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The Golden Era Dec 17, 1897

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Array The Goldeu Era
Is tks most widely circulilid aad
but idvirtiilng medium in But
Kootenay. Tbis is ths piper i hat-
Is nad by tht minim, tbt rancbtrt,
tbs railroader! and lumbermen.
Subscription, 92.00 per Annum
In Advance	
Want  a T>_jevv_���_.*;_���.
Drop ut a pott cord ind we'll nod yuu a
Utile boo���Wl ���-.riling the tiuui Liii���a _*
tliiue oa ihu iu_-et u_i.*-, v-S.t
Tiie Umpire.
YUiU.    Writing ��� AbtoluU-ly   ferniau-.t
.1 li ju���eM-' Uui-Liin: y.
I!��.h I'rlee, gaOl Tin. l*irl**i, ITS.
TIlOMN-lN HilOi, llool.'-wru, �� ulgin 1.
 '��i -_iiic
VOL. VII. KI). -0.
$2 Fer Year
General $ merchant,
Our Stock for tie
Coming Winter is How
Complete in all Lines!
...... Soaoeao..
Fur Coats, Fur Caps, Fur
Gloves and Mitts, Sleigh
Robes, Rugs and Blankets, Felt Shoes, Over
shoes and Lumbermen's
Rubbers, German Socks,
other Socks and Warm
Wool Underclothes.
...ooaooooe svstTo
Please see what We can
do for You before trying Elsewhere.
. . Agent For . .
Phonix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+  +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+  +
Tha Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
+  +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
Som. Masnlfleant OI.pla-ior8.atoa*
abt. Oood...A larg. Trait, bains
Don. by Loci Merchant..
Tht merchanta of Oolden are alwayt
to thi ton ind the attraction! for the
feitive teaton of Ghriitmaitlde an
h. a. r aiion'i stosb.
At H. 0, Paraon'i siore then li i
fini dlipliy of Japanete goods, teasets,
eupi and tiueen, etrd buketi, ink-
itindi, glove ind kerchief bosei,
colored photographt, napkin rings,
flower poti, triyi, brackets, licquer
ciblnets, and a hoit of thou other
pretty' thing! in the production of
which the Oriental! cannot he excelled.
For the children then ire loyi of ill
���ortl, manic lanternt, pistols, steam
enginei, air guns, Noah'i arkl, toy!
dolls, drumi, truinpeti. Amona holiday luppliei for the elder folki are
Japanese fancy standi and tablet,
mirron of bevelled glass with aluminum frimet. Japanete ohalrand mantle
trnyi and silks. The culinary want*
of tho holiday a ason ire well supplied
in the ihipe of Christmas groceries
oonsiitjng of fruits of ill torn, feels,
nuti, riiiina, Ae.
The firm hni alio an excellent itock
of fvr noodi. coatt, hats, capa, glove*
and mill. The range of dry goodi it
very* Urge. Including dmi goodi.
tweedi. ihirtlngi, undirclothing and
hosier*-, of which there it a complete
sisortment. ind tht quality it good
We in glid to iee 3, A. Paraon bark
in hia old place in chargo of thit
A shipment hat just been receiver!
of tingle and double harness ind other
The firm anticipate! a good Christ-
mat at business ii reported brisk ind
very satifactory.
a. a. -cd-rhot'i stosb.
On entering thit ettahliihment tbe
firit thing thit itrikee the visitor it
whether ths proprietor hss turned
author ss well ss merchant, for all
around an dainty volume! of "The
Sweeu of lite, Vol. I. by 0. B. Mc-.
Dermot." On examination, however,
thit prove, to be, not loine blood curd
ling itory of a hunting expedition, but
a packet filled wilh cream sweets
which thould delight tht children for
whom the-volnmei are intended at
Chrittmii bnxei. Vol. II. il promised
for next Chrlitmai. Ths tables an
piled with toys and article! irritable
for leiionable gifts. A epeuialiy bu
bnn made of mechanical tort ind
these include pigi playing on
hirpt Snd rabbin besting drums,
onnnibsls eating isllori ind nilon
citing iiuiagei, cat! eiring ritt,
railway trains, witehn. Thtn in
dolls from b centt to $7, mialc
linterni, albums from tl to IIO
glove, tis snd kerchief boxei
mntioil hoiei, toilet citei. writing
desks, plated wire complete curlin-.'
rinki for 14. Tho e who want lar---
familiea can bsvs tbem cheaply, bahitt
In baikoti tiling furniihed for 2ft
cents ind twini ran bt hid for 7ft
cento. Then it alto t large rings
of ptrtnmei snd toilet loapi prettily
got up, Chrlitmai card* and booklet*.
Several hundred boxei of aasorted con
fectioniry in being pieked.
The Chrlitmai ham|er may be
replenished with ducki, chickens,
geese, 'finnan baddiei, jimi, jellies.
sauces, creamery butter and cheese,
apples, orangri. lemons, nuti, dtneri
raiaini and other fruits.
The clothing department it will
supplied with a Itock of lint quality.
Thi upstairs department of the. ntw
warehouse It will filled with robber
goodi. inowilioc!. inocrasini. blankets
and ftlt footware. Oood tlocki of
saddlery, harness, furniture ind tin-
wan on alio kept.
hu a nice display of toilet, glove, tie
snd kerchief boxes,- minicnrlng and
shaving sets, celluloid gtodt In plush.
Tht ohlldren's interests ire represented
in s good stock of toys, dolls, picture
books, tea sits, drumi Ae, Gentlemen
will find a large issortmtnt of Chrltt
mil tits with which' to improve their
holiday girh.- Othw attractive features
ot Ibt Christmii ttoek in albums,
pretty photo frames ot ilnmlnum,
mantle drapes, plated ware and jewelry.
hoi s nice itock ot ladies tnd sent!
rings, studs, pins, slberts, witches
���nd clocks.
have made irrahaiminli ftr getting
In a full itock of fruit ->f all torn,
consisting of rpplst, orsagtt, ltmont
snd gripes. Tney will alto hut k
tholes il on ment ot sweets, and s
full supply of oviters. The firm will
provide for tbs. luxuries of the Christ-
moa table in the wav of plum, pud-
dints, mince meat pin, snd Chrittmii
mil.- stos.
hsvs irnngsd to provide for thtir
customers a choice lot ot beet snd
mi.t'O", sannxn. turkeys end gmt
snd ''sh In ths skips of tslmon snd
" Un ���r.nlkmea or IsdUt la Irani for
" Un assUs-nose* fadlw
���Msoailbli, w.ablUlM.1 boat,
arable. Monthly MVnll tad n
-Ion tteady.  Ktferenct. End
Is Britiah Cot-
 ,  expenset,  Foil*
..I tteady. Deference. Gnrlote aeffaddrM-
ted ttaraped nnlepi. Tbe Dominion Com-
paiy, Dipt. T Cbkife. Klapn
It ii reported that the Oooderhams
ure buyiug the Trail smelt, r,
0. B. MoDwraot hai recorded the
B 4 claim on Spilliinieblni mountain.
Silver hai fallen to bo cents is the
remit of the bean on tho itock
Several deals ire proceeding in connection with claimi in this district at
thi present time.
Notice li given In the Gazette of
of the survey of the Clipper, Ellmi D.
and Buckskin claimt.
The miners at Dawson City hav-.
drawn up a petition to the Dominion
Oovernment protesting against the 20
per cent royalty and the reservation
of alternate claimt.
The B. C. Mining Critic, published
at Vancouver, has recently had some
able articles exposing some of the
more -shady" flotations in London
of B. C. mining properties.
The North-Bait Kootenay Miner's
Association recently formed at Oolden
ii receiving support even from Revelstoke. Mr, Spragge, the well known
solicitor, having joined the roll ol
Hon. Geo. E. Foster hai purchased
two additional claim! in thi Dibble
group, and now own! nearly ill th
claims tint surround Dibble's original
location. Next spring a large fore
ot meu will be put on.
The Wan group of claim*, on
Waia Creek, owned by William
Thompson, William Haupt, Pet.
Besendala and Brie Sundran. hai bee,
bonded to Henry Croft, of Victoria fnr
ISO.OCO, cash at tht end ol 60 dayi.
Cipt. Armstrong has transferre>*
��� he Bobtail claim on Spillimachenr
mountain, to Tom Jones and he ir
turn bonded it to H Crofi, of Victoria,
for $1,000. G. B McDermot ht.
alio bonded to H. Croft the B 4 clain
in the same locality.
J. Henderson, who is largely
interested In the Burnt Basin, hat
l~een at work on the claim in which In
ia interested on Wild Horse Creek,
near Nelson, and roporti that it it
looking well. The ore ia a quart*
���arrying gold, iron and galena.
Shares in tht great Anaconda cop*
oer miii* have fallen in London from
���SB to tii on account, of the falling off
i i the o'.tput of the mine.       The
Engineering and Mining  Journal of
New Tork, had an able critic sin o
tbli property aome   months  ago,   i'
which it wai pointed out that no ll
lowance hnd been madi for the depre
preeittion of tht mine.
Tht Rritlth America Company is
'einir floated In Loudon with a capita
of J7.iir"0.000. The corporation ha.
���mured the famous Le Roi and Jo��i<
mines, ss well at light other wel1
known Bosilind mines ind Nelsoi
ropeitin. It also lecnres ai a goim
concern the Al ska Commercial
'omptny wiih thi townsite it Daw
on City and olaimi on the Bontta.
El Doradi, Bear and other Klondike
Tht lead furnace tt the Hall M'nei
Smelter it nrarly completed ind wu
nrobihly be blown in shortly sflei
January 15. Some at the lead ores sn
now being roasted end made nad.
fnr the fur see. Tht Company if
now endeavoring to make contract,
'or a steady supply of lead ores and il
thia haa not bran dono hv the time th
furnace ia blown in, only s ahnrt r��-
will be made wilh tbs ore bow Id
Ths Canadian Mining Engineer tiyt:
��� Tht many friendt of Mr. William
Blaklmore, M. E.. for several years
prominently identified with tbe open-
ins up tnd n equipment cf ihe virion'
lolliiriet In Cape Breion of theDomiii
ion Coal Co., will be pleated lo loan-
ol hli ippoimnent 10 Iho position ���>'
-letters! manager ot tht Crow't Neil
Coil Co. Ltd., whole valuable coal
trial In ibe East Kootenav district of
Hritish Columbia wt referred to in oui
last number. These coalfields an to
be opened nn immediately, and wiih a
view to purchning a plant for their
equipment, Mr. Blikemois tailed tor
Scotland, lilth initial. He go*1 est
to Eatt Kooteniy again early la tb.
new ynr.
News in Brier
Mother of Preiideut McKinley is
French expedition up Nilemaisacred
Only iwo escaped.
Bank collector murdered in France
and hia body burned
Jewith qusneri in Bucharitt robbed by mob of 20, COO.
Amirican    ichooner    wricked
Steveiton in heavy gale.
Pitition aigned fnr commutation of
death on Mrs. Sternaman.
Indian committer! at Edmonton
for murder of wife while drunk.
- Cuban Insurgent! , threatening
Havana and big haltlt. expected.
Reported that British troop ship.
Avoca. lost at iee with all hands.
United Statea threaten to lettle
-.ealinit question by destroying Belt-
ring sea herd.
A woman had her acalp torn off
hv a loom in Brodie's woolen mills,
Hes|ieler, Ont.
Indian killed his wife near Portage
la Pmirie hy twisting her head till he
broke hur neck.
Bill to incorporate Mormons passed
at Renin:, and many think this moans
extension of polygamy.
Wnr Offlce issued order! for sharpen-
intr of all sword bavnnata in possession
of regular troops in Ireland.
Immigration buildings at Ell's
Island were burned lo rob railway ef
$10,000,000 ot railway tickets.
At St. Tliomin one man killed and
another seriously injured by tost,
running into carriage driven hv them.
,fi-'i".ni Our 0,va Curreir*u_lei.t.J
Sw.iXM5.-i. E. K , D.-cuiulw,- 10.
We are enjoying delightful ivlnt.'-
weathi-i- with scarcely sno.v euoiiglt
for sleighing. There is good skat in <
ou lhe -iiiii.il lakes. Moyie Lake liu*
not been Iced over thisseasou. E.*r> -
thing is buslle in this locality.
We ure uow only tt tiny niiii a hallV
drive l.y u good wasoii road from
Bonner's Ferry, Ilaho, aii-1 llie satim-
from Ooal lliver Landing, on Koote-
ntiy I.nkii. A party leaving hare uu-
.Monday morning can be in Vancouver
on Wednesday evening at (i o'clock.
Drive from here to Bonner's Kerry.
Tuke Ol-eat Northern al that point,,
and reach Snohomish Wednesday
morninc; change cars . Iuto and proceed lo International boundary line at
Stunts, thence on to Vancouver reaching there tlie same evenimr at nix.
Formerly we had to go io Fort Steel..,
then lake atugo to Uolden���a trip of
several day a-and tueu train to the
The C. N. Railway Co.  are gening
O .at Matte offer.
Send us the names and addresses of
three or more performers on the piano
or organ together with ten cent! ii
silver or postai-a and we will mail yon
���en pieces full sheet music, consisting
of popular tongi, waltzes, marches,
���tc, arranged for the piuno and organ.
233 Indianapolii, Ind.
At ths renting ot the Survsyors
Assbcittion it Nelson tht sttsmnt of
���he Land snd Works Department it
in -itting npon tht tying of ill surveys
of mineral claims to mineral monu-
ininti wat idvtrstly commented upon.
The genirsl opinion ot thS lurvo-on
was that the Oovernment wis working a hardship upon ths owners ot
mineral claims in insiiting upon' tInlying ot smviyt to prennt widely
dlitint monumente. In tbit province the system wai adopted chiefly
for the purpose of pro7iding work for
���urrtyon inched to ths department
lor a lesson. The opinion ot th.
majority ot tht mrveyori wss thst it
thi Government It determined to sdopt
the system ot lying to monuments,
It thonld put In a sufficient number ��� of
tnonnmsnts to tkst cnmpllsnce with
ths regulations wonld not work s
hardship upon tbs ownen ot mineral
There his been great demind for
* carload of rlaighs which arrived to
the order of H. O. Parson, hut then are
.rill n few pairs left for those requir
mr them. Mr. Parson filled orders
nr ihese aleighi ul far ai Retelaioke.
The Winn'peg Nor Wetter. Cnn-
servative ssya thst tht school que��-
I jn ia d.-r..i and ihat any attempt io
i-esnrn-ct it will re��uli in disaster. If
he question is re opened tbe nest
'a.illature will have a mandate from
the people ro re-eppeal from the con
ression already ma e for the like of
���eace at a sacrifice of principly.
down to bushiest, Mi- J. I'rown
clearii-ir rieht-of way from this point
north to Craubrook, Mr. Cowsn is
erection his camps at tlm tunnel, Mr
Coning having the contract :o complete tbii work. VV, F.. Cranston, I'.
F... i- building his quarters, otfu-a en-,
near Moyie City. The lumlier fur ihe
same it being supplied hy ti.e Swansea- tlat is the C. N L & D. Co.'s
mill ���at this point, and is being hauled b.v teams to the .iie This morning
thn-e Mim ��� left with .iOOl) teat.
M. 0. Bunyan leave! on Monday
for Nelson. H* will take through io
Goal River about len of the ���-onipsny'l
tcania to land supplies for ibis   point.
A tie camti has lart-n sturicd here
���vi'liln tin. last week.
Mr. Ol.nieuning. tl.o 8i perinr ndent
for this point of lailway, una bvre a
faw da.a e.--o, and is busy laving out
camps and plamiiuu 16 rush the heavy
rock work along tlio lake. It is reported here that 0, E Perry,MI C E.,
will lie division engihear betu.��n tbis
pi ini anil Kootenay Lake. No alil.-r
enitinrer can I* ftund iu Bri!ist. Columbia for lite posilion.
Mr. McLeod, assistant tn Mr Lumsden. ctigitieer iu chief, went t-asi 10
Cro.v'a Nest Lake Its! Wednesday,
having reinaine-l here over -.iglu. He
is s hard worked ni.cial.
��� All tbe \v:'- rn- n la lions to conusct
this point with Fort Srecle is now ly-
mil it Ooal it, er reauy fur aliii-m* t
lo ti ii point, u-lter-* .���ni.ste e'ron ..-ill
coi.iu.euc-*. We will not bs' in touch
with the outside wuild by the new
year, hut hoiu- to Iv very siioi-try
afto -aria Wheu n are we will
send he Era a message, -  -
We expect a visit fr.nn the Rev.
Father Walsh lien Sunday. Ho will
bold ier. ice here un that day.
Bound for the
But before I can go. must dispose of my
large stock of Boots and Shoes. Gents Furnishings and Clothing. These I will sell
at rock bottom prices, for Cash, the next
thirty days. Do not miss this chance of
cheap goods.
The Kootenay Valleys CO.
B. C. llraneh Offices*   Xelson and VI. Steele.
I- �� M
T. O. PROCTER,  - -General Manager.
ROSS ft HERMACHER, Fort Steele Agents.
Cerre.pond.ue. Holle*lt*>l.
Farm Lands in proximity to the Crow's Nest. Pass R. It,
in East Kootenay, within easy roach of tho best market
on earth for Stock and Farm Produce; being the na*
tural supply point for the mines of East and West Kootenay. You can purchase any amount you wish, from
twenty acres upwards. Stock Ranches up to .r>,0(J0 acres.
Five years time and easy payments to bona fide settlers.
Prices Range From M40 to taSQO Per Aw.
Townsite properties are now being laid off.   Keep ronr
eyes on Elk River Crossing and Crow's Nest Landing. r
���j    1
- golden -
$ <$$$
OUR   Stores,  Cellars  and
Warehoutee are fairly crammed
with   NEW   O00DS   from
iloori to ceilings.
Trade has been so good with
ui tht! last summer that we felt
justified iu buying heavily for
our Fall, Xmas and Winter
Trade. Every train from both
east ind west il discharging
freight for our stores.
Fresh mild-cured Hams and
Bacon, Creamery and Dairy Butter, Freeh Egge. Cream Cheese,
Ficlory Cheese and Holland
Cheese, Finnan Haddies and
Cranberries received this week.
A big lot of .Eastern Poultry
now on the road.
One Ton of this season's Pure
Honey,  which we are selling at
15c per lb.
Footwear,   Rubbers,   Over-
shoes, Shoe Packs and Moccasins,
Gloves  and  Mitts  in gnit
Remember we are the agents
tor Health   Brand   Underwear.
Don't go around shivering iu
your shoes when yon can buy
a suit of Health Underwear
and be ai warm at toast.
We are now unpacking Ten
Cases of
Xmas  Goods
imported direct from Germany
and England. SA.N'TA CLAUS
hu never been io good to ui
ii thli yeir. You cm mike
the little onei happy thii
Xmas at a very small cost by
purchising from us.
In Ready-Made Clothing we
���Beit the Band." Our Dollar
Heavy Wool Pant I are ai good
ii ire usually sold for 12.00.
Careful buyers are showing
���heir good judgment by purchasing at our stores. We
an crowded every week diy
ind mve no reason to complain ibout dull timei.
Come and see us.   We will
be   pleaaed   to   help   mike  your
Xmai a merry one.
Geo. B. McDermot*
General merchant.
To A_v.rtrla.rs and Sabterlbert.
The UOLDEN F.UA .1 nubliihed even-
Friday evening. It it the best advertising
medium in the Eatt Kootenay diitrict  ��__
Subscription Kale. : tt 00 per amnVI
Alteration- and chinget cf standing adver*
litementa must be in tlie office not later than
noon on Wednesday to entnre insertion, bat
ciiuaI advert ten-eats will be received up till
noon an Friday,
While oil reasonable care will be taken, the
proprietor! will not be retpoutible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
All accountt to be paid to the Managing
Director, or hit authorised agent, from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates: Ditplty ads., 11.50ptr
column inch; Leg 1 ads., 10 centt per line
for firs! insertion, 6 centt for each additiouid
insertion: Holding aoticet, 12 centt per line
each issue.
All butinet! communications should be id
dratted to the -Managing Director, and ill
literary communications, letiera for publication or newt items tbould be addressed to the
Correspondence It invited en mitten ef
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In tbe cite oi
isonyinout lettert the nami ind addrest of
the writer must lie enclosed, not for publication, bnt for the private information of the
���.liiur and ma guarantee of good faith. Any
letter received later than Weduttdiy will
have to ttand over till the following iitu..
Tie Eoldes Era Conpaoi Lfnitei Liibllitf.
Orrics, Oolden, B. C.	
OThs ololl-irn tftva
(Edited by E. A. HAOOEM.)
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood Saddle Horses md
Rigi of ill kindi for
Hin it Reasonable Rates.
Turning ot ill kindi i specialty.
+ X + X +
Hamilton & Skelton,
GOLDEN, B. C.        131te
The McMurdo House,
carbonate landing,
east kootenay,
Chas. Cartwrioht, Proprietor.
Walter Moberly, C. E., one ol ths
best known Dominion engineer!,
hu juit publiihtd s. brochure
entitled "Eight routes to the Klondike." While he doee not expressly
mention the route from Golden ht
tikes thit from Revelstoke to Ctnot
River. Considering thst ths routs hs
hiruiell chose, snd along whieh ht
mtdt tht celebrated Moberly Trill,
rum from Golden to Cinos Rivsr It ii
rather lingular that ht thould bsvs
ommittsd thit portion of ths nuts.
As the section omitted, however,
ii only 80 miles, and covin ground
whieh everybody knowt, ill omitiion
does not matter mueb. Mr. Moberly
says of this route by Canoe River and
Tett Jaune Cache, which it practically
lhl same ai tht rontt ws bavt all
along been advocating along thi
Columbia Valley:        ..
���The following description is writ-
tin with tht intention of thowlng
how tht prospector miy mike hie
wty through thi Great Mineral b It ot
British Columbia ind tht Pelly-Yukon.
'It ll not claimed that then
It it present sny practicable route
of travel through tbe country hers
described to the Klondike, but there is
undoubtedly a route to bs made at
comparatively small cost for pick
horsei ind over whioh a riilwiy
eonld bs conitructed which would
run through thi gold belt sll ths wsy.
It ii prohibit tbit miny prospector!
who htvt studied thi gold country ot
tht West tnd who in heading for tbt
Klondikt will look to this routs which
offtn tbs but chance for rich ditcovtr-
itt tn route.
���'Between the junction of tbt Findlay and Ptace Riven ind Klondikt ita
vast txttnt of thii mineral belt, about
900 miles in length, that lias not as
yet been prospected tnd tor tbon going to Klondikt with pick inimils
thit unexplored portion of minenl
belt oSen i tlm Slid for prospecting,
The princi al difficulty tbey will hive
to contend with will be the want of a
trail for peek animals beyond tbs
Omenica Rlvsr, thsi is if they stsrt
horn sny point along ths Cariboo
wsgon rosd.
'���For parties itirting from Edmonton, if thev go by ths Ysllow Head
Pan tp Tete Jeune Ciche, on tbe
Fraser River, they will not find much
difficulty between thesttwopolnts.adis-
tinos of ibout 300 miles,ss a g *od pack
trail wai opened over this lim in fir
during tin surveys for the C. P. R. in
1872-8,   and a good  trail   was alto	
opened from Kimloops to Tets Jeune I junction of lbs Lswls
C.P.R, had to ccntertd with slther in
the Rocky or Selkirk ranges. Tbs
great point to keep In view ii tbat tbt
rontt of thit Nor tk western thoroughfare thould keep in sad through ths
mineral bslt and not deviate from ths'
leessedVii-cated on ths accompanying
mip. From ths forks ot ths Findlay
ind Peace the route would bt Ovtr a
practically umxplored country to
Frincit Lake, bnt It it not believed
thit then wonld be iny great. difficul*
tin to encounter.   .
������From tbt mouth ol tht Dtiti to
Pelly Piver wn explored by Prof.
Dawson, director ol the geological survey of Canada in 1887. Ths distsncs
fnm tht beginning of tbs portige from
Fnncii Lake to tht Polly It about 110
milei. Thit wat midi by esnos and
ths nsvigstion is not quits ss difficult
ss In ths psrt of ths Lisrd from Disss
Rlvsr down. Ths disuses Irom
Frsncis Lake to Pelly Rlvtr it about
60 milts. Tbs grtattr part of tbit
esn bt mads in canoes np Findlsyson
Creik io tht Itkt ot tht isms nsms
snd down Campbell Crstk Ths
divlds crossed in thli distance it lotas-
wbtt mountainous, but "no vtry high
lummitt win utn, tht titrations bslng sis ruls reunited md regular la
outline, and forming broad, plstssn-
liks srsas." Thi olimats beeomn
lies moist si Fnneii Lakt It lift, and
dry, gravelly terraced fiats sn not uncommon.
"Grassy swamps sn fonnd in s
number of places, ind i good growth
of grail ll alto nnt when tnat bsvs
bnn dsnudsd of forms by tueceislvi
flm, so thst should it svsr become
deiirablt to un home on thii poriigi
thty might bt maintained without
������P. C. Bambrun. ot Battleford, wn
Hudion Biy officer in chirge of Fnneii Likt and Pelly Binki pott a nnm
ber of ytan ago. Ht tayi ths oh 1st
difficulty In ths wiy of a pick trill
would bs ths hssvy timber along ths
Nelton and lower part of ths Lisrd.
Ths country is rugged but ths ground
ii solid with vsry fiw muskegs. There
is plenty of grass slung tht rouit, but
being different from thit of the prairie,
home and to the pnirit grin will
not do at will on it, Horiet native
to thtt country, would winter out on
the Liard, but horiet tikrn through
from the plaint would htvt to bt fid
biy. Hortat tiksn fnm tht pltim
could winttr will on ths Pun Rivsr
prsirin, Plsnty of luy cin bt cut
it the lite ol Fori Hilkett ind it
Fnncii Like. Domestic cattle were
kipt it Hit former pott by tht Hudion
Biy Compiny. The mow it never
very dnp st Fort Hslkstt ss tbe
Chinook reschn there in ths wintsr
time. At Fnncii Like winter lists
from November tilth to May lit.
Wild fowl come about May loth. It
ii no coldtr in winttr it Htlkttt or
Fnncii Lakt thin st Edmonton, bnt
scroti tin dlvids. on ths Pelly it ii
much colder.
"Prof. Dawson mintiom thst in the
vicinity of Fnncii Lakt wild roan
in bloom win abundant in June. The
tomt growth reieinblei that ol.
intsiior British Columbia. Although
ths weather wu showsry whsn hs
wss thsn hs considered that neither
the snow nor ninfsll wss very great.
The elevation of Fnncis Lake ahovi
the sss is 2,577 Int. Ths blight ol
ths wstsrshsd hit ween tht wstsn of
ths Lisrd and Pelly it 8,160 Int.
"Prof. Dawton rssohed Pelly River
on July 89th, 1897. Tht elevation
above tht sss at this point wss lonnn
to bt 2,966 Int. Tbt river it 327 feet
wide witb s middle depth st tbst dsir
of Mvsn Int. .The protestor btlitvn
it to bs navigable for iteimboiti at
that point and for a considerable distance further np ibe like in whieh it
hsads. In going down hs found it
for   steamboat
roots with unquestionable sdvsntsgsi,
snd slong Its entin length sn Inducs-
ments to ' ths snterprlilng ainir to
mrch for mineral witb every hope of
miking valuable diicoviriii.
Good accommodation tor Miners.
Best Brandt ot Liquors Kept.
Ssddls or Psck Hortet for 8ili or Hin
Thomas Lee
Hu Opined i
Is Gibus*! buiJdisg, opposite tin Potto-ci.
Cabbage and Celery for sale.
MmIi u-rvtd it ill houn.   Tobacco,
Cigsn snd Refrashmonts.   911st
Dn.ni asses of nervousdebllily. Lott
_.CailB. vigor md Sailing Minhoodi
mtorM tin weakness of body or mind caused
Itf AltVA       NERVE BEANS in I
avrtw    aiwonry lhat enn the
by overwork or thi irrars or excesses of
youth. Tbit remedy ibsebitilycum tin mmt
obstinate eaiei when oil otlier traetinentt hin
faiM ivtn to nliew. Hold by druggists st II
ptr pickigi or lis for IS, or tent"by mail on
netlpi of D-lc. by addrtsaln-r THE JAMES
ME-ICINE CO., Toronto Ont.  Writs for
piaphitt. mm
Caton's Tansy Pills.
EXJ_i&s.e*,-       -~m
Now tbst ths Dominion Govsrn-
mint hsvs sn officer In Mr. D. J. Mc-
Dontld, whon dutiM taks him
throughout tbs district, it wonld bt a
gnat publio conviniinct II ht win
appointed sn officer to receive declaration! and tntriti for Dominion Lands.
Tbt present Dominion Lmd Aot it
oat of tht greatMt pieces ot tomfoolery, ever devised by tbt Lsglilslnn.
An spplicant far land bat titbtr to go
to Kimloopt and makt intry befon
tht Dominion Land Agent in perion,
or hi hit to tpply to tht Dominion
offlcst it Winnipeg or Ottsws for ptr
minion to hsvs aa agent appointed
it Kimloopi. This sgsnt bu to
���wMr to ill sorts of things of which
bs can koow oothing, has to commit
siort of perjury io' fict. If Mr.
McDonald wen sppointsd in ths wsy
ws suggest it would enable intending
Mttlen to mske satry ptrtontlly bt-.
ton hlm; ht could sm tbt land; hivi
tbt itatutory requirements complied
with on tbt tpot; md could thnl
btmtdt a mtant ot obviating tbt
���tupid regulations and requirements
of the present law. Suoh an appointment would be a gnat pnblio con-,
vtnitnee. As iht Laud Aet at present
operates wt suggest that thi title be
amended to "Ao Aet to throw
obitaclet la tht Mtt lament of Dominion lands." Thst would mon truly
describe tbt operation of the Aot.
Hin ii a pntty plain exprestion of
opinion from tht Now Dtnvir Ledge:
White ii British Columbians ws sn
shooting onmlvM bosrse about tbs
freedom tt* enjoy in "onr country"
ws sn simply fooling ourselves. Ws
hsvs practically nothing now that ws
do not. bold by permission of tht C. P.
R. ind when "bet yonr boots" Home
get! a tew mon yean cinch on thit
lair Slocan of ourt-tbtn bit, tvtn
the precarious chines of earning
wages will be denied nt by tht colon*
isstloa of Chinese In the mime, snd
ths whits msn of ths community will
hsvs so little sf anything of vilos
that hs oould esll hli own, thtt It
oould ill bs pumped off on s C. P, R.
Hew t. Prevent Pn.um.nla.
At thistimt ot tht year a iold It
very tailly contracted, and it let to
run itt course without tht ild of tome
reliable cough medicine Is liable to
rnult in thit dread disease,pneumonia.
Wt know ot no better wnedy
to oun t cough or oold thin
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Wt have used it quite extemively end
It hat ilwiyi given entire satltfuc
tion.���Oolagah, Ind. Ter. Chief.
Thit ii ths only remedy thst li
kuown to be a certain' preventive ol
pneumonia, Among tbe many* thous-
���ndi who hive und It for colds snd is
grippe we hive ntver yet learned of s
single csm hsving resultei in pneumonia.. Persom wbo bsvs weak
lungs or havs reason to fear an
ittiok of pneumonii should keep tht
nmedy it bind. For lilt bv ill
druggitti. Langley aud Co., Whole-
ule Agents, Victoria and Vancouver,
Tailoring!     *
Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of  ,.
Kicking Horse Bridge.
By Hette le
Good Quality,
Go_4 Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
tin gentlemen or ladies to travel for
raspootible, Miiblithid hou>t in British Gol-
ui-bii. Monthly W'i.1.0 and eipentet. Petition steady. Reference. Endow nlf-addm-
ted stamped envelope. The Dominion Compiny, Dept. Y Chicago. KHap��
When a young woman till down and
ponder- over her fatore life, then Is one
ill.important .abject which the tbould not
forget In ��� day dream tbe may build
tattles It the tir with a happy home, laughing children and a loving husband in the
East Kootenay District-Northern Division.
VOTICE It hereby given that ill placer
mining claimt which are legally held in
the Northern Division of East Kootenay sn
laid over from tbe date of this notice until 1st
June nest.
J. E. Griffith,
Oold Commissioner.
Donald, 9th November, 1897. 2J8d8t
Business Cards.
Sign Writer,- Painter
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended to.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to ms
at the post offlce, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.       !9te
Builder and Contractor,
-   -  -   -  Golden, B. C.
A supply ol Building  Lime
| For Sale.
Plnm prepared.   Prompt attention given io orden. ���      28te
feeing death.
bold est ao happiaeat to the yetrng worn
whs tunVri from weiknett lad dbeiie of
At thit moment the suy bs
Matrimony and motherhood
the distinctly feminine organitm.
sun who tuHeri In thli way will be ��� weak,
lervotu, ticUy, petulant wife, an incapable
.other aad an unamlable hostess. Not
koo-ioi the truth, her icaniintiaces will
mt understand tbit tbe _ deterrisg of
pity rather than reproach.
Any woman may be -
Court of Revision.
Noithern Division
East Kootenay.
A Court of Revision and Appeal under the
"Assessment Act, iSSb." ind amendmenU,
will tie held it the Court House, it Uoldeu, on
Monday, tbe third day of January. MM, aud
at Donald on Tuetdiy, the tourlh day of January, 1888, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
Judge of Ibe Court ef Revision
'��� snd Appall
Golden, 7th December, Wi. DHdll
Is t womanly way If ahe srllf ate the rial
remedy. Dr. Pierce't Psvorlte Fretcriptlim
ii tbe belt of ell medtclnet for weak ind
���illng women. It ids directly on the delicate md important organs that make wifehood ind motherhood possible. It makes
tbem strong, healthy ind vlgorow It
Wniihci the dangers that inrronnd- maternity. It Intnres a healthy baby and aa
ample supply of nourishment. Tbossande
of women wbo were weak, sickly, nervons
ithnlldi, ire now healthy, robuit wives snd I
e^nK^'rih-t GEORGE BRUSH . ��� ���
competent mothers of healthy children, at
tbe retult of the use of thli medicine.
H. Cta*
as nn).
aid have ��� -,.
fleece's PavorUt
t. Jtki M. Coaklla, of Mtsrses, Maaea
.... N.Y, Ik- iih), wrttitr "I in ralo-rltif
SjArt tM.it. sad have btta lioct I took the It*
Ciche by the valleys of ths North
Thompson ind Albredi Riven.
������From Tits Jtunt Cscha to ths
Giseoms Portage, s distsncs ot shout
160 milM,would be through a timbered
country, slong tht' banks ot tho
Frsnr Rlvsr, ss no peek tnil hss
ss yM bnn opened 07sr thli portion ol
tht rontt. Tht bitter snd quicker
wsy wonld bs tor tbs prospietori to
tiki along with thtm a whip-nw,
mils, stc, snd construct hosts at
Tits Jtune Cache in wbioh to convey
their _oodi to Giseoms Portsgs snd
drivt thtir unloaded inimali through
tht woodt. They eould thnt without
iny greet imonnt of difficulty, provided thty knew how to bandit boats
and to manage peek animals, reach
tht junction ol the Findlay sad Pmm
Rt nn, aud would ensure thsmMlns
thus far sn almost Isvrl nuts to
trsvel Ths routs from Edmonton
via Athabasca Landing and Pesos
River, whieh would reach ths nmi
point, vis., ths fork of tbs Findlay
snd Pmm, would bs mush rougher
ind mon dangerous.
'���From tht lorkt ol ths Findlay and
Pmm Rivtn ovtr ths only dlvids
hstwssn Rossland and Klonklki (s
dlstanas ol 1,6*0 mites), Is ths ooly
point .-*���* this lsag snd nMrly Isnl
roots when wt satlelpste ssrlons
difficulty msy bs meountared for s
railway, bnt it tbs 11ns is ia a direction panlltl to til tht gnat mountain
return, it will, ws bslisvs. aot prsssot
inytblng lite the difficul tlM tkst tks
milii, snd tbs wstsr dliunce 820
mites. Tbs oountry is not rugged, tbs
timber Is not Isrgs sud msny opea
grassy slopei sn nisutlonsd along
its banks. Ths climsts is svldsntly
mon midmta thsn In ths Klon.llks
ngloa, snd apparently thon it no
ration wby pack horns or loots csttls
should not bs drlvsn through tbli
region wilhont difficulty. Cattle and
borsn bsvs already bnn drlvsn
to ths mlass from ths Cbilkst Piss
down ths Lewis, wbtn tbt country it
muoh mvn rugged than na tbs Pally.
Ia aay mm with a largs mvigiblt
straam flowing direct to ths mines,
sacs msn wsn st ths Pelly Rivsr ths
difficulttes of reselling ths Klondiks
digging!, witb sltbsr catlli or freight,
would bs ovtr, provided ths tims ol
ths yosr wsn snltsbls. If lbs mssob
win too Ists for nsvigstion, Frsnois
Lsks is svidsnily s better wintering
place tbsn anywhere on tbe Yukon
witirt, and tbs surroundiug country
offers ss good a field tor thi protpeciot
ii tay othtr psrt ol tbt gold, ngloa.
"Spruce up to two feet through it
fooad at iatsrvsls all along ths Pslly.
bnt is not ss sbundiat st ths upper at
st ths lowsr part ol ths rlvsr."
Evsrything Modi to tbow thst this
rnott, npeolilly If tks projected railway Irom Goldeo to, tbs Takon Is
bail., mast opsa ap ths most important miatrsl belt of British Columbia.
It Is sot s routs sf todsy, but it II s
The nnbiling, never
SSStUpatioa-        -
Dr. Pierce's Plesssut Pttlels.
sultsbls  for   steamboat    nivigstion
snd uninfrupted except by two rapid...
Tbs lint wss st ths  moulb ot ihe  ��_.-_;_ ��� ��-=--,-.--���;	
Hoole Rivsr, shout 20 mites bslow the j SS_!-_lasd tawir^mmStS
portsgs.    This npld might bs run! ssdwssvinrwts-wbei i<-__
lately, bnt cau he avoided by a abort
Miy portsgs.    Another npld occurs
about ttn miln fnrthir down iu Hoole
Canyon.    Thit npld mutt bt avoided
by a portage half a mile in length.
From this point there It uninterrupted
stMmbost nsvigstion to ths sea.
���Ths land di.tance, by ths Pellv,
from ths Frsnois Lake portsgs to ths
is shout 200
IpllOB.    I
as, or Amite
lag rats'for
Maaafartnr.r of
Steam Engines snd Boilers, *
Mill snd Mining Maehinsry,
Saw, Shingle snd Bark Mills,
Elevator!, Hoists, Winehn snd *
Donkey Engines, *
Shafting sad Gearing, '
Casting! <and Forgings, '
At The
Eagle Foundry,
Undertakers and
.  .   Embalmers,
Calgary,   ���   ���   Attn.
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Offln st TJp|-er Columbii Navigatioa
Co. Building, Goldtn. B. C.
Will be in Oolden On Monday of neb
Watoh, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing*
In ill itt linn doas on
SHORT Xottes.
Witches, Chains, Lookiti, Rings' and
Jewelery carried  in  itook, also
Spectacles snd Eys Glaaaei.
Mail Orders Solicited.
Csll st my new place of  businsst,
Opposite ths Put OSes.
Wstchmiker,   *   *   ���   Golden, B. C.
Cure For Drunkenness
It it an established feet thit Ito Dyks Can
removes ill enn for alcoholic ttimulsnli in
s few days, snd In four weeks restores tht
patient to bis normal condition. It li a simple vegetable tonic. No hypodermic injec-
tlnnt. Cm be taken privately u i horns
treatment, wilh uo bod after-effecu or no
less of time from business. Eor further par*
ticulan address Dr. McTsggart, London,
Ont., or enquire of Editor of Uolden Era,
Goldin, B. O. !H4d3l
HI Mm. Oemet Ulnttes.
llfM ud Tip Ttraltkt* Tree.
-^i Market Information and .Prices Gladly Furnished
Hides, Pelts, Wool
Tallow, Ginseng,  Seneoa.
"Writs for Clroulir giving Litnt Market Prlcn,
ImsMdlets Itot-lttaaMi..
Jas. McMillan &c Ca
Ho Con.inl.ilon Ohargsd.
100-tlt Plrat Ave florlta
., ���lNNBAPOLIM, atttftf.
SAVAGE RIFLE     for savaqe qame. "���
> Hew Catelegae e�� AmllMtlra,,
Savage Eepeating Arms Oo.,
. Uttica, New York. THE GOLDEN BRA, FRIDAY,  DECEMBER 17,  1897.
News in Brief.
Utt. Prior, wits ol Colossi Prior,
M. P.. Iidnd.
1100,000' stolsn (ram rsgritind
letter! oa Jimy Central.
W. J. Hsndsrsoa drowntd white
duck ibooting it Victoris. '���''���'���'
Mm nimid William Harrison wss
ebswsd by a dog st Corinth.
Greet indignation ciused by Cuban
rebeli burning Spsaisb women.
Sliteeny-rir old hoy Mottnoid to
, dwth st Mors Seotis for murder.
Gnat many shMp shlppsd to Cosit
fnm Cslgsry raaehn this smsoo. .
Ottiwi policeman shot, in log msn
wko sttsmptsd to escape from him.
Stttliraent of lugimiri strike pro-
longsd as nttlimint proposals njsctsd
by mm.
Flvt or its mon Kloodiksn last
thtir lira by best bslag capiUed at
Whits Horn rsplds.
C.P.B. flremsa Blsvlm lost his
hand by iw being cruihed betwnn
coupling! at Psrkdsls.
DIMM* Dy.  Cirdla.l Ons ef ths
MM ra.-l.aabl. as* Mmt
tints! C.lort,
Millions ol aaeksgM ol this wonderful nob snd popster color sn sold
svsrv yssi.
Fsst Dlbmond Dys Csrdiasl it ootid
for its strength, listens sad beauty
of color. Oos pscksgs ' dyn two
pounds ol silk or sll wool goods a
itiadird shsds thst will asnr wmh
out. It eolon onr, with gread ntultt
all ihidw szoept gneoi.
Tbe fut Diamond Dyi Cardinal for
dying cotton snd mlssd goods is ths
oaly Csrdiasl for eottoa dying la ths
world thst Is fast to light sod sosp.
On! package makes s fsst Sad svsr-
lasting Cardlaal oa ons poaad ol cotton or mlssd goods.
Bs not dnsivsd with trodt imitt-
tlont or soap gnaw dyn. Ask lor tbs
"Diamoad" aad yon will always bsvs
Three Great Men.
Representatives of
. Three Great Nations
A Medicine Thai is the Wonder
of the Age.
The   Abloet   Xedleel    Men
Becoranead It.
Mak.i   tr-i.pl.   Wall   Wk.a   Otfear
Pr.Mrlptl.at Fall.
Thres msn bin dons a mighty
work for ths probssion of msdlcins,
and thsy will svsr bs remembered is
trm bsnifictort ol tht human nee.
Right Honorable Lord Liner. Preii*
dent of tht Ri-yal Society, Prof tior
Edwtrd E. Philpi, M. D., ol Dart-
mi'it.h C.lli��i. mil Protetior Chsrlss
Riesst, ol ths Uninrslty of Psris, sn
msn tbst ban lived to benefit msn-
Pnfstin-Elwtrd E. Phelps, who
"gits ths world his fsmoms Paine's
Ct'try Compound, haa gout to hil
well mrntd reward, but bit greet
m.lloine still ssvu men and women
svsry day. Thousands livs todsy
wbo ow. lite, bnlth snd vigor to
Palm's Cslsry Compound, tbs mighty
diaeaM hsnishir. Ths wttk, mrvous,
slssplsss, rheumatic, neuralgic, dys-
peptic snd consiipited sn soon made
hate snd vigorous snd tbt deadly
dsagars ol l.vsr aad kidnsy troublM
���re quickly dinipstsd.
Then it now oo nts-aslty lor con-
tinning In annoy and dangsr whsa
such s reieuisg sgsnt at Psiae's Cslsry Compound is held oo to lufferin.
Psiae's Cslsry Compoaai sssondlr
sure.; its thouundi wi magnificent
tMlimouiili ia ths psst is suffloisat
proof.   Han yoa tried it? Hi
Tnrhar-Poole-f.Baker Policy
Ai assa Fnm A WlnS.w.
Itemr   Ons hired tnm bsuliag plank
for Govsrnmsnt.
Item:   One Government turn hsaliag
wood lor private citinn.
Itsm:   Ons    Governmeut   'foremsn'
pitying with dog-viry   small
Itsm:      Ons   Gorsrnment   'laborer'
making temporary culvsrt.
And still ws hsvs not moniy tor tnilt
to our iiiinesi II r
Goldtn, Dec. II. *97.
Land Notice.
go Dayi after data I intmd ts apply to thi
ou Chief CoramU.ioi.or ef Lands and
Works for permission lo purchru. 810 acres
of land In Bait Kootenay Diitrict commencing al s post placed on thi list boundiryof
bt M 0.1, where said lot logs eatt, tbenei
north 80 chiiui, Ibsotr. aui U chains, thiic.
south 8! chaini, thane, wut 10 chains to
pile! of coiiminciinenl.
Dittd Mov. Mb, 1887. SMJaSI
Tha National Matte Smelter.
A practical, cheap and simpls method
el matting sulphide on. Suoh u nickel,
copper, gold, sad sllvsr ores. Ia local-
Itiss whtn Ind ont sad tusl sn
scarce snd almost  unattainable our
Syrltlc water jacket*! Mitts Smtlttr
it bnn rseognind with highly satis-
faotory remit*, aad hu bMn thoroughly tMtsd on vsrious pyritlo,
mlphids, sod amnios ores, ia espsoiiy
of two to 80 tons psr dsy It is ths
slmplMt msthod ol gold sad silvsr on
inttiug snd oonMBtrstiog tbst is
known today.
It requires ao sstrsordlnsry skill,
ao Ism} ons, no fluxing matirliL snd
ao lust tor ths liasltsr sttsr it is
stsrtsd. Tht tulphur ia tbt on is
Its natural fuel only, sad Its com hu
ao comparison with say otbsr prooMS
el oonoentrsting.
' We are prepared to furnish any sin or
sipooity plant complete to tubttantlal
mining people,. sst It up sad furnish
oar mill, to ran it for them onessy
payments. Prion and specification!,
with refsreueei snd tMtimonlsls, oa
Maiumttarers of jftnscti for Nickel, Cop-
ptr, Oold, .lllrer, lid Lead Oret. ,.
" tire nntii-in or ladiei totrsvsifor
rMstMAfiTerliMUbid houte ia British
psay, Dipt*
Highwaymen    robbed     Trsmvtil
���tig! of 119,000 of gold sad bullion.
E. P. 8nydsm, s Gnsawodd proi-
pector, oommitttd tnleldi St Roulind.
Heart Spasms
A \mOidiml UK-IAVH.
X. sm la tk. kssus aeitmr tsisy
when tlnmm eta he men nedliy teueu
si ilaa thai, at tt. ktart-aai sssdlMl
Irene tentm-at. Ily��kav.pal|itatl��
Cr Sittartit. ihtetiW otheeilk. inks
tonsillar suits, iwill.ni it last at uklss,
Mia la thi kit tilt. Mattel sp-U, im*
eaXUaueaay, aay et then _4t��u. butt
ilmit. XssM.-r.et hew Insttaiilag
Dr.Asuw'tCiit teethe Hosrt allleire-
It'i ��� heart itm.le-ieU v*leUy-**u
Hrtir���wu nt*iy ji
" 1 wat styes as U ill br ptrtldm
' Mi Meait. Ua. dot. et tar. Asnew t
Cre tm th. H��an sav. enema, aai
ill amltt eieti tsy sate et arum
nanrt-eiii-." Mr�� J.U -_U_>&
WhitaWMC N.W.T. X
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
Timber Notice.
TRIBTTDlyi iflir dat* I intend to spply
_ UtheChlelCoinmiiiionirof Lindi anil
Worki fer a Special Lieinti to cut md carry
away timber Iron ths following ditcrlM
it Ih. N. I. _.
north 80 chains,  ,..���_.
Math 40 chains, thW. ntt'lO chain!,' thtnet
toatk it chaini, thenee Mil 40 chains, thwe.
MStk 80 ekaiia, tbenei WMlSOehlist, thinei
korthliO chain, tbaac. wut 40 ekaiit to
plaet it tammtaesmnl, loittlilig 1,000
Mm sun sr Ism.
,      Wn. MoKbiiiib.
Craabreok, Oct -tod. 1887.     ' tUlai
at from IM following dstcrlMd
sst Kootaaiy, ir(s.i-c.niin.ncing
X. earner if Lot 88.0,1, thinei
Mint, tbenei mt toenails, thiaci
VOTICE b hireby given tbit ipplintiea
F willbtmiditoibiUgislitlnAsMnibly
oftheProvinnof BrilUh Columbii it iu
ssst ttuion for in Aet to incorporito ���
eeupiny and imnowtr It to construct, equip,
opsrtusnd maintiin s itasdird er urrow
(Mm railway from nme point at or mi
Goldtn la East KooUsay Diitrict, thane, la
i toutbtrly direction no tin villeyif thi
Columbia . Hirer so tithir tht tut or wut
���Idt of Uu aid Columbia Rlrsr la er near te
the t'anal Flit at lbs foot .fibs Uppsr Col-
uinbii Lake by tbe most nwsible route, ihenc.
In i somberly direction down tb. valteyof
tin KooMnay River on littwr thi out or -tit
tide of thi uid Kootsnay River by tbe most
foatibte rents to s point on lbs Tobacco
Plain iter mar whirs tbs International
Boundary Lim intimeta the uld Kootniy
Rinr; with ths further power to contract,
equip, epsrsta ind maintain iitindirdor
-- row giuga railway from aome point it or
rOnMinin Cut Reoteuy Diitrict or
from toini point it er nair Goldin on tbs
Um of railway aforesaid to be built Motherly
from Oolden. thenr. in a northerly direction
by the mott foitlhli routo through tks vails-- of the Columbii, Canoe, Prater and Par*
snip Rivirs, on ilther tin utt er west sidst
  pissing near Fort Mcleod <m Mc
Lehd Uke, thanci continuing ilong thi nl-
toy if thi Parsnip Sine is a northerly direction to. tbe Ml. ptrilMnf Utltude. thmei
northerly crossing .lbs Mth. ��7th. Mb snd
aeth degnm ot Ulitudl by tk* meal bulbil
routo to tkt villsy ef Ibe Liard Rim within
lb. Mb and ��khd.grsMof Uiliod. tnd wwt
if lhl 184th digrM <<_k-iigit.idt, andi Ibenc.
by lhl. mil fouibw routs shberupordows
tbs viltoy ef tht Liard Rlvtr ta lhl northerly
boundary ef lbs Provinni er wsturly by Its
moit foMibto null to I point at or near
Tsslis Uks it tht northerly boundary
ef Ihe Provlm-it - wiih po-.tr to con*
slruct knack lines, md slso powsr lo build
lad eiwnti'briaeh lln'i from time to lime to
BrmpiifaiBS��frijmw}ipi)lstsn Ibt nulu
n, er sayof iu branchts, with the powsr
In operating lbs railway tad to bruehM lo
sm steam, itoetricity nr ether motive power,
with power to build telegraph ltd utonb-m
Hum for thi purpoMt oftluCoinnaayand
for tra-uaittion cf immgM far tbt publio
tnd commercial purpoMt- with power to
build IU itctttiry brwgtt. roadwayi,
whami and docks, sad ows sad optrals for-
rtos, ind wilh powsr to squip sad uilnuin
itssm ind stbsr vmn|i ud enrsta lbs isus
Is cennMlloa with tbs railway md to
branch* on aay aivlgibto watir along or
nwr to th* line of railway and to braaoliur
aad wilh powtr to icquir. wstar rlgbu Ssd
to gsssrsta ttoctrlcity for opmtlsg lbs rsll-
i, priviligw or olhtr ildi bom my gov-
trnm��nt,mnnlcipalcor|��)raUonor rertoator
bodiu corporsts, sod to levy and collect tolls
ftom ill rwrtoni using ind mtllfrebrkt
pmisg ever say of, sack raids, ferrtos. ind
wbarvtt, ud tirriid on tbs vsmls bsilt,
nnd or ensritod br tbs Companyi snd with
pnwsr to< lean, nuke iridic or other srrangt-
jnsou with railway, lUaraboat er elbsr com-
psnait ind for all other usual aid mcmiry
ar incidental rights, powert ud privitogM is
any wsy umdaclre to tk. ansiam.nl of tk.
Dated lUnSSh diy if lfivsmber, 1887.
MoPhillips, Woottor k Barrard,
MltlMri for ttsApp-snu.
lit PriM
Ind Priss
3rd Prlss
10 PrisM ol
10.00 nch
6.00 each
To ths Twsnty peopli who solvs this Paitlt, 11 thin in io miny correct,
ws will give ths sbovs Prim IN CASH.
With T.ar
II mon thsn Twisty thould bt correct, every correct oue will (in tddition
to tht Monty Print) bs awarded oar timoui "Fiithful Timekeeper Silver
Witch," ol whltb ths aet factory pries is 110. If preferred, the winner esn
ehosM a genuine Gold-eased Witih of tbs ssmi vilui.
F - - TH -UL
F - B - M - BT
A word here
Our Proud
m thi Witch
A word which
msy will last
a Ufa-time.
Tbe qualities
of our
which sre
to bs ths
in tbt English
and American
Ai this woodirtul oftr it oaly mtdt to id ven iie onr tsr timed Silver
WitcbM, ivtry Csmpstitor muit read tbs following condition! snd comply
with tbsm.
1. Send: yoor snswsr oa aa "Iotsr-
nstionsl Pott Cird," which cm bt
bought st ths post office (prln S centt)
Thtn It no intranet tm or charge
1 Io tddition to tbt Cub Print,
Svsry oos who Mods thi cornet saiwsr
will thereby win one of our '���Fiithful
TimtkMptr" Silver WitchM which wi
nil in England for 110 etch, ind
whieh oould bt told retail la America
for 116 to $28 itch.
I. Eviry wlnntr ot tbt Watch te required to purchase one of our sflbrpid
valub imspsnsivi Solid Silvtr Albert
Chiini to ski with tks Witoh, ss
pir our unpreetdinted offer which we
will Mod. ThMS Chsins sn Hill*
marked on svsry link by ths English
Government. If tht umt Wstch is
required with Gold fitted mm instead
of Solid Silvsr. s ebsin to msteh msy,
if desired, be chosen.
4. With oar Wsteb snd Chsin yoa
will  renin oar mimmoth Catalogue
5noting Wholenli Fsetory Prim for
���wsllsry, Pint. tte. Tht First Prim
will bs given to lbs ons wbo solvii the
Rebus, receives ths Wstch snd Chsin,
snd ordsrs altogsthsr the lirgeit im-
ount of goodi from thi catalogue; thi
8Mond Prln to tbt wiOB.tr who
ordsrs tht sseond largest imoant, md
to on. If aot mon thin twinty win
ind receive the Witch ind Chain, ind
if then do not buy tnythlng from the
catalogue, the whole of the priee
money will be equally divided tmong
thtm, giving $2!> neb. All imounii
ia thii advertiiement in tiken it the
exchingi of $6 te ��1.
6. A form will be not free to yon
which mutt be filled up ind forwirded
to nich ui by December 25th of ill
goodt ordered oa iccount ol thite
6. Ths nanus and iddnssei ot tht
cmh prin winuiri will bs printed in
tbe Times, Daily Telegraph tnd Stan-
dsrd, of London, on Dec. Slit nnt,
ind lubuquently in thi Niw York
Hinld. Drefti for the Prim will be
posted ssms diy.
7, Writt your mini ind iddran in
full iviry timt yos writs to ss lo
svold miliikei.
8, Ordere for thin Prim miy he
lent in Mpinttly from time to timi
ind yon will bt credited with thi totil
ol ill when you und in the report
form ii ibove.
9. Whin lending Ordin plein remember thit the letter poitige to England ii 6 cents ptr hslf ounce, tnd if
insufficient poitigiii und thi te-tir il
liable to go aet ray.
Send your answer at once!   You are sure to win a Prize
if correct, while even if not correct it
costs you nothing. <���
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
Ineirporatai Keordlsg to Act ef Psrliamnt-Cipitil CSU,0U (8150,000).
184 Oxford Street, London.
CibhAddrassi  "CLOCKLIK1, LONDON." Buloess Xtlibliilud I88i.
Cattle, Sheep And
Home Dealers.
OOLDEN. B. C.      Nts
Chemist & Druggist
Hu sow opened in ths premiMi
litiiy occupied by D.  L.  Bettschen,
PreierlptlOnS dnfiUyPrep-nd.
Snrelles Her
Assayers ...
Mnt-M, Cracibtee, 8corli-n, FirntMi,
Chimicili, Chemical Apniritiit, Balanett,
Baktr k Adinsm's C. PTAcids.
Wl in laiporUrt. Miaufutartn
sad Jobbers.
����� ���.v.ntwtalh St. '   W.eke at
���v.r. ci.. rami. C.I..
- nu
A FuU Stock ef Pstast MiUcisn ui
Drsggitu SsadriM Kipt,
An Honest Offer t
t To ill thou uttering from
Nrrvo'cs Et ��� avstion or say Privatb
Diirasb, who bsvs trlsd dilsrent doc-
ton or rsmsdiM without sucotst, s
compact aad valuable msdiul book
will bt Mnt FREE in plain Mated ta*
velope apon application io
ISO-SI Bu80.Dltrolt.Mieb.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Oaet M.��le at Osm.
Cam gtatesl or ipMiil iibllitv, wikiral-
u, ipsrautorrhtM, sniuinu, impousty,
twit. lie.  C.rreeu fluMliesil diwrdirs,
ud by irron or Wissist, qskkly retior-
Lost Msnhooi Is ild tr ysssg, givlsg
' Strength when former wa-.ktuti
���      Ccsvsniiat  pukigi, siupto,
tStetatl ini liritliuu.
' sis Is Q.l.k ang Th.rmgk.
Don't hs dscsissd ky talutiesst Gulit ea
Caton't Vitallnrt. Stat tealed If your dreg*
gilt den net ksvs it. Price 81 psr pkge., ���
for 86, with writtaa guiruitee et complau
���si*k Isfof uilfos, nforeatM, ito, fret ui
��t����ft| I wMk*! tr Ul IriMMl  Oueoly
""aJSf l3Te��. Ben, meat. "*
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(ElUklilbld 1878) LlADVILLB, COIX11ADO
Ssaphs by mall er iionm receive
prompt aluntioa.
Spseiaui Assay PricMi-Uoid, silvsr ssd
bad, 81] iny two ef tbs ibove, TSci uy oni
of the abort, JOr; copper analytii, 81: ph.ll-
aim, nickel or tin, 85.  Writo fer full prlci
Iill ud mailing enralopM.
Fort Steele
... Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Stage itonrea UeMem
Eviry TDESDAT morning it 7.30
o'clock tnd arrives at Fort Swell
���very THURSDAY.
Stage EAav/ee Fert Steele
Eviry  SATURDAY morning tnd
irrivM st Goldsa svsry MONDAY
First Clem E��wlr_ient
sad svsry stustioa givsn to tks
eomtsrt  of   pssnngsn.    Good
Hopping bourn tvtry H mites
oaths nuts.
Bxyreee Hatter
sf sll kinds hsadlsd with prompt-
boss snd aata,
tea ratbs, bto,, Atrtr
Fulmer I Kerfoot. Props.
Head Offlce, Golden.  l��
Shoe ���..        --:
... Reform
Object-health, comfort, economy. Rubber abandonment
���disappearance of corns, cold f��t, clammy leet, tired feet
Water-proofed leather adoption���Convenience, improved
appearance, longer wear, foot comfort, common sense. See
Ihe new wet-proof, footwear made in tan Willow calf, black
Alumina calf or Kidduck leather. Light, springy, stylish.
Mlert-taoeij-MrWeltei. $5.50
Slater Slipless Shoe. "��-.?"
11. 6. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
J"*"We ere Manufacturers and Direct Importers, ind carry a Large Stock of Bt.lnuces,
Fire Clsy Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glstt-
ware, Platinum Goods,
Acida, Chemicali, and all
other Assayers' and Miu-
era' requirements.
Sole Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter-
ns; Becker'i Sou's Balances; Brunton ft Peane's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
Vancouver, B.C.
P. O. Box 366. Telegraphic Address:   "ASSAY,
Vincourer, ll.C.
Lodging House
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
O. LEVETT, Prop.
������The Province** Map of
Absolutely Free
To New Subscribers to "The Province."
"The Province" claims that it his *he largest circulation weit of Win-
nipeg, snd thst elsim hu never been questioned or challenged. It is now
determined if money nnd energy ctn do it. to increase its circulation until it
can provi thit it bis THE LARGEST CIRCULATION IN* CANADA. To
ittlin this object the directors have arranged .with The Province Publishing
Compiny, Limited Liability, for the supply ol
One Hundred Thousand Copies ���?_,���*J;, Map of thc Klondyko
To every NEW suicriher who sends $1.00 to "The Province," Victorii rr
Vancouver, Canada's onlv high clsss weekly, "The Province," will send for
one year from tht date tht subscription is received to sny address in Canada
or the United Statw (United Kingdom 11.00 extra), together with ono copy of
the above map. Thi map has never been sold for lesi than Fifty Cents or
'���Thi Province" for less than a Dollar. Bv taking advantage of this unprecedented offer, whi,-h ia only possible in the case ot New Stibcribert who
enclose their money with their order, they get the two for the price of one.
This offer will be withdrawn as soon as the special edition of one hundred
thousand codpiei is exhausted. It is the most generom offer ever mide by
any newspaper in sny part ot the world to obtain new subscribers. Every
subscription booked under this arrangement means a direct lo.-s to the publisher!. Out ��� large circulation means more advertising at better rates, and in
thie way 'The Province" hopes to make good the deficit. Send $1.00 to "The
Provinn" by return mail and get a copy of this bnntifiil accurst! map and
"Thi Province" for i ynr.
The PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Uy..     Victoria and Vancouver.
Pacific Ry
���The Klondyke"
Whether Ibt route to Klondyke bs vis 81.
Michw.lt ind lbs Yukon or via DyM or
Skagway ani the Chilcat. Chilroot or White
Pimm, or via thi Stickeen River route,
which it lhe met likely, or via Edmonion,
Ashcroft ind th. different routes, Ihe Canadian Pacific Railway will bs tht but if not
tbt only rout, to travel by.
Full infbrmaticn will shortly bo in tbi
buds of ill aglnli of Ibe Canadian Pacific
Railway Company, thi com mny now miking
Inquiriss to sicsruin beforo idviiing the
public which will bt lhe beat roule lo go in
by. From information in ill punomioi a loo
MrlytUrt dots net Mcmirily mesa (nt
Crivtl it the Klondyke. Ample time will-waited for all Mcmiry irrangtmuti.
IfyMiregoiiKMttori.tk.dd Matlry
tbii fall, writs lira"    '"
list of th* met tobeii
IfyMsnlMkiigloriplint.ip!sd tks
Jipi ul Hi Imiiii liMs
niched m eity at ether points ud tht
tipuM ii Im thu st otbsr merit.
IW Isformillon ssd till parrlcilari ipply
to fisr sssreil sgnl sr iddiSM
Trsfls Ksnsgsr,.
Sits Wisslpsg, Has.
If You are Wanting* a
Why Not Buy the Best?
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address br pirtinlsrs,
The lunion Typewriter
���  Company,
HmfHtmn,MMU W. Lakt Stmt.
chfcse., ni. in
',; . v:
��� ���. i. ���
,'*iHv,i ��.
Till:' UO-LDEX  EKA,  FRIDAY,  UiXJEMBER 17,  1897
* Cigars given away at Starfortli A
Tho Dominion Parliament is convened for January _-till.
Nest Sunday Rev. Father Peytaveln
will celebrate mass in Golden it 10
o'clock a.m.
The Golden school breaks up for the
Cliristman holidays to day and resumes on January ilrd.
Service will be held at tht Presbyterian Church, Golden, on Sunday, at
11 a. in. and 7. 30 p. m,
M. Carlin and J. C. Durick have
given notice of applications for a tim-
ber license at Findlay Creek.
* This year's crop ol nuts just ar-
rived at the Oolden Fruit Store.
Fullmer A Kerfoot's Si age mad*
excellent time both ways on the last
trip between Golden and Steele.
Ashcroft proposes to send by overland route to Dawson City tour cur.
loads of flour, bacon and beans.
Ur. E.P. Gordon hss lieen appointed
C. P R. physician fi-oin Cranbrook
to the summit and will reside at
G, Mead and J. Adler, owners of
the Russell House, have gone to the
Coast, and It. Rusk it now in charge
of that hostelry.,
* Choice variety of Cigars and
Cigarettes just opened at Starforth A
The Calgary Club have decided to
open the bonspiel on Thursday evening-, tbe 25th of January, instead of
Monday as first arranged.
G. E. Smith will hold service in
connection with the Methodist church
on Sunday next as follows: Donald
11 a. in. and Golden 7.30 p.m.
The Hudson Bay Co. intend placing
1(1 light draft steamers on the Stickeen
River to convey passengers from tbe
C. V. R. Steamera to Wrangsl.
According to the International M.
H. Maclood is appointed superintending engineer of tho British Columbia
Southern Railway wilh headquarters
at Wardner.
Among other topics to be discussed
at the meeting of the Miner's Association of East Kootensy next week ie
that of the employment ot Asiatic
labor in mines.
L. Baudet, an employee ot the Golden Lumber Co., had one of his
legs fractured at McLaughlin's camp
on Monday last snd had to bo removed
to the Golden Hospital,
The New Denver Ledge says: 'The
owners of the Halcyon Hot Springs,
on Arrow Lake, will build a vast
hotel next summer and make the
Springs a pleasure as well is a health
We congratulate the Provincial
Government . for having re-
lervod      .   the        lands roond
Tallin and Duase Lake and about the
junction ot Telegraph Creek and the
8'icke'en river for public purposes.
Thia ii as it should be.
Tht largest lifo insurance policy
ever issued has been written in New
York cnllin. for one million upon the
life of Goo. "W. Vandsrbilr. Tho policv
is what is known as a 20 payment
' lite oontract. and proyidn for a premium of $o5,0U0b year.
Donald is nmch excited over the
fact that C. P. R offlci-rs have been
taking measurements of all the houses
in Donald not their own. Dame
rumor's molt plausible explanation 'i
that in the event of .hs shops moving
compensation will be given to those
who have built on the company's
At the police cnurt, Golden, on
Saturday marine, liefore Mr. Griffith.
8. M.. Oeorue Ramsay was chsrged
with having failed to obey a summons
for partaking in a recent light in
.olden. For the offence he was sentenced to liven days hard labor at
Donsld gaol, and for failing to appear
hs wss sentenced lo SO hard it the
Hint pises.
After hearing some friendt eontinu-
ally praising Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera apd Diarrhoea Remedy. Curtis
Fleefc, of Aimhi-iin, California, pur*
ehin a bottle of it for hia own um
and is now as enthusiastic over iti
wonderful work is any one can he,
Tor sale by all druggists Langley
A Co, Wholeiale Ageute, Victoria
and Vancouver. 243ja8
Tbe D'ci-tker Number ot the Cm-
idian Horns Journal li particularly
Interesting snd well snd profusely
illustrated. ' Tbs current inue also
contsins some reelpn lor deliciout
cindiM, with full dineiiom how to
mske them, st home; a .page by Mrt.
Joy on tbs Christmas dinner menu.
Chris-mas storin aad garnet for thi
-children; ths latMt fashions in mid
-winter ton and gowns; and a number
���of otbsr Intoreiting irticfes, sll beaut 1
rfully illustrstsd.
Don't be pereuidsd Into buying
liniments without reputation or merit
���Chamberlain's Pain Balm costs no
m-irssad Its merits have bnn proven
hy a lost ot insny years. Sneh let-
ten ss ths following fnm L. Q. Big.
lay. Husoems, Cal., sn constantly
bsing rSMtvtd: Tht but remedy for
.psln I ban svsr used Is ChtmHerliln'i
Psln Balm, mi I sty to sftsr using it
in my fsnilly for nvi-rst yssrs." It
euros rheumatism, lame baok, spreins
and swelling!. For lilt by ill drug-
fists. Linglsy A Co.. Wholnals
.Agists, Vlcterls*ad Vseeoover. 16Sjs8
* Leave your orders at the Golden
Bakery tor your Xnits Cskos snd
Plum Puddings.
We nre requested to intimate
that persons cutting trees on the
c.einotery reserve will be prosecuted.
The members of the Golden Curling
Club are hard at > work getting the
rink in shape for the holidays.
W, Gatt, of Revelstoke, isiues a
challenge for tin a aide and gate
receipts to T. McRae, ot Donald, for a
wrestling match.
At, H. G. Parson's store there is
now on view a handsome pair of curling atones presented to the Golden
Cuiling Club hy the Calgary Brewing
and Malting Co.
* Are yon troubled with indigestion?
Chew Semen-ill's Pepsin Guml Stir-
forth A Bligh, igents.
Owing to the number of accidents
tbt> C. P. R have instructed that
all' .isrs i f a break loose the eii-jineer
must keep iiis whistle going until the
two portions have been connected
together again.
The New Denver Ledge says that
a petition has lieen circulated at
Nakusp in favor of the appointment
of F. G. Fauquier to tlie position of
Gob] Coram.ssioner of North Kootenay
with headquarters at Revelstoke.
Mr. Whyte, manager of the C.P.R..
has iufornv-d the people of Calgary
ihtit-it uiiuht bo some inducement to
locate their workshops there if they
were given a grant of land or such
other inducement, and the Calgary
Board of TraJe Will meet to consider
the matter, ,
The following candidates were
received into the ranks of the liar ai
Victoria i.nd duly took the oath, and
were presented before ihe Chief Justice
by Sir Henry *P. P. Crease. These
��ere\V. R. Ron. of Fort Steele. H
W. Hst-chiner. of Fort Steele, and G.
S. McCarter, of Golden.
There is some excellent lend available for settlement in the Columhi
Valley above Canyon Creek. The
Golden Lumber Company have a
limit ri-iht over the laud, but it can
be dealt with by applicants ohtaiiiini-
t'e'r consent. Here is a chance for
settlers who want a good bit of land.
The Prospector nyi: "On Mondny
evening last lhe children of Ens!
Kootenuy Industrial school preseuled
Rev. Falher Coccola wilh an address
expressive ot their gratitude for his
many kindnesses to them. Tlie Principal replied in affectionate terms to
tho children alter which an entertainment was given.
The C. P. R. has decided to make s
change in the method of making up
freight trains. At present a cei-taian
number of cars constitute a train, but
the lutroductioii of cars ot large
capacity often compels tho attaching
of fewer than the regular number
Under the new system a le-.tain number of tone wiil be lixed as a train
A correspondent writes as follows:
"Thi Chriitmai tree which it was
imposed to hold in Oolden hi! been
postponed till January lith." Tin's Is
very unfair to the children ind ii
about the moat abiurd arrangement
that could have been devised. The
children naturally look for thii trait
to take place it iti proper time and
th.se who have the affair in hand
would do well to recomider their
present decision. The children
collected the money tor the Chrismis
ires and most of tin snscriberi cooiri-
b ned with the undemanding that the
celebration would like place it the
proper time ind not sometime in
January cr perhaps nixt June. Tbil
ii s esse where tbe interest! of the
children should bave first consideration.
Referring to the recent acoidants oo
the C. P. R., Mr. White ssid st Calgary that ths accident! win ciused
not through iny lick of foresight or
care on the part of the officials ur
ihruuah any defect in ths physical
condition of tin road, but through
the fact lhat the coinpiny wn in a
tort of transition state in changing
its freight traiui fnm tht old fashioned
brakes to tbe automatic air brakes
He had recently issued an order prohibiting the un of tht tir brake on
freighl trains until ibt mm became
more convemm with iht un ot tin
sir hniki snd bs expected thst It
wonld hs only s matter it a very
���bort time liefore every train sn lhe
road would bs equipped with lhi*e
brakei. In ill cases of seeidents lull
enquiries were mado into the cause
end in every can msn found guilty ot
esrelnsnen wen dischsrgsd.
A urd oa tbs outsids of ofBci door
nyi: "Gone to lunch. Back in tsn
minutes." And the men will be thsn
on lime. That ia, fer tome dan.
weekt or even mo thi, ho will, Then
ht will be it home occtiiotitllv for ���
diy. He'll tell you ht bid s bead-
ache-a turn ol cholera roorbui, er
maybe he'll lay he had a lump In his
itomach and tilt loo miieralabUtomova.
The lump wae probably two or Hires
tsn minuts lunches condensed.
Ths man who 'bolts" hit Innehes
will'find Di. P.ercs's Plnsant Pslltts
ths hut friend hi ��vir met.
Thin It no can of biliousness,
constipation, indiguiion, "hnrt burn"
or any ot tbs rest Ol ths nl-ihimare
breeding brood, thst then little "Pel-
leu' will not eun ptrinintnily. 8tud
31 cent! In one-cent ittinos to World's
Dlspeneirv Medical Aiioclation, Buffalo, N. Y., md receive Dr, Pitrct't
1008 pigs "Common Sinn Msdical
irdvlnr." profuMly illustrated.      85,11
X o Name on Earth ae Famous
-���No Name More Widely
No name on earth, perhaps, is io
well known, more peculiarly constructed or more widely imitated
than the word DODD. It possesses a peculiarit/ that makes it
stand out prominently and
fastens it in the memory. It contains four letters, but only two letters
of the alphabet. Everyone know! that
the lirst kidney remedy ever patented
or sold was named DODD'S. Their
disco' ery startled the medical profusion ihe world over,and revolutionized
the treatment of kidney diseaaei, ,
No imitaior hai ever succeeded in
constructing a name possessing the
peculiarity of DODD, though they
nearly all adopt names as similar as
possible in the sound und construction
of thii. Their foolishness prevents
them realising that atteinps to imitate
increase the fame of Dodd'i Kidney
Why is the name "Dodd's Kidney
Pills" imitated? Ai well uik why ire
diamonds and gold imitated. Because
diamonds are the most precious gems,
.old the most precious metal. Dodd's
Kidney Pills are imitated because they
are the most valuable medicine the
world has ever known.
No medicine was ever named kidney
uilli iill years of medical research
gave Dodd's Kidney Pills to the world
No medicine ever cured Brighi'i dis
MM except Dodd'i Kidney Pills. No
other medicine hu cured ill many
cases of Rheumatism, Diabetes. Heart
Disease, Lumbago, Dropsy, Fepiali-
weakness, and other kidnty diseases
il Dodd'i Kidney Pills have. Ii is
universally known that they have
never failed to cure these diseases,
hence they are so widely and sham-
leesly imitated. 24ltr
'Two ladles' bicycles f.r sale cheap a!
G. B. McDermoi's store.-
The date of the ball at. Field ��� has
ben altered to January 3rd.
An American Company will build
three steamers to mil on tho rivers of
the Edmonton route to the Klondike,
and undertake to put passengers
through in IM dayi. '���������������
The Kickinghorse is n.ain giving
trouble. Ou Thursday it flooded some
of the building,, near the bridge uud
last evening again broke Out near th.
Russell House in which there waa six
inches of water.    .
A serious row .ocenrred Inst week
between Italians ami French Canadian laborers employed on thi .Sold-
enure cinal at Couteau .In Lac, during
which an Italian named Alexin Greco
was killed. Thii made the Italians
furious and several hundred-.of ihem
paraded the atreets threatening yen
gesnn. Two French Canadians were
arrested. Montreal wut out assistance.
On Saturday D. J. McDonald came
from Revelstoke to Golden with Mrs.
Merry, widow ol W. Merry, who was
suffocated by powder damp at Rots-
land, and who was .taking her tins-
hand's body, to Toronto for burial.
M Carlin accompanied the lady frjiu
Golden to Calgarv. Merry wai married only a couple of weeks ago to
Mill Vercoe, of Toronto.
Thi Nswi Advertlnr nyi: "How
excellently the C. P. R. keepi iti lim
open, despite wind, mow and rain in
tht mountains, it ihown by tlie fact
that communication wilh London
by mail can be obtained in 13 dayi.
A copy of the "Pall Mall Oaxette,"
published at 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov.
2iith, reached thii office hy yesderday's
mail. A few years sgo it took six
months to get from London to Burrard
Intel; now it is ponible to get to the
world*! metropolit in leti than a
Ths Hospital ball it Oolden hu bran
fixed for WodiiMdiy Jinui.y fit h, ind
ths coaiinittes invite the eo deration
of thsir neighbors from Donald snd
Field 'O make it a succeis. Tickets sn
fixed st S2.A0 snd ladies will hsvs
a free weleoms, Ths hall committee,
Mei��rs. Warren mdC. H. Parson, hsvs
srrsnged to maks ihs ball it attractive al possible tnd have arranged
for decora-lug lhe hall. ' Mrs.. Oreem
bit kindly responded to ths invi
tsiion ol the committee to usist with
tbs rvlresbmeiits..
G. Woodley, Sear., is in a low
state this week,- -     i
Owing to the uncertainty ol trains
during the winter months,, Rev. H. B.
Turner' hai decided on holding morning and evening service! on alternate
Sunday! at Golden and Donald. On
Sunday next the service! wilt be held
at Donald. < .
At the police court on Thoradiy.
hefore C. A. Warren, Esq., J. P., R,
Mangooselin was fined jj and costs
fi r creating s disturbance in the
Queen's Hotel on Wednesday. This
morning two men. J. Slresen md Ai
Lefevhre, were charged with larceny
of clothes, ths property of J. F*r Lear-
man, from the Queen's Hotel.-- They
were arrested it Banff by Sergt. A.h-
ton, Strennn pleaded guilty md wis
committed for trial at Donald. The
can Against Lefevhre was proceeding
as we went to press.
D, J. McDonald, . Dominion . Land
and Timber Agent, was in Goldsn on
Saturday, ind found thit the liw
regarding limber wu being set) it
nmght, J.W. Conner being the only
person supplying fire Wood who had
complied with the Act, It appears
the law requires tha! no timber shall
hi cut without a permit Irom the
Government officer, and that a royalty
of 25 cent! per cord must be paid on
all timber used. Mr. McDonald
warned those whom he found-breaking
ihe law, and warned the buiinesi
people to keep in account of thetlniber
used by ihem and ihe persons supplying it. In future iny persons supplying limber without s permit and fail
ing to par the dues will be prosecuted
anl the wood cut by them ���fill be
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in HrilUh I ol
umbia. Monthly too 00 and expenses, 1'i-ei
lion steady itet'ereuce.' Knclnse self addres
si d stamped envelope. The Dominion Cun
paqy. Dept. Y tliict.go.
1 I1"  i     ���g-_*esB_-____an
For Sale Cheap
Interest in two good cli.imt near Golden.
> iwuer leaving district. 'Apply lu
��� ��� i  u ....   ..
' E. A. H ,tm,���.<���,
Milling, gent- Uolden.
VOTfE It hereby given iliul i. plica i it-
will bo inni.u in the l.o<-isi,.tive As��e mi I.
..f the Province uf llritish . oluini it. at i t
next sessiuii t'or au Act t iiic,ir|-ori.te 'I h
���l>.iiii.t,iii Tranlway and Electric ouipsn*.
witu punter to construct, acquire and operati,
mpevays and tramways t'or trans orta i.m ol
freight fr,nu j toiuis'onor i.ear theft..ki.spft.
���iloeaii l'i,i(-vi.y ted bran.-lie. 11 it'rout tt,
mines ana n lner.,1 claims iu the ".t-iisuig it
i.'attip and V. hitevrater lli,-iu t.nd elsewhere
in the District through uhicii ��..i.l i.t-il-u.)
..nd b.ancbos pats ot will .pass, ..tut t'ro,.
p dull on the Columbia ana .ootenay R...I-
way. ��� row's Nett Line, ron-lrui-ioil or lo I e
constructed, -.ml bram-hew thereof iu the u.iu
ing tlistricts ot' bust umi ,1*. est r vuten&y, io
���iiiii.'Muud iitiiien.l i'l���iiut in-ihe districts
through wht h -..il Railways aud branch
respectively |Mtss or will'p.���s; and to .-on
���true!,, acquire and operate works anil 11..111
to KSiierate anu supply bent, light ami olct-
tricityiu the said Ltitincts 1.111I else - bete i��
tbe   Province, anu tn di. use ol' such heal,
light and. luctricity: and 0 acquire auu holii
all kinds of 1e.1l .nd ertoual property, P.
gather wiih the   oner to ex ru, rials lauds
nd . II oilier powert and pri.il.gea lhat na.y
Iw uet-ft.si.ry, iiiei.ieiii..l or -Ivtaitageuut lu
the full oxercise ul the puwen nereiubefere
Dated thit Itihdsyof December, |R17.
Davis, _aIi*,h,.i.i., MaoN kill _ ABUiiTr,
-tMi-28 8ulicilort for Apl llcnnts.
E. A. I1AU-.KN
Notary Pnblle and fonvoyalircr.
Mining, Hani Kst.t* aad
Financial Ag.ut ....
Parcbawrs Obuinvl for Prospects and Developed Claimt.
.... Golden, B. C.
Group of two claima of gold-bearing quarts
in beat mineral diitrict of Eatt Kooteniy,
Assays un 101700 in gold. 1(1,11
Fcse* lease. '
Group of two gold claimt.  One ef tbe best
Iti ....
Dr. Agnew's Oiotmeot,
In  It   new
proposition, on tbe market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assays gavi about ftJOO
per ion. II
Interest in gold property in exchange for
develop tent work. a
Uro.tp of 10 claims, developed. Ko better
property In British Columbia. 1 j
well developed claim. Most promitlng
discovery in lhe Selkirks. Assays up to ���,'_ i
Oroiip ol seven claims in quarts country,
���Good average assays. 18
Group of 'onr ti.ll liud claimt. Copptr
rre carrying gold. S
Unt of best copper proper-let in Eitt Koal-
���nay. Kunller tett SI per ctnt copper, be.
���Mm gold. 8
Claim In on of best loeatiotis in Selkirki.
Cheaply worked. AiMyillliingiAl.tilvir
and copper. .   ��
l.'hoice gold property, partly freemllling.
Attayt up to i'm   Development work    '18
Two claimt in good location, -)uartscar
rying gold and copper. , 10
CLim idloiningknown goH properly.   81
Four claims in Yukon, nar Dawson City,
ground running up to 115 par pan. 8
TbrM claims taut Columbia Hirer. Big
ledirs. guhj[udeoppsr. 1
���Three cUini, de,eloped, attayt 888 in
gold, leet iocalion In tlvlklrks. 88
U<MqM-riirliAM,-mgri8KB. ��
Gold quirt! claim, developed, good laid.
utiyt to M8, 88
Two quirt! clilmi in convmtint poeltkn
""Fin claimi, Mppit indrld.-retntKIOi
tsn. 81
Thru quirti eltlau, 10 cub. working pro-
potltlon. m
n^e_lmltoi-*>ndvom.tr**.       I  IH
Oas-lhlrd uiuutMtlble Inte-Mtlndeveloireit
grout of claimi Mar Holden. S8
Silnrlasdmiiis. One of the largett In the
���'-   8M00IOM.ettisklocksd ont rndy
to thin, LecitlM convenient lo railway.
Pries. 8*00,000. . 40
Group ef then cliliii In Moyie dltlrlct.
Free milling gold svirsging f8l l-sr ton.
CwiaHwabWiirelopsiisl.    ,     ____     41
OftupuftwoeWniiitMoyJs.  Fres mill*
**  ^aWi MINES. "
The Great Pain Reliever
ie   ���*���������
Superior tp AU Others.
It relieves the piini and aches the
minute applied.   It Cures:���
Neuralgia, ���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Bruises,   .
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore. Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc,
Can he used Internally ai well U externally.   Hundreda testify to its
Magicst relief    Ho home ihould
be without it.
Sold by ill deilen.   25 ctt. 91to
Stable to Rent
Opposite thi Queen-t Hotel, Inquire it
Queea't Hotel for terms. Ask tor proprietor.
, 108-11
The British Columbia Hewiew,
Mining Journal snd Commercial
i.ecord.   Publithed In London,
Subicrlption, 82,60 per annum.   Subscription! ind sdverilienienti received by
! E. A. HAOOEN. Oolden,   -
Agent for Eaat Kooteniy.
For Sale
15 Tons Timothy Hay.   lOTontOitmHiy.
Dry Fire Wood lunplied In lengths to utt
ttovij) ind furnaces as required.
837 Ooldn.
The Imperial life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   ��1.000,000.
(250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   lor  Seourity
ot  Policy  Holders.
President���Hon, Sir Oliver Mowit.
Vice-Preideut-Joseph W. Flivelie, Etq.
, Msuaging Direc or���F. O. Cox.
E, A. Haoobn,
818 Agint, Golden, B.C.
Satisfaction or
Your Money Back.
In accordance with our advertisements to guarantee our workmanship
to the fullest extent and in every
particular, and as an evidence that
the Guarantee Card, which you will
find in the pockets of Shorey's garments, means what it says, if you are
and do not find it perfectly satisfactory in every
particular and wfll communicate your complaints
to us, we will see that you are satisfied or yonr
money refunded.
H. SHOREY & CO.,     -     Montreal.
Mfgs. of ���' Roady-to-Wsar" CMhlog.
... the rolunibia House,
A Strictly First Clsu Howl in Evirj Beipect.
Equipped with ill Modirn Conveniencei.
Beit Brandi of Liquor! and Cigari.  ,-
The Tabls is Second to None.
Ues.lqusrters tor Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. O.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred fi-ee.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cippw.
Rates $}.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
J_ot and Cold Baths.
Be ADLER, Prog.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
MsaatMtarers el 8Mb, Doors, Meqldlngi, Turned tad Sana Bslsstsrs,
���i'    Nswsl PwU, Hind Hills ind Breckiti.  All lists sf gists Is itoek,
Thi -schlne ml Blucksinlth Shop are prepared to do ill Mail of repair
m Men m possible.  iiliisM of I'lpe Fitting and BreMgo-dton blind.
Wigon repttir, FoIm, Bbafti, Axles, SpokM aad Fellow. Hickory and
Mania ���"������


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