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The Golden Era Oct 1, 1897

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The Golden Era
Is the most widely circulated and
belt advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper lhat
it read by the miners, the ranohers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, 98.00 per Annum
In Advance	
| Interested in Mining!
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P nnd IVunininii nt t'linatla 14 in 11, 2.V..
# Pocket Mop Yukon, prepared tr.nn Ogil. ie
(w Surveys, witb etiMr--e,l ninp nt'
# Mite       Klondyke and Hoitimr-a .reek,-���*-.
I THOMSON BBOS, Book.tore. Cnlgnry.
Per Year
General 0 (tlerehant.
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Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Go's
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The confederation Life Association, Toronto.
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The Reiian.3 Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
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Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
Columbia Valley
To The Yukon
Deputations to the Minister of
the Interior
Re Will Rare Pall Bnqulrr Made
late the Feasibility of the i so*
posed Boat*
On No 1. arriving at Oolden on
Thursday morning with the Hon. Mr,
Sifton, Minister of the Interior, on
board, the train was joined by the
Hon. F. W. Aylmer. Messrs. H. 0.
Parson, J. 0. Oreene and Haggen as a
deputation from the recent publio
���nesting held at Oolden to urge the
claims of the Columbia Valley route
as the nearest and best Inland route
to the Yukon. The deputation, by
means of one ot Moberley's maps
supplied by the Hon. P. W. Aylmer,
were able to point out the route of the
proposed road, and Mr. Sifton also
had a map, whioh had been prepared
by the Department showing a route
proposed from Edmonton north and
through the Rooky Mountains on to
the Blaek river, whence it would
strike the Liard and then run Into the
Tukon Valley. The deputation pointed out that the route Irom Edmonton
through the Tellowhead pass to Tete
Jaune Cache, and the routes proposed
from Kamloops and Revelstoke. would
also touch the same point. The C. P.
R. line tn the Upper Columbia Valley
wat muoh nearer Tete Jaune Cache
than any other point that had been
suggested, Donald and Beaver being
tht most northerly stations on the
line. The information that wat avail*
able went to thow that the proposed
route was a practicable one, and that
such a road as that proposed could be
easily and cheaply constructed. The
valleys were wide and open with
plenty ot grass and game, and the
winters along the western valley of
the Rockies were noted for their comparative mildness. Thero was also
a large area of country that such a
road would open up that was known
to be rioh gold oountry. There wat
a reasonable prospect that the Provin
oial Government would as.ist iu opening up this road. The deputation
asked that the Dominion Government
should take this route into consideration and have it reported upou along
with the outer proposed routes, and if,
at thty believod.it was the best that it
should bt adopted,as it was 160 to 200
miles shorter than tha Edmonton route
tor traffic from the eaat and something
like 600 milee shorter for trsffio from
the west. The depute* ion referred the
Minister to the reports ot Dr. Daweou,
Santord Fleming and W. Moberlv,
Civil Engineers, who made careful
inquiry into thit ronte and recommended it at tbe best route by which
to open up the North West.
At Donsld Messrs. J. C. Pitts, T.
Forrest and C Balnea also metthe Minister as a deputation Irom the people
ot that town and urged the matter on
similar grounds to these of the Golden
The Minister ssid that in a road from
Edmonton through the mountains the
Tellowhead Pass was the best route.
He had already a report from Mr.
Moberly on the subject. He would
have the route suggested by the deputation fully enquired Into and would
give It the fullest consideration.
The deputation respectively thanked
the Minister for his courtesy.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones, to whom Capt. Armstrong paid the generous and fitting
oompllment of giving him a lifelong
past by tht Upper Columbia Navigation Company's steamers, It one of the
pioneers of East Kootenay. He came
into the Upper Columbia valley In
1888, having been with the rash ol
Slaoor miners to Wid Horse Creek.
Ince bit arrival here he hae actively
followed mining and wae ths discov-
i of the Dslos olaim on Hortethief
Creek, whioh hae the promise today
of being one of the best locations of
Ettt Kootenay. While prospecting
the Hortethief live yean ago Mr. Jones
struck the rioh float In the bed of the
river and followed it up a slide ou the
mountain tide where he located the
claim that hat tlnot been bonded to
Capt. Armstrong. Mr. Jones bee located an extension ot tbit claim, the
Alio* He also located some good
properties on Splllimaobine Mountain
in which Mr. McNeish was interested
with him. Mr. Jones is the owner ot
��� nice ranch at Galena. He It Inter-
ested alto io claims ou tba North Fork
ot tbt Splllimaobine and tn the Bugaboo. Notwithttanding tbe hardships
of a miner's lift through which he bas
pattid, ht ii fresh and vigorous, and
toeki forward to a trip to the Klondyke nesl tprlng.
��� *
Several people drowned In Sheep
Creek on way from Dyea owing to
movement ol glaoier having liberated
body ot water which suddenly filled
bed of stream.
At Granite Creek, Mrs. Babbitt shot
a man named Hamilton who attempted
lo indeosntly assault her. She has
bsen arretted. Ths coroner's jury gave
a verdict that she had acted In self
Mr. Townsend has shut down work
at the International for the winter
An away on a property held by W.
G. Neilson at Beaver gives a trace of
gold, 84 in silver and 14 per cent
The latest obtainable Pittsburg lead
quotations are: Carload lots, 4.40c;
smaller quantities, 4.55@4.66c; lead
pipe. Go; sheet lead, CJc.
P. Wattelet has transferred the Surprise, Last Chance, Magda, Agnes,
Francs and Hortense olaims, in Bugaboo, to H. E. Langis, of Vanoouver,
Mr. Harvey returned on Saturday
from his visit of inspection to Messrs.
Mltohell-Innes's property at Prairie
Mountain, Work is stopped for the
present at this property.
R. R. Bruce, Manager for Messrs.
Oiler and Hammond's syndicate, has
been visiting the Windermere district
looking up properties to be obtained
with a view to development.
Messrs. Mitchell-Innes have established a winter oamp at the Pretty
Girl olaim at Horscthief Creek and
work will be carried on all winter
nnder the supervision of Tom Jones.
Professor Hardman returned to Carbonate on Friday, having completed
his inspection of the International.
He went on to Steele next day by the
Duchess and will return to Golden
neat week.
The rise in silver from 51} to 50 j
bas stopped most of the talk of shutting down tbe few silver-lead properties that are able to keep above water
at the latter figure. -Mining and
Scientific Press.
The further development of the
Crown Point that is lo be carried on
during the winter months will inolude
the extension of the present tunnel
and the driving of another tunnel 125
test lower down.
The following claims were re-recorded on Sept. 27th: Ruth, by Captain
Armstrong; Minnie, hy M. Carlin:
Charlotte, l.y Capt. Bacon, all at heed
of Vermont Creek; Sept. 28th, Klon
dyke, hy C. Hatch, in Bobble Burns
J. White bas made a strike of grey
copper in his claim, the Ironstain, in
Cariboo Basin. He had an assay
from it the other day by Mr. Walton,
and this gsve the result of 1.25 ounces
in gold and 281.75 ounces of silver,
valued at 8180.16 per ton.
Itt the low grade ore that pays In
the end. The Anaconda mine, which
is ��oe ot the greatest aud most profitable in the United States, yielded for
the latt half year 4.84 per oent copper, 16 ounces ol silver and 0.014
ounces gold per ton of ore treated.
Capt. Armstrong haa run the tunnel iu tbe Delos, ou Horsethief Creek,
in a distance of 70 leet, following a
stringer all the way. it is probable
that this stringer runs into the big ore
body showing above. The work wss
done uuder the supervision of Mr.
In support of the argument tbat
just ae good gold is likely to be got
between the Parsnip River and the
Tukon as In the Tukon itself we are
informed of a Calgary man who
recently took out an average of 850 a
day In a dry gulch about the headwaters of the Liard River.
Says the Mining and Scientific
Press: A good many holders of location! are called upon to decide whether
it It best to try to hold on lo several
locations or develop one at least to the
extent of meriting a possible purchaser.
Those wbo adopt the latter course
will come out ahead in the long ruu���
or the short run.
Mr. Trueman is Interested In three
claims on Tracey Creek, the ore from
whlob assayt 819.60 in gold and 15
per cent copper. The men In oharge of
the assessmsnt work report thst the
claims are showing up well. Mr. True-
mau is also interested in three claims
on Horsethief Creek, the assays on
which run 84,50 in sold, 25 ounces
silver and 10 per eent copper.
Jas. Lewis A Son, of Liverpool, report copper has advanced to 8245 per
ton. The demand for copper promises
to be very active fer some months to
come. Durlug July, American production decreased over 6,000 tons, the
falling off being chiefly In the output
of the Arlsona mines, though both
Montana and the Lakes produced less
than dnrlng the previous month.
J. Henderson has stopped work for
the present on his olaims at the Bobble Burns Basin. On the' Brysn
claim he drove a tunnel 100 feet wheu
he struck the lead and then out
through it another five feet. The lead
is rather broken where it wat ttruok.
The ore body ie quartt and Iron, and
looks fairly well. The work at the Lincoln consists ot an open out 26 to 80 feet
wide, and 26 feet deep. This out lays
bare tbe lead, whlob presents a Hue
showing and assayed over 1| ounce*
of gold to the ton. Between three and
tour tons of ore have been taken out
and laid on the dump Mr. Hinder,
son expects tb put a winter camp in
after consultation with his  psriners.
The celebrated North Star mine of
East Kootenay has been sold to an
English syndicate for 81,000,000.
C. A. Warren has arranged to have
some development work done on Mr.
Abbott's claims on Carbonate Mountain.
Mr. Curran, manager of the North
Star mine, has purchased a sixth interest in the Coronado group on Wild
Messrs. Shote, Forrest and Kenny
have recorded at Donald the Snow-
flake, Viotoria and Clondick olaims on
Bald Mountain.
The owners of this mine are: T.
Houghton, C. E. Fort Steele, B. C;
E. P. Davis, Q. C. Vancouver; J.
Haviland Routly, Harry Abbott, Q. 0.
and George Ross Robertson Estates,
Montreal, The property consists of
two claims, the Moyie and Queen of
the Hills. The ledge running through
these olaims Is a continuation of the
St. Eugene lead. The ore is the same,
running from 40 ounces in silver to 60
per cent lead to 66 ounces in silver and
70 per oent lead. The bulk of development work has bsen done on the Moyie
claim. Through this olaim there are
two leads, known as the North and
South leads. On the North lead there
is 190 feet of timbering completed and
about 200 tons of shipping ore on the
dump. There are also several open
outtings on this lead with a showing
of ore in all.
On the South ledge there is from 8
to 9feet of shafting with bottom of shaft
in solid carbonates. About 60 feet in
vertical depth below shaft there is
an open cutting in 20 feet, with breast
of solid carbonates and galena. Below
this again is a fine showing of galena.
Mr. Houghton, who has been looking
after the work, has been most
successful in laying it out with a view
to securing good results.
A Few Words of Advice Before
Tou Dye.
When you dye at home your chief
view is economy. Home dying economy means the very best results from
a minimum of expense, time and
Your object and desires are
fully realised only when the Diamond Dyes are used for vour
work. If you are one of the careless unfortunates who simply take
a package of dye of the color desired
from your dealer, you will in nine
cases out of 10 suffer loss snd great
disappointment, as many merchants
will band you some common dye ruinous to your goods, dangerous to
handle and worthless as far as coloring power is concerned, and on which
a very large profit is made. If you
secure tbe Diamond Dyes your success
is sure and oertain.
Diamond Dyea bave a long record ot
triumphs in home dying work; they
bave been used snd tested in every
land, and have become friends and
family necessities. Happy woman
everywhere dye with Diamond Dyes.
��� ���
Another mine riot at Guardville, Pa.
Nine men fatally wounded aud others
less severely wounded.
A farmer named John Boer murdered his wife and family of five at Car-
roll,Iowa, and then committed suicide.
Men have been flocking to Lemon
Creek, near Slocan, where placer deposits are reported to have been found.
*l r. Boston' r.t Steele
Mr. linstock meet with a -Trent,
reception at Fort Steele. He wsr
batrqnetteil. driven nn. to tlie Movie
an I Wild Horse mines and visited the
St. Eugene Mission schools. Tlio
Board o( Trade drew Mr. Bostoe.k's
attention to the wronir that wns liein-r
dona to Steele iii leaving the town so
far from railway comiiiiiciitlon by the
Crow's Nest Road and tbey iisked thst
theli in eminent tititlRuilunvniitlioritie-)
should be ur-ieil to construct the railway to within a mile of Steele, instead
of taking it by the proposed route, by
which it would be four miles distant,
from Steele at the nearest point. The
Hoard alro urged that the Dominion
Government should imorove the Kootenay lliver and that a county court
should be held regularly. Mr Bostock
promised to represent the different
matters brought under his notice iu
the proper quarters.
���i ���
Golden Public school.
The following is the school report
for September: 5th class, Walter
Houston 1st, Laura Kenny 2nd; 4th
class, Mary Conner and Malie Anderson; 3rd class, Emily Kenny and Maggie Archer; 2nd class, Arthur Jaynes
and Lyla Lore; II primer class. Minnie Sutherland nnd Adelaide Leveque;
I primer class. Katie Kenny and
Thomas Conner. Average attendance
was 32.
��� .
Latest news from Dyea and Skag-
way states that the trails are blocked
with dead horses.
BY Letter
THE first thing wise people think of
when ordering goods by mail is
the capacity t'or business of those
they write to. The reput-r ion wo
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ing rate.
le forge ahead at a grntily-
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Request, for price list, and samples
receive prompt attention.
Hudson's Bay Stores |
L. H. Doll,
Jeweller and Optician,
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Watches, Clocks and Jewellery
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Return same with Promptness.
ETES Tested free of charge.
Fittings according to lenses and forms.
Special run on
Clothing at
The Best of This Month.
B. C. Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Corner Alexander Street and Westminster Avenue,
Telephone 316.     P. 0. Drawer 754.
��� ft mt
Manufacturers of:--
Stamp Mills Roller Mills Ore Concentrators Ore Feeders
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Hydraulio Mining Machinery Mining Supplies
Ueneral Msaager, Phone MO.
Supt. Mining Dept., Phone 446.
CtoMMFOlfDMCi Solicited.
8ee..Tress., Phone 810.
Estimates Fummiieu.     154 THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, (JC'XOBER 1,  189.
- golden -
ft ft ft ft
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Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
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Fancy Goods,
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Flour and Feed,
��� ��� ���
Mining Supplies
A special feature of
our business.
To Ad vert I-wr. and Dnbser liters.
The ('OLDEN F.BA ��� oublished every
Friday evening. It is the beet advertising
medium in the East Kootenay diatrict,
Subscription Rate.: l-OO per annum IN
Alterations and changes of standing advertisements must be in tbe office not later than
noon ou Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
noon on Friday.
While all reasonable care will be taken, tbe
proprietors will not be responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
All accounts to be paid tu the Msnaging
Director, or his authorised agent, from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates: Display ads., HI .50 per
column inch; Lo-fal ads., 10 cento per une
for first insertion, 6 cents for each addition-
insertion; Heading notices, 12 cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should bo addressed to the Managing Director, and oil
literary communications, letters for publication or news items should be addressed to the
Correspondence i�� invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the esse ot
iiiioiivmoiis letters the name and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for tbe private information of the
oditor and as a guarantee of good faith.
The Postal department bave an ab-1
surd way of dealing with unstamped
lotters. Tha other day a gentleman
In Oolden got a note from the inspector 's office advising him there was an
unstamped letter for him and offering
to send it on the amount of postage
being received. It would save loss ol
time and be a public convenience if
the Postal department would Introduce the common sense plan of
forwarding unstamped letters and
levying a fine of double the amount of
the deficiency. Such a system would
amply repay the trouble to which tbe
department would be put and would
avoid the legitimate complaints now
made about the unnecessary delay In
tbe delivery of such letters.
The Golden Era Compaay Limited Ltablllty.
Office, Golden, B. 0.
oThe (Dolt-*** t&va
(Edited by E. A. Haooen.)
From the Victoria Times: ���'Shall
the Liberal Party as a party interfere
with local politics, or shall Liberalism be introduced Into Provincial
affairs? To both forms of the same
question we answer in the affirmative."
We Guarantee
The siife carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the mountains. We employ an
old. experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect, every
package put up for pack
trains before leaving
the premises.
We have something for you
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200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies' and Children's Boots
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the next SO days.
. . Don't ��� ���
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J. Lamontagne,
Tonaorlal Arttnt.
Everything Strictly First Class
Hants. Nltoee unit Ilameaa
Kepairi'4 promptly.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds fur
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
Hamilton &xSkelton,
OOLDEN. B. C. lSlto
One ot the most antiquated publio
institutions that Canada possesses is
the Customs Department. It is ruu
on lines that are about as barbarous
as can be. Red tape ties the whole
department round so tightly that it
seems impossible to unloose the tangle,
and to drive some idea of decent administration into the heads of the
officials. Ic is not eo long since, that
we had the department exhibiting
a scandalous abuse of power by tying
up the Navigation Company's steamer
Gwendoline for what seemed no other
motive than that of spite. Now we
have them attempting to block trade
and commerce by the most nonsensical
arrangements. Oui American cousins
can teach the Canadian Custoja House
a wholesome lesson In the way of
studying the publio convenience, and
we know of no better school where
Canada could send her chief customs
officers than into the American Custom house for a lesson. As an instance ot complaint an effort has been
made to get goods from Fort Steele
shipped through Golden this autumn
but when tbe goods arrive here the
rules and regulations of the depart
ment are so hide-bound that the local
officer dare not facilitate the clearance
of these goods in a reasonable way
The Navigation Company or other
agent must have a power of attorney
from tbe person to whom the goods
are consigned and must pay ths duty
at the Oolden office before the goods
can be got, and if the consignee has
not complied with all thia intricate
red tape ond passed entries at Fort
Steele, the goods have got to remain
in Her Majesty's bond until he does.
This means a loss of a fortnight to
three weeks before the matter oan be
put right by mail. Meantime a man'a
business may be ruined while he is
attempting to comply with all the
humbug that is asked ot him before he
can get his goods. It is time the old
officers who are responsible for this
disgraceful state of things were replaced by live men, wbo would recognise
that the world does move, and that
the systems that might do years ago
wont do today. We should then have
the necessary simplification of the
customs system, and modifications
made which would meet the urgent
business requirements. We hope the
Minister in charge of the Customs
Department will take immediate steps
to have the service improved in the
direction required by the public
It Saves the Cronpjr children
Seavisw, Va.���We have a splendid
sale on Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
and our customers coming from far
and near, speak of it in ths highest
terms. Many have said that their
children would have died of croup if
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy had not
been given.���Kellam A Ourren
For sale by all druggists. Langley A
Co., wholesale agents Victoria and
Vancouver. 146o8
e ���
The Yukon Gold Fields
The McMurdo House,
carbonate landing,
���ast kootenav,
Chas. Cartwrioht, Proprietor.
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
It is high time that the Government
offices at Golden were enlarged as they
are altogether inadequate for the accommodation ot the publio. The front,
portion ot the present building le no
more tbat what ia required by the
Recorder's office alone. A new court
room, with proper offices for the Gold
Commissioner, should be built and additional quarters are also required for
the accommodation ot tbe polios.
An Aeter Talks
Tells What Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powdsr
Did for Hlm and hb Wifc-Tndy a
Friend to the "ProfeMion"
I can bit proclaim Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal
tonallit-.nnde-wrh.  Myself'
"I can bit proclaim Dr. Agnew'
Pewder s wonderful medicine, r
for singers and public speakr- -
have a tendency te	
both subjects of catarrh and tonal
had tried most everything, but have aevef
ind anything to equal	
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tout street,
li a wonder
. -    _. ��� jy me snd 1 an ������.
eco-nwndlng it lo my hrstbsr nro-
st, Mew Tork City.
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
What a V. t. OBeer Says of Them.
Burton F. Bennett, dietrict attorney
for Alaska, says:
"The world at large may not realise
it, but there are men up north who are
walking right into death. The snow
is probably flying on White Pass and
if not soon will be. Many propose to
winter at Skagway, but from what I
can learn hundreds do uot propose to
stop there, nor will they return to
���They have tbe gold fever at no
body of men had it. Every time they
hear of a ttrike in tbe Yukon country
they get cratier than ever. They will
not nop for mow. They will not
stop for storms. They will keep
pnshiug over White Pass all winter.
I am satisfied that while the snow is
coming down with all Its fury on the
pass, und the wind is blowing awful
gales, this winter you will see men on
White Pass. It is the most damnable
rush I ever heard or read of. These
men do not know anything of the horrors of White Pass In the winter time,
yet they keep on, and just about the
time that winter is at its worst some
of tbem will be caught on White Past.
They will never escape. There is gold
in tbe Tukon country. Why, the
people with all the newspaper talk do
not know what the rush will be in the
coming spring. From tbe letters I
have received from the States, there
will be 10,000 people hi Alaska six
weeks alter the spring ruth hai commenced."
A Care fer Billows Cells
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colic for aeveral yeara. Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
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charm. One dose of It givee relief
when all other remedies fall.���G. D.
Sharp. For sale by all druggists.
L-ngley A Co., wholesale agents Victoria and Vancouver U6o8
Tho Wate-auker*. -Illaace
and Israeli Oood'. Stores
We pubish In today's issue an advertisement from the English watchmaking and jewellery house of tbe
Watchmakers' Alliance and Erneet
Good's Stores Limited, London. We
acknowledge receipt of the catalogue
of the firm's goods, whieh is ' very
Interesting and complete and Illustrates the large eitent to which the
firm in question cater for tha ueee and
of the public at well at the jeweller's
art. The catalogue Is supplied tne to
any one who will go to the trouble of
���ending for It, while many of
readers will no doubt be glad to have
a thot at tht proposition offered in onr
columm. TheNorfork Dally Stand-
ard referring to the boilntts of the
firm eaye: "Thu large commercial
home contalnt thi largest stock of
watches and jewellery In the world."
e e
A Port Hope man It making an expedition to the Rooky Mountainl,
near Peace river, to find a rich gold
deposit that he wye an Indian told
him about.
The OeM Basis net More Enthuh-tie than are lhe Pralssa
of Ibe Thailand. Who sre Living Today
Bocaass of Booth American Kidney Care
-Tot-uss-is verify what la claimed ef South
Aaerieau Kidney Cure.  OraUest, ssM,
liar kidney disorder, in young or eeL
-r female, ltei^yatted&incllonofa
ins. It -Moves dMrsadu tSSaey
in sis hoars. Merer Wh to care Jf
lln. Acts directly on tbs circulation
Local Industries
Ooln���ibla Blver -umber L'umpany.
The principal proprietors of the
Columbia River Sawmills are Toronto
people. W. McKensie Is the president,
W.G Neilson, secretary and treasurer,
and M. Carlin manager. These mills
were established at the mouth of the
Beaver in 1889 by F. Robinson, proprietor of the Revelstoke sawmills.
The company at present employ 76
men, oi ot whom are engaged at the
mill and 40 are located at the lumber
camps. The mill is driven by water
power, the supply being obtained from
Quarts Creek at a point about a quarter of a mile distant from the mill,
and the water is conveyed thither
by a large flume fitted with overflow end rock gratings. Tbe
power is supplied by three turbine
wheels, one of 187 horse power, one of
66 bores power and the other of 46
horse power. The mill buildings cover
a large area of ground, with the motive
power, belting, gears and pulleys, and
some of the machinery on the ground
floor, and the bulk of the machinery
on the upper floor. The logs are
drawn to the upper floor by means of a
jack ladder, which extends into the
boom and is adjustable according to
the height of the river. Thence the
logs go on the travelling bench whioh
feeds a large circular saw capable of
cutting 40,000feet a day. From this saw
the lumber runs over a long series of
rollers wbioh carry it to the gang saw
where the stuff is cut that goes to
make No. 1 lumber. Thence it passes
through the edging machine, whioh is
arranged so that the waste pieces are
automatically carried into a shoot and
dumped into the river. The lumber
then passes Into a trimming machine
for trimming tbe ends. The plant
also Includes a draw saw for outtlng
lumber into lengths, machine for
making lathes and an ingenious ar.
range-neat for outting cordwood and
automatically loading It on the car.
The conveniences for loading cats are
specially good, a stage having been
provided fitted with rollers for handling the timber, and eloping to tbe oar
track on either eide. On a stsging bf
the upper floor are two planing
maohines and beneath thie run the
travelling timber wagons on which
the dressed stuff Is loaded and removed to thi yard for storage. There is a
third planer on the ground floor.
The sawdust from the mill is run into
tbe river by elevators. The mill is
well fitted up with tools and appliances for repairing and keeping tbe
plant in order. Theee appliances include two automatic saw sharpeners
for gang and circular saws respectively. There it also a machine shop
for filing the planer knives. A fire
hose is kept ready for emergency.
Iu the yard something like 800,000
feet of lumber is piled ready for market. The output of the mills Is mainly sold in the east. The company
have extensive timber limits running
from a little south of'Oolden for,
about 30 miles down the Columbia
River and aoross the mountains
lo Revelstoke. The timber consists of
spruce, fir and cedar. The company
have been very bnsy lately turning
out piling and large bridge
timber to the order of the C. P. R.
for the Crow'a Neet Road.
There are two out camps, one about
three miles from the mill end tbe other
at Blaeberry. Nine teams of horses are
employed in hauling logs. The employees are accommodated at the mill
boarding house wbioh Is run by Mr.
and Mrs. MeCrimmon. The mill boom
is one of the btst we have seen being
built on strong piling driven into the
bed of the river and supported by a
substantial none crib work. There ie a
���team mill at thi month of tht Beaver but tt hat not bsen used for some
yean. The mill presents the appearance of a small town with the houses
of the workmen, blacksmith shop,
churoh for the use of all sects and a store
run by the company for the convenience of the hande. There is also a
library and reading room whieh le
well supplied with the news and the
illustrated papers and which appears
to be well patronised. What strikes a
visitor to the mills Is the exceptional
cleanliness and methodical arrangement. The fact that the main line of
the C.P.R. runt alongside their yard
gives tbe Company' specially good
facilities for shipping their lumber.
W. G. Nellson, J. P., hee bsen general manager of the mills since 1889;
W. B. Robertson Is thi accountant,
and joined the company about a year
ago; W. Higgtnson le tht mill foreman
and hu held thie position for the
paet three yean, and 8. Harding It ih
charge of the shipping department.
Owing to water power being und the
milli have to shut down absolutely
from the middle of November till April.
During that time special attention ie
given to cutting and running oat the
for tbe C.P.R. and to getting, logo lo
nedlnees to float down when the
watar opens for tbe lesson's cutting.
Now thst Mr. Carlin hae joined tbe
company it is their Intention to push
business end tbe result will no doubt
be an Incteaee In the number of men
employed by Ibe company, and In
greater activity about the Beaver,
which It in a fair way of blooming a
mlntog ae well ae a lumbering oentre.
if life Is
having it is worth
taking  care ot
EecklMsnes.  doe.
not pay, either In
"our work or
our  pleasure.
When    people
.read of a young
'msn who hss
been killed
Shile perform-
g some reckless feat, on a
toboggan or at
.. some other hazardous   Sport,
their sympathy
la -rdnd with
surprise that
any human being
should thu. carelessly risk life.
There are thousand, of men who
ne recklessly risking their Uvea while they
go about their common every-day avocations. They over-work, they do not take
���ufldeat tin-* from business or labor to eat
or sleep or rest, or to care for their health.
Outraged nature throws ont danger signals,
to which tbey pay no heed. They suffer
from bilious or nervous disorders, from
sick headache, giddiness, drowsiness, cold
chills, flushing, of heat, abort-ess of
breath, blotches on the akin, loss of appetite, uncomfortable sensations in tbe
stomach after meals, loss of sleep, lassl-
tude and trembling sensations. These are
the advance symptoms of serious snd fatal
All disorders of this nature are cured by
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, ft
restores the lost appetite, gives sound and
refreshing sleep, makes the digestion perfect, tbe liver active. It purifies the blood
and makes it rich with the life-giving elements of the food. It is the great blood-
maker and flesh-builder. It makes the body
active and the brain keen. It is the best
of nerve tonics. Thousands have testiiied
to its merits. No honest dealer will urge
upon you a substitute for the little extra
profit It may afford.
The nun or woman who neglects constipation is gathering in the system a store
of disorders that will culminate in some
serious snd possibly fatal malady. Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are a safe, sure,
speedy and permanent cure for constipation. One little " Pellet" ts a gentle laxative, and two a mild cathartic.
..Notice of Removal..
I'm just going across tbe river,
Only u few yards away,
To premises more convenient,
Where I intend to stay.
I must thank the people of Oolden. __
For their patronage in the old store,
And assure them that in the future
I shall try and merit it more.
My samples for fall and winter
Are all of the newest class,
And are sure to give satisfaction
Because  sold  at  low prices for
Suits to Measure From
$15 up
Inspect my patterns and compare
prices before placing your -
orders elsewhere.
Cleaning, Repairing and
Altering Done.
Business Cards.
Sign  Writer,  Painter
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended to.
To Ranche Owners at
I have been requested to secure for an in-
tendlnif settler a ranche at Windermere, and
will be glad if owners of ranches for sale in
that district will send me particulars of
same. E. A. Hagqkn,
142tc Beat -state Agent, Golden.
An Honest Offer I
To ell those suffering from
Nervous Exhaustion or any Private
Disease, who have tried different doc-
tori or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will be sent FREE in plain sealed envelope upon application io
18M81 Box CO, Detroit, Mich.
,-j__*fTn. A . _ ,	
snd eradicate, from the system all solid, and
..-._ .._ ���' ��� -tpttsiesiJ
foreign subtleness which' el
tar y organ, .of thi h-maa
wpu otliers have proved
 V t*B���I
SnM by C.A.Warren.
aB^iecel-ritodayi "Idespslrsd of recover*-until I usef South American Kidney
hTeUJagoftheCuring Power.fof Dr.Ag-
nsw-s Cere far the Hesrt
i proved a waMsrfal milchM in my case.
Ja great ratfcrer frorn Man trouble.  I
lis greet bss-kballieran)kavses-
���ttgreairaaelt.  My wile aim haa wad
Dr. Ward's
Celebrated Kidney Remedy
Relieves pain In the back, kidneys, liver,
bladder and every part of the urinary pas-
iocs. It corrects inability to hold urine nnd
scalding Jiain in passing it, or bad effects following rlie use of liquor, .vine or boor, and
overcomes that unpleasant necessity of beiti'-
compelled to aret up often during tlie night
to urinate. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Dr. Ward's Remedy is soon realised.
If yon need a medicine yon should have the
best.  Price, 81.
17lmr21 850 Dearborn St., Chicago.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to ma
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        39to
Builder and Contractor,      i
-   -   -   -  Golden, B. C.
. A supply of Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28tc
Watch, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing:
In all its lines done on
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chaios, Lockets, Rings and
Jewelery carried in stock, also
Spectacles and Eye Glasses.
Mail Orders Solicited.
Call at my new place  ot  business,
.   Opposite tbe Post Office.
John McMillan,
Watchmaker,   *   *   -  Golden, B. C
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Uood Effect, at Once.
Cures general or special debility, wakefulness, spermatorrhoea, emissions, {-potency,
paresis, etc. Corrects functional disorders,
caused by errors or excesses, quickly restoring Lost Manhood In okl or young, giving
Vigor and Strength where former weakness
prm-alled. Convenient package, simple,
effectual and legitimate.
i-_ri�� la Quick and Thorough.
Don't be deceived by Imitations; insist im
Caton's VitaUters. Sent soided if your druggist does not havo it. Price II per page., 0
for H, wilh written guarantee of complete
cure. Information, references, olr., free and
rouDdeniial, Bond ua statement of case and
ST. rts for a week's trial treatment. Ono only
sent In each person      _ OWo
Colon :
��� Co.. Boston. Mau.
atr-cagt-, Vitality, Manhood.
WARD'S "*"rt
Are aoM under a positive guarantee to cure
or refund tbe money, and we stand by our
guarantee. Cure, all Nitmvous Diseases,
In old or young, MiOBTLY Emission-) and
siting diseases, and all effects of self abuse
 ,, Stops dangerous drains:   A
-*N-rraie.. Sl-ow* l_inedUte
_, it. Tm grandest remedy of modern times. Price II, OTeklmua (a full treatment) for K, by null, ta plain package, on
receipt of price.
Ward Medicine Co.,
���;.-'--.-*Bflg ''"-'*--���-���
la _ko.aa.ve Tnrltns-r. Oar Sates sen ai
HgM. OttyerOeaani
_gntsastaatttrgot-_grl.ht eeeaapa*
Oa.ae-.at, la awe dap, eleared ���TS.IO.
���a appllaaMea
Undertakers and
.  .   Embalmers,
Calgary,   ���    ���   Alta.
Barrister, Solicitor &
^���o-  Notary Public.
Office a* Upper Columbia Navigation
>. Building, Oolden. B. C. >
.in Golden on Monday of each
k�� SSto
Wiil I
Mining. Meal Estate and
Financial Agent  .   .   .  .
Puwken!rs Obtained for Prospects and Developed Claims.
.... Ooldea. B. C.
For Sale
Oroui of two claims.  Accessible position.
High satsys fa gold, silver, and copper.   10
Gioip of four claims.  Ore carries copper
and goO.  Goad position. 14
Grow ef two claims of gold-bearing quarts
in b-Ta-asrsI district of East Kootenay.
IP to WOO in gold, 10,17
of two gold claims.  One of the best
on the market, ami can be
^^^^      leped.  Assays gave about 1900
HMMstin gold property in exchange for
-roup of M claims, developed. No better
property in British Columbia. IS
Well developed claim. Most promising
discovery In the Selkirks. Assays up to W8. .
Group of seven claims in quartz country.
Oood average assays. IB
Group of four full sited clsims. Copper
oro carrying gold. X
Coppsr property. Extensive development
work. Easy of access. Assays up lo 00 per
cent copper. i
Three claims of 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, near Klondike. Exteusive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, blacksmith', shop and tools. Wash averages tor)
[ior square foot. fl
Claim near railway. Goal, silver and copper. (
Ono of best copper properties in Eaat Kootonay. Smelter teat 84 per cent coppor, besides gold. 8
Claim In ono of best locations in Selkirks.
Cheaply worked. Assays lilt in gold, silver
snd copper. , 0
"  'f|
Choice gold property, partly freemilllng
Cto Bill.   Hevek-pincnt work
ni of copper claim.   Cheap.       IP
Assays up to KIO.   Ilevelopineut work
-xtonalou of copper claim,   f"���
Two claims in (rood location.
n.            Qtiartscar*
ying gokl and copper. DO
Claim adjoining known gold property,   ill
Two claims, koH atsl capper. SS,*1
For Salot-Treasury stock in the Victoria-
Texadp Oold Mining Co. This stock la offered at lire par value ol 2f> cents. Five of
the mines on Texada Island havo been working for the past 10 months and tbis company
considers it owns the Isist proposition on Ihe
island. Prospectus may h�� seen and full particulars obtained on application at my office.
Fsnn.of J00��ren��ar Uoblenrt ��aaaiIn
n; well wmctoo.  Outlmnmgi con.
aiat of hay shed, poultry yards, rait_t-iise,
milk bouse snd stables.
Form of 160 acre., one of tbe best and most
highly improved to be got In Eaat Kootenay.
Golden town Iota.
Patents for a Railway Coupler and a Rope
Clamp.       .    -^
To Let
Stables In Golden.
For par Honiara of above apply to
. ' Golden Era Office.
Dr. Ward's
Magleal Compltolon Tablets
other impei
 , Essoins, Prickly Host snd all
r-perfectlons of tin inn. Price SO
cents. Wtrd Medicine -Co., W Dearborn
8t;,Ch_sgp. . -.-..' -lilmrll THE GOLDEN ERA,  FRIDAY, OCTOBER  1,  1807.
News in Brief
President Kruger dying of Brights
Town Of Afauma, Mexico, destroyed
by floods.
Horses are killed wholesale at Dyea
to save feeding.
Hon. C. Sifton proposes to go right
through to Dawson City.
18 packers lost their lives by a land
tilde in tbe Chllooot Put.
Woliely lays British Army Is out of
gear and needs reorganising.
Chicago bullet fast train wrecked
latt week and cart piled 12 feet high.
Japanese landing toldieri seoretly
at Hawaii, and It ia believed there will
be trouble,
. By storm In Italy forty houses
ruined, twenty persons killed and
seventy wounded.
Kaiser Wtlhelm der Orosse, the largest steamer in the world, hu tailed
from Bremen for New Yerk.
Torpedo boat foundered at Hamburg
and Duke Frederick, her commander,
with seven of tbe crew drowned.
Eighty persons returned by tbe
steamer Queen from Juneau as they
were unable to get over the passes.
-English and Austrian steamers
collide*i on river Fuitnera. Latter waa
aunk and nearly all bands drowned.
At Saamokin, Pa,, a demon poisoned the milk which was being sent to
eupply City, but the fact was discovered in time.
A Joy That Endures
Cures Made by Paine's Celery
Compound are Permanent
Beeent Testimony mt a Lady  Oared
Tear. Ago.
Some years ago Mrt. D. O'Connor,
of Guelph, Ont, tufered from the
tortures of indigestion, neuraliga,
heart trouble, noise in the hesd, sleeplessness, despondency and weakness.
Her case was an exceptionally serious
one, as her troubles had been dragging
her down for over twenty-five yeara.
At the time her case quite baffled the
best doctors.
Getting wearied with medical treatment that gave no promising results,
she was fortunately directed to that
life saver, Paine's Celery Compound,
and like thousands before ber, she
found a new life. Mra. O'Connor wat
recently atked the question. "What
it your present opinion of Paine's
Celery Compound?" She answered as
' /ollows:
"In reply to your communication regarding Paine's Celery Comoounjl,
would say that I cheerfully recommend it to anyone suffering as I was.
It did for me ull that woe required.
'My advice to every one 1 come in contact with is, 'Always keep a bottle of
Paine's Celery Compound in the
house.' Several people hare used it on
tny recommendation and have been
beoeBttel. Tou can use these lines
iu any way you desire." 177
The National Matte Smelter.
A practical, oheap and almple method
ef matting sulphide ore, suoh at nickel,'
copper, gold, and eilver ores. In localities where lead ores and fuel are
acarce and almost unattainable bur
pyritic water-jacketed Matte Smelter
has been recognised with highly satis*
fsotory results, and has been thoroughly tested on various pyritio,
sulphide, and arsenide ores, io capacity
of two to 80 tone per day. It is the
simplest method of gold and silver ore
matting and concentrating that is
known today.
It require! no extraordinary skill,
no lead ores, no fluxing material, and
no fuel for the smelter attar It it
started. The sulphur In the ore is
iti natural fuel only, and Itt eost hat
no comparison with any other prooeei
ot concentrating.
We are prepared to f urnieh any aire or
capacity plant oomplete to substantial
mining people, set it up and furnish
our men to run it for them on easy
payments. Prices and specification!,
with riferencet and teitiraoniali, on
Manufacturers of Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Oold, Stiver, ind Lead Ores.
RgOINimt AND OOmtAOTOtS l>0��
Caton's Tansy Pills.
Al^ril^A^ ��UK ����� "KI*
Imitations.    Get   CAT01T8 ind save re*
grata.  At druggiala, or aenl sealed, 11. Our
MOTHia pagttrt taxiy pitu. ��
SIlWMiMfc     BflWi   WV  tkmrm   tmmWtfwW
innuoiirm'rn. nemJti
ft*. Imtadpmtmamtaam
^���*0WD Wife I ^^af��yw�� WW
Kidney Trouble Cured
A Well Known Hotel Keeper
Relates Kls Experience
He U-aSsM- OMatly From Kidney
Trouble and ladlgeMlon���He Doctored for a Long. Time Without
dotting any Belief
The march of the world's progress
is forced, protracted and continuous,
the competition for supremacy is keen.
The man of business must keep rank
if he would secure any covetable measure of success. The watchfulness,
vigor and thought involved in modern
superintended}- produces a severe
strain on the physical and mental
powers of modern business msn, and
exposes them to the attacks of certain
diseases. Considering that muoh depends on health In tbls struggle, it
behoves those who would be victor-
leas to guard against the first approach of disease. Neglect of early
adjustment ot digestive and kidney
disorders is often fraught with dire
results, added to thit Is the unpardonable triflling with health by experimenting with all kind of worthless
decoctions. It is simply invaluable to
make the acquaintance of a safe and
effective remedy such as Dr. Williams'
Viak Pills. James MoPhereon hotel
keeper In the village of Lancaster,
Glengarry County, has done business
for a number of yean tn Lancaster,
aad having successfully catered for
patronage ot the travelling publio
therefore is favorably known not only
at home but also abroad. In conversation with a newipaper reporter he
enumerated tome of hit ailments and
how he waa cured. About two years
ago he said, "my whole digestive apparatus seemed to become disordered,
Some daye I could move around, then
again I would be obliged to go to bed.
I trisd several things but with indifferent success. Occasionally I felt re-
leived but in a day or two the old
symptoms would return with a more
depressing effect. This kind of thing
went on until I became troubled with
mykldneys, which was a very annoying
addition to my sufferings. I waa
restless with a sensation of sickness
it the stomach, with intermittent
pain in the email of my back. I was
miserable enough when I consulted
the doctor who probably did me some
good, because I felt relieved. The
doctor's medioine was tsksn and his
directions obeyed, but I did not improve. I had heard of the fame of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. My wife believed in them and urged me to try them
I am glad I did so for after taking one
box I felt battel, and I continued taking the pills until I was couipeltely
cured. Thit inmmer I had an attaok
ql the same complaints and found Dr.
William's Pink Pills aa effective as
before. I had thit advantage, my
knowledge and belief in tbe pills saved
me from costly snd tedious experimenting such as I had undergone previously. I may further add that both
myself and Mrs. McPherson have derived much benefit from the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink PiUs, and I can
cordially recommend them to those
suffering similarly."
Dr. Wllliami' Pink Pills cun by-
going to the root of the disease. Tber
renew and build up the blood, and
strengthen the nervet, thnt driving
disease from the system. Avoid im-
nutations by insisting that every box
you punhase is enclosed in a wrapper-
hearing the full trade mark, Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills for Pale People.  176
1st Prize
Snd Prise
Ord Prize
9 Prises of
& Prizes of
10 Prizes of
25.00 each
10.00 each
6.00 each
To the Twenty peopls who solve this Puztle, If there are so many correct,
we will give the above Prises IN CASH.
How much of your Shoe
With Tour
If mon than Twenty should be correct, every correct oue will (in addition
to the Money Prizes) be awarded our famous "Faithful Timekeeper Silver
Watch," of whioh the net factory price Is $10. If preferred, the winner oun
choose a genuine Gold-cased Watch ot the same value.
F - - TH -UL
F - R ��� M - ST
A word here
"True to tlio
Our Proud
in the Watch
A word which
here means
they will last
a fife-time.
The qualities
of our
which are
to be the
in the English
nnd American
, is leather,- workmanship -and
how much of it is profit? Thc Shoe
you should buy and the Shoe most
dealers sell, differ as these proportions differ. Your next pair will
have more lenther value, and less
profit for the dealer, if you see that it's Goodyear
Welted, 83.50, 84-5��. *-*5-5�� stamped on Ihe sole.
"The Slater Shoe"
H. G. Parson, Solo Local Agent.
I Upper Columbia NaVigatioq & Trani^ay Lo.,1
As this wonderful offer is only made to advertise our far famed Silver
Watches, every Competitor must read the following conditions and comply
with them.
���    anil    ���
1. Send your answer on an ������International Post Card," whicli can be
bought at the post office (price 2 cents)
There ie no entrance fee oroharge
2. In addition to the Cash Prizes,
everyone who sends ths correct answer
will thereby win oun of our "Faithful
Timekeeper" Stiver Watches which we
sell in England for 810 each, and
which conld be sold ntall in America
for 816 to 828 each.
8. Every winner of the Watch Is required to purchase one ol our splendid
value inexpensive Solid Silver Albert
Chaine to wear with the Watoh, at
per our unprecedented offer whioh we
will send. Theee Chain! an Hallmarked on every link by the English
Government. It the same Watch is
requited with Oold filled case instead
of Solid Silver, a ohain to match may,
If desired, be chosen.
4. With our Watch aud Chain you
will receive our mammoth Catalogue
uoting Wholesale Factory Prices for
owollery, Plate, etc. The Fint Prize
Will be given to the one wko solves the
Rebus, receives the Watoh and Chain,
and orders altogether the largest amount of goods from the catalogue; the
Second Prize to the winner who
orders tbe second largest amount, and
so on.   It not more than twenty win
and receive the Watch and Chain, and	
it these do not buy anything from the jsi
catalogue, the whole of the prize'
money will be equally divided amoiijr j
them, giving 825 each. All amounts ;
in this advertisement are taken at the I
exchange of 86 to ��1.
5. A form will be sent tree to  you 1
which must be filled up and forwarded
to nach  us by December 25th of all -
goods ordered  on  account  of  these j
6. Tbe names and addresses of the
cosh prize winners will be printed in i
the Times, Daily Telegraph and Standard, of London, on Dec. 31st n��xt.
and subsequently in the New York
Herald, Drafts for the Prizes will bu
posted same day.
7. Write your name nnd address in
full every time you write to us to
avoid mistakes.
S. Orders for these Prizes may be
ssnt in separately from time to time
and you will be credited with the total
of all when you send In the report
form as above.
!). When sending Orders please remember that the letter postage to England is 5 cents per half ounce, and if
insufficient postage is used the letter is
liable to go astray.
Iqterqational Traqsportatioq Coiqpaqy.
Connecting with C. 1*. It. nt Oolilbn, I). C, and
Great Northern Railway nt .lomiiii-rs, Mi.ii1aii.-i.
48 Hours to Fort Steele
Steamers leave Golden Monday and Friday evenings on arrival  .
of East bound train.   Connections at Cunnl Flat .villi St.-ij-'- fnr
Fort Steele and Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable route.
Address all express i-nre ot I.'. 0. t'n'y., (ii-Mcii.
F. P. Armstrong*,
���>__���--a���-���-^���-���_--.���a.^- --ir i-a- ���- ���i -��� t ttmt  f   1"    _ t-
VOTICE Is hereby given that 60 days after
. date I intend te apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands sail Works for permission
to put-chaws no seres of lend situated ia East
Kootenay District and described as follows!
Commencing at a post placed at the sooth-
west corner of lot HO, G. I, thence west 40
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence eaat 10
chains, Ihence south HO chains to place of
L. T. MacI.koii.
Oated August fflrd, 1807. ISInM
T R. O. Gordon, hereby give notice that, ���0
* days after date, I Intend to apply lo Ihe
Chief L'ommiaaloner ol Lands and Works for
permission to purchase _n acres of land tn
East Kootensy District, and described aa
followsi-Commoncing at a post placed at
the south-wast corner of Lot 890. is thence
west 40 chalnss thence north Wchains; Iheace
east 40 vhalnsi thence south 1)0 chains to
place of commencement.
t      R. O. GORDON.
Dated August 17th, 1S*M. I-OojU
1 William McKensie. hereby give notice
-^ that 10 days efter date I Intend lo apply
to tbe Chief Commlsstonar of Lanrla ani
Works for permission to purchase MO teres
of land situated in Eaat Kootsnay District,
described ss tollo-ai-Comnienclng at a post
placed at the northeast corner otTat W Oili
theuce west 40ehslns; Ihence north Mcbamai
Ihence eaat 40 chains: thenee south 80 chains
to place of commencement.
Dated July 8Mb, Uei. oclt
[1,1, Dillon hereby give notice tbst HP
*��� days after dale I intend to apply to tbe
Chlet Commissioner of Lands and Works for
pmnlaitoa to purchase 100 seres of land
altuaWd in batlCootenay D_trlct, described
as follows:-Commencing at a post placed
80 chain, to Ha-sii? _!f!
the east boundary of Ut M 0.1, at
where said boundary Jigs last) *
���est 40
halns; thence south 80 e!
140 chains to place of comi
I Ihence eaat
last theuce
Dated August Snd, 1807.
J. R. D,
 ._ -f lbs County Court of Kootonay
_he hell at .the (joirfMoose al Donald,
on Friday, the 8th illy of October, 18(7, at
HI o'clock In the forenoon.
Donald, B. C, September 6th, 18(7.
Send your answer at once!   You are sure to win a Prize
if correct, while even if not correct it
costs you nothing.
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
Incorporated "..���cording to Act of Parliament-Capital ��91,000 !��lu0,0��).     LIMITED,
184 Oxford Street, London.
Cable Address:   "CLOCKLIKE, LONDON."  lluainoss Established 188:.. lu-nrlS
illlu" Stulaif iri Beauty
^HicttfiRAjif BICYCLES.
A WINNER from the Start
You'll want It, If you SEE It
Sum's Wants! In Unoccupied Twitfe-.
Big Induea-wnts lo Work*-*.
W_*leaale Bad Bet-til
Cattle, Sheep and.
Home Dealers.
GOLDEN. B. C.      asw
Assayers ���������
Chemists -:
Muffles, CrwiMea, fcoriiVra. Purnsces,
Chemical., Chemicid Annan ua, Halluces,
Baker a, Adamson'a C. V. Acids.
We are Importera, Miauhcturers
and Jobbers.
8(gov*nteeathM.        ^.H;*-,:,*
aver, Cole. Fneblo, Utah
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D.  L.  Bettschen.
Prescriptions Carefully l'reprired.
A Full Stock of l'litimt  Meli.inra and
Druggists riundries Kept.
Pacific Hy
Choice of Wi Routes to
H*a��rMl, ftmln Xew Y��*k
And ill Eastern points.
Like Stesoert leare Fort William for
Alberts, Every Tuesday
Athabasca EvsryThursday
Manitoba Every Sunday
Connecting trains leave Wiuulpeg at 1140
every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Moutresl to Liverpool every Wednesday snd
New York lo Liverpool     do     do     do
of India to Yokohama and Ho
(Kong October
India lo Yokohama ami Hong
'Kong October It
morels of Japan do do Novembers
lower, to Australia and New Zealand
'October 18
Aorengi     do        do      do November 15
Ifyou ire looking tor 1 place lo spend the
WDt<"  Jqu Ud Ull llMlIU IM
ire reached ta euy as other points and the
eipsnss is has thin st other retort*.
For laformatloo aad full particulars apply
te your mm ig��*t or address
Traflc Manager, Winnipeg, Man.
��� ��� OF CANADA
Head OMce, T��T��nto.
Paid Up Capital - Jl,9��'-U*r*<>
Reserve   *   -   -    M,16ij,800
H. 8. Howland, President.
T.R.Merritt. Vice Pres.(St.Catharines)
William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,
Hugh Ryan, T, Sutherland Stayner,
E. Rogers.
D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.
{(eating ��� - -
A Bicycle that sells quickly because it is made
to please the rider. Because it inns wonderfully easy with its long chain, and with
the bearings so made that the balls revolve
without even common friction.
Keating is the Lightest Guaranteed
Road Bicycle in the World.
North West and British Columbia.
8t. Thomas
Brandon    Portage la
Calgary Prairie
Edmonton Prince Albert
Essex       Niagara Falls
Fergus     Port Colborne
Gait        Rat Portage
Ingersoll Siult Ste. Marie
St. Catharine!
Agents tn Oraat Britain-Lloyd's Hank,
Ltd., 78 Lombard SI., London, wilh whom
money may be deposited for transfer by letter
or cable lo any or above branches.
Agents lu the United Stales-Now York,
Bank of Montreal. Hank nf America; Chicago, First National Hank- St. Paul, Second
National Bank. ���      ,    ���
Havings Bank Deparlmont--Dcposils of ��l
and upwards received ind interest sllowod. ,
Debentures ��� Provincial. Municipal and
otlier debentures purchased.      	
Draft-sand Letters of Credit���Available at
rill points it Canada, United hlnadonl.
United Stales, Europe, India, China, Japan,
Australia, New Siealand, etc
gist Manager Calgary llranch.
it Keating Wheel Co.. ti
Write and mention "ERA."
Lodging House
Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
P. Wattelet intends shortly paying
���t visit to France.
Potatoes are 60 cents a bag in Toronto aad n rise is expected.
The C. P. R- intend putting in sinew side tracks at Golden station.
Sample copies of the Goli>_* E-A
trill he mailed bee upon application.
Oa Tuesday night the annual meeting of the Golden Curling Club will be
lield at the Columbia House.
Mr. Haney, Manager of Construe-
on the Crow's Nest Road, draws the
nice salary -of $40,000 a year for two
Sir C. Tupper and Sir McKensie
Bowell passed through Golden on
Wednesday on tbeir way to West
Mr. Cowell, Mining Engineer, ot
���victoria, has gone to London, In
���which City he will remain for about
two months.
The Hon. I). Mills bas been offered
place in Cabinet as Minist.r of Justice
���n succession to Sir Oliver Mowat,
who arill be next Lieut-Governor of
Dr. Dawson intimated at Kamloops
that sooner or later an all land route
through British Columbia would have
to he eonstr��oted into the northern
Mr. Braden, the popular manager
of the Calsrary Herald, paid Golden a
-visit on Monday. Mr. Braden ts off
Ho tbs west ter a holiday whioh he
bas well earned.
Mr. Hammeaid will not stop at Golden on his way west but will go
straight through on to Cariboo. On
his return he will visit the Golden and
Fort Stehle districts.
The Fort Steele Board ol Trade
interviewed Mr. -ehrieber, Deputy
-tisieter of Railways, and urged on
lilm the bringing of the C. P. R. Hue
direct Into Fort Steele.
The Canadian Engineer says: "We
a-uile agree that 'an all Canadian all
land route, affording access at all
Masons, Is tbs most pressing necces-
aity if the wealth of this region is to
benefit Canada.*1
4000 men and 1400 horses are at present employed on the construction of
tlie Crow's Nest railway and will be
kept at it all winter. Mr. Haney is
determined to have the line finished to
Xootenay Lake by July next.
A aaeetlag of the Liberal Association is convened for Saturday night
nt* 8 p.m. at tbe Queen's Hotel to neb
leet delegates to represent the Associa-
tioa at the Liberal can vention to be
.hell next week at New Westminster.
Messrs Houston and Co., ol Golden,
have turned out to the order of J.Henderson the doors for the new church at
���St. Eugene Mission. The workmanship is excellent and reflects great
credit onhhe resources of Messrs. Houston sad Co's establishment.
Mr. Roy, Dominion Government
Engineer, will visit Oolden this
month and will inspect the Kicking
Bene and Columbia Riven with a
view to losing what work would be
required to meet the demands of the
stouten te protect their lands from the
1 watere of these riven.
It  ts  proposed to Incorporate Fort
T.   Alton li enlarging his  black-
smith'a chop.
F. McCabe has been appointed postmaster at Wardner.
W. C. Wells, ot Palliser, returned
from the east today.
H. Estelle fractured one of hie legs
while ont duck shooting.
The C.P.R. have etarted tbe erection of a section house at Palliser.
The Eduoation Department have
decided to open a school at Wardner.
W. McKenzie and T. Holt, of Toronto, left Golden yesterday morning
for Vancouver and Victoria accompanied by W.G. Neilson.
C. C. Maokay threshed 3,700 bushels of oats off his Big House Ranche.
We understand the grain weight 40
pounds to the bushel.
CA. Warren is a model postmaster,
On Monday night he started on the
mail from Fort Steele and points along
tbe Colombia Valley about 7 p. m
and by 8 o'clock tbe whole mail was
Constable Cox arretted a man named J. Sanderson, who had been making himself a nuisance in the town
He wae charged with vagranoy and
brought before Mr. Warren, J. P. who
let him off on his promising to leave
Messrs. Jolliffe and Stracey returned
to Golden yesterday from a shooting
expedition to Buffalo Lake, near
Moosejaw. They had exrcellent sport,
bagging over SOO geese. The birds
were in prime condition being stnb-
Mr. Clark, station muter of Donald,
has been moved to Lytton at his own
request. Mr. McMillan, formerly station agent at Gleichen, has been appointed to Donald. The Donald station is now included in Mr. Niblock's
Constable Cox seised the other day a
fishing net which had been used In tbe
Columbia River contrary to law. Tbe
net was 16 feet long and has been
forfeited. As ths owner was In poor
circumstances it was decided not to
prosecute him.
Hon. C Sifton, Minister of the
Interior, Major Walsh .Administer of
the Yukon, snd Judge Maguire passed
through Golden yesterday on their
way north. Mr. Sifton will only go
as far as Dyea but tbe rest of tbe
party will endeavor to push on to
Dawson City.
According to the Fort Steele Prospector Mr. Blaokmore says that about
50 coking ovens would be erected
next year at Coal Creek, Crow's Nest.
A force of ten experienced miners are
now at work driving headings into
the coal seam, and the number will
shortly be increased to about 20.
George Maurier, manager of the Toronto office of the Agricultural Insurance Co. of New York, spent today in
Golden. Mr. Maotler ie one of the
most popular business men in the out.
He hae taken to mining, being managing director of the Smuggler mine at
Fairview, a property tbat is being well
developed snd is one of the most premising free gold properties in British
R.H. Truenun A Co., of Vancouver,
beete opened their photographing
establishment at Golden and will not
wtnaia later than Wednesday Oct. 6,
positively. Those who wiih their
photograph! taken should made it a
poiut to oall before that date. Mr.
Traaman bai a reputation for good
"So. 1 ran off the lias twice yesterday betu-een Palliser and Golden, thns
arriving art Golden two hours late. A
band ear witb some men to assist left
Oolden elation nst knowing that the
trait was just coming in. They had
oo time to shift the handcar so jumped off and left It for the engine to send
flying off the track.
Mr. Blakemore, Consulting Engineer, returned by the stage from Fort
-Steele ou Monday night. He has spent
���about a month examining the ooal
deposits of the Crow's Nest with a
view to advising the owners and the
C. P. B. as to the best means of oper-
atiag these coal fields, which he describe! Mossusining immense deposits.
Mr. Blakemore will now visit Weet
Xootenay to report on some mining
properties there and will return to Golden In about a fortnight when be will
report on olaims in the Windermere
���"My hey came home from tobool
one day with hie band badly lacerated
and suffering great pain,"says Mr.
X. J. Schall, wiih Meyer Bros.' Drug
Co.,St. Louis, Mo. "I dressed the
���wound, and applied Chamberlain's
Pain Balm freely. All pain ceased
jind In a remarkably short time tt
healed without leaving a tear. For
sveundi, ipraini, swellings and rheu*
anatlem, I know of no medicine or prescription equal to it. I consider it a
���household neoessity." For sale by ell
druggists. Langley A Co., wholesale
Agents Victoria and Vancouver. 146o8
Maxwell, M. P. eeemi to bave turned traitor to tbe Liberal party. At
Vanoouver be eaid: "So far as I am
personally concerned, 1 will not recog-
niM tht convention in any thape or
lorn, and I will not bs bound by It In
My thane or form. Thoy can pais
���ny teaelntloni thev like, they wont
bare any ln_oence on me," He went
��n to lay that ht represented 600 or
���700 Contervatlvee in the city, ud It
.would bt inloldal for him to bave any
joouncetton with the convention at tba
present time. "Talk ae thev like
about LlberalUm here, Llbtrtliim at
no issnt It at aditeount In Vancouver.'
Chan McKay hat thown ut a letter
which he haa received from J. W.
Marchbank, who recently went to
Klondyke. The writer aaye: "Ii you
have any rustle left in you, you better
look after thie oountry. Cattle,
horses and dogs are all right to make
money in tbis country. People In
here over winter have $25,000 to 1100,
000. They get ae high as 1800 to the
pan. It sounds a little high but
nevertheless the truth. Chan it is all
a dream to me. I got a claim. This
is the longest day in the year. The
sun shlues all day and night.
Woman are not the only ones who
are esnsittve about their agee. A man
doesn't like to be told that bt is getting old. Health keepi a man young.
It doesn't make any difference if be
haa lived eighty yean. If thty htve
been healthy yean, he will be bale
and hearty and won't look within 20
years ai old aa he ie. Good digestion
and rich, red blood make people look
youthful. Dr. Pierce's Golden Modioli
Discovery mikee rioh, red blood. It
makee health in the right way. It
worki according to the right theory,
and in 80 yean of practice, It hae
proved that tbe theory it absolutely
correct. It begins tt the tbe beginning
���begins by putting the stomach, liver
and bowels Into perfect order, but It
begins its good work on the blood befoie it finishes with tbe digestive sys*
tern. It searches out diseatt germi
wherever they miy be tnd foron them
out of the body. All druggiiti keep
tho "Discovery."
Greatest Mine In the World
Tbis distriot is coming loon to the
front and one of the most aspiring locations in Moyie ts the townsite of Sifton at the north end of the Moyie Lake,
and distant 12 miles from Cranbrook
and 21 miles from Fort Steele. A
semi weekly stage connects Fort Steele
with Sifton and runs to Moyie City,
eight miles south of Sifton. The
stage fare is (2.76. At the time of
our visit there were four four horse
teams engaged in hauling lumber and
freight from Steele to Moyie, and 12,
000 pounds of freight were expected
daily to arrive for Messrs. McMahon
Bros., of Moyie City. A mail bag is
sent to Moyie every Friday by stage
and brings back the return mail on
the following Thursday. M. J. Bun-
yan is manager of the freighting
At preeent tt is bird to lay when
the ohiet town of Moyie distriot will
be located but there ii bound to be an
important town there. A good many
believe Sifton posesses the most advantages and the owners are waiting
to see when the C. P. R. line will be
located before laying out the town.
As soon ai the definite location has
been fixed upon the townsite will be
put on the market.
A launch was being purchased from
N. Hanson of Wasa, for putting on
the lake, boats having hitherto been
used ae the principal means of communication with points on the lake.
Then an a number of important
mining properties about Moyie. Cariboo Swamp is a gold and copper proposition, and the Snow Bod, staked by
J. Morris, ttaker of the celebrated Le
Roi, and whioh promises to be a shipping mine, is distant two miles from
The centre of attraction in the Moyie
district is of course the Eugene mine,
and adjoining it is the St. Peter.
These mines are owned by Messn Finch
Larsen, White, Cronin and others,
and an acknowledged to constitute
one of the largest silver-lead proposition- in the world. Then an 6000
tons of on on tbe dump running 65
ounces of silver and 70 per cent of lead
to tbe ton, Sixty thousand tons of
on have been blocked out, of an
average value of 160 per ton, or in
other words the owners have $3,600,-
000 worth of ore ready for transportation aa toon at the Crow't Nest Road
is open for traffic to enable them to
get it ont. 1700,000 have been offered
for the property but at the present
time It ts not for sale. The mine is
1400 feet above Moyie Lake and within
three quarters of a mile of when the
railway will pass. Connection will
be afforded by a tramway two and a
half miles in length.
Weet of the lake what Is appanntly
the same lead has again been struck,
with showings similar to those of tbe
Eugene, and claims have been staked
all over it. Messn. Knits-el, Johnson
and Sanburn have bonded the olaims
eaat of the St, Eugene to Mr Barr, of
California, for $60,000, $1,000 payable
in 60 daye and $2,000 payable in
eight months and the balance in 12
monthi. He hai put in a winter
camp and started a 500 foot tunnel
from whioh be expects to strike it
rich. Tbil claim shows nine inches
of solid galena on the surface.
The Queen of the Hills and Moyit
properties an owned by Messn Houghton, Davies and others. These an on
the eame lead as the St. Eugene.
The Lake 8hore group an juet ae
promising as the St. Eugene.
Mr. Earle haa made rapid progress
with the location of the C.P. R. line
along tbe lake. Then will be II miles
of very heavy rook work here.
At Sifton, at the north end of the
lake, then an about 2000 acne ot splen -
did timber, when the C. P. R. expect
to get a lot of their ties, tnd there it
tlto an excellent lite for a mill hen.
A Dyspeptic?
���maeUte-l���mary-trlMmy. He sat ess
���d*o.u��t*l* enerlk. the abjaat alsMy at
the suC.nr from Dyspepsia aatt Isi'im-
tloe. festh Americas Marvin, la the
antttet dlentery la *se_csl aettses
for ths nre at sll ekranle ttsmsek
tniMw. It sets tlreetly tkieifk the
n.rvH-tb. asst ol sll Dms, "raws-
suds tastily et earn Bad.. UM tnm
tb. list a***.
"I wss s mat auferer from
atona-h ami serve troiblM. Mad a
.core of nmedln. Ko relief. Hall a
bollle ot death Ams-rMat M.rvIM
wort** weatsn.   Ill hettlM sud. s
Biw ma* tt m* "-W. H. lamasa,
orrlshsrt, Oat
D.n-i asserlmest wMh sow ane
sou MfW smSMmo-tsM Mm trie*
-*�� teetec-. ti
News In Brief
C. P. R. will build road into Nelson.
General street car strike expected In
Severe weather in Europe and snow
In Paris.
Russian crops destroyed by wet
Excitement in China over reports of
rioh mineral deposits there.
Mad Mullah defeated and British
forces marching on his village.
Hngh John MaoDonald asked to be*
oome leader of Conservative party.
Typhoid fever is causing ravages
among Turkish troops in Thessaly.
Prospector reported to have murder
ed his partner tn the Upper Skeena.
At Skagway man named Buchanan
shot Mrs. Kossuth and then suicided.
Canada ordering big guns for defence of Montreal and river below that
London Spectator thinks that war
between America and Spain ia Inevitable and that Germany will support
Terrible railway disaster in India
when train of five cars loaded with
passengen was precipitated into river.
Great loss of life.
Mon deaths reported of gold seekers.
In White Pass rapids and Miles canyon sevenl boat! swamped and their
occupants drowned.
Insurgent force in Havana captured
oity of Victoria de Las Tunas, plundering residents and committing brutalities on women and girls.
Judge Drake hat decided tbat all
companies operating in British
Columbia most comply with the Companies Act of tbe province.
Manager Keane, of the Cariboo Co's
mine was reported to bave bean murdered, bnt no trace of the murderer
conld be found. Keane ia now believed
to bs alive.
Pile Terrors Swept Away
Dr. Agnew's Ointment stands at the head
as a reliever, healer, snd sure cure for Piles
in all forms. One application will give comfort in a tew minutes, and three to six days
application according to directions will cure
chronic cases. It relieves all Itching and
burning skin diseases in a day. 86 cents,
gold hyC. A. Warren. ITS
a *>
Britain replied to Sherman's insulting note by refusing to join with the
States in holding a sealing convention
unless Russia and Japan also join.
a a
The Klondyke'. Wealth
Would be no ladoeement to the Sufferer if It
Stood Between Him and Perfect Health
H. H. Little, Campbellford, writes: "About
one year ago 1 had a severe attack of typhoid
fever snd It left my system in a very week
and nervous condition, In fact, so badly lhat
I despaired ef recovery.  I wss induced to
try South American Nervine.   In a remarkably short time my health improved, and
when I had taken a few bottles I wss completely cured and have better heslth since
than for years before."
Sold by C. A Warren. 1T��
Another Remarkable Reoovery
f rom Catarrh
Japanese Catarrh Care
.   Sever   Fulling          	
wheu Catarrh gpeeialln. railed.
Remedy ������ Oared
Joseph Little, mill owner, Port
Esstngton, formerly of Vancouver,
writes: ��� "Japanese Catarrh Cure
cured me of catarrh whioh had troubled
me for 25 ysars, during whioh time I
bad spent hundreds of dollars with
specialists in Toronto and San Francisco, but obtained no permanent
relief until using Japanese Catarrh
Cun, about eight years ago. Since
that time I have been completely
cured, and my catarrh has not
troubled me in the least. It is truly a
wonderful remedy; the first application
Japanese Catarrh Cnn cunt Cold
in tht Head in 80 minutes, and then
is not a ease of Catarrh whioh cannot
be cured If Japanese Catarrh Cun le
penlttently used. Sold by all druggists; 60 cents. Mailed on receipt of
price. Address W. A. Griffith! A Co.,
wholesale druggists, Vancouver, B. C.
S.mple frit, enolose three oent stamp.
Fort Steele
 Royal Mall
Stage Lines
Stage Leaves Oolden
Every TUESDAY morning at 7.80
o'clock and arrives at Fort Steele
every THTJR8DAY.
Stage Leaves Fort Steele
Every  SATURDAY, morning and
arrives at.Golden every MONDAY
First Class Equipment
and every attention given to the
comfort   of   passengers.     Good
stopping houses every 26 miles
' on the route.
Express Hatter
of all kinds htndled with promptness and oan.
Fulmer & Kerfoot, Props.
Head Office, Golden.  -*$
LOST-A Black Stallion, two years old.
Weut towards Windermere. Finder rewarded on returnin K to
1720X1 P. LUND, Golden.
NerVA NERVE BEANS are a new
1-��1-c discovery that cure the wont
Roang eases of nervous debility. Lost
XKOnilH. vig-.,-. Pa111-. Mi-Mai,
restores the weakness of body or mind cause-
by overwork or the errors or excesses of
youth. This remedy absolutely cure, the most
obstinate cases when all other treatments have
L. A. Hamilton, Land Commissioner
of the C. P. R., and Col Baker met at
Golden on Monday and proceeded to
Fort Steele by the Duchess for the pur*
pose of discussing on the ground the
methods of dealing with the town-
site of Cranbrook and the transfer to
the C. P. R. of tht interests ol tht B.
C. Southern.
A Pain Cripple
Tortured and Tormented with Rheumatism
and Sciatica-South American Rheumatic Cure Works ths Wonder
Mra. John Fishsr, Woodalock, N.B.,wrltes.
"I had been suffering for over three years
from muscular rheumatism snd on one occes-
ion I had a very acute attack ol sciatica. For
several week. I was unable to walk or attend
to my household duties.. Triadseversl remedies and physicians failed to give me relief.
I saw South American Rheumatic Cure advertised and bought a bottle. It did me a
wonderful lot of good. Four hollies effected
a perfect and permanent cure.1'
Bold by 0. AT Warren. 179
Heart Spasms
il acnivs eon m tk kmt
Ne ones ta th. hsmaa aaattan* tedar
whoa. -Uaaaaes raa hs mors natlly tmetX
at UumU-oM et the hsart-aat mutlool
dlassvarv has sut. thtm aiMasMe te
pnptr tnum.il. II roe have nslsMarlea
or Hutur'at, *hwtsM. et Snath, maker
img-ar pales, <-<-la�� at t���im eeliee,
pale la ins Mt ate, lean let essls, lissas
MltnlMey. eaytl then ladtmtt has*
d-MM. Stmatutethaw kag ataaalag
Dr.AgatWaOms tanks H<ert wig can-
It', a heart ipsoil. tats latoMyaets
t*t 'rind- Oattmtttllt.
Can it* ihe Heart gavs m
all bourn rand my saw
���ssfsateee relief Is ss nMaoSse,
Stable to Rent
Opposite thi Queen's Hotel. Inqnln tt
Onsen's Hotel for terms.' Ask for proprietor.
A meeting of the Oolden Liberal Association will be held st tbs commute, moms
(Queen's Hotel) on Saturday, October 2nd,
for tbe purpose of appointing a delegate or
delegate. loatteDd the Liberal Convention
to hi held st New Westminster, Friday,
October 8th.
US C.E. Hamilton, Sec,
Liberal Convention
A convention of the Liberal Party of
British Columbia will he held in the City
Hat, New We.tmln.ter, commencing on
Frldiy, October 8th, l8W.il 10 o'clock a-m.,
for the purpose of thoroughly organising the
LiberalPartythroughontthe Province ind
discussing tny marten affecting Liberal interests. Each Liberal Asaocialion In tbt
Province la requested lo-end delegate.
E-erionaly arranged for.   Liberal, reside
localities when Liberal Associations de
not eilat are cordially invited to attend and
lake part in the proceedings. 181
H. H, Trueman tt Co.
Of Vaaeeavor.
Have opened et Oolden ind will remain tin
Wednesday, October 6th. Calls should be
made before lhat date. 181
... Practical
Pries List on Application. lMte
William Bennison,
Mlalag Broker.
Seattle, Washington.
Mian eichsnged, bought, sold or bonded.
Oormspoadeoee solicited,
London reference. W. L. Cooper, Solicitor
No. b Queen Ana Street, E. C.
American references-Seattle Nstioosl Bank
and Everett National Bank. IH
The Eagle Foundry
.    No.NKl-g8t,MoMnil.
Mill and Mining Machinery,
Portable Engines, Pumps,
Castings and Forgings.
���  ��  *
-   Manufacturer of
Bltvaton, Shingle Mllli, Etc.,
Blaki't Challenge Stone Breaker,
Heine Safety Steam BeUere.     1T0..1
Reliable Assays
-e a.
Oold tl 60
Silver  1 Ml
Oold and Silver... 2 00
Copper  1 60
Lead  1 50
Lead and Silver... 2 00
Oree tested by Cyanide Process.
127tc Other Fees on Application.
^jhe, rolumbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with ell Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Tbe Table ia Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Oold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigt-i-s.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Neilson Furniture Co.,
Parlor, Dining Room, Bed Room, Office
and General Furnishing.
Special Inducements for
One Month Only:-
10 per oent Discount on Orders Under $20.
10 per eent Discount and Freight Paid on Orden
Over $20.
H io the only Reedy-Made Clothing
yon can get to fit you perfectly ia. .
Shorey** Make
If year dealer does sot eerry Shorey's
Off Usee get him to order for yon.
���tSfasMIIIsi   i ill ������III ��������� lllap
; j-r-Wo an Manufacture��� and Direct Importers, and carry s Large Stock ol Balance!,
Furnaoat,   Fin Clay Ooodi,  Scientific and
Practical    Bookt,   Oltit*
wan,   Platinum    Goodt,
Aoidt, Chemioali, ind all
other Assayers' snd Min-
en' requirement!.
Sole Agenti Ior Morgan
Crucibli Company, Batter-
������*������   -        nej Becker'i Son. Balm*
ott; Bruntou A Pesrte'e Pocket MlntTrantlt, wc.
Vmmeotatet, H. jU.
P.O.BosM. -Ntgnpbie Addnaai  "A88AY." Vmcounr. B.O. Mttc
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Miuultel-tm ot Smb. Doors, Moo-Mags, Tnn-d and Sawn tUmtan,
Html Puts, Hind Balls tad Bracket*, AU ilm at tm to stock.
-l_i--cl-as_^Blsc_siiJth8l-parepnpandtodoaU kind of repair
aneootap-s-bli. iOsliMofPtpiIltti-gii-dBraaagoodaonha-d.
Wagon repair, PoIm, Shafts, As-*, Ipo-n aad F-Idi, Hickory tad
'���'���'* iumvu*' HOUSTON &   CO.


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