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The Golden Era Sep 2, 1898

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Array ���/
Vh.   ioldenEra
it the most widely circulated and
best advertising medium tn East
Kootenay. This Is ths paper that
is read by the minors, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $8.00 per Annum
in Advance   	
Map of Golden
Mining Division
By F. C. Lang...
On receipt of tl copies of this valuable
map will be mailed by
Tbo Golden Era Company L'Ul. Lby.,
Goldeu, B. C.
VOL. VIII.   NO. 5
$2 Per Year
General 0 fllerchant,
^etjj|a*o j e o 9 o *T
Business is Picking up in
Our   Grocery  Department
Choice Dairy Butter 20 cents per lb.
Try onr fresh ground Peacock coffee,
at 50 cents per pound.
Lily Cream
Five Cans
For $1.00.
. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
Tha Confederation Life Association. Toronto,
lhe Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario,
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Comprny.
... the Polumbia House,
Golden, B. C.
A Strictly First Class Hotel la Ever) Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands ol Liquors and Cigars,
Ths Table is Second to None.
Headquarters (or Mining and Commercial Men.
Wm.. McNeish, Prop.
���    ���
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
 I   Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
C. A. WARREN, ��� *
$ �� General Merchant.
Cigars. B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder Co'y,
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co'y
of England.
Subscriptions Taken for all Papers &
The Boat Bout, to the North.
Fiank Berthune has returned from
his work ol constructing the trail up
Canoe river to conuect Donald with
Tete Jaune Cache. On the way up he
and his party had the unpleasant uess
of tii.ding the remains ol H. Guodlel-
low, the old trapper who died in the
shack at the Kinbasket mine. The
body had apparently been dead for DO
days, and the remains were duly interred by the party. The trail waa opened from Donald for about 130 miles to
a point on Canoe river, 48 miles from
tbe junction with the Columbia. The
poiut to which the trail was opened is
within five miles of what is known as
the big jam on Canoe river aud at a
point where the Indian trail breaks off
to Tele Jaune Cache. The trail is a
good one, and horses carrying from
200 to 260 lbs. of pack can easily pass
over it. The only danger lies in cross-
lug one er two of tbe rivers in high
water, the volume and swiftness of tbe
current sometimes carrying horses
down. The Government should take
eteps to throw trail bridges over these
streams. The cost would not be great
as the channels are narrow aud there
is abundance ot timber at hand. One
of the party, Fred Owens, went on
from the trail to Tete Jauue Cache,
and on his return reported that he
there met a government survey party
who were surveying a route in Iroin
Edmonton, He also met a party from
Kamloops. From the information he
waa able to obtain, the routes from
Edmonton and Kamloops are very unfavorable. That from Edmonton is
480 miles in length through a quantity
of muskeg countrr, while the route
from Kamloops ie 250 miles in length,
and is over very rough and precipitous
country. From Donald the distance is
only 180 miles and the road is so good
that there is not a hill to cross, and
the steepest portion of the trail is the
rise from the bed ot the Bluewuter to
the summit ef the ridge, within live
miles of Douald. Over 80 horses have
gone over the trail this season with
parties bound for the Peace river country, Frank Foldham, of Canal Flat,
went in with hia mate aud a pack
train of 16 horses, their destination
being Parsnip river. They took scythes
in with them Intending to cut sufficient
hay to provide for their horses in winter aud their intention is to stop two
Mr. Berthune received word frem
the Government Agent to stop further
work on tbe trail and he returned ac
cordingly. The rest of his party, A.
Morrow, F. Holliday, and T. Plunkett
were so impressed with the minetal
indications of the country that they
decided to prospect the district and so
have remained there, intending to go
on to the North Thompson. On the
way out Frank collected the furs
which Ooodfellow had left at Kinbas-
ket lake and brought them out to the
Government Agent. He thinks there
will be a large amount ol traffic in
there next season, as it is believed the
Fraser and Parsnip rivers offer as good
inducements to prospectors as any lhat
are to be found, while the route is unquestionably the best that can be got
into the interior. All information
that comes to hand from time to time
goes to show that the Golden Era Air
Line is the coming route and probably
the most important betoro the people
of British   Columbia   at   the  present
Th. Iteaald Postmaster.
We recently had occasion to castigate Postmaster Patmore of Donald
over his very improper conduct as a
public officer. Having done our duty
that was an end of the matter so far as
we were concerned. Mr. Patmore evi
deotly thinks otherwise. He is ths
correspondent for Donald ot the Kootenay Miner, and not satisfied with the
false part that he recently enacted In
election matters, he has contributed to
our contemporary another falsehood
which wa have just seen. The editor
ot Tub Era wss invited to go out and
write up some prospects iu which a
number ot Donald people were interested. He accepted, and while in the
company ot his hosts was shown a
piece ot white quartz covered with gold
leal to give it the appearance of gold,
but as the editor ot Tub Eka knows
his duty ss a gentleman to his host-,
and was not aware as to the object, it
would have been most improper for
him to exclaim, "Oh, that is salted."
The matter waa therefore treated casually until the party dispersed, when
he asked one of them the object of the
trick, and was informed that there
was a gentleman in the C.P.R, shops
who was fond of collecting specimens
and sending thein to his friends in the
east, and theuffair had been innocently
enough got up as a joke on him, Mr.
Patmore apparently judges other people by his own standard ot ignorance
and fraud, and hence drops into the
false position in which he has bo
often been found of late. If be would
devote the same attention to his postal
duties and his own affairs that be has
been devoting to such matters it would
be better for hiin aud for the postal
service. We don't believe thst the
Donald gentlemen who invited us to
pat-takoof their hospitality would join
him in any such low-dewu trfckorjji)
A sweepstake shooting match took
place in tha) morning with ten entries,
10 birds each. Capt. Bacon, G. B,
McDermot, C. A. Warren, mid Ed.
Clark won the four prizes respectively,
This wus Ueaanly oontested with four
ties for second place.
Tiie racing started ut 1:4T> p.an. Ir
the half-mile open there were five
entries, with the result Unit Gustau
ana took first place.
In the half-mile saddle race there
were six entries : G. B. McDermot's
Morning Stur;'C. 0. Maciav's .Vlni
night; Geary's Old Gold; Nic.hu,sun'*,
Dixie; Mitchell's iluriel. and Bill Nat's
Parson. This race whs won nasil- by-
Old Gold with Midnight second.
The quarter-mile pony race.in heats
brought out six starters, with Geary's
Nigger and Clark's Pinto as hot favorites.     These two   horses made a very
pretty finish, with   .i.������., ... ...   ie..d
by a head.
In the quarter-mile open there were
four starters, with Geary's two horses,
Reform and Old Gold first, in a close
The next event was 100 yards foot
race, with nine starters. In tins urn
the two Si washes who ran, Alpine ai.d
Louis Arbel, took first and uecoa.a.
The half-mile hurdle race took threo
heats to decide. There were four entries, and in the finals Old Gold took
first place, with Nigger second.
' The  cowboy   race   v, as one of   i i
most   interesting  of   the meet.   Tlm,
race was   600   jaards, with  five tun...
around   three   posts, and   resulted   n
Pinto taking first -.la RlmHWap
Isaac's brown gelding a poor second.
The half mile raace, upeu iuiiurs>S
bred and raised iu the valley, brought
jut six starters. Mackay'.-. Miduigb
aud Cooley Joe's chestnut gelding
being first nnd second respectively,
the black mare winning by a head.
i'he last race ou lhe programme
n-oiight out five starters in the mile,
ipf n. Geary's Reform won after ai.
exciting finish, with Brown's bay
gelding second.
At the close there was a match r ce
half-mile, between Mackay's Midnight
and Cooley Joe's chestnut gelding,
which resulted in Midnight winning
by about a length.
The judges of tho meet were W. G.
Mitchell-Innes, R. Mackenzie and 8.
llrewer, who were abi* assisted by
li.rt Low and C.A.Warren as starters.
At the close of the shoot R. C. Kidd
challenged anyone to shoot him for ti
The challenge was taken up bj H. ti.
Low, who scored the victory.
The trip on th" Duche-*" in oonneu
tion with the sports is said to havo
been tbe most pleasant experienced in
he history of the steamer. On th-.
way up a miss and out trap shoot a as
held, G. B, McDermot cleaning up the
In the evening an entertainment was
beld on the boat at Windermere, Capt.
Bacon presiding. There was a large
ctowd present and songs were given by
Messrs Jolliffe, Warren, Ullock, Cox
and others. At the close the crowd
ex.ii-c'B-e.l i heir appreciation of the
arrangement*, made by Capt. Eaoon,
bv joining in the chorus "For he's n
jolly good fellow,"
Duoheaii P a.saanger List.
Aug. 26th, Ui. trip To Carbonat :
J. Brady, M.E., E. A. Haggen ; Gordon's Landing: J. Bangs, H. E. Foster ; Windermere: R. Turnbull, G. B.
McDermot, J. C. Jolliffe, W. Skelton,
M. McMillan, D. A. Mackuy, J. Goepel,
Rev. C. A, Procunier, D. Conner, Constable Cox, C. Cartwright, J. E. UI-
oak. C, A. Warren, G. Mitchell-Innes,
T. Walker.
Down trip���From Windermere: E.
Flint, E. F. Loney, Hunt, E. Routh,
W. Skelton, H. E. D. Merry, C. Cart-
wright, M. McMillan, D. Conner, J E.
UHock. J. C. Jolitte, 0. A Warren.
Constable Cox, G. B. McDermot, R.
Turnbull, C. Hatch, T. Walker; Carbonate : Major Clohecy ; For. Steele:
Cosgrove Co., Salmon Beds: G. Grey ;
Piri ���'�� : J. Wesson.
A igust 30'h, up trip-Canal Flat:
G. Fairfax; Steele: R. Hughes ; Windermere: G. Manuel, Gallup, J. Brady,
Miss Campbell, W. Robertson ; Carbonate : H Estell, W. R. Lindsay, J.
More, J. Shaw.
Down trip���From Windermere: L.
0. Fulmer, J. E. Griffith, J. Bangs,
H. E. Foster, F. Anderson.
Th. Beat Remedy for Flux.
Mr. John Mathias, a well known
stock dealer ot Pulaskr, Ky., says:
"After suffering for over a week with
flux, and my physician having failed
to relieve me, I was advised to try
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, and have the pleasure ot stating that tbe half of one bottle curod me." For sale by all drug-
gists Langley k Co., wholeaaleAgents
Victoria atidVanconver. 495
The railroad charter for a road from
Ashcroft to Cariboo, which has been in
existence for   some   years,  has   been
taken over by an English company
and work on tbo road may commence
at auy time,
Tho Supply Polut of Northeast Koote-
uay.--The Centre or the Coining
...old.Cupper District.--Lumbering
(Rovelstoke llcrnld)
When a parson first enters Golden
and only gets a glimpse of the town
from tbe station, it does not bear out
nil that ne i,nine implies. But. to take
a " hike" ou a lino summer's day and
enjoy a few hums on the many good
rends in and about the town, gires
one an entirely iliffereiit impression
After crossing the bridge over the
Kicking Horse, near the station, over
which a spur   line ,     i.   o lli
Columbia River Lumber Co 's mills
and also to the boat landing, one can
not help but stop and admire the comfortable bonus, with their grovee,
lawns, flower gardens, running vines,
and even boulovaids, ... n. - b in
ill having a horse   an bi
cycles, whioh they seem to enjoy evory
evening, driving, riding, etc. The
young men, too. must Hi d Golden a
" pick-up" as the young ladies by far
O ..a      I   ...a: a-, , a.S.aa   AC., f, .-.-  ..
lair aa hou I   a   'niie   out un the Foi
Ha-te   stage   road,   a   beautiful laie
es in sight.      H'Te, with the ki d
or Mr. McDet-mott, one is treated to a
h.iut riile and a good swim, too. if .so
desired. In every direction from Golden
there ate very productive farms, even
equal to some you might find in older
larmiiig uisinois Tun laaiuberiug in
���nis'iy is curried on i**. ensl ela, and
looks very promising for tho future.
A Herald man was shown by Mining
Recorder Lang some handsome as well
as valuable ore exiuhiis, which lie has
s ored aivay in a neat looking uilueral
cabinet, the background of whicli i.-
blnck velvet, trimmed with pebbled
galena ore borders end otherwise neatly
arranged. Every sample is labelled
and put under their respective heed
:ngs and afforals travellers coining In
>r passing through lhat districi tliHt
re not acquainted with the prodttots
of Golalen iu this line a practical idea
uf the riches that must lie hidden in
the hills.
Extensive development and assessment work is being carried on, a few
companies and monied men are looking
over various properties and everything from a business standpoint is all
ihat cotild bo expeoted. Tut propert
o a iters yre painfully tired of giving
b iiiils and options avhic.lt has for Si
.���ii'r retarded developim-nt iu ever;
portion if the province ami have cemi
a the conclusion that their properties
aro promising enough to demand transportation facilities at an early date, so
they will avail, doing what ther can
themselves in tho meantime. Once
Gulden's uie samples have been examined thoroughly lay practical mining
men tbey cannot help but make further Inquiries and become thoroughly
interested in the diet riot, The town
of Golden is nently situated on an open
valley lint where the C.P.R. crosses
tho Columbia river going west and is
a splendid loa-atiou for a townsite, but
it is iiiifui'iuuate that, it was not a
little higher, There are a number of
stores, hotels, business houses, etc.,
ami H. G Parson, the proprietor of
the largest and most complete general
store in the town, informed a Herald
representative that all the businessmen were doing well nud that that
to a ii was ihe supply and outfitting
po.nt for northeast Kootenay.
Edith Nelson has sold the Auri claim
on Bugaboo creek to P. C'ordimer he
('apt. Bacon has despatched a party
under W, Clemens to do assessment
work on the Vermont Creek group of
It is reported that the Bold Mountain Company have bonded their mine
for $125,000, but we have so far been
unable to obtain confirmation of the
W. R. Lindsay left on Tuesday to
carry out assessment on the Black
Prince claim, sold Inst season to T, A.
Knowlton by A. W. Logan and H.
W. R. Lindsay brought ro Donald a
few days ago n fine specimen of grey
copper ore from the Bluewater mine,
and he reports matters as looking very
well there.
The present season has been more
active iu mining matters than last
.ear, for the revenue from the recording of claims already exceeds the revenue of last year by nearly a hundred
To mini ig men desirous of having
the best ot mining information in
practical form we mako the tempting
offer to supply the well known mining
paper Mines and Minerals in addition
to the Gulden Eka for .2.50 per
annum, payable strictly in advance.
The following further claims
have been recorded at Golden: Aug.
22nd, Nellie In A. W. U. 'on. Aug.
24th, Barnard by D. A. McKinnonr
Glencloy by A. M. Langlands, all on
Vermont creek sleigh rood; Aug, 29th
Anaconda by P. S. Van Cortlandt;
Hecla, Aetna and Tho Kid by H. P.
Shaw all on No. 2 creek.
Shares in the Hall Mines Co. aro
dropping iu value owing to a falling
off in the value of the ore. Tho ore at
one time averaged 2*a per cent of copper and 16 ozs. of silver to the ton,
but the average for July was only 16
ozs. silver and 1} per cent aopper. The
output of the mine has also decreased
so that the Company has to purchase
iiuside ores to keep its smelter running.
The recent strike on the Sullivan
group has proved much richer than
was at first anticipated by the owners.
Four assays made gave the {.Mowing
values per ton. $53, $41, $54 and $87.
It is said $50 ore will uet a fair profit, and as the lead is about 28 feet in
width, there is every reason to believe*
that the Sullivan will equal some of
great'silver-lesd mines in the Northwest.
A. McLean and P. Nelson are more
than ever satisfied with their copper
discovery on McLean creek, over the
summit from Fifteen Mile creek. They
have located three claims in tbe basin
four miles from the summit, making
he properties about eight miles from
tho Columbia River. Tho lead averages fire feet io width and carries
three feet of ore. Below the main ledge
a find of nine inches of copper carbonates, has been msde. An assay by
Messrs. Cunningham and Harvey gave
���33 in gold and 29 per cent copper.
The lead runs north and south.
A  Gloomy   Ontltiola,. -Rebellion    lu
London, Aug. 31.-Reports have
been reeeived here of a serious rebellion
having broken out in China.
Chinese statesmen complain that
Great Britain's offer o. assistance to
China against.any action of the Russian government came too lute to be of
any assistance.
A special dispatch from Shanghai
states that the Chinese minister at St.
Petersburg has reported to bis government that in his opinion the Chinese
question will precipitate a conflict
between Great Britain and Russia.
This state ot affairs, he says, is owing
to the British ambassador presenting
a note at St. Petersburg of such a
peremptory nature,demanding freedom
of enterprise in regions where Russian
influence is supposed to predominate,
that Count Murayicff cannot accept it.
The Chinese minister, indeed, expects
that a conflict will certuiuly break out
before the end of the year,
Angto-Egyptlnn    Expedition.
Wady Hamed, August 28.���The
whole Anglo Egyptain expedition has
arrived here, and the advance is now
commencing to El Hajir, where final
concentration will be made for the,
march on Omdtirman,40 miles distant.
Refugees are arriving daily from Om*
alurmnn. They all agree that the kha*
litt means to fight, Ho has.70,000, Tlio j
attack is expected lo occur al-niit Sept.'
Tnr Stomach's Woes���Are pleasantly .ind
positively healed by Dr. Von Stan's Piuo-
applo Tablets. They act upon and digest the
t'aaaul, prevent ferinentatiaiii anal all distresses
ofthe stomach, Kiniiinit physicians have
noticed tbeirsterling merit ami the wonderful
cures wrought right in their own practice
and prescribe to relieve and cure. 30 cents,
Sold by U. A. Warren. 514
High class Ht'lionl for boya. Good bllfltn-SM
education. fcpocifil prepartlou for I'nivorniiy
mid l'rofosaiural entrance. For tonas, etc.,
apply to-
The College, Calgary, N. w, V.
Pall Term Commences Sept 15.   5t7n.fc>
Ineorporuted 1670. <*
Hudson's Bay Co.
| The   Mont    Up-To-Date |
,.) ��� -a)
^ Outfitters   In  Wertwn  |
Intending Prospectors should
write us for one of our new
Folders, which contains an
excellent Map and an estimate
of the probable cost of a complete outfit for the Gold Fields
*.-:. , '���' tj-a aiplM���" tv '���- a? 941 *3 AlaiiB'^ THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1898.
- golden -
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
are coming to banal every day.
We are showing bargains never
heard of before in Golden in tho
following:    Blouses and Dress Silks-
starting at 25c per yard - Grey and
White Cottons, Prints, Muslins, Dress
Fabrics and an immense stock of
General Dry Goods.
4.000 rolls Now Wall Papers 'not
arriveal, iu beautiful designs.
Bargains in Boots and Slioe9.
Bargains in Crockery and Glassware,
Bargains iu Carpets and Curtains.
in fact
Bargains iu Every Department,
Fleiuy of fresh new laid Eggs at
26c per dozen.
Is going to bo our Banner Year,   Wo
are wide open for business, and
making new customers overy day.
Geo. B. McDermot,
General Hcj'cliasit.
K&K  K.*Kt;K&K,K
I The Leading Specialists of America [
20 Years In Detroit.
250,000 Cured.
a   Thousand* of young and middle-aged
I menaro troubled witli this dlBcace���iuany
I unconsciously.   Thoy ui��y havo a iimart-*
1 ing -scuiAtlon, Bin? 11, t'.riHthiff stream,
I bhurp cutting painaat time*. Ellgbt dia-
J charge, iliiliculiy in commencing, weak
I organs, emission*, and all tho lymptoma
I of norvous dcbility-tliey have STIUC-
I TURK. Don'tletdootoraexperimeDton
1 you, b;f cutting, Btretchlog, or taring I
| you. Th!8willnotonreyou,MiUinr��-l
MENT abiorbi the itriotun tissues L.
. henceremoTetthestriotaropormanectly. |2y
It can never return.   No pain, no auffoiv
log. no detention from burinni by oar
I method. ThQHza%lorgan��re��trflngta-
I ened.  The nerves ut invigorated, and I
| the bllsi of manhood returns.
II Thousands of young and middlo-agod
1 men nro having thoir sexual rigor and
1 vitality continually sapped by this dis*
1 care. They are frequently unconscious
I of the cauao of these symptoms. General
I Weakness, Unnatural Discharges, Fail-
I Ing Manhood, NervonraoM, Poor Memory, Irritability, fit times BmartingSen-
i niion, Sunken Eyes, with dark circles,
I Weak Back, General Depression, Lack
of   AmbiUon.  Varloocelfc   Bhninkfln
Parts, etc. GLEET and STKICTUHE
may be the cause.  Don't consult family
I dooton, M they hare no experience in
I those-  ipecial   diseases���don't   allow
f Quacks to experiment on you. Consult
I SpeolaUsta.iviiehaveTna'ioalifflttuojor
J DlseaseBofMenandWompn. Our NEW
METHOD  TllKATMENT will poll-
tlvely cure yon. One thousand dollars
| for ft oast ire accept for treatment and
[ cannot euro. Tcrraimoderateforacure.
IVREK    If on.bl. to cull, write for W
IquIstiosjSank  tot   UOME|
1 Cor. lilcblgan Ave, and Shelby St. F
To Advertiser, nnd Subscribers.
The OOLDEN ERA is miblished ovory
Friday evening. It is the best advertising
medium in the East Kootenay district.
Subscription Kates t S-'.OU per annum IN
Alterations and changes of standing advertisements must he in the otlit-e not later than
niion am Wciliiosalay tn ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will ho received up till
ttuaili un Friday.
\VI)*Jo all reasonable care will be iakon, the
proprietors will not ho responsible for any
omission oi- orrur in any advertisement,
All accounts to be paid ti> the aMiinaging
Director, or his authorissed agent,from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates: Display ads., 81.50 per
column inch: Leg 1 ads., 10 ci'iits per lino
for first insertion, ti cents for onch additional
iiisi'i'iiiin; Heading notices, 12 cents per line
each Issue.
All business communications slumM bo nd-
dressed to the Managing Director, and all
literary communications, fotlotH for publication or news items bIiouIu he addressed to the
Correspondence is Invited on uivi'tcrs of
publiu Interest, hut to secure publication
such loit'.'is must Im brief. In the ease ot
anonymous letters the naiiio ,-md address of
the w'riter must he enclosed, not for publication, hut fin- tho private information of the
ealitor and as a guarantee of iraioil faith. Any
letter received later than Wednesday will
have to stand over till tho following issuo.
III! Golden Eia tapis) limHe. Liability,
PClte OSolbct Viva
(Edited  by E. A. HaOOEN.)
The new Ministry have very wisely
issued a Gazette extra setting forth
tjie whole of tho correspondence be-
tween tho Lieut.-Uovernor and. the
Timner Ministry, which led to that
nest of corruptionlsts being dismissed.
Tbe correspondence fully justifies the
action of the Lieut.-Governor, sho-.v-
ing him to be a man ot integrity, and
of constant vigilance over the public
interests, instead of a place-hunter for
his sou as the Turner Government gave
out. Briefly stated tbo facts are these.
The Turner Government attempted to
use tlio public funis in a grossly corrupt way to influence tbo olectlpnt. To
this the Governor refused to givo his
sanotlon. They attempted to make
appointments in haste for similar purposes. Tlies-j too were refused. They
lii'st. lepra-aontod to thu Governor
that thoy had n majority in tho new
house, antl then w||-jn his Excellency
got information for hlmselt and challenged them with the (act tbey admitted that the Government was in a minority, and was defeated. The Governor
had opposed the proposed corruption in
regard to the Cassiar elections, both as
to tho provisions of the electoral bill
and as to tbe extensions asked for by
tho Cabinet to enable them to manoeuvre the elections as much as possible. Premier Turner broke faith with
the Governor by failing to keep appointments with him tu discuss certain
matters to whioh be had taken exception. The Cabinet resorted to the
lowest trickery to got the Governor's
signaUre to warrants whicli ho hud
already rejected, and they appear lo
have baited at no lying and misrepresentation to achieve their corrupt and
disgraceful objects. Iu the history of
constitutional Government we have
never s-'Gii such a recital of low-down
M-iclaory on tho part of a Cabinet.
Unfiled in their chicanery, tho Turner
Government resorted to the usual rs
coin's.'- of the shtlfflor by charging that
���roposals bad been mado to them io
lake tho son of the Lieut. Governor
into their Cabinet, and Insinuating
Hiat the Lleiit.-Govcrnoi' was belli nl
tho suggestion. His Excellenoj
scorches .Mr. Turner over the vile siig
a-os'ion, and has so thoroughly exi osel
'he chicanery of the Cabinet that 'he
Piirtier-PooleyBailior-aMariin oombinn
tion can never again hold lip their
h ndsie public life in Br.: ish Col mldi.
Yet this is Ihe gang tbat the nujnrit
uf the electors of Korth East rtjuoriinn.i
voted to support. If thov liuv.- an
onacof public honor am! of their duty
a the stuto tbey will ro-tret thoir
���.���tion only once and thai will he
il.vays.     ^_^	
ml lie Thought the Bossing In  His Head
Was Caaued by ll-Dr. Agnoav's Catarrh..!
Poavilcr Undeceived I.im nntl f,'uio'i ;i I ii-e
Ol'Ch'ronlc (.'..taa-rh of I liirty Years s anil
1   "I havo bad chroh'c catarrh ever since he
���, ,r.   i'lie ali'aniise anecied .i.y hearing groat
i v. Thcio wns ii dlmgreoiablo ringing in iny
'is v.hirli 1 li.adnttrihuted lotho fact of a
hell bursting near mo whilo hi an engage
neut. i used ilireo bottles of Dr. Agnew's
Catarrhal Powder and my ratarrli has entirely left mo. The noipos in my head have also
con-oil, It is a g. out iued|cnie - so oa-y and
iiloi,snnt to apply. 1 hsve i*.> hesitation in
recoiiinioniliiig it as aqaii-k and corti.in emu
for catarrh in its most (onto form." J. I'.
Taylor, 210 N. Clinton Ave,, Trenton, N.J.,
Hold hy O. A. Wiirron. Gill
In previous issues we have referred
to the present ineffective system of
dealing with trails, so as to keep them
open for traffic. In South East Kootenay an inspector of trails wns recently
appointed, whose business it should be
to see that the trails are kept open and
in an efficient state of repair. As a
matter ot fact we believe the Government are liable for damages to persons
deterred by blocked trails, as the law
presumes that once the Government
spends inonev on a road or trail it
must be kept open nnd in a safe state
for traffic, We have travelled over the
trails of the district a'good deal this
season and have failed to find one that
is kept open and in a proper state of
repair. The orthodox state of trails
appears to be that they should be
blocked with fallen timber, and that
the bridges should he in an unsafe condition through rotteu timbers. This
is quite contrary to what is the recognised order of things, und if tbe appointment of an inspector of trails for
the district will placo communication
with the inland districts on n better
footing then the appointment ought to
made. Another plan that should work
well in conjunction with this scheme
i��the letting of yearly contracts for keep
ing the trails open, a separate contract
being let for each section of trail. This
would affoid steady employment to a
number of men and would be a means
of traits being kept in an efficient stuts
for puhlic traffic.
The Golalen Hospital is an institution of which the district, may justly
feel proud. The Trustees deserve credit
for the way in which they have managed the institution from the first, anal
the proud name which it earned in the
days of ils infancy lias been jealously
guarded by the Trustees ond by the
medical and nursing stuff. Iu the retirement of Capt, Armstrong and Mr.
Warren, J.I'., Ilio Hospital loses the
services of two gentlemen who have
given their whole-souled time and attention to the best interests of tho
institution during the term uf their
Trustce-shlDa In Mr.'CI. II.'Parson,
too, the Hospital has had a secretary
who bad so identified himself with tho
welfare of iIiu Institution that his
resignation cannot fail to be a serious
loss to its welfare. Wo have no doubt
that tho gentlemen who have been
elected to till the various vacancies will
do thoir utmost to maintain the good
n.irao whicli tliu Hospital has already
earned. Iu having secured the services
of Dr. Taylor as medical superintendent, the Golden Hospital has been particularly fortunate. Dr. Taylor had a
high reputation among the faculty
during his term at Montreal, and tlio
ability which he displayed then has I
been amply iu evhieucu during the1
time he bus had charge of the Golalen j
Hospital, many ot the operations per*;
formed by him having been as difficult
and intricate as they have been attend* i
ed with successtul results. In Nurse
Holt and her assistants the Hospital
has also been most fortunate, aud
nover were nurses more deservedly
appreciated by ther patients than in
the case of the Golden Hospital. We .,
wish the institution a long und successful cireer, and that success can be
gruitly assured by iho people ef the
district extending to the Trustees and
s aff their hearty co operation and
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa until noon, on the 23rd September, 1808,
tor tho conveyance of Her Majesty's Mails on
proposed contracts for four years once per
week each way between
���Golden and Windermere,
Fort Steele and Winder more.
from the 1st Vovembor next.
J'riuted notices containing further information as-to conditions ot j-ropuMxl contracts
may bo noon and blank forms ot tender may
lo obtained at the i'ust Ofiices of vlolden,
Galena, (Jotumbta Valley, Sinclair Thunder
HUl, Fairmont Springs, Kurt Stoelo-nndut
this office.
P. O. Inspector.
I'oKt Offieo Inspector's Office,
Victoria, B.O.,
12th August, 1898. G08s2
Hon. F. W. Aylmer President
\V. O. Mitcliell-lunos Vice     do
W, O. Neilson, J. P    do      do
E. Johnson  do       do
E. A. Haggen Secretary-Treasurer
The regular meetings of the association
wilt be held ou the first Tuesday in every
month ut tbo Columbia House, Oolden.
All possible information will be furnished
by tho association upon application to
E. A. Haguen. Sec, Golden.
The Catucuan Ecmctly for all
Large Bottle, 25 cents.
Prop's. Pwry Duvli' Pain KilL-r.
New York Montreal
Cuijijirjgkm & jfatVey,
(Litto of Vuncoitver)   '
A*3S3>'8r-3 &  Cheniisls.
A.!! work don7 in duplicntt* a"d . uur-
r��n ' el. A port on of each sample
received is kept for future reference.
The D. & L.
Is the best nnd most palatable preparation ot
CodU-vcrOn,ftcrecii--K with tha men delicate
Is prescribed by the lsading phytictans ef
Is ��� marvellous flesh producer and will g\ve
you an appetite.   50c. &$I per Bottle.
n�� cure ynu get 1 DAVIS & LAWRENCE
tiie genulii*    |       CO., Limited, Montreal
I  tmms*0i0m1mf^i^0smmm>ttnim*t**?mm^^0ipitm0{
If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Best?
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Addretm fair pnrtlculars,
The Munson Typewriter
ft! ana-l 00 Wotialell St.
517 Chii'SRO, 111.
Business Cards.
Builder and Contractor,
-  -  -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of  Building  Lime
For Salo. ���
Flans prepared.    Prompt attention given to orders. 28to
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provinci-il Laiul Surveyor.
Sub-Agent Dominion Governmont,
Agent Dominion Townsito, Gulden. ,
Special attention to Mineral Claims.
1)01 Office, Aloxander Block, Oolden,
...Mining Engineer...
M. Am'n Inst. M. E.
Agent for obtaining  Crown  Grants,
doine animal itsseamont work, eto..
Address:     Uolden, II. C.
'fuyntnu Si (toi'don Prop*.
Good accomodation for prospectors and
Freighters.   Flrst*cl��8p meals,
jtfl Rates: Moderate.
Judicious advertising ����� the key-
dtono of succiss. Advertise in the
Golden Era.
A nun wbo nagl-foUi n\s health is nailing
v.ia craft of life In ttattgerous seaa. He
,-.in;.ni im) Roon awaken to Oie fact that he
(ti hupcnlitid ��Ik p.-'Vit l'lccious endowment. All tijf- v;-.'it(i ir *1j�� world, all the
power in tiie world, all the pleasure in the
���vorld, all ths love mid pit-try and music
ind nobility and beauty are but dust in the
mouth of the man win has lout his health.
Keeping healthy means looking alter the
Hsorders that ninety-nine men in a bunked inkiest. Vou cannot get the average,
���very diy ntaii to believe that indigestion
>r bilionsneaB, or costive ness or headache
it loss ot" Bleep or appetite, or sbakinesa in
h* mprnlng and dullness through the day
���mount to much anyway.   He will "pooh,
'���->V  at vmi,  until  some  morning he
.���    ii-j   ... ���   Qnda hi hwlf {tick abed.
ten ij-"* will send for a doctor and find out
i liin surprise that nil U(e�� disorders have
>ee.n hut the cV-tnger signals nfa big malady
���v \i.vj jt��t>t)e(1 at'8 ^f his Irnlth, possibly
.ver*. li may be commiuption or ncrv-
iu-* prontration or malaria nr rheumatism
jr Some b'.nod or skin diseaKe. It matters
not, they all have their inception in the
tame neglected dtsbfders. Dr. Pierce'a
Oolden Medical Discovery makes tbe appetite keen, the digestion perfect, the liver
active, the blond pure, the nerves steady
ami Rives s.��und nnd refreshing Bleep. It
is the great blood-maker and flesh-builder.
It cures q3 per cent, of all cases of con-
Stimptiou. In fact bronchial, throat and
lung affections generally yield to it. Medicine stores nell it.
Our or two at bedtime cure constipation
���Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regulate and invigorate the stomach, liver aod
bowels.    By all medicine dealers.
For Information snd free Uundboolt write to
MUNN t% CO.. 3U1 BfW.aADW.ir, NEW YORK.
Oldett bureau for securing patents tn America.
Ererr patent taken out by us is brought bofo.a
tb* publiu by a notice given free of charge tn the
Larsest etreutatlon of any loieutlflc paper In the'
wSrlT Splendidly tllUBtrated. Nolntelltjtent i
nan should be without it Weoklr. S3.00 a <
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The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It   relieves   the puios ,iiid aches the
minute ii*>*ilieal.   It Cures: ���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Siiie,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, otc,
iiore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cokl on tlio Chest,
Coughs, Golds, etc.,
Can he aisod internally as well as ex*
trrimll.v.    Hnndre'ls temify 'o ila
Miij-ieal  reliof.   iNo home should
le without it.
Sold by all dealers.   23 cts. Olto
carried over from 1S07 must he- sneri-
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Bir.ycle free to advertise ihom. Rider
ttuenta wanted. Le.irn how to earn a
Bicycle and make money,
J. S. Maud Cycle Agent,
457seS!)0 Chicago, 111.
. . Robert Dodds . .
Oolden B. C
m    v
Will  start   business  next  week   in
Miller's building. 429st,
Clarence Ilersey,
Assayer and Chemist.
(Established 1879) Lbauvillb, COLORADO'
Saniplea by imiil or express receive
prompt attention.
Spocimon Assny Pi-it-osi���Gold, Bilver and
leml, tl: any two of tho above, 75c; any one
of Ilio aliove, TaOc; copper analysis, 111 plali*
uuni, nickel or tin, Si. Write lor full price
list .'uial mailing envelopes.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients,
TICKETS may he hud from tho undor-
sigueS or any member of the
PBICE���Ton Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS'escept private wards.
Acting Secretary,
Golden    Era
.   .   .' AND   .   .   .
B. C. Mining Record
Will be spiii lo any address on
receipt of t"> Ou which covers
a years sulii*et'i[Hion* to both
The. GOLDEN ERA Co., L't'd,
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,C00.
{250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for   Security
of   Policy  Holders,
President���lion, Sir Oliver Mmvat:
Vice-President- .lowph \V. Plavello  Esq.
Miinagitig Uiwcidf-- F. G. Cox.
E. A. Haoof.x,
219 Agont, Gulden, B, 0.
Healthful, safe, inexpensive home
treatment for alcoholism. No hypodermic injections ; no publicity, no lo g
of time from business and a certainty
of cure. Consultation and coriespou-
UCiiVC PHUC deuce free and
nUlTlll   bUIlt confidential.   Dr.
rOSl D ft IN K. Lo^ndou, Out. References as to Dr. McTnggart's professional inlcgrity permitted by Sir W.
R. Meredith, Chief Justice; Hon. G.
W. Rubs, Minister of Education ; 0.
W. Yarker, banker; H. 8. Slrathy,
manager Traders' Bank.
Particulars can be obtained on reference lo the Editor of The Goldem
Subscribe to the Golden Era and
help to advance the interests of the
district. Send $2 for a year's subscription!
O   -*. *��� J-.1 ���*-��-.
Sand fnr our now 18DB t'-OMilOBUft,
lUiunat-aa in colon), tixitaimne full
tloncrlj.tloca of all ovr Pimioit oM
Detar.n. lUUrtEHIUA v;c uro ttia
'uniy arm of aptuai nuurotwturoM
H4lfltw I'xi'lo-lviiv to tiie Ron'?ral
���, ���            -    public aunt, at f.i-rtorv coai-tiio
. ._ atuei-oiiropo^ai-warrftnttortw-ttity-
1 *- *-'i7iI Etf8H�����" - 99T. D��il,t' ^otir |W&
(ii.j'U-iilf.tJieHmiil-cftMlfieii*!. ��r of an/
Pf tl)0 mi'ltlWde ot luitrocn Wli.) hiiTB VM-
vtrn^rt uillllniH ol -Jollurt worih "if iwtro
nti'iiu ti -om un d'�� 1���� u�� .arfy��;����"'��� .*�������
retttiodMhd t*mat rjf"����tt��, j��M gw.
l.ijr.   l>"iiil MpiiattliotT villi
cuutloguo, ;,
- - - - --   -���   - *w>-; '<70
The Blnewater Country,���Blcli Pros-
pent. Obtained.
Under the tender care of H. Cooper
and C. Baines, ne paid a visit to the
recent discoveries in the Bluewater
country. These gentlemen, with the
assistance of a Government gran ,
have opened a trail branching off
the Rluewater trail, aud taking the
ridge between the Bluewater and tha
Wait a-bit. As we travel along the
mineral character of the country is
evidenced by a series of quartz veins
crossing the country, until we camp in
the open for the night at the foot of
the mountain on which the eluiins aro
located. A daylight breakfast, and we
snldlo and mount for the long climb.
Ton or twelve miles have already been
accomplished from Donald and a dis
tance of another three or four miles
lies ahead of us up the mouiiiaiu side.
The last part of the trail is particularly
stoop, but a good road could begot
right, oa to the mine by some zig-zag
grading. The mountain up which the
ascent is made lies between the Blue-
water on one hand and Gid's creek on
the other. At last the camp on the
summit is reached, and the aneroid
shows an altitude of 11850 feet above
aoa level. Messrs, Cooper and Baines
- have here located t.voclaiina culled the
Acorn and tho Chestnut. A mine discovered hero would be in an ideitl place,
easy of access, with abundance of
wood and wator at hand. In a draw
a little above the camp we final the
first evidences of mineral deposits in
the shape of a segregation of stringers
shooting through the slute in all directions and all carrying ore, which
looks rich and promising. Free gold
has been found iu those segregations,
and that the ore is high grade is evidenced from the face that an assay of
of an average sample gave a return of
$4 in gold, WO in silver, $30 in copper,
and $31 in lead, or a total of $112 per
ton. The matrix cairying these deposits is a crystalizcd quartz similar
to that found on tiie property being
operated by T. A. Knowlton on the
Clearwater, and also the same as tliat
forming the gangue of the lends iu the
Gid's and Brown's creel: localities to
the south-east. The first open cut
made into these deposits is at a point
7,200 feot above sea-level where a rich
stringer, six inches in width, appears,
Another open cut has. been made in a
leader seven inches in width. Tho
'formation has a Hip at this point of liO
to the south, but is considerably
wrenched about by a porphyry dike
about 110 tan in width, which tuns
n-irth 70 east. Tiis porphyry overruns tho slate, which is au argilllte on
the oust fid) of tho porphyry dyke,
and rakes tha form oi atalcajso sl.ite on
the west side. The itrgillite hns a
S'.rlke of 10 degre-s west of north, and
dtps 25 degrees to the east. Crossing
the divide a draw leads to a point in
the summit, broken by a sa'itilo, and
bore the main lead is plainly visible
following along tho porphyry dyke
already referred to. The lead is a
strong, well defined body of white
quartz, and is doubtless the souroe of
the numerous stringers of rich ore io
which wo hare referred, Tlio porphyry riyko foruis tbo footwall, and
the talcose slate the banging wall. At
a point in this saddlo 7,.r>C0 feet above
sea level an open cut has been made
into the lead tliroug\ the porphyry
dyke, Tho lead has not been eut
'.'through, so that it is impossible to
i "for,n any opinion as to whether or not
It contains a payable body of ore, but
the work that has been done shows
pockets of rich grey copper and galena,
similar to that being taken out bv T.
A. Knowlton from the Little Brother
claim. The lead has a dip of 21 to the
west. If development work should
���prove that the property is an ore producer, Messrs. Cooper and Baines will
have in this a valuable property,
owing to its convenient location, and
the fact that the configuration of the
country will allow of its heing easily
worked. T. Forrest, of Donald, has
an extension staked on the north, and
W. H. Lee, of Calg iry, holds the extension on tho south. The lead appears
from its position, und the u Ijacent
strata to be the same as tbat on which
Mr. Knowlton is at work five miles
further on.
times these would iose all feeling and
become rseless. In November I began
using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
after taking four boxes began to improve. After using six boxes the pains
and soreness had all gone and I was
able to do a hard day's work. I intend
using a few more boxes, more as a
precautionary measure, and I wonld
earnestly adviso those suffering from
this painful troublai to give Dr. Will
iums' Pink Pills a fair trial and be
made well.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by
going to the root of the disease. They
renew and build up the blood, aud
strengthen the nerves, thus driving
disease from the system. Avoid imitations by insisting that every box
you purchase is enclosed i'n n wrapper
bearing tho full trade murk. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People.     61ti
Rni ed in an Instant After the Use of Dr.
Agnow'. Cure for the Heart ���A Potent Liquid Remedy���And No Case Tuo Acute for
Imineiliiite Holiof and Cortain Cure,
"For Fifteen years I war a great salYorer
from heart disease. All the while 1 was in
the hands uf our host physicians, from whom
Iho only oiicoiii'agouiont 1 cuulil a-b ilin was
that 1 wus liable to drop oil' any tuomont. 1
li.ial many times road of cures iiinile by Dr.
Agnew's Cure for iho Heart, Was induced
to try a but in of this cui-o, anal to my surprise
tile very fii'Stdo'se gave mo immediate relief.
I folt encouraged anal persisted' llefuie the
first bottle was taken the dropsy, which had
surely >ruublod mo, had disappeared ami
wlion 1 had completed my secoud bottle I
tell as well as I hail ever felt." Mrs. John A.
James. Whir ton.
Sold by U, A. Warren Gtu
Ealooatton In Alberta*
On Sjptembjr lath next the College
at Calgary, Alberta, commences its fall
term and its fourth year. Since first
started by the Rev. air, W. E. Porrin,
it has made great strides, additional
accommodation has been procured, aud
the school is, iu every way in first-
class order. Mr. Peri'in is a student
of St. John's College, Cambridge, and
of Lichfield Theological College, Eug.,
aud a thorough mathematical and
classical scholar. His una is to give
a thorough businesselucaiiou to boys,
fitting them for any walk iu lifo,
while at the same time special attention is given, if desirtd, to preparu*.
tion for English and Canadian universities, technical subjects such as agriculture, electricity and chemistry are
also taught. At the recent examinations not one of the pupils got loss than
50 per cent of the total, tho average
being'75 per cent.
The arrangements for the bodily
welfare aaf iho pupils are excellent.
E.it-h boy has a separate cubicle, the
school rooms are lofty aud well lighted
and the diet is generous, Mrs, Perrin
,'evotea her attention to the home hie
otilieojys and particularly to the
amaller ones. Athletics and -.-.lues oi
all kinds are onco rased. Mr, Perriu I
laoing rt [ja-aoal athlete himself.
.In matters of religion tho college ti:'
staicly non-sectarian,Qare being 'alia*1
ti see that pupils ut-otid wliateve*
church their parents belong to.
Calgary is well known as a healthy
town, thanks to lhe bracing prairie
air, and sickness is almost unknown
at the college. All tho prominent
business men of Calgary strongly re
commend tne college, and among its
visitors are W. B. Gravelov, manager I
nf the Bank of Montreal, M. Morris of i
the Imperial Bank, etc.
This is the only establishment of its
kind between Winnipeg and the Cna it
A Nova Ss.tlnn Farmer Tell, of III.
Iiiteu.o Suffering: From Rhonnia-
tl.ui and How he Found Relief.
From the Bridgewater, N.S., Enterprise.
Such suffering as rheumatism causes
the victim.upon whom it fastens itself
ia almost uuondurable. Only those
who writhe under its pangs can imagine the joy of one who has been freed
from its terrors. Mr. J. W. Foiken-
ham, of New Elm, N.S., is oneof those
who have been released from pain, and
who believes it his duty to let others
know how a cure can be found, Mr.
Folkenham is a fanner, and like all
wbo follow this arduous but honorable calling, is subject to much expo
sure. It was this exposure that
brought on bis t rouble and caused him
so much suffering before lie was rid of
it. He says : ���"In the spring of 181/7
I contracted rheumatism. Throughout
the whole summer 1 suffered from it,
an I ubai.it the first of O^toher it became so bad that I could not get out
of the house. The pains were located
in my hip and hack, au I what I suffered can hardly be expressed. I hecimo
so helpless I could not dross myself
without aid. Eventually the trouble
spread to my  hands and ai'ius, and at
Nerves Shntterod- Business Gone���Hope
Uono���A Physical Wr-ck���Restored Completely by South American Nervine.
"Two yours ag11 was completely prostrated with nervous debility. I was so complete*
fy wrecked that 1 hnd to quit business. 1
tried best physiadiuis, ami numerous treatments and proprietary reniiaiies witli uo relief Rowling testimonials aif wonderful cures
ejected by South American Ken-in**. I dead led to givo it a trial. Before 1 had taken
half a bottle I received great laonotit. I have
taken several bottles, and feel justified in
slating that it is a wmtdorful mealicino. Before taking it my nerves were so hnilly shattered 1 could not sign my name legibly. 1
feel that too much can not ho said in praise
of it."  fi. Errctt, Merriukvillo, Out.       CIO
Sold by C. A. Warren.
We beg to announce tbat we hare
obtained another gasoline tank and
are prepared to perform all work in
our line at the shortest possible notice.
Assayers and Chemists.
Golden, B.C., Aug 18th, 1898.       510
Under section 88 of the Mineral Act, 1896,
the interest of t'harles Van Ness in the mineral claims Copper King, Anaconda, St.
Laurence, Mother Lode, Eureka, Bluebird,
aud Abice will besaild by auction, sixty days
after dale, unless the sum of 3ii7il..7 bo pud
to me forthwith,
N. F. .10HNSON.
Golden, B.C., Aug. 8th, 1898.        000-13
TICE is horoby given that sixty (60)
days after date I intend to apply to tho
Chief Commissioner aif Lands und Works
for permission to purchase 1540 acres of
land ou the South side of Finlay Creek,
Eust Kootenay, B. U.| described as follows :
Commencing at a post ou the S. W. corner
of Lot 44, (J. I. East Kootenay, marked
" E. L. Brady's 8. E. corner , thenco
North 80 chains, thmice West Sj chains;
thonco .South 80 chains, snd thonco Eust
80 chains mure or less lo initial post E.L.
E. L. BllADY,
By James Brady.
July 25th, 1897. -Wis-M
Golden Market..
Wheat $1.00 to $1.05
Oats   O.COto   0.08
Barley   0 25 to   0 80
Beef (live)   4 50 to   4 7.i
Beef (dressed)   h 50 in   K.6n
Pork (live)    5.vO t o   5.50
Purl; (dressed)  8.00 to  8.00
Mutton IO.UOio 10.10
Butler   0.25 io   0il5
EggB   0.25 to   0.50
Hay (haled) 17.00 Io 20 00
Hay (loose) 14 00 to 14 00
Potatoes   0.75 to   0.1N
Tho British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
i.ecord.    Published in Loudon.
Subscription, 82 "i0 por annum.   SubBcrlp
lions ami advertiseinonts received by
E. A. HAGGEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kootenay.
Minors! The way for you tosnoced,
is to make known the resourcsis of
your camps. Tho way to do that is to
send news of your finds to theGoi.DBN
Era. Subscribe yourself to the Era
aud seiid it to your friends. The Era
will tell them all about it bettor than
you can.
Ve guarantee that (hisa
Pluten will relieve
pain qplfker than any
other. Put up only In
25c. ttn texts and SLOO
yudrolls. The Utter
allows you te cut the
Plaster any liM.
Every family
should have one
ready tor en emergency.
iimiko, Monnui
Baroara. cf Imitation.
Advertise in
The Eldredge
' $50.00
The Belvidere
Superior to all others Irrespective
of price.   Catalogue tells you
why.  Write for one.
330 BROADWAY, Factory,
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ X + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
Wholesale and Hetall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. (5.       26tc
The McMurdo House,
carbonate lasdino,
east kootenay,
Ciias. Cartwrioht, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia NaVigatioi} & Tram-
Way Co., L't'd, and
International Transportation Co'y.
Connecting with C. P. R. at Golden B. C, and
Great Northern  Railway at Jennings, Montana*
charged  wilh all
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands ot Liquors Kept,
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
Direct Route  to  Fort Steele.
Steamers leave   Golden Tuesday and
Friday mornings ut d a. m.    Connect
at   Windermere with Stage for Fort
���Sieole and Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable route.
Consignors  will be
way freight between Goldon and Windermere at which  point ,i Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight  and charge*  on  goods  to
Windermere and points   beyond will
have to be paid to the Company's agent
at Windermere before delivery of goods.
Baggage allowance on Steamer 150 lbs,
per adult; allowance on Siob". 26 lbs.    .
per adult. Ii desired extra bungnuo can
be forwarded by express loam at express
rates (10 cents per pound).
Address all express care of U. C. Co1, Golden.
C. H. Parson,
St-Wst Mnnnger.
East via tha Laku Routes.
Steamers Leave rt. William
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Golden,
. ���
Ouo way  and  Round Trip Tickets at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
Klondike Gold fields
Direct via C. P. R. Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway.
At Cheapest Kate*.
Sailings from
Rosalie  .Sep. 1
Cottage City  " 2
Tics  " 2
Alki  " 7
City of Seattle  " 8
Topeka    " 12
Amur  " 14
Rosalie   " IB
Garonne  " 15
Yes, I see it all now
The Reason Why
?   Ready to Wear
5 Clothing...
C.P.R. connection through from Van-
Dawson city in 10 days
Apply to the nearest Canadian  Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traffic .Manager,
Winnipeg, Man,
lite Ticket Agont, Golden
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Seals will
he received at the Golden lira Uilirc ami
executed islth promptitude.
The Ubiat.u Era Company,
Limited Liability.
Assaying Institute...
Headquarter*! Calgary. Alberta*
Ph. D., B. C. M. E., Etc., Manager.
Sp--ci.il Course iu Germany.
Assays,  Sampling, Analytical Work, ami
Concentrated (ires.   All parcels oi'ure are
carefully sampled, 0110 portion tested, one
portion labelled and kept fur six months as
a rolorence, and if desired tlio third piirtion
aviil bo returned to o'vnor, as a check on
assav iniide.
0A8H WITH SAMPLES, which should be
tleft with tho undersigned, from ivliami
evins may he obtained uu application.
liosialont Agent,
87-lst Oallaloil, H.i'.
.. WE  PRINT..,
AC! .or-VIS,
8cnd us your orders.
That is what wo are hero fur.
The Golden Era Company
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, B. C.
Is better in style antl finish lhan what I can get
from my tailors.
Of course a large concern like Shorey's
can keep a staff of experienced workmen upon
one class of work from year lo year until they
become absolutely perfect, while a tailor's
hands produce a sack coat to-day, a dress coat
to-morrow and so on, consequently they cannot be expected to attain the proficiency if
Shorey's workmen.
Shorey's Guarantee Card in the pocket of
every garment shows that the firm is bound lo
ve perfect satisfaction in every instance..
h->ta��---a---.aa *--j-iai.--*-*--i
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
Golden and Beaver, B.  O.
A tatkative tag.
Tho tag on every pair of "Slater Shoes"
tells the leather, its wear, service
adapted to, how the shoe i.s made, bo-ff
to care for it and the factory number, by
which any faults may he traced to the
operative. This tag is good for fiva
cents on a bottle of Stater Shoo Polish.
Goodyear Welted and stamped on
) the sole by the makers, f.i.50, $4.50
and $5.50 per pair.
"The Slater
5 hoe.
ggg ,-"<:'X
** 11 I*SBBMBSaSaB���-"    - ^-,   ��� ..-.-...
Ht. (J. Parson, Solo Local Agent.
Bright naoii anal women, who aro not loo
proml to work, and would like to nuike soino
money dnrliia llto im'xi three mon lis in telling Ilio womlorful Story of tho life of Mr.
Gladstone to their neighbours. -y.OOadiiy
easily made, some .indie three lime, that
nam. Nn risk, no experience, no capital
iioarefsiiry.   Write quickly for particulars.
.PH3 I.UlllKli.TOItONl'O.
"The Story tf Mr. Gladstone's Life" is ef
ihe greatest mnn of tlio ages, anal oiiihr;;con
ibe history nf the nineteenth century, the
most wonderful century since time began. It
has lhe sa.iiiiiy of I'aca- nnd the fascination of
���ii'lii'ii. nnal is toiai iii eloquent simplicity,
iiotitir soml lair yiinr outfit betoro you sleep
.md lie first in tltiitielil. Capital iiiiucio*siiiy.
Big wagos paid, foi' Iho btabk sells lo every*
larndley Gnrrotsaiii t.'o., Limited.
���ISC, Toronto,
Tho onlv Canadian " Lifo of Gladstone " is
by I'astell Dopkliis, Hon.G. w. Rons,anil
Sir Wilfrid Limrior.   A insling monument tn
tlio great man and laa Oanadlnn literature.
Beware ot Aincricni catchpenny baaokia handled byC-uindiim Homos. Our laxik hns boon
in preparation ton-ears. Handsomely bound.
Profusely Illustrated. I!ig cuiuniissiou. Pra-s-
I'ectus free to iiaiirittor.    Freight paid:
bunks mi tiino. Willi this book you can down
Brodley-Oarrotsoil Company, Limited,
4$U Toronto.
' live gontloineii w Indies tn trnicl fan
responsible, established house in British (.'el-
umbia. Monthly tiB.00and expenses, l'osi-
tiiiu steniiv. Reforonco. Km-lusci^|*lt'-.-.ililics-
ssd slamiied onvelopo. Tho Dominion flrnn-
pany, Dept. Y Cldcilgo !KM��p8��.
The New B. 0, Government will
take eteps to abolish the mortgage
Archer Martin, of Victoria, isapokcn
of as a likely candidate for the puisne
In future assay samples for Cunningham k Harvey may ho left at C. W.
Field's drug store.
T. C. Lusk, of Carbonate, is an
artist at leather work, and some
bridles shown us that were made by
him are turned out in splendid style.
J. A. Mara has lost both the boats
which he was interested in as having
been built for the Yukon trade. They
went to pieces ou their way to the
The Golden Eka has been appointed the Government Gazette for North
Kast Kootenay and in future all government notices will appear in the
The Crow's Nest contractors complain that under Mr. Ilnney's administration they have all lost money, and
they are petitioning the Dominion
Government for compensation.
Concerning the prohibition plebiscite
all persons upon tho provincial lists (10
days proceeding the taking of the
plebiscite, which in this case will be
August 1st, will be entitlod to the
The Semlin Government have not
been long in giving effect to their election pledges, for they have already
started the prosecution of the Duns-
rnuir syndicate for employing Chinese
In order tbat our staff may have a
holiday on the day of the picnic The
Era will be published on Thursday
evening, and advertisements intended
-for that issue should be in by noon of
that day,
A new trail has been made from the
first summit above Carbonate to connect with the North Fork trail at Loon
Lake. This trail will shorten the
North Fork trail by two or three miles.
The work has been well done under
the supervision of W. Dainard.
The Kamloops Sentinel is now published twice a week. We congratulate
our contemporary on its enterprise and
���wish it continued success. There is no
-hotter or cleaner paper published in
British Columbia than the Sentinel.
The Fifth Annual Spokane Fruit
Fair will open Tuesday, Oct. 4th, and
close Saturday, Oct, loth. The pub-
lie-spirited citizens of Spokane have
contributed and guaranteed nearly $15,-
000 to insure the financial success of
tbe undertaking.
The water in the Columbia River is
now falling rapidly and the Navigation
Company have given Messrs Fulruer
and Kerfoot notice that they cannot
guarantee connection with tho mail
stage after the next fortnight.
It is reported that F. E. Hobbs, for-
man of the Donald shops, has received
instructions to bold himself in readiness for removal to Vancouver, which
will mean important promotion to him.
If tbe report is true we congratulate
Mr.  Hobbs on his promotion.
Says the Nelson Tribune: Those
���who have canvassed the political situation in the province rather thoroughly,
make the prediction that the next gen
era! provincial elections will be fought
sut on straight conservative aud liberal
Judge McColl has been appointed
Chief Justice of British Columbia. We
congratulate his Honor on his promotion, and there is not a fairer or more
jnst Judge on the Canadian Bench. We
trust that Judge McColl may live
long to fill the high position in
which he has been placed.
P. White recently wrote to C. A.
Warren stating that he had altered his
course towards Teslin Lake as ne hoard
en route that feaoe River was ne good.
He saw much hardship amongst people
on the route, but had reached Huzelion
in safety when he wrote to Mr.
There was a good attendance at the
Columbia Hall last night on the occasion of the entertainment by Misses
Aunie Louise White and Lillie Kleiser.
Tbe singing wus excellent and the entertainment was much appereciated by
those who heard it, Miss Devlin presided at the piano.
Col, Baker has gone to England,
notwithstanding the election petition
pending against him. His solicitors
have given notiee to set aside the petition on the grounds that the deposit
hy way of security was not made iu
Bunk of England notes, uaa.l lliu" il
slioulrl !'r voided on other ttchuiual
About one month ago my child,
which is fifteen months old, had an
attack of diarrhoea accompanied by
vomiting. I gave it such remedies as
are usually given in such cases, but as
nothing gave relief, we sent for a physician and it was under his care for a
week. At this time the child had
been sick (or about ten days and was
having about twenty-five operations of
bowels every twelve hours, and we
wars convinced that unless it soon
obtained relief it would not live.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was recommended, and
I,decided to .try it. I soon noticed a
ojiange for tha better; by its continued
uss a complete cure was brought about
and is now perfectly healthy.���C. L.
Itoaas, Stumptown, Gilmer Co.,
"W. Va. Bold by all druggists,
Langley k Co. wholesale Agents Viotoria ud VMeonver. ���*��
The Rev. W, B. Costley, of Stock-
bridge, Ga., while attending to his
pastoral duties at Ellonwood, that
state, was attacked by cholera morbus.
He tuys: ''By chancel happened to get
hold of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and I
think it was the meuns of saving my
life. It relived me at once." For
sle by all druggists, Langley k Co,
wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver. 495
The services at St. Peter's church
Donald, on Sunday next Sept, 4th will
he as follows: at 11 a. m. Morning
Prayer and Celebration of Holy Communion! At 7.,'io p.m, Evening
Prayer and sermon.
The Lord Bishop of New Westminster will hold a Confirmation service
on Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 3 p. in,
Says the Columbian : " Wo aro not
surprised to see one of the Conservative organs squirm at George Eulas
Foster's Calgary definition of tho Conservative policy-ns Protection (with
a big P) and Separate Schools for
Manitoba! Wonder what their policy
for British Columbia will be?"
The Czar has issued an invitation to
a universal peace conference and everything pivots on the attitude of France.
She will certainly never agree unless
the provinces'of Alsace nnd Loraineare
restored to her, and to this Germany
would never consent. Tbe move is
looked upon with suspicion at Washington and the United States will take
no part in it.
Arrangements are now pretty well
completed for the joint picnic to be
held on Friday next. Swings are being
erected, and sports will be arranged
for the children. Families are asked
to bring their own supplies aud contributions are invited for visitors. The
ground has been cleared. The sports
will be held at a suitable spot between
tho Hospital and Columbia river.
Leinen Bros, circus arrived in Golden
on Tuesday afternoon, having been
delayed at Palliser by a wheel breaking. The circus enme by a large
special train, bat as the day was wet
and miserable great difficulties were
experienced in arranging the show,
which was a disappointing one There
was n large attendance of spectators,
people having come from all parts.
The report that the new Government
propose to arrange another election ie
untrue. On this report the Viotoria
Times sarcastically remarks: "We
are enabled to state upon the very
highest authority that another general
election will be held in British Columbia, and further that it will take place
some time in the summer of 1902,
when Premier Semlin and bis cabinet
will offer themselves for re-election to
the people,"
Admiral Dewey will live In history
as the man who fought the first, and
the last battle uf the war, and was
successful in both. He will bring
borne all the men he took with him.
save those who have died from natural
causes. History furnishes no precedent,
and it may be safely predicted that
Dewey's achievement in this particular
will long remain unique. It is safer
to go into battle with Admiral Dewey
than on a steamboat   excursion ���P. I.
The Kamloops Sentinel says: -'-The
scandalously reckless and careless
manner in which public business was
conducted by the late Government is
now being laily brought to light. In*
every department evidences of extrav
gance, carelessness and neglect are being discovered, When the new ministers have had time to straighten
out the confusion that reigns in their
respective departments there will be
some interesting disclosures to make
The Toronto Telegram says: All
tha> is good in the liberalism of British Columbia has been working with
Charles Semlin for years, and to speak
oi the ministry which he is forming
as a conservative government is to
ignore the facts. It has been the good
fortune of Joseph Martin to be identified with the defeat of a ministry which
relied chiefly on conservative sources
of strength, There is not much fear
that the "crisis" will continue- The
Turner following is weaker even than
it looks. Power was its whole stock
in trade. It has lost power, and deprived of the control of the resources
which enabled it to baffle, and for a
time defeat the force of public opinion
the beaten ministry oan make no
stand at all against the outrage.!
sentiment of a province which It wronged in the day of its power.
There was a serious row before the
circus left Golden. Conductor Kemp,
who was in charge, was assaulted by
one of the employees, and in fact the
man attacked all the railway hands
nml snne Donald passengers in lhe
cu''0use. Constables Cox ami Lnncr
were seal for and were threatened with
shouting by some of the circus employees, but when they saw that the
officers meant business they made
themselves scarce. Constable Cox
then went to the engine-driver and
asked him not to pull out the train till
he had arrested the man who caused
the disturbance. Conductor Kemp
was attended to at the Golden Hospital,
suffering considerably from the bruises
sustained. Constable Cox followed
the show to Rovelstoke for the purpose
of arresting the offenders, but as the
circus had moved out, instructions to
arrest were telegraphed to the Kamloops police. Amongst the Donald
men who were assaulted were Messrs.
Caldwell, Ruttan and Baines.
Mallotoa, King of Samoa, is dead.
Czar of Russia's peace message is
receiving favorable comments.
Serious riots are  occuring  in  the
Many portions of the Russian Empire are threatened with famine.
Cuban government has relieved General Garcia of his command.
Reports of threatened starvation in
the Stickine country are denied.
There were two thousand three hun
dred deaths from the plague during
last week in Bombay. Eplde nic is rapidly spreading.
Despatches from Manila suy Insurgents are plundering lhe S.ina ad., am
all sides and are sacking the   villages
Germany   looks   favorably on   the
peace proposals of the Czar of Russia
but. they are totally   rejected by   thn
French government.
Wor'le- 's brigade in Soudan oxpedi-
tiom been actively engaged with Dervishes.
Frenehman has accepted, a wager to
walk from New York to Dawson
International cricket matoh at Pilhu-
delphia has been won by United gtates
Elder Dempster Steamship line make
an offer to carry Canadian mails to and
from Bristol, England, free.
New mail route between Gnat
Britain and Canada via Avonmouth
will be open on Saturday next,
Expedition whioh was fitted out to
search for Andree is returning without
hauing accomplished anything.
Over 600 Manitoba cattle seized in
Dakota on account of undervaluation.
The lake steamer Superior has been
wrecked near Belle Isle.
Lcdghton McCarty has been nominated as independent candidate for North
Victoria Colonist urges appointment
of royal commission to investigate
Turner's dismissal.
As the steamer Princess Louise was
leaving the Alberta buy Vancouver five
deck hands fell over board and three
of them instantly killed by coming in
contact with the wheel,
Five persons have been killed in a
railway accident at Ware, Mass.
The Philadelphia mint has received
$1,600,000 in Yukon gold.
Archbishop Ireland, of St. Paul, has
been raised to the Cardiiialate,
It is reported that Great Britain was
quite prepared to offer her fleet to the
United Slates in tbe event of European
Earl Minto sails for Canada on November 3rd.
Delicious pies can be made from the
Cutting Brand of pie Fruit, put up in
gallon tins. The price is an inducement to buy them at The Big Store.
"Companies Act, 1897."
Canada: \
Province of Brithh Coltmbia. j
No. 104.
I "New Golden British Columbia,
Limited," is authorised and licenced
to carry on business within the Province of British Columbia, and to
carry out or effect all or any of the
objects hereinafter sot forth to which
the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
Tho head office of tho Coupany Is
situate ut No 6, Queen Street Place, in
the City of London England.
The naiiouut of the capital of the
Company Is ��12.000 divided into 12,-
0(10 shares of ��'1 each.
The head office of the Company in
this Pro- iuce is situate a' Vancouver,
and William Gilbert Mitchell Lines,
mining agent, whoss address is Vancouver aforeside, ts the attorney for
tbe Company.
The objects for which the Company
has been established are: ���
(a) To purchase, take on lease, or
otherwise acquire, mines, mining
rights, and metalliferous land and
any interest therein, and to explore,
work, exeroise, develop aud turn to
account the same, and in particular to
acquire and take over all the properties, mines, estates land hereditaments
nnd rights, the property of a Company known as Golden British Columbia, Limited, now in liquidation,
together with the assets and effects of
such Company, and with a view thereto enter into and carry into effect,
either with or without modificatsons,
a draft agreement whioh has been already prepared and is expressed to be
made between Golden Br'tish Columbia,  Limited  (therein called the old
Company), of the first part, Freder
ick Hebert Williams, liquidator of the
old Company, of the second part and
New Golden British Columbia, Limited (therein called tbe new Company),
of the third part.
(b) To crush, win, get, quarry,
smelt, calcine, refine, dress, amalgamate, manipulate, purchase, and prepare for market, ore metal uud mineral
substamce of all kinds, and to carry on
either upon or in connection with ihe
premises ur elsewere, the business of
miners, mslers, smelters, and workers
of any process in the production, reduction, and makina merchsutnl'le of
minerals, metals and met Hie pro
lucts, supplies of water, innrohuute.
and in inufaciuri'ra. ui aa.a'l,,.,- ,,! ..
iliuerals, nieitil*., arlicli * .
ised in or in oonn 11 i a/
milling siuelii
iforesai . or nui    i
(c)T< > nrch I.i ...     ��� j
-ii iei    in land kuu.   .    i n
,1    I0H   .'   I    , ���    .!'���; ���
io   bua     ",,i - I
rights ul search     u
latins   under   ia,��� -.
or regulations of auv plaue where   'he
Company   carries   ou operations, uud
other rights respect iiu tii.) same:
(d) To acquire options, or enter into
contracts for the "purpose of any grants
concessions, lea es, or setts, easemeutu,
or interests in lands, waters, mill
sites, townships, mines, minerals, and
other hereditaments, and any plant,
machinery, implements, conveniences,
provisions and things, and any other
property, real or personal, movable or
immovable, for purposes incidental
thereto, or to any other objects of the
Company, or capable of being used in
connection with metallurgical operations or required by workmen or others
employed by the Company, and to
work, transfer, let, or sublet the same.
(e) To acquire any inventions, letters
patent or licenses, capable of being
used for the purpose of the Company
or any of them, and to work, transfer,
let, or sublet the same:
(f) To acquire and undertake the
whole or any part of the business,
property and liabilities, of any person
or company carrying ou any business
which this Company is authorised to
carry on; and to acquire aud hold any
shares, stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or
otherwise, ol or other interests in any
English, colonial or otlier companies,
associations or undertakings capable
of being managed or conducted so as
directly or indirectly to benefit the
business of the Couiiany. Also toad-
vance money un any such shares,
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures,
securities of or other interests in such
companies, associations or undertakings, and to accept such shares or
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures
or securities as partial or full security
for payments duo to the Company.
(g) To acquire, construct or hire, or
join with others iu acquiring, construction or hiring, any mills, canals,
waterworks, machinery, roads, briiges
tramways, railways, engines, plunt,
stock, buildings, works, matters, or
which may be necessary or convenient
for the purpose of the Company, or
auv of them, and to the working of
the same or any part thereof:
(h) To Improve, manage, develop,
let, underlet or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal with iu any
manner whatsoever, the undertaking
or any par or parts of the p operty of
the Company, or any rights, way-leaves
or easements in or over the same, and
to accept as paijneut therefor either
cash or shares and partiv shares, in
auy other coinpan; putobasiug the
(i) To establish and maintain agencies of the Company iu British Columbia and iu any other colony, dominion, foreign country or .late, mid
to procure the Company to ne itf-visler-
ed or incorporated iu any such colon),
dominion, foreign country or state.
(j) To amalgamate with any other
company having objects altogether or
in part, similar to the objects of this
Company, and to enter into partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any company or person or firm engaged or
about to sugage in any business or
transaction which this Company is
authorised ts engage in, or capable of
being conducted so SB directly or indirectly to benifit this Company:
(k) To hold, in the names of others
any property whioh the Company is
authorised to acquire, and to carry on
or do any of the business and aots and
things aforesaid, either as principal or
agent, and either by the agency of or
ae agents or trustees for others:
(I) To make, purchase, sell, accept
or indorse bills of exchange and other
instruments, negotiable or otherwise
and to borrow money either with or
without secuiity, and either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise' including the issuo of debentures charged
upon all or any of the Company's property (both present and future), including its uncalled capital:
(m) Mo promote and form other companies for any of the objects mentioned in this Memorandum:
(n) To invest and deal with tbe
moneys of the Company not immediately required upon each securities
and in such manner as may from time
to time be determined:
(o) To distribute any of the property of the Company among the members in specie:
(p) To carry on business in any part
of the world and to do all such things
as are incidental or conducive to the
attainment of the above objects.
Given under my hand and seal of
office Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this 8th day of August, one
thousands eight hundred and ninety-
eight.   [L.S.] S. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Feed the Nerves!
?outh American Nervine Is a powerful nerve builder
and makes rich, red, healthy blood.
Wu live by nervous force, and if there is derangement at the sent of
rood health, the whole physical organization sutlers���two-thirds of all
ailments common to humanity can be traced
to sick nerves. Naturally the weakest part
is the one attacked, and in cases whose
sanumber is legion the trouble begins in th*
jjjstomach--and ends too often in physical
il and mental ruin���sluggish circulation,
%, impure blood, exhaustion, emaciation,
'"^a;;^ ^1-2 loss of appetite, insomnia, general da-
.a '.ySI biiity and wasting diseases���all tor lack
;,''. i'"M of fep'vnishing an overworked system.
'* iiM South American Nervine Is the greatest
,-*';;-*.' of all nerve foods���purifies ths blood,
/ clears tlio system of all impurities,tones
.-ami   strengthens  the    digestive    organs'���a
v   i.ler ul remedy In cases of female weakness
md functional derangements poculiar to her sex
���truly a good health angel to womankind.
.1     Mrs. Geo. Schlee, of Berlin, Ont, says:   "I
il     always felt weak and tired ; at night I could
account of nervousness ; my body became wasted almost to
Doctors clai'i-ie-d it to bo womb trouble, and desired to per-
orrn nn operation.    I tried South American  Nervine.    The  first bottle
i;ave me great relief.    I took eight bottles and am cured completely."
SOUTH AMERICAN KIDNEY CURE-'"'"'"".* the soud matters wwch dog ua
Impede tho natural and healthy working of tile tmictions of I lie tlduoys���Cure*
Diabetes, Drlglu's Dlseasv, Inflammation of the Itladder, Graved or Stone In the Dlfld-
icr, and all disorders directly attributable to diseased klalTK\v��~aA sever falling, quick
I'llaarlug liquid specific, endorsed hy beat physicians everywhere.
lOUTH AMERICAN RHEUMATIC CURE-'*- etaoivle esses of RliranaiHsm, Neumlfla,
.iiuibujn and kindred nl'ments, where tbo suffering Ims been lateral-, rvllef haa come
,fter q*c dose, sad nirwiy maml'mis cures have bwn affected���A sentence from one
i-stlmony :    "My  Joints   wore stiff  and swollen and tbe pnins were almost beyond
tearing, bat a few doses of Suutti American Rheumatic Core worked wonders."
IU, AONSWa OIHTMENT-Curoo blind, b'oedlne, Itching; or ulcoratlne pile* In
.'nm three te five nig-hta-heali skin dloeaeee, eld eoree, aa-alt rheum, HaiM,
titter, scald hand, eto.-one application glvea Instant relief-S3 OSNTS A BOX
Reliable Assays at Moderate Prices.
Through nn arrangement with Mines and Minerals, we are enabled to
offer all, who will pry CASH IN ADVANCE for a year's subscription to THE
GOLDEN ERA, clubbed with Mines and Minerals, Five Coupons entitling
the subscriber to
Five Assays for Gold and Silver, Copper,
Iron, or Lead.
These assays will be made at the Mines and Minerals Assay  Office,
Scranton. Pa., and are guaranteed as reliable and accurato as it is possible to
have made anywhere    Prompt returns will lie made in all cases.
Regular Subscription to Mines & Minerals S2.G0
Regular Subscription to The Oolobn Era       2.00 - Total J4.00.
Clubbing Rate, Including Above-Named Assays $2.50.
If you wish to see Mines and Minerals before taking up this offor, send
tor a free sample copy to Scranton, Pa., mention this paper,
E. A.
Mining, Real Estate & Commission Agent,
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
Town Lots and Fa.tm Lands for sale.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines in various parts of
British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper, Gold, and Silver-Lead Prospects and
Developed Properties on Bond.
Ores   Purchased.
Reports and Information Furnished.
Stocks in British Columbia Mines Bought and Sold.
Cable Address:   KA.NAGAN, Golden.
Codes in use:   Moreing & Neal, and Bedford McNeill.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jiot and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
816it Proprietors.
^VWesre Manuf acturers and Direct Importers, and carry a Large Stock of Balances,
Furnaces. Eire Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practioal Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assayers' and Miners' requirements,
Sole Agents (or Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter.*
sea; Becker's Son's Balan-
es; Bruaton k Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
Vancouver, B. C.
P.O. Bos KG. Telegraphic Aaldrem  "ASSAY," Vaocouver.B. C, MSs


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