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The Golden Era Jan 11, 1901

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Array /��� ' i
���   ',���  **. **    ��� :
'���'/'������ *
JaUIES Hekdersom,
Builder & Contractor,
f ''���-is mi
A asippl-f of Bnilding l.lme for Sale.
*IM piepuei. frossspt atteotlon *tisson to
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solioitor.
Notary Public."onVojfancor, ete
Offi.-s) In Upper ColssmM. Karlm-loa at
I'sasusajr Gmovifv ItuUsJiog,
II. V.
VOL. X NO. n
H. G. Parson,
Genera/1 Merchant,
Acxai^der Block
* REDUCED     *
Clothing, Winter Goods,
Boots and Shoes
*. A. Warren's
Until .Stick-taking in February.
11 ave decided to Sell only to Cash Customers and those Who Settlift...WtynthIy.
No others need apply io*-goods.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2 500,000
Capital Paid Vp 82.m."-(0:i
Bout ��� 1.70U.000
R I, newl.sr.l,       ���       PraaMs-M.
T. R. Menitt,        -        Vsrel's-e-a.
Wsn. Kam.jsy.     T. Satlserlsin'l ���"���tas-nor
Robert-la"Tray, JBIUs Honor*,
Wns. Ilonslria.
HaaDOrnci:: Tortosn.
O* K. Wii.kik, Oenars.1 Maaaget.
E. Hay, Insspector.
MANITOBA, K. W. T. and n. C,
B-.-ni-lon, t'stlgiiry, Tslsnosston.
Oolden,       *N��)aors,        Portage lu I'nitrse,
Prince Albert, .   I.'e.ylai.ikn,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,       \Visir,ip.a:,
Earn, Fss'irisa, Gait. H.-ssssillosi, Inmr.**ll,
Llatowal, "Vsajf.ra I'alla, I'ort Col'ioiu'iiis
Hat Porl.KO, Sasilt Sse. Marie, St..
Catbarino.. St. Thossiaa, Torosilo, \V.II.*ind,
Weesiaiock, aad Monti-usl, Vise.
.Agent* In <��rent llilial.it
U.-rd'a Dank. Ltd , 12 Lombard lit., London
with wliasn money may hn dop-.ssi.ed lor
Irantf.r hy letter ar cablet, any of tbo
.bott braacho*.
Agent* In t?nllo:l Slate*:
SBtryoxis-'Be-k ef Mentreal, Baalt ol
CITUIAUO-Firat National llank,
ST.PAUI/-8econd Nasiosial Hank.
SAN KKASl.'ISUO-Walla, Fnrge A Co. I
'      Bsusb.
A tent* la Smith Afi-lsss,.
the standard bank of south
afuil'a limited.
savings bankUepabtment
Ialereat allorcs-sl on slepMiM
Fr.siaclal, Mussuii,.i and otherd.Xntnrw
Arailatl. at all rssilisia in Canada, Uastcd
Kingdom, United **ta'os.
J. S. Gibb, Mffi-., Golden Branoh,
Mr. Thoa. O'Brien having purohaiud
Tn�� QotDESi Eka Newepapsjr and
printing EuBioeii, ai from Decern lu-
28th, 1900, ill accounts o-ss-inj; to tbe
office tt that dat* aro payaUo to bin),
We hare to request for Mr. O'ilrien
the continuance of tlio Bobscription and
advertising pal-renege liillieno eiicnd-
cd lo sm.
Per E. A. IUGGiSN,
Mana-tlnu; Director.
Golden, Dee. ilOih. 1900,
vesi Si'okisne, isinl Inf. prssctioe'ls not dividual depoa.ttfl of 7.101 i>er*soii-s.
coisflssp.l to she minin-r coni|,asiiea by iOver 118,000,000oiisno from Klondike
any means. T.iea.s people ure really 'and tlio rem-iludnr ffaiofitbr* parts ot
.ending an-n,, the .nones* ihs-y earual'Alaska. Britisli Coliimliln. Wnshlng
in the country und the country is toss aud other States. Nome's ssstt|,nt
.lei-iving no benefit from it at nil. If| waa(8,738,378.1-L wliloh lis no
ihey would only relics a little and good. takliij-* lino Hiissoniii thn
entrust thoir orders ts, local xtoi-o- svtsier ther*! end the uliiiom
keopei-s  thia w-ould   send lo keep the.lisig.stinn.
money in i-.irciilsstifin  in the rnsi~*:M>->'r I  ���	
hood, wonld  ensslilo tin.* los-.l man to ftliiia Ttnibaring'.
reap the |iri;lit wis loll m,, prcst-ut i.o<-8
to the otitaider, isnrl would uintertalty
The Kojta.iay Central Railway
The ahrbsrd sins-liir-p-. man, or ihs,
experinnced rssllway hsiilstor, coming its
Kim up she situation in Enst Kootemiy
sisl;si-ei| I would   naturally   as'*   h
ml; ef j whioh in ihn hl-r'n-it pol
82 Van Yeas.
si'lt-Mli). experience In Africa, hut is
nes-er heen in ihe territory u-'liieli he
now iihout' lo exploro, Thore ia im
i*'-t;son lo believe that '.lie ground I
will cover is rich in minerals, and
'elf. not, j the party ia ssttoessful In locating an
si >ha ilia-. ths ospjtalltla  ssrdit.sj it  out   wj
foaiil.wllflmj-*i4r|*��sy rollow it by iho dov lopment of tl
do**iitoihe.revol.,pi.liiilnM,tii.afi-om're,m,rces  of  the  Darfc Continent,.
svlifch mines I oan i I  he ore. up tn N-,*,01, Wnn
iliogi-oal am.lt.ir  whit-li mu.t h built 1 ___
. ,0 m.,]ie ,jie |llIH11PMH *,,��� ,nb iiiiiia oj-er-
Prolsislsly iipshijitf in the world can !���,������* a jutyliiK one: hut. v. hen* Im    ha
assist in  the dorelopmeiit of trada. j,1U s;sid t*s exceed in ati-siosural svoiidcfr' p.jjnt *h .e.e;,tVs'llv -s ��� 'a ���.!   h
thus isicidentnlly reatiliinjr in increased of Ite Itlnsl ihn lsihyrliitbian e.vs'era of |ii loan Iseflt rennli all. or V;
D stribu-lor of Scod Grain'.
roin I To tho lilitor of This C6;.'6it( "Eba*-
^ ���*-*f'l    D.iriri-. the past tsvelveyenre sauipl-j
ihoso varieties of grain, Ao., whil
prosperity ull round.   Let those ol ua surface tiinberinu peoullarsu the mil eel portion of theureat mining iPvionss in
who are lnrge-piiruliusere oi eonstrm* on I lie Oosnatook. lode, at Virginia nud J the aurronndisig  itioiinrHlna   an*! to
era endeavor to remember this sound [Oold Hill, Ne.adn, the sum of |.*I5,-*| which I c��n haul -' ' '-'������' ��'���'���'������ ���,"c���'-"!���,e'*, bl!" on sevenii Estpen
pri, cijilo of economics, and we are con
li.'ctst tbat   tho result will be to the
adva'nt'agu of tbe wholo uommuuity.
stone, and Sir Charles Tupper wishes
that ha eould aay the same about the
Laurier Geverui-neot.
O0O.CCO heing cbnuiderad h Wrato t,v a,ieH-y down ��,�����,!��. and nt wbich ll "'"'"- **!** mTj^fi^m
estimate of the cost of the kame from can find tin al.umkut 9n,.plv of W.|J onH^t1on l��3-lb.b:.R , freetliro^
:h8 opotmitf of th, mi���e�� to the prwertt for my e.mnp mill.,. emeUerk ami re ! "'' m"M' '�� farme" '" *" Pi'r'S ��f ,hl
tinae. TJiOHae of the timber* variea, finflrs. Lookhijf dr.-imd foruHiotao
from hoge pteeve l&wehee ^'lareand j f.ivorer] b.v naiu*--i be would unliwita
24 (eet loug to the smultir po os tight Iti^U4 s.iy to himself on -seeim-Port
���ur ���    . . .     i,1,c,ll,�� ���s1-,tire "i"d i'i crlMiinjc.   The S'eele:*-he ��� Is iha di'iilt-iior for which
Well, the ,nmeieenih  century has -.-..i���  p.,,,,1^*!   u\.a ���(������ &��� .'*n,A ���* ,       ��� ,,     ..   ��
 , a._ ^L,_,���_ m ...;,..._ *ttlJ"clCH  ��to|ilojrtM  a\a clu-fly jelloW,! hitve beenaKarohiiue."   But In-would
pi e, fir and cedur, fnll.v two t-iir��K of, vo d ii'bt put to himself this further
thu  whole  amount behitf   the  hrt- question; ��� why lias a s,-ot to fc.oVed
named   a favorite timber, in fact, with; b> nature been so6.rai.g(dy  net-Jecra!
mine oirpei.teM,   on  nucouub of its bj   man?,"  Ho would prohabiy etio
Domhiloii. Tho o'-j ot iu view In thf
distribution "has been  to add  to tn
pro-luc'ivnuesi und Improve thequalitj
of     one Im port apt   (u.Vicnl'nrnI   pro
dues   throughout    tho  country,   dj
placiiiiX within reach --I' every farmer
5'Jiti tern] ot ths most productive sorts,
Tins work has met with muoh apfcrera
atiin and h lar^n uwasuro of .itnc^ss,
Under Ins ruction of the Hon. Minister of Atfiic.tliute nno'liCi* ilis-tiimtion
���ivill Brt m'o.dfl this ���ftsson.    OwinK *$
"(the very lai'K-fl number of applicationfl
i annually rfioeivod*1, it isnnt pr-ictirr' to
j ivind more than nna sum pie to each
his bemifll.   Thu people of Ottawa ��M|c6iii|*eAd% the Enormous pressure It I natural  rej-onrces of thadlatrlci? To fl,*,,iioftnr'~,,fnce, ,f ��i i"div��dunl i*
,. ,    ,      ,  , ,      ,. . looivey a aample of oats, he c&nnpt also
thlaqitery thoiboughtful well Informed L    ���_        ,   ,- *   ,    , '
, .     f r aeiveot<e ol wheat, hurley or potatoes.
an 1 implications for   more thnn one
onr pi*p��L'tit   purpose  howevor to ���, . ,.  P ,        .   ..
' : s.'.mj.Ie for oue honcehold cannot be
An Ottawa boy mimed Malloy went
to South Africa as a private in one of
the contingents oent from Canada to
help the mother country-   He has ro-
exactitude in jolmiig. Cuditr. of
course, is Inferior to no known timber,
not evt'u excei*iiiig redwool, for it"'
lasting qualities underground, but it
turned to Ottawa blind.   The people M9 *-*-*A that yellow pine hte boen taken
nek, '��� was the ureal development railwny built through  ihe district by the
favor of the'Governments of the Do
Inlon nnd the Province  .a Ipcaied
best to serve theohjoot in viow ���tho
of that city aro talking of schemes for f^* the lower levels of the��fi mines to most thorough exploitation of the great
*rfl|c6iiip"acted by the enormous pressure if
wrong,   Private Malby should not be has withstood as to imve a density
Canada should take charge of all such |\v'tt.��e.     Nono of the  llmbersJn thejnc
mnn.   ite risked hia life for his cumi- iCoinsrock mines bas yet bad|y dtf4��V^, dlscn-s ihfs quoMion at ieiigih or ��.i T
trv.   His countrv is notrisking any- and their life th��rn cannot he aeuurnie- 'all,   Tho railway is-h-re,  It haS nol !" ,        . au        , _^*i-M        >i
ly determined, hut the beat and vapors ! l0Ucl,ed .1.0 spot which of all others   -"", 'f r��^T W''�� lpJ?y ^^^
liaiH of nanjt-s  from   souiti
thing in providing him with a pension
as long as be lives.-Nelson Tiib.ino
Eere i�� a 0*e'6rgla Hoy'a composition
on the trouble in China; -'-China ts a
land of heathens that would rather
worship a wooden gol (but grins at
you thar, &0 to church an* puy pew
rent.   Wy   pa   wuz  a missionary iu
touched  lho sput
of ,l,e mines aurchuwdw ���l���er.,i||��� East   Kootenav   it   ahould have : "." " �� '""""   '""'   ""'T ? ,n*,4-
atoms appear to have a dwfiMly ire- renohosl.   Thwh..��|-rt.m"Sr.t|||i,|l^II"u,,,"1  '"' .^"*" le;e'1*   J-_\
sorsativesfe, upon the timber. ,������,,*������ tie, oV *���,��,��.. the sl.ua  .d'"'""'*"��" *'�� =��"ssl  -<~V'f���
, or eaiiiplt'Kotouts, spi-insrwheiit, barley
lion wid   lis  r-.'-,Hiitfti-"S  nml  dlSllsl- '��: ���] t   1 s ' -   .
H I bold pens,  Indian  C0I-I1  lisel notaltse]
vantage, is before uv- how can >,. A|11,|iwuio,1R s,,0���k, ,,, ,,j..r..H^<( lt
beat supply tb. traiisponatlon t'oilWlht.Dlm,���6, ��,,,���,.���,���,���, Pmnl��
>I0S, .Hll lack..,e. by some scheme ol ���,������.-_ ^ ,;(| BeJj, ,������. ^   ,,.
" Workingmaii's Gi'levano3."
Usi'ler the above head the foUosrlng
letter  10  the editor of the Begin* ">t|*��y oon.truoilon os that projected
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C.,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Canadian Pacific Railway
gave (the Qnleknt and
Beit Equipped Train
Crossing the Continent.
St. Paul,
���*>* Pally.
, v-
'Toronto and Montreal
Wednesday and Sunday.
For fnll particulars apply lo neat-eat
C. P. B. Ageni.
Or to
A O.P.A., 0/-A,
The ftrltlih Cofiimhia Boufhorri Railway
Company trill apply to the Parliament of
Canada at Its next Hessmn for an Act tixtend-
Ing tbe time within which It may construct
it* Railway* and aiithnriehiff it to construct
such Branches from any of its lines not
Mcrftlinff In any one com thirty miles In
length, as are from timo to tiinn authorize!
Ity tbe Governor la Conned, aod for other
pnrpesss; *
Iff Secretary.
'I  mi I I Ti-i
a. p. *. a. at.
Wiih. r
A. M. Ksflguh.r Cuminunh-atlon,
scp/md Mnntlay in evory month.
Bi journinff brotbreu cordially hi-
C.H.PAR80N, Secretary.
fj Oi o. r.
- Rooky Mountain Lodge No. 34 meets in
Oddfellows Hall, Uolden, every Wednesday
at 8 p.m.  Sojourning brethren welcome.
p^iBflEJUl^ uijw^��
Theelementsth.it contribute to the
prosperity of a iy given town or locality are many and diverse In ttieir
ttVure. Oue dlstrie* may enjoy the
.if's of nature to an extent ihatex-
���jjies tho envy.of iIioho leti> fortunately
���>tt .itted. mid m y ciosper Hcobrdlugly,
Auo* hur, by re eon uf its position as a
railway centre, may make substantial
progress quite indepoudeut of natural
advantages, whilst people In Other
places, destitute alike uf tha bdunti&a
of nature or the adveriiitjou*} aid uf
man, rouy bt) condemned to a monotonous, exist-no for centuries, undisturbed by the world's progress or the
chances uf amassing wealth.
lu whatever position We may lie
placed in, however, whether I've reside
In a lar^o ttiauufucturlitR town, a prosperous mining camp or ti quiet hum
drum vllUfte, 'far from the madding
crowd," thore Is a duty which devolve*
upon all- a duty which every earnest
cltisun should deem imperative wher
ever his lot may be cast and thin
duty is to conduct one's business iu
such a way that, whilst he Is sulvin^
to carve out his own fortune, he shall
not overlook tho progress of hia own
immediate eommunltv. In fact be
should realise fully and unreservedly
that ths progress of hie neighbors
must tend to materially a&ist h m ;
thit their prosperity must not be d s-
sociated from his own well being. If
this were more amply realise! there ti
no doubt that ihe community at large
would derive muoh hentflt nud Increased prosperity.
It may bo asked: How ia this going
to affect one? Many a man will sav
that he has given his time to municipal
affairs, or hns served the uommuuity
In ons capacity or another, and has
done his best in this way to contribute
lo t|ie advancement of the district.
But there are many other methods by
which greater result* may be obtaiueJ,
and the chief of these may be crystal-
ized In the familiar words- ' I'.aron-
Ise boms industry " It is unfortunately far too common for poople iu and
around Oolden to neglect the mores in
their own neighborhood aud obtain
their supplies from tho larger centres.
China. Wlu-n ihe boxers commenced 'Standard, and published in that paper ""^rthenaraeof the Kootenay Central
to box thtjy Knocked htm otiriu ihe in Hslstmeof rhe 2nd Inat,, will b^jBullway-a And In pushing thIA project
u'rst round, an' ho lost three buffers read witb interest b.v many of onr\ino P*��p'a ��' F��r- Steele ahould he
iin's brand new hymn booh with ft *3itlfcefis\ since it reflects tinsparingly ll"'tl'1' ttfl 01lP ���"'""��� Our interests in
hook mark iu it. Then he corned'un oue of our most important Indus* ,n*e r"'lw��y "^ vital. It is for rhe
home, lie ba�� still got 2 legs an'2 (rles, and, Jnour opinion, lis remarks: l",(,s,-';;(J yrr-tter than that cf any other
arms loft, though the mission board are entirely uucalle  fo;: - |placein the district. Hence ft is out
fore the lut of .March. 1801, after which
date tlio lists will bo cloe^d, ."0 tha'**
lha samples askod for muy h-Il be sens
out in good t mo for hoiylufc, Piirtfcs
writing wili please mention the son of
sa.nple thoy wouM prefer, naming tw6
br tinea differ fnt varieties of ifitiJfi
holce, Siiouid tha available stock of
toldnfm   that   he lost his bend.   Ho     Sir.   I am one of �� tir^e number of .fU,rJ' ������ ;veJI ��* 0I"' I",0PB9t8 (t08ta,,dUll the varletlss named beelbauitW
says homo niinSions take tne c.iku.���
worklugtiifn �� ho, in r��- pon-e tosdvnr-;shoulder to shoulder 'o show our faith
lisfmcnt publi'���lic'd broadcast to terrl   in (ho natural advantages and btatl'ii#
Itis as good an settled that Chris,' 'wla I new^ptipnri for meu io work in ' of our town by worfrltlfi ilreleusly for
Fule.v who ran as I��nhor ciiiidftlHti�� fn I It.mbeii��iff o��in|���� at OoldDU* onme hero j It�� advaitoertieu*-,   By   shewing ihis
Talo Carihoo at the last -general dec   only lo bedis-ippolntoil Innwquest for|faI'b on nil occasions, and by helping
rion. will be selected to replace Ralph l��W*ft Mnny of ihe men had only their
Smith  on   the  Chinese  commission Mmre r��''ro��d fare; others were furtun
Evidently Mr.  Foley h��a acquired n|��r����nou��h to have the moitia or were
���*.**.i in*
reputation ns a Labor leader by Ith
candidature in thiti constituency. It
is ru be hoped thnt  he  will exftrriso
somo other good sort wiil I
The Bum pies of grain n ill be tenl
early but potatoes oan not be distributed
pntil danger of injury in transit b/
ourselves wo shall sooner or later ftet I frost is over, Ko proviahn bus bioii
others to heb us. Circumstances inav j ttajtf for any general distribution ol
seem at pru-pnt againsi us;hut lot us
sliow tio feeling of daspnlr. Lt H
shupe these circuni-tauces to our owd
etl'ts, assured  th-it  with the building
HiippIio-1  money by frieilds to return
being unable to get employment- Many
new settlers on the prairie enme ou the
bettor judgment as a mom ber of the|l,lfro,W*'1 ��' thoae advertisements, in j of the north Alltl lotlHl 'road And its
commission than ho showed In his 'he hop.of making a few dollar/ to J branches, a new life will be given our
speech here during ihu ra npal ji. iu ,,,,JJ"1 farming operations with I Is Mown and a new era of prosperity dawn
wh ott be .dus-. Iiu Ipulit ulans ;.s IiolS, " H1*"*" hardship tha' these ��nl o* Ji >rs Ion a portion ofthe itimricf not hitherto
all pushing '0 feed al the expense of "honld lw out of po kei ou this " vIMlauiydl'ij witli nse-M Ml way Tactlitieb,
ihe public Appnrpntlji Mr. Pulej -a tywp oha^e." Thin la but a fopelftldii - Fori S ele Proapeetor.
���'ayimals-'have Ind the eiect of pi o- of m-itty oilier similar deceptions prac*
vhling .an opening io the "irough" lls0,i 0,t man by o.mtraoiors and large
and he has got hti DOSO In it. jcorpOMtiona.     Tho    DQpnrtmeill    of
Labor at Ottawa has now art Upper-
tunity to exvruist) I'm goodly offices in
prcct'titing n recurrence of these repro-
hensible inducaments to laborers. Any
Two and a half million do'lara worth
any other seeds thai: those named.
LetieHI maybe seut lo the Jtxpfer!-
mcntal 1-arm free of po.Anp..
Director Experimental Farms,
Ot:awa, De^-iuber if-iwi, lOCO.
ANcwCorI Fitild.
S.i William Vftn Home and a numbct
of his business associates hnve jurfe
���soured a charier for a largo area of
ooal lund* In the Fairview mlninfa district of the Interior, Thr. bewoompanj1
in 1900.
T. Oral am. formerly with the T-tn
Projected Ra Iways.
Ottawa, Jan   n.   Application will
ba made to parliament next session for I is oompo i.i of Sir W.  Van Hume,
an aet  ro  incorporate the Kootenav Messrs, Hosmer, Matthews Jifidollipr
Central  Railway  C-'uipfliiy  -o   build  baRlsrn OApJtallstf{ and  its Oapttftfl^
Vompany,  corpdl'Rtiott $t coMtMtiflm from  Fort S'seletoKIko, or be U000.C00.   Tho objeot   of tie new
tivHin Elko and Wardner, aod from company is the acquirement and oper-
Fort Steele io W.'ndennero and thenee gilott ot the luim.usu euai (i-Ids,Ituowh
to tlle tow it oJ Ooldani and for oihor to OKlshn iUd'littfloi south ofOkan-
purpoaes.    Application .vill  also   Ire lagan Lake, There Is a basin jnst at thd
of ore was shipped from East Kcoteimy(nHving Quired the sufficient number
of men doaifod should lw compelled to
[ndvertlso  as   broadly ns In the lirst
, ,,        . , [liistftnu-e 'he fact  that  no men xv'ei-o
gu'f Co. at Alberi i 'am on.   has, taken
ton trail tu Fort Selkirk, aud for other
li W Gordo,-' plaoe wi h the Run w,"'t"^ ","1'h''" save poor psoplb ibe L1Hje tor  liu   He.i to Incorporate the I south of Pemfcwn   at the lower oM
mines ar S.ndon |,ri",",  hHrdsl.lps arid Urtiil-Wssary �����. A|wbl,   (in,i   Northwestern   flaltway of OkanRgftn L��U, and Jar^o deposit*^
  ��� | ffOitfte . f seeking work where none ti to. Company, to Inj operated from a point  0f coal have been found hero from timo
All the ore nud concentrate of rhe IhJ '��""d    f tr,,M ^mf$t 6mith *"d near Pyramid Harbor on Lynn canal. I tb t|me. The Fairview   CorporRtio��(
.   Eugene  mine at Moyio are now *'tU���\ M *"*' 1" re,,r^B"t,"i;'�� l'f through Chilkat r.iss, hy wa   ot Da'- owned some of the property a couplo
i f years ago and ooal was then mined
in sufficient quantity -o be sold to lho
surrounding neighborhood at ?!"�� rt,r
ton. This shows the value of fl-JKl in
that district, where ttab��*��pqr.iaiion-id
the present Lime is very dillieult. It is
housldered that ihe now echoine; If
onrnoil out will he a grent one Tor tho
development ofthe whole ofihe Interior'
The ability of the new company td
Krrsngfl rail*.vay communieatiou is of
St.   _..���	
ISoked,     Laa. week a sblpit ent of 850 tllfl Tj!,,,��r �������* in l,l(J Hwm of Co,n"
tons was uiadetpP-rih Amboy, Naw  �����'�����  *����� ��,ve ,,��I" 'be.r attention
und thus mitigate -t H>riousevil.
Yours truly
Jersey. It is likely thai a good portion
of the sucked ore will be shipped lo
Rossland camp spent over a million
dollars last your in mining machinery
The King Piacer Mining Company,
Golden, Dec. 28, 1900.
Looking for Assistance.
Vancouver, Jan. 8,-Premier Dims-
of Philadelpnia. have deoid*d to take mufr, Attorney Ceneral Ela'rts, Mr,
hold of th t Bluo Jay  placei  lease on R E Gosuel, private secretary to the I Miner,
To Explore Africa.
S. G. Pearson, of tho firm of Arch
hold A Pearson, of litis city, will head
an exploring party that will go into
tho Itllerlbr of Africa to look fur Valuable mineral, agricultural or other
opening* for onpltal, says.tbe Nelson
Mr,   Pearsq i   hftS  left   for ! the best and if the work goes on, ita it'
tbe undertaking, which ia being (in-
Kneed bv wealthy Euglis'li cnpitahais,
and until ho reaches London ho will
not learn the details. The jtirty \vi,i
probatdy number about 16 "ihite men,
who will go in fuciiu Ztuzibur and
strike duo west- until they reach the
iniorior, when they will turn southwards, and the trip will likely con
Mime nine mouths. Travelling will bn
done   by   ox wagons   nud  a s'.aff of
a largo pun of the coal business of thd
Interior will be hettdled from fairview
Vvithiti tt year.
Smith Creek and their representative premier, and Mr. Bass, chief clerk of Loudou,   wlu-ro   his   party   will   bejuow protni-08 10 do it is probable tfini
Ibord, fi--A. Bradley,  made the Hist the Aooruey   General's  department, formed and frf in whero It will set out,
.payment to the locators, G.  HmNiro.n, left for Ot.iawa yeti;enl��y,  where ihey I He is not ye" thoroughly familiar with
I W. Richard*?, C. Hauheu, J .hn Soards,Wxpect io  le jollied by Hon.  W, C,  all 'he plana ihtt have beon inKde f.
[and H. Auwurd, mi lho 94th ult.   Mr.  Wells, minister of H mi nee.   Tho visit
Bradleyloft forPhilndelphlacnSunday.of the ministers to capital is to lay
morning to consult with his company j boforo the government lit btiafra the
'and expebts to return early in tbt'importance of mi> fefing British Col-
[spring to take supplies up tt> the leaso'umbia somo assistance in opening up
���by boat ns soon as tho river opens.��� the rich,  but ut [resent  undeveloped
Revelstoke Herald. 'i territories.   The min^iero olaim that
****-" 110 pari of Canada has yielded such
For the year 1900 Assayer Fred A.1 haudr-omo returns f.r money Invested
Wing of tbo V. 3. t-.t-.say ollic��. Seattle, Vs hns   this province and   when the
said the receipts there were id 18 tons now thealmost inaccessible portlona are
of go] I'**ml silver.   The total quantity I opoticd up and the mountains and val
iiaiK servants will accompany tlfii,
of gold for tha year was 1,345,128 trpy llfey* can bs explored British Oolumbla|pirty. tit. Piarsou will teluvn.iei
uuuceB, with an nnnn*i*fa*\ valua n{ *-'���>--
nocommended for tha V.C.
Pri rate information received from
SJuth Adieu states lhat Col. Lea^srn
hits hue recommended for special ilia
Unction; and M-njor Tftftle'r, uf Quebtfcj*
Cuekburn, formerly c! ilie Goitrnur-
GeueralV Body Guards, T-jronio; Kinsley, Haldiinand Allies'; and Holland,
Princess Louise Dragoons, Oiawa, for
i-lito V.C for brtvefy lu recuul aoUooSi NEW GOVERNORS.
Boers   Retreating   .Northward- Two
Unsslan Commandants
London, Jan. 6.���The following colonial otlice appointments wore an-1
nounced last evening:
Sir Alfred Milner to bo governor ot
the Transvaal and British high commissioner.
The Hon. Sir Walter Francis Hely-
Hutchlhson (governor of Natal und
Zultilund since 1898) to be the governor of Cape Colony.
Limit .-Col. Sir Henry Edward Mc-
Cullum (governor of Newfoundland
since 18U8 and aide-de-camp to tha
Queen since 1000) to be governor of
Mujor Hamilton John Qootd-Adains
(resident commissioner of the Dochu-
analnnd protectorate) to be lieutenant-governor of the Orange River
Cape Town. Jan. 0.���Two hundred
Boers have recrossed the Orange river, going north. The Russian commandants i Potrowsk and Duplooy,
were killed in the fight at Utrecht,
Dec. 25.
London. Jan. 6.���The Earl of Kandahar and Pretoria is already immersed in his arduous new duties at
the war offlce. Hc will take no holidays.
There Is no further news from Lord
Kitchener, who, according to a Cape
Town dispatch is culling tor 5,000
men lo guard the Hand mines. Enlisting in Cape Colony continues active and 500 men will leave Cape
Town for the north within the next
few days.
Information regarding the invasion
is scanty. Col. Williams attacked the1
eastern Invaders Jan. 1, near Mid-
dleburg, but failed to dislodge them.
He has since been joined by Lieut.-
Col. Grenlell and the Boers have retired.
Gen. Brabant has arrived ot Croat
Reinet. Advices from Maseru. BaftU-
toland, dated yesterday, sny Unit
three separate columns are still our-
suing lien. Do Wot, but with no success beyond tuking 28prl��oners. Cannon firing is continually heard.
St. Eaul, Jan. 6.���Negotiations
were completed yesterday whereby .1.
J. Hill, president of the Great Northern railway, comes into possession
of the Crow's Nest Pass coal fields
of British Columbia. The coal Is
a good quality of bituminous. The
coal deposits were owned by a syndicate of Toronto capitalists, and its
value is being estimated. It is
thought to be worth $100,000,000,
though the sum paid is stated to bu
only $5,000,000. This is the inlor-
enco from the statement made some
time ago that Mr. Hill would not
pay more than this. The coal fields
will supply the middle west when
they are developed and tho Great
Northern will be extended about 86
miles to reach them,
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. fi.���It is reported here that the north-bound
limited on the Chicago Great Western has been wrecked near Sargent,
Minn. No particulars have yet been
Minneapolis, Jan. 6.���Two engines
were pulling tho Chicago Oreat Western train and the second pno Jumped
the track. The baggage ear was
ovcrturoed and burned. Seven coaches
left the track. Doggagemastor Green.
Conductor Healey and the buffet car
porter were seriously bruised. No
passengers were hurt.
Astoria, Ore., Jan. 6.���The fine
British ship, Amlrada. of 2,804 I mis,
appeared oil Columbia three weeks
ago and Pilot Cordlner was taken
aboard. A great storm arose at that
lime and the Andrada was driven to
the north. She has not been even
since and it 1b feared she has foundered. The rovenue cutter Perry bus
gone tn search of the Andrada. The
British vessel Rathdown, now HI
days out from Yokohama, for this
port, is long over-duo, and it is feared that she has beon sunk by a typhoon off the Japanese coast.
Rome, Ga., Jan. 8.���George Reed" a
negro, charged with an at tempi edl
assault on Mrs. J. K. Lookyear, of
this city, on Tuesday night, was
hanged yeatorday to a tree and his
body riddled by bullets by u mob of
citizens. Reed protested his innocence and Mrs. Lookyear, before
whom he was taken, failed lo identify him, but tho mob seeking i.e
prisoner's life wan not satisfied until the negro had been takon ou'.tf'ftj
the city and lynched.
Halifax, Jan. fi���Tho coal lnur-rs
get an advance of 12 per coat ull
round, the employers making a complete surrender to tho men. Work
was resumed yesterday. In the enso
of Sprlnghlll, this is an advance of
22 per cent within four months, the
men having received an advance of
10 per cent four months ago.
Slmcoe, Jan. 8.���Grover 0. Bhyne,
aged 18, was accidentally shot dead
by hie brother Edward, aged 18.
Edward discharged a double-barrel li
ed shot gun loaded with cartridge,
the contents entering the face of his
brother a few feet away.
London, Jan. rf.���United States
Ambassador Choate yesterday presented the Hay-Pauncefote treaty
amendments to the socretary for foreign affairs, tha Marquis of Lnfta-
Washington, Jan, 6.���Tho navy department haa called upon thi superintendent of the naval academy frit* a
report upon a charge subm'tt'd by
Representative Rlxey (Vlrgim-i), lo
the effect that a marine nnumd Ilo-
bart Green, of Virginia, hnd Oil a'
Annapolis from Ill-treatment while
sick. I twaa alleged that Itht'-l wns
ul llged to march wnlto ul from pneumonia, and that iho decks wore
washed beneath him while Im lay in
his hammock on the Santee.
A double wedding 14 on* kind 0' u
lour-m-band tta.
iu.jaiii'iiiiirJ'ireTir���        "
A BudiE" ot Important New* CundenMd
Fredericton, N.B., Jan. 0.���The Anglican cathedral here was dumaged
by fire ihis morning.
Halifax, Jan. 5.���-A bulletin from
Sydney, C.B., says tho strike ot miners ia off, tbe masters having accepted the terms of the men.
Seattle, Jan. 6.���The public library
building at Seattle burned last night
with 25,000 volumes, entailing a total loss of nearly ��100.000.
Kingston, Jan, fi.���The funeral of
the wile of Principal Grant took
placo on Friday afternoon. Sir San-
ford Fleming was among the pull-
Norfolk, Va., Jan. 4.���The first
cargo oi American coal for Russian
warships cleared this port iu the
British steamer Ferndine, for Port
Arthur,  yesterday.
Chatham, Jan. 0.���Alex, and W. H.
Freeman, both colored, sentenced In
1898 to life imprisonment (or killing
Policeman Rankin, of London, huve
been releiused from Kingston,
Montreal, Jan. 6.���A child was
born on a St. Penis street car Thursday illuming. Mother uud child
were removed to the hospital in an
ambulance, and are doing well.
Chicago, Jan. fi.���The combination
of plow companies, of which there
have been rumors for two or three
days, will be launched next week
with a capitalization of $66,000,000.
Sun Francisco, Cal., Jan. fi.���A report reached here from Reno, Nevada, that a train on the Nevada, Colorado & Oregon railway, north of
Reno, wus blown from tho tracks
and several  passengers Injured.
Ottawa, Jan. 0.���It is very probable that Col. Otter will be selected
as the commandant of the Royal Military college, Kingston. Although
no appointment has yet been made,
It looks as if he would be the choice
of the government.
Constantinople, Jan. 0.���In tha
course of a serious affray near Ish-
tib, originating in an attempt to arrest a number of Bulgarians suspected of being emissaries of the Macedonian committee, eight soldierd
were killed.      The  troubles continue.
Paris, Jan. fi.���Im Journal reports,
under reserve, the death of count Vou
Waldersee, the rumor being that ho
was killed by an officer of the allied
troops, the eircumstances i;ot being
related. It is said the rumor is current in Berlin, where it is not confirmed.
Winnipeg, Jan. 6.���The effect of the
cold on the railways was shown yesterday at the C. P. It. depot. The
east train, which had been standing
on tho rails for about half un hour,
became frozen to the track, every
wheel having settled, and it required
two locomotives to start the train
The Hague, Jan. fi.���The second
chamber todo adopted without
amendment various articles approving the Queen's marriage to Duke
Henry of Meeklcnberg-Schwerin hy 70
10 10 votes. The socialists objected
to the ��1(1.000 grant to Duke Henry
in case of the queen dying first. Others regretted that an annual allowance was not made.
Cape Town, Jan. fi.���Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, in replying to a message of
thanks to the Canadiun contingent,
cables the Cape Colony premier a*
follows ' "Canada will be repaid for
lhe little she has done if her example helps to bring peace, harmony
and confidence among all Her Majesty's subjects in South Africa."
St. Paul, Jan. 6.���Mr. William Mackenzie, the Canadian railroad mag
mile, arrived in JJt. Paul from Winnipeg yesterday, und had a Iwo
hours' conference with Great Northern ofik-iula. Mr. Mackenzie confirmed the report thut owing to his
failure to secure the Portage branch
of tho Northern Pacific he would
soon be in Competition with that line
in the north.
London, Jan. fi.���The report of an
outbreak of the plague at Vladivos-
tock are confirmed. There have been
10 cases, of which 15 have been fatal. Four plague patients ore still In
the hospital and numbers aro isolated. Owing lo a recrudescence of
the plague at Smyrna, a quarantine
has been imposed by Turkey and
Greece on arrivals from that  port.
Rossland, B. 0., Jan. 0.���Firo completely destroyed the Boundary hotel
nt Midway, B.C., one of tho pioneer
lundmurks of the district. The :oss
is estimated at 80,000; part tally insured. The firo spread so rapidly
thut tbe inmates had barely timo to
esrn|>o. Nothing but the cash register was saved. Thomas Mc \l|l iy
was owner and landlord. He will rebuild. Several . P. R- employees
who lived in tho hotel lost all their
possessions und effects.
Berlin, Jan. fl.���Besides the ihroo
principal claims against Morocco 11
viously settled, Mo.-u uj bus ugucd
to pay Germany 16,280 (Iurns (about
the same in dollars) on Account of
other claims, and to comply with
other demands.
Sydney, N. S. W��� Jan. 4.���The new
cabinet of federated Australia is thus
constituted: Edmund Barton, one of
Australia's most prominent citizens,
prime minister land head of the foreign affairs department; Alfred Dea-
kin, attorney general; Gen. Lyne,
head of the home office; Sir George
Turner, treasurer; Sir John Forrest,
postmaster general; John Dickson,
minister of defence.
Ottawa, Jan. 8-R. C. Olilto, chairman of the Chinese commission, is in
the olty. Hc expects to meet D.
Munn, another member of tho commission, who Is fn Montreal, on his
way back from England, whero he
was on, his marriage trip.
Toronto, Jan. 4.���Joseph Loiter ie
said to have a hand in the project to
effect a combination of the packing
factories of Ontario. Some of the
existing concerns are very large and
tbe combine would reprosent not less
tk-as tour or Ave million,dollars.
In Defence of Cape Colony���Doers Are
Swteplug Everything Before
Cape Town, -Ian. 4.���The 'itis*
battleship Monarch today landed men
and guns to relieve the troops for
service northward. It is believed the
guns will be sent up the country.
Five hundred citizens enlisted today, thu enrollment being very active. It is hpped the first batch of
mounted men will leavo within three
days for Worcester. They are to hold
the pushes of the Hex River mountains and to protect the railway tunnel. Tho organization Is rough and
ready, aud not troubled with much
drill or special uniform. Horses are
Six thousand five hundred South
African irregulars have been recruited during the last eight weeks. The
Boers in the Transvual have lieen
exceedingly active for the lust week
jr so, dally attacking trains, con
toys and isolate?! posts. In some
instances they have been repulsed,
and the railways are now working
more regularly, The military author-
ties aro preparing for all contingencies. It has been decided to transfer the Boer prisoners from the camps
to transports.
Farmers coming into Carnarvon describe the Boers as travelling in parallel columns, with numerous flanking parties sweeping the country of
horses, plundering loyalists and carrying off everything eatable. It appears that they are accompanied by
strings of pack horses lightly loaded.
Colesburg telegraphs lhat Kritsing-
er's commando is crossing ehe Mld-
dleberg district, but is getting few
if any recruits.
Here in Cape Town such business
men us are unable to leave are organizing a town guard, composed of
tho leading cities. The commercial
companies huve asked the mayor to
call a mass meeting to urge the government to suppress disloyal newspapers and to proclaim martial luw.
Tlie railways are now working
more regularly. A commando is supposed to be in the mountains dividing Middleburg und Graaf Re net,
but cannot be exactly locuted. ffho
invaders in the west who were expected at Fruserburg today have altered tueir course nnd are moving in
the direction of Williston, to the
northwest. The British have occupied  Eraserburg.
The Boers in Bechuanalund huve
been again joined by the inhabitants
who onco before rebelled. Commandos are reported to be ut Blikfontein
Iloetzap nud Dnncetls Kieul. Their ob-
fective is believed to be Griqutiland,
which is occupied by the British.
London, Jan. 4.���Advices from
Cape Town this morning are more
hopeful owing to the active recruiting of local forces in all quarters
and a better feeling prevails in London, based upon the prospect of
Lord Roberts taking the reins of war.
From Sydney, N.S.W., it is reported there is quite a rush of men there
anxious to join the new contingents,
5,000 having volunteered. The reports of Lord Kitchener's conference
with tbo burgher's also tends to remove anxiety.
According to the Daily Express
Lord Kitchener hns warned the mine
owners that they must not count upon military protection.
London, Jan. 4.���There is an
continued report from Cape Town
current tnat fighting has occurred 80
miles north of Matjesfontein.
Cape Town, Jan. 8.-The enrollment
of volunteers for the defence of the
colony was started this morning
with the utmost enthusiasm. The
^nembers of the civil service enlisted
In a body, and millionaires and beggars are enlisting with equal ardor
IU Naws la CondMMd Paragraphs*
Strathroy, Jon. 4.���Charles Kemp,
a deaf mute, was killed on a crossing here last night:
London, Jan. 4.���Sunday's gale
displaced some ot the prehistoric
stones at Stonehenge.
London, Jan. 4.���The Bank of England's rate of discount was raised
from 4 to 5 per cent today.
Berlin, Jan. 4.���The appointment of
Mr. Walter Wensky as German consul at Dawson City is announced.
London, Jan. 4.���Queen Victoria
has appointed the Duke of York to
be colonol-in-chtef of the Royal Marines.
London, Jan.' 4.���"Rev." John
Alexander Dowle has sailed for tho
United States on the Cunard liner
Toronto, Jan. 4.-.Rev. Joseph Donovan, for many years pastor of Im-
manuel Baptist church, died lust
night, aged 71 years,
Hamilton. Jan. 4.���James Steward-
son, caretaker of Lucun high school,
was fatally injured by falling down
a stairway in the building.
on J
Milton, N. D,, Jan. 4.���Wm. Barry,
a prosperous farmer of Cavalier
county, came to town yesterday und
surrendered, saying he had killed Andrew Mellen, ids hired man. Barry
Is a bachelor, and his sister kept
house for him. The sister confessed
sho hutl been intimate with Mellon
und Mellen refused  to marry her,
Barry locked Mellen up in a barn
nnd told him to take his choice
twoen hanging or stabbing. Mellen
refused to choose, Then Barry tried
to hang him, hut after struggling 15
minutes had to desist, lie gave Mellen five minutes to say his prayers,
which Mellen did. Harry then plunged a knife into Mellen's neck causing
Instant death. Barry's sister had
wandered off on the prairie and was
found ufter an all-night search with
Iter hands and fee* frozen.
Buenos Ayres, Jan. 4 .���The new
Argentine,Chilian protocol in connection with tho frontier settlement has
boen signed and tho presidents of Argentina and Chill have exchanged
friendly telegrams of congratulation
Amherst, N. S., Jan. 8.���The miners of Hpringhill mines havo notified
Manager Cowans that unless he accedes to their demand for 12 por cent
increase tonight, they will go on
strike Friday morning.
Halifax, Jan. 8,���No new developments are reported in the coal miners' strike situation In Plctou. There
Is no evidence that tha miners will
recede from their position, and advices from the collieries state that
not a blow will be struck by the underground men fn .any of tho four col
leries until claims are met.
Rossland, B.C., Jan. 8.���Tho results of tho official recount in Yale-
Cariboo is as follows : Galliher,
3.106; Foley, 2,644; Kane, 2,581; rejected, 42; spoiled, 88, The Otter
Valley poll was thrown out, the deputy having failed to make a return
London, Jan. 8.���The Marquis of
Duffer in and Ava has withdrawn his
resignation of the chairmanship of
the London ond Globe Finance Corporation, Limited, and postponed his
departure for South Africa In order
tn meet tho shareholders nnd consider the position of the company/
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bondi bought, sold and
carried on margin.   Listed
mining steaks carried
York, Jan. 4.���Mrs. Anno
Sloto, who was 100 years old
ily 12, died last night at the
of her daughter in Brooklyn.
Tien Tsin, Jan. 4.���Ten Germans
were killed and nine wounded at Lei
Wung yesterday through the firing of
a salute with a defective cartridge.
Osborne, Isle of Wight, Jan. 4.-It
is officially announced that Queen
Victoria has heclded to visit Chnies,
In the south of France, in March or
Hong Kong, Jan. 8.���It is report-
���d that robbers recently attacked the
customs station at Kumehuk in the
West River country, and obtained
loot valued at ��8,000.
Lincoln, Neb.. Jan. 4.-Senator Ransom, of Omaha, introduced in the
state senate yesterday a hill to
make kidnapping under certain conditions punishable by death.
Montreal, Jan. 4.���All the Chinese
laundrymcn of this city, numbering
about 250, are to be sent to jail in
default of paying the civic laundry
lax of $50. They were in jail once
before, but an arrangement was
Washington, Jan. 4.���The monthly
statement of the public debt shows
that at the close of business Dec. 31,
1900, the national debt, less cash in
the treasury, amounted to $1,009,-
101,301, a decrease for the month of
Kingston, Jan. 4.���Dr. Thomas M.
Fen wick, aged 57, died this morning from blood poisoning, resulting
from a diseased bone in one leg. He
was lecturer of Queen's medical college und was dean of the defunct
Kingston Women's Medical college.
St. John's, Nfld., Jan. 4.���The British steamer Ivyden, Capt. Millburn,
from Hamburg, Dec. 13, for Wilmington, NX'., went ashore during a
snow storm lust night at La Manche,
und is likely to become a total loss.
The crew nre safe, but they met with
a frightful experience in the open
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 4.���A case of
smallpox hns been discovered in the
Northern Logging company's camp,
neur Sparta, Minn., where 100 men
arc employed. A force of 20 men Is
guarding tiie camp. A lumberman,
while attempting to escape from
quarantine last evening, was shot by
a deputy and instantly killed,
Stockholm, Jan. 4.���Gen. Dorikoff.
governor-general of Finland, will de-
nmud of the Finland senate a more
stringent censure law in order to
prevent tho people from criticising
the government. Governor Dorikoff
is about to remove Ave professors of
Helsingfors university for criticising
the government.
Brest, Jan. 4.���The French gunboat
Menhir collided in a fog this morning
wilh lhe French Torpedo cruiser
Fleurus at the entrance of the bay.
The Fleurus wus badly damaged,
having twtudeep rents In her port-
side. Tho uso of a collision mat enabled hor to be towed Into the harbor, where she was docked.
Quebec, Jan. 4.���Horatio Lebout-
111 ter, Liberal candidate for representative of Gaspe in the provincial legislature, was assaulted at his residence on New Year's day by two
men because he refused their demand
for liqior. Lobout lllier's wounds
are rather serious, owing to his advanced age.     His assailants cwruped
Hudson, N. Y., Jan. 4.-Mrs. Herbert Shaw and Miss Amelia Spencer
were returning across the frozen rivor
in a sleigh yesterday when tho Ice
gave way and thoy were precipitated
Into the wnter and drawn under tho
ice by tho swift current. Men are
grappling for the bodies, but theru
is little chance for their recovery un'
til spring, as the water at this part
of tho rivor is very deep.
Reported   by Alloway  & Chamkion,
362 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Banks. Sellers. Buyers.
Montreal      260      250
Ontario          124
MolBon's   195      100
Merchants   160      150
Commerce  *.... 150      1*4316
Commercial  Cable  ..XD 167
Montreal Tel  	
Rich.   &  Ont,  Nav.
City Pas. Ry   278
Montreal Gas   215
Toronto Illy   110
Dulnth Prof     17
War Eaglo   110
Payne  -,     85
C   N. W. Land, pfd     51
C. P. R.( London     92%
Money���Time        6
Money���On call          5
Quoted   by   Alloway   &   Champion,
383 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Reichmorks   $0.33%
Austrian GuUon  89%
Holland Guilders 39
Francs  39
Russian Roubles  50%
St, Paul, Jan. 2.���Ignatius Donnelly, formerly a member of congress
and lieutenant-governor of the state,
and "Mid-Road" Populist nominee
tor vice-president in tho Inst presidential campaign, died of heart
trouble last night In Minneapolis,
whero he was visiting. Mr. Donnelly
was also a well known author of
hooks in which he contended that
Bacon was tho author of Shakespeare's plays. He leaves a young"
Chicago, Jan. 2,���Fire today destroyed the plant of the Bellalro
Stamping company, at Harvey, 111.
a manufacturing suburb of this city
The loss Is estimated at*$400,000.
Insurance about $875,000.
London, Jan. 2.���It Is stated that
���Senator Proctor, of Vermont, has
bought tho famous Carrara quarried
of Italy, thus securing with his Vcr-
mont holdings, control of the bulk
of the world's output of statuary
and building marble. The sum paid
about f.10,000,000,
i^ ��� ,y'aMtri^.irfflWi     "
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg
Money lent at lowest rates.
Stocks and bonds bought and soli'.
Rnilway and other farm lands In
Manltob i and N. W. T. for sale.
Maps and folders sent on application.
Quit coal from Lethbridge.
Prices quoted to all railway points.
165 ',$
103 V-3
��� 15
Wheat���No. 1 hard, Fort WilHamr
Flour���Lake of the Woods Five
Roses, $2.10; Patent, $1.05; Medora,
$1.60; XXXX, $1.85; Ogilvie Milling
company's Hungarian, $2.10; Glenora
Patent, $1.05; Manitoba, $1.60, and
Imperial XXXX $1.20 per sack of
08 pounds.
Mill Feed���Bran' $18 per ton, bogged; shorts, $15 per ton.
Ground Feed���Oot chop, $25 per
ton; barley chop, $19; mixed barley
and oats, $23; corn chop, $20.
Oats���38 to 35c per bushel.
Barley���34 to 86c per bushel.
Corn���43 lo 44c per bushel.
Flax���$1.40 to $1.45 per bushel.
Hay���Fresh baled is quoted at $7
lo $7.50 per ton on track hero, and
loose hay is worth about the same
Oatmeal���$1.60 per sack of 80
Butter���Creamery���20c per pound
Butter���Dairy���Strictly fresh made
16 to 16 in packages, and fresh rolls
Cheese���0',�� to lOVfcc per pound.
Eggs���18c per dozen.
Vegetables���Potatoes, farmers' loads
40c per bushel; parsley, 30c; carrots
and beets, 35c per bushel; turnips 20c
per bushel; cabbage 80 to 60c per
dozen; celery, 20c per dozen.
Dressed Meats-Beef, country dressed, 4 to \\.c\ city dressed, 5c to 6c;
stags und rough beef, 4c to 4V&c;
veal, 5c lo 7c; mutton, *\\ty*\ lamb,
10c; hogs, 6 tq 6'^c.
Poultry���Dressed chickens 7 to 8c
per lb; ducks 0 to Vic; goose, Oc to
10c; turkeys, 11 io '.2c
Hideo���6c for frozen hides, fiat
rote, 5 lbs tare. Kips same price as
hides. Dcakin skins, 25 to 85c each.
Sheepskins, 45c for fresh killed.
Wool���8 to 8%c per pound lor unwashed fleece and 13^c for washed.
Tallow���4c per pound..
Seneca Root���38 to 85c.
Looking Backward.
"By George,".unlit the hlg man with
the heavy, dark mustache, wbo had just
gol bsck from Australia, "bow time files.
Just tblnkl 1 used to be the smart kid
who tried to scare you out wheu you
came to see my sinter. Whit a little runt
I was In those days."
"Yes," -wearily replied tbe one be addressed, "you wore n little runt, ludeed.
If you hnd only >>?"') lV \r>* strong like
rou are now!"
It teems to tno I'd like to go
Where belli don't ring nor whittles blow
Nor clocks don't itrike nor gong* don't sound
And I'd havo itiUneu sit around.
Not really atlllnaa, but Just tbt trees'
Low whisperings or the bum of b��s
Or brooks' taint babbling over stow
In strangely, softly tangled ton*.
Or maybe s cricket or katydid
Or ths longs of birds In the hedges Ud
Or Just some inch meet sounds u thiss
To fill a tired heart with ease.
If ���txr.w 'I tor sight snd Bound and Mill,
I'd like a city pretty well, *
But when It comes to getting Mt
1 like the country lots the best
SoiM'times It scums to me I must
Juxt quit the city's din and dust
And get out where the sky is blus
And uy, Now, how does It mm to yost
���Eugene Field.
Oal of Ills Line.
Crsw foot-Sny, If y��ou air io all fired
gotni ai problems, tell me how tar off
thunder is when y*-ou hear (he first roll.
Calculator-1 can't do that, sir.
Oawfoiit-Yeoii hain't?
Culculaini" No; IV (be lightning cal*
cui n tor.
In tlie'sn-bulc vsse room st the British
inuKcuii any one can gimp upon hnbles'
reeding bottles of nm linked elny wblcb
were antique when Joseph weut Into
Don I'm lleprnnf,
"Koul," said Anna Oistellane thoughtfully as she I*ink<-<J up frum a stack ol
hills and lapped her latgo front teeth
with a much gnawed pencil, "hero is a
candlestick in ibis bi-ie-a-lirue bill that Is
Bet down ill ��'J.fk)0, aad I know the price
they linked for it wuh only $110."
"Ahis. Anna," snid Huiil, and he looked down al her w'lli eyes from which
teardrops as big iih marbles were burst*
"What Is It?" cried Anna la alarm.
"Little did I think." replied Boat In a
broken voice, "thnt you would erer barter your faith lu the honesty ot human
nature for a pultry $1,0401"
And he turned iihIiIo to conceal his
manly grief.-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Too many men In ibis country rote as
Ihey pray���and ihey never pray unless It
Is lo ask a persouul favor.���ChiAgo
There may lw any nnmber of people
running for office, but the only wny most
of them will ever get out of breath Is
when they dte.-I'lillmlelplilii Tillies.
Tbe numerous Smith family will luiTe
six members in lhe in-M federal iiduw ut
lept'itteiilatlviH. Tin re of tin tu i-onie
fiotn Michigan mid one each fnnit Ken-
t-yiky, Iowa ��u��J llliinus.- UuMfoid IW.
| IB 101 Di!!
,' BY M. QUAD.
My mlBtiess I.i tlalnsborough rou*)
lu.il lost a to .lots** lis tlie house, and the
thief was the parlor siiiliil. I knew It
fi-nui lier actlous, iiinl three months
after I left tlio house she was caught*
lu a similar olTense mill owned up to
the first theft. However, the crime
was lalsl off on me, anil because 1
inissle iiKllsim.it ami iierhnps liupu-
dent tirotest I wno Huns; out of the
house nt half an hour's notice and re
fused a character. I was Idle for the
next three months. The flrst thing demanded wheu I apjslls-d for a place
was a chui-iictei-. As soon as It was
learned thnt 1 hnd none It wns useless
lo talk,furl her. lt was for this reason
Hint I Anally paid a fee to au Ints-tll-
gence olllce In Margate street and was
a. length sent for to tnke a plnce at
generis 1 housework, lt wns an old
mnn named Dyson who wanted me.
lie wns willing to take me without a
character because he would bave to
pity less wages and because, as be
grimly asserted, there was nothing
lying around loose In his house for one
lo sti-nl. As wc snt face to face 1
Hissed him up as mean and iienurious,
lint 1 did uot see any evil In him. He
hnd an aged nud iuflriii wife, he told
me, and 1 would be the only servant.
It was not fur me to pick and choose.
I must hare a place nnd "bold It long
enough to get n character again. I
went with him miles aud utiles out on
the Holbnruss s-ositl, and we at last arrived at the cheajsly built and cheap
lookiug cottage lie occupied. It was a
place devoid of almost all conveniences
and had been ss-ls-ctcd for its cheap
renl. I found the old wife deaf, almost
blind nnd pnlpled. aud lt was apparent
that she Iiui! no care whatever. She had
become childish nnd petulnnt, nnd.before I had been lo tlte house half an
hour-Mr. Dyson whipped her with a
strap for snyiug ttu,t she was hungry.
As he whipped lier I saw lilm look at
her lu a way tn gls-e mc a chill. In the
course of three or rout- slays I made up
my mind that he regarded her with detestation ansl nlilisii-t-ciiee and was hourly hoping for her sleuth. 1 wondered
that he had not pushed her dowu stairs
or found oilier menus to bring nbout an
"accidental" ds-uth. but the old man
was full of craft and cowardice. 1
soon had evidence that he was In love
Willi n widow In lhe nelghborlsoosl, or
at least lie desls-ed to be five bo that he
could marry her. The mnn had uo oc*
ciijuitlou nml seldom left the house.
Durlug my lirst iwo weeks In the place
he never allowed me to see the wife
except lu his presence ansl fouud fault
If I cooked anything extra for her or
expri'sscd my sympathy. He had a
way of whispering to himself, and a
dozen limes over I heard him sny:
"I've, waited for^ tive yearB, but I
won't wait much longer. I'll get rid of
hi-i- and he happy."
My milium Impulse on finding out
how he felt townid Ida wife was to Ily
the honse, but I hnve exjilnlued how 1
wns situated. And. too. I soon got the
fa-Hug thnt I ought to stay to protect
the poor old woman. I flgured It out
Hint, while be might thirst for her
sleuth, he woulsl not proceed to extremities while I was In the bouse. It
si-enicd as If he woulsl hnve lived on
slum., as he had done for the last two
months, If he .militated anything of
thnt sort. I didn't know tbe depth of
his croft, however. He had brought
ni" there to work her sis-nth through
me. The flrst thing I siisplclqped this
way was one l''"Jrf'**'*.T*-'-jVu lie asked
me to help her slt-fpUvlw-Tlie stairs
were steep ami shaty. iniu he bod pried
one of the steps loose, that It might
slide from under our feet. As a matter of fact, it dlsl give tray, but I
caught myself ami saved tbe woman.
When old Dyson saw the failure of his
plot, be looked cbagrlm-d and savage
snd presently found excuse for culling
tbe poot wife's ears.
Ill thn course of ��� couple of weeks
*-. oecsireu toat tne cellar waa mil of
rats and gave me money and commanded me to buy arsenic. He recommended me to go to a store mtles away
aod to say that I wanted It for my
complexion and to give my own name.
1 went to a drug store only two blocks
evrey and gave his name, and when
be discovered this he waa highly Indignant for a day, and 1 rather expected to be thrown out However. In the
course of tbree or four slays be devel-f
oped another plan. After coaching tbe
old wife be left me alone witb ber for.
tbe first tlmsj, and she begged me to
get her some laudanum for toothache
aud not mention the mntter to bim. It
was easy to tell tbat she had been
coached what to say, and I rs-fused to
buy the drug. A few days Inter, 'as 1
was preparing ber a soup, I had to
leave tbe kitchen for a minute. When
1 returned, tbe soup was giving out n
strange odor, and. being aatlstled that
the husband had poisoned It I of
course threw It awav. Be scolded
about my waste, but when I lookssd
bim square In the eyes be dropped his
and had no more to say.
1 bad been with tbe Dysons Uvo
weeks when the climax came. The old
woman was holding her own, If not
getting better, and the husband's Impatience had a savage edge to It. Their
bedroom was on the north side of the
house. All along on tbat side was a
deep excavation for a factory, aud the'
cellar was full of stones nnd water.
From the bedroom window the distance to tbe cellar bottom was all of 30
feet I slept on the west side, with two
rooms and two doors between us, but
so poorly built wns tbe house tbat If
voices were ralBed above a whisper
they could be heard, und there were
also many cracks and crevices to peer
through. At 10 o'clock one night I lay
wondering If be really meant to take
her life and how he would finally accomplish It wben I beard a hnlf suppressed scream from his room. I got
softly out of bed and went to the farther door, and, looking through n crack,
I saw that tbe window was up and that
ho stood before It with his wife In bis
arms. She was hanging on to him
with fingers of steel and making a
great struggle. I heard him brenthlng
heavily and snarling and growling as
he tore her fingers loose, but I did not
know wbat be planned to do till of a
sudden be staggered to%ie open window And flung ber out. She sci-cnnii-d
as she weut to her death, and In my
fright I echoed lhe scream. I remember tbe mnn rushing ncross the
room at me, of bis dashing ojis-u the
door, of his striking me dowu. nn I then
came darkness which histiil for weeks.
He struck me with n piece of Insu and
fmctured my Bkull. He then s-arrlesl
my body slown stairs nnd bom It a
quarter of a mile nway anil filing It
Into another excavation. Befiu-e taking me from the house he put un sny
hat and cloak, and thus It nppi'iired to
those who fouud my unconscious body
next morning tbat I hail lis-s-ss i-Jlliln^
home the night before and fallen Into
the pit. Aa lo his wlfs*. he gave ilio
alarm and brought the iiolisi* and mnila
out that It was a rase of suicide.
While bo was fast asleep, as be claimed, she had stolon to the winslow nnd
leaped to ber sis-nth.'
His story svent. nnd It wns n-vn
months before Ihere wns nny .-on.'-ii*
diction. I bad n fmctured skull, brain
fever nnd pneumonia and fos* ivs-eka
arsj weeks lay as one dead. When I
mebded, my memory was confused,
and It was seven months before I toll
my story and pill the police ou the
track. Long before that Dyson hnd
married the wlslow and sallsil for
America, and, though efforts were
made to find lilm, nothing came of
tbem. Never did a mau deserve the
hangman's rope mors-, and ysst, if living today, he Is tree and has no fair
ef tbe law.
Alabama haa a fine old cspitol, set on
a bill, and rich in historical nssoclatluna,
hut It ba. no governor's msualon, asd is
beginning to think it needa one.
New Jersey has the largest hothouses
in tbe country devoted exclusively so the
cultivation of orchids. Four luniiln d va*
i-tctlM may be found there, almoat every
tropical and subtropical country being
Private contrlbsitlona secure at least HO
traveling libraries In tbe rural counties
of Pennsylvania this fall and winter, the
legislature having made no appropriation
for their support. The stste ties- library
���c-of-amiaatoh Is much gratified by the generosity of the public thus maulfsssted.
Minnesota has a law for the prevention
and suppression of forest ansl jirairle
tires, has regular "Ore wardeos," Bnd aa
a result the chief Are warden ia nlsle to
report that there were only ten fors-st
Una in 1800. These burned orer 8,033
acres and damaged timber to tbe extent
of only tl,ML	
Bbony was esteemed aa an article of
luxury by tbe ancients. In India It
was employed by kings tor scepters
ud Images end as It was supposed to
i srnul tbe power of polspns was often
���ade Into drinking cups.
He Cures Every Form of Piles Thoroughly and Well
Without the Danger, Expense  and Pain
of an Operation.
It is surprising what a large num-
get of men and women suffer from
the wretched uneaalness and torturing itching of plica. You may be
among those who, through modesty
or fear of the surgeon's knife, have
been prevented from appealing to
your physician far a cure, fou have
tfled tho hundred and one things that
friends* havo recommended and have
become discouraged. You say, as*
many havo suld beforo you, that
there Is no cure for piles.
Now Is the time for you to turn to
Dr. Chose, whoso famous ointment is
recognized the world over as the only
actual cure for every form of piles.
The real substantial value of Dr.
Chase's Ointment has given it a
unique position among medicines. It
Is usod in nearly every neighborhood
on this continent and has become
known by word of mouth from friend
to friend and neighbor to neighbor.
Ask your friends about it, ask your
druggist, ask your doctor. Others
have been discouraged, and after
years of misery have been cured by
Dr, Chase's Ointment. Here la one,
Mrs. James Brown, Hlntonburg, near
Ottawa, writes :���"1 have been a
constant. sufferer from nearly every
form of piles for the last 20 years,
and during that time, both here and
in tho old country, have tried almost
every remedy.
"I am only doing justice to Dr.
Chase's Ointment when I say that I
believe it to bo the best remedy obtainable for bleeding and protruding
piles. I strongly recommend Dr.
Chase's Ointment to mothers, or Indeed, to any person suffering from
that dread torment���piles."
Mr. Ueorge Thompson, a leading
merchant of Dlenhelm, Ont., stales :
"I was troubled with itching piles
for 15 years, and at times they wor&
fio hod I could scarcely walk. I trlecT-r
ti great many remedies,. but never *
found anything like Dr. Chase's Ointment. After tlie third application I
obtained relief, and- was completely
cured by using one box." Ask your
neighbors about Dr. Chase's Ointment, lhe only absolute euro for
You can obtain Dr. Chase's Olnt-
inent# for- 00 cents a bbx trom any'
denier. If you prefer, enclose thia
amount to these offices and the remedy will be sent, postpaid, to your
nddroPs. Edmunson, Bates tk Co.* -
Toronto. "   j ^
QoXiDEisr *B"R.a.
One   of  Those   Broafhl...   Mom.ns.
Before Jodsis-ent I. Given.
Tbere on the platform stood the roll
of lew rag carpet, with the committee
Inspecting, and there, not 20 feet away,
stood a farmer, bis wife and four children. With her own hands tbe wife
bad cut, sewed, dyed and woven. She
hnd been encouraged by husband and
friends to enter tbat carpet for the
prise, and tbe hour for the fatal decision had come. The faces of tbe
committee were Impassive and unreadable. Tbere were blue and red aud
green end purple In that carpet, but
those colors did uot seem to nppeal.
They did not look like meu who knew
whnt an Al, 4x, copper riveted rag carpet good enough for n senator's best
parlor sbould be composed of.
"Don't you be ski-art, Mlrandy," said
tho husband as he patted her on the
shoulder In an encouraging way.
"I'm tryln to be brave," she replied,
"but, oh, Joel, you know bow burd 1
worked on tbat carpet It I dou't git
tl.e prize, I believe 1 shall fall dead."
"But It must git tho prise, mother,"
said the children lu chorus. "We are
taught that goodness Is always rewarded, and who Is gooder than you?"
The committee seized the roll nud
slummed It down, and Joel and Mlran-
dy turned pale.
The committee opened the roll to look
for places where hogs might squeeze
through, ond the children grew weak
lu the knees,
Tho carpet was measured, walked on,
kicked about, rolled np, and six persons heard the beating of their own
"I think I'll die," whispered tbe wife
as sbe sat down on a nail keg covered
with a crazy quilt
"Not ylt," rejslied the husband. "Now
they are consultiii together.   Now tbey
seem to have come to a decision. Now
they are handllu tbo diplomas.   Now
,   they"���
"Oh, Joel, I can't stand It!"
"lson't give up. Now one of 'em Is
writln. Now they liev got your name-
now���now���now you've hit tlte fust
prize plumb center nnd nre seven foot
taller than nny otlier durned womniu Id
all Chenango comity!"        M. Quad.
HOTEL lU-^tt^^JfefS
Ghosts may talk, but few poople
understand tho dead languages. *
Glory Is of little consequence to tlte
poor man with a family of starving
Probably more epitaphs are written
to show the wit or genius of the living than to perpetuate the memories
of tho dead.
MoLeod, Severn Bridge, writes: "I owe a
debt of gratitude to DR. THOMAS' ECLECTRIC OIL for curing me of a severe
oold that troubled mo nearly all last winter. " In order to give a quietus to a
backing cough, tako a dose of DR.
day, or oftener If tha oough spells render
lt necessary.
Ingratitude is apt to sour the milk
of.human kindness.
If you happen to find your feelings
nil worked up you should order a
fresh supply.
Tho first electric launch to bo used
on the canals of Venice, Italy, has
beon delivered from England. The
launch, which is called tlio Alessnn-
dro Volta, will accommodate ftO passengers.       SJ
During the year the spare devoted
to advertising MINARD'S LINIMENT
will contain expressions of no uncertain sound from people who speak
from personal exn-rt'ienco aa to the
merits of this best of Household Remedies.
I. n for Riven.
At n recent bumi'iet In -Sydney a descendant of the MiMdonnhls massacred
at I llenriie passed n knife "with the
blade foremost" t�� n member of n famous old family br-nrlug Ihe historic
nnme of Hie .Mncdoiiatds' betrayers.
Most of (bow who looked on stigmatized thi' notion ns one of contemptibly
bnd breeding Rill one or iwo understood the nlgtilllciii  and knew tliat
tlte lielrnyiil Is still mifnrclvi'ii.
,      No farmer can plow a field by titrn-
I.'ng it over In his mind.
'    When locomotives and children get
...ton tho wrong track It takes a switch
to get them back.
lt has been observed that artesian
wells have n dally period of ebb and
flow, as well as the ocean tides, only
tho process Is reversed. The time of
greatest flow ot an artesian well Is
the period of low tide In the ocean.
A woman's reproductive
organs ere In the most intense and continuous sympathy with ber kidneye.
The.lighte.tdiaord.rln the
kidneys brings about a
corresponding disease fas
the reproductive organs.
Dodd's Kidner Pills, Ey restoring the kidney, to their
perfect condition, prevent
and cure those fearful ���"���*-
��� orders peculiar to *****
Palo young girls, worn-out
mothers, Buffering wlvee
and women entering upon
the Change of Life, your
beat frieodla
There is disquieting news from Ven-
A distinct earthquake shock was
felt in Nevada.
A terrific storm .on the Pacific
coast did damage to shipping.
Mrs. William Thornton was crushed
to death in Woodstock, Ont.
A train was detailed by the wind
in Nevada and seven persons injured.
The colonial oflice has appointed
four governors In South African colonies.
A London journal's correspondent;
makes the serious charge of looting
against certain Chinese missionaries.
The Canadian Northern railway is
applying for charters for several
branch lines to bo built in Manitoba.
A big plow combine will be launched iu Chicago next week.
A rich strike has been made at Sultana mine, Lako of tho Woods.
There is a rumor that Count Vou
Waldersec was killed by a soldier.
The Cape Breton coal miners' strike
has been settled In the men's favor.
A gang of "White Caps" is terrorizing a negro settlement in Missouri.
W. Barry, a prosperous farmer of
Cavalier county, N.I),, killed his hired man.
Four men wero victims of fire damp
at Pine Ridge colliery, near Wilkes-
bar.ro, Pa.
President Hill, of tho Great Northern, has purchased the Crow's Nest
Pass coal fields.
A corps of Canadian scoute, under
Major 'Gat' Howard has been formed in South Africa.
Mr. Kruger is suffering from Bronchitis.
Penny postage is in effect in New
Ono thousand ironworkers are on
strike in Pittsburg.
Montreal sugar prices ure reduced
10 cents a hundred.
Queen Victoria has   conferred    an
ei-.rld.om on Lord Roberts.
' Practically all the furniture hi' lories in Ontario have entered a combine.
An entire family in Nicolle~l county, Minnesota, are dying from poisoning.
' Convict Pearce, who was being
transferred at Stony ��� Mountain to
Kingston, made his escape, but, was
captured by the guard.
A cabinet crisis is imminent in
Ignatius Donnelly, the author and
sage, died suddenly.
Three persons living in New Jersey have seen three centuries.
General Gasalce, head of the British forces In China, is seriously ill.
There is a rising against British
authority in the Gambia River district.
Mrs. Grant, wife of Rev. Principal
Grant, Kingston, Ont., is dead.
As many as threo vessels f Hindered
in the Bristol channel in Friday's
gules, with a loss of 2.5 lives.
All the members of the Royal Canadian Dragoons stationed in Winnipeg have volunteered for service Id
South Africa. ,
The Australian commonwealth ceremonies at Sydney," N. S. W., wero
marked by unusual brilliancy.
A general strike of Nova Scotia
coal miners is imminent.
Willie Quarrio, an Oak Lake, Man.,
boy, died from poisoning.
John Mordy, an old time Winnipeg
resident, dropped dead In an hotel.
James Davies, a former resident of
Dauphin, was discovered dead in Ills
shanty at Bowsman, Swan River.
There are building in Britain 11
battleships, nineteen cruisers and 14
smaller vessels for the navy.
An interesting experiment, shocking
a cat to death, and then bringing the
animal back to life, was* mado In Chicago.
Millionaire Cudahy has received another tetter from the kidnappers, who,
request him to withdraw' the reward,
threatening further trouble. *
A Chicago company has cornered
the bean supply.
Queen Wilhelmlna of Holland will
be married Feb. 7.
The Duke of Norfolk and 200 pilgrims started for Rome.
Miners In a West Virginia mining
camp were blown to atoms by dynamite.
The empress dovager of China has
appointed a US year old boy to the
Mr. Edward Lloyd has sung fure-
wcll to tho British public after thirty
years continuous appearances.
Tho Rod Mountain stage was overturned and six passengers precipitated over a cliff 70 feet In height, near
Guray, Col.
Tho worst hurricane in years has
struck tho English channel. Mauy
vessels wero wrecked and member.-*
ot their crews drowned.
��� It Is ssld that ��5,000 Is the price to be
paid Mr. Kipling for Ihe serial rights of
bis new novel, "Kim of the Rlsktl."
Verdi uid recently that he hnd about
determined to give up all composition
and to avoid temptatlou kept away from
a pen.
The eminent painter Andreas Achen-
bactt, father of the late opera singer,
Max Alvary, lately celebrated his eighty-
fifth birthday at DmuuOdorf.
One of tbe remarkable things about the
late Max Muller was that he never cm-
ployed a stenographer or a typewriter
and wrote all his life a clear aud legible
The recent death of Antolne Vollon at
the age of 07 creates a vacancy la the
ranks of the 14 painter members of the
Academies des Beaux Arts, The three
English honorary members of thia body
are Sir Edward Puynter, Sir L, Alma
Tadema and Mr. Von Herlcotncr.
Henri Houssnye, the French academician and Napoleonic authority, has purchased for the Paris Sabretiisehe, llie
French' military association, (he exact
spot of ground where the Old -tliiuid
made Its last stand ul Waterloo, nuJ
upon It BI. (Jerome, the sculpt ur. ti lo
erect a monument.
cures coughs and colds at
once, We don't mean that it
relieves you for a little while
���it cures. It has been doing
this for half a century. It has
saved hundreds of thousands
of lives. It will save yours if
you give it a chance.
*" I -coughed and raised continuously. Could
not attend to business One bottle of Shiloh
���topped the cou|[h aud restored me to perfect
flhlluh's Consumption Cure la aold liy all
druwl'ts hi Ouimrtrt mid United NtitU* hI
San.SUo, ��l.no u buttle. In Oreat ltrlinln
at In. ftd., Sa. 3d., nml 4a. 6d A printed
Hunritntm) g��e* with every bottle. If ynu
are nnt satisfied ku to your (Irnggiit und
get your inouey bitotc.
Write for illustrated book on ton lump I ion. Sail
Without coat to you, S. C. Well* a Co., Toronto.
WliUli Resulted Iu Some Orator? Under Ureal Dime til ties.
The meanest scalawag in Mil-bikini
lives over hi Attgustil township, Wnshte-
nuw county, und we'll proceed to prove
It. Hank Smith wns billed to speak ut ii
schoolhuuse near Wliiteuiiili. when a club
was to he organized. Tlie room wan
jammed lull of men, women and children,
A little platform hud been temporarily
arranged for the urittnr of the evening,
surmounted by a single chair, the sent of
which some miscreant had covered with
fresh glue. In this cliuir, to which he
was conducted. Hunk stit down, not
knowing it wus loaded, Meantime ihe
burghers proceeded with their work, and
nn hour was consumed before the otliccrs
were elected nml the job finished. The
new president then stepped forward und
Introduced "the congressman of this district, the Hon. Henry O. Smith of A.Irian."
Mr, Smith got un, nnd so did the chair.
He tried to shake it nil' by u hi[> wriggle.
This failed. He reached down and tried
to pry It off witb his lingers, hut without
success. He pulled sturdily at the rear to
force It to let go, but it wouldn't do anything of the kind. He now smelt a rodent. The president, seeing bis predicament, stepped up and gave the thing such
a tug that Smith in alarm, but In an undertone, said:
"Hold on, Ferguson, you'll tear the
cloth away, and you can see my cout is a
short sack."
The* audience now tumbled to tbe situation and instautly burst Into thundering guffaws. The room became a bedlam
of laughter convulsed lunatics. Women
screamed and children whooped, while
ublebodled meu lay down on tbe benches
and roared. The hilarity was catching,
and soon Hank, genial hearted and fun
loving us he wns, sin down, leaned buck
and joined the deafening chorus. Finally,
waving bis hand, the crowd became sulli-
clently quiet to hear lilm say, "l came
hoie to speak my piece, nnd I'll do it,
though the whole sclioolhouse were glued
lo ine." Then he got up again, and, half
bent over, with ihe chnlr dangling behind,
wnded In. At every motion he made the
chair would bump tip nud down on the
floor or swing against the wall or strike
the table holding lhe lamp. Of course
tlie crowd laughed when he Joked uud
lungtied when he dlllg'l juke.   At lusl the
speaker said!
"Ladles und gentlemen, I must rest.
My buck is a bo til broken." and he snt
down. At this nn iihl fellow run out. uml.
trolling serous the wuy to Ills house,
brought over n pair uf overalls. Hunk
wns stent!Ini off the plnlfonn timid renewed yells of laughter, and with u mnn
holding the cliuii- nway from hti calves,
was led outdoors, where he wns "utihusk
eil." He finished his imi'i'l'tl 111 the over
nllB.-Oims Luke iMIeh.l News.      .    ,
Before 111* Sett Vork Visit.
Farmer Hyrlcks practices pole vaulting to help lilm dodge automobiles lu
Gothnm,���New York Hern Id.
No One to Aulil Hint,
"I have railed," snld tl.e reporter, "to
see If yuu wish to add anything to our
rttccount of your wife's reception this
evening. ,We huve most of the details
end a long list of names, including
those who will assist ber In receiving."
"No," replied the Imaluesa 111:1:1;
"there's only one account thut I'm expected to take nuy interest iu, and
there'll be no oue to assist me wlib
that."��� Philadelphia Press.
Ho���Will you go on a long tandem
Idu with me?
Hhe��� Oh,  darling,   this  Ih ho sudden.
Ho���Do you t runt me, mother V
Hho���Yes, my son, perfectly,
He���Thon why do you lock up the
Mr.T. J. Humes, Columbus, Ohio, writes:
"I have been afflicted for tome time with
Kidney and Liver Complaints, and find Par*
melee's Pills the best m-edlolne for thoEO diseases. Th se pilla do not. cause pain or
griping, and should be n*o 1 when a cathart'o
Is required. They are Gelatine Coated, and
rolled In the flour of Licorice to preserve
their purity, und give them a pleasant, ogteo-
able taste.
Does your at cum heater heat your
flat on a cold day?"
Nnw, it won't even heat ft on a
warm day.
W. Snow A Co., Syracuse, N. Y., write:
Fleaae send us ten gross of pills. We an
selling more of Parmelee's Pills U-in any
other pill we keep. They have a great reputation for the curt ot Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaint." Mr. Charles A. Smith, Lindsay, writes: "Parmelee's Pills are an t-xce'-
lent medlelne. My sister has b.-en troubled
wilh severe headache, but theso pills bsve
cured her,"
It is proposed to erect a statue in
his native Nuremberg to Peter Hen-
loin of Hele, who Is said to have in-
Vented tlte watch toward the closo
of tho fifteenth century. Hia pocket
time-pieces were ovdl-Bluiped and so
were known os Nuremberg eggs..
"Don't you think people ask a
great many foolish questions in letters ?"
"Sure !   My     governor always
wants to know if I think he'a a
bank ?"
$100 REWARD. $100.
The renders of ihU paper will be pleased to
learn that thf-rc tt at least ine dreaded disease
that eoenee has Been ab'e to cure In nil Its
stages, and that ti catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Gars
Is ine only pmltivo cure known to the medical
fraternity, Caiarrh being a constitutional ul-
-eaHe, requires a eontstitutlonal ireittmtnt.
Hall's Catai rh Cure ti taken internally, acting
directly upon Uie blood nud mucous surfaces of
the system, thereby destroying ihe foundation
-fthedi ease,nnd giving the i atlent strength
jy build Inr      "'      ~    ' *     ~
nature In u
by building up the constitution and an sting
nature In lining its work. The proprietors ha<~
no much taith Tu its curative powers that thi
offer One Hundred Dollars for any -case that ft
falls to cur.-,   Send fnr list of testimonials.
Adrtrcss,     F. J. CHENEY Ss Co., Toledo. O.
Sold by Druggists, 7fic.
Halls Family Tills are the best.
*"f'd like Lo run every palmist, out
of town.".
"Why ?"
"Why, one of them told my wife
her dearest wishes were to be -gratified; and here's a long list of things
she hns made out for mo to buy.
Is there anything more annoying than
* ' >onf  Is '"
thing more delightful"___ _ ���
rid of It?   HollowayTs Corn Cure will do
having your -oorn stepped upon?
anvthlnr * "       " """""
.._ ,.._-..   __ there
:ntful than getting
ID.   Try It and be convinced.
Oliver H. P. Relmtml ti said to bare
sunk $30,000 in his widely paper, The
Verdict, wblcb has ju&t suspended publication.
Adjutant Genera! Cm tin has nbnudun-
ed bis proposed nip Iii I'.ttiope because of
increased work nml llie near upprouch of
a session of congress.
"Shake, old lltupy," wns the congratulatory telegram suit by Senator Sent; ti
Mark Hanna on election night, The Obte
senator has been known as "old lluoiy"
by his intimates since rheumatism took
bold of bim.
Lieutenant Colonel William Henry
Boyle, inspector general of the depart-
incut of Colorado, who has just been re
tired through the operation of the age
limit, fought In three wars and in uiiiii.-i
Indian campaigns,
Governor Roosevelt was thought as a
boy to be of a weak constitution. He
curly devoted much attention In exercise
and epent nil tbe time thnt be could in
the open air. To this be attributes bli
present health aud endurance.
Congressman Allen of .Mississippi Is an
expert In tbe mutter of cotton, to which
he has given much study in leisure moments and to tbe cultivation of which he
intends to devote himself upon his retirement from politics ucxt March.
The Duke of Stitliei'liint] bus been asked to accept the office uf lirst vice presl
dent of the "Sober Sent society," which
is to be known In the future ns lhe "Scot
tish Self Control society." The object "f
lhe organization In to oppose treating
with liquors and "nipping."
Fred crick Ln.vton, the Milwaukee mil
liounii'c und pioneer who recently retired
from active business, ennui from X'hig
land to Wisconsin In 184ft. The Lay-
Ion Art gallery, wbieh he gave Milwnu
kee, cost SL'T.'.UDU uud conliiins one of
ihe bi'st collections of pictures in lhe
middle west.
Mr. Arthur Unwell, eldest sen of llie
into hud chief justice, hits be��n appoh t
��� il county court Judge nt Until Me is HU
years of iijip and one of the youngest men
ever raised to tlie bench If his fullier
had not Insisted 111 til his peerage should
be only for life the Hon. Arthur Russell
would now be n peer.
George Fennels Train lives in a small
room in one of the Mills hotels in New
Vork and has md lefi the building for
months. He rises between 4 nml "i o'clock
in the morning and spends nearly ull day
rending tbe newspapers. He snys he
means tu lire to circle the globe in -'!���.'!
dnys over tbe Tiaysslbcrian railway.
Frederick I>. Tappen, president of the
Gallatin National bunk of New York,
hns been In Wall street for 00 years und
feels ns young as be did in Wic days
when be wns a specie clerk. The utker
day when Mr. Tappen was celebrating
ihu rounding out of his bnlf century "ou
the street" Russell Sngo, who Is In the
same class ns to age and speed, seui
mound his condolences to Mr.' Tappen.
sympathizing with the latter ou his age
ti ml the growing infirmities incident
Mr, Frank Walters, of Exetar. Tells of
Huflfoilug anil How Dr. Williams'Fink
Pills L'uiedlllut/fter Other Medicines
J-'iil ed
From thu Advocate, Exeter.
Mr. Frank Walters is a young man
personally known to most of the residents of Exeter, where he has lived
nearly ull hiB life. Talking with the
editor of the Advocate recently Mr.
Walters said :���"In justice to Pr.
Williams' Pink Pills I think it my
duty, in view of whut they have done
for me, to add my lest monial to lho
thousands of others that huve been
printed. For some months 1 suffered
most severely from pains coursing up
aud down my back. It was thought
that these pains weru due to liver
aud kidney trouble, but whatever the
muse, they frequently loft uie in terrible agony. The pains were not always confined to the back, but would
shift to other parts of the body. As
a result I gol little rest, my appetite
became impaired, and 1 fell off greatly In weight. I fried different remedies suggested by friends, which having no ��� effect almost disgusted me
with medicine. Then a personal
friend urged me to try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. I was not easily persuaded because I hud about concluded that medicine would not relieve
me, but he insisted and finally I decided to try them. I purchased one
box at lirst, and to my astonishment
before It was finished I was greatly
relieved. Then I got a couple more
boxes and these restored mo to my
former good health- I do not hesitate recommending this medicine that
others may profit by my experience,
und not suffer tortures as I did."
Di. Williams' Pink PUIs cure by going to tho root of the disease. Th.-y
renew nnd build up the blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving
disease from tho system. If your
dealer does not koep them, they will
be sent postpaid at 50 cents a box,
or six boxeB for $2.50 by addressing
the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Preparations aro being made to
work the seam of coal which was recently discovered In the environs of
Paris. The coal lies 110 feet below
the sea level.
It Wai Scratched.
"Tears ago In California," said a
western man, "on acquaintance or
mine was on a stagecoach thnt a pair
of bandits went through. The 14 passengers were nil made to got out and
stand in a row, with tbeir bunds high
over their heads. One burly ruffian
stood guard over them with a double
barreled shotgun, while the other engaged in tbe pleasing task of relieving
tbem of their valuables nml spine
"My friend was nearest the mnn
with the shotgun, While tho ceremonies were in progress his nose began in
Itch, nud instinctively he started to
lower one linml to scratch it. 'Hutuls
up, ihere!' en me the stern order, nud
his band went automatically bnck ini >
ilnoe. But that Itching redoubted, nml
again he ossuyed the roll eve Cui
���"Say, what's the mntter with yon
anyhow?' demanded the hlgliwnyinnti
���Are you wishful to become ti lend
mluo:' 'My nose holies so 1 cun'l
stand It any longer,' tearfully explained my friend. 'I simply linre gol i i
scratch It.' 'No. .vou Imiu t.' iingritr.i
mntlcally corrected tlie knlghl of tin
road, "eniiM> I'll do ii for you.'
"And with Uml lie pi*o(-ci*iletl li
scratch the offending uiisni m-gnn u .1,
the muzzle of his sliulgr.n Von enn
wager your shoes that ll.nl |>n i.Viihii
nose stopped Itching Willi ���-:������������"��� i.li.upt
Yen need not cough all night nud disturb
your friends j thore is no occasion for you
running the risk of contracting Inflammation of iho lunHBur consumption, while you
can get Blckle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup.
Thisme.llcinocures cougln. cods, Inflammation of the lur jjs und nil throat nr.d chest
troubles. It promotes a free and easy expectoration, which immediittely relieves Ihe
throat and lungs from vi-jcid phlegm.
"Mrs. Bender had a speaking tubo
run from Lho front door to her bedroom,"
"Gracious I can't sho hear tho bell
when Bender jerks It nt uncertain
hours ?"
"Yes. but the tube conveys lhe real
flavor of Bender's breath. Then sin-
is prepared."
Ail for Minard's aud late bo otter.
Teacher���Why didn't you raise your
hat when you spoke to me on the
street yesterday?
Tommy���I didn't havo mo hai  on.
Teacher���Nonsense, sir; you did so,
Tommy���No, I didn't. Il wuz me
brudder Bill's hat I hud on.
"Say," said Biggs to his friend
Dlggs, during a heated argument.
"you nre a fool."
"Yet you say I'm your friend,"
answered Dlggs.
"Yes, of course," replied Biggs.
"Then." said Dlggs, ".what I'd like
to know is this: Am 1 a fool because
I am your friend, or am 1 your
friend because I am a fool ?"
IU3VA11A)     FACTORY, Montreal
Mrs. Bem.  T.  Colon���Oh, dear,    let
us go across the street.  There comes
thut odious Mr. Full Pause,
Miss Hyphen���Yes, I've heard he
gets on periodicnl sprees nud is simply horrid.
"I understand you've been condemned?" gurgled lhe river us it
(lowed along.
Yes," replied lho rickety old
bridge wearily, "and 1 suppose I wns
tried by my piers."
hurdi LiflMEfr li uad tt? Phrsiciui
Tlie IrUh Me line School.
The I'diiciltlntinl structure for which,
taking ndvnntnge of the toleration o.
government, the hedge schoolmaster
abandoned his nl fresco establishment,
was o very bumble one of Its kind.
The peasantry, animated by the strong
Irish love of learning, built it for him.
just as in modern dnys they assemble
und build huts for evicted tenants.
It wns not a very formidable under
taking. A deep, dry dttcli or trench by
the "ondsldc was usually selected for
the site. At the side of the Irouch nil
excavation of the requisite area wns
dug. so that Hie cl:iy bunk formed three
sides of the Inolosurc. This sfl'ved the
trouble of building walls. Then the
fourth side, or frout side wall, with a
door and two windows, wus built of
given suds laid In courses, while similar sods raised the buck n> the required height and pointed ibe gable ends.
Young trees and wattles cut frotn the
nearest wood nud bound together with
straw ropes ami withes formed the
root Umbers. Over these wore spread
brambles, * then ciiine n layer of
"serflws." or slabs Of henIIby lug surface, nml over nil a thatching of rush
es. The earthen floor was pared to nu
approach ton level., the rubbish cleared
away, and a piUhvyiy inildo lo the pub
lie 1*0(1(1, There wus your hedge Bchool-
house  ready fur business
"Ah, beautiful Indy," exclaimed lhe
clairvoyant, "you have come to liml your
future husband!   Is it not soV"
"Nol much." replied ihe beautiful lady,
"1 have come in Uml oul where my present hushnud Is when he's absent."
Altont (1m> SU* al It.
Little Willie- Sny, pn, what's tbo
street cleaning department?
Pa���It's the place where Ihey explain
to the dissatisfaction of taxpayers why
the streets are uot* cleaned.���Chicago
Dally Newa.
Vpa and Downs.
"Really your face is very familiar, sir,
but you seem to hnvo the advantage of
me lo names."
And she looked at tlie distinguished
struiigcr with a puzzled uir,
"1 fnncied," he snid, "thnt you would
know mc. My name is Bungs, ami four
years ago I had tbe honor to tw your
The face of tbe lady blazed.
"Sir!" she fairly swirled.
"Hut a remarkably lucky series of
stock Investments," he went on, "has
enabled me to become your next door
The lady's face softened.
"So pleased to reiiewijnir acquaintance,
Ur. Bangs," �����!*���*> Kinllluglf said.
y* .���..*4.-*\\\\\\\\\\\\ v
\ These Four;
j New Prepara- ;
J tlons comprise a \
, oomplete treat- i
i meat for all Ibroat $
f nud I'tmir Uuiii.it i. i
% alsoaPosltlveCure ?
* lor Consumption. *
\     The FooiWmnl. %\
* Rlon ia M-i'i. .1 by '
S some, [bo Tonir by /
J others, the Kkr��- 5
*. torant   bv   oilier*. 2
* the Jelly by others '
*, still, aud sll four, *
*f or any  tlm-i,   rr ,
* *\rn\. or auv one, $
* maybouBfeilsliojly 5
f or til combination, *
*f according to the ,.
*. ixiceii'.-ii-? of tbo ',
t eust1. Kisllli.* 11.is- ;
*> tlons with each snt *
���* of four free rome* '
t. dlcB.ri'i.iesenlediu *>
j tbis illustration.     ;
This is a Positive Cups for all
Throat and Lung Troubles, also
Represent a New system of medicinal treatment for the weak) and those
���suffering from watting diseases, weak lungs** coughs, sore throat,
oatarrh, consumption, and other pulmonary troubles, or inflammatory conditions of nose, throat and lungsi
The treatment is free*    Vou havo only (0 write to obtain it.
Bythe system devised by DR, T. A. PLOCUM, the specialist in pulmonary
aud kindred diseases, the needs of the siok body can be condensed into his
treatment by four distinct preparations.
Whatever your disease, one or more of these four remedies will he of
benefit to you.
According to the exigencies of your case, fully explained in the treatise
given free with the freo medicines, you may take one, or any two, or three,
or all four, in combination.
The four together form a panoply of strength against disease in whatever shape it may attack you.
To obtain tliPse four FREE Invaluable firepiirnilimfl, Illustrated above, simply write to Tl.** T.
A. RLOCUM CHEMICAL CO., LiMrrKU, 17'J Kim: Street Weit, Toronto, (rivlnj iioitofrlcn and
expreai office adiirep', and tbe tree, nieilli'liie I Tin; slicum ('nr,-- will lw promptly cent.
SafTorersBliou'd take Instant advantage ot" tills p'lieruiia {jrujiusiliuii. and when writing for
thom always mention this paper.
Persona in Canada leofng Blocum's free offer tn American papers will please Bend fornamplesto
tbe Toronto laboratories.
Let no previous dlaeourugenieuta prevent yuu taking advantage of ibis splendid free offer
before too late.
Brass Band
Instruments, Drums, Uniforms, Ete.
Lowest prices ev-M- quoted. Fine catalogue
"IO tlluHtrntionfi mail-*! free. Write us for anything in Muslo or Musical Instruments.
Whaley Eoyce k Co., ���ro^ftg��;8i.
Ponrment Mne��� Ray, but ilium electric
teals uro swell. Whut wild the alley say
If I got 0110*1
Kh-iniv Rnp-43re! They'd be shocked
-Chicago News.
\ Lot close 10 the C. P, 11. shops.
|:17x100, for Fifty Dollars; ten dollars cosh ond balanco sn por month.
Vou cannot duplicate this; write to-
day, to-morrow mny tic too lato,
WALTER SUCKLING & Co., Real Batata Agents and Managers, Winnipeg,
manufacturers of
the McOulloch
j Racing uml Hockby Skates, have removed
. From L'10 MeDermutt St. lol89 Lombard St.,
' opp, Mclntyre lilk., Winnipeg.
Worms causo feverish ness, moaning and
restlessness during sleep.   Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator ti pleasant, sunt and
effectual, if your druggist has none in
stock, get him to procure lt for you.
"What seems to be the mutter with
him?" naked the doctor, approaching Uie bedside of the man who Iny
swathed In bandages,
"lie found Uio gns leak/' explained the nurse.
Not for a year, but for a lifetime.
Watc-haa that may bo handed Trum
father to son   heirloom^.
Tho tuovi ment of n " Ryiie"
Watch Is as nearly perfect :s
posslblo, and yet, It's nol 1 xrenslve,
Thnt Is wby it bus brought to - or
store so many bnjots who nro particular about accurate iiui.-.
Let us send von onr 10m
CbIoIoriic, snowing llie
lUAuystvlcs 01 solid gold,
flnqguld iiii,?ii,M;v..-t jiiis.1
i> u n ine nil " liviiw"
Wuu-lics in bolb ladies
anil gen tleiren's sizes.
The "Ryrle" Monogram Watches
are particularly attractive,
Yonga and Adelaide its.,
DIAMOND HALL, Established IBS*.
(Trade Mark Roglitered November 21, iwe I
Dr. Handle agrees to take Instruments back
ai half price if parties Ublng thom aro not benefitted ufter using ior five weeks.
F. Free, Winn If* B. says: 1 have used 'Oxyd-
oner" tor two weeka for Hrnieliltis and Catarrh of the Head, and 1 feel   Ike a new man.
Mm. F. L. OooVt Winn!|ieg, says: I had suffered untold nK-'tii''* Irom Bright s D>i>nHi-,and
ii relieved mo ��f Pain, and 11 n \ weeks 1 wus
Mr, W.Q Ellworthv, Winnipeg,says: l have
suffered fori* years with articular ihoamaitsmi
was lu hospital fur B "-'tks, and used almost
oven* reinedv,  bieludinn mesmeiixin   t-rulvan-
ton,eloctrlcnelt,oto I bava used Oxydonor
todays and leoelveu more benefit thnn from
nytntng else.
Mra. Gngner.Jfflnulpcg. hays: 1 have used tl
I eiirlieiallv with my family whenever sick,
.ind it Iioa oured me orievere liidlitesiiou and la
Su's-dealev wanted in every ilUlrtel. Address
Wm T. Qlplilns, Grain Biohapge, Winnipeg.
Send for Booklets of grateful reports,
momm 0���
yi.n.nl-ietiireil l>y THOS. MSB, Winnipeg.
Old vou ever uso Aenlvlenr Qssf
Is the bist, the only reliable, und the most
durublogeneralurin Canada. Worksnutomat-
ieully ; requires no attention while working.
Tbe North-west Acetylene Gas Compaq,
���.rmimi.MiSi.. winiiii.-ff.Mnn. Agents Wanted
win liny Seeds, why not
**sssss^��� T.l,: iskst.
J. M. PERKINS, Seedsman
All tho Standard Machines, Including tho
latest models, boih new nnd second-hand,
sold or rented anywhere, Itibbon-?, Carbons,
Note BookB, Pencils, Papers, etc Repairing
a specialty. Two experts employe J. Sahd
for Catalogue. THE NORTHWEST TYPE-
WRITER EMPORIUM, 868 Main S.reet,
Ws want tht' services of �� number of persons and mtillltOB to rlo knilli'iir for 111 itt
home, whole or H| nre line. W e furnish Automatic Knitting .Mai-bines free to shareholders, supply yam free and pay for work
us sent In. Distance no hindrance. Yoa
can easily earn wou wa.es. Write hb nt
onoo. 1 ep . A. 'lhe P*80plj'4 Knit thin Syndicate, Limited, Toronto, Can.
Wlieiiler&filsoiiMf-i.Co.'sI'nffiir^ I
IngScwhifr Machines are W ouster nnd % faster '*
than any vibrating machine In the world. e
Agents wanted.  Apply to j, k. Biyues, General ?'
Agent, :t.riii Main st., Winnipeg. **,
Catholic Prayer SS&SrSS:
nlan, Religious Pictures, Statuary, and Chureh
Ornaments, Kducnthmal Works, all orders receive prompt attention. D. ft J. lBdltHtCO���I01ttMl
W. H. U. 306. THE GOLDEN ERA. FRIDAY. JAN. U, 101.
FOR SALE-Tun partly paid up
shares in Colonial Investment Co. For
particutars. apply J. A. Bates.
The Sucra.nen*, of the Lord's Supper
was dispei-iso-l in the Presby ter inn
Church laat Subbnth, when three new
members were added to i he Church roil
The Ludies Magazine for December
lifts been received. Tho uimiber is re-
pl.-ie with contributions from tbo pen
of very able \vriter3, bpsulos beinu
beauiifiil?v illustrated ant well gotten
up* It ts ""published by The Hugh C,
Mui-heon Coy. limited, Toronto, at one
dollar per your.
H. T. Wilgress, formerly of the land
department of the C. P. R. and well-
known throughout the district, has
acoopteft a position with theO. R &
K K lilioad and will shortly co to
Hung Kong to assist Mr. Allan Cam
oron, late of the C. P. l'i. who goes to
au: aa auent at that placo,
LUwaon is stricken with a terrible
epidemic of pneumonia. There hnve
been five deaths iu as many days from
the dread malady, and others are suffering from it. People are greatly worried.
Typhoid iu also epidemic, but it is nub-
siding and it is generally believed tlm'-
tho worst is over. Tiie smallpox has
about disappeared. There are now only
two smallpox patients in the entire district. Five thousand vaccine points
were received and it is announced that
compulsory vacctuatiou, to include
overy man, woman and child fn the
city and on the creeks is to proceed at
ouce. Twenty-five hundred points were
received some time ago,
Cudahy, the millionaire packer of
Omaha, whoso child was abducted a
short time ago and returned on payment
ol a rausora of 925,000 has been noilHed
hy the abductors that, unless he with
draws tbe reward of 523,000, wbjol*
ho bus since offered for their approhen
aion und at onco ceases to take slops
with that end in view, another child
will be stolen, Mr, Cudahy says he
will nni comply with the demand,
Out in Victoria they are dlsousslng
whether last Tuesday was net the first
du; of Lhe twenty tirst century, nnd so
hot is tlio dispute that they arc mak fug
wagers over it, This ti uxtremoly
gra'Ifj iug to thn friends of the Capital
living outside, as It is the first instance
ou record of that city being ahead of
time. Thero would bo mi;uli less surprise
if they were disputing as to whether
it was not the boglnnlnpof the Tivelfta
century.���Nelson Miner.
It is officially announced tbnt Osorgo
Stepheus hasbeon appointed contracting
freight agent for thoO.P It. at Ntlson,
B. C, succeeding II. E Mttudounelj,,
itppolnied district freight agent.
Tne Ueg'istriif general's estimate of
tho population of Ontario for the year
just closed will total 2,350,000,
Joseph Lei ter, of Chicago, is reported
to be negotiating for ilie 001 trol of all
tho.Canadian   pork' packing houses.
Not much credence U given tho story In
Montreal.   The opinion of ihe majority
there Is tlmt the business is too widely
, scattered aud that thero are too mauy
small iiun:*.
The C. P. H. at best was nerer noted
1 for Its liberality In ��.ho matter of wages,
hut wo believe th�� pay  received by one
of their employees in this town take
the cuke.   The caretaker of the coaches >
lietween Ferule and  tiie mine* works
118 bouts h day and gets fcj cents au
hour. He goes on duty st 5 in the
morning and stays ihereuutil tlieniglii
shift oomes down  at 12 p. in.   Talk
I about Jaus and Chinamen���there isn't
I one in B. C. who would  work for Hj,
| cents an hour,���Fornio Freo Press,
Weary of the trials and tribulation*
I of this life, Irritated by trouble*, John
IScuitto, proplletOI' of the Klondyke
I hotel in Vanoouver, decided to end
I it all and took his lifo. The dreadful
I deed was committed with a 38 caliber
[Iver-iTohnson six shooter shortly after
111 o'olook Saturday morning in a small
��� loom nd joining liis sleeping apartments.
1 Three chambers of thi; revolver wore
llind and death whi Instantaneous,
Prat I dent Benjamin idc Wheeler, ol
I the University uf Cull far 111 a, lias re
Iceived information to* thu effect that
���jAguinuldo ti dead and tiat his death
lorcurcd uo less than nix weeks ago,
I Thu news lias been kept scorot, it Is
lsuid, for tho purpo3o cf prolonging thu
I rebellion.
La Putrie suys  tlmt tbo ultra-Muii
��� tnine section of the Catholic oliurcli in
���Q-ielii.-c is circulutilig a petition unliing
re libit* hop Begin, of Quebec, todtacip-
re Father O'Leary, Catholic chaplain
lof the first contingent, t&e&UM be read
(the Protestant funeral serviee over the
body of a dead hero of Paardeberg, no
Protestant clergyman being present at
���J,he time.
Rev. O. S. Bland, of the East End
Iferhodiai church Toronto, said: "h
was a memorable year if if could only
j made sure that the snake of racial
...red would never again raine its ugly
end, and nitfold-i'ts slimy colls cn tbe
miry. Both political parties in tin
Lrst have been guilty of appealing to
Ihis ugly r-vdal feeling. It has b��en
|he refuge of politicians who couldn't
victory with tho Frenuh, and
herefore tried to secure a victory over
by appealing to the racial pro
is of tho English. He wae glad of
rivilff��o( m}W $��* r*��wippoaisj
are abominable. There is no word moro
misused in Canadian politics tban the
word traitor. The greatest traitor is
the man who tries for political purposes
to separate the race*;.
It may not bo generally known that
a lodge of L O.L , better known as
'���Orangemen," has beeu formed in the
town, having a membership of 25
and they have seemed a lease
of R* Love's property below the court
house, where thoy meet fortnightly.
This organization is well known as
being strongly loyal to all British institutions, and numbers among its
momWs sotnu of Camilla's foremost
public mon.
The s'oi-os in town are stripped of
���heir holiday displays and havo settled
���flown to their normal condition. All
tho merchants report a very satisfactory trade tliU year, which is a sure
index of the prosperity of the district,
The weather for tbe pnwt week has
been about as cold as Golden weather
ever is, the thermometer has heen
coquetting with thu HO below zero
point, which is altogether too cold for
coinfori aud the BRA'S wood pih�� ti
going fast. (Delinquent otttwerifcers
please note this.)
Tho necessity for tho lon*-; talked of
improvements to lho Kicking Horse
banks was emphasized again this
week by a sudden rising of the ico to
flood level. At present the water is
finding its way down the south channel, but thero is no telling when tho
water will chnnge Ita course and then
the town will havo a repetition of the
experience of '1)7. The Board of Trade
have dono ali iu their power to have
this suite of affairs remedied, but are
forced to wait till the Dominion Government takes action.
A representative of the Eba in conversation wilh Corp, LihiuftU and privates Wilkie and Smith, returned
South Ah'ican soldiers, learned from
them that severe as had been their
trials, they were fully recompensed by
^he generois and hearty receptions
tvon them in England and Canada.
Lehman ia iho bearer of five battle
scars, losing his front upper tee:h and
a terrific ga<h on his neck. With this
except ion all were In tho pink of health
aud good spirits,
An enjoyable evening was spent iaBt
night in tho parlors of the Columbia
House by a number of young bachelors, at which music was supplied by
Messrs, Wells, Lamontagne, Cox and
Field on the mandolin ami guitar.
Tlu cold snap of the past two weeks
has by no means disturbed the usual
good-natured enthusiasm of the local
curies, wbo aro io bu seeu in full
force every night at tho rink, deeply
interested hi the roat'In' game. Tho
same raav hi said or Bk.-verti, particularly tho ladies,
Rov, Dr, Purk-ir. the London divine,
>f newspaper men has this to snyj"If
Iany nun supposes liocan improve the
genera-! spirit of London daily journalism he must bo very young or hope-
lass'y old. Tho London daily paper,
inorniag and evening, is always allowing for exceptions, simply superb in
ability aud hi faithfulness to the tern par
nnd action of tho day. No mm hus a
charter from Heaven which entitles
hlra to ba regarded as ihe Moses or the
Paul of the daily press,
The Kicking Horae is nearly level
with the omb-tukraont uud the danger
of au overflow increases with the pro
longed cold snap.
A movement is in progress to have
ft well equipped bowling alley estab
iislied In Golden at an early date.
riiia is certain!v a step in the right
llrcotion, and one which will doubt
loss b-i appreciated hy many lovers of
'he game.
W. Pel low-Ila rvey, formerly of
Golden, was a pajsengcr on yesterday's No, 2, Iu conversation bo cx-
| pressed himself as a firm believer in
tho mineral wealth of this district.
>). C. Greene expects to leave the
early part of noxt week for California,
to be absent about six weeks.
Hon, Mr. Dunsmulr and Hon. Mr.
Eberts passed through Uolden Qn Wed
uesday's onsi bound train en rouio for
Ottawa. Their mission eastward can
Only bo Burinisodi ns they appeared io
bo vory rotlconl, Iu view of tbo
recent decision uf Chief Justice Mc-
Cull, o.ic of tlm foremost matters
whicli will b-,' discussed in the pupital,
Uud probably arranged, will bo the
Asiatic Immigration quostion,
\ The r. nn un! bull In connection with
jthoGjldon hospital will bo held In the
Columbia 11 ill on Wednesday, 23rd
Inst, First class music will be pro-
i vided frotn Calgary. Tbe ladies' com-
mtttes, consisting of the wives of tbe
directors, will solicit for contributions
by way of refreshment, and hope to
meet wilh tho usual cordial support.
Tiio hospital ball has come to be re*
yarded ii* the event of the aearon and
itis hoped that there will apaiu lea
large attendance on tlio coming occasion and that all will bo done to make
it a success by the public extending to
the directors their hearty co-operation.
Tho annual meeting of the Goldsn
Hoard of Trado will be held in tho
secretary's office on the third Monday
of the present month* Tho Board,
during the past twelve mouths have
doue muoh for the advancement of the
whole district and is to to congratulated on wary band.
Mrs. Frank Fields and her daughter,
Miss Gert'e, of Field, spent a couple
of days in Golden this week.
Miss Laura Kenny conducted the
junior division of the public school
until Miss Prluglo's arrival. The
iittie ouei all vote Laura a fine teacher.
Miss Gladys Houston, who has beon
visit ing at Field for a week, returned
to Golden on Sunday.
John A. Henderson returned last
wei��k from Nebraska, where he spent
iho holidays.
Miss Ella Pringls arrived on.Wednesday from New Westminster iin-l
commenced duty Thursday morning,
She spent Monday an-1 Tuesday iu
attendance at the Mainland Teachers'
W Cox, of MeDermot's staff, spent
a couple of days iu Field during the
pmt week.
H, G. Lowe and Alex. MoAntay
came in from the ranohe Oil Tuesday
and are spending a holiday in town.
John J. Young, managing e.lit -r of
tba Cftjg ry Hor-ild, visited Golden
during 'ho week, on his way to Rovelstoke,
C. A. Warren returned on Sunday
from the Coast, where hc spent tlie
'Christmas holidays
Geo. Wells, of Pal liner, Is spending
a few days in town.
Thos. O'Brien arrived homo from
Calgary yesttTuay,
A. W. Sharp will leave for the enst
about the middle of next week to spend
a couple of months' holb'avs with
Public School Re-opened.
The public school opened on Monday
with three divisions instead of two, as
last term, the senior divisiou composing th" pupil* of Stiii. 3rd, 4th and
full classes with J. A Bates as teacher.
Intermediate Division, composing
(he pupils of Jun. 2nd, Sen. 2nd and
Jon. 3rd classes, vith Miss Montgomery as teacher. Junior division coin-
posing the tupils ofthe remaining
classes, ihe first class to the Infant
class, wiili Miss Ella Pringle an
teacher. Dio attendance in tbe different rooms on Moudav morning were :
3-tniors 25, intermediates 23 and
juniors 27.
The Hchool has gradually grown
during the past three years. When
Principal Bares tookchargeln August,
'97, tho attendance was about 31,
which steadily increased until iu the
summer of 'OS the school was enlarged
and iu August, *P0, a division was
made, Miss J. Sinclair taking charge,
and now this month wu see the staff
increased by au additional loom and
teacher. We are Infoi'med that by the
end of the year a fourth, if uot a fifth,
teacher will b,. required, should the
present increase in the number nf ch 1-
dren in attendance continue. Iu view
of the fact the trustees are bestirring
lhcmsel'-os to have a sufficient s -in se'
apart iu this year's ts'liua'es to build
a new school hoiweor enlarge the present building,
Owing to a complete change in
school books at midsummer it was
considered (inadvisable to promote any,
bu*. those to whom It wo uid be au
injustice to retain in iheir former
classes, as new hooks purchased now
would hnvo To he discards! at. midsummer, are the following, who have
been promoted!-
IV. to Junior V. Muriel Milter,
yiolet Pugho and Maggiii Archer.
Junior III. to Senior III. -Lena Mcintosh.
Senior II. to Junior III.-Percy
Lake and Herbert Blakely.
Junior IT, to Senior II.-Lawrence
I. to Junior II. ���Harold Tom.
The games being played at the rink
at present are in the competition for
tha prfze oft red annually by the Upper
Columbia Navigation and Tramway
Co., which consists of four passes on
tho Company's steamers to Windermere and return, meals and berth
being included, so lhat the members of
the wiunittg rink have an absolutely
free trip ou one of the finest scenic
routes in Oanada,
Thia competition is considered tho
most important and the ptixe the most
valuable of ull the prize* at the disposal of the olub, It also is the only
competition that has been played for
every your since tuc organization ol
the Curling Olub. and is decided by
each rink playing <~-**:h other rink, the
one winning the most games being
declared winner. Tit's season there
are eight rinks formed iu the club.
The ekfps are U G. Parson, J.G-
Uilock, M. Dainard, 0. A. Warren, J.
Lamontagne, J. Henderson, W. Mo-
N.'ish, W. B. Robertson. This makts
it necessary for 5t> games to b-i played
before the ownership of the passes is
established, The gamos played this
week areas follows: On Friday night,
MuNe sh. 9, vs. Robertson, 5; Dainard,
11, vs. Henderson, 7. S.uurdny uight,
Wnrren, 12, vs. Parson, 5. Mou
day nltcrrooii, Henderson. 14, vs.
Ullock, 9. Monday night, McNeisn.
14. Warren, (I; Lamontagne, 13. Parson, 7- Tuesday night, Ullock, 111,
vs. Dainard, 5; Robertson, 12, vs
Warren, 3,
The game ou Wednesday evening
between Ullock aud McNeish aroused
great interest, esMcN'oish had not lost
a game mid would have a good lead on
all other rinks if hu won this oue. At
first it seemed as if he weru going to
win hands down, 'ho acoro standing
9 3 in his favor at thu conclusion of
| the 9th end. Ullock, however, never
; plays so wtll as when he Is in a tight
j corner and in the remaining ends made
'the requisite 0, thus tieiug McNeish'a
. score, Iu the oxtru end Ullock scored
one, winning out by 10-9. This gu\e
Ullock.and MoNeish equnl chances of
winning out and hi fused more interest
. iu the eompetltitn. The next evening,
however, Ullock met Parson and was
defeated by a score ef 14 to 7.
Henderson defeatod Lamontagne last
uight hy 13 to 12, which puts him ou
equal terms with McNeish. These two
rinks idiiy tonight (Friday) aud an
iutfrestiug ,;?-.'��e may be looked for.
The draw has been made in the thir-
teen-pcint competition for a sterling
Bilver pocket cup presented by W.
Alexander, the jeweller, for compeli
tion between the members of tho club
who are this year playing first and
second on their respect eve rinks. This
competition will boa "knockout,''one,
that is, a" soon as a player ti defeated
he droj.s out of the competition.
To Climb tho Rock es.
It ii authoritatively auiionucetl that Ed.
Wliynii'or, one of (h'�� world's greflfost
a nth-iritis* on Alpine climbing, hns derided
to spend next summer in Um Canadian
Kockles, who<'eojt' lnrersr��coutly dlnc-avered
groat glacier*, lilf-ih i-enU and wemlorful
canyons within ��short dlxtanco of tliu (.:. P.
Xt. at Field. Mr.' Whyuipor, wh> bnlio\on
the country ti ahead of Guroi-e from a
mountaineering polut of view, intends to
superintend lhose oxplofntioiiK and to mwlst
hi.n ,'. ill bring oul a corps of trclued men
from various pftrlN uf Kitropu,
A new book by Charles M. Sheldon, tho
famcus atillm** of " In tl ih StOpi,*1 nover falls
to exclto th* uitorent of thousands of readers.
"Bern to Semi" is tha tide of tlio latest booh
by Mr. Sh'ldun, snd tbo ndwmced ��hoets
Indicate a very strong book Indeel, ono of
thrilling interest to Ihn tbunglitfill reader,
one iu which, with n master's hand many of
the caultcrs of social life, of domestic mihap-
plness, of the broader woman prulilem. of
social reform nt the vitals of society���are laid
bare, ivitti cultured delicacy, but none the
less wilh graphic, unflinching truth. Tho
Canadian tights have been secured by tho
Poolo Publishing Co., Toionto, but as the
stery will not appear in book form for mime
time tho publishers will run it ae a Serial in
tlio Presbyterian lieviow, hogimtiug with
ilie insim of tlio ;trd lost, i hus enabling the
readers of that paper to havo thii ii.om niter.
eating work lu advance
*���:���.     :M^DE   FROM    .
Ws are pleased to learn that Mr.
Htu-vey ts improving, Hesp-eaka very
highly of ths Gulden hospital i.nd
staff. Mrs. Harvey vifitcd hiin ou
Monday last*
Jo.-eph Blysiok's hand is getting
along nicely under the care of Dr.
Fred. Stalker paid Beaver a flying
visit on Tuesday last. He is spending
his holidays in Goldsn and vicinity.
Oily \0i dig. bolow sero on Wednesday* last.
Ii) sending in the accequt of the
Xmas treo entertainment yourcorrea
pondent omitted tbe names of Mr. and
Mrs. llalMorsstm, who sang a duet
which was one of the principal events
of the evening. Mr. iyid Mrs. Hall
dors-jou are both trained singers.
A tittle bird told your correspondent
something about   a birthday party
particulars   later.     Beaver  is   uot
back number hy any means.
Charles Marin is busy getting out
pay dirt on his placer claim on Quarts
Cr��ek. We all wish him every sua
Wn. McGc-agh visited his Beaver
friends ou Thursday, The professor
intends giving free music lessons twice
a week until Muy \*t,
W. B. Robertson did not forget his
Beaver' Irioud-* ou New Tear's Day,
We are always pleased lo seo W. B
Tho young people of Beaver took
ad van t ago of tho moonlight nights
and hud a very successful moonlight
excursion (on suowshoes.) Onovpung
gent almost forgot to get up next
morning, but he says practice makes
perfect and he is determined to master
the snowshoesyet.
School opened on Monday, with Miss
Davis iu charge.
C. P. R. Pension Bureau.
Despatches sent ont from Montreal
seem to indicate thut a movement is
on foot for tho'C. P. R. to establish a
pensiou bureau for its employees. Such
stops have laioly been tuken by tho
Pen ns pi van Id railway system, so .hat
all employees he e.ity 3*eara of age or
over, will be retired on a service pen
sion, based on length of service In lhe
company and amount of salary received,
ider the new system 700 employees
the Pennsylvania Co. will retire on
ou Jan, 1, and In consequence 700
younger men will adysuce and 700
new men will find employment with
the big American railway system.
Tho plan has not yet been adopted by
the C. P. R. but there has been a noii-
fication issued to the chiefs of the
various departments of the decision of
the management to establish a stisff
record based On the official career of
each employee. In short it is a
biography of the staff. Promotions
and Increases of salary will be kept c-ff
the stall and govorned by merit only.
General Manager McNicoll also announces his intention of establishing
schools for teaching shorthand and
tolegraphy, so that juniors in the
company's employ can qualify tbem
(.elves for promotion.
Church Services.
Services every Sunday atlin tn. and
7:30 p.m, Celebration of Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sunduys of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may lie announced from the chancel.
Suudav School at 2:110 o.m.
All nre cordially invited to attend
the tervicas.
"C F. Yates, Vicsr.
Service every Suudav at 7:30 p.m.
Ssiuday School aud Bible Class at, 3
p.m sharp,
Choir practice every Thursday even-
at 7.
Rev. W. D. Tcrner. Paster.
S-urvir** every Sunday at II a.m. aud
7 pm.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
G��o. KlMNttV, Pastor.
In future changes In advertisements must he
delivered at tho Era OH.ce not liter loan
VVeduesdi.y in each week. As the paper ti us
be got out nu time, it ia abtfoluialy impossible
fur un to do that and make change* In utand*
lag advertisements received later thau Wed-
VOTIVE is hereby giveu, In accordance
with the Sunuten, tli;,t Provincial Kev-
cvuo Tux, and all tuxes levied nuder ihe
AiiFOssinont Act, mo now due for tho year
1WI ami payjb.o at my oflics, hi the court
House, Uolden.
Assess fl taxes are collectable at the following rates, vlzs-
if pain mi or before June 30th, 1?X)t���
Threo tilths of oue per cent on real pro-
I cr y.
1'wo and one liiilfpereent on real property.
One halt ot oue por cunt on personal pru��
V. on finch exreHBon of iucott e-
C1.A.S.S A.-OuonnthouMhiul dollars, imd
u<st exceeding ten tlioiiMiiid dollars- ore far
cent up to five thousand dollsin and two |wr
cent on tho reiimiii'ior.
It' paid on or after duly 1st, I Wl--
Fun -lift hi o( nno | er cent oa real property.
Throe per cent ou the assessed va.uo of
wil'l h;ud.
Three quitriom of one j.-or cent on personal
Uu so much of the iivomeofany pmvon as
exceeds 1'iic th"iim:ud d-.Hjir**, in accordance
wit > ihe following ^lasslHvajioiii���
U[*on i>iu-It esvenn iho rates shall he, name
CLASS A.���On ono thousand dollars, and
not exceotiiug ton thousand dollar*  oue ami
nee halt' per cent u > to tlie thousand dollars,
and two and one half per cent un tbs remainder.
Provincial Rovemio Tax, $3.00 por capita.
F. O. LANp,
Asso^sor and Collector.
Oolden, January Dili, 1901.
During the Holidays Wg&Q to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best'Voffees or Teas a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively tho finest and best selected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
Taken in exchange for Goods, CASH it the only
articlo to work miracl-ss with at Our Store.
Oolden,     ,C.
Family Herald &
Weekly Star
will be sent to any of our
Subscribers for one year
$2.50 <���< $2.50
to thoie or-lssrlng ths. two pisperi.
The Hi-ralsl list, lor Sul.acrib.ri
this, sessaon two Frrnslsi.n
Pictures that art. we Ullnv.,
liointf .0 provo the KiMteit
���ulissori'stlon winners, sse hits,
ss- es* offs-rod ,	
The one is the fstu-oua Hoffman's
" Christ in the Templs"
and the second entitled
"Home from the War"
a pIsMa'nit inclslent of the late
South African Oanij-nign.
Ben-it Orslers and Suhscripslons to
THK lll\A(ii;B,
.UalsJen Kr�� Ofllco,
��oldcn, B.C.
Twenty Pages; Weekly; Illustrated.
s Msss-la wspsm nstc.
,220M*��ket8t.,  San Francisco, 0��l.
m ���***:
Is full of Busin-ass���in fact, we havo a little more
than we can handle just now. Customers, how-
over, wait patiently their turn, to purchase tho
Bargains now offering,
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .    .   .   ��   .
We aro now doing Busings on tho
and intend to stick to it or leave town.
OX HAND. This is too large.a stock for our present
premises and wo intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. Wo are now in the firing line and da
not intend to lot anyone undersoil us.
Look at these SNAPS   ...��
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Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholcacle ft Het.il
Cattle, Sheep and Horao Dealer..
Jas Bbadt, D.L.S., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
M. Ani'ss. lust. M.E,
Agotlt ft., obtain!)!*-* Crown Grant,, sioinff
annual juueuinent work, otc.   Asldreas:
P. A. Desormeau,
��� .  . . Tailor.
Golden, B.G
float.li Side Kfelstnar "flora. Rlrer,
Hwvey, McCarter ft Pinkham,
llnrrt.lera, Sotl.ltes-.t Ae.
QEO.S.HodABTt'li,        J.A.lURTkt,
Renlatolte, R.O. Fort Steele, B.C.
Rssoma Alexander lllock Oolden B. C,
Townsite Of GOlden.
mmmmm^B^kt   flHHuiHH I^H HBM
Buiness and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on tho Columbia Kiver, and the
centroof an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently mnde ih
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at nn early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the' building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
Np sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant,


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