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The Golden Era Jan 6, 1899

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Array i
The Golden Era
la the moat widely circulated and
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen,
Sub-urlptiso, $2.00 per Annum
In Advance   .....   .
The Golden Era,
Has been appointed tbe GazatM
for North East Kootenay to*-1
Dominion and Provinoial Government notiow and advertise,
ment*.    Published by
The Golden Eua Co., Ltd., Ly.,
Oolden, B.O
VOL. VIII.   NO. 23
$2 Per Year
Wishing You All
H.  G.   Parson, Golden.
por a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
. . . Patronize . . .
JeC.  TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.      5;JDtc
C. A. WARREN, * *   f
f: * General Merchant. ��
Cigars. B, Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder Co'y,
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co'y
of England.
Subscriptions Taken for all Papers & g
Periodicals.'.. |
Kootenay House,
GOLDEN,    a    a
TAKE NOTICE that 00 days after publication of ihis notice 1 intend to malae application to the I'oii-missiuner oi* Lands &
Works at Victoria, B.C., to pura-hnso the
faiHo-ving piece of land sitnnteil in tho Mining
Division oi' Windermere, North East Kootenay, B.C.:
Commencing at a post marked 11. R.
Bruce'. North East Corner, situated about 8
miles un from the mouth ot the Little North
Fork ot Toby Creek on Hi* North side of the
snid creek, thence South 40 chains, thence
West 40 chains, thence North 40 chains
thence East 40 chains to point of commence-
mout, containing KK) acres.
Dated nt the Littlo North Fork of Toby
Croek this 18lh day of October, 181*1.
C90jal7 Locator.
NOTICE is hereby jfiven that application
wtll Im hi;nlu to tho Lotfiplntivo Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia, at the ftexl
Session tlioreof.hy thn North Star und Arrow
Lako Hailway Company for an Act amending Section -H) of the ''North Star and Arrow
Lake Railway Act, I8fl8'* by extending for
one year the time within whii'h tlio security
moutioncd tn the said Section 40 -shall be
given hy the said Company, and also extending for one year tho time wilhiu which tho
sum of ton thousand dollars in the Section
mentioned, shall be expended; and further to
amend the said Act by adding as a Third
Section to the schedule thereof, the words, ''a
" railway from a point at or "near Fort Steele
"on the line oi railway mentioned in the first
"section of this schedule by the most feasible
" route so a point at or near Golden."
Dated at Victoria, B.C.. this 25th day of
November, A.D. 1��W.
Solicitors for the North Star and A rrow Lake
Railway Company, the Applicants.
006 jaG
NOTICE is hereby given tliat application
will be mado to the Legislative Assembly of
tho Province of British Columbia at.its next
session for an Act to amend the Kootenay and
North West Railway Company's Act 1898, by
confirming and consolidating in the Kootonay and North West Railway Company all
the franchises, rights aud powers granted by
tlm East Kootenay Kailway Act, 1837, to tho
East Kootonay Railway Company and grant*
ed by tho South East Kootenay Railway
Act 1808 to tho South East Kootenay Railway
Company and  purcl-ascd  or otherwise ac-
��uired by the said Ktotenayand North West
.ailwi-ivCompany and to extend the time or
tiutos limited in- the said Acts, or any of
them, for tho commencement and completion
of tho works or any part thereof authorised
by the said Acts or any of them and extending the time of giving any security or tbe
'doing of any acts for a pet iod of three years
Snd for extended  powers and tor all such
thor powers as 'may bo ucossary to fully
find completely carry on ami operate tho
works aforesaid or any of them.
Dated this 8th day of December, 1898.
Gllftf Solicitors for the applicants.
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
JW and -Eeld Baths.
Ullock & Barry.
816it Proprietor..
Headqjiarters for Commercial meg.
E.    | Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
y�� I *        Baggage transferred free. ���
I Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates   2.00 Per Day. _::::0::::_
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Sd.
&��� Iqterqational Transportation Co'y.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C. and Great
Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
o o.o *o a> ooo o o oo o o'
C. H. Parson,
The British Columbia Southern Railway
wiil apply to thel'ailiainentof Canada, at its
next session, tor an Act authorising tbe Company to proceed to construct its eastern section as described in the Act, liO-til Victoria,
Chapter "Hi until the 1st of January 11)04; aud
to authorize the Company to construct, or
acquire, and to operate, 4 railway botween a
point ou its line of railway iu the neighborhood of Fort Steele, and a point at or near
Golden on the Canadian Pacific Railway,' bv
a route having tho same general direction air
the valleys of the Columbia aud Kootonay
Rivers, aud also branch lines therefrom, not
exeoeding in any one case thirty miles iu
By order of the Board
Montreal. iJOth November, 1806. (U
Death of W. G. Neilson, M.P.P.
Thia afternoon tho aad news reached
Oolden of the death of W. O, Neilson,
M.P.P. for North East Kootenay.
Tho news will come ns a sad blow to
liiai many friends iu this district where
he has lived no long and been so -actively connected with business and in*
alustriiil interests. Mr. Neilson has
beei Manager and Secretary of the
Columbia River Lumber Co. since its
inauguration nt Beaver. He wns a
man of genial disposition, kindly nature, and mado many warm friends,
who showed thoir loyalty to his
friendship by flocking lo his banner in
the late election. Wo opposed him
politically, but as a man and as a
citizen those who knew him have ever
had the highest regard. The recant
political campaign told severely on
him, and whilo he was successful in
his election he has passed away before
taking hi* seat in the Legislature.
Rumors have been current that he had
resigned Ihis position but we have not
been able to obtain definite information on the matter, beyond wbat we
havo re-published from the Coast
The circumstances attending Mr.
Neilson's death are the more ead, in
that he had gone to Montreal for the
purpose of having a surgical operation
performed on Mrs. Neilson. Although
it wns known tbat Mr, Neilson had
been ill from la grippe it wns believed
by his friends that he had recovered.
To the widow and fatherless iu their
affliction tho people of the clis'rict will
join with us in tendering heartfelt
sympathy. Deceased wus a prominent
Mason, being a member of the Mountain Lodge at Donald.
"Opposition organ*, hard pressed to
fiud facts upon which to base chargos
against tha new Government, sow resort to the publication of filly falsehoods. They havt persistently stated
that th* new Government have reduced
th* rat* of pay to road men, though
nothing of the sort has beon done"���
Kamloops Seutiuel.
...Mining Engineer...
M. Am'n Inst. M. E.
Agent for obtaining  Crown   Grants,
doing annual assesment work, etc.
Address:      GOLDEN, B.C.
Wholesale and Ketall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. C.      20tc
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horse* and
Rig* of all kind* for
Hire at Reasonable Rate*.
Teaming of all kind* a specialty.
+ X + X +
A. C. Hamilton,
GOLDEN, B. C. 181tc
B.C. Mining Record,
Published monthly) are received by E. A. HAGGEN,
Golden, B.C.    Price
* The Cranbrook Herald says: '-The
proposed rnilwny line from (.'r.inbrcok
tc Golalen is looked upon ns an assured
fact by 1 he people of British Columbia.
A knowledge of the route shows that
the scheme is a most practical one in
every way. It will open up n rich
tenitory and furnish the connecting
link between the Crow's Nest line anil
the main line of the C.P.R."
The Vancouver Worhl hns the following : " Mr. Neilson, the member
elect ill North East Kootenay, is also
reported to have resigned on some
technicality with the intention of
attain being a cuudialiite. Neil her of the
souts can in any probability be litlod in
time for tlio constituency to be represented nt tho opening of the House."
The Colonist corroborates the above
If this is true there will have to ba
another election for this district. It
is not yet known who will run in the
Government interest ��s Mr. Wells does
not wish to stand again, but may be
induced to again place himself in the
band* of the party if a stroug wish is
expressed in that direction. There is
no doubt that it is the unanimous wish
of tbe party thnt Mr, Wells should
again offer himself, and it is practically certain thnt ho will be returned
in another contest, Should Mr, Wells,
however, positively decline to stand it
is probable that the nomination will go
to Hon. F. W, Aylmer, who has all
along been a loyal supporter, and a
vigorous worker in the interests of the
IVhea Tou Huve a Baal Cold .
You want the bant medicine that
can be obtained, and that is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
You want a remody that will not
only give quick relief but effect a permanent cure.
You want arimedy tliat will relieve
th* lung* and keep expectoration
You want a raWoedy thnt will counteract any teudancy toward pneumonia.
Yon want a remedy that is pleasant
and safe to take.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the
oily medicine in use that meets all of
these requirements. This remedy is
famous for its cures of bad colds
throughout the United States and iu
many foreign countries. It has many
rivals, but, for tbespeedy and permanent cure of bud colds, stands without
a peer, its splendid qualities are everywhere admired and praised. For sale by
all drugidst��, Langly k Co Wholesale
Agists Victoria aad Vauetuver.
We are glad to see that the Golden
���nd Windermere Mining Associations
furnish every evidence of pulling together for th* general good of the district. Mr. O. A. Brown, Secretary of
the Windermere Association, writes ��;f tlie'folfoVrng'Vnformation allout'deaU
follow* to E. A. Haggen, Secnatary of
the Golden Association : "The Windermere Mining Association desires ml
to thank you lor your kindness and
promptness in sending ns a copy ot
the constitution and bylaws of your
Mining Association. Your good wish*
*��� for its sucoms ao warmly expressed
were Yery gratifying to all."
The objects of the great military preparations 8f tho Britieh Government
are now apparent. The Government
aro determined tbut Cnnndn from shore
to shore must bo anal remain British
territoty and they will demand a complete withdrawal 0/ French interests
from Newfoundland. It is iuteude'd
of course to offer France compensation
by way of some territory in Africa,
but tbs French oontend that the territory offered them iu exchange is no
proper equivalent, The British Government have, however, sent their
ultimatum ou the matter and the
French Government will have to yield
the British douiand peacefully or let
the matter be settled by force of iyins.
Tha British Gorernment is prepared to
strike at a moment's notice if force
should prove necessary.
That Throbbing   Headache.
Would quickly leave you, If vou
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blood
and streng nerves and build up your
health. Easy to take. Try thorn.
Only 25 cent*. Money book Ifaotonrod
Sold by all Druggiat*.
Good plaoer claim* hav* beon struck
on th* Wapita, a tributary of th*
Smokey River. Th* W��pita River
ha* it* source in th* Rooky Mountain*
opposite the louro* of th* headwaters
���1 tht Fraser River,
Some llruvy Boud..
Wellington Kinnee, of Windermere,
who wa* in town this week, gives us
with properties in which ho is interested in the Windormere district :���
The Sitting Bull aud Mary G. groups,
located en Boulder Creek, a tributary
of Horse-thief, and owned by Ijossrs.
Johnston, Stark, and Kinnee, havo
boon bonded to R.R Bruce tor $$0,01)0.
The Red Lion Group, IScaiod on McDonald Creok, another tributary of
Horsethief Crook, has beeff bonded to
T. Starboard for $.10,000. This g**up
is owned by "Messrs. Abel. Kiuiieu and
Scott. The Alice, owned by Messrs. J
Johnston and Kinnee, bus bi-eR bonded for 44000 to It. R. Bruce. This
claim adjoins tho Mary G. group.
A Frightful Bln*niler.
Will often cause a horriblo Burn,
Soald.Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica
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the pain and promptly heal it, Cures
Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils,
Felons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions-.
Best Pile cure on earth. Only 2acts.
a box. Curo guaranteed. SAd by all
Druggists. 1
Cariboo Jdar.li.
The Fort Steele Prospector has the
following about a property owned by
the Alberta ft Kootenay Development
Co., whose office is in Golden : "The
Cariboo Marsh mineral claim, on flip
west side of Moyie lake, promises to bo
ono of the best propositions in the district. A largo amount of work has
been done towards developing the rao-
psrty. A tunnel haa been run on'ke
vein about 40. feat, showing up 4 feet
of ore, rich in copper and gold. There
aro also three other leads ruining
through this property. Work has
keen done hy open cuts showing np
bodies of or*. Tke owners will further develop the property during the
winter. Th* ore is rich in native
Mr. Well.'. Co-operation Boi-glit.
W. C, Wells has been requested by
the Government to advise them of the
requirements of ihe district for tha
coining year, 60 thnt these may ho provided fur in tlm estimates. He has
boen askeal particularly to visit the
Windermere district. On Monday Mr.
Wells canio to Golden and saw the
Government Agent regarding tho
works tbat uro reaiuired and also saw
tbe Secretary of the Miners' Association und Board of Tiade. Mr. Wells
will endorse the recommendation*
made by the Miners' Association and
if the Windermere Miners' Association
will advise him of their requirement*
they will have the fullest consideration
by Mr. Wells, who is anxious to see
the best done for the whole district.
Mr. Wells intends visiting the constituency of North East Kootenay from
one end to the other, so as to form aa
accurate an opinion as possible of tha
most necessary works. We have no
doubt thnt Mr. Wells's representations
will have an excellent effect in se.ing
that full justice is done to the district
of North East Kootenay so far as tbe
estimates for the coming year will
Tbe Annual "tlea-tlugi
Thu annual meeting of the abovo
Company was held at the Columbia
Housa, Golalen, on Saturday night,
when the President, Thos. McNaught,
occupied tho chair. The President
submitted tho aocotints of the Company, also a statement showing tha
extent of development work that had
been done by the Company on the properties 011 which bonds had been taken,
He stated that tho prospects of the
Company's properties were very en.
The meeting ordered lhat the accounts for the year should be referred
to the auditor of the Company, Mr. C.
H. Parson. The following directors
were appointed: Messrs. T. McNaught,
S. Barber, M. Carlin, H. O. Parson,nil
of Goldon, G. S. McCarter, Revelstoke,
A. Allan, and A. McQueen, of Calgary,
A, Lawson, of London, England, and
J. Bell, J.P., of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Tho following were elected t he officers of tho Company for tho ensuing
year : T, McNaught, President; M.
Carlin, Vice President; G. S. McCarter,
Secretary, and A. McQueen, Treasurer.
It wns resolved to proceed with tho
obtaiuing of Crown grant* for tb*
Company's properties,
WorthlessHoine Dyes that cause
Serious Losses in Many Homes,
Many of our Canadian women hav*
been so grossly deceived in the year
just closed by worthless borne dyes,
that sdme have determined never again
to try what is really a pleasant and
profitable work when the Diamond
Dyes arc used.
While we sympathize with tho many
deceived women, we must say their decision is not a wise one. Because wo
havo in our midst a fow unskilled dyo
manufacturers, and money-loving
merchants, who for tho sake of long
profit* are ready to sell poor goods, it
is not fair to assert that all merchant*
are actuated by the same unworthy
Deceptive dyes have usually plenty
of * bulk to recommend them, but thia
bulk is composed of common, coarse
ingredients. Some dyes have just coloring power sufficient to make them
dangerous to any ordinary material;
others have a smaller percentngo of
color virtue with an extra supply of
soap grease power. Such are tbe dyo-
stuffs that have wrought ruin to good
materials, dresses, skirt*, blonses, ribbons, suits for men and boys, and
brought consternation to many a
trusting and worthy woman,
t While it cannot bo denied that de.
ception has a footing iu our land, it is
pleasing to knotf that the Diamond
Dyes, representing perfect work, honesty anal truth, hatfo brought gladness
and profit to thousands of happy
homes. All classes and conditions of
women have usod the Diamond Dyes
with unvarying success, aud during
tha year 189*-l,not a failure was reported when the very simple diroctious
were followed.
Diamond Dyes are prepared according to special scientific principles, and
no other dyes in the world hav* cost
so much to bring to their present standard of excellence. They are the only
kind that the wife, mother or daughter can uso with oonfidaDce and profit.
Tho Two Cent Rate Applies to Letters
One Onnce in Weight for Can.
ada and United States.
Ottawa, Dec. 80.���Tho question has
been raised by somo outside postmasters
aud iuspectors whether tho now two-
cent postal rate applies to letters going
to the United States, because the act of
last session is silent on this point, and
the instructions sent out from tho department by circular did not mention
tho United States. It is tbe fact, however, us already stated, thnt tlm two*
cont rate does apply to letters going to
the United States. Tho postmaster
general bus authority under tho post
office act to uiuko uu ugreomeut with
the United States that tho domestic
postage of each country shall curry letters to the other, and under this ur
rungement the two cent rate in the
United States bus always carried letters to Cannula, und whatever domestic
rnto is lixetl for Cauiidii, threo cents in
tho past, two cents iu the fntnre, is the
lawful postage ou letters going to the
United States. In this mutter under
the postal agreement with tho United
States thoro is now complete reciprocity in u two-cent rnto.
Tho proclamation-whioh will appear
in tomorrow's Gazette announcing two-
cent postage will recite tho statutory
authority for tho reduction and ordnin
that after January 1, 189H, "The postage rate payable on all letters originating and transmitted by post for any
ilistiinco in Citnada shall be ouo uniform rate of two cents per ounce
Washington, Dec. 110.-���Tho Canadian
government, in a telegram from Postmaster General Mulock to Postmaster
General Smith, announces Hint it hus
reduced the domestic letter rate from 3
to 2 cents per onncc, comnieiicin-; January 1. Under the couventiou between
tbo United States aud Canada letters
are sent from this country to Canada
for two cents, the domestic rate of each
country applying to each letter sent.
The reduction now made is reciprocal
and for the first time permits letters to
be sent from the other side at two
cents instead of three conts. Post
master General Smith nt the reqnest of
the Canadian government calls tho ut
tention of all postmasters in the country
through tho Associated Press to tho reduction and to its taking effect on New
Year's day, with it view to preventing
mutter so sent being charged up as
"short paid."
Ottawa, Dec. 80 ���To the list of
countries already published, included
in the imperial penny postage scheme,
the following nre added: Hong Kong,
Straits Settlement, Bey, Ceylon Sey-
chellcs, Gambia, Sierra Leouc, Gold
Coast Colony, Lagos, Gibraltar, St.
Helena, Fiji, Falkland Island, Trinidad, Tobago, Windward Islands, Leeward Islands and Cyprus.
Toronto, Dec. 80.���The announcement of the two-cent letter rate in Canada and the United States was welcome
news to the merchants this morning.
Members of the board of trade have
agitated for it for years, but it was
feared the concession wonld not be
made for years to come and it was
sprang ou the public as a surprise this
morniug. Toronto is by long odds the
biggest postal centre in the Dominion,
outstripping Montreal by a considerable
percentage, and tbe reduction will
mean a good deal to many firms.
Toronto, Dec. 80.���A special cable
to the Globe states: Among the first
batch of letters posted under the new
imperial schedule at Christinas were
eight for Canada, one of which was
marked, "Thank Henniker Heaton for
this." The English newspapers generally, however,while giviug much credit
to Henniker Heaton for his efforts in
connection with the imperial penny
postage say that the early realization
of the scheme is due to Canada.
Since tho new rnte came into operation 5,000 out of the 41,000 letters to
various countries affected have been
overpaid. Nineteen-twentieths of the
letters for Canada were properly
Priest and Knight.
3hicago, Dec. 29.���Father Walsh, a
Catholic priest of this city, has been
elected a member of a local lodge af
Knights of Pythias. His application
for membership wns made in the usual
manner, and heing favorably passed
upon by the lodge,his election followed
without question. Ho admitted today
that he had been elected a member of
the organization. Ho said ho wonld
endeavor to secure the approval of
Archbishop Feeban, of this city, and of
Archbishop Ireland, of St. Paul, to his
membership in the order before finally
becoming a member.
Hamilton, Dec. 27.���The Tnokotts of
Hamilton made their regular Christmas
distribution to their employees. Charles
Meyers was tho fortunate recipient of
a bnilding lot for twenty-one years
service with the firm and a handsome
eheqno towards the erection of a house.
Counnel  fair the Defcnaae In the Butkln
Case Saaaare. the I'raiM'aaaitlull Roundly.
Snn Francisco, Dec. 80.���The uu*
nounc.meut that yesterday would probably be the lost day for arguments in
tbe Botkin case attracted an immense
crowd to Jndge Cook's court room.
Tbe police held tbe crowd in check
W.th difficulty and for hours boforo the
commencement of the arguments by
the defence attorney, Frank McCowan,
the corridors were filled with a crowd
anxious to catch a few words of tbe
scathing arraignment of tbe police and
tbe methods of the prosecution which
had been whispered about would be the
main feature of McCowau's address.
Nor were tho rumors without foundation. McCowan charged tho prosecution with all kinds of infamity in the
handling of its case aud roasted several
of tho witnesses to a crisp. Referring
to the anonymous letters, Mr. McCowan said that they have not been traced
to Mrs. Botkin and tbat sbe bad no rea
son for writing them. The identification of Mrs. Botkin by several of the
witnesses for the prosecution, con
tiuucil Mr. McCowan, were llinisy and
unreliable und that their action in such
cases would be carefully considered
Mr. McCowan said that no motive bad
been proven lhat tho content ion of the
prosecution Unit Mrs. Botkin was en
amored of Dunning by the facts in the
Mr. McCowan reserved the subject
of arsenical poisoning for the conrlud
ing fenture of his argument. He held
that iirseuical poisoning bad not been
proven nud even if it had the attending
physicians bad stilted that lump arsenic,
hud been used, whereas the drug clerk,
from whom Mrs. Botkin purchased the
arsenic, entered the pnrchaso upon the
poison book of the druggist, specifying
powdered arsenic Evory point throughout the case, declared Mr. McCowan,
was shrouded in doubt.
A Square-Mile Burled���Twentr-One
Bnilding* Instantly Destrojed���
The Ruins Catch Fire.
The Northern Pacific's Plan.
St. Panl, Minn., Deo. 27.���The
Globe says that the controversy between tbe Northern Pacific nnd the
Oregon Railway and Navigation company respecting the rights of tho former to build new lines in the Clearwater river territory, is likely to be
amicably settled early next month
when negotiations are to bo resumed,
This statement was made this evening
by President Charles S. Mellen of the
Northern Pacific. President Mellen
said: "There are contracts which have
been in existence since 1880, signed by
the presidents of the two companies
and ratified by the boards of directors,
specifically assigning the Clearwater
and much other territory in that region
to the Northern Pacific The Northern
Pacific is not bnilding in any direction
where auy other railroad has a right,
morally or equitably, to object. There
is uo likelihood, iu my judgment, of
any serious complications, bnt I believe
the whole controversy will bo settled
by negotiations which will be resumed
as soon as the holiday season has
passed. I believe tho roads will get together and come to a complete understanding."
Paris, Deo. 27.���M. Ijoew, president
of the orlminal chamber of the court of
cassation, spent two hours at the ministry of the interior this afternoon taking the testimony of M. Dupny, the
premier, in the Dreyfns oase.
Viotoria, B. O., Do. 80.���George
Rudge has reached Nanaimo with the
thrilling narrative of three miners who
were blown to sea in a small schooner
from .Port Simpson and wrecked on an
island, where they were seven days
withontfood. __ afflfeaiS&Jtai. SS
The Senator Expresses HI* flows on
Fntnre Probabilities.
Washington, Dec. 20.���Senator Frye
talkeai|,,toJJa|Star reporter today with
respect to the conditions attending and
resulting from tho peace negotiations.
With respect to the frequently repeated
statement j,iu pressjjdispatches that the
sentiment of the powers, with the exception of England, was opposed to
legislation and looked with disfivor
upon the attitude of the United States
government in dealing with Spain.
Senator Frye said: "I saw no evidence of such sentiment existing outside of France and in France that sentiment appeared to be confined to the
press, which does not represent the.
sentiment of the nation nor of the people generally."
"Do yon think there will bo an early
restoration of cordial relations between
Spain and United States?"
"I think that very soon after the
ratificaMon of tho peace treaty and
restoration of diplomatic relations there
will be no difficulty about negotiating
commercial treaties and a treaty for tbe
release of prisoners and such other matters "Directed toward the perfect restoration of friendly relations between the
two govtmments. I do not believe that
the Spanish government will be at all
disposed to keep np unfriendly feeling
between the two governments. The
making of new treaties, adapted to
the present (-Auditions, will be better
than wonld bo the restoration of the
old treaties, some features of which
were obsolete,"
What has been published with respect to the treaty of peace seemB to indicate, does it not, that tho United
States government is not committed by
these negotiations with respect to the
future disposition of the territory, the
Spanish sovereignity over which has
been relinquished':"
"It indicates very strongly that this
government is not committed in any
way whatever with respect to the disposal and government of these islands,
If we are insane enough, to do bo, we
might give them all back to Spain after
tbe ratification of tbe treaty. If we
were tools we might divide them np
among tbo other foreign powers. The
whole matter is left in the hands of
congress. Congress can make any disposition of the islands it sees fit. The
ratification of the treaty will not in any
way curtail onr privileges in this direction."           ���
Hamilton, Deo. 27.���Edward Hardy,
a'middle aged man, ont of work, who
attempted suicide by ontting his throat
with a razor, was promptly removed to
the hospital and is in a fair way to recovery,
London, Dec 29.���Part of Red Rock
Mountain, according to a dispatch from
Airolo���a village of Switzerland, canton of Tioino���has fallen into Airolo,
destroying a hotel and several houses.
Three persons were injured. Airolo is
at the south end of the St. Gothard
railroad tunnel. It has a population of
abont 1,700.
Tho scene of the disaster presents a
terrible spectacle, the debris of tbe avalanche covering a square mile. The
hotel, with eight houses and twelve
other buildings, was swept into a great
heap of matchwood. A new terror
was added by tho outbreak of fire amid
the rains. Three dead bodies have been
recovered. It is estimated that the
damage will reach ��10,000.
Glen Avon Wrecked.
Hong Kong, Dec. 80.���The British
steamer Glen Avon, Captain Rithie.
whicli sailed for London from here last
evening, has been wrecked on a rock.
Part of her crew have been saved and
landed here. The captain, chief officer
and the second and fourth engineers are
Tho Glen Avon, after striking a
rock, beaded for Hung Kong, but sank
rapidly. Two of her boats arrived here
and two are missing. Two steamers
have been sent in search of them. It
now develops that four passengers, the
captain and thirty-three of the crew
were saved. Tho Glen Avon had a crew
of 64 men, all told.
His Broken Promise.
Where Is Dreyfns.
New York, Dec. 80.���A special to
the Herald from Paramaribo via
Hayti, says: It is reported here tbat
the former Capt. Dreyfns, who for the
last three years has been in solitary and
closo confinement on Devil's Island,
lias been removed from the island
prison to Cayenne, nnd sailed from
there for_Frnnce nn Dec. 4, last, ou a
convict transport. No details regard
ing the departure of the prisoner or of
his ultimate destination can be ascertained. It is believed he will be taken
to Paris to uwitit the orders of the
court of cassation.
Paris, Dec. 80.���Tbe minister of the
colonies denies the report that Dreyfus
has embarked f>om Cnyenno ou bis
return to France, adding that the conrt
of cassation alone cau decide tho question of the return of tbe prisoner.
To Rnn ��� Fist Train.
Montreal, Dec. 80.���The Canadian
Pacific are already making great preparations (or next year's traffic. In
the first place, tbey will ruu a tapid
train across the continent,calling it the
"Imperial Limited." The company
have just turned ont two new dining
cars,named the Merrimao and Millerie.
AU of tbe O. P. R. dining cars are
named after places iu Europe. They
are also completing ten large compound
consolidated engines, weighing 150,000
pounds each, besides ten tenders. These
locomotives are being built at the
Hocbelaga shops, while six of the same
kiud are being built at Kingston.
These are all for the company's freight
service, bnt they also have in hand six
large locomotives for fast express trains
between Montreal and Detroit; six
standard snow-plows and two large
rotaries are being bnilt there by the C.
P. R., these being especially intended
for clearing out cuts, and it is said they
will do tho work of a thousand men.
The company are also turning out 600
tox oars at Perth at the rate of Irani
five to tea per day.
' Drnry WIU Km*.
Montreal, Deo. 26.���The National
Amateur speed skating championships
of America for 1899 will take place at
Soring Lake, Pongbkeepsio, N. Y., Jaunty 26-28. Pilkie and Jimmie Drnry,
of this city, are training hard, and if
they get into good shape by that time
the Canadian Association will send
them down to take part in tbo races at
Ponghkeepsie. Pilkie will take the
long distanco competitions, ond Drnry
the short distance. Bellefnille, of Rat
Portage, who wa* second to J. K. Mc*
Onllocb, of Winnipeg, in most of the
event, last year, will also compete in
the* championships.
Murder at Havana. ���
Havana, Deo. 37.���i'ranoisoo Quin-
tero, a Spanish guerilla, while walking
along Gonios street today, was fired at
from the roof of a house and seriously
wounded. During the last twenty-four
hours one man haa been killed and
twelve have been wonnded in affrays
in different parts of the city.and eleven
burglaries have been committed. The
city is in a state of unrest. A party of
colored Cubans this morning entered a
wholesale grocery establishment owned
by the Spanish firm of Mestro & Mnta
and ordered Senor- Mcstro to kiss the
Cuban flag and to cry "Viva Cuba
libra." He refused to obey, whereupon one of the Cubans out his head
badly with a machete.
Cowlehan Election.
Vancouver, Deo. 29.���Tho bye-election in Cowiohan has resulted in the reelection of Mr. W. R. Robertson, Opposition, who polled 181 votes against
127 cast in favor of Mr. O. B. Sword,
tbo government candidate. The election was caused by the compulsory
resignation of Mr. -Robertson, who accepted money from the government for
labor done after his election.
- sue Is so young and so beautiful,
Walter," he said, "that you must have
patience with her. I spoiled ber; but she
will settle down soon."
The old Baronet however bad been
burled for more- than five years, and
Inez had not settled down yet. On the
contrary, with her Increase of wealth her
whims also seemed to Increase. Her life
wasacontlnual round of entertainments.
Rest and repose seemed farther off than
ever, and Sir Walter began to despair
A darker shadow was creeping over
his home. Bumor circulated strange
tales of the beautiful Lady Bohun; an*
other name waa linked with hers. Virtuous matrons looked grave when the
scandal reached their ears, and declared
they had "always said so,"
Sir Walter grew desperate, and declared that she should accompany him
to his oountry seat, and so put an end
to all gossip and idle reports, Inez flatly
refused to eonsent to any tuch arrange
menta, and said that, If her husband
went, he must go alone. It was a fierce
contest, and the end waa a sad one,
When the day dawned that was to see
the departure of Sir Walter and Lady
Bohun for their oountry abode, Inez had
left her husband's roof, never to seek Its
shelter again.
From that day the world of fashion
In which she had played suoh a prominent part knew her no more. Strange
stories were told of her fate later on;
but In lite she never met her unhappy
husband again.
Thay broke the news of his wife's
flight to Sir Walter a* gently as they
oould, for he was a proud man, and he
had loved the wilful erring woman very
dearlv. But, gently as the blow fell, It
crushed him. The stain ot dishonor waa
more than he oould bear.
To hide his sorrow and disgrace, ths
Baronot hastened to hia oountry residence. There he would try to forget her,
to forget the shame she had brought
upon his name. Never again could Sir
Walter hold up his head among his fellow-men,
Then tbe memory of his wronged Innocent love came book to him with Increased bitterness. He felt the retribution
eras just; he had forsaken her, and
now, In his turn be had been cruelly
betrayed. He remembered the patient
faoe and the quiet love-lit eyes, and he
acknowledged In the bitterness of his
soul that they were full of a higher
beauty than the dazzling charms that
had led him astray.
He recalled the evening in the fir
wood when they first met Inez De
Burgh, and how poor Florenoe had shivered and had a foreboding of evil; she
had fancied that the song of the rippling
brook obanged to a wall of sorrow. How
sad the course of their lives had become
slnee then I Full of sorrow and repentance, he admitted hia fault, and confessed tbat the punishment waa juat.
What ahould he do with his lilef This
was Sir Walter's constant thought. He
could not enter the world of fashion
again. He shrank from all contact with
those who had known him and were
familiar with his story.
Fate solved the problem for him. On
opening his letters one morning, he
found one from the editor of a leading/
dally Journal, offering him the post oi
war correspondent. Here was the very
opening he would have desired abov*
all others. He was considered a good
descriptive writer, and his knowledge of
all tblngs military���-he had served In
the Militia and he had at one time seriously thought of entering the Army-
was sufficiently wide for the purpose.
On the desert plains of Egypt, amid th*
din ot battle, he would at least find occupation and forgetfulness.
Three days later Sir Walter Bohun was
aboard the Rampant, bound for Alexandria.
...        .       ���       ��
Florenoe Hamilton was busy among
her patients when the lady-superintendent of tbe hospital joined her, and In a
low voice requests} her attendance In
another ward.
"I want you," said that  lady, "to assist elsewhere for a little  w hlle.   The
, patient I shall place under your care will
r require constant attention    while    he
.   "Ia the caae ao serious!"' asked Florence.
"Yes, the poor fellow la fatally wound
ed, The doctors were talking of him this
morning, and highly praising bis reports. It Is Sir Walter Bohun; they call
him the  "reckless correspondent.''"
It was In tbe dim hospital ward, with
the life-blood oozing down his palld faoe,
that Florenoe saw again the lover of
her youth and her heart went out to
him now as It had never don* In the
olden times, when his love waa all her
She had heard that he was among the
newspapor correspondents; she had heard
too of his rookie** disregard of hia personal safety while getting to the front
In quest of news, bnt she did not know
that the dying man before her had been
desarted by his wife. She gazed on him
for a moment wth unutterable love In
her wistful eyea; then sbe wa* again the
ealm collected nurse. She assisted at th*
operation that the doctor performed
without tha least hope of Its success. She
heard a faint moan from the man's
parched lips as his whole frame quivered
with agony. Something like a dream
came to her then, from wholi sbe waa
awakenbd by the lady superintendent's
low firm voice.
"Miss Hamilton, I leave you In
obnrga," she was saying. "It will not be
for long, I fear."
Florenoe knelt by the dying man.
Onoe or twice sho distinguished ths
words that fell from the colorless lips.
"Ines" was one, and, oh, surely she also
heard her own namol Surely the faint
voice murmured something about forgiveness 1
He opened his eyes at last, and met
the wistful gaze bent upon him.
"Florenoe," he whispered faintly,
"Is lt really you?"
"Yes, dear Walter," she answered. "I
am one of the nurses here, and am taking care of you."
"I am dvlng," he murmured   faintly.
'"I will do anything you wish," sh*
aald In answer to bis looks rather than
his words. "If you will leave a message
with me tor Inez, It shall be faithfully
A slight flush, weak as he was,
passed over his pale face.
"Inez deserted me, Florence," he said,
"more than ajear ago. I have a requeat
to make���let me make It while I oan,
for my strength Is fast falling. I have to
make lt to you. Oh. tall me, my darling.
that you forgive my broken promise I"
But he did not hear the response; a
sudden light came into tho wan faoe, to
be succeeded by au ashen paleness, and
Walter Bohun was no longer among tbe
living. It was to his dead face that Florence for one mlnuto put her own while
she murmured that he had been forgiven long since.
*        *        * *        *        *
They burled the dashing young war
correspondent In that Eastern land and
a small stone marks the resting-place of
the last ot the Bohuns.
Carlshill Is in strange hands now; but
they show the portrait there of the beau
tlful woman who deserted her husband,
and they tell of his untimely death In th*
little hospital at Cairo.
Florenoe Hamilton returned to England at the cloae Of the campaign. She
has a noble purpose now In life, and she
Is fulfilling It. The slok and the poor are
her care; her mission lies amongst them,
and she loves her work.
Jfi TF
Bat the Sheep Und Defects Painfull-.
This is a true story about n well
known western merchant.
He bail made bis money iu dry goods,
but all through the years when be was
outwardly devoted to the yardstick nud
oouuter inwardly he hankered for the
oountry sounds aud scenes of his early
boyhood and thought with pleasure of
tho time when be conld rotlre from
active hnsiness and go ont and ruu a
(arm for himself.
He was nearly 70 years old when the
lime came, bnt it did come, und he
bought a large old farm well out iu Ibe
oountry aud moved himself aud his
family on to it.
With a dim idea that ho might not
know as much abont ejops and cows as
jibont muslin aud silk he hired a farmer
"to come and help him out, but nevertheless he had not been head of a large
establishment for yonr* for nothing-
he wanted to have his say, aud what
was more, bis way, abont everything,
and he had it.
Especially in the matter of sbeep; he
was determined to have a flock of sheep,
and also determined to buy them himself. Mothing the farmer could sny
would turn him from his course, aud
sv in duo time he started out alone and
returned jubilant. He had bonght such a
fine flock���60 of the best and biggest
sheep you ever saw; guessed ho could
bay good sheep; he knew a good bit of
wool even if it did happen to be in tbe
raw, and so on nntil the farmer's fears
were allayed and his professional curiosity aroused to see those wonderful sheep.
He saw them. They came the next day,
nnder charge of hired drovers, who delivered them over witb many a grin,
and then hastened away beyond the
reaob ot that, farmer's wrath, for every
one of those great, beautiful sbeep was
nothing but a worthless old ram.
For once the farmer was loud In hi*
remarks, and the owner was silent.
Since then he gives out that he has "retired from the aotive business of tbe
farm." Bnt one thing ia noticeable���he
hasn't a single wool growing animal
on the place.
Mrs. Fatpnrse���You paint pictures
to order, don't yon?
Great Artist���Yes, madam.
Mrs. Fatpnrse���Well, I want a landscape, with lots of deer and ducks and
quail and partridges and pheasants and
cattle and sheep and pigs, and so on,
yon know, and pnt a lake and an ocean
in���fresh and salt water* you know���
and be snr* to have plenty of fish swimming around, because it'* for tbe diu*
ing room. ,
Mislead!-.** Grammar.
"De nonsense dey is teaohin In deso
schools makes me weary," exolaimed
Meandering Mike.  ���   ���
"Ye're jealous, 'cause ye ain't educated, " replied Plodding Pete.
"No, I ain't After what I heard
dem school children sayin I'm glad I
ain't mixed np ia any scheme wgere
dey tries to make ye believe dat 'money' is a oommon noun."���Washington
Star.        |
How It Happened.
The editor in chief was manifestly
"Why do wa say these books are to
be had at the bookstalls?" be demanded
irritably. "Bookstalls, forsooth I What
shallow affectation 1"
"No," replied tbe managing editor
gently. "The horse editor did Ihe book
review* thi* week. "���Pittsburg Dis-,
A Chinese View of Americans.
Thi* It how a Chinese visitor In this
oountry describe* Americans In a Chinese
paper: "They live months without eating
a mouthful of rloe; they oat bullocks and
sheep In enormous quantities; they have
to bathe frequently; they eat moat with
knives and prongs; they never enjoy
themselves by sitting quietly on their ancestors' graves, but jump around and klok
balls as tf paid to do It, and they have no
dignity, for they may be found walking
with wora*n."
Ootober Bride���When ws go anywhere now, we have to walk. Before
marriage yon always called a carriage.
Ootober Bridegroom���That's the reason we have to walk now.���Roxbnry
Opposed to Portlier Change.
Ofaolly���I hope the Scotch dialect will
not become fashionable.
Algy���1 hope not, bah Jove I We bad
tronble enough in acqniahing an English aooent, donoherknow.���Brooklyn
Rare Evidence.
"Yah, that bloke has bin kisan yer,
Maria I"
Maria���'E ain't. Sonowl
"Garni Can't I sea a dean spot on
ths side of yer face?"���Comlo Cuts. -
Don't stay away from ohnroh on ao-
oount of yonr clothes. The Lord ii Iso
tnsy to notice the handiwork of tailor*
ud drManakw*. ���Chicago Maws.
Immense  Damage to Shipping  and
Merchandise-The Most Severe
Gale Since 1878.
London, Deo. 27.���A tierce gale is
sweeping over tbo British coasts today.
The cross channel services have been
interrupted and several wrecks have
been reported. Trees have been blown
down in London and there have been
several fatalities.
An exciting scene was witnessod today at tho Broadstone. A four masted
schooner showing distress signals waa
seen drifting ashore. A row boat with
a pilot on board, attempted to reach
her but was unsuccessful. Then a
lifeboat attempted to reach the four
master but was unable to do so. Finally tngs succeeded in gettiug near
enough to her to get a tow line to her
and sho was towed out of danger.
An extraordinary scene is presented
along tbo lower Thumcs, where tho
gale is the most severe of auy that ha*
occurred since 1878. Hundreds of men
aro employed in chasing bales, boxes,
casks und articles of every description,
whioh have been blown from the
wharves antl sent r drift. Many row-
boats, barges and other small craft have
been rooked from their moorings und
carried away. Some of these were
swept ont to Ben uud lost. The general
damage done by tbe storm is very
great. Twelve men are missing and it
is reported they have been drowned.
Two Frenchmen Fight a Duel.
New York, Dec. 27.���A dispatoh to
the Herald from Paris says: The dnel
with swords between Max Regis, mayor
it Algiers, and M. L pio, one of the
editors of Ihe Les Droits Do L'Homme,
took placo at 5 o'clock this morning at
Hneaux. Max Regis attacked his opponent, with fury and M, Lepio defended himself with energy. Six rounds
were fought and then the two combatants wero so played out that tbe dnel
had to bo brought to an end.
Slashed a Detective.
Montreal, Deo. 27.���Detectives Rio-
pelo and Guerin, of tbo city force, were
shadowing threo burglars when one of
tbe burglars named Dupont. discovered
Riopelo. Dupont at onco drew a large
sailor's kulfo and slnsbed the deteotive
about tbo head severely several times,
inflicting terrible injuries. Dupont
was caught by Guerin before he conld
escape.   Riopele's wounds nro serious.
A Scnrf-PIn His All.
New York, Dec. 28.���Thomas Q.
Seabrooke, the actor, today filed n voluntary petition of bankruptcy. Seabrooke states his liabilities to be 139,-
075. To offset this Seabrooke states
that his only property is ouo scarf pin,
and that this is not exempt nnder the
A New Departure.
Dr. Miirscli.i nd, tho celebrated
French physician, has at last opened
his magnificently equipped laboratory
In Windsor, Ont. There is a large
staff of chemists and physicians at hi*
command, aud the men and women
of Canada may now procure the advice
of this famons specialist free of charge.
Dr. MarschandJ-ias a world-wide reputation for successfully treating all
nervous diseases of men and women,
and you have bnt to write the dootor
lo be convinced that your answer, when
received, is from a man who is entitled to tho high position hu holds in
tho medical fraternity.
Why sillier in silence wheu you can
secure the advice of this eminent physician free of charge.
All correspondence is strictly confidential and names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents are
mailed in plain envel^ies.        .
Yon are not asked to pay any exorbitant price for medioines, iu fnct it
rarely happens that a patient has expended over 50 cents to one dollar before he or sbe becomes a firm friend
nnd admirer of tho doctor.
A special staff of. lady physicians
assist Dr. Mnrschand iu his treatment
of females cases. Always inclose three-
cent stamp when you write and address
The Dr. Marschand Chemical Co., Detroit, Mich., U. S. A. Mention the
Golden Era when yon write tl^e dootor.
tt ITllltl'T
,l,,!f     ���	
Will Brim Wort To All.
THERE Is no ensaa oi RHEUMA- R(\���
T1SM but ran Im CURED tor OOC
effect a permanent cure where all
oilier remedies mil to nfford the slightest relief.
���They ninkj the old folk! yourg egjln
And make the cni'iaies leaui
And g.ve you rom/orl while iiu ski
Ana comfort while you slce-fc
Rustto Rheumatic Insoles oro mado to
fit all sizes of shoes a-id will lie sent hy
mall to any address ou receipt aif price,
1.0c. Ajwisltlve cure gtll-ai-itSpil In every
ease of Rheumatism a.' ;., .. . iv.undeai
Aalvlee lurnished Iroo uu iu>i,l(catlon.
General ngints wanted every-,-luro. Do
not sillier any more but send ni once for
arairof B-.i-i. e i; u-nanUe l..a,les that
nil. give -uu everlasting ra-IIof and
happiness.  Apdrem,
Detroit, Mich. WludsorJOnt.
lll.ntlon the Oolden Era.
- n/
GOL.UEX. B. 0.
Admiral Walker is one of the few
sailors fond of land sports. He is said
to have lately taken np the bicycle.
Tbe mother ot tbe lamented Dave
Foutz of tbe Brooklyn baseball team is
building a fine monument over bis grave
at Baltimore,
General Longstrcet hasretun.eti from
Mexico, bnt likes that country so well
that he will probably spend his winters
there hereafter,
James Havlick is tbe tallest man of
tbe Oregon's crew, whioh averages the
tallest tars iu the navy. Havlick ia
nearly 7 feet in height.
Switzerland's beet knowu chamois
hunter, Bnlthnsiir Zinsli, died some
time ago at Sebaran, aged 70 years. His
record included over 1,800 ohnmois and
James Iugrnham Peck, tho biologist
of Williams college, who died the other
day, conld reconstruct au animal from
fewer of its relics than any American
scientist. ���
The Into Colonel Waring'a first publio
lecture was delivered iu tbo ball of th*
house of representatives, Moutpelier,
VI., in 1850, un the subject of farm
Julius Goldschmiilt, United State*
consul general in Berlin, wos a native
af Germany, and wbeu hu first came to
this country nt tho age of 14 learned
English in two months.
Count Shigeuebu Okumo, tbe new
premier of Japan, began life as a poor
boy and is now a proof that tbe "self
made" man cau be manufactured even
in tbe deepotio cast.
The death of Colonel Amos Webster
of Washington leaves General Horace
Porter, now embassador at Paris, th*
only surviving member of General U.S.
Grant's personal staff.
Colonel Edmnnd Rice of tbo Sixth
Massachusetts, which lately returned
from Porto Rico, has a uuique distinction. He returned from two wars at th*
head of Massachusetts regiments.
Rolf Moerok, a New York musical
prodigy, has applied to tbe courts to
have his name changed to Brandt Bant-
zau, saying bis real name is too plebeian
for one contemplating an artistic career.
Mrs, Dndley Smith, daughter of tbe
late George Eynocb, member of parliament for Asbton, has made her debut
as a professional in the arena of the
Birmingham circus. Sbe has been
known as a dashing equestrienne for
some time, having ridden at agricultural shows and races.
Piper Findlater, the "hero of Oar-
gal," has again sprang into notoriety,
thi* time In a (nit for breaoh of promise, in which he is defendant. Tha
plaintiff is Miss I��.ry Gellatly of Dundee, who Wants |5,000. Iu tbe meantime sbe is in a rival mnsio ball in
Dundee, dauoing in ber wedding dress,
with the wedding cake displayed on th*
Massenet I* at present writing an
opera on "The Three Musketeers."
"The Manenvers of Jane," Henry
Arthur Jones' latest, bas been produoed
in London.
Houptman's religious play, "Chris-
tns," is nearing completion and will
soon be produced in Berlin.
The Frenoh Dramatic Authors' society has boycotted Augustin Daly because of bis treatment of Rostand.
J. H. Stoddart has been engaged to
play the part of a naval ohaplaiu in a
new pstriotio play called "Red, While
and Bine,"
Mierzwintky, the Russian tenor, who
appeared in this conutry some year*
ago, is said to have become the porter
at a hotel iu Cannes.
Ibsen'B daughter, Bergllot, appear*
as a singer in concert* in Hamburg,
Dresden, Vienna,'Prague and Budapest
before she goes to Rome.
Ameriosn singers are not without
honor in England. For the recent
Gloucester festival a local wagon company built a ipeoial slate carriage for
Mme. Albnni.
Coquelin bn* returned to the Theatre
Francois and "Cyrano de Bergerac"
goes with him, Its performance ther*
will be worth seeing, for it will be perfectly produced.
"When a Man's In Love," tho new
play by Autbony Hope aud Edward
Rose, produoed in tbe Londop Oonrt
theater tho other day, opens well, bnl
ends very feebly.
A "Horn* Body" In an Art Gallerr.
A plump littlo woman with an absurdly
Infantile air despite a silver thread or two
In hor hair and a faint crow's foot at the
corner of her round blue eye*���eyes of the
color we used to call "gandor" blue���wont
Into the Corcoran gallery on the arm of a
dignified gentleinnn Ip olerloal garb They
stood, tbe two of tbem, a little later
among plaster oosts of antique statue*.
"These are very beautiful, Emily," said
the clerical gentleman, "very beautiful
and very famous. It Is a privilege to
them, and I hope you appreciate it."
"Oh, yea, John," said Brolly���yon oould
see that her very soul was a "yes, John,"
aehoof her husband���"they're beautiful,
I think, bnt, ah, dear, what a work It
must be to dnel them I"���Washington
Hatter of Fact leotek.
The lowland Scottish peasant has an extremely Matter of fact way of speaking
about her relatives' ond friends' death*
The Cornhlll Magazine tells of a good
woman who had lost her aunt remarking
to a sympathizing visitor: "Eh, yes,
mem, aunty's deld, but (he was very aold
and frail. She's far better awa' and far
boopler In glory, and I got ��� hunner
pounds o'a legacy."
Minard's Liniment Cores Colds- Etc.
Figure. From   the  lloiitliiioii Sta.tla.tiee!
Vea.1- llaaaak for 1007-l.xpiirt. Mild
Product, uf til. Miaa**..
Catada last year produoed -3311,691 ton*
of gypsum valued at 1214,531.
Tbe limestone for flux produoed In
Canada laet year was valued at 140,000.
The value of th* mloa produoed In
Canada in 1897 was 175,000.
Canada produced last year 11,005 tons
of ochres valued at 123,660.
Mineral water to the value of 1140,000
was produced la Canada In 1897.
Th* moulding sand found In Canada
last year totalled 5,483 tone, valued at
The value ot the natural gas produoed
In Canada last year was 1336,873.
Canada produced last year 8,609,857
barrel, of petroleum valued at 11,011,646.
Phosphates amounting to 908 tons
were produced In Canada last year, the
value being 18,984.
In 1897 Canada produoed 88,910 tons
of pyrites valued at 8110,7,10.
Last year's salt output In Canada waa
valued at 1190,000.
Canada produced last year 806,313 barrels of cemont valued at 1376,273.
Flag atones to the .nine of |7,i90 war*
produced In Canada last year.
The al,ite product In Canada last year
reached a value of 843,800.
Canada's miscellaneous mineral product last year reaohwl u value of 114,.
The value of th* export of domestic
asbestos by Canada last year was 1610,-
Cauda laat year exported 18,880,017
worth of domestic caul.
The domestic coppor eioort.il by Canada last year was 8560,403.
Canada's doinsstle gold oxporMd last
-**��r was valued at 12,801,101.
The gypsum, domostio, exported by
Canada last year was valued al 1188,876.
The Iron ore of Canada .sported last
year was valuod at $26,979.
Canada last year exported domMtlo
Iron and stool valued at ,$599,988.
The value of tbe dome'stlo mica exported last yeui by Canada waa $61,9118,
The nickel exported by Canada lust
year was valued at 14118,510.
Canada exported in domestic phosphates
value amounting tn $375.
Tl.o domestic silver exported hy Cam
ana last year reached $2,613,173 In value.
In 189,1 Canada eported $47,771 worth
of atone and marble. Miscellaneous articles to the value cf $i6il,347 were also
The total value ot the export) of Cun-
a-ja's mineral production last yeat was
511,110,1,018. Uf this Great Britain's portion Was $683,579.
The United States took relno.-.-ils val.
ned ut $10,701,834.
British possessions took Canadian min*
-arala amounting to $835,578,
Germany took $07,191 worth.
Tho ooul areas of Canada aro estimated
at 97,300 aqnare miles. Lot Induing
areas known but as yet undeveloped, In
the far north,
The coal areas of Nova Sootla covet
about 635 aquare miles. They are divided
Into the Cape Breton, the Plotou and the
Cumberland basins. It Is eallinutoil thai
N'ova Scotia contains 7,000,00,000 tons ol
Anthraolte In ll-feet and 6-fwt Beams,
oomparlng favorably with that from
Pennsylvania, has boen found la queen
Charlotte Island.
Nova Sootla last year produced 3,465,-
887 tens of ooal.
British Columbia, In 1897, produoed
988,796 tons of coal.
Manitoba and Northwest Territories In
1806'produced 836,868 tons of ooal.
New Brnnawlok In 1890 produoed 7,60}
tons of coal.
The total coal ornduct of Canada (or
1897 was $3,878,301, Ihe highest on
Of .ha coal produot of Nova Scotls,
3,556,081 tons waa aold, and 310,866 torn
used In colliery consumption.
Of tbe coal product of British Columbia laat year, 679,761 tons wore aold for
export and 809,046 tons usod at home.
In British Columbia, tbe only collieries
at present In operation are on Vancouver
Island, and are altnated al Nanaimo,
Wellington Union, and Woat Wellington,
and are four In number.
Canada last ysar Imported 1,457.296
tons of free antnrnolte coal valued at
Tbe quantity of dutiable bltuiiilnoca
coal Imported last year was 1,503,4*6
tons, valued at $3,364,317.
Canada last year exported 1,10316
tons ol coal, valued at $8,830,017.
The quantity" of coal dust Imported
Into Canada last year was 836,568 tons,
valued at $59,609.
The Imports of gas coke for use In
Canadian manufactures only laat year
waa 88,880 tons, valued at $367,540.
Canada produced laat year 78,811 ton*
of coke, valued at $309,930.
Th* consumption of coal In Canada In
1807 was 6,974,666 tons, * an average of
1.188 tons par head.
Nova Sootla last year exported 88,188
tons of coal.
The Ncrthweal Terrltorlea exported
8,774,081 toua.
New Brunswick eiported 187,889 tons.
Ontario imported laat year for ham*
oonanmptlon 3,804,891 toua of coal.
Quebec Imported and consumed 489,881
Nova Sootla Imported for oonsusattle*
46,841 tons.
H*d <��� Hav* a Pasaport.
In the Oanoasus somo years ago a German lady was dangerously 111 when the
local police master called at the homo nnd
asked for hor passport. Tho husband, nn
easy going man, said he had not got ono,
or, rather, that lt waa 80 years old, and
therefore useless, and, as his wife waa
dangerously III and tho doctor doubted
her living through the day, th* demand
was 111 timed.
"Whatl" exclaimed the polio* master
''Dying without a passport! She can't dl��
without a pasaport I"
And sbe didn't,���Argonaut.
Good Advlee.
Mr. Buyer���Mr. Green, ther* seems to
ba something serious the matter with the
horse I bought of you yesterday He
coughs and wheezes distressingly, and I
think perhaps he Is wind broken Wbat
would you advlee me to dot
Jay Oreen (promptly)���8*11 liliu aa
qulokly aa you oan, Jos' Ilk* I did.���Exchange.     	
Soot I* th* equivalent of th* Anglo-
Saxon word "scoot,'' meaning taxation.
Therefcr* "soot free" originally meant
"freefrom the payment of taxes,"and
now It ha* become a general eipruaion
for freedom from anything.
Itiansre Malady of a Nebraska*-. Who
Wa* Snn.trnck.
Robert Frazlor of Nebraska can eat
nothing but watermelons.   Ho says:
"While out on my father's farm In tbe
summer ot 1897 I was overcome with dizziness. I fell In ��� faint to the ground and
wa* unconsolou* for several hours. I wait
convalescent In a day or two and thoughtlessly I went out In the heat again. The
temperature was, If I remember rightly,
110 degree*. After a mile walk I was
atrloken down and lay tn the cornfield for
nearly two hours before being discovered.
"For a week I hovered between life and
death. Then I got hotter, but a relapse
(et In, and I become t tally helpless.
"In two months my right side waa entirely paralyzed, and lt was believed I
would surely die. Th* paralysis extended
to both feet, and I reckoned it was my
prayers and those of my dear mother that
saved me from death. The doctors ordered
that I discontinue eating meat and vegetables. Gradually I became utterly without an appetite and would ahun food for
"My weight waa decreasing at aa alarming rate, and the physicians seemed powerless to help me. We bad a fln* watermelon
patch on our farm, and It waa auggasted
by the doctor that I try melons as a last
resort. I did, and I began to get flesh
again. Then I waa permitted to auok th*
juice* from tender njMta and wu also
treated with emulsion*. But these threa
Ingredients, in addition to a little milk,
constitute n*y meal* and my remedle*.
"Th* doctors say th* sunstroke hid
gone to my brain and had extended
through my nerves, threatening absolute
paralysis. If I were to awallow the tiniest
piece of meat, It would cut my stomach.
i am told lt Is tho most peculiar oase of
stomach affection on record, but It Is dn*
aclely to the sunstroke.
"I at* four watermelons a day for three
months and stopped only when the season
ended. Then I dropped weight and was
fast turning to a skeleton, when tt was
decided to send me down to my unole's
plantation In Florida. It is some distance
below the frost line, and watermelons or*
grown thoro all tbo year round.
"The medical properties of tho watermelon have surely proved wonderful In
my oase, and besldos I love the mail, ns
Ilk* ��� southern darky."
rkoaa-h He Won It, He Mla*k< a. Well
Hare Not.
"It is the first time tbat I ever paid
a bet tbat I won." said Smith, "and it
will be the last time.
"My wife and I agree ou everything
bnt politios. I am a stanch supporter of
my party, and my wife is always ready
to uphold her*.
"We always have several warm arguments before an election, and I dread
to eee one draw nigh, as it is sure to
sause bad feelings and end in my being
tailed a heartless brut* because I stand
np for my own party.
"Shortly before the last election we
were in the midst of one of onr arguments when my wife dared me to
make a wager on the outcome. I was
not anxious to bet, bnt she badgered me
so much tbat finally I told her what I
wonld do. I knew that her party didn't
���land the ghost of a show, ao I told her
if her party was aucoessful I would buy
her tbe finest gown to be had in the
jlity. Tbat seemed to satisfy her, and
we agreed to drop politic* and talk of
aometbing else.
"Well, the election went just as I
expected it would, and I got a certain
amount of satisfaction from watching
the look of indignation on my wife'*
face as she read the returns. -
"I waited three day* beforel thought
it safe to laugh over my promise, and
when I did my wife calmly reached in
her workbaaket and faandtd me over a
"It was a bill for tbe gown that I
had promised her in case her party was
successful. She had felt so sure that
her party was going to win that she had
ordered the gown beforehand, so she
would have it to wear at a swell affair
���eon to como off."
Birthday. Celebrate,] lu Kgypi.
The oustom   of  keeping  birthdays la
many   thousand   years old.    Pharaoh's
birthday festivities ar* mentioned In   th*
If It I* We-sk er Irregular doa't Hesl-
tot* to Start Ml* Ml* of Mllkarn'*
H**rt and lUrv* nil* at on**.
Wild a strong, steady, regular puis*
lay Mtpact vigorous health.
WM ��� w*ak irragid**, toUnalltOTt
���*****��� **a td at **c* Ik* vitality la
tew-that Dbn-aad Faint taailt, taotls-
awteg **d Making SensadMs aad akaaat
 ar* aetai ta a****.
*f **ir a��ti*a In itrmgUi-mhig- tit*
heart, taming Mm nerve, and enriching I
th* Mood, MUbura* Heart and.Narv*
Pi!* ralhv* and ear* al thn* dlMr**��laf
mdMaasjuat *nns��er*ted.
Mrs. B. Croft, resldbg oo WaUrioo
Stmt, St Joha. N. B., ears i
" For son* nt* pa*t I have suffered
tram pallor, waakne** aadMi-vous prostration, I had palpitation and irregular
(Mating of the heart ao **vera as to
at-aus* ma great alarm. I wa* treated
by physicians, but gat ne permanent
" I am glad to aay that from Mllbnm'*
Heart and Nervo PHI* I derived Ih*
first real booefit that I ��ver got frejo
aay madloi**. My appetite ia improved,
my entire system toned up, and I can do
no loss than cheerAilly reeemmend then*
pHIa to all requiring a raBaU* h*art and
��*rv�� tonic."
. Ml.. M.ryH. AM., loot's Bar, *nt, says
Lei.-ijva-r ("tueura-e* herot ttii HoeetMtM,
(i-eai wMAah* had ralfered for a year.
Much Better, 8:07!-(, Is reported to hnvi
lost 300 pounds in flesh since her campaign
began about five months ago.
It Is said that Peter the Great Is thi
flrat winner of the Kentucky Futuriti
destitute of th* blood of George Wilkes
Although Bumps, 8-01*-;, did net wli
a rae* thia season, he earned $3,000, mon
than-his antrano* money. Re was a ilrsi
class second.
Hon. Frvd C. Sayles, owner of Alii
S*08Jf, has given $800,000 to the cltyol
his residence, Pawtucket, B. I., for a 11
brary building.
A full brother of Lea* Wilkes, 9:09, b)
Guy Wilkea, owned at Fernollff stool
farm, Providence, ha* ben named Lieu
tenant Hobson.
It la said tbat Dr. H. W. Lobb of Phlla
delphla will trun.fer hi* allegiance to th.
running turf and dispose of all his trot
ting and paolng .took,
Bow Bell*. 3:19k, will itay In Kentuok-
agaln next year. He 1* one of the w
popular sires ever kept In th* blue gruu
and hia fame growa steadily.
Frank Frazler, ex-owner of Cbehalla
tM'A, Is quoted aa saying tbat he ba-lli-ve,
Rubinstein can atep down to the half fa.
ter than any other pacer living.
La (iardii, 3:24!--", who haa been credltec
to .look Daw, Is now laid to be by Jai
Hawker, S:Hfi, and tbe only one of thi
latter bono'* gel that ba* evor taken tin
It coat botween $600 and $600 to sent
Dlreotina (8), 9:16��, by Direct, 8.-05':
dam Stemwlnder.dam of Directum, 3:06 li
through by exprea* from D - Min, Cal,, ti
Now York city,
The 8 year-old chestnut gelding, BUI)
Abshire, t:S0ii, by Haxall, dam Sail]
Ahsblre, by Vatican, has been purchascc
by Captain Tuttle of Orange county iron
I. B. White of Richmond, Xy. The prlci
reported Is $1,700.
During tho year tbe space devoted to
will contain expressions of no uncertain
sound from people who speak from personal experience as to tbe merits of.this
best of Household Remedies.
Blessed is the influence of one true,
loving human soul on another.���Georg*
He is but the counterfeit ot a man
who bas not the life of a man.���Shakespeare.
Ono ungrateful man does an injury
lo all who itand in need of aid.���Pub-
lius Syru*.
Tho more w* do th* more we oan do;
the more busy wo are tha more leisure
we have.��� Hazlitt.
A true and genuine Impudence is ever
tbe effect of ignorance without th*
least sense of it.���Steele.
There ia certainly something of exquisite kindness and thoughtful benevolence in tbat rarest of gifts���fine breeding.���Bulwer.
Good intentions are very mortal and
perishable things, Like very mellow
and choice fruit, they are difflonlt to
Kind words prevent a good deal ot
that perverseness which rough and imperious usage often produces in generous minds,���Locke,
None so little enjoy themselves and
are such burdens to themselves as those
who have notbiug to do. Only the active
have the true relish of life.���Jay.
A Somerset (Me.) farmer claims to
have Benedict Arnold'ssword belt.
The original birch bark deed given
by tbe chief of tbe Androscoggiue to
the farmers of Lewieton, Me., of Hay-
market square, is shown in a Lewiston
store window.
Sweden is Europe's great timber
field. Russia has larger forests, but
they are much less accessible than tbo**
if Sweden, whioh are usually near riv-
���:s or the mast.
Don't forget that tbe darkest honr I*
tnly 60 minutes.
Don't think that an apology alwayi
wipes out an offense.
Don't kick an infuriated dog when
yon have slippers on.
Don't attempt to judge a girl's lov*
(or you by what sh* nays,
Don't act the fool. There ar* too
many people doing tbat naturally.
Don't sacrifice tbe certainties of to-
day for th* nncerulutle* of ��omorrow
Don't    scold
, j the little ones if
i   C^^ tlle k^   lS   Wet
It isn't the child's fault. Weak
kidneys need strengthening���
that's all. You can't afford to
risk delay. Neglect may entail
a lifetime of suffering.
Doan'S Kidney Pills
Strengthen th. Kidneys ud
Bladder, then .11 trouble
Mr. John Carson, employed at
M. S. Biadt & Co.'s store, Hamilton, Ont., savs:
"My little bey seven y.ar. of age
Jm. been troubled with ht. kidney.
.Inc. birth nnd could not bold hi.
water. We spent hundred, of dollar, doctoring and tried many different remedies, but they were of no
avail. One box of Ina.-naY. Kidney
Tills completely cured him."
Plain silks are iu great demand and
faille frnncaiso nud wool lined benga-
lines are in favor.
An attempt is being made to make
elbow sleeves popular. Especially ar*
tbe evening gowns so designed.
Cashmere gloves are now worn. They
are silk lined and finished with plaid
jersey wrists and with jeweled buttons
and clasps as well.
Manufacturers say that black silks
are to be exceedingly popular this winter and that tbey have produced a large
quantity of varied quality and style.
The new velveteens shew dotted
effects, dots in all the fashionable colors
on black grounds. In the plain colored
velveteens navy and militaiy blue are
the most popular.
Irish poplin is a decided favorite fabric. One pattern is shown in a plain
weave aud a moire, with a small brocade figure almost covering the surface;
others are spotted.
The uew fashion for skirts is to have
thein looped a trifle on one side. Some
of the newest gowns are looped at one
side, to show an uuderflounce of lace,
sewed on a silk lining.
Ribbons aro not so muoh Been on tbe
new hats, with the exception of little
narrow ribbons put ou iu tbe form of
scrollwork or shirred into a crinkled
effect and forming a fabric of which tbs
gronnd for dainty bonnets is made.
In velvets for millinery purposes
blues, together witb bluots, purple, violet and light lilacs, are the much favored colors. There is, however, considerable call for cerise, geranium, cardinal
and a now shade of red called begonia
Long capes this winter will be made
in astrakhan, sealskin and caracal, with
two frills around the edge und up the
front. Tbe cape itself will fit smoothly
over the shoulders and hang in folds
moro or less voluminous.���New York
What  a  Well-Known Medical  Journal
*ay. About This King of Disease.
"This is essentially nn (age of .ctentlllc pro*
"grew. Science and invention gar hand in hand.
"Than]-:** to a distinguished elia-uaist consumption
-'Is robbed of its terrors, deprived of lis destruc
"tlvetieM, und this insidious iliscnse enn first lie
"rslleva-ai nnd then cured, lint to accomplish a
"cur. that 1b html and effective tlia-re must lae
"constant persistency in treatment anal r'glit
-living. Tha* sufft-ra-r must take tlle rlglit nieali-
"enl relief, rightly administered, Bv tne laaliaar,
"skill nnd research of nil eminent chemist, T. A.
"Siocum, consumption can be both relieved and
"cured."���Medical Tribune.
Three fret- sample baatilesof ibe Siocum Cure
will be sent to any .ufferer from consumption,
lung or ihraint troubles a>r general debility, if
name, address and express office are scut to The
T. A. Siocum (.'hemicnl Co. Limited, 117 King
street west. Toronto, Out. Tills is n genuine
offer, and il the reader Is���or knows a friend who
ha���a sufferer, scud at once for the tree samples
.ad mention this paper.
Minard's Liniment Cares Distemper.
f. O. Drawer 1287. Tel. 11.17.
Grain and Stock Broker,
Grain and securities e arrical on margins.   Private wire connection
with all markets.
W.N U.
A Good nnd Healthful Drink
If tbey will use
White Star
Matlu According tu
direction*, und you
will have a drink of
'-Min,Hiii- tin for aud
<lflll.it.-lirll. lit to till'
iiervotu By-Hem.
of these closets ore now In use.
They nre
Fire only required once in two week..
For circular write to the
Odorless Crematory ft set Co.
Indian Head, Nov. 21,1898.
Messrs. Merrick, Anderson k Co.,
F. O. Box 1282,
Winnipeg, Man.
Dear Sir"���I purchased one of your crematory
closets lost year, and have usrd tt in my hotel
ever since, lt has g veil me eva-ry sntas.aclion,
and could I i,ot replace it, would not saall It for
double ltai cost,  lours truly,
Sold hy
P.O. BOX 1282, w|NN|pEG_
���W. *R.   AJJIjAJN,
General Insurance Agent,
FIRE Companies llepr-mented i
Quebec Fire Assurance Oo.
Beyal Insur.noe Co,
Sun Insurance Office
Union Assurance Society
All elassefl of Inserancee trans-acted and ln.se.
prompt** anil satisfactorily eettaed.
ASIA SCi'PUES. Larr* eatalogu. tne.
IHE BWD BEOS., to: Hni Wast, T-nonta
Next door to P. O.
Uoniehold Safe*, amall aiae,
Hoanehold Nafw, large else.
Just thfthinp for a ChriatmaH present. Both
awful mid ornam-tmml.
Merabaate' Safes, all riven and prjrea ; pu
���air lerms or cash. Game and mo rt.em or
write for qaotatleaa Bpeeial rn\*m daring
Koreaaber and Deeemfaer.
Mlnird's Liniment Cnrcs Dipt heria.    | Minardi Liniment uures Uftrytt In Cows J
C/JUAd  /tMr   AAHrtJ- 4n*~��{ MvnM4f bj*
fWHs   6UMs /ILC "ru^o   tHuyK-uhnJ   A^ViMuK
" N.
"We give our cash customer*
Absolutely Free
thoir ohoico of tho following handsome
f>0    MEDALLIONS     with
brass ohains worth 	
BO    MEDALLIONS    with
brass mounts worth	
with picture worth        *��� Oil
of tho QUEEN'S RE10N      f�� nn
liaiunal ill green nnal KOlal. .        O.UU
Elm and Oilt  fuiimes Gin,      C nn
iu width worth        O.UU
all Gilt frames (i inches iu       / nn
���A-idth   worth       *t.UU
PICTURES,   White   and
Uold frames 4 inches in      Q nn
width worth        M-UU
TYPES,   Elm   and   Oilt
frames li inches in width      C nn
worth        O.UU
Saivo the checks given with your cash
purchases and when you have enough
to secure oue of our gifts present
them at the counter.
Cheeks amounting to 55 will secure a
Medallion anal so on according to the
value of tho present.
just arrived:
Carload ot Choice Groceries and Confectionery.
Carload of Furniture.
Carload of Hard wore.
Carload of Crockery and Glassware.
Carload of Ogilvie's Patent Hungarian
More New Stoves���Selling Fast.
Fresh Hams, Bacon and Xmas Fowl.
Skates and Skating Boots on hand.
e ��� ���
Geo. B. McDermot,
(���citcral merchant.
That Dodd's Kidney Pills Cure
Bright's Disease
Thpn-tli nil '.ther mean. fall.--Mr.O.B.
Atkaann'rai.o allow* tbo truth *f the
Cl.alui that 'Dodd'a Kidnoy Pill.
aro the only earo for thi.
Hamilton, Jan. 2.���One of tho most
popular of Hamilton's hotel clorks, is
Mr. C. E. Aikeus, of the Commercial
Mr. Aikens' duties are onerous and
heavy throughout the year, and a man
who was not possessed ot more than
ordinary shrewdness and capability
could not possibly fill his  position.
This being the case it will be readily
understood that Mr. Aikens was very
heavily handicapped when, some three
years ago, he was attacked by Bright's
Disease���a disease which many physicians claim is incurable.
Mr. Aikens found a cuie, however.
And so important does he rightly
deem his discovery, that he has given
the following statement regarding it,
for publication, in the hop* that other
sufferers from Bright's Disease will be
"I could get no relief, no matter
what 1 used, nor which doctor treated
ine. I had suffered (with Bright's
Disease) for two years, and had tried
many remedies and wasted many dollars in my endeavors to regain my
health. When I wns advised to try
Dodd's Kidney Fills, I hud no expectation ot receiving any benefit from
'I tried them, however, and soon
had reason to feel thankful that I did.
Before I had taken a dozen doses I felt
a change for tho better, and the improvement continued steadily until
now I em as strong and healthy a*
ever. Six boxes ef Dodd's Kidney
Pills did this tor ine."
Dodd's Kidney Pills, the only unfailing cure lor Bright'* Disease, ar*
sold by all druggists at fifty cent* a
box; six boxes $2.50; or sent, on receipt of price, by The Dodds Medicine
Co., Limited, Toronto.
-VM***--*. Windermere,
Taynton at Gordon Props.
��� ���
Oood accomodation for prospectors and
Freighters.   First-olass meals.
G. Erickson and family, formerly et
Field, are now settled at Cranbrook.
F. P. Norbury waa tendered a tare-
well dinner at Hanson's hotel at Win.
F. C. Lang takes over the books of
tha County Court for North East Kootonay on the ltith inst.
We nro informed that Sir. Neilson.
M. P. P. has been ill ut Montreal, suffering from attack of la grippe.
Mrs, Copclanal of Donald, died at the
Ooldtn Hospital ou Saturday, and the
remains wore taken Io Donald for
The sole of tickets in connect ion
with the skating nnd o.irling rink fortius season has been very satisfactory,
having so far realised about $.100.
A. L. McDermot, who has for some
time been in chnrgo of H. O, Parsou's
branch store at Fort Steele, has taken
a position in the Government office nt
Fort Steele.
The services at St. Peters Church,
Donald, cn Sunday aext, Jan. 8th,
will be: 11 a.m.Mattinsand Celebration of Ha ly Communion; 7:30 p.m.
Evensong aad sermon.
The Directors ot the Skating and
Curling Rink arc very anxious that
some more shares should be subscribed
in order to place tho concern ou a satisfactory financial busis.
It is reported that the Dominion
Government propose to build a wagon
road and telegraph line to the Yukon
at a cost of $5 BUO.COO, the road leaving the C.P.R. line at Ashcroft.
(.'. M. EJwnrd.-i is resigning th* position of mining recorder at Fert
Steele, and will tnko over Mr. Nor-
burr's ranch at Fish Lakes. Mr,
Nelson succeeds Mr, Edwards as mining recorder.
C. H. Parson, manager of the Upper
Columbia River Navigation Company,
left for Spokane on Thursday to attend
a meeting of the International Navigation Company and will return by the
end of next week.
1 he monthly meeting ��f the North
East Kootenay Miner's Association,
which should have been held ou Tuesday night, lapsed for want of a quorum.
A special meeting will be convened to
reduce the quorum, which is too Urge
at the present time.
T. McNaught has again taken over
the East Kootonay Miner newspaper,
W. tf, Neilson not having carried
out his proposals for the purchase
thereof. Mr. Noilson is a wise man ia
this respect aa the less he has to do with
a newspaper in Golden the better for
his finances.
The Province says: "George W.
Willis, a well-known mining man,
left town about a week ago and train
word that has been received from him
since it is believed that he will uot
return. A number of city busiaes*
men are his creditor* to a considerable
The Golden school opened on Tues-
dny morning, by order of the Education department. As the teacher, Mr.
Bates, had not returned from hia wedding trip, the chairman of Trustees,
Mr, Houston, placed Misses Kenny
and Houston in charge till tbe arrival
of Mr. Bates.
Whon you can not sleep for coughing tnkeChamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It always gives prompt relief. It is
most excellent for colds, too, as it aids
expectoration, relieves the lungs and
prevents any tendency toward pneumonia. For sale by all druggists. Langly & Co wholesale Agents Victoria and
At a meeting of the Directors of the
Goldeu Hospital, on Monday night, it
was decided to hold tho annual ball in
aid of the Hospital funds on the 20th
inst. Messrs Griffiith, Warren and
Robbins were appointed a sub commit-
tee to make the necessary arrangements.
This hall is the social event of the y��ar
and we have no doubt that every effort
will be made to secure success.
Mr. Elisha Berry, ot thi* place,
says he never had anything do him so
much good und give such quick relief
from rheumatism as Chamberlain's
Pain llnlin. He wns bothered greatly
with shooting pains from hip to knee
until he used this liniment, which affords prompt relief���B. F.Bakkr, druggist, St. Paris, Ohio. For sale by all
druggists, Langly and Co. Wholesale
Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
Last week a man named Weeks met
with a serious accident at Palliser,
though the accident happened in a
simple manner. A twig caught him
in tbe eye, nnd tor* it open. Th* unfortunate man wus removed to Golden
Hospital for treatment and Dr, Taylor,
after examining the nature of th* injury, advised the man that ther* wa*
little or no hope of aaving tbs injured
eye, and that beshould go to Winnipeg
for treatment and the probable removal
of th* eye.
Consequent on the removal of th*
Courthouse and gaol from Donald to
Golden, Sheriff Redgrave on Tuesday
received from the Attorney-General
notieo that his services would be dispensed with from Jany. 31st next.
Sheriff Redgrave has been some 80
year* in the service of the Province,
and no doubt other provision will ba
made for retaining his services. Although his duties have often been ot an
unpleasant character, Sheriff Redgrave
has always discharged them with uniform courtesy to those who have come
in contact with him in tho discharge of
hi* public duties.
The Provincial Legislature opened
at Victoria yesterdry.
Queen Victoria says she hopes to die
rather than see War between England
and Frauce. .   _        .
Col. Baker has returned from England and intended to be present at tbe
opening ot the Provincial Legislature
A freight train left th* track near
Femie last week aud Engineer Robin-
sen, Fireman Hogan, and Brakesman
Hum* were severely injured,
An action has beencomnenced in th*
Supreme Court against D. Stoddart,
ex-member of I he Legislature, fur $2<i0,-
U00, or $500 a day for sitting in th*
House for two sessions without being
Today was the coldest day of
the season, the thermometer at the
Government office registering 38
degrees below zero. On Wednesday it
registoreal 32 below zero, and on
Thursday 24 below.
It is believed that thn French Republic will shortly be in ih* throes of
another revolution, and several newspaper corretpondents state that th*
military authoritiea are preparing to
again place a descemlant of the house
of Napoleon on th* throne ot Franc*.
At a meeting of th* Kamloops Liberal Assocation, the following resolution was unanimously adopted. "That
we, is un association, express our entire approval ol the course of Mr
Bostock, M. P. in the House ot Com-
mnos and onr appreciation of his efforts
on behalf ot Liberalism in B. C., and we
further express confidence in his
triumphant return when he presents
himself for re-election."
Th*T*ronto Globe remarks: "Whil*
calling to mind, and never intending
to forget, what Canada has done for
its transcontinental road, wa have no
disposition to deny that the C. P. R.
bas acted much better than wasexpect-
and in a different spirit (rem what ha*
frequently been shown by great ..railway corporations in the United States,
The country is proud of it and is willing to give it every consideration which
could justly be claimed.
The first annual meeting of lhe shareholder! of the Golden Rink Company
Limited, was held at the rink
on Tuesday evening. The following
were present: Messrs. Warren, H. G.
Parson, C. H. Parson, Henderson,
Ullock, McNeish, Devlin, Plowright,
Haggen, Sample, Lang, Munson
and J. C. Greene. The following
officers and directors were elected for
the ensuing year: President, C. A.
Wnrren; Vice President, W. MoNeish;
Secy.-Treas., H. G. Parson. Board of
Directors: Messrs. Warren, McNeish.
H. G. Parson, Ullock, and. Henderson.
First Symptoms.
Banish the little Aches
and Pains that lead to
Serious Diseases.
Paine's Celery Compound is the
Iledlclne tnat  Gives  the
Surest and Best Results.
Physicians with the most extended
practice are well aware that ther* Is
nothing known to medical science
equal to Paine's Celery Compound, for
regulating the nervous system and
banishing disease.
Men and women naturally love life,
yet it is astonishing how careless and
indifferent they are about th* first
symptoms of grave troubles. The
sharp and piercing pains in joint* and
limbs, thos* ominous pain* ever th*
kidneys, thut debility, nervousness,
insomnia, ugly eruption* on the f*c*
and body���all ar* signal* and warnings of grave diseases and sufferings.
Paine's Celery Compound used promptly will speedily banish every dangerous symptom, keep the body and
nerves in perfect condition, and add
power to the mental faculties.
Tbe most sensible and rational way
ol getting rid of rheumatism and neuralgia; the true mode of building up the
shattered nervous system, is through
th* use of a nerve medicine and blood
regulator and cleanser like Paine'*
Celery Compound. When th* nerve
centres ar* made strong, and the tissues and vein* supplied With healthy
blood, rheumatism aud neuralgia must
quickly leavo the body.
Are you, dear reader, tired, dull,
nervoul, ill-gone, miserable, full of
despondency or irritable? It bo, use
Paine's Celery Compound without delay, aud enjoy true and vigorous Jit*.
Carelessness, delay and indiffennc*
will surely drag you down to greater
raUery and in:rea*ed peril.
Mrs. Lake
beg* to announce to the ladle*
of Golden thai ihe ha* begun
business as MILLINER in
the premises lately occupied
by J. McMillan, opposite G.
B. McDermot's store. Selected stock of the newest styles
Choice lot of Ladles Underclothing, Children'* olothing
A   "Splendid"  Outlook.
The Victoria Colonist aay*: "The
great attraction during the year for
prospectors was the Windermere district, where some very pretty copper,
silver ami lend has been found. Among
these properties is the Pretty Girl,
upon whioh Mr.Mitchell Innes has had
a tunnel of 200 feet driven nnd opened
out a body of nice ore. A shipment of
galena very high in silver was made
by steamer from the Delphine, but
owing to low water the steamer
grounded and th* ore is now on the
bank awaiting spring navigation opening. All over the district there are
numerous prospect* staked out aud in
the neighborhood oE Uolden ar* some
fin* copper properties, while Major
Clohecy has a number of men developing properties twelva miles from Bear
Creek. Taking everything into account th* outlook for East Kootenay
for the coining season may be well
summed up in ths on* expressive
Narrow Escape of Post Office.
On Thursday, shortly nfter no��n C.
A. Warren, who wa* confined to his
bed suffering from a severe cold, heard
a crackling sound, and got up to investigate. He found th* wall and roof
ot th* (tore ever the postal room on fir*
and gave the alarm. Willing hands
were soon at work and th* fire was extinguished before muoh harm wa* done.
Some of the stock waa Injured by water
and the root ot the building torn about.
The building is uninsured but thaitock
is insured with H. G. Parson lu Atlas
Company for f 1500. in the Phoenix for
$500, and also in the Queen's Insurance
Co. The Postal room and mail matter
were net injured jn.any way. Th*
fire orginaud from the stove in the
"mail room having become burned
through and firing the wall through
the cine protection.
Two "aV.tldln*. Oclobrated,
On Saturday night, at the residence
of Mr. Joseph Lake, Golden, tbe marriage was celebrated of Mr. Joseph
Skinner, of the staff of the C. P.R., at
Donald, with Ml** Florence Maud
Evan*, of Revelstoke. Th* Rev. Mr.
Wright performed the cermony.
On Wednesday, the service* of th*
Rev. Mr. Wright wore again sailed
Into requisition, when the marriage
wa* celebrated by him ol Mr. Wellington Kinnte of Windermere, to
Mia* Maria N*wton, who hail*
from     Ontario. The      ceremony
was performed at the Columbia House,
and a number of friend* of the brid*
groom were present.
We wish the newly wedded couples
happy and prosperous lives.
On Saturday evoning a rink of local
curlers crossed brooms in a friendly
gam* with representatives from Revelstoke, and winning by 7 points. Th*
following were the player*:
Revelstoke-Grilfith, Hearn, Henderson, Brown, skip���11.
Golden���Hughes, Ullock, Rae, McNeish, sklp-18,
A 18 paint competition hu been arranged for a pair of pant* donated by
Moore k Mowat, merchant tailor*, of
Brockville, Ont.
Tbe Umpire ha* fixed the 17th imt.
as the date for playing tor the district
medal at points.
On Thursday night in th* Bryon k
Lee competition, Ullock defeated Par-
ion after an exciting game 10 to 9.
Thero will be two game* to-night in
thia competition���Parson vt. Rae, and
Warren vs, Henderson.
A Harrow Escape.
Thankful word* written by Mi* Ada
E. Halt, of Groton, S. D. "Wa*
taken with a bad cold which settled
on ay lung*; cough Mt in tnd finally
terminated in Consumption. Four
Doctor* g��v* m* np, saying I could
liv* bat a ��hort tlm*. I gav* my**lf
���p to my Baylor, determined if I could
net stay with ay fri*nd* on earth, I
wouW mtet my absent one* tbor*. My
husband was advlssd to get Dr. King's
K*w Discovery (or Consumption
Coughs and Colds." I gar* it a trial,
took in all sight bottle*. It ha* cured
me, and thank God, I am saved and
���ow a wsll and healthy woman." Sold
by til druggists. 60 cts. and 11.00.
Guaranteed or prloe refunded.       1
Advertise in
A Thrilling Experience.
A Story told by a Well-Known
Salvation Army Captain,
Bt. Body Bucked from Head to Pool
with Hlieuin-aatlvuiial Neuralgic puis.
���Wonld prefer Death to Undergoing
Sooll hufforlna Agaata.
From The Post, Lindsay, Out.
It is the lot of bnt a limited number
number of people to enjoy the confidence of such an exceedingly large circle of friends and comrade* as does
Capt. John A. Brokenshire, who was
recently interviewed by a Post reporter
at.the home of his parents at Rosedale
a pretty hamlet situated at the head of
Balsam river in Victoria county,when
the elder Mr, Brokenshire, who has
reached the three score years and ten,
has held the position of lockmaster for
the past twenty-two year*. Capt.
Brokenshire.tho subject ot this article,
is 34 years of aga, it well-known and
highly respected throughout many of
the leading citie* and towna of Ontario, when, duuing hia seven year*
t*rvloe in Salvation Army work h* hu
tome in contact with a large number
of paopl*. He ha* bean stationed at
Toronto, Montreal, Peterboro. Ottawa,
Morrisburg tnd minor placet, and at
on* time wa* a member ot a travelling
S. A. string band. The following 1*
Capt. Brokenshlre's own statement :���
"I had been *lightly troubled with
rheumatic pain* for teveral year*, and
had to give up the Army work ou different occasions on account of my
trouble, When stationed in Morrisburg, four years ago, I became completely unfitted for work, at I suffered
terribly with pains in the back ot iny
neck, down my shoulders and arms
and through my body. In fact I had
paint of a stinging muscular nature
from tha back of my head to my toes.
I could not bend ray head forward if I
got tb* whole of Canada to do so, and
when in bed the only rest I got was
with t large pillow under my shoulder, thu* letting my head hang backward*. I oould not gat np, but had to
roll or twist myself out of bed, a* my
���pin* teemed to be affected. My medical adviaer pronounced my trouble
nauralgia and rheumatism combined,
which he laid had gone through my
whole ayatem. He prescribed for me,
but the mtdiciue gave me no relief. I
tried various other remedies but tbey
were of uo avail. Believing my case
lo be hopeless I determined to Start for
ray homo in Resedale, but the jarring
of the train caused such terrible agony
I was compelled to abandon the trip at
Peterboro, where I was laid up for
three weekt, when I finally made a
herculean effort aud reached home,
A* my mother says, "I looked Ilk* an
old man of 90 years of age when the
saw me struggling with th* aid of
two heavy cane* to walk from th*
can-lag* to the house." At home I
received every possible attention aud
all th* treatment* that kind friend*
���uggested, but I wa* constantly going
fi om bad to worss. In January, 1896,
after many month* of untold agony, I
determined to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, having read so much in ths
newspapers of tha great benefits received by other* from their ute. To make
sure of getting the genuii.a article I
Boot direct to the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., at Brockville, for th* pills.
After taking two boxea I noticed au
improvement iu my condition which
gav* ma some encouragement and I
kept on until I had'taken twelve boxes,
although before I got through with
th* sixth I could go to bod and enjoy a
good night's rost such as I had not
done for years, I never at any time
enjoyed better health than I am doing
at present. Since my recovery I have
induced several friends to take Pink
Pills tor various troubles and in each
case tbey have effected cures.
Th* above Is t voluntary and comet
���tatement of th* facts of my cast and I
trutt that many others may by reading this, receive ths blessing tbat I
hau*. If necessary I would make an
affidavit to the above facts tt any tims.
the Coming Railway City of th*
Rooky Hountalna.
A writer in ths Kamloops Sentinel
thu* describee Field: "At Pi*ld,
reached about 5 o'clock in jhe afternoon, and where dinner I* served to
eastbou'nd passengers, th* C. P. R.
Hotel rests on a tiny plateau overshadowed by tbe gaunt orags of
Mount Stephen, that rise to t height
of nearly 14,000 feet in perpendicular
ridges unrelieved by onescrap of verdure
At this point then is to be seen t thing
of great scientific interest, though on*
little known to the civilized world, tnd
curiously enough, uncommented on in
any of the guide-books that fall into
my hands, namely, fome exceedingly
wonderful fossil bed*, rich enongb tnd
rare enough to fir* the most attld
scientist with enthuaiaam. Th*t*
geologic feature*, and t moat curiou*
natural bridge, ar* th* only attractions
offered to ths tonrlst tt Field, witb,
perhaps, th* addition of t f*w good
days' fishing at Emsrald lak*."
Garden ai}d Farq
The Coldeq Era.
$2.75 for One Year.
Treabl.amoB* Columbia Mirer Lam-
k*r Company'* Employ....
Th* men am ployed in McLaughlin'*
camp, one of the Columbia River Lumber Co.'e camp*, hav* struck work tnd
have com* into town. It appear* that H
.McLaughlin, who ia one ot 'ths bait
campforemen in the country wi* recently discharged, and t mtn named Burn*
wa* tent from Peacock's oamp to lak*
his place. The men objected to this
and held t meeting tt which they decided to insist either that McLaughlin
���hould be re-instated a* foreman ot th*
camp, or that one of th* men employed
in the camp (bould bt promoted to th*
position of ioramao. Tbe difficulty
has not b**n adjusted tnd tb* mta *i��
(till out on atrike.
Builder and Contractor,
-  r- -   -  Golden, B. O.
A ��upply of Building  Lima
-  I      For Sale.
Plan* prepared.   Prompt attention given, toorder*. 28to
Pacific H\Y
If you intend spending th��
winter in a
Write or call for particulars of rates*
routes, etc., to
Hawaiian Islands*
Bermuda, and
West India Islands,
Or the
Old Country.
���a��� ��� ���,
Reduced Rate
Excursion lickets.
Apply to the nearest Canadian ft-
cifio Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Mtntgtr,
Winnipeg, Mta.
tell Ticket Agent, Goldtt
lilWBES CO., liT'D,
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    ,    CONTRACTORS TO THE C.P-:!.
AND THE     . ���[
Will ba supplied to nsw subscribers      1
One Tear For $2.50.
Golden Era Co. Ltd. Ly.,
Golden, B.C.
Oolden and Beaver, B. O.
���!���'������ >;-������**.<..,,
,v-#e*v ���


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