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The Golden Era May 19, 1894

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pM u^
** MAYtfO 1894  &
VOL. III.   NO 42.
$1 Per Yeah
IlEAI.Ell    IN
Dry  Goods, Groceries,   Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.
California Giant Powder Company,
of which a full stock is constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, P3.C.
Golden, on llie main lino nl' the Caundimi
1','icilic liiiihv'iy, at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the t'ohiinblii river:
the miners] una conunei-ci'ilcontfeofEnstern
Itritisli Columbia: headquarters nf tli t Goldon Smelting wurlis, tlie Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., anil lumber industry; the
nutlet for the widely known nnd fur
tinned agricultural nnd grazing hind of the
Columbia & Kootouny Vnllovs ; unrivalled
fnr scenery of nil kinds; tlio distributing
point t'nr the richest iiihioral country on the
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has lieen newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c'ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JVtefleish, - Prop.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Prices quoted nnd samples stip| lied on
for business. His stock of fruits, confections, etc.. arrived from Calgary on
Wednesday with Mr, Hurry Watson
in charge. Mr. Cluxtoii bus made a
good move in commit here, a store of
this kind bus been much needed ami
we huvo no doubt Goldenites will know
bow to appreciate Mr. Cltixtou's enterprise.
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
I Jvlwl
Co'y, Calgary, or
Carlin and Lake
General Merchants,
Alexander   Block.
Just Received
One carload of Furniture and one
carload of the Massey-Harris Co.'s
well known agricultural implements, comprising: Mowers,
Hay Bakes, Ploughs and Harrows
also Waggons, Spring* Carts and
We still have some Dry Goods
and Groceries on hand, though we
are getting low in several lines of
NOTICE is hereby given that David
Oppeiiheiiner and R. II. Alexander
have filed with me an application for n
Crown Grunt to their mineral location
situated on Copper Creek, in the District of Eust Kootenay, known ns tin'
Juunitu claim. Adverse applicants, if
imy, are required 'to setnl iu their objections to me within (IU days from
this date.
Donald, fitli Decemlier, IHO:!.
Govt. Agent, East Kootenay, ll.C.
a m
mCAVt Al 0,1 IWUt MnKKSJmJ
prompt answer and tin honest opinion, write tu
III INN A- CO.. v.li.i litivo hnd nearly nfiy yeurs'
experience In thti imtt'tit business. Ctiiimiuiilca*
tions strictly ctit-.ilfteiitinl, A llandliona uf Information conccntinu I'tilciils and liotv to obtain them sent free. ai..o n cnialogueof inechiui-
Icnl and sclent tile IkmiIcs -em fnto. .
Patent* taken tlimiiiih Munn A Co. recelvo
Mr. Dave Dickie, of Carbonate, was
a visitor this week,
Mr. AV. Alexander of Donald was a
visitor on Thursday.
Van Horne'e special  returned from
the west on Thursday.
Joe the barber has moved into the
Greene Block this week.
Mr. Win. Eraser, bridge foreman,
spent Wednesday in town.
Mr.  R. Fotheringliain left for his
homo in the east ou  Sunday's express.
Goldon   was   honored  this week by
the visit of nn old friend, Mr. " Casey "
Mr. Ciiri'ie, who is employed at the
Saw Mill, brought his family up from
Vancouver lb is week. Still they come.
Mr. Alf. Henley has wand red back
again after spending some mouths in
Kniiilunps, He thinks there is no
place like Golden,
Thursday next being the Queen's
Birthday the stores will be closed and
the post oliiee will only be open fur
one hour after the arrival of the
trains for the distribution of until.
Mr. Geo. Addison has severed his
connection with the Golden Saw -Mill
Company, He left uu Wednesday last
for the coast, accompanied by Mrs,
Addison, where be has secured a position similar to the one be held here.
The contract for painting the Court
House at D.iniilil has lieen given to
\V. Russ, Donald, his tender being $94.
he tu liud the material. The other
tenders received were, VV. J. Johnston,
$110; N. Shaw, SUO; J. MeLeotl,
SHU.-;.); G. E. Manuel, no material,
Tbe buys are taking a more than
usual interest iu football, lately. There
is now no difficulty in getting up n
game in the evening, and judging from
the talent displayed dining the past
week there is enough material to place
a first class team on the field, at least
good enough to give the neighboring
towns a mutch.
Til's week's hup wns quite equal tu
anything previously held. Next
Thursday's  however   should   eclipse
are broucht widely bctnrci the ptitillc without cost to tbe Inventor. This splemiid tttipiT,
ifptic'l ivi't'klv, olt'tmiitlyillti.-triite'l. hits hy fur tlm
lamest circulation of anyseientlhe -,txk in thu
n-ectalnotlcelntlieiii'li'iiiilii'Aiiipiii'nii.iiiia   I everything.    Hint day being a holiday
thus are broucht widely bctnrci the ptitillc with*   ; ,
everybody   should    Icel    merry    and
tripping the  tight   fantastic toe ought
lo be a suitable wind  up to the day's
enjoyment,   if the attendance Is good
the dunce may on this occasion be kept
up a little lunger.
BuIIl .���
copies, *J*i cunts,
stent i.���r - _ .	
MUNN A CO. New VoliK, aiil Huu.tuW.tT.
Building Ktl'llltiii, niniitlily, d'-tiOayt'iir.  8ln-rl8
���Jo cunts. Kvcry number
tali-test lii'sk-ini iliul secure cttntrncls. Address
, luirsii m. ��, r-.t-u ut ;-niii      l-i.is- j-j
.... ,.��� ���  Kvcry ntinibcr etinliitns beuu-
 plates. In colors, and itttotoirnipba of new
houses, with plans, I'titililliiir tiiillilttra io sltttw tho
Prenb.vtorlnn Oliurcli.
Service will be held iu the school
house to-morrow moruinvat ID o'ulouk
conducted by the Rev. W. R. Ross.
Itll-O lUllUVli
Bonir of the Coxey Brigade.
We're wadin'through the farmyards
���     We're marching on to Washington,
Where the fattest chickens lurk ;
Our ragged coats we jerk;
We're feast in' on the country,
We're howlin' through the country,
- [Atluuta Constitution.
Oiililen lloN|iltiil Society.
From 9:'M ii.m. to 11 a.m.
"       2  p.m. "   4 p.m.
"       i     "   "  8   "
Sillidiiy  from   10 a.m. to  12 n
from 7 p.in. to 8 p m.
From 2:'I0 p.m. to H p.m..
except Monday   uud Siiturdiiy.
BV  OlltlKK
Progriiiiiinc of Sports.
Wo give below the programme of
the horse races and sports to beheld
here on July 2nd. The committee
have made arrangements, its will be
seen by the programme, to have sumo
aciiiiiitic sports. This will be a pleasing variety to the otherwise stereotyped
form of sports which bus hitherto
been gone through,
The sports will cumin.mico at 10
o'clock ii.ui. sharp. Tne following
is a list of the events iu the order iu
which they will cume off : ���
GOOyd. Saddle liuise race, open to
horses who have never won au advertised purse of $10, single dash, 1st
prize S.'la, 2nd $15,
410yd. Horse race, tu be run in heats
best 2 in il, open to all, 1st $50, 2nd
jVn adjournment will be made here
for lunch.
Slow horse race, riders to change
horses run 440 yards und return, last
horse wider the wire wins, 1st $15,
2nd $5. no saddles, whips or spurs
allowed.    Cripples buried.
1st beat (iUOyd.  horse race, 2 in.11,
open tu all, 1st $75, 2nd $25.
440yd, funt nice, 1st $|5, Hnd $5.
Wheelbarrow nice, 1st $7, 2nd $3,
2nd bent (iOOyd. burse race.
Miners nice, upen iu free miners only
At the word go pick  up and curry 50
lbs, run i-OUyds, and return.     1st $10,
2nd $5.
ilrd heat (iOCyd. burse race if necessary.
Catching Greasy Pig, prize���tho jug.
Steeplechase, 1st $50, 2nd $25.
Consolation   race, b'OOyd.   dash  for
horses   that  have   run   hut  not won
money  at this   meeting,  1st $20, 2nd
$10, Uiil $���">, if 4 or more horses sturt,
if less tliiin 4. ,'lrd  money  tu be added
to 1st prize.
Immediately after this an adjournment will  lu made to Vachon's Lake
where  the  fulluwiug  ucqiiulic  spurts
will take place:
Tub race, 1st $10, 2nd $5.
Walking Greasy Pole, prize $10.
Log rolling contest, 1st $20, 2nd $10.
Conditions���-all competitors to get on
one lug, last man  slaying on wins 1st
money, 2nd Inst wins 2nd money.
Canoe race. 1st $20, 2nd $10.
lu all races 4 tu enter and il to start
ur uo race.    Entrance   fee 10 per cent
uf purse iu nil cases except Consolation
race, Tub   race and    Walking Greasy
I'ule, which nre free,    lierscs tu curry
nut less than 120lbs. in nil races.
A grand ball will be given in thu
Alexander Hall on the night uf the 2nd
July, lull particulars of which will bo
given later.
The GojjIiisN Eua $2 per year.
(tiu'cit's I.ls-t Ii  ay 1'leiilo.
The picnic, on TllUl'St'tty next the
21th inst., will bo belt! on very suitable grouild8 west of the hospital.
The picnickers will leave the school
liuuse ut one o'clock sharp. Suitable
uiiiuseiuciits will be provided lui- buih
old und young, an adequate supply of
refresh men ts   will be uu hand, all of The work has been accomplished with
whicli will be gratis.     A more enjoy- j out the slightest hitch from beginning
able way of celebrating the 75ili birthday of Our Most Gracious S ivei'eigu
Lady   Queen   Victoria  cu..ui   i.ot
l'"ll'��l Kri-tlt-ii la Ilium.
Hazel   Hill,    X.S.,   May    II.-Tbo
Fni'iuliiy finished laying tho first section of the Cum morula I company's new
I cable ibis morning at 4 o'ulouk, having
I pnitl o.it 510   knots  since lauding thu
liure cud on  Wednesday e ten ing last,
lo end      The cable is iu perfect condition ami Messrs. Siemens Bros , & Cu,
may he I'oitgnitulatid nud compliment*
"�� ed un this brilliant piece cf work,  Tho
now on her way to Loudon
expect* to arrive about the
A Fruit Store Tor Golden.
Mr. F, J. Clnxton of Calgury is here
again this week. His store is Hearing
completion uud  he will  soon be ready
j I'-.inulny i;
I where .-lie
I 2 lib ins ant.      She  will promptly un
her arrival relit ami  commence tu take
I into  her   tanks the deep   se.i   section
consisting   of  about   l.ot'O   miles of
cubic. ifthe 0*>(..l&tfit vT-ra
Thu GOLDEN EUA is published every
S.iturtlay morning in time tu catch thu east
and wost mail trains, also the mail fur the
upper country, Windermere, Fort Steolo otc
It is the only advertising medium in the Kent
Kuiitniiiiy district.
Siliscriptioii Rites: $100 |tcr niiiiiini in
Alvertisitiiu'iits nud changes must be ill
tho office not later than lltu.iu, ou Thursday
tu insure iiisei'tittii.
Atlvortiseineut rates iiinilc known uu uppli-
oatlot' *.o
All cash tu be pai 1 to the Manager, from
who.n tint t'it uflauy's receipt will bo nlituiued.
Tk Golden Eia Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, MAY 1!) 1804.
Ottawa. Out., Mny 12.-Messrs.
Coiirboltl and Mara had an interview
yesterday with tbe Minister of Justice
in reference to the appointment of
County court judges for the districts of
Kootenay and Vancouver City, owing
however, to the policy of retrenchment
which the Government has adopted, it
is doubtful whether uuy appointments
will be made this year.
Inspector Fletcher bus broil instructed by the Post master General, on Mr.
M.im's representations tu provide increased mail service between Nakusp
and New Denver aud also on Kuotenay
The House sat iu committee Friday
afternoon on the tariff, and passed
nearly nil the dutiable list, including
tlie iron and steel items, the reserved
and pretty nearly the whole of the free
list. Another houror two on Tuesday
will finish the committee stage. The
House only sut an hour last evening,
jtnssed a fe\f private bills and advanced four minor Government measures a stage.
The Inspector of Fisheries and the
British Columbia members had an interview with C. H. Tuppcr yesterday
iu regard to experimenting with lobster proposition iu the waters of the
Pacific. Mr. Mow.it was engaged iu
this work for many yours on the Atlantic, cjiist and lielioves that lobsters
could bu shipped to British Columbia
if they were not placed iu water en
route, their only requirement being au
even temperature in the cur and plenty
of natural food. The Minister promised to authorize the necessary expenditure.
Toronto, Mny 12. ���At University
college a medical was set upon by a
gang of fellow students, blindfolded
and, after n severe hearing, one side of
his moustache was shaved off. If the
authorities do not ir.etc out punishment
the mutter will lie taken to court.
Montrciil, May 12.��� Andy Moloney,
the gambler, arrested as a vagrant nnd
charged with using insulting language
to the chief of the revenue police,
pleaded not guilty uud wns released iu
$200 bail.
St. John, May 12.-The Coldbrook
rolling mills will reduce wages after
the 21st, due to the duties imposed
on iron, which discriminate against
Canadian rolling mills in favor of the
United States iron mines.
The Valley cotton mill closed last
evening, throwing i'iOO people out of
employment, caused by inability to
compete with the Upper Citiindiaii
combine and over production.
The Coat und Wuato of War.
Ill less than 300 years Great Britain
alone has spent ��1,"159,000,000 in war.
The annual cost of the British Army
is ��17,000,000, of the navy, ��14,000,-
000. It is estimated that the world's
cannon has cost the world's taxpayers
u little over ��8,000,000. The cost of
the world's wars since the Crimean
War has' been  enough to give ��2 to
every man, woman, and child un tbe
I globe Little Switzerland has an
I enormous uriny in proportion to popu-
llittion. The population is 2,900,000,
j the standing army is 1211,000. With
I the exception of Belgium, whoso debt
bus been incurred for internal improvements, every European national debt
is in great part a war debt. The national debt of Great Britain at the
Revolution of HI88 was only ��'���! 14,000.
Since then it hns increased through
war expenses to the enormous total uf
��1185,000,000. Iu the event uf war
tbe armies of the European nations
can be raised to !l,;l 1.1,000 men, and
the daily expense will be nearly ��4,
000,000, to suy nothing of the destruction of life and property. Dining the
most peaceful years the world has
11,700,000 soldiers, who are withdrawn
from productive occupations to pose lis
soldiers. Tho pny, equipments, food,
uud clutbing of these men cost tho
world's taxpayers nearly $510,000 a
day. ���Pearson's Weekly.
East Kootenay Electoral
Swift Locomotives.
One of the London and Northwestern engines during the race tu Scotland
iu 1888 covered the distance from
Preston to Carlisle ninety miles, in
exactly ninety minutes, having a
gradient of uo less than 1 in 75 tu
(limb between Tebny and Shalt Summit. One of the most famous engines
of this company is known ns the
"Charles Dickens" bus, since February, 1882, niiiile this journey every
day, working up the 8,il0 a.m. frem
Manchester and returning with the
4 p.m. from Eiistou, Ou September
12, 1891, it completed the two thousand six hundred and lifly-tirst trip,
having accomplished the extraordinary
feat uf running 1,000,000 miles in I)
years uud two hundred and nineteen
days. No other engine iu the world
bus run so many miles iu a like period
of timo. Between these dates, iu addition to the Manchester uud London
trips, ninety-two other journeys were
made, and altogether, 12,515 tons ol
coul were consumed. At the end of
February, 189.1, tlie total mileage run
by the "Charles D.ckens " was 1,138,-
���'I can never paint a picture,"
So she suid,
And she put iu twain the canvass
She had spread.
Put her paints and brushes by,
Had one little harmless cry,
Still she said,   -Resolved am I
Art to wed."
"So I'll write a wondrous poem
To the moon,
When it shines iu solemn splendor
At night's noon.
Though I paint not, I can write,
Now my poem I'll indito,"
Aud she rhymed the livelong night,
" Moon-rune-spoon."
But she ne'er became a poet ���
Her young head
Ilnu sufficient sense to know it,
So she said:
"Since I've missed the muse ot  song,
And to art may not belong,
Would it thon bo very wrong
Jim tu wed ? "
Now she makes her home a picture -
Cunning nit I
Lives a tender poem daily,
Fame apart,
Better these than writing rune,
Rhymed harmoniously with spoon,
Poems of Love's honey moon,
Of the heart.
��� Detroit Free Press.
Floru-"Ihave just found a dollar
nnd am hesitating whether to give it
to the missionary society or buy some
ribbon for dear little Fido,"
Frank-"Ah, I see. Undecided
whether to " point a moral or adorn a
The Golden Era $2 per yeur.
Legislative  Electorates  A   Elections
Act, 1S04.
NOTICE is lierehv given in iiccnrdnnco
with Section 11 of the nbovo net, thut I have
on April -i'ltli, th!U, completed tlio scrutiny
ut'the list of voters for tlio nbuve district nnd
hnve ili'tippcd the followinguiuues nf persons
who nre either ilonil or tint found to lie resident within the limits nf the slid tli trict under the provisions of lhe I o;.'isliillvo tloctur-
l..es Mid Elections Act lull.."
('tiliectiii- of Votes,
East Kootouny,
l.'tibt. Anderson, < tins L Ailiutni, John Anderson, Kilwni'tl Adah', Henry lirotvn, .1 nines
linker, John Hell. ��� lias. Itrnivnrigg, Jului
Penlie, Jus lltmlli.dli'i'. Jus lli.ri', .litliii Uliiiii-
bergo, John 8 Hnbbott, Gen llriiiulrotte, Win
Brown, ,1ns W Ih.iloy, Duncan lliicll..linn,
Harold linker, John I'olfoui', II G llruiulmtt,
J J Brown. J��hn liurrott, Jnines Hi.kie, .Ins
I, Brown,Einile J Berime, Rob I. brownrigg
Eli Ciirpouter, t'lins C'leinens, Ji.s. i iiinoroii,
Chns CnttolmitLJiiH.Ciirto.il, Win V trago,
Jtibii f'ollisoii, Doiwld < mik. Chns Ui!iiun���i'd,
���Ins Clifford. Hurry Council, Chns tl.tin-.y,
llenrv Cui-twi-iglit Win II I piisou, Michnel
Ilrisci.ll, Andrew Pnlnn, Henry Di, lie. John
WDow, Ralph Dollnitlge, lieu A How, hit-
win lh.lv, Jus I)i.\ini,.l"lin llEMnilgo.I.ewis.J
Eilwnrtls, John Fritsor, Alfred Fttweelt, l.i.-
liivolte French, Peter Grant, Geo W Griiliiiin
Robert Gordon, I'ntrick linvia Napoleon
Geuler, John A Glbsnii, Chi.s Gustave, Geo
W lli.ll, .Ittlui Hoennii. - Honoyiiiiii*-John
Howard, Solomon Hulilen, Julm llnggerty,
Herbert Hurwuud, 'I Imams L Home, John
llnhsnn Win ,1 Hurhh-'ou. Sam II HhiiiiiiuiuI,
Fred Ibliotsnn, Jan es Juhiiston, Sniiiuol Jolni-
st \\ in Johnson. 'I Ims 11 Jniiiiosou, Hugh
Keves, Lewis King. I'eter Kennedy, I bus
Lewis. Robert Li.we, Joseph Leiibouu, llenrv lewis, John Lcesun, Win Lncourcior,
Lewis Lepnge, Wm Leslie, Win Lcss..i'd,..iu
Leslie, Lurry 1' Mangeii, Geo Muui'oe, John
Mntliisttn, W'm M.Jlor, it* Milyoy, Josoph
Morg..u, Martin Mitrchison. Robert Moluy.
Peter Mii'liiuid, S II Mitchell, \ md Minotto,
Wm A Mnthews, Joseph Miirtiiienu, hich-ii'il
Mni'liolo, Jiiiites Mi.ciiiiliiy, Norman Murniib.y
Pete McIutvic.Hiigli McDiiiinld, .Vichnei Mc-
Dtiii.ilil Win Mc.Glllivriiy.Diui ilcKeiizie. rch
McMurdo, Diuicnn Mch'ea, 11ms U MeDim-
i.l I, II11 Mclutosh, Andrew Mcllwnhie, Alex
McDoni.ld, Jas JlcMi.huii, Win T McBnlo,
Win Me Huberts, Gen .MeKousio, Alex Mc-
I'uug.l, Gen McDonald, Win Mcijovi.n, Roli-
ort Mc.Mulleii, Jus A Noish, Ad..lii Nixon,
Nntlmii Nisiui, Di.n Nicholson, Ren Nt Inn,
Dhiiiel O'Riiy, D..niel G'Jen. Siuiii.nl I'ritcb-
nrd,EdwardI'uwors. Sin I'lihncr, Win Paris,
.Ins If Rogers, Henry Roberts, iVm Reunion,
Clms J Robinson, Win F Roiniiiiiiul, Jiuncs tl
loss, lhiriild Retltrrilvo. Win Rogers, Alex
Reid, .Mill R Robinson, John 11 Robinson,
Peter Roy, Frank Russ, Samuel Humming,
.luhn Sniiilon, Gen Siitliei'liintl. ilnlin 111'
Scoioy, Wm spai-ke.Jobn E Sppucer, Daniel
Stewart, Wnltor Scott, Nucl ,-it-utte, Robert
Stewart. Win Simmons, 'I bus G Stiiuersby,
Evelyn M Smiilllnni's, Win Suitor,Janos
���Smart, Jacob Sersnn, .luhn 11 Tiiyntoii, .luhn
Tt'lfoi'il, Win I lioiupsuii, Rtibt 1 liuriibiii'y,
I'ubt Widl, Roliert Wntiuorf, Jiniios Wrigh:,
JoBoph Woodi.il, Otto white, Theuphil.is
1. Frederick I'. Norbury, Collector of Notes
for the East Kuotouny Elector..! Distrii", (hi
liorolty certify t'u.it this is a true copy of
names ih-opiiel niul Irmisl'orrcd from the
Regisler ot \ liters for the sniil District, tu
date Mny 2ml, iS'tl.
Collecloi- oi Votes,
East Kuuteiu.y.
Victoria, May .'Jrii, 1894.
MOTICE is hereby given that the nn-
I* iiinil examination of candidates
lor qualification to teach iu tlie Public
Schools of the Province will be held
us follows, commencing on Wednesday,
July 4th, at 9 a.m, : -
Victoria..In South Park School Bld'g.
Vancouver.. In High Schuul Building.
Kamloops..Iu Public School Building.
Each applicant must forward a
notice, thirty days beloiu the examination, stating the class and grade of
certificate fur which he will be a candidate, the optional subjects selectcu,
and at which of the above named
places lie will attend.
Every notice of intention to lie an
applicant must bo accompanied with
satisfactory testimonial of moral character.
Candidates nre notified Unit nil of
tho above requirements musl be fulfilled
before their applications can be tiled.
All candidates for First Class, Grade
A, Certificates, including Graduates,
must attend in Victoria to take the
subjects prescribed for July 14th and
Kith instants, and to undergo required
oral examinations.
Superintendent of Education.
Near the Pare Monccnn Is n pretty
liltle house that seems to hide iu u bniui
(if clematis the homo of a prett. ��� widow
of 21- the Countess of Viry. She had
as a pet and constant companion a deli-
cute little poodle, nil white anl woolly,
to which was given as its sole nourish
.nent a lump of sugar in the morning
and a sweet biscuit at ni^ht. Ills name
was Nito.
It was 4 o'clock. Louise was in her
garden, flitting among the rose bushes
like a butterfly, and stopping from time
to time to brentho tho perfume of a
newly-blown flower.
Nito playfully pursued his mistress
with narks" of pleasure, nt times seizing
with his teeth the ruffle of her blnn
muslin dress, and, propping himself
upon his paws, pulled at it with all his
In the midst of their play M. Jacques
de Bcunchamp appeared. The little
widow, perceiving hiin, hid herself he-
hind a shrub. Uut Jacques ran to her
and kissed her on tho forehead.
"Ah, M. de Beiinchamti," sho cried,
" that is not nico of yon."
Louise nml Jacques agreed so well that
Ihey h.ul planned to lie married. Nevertheless each of thorn had a defect. M.
de Betinchuinp wus jealous, and the
Countess ot Viry wus coquettish.
"Louise,'' ho snid to Iier, "you will
drive me to despair. You say thnt you
love ine, hut how can I believe it when
I see you smiling at every admirer I
When I see you iu society, so full of life
nud gayety, and hear your ringing
laughter from the midst of a circle of
ardent admirers, it is impossible for me
to tell yuu the tortures und anguish I
'���What can I do, dear?" replied
Lutiise. "I am gay, it is true, bnt is
that a crime? And why should 1 oe cold
t'i those who approach mo only to say
pleasmt things?''
"You nre coqnetto, and your laugh
makes me despair, because if yon laugh
thus against my wish it must bu only
to show your toeth 1 You kuow very
well how adorable you nre when in
laughing with a fixed purpose you throw
baon vuur head and show your pretty
"Uut what must I do to prove my love
for yon? It is becoming desperate. Ask
of mu what yon please, but do not ask
me not tu laugh any more. I am only
uitipy when I am light-hearted, uud
tree to bo so."
M. ue Ltenuchamp assumed a solemn
air. "Yon said to me one evening that
you would mnke for me the sacrifice of
your life. 1 do not usk so much as that.
But listen. Do yon wish to make ine
the happiest man on earth!"
"You have bnt to speuk."
'���Even at the price of pain?"
"Yes, ut any price."
"Well, then, make me the sacrifice of
one tooth,"
" vv nut aro yon domt-nding of me? It
is biirburous I
"(July a tooth; the smallest one in tbe
front. And afterwards you may laugh
as much ns yuu please. "
"But yuu will think 1 am ugly, and
will not love me uuy more."
"I swear to yon tliere is no otbor way
to assure my happiness,"
'���Well���anything, Jacques, tor your
dear sake I"
The Countess rang the bell. John, her
valet, took her orders, and came back a
quarter of an hour later with a man
carrying in his hand n leather case such
us is used by dentists.
"Who is that person?" asked M. de
The Countess answered:
"It is M. James, the dentist."
Tne little Couutess entered her boudoir, followed by Nito, his tail between
ilis legs, as if he understood that some-
th.ng serious wus almnt to luippeii.
Louise returned soon afterwarus,
ashamed and humbled, and gave to M.
de Bmichiunp a little tooth us white as
mils, which he carried to his li-is und
covered with kisses.
Boeing this tributo of offeclion Louise
ran away.
Jacques had the tooth set in a medallion and carried it around his neck us a
From that day tho little Countess became very sail. Only upon rare occasions
was her face lighted up by u smile. Sho
kept aloof iroin society as much as possible, but when she was forced by her
social duties to appear among her
friends, they saw her keeping apart
from the otliers or sitting iu u corner
with a serious air, her mouth closed
like n prison door.
"Poor Countess I" said some e..l*
minded ones; "how altered she isl Every
day she looks older I"
And Jacques felt his love diminish
little by little. He seemed to begin to
understand that what he loved in her
was especially her imilo, her playfulness, her gayety���and be also became
One day he went in despair to the
"Louise," he raid, throwing himself
at her feet, "do you love me still?"
"I have sworn to love yon always,"
she answered,
"Will yon prove to me the sincerity
of yonr words?"
"I ask nothing else,"
"Well, then, if you love me, have the
dentist put in a, new tooth,"
"What folly Is this?" said Louise,
weeping, "I was right when I said
that you wonld not love me any more.
That is just like yon men. And you reproach us for being enpricons I"
"Louise, I beg of you to forgive me.
I curse 1117 jealously���my foolishness."
"So yon really are regretting tho
weakness with wuich I acceded to your
"I am desolate and full of remorse."
"You recognise the cruelty of your
llliiYa.iluinUe requestV"
"I will reproach myself for it all my
life "
"Would you bo happy if I had disobeyed you?"
"I would give anything for that."
The little Corintflss gave a burst of
laughter, whicli showed all her teeth
"What does this mean?" asked M. de
Bt-anehump, holding in his lingers the
medallion in which was encaseu as a
bouveiiir tiie little pearl of the sacrifice.
The Countess opened the niuuth uf
the dug Nito, saying: "Here is tho victim I"      	
TIltitM! Wlio Hnve the Kit-lit,
In England, those who hive tho right
to be presented amongst women, are the
wives nud daughters of the no'.illitv, titled nnd untitled; th 1 clergy, naval and
military ulticers, barristers nud physi-
ci ins. The wives and ilntiglitersu:' solicitors, surgeons, merchants, ami otners
in bii-niess, nave not the rijlit, but t..j
pritiUge is often uoiicuiiuii,
It wns a pretty room, this coll 20, ns
Kathenn ��� Oi-ny called Im- parlor and
lilcovo suito in tin Uur 11:1:1. O.'tlir
street, Blank city. Behind a gay *-c--"-eii,
sli-rhfiy irjnr, tbero was a tiny (j n . !.��� >.'o
uinl a singing kettle-, a h-ilf opeiieo Hour
of a cabinet revealed odd pieces of chiua
linn shining silver.
This ii what tho nun shone upon
H'li'mi'-h the Ing east bay window. This
and L.itbeviie Grey nt her Li'en'itfast
tnblp. The postman had mado Li* ouo
round fer the day. Koine biioiiiass house
hnd sent l.ur a calendar, uud t.ieri wns
one letter. This she wue reading. She
nittiie a pretty picture as she sat thus.
Willi all the rest of the world s-e was
having a holiday.
"I wish." sho said. "I wished thnt
thin letter could have been delayed until
to-morrow. I don't lino being so disturbed 011 a holiday." Then slie laughed, und looked very pretty when ltingh-
imr. 'I wonder if I'm to have u
proposal of marriage?"
Then she rose and wul'iod to thu mir-
ro;\ The reflection was nor Uiiplc-iicint;
she smiled ns she looked at it. lint she
snid: "There's uu use in being flattered
by the glass, Kiilberine, tbo fact remains that this iu your birthi'iiy, mil
thnt yuu are thirty four years old to-day.
Hero in tny baud is an niter of iniiiriivn
froii) an eminently Wiirtiiy mil respectable man, who would t.-iso yuu u.v iv
(rom Cell No. 20 nu 1 its ���'���itobeiiy-pai--
lor nir,' nnd set you in 11 -kntidaoiiio
homo, where you wouldu't have to hldo
yo ir head in u Onroitii drawer, ba\> nnd
iioil in 11 dish, or eat 'boiv.'lit.'n pij' ���
who would make a lady of leisure of
you. and who. best of all, nr w". ��� oil , it
to lie best of ull. would love, yuu nml lie
good to you. And yer," sho lull.iir.ied,
"you hesiti-to. With little lines co.nin ���;
iiruiind yonr eyes unit mouth, wit.i
work and weariness st vtehiiij., out i.i-
(lelinitely before you���you hedtute. I
am surprised, lea rtoi't show your
usual got id business sense, yonr keoti appreciation of n good bargain."
Truly, she was not i'lseusible to tho
material advantages that were Oifered
tn her in this letter from Mr. Drowno,
w1h-1o.iido grocer aud doulel hi canned
goo Is.
As sho sat thus, with her hum's clasped above her ueiv.l, she thought: " If it
were not for that letter received and
answered 10 veats ago I know what my
reply wonld be to this one. If I could
mny forget- -but I may as weli sturt my
life anew to day as any time.
Then she went to her desk nnd too'c
down the old calendar. " You've hail
your day, and you liny ns well go witn
there.-!.. Une nail drives mil another.
Yonr successor is hore with his ready-
Hindu wisdom. By thu wav, I'll sci
what sort this is," she sai J. " It's som-j
Kdvertiiting scheme, no donbt. but it
may have a i-icssasa tor ine, just tho
She read: " 'Be more afraid of tho
companionship that enslaves than of tho
solitude that loaves yuu free.' Uso tho
Highflyer bicycle.   Best i.*.  tho world."
'Sue read the quotation twico, smiling
as siin did so, aid hung thu now calendar in ils pliic*.
At H o'clock she mado n careful street
toilet and went for her dinner, Determined lift to dine alone, she invited
little Joe, tlie newsboy, who brought her
timming pupur and who did smuil
err.inds for lior mid other occupants
thu Noruinn, to go with her.
Tu be nurii, when she asked him if ho
had been to dinner, he admitted that bo
had been "wid do gang to the mission,
Uut diit, "ho sut J, "dou'tcut no ligger.
I kin cut jes' tu well fer all dat."
Kntherlne sat in the early winter twilight at her piano, singing some sweet
old song of her early youth.
Then there came n vigorous ring nt
her dcor, It flashed across her mind
that possibly Mr. Browne wait going t.i
forestall the postman n.i.l know his own
fate by word of mouth. Before going
to the door she light ed the gas and went
to the mirror. Standing there, she said:
"Statistics show, Katuci-ine, that women
over thirty	
Then the bull rang again. As if wavering a little, Bhe glanced at the calendar. Braveiy the words shown beforo
her eyes: "Be more afraid of the coin*
ponluushlp, that enslaves, than of the
'���    tl u{0
. solicitude that leaves you free."
"Ah! that Helps,'' siw said.
Then she opened wiiie the door.
It certainly waa not Mr. Browne who
stood there. Mr. Browne was short and
rotund; florid also. This man was tail,
of flue proportions, with clu.r cut features uud a fine mustache.
������Miss Gi-i-y?" ho said, interrogatively.
"My name is���bnt perhaps you remember my nuine." and the tall mau
bteppod iminvlttid into th" rom.
������yes." she said, her eyes blazinsr, "I
remember your niitue. It Is th.' n une of
fit) only man who over tre-it-*d ui-i witn
laiiiespect. Go back to the silence that
has covered yon fur vours."
"Notyd, he said. "Tho morning
mail brought mo this letter thnt yon
wrote me liiyeai-s agu; yoii accepted me
l.teu: you said that you hived me.   I've
ine proof uf it in  my hands ."mil
1�� opened u letter yellow and sunned,
".uu say:���
" 'Dear Everil���I" "
"Ob, don't I" she cried.
"Linton, dear,"he said. "The post-
office in the city where we both lined 10
years ugo has recently unucrgone re-
flairs. A piiekr.,;u ul lei tors h is been
i .-.limned uy tiio gustitters ur pluitibiii-s.
This in buu of thorn. I only liiiiie tliu
others hnve been ltn'wurde.l to as liuppy
a dnstiiiitlinii, Fur t.'ie words i.i t'.ie
b'tt ti-���thev are true nuw as then, ore
t.iey not, Kntherltiof"
"Oh. I don't know!" she said.
"Find out. dear, m quickly ns you
nn. The years have been lung aim
lliilil, bnttlioi.e lsnt eight bourn hive
Ii'bii torture. 1 hud uu idea wiiere tu
look lur yuu ��� "
"What tin you think I must have en
dured.'" she asked.
"I don't dare tniuk of it." Then ho
added, ns ninety-nine men out of u hundred would havo done: "We won't!,...;
miont it ur think of it. We will forget
t e muliit o of the past and plua ."o; our
"How did you find mo?" asked Kath-
"I snw }-o-i nt the restaurant where
vou were entertaining thut little hoodlum. I k-.tt'W yon at once. There's no
woman in the world likn you. I, tno,
bad a gti.st with me nnd could nut follow villi, But nn hu'ir Inter I cangl t
the buy on the street, ami by my silvery
cio notice nnd a dollar learned yu..r
name and wb re yuu at-ed."
"My nu i ie.'"
"Yes. Yon might have changed it,
and uen���I should uut be here."
Metal Report.
We are indebted to tho Engineering
and Minin.',-; Journal of New York for
the following quotations : ���
New Yoiik. May 4, 1894.
Silver. Owing to renewed minors uf
the imposition of a o p.c. duty on
nil Indian imports, including silver, but excepting of gold and
cotton, the silver market is again
demoralized. New York, 04 cents
Loudon 29id.
Copper. Manufacturers are still complaining about lack uf orders tu
enable tbem to work full time, and
the prospects for n change for the
better in this direction are apparently not of a very promising
nature.   G.M.B's. ��'60 10,. Cd.
Lead is sharing the Into uf till other
metals, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, ��9 0s lid., and
English, ��9 lCs. Od.
���gitaUmse Utm-i-a.
Ap-f-tritly It would require little coaxing to Indite the Grnn*l Old Man to ral'ti*
the cry nf "Down with the house of lurusl"
���buffalo Express.
G'ldstont* hns rt Inst nnnni**- *-*d his policy In r-*u ml to the bouse of loran. 1U admits thnt it i.i n -.-rive question bow to secure reform In thnt direction, hilt is ready
to un-lt-rui.-) tne uni.. ��� Uuualo Inquirer.
Clndstono In his sprceh made It su.ll*
dent I y clear, however, thnt If the bouse of
lords should continue to oppose tne clearly
i-scurtallicd will of the cotiiitrv iho existence of the house would bu endangered.���
Philadelphia Ledger.
Mr. Gladstone at Edinburgh has Indicated thu purpose of the government to
continue the struggle for borne rule iu Ireland upon tbe reassembling of parliament.
Tlio tenure of tbe bouse of Ionia ia not
wortliu 1(1 years' purclnun*.���Ci*, igo Times.
The nu-*d premier has picked up the
(���amulet of (lcllniicc which the lords threw
own. He is ready todo battle to the death
If need bu. He is not fighting for himself.
Thu war which he wages is tbe war of the
people ugaiust privilege.���Milwaukee Wisconsin.
In former times It has been the practice
of the UritisU premier to force measures
tnrough tbe huuse of lords by raUing
enough new men to the peerage to overcome all opposition. It is uot likelyth.it
Mr. Gladstone will resort to any sucb expedient On thu contrary, hu would rather
abolish the house of lords altogether, and
iu this he wuuld be supported by a strong
publicseutiment.���Cincinnati Star.
Mr. Gladstone's addrrss to tbe Midlothian liberal committee is of great Importance und significance because uf wh.-.t he
had to say regarding the house of lords.
He asserted thnt tbe lords' claim tbnt they
hud a rigbt to force nu appeal tu tbe country was a preposterous and unconstitutional���even trciisouiiiile-doctriue. There
ii no misusing thu force and drift of tiieae
enipluiuc nurds.���New Yuri Triouue.
Ilox. J, A. Louoheed, Q,0.
G. 8. McOAKTEll.
fjDtighi-cd   A   *Wct'ni-((-r,
Barrister*', Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors fur I.'iuik of Moutro-.l.
.rui'usoar mni wheeler
Members Assocn.'D.L.S. A P.L.S. for 11,0,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers. Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc' Calgury inul New Westminster, Correspondence solicited,,
R.J.J1S1MISOX, l>.l..s.,i ,l..s. 0f li.o. &Ont.
C.M.ti.uty, Alba.
A. O. Wiliti-u-ii, D.L.S. & I'.L.S. ���f B.C,
Nuw Wksi'.mixs'I'ku B.C,
McCarthy   A    Harvey,
M.-u'i-islei's, Athuc.tes, Notni'los, &c.   Solid*
tin's tui'i -
'lhe 1111 j. ��� i' i.. I Batik of C.-imiilii,
The Cnii.'.tbi I'eniiMient Limn A Savings Co,
'lint Yorkshire l.m.n &- ���ieciii-iiiosCoiTuriitiun
Ihu Mi.ssoy-ihiri'ii,I o. (Ltilj.otc.utc,
OIHcos   Slcphen Avoilt.0, Lidgary.
I'. MjC'AII'I'iIV, ('.0.
llOKAUE ll.vitVEV, B.A., L.L.B,
Assou, Mem. I.vst. C.E.
.wixi-sfw i:x<tJi\i.Eii.
Mining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Application   for    CertlflcutJ  of Im-
Take notice that I, H. 6. Low, Free
Miner's certificate No. Jl.'ifiD.I, intend,
(10 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Guld Commissioner fur a certificate
uf improvements for thu purpose of
ubtuiuiiig u cruivu grant of i.bove
And further tako notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such cortiliunto uf improvements,
Dated this seventeenth day of March,
H. G. Low.
(Graduate of Li.vid nnd McGill.)
mij\IA4*l   EK-MINEEK.
Head Office, Queued ; Brunch Offices
SlIEluiioOKB, & 17 Place d'AriiiuH
Hill. MllX I'lIEAIj.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessraant Act and Provincial
Revanue Tax.
Madeline Bouton has Joined A. M. Palmer's stock company.
Wright Huntington hns joinedCordray's
stock company at Portland.
Sydney Booth hns signed with E. & Wil-
lurd to play Horatio tu "Hamlet."
James T. Powers Is said to do the clever
est work of bis career in "Walker, London."
Laura Clement, last season with Lillian
Bussell, has joiuul tbu Calhoun Opera
Louis de Lnnge hns left his old partner,
W. 8. Rising. Hu will star In a laicc comedy called "Paradise Flats."
Frillman, Jose, Jlnynion Moore and
Thomas Ijuwis, the quartet now in Africa,
will organize a concert company.
Louis Shea, for two seasons leading man
with Ullic jVkerstroiii, has resigned to go
with Archie Boyd's "Country Squire."
Eddie T. Moody, the novelty dancer, has
made a hit in his original balance dancing.
Master Moody was formerly a newsboy in
accordance with the Statutes, that
Provincial Revenue Tax inul all Taxes
levied under the Assessment Act are
due for the year 1H94. All of the above
named Taxes collectible within the
Eastern Division, uf the District uf
Kootenay, are payable at my oliiee,
Court House, Donald. Assessed Tuxes
nre collectible at the following rales,
viz :
If paid on or before June 30th, 1894: -
Provincial Revenue. 3-1,00 per capita.
One-half of one per cent uu Real
Two per cent ou assessed value of
Wild Land.
One-third of ono per cent on Persona!
Oue-hnlf of one per cent on income.
If paid after June :10th, 1894: ���
Two-thirds of one per cent on Real
Two and one-half per cent on assessed value of Wild Land.
One-hull uf one per cent on Personal
Three-fourths of one per cent on
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, Feb Oth, 1804.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission uf patients,
TICKETS may bo bad from the under,
signed or any member of thu
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Analytical Chemkt St Assaycr,
Golden, British Columbia.
1802      AS3AVEK TO TUM        sou
Ei-itish Colurn'tiia Government
or all speciiaoai sent from bo Tr-tvim-n to
Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Bank Of Montreal.
CAM.' A It Y.
Interest at Current rates,
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manager.
Livory & Feed Stables,
Saddle liorsos for Hire.
��tiOL��l<j\, IM".
���vV"ioIe*-i:tl"' nml Retail
Csttli), Sheop r.nd
Uorso Dealers.
GJLilJN.   L. C.
J. SMART &, CO. |
U::dor:a!:or3 and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
i    Onlfftii-y     -     -     AI Iin.
'    TLl.EIIHAI'il   OltllBIIS   PilOMl'TIjY
J Ari-EXI'l'ill   TO.
It'ynii (Vitut your liouno l-iihiled. i'npoi-eil
ut- (jiilHoiiimed. ni- .-my kind nt .isign l'niuteii
write to.I. II. MMjIjWAOU, CAUlAltV, the
l.e.-iilinir I'llhlt Kbn|i in the licst, for (Jmi.t
Viul'lt mid price*. Unit are ri-rhl.
'-UetEj:**! '
^H. Ccnnscher, ?roprie:cr.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of (-nests. Hendquitrtci's for milling men nnd
mitiers. Convenient to Station und Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer ami wholesale nud
retail dealer in Wines, Lit-uors, and Cigni's.
Special attention yiyeii to orders from n,. the
Columbia Rher.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
Job    Dcpartiricrjt
-:o:��� OF ���:o:-
QM-fiJi r*[ii It'illiiiull(l'UI3l'j)oiirocoi|-t
r|ivj rl-tU. ,,f;i -> Htiunp,d reeeipetorii
siniplo VilliKTAIII.i: BALM thnt will ru-
linive I'tlili ifrcckleSi I'Iiii|iIi-k. illilU'ili-i,
llliioklteiid.i otoi, lonvlli'- tlie skill soft,
clear ami beautiful. Aildross A. 1). STEM-
PEL, (10 Ann St., Now York.
"It Is worth tlio pripp lo everv nertiiin
whit uvea reuus a uuhapui-i i."���jjuiIIl1-iou
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Poeltet Primer for the use of Reportprn,
CorrespontleniB tuttl fopv Choppertt.
Hhort. simple .nd ptaetical mien (or
m-iKinn nml enltln-r new.paivr ropy,
and nf .quiil value to all nLo with to
write correct Enmlbh.
Sentenrec-lntof P'lrt- Pice, 10 rents
P-r enny. ALLAN >ORMAN, Publl.hu
117 Nat-urn Street. New "fotl,
* w.
SP   **MMP> '/���     j8we|(6ry
7, Donald, L3.C. Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Pair.
A pure Gtape Cre3m of Tartar Powder.   Free
bom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Dr. Simpson of Banff was in town
on Saturday Inst.
The roadmnster's staff have been
busy several days hauling stone from
tho oust to divert the current of the
river which bad a slight inclination to
make n minatiiro " St. Paul nnd Minneapolis " of our little town.
Messrs. Stewart and Garden, civil
engineers, were in town the early [tart
of the week having a local inspection,
accompanied by Rondmnster Erickson
and Mr. John Stocks of Canmore,
The roiiilmns-er's office is undergoing structural alterations and 011-
A  few  dnys  ago  n poor, ignorant,
untamed bear swooped down upon the
pig sty of our only  celestial nnd unfortunately killed four of his gritnters.
The fact of having four extra pig tails
dfes not   console  poor   Johnnie  who
���'does   not  savey   being  heap  glad"'
over bruin's success.    Several attempts j
were made to effectually  prevent the'
brute's  future  familiarities  and Conductor Marsh nnd  crew brought about
this most desirable result on Monday
Mr. J, R. Moore of New York is a
guest at Mount Stephen House.
Mrs. Tom White is unwell but we
hope to see her around again very
Our vers-atilo friend, womanlike,
strikes out iu a very (esthetic ami unexpected style this week and uiiwoiiian-
like, reveals to us one of the secrets of
the sex, us follows :
Do you wonder why girls journalistic
Wear no bonnet,
Why the problem appears pessimistic
In a sonnet.
Know no reason ? well then I'll impart
Tis because -being wrapt up in nrt, it
Gets crushed- critics all sit upon it,
When they don it.
llritish (iiliiinlilii Hor*.
(From the Western World.)
On another page mention is made ot
tho fact that tho shipments of British
Columbia hops to England during the
past season hnve proved very satisfactory. Messrs. Norman & Co., a loading produce linn in Londun, say that
subject tu their flavor, which is similar to East Keuts, being maintained,
they nre to bo preferred to anv that are
imported nud would carry all befure.
The iiiniiiteiiiiiico of this quality is of
the tit most Importance to the hop industry uf the I'acilic Province and on
its being successfully kept np depends
the future of tbe tinde. Methods of
cultivation are, of co.irse, of considerable importance, but tlio chief thing is
the drying of the hops after they are
picked. First in importance is the
construction of suitable kilno or oast
houses, then the employment of experienced dryers. Incompetent dryers,
may at the outset, give British Columbia hops a bail iiiiinn in England from
which it will take them years to
recover, and the editor, who spout his
curly days in the bop districts of Herefordshire inul Kent, ami who knows
whereof ho speaks on this matter,
would urge tho importation of dryers,
if necessary, from England. llritish
Columbia bop growers will mnke a
great mistake if they go south of the
International Boundary for points on
bop drying. California bops, ns is
well known, have an unsatisfactory
flavor, as they cannot be brewed
alone, but have to lie blended with
other growths. There is every reason
to believo thnt British Columbia can
pro luce hops of satisfactory flavor,
which should fetch much larger prices
in England than Cnliforninns.
If the editor of the Western World
can be of any assistance to B.C. bop
growers in this connection, hc will be
inos' happy lu give thorn his services
aud to put tlicin in communication
with .'calling growers in England who
could select dryers for them.
Ill-ttorlcal Lien.
There was probably no such man as
There wns never such a person as
Pope Joan, the female Pontiff.
Wellington, at Waterloo, did not
say :    '��� Up, guards, and i-t 'em !"
Alfred the Great did not visit tbe
Danish camp  disguised  as 11 minstrel.
The existence of the Colossus of
Rhodes is considered by some historians as extremely doubtful.
Tliere is no historic authority for the
statement that little George Washington cut down the cherry tree.
Cromwell and Hampton did not attempt to sail to America just before
the outbreak of the English revolution.
Philip III of Spain was not roasted
to death before a roaring fire because
court, etiquette forbade anyone to come
to his assistance. He died a natural
Pocohontas did not save the life of
John Smith. It has been ascertained
that this worthy man was the most
able-bodied prevaricator of his century.
Seneca wns not a half Christian
philosopher, hut a grasping moneylender and usurer who died worth over
Ctesar did not say : "Et tu Brute."
Eye-witnesses to the assassination deposed that ���'he died fighting but silent,
like a wolf."
Richard III. was not a hunchback,
but 11 soldier of tine form, some pretensions to good looks, and of great personal strength and courage.
Gen. Cambronnedid not say : "The
guard dies, but decs not surrender."
The words were the invention of a
Paris journalist uud attributed to
Mary Stuart of Scotland was not a
beauty. She hud cross eyes, and to
save the trouble of having her hair
dressed cut it off close to her head and
wore a wig.
Sappho, the poetess, was not a wanton beauty, nor did she throw herself
from the Leucadian cliff to be cured ol
an unworthy love. The Intest investigations prove her a respectable married
woman with a large family.
Queen Elizabeth was not the angelic
creature represented in tho history and
poems of her own times. Her hair
wns read her temper red-hot. She
sumetimes drank tuu much, and on any
provocat ion would curry ou like a
trooper. - Exchange.
C. Bailies is at present working on
the trail between Donald and the Blaeberry. If he doos ns well with it as
he did with the work in town the
Government will have no cause to say
that they ha- e not received value lor
the money ex ponded.
Mr. W. R. Ross who has not bten
in good health lately, has been obliged
to give up the contract he secured for
the painting of the Court House us he
found himself unable to do the work.
Mr. J. MeLeod, whoso toiider came
next is doing the work.
Mr. C. Nelles has leased the Woodbine Hotel from P. Murphy nud is
milking extensive improvements in it.
It is Mr. Nelles' intention to cater for
the railway trade and the dining room
will be in charge of. his wife which
assures the excellency of that department. Mr. Nelles is well known liav
ing been in Revelstoke and IlleciUe
waet for the past few yours.
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Heals 50c.
Mr. Patmore is moving into his
house this week.
Win. Thompson has completed a
massive fence around the jnil nnd now
prisoners will be able to stretch their
logs in the yard. The fence is of 11-
inch planking, extends under ground
4 feet and is 14 feet above ground so
thut there is uo chance of an escape.
Oonerul New. Note..
Chicago claims 1,575,000 population.
The Midwinter Pair is a financial
Up to date there have been 1,300,COO
admissions to the Midwinter Fair.
The Hawaiian royalists have hopes
of overturning the Provisional Government.
President Cleveland says the newspapers are to blame for the Coxey
The Prince of Wales expects his son
to see the inauguration of a British
King Leopold of Belgium opened the
World's Exhibition ut Antwerp lust
There has been a general compliance
with the Chinese registry law in all
parts of the United States.
Several Chicago millionaires have
declared for bimetallism,and will work
for the coinage of silver.
Freight Incites.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1.00; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; G. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Class 1 and 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
"    B.              " 3 and 4              "            ������                 '���
"    C.              " 5and(i              "            "                 "
"    D.              " '    7 and 8              "            "
Mary's l.iiinlj  with I'eii..
Mary had a little lamb,
Its flesh was pink and white;
And with green peas - about May 1st
That liinib was out of sight.
- [Waif.
One of the most perfectly fitted up
Laboratories nud Assay Offices in British Columbia, with chemicals, furnace
etc., at Fort Steele. No better opening for a reliable assayer.
near Fort Steele, an Amalgamator with
rotatory pan, the latest and best pattern, new und beautiful machine for
gold quart's, weight 14,0001 hs. In sections can be moved anywhere, capacity
2 tons per day.   Apply to:
Fort Steele, B.C.
Legl-d-itUo   Electorates   A  Elections
Act. 1804.
East Kootenay Distmot.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt iu accordance with Section 1(1 of the
above Act, I shnll hold a Court of
Revision at :���
Fort Steele, May 2Gth at 11 o'clock a.m.
Windermere, " 30th        "        '-
Beavermouth, June 4th    "        "
Field on ���'   ("th    '-        ���*
Golden "   8tb    "        -���
Donald ���' 11th    "        '���
for the purpose of hearing the claims
of any persons who allege that their
names have heen improperly struck off
or omitted from the List of Voters for
East Kootenay.
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will lie delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels being limited to 12 per lb.
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m.   B.   LANG,:
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
I will manufacture Sash, Doors, Mouldings,
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.


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