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The Golden Era Aug 29, 1896

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VOL. VI.   KO. 4
92 Per Year
For Close Prices
On Ladles and Gents Boots and Shoes try Warren's.
Men's Clothing and Underwear going very cheap.
Silks for the Ladies very cheap in 6 yard lengths.
Clocks for everyone at suitable figures. Neat packages of Tea Biscuit and Pancake Flour ready for
use.   Try . ucan Oil Blacking.
And the Best Goods
Watch, Clock & Jewelry
in the best style of (ths trsds with the
least possible delay. Mail and Express
orders receive prompt attention.
Wat-hawker aad Jeweller.
OeMen, B.C.
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
. but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of the Big Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, one of their
Illustrated Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
The  Nellson   Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
Oolden, on the main line of the Canadian
PuciHc Railway, at its connection with the
steamboat navi-cation of the Columbia rivur;
the mineral and commercial centre of Eistern
British Columliiu; headquarters of Hu Oolden Smelting works, tbe Upper Columliiu
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
famed agricultural and grazing land of the
Columbian; Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
continent. ,
The Fashionable
Emporium of
New goods arriving daily, stock well
assorted in fashionable goods.
Bargains in lot of summer goods, prices
no object.
Just to hand a nice lot of Ribbons, Laces,
and Trimmings.
Boot and Shoe Department well assorted
Grocery   Department away down in
The -Imander Block.
Of all kinds at
Templeton's Jjrug Store,
Every Prospector Should Have
Pacific Hy.
C.P.R. Excursions have been .
Imitated By Many
But Excelled by None.
EXCURSIONS to the Esst by vsrions
EXCURSIONS to China and Japan.
EXCURSIONS to Hawaiian   Islands.
Australia, India and
Around the World
To Chicago via Port Arthur and
Duluth or Port Arthur snd Saulte Ste
Marie at cheapest rates.
Every Wednesday for Windsor.
Every Thursdsy for Owen Sound.
Every Sunday for Owen Sound.
Ocean Steamer leaves Vancou.
ver for China and Japan
EMPRESS OF INDIA        August 8.
WARIM00 August 8.
From Montreal and New York every
Wednesday snd 8aturdov.
writ* for Illustrated Tour Book to
Traffio Manager,
Or to Wiunlpsg.
Afeat, golden.
A complete stock of fresh groceries
at C. A. Warren's.
The Gup Clnb has hsd several prae
tices this week, the members sre evi
dently bent on a great slaughter of
birds on Tuesday.
Ths Kootenay House has changed
hands, Mr. Artier, of Lytton, taking
possession,. Mr. Hume will leave for
the const shortly.
Mrs. Griffiths, s lsdy from the coast
gsvs s lecture to the ladies of tb*
town yesterday afternoon in the Alexander Hell on, "How to regain snd
retain heslth."
A copy of the Gams Protection Act
is posted outside th* post office, there
will now be no excuss for offenders
caught violating tho law pleading
ignorance. The season for blue grouse
snd ducks opens on Tuesday nsxt.
Entertainment and Dunne.
The story of "How Paddv Won Hie
Norah," was beautifully told by Mrs.
Elizabeth Strong Worthington in tbe
Alexander Hall last Monday evening
to a small but appreciative audience.
Mrs. Worthington held the attention
of her audience from stsrt to finish,
and the frequent outbursts of applause
were convincing proof of the lady's
ability as an elocutionist. In the
Fire Scene Mrs. Worthington was
especially good and displayed great
dramatio talent. At the close of this
story Mrs, Worthington favored the
audience with a ahort sketch, entitled,
"Joe and Me," a western love story,
which afforded the audience a hearty
At the conclusion of the entertain*
ment Mr. C. A. Warren announced in
his usual bland manner that a dance
would take place if volunteers could be
found to furnish the music. The hall
being speedily cleared dancing was
commenced and kept up with unabated
vigor till about 1 a.m., everybody
voting it a most enjoyable affair. The
only drawback of the dance being the
lack of musicians. Those who could
have helped in this way were probably
too eager to dance and the bulk of ths
work fell to Miss Jennie Wells, who
acquitted herself creditably and to
whom the thanks of the dancers sre
due for the willingness with which
she responded to the call for music,
Wall flowers were few and far
No dancing was done on tbe square.
Wishes were expressed tbat social
hops become more frequent now the
hall beasts of an instrument.
The next dance will take place after
the Oddfellows picnic.
It would be well for the dancers to
show in some wsy their appreciation
of the musician's efforts to gratify
their wishes.
A vote of thanks to Miss Jennie
Wells for her services would certainly
not have been out of place.
Mr. Chas. Goodyear,formerly C.P ?..
line repairer of Field, snd Miss Frank
formerly school teacher st Field, were
msrried lsst week at the coast. They
passed through Golden on Sunday en
rout* for their home in Winnipeg.
The En a joins with thsir msny friends
in hesrty congratulations.
Tbe rash of work st the saw mill
still continues. There sre st present
180 men employed by the ssw mill
company in the mill and camps, and
it is expected thst before the winter
sets in the this force will be largely
increased. Signs of improvement in
business are becoming more evident
every day.
One night when Mr. Isaac Reese
was stopping with me, aays M. F.
Hatch, a prominent merchant of Quartermaster, Washington, I hesrd him
groaning. On going to his room I
found him suffering from cramp colic.
He wss in such sgony I feared he
would die. I hastily gave him s doss
of Chsmberlsin's Colic, Cholera snd
Diarrhoea Remedy. Hs was soon relieved sud ths first word* he utter*
were, "what was thst stuff you gave
me?" I informed him. A few days
sgo ws were tslking about his attack
���nd hs said hs was never without that
remedy now. I hav* used it in my
family for severs! years. I know it
���nd do not hesitate to recommend it to
my friends and customers For sale
by Druggists Langley A Co., Wholesale Agents, Victoria ud Vsuoouvsr.
Excitement at Kamloopa.
Gnat excitement still prevails over
the rloh strike near Kamloops. Ths
preliminary assay retuurs give 820 i i
gold, 20 silver, snd 60 per cent copper,
'lhe striks wss made about four miles
from the city on a rsnch, cattle of
which have been running over it for
years. The ore is said not to require
fluxes in smelting, which menus a
saving in the cost of working of 82
per ton. Samples of ore from surface
croppings when broken down in mortar give colore when washed. Six
claims have already been staked out,
the vein cropping out in four.
Mr. Joe Carlin of Field spent a few
days in town this week.
Mrs. Walter Dainsrd returned horn*
on Tuesday.
Mrs. Medhurst of Palliser wss in
town on Wednesday.
Mr. Cham McKay is in town this
Mr. Geo Rury of Carbonate came in
on Thursday.
Mr. Clohecy returned from the coast
this week.
One for Canada.
Toledo, Ohio, August 26. -The Canadian cup defeuder defeats 1 the Chicago challenger yesterday in the first
race for the International trophies.
Tbe winner made the course in 6 hours
snd 49 minutes, or 11 minutes within
ihe time limit.
 ..."-������_.���* (Rh* ��ttll>sn <&va
The GOI.OGX B��..V is pul-lisl-ed evrty
Saturday moruiiij-1.1 ii.u-.... ciucli tiie eust
and west mail train-., ills.. Ill" mail lur tliu
upper country, iVumrin.ri., r'uri ���nwi.i mc
is the only .ttlitstiiainrf iimiiiiiii m iiu l.t��it
ootenay .lisi.iii.1
Itifils :   -j-f.ill. |*tn' i.iiiin.71 IN
Adrertlsernnnts mnl
the office aut Uror 111..11
to insure llisorti.m.
All cash tn lie finM tu
whon theO-i.iiimiiv'.i --*-
rliiuii^'H iiiitst Im iu
ir.' a ut, ..11 Tlnirwiiiy
tile Mrmr.'j.ir, frimi
"tin -.'ill Iwrl.tiiiiieil.
Adrerti-n.m-.ru MMts uisilv kllmva mi ii'ipli-
satior lo
lit Ufa lu i'ljlisiiiij Cun---.���!*,
SATURDAY, AUG. 29, 1896.
Ottawa, Aug. 20.���The first session
of the eighth Canadian parliament
opened with all the ceremony aud
military pageant customary on such
occasions. The attendance in the
house of commons and senate galleries
was larger than for many years, excursions from outside points bringing
hundreds of people to the Capital,
many of whom found it impossible to
got  inside the  parliament buildings.
The commoners assembled at 3
o'clock and a few minutes later were
summoned to the senate by Black
-   The speech from the throne in English and French was as follows:
Hon. gentlemen of the senate and
gentlemen of the house of commons:
The necessity ot making provision
for the public service has compelled
nie to summon you together at this
somewhat inconvenient season.
It is impossible to lay before you
at thi-* session the public accounts for
the past year, or indeed any of the
reports usually submitted to parliament. Under these circumstances and
in view of the fact that you will be
required to re-assemble early in the
ensuing yesr, it does not appear expedient to Invite your attention to
any measures beyond the passage of
the supplies.
The oporstion of the tariff will be
made tbe subject of careful inquiry
during the recess, with a view to the
preparation of suoh a measure as may,
without doing injustice to any interest
materially lighten the burdms of tbe
Immediate steps wiil be taken to
effect a settlement of tbe Manitoba
school question, and I have every confidence that when parliament assembles this important controversy will
have heen adjusted satisfactorily.
Gentlemen of the house of commons,
the estimates for the current year will
be laid before you forthwith.
Hon. gentlemen of the senate and
gentlemen of the house of commons:
I hope that when yon have given
the necessary attention to the consideration of the year's supplies-1
msy bs able to relieve you from the
dutv of further attendance at this
session ot parliament.
Mr. C. G. Strong, principal of the
public schools at Anderson, Cal., says
"I have used Chamberlain's Pain
Balm and have found it sn excellent
remedy for lameness and slight
Lsmsnsss usually results from a
���praln, or other injury, or from rheumatism, for whioh Chamberlain's Pain
Balm is especially intended and unequalled. It affords almost immediate
relief and in a short time effects a permanent cure. For sale by Druggists
Langley * Co., Wholesale Agents,
Victoria and Vancouver.
Miner: Mr. Gordon of the Trail
Mining company, has been making a
number of tests of the ore from the
-.ootenay mine and the results are
quite satisfactory. Tbe assays run
Irom 93 to f.'iU and the average is
above $25. This makes it a safe shipping ore.
The O.K. compressor was brought
up from Trail Tuesday and is now
���wing put in place beneath tbe substantial building erected lor this mine.
As noon as this new plant is in operation tlio O.K. will be beard from as
1,.ere is a great quantity of ore to be
iaken out.
A shaft is being sunk on the east
end of the Celtic Queen and is uow
down about 80 feet. The first 20 feet
was in drift w liich is very heavy at
this point. The ledge was found wide
and strong aud some very good ore is
now in sight. The indications for a
body of reasonably high grade ore are
very good.
Solid copper ore is now found in the
Wallingford on Record mouniain.
The improvement in tlie ore during
the last few days has been very marked. There is hardly a doubt now that
Record mountain is cut by at least oue
copper bearing ledge.
W. A. Campbell has just sold for
850,000 cash the Gold Ring mine,five
miles from Baker city, Oregon, and
near the celebrated Virtue mine. Iu
December last he purchased the property and formed a syndicate to work
it. Tbe cost of the property to Mr.
Campbell and his associates was a
little over 811,000.
Tha new steam hoist f jr the Iron
Mask is apptoaching completion. It
is a* superb piece of mechanism���by far
lhe most substantial aud best equipped
hoist iu the oainp. It will have plenty
to do for there are now five feet ol
solid high grade ore iu the Iron Mask
The new shaft on the Josie Mac in
the South Belt is down eight feet and
the indications are highly favorable
fur finding a body of good ore Au
assay made last week -.bowed 825 iu
silver sud 85.50 iu gold. The ledge
matter is thoroughly mineralised aud
is improving in caracter every day.
Six men are employed on the property.
The building for the Monte Cristo
compressor is approaching completion.
The new plant will be complete aud
in operation in a short time. Wheu
it is there will be five compressor
plants iu Centre Star gulch. It will be
one of the busiest places ever seeu in a
milling camp. A year ago there was
not a compressor from one end oi it t��
the other. Great are the changes in
this wonderful gold camp.
Ed. Welch, superintendent ot the
Sovereign, has issued a uotice that
tenders will be received by him at the
Crown Point Hotel in Trail to-day for
the running ol r. tunuel 100 feet and
and the sinking fe the present shaft to
a depth of 75 feet. The tunnel when
oomple'e will be 400 feet long and will
have a vertical depth of 185 feet. A
force of men has been at work several
days building the necessary cabins for
permanent work on the Sovereign
and thess will bs completed immediately.
���;It is the best patent medicine in
the world" is what Mr. E. M. Hart-
man, of Marquam, Oregon, says of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and.
Diarrhoea Remedy. "What leads me
to make this assertion is from the fact
that dysentery in its worst form was
prevalent around here last summer
and it never took over two or three
doses of that remedy to effect a complete cure." For sale by Druggists
Langley A Co., Wholesale Agent, Victoria and Vancouver.
ma BEND.
Kootenay Mail: Revelstoke was
the scene of a sensation this week
when the result of the assays made on
some samples from the Ground Hog
Basin were made known. Two samples out of four weut 8112 aud $140
in gold und the owner of the properties
J. W. Haskins, and the town generally is highly elated. The ore body
from which these samples came is
immense, and a wonderful future for
Big Bend quartz is in sight. There is
no reason why tliere should not be au
excitement in tbe Bend that will outdo any of the already great excitements
of Kootenay. There are few camps in
Kootenay that can look at the Bend
for richness of oro, and in no part of
it are the leads so distinct and so true.
A number of townsite people are getting in on the ground floor and several knowing outsiders are also making
Gus Lund is down from Ground
Hog Basin where he has been doing
assessment work on the Ole Bull and
C.O.D., belonging to himself; Big
Bend Belle, J. D. Graham; Golden
Hill, ('. B. Hume; and O.K , C. Landmark.
The Ole Bull lent*, is now four feet
wide and the free gold may be seen in
the rook in the cut with the naked
eye. Gus has a 20 foot shaft down on
this claim aud will work it all winter
going down to 7a feet. It is a magnificent property.
The C.O.D. lead, which lies on the
west of the Ole Bull, is about 18 inches wide uud an open cut 12 feet deep
has beou put iu here showing the gold
without a glass. There are ii leads ou
the C.O.D. Claim.
The Big Bend Belle, owned by J. D.
Graham, is the northerly extension 'ol
the Ole Bull, and the Golden Hill, belonging to C. B. Hume, liea to the
south on the same lead. Both olaims
aro looking up well and with more
work will become valuable.
Lake wagon road is also being graded
off.    ���
The camp is full of "go" and men
this season. The good finds are so
numerous that every old locution in
the camp is boing recovered.
A local s) ndicsts composed of H. S.
Wallace, R. J. Bealey. E. Mlller.Johu
Elliott snd D. B. Bogle hss purchased
the Csinbridge mineral claim and has
let a contract to sink ths present shaft
to the 50-foot level. The claim will be
surveyed and application made for a
crown grant immediately. A company
is in process of formation to work the
property on a large scale. It is situated at the west base of Lookout mountain and near the St. Mary. The
showing ol ore st present averages 820
in gold and copper.
The result of the visit of the Silver
Cup people is that another' tunnel is to
be started at once. Monroe, the fore*
man is now on the ground to direct
Freight hauling is now reported
heavy over the Thomson-Trout Lake
A large number of strangers, even as
many as 10 or Id, are coming in every
The Badshot has a team of horses
drawing lumber, supplies, and ore
sacks,gettiug all in readiness for making shipments.
Knowles A Ferguson have now two
feet of good clean ore in sight on their
new find, to which four extensions
have been staked.
The Home Payne outfit are putting
up 4 cabins on the claims they recently bonded. About 12 or 15 men will
probably be workiug this week.
Yawkev, of the Slocan concentrator,
was much impressed with prospects of
the Black Prince claim and may opeii
it up this fall. He is having tbe assessment doue 011 the Free Coinage,
Silver Dollar, and Alice Murphy. He
speaks highly of Trout Luke uainp and
says it will soon draw a large amount
ot public attention.
The C mile hill on the South Fork
trail is being fixed up andmade a good
job of.     The steep hill ou the Trout
Bend To-day.
Ladies and gentlemen, be alive to
your own interest. There has recently
been discovered, and is now for sale by
the undersigned, a truly wonderful
"Hair Grower" and "Complexion
Whitening." This "Hair Grower" will
actually grow hair 011 a bald head in
six weeks by the use of this wonderful
"Hair Grower." It. will also prevent
the hair from falling. By the use of
this excellent remedv boys raise an excellent moustache in six weeks, Ladies
if you want a surprising head of hair,
have it immediately bv 'he use of this
"Hair Grower." We also sell a "Complexion Whitening" that will iu one
month's timo make you as clear and
white as the skin can be made. We
never knew a lady or gentleman to use
two bottles of "Whitening," for thoy
all say that before they finished tlie
second bottle they were us white rs
they would'wish to be. ' After the use
of. this "Whitening-?' tlie skin will forever retain its color. It alse removes
freckles, etc., etc. The "IHair Grower"
is 50 cents per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening-' 50 cents per bottle. Either
of these remedies will be sent to any
address on receipt of price. Address
all orders to���
R. & J. RYAN,
201 Division  Sweet, Otawa, Ont.
Showing the dates nnd places of Courts
of Assize, Nisi Prlns, Oyer und Terminer, andUenerul Gaol Delivery
for the Year 1806.
Spuing Assizes.
Nanaimo Tuesday ,.. 6th May
NewWestmiiister.Tuesday .. 12th May
Vancouver Tuesday .. 19th May
Clinton Monday ..25th Msy
V ictoria Tuesday .. 26th May
Kamloops Monday.... 1st June
Vernon Monday.... Hth June
'"Nelson Monday... 15th June
"���Donald Monday.. .22nd June
���Special Assize.
Attokney-Genbhal's Office,
June 10th, 189(1.
Disputed Lands in Railway Belt.
Kootenay Distiict.
Lot 6, Group I.. Townsite of Farwell
- Original grantee, Arthur Stanhope
Lot 7, Group I.���Original grantee,
Gustavus Blin Wright.
Yale District (Kamloops Division).
Lot 618, Group I.���Original grantee,
George Bohun Martin.
Lot 626, Group I���Original grantee,
Gustavus Blin Wright.
Lott497, Group I Original grantee*,
Gustavus Blin Wright.
Lot 629. Group I���Original -.r-iri-ees.
Juiues Mcintosh, William Bell Wilson.
Lot 452, Gr.iti|i I Original ���'Tauten,
George By rues.
Lot t)2h, Group I ���Oiiyinul grantee,
Charles Edward Perry.
Lot 628, Group I-Original grantee,
William Arthur Beddoe.
Lot 496, Group I���Original grantees.
Simon John Tunstall, James K. Call-
Arrangements having been made between the respective Governments of
the Dominion of Canada aud the Province of Biitish Columbia whereby
owners of lands in above named districts deriving their titles through
origiu.l grantees from the Provincial
Government may obtain confirmatory
grarts of said lands from the Dominion Government, notice is hereby given
that all persons owning lands as aforesaid are requested to forward their
applications for such grants forthwith
to the undersigned, together with
their title deeds or authenticated copios
thereof, in order that the same may be
examined, and releases anu surrenders
ptepared for execution.
Deputy Attorney-General.
Provincial Secretary'.. Office,
13th Msy, 1896.
NOTICE  is  hereby  given that the
rescission of the operation of the
Official Scalers' Act, 1894," wiil take
effect  from   and after the ilOth day.of
June, next. ,
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Education Office,
Victoria. May 4th, 1896.
NOTICE is hereby given that the an*
nual examination of oandidetes
for certificates of qualification to teach
in-the Public Schools of the Province
will he held as follows, commencing on
Friday, July 3rd, lb98. at 9 a.m. : ���
Victoria In South Park School Building
Vancouver- In High School Building.
Kainloops- In Public School Building.
Each applicant must forward a notice, thirty days before the examination, slating the class., and grade of
certificate for which he will be a candidate, the optional subjects selected,
and at which of the above named
places he will attend.
Every notice of intention to be an
applicant must be accompanied with
satisfactory testimonial of moral
Candidates  are  notified that all of
the  shove  requirements must be fulfilled liefore their  applications
All candidates for First Class, Grade
A. Certificates, including Graduates,
must attend in Victoria to take the
subjects prescribed for July 14th snd
15th instauts. nnd to undergo required
oral examinations,
Superintendei-t of Eiluca'io
THE following extract from the
"Health Aot, i��98." is published
for general information by direction of
tba Provincial Board of Health : -
"Sec. 69. Whenever any householder
knows, that anv parson within his
family or household has the small pox,
diphtheria, scarlet fever, cholera, or
typhoid fever, he shall (subject in case
of refusal or neglect to the penalties
provided by fub-sectiou (2) of section
98) within twenty-four hours give
notice thereof to the Local Board of
Health,* or to the Medical Health
Officer of the District in which he resides, if there be one, and such uotice
shall be given either at the office of the
Medical Health Officer or by a communication addressed to him and duly
mailed within the time above specified,
and in case there is no Medical Health
Ollicer, then'to tbe Local Board of
Sub-section (2) of section 98 provides
a penalty of 8100, or imprisonment for
six months, for neglect to report-fas
���The Government Agent is the Local Board of Health in outlying Districts.
Secretary, Provincial Board of Health.
We pay 86 to 810 per week for
easy home work. Child oan do it. No
Scheme, Booksok Peddling-. This is
bona ildc. Send stamp lor work and
particulars at once. THE SEYMOUR
SUPPLY CO., Masonic Temple, Cam-
on, N.J. Notice to. Taxpayers.
Assessment Aot and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Donald Division of East Kootenay
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with the Statues, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all taxes
levied under the Assessment Aot are
now due for the year 1896. All of the
above namod taxes collectable within
the Donald Division of East Kootenay
distriot, are payable at my office, the
Court House, Golden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at the
following rates, viz. .-
If paid on or before June 80th 1896:
One half of one per oent on real property.
Two per ceut on assessed value of
wild land.
One third of one per cent on personal properly.
One half of one per cent on income.
If paid after June 80th 1896-
Two*thirds of one per cent on real
Two and one half per cent on assessed value of wild laud.
One half of one per cent on personal
Three-fourths of one - er cent on income.
Provincial Revenue T.ix 8-J.U0 per
Assessor and Collector.
Goldeu, January 2nd, 189 i.
Application for Certilieute of Improvements.
Take.notice that I, Walter Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.47839,intend,
60 days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this seventh day of December
Walter Dainard,
By his agent, P. W. Aylmer.
��xx&itxe68 t&txxba*
Application   for;  Certl-cat... of  Improvements.
Take notice that I, Thomas Jones,
free miner's certificate No. 47848, intend
60 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of above
Aud further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such, certificates of improvements.
Thos. Jones,
By his agent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated this 14tb day of December,
In the Supreme Court of British Cnl<
nmhla, re Connacher,���Connacher
vs. Pither.
Pursuant to sn order of the Supreme
Court of British Columbia made in the
matter of the estate of Heury Connacher in the suit of Connacher vs
Pither. The creditors of Henry Connaclier, late of Goldeu, iu the District
of Kootenay, hotel keeper, deceased,
who died on or about the mouth of
January, 1895, are on or before the
first day of April, 1891, to send by
registers 1 letter to A. G. M. Spragge,
of Donald, In the District of Kootenay,
British Columbia, the solicitor for
Jamas Stevens Connacher, the above
named plaintiff, the executor of tbe
decetsed. their Christian and surname
addresses and discriptious, the full
particular!, of their olaims.a statemeut
of their accounts, and the nature of
the securities (if any) held by them or
In default thereof they will lie perenip
terilly exoluded from the benefit of the
said order. Every oreditor holding
any security is to produce the same
before James Ferguson Armstrong,
Registrar of the County Court nt Doit
aid, the Referee appointed by the
Court to take the accounts and enquiries under the said order, at his
chambers at the Court House at Don
aid In the Province of British Colnm
bin on the 8th day of April, 1889, at
ten o'clock in the forenoon being the
time appointed for. adjudication ou the
said olaims.
Dated at Donald, in the Distriot of
Kootenay, British Columbia, this loth
day of January, 1896.
Referee appointed under the said order.
Oolden Hospital Society.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
������ 8 p.m. " 4 p.m.
ii      7     ii   ii  g   ti
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 m., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From 9:80 p.m. to 8 p.m., dal
except Monday snd Saturday.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
. McCarter.
Loughee-I  A  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol itors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank    Montreal,
Caloary, - .N.W.T.
D.L.8. & P.L.S. for B.C. DOMINION _
Draughtsman, Valuator .etc., CALOARY,
N.W.T,   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHS0N, D.L.8..P.L.8. of B.C. -Ont.
Caloarv, Alba.
Mining Engineer,
At    Mnllnrgtt-t.
Reports on properties a Specialty.
Golden. B.C.
' I
Wholesale and Ketall
3 U TC H E RS.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Notice of Application for Certificate.
of Improvements.
Take notice that I, John McRae,
free miller's certificate No. 34453,
intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims.
And further take uotice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements,
John MuRae,
By his agent F W. Aylmer.
Dated this Uth day of December,
SILVER,        0RES
Write for prices.  Give assays, etc.
J. SMART     CO.
Undertakers and
-  .   E-mbalmers,
Calgary Alba
The attention of Prospectors and Miners is called to the merits of a new
improved apparatus, for testing and smelting various kinds of ores and miner*
a s, also separating and refining base bullion, etc.  .
Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist who thoroughly understands
the wants of the assayer, the prospector, the miner, the chemist for laboratory
test; for all furnace work, such as smelting, scorifying, coupelling, fusing in
crucibles, testing of sampling charges, roasting, etc.
This furnace is built in two halves for easy transportation, is complete in
itself, made of steel plate, with cast-iron slag and metal spouts, wind supply
pipe and knock-down bottom.
It is of the cupola type, with extension when smelting ores ; capacity 1000
to 6000 pounds per hest; also smaller sine, capacity from 110 to 200 pounds
per heat, according to the character of cres.
The Advantages in Practice are as Follows:
This furnace'is constructed by and for a prospector, who requires a serviceable furnace, easily transported over a mountainous country by a pack burro,
that is complete and ready to be set up at any dump of low grade ores, that
otherwise will not pay to ship, and make his good pay out of one to two tons
of ore a day.
On low-grade ores picked nt the dump, tli Is little furnace will pay for It.
self every week, besides wages and expenses. l*t someone else do the risk in
mining, und stick to u certainity,
What We Furnish and What it Costs.
A Handy Prospector's Furnace, 3 feet in diameter by 5 feet high, cupola
type with knock-down bottom, made of No. 10 Steele plate, and stiffened with
angle-irons made in two half-circles for easy transportation, and then bolted
together. Two Steele-Hanged metal and slag spouts, one blast supply pipe,
two ladles, three furnace tapping tools, two darlings (or plugging stick"), one
graphite No, 40 crucible, one blacksmith's forge blower, geared complete iu iron
frame, to supply blast by hand-power for the furnace.
The entire outfit complete, readv to lie set up, delivered on board cars
St. Louis, will cost  ONE HUNDRED-DOLLARS NET.     Terms:     ���_�� 0
cash with order, balance draft attached with bill of lading;   the smaller size,
100 t�� SOO Pounds Capacity, Cont 948.00 Net.
Terms:   $20.00 cash with order, balance draft attached to bill of lading; 6
per cent discount for cash with order.
Printed Directions and instructions as to setting up furnace, fluxing
material, fuel, smelting operation, separating and refining of base bullion, etc..
We Want a Representative. 415 LOCUSt St., ST. LOUIS, Mo.
Water-Jacketed Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver and
Lead Ores, Aluminum and Nickel Alloys.
Engineer, and Contractors for Equipment of Olieiiilenl   Redaction Works.
Golden City Bakery.
Fresh Bread Daily.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
-Java been effected by tnr
Trueiei, with
perfect ewe to we��re_r.thM.L*&_iUotl��r
 ...... ij|r.
������feet��... to w����r.r than by all 0U.r
luptur. ttodar ae*enai atraln. A.y.-
-m oTsttlw- Haa barn perfected tt..    1
������nit^e-rarj-raa -
M book fro.
IM Ulna; lit. W.,To��MSO,
in tni World ���
"Honaoon ' Tm b put up by the Indian Tea
���mm aa a aampls of th. beet qualities of Indian
T_*  T-mfo*. tiny um tha gnateat on in th.
soU-rtfon of th. Tm aad Ita bind, that la why the.
put It up HiMiMlwa and sail It only In the original
thereby swirinf ita purity and noallmco.
t up In K lb., ��� lb. and j lb, paekagas, and never
���old in bulk
If your (roosr dOM sot Imp It, tell him to writ, to
II and IS front tt-aat East, Toronto.
For Information and tree Handbook writ, to
MUNN A CO.. 861 BbosDWaT, Maw YoaK.
Oldest bureau for securing pawn- In America.
Every "stent Uken out by us Is broughtMore
the Paulo by a not lo given (na ot charge lo UM
Jftbafifit ^mxltm
U-nert-milatlmiol'anr s*ta*tlfc taper {nth*
world. Splendidly Illustrated, Mo Intelligent
nan ehou'il I* -hi jut IL   *-'f1��I!&jM.-����
Kiri sum sin monti.*. Adam mnt-Tk 00*
u_TUBS,Sai llroedway.-.w YorkClty.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cure, the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Job    Department
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
Manufacturers of Sash, Poors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters. Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets.   Al sizes of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith .Shop are prepared to do
all kinds of repairs as soon ns possible. All sizes of Pipe
Fitting and Brass Goods on hand.
Wagon Repairs, Poles, Shafts, Aisles. Spokes & Felloes,
Hickory and Maple Plank.
HOUSTON   &  CO. \
���i-l-llH In.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
the llyv Elect I o a.
hl-rei Sound, Ai g. _(>.���Hon. Mr.
Coni|ili'..Il��r ol Customs^ wa*
>le"����l Iic-pdv 11 majority of 413. Both
tin-ties fought one of 1 liu sternest
ii �� in mu his'iry of the ridini* snd
' ih felt I'onl'd nt of \iotory to'tbe
The Liberals took every nil van
tnj-e of the fact that the Candidate was Glassford,  B.A., tomorrow
1 at 7 30 o'clock,
Church Services.
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow iu St. Paul's Church
at 7:30 o'clock,
Service  will  be  conducted   in the
Presbyterian   Church   by   Rev. T. S.
Objoitlons Taken tothe I'utitlon Filed
Aariliist Mr. Dnstoi'lt.
W. H Wllittaker, ns ajii-t for
Archer Martin hns filed at Kain].iu| S
ft list of pl/eliminrry objections to the
petition uf J J Csrment nu-inst the
-..lection of Hewitt Bostock, M. P.
The objections raised nrj as follows:
(1.) That the snid petition wns | resented and delivery I to the District
Kecistrar of the above hun .iable c .urt
at j-amloo-js, whereas the sume should
have been |iresenie,'l mnl delivered to
the registrar ol the above honorable
dourt at Victor!... (2.) Tli hi the said
petition was not delivered dining office
hours. (3.) That the said petition
states that the election was holden 011
the 23rd day of June in the year cf
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and ninety-six. whereas the said il c-
tion was hold n on t ie ltiih ami 2. rd
days of June in the year of onr Lord
one thousand eight hundred and
ninety-six, and fie said petition should
have so stated. (4,) Tha' the above-
named petitioner was guilty of corrupt
practic is us defined by the Dominion
Elector.s act, aud bv other acts of the
Parliament of Cauada.and askuown to
the Common Law ol Parliament, and
as the term ''corrupt practices" is
interpreted in the interpretation clause
of the Dominion Government Controverted Elections act,before,during at
and after the said election, whereby
and in consequence whereof the sa<d
petitioner was and is incapable of voting at any election of u member of the
House of Commons ot Canada, and
waa uot entitled or qualified to present
the petition herein. (5.) That the
petitioner had not at the time of the
said election and that he was not
inscribed on the list of voters in force
St the time of the said election for the
Yale and Cariboo electoral district,
aud that he did not at the time of the
said election possess, aud does uot now
possess, the qualities entitling hiin to
be a petitioner against the election and
return of the respondent, Hewitt
Bostock. (ii.) That the said petition,
is not in the prescribed form,inasmuch
as the same does not state that the
petitioner's name is subsaribed. (7.)
That the said petition is not properly
marked as au exhibit to the affidavit
of the petitioner present with the said
petition. (8.) That the copy of the
said petition purported to be served is
not a copy thereof within the meaning
of the 10th section of the Dominion
Controverted Elections act. (9.)
That a copy of the deposit receipt has
not been served on the above named
respondent as required by section 11
of the Dominion Controverted Elections set. (10.) That it a oopy of
the said deposit receipt has been served
upon the above-named respondent the
same wus not served within ten days
sfter the day on which tbe petition
was presented, and that no order,of
the oourt or any judge thereof hss
been obtained extending the time for
service of a copy of the said deposit
receipt on the said respondent.
a inluistur of the Crown, aud the bene
fit uf e 'itr repi't'si'iited by a supporter
of the Government was urged on every
plat 1011.1. Mr. Al. Laughlaii's supporters on the other hand, made the most
of the claim that Remedial Legislation
wns no longer a part of their program
and it is freely claimed that money
wns speint lavishly on both sides.
Wi hm an hour after the close of the
poll it was known that Owen Sound,
wliich was Conservative St the general elections by !>!>. had given Paterson
133 ini this practically settled it, as
ir was ai'm tted that the town held
the late of the candidate.
St. John, August 20. Queens and
Sunbury was tile scene of a lively contest, which resulted in tlie election of
Minister Blair liy a majority which
latest obtainable returns place at 604.
Neither men nor money were spared
un either side aud the best speakers of
each party were sent to work up the
electors. Hon. Mr. Blair's election
was practically conceded some days
ago, though the majority was not Ox*
peeled to be so large.
" Hidden
Methodist service will be held in the
school house to-morrow morning at
10 o'clock.
Get your Printing done at
tiie GOLDEN ERA ofiloe. , Neat
and.artistie work done cheap.
The adjourn d  annual  me-tirg of
the   Goiden   Hospital Society will be
hold in tho School House on Monday
evening, Sept. 14th at 8 o'clock.
Chas. H. Parson,
Acting Secretary.
siored���bow preserved,
Ordinary works onPhy.
the Joe tors can't et
I'll but sll the same
you wish lo know. Vour
are the Key to life
snd Its f-*p*r~r*ducuon.
Our book lays ban the
troth. Every man who
wonld regainsexnal vigor lost through folly,
'or develop members
weak by niitnre or wasted by disease, should
write for ont seeled book, "Perfect Manhood." No char;- Addresa (In confidence),
onion PATINTS,
OOPYt-HOHTS,   eta
.formation .nd fn* Handbook writ, to
Oldest bureau (or -w-urlng patent. In Amen	
Brery patent take- ont by as Is brought befo..
���'puDiiobyr ���.-���*-....
In tba
Srnutiiit Mtxttm
'Companies'  Act,"  Part
Am-ndino Acts.
iv., AND
������Kootenav  Consolidated  Mining
Colli'ANY" .(FOltBIGN). REGISTERED the 21st Day op August, 189!i.
I hereby certify that I have this day
registered the "Kootenay Consolidated
Mining Company" (Foreign), under the
"Companies' Act." Part IV., 'SRegis-
tration of Foreign Companies," and
amending acts.
The head office of the said Company
;s situated at the City of Everett,
State of Washington, U.S.A.
T.re objects for which the said Company is established are:���
To carry on a general mining business in the United States and British
Columbia; and to that end to buy,sell,
lease and improve real estate; to locate,
buy, sell, lease and deal in mines and
mining claims; to open, develop, improve, and work mining properties; to
buy, sell, ship, reouce and smslt ores:
to build, equip, lease, operate and
maintain mills.concentrators.amelters,
refineries, and all other buildings and
plants of every kind and description
whatsoever, necessary and proper to
carry out the purposes of said corporation ; to build, equip, lease, operate
and maintain rail and tram ways snd
wagon roads; to lease, purchase snd
operate steamboats; aud to do any and
all other acts necessary, essential or
incident to the purposes of said corporation as above enumerated.
The capital stock of ths said Company Is one million dollars, divided
into one million shares of tbe par
value of one dollar each.
Given under my hand snd seal of
iffice, at Victoria, Province ot British
Columbia, this 21st day of August,
[1-.8.] S. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
 dronlttlon of m
world.   Splyodldl* lllut-
man should be without It.
rwiri H.J0.la months.
Gold Quartz
Advertiser will promptly
investigate promising prospects and close a deal immediately on satisfactory proposition. Send fullest particulars and fair samples,
with price asked to
W. Thos. Newman,
Care of "Golden Era"
Golden, B.G.
An Improved Ranch,
East Kootenay, B.C.
Lot 272, Group.,1, known ss th*
Csnnsn Ranch. 819 seres of bottom
lend situate at the mouth of Sinclair
Creek, Columbia Rivst, fsnn buildings
etc.   Apply to
Solicitors, Victoris, B.C.
Or to A. G. M. SPRAGGE,
Solicitor, Donsld, B.C.
"How to Find Them,"
Practical Information
���o:~ ���
Mines, Metals and Ores
A Complete Glossary of Mining Terms.
Sent post paid on receipt cf price.
Two   Dollars.
The Golden Era Publishing Company,
Golden, B.C.
Shorey's Hing
Every garment is warranted to give satisfaction and hat a little <
guarantee card in the pocket '
Their materials are all good and every team is sewn with the best;
linen thread.   Shorey's Clothing is cut on such a variety of patterns 1 >
that any figure can be perfectly fitted.   All Shorey's Bicycle Suits',
and Spring and Fall Overcoats are Waterproofed by the Rigby Process;;
snd no extra charge for it <'
All dealers sell Shorey's Clothing now because their customers! \
insist on having it ''
The Western Ming Co.
Reffina, N.W.T.
Manufacturers Of
��� lVl-UJU/UIlalU9 nnd British Columbia.
Calgary, Alb.


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