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The Golden Era Jul 29, 1893

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Array ft?**
VOL. II   NO 52
12 Per Year
are a positive cure for ull cases of headache, whether
uei'vours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of price
3>  Cent*   Per   Box.
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Griant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, 13 C.
Now ready for business, ba3 been newly built
and newly furnished. The table is first class. The bar
is stocked with choice Wine's, Liquors, and Cigars.
W. McHeish, -  Proprietor.
Fort   Steele
will bo found a great convenience, as by it watches and
other repairs sent to W.  ALEXANDER, Donald,
will receive prompt attention.
Don't  Forgot The  Address;
Box 7,
IH Donald, B.C.
Watchmaker, Javi/sller & Optician.
W. Alexander,
Tim I'Vilornl Capital.
Ottawa, July 25. - Judge Bole, ol
Now Wostini lister, is hore on private
Sergt. Davies, 1st V.B.. Welsh regiment, won the Queen's Prize al Bislcy
with a seoro of *.'74. Capt. Boville,
Ottawa, witii 4 Ith, with a score of 25:1
the nearest any of our boys got to
John Bryson, Ml'., for Ponlia, left
for the Pacific coast last night
Hon. John Haggart and Chief Engineer Schreiber have gone to inspect
all the'St. Lawrence canal work now
under construction.
A, K. Blackudar, actuary of the
insurance branch of the Finance De
partment, is among the successful
honor candiditfes at the second year's
examination of the British Institute of
Hank KulIan..*.
The Indianapolis National Band and
j tbo Bank of Commerce of the same city
j both failed to opn this morning.
Tho Wisconsin Fire and Insurance
I bunk. Milwaukee, closed to-day.
The Merchants' Nrtional bank of
Louisville, Ky., suspended this morning und the National closed ils doors
The Fourth National bank, of Louisville, Ky., has closed its door*.- Vancouver World, July 25th,
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Liy lion s,
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supi lied on
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
"Startling Facts"
For men only, SENT FREE to anyone
'���Ontario   IlrajrgiNt,"
Golden, on the main lino ul' llie Caniidinn
I'liiilii- Railway, nt its connection with tlie
.Hteiiiiiliiint navigation ..t' the l ohiiiiliiii river:
the mineral iiiiiicuiiiiiioiTii.l centre of Eastern
llritish Coliuuliiiii lioiiilqiuirters of tlu Golden Smelling works, the Cpper 1 oliiinhi.-t
Xnvi^,.ti���n Co., .'.ml liuuber industry t the
outlet I'or the ������ i.lely ' known nnd 1'i.r
tinned agricultural nmi grazing It.uil ul' tin-
('oiiiinliiii ft Kooteni.v Vi.lleysi iinrivtilleil
for scenery of nil kinds; the liistribiiting
point for the richest niinoral country mi the
Mr. John McKay from Sinclair was
in town thiy week.
Mr. W. C. Slade left for the Upper
Country on Tuesday.
Mr. G MoOnbe returned on Thursday from the Upper Country.
Mr. Collins and wife, from Glasgow,
came in from the coast on Tuesday
Miss Brady came in from Cochrane
on Monday and proceeded to her home
on Tuesday's bout.
The'Government dredge, which has
been built here, was taken up the
river this weok.
Several prosecutors have gone up
river this week. Gold milling is assuming vast proportions here.
Mr. A. W. R. Markley, of Calgary,
insurance agent for the Confederation
Life Co., wus iu town this week.
Messrs. Askwith and Mel 'aim returned Iroin tlie coast on Monday last
and have had a very pleasant trip.
Goud copper ore mil an abundance
of it too has, we are informed lieeu
struck or  tho Canal Flat coppei mine.
Will Mr. N. Hanson be so good as
to oblige us by sending a few notes
concerning the development ou Wolf
Creek V
Tbero is a rush of gold seekers from
Donald to Quartz creek. Wo saw
some very nice colors from that locality
ibis week.
Among tbo visitors this week were
Henry M Dotij-lns, Innisfai1; A. B.
Townsend, Idaho ; H. J, Drown, Toronto.
The hospital subscription list was
sont in too late for publication this
week, but will be given in our next
Mr, and Mrs. Brewer, Messrs. Chas.
Cnrtwrigbt, and H. L. Cummins came
in on Thursday's boat from the Upper
Messas, AVells and Henderson returned from a prospecting trip to
Quartz Creek in the vicinity of Donald
ou Monday.
Mr. Geo. Alexander returned from a
trip up country this week and is much
pleased, in fact delighted with the turn
things arc taking.
No. 2 on Sunday was delayed for some
time by a wash out, which occurred
a little distance East of Iilecillewaet on
Saturday night lust.
General mining reports are good
throughout the camp and in consequence many people are coining ill to
investigate for themselves.
Mr. W. C. Bennett, from Field, and
wife, were in Golden this week. Mrs.
Beiu.ett left ou Friday's boat for
Adi'la on a visit to Mrs. Bargett.
The church services in St. Paul's
are growing very much in point of the
attendance, Last Sunday evening no
less than fifty-one people being present.
Thank you, Mr. Moodie! Tlie strawberries were excellent. We feelingly
speak in the past tense, and reluctantly
utter the words, "Sic transit gloria
Judge Rouleau, of Calgary. Mr.T.B.
H. Cochrane and D. Dick,Victorin,came
in Irom the Ensl on Thursday nnd left
for the Upper Country on Friday's
Mr. John Pratt undoubtedly has a
very prolific garden and knows bow to
look after it. The showing of potatoes
is indicative of a line soil and ample
returns for labor spent.
Work on the Wild Horse placer
works is going along nicely. Mr. McVittie deserves credit for the work be
is doing there. Mr, D. Griffith is also
doing it line in mining, so we bear.
Messrs. Phillips and Browne came
down as far as Windermere ou last
Monday's steamer, They will there
i look over it copper property for some
English people. AVc hoiie they will
strike it rich.
We bear there is nn agitation on foot
to stO|i thoStoney Indians form cum ing
into the shooting grounds up river.
This sort of thing should he seen to
without any delay. Another cnSJ for
the aiitbarities that be.
We hear there are some sports coming oil   at   Windermere   shortly, we
should be glad of a programme form i lie
committee and it little job work if they
have no objections.      Home  industry
I should be patronised.
!     We had the pleasure of  seeing some
i splendid looking concentrates from the
Thunder Hill mines this week.      Ir is
a fact that the mill is  now  running
regularly  and that the  whole of  the
machinery is working like oil.
Mr. John McRae is still busy on the
Jubilee Mountain, taking out copper
ore, which he intends shipping to
England this full.     The murage is 50
per cent copper. This will take a lot
of beating. Hurry up ye western
Mr. Stacey has also a very iino
potatoo crop in view. Last year this
gentleman drew from a iill feet square
patch, no less than seventeen bushels.
Ou lookimr around for crops of all
descriptions we conclude that the harvest will be a plentiful one.
The usual summer loafers are coming
in .lupidly. The poor fellows are in
most eases to be pitied, but to encourage them will be to increase the
number of shady characters in the
town. If they will work O.K., if they
do not want occupation, out with
The hospital subscription list was
only out Tuesday for a very short tiino
in the afternoon and about $200 were
added to tho list. If one day can do
so much, how much will seven do?
leaving alone Beaver, Donald, Upper
Country, Field, Palliser and other
Mr. D. Ker, one of the directors of
the Thunder H'll Mining Co., came
back from the mines on Monday and
left iu the evening on No. 1 lor Victoria, We are sorry that there was
uo time to interview this gentleman.
The steamboat and train made the
connexion rather too fine for our purpose and desire,
Mr. Allan Granger came back from
Fort Steele on Monday. He says that
there is considerable activity in that
camp and likely to continue. Up to
date 72 records have been made for
ISOil, as against last year from Jan.
1st to Dec. iilst, tliere were only liO.
This great increase speaks well for development in hand.
Rev. J. C. C. Kemm came in on No.
2 lust Tuesday. Hi leaves for the
Upper Country on an extended tour
visiting his purisbonersat Windermere
and Thunder Hill. Mr. Kemm leaves
B.C. in October next for the old country, to work in the Salisbury diocese.
He will remain there for a period of
about two years and hopes to return
at the expiration of same.
A s-ileii-liil Offer.
The Smelter Townsite company have
come forward splendidly in connection
with the hospital scheme now on foot
here. They have not only given a
good sum of money towards the erection of the building but also have
made an offer of 20 lots, free. The only
stipulation being that the selection is
not made ou the Fourth Avenue.
Great praise is therefore due this Co.,
ns well as thanks from the public and
"Minir.lE   BURNS."
A Company will be  Porn-eil Willi a
Capital of .:i(il).OOIi.
| Mr. John E. Askwith, who has for
s..cb along time been known as the
owner of the Bobbie Burns gold mine,
McMurdo basin, East Kootenay, has
returned  this  week  from  the   co.ist,
| where helms surceededin forming a syn��
dicate.i'omposel of some of the leading
milling men iu Victoria, with a capital
of tilOO,OtlO. The usual legal formalities have to be gone through, after
which active operations will take place
: on the mill which is now in position
on the mine.
Mr.   Dawson, C.E.,  is   at Hector,
looking into the matter of introducing
| electricity for the purpose of obtaining
1 power for   hauling   the trains   from
Field up the heavy grade of the big
bill.     Anothtr  electrician, has   also
been tliere recently  with Mr. Dawson
' for the sume purpose. JUtC (Tic-locn (iBvtt
The OOl.riEV ERA is published ovory
Saturday morning hi time to catch tlie east
an I west mail trains, also the nuiil for the
up i ir co uitry, Winder nore, Kurt Steele etc
It is the only advertising medium iu tlte Ke,.t
Konteuay district.
S ihs'orlpMiin Rates i 92.10 per amuiiii IN
A lvnrt.iso nants and changes must he in
the .1 lice not later than I-' a.Ill, un Thursday
to ins,ire iusertiuii.
A Ivortiseiiient rates made known on appli-
catioi' *o
All cash tu lie pal 1 tu the Manager, from
win, a the Company's receipt will beubtnhieil.
liie Gulden Era Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, JULY 2(1. 1893.
The Columbia & Kootenay Co.
Tlie Ureal  Mineral  IlcHOiirvu   uf the
Cam, .
Some little time since we bad the
pleasure of taking iu one of thus ��� very
enjoyable trips down the Columbia
river to Nelson and vicinity, which
cives such a change to the ordinary
routine of daily life and at the same
time impresses one with the marvellous
l-eiiuty of the water ways and mountains of the province. Nature bus
truly' been lavish in her bestowal >f
scenery combined with such a line
climate, each perhaps as tine as can bv
obtained in the world.
Starting from Golden on Friday
evening we arrive 1.after enjoying some
of the excellent p-eps available along
the line of tbeC.P R. and a sumptuous
supper nt the grand hotel "The Glacier
House," nt Revelstoke. Here ou the
evenings bofuri tin-sailing of the boats
for the south, there is unusual activity
and on our trip there was no exception
to this rule. Wj wero kin Uy invi'e.l
hy various hotel proprietors to visit
them for the night.anl go down to our
steamer in th i morning, but as th,
management of the boat is so good,
there is no necessity fir doing this
Tlio traveller can at his desire go on
board on arrival and once having
siuitrnd a good state room, he is comfortably stowcl away mil saved the
trouble of an early risi. 0 i arrival ou
board the Lytton, there was a tremendous hurrying, significant of good
traffic, this was ko,it up until about 11
p.m. when tho nia'e, a jovial sort of
a man declare I .everything O.K. and
the crowd of assistants engaged in
loading from thu curs of the railway
Co which run alongside of the steamers, very soon fo ind themselves iu
their r sting quarters,als > in the morning, after having ha I an exceelingly
comfortable bed and a good night's
rest, we were arouse I by tho welcome
sound of the bro.tkf.ist bell 11 the
saloon where there is ample accommodation for about 25 passengers to par
Nelson to Bilfonr. Pilot Bay. Ains-1 last
worth. Kislo. L'lrlo. and Duncan ;
and the Nelson to the same places, as
well hs from Nelson to Bonner's Ferry.
Alto-ethei'these steamers with thensnal
Hum her of sin iller craft, keep the trade
of the country, as far as freis-bt is
concerned pretty well on the move.
As we sailed on the Lytton. we know
more about  her than the other steamers and append the following: ���
Her indicated horse powei is 120.
Tlie   Captain   is   A. E.   LiniUust ;
Chief  Engineer, T. H. Hitherly ; 2nd
Engineer. J.  Church ;  Purser, G. W.
Catoii;   Steward, B. Toinkins :   Mate,
P. Wilson;  Pilot. Cape. Smith.     Besides th wo she can rios  two  waiters,
three   cooks,   two   firemen   and   nine
seamen.     The freight rales from Revelstoke to  Nakusp are  8 > per ton, and
from Rvolstoko to R duo i M por toil,
The  passenger rate  is $o from Revelstoke.  to  R ibson. a   distance of   154
miles,     After having got fallly on tht
way, our eyes were  open to the magnificence of the scenery, at ono minute
we are iu the river, steaming along in
close proximity to  mountains, forests
and   creeks, and   then   we   Suddenly
emerge   from this   an I  outer tho like
������Upper Arrow."    We cruise along for
many many   Hides, disturbing   waters
.vbic.li until  the  Lytton's arrival, resemble I a  big  mirror, the mountains
are now a considerable distance on the
right and left uud most of the scenery
is   changed.      Tne capping of   snow
however   is distinct   and  rather   too
much  so for  the   month ot July, lor
usually   at this   period  of   the year it
has all   ills ippeared,      Tne   usual on
icck scene is iii hand, strangers become
friends   through   the   medium   of   a
.riendly pipe an I may we say it, "a wee
drup of the national drink."  Convers.i
tion is  turned   from  one   subject to
another, all bearing ou the same tiling
viss., the great mineral   wealth of  British   Columbia.      At   about mil-day
Nakusp   is   reached,   this is a  pretty
spot, situated on   the   South   East  of
the  Upper, Arrow  lake, facing it and
such   a water   way   too  as  is rarely
witnessed.     Nakusp is a young town,
but  a  promising   one, the site is we
may say,perfect.    The C.P.R. are said
to have decided  to bring their railway
system   into this   place, pass  through
i be Puss and tap  the Slocan  country,
if this  is correct, we sheul I say that
Nakusp   will   shortly   become  a big
town,  just  hs  many  otliers have already done in the neighborhood.    The
Hotels  noticeable from the boat when
passing Nakusp aro the Lelaud  House
Madden House and Hotel Nakusp, also
the post o.Hoo an I   Bjjzj Bros, store.
Toe   freight  landed   was   princ p.illy
nails, shewing that, extensive mulling
is  contemplated, uu I   111 my b UTdls uf
lieer.   Will our readers lu surprised to
bear that  the  freighters removed tlie
boor to the town Iii stand nails second.
So much fur tho wisdom uf ye Nakusp-
From Nakusp to Forks of Carpenter
Creek it is Hi miles, an I fro u the former, after passim* through the Piss to
Slooitn Like, you connect for New
Douver by steauur, w.iich leaves daily
at 5 p.m.
From Nik'i*i;i. N:w Dower is roach
our journey is at nn end as far ns tain, each and all will probably con-
tho Lytton is concerned for R lhson is tribute their share to the mining
reached nnd here we take the C. & K. I future of tho country, Accross the
train which enrrys ns to Nelson, a hills, from the wagon road, is to he
distance of about 28 miles. The seen the work of construction in con
Scenery along this branch is really I neofjon with the Nelson &. Fort, Shep-
exoeedingly grand. Leaving the Co-! herd railway, which will run in from
lumbia we folio v the Kootenay, a Spoka-ne. With this, the mines stio-
rongb tbo' magnificent bit of water,'cess; and the many .projects in band,
into which many small rivers are con-' Nelson is sure to be a pretty fine place
stiintly   flowing   and   adding   to the ! one of these odd days.
beauties of the spot. At about 10
p.m. Nelson is reached, and for the time
our abiding place. Ou arrival at Nelson
we found the town was en fete, horse
racing b id been the order of '.be day
(Dominion) and many were Hush with
excitement  over   their   winnings and Itial wlli��1' is ".viiig  the officer of the
o'tnt of loss-s.     We i battleship Victoria, Capt. Bouiko ro-
(Contlimed next week.)
Admiral Tryon A'ltnlttt-il His Itliintlor
I Ilfl'uru   Going   D.JWIl.
V.ilotta, July 2i.--Iu thecourt innr-
more, soro on ace.
wero met at the depot by the usual
b'lss'-s it'll porters siokin,' customers. Wj settled on the Phair nnd
were please I with the selection. The
Hotel Plialr is run on .-ml lines by
tho managnr: Mr. E. Pnair, a little
man with a big mini, ready at all
times to please bis friends.
T i *re are how iver several nice hotels
in N'lsri. nil doner ring of mention.
The I iterniitioiiiil and Victoria being
two we noticed in particular. Nelson
is a very nice town, well situated on
the side of the Like. There are many
natural advantages and many points
neeling improvement, hit in all small
places there or> the sanr- " wantings"
with s toll an energetic lot of citizens
this will come. There an many good
stores in Nelson, two newspapers, and
some nice j'lweller shops, the chief of
which is the o ie owned bv our old
friends from D maid, Hint & Dover.'
D iring o ir short stop iu this town we
met. many very kind people, all anxious
to give any infer nation which was in
their power, We have to thank the
Gold Co'nm'ssiouer,Ciipt. Fitz-Siubbs.
for his kindness in particular and for
the very pleasant interview norm it ted
by him. S.ich able government agents
are invaluable to the industry of which
In is the bead in West Kootenay.
The Captain's flower garden was a
picture an 1 the button hole prosmted
11 very smart one. Mo-tsrs.Ohadburn &
Jowett too, wero very glad to impart
any information concerning the country, and Mr. Rebvieh of the Miner
entertained us right, well. The resi-
dett mining engineer and nssayer, Air.
M. S. Davis, was a busy man, but not
too much so to show us many line
specimens obtained from the neighborhood. We met many obi friends and
reuewel many acquaintances, Messrs.
Frank Fletcher, W. L. Drewry, E.
Walton, and 0. G. Diunis being
amongst them. 0. G. is looking well
and shews plainly that 11 Doctor may
be mistaken at times in his judgement
of his patient's vital force.
The Silver King 011 Toad Mountain,
f),500 ft. high. To reach this we started
iromNolson accompanied by Mr.Palmer
& Mr. Hooker. The mine now so famous
is only about two hours ride by wagon
roa I from Nelson. When we arrived
we found a pretty thick covering of
snow, but managed to see enough of
the nature of the ore, to convince us
that it was good stulT. As far us the
quantity is concerned thoro need
lie   no   doubt    as    too   many    well
el, this is situated 0:1 Slooan Like, known experts have leported on it and
tiki* of in nils, we fo't ud a great ninny I across whic'i we hive Carpenter favorably, for it to need any opinion
hungry ones, they  h waver so >n wero I creek,  through  which source and by I '">"> ���������� There are several b.111 died tons
sinned hislestiinoiiy to-tiny. He said
that ho became awae of a collision
almost directly tbo Victoria began to
turn. He did not think that Staff
Commander Hawkeus-S.iiith had ever
been consulted by Vice-Admiral Tryon
in regard to thu manoeuvres, indeed
nobody had been consulted. When
Vice-Admiral Tryon hoisted his ling
on the Victoria it was customary 10
use a thirty degree helm. Vice-Ad-
miral Tryon altered this to 2N degrees.
Lord Gillford, flag lieutenant of the
Mediterranean squadron testihed that
after the collision V.ce-Admiral Tryon
said to him : --'It, was all my fault.''
Staff Commander Hawkins-Smith
also gave evidence showing that Vice-
Admiral Tryon took upon himself the
responsibility for the disaster. The
Staff Commander said that imnielintely
after the Ctinperlown rammed the
Victoria, the Vice-Admiral said to him :
"It was entirely my doing, it wns
entirely my fault."
Continuing Capt. Bourke said that
had the V.ce-Admiral been aft lie certainly would not have sent to nsk *ier-
missioii to alter tlie speed of the ship.
When asked to explain how it was
that the signal for '-six cables" was
flying after the Vice-Admiral had virtually assented to "eight cables,"
('apt, Bourke replied that it was after
Staff Commander Hawkins-Smith had
left the cabin that the Vice Admiral
11:111 ounce I Flng-nontenant Gillford and
ordered him to signal "six cables.''
This orler Cipt. Bourke believed was
a written one. Al-ont !10 seconds
elapsed between Capt. Bnurke's lust
appeal, and the reversal of the port
screw by the V.co-Admiral's order.
Bitisli-I. T 10in;n:i was excellent an 1 which coii'iec.tioa o:i tha pirt of the
the steward with his ever watchful Canadian Pacific, they will be assured
eye was a safe guirl against anyone|of the bulk of the miiier'il production
bjing nejlectod, bit iu this res.uct of the El lorido of the West. What
then was not any kick coining ou Canada wants is the treitinoiit of her
iioooiint of the nttentiou an I politeness own ores, why sloull tiny all ba
of the two waiters. Uhippel  into tho States, whm nature
After having male a good meal, we a:id anteC'irlse e> n'linel will assist in |
becuno in - ils.tivo and strolled up to\ bringing them our way '( ]
of rich argentiferous copper ore on the
dump ready for treatment. The position of tbo property and the surroundings make it altogether one perhaps,
of the most promisin mines iu the
country. Tlio English Co. bus, we
hear, been Hunted to work this and
adjoining claims' 'Ihe capital is
-pl.i'iUO.OUU, enough when handled by
such good men  as those named in the
the office of the purser, Mr.  G.   W.      L3.1vi11gN.knsp  wo again blow the
,,,,.,.,,.,, , 11 .   .,     prospectus, to  warrant a  permanent
Catoii,  who  gave us  tlio   following  whistle which moans a farewell to the j     .
information which  may bo useful and  various stow keopors and hotel ki-epers
I and Rreat success.   The opening np of
Ilrltaln Intereatnil.
London, July 21���Further questions
were asked in the House of Commons
yesterday in regard to the Siamese
troubles. Sir Edward Gray, parliamentary secretary of foreign office,
replied in behalf of the government.
He rehearsed the events that have
occurred in Siam since the relations
hot ween that country and France had
b-eome strained, and said that the
British government had neither such
sufficient nor precise information as
would enable it to form a conclusion
as to the merits of the conflict. Sir
Edward added that the only part of
llie French ultimatum to Siam which
concerned Great Britain was that relating to territorial arrangements
between France and Siam. Tho government had determine.] to send Lord
Dnfferiii, the British ambassador * to
France, back to Paris with A view to
securing an immediate exchange of
views with tho French government ou
this point. The matter would lie conducted iu an amicable spirit.
Tlio Money  Question.
New York, July 21. -The World
ib.s morning prints the replies it has
received from governors nnd U. S.
senators of every state south of Mason
and Dixon's line nnd west of the Mississippi river for a statement of their
views upon three questions, viz.: No.
1.���Whether or not. they favor the
repeal of the Sherman law. No. 2.
What measure should be substituted
for the Sherman law if they do not
favor its unconditional repeal. No. 8.
Whether or not the extra session of
congress I'hould enact tariff legislation.
R.plies were not received to all queries
iH'causo many of the addresses were
taking their vacations at places beyond
telegraphic communications, but so far
as they have lieeu henrl from not a
single southern or western governor or
U. S. senator favor the Sherman law
out and out. Some of the southerners
favor its unconditional repeal and all
are willing and many anxious that it.
should be repealed conditionally but
they do not agree as to what should
be substituted for it. Nearly all the ���
western and some of the southern
statesmen favor the absolute free coinage of silver. Several of them refer
vaguely to a gold conspiracy and
other condemn the crime of 1R78. when
lver wns demonetized.' Several of
the replies from Republicans a** well as
Democrats, favor tariff legislation by
the special session, but most of them
say the tariff question has been
dwarfed by the financial problem and
ought to lie left alone until congress
could and should deal with bo*,h questions nt once.
A Strike Inovltltb] ���.
London, July 21 -Action was taken
to-day by tho represjutuiives of the
coal miners that renders a prolonged
strike an absolute certainty. The con-t
fereuce of tho Miners' Federation at
Birmingham yesterday appointed a
deputation to meet the representatives
of the Mine O.vners' association. Tue
meeting was held in this city to da,-,
and was fruitless of un amicable ngr.M-
inent. Benjamin Pickurd, M.P., vice-
president of the Miners'National union
refused either to accept a reduction of
wages-twenty-live per cent., or one
penny���or to submit the question to
arbitration. The mine owners, he
said, iu giving notice of their intention
to make a 25 |ier cent cut in wages had
thrown down tlie gauntlet and war
WUS inevitable.
M3to>l Ueport.
We arc indobtel to the Engineering
and Minin,- Journal of New York for
tho following quotations : ���
New Yokk. July 14, 1H93.
Silver. The demnnd for silver for
shipment-has been very large
for conntrics other than India.
Tlie supply has heen increased
as the mints declined to buy.
Prices. Loudon 8,'tjjd., New York
Copper. Market inactive at 101c. per
lb. G.M.B.'s in London ��43 to
��'48 7s. (id.
Market has been irregular although tliere is very little of it
to be had and smelters are Arm
in their ideas and hold back expecting prices to lie higher. Wo
have to quote 3.60c. to o.(J2c.
per lb.
The II In*.
Chicago, July 21 - Ciirliott wns seen
Ho gritted.
Vlrdcn Chronicle : A pious old citizen of Mooaomin went to the railway
sentiou the other dav lo see his daughter off. Securing hor a seat, he passeil
out of tho car and went around to the
car window to ��ny a parting word.
While he was passing out the daughter
at the fair to-day nnd said : " I agree' left the sent to speak to a friend,nnd 111
to abide by Mitchell's choice, nnd ns he'the same time a grim old maid took
has selected the Chicago club I have no tho sent and Inoved tip to the window.
therefore worthy of publication. j of the town and procjed 0.1 our way to [ J*'8 Cl"np ** Toult Molin,ftln'w"1 *,ve,�� j objections to make.   1 suppose the W5- j Unaware of the important change he
The  steamers of   the Columbia ft the narrows, pissing these wo enter | Nelson such an impetus as tnut wll,chr |c00 purse caught Mitchell.   He is after! hurriedly put his head up tothe window
I the Anaconda mines did to the town of I
Kooten iv Co iipnny are .numerous and another Into, tin Liwor Arrow.   Scill .
consist of tho Columbia, which  plies gliding along wo re.toh  F.re Valley, ���     '
,'     , '.   1 _.      Z.   , �� .  1 very rich in  silver aud copper,
North. Port;   the.D.-er Par.-, etc., all   scenes en route, Kootemli chief has similar ore,
the biggest purse.    I um going to train ' and said : "One more sweet kiss, pet.'
The  Silver King <>������������' nenvTthfi city.   Brady, when iio signed'In another instant the point of a cotton
The I".""" A ". 1    1 .*_li.i��..    .���    1��. 11 umbrella was thrust from the window,
from   Rjbson   to   North. Port;   tl^D.-er Park, etc., all   scenes en route. %������ chief'has'sTiuiiaT ore!     The,the Coney ,8l""d ,?' 9t,P��� j followed by  the wrathful injunction:
Lytton aud Iilecillewaet i'rom Rovel- which aro worthy of mora attention [ <jrtaiiy,  Dandy    and   several  other <!,ftt   ,he  matter would   ''e8t   Wlth  "Sjnt you grey-headed wretch!"   He
stoke to Robsonj   the Spokane from  thiiu that which  we  fatve given,  at  claims are situated on the same mouuj Mitchell. |s��ated. Hull Nuggets.
One of the largest and most remarkable nuggets ever found was discovered
in an Australian mine in 1S77. It is
flat and almost the exact counterpart
in contour of a colossal human hand
held open with the exception of the
thumb and forlinger, which were closed
together iu a manner so as to make it
appear thu" the thumb was holding
1 he linger iu place. Its greatest length
was 124 inches, and its greatest breadth
S inches, says an exchange. It was of
the very poorest gold, with but liitle
of foreiirn substance adhering (mostly
between the 'lingers") an I weighing
(117 ounces. The famous "Lady
Brassy" nugget, also found in Australia, weighing 51 pounds of pure
(,'old, worth #225 per pound. 11 lrlHl
ii nugget of 15 pounds weight, shaped
exactly like a cross, with the exception of the right arm, was discovered
in the Buriss mine near the same place.
I.trimlowiie anl Silver.
Denver, Col., July 21.-Tho Rocky
Mountain News to-day prints two
letters, one from S r Moretou Frewn,
of Loudon, to one of the editors of the
News, and one other from Lord Laus-
downe, vicer i) of I ilia, iu which it
appears, according to statements of
Lord Lansdowne, that India suspended
free coinage of silver at the time it did
because the silver tone of the American
eastern press, left no doubt under his
inind t lat the U. S. congress woul I,
as soon as it assembled, repeal the
Sherman Purchasing act, and India
fiund it necessary to be beforehand
with the closing of its mints. This is
an Important addition to the history
oi tlie great financial controversy now
convulsing the world.
Dumlnlon Notes.
Geo. H. Bissionette, of Sharbot
Lake, has assigned with liabilities
of 822,000.
Mrs. Bolster, widow or the late
Lauiicelot Bolster, manager of the
Toronto water works before they were
taken over by the city, is dead, aged
The date for the opening of the
Royal Victoria hospital, Montreal, has
not been definitely fixed, but it is
expected that the institution will be
ready for the reception of patients
about Ihe middle of S ptcniber.
A fanner mimed Bastine, of Maski-
moiige county. Que., was mowing witli
a machine, when bis only child, a boy
four years old, was sitting iu the hay,
whom he did not know to lie tliere,
was struck by the machine and had
his head cut off.
The following arrangement has been
made with the Imperial government
respecting the Esq u iin alt lortlllciitions:
The Canadian government will purchase tho sites, furnish n fixed sum of
money to I bo Imperial government,
and fortifications nnd sub-marine
works are to be constructed by the
Imperial government, The sum of
*75,000 has already been voted by the
Dominion parliament, but a further
amount will be asked next session.
Down With Hiah Prices For
Electric Belts.
$1.55, S2.05, *:i.70; former prices ?o, $7,
810. Qiinlty remuins the same���10 different styles; dry battery nnd acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than naif
the price of uny other company and more
home testimonials than all tlie reet together. Full list tree. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER AS CO. Wo dsor, Ont
$nsin?9S Grm*i��*.
Hon, j, A. LouaiiEED, Q,C.
G. S. McCAltTBIt.
fiitugheetl  &  Slrilartcr,
iWristoi'8, Advocates, Solicitors   Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank of .Montreal.
CAMtAitv, - N.W.T.
Members Assocn.'D.L.S, & I'.h.s. for ll.C.
SURVEYORS, ( ivil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc Ciilgiiryiuul New Westminster, Coi'i'ospoiuloui e solicited,,
K.J.Ji.imsiin, |l.l..S���l'.l..s. of lu.'. &Ont.
CAbfiAltv, Alba.
A. O. Wni'GU'it, D.I..S. Ik !M���s. of 11.0.
Nl'IW WliST.MINsriilt  ll.C.
MrCnrtliy   &    Iturvi-y,
Pnrristers, Advuctes, Notaries, Kc.   Sulici-
tui-.s tin-:
dim liiipci'i���l Dunk of Caniiihi,
'I lie Clill.lllll I'ei'lliauelit l.uali & SllvillgsCo,
'I li. Yorkshire l.u.-ni iv tjeciiiiiiosl orj-oriitloil
The aliiaaoy I boils Lo, (Udj.olc, etc.
OlHces   'Sieplieii Avouiie, Lidgiiry,
i'. .\l,:(.',iiii'iiv, q.v.
Qqi.iibn      -      -      -     ll.C.
Oulekallvor Mining.
Mercury or quicksilver is one of the
so-called noble mentis, and is remarkable as being the meal that is fluid at
ordinary temperature. It is of a silvery white color, with a striking
metall c lustre. When pure it runs in
small spherical drops over smooth surface, but when not pure, the drops
assume an elongated or tailed form,
an,, ofieu leave gray slain ou the surface uf glass or porcelain
In California are huge deposits of
mercuiy or quicksilver. 11 the Inst
century Mexico was almost entirely
dependent upon Spa in and Peru for the
quicksilver needed for the amalgamation process. As this process was
indigneous to Mexico nnd was also a
national industry peculiarly suited to
her resources, it was felt to be specially
desirable that quicksilver mines should
be developed on her own soil.
It woulu lie supposed that wilh their
natural acuteness in mineralogy and
sharpened by a promised reward on
every hundred weight of the metal
produced, it would have been sooner
discovered, but it was not uiitill lute in
1S45, when Andreas Castillero, a
Mexican officer who was on his way lo
Sutter's Fort, passed through Santo
Clara. The ore was shown to him by
Indians who used it, in the crude
state, to paint their huts and missions.
Cassillero experimented with tho ore
and tested it, found out what it wns
and laid claim to the property as a
mine. Work was begun almost immediately under Castilleros' direction,
gun barrels Ileitis; used for retorts.
These insignificant reduction works
have grown to very imposing .dimensions, but the cro in sight is no longer
so satisfactory. This is known us the
New Ahnadeii mine, near San Jose,
Cala. The Guadalupe mine is also
near Custillero's big find.
Most Hoi-rlblo Puts.
Wilkesbnire, P,'.., July 23, There
was nn explosion in No. 4 shaft of tlie
Kingston Coal company,Elwardsville.
yesterday afternoon. Agansrof men
were at work driving the slope when a
naked limp came in contact with n
large holy of uns. The shock of the
explosion tore away the ti in hers,
s iinsued mine cars nnd horribly burned
three men and a boy who is not expected to recover. The injured are: -
Win. Jones. Martin Brenmiu (driver
boy), Beuj. Wilson, Patrick Malia. A
rescuing party iu charge of Si eriu-
teiident Roser went to the assistance
of tlie victims, who were hurriedly
brought to the surface. The flesh
upon young B.oi.ii,in and William
Jones was literally cooked and presented a sickening suht.
niJUiPl C? Iivilliiii:ill|-lti:i:)nnreceipt
1 i III i LE.*\ of ii *i stump, n rceoipo lor n
simple VE'iETAHI.E HALM tll.t will remove I'liu. FreeMc*. IMt,ivies. |ti���*<.1,i>*.
llliickliemls, etc.. leaving the skin suit,
clear anil beautiful. Address A. 1). STEM-
PEL, IK) Aim St., Now York.
" II Is worth the pe're to ever" person
whn even mads a MWapap- r."���Darlington
SI. I',..    V. C. 13.,
Reports on Mines & Mineral Properties
20'i Al.liEKT Si'., Oi'I'awa.
Assoti, Mem, Inst. C.E.
CopiiitAXE, Ai.da.��� Fr. Steele, B.C.
(Uriiilnato of Laval ami McCill.)
MlNift'M    JMJa'HaBa'jBKB.
Head Office, QuniiEti;   Branch  Offices
SlIEItlillOUKE, & 17 Place d'Alines
Hill. MoNl'lil'.ll..
Analytical Che-iil it & Ac-ayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1S92     ASSAYIlil TO TUB        8112
British Columbia Government
of all speoi-aea? sunt froTi the Proving to
ban:c Or Montreal.
Interest nt Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Maxaiikii.
-ivory U Feed "tables,
daddl3 Horses for Hire.
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Pr'nier for the uae ot Repnrtcm,
Correapondenia anil i'opr Choppers.
Short, aimple and practical ri'lea for
maklnir ami wiiilnu newipats r ropy,
and of-nuil value tn all nl.o with to
write correct Envilib.
Sent on m. Int. of p-lre   P Iff, 10 rents
pr ony.   ALLAN HiRVAN, l'ubllahct
117 Nassau Street. New York,
U'li.l.ttil <I ll.-tttil
iningS Smelting
CO (Limited)
Gold, Silver fi Lead Ores,
For full particulars apply to
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDiM.   E. C.
| J. SMART & CO. |
J     Undertakers and
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Thos. Fry,
Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alba.
IVorkninn-t'iip (>uni-ii-it<>i>-|  tfecoirl   to  Xonc  in the Xortli
W��*��t TfrritoriPM.
Job    Dcpeirtnncr|t
_:o:��� OF ��� :o:���
|j    Onlgary
Private advices to Montreal shi|ipnrs
nnnounee that the Yorkhill market at
Glasgow will be in future o|ien to receive Canadian cattle. This will do
away with the trouble caused by Canadian animals being sent to another
market or removed from the centre of
COPYRIOHT8,   ato.
For Information ami fres Handbook write to
ML'.N'X & CO., Slit lliiiiaiiH'AT. Nkw VuIIK.
0'���lii!.t bureau for eerurinif patents In America,
Ever? patent taken out tiv ua In lirniiirlit lipfnro
tie public by a uoiice siven tree of oliurgo in tlie
Scientific ^m^iau
Lanreat clmnlntlon of anr tclentlBe papa in tho
world. tM-lendidlr llliutrated. No intelllaein
man shoiikt be wittiout It.   Weekly, mil. III! a
(oar: tUnix montii.   A.ldrc"�� >if!NN .1 ill.,
eausuois, 3tH llroadwar, .New Verk f.'Ur.
TCI.EOIIAPII   OllllBltfl   riiii.MITI.V
Hajaziaa At Thunder Hill
, GO per cent: No. 2, in im-i- coul.
For Doop Work nmi lllowlirff Up Stumps
T-rr-t StH-fly V:%-*h.
THUNDBR Hll.l. M'b. Co.,fUM.)
Aitoiit.  Ill'.l'iir Killiet Co.
pioiVEEii r.ivr shop. ;
Il'yuii nniit ymir lionso Pnlntcd, Pitnereil
��� or I'als il. ��� r iniv kllHl ol nsiirn I'liiulril
jivrltetn.l. II. .MII.I.WAI.'II. CAMIAIIV.tlie
l.i'ii.lhifr I'liinl Simp iu tlio west, for R.ioil
| Work mill prii'i'i, tlii.l tne riftlit. I
,x^- H. Connacher, Proprietor.
KpwI.v relltled and ful'iiislieil. StrVtlv FIRST
CLASS in every reaped, Sample Rooms for
Connneroial innn. Fire-proof safe for convpiiionce
of quests. Ho i lipnirters for inlilllix men and
miners, Con von loin to Station and Steamboat
Lnnding. Dlrecl importer and wholesale and
retail denier in AVincs. Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from ti,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C. '..   V-
��� \
Stationers, Booksellers,
AX i Sr.WHliEM.EllS.
CAL3ARY      -        ALBA.
Our Fort Steele friends are coining
out. Ou Friday, August 25th, they
aro going to have a race meeting anil
distribute in the way of prizes about
SHOO. The program mo is as follows :
1st. 2nd.
One mile horserace, open.. 840 Sir,
(100 yards       " "  ..    40       lo
1100    ���' '��� " ..    25       10
450    "   Hurdle   Race,   8
flights     30       10
Saddle Horse race     25       10
Entries 10 p.c. of purse.
Hurdle Race, (every  other
hurdle)     15 6
Wrestling on horseback ...     10 u
Cigar II.ice      15 a
luO yards foot race      15 5
Pack Horse Kace      10 ii
Slow Race     15        5
Races to start at 1 p.m.  punctually.
F. P.   Norbury,  J.   Hannay,   R.   D.
Mather, C.  Lovett,  V. H.   Baker
A. W. McVittie, M. Phillipps,
C.M.Kdivards, Soo-Treus.
abundant. The floral decorations were
superb, supplied from tlio gardens of
the ladies. Tho programme consisting
of readings by Messrs. Ross and Hun-
Only ii Falte of Cnurso.
Washington., July 25 ���A rumor
reached Washington to-night that tho
arbitrators in tho Beliring Sea con-
between   the   United States
gerford, and singing by Mr. J. Watson  troversy
to tlio accompaniment  of   Miss Ross,'and Great  Britain, who have been in
Ross gave session at Paris since March listening
to arguments in  the case, had decitled
Navigation- ft a
& Tram Way vl/i
wero all well received.    Mr
a Scotch reading  which elicited much
merriment   from the audience,     The
ladies of the   congregation  are  to be
congratulated   on     their     successful
llouiil I C tui't.
Thero were several minor cases heard
before Judge Spinks at Donald on
Thursday the27th hist., none of which
would bo of much interest to our readers. There was one however which is
of groat importance, concerning as it
does the mining interests of the camp :
The International Has a Clear
and tliis is the important decision arrived at, Cham McKay's claim that ho
had a kind of an interest in the property wns struck out an I ho cannot again
interfere with the mine or its sale.
The only bourse open to him is to take
proceedings in a civil court against
Archie McMurdo, if he thinks he has
any money co uing to him. Therefore
to buy this gold mine does not mean
purchasing a law suit, as has so often
been stated. T ip public are delighted
with the Judge's decision,
Crmitironlc Est.-tto Co., Llinttti '.
Registered by Webster & Hague, 7
Southampton St., Blootnsbury S-.-tiare,
W.C.. with a capital of ��'.0,'i.'>0 in
11000 ordinary and '150 founders' shares
of ��10 ami ��1 each respectively. Ob.
ject, to acquire the Cranbrook Estate,
situate in the East Kootenay district
of British Columbia, in accordance
with an agreement niailo between the
Hon. J. Baker of the one part and this
company of the other part, aud to develop aud turn tho same to account.
Tlio Ilo-iplt'll Subscription List.
The committee, are now anxious for
the co-operation ot all those who aro
interested in this good cause. The
government has transferred the '"Her
they made to our Donald friends in
this mutter, (owing to the inability of
the citizens there to comply with the
stipulations) to Golden. Golden and
her neighbours have now assumed the
responsibility of erecting the hospital.
This assumption means $1,000 in hard
cash from voluntary sources, which
we hope will lie at once furthcoming,
then the committee will lie able to
wcrk with a free hand and greater
confidence, speaking of the committee, they should lie reminded that
'���Procrastination is the thief of time,"
a continual putting off of business in
connection with their duties will not
assist the cause, but rather act in the
reverse way. This week we open the
list and shall bo pleased to add to it
week by week the nanus of those who
make au offering no matter how small.
The Tliuiuler Hill Nine.
Things generally this winter and
spring have la-eu impeded, ou account
of the unusual severity of the weather,
aud iu this way the Thunder Hill has
come ill fur ils share of hardships.
We hear however from the manager,
Mr. Jus. Brady, M.E., that the con-
central ing works ine now fairly started for steady work and that further
delay is not looked for. The machinery
is doing its work in a satisfactory
manner and the mine is in first class
sliu|H' and cati f rnii.li any quantity of
ore required. Outsiders confirm the
shove condensed report anil say that
the plain is one of the nirest ever seen ! Bowdeu, Capt. Law ; Lochel, dipt,
for the purpose ".sod. This mine is so, Barrett; and Lord Touiplcinor.', Capt.
well situated o.i the side, ono might I Walker. The Piumorearrived here on
say of tlio Upper Columbia Uiku. that July 17th, nnd the C.ty of Athens, aud
u I soon as l hero
reudy   lo be
in favor of the United States. No
confirmation nor denial of the report
ootilil bo had hero to-night, as Second
Assistant Secretary Adee, who is in
charge of the state de uirtment in the
absence of Secretary Gresham, is nt
his country place in Maryland. It
was learned, however, that some of the
officials of the department, did not
leave the building until "I o'clock this
evening, which may or may not be of
significance in this connection. But
little credence was given to the minor.
Washington, July 25���The Treasury
purchased 107,500 ounces of silver at
(10.G0 cents per ounce.
Tlie Elopers Hunril  From.
San Francisco. July 25. -Arthur
Turner, whoeloped from Victoria with
Mrs, Locklutid P. Jamieson, arriving
in San Francisco on Sunday last, has
disap|ieared with his companion.
When Turner was informed that
Jamieson was probably in San Francisco looking for him. he said he was
not iu the least afraid of the Victorian.
Mrs. Jamieson says she will marry
Turner as soon as she obtains a divorce
from her husband.
Traiaway from C.P.R. Golden to Columbia River.
Sirs. DUCHESS & HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Had Lake and Upper Colombia Lake.
to PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Colombia Lake and KboteVuy River.
" GWEN D0LI imon Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stage Line fro a Uppw^olumbia take to Fort Steal*.
Thrsilny mid Men. I*--01
Wed. ami Sun.
1.11 a
I .Miles
| from
| Ooiden
I Fare ,
I from I
. Duchess leiivo
"    nrrivo 3 2 00
"   I   5 00
Windermere " "   l
Ailola "        ���'   I
Tramway leave
Thunder Hill, a. Pertiirr.
Canul Flat, . - " |
" Stuj-o loavo
Wasa "        |
Furt Steelo "        ]
7 0)
���7 00
ii m
���a oo
Tuesday and Friday 7: 0
Wed. nmi Saturday 10*00
llfBK's .Monthly Uulde to B.C.
Is now to hand. Tlie work is good,
prices better and contents best. Publishers, T. N. Hibben & Co., Victoria,
I'roabyterliin 1'llllKll.
Service will be held in the school
house to-morrow, nt 2:,'Ji o'clock.
London, July 2!. -At tho Goodwood
race meeting the first, race for the
Steward's cup, was won hy Henry
Milner's filly Me.lora, Man's Marly
2nd, Nobsou's Quebec Ilrd.
Paris, July 21. - It transpires that
the reports current yesterday that the
French government had notified the
various powers "of its intention to
blockade the coast of Siam were premature. No such notification has
been officially addressed to the powers.
Our Cuttle In Enfflanil.
Toronto, July 25. - The following
special cable from London appears in
this morning's Globe: At Deptford
to-day 800 Canadian animals were
cleared. Trade wa:i steadier and the
best beasts made 4s. 2d., to 4s. 4d.,
per eight pounds ; second class sold at
as. od. to as. lOd.
IIIII FIiv East.
Long Island. N.Y., July 22.-Two
blocks of buildings in this city were
destroyed by fire early this morning.
The new St. Mary's Roman Catholic
church, just completed at a cost of
$110,000. is totally destroyed. The
parsonage was one of the first buildings
to go. It was thoroughly gutted by
the Haines and the costly new parochial
school which bad never been used was
also destroyed. The flames started in
Gray's refrigerator factory on 4th
street, and spread rapidly through the
irge stock of dry timber. A southeasterly wind carried the flames and
the whole block bounded by Jackson
avenue on the west, by Vernon avenue
and 4th on the south, and by 5th
street on the north was in flumes.
Over 100 fumilies are homeless and
there is n total property loss of $800,-
Freight Rates to Fort Steele, Canadian Freig-tu oiassiflcatlon.
A   Class 1 & 2   S-'UO
B       "     a, 4, 5, &G   $2.25
C       "     7, 8.9, & 10   $1.50
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steelo - 4 cents per lb. nnd 2 p. c. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per II). and 1 p.c. "
:m.   b.  LANG,:
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Rveoril liii-iiker.
New York, July 22. - Once more the
superb ocean greyhound City of Paris
has broken the record from Southampton and earned her title to be queen of
the seas. She not only broke the
record from  Southampton, healing the
toQueenstownis practically finished.  ,imo of t))e Fue)st  Bismarck, but she
The five vessels that took  part in the
race were all British.     They were the
bark   Piumore, Capt.   Maxwell;  and
ships City of Alliens, Capt. Morrison ;
The Lung Ocean Ititec Over.
Queen8town, July 25 -The long distance ocean race from San  Francis/o'
are uny  coneonlratos ��� Lochel arrived to-day.
sent for final  treatment,   will never arrive, having  been wreck-
still retains her record from Queens-
town of 5 days, 14 bonis and 24
minutes. The time of pansago was 6
davs, !1 hours an 1 a minutes, a total
distance of 11,052 miles.
the cost uf transportation wilt not add
very much to that already incurred.
It is supposed that iu a, week or go,'
regular shipments of ore will be made,
thus gladdening the hearts of shareholders as well as of tlio inhabitants
of East Kootenny.
Strawberry Peatlvul at Donnld.
The strawberry festival given by tbo
ed on the 27th of April on Ono Island,
one of  the Friendly group.     All tbe
vessels,  with   tho  exception   of   the
Athens, sailed on  tho following day.
: Each captain put up $250 of his share
to Ihe winner of   the race, who takes
$1,000  and the   second  to have bis
stake.     The Piumore won the $1,000,
and the City of Athens, which was the
first to arrive to-day, saved her Cap-
.    ,.   , .10   ���        r .i   ��... mI ..i.;..1 taiu'��$250.     AH the contestants that
laidias Aid Society of the l'resby lerntn |. *       , , ��� .   ,
j .in i ur, urn ���..*.y "��� j |mvc arnvcrt report  having seen ice in I
Church was probably Ihemost success-1 ,he ��,���,,, Allnn,ic      Tho j^ Tem. I
lul ever held.   The audience was large! piumore has not  been  heard of   since
ud the  strawberries and ice cream [she left San Ftancisco.
It lake fmillilff.
London. July 22.���Hon. E.iwuiii
The Bowden Blake will return io Canada for n
short time us soon as tho home rule
bill is read a third lime. He hopes to
sail on August 21, or at the latest on
September 1. Ho will return here for
the autumn session not later than the
first week in November.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Cuoico Fresh Butter, Baled Kay, Feed ud
Seed Grain, Vegetable! of all Efads
vjrroeerleg, I'rovl-alon.*, Floor
anil Feet!.
CALGARY,        -        ALBERTA.
Machine Shop.
-    Golden, B.C.,
XT AVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
���*i sisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, I nion Couplings, Elbows, Tecs, Brass Glove Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Door-i, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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