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The Golden Era Feb 11, 1898

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 Tbe Golden Era
Is the most widely circulated and
beat advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
In Advance	
Map of (Jolileii
I Mining: Division
I B>I'.C.I.aDit...
1     On   rueeipt of SI copies of this valuable
^  map will be niniled by
�� The Goldon Era Company L'td. Lb..,
�� (Julden, B. C.
VOL. VII. NO. 28.
��2 Feb Year
General # merchant,
m p o 6"c o o 5 ci o 5 o o e o"
Is the next thing
On my programme.
In order to
Reduce Present
and to make
Room for Spring Goods
Specially Low Prices
will be given
on many articles.
Partiecilaply on
Glassware and
and DRUGS.
These goods must be cleared
. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Firs Insurance Go's
+   +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+   +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
+   +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company
Onlffary Rinks Knocked Out--Trophy
HcinalnH iu ttotdon--Flay 1h Not
Tot Finished -- The Curlers Ball
Wan n SnceesN. j11
The Golden bonspeil opened early o
"Wednesday morning and, although
the piny is not finished, the contest fo
the Columbia River Lumber Company's trophy remains between our
local rinks, both of the Caltjary rinks
having been knocked out in their first
The Calgary rinks, which were made
up from tho following gentleman,
Messrs. Kinnisten, Spafford, Parslow,
Johnston, Skinner, McLeod, Meldru
Doll and Van Wart, arrived in town
on Monday's No. 1, which was over \2
hours late, and, owing to the non
arrival of tho Sandon boys on Tuos
day's No. 2, the draw was not mado
until late that evening.
The ball wns set. going on Wednesday morning nt 4 a.m. when Houston
defeated Kinnisten in a well contested
game by a score of 11 to 9. At the
same hour Brock (who had collected a
2-year-old rink) didn't i\o a thing but
shut Skinner out to the "rocky" 'line
of li) to 3. This left the balance of
Ihe play with the local curlers and tbe
finals will likely be played this evening and tomorrow.
The Calgaryitos returned homo ou
Wednesday's No. 2 and, although they
had not brought their luck with them,
oil expressed themselves as having*
had a good trip and a pleasant sojourn
and intimated that next season they
would try to change their standing
with the mining town sweeps.
Tho trophy presented by the Columbia Elver Lumber Company for competition at the Golden bonspeil is a
very handsome one, and has been on
view during the week at C. A. Warren's store. The Golden men are to be
congratulated on retaining this fine
Tho curlers ball came off ou Tuesday
evening in the Oddfellows hull, when
all the visiting and local wielders of
the besom turned out and on joyed n
pleasant tripping of the toe with a
host of Golden'ti fair sex.
The committeo had been unfortunate
in the line of string music, two gentlemen of violin famo whom they had engaged failing to turn up, and Mrs.
Mercier, who so kindly responded on
short notice, furnished the bill on the
piano in first, class style, many of her
selections being rapturously applauded.
A number of extras were also played
in splendid time by Mrs. Erickson. of
Field, and Mrs. C. H, Parson and Mr.
G. H. Mitchell, of Golden.
During intermission refreshments
wero passed round by the members of
tho committee aud their many assistants, and everybody enjoyed a pleasant after-lunch chat on the pros and
cons of a ���trip to Klondiko and other
local tit bits.
The gathering dispersed in tho vicinity of 3 o'clock, everybody expressing themselves as having spent a
pleasant -evening and vouching that,
unless the unforseen turned up, they
would be delighted to attend again on
a similar occasion.
The committee desire us to tender
their most grateful thanks to the
many ladies who so kindly provided
tho bounteous an poly of eatables for
the evening's ropast, and also to Hon.
F. W. Aylmer for having placed his
room at the disposal of the ladies.
A Brewery Creek placer lease has ���
been bonded for -$15,000.
Closing quotations: Bar Silver 50Jj
Copper J10.78; Lead 53.40.
Col. George Poherty has bonded a
half-mile of Brewery creek placer
ground to T. C. Proctor of Nelson.
Mr. Gnrd intends doing some further development work on properties
which his Company holds in the O'-
tertail district.
J, Dolmage has been entrusted with
tho development work to be done on
claims at Ottcrtail belonging to the
Anglo-Canadian Syndicate-
According to the Prospector, within
a radius of 12 miles of Fort Steele
there nre at least seven claims that
Till become shippers during tho coming summer.
C. Hatch and A. Langlands had to
abandon work on Sunday mine at Ottcrtail owing to,the quantity of water
that is coming into the shaft. This
shaft is 30 feet deop and is down in
W. A.Carlyle has resigned the office
of Provincial Mineralogist to till the
position of superintendent of tho British American Corporation, Mr. Car-
lyle's resignation will bo learned of
with widespread regret.
Mr. P, Watelet, who is largely interested in several mining claims in East
Kootenay, is in Vancouver. A deal
will probably go through by which
Mr. Watelet will dispose of a portion
of hie interest, at a satisfactory figure.
P, F. Matthias, of ltevelstoke, will
occupy tbe position of local manager
fer the B. 0. Gold Fields Co., Ltd., In
place of H. W. Sherlock, resigned. J.
D. Graham is   now manager   for the
Province of tho Gold Fields   Co's interests.
C. D. Williams, representing the
Canadian Rand Drill company, has
sold to 11. O, Jennings of Fort Steele,
a big power pump for use in th* hydraulic mining plant which the Jennings company is installing on Brewery Creek, n confluent of the Wild
Horse, Mr, Jennings contemplates extensive development of tho property,
which comprises nearly a mile of
ground. He speaks very encouragingly
of the mining development around
Fort Steele.    Kosslnud Times.
A new discovery of gold has boon
mado ou Pelly river. A Mr. Boyleson,
has received a letter from his brother,
via Lake Lindcmnn, stating that he
had struck a rich placer bed on the Pelly, near its junction with the McMillan
river. Ho advised his brother in ""he
following language: "Drop everything and come right away, if not too
late in the season, I am dazzled with
gold. One pan turned me $226 and I
an down only 10 feet." Mr. Boyleson
dropped everything and went. Ho
dosed his tent store aud started iu
"light" for Pelly River. If the diggings oontinue to pan ont as well as the
discovery hole, another Klondike has
been struck. Gold has been always
found on the bars of the Pelly, but not
in such richness as Boyleson reports,���
Chicago Tribune.
W. A. Carlyle, provincial mineralogist, says his decided opinion is that
the law regulating the location of
mineral claims in this province should
be amended so that within GO, or perhaps 00 days, after the staking of a
claim a certain amount of work on the
claim before it. can be recorded should bo
mado impeatalve. He says ho does not
specify that tho amount of work to be
done should equal in value 8100, as this
amount would bo both excessive and
prohibitive."     He   ekes that in Colo-
fcxt.Mni ve Improvement** Have Been
��;��Miiiiicnuc;l--\V lien Completed It
Will    ho   Second   to   None   In  EubI
Golden possesses tio more deservedly
popular nud enterprising citizen than
VY. MoNetshi proprietor of the Columbia House. Mr. McNeish has just let
to Jas. Henderson a contract for erecting u large addition to '.his hotel. The
new buildinc will havo a ground floor
space of 30 feet by 60 feet and will be
three stories in height. On the corner
there will be built a tower seven feet
Square and rising above the ridge, surmounted by a flagpole, On the ground
floor there will be a large entrance hull
with a room on either side 11 feet 6
Inches by 14 feet. One of these rooms
will bo occupied by tho North East
Kootenay Miners' Association, and the
oilier by tho office of the Columbia
River Lurabe1 to. Tho entrance ball
will open into a commodious and well
finished public hall 30 feet in width
by 45 feet in length, and which will
be available for meetings and enter-
tainments. Tho second floor will bo
reached by an extension of the hall ou
the second floor of the present building. Iu tho front of the now section
on the second floor there will be a sitting room on one side of the hull 14
feet by 11 feet G inches, and on the
othnr side a parlor 12 feet (j inches bv
11 feet, also opening into the tower,
giving an additional space ol 7 feet
square. On the same floor there will
lie seven bedrooms, each 12 feet square,
aud thero will be linen closets and
other conveniences. The parlor will
be finished in first class style, being
set out with plasfered cornices of
handsome design. Ou tho third floor
thero will be nine bedrooms each 12
feet square, also a sitting room 12 feel
by 14 feet. This sitting room will be
well finished and will open into a recess of the tower 7 feet square, giving
that much additional room. The vcr-
rado for many years the prospector, I mi*\ flwi11 be carried round the
after discovery, has had to sink a W\fmni ^J �� "f building >�� ^
* ,���,. i  I       ..,* , tower,   and   the   balcony wi    be ex
foot hole on the vain or run a cut to ex-       ,  i     , , ���. ,,
.,��� .���    t .������ in /-��. .j i   ���     .i ���      ���     tended   along Ihe second floor also to.
pose a face 10 feet high oo   the   vein. L, ,,,,       ������ *<     .,
���L u    .���.,   .i-��� *   t.       i . i     tho   tower.    The   sido next Mr.   Mo-
ln Montana this  amount   has    latelv   ,, . , ,       . ,,,   ��      i_    ,
���   JSei.-Ah s private house will   be   broken \
boeu required, while iu California 8(J0
worth of work is stipulated to be done
in a certain timo before record.
The Kootenay Miners Protective Association propose that tho holder of   a
mineral claim may do several years'
assessment work upon the claim in ono
year, aud secure a certificate for each
j* 100 worth of work performed, which
certificates shall bo sufficient to keep
the claim alivo during the period coveted by the sumo. Tho amendment
is offered witli a view to meeting the
wishes of those who desire to leavo
thoir claims for one or more years.
Another amendment proposed has
for its object the extension of certificates of record of work douo upon
claims, for a period of (JO days. This
is to provide for cases in which miners
are delayed in their efforts to reach
the rocord office and record assessment
work. The amendment would give all
such a period of (iO days in which to
make good their lapse. With a view
to checking any abuse of this privilege it is proposed that an extra fee of
five dollars be imposed upon all who
avail themselves of it.
A somewhat similar amendment is
desired to the section of the mineral
act requiring the performance of ��100
worth of assessment work upon loco-
tions witbiu the year. It is asked
that tho rule for (>0 days grace he applied to this section ns well. It was
pointed out that a miner might locate;
a claim early in tho spring of one son- [
son, and that the next spring might
bo so backward as to prevent him from !
availing himself of the pr.vilege 0f 1��'.�� helpless.
having 12 months in wl.Hi to do the w lI be ��'"oat this year, and a step
required amount of work. It is pro- taken to prevent people from coming
posed that a fee of 86 bo imposed for in in their ignorance will bo no net of
tho exercise of tMo ��*'t ����������������* -Vat.���n cl".: :.*,
up by a gable. The building will,
when completed, be not only a band-
some addition to tho Columbia House-
but to tho town of Golden as well, and
we wish Mr. MoNeish the success he
deserves in his enterprise.
A Itar-patoh From dipt. Roy to tho
li. s. Government���Law and Ont or
Being Disregarded*
Capt. P. H. Ray, of Fort Yukon, recommends that the United States Government take steps effectually to check
immigration to tho interior of Alaska
of all persons not full)' supplied to last
two years. He gives ns a reason that
thero is no way of earning a living,
and no placer discoveries havo been
mado within the last eight months
eithrr iu Alaska or tho North West
There is no employment for any
large number of people in any capacity.
All values are speculative. There is
no fixed standard for labor. There is
not now or likely to be within 12
months adequate or efficient means of
supplying the people now in Alaska or
the North West Territories. He is of
opinion that only seven per cent of all
the peopio who have entered during
tho past year havo earned their living,
and hundreds are now scattered along
tho rivers destitute of food, clothing
and money. People coming in have
not hnd the faintest, conception what
to do to earn a living and, spending
the money they bring, become dazed
Ho states that the rush
Tin* 8*>*4*ion Opened on Thursday La��t
--Spt-ei>li Fro*.) tho Throne���-Drum-
in ond County Rntlwuy.
Of the subjects mentioned in the
Speech from tl.o Throne the Stickine
Railway matter commands most attention. Public opinion is deeply stirred over 'he concessions granted by
the Government to Mackenzie A Mann.
The members of Parliament from
Manitoba and the Territories are practically a unit iu their opposition to the
monopoly clnuse, and will strenuously
insist upon its being modified.
Tbe announcement of tile 10 year
monopoly in Yukon traffic to Mackenzie
it Mann has lead to tho withdrawal of
many applications for Yukon railway
legislation, the total of which was 32,
A vast amount of money has been
spent in lawyer's fees, advon isirig. etc.,
and possibly Parliament will be asked
to reimburse tho applicants. Some syndicates, notably the Rothschilds-*,
which want to build via D.ilion trail,
will make a bold bid for their legislation
Hon, G. E. Foster ha* given notice
for detail* of the fast Atlantic service,
anil also for full particulars respecting
gold dredging rights given to parties
in tho North West.
A bombshell was exploded by the
announcement of the Government's de-
terminal ion to investigate every subsidy granted to the Diuinmond Cou ty
railway and every transaction connected with the acqoirenien1 of ihe road
by the present Government. Notice is
given by Sir Wilfrid Laurier that he
will move on Monday for a special committee of the House of Commons, with
power to send for persons, papers and
records. Sir Adoiobe Oarou and Hon.
W. B. Ives are said to be certain to tie
deeply involved by the revelations.
Mr. Jameson, M. P. for Winnipeg,
has given notice of his promised resolution for a railway com mission,
and Intends pushing tbe same to a
On February Hth Hon. Mr. Blair introduced his Kailway Bill in the
House. He made a long speech, showing that if the Government did ��� ot '���������'
it would ba guilty of incompetency
and deserving of - io censure of the
people. While the Government hud
interviews with other contractors.
Messrs, Mackenzie and Mann were the
only ones who it met able to do the
Mr. Foster put several questions,
showing that trade would be hampered
by Ihe United States at Fort Wrangel,
Hon. Mr. Haggart characterised tho
bargain as monstrous. The Government was giving one-half ol the gold
bearing territory awny.
Mr. Clarke Wallance opposed the
contract. He said that the Company
would make $20,0U0.G00 out of freight
and passengers during the  first   year.
Mr, Morrison (New Westminster)
spoke strong])' in support of the
Yukon Kailway Bill, and said that it
would develop trade with British Col'
umbia, The bill was read a first time,
and will bn taken up on Tuesday next
and proceeded with until through.
U. C. Co. Competition.
lis   privilege. ���Nelson
In view of recent development and j
the knowledge that the lawless are
banding together along tho river fori
tho purpose of robbery, he renews the '
suggestion for the Government placing
lon     the   river   steamers   with   high >
A Vlrtory for the   British   1 roops   At ^ flnd U8(jd   t���       , ru|    -l]0
Turbot���1 he Enemy Honied. '
Calcutta, Fob. .'J.���A telegram from
Pasni says General May ne sighted the
enemy, numbering 1,500, at 8 o'clock
Monday morning, holding the entrence
of tho wertern pass leading to Turbat.
He attacked them and tried to turn
their loft, sending a body of infantry
and dismounted cavalry to turn the
flank. The action lasted two hours
and the enemy wero completely routed,
losing about 100 killed, including tho
Baluch Khan Merhab, Khan Gul Mo-
hMined and the Baluch\s grandson.
The British loss were three Baluchio
killed and eight wounded, one gunner
killed ahd one wounded. The advance
was resumed at noon, though tbe difficult defile and Turbet was reached at
flro in tho evening.
j��r      Subscribe for tho EltA   ���**��<;
tiro gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established honso in Uritish Col'
Utopia. Monthly $05.00 and expenses. Post*
Hon stoady, lioteronco. Enclose self-adores*
ped stain pod envelope, Tho Dominion Company, Dept. TChicago, WispM
river,   una the placing of detachments
as the movement of people demands,
Message  from  Fort Qncsnelle states ;
three   miners were killed in landslide.
The following is the draw iu the
Upper Columbia Company's competition, ami all curlers are requested to
take notice:
Friday night, Feb. 11th: -McNeish
vs Kae, Warren vs Parson,
Saturday lfith -Houston vs Henderson, Kae vs Parson.
Monday 14th ��� McNeish vs Henderson; Kae vs. Houston,
Tuesday lf>th Parson vs McNeish.
Warren vs Houston
Wednesday 16th -Warren vs McNeish, Parson vs Henderson
Thursday 17th -McNeish vs Houston. Warren vs Rae,
Friday 18th��� Henderson vs Itae.
Saturday lflth - Hsnd'irson vs Warren.
��� ���~��_	
C. P. 11. Steamer Kootenay blown
ashore at Robvon,
Lumberman killed by tree falling en
him near Bran Ion
Two Indians burned to death by
whites iit Oklohama, V- S. A,
James Madgett, aged 20. was killed
by accidental discharge of an old gun.
O tx. 1���/1���/ �����3^r
FOR   30   DAYS   IN
Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Fancy Goods.
. . O. A. WARREN.'. . THE GOLDEN  ERA,   FRIDAY,  FEBRUARY  11,   18D8.
golden -
OUR   Stores,   Cellars   and
Warehouses  nro fairly crammed
With    NEW   GOODS    from
floors to ceilings,
Trade lias been so good with
us this last summer that vfa felt
justified iu buying heavily for
our Fall, Xmas and Winter
Trade. Every train from both
oast aud west is discharging
freight for our stores.
Fresh mild-cured Hams and
Bacon,   Creamery and Dairy Butter, Fresh Eggs,Cream Cheese,
Factory Cheese and Hulland
Cheese, Finnan Haddies aud
Cranberries received this week.
A big lot of Eastern Poultry
now on the road.
One Ton of this season's Pure
Honey,   which  we aro selling at
15c per lb.
Footwear,   Rubbers,   Overshoes, Shoe Packs and Moccasins,
Gloves   and   Mitts   iu   great
Remember we are the agents
for   Health    Brand     Underwear.
Don't go around shivering in
your shoes when you can buy
a suit of   Health   Underwear
anil be as warm as toast.
We are now unpacking Ten
Cusps of
Xmas  Goods
imported direct from Germany
aud England. SANTA CLATJS
has never been so good to us
ns t his year.    You can make
tho little ones happy this
Xmas at a very small cost by
purchasing from us.
In Ready-Made Clothing we
"Beat the Baud." Our Dollar
Heavy Wool Pants are ;is good
as ate usually sold for S*2.00,
Careful buyers aro showing
their good judgment by purchasing at our stores. Wo
lire crowded every week day
and havo no reason to complain about dull times.
Come and see ns.    We will
be   pleased   to   help   make   your
Xmas a merry one.
Geo, B. McDermot,
(���.ciieral .Tic* re Pi nut.
To Aitvoi-titer-4 jind Dnbsorlbers*
The GOLDEN Kb'A >s ouUlahed everj
Friday evening. It is tho best advertising
medium i�� the Bust Kootenay district,
Subscription Hates :   fci.GO per .'1111111111 is
Alterations and changos of standing advertisements must Le in the office not later than
noon ou Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
, noon on Friday.
While all reasonable cure will be taken, the
i proprietors will not be responsible for any
I omission ar error In any advertisement,
All nccouuts to bo paid tu the Managing
Director, or his authorized agent, from whom
tbe company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates! Display ads., 51.50 per
column ui'h; Leg. 1 ads., lo cents per line
for first Insertion, U cents for eaeli additional
insertion! Reading notlceB, 1*2 cants per line
each Issue,
All busiuess communications should be addressed to the Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or nous items should be addressed to ihe
Correspondence is Invited on mutters of
public Interest, but lo secure publication
such  letters must be brie!'.   In tlmcaseol
anonyi is letters the name and address of
the writer must bo enclosed, not for publica
tion, but for tho private information of the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith. Any
letter received later than Wednesday will
havo tu stand over till the following Issue,
I tie widen Era Company LiHiiieil Liability,
Office, Golden, U. 0.
flCh* <ftalt>cn (Irvft
(Edited  by E. A. Hagoen.)
the guarantee of the Province but also
this investment of funds of capitalists,
and I lie execution of trusts of all kinds.
As the Supreme Court has shown it-
seU 10 be utterly incapable of being en*
trusted with the interests of a small
estate the powers of tbe Public Trustee
should bo such that he could carry out
his administration independently of
the Supremo Court which appears
more a machine for aiding and abet
ting lawyers bills of costs than a Court
of Justice.
Rheumatic Agony!
There's  Delightful  Relief in Ono or Two
Doses of South   American  Rheumatic
E. 11. Norton, of Grimsby, Ont., says: "I
tried homeopathic and other remedies and
was antler medical attendance for Inflammatory rhouinatism. None "t them gavo me
any relief, Sly legs and arms were useless.
I could do nothing tor three weeks. I was
Confined to my lied and suffered agonies, I
was advised tu try South American Rheumatic Cure. I felt benefit after two or three
do>os. Four buttles completely cured me,
and 1 tun as well ;is over 1 was."
Sold by C. A. Warren. 814
��� ���
Tho way in which the Connacher
Estate has been managed or rather
mismanaged is a disgrace to all connected with it and particularly the
Supremo Court of British Columbia.
The principal asset in the estate was
the Kootenay House, Golden, with
the furniture and stock. Several of the
business people of Golden were creditors to a considerable amount, and the
course taken by any business man
would naturally bo to dispose of the
assets at the earliest opportunity, pay
the liabilities, and hand over the balance if any to the next of kin entitled
to receive it. Instead of this, however,
we are informed the property was dealt
with in 'Jiieh u ridiculous way that
no rental was payablo. Then after
this condition of things had dragged
on for 11 bout a year it was sold by
public tender through the Supreme
Court Tho tender which was accepted
required, it appears, that a good and
I valid title should be given for
the whole of the ground covered
by the building ��� a condi
tion which it was utterly impossible
for the estate to fulfil as it had no
such title to give. Tho building is
said to bo in part on two streets and
also on tho adjoining lot. Any luisi-
I uess man would have known that
j ho coul 1 undertake to sell only
such title as he had got and
as a matter of fact offers wero
received for the property to take
the title as it stood, ono of which
should have been accepted and the   es-
Extract from the Toronto Daily "GLOBE'1
of August 7th, im.
James Stoddart is about to enlarge
his hotel at Windermere.
A man named Smith was killed by
the overturning of a team ut Wardner.
Carlin & Durick are enlarging their
present store building at Fort Steele
by over 40 feet in length.
The now town at Coal Creek will bo
"Forme," named after Mr. William
Fernio, the discoverer of coal in the
Says tbe Wardner International:
"The GOLDEN Kiia has an air line to
the Yukon and is pumping enough
wind into the scheme to make it a
Report has It that James J. Hill of
the Great Northern has secured possession of the Manitoba and Northwestern railway, with the object of a
Manitoba extension for his road,
Tracy is to havo a sawmill. N.
Hanson, the entcrpiising merchant and
sawmill man of Wnsa, is going '0 put
in a mill with a capacity of cutting
1.500 feet per day. Ho is also talking
of putting in a store. -Prospector.
Ibis reporter! that Colin McKay, oT
Bighouse, Windermere, has fallen into
another stroke of luck, bringing him a
present legacy of fifteen thousand
pounds sterling, an t Dimity of thieo
thousand pounds a year, and a title.
Mr. Pe'erson, formerly of Calgary.
h:is started business us plumber and
tinsmith in O. P. linden's building at
the Kickinghorse bridge. Mr. Peterson
is ii first class tradesman and a business of the kind has been urgently
wanted iu Golden.
The Rossland assembly of K. O. L,
has resolved, that the thank*) of this
assembly be tendered to the Hon. AVil-
liam Muloek, Postmast v General for
Canada, for his great Interest in labor,
in the fact of bis restrictions inserted
in all contracts for the manufacture of
I mail bugs.
William Bohart, of Sand Creek, was
up before Government Agent Armstrong   for   selling   liquor without a
EnqntrleB From .M Innonpolliu-Tlie C.
I'. It. Atrt'tit jit Donultl Reni'lved tin*
Following Lettevi
Local Agent Canadian Pacific Railway, Donald, B. C:
Deak Sin.--Anticipating a trip to
your part of the country in the near
future, t am anxious to hnd out certain things about which I can get no
information here, and would appreciate
it very much if you would answer a
few questions to the best of your
If a party of us Minneapolitans
should come to Donald could we get
down the Columbia River from there
in row boats, o^' are thero too many
rapids and canyons? Is the fishing
and hunting good, aud what kind of
game and wild animals ate to be found
along and in tho vicinity of the Great
Is there supposed to be much gold in
that nart of the country?
Could we buy row boats thore and
tents and other supplies, or should we
ship them from here?
Wo would want good serviceable
boats, quite largo, that would carry at
least four persons and supplies. Is
the river narrow or wide, and does it-
flow through gorges and canyons or
generally through a wooded valley?
About what time in tho spring does
tho snow and ice break up?
Are thero any settlements along the
river from Donald to tbe Bend, or is it
a wild, unsettled region?
Any information you can   give   or
newspapers   that you  could  mail me
will  be greatly appreciated.    Hoping
to hear from you soon, I am,
Yours very truly,
J. F. Richards,
718 Phoenix Building,
Minneapolis, Minn.
 -*--    ���
H. E. Forster intends putting tho
Gordon Ranch, at Windermere, into
first class shape for working during
the coming season. This ranch is doing well with sheep, aud last season
turned off several flocks of prime mutton.
Happy, healthy child-
���hood!    Every childless
^1 woman feels a tugRJug at
��� her heart ��� strings
I), J"    when    she   sees
%.   ^/- another   woman's
W      . happy,   healthy
rollicking buby.
Motherhood iswo-
, man's   suprcuicst
, duly and  her su-
'? prettiest   hap pi -
b uess.     Even   in
��i childhood   she
!��� shows how deeply
this sentiment is
implanted in her
breast  when   she
plays  with   her
^ dolls.    There are
^thousands   of
'1 otherwise    happy
A   Home   Treatment,   Known  ns the
Dyke Cure, by whleh Every Victim   of   liiteiiiperunce can bo
Permanently   Cured*
All crave or desire for stimulants is
removed iu from three to five days, and
in four weeks patients are restored to
their natural condition. It consists of a
vegetable liquid, taken as a tonic. No
publicity, no had after-effects, and no
loss of time Irom business duties. To
bring the euro within the reach of all,
the fee has been reduced to $25.
For futher information write or consult Dr. McTaggart, London. Ont.
Reference as to Dr. McTaggart's professional standing and personal
integrity permitted by.
Sir W. R. Meredith, Chief Justice of
Ontario, Toronto;
Hon. G. W. Rose, Minister cf
Education, Toronto;
G. W. Yarker, Banker and Financial
Agent, Toronto;
R. J. Fleming, ex-Mayor of Toronto
City,   Toronto;
H. S. Strathy, General Manager
Traders'  Bank, Toronto;
S. Nordheimcr, Gorman Consul,
The following from Aid. Spense,
Secretary of the Dominion Alliance, is
one of many such testimonials in his
Toronto, July 12, 1887.
A. McTaggart, Esq., M. D.
DEAR Slit,��� In reply to your enquiry
regarding my knowledge of the Dyke
Cure for Intemperance, I have to say
that it was brought under my notice
about a yoar ago, and I specially interested myself in a number of cases
that were treated by it. In some of them
tbe results were remarkable, several
parties who were confirmed inebriates
becomingentirely changed and remaining till tbe present time sober and useful citizens. Several other parties
treated at the same time I have lost
sight of, but do not oersonnlly know
of a case out of a half a dozen in which
the treatment was not successful.
With best wishes I remain.
Yours sincerely.
2<i9 F. S. Sphnce.
Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
My Motto 1*
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A po3t card addressed to m9
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention. 29tc
tate wound up. The result is that an I license. Bohart got (IO dnys iu jail at
estate which would at one time have hard labor. If Mr.Griffith would deal
. , ,.   ,     ,     ,    ,     -      1    1   ��� . out similar punishment: to the  China-
aid littlo short, of a hundred cents on . ' .
Livery and Feed Stables
��� ���
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ X  +  X  +
A. C. Hamilton,
O.OI.DKN, B. C. 181to
The McMurdo House,
Geod ar.coininoilntion for Miners.
B.tt Brands ot Liquors Kepi.
Saddle or Pack Horiet for Sale or Hire
indued  repoi'ied at one of the   enmps   of   th
Crow's Nest Pass road. Two men from
NERVE BEANS aro a now
discovery that euro the worst
tloniifi t'asos of nervous debility, Li
IJUUiin. vigor awl Palling Mnnnoodi
restores the weakness of bodyor mind caused
by overwork or the orrors or excesses of
youth. This remedy flbsolutelycures the most
obstinate eases when all other treatments have
failed oven to relieve. Sold by druggists ntSI
per package or six for?.'), "r sent by mall en
receipt of orice by addressing THEJAMES
MEDICINE  CO., Toronto tint.   Write for
pamphlet. I7:ifijl
An Honest Offer!
To all those suffering from
Nbbvous Exhaustion or any Private
Diseamc, who have tried different, doctors or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will bo sent FREE in plnin sealed en-
volopo upon application io
ISOdSl Box 60, Detroit, Mich,
j p.,,.. ,,...�� .,..���.��� ���. ,. u.u.u.wu ����..  "��  mun w|10 js sj^. (jeop-eelllng in Golden
the dollar bus been so  frittered   uway  it W0M|(1 lenc|, a wholesome lesson.
with law costs  ami  mismanagement i    . , , mi.       o
A few months age, Mr. Byron Every,
that tt is doubtful whether the credt- ;of Woodstock, Misb., was badly nfllic-
tors will get a cent-- and this by the ted with rheumatism. His right leg was
order of   the   Supreme   Court.     The, swollen the full length, causing   him
management of this estate is   nothing I *<** "**'}��* ,Ho *"R? advl��e.d ,0('ry
, ,.      ,.   ,, ,    ��� Chamberlain's Pain Balm,    Tin.  first
short, of discreditable to the Supreme jboll,enMt   h(,|p|!(,   him   c0���sil)cl.ab|0
Court.   As this court is practically the 1 iln,l ||10 second boltle effected   a   cure,
controller of the whole property of the.For sale by all druggists.   Langley &
nation it is 11 most serious thing   that Co.,  Wholesale Agents, Victoria  and
.... 1     11   1     > imcouver. Bllin4
power   of    this    nature     should   be
placed   in the hands of au   institution |    An   outbreak   of black diphtheria is
whose   business     ability
from   this estate, is no better than an , Noy(| gcotia hayQ Sl](jcumbe{l ftm*  fmu.
imbecile.    Perhaps Messrs. Turner and or flv0 move CRSeii werft r0uort��d a cou-
Pooley may think this a libel   on   the ' pie days ago.   Tbo case of two victims
was a very sad ono. especially as they
wero left to din in a box enr without
iiinv medical attendance   or   comforts.
Supreme Court into contempt than the Every body was afraid to go near them.
affair of this Contiucher Estate.   If the'Tho medical men deny that diphtheria
Turncr-Pooley crowd  had the pluck to j exists.
I have given Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy a fair test and consider it one
of ihe very best remedies for croup
that I have ever found. Ono dose has
always been sufficient, although I use
it freely. Any cold my children contract yields very rendily to this medicine. I can conscientiously recommend it for croup nnd colds in children.
��� Crao. E. Wolfe, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Fernaiiflinn, Fin. Sold by
all drutrgists. Langley and Co.,
W-holesalo Agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 811m4
W tive. gentlemen orr ladies to travel for
I1VH     KOUUViuvu     u ���     -
responsible, established home in British Col
umbia. Monthly 165.00 and expenses. Posi
tion steady.   Reference. Enclose lelfaddres
umbia. Monthly Stio.00 and expenses. P
tion steady. Reference. Enclose self addi
sed stamped envoloiw. The Dominion Com
jvmy, IVpt. Y Cblosgo. ����'�����..
Supremo Court, but   we   don'';   know
anything better calculated to bring the
do their duty they would use Parliament as the means of having a complete investigation of this affair, and
what is more, they would afford the
thepublic protection against such gross
mismanagement in future by appointing as a Public Trustee one of the best
business men thatu&n be got. Thisoffi-
cer should not only undertake tho administration of wills and bequests under
._tV^>i7S &Hs*}V\ ' l omerwise "app
^W&Myffl% wives in tin
&$WW--r^f-world   who   onl
hick the thrilling
touch of a first-born's fuiKurs to complete
their happiness,
Every wife may be the mother of happy,
robust children who will. Thoiuiands cf
women whit had lived years of cheerless,
childless wedded life, or whose bnbics have
been born to them weak and sickly, soon
to die, are now happy mothers of healthy
children, and bless Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescriptiim for the wonders it has accomplished for them, This great medicine acts
directly and only on the delicate and important onr/ans that "bear the burden of maternity. It makes them strong, healthy,
vigorous and elastic. It allays inllam-
mation, heals ulceration, and tones and
sireiigthens the nerves. It banishes the
discomforts of the expectant months and
makes baby's advent easy and almost painless. It insures a healthy child and an
ample supply of nourishment. Honest
dealers will not offer worthless substitutes
for the sake of a little added profit.
" I cannot say eiioiifjh in praise of Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, as U has undoubtedly
Bavetl my life," writes Mrs. I'lorcntt Untilcr, of
Cork-y. Logan Co.. Ark. "t miscarried four
times; could gel no medicine to do mc nny good.
After taking several tiolttes, of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription 1 made ray husband a present of n fine girl."
Krce ! Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser. For paper-covered copy send
,i one-cent stamps, to coirr customs atut
nailing only, Cloth*bound .so stamps. Ad-
iiess Dr. R.V. Pierce. Buffalo, NY. A whole
medical library iii one looo-page volume.
C. P. It. have sold Canadian-Australian steamship lino to a New Zealand company.
KlUnoy Wavnlns'.
A Score of Symptoms Tell the Victim That
. Kidney Disorders Have Fastonod Themselves on Him���South American Kidney
Cure is tho Potent Remedy.
A simple backache, or a little pain in the
kidney region, may cause you no alarm, but
it is one of the never falling signs of kidney
disease, and to neglect the warning may
meim the deoo seating of that most insidious
of diseases which puts more people iu an untimely grave than all other causes combined.
South American Kidney Cure relieves in six
hours, ami euros permanently.
Sold byC. A. W'arien. 314
Support local industry in your district. The Golden Era printing
ofilice is ono of the local industries
most deserving of your support. We
can do anything in the printing lino.
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. (J.
A supply of   Building   Lime
.For Sale.
Plans prepared.    Prompt attention given to orders. 28tc
Barrister, Solicitor &
-   -   -   Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will be in Golden on   Monday of each
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for ihe
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from tho undersigned or any member of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Hon. V- W. Aylmor.,  President
W, II. Mltchofl-Innes Vice     do
W. (i. Neilson,.I. V     do        do
K. Johnson do       do
E, A. llaggen Socretary-Treasurer
Tho roeular meetings of tho association
will bo held ou the first Tuesday In every
month ut the Columbia House, Golden.
All possible information will ho furnished
hy tho association upon application to
E. A. Haoghn, Sec, Golden.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
1250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for   Security
of   Policy   Holders.
President���Hon, Sir Oliver Motvat.
Vive-I'resiileiit- Joseph W. Flavelle  Esq.
Managing Director���P. G. Cox.
E. A. Haooex,
219 Agont, Golden, B, C.
We Charge No Commission.      We Buy Right Out.
Ropes and Tags Furnished Free.
Fall Prices.  Correct Selection.
"Wisbod Myself Dead."
How Many a Poor Dyspeptic has tho Same
Wail?���But South American Nervine
Gives a Now Lease ot Life.
Mrs. Mary A. 8htnott,of PenotanguishoDe,
writes: '"I was ft groat sufferer for ovor four
years from nervous indigestion nnd dyspepsia; often wishing myself deadCwas attended
by host physicians; tried many remedies,
but found very littlo relief, I was attracted
to South American Nervine by reading of
the wonderful cures wrought by it. I had
about lost all faith in medicine, but I concluded to try it. Ono bottlo wonderfully relieved mo. I gained strength right away,
ray appetite returned and in a very short
while 1 was completely cured. I cheerfully
recommend it."
SoltifbyC. A. Warron. 814
A heavy snowstorm set tn on Saturday night. At Donald four f?et of
snow were recorded, and the fall in
both the Rocky and Selkirk ranges
was very heavy. At Golden the storm
was accompanied by a Chinoott and on
Sunday and Monday there wns a
strong thaw, pools of water covering
the snow in all directions. As a result
of the snowstorm tho railway traffic
was utterly disorganized. No train
from tho east got in on Saturday and
theie was no train from the west on
Sunday or Monday. The C.P.R. were
doing their utmost to have regular
tratflo ro oponed.
Immedlute ItcmlttuncvH.
Hides, Pelts, Wool
Tallow,   Ginseng,   Soneca.
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices.
No CoinmlMlon Chnrgod.
Jas. McMillan & Co.   inc.
100-213 Plrat Ave North
iii\m: vroi.iK. mikm.
SAVAGE RIFLE     eqbl 5AyAQE_s/viviE,
Hammeiiess. Smokeless. Six-Shooter.
New Catalogue on Application.
Savage Eepeating Arms Co.,
Uttica, New York. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY  11,  1898.
Doing Good Work.
TJafler the above heading the B. C.
Mining Critic has the following:���
"His Honor Judge Forin has just dismissed an appeal taken by a man
Darned Adler against the refusal by
Mr. Griffith, S. M., of a renewal of a
license in respect of an inn known as
the Kootenay House, Golden. It eaine
out in evidence that the appellant
maintained professional gamblers as
bartenders, and the guests in his bouse
wtre first made drunk and then practically robbed by poker sharps in the
landlord's very presence His Honor
promptly dismissed the cane, on the
ground that the appellant admitted
that he allowed���and this also on Sunday, in defiance of the Sunday observance laws ���both intoxication and
gambling in his liouss. The Judge, in
giving his decision, stated that he
meant to make things uncommonly
lively for any saloon men who allowed
their houses to be used for the purpose
of plunder by professional gamblers and
other harpies. His Honor Judge
Forin will do the best of work if be
helps in clearing the Kootenays of professional gamblers and other human
vermin, who prey upon tbe sturdy
miner and rob him of a big percentage
of his hard-earned wages,"
Interesting Notes for
the Ladies.
Success   In   Dyeing;   Means  Pleasure
and Profit.
Beware of crude and worthless imitations of Diamond Dyes. See that
your dealer gives you the "Diamond"
whan you ask for them.
Diamond Dyes have a world wide
reputation; their work is of the highest order, and their success is deserved.
There are 48 colors in the Diamond
Dyes for dyeing wool and cotton
goods; each die is perfectly true to
color, and as reliable as pure gold.
Diamond Dyes color anything any
color. They are fast to soap, washing
and nun. an 1 surpass all others in
Diamond Dyes are the strongest
dyes made, hence the cheapest, one
package is equal to three of any other
Never be deceived by the false claims
of imitators of Diamond Dyes. If
your merchant asks you to accept another make of dyes, be sure he it after
large profits, and never thinks of your
comfort and success.
Book of directions and sample card
of 48 colors sent free to any address by
Wells & Richardson Co., Montreal. P.
Q. 310
News In Brief
A terrible famine exists in Central
and Southeastern Russia.
Three children killed by inhaling
charcoal gas at Madoc, Ont.
Allison, the boy murderer, was
hanged at Berlin on Friday last.
Tom Nulty, perpetrator of the Haw-
don murder, was sentenced to death.
Owing to the C. P. R. being short
of rolling stock orders for 40 new locomotives will be placed at once.
Three Italians shovelling snow on
the Providence division of the New
York, Now Ha von ft Hartford railway
were struck by a train and killed.
At Little Rock, Ark., Sol. F. Aut-
roy, a farmer, went to visit his aged
father and mother. Suddenly he
grasped an iron bar, killed bis aged
father, mother and his 10 year old
son, and seriously wounded his wife
and three children, two of whom are
not expected to live.
Was Wailing to Receive a
Burdened Victim of
Kidney Disease.
Saves a Life After Fifteen
Years  of Terrible Agony.
One of the Greatest Victories
Over Disease Ever Recorded.
Mr. Kerill Nitys:
'Your  Compound    Itnniitlii'il
all my Aches and I'iiiiin."
No  Case  Too   Complicated
fireat Medicine.
Wells & Richardson Co.,
Dear Sirs:-For the past15 yoars I
have been troubled witli diseased kidneys. I am engaged in the manufacture
of cheese and am obliged to work more
or lesa in a stooping posture. At times
I found it almost impossible to work
owing to severe pains across my kidneys. Often, after working in a stooping position for a time, I would find it
very difficult to straighten up at once,
and could only do so after repeated
Of late years while laboring under
these severe attacks, I became very
nervous, and continually had tired,
worn out feelings. My rest at night
seemed to do me no good, and I always felt tired in the morning.
I had been taking various medicines
and was getting worso all the time.
At last I decided to give Paine's Celery Compound a trial. I procured a bottle and took it according to directions,
and found its effect wonderful. Before
I had used the first bottle I began to
improve; after I had used the second
bottle I felt as well us ever I did in my I
life. It had banished all aches and
pains, my nervousness was all gone,
and the tired and worn out feelings
were banished. I can go to betf now
und sleep well, and rise in the morning rested and refreshed,
I have recommended Paine's Celery
Compound to my friends who were
suffering from, tbe same troubles as   I
���   50c.
50c.   *
These watches are solid l*l-curat
gold, und our usual list, price for
them horo in England is ��'f. ($25)
eaoh, but to introduce aarenormous
Catalogue, wo will send you this
wa'ch free if you take advantage of
our marvellous offer. If you want
one, write to us without delay.
With your letter send us .50 cents
International Money Order, for
which wo will send you a solid silver brooch, worth $1, and our offer.
After you receive the beautiful
watch, we shall expect you to show
it to your friends, and cull their attention to this advertisement. Tho
watch is sent free by registered post
on your complying with our advertisement and our offer, and is warranted for live years.    Address: ���
Watchmakers' Alliance &
Ernest Goode's Stores, Ltd.,
181 Oxford St.. London, Eufflund.
Money returned if not more than
15 Princess Street. Birmingham,
"I thank you very much for tho
beautiful watch you sent mo free of
charge. I have tested it for nine
months and it never varies one
half-n-minuto from one week's end
to another."���E. VVilks.
"To givo away a Gold Watch
worth 25 dols. is certainly a splendid advertisement, but as the
Watchmaker's Alliance is the largest firm of Watchmakers in England, they can afford It.''-E0IT0ttX.
He sure and address your letter, 18-1
Oxford Street, London, England.
niiihisiili'iiiiil Itetail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. C.       2Ctc
��(?c c o a C-C-CKXK;<.0000 0-0->0 ooo-goo-c-o-co-oooc ckkkhi o-oo-ooooo^c
A fibre bath, followed by
honest factional brilliance.
The life and glory of leather.
5wm 5ho
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied  by   D.   L,   Bettschen,
Prescriptions l'ir(1|'u,1>: I'^p-'-r01!*
A Fid! Stock of Patent  Mollclnes and
Druggists Sundries Kept.
Black or colored leather.
For Ladies, Gentiemens or
Childrens Shoes.
II. (i. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
'P/HE East Kootenay Railway Company will
apply to the Parliament of Canada at its
next session Ibr an Act to declare the Company's undertaking to lie lor the general advantage ol' (.'lunula, to authorize It to issue
bonds to the extent of thirty thousand dollars
Fort Steele
- - - Royal Mail
Stag-e Lines,
Stage I.envCH i;��lili'ii
Every TUESDAY morning at 7 UO
o'clock  nnd arrives at Fort .Steele
Mtagc Leaves Fort Steele
Every   SATURDAY  morning   nnd'
arrives at (.olden every MONDAY
Fimt Claws equipment
and   every attention   given  to the i
comfort    of    passengers.      Good
stopping houses every 2;1 miles
on the route.
Express Matter
of all   kinds handled with promptness and care.
Fulmer & Kerfoot, Props.
Head Office. Golden.
SS*We are Manufacturers and Direct Irapor*
a La rye St oc k of Ha Inn cos,
Clay   Good-*,   Scientific   and
j lors,   and  carry
I Furnaces.    Fire
,/WtincflN   ii!,t
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assayers' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents for Slorpan
Crucible Company, Batter-
sea; Becker's Sou's Balance's Pocket Mine Transit, eic.
VmifOuvor. If. <'.
P. 0. Hoi 86i
Telegraphic Address:   "ASSAY," Vancouver, B.C.
r���r^i"i,T'r^nr\"yf.r^-<���Pt~./-���'-���'- ������--.'-"���.-" r-f-.^'V OfY*****���;���
Is* i. kJI - -._ ...i ..���__. �� ti-��� ��� ...   , V_��.j.. a .. , . _i ... _ .-���__��   ~
-rr.r-s ^rrri^-rrr MfTC!
'   snlWlUlll -i��t ��� \..-J*, sail ��� m-f .. t-.s.',,.* (ah A ilu' ��� i tss ���   1'    'W
per mile of Its railway and to empower" it" to j ssMgi AJMll -..i.'s,.'.,������ m',i,r*��,\i,t,i.;t
convey or lease the ionipany's railway.
Vancouver. IS Dee., 1897-'
Solicitors for Applicants. ��,   . . _.
Okumii.t, & Mat, . .  | H E
Ottawa Agents. 2C!f2f
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
Golden Er
'The Province" Map of
|JV VIRTUE of two Warrants of Execution
issued out of the County Court of Donald
against (otln ('��� MeKayibr the stun ofStlo 82
had, and all have been greatly benefit-i''""1 *I47W, V''1' .',"""',���. '  '';'��� seized (ho
ted.  Knowing what it has done, I oan P"^^'Z'y V e',, or iSTir"' ^   I        ���   ,��� so ,
ingol I te.Lin ol liinses, enlt'-i. li.-irness, etc., . Nl|l)s('l'l  I  Hill   SM lier Annum
also a quantity of groceries and general mar ouusuiiiuiuii, '?- l'<-' -villi tun,
chandise, unri shall sell tho same by Public
Auction opposite tho Postottice, Goldon, on
Friday, the  litis day of February, at 1:2 j
O'clock noun, or so much thereof to rover the ,
s.'tid amounts, with all rests, charges, pound-;
age, ond Sheriffs lies, etc., unless iho said ;
amounts are sooner satisfied.
S. Hedoiuve,
Sheriff, K.
Golden, It. C, Fob. 1st, 18118. 800
cheerfully recommend it to any person
suffering from kidney disease.
Yours tru) y,
C. P. Kiivii.i,,
309 Dunsford, Out
Information Department
Published Every
Friday Evening-.
Payable in Advance.
Absolutely Freo
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding tho mineral sections of
East   Kootenay and   their   resources,
will be furnished  such information by , i ����� i . i t.
addressing their inquiries tothe Editor i \,j A (T|( I  | \l ( M \< \   |  I
ot the Era, freo of charge. jltl.nUlV^       IA l\ 11V1 l^i\ 1 [
. Paper
���  t  ���  ���
Attractive Woman.
Why is one woman attractive and
another not? The most admirable and
tttractire thing about an attractive
women is her womanliness. Everybody admires a womanly woman. Sho
must have health, of course, because
without it she would lose the brightness of her eyes, the fullness of her
cheeks and her vivacity. Heal health
must mean that a woman is really a
woman. That she is strong and perfect in a sexual way, as well as iu every
other. That she is capable of performing perfectly the duties of maternity.
Horn* are born with what is called
"constitutional weakness." Those
who do not enjoy perfect health, need
only take the proper precautions and
the proper remedy to become perfectly
* weU and strong. Dr. Pierce'g Favorite
Prescription will euro any derangement of the distinctly feminine organism.
Send 31 cents in one-cent stamps to
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y., and receive Dr.
Pierce'a 1008 page ' 'Common Sense
Medical Adviser," illustrated. 307
Philip King has been arrosted on
charge of murdering bis mother-in-
law, wife and two clildren at Cavan,
Salt rheum
It Is a aarvatloas .are for all stab dla-
(ustlnf aad dlsflf urlni dls.aws a. tu-
s.ina. Malt Khoum, Tatter, barbers' Itch,
Scald ll.ad I.lccrm Blotches. It carts all
eruption, of tb. .tin aud taak.s it soft
and srhlt.,-27.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It   relieves   the pains and aches the
minute applied.   It Cures:���
Stiff Joints.
Business Man,
The Politician.
The Railroader,
The Miner.
'  The Rancher,
The Lumberman.
To Now Subscribers to "The Province."
'���The Province" claims that it bus the largest circulation west of Winnipeg, unrl that claim h;is never been questioned or challenged. It is now
determined if money and energy can do it. to increase its circulation until it
attain this object the directors have arranged with Tlis Province Publishing
Company. Limited Liability, for the supply of
One Hundred Thousand
Copies !,"���'���!���',','. Map of the Klondyke
The Calgary Herald says that Dr.
Cross, son of Master Mechanio Cross
who has been assisting Dr. Mewburn
of Lethbridge for the past couple of
months, has been appointed C. P.E,
physician ou the mountain division,
with headquarters at Donald.
The Prospector says: Wm. Pernle,
who is connected with the Crow's
Nast Coal Company, came in from
Coal Creek on Wednesday. Mr, Pernio says that the town of Coal Creek
it booming, and that 40 houses have
gone op on the main street inside of
00 days.
tivo gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in llritish Col
umbia. Monthly sVia.OO and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. 204ap23
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Sub-Agent Dominion Government.
Agent Dominion Townsite, Golden.
Special attention to Mineral Claims.
301 Office, Alexander Hlock, Goldon.
Clarence Horsey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1879) Lbabvim.e, Colorado
Samples by mail or express roccivo
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Pricesi���Gold, silver and
lean, III any two of the above, 76v: anyone
of the above, 50c; copper analysis, 8t: plati-
nmn, nickel or tin, to.   Write for full price
list and mailing envelopes.
| Golden
j Field
Muscular Swellings, Winnipeg
Sprains, Toronto
Bruises, i l"""!on' '""���
-. r>     i -,. . ' Newfoundland
Sore Back or Side,      Lolomill
Scalds, Burns, Donald
ChillblainS,  etc.,  Lanrio
i Rovelstoke
Sore Throat,
Sore Ohesf,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, (.bids, etc.,
Can bo used internally us well as externally.    Hundreds testify to its
Magical  relief.    No home should
bo without it.
Suld by all dealers.   25 cts. 91tc
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubbor Stamps mid Seals will
bo reroived .-it tlift Golden Kra OfflcOfltid
executed ��illi promptitude.
Tho Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability,
Port Stoolo
Mi t ford
Medicine Hut
Kam loops
Spill imaobonQ
' ialena
Canal Flat
New Denver
Nelson ���
To every NF.W snscriher who stnilx Si.00 to "The Province," Victoria or
Vancouver, Canada's onlv hitth class weekly, ''The Province," will send for
one year from the date the subscription la received to any address in Canada
or the United States (United Kingdom $1.00 extra), together with one copy of
the above, map. The map has never been sold for less than Fifty Cents or
"The Province" for less than a Dollar. Bv taking advantage of this unprecedented offer, which is only possible In the case of New Subcriberfl who
enclose thoir money with their order, they get the two for the price of one.
This offer will be withdrawn as soon as the special edition of one hundred
thousand codpies is exhausted. It is the: mont generous offer over made by
any newspaper in any part of the world io obtain new subscribers. Kvery
subscription booked under this arrangement means a direct loss to the publishers, but a large circulation means more advertising at better rates, and in
this way ''The Province" hopes to make good the deficit. Send ��1.00 to "The
Province" by return mail nnd got a copy of this beantiful accurato map and
''The Province" for a year.
:Tho PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty.,      Victoria and Vancouver.
[If Vou are Wanting a
Why NTot Buy tho Post?
Advertise Your District
To do so, send your orders for us
to print your memoranda with a
locality map of Kast Kootenay
and the various locations on tho
back of eaoh form !
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
General Printers and Publisher?.
Golden. B. C.
One nf the most vigorously conducted and widely circulated papers
published in British Columbia.
A Tip-Top Medium for Advertisers.
Rates on application tn iho p-opriotors.
The Golden Era Co.,
Limited Liability,
Golden,   -  B. C.
Pacific Ry
Write for pamphlet de-
scriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country nnd sailing
dates, rates, etc.
Cheap rates to California j
and to the Hawaiian Islands I
Quickest route to the East
and to the Old Country via '
St. John, Portland or New TnF MUNSON possesses
^"r'c- many points of superiority
                   over all other writing nia-
���or falUnformatlon apply to th��chines     Tho   most   duittblo
vest     Canadian    Pitoifio   Kailway! ., - _,
Ticket Agent, or address
Traffic Manner,
Winnipeg, Man.
Cite Ticket Agent, Goldon
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter
Manufacturer.. tMil-CII \V, Lnko Strwt,
CliktiRO. IB. iill THE GULDEN ERA,  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11,  1398.
* Cijcars gtvttO hav.iv tx StarEottb &
Service will b? held at the Pwaby-
tartan Church, Golden, on Sunday at
7.30 p.m.
Mr. Fulni'i', ol tbe firm of Fulrner &
K*;rfoot, has been very Ell, havlug been
laid up a.; lUiiff tor a fovtntgbt with
un attack of bronohftis.
(i. E, Smith will hold service in
connection with the Methodist church
on Sunday next as follows; Donald
Ha. in.  nnd Oolden 7.80 p.m.
0. ii. MoDarrtlOt has let to J. Hen-
deiBOH a contraci foi* extending his
new warehouse by an addition of 70
feet in length by 10 feet iu width at
the reai of the uutldtnft.
* Ohoico variety of Cigars nnd
Cigarettes just opened at Starforth &
Teaming on the road between Oolden
nnd Steele is made move expensive
than usual this season owing to the
high prices for feed consequent on tho
demands for the Crow's Nest Road.'
Fiiy, u bartender at Skagway, shot
n man named A. McGrath, whom he
was accused of robbing, and also
Deputy Marshall Rowan, who proceeded to arrest htm. When the bout
left the Citizens' Committee intended
to lynch Fay.
Dr. Proctor, of Donald, will remove
to Karaloops, where he takes the place
of Dr. Munro as C. P. 11. surgeon.
Thn doctor has been very popular during !iia stay at Donald and ho will he
much missed there. We wish him
success in his ucw sphere.
Mr. Curd, who purchased the Ward-
tier-Armstrong interests in the town*
site of Wardner, returned front Toronto last week and left by Tuesday's
stage for Wardner. He informs us he
has practically arranged for a first
class smelter, capable of handling the
ores of East and West Kootenay, being
built at Wardner,
Terrible weather has been experienced hi the cast, l.osiou was isolated for some time by snowstorms.
Several horses were killed by broken
electric wires. Ir will lake weeks to
restore ihe telephone and teltgraph
services. At Gloucester, Mass., IB
peojdo were killed. 1000 fishing boats
were lost, and a quarter million dam-
ago done.
The News Advertiser says: Mr.
Paul Watelet has just returned from
San Francisco, where ho succeeded in
organising a company, in which In-
diannpolis capitalists are interested,
to operate in the Yukon. The company
is an exploratory company, and will
go via iho Stickino route, It will outfit hero, Mr. "Watelet having demonstrated the advantages of outfitting in
this city.
On Thursday next the annual meeting ol the Golden Branch of the Bible
Society will be held at the Presbyterian church. The usual annual reports
will bo presented and Mr. G. E. Smith
will give an address on the objeots of
the society aud its work. Mr. Turner
will speak on the duty of spreading
the Bible, aud Mr. Harcourt will speak
of the difficulties of spreading tho
Bible in foreign lands.
A late London cable says: It is apparent now thnt Germany has deserted
Russia, and that tho Kais.r takes the
side of England and Japan, The Russians hate the Germans, nure bitterly
than any other foreigner, and in the
sumo way, the Germans, especially in
the eastern provinces, aro more bitter
in their sentiment towards Russians
than they are toward tho French.
This is due largely io the memories of
cruellies and the rapines perpetratod
by Russian troops during thfi past.
Imitating the example of the Dans-
muirs in setting the anti-Chinese labor
law at defiance by working Chinese in
the mines, the owners of the Van
Anda Mineral Claim employ a number
of Chinamen. Tho Government save
instructions that proceedings should
be. taken against the owners, but the
Justice of the Peace would not take
tho information. This is a prcfy
itate of affairs and. if the Government
aro in earnest, they will have that
Justice of the Peace struck off the list,
for Im is utterly unfittod for such a
Mr. Word L. Smith, of Frederick-
Btown, Mo., was troubled with chronic
diarrhoea for over 80 years. He bad
become fully satisfied that it was only
a nue*tion of a short time until be
would have to give up. He had been
treated by the be6t physicians in Europe and America but got no permanent
relief. One day he picked up a news-
piper and chanced to road an advertisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemed v. He got a
bottle of it, the first dose helped him
and its contiuued ubo cured him. For
sale by all druggists. Langley & Co.,
Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 311m4
Tho Winnipeg printers have resolved: 'That we protest against the
prevalent practice of business houses
of sending to the east for their printing and stationery supplies. "Wo consider the practice unpatriotic, and detrimental to our growth nnd general
Interests, depriving, as ft does, a largo
number of employment and permanent
residence, besides being unnecessary."
Some of tbe business pcr.ple of Goldon
who send their printing orders east
might lay the above to heart. What
sort of a town would Golden be if the
people sent east for stores and supplies
which they can get just as well in tho
j own?
* This year's crop of nuts just arrived at tbe Golden Fruit Store,
Mr. Kerfoot, of the firm of Fulmerft
K.'rfoot. has gone to Ottawa lo apply
for an Increase in the subsidy grunted
for the weekly mail service to Fort
H. Woodley will probably go to the
Yukon, having been offered the management of tbe hotel which Mr.
Straccy proposes to establish at Dawson City-
Iuterviewdat Winnipeg, Mr. WhytO,
General Manager af the C. P. R-, said:
"All our mountain stations will be enlarged cud a magnificent station constructed iu Vancouver."
Tbe Calgary Herald says: A Swift
Current rancher is about to start for
tbe Yukon by the Alberta route with
100 head of beef, beside* 20 oxen on
which bo will pack his supplies.
A heavy copper wiie is to be strung
by the ('. F. K. telegraphs from Mon-
treal through to the Pacific coast. The
work will begin almost immediately.
This will greatly faciliale the service.
* Are yon troubled with Indigestion?
Chow Soniervill's Pepsin Gum! Star-
forth & Biigh, agents.
Mr. Stevenson, Dominion Timber
Inspector, of Winnipeg, Mr. Leamey,
Inspector for British Columbia, and
Mr, Gill, of the Inland Revenue, have
been on a visit to Golden this week
on business connected with their de-
On Wednesday night some animal
entered F. Field's fowlhouse ,where he
I h id ()0 fowls, and destroyed tbe lot
j with one exception. Mr. Fields bad
i taken specially good care of bis pool*
' try and bad brought them through the
j winter so far in prime condition,
i The China Gazette says that the
BrHUh, Indian, Australian and Paoi-
i lie squadrons have been ordered to bo
i ready to reinforce the fleet iu the far
icast, thus giving the British admiral
; of the fleet the power of coping with
I "any . combination opposing the
British policy."
The Kootenay House has been taken
over by Messrs. Barry & J, C. Uilock.
Mr. and Mrs, Barry have had charge
of the dining room of the Kootenay
House for some months and have conducted this part of the house well. Mr,
Ullook comes from Sehrieber, Ontario,
where he held a high reputation as a
business man. He also takes an active
interest in mining matters, having
basn interested in Lake Superior mines.
We wish the new firm all success.
Thn British Columbia Review, published in London, says: A shrewd
definition of tbe Klondike situation
was given to a Press representative
by a peculiarly observant stockbroker.
"It comes just to this," ho said "all
tho transportation companies ou the
Pacific slope are engaged night and
day in telling cheerful lies about Klondike in order to secure a rush of pas-
songers-in the certain knowledge
that they will have to take thorn all
back again pretty quick."
Mr. Douglas, superintendent of Banff
National Park, has written to Mr,
McCreary, linmigra ion commissioner,
that the three buffalo now at the park,
and which were shipped out from
Texas Inst year, are thriving splendidly. An enclosure of 4150 acres has
been made for the reception of the
Silver Heights animals. Three-quarters
of this area is as level as tho prairie,
the balance is mountain. It stretches
for half a mile along the railway track
so that travellers may have an excellent view of these unique animals.
A Minister's Story
Rev. F.  Elliott,  of Richmond
Hill, Relates a Happy
Kclil Bedfast by Kidney Trouble���Hi'
Cnulil    not   Tarn   tlltt'self -Dona's
Kid tiey PI Us Cureil Ulm-"AG00ll,
Honest,   Hcllnblu  Moiliclno."
Richmond Hill, Feb 7.���Rev. F.
Elliott, a popular and prominent clergyman of this place, has written the story
of bis Sufferings and recovery from
Kidney Diseaso. The sketch is of deep
Interest to thousands of Canadians,
Rev. Mr, Elliott says ho feels it his
duty lo tell of the medicine that cured
him ���Dodd's Kidney Pills. Only
"good will to men" could induce him
to allow his name to bo published in
this connection. Tho testimonial is
entirely unsolicited.
"I Buttered so soveroly from Lame
Back that I could not tnm, nor get
out of my bed. I began using Dodct'r
Kidney Pills, and my pains and lameness soon disappeared. I consider
Dodd's Kidney Pills a good, honest,
reliable medicine for the diseases they
arc recommended for."
These are Mr, Elliott's own words,
and such is tho result every timo
Dodd's Kidney Pills are used. Any
person who suffers from Bright's Disease, Diabetes, or any other Kidney
Trouble, after having the assurance of
such a worthy and eminent clergyman
as Rev. Mr. Elliott, deserves no pity.
The euro is within easy reach, and if
they refuse to stretch out a hand to
grasp it, no one can be blamed but
Dodd's Kidney Pills positively and
permanently cure Lumbago, Dropsy,
Paralysis, Heart Disease, Gout, Sciatica, Gravel, Stone in Bladder. Female
Weakness, all urinary disorders, Neur-
algia, Lame Back, and all oilier Kidney Diseases. They are the only remedy
on earth that has ever cured Bright's
D'sease and Diabetes. They are sold
by all druggists, or will bo sent on receipt of price, f)0 cents a box, six boxes
far $2.!>0. by The Dodd's Medicine Co.,
Limited, Toronto. 312
Six fireman, including Chief Egan,
killed in fire at Bent Building Boston,
Hammond, now under sentence of
death for the murder of his wife, Kate
Tough Hammond, will have new trial.
Express on tbo Intercolonial railway jumped track. Driver \V. Bastiu
was killed and Fireman   Bainc   badly
Monthly He port for January.
The following pupils attained 1st
and 2nd standing in their respective
classes: 5th clues, 1 Edward Rawle,
2 Edward Forrest; 4th class., 1 Zeta
Clark and Florence Williamson (equal),
2 Ellen Dunne; 3rd class, .1 Ruby
Clark, 2 Eva Manuel; 2nd class, 1
George Atkinson, 2 John Duncan; II
primer, 1 Hilda Hobbs, 2 Lena Atkinson; I primer, 1 Margaret Daniels, 2
Annie Carson.
Averago attendance 62. Promoted
from third to fourth class: Flora Palmer, Catherine Atkinson and Ethel
Goldon Msirkutt.
Wheat $1.00 to I
Oats   0.G0 to
Barley   0.25 to
Beef (Hve)   3.00 to
Beef (dressed)  4,50 to
Pork (live)../   4.00 to
Pork (dressed)   5.00 to
Mutton  5.00 to
Butter  0.25 to
Eggs   0.2d to
Hay (baled) 17.00 to .
Hay (loose) 14.00 to
Potatoes   0.75 to
Richard Fraser, while out shooting
near Vancouver, accidently shot him
self through the right lung, and died
shortly after.
News in Brief.
A woman found dead in Toron'o.
murder being suspected.
Three hundred men have sailed from
Southampton for Yukon goldticlds.
Man and woman murdered in White*
chapel,   London,   by   woman's   para-
| raour.
Boy died at Webster City, Ia��� from
1 swallowing a button which Htuck in
J bis throat.
At Druramondville, Que., Mrs.   Dn-
i pois   and   two  children perished iu a
burning house.
i Six persons were killed and 14 Injured at a railway accident near
: Troon. Scotland,
i Skagway and Dyca people petitioned
TJ. S. Government for troops and pro-
i clamation of martial law.
Michigan   Central   passenger   train
' from   Detroit  ran down a sleigh, killing a man and two women.
Michael Sorg, farmer, aged 70, living near Buffalo, was hacked to death
with an axo by Polish laborer.
Edward Nuun, farmer, living near
Athens, Out, was instantly killed by
load of wood overturning on him.
Three men burned to death and another received fatal injuries at a fire
which burned Victor jail nt Cripple
Creek, Col,
It is reported that Cross River expedition, composed of Niger Coast
Protect orate troops, was massacred
while destroying towns about Assay
Dominion Government has advised
tho Washington authorities that proposed expedition to Dawson City by-
United States for relief of miners, cannot be accompanied by nn armed body.
lb is just probable that tbe expedition
may be abandoned altogether.
A magical life-savcr.
The most pronounced symptom*.1 of
heart disease are palpitation or flmterlng
of tbe heart, shortness of breath, weak or
Irregular pulse, Bmotherlng siiellfl nt nigtit,
pains in region of heart. The drain may
hi' congested, causing headiiches, dt?./l-
iiess of vertigo. In short, whenever tho
heart flutters, aches or pp'riltates. it is
diseased, and ir life is va.ued treatment
must bo taken, Dr. Agnew's Cure for the
Heiirt is tbo onlv remedy yet discovered
which will always plve relief In 30 minutes, nud cure Rusolnt&ly.���28.
Sold bv C. A. Witrron.  .
"The best life of lier Majesty I have seen,"
writes Lord Lome shout "Queen Victoria."
Agents make five dollars daily.
Hradley-GarrotBon Company, Limited,
Shi Toronto.
A few good men for canvassing cm yearly
SIS Toronto.
A genu
"Glimpses cf tho Unsoen." Fascinating
hook. Sweeps the entire Held of borderland
subjects. Everybody orders. Marvellous
illustrations.   Prospectus$l<
818 (Limited) TORONTO.
A (font��
"Klondike Cold Fields," a largo, cheap,
valuable hook, nelliug like a whirlwind.
Beautiful prospectus twenty five cents.
Honks on time.
313 (Limited) TORONTO.
ARc-itn Wanted
"Woman! Maiden, Wife nnd Mother." A
hook which every woman will buy is Almost
ready. Special preface by Lady Aberdeen.
Introduction- hv Miss FnuicIb L. Willard.
An encycloptedia on the woman question.
Portraits of a hundred noted women, and
numerous other illustrations. A snap for
either men or women canvassers. Prospectus
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
Uecora.    Published in London.
Subscription, 82.50 per annum.   Subscriptions and advorliseinonts received bv
E.A. HAGGEN. Oolden,
Agent for East Kootenay.
C. F. Peterson.
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South End of Kickinghorsu Bridge,
Ordered work punctually attended to.   316st
R. A. 11 AGO EH
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
Mining. Ileal Eitatu and
financial Agent   ....
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects nud Developed Claims.
....  Oolden, EI. ���.
For Sale
Group of two claims of gold-bearing quartz
In best mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to -$700 in gold. 16,17
Placer lease. 15
(iiK-nip of two gold claims. One of the best
propositions on the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assays save nbout$200
per ton. 11
Interest in gold property in oxcliunge for
development work. U
Group of 10 claims, developed. No better
property in British Columbia. 1-
Well 'developed claim. Most promising
discovery in the Selklrks, Assays up to 878. u
Group of seven claims in quartz country.
Good averago assays. 18
Group ot lour full sized claims. Copper
ore carrying gold. S
One ol best copper properties in East Kootenay. Smelter test IN per cent copper, besides guld. 8
Claim in ono of host locations in Selklrks.
Cheaply worked. Assays $116 in gold, silver
and copper. H
Choice gold property, partly free-milling.
Assays up to 8540.   Development work      IS
Tw'u claims in good location. Quarts: carrying gold and copper. 30
Claim adjoining known gold property.   21
Four claims in Yukon, near Dawson City,
ground running up to $7fi per pan. 5
Three claims near Columbia Kiver.   Bi|
, ledge, gold and copper.
1   Three claims,  developed,  assays $28 in
I gold, hest location in Selkirks. 26
Gold quartz claims, assays $B3. 27
Gold quartz claim, developed, good lend.
assays to *28, 28
Two quartz claims in convenient position
pan gold. SO
Five claims, copper and gold, value ?30 a
ton. ,        SI
Three quartz claims, no cash, working proposition. ��� '���'
Three chums in proved country.
One-third unnssessibleintorest in developed
group of claims near Golden. S9
Silver load mine. One of the largest in the
world. 60,000 tons ol ore blocked out ready
to shiti. Location convenient to railway.
Price, W00.000. ,        .40
Group of three claims in Movie district.
Free milling gold averaging 821 per ton.
Considerable development, 41
Group of two clnlms at Moyle, Free milling gold.   Hig proposition. 42
Claim at Moyie.  Copper and gold. Developed,   (iood prospect. 4S
Three claims of 20 acres each on Forty
Milo (.'reek, near Klondike, Extensive de
velopmont, Shafts, tunnel, shacks, block*
smith's shop and tools. Wash averages S36
per square foot. 5
Two placer claims on celebrated Hunter
Crook. Sluicing will realizo $f*0 per man
per dav.   Title perfect. JfySB
Placer claim on Miller Creek. Primitive
work last season cleared911,000 per man over
expenses. 87
Claim on El Dorado Creek, ono of tho banner  properties   of the Klondike.   Dirt from
No. 2 shaft averaged 95.60 per pan.   Well improved.   Title clear    Price, 9800,000.        38
Treasury stock iu tho Ylctorla-Toxada
Cold Mining Company, This stock is offered nt Ibo par valtio ot 25 coats. Five of
the mines on Texada Island have been working for the past 10 months and this company
considers it owns the hest proposition on the
island. Prospectus may ho seen ami full particulars obtained ou application at my office.
80,00081 shnres of treasury stock in one of
the hest properties at Fafrview at 80 cents
per share,
1,000 shares in Cariboo mine. Camp Mc-
Kinney, a steady dividend payer.
Shares in Lo Hoi, Roco, hlncan Star, Rambler-Cariboo, Last Chance, Idaho. All good
dividend payers.
Farm of 160 acres near Golden; SO acres in
cultivation: well watered, Outbuildings con
sist of hay shed, poultry yards, root house.
milk house and stables. i    t 4
Farm of 2(10 acres, Windermere district.
Laud fenced and under cultivation. House
and stable.   Rare bargain. 2
Farm of 160 acres, ono of the best and most
highly improved to ho got in East Kootenay. 1
Farmol B20 acres at Windermere. ST. acres
under cultivation. Ihmso and stable, fencing, irrigation.   Cheap. 6
Farm of 400 acres nt Windermere. 100
acres under cultivation. House, stables,
granary, rootliouses, fencing and irrigation.
Stock and implements. 6
Farm of 400 acres. '}5 acres under cultivation. All fenced. Stocked with eaiile and
horses, Terms may lie arranged. This is
one of tiie hest tnruis in tho Windermere
Golden town lots.
House with four town lots in town of Goldon
for sale.
Patents for a Railway Coupler and a Rope
Clamp. m
To Let
WANTED���To borrow for a client, JI.000
on good security.
For particulars of above apply t��
E. A. Haijobn,
OokUm Era Office.
K&K   K&K   K&K   K&
T!ie Leading Specialists of AmerlcaT
250,000 CURED.
Nothing can ho inoro damorftliz'mg to?
I yonntf or mhldle-nccd men than tho pros-1
j enoo of these "nigUUy lofsaea." Ihey I
l produco weakness, ncn'oosnees, a lecliag I
1 of disgnstand ft Wnolo train of symptoms. I
! They unSt a ninu for busmesu, marriod I
I lifo aud Bootal bttnplnofs. No matter I
j whether caused by evil habits in youth, I
1 witurul weakooBsor sexual exccBses, oar I
I New Method Treatment will positively I
8 onxeyou, I
'Reader, yomu'edhclp.   Early abuse or I
Intor ��xcoisoa may havo weakened yoo*!
Exposure may have diseased you.  You I
aro not Fafo till cured.  Our New Method I
.j��� will euro you.   Yon run no risk. P
3 250,000 CURED
ft Yoiltor Man���You ore Mile, feeblel
'n and hogKiird; norvous, irritable and ex-T
citabb, You become forgetful, niorono,
anil despondent; blotches and pimples, I
Eunken oye3, wrinkled face, stooping I
form nnd downoost countenance reveal |
tho blight of your existence.
No matter how serious your caso may I
bo. or biiw lon:* you W have hud it, ourj
KEY-/ MV.l'liOi) TBJ3A.TMBNT Willi
euro it. Tbo "wormy veins'' return to I
their noitnal condition and hence tho 1
sexual organs, receive proper nourish-���
ment. The organs become vitalised; all l
unn.il'jrrtl drains or lassos ce&so audi
manly powers return. No temporary!
bViieUt, but a permanent euro a^ured. |
MODERATE). If unable to cull, writtil
for a oiilSTION BLANK for HOME I
Kennedy* Kergan
.   .   ���   .
GOLDEN-   ������
office .. .
4 ��� a ��� r>
NEW Additions hare baaa made to our plant
and appliances.
Our prices are right.
Wo shall eiitleiror to plats, you.
We hare the best of workmaaship.
Support local industry.
Hive us a trial.
Stable to Rent
Opposite tho Queen's Hotel.   Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask lor proprietor.
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, establislieil house in Itritisli Columbia. Monthly SS.i.00 and cxixsnsos. Position steady, Reference, Enclose self-naures*
sed[stamped envolopo. The Dominion Company, Dopt. Y Cliicauo. aOtapffl
...WE  PRINT...
Send us your orders.
That is what we are hero for.
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability.
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, B. O.
... the Polumbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Ever) Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Rrands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquarters (or Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. O.
Win. McNeish, Prop.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Ciflpxa.
Rates Sip'.OO Per Day. ���::::o::::���
i ^V i
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
JJot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
llOit I'r.prl.t.n.
Russell House ...
Golden, B. C. ���m^mmmmmmmmmm&m
Skelton & Healy, Proprietors.
*} Headquarters for Miners,
Prospectors and Lumbermen.
Rates, ��1.0��  Per  ����y.
Board and Lodging. ��5 Per.Week.
First Clan Bar.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manulacturers ol Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Rails and Brackets.   All sizes of glass in stock.
Tho Machine and Blacksmith Shop aro prepared to do all kind of repair
as soon as possible.   III sizes of Pipe Fitting nnd Brass goods on hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axlos, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory and
Maple Plunk.


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