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The Golden Era Dec 30, 1893

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Array I
vol. nr. no 22.
%:2 Per Yeah
. are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.    Sent post
free on receipt of price
��.*.  Cents   Per  Box.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
(Incorporated 1G70.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup-died on
Golden^     -     -     B.C.
Has been newly built and  newly
Heated   throughout  with   hot
table is first c'ass.     The bar
air. The
is  stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write lis.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Is a wholesale and retail
druggist and can supply
AT HEGI.'IjAII prices.
Wm. JWefieish, - Prop.
General Merchants, Alexander Block,
Wish you a Merry Xrnas,
And a
Prosperous New Year.
Among the Goldenites who attended
the ball at Field on Wednesday evening were Miss Connacher, Miss Sutherland, Messrs. H. Connacher, C. A.
Warren, W, Tait and M. Carlin.
Mr. J. A. Campbell received the sad
news this week of the death of his
mother in Ortario from an nttuck of
la grippe. We extend our sympathy
to Mr. Campbell at his great loss.
Some of the tax payers of this district have a grievance, according to a
communication re the Vermont Creek
sleiuh road. As there is alwaystwo
sides to every question we would like
to hear something of the pther side.
M. B. Lang has a large assortment
of skates on hand, of all sizes. As
the rink will be ready for use in a few
days, those who havo not procured a
pair had better call and examine M. B,
Lang's stock before purchasiii); elsewhere.
Mr. Pratt of the section house met
with an accident on Wednesday evening. While engaged chopping wood
his axe caught on a clothes line nnd
hit him on the forehead, inflicting a
painful wound. We are glad to state
however that he has almost recovered.-
Mr. F. Naitres-i of Calgury came in
on Sunday's express. He returned on
Wednesday, accompanied by Mrs.
Nattress, who has been here for the
last two months ou a visit to her
mother, Mrs. G. Woodley. Miss
Woodley also left on the same train for
a visit to Calgary.
Tliere was no dance this week. The
committee thinking it advisable not to
have any this week are making exten-
preparntions for a big time next
Thursday evening. A conceit will
precede the dance on this occasion
which will excel all previous performances. The usual admission fee will
be charged.
Owners of good dogs had better keep
them locked up for the present. A
couple of dogs died from the effects of
poison on Thursday. One was a general favorite called " Sam," au old
timer in Golden, the other was one of
Mr. Peter Sebastian's thoroughbreds,
the property of Mr. John Conkwright.
Since writing the above  we  hear
At the Kootcnuy House.--A Moat Enjoyable Evening.
About DO gentlemen sat down to dinner in the Kootenay House on Monday
evening last at the invitation of Mr.
Harry Connacher, proprietor. The
dinner commenced at II o clock aud
those present did ample justice to the
good things which were spread before
them. After the wants of tho inner
man had   been   satisfied, Capt. Arm-
Golden, on the main line of Ihe Canadian
Pacific Kail-ray. at its connection with the
Hteniiiliout niiviirtitiuii of the Columbia river ;
the mineral mid co ercud centre of Eastern that Mr. Fred Andorsou's dog has also
llritish Columbia; headquarters ofllu ('old
en Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet tor the widely known mid far
famed agricultural unit grazing land of the
Columbia A Kooioiiny Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of -ill kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
We wish our readers a happy and
prosperous New Year.
Mr. J. AV. Clarke, of Calgary was
in town this week,
Mr. Waltor Dainard came in from
the Upper Country on Sunduy last.
Mr. P. White left on Sunday for a
short trip east, returning ou Thursday.
Christmas Day was obsorved here in
the usual manner and passed off quiet
and orderly.
The Fort Stiele mail came in on
Sunday and left again on Tuesday, of
this week.
Messrs. D. P. Kimpton and J. L.
Hamilton of Windermere spent Christmas in town.
The stores and post office will be
closed on New Year's Day, the same as
on Christmas Day.
The Christmas Tree entertaiment
was held in the Alexander Hull last
night.   Particulars next week.
Mr. Rjbertson, who has been assist'
ing Mr. C. E. Wells at the depot, went
east on Friday of last week to his
home in Ontario, ou a visit.
succumbed to the effects of poison.
Church ot Eutrlnn-I.
Great credit is due the members of
the church for the interest they take
iu its welfare. The church on Sunday
night last was tastefully decorated
with evergreens, and the attendance
was as usual very large. Servico was
also held on Christinas evening at
which it was expected Archdeacon
McKay would officiate, he, howeveiylid
not arrive and the service was conducted by Mr. J. F. Armstrong.
I'dllcc Court.
Daniel Stadlander appeared before
Justices of tho Peace Messrs. Armstrong and Gibson ou Saturday last at
11 a.m., charged with assaulting Geo.
Arnold, a laborer at tho mill, ou the
evening of the 20th Inst. He wus
found guilty and lined (2 and costs.
Public School Honor Roll.
The honor roll for December is as
5th Class Leslie Moodie
4th    "     Jennie Wells
3rd    "     Ethel Moodie
2nd    "     John Anderson
2nd Primer Class Tom Smith
1st       "        ''     Lyla Love
Average  attendance  for the month
M, Lucas, Teacher.
strong proposed the health ol the host,
which, after singing "For he's a jolly
good fellow," tho company drank in a
manner which showed the popularity
of that gentleman. Mr. Connacher
replied in suitable icrius and stated
that this was the third Christinas he
had had the pleasure of gathering his
friends around hiin and hoped to have
the pleasure of meeting them all again
next year. Among the oilier toasts
which followed were ���-'The Misses Connacher," "Capt. Armstrong," "Carlin & Lake." "Town of Golden," " Legal Profession," "Absent Friends,"
etc. The toasts were interspersed with
songs und speeches. The follo.ving
gentlemen contributed'o the evening's
entertainment:���Capt. Armstrong, E.
Plowright, M. Carlin, C. A. Warren,
F. C. Lang, J. H. Laidlaw, J. A.
Campbell, McNaughton, W. Alexander,
A. Healey, F. Pail ridge, H, Sjheratt,
T. Laureuce, J. Byrne.", F. Owen, H.
S. Cayley, J. Lake aud D. M. Rae.
Tlie party broke up about midnight hy
drinking the health of the Queen, aud
the singing of " AuldLang Syne" and
"God Save the Queen." AU present
voted the dinner to be u most successful affair and one of the pleisantest
they had had the privilege of attending.
The First Game of the Season.
The first curling game of the season
was played on the Kicking Horse
river on Wednesday afternoon, Considerable interest was taken in the
game and the excitement, judging from
the shouting which was done and
which could be distinctly heard half a
ni'le away, must have been intense.
The following was the result: ���
Capt. Armstrong F. Sheriff
H. Gordon H. Connacher
J. Ryan J. H. Laidlaw
McNeish,  skip-4   McDerniot,skip-ll
Capt. Armstrong     F. Sheriff
M. Dainard H. Gordon
J. 11. Laidlaw G. B. McDermot
McNeish,  skip���3   McDonuld.skip   7
The curlers were out again ou
Thursday afternoon aud had a very
enjoyable game.
The curlers expect to play their lirst
game in tlio rink on New Year's Day.
Grlji Hcvlveil.
Our readers who remember "Grip"
iu its palmy days will, we are sure, be
glad to hear that with the lirst week
of the new year the famous comic
paper is to be revived under the editorship of its originator, Mr. J. W. Ben-
gough, with whom is associated Mr.
J. J. Bell, who will uct as business
manager. "Grip' will come forth in
a new typographical outfit, uud the
new proprietors promise that it will be
better than ever before in the artistic
and literary departments, while it will
strive to deul out even-handed justice
in its comments on public questions.
Subscription price $2 per annum.
Two young men, Ed. Murphy and
Roy Oilman, were fooling the other
evening in the Columbia House when
Oilman was thrown and had his collar
bone broken. ������
' didnte, v.'iis elected ovo.' Gco"gc IV
S.vif., 'R'publjcaii, by a niajpnly of
l..jsi. Thecal voidwii's: Hopkins,
112,700; S.v-.ft, Ul,.'ll>; Britsiatis.'
Socialist Labor, l.oli | Waken-}-. People's Silver, ;ii7. Tne vi/to >vas the
It is the only advertUhig iiieaiu.il in the beat | lftwgt ew|, ^.^ [n  th(j  city       ,���
Kootenay district. several d-i-viito'vn   war Is,   where   ii
S i-iseriptiii'n Rates: i'2.00 iior annum tx  heavy lodging house vote resides, the
._.,���,�������� i contest   was very  hitter, and   scraps
A 111 A-iUII!. !
were of   frequent  occurreiiue when the
A I -erti-te'iinuts  anl I'lmn-rns must be 111   police were not at hand.      In all Other
portions of tlio city voting progressed
without incident. Ton jury in ihe
A Ivn-tiseiiiHiit rates made known on appll- Coughlin trial did not vote, but seven
i1'"1'*�� j of tfie Prendorgast jurors, voted.    Thu
Vllcaili to hs rial 1 to the Managua; 1'roiii  Bmp'tjWicau oity ttnttrM-l coiiimittee has
iio n tlio 3o iipany's receipt will he ubt-djied.  direutel to contest   Hopkins' election.1
If, is cl limed  tliut police re'urns show
GOO more votes for Hopkins than were
\R 18 ���'!''. ���') ,. ��Vi.
Tin GO'jDE.V EUA is published every
S it ii' lay morning in timo tu eaten -tlw east
au I west mail -rains, also the mud for the
ilp-wr country, Winder aero, Fort liteole
the o lice net later tliau 12 a,iii, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
The 5iIJ.ii En Publlshinfi Company,
A Strike nt Aln worth.
News of a new and valuable strike
his been received from Aiusworth.
Last week while the men wtve engaged
iu running a joint tunnel on the b-i-iud-
ary line between the B.ack Diamond
and the Little Pliill, they suddenly
broke into a strong vein of galena.
When enough hud been done to size up
tho new find it proved to ho SI feet of
clean galena ore that will run 80 ot 1)0
o luces iu silver aud about (ii per ceut
The Black Diamond is owned by J.
SteVeils, chief engineer of the Great
Northern, and the Little Pliill is thu
property of Tom McGoveru and Capt.
Hay ward. After reporting the fin I
tlio iiion went oi driving for the original lead which lies ubout 100 feet
farther back. ���Miner.
Slocil l Milling bjlll.
E. W. Ferguson of diioago is reported to have purchased the Surprise
claim in the Slocan for j 10,000, and if
rumor has it correct he paid jj.'O.OoO
down. Geurgit Hughes has secured a
contract from Ferguson to haul li)0
tons of ore, which is ready sacked on
the Surprise, to Kaslo. He is at present engaged iu making it trail to the
All the leading Slocan properties are
rushing their ore out to Kaslo or Three
Forks. There are fifteen properties
working and the record will surpass
anything hi the kind heretofore; both
as regards qu unity uud value. ��� Miner.
Prisoners Huntc I Out.
Little Rock, Ark., Dee. 22. -The
state bjird of penitentiary comm's-
sionei'S yesterday concluded to make a
contract with Austin, Corliiu & Co.,
of New York, to work 410 state convicts ou the Siiinysilo plaiitatii'ii'. li
is understood tii.it the convicts are to
be fed, clothed, guarded and to receive
inelicul ittteiidailce from' the ��� stale.'
Tie o.viiersoi' ���'������'ho plantation ur.! to
famish quarters, a gei-eral s iperiiiteu-
de.ii and ;:ice half the Ol'up to lliu
State. O i days when tlie convicts
cannot   wor
actually cast. It is claimed bv the
committee that the officials count will
give tlie election to Swift. Mayor-
elect Hopkins was boinin Buffalo ill
lSor), aud is a self-made mail. He is u
personal friend of President Cleveland.
He is a pious Roman O .lliolio.
���       .
The PiiclHc Cable Scheme.
Toronto, Dec. 2:.-. - The following
culde from London appears iu this
morning's Empire: A move to reorganize the central body of the Imperial
Federation League will be made at
oace. The Loudon Branch, which
lately resolved to dis'mnil, issued a circular to-day wi'h a view to the reconstruction of the League. The basis of
the new arrangement is to be commercial union between Great Britain and
her colonies. The first aim of the new
regime will b < tlio holding of periodical
Although Mr. Sindfiird Flemiug,
C.jM.G., of Ottawa, has uot yet arrived
in Loudoji, to agitate the sable scheme,
hut is still in Paris, the matter Is much
discussed here. The Colojiisl party is
confident that the Imperial authorities
.vill ultimately subsidize the cable.
The Morning Post, in an editorial
to-day, regrets the partial failure of
the Crofter scheme at Saltcoats,
through the fault of the settlers, but
sees uo reason to condemn thu principle- of state-aided emigration. The
Post co'itonds the le.-sou proves that
the first thought henceforth must be
the oliurur.ter of the settlers sent out.
The Edinburgh Scots nan has a leader
in the same tenor. It thinks that to
hesitate to enforce the repayment of
advances made lo sealers would bo
riinJInii Confcaaea.
Barcelona, D.'c. 2->. - Jose Codiiui,
the anarchist, who has already confessed that he threw the bomb which
caused upwards of 30 deaths in the
Lyceum theatre, says ho was selected
by Ihe Anarchist group to assassinate
the general while reviewing the troops.
but when thu luuer arrive! Codina
says h.s courago failed him, for ihe
reason that hu relisted thut if he
threw i'le bomb auiljl the crowd sur-
'..tailing the general he would have
they  are  tj  receive 50  killed und wounded   hundreds of   por-
Informntlon Pertaining to Their Proper
Locution und Construction.
In'a.section of country which is not
broken up by deep ravines or traversed
by numerous water courses tlio road
should be laid out ih ns straight a linens
practicable, preferably along n section
or township line, Which will nave cost of
construction and timo in travel, bub
when tlie.'�� conditions are reversed it
may be found more economical ns well
as more convenient to go i.ronud a hill
i:i",tead nf t liron-jh or over it. and there* ,
fore the locution should bo made with
due cure and skill by lho same rule that I
i.i followed in the location of a rii'lrnitil.
After the roud bus Lrr.;i located and |
correctly platted levels should be run
over the li.io uud grades I'stnlilishcd. tlio
width (if roadway determined, provisions j
imitlu for surface drainage by tl.u propi i* !
location and construction of culverts or
drains, besides under or sulidruiiuige
where necessary. The question of sub-
drainage iu of special importance, ns no
road, no matter of what niuturiltl or how
well constructed, will give satisfaction
unless the subsoil under itu foundation
is free from spring or ground water, since
this, if not conducted away by proper
and snfiicicnt druiinige, will keep the
roadbed soft and spongy, especially in
the spring after the frost goes out and
during continuous wet weather;
Having completed the foregoing j*re-
Hminaries, the grading or preparation of
the roadbed should be proceeded witli in
thu followili-; manner:
The earth for making the embankments, which is either taken from tlie
sido ditches er from such places in tlio
road where the original surface of tlio
ground is above the grade of the road,
should be depopiled in layers ot not exceeding one loot in depth, rolling each
layer repeatedly with a roher of sufli-
trnffip, iho lo.is'to this county every year
on account, of unfathomable roads can-
tot be inuCli lossthan $100,000.
/.n Ex-iorlnieut Willi Steel nails.
Cue cf ils iiikresting experiments,
noted by T.lr. Mortens in Valencia, Spain,
is that of a cart truck cf ufeel fiat top
rails, which gave sui-li excellent results
t'lr-t a double truck wns to be laid the
whole way lo the ��� urt fur houvily laden
eurts. Tbe distiincq between the two
iron trucl.8 is about 1} yards, and a steel
crossbar holds them at the right dis-
tnnce. tlie roadway between being paved.
Hue side is used ns an up route and the
ot her for going down. The cost, though
the steel ruilsnre imported, is only ubout
(UO per running yard, put down and
ready lor use.���New York Sun.
;'.- '1-
sons. Ho had thu bomb ready to
throw, but the thought, of the many
Itfii icent persons that would sulfer
res rained hiin     I'allus. another anur-
ceuls a day. The Company is to advance .-*>J,."n.0 a iiuiith to fed the convicts until the crop is raise I, S uiuy-
side pluiioation is the li'.cs: .mi lie-it
uquippe.1 cjitou farm iu the south uiuhc'ii it, who was wilh him, urged Co-
includes ubout 12,1/00 acres ; 3,800 are j (Una- to throw the bomb, und finally
uow in cultivation on it h autiful snatched it from him. saying, "You're
island about 30 miles lo.ig iu Luke no good." Pallas' nerves were evi-
Chicot; It was purchased by Austin, den ily unstrung by the wrangle, and
r'ni'li.n & Co. iin 1 Count Riviguue, of I for ti liuie he hesitated lo throw the
Pi-nide, some years ago, and they | bo'iili. Had be thrown it as "i*i. inally
h ice, it is ��aid, a.-eut $1,000,000 on it. | intended he would have killed the gen-
1 is furnished with 200 li., ,e,uent !eral, Pallas up lo tlie time of his
houseti, ideal homes for su|H'ri��� eudeuls exev.uiion declared that he iilono was
managers and bosses, und implements responsible for thu attempt to assas-
cf ai-i .cuit'ie of the latest improved sinate. Shortly alter Pallas was shot,
patterns, The Governor thinks the Codina began his preparations to
expeiin-lit will prove profitable to the avenge his comrade's death, and tbo
explosion in tin Lyceum  theatre followed.
Bright child.-I know what they
cull 'em, mamma, wired there's three
Mamma.-What Katy?
Bright child.   Giblets.
-��� -���->���--'
_- - '.;.i:���"V"'--." ������
cient weight until it becomes firm and
unyielding, so that it will not settle or
shrink after the road metal has been put
into place."
If no roller Is available. I he earth roadbed shonld be subjected to considerable
travel lieforo tho linal wearing surface
is put down. This latter method, however, does not give as satisfactory results as tho former, since the trii.ic will
not pack tho material uniformly, and
us tho liiio of a roller is very essential in
malting the wearing* surface of a road
compact r.nd firm it should in no case
ba dispenh'ed with, where permanent
roud improvement ia aimed at.
A roud graded in the manner just described v.'iil prove -."Wy satisfactory for
a moderate truffle cyun during t'.e wot
seasons if the netescary care is bestowed
on it ut the proper nine, by filling up the
ruts ur.d smoothing down hntnpn; -.mi
this can be done quickly nt ,1 economically with a good road machine, such ns
mo in use in many of the western states.
For heavier traffic, such as will be
brought on main ronns leading from one
city or town to another, a more perma-
uent roadway ia rilquired, and these
rends should he cotE-fld with material
better sniteil to withstand the actior. of
wheels as '.veil as the'weather than is a
common dirt road.
To obtain Mich a road different materials aud methods are employed, of
which the ihueuditm uud telford aru tho
most common iu Curo-io and the eastern
portion of this country.
Of tho two fysteius ihe telford is preferable, insuring a Crmer foundation
Hum tlie other, especially if the subsoil
niider the ruudwuy would be soft, and
for tiiiH reason it has been adopted by
most road engineers of tho present day.
The selection of material for road pur*
post a v.'iil always largely depend on what
(.���an lie found nearest home, and if proper jn I anient and care are exercised satisfactory resnlls may Iw obtained.���W.
ijteyii iu Good lioutls.
Ho*>klna Succu.da Harrison.
Chicago, Dec. 22.-In the special
election fur mayor ti (ill the unexpired
term of Carter H. H.vriison, assassinated ou October 2Hth ,,y Prendergasr,
John P. Hiokins, the Danibcratlc'oan*
Loss to Tobacco Growers.
A practical nmn'from Owensboro,
Ky.,in discussing direct and indirect ex-
COSS cost iiiimuilly In fanners and others
due to br.il roads, writes aa follows:
The tobacco crop marketed in Owensboro from Nov. 1 to May 1 was 18,000,-
000 pounds, all brought in wagons.
'Loads will average-1 ,��00 pounds, but
many loads are handled by four horse
teams. A good deal of thin crop comes
from fanners on gravel roads at points
beyond, where gravel, is used. Although
800 pounds would be a good load for n
good team, 1 believe a system of pikes
or gravel roads (free) would result in a
saving of nut less than $1.S0 per load on
tobacco alone, indicating a possible saving of C-0.00B on this crop. If I include
corn, potatoes, wheat, hay and general
Tlie Wl-ill, of UoiMlWIlJ'S.
A roadway 15 feet wide will he ample
tu accommodate all the travel that is
likely lo be brought on it. and us lite increase in width will increase the cost no
road should bo Unproved v.iuer thai,
necessary, _
Her Last WiiM.
"I ftope you'll li-.i.'ii. p'l'ssp," he sifflied;
"Therejrtsolhi'ii.inti "ii my ri'ml;
V���   "Pray yxeUM\" lliu iliuilluli cried;
"Your iit'ukild's up beliiiai."
"Oil, thiii.'. ���,." sulil ho.   "Well, now, aa 1
Was J- *i ...uu in any"���
"Tliui mi of j imi's," slic inailo reply,
"Will surely uut away,"
"Why. so it will," hn Mulled.   "Let's see.
Oil, yes.   I'*. tliiilliiltl il lies!
To"���   "IjO'ikl" tlie iiinfilnn cried In cleei
"There's hotnetlihii* tai your vcsl."
"Then let ii sin,-," lis fiercely cried,
"Tho menu anil slurs may lull
Hut I must I'lieuk"���thin lime she sighed���
"I love you���llial i* ull.
"If ymi i.,����i lam totcll mo no,
My life .   - -. he a wreck"���
"Excuse ine. i-��--n." she whlsperod low,
"Tliure's somethiuii ni-.-ml your neck."
���'j'uui Ma-sun hi llctriilt i'loo Press.
Too Perfect.
Maud���So you would be my husband,
Harold. Let me ask you linn, do you dw
Harold���No, dearest.   ..,
Maud���-Ever drink?
Maud-Stay out latcf
Harold���Never.    ,
Harold���Never In my life.
Mnud���Then, Hiirold, it can nevprlie. 1
wish to marry n mere man when I (iu juiir
ry.���Chieugo Record.
She's Still Single.
Tlie summer fun is over;
All lonely is the shore;
"The maiden Is it rover
About 1 lie suuds no more.
Tho hon'iuntt ilissl^iations
Anioiij,- caiii,iiiul,>im gay.
Her various small flinatlona,
Forgotten arc tisiay.
The yimng ineri bIic cni-aptnred.
Cut diiln'L sciii to cure,
TIioukI] one she might have captured,
Sue never set u snare.
The unsophisticated
Perhaps the knmvloujto sliocka,
Cut none who on Iicr ivallod
Had half enough of rucks.
���New York Press.
A Clover Lnndladr*
The two landladies were comparing
"I find io pays to serve the breakfast pip-
ins: hot," said one, "except on Sundays.
Then I serve it cold."
"Why do you do that?" asked the other.
"Well, on week days my boarders have
to .'.'it l.'tvukfili t in a berry, uud if it is hot
chey don't have-time to wait let* ii locnol
nil. So they eat very little, Sundays I hey
cat less because it is cold, 1 assure you,
Mrs, Jones, but for Ibis discovery 1 should
bave lost niuuey this season."���Harper's
Tlie 11:,"!. "lor.
"-.ctnT'ilt"- homo at I he close of day.
Who gentl* clddea my long delay
And 'o myslde ileltglit*-toatayr
Who rets, for me ms eariv chair,
l'r''jsfn,-j the li-mii v^ lib nctiict eare
Ar.'l lays iu| Hupif r.. ri'ii.iy thoru)
Who rcgub'i..'  ti,* cnonlug lire
And piles the bjuzlii-i on I isiidior
Aud bids me draw my chair still nlgher?
When Rickness comes lo rark my f.  tue.
And grief disturbs my troubled brain,
Who sympathizes with my pain?
���American Queen.
Ho Murder In Ilia Heart.
Judge���Why did you strike the darky
on the bend?
Prisoner���Oi didn't want to kill him, yer
She Learned.
Slio knew not how tn cook, aha aald
In accents far f mm gay.
Bat afterward, when Ibey were wed.
She roasted him each day.
-New York Harald.
-Returned With Thanks,
"Humorist���He cannot take a joke.
Humorlat'a Wile���Who?
Humorist���Tbe editor.���Truth.
Wilh Slight Variations.
Tho ip-u who talked of summer htat
Ind". -willy, of old.
The ������������� renuiiks will cra.n repeat
Oonaerning while!'1' i,).d.
-Washington St��r.
"Mammy, won't you tell me 'bout Run-
nenraySally? It's so hot 1 cannot goto
"Well, wen -nab s-ro't-crre't-gran'maiTimy
wtiz ii little gul, 'b")ut like yo', Tenuyssea
will! a wlid place, fuil o! b.-ti-s nnd wolfscs
ind wnriiiiutH till yo' cnultliri rest fer de
racnet dey made in dt- nighttime,
"Yo' gi'e't-gn''t-gre't-grBii'pappy wui! ole
marse, jes lalk yo' gran'pappy is olemarse
now o?i uis yei-e very planttisnuh.
"I.ittle Sully (my gre't-gre't-grnn'mam-
riy, yo' know) win* de peartest an sassiest
mi cutest little iiiggiih in de place. Ola
marse he litlk her koso she hain't skcert o'
iiottin. not even him.
"line day be scold her fer bein so sassy,
nn she says to him as peart as yo'please,
"Ij* tjwine to inn awuy, old marse!' An lie
links at her us be Jumps on bis gran black
boss an lulls l.iird, bis eyes twinkle un he
says. 1 wild il I wns yo', yo' sa sy little
baggage; but if yo' goes ills ebeniii, besiiuh
yo' takes yo' jailer pup Zip, kuso we'd feel
so mighty bud if he wus lieuh to remind us
oh yo'iill lie lime.' lien, wid unniider lull',
liegallnps oil', uelier I'iukiu uu mob what
SaPy suys.
"Sally she stun dere a long time t'lnkin.
Den she says: 'Cum on, Kip. I don't guess
yo' un nie's wauled Iteah no mob.' lien
she goes to tie quarters an gita a chunk o!>
colln pone an dey goes off inter de wild
woods wiiar ole marse himself wud'a'bin
"Well, on nn on dey goes till de dark,
il.uk iil'.,ht sets in. Den Sally she gits kinder sketri'd, lor faraways olf she beahs de
burs growl, jes tuik dis yere, so, 'Mo-o-o o'
uui1 'gj-a-u-owil1' Uuu de wollses (ley'gins
to barii. I ilk ills yere, jis so, 'f)ow, wow,
now, wowl' only ob course hit seemed
worsen!' dnt; so mighty solium and fierce
lalk bit wuii. Hit skeers me mos'todel?
uow to tliiik how mighty bad hit wuz.
"Hut poh little ui_,-gaIi, she sits down on
de gioiiii un cries fer a uiinnut. Kip, bo
know dose drelful noises meant truhblu,
all he whines un licks Sally's face. Sally,
she kiss bim an suy: 'Zip. we ill.'" gold to
be et nil up���et ri'-ht up und our bom i
scmuclieleil up by dem wicked bars and
wolfses. l's a poh little niggnh chile, an
yu'isu little yaller nig-jali imp, but daj
hain't no matter lo dem critters, lu lie
dark dey won't know we alls 'longs to ole
niarse. Dey'll take us fo', poh w'iteti-asitl
Deu down dey'll cbuw us.'
"She sltivelled all over, lnlk she's cold.
Deu sliet'iliks ob dat colin pom,,in sue
says. 'Zip, le'set de colin pouooui-te'.s, uelse
de burs'l! git dat too.
"So dem poll little mites dey et it all up.
I guess dey don't hatter have any water to
drink, iwii/, so soaked wid tears. Iley felt
better alter dey bad et. but de growl;n uu
biirkin of de bars an wolfses kep' souii en
nearer. Sally, she t'ink she had better
cluiilb up'de big gum tree, to be safer, yn'
know. Sbedldn' have no clo'es ou toll '���
der her, but, ber pinafore, an dat she take
ulfen her an tie Zip up in hit. Den she
slung bim ouner back an tie hit agin rnuii
ber neck, a.)'gin locliiu''way'way up to
de Clip ob de gum tree, un dere she otjiy all
(lilt dark, drelful night. She didn't gil no
chance to gwine to sleep, fer de wolfscs
foil ii ber out, and dey barked an scratched
un font v.id derselfs all de time. How i -mil
dat niggnh chile teel when de mawuiii
broke iu ull hits glory! Hut dere wuz deiil
wolfscs yit, a-iltin to git utter. Den Sully
" 'Zip, l's oh'y sed my pra'rs sof lalk.
Now l's gwine to holler, cose he kuin't lieuh
me wid dem wolfses all yawpln so down
ilerel Hiiccum l's forgot to boll-r u pra'r
"Den Sally holler out, loud un Iiii-ln
" 'O I,iiwd GiiwU A'mightyl Heah 1 is���
I'.eab I is���pub Utile niggab Sally, un Zip is
wid me���Zip what hain't never been sassy
luik me���right up heah in de top ob n big
cum tree. De wild beasteses is on de
g-.-oiin. Dry's wuitin to et me an Zip. U
!,awd, don't yo lei mm. l's a suisy chile���
but I won't no iiiou! Ydills try me once
an see fer yeraef! O I.uwd, sell my ole
lunrsu din way to take me out o' dis yer
gum ti-ei'l 1'dare if de wollses do gwine
uv.ay turn heah, I kuin't git down, 'kus l's
so .-till fum de dew un me. l's skiuclied
light iu de crotch ob de gum tree. O bawd,
take good kyub ob poh little Sully an Zip,
tor Gawd's sake.   Allien.'
"Honey, 1 know de l.*vwd heah dat chile,
fer jiB lien she heah a soun: "i'oo-ot! Too-
oll' 'i wiis (le holm, an den marse' voice
.���uliiii, riii-1-ly! Sa-l-i.,:' V'ust she t'iuk
itwns ijuwil tuiltin to her, un Bliesayaol'ly;
Vus, ljue.tll Heidi l isi ileali 1 Isl' luik
-he'sskeeasl; bill when It kem ngin: ' !'"-o-
ntl 'i'o-oot! Su-l-ly! Sii-1-lyl sboknowtd
it wuz her deiih ole uitirse, and she holler
louder an gladder���hut hoa'se au croupy
luik: 'lleab 1 Is, ole murset lleah 1 is, ul.,
iiiurset' An Zip he bark an bark till old
marse wuz under de gum tree wid all de
plantasliiiii iii-'guhs.
"Hey hnd u> light dem wolfses hard, I kin
tell yo', but lit bis' dey's all skeert away.
"Ueu big Sum went up dat tree and gut
dat poh little ebile an Zip, Sully holleiin
wid de moniiill/. pain.
"(llu iiiui'-u suy, his voice all shaky,
'lining mil poll chile tome,' an Sum he lays
ner 111 ule marse's uriiis, den leads de boss.
..iiilleuu sorry luik t'-iio de wuuds home,
jitin he says de U'urs *" ill down ole murse's
face, uu he kep' suying: 'Poh little chile!
i-oh Utile ebile!'
"Sully she bad roomntiz fever���dertlserys
all ober de pub little body. Her mummy
an die miss .uiss her well agin, not in de
qiiuilers, be,indegre't house, uu sheileber
wuz so drelful sassy agin.
"She's dead uu' gone, an' so's ole marse
an' miss, urt yo' is heah an' I is heah. We
all's bin servin' you alls ever since, an'
idlers will, please Gawd, till Gabrul's
trumpet noun's.
"Now, yo' kiss mammy an' go fer to
uleep.   _ . .._ _   ...   _.	 "Our blessed Lawd an' de angels is watch
I in' over bis littlew'ite lam's���yes.au' bluck
ones,'too,'fer iley's liuth kiu's. 'Su-sh-sh-su
dele, now- sli-sh-sli-sh!"
The rucking cliuir ceased swaying back
rpiI forth; the clrlli! was gently placed on
iue cuoi bed, and the liueii sheet drawn
softly up over the little white gowned fig-
Hooks Do Not Stake Men.
Masses of accurate knowledge existed in
tlie world belure books began���witness the
older triumphs and architecture and liy-
(Iritullcn���uud much of it wus Inn..led on
Irom general ion to generation, as the secrets of funning and entile lireediug'are
now, winiuiit uuy writing ut all. Even
kncuyleilge, therefore, dees not b long only
to the men of liiioks, uiui, in ull departments, rather preserve than create It, while
i ilicieiicy seem* almost tu belong to thoje
whosindy little.
'I acre are exceptions, of course, like Mr.
CI..,..-.lone, who reiiils eieiyiuiim, but sway
over mankind bus not l)eloi..'ei| principally
to mm.."* and bus not lliiieiiuentiy be
loogeil III men who despised l���� ks, Hulling
in themselves und their experience, or, in a
lew cases, lu their uwn genius, better
' guides.���London Spectator.
When corks are too largo to go Into a
bottle, throw them into hot water a few
Minutes, and they will soften.
Never scrub oilcloth, hut wash It with a
i-ilt rag. Use neither hot nor very cold,
i,.it lukewarm water, and uo soap.
Oyster juice is said to lie as great a olari-
(er of skins and remover of f.-cckleii.wit
is ii cleanser of linen from fruit and wine
When the meat of walnuts has become
too dry, let the kernels stand In milk and
water over nigbt. They will then be as
Iresh as when new.
Insects may bo destroyed with hot slum,
I'ut in hot water and let It boil until the
I'lutn Is dissolved. Apply hot with a brush,
uud all creeping things are instantly de-
itroyed without (lunger to human life or
injury to property.
$u0itti*oai Qttxviia.
p:;ov:nce of British col'Jmbia,
To Our faithful the Members elected to Reno
in Ihe Legislative Assembly of Our Pro*
i inco of Hi itisli i olvitibiii at Our city of
Victoria��� Uttalsi'l.N'il,
Tilt'ODOiir- D-vip, I WHEREAS We are
Attoriioy-Geuer.,1, \ desirous und resolved, us soon ns Hilly lie, to meet Our people
Of Onr Province of llritish Columbia, and to
h..vo their advice in our Legislature:
NOW KNOW YE, that fur divers cmisos
mill considerations, cud biking into consideration the ease mid convenience ut Our loving
subjects, lie have thought lit, by Mid with
the advice of Cur Executive Council of the
Province of llritish Columbia, to hereby eon- tors tor
voke, and by these presents enjoin you. und
each of you, that 011 Thin siluy, the Eighteenth day of the month ut January, one
ihiiiis-iiid eight hundr d and ninety-four, you
meet (is in wur said Legislature or Purlin*
nieutof Ours,.id Province, at Our thy of
N KS,-, tu treat, do, act, aud conclude upon
those things win h 111 Oi.r Legislature of lliu
Province of llritish Columbia, by the Coin-
muu council of Oursuiil Province u.uy, by
the favour of Hod, bo ordained.
Hon. J, A. Lougiiekd, Q,C.
o. S. McCaetbr.
Long-heed  A  HfcCarter,
iWristers, Advocates. Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank of Montreal.
j Members Assocn.lD.Ij.8. A P.L.K. for ll.C
SURVEYORS, iSivil Engineers, Draughts-
i men, Valuators, etc   Cidgaryund NewVYeat-
nuiistor.   Correspondence solicited..
K.J.JHIPHHON, H.L..S���1J.L.S, of B.C. &Ont.
.  ��� ���, ��� . ���    Cauiarv, Alba.
A. 0. Wheeler, D.L.S. & p.us. of B.C.
Testimony WilKK'-OT. We have
caused these Our Letters to he ma,,11
Patent uud the Ureal Seal uf the siiid
Province to be hereunto affixed ; W'l r-
NKSS, the l(uiwr���Uo !'..',,,,li l)���\v,c
KEY, Liouteuaiit-Uu.veriior of Oiirsii'l
Province of llritish t oliutlhlil, in our
I ity of Victoria, in Oi.r si.id i'rovince.
this Fourteenth day of December, in
the year of Our lord one thousand
eight hundred .-.ud ninety-.luee, aim iu
ihe tifty seventh year uf < "ur reign.
Ky Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Experiments have shown that the com*
rion sunflower exhales 12 ounces of water
iu 34' hours.
It takes a leaf just three weeks to unfold
itself from the time it first appears in the
leaf laid. Maple leaves are more rapid than
others and are perfect in two weeks.
The Mexican primrose is n continuous
bloomer. It should lie included in every
oulliiutiud ot winter blooming plants and
Is ei-uull** lieslriible for the lawn or flower
garden during tbe summer.
The "devil's plant," which clings close
tn I be earth and hears lieaiitiful red blus-
sums, is so poisonous that bees, tasting of
a liquid drop always found in tbe calyx of
the flower, drop dead ulinost instantly.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
$l."i.., t'lOo, $3.70; former prices $5, $7,
(10. Qualty remains the name���-10 different styles; dry battery anil acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the price of any other company and mora
homo testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wii dsor, Ont.
A Silling of tho County Court will he held
Court House, Doillild, ilt 10 o'clock 11.111. un
Tuesday the lith day of January, IS'.U.
By order
Dunuld, ll.C,
Dec. ith, mi.
"WfCarthy   A   Iliirve.r,
Barristers, Advocates, Nutaries, &c.   Solicitors tor :���
The Imperial Bank of Canada,
The Canada Permanent l.uun & Savings fn.
Thu'Yorkshire 1,01,11 A Securities! orpui'iilion
'i'he Alussey-Ilarris i 0. (Ltd;, etc., etc.
' "!       Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
MuCautiiv, y.c.
Hokaue Harvey, B.A., L.L.B.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
CO, (Limited)
mmxa ESGixmm.
Cochrane, AUIA.���Ft. STEELE, B.C.
lliriiduato of Laval mid McGill.)
mi*��i-��(-} eim-sm-ker.
Head OlHce, Quebec* Branch Offices
Slll'iKBliooKE, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill, Montkeai..
Mein.1 lleport.
We are hrlibted to the Eniineering
and Miniii'r Journal of New ��ork for
the following quotations :-���
Nmw Tobk. Dsc. 15, 1H03.
Silver. i';,isteun hnyers have waited
till repeal was an accomplished
fact, and during the past few-
days have bought liberally for
China and Japan. Large a-
ltiounts havo been placed to the
satisfaction of tho parties in
interest. Loudon price, 1)2 7* lid
Now Y irk, C9Jcts.
Copper, There, has been n slightly
better demand front consumers,
G.M.B.'s London, at A'45 10s.
Lead. Lower prices have been accept-
eI, Trices ;).4*i to .'1.50c, per lb.
Spinish at ��9 10s. Od. lo ��9
l'is. .'11. per ton ; English load
2s. Od. higher.
NOTICE is hereby /riven Hint tho IM
Southern Railway 1 ii iipuiiy wid apply to the
Legislature uf the 1'r iviueeof llritish Coliuu
hi ..at is next s"tsi ,11, I'oi' au act to consolidate ami amend the several Acts relating to
the Company; also for power to construct 11
branch line, cointiienrhti* at a (mint 011 the
���������-(in line at or near the forks nf Michel 1 reek
thence by way of .'.lichul Creek toJMurtiii
l)..ted this 7th December, WJ'.
Solicitors fur the Applicants.
Analytical Chemist ft Asnayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1803      ASSAYI5II TO THE        802
British Columbia Government
of all spsoimsiij sent from the Provlnea to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
VV. B. GRAVELEY. Manager.
Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
tor Infm-matlnn and f reo Handbook write to
MUNN A CO., ail UllOAUWAT, Niw York.
Oldest bureau for securlni* patents in America.
Ever}' patent taken out by m Is brou-rt-j before
tbe pulilio by a notice given free of ewf* In the
Mtntiiit ^mxltm
lMtett droulatlon of ny aelni-tlle paper la tbe
world. Splendldljr iiiu.u4iJiu. M-nntelll-reiit
man should be without it,   Ifeoklr, M.OII a
fear: It'll nx months.  Address MIINN & CO,
'i-auaua-u, 3U1 Uroadwaj, Kew Vera a��.
In the Supreme C'niir* of British I'lilumi ia,
iu the matter nf the " \\ iuiliu-r Up Act"
ituil Aiueiidia-r Acts, mid iu the in,.Iter of
the Thi.iiilur Hill .Miiiiii-; Cumpuiiy
By uu order mode in the above miliars hy
the Honorable ir .1.,slice M. VV, Tynvhitt
llri.kc, il.-.teil the ������.'nil nay of Nuvember,
ISWI, IT WAS OBUEKEO that the said
Tliiiuder Hill Miuiu-. ( ouipitiiy. Limited, Im
iviiiuid up by ihe Court under the provisions
of the " Win iii,(,' lip Ait" mid .���iiieiidiii-;
Acts ns from the Hth day of Novomhor, ind**,
auiltli.it Harvey Coiiiho, Deputy lle-tistrar
uf this Honorable Court be cousdtutoil Pru-
li-innid Ijiquiiltilor of tlioafliilrs of the Cone
oanc. without security, AMI 11' Was PUR*
Tllfci,' (IKHEHEUtliut intli'uhe -flvortby
circular to ihe croditors, ceutrlbutorieii, iina
Shiirchol lei k uf a IIIUHllll*r to be helti uu the
lillli Kebi-uary, 1801, nt 2:.'l'l o'clock in lho
nflurnuon at the Court House, lliisiioii Siiuuru
Victoria, ll.C, fur the appointment of a pur-
miuieiil li iiiilaiiir of lliu suiil Coiupruy.
Hilled the I Ull day uf lleccmber, IMll.
Five Sislers' Bluck, Government Struct,
Victoria, B.C.,
Solicitor for the Petitioner.
Livery & Feed Stabies,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
WOIjIMj""-*.       ���       ��.('.
Wholc-HBlt- unci Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.  ���  .  Embalmers,
Vnlgary     ���     ���      A Ilia.
Newly refitted nnd furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men nnd
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in "Wines. Liquors, and Cigars.
S|iecial attention given to orders from u��j the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tlie
admission nf patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of tho
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
1��10jVEFjK jPAIXT shop.
If vou Hunt your hnusn Painted. Pupori-d
or Culsomiiied, nr any kind ol a sign Painted
write to.l. II. .MILLWAPD. OAMIAKV, the
lauding Paint Simp in the West, for good
Work and prices thut are right.
I will mail (I'ltBEl on receipt
of II2 stamp, a roceipe for a
simple VEGETABLE HALM that will remove Tun. Freckles, Pimples, Illotclies.
IHneklionde, etc.. leaving the skill suit,
clear and beautiful. Address A. 1). STEM-
PEL, 00 Ann St., Now York.
" It Is worth tbe pr're to every person
who even reads a newepaptr."���Dsrllug-on
tbe jomuUL aiRni io
Blue Pencil Rules.
.A.. Ck "N2DVXCTS.
A Pocket Primer for tbe nw of Reporters,
CorrespondenU and Dopy Choppers.
Short, simple and practical rnlee for
making aud edltlni newapatx-r copy,
and of equal valne to All who wish to
write correct Ennllsh.
Sent on receipt of price. Price. 10 rents
r oony. ALLAN TORMAK, Fubllahei
' Naaaau Street. New York.
Job    Department
.:0:_ OF -:o:���
'.J ���*i "ir-'rfif nl ���-'nirl iii >*-i-s-| ii-nirasaaliMiai.a'eniiiiat suit-If
Box 7, Donald, B.C.,
l  Watches,  Blocks and JeWellery. i
REPAIRS ���" GUARANTEED.     | *~���~rr���~���*?m
e_-A  .  .. sis^^aa��i��ai��aa��������i��BBBi
Stationers, Booksellers,
ax > xr.ivsnF.1. eus.
CALfiARY      -       ALBA.
We do not hnlil ourselves ros|)nnsible for the
upiniuns expressed by our currospomleiils.
Something to Sii.v.'Concernlng the Location of the Sleljtii II o.ul and
theU.C.'s part In tliu
Editor Goi.uen ERA :'
In permitting F. M. Wells to locate
the sleigh road, new constructed into
the McMurdo district, the Gold Commissioner is guilty of a very grave
error for F. M. Wells is an interested
party at both ends of the road as located by him. It is a fact, probably not
generally known, thut, laud is staked
in F. M. Wells' partner's name at the
place called "Wells Lauding," aud
which also is the starting point of tho
road. Iu permitting the roud to be
constructed from a point other than
Carbonate, without either a personal
knowledge of the routes proposed or a
report ou the same by n disinterested
agent he is guilty of an irregularity so
grave that a public servant should
never have the opportunity of repeating the same.
It now transpires that the Gold
Commissioner while publicly hesitating to' make a decision as to where the
road should start from, had already
decided with F. M. Wells that, the
road should be built from "Wells
Landing." Here is the proof. While
the road was under construction, the
Gold Commissioner, on his way to
Fort Steele, stopped at Carbonate.
Here he was asked to give an idea
ns to where the road would start from.
In his reply he intimated that he was
iu favor of Carbonate on account of
the public works already constructed
there; but later, at Canal Flat, on
being asked by a gentleman there as to
where the road would be constricted,
he replied, "Mr. Wells and I know
where it will be located."
The Gold  Commissioner allowed an
interested party to locate a sleigh road
that was being builf by aid of the
public money and also knew it would
not be located at Carbonate to be used
in conjunction with the public works
already constructed there. He had
expressed himself in favor of Carbonate and the reason of his decision in
favor of "Wells Landing" may lie
fathomed by my  readers but I cannot.
I wonder what comfort those parties
who were anxiously awaiting the
Gold Commissioner's return from the
Upper Country, feeling assured that
his decision would favor Carbonate,
will extract from his reply to the gentleman at Canal Flat, "Mr. Wells and
I know where the road will bo located.'
Such nn irregularity in tho ex|iendi-
i ure of llie public money should not lie
allowed to pass unquestioned, The
facts in this will be laid before the
member of this district and uu effort
he made to secure a regular anl business method iu the expenditure of the
public funds.
There is uo evidence to prove there
is a better starting point for a road
into the McMurdo district than Carbonate. If u better point than Carbonate is found it should possess
advantages over that point that would
more than offset the conveniences already possessed l>y Carbonate by reason of the public works constructed
We deny that "Wells Landing" is
a better starting point ^or lho road
than   Carbonate, but if   it were, the
irregular ni'nner in which it received
preference is enough to arouse the indignation of every tax payer in the
district, The end is not yet. We
have more guns to live and plenty of
sentiment at our back and an effort
will lie made to have a wrong made
right and in the future secure a more
regular method in tho use of public
David Dickie.
Golden, B.C.,
Dec. 21st, 1893.
Tho  Shooting Cuae.���Clirlstinna Day.
Xnitis Tree Entertainment.
On Saturday, 23rd inst., Harold
Redgrave, provincial constable, shot
John Barr in the head, inflicting a
painful wound, though we are glad to
lie able to say that no serious results
are likely to follow.
On Saturday evening about 7:30,
Redgrave and Burr with a number of
others were in the Forrest House after
supper and a discussion wus started
which culminated in Redgrave chill
longing Barr to step outside and settle
the matter with nature's arms. All
present took the thing as a joke as
neither of the men were angry and
Barr being much the stronger man of
the two there was uo question us te
who was the best man. Shortly after
Barr returned with au ugly wound in
his face saying that Redgrave had
pulled his revolver and shot him.
Dr. Symouds wns at once sent for
and found that it was impossible to
locate the bullet on account of the
swelling. Barr was removed to the
Golden Hospital early Sunday morning. As Barr experiences no trouble
from the bullet and is able to work
his jaw all right it will be, left alone in
tlie meantime.
W. G. Neilson, J.P., who was in
town, at once called on several gentlemen present to net as special constables
and a search was made for Redgrave
who was not found till next day when
he was locked up in tlie jail here.
Barr, the injured man, is well
known in this district, he having been
identified with the lumbering industry
for a long time and ac present is the
foreman for tiie Columbia River Lumber Co'y., of Beaver, and the respect
he .is held in by all men who work
under him is the best testimonial to
his sterling qualities. His word is as
good as his bond and his heart is like
his body���big. His story of the affair
is as follows: After leaving the Forrest House, Redgrave und he proceeded
down the track. After going a short
distance Redgrave said that there was
no use going farther and that he knew
that Burr was much the bettor titan.
Barr then suggeste 1 that they return
to the hotel ami tell the boys that
Redgrave had no wish to fight. Barr
was in front of Redgrave ami had
half turned to look at him when Redgrave pulled a revolver from his pocket
and tired striking Burr on the upper
lip just below the left nostril, the ball
glahoing from tho upper jaw und
lodging iu tho muscles of the cheek on
the jaw bone. There was a witness
to tho affair and at the examination on
Thursday he deposed as follows: ���
Ai-Tiltm F.iiiie.��� Remember Dec. 23.
That night I was going from the
station to tho hotel with some clothes,
wus walking on the track, about U
o'clock. On my way up I overtook
two men walking very slow. I was
right behind them and heard Mr. Ban-
say to the other, " If you go up town
and set them up it will be all right."
I then passed to one side of them and
heard the other one say, "I'll go up
town' and set them up and let it drop."
I turned round and looked at tbe two
men. I heard the explosion of a pistol
but could not say which one fired it.
I ran a few steps then turned aud
looked to see' what happened, then
Barr staggered up to me bleeding at
the mouth. .
This was all the evidence that could
bo obtained in time for this week's
issue. A detailed account of what
followed will be given next week.
Much sympathy is expressed for the
family of Redgrave and espeoiully for
his wife in the painful position in
which they are placed.
Mr. N. J. Scott left on Saturday last
for the coast, while there he is scheduled to marry Miss Ladner of Ludtier's
Landing on the 27th. Nat's friends
here all join in congratulations.
Engineer Jack Allan was ordered
west on Sunday morning to assist
Scott in the ordeal. Miss M. Allan
accompanied him.
Mr. and Mrs, Simmonds are in town
this week, as Mr. b. has to fill one of
the temporary vacancies caused by
Scott and Allan being away from duty.
The Christmas Tree in the Presbyterian Church, under the auspices of
the public school, ou Tuesday evening
was a success as all Christmas trees
are bound to be. Tho programme
which was to commence at 19:30 was
not started till an hour later which
was unfortunate as the little folks
were kept up too late before the programme was finished. That we have
much talent in Donald amongst our
children is evident by the maimer iu
which the wee tots did their parts,
While all were good I think that Alvie
Urqiihart nnd Flo Palmer in their
diulogue deserve mention, and also
little Eva Watson who gave a recitation iu a spirited style. Bessie Law-
son also pleused ever} one with her
energetic little story of Mary's Little
Among the larger boys Joe Shaw
showed exceptional talent'in his story
of the Light Brigade, and Willie Be-
han gave a character sketch which
had the pure Irish ring to it. The tree
was loaded with presents for all. Some
of the young men will now be able to
offer bargains in baby's clothes, that is
if they do not intend to save them up
until they need them. All the S.S.
children received a present apart from
those given by the public school, ns it
was thought lienor not to have two
tree in a small place like this.
The. gifts to the Sunday school
children were generously contributed
by Mr. W. Alexander, who deserves
the best thanks of all concerned.
Mrs. Ross was not forgotten on the
Tree aud Mr. Ross was given a square
parcel which he carried home tucked
under his arm iu a very affectionate,
manner. Mr. J. Lipscoinbo was Santa
Claus and though he was obliged to
use his last year's clothes he did his
work well.
Christmas was spent very quietly,
most of the folks eating their Xrnas
dinners at home. Mrs. Ross entertained a gathering of the boys who sat
down to a well loaded table and who
did full justice to her hospitality.
On Wednesday evening the Masons
held their installation supper at Geo.
Sutherland's, which was, us usual, a
very enjoyable gathering. About
twenty members sat down with Worshipful Master Newman in the chair.
Songs were rendered by Messrs. Watson, Peuzer, Muthie, Craig and Stir-
rett and Rev. Mr. Ross' speech in
reply to the toast of " Onr new officers"���the chaplain���was very effective nnd was much appreciated by
those present. Tne officers for the
year are W. Newman, W. M., J.
Muthie, S.W., R. W. Patmore, J.W.,
J. McLeod.Sec, D. H. McLean, Treas.,
Angus McLean, Tyler.
A Happy New Year to all.
uuibift /civuO.'
& TramWay
Royal Mail Line.
Stage will leave Golden on the following
December 12 and 26; January 9, and 23;
Feby. 6 and 20; March 6 and 20;
April 3 and 17.
Returning will leave Fort Steele on the
Intermediate Tuesdays.
Through Fare $16;  Way Fare lOcts. per mile.
Express, Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per lb., tbe com;
pany's liability is limited to $2.00 per lb., unless one per cent
extra is paid on marked value.
During season of navigation a steamer leaves Golden
every Tuesday. �� ���   ���
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
aam M.   B.   LANG,-*.
BOOTS 4 SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Nbwberbv.��� At Golden, B.C., on the
25th Inst., the wife of Mr. John
. Newberry, Kamloops, of a son.
PruibyterUn Church.
Service will be held in the Alexander
Hall to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock
conducted "by tho Rev. W. R. Ross.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
Lemon, s.
Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop.
Golden, B.C.,
XT AVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
11 sisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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