming, but our regular force is
so small thut it is felt it would be required here.
Vancouver, Ang. 17.���Much regret
is felt at the deatli of Colin Campbell
McKenzie who was superintendent of
education prior to Mr. S. D. Pope,
lately retired. He was oue of the
pioneer residents of the province and
for over twenty years hud lived ut Nanaimo.
Friday, AiijruKt.   IK.
A terrHde storm swept the Hootch
Sertoli* forest fires aro rerorlad trur.*-i
Sew York hlatc.
I'athaioi.t won tbe Iree-Iur-atl at Mur*
dea over lone.
More recruits forv ti;e Philippines an
i>elng called tor.
Dewey will arrive at New Yuri; l:clure
the end ot   next  month.
\\ Itniipeg cricketer* di foaled Mo-mo.
min at I'm-la ire la   prairie.
Tlio '.-(Hii Hi Mrs received an enlhuala*.
tie reception at Uratid Porks,
TIip O. I*. It. will linvc iv ina-xnlttceat
exiiti'lt at   ihu  lui-U  exposition,
The Victorias won the lacrosse amid,
from the Winnipeg* at Fort Garry
Canada will hold all disputes with the
U S. o;eu until tliu Alaskan boundary
matter i��  settled.
Tlio Saskatchewan Is  overflowing ser.
iously nl  Kd'i.t.iilon.     Tho  water Is   Ilia
highest   in   sovonty  .rears.
um- of   (lie |t| teres II1IU   feiilnrca nl   the
Dreyfus trial yesterday wns a nt;ito.
ment l.y Col. Henry's widow,
Walter U ell man and tlio survivors nf
his i oiur expedition have arrived 'it
TrgtiiBoe, Norway. New lands wero
found In   the norlli.
Tlte Conservatives "I Larue und Mor.
rl-i hold a i Ionic* at -Carman yesterday.
Mv, Hugh .1. Mnrdi.miid was present-
ed Willi an addrocs,
President Win*, Director Smith, and
Kg. Accountant Lemieux, of the Ville
Mario lank, have I ecu nrrodtod for m.'ik-
lug alleged false returns.	
'I'.ii   Sui>pecU.Arr��Nte(l   in   Hull All��K*'d
lu Have Tukwp Hie $11,000.
Ottawa, Aug. 18.���Chief Gonest, of
the Hull police, claims to have solved
the mystery of tbe Standard bauk robbery, which occurred in Bowmanville
last May. The suspected bauk robbers
arc now iu the bunds of the Hull
police. Un May Uith a gang of six
robbers stole $11,000 from the Standard bauk of Canada. The night
watchman saw six men inside and several more outside. He said he conld
iudentify some of tho men if be ever
saw them ugain. A reward of $5,000
was offered lor their capture. A gang
of tramps was arrested by the Hull
police somr time ago, and Chief Geuest
believed from the records of the fellows
they might be the bank robbers. He
worked on the quiet for three months.
The tramps were photographed and pictures tent to tlm bank authorities.
Some of the fellows were identified by
the watchman. They are James Collins, William Hastings, John Murray,
V.illiamGilmour, Patrick Ryan, Albert Lyster, James Logan, William
Johnson. Richard Wilson and Thomas
Clifford. The secret about the mutter
will ouly be revealed in court, when
tbe parties from the bank are expected
shortly in Hull to make a more complete identification of the men.
Engineer Causes a Collision*
Winnipeg, Aug. 18.���The Imperial
Liiui ed express from the east, which
wus delayed by a head-on collision
with au east bound tea and silks special,
arrived in the city Wednesday afternoon. The accident occurred while all
ou board were sleeping at 2 a.m. Tuesday. The limited was 55 miles west
of Sudbury, running cn schedule time,
when a silk and tea special   was   dis-
oototwA limbing tho **A*J*-U*.*n - -**.   CJ-aneVH
Lake. Before tbe train could be
stopped the two engines had crashed
into each other and Dun Fairbairn, tbe
eugiueer on the limited, was killed.
The fireman of the express, seeing that
a collision was inevitable, jumped from
the cab and Fairbairn after standing in
his place nntil the two engines were al
most together, reversing the engine and
putting on tbe emergency brake, followed the fireman's example and in
some way lit on bis back on the tender.
He wns picked np with his back broken aud died within a few minutes. The
special freight comprised 16 heavily
laden cars and tho tender of the locomotive wns pitched up on top of the car
behind, while two box cars behind
were smashed. The locomotives of
both trains were badly wrecked, also
the baggage car of the limited, but the
crews of the trains, wilh the exception
of Fairbairn, escaped uninjured. The
passeugers ou the limited say they never felt the shock. A wrecking gang
was dispatched to the scene of the accident at once, but it was nearly ten
hours before the trains were ready to
proceed. The two locomotives and tne
damaged cars were left on tke road.
John M. King's Will.
Toronto, Aug. 18.���The will of the
late Principal John M. King, D.D., of
Manitoba 'mllege, formerly of Toronto,
who died in Winnipeg in March last,
was filed for probate yesterday. Tbe
estate ia valued at $11,590, consisting
of Havergal Hall, !!60 Jurvis street,
worth $8,800, and bank sharea and
stocks worth $3,2110. All is left to his
daughter Helen, subject to a beqnest of
$1,000 to Manitoba college for what is
to be known as the'John Ralph King
scholarship; a bequest of $800 to the
Winnipeg General hospital; of $200 to
Wiuuipeg Ghildreus' home, $200 yearly to Isabel Walt aud four bequests of
$80 and one of $00. The Manitoba
Trusts company are the executors.
Medioiue Hat, Aug. 18.���There died
at Medicine Hut yesterday, Mr. D.
SisHions, one of the old pioneers of
Manitoba. Mr. Sissious settled at Portage la Prairie in 1868, where he remained till 1888, wming lo Medioine
Hat In that year. His body goes enst
to Portage la Prairie for interment.
Crtintilii  Kemnlum  Firm  nnd There Is a
Lull In Negotiation*.
Ottawa, Ang. 18.���Witb the advent
of warm weather bas come a loll in tbe
negotiations of tbe Alaskan boundary
question. At preseot both Lord Salisbury and the Amerioan minister at St.
James are enjoiyug a rest, so tbere is
uot muoh of a prospect for developments before tbe fall. Iu the meantime tbe British foreign and colonial
officers are flooded witb expressions of
the Canadian case and the ground on
whioh it is based. Canada directs all
ber endeavors toward acquiring a settlement by a fair tribunal of arbitration. Recognizing tbat the time for a
compromise, snoh as was offered earlier
by her, is now past, tbe Canadian government will persist in the stand that
neither reciprocity, fisheries, nor the
bondiug question, nor any other issue,
cuu, with justice to ourselves, be taken
np while the American government
continues to hold an unreasonable position on this main poiut.
Private Dunn, cf the Royal Canadian infantry, Toronto, was drowned
while bathing iu the Ottawa river at
Rookliffe yesterday evening alongside
the camp. His body has not yet been
Married at Last.
London, Out., Aug. IH.���Miss Me-
Garvey, of Delaware, exercised the womanly prerogative of changing her
mind by refusing her promised ha baud
ut the altar yesterday.
John Hargrave is a resident of Loudon for over fifty years, while hii bride
is a handsome woman, not yet 80.
The banns bad been three times pub
lished in St. Peter's cathedral and the
church was well filled to witness the
ceremony. When Rev. Father Tier-
nan pnt the momentous question to the
man, he promptly answered in the
affirmative. The bride amazed the congregation by answering "no, I won't,"
when it came *o her turn to talk. Hargrave stood dutufonnded, the priest
looked dazed, and Miss MoGarvey
walked away from the nltar, while the
audience whispered wonderingly as it
It was said the bride declined be
cause her loving spouse had not com
pleted tbe transfer of proporty to her,
as bud been arranged. Hargrave bad
a long conference with his intended
and finally, an honr after the time
fixed, the ceremony was solemnized.
This time tbe bride was radiant, and
said, "I will." as if she meant it.
Transvaal Situation.
Loudon, Ang. 18.���The Transvaal
situation is uucbuuged, according to obtainable official information, but the
continued delay of the Boer answer to
Great Britain's demand for' joint inquiry us to the effect upon the Uitland-
ers of the proposed franchise reform
measures, makes tjie matter look more
The war office has completed its preparations for an emergency force of
20,000 men to be ready to leave within
a week. Fast steamers for their transport are waiting orders.
It is said that tin? Grenadier Guards,
now at Gibraltar, and tbe 21st Lancers, now in Egypt, may be sent to
South Africa in addition to tbe other
regiments, which have already been
ordered tbere.
Montreal, Ang. 18.��� St. Mathew
Presbyterian church at Point St
Charles, has extended a call to Rev.
Angus Graham, at present pastor of the
Presbyterian church at Pretoria, Transvaal. 	
ThurMl��y, AokuhI   17.
A young railway agent named Purcill
has tkh'Pi'd the country.
An effort is helm; made to run the
America cup races at Newport;
Half nl     tlio Yukon     lorce     wilt
brought Imcli   within   a    month.
Winn I pea ll. O. 1). corps was first in
tiie military rifle league shooting.
France /.as oecut icd the Island of San
Oluut as an assertion of   her right.
The AinstrallaiiH defeated tho All Bng.
lu,ud cricketers lu   thu fifth test match,
Tho wheat along iho .M. & IS. W. Hue
la Maturing well and a hlg yield is j ro.
The crew of Km:eror William's yacht
Meteor have left for America to sail Hie
The llritlah wor office Is ready {<���
ship l*u,()ii(i men to South Africa lu a
Sweck's notice.
Corp. G. C. Clarke, of the It. (,'. Dragoons, wan Im lied iu Winnipeg with
military  honors,
(lorernor ttrady, of Alaska, hus return,
ed to allow soldiers to cross the White
Pass Into Canada.
Tea tliotiHiunV hi��H Americans of CM*
.ago 'declared tlioiiu-clven against un Anglo-American ulllaaoe.
Peter Kehler's hitm, situated In the
Allotia, Man., dMrict, was struck hy
lightning and destroyed.
Ten etui-eels wort arrested in Hull nn
a ihavge of rohhlng the Standard hank,
of  Uownmiiville. ol   * 11,000.
A London, tint,, iady surprised her
friends hy refusing to marry the Intend,
ed  bridegroom al  the altar.
The -U. S. and Canadian governments
have given the ("Kb llalulllon permis.
sioii'li) visit Urn ml Korku lo.day.
It Is said that !JO,0UU persons perished
In I'or ti* '(lea hy ho recent hurricanes
whicli swept over ths West  Indies.
Major canierer, representative of the
French government, insisted on tho Drey,
tn* trial vroccodlng yesterday. Ter.
rlble talcH of suffering on Devil's Island
by Dreyfus were related.
The preltmlmary hearing of ICi-OIurk
Aiidernon, of Molsou's lank, has com.
nioiiced 111 Winnipeg. After Accountant
MrDeth aud Teller .Nelles had lieen ex.
amliied, an adjourn men I wu* taken until
A marvellous cure of KIDNEY DISEASE by using the world-famous
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills^^
Mrs. P. Downs, 53 Farley Avenue, Toronto, tells of her wonderful cure as follows:
" For several years I was crippled with spinal trouble and disordered kidneys, at times
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relief, as I had tried every kidney medicine I heard of or saw advertised. I was induced
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diseases of the kidneys and liver. They are the world's greatest kidney cure, and have
an enormous sale in Canada and the United States. One pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at
all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
Tke Agent Could Hot Open the Sate
aeilthe Honey Wai Deposited
li tke Cellar.
Moutreal, Ang. 17.���A big robbery
occurred at tbe O.P.B. matiou at
Joliette last night. The station master
received 17,000 by the Dominion Express Oo., for the branch of the Banqne
Rationale iu tbat place, but something
was wroug with the safe aud he could
not open it. Stewart, inspector of the
express company, had beeu notified of
this mishap, and went out to find ont
what was the trouble. Being unable
to open the safe without certain tools,
whioh were in Montreal, he left the safe
as it was nntil today. The station
agent, for want ot a better plaoe, de*
posited |",000 iu the cellar, bnt when
he arrived this morning the mouey had
disappeared, aud there was no trace ot
it. The station has an unlucky history.
Lust Hepteuiter fl.aoo was stolen, and
the station was burned by an incendiary, aud In 18011.10,000 was stolen
from the safe. The guilty parties have
never been discovered.
Russia's New Free Port.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 17.���-Emperor
Nicholas has issued the following im
perial order to the Rnsi-iaii minister of
finance, M. De Wilt "Owing to the
great possessions of Russia in Enrode
and Asia ft has beeu possible with the
he'p of God to effect reupproaohment
between the people of the west aud the
east. Through the friendly attitnde of
Ohina we have succeeded in attaining
onr historic aim, having obtained the
use of two Ohinese harbors, Ta Lien
Wan and Port Arthur, with a large territory, whereby an outlet lor the Siberian railway to the Yellow Sea is
secured. Thanks to the wisdom of the
Ohinese government we shall, through
the railways in course of construction,
be united toOhlna, a result whioh gives
all nations the immeasurable gain of
easy communication and lightens the
operations of the world's trade,
through yonr unwearying oare for the
general weal, we have deemed it necessary after completing the railway, to
declare Ta Lien Wan a free port during
the whole period ot the treaty for the
nieichaut ships of all uatious aud to
bnild a new city iu the neighborhood
of the said port."
Last of Fonr llrolhers Killed.
Woodstock, Ont., Ang. 17.���Alex
under Stewart, aged 1)2 years, was
killed yesterday morning nt the O.P.R.
station. An eugine from SI. ThomaB
was coining down the truck to the turn
table. Tbe old man, who was deaf,
did not hear it and the * wheels passed
over him. Both legs were cnt off be-
low the knees and the body severed at
the abdomen. The a**ea**A br-*-*-*.-*-.
resident of Woodstock in 1849 and form
erly followed the occupation of a plust*
erer. A peculiar olrcomstanoe 1. tliat
in the family of four brothers all have
met violent deaths, one with the father
of the four waa drowned at Inverness.
Scotland, another fell at Waterloo at
the age ot 10; Peter, a resident of
Woodstock, whose family now lives
here, stumbled ouo day and fell on a
batcher knife he was carrying in his
Railway Bate War.
Ohirago, Aug. 10.���Tomorrow the
Erie railway will announce u rate of
$16.50 for the ronnd trip between
Chicago and New York. There is at
present no ronud trip lietwceu Chicago
aud New York. There is at present uo
round trip between the two oitles, the
standard one wny rate being f 20. The
rate to be made by the Erie is, there*
fore leas than a single fare. At same
time corresponding rates will be made
from all intermediate points to New
York. It is tbe general opinion that
the uctiDn of the Erie will stir np the
liveliest kind of a fight on rates between Chicago aud New York.
The lleera Still Silent.
Oapetown. Ang. 10.���No reply has
been received here from the Transvaal
government on the subject of the latest
British proposals for u peaceable settle-
ment of the question iu dispute. A
dispatch from Pretoia says the reply,
when seut, will be disappointing, and
it Is feared tbe result will be the breaking off of negotiations/
Great anxiety prevails at the capital
of the Vransvaal.
Churches Wrecked.
Londonderry, Ang. 10.���The Irish
party wrecked the Methodist church here
yesterday evening, while Ita opponents
atoned the Catholic chapel. Tha mayor
has issued a proclamation empowering
the mllltaryo dicers loaot as magistrates
and additional soldiers and polioe hav*
been called ont.
The riotous scenes began at London*
deny on Sunday evening owing to the
celebration of the anniversary of th*
relief of the Londonderry, besieged by
James II, In 1868.
Toronto, Aug. IS,���Rev. A. P. Me*
Gregor, superintendent of Congregational home missions in Canada, leaves
for Winnipeg and the Paciflo ooast, ao.
companied by Rev. Burford Hooke, of
London, Bog., seoretary ot the Colonial
Mission society.
Iroquois, One., Ang. 15.���George J.
Brans:*, eldest brother of tha late senator, died here yesterday io his Slit
year. He waa prominent iu municipal
affairs here forty yean ago, and waa
one of the pioneers, of Winnipeg after
w > '���
London, Aug. 15.���The St. Peten*
bnrg correspondent of the Times nays:
"It baa been, deelded by the government tbat hereafter any university or
high sohool Undent! creating or instigating disorders shall be forcibly
drafted into tb* army and compelled to
reader from one lo three years' servioe.
It wonld be interesting to know whether
the new regulation will be applied to
foreign students. For iustanoe, last
year, during Um university trouble! an
Amerioan stadeut complained to tin
United States embassy of ill-treatment
al the lianas of tb* polio*.
Alloway & Champion,
Ll.ted Stock, bought, void, and MlTrled
oa margin.
Writ, tu it you wl>h to exchange .liy klndof
mon.y, to buy GoT.mai.nt or C N* W. Co.
Land., or to send money any where.
Reported  by  Alloway k Champion.
Stook Broken, Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Aug. II I"*"*
Btmka Sellern.    Buytr.
Toronto        1�� IS*
In-perUI        1*1
Commercial Cable        IS.J4      114
MontrealTel        in ITIi
lili-h. A On*. Nnv        IliK       "1
city Pa.. H'y  aa       at
HallfiuB'y  lin <UH
Montreal Oa.  1 n!j       11-H
Toronto B'y  tii        '%
Cm. Pac. B'y, Montreal  1.0 -t&
Unn. I-ai-. H'y. London  {Ht**-*
Money,time  tt
Money. on call  6
Quoted by Alloway k Champion,
802 Main street, Winnipeg.
Kelc.nm.rk>. W.mil
AtuuiauOuld.il..... Wist
Holland Oullilcrj ��
Knino. 18T-S
Kusslni Koliblo. WW
nmilih Markkaa     in
Kroner SS
Italian Lire	
Wheat���No 1 hard, Fort William,
Flour���Ogilviea���Hungarian patent,
11 80; Glenora, 1.75; Manitoba strong
bakers, 11. Uli. Luke of the Woods-
Patent, tl.bii; strong bakers, |1.75;
second bakers, |1.86; XXXX 11.05
per sack of ��8 lbs. Discount of do per
saok to cash bnyers.
Millfeed���Bran ��9.60, and shorts
���12.50 per ton tn bulk; large lota, $1
Ground Feed���Best Oat chop, 128
per ton; mixed barley and oata, 128.60
to 124.60; beat grades of oorn feed 110,
inferior qualities $17.60 per ton. Oilcake, $24 per ton.
Oats���Good feed, 40o to 42c
Oatmeal���Car lota of rolled abont
$1.86 for 80 lb. sacks.
Oorn���Oar lots on traok here, 41o.
Barley���Abont 88o per bushel of 48
Wheat���Country prleee���62 to 64o
for beat grades.
Hay���Baled, $6.60 to $0.50 on traok
here.  Loose hay on the street, $5.
Butter ��� Creamery, l(l***o; dairy,
Cheese���Factory, 8<t'o to He; dairy,
8 to 8^u.
Eggs���Candled, Uo
Vegetables ��� Potatoes, choice, new
potatoes, from OOo to 76o per bushel;
rhubarb, lo per lb ; radishes, lOo per
doxen buuohes; green onions, 1236*0 per
doa. bunch, s; cauliflower, 35 to40o per
dozen, according to size; tomatoes, 6c
per lb.; new pens, OOo per bushel;
butter beans, 2c per pound; cucumbers,
26o to 40o per doz ; cabbage, 15 to SOo;
turnips, 12)0 in bunches: celery, 26o
per dozen bunches; nushrooms, 15 to
200 per lb; broad beans, 1 Ho per lb.
Beneoa Root���aic per pound.
Hides���.Na 1, 6|o; No. 2, 5^c.; Na
8, 4 1 2. Kin, 6 to tiio; calf, 8o; dea*
kin skins, 25 to Boo eaon; sheepskins
and lambskins, 40 to 86o; horae hides,
50o to 75o each.
Wool���7 to 8o for unwashed Mani-
Dressed Meats ���Beef, 6}<j to To;
mutton, 10 to 10.'-;o; veal, 8 to Oo;
pork, 6 to 7c.
Poultry���Fowl, OOo. per pair; apring
ohickena, 86 to 40c per pair; yonng
ducks, OOo per pair; turkeys, Ho per
lb., live weight; npland plover, 20o
per pair.
Cattle���Grass fed. off oare at Winnipeg, D.ijc per pouii I.
Sheep���Choice Mitnitoba stook, 4o
per ponnd off cars.
Hogs���160   In  260    pounds,   $4.85
Milch Cows���Guild uew milkers are
worth from $8u upwards In the ciiy.
Horses���Good -torking horses will
bring frr.m $100 upward, acoordiug to
Programme   for   the   Fall   Meeting of
September 3 and 4.
The fall meeting of the Manitoba
Jockey club bus been arranged for Sep*
tember 2 aud 4, and bids fair to be oue
of tbe race meets of tbe season. Purses
to the amonnt of $ 1,825 have been hung
np, and the best horses of the year
will compete.
The following ii the programme:
Grand, cross country steeplechase
onp or  $100
11-8 mile dash    176
Half-mile heata, open     150
8.20 trot or paci  (3.10   trotters
ellgilbe)    200
1.80 trot or pace   (3.96 trotters
eligible)    900
Free for all, trot or paoe .... $400
Hurdle race..-.     160
9.96 trot or pace  (9.90 trotters
eligible)     900
XMiledaah    1>0
Half mile, pony, heati    100
Tb* entries  will clou  on August
i t*        .
Australians Beaten bjr Two Wickets
Canterbury, Eng., Ang, 14.���The
game of cricket between tb* visiting
Australians and a team representing
Kent, ihe home players won Saturday
by two wiokets, in the second innings.
In the lirst innings Friday the Kent
men were all out for 185 runs. The
Australians in their lint innngs on
Thursday were all ont for 997 rum and
In tba second Saturday they were all
ont for 04 runs.
Col. Leys, U, P. P.. London. Out., wai
seriously Injured In a runaway accident,
Chicago, Ang. 14���A special to the
Chronicle from El Paio, Texas, says:
News waa received yesterday from Montezuma, tbat wben General Torres
learned tbat his ueplew had been
killed by the Yaqnis ba- promptly ordered that forty prisoners, who had fallen Into his hands during Ihe engagement of three weeka ago, ahonld bt pnt
to death and they wer* acoordinlgy
taken out and snot. Ouly twenty Indian! wan killed in tb* btttl*. bnt tht
official returns gave It aa sixty, accounting for tb* forty  prisoners aa killed iii"
Capt. Parker Take* San Mateo After
Heme Sharp Fighting After
MaJ. Cronin Had Failed.
Manila, Ang. 10.���While'the 17th
iuf&ntry, darin*? Inst Tuesday's battle,
waa approaching Ctalolet along tbe road,
the troops saw a group at fifty Fill-
fiuos ontside tbe town nnder a flag of
trace. Some, who were iu white cloth-
ing, held up their hands to signify
that tbey were umirme.l. Oapt. Hart,
with a detachment, advanced cautiously to a point witbiu 200 yardi of them
when tbe Filipinos picked up their
guns nud fired a volley. The Americans dropped iuto tbe bushes unhurt en
the first movement and retained the
fire.   At this the Filipinos run off.
Word lias been received from Lieut.
J. G. Gillmore, of (he United States
gunboat Ynrktown, who was captured
by the'inBnrgents lust April, near Baler, on the t<ast coast of Luzon. The
message, which comes through Spanish
prisoners, is to tliu effect that the
officer and his men lira at Vigan, in
the province of South Ilolosou the west
ooast of Luzon. All bnt two vere well.
Lieut, Gillmore is allowed a house and
a servant nud is fairly treated.
Tbe insurgents hnve taken the aggressive iu the neighborhood of the
railroad. On Saturday night they uu*
successfully attacked Sau Luis on the
Rio Grande. 'J he Americans hud one
niau, a sergenn:, killed, nnd two privates wounded. A reoounoissouce on
Friday hy troops of Gen. Samuel B. M.
Young's brigade, with the object of de:
termining the whereabouts of the
enemy near Sau Mateo, northeast of
the San Juan river, nbont teu miles
from Manila, resulted in the occupation
of San Meteo. The American loss was
three killed aud thirteen wounded, including a lieutenant of the 21st infantry.       j
Mr.. EH.twnml  Pink,  lip �� Wenpoil Mild
Jokingly I'olnt. lt nt HI. Haul,
Rat Portage. Aug. 16.��� Thay-illage
of Keewatiu was the scene of a rather
ueciliiir accident yesterday. Mr. and
Mrs. Eastwood, who have ouly been
married a short time, were ih-ivsiiig in
their room about 11 o'clock iu the
morning, when Mrs. Eastwood picked
up a revolver which her husband bad
left lying ou a stand, and in a joking
way said* "I'm goiug to learn to
Biioot. *' Almost simultaneously tbe
weapon wns discharged, and young
Eastwood received the bullet in his
need. Tho bullet entered the face on
the left sido of tho nose and enme ont
uear the right ear. The distracted wife
gave the alarm and Dr. Bcatty was
summoned. He found Eastwood in a
precarious condition, bnt after drreasing
the wound he revived somewhat and
the dootor has hopes of his recovery if
blood poisoning does not set in. The
wounded man is u sou of Constable
Eastwood, of Keewatiu. Deep sympathy Is esprr.si-il tor   Mrs.   EJuat-roud
wbo is prostrated over the affair.
L. J. Short Shoots His Wife.
Oarnduff, N.W.T., Aug. 14���Last
uight Mr. L. J. Short attempted to
murder his wife and then committed
suicide at the boose of Mr. Joseph
Dnffield, about six miles ont of here.
It appears that after Mr, uud Mn.
Short hod retired for the night they g*)t
into an altercation,* Mn. Short'threaten-
iug to call for Mr. Duffleld. Mr Short
said, "If you do I willl shoot." Mn.
Short then screamed and ht at once
fired two shots, one taking effect in
her neck the other iu her cheek. Short
then placed tbo revolver in his own
mouth and fired, death taking place in-
Mn. Short will likely recover. Mn.
Short hns been keeping honse and
Mr. Short waa working aa a farm hand
for Mr. Dnffield, wbo is a widower.
Jas. Moore Run Over by a Train,
Portage la Prairie, Man., Aug. 15.���
An nnfortunate accident occurred near
the old O.P.R. depot here yesterday
morning by whicli on old resident,
James Moore, lost his life. While
walking down the track with another
gentleman, Mr. Fullou, he was struck
by the eastbound Brandon local and in
stoutly killed. He had been warned of
tbe near approach of tbe train, bnt
when the locomotive waa quite near be
seemed to become dated und stepped
into tho middle of the tracks. The
engine threw the body Iuto Ihe air, and
the corpse was strewn among the traok
and badly cnt np.
Father and Hon Drowned.
Windsor,    Ont.,    Aug.   15 Julius
Brown, an employee of the malleable
Iron works, aud until a year ago a real-
dent of Toronto, with his 10 year old
sou Walter, wns drowned Saturday
evening ill the river here. Brown waa
bathing and being an expert swimmer
bad put bis son on his book and gone
for a swim, wben he was selaed with
cramps. When the biidles were recovered an hour afterwards the boy waa
still tightly clasping his father's neck.
Montreal, Ang. 18.���J. M.Oampbell,
representing Jno. MoDougall ft Co.,
who held considerable stock in the
Ville Marie b-fuk, has I ecu appointed
provisional liquidator to act witb
Meson. Garand and Kent nntil a regular liquidator ia appointed.
���ancotmr, Aug. 18.���James Gunn,
ot New Westminster, for many yean
employed on government work on read!
and bridges In the district, wai killed
almost instantly by a premature explosion of dynamite while blasting oat
���tamps near Hastings.
Plotoi-, Out., Ang. 14���While drawing tn peas at Bethel, eight miles from
here, yesterday morning, during a
heavy thundentorm, John Crawford
aud bis two grandsons, named Werdeu,
were struck by lightning.. Barry
Werden, aged 90, was killed Instantly,
bnt Crawford and the other boy will
Montreal, Ang. 10 Tbe Allan line
steamer Buenos Ayrean, from Montreal
for Glasgow, arrived" out Sunday and
landed all her animals without lon,
W-Mta-MdBj, An-ffatt 10.
The San Domingo revolution lias l-cen
erasbed. *
Admiral Detrey In ���till imIUrosed at
Gas has been struck on a t-ir.ii near
Oak ville. Out.
A tine etrlng of horae* la at Murdeti
tor Thursday'���  races.
In Sevr York n,Otiu cloak<makera are on
strike tor higher -wages.
At   .Toilettes   One.    97.000   was   stolen   ,
from the C. P.  it.  station.
Wheat cnltinK has started at the
Brandon experimental (arm.
A hand of lo'.Ooii rohlicrH killed 350
Chinese loldiers at "Cotkon.
A U. 8. firm has ordered 10,000 tons ot
Scotch eteel from a   Lanark*HIru mill.
A son of Aid. Steven*, of O.'iatltain,
Out., was .accidentally shot at Ki-io
heacli. ..
Young Orlffo, famous an an Australian
pugilist,  IS   dying  lua Chicago   Insane
Tins Mn * Bey- II n it! k Co. will ex<tnt a
*��� 7"1,001 > eliih Imiiiliug for their 'I'oroiiU
Kid McCoy knocked ont Jim Cnrler, the
heavy weight champion uf Alaluma, nt
Joplln, Mo.
The end ot the Vaijnl Indian rei ellkni
Is In eight. .Gen. Toi.ro* having defeuL.
ed thein again.
A steamer picked up lOi) doutltutv pros.
pectors witli their faiullles* from tho
Oape Nome district.
Another slide lias occurred In the Sou.
langcH canal, which will delay the open.
Ing of navigation until Sen tend ier.
The first of the two new O. P. It,
trains helweiffi Montreal nnd UUrwh, has
made  1th preliminary  trip.
Indications folut more than ever to a
Transvaal war. liner government Is dis.
trliiutlng"n��w rificH to the burghers.
The Methodist church and the Oatlioltc
chapel at Londonderry were wrecked hy
tho Irish and Orange parties respectively,
F. TohbcII, of the .Freehold Loan Oo���
Toronto, who recently worked In WlnnJ.
peg, has confessed to a defalcation ot
The O. P. It. have received word that
n,800 harvest Fxeureloulst* will leave
tot- Manltohn tho next few days Iront
eastern Canada.
F. TOM.ll Cllltrit.il With Kliib.Kxiii.nt of
$4,130 by a Toronto Loan Company,
Toronto, Aug. 17.���The auditor of
the Freehold and Loan and Savings
company in going through the books of
tbe company for Jnly fonnd irregularities throwing suspicion cn Frank Tos-
sell, who had been recently made
cashier'of the company. Further investigation showed a defalcation of
|4,820. Toesell, wbo waa in Winnipeg
at the time, where he had been for a
few weeks, was telegraphed for and
confronted with the results ot the
investigation. He made a complete
confession. Tossell had been in the
employ of the company for fonr years
and was regarded as a very exemplary
yonng iii-in. He had the reputation
of having no bad habits but appears to
bave been speculating iu Mew Vork
stocks since June lost. The company
holds bonds of a gnarautee company
and will lose nothing. Toesell was arrested on a warrant this afternoon.
Steel ll Scare* for Shipbuilding.
Philadelphia, Aug. 10.���Owing to
the great difficulty experienced iu get*
ting iron and steel rapidly enough to
otrry on work, the William Cramp &
Sons ship and engine bnilding company, of this olty, has been compelled
to reduce Its force of 6,001) men. Tbree
hundred men were laid off a fow daya
ago, 600 more were suspended at the
Close of work today, aud by the end of
Um week 1,500    men    will    httTe   been
laid off. The decision of the oompany
alfeots all departments, uud bas caused
consternatiou among the employees.
Other shipyards on the Delaware river
are also experiencing tronble in getting
iron and steel. At present tbere are 87
vessels iu course of coustrnctipu along
the Delaware, and fully ill uf them
will bo delayed, owing to the lack of
Factory Fire.
Toronto, Aug. 16.���Afire broke ont
yesterday afternoon at 8 o'clock in the
Whitwortb ft Kestall mattress factory
on Bat Btreet. Many of tho employees
had a narrow escape from lieing
caught In tbe flames, which burst forth
from an upper window with astonishing rapidity, but all escaped save Maggie Oronyn, agd 97, who had to jnmp
from a third story window. She
alighted on a mattress and was uninjured by the fall, but was badly burned
abont the head and body before jumping. Fireman John Hee also had a leg
broken. The damage done will amount
to 16,000. 	
Th* Janey Lily Weds.
London, Ang. 16.���Mn. Lily Lang-
try, the actress, was married Jnly 87 at
tbe Island of Jersey, to Hugo Gerald
de Batbe, 88 yean of age, eldest ion
of Sir Henry Percival De Bathe, Bart.,
a retired geueral,formerly a lieutenant-
colonel in the Soots Guards and a
Crimean veteran. The ceremony waa
quite print*, tba only witness being
Mrs. Langtrys' daughter. The Priuce
of Wnlea ii said to bave been iu tb*
confidence of the pair aud immediately
sent them a telegram of congratulation.
Mjslerlousl) Shot.
Chatham, Ont., Aug. 16.���At the
summer residence of Aid, Geo. Stevens,
prominent busineas man of this city, at
Brie Beob, fourteen mile* from here,
bis son, aged 16 yean, was mortally
wounded by a rifle shot last uight, the
ball entering th* abdomen. There is
great mystery abont tb* shooting. Later particulars from th* soeoe may develop a leuiatlou.
Berlin, Ang. 18.���Tho government
of tbe Grand Duohy of Baden ba. forbidden every demonstration proposed
in honor of the victims of lha unsuccessful rebellion of 1849 when the Democratic party, under Brentano, took possession of Carlsruhe and held It nntil
tbe Prussian forces effected the restoration of tha duke.- Tbe proposal to
erect a monument tn the cemetery pi
Bistatt, where the rebels made their
final stand bas also been voted.
Ottawa, Ang. 18.���Tho results in
tbe Canadian Military Rifle league,
cavalry aeries, show "B" squadron R.
O. D., Winnipeg, flnt, with a aoore of
8,670s nnond, "F" divisiou Mounted
Police, Prince Albert, 8,480; third,
"O" division Mounted Polioe, Battle-
ford, 8,489; fonrtb, "A" squadron,
Manitoba Dragoons, Virden, 8,86oi
fifth, second team Virden Dragoons,
Milford, Haven, Aug, 18,���The
Amerioan line iteamer Paris arrived
hen from -Falmouth to bs docked for
repair*, w
Qox_:d____n- Bra.
K01 lied to Pernio Ine Ways Tha��\ra
Dark and Tricky.
Cue ot the soldier boys swung along
In the parade witb a beart far heavier
tlmn tils gun, and as be passed a balcony on tbe avenue and saw a pretty
girl and a well dressed man tbere be
scowled fiercely. Last fall it was far
otherwise. He smiled whenever be
saw the girl, and tbe repulsively well
dressed man hadu't dawned yet. Last
spring tbe soldier sacrificed two buttons
from his blouse and had them made
Into hatpins for that girl. Two weeks
ego be sat near hor at the theater, and
when sbe removed ber bat he saw that
lt had been pinned on with a turquoise
fleur-de-lis and an enameled violet
The girl bad promised to wear tbem
forever and ever.
The soldier boy went borne aod
wrote ber the wltherlngest note you
can Imagine. He told ber that as sbe
no longer cared for bim sbe could no
longer value the button hatpins, and
thut he'd like tbem back again. Of
course, he put lu a number of other remarks, some of them general, referring
to Ihe sex, aud others specllic and referring to ber aud to her conduct. She's
a nice girl aud au amiable girl, but
that note was too much for her to endure. She sent n manservant witb her
ana wer:
My Dear Mr. Bksggs-1 would bt vary glad
to return the hatpin* yon ask for, but 1 cannot
tell which one* they an. Theyarsall *o*ll)t*
thai I am oot nt all sure which one* you g*v��
me. hut I send you what I have, and yon csa
pick out yonr*    Very sincerely.     FaANoica.
And that's why the soldier boy
scowled.. Being a mere man, he didn't
even dream thnt six of the hatpins
were borrowed.   Washington Post.
Ask fur Mmard's aod late do otter.
Mow a Drunken Ha*baud Was Mad* a
Sober Mali by a Determined Wil*.
She writes:���"I had for a long time
been thinking of* trying tbe Samaria
Prescription treatment ou my husband
(or his drinking habits, but I was
afraid he would discover that I was
giving him medioine and the thought
unnerved tne. I hesitated for nearly ft
week, but one day when he oame home
very rooch intoxicated aud his week's
salary nearly all spent, I threw off all
fear and determined to make an effort
to save our home from the ruin I saw
oomiug, at all hazards. I seut for your
Samaria Prescription aud put it In his
coffee us directed next morning and
watched and prayed for the result. At
noon I gave him more and also at supper. He never suspected a thing, and
I then boldly kepf right on giving It
regularly as! had discovered something
that set every nerve iu my body tingling with hope aud happiness, and I
oould see a bright future spread out before me���a peaceful, happy home, a
abate in the good things of life, an at
tentive, loving hnsbaud. comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's
heart, for my husband had told me tbat
whiskey was vile stuff and be was tak-
A kin! A kiMt What 1* * klnT
A something; light *a air ar thought)
Too rare tor touch, tor sound too toft,
And jet witli mor* than words Ye (might
Oh, delicate. txquUltt thing.
Subtle thou ut 11 radiant light!
A street, uniatisfytng myth.
Thou mocking, tantalising sprite.
I know not why It Is we Um;
Some thing* there an we never know,
Nor cere ta know, It only true,
That ever It shall Just be ao.
"TIs lova's own Isnguage, low and aweet-*
Friendihlp's content with other LU***��� ' a
Tbe clasp of hand, the greeting eye, ;���
But only If we love wt kin. j.
A moment trembling Into life,
A thrill bewildering, and 'til done; 'A
Like all thinge fair and lovely here, ' "'
Almoat before it Is, 'tis gone.
On* Imtant lingering on the lip,
A spell it sweeps through heart and eyes,
Pervades the soul's ethereal aelf
And then In sweetest mystery dies.
******        m
Sweet spirit, aU too transient here,
Await us in the realms of hlln;
Life's season past, from death's cold sleep
Awske us, angels, with a kits.
���Min D. B. foulkes In Current Literature.
A GuiH Astbi Care
Clerk,'. Kola Compound Cur-M.
Some year, .go thi. would bave beeu 0011-
stdared mi traposs-ibilttj, but Dr. Clarke ha.
wived the problem since comiiletlug his experiments with lhe wonderful Kola plant In England. Id December, 1.88*1. he found, that by
combining ��xtr.cts from the Kola with other
extract, made from the Orendolla plant which
grow.in California, that th. compound would
cure th. severest osses of asthma. Upon ex-
IK-rlmentlng in one of the leading London
hospitals he found that 86 per cent, ol the cues
were cured in from l'i to W days' treatment.
Since the Introduction of this remedy into
Canada tn 1H85 there have been over SOO ca*us
cured in Canada alone. Mr. R. N. Hume. C. P.
R. engineer, Western Division, writes: "1 hive
been a great sufferer from asthma In its worst
form for over twelve years, and never succeeded
In getting anything to help me pern*.neiilly
until the 0. 1*. II. doctor prescribed Ohuke's
Kola Compound for me in December 1896, when
two bottles entirely cured me; at least 1 have
not since had any return of tlic asthma. I am
persons!!*-.ctiunllitcil with ot least six persons
who have been cured fri.m asthma by Clarke's
Kola Compound, and feel it my duty to recoiii-
inonit it to all who may be troubled with tbis
A free sample buttle will Ih< sent to uny person troubled with asthma.
Address the nrllilths & Mai-plicrson Co , sole
Canadian agents. '.'I church street, Toronto,
Ontario.  Sold by .11 druggists.
others miy relieve, Imt Clarke', Kula Compound fur asthma piriminetilly ciii-as.
iii prDiniDr i*.. no *��i**s> *���**��� *** ao***!"*
ULUunftUnD says manager of Ureenw��yfM��
Th. Logical GajtriUa.
"Yon ore wanted around tbt corner!"
.���claimed tbe cltlwn, conddentlj.
The iMllcemnn laughed aloud.
"I know better," lie replied. "Wben
I nm wauled 1 can't be found.   Since
I bave been found, I can't poMltilj. bt
Here wa aet bow Important after all
II la to understand aometlilng of tbe
formal or acbolutlc log lo, wblob It baa
become tbt faablon of modern acltaot
lo anttr at	
im man wast u mum
The lnell��.4 Hl.va.ta.,
"Within the next live ji-nra I folly
expect to aee tbt Inclined elevator In
general ute," remarked ��� prominent
New Orleana architect "It la almpljr
a moving door, aet at an eaijr angle,
aud the principle waa adopted jeara
ago In tba familiar 'tndleaa belt* car
rlerafor grain. Tba movable floor la
In two aectlona, one going np and one
coming down, nnd all that It necetiarjr
la to atep on board. Of count, It le
not aa faat aa tbe modern paaaenger
elevator, but, on tbe other band, there
la no waiting for cart, ao practlcalljr
there la very little difference.
Ita grent advantage la Ita Impel-
lillltj or a fall or otber aerloua accident, something tbat haunta moat peopl* In an ordinary lift. Moreover, It la
much pleaeanter. A gnat many per
���one, particularly women, art eertouily
dletreaaed by the aeneatlon nf being
Whirled etmlgbt up or down, and tome*
timet It producea nausea. The Incline
la free from that objection. It la al-
rt-mly coming lino use In tbe north
nml lins been on trlnl for upward of a
lent- In Prance and Qennany. Aa toon
as Ita advantages art better known, I
look to tn it ketone aa common aa tltt
Mepbone."-Now ("Meant Tlmet-Utm-
oerat        _________
IU8HI of em Aaiarleaa Amateur la
a South Amer I cau Jnll,
A member of Uie Caiucru club tells
witb some pride of nn Incident which
happened wbilo be wis traveling In South
America nml points out tbe result of it
ns n triumph for photography:
"It was In ono of the cities of Peru,
and an American acquaintance of mine
wbo was tbere temporarily on busluesj
was trotting me around among tbo sights
of tbe town. After we hod visited most
of tbe show places be said oue day:
" 'Now, I want you to see the old dungeon of e prison which they hnve bore,
but It Is a place where yon cun't take
your camera. The rules are very severe
agaiust that. I wish you could, though,
for you would get some mighty interesting pictures. These people nre unrelenting jailers, and some of their treatment
of the prisoners is pretty mediaeval in Its
character. Why, tbey have on American
there now for some alleged insult to tbe
government, aud he Is kept incoraunlcado,
as tbey- call It���that Is, In a cell removed from those of the other prisoners
���and is so strictly guarded that he
can communicate with nobody. Tbey
don't enre much about having visitors sec
him, but as you pass hia cell, If hc happens to be near the front, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of him through the
bars. Hia friends are trying to get bim
out, bnt none, of them has been able to
see him, and there Is some difficulty lu
proving that tbe prisoner is really their
" 'See here/ said I, 'thia Is a chance for
me. 1 hare a small camera with me
which folds almost flnt���It Is a device of
my own���and I will guarautee tbat I cau
get It by the guards, Wben we are drawing near to tbe American's cell, you give
me a sign and 1 will be ready. I'erhup*
luck will favor us.'
"Well, smuggling the camera In waa
easy. Even If those keepers had found it
they wouldn't have recognised It as one.
As we came near tbe 'Incomunlcodo' cell
my friend nudged ue, and, without attracting attention from the accompanying guards, 1 prepared the machine for
ao exposure. A moment more and 1
nearly jumped at our good fortune.
There, a little distance in front of me,
stood my unfortunate countryman, lean-
lug wearily against the bars of bis cell
and looking full at ua. Tbe guards, seeing him at the front of his cell, seemed
anxious to hurry us by, but they did not
ing a dislike to It.   It was only too
trne, for before I had -give* jriaa--&-��- ^aauiUilnOiTJULtaiilvl.iind unobserved
Ine till it wu gone, end then lent for
another lot to hnve on bud if he
���bonld relapse, as he hod done from hii
promises before. He never hu, and 1
am writing yon this letter to tell yon
how thankful I am. I honestly believe
It will cure the wont cases."
We will aend onr pamphlet free, giving testimonials and all foil information with directions how to take ar administer Samaria Prescription. Correspondence considered sacredly confidential. Address The Samaria Remedy
Oa. Jordan atreet, Toronto, Ont
part of the whole story
was actually released by menus of thut
picture. Wben developed and printed It
was an excellent likeness, and through it
his friends were able to prove his Identity. Within a short time the Injustice nf
his arrest was established In spite or the
authorities, aud be was free.!'���New
York Tribune.
Spirits Helped Him.
Ole Bull, the celebrated violinist, believed that spirits helped htm in his fiddling. He composed his most fatuous
time, "Mother's Prayer," under the "lu*
Professor J. Jny Watson, who traveled
all over tht world with Bull and wus bis
devoted friend as well aa companion, tells
of tbe night when, nt Mrs. Williams'. lie
played for some SO friends ou the old
Cremona violin that the muster had given lo bim. Lucie Bull, a daughter of Ole
Bull hy his tirst wife, a beautiful young
lady wbo died years before in Norway,
mnteriallKed In plain view of all present,
took the violin from Watson's hands, reverently kissed It and returned It to him.
On another occasion Watson was playing on a guitar a piece be bad frequently
played for Lucie when be first visited ber
father In their Norway home. The girl
again materialised nud, crosslug the
room, touched the strings of tbe Instrument several times.���New Vork Press.
What Mania* Coat Mm.
Billy's father writes books, and, al*
though Billy would never admit It, they
are not at all tbe sort of books Billy
likes. He knows, because be bas tried
to read them. Not loug ngo bo heard
that a new book was forthcoming.
"Is It like the others, papa?" bo asked
"Yes, my boy."
Billy sighed. "I suppose you hare tu
keep on writing tbem, dou't you, papa?"
"Yea."        "
Billy sighed again. "1 suppose It is the
only kind you're got In you," he snid
kindly, hut aa be turned away he added
softly, "I almost wish I'd, never learned
tojead."���Youth's Companion.
���������hear** llaaior.
Mile. Rosa Bonheur dtosa stood for
Rosalie) waa nol without it sense of
humor, ao ll Is told of ber iluft when pre*
siding orer a school of dexlgu In Paris,
the pupils being girls, lhe artlxt wus disgusted with the eliisM been line. Imitative
of their ten el i er. the young women had
cut their hair short. "Uriiiid Dim,"
cried Rosa Bonheur. "bow horrid foe,
all look! This Is mil a eluna of boys,
You silly creatures, lei your hair tilouct
and do your liest ho um to retain nil (he
advantages of your wx."
ll beta lieen stated tliat the danger to
trees from lightning depend)* not only nt)
their height, but also on tbeir conduct!*
hlllty. resulting from more or less rich*
ness of sap.	
Some people waste so much time that It
makes them tired, and' the remainder It
inquired for rest���(Jul vestoa >'��w��.
Tke Real IUbsom,
"Papa," said little Tommy to hll
father, who Is a ward politician,
"teacher told us to And out why tbt
horse Is oot In such demand as ba used
tone.  Why Is Itr
"Lost bis pull."
Trasilaa Creataret
"Scribbler bas bad a story accepted
��t hut"
- -'Is It posalbler
"Yeo. Ht went home late laat night
with an awful ram, aud hii wife believed It."
A Vindictive Heptlle.
The frr-dc-luiice Is found on llto island* vt Martinique ami Santa Lucia,
wljorQ the natives counteract Its virus
with u decoction of Jungle hemlock,
and the basis of lis gruwsome rcpii'tu-
tiott seems to bo tlio fact thnt It does
not warn the Intruders of its haunts,
ufter the manner uf the cobra or the
rattlesnake, but Hut tens Its colls und,
with slightly vibrating tall, awaits
If the unsuspecting traveler should
allow no B'gn of hostile intent, be may
be allowed to pass unharmed within
two yards of the colled uiatailore, but a
closer approach Is upt to be construed
as n challenge, nud the vlvorou, suddenly rearing its ugly head, mny scare
the trespasser Into some motion of self
defense���be may lift bis foot or brandish his stick la a menacing manner. If
be does, ho Is lost. The lower coils will
expand, bringing tbe business end,
neck nnd all, a few feet nearer; the
bead "points" like n leveled ride, then
darts forward with electric swiftness,
guided by an uucrriug Instinct for the
selection of the least protected parts of
the body.
And tbe vindictive brute Is ready to
repeat Its bite. For n moment It rears
back, trembling with excitement, and,
If felled by a blow of Its victim's stick,
will snap away savagely at stumps aud
stones or even, like a wounded panther, at Its own body.���Popular Science
A Silent Hebake.
A curly haired small boy sat In ft
Fourteenth street car just at the time
of tho day when thu curs are most
crowded on Thursday afternoon. A
worn looking woman', evidently his
mother, sat beside him. At Fifteenth
street n particularly buxom woman of
middle age crowded into the car. There
was no sent for her, and she stood glaring at the boy. I*aier her displeasure
rented Itself In words, and she expressed herself freely to the woman who
stood next ber about women wbo let
tbeir children occupy seats while ladies
are standing. Tbe worn looking woman flushed, but made no move to have
tbo boy surrender bis seat Tbe buxom
woj-nau still glared nnd still expressed
herself with extreme frankness. The
boy sat still. At N street the mother
rang the bell. As tbe car stopped she
put her arms around tbe boy and lifted
him to his feet, half carrying him to
tbo door.
"Won't you take this seat?" she said
to tho buxom woman. "I am just taking bim home from tbe hospital."
And as tbe car rolled on tbe buxom
woman looked warmer than tbe weather warranted *
lie SlMpIr Coniiia't  Bseap* Bla la*
herlted Tendency.
Fate, with wonted levity, had thrown
the sour and taciturn man into the
company of the talkative citizen In tbe
railway car.
"That waa quite an Interesting game
of baseball, wasn't It?" said the latter
a�� be shoved a newspaper Into tbe Inside pocket of bis coat.
"1 never rend about baseball," waa
the solemn reply. "How true It Is," he
added utmost teurfully, "thut this
world Is but a Heeling show."
"Of course. Thai's oue way of looking nt It. I've Mi that way about It
myself. Him let me ask you something.
Are you putting in your money and
hustling nruuud lo muke this world
any lielter?"
"Whin's lhe use?"
"Well, you'll excuse uie for questioning you. Hut you referred to the world
as a Heeling show. I'm a theatrical
utiiimgt-T, and I'm Interested iu anything lu die show line. Now. I notice
thai you itlu't lu tiny hurry to get out
of ihis world, lire you?"
"No, I can't truly say (but 1 am. The
Inwtillel nf self dest ruction" -
"That's nil right. You didn't pay
anything to get into this Heeling show,
did you If"
"���Certainly not."
"There you are.   There's ibe old, old
story right lu a nutshell.    I never In
tu.v life saw a deadhead who wasn't a
III PDDCITDD wi" heal fresh or old wounds la
UlAon&UKb innu or In-aat.  �� bu no steal
took* Ver? Like It.
Dirt Por the Dirt? Ones.
"In several of the provincial towns,"
writes Mr. Itansome, "one timls hotels
said to be conducted on the foreign
principle and certain Jnpuuese hotels
have a foreign side. The European accommodation in such places ts, as a
rule, terrible. Tbe rooms are dirty,
the beds ure rickety, the bedclothes ara
apparently seldom washed aud the tables and chairs are seldom capable of
standing on more than two legs nt a
"When I first went to Japan 1 could
uot understand bow, oo the foreign
side of the Japanese hotels, tbe accommodations could be bo Inferior, when
the Japanese portion wns kept scrupulously clean. One would naturally
think that a people whose houses were
so spotless would revolt at having a
portion of tbeir premises lu a filthy
"But, ns explained to me by tbe landlord of one of these hybrid establishments: 'Foreigners are dirty by nature.
They go about their bouses In tbeir
boots, and consequently tbey cannot
wish to have their rooms kept lu prop*
er condition,' "���Literature.
The Barber Was AM Blaht,
"After being shaved In a Chicago bold hurl-tor shop," snid the man from
South Bend, "I walked out and down
tbo street nud entered another shop
and took a chair. Tbe barber lathered
aud scraped me without a won), and
Ift minutes later I submitted myself to
a third, He In there-1 and rubbed its
If I had not been shaved for a mouth,
and just ns be took up the raxor I
" 'Didn't you notice that I had been
shaved twice already this morning?'
" 'Yes. sir,' he replied.
" 'But you are goiug to shave mt
" 'No, sir. I supposed you came In
bere to get tbe skin taken off and (tart
with some of your cheek!' "-Pittsburg
Vaccinated the Mflea,
Orders lhat were Issued by tbe German West African officials that all
firearms In the hands of natives should
be stamped and registered aroused
much discontent. Lieutenant Aggers,
lu Dnnmtnland. however, got along
with no trouble. He bad Inoculated
cattle for the rinderpest three years lw-
fore, as the Daumras saw, with good
results. He therefore announced tbat
bt Was ready to vaccinate their rifles
so its to Insure their shooting straight
nud doing uo hurt to their owners and
the D.'.marus crowded to bim to get
thtlr guns stamped.
Hia Sfcara,
Judge-Was tho stolen article gold
or ouly gilt?
Prisoner���It was silver, sbr. Tbt
guilt wus all me owu, yer auuerl���
Jewelers' Weekly.
Save the Babies.
Thousands of them die every summer who could be saved by tbe
timely use of Dr. Fowler's Ext.
of Wild Strawberry.
Thero is not a mother
who loves her Infant but
should keep on band during- the hot weather a
bottle ol Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry.
There is no remedy so
safe and so effective for
the diarrluva of infants,
and none has the endor-
sation of so many Canadian mothers who have
proved its merits, and therefore sneak
witb confidence. One of these Is Mrs.
Peter Jones, Warkworlh, Ont., who says i
"lean give Dr. Fowler's Extract ofWild
Strawberry -great praise, for it saved my
baby's life. She was cutting her teeth
and was taken with diarrhesa very bad.
My sister advised me to get Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry. 1 got a
bottle and it cured the baby almost at
FroE-l'm willing to bet that thit
duck expects frogs' legator breakfast.���
New Tork Journal.
Abr.a.1 of th. Tim...
Teacher��� What docs tbe abbreviation
"lb." uieauV
Dlcky-lt meaua "Lankj Bob."-Chl-
oa-ro Tribune.
i'ou need not rough all night and die*
turbjoor friends; there Is no occasion
for you running tbe I'lak of contracting
inflammation ofthe lung, or roniumptlon
while you oan get Blokle's Antt-Con-
sumptlve Syrup. This medicine can.
oough., oold.. Inflammation of the lnngs
and all throat and cheat troubles. It promotes a tree and easy expectoration,
which immediately relieves the throat
and lungs from vlacld phlegm.
A Broad Hlnied Sailor.
"Yes, count," sbe aald, "1 will be
yours, but I will tell you frankly tbat I
do not love you with all uiy beart"
"Oh, zat Is nosslng," he replied. "But
te kcevestlon Is, Do you lofe me wis all
your���what you call blm���puree?"���
Chicago Times-Herald.
-     * -A   W***.r. ..
"Everything Pusher puts bla hand to
seems to turn to money."
"Yes. Why be could write poeti-.v
and make It pay."���Philadelphia North
Canada's   Greatest   Liniment.
Griffith's Menthol Liniment Is the
greatest curative discovery of the age. A
liniment which penetrates muscle, mem
brane and tissue to the very bone, bun
Ishes pains and aohea with a power lin
possible with any other remedy. Use lt
for rheumatism, neuralgia, headaches
and all soreness, swelling and inflamua
tion,  All druggists, SScts.
Th. Poet'. Thooa-hl.
A poet slnga of the "unseen spirit In
the trees." Evidently they were apple
trees, and he was thinking of the elder
that was latent lu tbem.���Boston
0_a. Clt.ro.
"Are you worried by this new spell*
Ing reform, Bilker?"
"No; my typewriter girl bas alwaya
filed It"
Tr.a t�� HI. Hrlaclpl...
The exhausted traveler, fainting and
half dead from thirst and all unused to
the climate of the tropics, lay gasping.
They brought him a cocoaiuit.
"We will crack this," they said. "The
coutenta will revive you."
* "Wbat Is Inside of It?" be asked.
"I won't touch It!" be said hoarsely.
"I'm a vegetarian I"
1 BellBYille Lady, Whom Dooton
Failed to Help, Onrad it
No oot Who haa not suffered from kidney
disease can Imagine the terrible torture
those endure who are tho victims of some*
disorder of these delicate filters of tho
body. Mn, Richard Rets, a well-known
andhlghlyrespectedUdyof Belleville, Ont.,
had to bearthe burden of kidney complaint
for over so years aod now Doan's Kidney
Pilla bave cured her when all else failed.
Her husband made the following state*
ment of ber case: " For ao years my wife
has been a sufferer from pain In tht back,
sleeplessness and nervousness and general
prostration. Nothing seemed to help hsr.
Doctors and medicines all failed, until wt
got a ray of hope when we saw Doan's
Kidney Pilla advertised as a positive cure.
"She began to take them and they helped
her right away, and aha Is now better la
every respect. Wo cao heartily recommend Doan's Kidney Pills to all sufferers,
for they seem tostrike the right spot quickly,
and their action is not only quick but It la
" I cannot say more In favor of theso
wonderful pills than that they saved my
wife from lingering torture, which aha had
endured for so years past, and I sincerely
trust that all sufferers frill giva Doan's
Kidney Pilla a fair trial."
IJIXJIa Cur* constipation, biliousness
sick headache and dyspepsia.
a It/Eft Evter>' 1"" Ku����nieed perfect
feiw��n ^uj to act without any grip.
Bsa a m 'if* weakening or sickening
rlklaV effect*.   a5c. at all druggists.
������������ mt Sawhaw &*\y*.
A proverb among the poor lias It that
the rich more often reckou pence than
When a mnn Is told to mind bis p's
and <i's, he feels peculiar.
Gossips can't really belittle a great
mnn, and witb a small one the process
Is superfluous.
The pedestnl of fame Is a very slip
pery superstructure.
Old fashioned girls took tbeir splo
ou the loom, but the moderu danisil
prefers hers on n tandem.
IVople who tnlk for spite are slow to
give their benrers a respite.
Tbere Is always a great deal of railing about pollticnl platforms.
The mau with a surfeit of yarns Is
always anxious to unravel mysteries.
Such Is fashion's Hurry that as soon
us a style seems Liecoiniug.it Is going.
Tbe worst about a villain with a
smiling cheek is tImt Im has so much of
A CLEAK, HEALTHY ,-K N.-Eruptions of th.< hkln a d t e blotches which
b.eiiiirth be*iut * ar- tht; r. su t of Impure
hloo.i cuuettd I)- iiuii althy uttto 11 f the
Liter ��n Kldn y*. fniomotlrg this
unhealthy a tluii nud res orlng heo gatis
ti tht it- ���.'rm 1 ron.it ion, HiirmeTee's
V.go-able Pit s wil ot th- same lime
cleanse tiie bl nl, , n l th.< bo li s anil
iroptiins Hi 1 otri.ipji.'iii' without leuvlng
any tract
He Kitt'iv  IIIm niiHtnemt.
The Constituent���How would you
like to be Dewey ?
Tho Statesman���Aud have evcr,vlmd,v
watching every move I'uiakeV I have
enough trouble.of that kind now.���lu
diuunpolls Journal.
.Products of Invention,
"Have you ever hccii artificial coal?"
"No,   but   I've  seen  artillchil  coal
I wnfl cura<i ot   Aentn Rrminhttis  by
Bay of Islands.
I was oured of   Facial Neuralgia by
Spriugbill, N. S.
I was cured of Cnrouic Rheumatism
Albert Co., N.B.
All Down.
Mrs. B.���Just look. Ceorge." at these
beautiful pillows I bought at today's
Mr. B.-But really, my dour. 1 think
we have plenty of pillows now.
Mrs. B.-Ob, but I couldu't resist
buying these. Thoy were uli marked
A Peaea Plan.
"Strife," be said as he finished read*
Ing the peace conference report, "is a
"Not at all," replied Henry Peck absently. "There's no law compelling a
man to marry."���Philadelphia North
Only tbona who bave had experience
can tell the torture corns cause. Pain
With your hoots on, ,.ahi with tnem olf���
pain night and day; hut mllof Is sura to
those who use Holloway's Corn Lure.
The Sos.
Mrs. Packlnbnui���What a deceitful
thiug Mrs. lngleswltcli 1st
Mr. Pnckiuluitu ��� Why? lias she
been saying iliingn behind your hack?
.Mrs.. I'nckliihiiin���I don't know that
she has done anything of that kind, but
she looked tne right III the face when I
called on ber litis morning uud said the
was ghnl lo see me. She was all ready
to go down town, and of course 1 knew
Mr. I'ucUinlioin ��� Tlint wns rather
Uarefuuud. I suppose you set Iter tt
good cxaini-. then by telling her you
had Just called for the sake of appear
anees, as you told me last night you
would bave io.
Mrs. Pauklulmm -John, you're ro
coarse sometimes!--ChicagoTimes-Herald. 	
She Hae One Now.
8olleltor-My fee, madam, will be |5-
Cllent-For what?
Solicitor���For tbo opinion you hnd of
Client���But I assure you I never had
any opinion of you.���Ally Sloper.
nuurs lhwit is ud irrmieitu.
W. V. U.    934
LEST YOU   FOIiflKT, nolo that we buy
Butter, Cheese nnd Fresh Kgtfa tor export���tbat
iv,' liiimik-Uii.i ilinu KiiKhies mid Horse 1'otvers.
anu thnt our �� Alexandra" nnd ������ M��ititt��"
Cream Separators are the hest in the world.
iorri!*pond*iice solicited.
Importer! of Orocerlei J��f * J'S0?**-.
wi-iti, ., i��h.*b J>. Hit tracts
WnU IS, Hamilton,Ont. I..B.A B.8plces
are  the   IIiiknI     ***** . ->  |>acknil.   Put
India and L'eylttli   1 fcrtO up by
*e.   COCKSHUTT FLOW CO., Winnipeg.
And   tbe   Pour   Plaintiffs   Tfc-ae   Sot-
frred a Hard Blow.
"That reminds me," Bflid a Oblengo
mau iu a reminiscent group last night,
"or au old story that Is good enough to
repeat. Some years ago three book-
makers put up at a hotel at uiy borne
and humid] a large package otiuoticy
(o the chief clerk. They told him that
they would leave It with him every
night, and were particular iu sayiug
that it wns to be delivered only In the
presence of all three. It was evident,
you see, that they didn't quite trust ouo
"Well, a week or so roiled around,
ami oue morning oue of the trio cume
down rather early and called for the
cash. Without thinking of the conditions of delivery, the clerk banded it
over, ami the bookmaker promptly
skipped. His two partners were furious ami brought suit against the hotel
for $35,000, the amount lu the bundle,
"A smart young lawyer volunteered
to take lite defense, which other attorneys frankly regarded as hopeless.
When the trial came off lie waited until the bookmakers had submitted all
thi'ii- evidence, uud then arose with a
large butulle lu his baud.
" 'We stand ready,' be said, 'to rulllll
the letter of the agreement you have
just proved. This package contains
$2*i.000 In cash. As soon as the three
owners apply for It together wo are
prepared lo turn It over.'
"Of course the third man couldn't be
produced and tbe case Immediately collapsed. The parcel really contained au
old pair of pants."���New Orleans
Ti mes-Dcmocrat.	
Ouo of the gr.-n'ent blessings to parents
Is Mother Graves' Worm Kxterminator.
It eft eet it Ily expels worm- and gltes
health in a marvellous manner to the
little one.
'Wkafs in a nme?   A rose by any
other name would smell as sweet."
There li a good deal In  a name If
lhe uu mo Is
That uieana a ituaruiitee of fl'HlTY
I, ...rywliflro ill this country.   Once used
It 1. *�� contlniiutis favorite.
TRY   IT.   *
fob the printer
III l/Q Made bythe wlebraUd ftrm
I of Ault & Wiborg.
Tbs latest and best.
News, MiBoellany,
Serials, eto.   Bast ia
tbe world.
Cast by tha "Gat-
Of all makes and
kinds���new and second hand.
Brook I j n.
HIrks-What a talker that mau
Mrowti Is: 1 always regarded lifin as
such n gloomy, reticent fellow until
two or three days ag&
Wicks-Yes; I understand Hint his
baby has begun to laugh for the lirst
time last week.
Coanti tip,
"My dear," he said, in a mildly reproachful (one. "I huve no doubt at all
that you nreu good bargain hunter and
that you always get really excellent
bargains, but you get too many of
THK ffnY.���Thoil U tu n tin h for ie
I iff, hnt If) ill-lines sn illng t r In i.ou-
inr, whitii nu'fui- to tl- n ������! ir us never
o nsumeil. He has n >i tin leso utlon to
load hi- M 1111111:1] witn ton o- n a wh'oh
smell vllhti msly nml 11 t v or e. Hut
If he It we thf w II to thi 1 h ms-l. w th
his nilnu-nr, wi doiti -v 11 (Ir.'O hii attnotion to Parirel e's Vejn ta' 1�� Pill*,
which at a >p olflo lor u di-je tion and
tl o il t�� of the Ugistlvo organs, have
no i ipuil.
Irn����i��tl1ile Attraction. ^
"What are you stopping for, John*
If we don't hurry, we'll miss our
"You enn go ou If you want to, Maria. -I'm goiug lo see bow they get
that balky horso started."���Chicago
Veir Rare.
AdnUue-Wheu I marry 1 shall select
a man who resembles an arc light.
Mne���0 rae Ious 1 to what way?
Adaliuc-Not go out at night aud
never smoke.���Chicago News.
A LIFK SAVED.���Mr, .Tmuei Bryson,
Caiiieioii, Rtitei! "1 was coullned to my
1 ed with Inllnmmati m ot thu lungs, and
was given up iy the phystoliiits A
uelnhbor advlxcd me to try Dr. Thomas'
Kuh'utrlc Oil s atlng thnt hi** wife hnd
used It for a throat trouble with the lust
results. Acting on bis sdvlu ���. 1 procured
the mud cine, at d lesi thsn a ha f bottle
cur.d me; I lerta'nly relieve it nved
my Uie It was with rvluatnnce thst I
oon* nt d to a trial us . was re J uml to
suoh a stae tbat t douli id the powor of
any remedy to d > me any good."
la  Clay  Pnree.
First AmeHcnti���Bicycles and auto-
mobiles! What show has tbe horso
here in Paris? You seldom even see
him on (be boulevards.
Second American (who has Just din-
(Hi)���No, he's fu tbe soup.���Chicago
Great Thlnaa and Small.
"Women are very bard to understand," be remarked sententlously.
"Well," sbe answered, "men have
tbeir curious ways too. 1 have known
some of them to agree perfectly about
how the Alaskan nud Venezuelan
boundaries ought to be settled and then
get hopelessly Irascible over a party
He Oaaht Ta.
After a mnn gets to earning bread
for a large family he doesn't often notice when his wire wears a pink ribbon.
A Staffy BnalBeae.
"This car seems awfully stuffy."
"Yes; (hnt fellow on tbe front seat Is
a big sausage manufacturer,"���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Dfll I EDO   Uuk" Process. Ths
nULLCnO ^-y pi��t or ti
kind in Canada,
Unequalled by any other la
Canada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
HmI OOm:  Toronto.
Pacini (kuut Branch: UO Corlon
Street, VantouTer.
It is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase &. Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee
/   *CTSE
tBLE      I
McDEBMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture. Although furniture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers will be given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too large and varied to enumerate articles or quoto prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. McDermot,
GOLDEN,      -       B.C.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
&   CO.,
Lave opened as
ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)
Full   Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Supt. John Nibloclc will remote to
Calgary In a few days.
Miss Swe9noy bas been appointed
teacher of tbe Donald school.
The Kootenay Mall complains that
things ara very quiet In .Ravelstoko.
Tbe Edmonton Bulletin says the
crops !n that distriot this year ara the
heaviest grown for years.
Kr-iger has not conceded the demands uf tho British Government and
war with the Transvaal is feared.
Mr. Bostook. M.P., passed through
Golden by No, 1 on Friday ou Ins return from his Parliamentary duties.
About three tonsof ironwork for the
bridge over the Columbia river at
Athalmer was taken up ou the Duchess this morning.
Services at St. Paul's Church Golden on Sunday neat Aug. 27th will be:
11 a. m. Matttns, Litany and sermon.
7.30 p. m. Fveusong and sermon,
Lewis Warner Patmore. of the town
of Fort Steele, Is appointed milling
recorder for the Fort Steele mining
division, vice C. M Edwards, i-Lt>igned.
At the annual general msetiug of
the Golden Hospital Society a veto of
thanks was tsndurod Nurse Holt for thn
pleasing manner in which she had ful-
lilled hor duties.
The rae* horse Goldie has gotio from
Winder mere to participate iu the races
at Cranbrook ou the tfOtli, and at Fort
Steele on September 4th. Tho horae
will be immediately put in training.
Among tha exursionists witb the
Canadian Press special which passed
through Golden on Saturday was Mrs
Spragge, who now represents the Mail
and Empire, and also an English
Tho Golden school has re-opened
after the holidays with an attendance
of 50, the largest yet on the sohool
roll. Miss Sinclair, sister of Mrs.
Hanna, has been appointed assistant
The Benchers of ths Law Society
suspended Hon. Jos Martin oa a
charge of champerty, and now tbe
Hon. Joseph is after tha Benchers,
and has laid charges against L. G.
McPhillipps, one of the select who sat
upon him.
The soothing and healing properties
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, its
pleasant taste aud prompt and permnn
ent cures, have mado it a great favorite
witb the people everywhere. For sale
by all druggists. Henderson Bros,
wholesale agts. Victoria & Vancouver.
Alfred C. Nelson, of the town of
Fort Steele, is appointed assessor and
collector under tho revenue tax act for
the southern division of the East
Kootenay electoral, district, vice
C. M, Edwards, resigned, suoh appointment to date from the 1st day of
July 1899.
James Fergusson Atmstrong. of the
town of Fort Steele, 8.M., is appointed
a registrar under the marriage act,
and a district registrar under ths
births, deaths and marriages tegistra
Situate in the Donald  Mining Division of
East Kootonay District.   Where located
���On south siao or KinbasketLsko about
600 feet from Lake.
Situate in the Donald Mining Division of
East Kootenay District. Where located
���On south shore ol'Kinbrwket Lako. immediately oast ot Kinbasket Mineral
Take notico that I, Thomas McNaught of
(inMen, acting mm agent lor the Golden �� Fort
���Steele Development Company, Limited, of
Golden, Free Miners Certificate No. Ultt*-S'.)t
and Frank L'ertliiauniR of Golden, Free Miners Certificate No. 704IIA, intend sixty days
from the date hereof to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the Jiljove claims.
And further take notice tbat action under
section ."17 must Lo commenced before the
issuance of snch ( ertiticateof Improvements.
Dated thia 11th day of August, l-MKJ.
Jas, Beady, D.L&, & P.L8.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am<h. Inst. M.JE.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual assessment work, eto.   Address t
White* Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
Revelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all Coimty*Courts nt Uolden.B.O
W. WHira, Q.C.  J. M. Scorr, B.A..LL. B
Situate in IlieWin.lnniiere Mining Division
of Kast Kootenay District. Where located���On "Toby Creek.
Situate in the Windermere Mininir Division
of East Kootonay District, Whore li>
cated���On Unuldor Crock, a tributary of
Horae-thief Croek.
Take ootid that I,?W. G. Mltrhell-Imios,
as agent for the New Golden British Columbia Limited.of London, England (Foreiu.ii),
owners of tha above Mineral Claim-*-;, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B1039S. intend, sixty
days from tho date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvement*, for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claims.
Ami further take notice that action, under
section 37, must bo commenced before the
issuance nf such certificate ol improvements.
Dated this fifth day of August, 1899.
NOTICE Is hereby given thst two months
after date I Intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works, for permission to purcliHHO tbe following described
hind :���Lota Numbors 2578 und 2fn9, beinr���
the Cnhmihia River lu the District ot I
Kootenay, and containing 356.8 and 212.7
acres respectively, be ths same moro or loss-.
Dated at Goldeu, 3rd July, 180!).
Livery & Feed Stables
Rigs of all Mails for hire at reasonable rates.
Teaming of all kinds a Specially.
A. C. Hamilton,
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
flow is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
��. A. HAGGEN,
yissayer & Metallurgist,
Golden,     ���      B.C.
Gold  II 60
Silver  1 60
Lead  1 60
Copper ,. 2 00
Gold and Silver  2 00
Lead and Silver  2 00
Gold and Copper  2 60
Silver and Copper  2 60
Gold, Silver aud Lead  8 00
Gold, Silver and Copper  8 60
Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper, -i 00
Iron   i 00
Tin  8 00
Zino  8 00
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Ores.
All parcels ol ore areiiiii-efully samplel,
one portion tested, one labelled and
kept, and the third, if required, returned to owner us a check on the
assay made.
Terms: Cash Wilh Samples.
Kirr|ptor|     &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
And it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Unggage Transferred Free. '
Hot and Cold Baths.
Hates $2 per dny. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J. C.  Greene, Proprietor.
for   the jiouibwa dl.UUn of
r Kootenay
fosY "Kootenay electoral district,
vice C. U, Edwards, resigned.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, soft or calloused Lumps aod
Blemishes from homos, Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, Ring Bone, Sweeney,
Stifles, Sprains, Sore and Swollen
Throat, Coughs, etc. Save $50 by use
of one bottle. Warranted tho most
wonderful Blemish Cure ever known.
Sold by O. A. Warren.
J. Pinkbara, of the Imperial Bank
of Hevelstoke, has been appointed
accountant, and A. Wulkcr, of the
branoh of the bunk at Calgary, assistant, of the new branoh of the bank to
be opened at Golden under llaunger
Gibb. The bank has not yet opened
here owing to the nou-nrrival of some
of the requisites fer opening.
The B. C. Assay and Chemical Supply Co. have takeu over the busiuess
formerly conducted by Messrs. Mac-
I'ai-lane & Co., and aa the Company
is much enlarged the proprietors are
prepared to compete in every way for
the connection covered by the class of
goods sold. Vancouver is also a very
handy point for which te obtain supplies for this part of the Province.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hammond, of
Toronto, arrived in Golden yesterday
with members of their family ea route
to Windermere, where Mr. Hammond
has extensive interests. Mr. Hammond has stuck well to East Kootonay
and his many friends here would like
to see him strike some of the good
ihings going. In the Sitting Bull
group Mr. Bruce appears to bare secured the making of a valuable mine
for Mr. Hammond.
A new railway is projected to parol*
el the C. P. R. and will run from Quebec to Port Simpson on the Pacific. A
company, supposed to he simply au
alias for Maun k Mackenzio, the own-
uei-s of the Ontario & Rainy Rivor,
has been granted a charter with a
subsidy of t'i,200 a mile for the con-
HtrucLiou of a to.id from EJinouton
westward to tbe Y.llow Head pass,
ihroi'Rh the Rocky Mountains. Prom
the Yellow Head pass tho old abandoned route of the Canadian Pacific
runs to tiie waters of the Paciflo at
Port Simpaou, panning through the
upper valley of the Fraser and tlle rich
Caiiboo mineral oountry. '    -
If you want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milling; Company guarantee thoir flour the equal of any
brand on the Goldon Market and
hereby authorize all grocers to Bell
it subject to above guarantee and
they will refund the full amount
paid for flour upon return of any
not equal to *caara��rce.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Hull Bros. & Go.
Wholesale & Itetnil
Cattle, Sheep hnd Horae Dealer,.
jg* "Wood's HuijIhoaiM,
*T^     Tht Onat EngtUh nmahy. '
*t*t   Sold and neon-mended by ta
Winobrusk-s���E. J, SCOVIL.
Athai.mek���J. J. LAKE.
Orders loft with above agents will receive prompt attention.
Working and Dividend Paying Mine, in
various part, of Britiah Columbia.
Oold Quartz, Copper, Gold, and Silver-load
Prospects and Developed Properties on bond
Galena and Copper Ores
Report, and information furnished regarding mining propertiea.
Stocks in British Columbia minea bought
and aold.
Cable Address:   KANAGArl, Golden.
Code. In u,fl I Moreinff & Ntuil. and Bedford Mcfiieill.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together With the
fact tbat transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE OOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Flans may-be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots iff valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. 6. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Hag-gen, Agent, Golden.
Head of navigation on Columbm River,
The most central point In Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report; of Minister of Mines for 1898; "A waggon road
could be built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER -at e reasonable colt,
and will be so built as soon as it is justified by the raining development."
Dry climate, oharming scenery, perfect boating on lake and river, nnd
good fishing and shooting in immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel snb soil'to build upon J cold, clear water the
year round for household purposes, and splendid water power cloae to town.
Large and complete ssw-mill (20 M. dally capacity) on the ground assures
cheap lumber,
. Terms easy, particularly so to investor* wishing to bnild.
���CooMi Cotton Boot Compound
1 In snooMsfolty used monthly by over
.0,000 Ladles. Safe, effectual. Ladies ask
.,_/our druggist forCwk'i CsUsa Fort Cm-
pbuI. Tako no other, as all Mixtures, pills and
Imitations are dangoroai. Price. No. 1,91 per
boxiMa.n.iodegreesBtron-ger.Slperbox. Ho.
1 or 5, mailed on receipt of price and two S-eenl
stampi. Tbo Cook Compamy Windsor, Ont.
ISTNoi. land Isold and reoonunended hy ail
responsible DracgUls tn Canada.
Na. t and No. S sold In Goldeu by O. W
Field, O.A.Warren, and R. W. Patuisre
dniMJiti In Canada. Only rail-
able medicine dlsoorsnd. ete
��� guarantee* tocura all
.     _  J8S, all effects of ab������
orsassa*, Mental Worry, Bxcesstre oieofTo-
Uooo, Opium or Stimulants. Hailed on reoelpl
memeare, TuupUsts free to any address.
to Wood Compwy, Windsor. Ont
Wood's Phokpoodinb is sold in Golden
by R. W. Putincre, C, A. Warren, and O.
W. Field, Druggists.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S Store and look over the breezy,
up-to-date novels lie has just got in and
Size Up
his nice stock of gold-rimmed eye glasses and spectacles.
Byes tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest*, dandiest and lest, and fresh from the factory.
In Patmore's
rou can get Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, Pipes, Tooaccos, etc. School Supplies of all kinds
at right prices.
Duchess Passenger List
Aug. ISth, Oolden to Carbonate- J.
Henderson; to Spillimachene. J. Good;
to Windermere, A. E. Culrlok, A. W.
and Mrs. Tegart, 0. MoMlllan, P. Ben-
���on, J. MoUaster, J. R. Farreil, B. B.
Brace, Hiss Findlay; Athalmer to
Windermere, E. J. Scovil, D. Keir, J.
Nolan, B. Abel.
Windermere to Athalmer, T. West,
B. Abel, D. Keir; to Oolden, J. Monaster; Athalmer to Oolden, F. and
lira. Dargis, J. M Barr, B. A. Kimpton, Sborrooks; Carbonate to Golden,
Hon. F. "W, Aylmer., A. Macaulay.
Aug. S2r,d, Oolden to Spillimachene
���F. H. Parr; to Windermere, E. *W.
Cole; to Athalmer, F. aad Mrs.Dargls;
Athalmer to Windermere, Powers, E.
Hankins*J. Nolan.
Windermere to Athalmer, T. Jonee;
lo Oolden, J. W. B. T-Jnng, D. J. Mo-
Do��ald, M. Flaherty, F. C. Lang;
Galena to Goldon, J. Good; Carbonate
to Golden, H, G. Low,
Lakeside Hotel,
Taynton & Gordon, Props
Good accommodation for  Prospectors and
Freighters,   First-class meals.
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
18 llrnnglit Ilnlets,
11 I'uclc Mule*-,
1.1 Vay-iKei.
J'lio nbove Rtm-k is In first dim. comlilion,
anil U noli broken. I'nck rlftling nml bar*
nos. enn nbto bo ,i-rnnffeil For. The stock Is
situated In Kunikioiw uoigbborliood. Oilers
to be mndo to
The Waverley Mine "MaUte*.
C. D. Iiang, Agent.
Canadian Pacific Railway
"Imperial  Limited"
an unqualified auceesn.
The quickest & finest
train across the
Low Bales to tbe Eaet Tia
the    Lake    Route.
Steamers leave Fort William
Apply for particulars to nearest C.P.R.
agent, or to
wm. STrrr,    c e. mophebson,
Ass't.Gen.Pass.Agt.      Gen.Paes.Agt.
Winnipeg. Winnipeg.
The B. C. Assay& Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver.      -     B.C.
Wa nro Manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a largo stock of Balances.
Furnaces, Fire Clay (toxin, Bclnntffic and Practical Hooks, Gliuaware, Platinum Goods.
Acids, Chemical*, and all other Awayers' and Miners' requirements.
SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Baiternai Decker's Bobs'
Balancec, Etc.
Catalogue and full particulars on Application.
pop a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
T. D. Pickard,
Gold, Silver or "Lead  .11.80
Copper   2.00
UolJanil Silver    3.00
Oold or Silver and Copper....   8.10
Gold, Silver and Lead    8.00
Oold, Silver, Lead and Copper 4.00
Prompt Attention to Samples by mall.
Cash most accompany the Sample.
Pulp kept for throe months.
Front Street, Hevelstoke, B.C.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Bumps and Seal, will be
received at the GowjBit Eea Oflceand
executed with promptitude*
E. A. Haggen,
Wotarjr PaMIe, Mining. Financial anal
Oommlulen Agent, Oeeemluloner
of the Inpreni. Conrt.
Deeds attested. Parties' reprewnled in
Police, Small Debts and County Courts.
Accounts collected and disputed claima
adjusted.     " :-   '';    ���
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent lor E. A, HAGGEN,
Aisayer & SettUnrgiBt.
OrricB at LAKsaioa Hotil,
Windermere, - B.C.
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
1899. PROVINCIAL 1899.
Under the Auspices ef
The Royal Agricultural A Industrial Society of British Columbia
Will be hold at
New Westminster, B.C.,
October 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th.
$15,000 -     In - Prizes. *       $15,000.
Open to the World.
A Round of Pleasure for Four Whole Days.
Grand Concert each evening.  Special attraction at the NeivWe.tmln.ter Onera House
Monster Excursions from all points at goeatl-f reduced rates. For aneolal Matures Ma
 Io entrance fee chargid for Eihlblts. *!*��*' aewret m
EXECUTIVE-HI. Worship Mavor Ovens, T. J. Trapp, W. J. Mathers. Gee. D Brm.
ner,B.P.AinIer��n,Ald.J.F.B��itf,AM.M.feleeiiur. mtatrert.'m.u.atyta.
For Prise LUU, Entry Ferae, and f��U pattkulars, write to
T. J. Trapp, Pres.,      Arthur Maiins, Secy.,
W. H. Keary, Commissioner.


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