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The Golden Era Jun 26, 1897

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Array *
VOL. VI. NO. 47.
$2 Per Year
General $ Merchant,
Great Clearing Sale
*r OF +"
Summer Dry Goods
This is a Genuine Bale and no reasonable
offer will be refused. Goods must go and
unusual Bargains will be given.
LADIES' Blouses, Muslin
Underwear, Embroideries,
Laces, Feathers, Flowers,
Hosiery and Gloves*:
Plain and Fancy Muslins,
Blouse Silks and
Dress Goods.
Best English Prints, 10c per yard, worth 16c.
In Ladies'' Shoes we surpass in Price and Quality.
Ladies' Black and Tan Oxfords'selling for $1.00 per pair,
Usual price, *-*l.50.
r-eeooooooo eoo ooo
Gents Furnishings	
Underwear and Top Shirts,
Collars and Ties,
Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes.
oeocob etc5__5_SS
Miners Supplies a Specialty
"6 oo tta"ao~cTo o o e oe 0"
.. Agent For . .
Phamix of London and other Fire Insurance Cos
+   +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+ +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
+ +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
Revelstoke will be lighted by electricity.
Superintendent White is nt the
washout on hia way went.
The Oolden school disbanded on
Friday for the holidays.
The telegraph wires were down today be* ween Oolden and Banff.
* Get your canvas signs for the Oth
of July painted by John A. Muir.   67
On Tuesday Becorder Lang left for
Bugaboo to lay off a trail up the valley.
Neiaon in to have n $25,000 hotel. J.
J?. Hume, M. P., ia one ol the principal promoters.
Rev. 0. E. Smith will hold services
at the Methodist Church, Golden, on
Sunday at 7 p.m.
The report that Queen Victoria hoo
been seized with blindness turns out to
have been untrue.
Monday waa probably tha hottest
day of the season, tlie thermometer
registering 9(1 degrees.
Judge Vowell, Indian Agent.urrived
at Golden ou Monday anil proceeded
up tbe river next dav.
Postmaster WArreu haa on sale *
supply of Jubilee stuinjis. Tbe design*
and coloring are attractive.
An Intelligent lad la wanted for tht
Golden Era office. Permanent situation to one proving suitable.
The Golden Lumber Co. have purchased an engine from the 0. P. R.
for running between thu mill ami. the
railway siding.
Dr. Taylor reports 18 out- patients
and 4 in patients at the Golden hoai i-
ta! during the week. The typhoid patient is now doing well.
The Hospital Trustees will be glad
if nny residents of Golden having
books to spare will kindly neitd them
to the hospital for the use of the
At the inquest on the fatal accident
nt Laurie the jury censured t|ie G. P.
R. company on account of their allowing the timbers in the tunnel to get in
had conditiou.
Tenders closed on last Frldav for the
purchsae of Kootenay House. It la understood that Mr. Adler Is the successful tenderer, though his offer is not yet
definitely confirmed till tbe sitting of
the count.
We have received from Miss Cornwall, Secretary to the New Brunswick
Tourist Association, a neatly got up
pamphlet and illuatratcd circular setting forth the attractions of "The
Ideal Resort of the Continent."
The clearing sale advert load by H.
G. Parson is a thoroughly genuine
one, as the firm bave arranged for
large importations for nest season
and must therefore clear their present
stock, which they are offering at cost,
A much needed business is being
added to Golden, where Dan Colder,
lately of Winnipeg, has decided to open
a drug etore, having secured the premises hitherto occupied by D. L. Betts-
chen. The premises are being enlarged
for the new occupant.
The Government Agent informs us
that it has been determined that the
vote made at last session of Parliament for building a look-up and court
house In the southern portion of East
Kootenay will be expended In erecting
these buildings at Fort Steele.
At the Church of England, Golden,
on Snnday, the Queen's Jubilee was
celebrated by the singing of ibe National Anthem. The service* were
conducted by Mr. J. F. Armstrong,
who gave a sermon appropriate to the
occasion. JS. Plowright presided ui
tbe organ.
C. A. Warren haa received a circular
from Lady Aberdeen asking him to
main known the scheme for the founding of tbe Victorian Order of Nurses
in Canada in commemoration of the
Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Mr. Warren il alio asked to receive subscriptions for the fund and has the book
for the purpose
Amongst those mentioned for the
new Gold Commisslonersblp for East
Kootenay on the division of the distriot and the appointment of Mr. J. F.
Armstrong to tbe Fort Steele end are:
Messrs. Edwards, Fort Steele; Goldie,
Windermere; and J. Stirrett, Dbnnld.
Mr. Edwatde is the senior recorder of
the district and has that claim on the
position. Mr. Goldie comes next In
point of seniority. At the northern
end of the distriot, however, many ad*
vooate the appointment of Mr. Stirrett
on account of the excellent manner In
which he has diaebarged his public
duties at Donald.
Another steamship line will run between Jennings ami Steele ami lias announced a reduction in rates.
The first lot of passengers and mails
from the east not through this morning, the trnin containing thirteen passenger cars loaded up.
H. G. Parson has imported a lot of
English and American hats,nud is offering goad bargains in these and in all
kinds of summer goods.
Last week W. MeNeish received a
cable message from the Mitchell-Innes
Bros., stating that they expected to
leave in u fortniitht for Golden, On
their arrival work will be pushed on
at their claims on Canyon Creek.
James Henderson depute hod to Port
Steele by the steamer Duchess on
Tuesday four of his men to proceed
with his contract for the building of
the Catholic Church at St. Eugene's.
Mr. Greer has been appointed foreman
of the work, which will be vigorously
pushed on.
On Sunday morning G. B, McDermot received an order from (>. Brick-
son. of the C. P. R., to despatch ai
once nearly half a carload of provisions for the men engage.! in repairing the damage to tho lino between
Banff ami Catimore, so lie set to work
to get the order olf.
I). L. Bettschen, "Jeweller," loft for
Furt Steele this morning to 0|ieii a
jewelry store on Riverside .vventie.
During his short business career in
Golden Mr. Bettschen proved himself
to lie a skilful workman, giving universal satisfaction. His many friends
wish him success ia his now venture.
The Sports Committee are delighted
witli the gift of Hiram Walker A
���Sons, of Wnlkerville, who enclosed
them a checque for $35 for the purchase of a trophy in the shape ot a
silver cup. The Secretary of the Sports
.applied to other firms iu the same Hue
of business for assistance towards the
prize list, but didn't net the courtesy of
a reply. The bojn now swear 1 y
Walker's ryes,
Ia the discussion on the tariff in
the House of Commons reference was
made to British Columbia and Mr.
Mostoek showed that the reduction in
the duty on mutton would be beneficial to the farmers of British Colombia and the people generally. Sheep
were brought in from Washington
snd sent to graze on the ranches, destroying the food for the cattle as
they would uot eat after the sheep.
British Columbia waa not a sheep
country. Tbis reduction of duly
would give cheap mutton.
A pleasing Incident .occurred on
Monday night when G. B. McDtrmot
and F. C. Lang gave a fireworks demonstration in honor of the Jubilee,and
as an entertainment to the children.
Tliere waa a large attendance of citizens and the display was a great success, especially tbe "fire elephant."
Mra. and the Mioses Lang kindly provided refreshments for the visitors.
The gathering concluded -by tbe sing
ing of the National Anthem and
hearty cheera for Mrs. and the
Misses Lang for their hospitality.
We have received from H. G. Parson, the local agent, a copy of tbe
Jubilee uumber of tlie B. C. Mining
Record. Thie publication is a splendid advertisement of the mineral resources of British Columbia. It is
well edited, the information supplied
having been compiled by the editor,
Mr. Begg, with care and research. The
illustrations comprise views of the
Golden Cache of the cities of Victoria.
Vancouver, Fairview, Greenwood.
Boundary Creek, Albert Canyon anil
Funny Bny. The letter press is most
creditable to the printers, the Province
Company. We hope in future to see
some notes from Golden regularly in
the Record, the importance of the district as a mining centre justifying our
Messrs. Fulmar and K-rfoot, who
have secured the contract between
Golden and Fort Steele, inform us that
It is their intention to put on a first-
class stage line if they can obtain/ the
support necessary to warrant them in
doing so Mr. Fulmer says we have
from Golden to Wan one of the finest
volleys In Canada. He thinks tbat
the bulk of the traffic of this great
valley should come in via. Golden uutil the Crow's Nest line ia completed,
and believes this trade could be cultivated with the assistance of the people
of Golden, and especially the hotel
keepers, who would mainly benefit by
the inorease, Mr. Fulmer will move
hie family here and manage the business ut the Golden end, and Mr. Ker-
foot at the Fort Steele end. The firm
will make u specialty of ex press business and of receiving aud despatching
telegrams for people along the rood.
The; intend keeping two or three
democrats for the use of commercial
men and parties.
News in Brief
Capt. Boycott is dead.
Levy's hotel at Cody was burned.
Big timelier to be built at Seattle.
Natives of Bechuanaland are in revolt.
Prospector named Pierce missing at
Another infernal machine exploded
in Purls,
T.vo children burned to death at
Day tun, Ohio.
Indians chased prospectors out of
Wichita, Kas.
Turks   threaten   to    resume    war
against Greece.
Barney Barnato's relations cropping
up everywhere.
Woman died at Kingston under a
dental operation.
Jubilee celebrated at Victoria by
military review.
Business portion of Eldoro, Cal.,
destroyed by fire.
Great storm on Irish Sen. Many
fatalities reported. ��
Two fishermen drowned nt Halifax
by host foundering.
. Rev. Bull, Presbyterian minister,
died biiddeuly at Toronto.
Fight reported between French and
Italian laborers iu France.
Severe earthquakes In Mexico, Town
inundated uud 10 lives lott.
Three men and boy frozen to death
on way to Yukon goldfields.
J. H. Nolan appointed Sub-Collector of customs at Waneta.
Man killed his sister-in-law and
himself at Portage La Prairie.
Millionaire Bradbury sent to jail
for spitting in street at 'Frisco.
Province of Assam, India, mined
by earthquake,   u'000 people killed.
Treasurer of Barrie, Ont., disappeared and accounts short $10,000.
Earthquakes in India. Great damage done and serious in consequence.
Bulgarian Captain arrested for having thrown his mistress into the river.
Cambridge University conferred
honoruiry degree on Premier Laurier.
Liberal Government of Quebec economizing by dismissing civil servants.
Butler, the Australian murderer,
sentenced to death. Hc attempted
Attempt made to murder President
Faure of France by dynamite explosion.
Commons adjourned at Ottawa on
Monday. June 21, by singing National
Steamer Sultan foundered between
Jeddah ami Calcutta and ten natives
Man named Welsh, wife and two
children burned by lamp explosion at
Pittsburg, Pa.
Higgius' stables. Missoula, Mont.,
burned, including Strauster, a jockey,
and tive horses.
Morton, Cashier of United States
Revenue, suicided at 'Frisco. Two
other suicides reported there.
Standard Oil Co. paid 3 per cent for
quarter with extra dividend of 7 per
cent, distributing $10,000,000.
Geo. Keiger. foreman ol Devil's
Lake Co. at Barkerville, waa killed by
powder gae in company's tunnel.
Bums A Lewis, wholesale clothiers.
London. Out., called meeting creditors.
Assets ?:ls,0U0, liabilities 139,000.
H. Mc Williams, C. P. R. locomotive fireman, was stunned by lightning
at Reaiiie and fell from engine cutting
The Dominion Government has
asked Parliament to authorise a loan
of $15,000,000 to pay off the fioating
public debt. ...
Attempt made to hold up a traiu
near St. Louis, but sheriff got hint
from one of gang and stopped ^shooting one of the robbers.
Ellis Island immigration buildings.
New York, have been burned, causing
loss to the U. S. Government of three-
quarters of a million of dollars.
The brother of Almighty Voice, the
Indian who gave so much trouble, is
seeking vengeance and has killed the
cuttle on Gordon's (arm, where the
��� rouble aroae.    The police have gone
We have received from the Province
Publishing Co. the third aeries of
mining maps issued hy them. This
series includes four colored mups of
the central division of West Kootenay.
Tbe maps are well got up and are invaluable to the mining mau (or reference purposes. The publication also
contains valuable mining information.
Owing to the damage done to the
line through the Rocky Mountains
the Golden Lumber Co. has .had a
busy week supplying piles ..ud ties for
repair work. Mr.; Macready. Inspector
of Timber for tbe C. P. R.. hns been
actively engaged in the select Ion mid despatching of tbe timber, of which four
special train-loads have been sent by
the Golden Lumber Company to the
scene of the damage.
G. B. McDermot is Increasing the
staff of his store, having secured from
the coast a man to take charge of the
dry goods department who hns hud
experience in one of the largest hous-rs
in the east. Mr. McDermot has also
added to the Staff a shipping-clerk who
has had 16 years' experience in putting
up supplies for camps, &c. This
man will attend to the receiving of
goods from tbe C. P. R. and to the
putting up and shipping of orders. Mr.
McDermot is making a specialty of
putting up supplies for miners, so that
they can be safely and conveniently
packed over tbe mountains.
At Windermere on Wednesday niaht
Capt. Armstrong entertained the passengers by the Duchess aud the peopl*
of Windermere with a magnificent
display of fireworks. As the steamer
sailed up tu tbe landing colored liuhts
were burned, a salute of 21 guns tired,
and the effect of the fireworks on the
pretty lake was something grand.
The party then landed, toasted the
health of the popular Captain, and
celebrated tbe Jubilee by singing tl>e
National Anthem. The passengers
were delighted with the treat provided
by Capt. Bacon, but it was rather disappointing that his efforts for their en-
cainment wero not better appreciate!
by the people of Windermere, for
whose entertainment the treat wag
specially provided.
The washout between Banff and
Canmore last week resulted in the destruction of 16 bridges and culverts on
the C. P. K., including the Kanaims-
kis' Devil's Head, and Calgary bridges.
The formation was swept away or
badly damaged for a length of twel.e
miles, and traffic waa blocked from
Wednesday of last week till yesterday.
It is reported that, through
traffic will be resumed liy
Monday next. Passengers frimi
this end were detained nt Banff;
about 600 of them gathered there, but
were treated splendidly by the C. P.
R. Canmore was under water, and i,t
Anthracite tbe water entered McNeill's mine and drowned the hor-es
kept tbere. The mine will probably
have to be shut down.
- - YOU CAN - -
Boots & Shoes
Hats & Caps
Straw Hats
Dress Goods
Large Stock and Must be Reduced,
Prospectors and Miners Supplies Always in Stock.
���_��_���__, ___.
\   ���
- golden -
In Every
��� Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Crockery and
Fancy Goods,
Stoves and
Flour and Feed,
$ Groceries.
To Advertisers ana Subscribers.
The tlOI.IlEN BRA .s published every
Friday evening. It is tlie beat advertising
medium in tlie'Ei.st Kootenay district.
Subscription Rani* i til.00 per annum in
Alteration* und changes of titan-ling ndver-
tiseriienta must be in the office not later than
noon ou .Ve-liiGN-lny to ensure insertion, but
ciisiiul advertisements will bo receivotl up till
noou on Friday.
While all reiisoniiblo cure will Iio taken, the
proprietors will not lie responsible liir any
omission or error in uny advertisement,
All accounts to lie paid in the .MmiiiKiiiK
Diroctor, or his authorM agent, from ivlioin
the compuny's receipt will lie olilailiod.
Advertising rail's: Display ails., Sl.iiO per
column inch; l.��g I nils., 10 cunt* per line
for lirst iiuKirlimi, I) cents fur puck -_l.litia.iinl
insertion; Reading notices, I'i cunts |ier line
each issue.
All business coiiimiiniciitions should Im nil-
dressetl to tho Miiiiiigiug Director, nml nil
literary coiiuiiuiiicntioiis, letters for publication or news items slioulil bo uihlrcssotl to the
Correspoiuleiico is Invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must 1* brief. In tlie case of
anonymous letters the mime nntl address of
the writer must lw enclosed, not for publication, but for the private Information of the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith.
The Golden Era CarapaRf Limited Liabllitf.
Omen, Oolden, B. C.
Mining Supplies
A special feature of
our business.
We Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the mountains. We employ an
old, experienced packer,
-whose duty it is to per-
** sonally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains before leaving
the premises.
We hove something for you
for the next two weeks.
200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies' and Children's Boots
and Shoes at Cost for
the next 30 days.,
��� ��� Don't ��� ���
Miss Tbis Opportunity)
���Kite OatH-en ffiro
(Edited  by E. A. Haoubn.)
FRIDAY,   JUNE 25,  1897.
The action of the Postal Department
in connection with the new mail contract between Oolden and Fort Steele
boo given great dissatisfaction
throughout the district. The department colled for tenders for a weekly
mall, winter and summer, and then
let a contract for a weekly mail In
winter and a bi-weekly mail in winter.
On the otlier hand the Government
had the offer of.a mail twice a week
each way In summer and onee in winter at a reasonable rate, and rather
than arrange for a lest efficient service
the department should have secured o
better service than that advertised for
when the opportunity offered. The
increase of population and rush of
prospectors into the country between
Oolden and Fort Steele fully justified
the better service. Ao it io now, the
mails from Fort Steele mainly go by
the American side owing to the better
facilities. The policy.uf the Dominion Government ought to be to
help Canada to hold her own ground,
whereas the action-ol the Postal Department complained of in this instance la a deliberate sacrifice ol the
national interest. That twice-a-week
service between Golden and Fort Steele
is wanted, and must be got.
Complaints came to us of the sale of
the Windermere mine, and of another
at Bugaboo, having been upset by the
interference of persons wbo are para-
sites on tbe mining Induotry ol Eaot
Kootenay. Two or three ouch parasites hove been a curse to this distriot
in the past. They would not do lion-
eat prospecting work themselves, but
simply lay like the tiger In a sneaking
attitude watching to pray on some unfortunate miner, either by setting up a
olaim, stealing a chance or a bond by
fraud or misrepretemotion, threatening legal proceedings or some other
such process ol blackmail. Wherever
wo can get clear evidence of thio sort
of thing In future we shall expose it,
and shall do our utmost to hunt out of
the distriot such claim-jumpers and
paraoltes. II the Gold Commioaloner
would put hie loot down on thio sort
of thing that hat been going on when
It cornea before him he would do good
work for the district and would have
the rapport of the publio In suoh a
It must be gratifying to the Liberal
party to see the worth ot their great
leader acknowledged by those opposed
to him in religion and politics.
Sir Charles Tupper, in seconding the
address of congratulation to Her Majesty, said of Wilfred Laurier: "I
may at the outset take the opportunity
ot expressing the satisfaction I feel
that this tributo ot the Parliament of
Canada will be laid at the foot ol the
throne by one so well calculated in
every way to re| resent this Dominion." The Canada Presbyterian, referring to Premier Laurier. visit to
the old country, says: "It must certainly be gratifying to Canadians, of
whatsoever stripe of politics, to have
their country represented by one
so eminently fitted to represent it
Compare these tributes with tbe attitude taken by Father Bayard at
Windsor last week when that fanatic
nde a vicious wordy attack on
Laurier and the Dominion Government. He "regretted tliere were so-
called Catholics who refused to submit
to the authority ol the church. All
opposing this authority would be
crushed sooner or later. He instanced
men who had died miserable deaths because they had opposed separate
Protestants and Catholics want to
live together In harmony in thio country, and the Church of Rome should
remove from office a priest who will
disgrace his position by endeavoring
to stir up strife and religious enmity.
It will be remembered that during
the past session of the Provincial Legislature Lieut.-Governor Dewdney refused his assent to the bill dealing
with cheap Asiatic labor. He fives
an American contemporary the reason
for his action, which was that the
bill wns a piece of "hysterics" on the
part of the Provincial Parliament. It
I- highly improper in the Lieut.-Gov-
ernor to make such a statement and
excuse, The people of this Province
and their representatives in Parliament
know what they want without going
into "hysterics," and Mr. Dewdney
has no right to set tha popular will at
defiance so that his friends the Duns-
muirs may add to their wealth by
employing cheap Asiatic labor to the
detriment of the working men of this
Province. It is high time British
Columbia was run for the benefit ot
the people as a whole und not solely in
the interests of a few monopolists. It
Premier Turner had done his duty he
would have insisted on the will of Parliament being given effect to.
Every yonng town should take precautions to secure ample reserves of
land for the recreation of the people.
At Golden there is tbe piece of land
which hoo just been named Ihe Jubilee
Park, and at Donald ths Dominion
owns a strip between the railway and
the river. Each town should take
oteps to secure the piece of land referred to for the purposes ot a public
park by having tbe land reserved fnr
the purpose and vested In trustees
selected by the people of each town.
By voluntary subscriptions tho land
oould bo cleared, Hid out in wolko ond
race and bicycle traoko, ond tho out-
skirts planted witb trees. Those parka
could thuo be made attractive spots.
that it is valueless as a means of publicity, Ths charges for advertisements in this publication were recently
raised fifty per cent. The system is
simply a means of the Government
fleecing the public. It is quite sufficient publicity that these notices
should appear in the newspapers circulating in the different districts,
without piling on to applicants the
additional expense of advertising in
the Government Gaoette.
The Dominion Government should
build a sanitarium at Banff, something like public sanitariums established by the Government at the Hot
Springs and tourist centres of New
Zealand. These public sanitariums are
open to people in poor circumstances;
medical attendance, good hotel accommodation, and the use ot the baths
being provided for about $G a week.
Nature did not place these spri ngs at
Banff for the rich alone who can afford to pny lor luxuriant hotel accommodation and exorbitant medical
charges. The poor should have the
privilege of the benefit of these springs
as well as the rich, and it is the duty
of the Dominion to provide accordingly.
One of the works most urgently required from the Government Is the
opening ot the Moberly trail between
Donald and Canoe river. Prospectors
want to get into this country. The
prospects already obtained justify the
opening ot this part ol the country.
The bridge over the Wait-a-Bit at
Donald requires to be rebuilt, and a
bridge is needed over the Bluewoter.
We hope Mi*. J. F. Armstrong will
recommend the Government to put
these works in hand at on early dote,
We congratulate the Orangemen of
Montreal on lhe manly spirit which
actuated them in refusing to take port
in the Jubilee parade os a distinctive
body on the ground that their appearance in regalia might be distasteful tn
tholr fellow citizens. The semblances
of the religious feuds of the past
should be burial in oblivion and all
should unite for the welfare of the
The Koctenay Miners' Protective
Association had a meeting at Nelson
last week at which they denounced the
Companies'Act as utterly unintelligible.
Yet the Province pays Lawyers Pooley
and Eberts several thousand dollars a
year for such bungling legislation. It
ia high time that some plain English
was put into the B. C lawa. At
present neither the public, the lawyers
nor the judges know whut they mean.
This issue the Golden Eua appears
In enlarged and improved form. Further improvements oro being arranged.
We want to make the Era a credit to
the district, and that it shall be recog
niaed as a valuable aid to the develop
ment ot the district. Iu this we hope
to have and to deserve lhe support and
confidence of the people
We hove it on tbe boot authority
that arrangements are practically made
for the connection of Goldeu and Fort
Steele by telegraph.
As the Blaeberry is coming into
prominence oo o locality for minerals,
a trail ahould be immediately opened
along its course to give access as far
as the headwaters. We draw the attention of the Government Agent, Mr.
Armstrong, to the necessity of thio
work in the hope that it will soon be
put In hand.
The Colonist asks what we want to
know about B. C. charms ond promises to oblige us, We shall give our
contemporary an opportuity to prove
Its sincerity. The first lot we want to
know all about are those acquired by
the E. * N. Railway, theB. C, Southern Syndicate, and the Heinze A Corbin grants.
From Kidney Disease-Gravel and Stricture
An Absolute Cure Found in South American Kidney Cure- A Remedy That
Never Fails in tlie Most Distressing
The solid evidence of experience is behind
South American Kidney Cure.    Mr. Wilbur
Goff, of Chippewa, Ont., is simply one ol
hundreds who have spoken in equally strong
terms.   He says:  "Alter taking six bottles
of South American Kidney Cure I am completely cured of stricture and gravel, having
suffered from these complaints for over ten
yean,    I found great relief after taking nmi
bottle but continued the remedy until I was
perfectly cured and I am now enjoyiug the
best of health."
Sold by C A. Warren. 61
No Matter How Intense the Pain South American Rheumatic C,ure Will Remove it
Quickly -A Lady of Higbgate Telia
What It Did for Her-Permsneut Cure
of a Com of Yean Standing.
It has been declared by scientists thatevery
disease has a remedy.   The difficulty is to
always find the remedy.    In rheumatism
South America- Rheumatic Cure bu been
found a certain antidote for this painful disease.  It ia always effective. Mrs. N. Ferris,
wife of a well-known manufacturer of High
gale, Out., says;   "I waa seriously affected
wiih rh lunatic pains in my ankles, and at
times was almost disabled.  1 tried every-
lung, an I thought, und doctored for years
without much benefit.    I was induced to use
South American Rheumatic Cure.   To my
delight, the lint dose gave me mora relief
than 1 luul for yean, and two bullies bave
completely cured me."
Sold by 0. A. Warren. 51
At Golden, B. C,
Suits to Measure From
$15 up
H*w is It Ronel
1st���By buying for spot cash and
getting all the advantages.
Snd���By selling tor spot cash and
avoiding all bad debts.
3rd���By doing my own cutting and
saving 1100 per month.
4th-By saving heavy travelling
and other expenses.
In patronising me you support the
the claims of labor. I pay lbs
highest rate of wages
and expect the
Scientific Cutter and Practical
Tailor, Golden, B. C.       otc
A practice that has grown to a publio mischief In the Province is that of
requiring application regarding land,
mine*, low qualification, Ac, to be advertised in the Government Gaaette.
Nobody exoept the officials and a few
newspaper editors read the Gaset'e, so
A Kincardine Banker wbo Suffered Distressingly from Indigestion���Apparently a
Hopeless Cose of Stomach Trouble Un 11
South American Nervine wu Used-Hia
Words arei "It Cured Me Absolutely."
What this wonderful remedy for oil forms
of stomach trouble con do ia best told iu the
words of John Boyer, banker, Kincardine,
Ont.   "Abou* a year ago as a result of heavy
work no doubt, I became vory much troubled
with Indigestion: SMociotod with  It wore
those terribly distrtj-ing feelings that can
hardly be described iu any language,   load
tried various methods of ridding myself of
the trouble, but without success, until t wu
influenced to use South American Nervine.
The result, and I gladly say It for the benefit
of others���this remedy cured mo, and I never
hesitate to recommend it to any person affected with any form of stomach trouble."
Sold by C. A. Warren. r,l
Notice to the Public
Notice is hereby given that Mr. D. M. Roe
ia not.���iiiiimcte.l with the management nf tlie
Golden Era, and that I am tbe only person
anthorliod to make contracta and tn collect
null ruceivs payment of accounts due to the
proprietory company.
E. A. Haoobn,
Managing Director Gulden Era
l ..mpany Limited Liability.
Dated thu 17th day of May, HOT.
Business Cards.
Sign  Writer, Painter  and
Paper Hanger,
Ordero promptly attended to.
Present address, Russell House.    22tc
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        89to
Builder and Contractor,
-   -  -  -  Golden, RO.
A supply of  Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to ordero. 28tc
D.L.S. * P.L.S. for B.C. Dominion *
Provincial Land Surveyor, Draughto-
man, Valuator, Etc., Calgary, N. W.
T, Correspondence Solicited.
R. J. Jbpson, D.L.S., P.L.S. ot B.C.
and Ont. Calgary, Alba.
Undertakers and
.    .  .  Embalmers,
Calgary     *     ���      Alb*
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Oolden, B. C.
Will be in Oolden on Monday of each
week. 86te
Clock ond Jewelry, repairing done in
tbe best stylo of the tr.de ��� "    '
least possible delay,    "oil I
i wilh tho
press orders receive prompt aUentlou
john McMillan,
Kit-knit' ui Jenlkf - CiUei. I. C.
(Opposite the Colombia Houso.)
Agent for Ike I'snadiaa Bbmu-v *
Assaying Works
Away��. Teals and Smelling of Ores
wilh tho greatest expedition and oel*
entiflc accuracy
lull or wriie lor further tafar-oatk-
Assay Offices and Chemical Laboratory,
Vancouver, H. 0.
Established IHO.
For several yesr*. with Vivian k Bona,
Swansea, and local Mprsoontotive for tbem.
For 6 years manager for the ossoyen to
the Kio Tlnto Co., London.
Canadian representative of the Cossol Gold
-itraciiiig Uo., Lid, Uluagow   (Cyanide
N.B.���All work personally ���n-periatooded.
Only compe.eutmeu employed. No pupils
received. Tte
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mall, free of charge, one of their
illustrated Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
The   Nellson   Furniture  Co.
Calgary, Alberta.
For Sale
Farm of 160 acres near Uolden; DO acres in
cultivation; well watered. Outbuildings con
��i��t of hay abed, poultry yards, niot house,
milk house and atables. For price ond particulars apply to
E. A. Haoobn.
SOtc Office of the Era, Golden.
Wnnfxul���Agenla for "Queen Vic
vTUIlWU *-,;�� Her Reign and Dlo
mood Jubilee," overnowlog wilh latest ond
richest pictures. Contains the endorsed biography of Hor Majesty, with authentic History of her remarkable reign, and full account of the Diamond Jubilee. Only il.Hl.
Blgbook, Tremendous demand. Bononso
for agents. Commission 60 per cent. Credit
given. Freight paid, iiutht rasa. Duty
paid. Writ* quick for outflt and territory.
Dearborn St., Chicago,
For Sale
_ Patents for o Hallway Coupler and a Rope
Clamp,  For particulars apply to
lMc The Golden Era Oflk-e,
" It m worth tko prlc* tuj��_�� ]/*���������
wonma noes a nowspafw."���Oar_sg|ou
ni jotnuM. uma to
Blue Peicil Biles.
__. or. vrmrrratm.
A Fgtktt *^t^*9tot -"���Tf ���JJl'J *9fi22_2*
VmmmX taWtmr
__   .   ��� ..IWRKtSPS
g^^%%jAmrimmmmt: THE GOLDEN EUA. .TODAY, JUNE 2"..  1S97
Hrovlnelul Polities
The Hon. Mr. Higgins, Speaker of
the Provinoial Parliament of B. O,
haa informed the Nelson Miner that he
oould no longer conscientiously endorse
the general policy of tbe Turner administration.
Asked if he favored the organisation
of opposition forces, Mr. Higgino replied:
"Yes; it wonld be highly desirable
at the proper time, but that time has
not yet arrived. As soon as it does,
' however, I sincerely believe that the
plan' suggested by the Miner would be
the most practical and effectual. Under
the auspices ot the Reform Party of
British Columbia, a convention should
be held at which every electoral distriot in the Province ohould be
equitably and thoroughly represented
by the irlends of good government.
Then a platform enunciating the
party's principles must be drafted and
adopted. With ouch a doctrine ot
' government as thio would be, and a
thorough organization of eupporters in
0,11 districts, the result is a foregone
conclusion. The present administration would- be overwhelmingly defeated
. at the next elections."
When questioned concerning his
opinion ot the government'a railway
policy, Mr, Higgins said:
"It is not for me at present to discuss such things, but I think that my
actions at that last session ot the
legislature should bb a sufficient an-
ewer to your question. I left the
speaker's chair and descended to the
floor of the house to emphatically pro-
teat against the passage of the Cassiar
Central' Railway charter and land
grant because I considered it a most
iniquitous piece of legislation. The
grant should never have beet), given. I
oun. bitterly opposed to such waste of
V.he public domain. I may also say
that I favor the immediate revocation
of all railway land grants to those
who have not complied with the terms
tinder whioh ths Undo wore obtained."
a ���
tloMen Sports
A meeting ot tbe committee of the
G olden Snorts Association was held at
tltie Columbia House on Tuesday evening. Present: Messrs. Warren (chair-
man), Adler (secretary), McNeish,
Pugh, Hagger and Lamotitaigne. A
letter waa read from the Golden Oun
Club asking that the conditions of the
- -gun olub competition should be limited
to IC shots per man with known traps
and. unknown angles agreed to.
It was decided that the secretary ohould write to the different gun clubs inviting them to
attend. The Oround committee reported that they proposed to roll the
track befoie each of the bicycle events
oo on to get it into as good condition
aa possible. It woo decided to write
te oak the Towa Committee to see the
Government Agent about putting the
rood to the Jubilee Park in proper
condition. The secretary was instructed to write to the Golden Lumber
Company and ask them to give their
employees a holiday on the occasion of
t_e sports.
���* a
Oolden Behool������opart for Jane
In the report which follows io given
���the' names of the two pupils ranking
highest in each class. Average attendance, 27:
Fifth close���Winifred Armstrong
ranks lot; Jennie Wells ranks 2nd; 4th
���dose-Gertie Fields, 1st; Mary Connor, 2nd; 3rd elass-Oiura Good, 1st;
Maggie Archer, 2nd; 2nd class-
Arthur Jayoes, 1st; Lottie Woodley,
Snd; Part II���Marjorie Armotrong,
lot; Stanley Moodie, 2nd; Port I-Addle Antoya, lot; Thomas Connor, 2nd.
Rotj-nr noMoa.
Deportment, Marjorie Armstrong;
regularity ond punctuality, Omra
Good; proficiency, Jennie Wells,
����� ikouaaads'. lab, Sun eat Always istlabla
���VIAE SUBSTITUTES, tnm Jd Aetata
m mamet, tm nam uis malls., an nedat et
tt.oo. Sealed *a*tlo-aaSas��-> >
HAI R3g��|��
���PILa-roH.'MiHilylianBlsas. Snakg.taaa.saaM,
jji.���c.||,i n-prio tl.OO.   A|.ni. *���*���>��*.
of teeth.
Windermere ,
June ICth, 1897.
In spite of a long spell of wet weather, prospecting and development are
being busily pursued in this district.
High up prospectors report a heavy
foil of onow. Notwithstanding the
inclemency of the elements several new
finds are reported. Among these Mr.
Troyer and his party have located a
copper claim. The ledge also appears
rich In rock which ought to carry
gold. Mr. Trover's party came in a
lew days ago for produce and drills,
intending to start development rigln
Reports of the work now being done
on the Mineral King, a galena proposition, are very encouraging, We
wish Mr. Lindsay every success.
An unknown outfit, presumably
from West Kootenay, located near
Horse Shoe Bar, Toby Creek. They
are also working their claim, on which
there is a nine-inch lead, the mineral
being copper pyrites and similar .to
that of the Dragon.
Messrs. Northway and MauKay located a claim on Horse Shoe Creek.
Their specimens from tho surface
highly resemble the Le Roi capping.
An enquiry was held by Mr. Armstrong this evening, a charge having
been brought against Mr. Goldie, the
Recorder, of using his official knowledge to further his own inn-rests. The
charge was entirely refuted and subsequently withdrawn.
a ���
Works Ituqnlrlng Attention
On the representations of the people
of Oolden, and of the Sports Commit
tee,  a member of   the   Town   Board
interviewed   the  Government  Agent
on    Friday    week,     and     entered
a    protest     against   the   way    in
which the work of bridging the Kick
inghorse was being carried out, block
ing the road  and  interfering  with
traffic, while the method of doing the
work was an eyesore to the town.   He
to-    ..
also,  pointed    out     tbat    if   the
bank at the  bridge were removed to
fill up the new crossing as proposed,
the result would be to expose tbe town
to serious damage from the overflow
of    the    Kickinghorse.      He    also
urged the clearing of the road to the
Jubilee Park and steamboat landing.
Mr. Armstrong iu reply said that
his requirements' in regard to the
bridge had not been complied with, but
he would see that the work was
proper! v dono.
The matters referred to have been
subjects of complaint by the people of
Golden for some weeks past, and they
will be glad to know that Mr. Armstrong has taken iniinediato steps to
hove these grievances rectified.
4 ��
The new tariff provides for a special
export duty on ores exported from
Canada. The object of the proposal is
to encourage smelting operations in
this country.
THE ���������'���>���>
Office ...
4  n '
s a
How Good Looks, Perfeot Health
and Pure Blood Can Be Obtained and Maintained
Palna'a Celerj-    Compound   Remove
Every Trace at Diana.
Is your face disfigured by eczema,
pimples, blotches aud blackheads? If
so, your blood is sluggish, impure and
poisoned. While the life-stream is
reeking with impurities you cannot be
healthy and good looking.
If you wonld  renew  the system,
cleanse the blood, and rid yourself oi
disease, yon muat use Paine's Celery\
Compound, the great system-cleanser
and blood purifier.
The following letter from Mr. 1).
MoMohon. Peterboro, Ont., proves that
Paine's Celery Coinpounu -Kisaesst-o
virtues ond life-giving qualities unknown to the ordinary medicines and
doctors' prescriptions:
"I have great pleasure in testifying
to the fact that Paine's Celery Compound has caused a remarkable change
in mv condition.
���I waa troubled with a very bod
type of ectenia on my' face and in
-,iatohes over my body for four years.
I was under treatment of three doctors
at different periods, and also had tried
many remedies, but all proved useless.
At Isst I bought a bottle of Paiuu's
Celery Compound and put In Iodide of
Potassium aa roeoinniemleil on the
label. The oio- bottle did me ao iiim-li
good that I bought five bottles more,
ond now am happy to soy I am perfectly cured and completely free from
lho troublesome disease. 63
NEW Additions have linen mado to our plant
and appliances.
Our prices nre right.
We shidl endeavor to please you.
We have the best of miikiiiiiiisliip.
Sup|"trt local industry.
Givo us a trial.
- : we print : -
That ia what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Managing- Director.
Address: Golden, ft C.
Pacific Ry.
Direct Rail Route to
Montreal and Toronto
Ami all ���astern nniuia,
Lake route lo the east��� Sailings front
I'ort William.
Alberta Evory Tuesday
Athabasca Every Thursday
Mauitoha Ever} .Siiiidny
Shortest and quickest route to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon
Aisl all points In tlie Far Famed Kootenuy
and Silvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
via.tlie famous Empress .Steamers from
Vani-oii vor:
Empress of India ,11st May
Empross tif Japan., -list June
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via the Can, Aus, Line from Vancouver
Aoraugi Mh June
Warrimoo Kill July
Apply fur particulars to
Truffle Manager,
Or to Wiuuipeg.
Agent. WvMen.
*�����*��������� ���. ��� etnaamatanm
-r*Mflaso*,oo_pleUstaa.la!aat Una of Beei
Weal apollsacM lath, world. Thsv have anar
lalMloeura. Waarenpoaainotlt Itot we
will back oar MM eat sand yon sojr Etrctrtoal
A|-pll*-Maov-tk��s_*-*sa4roa oan try It
forThrMMMtlas. LartaotHstettsotlaMS-ls
oo <ai-t- Stad fer book and Journal Tne.
tr. T. Boor * Cn., Wlnd-wr, pat.
Advertise Your District
To do so, send yonr orders for no
to print your memoranda with a
locality may of East Kootenay
and the various locations on the
hack of each form)
The (ktlden Era Company
Limited Liability
General Printors and Publishers,
Golden, B. C.
Wholesale and lief all
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
*   GOLDEN,  B.C.      26tc
Windemere Hotel,
Rest Brands nf
ijitpiors Kopt...
��� ��� ���
Saddle- Horses, Single mid Ilnillilti Rigs
(lu Hire at Shortest Notice.      -lite
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open (or the
admission nf patients,
TICKETS may lie Imil from the undersigned or any menthol' of thi
PRICE Ten Dollars per yenr or Six
Dnllin-H per littlf yeur,
NO EXTRAS except private winds,
Acting Secretary,
Beer!   Beer!   Beer,
The best Ileor iu ('nnadn is nuide by tlto
Calgary   Brewing  & Malting
Co.,   Lt'd.
Manufacturer** of Peer, Aln and Smhi IVatei
Insist uii gutting ('algnry Heer overy inn
Titer utt have it.
The Company'.* Agent for Knst Konteiii.y i
II. tl. Parson,
f.ol.li-n. IM*.
Pore Drags
("ewl tu     i     t     ti
Orbi     i t
New Denver,
THIRTY-8EVENTH YEAR.   ��� ��� ���
Twenty Paces; Weekly; lllnstrated.
nm dollar*, fir viae, tomtit.
panto eoraa nu.
, 280 Market St.,  San Francisco, Cal
to homo comfort and success
Ttwto innderful Dyes save thousands of
fk>i~ri annually lo happy homes in Canada.
At this season, old, tided and loilcddierue-,
capes* jackets, and mens' nml boys' suits c.-.n
bo re dyed, and made lo look aa -tell as new,
at o cost often cent*.
lli.imond Dyes nre lhe enslcl In use | Ihey
are the hriehict.sit.mp-estatid m.*.t dutnl >lc.
Ask lor I'm "Diamond"! mAiao ail other*
Direction Book aad samples of colored clcth
free, address
iVi.i.i.s_ RicHARD--oyCa, MontrealR <}.
"The Province" Series of
Mining Maps
Of British Columbia
-siM Sheet Three ms-
Slocan District contains  Four  Colored   Maps, Mining
Code,   Mining  Laws, Etc.
Province Publishing Co.,
��� Limited Liability ���
All Newsdealers Price, Jfl.OO.
.olden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturer*-; ot Sash.sDoors. Moulding.--!, Turned anil Sawn Baluster*,,
Newel 1'usts, Hand Hails and I. rackets.   All sizes of glass in stock.
The Machine ami lUacksinith Slit-pan* prepared tu do ull kind of repair
ait m.Mm as possiMo.   J-11 sizes of Pipe Fitting nnd Brans goods on hand.
Wagon repair, .'ota, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes.  Hickory and
Maple I'lank,
9 ���*���..���.JL�� * �� *_'!>��� *-> 0
) ���-) fl) _> $ (j g **) (p {-j g j 0 t -jj 9 J___*__JP 9 8) 9 .
Upper Columbia NaVigatioq & T-raniWay to.,
o    ���    ��nil    a,    a    ���
Iqterqational Traqsportatioq Gorqpaqy.
TIME    TABLE.     1897.
(itii.in-.s-FnnTSTpn.i-.route���Until opening of Navigation, 8(��ge will
lea \ ft f���olden every Towday, _*, p. in., arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
morning. '
I paven Fort Steele every Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friday
After Ist Mny, Steamers will leave Holden 4, a. m., Tuesdays and Fridays, ���-niinectlng witli Stage at Adela and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
.-.nd Sunday afternoons.
I eave Tort Steele Tuesday and Friday mornings and arrive at Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternootm.
���Furt Steele and Jennlpgn Route.
Navigation existed to ojk-ii lOtli April.   After 1st May boats will lento
(folly (except Snnday).
(Ii.ldeii 1st March.
F. P. Armstrong,
if it  9 **t 1   1  C �� �� t f!
i;iUff4i.'iH;':u �� �� M( t h it* t a, cu �� r.
JM m&te9rml+9r9r9rt\*t**M ^
A Crimson Sunset��
denotes a fine dajr an the morrow. #
One of Shorey's guarantee tickets, in j
the pocket of any Ready Made Gar-
ment jrou may buy, denotes lhat you j
have got the best article in the market.
You cannot desire anything better $
than the best. t.
- The modern stand-
- ard Family Medi-
w cine: Cures the
M common every-day
ills of humanity.
->-_-. wriaw^vRMSSSSSK"
biMMIiallr lUMnud, Umst sMWIoo et
Oooe o�� pATSMTt Mnl free. Atmtm
MUNN * CO...      , THJ. GOI.UK.*-.   KUX  t-'Klt'AY. 3UNE 2fr.  1897.
ji ��r"p*_*gj__*"S5__!?_!!'
���WWW ������W-���
MdiMMt i*wi��ff���w��ri_r,# r��ic I
A pure -ripe Cream of Tsrlir Powder. Fie.
Aim Ammonii, Alum or any other adulterant,
A Brawl, many pi-..H|,.'i-i.Qis am cum*-
Ing over ilie divide troni West into
Esst Kootenay this aeaswt.
T. Mercier has ho-ide.1 the MercUr*-
uronn, Bugaboo, to the Oolden A Von
Steele Development Company.
M. Dainard, who returned yesterday
from McMurdo, reports great activity
in piospccting in that country.
T. Brndahaw and C. Morris, of La-
combe, have made -rich lintla in gold,
silver and .copper near Robaon.
Mike Gri��ak has located a  body of
silver-ripper   ore  iwo miles   west ol
Field and Wf* mile from  the C. P,
R. track.
R. W. (Put iiioi-h. of D urn Id. f-, sli��w-
ing some valitiilde *aiil|>le.-t nl one
brought in Irom tbe new olaims on tiie
Major Clnhi-cy Iihh kindly eon
irlhuted to llie Uolden mineral colter.
tion some tnngtiiflreiit s..m*iles ol ore
from the Crown Point claim,
Work Is to be "���Miin-.r I ftn tlm Orphan Boy.
At the Wiudermew mine ithere on-
iOO tuns ol ere on tli* dump".
The Slti,il-to group has lieen lionded to
ton English syndicate lor$tJ0q,0(10.
Ninety-two prospect���---' licenses
fnavd A-eeii issued at Golden since April
All Kngli^i syndicate is sending 151
prospeciors through tbe Kuo*.enay
tll'i.-Htf was ilurfi-Uii-t' at which ,1.
M. BtWi'ke bonded the Dibble group al
Fort flteole.
Tlm B. C. Exploration Co. has pur
tchnsnl the Ortit.vn ..laiiM at Trout
Lake for $20,000.
The Ren4stu_e Herald says Jue
Young uf Rosslmiit hns bought the
(Ottawa claim at il-litiJ-tKiuii (or$50,000,
The RoHsland Miner ���reports the ore
body jn the Centre Si*.- to he HO feet
wide. It gives an away tf $195 in
Messrs. Townsend, ,o( the Jnter-
nationsl, snd Bangs (attorney for H.
���E. Ees-r- left on Sunday (or Spilli-
if Abbott, lste Superintendent of
ith. C. P K., hns cone ft. Fttt* Steele
to insitect some mines m which he is
Messrs. Wottelet and (.angis have
.-80 ions of ore on- the dinnp at their
Jrlugnlioo claims snd list-* contracted
���fur 300 tons.
Ths Slocan Stsr shipped during May
ttOO.OOO pounds of ore over the C. P.
��. to St. Paul au.1 2110,000 over the
Kaslo A Slocan.
The contract for putting in development work on tl<e iuteriistlonsl hss
6 wn let to J. Kolile, ,w.ho has gone out
there with a gong of men
Msjor Clohecy bu* kieidly con
tribnted soins Hoc samples of ore from
ihe Crown Point to tlie collection at
��he Recorder's office nt Oolden.
Tom Forrest bss shown us somo
fine samples of ore from i be Blaeberry
and which havo been brought to tho
Forrest House, Donald, by prospectors.
Sampling *nd smelting works ought
jto be established in Gulden, now that
���there is such ss eo-eUeat, .outlook for
ths active development of (fee mineral
jjjepoilts uf the district.
(The Anoconds Copper Mining Com
iiauv hod net earnings for jWH> of
���4.375.000, ss against f I.OHOdUOO for
the year before. The gross earnings
were 117,37*1,000, aud tlie working -expenses ��� I.'t,000,0u0.
Mr. J. F. Arnistroig informs us
that oo much os KW a ilar has been
takeu In fees by rlS*> Recorder ut Fort
-teele, while the records for Mny lost
wero os numerous us fur the whole
period of the previous yaar.
We are informed that the Hon. F.
W. Aylmer intends to s|_��i 1 about.
$2000 this season on development
work on ifce Balrath i-ropo/ty. Bugaboo creek. Development wurk M the
value of $')20O has already bees done
joii this property.
It is ststed in Montreal Hist tho
Slocan syndicate, of which Won. Geo.
G. Footer is president, hss purchssed
a number of properties in Esst Kootensy adjacent lo ths Sullivan group,
the pries paid bring tln.OOO, snd thst
the Brst payment un accuual has ol-
.ready boon made,
���C. F. Palmer, a prospector who has
���bad large oxinrienre in Trail nnd other
places, csine lino Oolden thit wsek,
having trompeil in from West Kootenay via. Pilot Bay and o.er ihedivide
into Toby creek. He ond his mote
.prospected tho country en route. Thoy
propose taking in th. couutry north of
A portable smelter, known aa the
.Canopy, boa beon devised. It has a
capacity of flv. tons In 24 hours and
.con be packed by borsss aver the
mountains and pnt up st ths mines. It
will tnat low grade oulpbldo ores al
too mines withont using sny fuel es*
oept to start tho Ure, relying apon tho
sulphur which thev contain io keep
tho fire going ond suotolii ths hoot
The water Jacket Jo done ����*ay with
and a composite used. Where there io
��ot enough eulpharin tho ims goto*
E. Cass, one of the .proprietors of
the Canal Flat claim, whs in Golden
this week. He is pushing on work at
the claim and hns already made good
progress with the tunnel.
The Mining Critic charaoteristes the
Rossland mining camps as comparative failures and points out that mines
have lately been shut down because
they wuuld not pay to work, while
there has been a lot of booming done
for whicli ttiei*e wus iiojustificatiea.
Mr. Henderson has sold his interest
In the extension of the Flying putioh-
raan to an English syndicate Aw a /considerable sum. Six mm are to he put
on at once ta develop the ground, and
it is the lutauliou of the syndicate to
pnsh on <vw-k both winter and summer. The ileal was made largely on
the ore oUtfaetl in the adjacent claim,
the Flyiog ditch-nan.
Mr. B. J. Townsend informs us that
B, C. raining stock is at present unsaleable iu Toj-oiito, although capitalists ethereal* -pitying a lot uf attention
to mwJUK but rather as an investment
tbau a ��tuculatiou. This policy will
wipe out the present object ion-ible
features attaching to mining and will
bring a desirable class of capitalists
into the business who will tuke up
claims for the purpose of bona fide
J. Dolmage, of Golden, was one ol
the first to prospect the Big Hand
country and he has heen actively |>rt*s-
pecting iu the Upper tColuuibia ceiui
try since 16X4. liiie season here-
corded two claims on llnld Mountain,
uu quarts carrying geld. Lost season
he did a jot of work for the Anj-lo
Canadian Mining Exchange, locating
for theiu 6 claims at Ottertail, 3 ot
Jubilee Mountain, i ou Carbonate
Mountain and 9 claima at Rossland on
China creek.
The Fort Steele P-ros-iector Departs:
Impurtaut hnd of galena iu tlie foothills at Luke creek. Strike of cube galena six miles east of St. Eugene
group. McKinisty found a solid bed
of galena half a mile west of Sullivan
group. Mill test from Weaver Creek
averaged $23! iu gold per ton. Alberta
and Kootneuay Development Company
will develop Cariboo Marsh claim at
al of Moyie Lake. .1. F. Hill
hood-id two-Mins on Perry week to
W. A. Walliugar.
Tift syndicate wfcirh Msjor Clohecy represents is having a trail laid
uut uuder the supervision of M.
Dainard, from the head of McMurdo
creek round to the Benniaon basin. As
soou as he returns the G-jld Commissioner will issue sn order for thc construction of this troll, which will be a
great convenience, as it will enable
men to get between the two locations
ia two hours, whereas it takes four
days by the present route, 23 miles
down the middle fork of McMurdo
creek and o similar distance, back up
tba north fori,
Mr. B. J. Townsend, of Toronto,
who is a member of the syndicate
which owns the International, bss the
following partners in this venture:
Mess--*. Manning, Christie, Kenuv,
Spink and Raird, well-known Toronto
capitalists, Ti.e development work already done consists of a tunnel HO feet
in length and a shaft 30 feet deep. The
claim has shown up well and the oro
promises to lie a good gold producer.
If other syndicates would follow the
example of the International in adopting a bona fide system of development
we ohould soon have rel able information sn to the value of East Kootenay
as a iniiiiug centre. The International
syndicate is al>o Interested in some
eastern properties.
As soon os the trail connecting the
head of McMurdo oiwk with -euiiisoti
Basin is completed, Msjor Clohecy Intends to start development operations
ou the Bennisuii and Boston claims,
which he hss so for be|n uualsVe to get
at on account of the answ. Ra Jionee
to have supplies in for this watfc by
July 1st. Major Clohecy also intends
going to work on the Idaho and Alaska
claims on Copper creek and will also
hava some work done on the J. P. on
Vermont creek. Work on nil these
claims will he put In hand by next
month. Major Clohecy aid those associated wilh him ore the stomp of
men wo went to see take hold of thio
country-men who recognise mining
oo a pursuit lo bo legitimately followed
both In their jown Interest and that .of
the country.
Sir Wm. Van Home oars thst Senator Cox and Mr, /affray intend to
work tlieU- coal mines *t Crow's Host
M. Dainard goes to Fort Steele to
(oo- after work on some claims lioudod
by the Alberta A Kootenay Develop-
juent Coui-ainy.
-The new tariff makes an export duty
tm matte sent out of Canada of 10c per
pound on nickel, 2c on copper, and IB
per -sent on ores.
J. W. Connor rand H. K. Moodie
left on Thursday lo do further/ prospecting in the Blackwater country,
north of Donald.
President Meara. of Denver, is on a
visit to KoofMmy for tbe purpose of
srranging for la.#e shipments of ore
to the Pueblo soMlter.
The Gold Cemotissioner, Mr. J. F.
Armstrong,   informs   us   thst he in
tends  putting  in   bond st once the
trail work in the Spillimachene,
. The Golden it Fort Steele Develop,
ment Company have sent a Mr.
Shields, of Fort Steele, into MoMurdo
district to do oome prospecting for
{.oj-Mig his visit, to the Fort Steele
esutKty last week O. Willis purchased
three claims, two on Wild Horse
creek and one on St. Mary's. Mr.
Willis has let contracts for work on
these claims and left for Vanoouver
last, week.
A' We nre pleased to learn tbat there is
a good prospect of tho Oolden smelter
being purchased, enlarged and worked,
as two firms are now in negotiation
for it. There are several claims in
McMurdo snd bugaboo that are now
practically ready to ship ore snd there
are otliers that are sufficiently developed to be shortly added to the Hst.j.
J. Moore and P. Nelson have come
in this week from Kinbaoket Lake for
oupplles. They are working with F.
Betliune in the development of the
claims bonded tu the Golden t Fort
Steele Company. The shaft is down
35 feet, going through mineralised
ground all the way. It is expected to
strike the lead at iiO or 70 feet. The
supplies wilt be rafted from Beaver.
T. Glenn,representing a Spokane syndicate, has located a nnmher of claims
on the divide between St. Mary's
river and Hell Roaring creek, about 36
miles from Fort Steele. Ha knocked
off some samples from the surfsce and
from which he obtained returns of 8
ounces each of gold ami silver, or a
total of tllib.25. In order to verify
the nosey Mr. Glenn sent down some
to the locsl manager of the Western
Union and had it tested. It weut
$171.64 in gold and silver.
The New Denver Ledge ssys: At
the Ruth, Sandon. managed bv H. B.
Alexander, over 90 men sre working.
This property is being develoned by
three tunnels and a fourth hoo just
been started. Great blocks of glittering galena nre blocked out awaiting
the time when it will he taken, away.
Thirty-five tone a day is being shipped,
mostly high grade carbonates, as it is
preferable to ship ths carbonates instead of the galena. A concentrator
will be built In tho future.
We shall be glad if mine-owners will
send to the editor of the Era any particulars of tbeir properties for publication. Wn must ssk, huwever, thst
cere be token to oend un nothing but
what is bona fide Prospectors snd
miners will find no willing to help
them all we can, butt at the some time
we shall not hesitat* to expose anything of a bogus cr misleading character, whether it lie in the shape of company dealings or flotations or misrepresentation of mining property.
During his stay ia Golden Mr. Hammond bonded the Blue-water claims recently located by f, W. Connor and
H. R. Moodie. These are the clsims
which O. S. McCarter and Thomas
McNsnght claim to have secured for
the Oolden A Fort Steele Development
Company, bnt Mr. Hammond, after
full investigation, ia satisfied tbst
Messrs. Connor and Moodie are in the
right, and so has dealt with them.
The amount ot tho bond is 16,(100, of
which five per cent woo cosh, whieh
is satisfactory considering that no development work haa yet been done in
that part of the country. On Wednesday morning Mr Hammond received a
telegram from W. Pellew Harvey giving the aasayo of ore from tho claims
oo follows: Copper, 64 per cent;
silver, 74H ounces; gold value, $45.
P. Wottelet, who recently purchssed
the clsims at Bugaboo from T. Mercier, and with his partner, H. E.
Laugis, located four more in the same
locality, ts pushing on work. The
olaims are ot the head of the Bugaboo,
directly at the summit ot the Selkirks.
Mr. Wottelet woo thn first to get to
work tbis season and he has four men
employed on the Surprise. This lo a
claim where there ore two ledges ear*
rying galena. .One to two foot thick
between porphyry and diroite, and tho
value of the ore io from 180 to flHO
per ton. The other ledge lo 8 Inches
in thiekneso and the value of the ore
oversees 176. This ia on a new otrike
found two weeks ago. Tho ledges ran
parallel and art WO foot apart. Ao
Mr. Wottelet will soon bo ready to
ship ore he io onxlouo that the smelter
at Ooldea should be taken ap and operated. Otherwloe he will have to ship
ithe ore ito Tocoma, an .expenelive
H. S. Vnughan. G. Ha Wolf, F. De
Wolt, F. W. RounsefelUnd S. Vaug-
hun, have transferred the Eureka
claims at Field to the Field Development Company.
W. Dainard, who has had charge of
the trail into Cariboo Basin, has done
lirst rate work. He has shown excellent judgment in laying out the trail,
aud with the money available the results are better than might have been
As Mr. Hammond had to leave on
Wednesday evening for Toronto he
gave Mr. Warren instructions to get
me i and supplies Out ia construct a
trail to the Bluewater claims. A.
Macsulay has been entrusted with tbe
work. Mr. Hardman, Mr. Hammond's
engineer, will shortly visit the ground
and arrange for development work.
Amongst the most welcome news
that we hove had an opportunity of
conveving to our readers is thu fact
that Mr. Hammond, of Toronto, has
renewed his acquaintance with East
Kootonay and has bondea several properties, Mr. Hammond has a high
reputation os a mining Investor who
takes np properties for the purpose of
doing bona fide development work-
A gentleman well versed in mining
matters urges that if owners of claims
would push on and get ore ou the
dump they would have a good chance
of selling it to smelter owners and ore
buyers. He pointo ont that the representatives of such firms would readily
come along if it were made worth tbeir
while. Thio would help to put mining
in the district on a bono fide basts and
would give it a good lift along.
Whan In the east the Hon. F. W.
Aylmer, who is interested with Jim
White iu the Elian D. and
Buckskin claims ju Cariboo Basin, had
assays made of ore from 'heee looa
tions with the following results
Silver, Ml} ounces $128 60
(.old, I "--ii on*---""    2H 00
Cupper, 114 |iar cent      i- OO
fluxing materials in its treatment, only
enough fuel to ignite the oulphur iu
the ores. Our 5-ton-National Matte
Smelter or any of onr water jacket
smelters will treat the sre to your entire satisfaction."
According to another letter received
from tbe oome firm in reference to
these Cariboo samples, they oay tbat
"the product would be matte in the
proportion of seven tons into one ton
of matte.''
We are in receipt of tbe Directory of
Mines for May, 1897, published by the
Mining Record, Limited Liability, P.
0. drawer 57, Victoria, B. C. The
hook contains the only complete synopsis of the mining lawa of British Columbia yet published, with aiuendinento
pas-Jed at the last session of the Legis
latum, carefully oompiled by Archer
.Martin, barristerat-law, Victoria, B.
C. In addition to the above, much
useful information relating to the
mines aud mining generally lo included
in the May number, ao that at present
it is the most valuable work for mining men to be found in tbe market.
For sale at all book store*. Single
copies 50 cents. Annual subscription
price for the four quarterly issues,
$1.50. Parties wishing to know the
state of the mining laws'as they stand
today should piopure a copy of the
and Well
Known in
Total value per ton $18810
The vein from which these samples
were   taken   is  a   contact ���*��� feet In
Golden is fortunate in possessing a
Recorder whu takes an active interest
in his business. Mr. Long now proposes to get up a prospector's specimen collection, to be kept at thu Government offices, The idea is this. The
Recorder will take charge of specimens
brought in by miners and prospectors,
with lists of assays of the different
ores nnd the names of the assayers.
As it js ordinarily prospectors are
likely to lose their specimens snd they
seldom cotue into town during the
pr. spectiug season. With such a
collection ss that proposed at the Recorder's olli.ro a pros- eutor could give
an order to any i-erson to se,; his specimens or that they should be handed
over for assay or to an intending purchaser,' This would save a prospestor
many sn otherwise unnecessary trip to
town, and us the samples would remain in the Recorder's office at his
disposal, he could get them himself at
any time that he might require them.
The following claims have been recorded at Oolden-June 4th: Elgin,
north side Salmon river, by D. Campbell; Oold Cup, on Porcupine creek
tributary of Kicking Horse, bv S,
Wilson; Noble Three and Silver Cup,
same locality, by D. Kidd and H. McLaughlin, respectively. June 7th���
Lorene, MoMurdo creek, by R. Cameron; Oolden Hoi*, on Ice River, by
W. E. Pavton; Trade Dollar, near Palliser, by' W. E. Peyton. June 10th���
Little Wonder, MoMurdo creek, by W.
Logan; Cliff, on Copper creek, by W.
Clemes. June llth���No. 9, Mabel,
Doctor and Lawyer, same locality, by
W. Clemes, M. Dainard, Dr. Brett and
0. S. McCarter respectively. June
12th ��� Tenderfoot, Good Luck and
Missing Link, on Carbonate Mountain, by C. A. Warren, Mary
Dainard and H. Richardson, respectively;* John Bull, on Copper Creek, by
H. Riohsrdson; Snnny Day, on Mc-.
Murdo creek, by M. Dainard. June
Mth��� Argenti, Cupri. Aurl, on Bugaboo, by C. Nelson, W. J. Bowen and
Edith Nelson respectively. June
1����� Giant, on Copper creek, by W.
Skelton. Jane 31 -Mountain view, 2
miles west of Field, by W. Oke ond
Thos. Goad; Prokp, oome locality, by
M. Graiik.
In'this issue wo give oome particulars of a portable omalter whieh may
bo aet up at a mine aud operated at
little expenoe on self-fluxing ores. Our
readers will be interested to know thot
such ore. exist in the Eaot Kootensy
district, and tbat In the vicinity of
Goldeu, With a view to ascertaining
tbe suitability of the ore for treatment,
Mr. Aylmer sent samples from the
Cariboo Baoiu claims in which
he io interested to the National
Ore A Rednotion Company of St.
Louie, Mo., and that firm replied ao follows' "Dear Sir-
Tour oample of ores received and wo
beg leave to submit tbe following report: The ore lo on iron pyiltio copper, self-fluxing quality, containing
84 p-ir cont. oulphur, 42 per coot,
silica, 18 per cent, iron and 0 per cent,
limo. ' No determination woo mado as
to ita valne In gold and oilvor, but it
looks like a very valuable metal. It
Is sot truly self-fluxing and requires no
For many, many years a very noble
family, popular and well kuown, hove
conferred great blessings on Canadian
This family to which we refer hns
served the homes of Canadians faith
fully and well; they have brightened
the pathway of mony a sad woman
when the clouds were dark; they have
cheered hearts when times were dull
and money scarce; they have been a
blessing to thousands of husbands and
children, helping them to dress better,
so that mothers, fathers and children
were enabled to face the world as handsomely dressed as their wealthier
friends and neighbors.
These  popular,   tried   and  helpful)
friends are Diamond Dyes; the same in
power, work and usefulness today as
thev were twenty yeara ago.
There are many imitations ol these
celebrated Diamond Dyes worthless
and dangerous to use. Beware of
these deceptive dyes, as they can never
do good work.
When you purchase dyes see that
the name "Diamond" is on every en*
velo|ie. With the diamond Dyes success is always sure and certain.   62
Boat Puiffnger.
Tho follow-* io a Hot of the poo*
oeugers of the Steamer Duchess:
June 18th, up-Jas MoRetlly, W
Hine, Miso J Thomson, C J Armstrong, to Steele; A J Hopkino, to
Adela; H Gordon, L McGlnnis, Gordon's to Windermere; Nels Johnson,
to Squaw Point.    -
Jane 20th, down���E Con, Adela to
Oolden; A Allard, A Myers, L McGlnnis, Windermere to Oolden; H Gordon, Windermere to Gordon's Ranche;
F J Deacon, Spillimachene to Oolden.
June 22-Oolden to Adela and return, C Gamble, J R Roy; Oolden to
Steele, W J McKinnon, J McCrae, Jao
Greer, J Ripstlen, Dr M L Btnkley;
Golden to Adela, Jao Brady; Goldon
to Windermere, F Barnard; Oolden to
Spillimachene, Mrs Woodley Miss
Wright. F J Deacon, P McNicoll, 0
O'Nsil, JBettleton, F C Lang; Oolden
to Carbonate, Wm Morgan, 0 Cart-
wright. June 24-Steele to Oolden, A
Hood, George White; Windermere to
Shorty's, Tom Jones; Spillimachene to
Golden, F Lang, F J. Deacon.
Sheriff Redgrave woo in Golden yeo*
terdoy enrolling jurors for tho assloes
at Donald on Monday.
The root of the Oregon grape, which
growo abundantly on tho mountains in
this distriot, makes a favorite drink in
the mining and lumber camps. All
that appears necessary lo to gatber
the root, wash snd boil it. The liquor
resulting lo refreshing and a noted
health giver.
Tha Calgary Herald says: L. C.
Fulmer, formerly of Banff, and W. D.
Kerfoot, of Calgary, have entered into
partnership for running a stage and
paassnger service between Golden, B.
C., and Fort Steele. The service will
be weekly, commenolng on July 1,
leaving Oolden every Tuesday morning at 7 o'olcck, reaching Fort Steele
on Thursday evening and leaving the
loot named place on Friday morning,
reaching Oolden on Sunday evening.
It is the purpose of the new firm to establish Jivery stables at Oolden and
Fort Steele ond for thio purpose aro
putting in a large number of horses
and rigs.
We scknowledge receipt of tho
Mining Journal, a weekly' paper published at Sandon. It is a well-written,
newsy sheet, creditable alike to editor
and printer. ���"
The road to the steamboat landing
should he repaired immediately witb
gravel and not sawdust. 'There Is a
goven.ment team somewhere. Why
is it not used for thio work?
All the Colonial Premiers hove, been
created Privy Councillors, Sir Donald
Smith a Peer, and tho Orand Cros* of
St. Michael and St. George waa conferred on Premier Laurier, and Ministers Mowat and Cartwright,
Mr Gamble airlved 'in Oolden on
Monday accompanied by Mr Roy, wbo
succeeds him ao Dominion Engineer.
Mr Gamble retiree from the publio service on June 30th. Messrs Gamble and
Roy went np the river by the Duchess
on Tuesday when Mr Roy took over
the dredge and control of future operations.
WAntMl-An-ents for "Queen Vic.
Witm-tHl to3�� HerRelOTSdDiamond Jubilee." overnuwhur with latest and
richest pictures. Contains the endorsed biography of Her Majesty, with authentic History of her remarkable reign, and full Occam! of toe Diamond Jubilee. Only $I.M>.
Big book. Tremendous demand. Bonaasa
for agents. Commission SO per ceut. Credit
'en. Freight ndd. outfit rums. Duty
i. Write niifok for outfit and territory.
Dearborn 8|., tlileago.
To know if Till Ooldbn Esa is ogood
advertising medium. To Test this snd
to introduce onr goods in this vicinity
we will give away absolutely nm
Rlerllng Silver Pickle Fork, beauUfallv
rut out thia sd, and send with Ue for
narking ond postage snd we will send
fork prepaid, together wilh oar big bargain list FKRR. Ws have bargains ia
everything aad sell at whpl��afii. direei
torawaner.  A0-NT8 WANTED.
Womww NM-tmla Mraat,
Wenewoe. Wla.
An intelligent tad for tbe Ooldea Eoa of,
(tee.  I'eruisnentsltuatiou if suitable.
TWENTY MEN for bosh snd ssw-lll work.
Apply, Ottertail Mil-, Otierteil, B. C.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Huggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cignrs.
Rates l?2.00 Per Day.
!t�� Columbia House
Home Comforts.       . ,
Modern Conveniences.
Beet Cuisine in the West    . .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.      . .'
First Class Brawls of Liquor, and Cigars.
ttlm. ]He]foish, - Ptop.
r T'


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