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The Golden Era Jun 9, 1899

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/     ������' ^2/7 l-'6u^��*<���/
Tbe Golden Bnfi;
Ha. bwn appoiatad *�� C	
for North Cast Kootmay fa
Dominion ud Provinoial G��y-
vnsaut uotioss .nd ad-rwtln-
���nil,   Pablishel by
Thi ffount Era Co., Ltd., Iat.,
Ooi.nni, B.C.
The Golden Era
Ie the most widely clroulaeld nnd
best advertising medium In East
Kootenay. This is i'i*> paper thm
is read by the miners, tlr-rn.. ii is,
the ruilroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Ar.r.um
In Advance	
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE 9,    1899.
$2 lj��� Year
Honest Values
One Hundred and Ten Cents
Worth of Goods
For Every Dollar you spend with us,
that ia the nuon our business has increased so rapidly, one customer s.nds
aaother and we try to suit them all, and we always succeed with bright intelligent peopl. who know when they an getting big value for their money.
In   Every   Department.
Dry Goods.
35 inch heavy grey cotton C cents.
86 inch fancy art muslin   10   "
Light and dk. indigo prints (fast) 12i cents.
Toilet Soap���6 bars for 10 cents.
Dried California peaches and prunes 10 cents.
Fine white onions���Gibs, for 25 cents.
Christie's Biscuits���large consignment arrived to-day.
Ladies colored Oxfords $2.00 goods for $1.25
Ladies black " 2.00      ���'     _   1.50
Men's cycle shoes, best quality 2.25.
Slater Shoes���fall assortment iu black and colors.
Men's serge suits reduced tO $4.90.
Men's line tweed suits reduced to 6.85.
Men's Scotch suits reduced to 9.70.
Ladies mixed straw sailors 75c.
Men's English rough straw 1.1*0.
Men's line felt cyclometer 2.75.
General Merchant.     -     Alexander Block.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Go.
Connecting with C.P.R at Golden, B.C.
Tho Imperial Government have nsked the Dominion Government to disallow the anti-Japanage legislation of
the last session of the Province of
British Columbia, and the Dominion
Government has done so. Won't there
bo a row? The Province ought to
aud must insist on itt right* lo regard
to Asiatic lahor, and led by tho redoubtable Attorney-General we shall
expect to seo the leaders of public
opinion in this Province fight the mat
ter to the utmost. If tint people of
British Columbia consider Asiatic
labor should be restricted, and wb endorse that view, neither the British
nor tho Dominion Government has any
right to set at defiance the will of the
people. This principle is the foundation of the British constitution, and
must be maintained in this Province
as elsewhere.
Another scandal that we hear of is
the fact that tlio owners of the Ymir
mine have nworn iu special constables
and armed them with the alloyed intern tion of protecting the property of
the Company at Ymir against damage
by thu working miners owing to trouble over tbe 8-honr day. From what
we have seen of the working miners in
this Province they aro just as law
abiding as tbe mine owners, if uot
more so, and that they should ho ex-
usptrated by this sort of thing is a
matter that the authorities should not
pass by. The 8-hours day for miners
is a legitimate demand, eight hours is
long enougli for auy man to work underground at a time, nnd 8-hour shifts
form the best methods of working
mines. The matter of wages for eight
hours is a matter of equitable arrangement between the mine-owners and the
miners, nnd uo proprietory company
hns a right to threaten its employees
with special constables and guns unless tbere is somo justification for it.
There is no such justification in this
instance, Tho Attorney'General, and
his able Superintendent of Police, are
able to look after the interests of peace
and order iu this Province and no
private company has auy right to
arrogate to itself any auch powers.
Our opinion ti that the justices of the
Peace who lent themselves to this
piece of tyranny wero green-horns and
should be called to account.
The fact that Phillips A-a* kept in
prison for twelve mouths before trial
is u publio scandal, and a severe condemnation of tho admin 1st cation of
justice iu this Province. Phillij * has
been declared by a jury to be au innocent man, and thut a man, even if
guilty, Hhould have to lie iu gaol fur a
year awaiting trial is something that
wh hhould expect to hear of ill Russia
rather than in British Doiuluioin-., We
hope the Attorney General will have
the matter thoroughly investigated,
All wore Outfitted at Golden.
Busy Scenes in the Town.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
AH freight and charm on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
, Manager.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
���oles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mittg, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whins.
Cigin, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.    A.    WARREN'S.
Referring to the Goldkn Eka Ai
Line, the Colonist says : "There has
been tall; from time to time of new
railway linen in Enst Kootenay. It
would 01*11 up a valley, rich in rosmir
ces and uloioKt unknown. There is
plenty of business for such a line, it is
said, and whether tbe new line ia
built the Canadian may be forced to
ahow its hand soon."
With the 44000 set aside by the
Dominion Government for the improvement of the Columbia river between
Uolden and Windermere a systematic
effort ought to lie made to have the
work done on tboM parts of the river
that most obstruct navigation at low
water. Last year tho voto waa largely
thrown away, and ar. oue pnrt of tiie
river the woik done resulted in more
harm than good.
Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Bostock
M.P., the Minister of the Interior
decided in favor of a reduction in price
of railway belt lands, of uo value fur
agricultural purposes or for the timber
growing thereon, from $5.00 per acre
to $1, This will, we know, be received
wilh great satisfaction by residents
withi.i the railway bolt. To miners
working claims within the belt this
reduction in price will be a very um
teiial boon.
Says the Sentinel; "An effort is
beliiii made by the Western members to
secure tbe appointment of a Railway
Commission' which would have some
practical control over tlte railroad cor
porations. When a resolution in favor
of suoh a Commission was under discussion iu tbe House a few days ago,
Mr. Bostock strongly endorsed It. Hu
spoke of the tyranny of Western roads
and thought the railway committee of
the privy council hardly competent to
keep them In check. He hoped the day
was not far distant when tbe Government would own all railways in the
oountry. Sir Wilfrid Laurier supported thi principle of a Commission ami
Intimated that ths Government had
under consideration a Bill dealing with
the matter. Sir Charles Tupper. leader
of the Opposition, flatly denounced the
resolution. He apparently has no
sympathy with the efforts of the west
to secure redress in tbe matter of excessive freight charges."
Referring to what Mr. Wells M.P.P
hu already dono for his constituents
the Hevelstoke Herald heads its article
with the complimentary reference to
onr member as "Alive member makes
a live district."
Thi GotDFK Era spptari this week
in enlarged form*
The week hits been one of the busiest and most lively pooh in Golden for
years, Tho cause of this was the outfitting ami departure of the parties for
the gold strike at Tete Jaune Cache.
On Saturday the first section of the
large party being despatched by W. G.
Mitchell Lines loft Gulden. The boat
"Good Luck,'' built to carry provisions
fiom Beaver to the Cache, by way of
the Columbia and Cunoo rivers, was
drawn up iu the Kickinghorse opposite
the Golden EltA offico and was loaded
with the supplies and cam]) requisites
that had not been sent hy train to
Beaver. M. Dainard and 0. Hatch
took charge of her, and reached Beaver
early next morning, safely running the
rapids. Mr. D.tinnrd returned on
Sunday. At Beaver tho ''Good Luck"
was loaded up, but as it was found
she would not accommodate all the
cargo a raft had to be built to supplement the means of freight, and will be
towed along with the boat. At Stir
prise Rapids the boats wilt be mot bv
the pack train, and tho supplies portaged four miles, and replaced in tho
boats till the rapids are reached at the
north end of Kinbasket Lake. Here
the supplies will be again portaged for
somo miles, and the boats re-loaded on
Canoe river, if the water is not too
high to take the boat up there. If it
is there will be no alternative but to
pack the supplies right on to Swift
Current at the Cache.
On Monday morning Messrs. Antoya, Berrhiaume. Desormeau and another set out with a large pack train
well loaded with supplies.
During the past Jew days Hamilton'
stables have presented a busy scene,
when prospectors were buying horses
from the bunch recently imported by
M. Dainard from the North West Ter
On Tuesday the principal outfit of
tbe season loft, consisting of Messrs.
Laiiglandn, Hughes, Morm, Holliday
Longtin 4. others. They were logo ligh
as far us Surprise Rapids where the;
would pick up the bouts. '. Thoy took
quite a htr^e puck train along with
them. Holliday has iiiMruciious to fi*
the bridge at Wood i-iVor, and tu tnko
full notes and make a report to the
Government on the trail, and ihu best
means of improving it,
W. Dniiii rd was despatched to Bea
ver on Monday to assist in taking the
boats up snd will return as soon ns
possible from Tete Jaune Cache with
mining documents for record.
Another boat left Golden on Tuesday
manned by Ryan and another. This
boat was to be taken to Beaver to join
the other crews there, and has been
built to the order of the Governmont,
It will be located at Bush river for
convenience of parties crossing.
Mr. Wells, M.P., has taken nn hc
tive interest in promoting the interests
of Golden in connection with this
route to Tete Jaune Cache, nml when
it was represented to him that certain
things should be done io improve coin,
municatiou he had the matters attended to at once.
Referring to the number of people
leaving Golden for the Tete Jaune
Cache goldfield, the Toronto World
says: '-The fiud of alluvial gold at
this point is attracting wide-spread
The Minister of Mines gives notice
that an extension of time has been
granted to tbe first of September, IKBti,
during which all claims legally held
on Swift Current creek aud tributaries
in the Tete Jaune Cache district arc
declared laid over.
treatment in charge of Conductor
Dr. Taylor found that hehad his collar
bone and a rib badly smashed, When
taken from tbe car at tho statu o
Mahan was suffering so much that he
was unable to stand the jarring of the
vehleln and bad to be carried to ths
hospital by bearers.
The new placer law bars out incorporated
It is reported thnt the owners of the Deb
pliinn have refused W0.00J for tills promising
property uu Toby creek, the intending buy
un being a Momma! nyndieate.
Tho Muhioh #nd llnii.'.li Columbia Copper
Mining ami Smelting Co. have advlfted Mr.
Graves, M.K-.that they want a lirat-ehuss roi-
lection uf reprerentative B.C. ore* for exhibition *it Boston nnd other prominent inventing
centres. Mr. Graves will at once put tbe
task in kind ami will m<k my Boards of Trade
nt Gulden and 1-loveNtuke to aussiC him in
preparing a good collection.
.1. Noble and gang who w
Fifteen Mile Crook trail returned to torn o
What a Bane���Bat Dr, Agnew's Ointment is
a Sure Cure.
Chas, H. Lilly, 41s Luzerne aro, W,
PIttson, Pa., writes: "I am a barber and
meet many people troubled wiih pimple-i, I
huve tried many preps nit inns claiming to
cure such, and without success, until 1 used
Dr. Agnew'a Ointment* \\ ithiu tlhi laat tew
weeks 1 have used i- ou three very stubborn
cases, and in each owie it bas made a cure:
lifch cleaned oil' all tho pimples and blntctic*,
and left the skin clear nun soft.    It's tlm
rentes! t-kiu  remedy  I've board ot anda
���1. Noble and gang who went tooponllio
���"itt'-r.Mi Mile ('rook trail returned to town on
Monday liming got tlio trail as far as tha
crossing of Fifteen Mile Creek, tour miles
from the ri*cr. Here they encountered four
loot of snow and had to suspend work for a
week or so till the snow goes off. Mr. Noble
expresses the opi.iion that it will be impossible to start development work uu tl.e Certain
ty property before the Hrst of July.
It is repui ted that a deal is being arranged
oa a largo copper proporty on tbe Columbia
Mining men aro waiting to get into the
mountains tu nee various prnportTes hut are
uuulile to do so owing to the hue season.
The late spring is hindering everything nt
���the mines, Mr. W (J. Mitcholl-lnnou, man
itgoi- oi the Golden British Columbia, hus had
to cable bis directors that it will bo impossible
to start work un tbo Pretty Girl betoro thu
first ut July.
Mr. Graves, M.E., is waiting for the snow
to go oh" to start development on tho Porcupine group on behalf of tbe B.C. Alliance.
Ho i�� disappointed with tho lateness of tliu
se.us jo aad tears lie will not bo nlilu to got in
supplies till tlio beginning of duly.
The proprietors of tho Dolphlhe ou Toby
ere"k hud they have boon throwing over the
dump some of their most valuable ore, It.
A. iUmptoH, one of tho owners, has just received a mjtort ot an assay mado at \ -t.nc.m-
ver, showing tlm vnhe of this ore which bus
beeu rejected at 35 in gold, ftti.ti.*) ozs. silver,
and 15 4 yer cent copper, giving a value ot
SHU a ton. Thore are not uiauy mines in iho
world thut hnvo such rich Wjtsto dumps, but
the owuort will take cure of this uro for the
A Liberal Proposal.
W. C. AYells, M.P.P., has made a most liberal proposal to tho Uolden Hospital. In
jidditiuu tu tbo 7o cents ilsducied monthly
troth his employ es lor thoir contribution
Toward uie Hospital ho will parsouidjy make
up a regular contribution of a dollar por
bend for each mnn iu Inn employ, paying tlio
differencejmt of his own pocket. Mr. tYolls
will ask the Columbia lnver Lunbui'Co.-tp
adopt a similar scheme, Mr. Wells deserve.*
great credit tor thus taking tlte initiative in
so liberally cssisiug -tub a deserving and
eminently well cunductuJ- institution us ihu
Guldsu Hospital.
From Donnld tbe trail leaves for tho
Northern country, down the Columbia
to tho big Bend and up Canoe river to
Tete Jaune Cache ; the trail it com
pluted tu within 45 miles of the Cache,
hut, as tho balance is a fairly open
country, not much trouble whsuucoun
ic red iu getting through to tbe Fraser
Soverul prospectors, with exception
ally large outfits, are working there
this winter, and from reports gathered
in all probability that section of the
country is dostiued to prove valuable
as a pbicer ground and good repot ts
will probably be heard from there uex*.
Sjiii6 very gof*d prospects, carrying
galena and copper ore, have been located clone to Donald this year, giving
wonderfully good assays, but as yet
not sufficient work lias been done to
determine their actual value
Coiiaiderablo development: has been
done on the Ball Mountain property,
consisting d ten claims, altogether
some iitiO feet ui tunnelling) and a trial
shipment was sent for a mill tost, but
the result I imve beeu unable to learn.
The Little Brother group, bonded to
Mr. Knowlton. has been tho scene of
i.ousideruble activity, irom whick
assays have bedn taken showing high
values, although the ground appears
to be pretty well broke i up. With
ca refill stripping and development work
it [a expected good results will follow.
Considerable development was done
thin fall and work will be continued
in ihe spring.
Free Miner's Certificates issued ... SG
Mineral claims recorded  22
Placer claims        "          1
Mineral claim transfers  10
Placer claim          "         1
Records of assessment work  24
Tho Latest Attraction���Cham,
plon Liar Locates There.
We nre assured by residents of Banff that
the story recently circulated through tho
press about a bishop aud some priests having
fallen down a crevice at Banff is a fako as no
such occurence took place. Wo append another sensational telugrnm about Indians
boingdrowuediii Lake l.ouis��. A gentleman
who has jnst come from Luggatt tells us the
story is u fabrication without tho slightest
ground of troth, as tho Lake is frozen over
and no canoes could got into it. Thev nave
the champion liar floating iu the clouds over
hake Louise, or rusticating beside a Banff
hot spring.
Laggan, Alberta, June 8.���Between 25
nud 30 Indians���men, women and children-
ware drowned yesterday in the Lake of the
Clouds, near the Canadian PreilJc Ittdlwny,
while cumiug to the reservation near this
plneo to attend ihe spring potlatch, a pagan
ceremony wh��re heathen religious rites and
* division of proporty are tho chief features,
I'lioy were travelling in l>onts rudely munti-
fnrturod of caribou and the skins of other
animals, when two long boats collided, Both
vessels were rendered useless and tho entire
party was lost A third vessel hearing the
skins of deer, bear, caribou, mountain slieoii
und goats aud iuauiia*l by four Indians
reached the spot as the last surviving Indians slipped from u capsiitod b-wt .md disappeared into the glaciaM*cd waters of the
lake. A dense cloud resting upon the surface of the lako was responsible forthoucci-
greatest ski..	
buou to 'pimply' faces."
field by 0. A. Warren.
Accident at  Field.-Srakeman
Badly Hurt.
On Monday a freight train was derailed east of Laggan and six cars
smashed. The express from the east
wss delayed for over six hours while
a side track was being put in to get
past ths wreck.
On Tuesday, J. Maban, a brakeman
In Walker's sang, was crushed between
two oars at Field. Ht wai tt once
raft dowa to Golditt  Hospital in
Li the Division in geueral, there has
been very little actual development
work done this season (with oue er
two exceptions) beyond tho uecesnary
iiSi-piS-tineut work. All the well-known
claims Crown-granted are no doubt
bold by the owners at high figures.
Considering the large urea embraced
in .the McMurdo district, with 140
miles of trails and a large number of
well-known claims, ii i* to be very
Kb regretted thai they a;o allowed
stand uilo. 'i ne present .state of
affairs is liable to exist unless some
energetic company proves beyond
doubt that there is pay oro,then transportation facilities will uo doubt be
easily acquired,
Consideruble work hus been done in
tho Bugaboo district this summer, by
the Gulden and Fort Steele Development Companv, at the huad of the
creek, where s.veral claims are located
showing mineral, and several tons of
ore are now ou thu dump ready to ship.
Some trouble was caused by the
water encountered iu one of tho tunnels, and probably a difforcut system
will have to bo practiced iu order to
thoroughly tost the property. The
great distance from transportation facilities, in this case and many others,
is of course a drawback, but will be
overcome when mitlicient work is doue
to prove the property. There is undoubtedly a good showing on the surface, from which assays huve beeu
obtained up to I1C0 to the ton.
The Balrath Group is another property ou which considerable work hus
been done, but is at present idle.
The Certainty Group has boen bonded to Mr. Knowlton, mid thu Porphyry
und Iron Hill to Mr. Mcintosh, both of
whom will commence work iu the
The I XL., which is under bond to
Vancouver parties, tiarf very good surface indications. A 20-foot tunnel
whs driven ou the lead, hut enough
work has not been dono to demonstrate
the actuul worth ol thu property, si-
though what ore there is iu sight is of
high trade
A good deal of work hss been don��
on tke Bennison Group which is situated near the headwaters of the Beaver
and distant about  'Si  mih-s from Hear j MU-foot,   tunnel   has
Creek   station,   on   tho CPU.   This well us a shaft sunk
Eight Years ofltho malic Torment���South , .   ,     ,,     ,-
, ,., ...       ,. . property   is owned   bv   the Kooienay
American Itueuuatu * ure Drives Out n       in      i   w  ���     i* i-
,,,., .     ,, j Consolidated   Minit.g Coiupimv, aud is
the Torment ma Dav. ,       ., .       ,' ' ..   .
*      ��� muter   the   muuagtriiicnt     uf    Major
Mrs John Cook, of, JB7 Clinton stmt, To- Clohecy, and is probably the most sd
rontu, -nvs:  "Fur eight years 1 suttereaas j     r t  .l    i l
no .mo ever did with rheumatism.   For two  VH,lce*i   of, H">*   ��f   t"8 claims in tbe
years I luy on my bed ;.mi could not so much J district as far as  development work is
as feed mysolf- I tmi so helpless.     The tor-1 concern ad.      Tbe Government   built a
uro win indescribable.. 1 doctored and tried j ,*.���;i   |i.|_
! trail
sum hot   from   lleai
every retue.lv J could hear ot hut received[I 'J7"'. l,I,"( !Tl       , ,,   ,
no I .atltigWnetlt   I am grateful Itirtliodayj fJresk station, but there is still about
whon a l,.dy ti i*-n.l recomniundCNl South Am
urk-.-ui h'tieumatic Cure. Afier three doses I
was able to sit up in bod- 1 continued its uso
and today- I-ok at inn 1 am as strung and
active aa ever iu my life,"
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, PlainUeld, III,
makes the statement, that she caught
cold, which settled on her Jungs; she
was treated for a month by her family
physician, but grew worse. Ho told
her she was a hopeless victim of consumption and that no medicine could
cure ber. Her druggist suggested Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption; she bought a bottle and to her
delight found herself benefitted from
first dose. She continued its use and
aftor taking six bottles, found herself
sound and well; now does her own
housework, and lias well as sho over
was. Sold by all Druggists, largo
bottles 50 coats and 11.00. 6
five miles to bo compleud before the
mine is reached; possibly next summer may see it converted into a wagon
road. The locatioa is good and docs
away entirely with the different summits which were encountered by tho
old route up tbe Spilliiimchoue.
The following report taken from the
"Golden Era" is said tn give a good
account of the work done up to date : ���
"Tho open cut on th-pBoBton shows up
a body of ore extending over a width
of "J2J feet, the ore being galena interspersed with gray copper. At HO feet
below this cut a tunnel (No. 1} has
been driven 192 feot. At a distance of
L:i0 feet from the mouth it cutt the
Boston lead and follows on the western
wall of the ore-body which was exposed nt the surface in the open cut.
At a point f)4 feet from the month, a
vein of rich galeua was cut. Two
drifts have been run north-west from
the tunuel, and one north-east, one of
which cu s the Boston lead at le feet,
another i  in 01 feet and om* a string
er which shows splendid ore. About
300 feet west of the tunnel an opouiiij;
has been mado on the western system
of leads, which forms so prominent a
feature of the property, and a rnnwl
has been ruu in ou them for n distance
of 35 lee:. One of these leads Is a
contact vein, two to four feet wide,
running with a porphyry dyke aud is
a particularly promising lead.
No. 2 tunnel is 750 feet below tunnel No. 1, and is run to develop the
Bennison lead, a body of gold-bearing
quartz. After running along thia lead
fer 158 feet the tunnel crosscuts it,
aod the crosscut will hc continued this
summer to cut tho Boston and other
leads to tbe south-east; this will practically develop the lead to a depth of a
thousand feet.
Assays made oa ore from the western system of veins show gold, silver,
lead, and coppor.
The property is now at that stage at
which very little more work can lis
dons till proper means of transportation are obtained, so that machinery
can be got in and the proporty placed
on a working basis."
The following work is hIbo reported
as having been done on Ottertail crook:
29 feet of tunnel mid !J7 feetof shaft on
the Bun day claim; and 70 feet of tunnel on tbo Hercules.
On the Middle Pork of tbe Sptlltma-
cbene, 25 feet tunnelling on the Ellen
D.; 50 feet on the Lincoln; 20 feet on
the Bryan; 40 feet on tha Lucky Jack j
and 150 feet on the Crown Point.
Free Miner's certificates issued... 205
"       "       to Cos. at 850 ...     2
"       " "     at $100...     ;t
Records of assessment work ree'rd 113
Payments instead of work       5
There has been considerable activity
in the Division this year, due not so
much to actual development work en
to tbe number of new locations with
good surface showings, which have
drawn considerable attention, resulting
several sales, offers, aud bonds
taken up and, in the ordinary course
of events, next summer should see a
big change in this Division,
Tbere are many good locations on
which no assessment work bad to be
done this year and it might be considered out of place to mention them before tbey are developed.
Considerable work has been done
this year on the Pretty Girl Group, the
property of tl.e New Golden British
Columbia, Limited, England. Thie
group is situated on Boulder Creok, n,
tributary of Horsy Thie**. A tunnel
has been driven in li'ih feet, tupping
the vein about DO feet below the surface, where a. Shaft is being sunk er
the ore to ' ���wjinn.-ct witli the tubnel.
This is a copper-silver proposition. A1
thousand pound* of the ore was shipped to England for a mill test, and is
said to have run $(i5 to tbe ion. Judging from the present indications, tho*
outlook is Very euconragirjg, and, in
all probability, permanent camps will
be put in next spring and development
work continued on a larger bcale. Tbo
same Company also own several other
locations of a promising nature, but so
far only assessment work has been
done on them.
The Hot Punch, on North Fork
Toby Croek, bonded to Messrs. Collett
& Starblrd, is looking well, An inclined shaft of 75 feet and a 35-foot
tunnel have boen driven. The quartz
lead is about 4 feot in width, with a
pay streak of 18 inches of solid galenn,
carrying coppor and gold, Tho ledge
is uncovered for about 500 feet, and
shows ore the entire length.
Tbo Delphi do Group, oo the samo
creek, owned by Messrs. Starke, Harrison & Kimpton, from present appearances is likely to turn out a very valo-
uble property, Tbe ore is galena,
carrying gray copper, the pay streak
being from 15 to 80 inches. Although
practically very lirtlo actual development work has been done, 20 tons of
ore were packed down to the Columbia
River, but unfortunately too late to be
shipped, on account of low water.
Good buildings have been erected close
totho claims, which are favourably
located, and development, work is to be
vigorously carried on throughout t'io
The Swansoa, under tbe management,
of Mr. Mulholland, of Rossland, in
also being worked this winter. A
been driven, ns
About 4 tons of
ore were shipped for a null test, Considerable work has beon done in tbo
past on the property, hut not of a systematic nature but under the pro-nut
managemont it will be thoroughly
tested. Ths surface indications anil
assays aro good.
The Dolos, under tbe same management, from which splendid samples of
copper ort have boen tokon out, is alto
being developed.
Mention might be made that several
propositions have been bonded to Nelson and Spokane parties for largo
figures and on excellent terms, on
which work will bo dono next spring,
and undoubtedly somo very good mine.1*
will be the result. They aro iu good
hands, and there is every reason to
believo that Toby und Horso Thief
Creeks, and their tributaries, will soon
be the scent of great activity.
It is to be regretted tbat at the time
of the vi -it of the Provincial Mineralogist to the Division, a number of the
claims, especially the now discoveries,
were inacessiblu, and that a good
many were only recorded oubscqueutly.
Free Miner's certificates issued...    71
Mineral Claims tworded.  203"
Records of asfiesAjuQut woik . ...   (!2
Bills of Sale, uto     .    H To Advertisers and Subscribers. 2
Tiie GOLDEN ERA Is publtebed every Friday i-vcnhij,'. ll lethelH'fl! adviTtisinjj Hiwllum
lu the East l-^iHitinnv ili-.trid.
Subscription K.tii'ji : ).'.'-��I-'*1* aniiuin is AO-
Woile all raosoiubla can- will be taken, the
pniprletoiu will not In; i('S]i"ii*il>k- lor uuj-
omission or error lu auv advertisement.
All accounts to be paid iu the Managing
Director, or bia uutliurici'ii ag-nt, ivuui wrium
iho et.nip.inv s ruin ;;���! will be ...Unititid.
Adveriiidng rates: Display ai*,, -1.5) jnr
column Incii: Legal niK.l" cents per lino for
tlm Insertion, 6 cents tor each additional Insertion; Kciitlintf notices, 13 cents per lita- each
isiuu. Land and mineral i Cruwii Grant i
nutloessotue us Uoverumcat OnMtt* $7.&i>.
All   bUSilll'ftS    rOIUIIIllllii-iilliHi* sllolllll    ill-    !Ul-
ilri'83��.'ii to the M�� nag int.' Oii".'i-tor. ituit all lltt-c-
itrv cnuiuiiiiiicatl'iii*-. I-iirrs lor |iiil>lii-.iliou ur
ui-'wKltifiiMshoiilil In- jtiltliv-Mi-il to lb.- KillKir.
Corresuondonoo i** Invited ou ninttcrs ol puUllo
intiTcst. Imt to *.���*.-ujv i-iii-li*i-:itliiii such l.'tti-r*
niu-t In- lirn-f. In Hi- f-1-k-..i iiiioiiyni ui- Mt.-r-
thttiminu and address of ilw wrltur must be enclosed, uot lor uubltoatlon, but ror the private
uiloriii'ttlou of On- .-ililoi- ami "in a K-i-.ir:iiili-i>-ul
tfooil lultli.    Auv l.-Il.-r iw.-iv.tl lal.rtliaii Wed-
iiesday will have lustnui
I thu lullowinK
The Golden Era Co, Liiniici Liability.
Si��liinitty. May 87.
a lire nt Staples, Minn., destroyed 2!
Fnrgo will have a  new 110,000 Mat
alt liuiitf ul 8   o'clock
IV.uIiv mill
till*)  mo riling,
itu-Nit Boiiheur, the renowned Trench
painter, Ih   tioiul,
The International v. M. Q. A, is In
session at  (ir.-iml   ItaiddB, Mich,
Hou. Jniin Ih-mU'ii was unseated la
the South Ontario election   trial.
Iterlsvd ropurls ul Um Dawson Olty
fire show the loan to In ?1,1)00,000.
The annual hwttral ��l Ibe Hujal
Theatrical fujiU wuh held in London.
German rnpers claim tbat Admiral
Kmtnts iiiin Leen reenlled from Samo*
Neilsou tiros.. nun nml Bteel mumifae-
tnreis, ul Glasguw, billed Ior 91,^00,-
Tive Aincricaiia   wero woundod  In    u
��U orn   fight   with   tin-    I'lllldiiox    at
ttautn ltlta.
The natives ond Uritlsh oufjagod in n
fli-tvi' riot nt Quilda loupe, in the French
West Indies.
Tbo Boulder Mtnlnjr Co., ol Hat Portage, hus Leon organ teed with a capital
of   $2,000,000.
The rflrllte 111 Winnipeg bus lieon de-
clilred of, but the arbitrators have yet
to decide  the  conditions.
Tin- Loudon press back no Canada In
retiming to give up bur rights in tbe
Altiekaii boundary dispute,
A verdict ol ���fflO-.UUO iigninst tbe Nor-
tbcr.i elevator Co., of Winnipeg, was
given in   the  itutfulo courts.
The Munltohn goverunieiit will aid u
bridge ncvons the A ��*in limine river ut
J'ortage In I'riUrlu to the extent of one
third the cost,
Now Helleved tin- lti-ltl��li-Amftrleau I'ro-
liosnlg Will lie Adoiited.
Tbo Hague, Mny S8. Madame Se-
lenka, tho famous peace advocate, und
promoter of the Woman's Peace cm
sude, bus presented to M. De Staul,
^resident of the conference, and the
bead of the Buspiau delegation, an il
lustruted album containing' tbe text of
resolutions in favor of peace adopted by
meetings representing several million
wumeu. The altnim was accompanied
by an address iu (be name of tho women of eighteen nations' saluting the
conference, assuring the delegates of
thu faith of tbe inemorulists in the results of its labors, begging that the
hopes of tbo people might not be deceived, and that the conference would
decide that tbe evils of war could be
cnreJ. The address coucluded as follows: "Your sisters, ou behalf of hu
.inanity appeal to you to realize the
ideal of fraternity iu order tbat war
and tyranny may perish with the cen-
M. Do Stnal had written Madame
Selenka that he could receive hor for
five minutes, but he was so interested
that ho kept her for half an honr
"Carmen Siva," Queen Elizabeth of
Roumania, contributed a poem to the
album, and Qneeu Wilheluiia sent one
of her secretaries to Madame Selenka
to congratulate her on tho work of tbe
Both sections of tho committee on
laws of warfare of the peace conference, met separately yesterday and began the examination of the subject sub'
uiitted to them, tho Bed Cross section
discussing paragraphs o nud 6 of the
circular of Count Muruvteff, the Bus-
siuu minister of foreign uffuirs, and the
Brussell's conference section discussing
paragraph 7. Both sections met subse
quently and discussed the question of
conference, as regards a scheme for the
revision of tbe Geneva convention,
known as the Murguier scheme. The
Morgnier schema comprises modifications of the Geneva convention in connection with wounded and sick prisoners, int'iiiliers nt' the military hoHpital
service, convoys for the wounded, ambulances, hospitals, property belonging
to neutralized persons, religious and
medical stall's and kindred subjects.
The scheme applies equally to lund and
sea warfare. It was proposed to submit tho scheme to another committee
for revision, aud the question then wus
mined whether the conference whs com-
pentent to deal with tbe matter.
Those who took a negative view argued
that the conference had decided in the
principle, and all governments represented bad agreed tliat nothing should
he submitted to the conference beyond
tho eight points in the circular of
Count Muruvieif. They contended if
conference infringed this rule, u precedent would bn ereuteil letidii,,* to nu��
morons difficulties, inolndlng probably,
the springing of the Armonlail, Macedonian und similar questions mi the
oonfereno. It was also pointed out by
th opponents of the proposal to refer,
thnt inasmuch us the Murguier scheme
dealt mostly with the wounded uud
with hospitals, it would bo Impossible
to discuss the propoEed mod Mentions
effectually without the co operation of
doctor j, who alone were capable of deciding tbe many points in issuo. As a
matter of fact, there was no man of
medical training among the dclegatet-*,
Tho committee finally adjourned
without reaching a decision, There is
no truth in the statement that a proposal hus beeu submiitcd to the conference to abrogate the provisions of the
declaration of Paris, 1880, regarding
protection to private property in the
time nf wur.
; London, Mny 28 ���The Daily News
says: The British aud American proposals, though simple, are more practicable than the scheme of M. De Muar-
tens, of tbo Russian delegation, and it
is likely that France und Russia and
even Germany will ultimately agree
with them."
Tbe I". S. Presbyterian assembly sent
a cablegram to Queen .Victoria.
Grain Shovellers mil quit Work It
tbe Freight Handlers' Grievances
Are -Not Settled.
Buffalo, June 1.���The trouble on tbe
docks here has broken out again. Tonight at (1 o'clock 2.000 freight handlers quit work, claiming that th contractors were violating tbe contract
which wus signed when tbe men resumed work htat week. The strikers
held a meeting at 8 o'clock tonight,
and it wus announced thut tbe grain
shovelers would quit work tomorrow if
the freight handlers' grievances were
not remedied,
Montreal, Juno 1.���The strike of the
G.T.R. trackmen has reached its tenth
duy uud there is no sign of settlement
yet. The Grand Trunk ofticinls refuse
to discuss tbe situation, simply saying
there is nothing to discuss. The system is miming ns usual and tho of 11 e-
ials whit have charge of the men are
getting all the men they need to replace
the strikers. Mr. Lowe, organizer ol'
tlm Trackmen's union, returned to tbe
city this morning from a flying trip to
Ottawa, uud reiterates the statement of
yesterday. Tbe strike is still as tlrm
as ever und the prospects of success
were never brighter. Practically all
the old men are out, he says, und there
are offers of $2.50 a day for foremen
aud $1,50 for truckmen, and no takers.
-thie of QiioIm-c's Kiliirullinr.nl liii-litiil ioiif
Nut faying Its Way.
Quebec, June 1.���The professors of
Morriii college have been notified that
their services will not be required after
the expiration of the collegiate year
181111-iiiou. It is not believed there is
any intention of closing the institution,
but it wus deemed advisable to give
notico because tbe expenditure is at
present very much great:r than the
revenue. Principal Me Rae is likely'to
visit tho various parts of the Dominion
during the summer in the interests of
the institution, uud Dr. Warden, of tbo
Presbyteriun church, is here at present,
from Toronto to endeavor to interest
(Quebec's business men iu the college.
Tbe college is really a purely private
institution and the church is only interested in a general way in its success.
Ontario Millers and Grain Dealers.
Toronto, June J.���Representatives of
the millers and grain dealers of the
province will meet iu the board of
trade rooms tonight for tbe purpose of
discussing the bill introduced into the
commons by Sir Henri .loly, making
Winnipeg tbe final point of inspection
for Manitoba wheat. The circular
calling the meeting announces that all
interested in the subject will bowel
corned at the meeting ns the question is
a very serious ouo. The legislation
which has bef.11 applied for by the Winnipeg Produce Exchange will cause all
inspection of Muuitoba grain to be
made nt Winnipeg, there being no in
spectiou provided at Fort William or
nt delivery points, at which points iu
spectious ure uow being made.
The executive of the Dominion Millers' association ut u recent meeting de
clured strongly against the change uud
several bourds of trade throughout the
province have passed resolutions that
such a course would materially injure
the milling interests iu Outurio; tbe
decision of the meeting on the nintter
will ne presented to the council of the
board of trade at a meeting to be held
later in the afternoon.
A Unique Will.
Toronto, June I.���The lute Alex.
Leith, barrisetr, of Toronto, bnt for
some time previous to his death a resident iu Loudon, England, left special
instructions in his will thut his relu-
itves should not change their style of
dress because of his demise, und should
not abstain from any customary enjoyments. The Ontario estate left by the
testator amounts to $114,1)77 und real
estute to $10,000; the balance is made
np as follows: Mortgages, 9(1,590; in
suruuee, $1,808; cash, $34,948. The
greuter part of the estate goes to the
nephews, nieces and distant relatives.
Social Highwu)woman���
Ottuwu, June I.���Tbe "Social High-
wnywomuu" has beeu caught and confessed. This happened ut a party on
Elgiu street. The "Social Highway-
woman" withdrew from tho other
guests to the dressing room and managed to extract $10 from a lady's
pocket-book which she found in a wrap.
The owner of the money reported to
the hostess, uud the thief wus suspected. She stoutly denied, but her husband being made acquainted with the
facts and prosecution being hinted at,
the "Social Highwaywomaii" confessed
and the tuouey wus returned. There
is not likely to be prosecution.
Toronto, June I.���The lute Mrs.
Aikius, wife of Hon. J. C. Aikins, ex-
governor of Manitoba, left un estate
valued at $33,11411, divided among her
children and her husband.
Loudon, June 1.��� A Canadian nurse,
MissE. O'Niel, said to belong to a
leading New York hospital, uttmpted
to commit suicide by shooting herself
with a pistol this morning at the Hotel
Mctropole. The report of the firearms
wus heard in her apart men t s, and when
her room was entered Miss O'Niel was
fonnd sitting on a couch with blood
streaming from ber head. Friends removed her to a private residence, and
it is hoped she will recover. Overstndy
is reported to have unbalanced ner
St. Thomas, Out, May 80.��� Robertson. Lindsay & Co.'s big departmental
store, the largest in Western Ontario,
waa destroyed by fire abont midnight.
The loss Is abont $80,000 on stook with
about $00,000 insurance, and $35,000
on the building, which is fully insured.
, Paris, May 81.���A general strike has
been inaugurated in the Tillage of Le-
creuzot in the department of the Soone
et Loire and nearly all work at the factories has been suspended. Already
4,000 hands are out.
���-^���rf' " -i
1'i-iiliiv, .loo.- 8,
Tin- Buffalo dock strike hns ended.
Hartney dofeated Sourls at laorosse,
Mrs. Mayln-Ick will probably be (reed.
.Sh .hilltin Puuucetote will be elevated
to tin?* peerage. ,
A decision in the Dreyfus unse will bv
given to-morrow.
A UUral convention will be belt* at
Maultou, .Tune 6th'.
Bishop Durleu, li. C. prelate ut New
Westminster, Is dend.
Australian cricketers un- playing All
England ut Nottingham.
Tenders for a dock at Qimll will be
called for in a few days.
The Danish steamer Orion was wrecked off tbe Newfoundland const.
A mnn wbo neglects bis health is sailing
Im craft of life in dangerous seas. He
cannot too soon awaken to tbe fact that lie
is Imperiling bis most precious endowment. All lhe wealth In Uu- world, all the
power hi the world, nil the pleasure in the
world, all the love nnd poetry nnd music
and nobility ami beauty are bul dust in the
mouth of Uie iium who has lost his health.
Keeping healthy tneuus looking nfter the
disorders that iiluety-nhie men in a hundred neglect,   You cannot act the average,
everyday illun in believe that indigestion
or biliousness, or costlvencss or headache
or loss uf sleep in appetite, or siuikim-ss in
the liiortllug and dullness through the day
amount to much anyway. He will "pooh,
pooh" at you, until some morning he
wakes up and finds himself sick abed.
Then lu- will send fur a doctor aud find out
10 liH surprise thai all these disorders have
been but the danger signals ofa big malady
thai has robbed him of bis health, possibly
foreVM. It may be consumption or nervous prostration or malaria or rheumatism
or some blond or skill disease. It matters
not. they all have their inception in the
same neglected disorders. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery makes tlle appetite keen, the digestion perfect, lhe liver
active, the blood pure, the nerves steady
and gives B-eimd mid refreshing sleep. It
Is lhe great blood-maker and flesh-builder,
11 cures <���)$ per cent nf nil cases of con-
emuptlon, In fact bronchial, throat and
lung affections generally yield lo it. Medicine stores sell it.
line or two at bedtime cure constipation
���Di. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Tlteyrcgu-
late and invigorate the stomach, liver uud
bowels.    Uy uli medicine dealers,
Fears  nre   entertained   tor   UlO  life  of
Oen. lioinez. who tn seriously ill.
Winter when! bus been severely killed
In tbe Southern State* from frost.
Japan i�� strengthening her defences,
preparatory to a   war with Russia,
A $i(io,ooii monument will be orcctod l<
Admiral Dewey la Lincoln park, Obl-
Spain's premier Hinted that radical
reforms were iiecnssury for bis cmuiiry'B
���China l�� actively preparing to resist
tbe landing "f Italian troops at Han
Mini Itay.
Christluu Scientists ore blnnied by a
Chicago jury for causing tilts death of
two children frotn diphtheria.
Mrs, .Stanford,   widow  111    Hie OnlUqr
nlu simatnr, has deeded $10,000,000 t
the nnlvcitiity bearing lata nuino.
A IirlliHh bonne of coinmonR committee
will couflidei- a   project to onild a   (
ncl  between   I-.iiL'luml  anil  Ireland,
D. Wilson, reeve of I.ntidHilowiie, wits
nonilnnted nt the Wrmimiirnc Courierva-
tlve convention held in   0 lads tone.
Jamaica's delegates will make the best
teruw In a reciprocity treaty with the
U. S��� luit Chamberlain will sign tht
Tlmi-Mluy, ,1 niii- i.
Plying I'os  won tlio FJlglUll Derby.
There nre 2.0UO ll. s. ponsloners living
in Canada.
A ease of yellow] fever was discovered
Ui New Orleans,
The Austral Ian-Oxford cricket match
ended In a draw.
A iiihtfltrcl tunned Scott committed ��ui-
cldv near Calgary,
The II. It. To. is constructing u Irani-
way ni Grand Ilapids,
Toronto's customs collections for May
amounted to .*;i7o.;m;t.
Admiral Dewey will -s.iil for Singapore,
June 6th, on u    brief visit.
Thieves robbed the bodlos of the vie-
tlini** of   tlio Iowa, ruilway wreck.   ���
A society Inily of Ottawa stole money
from a   lady's garment nt a party.
Everything w favoring Dreyfus la the
court of   cuflsutlon  revision trial,
Geo. Dcamlsli, nCnrlwrry Plains! pi.
necr, died la the swan 111 ver district.
Ilault Itrim.. ni   Montreal, will erect   a
large Wlioleenlu warclioitsn in Winnipeg,
A severe engagement \iw token place
on the istatni of Mindanao with tho Filipinos,
A number ot postal chnngos Imvn liik-
'���ii idi  in Muuitoiiu ninl tiie Territories.
Tornadoes, doing dainngo to fnnii pro.
pertles, swept over purls of Iowa and
W. W. Turner, of St. John, X. II., gnvi
$300,000 to cntnldish a homo for lu
Mr. Unlit. Kerr, of tbe O. I\ It., Win-
iiiju'ii   amy go to Montreal km pusxeugcr
traffic manager,
Ontario millers nnd grain dealers Indot
iu Toronto to-day to dlSCII** western
nrjiin legislation,
Howard Hwles foil while attempting n
parachute di^eont iu Kiiiooi** City, und
was seriously Itt jit red,
II. 11. eompitny received advice* of the
miners and tbeir utimeti, wini are wintering nl I'ort lirubame.
The jirofe-HKors of Morrln college, Ouo-
bee, linve been dismissed owing to the
financial troubles of   the college.
The X. 1*. railway Ia making extensive
Improvements nt Grand Forks nnd large
addition* to- tbo company's properly are
Wednesday, May til.
It uss Inn crops in the southern provinces
nre a  failure.
IlllpId City hns hnd Installed ft private
telephone -system.
An International chess tournament hns
opened In London,
Ftnlnudore have decided to reject the
Itnsslnu army Mil.
Mnny rullwnyrf nre in course of eon-
���struetlon In Cbliin.
Icebergs liy tlm North Atluutie are, en-
danger Ing Htenmshiim, ,, ,<n,f
Jn.min Is sidlnir with China/ ugtilnst
liiissian encroachments.-- ���*
New nnd rich gold diggings bnve boen
illsi'overeil In Kseuiulo, Otll, ','',
Mnrchnnd received ,n \vntm welcome
from bin countrymen nt Tallinn.
Gordon Wilson and W. Floyd, of Oo-
hourg, two boy-Si were drowned.
Hughes uud Lang's planing mill nt
Driiniiou was destroyed hy fire.
British Columbia will make a, largo exhibit nt the Winnipeg exhibition.
Over :wti Cub-mi privates huve accepted
Hie American  gratuity at  Havana.
Tbe (steamer storimek. id lhe Pacific
mail line, was wrecked off Nicaragua.
Liberia wants a protectorate either
from Great hrltuln or the roiled Slates.
Kev, p. \, Cloutier will be consecrated
JJiBluo. of Three lHverti. Que., Juno 29th-
Tlie grand Stand at Garfield pork. Chicago, colluiMed and uuiny people were Injured.
Forty people were injured in Chicago
liy a run rend col IU ion on uu elevated
The new U. C. cathedral at Fargo was
opeued, Archbishop Langovln being
Decoration day was celebrated lu tbo
United States cities, also at Manila and
The prosecution of Ifooloy, the corporation promoter, iu London, lias been
Inn Maeiareii addressed his congregation in Liverpool on bis recent American
V. S. niithorltic.-. tire making many foolish HluteiiieuU lu regard to tho Alaskan
boundary iiiic*hUdii.
Kev. Father I'mpielle, ot the Duck
Lake luiliisl rial si-hool, received severe
injuries liy' uu upset.
A suit has com in m i ceil to set aside tbo
ngreopiont to -sell tlu) Port Arthur, Dul-
inii nud   Western  railway.
An accident on the O. ond K, railway
resulted In the diti Mim* of tbo   express
train and  the injury  Of several persons.
Tuesday. May an.
Trouble le fen red lu Atnskit over Dial
I'uderewslfl, the idanlst, was married
in   Paris.
Pnrltntlfl of ChlcngO are flooded owing
to heavy ruins.
Many Western States were viailed by
fatal tomadoos,
Malignant smull-poxi hns lirakoa out In
Fall lliver, Ma-ss.
The Ffasor river Is rising uud thero
nre foajw of ti flood.
The Dominion fish Co., of Selkirk, bus
been refused n  license.
President "McKinley is noxious to hnvo
the Alaskan   boiiiidnl'y  settled.
ore shipments from llosslnnd mines
-showed a   falling uf[ lust week,
Flying Fox is tho fnvorlto In tho Kng-
llsh Derby, whicli will be ran oil Wednesday,
The Dentists will open n college lu
the west, with liev, t\\ o. Mcl>erindtt
In   i-lmrge,
Fror. Kolierlsoii,n])oniiuiou dairy eom-
nilsNioner,   is    lu    .Muuitoba,   on   un   iu-
sjoutimi visit.
riot-re Lnrdon. ti school teacher, was
sentenced in Winnipeg lo be lashed for
child iMsanlt.
The rei'ount of the voles Qnst lu Will-
Illj'CH for uu electric light liy-luw, Iium
been abandoned.
The application or the G. s. govern-
ment for the release of Mrs. Mnybrick
has again been refused.
The Grund Trunk shareholders in Loudon held a meeting und discussed 1 lie
truck men's strike and the Central A'cr-
inont ugrcemeat.
Sir Henri Joly's new grain bill abolishes the various grain districts la the
west and ia its place outlines the district of   Munltohn*
Monday, ill ay 'Ml.
f'zuliy  nml   GlieiCEilk   were   banged
A passenger Irnln wus wrecked in Iowa
nnd   eight   passengers   killed,
Tho iiiiptists of    Canada will    n
.-���HKi.oou for, missions this year.
The four months' blockade of snow on
a Colorado railway has lieea cleared,
The survey of Hie new railway from
Ilupid City to   McGregor   Is    completed.
The propeller, KeulUlid. lost 18 years
ago In Luke Ontario was discovered by
The rwfdencw of   George  King,    near
Delornlne, was moved fifty feet by
IMve miners t erlshed by breaking
through tho ice oil "While river, near
Pyny Pectoral I
The Canadian Remedy for all      i
Large Bottles, 25 centi.
Prop's. Perry Davit' Piin Killer.
New Vork Mbunal
The Cubitjirt are not nceepllng the a|.
lownnce voted by the States or giving uj
llirir aVinK.
The Ontario government expect u
establish technical schools throughout
the province. ,
Thos. f. Greenwood was nominated for
the looiil house by Ihe North Uruuilou
Arbitration ninnng nations lias tnken
the place of   the disarmament policy al
tlio pence congVess,
Ilev. W. IU Cratkslinnk, of Montreal, in
tin* new principal ril tin- I'reebytorlnn
college at Urantford.
The If. S. -uenerals In Die Philippines
are anuliig the Macalsdu^-s to flgliti the
Tngnlns, bolli native tribes.
Farmers' liiHtltntea dates in Manitoba
for this summer are announced.   Ottuwu
HirrJcnttiirul   uffb-lnls   will   deliver     ad.
The Sub-Committee Adopts the l\ S.
Plun With Few Alterations-
Italy's Proposals.
The Hague, June a.���Both sessions
of the disarmament committee met today and, us was anticipated, failed to
agree with regard to the question of
new inventions iu armaments. The
drafting committee of thu arbitration
roniniit.ee made some advance this afternoon. The American delegn un su j
mitted their scheme relating to an arbitration tribunal. The plan differs
from tbe British proposal. It provides
tbat euoh country shall appoint a single
arbitrator in be selected by tho supreme
courts of the signatory powers. Tho
tribnnul shall have a permanent ceu
tral scat uud be composed ot at leust
three judges, who shall not be natives
or residents of tim countries belonging
to the powers in discord. Tho general
expenses shall be shared proportionately. In the event of new facts arising
within three months of a decision, the
same tribunal shall have power to try
augin tho questions in dispute. Recourse to tbo tribunal shall lw optfontil
to the siguatory powers.
The tribunal shall uot take cognizance of any dispute until assured that
the parties concerned will accept its
Apart from the above project, ihe
Americans havo proposed it special
hchenic uf mediation, providing that in
the event of a difference arising be
tween two powers, ouch shall choose
another power to act as its second. Tbo
powers  thus selected shall do all tbey
The D. & L.
It the best and most palatable preparation of
Cod Liver Oil, agreeing wilh lhe most delicate
la prescribed by the leading physicians of
Canada, *
la a marvellous flesh producer and will give
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Be sure you get I   DAVIS & LAWRENCE
tbe genuine    |        CO., Limited, Montreal
cAn to reconcile the opponents. These
seconding powers shall, even when war
hns broken out, continue their efforts
with u view of ending hostilities ns
soon as possible.
Tbo amendment of Count Nigra,
head of the Italian delegation lo the
peace conference, ro the Rnssiun arbi
tratiou scheme, proposes tbe following
article: 1. Ia the event of the imminence of a conflict between two or more
powers, after the failure of all attempts at conciliation by the means of
indirect negotiations, tbo contending
parties be obliged to have recourse lo
mediation or arbitration ia cas?s iudi
cated by tbe present act. 8, All other
cases of mediation or arbitration will
be recommended by signatory powers,
butwill remain optional. II. Each of
the signatory powers not involved iu
the conflict has in nil rases, oven during hostilities, the right to ortVr the
contending parties its good offices for
mediation or propose tbat tbey have recourse to the mediation of another
power equally neutral, or to arbitration. This cannot be considered hy
either of the contending parties as an
unfriendly act, nothing being obligatory, 4, A demand for, or offer of
medic*tion takes precedence of u proposal for arbitration, but arbitration
muy or must be proposed, according to
circumstances, not only when (hero is
no demand or offer of mediation, bat
also when mediation would have been
rejected or would not have led to con
ciliation. A proposal uf mediation or
arbitration nntil formally accepted by
all the contending parties, cannot unless them bo a convention to tho contrary, delaying impending mobilization
or other preparatory meunsres or military operations. 6. Recourse to mediation or arbitration, in conformity with
article 1 is  obligatory in Iho case of
 .   A blank space follows tho word
"case of," to be filled in by Count
N gra Inter.
Hamilton, June 2. ���Tho Canadian
Gunners' association yesterday decided
to raise the price of tin goods.
.-llelliotllst Coiifi-ifiiceConvicts Dr. Austin
of Heresy un Four Charges.
Windsor. Out.. June 3.���Rev. Dr.
Austin's heresy case occupied tbe
whole of the Methodist conference, for
Loudou district, here today and this
evening and was decided against Dr.
Austin. He was condemned ou all
four charges uud deposed from the
ministry of the Methodist church. His
defence wilt be published shortly.
After preliminaries, Dr. Austin was
beard.    He   frankly admitted himself
Vt guarantee that that
Plasters will relieve
pain qjdeker than any
other. Put up only in
25c. tin boxes and SUN)
yardrolls. ThcUttcr
allows you to cut the
Plaster any sire.
Every family
should have one
ready for ao emergency.
Bttttn ef Imitation!
o bo a spiritualist, but contended tliat
spiritualism was nut un-Motbodistic.
Littlo sympathy was shown with Dr.
Austin iu tbe course of his remarks,
interruptions und hisses belli0 frequent.
The charges were taken up in thoir
order and the findings of committee ot
tba St. Thomas district were sustained
to the effect that Dr. Austin is not iu
harmony with the teachings of tbe
Methodist church, it was then moved
by Rev. J. R. Gundy and seconded by
Rev. Joseph Deacon, that tbo charge
preferred by Kev. A. H. doing against
Rev. Dr. Austin having been proved
aud sustained, Dr. Austin be now nnd
is hereby deposed from thn ministry of
the Methodist church. This was adopt
Sir. Clark's Daughter Pound.
Garnerville, N.Y., Jnne 2.���Marion
Clark, tbe 21 months old infant, kidnapped from her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Olurk, of New York city, on
May 21st, has been found two miles
south of Sloatsbnrg, a village about
eight miles from here. She was fouud
nt a farm house of Charles Youmaus
uu was in the custody of Mrs. Jennie
Wilson, who took the baby to thai
place daring the early pari; of last
week. Mrs. Wilson wns ucconipnnied
by her husband and stated to Mrs.
YonmaiiH that sho wanted board for tbe
little girl fcr the summer. The Clark
baby attracted tbo country people by
her appearance. her large blue eyes uud
pink complexion being particularly
beautiful. Tbe curiosity which the
child aroused made her captors grow
uneasy, and tbey kept her closely cou-
lined at tho Yunmaus' home. As soon
as the notices of tho ubdnction reached
the neighborhood the people bugnu to
suspect that tho child wns Marlon
Clarlt. As soon as Deputy Sheriff Win,
H. Charleston learned of tbo nbductiou,
he, taking the cluo from pictures of the
child nnd the description given him by
people wbo saw her, weut to tho You-
tuau farm house und found Mrs. Wilson, from wbo'n he demanded the
child. Mrs. Wilson at once became indignant and claimed she knew nothing
whatever of tho child. Ho prcdaced
bis warrant, arrested the woman and
demanded information as to the whereabouts of the child. At this Mrs. Wilson weakened uud made a confession.
Marion Clark, tho infant, is in go id
health and seems to be contented. She
bas no hat nud her shoes show much
rongh handliug. Her clothing is also
much soiled. Arthur Clark, the father
of tbe abducted tmby, arrived here at
(1.80 this evening and immediately
identified the child.
Opening of
Pint steamer from Fort Williim
TUESDAY, 9th May; thereafter erery
Tuesday, Friday and Snuday.
Connecting trains from Winnipeg
every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 4 p. m.
Cheap One Way
For information and full partloulars
apply to nearest agent, or address
Traflic "Hanover,
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, Financial
and Oommiiiion Agent.
Deeds attested. Parties represented in
J'olico court, Small Debts court and
County court. Accounts collected and
disputed claims adjusted.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines
iu various parte of British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper, Oold. aud Silver*
T^ead Hrospecti and Developed Properties
on Bond.
Reports and information furnished
regarding mining properties.
Stocks in British Columbia mines
bought snd sold.
Hnggeu's A��say Otliee is now fitted up.
A "Bays made promptly and carefully.
Kates un application.
Cable Address :   KANAGAN, Golden.
Cedes in use: Moieing & Neal, tnd
Bedford McNtill.
Brant ford. Jnnc 3.���The Hrantford
board of trade has decided to have a
grand re-union of all former residents
of Brantford at the beginning of next
year to usber in thu closing year of the
li)th century.
Belleville, June 2.���Jas. il. Gerou,
a well-known business man aud leading Orangeman uud Mason, died suddenly.        	
Three dally tnihM will ran lietween
Wltuiifieg nnd Urumlon when the new
transeoittlneatal service Is Inaugurated
lij- the O. P. It;
Nature's Own
Qyspepsia Qire
Nature's remedies are not like man's���they never '
fail.   Ofthe many remedies intended to cure dyspepsia,
Four stomach, distress after eating, weight in the stomach,
���   wind on the stomach, loss of appetite, dizziness, nausea. Im*  r
,' poverished blood, catarrh of the stomach, sick headache, and
similar results of indigestion, only oue is uniformly and unfailingly successful���that is nature's own remedy, found only in
The pineapple contains a large amount of Vegetable Pepsin��� I
I nature's moat potent aid in digesting food. Mix meat and pineapple j
and agitate the mixture at a temperature ol 103��, and the pineapple
1 will completely digest the meat.
Take two of Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets after your meals 1
and they will digest your food without aid from the stomach. This '
of course rests, strengthens! and heals the stomach.   The tablets
will cure the most chronic case of dyspepsia.   They give im-
\ mediate relief.   Take them for a short time and your stomach
will be as strong and hearty as that of a farmer's boy. 1
They are as pleasant to the palate as candy.
At all druggists.���-35c. a box���or direct from
Toronto, Can., and Buffalo, NX   I
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Cattle, Hhesp and Horse Dealers,
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M. Aui'ii Inst. M. Ei
Agiiit fur iilii'iiiiliiif l-'rowti (Irniitfl, dulug
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Address:   OOLDEN,   B.C.
annual iiNMf��niii>ii
Li very and Feed Stables
lliiod Saddle Horses and
Rig* of all hinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
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GOLDEN, il. C.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders fur ltuhber Stump* nail Bests will be
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Tbe Uolden Km Company.
Limited Liability
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rianBiiin-par.il.   Prompt attetitlun
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Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Navigation �� Tramway Company, M
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.  P.  R. at   Golden,  B. C, and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C. H. Parson, Ma,*^, -
������The Fortnn* of Wop."
A plain, apt uud eicellent illustration
of tbe popular expression, "tbe fortune
of war," ie thnsiognlor fact that Major
General Leonard Wood, the present
iuilitary governor of Santiago province.
is now in command of bis former commanding officer. This strange state of
iiffnirs is explained thnswise:
Jnst a little more than two years ago
General Wood was surgeon of the Fifth
Kegiment infantry, with tbe rank of
(tiptain, and after he hnd left tbe service to practice medicine in civil life at
Washington he wns remembered fondly
hy tbe entire regiment as nn officer wbo
was fond af athletics, especially foot
hull and wrestling. At the opening of
the late war he was appointed colonel
of the rough riders, and for gallant
nnd efficient services rendered he earned
his present rank and appointment. During the entire war the Fifth was the
only regular infantry regiment that did
nut have a chance to see service, but after the protocol hnd been signed and the
lighting troops were lieing sent home
the Fifth wns detailed lo do guard duty
lit Santiago nnder General Wood.
Ho it now happens tbat General
Wood's old colonel is under bis command, as are also other officers who
used to rank him when he was only a
captain. Thnt Is the way tbe world
moves np and down. Verily, there is
much troth in tbe saying that "He who
takes yonr orders today may be yonr
commander tomorrow. "���New York
Cool In a Storm ol Fire.
It is not surprising te learn that
Colonel Fnnston of tbe Twentieth Kan*
bus was the first man to enter Malolos,
for he has tried to be at the front in
every fight
"At Baynino. Cuba," says the loin
(Kan.) Register, "where he was one of
400 mounted Cnhans who charged a
line of 2,500 Spanish infantry, waiting
to receive them with cannon at the angles, bis horse was swept from under
him by a charge of canister and he was
left on foot, 80 yards from the Spanish
lines. 'I saw I could be of no further
me,' he remarked, in telling tbe story
to tbe writer hereof, 'so I took the saddle and bridle off my dead horse and
walked off tbe field.'
"Think of that I His horse had just
been killed by a cannon shot, and 2,000
men only 30 yards away were shooting
at him, and yet he remembered tbat
saddles and bridles were scarce and
dear and staid in that fire till he could
carry bis away I No wonder that with
snch a leader the Twentieth Kansas is
making a glorious record."
Minard's Llalment Cores lHptberla.
The Loit Rose.
There is a ticket chopper at the Park
place station of the elevated railroad
wbo conld not take u prize in a beauty
show in any climate and whose marked aggressiveness of mien fails to soften
the effect of nature's handiwork upon
his visage. A lady crossing the platform
in u hurry dropped one of two large red
roses that graced her corsage- It was
promptly pounced upon by the chopper, who. seeing that its owner had
uo intention of returning to reclaim it.
fell to fondling his prizo with so evi-
dautanairuf delight that a group of
three r.i* four brakeinen, fellow employees, who stood uear by wailing fur an
up town train, found avast ailinsement.
in "guying" him.
At tbe instant they did so u tired
looking woman, dragging a shabbily
clad little girl by the hand, approached
the box. The child, whose great eyes
were sunk deeply in her pule little forehead, broke loose from her mother's
baud, stopped stock still and began staring hungrily at the rose. In an instant
it was in her possession and tbe great
eye* bad gone ont of mourning. In two
seconds the unlovely chopper was glowering nt other arriving passimgera more
liHlligerently than ever, and bfs friends,
tbe hrukeuien. bad furgotten to jeer.���
New York Comm-rcinl Advertiser
Minard's Llalment Cures Distemper.
Two Poien,
Lewis Carroll, the author of "Alice
In Wonderland," was fond of puzzling
his friends with enrions problems. One
uf them was the question. When does
tbe day begin? If a man could travel
around the world so fast that tbe sun
would always be directly above his bead,
and if he were to start traveling at midday on Tuesday, then in 34 hours he
would return to his original point of
departure and would find tbat the day
was now called Wednesday���at what
point of his jonrney would the day
change its name? The difficulty of answering this apparently simple question
haa cast a gloom over many u pleasant
Another problem was as follows i A
rope is hung over a wheel fixed to the
roof of a building; at one end of tbe
rope a weight is fixed, which exactly
counterbalances a monkey which is
banging on tbe other end. Suppose that
the monkey begins to climb the rope,
what will be tbe result? It is very curious tbe different views taken by good
mathematicians. Una says the weight
goes up with increasing velocity; others
say that it goes up at the same rate as
tbe monkey, while another says it goes
Mlnardw llalment Cores (Jsrret In Owl
A Kanaai Girl In the Trennhea.
Here is an extract from a letter written by W. Si Cooper, au Ottawa boy
with the Twentieth Kansas, which testifies not only to tbe bravery of a Kansas girl, bnt also distantly to a romance:
"Our lady nurse was with as in the
trenches that night. She sat right next
to me, and every time 1 took a shot she
had another cartridge ready for me.
They shot closer than tbey ever did before and the ballets were jast nipping
over our heads."
Brave Colonel Bgbtrt.
Colonel Harry C. Egbert, recently
killed at the head of his regiment noar
Manila, was twice taken a prisoner during the war of the rebellion, once to
become the hero of a daring escape. At
Han Joan he was shot through the
lungs. Hehad served40 years. General
Miles said of him: "He weighs only
about 195 pounds, and 130 of that's
pure grit. Not send htm to the Philippines? Why, he'll demand a court ol
Inquiry If yeu don't"
Discussion of a Bill RegalaUag tbe
Packing of Apples for Export-
Allen Labor Law.
Ottawa, May 81.���The honse of commons yesterday put through committee
the bill which changes the regulations
respecting the inspecting of ooal oil
and Nupth-. in suoh a way tbat the
price of oil will be reduced, though the
customs protection afforded on Canadian oil will remain unchanged.
There was a prolonged discussion
over a bill to amend the weights and
measures act. It provides that all apples packed iu Canada for sale by the
barrel shall be packed either in cylindrical veneer barrels as specified or in
ordinary barrels of specified measurements. It also provides that any one
who suffers or exposes for sale, or who
packs for exportation, supplies by barrel otherwise than in accordance with
the foregoing provisions shall be liable
to a penalty of 35 oeuts per barrel. A
number of members urged that the bill
should npply only to apples intended
for export because otherwise furmera
who sell apples locally in sugar and
flour barrels of varying size would be
liable to a penalty. In reply to this it
was stated that a similar law was now
in force. The only change ia allowing
ths use of cylindrical veneer barrels
aud one with regard to barrel measurement. Finally, tbe bill was allowed
to stand, in order that members may
consult their constituents witb regard
to it.
Before the question dropped, Mr,
McMillan, of Huron, asked the minister to incorporate in the bill a provision tbat eggs for export must weigh at
least 1 1-3 lbs. to the dozen. The minister promised to consider the matter.
Mr. McCleary brought up the question of the enforcement of tbe alien
labor law. He said tbat on Saturday
Inspector De Barry, of Buffalo, had
sent back a yonng Canadian who had
gone to Buffalo simply to visit a relative. He said it was understood that
the Anglo-American conference had arranged that neither country should enforce alien labor legislation, pending
the conclusion of the conference, and
said if the Americans were not going
to live up to the understanding, Canada should take steps to protect herself.
The premier said that at the conference there was a purely informal understanding that both aides would as
much as possible diecourage the enforcement of alien laws. He was now
in communication with Washington respecting the case of enforcement by De
Barry. He believed the reports respecting ail these cases had been much
exaggerated, but he had asked for a
statement of the facts under oath in
order that he might place tbe matter
before tbe Washington anthorities. If
tbe case cited by Mr. McCleary was
correct, and the man was sent back
simply when he was on a visit to a relative, it was an abuse of the authority. The American alien law did not
Make the visiting of a relative an
II. Il-llv.r. Hi. Annual Audi-.,, lo HI.
Hrother Orangeman.
Toronto, May 31.���Grand Master N.
O. Wallace, delivered Ms address to the
Grand Orange lodge of British North
America this afternoon. He referred
to the extensive immigration into Canada and hoped the immigrants would
be absorbed and assimilated by the
British elements. There waa a danger,
however, aud it was essential that
Orangemen who constituted the bulwark of tbe state shoild exert themselves to extend to the still wider
bounds of influence the activities of
the association. Mr. Wallace referred
to the agitation for the amendment of
the coronation oath, whioh had been
vigorously promoted by branches of the
Roman Catholic Irish society. He
strongly condemned aay tampering
with the oath. If we begin by amending the coronation oath, he said, because, as is pretended, It wounded the
susceptibilities of a certain denomination in the land, where will the matter
end? What guarantee have we that,
having broken down one outpost, having captured the outer fortress, the
same spirit will not lead these people
to attack the very citidal itself, and
demand tbat the entailing of the succession to the throne to Protestants
shall be repealed. "There is a deep
design, which seems hidden behind,
and for my part, looking back upon the
history of Britain for two centuries,
since the accession of King William the
third, I unhesitatingly declare myself
against this movement, proclaimed to
be harmless as a dove, but fraught
with the cunning of a serpent."
Manila, May ,11.���Two petty offlcei-a
of the U. 8. hospital ship Relief went
sailing in the harbor yesterday. Tbeir
boat waa afterwards found iu the possession of natives near the Faranaque
lines. The men are supposed to have
been killed or oaptnred.
Tho Hague, May 81.���Tbo Brussels
conference section of the international
peaoe loonference, after adopting tho
second] reading of artioles  28 to 34,
whioh deals with the prisoners of war,
discussed questions relating to  flags of
trace,   capitulations   or   ariuistisei*.
Questions relating to flags of trace*,
aftpltlnations and  armistices, as con*
tained in artioles 43 to  63 inclusive,
were reached.   The Red Cross rection
considered the extension of the Geneva
convention to naval warfare and adopted slight modifications of the articles
relating to lateral, leaving the other
two categories, generally, as to person
nel, for future consideration.
"Willie," asked tbe Sunday school
teacher, "what will happen to yon It
you are a good boy I"
"I'll get a big apple."
"And if you're a bad boyi"
"I'll get two apples for promising
mamma to be good."���Philadelphia
Newport. R.I., May 81.���Hon. Ell-
aha Dyer, for the third time, was inaugurated governor of . Rhode Island
today. _____
'IHU'! Ul'M,l Ml Ui Willi;, MC."
Catarrh Can
Be Cured.
Japanese Catarrh
baa luceeiafull; coped with thin mart
doogeroiu dUeiue, aud cured
to it*}- i'ii ad.
MIm A. Knott,of Boachvllle, out., writes: "If
we had only known of .lapauc-ic I'attu-rh Cure
years ngo, my father wuuld have bei<n saved
from spending hundreds of dollars, nnd I would
liuve been free from Hit* constant pntii nnd un-
lioyuiice uf this mom disgust Ing discuso. 1 hn VI
had cntarrh for yenrx. My Itend was stuffed
up ho that I could not brentlio through my
nostrils. My breath was verv Impure, 1 hnd
almost a constant tmiu in my hand and over my
even. Nothing I could net gave me ptuniiilieiil
relief, until using Ji^h-mi-m- Catarrh Cure,
From the very tlm il gave me relief, nnd in n
short time hnd removed tin- turnuiulatluii *��
thnt T could breathe freely tln-nngh the iiusniH.
Thopnin left my hend nnd eyes. Hi eil'eot
upon my breath was truly wonderful, imrirv-
Ing unil removing every vestigia of the iinpleiis-
nntodor, nnd during the post year-since using
this rcine,)- have not felt th* least sign nl my
former trouble. 1 ean highly recommend It,
nnd kiimi- of several others in our neighborhood
whom It has eared,"
Hold by all druggist*, .'id cents, six hoxPH.
with curn (maniMeed, fortH.Wl. A free mipi'h
seiu in hiiv' address, Kuelime .'��� cent stamp.
Atldrexit, Tho dritlith* & Mneplici-xuu Uo��� r.'i
Church Htreet,Toronto.
Qwtlnt Old -Colonial Document.
New Amsterdam hud been in British
hands four years when this (jnttint und
curious customs order, the oldest in ex
istence and but recently uneurtlied from
a mass of colonial records, was punned
"Instructions for Mr. Cornelius Van
Ruyven, Collector of the Customes iu
ye City of New York by Order of Colo-
nell Francis Loveluce, Oovernour, May
84. 11108.
"You or y'r clerk art* to be dayly at
ye Cnstome Honse front nine in ye
morning uutill twelve at noone. There
to receive ye Customes both in and out,
as the Merchants shall come & enter,
ye merchant is to makefoure Bills, and
signe them with his hand, writing his
name to them, & ye same time, when
yon have signed ye Warrant, or one of
ye Bills, you are to demand ye Cnstome,
either in kinde at 10 P Cent inwards
or double ye valine of its first Cost in
Holland, in Beaver. And likewise outwards for Peltry yon are to receive IUJ-j
PCent according to ye valine in Beaver,
for Tobacco one half penny Pr. pound
Ster'g: which is noe more than uli Englishmen doe pay. ��� ��� ��� You to tell ye
Merchant you are not to give credit
��� * * If they doe not like your propositions, yon are not to pass their Bills. ***
"And Lastly pray lett ye Books he
kept till in English and all FactoryeH
and Papers, that when I have occasion
to satisfy myself I muy better under
stand them.''
A Joke oa tbe Jup.
The Japanese students at our colleges
find the American sense of humor as it
is expressed by the other students about
them a somewhat peculiar thing, but
not at all hard to understand. In fact,
it is quite simple and elementary. A
Japanese gentleman who wus a student
at Harvard not long ago relates that lie
was asked by some of his American fellow students to "teach them some Japanese words." He began by giving
them "Oood morning" in Japanese.
This phrase is represented in Japanese
by a word which in English equivalents
cannot be more closely represented than
bythe word "Ohio." The boys were
interested and promised to remember it.
Next morning, when the Japanese
student came to the lecture room, he
fonnd a group of the boys gathered to
give him the morning salutation iu
' 'Pennsylvania I" shouted one of
"Kentucky 1*' yelled another.
"Virginia I" "New Hampshire!'
"Rhode Island!" still others called.
But not one of them said "Ohio!" It
was the American idea of a great joke.
The young Japanese was much edified
and made a note of it���Boston Transcript.       	
A Midnight Encounter.
Brown worked years ago lu t. glass factory at New Castle, Pa. His turn came
off at 1 o'clock In the morning, and getting home at that hour was attended with
somo difficulties. In those days tho traveling circuses had no large trains of cars
to carry their outfit, hut wero content to
haul their few vans along the country
roads, driving their docile animals in the
front of tho caravan.
Brown was coming from work one night
and, being a man of meditative mind, had
his head bowed as he trudged toward his
home. All at once he became conscious
thut he was up against the biggest thing
ho had ever encountered, Hosuwasimke-
like thing at his sido, again over his head
and again directly in front of him. He
put out his hands to fend off the expected
attack and grasped two hornlike things
that caused the sweat to break out all over
his body.
He wuh conscious that lie had met the
evil one, but he did not know what use he
had for a glass worker. His suspense was
relieved by hearing tho voice of a man In
the rear of thu nbjeut of his fear shouting:
"Qlt out of tho road of them elephants!
Did ye nover see a circus?"
Brown was so badly scared tbat he did
not go to work for several days and will
not now attend a circus on a free ticket.���
Pittsburg News,
To Bo Continued.
The Dachs���Say, Fritty. vas I nearly
through alretty yet T���New York Journal. --'������
In Boaton.
"A Boston coachman who died recently left $38,000 to charity."
"I suppose he got rich because of the
way Boston's streets are laid ont."
"What could that have to do with
"People who are not well acquainted
there always have to take carriages in
order to get back to tbeir starting
ptttntii-'  ..
Tha greatest affliction tbat can befall
a man T�� tht unkindnessof a friend.���
The Ileaaon.
Other faces may be fairer
Than your fnce, sweetheart of mine;
Other eyes may he more lovely
Than those true blue eyes of thine,
Other girls may be more graceful.
Sweet Kosina, than thon art.
But I care not, oh, my darling���
You are mistress of my beart 1
Other girls may have more learning
Than thon bast, oh, love uf mine!
Other**--, too, may have complexions
Tbat ure lovelier than thine,
But 1 care not for their graces:
All my love goes out to thee,
Since you're always telling what a
Wonder you consider me.
���Chicago News.
THORO UGH LY. -Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills clear tbe stomach and bowels of
bilious matter, oauie tne excretory vessels to throw off Impurities from the
blood into the bowels and expel tho deleterious mas-i from the body. They do this
without pain or inconvenience to the patient, who -.speedily leftliws their good
olllces as soou as they begin to take effect.
Tbey have strong recommendations from
all kinds of people. .
Conld Apply tho 1'urable.
It IB not always safe to talk in parables to the young, as tbe following
school board story shows: A correspond*
eut states that one of his pupils caused
liim sumo annoyance by uncont lines* of
speech, dirty boots, and so ou. so, auyH
our correspondent: "I drew a verbid
portrait for tbo class of tlio man who
did not shiiiu in the world of polite society. 'You cannot fail to know him.'
said I, 'fur he never cleans bis bouts
nor washes before meals. He speaks
and drinks when his mouth is full ami
generally uses his knife in place of his
"Gradually the lad whom this story
was designed to profit showed un uwak-
ening interest uud put out bis hand to
apeak. In reply to tny query, 'Well?' 'I
know him,' .-mid he. 'He's onr lodger I' "
���London Chronicle.
Immediately they were offered to the publio, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills became
popular localise of tne good report they
made for themselves. That reputation
has grown, and tbey now rank among
the first medicines for use in attacks of
dyspepsia and biliousness, complaints of
the liver and kidneys, rheumatism, fever
and ague and the innumerable complications to which these ailments give rise.
How a Worthy lluinnnltnrlnn .Made
a XIIkUI HUfake. ��
An enthusiastic member of the Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals, whose short sight and big
heart are in diametrically opposite proportions, had a pernliar experience the
other day. He was walking down Pry-
tiiniii street uud noticed what seemed to
be the members of a household assembled around a small bonfire in a yard
adjoining a cottage. They were apparently deeply engrossed in somo nnnsnnl
proceeding, and a very peculiar, dense
black smoke was arising from the lire.
The scene was so mid that the good
man stopped to look, when, to his horror, a half grown boy in the crowd suddenly produced a large Maltese cat aud
thrust the animal directly iuto the heart
of tbe smoke.
"I wonder if that will do it." said a
woman who was looking on.
"Oh, this will kill anything!" replied
tbe boy. with a heartless laugh.
The humanitarian felt his blood run
cold. Tho dense volume of vapor screened the wretched creature, bnt iu his
mind's eye he beheld its agonized contortions, and he could hardly find words
to voice his indignation.
"You cruel villain!'* he screamed,
"release that cat immediately!"
The boy looked around with open
month. "Mind your own business, yon
old lunatic!" he replied with asperity.
"My own business!" exclaimed the
member of the Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, boiling
over with rage. "This is my business,
sir I Take that cat ont of the smoke or
I'll have yon in the parish prison!"
The boy glared at him in apparent j
stupefaction, but the woman began to
laugh. I
"We ain't hurting the cat," she said. |
diving into the smoke and drawing
forth the animal by the tail. "Seel It's
our poor old Tom, uud he's been dead
and stuffed these five years! We're get
ting the moths ont of his furl"
The humanitarian's jaw dropped. He
wiped his forehead, and the group snickered andibly.
"I���ah���beg yonr pardon," he said
faintly���"really I���er���I must catch
this car. "���New Orleans Times Democrat
Curious Fact.
The very mildest tempered man
That up to now I've met
fins used a fountain pen for yean
And never cursed it yet.
From his feet to his boJy,
���nd ran a blood tinged,
irritating water.
Mrs. A. Kelrstead, Snider Mt. N.i., ttlli
how her little boy suffered, and how
B.B.B. eurod him permanently.
There Is not a
mother In this land
who has a child suffering from skin disease in any form but
will thank Mrs. Kcir-
atead, of Snider Mt.,
N.B., for telling of
the remarkable manner in which ber boy,
Freddy, was cured
%rr of one of the sever.
FREPbY KE1K9TEAD. est and moa* torturing of skin diseases
by the use of Burdock Blood Bitters; and
not only relieved and cured for tha time
being, but, mark you, after eight years
ike aiuast has shown no sign of returning.
Tlio following is Mrs. Kcirstead's
letter i���
"With gratitude I can testify to the
wonderful curative powers of Burdock
Blood Bitters. Eight years ago our little
son, Freddy,Vas afflicted with salt rheum
and was In a dreadful condition. His legs,
from the soles of his feet to his body, were
entirely raw, and ran a bloody water,
which appeared to burn and itch until he
was often In preat agony,
" After trying several remedies, we resolved to give B.B. B. a trial.
"You can Imagine with what delight
and gratitude we saw our boy entirely
cured alter using one bottle and part of
the second. We gave him the remainder
of the second bottle, and from that time
till the present he has never had a sign of
salt rheum or a sick day. You need not
wonder that I think there is no other
medicine can equal Burdock Blood Bitters
to purify the blood and build up tbe health
and strength."
They Reach
The Kidneys.
T.Ir. Conrad Beyer's opinion
No one ean be healthy with the kidneys
In a diseased or disordered state. The
poisonous Uric Acid which it is their
duty to filter out of the blood, is carried
into the system and produces Kheuma-
tism, Headaches, Hack aches and hundreds of ills and ailments.
Any one who has the slightest suspicion
that the kidneys are not acting right
should take Doan's Kidney Pills. They
are th* most effective kiduey remedy
known. Mr, Conrad Beyer, at E. K.
Snyder's Shoe Store, Berlin, Out., bears
this out when he says:
' 'Anyone suffering with kidney troubles
cannot do better than take Doan's Kidney Pills, for they cured my wife who
hus been utllietied with pain in the back
and other kidney troubles for a long
time. They have helped a great many
of my acquaintances in this town, and I
must say they ure the medicine that
reach tie kidneys with the best effects."
The I'l-ufn* < oiifer*e*uee,
WMI yuu put duwii the cutiuoii and luy by 'he
And Kt-t'k tu an utnlublu way
By cxitnipli' to luad tho borbarl&n horde
With no thought of mutual fruyf
Do you promise a time when uli warfare ahull
To prove that they speak not aright
Who uuy thut there's only one chuncu to Imvo
And thiit's to keep ready tu fight i
Tin too much toask. Uuurd* *n*l* variant mood
Which hasty humanity knows;
Let none of yon Venture a sylluble rude
To Ji'.itIf u neighbor's repose.
Discourse of the weather und -suy "How-d*
In a mimner discreetly polite,
And perhaps, If K��'<"1 fortune yonr footsteps
You'll net homo without starting n light.
���Washington Star
Cn ti did.
A candid author, who writes to us from
the far west, Inclosing a few specimens of
his work, says of the latter:
"I'm not one of the born writers. Pin
a butcher by profession, anil when I'm
not killing hoof I'm writing poetry, and
my friends tell uie that my poetry Is ns
tongh as the beef. If you agree with them,
please don't tuoklo it. "���Atlanta Constitution.
The lleNt Cure for Colds.
Only those who have used Urlflltha'
Menthol Liniment can appreolate its
value for coughs and colds, ospeoially
with children. Apply lt to the throat
and chest on a flannel when going to lied,
and the result will surprise you. Try It.
35 cents, by all druggists.
The winners of th*1 sewing machines In
the Koyal Crown Soap Oo. 's competition
for the week emllng May Ji th are as follows: Winnipeg, Mrs. Lund, !1 McMillan
Ave., Port Rouge; Manitoba, Mrs. Win.
Lee, -Shoal Luke; N, W. '!'., Mrs. J. E.
Henry, Fletwode, Assn. As advertised,
this Is the last drawing for sawing machines, but hooks and pictures will be
given for wrappers as usual.
lllckle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup stands
at tbe bead of tbe list for all diseases of
tbe throat and lungs lt auts like magic
in breaking up a cold- A cough is soon
subdued-tightness of theohest Is relieved,
even the worst case of consumption is relieved, while in recent cases It maybe said
never to fail. It Is ainedlolneprepared from
the active principles or virtues uf several
medicinal Herbs, and can be depended
upon for all pulmonary complaints.
Officer���Here, you can't sleep in the
The Sleeper���Where* 111 go ? My wife
Is cleaning house.���New York Journal
One Point of Difference.
Yeast���Marriage is jnst likea lottery
Crimson ben k���Oh. I don't know    A
man doesn't have ro keep a lottery tick
at,��� Yuu Iters Statesman
THE PUBLIC should bear in mind
that Dr. Thomas' Eoleotrlo Oil has nothing In common with the impure, deteriorating class of so-culled medicinal oils.
It Is eminently pure and really efllcaoious
���relieving pain and lameness, stiffness
ot the joints aud muscles, aud sores or
hurts, besides lieing an excellent specific
for rheumatism, coughs and bronchial
Save Health and Money.
Mrs. Cobblestone���My dear, tbe doctor says my health will improve by
change of air.
Mr- Cobblestone���What kind of a
change 1
"He says I must live ut a higher altitude. "
"There's sense in that, nnd wc can
save a heap of money besides. "
"Of course Here we're paying $00 a
month for this third Hour fiat, when we
can get the sixteenth floor for $!10. "���
New York Weekly
E. Cartly Parker
How tbe Moon Cllmbe Mount Hood,
From the point of view of most Port-
landers the moon was launched the
other evening on its jonrney to the
zenith squarely from the peak of Mount
Hood. The glow of the setting sun had
hardly faded from the big mountain
when his substitute poked its nose over
the north slope and sat for a second on
the shoulder half way np to thn summit,
like the earth mi the shoulder of Atlas.
Then it journeyed diagonally up tbe
slope till it reached the peak, dipping a
little, so thnt tho rugged outlines of
tho mountain stood ont sharply against
the deep red sphere. The moon left the
summit like a vast balloon, making a
little southing all the while. It seemed
to hang suspended a few minutes before going farther, Imt soon gathered
headway and journeyed forth into the
The pictnre is one which is not often
seen, but which is worth crossing a
continent to witness.���Portland Oregon is n.
will cure every case of Diphtheria.
will produce growth of hair.
Stauley, P.E.I.
the best household remedy ou earth.
Riverdale,     MATTHIAS FOLEY.
Oil City, Out.
(-.mlon uu Meaaure.
"Is your friend a statesman?" nsked
one politician.
"Well," answered the other, "he
thinks he's that big. But, to tell the
truth, he Isn't much more than a towu-
i offering: sotue attractIve money making Htouki Jnst now. ^It will -pay you to
r Must have the
genuine, The
imitations look
very nice> but they
hurt my delicate SKIN.
tub AumtToiuctPq*** Coy. C
UO d>t*iVt\\ aV Aa/ ���**&���/ **
Gk4s 4i\4l/li
Buy tnd we them and
you will be delighted
with renlti.   If not
atlifledmooey refund.
Manufsctared by
Borrow, Stewart ���
Milne, Hamilton, Can,
KAltlTOBA DEPOT, IU Princeit St., Wlnnlfee
Askyoar dealer for GRAND JEWELS.
BARBER SHOPS g\tt, TrUl Treat.
motit Rt ]<>������ nn fttmllcatlon, ot lam tottli
���I -Jriiiwl.il.*.. il im Hutu, dx,,,**,,,..,!, |i uo.
Siiniple wilh liuuUet uu the Lair, 10c noil,
juld. r
JONES BROS. & CO., Toronto.
Large eaiakKuefree.
THE REIP BROS., ��57 King West, ToronW.
I can cure permanently all
diseases peculiar to women,
such aa displacements, inflammation, and ulceration
  of wointi, painful, suppressed and irrefrular menstruation, leucor*
rtuia, etc. WHITE ro. FREE BOOK.
Hn. Jail. B. *Ht.-.d, ,oi 996. M-Dlml, da..
He knows,
His patron knows,
and everybody   knows
that this can contains
the purest,  best, and
most  delicious   Coffee
that expert buyers can
procure.   It's
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
that's the reason.
Importer, of Grocer ie. {������"���* fi- il"'"',
.  / 1..N.A, II. hxlruct.
Willi IIS, Mai,,111,,li,lliil. 1..S.4I1I. -i|il|.*..
We keep a large stork always on hand of 7YPI
PRINTERS' MATERIAL and PRINTERS' MACHINERY; ca" 'it out "'ily or Weekly Papen
ur Job Outfits on few hours' notice. We also
Toronto Type Foundry Co., Limited.
170 Owen Ht��� Winnipeg,
A l''r��e Tt-HiiHlullun.
"And yon say the idiot ot a teacher
told yon that you had an extravagant
fool of u father?"
"That's what he meant."
"But what did he say?"
"He said it was criminal folly to
waste money on the education of such a
chnmp as I am."���Cleveland Plain
Because tho roof win covered with an American paper felting, instead uf tlle celebrated
Whicli has never been known to crack, being
Paper Iwcomos brittle and cannot stand tb��
trust Btralti.
Send for Sample.     Send stump.
70S   Main   Nt.,  Whiulptijt.
The term "Infantry" soldiers orlgli
iKitnl with tho Spanish and was lirst
applied to thu military force employed
by an infante, or young Prince of Spain,
(o rescttd his father frotn tho Moors.
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO are tho finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
MacKENZIE & MILLS, Winnipeg
(All made Ibis season from Pun: Manila Hemp)
Ask for I'ri-res anil Kaniplt-H.   NpetlHl   lu-
tlui'viiti'iitH to iHiliiHil Iluyers,
(Limited), Toronto.
Maiiiifiirlnrem uf Mnnlln nnd su��l
Hinder Twine ��nd Kojie ot evory de-
It's no Trick
All tho land above tho sea level would
not fill np more than ouu-thiid uf the
Atlantic ocean.
IIU FlKiii'i'M.
Father���All, m.v fion, it pleases mo to |
sec that you are taking an Interest in politics. Every K-i'od citizen sliould Interest
himself in polities. That Is au Imposing
lot of figure* you have them What do
they represent���the vote for tho different
candidates by wards?
Son���No, fiithec, theso aro not political
figures. They represent tlio averages inude
hy thu members of our baseball team in
Hi ell' practice games.
If We   Didn't Hove To���
Sums cntiti person lias discovered
And litis told in Versj38 neat
IVIm i n let of en sit 'twuuld suvc ua
if we didn't huve tu eat.
Let mo add nnto thin wisdom,
Though tbe thought may make you crecft
We [--.inId hoard up gold in budclothea
If we didn't hnvo to sleep.
Furthermore, 'tis bnrno upon ni*
Witb a force 1 cannot bulk
Thnt we'd wive a lot on leather
If We didn't huve tu walk.
So of nil tho bills that vex us
Just tho biggest une, 1 guess,
Would be sptired fur wife invent men I
If wu didn't have to dress.
Come to think the whole thing over,
Free concurrence you will give
Thnt vast wealth wuuld line our pockets
If we didn't haw tu live.
To make lllscults, Rnfflea. etc., nice and
light and wlioltmome when you use
It 1, nn.arpRk.ed
C-urHnr... wnenm. Harrow,, windmill.,
tc.  tilH.'KSlll'TT PLOW CO.. Wlnnlp��f.
Iiook Out Fop
G. B. MeDermot's,
advt. next week*
LAKE &  CO.,
have opened as
kt        ATHALMER    (Salmon Beds)
m $ *
Full Stock of Miners'  Supplies,. General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
for a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
. . . Patronize . ..
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.      5;-J0to
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
"find Commercial and Mining' Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jiot and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
316>t Pr.prl.t.n,
Hud of navigation on Columbia River.
Th. most central point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minister of Mines for 18118: " A wnggon roud
could lie built from tbo 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER-at s reasonable cost,
and will be so built as soon as it is justified by ihe mining development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating on lake and river, and
food fisbing aud nhoutiug in immediate vicinity.
Laval surface with gravel sub .oil to build upon | ooM, clear water the
year round for household purposes, and splendid water power close to town.
Large and complete saw-mill <20 M. daily capacity) on tbe ground assures
cheap lumber.
Tai-ms easy, (���tticularly ��o to investors wishing to build.
C. D. Iiang, Agent.
^^MgMilun Fur & Wool Co.
Sheepskin Tannery^
rv looo MiTl a oav.
H(gh*��rprlcet Pal
No Commlttlon Charged
Immediate Raturn*
J200-212 FIRST AVE. NOHTlW      ^
A. II. Mitchell J. P. and Tom Jonei
talk of going to Canoe River.
O. W. F, Carter of Windermere, and
C. M. Edwards, of Cranbrook, have
beeu appointed notaries public.
Quite a gloom wai oast overCalgar.*?
on Sunday last by tba death of tbe
Her. H. P. Lowe from heart failure.
The representative of Hiraro Walker
and Co. has promised trophies to the
Oolden Curling Club for next   season.
A bill heft benit intvoiluced in the
Senate to limit Uie rate of imeieat to 20
per cent.
The nominations lor thn Banff elections are fixed for June 17th und the
poll will be tnbuu on the 27.
Accountant Henderson, of the Union
Bank at Oitawa, he* deuulied wuh
W. J. Ks-wy. a brukemen on the C.
and ��. was killed at MucleoU by two
cars patting over him.
E, P. Martin, brother of Hon. Jo-
seph Mtu'tiu, is a cmididute fur the
Winnipeg vacancy iu tho commons.
Bishop Dmieu died at Now Watt-
minster Itst week and his people mourn
one of Uie (tbleit dignituiien of the
Mr. aad Mr*. J. A. Hang*, of C'ul*
navy, nre tMiiiny n holiday utFirlaiulft,
Mr. U, E. Foeter's ranch wmv Winder*
Ily a shot gi-nug off when not expect-
efl Mc Donnld, a foreman on the Columbia & Western, bud a leg und an arm
At the Nel*ou assizes J. W. Phillips was acquitted ef the charge of
murder of Bawlf at Fort Steele in June
Thoma* King, formerly of Brad-
street's. Vancouver, has joined the
eta-ff'of Mr. 0. A, Warreu's store aud
will have charge of the books.
Bears are very plentiful in tha district this seasou, Several have been
seeu at FieM nnd also at Canyon Creek
and oa the C. I'. It. track, within two
miles of Golden.
Our contemporary, the Trout Lake
Tropic, hns done its district good services by issuing * brochure descriptive
of tbw mines and excellent mineral
prospects of that country.
Draught horeee. pack horses, mules
and harness are advertised for sale at
Albert Canyon. Thin affords a splendid opportunity io prospectors and
others wanting horses, Address "T,
G." Albert Canyon.
Mr. Wells M. P.P. went te Carbonate on Saturday. Ue is now awaiting
the arrival of Mr. Gamble, Provincial
.Eugiueer, to arrange a trip to Winder-
mere and get '.be bridge over the river
at. Athalmer put in hand.
W. Sutherland, of Golden, took up a
load of rtooU for J. Lake's store at
Athalmer laat week and had the unprecedented experience of being able to
ford tbe river at that point with hii
load, so low was the water at tbe
Church of England services on Sunday next, June 11th at St. Peters church
Douald, 11 a. m. Mattins and Celebration of-Holy Com rati it n. At Ht. Paul's
church, Golden 7.30 p. ro. ��veusoug
and Serin on.
Mr. Cnrtwright, of the engineering
staff of tbe C. P. R., has heen engaged
in Golden during the rust week laying
out tbo Y west uf thn Government
building and also tho site for the rouud-
The Prospector says that the Kootenay and Northwest . Bailwtiy Co, will
build along the eastern side of thn Col-
umbia-Kooteiiuy Valley to Golden and
thu Cunudiun Paeiflo will build on the
western s.ile.
Si-rioue slides ere occurlng on the
Crow's Nest Head nt the loop, and last
week two men working on the track
were carried by a slide into the Elk
River, and their bodies have not yet
been found. Thu river was hacked up
by the eiido.
The Goldon Lumber Co. have secured
direct communication with the C.P.R,
telegraph line and ns Mr. Jones is hiin
self en expert operator tie has now the
world ut his finders' end* nt his office.
Thu line feus been put in hy A. W.
Urieraoo, who has made au excellent
job of it.
t W. R. Hull has written to Mr. Orif.
titli, Government Ageut, stating that
hu will remove any bodies found to
have be'3u interred on the ground where
hie sliuighterhoustt hus boen erected
but as sotni! of tliosu interred there
died of fever and infectious diseases
ihe law will not prank such removals.
Mr. P. Ketcham of Pike City, Cal.,
nay*: "During my brother's late sick'
im��n fponi sciatic rheumatism, Chum-
herlain's Pain Balm whs ihu ouly
remedy thut gave liitu any relief."
Msny other? bnvu tc��iified io the
prompt relief from pain whicn the litii-
inent effoids. For sain by nil druggist*.
Homlet'sou Bros,, whoU-wtilo agents,
Victoria and Vancouver.
An -elderly man mimed Murrya. who
was Anuuge'l in lumbering at Golden
Utt yesr, is supposed to Imve been a
victim to the rapids of the Columbia
Eiver lietween Kiubusket Lake and
Canoe River. Ue was laet sueu build
Ing a boat on the Columbia and was to
have picked up Tulton's pany, but
they missed each other, and nothing
has been seeu of him sinoo.
Bad management keeps more people
in poor circumstances than any other
one cause. To be mi-GGOMiful one must
look   alnmcl   and   plan  ahead so I hut.
��� bun e, fo orabb'opppiloniiy presents
seif b-' is  ri'udy io taku ndvuntagu of
it. A lit tlu forethought will also save
much expense aud valuable time. A
prudent nnd careful mnn willkfapji
'mt'ln of iJhnmberUiiii's Collo, Chnlcra
"id Dlsrrhbf'i Remedy In the honse,
s1. f let'H fi'lovv nil! wall until ne*
��� ;,>,i\ coinprla it and lien ruin bis
..���-t dici-fit* giuiin for u dun1, or and have
.i big doctor bill to |iu.\, besides; one
im\s out 2ft omits, the other Is out ���
hundred dollirrs and then wonders why
his neighbor is getting richer while he
is petting poorer. For iale by all
druggists. Henderson Bros., wholesale agents, Victoria tnd Vancouver.
His Honor Chief Juitice McColl baa appointed E. A. Haggen a Commissioner ef toe
Supreme Court of British Columbia.
U. E. Foster's yacht Selkirk ii being well and neatly fitted up witb
deckhouse, cabin, etc. She now awaits
the boiler to be ready to start running.
Mr. "Wells M. P. P.. has arranged to
have a school building erected at Field
and this will be a much needed require
ment of the mountain town.
Lost a brooch with design of true
lover's knot, with heart in pearls.
Finder rewarded on returning to office
of the Upper Columbia Navigation
D. Alton had arranged for a house
warming at Field last night to uele
brate tbe opening of his hotel in thai
town. It is a foregone conclusion
that thu affair wns a big success.
T. E. Wilson, of Banff, was a visitor
to Golden diirimi the week and selected
from G. B. MeDermot's stock of trophies two'splendid beads of the bighorn sbeep which h4 will add to bis
already celebrated collection at   B.iuit.
Misses Amos and Edwards, of Field
paid Golden a visit yesterday in connection with au enterprise they have
in baud to raise funds fur a ball which
it in proposed to cteut in tbe City of the
Gophers are proving a great null-
slice tu the farmers this season and
Mr. Griffith, Governmont Agent, has
Itemi naked to give some assistance
from the public fundi toward tbe ex*
production of the post.
Tht loud lodge of the I.O-O-F. will decor-
ate the graves of deceased members oa Man*
day ufteruuon. JJrotbars are requested tu
asitenihle in tbe Iwlgn room not later limn a
quarter to 1, from wheueo they will prueeed
to thu ceinu.ory where u short service will bo
Rev- J. Munro, pastor of the Prcibyterlau
Church, hus received and accepted a call to
tbe J'rw-byterian Church at Trail nud l��nvei
I'or hid now Held on Monday. During hia
short.stay ainmij.it us Mr. Munro hart made
many wsrm friends* not only among Ids own
congregation hut with the public generally,
and it will be with feelings of regret tliey
frill witness his departure. Mr. Munro will
preach his farewell sermon on Sunday evening. Communion service will be held in the
tuuniiiig at 11 o'clock.
Winnipeg loses an enterprising citizen, and Golden has gnined one in F,
W. Jones, Manager of the Lumber
Co. Mr. Jones has notforgotton the
City with which he has been so long
associated for wc read in the Winnipeg
Tribune that he has tent to Winnipeg
his share of tho timber required for the
erection ofthe British Columbia building at tne exposition.
It ia an old Baying that it is an ill
wind that *hlows nobody good. It is
stated that as tbe result of tne trouble
over the eight-hour law bo many
Slocan mines have shut down that
UOO miners have been thrown out of
work This is going to have a splendid effect on North East Kootenay, as
most, of these men are coining in here
this season and will prospect the district between Windermere ond Golden.
Our Siberian contemporary says:���
Hewitt Bostock is making himseU
solid with the people of Moyie and
Grand Forks, Hia plain talk iu regard to the way the Canadian Pacific
R til way is -mating these places
touches a responsive chord in the
breuSis cf his constituents, aud has a
welcome aonud, coming from a chamber
which appears to be dedicated to tke
laud grubbing monopoly."
1 was seriously afllicted with a
cough for several years, and last fall
bad a more severe cough than ever
before. I have used many remedies
without receiving much relief, and
being recommended to try a bottle of
Chamber lain1! Cough Remedy, by a
friend, who, knowing me to be a poor
widow, gave it to me, I tried it, and
with the inoet gratifying results. The
first bottle relieved me very much and
thu second bottle has absolutely cured
me. I have not had us good health
for 20 years. Respectfully, Mrs, Mary
A. Beard, Clnromore.Ark. Sold by all
druggists. Henderson Bros., wholesale agents. Victoria aud Vancouver.
Are You Still in Suffering and Misery?
Paine's Celery Compound
Guarantees Safety &
Good Health.
Th.ro ur. thousands of well mesuin*,
pflciple in our Dominion who urn either
lid-till'*' to their burd-sui* of physical
-iiiffk-i-iiiits, or who nro making so little
pi'oyii'f-s ill banishing disoaan from
their bodies, thai they nre uoiitinaally
de.jioadfiH mill llliswiabld.
Tlm i-coiiii! wo refer to are I he men
and women who are 'daclilK their con-
fi.li.-m-. in the many adveniiied pills,
tableie, iiii-s-i-j.i'iltiisitnd nervines that
huve little or no value to commend
The tens of iliousamls In Canada
who aro at present using Paine's Cel
ery Compound for tba banishment of
blood diseaaes, nervous affections,
rheumatism, neuralgia, dyspepsia, liv*
���r and kidney complaints, are the wise
aad prudent. They have been guided
by tbe advice ol relatives, friend* aod
neighbors, who have found new life,
health and strength from Paine'a Celery Compound.
The continued flow of testimonials
from cured peoplo is ths mroiigest
proof l hut Paine's Celory Compound ia
ii.it only salvation oi the sick, tlio oon
true friend that never disappoints
when disease threatens life.
Aro you, dear reader, one of the
many disappointed ones, still iu the
death itraup of some serious ailment?
il vou ate, we would counsel you to
throw aside ihu useless medicines you
are now using and give Pa-ne't Celery
Compound au honest trial.
The great medioine is a prescription
of one of the ablest medical men that
ever lived, aad is indorsed by the high
���st practitioners. Ton muat use It if
you would btvt a sew and happy
lean of Ufa,
A Quebto Farmer Suffered for
Nearly Ten Years.
Had the Best ef Medteal Treatmeat.
and Tried fiot Sprlngf wltlient Bo*
cetvlng Beneflt��Dr. Williams'Plok
Fills Oared Him.
Mr. John Story, of Maryland, Pontine Co., Que., is well known to all the
���esideuts of that section, and his curt
from an unusually severe attack ol
rheumatism, by tho u*e of Dr. Wil*
liains' Pink Pills, after ell oilier reme
lies hud failed, has, if possible, added
o the popularity of this favorite medi
cine, Iir. Story gives the follewing
statement of his suffering aud cure,
lie save: ��� ������Some ten yenrn ego I was
engaged in railroading on the Lake
Superior eeetion of the C.P.R. I was
exposed to all kinds of weather, aud as
a rexnlt sustained a severe artact of
rheumatism, whioh all but crippled
me, and from which I suffered much
agony. I spent more than a hundred
dollars on doctors and for medicine,but
was gradually getting worse and finally had to quit work. At this juncture
the dootor told ine be did not think
medioine could curo ine, and advised
mn to go to some hot apring*. I took
bin udvioe and went to the Hurristou
Hot Springs, iu British Columbia,
where I remained for eight weeks under the cure of the house physician,
but experienced no benefit. I then
went over to Taeoma, and took a
course at the Green ttlver Hot Springs,
hut with no better result. Completely
diecouraged I returned to my home in
Quebec, and weut to fanning, but the
rheumatism bothered uie so much that
I could scarcely do my work. Dr,
Williams1 Pink Pills were recommended to me and I decided to give thein a
trial After taking a few boxen I
found tbey were helping ine and I continued their une until 1 hnd taken sixteen boxes, by winch time every
vestige of ih�� trouble which had bothered me for yean, aud had cost me so
much money, had disappeared. It i*
now more than a year and a half since
I discontinued the o��e of the pills and
during that time I have not had the
slighteftt symptom of the trouble,
which I regard as the very best evidence that the cure is permanent.
Dr- Williams' Pink Pills are a specific for all diseases arising from an impoverished condition of the blood or a
shattered condition of the nervoui
forces, such as St. Vitus1 dancer locomotor ataxia, rheumatism, paralysis,
sciatica, the after effects of ia grippe,
Iosa of appetite, headache, dizziness,
chronic eryaipelae, scrofula, etc. They
are also a sped lie for the troubles
peculiar to the female system, correcting irregularities, suppressions and all
forms of female weakness, building
anew the blood and restoring the glow
of health to pale and sallow cheeks.
In the case of men ther effect a radical
cure in all cases arising from ineutal
worry, overwork or excesses of an/
Protect yourself against Imitations
by insisting that every box you purchase bears the full name Dr. Williams'
Piuk Pills lor Pale People. If your
dealer does not have them they will be
sent, post paid, at 50 cents a box or
six boxes lor $2.(50, by addressing the
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville,
Letter from K. Bostock,  H.P,
Mr. Bostock, M.P., writes, in reply
to tht* telegram of the Golden Board of
Trade, urging tbat a member should
be granted to represent Kootenay in
the House of Commons:���'���! am in
receipt of your telegram of tbe 1st inst
nnd note contents. I did what I could
to got the Government to give representation to Kootenay in the Dominion
House, but they decided to confine the
present bill to Ontario, and I have not
been able to get them to do anything,
aod I nm afraid I shall not be able to
do so."
Pleaaure'e Penalty.
When tbo do"tor gives one up, roost poople
lose heart, but it was not this way with tiie
young nocioty woman in a western Ontario
city who had contracted kidney trouble
through lack of care iu "wrapping up" aftei
aii evening's round of pleasure. She heard
of South American Kidney Cure ana pinned
her faith toil to cure her and innn incredibly
short time felt her health returning. Hor
���uttering abated, and three months from the
day her physician hinted ber cose wus hope-
low she presented herself io lino a cured
Meld by 0, A. Warren.
mportant Changes to go Into Effect with the
Installation of a Fast C.P.R. Transcontinental Service.
Three Daily Trains Between Winnipeg and:
Brandon.���Daily Service on the Glen-
boro Branch; also to Mihnedosa.
The name of a train does not ordinarily signify much, but in tho "Imperial Limited" of the Caundiau Pacific
Railway and the connections which
will be formed therewith it ia safe to
say that Western Canada will derive
more advantage than from anything
which has been dono since tho establishment of the transcontinental service. This train, which will mulce the
run from tidewater to tidewater in
four days, the fastest time heretofore
made across the American continent-
will undoubtedly diveri u large share
of the business between the Atlantic
aud tho Pacific which has hitherto
pone via the United States routes, as
the time between New England aud
the east and the American coast cities
will be quicker than via Chicago.
Thia service ovet Canada's great
thoroughfare will afford strangers an
excellent opportunity of visiting Winnipeg and deriving a knowledge of our
western country. Probably, however,
the improved service will bo of more
advantage and much more appreciated
by the business men of the west. The
���Imperial-Limited" ie to be a daily
train, leaving Winnipeg at 10 p.m.,
reuohing Toronto at 1 p.m, nnd Montreal at 6 p.m. the second day, thus
making the journey iu forty and forty-
four hours respectively.
The train reaches Winnipeg from
the east at 6.30 a.m. and leaves for the
coast at 7.16, reaching Calgary at
breakfast time next morning and Vancouver in a little ovor two days.
An express service has also been arranged ever the Crow's Nest route to
the Kootenay country, whereby the
journey to K-Mnou will be made in 40
and Russian i*-ui iti hours.
This improved service will also
shorten up the time via the lake rout* -
to tho wast as - pusseogers will not require tn leav�� Winnipeg until 10 p.m.,
mabipo coornectioo with steamers at
Port VilliuCT'-ihe following morning
and reaching the east oa the second i
morning thereafter.
The chaBffW in the local train ser-
vico in Manitoba will be of a marked
improvement. A new train will leave
Winnipeg fer Moose Jaw at 8.30 a.m.
daily for thfa accommodation of local I
business���th�� "Limited" only stepping
at a few pointa���aud will reach Winnipeg from jfoose jaw nt 7 p.m.
A new local train will alao leave
Brandon at 8 a.m. and returning leave
Winnipeg rt-tf p.m.
A daily service will also be established on the Glenboro branch to
Souris, wor-Wln connection with the
M. & N. W;Co: there- will elso be a
daily train ro and from Miunedosa.
A service �� for-the accommodation of
Rat Portitg* business will also be established ao-soen as the season opens.
Tbe ruwning time of the limited between Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie will be obe hour  and  36 minutes;;
Brandon 3 hours and 40 minutes; Rat
Portage $ hours and 45 minutes.
These   atfbve changes take.effect on i
the 18th Ju-ne.
Are Positively Cured by Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Lanark   County  Poople  Know this���
Their Rxperlencv has Proved lt��
Dodd't Kidnoy Mile Cared Mn. P.
O'Brien of kidney Complaint.
Kilmarnock, May $2. -The people of
this section ure among the shrewdest
and most level-headed people iu Canada. They know a good thing wheu
they meet it. And when they "run up
against" a good thing they make use
of it. That's the reason Dodd'e Kidney Pills are used iu nearly every
household in the county.
It is nothing unusual to hear of
several cures of Kidney Disease, every
day, bv Dodd's Kidney Pills, in this
neighborhood. The medicine is In
universal use. It has the record of
having completely cured every case of
Bright's Disease, Dm betes. Dropsy,
Lumbago, Rheumatism, Paralysis,
Heart Failure, Urinary Diin'nsj, Diseases of Women, or Blood Impurity.
iu which it has beeu used. Our people claim that it is tbe only medicine
on earth that  will cure these dUt'iises.
A still further chiai is made by
those who have used Dodd's Kidney
Pills. Thoy assert emphatically (und
to speak the truth, they bring conviu
cing proof) that Bright's Disease and
Diabetes are as easily cured, if Dodd's
Kidney Pills are used, as is a common
Mrs. Peter O'Brien, of Smiths Falls,
whose oure is tho latest reported, lias
many friends in Kilmarnock, and her
complete recovery amaze*, while It delights them. Her case was a sever*
one of Kidney Disease, and Dodd's
Kidney Pills worked h wonderfully
quick and complete cure.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are sold by all
druggists at fifty cents a box,six boxes
92.60, or will bs sent, on receipt of
price, by The Dodds Medicine Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
New Hembers Elected.
At a general meeting of members of the
Golden Board of Trade, hold at the office of
the rtocretary nn Monday last, the Proflidunt
H. ii. Parson, uresfdiug. Capt, Bacou, P. VV
Jones aud W. ti. Mitclieil-liuiuit were elected
i.ew members It wai resolved to urgo on
the U,P.H. the budding of a new Mationat
Golden and if this could not be done nt an
early date thou that tbo station platform
should bo es tended three coach lengths at
either end to overcame the difficulties ut
present experienced wi.h tbe short platform,
What B.tt.r K.ldoii.. of Rfflour than
Tbe�� WM-4S from n Huh H.dl.��l
Aoth.rltr <n Or. V�� .lan's ' In.
oppla TaaLt..
1. Id tn article in tin American Journal
*t Health.
1 Entitled "Plain truii .limit proprietary
ren-edi-M,'*��� by a prominent pliy.ir.Uii.
I. Vou will Uml this .aid ol Dr. Von Slan's
Pineapple Tableu,
4. The merits of them have beon indisputably pruYed.anii 	
6. The houwhold which places IU faith in
this roraed y will not go astray,
0. A true and tried .pecllic f.ir tho cure of
headache��� ...
7. Flatulency�����nd catarrh of the atom
8.' "Facts warrant ear endorsement, (or
not only ��a-re-we diicovered that in a sur-
pri.insfly large number of clue;
9. Tha cure was remarkably rapid, but
tho loaf list of patrons of this remedy in-
�� io" *B��T<>n|tliiir to the be��t and met educated-classes of the community." They are
delicious. US cents a boi-W Tablets. Small
���ise, 10 cents.
T. B. Plekard,
Gold. .HUVer or Lead  Sl-nCI
t'opper .*-    9.00
Gotjaildl-8il��er    2.00
Gold or Oliver aud Copper ....   '1.30
(fold. S-ilrer and Uad       ��.M
Uold, (Silli-tr, Lead aad Copper 4.00
Prompt At teuton to Samples by mail.
Cash i*t-*as accompany the Sample.
Pulp kept for three inoulhi
Front Jltatet, Bc*relstoke, B.C.
Cohfmbia Valley
First-class Farm lands
237 acres  ait * Windermere, frontage ta -
lake,   goc-c|. agricultural   land;   well
watered.    Extensive range.
('42 ocr ��s'i prairie and meadow, well *
watered. Good hay laud. Bunch.
Brass rani te.   Apply to
��. A. ]Haggen, Golden.
Duchess Passenger List.
The Duohess lift Oolden at 3 a.m.
���n Friday inoruiuK for Wiiiclei-iiu-rii
Owiiid to lhe cold weather tho water
was lower than on the previous trip,
and it became necessary to line up the
river at the Salmon "Beds. The following was the passenger list' Golden to Athalmor W. Moorej to Windermere, T. H. Jones, W. G. Miichell-
Innes; to Flrlsuds, Mr. and Mrs.
Bangs; to Carbonate, Col. Millidne.
Eiturn trip���Wlndoriiwra ie Golden
W. G. Mitchell-lime*, T. Jones; From
Athalmer, T. U. Campbell.
A Great Book Fret 1
When Dr. B. V. Pierce, of Buffalo,
NY., published the first edition of his
great work, Th. People's Common
Seme Medical Adviser, lie announced
that alter 690,000 oopies had been sold
at the regular price, 11.60 per copy,
tht profit on which would repay him
for tho great -.mount of labor and
money expended in producing it, he
would distribute the next half million
free. A. this number of copies ha.
already beeu fold, he I* now giving
away, absolutely h-w. 500,000 copies
of thi* most complete. in��re��ting and
valuable common MnH medical work
ever published tbe recipient only being required to mail him, ��t abo-re
address, 31 ���n��-cent stamp* to cover
*o*t of mailing only, and the book will
bt ttnt pott-pald. It It a veritable
medical library, complete In ont valuta*. Contalnt 1008 pagt*, profutely
illuetrat-sd. Tht Frtt Edition Itprt-
oi.tly the tamt at that told at $1.50
except only tbat tht books an in strong
manlllapaptr covert lntttad of oloth.
SevA bott tofort ��U ut glvta ��w*f.
ainlng; iboker, Betl BtUtt,.
Notary Public, conveyanttr..
and O&itral Agent,
TfrXDIEMIliB,  B.��. J
Corrbs-.. ) *idbi<c�� Solicit*-*-.
opened  up  hy the DIAMOND  CORE   DRILL,
on easy terms by contract,
or part payment received
in shares if desired.   Ap- -
B.   A.   AAtibKir.
Jl I nl; iff Aga.it. IllUn, B.C.
We want, tixiervice. of a number ol families to do   kaittiag for us at home, whole or
���pare time.   Wa furni.h liOmachiu.and
ipply the Tarn free, and pay for the work. I
i sent In. ,, . ,
Distance ao hlndranre. 17 to tlO oer weak
mad. aceoi .'.Vug to time devoted te the -.vera,
Will* at o ne*. Name reference..
(.o-O-.KB-atlve Knitting: Co.,
Toronto, Oat.
A. W. Palmer,
Chen-ttet & DruggieV
WHlte & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitor!, Notaries,
Berelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all County-Co-orta at 0^dra,B.O 1
W. Wnra,Q.C, J. M.SC0rr.B.A.,LLB*|
For Sale by Private;
M D-raaght Htrtct.
1* DarMf ht Hule*.
of stock.'  Apflyto
������T.,fl," Altttrt Canyon, l.C.:|


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