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The Golden Era Sep 1, 1899

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Array A?C
\\a��ji ���-���
Thomas O'Brien,
Notary Publio.Conveyancer, ete
Oflea in Upper Columbia Navigation and
Tran-uvay Company's Building,
Builder & Contractor,
A Fiipply of Building Lime for Salo.
Phi** i,lo|-*u-od.  Prompt attoutiou t-ivcu te
VOL. IX  NO. 5
$2 Per Yew*
H. G. Parson,
By tho time this paper roaches you we
will have opened up and placed on sale
the latest ideas in
Ladies Felt Hats
including Sailors, Alpines, Walking
Hats, etc, in all staple and fancy colors
favored by Dame fashion for Fall '99.
Men's Black Fedoras
and .Knock-about^ in
all the  correct
Children's Hats & Caps
in pleasing- variety, at prices sure to
suit you.
These goods are made right, bought l'ight, and will
he sold right, giving you the most hat style, the most hat
value, and the most hat satisfaction the market affords.
Att Early Inspection will be
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tra
 RlMITBD)     |B|
& International Transportation Go.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Goldon, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
- agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H. .PARSON,   Manager.
Report of W. F. Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist.
Tho principal work on the claim is
nn "excavation" in tho siAoof tho hill,
utarted us au open cut end continued
ai a tnnnel. Iu thit spot, some very
Blio carbon ti tea of copper mid Home
copper glance wero found. A shipment of from f> to 10 torn ti reported
to have lieen made, which gave u return of 08 per cent coppor. Iu geliinu
tlila ore out. however, tliey ''gophered"
the deposit in all directions, following
���mull stringers of ore,'and'not Waving
enough ore in placo to give mo u good
Bugaboo Oi-eek la a long and rather
important str-nun flowing from the
west into the Columbia River near
Galena P. O. The trail leading to the
claims on this credit, starts in from
tho Columbia at a point opposite Spil-
limacheno Landing, to reach which,
from the Oolden and Fort Steele waggon road, it is necessary to swim the
horses across the Columbia. The distance from Spillimachene Landing tc
the head of Bugaboo Crewk is 28 miles,
over A rough but not difficult trail.
310. Si al. 0. AND WESTERN CROSS SI. C.
Are situated at the vory head of
Bugaboo Creek, on the summit of the
divide, betweon Ilawser Creek in West
Kootonay, and B igaboo in JEast Kootonay, at nn elevation of 7,BOO feet.
TIiobo are locations made by T. Mercier,
an$ bonded to the Oolden uud Port
Steele Development Company.   .
The country rock is composed of a
dark tihito or shale, lying rather flat,
through which cut various qmuiz
leads qf small sisso and occasional
stringers of solid galena accompanied
by Iron sulphides. Those galena veins,
so far, have hot been found wider thi'n
a few inches, and tho quantity ef oro
exposed is not gretrt. Tbo assays as
giren me, however, from the selected
ore, are high, running tram 100 to 175
us!, in'silver        *.* '   . __. ...',--
Tiie d*i-r;.';d(..!i*rin*i not.buffiuent' io
prove what may be oxpuctcd ns to
iiuant-Uj-,..hot ahould tbe*ojie$kir. ^oob--
tiuue as good, such ere could fee profitably shipped evon from this inaccessible point.
The first tunnel starlcd, after getUnji
iu aliont 20 four., struok such a at ream
of water that it had to bo aha ud oiled,
as tho men could not continue working*
A iwcond runnel was thereforo auiriod
and was in a short distance at thu
time of my visit, but had not proctmd-
ed far enough to pru\c up anything.
Discovery Oat���An e|f��n cut, 50 f��et
long Riid 6 f-uet deep, shows il rather
itidofiuite quarti] vein running S 45" B.
wilh gome guluna nud iron. Sdebted
#.;:iip!o3 are said to have given values
of $7500 There are other open cuts
and pits, hut nothing very definite
could be learned from them,
Iron S.*>-im--Si:; foot of bluck looking
jsulphides is showing in au ind'miuct
vein in the slatos, but I could not loaru
the values obtained-.
Copper has also boon found on tho
property, but not lu paying quaiukivs.
The Western Cross lies just above
the Ho, 21, nt an elevation of 7,tJf*0
feet. I could find no vein on this
property, but a gone iu the rather soft
slatei, lying just above their contact
with a more compact argillito, is highly impregnated wit)) galerla and iron
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware,  Boots   & Shoos,
, Glassware, Hardware, Gants Hats and Caps, Para
' doles, Blinds, Clothing, UmberoDas, Fancy Goods,
v Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
') Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Bods, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. O.,
first Class accommodation for' Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men,
i and Pack Horses Supplied.
French Mountain ti situated to th
wvst of Bugaboo Cipeli^juMt whero i
leavo*) t lie marsh fotmfig the basin at
tho head of thecreek, from which point
the trail branches off,1
There bave been a large number of
claims staked on this mountain, the
the best knownbeittgtheFrenchGroup
and tbs Bugaboo Group.
This group consists of three locations
tho Last Chancd,. Franco and the
Agnes, held by Dr. H. E. Langls nnd
T. Mercier.
Last Chance. Elovation, G, 800 feet.
The country rook Is composed of slates
and somo conglomerates. Through
the slates nro a dumber of whltequnrtx
veins, from IB inches to d feot thick,
the quartz being vitreous and highly
crystalline. Pockets of galena show
up hero and thoro through tho quartz,
not in auv great quantity as far as exposed, but reported as running high in
silver, Also ocsuring In the voloe Is
a -steel groy mineral, which seems to
be a mixture of galena and sulphides
of Iron, weathering to an Iron oxide,
which carries values in gold, silver and,
Agnes Mineral claim. Elevation 7,600
ft. On this claim is a large deposit of
wbat appoars to be arsenical Iron and
iron pyrites mixed, in fine grains.
Showing in a 10-foot open out there is
a 6-foot ledge on this traceable for a
considerable distance. Tho values contained I could not obtain, A talcose j
sohist forms one side of tbe vein.
Thie group also owned by Dr. H. E.
Langls and T. Mercier, consists ot
three claims, ell lull sised locations,
the Surprise, Megda and Hortense.
iurprise Mineral Claim. Elevation
7,260 feet, tn thie olaim wbat is
apparently a large dyke of igneous rook
outs through the shales in n general
S, lib' E. direction aud with a -variable
dip, tho vocks heing mui'.h distorted.
In this dyke and running with it ti a
fair-sized quartz vein, tin* rock on both
sides of which seouis to he of the same
character, although on he foot-wall it
is some to hat fino grained.
Development consists of an open cut
and a 20-foot tunnel, running N. 70*
W., driron on a quarts voin from 12
to 20 feet wide, tho tunnel only gaining a depth of lu feet from tho surface.
Another optu cut aiid -similar tunnel
has been driven 00 feet higher up and
to tho oust, and shows stringers of
galena 8 Inches wide, frozen to the
walls. A 22'foot shaft lias also beon
sunk on the some vein, about 200 yards
lo tho north. The vein is mineralised
where ever exposed, but not ihowing
mineral in rjimntityae vet.
Mag da Mineral Claim. This location lies 000 yuido to tho N. K. ef the
Surprise. There! is hero (.Kposcda large
il'iarty.tejge ou which a i'O-fot-Hopen cut
hue hwm run. The quartz is more or less
mineralized with ii;ou sulphides.
This group fionSi-its of tho adjoining
mineral locations, the June Bug and
Riverside, owned by Hen. F. W. Ayliner, .of Golden, sltuktod ou Bugaboo
Creek, at an elevation of 5.000 feet
abovo sea level, or 700 fe*-��t above the
Columbia River, arid distant therefrom
by trail from SpiUiiuochoiie Luudiog
about 8 mile?),
1st Vein. Just above the Falls thore
Is exposed on tlif creek bank a 10-foot
ledge of iron-stained quartz, running
approximately N. 70" W., nnd cutting
at a slight auglu tho slates und quartz-
ites forming the oountry rock, which
run nearly E. and W. (Mag.) The dip
af the ledge is nearly vortical. Although
strongi tho ledge is not vory clearly defined, being mixed toward the edgo6
with slaty material, which seems to
be a part of the ledge. The quartz
carries uo free gold, and where exposed
U mineralized with iron pyrites carrying gold, but not in sulHcient quantity
to have nn practical value. The exposure on the bank of the crook is
about 12 tout high, and above this
there bus been a small amouut ol strip-
done, exposing the ledge.
2nd Voi it. Just 1-elow the Falls, and
some 75 to S& feet further to tbe ensi,
or lower down the stream, and about
25 feet, verticuUy,-below tho expesurs
on tho ht vein, a tunnel had been
���itivm it.. H.U*--*,--. ffij-fcet on thefofjl-wall
of a .v-t-inch Vftirt of qim'rta; ~ slt'.fned
wiih iron, and pot very uelarly d'diued.
'i'liia vcttt rvrnn about pnvetllai with tliO
1st vein and hus the uppenvanco af being a separate ledge, but may Jprove to
t.-e r a pur fVotii ih�� main Wt'd. Tho
quartz in this ti of the aaire chftrrxter
an tn othrir vein, and does   not  cany
illlJ'OVLMll YilltlOfl.
(Vo be Com in red )
The Windormere District.
A writer iu the B, 0. Mining Journal says : ���
"After our return we started now
in another direction, for the Windermere distriot. Windoraiero is ahou1* 80
miles from Fort Steele. We took wagon to tbat place along tho prettiest
road I have ever travelled. This is
the Uolden road, as the stago still
brings mails and passengers in from
that point. Thero is n lino roach of
beautiful pine and tamarack. The
vegetation grows up close te the track.
The greater pan of tho road i iiu lofty
pines and tamarack shade the travel-
lei'. The first dny we got as far hs the
crossing of thi Kdotshay river, about
four miles ffom fori Hteelo. Here ico
anoRtnped for the night, putting the
usual iC'&trnilit oa the borsen. We
placed our bod on tho bridge and bad
a comfortable rest with the Kootenay
fiercely aud sloeplessly passing under.
Near tho bridge is Canal Flat, through
whioh a canal wus opened a few years
ago, and which hus since been cloeod,
as the waters of the Kootenay, (lowing
iuto the Columbia, increased tbo volume of water u such an extent that
ranchers made a strong objection. This
is a remarkable place, the Houree of tlio
Columbia bogins at Uud Lake, a few
miles from where the Kootenay pa$se*
into a southern direction. The canal
was o piece of work easily constructed,
but the locks were evidently not well
put in, as less water migbk hava flowed through. Baillie Grobam was the
promoter ot this Bcheme and the government unwisely took it up and gave
the company thirty thousand acres of
tbo best land in the district. The canal ie now a ditch for frogs to sport in,
a-id Baillie Grobam & Company have
their thirty thousand acres. Years
gone by,many will remember, this gentleman wrote about big-horn, wild
goats, etc., and the number of times be
crossed the Atlantic to kill thein. Tt
also revives otio's memory over the
controversy which took place between
Mr. Bailllo Grobam and Mr. Fanning,
the popular curator at Victoria, over
the character aud sj.ecies of the wild
animal a in t lie Rockies. Mr. Fanning,
as a result, left the would be hunter
and naturalist without a claw to
scratch with,
Having good, sound teeth, eea-biscuit
became vory palatable. Early next
morning, which was Friday, with a
guide who worked at the particular
claim we intended to see, wo saddled
onr horses for a thirty-mile trip. A
mile bolow this is n townsite of the
short lived name of Columbia City, all
laid off with agent on hand. For somo
reason the name was changed to Peterborough. It takos an early start to be
in time on the ground. Nine miles
down the Columbia wo crossod two
large creeks, Toby and Horse Thief.
Along tho northern or opposite sidn we
followed out and in tho course of the
Horse Thief, Our guide was not att
adept, so our wanderings wero similar
to the mazes of tha wolf trail, how-
over, wo reach-ad our destination at
10:.10 p.m. dark enough to sec. The
last five miles were rough, with fallen
timber and sheivy. precipitous side
| bills, oyer which wo dragged our
horses. A shower of ruin a few miles
before roachiug our destination mado
It uupleasant, but wo dried by the
camp tive. Thia time wo retired for
the night under a tent. Next dav the
'Main' claim was reached, ono or two
miles further on. This Boems to be in
line with the now famous 'Red Line'
on Boulder Creek, over tho line from
Horso Thief. So fur as can be judged
from external appcanuico and a few
feet into the rook, '.he 'Main1 ti a mine
about 10 feot wido, solid, and assays
well. Further depth was ordered, and
if expectations can bo realized a valuable mine is hove.
Teu miles from its mouth tho Horse
Thief ia not so rapid, and grand meadows about a inilo wido extend for
over 15 miles.
Our object accomplished, and having
giveu a day's rest to our horses, wo
started homewurd. The day wus pleas-
ant and the road much shortened. Tbs
"Red Line" is about S-i feet wide and
assays over $400. It has been bonded
for $110,000, two parties being anxious
to get hold of it. The -general outlook
oEtho Windermere distriot is good, and
every one is hopeful and cheery over
the prospect. Thore aro dozens of
other claims which for the present lio
dormant until at least the Red Line
proves ita richness- We trust that
lis�� its immssako, tho "Thin Red
Lino," its iamo will pass down to
posterity o-oil that its discoverers may
retire in comfort and affluence.
We returned, making our whole joo.r-
,,.. ,     , , , [hoy, *u wheels,   horseback*   walking,
>Vhat turns, nud twiata and convul- jfir*i*t��i;ia.u.��^a-tt*ft����^-tuw,-;Jv *1*   -juy-*.
.Umnns-Bo- m I'l'iiig|^.;t|10r,lltiu
Subject to Fret;ai"t,  itclAdnvllOH- wits
Put-omul K'ii.ielaU'd nni tivuw se HI
bUeCuuU Rarely Walk.
From tho Trlbuno, Welland, Ont.
Miss Hattio Archer, of Welland, an
estimable youog lady, whose acquaintance extends among a large number of
citizeus of ihe town, has tlio following
to s.iy regarding tho virtues of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Poople:--
In the fall of 1897 I was taken vory ill.
I wu* nervous, weak and debilitated.
At this lime the least exertion caueod
great fatigue. My appetite wus poor
and 1 was attacked with froquept siok
bptuluohos. Ijsi'eduaHy grow worso
until I was so weak I i'.ould barely walk
through lhe tifeusa. I was very pale
and emaciated and finally beoatne cu-
tirely incapacitated. VariouB modi-
ciiifj wore resorted io but jjave ne re-
liuf. Later I was treated by two ofthe
best physicians of tho town. One sard
my blood was poo aud watery. I
followed hie advl:o for some timo
but did not improve Then tho second
doctor was called and he said he could
help ine, but after thoroughly testing
hia medicines without btrioft, I gave it
up and despaired of ever getting well.
My grandmother hudlvoii reuding at
that time much about t)r. Williams'
Pink Pills and persuaded me td try them
That wns about January, JSi>8, From
tho first '.he results wore roally marvel
Ious, boing far beyond my friend's expectations. After taking five boxes I
can stand more fatigue than I conld
for two years. I havo gained woight
splendidly; can take my food with a
delightful relish, and again feel checr-
ftfl, healthy and strong. I would further say that the change is whollv duo
to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I hope
that my testimony will prove beneficial to other girls similarly afflicted.
The experience of years has proved
that there is absoluetely no disease due
to a vitiated condition of the blood or
shattered nerves, tbat Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills willr.ot promptly oure, and
those who are suffering from such
troubles would avoi I much misery and
save money by promptly restoring to
this treatment. Get ths genuino Pink
Pills every time and do not bo persuaded to take tin imitation or some other
remedy from a dealer, Who tor the
Bake of extra profit to himself, may
say is "just as good." Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills oure when other medlclnos
sfohs nitut have* ti _^^^^^^^^^
r 1 j if* part of the world to the oouiortad
condition it is in. From the very hfnd
of the Columbia, barring obstructions,
a fair sized steamer could go out to its
mouth, aud utilizing the above mentioned ditch could follow the Koolenay
Uround again to the Columbia. As it
Lb, u stenmor goes from Golden up the
Columbia through this' ''Panama Canal" down the Kootonay, and hinds
genprnlly at Jeinilligsj in Washington.
Another Interesting object arrested
lout* Attention and recalled what was
about forgotten, Thereduoftou works
built ou i'.e margin of Mud Luko by
the Thunder Hill Compauy, s-binoyears
rgi, rnatk another stop Itt tbo fully o{
mining on ter pr 1809. ilHgnificL'iil ma-
cbiuory eroded, a large, fino building,
16 miles of a tramway, mostly covered
with sand, remain to ebovr that some
one has bluudoied. I believe this concentrator is in litigation. Tbo rock
which is piled uear tire works and
from which gold was to be extracted,
is innocent looking Tke dame "James
Brady." will mark the failure, and
Hud hike and tho owls will have tho
concentrator as a keepsake. How un- i
fortunate ihtee breaks have been in;
retarding the devotepmoiit of tho vast
mineral resources ot British Columbia,
Ignorance uv.il inbapneity, if nothing
worse, teem to have guided many instances of failure. Ir. is possible. !il'-
many other calamities, that good oamo
out of it. And no donbt one gcnid was
caution, Every adventurer has not
now tho privilege of placing es pensive
machinery nhereover he chooses, before there is tho surety that thore
sufficient gold quartz to justify the
expenditure. So much for Th'indvr
Hill, the memory cl' which returned
like a dream,
Tho whole road is woll watered,
Thero is u good stopping place half
way, kept by Brewer.
Wiudermore being reached by nooo.
wo began to replenish our commissariat to pursuecuroxploratioiiH further.
This is a deligtttfully beautiful part of
British Columbia. Ouim nn extent of
land of excel lout quality, and lippi-rout-
ly uccssiblo to Irrigation. O-ie ranoh
near Windermere is next to tho Unset
I have teen in British Columbia. A
largo Indian reserve is uear bero, and
a large tract of lund is und-.i* cultivation. One peculiar circumstance 1
may mention that struck me &��� fin*
usual. We could not get a loaf of
bread ut any hotel. I can't account
for it, but it struck me as peculiar that
either going or coining wo could not
pfouuro bread except at private houses
Wo could get all the whisky wo could
have the strength to ask for, if not to
pay for.
Going further on four miles wo camo
to the crossing on the Columbia at
Sainton Beds. There was quite a stir
bore. The 'Beds' are not literally
where salmon used to rent. Only mon,
prospectors, etc., could have so littlo
sense as to do that. But men did
sleep cn theso flats. The water was
still high and the Beds were yet nearly
a swamp. Wo discharged onr horses
for the night to make t ho best of it, as
we intended to do. Thero is hero an
hotel, store, blacksmith shop ami a
sawmill. A few dozen prospectors are
encamped around on this 'bed,' so
fruitful in rheumatism. I wonder
should you bs told that here, likewise,
no bread oould be secured at tho hotels,
beast any the worse for
so interesting a trip. Tho impression
1 received was thnt- th* East JCqote-
iMiy is one dny to ho the source of immense wealth. May we bo there tc
share it."
Progress or Development Worte
-The Property LookB Well.
M. do Varennes, Managing Director
or the Certainty Oold and Mining Co,
Li mi tod, arrived in Oolden on Wednesday in connection with tho business
of tho Company, Among other things
Iim arranged the completion of the pur-
chane of the proporty on Canyon
Creek now being developed hy
the Company namely, the Porphyry
and Iron Hill, and Eagle Clilf claims.
Tho purchase money of this property
was about 89,000, and the amount involved has been duly paidte the credit
of tho lucky ownfts, Hoa., F. W. Aylmer and L.'Bi. Estell. Development
work progresses steadily, No, 1 tunnel
is in -40 feet and No. 2 tunnel is iu 28
feet, Both tunnels have a shnwiiifr of
ore, jjt ho pay-chute iu No. 2 tun nol
being 'd\ fec<t in thickness. A winter
camp will now be put iu and the number of workmen doubled so as to push
on development work as rapidly ag
possible. If the results of this ,".ro
satisfactory it is proposed to build a
road between Golden and the mine and
to ship ore regularly to the Hall Mined
Smelter at Nelson. Messrs. De Varennes, T, A. Knowltan, and E. A;
Haggen, the Company's engineer)
visited the property on Wednesday*.
and will go to the Certainty Mine ort
Fifteen Mile Creek to-m-orrow.
(From Oar Own Correspondent,)
H. C. Hammond, of Osier & Hammond, (iuatieial agents, Toronto, kr-
rived on the 25th instant.
Joe Gorand, who was drowned at
the Kootenay Uiver ford-.Sinclair Puss,
on the 20th instant, comes .of a good
family back in St. Lawrenoe, Quebec.
lie b��s two brothers living iii Montreal, who are both very well to do.
Mahagcr Smyth, of tho Cranbrook
brtuich of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, arrived on tho _*jtti instant.
Goldie, tho Windermere race horso,
will run at tho Fort Steele races on tho
4th instant.
Messrs. Jus. McKinley and Jno.
Harris have located a very promising
proposition situated on McDonald
Creek, joioiog the Rod Line No. 2, of
tiie llftd Lino group.
I.-iaac Nolan brought to some fine
looking copper oro from tho Jupiter
Star claim situated on   Boulder croek.
Messrs, Harry Mitchell-limes, Jim
Scott, Frank Anderson nud Andy
(.'lark have struck it rich on Law
Business is bettor in Athalmer now
than ever before, everybody is getting
their share uf tho trade.
The sawmill is working overtime
Clifford Kimpton, eldest son of K.
A. Kimpton, who died at the Uoldun
Hospital, Tuesday 22nd instant, from
the effects of mi operation, was without any exception the brightest boy for
his ago iu thu district, Mr.^nd Mis.
Kimpton ha\o tbo sympathy of the
on tiro district In their sad bereave-
���. 4k- ~-
A   WONmiUI l'i, Cl'llV,
IIiul iilmoit fflvuu up, but wuh lln'tfiialit
llnek to I'wifi et Health hy Chamber.
Iain's Cello. Uhotern and diarrhoea
Rented yi
Bvnd Hii Editorial.
From tlieTiinoc, Htllstllle, V��.
I suffered wilh diarrhoea for a long
time aud thought 1 was pasi boing
oared. I had spent much time aud
mouey nud suffered so much misery
that I had almost dooldod to give uo
all hopes of recovery and nn-alt the
result, bn** noticing the advertisement
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and also somo testimonials stating how somo v,<mdsrful
ciu-PH had been Wrought by litis remedy, I docidtid to try it. After taking a
few dos#s I waa entirely well of that
trouble, and I wish to say further to
my readers and fellow sufferers that I
am a halo and hearty man to-day and
feel sb well as I ever did in my life.���
O. R. Moore. For sale by all druggists,
Henderson Bros, wholesale ngts. Victoria nud Vancouver,
Fatality at Sinclair Pass.
On Sunday. Aug. 20tb. at 10 o'ebefc
a.m., while crossing the Kootenay
River ford on Sinclair Pass, Joe Gar-
and foil from his horso and was
drowned. He was accompanied by
William Goundry and J^ee Crockett:
Tho partv loft Okotoks, Alberta, for
Finlay Crcett", "Winaermere distrifetj
wbero thoy intended doing assessment
work on two cloims, which they lo*
cated during tho prospecting seasoa
1898. Garand is a Dative of St. liixw-
reuec, Quebec, and has two brothers
living in Montreal. Goundry end
Crockett spent a day searching for tho
body cf their partner Imt without
avail. Their grub ran short and thoy
came on to Windermere. Goundry
and Crockett left for Finlay Creek Ort
the 27th instant.
Young Ladles Athletic Club.
A meeting of the Voung Ladiei
Athletic Club was held in tho school
hour* on Mmiday the 28th. Quite a
iiainli'.T of young ladies were present;
also Messrs. Bates aud Westman. Ic
was decided to appoint a committeo of
three for the purpose of securing members. Those appointed wore, Miss Annie Kenny, Miss Gladys Houston, and\
Miss Gertrude Fields,
The next move was to try and fcecurfc
the Alexander Hall for one night irt
each week. Mr. Westman said b#
would put it before the committee of
tbe Gontlemens Athletic Club. Thi*
was agreed to.
If tho ball cannot be secured, the
young ladies will be givou free use of
tho school house.
Whon the club is completed it will
consist of thirteen or fourteen member*
Mr. Robert Wilson, who is organizer
of the club, has kindly offered his Services as teacher, .free.
This club will uo doubt prove ft
most decided success.
The Goldon City.
The following lines are froth tho pis*
of ono of tbo Canadian Press excursionists :
" Across tho Kmdty Mountains
Wu nil no tiuo hundred strong,
I..*ttli*.-,i in 1 land's hoaling fiiuut.-iiin,
Thon dancud tho whole night luugi
Ascended the Bow Vallev,
r.-uipcd Nt the Great Divide,
Admired the sl.itely Kicking Horso
Far up the mountain nidei
Followed the rnging torrent.
Through tunnelsdnrk and drear,    .
Where tlio Itnlies kinged their huibatldl
IF no one nl.->o was nesr.
Cams to the Golden City
l.ocntr.! in a pnvh ;
Then crowed t'olunihia Viilloy;
Ot' which I would remark���
Thnl thn tn.tn who longs for lodging*!
In Mime v.iM wildernw,
-'���ImuM trawl toiliiftvnlldy
I'm C. P, K, express."
By Iihciun&tisM���Emflsrod Agonies, Wfc
.South AnievicnU Pheumatta Curo Brought
Gladness nml Heslth-
Mr. Frr.il. E. Ettdos lives at 421 Sully ntffict
Toronto, and sayi tnat for two years he suP
fored excruciatitlg nunny from rheuinatisrit
in the wrist* ,*m,i ankie�� ouly able fo work
throo ntontns in that time, aud u>ok Iionpitat
treatment fur nine mouths without rcltof ���
*"l began lining South American Kliettmatft *
Curo on tlio ru-nomtnondiitimi ot n friend wl)"i
had lieen cnrwl by it and 1 rcJolce to lestlffr
that 1 got roliof n)u-.��rit iiuniodiuiuly^itd tlm*
to-day my irnuldt- is past and I am irw -fir^*-
the awful MitVorhiB-"
8*1 br o. A. Wm*��**. nX^-M (I
Balances Due Frem the United King-
don Indicate Increased Dealings
"With the Mother Country.
Ottawa, Ang. SS.���Ihe bauk state
meat for the month of July has been
issued by the il -purtiiient of finance
aud makes u very favorable showing
compared with the same mouth last
year. The notes iu circulutiou amount
to I40.2J0.000 compared with $80,*
G5!S,U0O; deposits by the public pay
able on demaud, $0!l,ot>o,000 against
181,880,000 last year; deposits payable after notice |IIIK,000,000 compared with #147.000,000 in 1808; "Dominion notes iu cirouliition $17,;lli:!,-
U00 uguiiiHt $10,028,000; halauccs due
from other bunks iu Ctiuudu in daily
exchanges $21,i)7-.,U00ii|<uiust$ll*,82i,*
000 in 1898; balances due (rum the
United Kingdom $1,279,000, showing
the ini'-n-us-'d dealings wilh the mother
country; current loaus $"247,747,000,
uu increase over I nun of til,000,000.
A very siguilicuul item is Um fact thut
the amount iu July o( lust year lo $8,*
140,000, is reduced to $8,180,00. Thr
greatest itmotiiii of iiotos iu circulation
at any time during Ihe mouth was $41,-
I'JB.OOO compared with (117,700,000 iu
1808. ihe department ou ihe whole
regard the sfateuit-ut us extremely sat-
isfaotory ami as indlcntiugu prosperous
couditlou of ihiiig-4 tliiimgliiiut the Do-
Information has been received in the
city of lhe breaking out uud raging of
ii big forest fire iu the vicinity of
Oaahe Lako on the line of the Ottawa,
Arnprlor and Purry Souud railway.
The peat bogs between Ottawa and
Montreal along the short line of tho O.
P.U. have beeu buruiug for daya.
Hu WHS  lliimneil  by lulllm;  i'roin  the
Stem I if i'   ( li|)|n*r.
Rac Portage, Aug. 25. ��� Another was
added to the already longlistof drowu-
iugs iu the Like of the Woods today
aud one of the brightest uud most popular young men i.i Rat Portage wus
the victim. Uuptaiu Frank Kendall,
dr., lost his life iu Uie Big Traverse a
few minutes before uoou by falling
from the steamer Clipu. r which was
on its way from War Road, Minn., to
Rat Portage. From oue of the boat
bauds the following particulars ot the
accident wero gathered: Yonng Ken-
dull left the wheel in charge of another
man when the steamer was fifteen
miles off Long Point, and went aft as
wus his oustom to inquire about dinner. No oue knows how the accident
happened, but one of the men heard a
splash and immediately afterwards saw
Kendall straggling in the water astern.
Tbere was quite a heavy sea on at the
time and it is supposed the yonng man
tripped overboard on a line of a barge
wbioh the steamer was Iqwiub. , .The.
barge was at once cat "loose and the
Clipper pnt off a bout to try and rescue
the drowning man, who was soon far
astern aud calling loudly for help. But
before the steamer could get turned he
Bank ts his death.
Mamie Booker Takes Paris Green*
London, Ont., Aug. 26.���Minnie
Booker, aged 22 years, took Paris
green under odd circumstances at 7.y0
a. m. yesterday, uud died at ber
father's borne shortly after  midnight.
Miss Booker and her mother were to
have gone to Buffalo yesterday. The
trip bad been planned several days
ahead, uud tbe tiokets bought. The
youug lady said once or twice that she
did not care to go. Hor parents re*
gored her objections as a mere whim
aud urged that she should go. They were
discussing the trip yesterday morning
when Mamie moistened her fingers,
pnt tneiii in a dish of Paris green and
touched tbem to her tongue saying half
laughingly, "There now, I'll be sick
and won't have to go to Buffalo." In
about half an hour she showed symptoms of sickness, but sbe Insisted that
sbe was not very sick, and the family
thinking sbe nad only taken a little
of the poison and believed she would
be well soon deferred calling a dootor.
At about ten o'clock in the evening
Dr. English wus called and administered stimulants, but it was too late to
do any good, and the young woman
died at 12.25.
Miss Booker was a bright, popular
youug woman in good health and ber
parents are positive that she did not
contemplate suicide. Her father Is
Joseph Booker employed ou tbe Grand
Truuk as car checker.
Friday, Auftint 25
It U said 12.000 American* viuiU-il
MiiNkoka tills son Min.
Tin' Manchester retrtwoiit, 1,000 (iieu,
liati sailed tor Transvaal.
Uuriug tlu nli;lit 0-aWT harvest oxcur-
KloulstH arrived  In   VVlauUicg.
Ur. Welle, houft Burgeon nl St. Midi.
at'i's huspft:>lt Tor-jiilo, I* dead,
Tim inii'iini'.- ptaftut lias made it* ap-
pearance at  New Chwailg, China.
.1. W. Anderson elected to he tried by a
Jury at tiie Winnipeg (all assises. -
The o. I*. It. will secure l-5tft) new tfraln
ears lur tlit WCStcril trade isii.* fiill.
The Manltnlia rifle team tnr Ottawa
iiu*-* lieen completed and leave In.ulglit,
Tin" einim nl lint lull -.Mliun'da have
heeu Injure-.! *<>��� cold and rainy weather.
Cnpt. Frank Kendall, ."Ir��� ol Itnt I'or.
tugi'i wum ui'mviimi (in tiiu Lis Traverse,
The WlmiHieg   lire   lirlgnile will
strengthened by tin- mlUiiimi nt   thr
Mir Wlllrltl I.n'iiii'i' will he .ine nt Sir
TIhih   Hilton's guests at tho America CIIJ1
Tiie Oouefiuu, ul i; ni-lies ter, won the
Canada oliii hy (H'leatlllg the Heaver yen.
tei'dny ui Toronto,
Vent hogs on the line nl the 0. A. and
P. s. railway, lietween Montreal and
Ottawa, are i.imihiu.
Jan. cuiutell,   ��    ��nilth.v farmer   of
AllgllStn. Uot.,  was mi hnlli-'l out nl   *}3,*.
oon liy liuiie(i>s tourers, .
Linlneiit Itr III ah If. C.'�� ileetdeil n toil nut
the I'anndini, wuale lot' Llirowlug out
tin- red 1st rl bul to ii hill.
l-rnl. Uniiter's i.i|> m tlio Turtle *M i.
tain*     tn    dim' ivor   tliu   lilt itnt   ul    the
locusts wns luisueecsstul,
��� The   Kteani'-r   I'avlslau,   ul    the   Al
I Ilio, iia- made the fa j lost passagt	
cord aorois tlio Atlantic.
Col. .Maura tin- [.mltlOill nt the first
Ilie.iliis trial w.i, esailllllUd at tiie ���oiirl
martial at Hon lien, Dre.Wns ooillpIttLoly
duHtroyetl the story ��>f iiis uHoned run-
The summer crop htilletln hns heon I*,
sued l'i' the Mnnilohu govui'iimenl ile.
I'lii'tinent nf agriculture, The mtai ��or.
oal I'nidiictlon !����� plaooil at 02,41*0,81)3
Im-lu'lH. Tl.e uli'iil yield is eutlmated
ai   UU,QO3,T00 li^HllUls.
Manila, Ang. 26.��� The transports
Valeucia and Zealandia, with 790 men
of the Montana regiment and 400 men
belonging to other organizations on
board, sailed today for San   Francisco.
Ottawa, Aug. 25.���The Royal Regiment of Canadian infantry was inspect*
ed bere yesterday by Major-General
Hutton, with Lieut. -Col. Buchan In
command. The movements were re*
gnlarly performed and tho inspection
will continue all afternoon.
Immense Accumulation of Mmiltlfmu of
Will- hi Sim Hi African lit)]) nil 11 CM.
Gibraltar, Atw, 2fi.���Tho Manchester regiment, uumberiug 1,000 meu,
has sailed for Capetown.
Southampton, Eug., Ang. 25.���The
Britiuli steamer Arundel Castle suited
from this port yesterday with thirty
oHlcers and 770 men of various regiments bound for Cape Town.
Oupo Town, Aug. do.���Tho Delagoa
Buy incident, couplett with the recent
transit of a lurge amount of ammum
tion, hns directed the atleutiuti of the
British oHlciuls to the immense accnin
illation of munitions of war in the
South African republics, especially in
the Transvaal. Tho Uitlanders being
debarred from currying arms, t
capply of weapon*?, as shown in tbe
Lorenzo Marquez (Delagoa Bay) re-
turus for ihiee years is greatly in excess of the burglars' requirements, and
consequently, there is a growing feel*
iug among the British community in
South Africa thut no settlement of the
existing crisis will ensure a lasting
peuco unless it includes a provision for
the reduction of armaments.
Johannesburg, Aug. 25.���At a meet*
iug here of 200 Germans, a committee
was appointed to express to the government the willingness of Germans to
volunteer for service in the case of war,
bnt requested that they be enrolled in
ii HopnfSTe corps otrgeconnrot tuu w���a.
ships eudurcd by Germans In the Mag-
uto campaign.
Durban, Natal, Aug. 25.���Tbe men
belonging to the British first class reserve residing hero, have been ordered
to hold themselves iu readiness to rejoin their regiments.
Loudou, Aug. 25.���The Marquis of
Salisbury spent the afternoon and evening with Queen Victoria. It is believed that the griive situation of affairs
in the Transvaal was partly responsible for the premier's visit to Her Majesty.      	
Harvesters From Ontario*
Winnipeg, Aug. 25.��� The O.P.R.
station last night presented au animated scene, whon seven,! hundred citizens assembled to watch tho harvest ex>
oursiou iruins arrive. The second section did not arrive until 10 o'clock. It
comprised eloveu conohes, which were
all comfortably filled, the greater portion of the occupants being able bodied-
men. The otber sections urrived at intervals during the night nud brought
iu over U.000 excursionists. Tbe C.P.
R. officials were kept busy answering
inquiries regarding the best locations for
work, and timo tables were consulted
as to the time of leaving for various
points. Tired out with the jonrney,
men slept anywhere around the depot,
waiting for tho trains to tako them to
their destinations. Those who arrived
by the first traiu loft to the number of
U00 by tbo Braudon local. The crowd
was a most orderly ouo aud wus
handled in first class stylo by the rail*
way officials, who wero exceedingly
obliging and did (heir best to make
the excursionists comfortable and speed
them ou their way with us little delay
ns possible. Tho first traiu for southwestern Manitoba loft ut 3 o'clock this
morning, aud the second loft for Glen-
boroat 8.110, aud the third for main
line points us far as Oalgary at 4
TienTsin. China, Aug. ��5.- -The
btiboni plague hns appeared at Mew
Obwung. The oatbreuk is uot regarded as serious, but it is feared the dis*
eoso will spread to Tion Tsln aud otber
places in North China.
Payment   Continued Under a Heavy
tluurd���Only .i80 of a Crowd
of 5,000 Were Paid.
Santiago de Cuba, Aug. 34.���Five
men aro dead and teu wouuded us the
result of a fight last night between
gendarmes uud disappointed Cuban soldiers at GuevitHS, three miles from San*
tlago, where the payment of Ouban
troops is progressing. Five thousand
Cubans bad gathered there to receive
pay aud after three days ouly 580 bad
beeu paid. 'J housands who had been
disappointed ut other points had oome
to Cuevitus as the last plaoe of payment in the province. The imperfect
lists ciius; great dissatisfaction and a
rumor circulated yesterday that the
paymasters would leave alarmed the
men who had not been paid. They
began to colli ct iu groups and to show
their annoyance. Finally thoir threats
became serious. Captain Baliat, with
tweuty gendarmes, wns present to preserve order itmoug tho applicants aud
tho United States troop-* protected Col.
Monle, tho officer having charge of tho
Suddenly Oaptalu Baliat, who was
mounted, was surrounded by a mob,
was struck by stones nnd bottles and
shot iu the arm. His men promptly
fired a volley into the mob, tbree per*
sous being instantly killed aud thirteen
wouuded; two of whom died this mora*
ing. Ool. Moale's guard promptly snr*
rounded Ihu money office, but took no
part iu the fighting. For a few
minutes there wns a lively conflict,
carbines and machetes feeing used freely. Captain Baliat was the only gen*
darme wounded. All the dead were
colored soldiers. This morning payment was resume uuder a heavy guard.
There are rumors that a force is being organized to attack the pay office,
but these are probably unfounded.
A ItuveNloki'   .11  reliant  S ntcm-id to IB
Moilllli' Hard Labor.
Vancouver, B.O., Aug. 24.���The
chief of police ut Atlin is attempting
to put down gambling.
At tbo police court yesterday D. G.
Oath-curt, the defaulting Hevolstoke
moerhaut was Drought up ou five
charges of obtaining money from citizens ou false pretenses, by the issuing
of worthless oficqnis. The prisoner
made u rumbling statement as to how
he had oome to place himself in such
nn uuenviublo puhition aud pleaded
guilty, askiug to bo dealt with summarily. His worship sentenced bim to
three mouths hard labor ou eaoh
charge, or fifteen months in all,
Mr. Raloh Smith. M.P.P., president
of the Dominion Labor Congress, has
received u pressing telegraphic invitation from tho Rossland Labor Day
committee to be present there aud de-
���piver mrnttnTCTS-ou ffept. 4. There i*
some labor trouble iu the Rossluud distriot, aud it is thonght flint Mr. Smith,
in bis official position as president of
the Dominion Labor Congress, as well
as from his thorough knowledge of all
matters connected with the labor interests of this province, could aid towards
a settlement.	
Change in C. P. R. Officials.
Fort William, Aug. 24.���It Is
rumored and generally believed that
Mr. J. A. Cameron, superintendent of
the Wiuuipeg Fort William division of
the O.P.R., will be transferred to tbe
Crow's Nest Pusi division, and that
Mr. O. J. Bury, ut present superintendent of the North Bay division,
will succeed him. Superintendent
Bury will take chnrgo the first of Sep*
tember. Mr. Cameron is at present in
British Columbia ou his holidays.
Shipment of No. 1 Hard.
Roseufeld, Aug. 24.��� Ogilvie's ��leva*
tor shipped a car load of No. 1 hard
new wheat from hero yesterday.
Threshing will bo general here tbis
Gretna, Aug. 24.���Alex. - Smith, of
Gretna, is loading his first car ot new
wheat, whicli was threshed yesterday.
It graded No. 1 hard. The yiold will
be about twenty-five bushels per acre.
Threshing will be geueral here by Friday.        	
(Juirinltes Still Hold Oat.
Paris. Aug. 24.���Tbe Gueriuites are
atil holldiug oot at Ihe headquarters of
the antl Somite league, which, baa
been besieged since Aug. IS by the
authorities as lho result of recent disturbances here. All is qniet, but they
have erected a fresh burrhnde of chairs
aud tables and have soaked these with
petroelum, from whioh it is believed
that tbe besieged iou template immolation. A flrem ui remains constantly on
duty outside the building.
Fort William, Aug. 24.���Au excursion.train iu Ion sections will pass
through to the west wiihin the next
twenty-four lioors, -wry iug lu all over
five thousuud harvesters from Ontario
and Quebec for the Northwest.
Doctors failed to relieve him
Caused a Winnipeg man great distress.
Was cured by one box of
Dr. Chase's Ointment _^^^^^^^
Mr, B. Nicholson, Manor House, Winnipeg, Man., states:
" For several months I was troubled with Eczema on my ears, and for weeks I doctored with a prominent Winnipeg physician, but to no avail. I was induced by a fellow-
sufferer to try Dr. Chase's Ointment, which I did. The first application gave me instant
relief, and before using the one box I was completely cured and have had no return of
the wretched disease."
Dr. Chase's Ointment is an absolute cure for Eczema, Salt Rheum, and all kinds of
itching skin disease.   It is guaranteed to cure.
For sale by all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
Thutvilii.v. Alliens!  24.
John Ritchie, it Kcuwotln journalist.
wb�� drowned, ���
TIm- Jlu.i'N .1.-:- iiiihillflliiK iii lui'tio nam.
ticru ou    lib.f-, |tt)e,\
Canadtan ufeuufactiirere l'*ve increased  tiie prlte ot   cation,
A stage waa lmlil mi in Malm ami $5,000
tak-sii in m a   i<u*-<ieiigur.
The elifcf of p.. Hue has ���lelermlneil tc
iiippreHti jcaiSfillinj in   Atlin.
Tiie wrrckti nt eleven n'*jll'�� ure visinle
aloim tlit liiiorcs ut   Virginia.
Tiie missing tu'icr of tiie Xlnuqne Vilie
Marie In  said to lie lu  London, KiiC.
Mr. Frank Olher di hi-i uss I'd the tariff
intention in a pnWii: siteeeii at Mnclood.
The decldtii" taci'intso match in tlu
Winiiliies dint lid will i>u ldayt'd Saturday.
The White Vnnn ami Yukon vailwaf
wilt he I'tli'ii.h'il at ntiL-e lo White Homo
China ha,* nslitil .l.'ipan to enter Into
an alllaiioo ami in   return will a'rnut hor
The Di'ikIuh, nut., rifle loam hus a
lady anion- ii�� mdnherit who will shunt
at   Ottuwa,
The tender bfn I'lttfthiirtf t'oimiaiiy tnr
the wiiini'xK waterworks uufieniux -.Imit
was adopted,
The first vlilpiiti-nt of new wheat mado
this HCiiKon (nun .Mauitoha wus Nent
from itoKi-nlejil,
The Gi'iichvo ilrfoatuil the Canadian
yacht Heaver for lhe Canada 'in.* by
only ten icouiuIb.
The Null.! ni.vri'iiiiiClit I'"* decHeii to
|ii:i|--li all ticrnii.i" t'o.n|ieratiiitf hccrcl
i.v wilh the 11-os.
It Ih tlmtitfhi the Giieiinltoi, now he-
Hji'ned la I'arlH, oOntotilplatfl hnmlng
tlienilDlvc* In   the Imililliur.
Sir Louis inni-.i will vi--.it London to
coiimilt with the lm|iennl ntitlmiitioif on
ttii'  Aluilian  Imt Hilary (incution.
Au alii'Keu Syrian iiie-.t wan ehai'tted
in Montreal with accepting money tc
pay imitKi't  under fulne preteiieen,
The coiidilLm of Wire, Npleon, who wan
nlaiihcd lu Wluioi'pu Uy a lint i>ln l-i lhe
hiin do of n companion, trt   im]ii'ovhiK.
Ten Het-tioiiB ol the hurvcut excnritou
trains, nlth R.'jOO la!mrei'�� f->r the
N'orlhwoHt, have iimaed  tort  William,
Tliey Are I'elnK Ki|iilii|i*ed and Mobtllxoil
llH|iltl y in the llordcr.
Oupctowu, Ann- 24.���Although the
cabled summary o( the counter proposals of the Transvaal government to
Great Britain's proposition for a joint
comuiissiou to inquire as to the effect
of the reform franchise measures
would have on thu Uitlanders is probably incomplete, it undoubtedly
gives the general lines accurately. The
Mafeking Horse regiment is mobilizing
rapidly, several hundred rcoraits have
arrived and huve beeu equipped here
aud have joined Vivnu's camp. Every
train is bringing fresh recruits. It 1b
rumored that !i00 Boers have formed a
laager on the border.
It is alleged that much secret information has beeu conveyed to President
Kruger nud thnt even ambuscades have
beeu prepared for tlm British troops in
the event of war. hy these secret
agents A force of police hns been
ordered to Oolensio owing to rumors ot
the intention of the Boers to destroy
the railroad bridge at thnt place
Pieterumrifzbnrg, Natal, Aug 24���
In couuectiou with the rumor that
tbere are many Boers who nre British
subjects nnd who outwardly sympathize with the British while in reality
they ure secret agents of President
Kruger, of the Transvaal republic, tho
premier of Natal yesterduy evening de*
dared it waa (lie iutentiou of the government to detect nud punish British
subjects co-operatmK with the enemies
of the Queen
Stabbed with ft Hat Pin.
Winnipeg, Aug. 24.��� A stubbing
affray occurred iu the city yesterday
afternoon with tho result thnt Mrs.
Nelson of 390 Fousecu avenue lies at
ber home with a serious wound iu her
breast and Mrs. Peterson, a neighbor,
is in the steel cage at tho police stution
aud will be charged with mnrder if the
wound referred to proves fatal. Both
women are yonug ' uud married and
their nationality Swedish, and the
trouble arose through the prisoner being under (he influence ef intoxicants.
The wenpoii oned was a hut pin.
About ft o'clock yesterday afternoon
Mrs. Peterson, who had been drinking,
went to the residence of Mrs. Nel son
and the latter womuu objected to her
presence ou account of her condition,
This annoyed the visitor, who drew a
long sharp hat pin and stabbed her ao-
quaiutance iu the breast. The sharp
point penetrated the unfortunate wo
man's lungs and sbe began to spit up
blood. Dr. Bjornson was called in and
has charge of tbe sufferer, whose condition 1b dangerous owing to tbe possibility that blood poisoning way set
in a�� the wound is small and very hard
to reach or apply antiseptics to.
A Canadtan Suicides In Buffalo.
Buffalo, N. V., Aug. 24.���John Arch
dinger, while walking the streets last
evening, drew a revolver and sent a
ball through his right temple, dying
won afterwards. Tbe dead mau ca
to this city from Canada about nine
months' ngo and had uot beeu fortun.
ate iu securing work. He was U7 yean
old and married. The remains were
sent home,	
Kldfen Vowels Wrecked."-
Portsmouth, Va.. Aug. 24.���Eleven
wrecked vessels lie on a stretch ot wild
shore beween Oupo Hutteru* and New
Inlet. Several lives were lost, but the
number is uuknowu. Thirty-two men.
who escaped drowning when the various vessels weut ashore, arrived hero
yesterday. amtmimmmm_m_mmm
C. P. H. Harvest Excursion.
Toronto, Aug. 28.��� Au enormous
nnmber of pntsengers went out on the
Canadian Paciflo trains yesterday, tak
lug advantage of the harvest excursions
to Manitoba and the Territories,
Manila, Aug. 88,��� A tpyhoon has
been raging for the last two days. The
U.S. cable ship Hooker, whioh ground'
ed off Oorregidor Island about a fortnight ago, will probably be knocked to
pieces. A hundred miles of cable and
910,000 worth of instruments are on
board the steamer.
Calgary Headqaartera*
Medioine Hat, Aug. 33.1-Supt. J,
Niblook and staff, with the dispatch,
era, leave here for Oalgary. Thia completes the changes ordered when Oal*
gary was made the headquarters of this
division.     ���
Tonuwauda, N.Y., Aug. 88.���John
Dundas, wanted hy the polioe of Thor-
old, Out., on a charge of highway robbery was arrested here yesterday.
Dundas is charged with holding up
and robbing Wm. Patterson of St.
John, Ont.
Alloway & Champion,
I.l.tcl Stock, bought. Mild, .nil cmrrrl.il
on lunrglii.
Writ. n. If you ivlali to en-lntiifre nny kind of
inoii.y, to bay Govemm-mt or C rl. W. Co.
Land., or to .ond money anywhere.
��� -���*���������-
Reported  by  Alloway & Champion,
Stook Broken, Winnipeg
A'lunliieK, Aug. 34 law.
llankt. ***fl*T..    -*H---r��
Montreal  am
Molaiin'n        roll WI
Merchants'        1" i*Wi
Commercial Cable m
Montreal Tel       un im,
Ilich. 4 Ont. Kuv        118 m\%
City Patn. B'y        �� 1B-H
Hall..*, li-y :        lis 11-71,
Montreal (la,        SO II.
Toronto H>        117W i!
DllllllliFieferr-ll            ��M .��
Can. Pat-. R-v, Montreal         oh I-***-.
Cn. Fao. H'y. London          IDK ....
Money,time  II
Money on call  f-
Quoted   by Alloway Sc Uliuiiiplon,
Dill! Main street, Winnipeg.
Relchnmarks MI.H.1 1-1
AllBtll.ll llllldell IBM
Hiiiii.ua oiiiiiibi'i .m
Franc 1.7-s
liU-0.lt>!>  Iloill.li*. WW
Finnish Mnrklinn    '!>
Kronor *>
Italian Lire	
rtl.\.Ml-|.l,    uAICkKllS,
Wheat���No I liunl. Fort William,
Flour���Oiiilvii's-lluiij-jiriaii patent,
$1.85; Gleiinr.t, I ?.**' Maniuiba strong
bakers, ���fl.n.'i luikt. cf tlio Woods-
Patent, *I.S5: 811011(1 lukors, 11.75;
second bilkers, tl 8*1; .\XX.\, $1.05
per sack of HU lbs. Discount of 6c per
suok to casli litivers
Hillfeed���I'.ran 4**.*i(J. and shorts
tia.50 por ton iu bulk; large lots, |1
Ground Feed���Best Oat chop, $28
per ton; mixed burlcy aud oats, $88.60
to $24.50; best grades of corn feed $10,
Interior qualities $17.50 per ton. Oil-
oake, $24 per ton.
Oata���Good feed, 40c to 41c.
Oatmeal���Oar lota of tolled abont
$1.85 for 80 lb. sacks
Oorn���Oar lots on track here, 41^0.
Barley���Abont. 88c per bushel of 48
Wheat���Country prices���68 to 64o
for beat grades.
Hay���Baled, {6 60 to 16.60 on traok
here.  Loose hay on the street, $0.
Butter ��� Creamery, KJsfo; dairy,
11 Ho.
Cheese���Factory, Oo to 8 i^o; dairy,
tii to Oj
Uggs���Candled, Ilio.
Vegetables ��� Potatoes, choice, new
potatoes, from 60c to too per bushel;
rhubarb, lo per lb ; radishes, 10c per
dozen buuohes; groan oulous, 12)^'c per
doz. bunohis; cauliflower, 35 to 86c per
doxen, according to sine; (ouiutocs, 8c
per lb.; new pens, 00c per bushel;
butter beans, 2c per pound; cucumbers,
20o to 96o per don ; calibage, 16 to 25o;
turnips, 12ijjC iu linnclirs; celery, 25o
per dozen bunches*, mushrooms, lOo
per lb; broad boans, 'lo per lb.
Bvtuooa lloo.���91o per pound.
Hides���No 1, (**o; No. 2, 6^o; No.
8, 4 1 9. Kip, 6 to ��iio; calf, So; dea-
kin skins, 20 to Bfio each*; sheepskin,
and lambskins, 40 to 05o; horse hides,
SOo to 76c each.
Wool���7 to 8o for unwashed Manitoba fleece.
Dressed Meats ��� Beef, ��H to 7o;
mutton, 10 to 101��o; veal, 8 to Oo;
pork, 0 to IIHo
Poultry���l'owl, liiin per pair; spring
chickens, 85 to 40c per pair; young
ducks, OOo per pair; turkeys, lie per
lb., live weight; uplaud plover, 20o
per pair.
Oattle���Grass fed. off car. at Winnipeg. *%o per pctinl.
Sheep���Choice Mni.itoba stock, 4^o
per pouud oil' cars.
Hogs���150   to 250   pounds, $4.86
Milch Cowh���Gout! new milkers are
worth from ���-In upwards iu the eiiy.
- Horses���Gooil  winking horses will
bring frrm .100 npwaid, according to
quality And weitht
Al Advance In (lolton.
Montreal, Ang. 24.���There |has beeu
au udvuuce in the price of cottons
which will affect the retail trade very
speedily; iu fancy cottons the advance
is from 2'i. io Ti per cent. This ad-
vance is made by the mills iu con*ei|u-
euce of the advance iu tbe price of raw
ooltons. Many Hues of iiiiuiutiictiireil
cotton goods aud dress cottons will be
affected. Worsteds have goue np from
5 to 15 per cent owiug to a scarcity in
Ihe wool murket. This will inoretue
lhe cost of all lines of  nnderclolblng.
Winnipeg, Aug. 24.���Tho preliniin
ary hearing of John W. Anderson was
concluded at the polioe court yesterday
morning. Magistrate PeeDles ordered
the prisoner to be sent up to the fall
assises, where the defendant will elect
to be tried before a Jury.
Han Franolsoo, Ang. 24.���Governor
Gage yesterday presented to the lunacy
commission his report of the investiga-
tion iuto the management ot the in*
saue asylum at Agnews. A great deal
of the report is unprintable. Dr. Spon-
agio, medical superintendent of the
asylum, hu been removed, as wen
also Dr. Stocking and Crystal.
Montreal, Ang. 24.���It is reported
J. J. Herbert, the missing teller of the
Bauque Ville Marie, who is charged
with the theft of $68,000, ts in- London, having taken a room at 28 Portland street nnder the name of George
W. Plum, Philadelphia. Oblef Deleo
tive Oarpenter declined to say anything
about the matter.
Toronto, Aug. 24.���Fire iu the Commercial bnilding on Alice street about
$8,500 damage; tbe loss being divided
among half a dozen .mail firms.
Berlin, Aug. 2.���It la reported tbat
Maurice Grand haa engaged Herr
Drouck. ot Berlin, leader of the German opera, for the season at a salary
of��5,400. ���	
Kingston, Aug. 24.���While T. Blake
with a companion was loading grain,
the oompanion started.the horses with,
ont warning and Blake fell and broke
his neck, dying instantly. He was
aged 10.
[Copyright, ISM, by th. Author.]
The roar" of nearby battle and tbe
hissing of flying missiles overhead
rendered the voices of the mep indistinct and mercifully swallowed up some
uncalled for oaths and ribald jests. Suddenly the darkness iu the sunken road
was softened and illumined by a red
reflection from burning stacks and farm
buildings on the invisible field.
The groups of men under tbe shelving banks, the long artillery train and
the trees overhead took on the 'lurid
hne of a dragon's grotto in a play,
while the bank which shut off the view
at tbe fire wus lighted by a more than
noonday brilliance against tho fierce
conflagration. The brightest light
streamed across the very apex of the
hill through which the road had been
cnt. The jagged stone wall was nearly
leveled with the earth. Not u tree or
bush broke the lighted expanse, iu the
very midst of which appeared the silhouetted figure of a mun with head bent
forward and hands clusped. His broken
cup strap trembled below his chin, and
his haversack, crowned by an inverted
tin cup, was hitched np into an absurd
hump on his back. At the man's feet,
a bare earthen monnd rose against the
line of the broken wall, and something
that looked from below like u crooked
root growing out of the side of the
mound seemed to grasp the red light of
the flaming stacks. Around the dark
figure the minie bulls and fragments
of shell wailed like a jerky harp.
"There ain't no flies on Henry,"
mumbled a wheel driver through a
mouthful of hard tack.
"Come down from there, Price,"
cried the captain, who had walked back
on the road, attracted by the light.
There waa not the slightest movement in the bent figure.
"Price!" roared the captain.
Henry Price sank slowly to hia knees
and pressed his face to the red twisted
root.   The action of the man crouching
The stMiouetted /To ure of a man,
over the mound was so strange and hia
position ao perilous that the captain's
anger gave way to a feeling of pity,
which waa half admiration for the fellow's Insensibility to danger. Bo looked on for one irresolute moment, and
then ordered a sergeant to bring Price
down. This was not such a hazardous
duty as might at first seem, for th. noncommissioned officer had but to clamber
up the bank and clutch the clothing ot
the oblivions man and drag him over
the declivity. The two came down together out of the glare into the dull red
light ot the cut, followed by a drift of
pebbles and dirt.
Henry Price scrambled to his feet
without resenting the action of the sergeant or so mnch as- noticing the presence of the captain. He took off his old
cap and drew hia hand across his damp
forehead. His words wero not addressed
to the crowd about him, but rather to
his own guilty conscience.
"It's my work. I did It."
"Did what, Henry I" asked the captain, laying his hand kindly on Price',
The stricken nun appreciated tho
friendliness t>f the action and recognized
the presence of his commanding officer.
He wa. eager to speak.
"It's my brother np there. I killed
him. I've been waiting a year to find
out for certain. I did it "Price threw
up his arms with a gesture of despair.
The light streamed down on to his
ghastly upturned face and marked It
with tiie color of blood.
In an Instant he recovered himself.
"Listen, captain!" he exclaimed
eagerly. "It wu thi. way; He wu in
the southern army, Jim wae My regiment formed In this cnt ia the other
battle. We were ordered np to the top
rt thi. very bank. As I came to tha top
���right there, captain���a soldier rushed
in above ue. Our guns went off together. That soldier wu Jim. I uw his
face u he tell, My God, I can never
forget hii look, captain. I wu near
enongh to catch him in my arms, but
ny foot slipped, and I fell back into tbe
road. I wai mad to climb up again, but
th. reb. charged with a yell through
the ont and .wept us ont, I hoped it
wu only a wound, but now I know tb.
truth, Captain Sandsrson���I did li"
Poor Price wu an abject picture ot
mls-ny u b. ottered th. final three
words, standing dry eyed In tb. red
road. "Ton ue," he contlnnsd, pointing upward, "Jim lay just thn. where
he fell, until the burial party found
him-and tbey didn't half do their
work. Look, captain, ttfst's hia skeleton hand thrust out of his grave���Jim's
band, with th. gray alien beaten into
tb. dirt by th. rain."
"My dear fellow," uid the captain,
"there le no certainty that it is your
* "Don't I knowt" said Price, with a
hopaless expression of conviction. "Jim
lott hii forefinger fooling with a gun
when we wer* boy. together. The vary
Mm. finger la gone from that hand np
"I killed my brother!"
Price resented almoet angrily the iort
of sympathy tbat tried to throw doubt
upon the identity of the remains. Ber.
oral of the men who climbed np under
tbe shelter of the bank to where they
could get a near view of the mound In
the flero. light of tbe conflagration reported the exact condition of th. skelc
ton hand. The index finger wu certainly wanting, and a rag, ot gray
���leeve, beaten down and rotted by th*
rain, lay about th* opening ia th. nil
The only consolation that remained to
the stricken and contrite brother wu
the sad dnty ot reburial and the erection of aome object to mark the place.
Bnt for the restraint put upon him
Price would have gone instantly about
this work regardless of the scathing fire
that swept the strangely lighted and
exposed mound on the crest of the bill
He unhooked a shovel from one cf the
caissons and leaned impatiently on it
awaiting his opportunity, but the final
desperate straggle in the light of the
burning buildings necessitated the huty
withdrawal of the battery from its
cramped and defenseless position, and
when quiet settled at last over the field
Henry Price wu aeparated from the
sunken road by two lines of pickets,
and morning found th. battery n long
distance from Groveton-crossroads.
Soon after dawn Price presented himself before the captain at the roadside.
His face was haggard and hii appearance indicated that he had passed a
sleepless night. He wu received with
all the respect and sympathy due to the
brother of Jim.
'This ia my last battle," he said. "I
have had a warning. There's Jim baok
on the bill, half buried, and I shan't
live to reach him. Promise me one
thing, captain���after the fighting la
over have him decently buried."
"Don't be silly," said the captain.
"Promise me, sir," wid Price.
"If we holAthe ground," wid th.
captain, "I'll have everything don.
that yon wish; bnt pluck np heart, my
man. You'll live to grow gray hair,
"My hours are numbered," said
Price. "I am resigned to my fate now
that I have your promise that you will
look after Jim."
The captain wu a kind hearted man,
and the despondency of Jim's brother
touched him. "Go back to th* forge,"
he said, "and stop there. We'll cheat
fate of ita victim."
"That's not my style!" exclaimed
Price, and he turned away from the interview with the indignation of a nun
whose courage had been impugned.
Before another night every extra duty
man had taken a nnmber at theguna.
In the ragged garden of a burning
honse Henry Price stepped eagerly into
a vacant place alongside a hot gun and
pnt out his left hand to have the buckskin thongs of the blackened thnmbstall
knotted abont his wrist.
"I reckon my time hu come," h*
���aid, looking across at the man with tha
lanyard and glancing down at the boy
whose place be had taken. "It might
better have been me than Dick."
There wu little time for talk in th.
midst of the fierce work that ensued in
the neglected garden until the opposing
battery wu silent. When the firing did
cease, the sooty cannoneers threw themselves down on the trampled weeds, except Henry Price, who walked abont
on the blackened and smoking tnrf before the muzzle of the gun, every movement of his nervous figure uttering th.
dumb acctuation, "I did it." Every
comrade knew that he wu in the des-
perate mood which impel, men eagerly
to court death in some forlorn hope.
Henry Price wu impatient of inaction and incapable of rest. Whenth.
battery biased away again, puncturing
the dun smoke with red flashes, and
the return shells plowed the old garden
between the hot guns, the tense excitement and ibe bard work filled him with
grim satisfaction. "Whin th. nun ia
front ot him fell, he caught the grimy
sponge and wielded it fiercely, glad to
be uncovered, as if he had come that
mnch nearer hll fate. Once he fell himself aa he sprang backward to give the
gun an opportunity to bark, but it wai
only a tangle of trampled rosebushes
that caught hll heel Instead of amea-
wge of forgetfulness.
In front of the tangled garden the
fields sloped away for a mile into a
broad valley, made up of pasture and
grainfield and fenceless roads, away to
tbe dark wood, beyond tbe red railroad-
embankment. In the early darkness of
that wild night Henry Price was half
mad to shoulder a musket and get down
into the line of his old regiment somewhere in the thunder of rifles that rolled
over the valley.
The line, ot itan pursuing each other
fascinated him. Hia old regiment wai
somewhere in the action.
Tbere was forgetfulness down there,
and, for him, back on the bill, only the
torture ot memory. The long battle
might end In that fierce conflict. He
counted himself u a dead nun.. Why
not hav* it over at once! He could
wrench a gun from stiffened fingers
and help himself to a cartridge box
without asking. An irrepressible Impulse impelled him to plunge into that
fiery vortex u a moth flies into a lighted candle. He ran down the hill through
the pasture. Nobody noticed the paining of a shadow into th. darkness. Th.
men In the battery Wen too Intent oa
the vast display of pyrotachnics.
IT* be continued.)
For mlKhM don. Muglit c*n .mend
Tb. letter, mn li... f.lW to wml.
And heirt. ,r* ptere-d wilh harah .ntcnt
By Inter, better left unwnt.
Oreat woe come, to ui, I belle,,,
From letter, that w. don't rm.lv.,
Put heavlcfl* on my Mill doth tit
Tbow Utter, lhat I'r. narer writ.
 ���Chlc-ifo RK��e*.
II W��l< Rellev. Her Mind.
Two Spot���I heir you bare given up
Four Flush���Yes, my wlto didn't want
me In piny. Sho was afraid I'd turn out
a eni-il shark.
Two Spot���She ought to w* you pluy
oncu.���Detroit News.
.���a.ea.bl. Advlo.,
How get your sun and load It well, I
With i-i.nt powder, stiot and ihelli    .      I
Prepare to lay arid, your Like,
To erect th. fool who alwiy, a-ltl,
"1, It hot enough fer you?"
 -Chloso N.W.
*      Pa on wit�� voni
He (about to lcnre)-l naanre foil,' Mis.
Smart, tbat 1 consider it pleasant to
know this evening has been very pleasantly passed.
Sho (boretli-Ycs; It Is pleasant t*
know that it Is passed.
That I Ihould end with thm belief!        '
ll natural; you see,
A. on Ihe luhject I enlarced. '
Tb. subject gr.w oa ma
* --lletroll -Inuroal.
���aal. at Foa.laelty,
"Do yon thlok we can get Into (nod so.
elety out in the suburb'."
. "Of course;   yuii (live a pnrch party,
stiu) I'll buy a new Inwa mower."���CUI-
cugti Record* Q-OIiDE-ET "Ej-RA..
11* Knew HU Bu.lne.. and Wa.
IToniiitly Burra.ed.
Since, happily, not a single life was
lost when tbe mighty Purls grounded
on tlte Manacles, tbere can be no harm
In telling a littlo story of a wise and
trusty sailing master we once met
abotu-d a friend's yacht. Our mau,
not lieing satisfied to cruise about tbe
Solent, wished to take the boat right
round England, uud, as a matter af
fact, be did navigate her safely as far
as from Itydc pier to Barmouth, u job
that wants a bit ot doing. But be
funked taking her Into Holyhead "ou
his own," for Holyhead is a most dangerous harbor aud fairly nliounils lu
sunken snags. So he cast about to
And a pilot Of the lot that presented
themselves hc gave tho preference to
an elderly sea dog with a rolling eye
tbat spoko volumes for n concealed
mine ot humor within. Being a bit of
a commodore himself, however, our
host couldn't engugo the professional
skipper without catechising him.
"1 pi-eBtimo you know Holyhead harbor pretty well?" he said.
"Yon bet 1 do."
"It's full of stiuken rocks and snugs,
Isn't It?"
"So they say."
"So they snj! But you know just
where they lie, don't you?"
"No, I'm jiggered If 1 do!" answered
the pilot, and we wero all ngbnst.
"Well, you're n pretty eo.t of a chop
to iiiiilei-liiko to take us In." ci-lcil our
until with cutting sarcasm. "Anil you
don't even know where the rocks are!"
"Probably," answered the old skipper, tucking about halt an ounce of tobacco iuto an unseen hollow tooth;
"but I know precious well where they
ain't, an up to uow Hint's always answered my purpose!" He was en*
gaged,-AHy Sloper,	
M [or Minard's am tate no Ar.
few a talked Husband Was Made I
Soter Man by a Determined Wife.
APATHBTio htrrrmR.
She writes!���"I had for a long time ben
thinking of trying the Samarfit Prescription treatment on my husband for his
drinking habit,, but I was afraid he wonld
discover that I was giving him medioine,
and the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but one day when he
came home very much intoxicated and
his week's salary nearly ell spent, 1 threw
off all fear and determined to make an
effort to save our home from the ruin I
ww coming, at all hazards.  I sent for
Eour Samaria Prescription and put it In
������coffee as directed next morning and
watohed and prayed for the result. At
noon I gave him luoio and also at supper.
H. never suspected a thing, and niton
boldly kept right on giving it regularly,u
I had discovered something that aetevery
AeroN the Iron silence ot the night
A keen wind fltlully creeps, snd tsr sway
The northern rill-rim glimmer faintly bright,
Like hills on some dead planet herd and gray*
Divinely Irom the ley sky look down
The deathless stars that sparkle overhead,
The Wain, the Herd-mar. .nd the Northern Cl.,
And yonder westward, large nd bslefully red.
Arcturus, brooding over Here, resolves.
Like mystic dancers In the arctic air
The troops of the Aurora shift snd spin.
Tho Dragon strews his bale fires, and within
Ills trstiing and prodigious loop Involves
Tbe lonely Pol. Star snd the Lessor Bcsr.
���Arcl.lb.ld Lampman In Scrlbner'a
-.-**-*.-..��-��. o.w BuuiDuiing innt. sec every
herve in my body tingling with hope and
happiness, and I could see a brightlutun
spread out before mn���a penccful, happy
hum-V* share in tho good things of llfe'an
������.-~*. -�������.*,... -.nt, *[->uu eniii'coi lite, an
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's heart,
for my husband hail told tne that whiskey
was vile stuff mill he was taking a dislike
*���*������_, I* was only too true, for before I
had given him the full course he had stop-
the mediolno till it wit. gone, nnd then ten
for anothor lot to havo on hand If he should
relapse, as he had done from his promises
before. He never has, and I am writing
you this letter to toll you how thankful I
am. I honestly believe it will oure th.
wont oases."
A pamphlet in plain, sealed envelope,
���entfree, giving testimonials nnd full Information, with directions how to take or
administer Samaria Prescription. Corre-
���pondenoe considered sacredly confidential. Address The Simarla Remedy Co..
Jordan street, Toronto, Out ^^ *-*'
ITT PPD*/lTDr li"1" no "'l"*'! r��'" .**" shoulders
chleaao llodj.Mtr.
"Chicago bt-ittn the world." announced ihe tall, sllui trnveliiig innti ufter
be hu(l takeu a lute lunch In the hole!
cafe. ��� "It claims evai-ytliiug ami concedes nothing. A novice would be
made to iliiuk over there Hint Chicago
exploited ttie mil verse, stocked It, watered the stock, Issued half n dozen
aei-ies of bonds uud run It ever sluee.
"What do you think I weut up
against In that town Inst wluter? 1
was coming out of one of lhe theaters
when a cntlitvei-oim looking genius With
ten Inch Itnlr askeil me If I was u lawyer. 1 humored him lo it-urn what his
game was. 'Well, sir,' he continued,
'you have a chauiv to iniiko n fortune.
You have Been this play, strong ou Hie
singe nud strong lu the box ottleo. It's
superb, yet It's a bald faced, niHiiltl
gated, cold blooded plagiarism. I wrote
it, every word of It. Not a situation,
ctlinax or seutence Is changed. Uo
after the author for damages, nud I'll
give you half.
"I dodged through the crowd ahead
of ui and made my escape."
"What wns the play?"
���"The nivals.'"	
ini inun unun ii tii inn.
HU Very Goad Benson For Quit tin*
tha ShofT Bualiieas,
The street fakir wbo sold n perfect panacea for every pnlu on the street wns
renting between bis afternoon nnd evening services aud wns doing u little talking in retrospect.
"1 wasn't always in tbis business," he
snid, "for uiy real taste was in tbe dramatic line, and I made my first appearance ns Wezsooskl, tbe Wonderful Win-
aid, doing my act under a roof and ou u
real stave, or as often that way ns tbe
towns I struck were fixed for tt. 1 don't
know that I made any more money tbtut
lu the present line, but I was in love
with my art. and I could afford to mnke
less. What Is money to n man wedded
to bis art?" Aud Ibe late wizard laid
bis baud on bla bosom and looked up ut
the ceiling.
"But I was not to be permitted to follow the Inclinations of uiy iiuttire," be
went on. "It is nearly always so, you
know, in tbe higher walks of life, iu the
purely ideal, as it were. One of my acts���
indeed the itur turn of tba whole
layout���was the famous gun eet, lu which
I let nny person in tbe audience shoot ut
me from the rear cud of the ball, mid I
caught tbo bullet iu my teeth and spat It
out In a plate, entirely unharmed, lt hud
always been so successfully performed
tbat I had fallen In love with li aud made
It tho grand finale of tbe show.
"One night In a Kentucky town, where
tbere were a lot of men who were crack
shots, I made such a success that 1 was
asked to give another performance tbe
next night, and, flattered by the attention, I did so. When the great gun act
came around, a tall, slab sided man snid
he would like to shoot tbe gun. 1 was
perfectly willing that be should do so,
and after carefully loading tbe weapon
in the sight of tbe audience, letting one
and all see thnt I put the bullet Into the
gun and rammed It hard home���It was
tbe ramming, you know, that smashed
tbe bullet, made for tbe purpose, aud
rendered It into harmless dust���1 banded
it to bim and took my place to receive
his sbot. At the commnnd be fired, nnd
as he did so I thought somebody bad
stuck a redhot poker through my ear,
and I clapped my band to my head nnd
took it away covered with blood. The
curtain weut down with n rush, and I
took ii faint for tbe uext 15 minutes.
When I came to, the tall man was stand-
ing in tbe crowd around me.
"'Here, stranger,' be said, sticking a
$20 bill iuto my huml, 'I guess you've got
u right to that much anyhow. You sue,
I bet Judge Jones $50 1 could plug you
through tbe ear, and I done It easy. Vou
ought to be glad we didn't bet on yonr
windpipe er yer spinal cnlynni,'
"Of course he bud slipped n bullet In
en me, and, being a crack shot. It didn't
turn out ao bad, but tbe more I thought
of It the more i felt like not giving some
awkward cbiip a chance to gamble lu
that mime wny, and 1 cut the net out.
But the people wouldn't have me without
it, so 1 gave up tbe whole thiug aud took
up my present line.*'
A Ntwabor'a Triumph,
A pretty young lady dropped ber
dainty Incc handkerchief At a Stnto
atreet corner the other afternoon. A
dapper young man and a newsboy both
���aw It drop and simultaneously made a
grab for It, and each got a corner.
"Let go; I've got It," whispered tha
fellow to the hoy.
"Ut go youraulfl" ihouted tha
newsy.  "I've got It"
While tbe man waa apparently whispering a brlbo to the boy the latter suddenly Jerked tlle handkerchief out of
his bands and handed It to the smiling
girl, with tho remark:
"Imt guy wanted to make a mash, 1
guess, but I caught de snuffer first."
The crowd laughed, and the "guy"
suddenly moved ou.
The Process of Memory.
The old colored mau was watching
tbe horseless carriage spin down the
atreet, and remarked:
"I reckons dat inus' be one or���ult���
one er dem nutoseliiins."
"It's an automobile."
"Hat's It.   I allutt was glttin dem two
town:* mixed, but   I  kuowed It war
some'ers   In   Alnhnnm."-Washington
.81 nil          ,
-****<���-*������} ���������
A Radiant Prospect,
When tbe dentists of this country can
discover a way to pull teeth without
making a man wish bo bad been born
' a hen, Ufa will hart twice aa much
MOUftirs LOHMENT Lutenu'i mot
M. Ponhell* nnd thr l*op��'a into.
���Au nwvUuiu ' la una ftr tiii,'--i*,iiim,ii*��
about M. I'onbelle, tbe diplomat, who
wns such a favorite at tbe Vatican wben
be was there as French embassador.
When he first arrived In 180(1. he met
with a very cool reception, but be determined to win tbe pontiff's heart at uuy
price. So be set to work to lenru ou oil*
which l,eo XIII bad just composed apropos of the festival at Helms, entitled
"Ad Uullos." He fouud it very difficult,
aud us he feared he might forget It the
ingenious idea entered his head of past*
lug it into tbe Inside oi his bnt.
At thu next audience with the pupa
Foubello craftily brought round the c-rju-
versntloii to the poetic ability of his holiness und promptly liegau to quote a
passage from tho ode. Leo XIII listened, delighted, and t'oubclle felt he bad
scored. Suddenly be began to blunder,
and tbe pope saw that be did not understand n single word uf what ho wns reciting. He cast despairing glances at his
hnt, but (he thread was lost. However,
the humor of the situation so tickled (be
pope's fancy (but Mgr. I'onbelle was
henceforth prime favorite with the supreme pontiff.
Bat Th�� Thoy Aro Heathens.
A gentleman traveling lu Persia says
be has been In a town where the hells
ring for prayers five (hues n day, nud
business men rush nut of their offices (o
the churches, leaving their places of business alone aud uulocked. and nobody ever
bus n thing stolen. But we must remember thut those people are heathens.
Take It In this country���where we send
missionaries to tbe heathen���a mnn wbo
went out to attend prayers would lovk
both ends of his shop, tie bis clerk's
hands behind him and hnve a policeman
to watch the abop snd another mnn to
watch the policeman. Besides, the man
who owned tbe shop wouldn't go tu prayers either.	
Knmta Known af 014.
The instruments now kuown ns tbe telephone and microphone are uf compaia-
lively lecent Invention, bul the origin nf
the names dates back ninny years, la
1827 Wheatslone gave tbe name of ml*
crophone to an apparatus Invented by libit
to render weak sounds audible, und la
18-tri n steam whistle ur trumpet, giving
roaring signals iu foggy weather, wt*
called telephone by Captain John Taylor,
while Hudrc used the same name lu 185)
for a system ur musical telephony.- Chicago Chronicle.
Straw IIor*enhoca,
lu Japan' most of (lie horses nre sh<s|
with -siraw. i'.veti ihe clumslesl of cart
burses wear ��iraw .shoes, which, in their
cases, are lied round the ankle with
straw rope, hrahleil so as to form n sole
for the foot iiIhiuI half au Inch thick.
These soles cosi nboul I cent A pair.
The Trnulile.
Jenkins-Maty not well. eh? Vou ought
tn rail lu Pr. Brown.    We sent for him
Inst week, and the moment be saw our
baby be guessed whai the trouble waa.
Jackson-What w.tsit? ���
J��nklns-P|n��!-Ilival. ;    _JJ
Hor Ironf.
"It ta so foolish for a woman to
shriek when she sees a mouse," aald
Willie Wellington.
"Yes," said Miss Cayenne "I wish I
oould bo sensible like you and never
shriek till I saw a baseball player."���
Washington Star.
Somethlnc Warmer.
"Did you ever kuow anything warmer than tbis weather?" be asked.
"Yes." she answered, for sbe bad
overheard hint communing witb him*
aelf about It; 'your characterisation of
A Well-Known
Toronto Traveller
Cured of Catarrh
After Eight
Years9 Suffering:.
Mr. B. E. Fleming, the well-known and
popular Toronto representative of Messrs.
Swing & Sons, Cork Manufacturers, Montreal,
writes: "I have been a constant Batterer from
catarrh of a nfivi-r*" nnd disagreeable type for
eight years, which became worse each winter,
hi spite ot the hundreds of dollars I spent with
entnrrh specialists nnd many remedies, which
only afforded temporary relief. I tried Japanese
Catarrh Cure about one year ngo, and oliiee
completing tilts treatment hnvo not felt the
least symptoms of my former trouble. A tew
months ngo 1 reoo'ninienncd it to a friend
similarly affected, nud lie Is now completely
cured also, I can highly recommend It to any
Sierson troubled with this m<��t annoying
Japanese Catarrh Cum relieves cold In the
head in one minute. Sold by all drugglBts.
I'rtee 60 cunts. A tree wimple will bu Rent to
any person troubled wiih entnrrh. Knelosi
5-ceni stamp. Andres*, the Orltllihs & Mur
phcrwn Co., 121 Church street, Toronto.
Bnt Ills Biperlence Didn't Pit Him
For  Kill Unit  a  Yacht.
A government olticlnl tells this story of
Sam Allertou's experience witb bis
yacht I
Mr. Allerton built himself a Hue country bouse on the shores ot Lake tleneva,
Wisconsin. It was us tine aa anybody's
home in tbat locality. When be hnd the
house about finished, some one told him
that hc would have to have n yacht, uot
one of the modern stenm yachts such as
yo)i see do vn east, but a sailing boat.
lie ordered one made aud was up at the
lake when It reached there. He wns
very proud ��f his yacht, and although he
hud never been on one before concluded
thnt he wo ild liko to take a sail right
away. In lila younger days hc hnd gone
tisblug a tl uc ur two In a canoe nud In
thut wny bud learned the rudiments of
steering a boat, so hc coucludcd to take
the helm." Looking over the group of
loungers that had gathered about, he
shouted out the Inquiry:
"Who among us hns been to sea?"
"I hus, Bab," suid a tall, rawboned colored man, stepping forward,
"You'll do for one," Bald Mr. Allerton.
"Now, who else has been to sea?"
Nobody answering, he turned to the
colored man aud ordered him to jump
aboard, saying: "We two will be enough.
We can handle her."
The sails were set, the boat released
from its moorings, nud a start was made.
The wind was directly offshore and
blowing brisk. Mr. Allerton enjoyed the
sensation hugely nnd congratulated himself on the investment he bad made. He
was sailing directly before the wind, and
he boomed ahead in splendid style. By
and by they approached tbe opposite
shore, and, ufter making several frantic
efforts to change the course of the boat,
Mr. Allerton culled out to the colored
mnu "wbo bad been to sea:"
"Here, you! How are we going to
turn thin blamed thing around? I can't
do anything witb her."
" 'Deed, mister, 1 don't kuow what to
do. 1 don't know nothing 'bout tbem
there sails."
The two men pulled aud hauled and
perspired, but to no effect, and the yacht
went on tbe rocks with a smash. As
Mr. Allerton waded ashore be tinned
angrily to the colored mnn, who dragged
himself drippingly after him, nud Bald:
"I thought you told me you had been
to sen?"
"1 wns, salt; eight years."
"What the deuce am yon on at scar
"I was a cook, sub.'
Bo a Barber Ban and Trle�� to Prove
Ilia  l'ropoaltlon.
"1 dou't want to think HI of my fellow
men," said the barber the other afternoon, "but sometimes I am forced to believe that u goodly share of them are
prone to prevarication. 1 mean by that
tbey nre given to avoiding the truth
when the truth would answer just as
"Exactly," assented the Snuuterer.
"Suppose you give me a bill ot particulars."
"Well," continued the mun of the razor, "1 wns thinking of a half dozen or so
customers 1 huve asked during the course
of tbe dny whether or not they didn't
want their hair cut. Every man of 'em,
instead of comlug out with u plain 'uo'
for an answer, hemmed and hawed aud
said something about being In a hurry or
not having time or u similar excuse. Today was no exception cither. It's thnt
way every day. Of course the barber Is
on, and tbe way some ot the customers
get red hi the face makes mc think they
are giving him a ghost story. Why, I've
bad a man tell me be hadn't time to get
his bnlr cut and then climb out of my
ebalr nfter I hnd finished shaving hiin ami
stand around and tnlk for half an hour
or twice ns long as It takes to trim up a
bead of hair. It's often the same when
we suggest a shampoo. Now, just because a barber asks a customer If he
doesn't wuut something more than a
shave when once be Is In the chair Is no
reason why the customer should teel
obliged to spend more tbnn be ut first Intended to, nor Is It nny reason why the
customer should prevaricate about being
rushed to death In order to get out uf It.
Ilow'd you liko that shave, air? It was
all right, eh? Thank you! I suppose
you'll have your hair cut this afternoon?"
"IOr���no," responded (he snuuterer.
"Yon see, I haven't time"���
But just then be caught the barber's
eye and hurried out of the shop before
the grin be knew wns coming put In an
ruin,, r.'i'i.. Kit-
ml   ih.i   l'iiih*i|,in
Iteqiiin- *���*���-!,0011,000 Worth uf Omnia.
Cuha, Porto Hlco and the Philippines
hnve alforded Spain a market for $48,-
OOO.QflO worth of goods per annum,
itccoiding to u statement, of the British
ams al at Barcelona About; three fourths
of thi-; amount wus iu nnnufacturtd
Roods. According to thit siuieu.eiit the
exports from f'p::iri to Culm In 18����
amounted to $2tt.8tf9i885; tu Pcrto Hieu,
17 r>.i-2,l'tl, and to the Philippine*. 17,-
1171,(.61, making a total of *48,UIM iu��.
Of the $3H,8G3 2H5 existed to Cuba,
* 1 it, ftSO.41H consUtPd of maniifortured
jicod*-), and ��10 170,111 of piovlslons. To
1'oito Hlco, of tho i*[,S82,lfl|. about tfv
831,195 was tn muiiufui-Mired goods and
gl.tiKO.IMH) in provisions. To tho Philippines, of the ��7,4171 ft*Jl, vnlr.u of gouils
exported from Spain, ��U,860,17M wa*
n'tmufaotured goods and \,n\ 1,111 provisions Spain paid the steamship companies ���-(,000,000 for thu tarrying trade to
and from its colonltn
Tim Imports Into Spain In isim amount.-
nl to 8(10,877 tons from Cuba.. 86,071
tons from Porlo Hlco und '4(),P8fl tons
from tbe Philippines. It Is computed
that thu amount, 1..1..I In freight* amounted in thu commerce with Cub:* tu $l,Bf)B,*
SOB; Porto Hlco, MffMStt, nml totho
Philippine*. $5(10,81 fi, or H total of **,',-
will li'iii fresh or old wounds la
mnn or lieitHt.   H bn* no equal
A Victim In li N��W Ymh HoBitlUl Tails
UU  Ktnilloa**.
Captain George M. Houkoven of the
tugboat Ouron-% tiled tho other morning
ut the Now Vork Hospital of aente
hydrophobia, Captain Hookovun Is ths
mini on whom both thu Pust.mr uml
Hulsson treatments were tried without
effect;. During his lucid Intervals he
evinced an extraordinary fortitude under
thu i'Xisrnclatlng pain which accompanied
tbe disease, nntl at times hu minted hi-t
feelings to the physicians. At times be
Raid that lurid lights appeared before his
eyes, and that there wits a continual
scintillation if bright sparks. As he
approached death bis asony Increased.
and he said that most of tho pain was
neutered In the brain and tbe muscles of
tho face.
The physicians said that the pains tn
tbe head and thu flashing lights whioh
the patient saw were evidences that the
general center of the disease was In the
brain, and that Bookoven was past all
possibility of cure. Just before tbe man
died he dictated the following note to his
"My Dear Wlfe-I know that I hnve
not mora than a day to live I realize
that I must die. I understand well that
I am siiffeitng from hrdrophohia, So
don't gilevn You and I have been happv
many years Now let's talk matters over.
You nie well piuvlded lor. (lur son will
take good aere of yon.   But please don't
symptoms of internal disorder liumelee's
Vegetable Pills should b> re oriel to im*
mediately. Tvroor thro*, or these talu-
tarypelKt', tt-ken before going to bed,
followed by t'oses of one or two p Hi for
two or three nights in sucossun, will
lerve as a pieveml-e of attacks of dyspepsia, and all ths di-comfort* whioh tol-
Iow In tbe tialn of that fell dlsorde*.
The means ure simple whtu the way Is
A Pish Hrsterv.
One strnnge fenttire of this sea life of
iiu* troploM in the regular recurrencejif
inlj.:.'utory swarms of Onh of very sninll
hIw thnt return lu huge numbers year
iirtei' year with such nbsolute regularity that tho natives calculate on tbe
event ou a certain dny In each year
and even within uu hour or two of the
day. One such swiinu of fish forms
the occasion of nn annua] holiday nud
feast nt Snnion. The fish Is uot itiillUe
the whltetmlt for which tbo Kngllsh
Thames hns so long been celebrated,
nnd eneb year It arrives at Samoa ou
the same dny in the month of October,
remains for a day, or nt the most two
days, und then disappears entirely till
the stune day of the following year.
Why it conies or whence no curious
naturalist bas yet discovered, uor bus
anybody traced Its onward course
wben It leaves the Sntuoiiu group, but
the fact is unquestionable thnt suddenly, without notice, (he still waters of
the lagoon which surround each Island
within the fringing reef become alive
with millions of fishes, passing through
them for a single dny and night uud
then disappearing for a year as though
they had uever come,-I,Ippineon's.
A It ll.lt.
' Rehfuse nieh proffered love, proud
get nil,'' cried the heavy villain, "nnd hy
inch imliduiiic I'll dnsh yeh ovef youdoli
beetling cliff!"
The girl gazed iu the direction designated by his grimy forefinger.
"Hah!" she cried. "Thnt's only a
For she waa up in topography ns well
as some other thlugs.��� Standard and
Catholic Times.
Roll Your ttraas Well.
The effect ot rolling is t;> crush down
the bigger plants thnt flourish among
the grass aud to Injure the grass itself
hut little. Tho bigger plants nre mostly
weeds, which, If allowed to grow unchecked, would soon cbokc tho more
slender grass,
If a footpath across a field becomes
disused, It will bo found that the grass
which grows up In Its place li of fnr superior purity tn that in the rest of the
field. Constant pressure hns stnmped out
the roots of the weeds nud left ouly tbe
pure grass.
Another advantage of rolling Is thnt it
makes the grass grow more thickly. The
ground becomes intertwined with a net<
.work of plants, nnd when this bna been
going on for 50 years or mure that rich,
velvety turf is produced which can be
fonnd alone In old park hunts that huve
lulu it ml 1st n r bed hy the plow fur many
years hi succession.
An iOn-ffllsh Pan.
A pun so good thnt it wns not only pardoned, but enjoyed, was once made In a
reply lo Lord North. If could not have
been made outside of Kuglnnd, where a
clerk is Invariably a "clark."
Lord North bad just begun to make his
nnuual budget speech in the house of
commons wben 0 dog, which had wan*
tiered in, lifted up his voice in a series of
lively yelps.
"Ity whut new opposition nni 1 attacked uow?" Inquired Lord North facetiously.
"I think, my lord," replied a voice well
known to -most of the hearers, "It waa
the member from Berkshire."���Youth's
Com pa u iou.
Sprains, Strains and Iqjurlts of tbs
Baok oftsn cause Kidney Tronble.
Here Is the proof :-
Mrs. & Horning, Glasgow Street,
Guelph, Ont., saysi "Doan's Kidney
Pills are grand. I have not been III since
taking them, which was over a year ago
but winter, and can give them my warmest
praise | for they restored me to health aOer
25 years of suffering, Twenty-five years
ago I sprained my back severely, and ever
afneo my kidneys have been In a very bad
state. The doctors told mo that my left
kidney especially was In a very bad condition, A terrible burningpain was always
Eresent, and I suffered terribly from lum-
ago and pain in the small of my back,
together with otlier painful and distressing
symptoms, common In kidney complaints.
I could not sleep, and suffered much from
salt rheum.
"When I first commenced taking Doan's
Kidney Pills I had little or no faith in them,
but I thought I would try them) and It
proved the nest experiment I ever made,
I had only taken two boxes when the pain
left my back entirely. Three boxes mora,
or five In all, made a complete cure.
"After 25 years'of suffering from kidney
disease I am now healthy and strong again,
and will be pleased to substantiate what I
have said, ahould anyone wish to enquire.'1
Laxfc-Llver Pills are the most
perfect remedy known for the cure of Constipation, Dyspepsia Biliousness and Sick
Headache. They work without a gripe
or pain, do not sicken or weaken or leave
any bad after effects.
Cramps id Colic
Always relieved promptly by
Dr. Fowler's Ext. of Wild
When you are seized with an attack of
Cramps or doubled up with Colic, you
want a remedy you aro sure will give you
relief and give it quickly, too.
You don't want an untried something
that may holp you. You wuut Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry, whicli every
one knows will positively cure Cramps and
Colic quickly. Just
a dose or two and you
bave ease.
But now a word of
proof to back up these
assertions) and we
have it from Mr. John
Hawke, Coldwater,
Ont,, who writes:
"Dr. Fowler's Extract
of Wild Strawberry is
a wonderful cure for
Diarrha'ii, Cramps
and pains in the stomach, I was a great
sufferer until I gave it a trial, but now I
have perfect comlbrl."
Dr fowlers.
��� WILD   .,
Never Forgetful, Oh, Not
"I tell you," Mr. Blllus was Baying,
"theru Is nothing like n bunch of keys
to develop one's memory. Now I have
twenty-seven keys on this ring, nud 1
add a uew one overy few days, yet I
nni nover at a moment's loss to
select the right one when I have occasion to use It."
"Wbat bave you got that brass button strung on tbere for?"
"Um���tbat was put there by my wife
a day or two ago to remind nie of
some trifling thing I was to get for
her, but I've forgotten what It
A Uood Uny's Work.
Slonmsky Kin si; I \, Qrectio Rnto-
llcky Hpolelt itytlerov Bv Mlelmln Clslo
yo Arcbuujela Lpr Katollcky sloven
sky .leilnoty V, Town of Lake or (Jlil
cngo, wuh Incorporated at Springfield
\  llimieiunilv l*rvscrl|illon.
".lack, my health is wretched. 1
ought to go away."
"Isabel, if yon quit reading those aen
shore advertisements your health will
be nil right."
There aro cases of consumption so far
advanced that Htckle'--i A ml-Consumptive
Syrup will uot oure, but none so bad that
it will not give relief. For ooughs, colds
and all affections ot the throat, lungs and
chest, lt Is n speolflo which has never beeu
known to fail. It promotes a free und
easy expectoration, thereby removing the
phlegm, aud gives the diseased paria a
chance to htal.
Preferred a Fiuht in Illilleule.
"Why did you resist when the mob
told you lo about 'Vive I'linnoeV " wild
die friendly 1'nrisinu who could speak
I'ngllsli. "If you bad humored them
they would have let you alone."
"1 knew thnt." replied the American
with the blackened eye and brtllsetl
nose, "but I wasn't going tu give awn J
my pronunciation of French before nil
tliat orowd.1'
I was  cured of  pnmt'11!   Goitre   by
Chatham. Out.
I was cured of Inflammation by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Walsh, Out.
I was cured of Facial   Neuralgia by
ParksdUa, Ont.
t oiuIiik Her War al Last.
Mr. Slngleton-MISa WfJHug-er-Nel-
llo���you don't cure if I drop the "Miss"
and call you Nellie, do you?
Miss Willing���No, Indeed! Why, ouly
yesterday 1 remarked to mnuitnn Unit
1 wns getting awfully tired of beiug
called "Miss."
Deepln Love���What Is the best day
In tho week to get married on, old
Iliidder Kuuft���Friday, my boy; then
you'll have something to blame ft on
DO NOT DKLAY -When, thiuugh do
bllltit d Uigi.-tlu) orj-uiiN pn-sun finds Its
vayliitot-u llojd-tlio prim' ��� oii-ld r-
atlun Is to get the p dsou out as rapl .ly
aud is thoroughly as p>*-lhic IVI iy
mavnieui d* aster. Parmelee's Vege able
Pills * Ul be tout d 11 moit vt lua 1- aid
effect he m ������dlo.no n�� a--sail lhe intruder
with. They i e.'er Inll '1 hi y go at unoe
to the stnt if tht trjubl" nut w rk a
I ermsnent ui re.
Fat and Irritable.
Anxious Wife���I hope ��� tho stnffln
won't upset you, William.
Mr. Porklns (misunderstanding the
reinnrk)���What d'ye mean���what d'ye
menu? Coufound It, I'm uot a glutton!
-Ally Sloper.	
TII PPDUTTDr   Hoeommended hy stuelcmen as
UlllluIlIiUAu best cure lor viuimL-i and sores
Flllna a Coafeaslon.
"This Bonnet you have written to me
Is simply delicious, Algernon! Ouly
the title, 'To My Heart of Hearts,
Sweet Love,' Is a little vague. You
might substitute 'To Miss Mary
Sharpe,' and put the date, please.
You'll find a pen nnd Ink ou my escritoire oyer yonder!"���Tit-Bits.
She Is m Genius.
"That Bunsby girl Is a genius."
"Which one?"
"Mary Jane."
"In what way?"
"See how her nnme figures on the
programme of graduating exercises.
Here It Is, 'Mnrye Jeanne Do Htmnes-
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
cviJ Aaf^ /ji/ fcorf&M 4o Cfnwwnd1
Tiie Lambs For Wall Street.
The hrassy, inensly peddler who
stands nt the street corner Helling brass
shirt studs for "��� cents apiece and
shouting tliat be "guarantees" them
10 he gold catches many a v inileilng
fool. Tbe "guarantee" is given by a
man who never expects to see bis customers again, aud the customers never
expert to trade with him 11 second
time. But the word "guarantee" carries weight with It, und tlle foul ami
bis money, now as ever, nre souti
Every day's moll brings me letters of
inquiry regarding the stability of a set
uf Wall street sharks who offer to
"guarantee" prolits ranging from 10
io Hit) per cent per month to all who
will give up their good money nud
trust the sharpers (0 invest it lu the
lunelstroiu of speculation. Scarcely a
week pusses without the report In the
newspapers of tho exposure, the flight
or arrest of one of these sharks.
Bill thu nice of fools scents' to bo
eternal, ami it appears to be only nee-
rosary for Ihe Wall street lutiiko man
id take a new name ami lo hire desk-
room lu Wall street or one or ila
laterals to reap a new crop from a new
11 lie of customers.- Leslies Weekly.
FIT." ��� These slpniflonni words were
ured In logar^i to l.r. ihomai Electric
Oil by a g ntleman wh > hud thoioughly
tea ed is in ri s in ins o-vu case- having
ecu curat by ii ofhllLoneUof th kue>,
ul three or four years' s andiiig. it never
lull*- to ivn.ovu orei ess a*. W< 11 us lame'
ness, and is au li ooiupa able pulmonic
and oorre tive.
Cups Off.
The comedian hoarder allowed bis
eyes to room around the table until
tbey rested on the strawberries.
"Any oue," he snid, addressing tbe
sweet sluger, "could see tbat these
berries wore not brutisht up right."
"And why not?"
"Because they come to the table with
tbeir cups on."
Then the landlady gritted her teeth.
-Chicago News.
Hardly Fit For Hither.
"I hardly know what to do with that
young man," said (be plumber, speaking of a recent employee.
"Well, he Isn't prompt enough to be
given the tnsk of making out tho hills,
nnd he isn't proerastlnntiug enough
to be 11 success ut doing the work."���
Chicago Post,
Important to Cyclists and Lacrosse lluyn.
Mr. Mack White, the well-known
trainer of the Toronto lacrosse Club and
Utigoods Hall Football Club, writes: 1
consider Gritilth's Menthol Liniment unequalled for at lilete.*j or those training. 1
have used It with the best, success, and
oan heartily recommend lt tor stiffness,
soreness, sprains and all forms of swelling and Inflammation. All druggists,
A Rlaky Lottery.
"Marriage, they say, is a lottery."
Dick���And a mlgliiy mean one.   Usu*
ally when a fellow has drawn a blank
he ilo.'sn't have a chance to try tils luck
���ilm'ii - Boston Transcript,
w. v. n
Ll.ST  YOU   HHt<.l.l |u that wu huy
Huller, Cheese and Fresh Krkh (nr export���that
wu h'ltidle (ills 'line Engine* ana Horse rowers.
���wi'1 1I1.11 our "Alexandra" und "Melotte"
On uni Nrpiiiutor-4 are tha i>cnt lu thu world*
Uorra-tpondenoo solieiud.
foe the Printer
Made by tbe celebrated firm
of Ault & Wiborg.
The latest ud belt.
News, Miscellany,
'als, etc,   Best ia
Cast by the "Oat-
Hug" Process. The
only plant of the
kind in Canada.
Of all makes and
kinds���new and second hand.
Unequalled by any other ia
Canada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
To Escape From tbe Hordes.
Once upon a time a billionaire conceived the Idea tbat lt would be disgraceful to die rich.
Accordingly be fell to giving his
wealth away. Hut it soon became apparent that be had more wealth than
he could possibly give nway In ���WQ
years, -working teu hours a day.
"What shall I do?" bo asked himself
In much nlarui.
Hut he was a resourceful mau, nnd
it wus not long till he lilt upon tbe
happy expedient of revealing nil his
belongings lo the nssessors. That being done be was sneedily reduced to
176   OWEN   STREET,
Head Office:  Toronto.
Paciflo Coast Branch:  620 Cordova
Street, Tanconvor.
There never WiW( aud never will be, a
universal panacea, In one reinedy, for all
ills to whioh llish l>< heir-the very nature
ol many uurattvea being such that were
the genns of et'ier aud differently seated
diseases rooted lu tho system of the patient���what well I.i relieve (Hie ill In LUril
would aggravate the ether. We have,
however, lu ij itnine Wine, when obtainable In a pound, unadulterated fitate, a
remedy for ininy anil grluvouH Ills. Hy Its
uradual and juillrlouti uve the frailest nystatin* ure led Into (onvalescenee and
strength bv the influence whioh Quinine
eierts on Nature's own rrstoratlves. It
relieves the drooping HpirlM or those with
whom a ehronle state of morbid despondency and lark of Interest tu life Is a ills
fast1, nnd, by trnnqulllzlug ttio nerves,
disposes to Minnd and refreshing slceji���
Imparls vigor to the aotion of tho blood,
which, being st Imula 1 lid, coursos throughout (he veins, stiengthentng thd healthy
animal functions of tbe system, thereby
making activity a neee-wirv lesuli,
strengthening the frame, and giving life
to tbe digestive orgtns, whioh naturally
demnnd increased substance���result, Improved appetite. .Northrop and Lvnian, of
Toronto, havo given to the publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of so!eutints,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
or any In tho market. All druggists sell
How They Mannired It.
"And so you have finally succeeded
in getting your husband to take tbe
gold euro? 1 thonght he always claimed
lhat lie could quit drinking whenever
he wanted to?"
"Yes, he did. We have JUBt convinced blin thnt he ought to take something to make him wnut to."���Chicago
Times-II era Id.
Btlninlntlnc Talent.
"That new actress does very well,
but she can't falut worth a cunt."
"Sbe can't? Well, go out and get a
caterpillar nnd put It on her frock,"���
Chicago Itecord.
Chase Sr
Seal Brand
Java  Mocha
Importers of Orocirits J"'l'fi5'��0?,BM.
���,..,,. _ JL.tt.-w u. Kxtracts
Write 13, Hamilton,Ont. L.S.* B.BploM
nre the fluent    "ppAC packed.   Pat
India nnd Ceylon   1 CAo up by
miU^i.^.' JR58 mm-.
a*.   COCK8HUTT PLOW CO., Wlnnlp^.
An Industrious man of
character to travel aud
niitecd   salary   for a
year's engagement. Address Department T.
iliiiillej-lotrrelnuiit'ii. Limited, Urantlord
McDERMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture. Although furniture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before tho Rise
and customers will bo given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too largo and varied to onumer
ate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. MeDermot,
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
LAKE  &   CO.,
havo opened as
A'        ATHALMER    (Salmon Beds)
Fall  Stock of Miners'  Supplies,  General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
The meeting of the Social and Athletic Club last evening was adjourned
till next Thursday evening at B o'clock.
Divine service will bo held in the
Presbyterinu Church on Sunday next
at 7:30 p.m.
Ur. Gibb, manager of the Golden
branch ol tht Imperial BhdIc of Canada informs un that tha Bank will open
definitely on Tuesday next.
Palliser is progressing. Mr. W. C.
Walls, M.P.P., Is building a nice little
church there, for the accommodation
of the different denominations.
The residents of Donald have for*
warded to the Government a petition
agaiust the removal of the Courthouse
from Donald to Golden.
S.irvioes at St. Paul's Ohurob on
Sunday next- Supt. Urd, will ho: -11
a.m. Mattitaa ami etlebnuion of Uoly
Communion. 7:U0 p.m. Evensong uud
The Government have intimated to
the Gold Commissioner thut as the
Government Hnildiugn at Donald nie
abont io be closed iir. Srtrret'a services aa Mining Record*-)!' would not be
required after to day,
Tbo great success of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
in the treatment of bowel complaints
has made It standard over tho greater
part of the civilized world. For sale
by nil druggist. Henderson Bios,
wholesale agts. Victoria A Vancouver.
Cbalm. McKay NUs boc-a on h visit
to lho Cofuinliia VailOy thia weak,
Clttitm. bus i.i,uie bis homo in Dawson
City and sptmUin glutting ttrms of
the prosperity of the fur north, where
puck trains loaded with gold dust
daily cross the country,
Tbo prospectors who left Goldsn for
tbs Tete Jaune Cache country are returning and should arrive very shortly,
as they are well ou tbeir way out. It
appears that ths reports are not favorable aud that no gold is being brought
out except in-* some that HolHdtij
washed on his claim on Swift Current.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hn rd, soft oi- calloused Lumps and
Blemishes from horses, Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, Ring Bone, Sweeney,
Stifles, Sprains, Sore and Swollen
Throat, Coughs, otu. Save $50 by use
of one bottle. Warranted tho most
wonderful Blemish Curo over known.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Dr. Taylor returned from Tete Jaune
Cache on Wenesday, having completed tho retu-n journey in threo weeks.
Ho was despatched by tho Government to hold a post mortem on the
murdered man Macaulay, Tho trip
north took a fortnight and the return
journey wus made in a week hy boat
from Canoe ltiver. Dr. Taylor describes the trail its iu a terrible state,
but he enjoyed the boat trip down tbo
river very much. Meisrs. Price uud
Evans, who arranged tlm trip, carried
it through very successfully.
pL ,
hero located
Situate in tbe Donald  Mining Division of
East Kootenay District.   Whero located
de of Kiub.-uket Laltu about
���On south side
600 feet from Lake.
Situate in tbe Donald Mining Division of
East Kootenay District. W here located
���On south shore of Kinbasltet Lako, immediately east ol Kiubaikot Minora!
Take notico tlmt I, Thomas McNnught of
Golden, acting' as agent tor tlio Uolden A Fort
Sle-ile Development Company, Limited, of
Uolden, FroeMiimrs Certificate No. BlWft),
and Frank Berlhiiiume of Uotdeu, Free Miners Certificate No. 70401, intend (d-cty da;
Jas, Bbady, D.LS., & P.L8.
Mining Engineer,
M. Ara-n. Inst. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Grown Grants, doing
annual assessment work, eto.   Address i
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
Revelstoke, B.C.
Will attend tdl Conuty.Ct.urts ut GeWen.B.C
W. WHITJS, Q.C.  J. M. Scott, B.A..LL. B
from the date hovof toanply to the Mining
 p ot li
���       *!"	
of the above claims.
Recorder for $ Certificate'o? lmprcoimmt-T   j^lY-Ofy & l^CCtl StclI)l0S
for the purpose fit' ob'aining a Crown Ursut
And further tako notico that action under
section .H7 must le crmniioiiccd before tbo
i.isuam-eet'suiihl liitirtcateof Improvemouts.
Dafod this llthdiiy of August, l&Qll.
Situate in tha Windermere Mining Division
of East Kootousy District. Whero located���On Toby Croek.
Situate in the Windermere Mining Dlid-dnn
uf East Kudtniiiiy District.    Whero lo-
entetl -On Boulder Creok,a tributary of
Ilurse-thief Lnek,
Take miti-o thnt I,!W. G. Miti'Iielt-Inncs,
.is agont fur the New Goldeu British Coluiu-
Liiu Liiiiiluil.of London. England (Foreign),
owners of tin nlinvo  Mineral Claims, Free
Miner's Certificate No. MOWS, iiitend, sixty
days from thu date hereof, to apply to tbe
Milling Recorder furCerllnciitcs of improve
monts, for the purpose of obtaining n Crown
Grant of the above claims.
And further tako notice that action, under
section .47, must be commenced  boforo the
Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this fifth day of August, 1SW.
Rigs of all kinds for hire ut reasonable fates.
Teaming of all kinds a Specialty.
A. C. Hamilton,
Townsite of Golden,
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment
NCT1CK is hereby Riven Hint two monllis
iti'lcr diilo 1 lutein] lu apply to the Chief Commissioner of Linuls anil Worlts, tor permission to purchase tiie following described
lund :--Lots Numbers-.*5i8ilnd Xu'J, beiiic on
the Coluuiliin River In the District of Kiist
Kootenny, and i-onttiiiiiii-t 855.8 nnd 312.7
acres respnetively, bo ths siinie more or loss.
Dated lit Uolden, Srd July, 16U9.
Kirqptori    &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
I imt it was  uli ort Id veil When he Began
South American Kidney Cure Treatment
"lam  too disliearfenod to try another remedy" wm lhe almost, forlorn remark of a
well known Kingston citizen tvhon being per-
suadod by a friciid tu try Houtli AiuencKU
liiduoy euro for bis ca o, which doctors hnd
said was incurable,    ''There are too many
���remises ot* help without results,"���but he
Jid take Smith American Kidney Cure, and
in a letter a fuw dsys ago s.iys:     "I ywo my
life tu thi.** wonderful remedy-it Iruly is a
Sold by C. A, Warren.
If you want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milling Company guar
nnteo tlieir flour the equal of any
brand on tho Golden Market nnd
hereby am horize all grocers to sell
it subject to above guarantee aud
they trill refund the full amount
paid   for   flour U|iQU return af nny
cot equal to guarantee.
Sold by O. A. Warren.
^ssaysr & Metallurgist,
Goldon,      -      B.C.
Oold  II 50
Silver   1 60
Lend '  1 SO
Copper .'  2 00
Cold and Silver  2 00
Lead and Silver  2 00
Oold and Copper  2 BO
Silver nnd Copper  2 60
Gold, Silver and Lead  SOO
Gold, Silver and Copper  8 60
Gold. Silver, Lead anil Cop-*or. 4 00
Iron   4 00
Tin  UOO
Ziuo  3 00
Aesava, .Sampling;, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Ores.
Alt parcels of ore are carefully sample I
one porticn teated, one labelled anil
kept, aod the third, If rec-uirod, re*
turned to owner aa a check on the
assay made.
Terms: C'uBh Wiih Sample*.
WmDiiRMmtu-E. J. SCOVIL.
Atiiai.meu���J. J. LAKE.
Orders left with nbovo agents -will receive prompt ot ion tion.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising' and. ranching'oountry, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Goldon and Windeimore districts, together With the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the raining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tne
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forma
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest tc purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terras obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receivQs agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson. Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere,  Golden    &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
A Word to Mothers.
Mothers' cf children aEfe.--.tciI (Vith
croup or n sovere cold netd not hesitate tu administer Cbitinherhiiii's Cough
Iteuiu'y, It contnius no opiate nor
narcotic in any form anil may be ffiven
;ib confidently to the hubs as to an
adult, The gieat success that bas attended its use in tbe treatment of colds
and oroup has won for It the approval
and praise it has received throughout
the United States nnd in many foreign
lands. For sale by all druggists.
Henderson Bros whole-.-hie agents,
Viotoria und Vancouver.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Itatlis.
Rates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.   Greene, Proprietor.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S Store and look over the breezy,
up-to-date novels he has just got in and
Size Up
his nice stock of gold-rimmed eye glasses and spectacles.
Eyes tested free.
The Confectionery
Is the latest, dandiest and best, and fresh from the factory.
In Patmore's
you can get Draffs, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, Pipes, Tobaccos, etc. School Supplies of all kinds
,*��t,rignt;price&. j
Work-ill-, and Dividend  Puylng Mines In
various parts oi British Columbia.
Gold Quarts:, Cojsper, Gold, anil Silver-lend
i'ronpeels and Developod Properties on bund
Galena and  Copper Ores
Reports and information furnished regard*
iag mining properties,
Stock, in Britieh Columbia mines bought
MU*1 U*>U1.   . .
Cable Addross:   KANAGAN, Golden.
Codes In use:   Morolng fc Heal, ami Bedford McNeill.
Head oj navigation on Columbia River.
Tho most central point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report, of Ministoi' of Mines lor 1898: "A waggon rtfsd
could be built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER-nt a reasonable cost,
and will be so built ns soon as it is justified by tha mining development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating on lake and rivef, u4
good fishing and shooting iu immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel subsoil to build npon; cold, clear water tha
yonr round for household purposes, and splendid water power close to town.
Large and complete sawmill (20 M. daily capacity) on tbe ground assure*
oheap lumber.   *
Terms easy, particularly to to investors wishing to buil-i.
.The   anniversary  of   the Methodist
Suuday   Hr.booJ of   this  place will hs
held Sunday Sept. 8rd.     Morning s*r-
vice   nt   11   o'clock,  subject. "Kyss."
Eveuiug   service   nt 7.(10 o'clock, uub-
jest "Little Thing*, " or "'(Jroatuess of
8!lehco."     In   uddlrion   to this tbere
will bo ii song service when the following programme will bo rendered:
Quartette-"Let a littlo sunshine In."
8olo-"City of Beauty,"
Duett���"AN for Jesus."
Organ Voluntary ���'-Ninety and Nina."
-Solo and Quartette���"Will ths nngalt
All are invited and will ba welcome
at either or both services.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Hull Bros. & Co.
"miflliwilo & KelnU
Cuttle, Sheep nnd Home Dealers.
fT\     tt* Great Bnalitfi Bavasdu. '
I4M   Sola snd rwomm��i*ded by a9
dntftlsto In Canada. Only reliable medioine discovered. Si*
_. ^package* inittranteat to cure all
Jorasof Sexual Weftneia, all -effects ot abase
orexeass. Mental Worry. Excessive nieof-Te-
twooo, Opium or SUmulanU. Mailed oa receipt
ofprice,oneMoka*nfi,fl1x,|S. One trill ptauit
ItWiwrr. Tampfaleti free to anr address.
m     %ne Woad Cocipwy, Wfndsoj*. Ont*
Worm's Piiosphoiijwk ti sold in Gulden
by It. W. Pattn: re, 0. A. Warren, and O.
Field, Drugguta.
Oook'g Cotton Boot Compound
10,000 LadlNi. Safe.effcotasl. LadfasMk
JjrourdnifMist(orCook's CotWa Kwt Cosh
Mai *Zakenootaer,asallMlxtnreB,pUlflaad
Imitations are dangerous. Prior., Ho. X, 41 ���
twxjXo. 0,10 degrees nrong��r,H por box.
And \Vhy?~IleffltiioIllooiI Iinpnrltirs have
Made il "l'ini|ily"--I)r. Agnow'e Ointment
li a Sure Curo,
How dislreiuingly common Ih tha "pimidy"
'   ' " - ~~flplo, and yet
''""' treat-
 r- .      .... right
remedy in used. Dr. Agnflff'fi Ointment removes pimples-tonves no mark snd makes
the akin toft. It will cure pilosln from throe
to five nights.
Sold by C A. Warren,
How distressingly common ih ids pimpi;
face, particiilurly In ymmg noopla, and y
It is a shnpl�� thing thut a Utile lucal tret
ment wlu dispol in short order if tho rig
Lakeside Hotel,
Tatoton & Qokdon, Props
Oood ARroinmislntluii for   Prospoi'Uirs and
Fi-oiffutoi'l,   First i-liiss uii-.ls.
j���em**m*mm**mA*** aae****.
uwi.o.., j*>nBgri*e8B.rong-ir,.spor eat, oo,
l ot 2,m.lledon rtoclpt ot price .ed two**-Mnl
-*���*-    "-"i Ono". Oatauaay Windsor, Oot
:d s *o\4 ana rwoiniMndfld vy w
"Shis- vns,**\]****t***t
HrtlM. 1 end s sold and rMomn
iMpauiUe DruggUU la Cauda.
Field, C. A. Wnrren, end lt. W. f.iuiore
C. t>. liang, Agent
To Be Bold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
lit Draught MhIci-,
II Pock Mule*, .
IS t'llJUM'M.
Tlio nliovn htni-k is III lirst i-liwis condi.lon,
mid is well br.ik.-n. Fnck rifficlng and liar*
noss can also bn srrnnirud lor. Tne st��-k is
silnntod III Kumloop. neighborhood. Oilers
to be wade to
The W��verley nine Limited.
Canadian Pacific Railway
"Imperial  Limited"
an unparalleled tuiccei**.
Tho fastest and best
equipped train crossing the continent.
Steamers leave Fort William
Excursion Rates to
the East and
Apply [or particular, to neiir..'. C.P.U.
agent, or to
WM, 8TIIT,      O. E. HoPHEBSON,
Ae.'t.Geo.Puw.Agt,      Oan.Paie.Agt.
Winnipeg, WiDnlpeg,
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,      -     B.C.
Wo aro Manufacturer, nnd direct Importers, ��i��l parry . large stock of Dalea-M..
Furnaces, Firo Clay Uodd., Scieutilic nnd 1'ractii-nl Books, Oltwsware, Platinum Good.,
Acids. Clieililculs, and nil otlier Assayers' snd Miners' reiptireinelll..
HOLE AU��NTS fer "Uoi-gmi Crucible Conipuiy, llaitemai Beeker'i. Bona'
BaJoJuec, Etc.
Catalogue and full particular, ou application.
Notice Is horoby given thntsixtydays after
..ute I, F. lifiseeUns, Intend to antily to the
Chief CommiMioner of Lanil.i & Works tor
permission to purchase the following described tract of hind, situa-tod three miles from the
Kootonay Kivor on the oust shore of the Upper Columbia Lako In North East Kootenay
District, starting nt a post marked F.'Las-
cellas, 8. W. thence North following the lake
shore thirty chains, thenco East
thirty chains. thence llSouth thirty
chains, thenee west ten chains to place of
beginning, tho whole containing thirty acres,
Dated Sept. 1st, 1899.
Advertise in
T. 1). Fickard,
Gold, Silver or Load  S1.C0
Copper    8.00
(lotil ami fiilrer:    3.110
(iold or Silver and Copper ....   8.60
(iold, Silvor and Lend  -S.0)
QoU, Bilver, Lead and Copper 4.00
Prompt Attention le Smnplo, by mail.
Cajh must aceompauy tho Sample.   .
Pulp kept for three month.*
Front Street, Hevelstoke, B.C.
Rubber Stamps.
Order, for Rubber Stamp, and Seal, will be
received at the GoLuax Eba Office and
eiecuud iritk pmniptitude.
po^ a pine Suit    .
and a Perfect pit
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Habile, Ulnlng, Ftnanelal and
Commission Agent, Commissioner
of th* Supremo Court.
Deeds attested. Parlies represented in
Police, Small Debts and County Courts.
Accounts collected aod disputed claims
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent (or E. A, HAOOEN,
Assayer ft SeUllurglst.
Orfioa at Laxmioi Hotel,
Windermere,  - B.C.
1899. PROVINCIAL 1899.
Under the AiupkM of
The Boyal Affrloultural-St Induitrltl Society of British Columbls
WiUbehaUat,    .
New Westminster, B.C.,
October 3rd, 4th, 5th, dp 6th.
$15,000        In Prizes.        $15,000.
Open to the World.
A Round of Pleasure for Four Whole Days.
Grand Concert each evening, Special attraction at the New We.tmin.ter Opera House-
Mon.ter Eienniem frem all point, at goeatljr reduced rate.. Fer epeeitl teMNt tw
.mall handbills. Ne entrance ne chnrjed for EihibiU.
EXECUTIVK-HI. Worship Maj-or Oreoa. T. J. Trapp, V, 3. Malhwt, Qw. D. BryiiJ-
ner, B.P. Anderson, Aid. J. F. Scott, Ala. M.Sinelair.
F.r Prl-w Lfato, trtVf Tanu, tai Ml pwtlwtiw, wMUt
T. J. Trapp, Pros.,      Arthur Malins, Secy.,
W. H, Keary, Commissioner.


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