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The Golden Era Jul 29, 1898

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Array The Golden: Era
-, h the most wMely olrcnlated and
beet advertieinf medium in East
Kootenay. Thii la tb* paper that
it read Vy th* miners, th* ranchers,
th* railroaders Md lumbermen.
InbioripUon, |8.00 per Annum
In Advance  . .
* Map of Golden
| Mining Division
I By r. V. Laa*...
S On receipt of It copies of this valuable
i> map will be mailed by
���j* The Golden Era Company L'ld.Lby.,
# Golden, 11. C.
$2 Pek Year
General 0 merchant,
Business is Picking up in
Our   Grocery  Department
Choice Dairy Butter 20 cents per lb.
Try our fresh ground Peacock coffee,
at 50 cents per pound.
Lily Cream
Five Cans
For $1,00.
-v..Agent For . .
PhoBnix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
Ihe Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Cntario,
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
Spanish   Ships   Destroyed.
Seisure of Porto Rico
Trouble  in the Phillipines.
... the rolumbia House,
A Striotly First Class Hotel in Every Beeped.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Beit Brand* est Liquor* and Cigar*.
Tbe Tabl* i* Socond to Nona.
Headquarters (or Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B.C.
"Wm. McNeish, Prop.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $3.00 Per Day. ��� ::::o::::���
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jiot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
Illst ProprUtore.
^sr-Waare Menuf actum* and Direct Importers, and oarty a Larue Stock ol Balances,
Fumade*. Fi'iV Clay Oood*, Scientific antl
���Practical Books, Glass*
ware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemical*, and all
'otlier Assayers' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agent* for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter*
sen; Booker'* Son'* Balance; Bronlon <t Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, otc. ���
Vaaroa ver, B. ��.
P.O. Bm !�����*. Telegraphic ik.Mr.au:  "ASSAY," Vancouver,0. C.
Washington, July 22.-The United
Slates will annex Porto Rico at all
Admiral Dewey will bombard Manila
at tbo end ol this week.
Oeneml Garcia hits writen a letter
to General Shelter in which he declares he is disgusted at the treatment re
ceived at the hands of ihe Americans
and will consequently withdraw bis
own forces to the hill*.
London, July 22.��� The Hong Kong
correspondent of tbe Daily Mail says:
Aquinado ia restless under American
instructions and wants to capture
It is proposed to raise Commodore
Watson's squadron to tbe proportion
of a fleet for the invasion of Spain.
A Spanish cruiser has been destroyed
by Admiral Sampson1* fleet at Nipe.
Agquiualdo has proclaimed himself
dictator of the Phillipine Islands.
The Spanish transports hare been
destroyed by the United State* warship Mauzanillo.
Gibraltar, July 22.���It is reported
here that Admiral Camera's squadron
of war ships are expected off the Span
ieh penal settlement of Oenta opposite
Gibraltar, where it will stay and
await *vents.
London, July 23.���The European
great powers with the exception of
Great Britain, have come to the de
cision not to permit the United States
to annex the Phillipine Islands, nor
allow an Anglo-American protectorate.
Madrid, July 2fith��� A strong American squadron baa appeared before
Bahia Honda, Porto Rico, but the Am
erican attempt to disembark troops hss
been repulsed with considerable loss.
London, July 26.���A despatch re
eeived from Shanghai lay*: Th* Jap
anese government have sent four warships to cooperate with the British
and American admirals In ease of International complication*.
Washington, July 27,-General
Miles expedition haa landed at Port
Guanico, Porto Rico.
Washington, July 37.-The Spanish
Government have sued for peace, not
indirectly through the groat powers
but by direct appeal to President Mc
General Shatter reports over two
thousand cases of yellow fever in his
C. P. R. Changes.
field ie on the upward grade.
contract baa been let to M. Carlin for
excavating the site for a new round
house to be built at Field. The contract calls for the excavation of some
thing like 25,000 yards of earth and
Mr, Carlin had his teams on the
ground and got a etart with Ihe work
this week. 4,000 feet of tracks will
also be laid down at Field a* soon as
possible, the necessary rails being
provided from tracks which will b<-
tsken up at Donald, Tii* most of the
plant now In ute at ihe Donald workshop* will be removed to the new
round hou** to be built at Field, the
object of this being to cope with cases
of temporary repair. The central
works .ops at Revelstoke will be equipped with an entirely new plant of the
most improved mnkn. About 3.000
feet of new tracks will be put in at
Laggan, and some of the railway
building* at Donald will be re-erected
at Field and Laggan.
A General Meeting of the GolJen Hospital
Society for tho election of Trustotas for
the ensuing year will bo hcta| at the
eflcee of the Upper Columbia. Company,
Uolden, D. C,
On  Thuradnr.   Aturu.t   Sod,    1898,
���, *t 8 o'clock p. m., in the evening.
Similar incetitws will also ho hold at Donald,
Heaver .'.ulisor, Fluid, Thunder Hill.
Wsaa, Fort .Steele awl Windermere, nt
tbe same date and hour,
The recent additions to the Colombia House have made ic one of tbe
finest and best equipped hotels in the
inland districts of British Columbia.
Tbe new portion of the building is 61 ft.
by 30 ft., and three storeys in height,
a tower seven feet square gracing the
corner of the new wing. On the
ground floor of the new section are two
offices and a line puhlio ha]1. The
offices are each 14 ft. by 14 ft., one on
each side of the hall. That on the
right will be used as the town office of
the Upper Columbia It LuinlerCo.,and
that on the left will he the room of the
North East Kootenay Miners' Association. These offices are plastered
throughout aud nicely furnished wi-.h
a handsome centrepiece on tbe ceiling
of each room.
The Public Hall is 46 ft. by 30 ft.,
with a stage nine feet in depth and
running the full width of the room.
The floor space affords accomodation
for 271) people. Complete arrangements have been made for thoroughly
lighting the hall and for heating it in
winter. The plastering of the hall is
an exceptionally fine piece of work and
refects high credit, on the skill of Mr.
Winn, of Calgary, who was entrusted
with it. The ceiling is divided into
four panels,, with a large and handsomely designed centre flower in each,
ani arranged so that from each centre
flower a chandelier and gas bracket
will be suspended. Mr. Winn made
tbe moulds on the premises from which
the centre flowers we re built in sections, each Dower beiwr 6 ft, 2 in, in
length. The main beam is set off by
a two inch bead. Around the panels
runs a deep moulding ol tasty design
while a bold cornice round the room
sets ot the whole of ihe elaborate work
of the ceiling to a nicety, the designs
and moulds for these having also been
made by Mr. Winn in tbe room itself.
Mr. McNeish has been fortunate in
getting an artist of Mr. Winn's skill
to undertake this part of the work.
The hall has been supplied with a first-
class Karti Piano and will be found by
dramatic and concert companies and
lecturers to be one of the bast equipped
halls on the road.
Access to the upper portion of the
new building is provided from the
main entrance of the former building.
On the first floor of the new building
are two parlours, one opening on the
balcony and lighted by a bay window,
and the other opening into the tower,
which with windows ontbreeaidesgjvrg
an all-round view from the ante room
of seven feet square thus crested.
These parlours are respectively 14 f-et
by 14 feet, and 16 feet hy 14 feet. On
this flat there are seven bedrooms each
12 feet by 14 feet. A covered stairway
at the back answers the purpose ol a
fire escape,
On the second floor le another parlour opening to the tower and of the
earn* dimension* a* the one on the
first flat. There are also eight bedrooms of 12 by 14 feet each. This flat
also connect* with the oovered stairway at tb* rear of the building. A
dost shoot connects with the varioue
floors for the convenience of the domestics in their daily cleaning up round,
a* by means of this the sweepings are
shot to the ground without the necessity of travelling up and down the
The new addition gives the Columbia
House the accomodation of forty bedrooms, fivesitting-rootni", dining-room,
billit.rd.room. two offices and hall.
Brick chimneys have been erected to
afford a complete system of heating,
and the chimneys run the full length
of the building, the foundations having been sunk four feet in the ground.
The hotel is handsomely and comfortably furnished throughout and should
prove a favorite with Mr. McNeish's
guests. The contract for the building
was let to Mr. J. Henderson and has
been most creditably carried out by
him. The building will be lighted
throughout with acetylene gas, and
the installation is now being completed. Electric bells, with a full system
of Indicators, have been fitted up. A
well-fitted bathroom has also been provided and is supplied with abundance
of hot and oold water. The building
I* plestered throughout, this work
having been entrusted to Mr. Winn,
who ha* made a first-class job of it.
Mr. McNeish proposes to ley out as
a lawn the grounds between the new
portion of th* building and hia private
residence, and he ia snaring no effort
to gain tor Ih* Columbia House a premier place among the hotels of B. C.
We wish him ibe success he deserves
in his enterprise.
The Bennison Mine.
Great Body of Rich Ore Optned
The No 1 tunnel on the Bennison
mine hns been driven 180 leet, a crosscut being now driven on the vein.
When Major Clohecy left the work
appeared to have reached the edge of
the vein. The extension of the cut on
the Boston vein has exposed a body of
ore at least 30 feet in width, whereas
this lead has hitherto been supposed to
be only 14 feet wide. It will be remembered that the smelter test of ore
from this lead went from (60 tc $300
to the ton. The value of tbe new development is therefore evident. More
than lhat, this lead has been discover
ed by Major Clohecy on the other side
ofthe mountain; within the boundary
of the Boston claim, and near the International, and the ore is of tbe same
class as on the ISenuinon side, consisting of a rich grey copper. There is
not a mine in British Columbia today
with the fine prospects of this mine.
The owners regard it as a " world-
beater" and from what we have seen
ol ibe property we must say we consider they are f .Ily justified in this
opinion. There is nothing in British
Columbia today to beat it.
Dr. Agnew's Ointment stands at the head as
a rsliover.hesler.siid snrociire for files in all
farms. One application will give comfort
in a few minutes, and three to six days ap-
plic.itiou according to directions will cure
chronic cases. It relieves all itchiug and
burning akin diseases iu a day.   lit. cents.
8)ld by C. A. Warren. ��j
Ralph Hughes and A. H. Logsn
have made an important discovery
olosi to Wells's Landing, the locationsI
being within three miles of the Col-
umbia River. The ore is a copper-gold
deposit and lies between lime ami
granite formations. The lead seems
to be an enormous one, the mineral
showing being 60 feet wide. It is intended to do some development work
on the property immediately. Four j
claims hare been staked on the discovery, one of them being right alongside
the Vermont (.'nek sleigh road
S. Yuill has completed the Quartz
Creek trail that was promised last
election by Col. Baker. This trail runs
from the Bald Mountain trail, off the
C. P. R. line at the Columbia Hirer
bridge, crosses the Porcupine River,
and runs to Quartz Creek, a distance
of 18 miles. The trail will give access
to the claim* bon led by the British
America Corporation and on which the
Company are about to do development
The Following claims have been recorded   ar.   Goldon: -
Snowstorm, J. Henderson, Fifteen
Mile Crea-k, July 14th; Sunshine by
Mary A. Dainard, Fifteen Mile Creek,
July|14 h; silver Tip, byR. Hutchison,
Fifteen Mil-.- Creek, July 14th; Porphyry and Iron Hill, on Canon Creek,
by L. H. Est.ll, July 14; Eureka, at
Field, by H. Vanghan, July 18th;
Mogul, by A. Fell, at Field. July
18 h; Redonda, at Field, by J. W.
Vaughan; July 18th,
The Channe Mining Company1*manager, Mr. Willis, inform* th* Mining
Record lhat he has bonded tbe Company's mining properties on the coast,
on Ice River and in the Golden district,
to an English syndicate for $130,000.
This will mean the making of a substantial profit for the Channe stockholder*.
Mt. Roberts, M. E, ot Rossland,
who examined the Pretty Girl mine on
Horsethief Creek, considers that the
prospects of this property are most
promising. No man is better deserving
off success than W. G. Mitchell-Innes
and we hope to see his mine turning out
a bonanza.
Miners! The way for you to success
is to make known the rrsourceis of
your camps. The way to do that is to
send news of your finds to the Golden
Ei a. Subscribe yourself to the Era
and send it ta your friends. The Era
will tell them all about it better than
you can.   $2 a year.
Says th* Kootenay Mail: "Ever
alive to the interests of his constituents
Mr. Kellie has written to th* Minister
of Mines requesting attention to the
aesesiity for a time extension on mineral claims assessment on account of
lateness of the svnscn. Th* matter
will probably be attended to now.
J. Noble, who ia charge of lb* development work on the Bald Mountain
Co'e mine, informs us that he has now
driven a tunnel 85 feet on the western
end ol the property and has cut a 4ft
lead. He expect* to cnt the main lead
within another 20 or 30 feet.
Tuesday'* stage brought to Ashcroft
$78,700 in geld of which $62,200 was
from tbe Cariboo Hydraulic mine, th*
result of Ih* first run thi* season at
tbat famous mine. Tha result was
better by some thoosands than wan
M. Dainard returned to Golden on
Tuesday from a visit to the Mabel
group, on Toby Creek owned hy the
Alberta and Kootenay Company. He
reoorts work progre'sing well, and
brouitht in some fine specimens of oro
with him.
The Invictn Hyrdranlic Co. intend
putting in a hydraulic elevator to work
the Co'e. property to bedrock. Mr.
Young, the manager who returned
from England recently, is gettting the
property in shape for the contemplated
Development work continues to mska
good progress in the Bennison mine.
Major Clohecy expreses himself aa
highly pleased with the results of the
work recently done on tbe property.
The Black Horse and other claims on
Syenite Bluff, Vermont Creek, ar* reported to huve been botided to an
English syndicate for $9000.
W. Pellew Harvey has not accepted
tho position as Consulting Engineer lo
the Associated Gold Mines of B. C.
W. G. Mitchell* Innes haa resumed
work at the Golden British Columbia
pre parties on Prairie  Mountain.
The Alberta and Kootenay Co. have
resumed work on the property whicli
they hold on Copper Creek.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat sixty (CO)
days otter dato 1 intend to apply to th*
thief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase 640 acres ot*
' land-on Ike South side ot'Finlay Creek,
East Kootenay, Ii. C; described as fellows:
Comiiieiia inj, *l. post on the S. W. corner
of Lot 44, Cl. 1. East Kootenay, marked
"E.L.Brady's S. E. corner", thence
North 80 chains: tbonc. West Hu chains:
theuce South 80 chains, sud thence East
80 chains more or loss to initial post E.L,
JulyxSth, !��..
By James Brady.
Hudson's Bay Co. S
lne.rpor.Md 16 TO.
The   MeMit    Up-T*��-n����e
In  Wertw  ~g
. ��� . ��� 0
9   Intending  Prospector* should t
f)      write us lor one of our new j
&       Folders, which  contains an !j
g      excellent Map ami an estimate j
j       of th* probable cost of * com- j
j-      plete outfit for the Gold Fields S
1881st                  Caljary. \
a*��aVa����!.S-l-aS.-!���*.!������� if. Jl/S.��V8i 1.��vai
Read the GOLD.N ERA.      Advertise In the GOLDEN ERA
0. A. WARREN, * ���
�� ��General Merchant.
1$ Cigars.
B. Lawrence Spectacles.
d     Agent for Giant Powder Co'y,
|    Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co'y
of England.
5��  TO LET '.   J--M.se with two lots; partly ftirn*
��f ished. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, JULY 29, 1898.
- golden -
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 Car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
are coming to hand every day.
We nre showing bargains never
heard of before in Golden in the
following:    Blouses and Dress Silks-
starting al 33c per yard ���Grey and
White Cottons, Prints,-Muslins, Dress
Fabrics and an immense stock of
General Dry Goods.
4,000 rolls New Wall Papers just
arrived, in beautiful designs.
Bargains in Boots and Shoes.
Bargains in Crockery and Glassware.
Bargains in Carpets and Curtains.
in fact
Bargains in Every Department.
Plenty of fresh new laid Eggs at
85c per dozen.
I* going to be our Banner Year.   We
are wide open for business, and
making new customers every day.
Geo. B. McDermot,
-fteneral Merchant.
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps nnd Seals will
be received at the Gulden Era Office and
exec ti tod with promptitude.
The Golden Era Company,
Limited 'Liability.
Cuqqiqgham & JJarVey,
(Late of Vancouver)
Assayers & Chemists,
.^te-���-Smelter, Golden.
All work dona in duplicate art] (.mar-
runted. A portion of each sample
received is kept for future reference.
. . Robert Dodds . .
(.olden B.C..
"TP W	
Will  start  business  next  week   in
Miller's bnilding. 421-st.
Assaying Institute...
H.adquart.rs, Calgary, Alberto.
Pb. D., B. C. M. E., Etc.. Manager.
Special Course in Germany.
Awayi, Sampling, Analytical Work, and
Concentrated Ores.   Al] parcels of ore are
carefully sampled, ooe portion tested, ono
r>rtion labelled and kept for six month--, as
reference; and if desired the third portion
will be returned to owner, as a cheek on
assay made.
CASH WITH SAMPLES, which should be
loft with tho undersigned, from whom
terms may be obtained on application.
Resident Agont,
tffUdt (iulden, B. C,
To AdTcrllM.]-a nnd Sabserlbere.
The tiOI<DEX T.RA ;-j rmblishejj every
Friday evening. It is Ihe l>ent advertising
medium in the E.-ist Koorenay district.
Subscription Kates - 18.00 per aimnm in
ADVA nob.
Alterations antf cbnngf.sof standing adrer-
11 se in flits ui nut be in the office not Inter lh;.n
noon on Wodnp��iayto ensure insertion, but
casual adrertaeinontswill be received up till
noon on Friday.
While lUl reasonable care will lie taken, the
proprietors will not bo responsible for auy
omission or error in any advertisement.
All accurals to be paid to tbe Managing
Director, or his authorized agent,from tvlioui
the company's receipt will he obtained.
Advertising rates: Display ads., SI.50 per
column inch; Leg lads.. 10 cents pr line
for first insertion, li cents for each additional
insertion; Heading notices, 12 cents per line
each issue.
All business eomraunications should be addressed tu tho Managing Director, and all
literary eoinmnnteatlons, lottors for publication or news items should ho addressed tu tho
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must bo brief'. In the case of
anonymous letters the name and address of
the wrftor must be enclosed, not tor publication, but fur the private information of the
editor and as a guarantee uf good faith. Any
lottor received later than Wednesday will
havo to stand ever till the folluwiug issuo.
Ike Hen [ra fonpi UrM Ltoiii!llj,
Office, Golden, b. O.
(Edited by E. A. Haggen.)
FRIDAY,   JULY  29,    1898.
"With reference to the article in lust
issuo on the Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Company, we are
assured that the Company had nothing
whatever to do with the canal scheme
between the Upper Columbia Lako and
the Kootonay Rirer, and that as a
matter of fact the Navigation Company was not in existence at the time
that canal was projected. It is further
pointed out to us that the statement
that the Company has monopolized
the Valley lands is untrue., as the
Navigation Company's land rights aro
based on very different conditions from
those of the other charters granted in
the district. It is true the Company
was authorised to take up an area of
public lands for each mile of tramway
that it built, the laud covered by snch
rights amounting to somewhere about
1(1,000 acres; but on the other hand
there wero conditions attach ing to
these lands which prevented tho coin-
pan}* availing itself of its right, except
to a very small extent, covered up to
the present by threo lots of land aggregating about 1,000 acres. The
position in which the Company is
placed will be evident from the following clauses of the charter :���
" 1. It shall be lawful for the
Lieut-Governor in Council to grant to
the Company the pro-seeds (as hereinafter defined) of such lands, not exceeding two thousand acres for each
mile of tramway to be constructed by
tho said tramway Company, aud not
exceeding in all 10,000 acres, as shall
he selected by the Company in accordance with the conditions hereinafter
contained, from the area bounded as
follows:���On the north by the Southern boundary of the Canadian Pacific
Railway blocks; on the South by the
fiftieth parallel of north latitude; on
the East by the eastern boundary of
the electoral district of East Kootenay;
and on the West by the western boundary of said district, upon conditions of
their commencing and constructing
the said portion of the line ofthe Company within the time and according to
the terms of their Act of Incorporation, and upon the further condition
that the said Company furnish due
security for such construction in the
manner hereafter mentioned.
3. The lands, tha proceeds of which
are to be taken by the Company, shall
be pre-empted, leased or acquired in
the manner provided by tho land laws
of the Province in force, and shall be
in blocks of such size i.h is provided
by tho said laws, provided that the
said pre-emptions shall be cf full size
of lu'O acres.
4. Upon the Company desiring to
select any lands which it may be in a
position to provide with an occupant,
in accordance with the provisions of
the Land Acts, it shall notify the
Lieut-Governor in Council of such
facts and of descriptions and amount
of land which it desires to tele&t, and
of the nature of the same, and of the
particular provisions of the Land Acts
under which tbe same is intended to
be acquired; and it shall therefore be
lawful for tho Lieut-Governor in Council, upon the recommondatton of the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, showing that all the conditions hereof and of tho Land Act hare
been compliod with, to order that the
proceeds of such lands, whether the
same be in the shape of a bonus or
rent for timber, or grazing leases,   or
payments for lands pre-empted, or in
other shape whatsoever, shall be payable to, and collected by the Company,
but all provisions of the Land Acts respecting the rights acquired and the
conditions thereof shall be observed by
the person entering upon tbe land,
with the exception that wliere by the
Land Act payments are required to be
made to the Government, the. same
shall be deemed effectual iF made to
ihe Company."
From the above clauses of the Company's charter it is therefore evident
that the Company has no block of
land set aside whatever, und cannot
have any hinds set aside until such
time ay it hns settlers ready to go upon
the land. This article will therefore
remove the apprehension that has
existed lhat the Company had a blati*
Uet charter over some 1(1,000 acrc'3 of
land in the vicinity of Spillimachene.
As a mutter of fact the Company finds!
it wolf'nigh impossible to ake tipj
land under tho terms of the charter
and these lands at SpiJlimuchone are
just as much open to pre-emption
direct from the Government to the settler as the lands an; open to the Company to pre-empt whenever it can [get
a settler who will take up a piece of
land. The Company cannot put more
than tho Government price on lands
which it may so pre-empt, aud it is
thus in a very different position from
the C. P. R. and Kootenay land
charters, as these companies havo the
right to levy what price they like for
the land included in their charters;
and they have quoted as high as ��.f.'.
per acre for some of their lands, An
injustice has therefore been done the
Company, for winch we express our
regret, as we do not wisli to misrepresent the position of any individual or
corporation. The public generally
have been under the impression that
the Upper Columbia Navigation Co's
charter was subject to the same terms
as the other charters in the district,
and now that the facts are Ix'foro us
we are glad to learn that it is not,   so.
Of all the
which are possible to a home, the
i-^i-ff^s^0^9, C-*" a child is
A^VMsWFperliap.. the most
and  the hardest
to bear.    During
tbe  heated  spell
in the summer in
ffitiB! / "^L^-K    I New York-Clty as
iBrt^^^^j   J mnt,yas a thou-
I U&^^^tir^Ks^-n sand babies have
died in a week.
Of course, in a
crowded city,
with its unsanitary d istrictft,
ni n n y of these
deaths would
have occurred
any way. The
fact remains that this tremendous mortality
���ras to a great extent due to the lack of
Inherent resisting power in the victims.
These babies when boni had iu their bodies
the seeds of disease. The deadly heated
term only shortened the period of their
If a woman wishes her babies to be
healthy and strong mid able to resist the
usual ailments of childhood, she must take
proper care of herself in a womanly way
during the period of gestation. A woman
who Buffers from weakness and disease of
the organs distinctly feminine is unfitted
forwifehood and motherhood. Dr. Pierce'a
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Facts hit hard. Tho facts narrated
tn our last issue ro certain matters at
Donald have hit as hard ns we expected they would. We are determined to
have clean politics in North-East Kootenay, no matter to whom we may give
offence in the cleaning up process. It
is a healthy sign when wo see conscience make cowards of so many at
Donald, even when they havo to be so
unmanly ns to seek shelter behind the
postmaster theVe.
A Cold In the Head? Some Sneezing? Pains
Over the Eyes? Disgusting Drop ling in
the Throat? Headache?���It May Mean that
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0i G. Archer , Brewer, Mo.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Men and
A medicine that is constantly and
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certain intervals.   ,
The oilman frame, worn by mental
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has need of repairs and bnilding up
In the hot summer weather nervous
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���sequence, nervous debility, terrible
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Paine's Celery Compound is the
great repairer and builder when weak
ness and sickness prevail This great
medicine has the power of rapidly repairing the tissues and purifying the
blood. It bestows the proper nutriment to all tho weakened tissues,
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Thousands of lives are now fast
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made happy by ihe present use_ of
Paine's Celery Com] ound. Its use today will save months of sickness,
misery and suffering, Take no substitute; get only "Paine's," the kind
thnt cures. 484
It seems that the little trick of the
Government in regard to the Cassiar
elections did not come off as anticipated. Tho returning officer has reached
Victoria aud appears 10 have fixed the
nominations before theGpv't agent arrived. The returning officer^is the
authority for tbe statement that there
is not ono government candidate in the
field for Cassiar. G. A. MoTavish is
a pronounced Oppositionist and Cunt.
Irving and C. \V: 1). Clifford, who are
tho oilier two candidates are running
ns Independent und have disavows]
the Government, This means thai
the Opposition artj practically certain
of two Cassiar seats, thus.giv.ingthein
22seats ns against the Government's
It!. The Opposition will therefore face
Parliament with a strong working
majority. We must take this oppor
tunity of congratulating the supper
ters of the Opposition in this district
on the splendid victory that has .been
achieved for the party, a success which,
in face of the difficulties of the contest
and the large majority that had to be
overcome, is almost unparalelled in
Canadian politics.
The Three
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I m/%%r%f%%r%^^
Business Cards.
Notary Public, Golden, R C.
' A post card addree**d to aw
tat tbe post oflle*, Golden, will
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Builder and Contractor,
-  -  -  -  Golden, EC.
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For fill*.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to order*. Wte
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C.E.   r*|
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Sub-Agent Dominion Gov.riui.Mt.
Agent ljuiiuukin Towasit., Golden.
Special attention to Mineral Claim..
m Office, Alexander Block, fkUm.
...Mining Engineer...
M. Am'n Inat. M. E.
Agent for obtaining Crown  Grant*,
doing annual assesment work, etc
Address:     Uolden, B. C.
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1879) LEADVILI.B, COLORADO
Samples by mail or express rectiv.
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prices-���Gold, silver mi
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NO EXTRAS except prirat* ward*.
Aoting Secretary.
NEjMtSJ      ruemmt
aj^vfjg* wn^sroiMBlwiw
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I ���orn.-ri-wa
pa.    -waft.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,  $1,000,000.
$250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   for  Security
ol   Policy Holder*.
President���Hon, Sir Oliver Mom..
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Managing Director���F. O. Cox,
E. A. Haoqbn,
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Healthful, safe, inexpensive bom*
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ferences as to Dr. McTaggart's profs*.
sional integrity permitted by Sir W.
R. Meredith, Chief Justice; Hon. O.
W. Ross, Minister ol Education; O.
W. Yarker, banker; H. S. Strathy,
manager Traders' Bunk.
Particulars can be obtained on refer-
once to tha Editor of Tnu QotDlR
.tiua-rnurBpeulnlwarrant **
MiK^kktiUo^Mi�� dor bunk, jrow bank,
r nny bo-nk, thoeilitor oi (..lli-pupii, or of any
of 'tie tjii-liiiiiriu of p.itruii.* viho li-tvi* pur-
cki I'd mllll-me of doll nn tn-rth cf fnstru
nu'tits from un during ncnrly fiO yeutfl, Own
new l*ook ''Tho Ili-nri of Uiurt-uiile," contain.,
inR-t, tiuiui-aiiii recent ���rff'in.'nc.'i. eent fn***.
l.iitiajl'iK'idi-er* of Arocr*<-n�� Plnn.ni _-
Golden Hospital Society,   f
1 7
of the
As Others   See   Us.
The Opposition Party Congratulated on all Hands.
The Morden (Man.) Chronicle, of
Thursday last says : "The present
Turner Ministry is the lineal descendant of several Ministries, under different Premiers, but governed by identical principles of high-handed extravagance, and maintained in place by a
bold quality of' nerve' that passed for
ability. In any part ol Canada, outside of British Columbia. Premier
Turner would scarcely be considered a
fourth rate man, and j et he is a brighter man and more forceable than any of
his colleagues. This may seem pretty
bard on the colleagues, but ic is certainly true that a more incapable lot
sf men never before combined to form
a government in Canada. With an
impoverished country of 05,000 while
inhabitants, the Government is responsible for the construction of Parliament buildings costing over $1,000,000.
Practically a<l the desirable land* in
the Province have been given away to
railway charter manipulators, and the
public debt has been piled up as near
as may be to the end of the burrowing
power. Under villainous management,
British Columbia has become the most
scandalously encumbered Province iu
the Dominion, and has practically
nothing to show for the debt incurred."
The Ottawa Journal I'eclures : "The
Turner Government, to maintain p w-
er, seems to have been going it wild as
regards railway subsides, and to have
displayed a lack of scruple.and to have
resolved to other ways which would
not give one much confidence in its
work. It will be just as well to have
new brooms in."
' From the Toronto Telegram : " British Columbia is to be'congratulated on
its heroic effort lo defeat il.e Turner
Government. The position of the
government is wotse than it looks, because its slight inferiority to the Opposition in the number cf supporters
in the legislature is representative of a
still greater inferiority in the number
of supporters in the Province. The
Turner government arranged the con
���tituencies to suit itself, and if the op.
position has even a slight lead in tho
legislature it must have a large majority of tbe popular rote."
The Rossland Miner says: "By
the result of the elections last Saturday a new order o: things politically
has undoubtedly arisen in British Col
nmbia. From now on the struggle for
th* control of the public affairs of this
Province will be conducted nu straight
party lines, audthenoxt general elections, whenever tbey iniy bi, will, it
is safe to say, see candidates for legislative honors appealing to the electorate as Conservatives or Liberals."
In his speeches in this district Mr.
Hunter described Joe Martin as an annexationist. So the Winnipeg Tribune
replies: "The tomfoolery cry was
raised against Mr. Martin at au election iu this city, and he defeated his
opponent by 400 or BOO votes. The
Government party is hard up for material when they raise theory that Mr.
Martin is an annexationist. He is the
kind of Canadian that Canada is not
over-stocked with, much to ber loss,
The designation, annexationist, applies
with a good deil more force to the
Turnerites, whoss policy is to annex
the public domain to monopolies and
railway corporations,"
Thus the Province: "When the
smoke of the battle clears away, the
Government forces will consist of a
corporal's guard and a reputation for
dishonesty that stinks in the nostrils
of mankind."
The Province says: "The Cassiar
nominations are typical of the corrupt
and shameless Turner administration.
The same spirit of disreputable trickery
that has characterised the methods of
Premier Turner aud his associates in
all their dealings with the peeplo is
shown here in tho most conspicuous
manner. If the people of British Columbia stand this sort of thing they
are fools. It is ,i rank, glaring, barefaced and fraudulent attempt to prevent the expression ot tho people's will
at the polls and corrupt t'.ie spirit of
Good Government, Political adventurers who resortio the tactics that
havejml come to the liglit lo^arding
Cassiar are no better than those who
play with loaded dice and marked
Referring to tho Government trickery in conneutioa, with the Cassiar
election, the Columbian says: " Language (ails to adequately characterize
the outrage pf the tiling. It was an
out-age sufficiant to everlastingly
Chums, sit-late iu the Uolalcn .Mining Division of North-East Kootenay District, located
in Cariboo Basin, on tho MitMlo Fork of the
-spilliuiacheen Kiver.
Take notice that ive. Leonard B. Keyser,
Free Miner's Certificate No. tj.'ltj.i, anal .1.
C. H. .Tolliiie, Free Miner's Certificate No.
90561, int, nd, sistydays from the date hereof, to apply to tho Mining Koconler for a
certificate of Improvements, for tho purpose
ot obtaining*! Crown gram ot the aboye claims
And further tako nutice that, action, under
section 37, must ho commenced hetoro the issuance of such certilicate of improvements.
Dated this 7th day of Juno, 18118.
(Leonard II. Keyser,
j J. O. H. Jolliffe.
Liveiy and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty,
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
GOLDEN, B. C. 131tc
Upper Colurqbia NaVigatioi] & Jnm
Way Co., L't'd, and
Irjternatioqal  Transportation Coy.
Connecting with C. P. R. at Oolden B. C, and
Oreat Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
'Jei.-*''-\V.Avliiicr  President
W, (J, Mltchell'Junes Vivo     do
W. U, Neilsou, J, P.    do      do
E. Johnson  jo       aio
E. A. Haggen .Secretary-Treasurer
The regular meetings of tho association
aviil Lac helil oil tlio lirst Tuesday in every
mouth at tho Coliiuihia House, llulalon.
All possible' Information will ho furnished
by thu association upon application to
E. A. Haoiiex, Sec, Cinlalen.
The B. C. Mining Journal says: "A
large crowd of old friends und enthusiastic supporters of Ur. C. A. Somlin
met him at the depot on his arrival in
town, after the election returns were
in sufficiently to show that the Opposition had wou a victory more or less
pronounced, and with cheers and con
gratiilatory speeches welcomed him
home and escorted him to his hotel.
No man in British Columbia, in
publio or in private life, has more
friends than has Mr. Charles A. Semlin, soon, as it now looks, to be premier of the province, and the future of
the province while directed by himself
and advisers will, we feel certain, be
free from any accusations of official
Hon. D. W. Higglns who is acknowledged to be the best informed man on
parliamentary law in Canada expresses the opinion that tbo Lieutenant-Governor should refuse to sanction the
payment of special warrants or con-
firm appointments made since the 9th
inst. He should also, Mr. Higglns
Gontendi,demand that negotiations for
tbe issue of the 15,000,000 loan should
be suspended and a cable sent to London to that effect at onco.
damn any Government-the creation
of a rotten borough like Cassiar, with
a representation that enables the three
hundred odd scattered and comparatively uninformed and Indifferent voters of lhat iiiolar al, out-of-tlie-world
region to prac cully nullify the voice,
in the Legislature, of from fifteen bun,
dred to two th jus,., d voters iu the
centres of popul .tlou nud intelligent
political sentiment of the Province I
But, to this indescribable outrage, the
Government have added the cool, highhanded villainy of so manipulating the
elections, iu this rottenest of rotten
boroughs, as to bar the Opposition
from even entering the lists I"
Very valuable Remedy in all      (P
g affections of the w
I Large Bottles, 25c |
|     DAVIS A LAWRENCE CO., Limited     ��
p      Prop's, of Perry Davis' Paln-KlUor       a*jj*
MBBtaB*. Windermere,
Taynton A Ooi-alon Props.
Good accomodation for prospectors and
Frotn liters.   First-class meals.
pa*Rates: Moderate.
Wliolet,nle and Retail
attle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
The McMurdo House,
carbonate landing,
east kootenay,
Chas. Oartwbioht, Proprietor.
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
Palpitation, Fluttering of tho Hoart, Shortness of Breath, Smothering Spoils, Swelling
of the A nkles, Nightmare, Spells of Hunger
and Exhaustion. These are most pronounced
symptoms of Heart Disease.   Dr. Agnews
'������*"-"���" " '" --' '���"'������  iifeofao
cure in
etable, It's
Cure tor the Heart will give rellefiinsiii
minutes, and will eft'ect as""'
most stubborn cases.    It's ve*,*,
liquid, it's harmless, it's wonderful,
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Golden Era.
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orco.uuiission to suitable persons.
Medical Building, Toronto.
Wanted * Men and women who can
work hard talking and writing six h airs
daily tor six days a week, and will he content
with ten dollars weekly,   Addross:
409 Toronto.
The MUNSON possesses
many points ot* superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
The ..luason Typewriter
91 and % Wendell St.
Chicago, III.
Wanted t, Teachers and ollior bright
mon for vacation or permanently to solicit
for " Canada: an Encyclopojaila of the
Country," in live royal quarto volumes. No
delivering,' commission paid weekly.
Tho Linscott Publishing Co.,
409 Toronto.
Wanted: Young men and women, or
older ones if still young in spirit, of undoubted character, good talkers, ambitious nnal industrious, can find employment in a good
cause, with 840 per month aud upwards according to ability.
409     REV. T. S. LINSCOTT, Toronto.
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Col
nmbia. Monthly J05.00 and expenses. Position steady, liefcrenco. Enclose self addressed stamped envelope. Tne Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. 20iap2)
Agents; Book business is better than
for years past; also have hotter and faster
selling books. Agents clearing from 810 to
M0 weekly. A fnw leaders am "Queen Victoria," ''I.lfo of Mr. (iladstono," ".My
Mother's Bible Stories." Progrossivo Speaker," "Klondike Uold Fields," "Women,"
" Glimpses of the Unseen," " Breakfast,
Dinner and Supper."  Books on time.
BrodleyGarretson Co., Limited,      I
4o9 Toronto.
The Eldredge
The Belvidere
Superior, to all others Irrespective
of price.   Catalogue tells you
why.  Write for one.
New York.
Paeif ie Hy
East via the Lake Routes.
Greatly Reduced Rates.
ftteamei'M Leave Ft. William
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Oolden,
�� ���
Klondike Gold lields
Direct via C. P, R. Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway.
S. S. Tartar and Athenian.
The largest steamers engaged in tho
Yukon trade.      Specially  fitted  for
the passenger triif'tic, having superior accommodation for all classes.
Will sail from
Every Thursday.
Write for pamphlet descriptive of
routee to the Yukon and other particulars in connection with the
Apply to the nearest Canadian Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
lite Ticket Agent, Oolden
Tlia Leati'-ig Specialists cj America "**���
250,000 CORED.
Direct Route to  Fort Steele.
Steamers leave   Golden Tuesday and
Friday mornings at 4 a. in.   Connect
at   Windermere with  Stago for Fort
S'celo and Wardner.
Tho only quick and comfortable route.
Consignors will be charged with i I
way freight between Golden and Windermere nt which  point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to
Windermere and points   beyond will
hnve to be paid to the Company's agent
at Windermere before delivery of goodi
Baggage allowance on Steamer 150 lbs.
per adult; allowance on Stage 25 lbs.
per adult. If desired extra baggage can
be forwarded by express team at express
rates (10 cents per pound).
Address all express care of U. C. Co', Oolden.
C. H. Parson,
3��2st IHanater.
c 'Iciriomliziiiff to (TO
..en t.ii.n thi) rirflfr !���%*
Nothing (tan ha i:i>i
young or mii.'Jo-i;s ad :���,.... .
cuco (.( thorn "nlihtly lopscti." 'ihoy
(jroduoowoukneBS. norrDtiUDem-i a feeling
Mal^Bttstsadatrh'il.'ti*i.n of cruiptom ,
Thoy un'.t ft man ior bnsiooiw. iiivried i
lift] rind Social lir-:"-i ���..<.������!*. No matter I
irboUior caasad Ly evil liiUts in youth,
natural voaltaeeij or sajtual oxooutu*-, our l
.Now Method Ircfttioout will postUvoiyl
euro yen.
Reader, younocdhelp.  ��iirl,vijt>uM.orl|
later exucKOK way havo vfon(i(ii.ed yot
Kspooure mnr l*.:..*ro dihen'ud you-  To
a-ronot aafo till r.tirod.  Our Hoi? -MoUiodl
will cure you. You run no ns.;. r
250,000 CURED
1'ouDCf Man���Yon nro palo, faoblol
a-pd ha*Ranl{ ....-voi.., iiiitiibloand or-[
oiiahla. Voi Ij-vu.;-; /-..rtfttful, niTono, L
nnd do?iionil'jr..; blotcbM nod pimples,I
Earthen eyes, wrinkled ftwie, stooping r
form ar.d downoa-Jt couotowmoo reveal j
tho bliffbtof your e-slstouoo.
No matter how fiortotifl your cage may
bo.orhuw I:n->ryen .'u.-yh.vvohad it,our
i euro it. Too wormy vtina" return to
their normal condition Mid licnca tha
eexuul orgaiid receive proper liourlf-h-
aff merit. Tho orpau*. b��cotne vitalized, all
-f^ unnatural drams or losses cca3a aud
yjj iBiuihr nowei-9 rotOrn. No terai-oran*
JS-J bunoflL but u, normanont euro assured,
The Dressy Young Ife
who a few years ago boasted to his X
friends of the high prices he paid S
his tailor, has seen the error of it is ��
way and now delights in showing |
how well he can dress upon hrji i
the amount he used to spend* He |
is able to get I
Shorey's ""SUE" j
in every Fabric, Style and Trim- t
ming that the, so called, swell tailor I
I     ^~^yf m&       ��ave *n'm' ^ut costing very much t
* ..rfaMf  HH       ^ess because tailored in advance of |
* ''%sm |M his order. In quality, make, finish %
| flfaBaipSb and fashion just as good. In short, |
t '*^| everything the same but the price. |
| InthepoctrthefindsSliorey'sGuai��ntccCard-��bich��Mri��th��tlfliis t
a cloUiesarenoti-atisfactoiyineveJ7wayheBiayliavehi��a-uoucyi-*funricai. 2
lwW,WIWr������W ��|��MI��l��WWrtT.'i t *���
COIiUjWBlfl i^lVEH
hOWB^H CO., IiT'?
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
Golden and Beaver, B. C.
The way to foot comfort.
Never wear a shoe, not even ��
"Slater Shoe," that does not make
friends with your foot the first
time it's worn.
���'Slater Shoes" ire made in as
many shapes as there are forms of feet.
l^rice stamped on the sole, tag Idling all
about the leather, Goodyear Welted, |3*S<>, $4-5�� atu*
55.50 per pair.   Guaranteed by the
Slater Shoe Makers.
II. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
. I Jill's l,      I-.'I
M    Waa   treat   and   oni*)    Sl'PUlLJS.I
AND lii'li-l
fair a UlIISTIOK WiAffK for HOME I
I(^Nr.DY�� KerganI
^lfAW��K   K3,
ILodging House
opposrrE THE
Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
The Harry Lintlley Company closed
n very successful season at Oolden on
Saturday night.
J. Beresford was found in an unconscious slate at the Canmore mine
on Saturday, and died on Monday
Jas. Henderson has gone to Field to
carry out contracts for the erection of
two dwelling-houses there.
The B. C. Iron Works of Vancouver
has closed its doors. A winding up
order has been applied for.
A quarry is to be opened on the hill
east of Field for the supply of stone
for the erection of the new round
house at Field.
Wm. Bennison, President ot the
Kootenay Consolated Company, who
are owners of the Bennison mine, will
resit Oolden next month.
Archdeacon 1'entreath held services
on Board the Dnuchess on the river on
Sunday and it waa much appreciated
by those on board.
The Great Northern has bought the
Corbin system of railways in Kootenay, including the Red Mountain.
S.iokane Falls and Northern, and the
Nelson and Fort Shepherd railways.
Owing to the Fort .-Ucele goal being
overcrowded, C. M. Edwards brought
down by last boat four prisoners,
which are being sent to Kamloots
prison to relieve the pressure at Fort
The C. P. B. are surveying a line
from Arrowhead to the Kootenay
Lake. The Revelstoke Herald snys it
is intended that this should be the
connecting link with the western terminal of the Crow's Nest Road.
We regret to learn that the daughter
of Mr. McCrimmond, of Beaver, who
was quarantined at Oolden from diphtheria, died last week. Two other
members of the family were ill from
the same disease.
Owing to tbe delay in opening up
the trail from Bear Creek to the Ben
nisonmine, by way ol the Btaver
Valley, Major Clohecy has bad to arrange with F. Deacon to get his sup
piles in by way of the North Fork of
tbe Spillimachene.
Mr. Roy, Dominion Government
engineer, arrived in Oolden yerterduy
and proceeded up the river to inspect
the work done by the dredge this season. Mr. Roy will proceed to Fort
Steele to report to the Marine Department on the work necessary to improve
1 he Kootenay River.
"I have used Chamberlain's Cough
R-medy in my family for years and
always with good results," says Mr.
W. B. Cooper, of El Rio, Cal. ���' For
amall children we find it especially
effective." For    sale      by    all
druggists,   Langley k Co.,   wholesale
Agents Victoria aud Vancouver.
Mr. McCarter has applied lor tbe
speedy trial of the men W. Dinsdale k
C. Hankins, now Jying in Donald gaol
���waiting trial. Mr. McCarter has reported to the Department of Justice
the latter case, out of which other
matters will probably arise.
Mr. W. C. Wells returned from the
Opposition conference at Vancouver on
Batujday. aod was much pleased with
the solid front which the Opposition
party was found to present. The leaders of the party looking forward with
hope and confidence to the inauguration of a better system of government
under their regime.
With reference to the mail service
and the Upper Columbia Navigation
Company, the Manager, Mr. V. H.
Parson, informs us that the steamer
only carries the mail to Windermere
and points beyond. The Company
carry no way mall, but contend that
the present arrangement is a convenience to tbe people of Windermere particularly, who now get their mail on
Tuesdays instead ol Wednesdays as
Mr. C. H. Parson, as Manager ofthe
Upper. Columbia Navigation Co., informs us that there is no connection
between the Company and the International Co., who are owners of the
Gwendoline, so that tbe local Co. has
nothing to do with the refund of the
penalties imposed ir. connection with
the North Star last year,
In (he face of the wretched at temps
mads hy soma cf the Government or-
gaus to prove that Premier Turner has
been sus.ainsd, it is quit refreshing to
read tbe manly confeasion of defeat in
the Grand Fqrks Miner, which says:
"Well, tbey didn't da ��� thing to us -
excepting roll us in the dust, jumped
on us with both feet, walk all over us
and then sit opon ns. We made a
good fight but the odds were 'again*
us and we got it in the neek. We're
whipped and we know it."
Persons troubled with diarrhoea will
be interested in the experience of Mr.
W. M- Bush, clerk of Hotel Dorrance.
Providence, R. I.   He says:      "For
several years I have been'almost a constant sufferer from diarrhoea, the fro*
(icont attacks   completely prostrating
in* and' rendering  me  unfit  for  my
duties at this hotel.   About two years
ago a travelling salesman kindly gave
ine a small  bottle  of  Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
Much to my aurprise and   delight   its
effects were Immediate.     Whenever I
felt symptoms of the disease I would
fortify myself against the attack with
a few dose* of this   valuable remedy.
The result has been Very satisfactory
and almost complete  relief  from  the
affliction."    Sold  by  all  druggist*,
"fjangley  4 Co. wholesale Agents yio-1
���oria and Vancouver.
When coming ont from the Bennison
mine on his last trip Major Clohecy
came by way ol the Beaver Valley. He
describes this as an ideal route for a
wagon road, and says the scenery is
i he finest of anything in the district.
At one time tbe C. P. R. proposed to
build a branch line up the Beaver
Valley, simply for the purpose of making the magnificent scenery here available to tourists.
The World, whioh has been trying
to make the Government believe tbat
they had won 23 seats, is now climbing down, and has just published an
article wilh the following heading
" Defeate 1 Ministers. - Interesting and
Valuable Information Establishing
Precedents for Ministers Holding
Office After Their Defeat ut the Polls."
Mrs. Houston, wife of the well
known enaine driver on the 0, P. R.
hail both legs badly brokon while on a
holiday trip in Ihe east. Latest
ports state that amputation would
have to be resorted to, The accident
occurred by tho team with which the;
were driving running away.. Much
sympathy will be felt for them by the
many friends of Mr and Mrs. Houston
C. Cartright is keeping one of the
best hota-ls ou the road ut McMurdo
House this season. The new addition
made to the hotel gives a sitting room
and two bedrooms on the ground floor,
and thiee bedrooms on the upper floor.
The garden adjoining the hotel is tilled
with fine crops of vegetables for the
supply of the hotel, and the luxury of
strawberries and cream has formed a
part of the bill of fare at tbe McMurdo
House table this season,
Our baby as been continually troub-
ed with cholic and cholera infantum
since his birth, and all that we could
do for him did not seem to give more
than temporary relief, until we tried
Chamlierluin's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since giving tluit
remedy he has not been troubled. We
want'o xive you this testimonial as
an evi dence ol our gratitude, not that
you n'ed it to advertise your meritorious remedy.���G. K. Law, ICeokuk, I.
For sale by all druggists, Laogley
dt Co, wholesale Ageuts Victoria and
The services at St. Paul's church
Golden, on Sunday next July 31st will
be as follows: -8 a, in. Celebration of
Holy Communion 11 a. in- Morniinc
Prayer and sermon, 7.3o p. m. .Evening Prayer and sermon.
At St. Peters Church, Donald, the
services will he 11 a. m. Morning
Prayer and sermon. 7:30 Evening
Prayer and Sermon. The Rev. T. W,
Cunliffe, of Maple Creek, N.W.T.. has
kindly undertaken to officiate at Donald.
A. H. Mitchell, of Columbia Valley,
who was returning officer at the election, writes informing us that the
statement is not true that he opened
the poll at Shorty's and then removed
it to his own house. It appears that a
number of people in the valley understood that tbe poll was to be at
Shorty's, and were annoyed to find
that the returning officer had fixed his
own house, which is out of tbe way
from the main road, as the polling
booth. Shorty's was undoubtly the
proper place for the poll being held
as it was so much more central.
Messrs. Mercier and Macaulay were
the victims of a bard circumstance at
Spillimimachono the other day. They
came down from Bugaboo and had been
waiting for the boat, when Mr. Mercier went into Spillimachene House to
have dinner, wa ch being kept meantime for the boat. As soon as it was
seen the men rushed out, but the boat
swept by at full speed and Messrs Mercier and Maoaulay were left, feeling
very ingignant that although their
signal was seen, the boat did not return to pick them up. Capt. Bacon's
version to the story is that the flag
whioh should be put out as a signal to
stop was not there, and he was not
aware that there were any passengers
until be had got so far down stream
hat he would have to turn the
Dutchess, meaning half an hours delay. Siill every effort should be made
to accommodate the travelling public,
and it was decidedly hard lhat these
men should be left, even after thev bad
succed in calling the attention of the
There la no joy in this world equal
to the happiness of motherhood. A
woman's health is her dearest possession. Good looks, good times, happi
ness, love and its continuance, depend
on her health. Almost all ol the sick-:
ness of women is traceable directly or
indirectly to some deraegmeut ol the
organs distinctly feminine. Troubles
of this kind ore often neglected because
a vety natural aud proper modesty
keeps women away from physicians,
whose insistence upon examination
and local treatment is generally as
useless as It Is common. Dr. Pierce's:
Favorite Prescription will do more
for them than 99 doctors in   100.   It
ill do more than the hundredth doctor can uuless he prescribes it. It is a
prescription of Dr, R. V. Pierce, who
for 30 years has been chief consulting
physician of the World's Dispensary
and Invalids' Hotel at Buffalo, N. Y.
Send 31 one-cent stamps to cover
cost of mailing only, and get bis great
book, The People's Common Sense
Medical Adviser, absolutely fkke.
ttndared ��y Tboe* Who gweT.r Prom
Sciatica--A Victim Tails Bow to
Obtain Belief.
Probably no trouble that affliots mankind causes more intense agony than
sciatica. Frequently the victim is
utterly helpless, the least movement
cauaing the most agonising pains.
Those who are suffering from this
malady the following statement from
.Mr. John Hayes, of Hayesville, York
Co., N. B , will point the road to relief and cure: Mr. Hayes says:-
" For upward of twenty years I have
suffered from weakness and pain in
the back. Some four years ago my
trouble was intensified by sciatica settling in my right leg. What I suffered seems almost beyond description. I
employed three doctors but all to no
purpose: I had to give up my work
entirely, and almost despaired of life.
This continued for two 'ears-years
filled with misery. At this time I was
advised to try Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills, aud after using six boxes both
the sciatica and the weakness in tbe
back which had troubled me so long,
were gone. I was again a well man
and feeling fifteen years younger than
before I bagan the pills. Nearly two
years have passed since I discontinued
the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
and in that time no symptom of the
trouble has shown itself. Under God
I thank Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
wha- they have done for me."
Mr. Hayes voluntarily testifies to
the truth of the above statement before Edward Whoseud, Esq., J, P.,
and his statements are further vouched
for bv Rev. J. N. Barnes, of Stanley,
N. B. 480
 .*, .
A Manly Candidate.
Says the Nelson Tribune: ��� "Wolls,
the defeated Opposilion candidate in
nortoast Kootenay, is made of pretty
geod stuff. He was defeated by a man
upon whosesupport he relied. TIibsuc-
cessful candidate's major)y was a narrow one. The! e were certain irregularities cummiied which were sufficient iu
themselves to upset the election, but
Wells has announced that he will not he
a party to a protest. He says that his
opponent got a majority of tbe votes
and that is sufficient for him. When it
is remembered tbat the party in whose
interest Wells made tho race, won a
majority ofthe seats contested for, and
that in the event of reopening the constituency he would be almost certain
of election, there is much to applaud iu
Wells' manliness."
Ou the same neglect the Kootenay
Mail says' "Mr. Wells,style could be
followed with advantage by some
beaten candinates and does him considerable credit."
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
has opened a branch at Cranbrook and
will be ready for business in thecourse
of a few days. This bank baa the
largest number of branches of any
bank in Canada though up to 1893 its
business was confined to the Provinces
of Ontario and Quebec. It that year
it established its Winnipeg branch
under the management of Mr. F.H.Ma-
thewson. During the present year
branches have been opened at Dawson
City, N. W. T., Vancouver, B. C.and
Cranbrook. B. C.
Duchess Paaeenger List.
July 82nd. to Windermere:-Mr.
and Mrs. Robertson, W. Robertson,
G. B. McDermot. J. Bangs. Mrs. C. H.
Parson, Nurse Holt; Spillimachene,
W. Brock; Forr, Steele, A. McDermot.
Return trip:���From Fort Steele:
Archdeacon Pentreath.C. M.Edwards,
and four prisoners; Windermere: Mrs.
C. H. Parson, Nurso Holt, E. A. Cleveland, Mr, and Mrs. Robertson. W.
Robertson. Chadhurn, Gallup; Gord*
oh's Landing. J. Baldwin. G. B, McDermot, J. Bangs, W. G. Mitchell-
Innes. Spillimachene; J. A. Good.
Carbonate: T. Hadden, J. A. Leveque,
A. Allen.
Subscribe to the Golden Era and
help to advance tbe interests of Ike
district. Send ti tot a year's sub.
We Me
mum RooEowtou miles in iu hours
The Eldredge
The Belvidere
Superior to all others irrespective
of price.   Catalogue tells you
why.  Write lor one.
SAt-aa Theusands of Liven.
Four rests ate Jacob Dewltta, ef Hay
Island,  wu   drafted    to    tbe verge ot
death by dreadful heart disease. Ha was
given np to die. From rigorous manhood
he had jolt, to a broken despondent wreck.
He prtacura-d Dr. Agnew'a Cure for the
Hi-art, used It faithfully, and tods;
nrplgha 219 poende, aad Urea to bless Ibe
.tny tb. great remedy waa recommended
o Mai.   It relieves la SO minutes.
To  Let.
House of six rooms in Golden, furnished or unfurnished.   Apply to
To  Let.
An office in Golden in a conveniently
situalett locality.    Apply to
428jc3 Golden.
Stable to Rent
Opposite tho Queen's Hotel.   Inquire at
Oueen's Hotel for terms. Ask tor proprietor.
Groups of Claims in which interest will be
given for the development ,.f tho property.
Claims must he saia-h as avill stand examination.   Apply
[Mining- Agent,
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
accord.    Published in London;
Subscription,itioOpor annum.   Subscriptions and advertisements received by
E. A. HAGGEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kootenay.
For Sale
Vacant Lot in town of Golden with a
frontage of 40 to 42 feet and 200
feet long.
Lot with dwelling and shop   thereon.
Lot'with dwelling house.      All  well
lothted.   Apply to
",.'., E. A. HAGGEN,
...WE  PRINT...
Send ui your orders.
That is what wo aro hero for.
Ths Golden Era Company
LuiiriaiD Liability,
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, B. C.
���sOHI. IMURRM. 0* UTMMl, \
Nimble ����School Boy! ]
Ninety-nine Cases in a Hundred that
is the Hearty Verdict for South
American Rheumatic Cure.
Rheumatism i* a dangerous disesse���while
stiffened joints and muscles���incessant Intermittent pains in these pasta are tha rrrnTW
forms.of this so common ailment���In Its mora
acute form* It olten attacks vital parts���such
as the heart and brain with fatal results���unexpectedly so In many cases���and
where death does not follow, tha
patient Is liable to derangements
which ore absolutely Incurable.
No case of Rheumatism of too long
standing to succumb to thtia
wonderful treatment���tha Great
South American Rheumatic Cure.
It is simple and harmless���relieves the pain and dispels tha causa-
Cures muscular, acute, chronic or Ir.R.imtnatory rheumatism, neuralgia
anJ lumbago in from one to three days���it's an unfailing specific. Mr.
J. D. McLeod, of* Leith, Ont., says : '-For seven years 1 suffered
agonies from rheumatism. I was confined to my bed for months at a
time. I was unable to turn myself in bed, I waa induced, to try South
American Rheumatic Cure. Inside of ra hours after I had taken tha
first dose the pain had n'l left me���three bottles cured me���and to-day
1 am as nimble as a school buy."
SOUTH AMERICAN KIDNEY CURE���Tho a-,.*,** of science to the cry of the seftr*
loj-apre-raelnin-t as a r-ai.ll.ar���rich la ha-s.lng Is tbe every alay t-stlmoay (or tMa
grrat Kmeil) ���It Is a kidney apt-tllac-lt illaoolres ami eradicates from tbe srstns
nil .Vflgii uiatter-cUays Infloinniat'-en anal pains Is the bladder���n-Hm* moat dis*
trcasli.s klalM-,- and bladder allsawder-i���Bright's dls��ise-.IIatietM--fr��r��l stone���
drops)' anal Llnalrard sllraeats���relief In *t tew hattini la uiast dlatixawtus caset-rolamee
ot testimony. ,
SOUTH AMERICAN   HERYI*IE-Our�� -.laeaKS by niworlr.f  tire caaer-tMea She
nerva��*-*oiires .'ici.aiat.v���creates uaaelthy s-ipctltc���stimulates dl*ea.il*>n���lattfonttea   tbo
llver-tookes good, rloh Mood-dives strength to the muscles aud stc-adliiMs te *e
banal..-correa-ts the whole system sad wards off dlsca-ve���the
flesh builder���n perfect
grn*ta-et    of
regulator���a boon to mankind aud waroftulclnd.
d-ommrccfal Ifrttttittg
A Specialty at
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
Sllulng, Hoal Estate and
.  .     Plnuncial Agent  ....
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects ami Do*
veloped Claims.
.... Oolden, B. C.
For Sale
'    MINES.
Group of two claims of gold-bearing quartz
in Inst mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to $700 in gold. 10,17
Placer lease. 15
Group of two gold claims. One of the hest
propositions en the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assays gave about 8200
per ton. 11
Interest in gold property in exchange for
development work. S
Group of la claims, developed. No better
property in Uritlsh Columbia. 12
Group of three claims in quarts country.
Good average assays. 18
Claim in one of best locations in Selkirks.
Cheaply worked. Assays till, iu geld, silver
and copper. 9
Choice gold property, freemilling.
Assays up to 1340,   Development work     13
Two claims in good location* Quarts carrying gold and copper. 90
Claim adjoining known gold properly.   21
Three claims near Columbia River. Big
ledge, gold and copper. 7
Two claims, 10 ft. ledge assays in gold and
16 per cent copper. SS.,.3
Three claiina, developed, assays 128 in
gold, best location in Selkirks. 28
Gold quartz claim, assays 833. 27
Gold quarts claim, developed, good lead.
assays to US. 28
Two quarts claims in convenient position,
pan gold. 80
Group ef 4 claims, one assaying 88 In Gold
and 30 per cent copper. 14
Five claims, copper and gold, value 830 a
ton. SI
Three quarts claims, no cash, working proposition. 32
Threo claims in proved country. 8,1
Ono-tiiiiit tituiaaticssiblu interest in developed
grouti of claims near liolalou. 39
Hilvor la'sil mine, 60.000 tons of ore blocked
out ready to ship. Location convenient
to railway.
Group of three claims In Movie district.
Free milling gold averaging 821 per ton.
Considerable development. 41
Group uf two claims at Moyie. Free milling gold.   Dig proposition. 42
Claim at Moyle. Copper and gold. Developed.  Good prospect. 43
Group of claims freemilling gold quarts.
Group of-tbroe claims,' gold, silver, load
und bsimbth. 47
Group a.f 1 claims, very promising pru-
epecte. 48
Group ol 4 claims, gold quarts. 49
Group of two claims, gold quarts, worth
ale .���eloping. 60
Grout, ol li claims, gold, silver and lead,
near railway. 61
Lease of hydraulic river bed. 62
Claim, carrying bismuth, galena and copper. Assayed up to 81100. . 36
Gold-copper claim, with big ledge, assayed
827. "aw
Three claims, which hare shipped consider
able ore-galena and groy copper. 16
Group of three free gold claims at Fair-
view. 66a
Group of four free gold claims at Fairview.
Two claims in splendid location. Free gold
quarts. 69s
Crown grant free gold claim In working
camp, 69b
Free gold developed claim resdy to work.
Assays 812. 60a
Freemilling gold claim in Wasblngtou
State. Heady to ship. 61a
Claim on Wild Horse, Nelson. Free gold
as'ayinz 170.95. A snap. 62a
Working free gold property nearSanFrsn-
cisco. Complete milling snd chlc.rilu.tlaiii
pliant.   Price 8260,000. G3
Free gold r.roi eily oh Selkirk range.   (8
Gold clr-ini on Lemon creek with two
thirds and uuoihird interests in adjacent
properties. Gta
Two thirds interest in claim en West Slocan 1. ke. C8b
Claim, free gold, in Bridge Biver District.
Crown grant, freo gold claim, at Rowland.
Freemilling gold claim, nesr Nelson.   71a
Claim in Idaho. Free gold. 71a
Hyalranlic propeftpou Skoana riier. Averages 81oO a yard. TIM
Copper property running 840 per ton. 78b
22 claims at Harrison Lake. Gold and copper, lit
Three claims of 20 acres each on Ferly
Mile Creek, near Klondike. Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black*
smith's shop snd tools. Wash averages 188
per square foot. .1
Two placer claims on celebrated Busier
Creek. Sluicing will realise 160 per men
per dsy.  Title perfect. 88,88
Placer claim on Miller Creek. Primitive
work last season cleared 811,000 per man ever
expenses. 87
Claim on El Dorado Creek, one ef the banner propertiea ef the Klondike. Dirt from
No. 2 shaft averaged 85.60 per pan. Well improved.  Title clear    Price, 8ffioiO0O.       at
Claim on Howls* Creek. YieldetUJSoo per
day to Ibe man. 46
Claim on Miller creek, tunning freo 6s, te
83.90 to the pan.
Two claims on El Dorado creek.    84a Mb
Claims on Brimatone crook. Ma
Seven claims on LI Dorado creek.
Claims on Bonanza, Hunker, All Geld, Adams, Bear, Boulder, Murphy, Dssdwwl,
Meadow, Sulphur, Gamin and Corsssek
creeks; also on McKays, Nugget aud Little
El Dorado gulches.
Full particulars regarding eny of the
above properties furnisnod on application by
Treasury stock in the Tictoria-Tessia
Oold Mining Company. This stock is offered at the par value ol IS cents. Five ef
the mines on Texsda Island have been working for the put 10 months snd Ibis company
considers it owns the best proposition oa tile
Island. Prospectus may be seen and full particulars obtained on application at my otfee.
.10/00 81 shares of treasury stock in one ef
the best properties at Fairview at 80 seats
per share,
1,00(1 shares In Cariboo mine. Cassp Ms*
Kinney, a steady dividend payer.
Mures In LeBoi, Keco, Sloeaa Star, tea-
bler-i'ariboo, Last Chance, Idaho. At feed
livideud payers.
loo.ooo shares in Klondike II Dsraaa
100,000 shares iu the best mining latest,
ment in Canada,
25,000 shares in Cousolidsled Cariboo.
Farm of 200 acres. Windermere diitrist.
Land fenced and under cultivation. Heine
and stable.  Rare bargain. I
Farm of 160 acres, one of the best sal sssst
highly improved tobegotinEwtKoeteaay.l
Farm ot .120 acres at Windermere. SSesres
under cultivation. House aad stable, leasing, irrigstion.  Cheap. I
Farm of 400 acres at Windermers, 101
seres under cultivation. House, atsblss,
granary, rpothousea, fencing aad irrigation.
Stock and Implements.
Farm of 400 acrea. SS seres under ealtirs*
tion. All fenced. Stocked with cattle aarf
horses. Terms maybe arranged* This is
one ofthe best .arms iu the windsraute
2 Farms of 180 seres nesr Ooldei; laipiersd. >
Golden town lets*
House with four lots ia tswa affMla
for sale.
Patents for a Railway Coupler aadalsM
Two townsltss en Crow* Mast reel,   8 la
WANTED-To borrow for rlteats, U,Wt
and (COO and 8600 on freehold seserityT
For particulars of above apply is
��. A. HAOGKn,
Gtdden Era Me%


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