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The Golden Era Nov 24, 1899

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Array ?'-'��� ���*
1     James Hrndebson,
Builder & Contractor,
_ A supply ef Bnilding Lime for Isle.
Plaos prepared, Prompt a"^-*1	
can I leave my onl pi* I'm* .ha London
Illustrated News. (Jraililc, Toronto
.Globe .And all Xmas Magazines aud
papers V
at Field's Drug Btoro,  whore Coast
IKtpers are received daily.
VOL. IX NO. 17
GOLDEN   B.C., FR��)AY, NOVEMBER 24 1899.
Per Yeab
H. G. Parson,
General Merchandise,]
Shirts,  Undershirts & Drawers
! California Overalls...
g|H in any color or any size.   No goods ||
r$ in the world so well servo the pur- ||
m posea for which thoy aro adapted ||
'���* as these. 11
Old Miners and Prospectors need ll
11 no introduction to them. ii
tsa ria
|| fresh customers will be staunch E|
|| friends after a trial. 11
|| Imported direct fron San Francisco
|| at the Old Prices, which is 25 pell cent lower than the manufaotur- ��1
ff ors'present quotations.
to* ��� tm
iff*       ^^^^^^LtmnmmM
Just opened up
t   .   Confectionery,
of th* latest Hotels by tb* most popular writers of ths
day. A mood assortment of Drag*, Stationery aod
Sutidrie* io stock.
���R.-W.  PATMORE,
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, - Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Gaps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing1, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neok Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
G.     A.     WARREN'S.
Imperial Bank of Canada
ilBjiiOmrai Tonoxm
raid Up Capitol
> H. S. Howland. President.
T. B. Meriitt,Vlc-o-I-resid.nt IHt.Catheriiies)
Wm, Rarasiiy, Kol-art .IstTray, T.Huthnrliiiiil,
Stayuer, Kilns Holier.., Win. Hondrio.
D.B.WH.KIH, General Mana-tor.
E. IIav, Inspector.
Brandon, Cal-rnry, Eiiinoiilon,
Port-lB* la Pniirie, Prince Altiert,
Hevelstoke, B.C., Nolsnn, B.O.,    -
VnnriHivor, B.C., Winnipeff,
Oolden, B.C., Stratk-ons.
Essex, FerRim, Unit, Hamilton,
InoersoU, Matonel, "Niagara Fulls, Port Col-
Donrns. Rat Portsire, Hmilt lite. Miu'io,
St. Catherines, St. Thomas,
Toronto, Wellaml, Woodstoulirand
Mo-itroiJ, Vue,
Agent* In ttreat Britain!
Lloyd's Banh. Ltd., 72 Lombard St., London
with whom money may be dopoaiteil Ibr
transfer by latter or i-uble to any of the
above branches.
Agent* In United State*:
NEW YORK-lknk of Montreal, Bant of
CHICAUO-Firat National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Beeond National Bank.
Interest allowed on deposits.
Provincial, Municipal nnd otlier debentures
AvAlbible at sll points In Canada, United
Kingdom, Uidted States.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. 0.,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
JWe Yoiijtay Friends?
Certainly, yon have I And of course yon are not forgetting
that Xmai will soon be here. I have jnit opened a alee
Mleetlon of Xmas Goods and wfii be pleated to show tbem.'
W, ALEXAMOER, Jeweller,
  af Four Hundred Dollar*! will to
mi'it to anyono giving information thnt will
livid to conviction of iniyono killing or stealing cattle nnd hori.t-s.of tho following brands,
belonging to tbo Elk Park Bailed Co. and
II. E. Writer.   ..
Cattle Ura-Mdeif:
, j**. On right ril-s, half riitlii sal cut off.- -
H   On loft ribs.
8  'On loft ribs. *
qg  On loft hip.
nonea Branded:
1  On rlylit neck,
1   Cn left sliouldcr.
M   On loll fll.lol-.lln-.
rj  Ou right shoiiltlur.
***"*J   On left shoulder.
Elk Park Ranch Co.
H. fi Forster.
Slucisli. B.C., Sept. 19th, 1699.
Situate in tlio Golden mining Division of
East Kootenay District. Whore locntcd
on north fork of Spllllinat-beue Kiror,
nenr Burns Basin.
Take notice thnt L John Hondersoa, of
Golden, an agont for W. C. Tillson, of Nnlem,
Orogon, U.S.A., Free miner's Certificate
No. 7IKSA, Intosd sixty Hays from tho date
herooi'to apply to tlio mining recorder for a
certificate of improvements for tho purpose
of oMnining a Crown Grant of tho Above
. And further toko notice tliat action nnder
section 87 must lie commenced boforo the
iasiinniie of alli-h cortlttoiUe of ioiprovooicnts.
Dated this 23rd day of Heplembor, 1890.
The Eka will Iii the course of a day
or two Issue a daily bulletin which
will contain all the war news up to
the hour of going to press. We are
nt present perfecting arrangements to
that effect and tfill endeavor to give
tbe publio nothing but reliable news.
The war must soon start in earnest.
and ns the War OlDce asserts, Britain
Is alio-i, to commence ber osmpaign fn
South Africa, nothing but authentic
despatches will bs permitted to reach
theontsldo public.
Why sl-culdn't littlo bacons be called
Armored train* scorn to be the ea 1-
est things yet.
According lo calculations, says an
oiohaige, the Canadian contingent
will reach Oape Town in abaut a week.
Then we may |i)bk for a speedy mar-
render of the Bow forces. That's no
NOTICE Is hereby given tbat au application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Provlnco of British Columbia at Its next
session for nn Act to incorporate a company
with power to construct, equip, maintain noil
operato A line or Hue. of telephone eioctricsl
work., power houses, genamtlon plant anil
all siu-b other appliances tut are necessary
nnd proper fir Ihe generation uf electricity
ororther power and transmitting the same
within and throughout the District,
of Jfisst Kootenay and tbe various
townsites in the said dis- trlut aa
the Company from timo to timo determines and to construct, maintain ami
opera** Ihe same slung the aides ol, aud
across or under any highway, streets, public
bridges, or Say am-h place. In the said district ss the Company from time lo tiino do
terniines, and to construct, erect and maintain such and to many polo, snd other works
and devices ss the Company dsema necessary
for making completing, supporting, using,
working, operating ami maintaining the
system of coniraanloittloi* by teleplione
or electrical works, power house, generating plant snd oilier appliances, and
lo open or break up any part or parts of the
said highway, or atreeta as often as tbe said
impsny, its stents, officers or workmen
link proper,
the purpowsVfthe
undsrtsking to purahaae, aeqtjre, or lease
and hold and sell sad dispose o? or surrender
lands, buildings or tenements within the
limits aforesaid and to purchase or lease (or
any term of years, any telephone line established or to 6* eatabliahed ih British Columbia, connecting or to be counseled with the
lines which the Company may construct and
lo purchase or lease for any term of years the
/iglit of any company**. conatrnct snd maintain in such telephone line .and to amalgamate with or lesao it. line or line., or sjiypet,
Hon or portions thereof to sny company
possessing ss proprietor any line of tele-
phono communication connecting or to be
eoniiectaliwilk- the said Company's line or
lines and to aoqnirahinds,boniuee, privileges
ther aUs ft-om aay persons or bodies
'"B'VraSift **�� ��"��>. aecesaary
_ ocldental rights, -powers or privilege, t*
Doted tide Htt tor Ol October \m.
HABV1Y * MttOaiBTWt,. *
It is rumored that the Northern
Paciflo bus bought the "P.I." for
$325,000, 825,000 being paid in cash
for an option Mtindlng to December
15, when the balance of the money ia
tu be paid. The changes in the business department will he complete,
Polioy���sound money, -Republicanism
And tbe Northern Pacific alway(s),
(By&A. H)       '"	
The McMurdo district beenmo fain-
ons by the exploration of A. McMurdo
the veteran prospector of the Selkirks.
Since his demise prospectors have
travelled thia part of the country from
time to time and scarcely a season
passes but some now strike is recorded,
Amongst the locations of two years
were the Pilch (cameo nnd I. X. L.
These claims were recorded by H. O.
Lowe end H. Biehnrdoson and are
amongst tl.e finest,prospects to be soon
in that j)nrt of the country. The
Pili.liV.nnwu.iB looted on the fucoof a
ridge between tho middle and south
foHwo'f Little HisMiirdo Greek. Tho
prospect discloses u line veiu from fi
inches tu 2 ft. in widih. The vein is
*xposed in paverul places and carries a
uniformly solid bo'ly of*.g:itana and
sulphMoof iron oro which assays well
in gold and silrrr. Tbe couulry rock
i<> schist aud ths vein conforms to the
Up of tho stratification'. The lend
strikes N. 27 W. and dips 34 E. The
elovftlun of the ore showing is 6.HG0
ft. above sea-level und is an ideul place
for mining, timber nnd water being
abuml-iiit whilo tho vnlloy of lhe creek
���"-.fiords flrst'clas means of bnilding a
road and thereby securing good transportation.
The Challenge* is the new name
Kivon to tho relocation of the I. X. L.
This is a really excellent prospect and
was taken up last season by Mr. A. P.
Shaw, of Vancouver. Mr, .Shaw did n
considerable amount of work on the
property, having driven the tunnel 27
ft. in length, wbich is all in ore. At
tho mouth of tho tunuol are two ore
dumps holding an aggregate of JO tens
of high-grade galena interspersed with
Iron pvrites. The ore is gold bearing, j
The altitude of the location Is G,200 ft. I
The vein strikes N. 6E. The vein has;
an apparent dip of 40 E. The ore body j
runs from 18 inches to 3 ft., in width
and is well mineralised. Twonty feel
above the tunnel en open cut b��s bsen
made whioh also shows ore. There is
magnificent water power above the
proporty and plenty of timber around.
The ore is such that wo believe it could
even now be shipped to the smelter at
a profit. '
On the mountiiin on tho south side
ef the confluence of Molitirdo Greek
with the north fork of the Spillimachne
river is located the Undine, in which
Messrs. Lowe, Richardson and Ullock
art interested. This is oue of the most
promising gold roj per prospects to be
seen in tho country. The lertd risen
iu the face of n gulch over looking a
pretty little lake and is at an altitude
of 7,120 ft., above sen-level. The
mountain side from the out crop totho
lake presents a great showing of cop
por float consisting of carbonate end
sulphides. The outcrop of the vein
is at a point of 1A0 ft. above the lake.
A porphyry dyko cuts across the country and In contsot with this dyke is
the big vein of ths Undine, thn out*
crops of which are as much as 25 ft. in
width, and dip at an angle of ():> dgs.
to tht S. The ledge risen through the
country rock like a wed&�� and the
���olidity of its bodv It interupted by
two elate horses of 10 ft., and 8 ft.
respectively. There la a fair amount
of timber at hand and water-power it
alto available frem tht falls below the
lakt. The country reck is schist. An
open ont 3 ft. deep and 8 ft. wide has
bttn mn for a distance of 10 ft. and
into tbe ledge, in a guod showing of
ort. North of the Undine is the Diadem,
which it located on a tmall showing
of very promising copptr pyritlo ore. A
otrtain amount of development work
bat alto been dono on thll location.
B. R, Bruce has from 12 to 14 men
smpltytd on the Delphine and wonld
tektmortmenif ho ooald get them.
$8.60 per day is being paid for good
minert. Ore for shipment it now be-
hu taken out and ih^tdinti will bt
kept up all winter;
Mr. W. G. Mitchell-Innes Honored by the Citlzons.
On Monday evening last the Colombia Hall presented a very gay appearance when about forty of the representative poople of Oolden nnd district
attended to do honor to Mr. VV. Pr.
Mitchell-Innes. Promptly at 10 o'clock
Mr. McNeish notified those in waiting
that all wus in readiness for their
reception. Tho hull was rhsn entered
snd the festive hoard surrounded. Mr.
C. A. Warren took the chair and
Mr J. E. Urifiith th�� vice-chair.
Compliments from evory side were
passed ss to the excellence of tho menu
and It is safe to predict that all present
were more than satisfied with that
part of the programme. Just at the
cleie of the dinner oue of tho menu
cards was passed around and eaoh one
present signed' i*, aud was finally
handed to the guest of the evening at^
his own request.
The chairman proposed the toust to
"Tho Queen," which was drunk witb
musical honors, after which he feelingly remarked tbat tke bachelors of
Oolden were about to lose cno who
had formerly been io thoir ranks,
which he regretted { hut still it was to
add to his future happiness, therefore
any step in that direction would meet
with hia approval. He theu presented
the guest of the evening with a handsome smoker's cabinet, stating that it
was but a slight token of the esteem
tu which he was held not ouly by the
[���eople of Goldon, but of the whole
surrounding country.
On Mr, Mitoholl-Iuncs rising to respond ho was greeted by long and
continued applause. Ho stated that
hit; feelings wero so grrat that he could
not find wofds to express his gratitude
to tho good people of Golden for their
exceeding kindness. One thing was
certain-no matter what the future
might have in store for him, nothing
should erer cause him to forget this
eccasion. Whatever efforts be might
have mado in the pnst fcr the benefit
of North East Kootenay generally
wonld for the future lw far stiortger, if
that could be possible, lie cloned liy
thanking those who had ro honored
him and for thekindlysUusicns which
IihiI \.n*n made to the lady who was
shortly to become his wife.
Mr. Plowright sung '��� Soldiers of the
Queen" and Mr, Ullock "Robin Turn-
hon's Smiddy,"
Archdeacon Mackay mado a very
happy and amusing speech, stating
Htnpllg other things that he hud
obtained from his wife leave of absence
fcr a week, as ho hoped to have a
recturenco of the present event every
evening, and wiih a view of furthering
that object he was willing, in case the
local clergy charged too high, to pr
form the ceremony free.
Tho vice-chairman then \-reposed the
hoalth of "ThoLaditH." coupling with
witb it tlu* names of Messrs. O'Brien
and Scott. The loafit was drank
heartily and Mr. O'Brien called upon
io respond, which ho did wiih much
credit aud added thi>t several of
Iho young meu whom lie saw around
him should also have a littlo of the
responsibility. He fnriherhtated that
lie was pleased to be present at this
his first banquet in Golden, especially
as he was assisting fn doing honor to
an old Calgarluu, Hs complimented
the guest of the evening on his untiring energy and seal in inducing the
English capitalist to invest in North
East Kootenay and unearth the hidden
wealth that lay in the mountains to
ths south nad immediate vicinity,
Messrs. McNaught, Pinkham and
Sample followed in happy speeches, so
that the toast to the ladies was by ne
means neglected.
S-svorol sonps from Messrs. Plow-
right, Gibb, Ullock aud McNeish
followed and were heartily gapplauded.
Mr. F. W. Janet being called upon
stated that whilst ho was not an
orator, such as Archdeacon .Mackay or
the yonng lawyer who to recently
distinguished himsfllf, still be was
mora than ordinarily interested in the
event which would shortly take place,
owing to the relationship which existed, and he trusted the guest of the
evening and hit future wife would
have long life snd every prosperity.
Mr. j. S. Gibb complimontol Arch-
dccmi Mackay en his hiinioons nd*
dross end trusted the young men
around him would tako advantage of
ibe generous offer that had hpeti mado
by ths archdeacon. He concluded by
tendering every good wish to the guest
on the new era upon which ho was
about to enter.
Mr. K. A. Haggen stated he had
occasion several times to observe the
work that had b��n done property by
the guest and as a mining engineer be
felt he could compliment hiin on It.
He was of the opinion no one had done
more Itr North East Kootenay thau
Mr. Mitchell-Innes and he hoped he
would long be tpared to continue on
and succeed in ranking what our district deserved, namely, one of the richest of the Kootenays.
Hon, P. W. Aylmor being oalled
upon responded in a very eloquent
manner and trusted that the guest of
tbe erening should always be surrounded as he wat to-night���by sincere
friends���and judyit.g from his generens
and noble nature, bo had not the
slightest doubt bnt that should always
be tht ease.
The toaat " Our Host" was proposed
by Mr. Gibb In an appropriate speech
and ably responded to by the popular
proprietor of tba Columbia House, Mr.
Rev,. J. P. Evans was oalltd upon
kid delivered a tfeeck wtticK wss !ul.
of humor and muoh appreciated hy the
Several other speeches and songs
followed and an evening that will long
be remembered by all as being a most
delightful one closed with "Auld Lang
Syne" and "Pod Save tho Queen."-1*
Dramatlo Club Entertainment.
Tho first entertainment under the
uiiHpic.es of the Oolden Social nti([
Athletic Club wss held in tho Columbia Hull ou Friday Nov. l"tb. Tho
programme consisted of musienrec'ta-
lion, fencing, single-stick, boxing exhibitions, and a farce entitled "The
Limerick Hoy " Mr* J*, C. Pitte always welcomed by A Onldou audience
rendered "Tbe Alabama Coon" in her
usual taking style. A recitation by
Mrs. J. A. Evans, entitled "The case
of yonng Bangs," was thoughtfully
and carefully rendered. This wes Mrs.
Even's first appearance heforc a Oolden
audience, but wc bespeak for her a
hearty welcome tho next timo she
chooses to uke part in a programme.
The fencing and single stick exhibition by Messrs. MitchelMnues and
Evans was cleverly performed and resulted in favor of tbe former. The
boxing exhibition by Harry Pughe and
Ralph Kenny was certainly n novel
feature of the programme, but it would
be hard to tell which gave the most
telling blows. But the principal event
of tho evening wus "Tbe Limerick
Boy." and those who took part certainly deserve great praise for the able way
in which each one took part, if we
should be asked our "professional
opinion." Paddie Miles certainly had
a great knack of getting other people
into trouble, but in the end it resulted
happily for all connected and proved
himself a clever postman. We hope
that the next performance of the dub
will take place at no distant date.
After the conclusion of the programme a danco followed, during;
which refrethmonts were served. The1
net receipts of the evening were$42.7;\
which places tho club on a good financial buses for the present.
County Court.
There wae a meeting of the County
Court held in Golden yesterday. Tho
following cases were on the docket;���
Moodie et ul versus Nutting- Stands
till neat woort liy fiftHfRBOBt-n?
Three Ten versus Wah Cbong���
Claim J100 nnd interest. Settled.
Then. O'Brien for plaintiff, Geo. &.
McCarter for defendant.
Sache versus Roillv & Co.���Claim
flit and costs. Judgment for plaintiff.   Thos. O'Orien for plaintiff.
Maxwell A Sons versus Sutherland���
���Stands over till next court. Geo. S.
McCarter for plaintiff, Thos. O'Brien
for defcudant.
Queen versus Quinlivan���Thomas
O'Brien appeared for tho prisoner and
stated ho was moving in the Supreme
Court for a writ 6f certiorari and
habeas corpus, and therefore all proceedings in tht! County Court were at
an end. Court then adjourned to meat
next February.
Golden General Hospital.
Tiie following items will no doubt
contradict, the Kamloops Standard's
paragraph as to tbe Golden General
Hospital being at (ho point'of closing
down for want ot support.
That the reduction in our annua]
grant from tbo government is a big
item wo admit, but, with tho large
amount of subscribers we bop�� to keep
our own. The lumbering camps are
our principal supporters which include
Golden, Palliser und Beaver. The
mining camps having realizsd tho value
of being subscribers havo joined in
great number.
We have no hesitation In saying that
tur Geueral Hospital is one of ihe best
of its kind in tbo interior and owing to
its large amount of Subscribers and
economical management we hope to bo
able to continue to keep from debt.
The town people and district includ-
0g Windermere fully realize tho value
of our institution aud are always ready
to give a helping hund whenever any
effort is prlng mado to raise funds for
its maintenance. The plans for an isolated cotlagn for infections cases are
now being drawn hut which was a
muoh needed want and the town will
undoubtedly be ploasnd st this move as
hereafter the patient well receive proper
accommodation without and risk of
the disease spreading. The hospital is
building this out of its own funds, but
as it will bo an exponsivo i'cin before
thoroughly fitted out. wo hope that
our member W. C. Wells wilt do his
utmost to get tho government to give
us some assistance towards this invaluable addition as well ns the reconsideration of our grant.
Tho foregoing will show our contemporary that the Golden General Hospital is in a very -flourishing condition
at tht present time. When it wants to
again give Information in connection
with our publio institution ���our pride
to abtuiii particulars before hand so
as not to misinform the public.
A ve-ry pretty though quiet wedding
took place in St, Paul's church oil
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
when Mr. W. G. Mitchell fnnes, the
popular manuger of The New British
Columbia Limited, was joined In the
bonds of holy wedlock to Miss C.
Howden by Rev. H. B. Turner, B.A. -
Some time before the hour set friths ceremony the church was filled to
the utmost, the fair sex of course being
present in large numbers, all eager io
witnesii the beautiful marriago ceremony of the Church of England.
While the rongre^til ion sang a hymtt
the bride entered, attended by little
Dorothy Jones ss maid of honor. TbO
bride was becomingly -attired in a
travelling dress of blue-grey tweed
trimmed with turquoise blue silk and
velvet, nnd carried a large bouquet oi
roses. Tho weo maid nf honor looked
exttemely pretty In a figured pink silk
dress and SVas much admired. Tho
little maid's father, Mr. F. W. Jones,
gave the bride away. Mr. James
Scott, an intimate friend of ihe groom,
performed tho onerous duties of best
man in a befitting way,
Mr, and Mrs, Mitchell-Innes intended to leave on No. 3 for Banff immediately after the ceremony, but ojj
arriving at tho C. P. R. depot it wai
fouud that the train was iiidnlinhefy
late, so the wedding pally adjourned
to the Columbia House, where a reception was held, followed after dinner by
an impromptu dance, at which a jolly-
good time was spent. ,
Mr. and Mrs. MitcbolMnnss will on
their return occupy a suite of rooms in
the Columbia Honse.
The Eua joins hands with the whole
district in wishing tho happy couple
long life nnd prosperity in Lho venture
upon which they have entered.
(Pram our Own Corrospbhrfbtlt) ���
Mr. and Mrs. J, Stirret leaves for
the enst by to-day's train, Mrs., Stir*
ret is going home un a visit to Manitoba,
while Mr. Stirret goes to Grand Forks
and Greenwood. Mr. Stirret was mining recorder nnd constable here for
the last eight years.
A force of men are busy pulling
down tbe old county .ijut-.mh-uw- ���to*.
he ��.hippe<i to Golden. Donald's loss is
Goldcu's gain in this case.
Our fellow townsman Mr. Manuel
was taken ill fast week in Oolden,
with bad attack of indigestion, however, we are pleased to see Mr, Man tic!
around agaiu, and in the ti-t cf health
Our Genial Postmustdr has been
having I'eiTi&i'kabfo success fishing iri-
tho Coluaibtn, lately, or else he handles
the truth in a reckless manner, "be
careful Percy".
Our worthy C. P. R. Agent Is studying G. B. MoDcrmots furniture list,.
very closely, having already A faiij
amount, Doualdities are quietly speculating as to who is the lucky lady.
A New Railroad.
TheC. P. R. hss n party of enirineors
and surveyors at work surveying a
line through Nicola Valley lo conned
the Crow's Nest Pass railway
with tho main line at Spence's Bridge.
Ono gang is working towards Princeton, and thenco to Keremeas. tied another gang towards Nicola lake and
Sponcis Bridge.
This road will open another nt British Columbia's rich mineral belts: also
a rich ngrioqltnral district. Coitthic-
tm wm wttttrt&4 *mut;:       ��
Manitoba Elections.
Tbo Manitoba legislature has been
dissolved. The election has been fixed
for Dec. 7th.. Nominations will be held
Thursday, Nov. 80th, and polling a
week later. The new leg Mature is,
summoned to meet ou Dec. 21. Tho
people no doubt are surprised that
PHmer Greenway should hav& taken
them by surpiso, aal the campaign*
may now be said to be in full swing.  ,
The Greenway government has been
in power for twelve years and the.
country has almost doubled its population in the meantime! under a wise and'
economical government.
TAKE NOTICE that ;�� dayn after dal��
no intend to apply in tliot'liicfCiiniinisKioncr.
of Lands and Works for a special license to
cut and carry away timber on the t'ollnwintf
deftmhed lamls: -Silnate on -Spring Creek
��ln��tit II milts above its -jnnctiim wilh Toby
(.'rook, in tfio District of East Kontsiinyr
commencing at a post on tlio wont side ot
Spriug Creek, thence north east Go vhsins,
thencfl ojixl TOchaiin, thoiice north 70ch.iiiii��
thence went MX), thence south 70 chains n*
place of commencement, containing 1,0 0
;tiTo<! mora or loss,
john jkkfery:
Windermere, November 7, M9. 51 ..
notice is hereby given thst s-i dim
after date wo inlemt to apply to ths Chief
Commii<sii)uernf Lands nnd works (tt Victoria
for Iho following tinitipi' tiusot -Situaied ou
tlio west *ido of WlndnriT.flra Lake, East*
Kootenay District, commencing at a post.
plniitiMl at tho S.W. corner of Jot. .T47, iheiica
o.ii>t ���!('flidiiis, thonco south HI) chains, thonco
treat Ki chums, thonco north 1L*U cliain%,
thenco east -10 chains, thence south 4Ucnniu%
to placo ot rotntiiencomont, containing wO
acres more or lews.
it. st. j. montizambkut;
Gulden, Nov. 10,189U.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Z*)t day*,
after d.'ttc we,iitfend to imiho application to
the Chief fern in iks inner of Lam's and Works'
lin* a ffii&rial license lo cnt and carry away
timber From tho foilim-in-tr���ilwti'ribeil lancl-s:-*--
Hitnatod an Bonlder Creek, iu the District cf
East,Kootenay,-at or nrar the Forks of name*
commencing at a stakt* planted about IHU
yards cast of the iro k, .tAeuco.160riming
souiL, thence (iih cbauv -vest, |bence 16Q,
choms north, ihmici-U&J chains o��js1 to phU'U,
of coiumeii-Semiftit, containing 'JtiOacres iuor��
Or less.
vV. RKN. ABEL.    ,;*.     a
���a .     oeo, w. FR-BD. cjCftrnr
-tffcr��Aiito;oc�� 9;m:
p.   -v*y^^"** ',v' * A CRIPPLED TRAIN
The Wounded and Hissing -From the
Armored Train Estimated at 150���
Lieut. Churchill a Prisoner.
Estcourt, Natal. Wedneiday, Nov.
15.���Au aruiore.i train having on board
a half company of the Durban volunteers and a half company of the Dublin
Fusiliers, Btwamed ts Ghiveiey, a few
mile* south ot Oolenso, early this morn*
ing. On its return it -waa shelled by
the ar.illery of ihe Boers Two tracks
iu front ot the engine left the rails and
toppled over. While the train was thus
helple.-R the Durbans nud Dablins faced
the Boers in skirmishing order and the
Boers poared thot and shell into
crippled train.
The derai ed trucks were with great
ditllcalty replaced i-ml the line waa
cleared. The engine and tender steamed
back.     Daring this  juncture.  Lieut.
Llcalrnnnt WlnMon Chirohlll.
The gallant sun of the late Lord Randolph Churchill is war correspondent
for a New York paper. He won distinction in the Sudan campaign under
Lord Kitchener.
Winston Churchill, of the Fourth Has-
BarB, a newspaper correspondent of the
London Morning Post and New York
World, displayed much courage. It is
feared the Dablins and Durbans fared
badly. A Red Gross party bus gone
At six o'c'ock tbis morning the Red
Gross train returned, It reported that
ou meeting the Boer patrol the train
was hailed and the question asked what
was wanted. The officers replied they
Ind come with the train to relieve the
killed and wounded. The Boers told
them to make the request in writing
und Dr. BriBtow complied. After waiting for two hours another Boer oame
und informed Dr. BriBtow that as Gen.
 Tntilwint- irM fur QSMMMi t*t% HI IB WSJ* tO tb6
request conld be famished until tomorrow morning. The Boer said that If
Dr. Bristow wonld then return with a
white flag he conld connt upon a reply
from Gen. Jo-jbert. Dr. BriBtow inquired were there many wonuded. The
Boer replied that be had heard thero
were aboot seven. He declined to give
any information abont Lieut. Churchill.
It hus rained all day and ti sti.l raining.
Estcourt. Nov. 17.���Seven of the
Durbans have jr.st come in, making
twenty-three missing. Only fifteen ot
the DablinB have returned. The naval
seven pauuder, which was in front of
the truck, had fired three shots, when
it was shattered by the Boer artillery.
Tbe armored engine has many bullet
marks, and its dome-cover is smashed,
ns also ita automatic exhaust-pipe and
twenty-five ton screw jack. The tender
is also pitted with bullet marks. It 1b
rumored Lieut. Churchill is a prisoner.
Tbe Natal Mercury, describing the
engagement Buys: "The enemy apparently opened fire with a maxim and two
nine pounders, getting tbe range ac-
oaartely. Tbe fire was so severe that
tbe telegraph wires and poles were de*
stroyed. Their gans were posted on a
kopje covered with br.sh wood and
their a harps hooters were hidden behind
boulders. The Dablins nnd volunteers
fighting an -unequal battle drove the
enemy back bat the fierceness of tbe
rifle and gun fire was too much for the
brave little party, which wus m eakened
at tbe outset by the overturning of the
trucks, hurting several. Lieut.
Churchill's bravery a d coolness wai
magnificent. Encouraged by him, nil
worked liko hemes in eleuriug the line
to enable the engine uud tender to
pn��."      ���"* ���***"
London, Nov. 16.���Special dispatches
from Estcourt estimate the wounded
and nursing of the armored train contingent at from 100 to 150. The mis
sing include Captain Haldant. It it
hoped that some on nped over the veldt
and will return to Estcourt in a few
A Montreal-cotton company was fore.
eil tu pay $8"tU to a lm.v i:i yeare ot tig*,
w*no."> I'.i.uW win-!.' u-uHlkoil tn thtlr factory, i  -.  *,
Berlin, Nov. 17.���The Frankfurter
Zeitnng announces that Dr. Belch, tbe
well known German reveller, reports
that fighting has taken place betwi
Armenians and Km da in the village of
Eraeromn, Armenia, fifty person* being
New Vork, Nov. 17.���Two of the
twelve men who ATefo try Ronald B.
Mollneanx, accused of the death by
poisoning of Catherine Adams, for hit
life, have been obtained. It took n��
ly the w> ole of the time cf the trial so
far to accomplish even this slight re.
���alt, however.
-������ i I     It      *.<**���       -%*
tt Means Haaft.
"It's wonderful," said the meditative
man, "how one small word may Induce
an endless train ot thought, speaking vol*
"Yes," the caustic one replied. "Take
the word 'but,' for Instance, when a
woman says, 'Of course It's nous of my
business, but' "���
--Catholic Standard and Times.
Hirltt PImmc.
""I have never asked Edmund If he
loved nny.othorylri before be loved me/*
"Why notf       ��� ���'���
"1 knew, thst tf he hai er had net f
Wouldn't like li*'
Steamer Coiii-stii-ia a Wrcok In Chic-go
Harbor���Los. of Cat-ao, f 10,000.
Chicago, Nov. 17.���Tbe steamer
Coneatoga, ot the Anchor line, lank at
the month of the harbor early thia
morning after having had a raw for
life. The ateamboat, bunnd into Chicago from Buffalo iu a deusu fog, tbat
hnng ovir Lake Michigan, ran onto the
halfway crib, ��� mile and a half ont
from the harbor entrauce and a great
hole waa atove in her bows. Tbe boat
commenced to fill with water fast and
tbere wai a disposition to rash for the
boats. Bnt the captain gave orders to
tarn all steam on and maae a mn for
tbe harbor and commanded the men to
stand to th-ii- pitta. The vessel groaned
nnder the unwonted strain. The
Cout-stoga waa fettling fast and her
speed waa diminishing greatly before
half tbe distance to the piers at tbe
month of th.- harbor had beeu traversed.
Loss 110,000.
Attempted Train Bobbery.
Buffalo, Nov. 17.���A dispatch to tha
News from Erie, Pa., iay< an attempt
was made by a ga-g of masked men to
rob the Lake Shore train at 2 o'clock
this morning The robbers boarded tha
train at A*htabna, a lonely plaoe called
Dock Junction. The exprtsi mes enger
Mapped on to the car for the purpose ot
checking the express bills, when oue of
the gang sprang ou to the oar and broke
several of tbe paoknges. Before he conld
get to where the envelope! weie tho
messenger returned leeiug the robber a
work, and gave tho al .ran. Other
members of the gang, who were guarding on tbe platform at the west nn I of
tlm car, then polled tbe bell rope and
when the train stopped, tbe robbers
jumped off and made tiioir escape In
"-- darkness.
II- mnrkahle Case of longevity.
Mi utn-al, Nov. 17.���There wai a re-
ihiIvi bie instance of longevity at Wind-
ii *int.ou toduy. .7i-i.ii Baptiste Pre*
* * i. -iged 10(1 year/, and his sister-iu*
'ii-j Esther Pilloln, aged 88 jeavs, ur*
I'lveii from St. Anues, where they had
-T'iif the minute-, iiesceuded nnaldel
frim tin train, and entered the oar-
- mie by them elves, to lhe aston sh-
-ii- nl of spectators They drove to tbe
in)* Nunnery, where tliey will pass
Hi winter.
Fire at (hii-ago.
Chicago, Nov. 17.���Fire eaily today
iiictroyed the seven story   building at
i l'i State ureet, in  the  heart of the
-I'livn town retail district,   and caused
loss estimated at tlOiMOO,  besides
- iuviii)! a score of firemen aud spejt*i-
Xho "armored train" which has
i l*iyed aud is now pi ying snch an im-
i ort mt p rt in the war in South Af-
< lea, is a comparatively new instrn-
nent of warfare, and 1 as thus far stood
'Ine lest;. A train or tbis kind is to
ihe laud whnt au uruiore.i ship is to the
-���ea���-a thing of attack, which at the
-ame time is inht-rautly defensive. The
-trniorcd train was ��� used at Mafeking
eery early in the war with Ihe Beers,
uud it haa now demonstrated its usefulness lu its construction the train il
well cui ulated to do the work desired.
It - ousi.tntr*-**** "pTOertul englue and
tender, under which are three Ira.-ks.
Ui** mdes are raised to six feet, are
heavily plated, anil in lhe plates aie
longitndiual slots, ttirou h which the
soldiers within oan ace to aim their
rifles Each iar hns a tarrying capaoity
of sixty-four men. Tlte engineer and
the fireman are complet ly enclosed,
and do not see ahead of tbe train on
lhe track. Tbey operate the traiu by
siguuls, given by the commanding
i.-lll er. lhe armored train is vulnerable
from beueuth, and mu be destroyed by
dynamite, bnt otherwise is fairly Impregnable, ex ept derailed.
Loudon, Nov. 10.���Misfortune stead-
fuBtly ptu-saes tbe employment of
armored trains, the misfortune wbich
hue given the Boers their first and latest victories. On thia last oet aston tbe
British seem lo have walked into a deliberate trap, with the result that, according to the British accounts, ninety
are either killed, wounded or missing.
Tbe rumor ot tbe death of Gen. Jonbert ia diairedited. It is understood
that the war office has newa lhat he ia
still direct iug affairs. It ia also
rumored from Pletermaritaburg that
tbe Boer loases at Ladysmith on Thursday vere heavy, and included General
Lnsas Mayer, wbo was either killed or
wounded. The report aa to Gen.
Jonbert probable arose from the faot
tbat bis wife bad left the Boer camp at
Ladysmlth tor the Free State.
Montreul. Nov. 17 Judge Gill thia
miming in the supsrLr court con*
detuned the Merohauta Cottci company
to pay $850 damages 11 thi pareuts of
thi thirteen and a hull year old boy
whoso hands were crashed while operating s me machinery iu lhe company's
mill. The judge in rendering a decision sta'ed if tha oompany want.d to
save a tew dollars by employing child
labor it must bear tho consequences.
Paris, Nov. 16.���Tbisenat', sitting
as a high court, pas**** th i day deliberating on and rejecting varlons Imp a-
ilhle applications iu b.liulf of M.
Guerin and otber prisoners, whose object, apparently, waa to drag tiie proceedings.
Berlin, Nov. 17.���The Fraukfutter
Zaltnng announces tbat Dr. Belok, tbe
well known German reveller, leports
that lighting has taken place between
Armenians and Kuids In the village ot
Erierouni, Armenia, fifty person i be ng
New folk, Nov. 17.���Two ot the
twelve men wbo are to try Ronald B.
Mollneanx, accused of the death by
poisoning of Catherine Adams, for his
lite, have been obtained. It took nearly the wl ole of the time cf Ihe trial to
far to accomplish oven this slight result, 1 owever.
Ha Waa Brat la OU cklaaara.
Pusher-Gusher la not very happy
In his choice of adjectives.
Usher-Why ao?
Pusher-Mlaa Gumpta ashed for ���
compliment by asking him what hi
thought of ber slippers.
Usher-Aud what did be say7
Pusher-He aald they were Immense.
-Tlt-Blta.         .
Gala-lna; Tim*.
"Well, I can't aee how she flnde tlm*
to write novels."
"Perliape ber hair curia uaturally."-
Pftrolt Journal.
British Make a Bayonet Chaige Into
Boer Trenches-Lookout Tower
Shot to Pieces by the Boen.
London, Nov. 16.���A dispatch to the
Daily Mail from Mafesiug sent by way
of Magalapye, because the rnnuers sent
southward were unable to traverse the
Boer lines, gives an iuteresting account
of tho fighting during the last week in
Ootober.   Tbe correspondent says:
"After the failure to rash tbe town,
Geueral Ouiij had recourse to the tactics employed during the siege of Pot-
cltefstriiom in 1881, making an advance
to tbe town by a succession of trenches
in echelon. Hu -h a move had been anticipated by ub for some time, and for
that reason there haa beeu seut out parties to worry the Boer, incessantly by
night attacks.
These tactics, the enemy disliked, but
he contented himself with a daily fire,
whioh exposed him to little personal
risk. Then Colonel Baden-Powell
played bis Irump card by sending ool
Fitaclareuoe's parly to worry the occupants of the trenohea. The little foroe
atole out silently in Ihe darkueia. Not
a sbot was fired; and the men, with
fixed bayonets, ttreepiug rather than
walking along Ihe veldt, gradually ap*
preached the ohief Boer position near
the race eours -. Tben, us they oloaed
In, there waa a shrill screech; lt was
Fitzolartnce's signal for onslaught.
A rlugiug British cheer, wbioh the
listener back in ths camp caught up
was Ihe only reply as the party dashed
Into the trenches. There was a fearful
���struggle, the attaokiog force oatobing
and bayouetlug the Boers nnder the
tarpaulins where they orouched, crying
for mercy. At least fifty bayonets got
to work and the havoc they wrought
was terrible.
For just a moment there was no ays*
temutic return fire; but thou a perfeot
hailstorm of bullets poured iu from the
trendies to the rear. Again Fitzolar*
ence's whittle sounded. It waa oease
fire and scatter homewards.
The British forces scattered silently,
crossing hack uuder the furious lire in
the darkness to the appoiated rendezvous, where the the roll was called. Ool.
Baden-Powell met and congratulated
Oaptaiu Fitzolarenoe and his men npon
their work, saying that it was a heavy
prioe to pay, hut that the Boers had to
be stopped making rifle trenches within
range of the town. The membera of
the party are uow the envy aud pride of
the garrison. Even the Boer commander, Botha, expressed admiration of the
attack, uud added that he would take
Mafeking ere loug. for he meant to do
oue thing or the other.
Suuday pissed quietly, tbo volunteer
band playing in tbe women's laager.
All Suuday night the Boer, poured a
rifle into the town, lt was set going
after dinner ou Suuday evening, wben
Ool. Baden-Powell hoisted a red lamp
on the cotuniauage, which was the
signal of Capt. Clarence's night attack.
The���run answered splendidly. "The
moment" tho light appeared, the Boers
opened fire, and their fusilade lasted
the whole night through.
There haa been a tremendous waste
of ammunition. Indeed, it 1b estimate!,
that 80,000 rounds of ball cartridges
were wasted on the occasion of the
night attack ou the Boer trenches.
Double rations have been served out to
the men, who are under shelter, ao as to
be on the safe side If the Boers should
sweep the towu by a _iong range rifle
fire. The garrison is .musing on finely.
The shelling oontinued all Suuday at.
intervals. About 4 o'clock iu the afternoon Gen. Ornnje seut in a flag ot
truce, giving Mafeking a laat chance to
surrender at the eleventh bonr. While
the white flag was receiving attention
the heavy bombardment continued."
The dispatch tben describes Gen.
Oronje's great attack of Monday, the
details of whiob bave already been
oabled from Col. Baden-Powell's official dispatches. "The end came," says
the correspondent, "after five hours'
lighting. Tbe enemy retired, being
heavily beaten for all time so far as
Mafeking is concerned. It was the hottest day of the Beige and the firing waa
terrific, the Boers evidenty recognizing
that tbe way iuto Mafeking, if any,
was by a kopje, which was galautly de*
fended by Ool. Walford'a men. The
garrison is jubilaut, while the Boen
have been hurled back In disorder to
their laager and will have to content
themselves with a loug range bombardment, unless tbey are strongly reinforced.
The enemy lost heavily, and for
hours after their fighting Hue had been
rolled baok, two wagons weut slowly
along tbeir position, picking up their
dead and wonnded. The Kopje resembled a shambles after the light. All
the men wer i killed by bullets or shells.
The lookout tower was shot to pieces,
while even the saddles of horses were
fearfully buttered. The whole plaoe
waa simply smashed up by the concentrated fire of aevenguns and a thousand
rifles. The Boers at first held on their
advauce pluckily, but they could not
live when they came to short range,
tb* man being abot down at 800 yards,
, Fox Bay Settlers.
Ottawa, Nov. in.���In connection
with the Fox Bay settlers on the Island
of Antieosti, wbo are in poor ciroumst-
anoes, it is laid that the federal government will be viil'iug to pay their
faroa to Manitoba or the Northweat.
They will nave no difficulty ip earning
* livelihood and no better off than It
they had never qnaneed with Menier,
the owner of the island.
Oooilorliatli- anil Hlnirkrflccl:, of Toronto, hare .i-i-ureil cmili-iil of many
British Columlila rli-li mining in-optr.
A-Clean llocket.
Moosomin, N.W.T., Nor. It.���Th*
fall lilting! ot the supreme court ot Aa-
aiuiboia East, opened here today,
Judga Wetmore presiding. There being
no critninal docket the old oustom of
presenting the jndge with ��� pair ot
white kid glovaa was followed by
Sheriff Murphy, after whioh tbe judge
made aome auitablo remarks. The civil
oaaea an now being heald.
Fox Day settlers on Antleoste island
will b�� assisted In removing to Manitoba sr the Territories Or the. Dominion
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 hard at Fort
William, 67Jj**��
Flour���Oguvie'a Hungarian patent,
11.80; Glenora, tl.lt; Manitoba strong
bakers', 1.60; SXXX, 11.18; Lake ot
the Woods patent ,t 190, strong bakers',
|1.70; Medora, ��1.6U; XXXX, $1.10
per saok of 96 pounds, delivered ia
Millteed���Bran all. shorn 111.
Ground Feed���Best Oat onop, ISO
per ton; mixed barley and oata.tl8.00i
barley chop, 16; Oilcake, |��7 per ton.
Oats���No 2 white, 87 to S8o, and
teed grade... 26c on track hare.
Barley���26 to H7o to; feed; malting,
84 to 88c, car lob.
Flax���At country points, 11.16 per
Wheat���At oountry point., 88 to 67o
per bushel.
Hay���Baled, to 00 ou traok, Winnipeg; Loose, |< to |i.
Butter���Oreantery, 21Ho at the lao*
toriea; dairy. 18c for tiuesi gradea.
Cheese���11% to 18c at tha factorial
for Manitoba.
Eggs���Dealers paying lgo at oountry
Vegetables���Potatoes,40o per bushel:
carruu, 80u per bushel I turnip., l��H
to 16o per bushel; beets, it to too par
buskel; parsuipa, )'jo per pound;
cauliflower, 60 to 76c per doa; onions,
lo to 1 Hi: per pound; cabbage, 60o to
7Bo per dea, celery, 80o par dozen
buuohes; pumpkins, 76o to II.BO par
dozen; squash, lo per pound: Hub-
baid, ifio; mat-low, UU to 78? par doa.
Seneca root���86c per pound.
Hides���luipeoteo hides, So I, IH".
No.tMXo; No.!), GJfo. Branded bldaa
grade No. ��, and lulls Na I. Kip,
7c; call, 8 to 8J40; deakln skins, It
to 860 eaoh; sheepskins, trash killed,
6O0 each; oountry sklua and lambs, 8O0
each; horsebides, 6O0 to 7 60 eaoh.
Wool���Unwashed Manitoba fleet*-*, 7
to 8c per pound.   None offering.
Dressed Meats���Beef, good to choloe,
6H 10 Wl mutton, Do; lamb,
lOo; veal, 6 to 80; dreated hogi, Ofc to
OH per pound'
Poultry���Torkeyi. 1*H to llo per
pound, dressed weight; geeae, 10c par
pound; ducks, 106 per pound; mixed
lots chickens, lOo per ponnd.
Game���Teal duoks, 160; fall dnoks,
80 to !6o; mallards,80 to 40o par pair;
small geese and wavlei, 8O0; large
geese, 76o.
Tallow���8H lotHo per pound.
Oattle���Good to choice steers; to to
8 \o per pound off oars; common, * Jt
to 80; Blockers, 2fi to 8*^0.
Sbeep���Choice gtades, 4o per ponnd;
lambs, 4 10 6c per poui-d
Hogs���Ohoioe weighta, 60; seconds,
4*1^0 ret pound.
Milk cows���Very scarce.* Good milkers, from $85 to 160.
Hoi ses���Good Heavy animal! weighing not leaa than 1,400 pounds, flit to
1176 eaoh. Lighter hoiaes, for road
purposes, 1110 to 1140 eaoh.
Pay In SOB1P for Dominion Land! and'
Save 20 par Cent. Discount.
For full information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any offlce of the MBBOHANTS'BANI
CANADA In Manitoba or the West.
Reported  by Alloway k Champion,
Stock Brokers, Winnipeg.
Bank* I*--*   Bm*
Montre.1       Wl �����
Hutaon'a        a�� ��*<
Toronto ��
Hemhsatrf        li" ���*>
W.rEo��le XD      *�� tit
P.-��� .7        It) "*'���
Coiiimpn-lal Cable .*       -6 ���*)
Montre.lT.1       18) ���
llli-h.AUnt.Nsv .'.        UO'-. >0tK
City Pas.R'y       !>! ��
HiiIltoxB*yf.        IJJ ,��!
Montreal Ou       IN *�����
Toronto B'y         ill ft,
DulnlhP.eferr.-d        JMI \*f*
CS.W-L.nd         �� ��
Can.Pac.B'y, Montreal         SB StM
Oan. Pac. B'y. London         to i ....
Money,timo          ** ....
Money on oall          *H ....
Quoted  by Alloway k Champion,
888 Main street, Winnipeg.    ���
Retch-marks. .'. t*o.*S 1-4
At-slrt.li Gulden WW
Holland Guild.!. M
Franea .;....... li M
Boutin Roubles ��� MM
Finnish Markka.    .1.
Kronor tt
J Paris, Nov. 16.���Daniel Dnpuls, the
engraver who designed the ncent t n
and fire o mime piece!, wai shot dead
today by his w le, wbo committed iui-
oide. She bad fcr some tlm*> pait
showed ligns of madness.
11 ** a���i nn
Winnipeg, Nor. 18.���0. 0. Maodon-
ald, wbo flnt oame to the province al
Manitoba aa Dairy lmtruotor for tha
Dominion government and who hu toe
nearly live yean aince filled tbe position
of dairy oommlssionerfor the Manitoba
provincial government, haa this month
levered hll connection with tha latter
to take an engagement aa travelling representative for tbe manufacturers ot
the widely known "Alexandn" and
"Melotte" cream separators. Mama.
R. A. Lister A Uo.. Ltd., ot Winnipeg*
I). Hi Prisoners Break Loom.
San Frauolico, Nor. 14,���One hundred and oue military prlnmen on the
transport Indiana, jut arrived from
Manila, broke through a balkhead
separating their quartan from tbe com]
mwary store and secured several case.
of whiskey. Alter drinking large
quantities of liquor they splintered tbe
wooden bars of their prison with a nub
and nn over tba ship, threatening lo
kill anyone who dared lo obeokthem.
The officen called all tbe available men
lo duty and a fearful hand to band oom.
bat ensued. The drunken men fought
witb vloionsnees. and bad to be literally
beaten Into inieniibtlity befon they
wen quelled. A doien or more ot tbe
rlngleaden wen put In irou, and the
nit of tbem placed in BOHtey confinement and kent on bread eat water.
Brisbane, Nov. 16.���The Canadian-
Australian steamship Warrimoo sailed
from hen tor Vancouver on tbe 10|h
tait.'. ' *
i A gong of Mventy-flve men have
itarted traok laying en the Waakada
branoh ta eonthera KulMM**.
|k- condensed news. -#
Friday. Nor.nab.r   -7.
No oliatrvation. ol tt:. .liM-tluc niev.
NT. were -iractlcttbl. in England.
Pr.mlt-r UrMaway lin. (.sued ti meal.
I..ti. to the .lector, ot   Mountain.
Th* steamer coaxtsga wa. loat ia
Otlcaai. harbor with lur 110.000 cargo.
Thn tnknn royalty collect.-! thi. uk.
sou up to Nor. 1st, amouma tu |TW*>
Albert Latouicllc Im. t>e.n 8rr..ted In
Ottuwu lor th. muni?;' ol William
An oxpl-..lon In a ..iiu storey Chicane, liulliliii-i ilurlnt* a tire lulwrd ir any
���ft-ctatur. and firemen.
Mr. Dunplace, Qeruiau cou.ul at San
Juan d. Porto, died Irout .xpo.nr. during- tho burning ol   the Patria.
Messrs.' Mackanal. and Mann are en-
fated lu adrauclng railway, ooal and
���teel eut.rprl...  in   Nora Scotia,
TU. n.��- Victoria hoililtal. jt London, Ont.. erected at a cost ol (100,000,
we. formally o;icned by Mayor WlUon.
An action tor .lander I. In brolrMS
at the Wlnnlp.�� anise, lu which Emer-
eon dl.lrlcl tanner, ar. the principal..
ThormUy. November le
Hon. F. B. Latohford'. majority la
louth Renfrew wo. 811.
Brasll clelirated ye.l.nlay the tenth
birthday of   thu republic.
Or. McCue, late .xnniln.r at Uuw.on,
ha. r.turned to Victoria.
Chin... al Monteo. Hainan province,
murdered two French olflcra.
ShootlnB meteor, w.r. olissrv-Hl ut
McUlil unlver.lly, Montreal,
Aid. Mather, and Wllwn ar. In the
Held for the Winnipex mayoralty.
The vIIIuki- of Port ;*..iniiti'U, 11.0.,
wa. dctmyeil by lire; loa. 170,0*10.
The Vatican ha. announced It. n.a.
trallty In  the South Alrlean war.
0. N. Ducharnio ha. acc.pt.il th. pr..
eldency of   the Uanque Jnei|U.. (.'artier*
Damnilck Droa. .tore at Fleming.
Aaaa.. was robbed by burglar's ol  3*560.
Belli, til. American loek.y, won thr..
Ilr.ti, agnln.t odd. at the Leictar meet.
I��f.   !
Wailneeday, November 18.
Tlte trial of Iloland B, Holineux hu
started In New York. ,
Efneet Jeein, of Fort Arthur, lute
dlmppeareo myaterkwily..
The changes in tho C. P. S. time
table wilt take elfeot Sunday.
Four trunks, containing human bodice, have been discovered in St. Louie
The Victoria poller oommlasionen
will Investigate Insln*..... ne against
the  force.
Western amateur skaters have de.
cldext wi form an association and hold
a eerlee ol races.
Admiral ecniey Is leaving to command tne 0. it", squadron In South
African waters.
An interesting quintette of bank
awlttdlera nave been arrested In New
Turk and Pittsburg.
Kroner, Conservative member for
Gait Elgin, waa unseated by the court
ot appeals In Toronto.
Tuesday. November 14.
Tho money rate at Canadian lAnki
has advanced.
H. D. Beveildge. a Calgary sheep
rancher, Ulea eiiddenly.
H. Appel. a pugilist, ii dying from In.
furies reoelted In a light.
The !-��� 8. cruuer Brooklyn. In Man*
Uu wt.ti.rt. was wrecked.
Uto. Goutti. recently allot In Calgary,
la prugreaeiiig toworili reoovery.
Uexlcana mid Indians engaged In a
severe couMct at Fort Augautura,
Ilerda ol Canadian *it lid auimals will
be purchased for Baufl N'ti lonnlpark.
The Ctihiuou and Qraml Truutt rail*
way la to undergo loret-lu-iure pioc-ed-
tolf.- --.....*._,
Japan boa relused lo graut Bueslr
a wa trout on Massampo harbor ta1
Corea. *
Andrew Butherford, a well known
Toronto loan company manager, cum.
Bitted suicide.
Monday. Nov.mb��r 18.
A n.-v curling elub ha. ue.u organised
at Morris.
T. A. Bell, a well known Wlnulnei cltl-
sen. died Irom blood poisoning.
Mr Alfred Harni.wortli denies be will
ehall.ng. Ior th. America enp.
Hilda Blake will uroliably plead guilty
ot murder at the Brandon assises.
Mile. Frevllle, a French inu.lc hall
artl.t. waa killed lu th. atrota of Marseilles, ,: .1.
The Portage a..lie. havo adjourned
until Nor, 2-*ud. Two iudgm.nt. war.
Th. Vancouver polio. Inre.tlgalloo hns
ao tor rssulted in th. dlsmlHal ol two
Th. Colnmbia will probably go to
Britain and. rae. lor English, Irish and
Scotch cups,
Oaaadlan caul, arriving In Belgian
must be slaugiiter.d wlihln thr.. day!
ol  landing.
Th. Shrd aniiivei-.ary ol the fouadlag
ol Holy Trinity parl.li waa celebrate!
la Winnipeg.
Manager Uill.lt, ol th. Bank ot Oo
mares, Atlin, aad Miss sutti.rland, wen
married la 1Vlnnlp.it.
A locomotive cra.hcd Into a box ear
containing railway laborer, at Dsalsoa,
Iowa* 20 war. Injured.
Saturday, November 11.
The Erin and Shamrock have
the Aaor...
August Becker, the cl ago wife mur.
darer, wae banged.
Train, will run between Columbia and
Rossland a.xt March.
Tb. Jamaica iilnututlon. ware rased
by recent hurricanes,
Bussian troops ar. .aid to he marching toward. Afghan frontier.
The Empr... ol Jniiiiii carried ever
MO passengers to th. orient,
Aurora council celebrated tbe 16th
birthday ol th. 1. 0.0, T. in Manitoba.
Tho British .team.r AeayriaB arrived
at Antw.rp badly damag.il hy Atlantis
Geo Krugar, ol Chicago, nephew el
the Tran.vaal iira.ld.nt, wu married at
Sandwich, Out.
Tender, tor th. Britiab war land treaa.
ary hill, to the amouat ot ��8,000,000
war. allotttd,
Alfred Harmaworth, ol tbe Loadoi
Daily Mall, will eliall.ni. for tke Aster-
lea eup aext y.ar.
������Her tf leliea llagle.
Bed Deer, N.W.T., Hot. It.
HaglaandAlf Qnlgley. her brother,
wen oommltted for trial today on a
oharge ot murdering Nelson Bagel, at
Poooka, ou tha Edmonton and Calgary
railway, in June 1888.
Tbe Oape authorities hare Miaed
a wlnlen telegraph plant fonnd oo
board a vessel destined for Delagoa Bay.
There la said to be no friction between Itn-wla and Japan, according to
tlio London Tlmoa' oorreapbndent.
Ogdenaburg, N.T., Nor. It.���A submarine telephone cable wu inooesifully
laid acnae the St Lawrence river today
between thli city and Presoott, by tbe
Bell Telephone oompiny. TaeeaUtta
one mile and a half In length, ooatalns
all oondnoton and weighs 10,000
Oblcago, Hov. 18 The Broom Man
-afaetnncaaaiociation met today to take
Itepa towards protecting tbemaelves
agalaetthe liwnoiedpriMe forbroma
���on. It If Mid aa advaaw no bnoaM
boa |t to 11.11 pn doea*-. -rill bt
8 ������ 8
S   ���tomffct*la4|laftutd flair ft��U^ g
g Thai WH Not IHad. " o
One of the old Ume "druuuiifrB." wbo
bM beet In tbe harness nwirly Unit ft
cwitnry, recently ipun a yaru which wae
listened to one erening by 11 number of
the profession, aud a constantly inerais-
ing crowd of llstenere, who were treated
to a tale worth reproduction, as It Is odd,
unique nnfl slightly romantic ns well at
hair raising. As near ns can be recalled,
the old gentleman told his story about
as follows:
"Nearly 40 years ngo I wns nn adventurous young chap ou my way from tb*
stute of New York to some uew points
In tbe Buckeye State. I had been on tbe
road for a time as what you now call an
old fashioned traveler, but wns out of
employment then, and was working my
way aloug from place to place, without
any particular object lu view beyond the
possibility of reaching the Western Reserve, where I had friends whom I might
appeal to, urtlesi I struck something bet*
ter eu route.
"I had got well along through western
Pennsylvaula and had gathered In a few
dollars at one small village, hut was soon
obliged to start ont for new fields, I concluded I would more to a larger point
about 00 mllet to the west through a
sparsely settled and wild country.
"I began my Journey shortly after tun
up one day ond made very good progress
until 2 or 3 o'clock, wben a storm arose,
and I took refuge In a cave 1 could see up
on the hillside In the cliffs. It kept me
firy, but I lost my bearings when 1 came
out to rename my journey, and In two
minutes I had no Idea whicli way 1 was
"1 kept going, however, and when
night came on 1 hadn't tbe remotest conception of my bearings except that I was
tn tbe woods aud tbe only road about me
did not appear to lead anywhere. After
floundering about until 8 o'clock or later
perhaps 1 struck what appeared to be a
more generally traveled roadway, and in
the distance along Hint highway I saw
what appeared to be a light in n window.
"I itruck out that way. I kuew from
experience that western Pennaylvaulans
were, as a rule, hospitable and generous
to a fault with strangers nnd doubted not
but that I would find a cordial welcome.
"It was a house of weatherboarding
and logs nnd much more pretentious than
others I had seen along the road, but Ita
situation wns decidedly tbe loneliest 1
bnd ever seen. It wns practically In tbe
midst of a big wood.
"I stepped boldly to the door and
knocked. It wns opened quickly by a
comely woman, who showed signs of
alarm at my appearance, though she bad
opened tbe door as quickly as though she
bnd been looking for mc. She did not
ask me to come in, but 1 told her I was
lost, hungry, tired and dirty nnd sleepy
and begged her to accommodate me for
tbe night.
"She said she was sorry, but - the
couldn't- do it. 1 nsked her how far It
waa to the next honse, nud when she told
mc it wns three miles I told her sbe
wonld bave to take me In whether sbe
would or not, as 1 was utterly tuckered
ont and couldn't walk a rod farther.
"She hesitated, but finally said I could
stay, provided t didn't have any objection
to sleeping tn n nmin witb a corpse. I
wasn't looking for that sort of n roommate, aud the proposition stnrtted ine.
But I wns tired enough to have slept in
a morgue, and I told her It would be all
right, If ihe could brace me up .with a
bite of supper.
"She fed me In a few minutes ou a lot
of cold things, all of wbich tasted very
good, aod then she conducted me Into the
adjoining room,' whose chief nccupnnt
was tbe corpse, lying on a table covered
with a sheet A lounge stood alongside
the wall not far away, aud this, the hostess informed me, 1 might occupy.
"She offered uo information concerning
my roommate, nnd I was sufficiently polite hot to ask for none. Evidently tt was
no one ahe cored much about, is ihe
showed' no signs of grief,
"A lamp was burning dimly on the
mantel, and by this she aald I could light
myself to bed wben I was ready to retire. I wos ready as soon as she got out,
and in a minute had off my muddy boots
and coat, and was soon under the only
covering the lounge afforded���a piece of
cloth, which resembled an old cost off
horse blanket of some kind.
"While 1 was absolutely fagged out, I
couldn't go to steep, though I doxed a little during the first half hour. The
strangeness of tbe whole business grew
upon me each time I turned over to start
In on a much needed nap, and 1 began to
recall th* tales I had heard about counterfeiters, Illicit stills, etc., In tbat section.
"At last I opened by eyes wide ond lay
watcbtng the figure upon the tnble. or
rather the outlines os shown b; the sheet.
While thus engaged I saw o movement
beneath the sheet, and before I had time
lo think of ghosts or realise wbat lu thr
world was going on, the corpse imeti'ij
the n!ie"t down in front of him aud beckoned for me to come over.
"I thought I bad nightmare, perlmps, |
and himply stared In dumb amusement.
It beckoued again, and still r&elrlng uo
response, swore at me In a vigorous whisper and told me to get up and ceuie closer
to bim.
"Now, I hod lots of grit, hy Inherit*'
once, and my wits were gradually returning to me. I was about to defy
ghosts and everything else of tbe sort
and walk over toward the supposed
corpse, when there was a sound of
wheels outside, and 1 could hear a bors*
oud vehicle driven op and bolted la from
of tbe house.
"The corpse hastily motlonad me to
lie down again, and dodging beneath bis
sheet as he waa at first, a profound silence reigned In the room. Everything
was as dim and mysterious os lt was be*
fore tbe disturbance.
"There was mor* moTtntat In the next
room, however, and t heard tbe woman
open the door carefully and let In a '
mnn, whose voice I could heer now and
tben aa the two talked In low tones over
something wbich .appeared to pleas*
thero a good deal, as they laughed quite
heartily at .times. One* I thought I
saw the sheet on th* table shake, but I
wasn't quite certain.
"lt was then about 0 o'clock, and I
fancied some neighbor had come In to sit
up with the dead. Presently the woman
opened the door of onr room very gently,
tiptoed over to tbe table, looked around
to see that everything was all right, stop*
pod a moment os If to listen to my
heavy breathing, Indicating that I was
sound asleep, as sbe supposed. Then
she slipped out again, softly closing th*
door after ber.
"Instantly the corps* sat up listening,
und I could see that It was o well built
mun, not much emaciated for a dead
man, I thought, ond on tbe whole not a
bad looking or unintelligent appearing
fellow. I listened, too, and could hear
the couple In tbe uext room talking os
before, but finally, after o f*w minutes,
they weut into ths far room from tb*
other side of the main apartment, In tb*
center ot the house, wher* w* could not
even bear their voices.
"Tben tbe mon on th* table turned bis
attention to me, having thrown aside th*
sheet aud ut up, He was attired In Ws
best clothes for tbe funeral, but was Iii
his stocking feet He asked me to get
Us boots out of the corner, which 1 did.'
He tben went on to tell me, hurriedly
and scarcely above o whisper, that h*
bad beard roe com* In and knew I wss a.
stronger, and hs wanted me to stand bi
him In case he needed assistance.
"He snld that the woman wu bis wife,
and tbnt the man with her waa a .neigh-.
bor, who wanted to marry her, and tbuf,
thoy bad connived together to poison
"Tho poison had worked oil right np tii
a certain point, but In the 24 hours ho
bnd been 'laying out* It had loat Its grip,
some way, nnd he wasn't as dead as tbey
thought be was. He wasn't feeling
especially strong and healthy just then;
he snld. but thought he was able to havf
a little settlement with the guilty coupl* -
that would afford bim considerable gratP.
ficatlon, If bis plans worked out without
a hitch.
"After having explained this much to ���
me, he asked me to wait until he came
back or called for roe, and, taking on a**.
that stood In the corner bythe fireplace,
he went ont ot the room. TVhat happened during the next ten minutes 1 do not.,
know, but nt the end of that time tbo:
man came back without the ax and, tell*, \
Ing me that everything was nil right
asked me to Jain biro In the main room,
while he got something to eat aud espo-
dally something to drink. ,',
"He nsked me to drink with him, which-
I did, and nl��o asked me to hold open his
carpetbag while be filled It with such
nrticles as he might need for n journey.
Ho suggested nt tbe same time that it
might perhaps be jnst ns well If 1 didn't
nsk auy questions, which hint 1 carefully
followed.   The strain was beginning to
tell on mc, and I-was getting anxious to. ���
Ite somewhere else, 1 didn't really car* ,
"In a few minutes my friend wos ready .
for his next move, and, Inviting me to foi-**.
low him, we went out to the vehicle wo ���
h*d beard driven up an hour or so before, ���'
nnd. getting In, he drove us nway u fast .
as the darkness aud condition of tbe road
wonld admit. Ha sold nothing for two .
hours, when he stopped suddenly nud told
me we were to port company there.
"He uid It was the forks of the rood,
and off to tbe left I wonld find o store -
and half way house, where I could find
a bed till morning. As for himself, he
would go In another direction, and, with
many thanks and a cordial good night, bo
rapidly disappeared in tbe darkness.
"I found the inn all right and got a bed,   '���!
but .didn't sleep much,   1 Was too busy
thinking.   Wben morning came, I uid ���:
nothing to my host, for I had made up '
my mind that whatever my companion
of the night before had done he bad had
good reason for doing, aud I would not
be Instrumental In having htm suffer moro   *
th>n he had already suffered.
"I asked a few casual questions at tho   .
breakfast table, but tbe man and bis wife
both appeared to be ofrold of counterfeiters or moonshiners and would scarcely
say a word.
"A year and o half afterword���I bad
reached Ohio tben���the newspapers, not
as enterprising os they are now nor by
any means as numerous, contained tho
story of tbe finding of a couple of skeletons In a lonely house lu a remote section
of western Pennsylvania and near them
an ax with rusty blood stains upon It
"I hove often wondered why thot man
did not set the honse on firo when ho
left It, nnd I con account for his not doing so only upon the ground that he did
not wish to moke me a wltneu to any
criminal act on bis port.
"A thousand times since I have wondered whatever became of that man, If
he ever went back to the seen* of hia
crime and where he located after leaving
that lonely house In the woods."���Philadelphia Press,
Logical Reaalt.
"I don't se* why you should raise tbo
price of milk. It Is high enough already."
"Don't you know, ma'am, tbat tba
price of beef haa boon raised nbout 90
per cent? Tbo milk has got to go up
along witb tha rut of tha cow."
For the Dominion government Was Unable to Find *
dure for ITCHING FILES���After 9 Team of
Torture He Wss Positively Cured by
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Mr. O.P.St. John, the Dominion Inspector of Steamboats,
residing at 246 Shaw street, Toronto, was for many years chief
engineer on the lake steamers, and is a prominent citizen.
In the following voluntary letter Mr. St. John tells of his
efforts to rid himself of the misery of Itching Piles and of his
final success by using Dr. Chase's Ointment. - He says:���
" I suffered for nine years from itching piles. At times
being unable to sleep on account of the annoyance caused by
them. After trying almost all remedies'in vain, I began the'
use of Dr. Chase's Ointment, which entirely cured me. I
cannot speak too highly of it. I have recommended it to
several of my friends, all of whom have been cured by its use."
Dr. Chase's Ointment is an absolute eurtlbf'jtfjfcr rth is'
the only remedy guaranteed fo cure pil-M, whether Win*, itching,
bleeding, or protruding. It is the only pile1 cure having the
endorsement of eminent physicians md of the best citiuens in
the lalld,   At all dealers, or EdmanwH, Batm & Co,, Toronto. Q-oLDEisr Bra.
Pretteketf In front of tfee Gallawe to
��� Condemae* Mon,
Henry XI. Clemencc, tbe auctioneer, iu
the course of his business dealings with
men throughout Worcester county wires
Into possession of many peculiar prints,
but he possesses none that he prises more
than a copy of a sermon delivered by the
Kev. Thaddeus Maccarty, the Revolutionary pastor ot the Old South church,
to if negro about to be hanged for a
heinous crime. In th* ante-Revolutiou-
' ary days It was the practice to bring a
doomed criminal Into church and have
the preacher give him a spiritual seiid-
offr Thii sermon was delivered in tbo
year 1768, long before the Bostouese took
It into their heads to sever diplomatic, relations between the American colonies
and their Uncle George, tbe English king.
This particular colored man was apprehended, tried and sentenced to be hanged
���by the neck. History does not give th*
Cull name of th* colored man who waa
preached to witb a rope around his neck
and a grave dug within sight, but In the
sermon he ia referred to as Arthur, ur
more specifically and with a view to giving Arthur a tip that there was no slip
of the noose likely In his case, ."tho dying
The Rev. Thaddeus was a great painter with words, and to the unfortunate
j, Arthur be pictured tbo aether world with
���Told fashioned colors. To read the sermon even at this day one with a powerful
imagination can almost sniff the brimstone and can realise how Arthur must
have felt If he sat thero with the whole
of Worcester county occupying the pews.
Arthur probably wasn't tickled to any
Ho wu Informed that a cot bed made
of brimstone, with a mattress lined with
live coals that uever burned out, wus
aWalting him In the event of bis dying
Unpenitent. According to references in
tbe sermon to the people, there must have
Im+ii a large number present. Io fact, in
those days, wben prizefights, horse races
and even tbe smoking of tobacco were
held to bo sinful, seeing a murderer off
on his last Journey was about tbe only
sporting event of tbe times, and tbe peu-
' pie docked but in large numbers to see
the trap sprung and the victim drop.
This sermon was printed by Kneeland
A Adams of Boston, and the exact date
of its delivery was Oct. 20. 1708. Tbe
pastor of tbe Old South church was evidently an expert at this sort of preaching, for he was lu In great demand, and
' there are the bodies of murderers buried
lu the Greeu Hill district, one of them
woman, to whom he preached In tbe
o|H-ii air In Worcester toward the close
of the last century.
Mew a Drnkea fliikaad Was AMe i
Ssttr Mae hyaOetermined Wife.
She -a-rltes:���"I had for a long time been
thinking ol trying the Samaria Presorip-
ilon treatment on my husband for hia
lrlnklng hablta, but I was afraid ho would
Jleooverthatlwaa giving him medioine.
md the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but one day when he
same home vorr muoh Intoxicated and
his week's salar-r nearly all spent, I threw
iff all (ear end determined to make an
.Sort to save our home from the ruin I
law coming, at all hasards. I aent foi
rotu-Samaria Prescription and put it In
bla ooffee ae dlreoted next morning end
mtohed and prayed tor iho result Al
noon I garo him more and also a~t supper.
He never suspected a thing, and I thee
boldly kept right on giving it regularly, al
dieoovered something that set even
OVER $1,000.00.
Spent during 25 years on
Catarrh Remedies and
Specialists, by a weahhy
mill-owner of Port Ellington, B.C. At laat cured
Japanese Catarrh Pure.
Mr. Joseph  Little, the well known mill-
owns* of Port Eisbigton-. B.O.,  formerly of
Vancouver, writes:  "Japanese Catarrh Oare
hss completely cured me of catarrh, whioh hsd
obled me for twenty-five yean.   I ban st
 bruit times spent over one thousand dollars
with different specialists la Ttoronto, Buffalo
and Ban Trauoisoo, besides trying all
other remedies, but tbe result waa only temporary relief ���_ -H��*rln�� 0/ ���*��� rsnuufcabfe 	
**      - -L   ma ���*���!�� i.r������   ���__���   ���    ���_,.
.���.. ,, _. ,.,-j,��nd alnoe oompletti _
treatment have not felt Uw slightest symptoms
of my former inmble. I feel that I cannot say
too mnch In Its favor; the first application gave
J treat relief.  We also keep a supply In the mill
or ents. eto., and find it superior to aay other
remedy for healing,"
If you have tried all other remedies without
lreess, and are at all skeptical as to the merits
ut the West by Japanese Catarrh Ours
" -*-     -'bile tn Vanoouver
'   log this
I purchased six Lozes
about two years ngo. --���
  to Vanoouv*
alnoe oompl
of Japanese Catarrh Oure, enclose fi cents in
stamp*, and we will mall you free m trial
quantity rattotoMt for nearly two weeks' treat-
ment. Price, W cents, or six lor. IU0. r
By all drnggiita or by mall post paid. Ad-
drsss The Griffiths * Maopberson Co., UI
Church street, Toronto.
Tho  Coaspoaltors nnd  Pressmen   In
Whit* Turbans nnd Bore Leva.
1 went the other day to see the editor
of au Arab newspaper lu Cairo. His
offlce Is a disused palace. All new khe-
dives build new palaces In this country,
ho that It Is difficult to And a house of
nny slxe thot bos not begun life ns a
I olace. In the middle wing aits the edit-
t r writing bis leader���a string of Arabic
cobwebs down a narrow slip of paper.
The editor Is a stout man In fes, blue
s-.rge and yellow elastic sided boots, with
t.vo warts on bis nose and a deep blue
dimple on hti chin. He writes In a light
overcoat, with a rug over bis knees, for
It Is a very cold winter���clouds half wny
over tbe blue sky, and you must shut
your windows by 5.
Hc has jUHt finished a slip of copy. He
rings a bell, nud tben comes in a little,
brown faced devil in a fes, blue gown,
bare brown li>gs and slippers. "May you
see the officer Of course." And out we
go to the left hand wing of tbe palace.
Here are about six bare rooms, all open
to the others, the plaster peeling here
and there from the high walls. Here
stand the casus of curly Arab type���bigger than ours, because the language has
more symbols. Here are the bare legged
conlpositors at work. In the next room
the paper Is going to press on tbe old
fashioned sort of machine. As the white
turbaued, brown legged, wblte bicycle
skirted native turns at the wheel for his
life the half printed sheets swing slowly over, one nfter another, a ranee of
twirls and dots and qulggles tbnt yon
would say no roan on earth could read.
And not many can. The subeditors
can, of course���four grave faced yonng
men In tbe Inevitable fes and overcoat,
solemnly translating from Tbe Times.
They salaam respectfully, and wheu the
Englishman, who looks as if he had mon-
ey, returns their salute, as, being brother
journalists, it surprises tbem much.
"But," saya tbe editor, "our circulation
hi as large as any In the east, but not
large enough to necessitate a rotary machine. Vet we sell 5,000 copies dally. It
Is something In a place like this, lt Is
difficult. Other native papers are subsidised by France or Turkey or others.
���We, because we aro Independent, must
shift for ourselves. Still It grows and
grows. Onr paper is read In India and
Somnltland." *.
Maud Mullcr ji:iii]��'il un lier lime wmii l*i!;e
Tor an owning hit at tlic Unity \n'.ii-
An old drop frame of a *wjy (|uw:i gear,
With a run le the sl(V|iin�� ilrml cuuiil hear.
The judge came poiipding along h. himl,
Out airing hia gre*l judicial mind.'
lie noted the figure neat and trim
And graceful .motion of hidden limb.
And he aid to htmsell In lift grave delight:
"Whitmuttcr witli Hnu.lL'?  Slip's oil riglitl"
Ila drew beside her and asked lier flat
Why the rode such an uli) ice tint ui tliat.
And she said saleslady could i.i snpimrl
Such wheel ss the judge of the district mint.
He told ber she could on a chulnlcw ride,
With a diamond rnnni'. If she'd be his bride,
Or if she would bust uu his solo life
They would tandem together as mini and wife.
Maud bit at the bait like a hungry trout,
And the old Judge smiled aa he ysnked her out
They ride on a tandem now, of course,
gut Maud hu to work like a treadmill horse,
For the Judge bus learned how lo sit and shirk
And let his darling <io all the work.
He neighs two hundred and fifty-one,
Out the poor girl thinks It an even too.
And she often saya with a pain rent heart,
"I wish I was back on my old Ice cartl
"Of all true words lhat I ever spske,
The truest are thew. 'He's it lihxmihi fakcl' "
-Denver Host.
DIFFERENCES OF OPINION regarding the JoptiUr Internal nud exter-
Kl remedy, J)R THOMAH' HOLBO-
TRIO 011,-do not, so for as known, exist. The testimony Is positive and concurrent thnt tiie article relieves plysical
pain, cure*] lameness, checks a oough, is
an exoellent remedy for pains and rnon
matlo complaints, and li has no nauseating or other unpleasant effect when taken
tiuglirlmo .ttnl��Uli|<
This yiniiig intiti, \yhpse nnoio will
go down iu history oh tli-n lirst to
iiiukt* a pmctiail mimt-iH of wiiWeKs
telegraphy, wan (torn In Bol<igtiu.
Italy, 3(1 years tiffo. Mis mother was
an English womun, but liis futlier
was a native nf Holy.   Hkice    181)8
, home, a share in tbo good things ol	
��� jttenttve, loving husband, comforts, ont!
' averything else dear to a woman's heart
��� for mr husband bad told me that whiskej
was vlU stuff nnd he waa taking a dlsllk*
,toit.  It was only too true, for before ]
**' bad -given him tho fnll course he had stopped drinking altogether, but I kept giving
the medioine till It was gone, and wen aent
for another lot to have on hand If he ahould
��� relapse, as he had dono from his promise!
beforo.   He never has, and I am writing
1 you this letter to tell you how thankful I
* am.  Z honestly belle?�� It will eon ths
Worst pesos.
��� A pamphlet in plain, sealed envelope,
mntfree, giving testimonials und full Information, wltff directions how to take or
I administer -Samaria Prescription, ��� Corre>
rtdoaoo considered sacredly oonflden-
. Address The Samaria Remody Co..
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
A Mlrassisl Iilaai.
It bas recently been discovered tbat
Mhe Island of Madagascar is misnamed
and should bo culled Eft. Lorens Island.
��� Marco  Polo,  In  bis  work  on  Africa,
> named a stretch of land on the east
const, south of the equator, Madagascar.
Some time after thU Martin Bolbalm of
Nuremberg prepared a chart of Africa*
. tutiug Marco Polo's works as a guide,
" but misunderstood the report on Madagascar, tbiuklng It meant an island.   He
thereupon deliberately added an Inland
I to tbe east const. This Imaginary Island
was mapped on the charts of the geogra-
pliers of  tbo  fifteenth  and  sixteenth
' centuries.
In 1600 tho Portuguese sea captain.
1 Fernando Svares, discovered tho real Island of Madagascar and gave to It tha
tamo of St. Lorens, and for a time thereafter two Islands found their place on tho
(harts. In 1681 It was known that there
was really only one Island, and In nc-
jcordance with this discovery tbe original
[name of Madagascar waa retained, and
f |ho otber name wns dropped.
We little know the toil and
hardship that those who make
the "Staff of Life "undergo.
Long hours in superheated
and poorly ventilated workrooms is hard ou the system,
gives the kidneys more work than tliey
can properly do, throws poison Into the
system thnt sliould be carried off by these
delicate filters. Theu the book gets bad���
Not muoh use applying liniments and
plasters. You must reach the Kidneys to
cure the back. DOAN'S Kidney Pills
cure all kinds of Bad Backs by restoring
the Kidneys to healthy action.
Mr. Walter Buchanan, who has conducted a bakery In Sarnia, Ont.. for the
past 15 years, says:
"Por a number of years prarloui to taking
Doan's Kidney Pills I aufferaj a treat deal from
acute partus across tha nin**tl of my Wk, pains In
the baek of my head, dlsslness, weary feeling and
Rneral debility. From the first few done* of
inn's Kidney Pills 1 commenced to Improve, and
1 have continued until I am today a well man.
I hnve not got a pain or aetaa abont ou. Hy head Is
elear; tba urinary difficulties all gone; my sleep Is
refreshing and my health U Utter now than for
gnunri umuiiT me
I. riiek ��� �������"* ����� ��� Lie.all I
Ad Interesting queatlon celled forth ee
-opinion from tbe court! In ""Melded ������ to
whether pitch !��� e wild or e liquid. Tbe
stratum of pitch In thit. Wind li usually
Sn four t��.. wren feet below th, sur-
) and whon dug throufh tbe pitch
t. end ooice ont. So If e men duf
down near bla neighbor', let he would be
able te collect pitch coming from under
bl. neighbor's land. The plan wa. d,<
acrllied by one el the VltnessM a. "th.
plan adopted when rou want to dig your
neighbor', pitch." "It bulge, out," he
(---plained, "and -roe ehere It oS each
|i morning." .
But ault waa-brought by ono outraged
neighbor whoae pitch had thu. been
shared 06* In adjoining land. The do-
' fi-uae wu that an underground atratum
r  of pitch waa like ao much water, no
* loan', property till appropriated. But
[ the court h,ld that pitch waa a material
I and that one had no more right to eb-
[ .tract It from a. neighbor by the ooilng
I- praceaa than one would bare to tap bla
[ deposit of Iron or allfer.���Manufacturer.
l .A tmert Retaa-t,
* 'A it/let looking iroung mew waa walking along the Strand tbe other day when
*' he .uddenly allppnl on a piece ol or-
'  nnge peel and fell Into the gutter.
!     While be waa In tbe net of rialiia, a
���well, who wa.-paadngky itnlnkluff te
./ ainuae' the byataiidera) aniil:
.    "Where did yuu llela.ll"
'    "Whew -were-yo* hmh" waa tbe unef
' isan uranr cn ism
Tko MlBliter'a Amawor te Ml About
Pemlnlaa Critic.
The minister was preaching a course of
sermons In which not only his own people, bat outsiders were interested, and as
the subjects were announced In advance
through the columns of the doily papers
the people who attended the services
knew wbat they were going to hear In
the way of a discourse each night tbey
attended. But one evening the minister
bad a severe cold, and It was almost impossible for bim te get through the regular service. The sermon could be omitted and It was, and the congregation departed with feelings of deep sympathy
for the minister. Not so one woman.
She was not a member of the congregation, and when she departed If thought
could be heard the air would have been
filled with maledictions. But If her feelings did not find Tent In words just then
they did as soon as sbe was within reach
of pen and Ink. Sho wrote a letter to tho
"Dear sir," It began* "I saw tbe notice
of tbo subject of your sermon for last
Sunday night In tho paper, and I waa
very anxious to hear It. I do not belong
to your congregation and went 10 miles
to bear that sermon, and when I reached
tbe church I found tbat I bad taken my
jonrney In vain. I realised then for tho
first time tbe troth of David's remark,
'All men are liars/ "
The letter reached the minister safely.
It was a letter duly signed and with the
writer's address, and the minister, not
being given to undue meekness, answered it:
"Dear madam," ho wrote, "as you
were at church on tbe evening to which
you refer you must have understood the
circumstances and realised tbat It was
Impossible for the sermon to be preached
that night. You might not bave been
entirely out of the way tn your quotation,
however, If yon bad given tbe whole of
If, for the words of David were, 'I said
in my baste, all men aro liars.' "���Chicago Chronicle.
A Thrifty Wife,
A careful, prudent wife Is a blessing to
a man, especially to a poor man, but
some wives nre a little too careful. Lord
Eldon's wife was somewhat "near," as
tbey say tn England. His lordship wns
very fond of hunting and retired to tbe
country for a fow weeks toward tbo end
of the season* where be was In the habit
of riding a little Welsh pony, for which
ho gave 60 ���billings. One morning his
lordship* Intending to enjoy a few hours'
snort, ordered Bob to be saddled. Lady
Bldon objected, but as company waa
present gave no reason. Ia a few moments, however, tho servant opened the
door and announced tbat Bob was ready.
. "Why, bless me," exclaimed ber ladyship, "you can't ride bim. Lord Kldon.
Ue has no shoes oo,"
"Yes, my lady; ho was shod thia
week," said tbe servant.
"Shameful!" exclaimed her ladyship.
"How dared any one have him shod
without orders? John," sho continued,
addressing nor husband, "you know yon
only rode the pony a few times last year,
so I bad tbo shoes taken off and havo
kept them ever since In my bureau. -They
aro as good aa new. and these people
havo shod bim again.  We shall bo ruin*
ad At this rate."	
lataUlcont Brato.
Grlmea-Ratber a alow going animal,
that ol youra.
" 8tlIaon-Tbo horso la all right, don't
yen forget It Bnt ha la ao devoted to
���m% jrou kyow. Why. ba antlclpataa
itf every wiah. 0a la aU tbo time exporting I will my "wboa," and ao bt
wlMft* ���tat-8*ton Tranaoript
tho young inventor litis lieen a resident of Dnglnnii, uml ban apimrejitly'
Identified hiiiiMf permanently with
that country. Marconi was tlio lion
n.L thu annual mooting of thu British
Association for the Advandeiuents of
Science, held recently in Dover, His
personality Is of especial interest
Just new, In view of his work tu
connection wji h tho Shamrock-Columbia yacnt races.	
or in summer Parmelee's Vegetable Pilla
will oopo With and overoome any irregularities of the digestive organs wbioh
ohaogeof diet, change of residenoe or
variation of temperature may bring
abont They should be always kepi ai
hand, and onos their beneficial effects become known, no one will be without
thom. There is nothing nauseating In
tbslr structure, and the moat delicate oan
use them confidently.
A Ready Reckoner.
"Sly friend," said the traveler to tho
provincial, "do you know this country
"I reckon so."
"Is It far to the next townf
"Itecknn il is."
"About  iliri'e miles?"
"lteckon so."
"Well, iiui I on the right road?*
"Itecknn you air."
"Tell  me,"  said  the  traveler,
yon any other Imsint'ss besides reckon*
"I reckon I hns!" was the final reply.
Atlauta CunsiiuitiiiB.
Miss De Puystei���1 con trace my ancestors hnck tn (lie reformation.
De Smith���TiiniV nothing. 1 can tracs
mine back years and years before they
attempted to reform.���Chicago News.
Spare minutes are tbe gold dnst of
time, tbe portions of life most fruitful
In good or eril, the gaps through which
temptations enter.���Mrs. Thrall.
A man wbo has never had the toothache does not- know the real pleasure
there Is In not hav fog lt-Tlt-Blta.
And VOU Oet She Dldt
"He treattid her shamefully."
"Did she get a divorce?"
"Why not?"
"She wnnted to get even with him."���
Harlem Life.	
The deficiency was aot In Moutijo,
who made such use as he could of the
material at baud, but was with the government, lax, imperfect, ludolent and
possibly corrupt.���Chicago Chronicle.
ltear Admiral Montijo has been condemned to "retirement without the .right
of promotion," yet his offense was the
same ae tlmt committed by Admiral Cor-
vera, though the latter win acquitted.���
Chicago Tribune.
Tiie penalty Imposed ou Admiral Montijo for the sinking of bis fleet by Dewey
���retirement without the right of promotion." As Spniu has no navy left in
which to promote, the punishment is less
injurious to the interests than lacerating
to tbe feelings of poor Montijo.���Philadelphia North American.
It Is probable that the Montijo judgment U tint undeserved. A commander is
not to be condemned for defeat, if the
forces nud conditions were against hiin.
But (bis was uot the case with Montijo.
His fleet was at least uoiniunlly the equal
of Dewey's nud he bad mnny advantages
nf which he did uot avail himself.���Philadelphia Times.
will cure every case of Diphtheria.
Rlverdale. Mrs. Renben Baker.
will produce growth of hair.
Mra. Chas. Anderson.
Stanley, P.B.I.
tbe best household remedy ou earth.
Oil Oity, Ont. Matthias Foley.
Most writers on food topics agree that
yeast bread is not as wholesome as thst
raised with baking powder.
Molasses mny be clarified hy heating it
over ttie lire nml pouring in n pint of
sweet milk for encli gntlou. The scnm
which arises should be tnkeu off In-fore it
boils in.
Allow a rich fruit etike to stand in n
cold place���the refrigerator is best���for
three dnys after mixing und before biking. Oue who has made n great many
wedding cakes steams them before she
bakes them.
Add to the water In which it Is boiled
a cup of black molasses, an union, a few
cloves nnd peppercorns. Let the hum
cool in (lie wnter In which tt waa. bulled.
Skin, rub with brown sugar and bake In
a slow oven for an hour, basting It frequently with tiie stock in which it wos
The billons man Is never a companionable man because his ailment renders
him morose and gloomy. The oomplalnt
Is not so dangerous as It Is disagreeable.
Yet no one need suffer from It wbo ean
procure Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. By
regulating tbe liver and obviating tbe
effects of Uie In the stomach tbey restore
men to cheerfulness and full vigor of
"HlMf    l;mitli klilll.'    .Illll't)    - ran   III    till.
(Mllull I.it-*..
One evening when living in London
ictigings the landlady appeared.
"There In n person wailing to see
you," sho sold, nluiosi severely; his
card sii.vk '"* ti a clergyman, hut, he
don't look it." 1 ran downstairs to
recognize ,an old clerical friend, conscious nil lhe whilo that the landlady wes following mo with glum
looks. When 1 saw him I made allowance for prejudice. He was
dressed all in gray, hut neither
trousers nor coat matched, and lie
had on a red tie. I look hiin up to
my rooms, but I whs conscious that
I had lost caste with my luiidludy,
and would never regain il. Hitting
In uiy club smoking-room one night
when a couple of persons in mufLi, a
nautical friend came in and sat
down beside un. Ono of my friends
asked a question as to parsons as
passengers, which unloosed the sailor's tongue. He denounced parsons
(al sea) and their ways in such
plain English as reminded one of
our army in Plunders, mid told
stories not redounding to clerical
At length his tales became so decided in manner, and telling him
Hint, 1 kicked him gently. "Pray
don't stop him," said one friend,
who unluckily had noticed thu manoeuvre; "though we are parsons wo
like to hear the truth; indeed, there
Is nothing we enjoy so much as stories lo the discredit of the cloth." In
the dress of the church clergy of 2<U
or HO years ago there were subtle
differences, which enabled one to decide ut lirst sight whether the wearer belonged to the school of Puscy
or wns a follower of (say) Daniel
Wilson. I believe there Was once a
lime when Uie well-set parson was
accustomed to wear swallow-tails all
day long. If I remember rightly, Ihu
Uev. Septimus Harding, thu sweet
old precentor of ltorchester, always
did. I used to know a clergyman,
vory recently dead, who, till within
the last half do/en years���when his
last dress coat got too old for service��� never 'worn any other kind of
coat. It need hardly be said he was
hyper-evangelical. I have noticed
that iu the matter of coals and
trousers theru is getting to be a clerical laxity. Short couts even In
London are qUito usual, due, I suppose, to the leveling Influence of tho
bicycle. At tlm lust, Church Congress
there wus one pursou who appeared
in cycling costume of black, except
that liis stockings were variegated
and his cup brown. As he wore u
short surplice he was quite u marked
figure iu thu robed procession to
church, Nol so long ago in Holbnrn,
I saw au elderly clergyman I knew,
habited in a cassock, gravely wu Icing by himself to tiie music of a piano organ. He hud no admiring u
crowd around him that I thought il
best not to speak. Afterward 1 found
thai there was to be a dance in connection witli his church that night,
and hearing the organ grinding out
a waltz, thought it would be a good
opportunity lo practice his steps.
The cassock seemed to get in his Way
a great deal. Ilrond Churchmen do
i)Ot care Whether their ties arc White
or black; indeed, 1 met one the otlier
day who sported an up and down
collar    nnd    n    Jn vender    tie.���Tho
Church Gazette.
Serious Conditions that Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills pan
Readily Cure.
Ono of tlu Indications of eerloua heart
trouble Is the annaation of wenluiMt or
fslntnM. tliat nonius on at tlmea.
Sometimes It Is simply a dlusjr feeling
jut passes off, or It may be > state of un -
���onwIouBnt-BH with hands and feet oold
and countenance
ghastly pale,
These symptoms Indicate ���
weakened heart.
They ara unmistakable evidences
of tb, engine of
lifo breaking
Now there's
only ono reliable
remedy for restoring strength and vitality
to weakened hearts and relieving all Ihe
dletreaaing symptoms. It Is Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
The ease of Mrs. A. Stiatton, Fwderlo-
ton, N.B., amply proves this. Hero ll
hor statement.-
"I suffered very much from an Impoverished condition of the blood, coupled
with extreme nervousness. A disay sensation On arising quickly or eomlng down
stairs, often troubled me, and my breath
Was so short that I oould not walk up
stalls. The least exertion caused my
heart to nutter and palpitate violently
and I sometimes felt a smothering sen.
satlon on going to sleep.
I doctored back and forth tor my weakness, but I got no relief from any medicine
until I tried Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills, ud I can say that they helped mo
wonderfully. Sometimes my face and
ams would swell and puff, but all these
troubles speedily yielded to tho restoring
influences of Milburn's Heart end Nerve
Hlla, and I am now strong and well. I
Ud not use thorn long until I regained the
Massing of healthful, nfresUng sleep aid
It will alwaya be a pleasure to me to
���eeommend them te others."
"Yon'll hove to speak to ihe Bngbns
bi-naa linnd," said the I-'lllpIno general iu
it tont> uf great irritation.
"'lliey nre iutvnaely auxioua to pleaao
"Vi's, they mean well, but every
lime we come into towu uu a dead run
after n mnati-i-ly retreat tbey strike up
���Bi-.> the C'iini|iierlng Hci-o Comes.' Tell
'i-ni lo stop It. It aouuda like sarcasm."
-Wnablngton Star.	
There an oases of consumption so far
advanced that Biokle'sAntl-ponaumptlve
Syrup will not core, but none ao bad lhat
II will not give relief. For coughs, colds
and all affections ot the throat, lungaand
cheat, lt Is ��� specific which haa never been
known to tall. It promotes a free and
easy expectoration, thereby removing the
phlegm, and gives the diseased parts*
obanoe to heal.
Not Y.l A-.an..
"There is tbe horseless carriage," sbe
said thoughtfully.
"Ves," be admitted.
"And wireless telegraphy!"
"And chaluless bicycles!"
"I wonder," she said witb a algb, "II
It over will come lo armless courtships."
Thon be hastened to reassure her.���
Chicago Post	
Rot Over tko T*l����kMe.
"There la one thing, at leoat, thnt the
trusts hnvo cheapened," ssid the man
with Ibe wearied air.
"What Is It V" roared the man with
the tangled hair.
"Talk."���Inillaiinnnlla Journal.
liiarl. UiiB-al Cure Bro, Etc.
Taa Maofc Far Hia CreOIHr*
"1 have Just been reading tbe honor
able works of one of your fa moui female
English poets," said tbe educated Japanese, "and I cannot understand her io
exceeding .popularity. 1 refer to tht
Mother Goose. Tbere is ono of her
poems of celebrity lu which she acquaints us of 24 blackbirds tbat sang
after they had been beforehand baked
Into a pie. The Mother Goose 1 regard
and consider as one of tbe greatest
Kara of the BngllBh speaking antiquity." jj	
HoMtaehaa aolloved la One Niim.
Griffiths' Menthol LlnlmM nUmo
headMfcos Um mlnote apnlM. Apply It
te Uw forehead and temples, than lab
freely In tie taafcuer dlreoted on tke e
onlu aronnd tke bottle. Mo other reme
la so vol noble id ihe home as MenU
Unlearnt  dill druggists, 86 esok.
Hu*   IWfifirter tlurlt ltr.Krr�� Out tt Fim
ItliU Ht l'e.�� Mom**.
Jack lingers was a newspaper reporter and broke. He hud hung
around the Dubuque newspaper iiiii-
ces for u job until lie had ncei) u-
q ties ted lo move on. Ho he decided
to move nn to lies Moines, sgys a
writer in The Sau Francneo Bulletin. But how to get there was lho
question. Jack put on his thinking
cap and -the result was thut two
hours later he found himself on a
train and the conductor standing by
his seat,
'"Ticket!" said the conductor.
"See here, conductor," said .lack,
easily, "my name's Rogers, und I'm
a reporter on The lies Moines Air
Blast. I'm broke and I'm in a hurry
to get back home with a gcud big
scoop. Yoii let me ride and the oili-
ce'll fix it up with you,  See?"
"Well," said the conductor, "I
guess that'll du all right. The road
feels friendly towards The Air Blast.
Iu fact, the editor is lu the buck
coach. Come along and I'll Introduce you. If he says you're all right
It goefl."
.lack was knocked all in a heap at
the turn things had taken, bul lie
had nothing to do bul follow tho
conductor. Tliey halted in front of a
man in the back coach, and the conductor said:
"Mr. Sinitem, this is Mr.,Itogers.
He says he's a reporter on your paper and wants the oflice to pay for
hia transportation when he gets to
Bes Moines."
"How do you do, Mr. Rogers."
said (he editor, pleasantly, extending his hand. ''Glad to .see you. sit
down hero With me." The conductor
didn't wait for uny more, but weut
"Well, this is nice of you," said
Jack, too astonished and ciuhnr-
rassed to talk straight. "Of course,
I'm not on your paper, but I'm broke
and yarned to the conductor, hoping
to tret a job and square it up Inter."
"Oh, that's all riithi. my boy,"
said Uie otlier. "Neither am I on
the paper. I'm riding on the editor's
pass."���t.'hieugo Times-Herald.
. Chi-
Mttm< %y to Art#/fc *#*r %<t/
*ftf ^^i **** "'*' ^"k
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
A South America* Cltr With a Unl����e
Distinct luii.
If it were net for tbe vultures, 1 do
not know whut Colon would be. There
is no sewerage, aud pools of tilth abound
in every block. Any town in any Koue
would he equally unhealthy, but the
great discomfort is the humidity. The
atmosphere is soaked with moisture.
Everything drips. In otber countries
during the wet season the ruin falls reg-
uluily nt certain hours of the day.
Vou can expect a shower at Panama
about ll o'clock every afternoon during
the rniny sen son nnd govern yourself
nccordiuttly. The rest of the day und
the evening after ti o'clock nre delightful,
nnd no one thinks of carrying nu umbrella, luit at Colon it ruins all the time,
nud, according to the old proverb, it never ruins hut it pours. It is the real thing
ly the bucketful. It seems as if the
bottom hnd dropped out of the sky.
Colon und Panama ore 47 miles apart.
The niinfiill nt Piinanin is nhout 02 inches tiuniiully, or nhout 8 feet. The rainfall nt Colon Is 25U inches annually, or
nhout 21 feet, aud the people get it nil
in live months, nu nverugo of four feet n
mouth precipitation, while iu Arizona
(hey only have n few inches. It takes
nil ihe rest of the year for the people to
get dry. The heat iu the dry season is
more severe, hut not so uncomfortable.
The thermometer ranges from HO to IH)
day and night. There is very little difference hi tiie tern pern tine after dark,
hut people easily udupt themselves to the
conditions, uud there is a certain fascination nhout the place thnt is dillicuit to
lifting ill* Mm'. I.'ant.
The utilization of Die sun's
has long been a favorite theory
cage Inventors hnve built a mirror
ten feet in diameter whicli hns a reflecting area of H4 square feet. 11
throws a beam of light which when
focused on a reduction lens melts the
mosL refractory luelall which have
long dolled human skill to molt, such
as tantalum, nrblum, paladhiin,
orinftim. This mirror beats the
electrical furnace. Its rays can ba
concentrated to a single point or distributed over an area of one tc
twelve inches. It has driven n solar
engine, 1ms generuted electricity and
has lighted buildings by reiiected
light. A bigger mirror to be llfteen
(eet in diameter is now being made
to he used for business purposes
llolillnir Down All the Jobs,
A canvasser for n religious publics-
tlou entered tlm yard of u residence iu
the southern part of the city a few dnys i
ngo. A small wagon in the yard und sev-
end war whoops from the rear of the !
hoime told thnt the place wns not deserted. A pull nt (he (rout doorbell brought
no response, so he went around to the
side porch, where lie found a small boy
wiih his fnce sineured wilh jnm milking
n pyramid with lumps or ioatsugiir.
"Any one at home?" asked the canvasser.
"No ono else?"
"Nop. Papa went to the store nil left
Die wif mnrmcr. Marnier went up ze
street nn left me wif nurse. Nurse's |
aunt died, nn she left me wif ite cook.
Cook jus' mimed up zc alley to sec lier
franz, an I'xe got everysing to see nfter,
nu it's all right."
The canvasser feit that the sunshine of
his paper wns not needed in that family,
nad he weut away.���Louisville Courier-
Captain HnU tu Have UU Frrah Water Until Kvi-L'j' Morulnit.
Louis, au old sen tlog Irom Austria, Who
hns sailed the briny deep from Uaffiu'a
I my to No .Mini's l.ninl. enjoys comparing
Ids present position in the American murine service to tiiut lie once occupied
when Bulling In nn Kast Iiidiniuun from
Liverpool to Calcutta. The vessel bad
Lieu hcciilmod. and the water supply ran
short dtiring u terrible hot spldl. The
crew hnd to exist ou moldy sen biscuits,
while the citp.tuiii, n big bully of uu Englishman, lived iu luxury. The crew did
not object to this until one day. when every mau wns almost prostrated by the
heal nud tack of sufficient water, they
discovered tliat the captain, knowing the
sufferings ot the Ifieu, h.nl been taking
tin His dally in fresh water in a tub in bis
en bin. Almost un open mutiny broke out,
and a siituiil of the turs, headed by Louis,
wns sent uft to see tiie cuptuiu about getting some more drinking wnter.
He told the cuptuiu frankly thnt tbey
knew of his taking liatlis daily in bis cabin iu fresh water und thnt every instinct
of Immunity dictated that he sliould forego liis fresh water baths until he reached
port and gave the crew the water which
he would otherwise have used for his ablutions. The cuptuiu became livid with
riige nt Ihe "ntidneiiy" of the men.
"Wlm!!" he shouted. "You bloomla
lubbers wuut to take away from me my
mortiiu tub! Not ye. says 1! I cawn't
do without me tub, so I cawu't, ye know!
Do ye think I cun give ye all the drinkiu
wnter ye want? Not me, soys I! Get
te'll out o* here!"
Thnt evening he gave each man an ex-
tru hah' pint of water, but be bad a fresh
wnter (until each morning nevertheless.���
Chicago Inter Ocean.
tip to Date.
Mnrketman-\Ye!l, little girl, what
will you have?
Little Girl���Have you got any horseless mdlsbV���Chicago Tribune^	
tf   iim.    Iiua    *er*-rm   JVH   -a.,,..**, *M***-\ **t V.
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and If jrou
want to have tht beat, moat moderata la
prlca. and oa aaaleat terms, apply t*
R. A.  LIS"ER ft CO., LTD.,
S3S Kin* St., Wlunlpef,
Dealen la Dairy Suppllti aad Produce, Carolina Kiifflnea, Hone Tread Powers. Kt*.
���U3VKR -BSS JW��
A*.   COCK8HBTT FLOW CO., Wl.nlp*
IDU1, HEM t IBBIOL   oini. x***
laarartm .1 Orocri..     ��J*j}g*JjgSk
f rill U. B.mllton.Ont.    "US.4B.lpln.
Than ne-rer wua, wid ne.er will be,
universal iianao*-., to one -remedy, for .11
ilia to wnloh flo.il 1. heir���tho vory nutnre
ot many ouiativea being auch that were
the germ, ot other and differently Bested
dlaesaea rooted In tbe ayatein or the patient���what would relievo one 111 In turn
wonld aggravate the other. Wo have,
however, In Quinine Wine, when obtain-,
able In a sound, unadulterated .tate, a
remedy (or many and grievous 111.. By Ita
irad-Ml and Jmlicioiu uso tholralleatsys*
tema ara led Into oonvaleacence and
strength br the Influence which Quinine
exert, on Nature', own reitoratlvea. It
rellevea the drooping spirit, or thoee with
whom a chronic atate or morbid despond-
eney and lack o( Interest In life la a die*
MM, and, by tmnqulllzlng the nerves,
dlepoeea to sound and refreshing sleep-
Imparts vigor to th. aotion of die blood,
which, being stimulated, coursee throughout the veins, ^lengthening tbe healthy
animal function, of the system, thereby
making activity a necessary remit,
���trengtnenlng the frame, and giving life
to the digestive organs, which naturally
demand Increased substance���result, im*
pro-red appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, have given to the publio their
superior Quinine Wine at tbe usual rata,
and, gauged by the opinion of scientists,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any In tha market. All druggists nil
If yon cannot attend tbe *Alnnlp.g Bo.l-
a.u t'uiieae Just now, do not wot. your
evening, at Home. We can give your Instructions In Mine subject by mall.
Write for tlflKrlptlv. catalogue.
W. S. U.    247
for the printer
III UO "ad. by th. eabbraud Arm
INlX-d "' Au" * w'b01*'
Tha UtMt and bett.
tha world,
Of all moks. ai
kiada���new tail
eond hand.
A Delultlaa.
"Pa, what', the Dreyfus case!"
"It's a big satchel that was manuhc-
turc*! foul- years ago by the court of
"Whnt wat it made for, pu?"
"To carry all the Kapegoats in Uw
French army,"
"Uid It hold 'em or did It bust, par
"It did buit."-l>ctrolt Freo Prese.
"II Isn't always n sign of wisdom
iviion a man keeps-bis month shut." oli-
nerved tbe cmsaitiads oracle, "His upper teeth may hare a habit of dropplne
down when hi talks,"
"Hire you heard the news'/ Herr
vou Meyer of the Black Exchange In
"Indeed! That's too bad! It wns
only yesterday lhat I weut to lilni to
ask a favor, and be promised juat wbat
I wnnted. But uow I can't, with ���
clear conscience, hold lilm to his promise."
"Very generous of you,  I'm sure, i
What wns ItV"
"His daughter'! hnnil!"���Der Floli.
All al Tkeaa.
Mrs. Uofrequent���Poor Mrs. Upjohn -
looks miserable.
Mrs. Deldom-IIolmc��� Well, ibe Isn't
She's happy. She bas the golf shoulder, tbe trolley car heart, the bicycle
face, and ��he thinks she's getting thi
hoy fever.���Chicago Tribune.
A Great Day For Him.
"And how did yon like yonr first day
nt school, Willie?"
"Bully! I hsd three fights, 'n Eddie
Blackburn ilium, two bite, out of hll
Uwiuallad by any other la
Oanada, in matter, paper aad
All Kinds for Printer*
ftelli CmiI Braatki IN drtm
Mrwt, T-mwit-*.
V W V WW WW WWVW�� ff �������������
Write na for fall Information.   Tea
Rm! ElUt. oal Fin.nd.1 Broken,
'   m Mala It., wiaalpeg. ���~""-~
JIcDERMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture. Although furniture bas
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers will be given advantage of
tbis SNAP.
The stock is too largo nnd varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you Want.
G. B. MeDermot
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
& co., Mtm
have opened as
ATHALMER,   '(Salmon Beds)
Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Kirr|ptor|     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
... THE ...
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates $2 per day.* Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  G.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Go.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
C.   H.   PARSON, Manager
Cascade bas a Uitlander club.
The Provincial pariiment will open
on Jan. 4th lor business. j
S. High is laying a naw footwalk
Irom the Kootenay Honse to the depot.
The C. P. It. have decide,! to extend
the Ciow's Seat Pas. road into Nelson
without delay,
The time for lhe completion ol the
Assessor's Roll has been extended to
the illst of Decern bur.
Service in the Presbyterian church
Sunday evening at 7:30. Hubject���
"Elijah before Ahati." Erery body
At St. Paul's church on Sunilay
next, Nov. 211th there will lie no morn
ing service, but at 7.110 p. in. evensong
and sermon.
Puller's instruction, to the garrison
commander at Ladvsinilh was; '-Act
on the defensive until tho arrival of
tbe Hooky Mountain Runger*."
We have received a sample of tbo
good things to bo bad at Patmore's,
which the staff appreciate verv much
and pronounce excellent,   Nexil
Ii ia rumored that a writ will short
ly be issued against a certain corporation claiming heavy damages. Particulars will shortly be made public.
IV. Pellow-Hnrvey, of Vancouver
and well known in Golden, passed
through on tho train lust Monday on
an extended trip to the old country.
A "London special ears: The Queen
ia going lo Italy for her holidays,
avoiding France oh account of the antl*
British feeling there over the Trausvnl
Jack Haoketi a Rat Portige oarsman
who is now west on liis wedding tour
would like to meet Gauduur at Vancouver for Ihe championship sometime
uoxt year,
W. A. Carlyle was given a rousing
send off by the Rossland citizens on
Saturday evening previous to his departure for Spain, where he takes
iharge of tbe Rio Tinlo mine,
On Wednesday No's. 1 and 2 were
delayed by a large rook slide near
leaver. The slitlo was of such enormous proportion that a track had to be
laid on tho outside of tbe slide.
Edward Farr, C. P. R. stonemason
for tbe western division bad so far recovered from the injuries received a
couple of weeks ago that he went to
his home in Vancouver last Saturday
R. R. Campbell of Revelstoke who
has been In Oolden and district for the
last week or ten days reorganizing the
Forester's court bore has been very
successful, and has added a large number to the order.
H. Q. Qordou and J. Watson, of
Windermere, camo down on tho last
stage and proceeded to Calgary on
Sunday afternoon, Air. Gordon will
return in a day or so with a bunch of
horses which be will tske Into the
Windermere district.
R. P. Pettipiece, who arrivod here
this week from Revelstoke to take over
the defunct East Koo-enay Minn* and
re-issue a new sheet under the title of
the "Golden Eagle," has decided to
wait until April brfore launching into
the sea of journalism in East Kootenay.
Methodist church Sunday Nov. 2-Jih
Services 11. e. m. subject "Something
real,'' Sunday school H.80. Evening
service 7.30 subject "The moaning of
living," special music. Solo, "O-.i.-u-d
while I sleep" duet end chorus "Be-
bind the times."    Everyone welcome.
Before leaving England for the seat
of wer Gen Butler is reported to have
ssid. "I only wish my boy was with
me, how he would have enjoyed bis
luck." The son spoken cf was an officer
in the second battalion of the 60th
Rilles, bis father's corps, and died last
At an interview in Winnipeg, Mnna<
ger White said tbat the traiiscontin
ental service inaugurated this last
summer would be oontlnusd next year,
and owing to the many improvements
mads to the roadbed the Imperial Limited would be able to make it in even
shorter time.
Mr. Turner wishes to make ths fob
lowing correction. His son was net
wounded at McFarqiinr's farm on Oct,
80th. Ho was wounded some time
during the action In wbich the Gordons and two other regiment* successfully stormed the heights near
Elandslaagti on Oct. 21st.
Mrs. Hewitt Bostock's brother
Lieutenant t.'owie belongs to the Devonshire Rigiment, bul attached to the
Devonshires for the campaign, Tbe
young officer Is posted with Gen.
White's division consequently Is seeing
the very keenest of the flshtin-c. He
Is a son of Hugh Cowie Q- C. chancellor
of Durham,
Sir, William Dawson, formerly
principal of McGill university, died on
Sunday from a stroke of paralysis. He
was connected with McGill for nearly
40 years. He was appointed principal
in 188ii. and retired in 18911. He was
engaged In writing a scientific treatise
upon gold bricks at ths time of bis
Aa acetylene explosion occured in tbe
Fort Steele postofflce Sunday evening.
It appears that the light was no1*, giving satisfaction, and postmaster Cann
and assistant Harry MoVittie while
in tht aet of a eritloal inspection with
a match or a lamp, lott thtlr moot-
laches, eyebrows, hair, tnd they had
their (act somewhat disfigured,
Should you receive a copy of tht
Goldm Era without being a inbterl*
ber, do not bt seriously alarmed, The
cost to yon will bt nothing. We with
you te read it carefully, tnd If you feel
Ilk, digging up, the editor will not be
offended if you tend 18.00 next day for
subscription to the.nd of next year.
"Procrastination ia the thief of time"
tnd yon might mitt something good If
yon delay.
Not Made to Order
But Made to Fit.
Rigby Proofed
Frieze Ulsters
In seven shades.  52 inches |
^jfe long.   Deep Storm Collar,
^s0f% 5 pockets���deep flaps.   Made
"^^ of Frieze���not Etoffe.
anteed  to  please or
money back.
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
low is the Time lo Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy 1 erms of Payment.
Miss M. A. Kenny has entered the
law office of Thomns O'Brien aa steno-
giaplier and typewriter.
We were planned to seeW. H. "Geeks'
smiling countenance onco more in our
inid.t for a oouple of days ibis   week.
J. A, Bangs of Calgary arrived from
Windermere yesterday and reports tho
roads In a very heavy condition. He
left for Calgary on Thursday's  train.
How.nl J. Duncan Harvester of
Vancouver who was in Golden for n
few day* left for that oity on Sunday
last. It Is reported he will retrun in
five woeks.
G. B, MeD.irmot, came back from his
shooting ti ip on Sunday,.having had
an enjoyable holiday, and such a
quantity of game as tt make most of
us look green with envy.
Windermere School.
The following is the October rsport
of the Windermere publio school,
Fourth Class���I, Hope Brewer; 2,
Dsisie Tegart.
Second Clnss-1, Vaughan Kimpton;
2, Martin Morigean.
Second Prim.r Class Snr.-l, Edward
Harrison; 2, William Taynton.
Second Primer Class Jur.���l, Daniel
First Piimer Class���1, William
Harrison; 2, Clive Cameron.
Fupilt attending during tbe month
Average attendance 12.
" Teacher.
There nre two estimates of lhe nnmber of our men in the hands of the
Boors ut Pretoria. One of them putt
the number nt 1,052- tho other gives it
as 811. Owing to the details of the
latter it is probably official and there
foi-o accurate. The latter seems a small
number. Probably the largo number
is bi jio meaus greater than could be
ex peeled.      	
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Counnerelal l'-��l !�����*���*��,
Oos  347.  Van-roarer-.   II.  V.
Thorough instruction in business
methods, Book keeping, (we ute
text-books, but do actual business)
Shorthand and Typewriting. We prepare for examinations.
Tim Union, Tub S.-kwhudi**, and No.
Situate in the Golden mining divlshn of
North East Knoleuny district. Where
located��� Near the bend of Bugaboo
Thu WosrEBN Culms ui.iehalci.aisi,
Situate in the Golden mining division of
fast Kootenay diHtrlet. Where located
���At tlio head of Bugaboo Creek en the
Tako notice that I Thomas McNaught acting as agent fiir (1) The GoMen and Fort
Steele Development Company, Limited.
Free miner's certlHi-ale No. Ilio***"**). issued
30th Juno, 1991), anil for Joseph 1-aiiiontagiio,
Freo miners eortiUcato No, .71IKIA, Imiiou
281 h March, 1881), the ownorn of tbe Union
mineral claim; (3; tlio said Golden and Fort
Steele Development Company Lltnitoii, and
for T. Mercier, Free miner's rertiticiito No.
1110190, imioil 2nd August, I8UI), the owners
of tbe said Snoivslido, No. 21 anil Western
Cro-a mineral claims, Intend GO day. ti-oin
the date hereof to apply to the milling recorder for a certificate of improvement, for
the purpaso of obtaining a Crown grunt of
the above claims.
And furlher tako notice Hint fiction under
sectiou .H7 must be couiinoiii-od before the
WHiiancc of such certilieate of improvements.
Dated thi. 0th day of October, 1800
thos. McNaught.
GOLPEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head ofnavigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching conn-
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
ia the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in k,
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the j
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date',
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.*
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only laud available for the extension of the building
area. ���;-.' <
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise \
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, ,8911-4011,
H. G. Parson. Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Tender, will be received by the nnder
jigiird up till noon on Shursday, November
****) next, for the erection of an Isolated Him-
P. A. Desormeau,
. . . Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
hsN SMt Kicking Herat ��l.er.
For plan, and specification, apply to
8. U. KOIIHINS, Secretary
Goldon General Hospital.
,Oo^r Oofeton Boot Oamp'md
...box. fie,
Head of navigation on Colnmbia River.
Tho mos' central point in Windermere Mining Division. ^^
Extract from Report of Minister of Mines for 1898:    "A waggon read'
could be built (nun the 'Salmon Beds'   ATHALMER-at a reasonable cost,
snd will be so built ns toon as it It justified by tht mining development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect hotting on lake thd rlrer, nnd
good fishing and shooting in Immediate vicinity. ,
Love! surface with gravel tub-toll to build upon; cold, elear water tbt'
year round for household purposes, and splendid wattr power clott to towm     .
Large snd oomplttt aaw-mlll (20 tl. daily capacity) on iht ground assures!
cheap lumber. ^^^^
Terms easy, particularly so to investors wishing to build,
Imitations ara dtnierous. rrlet, Na. 1
hox!Xs,i,]0o>|rSMtlR>nt.r,Hp.rbi .
- or I, null*) eo iM.lr.1 ol prto. Md lw ����nl
H.-ops.   The-Da��kt��>i>|w>-iWInilMr.Oa).
���art*.*.. 1 .nd t Kit .odn^Boumltd tj aU
i-opoimtiH Drasj-lslt in Canada.
Ni. I and No. 2 sold In Golden by O. W
Field, ft A. Warren, ami 11. W. r-.tm.re
If yon want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
Tht Calgary Milling Company guar*
antes their floor the equal of any
brand on the Golden Market and
hereby authorise til grown lo tell
It subject to above guarantee aud
thty will refund the full amount
paid for flour upon return of any
uot equal to guarantee.
Sold by O. A. Warren.
'.*   i, o. o. r.
Rocky Hoimtait Lodge No. 84 meet. In
Odillellow. Hall, Golden, every Wednesday
at 8 p.m. Sojourning brethren wolcnmo.
0* PnAKCE. N.O. W, I.. HOUSTON, V.o
J, V. WOOD, Secretary.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary PubllcConveyancer, ete
Offico in Upper Columbia Navlgallon and
Traiavey Company*. Building,
Uoldea, II. C,
Livery & Feed Stables
Itlgs ol all kiwis far hire at reasonable rales.
Teaming of all kinds a Speelslly.
A. C. Hamilton,
Jas. Bbady, D.L8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
Agent far obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual smstsiusat work, Me.   Address i
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Hull Bros. &Co.
Wholesale A Retail
I'atllo, Sheep ami Horse Dealer..
CD. Iiang, Agent, I
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
(Latt M ACFABLANE * Co.)
Furnsces, Fire Clay Goods. Bcimitllfc and Practical Books. Glassware, I'l.Unuoi Oood.,
Acids, Chemicals, slid all other Asssyers' and Miosis' requirements. if
80LIS AGENTS far Morgan Cmclblt Ceuipanr, Baitsrsoti Beektr's Seas'
Ilalaucoc, Etc. ,
t'stalognoaadfidlnar'JcBlarsooapplicatkia. B
Why Spend Money
on READY-MADE CLOTHES when you can
just as CHEAP.
I have the best assortment of Tweeds, Serges,
Fancy Vests and Overcoats in the Provinoe.
It is foolish to spend pour money in the East
on Inferior Domestic Goods when you can get
the Best Imported Material at home at lower
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired. I
nHH j* c T0M'
Woon's PnospHODixn Is sold in Guides
iy R. W. Palmers, ft A, Warren, and 0.
*. Field, Druggists.
TO Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
!��� Draacht Hml-M,
il Pack ������!-*��-
The above stock It In 'lirst class condition
andU-re, broken. Peektlgtofintfir*
nets csn also be arranged*)..   Tbt sleek Is
Th* ���Wmtotiy Miae LlaU-ttri,
Lakeside Hotel,
Good ereomtnod.tlon for Prospectors tai
Freighters. Flrtt-tlttttttslt.
White & Scott,
Barristers, MMtmt. Motariss,
Hevelstoke, B.C
Fruit Storet Restaurant.
Silver table furniture.
Call and intptot tt
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
AgentforE. A, HAOOIN,
Assajrsr ft ������taUufltt.
Orrioi at Lajimidi Horn*,
Windermere, - B.O.
Coffins and
Orim nmyiiyMttaititt.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Qulek.sl Tint ud Lowest Bate, to ili-'j
poloit EAST tnd "WEST.
Ixaanioa IttM to
and all Winter Resorts.
chiap una TO TBI
Old* Country,
kayiy Itt piiltiaq W
, A*m*7'
tfio*. ��� .;***������


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