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The Golden Era Feb 22, 1901

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��       James Hendeebon,        fir
* Builder & Contractor, g.
A aunply of Bnilding lime fnr Hal..        a*
Plana prepared.  Pranpt attention given to aZ_
orders. I
-���--*'"    -si-JIi iTIB-a.il lit, ,.,|,i   |,l4_lt' ;||.Jd|C-H
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solloltdr.'   i
Votary Public,- onveyancer, etc
i-*-'  Oiii.-cin Upper C-uluiubi-a   _..___.
��� LF.1 T-am 'ay Coinpnuy's Huildiiig
���/OL. XI NO.   2
Nsvs/.'.-t'itin and
v      .         .   *-��,,',,���.���- Bulallng, Baji
g| ftnlden. . II. V. H
GOI-PEN*, Bhitish Columbia, FRIDAY, FER 2*Vf:o
Whether you mike a! Dollar
or save a Dollar so Ions as
you are one dollar to the
STOCK-TAKING has revealed many
odd lots-broken ends���short
ends-many lines of goods
we would rather be without,.
In fact in many cases we prefer half their value In money,
I�� is a very small purchase
on which you cannot save
one dollar. The moro you
buy the mare you save.
DON'T pass this by saying-, "There
is nothing I need just now,"
Biit come anyway and pcr-
j haps you Will sed something
I on would rather have than:
the small amount of money
we ask for it.
WE prefer the money���COME;
H. G. Papsou,
t -. erieral Merchant,
Aexa,r|der Block.
���$2 Per Year.
Imperial Bank ol Canada
Capital Authorized, $2 600,000
Capital FnM Cp f>8.4l>8.��03
Best 1700,000
II. 8. Howl.tt'd,       -       President.
T. H. Merrltt,        -        VleePres.
Wm. Hsmsay,     T. Sutherlend Stssvnoi-
Robert Jeffrey, Ellas Rogers,
Wm. Iloii'lrio.
Hn in s strict: t Toronto.
D. II. Wll.KlK, (iossnri,! Manager.
E. Hav, Inspector.
��l�� ��0lln.11  ffi��it.
'M.VNITOBI, N. W. T. uid B. C.
Brandon. < algury, Edsnesison,
Goldeu,       Nelson,        Portage In Prairie,
Prince Alitor!,      IfovelsSoko,      rtt.-atl.co.ta.
Vancouver,   .-   Winnipeg,
Esses, Fergus, Dull, Hamilton, Iticers-ll,
I.istowol, Nisgssra Palls, Port CoUsourne
Rat Portage, ���isuilt Hto. Marie, St
("istlmrluos. St. Thoiinss,Toroisto, Welltintl,
Woodst'jek,and Mitslrttii,Que.
.Agfnla In lirent llrltaln:
Lloyd's Dank, Ltd , 12 l.oinliitrd'fet., I.oisiloii
with whom money may he doptssitod for
transfer by letter or eablo to any of Ihe
above brauvhes.
Ajrer,la I,, Un|;e:l State*,:
NEW YORK-Bauk of Montreal, Dank of
nHIS.AUO-Flrat National Hank.
8T. PAUI.-8eeontl Na.ioual Hank.
SAN KIIANt.lSCO-Wells, Fargo & Co s
Agent* In Month Africa.
Interest allosred on depoaits.
Pro.ineial, Muuieirul and other debentures
Available at all points in Canada, United
Kingdom, JUaited States.
J. S. (Hbb, %r., Golden Branch.
Ku. V. C'HAMiiishs, . Editor and Publisher
Siil'srriptiiins l-'Ou per yetsr in advanen.
Advertising rats.s inaile know,, ou request.
FRIDAY, Fubru.-ry 22. 1901.
Hull'Bros. &Co.
Wholesale & Retail
Cattle, Sheep nnd Horse Doalo.-..
--IN-     .,���
eiothing, Winter Goods,
Boots and Shoes
Jas: Brady, D.L.8., & P.L.S.
Mining. Engineer,
"s  " '' M. Atss'st. Inst. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Granla, doing
Annual nss-esaiiJl-ut s,,>rk,.te.    Address:
-OW.DE-V,  B.C.
?. A. Desormeau,
.. ... ., Tail01 v
Golden, B.C..
South  Hide Kicking  lfoi��ti IllVer,
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
IlarrUturi, Janet torn, Ac.
Revolitoke, H.C. Fort Stoelo, W.C.
Roomn Ale-tinnier Itloek Oolden H. 0.
���T3BRAT interest ti beiii.' manifested
^"^ In tlio province at present, t_pnc-
ially iu Kootrnav, over i lift |.roi|��ec.t or
"J, J, Hill, of t lie Northern Pacific. ��*��our
Ing a charter for n railway to lap th-'
Crow's Nost coal njfhtfl at Ferule hu i
other paint*. As wilt bs seei bv ref r
[slice to Mr. Houston's iiitt-rvi-w iu
Mimi real, the fear is expressed tlmt If
Mr, Hill ii s ici'i'sifstl in netting a
churl e> ftir th-B Mm- ot railway
tlie coal, which Is of it a iperiorquality
for coking purposes. Will all Ih* Khi|>p*��iJ
to the American side fur use iu tin*
smelters ami that Oidadinn indns'rios
suffer fur luck of cako. owim* io
the fact (hat the Government regula'cs
"the price of o'lal prolucrd iu th i inlii"*-
In question and sold in tin* province
The natural inference, 'ti thit the
Crow's Nm! Pas* Conl Co! will ship
their product-to 'be 111ark.1i giving
them the highest price.
This ti one side ol ihn q ie-.iion, aiul
a very  ss-rioi.8 one at  thut.   for it is
ouly rit;ht and'prO|-pr lliut thu OovHrn
ment  fthotilil   uiii* uverv  means in i'-
powcr to protect   CauadUn in UistrifK.
and at the same tim>* not iitibifere with
legitimate nad*.   Ou the oilier hittnl
thero arc those who desire to see rail
waycomiwtition iu ���ajuth'-rnKijot'iiai,
and cl cm'hai 'hi- onlv way to luiii^
th: C.P.H. to timo ti to ui.ve the jieo
pit) of that part of  tho couitry au a.
rernative routi*.   The Question  seeni't*:
to *be,  how can we ttlje thQi*o people
the coinpBtiUou  i*Jiiijh's tht-y ask   fo
and at the same tim*-* pre1 ent hii injur.,
to the mini. (: an J aiueltin^  iudiiHtry
It ."-lii'iiiH to he-a for'��0Ne coiiclu-ioii
that the itrnu iiiff uf a cliarier to tim
.Northern  Piicia^ ^iirtroi "!*Tririg"tfii
desired rc-mlt.    What then can  thi-
Oovernuieiit do to  protect   miners an
give competition V   It seems to hi-thi
answar is quite plu in.   Tiie ouly wa.
io sattfe (he itiiUculty  U for the Go-i
erumetit to build and op-rate that piec
of road t,heinselves, and thoy will the
be able to regulate-tralH<! in the inter
t.sis of tha country.    But   in  ft ch a:
event the road shuuM  not step at Fer
nie, but coiitiiiiif! up the Cultimbiii val
ley to Oold'Mi and trive the lonjx s ffer
in ji resident a of  this  diatrict compel
tion ns well.
C.l ;Jl J�� t**l AMn niiOAOTC'O I tnid wall oi'ept downward, until at last
i-UifldtnLANU UI5.4b I tH|;(tB0.cloi;k. ������,���,,, lmlleBl/,,,���
the bottom wits reached and hero further proj'r.'H.s was harr*.'] hy the fin
which was rajjfnj"*; furiously,
Mean whilo mi attumpt to relieve the
outouihed muii hud heat) made frmn
No. 5 sh ift. Tlio two am eonnoo'etl
at a dep.th of about nix hnudrel f-o',
aud along tti,ii pasflago ihe pit boss
Wai kor, accompanied by rfiasloy,
S rariu;, McArthur and Coombs started
to fi.hf ilieir wav shortly hefore neon
Oltokad bi,' (iaaiffl fruui tha ox pin ���ion
ti No. > thoy worked their wny nlonp
tho lu hub! f-rnh-i it fii/f h mil rod yards
and her.; the awful afterdamp Stopp d
further progress.
Some ofthe men though not bo baity
effected as the others, bad difficulty in
dra^ninn tbeir comrades to a place cf
Twice BRalii venttiresoine bands of
nen worked 'heir way into ili-n
rhe Story of tho Tragedy-No
iopo Is Entertained that .any
will ba Found.A Ive--A Lis:
of tho Dead.
Until Stock-taking iii February.
I havo decided to Sell only to Cash Customers and those who Settle Monthly*,
No others need apply for goods.,
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C.
k   DARGIS,   PROP..
First.class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
' ��� *   - ' niiPi.'ri ������������       im -- ��� ^
Canadian Pacific Railway,SPJ LLIM ACH HN E
The Elk Park Ranoh and Stock
Improving- Co., Limited.
T-HF st'ni'inl snssestsiff ofthe altarnhsiltlsra of
*��� tho'Klk Park Rstlt'b and Stock Isssprnv
injtr (omp.*ity, l.iuiitetl, will be Is-'ltl tit the
olfltte of Titus s 'llrsou, llarriator, In Uoltloti.
SATURDAY, MARCH 30th, 1901,
stjlo'clos-k it. shn afierstoon, for the election
of offit'pt. anrl iliedis-ecslossof tbe Company's
sffsira generally.
Dttssl at (loltlen, B.C., this 19th day of
Felsrsws y, 1901.
F. L. 8N0OK, 8ecreltsry.
Hart Ih. Qsilckml ��nd
Bsnt Esjulppesl Train
Croulng Iht Continent.
St. Paul,
Toronto and Montreal
Wed>ie��d��y and Snnday.
-������   ,   Prtsiay.
For full psrtlonl.r. apply to amntl
0. P. B. ArshiI.
Or to .;-
E.-TOOTLE,    0.'gi lailPK��B80Ni
A.O.P.A., -_*'*_.
VansunVsr, wlftnlptif,
Tb. Only Llc.n.id n.I.l.t
���pllllkNMb.a. erusslstta....
Choice Wines, Liquors U Cigars.
Free Pasture.
Good Stabling.
Having completed arrange-
\VANTED���Active men and women every
"    where to4��kn orrfarii for "I.U-'E Oi-
QUEEN -VICTORIA."  Sell-nt niiht. <l
mr horized edit ion fur the United Ht��te�� mm
Canada,   t'omnloto liook, in roiimo of pre.
parntion for over a year, now ready.   Nearly
tmptgeai taiilliiKirHtioim, retail but -V.T/i,
bitf 4'ujmiiimiinH; credit given: freight p il
Outfit, ���loainahl FREE, with full imitrmiioiiH
onapjilicatlim,   Send for outHl at once ami
yon will make frnm fl to 87 dally.   f_Exlni
luducemeniH to Canada ��gentn.
7ft) Ramtend Serent, Phlliidelphla. Pa.
Now iri the time far thoae of our
legislators who (.roff.ss to believe iii
Gover intent owni'isliiji of rtillwnjH
(nnd thare are qufro a nuinlier of tliem)
to come for iv ard uml mlvucate th*ii
principles. O^'inu to the large mini
���ier of chiiri6"*moiii:'HiR who nro be-
HJeifiugour leuislativo halls thii. session this aeenirt to Im an nppnr u ���*
time, and, aa Mr Sliniiylinpsny hiinsi-Ii
says, the Governiueut might jnst aa
welt put iheir money into building
and operating railways us to throw ii
uwny on sulmidies.
ments for the purchase of
the Hpillimachene House, the
[undersigned solicits a share
ofthe public patron>ffe.,
Win. J. BARRY,
> Proprietor.
Government Ownership.
The Toronto World'a Ottawa writo
pondent aaya:--"Is Mr. Mulock gi-ttinu
ready to nationalise the telegrapha?"
The correspondent will hasard no
batter thau guess he is, aud one straw
ihowing how the wind is blowing ia
Ieauferences now Lei ween Mulock and
Dwight. Mulock. will not be doing
anything more revolutionary than
following the inclination ot the best
parliamentary opinion gathered here.
_* *m*tm*m*
Garden Elected.
Et .Mayor Garden was elected by a.
majorit.v of S20 over Robert M.ioPher
son, the Labor candidate on Welnrsday
last. Oardeu is a supporter of the
present goverument and therefore will
[itt on Premier Dunsmuir's side of the
Ha wthornth waits, the Labor Liberal
candidate of NMil.no, em* elected by
Not "Pit to Print"
(From the Now York Outlook.)
Laat wiek weaiillal ntiKntion to im
extraorlin-iry  a-iitoiico i i an e'titoi-Ml
lit the New York Timer* saying thm
;the Christ inn mlMioimi'le*; are un l< r
tood  to lie the  niodt  impl icah'o dn
mandoi-sof Cliiue-o blood," aud also
are active iu the loo'fug of OhintJs
proi*erty."   The New Y >rk Ti-nes trnb
lishe-4 a replv  from  a oorraSilondeii1
denouncing  both  oliai'ttfH  as   utterly
filHi>. aud anvinu 'Inn  "'lie urilv hitaii-
of the first ia  th-.t the in.s-ij.mrie.-
have demanded the death penally nf
llie lenders ol tlie B.xer in ivemeni tn>
politic reasons, ami  the o >lv haioia oi
the seoniul is that   tbe tui-itiou.ir s
iook (odd and cloihiuu fro nineiifm-r
ed houses after the e-ege to ulotlm him| i
f-aed   the native oonveria who   were
utterly rieMitttle "    Wh have  not Keen
fiat the "Timea"  has published  any
retraction of thia charge, nor indicate-^
any evidence whatever to auii*>tantiate
the oharge.   The only evidence which
we Imagine can  Iteoited  lathe atai -
ment of Sir Robert Hart  that  "some
missioiiitii-a   took  a   leading part   in
spoiling   the    Egyptian-*."    S��;h   a
statement! unaccorapiiuied by speoifi
cations, is no b����i-  foi 'lie  wholesale
aciiUHHiion of 'he New York "Times "
Ti�� Hconse rei>utrtbl���� ueiuleinen���to *t\\
nothing of Christian  minisicrs--wi'h
the guilt of robbery* aud  n.ureter is >���
stfiniiH matter.   The '���Tiine*" owen it
10   its owu   reputation to  do om*   ol
three things;- add not the evidence in
substa tiation pf its chargi*a,  reirnri
thecharg*-, ur takeoff from ita front
page the legend, "All the- news that'*
fit to print," Unsubntantiated slandern
against honorable gentlemen are not
news and cousinly tuch slanders ta%
net "Otto print".
Wo give b*ro.v it C'.wloiwol n-poit
ofthe fill iletplda|o*i which took plain
at 'J.mibsifl.iii'l, ou Vancouver I-tUmi
lu*t Friday ;i orniu, , w.hhtli OUtis'tlll ilit.
dt-iiih of >4 iiiiners. The rali'io is
owns I b. Pre uii'i-J.i.'t Ij.iiiaiiiujr.
Nu uber ti -li.ifi lies right..iu.the
cenire of Uinnberlnitd iu fact tim place
may be said to be built around the -it-
hrfitd. Tne railway station lies blpst1
tu it and the mam utroet runs .hut i<
few hundred yards away, '   "'*
i To a simngRrtliepii-lifini ropresetrs
but the sight of an ugly erection uf
coil begrimed tiTplwra, with railway
I.ih'S runnIng uuJeruedCh and nniiien-e
ihiliea iibuio'furd-uujiiii-*; tjiocual Into
buikeiK. O.i oue side of ihe pit istin-
eiirtii.o ho.i-.tJ an I on ihe - utiie'r tin-
bttildhlg. fur tho fan winch sond* th
current of air down the alr-shuft.'
The mine han Iran known a-, a very
ga-ssy one ever since it wus o])Oned,
aud nuuiero.is- iustaitoes aro -quoted of
men being more or (ess *>eriously burned |
liy minor uxiilus.ona cdn��ed by iheir
I'liu-rint' drift* iu which una hai uo
0'�� Friday mortiitiQ), there was no h-
Ing 'o indicate i hat the conditions whc
any dij]fer<*nt from ihonoof any other
day. Previous to ihe men desui n Hi g
ihe pit at 7 n'cli.r.k. the firn hosH Jo n*
!4oirt went dowu nnd made bis usual
lour,and.found al! well* H-g.tve tn'ord
'o the men who then weui to work at
iheir a ���signed stations. ^^^^^^^^
- When thi* explosion occured ��� a m'lSjf*-
uf Kiuoku Htid deliriH of all kinds was
thrown itno th "-atf-froiir-t-he shaft for
a d 1st untie of over a hundred f e , bnt
the frame work at the pit-head was
tot seriously dnioHgud.
A Chinaman   who was standing at
he pi' head   has not   Let.n aeen since,
ni-! ifis m ipjio-od he was stunned p>
the i-,Ji.��ck  and pitched   h(*ad first into
The lirst ?Xpio*.ion W��8 follo-ved almost imiu'diatidy by a.Becond of even
greater strengih and a 'bird-which
seemed more tnniHi-d. itiidicui-seit'iputly
at it greater distance from tho shaft
A column of amoke began to roll np
from the air shaft nud the people, who
commenced to stream toward*, tlu
icetie of the wreck appreciated at onei
'he ominous fact that the mine was ou
fire uud Ue workmen imprisoned.
Wnrd of ttieilisn-iier was sent immt-
.liiilely  toshaf* No. 5  which ia-ahout
t iroa )��� uart err of a   ini'e away,  and
also to the lake slope, whore tlie men
q jit work at omteand hurried toNo.tl
.Meanwhile the work of temporarily
���e lairing the  hoisting gear   was pro
���m-iled with ns rapidly as possible, and
six lines of hose whi*o r in from nearby
hydrants to pour iheir streams on th
Humes below.
After about an Knar's work the
Fiitsr Rssfjua PARrr.
aitempti'd  to�� ds'titeii I,    I'   was  c m-
nos'd   of John   M i'hew-i,    the   mine
Irian agar] Johnson,  the lire b, ss; O.ck
M-iGregor. and Charles  W-dwer. i wo
miners who were clioieu from  iuujiiu
doaeiis uf volunteers.
Tliey emored the cage and wero slow
ly lo veredi fnr the shaft had been full
of teh ilea I lies r gas*s. A oonstant
sire mi of it.e cu! I water -ihiw.rol on
tliHiii froiiahtve, y��t exp isel, to all
uf peril, the mm >v rlj��l down
T��ov found that tha mid v\\\ ot i f> ���
ihsf1 hsd Iteen shattered bv the ex
pi-si'.ii. ihe result b-ing that no ait
0'ntd nOS'ibly bits-ii! down.
It will not ne necess ry to'^p,iiu
th it in order to send air dow i Up
shart tliere must hi a return pissue
and the mid wall ofthe shaft belli,!
broken, it becomes useless as an uir
passage. To repair this wall the men
w irke-l steadily for two hours
Fir- Boss J.ihuson,   wbo .was kneel
ing at the  bottom  of the oagfl,   was
overc Hue by after damp aud jus* had ,
time to ilgnai to lie drawn up,
Th   t vo  voluuteers.   McGregor and
At 5 iii the afternoon th* afterdnrap
locked the mon before thoy co'ilM
grope their way a bun I rod yards, and
a few boms latere',oil thii bottom of
'be shaft war enveloped in an atniOs-
phero so deadly ihtit* no-mortal couid
���xitt in it  for ten seconds;
This was till hope of rescito by diru t
methods a'cttmlly destroyed and everj
effort was bunt toAards so arrnngin'-j!
he air shafts as to blow the poisonous;
���rtpora out;
run LIST  op  DEAD.
There are few clrtuiges to in. made ii
-he list of d-a 1 as  oompjled to  noui
.today.   I' is .i- follows:
W B, WALKER, pit bos.-, leaves ti
viliiw uml ihi-i'ii daunhfeis, ,
WALKER   sons of the above.
OBi)ftG�� TORNBULL -leaves
widow who but u short time ago w
a happ.\   bride,
I JAMES HALLIDAT- leaves a wi
ow nud ot.0 child, ir Nova Scotia..-
'WILLIAM   SNKDDEN   leaves-
widow and tliret- children.
'' ROBERT FLE^'K    leaves a wido
sud seven ohildren in Scotland,
THOMAS LORD   alngle,
DUNOAN .MUNRO   leaves a wido
and four cl>ihlion.
J. M  D.WIS - shiffW.
D MoOXNNrS   wl'lower.
The balance wore matte Up of Chines
and Jap?.
1 Very Latest News,
Rome, Fob 19. -The pope is ill.
and im**- not rcieived visitors for four
lays, much alarm is felf owing to tlio
grail ngo ofthe p��ntilT. The viuicnu
doctors aro in constant uttcndiwiccr
Lindon. Feb 19- An official bulletin posted at the war office tonfftllf
i;avo an lult If ng of a prohiibla disaster
in Scut.li Afrii'tt. l\ is reported thnt*
ooinmunicatFon wuh Smith D-orrlon
has been cutoff Wh n lasi heard from.-
he haleu.-a.e I tli�� en< my on Feb. iGtb*
.md hail 21 mon killed iu bait Ift,*
Vanoouver,   Fib.   If*,���The  offer  of*
Moran   &   Boswli k    of   London,   of-
��150.000   cash   iu   90   -lays   for  the
Irltaniila group of oopper mines  ii;
'Kmvo S'-und w.ts accepted at a^euernL
ra-Hiiing of the  abareb'oKlers of  the
company today,
L'onrlon, Feb, SI,-Lord Kiixhener*
Im*. had a seootid narrow escape from-
napiurfi and the press fluggest that:
lie l.-id befcr remain nt Pretoria; tban
Viidt upsetting the campaign  by cap--
Pretor'a Feb, SI.   Theitotfu^.presf*
dent ofthe Transvaal has urged' ilie
burghers to como ic an (*reemfint anu
surrender ns n nation to the British.
jf Railw-ays Piscusssd by Mp
Speuklnu of Mr. W. F. Maclean'
speech In the Hmi.se of Commons laa
vvs-ek Mr T* J Shsuighiiessy, presldeii
of the Cm in llau Pnciflo, was asked <ts i.
what bethought of tho possibility-o
iho Canallati PuoiQobujng acquired li
a powtrful combiu.itjo i of Unite-
Stifli capital, as was statu! In tlu
nourse of ihe delmte on the 0. ern-
iiiout ortiieish'lp of Railways in tin
Sousu of Commons yesterday afternoon.
������Oh, it is q'lite possible." observed
\Ir. Sh aigliiii-rtsy.    ' There is noihiu.
o prevent American capital
(Xlson Minor.)
Messrs. Simon nnd DARi&'GIiggalT**
helm huve given out a statement to ths
press regarding the merging of theif
Irtr^o smeliiuji in ten-sis with th*
'American Suleltrng & Refining Csra*
pany, The fenitemens'erfpatiates upou<
-the advantiiges.whloli will nccruo to-
the miners from  the,establishment o^:
his enormous mouopoLi, aiid'ootit-flihtP
the.follcUviiig sign i Wen nt ststement: ���
"The American S mel ting. Com pan V
now controls the Hiker output cf SAuil.'
Vmcrica. Central A'm'pfici, BRITISH:
COLUMBIA, Mexico and the United*3
Sta'ps, which is nearly H\) per cent ofr
fie 0'itput cf the world." . '/
Is it fr fact ? AtiV;. if it is, wlir
���liO'ild it bi; so. and; still moro, why
��� honld it be allowed to remain scj1^
Thou-: are quest iona-w-hioh evi ry Brfifslj ���-
Jjlumblau should Ofiruestly cdhtfldei'j
That ihis Hssenlon hai a solid sub-
i'rifuuf of truth is shown hy the fact'
hit   the   refusal* of   the. Ajnrricao.
'rust to purchase our silver-
|-ad o?os jist noiv has caused con*
-ii'lerahto. if only a tempurary. embjir->
russnieiit to ihe S/oc hi urlfiest 3*111.
it is equally evident thai ilit- big trust
��� us  mn yet gi��t that control over our
tilver lend
Is's. if they have got the money, fro,,
buying the stock of tho Ontmdlai
Pacific, which is for sale in Lnndoi
uud Mont.eal, and on Berlin and othei
continental bourses, Having acquired
ihu stock, there is nothing lo proven
these gentlemen from tiontrollug the
P Hoy of ihe company and exercising
���he.r oaiitrol for the advancement ol
United S a tea interests,"
������S�� m mh lor the possibility of tin
control of Amarlean oapitutfats, Whin
do yo.i think, Mr. .Slianghuessy. ...
lie sn gejtlon that in order to pro.eu
h s ih- G 'vnrnmctil Itsdf aenuir
, possession of the Canadian Paolliu and
oilier railways material to tho pro-
parity of Ouuada, which arenowewned
by eompauiea?"
"Well," observed.Mr. ShAugnnoMy.
speak.ug quite frankly, "I think V
would 1^ iutl.iiudy belter if the Govern-
ment In'onns to take up wnunsiv i|,,
b'luiness ofrailroiilin,:. 'b-it the \\ ibl c
money of ihis country ahould be [fives
ted iu the acquisition of aiVoh fnilwnVs
as tho Canadian Pdcifio nni Grand
Trunk, than tbat it should Ita wastes
"n tho subsidising and constriction o
iscleps lini's.'*
Li Pitriealso favors Mr. M.iclcnn''
iuUi.ati.  \\ I,i<h the.i claim,,
hey  itiirlo'ibteJly   covet, and-"
. hich   they   equali.i   nndoublOilly uie
nov seek I up to obtain. Ii is not neees*
���iiry   here  to dilate  upon the reason^'
wIjji the prosperity of tfHiishtiuiutnbiii't
iiiynl I   not   he   dependent   npoi.   ths*
. him-; of -ni alien corporation.    Cutu-
itou >e ise business cons idem lions .-nd1
ar.jo ic  Bi'ritlraeni   both  SfinM)    iIrs.
I*, ous answer     Thn OiHiadmn min-
ng industry mu��t noi btl ivt the mtrcy
���f American  smelters, nud to ensure
bai we must have Cuiiadiah smelier**
upable of bundling all, or nearly tillt
the output  of    he   Canadian, taints.
Phese smelier- haieit t(,rrihieoppoi|'ew!
in  the  big A u rem trust if ever the
. liter should decide upon a fight, and.,
ro  have any   clua.ee of success, tbey
nns' havo, and are ei;: iti��*T^  to huvt:,.
the   fiees'   aceena   io   nil   Otthftfttaai)
suucfis of the supfdies they utod-
Pi'-mier   Dunsmuir and Dv   Fagnn
ere eleoted members of thn ijrtemive
of the Uanadlnn Association   Tor the
ProveiitlonofTttborculovtiB,  which re-
_ .���__ seemly met in Ottawa    D.   F.igan stiid
Webbs', were in a w-rse plight ahdi*"' he"0vG',,h,lt wO'pen'ati'aillnnskirt*
.onndtoh. o.soo,.aUiou,Irom.c9l,l������d  .���.,.���  Montret.l rssd ,,.-trZ  th""
frum isihi.ll.i-c noxious unssa. ! K��stiloo|is wh.'iIi.MsnI a|,ot for cot.
Thsy ven iinconsious Ior over sn ���"1>l"iv����-   "Tbe C  P  K. S|,0���|J .-.,
honr , "l*   "."""'"   '**  ssonsuirpiivt's   neHr
*��zt $&&**>*** S'^tr^rz^
Wlittle by little the repairs to thejnway to prerent injjf/ te Kamloops.
Sad Nowa From Daw-iun.'
Fiiiih Fentoii Brown, ivri'Ing to tlj-fiH
Poronto GIjU* from Dawson, Jatmory
J.1,  tolls of record brsnWng' weaiher
vi'h  the ihertaometer 70 below.   To
breathe the outside air became painful:
Women gr8w nervous ami   men teh
d'priisse .as pnoimopiu^iiti thai moro
fatal typho i'ii��",ii)ionia, cluinie.l victim
after victim.   Tho valley seemed in the 1
jrip of the death monster, whoso bitter
'treath    whs   slowly   permeating  elU
warm and and sonsate thing jj and llie <
s ni little groups that wouuil their way
ii   tho eemotory on the hilltop risked
their  own   lives   that   they   might1
accompany  a comrade t lire ugh rliu?e-
bitteimesS :o his silent, frozen rccil-ngfr
���dace,   'TWAS an  experience  unparal-
nled in th�� annals of the Ytikon, and*
ono to be remomh*.r**j*l    .\tany horses-
died here latt year au a result of hav-
ng   bL'uu    WOftted during the coldd^tt
iveather, consequently very  fow were
tiken out of shelter during.-tbo bitterest days.
A curious epidemic of madness pre*
vailed among the dogs during the pitst-
fmv week's, which appeared io reach *
crisis during the col-lest days* Tht*
���uiimnls were S^doValy seized with the-
cnue and ran at'otliei'-u'dfisand pooplo,-
������nappinit. tenrlng Mid biting. On
January 1-8 so many dogs became:
���mddonly affeoted tlnit mad dog' hunts-
were instituted In various parts of-tlu.
town and all dogs showing* ti Rrti,ir.
tendency were shot. K^tt*-oVty I WE
autborhfpi issued mueaS?n*g-Hvdvft ��� mwniW
It U Reported lhat Frettl-h Has Taken
Prisoners ihe Force at
Lorenzo Marque-/,     Feb.  17.���It  is
reported that Gen.  French bus    captured a large Doer force  in tho Er-
.nelo district.
Cape Town, Feb. 15.���The Boers
occupied Murraysburg, Cape    i!oluny,
��� Feb. 7.
Mr. Albert Cartwright, -editor of
the South African News, who wns arrested Feb. 7. charged witli seditious
and defamatory libel In ! living |-ub-
j Liahed in hiB paper a statont'.mt to
tho effect that tbe British vdn.uutn-
' der-in-cMcf    had    secretly iirstet.-tod
'his troops to take no pr iso turn, wee
held yesterday for trial. -Bail will be
llxed at ��2,000.
London,    Feb.  1ft ���Tho war ctttce
received the following dlspurh fnm
"Lord Kitchener:
Pretoria, Feb. 14.���Our iroojware
.now engaged with Christian .-icWtt/s
���force north of l'hillipslu.vw wlilih
we hold, l��e Wet .-.aving censed ihe
Orange river at 7mvi<lriit, uppiivi
"ly moving west.
"   Gen. French, reporting from a point
;25 miles southeast of Ermelo, stales
that a large force of the enemy
being driven on to IMetriof, their efforts to break buck having so fur
"been  frustrated.      The     Inniskillings
.charged the    enemy,    who left    live
���.killed and six wounded. Ten Boer."
were captured and a lnrge convoy nf
wagons, curts and cattle.   Our   cus-
I uulties were one killed and live
London, Feb. Iti.���Little further
news bus Iwen received from South
Africa. An official statement issued
In Capo Town ustimutes Gen. Xh-
Wet's force lietween 2,<XH1 aotl 8,000
men. It is reported from Capo Town
that the    wife of Commandant Gen-
.erul Louis Botha left Pretoria with
a military escort to endeavor to persuade her husband to surrender.
Orders have been received at Kim
berley from the military headquarters
in suspend all civilian irutlie to and
from the south. The Boers tried unsuccessfully to destroy a culvert near
Bank station, not far from Johennes-
��� burg.     Severe fighting ensued,     the
���Boers leaving three killed    und    23
wounded  behind.     The British   lost
one killed and two wounded.
Cape Town, Feb. 15.���Fighting    Is
. reported to have taken place near
Aberdeen on   Friday    and    Saturday
flast, tho Boers being worsted,
Ottawa, Feb. 15.���A report was
sent    out   from    Ottawa lust night
; stating that another contingent was
to be sent from Canada to South Africa, apnrt from rhe police that are
: being raised.   Dr.    Borden was   seen
! regarding the matter and he gave it
��� a Hat denial. He said that there
there was absolutely no truth in it.
[    Winnipeg,     Feb.   Itt.���It has    been
! decided to drape the legislative chamber in black and purple for the opening next Thursday, as a token ol respect to the memory of her lato majesty Queen Victoria.   The Indies   at-
, tending the opening are expected   to
' wear costumes    of   either black    or
: some other dark color, thus follow-
��� ing the precedent established at the
' opening of the Dominion house. A
: feature of the opening will be the
, introduction to the speaker of    the
members elected aince tho last session, T. W. Taylor, Job. Bernicr, J.
T. Gordon, Valentine Winkler, and
possibly Premier Roblin, Hon. Colin
H. Campbell and Hon. Robert Rogers, each of whom have been eleet-ed
��� at bye-elections since the close of the
legislature. The question as to
whether it will be necessary to introduce tho cabinet ministers has
been submitted to Sir Jobu G. Bour-
inot, clerk of the house of commons.
It will also be the first opening ceremony to be performed by His Honor
Lleut.-Gov.  McMillan.
Montreal, Feb. Itt.���Joseph Colville, section foreman on the IJ rand
Trunk railway, was crushed t o death
beneath the wheels of an engine yesterday In the yards at Point St.
Charles. He did not notice os he
stepped to another truck that shunting engine No. 040, in charge ol
Driver T. O'Connor, was coming
along that track with a train nf
freight cars. He fell under the engine und had his head crushed. Colville wus about 40 years old nnd
came from Present t. in November
last. He leaves a wife and one
daughter, about 14 years of ngef
Cincinnati, Feb. 16.���Judge llnUis-
ter granted the injunction iu thoJef-
frlea-Ruhlin prizo fight case.
The Irish party in the British commons has decided on a vigorous campaign agalnat the new King.
Quebec, Feb. Itt.���The first session
of the tenth parliament of the provlnco ol Quebec wna opened on Thursday afternoon. Owing to tho Indisposition of Lt.-Gov. Jette, Sir Napoleon ('assault acted in his stead,
and read the speech from the throne.
The speech referred in fitting terms
to the late Queen Victoria and the
accession of King Edward, also to
tho death of Premier Marchand, gnd
the work of tho Canadian contingents In South Africa.
Winnipeg, Feb. 16.���On Thursday
afternoon aa a Northern Pacific
freight train was pulling out of tho
city for tha south the flues In the engine nre box explodnd. Fireman II
Prendergast waa blowa clean out of
hia eab.Jwt the Bngtaaer, Mr. Savle,
waa uninjured. Ilia lajure-d man wan
brought back to tba eity. where medical aid waa waa aummoned. Fren-
dergaat walfcod home, -although badly scalded aod auflsrtaf from the et-
fecta of tho novere shaking up and
bruise* caused by Using thrown from
telegraphic Intelligence la Coadeiiee-
Paris, Feb. 17.���One thousand
seamstresses wont on strike today.
Pickering. Feb. 17.���Mrs. Alexander Knox died yesterday morning iu
her 94tb year. Sho had lived hero
59 years.
Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 17.���By a dynamite explosion near Cumberland,
Md., three men were killed uud several seriously injured.
Vancouver, Feb. 10.���Mr. Gardner
has decided to run us Independent
against McPhersou, Jos. Martin's labor candidate, in the bye-election.
Budapest, Feb. Itt.���There was si^
rious street lighting here yesterday
between men out of work and the police. About 1,200 of the former attacked the labor bureau.
Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 17.��� Albert Neilson, 15 years old, a keeper
of lion cubs ut the Zoo in this city,
met a terrible death today in the
cugo of a Bengal tiger.
L'Original, Ont., Feb. 17,���The
residence of Judge Constant'mini was
ing, together with the law office of
was burned to tho ground Inst even-
II. A. C. Clarose.
Berlin, Feb. 17.���The Gorman divisionary torpedo bout "D 3" is believed to have gone ashore on the
Punish const and been lost. Several
torpedo boats are now searching for
London, Feb. 17.���At a special
meeting of tho grand lodge of Freemasons on Friday last, tlie Duke of
Connaught was unanimously elected
grand master in the place of King
London. Feb. 15.���The royal yacht
Vtctdrla and Albert has been commissioned to take King Edward and
Queen Alexandra to Germany, and it
is expected tbe British channel squadron will form tbe .escort.
Paris, Feb. 17.���Tho intense cold
prevailing here has resulted in numerous deaths In the city and suburbs. The temperature is 12 centl-
grades below zero. There has been
a heavy fall of snow iu sevenil de-
purl ments.
London, Feb. 17.���It is reported
that ihe condition of Dowager Empress Frederick is more serious than
at uny previous time during her illness. King Edward is expected to
visit her within a few days.
Victoria, B, C, Feb. 17.���A telegram from Cumberland, Vancouver
Island, states that ono of the mines
of ihe Union colliery there is on (Ire
uml 00 miners an. imprisoned. No
details have been received yot.
London, Feb. 17.���King Edward,
accompanied by Queen Alexandra, inspected dt Buckingham palace 350
officers ami men of Strathcona'
Horse. His Majesty presented the
rcglnient with the King's colors and
gave medals to the men.
Toronto, Feb. IY.���In the legislature on Friday Premier Ross, replying to Mr. Whitney, said the government bud under consideration the
question of increasing the representation of the districts of East Algonm,
West  Algoinu-and Nipissing.
Cairo, 111., Feb. 10.���Fire hereyetr
terduy destroyed tho wholesale
houses nf John A. ilaynes, Lewis &
Co., and William Lonegran, and tlie
building occupied by the Bulletin
newspaper and several other con-
concerns. Estimated loss, 8100,000;
partly   insured.
Madrid, Feb. Itt.���In the chapel of
Lhe royal palace, in the presence of
ihe royal family and all the nristoc-
racy and officialdom of Spain, Dona
Maria de Las MercedeB de Bourbon
Y. Hapsburg, Princess of Asturlas,
was wedded to Prince Charles of
Cincinnati, Feb. 17.���Twenty-nine
persons were injured on .Saturday in
the derailment of a trolley car en
route from Dayton, Ky., to this city.
It is feared several of the injured will
die, although the physicians who
wore summoned have not yet been
uble to classify tho injured. Only
ono of tbo 30 persons aboard of the
car escaped unhurt.
Winnipeg, Feb. 17.���Tho Birtle
municipal council has raised the wolf
bounty to 92, as tho wolves are getting more numerous, instead of getting less. It is possible the other
councils through the province will do
the same, and in this manner clean
out what is at present a great drawback to sheep and poultry farming In
the sparsely settled districts.
Brazil, Ind., Feb. 17,���During services conducted by an evangelist
here James Todd confessed himself u
thief nnd a murderer. He had been
al lending the revival for several
nights, und It had been noticed that
he wept throughout tho services. Finally he signified a purpose of becoming a member of the church, and after the services visited the evangelist and made a confession, which
startled the minister.
Ottawa, Feb. 14.���Mr. Sifton answered an enquiry as to the survey
of land lu southeastern Manitoba-
Mr. Puttee received particulars as to
why the military were called out at
Valleyfleld laBt October. The debates
committee hus beon selected and the
Liberals at caucus appointed whips
for the session.
Ottawa, Feb. 15.���The senate adjourned today until March 0.
St. John, N. B., Feb. 15.��� Valuable
timber lands on the Nipissing river
were sold at auction by the crown
lands department. New Prunswick
lumbermen aro said to have arranged
to whom the different berths should
go at different prices.
London, Feb. 15.���The Strathcona
landed at the Albert docks yesterday
In the midst of much enthusiasm and
cheering and tho shrieking of steam-
era' alrens. A considerable crowd
witnessed the landing. Tho troops at
s took train for the city.
The Must Brilliant Ceremonies Witnessed in  London Since
London, Feb. 15.���Tho lust parliament of tlie reign of King Edward
VII was opened yesterday afternoon
by tho king In person. His Majesty
wus accompanied by Queen Alexandra, tho Duke of Connaught and many
others of the royal family.
The last, state ceremony of the
kind occurred in 1801, when Queen
Victoria opened parliament, accompanied by the Prince Consort, und
since the death of tho latter nothing
equal to the pomp has been, witnessed hi London in connection with (be
opening of tho legislature.
Tlio route of the royal party,
which was through the Mall, tho
Horse Guards parade, Whitehall and
Parliament- street, was guarded by
6,000 soldiers. Thousands of Londoners packed St. James' park, lair-
dered the route of the procession und
filled windows, stands und roofs.
The cortege was short but sjwetacti-
lur. Tlie roynl coauh, drawn Ly the
eight cream colored Hanoverians,
with postilions in red, and gull liveries, and footmen leading the horses,
which were covered with Mappings
of morrocco and gilt, vus prettied
and followed by the Life Guards iu
full uniform, with silver breastplates
and rod plumed helmets ami u small
escort of gentlemen-at-arms in historic costumes immediately t-V>i'rciind-
ed thu vehicle.
Five curriages of state, i-.minfhiiig
uniformed officials and Indies of ihe
household, each drawn by six horses,
with postillions and outriders, led
the procession, Next came the massive chariot, the occupants of which
eould be seen through the plate class
windows, the king, who was in full
uniform, saluting constantly, and
tbo queen bowing, the procession
speedily traversed the short route lo
an accompaniment of roars nml
shouts and reached the royal entrance to the Palace of Westminster
beneath the Victoria tower at the appointed time.
The king and the queen arrived at
Westminster at 1.47. The arrival of
their majesties wus greeted with an
uproar of cheers, the ringing of the
church bells und the firing of u royal
salute in St. James' park.
On the arrival of tl.e members of
the house of commons in the house
of lords the king took tlu oath ond
then read his speech. The assemblage stood while ihe speech was
read. The king did not wear the
Tho speech included the following:
The war in South Africa was mentioned and the hope expressed that
its termination was an early possibility.
The establishment of the Australian commonwealth and the visit of
the Duke of Cornwall to open tho
first parliament wns referred to.
Legislation to bo introduced for
amending and consolidating the factory and workshops act; for the better administration of the law respecting lunatics; for amending the
public health acts in regard to the
water supply; for Ihe prevention of
drunkenness in licensed houses and
public places; and for the amending
the law of literary copyright.
' London, Feb. 15.���The government
hero is advised thnt General Christian Dp Wet and Former President
Steyn entered Cape Colony and occupied PhitllpBtown. The British attacked them yesterday and drove
them out of the town with loss.
Capo Colony. Feb, 15.���A Boor commando crossed tho Orange rivor yes-
lerday In tho Phillips town district.
11 is reported that De Wet is in command.
Van Wyksvnlio was occupied Monday by 300 Boors, who wero retreating from Calvinln.
Tho Boers are reported In force 24
miles west of Carnarvon. A Boer
convoy of 05 wagons and 45 prisoners has been captured north of Ams-
Butte. Mont., Feb. 14.���A freight
train ran away down a steep and
winding track in the hills above
But le toduy. The train was loaded
'with lumber. Control was lost of it
and it went down the hill threo mites
at a terrific speed, finally landing on
a mining dump at Butte. Brakeman
Fiedler's head was crushed to a
pulp; Engineer Harden was caught
undor the locomotive which overturned, and waa seriously, If now fatally,
hurt; Brakeman Cahilt was slightly
London, Feb. 14.���Prof. John A.
Fleming lecturing at Liverpool yesterday said he had Slgnor Marconi's
perm itw inn to make the first mention
that on tho first day of the reign of
King Edward VII, he (Marconi) accomplished the feat of sending wire-
leas messages between St. Catherines, Isle ot Wight, and the Lizard,
900 miles. Perfect communication
between the two points haa since
been aatabllshad.
Werld'i Maws la CondcMt.il Pencra-pfea.
Toronto, Feb. 15.���A joint military
tournament and horse show will be
held on April 24, 25, 26 aud 2?, at
the armories.
Goderich, Feb. 15.���A board of
trade has been formed here with R-
S. Willis, of the Bank of Comm-.rco,
as president.
Belleville, Feb. 15.���Dr. James E.
Eakius, physician to the institution
(or the deaf and dumb, died yesterday morning, after a long illness,
aged 50.
Barcelona, Feb. 15.���A mob armed
with cudgels made a threatening demonstration yesterday in front of the
Jesuit college. The police charged
and dispersed tho rioters.
St. Louis, Mo��� Fob. 15.���It is reported from Cairo, 111., that a Ore
which started at midnight along tht
river front has consumed eight business buildings and is still in progress,
Kingston, Ont., Feb. 15.��� Firo
wrecked tho moulding shop of the
Kingston foundry, owned by Sftlb.v
& Voulden. Many castings aud patterns wore destroyed. Loss $5,000.
and insurance slight.
Rnsjibutil, French East Africa, Feb
15,���Tekla, king of Gojam (also written Godjom) northwest of the Kingdom ol Shoa, recently died of1 poisoning and two pretenders are now
quarrelling for the throne. Emperor
Menelik has dispatched an army to
restore jicaco.
Georgetown, Ont., Feb. 15.���W. L.
Hoare, section foreman at lho C. T.
station here, was struck by nn engine shunting in the station yard
yesterday morning and Instantly killed. Deceased was quite deaf, und
it is supposed did not hoar the engine approaching from the roar.
Ottawa, Feb. 15.���At tlio annual
meeting of the Dominion Artillery association yestosday Lieut.-Col. Irwin presided. The first business wai*
the passing of an address of condolence and sympathy to His Majesty
the King. The address also expressed loyalty to his majesty.
New York, Feb. 15.���Nikola Tesla
the electrician announces that plans
for the instruments of wireless telegraphy for the transmission -of messages across the ocean are completed
and that he has already sclovtcid a
site for the terminal plant on thi
side of tho Atlantic.
London, Feb. 15.���Dr. Campbell
Brown, the city anolyist, testifying
at a beer poisoning inquest at Liverpool estimated from samples examined that the average weekly consumption of beer in Liverpool in
summer timo would contain 300
pounds of arsenic, enough to kill a
million people if administered in
equal doses and at one time.
Hinton, W. Va., Feb. 15.���Frank
Crawford, aged 18 years, was shot
and instantly killed by his brother
Charley, aged 14 years, at Ballingeo.
Frank objected to Charlie going out
hunting, and to prevent him, held
the dog. This enraged the younger
boy, who discharged the contents of
the shotgun at his.brother and killed
St. John, N. B., Feb. 15.���Miss
Frances Murray, author of several
biographical historical works and one
of tho leading literary women of tho
city died suddenly yesterday. She
was an active member of the National Council of Women and a well
known worker iu literary and church
Lima, Peru, Feb. 15.���A dispatch
from La Paz, the nominal capital of
Bolivia, says that the overflow of
the river has caused the inundgtion
of tho city and tho destruction of
bridges. Tho electric lighting system
has beon disabled and the city has
been in darkness for two nights.
Many lives have been lost and the
damage will aggregate one million
Halifax, Feb. 15.--The provincial
legislature was opened yesterday afternoon by Lieut.*-Sov, Jones. The
speech from the throne referred to
the death of the Queen and thn oc-
ression of King Edward; to the return of tho Canadian contingents and
the general prosperity of the province and to the desirability of larger
provisian for the promotion of agri-
cu.tural education.
Madrid, Fob. 15.���Martial law has
been proclaimed and the military authorities aro in power today. Excitement prevails In Barcelona and
Granada and the gendarmerie have
been reinforced. The perfect of Ral-
oncfa telegraphs that grave disorders
took placo there yesterday. A collision between the gendarmes and
tho populace occurred. Several shotB
wore fired. One person was killed
and anothor wounded by a revolver
shot. The prefect eventually succeeded In re-establishing order.
Valencia, Fob. IB.���Serious disorders occurred here yesterday. In
fight between rioters and the gendarmes a- number of shots were fired.
One person was killed and one was
St. Louis, Feb. 18.���More than 150
shots wore fired, a sergeant of police
and two negroes were wounded and
a ballot box stolen In the course of
a riot about the second district polling place of the fourth ward at 12th
und Linden streets lasj evening. It
wns only after a riot call had
brought a police captain and 40 policemen with riot guns to the scene
t-nut a semblance of order was restored.
Quebec, Feb. IS.���The provincial
legislatur? opens oo Thursday afternoon. Owing to the illness of Lieut.
Governor Jette, Sir L. N. Caaault,
chief Justice, will preside. Mr. Raln-
ville, M. P. P., of Montreal, will be
the new speaker.
Victoria, B. 0., Feb. 18.���The ahip
Ilala, from London for Victorla.wltli
a general cargo, for which uneasiness
waa felt on account of the finding of
a lite buoy from her by the revenue
cutter Grant, waa reported safe off
Cftpf Beate yesterday afternoon.
Present an Address on Ut-half et the
City���A Brilliant Ceremonial.
London, Feb. 14.���The lord piayor,
the sheriffs and the aldermen, robed
tn mazarine gowns, accompanied by
civic officers, sword bearers, nia-v
bearers, and other attendants, proceeded in state carriages to St.
James palace yesterday morning to
present to the King a loyal address
on behalf of the city of London.
The King and tho Duke of Cornwall and York, attended by their
suite, reached the palace shortly after noon. The ceremonial was tho
same as is observed at a levee. All
the principal officers of thu state
were present. The King wore tho
uniform of a field marshal and the
Duke of York wore a rear admiral's
Ills Majesty was received at the
entrance by the great olUrci.-. of
state, was conducted to the throne
room, and received the address. His
MaJeBty varied the customary proceedings. Instead of merely handing
a reply ho read It in a clear, firm
The King's reply to the address of
the corporation of the City of London was as follows:
"I am much gratified at your loyal
and dutiful addresses and the zeal
and affection they testify for my
throne and person. It Is a great
consolation to me, In my grief, to
know of the wido and heartfelt sympathy to which you give expression,
and, with you, I will over cherish
the recollection of the memorable
reign of my beloved mother, renowned in our annals alike for the progress of the people In prosperity and
refinement, and for their ever widening and deepening attachment to our
government and! institutions. The
ancient city of London, alike illustrious by its history and by tho effort of Its enterprising citizens, has
ever been foremost in responding to
the call of duty and in devotion to
the Interest of the empire, and I feel
certain its future will not belie its
gtoriouB past. I humbly join in your
prayer that the blessing of Almighty
God may be continued to myself and
my consort; and I confidently hope
the efforts I will make to fulfill tbe
expectations of my happy and loyal
people will, under Divine guidance,
promote the welfare of my empire
and the prosperity of all classes of
my subjects."
The King's reply to the address of
.the London county council wus of
similar tenor and included references
to the improvements of London. Hia
Majesty said he waa confident the
London couuty council would nott
slacken its efforts to deal with the
many difficulties, especially the proper housing of the working classes,
'which Is one in which I have always taken the greatest personal interest."
Cai>c Town, Feb. 14.���Piet De Wet,
who arrived in Cape Town yesterday
to engage the Afrikanders in the
peace movement, has an appointment
with Mr. Theron, president of the
Afrikander bond, who is coming here
for the special purpose of discussing
peace possibilities. Mr. De Wet, on
behalf of the Boer peace commissioner, desires tho Afrikander bond to announce clearly that the Invaders can
expect no aid from the Cape Dutch,
and then to Bend a deputation to Mr.
Steyn and General De Wet to endeavor to prevail upon them to surrender. He says he Is confident Commandant General Louis Botha will
surrender If Steyn and De Wet will
do so and thu surrender will be practically without conditions.
St. Petesburg, Feb. 14.-8erious reports are in circulation here regarding the outbreak of what was flrst
called "hunger typhus" but Is now
officially admitted to be bubonic
plague, in tho Khirghlz steppes of
Western Siberia.
Many thousands have died in the
districts between Semipalatlnsk and
Orenburg. Tho government is sending large quantities of wheat to be
distributed to the starving population and is organizing travelling
medical services to localize the outbreak."
Budapest, Fobf 14.���There was serious street fighting hero yesterday
between men out of work and the
police. About 1,200 of the former
attacked the labor bureau, smashed
ed the windows and attached lho police, who attempted to disperse
thom. The police charged them with
drawn swords and arrested 80 persons, llie rioters attempted to rescue them and were only scattered by
the arrival of a force of cavalry.
' -1 will net forget," he .replied, stooping and kisulug her again. "I know
Elizabeth there Is a foolish prejudice
< about cousins marryiug, but my cxporf-
I ence has beeu that cousins who kuow
I each other are more likely to live happily than strangers whose bringing up
bas beeu very different, and whose environment has been irreconcilable. Parliamentary records also show tlmt the
children, as a whole, are our brightest
people. Besides Mr. James Clay mow
is an exceptionally fine youug gentleman, He was snperinteudciil of tin*
St. Augustine Central Methodist Sabbath School wheu a mere hid. He is now
chairman of tbe Charities (Jnuiuiitt.v
there, aud honorary president o' '.II-
Christ bin Endeuvorers for the State,
He Is almost sure of the RepubUeali
rumination for Congressman a( Ihe
next party convention, und If he gets
It he will most surely carry the coin's
of hia party to victory. Your ma.r.tig.-.*
with bim is sure to be u brill.'uiit nn ���
huppy oue, and it will give me extreme
pleasure when It has been toiuimimnu d.
because your mother wished it eo m.ieh,
Aud new, uiy child, the tulk.u;,' over ci!
these matters has aliased in mo:-i* s
which I woald fain muse over in the privacy of my owu chamber, and I w.li bid
you good night."
Good night, papa, und Gnd bless yo:i.
No matter how tine a man .1 nines play
more may lie he w 1 uever be us lint' n
man as my papa."
When, however,Elisabeth Lousing hnd
laid down in the samliy of he.- p'wu
bleeping chouiber, which had'hecfl hi"*
from her guileless childhood until now.
she let her thoughts go out to the in n
who was soon to shii.ro with he? her
bedroom and her iifu. Many though!?.,
scarcely shaped to dofiultenei-s, pinned
through her intnd.- At her age, 1". tb
future seemed to hold for her n sto"'
of pleasures, which her ini:i.nitin:'o*.i
could scarcely define. Ou tin* silvery
wings of nntieipathin her hints. In ill'
outline only, like nrgoKloN, went mil tn
the shore of prombc, nnd the cirgi lb-;.
brought hack toiler hmt iimic of Ir*
sweetness because of its fairy di'iiiieto*.
But In her sleep ber dreams were o" h'-i
father, nnd she wn** with h'ui again in
her childhood, blowing soap bubbles
from the window of their e'ty h nr,e, 0'
lambllng in the warm sunlight on the
New Jersey shore.
Elizabeth exerted herself ns only a
girl of her temperament could, to make
her futher happy fur tho few dnys of
her stay in New York Oity, ere she left
him for her uncle's homo in the south.
And when she finally hid him good-bye
at the depot (she preferred tho t r.i in to
ocean traveli, she solaced her own hea.t
by calling loudly lo him from tbo fast-
moving conch, "Go to the postoffice
every day, papa; and yon will find a
uird or letter there from me."
When she nrr .'Oil lu tbe south, Jniiie*-.
Claymore was on the train looking nfter
her baggage almost before the train bnd
Stopped at the utntiou.
Hit. greeting to her wns most affable.
"Why, my ronsln," ho snld, "how fine
you arc .looking," and hia gentlemanly
bearing and gallantry wou ber good
op'nlou at once. He nsslstcd her into the
Claymore dogcart before anyone else
could offer her thnt courtesy, and did not
try to disguise the pleasure It gave him
to sit by her elde. ,
Arriving at the Claymore residence,
Elizabeth wns Introduced to some people
oi note, and was then conducted to her
room uud assisted to dress for dinner
by s maid in waiting. Tbe dinner was a
most fashionable affair, and Elizabeth
felt very much ont of her element
thereat. Not because her education ind
refinement was not fully up to the necessities uf the occasion. Imt because
through It all Elisabeth eould see the
wainy side of society's shams, and it
Jarred on her sensibilities as a fnlae n-no
jars on a finely pitched musical car. To
the many ouraplimeuts and attenii-n-
ehe received, she presented a rather
reserved exterior, which caused Ihe
young mnn at her side, to whom the
had been introduced as John Salter, son
or Senator Salter, to only the more determinedly endeavor to please. "I know
yon people of the north," he was say-
Inu, ns the waiter.*; brought the entrees.
"You think rather than talk; that la
the secret of your business success. 1
like you much better for it. I took a
commercial course myself lu Brooklyn
In Hayes' time. 1 would have Isvn
there yet If my own likes nud dislikes
could hnve ruled mo. but my governor
In prejudiced against the north since
tbe war, and said he'd disinherit me If
t didn't come borne wh'-n the college
rinsed. Let me help you tn si.nv> sal d.**
"My papa is not like yours," replied
the girl.   "He lik<- the people of lhe
steAth.   He snys life is t h.rt and ton
teat to bring the (pinrrels of one day.
Vancouver, Feb. 11.���Robert Mc-
Pherson has been chosen opposition
candidate for the Vancouver seat rendered vacant by tho retirement of
Ex-Mayor Garden. Ho agreed In a
letter to the meeting to support the
opposition platform, aa from hia personal knowledge of the government
he expected no legislation from them
In lho interests of tho working people. He, however, reserved the
right to support any measure of the
government If he considered it In tho
Interests of labor.
London, Feb. 11.���The Duke. of
Cornwall and York, accompanied by
tho duchess and the duke'a physician,
Sir Francis Henry Lak Ing, arrived In
London on Saturday from Osborne.
The duke waa pale, but otherwise,
showed no signs of his recent Illness.
Montreal, Feb. 11.���Footpads last
night waylaid and beat a drover
named O'Reilly, and also attacked
another man, the president of the
Euchre club, and robbed him of the
presents for the winners of a game
to have been played laat night,    '
*ren. Into tne next."        	
"Yon menu yonr pnnn ti b'e tn'ne,"
aald the yonng msn, with p 'auch. making believe he did not see the .Wnt of
rontrnst the yimne clH wai mhjtlug.
"No, I am mdto sure ho ti not like
yonntT snld EHxnlWh. rntw imncci-
strely. nnd then F><-e*.���* fell b^weon
them, until tbe men le*r t . ��� mnS e>-:ars.
"Well, what do vo�� ���**���.'��'��� -���* her*' Inquired n. laymore of S"!*-1" ���"**"* night as
the two fnt In private In the fo-mer's
tied room.
"Think! Whv she's a -��� *>v little p!wo
of calico. IteliV yon. e��.i i-��-., *pm on
Ice since dln��er. Tf.it **������- ���-'��� for that
gold piste. I'd declare this a selling
riice, weigh In myself, and give you a
nm for tho money.
"Dou't aha beat the whole circuit?**
"She captures the colors ond the
jockey's heart at the same time," said.
Salter, "and I'm the jockey, old man.
It seems too Kentucky bad to rule her
ulT the kite."
"But the pools, Jack, you see-thny
don't go. If she's not ruled off."
"I twig; but dun my skin If sho ain't
prettier than tbat Hoosler grl that
came here to see you while the steeple*
chase was on, aud you laid odds ahe
could give beauty to any woman on
Mirth und uot miss It. That visit inuit
hiive cost you a thousand or two, I
should judge."
"It did, that und much more, and If
Morris' tilly hadn't captured tbe Lightning Stakes at 5 furlongs, and landed me
that pot, I nhould have gone broke.
"Well, say," went on Baiter, "couldn't
you make up fl little handicap and ca')*
lure tho mine, without rul ng off the
favorite for life? The way sbe looked
ut tue to-day mndo me sec blue vitrol
tor uu hour. I'd like to put my arm
around her fur Are minutes and make
btr stand It. I'd give teu pounds in
weight and rlile any other jockey off bla
feet in the stretch, if I could do that."
"It couldn't be done, Jack; neither
the handicap or the waste circuit, see!
Hoiausc hor.pupa, as she calls him, is
Hy, nntl would gel on to our racket as
��*iou as the judge can spy a ringer.
Nu, Jack, the only safe way Is the suspension of the tilly. You've seen women
before. Money can buy the beat of
"I don't know," smiled Salter, "I'll
edge ou thai statement since I've seeu
jour Queen's" Plater. If I'm auy jndge
of horsellesh, you'll have to be mighty
ehy ot the wuy you urge her to leavo
Ihe bunch. Your religious racket will
be your only hold, for if you erer try
to lorce the running with the spur, she'll
bolt the track, and throw you."
Here a peculiar knock came at the
door, which these two seemed to understand, for Claymore opened the entrance
with a laugh, and when the door waa
bolted again, and the two new comers
had taken seats at the table, cards and
round pieces of wood were produced aud
a gome was started.
Elizabeth had brought her trossenu
with her, which had arrived from Paris
some weeks liefore her departure from
tho north, consequently her days were
not taken up now with dresumakers.
She was, therefore, free to follow her
own bout as to how she occupied her
time under tbe Claymore roof. Naturally then she passed much of her leisure
in the company of James Claymore.
Tho more she know him, and familiarized herself with his habits, though ohe
strove to keep this conviction like a
nightmare from her, tbe less ahe liked
him. This strange, faint distaste for
bim���for something about him, was not
of her seeking, nor found in her a welcome. . It came to her imconsoiously,yet,
nevertheless, It forced itself ou her
senses us surely as a hate for darkne.ii
claims the heart. ,
____/���"''  ' '&?-*$'���        !
.   (Vo he continued.)
Miss aluhnafiig���Ah don't fink no man's
a gemmun whnt dou't take off his bat to
a lady I���New York World.
Oolden ftleaee.
Mamma���You're very fond of yonr
dolly, aren't you, dear?
Little Ethel-Yes. She's nicer than
anybody else 1 know.
Mamma���Oh, no. She's not nicer
than your mamma.
Little Ethel-Yea, she Is, 'cause aba
don't never 'slurb me when I'm talk-
(og.-Pblladelpbla Press.
Mra. Flnstor-Dear me. 1 bare ao
many things In my head that-
Cruel llusbaud-l suspected thai all
along, hut most kinds or machinery
make a noise.-Piltshurg Dispatch.
It la surprising what a large number of men and women Buffer trom
tha wretched uneasiness and torturing Itching of piles. You may ba
among thoee who, through modesty
or tear of the surgeon's knife, have
bean prevented from appealing to
your physician for a cure, tf ou have
tried the hundred and one things that
friends havo recommended and have
become discouraged. You say, as)
nsany have aald before you. that
then, ia no cure for plica.
Now la the time for you to turn to
Dr. Chase, whose famous ointment la
recognised the world over aa the only
actual cure for every form of piles.
Tha real substantial value of Dr.
Cbaae'B Ointment haa given It a
unique position among medicines. It
la used in nearly every neighborhood
on thia continent and has become
kaown by word of mouth from friend
to friend and neighbor to neighbor.
Asa your friends about It, ash your
druggist, aak your dootor, Otbera
have bam dlaeouraged, and after
yegn ot misery have bean cured by
Dr. Chase's Ointment. Hera ta one.
Mra. Jamas Brown, Hlntonburg, noar
Ottawa, wrltM ;���"I have bean a
eoastaat   auffimr from nearly every
form of piles for tha laat 90 years,
and during that time, both.hero aad
In tha old country, have tried almoat
every remedy.
"I am only doing justice to Dr.
Chase's Ointment when I aay that I
believe lt to be tha beat remedy obtainable for bleeding and protruding
pllea. 1 strongly recommend Dr.
Chase's Ointment to mothers, or la-
deed, to any person suffering from
that dread torment���piles."
Mr. Oeorga Thompaon, a leading
merchant of Blenheim, Ont., states :
"I waa troubled with Itching piles
for 15 years, and at timea they wero
so bad I eould acarccly walk. I trice)
a great many remedies, but never
found anything liko Dr. Chase's Ointment. After tlie third application I
obtained relief, and waa completely
cured by using ono box." Aak your
neighbors about Dr. Chase's Ointment, the only absolute cure tor
You can obtain Dr. Chase's Ointment for 60 cents a boi from any
dealer. If you prefor, enclose thia
amount to these offices and tha remedy will be sent, postpaid, to your
���addren. Edmanaon, Bate* * Co.,
He Cures Every Form of Piles Thoroughly and WeU
Without the Danger, Expense and Pain
of an Operation. GoiiDE3>T EBA.
Oat the Rod Slam Be Iran. With a
Bedbut Tip.
"When all other methods of controlling wild tiensts full the keeper has only
to employ nn iron rod, whleh haa been
t..jiih> ii'dbot ut one end," suld an old
circus miiiu to a Star reporter recently.
"I.iiiim nud llgers." lie cutiilnued. "will
t-iluge heiore the hpuicd poker, and no
mutter bow rest less and fret fnL they
mny huveJMM'ii the Bight of tbe glow*
lllg ll-uu Immediately brings tbem to
lheir best or iiiilmtil souses. It has an
almost hyp nolle Ititluenco over the
tiiusts I hive -foldom beard of au
auiiuul being luiriu-J In Ihis mnbiier,
���ijowever. so ihere is nothing cruel In
ibe tri'iiluii'iii. U would uot do for the
keeper to burn lho charges under bis
cute, tor ibe scars Would mar (be
��� nuiiufll fur exhibition purposes. The
hpl irou Is u terror. Just the snmc
nnd under Us persuasion the kings or
the Jungle nre (Ioclie nnd ready lo do
what Ih wnnted or I III'til,
"lu circus iiu-niigerh's the animals
ufleil become utmost iiiiumniigoulilu.
TIiIh is true of tbe younger specimens,
who do imt like tho idea of lieing so
closely housed, bo much hauled nbout
uud so often cut off rrom the light nr
Hie outside world. When it becomes
ui'ceswiry to give their cngcB a thorough ami Ktinltury cleaning, one atteiitl-
nm holds the tionst In n corner by
menus or lhe retlhot Iron, while another thoroughly cleanses ihe remain
Ing portion or the cage, the work licit."
itccmupllshcil by brooms and mops
from the outside. Iu cliBiig'ng lhe
wilder animals from lhe cages nn
ployed on iho mid to the larger mid
mure commodious ipinrterH nt the win
icr sin!toll, wliiii we call a strong box
Is itsiil The wngun Is bnuled nloiig-
flde ilie lnrge cngc und Hie steel stron��
box. upi'ii in iiuill ends, iHconsilluted a
pas. agewny The nnlninl lieslmtes to
imike ihe jmiruey through such 11 suspicious looking ithject. however, nnd
ajMliil the heated Iron IPU��< bo brought
Inln pluy "
ConluU't See the II a mor.
"1 can't rm* the* Iffi* of mc see." re*
innikcd un Eugllshmnn during ibe
1 fiiuse uf convursatlun with Nat Goodwin once, "what people mean by Amer*
lean humor. To ine nil humor is alike,
v,hither It be of Anierlcnu or English
origin. Perhaps you can explain to me
just what distinguishes American bn-
mor from uny other sort?"
"Well," replied Mr. Goodwin, "I think
the A mer lin n type of humor Is rather
more subtle. It doesn't always fully
Impress itself upon yon ut ouce. The
more y_u*think nbout ft the funnier It
soeius. I cun perhaps best Illustrate
my inclining with n little story.
"A mnn wae walking nlong tbe street
one day when be passed another man
who wus currying.ti letter In his band.
"'Pardon me.' raid the mun with the
letter. 'I>o you know whore the post-
i.tilce is?.
"'Yea,' snld tbo other mnn and passed un. Ou second thought lie decided
Hint be bad boon rude nud went back
to where tbe mnn with (be letter was
still standing.
" 'Do you wish to know where the
pOMtolHee Is?' be asked,
" 'Xo.' snld ihe otlier mnn."
The Kngllshman's gnze was vacant
".lust turn It over In your mind fur a
fow minutes aud toll mc what you
think of It." snld Mr. Goodwin.
Ten minutes Inter tbe Englishman
clutched ut Mr. Goodwin's elbow. "You
won't lie offended, will you. old chap?"
bo murmured, "fint, renlly. 1 think
they were both hhwstcd rudel"
A Very Sick Man Made Very
Well in a Very Short Time
The Case ef II. Height te an Iatcreiitng
Story of How m Despairing Invalid
Finally Gained Health aad Strength
through the we of Dodd'a Kidney
Little Rapids, Algoma, Ont., Feb.
ll.-(Bpecial).���Most of the Inhabitants of this district are constantly
exposed to Inclement weather and extremes of heat and cold, with a result that very many bod cases of
chronic kidnoy disease, lame back
and rheumatism aro to bo found
among our poople. Mr. D. Halght Is
one of our moat respected residents
who haa been a terrible martyr to
the dread torture of chronic kidney
For four years he has suffered. Ho
haa trlod overy prescription, patent
medicine and home remedy lhat haa
been suggested to him or advertised,
but all to no purpose. Mr. 'Height
enumerates at least a doaen disagree*-
able doses which ho has forced down
his throat In the hope of securing
aome relief, but alt in vain. Some
of these would help htm for a time,
but very soon the pain would return
with renewed vigor to torture him.
At last someone suggested that
king of kidnoy remedies, Dodd's Kidney PUIs. He had tried so many
medicines that he had very little
faith, but at the suggestion ot his
friends he bought and used a box.
He commenced to Improve from the
first dose, and gained'steadily as the
treatment continued, till finally every vestige and symptom of his old
enemy had disappeared, and he was
a well man. This ia oyer a year ago
and Mr. Halght has had no return or
sign of the old trouble.
Hia haa been regarded by tho people* here aa one of the most remarkable cures, that haa ever been effected
In Algoma. Mr. Halght says: "Four
years ago my kidneys wero In a bad
'state: I triad old medicines and new
medicines of alt kinds, doctors' prescriptions and ho**--raade cures.
Some of them relieved me tor a littlo
while, but I waa aoon ft* bad aa
ever again hnd a .second trial of the
same thing proved Ita Worthteaaneea.
At laat I was recommended to gat
Dodd'a Kidney Pilla and thoy eured
ma and I have stayed cured."
Dread riots continue in Budapest.
Dr, Landerkin, cx-M.P., has been
appointed to the senate.
A keeper at the Indianapolis Zoo
was killed by a Bengal tiger.
Twenty persons were injured in an
electric car accident in Pittsburg.
Gol. Plumer'e force has been fighting lien. De Wet's men for two,days.
A passenger train in Now South
Wales rolled down an embankment;
seven persons were killed.
Tbe minister of militia says Canada
will send no more contingents to
South Africa.
Strathcona's Horse were inspected
and addressed by King Edward, who
also presented each man wilh a
The Nova Scotia legislature was
opened by Lt.-Gov, Jones.
An agricultural college for lho Maritime provinces will soon bo provided for.
Nikola Tesla haa completed his
plans for wireless telegraphy across
the Atlantic.
Tho judge granted an. injunction In
the Jeffries-Ruhlin contest and the
light was postponed.
Tho steamer Luccrno is a total
wreck on the Newfoundland coast,
James Todd, at a meeting conducted by an evangelist at Drazll, Ind.,
confessed to three murders in Texas.
De Wet was driven from Phillips-
town with great loss. A Boor convoy of 65 wagons was captured
north of Amsterdam.
Methodist college students smashed
a saloon at Winfleld, Kansas.
The Dominion government appointed chief census commissioners for the
There wore over 2,000 deaths in
Bombay the past week, 022 being
from the plague,
Mr. D. D. Mann has announced
plans for a 8750,000 hotel and theatre for Winnipeg.
The rising of the Yaquls Indians
in Arizona has resulted in the murder of a number of ranchers.
A train got beyond control of the
men on a grade near Butte, Anally
landing in a conglomerate mass on a
mining dump.
Anti-Jesuit mobs attacked the Carmelite monastery at Santaudcr,Spain,
the monks flying therefrom in terror.
Tho Ontario government has accepted a large bequest from the H.
A. Massey estate for a hall and library at (iuelph Agricultural college.
Tho British havo captured Flcks-
The members of Strathcona Horse
have reached England.
King Georgo of Greece was fare-
welled by largo crowds in London.
Denmark has approved the Bale of
the Danish West Indies to the States
Marcoui has succeeded In sending
wireless messages a distance of 200
Thousands of people have died from
bubonic plague uu uiu steppes of
Western Siberia.
George T. St. Cyr, a member of a
well known Canadian family, has
been sentenced to death at Dawson.
Senator McKlndsey died at MUton,
Ont., and Dr. Landerkin, cx.-M.P.,
will be appointed to the vacancy In
the senate,
Ex-King Milan of Servia Is dead.
A report that Mrs. Maybrick has
been pardoned is denied.
The natives of Northern Transvaal
have risen against the Doers.
Great distress prevails ' in certain
Russian provinces owing to crop failures.
David Dawson, Brandon, received
probably fatal injuries through being
kicked by a horse.
The departure of the heir apparent
to Australia will bo the occasion of
a great naval display.
Serious Injuries were sustained by
two Miami district residents through
the breaking of a circular saw.
Capt. Fall, the Canadian organizer
for Baden-Powells' police, is in Winnipeg. Major Williams has boon appointed recruiting officer from -Virden to the city.
Anti-Jesuit demonstrations continue
in Spain,
King Edward presided over a cabinet council In London.
Gen. French has occupied Ermolu,
driving out 6,000 Boers.
New York harbor is ice-locked and
und 'commerce is greatly impeded.
A number of changes havo been
made in Yukon mining regulations.
Seventeen lives wero lost at tho
naptha fires in Baku province, Russia.
It IB believed that Mr. Kruger'r
days are numbered, his weakness continuing.
Western members of Daden-Powell's
police will mobilize at Ottawa on
March S.
Altamont, Man., Feb. 11.���Tho
store occupied by E. P, Bourque was
destroyed by fire at 8 p. m. yesterday. Tho building waa owned by M.
Landry. Tho losses on contents and
building aro supposed to have beon
partially covered by Insurance, but
to what extent Is unknown.
"st. Paul, Minn.. Fob. 11.���A bill
waa introduced Into the local legislature this morning having for ita
object tho release of the notorious
Younger brothers, who ore serving
life sentences at Stillwater- penitentiary for numerous crimes, iiK-luding
murder and bank robbery. Feeling
here runs high over the liVra-.laci.ioh
of the bill, and it la thought flint It
will never pass.
The Hague, Feb. 11.���While Mr.
Kruger haa gone to Utrecht for
treatment by an eminent specialist
for his eyes, his general health la not
good and he la showing increasing
signs of fMblenese. His hoart'e action, ��� as physicians attending him
here have   admitted,   la   weak and
���rive* warning that ba cannot   live
Wheat-No. 1 hard, Fort William,
Flour���Lake oi the Woods Five
Roses, $2.1U; Paieut, $1.U5; Medora,
91.60; XXXX, $1.85; Ogilvie Milling
company s Hungarian 82.10; Glenora
Patent, ��1.95; Manitoba, gl.60, and
Imperial XXXX $1.-20 per Back .of
98 pounds.
Mill Feed���Bran, $14 per ton, bagged; shorts, $16 per ton.
Ground Feed-Oat chop, 826 per
ton; burley chop, $19; mixed barley
and oats, $24; corn chop, $20.
Oats���88 to 40c per bushel.
Barley-88 to 40;.
Corn-44^ to 45c.
Flax���$1.40 to $1.45 per bushel.
Hay���Fresh baled is quoted at $7
to $8 per ton on track here, and
loose hay Is worth about the same
Butter���Dairy���Strictly fresh made
14 to 16c In packages; eecond-umdos
Cheest���10c per pound.
Eggs���26c per dozen.
Vegetables-Potatoes, 40c per bus.;
parsley, 80c; carrots and beets, 85u
per bushel; turnips, 20c per bushel;
cabbage, 30 to 60c pur dozen; celery,
20c per dozen; lettuce, 40c.
Dressed Meats-Beef, country dressed, 4\<t to 5',jc; city dressed, 5 to Oc;
stags and rough beef, 4c lo 4��/aC ;
peal, 5 to 6c; ��� mutton, 8^e; lamb,
10c; hogs, 6 to 6i/aC.
Poultry���Dressed chickens 8c per
lb; ducks SVgo; geese, 9%c; turkeys,
Hides���4H to 5��_c for frozen hides,
5 IIjs tare. Kips same price as hides.
Deakin skins, 25 to 35o each. Sheepskins, 40 to 70c.
Wool���8 to &/_��� per pound for unwashed fleece, and 12y2c for washed.
Tallow���4c per pound.
Seneca Root���-88 to 85c.
������ WINNI I'EG   (ITY."
Real Eatate Agents and Managers
Deal In city property exclusively. Manage
over 600 tenants. Money to loan on favorable terms.   Fifteen year*', experience.
(ir��ti-M|U(�� stohllt-rs.
"When ihe government wonts soldiers,"
wiluis a Siiuiii 1 bun 111 no corri'spnuUent ol
the New Orleans Times-Democrat) "it
simply sends nut iuto ihu country dis-
triciH and t-etii'*. them. At first tbe men
seized ure a little discontented, but when
tliey (ind I Imt ihey can do nothing In the
army lictu-r ihnn . in their ordinary
bu tint ii, nml that Ihere la a pale, Ineffectual ray nf gmry attached to the carrying
of a gnu and a curt ridge ^belt, tbey Ink*
11 pride In Ihclr new iliynity.
"Each tn tin is furnished with one suit
uf dollies a year, hut aa time progresses
be gamble- away his tuition.-, his coat,
bin iiiiitscrs and ids hut, keeping only his
gun and liis U'll, As tbe army, except
on tin* liisi of the year. Is always com-
ptiw'tl nf Kitldiors Iu lhe different stages
of pimliliiij- away their wurdi-nhe, they
imike distinctly a plcturesquo display at
tliey inarch throiitfli the streets, ou a state
"The giivcriimeiii gun rant cci* them Torn
men Is a day. but often forgets, In the
ureul heat (if that climate, to keep to Its
KIM mo fee. The alines furnished are sup
piiKcd in be leather. In reality they are
pasteboard, but as the soldiers prefer tc
go barefoot this makes very little differ
Tokyo's Slnjrlnir Insects.
Bin-fin-,- Mr-Is are -rati-emcd in all conn-
tries, hut In Japun the muslcnt sound?
emitted by certain Insects uro appreciated. Listening to these minute singers bat
been for mnny centuries a favorite |
time of the .lapaiiexe, nud has givon birth
to an original cum merer. Al Tokyo toward the end of Mny and the hcglnnine
of Jnne one seen fi impended under the
verandas of houses little cages of batnboc
from wbich break upon the silence of the
fresh twilight strnnge little whistlings of
mem llie nmdulaiintifl and light trilb
which fill the uir wiih a delicate music
It Is linhltiiiilly In lhe erening, after the
hour of the bath, that the people of To
kyoseut themselves and listen to the shrill
concert. The must prized of these sing
Ing insects ti lho suzunmsbi. Its name
menus "Insect bell,'* nnd the sound which
It emits resembles thut of a tiny -silver
ttoll. ll la a tiuy black beetle, with s
flat body.   ;   /	
Legal Pees In Boats nti.
Legal etiquette in (Jreui Britain doei
not allow a counsel to acecfh n brief foi
less ihnn I guinea and 2n. M tor bti
clerk, .ilthiiiij-,h be may um powers a
clerk. Should the brief bo a docker,
which menus u case hi which the coil line;
under I tlkct- without the In invention ol
au utlnitiey to defend the primmer in
the duck, the cmim-cl ti uot allowed tr,
scccpt Uii.ro 1 lino n nni neu, Ih-cuusc the
fact 1 lun the iiiiMtiiei hurt nut euguged
a siillcitoi ittifiliei- thnt be cutiuot spare
more ilinii it tritium Still, for all this,
tiling** are jusi nnw si. bad nl (bo bin
lhat even theee briefs are eagerly sougbl
fio n a* (root.
Mi's IVrtJe iMn.i,w.iii-8o you've nsked
pnini'i* Ii .wi'ii'i fiieh n terrible ordeal.
WM it? Vmi didn't need 10 gel excited,
ynu know.    All yuu Imd to do was tc
keep |ieireetfy cn-nl
The Voting .Man -Cool? 1 was so cool
7011 could haw *������ tX my leeth chatter!
"My denr," snld Mr. Slrlus Barker,
"thnt box of cigars you bought me bas
ri'Nclied In great benefit. I wnnt to
ll.uuk you for 1 hem more earnestly
Ihnn I did at first."
"I)ld yon enjoy Ihem?"
"Nu, but I'm better off. Tbey made
me realize what a terrible babll smok-
Inn enn become."��� Wnshlngton Star.
She Wh Lffl Wtak and Run Down, nnd
Unable to Br gal u Her Strength Until
She Used Dr. Williams' Pluk Fills.
In the village of Cumpdcn, Ont.,
and throughout, the surrounding
country, there are few people better
known or more highly esteemed than
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Albright. Mr.
Albright has for many years filled tho
position of village postmaster, in addition to conducting a boot and shoo
business. Uut it is with tho postmaster's estimable wife that this article has chlelly to do, as it gives,
practically in hor own words, tho
particulars of her recovery from a
severe Illness through the use of Dr.
Williams' Tink Pills. To a reporter
who asked Mrs. Albright if sho would
consent to givo tho particulars of her
illness and euro for publication, she
said : "Jf you think my experience
will help soma other milTcror I am
quite willing to givo it, for I may
toll you that I am a very enthusiastic admirer of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for somo years prior to tho
winter of 1.81)8 I suffered with a lnme
back, which frequently prevented mo
from doing my household work.
Later exposure to cold developed
sciatica, and every movement of tho
body caused intense pain. In this
way passed gloomy days and restless
nights, until the winter of 1.808,
when my trouble was aggravated by
an uttack of la grippe. The lirst and
most severe symptoms of this trouble
passed away, but it left mo in a
weak and depressed condition. I did
not appear to bo able to recover my
strength; my appetite was very fickle;
I wns extremely nervous, and my
heart would palpitate painfully at
tbe least exertion. I had beon under
a doctor's care, but did not recover
my strongth, and as a consequence J
was much depressed in spirits, At
this juncture a friend who called upon 1110 adviBcd me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and 1 decided to
follow the advice, and procured a
supply. To my gratification I folt uu
improvement in my condition almosU
from lho outset, and after using the
pills for a little over a month I wns
qnco more enjoying the best uf
health, every trace of the trouble
that had alllicted ma having disappeared. It is nearly three years since
I used tho pills and I have been well
and strong over since, and I have the
best of reasons for ascribing my present good health to the use of Dr.Williams' Pink Pills.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a Ionic
and not a purgative medicine. They
enrich the blood from the first cloS-i
fo the last and thus bring health ami
strength to every organ of the body.
The genuine pills aro sold only In
boxes with the full name, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People/,''
printed on the wrapper. If your denier cannot supply you send direct to
the Dr,Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont., and the pills will be mailed post paid at 50 cents a tux, or
six boxes for $2.50.
Tbe Eqninoies.
The equinoctial storms are no longer
believed In by scieniltlc persons. Tbe
equinoxes nre the dates of tbe year
when lhe sun cwhxos the equator at
one of lhe oquinncihil points. Tbey occur nlHitii March 2X and Kept 81. and.
though Kim-nix luive been known to oc*
nr iilimti ihu-*c llincH, tbey are no
Inn.'i '��� t'n ���!< lib red ns due to the per-
Wily Uiitmui uccuneiiet* of lhe crew-
"Ufe." snld lhe moralist, "Is* fifed
wilh dlsappjltiimi'i.!.<*."
���"Tlint'H right." Mild lhe short hnlred
young imiu "li seems In uie thut
every lllne you get a di.llnr you've gol
lo dlMippoltit sciiielmdy else* who wns
flfler lhe snipe piece of coin."- Washington Blur .
In Hnrd l.nck.
Ml mnde n ili-endful mistake last nlgbt."
"What was li V"
**| weiii lu luic my wife 11 dtninnml
ring, but ihe jewiliy ��!u.p tmd moved,
and I Ktumtilfd min a vim.eh liti-uur."-
f'libago Ib-emd
Ti-rlns 10 Keep Ont.
A .Ick ui.su. wlsss \v:ss .renlly nonr to
deatb could not resist tin- tomptatlou to
bssve a littlo run with his spiritual adviser. Be had a llngi'i'lng imilnily. bnt
his days wore ccrtuliily uuiuUert'd by a
few weeks at tbo most Ue hud not
been known as a man of strong religious convictions, nml yet there wos
little If anything wblcb could be said
attains! bint. It wus one of those deli-
cute rases In wblcb It Is bars! for the
minister to do anything. Rome one
ssiggessts'il to llev. Paul IVcyunsl. then
stationed at Moi-ningslde, tbat be make
it call upon tbo patient
doing to ihe houss'. be found the mnn
propps-sl up lu Isi'il to I'clli'vi" 0 Binotlier
Ing sensation. Tbo sli'k man coisld
scarcely lull, above o svlilsper, and Rev
Mr. Ws-ynud Isegnsi to make subtle In
ili.lrles about his spiiliiisil welfare,
llie Invalid's answers were ull 11011
committal and evasive, and ilnally in
sii'spalr the pastor nsked:
���Do yon really waul to go to heaven.
Mr. Blank?"
"l��o 1 want tss go so henven?" repeat-
I'd ths- dying man lis a hoarse whisper
"Why. that's llsi' plui.' I'vtj been tight-
Ins so Isarsl, to ks��'s. ,,"S *r tar the lasi
1 wss years!"
U "TOSCANA," Hiftlftffia
The I.ms,.,.,' ,.e..er.
Ths' sloiil'li' h'lit'i Is ss-nI's'cly of ll-e
In any language Souss'iilsis'is we are
ptirs'ly Itieniisisii'iit. Li'iief must have
iwo I's. Illelill o:.<- Ills' double li'ller
very si'lilillll nlTeels His* pi-oniins-lullon.
Woulsl ll ihu lis' svi'll lo drop the
double Is'iier nliogi'ilis'i-V It would
simplify sps'lllns! uml save time Iuo.���
Noles ami ijnerles.
The Knavl Truth l-.snetpsl.
Caller-Vou look like a good nnd
trnllifiil girl. Tell me-ls yonr nils-
tress renlly ol.1V
Donii'silc-Slie Is. nin'ntn.
Domestic���At  'be elbows, ma'am
Do Not Trifle
with danger���and remember
every cough or cold means
will cure your cough or cold
at once. It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It is
a safeguard for you always.
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
R��v, Mb.  Patton ol Toronto writM 1   " 1
nicd tw> bottle* of Shiloh and tike p1et*��uie
If. r:corom<*niling it.   There u nnthlo-- like it
for 0jUB.l1 throat end lung trouble.
Shiloh ��Gon��nmptlo0 Oar* \* *olt\ liy ull
ilruirgUti In O-.nnd** Ami  Vnll��d Kim*- 11I
sic, AOo Sl.aa ftbotU*   Iu Gr-.tUlli-li.j-i
*t ip. 1.1., Si. Sil, ���nil 4i. Oil.   A pH.11.1l
funnlii*��*>* with etaty bottln.    tf y.��<i
era not MtUftod ro to jraui driiggUl unit
get four mnn*y back.
���Wrilt lorllluitratiri bowk on CoruunpitiHi. Sinl
���itbrnt cou to you. I.C. W*ll>*0o., Twouw.
Tht* M'-i'IIhk Itof.vi.fii nu Ambltloui
Hunter und Hi* Firm Grla/ly.
In "Sketelk's of Life lu tbe Golden
State" Colonel Albert S. Evans tells an
amusing anecdote of an nmliltious
hunter who met hi*-, first grizzly bear���
In procession, 'i be Incident occurred
In the woods near'the site of the present town of Monterey.
The hunter sat dowu to rest In tbe
shade of a tree and unwittingly went
to sleep. When he woke, it was near
sunset, and he sat up, rubbing bis eyes
and contemplating 11 re turn to bis hotel
several miles distant.
Just then a rustling nud cracking
noise from a clump of chaparral about
100 yards nway attracted bis attention.
Out walked a grizzly bear, a monarch
of bis kind. He yawned, licked his
Jaws and tben advanced toward the
tree where our hunter sat, hnt evidently was unconscious of his presence.
Ills grizzly majesty had proceeded
nhout 20 paves when a female hear followed him. and an Instant Inter a third
grizzly followed her nt a Blow, shambling pace.
The hunter sat spellbound with terror as the procession came toward lilm
until tbe forward grizzly was within
SO yards. Then, scarcely realizing
what he did, he sprang to his feet and
uttered a frenzied yell���yell upon yell!
The effect was magical. The foremost hear sprang Into tlio air. turned
sharply about, knocked the female
down, rolled over her, gathered himself
up and hotted "like 40 cartloads of
rock going down n shoot." straight for
tlie chaparral again, llie other two
hears close at tils heels ami never turning to see what hail frightened them.
The hunter, seeing the enemy 'retreating, sprang tn his feet and tied at
lop speed for the hotel, leaving lint and
guikbehlnd. The truth of his wild and
startling tale was proved the next day
hy the numerous hear tin cits of differ
ent sizes found in the marshy ground
nearby. Itut the three hears had gone
off beyond pursuit
How's This?
We iffer On Huntl ed Dollars Reward for
any clue of Cntirrh that cannot be cured br
llilVe Catarrh Cure
P. J, OHENEX & CO.. props , Toledo, 0.
We, tho nnderifgnea, have known F. J.
Cheney fur thu last 15 years,nnd believe him
t-rfeolly honorable In nh liuNiiiciw. transacilons,
and flu ncbilly nblu 0 curry uot any obllguUon
uiade by ihi-ir Jlrm.
sA'kst&Tki/as.h hole-mle DrugtflstsJ?pledo,Q*
U'ALDIN'O,     Kl.SNAX   &   Mi.Il.VjN-,   Wliolisiile
Drtujgtsti', Toledo, 0.
Hallo r.itarrli Cure ti taken internally acting directly upon ilie blood mid mucus snr-
faoe iof the system. Prke, 7Sc.pcrhottle. sold
��� ���y ail druggixta.   Testimonials free.
Hall's Finiiily Plhs are the best.
ClonencNa IVrmnilflrd.
There's n good story told on n young
fellow here noted for his closeness. He
went to spend the night with n friend.
During the entire night he betrayed
much restlessness, which kept lhe host
wide awake, nnd Ilmilly the slumberer
betrayed signs of violent emotion.
"He's going to have n nightmare." snld
the friend, "but he always grumbles so
when you wake him np tlmt 1 hate to
disturb him.1" Ue walled awhile longer, sitting lip In bed staring on tlie
miserable sleeper, mid dually, becoming alarmed, he roused him- He sprang
up In bed. glared wildly nround and
snld: "Where um IV I don't see the
"Why. here In my room." said tlie
host soothingly. "You remember you
staid nil night wltll me? 1 beg your
pardon for waking you up, but you carried on so I had to."
"Beg your pardon," gasped the guest.
"I shall never be grateful enough to
you. I dreamed 1 was out with Miss
Bud. and n terrible storm came up, and
my shoes were hew. and I was just
ordering a coupe for two when you
roused me. Old liny, you hnve saved
���ne a dollar.''
And the bust says be was actually
afraid to go tn sleep again that night
fnr fear tbe coupe would come
\o nttrhMter.
Mr. .Johnson-IHd you remawk at >������
(tuh hist niglil dni I looked liken lei<
ster. still?
Mr. Johnson-No. sub. I nm 11
lackhiier. stili. If I wis! .���;! toen.t nt...
aspei-sinns upon de lobster family. I
should go right m n lis!) markei am
do It slraigln to tl .* fares, sith Hal ���
my style, still!   Puck.
Brass Band
Iiintrttincntit, Drum*, Uniform-,, Etc.
Lowest prices ever quoted, Klne catalogue
SO.. Illustration* mailed free. Write as for any-
thin** In HuhIo or M nal< al Iimtrumetiti,
Wh.l.y Bojrc. k Co., ���"flagJ'SL
WHEELER A WILSON sewino machine!
Rapidity. Hive nlxiut file dny hi lime.
Quleln Miinddurability ..itln.ut n.>isi-..rwi.ar-
tssi'iirrnl utility.   Best i'"i* nil kinds or work.
S-,3 Portage Are., Winnipeg,
Mot an iiul-of-ilnte iitUc.e, hut ub olutel;
tlie moat serviceable, durable, lie..lit running
��ud ixTfirt hkiiisim r. 11(1 prgO <V'alidogui
mailed free < it u{ip.ij*ution. Agents wauttc
in every district.   Apply atones.
Shipment-) uf Fn hIi i uli- r wall led.
Wm. Scott, "M>Vr��'filATo���*"*
9<nd t^Hrs,
reL hJSm
You feel better after
rubbing* against soot, grease, paint,
etc., when you have at hand a cake of
Tin Master Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
There la nothing like it for removing heavy dirt from hands or lace,
and ths tar, one of its principal ingredients, heals any sores or cuts.
Dealers in good soap sell It.
Tta Albert Tolltt tete Co., Mft., Htntreel.
This la a Positive Dure fop all
Throat and Lung Troubles, also
Represent a New system of treatment
for the weak aud for those suffering
from Consumption, waiting diseases
or inflammatory conditions of note*.
throat and lungs.
The treatment is free* Tou havo
only to write to obtain it.
Its efficacy is explained as simply as
possible below.
By the new system devised by DR.
T. A. 8L0CU1I, the great specialist in
pulmonary and kindred diseases, all tho
requirements of the sick body are
supplied by the Four remedios constituting his Special Treatment known as
The Siocum System.
Whatever your disease one or moro
of these four preparations will be of
benefit to yon.
According to the need3 of your caso,
fully explained in the Treatise givon
free with the freo medicine, you may
take one. or any two, or three, or
���11 four, in combination.
A cure is oortalll if the simple
directions are followed.
The Remedies are especially adapted
for those who suffer from weak longs,
coughs, sore throat, bronchitis,catarrh,
CONSUMPTION, and other pulmon-
ary troubles. - ?.?
But they are a!so of wonderful
efficacy in the upbuilding of weak
systems, in purifying the blood,
making  flesh,   and   restoring   to
weaV, sallow people, vigorous and
healthy constitutions.
The bans of the entire System is a
flesh building, nerve and tissue-renewing food*
Every invalid and Bick person needs
strength.   This food gives it.
Mnny people get the complete system
for the sako of tho Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil, which they themselves need,
nnd give awny the other three preparations to tbeir friends.
The second article is a Tonio. It is
good for weak, thin, dyspeptic, nervous
poople, for those who nave no appetite,
who need bracing up.
Thousands tako only tho Emulsion
and the Tonic.
Tho third preparation is an antiseptic
Balm or Jelly. It cures catarrh.
Jt helps all irritation of the nose,
throat nnd mucous membranes. It
giro3 Immediate relief.
Thousands of our readers need the
Oxojcll Curo for Catarrh without any
of tho other articles,
Tho fourth article is an Expector*
ant, Cough and Cold Curo. Can
positively bo relied upon. Is absolutely
safe for children, goes to tho very root
of the trouble, and not merely alleviates, but cures.
Th�� four preparations form a panoply
of strength against disease in whatever shape it may attack you.
Tou or your Bick friends can have a FREE course of Treatment. Simply
write to Ths T. A. Slooom Cubmioal Co., Limited, J70 King Street West,
Toronto, giving post office and express offico address, and the free medicine
(Tho Siocum Cure) will be promptly sent,
When writing for them always mention this paper.
Persons in Canada, seeing Slocum's free offer in American papers, will
please send for samples to the Toronto laboratories.
The Berliner
a 16 inch horn,
3 records
concert sound box.
The Talldnc machine that talki.���sinps���pl.-iys every .natrument���reproduce! SouM'a
Band���Negro tlflliaireU-alring orchestras or church choirs.
The HerHiierr.ram-o-i)hoiieis louder, cliaier, sweeter and almpter than anv other
Talking Machine at nny pi ice-it plays cake walks, wnlt-.es inarches and operatic aelect-
ions.it sings (words iiiiil-mii-ic) of all lhe pr-i-ulnr songs of the dnv as well as Coon songs,
patriotic and sacred si-kvtions-tt tells fmiiiv Modes or repialsn prayer,
The Berliner Gramophone la uiade in Canada, every (instrument is sold with a five
year's written guarantee.
The records nre not wax���Ihey are hnrd. flat and Indestructible. Will last 10 years.
Write to ua for Catalogue ami record lists free.
FACTORY: 347-371 Aquad-jct St., Montrail.    tMANUEL BtOUT, General Hinigtr for Cinidi.
For snip iilcoiit Hudson's Bay stores, price $lfi.fiO lo oover express rrom Montreal
fflbv*/ /UHo A*^U*-M/ fat **#
jus /j ip*%*vt> -h 1 jk*r*i**i**4/
tv ttwrUr tf. Amy m*r MeltC,
PVFDVROnV *��o   1'lnnta   ���   Oilmen
LTLKIDUUI   will llurMectls.wli.v not
m*  THK  BEST.
J. M. PERKINS, Seedsman
to send your order, large or asssal! to
PAUL SALA w^- Wines, Liquors
Winnipeg, Man., 646 Main Street.
dot. bottler,.
iNaLIBH,   miNCM  ftNO  OcttMaft  ��MHIN.
W. N. D. 312
One house (concrete) 40s25. two story, 13
ooms and large cellnr, plu-torcd inside and
'lit. suitable for boarding bouse.
One huge livery and feed stable, 50x26.
iced for 17 teHms of horses, hay loft for 10
ons ol hay.  Good water id stable.
One six-room dwelling, plaBtored inside
:>d out, good cellar.
The above are now rented for $18 per motfth.
'roperty ]s on South Ruilway street, about
00 yards southwest of ��rist mill.
$200 cash, b'llnncc In easy monthly payments.   Apply to S. A. KREDbA, Wapella.
WAIITCI1 f  Dealers and others to send
W Mel I CU 1 at once for our printed price
list of aocond-hand Bicycles. AU
kinds; all in good condition, I"rit.es
nway down. Special discount lo
d.-alers. Must clear at onco. -Hurt*, !
Andre Arms & Cycle Co., 19_ Thiulle
St., Winnipeg. fluoi-j*i*tor_ lo Ilys-
ry Brothers, -**-*.> -!���*��-.-   -���*-.-   .        -     -
tTown and District.?
* v_-**t- .-sk-* -t-\.w/*\/%/% *>%>*v*t/9.^%.m
Sunday evening aerviw in the Met he*
dial church will commeuoe hi 7:30 in-
ata.d of 7 o'clouk as formerly.
Chaml'fi'lsHiu Bios, of PaterborohaVt
heen  nrrfl'ied  for shooting oi.tile  bv
0 .leer 0. Unheron, anil placed io the
Athalmer Jail.
At tin! in<*e'inK of the officiate of the
Mm ho I i .a i-hiicb. Mo:i-Uy evening.
sti* a -vere taken to H.ivct a morecwu
tr.il situ for a new chinch.
The Ooldeu B..krv in having a large
incrpjae of tmsi -ess in the pastry aid
bread lines which  *�����.������ ika well fcr tiii
newly ��*}(-.tt>li.--hel in lus-ry.
O-viiiy to the fthsenoe from town of
s-vera I of the dlrrctottt ! he Fire Engine
A.H^ociiiriO:! inee'ing culltfil for Monday
litnt has bf.'.ii postponed ixtltl) Monday
unit at iho s:ime time and place,
Chiii"**!! New Tii'ir wai celi-brm id
wi'h all it* umial harhnrirt cunt om i>�� lid
c.ireinoni��8. From the lOttre devil tire-
craokwr to rhe thiimlero'ia bomb then
win a fusilit'le kept* up almost incessantly to expel evil spirits frnir the
haunts of the wily Ole-nml. "John"
dispensed Ittienilly to all who wished
tt.-'* BOft-ton's QOmpll-lVHHfi. not a tow of
tlm Caucasian rare embracing the op
portnnity to ''wot their whistles" with
Chi'iesp inicrohe killer.
The last ia*no of lha -'Outcrop" to
band points out the tieuesslty of road
improvement ftlonit' he vall-y trnversefl
by Horte Thief creek. It. also calls
for the extension of 'he ro ui io Jtiui! i
creek and adds: The building of th-.-e
two ronds mean a groat do.tl towards
the advancement of this diuttrJof n-x
s-'tisin, for when they are completed
the un nhrr of men no\y employed wi.l
bo incroaau'l a hnmlre.] timi-s
The K-io'enay hotel is having now
wallpaper put on its dining room, bar*
roo.n. ball and a few bed-rooms up
���tairs. Ooldmi is to bs congratulated
on Its first clan hotel?. Cleaner,
better-manage! h^mo* are not to b.
found between Calgaryand Vancouver.
E ery bou��s in town is w.ll filled np
an I we 'iiidsrstand (bn Columbia hotel.
the biggest home in Golden, was >o
erow-lel during ihu fore part ofthe
week that new arrivals had to be
turned away.
Wa have repeived this week th* firs
issue of a new weekly paper published
In Victoria called thr* "Saturday Post."
In iuffodiiuing iis'ilf it saya: "Tii
Saturday Post ia intended primarily to
represent the progvessive apt rife of the
capital of British Columbia, to investi-
g.ue resources, to d'Scribe and tc
encourage enterpri-o un-l ro give so far
ns may bo a picture of the -toci.-l
municipal and legi>lative movemonts
which are visible in the head centre of
provincial activity."     Welcome to >he
��Hflg. JellII .
Something unique In tho form of a
pirr-ihlH camp pissed up Main street
latt S.imrJ.iy to the Russell Houso.
It was ab.,nt 20x13 and was mude of
cotton duck mounted on framework,
the whole lioitig placed on hobaleight
for tranipirtation to anydesired locality. Ii is rho contrivauco of Mr. P.
trin 1. who is the contractor for sup-
plvlng  fTirf  poles for the Windermere-
! O-illo'i   tfliura|ih   lino.      Mr.   Lnnd
, expects,to bo about eight weeks on hie
contract with a considerable force of
rai-i. Si uiy McFra-ar is chef Ae
ctisineln ibis portable kitchen and is
'��� very highly epolten of by tho boj.1 in
this capacity.
t     Between   thirty  and  forty couples
��� torued out to tho impromptu dance on
Monday evening last at Columbia Hall,
which  was  ono of the most pleasant
. gatherings held this winter and passed
* off wi-hoat a bitch, notwithstanding
' the fact  *hat tha musician was some
��� wbat han licappsd owing to tho non
1 arrival of assistants. Several lane's
I and gnMlemen helped Mr. Cox out in
I this respect. A light lunch was sorve-i
, at midnight much to the satisfaction
" of everyone, aftor whioh dancing was
{ resumed until about 1:30- Credit is
I dne Messrs. R. W. Patmore and R,
- Stalker for their efforts in bringing the
* dance to a successful Issue.
T. 0  McManamon, organizer of the
I Brotherhood of  Uailroad Trackmen of
'America, paid Oolden a visit on Mon
day and was very favorably improved
1 with the beauty and distributive loos
.' t ton of the town.   He is the author of
some   valuable   suggestions   on   the
maintenance of way fn railroading, an
.aided value being given by reason of
the author's practical  experience  in
rajlro.id construction and  operation,
Mr, Mo.Manaraou was a delegaie to the
St. Louis convention in December last,
&jand was the recipient of many prcs*
IcompHinouts fur tbe able manner in
'which   hs  expressed   himself on the
Rubor question.    The organisation  he
'���T'.'presfMira numbers   11,000 members,
vwi'b 14 organisers, and rhlt strength
lis bainjcJargvly augmented day by day
.o oonSrmn the report that J- J Hill
sdiititi*��!in�� n'l Jap�� from  Ills em
lov. end ljeli**vtw other railway presl-
lout* ,wilf otpuliitc  this worthy es
in pie by dl-ponaiua  with  both  Japs
1 Afiiilg'^-    -f ���elonuenca. affability
nd real Irish wit ent*r fnfo the per-
issi-e (.siwpis o/ ��u orgauiwr surely
MoM itmmon'inght tc-U success
il in rhtrcalllng he has adnu'wd,  for
. f4 *J��i��|rtaar"*>M nt nil   thfee tn nn
iinif.1lii-.jit n.
Oold Commissioner Giifii Ua loft
for Peter borough during ihe week.
Thermometer regiHierel 1.') deg. lie
lew zero at OoIUimi aud 3<J deg, helow
at Laggan last night.
O. D. Q.-ar returued un Thursday
from Revelstoke whither he had lieen
on a biidiness visit,
Wright's lumtior camp is about
cloaed for iht* season, only one or two
lands being ivtained to lin ish hauling
The Sheriffs throughout the province
ire petitioning ��� i.y Govern ment io
amend the Act respecting judgmmitfi
and repleviu.
Aiiotinr cjI I dip on Wednesday
light followed by a diy of glorious
uiiithiiiQ. Now everyone sitth*. foi
ihu balmy obi nook',
En la refluent of tho Elu promise!
only win euahje pairoh* to iranstici
thoir business with a comfort a.d e.t
podltlon no' liot'iitoioro enjoyed,
Meesrs, Thos.  0 Brieo ai.d 0    B.
cOermot leave ou Sunday for a busi-
���ss trip to   Viotoria.   Mr. O'Brien
ill he u.vny for about a ivink,
Goldoa and district has long beon ii
need of a it-*..de*.t dontUt, A li.rge
lio.it* to would soon aouure toauup*
0-dtite practittuiH'r. Tii" nearest deli*
tlat  is about   150 miles from Golden.
Principal Dates of the Goldon public
fjliQol has huon roi|iiesicd. by the
���uh'ool irfiaiees to rosign f he tirst cf
Vpril, Ru.iso.iis for the rcftiest havp
tot. as yot been made pubjio.
Curling and skating are the stapl
imiiseiiieuts for Gol lenites. For graceful   and  arllstlo   skating  the  young
idles'of Goldon would most favorahlj
-mpare Willi many of tho large cities.
Th'j Spring assizes will iu all probability bo h**l/l I'1   G'il*b��n   oi  nr nhout
e tSth day of April next. Two civil
and two criminal oases ara on tho
docket for trial.
What's the matter with our athlete
y mug men that organisation  for il e
���m nuier Bpur:* has  not begun?    Ba-
ba!l,   football,   lacrosse,    tennis   and
C'ickft  should not  ba allowed  to
h   whore physical conditions ate
so favorable.
Capt ll E. Diirs'all, recruiting pffl-
erfor ihe South African Constabulary
is now at Victoria and will bo in Gulden
nt tbe Coin in Ha Hotal, on Friday-
March ]at. at 8 o'clock a.m., tore
-.eivo applioaiits for the above force
"With 3oal oil ar 40 c!s per gallon in
5 -rallon cans, or hO cts, per single
ga'-Ion, and acatylene gas somewhat if
inis-ifioo, oi* would think the intn
duct Ion   of clue-no  \iglit   conld   i ot
Innger bp delayed*
Manuel Dainard tatorncd from his
hunting trip hating failed to effect a
junction with chor hunters who aere
io accompany him.   He will, howev>
aln try hi* luck and hopes to capture
somo of i he mountain monurchs.
The sluing of tbe Oounty Court at
Golden has been adjourned until the
30rh day of May next. Several ca-.es
are on the list for trial, but it appear*
the various solicitors interested desire
tbe aljonriiuieiit.
In connection with the Calgary Bon-
spied, which commences on tbe 25 inst
the Canadian Pacific R tilway will cell
tickets from Golden to Calgary,
rate of single fare for the round trip.
Tickets will be ou salo February 24 to
25 inclusive, good to teturn up, to aud
including March 4th,.
Tho .seventh annual Bonspiel of th
Calgary Curling Club will he held on
February 2Jib to March 2nd. There
are eeroneynts in tbe programme
with valuable prizes attached. A
graud banquet of curlers on Frida.\
March Int. will conclude the ''spiel."
The C. P. tt. issues single fare to tbe
At a meeting of the miners and prospectors at tbe Milters' Club at Illecille-
waet  on   February   15,   there was at;
inlmuted discussion and several resol
utions tvers pacsci  regarding  propei
steps being taken to Interview Hon R
McBride  nnd  alio  Hon,   Mr   W ���'
towards   getting   appropriations   for
building trails and   bridges   In  this
district to enable miners ami prospeo
ore to develop (he properties in tlu
immediate vicinity 'of Illccillowact
ReveUtoke Herald.
J. C. Greene, proprietor of Queen's
Hotel, is expected baok from California
next week.
F. W. Jones and Mrs. Jones left foi
Winnipeg 1 ist Sitnrday night and wil
tot urn in a day or two.
T G. McMammon, of Ruby creek,
..a. a guest nt ihn Columbia hotel oi
Monday, and Ibft for Calgary on Tuesday.
W. H Bullock-Web��ter, of ibe Pro
vincial Police, arrived on Ssinriav.ami
left on Sunday for the Windermere
Freil. Wells, at ore time a resident
of Golden but now of Rossland. passed
through last, week ou his way east on
.i holiday.
Rev W. D. Turner le-irpa on Tues
lay next for Kamloins to attend the
Presbytery lamtlnff thero, after Which
bo will visit tho Coast.
Tboljirl Bishop of Calgary. Dr
Pinkham, w.is at tbe Columbia Himse,
visiting bia eon. Mr, J. Pinkhain of
the Imp-ri.ii Bunk, and left on Tburs
day for R-ivelsmko,
VV. Cox, who Ins biefl rtistloatfni
it Palfiser for the past couplouf weeks.
'rime dowu on Monday last to be pre*-
���nt at tho social bop givon In Columbia
[all that-evening by ourcitbiciW,.       \
W. S. Lazier, representing the
National Cash Register Company, of
Dayton, Ohio, was in town Monday
aud Jen on tha westbound express on
Tuesday morning.
Mrs Rosa, of Kamloops, arrived In
Gohhiii on Monday and will sperm a
mouth with her mother, Mrs U. R
Moodie. Mi> Rjss Is recovering as
nud-il\ as pudsible from her recent
Tlie numerous friends of R-'v. W S.
Wright, who was at ouo time lu
i-.bnrg*. of thu Presbyterian Church in
Go.'leu, will le pleased to learn thai
be han been settled in a comfortable
charge at Merrltton, Ont.   '
Tiio venerable Tom Jones, who hns
spout the winter In the East, returned
last. Friday a. d will atiortty proceed
to the upper country Mr. Jones was
elightud with bis trip, which be says
was oue continual round of pleasure,
Hon. W. C. Wells returned to Victoria on Monday after a short atay at
his home at Palliser, He believes tlif
coming seas-on will not In* Minimally
our but will bo very interesting and
mportant us affecting the welfare of
Ruv. C. F. Ya-ea has been laid op
with a severe attack of h grippe, tne
result of a cold contracted while re*
turning frum Windermere lust week
md was unable to hold mervice in S'.
Paul's Church on Sunday on thai
iccotint. We are pleased to note, bow-
svnrt that he is rapidly recovering.
Alfred T. Chambers, representing H.
3. Rowland's wholesale hardware
hojse of Toronto, arrived in town bj
Saturday** delayed traiu f om the
West and left for Calgary on Monday
���afternoon, Mr. Chambers is a brother
of Et. V, Chambers, of Tim Era
Rev. S. J. Thompson, of Revelstoke.
superintendent of ihe district, oncupted
the pulpit of tbe Methodist Church.
both morning am1 evening, on Suuday
last, Quite a large attendance turned
out to hear btni Sunday evening and
Ul enjoyed the reverend gentleinnti'i
di*"*oiii-'.H. \lr, Th-iiiipson occunieil tlu
chair at a hu* loess mtetiug of the
Odium I a of ihecbxicn .douduy evening
iii id left for .horn" Tuesday uorntng,
Jos. Martin haa resigned the leader-
uhlp uf the opposition in ths Provincial
The coal company at Ferule have at
present 725 men on Uie payroll. The
daily output 1200 tons.
A movement is afoot In the eaat to
increase the salary ofthe Premier of
Canada to 120,000.
The fifth Victoria Australia contingent numbering 1,250 men, all told,
sailed for South Africa on February 15,
A pulp milt is talked of for Vancouver Island. Why not have one at
J olden whore unlimited water power
und timber is at hand?
"Bush" Croker. of Tammany fame,
���S suffering from nervous melancholia,
and it is. said by his friends that be
will drop out of politics.
Jos Martin will demand, before ths
house, the resignation of Vancouver's
mayor, owing to tlis fact that Mr,
T. O. Torn ley \e also holding tbe office
jf land registrar.
The Irish members bt tba Imperial
House of Commons are gnlug to commence a campaign of obstruction tbat
will be unprecedented in the annals of
Parliamentary history.
J. P. Kerr and Alfred Foley ware
arrested in Chicago on the February
U, charged with embexzllug $10,000
from the well Irnown publishing firm
of Fleming, Re.eil & Co. Tbey con
fefcsed tbat the charge was true.
The Provincial Government have
deoided to introduce measures In the
Hiuse providing thai each volunteer
wbo went io -tuuib Vfrl.ua fro.m this
Provinoe shall receive, free of taxation
for seven years, 160 acres of land. The
noirs of deceased soldiers will receive
like consideration.
That great and prophetic journal,
i he Bobcaygeon Independent, can dear
ly fore-<eo what would take place should
a French army of 20,000 or 30,000
advance on London and occupy tbe
British metropolis. In two hours after
arrival they would all be separated and
oet iu London's vastness; In three
hours they would all be arretted by
he police, and iu six hours would be
looked up in jail undergoing sentence
as vagrants.
A London despatch of the 18th Inst
-*y* Col, Sir Charles Howard Vincent,
Conservative, Is going to move thai
Canada, Australia, New Zealand,South
VIrlea and other British colonies i>
ouHoli'iated upon a commercial" basis,
in) that Canada's example he Mlowptl
by granting the empire's pro uc s a
iisual preference. Both parties geiier
illy agice that something of this sort
is necessary, but nothing Is likely tt
-esult, the leaders maintaining tha
the tints and conditions are not yet
ripe for such an important step,
Murder In Greenwood.
A Greenwood despatch dated Feb, 17
���.ays: Saturday evening in a shack at
Denero townsite. 12 utiles frum here,
Harry Rowand mot his death by a
knife iu the hands of James F. McGill
de Rivier. De Bivior gut/6 himself up
to the polico. He confessed that he
kilbd Rowaud, but cliinied It was in'
self defence. It appears that Rowand
tried ro hold de Rivier overa hot s'tove,
which act prompted rhe -nabbing.
' ���ii* -^ w    -
8ervl-es every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m,
Prayer Meet Ing on Tuesday at ft p.m.
Geo. Kinnbt, Pastor,
(From the Canterbury Outcrop)
.uirits have been made of the
owners ofthe Si ratford group, situated
on Horse Thief creek. Parties wbo-e
iame�� we cannot at present give, seek
to get a bond oo the group aud com*
mooes Work immediately.
The Outcrop baa a very floe specimen
of copper glance ore from the Bugaboo
grcup, situated about 18 miles from
-olumbia river up Bugaboo oreek. Tbe
owners, Messrs. Haines, MoKeeman,
Hutchison and Ford, have already
accomplished considerable work on the-
property. The led_e from which tbis
ore comes is mineralised for eight feet
and has been traced across three claimi*,
the Sunrise, Sunset and Copper Q ireu.
They have started a tunnel and at tbe
depth of -ix foot had two feet eight
inches of this ore, from which an
average assay gave returns uf 35 per
cent oopper. The owners report that
quite a number of mining men have
visited thegroupand nilareunnminons
In espre-asing their opinion that it has
the greatest copper showing of auy
claim In the camp.
Tbe Garland mineral claim, situated
on Spring croek, at the head of Paradise Alley, Is owned by 8. Young, of
Canterbury, and E. A. Mahon, of Montreal. Fur tbe amount of work that
has been dono on the claim they have
a good showing. There are two par
allel leads on the property; No. 1 load
can he traced for 600 feet and is six
ieet wide, aud No. 2 lead, which is
about 150 feet sonthwe.it from No, 1.
oan be traced for 8<>0 feet and Is about
10 feet wide. The ore Is tbe same as
tho sand carbonates found on the Para*
Use, from wbich assays have heen
obtained ranging in silver as follows,
2, 25, 72 aud 48? ounces, The work
lone on the property last soason consisted of a crosscut tunnel and stripping
tho lead. Ie is said to be a very
promising claim and work will be
continued on it early in the spring.
Tho marriage of Miss Ada F. Dunne,
of Windermere, to Mr. E. J. Scovil,
S. M., of Peterboro, took plate at 10
o'clock Tuesday morning In St. Pcter'a
Church, Windermere. The coremony
was performed by the Rev. Mr. Yates,
of Golden, and the bride wae given
away by Mr. R. A. Kimpton and at
tended bv Miss Hart of Windermere,
while the groom was supported by
.Mr. Hugh G. Gordon, of Canterbury
Tne new boll chimed out merrily the
iows ofthe happy event, Ur. Yates
Having hurried it through for the
occasion. There were present about
fifty intimate friends of tbe happy
couple, who wero invited to partake
of wine and rake at ihe home of Mr.
and Mrs. R A. Kimpton, In the
ifernoon tho newly married couple
witb a number of friends drovo to
p.-terhoro whero tbey will reside in
The bridge bo'n��r bu|1t ac'os* th<
Kootenay river by Mr. Hansen will be
the longest one ou the whol-- river
being about nOO .feet in length. Th
water ia about 10 feet deep nt thi��
poiot and very swift, so thnt theoU'st
of construction must be high, and
shows most commendable enterprise
on the part of Mr. J^snsen. The work
is being superintended br Mr.'D, Bale.
Rev. Mr. Yates ��&.* in on the stage
from Gol leu ou M'utulijy nnd visred
the different towna .in tb s viuiul
Hecond'ifted ������ ��ej{y inipresslv.- un*
orial service i ���> r spsect pf Quean Victoria
In 8t. P ter's church. Windermere, last
night, He wilt return home on toda,. 's
Golden people hoi a to have a new
C. P. R. depot. An import centra lik��
Goldt-n should have a cre.itable depot
The present structure might be used to
advantage as a cowshed.
A be11 has arrived for the Wind, r-
inere English church and wiis pla-- tl
in the Belfry at onco. Thus ouely
one the advances of. civilization are
reaching into this valley:
��***GOLI>EN, B.C.
sm.S|Ks'IiiI sttsntlon Riven lo tsaggago of
C. iiines-i'ial  men.    Ussisvlum. tu ssntl  fr
action fre. isf chat-go. >
KaTKS, t_ |��r ilay. Sppeclal r.tes Ior
r--fiilui' Is wtrslus*.
Board cf Trade.
A epecial meeting of the Golden
Board of i-'rade was hell on Tueaday
afternoon for the purpose of discussing
the Golden and Windermere telfj-raph
Hue and protection work aloiin the
bauk of the Kicking Horse river.
A morion was mnde to the following
effi-ct: That as this bo-rd had made
c-rtaiu ouggestiona to the Dominion
G"i*ernmeiit some two years ago In re
��rard to tbe telegraph line between
G<lden and Windermere, that it is the
lutv of tbe board to notify ihe Government that Windermere Is not now
the most suitable point for such ter
The following members were pres-
mt: President J S* Gibbin the chair.
Messrs MoNeish. Avlmer. Ullock. Mc
Dor mot, Robertson. Parson. O'Brien.
The question was diacu**sed at cnu
sld'rable lenutb. Messrs. Gibh. McNeish, Parson, Robertson, and O'Brien
being opposed to Inrerferhi* in the
matter until the residenisof the southern lortton cf the district had an rip
portnnity of deoidlnu as ro the point
that would bo most convenient for
Thos, O'Brien moved an amendment
io the ori&lnal motion that no set ion
be taken by the Golden Board of Trado
as suggested In the above inbtion nntil
residents of Windermere, Canterbury,
Athalmer and Peterborough had an
opportunity of expressing their views
The amendment carried.
A letter was read from W. A. Galliher. MP, relative to the protection
work at Golden. This maiter was left
In the hands of Messrs. Gibb and
O'Brien, with power to set.
The meeting then adjourned.
NOTICE In hereby given that application
will ne mado to the legislative Ask inbly nf
the Provlnco of British ' ���linniMa, at ita next
Ses-ilon. for a Prbae Rill to incorporate a
Cnm"any with power to haild, nniiip, main
tain and cperate a linn or lines of Kailway of
Man 'ar! gouge from a point at or near the
u-wil mines at Michel), thonce by wuy of
\fich-'ll Creek and the iniwt feasible and
practicable roate east or nest ol Elk River
and Unpor Kootenay Rivor in a southerly
direction to the International Hoimdary,
or tn a point at or near the international bound-
ary.alwi, wi;h loworto hidlil.eqalp. main tarn
and o<erine a line or lines of Kailway nf
standard ffsiure from Michdl r some point
on Mii-hell Troek northerly along the valley
of the Elk River and from thont-o lo a point
���m the main lino of thn Camidian Pncifle
Rjiilway; elm, from a point on the nr*.posed
line ot railway, thence north-easterly by the
North Kjoteiay Pars to Alberta to connect
with tbe Crow's Neat Pass Kail "--ay or the
British Columbia Snuthorn Railway, with
authority also to construct, o orate and
maintain branches from any point on th"
proponed lino or lines not exceeding In any
one caio thirty mile* fn length, and with
poww to construct, operate and maintain nil
necessary bridges, reads, ways and ferries
and'to construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in conne.-tion therewith ���
nno to construct, own. acquire, equip am!
maintain steam and othor vessels and boat*,
and operato tho same on any navigable
wwters;-and~to constntct.npflrate nnd main
t.*tm Telegraph and toleihono lines id-mg the
routes of said Railway and its brain: es.or iu
connection therewith, to transmit ine.sn! ge*-
for commercial purposes ami to collect lull*
thorofort and to generate electricity and
supply li/rlit, boat and power, aud the j ower
to apply fer nod acquire water snd water,
power under statute fn force, snid wuier or
water rower to be used in connection with the
carrying out of any ot llie aforesaid powers,
and to acquire and receive from any Uovei u
ment, Corporation or i evsens grants of b-tul.
rlffhta of way, money, linminri*, \ i-ivilo-^m oi
other assistance in aid of the construction ot
the Company's undertaking, and to connect
with anil to enter iuto traffic or other
arrangements with railway, steflmbottt or
other companion, and for all rights, puwera
and nri\ ilegc-i necessary, usual or incidental
to all or any of tho Mures..id pun oses
Datod nt Vancouver this 10th.,of J nuary,
A.D., 1001.
MoPHIlXin** WILLI \M9.
j I8fW Boliciton' for ibe Applicants.
Is full of Business���in fttct, we have a little more
tlian we can handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .    ���   ���   .   ���
������*-���"  '--'������'' ..��� s i  i ij       ���
We are now doing- Business on the
and intend te stick to it or leave town.*
ON HAND. This is ioo lai'^e a stock for our present
premises and we inteid rosell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We.are now i.i the firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   .   ,   .   .
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Tanned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c..
5 Tons New Evaporate;! Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25c.
Durihgrthe Holidays we g-ive to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best (V ffees or Teas a beautiful
present free. We imiim-t Our Own Ttos and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality a:id Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected "stock
of Goods in British Calum*.>iayand our prices are the closest.
No. Jawbone* .   .   .   .
Taken in exchange for Goods,   CASH is the only>
article to work.mirnQ.es with at Our Store.
a b. mc50EH)vioT,
Golden, B.C.
rllK nssnsij.l hi, o.iai r of llie .liar, l.nT,lor*
ul tins I' i*r (islsinil'lss Nssvl-ra I.,.. -
PrasHi'iirtMitiis I oiiiisstisy, l.linltesl, will lis
lli'lil At 111. r,itis|sssny a olBsss., ill (Jolslrn, B.I*..
���sil .
-londn.v. March 4th, 1001.
ill 2 oVIsK'k Isi ths- ..fsersissosi, fssr id's .-lectin.
f iros'lsira��nsl for ths.'irsl.ll.i'roi.he.flitir
ot" llie couitsiisiy ffoner.lljr.'.
C  H. fA.atlS, Socrelary,
Oolden, B.C., Feb. 18 1901.
A. V. A  A.
Mountain l-otga, No. II, A. K. -
A. M. Keffular Conimunliition,
flecoml Mondity. in eve y montli
Hidniirnintf brethreu cordially ii
' R. W. PATMORE. W. M.
C. il; PA4ISON. Secretary.
I,    O.   0.    Ve
Rocky Mountain IM&e vo. 84 meetn In
Oildlellowit Hnll, <JoWen,every Wednesday
it 8 n.in.   Sojourning brethren welcome.
C. I'EAKOJS, N.Gj   m      J T. WOOD, Mne,
V'.TICB i�� h.rrty given that Use Arrow
" head und Sooit-ty RKIIsvay Company
���rill apply lo lhe Utlafaliy. Aawmblyof the
Province of Britiab Doliiinbla, al It. nntl Ma.
ssi"ss. for an Asst lolMM Section JJI of the
"Arrosvhead and Kootenay Hallway Company,
llrltial. Coliunlsia of 1888 by ����t�� ulna,
flsne mosiUiined1 In tlw aald aection for,
nnnpleiisn ol lb* railway autborlMd lo
built by tb. aald Act.
n jroIloltowforAnpjfc.nta.
NOVICE Is hereby gtien that application
111 bo mnde to the Parliament- of i 'una-'.', at
its next soHHion fnr an Act to incorporate a
com; any (o construct a railway from tin*
c nl mines nt MJcliol hi ilm East Kootenay
District, Uritifdi Columbia, tlioiice by wny of
Michel Creek and t e most feanilile nnd prac
ticable route east or west of the Elk and
Ui-P'*r Kootuiiay Khers Houthwards to the
intnrnaiinnal boundary, aluo fioiu Michel
Creek northerly floiiff the valley of the Hk
Rivor and tliom-e to a poi it on foe main line
of the Canadian Pai4fic R'iilwav, alw from a
point on tbs I'mpimcd line 'it railway, thence
north easterly bythe N-irth KooteimyPMs
to Alberta to connect with thot'rowfn Nent
Pass Railway, witb authority alao t * con
struct branches from any point* on tbe pro-
nosed line not exceeding In any one case
thirty milea In length, with power to con
struct, own and o -orate telegraph and telephone lines for tho nae of the i utile, ropeways and tramways, steam and other vea-
noIs, ferries, roads, docks, water rights.
slams, flumes, watnr power, to g noraiaand
iraiismit and deal in electricity and Hectrie
ower, together with such powers aa to
maintaining and disposing of the railway
and works and such other powers aud privileges as are usually given to railwny companies.
ftniiclton lur applicants-,
Ottawa, Jan, 11, 1901.
In the matter or the eatate of John
McRab, late of Oolden, B.C.,
NOTICE la hereby givon pursuant to the
"Trnntees a��d Executors Act" tbnt all crodl-
tnrsand o h-rs having clnlmi against the
i'��ta'eot tiro said John McRae, who died no
he lOthdayol Mny, )Hft\ are required on
ur before the 8Jat day of March. A l>. 1901,
to -end bv post pre -aid or delivered to
'lewir* I'nwme ft ��*reaM of 17, Port Street.
V'ictm-la, UC.sulicltoMfur John McRae. of
Vliitiii^eg, Man., f*xecut r o' the last will of
���wild John Mc.ae, their Christian and sur-
imines, addrpsaea an I dftrerh tlons tbe full
particulars of their claims, the statement of
their accounts and the nature nf the securities, If any, held by them.
And further take notice tbat after auch laat
mentioned date the aald executor will pro*
feed to distribute the assets of the deceased
mnung tho parties emitted thereto, having
regard ouly to the claims of wh ch he shall
then bave notice, and that the said executor
���vill not l<e liable for the said assets, or any
part thereof, to any person or persona of
vhoae claims notice shall not Have been re
reived by him at thoiimo ot such dfstrlbu
; ..���' CREASE ft CREASE,
Solicitor for Mid executor.
Dated the 18th itay of January, A.D. 1901.
The Brlllah Columbs*. anttksn. Railway
Citmpany will apply to the Parliament ot
Canuda at ila nut Reaisoo for an Aot .aland'
iiiftllm tlm. within which It may cvnalrnot
Jla ftH|w.ya and aulhofu.hu* It io conatruct
awh #ranchea from" any 'of' It. Una. not
*<si��Bsllnji in any on. Mm thirty mllu ia
ssniHlb, aa ara from tlm. te tlm* anthorlMd
by th. Governor io Council, aad fcr other
II*  SaetMnrr..
The Prospectors* Exchange
No.-4. K W.-O. BWGK. NBI-80N, B.0.
Oold, Sslcos' laid Hnsl Copper Mine, wanted tt th. EXCHANGE,
FEEE MILLING GOLD properties wnntesl nt one. for Ea.torn invMtor..'
Pnr.ica havlnst inii.l.iK property for aale are rrquasted to e.ud .ample, of iheir ���
ore to the Exsslissnifd for exlsjbisints. .   .[
We Je-lm io hs?,sr from proajsecior. who have pronl.ing mineral claiina in,
-   British Colssmbist. '
Proapectar. and inlninsi men sire req se.te.1 to make the ExohanRO th.ir head-
qssarser. whs>n in Nelaon.
All aainils-sishoiilsi he sent by espressa, PREPAID.        '    ���
< Issrreflponsleisce solicited.    Adslrs's-- all coininsinicntlois. to
AarDB-t-Mv r bomkbtber'-rr
TVtaphoneNo. 104 P.O. Boa 700. NEMON, B.C.
Townsite Of Golden.
Bisness and Residential Lots For. Sale;.
Blocks for Investors..
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Colnmbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters ofthe Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that trai.s|.ortation is now assured at an early dote
by a railway running the length of the Columbia ard,
Kootenay Valleys, from Oolden to Cranbrook, ensure grent
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay..
NeguiiationB are also proceeding, which will ensure tlie'
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms,
the only land available for the extension of the building,
Present prices are favorable to investors, who wiir
find it to their interest to purchase before a further? rises
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale aigndd by Townsite Trustees.
. Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained ons
application to
r H. B. Alexander, Traatee, Sandon,
H. G. Paraon, Merchant,


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