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The Golden Era Sep 20, 1901

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Array D^~ .-     -     ,     j.,h~..
���_j\jj\)^~*J<^ *
*. ���1/7
mu xi no. *r
QOLDEN, Beitish Columbia, jPRIDAY, September 20,1901
$2 Per Vear.
*  ������.   *
OUR last car lot of Aeenrtt*l Ore*
���series included:
Zephyr Cream Sodas-3 lb. tins
Cream Bodas-2 Uv carton*
Arrowroot Sultana
Ginger-nutip Shortbread
Smyrna Mtacaroons
, Social Teas Garibaldi
Tartlets Jam-Jams
Coffee and Tea Biscuits
Water Ie��Wafers in bulk and lib. tins.(
Huntley & Palmer's Italian Maca-
���'-^ ^'fjiPOst^i^fc^^f,^
ShUUngs left Baking Powder
.; imported direct from "Frisco in large l��t<
therefore priced lower than usual���-l'i ts,.
21 snd 5 lb. tins. .     -    ���
Oak TWO condensed milk and all other
brands |tut Qek. Tree is the very top notch
-., of excellency. Try a can and if notauited
take yoaf-^tek��f other brands freo of .cost
*����?>   -���   flEa
Wa.'. Headri*.
HaUD OrnoBi Tobokto.
D. B. Wilkib, OMMrtlllaaaijti.
���I. H��r, '
Trale Where Gasb ttot8 Double Dtty.
Jun;, at*Cr>g-t�� * Ptakluim,
VarrltMn, Balt.lt.ra, *..
Onr Ip^II Goods have jiist arrived and -we are
bow showing the vary 'fan* patterns in
SERGES   '..S'S'i.   *
_   -MANITOBA. M. W. T. nil, 0.
S5BST* K-^,y*rorta,r.*2SS%
S5*iJI-yrV; Biv.UtsAt'^1irtfeStta
..--- . V-mmett, ' -  Winuiptr,
. WsMHttttsck, a*d fieatreal, {jut.
Agent* hi ******* Brltetai
Uny*-*.B**k. Lta.'-N Umbtrd St, Lonsta*
wi* ssffctm nenlti may be^sqntittd fcr
Halls., by tetter *r oabto It uiy of th*
***** brwelm.
*�����*.����� Ia Uatto* Mtatoei
KBWTORK-Baak of Mwtrt-J, Baak .1
CtttCAOO^FInt National Btnk.
8T. PAUL-Secend National Hank.
SAM FBANCISCO-Wells, Farg*|st C*.'t
*' Utak. *'������*,.
AgtmU Im 8<**.th Africa.
tbi standard bank of south
Africa Limited.
'-' 8at1ng8 bank departmbnt
ss-ttrwt allowed on daptsitt,
' ��� "'      DEBENTURES.
Prt.lBCaal, Munli*lp*l tnd other d*��tntum
arailalshi at all (mints iu Canada, U*lted
'-     ���     Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Olbb. Mtrr.. Oolden Branoh.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister. Solleltor.
Sotary Fublic.Contre-y anosr, ��M
OM***a Upper Columbia N*vlg*tloa aai
Train vay Company'* AuiJdi*g,
-sseselsefs**.. ' m* ���/���
1 -***-
Kevel.toke, II.C    '
Fort Statl*. B,C.
Rami Ale-uuater Work ('oldtn Jl. 0.
; ml     r na-J-*���.���LJgs*
Jab.BBADY, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
��� M.'Ain'n. Inst. M.E.
Snrveyt made for Asts-esn-elit Work'uid.
Crown tlranl..
* land for ial* on Lake Wind-urn*** and
FisidUyCr***,"e^t Kootenav.
... Tailor.
Golden, B.C
���Mth *I4. KLklne Met** attar.
em*** '
Hull Bros. & Co.
***k, 8k**p aad Hon* Dt*l*r*.
tk.C.ar Bm.Iv..* Vary Vontlal a*-
���est CkraMd Ba.h<Hb.r.
Dannie,   8*pt..l8.���Tb* Emperor
Nieholu of Ruitia wu receive by tb*
Imjaror William on board tb* Garni royal yaoht "Hohsnsollwn* y����-
tstrday afttrnoon. Th* Kaiser recti red
!>,li imperial vititor at th* (tangway
trh*** th* two monirob* embraced one
aaotber. Thty than lospecltd th*
fcuard of-honor together, -afitr whioh
my-ntirtd to th* Quarter-deck, where
ibey niaalned in anlmatedconvenation
nntil innoheon, when the Oiar sat on
the right of th* Kaiser and th* Orand
Duke Altxit on the left.
JFnit tt lb* meal tndtd Hei* wu
thjhttd.   Th* Gswmin tquadroo wu
dnwn np In doublt lin*.   Th* Hohan-
���olltrn, with their Imptritl m*j*ttie*
thelmpwinl bridgsj, m*m*d (lowly
ItsjtwHn  the His**,   followed by  th*
8wusl*rt tnd bar eesort.   Th* two
yssehts anolioredat th* head* of th*
1-s-s-psKtiv* linn, ��ft*r whioh the ��d-
mint* and th* principal offioer* of tbe
t-qnidra* ml ra board th* Hoheo
ioli*rn end wen prwtntad to th* C*ar
. '.'���������   i
Mmtnal, Sept. 18.���Hi* m.jwty
thaking, o* tbeoeouion ef the villi
i lh*ir royal bighn*****, tb* Duk*
���lid -Dusht** of Comwnil and York,
be* been graciously plM*td to oonftr
the' following 'honor*:
'pe bt knight commander ot th* mott
dtaiinguisketl order of St. Hlobsul and
St. Georg.: Hon, Sir John A. Boyd,
ohanctllor of the high court of j'u��tic*
of. Ontario; Hon. Loui* Jette- lituten-
itan gsveruoroT th* prorinM of Qu*b*o.
'. iTo be companion* of th* Mm* order:
Jssjeeph Pop*, under ��eor*tswy of Hale;
Dlr. Ptterton, princip*^- *l McGill col-
Ispst, Montreil; V*ry Uy*. Gs��. Oranf,
'id*ir-t':*i> -tlm -Qneeni univertrty,
Kingston; Olivet Maihieu, principal of
Laval university, Quebic; Oliver How-
land, Mayor of Toronto; Major F. 3.
Maud*, Cblditieam guardt, military
stcrsntary lo hi* excellency the governor
general.  '
Ter be knight baohelor: Thomas
ShaugluiMS), prsrtidtUI of th* Canadian Paciflo railway, Montreal.
Cologne, sSept 13.-Th* Cotogne'Oa-
aitteaayt It lwrn* from ��emi official
tourott that th*(teat power* willgivt
their moral tqpport to Spain in b*r
cortflfct with listroocd in r*g*rd to
���tolen-chilirta. 'The time for the p��v-
mentot tht indemnity and ibt rtleats
of th* childnn expin* to-day nnd lb*
Sultan Mill rtraaint pastiva. Spain
hu wnt a warship to aupport her
claim*. If no latiataction i* obtnined
Spain will bombard Moroccan town*
��nd land iroopt.
J. 0 TOM & Go;;flwu��fflfes^^
Upper Columbia
SnamBrs DUCHESS and ^^ft,;
��� ffsMon of 1901 0peB��
Only Qui** and Comfortable Route to Vln-
t   �� ingTiwns of Windermere Mining
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
and all kind* of
Farm Prate
***wiy tio
et Feterliotough
same evening
gh -Mid inter-
RetarniBg arrive at QoWen
Ueito Goldsn Friday A e.m. tU^ -. ��� .    ,o
msstUatepolntr; l-eturning .aprlvo at Ooldoi SufltUiy
'.��fter��t****ii.   ���   . t,-~    ������'��� ���'���'���li:'.::.,'
tow rattson 6t% tosi^'IU*y-rG^��idCo^
���ftfffttrthw*fl(^atlbna^yto   **   .
C. H. PARSON, seer��taiy,
7 House....
*^GOI-DEN, B.0.
[.'. OMaflWla*t,r*sM*ndlI��itM*n-
agad Hottl* ialMlUi ColiuabU.
��MlTM*t*k*rM.     '-.' -V'-:'
*TE8,tip-*Wy,.   tpttitl ntw tw
nF boaMMft*'
Quekee, fcpt. 18-Th* City Conneit
adopted retoiationi nuthbriilng th*
Mayor to at onoe *ign all th* p*pw*
for the pnrehaae nnd tranifer of the
Plain* of Abraham Th* by-law to
provla* lor th* Mtabli*bm*t.t ef a na
tional pwrk on tb* Plata* alio reeelved
it* fir*( r**dln��.
���'   . ! .ss��Hna.s��.	
Wlml-s.it, Ihpt. l.-n wu I**rn*d
latt night that ��� strike wu dwl��r*d
by (h* olty litter e*rri��r* and that th*
movement I* likely to become genartl.
An offlolal of thn put ��fflo*..wu attat*
���taxi* man aii he gav* th* following
information, which form* tb* grl*T-
anc* et Ih* ttriker*: L��tely mail* hat*
bwn d*lay*d oontldtribly, and In ad
ditlon to tbl* huineu hu oeen hMvy,
Matttr lof torttna* hu contlnned te
pile up at tha pott offiM ior ��ome tlm*
nnd hu not ahead of tb* at*   A
thortagt of hand* on th* railway and
id th* offlM ia rupontible for thi*-oon
gMted condition. No inomuia known
lelsav* Uktn place in th* putoffiM
ataS, whUeall along traffic hubten
inenulni br naaoa of the progrM*
and d*s**lo**a*irt of th* oountry.   Sine*
lut tpring tt* amployM* hav* Mt lha
office, bnt have not betn tepUetd.
Boiiland, Sept. 17. t-Police magi*-
trat* Boultbee gavs bit Judgment thi*
morning befon a crowded boiiw in th*
two catet agalut Al Geiter, th* Oregon contractor, for violation of the
provisions of ih* Alien Labor Act
Th* judgment wu a lengthy written
on*, end th* law and th* evidence Is
reviewed carefully Hi* worthip'co.i.s-t
lo th* conclusion tbat Geiser is gnilty
of th* two cSenie* agalnat tha aot in
each of tb* Informations. He inflicts
a fin* of 1600 in the Stev.nson caw,
With the alternative of thrM months'
impriionment if ths flue ie uot paid by
feps-ember 28rd. And in ihs* Andrew*
can*Wot thn* month*' i* imposed
The union man regard the decision at
an impottattt i��*t case, and tb* finding
hu beiu wirild W the labor department
atOttaWlc, whioh it already posssued
ef all tht dinar f��ct�� of th* caHe, aud
it ia believed thst the OoVerllnlsnt will
at oom Mud a deportation agent here
to prevent any further violation of the
act, and to deport ally men found to
bave com* here against th* l*w in
Tha Le Roi company today llloed
and served a writ claiming $50,000
againit tha miner's union and tome JO
other defendant*, along tbe linet in
the Gnat WMUirn mine cats started
last wtek.
The C*ntnliar company also comv
menosd an action today against th*
union* for unstated damasw, and fot
a dedtaration that tbe strike wu illegally called by th* union.
Th* green hands working in the
Josie mine have already caused a h**vy
lost by the destruction of the timbering,
oar*, and other material in tbe mine
���haft and other workings, and the
attempted Work in the Josie ia serious
ly interlared with.
Thos. Gifford is Elected:
Opposition  Candidate Deft*-us
Provincial   Secretary   By
Fifty Two.
Westminrei-, Sept* IR. ���The liutly
contests*! flection between Hon, J. 0
Brown an.l Mr. Tboa Gilford ended to,
night iss tbe return of the ujiposllioh
candidal.) by a majority of fi'J oyoi his
oppone ... Bothsitles had worked well
fur tl.bii- men, anil alibough iss tits,
past few cla.vs is looked as if lha Gov*
arn.nent candidate would t>e returned',,
today ;tue bulitiokearly in she forenoosl
betjan to look black for 11 r. Brown,,
aud aa the iiui*. wore on is- wa* gener*'
ally conceded that Mr. GiSord would*
head the poll.
Tbe result of the election wa* u foi>
Glffoid  663
Brown  ill
Majority for GiSord.
Ml** Wrltejf
SMsBle Arttat
.   Ihm D*c*Ni*r. -
Iitavt Mm it Itttaaiy Hint*, ttMtr, 1.C,
Vancouver, B. C. Sept., it*. ���A
prominent saw mill manager stated
that a report lhat a syndicate headed
by J. J. Hill wu negotiating for the
purchase, of all lumbar mill* in Britiab
Columbia, wu quiM correct. At least
J.J.Hill was supposed lobe at tbs
head of the tyndicate. The Colonist' ���
informant atated that all mill, without
exception w*re -ready to aell if they
eould gat anywhere near a fair price,
and-from preaent indication* it looked
��s if iht deal would go through.   The
III* on the Mainland were not hang
ipg ont for ��uy larg* sum, and were
ready to accept rock bottom hgnre. If
the deal want through, the Hill *yndi-
oate would control all Ibe mills on th*
8ound and British Columbia.
I Later advices state thut this report
i* without foundation ]
Naw York, Sept. 14 The Riant steel
���trike. whioh beg��n on June i)0. was
brought to an end at a conference held
today betwMn the leaders of the amalgamated Association and officer* of the
auneidiary companies of the United
StatM Steel Corporation An agree
ment wu signed, nndtr which lha
will return to work in the mill*
that have-bMn idle on Monday morn-
ing. The announcement wat -mad* ai
tha offiw in thi* elty, of the American
TlnpUt* Company, when the confer
ence wu bald. The foil term* of th*
settlement wtn not divulged and it
WU announced thatthit wat In accord
ance with an agreement wtth th* part.
1st* to a conftrenca, to lb* effect that no
ttatesraent would ba mad* until Preti-
dint Shaffer, of th* Am*lgamat*d Aa-
���boiatioii, itaued hi* eider to (hs men
t-s mure to work. This will b* don*
on Sunday, When he rescbM Pittaburg,
whither h* went-imm*dlataly after tbe
It wil learned, however, from au
authoritative source, Ibat uo. contritions Wtn mad* by tb* United StatM
SimI Corporation. It wu *l*o .learned
tbat th* Amalgamated Auooistion
gav* up it* right to oo itrol oeriain
named mill*, -
Buffalo. K. Y.. Sept. l6.-Lton F.
Ctolgoti, aliu Pnd Nsriiaan, w��i in-
dtcted thi* afternoon by .tb* County*
oonrt graud jury tor the crlmt of mur-
tVtr in tbe fint dagna in fatally ahoot-
ing PrwhUut William McKinlty at
the Twmplt of Music in tb* Pan.Am
ericau Eaaotilioo urouud* at 4:la o'clock on tha afternoon of September ti,
Quebec, Sept. 16-An exploaiou of
fireworks on th* Government steamer
FrUiitenac toaight resulted in injuries
to Hon. j 1. Tarte Hon. Ja*. Slither-
land, Ron. Dr. Borden, Mr*. J. Ni
Oreenshields of Montreal, Mrs. Tur-
colt* Of Mont-real-, and Miss Fielding.
Mr. fa.ti had invited a party of friend*
t* go *nt on tbe Fl-ontenaeand witness
th* illuiUlnatlons and tii* display of
fireworks, end a display of fireworks
had Men taken oft board. Ou the
bridge of the steamer a dozen bombs
bail been placed and one of these had
been let on fire by the firework*. Thii
exploded tha tombs and the fire oosn-
ihunhiated itaelf to the steamer. A
number of ladies were standing near
by and their clothing caught fire. Mrsr.
OreensTiieldli Wat quiie severely burned abuut the less. Mrs. Borden's
clothing caught fire, hat waa extinguished without injury. Two of the
ladies tried to escape b.v taking refuge-
in the wheel house, bus there were two
bomb* in thnn *)<o anil they wens ex
pioded. In a monsent Ihe wheelhouse
waa on lire. Mrs.'l'nrcoite was liurn-
ed, though not seriously, in the arm;
Mr. Tarte on the right hand, snd was!
also ktiocheil over, cutting his fan's:
Mr. Sutherland received severe burns
on the hand* and also some iiijuriss 16
his face, 'His injuries were the result
of his endllavors to extinguish the fir,',
and save tha ladies. Ths. .learner
Eureka cam* alongside, to tl.e assistant!* of the Frontenae ansl ondeasoring
to get from Hue liokl tn she ,,ther Dr.
Borden s|srsiii*'! Lis tinkle. H.s wast
assisto'.! into the Chulei.il "Pronieiiuc by
Htu. Cliiss, t-itzpati'icl , ilis- Fielding, dttUglitet ol Hon. \V. S. Fielding,
ha4 Iter sViir singed Aiimiral Sir
fredi'Hek fl.':iri'i''i, wlirii lie saw thi.
fire iiniueil siiely sent a hiuiich liom
lhe t'tesCent to ss*>i*ti, but help was
not needed, as the fire wa* extinguished with th* Steamer's own hose.
Tl. t'r.v-.i,. Bapoi't. tt Timber.
Ottawa. Sept. 14. -By an older in-
cout.tsil. on the report of Hon. Clifford
Sifton, dated January 19th. 1899, the
regulation goVetuittg th* graining ol
yearly liceiiaea and pefrtuita to cut
limber, iu Manitoba, the Northwest
Territories and ill* railway bell iu tl,*
jirovinc* of Biili.h Columbia wer*
amended *d *�� to permit tbe owner* ot
timber berth* in 'he railway bell t&
aell limber ihereou to mill owner*, ill*
regulation* having pre.ioutly provided
that timber must be mauntaotured at
the iaw mill of tb* liiwuswH to be operated lu oos.nactiou with tii* berth:
Then i* then-ton no provision iu the
regulations a* thty *xia> at preseut tu
pnve.it tb* exportation of log* cut oal
Dominion lands in the railway belt of
tb* provinoe uf Britisli Columbia. Tlie
minUter therefore recommends that the
regulations bs again amended so a* td
provide that all timber cut ou berth*
in tberailway belt in British Columbia
���h-.ll be manufactured within th* limit
of th* Dominion.
Iu Moutreal soma 70 men will be
arretted aud detains*] In cuatod; unlit
alter the slepartuie ot the Duke and
Diclsws ol Comwnil and York, ld
th* light of *i|��ni*iii*��ei*M* lb* iiu*
extreme precaution ia iircnaaiy is!
avert danger from that crimiual lunacy
whiob th* prest-nCe uf disiiuguisArf
peopl* iu.j'iisK.
'm?W: -*""*"���"*' .-. -itfimr^��.
- -r���***' j THE EltA.GfOLrEN, B.C.,fci.trTEiiBER2i.,!HI
ffihe ��ol^rt (Bra.
ri'si.iSHBP evert rniD.iT.
Ed. V. CiUHnER-i, - Editor and Pnblitbor
Subscriptions $.'0.1 per year in advance.  .
Advertising rales mnde knoivu ou request.
FRIDAY. Skpthmbek io. IHOI.
.lust now considerable at.mion ia
biiug paid to the doctrines of the an
iirchitls, ans) a gooi intiuy pe,,|.le stem
i.i put sociali-its in the same ciass wilh
Ihem.    A. a  matter of connn 'n   fair
ii as thi-ichai'geshuiild be refined.    As
i, matter of diet,  llie doctrines laughs
hy lhe best schools of socialists are
diametrically o|,posed  to those of an*
archill*.    Anarchists seek to destroy
authority and power.   They would do
away wilh all Government, and abolish
all law.   Socialist., on the other hand,
are not ouly friendly to Governments
bul go lo tiie other extreme and urge
lhat Governments assume greater re-
spousibiUty  than they do at presen .
They wuut lo see railroads, telegraphs,
telephones,��� iu fact all franchises of a
publio nature, operated uud  controlled
hy tlie Government     We have even
li-sard   socialists   asivoca-e - lhat   tl.e
Government   should   run   saw  mills,
c nineties, fisheries, etc.   Holding such
views   it would   be    inconsistent   for
socialist* lo seek  todetirov lhe executive head of auy nation,  or destroy
the  form   of any   Government  under
which they livj.    Their avowed object
is not, to destroy   bat  to extend  the
power of Governments,   Whether these
views   ure practicable   it is not  she
purpose ol Ihis  article to discuss, we
oi.ly seek te show lhat real  sociali-in
is a* distinct from anarchy as night is
from dny.
What a sorry mass Richard McBride
mi'i his political advisers have made of
the by-election coolest at New Westmiuster. Instead of taking off his
coal and whipping John Cunningham
Brown iu the town in which they hate
both lived for over a quarter of a century, McBride weakened and tried to
shove Chinese Munn to the front
Al sin.. knew his Chinese record would
defeat him, and he declined lo make
llmfi;hl. McBride assd his adv sers
then induced an old man named Gifford
!o et.ier the lists Gifford will not Ite
elected: McBrisle will be discredited as
a leader; and his political advisers will
be looked upon as dough beads Yet
McBride had au opportunity to make
himself, at leas., a fscior in paity
politics. -Nelson Tribune.
Mckinley is dead.
Alone wills His Wife ansl in ITn.nbl.
Ke.lffNatl.n the .J resit President ot
the Unites! Btutea l'i,a..il away In
Spit, of all Tlmt HI. Ptaysieiuna
Conld Do.
Born at Niles, Ohio, 1848.
Enlisted at |,rivaie, IHHI.
Mustered out as  brevet  major,
Admitted in lhe hsr, 181.7.
Elected    |,ices-siting    attorney,
Married,  1871.
Elected to Congress. 1K7I1.
Meu,Iser   of   Wa. s   and   Means
committee, IWO.
Chairman of SVays and Means
committee,  18S9.
McKinley tariff enacted, 1890.
Gerrymandered out of Congress,
Elected Governor of Ohio, 1891.
Re-elected Governor, 189*1.
Elected President, lHilli.
Re-elected President, 1900.
Shot dowt. Sept. 6, 1901.
Died, Ss-|.t. 14, 1901.
I hj-siciaiis to try to fed h m through
the mouth, prnhai.lv bs-fqre. he stomach
was prepared. The first ad ninis'ration
of beef ju'M thro-nth th* month how
.ner, secinel to agree with the patient,
and thephysicians were highly grati
li 'd st the way th* stomach seemed to
le'eive the food.
The br��sk'a��t of chicken broth.
los.t and coffee given Thursday morning was spoken of by all phvelolunt ss
s' rong evidtrce of i he president's mark
ed ini|iro.ement. I' wav* only when
it lincnnie apparent late in the morning
that this food hsd not agreed with lhe
president that the first genuine anxiety
appeared The pulse wat also nhnorm-
high, 12! beats lo the minute
Wish a temperature of 100.2 it should
hsue Iseen thirty heats lower.
The weakness of the heart began to
tirnti.e serious concern. Instead oi
g'owing better the president's con
diiiun after that grew steadily worse.
The staff of physician, augmented bv
Dr Stockton, who had tenporarilv
taken the place of Dr. McBurney, wss
summoned enrlv in the evening and
there wns a conference. At 8:30 o'clock
Thtirslav night the olici'ila announced that tht president's condition was
not so good The problem of disposing
of the food in tlie stomach wns becom
ing s serious one nud the danger of
hetrt failure increased. As midnight
approached :tie
Calomel snd oil were given to the
president's bowels and digitalis to quiet
the he.rt. However, just before mid-
nittht the |,resident had two 0|serations
of the bowels which relieved him very
much snd the midnight bulletin wss
more favorable I. was believed then
that the opering of Ibe bowels would
have ib. effect of allaying the wild
pulsations of the heart. His |mlse did
drop to liO nnd the prospect waa
slightly brighter. But owing to the
pre idtnt's extreme weakness and his
latitude, no nt tempt was mnde to conceal th- serious apprehension which
was felt. The feeling of depression
indented in volume and intensity.
Secretary Corlelyou insisted that lhe
truth should be made public by Ihe
doctors and the bulls-iinB.'
The bulletins made pnblio hy the
doctors were telling iheii sad storv all
too plninly. ��� Tbere was still hope that
the worn and weary patient would lie
better in the morning snd at mid-night
Secsetary Corlelyou said it was ns t
probable thnt another bulletin would
be issued until morning.
After Thursday midnight no news
wss given out nntil about 8 a, in ,
Friday, when a general call wus si'lil
out for all members of bis cabinet and
his idij-siuiaiis to al tend his bedside.
His brother had j ist driven up a few
minutes before, When the doctors arrived digitalia wa* used to sirengthen
the action ofthe bean; at 4 a.m.
Drs. Mann and Minter on leaving the
house reported that the patient wus in
a be ter condition. From that time
utttij about 4 pm. there wat little
change in bis conditio t. but from that
time on ihere wat a steady sin! in* until al 8 p. m.it waa thought that he
had only 20 minutes more io live; the
great vitality of tlte president now asserted iiaelf and l.e rallied sufficiently
io reqne*l Mint Mrs. McKinley be sent
for about 9 p. in. What passed be
Iwien the dying m��n and his beloved
help mate is sacred. Mrs. MclCinl y,
though in very frail health showid
wonderful fortitude. The president
then chanted the words of the beauli
ful hymn "Nearer My God to Tin*"
and with bit last moment of conscious
out After passing through the atom
a h, the bullet passed Into the bark
vails of she aMsims-n, hitting a, d
rinj. the upper end of the kjsluey
This portion o- the bullet trswk was-
also gangrentons,
iuioKing lha pancreas. The bullet
has ..oi > et been found. There wat t.o
sign of per.t>n.li* or disease <os th>-
ilher-orgs. ns. Tb. In an walla wer.
very llnu. Tnere was ..* eviueuce uf
any attempt *i repair on lhe |iari of
nanus), and di'.uls ruasiltstsl from th*
gangrene, which affected the stomach
-.round lhe bullet bole., as well as lhe
tissues around the further course of
the ballet. Death was unavoidable
by anytirgionl or medical treatment
and wn* the direct result of the bullet
Tu* inonarchiHl idea of lie continu
ity of sovereignity is recognized by the
Constitution of lhe United Stales, and
tlie death of President McKinley leave*
itiierregiiin. Thi* principle was
emphasised by Jas, A. Garfield in his
famous speech made -to lhe panic
stricken cruwd in the streets of New
York when lha news readied them of
the death of Pr.anient Lincoln. His
words were, -Gob still reign* and the
Government at Washington still lives."
S s ihe duties of president fall on lhe
s'soulders ot Theodore Roosevelt who
was elected to the vice-presidency in
she election of 11)00. He is a
young man being only in his 43rd.
year, the youngest of the 2d presidents
who have occupied the office of chief
Executor of tbe United States. He.
however ia nut an untried man, hit
record Iseiug a most remarkable one for
so young a man.
.Making allowance for a tendency to
indulge in what might he called "big
talk" President Roosevelt hiss beeu
primps ihe finest specimen of lhe
young mun in public life that ba* been
offend iu recent yeara by the great re-
p.blio. Then is no queatiuii Uii lha.
lie lias been inspired throughout by a
de*'p sense ol his dulr as a ciiias-n of a
IN TH| 10310 LINE.
and til kind, of *
tt    ���-   -7   I     ,?  #  **    .,'* -������
Afstr the favorable bulletin* issned
, by th* physician* iu attendance on
President McKinley on Thuraday, the
lie,.-* of ilia relapse and death, which
wm received Saturday morning, came
a* a severe *hock to ali, and on all
hands could be h*nisl exjiretsious of
mn|,��ihy with Mrs. M.Kinley and
Aiuri'scan nation iu iheir great lost.
'file i rouble began ou Thursday afternoon shroiigb lb* failureof thedlge*
tire orgaii* to perforin I hair function*
Tba ueoeMiiy tot nourishment baa bwn
j,i��*sinit tor t*rtt* day*, and the
aariial failure "of artiste1*! mesiis hsd
led ti. tkeaijoisiion of natural meui.*.
Oalasrry, AttA.
Wonslerrnl It-sanlt. F.lWw tht 0 s�� ���
Dr. Cli.rlt.'. Little Bed Pillt.
Tu the Editsrr.pt the Era !,,."' ,
Sir:-We make the fotiotvinft pro.
posals to the readers ot Uie Goldm Era:
To any one who is a' subject of rh*u-
matisin (no matter how long sttandiug)
or any blood disease, lis enumerated
below, and will give Or. Clark*'* Wonderful Liule lied Pill* a fair and im
partial dial aud do not find a perfeoi
cure, we will refund tlie money paid
for th* pillt. If no Subetentlal Improvement is tahasi'ved we will in addition, pay tlO ia cash an satisfactory
evi-lence Iwing tup-died us to tbi*
We havo y*t to know of  a tingl*
froe ooin.iioiiwe.ilth;  end thero is no j esse where these wonderful pill* have
t .im of self seeking on his long and
liot.cr.ible record.    D.-spiie his youth
he is a  veteran I'Oli'iciali     It  is now.
over twenty years aince l.e liisi Isecsime
a member uf the legislature of tbeSiate
of Hew York.    He served  three, term*.
theie ansl  though  only In   hi* early
twenties war the leader ol his jiariy.
A' twenty eight lie w.is honored with
the   Republican   nominal ion   ior tl.e
mayoralty of the city of New York.
Afterwards he .served  for many  years
as head of lhe Civil Service Commission
ot ibe United Stan-*; and aubsequeu'ly
was President of the Police Coinmiatiou
of New York City, where be .ii 1 honest
and fearless work in the (ace ot great
difficulties.   From   1897   to  1898 he
wa* Assistant Secretary  of th* Navy
and as such  is given the credit, for
having drafted the historic meetage lo
Djwey  which led  to iht ��enS.itional
I victory   ot   Manila, Bay.    After, bis
brief bit no'ire participation  in the
[ war hu was elected Governor of tbe
State of New York) and aerved in thai
capacity  until called  upon to  fill the
liositiou of vice-President.   From this
place be lias now stepped th the Chiet
Magistracy of the American people.
This is a record which indicates very
clearly that lb* holder of it i* a ra
markabl* man.
Beside* I hi* hail a writer of no
mea*   ability   in   various fields.   In
history'his "Naval war of 181*1"  and
"The Winning oi tim Wesi" are stand
aids iu tbtir class.   He has written
������................_..........__��.. biographle* of Tbo*, H Benton,  Gov,
nets whispered  "God's will b* --O"". !��,������,, R���d 0||v,r.eromweli, the great
not ours,"   with  the-e words biidinf
fanwell io his family ...id cabinet who
were grouped around bia bed', though
lingering until 2.15Saturday morning.
He ne er again wnt conscious and thnt
passed away the third of the president*
ofthe neighboring reoublic who has
fal'tn fi om an assassin's bullet,
Wbtn the mi! came the Mnaion sif
lhe tron-da awaiting ouisid* of the
Milburn residence wn* SO great mat'
on hearing the news many airong men
hunt into tears and then the,fierce'
desire for revenge on I he assaain mad*
itself felt and only tha presence of a
strong military guard kept the prisoner
froui tiie angry mob.
The immediate ctuse ofthe president's death   baa been gisen to the
public in lha following  report of an
autopsy signed bv  the physicians in  ' pamb sny��:
attendance. .climr today
energy ot these famous characters ap-
liealing lo hi* forc*fulness. As t
young man h* spsnt several years In
lhe west and has given to the public^.
-Tii* W.lsieroeaa Hunter" ������Hunting
Tri|>* of a Ranchman," "Ranch Life,
and il.e Hunting Trail" as a rsautt of
bis oliservai ioiia there. His iir* in lhe
wet''and acquaintance with I he cowboy
life |-d him io urge bn lhe formation
uf the "Rough Iti era,14  which cor-a
���Ire'nilere'i usub signal terries in thi.
Cuba's campaign under his len.lei ship
j With all ibia he is nn ideal husband
and father nud ia a spltndid specimen
of i he ",. oussg mats* of today.
V leusria, S^jji'. 11.   An Ottaw-i de
"A*  a sneering of tba
,-,.*-....-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���m. ,w0 etMnh Columbia
"Th* bullet *m*h struok ever iba'l��l]"' out rs^arJing ioi��igr*tli,n Inlo
briutboiiedid  not pass tll.ougi. ibe,-'���""*'''> ami  llieothe* iPSj*cllng the
���kin, and did liule harm    Tba mim>rioi'\'^yti^^-t0^^}*- ���r"l'"n*f{
^^^^^^^^^^ ballet ppaati through  both v-allaof it"'1'"" v,ot--i ���**����� ���llx'll'wert    Tlii||
'jW* nolpw.'liiio"**'' wiileh nouiith |that ilstmatb, near it* hjwer t-��d*r,i i""* ,,0"�� ���" ihelif*��Mie,. of tIt. Britltk
rneiit bad bnsjj* iujiswiad Wavlout to Botb balsa wan found m to perfectly , Government, Brttlsh OoluihbU having
���W^all^��f'^''%,��������'���*i���-������!i,^ ���������*����� I-sloavsad by ilia iiIichM.bnt thstinu* n'nwd taraiWid h. isaial.tion air*.
jot-tod iba ��i����s��l.   Tbi* ftioad ibt ��tound*aob bole had become gangrent- ����rdl**ap s. H.
uot been almost entirely . tuccessful iu
effwiiiiga curt. CANADA CHEMICAL CO, Peterborough, Out.   .
Tbey cured uie of rheumatism after
I hail been given up. -Andrew Closkey,
Victoria, BC.
Ex-Aid. Bailey. St. Johns, writes :
I cannot speak too highly Of Dr Clerk's
Wonderful Little Red Pill*, tliey
worked-a miracle in my caseai.d cured
uie eller many years of suffering I do
not think theif equal i* to be obtained*.
Nothing lik*Dr. Clarke'a Little Rid
Psl's for ihe cure Of hsrart trouble,
weaknesses anil hiood diseases Have
usesl them every when with success.���
Or. E F Mnnii, Ial* of H. M. forces,
South Afrtoa,
Dr. Clarke'a Little Rid Pillt perman
ehi ly cured in* ol back. oh*. I (ufferad
for year* and only took two botes
That is a year ago, I, have not had l
symptom since. Jama* H. Jackton,
Sault St* Maria, Ont.
I do not baliev* ther* i* a medioine
to compare with Dr. Clarke'* Littl*
Red Pillt. They cured ni* oi indigestion and catarrh of lha ttomach. after
nine years' suffering. -H S. Macdon
aid, G T R. shops, Montreal.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills sr* a
positive and certain cun tor la giipp*,
rhuemai ism, asihma.paralysis, oatarrh
roxema, coughs, backache, indigestion,
all stomaoh and livar troubles, femals
oom|slaint* even when the diseases have
been Handing for mtny yean, ths most
stubborn oases will yield. Pric* 60
cant* per box. For sal* by' local drug-
gi.tt. Dr. Clarke'* Sure Cnn for
Catarrh, and Or. Clarke'a Sun Cure
forEcxema, tarn* price. 110 will be
IMid for any otaathay will not psr
manentiy cure
Dr. Clarke'* Sure Cun for Catarrsh,
��nd Dr. Clark*'* Sun Cure for Ecsem*,
same price. Ten dollars, will ba isald
for any cate they will uot permaittntiy
Business and Residential tots FQr. Sale*
Blocks for Investors.
tow is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
Mr. Alex Campbell brought into the
UgA offlce a magnificent tantpl* nf iht
World'* Fair potato* weigiilng dtif*
pound and going ]6| inch** in.oiroom-
ference. H* ��tsM> Wi tarai'l** of hi*
YellowTranspnrent anifButsVuapplet
aud two varieties of crabapplt*, which
ootnpleiily npaec th* contention that
fruit I* not successful in this neighbor^
hold. Hn hat also enten- hi* iarm.
wheat tlxfssjtt birb witbj, hfadt Win-
oh��a loi'tit that will ���<.Ui����ata.,JW.*iii<l
<|0 buthll* to th* aim. ,%|
It Itexfseoted according ta a state-
ment mad* tbi* ifternooa by llr. 3. B.
Ch.rltu*. *o-��rli't��ndw**i.f eon-trttet-
loa of th* nortbern teltwfaph MvjctJi
that th* fint metttge will coitittiiro*
from Dawson w'lhln tha neat tbraa
days. The mtaug* will bt an olfioKI
on* .from the Govtrpniant *^h��l
at Dawson to Hon. M*; |liltaniaT
tawa. Bv tha middle ot ntxt wesik tht
line will ht op*n for bulnw*. Thi*
will be a nj**Mr of great lalltfaction
to cok.v nsjtrahanttv   , - gg, ��.":*-.
"Londod, 8rpti'ISi -At it*��sj>|ich fjmm
lord Kiich*n��r, datad Prspsjiru, tosfcy,
annonnoe* shsMC Krswa*, *', ten of
former preislst.nl of s k* TraUTaal, tud'
0.iptHiiiT*sjT*lr*.'bsv*ia*itsj>i��idei*��i     I
 ���**!*:*'**?,!.. \>\,...f IO;,!
FORiSAMt-i- Eight ywrMn*: helt I
er��, a very nine lot,
ClatS SOW-I,     Con*   in    ._ _���_TJSf1��^asll^1asi-Sa-SaSX*s^^^^^ss-a��^aaaa���
N^iiibar. ..All .jou,*;^^!^ J( fra^^^i^
Can ht -Ken any d��y*-J *.**���* Haa
lilBttSoa. Contraator', Gold-u> B. C.
ttaailiarsti rlaa
*-*-t*��... .
IIK.F7|   ftlM t*|lM(' sjsjy.v.TsjT.T.T.T.T.T.T-.T.T.t���
! W-.tYfttgu:*ii*M\:  .   tM
���: mm ibm litm m ml tiM tire
stlt^BsHhtfosai   's*a<*saMlkl.BS*aV    l*sss>sk>l
in-Ooiasbiif *ats*a,f fMSttn,
r.a in
GOLDEN is the key to the Urpper Columbia ValleJ
tlte head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising- and ranching coun<
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia Rivef
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north. V '
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windei-mere districts,.together with the'
fact that ti'iftis|(ii'tation is. now nsmired at an'jctirly dote
by a railway ranniqg thd length of -the Coh-ftnbm'aiid
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to i/raa'brook, ensure gieitt
activity in the mining camps Of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also processding, which will ensure tlie j
opei-ation of the Golden Smelter within the nextfcW*
TtfE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered form*
the only land available for tlie eitenaon of tlie bnilding
area, .
Present prices are favorable to, investors, who will!
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rii*
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for rale signed by. Townsite Trustees!
Plans may be sefeH and prices and terms obtained otf>
application to   '
II. B. Alexaudor, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Fg-te0n*Me^J-mn%*
Aitim    IwfW.Pjiygj   iijM.iiir ii t.
Fail Assizes,
,M-Ocioter(it<.i, tlvH
1Mb Ocltler/lJOf,
aiK'tuver, aaad OesJtber, HOI,
���J|!ff*'!**,i *M Oelobtr, Mn,
g^lW^l^lkt^ 1001. Cjsijg.
Prbvlaelisl Sec rsrttrys QbuustuMal.
���;' ��i.tAu-rii.tinoj,H'?^w
J6B PR&Tttri} our Bpeciaii*. THE ERA, GQtpEsV, B.C. September 20, im
. Prof. 8. .1. Mclean, who wa* ap
jsoisitsjd to inquire into th* railway
freight rat* qnestio*. had a conference
With the business men of Vancouver n
'cently. Th* Board of Trade had pr*
spand for Pro*.' McLsmn'a vi*t, and had
drawn np a lilt of matter* to wbiob
tbey deiired to draw bia attention. The
���Brat wai that rates from all naitarn
*h<pping points to sll Paoifio Mrminait
In tb* Unites! Siatet ain firs cent* per
hundredweight lower on almoat all
���onmmoditi** thaa rate* to cormpond-
ing point* in Brltlah Columbia. The
���spokesmen of tha marabant* aald that
fire cMt* on tba hundredweight might
not appear a teriou* ditcriminatiea,
tint takaa by tha oarload It {Meant a
sjtreat deal. It wa* etpeoially felt ia
-competing with Americau cilia* tar tbe
Klondike trad*. In tome ola.se* ei
Canadian good*, auoh at iron pip*,
nail* and bar iron, tha extra clWge
Imd been abandoned, but on Ai*Mttoaa
Roodi ft was uill maintained, even in
tan* when tbt good* required, could
not ba obtained in Canada. The* only
excuse that had ever been offered for
ibia extra.rjiiarieto British Colombia
points wa* that it had been arranged
by the Transcontinental Freight Asso-*
i -elation. *   .   ...���   ���
The atoond matter brought op was
tbat the rates given to British Columbia jobbers for shipments easterly become equal to those quoted from Winnipeg wsMterly wh*n a point Is reached on lin* dr��wu north tad South
Ishrojgb Goldsn, B. C. In other words,
the Britiih Columbia jobber is limiiel
ta a territory extending exit to Golden,
whioh U479 mileasjjfroin ' Vancouver,
while til* Winnipeg jobber ��hips to the
���ame point westward, a diituc* of
1,007 mile* from that city, at equal
rates. The in��rch��nt* argued that th*
dividing lin* ihould bs Calgary.   Th*
. railway'! reply to thett representation!
is that on freight from the e��*t; Van-
uouver geta almoat as low a rate a*
Winnipeg-in the on* ca*e 72 sent*, in
the other 70 cent*. Thie advantage,
however, the Vaneouv��rit*a��ay, ll an
advantage natural to their position,
and by no means due to affect ion on ihr
part of the rail way toward* Vancouver.
Tba r*M from Vancouver to Neltoii, GOO
milea, ou e��rihenwaregoosl* waslt 6B.
The route wa* a circuitous one, and
was probably not more than HOO miles
if a direct route could be fsfJidw-i**. th*
rule from Moim-sml ** Ksiiiii1>��ii, ovtr
1,00 miln. ou lhe sasiae class ot, gooda
uss ii vaults. They <l,d net ��X|.eci a*
taw a rata a* lhat, hist ihey contended
that tbii dsffersinisawsw- aito^tber. too-
jireat. On ilip "fjiesitioii of f-W*'i__P
l-rinliiiailuii iti fuorof th.'esti, an
inttaitc* war^givra of jt 20 cents jwt
hundred dikoriminatfeii iii' tavor of if.*
Montrbal merchant shipping to Kelion
against tbe ooatt merchatit. At he*
(Ween Vaoeoutar aud .WiPaipeg, it
tvss pointed out that even if Calgary,
tver* iu*d*-i he dividing liov-Wiaqipag
tronid still have ih* advantage or SQs|
miles. "ifnifer preMnfarrahg'sJmenf* iy.
i ItaS shown Ihht Winnipeg mershants
'could ship rice wbioh oatae originally
tii the^i*11pSi.ir^n^icli MCalftieVy
land  ondtrsall  Vmoouver merchant*
hheii. ^yl-
tn support o"- -
Lailsting ratea
| to interior pointi
aa* handed to the't ii'mitiloner I
I proprietoi
J that tb*
- and retirtWtf��
^topnvaat intlrtar'frolt
f*'*Murl-||:-|��i<id'1^'��e-. '
, wblcbjT"-" '''-"'
wtt *%ptalat also tbat
1 tributlou
shippsn at
tha Brltlth Columbia jobber. A very
Important matter; broached tnt the
1 oharges on tha Whll#*ys jAf oiata
Railway. It Is alleged thit tfcerf h
a complete ondertttuditV be|wiin5he
ownen of tb* rail** jHtdJhs��|.-.--V'*
trtdlng *bd transportation comptniei,
by which tha business of tha Yukon is
>J-, passing wboll
latitr, sndt
eruihtd onl.
' jutt returned
Ptttpeoplt hi
m*nl with
tba boat* on t
rout*) ta mal
th* hinds of th*
trader is being
iman whe ha*
wion informed
that tb* Whit* ,
Into sn igiba
aniet oiieraiing.
Ivor (St Uichaali'
in a in tariff for
The following from the KsJote|ian,
of Ita-do, irJjfyj-Mnial with %iro|t ly
every eitijna of tjtalde��: -
A Kttloltt will teit ydo Ka.ib fa
qjiet, he doesn't think it will beany
hitler, bt ia afraid 10 invest his nuoue.v
in tha town btcana* ha may hav* to
leav* btr* toon, if things don't aet
better. Fo. btavtn'i tike, people,
stop being tuch "knocken," if you
heven*c fatrh ta yanr own town how
can yon expect it to gat betid-? Do
yen Ifclnk people trt going to com* in
beta avsd tank* it proapcroug for you?
Nevtr in a thoOtind year*.. I have
bwn in j-Wir isorei here and find that
von have good Stock* aud your prion
��re reatontblt.- Yat I' don't as* yoa
getting any ootlid* trad*, and ev*n *
gsaod l-rMiy Dt jour oilixen* tend lo
Timothy featon or tome ot her outtidt
ifore for tbeir clothing, their' dress
{roods ahd***rtti groceries, snd sama of
Vour business men send ont of town
tor their printing, arid yet yon wonder
what i* the matter with Kaslo. Abont
four fifth* of yon want iom* eommon
���ante pounded into jrou With a club.
Chang* yonr way*, have, soips backbone ansl stand by yonr tovJ/n. Have,
soma .-faith in its stability, improve
your property, patronize hom* industry, atop bellyaching about hard times,
stop your petty quarelllng. don't be
jealous of your neighbor, help film
along, expatiate on tha advantages of
of your town. Above sll pull together
abd b*l*��v* ttMlo-firat, l**t and all the
time. Prosperity will never comb if
you tit down and growl arid wait far
it. Be up and doing; make your town
whst it onght to be, the best residential business and smelting point in
 ,��� ��� .ta. tss
London, Sept. 13,-TheIaie Dowager
Empire** Fraderick'i relation* with
Count leckendorp, grand marshal of
her court, had been the subject of In-
ternssMonal gossip, long before ber
detth. It had been frequently said
that ike had been married to the count.
', The Truth today makes'this unqualified statement concerning her
will: The foot lias transpired that
there is a legasiy of three million marks
to Count Seckondorf, with whom her
late majettv is alleged lo have contracted a morganatic marriage."
Constaiiiinoi'le, Sept. 19. ���Fifty
Armenian reroluticnlsta, according io
Turkish rejiorts, recently set fire to
Mut��"lmiinj,u��rters at Mush, Turkish
'Armenia, where fightli.g afterwards
occurred, the Ariii.ninns retiring io
wards Sassoun. It is also reported
that Arinsniaii* and' Turk* blew up
the barracka at Sassoun, Sept 8 where
8,000 troo|,s. were stationed, and that
a state of panic prevails there in consequence.
PAVORITE prescription
*l am mt-imhi ti* -what Ot,
Pierce'a Favorite Prescription has
done fdr trie,'' writes Mt*. John T.
Smith, of Slocan,B. C, Box 50,
"It Cttrbt -M^AsjiMK which
faking:*m*t *t Wy-ttreiijjtjii,
batjy Came and I have a big
strong babjr girl, the moat health/
and happy ��f all my Hws*,"
th* *>��son, gtv-ltogtii* latter a ten per,
cent, pntanma*. awing to gnuiMr tj*i
and shor'er s*a**on un tin* i-oistst. -*������
Insure In lhe Imperils! Life
/ance Co,
���iJaUtll, 'UeATloSlA 11,
What tot} lt yon aak her she will tell
you *he doesn't know. Sbe just feel,
tiervout, that's all. A mnn is apt tu
have very little sympathy with this condition in his wire. He can't see any
earthly reason why she should cry, She
hsr* plenty to eat, 'plenty t s wear, ansl lie
doe* everything he can, he thinks, to
1*41*. mr happy; and iu spite of that,
the alta down and cries softly to herself,
apparently without any cause or reason.
But there;is a cause, and that cause is
tome disorder or disease of the delicate
womanly organism. Unhealthy diaina
have WreB away the vital force. Inflammation is fretting the nerves of the
whole body. If women did but understand tlie intimate relation of the general health to the local health of the
delicate womanly organs, tbey would
realize that tbe q.-....'k way to establish
the general health is to cure the local
dies-seders. Dr.. Pierce's Favorite Pre-'
scrt)��ioH <]-���[->�� ,],-. drcinii that enfeeble
women, hells tnilatsi.initios, and ulceration and cos** female weakness. It is a
medicine tbat rail absolutely lie relied
sju-qu to make Weak women strong and
sack women well. It contains uo alcohol, and is entirely free from opium,
sucaine and all ot er narcotics.
Women snftenni* from .Unease in
shronic form are invited to coi.ss.lt Dr.
Pierce, by lethufv ���free of charge, ' Dr.
Pierce, assistcsi by his staff of nearly a
score ef phys'h*tliis, hns ill a little over
thirty yeara treated and cured more
titan half a -Million sick and ailing
women* All torrc-jxnislesice is strictly
private- and eacKillv confidential. , Asl*.
ilress Dr. ft. V, 1'is.ri*, 66a Main Street,
lluffulo, N. Y.
"For llie snke of poor, Miflering women. I fee'.
it my duty to inform yon ofthe great Iwiu-fU
your medicine litu Riven me," wrltvs Mm. t'-illi-i
biAwle*. of Wflttit. imlell Co,, N. C. "I wn* itt a
mineral-lie conditio!) wlten t wrote to yon. t-hnd
uterine discarie-Kti.tind I -ctrtlld '-scnrcelv wulk
���nd tulTereil siiclf drrmlfill tni-*ttSr I liopetl \o 1*
relfe-i'ed by detitrf. Von wrote to me tyjftjct
���four 'Pnvorite Prcucrijitioy *. ami I linf-c- i Jfkeh
eleven IrattlM of it,.ai\AA\v6 of.j'oni- I-lt-timi,)
Mleti. Inmeiitirt|'*''weH*n.lM-l liked uciy
worntfi.   I feel llmntiftil to KtOd mi W��t*t(lr
J km for the blemingK I wftr etiiov.   t iiavt- ft
ne, big boy, two niuttthri bid ifiid ntver got
iloiur t���   * *'        " -'-- *   "
biff boy, two liiunthfi ph. _. _   *...
u well In my Hur.   I can't praise J-Jiii
ciuei enougli,"
.About Ave yenr. ogrs I hail very poor health.,
writes Mia. S. ]*. Wiinlcn. af HoMen, Johsss*ca
s2o��� Miatsbari. " Artcf sloctorihjr fonr yeara wilh
enr town doctor, tlicv gave inv ca.se ssp; aald
they had done til tlicv could. I had been confined to my bed hnll snv tissse; the other hall
  ���.iy���   ,  	
could hardly erst around.   I hod au,:h paisi. lit
'-f*' "      	
were cold or >,.ns'iisg,"and my period, sttme tsyj
  .  _1SL._.   	
mv bad. tn*t .'xtomen I eould (Kit ataua on my
feel for mifisy thau a few mlisutes.   My feet
ofteo.   -The ctoctora aald it waa cliniiye of lire,
K, a. I bad heard of l.r. Pierce*, medfeiuen. my
hssabattd smtsnt. bottl. of' Pavorlte r !_
w I
I conn
u I
hssabattd ffot me s bottle ��f ^Favsjrlte rreacrip-
o you and fallowed vour ad
fl '-Sfavorlte prescriDtlou.' 'Qc	
��� _ ....     ...lets,'
*o oonsilpated .11 the time ltd pllli
A It and it helped me In ssorae waya,
. ..     -lots  .
Medical Ula-oTcrv' nssd llie ' elcnfasit Pell,
ao I wrote to vol. snd ..
'Favorite "Prs-sscrij
illowed vour advlc-c.
' lion,' '_Qoldea
i wi
lsl have to to to
_. everybody rgrt
, friend, they wossld
-.f,  .  ��� wossld be hslrt now.s
But I cn sty It wis. vonr mnlldsse. which no
doubt Is the beat in It. world. Have Imd no
use for docton since I rr.ed ycur mudiciu..*
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pe.' els are an
effective medicine for the bowels and
liver.   They do aft re-act upon tb*
Imperial Life
Assurance Co.
of Canada::::
Capital Subscribed 11,000,000 00
Capital Paid Up      450,000 OO
Qevernment Deposit.,.,    *250,000 oS
AstietsllDOtosvery $100of Liabilities
First end Parajnoiint I-  ���' Absolute 8e-
cnriiy to Policy Kolder* "
e. V.chAi��ib*;b��,
Dlntrlsrt Agent.   ���   -   <.ttM��n.
Anartbitt. met tba tfafe.,
Montfaal, Sept, 11.-Mayor frafon-
lalne, thia ttiornInn received a latter
written In Jitllsn, the tigntturt of
whioh ts almot: Illegible, bat wbioh
appear, lo Ise tha. of one Giovanni
Cabanl. Ih th* hilar the wrlwr ilalst*
that twelve anarohiitt bava arrlvad.In
Uontraal from Patewon, ��� N. J., with
tbe intanlion 0f atattalaatlnath* Dnk*
of Cornwall by throwlnft a hombss
Ihe pro****jon start* rrom Plan* Tlgnr
itation. Tha writ** deolaies bifnwlf
lo be a loyai Iialiaa, a tuh>��t of the
Kiits** aad do** aet want, ta ate the
mm* of Italy fart bar <tsJ**-r*o*d, to be
aivti th* polir* doa  warnlojt.   Tha
true bill WaS
��tBM)*4.b*M IsJdwJn.tbaJ?Wrt���rtJl*ti*r haa been trtntlaled and alven
^*-fUY'iliffi*^*i*?-1^!!5?5!: t**r^*m'tttee*,''-ik* rt**rdedlt **
-**BQ*JmAWIkl-Xm^^ All p^o*o��l.n.PM
Tnakasn's CotnstittM, ��lio*reabar tiki* will lw ���xttehMd. hoy��*v��r, and
inak iM^rflia earn ssvsralaiisploiatiseh*r*��t*raar*aader
t tbvTtsnWdClinrt.      turvdlsno.
Canadian Pacific Railway
1 AKB ��K>0 LIJTK.
��� StartlnB June  10th, v. iii
make the run from Co.Sk
to coaat in ....    j,
ioq Horn.
j       Cheap rate* novsV In eBeltl
-' -'' <e -
Pot Tii'.l particular! apji.y
to the nlehrest local agent,
or to   -....��    .
C.E. WfiLtS, fe.'!. CoVle,
Agent, A.Q.P.A.,
Oolden, B.C. Vancouver.
Churoh Services.
Services overy Sunday at 11 a m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion lat and Srd Sundaya of the month
after Mormon Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., cr
as may be announced from thecbancel.
Ssinday School at. 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invited to attend
the services.
C P. Yates, Vicnr.
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at, 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even*
at 7.
Bbv. V. M. Purdy, B.A., Pastor.
Services every Sunday at It a.m.and
7:3, js-ni,,
Sunday School At SIBt) p.m.
Prayer MeettngWi Tuesday at8 p.m.
UeV. R'.B. tlAiuLar, Paator.
Ilnlslen is the .listrlb.ith.ff point fnr the rich
Mining Divisions of Golden and -Windermere. Trains, mails, stage and bunts arrive
and depart as follows:
t.-ilt. rrom East, 16:55. Daily.
"   West. I0.-H8,    "
fttagi. from Windermere, ICrOO, Friday.
Htfi-Duchess from Wlndemsei-e, IU.-00 Wed-
uesday and Sunday.
fc.i'.It. gnisig Wciit, I5:V>, Dsily'.
-���-.��'    ��� "     Eiwt,, 10%    ".    '
8t��gs\ Isi.Wiinlersnerei 8tW>. Suttdsn. ���..
SS. Diii'liess to Wluilonuere, 4;dlj\ ThDMaj-a
. aiisl KrislSys.
iiiilii Hrrlvto Uiid depart from G0.*-ti Post
Ofli's-esibbldsv'       ,   .
AfrivS^jtPlSft l^t-if.-W-
Hi* FriJty
Dtspart-l*V)r West ir.M
"    East   IO:*
smiili no* \m.
......   Jffl-\     ���
South 21100 HaluMisj-s
KegUtered mo'il mint be ill ID    iilutes be*
Hire malls close.
Pacific standard lima.
i. ir. si A. 11.
Mountain brigs, No. 11. A. F. k
A. M. Regular Communication,
second Monday in every month.
Mourning brethren cordially invited.
0 H PARSON   Secretary.
I,   O.  0.  F.
Rocky Mountain I-odg* Ko. .14 meets In
Odillellows Hall, Holslen, every Wednesday
at H ss.sn.   Sojourning brethren welrnm*.
F��� M. PEARCE. N.O. T. KINO, Rne.
(Foaa F.)
Certifloate  of Improvements.
LITTLE CHIEF Fractional Mlnaral Clnimv
ailliate in the llolslen Mining.Division of
East Kootenny Diatrirt, nn till Middle Fork
of tin Bpilllniarhene river, and hnunded
north by vacant Crown lands i south by the
Whistler and Favorite, Cf. Ur., mineral
cls.i...-. t east l.y Maud 8. add Standby. Cr.
Mr., mineral claims: vs*st by the Inter'
nnJ.oijaLlnitisve'Jlitii.Cr. Or. inineral cbilms.
_ ��� went for 3. L. UisJdk, J J. Jienny,
tad It. N. Htird. Fret) Miner's Cerlifii'iite
TAKB NtWHTB.lliht IL'Jmia JSgy,
tcthig af agent for J. L. Snlnk,^ J. Klipii!
Nsss. II
H MU0 aild H IflJM, intend,
sixty days from the date Hereof, to apply to
Ibe Mining HeeordM for a CertlHcatb of Im
nrevemenls, for tlse nufpsMfe of obtaining a
Cmwn llrant ssf the alsovo s'ltlin.
And further tak* notlc-i that action, - niitlbr
siectin* St. must he romnHWrnd l-Sfort tlse
.Dated this Thirteenth dty ef July, A.D.
int. on
Qolumbia River Lumber O
  Fir and Spruce Lumber*
MANUFACTtMRs of Cedar Sills, etc.,
ALL KINDS OF    _.     _. . _       ;,,   .
Fir Dimension a Specialty.
���*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. ���*���"
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
Head Office, Golden, B.C.
A9ENT for Golden
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
I   W. L. HOUSTON    '
S&sh & Door
| Factory...
Engine and Boiler Beptilrlnf a Special!*-.
Eleventh Year of Fiiblication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine oiir list and see if there is anything you require-
ill Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
Bit,** HEADS
tlSITtiVG CARDS, eto.
Wfc ARE ANXIOUS to p(wij bnf Sub.scii.-iti.-n List'
and by way of ftj.-tei.il- inducements we make tl.e
following offer:
The Era and Family Hera-d ai;d Wwkly Star for
ba'ance of ytar (including separatepict'iires of
Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Vorfe) ftu- 5C cts:-
The Era ar.d Mo-hti-eal Weekly Witness ft'oitl tio\\*
till end of the pitment year *      ���-    . SO cts.
The Era and Weekly PosMntelligenc* (Staltle)    50 cts
In connection with tl.e last natoed paper we will
give it and the Era for one year R��r     -      - $ 2 2.t
This latter offbr is only for those wiio pity Up all
arrears and one year in advance.
The Golden Era rRiji-nsis Co*.
���ggagggBgai ;*'     '    ! magmsmsssfg^^ '
Heaters and Pumps
If .von w*nl any of the following HEATERS or PUMPS w*
��*o til jour vrsl.r* immediately
from *ts-s*k
8 -SO h.p Lnari* Heatera.
8 -40 h.p. Iiaarl* Hhii...
2-50 h.p L-tarit HswUrt.
8 -HO h.p. I.tiurie Heater*.
1    80 h p Ltnri. Heater.
1-100 h.p. L.urie Hetis-r.
1 -lit, h.p. Laurie H��*).r.
14   X-iSi.I    Norihty    llupUs,
Br��*�� fl.isd
10   4sJ.t8.v4  Nonhty Duplts,
Brtts fi tad.
li   5J%:i*|*is; North*/ Duples,
Br.ss* tillesl.
1*!-Ki4<7    Northey     Duplex,
Bras, fitted.
1 -I.l.a}x7  0 ii.iile   Packed
1   41��*lx��      " "
1 -7x31*18 Sinking Pump.
1 tinn rilugal No. I.
8 -No. 8 8 in. Suction Centri-
2 -11 h p. Ctoliueengine*.
Works, Ltd.
*a.��-.a.os-s to
Art.str.nK * *s��rrl��n,
lUthlaliti,*Irta'. .'tudart,
Blwkjmlth.. lel-tmakiri.
VAKCOVVBK, ��� ���  H.C.
t- rt'*.%>**l%%i%i*.aya mt*>*J*Mi.'*Vt>
"Town and District.!
*.% *%%*-%'*.*l**r*/%i%r%4*i*V%i\Vtr*m
1, C, Oretn left ou Monday for the
Mitt Robii.ioi.'i millinery opening
on Tuttday ��-** a complei* lucceit.
E. B.iridgt, of thii firm of W. Law
rentes*-, R.valttoke, it iu town installing
th* furn.se-' iu th* n*w bank bnilding
Ur. J. R. Sobinsou recti red a natty
(titli in hit hand, on Monday morning,
Irom a meat hook. H* had it *tt*nd-
is 1 lo at one* by Dr. Taylor and no
*.-riou�� results h.ve followtd.
FOR SALE Eight yearling heif-
nt, a very nice lot. Alao five Brit*
��lau coses.. Come in in October and
Kovtinbsr. All young and correct
Can bt atsn any d.y.��� James Hex-
isiiRUo.*,*. Contractor, Ooldeu. B. C,
Ladiesi are asked to remember tba*
J. C. Tom k*t|s* an .assortment ol
I weed* and Mr*** suitable for tall and
winter eotiumst. Call end inipeot lhe
Knott. Ot stle'sarii can obiaia * hand-
��� sm.iuit, m*,ls to orJtr, lor only ISO
���Torouiu prio*.
' Thtrt it a good tiini coming tor th*
wiiiui enumerator, of this distriot.
Th* iitBii In W��*t Kootensy hava bttn
'paid thoir. full *llow*ne* ot 18 per day
���nd tho.e in litis dittriot who hava
Ik-en. waiting to lot.g foV thtlr pay caa.
look (or * *pmuy *tttl��n*nt.
A. E. Frosney, ol Beveltuke, I*
Imtv building the new vault in the.
Government building hens. Mr. Fronts!)' ssl.o hat the ooutraoi fur building
lit* vault in ths Iiupenal Bank build.
ting. Mr Froiuey, at out tim*, w��*
interested iu il.e Sultan* mine ol th*
In liuuneclion witb the New Witt.
minuter Etliibilioii, th* Canadian P*<
' ciHo Kailway will - Mil tickets from
, Golden ai thu rale ut 115 20 for the'
round trip. Ticket* will ba on tale
B-spt. 89th and llJth aiul Osit.. Ut aud
-Vital*. <be reu.ru poriiou bting good
until Out, 7*1..
The raatuu that there wa* no eq.iet-
Irian ��xhihiiioti ai th* ciren* bar* wtt
tu sccoiinl of III. exhorbilaul license
< l.ar-ied by Ih* Provincial Government
f .i a ring *bow, aorobaii* aud irt|-s-*o
Vurk nut i-otuiag within the limit ot
111* law. Th* *sjjii**lri*u work, dou ���
. was. at *iinuunoad only (or th* purpo*,'
k,i* (xmoiting Ih* horae* aut| waa (me
.10 all.   * ���''���'*
Au tlder bruilior of Ur. Wutou't
1, ft the old home iu lha t-sts for Csli-
f...*iii�� in '40, ami tins** lSiil) uo word
JihsI haoa rss-s3*i��*d (rom lum uulil lail
w*ek. wheu Ur. Wassaou received a
Jet *r informing h.m that hit brother
wa. ailll alive and ia good health, liv
iii* in a towu near Swat lis-. Mr. Wu
���on hups* lo hava ��� viait trom oue of
ski* uiw��*lau*��rli' daw. -
Ur. Kali>, who built lha sj*)Utar.ph
]iu�� . Wtwtais itete aad Wiaitarnier��,
wsmI np en Wada.-e.Uy to repair *om*
Km** wbl*h have s***s.rwd thi* **m
ii,*r. Mr. Iblly swatted that i.i.trn-
lueni* would be itM*lM-**ni, aud
***** qtMtstieaa.1 a�� to*Aa****. of the
*l.sU)- mIJ tha�� it araa b*us.�� tht p*ople
���f ih* WiuiUrawe-fUtiiul war* uuatd.
A* ogre* t*gar*~H tie j.l*oi>si�� ��< otim
in tb* ri<r*l lowna. The dis*"**-*! J wil.
I. exmteoate by !*��.!���� **-*^*m ���**���
mimic.lio.1 how WinltatiUsSta ��VbW
Mr. Data Oood returned en W*dn*e
day (rom tha Skene rlv*r when ha
ha* bten engaged in staamboating sine-.
February lit tt.  Ha It looking Ws.ll.
Lut Tuetd*y th* circua wa* in tows,
arriving about 10:30    The work o( un-
loading waa watched with gnat lnt*r-
ttl by tht jsi venilt tltmtnt.   The teacher* had ao bey* la *cbool adtr nott*
in th* moralng, whil* a(t*r dinner tb*
attendance bad ao dwindled dawn tbat
a halt-holiday waa declared, and the
.etcher, followed their *lastss to tha
circus.   About 1:10 tha band pnt in an
appearane* on the (treat, but tho** who
looked (or A (treat parade were dltap-
uointed, at owing to tha short time at
thsir disposal, the managers ware on-
able to arenas (or tba parade.   Tha
management had ao  eaat* (or oom-
plaint, as every department of tha circua  wu   liberally   patronised,  and
hough many were disappointed at not
teeing th* usual ring performance, the
traptxe   and  aerobatlo ptrformtnoet
were firtt-cltu and tha menagerie a
itooJ on*, th* animal* bting in tpltadld
condition,   Mr. Ford, th* manager oi
��� be show.  Is an .old time friend o(
Sheriff Redgrave, and while the cages
were being pushed into pl.ee by the
inielliaent elephant "Jenny,'* (poke of
th* Characteristic* ef each animal. Mr.
Ford'* (uvorit* is a (eur ytar old lion
named "McKinley," who Ua* doolie ae
a dog, and reapondtd like a cat to Mr.
Ford'* car*****.   McKinUy bad an ei'
oiling time whil* on th* way to Edmonton lut Saturday,  hi* cage waa
thrown (rom ihe car and the losa was
not noticed'until the train had patted
ths plage.   On returning, the ctgt wat
found lying upside dowu,  witb ithe
irhe.lt broken by ths tall.   "McKinley"
wu uninjured, howsvsr, though some
what excited,   Tbe mighty man-eating
Bovalapus was to be seen in ths (orm
of a yak placidly eating grass in a
specially Urge cage.   The last time it
was hsrs it was io (orm like a horss.
Ws   suppose it  undergoes   periodic
ehingM ol (arm In obeditneo to th*
prinoipltt of tranamigration which ara
accepted in tha far-off ooun trie* where
it le .-found.   There ar* aome feature* of
th* show   which   could  be dropped
without hurting it ��nv.   Oot of thet*
in tha to-esllsrd baliat,  when a number
ot ((male* dad in pink ti-jht* aud iom*
remnant* of muslin want through yari
ous m itious calculated to display thsir
symmetry et (ora.   Aa ths *(ora**id
.yuiraeiry wa* almoat complatdy lacking in molt ol th* ladit*. tha spectacle
wm a failure, and ertryont agreed with
tb* clown, who advised thsm to ran
hsnis and  net  dresasi.    Ib*. traiu
pall*d out tbont 8:80 p.m-, -with an
���nlir* abaenc* of the ruflUnUin that
characterised the' appnrauc* o( th*
circu* two ttaaon* ago.       .     .
Saddles. Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
 I 7.10
-\*X\\*X*X*X*X*X*X*X*X*X*X*X*XXX*X*X*\W*\\    \*\*X*X*X*X\M
**ttf-s,m,      Bow lluert Hot, ���
SPECIAL :  "'tool* Unr Boot, made In fall Froneb
Calf, double Mitt,
Amidtt the booming of cannon and
whittling of hundred* ei tiearatr vessels, tbsir Royal Highneeses tht Duke
and -Buohea* ot Cornwall and York
arrived at Quebec on wbs-dutt time
Monday, sSept. 16., on board If. M. B.
On TuNda/ in a drenching rain, at
lha historic Plain* of Abraham, the
Duke revi**v*d tl.* auembled troop*
and preteoted meslult lo membtrt ol
th* South African Ceutingint*.
Colorado Springe, Colo., Sept. 18���
A tpsscltl to th* Queue (rom Gistnwoed
Springs, Colo., aay*: A trlghtful oe-
eurred at 6:80 o'clock this svsnlng In
the coal -mine of tbe Colorado Fuel and
Iron Co; at Spring Gulch, probably resulting In ths instant death o(.all the
ininsrs at tba. time engaged 4n work, an
eatimate o( 100 men. Tha coaeastsflon
of th* explotioa wa* Mrrifio and the
entire entry wa* badly caeti. Three
men were retcued (rom near the sentry
toon after tbe txplotion, but th*y*erer*
���o frightfully maaghal a* te b* ua
MINEaVS WANTED.      '* *
Roulaad, 6. C. Sept. 16.-Th* La
Roi-aaaoaaees tbat It will open during
tiie 'Coming work and the company U
advertUing for. 700 men. -400 miliar*
at I3.U |sn d��y, tnd 800 mtn to path
s��r* and thovtl at I8.M par day. Th��
five compartment abaft of ihi* mine I*
already down to a depth ��( 1,160 feet
and I* under contract to be tank to tht
1,600 foot level. The ore bodice, are
opened op by level* from th* turlao*
to tbe 900-foot level, and the output o(
tba mine when working will be ,1000
ton*.daily. Tbe new machinery . now.
rudy'torun I*of tbt moil raedero
type, andth* mott povrerful in Britiih
Colombia. The othtr big minea in the
eamp are alao preparing Ift -start up
immssdiatsly. r .-.
. r** r~*t* ������.
Mr. T. P. O'Coniwr pay* the toUaw-
ing claqiMiit tribal* to tlst lata pf*ai<
dtnt of th* U��lr��d Stat*��i Tbe-wraar
ol President William McKinley waa
lypUally Ameriaan, It ia instotd Am
���rieatviam at itt bt*t. Even tbe mur.
mured wordeot tk* ehnreh hymn.which
war* among the laat thinge uttered by
tbe dying lips, even that. It typically
American too. . Amid *li tb* rial and
d*af*ning noitt of a eouutry burttiua
with abounding vitality aad dedant
���treng'b o( ittgiganticyouih, America
i* ia hs foundation a country of trap
qail,eober,OodfsMringhome*,. Every
individual Amsrriaan mournt in simple
William McKinley tb* swaMn***,
wholatomsnssa and faiihful affsetion
aad enduring fidelity ol the typical
AmsMUan citiaen, ths true Amsricaa
man and hnsbaud said- tha tree Am*ri
ean wl(* and the typieai Anwrittn
Wbippls, af St.
Hs was 69 yeara
Ptkln, Sept. 17.-Chlusse troops
���inters*! Ptkln today. Th* Auitrieans
ant Japan*** *iinuli*ii��ou*ly haadad
over th* (ort* to the Chin*** autberl'
ti**. Th* tvtcuatlon waa picturesque.
Th* Japan*** aad Unl'*d State* trsiopt
war* drawn np at the inner gal*. 8*v-
���ral hundred Chine** civil aud military
official* in brilliant cotton.*., officers
tnd ladies wsrs messsd an lb* plasa
outtidc Prino* Chang and Qanaral
Chiang, the governor of Pekin, mat
th* Japanese and tbanksd ihem'(or tba,
protection ta*y bad afforded th* pake*.
Oeneral Yasnanl and Major MsAsartaon
raplUd. Th* Japan*** and Chiaaat
b-ind* played and the foreigner* parch'
ed am through the gaaas ihsty had
battered in last suavnisif. Than the
Chins*** unfurled ihtirflag* and die
missed tbeir forces at th* varioua
<*'.**.   --���:.,.
Th* atory o( the G'alMaa* who struok'
with ths oihsr C.P. B. treckmsn is
tbia: After computing thtlr spring'
ploughing and ***ding it it ututl for
those who bava net as yst a large
amount of lead andaronltivatlon to go
to tba battar aattM dUtriot* ta Marsh
of work while tlw othsr reambsre *\
thoir Umlli** . take charg* of'
thtlr (arms daring lha sammar. At
Edmonton sotaa of tbsss. OslleUo*
H*r Royal Hlghneat the Djohass ef
York wtll make the journey throojfh
to Vancouver.,
Bishop Henry B.
Paul, Ml-nn., UdtaeB
Wtdnetday'�� issus ot the SaattU
P.-I. wa* accompanied by a hanslaoma
picture' of the lata ptetident ol tha
Onii*d Slates.
Tb* Wellington Colliery -Company
Kav* ditcavered a n*w*eam of anal one
mile and a hall north o( Xadyimith,
near the crttk. An outcrop on tbe
iarfaca tu intpected by Msssrs SsitU
and Brydstn, and a seam sis test and a
half wid* wa* uncovered.
The preaidiag El 'er ol the Chrlstlaa
Catholic Church at Victoria, who Ua
teacher of faith, healing, ia ia trouble
ov*r th* death of a child, Tba -child
wa* siak; Elder Brooke wu called in
to pray (or lb* child; bnt it did not
recover. No doctors ware eiasulied.
An iqg ie*| was held whleh -resulted
in-a verdict to th* *ff*ct that t be child's
death was due to eriminai neeiigtnot
on the part of the father aad alder
Brook*. Th*y were lakulnlotJuatody.
The WhltaSi^dee*, betwetn Spring
aad 8an*eaalttew, Se*ttle, oollapud at
9:50 p'clock, 8*tordayraoriiini,ant��ll.
lug a properly low of about $80,000.
Though acvart.1 peopt* War* andangtr-
���d, and two, Pred Allen, -.manager of
the i*ops*jty, aud Geo. Thornton, *hi*f
whsrfioer, bail narrow sssMpw, not a
,,(tree lott.' -Th* ar**h came *-ltV
out warning aad tiii faot lhat thoae oo
tba dock gat at* without -Mrtonti in-
jury *s**ma��lmo*tiuirasni|ou��.. QtAUt-
pilly. th*r* *r*.��oor** ol ptopU og and
about tba. Whiia8tar, one at the beat
patroaiaad daoks of the sntir* water
frsOBst.. '
' iuaaral aarvioM over ib* rtmaUa of
Pr**id*nt McKinUy wmahahl In tho
Milburn rsstldsMWa, ��ft*r wblob tba
body ,a*i�� coovaytd to aba depot at
BufeU wherea apwial fanerel tasria
iiarrUd it to -Waakiagtoa, where It
waa trlewsd by thoasaala, 8*rvlaaa
war* hdd ta tke rotunda vf Ua eapitei
at which all the Tsipiaaaatativae of
t^reign fjatlaas .paid thair lati resaecti
to the dead praaitVnt. -The body waa.
to Canto* and bariadlatka
of hi* bom* olty. A Urge
unmbtr went tm* WuhlagtosS to
Canton, 20 oeachts being raqaiiad ta
esJavay them.  Dating all tb**iag*easf
Is full at Bitfbw*��-*-io ll(Ct.W��aMTo�� little in>oi��
fhan we <*n bundle Just now. Cwt<>me��a\ how.
ever, wait patiently their turn to punilMW thi
**a*galm now oflsriuf.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following  ..   .   .   .
We are now doing Budn<sss on the
and intend to Stick to it or leave tof tt
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for <mr present
.premises and we intend to sell lialf of the Goods in tlie
next 60 Dnys. We are now ia the firing line and ds
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS  .   .  .   .
2,000  TINS Beet Condensed Will*, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 8 tins for 2te.
5 Tom New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, g Ibe,
for 25c.
���M.am����mt��    -
During the Holidays we give io every purchaser ei
I or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tens a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and CoOem aad
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively tho finest and best selected stoek.
of Goods In British Columbia, and our prices are the closssi
No Jaw*Bone   .   .   .   .
-takenin exchange for 0*wda
article to work miracles, with at Onr Store.
is the only
G* Be fll^ERWOlr
the'journey both naval aad.tallltaty
aasorta ware provldad for tht resmaia*
of tba laataalad Praaldut.
Ia tha aadiMsant aaoasd by a erraw
like tbasbootiBgof Mcllnj-y paopU
are apt to propose erasl aad faaiastU
aaaUhmanii.   The N*w Tark imt,
with lis ututl *t*adln*as,. oppoaa* all
such saggettloat, and tbowa that u*
aaulvtly arnel ponlsbiaaauliJiva nasMr
aw^____________*____________1__________mtr__t Thawiieh
T!.^.^.".^^^***'' ******* ***** wttakaa.
Tha lyaahlng* aad boraiaga la tlw
main llneol theC. t. B. at the surreal
wages. Thsy wsrs than braught to
Calgary without charge tor iranaport*
atUa. When th* tnekraen's strike wag
ordered thtt* Oalleian* (althongh nail
Winnipeg, Mau.,S.W. Ift-Tka|��*-|
Uoiinary Iswrlng of the'K
'.atil* oata, fa 'which tut)
Prtinitr ebarg**' hit IswaM .partner
vhhthdt. w..co.Kilu-Wi<-j|*y. MHU
-*��* .commiliud U aland Aflat."-tit *
iigl.tr. ouuri.      '
Otlawa, Onl. Seat. 1��.-Th**a��*rl
inHit of tranaplaatlug biaSk ba*. fmn.
Ontario to lak** iu Hr)*Ub Columsale. I
a to be triad.. 1'. H. UauaiuHbam, ot \
��� it* tu.askr.ii* teparlmut, bat teea-ei
��alt�� a uu.nbsr oTtUit nit gswl-. mi
iv iaa��u�� of aaw apparatsw hoMiw'sWi
4kU to k*ep tbem alive. Bad s% g��|Ml
���uo.li.ioii ou tU lu*ig jmitiwjf aotom
tlm i'otiti.,uii, :
wot*..and Utt-refeeed tomato, td*
thoagbtjfarad 40 sraat* ao hoar
their lt*tp.  After wahlag aboat
gary  in hope
trouble aad mmmm_mmmmm.mm.m._m^^_
titty d*i*rmln*d to fp horn*. The rail*
way company ��ud*r the oirounwtaticea
sswllned to carry thgm back fornolh
ing.  Tba taeatheii attttti an loot,
aad. treat alt tkaatay horae la
Way, asUstaaos it*-* uiba.
-Calgary to Edmoi.toa -lb*y wi
along tho tTf-siwey trf^-*��-ia.ilraw��4.i
ad w gNt*t> to O-ta-'OmtA tm,ta[
da-aagsot aay aan taw tm*)U.*-tm
pcaad li-s-Masisjpaa,
Send Tour Money ^ Town,
LnOlee' W-itebet
At reasonable prioes, call on
-aaatb have hot Ueesned tbtiittaek< o��
04 the. other hagd, the ******
lUa-at ibadtatL *ssnsliyln XagUad
(at rcsbbing waa followtd by a m***
����-Ur._ot the unio.) ��t*a e*ee*i_\S^mt*^
aatltv** la a tpaady trial, wftba* llttl*
^asW-n-sssaCa^as-S^f -*P*fS ^P^^as-SssS-asSw*!,      aH^^^P awarsSSs-w    W^vg
**- "������������ i ���   . t   t*i il~*t*.wma great oalary tfalatt al
'.i^lT^Ii^S *^*'���<���,M*��� lmeer ***mm*t
ikr rMeHaiy tah#t U mty alaatlvsly
etasUbad by ds*i��riag him Jaaana....
Ballfag, airpt.  Ml.-lba. W. f,
rwdlagfin *nl*l*rtl*w hare, glvaa
that the DavaJaiaa
U Insllntd ���- -���'-* la
tJ-"W     swtst-*s**WV4^^^     Y*ar     tp.mt^*****'     ��w��
^htOMfMris-sSssVwIsi, 4h*1Ib'
MsiiMi* the) dhdn ottho sgoaattnatit
hsawfastaUUeiMa ihttMbtjil* la
dhoaM tfcal m ami "Jatgaatan
Ottawa, Ish. IT-CarrU XmUo-1
UMatad to ahaat. 100 peopl, UOrasaa
hall bare to^tgel-   It afaa * '**""
Sho *UiiadasMr^��(sissVaorw|iia<
io tUUottiaatal ttawbad efaw
uliirul. ��i/U.W adVMliii. the
pT j-'i'sssysln     l' i ',     jj*
Send your Job
fflUL    Iee
to tha
���-thiw-ii.      ������*���   M-iymft  "


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