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The Golden Era Apr 21, 1899

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 G&ldsiA Era
���** tbe most widely circnlatsd snd
tam advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper thst
Is rend by the miners, the ranchers,
lbs railroaders and lumbermen.   ���
tlta-triptton, $2.00 per Annum
Is AdTanoe	
Tbe Golden Era,
Hns been appointed Ihe OssSttw
for North East footway lor
Dominion snd Pro-fineM 6��v-
ernuM-nt notices end sdvsrtlse-
ssents.   Published by.
The Golbbx Eba Co., Lid., Lr.,
,  . Gouira, B.C
ft)L Till.   NO. 38
GOLDEN B.C., FRIDAY,   APRIL 21,    1899.
$2 Per Year
You   Can   Save
B| Trading With
H. G. Parson,
Our spring stock is about complete in all departments.
"Dont wait lor better values for they'll never come This
���week we will talk
Men's Furnishings:
Laundered White Shirts
Stacy Cambric Shirts
Derby Ties, fancy silks and wash goods
Half Hose, in blaok, tan and fancy
Uunderwear in Merino, Balbriggan and
nat. wool   - - - -
Braces, fine leather and English web
Handkerchiefs, lawn, linen and silks
to ��'.25.
to   1.10,
35c. to   1.50.
20c to   1.50.
10c. to 1.00.
Linen Collars, new straight with old corners 20c. to .25.
Steel rod Umbrellas - ��� -1.00 to  3.50.
Collar and Cuff Buttons, Pointers, Armlets, Scarf Pin.*, etc.
If you want to own the best and moit stylish boots
in town buy a pair of the celebrated
Slater   wo ^ave a ^ ''ne ��^ *-'iem ""n k*ac,t an&
and colors at
hoes     3.50,    4.50,    and   5.50.
Also lower lines in other good makes if you want them.
H. 6. Parson, General Merchant.
A work that is of urgent importance
in view of the promised activity in
mining along the Kicking Horse, is
the opening of the old trail to connect
Golden with Field. This would give
access for packhorsrs to thn many
streams tributary to the . Kicking
Horse. T. E. Wilson, of Banff, who
has paid particular attention to mineral prospects in tbo Rockies, assures us
that some of the prospects located
there are exceedingly good, und he has
bonded some of t hem through Mr. McCarter, of Revelstoke, to St. Paul parties, who propose to do extensive development work. He says that the
want of access for horses is at present
a great drawback to that portion of
the district, and he contends that 8300
would make an excellent pack trail
through the canyon. For the past
few years he has kept open at his own
expense the trail from Laggan to Field
but between Field and Golden the
route has been a closed door. There
can bo no doubt that In view of the
large amount of traffic that will come
from the prairie into the Tete Jaune
Cache goldfiolds this coming season
the opening of a trail through the
Kicking-horse would be a great public
boon, giving a short pack trail
through the Rocky Mountains. The
opening of this trail would also be of
immense advantage to Golden, as it
would concentrate traflic here and
aid in making this town what it
is destined to be-the great outfitting
point for the northern country. It is a
pity that this trail was over looked in
the Board of Tr ide deliberations the
other day, but Mr. Wells M P.P. will
no doubt see the importance of the
scheme proposed, and if it can be doss
for 1300 as suggested by Mr. Wilson
he will be quite justified in obtaining
a diversion of the sum required for ihis
cured in il days by tbe use of Dr. Agnew's
Ointment. However iiniia&iible this may
seem, a few applications will convinee. Many
are cured who have been disfigured for years.
Try lt to-day.
Sold by O. A. Warren
for a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
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The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
���oles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C     A.     WARREN'S.
An Eastern despatch says: If Sir
Hibbert Tuppsr's present arrangements
are carried out he will resign his seat
for Ficton at once and go into provincial polities in British Columbia. His
object is io endeavor to get control of
the legislature there and in this way
manage to swing the province around
ill favor of the Conservative opposition
at Ottawa at the uext general election.
It is probable that if Premier Turner,
who sits for ouo of tin Victoria seats
will resign, Sir Hibbert will run in his
MINUTES.-Dr. Agnew's Cure fur the
Heart gives perfect) relief in all esses of Organic ur Sympathetic Heart Disease iu :i0
minutes, and mieeililv ef,"uc-t,i a cure. It is a
neerless remedy for I'lilpiliitiou, Sliurtnoss of
llreath, Smothering .-*)i��lls. Pain in Left
Side and nil symptoms of a Diseased Heart.
One dose couvincei.
Sold by U. A. Warrea.
Letter to C. A. Warren.
Mr, C. A. Warren has jnst received
a letter from P. White*, who left Golden last spring to explore the northern
country, going through by pack train
from Ashcroft. At the time of writing
(Mar, 30th), Mr. White had just arrived at Atlin. He speut tbe first part
of the wiuter at Teslin lake and left
there for Atlin middle of February.
Ha bad a very hard trip through, all
his borsw having died last fall, and he
had to save what he could of his outfit
on a hand sleigh. Theie were hundreds of people on the trail in the same
fix. Mr. White says tbe old miners at
Atlin have great faith in the camp,
but that tbe alien law bas put a damper ou the field for the pre.eut. Everything iu the shape of a creek is staked
for miles around, and on Pine creek
some of the claims have ns inanv as
nine stakes on them, and the claims
there have from three stakes upward
on each. These are recorded several
times. No wonder Mr. White remarks
that "everything is in a perfect
ItheumutUm Cured,
My wife has used Chamberlain's
Pain Balm for rheumatism with great
relief, and I can recommend it as a
splendid liniment for rheumatism and
other household usesfor which we have
fopnd it valuable. ���W. J. Cuyley, Red
Creek, N. Y.
Mr. Cuyler is one of the leading
merchants cf this village and one of
tho most prominent men in this vicin
ity.���W.G.Phippin, Editor Red Creek
Herald. For sale by all druggists
Henderson Eros, wholesale Agents
Victoria and Vancouver.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
JUt and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
Hilt Proprletert,
A great deal of discussion is going
on throughout the mining camps as is
the eight-hours dav for miners. The.
mine owners are opposed to tbe innovation and the men support it. With
some experience ot the eight-hour system we say emphatically that is tho
best system of labor, and is being adopted where-over the relations between
the laborer on the one hand and the
employer on the other are conducted in
a reasonable aud lair spirit. Any experienced mining engineer will throw
in his weight witb the men in this fight,
as he knows perfectly well that 8 hours
is long enough for any man to keep
underground and do good work. Besides the eight houis ahilt is clearly
the best method of running a mine.
Pepsin   in   Pineapple
In.toad at Animal Pepsin, tbe Wholo
some Pratt Pepsin ���ftho Pineapple
Is the Effective Principle of Dr. Von
Btt-u'i Pineapple Tablets.
The vital juice of tho ripe pineapple yields
the wonderful remedy, which corrects iudi
gestion and cures dyspeptic disorders of
A Thief and a Gun.
The Columbia River Lumber Co.'s
mill wss the scene of a bit of a sensation on Wednesday night. A nkin
named John Nutt had packed up'a
quantity of harness from the harness
r.-oni of the (.remises and was making
off with it about midnight. Toe
noise made hy the thief about the
premises at tliat hour of tbe night attracted the attention of Mr. Grady,
the Company's storo keeper, and ho
went out with his gun to see what was
up. Seeing the thief making off with
his swag he called on him io bold up.
The iliief rum the faster but u abut
from Gr.-ul>'s gun brought liiin to u
standstill, and ho was then taken iu
charge by Grady and A. McMillan,
who brought kirn up and delivered him
over to Coastahlo Lang. Nutt was
brought before Mr. Griffith S.M. ou
Thursday afternoon, and was sent to
gaol tor 110 days.
Letter From Kir. Bostook.
We have received the following let
ters regarding this matter in reply to
representations made to Mr. Bosiocl;,
M.P., by loading residents of Winder-
mere that he should take steps lo got
the Dominion Government to pass the
plans as promptly as possible so that
the work may be gone ou with :
House of Commons,
Ottawa, 10th April, '99.
To E. A. Haggen, Esq.,
Goldeu, B.C.
Dear Sir,���I nm in receipt of your
letter of the 81st ult. and herewith
forward vou one from Sir R, Louis
Davies, I will see him again aboul
this matter.    Believe ine,
Yours Faithfully,
Hewitt Bostock,
Minister of Marine and Fisheries.
Ottawa, Canada, 8th April. '99.
My Dear Bostock,--1 have your letter of tho 7th instant enclosing one received by you with reference to the
bridge which tbe Provincial Government are erecting at Windermere
across the Columbia river. I have not
yet seen the application or plans, but
will take care to give tho matter attention the moment they come to hand.
I return you Mr. Haggen's letter as
requested.   Yours faithfully,
L. H. Davies.
Hewitt Bostock, F.sq., M.P.,
House of Commons,
The Lyoeum Company.
every kind.
Dr.  "
���. The action ot the fruit-pepsia
iu Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets is
wholesome, natural and delightfully prompt,
tnd the tablets are delicious to the taste.
Sixty in a box, and only 85 cents a box, at
all druggists.
1. Behold the rugged beauty of the ripe
pineapple 1
2. Its rough, horny husk holds the pulpy reservoir of a wondrous balm for dyspeptics.
3. From the rich juices of the fruit the
fruit-pepsin is extracted���-
' And this precious extract is the vital
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ablets, which cure dyspspsia and indigestion in every form.
5. In boxes of ve-t pocket size, each box
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85 cents. >
6. How quickly tbe dyspeptic system
responds to the right cure 1
7. The first tablet encourages yo*.i to
est what you like, and corrects heartburn
sour stomach and all the distressing disorders of indigestion.
8. And quite frequently permanent
cures are effected with tbe sixty tablets
in a single box, which all druggists sell
tn 86 cents.
Sold by C, A, Warree.
In a half column write-up of the
Lyceum Company, whicli is playing
Calgary this week, the Calgary Herald
says : " The Lyceum Company opened lust night at the Opein house what
promises to be a most successful engagement. The company itself was
almost completely unknown to Calgary
playgoers, but the members of the Calgary Cricket club, under whose auspices '.he performances are given, secured
a full house for the opening night. If
one may judge by tho unanimous expression of genuine pleasure on the
part of the audience, there will be no
lack of patronage during the week.
The dresses were very handsome and
the staging beautiful. We have not
room to give a fuller criticism than
this or ne should have a treat deal
moro to say in praise of the Lyceum
company, for it is by far the best
theatrical company that lias visited
Calgary for many years, and the
thanks of the titulars going public are
due to the Cricket club for their enterprise in bringing such u good thing io
the town."
The Lyceum Company appear in
Columbia Hall on Monday and Tuesday nights next. Flan of ball at
Field's Drug Store.
A murder of the most coldblooded
and unprovoked nature occurred in
broad day-light in this city on Saturday. Fbilip Walker, a young -married
man, was the victim, and Casimir, an
Indian, the assailant. Walker was
splitting fire-wood iu his yard, when
tho Indian came up behind him and
fired two riflo shots at*, him, in quick
succession. One bullet penetrated the
left shoulder, the other pierced tbe
livor and lungs. Tbe Indian at
once made oil to a canoe and crossed
therefrom to the Reserve. Walker
died a few minutes after. Walker was
a very quiet, inoffensive man. The
Indian could have no possible motive
for the crime, save thirst for a white
man's blood. The affair has naturally
created great excitement in Kamloops,
and tbere was no lack of officers to go'
after the murderer, who has uot been
caught by latest accounts.
The murderer was arrested yesterday
(From onr Own Correspondent.)
A concert will le held at tbs Win*
derraere Hall in aid of the Windermere"
Athletic Club on Friday April 28lh.
Work at the Swansea mine "was resumed on the 14th instant.
Kimpton Bros', hotel at Athalmer
will be open for business on the 1st.
May, Fred and Dan are well knows
throughout the valley and their success is assured, as they are both vtry
H. F. Collett Intends building at as,
early data,
John Bullman has taken a contract
to supply tbe Athalmer saw mill witb
logs for the romi. g summer.
Douglass Grainger has opened ths>
Canul Flat hotel.
Geo. H. Rehder snd wife left on ths*
14'h instant tor Paris, Ont.
R R Bruce, owner of the Sitting
Bull group, is expected back at aa
early date.
Tbe Union group near Swansea-
mine will resume work at nn early
date. This is owned by West snd
William Chamberlain and brother
arrived home on Tuesday's stage after
an extended trip to the old oountry.
While away Billy bad an operation
performed, which has proved entirely*
Arthur Hamilton, of Golden, wss la
town, but returned on tbe 14th inst.
Jim   Fraser,   Thos    Martin, A. A.
Power, and Fred West,  hBve rented
the  old   timers  shack known ae that
Orphans   Home,   and   have started
housekeeping on s large scale.
Ed. Johnson, of Copper City, spent
Wednesday iu town looking over tbs
Jim Mackay of Athalmer is In town.
James R. McLeod will shortly stars
work on his Skookumchuck propsry.
Jap group, on Boulder Creek, will
be worked on a large scale during ths
coming season,
A Frightful Blander.
Will often, cause a horrible Burn,
Scald,Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica-
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a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by all
Druggists. 1
Robbed the Gi-Hve.
A startling incident, of which Mr.
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him as follows:
"I was in a most dreadful condition.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes
sunken, tongue coated, pain continually in my back and sides, no appetite
���gradually growing weaker day by
day. Three physicians had given me
up. Fortunately a friend advised trying 'Electric Bitters;' and to my great
joy snd surprise, the first bottle made
s decided improvement. I continued
their use for three weeks, and am now
a well man. I know they saved my
life and robbed the grave of another
victim." No one should fail to try
them. Only 50 cts, a bottle, every bottle guaranteed, st any Drug Store.    5
A Tlnoosnand Tongues
Could not express the rapture of
Annie E.Springer, of 1125Howard St..
Philadelphia, Pa., when she found
that Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption had completely cured
her of a hacking cough that for many
years had made life a burden. Ail
other remedes and doctors could give
her no help, but she says of this Royal
Cure���"It soon removed the pain in
my chest and I can now sleep soundly
something I can scarcely reuiembst-
doing before, I feel like sounding its
praises throughout the Uuivereo." So
will every one who Iries Dr. King's
Now Discovery for any trouble of the
Throat, Chost or Lungs. Price 50 cts
and $1.00 at any Drujj Store; evory
bottle guaranteed.
The Hall Mines, Limited, for which
E. A. Haggen is local agent, hus com
mencod the smelting of lsad ores.
The company is mixing tho purchased ores with some of tliu low-
grade ore from the Silver King mine
whioh it wus not found profitable to
treat, in tbo copper furnace.
As n result of tho representations
made by the mine-owners, the Provincial Government has definitely suspended the operation of the legislation
prohibiting the employment of men
underground in auriferous mines for
more than eight hours a day. Tbe
Hon Fred Hume, Minister of Mines,
says that it will stand suspended until the opinion of the miners, the other
parties to be considered, can be beard.
That Throbbing   Headache.
Would quickly leave you, if vou
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blood
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health. Easy to take, Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not cured
Sold by aU Druggists.
Proposal for Increased Representation,
A special to the Rossland Miner
says : A meeting of the British Columbia Liberal members of Parliament
mid Senator Templeman, was held to>
discuss the question of redistribution.
They recognise the necessity of getting
un additional member to represent!
Kootenay, Bostock's constituency being too large. This matter wes talks!
over at length but nothing definite*
was done. The difficulty is to get ths
island members to consent to drop ons
member for Victoria city, as an additional representative cannot be given
to the province before the census it
Senator McDonald will ask ths senate if tho government will giveincreas-
ed representation to British Columbia.
On this the Miner remarks: It
wonld appear from the tenor of ths
dispatch of onr special correspondent
nt Ottawa, thnt there is little hope of
obtaining, for 6ome time to come, an
additional member for this constituency, now represented in the House of
Commons by Mr, Hewitt Bostock.
Despite the fact that thoKootonays are
prosslugly in need of additional parliamentary representation nnd that thst
interests of the city of Victoria might
quite well be left to one member, there
is not enough publio spirit in ths
Island members to concede the claims
of the great mining district, and they
may lie expeeied to fight against any
measure for a fair redistribution. The>
time has long gono by when tha olty
ot Victoria should be looked upon a��
the central point of the Province- of
British Columbia.
C. Avery and W C. Miller, who
went north with Capt Armstrong to
get in his supplies, have returned Irons
Skagway. They describe things as
very bad up there nt present, and say
that there are lots of men only to glad
to get work at $2 a day. Capt Armstrong got in his supplies allright and
is now busy bnilding the boat which
Mr. Barber and be propose to run on
the Taku, so as to connect witb the
Atlin district.
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the blower, supplied with each boitle ot I)r.
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder, diffuses this
Powder over tbe surface of tho nasal passages
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instantly, and permanently cures Catarrh,
Hay Fever, Colas, Headache, Sore Throat.
Tonsilitis and Deafness.
SeWUyC.A, Warn-t. To Advertisers and Subscribers
Tlm OOIiDEN El!*** is published evory Friday evening. U is lhe i-i-st advertising medium
In "-tan Kast Kootenay dlstrleti
Subscription Hates:  ��-'�������� l��r annuiii in ai>-
Whiio all ri-ns nuitilii care will lie tnkcn, thi-
oropnewrs wUl not be reeij-nrlble ior ouj
SaSslon or error In any "i)''cV1s*j.*!!";"m������<.^-,
jiH accounts to t* paid to tlu; Managing
Director, or Ms nuthor.21.il r.g-nt, from wnoui
the company's WOelpt will l�� ���.btained.
Advertising rates: Display ads*. 11.M per
column Inel!* Legal ads., 10 gents per line lor
Sntlnaertluii.O iTeiits.or each aililitlonnl insertion; Reading notices, 12 SfttJW,1'1^?'
issue. Lnifl anil mineral I Crowni Grant )
notices same as lioveriiinent Gazette IT* .
All business communications should ;e ad*
dressed to the Managing Director,and a 1 literary oommunlcatlons, loiters for publu-.-ii ion or
news items should be utWrened to the Editor.
CorreBiiuiiileiiee is Invited on matters " niiUlio
Interest,Imt to secure pul.l.catiull suell letter.
mu*t be brief. In lilt* ease ol anonym,.us l.-tleis
the name anil nililre-s ol lhe writer must be on-
closed, not lor piil.liiatli'll. bill for the private
iiilorination ol ibe editor ami as a guarantopo
good laith. Any letter recoivod n'wtl"") We*
"ivsday will have to stand over till lhe tollowhlg
The Goldeu Era Co. Limited Liability.
OFFICE,   GOLDEN,   13.   C.
ThuiwIitVi Anrll 13.
Scurvy in prevalent along tho Sttkoen
Oliarlefl Dudley Warner, the author, i*
Herluimly III.
A jlft'-iiic i�� rapidly ipreadlns
throughout Asia.
Judge Klllam wns appolnteil clilel Jim-
tke of  Manitoba.
The majority nl tho population In
Atlin are Canadians-;
The town ot Renanola, Xew Mexico,
waa wiped out by fire.
Mr. UrnuBi?, n well known Portage lu
Prairie resident, is  dead-.
Oreat secrecy l�� mnlntalned In the
building o(   the Shamrock.
Canada will contribute two-nhiUis ot
the cowl ol tlio Paettlc cable.
A Canadian bicycle mnmiffteturera
tru��rt jh   about to be organised.
The early Fobrunry first ruined tho
pencil trees In   Essex ooiuity, Ont.
Tiie Vancouver board oi trade dis
e��wne<l  the OSrbin  railway flcheme.
Blfhoji Ridley nnd llaldwtti addressed
tiie 0- M. s. gat hor ing hi   Winnipeg.
A number of monument* to the Into
Baron llir-wh will Ue erected iu Austria*
Montreal Journalists were summoned in
court for contmeutlfng on a recent libel
The Nova Sootla sailing ship, Austria,
l�� beliftVed ti> bo lout in tbo north Atlantic
Tbe Canadian Pacific railway is securing Swiss guide- for tourists In the
A petition for tho commutation >>( Peg-
Leg Brown's death sentence  Is   In   clr-
��� iiiiutiuii.
Eight new Wngnor sleeping curs wove
added to the- Intercolonial railway rolling stock.
On the 17th instant a party rf 1,000
Doukhnbors will leave Cyprus for west-
ern  Cmnula*.
, The Gland river Is ami in on the ram-
puge; Quit and Brautfjrd districtH being flumled.
St. Andrew's church,    Toronto-, called
. I>r. Armstrong Blake, or   Liverpool, to
the rastorate.
The French and Italian naval men
welc'-jin.'d the King and (.'neon of Italy
at Sardinia.
A reduction In stcnniship rates is an-
ttcirated When thu St. Lawrence river
navigation opens.
Farmers in the Brandon district nre
not hiring laborers tin they are opposed
in tiie union for mud.
Andrew Williams was sent to Stony
Mountuin penitentiary for two years Ior
a Winnipeg burg.ary.
Tiie pipe re.el veil members of tbe
Sacred college uud intimate.I his >tppro-
val of   tlio peace congress.
Sir Wilfrid Laurie* obtained the discharge of a Hick Canadian soldier in the
IMiIli; pines ut the request nt bis
It hflfl lioen suggested that the county
councils ol Ireland send each two dele-
gates to Dublin to organize a Peoples'
The IMiijduoR are still offering a stubborn resistance, aud tbeir loss since
April 25th, has not more than dauiih'il
the United States.
Arrangements are under way for a
western delegattoaa. to Wait on the Dominion goTcntmont to counteract tbe lumbermen's recent tfipyesentattons.
The SnmoAn* ambushed a party ol t*
S. and British marines nnd several on
each side were killed and wounded- The
Germans nre blamed for the trouble.
A special committee of the Dominion
Alliance met in Ottawa, but failed to
agree on tiie legislation necessary this
Kis-slon in  the Interests oi  prohibition.
The Territorial assembly discussed
the translating of certain acts necessary lo the foreign population, into various languages; also the powers of a
public  administrator.
Friday, April 14.
Tod Sloffn won four races at Now-
The Boston museum was badly damaged by firo.
There is a big wasRioul on tho 0. P.
II. east of   Mouso Jaw.
D. 1'errler was found guilty ol murder in  New Westminster*
H. B. Ot. will make large extension*
to their Winnipeg stores.
Tliu Canadian II*>rso show was opened
In   Toronto by Lord Minto.
Judge Pringle, or Sbortnont, has de
cided to retire from the bench.
The Oblate Fathers' homo In Winnipeg will be turned into an orphanage.
Very valuable Remedy in all
affection! of the
Large Bottles, 25c
Prop's, of Perry Davis' Pain-Killor
Kang Yu Wei, tho Ohinese reformer,
met with n worm reception In Vancouver.
Right Hon. Herbert Gladstone has been
ai pointed chief whip of the Liberal
Many Filipinos to||d the Philippine
commission they did not want ludepend
Prominent Winnipeg ratepayers wil
fight the electric light by-law In the
Two Indian injurderers were brought
Into Fort Saskatchewan by the mount
i'd police*
W. H. Oomstock, Liberal,, and Pctei
Wlilte, Conservative, were nominated in
The Gorman press is very bitter In its
denunciation of Great Britain's action
hi  Samoa.
Sir Ililibort Tupper will lead the B. C,
Conservatives and resign fr��m the Dominion house.
Only British vessels, officered by Bri-
tlsh citizens, will, be allowed to ply on
Yukon waters.
Chief Justice ICIllnm received eongra
tulatlous mi ills new appointment, from
the Manitoba liar..
The Toronto board of trade passed a
resolution on the action of tbo woslern
grain standards Imard*.
The lease of headman's Inland lo a
sawmill company has been ratified by
the  Dominion government.
Assessment rohs hi the X. VV, T. will
Include nil railway and corporation
lands, whether patented or not.
The British steamer, Milwaukee, of
���Liverpool, which was sunk Inst Sep ton!
lier, was lnuucjie.l iiguin on the Tyno.
Tiie North Gorman Lloyd steamer
Latin, arrived iu New York quarantine
with VI cases of   small-pox on board.
A deputation waited on the Dominion
government to secure assistance in deep
en ing Port Col borne and Port Dnihousle
liar bo rs.
A large number of Finns aro leaving
for America, the czar's ukase being very
severe, and no chunco of Its recall Is
nr pa rent;.
An order In council has been passed
by tiie Dominion government prohil itlug
the taking of intoxicating liquor In
to Yukon.
Forty thousand dollars wns given lo
endow a chair in the Oongregationa]
college, Montreal, by S. 0, Minor, of
(irnnliy, t��ue.
The German government exnressed sympathy to the St ft tea and Britain ovei
the Samoau nmlKished marine incident.
Consul Rose's'report exonerates Germany
from blame.
Sir Michael Hicks Beach made tbe budget speech lit the Uritlsh house of coin-
iiions, the revenue sluiwlng a surrlus,
The estimated surplus for this year Is
If the digestive organs refuse to do their work, Indigestion and dyspepsia
follow like lightning's flash���the nerves are shattered and then insomnia runs
riot, and the patient is on the road to the mad-house or insane asylum. A well
known Toronto newspaper man was a victim of nervous prostration and insomnia through overwork���retiring at night wns more of a dread than a welcome to rest���prejudiced against medicines and remedies, he spurned tha
thought of resorting to what he called nostrums���he became almost incapacitated for work���he was recommended to try South American Nervine, procured
a bottle and when half of it had been taken, he found himself improving���
sleep was induced, the nerves grew quieter, the appetite returned���he continued
to take the remedy until he had used six bottles, and at the end of that time tho
twenty pounds he had lost in worry and for want of rest was put on again���
to-day he says, " I feel strong enough to do two days' work in one."
South Artierican Nervine is without a peer in the cure of nervousness,
indigestion and insomnia. A few doses will convince the most sceptical It
gives immediate relief and effects acure in every case. Strong as this statement
may seem it is absolutely true,
loath American Rheumatic Ours is never baffled���relieves in six hours
and cures after years of agony have been suffered.
���oath American Kidney Cure cures Bright's disease, diabetes and bladder troubles.    A few doses will convince. u
sold  Tarr a. a. wabbbn
When a man who
haa neglected
his health finally
realizes that he
is being attacked
by serious ill-
health it is no
time for halfway measures.
Death   is   an
enemy that
-must be
knocked ont
in the first
round, or he
is pretty sure
to conquer in
the end.
A weak
'stomach, an
impaired digestion and a disordered liver
mean that a man is fighting the first round
with death. Unless he manages to strike
the knock-out blow, it means that death
will come up in the second round in the
���juise of some serious malady. When a
man's stomach is weak and his digestion
is impaired, the life-giving elements of the
food he takes arc not assimilated into the
dood. The blood gets thin and weak, aud
he body slowlv starves. In the meantime
he disordered 'liver and the sluggish bow-
ds have forced into the blood nil manner
if impurities. The body is hungry and
:agcrly consumes anything that the blood-
���tream carries to it. lu place of healthy
lutrinient, it receives for food foul poisons
hat should have been excreted by the
towels. Continued, this system of starva-
ion combined with poisoning, will wreck
very organ in the body. Naturally, the
veakest organ will give way first. If n
nan is naturally nervous, he will break
lown with nervous exhaustion or prostra-
ion. If he inherits weak lungs, the con-
equencc will be consumption, bronchitis,
stlnna, or some disease ofthe air-passages,
f he has a naturally sluggish liver, he will
Uffer from a serious bilious or malarial nt-
ack. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov-
ry cures all disorders of the stomach, direction and liver. It purifies the blood and
:11s it with the life-giving elements of the
bod that build* new and healthy tissue. It
s the great blood-maker and flesh-builder
md nerve tonic. It cures q8 per cent, of
dl cases of consumption. Thousands have
estlfied to their recovery from this dread
Usease under this great medicine.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure constipation.
Uiil.llii  Block and  Ma.Hle-Harrli, IVnrp-
Ihmim' Deittl-oycil.
Carman, Mini., April 14.-l'lre tli*-
ntrojB.1 the whole of tlle liubllu block
und the Mausay-HarrU Implement
ivuiBliuilRe tins tnoriilii*;. The Piif-
e.lu Hull, with a wnroliouss buiieiith,
lleinliigwity & Law-mil's store, the
Punk ol Hamilton nna'Mr. Whitehead's
offlnen are totally destroyed. Til-.'
Hnssey people saved the contents ol
their warehouse ns did also the families residing over the Itoblm block.
Hemingway oi I.awson's stock is a
toss, wns value! at 1)1.6,4.0, and iiistu--
e I for Ifte.imO.
Fortunately the weather was calm.
Hail a high wind prevailed the wliol
of the north enn of the town would
have bjen in nuns. It was very liavl
work to prevent It spreading. The
firo is now under control
A New Departure.
Dr. Marschand, the celebrated
French physician, has at last opened
nis magnificently equipped laboratory
in Windsor, Ont. There is a largi
italf of chemists nnd physicians at hit
lomuiuud, and the men and women
of Canada may now proenre the advice
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Dr. Marschand has a world-wide rep-
atation for successfully treating al.
nervous diseases of men and women
ind you have but to write tho dootoi
o be convinced that your answer, whei
received, is from a man who is entitled to the high position hu holds ii
the medical fraternity.
Why suffer in silence when you cat
incure the advice of this eminent physi
oi in free of charge.
All correspondence is strictly confidential and names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents are
mailed in plain envelopes.
Yon are not asked to pay any oxor
litnnt price for medicines, in fact it
rarely happens that a patient has ex*
-tended over 60 cents to one dollar be
fore be or she becomes a firm friend
ind admirer of the dt ot ir.
A special staff of lady physician*-
assist Dr. Mnrschand in his treatment
of femnles cnBes. Always inclose three-
tent stamp when yon writo and addres.
The Dr. Marschand Chemical Co., Detroit, Mich., U. S. A. Mention the
Golden Era when you write the doctor.
Opposed to Expansion.
Houston, Tex., April 18.���In discus.***
ing Senator Hoar's o;ien letter in an*
wer to the citizens of Boston, Con-
uressman J. W. Baily today said it sei
forth propositions of territorial expan
sion that had not and would not bi
challenged: "His position is strong
The ablest men in all parties are op
posed to this policy of expansion, li
is not a wise policy to convert a wai
villi a foreign power into one againsi
our own people. Tho very net that
"liiseil the war with Span made tin
Philippines our property, heir inhabitants our people. We have converted
i foreign war into a oivil wnr. Sentiment, I think, has undergone a complete change in our favor on this s-b
jeot, not only in Texas, but all over
tbe country."
A Boston Ure.
Bostn,, April 18.��� The Boston mu-
leum on Tremont street, the oldest
play house in the city, was badly
damaged by fire at li this morning.
The blaze started on tbe Tremont street
aide, and it is thought it was caused by
ii careless smoker. The loss to the museum is estimated at $80,000, several
firms who occupied stores on the street
floor beneath tbe auditorium sustained
damage by water.
The Result of Drink.
New York, Aprt. 1!!.���Enrly this
morning, -Tames Doyle, a detective,
shot and killed Matin Carey nnd
slightly wounded August Miller, In a
Rrooklyu barroom, because they put
him out ol the piacc when closing time
came. Doyle was accompanied by a
young woman and hud bciti drinking
The  pior make no new friends���
tbey lese th? old ocei.
Tbs Dominion Travellers' Association
Grievance.-Collector of Customs Arrested.
Ottawa, April 14.���The premier told
a delegation from Port Oolborne that
waited on him, Sir Richard Cart-
wrlgbt and Messrs. Blair uud J'ield-
Insc, that the question of cnuul tolls
was under revision. This means that
they will bo largely reduced If not
Mr. Murdock, president of th*> Dominion Travellers' association, ot Montreal, tin*. Mr. Rolland, ex-presldeut,
had nn Interview with Hon. David
MUIh in regard to un act passed by
the l'rincc Edward Island legislature.
About five ycni'K ago the island legislature passed un net making it compulsory for all commercial travellers
wliu viuitt-J the province on business
hnvlug to take out a llceuso of $1S
each. Lust session this act was
amended by providing that all sab.
made by travellers un! goods delivered ou the Island under such sales
cannot be protected In the courts, In
other words, pny ment cannot be sued
for In such cases. Mr. Mills promised
to consider the matter.
Mr. 'Haidwln, collector of customs at
fiatiiurst, N. II., hus been placed under
arrest by the Inland revenue depart
ment lor being short In his collections
Mr. Bniowin made collections for the
Inland revenue on commission und he
Is said to be about $2,000 behind. As
far as the customs department is
concerned the offlc'nls here do not
know of any shortages. Mr. Baldwin was appointed in 1894.
Mr. Lntfgate expects to return to
the const this evening with the lease
of Headman's Island In his possession.
Mm, Dorn ,I.n*rl.*B Kill. Her Father Willi
an Axe in "N'e-r York.
New York, April 14.���Suspected of
having murdered her aged futher by
battel lug liib skull with an uxe, Mi's.
Dora Jeffries is locked up to-day at
Liberty avenue police station, Brook.
lyn. It reciulrea four policemen to
place her in the patrol wagon and to
take her to the station. She and Iter
futher, Thomas Hannon, lived ut 2544
Atlantic avenue and It wus there he
wus assaulted. He died at St. Mary's
hospital shortly after midnight.
Late yestercay afternoon Mrs. Jeffries ran Into a 'barb*?r shop near.y
and cried out that something was the
matter with her lather. A iwllceman
was summoned and au examination
inline. Ho wns lying across a ted
with the whole of the left side of his
head crushed in the bid wus suiurnt.-d
with bloo.i an.i lying beside the wotuid-
e i man was an uxe, cov\.r*;d wl.h blco.l
and 'hair. There were marks of several distinct blows on the old man's
skull. He wos very nearly dead when
l-ollcemau Carroll went up to him.
Mrs. Jeffries is extremely nervous
about the entire matter, and all that
could be elicited from her was that
there had b?en no one in their loans
all uuy except herself and her futher
uiiti'be must have inflicted the Injurl s
upon hlmseir. She said also In her excitement that lier father mast hav,-
fallen. Finally the officer piuced the
woman uiu.er arrest, she tecams iu-
furlu.ej and struck tha polinemun
s'juurely In the lace, then she creamed ii nu struggled and lought and It re.
���liiired the eiforts of lour oflcers to
subdue her.
Hnnnou died at the hospital without
regaining coiuY.lousne**6. Mrs. Jeffries raved and fought at the station
house una screamed hysterically tnut,
she could not tell how her father had
bom killed ll she were to be put Into
the electric chair for It. Mrs. Jef/rl s
is 26 years old, aud her father 60.
Floods in Ontario.
Gorrie, April 14.���James Perkins.
M. J'., grain merchant and treasurer
of the township of Howlok, was
drowned lost night while endeavoring
to save his property which the over*
.'low ol the Maltland river hud endangered.
Eioiu, April 14,-Tlho Ice in the
Umn.i river, above here, gave way
last itgnt cuus.ng the water In the
rivor to rise to a grout height. Industrial institutions situated along tne
river banas here sustained greut derange ny the flooding of the tower flats
nn.l till! carrying away of property
by tliu ice.
The Dominion Brussels Carpet company were the t-hlof lasers, but tho
Richardson saw mill, Howards' flour
nulls and Mundell * company's turnl*
ture nictory all suffered severely.
The total loss will run up into tbe
Largs Steimer.
Lorain, 0., April 14.-T!ie steamer
Henry W. Oliver, built for the Wllsdn
Transit company, was launched from
the yards ol the Cleveland Ship Building company yesterday afternoon. It
's claimed the steamer will carry a
greater cargo than any vessel afloat,
Her dimensons are: Length, 464
feet: beam, CO; depth 281-3 feet.
5>!�� ���
~ UN B(f( PRICE aS��AL50 IN1Y4RD1
S R0U**, PRICB ��l.0O
^  EMM
S7\xll/   "MMIIUWflOJI an*
IItWnW ��"   "OS   DIKE IKES.
l_**"f V/T .    SPITTI.VI1 er ULOOD.
it*      '��� COl'liH. IIMU
���B"*"^""***        ' OF APPETITE.
DBBUmr. lhe be��eat��et 1W�� atltela
Bt the aid of TheD. ft L. Emulsion, 1 hate
-pttenrid of attacking cough which had troubled
ma fere-ma year, and have gained cootlder-
ably In weight.
T. H. W1NGHAM, C.E., MonlttaL
Wc and ft par Battle
Six People Drowned.
Denver, Col., April 14.-A special td
tho News from Cheyenne, Wyo.
says: Word has reached here of a
terrible accident nt Sheridan, 111 which
six persons lost their lives. Melted
snow caused both Big and Lltilo
Ooose crei-CN to overflow their bunks
and liood the town. Into the raging
torrent a 'Burlington train plunged
and six passengers were drowned Fur
ther particulars are unobtainable.
Burned to Death.
Cornwall, Ont., April 14. - Estlros
Marcoux, the five year old daughter
of u furmer living near Alexandria,
was burned to death, and her younger
sister terribly burned yesterday. The
children were endeavoring to bull
down sugar in tbeir father's sugar
bush, when the clothes of the elder
cuught fire. The other endeavored
to extinguish the flames.
Canadian . .
Pacific By.
If yoa Intend spending the
winter in a
Milder  Climate
Write or call for particulars
of rattts, routes, etc , to
|^WE   PRINT-$*$$
Send bs your orders.
Thst is v, h .t. wo are hero for.
The Golden Era Company,
Limited  Liabii.itt.
Address :   UOLDEN, B. C.
Liveryand FeedStables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rig* of all kinds for
Htp at Reasonable Hates
Teaming of aU kinds a specialty.
.   .   HOTEL.
Good   ai-coinmodtitlon   fui    iironppetors  and
Freighters.   Elrst-clas. Du-alu.
HULL   BROS &   CO.,
���Wholesale nnd Retail,���
Cattle, She-tp and Hone Dealers.
(Established 1879) Leadvii.lb, Colorado.
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attentinn.
Specimen Absbv   Prices:���Gold. Bilver nnd
lead, *1; any two of the above, 75c; any one of
'lie alwve. ftOc; copper analysis, H; platinum,
nickel or tin, 15.   a rite for mil price list aud
mailing envelopes*
persons in this state to manage our
holiness In their own and nearby count its. It
1b mainly office work conducted at home. Salary Btratjht'SKX) a year and expenses���definite,
bonaflde, no more, no less salary. Monthly *75.
Reference. Eneloed self-add essed stamped
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prest., Dept. 51.
persons in thU state to manege our
imslness in their own a��d near-by counties. IL
Is mainly offico work conducted at home. Sal*
ary straight >9M> a year and expenses���definite,
bonaflde, no more, no less salary. Monthly (75.
Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prest., Dept. M.
Reduced  Bate .   .
Excursion Tickets.
Apply to the nearest Canadian  PaoiJo
ltailuay Agout, or address
Traflio Manager
Winnipeg, Man.
Tioket Agent, Ooldtn.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, Financial
and Commission Agent.
Dteda attested. Parties represented in
!olice court, Small Debts'oourt and
County court. Aeeop.nt�� eolleiittd and
disputed claims adjusted.' '
Working arid Dividend Paying Mines
in various parts oi Britisk Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Coppor, Gold, and Silver-
Lead Prcspccb and Dovolopod Prapertio
on Bond. i ���
Reports and information furnished
regardinit mining properties.
Stocks in British Columbia mines
bought and sold.
I.aggen's A*say Office is now BMed up.
Assays made promptly and carefully.
Rates on application.
C.*blo Address:   KANAGAN, Golden.
C"dtis in une : Moieing & Neal, and
Bedford MeN-ill.
1.  Vour best local newspaper
S.   The thrlcC-a-week
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irlveu lo orders.
Rubber Stamps.
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Tho Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
..Mining Engineer..
M. Am'n Inst. M E.
Agint for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual assessment win-*, etc.
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Headquarters for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sanu
pie Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold  Baths.
Bates $2.00 Per Day.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Navigation & Tramway Company, Ll,
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.  P.  R.  at   Golden,  B. C, and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C. H. Parson,
The liiftnlteftltitiii.
There is another universe whioh 10
equally Iwrond the human understand-
ing. It ti the universe of tho infinitesimal,
no les.i wonderful and stupefying than
the iniiiiito Is stupendous. Scientists have
told ns of the atoms and molecules of
which they say material things are com-
posed, ho small that although instruments have been perfected to bring Into
view remote stars, nothing has as yet
been devised to mako visible these in-
jlnitcsimul bodies. Were a drop of water,
s:iv thoy, magnifietl to the size of the
earth, one of the molecules therein would
appear of the magnitude of an ordinary
. .apple. Whirling about In thoir universe
these numberless  things   are   miniature
, what the stars and planets are in their
magnitude. \Vhat they are and how they
net no one hns Been. Some of their forces
have been made evident, that Is all. Tho
mind Is fit sea when lt attempts to think
of particles and spaces and forces so min
ute, Everything else appear* gigantic
and enormous and man himself Is a titan.
His words are as thunder and his walking as tho quaking of the earth; his
thoughts are beyond conception and his
motives as the stirring of unknown
winds. He Is a being of dignity nnd consequence and what ho docs must affect
countless small universes. He directs
great forces nnd controls them,   making
^ thein do his bidding.   His   work Is won-
" derful and on a sculp of grandeur tliat to
the beings of the smaller creation must be
tremendous. And in this there is the lesson -of man's importance and dignity. Ho
Is great and mighty and his ideals must
comport with his place in creation. The
smallest things must engage his attention
. and care, for the least important of them
Is of great consequence.   Every  detail of
., hja character must be kept clear, every
word be sympathetic and careful,   every
. act be free from harm and full of help to
his fellows.
A Vancouver
-Permanently Cored of Catarrh
���Atfmr 18 Taart' Suffering.
Mr. Thoa. Crawford, Sargeant Vancouver
Police Force, writes: "I have haen a great sufferer from catarrh, which I contracted over
17 years ego In Winnipeg. I tried many so-
called catarrh cures, consulted physicians,
catarrh specialists, and not one of them gave
me more than a little temporary relle'. About
two years ago I tried Japanese Catarrh Care,
and since completing this treatment I hsve
been permanently cured. I can highly recommend lt���the lirst application relieved."
Sold by all druggists. *w cents. Six boxes,
guaranteed to cure any case ot nasal catarih,
for K'.bii, A free sample se t to any person
suffering from catarrh. Enclose 5 cent stamp.
Address the Griffiths & Hacphersim Co., 1.1
Church Street, Toronto.
HI. < linlce.
Rttinsey���Mighty poor judgment that
Tompkins hns. eh t
Dnmsey��� Whnt's the lutestT
Ruuisey��� Went to u ponnd party the
other night, und what you spout, he
Dninney���Give it np.
Rnmney���Ponnd of mustard. Said
I he thought it might come in handy for
plasters���ao much grip around.��� New
Vork World.
are the causes of despoi-oency and melancholy? A disordered livur is one cause
nnd a prime one, A disordered liver
means a disordered stomach, and a disordered st'unacb means disturbance ol the
netvou& Hyetem. This brings tbe* whole
"body Into subnotion and the victim fuels
sick all over. ��� Parmelee's Vegetable Fills
are a recognized roniedy In this state and
relief will folio* their use.
He Was There.
- Ono of tho pleasant ways of klndergar-
ton teachers Is to read a story or poem and
have tho children draw a picture Illustrating lt "Thoother dny," said a kindergarten teacher, "I read my little folks the
famous poem of 'Littlo Roy Blue,'whioh
-'Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn,
The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in tho
and closes with
-Wliere*.*i the littlo boy that tends the sheep.
He's under tho haycock fast asleep.
"One little girl finished her picture In a
twinkling and brought it to me 'Why.
Minnie.' said 1, 'you havo drawn a very
nice haycock, but where Is Little Roy
" 'He's under the haycockr said Minnie. "���Harper's Bazar.
Cruelty lo the Tortolae.
Tho London humane societies ate agitating ngnlnst tortoise shell ornaments be
cause of the torture the animals are sub
Jcoted to In depriving them of the shell
They ore lirst semibollod over a red ember
firo until the flesh that secures tho shell to
tho body is softened The animal Is then
sholluri clean, and, though, the suffering
must bo intense, ono rarely dies, but' in-a
fow months grows another shell, of whioh
he Is deprived tn the same manner The
largest of the shells are obtained in tho la-
lands near Ceylon nnd are a large part of
the Industry of tho natives.
There never was, and never will be,
universal panacea, la one remedy, for all
ills tu wnloh flesh Is heir���the very nature
ot many curatives being suoh that were
the ger us of other and differently seated
diseases rooted in the system of the patient���what would relievo one Ul In torn
would aggravate the other. We have,
however, In Quinine Wine, whon obtainable In a sound, unadulterated sta e, a
reinedy for many and grievous ills. By its
gradual and judicious use the frailest systems are led Into convalescence and
strength bv r.he Influence whioh Quinine
exerts on Nature's own restoratives It
relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a ohronto state of morbid despond
enoy and laok of Interest In life 1b a disease, and, by tranquillzlng tbe nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep-
imparts vigor to tbe aotion of tho blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout the veins, stiengihenlng the healthy
animal functions of the sy.tem, thereby
making activity a necessary result,
strengthening tbo frame, and giving life
to tbe digestive org ins, which naturally
demand increased substance���result, im*
pnved appetite. Northrop and "Civilian, of
Toronto, have given to the public their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
and, gauged by tne opinion of solontlsta,
this wine approaches neare-t perfection
of any In the market, AH druggists sell
Tbe Sirens-tin of a Bear.
Few people know lhat a grizzly honr
can give points to any otlier c-iirnivo-
rons animal in point of strength A
grizzly bear weighing just 40U -m-mila
has been watched currying a heifer two-
thirds its own weight for two mil��� np
the most steep and rugged monnuiin
aide, and thia withont pausing for one
instant for rest.
The big white polar bear, though not
really ao dangerous a customer ia capable of performing the moat extraordinary feats of strength. A polar bear hua
been aeen to move with his paw a
bowlder six men had with difficulty pnt
in position to guard a cache of provisions.
linard's liniment foi sale every where
Almleaa Effort*.
"I believe. said Trnsser. "that
Blowit aims to tell the truth.
"You may be right, retorted Joke-
ley, "bnt. if so. lie is certainly thf
worat marksman I ever *ui-v���of Heard.'
It 1. Absolutely Necessary-to Qlve   Borne
Attention to the Blood at Thi. Season.
Iu the springtime the blood needs attention. The change of the year produces in everyone, whether conscious
of it or not, some little beating of the
Some people havo pimples, a little
eczema, or irritation of the skin; others
(eel easily tired aud depressed and
have a poor appetite. A tonio is needed, and the best tonio���the hest spring
medicine for man, woman or obild is
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Poople. These pills do not pnrge and
weaken like other medicines. They
make rich, red blood, build up tbe
nerves and make weak, depressed and
easily tired people feel cheerful, active
and strong. No other medicine in the
world lias offered such undoubted proof
of merit, and wbat Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills have done for others they will do
for yon if given a fair trial.
Miss Ella M. Kally. North-West Harbor, N.S., says: "I can cheerfully recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to
any person suffering from any form of
weakness, as I bare proved their worth
in my own oase."
Remember tbat pink colored pills in
glass jars, or in any loose form or in
boxes tbat do not bear tbe fall name
("Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People" are not Dr. Williams'. No
one was ever cured by a substitute.
Sold by all dealers or direct from tbe
Dr. Williams' Medicine Oo., Brockville,
Ont, at 60c. a box or six boxes for
Minard's Liniment itelleves Neuralgia
111 Hard.
Johnny���Hnve I ever had the measles,
mamma *
Mamma���No. Johnny
Johnuy���Or the limiupsl
Mamma���No. Johnny: you have ner-
er been sick.
Johnny���Not even the whooping
Mamma���Not even that.
Johnny - Why can t 1 never have
anything that otlier children huvel���
New Vork Journal.
SOMETHING MORE THAN A PURGATIVE ��� lo purge Is the only effeot of
many pills now on tho market, l'arme-
Icii'b Vegetable Pill, are more than a purgative. They strengthen the stomach,
where other pills only weaken lt. They
olranse tbe bluod by regulating tbe liver
and kldneyB, and they stimulate where
other pill compounds depress. Nothing
of an injurious nature, useu fur merely
purgative powers, entera into their composition.
Minard's Liniment (lures Burns, etc.
Gentle Woman's Weapons.
After dinner the talk ran upon the
diilins made by the new woman for the
ballot and higher wages Tho old doctor
listened in ���ilenoo awhile and then said:
"I have nothing to say as to woman's
rights, but 1 have an opinion as to the
way in which she should urge them. Let
mc recall one or two (acta:
"Tho atraw workers near Florence, In
Italy, somo little timo ago struck (or higher pay The soldiery was called In by
their employers. When tho troops arrived
in a railroad train, they found hundreds
of women, young and old, seated on the
track, - like nothing so much,' said an eyewitness, 'as a flock of cackling hens.'
"The crowd stood around laughing and
Joking with Italian delight in fun The
engine drawing the train stopped, then,
threatening to run over them, moved forward a foot or two. The women laughed
and calmly sat still The troops were then
drawn up In line and pointed their muskets at them.
"The women sat immovable, good humored, bnt resolute. Thoy knew the order
to Are would not be given In the end
thoy won their point simply by calm, good
humored determination. Their strength,
as they wisely apprehended, lay In cheerful persistence in their demands Tact,
oommou sense and a gentle, courteous
bearing are woman'-) weapons���and they
have worked marvels in human history.'
���Youth's Companion.
What She Needed.
"The man I marry," she said, "must
have no bud habits He must be handsome, manly, loving, generous, liberal,
"Miss Frieze." he interrupted coldly,
"you should marry a department store.'
���Philadelphia North American.
Praetlcal Remedy.
Justin Tyme���The Filipinos will never become sbining examples of American citizenship    They lack polish.
Hardleigh Dptodate���Well, we can
send them some more flies of soldiers,
can't wen���Chicago Tribune.
Croup Promptly Believed.
Mrs. J. Slmms, Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver, B. 0., writes: "One o( onr children
has been Bubjeot to croup almost since its
birth. We Hod Griffith's Menthol Liniment always to give prompt relief, and
wonld not be without it In onr home. Aa
a liniment we do not think it haa any
equal,   All druggists, SfioIK.
Shooting; Stars.
When a shooting star breaks into
flame in onr atmosphere tbe reaidnnm
of the combustion remains in tbe air
and can be fonnd in what is known us
atmospheric dnst The virgin snow of
the polar regions was often seen to be
spotted with truces of dust which cuu
mined purticles ol* Iron Like particles
ure found on church towers and elsewhere. Among the minute bodies that
dance in the sun s rays there are certainly particles of shunting stars
The sands of the African deserts
when examined by a microscope present
traces of very small iron purticles
which seem to huve been subjected to a
high temperature and the Challenger
on its remarkable trip in the Atlautic
fonnd at times in its dragnet fragments
of magnetic iron which we have every
reason to believe fell from the sky Sir
William Thompson (Lord Kelvin) and
Richter have even seen In the aerolites
the disseminators of the germ's of life
thronghout the universe. ��� Chaniuu
I was cured of a bad case of Grip by
Sydney, 0. B. 0. I. LAGUE.
I was cured of loss of voice by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
I was enred of Sciatica Rheumatism
Burin, Nfld.
Tha Beat
Remedy for
���print Waathar
The Blood is the very essence of life.
As it courses through the system it carries
with it, if pure and rich, nutrition to every
cell in the body. If impure, it spreads
disease. If thin and watery, it fails to
nouiish, hence we have weakness, debility and decay.
It is Ihe wonderful power B.B.B. has
in purifying impure blood, making thin,
watery blood rich and red, that is at the
bottom of its marvellous success in curing
Those who are pale, thin, weak,
troubled with blotches, pimples or eruptions of any kind should take B.B.B.
It makes the pale check rosy, tho skin
clear and smooth, and infuses new energy
into weak, worn, run down, shattered
Skin "I beg to state I have used
Clear.   Burdock Blood Bitters for im-
/ure blood, pimples on the face,
derived great benefit from it.
My skin is now very clear and free Irom
.-ill eruptions. 1 only used four bottles of
the B.B.B. and can strongly recommend
it to any person suffering from impurities
in the blood or eruptions of the skin."
Mrs. G. B. Hei.more,
Spencc's Bridge, B.C.
Every "I havo taken B.B.B. every
Spring, spring now for some years, to
purify my blood and keep my
system in good order, and can honestly
say tliat I do not know of its equal
anywhere."    Mrs. Aggie Barnes,
Lunenburg, N.S.
Foundation For Trouble.
"Oh. my hcadl My head!" groaned
"If anything ails your bead," suggested
Brooks, "why not treat lt homeopathic-
"How's that?"
"Havo It shingled."
It occurred to Rivers later on that
Brooks meant to Intimate he had a wooden head, but by thut time Brooks was ont
o( reach.���Chicago Tribune.
A chill, dark, autumnal morning. A
breakfast tablo with an overcrowded tribe
of clamorous children. A worried mother
and an Irritable father muttering something about "no decent elbow room.'' A
small child uplifts solemn eyes from his
plate and says, "Hadn't one of us bettet
Free and easy exoectaratlon Immediately relieves and frees the throat and lung*
from vlsold phlegm, and a medicine that
?remotes this Is the best mediolne to use
or coughs, colds, Inflammation ot the
lungs and all affections of the throat and
ohe-t. This 1b precisely what Blokie's
Antl-Consumptlve Syrup la a sped do (or,
ond wherever used It has given unbound
ed satisfaction. Children like It because
It Is pleasant, adults like lt because it re
lloves and ourea the disease.
Space has a temperature of 800 degrees
below zero
Many scientists now believe that tho atmosphere Is not loss than 100 miles deep
A grain of fine sand would cover about
100 of the minute scales of tho human
skin Each scale covers from 800 to 500
The heart of a vegetarian beats on an
average 58 totho minute*; that ot the meat
eater 73 This' represents a difference of
eo.ooo beats In 84 hours.
The tensile strength of a wet rope Is
only one-third the strength of the rope
whon dry while a rope saturated with
grease or soup is weaker stilL
CO. nretlie proprietors of DR. THOMAS
ECLECTRIO OIL, which Is now being
sold in immense Quantities thronghout
the Dominion. It Is welcomed by the
suffering invalid everywhere with emotions of delight, because It banishes pain
nud giver instant relief. This valuable
speclno for almost "every 111 that flesh Is
holr to," 1b valued bv the sufferer ap
more preolons than gold. It ts the elixir
of life to many a wasted frame. To thi
farmer lt Is indispensable and should be
In every house.
One Room lo Lei.
The Boarding Honse Proprietor���1
notice the boarders hare all cleaned
their plates pretty well.
One of Them���Goodness gracious
They needed cleaning bad enough.���
Yonkers Statesman.
"When buying:, why not get the best?"
The winners of the sewing maohlnos In
the Koyal Crown Soap Co's. competition
for the week ending April 8th ate as follows: Winnipeg, MIbb H. Lyons, Fort
Rouge; Manitoba, Mrs R Morgan, Portage
la Prairie; Nnrtn West T.rrltories, Mrs.
R Pearoe, Edmonton. The Royal Crown
Soap Co. will continue this competition,
giving away three machines each Monday
until further notico.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
In Hia Midst.
"An when its a " said the B-year-nld,
pursuing n tour of nic.ti-J 'nvestlgatlon
entirely upon his own hook, M-vjcrln.
she'll be 0 or 10, an Paul, ho'll be 4, an
whon Marjorlo's grown up Paul will be
mos' 7, an I���well, 1 guess I'll bs In heaven.'
But here his mother, who Is of a practical turn of mind, Interrupted "Beaven,
my dear boy," she said, "you can reach at
any time    It lies within yoursolf. "
"Does It?" replied the 5-ycar-old, who
also Is practical. "All right. Then all
I've got to do Is to turn myself Inside
Canadian Patentees.
Toronto, Apiil 17th, 1899.���The following Canadians, as reported by
Charles H. Riches, Patent Attorney, ot
the Canada Life Building, Toronto,
have this week obtained patents:
I. K. Dancy, boot and shoe cleaner;
R. Sparrow, slice box; A. G. Smith,
medioal composition; H. F. Forest,
telephone desk and register; H. Aylmer, drill; G. Beacock, bioycle wheel
rim; A, A. Dickson, manufacturing
peat into blocks of fnel; J, Dunoan,
gas regulator; J. A. Hopewell, spike-
puller; J H, Luvigueur, combined door
stop and catch; W. Maodonald, duplicate design displayer; J. H. MoCollum,
air-valves; MoOusker, snow-clearing
machine; A. E. Hoard, game*board
Yes. Indeed.
"Friend.'   said tho mendicant.   "1
have seen better days.'
"Great Scott' So have we all of ns!
cried the approached.   This weather is
very   nnusnnl""���Philadelphia   North
Refreshing Sleep
Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pills
Miss Margaret Brown, 027 Colborne
8t,, London, Out., says :���"My mother
has been afflicted with nervousness and
general debility for a long time. She
suffered a great deal with insomnia, and
found it almost impossible to sleep.
"I went to W. T. Strong's drugstore
and got a box of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills, which she took, and derived
so much benelit from them that I bought
another box for her. They have done her
a wonderful lot of good, making lier
nervous system much stronger, giving her
restful sleep, and removing many other
symptoms which previously distressed
" I can truly say that these pills are a
���great remedy for any one suffering from
weak norves, general debility, sleepless-
ness or heart trouble."
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills are
60o, aboxor S for��1.25, stall druggists.
We keep a large stork always on hand of TYPE
PRINTERS' MATERIAL and PRINTERS' MACHINERY; can lit oui Dally or Weekly Paper,
or Job Outfits on few hours' notice. We alac
Toronto Tvpe Foundry Co., Limited.
175 Owen St.. Winnipeg.
It is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee
��� ���"���--���- Willi   M VMTIU1A   I.INSKKI)   OIL.
For Inside and Outside House Painting, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Boofs.
RIO-IK-M 111,1-   The   Quality   of   the   OH   Is   the   Life   or  the   Taint.
Sample cards showing sixty Artistic Shades of PAINTS, STAINS and ENAMELS, to tie
had from "lip-TO-DATK" Hiird-vnrc duulurs between the Great Lnkis and Pacific I Icean..
Manufactured     Q    p    STEPHENS &  CO.,  WINNIPEG.
CtJT    THIS     OFFER.    OUT.
Give symptoms nnd duration of defect. Row la general health; ift
rt 1st mil vis on go nl in oaali oyer At tvliat time of life wero vou itrst
nneotort? Our ndvcrtlsng prices defy commUtUm. G to. *!i62;
Gold Hlated,18.68; HloklB.9l.-U. Tliesoprice*oover cyerylhuigi all
goods guaranteed as advertised, btato kind and stylo of triune���
straight temple or around enr or on note. Qn rooelving your order,
enclosing MJe, wo will send you your glasifs safely pnoked, pout paid, you remit balance in one
week If satisfactory,  n per cent ��n clubs of Utrue or more ���
epublic Mining Stocks.
I Invito tlm Inti'mUiif* purchaser to write for "Dohuh' r Minintr Pnnth
n cony of my recent publication, entitled   nepUQ IC Mining VQmy
Thin tn a little cil'ort of mine iti'iitlng witli one of the richest (Told-pi-mlmlng
areas In die world.   I inn exceptloniilly W�� II Informed iin lo progress uf events Ht He-
public, and I etm post any enquirer and advise nny iniemlhig purchaser.  At m*.-M>nt 1
van recommend Lone I ine, Unite mid Huston, PHneenK Mauri, ltelndeer and Juinho-
i;. (lAItTLY I'AKKKlt, Minim: Broker, IB Adelaide St. K��� Toronto.
WaillStlMAOE BY SHd''
UBUtlf TOILET  iS.OftE.llV
RESUSCITATES worn out Lands, IMPROVES Good Lands
and makes the Best Lands BETTER. IMPROVES the
QUALITY of the Crop and Increases the QUANTITY.
Can't Get Away-
And you Can't Get Away from
the FACT that
Il What You OUGHT to uie BECAUSE ol
In touch.tone and finish they have no equal.
Correspondents wanted in every town to act
uk agent��.
ltKIU IHtOS, 257 King St., Went,
General Insurance Agent
VIIIE Companies  Represented:
Quebec Fire Assurance Co.
Royal Insurance Co.
Sun Insurance Office
Union Assurance Society
tfAII classes of Insurance transacted, and
: losses promptly and satisfactorily settled.
Carriage*,  Wiikoiim, Itm rows, Windmills,
Ac.   CUCKSUl'TT ROW CO., Winnipeg.
Can you afford to be without a Saf*
When you can (jet oue from
flft.OO up.
By lnntrticUonn froin Air. Wm, Itondrlp, Va'
lay Farm, Hamilton, Out., (lhe homo of tho Fii
lurlty winner Martlmas) wo will soil by Publii
Auction at Grand's ltepository, Toronto, on
A Valuable Consignment of
Thoroughbred Stallions,
Brood Mares, Saddle Horses,
General Agents,
P. O. Box 089.   Winnipeg, Man,
I Instruction Iu Stiortliiiiul, llonh-lceep-
! Inn, Arithmetic, Writing ItiiitlneHs Cor-
' respoitdeneei I'i-m-IIi-hI ftrnminar, Com*
nierrliil Law, l-.lc, ��iwn al home, If you
| cannot afford the Hum or money to attend a
i regular College to prouarefur th- duties of lifo,
way waste your evenings whon thoroi ah in-
1 Btruction can l���� given you liy mall.   Full i��ar-
1 tloi-lartion .-ii'itlicuii-.n.
AiiiirciH   H.\V,IMI.\AM��, Sir'y,    *�� iniit-
p-��g si-hooi of Correspondence   AffiHai-M
wilh Winnipeg nimiuesH Col Inge,  Wliinl-
pvg, Man.
In every Miuilriimltty In the Province nf
"Write Ior "List to
llmik uf lliuiilltnn Building
��� ,      ACt   , ,        PURE BREAD from PURE HOPS
Hunters and Stcepleclusjrs     wi.oit..,.,���e, uemthmi, App.ti.ini
For Sale Everywhere.
This Is an unusual opportunity for farmers U
improve their brooding stock, as some of th.
bust blood over imported la included in tlii-
great sale.
Catalogues eontainfnp pedigrees and full pa:
ticulars will be mnllcd to any address if r,
Auctioneer and Proprietor,
Grand's Repository, Torontt
Auction sales of Horses, Carriages, Harness-
Etc., every Tuesday and Friday,
Private sales uv:ry dav-
Importer, of Qvocerle, }������ g- * "��� ����?<!**
w.,r���B 1..H.& U.ExtracU
WIII8 IS. Hamilton, Ont. L.8.& 11. Spleen
���w. s  tv *io.
< Plain and Tarred.
some others, but aa It Is
the toughest and warm* I
est, lt 1b the cheapest. It I
Is the best In the world. I
Compare tt with others I
before baying. I
Write for bee samples. I���
Ho Is
Well Pa;
Who Is
every day
some ronefe to order devotees yield to the hard sense
| i-H-cpcuitiou iu our stock-of
niorey s... |
Ready Tailored Clothing.   |
I Fabric, style, fit, and tailoring guaranteed.   Why f
| should a sensible man not profit by it ? |
| These goods are always on hand at |
G. B. MeDermot's,
LAKE  &  CO.,
have opened as
At        ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)
e* ���$ *%\
Full  Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Samples    Now    Ready
THE   .  .   .
W. A. Murray SCo. Ltd.,
Largest Dry Goods House in the Dominion of Canada, now ready with Spring Samples of New Dress Goods,
Silks, Wiuh Fabrics and other Dry Goods needs. A complete range will be sent to any address. Write for Catalogue.   Address Mail Order Department.
The W. A. Murray & Co., Toronto, Ontario.
New Goods
Just received, consisting of Ladies' Hats, Trimmings,
Flowsrs, Fancy Work, Braids,
Ladies and Children's Corsets.
Inspection invited at
Mrs.   Lake's,
Opposite Post Office, Golden.
The Lyceum
In Repertoire.
New Comedies.   Modern k Romantic
15 Artists 15
In Columbia Hall, Monday
& Tuesday, Apl. 24 & 25.
"The Comforts of a Home."
" Under Two Flags."
Side-splitting Comedy
ADMISSION-Keserved Seats  76c.
General Admission 60c.   Children 26o.
Plat Of Hall at Field's Drug 8teit.
A. W. Palmer,   ,
Chemist & Druggist,
Lots   now for sale at MeDermot's
store.   For terms apply to
G. D. Lang,
Furniture For Sale
Parlor. Dining Room,
Bed Room and Kitchen
furniture, Carpets, etc.,
Newcombe Piano (upright walnut) in perfect
condition, for sale cheap.
For particulars apply to
D. M. Rae, Era Office,
Golden, B.C.
Kidney and Bladder Diseases relieved in six
hours bythe "South American Kidney Cure."
This new remedy is a great surprise and delight on account of its excirling promptness
in relieving pain in Ihe bladder, kidneys,
back and every pari of the urinary ptuunges
in male or female. It relieves retention of
water and pain in passing it almost immediately. If you want quick relief and cure this
b yonr remedy.
A rich gold strike is reported at
Thistle Creek in the Yukon.
Another carload of Okanagan Timothy
Hay received by H. G. Parson this
Don't forget " The Comforts of a
Hotm*," at Columbia Hall, Monday
Mr, Bostock ia arranging to have
Cranbrook made an out* port for customs purposes.
The Crow's Nest Coal Company are
making an isiue of new stock at 125
per share.
The Big Store is disulayiug a fine
assortment of mens felt ami straw hats
and ladies aud misses sailors.
Mr. Lcamy, Dominion Timber Inspector, has been on a visit to the sawmills of the district this week,
ii, Robertson, of tbe Vancouver
High School, has beon appointed
Superintendent of Education, iu place
of J. H. Pop*.
An order has bt*n passed liy the Ot ���
tawa government prohibiting the importation of liquor into Yukou territory
for the preseot.
veral men who have beon employed in and around the C.P.R. shops at
Kamloops, left the company's service
oa the 1st, the reason given being the
low rate of pay.
Mr. Bookhoiu's residence was broken into on Monday by tramps. It is
supppsed th.y were hunting for food,
and finding nobody in, they broke in
the door, but did no further damage.
Mr. Griffith, Government Agent, got
word from Edmonton on Monday that
pack train, amounting to 126 pack
horses have left for th. n.w gold-field
at Tete Jaune Cache.
The Government hav. decided to obtain fuller information regarding th.
Tet. Jaun. Cache gold strik. before
sending in a duly appointed Mining
Recorder to the district.
Bev. G. A. Cropp, of Golden, and B.
H. Peardon, of Salmon Arm.Methoiiist
missionary students, underwent their
annual theological examination at
Revelstoke under the supervision of
Rev. S. J. Thompson.
A company, in which Mackenzie k
Mann are interested, is applying for
incorporation with the purpose of constructing a railway along the 8tickin.
route. Neither monopoly nor laud
grant is sought ou this occasion.
On Sunday next, April 23rd, there
will be at St. Peter's Church, Donald,
at 11 a.m. Mattins and celebration cf
Holy Communion. At St. Paul's
Church, Oolden. at 7:80 p.m. Evensong and sermon.
Vachon Bros are offering for sale a
choice lot seed potatoes. These are ths
variety which obtained Srst award at
tha World's Fair. A finer potato was
never seen. Samples on view at tbe Eka
At the Polic Court on Monday
morning, before Mr. Griffith, S.M.,
David Martell was sentenced to tbree
months imprisonment for stealing $21
from a Japanese woman in Oolden.
Accused pleaded guilty and no evidence
was taken.
The Columbia River is now open
and Capt. Bacon expects to run a trial
trip on Tuesday with tho Hvak. This
steamer has been thoroughly overhauled and repaired, and was successfully launched on Wednesday, nudy
for the coming season's operations.
W. W. Rogers, formerly of Thos.
Beattie k Co., London, Ont., who has
taken a position with Mr, Geo. B. McDermot, general merchant of this
place, is a recent arrival from
tha Yukon country, out of which
he was forced through sickness.
Last week J. 0. Todd and F. B.
Jeffrey, of New Denver, were drowned
on Slocan lake, Tbe bodies have not
been recovered. Todd was a former
resident of Golden and has a brother,
T. Todd, who is well-known in thia
district and has been residiug at Field
for some time.
The members of th. Golden Lodge of
Oddfellows hav. not forgotten the
lessons of fraternity away from home.
In far-off Atlin,Bros. Whits, St. Clair,
and other old members of the local
lodge, arranged to have a special
ligious service on the occasion of th.
anniversary of the Lodge.
Vt. 0. Mitcholl-Innes. the popular
manager of th. New Golden British
Columbia Limited, returned from
England to-day, having been a passen<
ger across the Atlantio on the Teutonic
He proposes resuming work on th.
Pretty Girl as aeon aa it is possible to
get into the mine.
Mr. Griffith. Governmont Agent, haa
kindly prepared for the use of the Go]
den Board of Trade a map showing the
location of the new gold field at Tete
Jaune Cache, also the roads and trails
between Golden and that point. The
map will be engraved and published in
the Golden Era as soon as it can be
received from the engravers,
I was reading an advertisement of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cnolera and Diar
rhoea Remedy in the Worcester Enter'
prise recently, whioh leads ine to write
this. I can truthfully say I never used
any remedy equal to it for colic and
diarrhoea. I have never had to use
more than one or two doses to cure the
worst case wiih myself or childern.���
W. A. Stroud, Popomoke City, Md.
For sale by all drnggists Henderson
Bros. Victoria and Vancouver,
H. G. Parson has received this week
one carload of the famous Calgary
You will miss a treat if you don't
see "Under Two Flags" by the Lyceum
The fast transcontinental service of
the C.P.R. will jnst reverse the present
timetable at Golden. No. 1 will arrive
abont S p.m. and passenger, will reach
Glacier for the evening meal. Ne. 2
will arrive at Golden abont 10.16, and
the passengers will lunch at Field,
where the East and West trains will
probably pass.
T. H. Taylor, C.E., P.L.S., waa
in town on Sunday on his way to
Windermere, where h. is engaged to
lay out the new townsite. Mr. Taylor
is formerly from London, Ont., but
will make the new city among the
mixes, his home for the future. He
spent Sunday with hia friend Mr.
Maclood Gaiette: It is reported In
usually well informed circles that Jas.
Hill, manager of the Great Northern
railway proposes to run a brunch of
that Iiu. from Macleod to the international boundary, following the route
for which the C. ft E. secured a charter. This would give a competing
line to British Columbia and th*
F. W. Jones.tho Secretary Treasurer
of the Columbia River Lumber Company Limited, arrived at Golden on
Wednesday, and immediately entered
on his new duties. He has arranged
to take Mrs. Brownrigg's house, and
Mrs. Jones will arrive in a few days.
Before leaving Winnipeg Mr. Jones
was entertained by railway and business people at one of tha most successful dinners ever given in the city.
Th* dangers of railroading in tk*
mountains are evidently greater on the
Great Northern than on the C.P.R.
While tha rotary snow plow was
clearing the Great Northern track near
Madison it wa* struck by an avalansbe
and dallied a thousand feet down the
canyon. There were seven on the
engine in addition to th. regular craw.
AU have been dug out of the snow but
on*. Four men wera injured, three
fatally, probably.
A man witb a weight on his leg
can't hope to win in tbe race. A man
with a weight on his health can't
expect to compete in life and business
with thole who art not handicapped.
If his brain is heavy, and his blood
sluggish,       because of    consti
pation, h. will not succeed in doing
anything very well. Constipation is
the cause of nine-tenths of all sicknsss.
Symptoms of it are sallowness, listless-
ness, psor appetite, bad taste iu th*
month, dizziness, biliousness, and
lassitude. Constipation can be cured
essily and certainly by tba use of Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They are
not at all violent In their action, and
yet they ar. more curtain than many
medicines which are so. strong that
they put the syai.m all out of order.
The great advantage of the "Pleasant
Pellets" is that they cure permanently.
Send 31 one-cent stamps to cover
cost of mailing only, and get his great
book, The Peoples Common Sense
Medical Adviser, absolutely free. Address World's Dispensary Medical
Association, No. 663 Main Street Buffalo, N. Y.
Woman's Influence .    7~.,
Haa Hade
Paine's Celery Compound
TheO-   -     *        **���*������"" '������"���
ah a Spring: -..biuo �� ''"'
the Wants of Women in every
Sphere of Life.
When weakly, sick and broken down
women ar. seen to gain health and
vigor from day to day frem th. use of
Paine's Celery Compound, no room for
doubt is left to th* molt skeptical individual.
Medical science devised Paint's Celery Compound, a medicine uniformly
���uccenful in banlahing th* troublei
that afflict th* great majority of worn
en, and honest physicians are always
pleased to recommend it.
It is a wall known fact that all th*
women who hav* recovered health find
atrength by meana of Paina's C.lery
Compound wen induced to us* it
through the influence and persuasion
of other women���sisters, inothora or
In th* spring time, when women are
weak, overworked, nervous, have tired
feelings, dyapepaia, backaohe, sideache,
headache, neuralgia, blood troubles or
any of th* many nameless ills from
*hich they suffer in silence, Paine's
Celery Compound will quickly banish
all dangers and sufferings; it will impart that strength, health and vivacity
that make women womanly and admired.
Paine's Celery Compound ia at pres
ant carrying on thi* joyous transfer
mation work all over Canada, and
women, young and old, of all ranks
and conditions, bless the memory of
Dr, Phelps who conferred such a Musing on their sex.
Dear women of our country, why
continue in misery and suffering when
such a friend as Paine'a Celery Coin
pound is within such easy reach, and
ready to do for you all you so much
Do not be deceived by any of the
many nervines, bitters, sarsaparillas
or advsrtised pills; they cannot bestow
that pearl of great price���good heulth
Paine's Celery Compound lias given
new health and life to your friends; it
will not fall in your particular hour of
need. Bear in mind thut Paine'a Col-
try Compound makes sick people well.
FUR & wow. no,
Cxportcro tuifi In-t^rter*.
200 U SW . Irei Ave. Mo.
3hlpm-i.it-* SoH-rited.
Writ* fo* ClrwU*.
"CANAL" Mineral Claim, iltaat* ia ths
Windermere Mining Division ifUl
Kootenay District.
Where located -.���One to one and a hrJf niOw
north of th* Kootenay Bridie nt Canal
Take notice that I, William Roderick Ron,
of Fort Steele, B.C., Freo Miner's Qertifieal*
No. 1S673A, duty authorised agent lor Daniel
Smith, Free Miner's Certificate No. 96170*,
James H. Woods, Free Miner's CertMcat.
No. 707-2, and Edward Cass, Jreo MW-lrt
Certificate No. 17.M4A, intend, sixty day*
rom the date fioreof, to ipply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crows Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, nnder
section 37, must he commenced bafore th*
issuance of such Certificate of improvements.
Dated this twentieth day of February, 18WS
R. ROS8,
F.M.C. 1M78A
Clear and   Convincln-j    that
Dodd.s Kidney  Fills Cure
Engineer James Orabain's  Oase Was
Pronounce!  Inonrabt. by  Leading
Montreal Physician���Tet Dodd's
Kidney Pills Cored  lt
Montreal, P.Q., April 3. - Thick and
fast come the most convincing proofs
of the really marvellous cures of Kidney Diseases, in thia city, by Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Not a day passes On
which we cannot read reports of several
cures���at home.right her* in Montreal,
at our own doors.
In the face of this vast mass of
proof, we must believe what such an
enormous number of our fellow-citizen*
write on the subject, viz.: That, there
is no other medicine known to science,
that can at all equal Dodd's Kidney
Pills, aa a cur. ior Kidney Diseases of
all types.
Many hundreds of Montreal psopls
hav* been cured of Diabetes by Dodd'a
Kidney Pills, but tbere are in the city,
still, hundreds of other sufferers who
do not know that by using this famous
remedy, they oan be cured, positively
cured, for all time and at almost no
That such is the oase, 1st lhe experience of Engineer James Graham, oi
No, 60 Viotoria Square, prove,
Mr, Graham bad Diabetes for aix
years. One ol the most eminent of
Montreal's physician's examined him,
and informed him that his cas* was
beyond all aid���incurable.
No wonder the sufferer grew despondent. But, one day he rtad of a wonderful cure of Diabetes, effected by
Dodd's Kidney Pills. He at once
bought a box and began to use them.
They caused marked improvement, and
he used two boxes mors. Now he is
as healthy as he ever was, robust and
Isn't this proof enough that Dodd's
Kidney Pills will cure Diabetes?
It ought to be, surely I
Quartz on Peaee River.
(B. C. Mining Journal.)
This week a party consisting of five
gentlemen, English and American, and
representing apparently plenty of capital, placed with F. W. Foster a large
Order for supplies to be forwarded to
them at Quesnelle and they themselves
left on Wednesday far that point. At
Quesnelle they will build a boat and
proceed up the Fraser to Giscomb's
portage, across die eight miles of iand
and pass down the Parsnip, or as it is
called by local people, Crooked river,
to Fort McLeod, after which they will
have good boating down to th* junction of the Finlay branch with the
Parsnip. From thi* point on ths
stream is called Peace river, and when
tha headwaters of th* Place river are
spoken of it is this point that * is referred to. The above named parties
among whom are quartz men of exper-
ience.statethat they have a very large
and valuable body of quartz in the
Woolsey mountains, on the right hand
bank of the Pence just below where
the Findly comes iu, and thai they
have about 40 men in there now developing the property which is described as an enormous body of ore
600 feet in width and of enormous extent, covering a. it does the mountain
aide with a body of free milling quartz
tbat they know from actual test of
large quantities taken down as samples, to be high grade, and that the intention of the company, whose headquarters are in Chicago, is to take in a
large quartz mill from the works ot
Fraaer ft Chalmers yet this  season.
CLIPPER Mineral Clsim, situate in the-
Golden Mining Division of North East
Kootenay District.
Where located t���Near howl of the Middle
Fork of Spillimachene Rivor.
Take notice that I, John Wallace Conner
Free Miner's Certificate No. 7050 A, intend "
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to' ,
the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notico that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the-
iumisnce of Much certificate of improvements.
Datod this 271b day of February, 1899.
South American Rheumatic Cure, for Rheumatism anil Neuralgia, radicallycuies in 1 to
I days. Its action upon the system is remarkable snd mysterious. It removes at
once the cause, and the disease immediately
disappears. The first dose greatly benefits,
76 cents.
Sold by 0. A, Warren,
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
after - dais I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works for a
special license to cut and curry away timber
for the following described lands i
Commencing at a post marked J. L. McKay's S.E. Post, 60 chains N.W. of Concentrator on Upper Columbia Lake, thence
uortherlyone mile.theiicewesterly IDOcMns
thence southerly oue mile, thence easterly
120 ch.-iim, and containing about one thousand acres. ���
i. L. MeKAT.
March Slat. IK*.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
after date I intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for 1
special license to cut and carry away timber
for the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked W. D. M��-
Kay about sixty chains west of Upper Columbia Lake and one hundred and forty
north-west of concentrator, thence northerly
80 chains, tlicm-e westerly 120 chains, thenrei
southerly 80 chains, tnence easterly ISO
chains, and containing about On* thousand
W. D. MeKAT.
March 21st, 1899.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days titer
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
Ik-en.o to cut and carry away timber for the
following described lauds i
Commencing at a post 00 chains west of
bis Laks, an
Upper Column
i, and about one mil*
How to Dress Well.
By Using the Never Failing Diamond Dyes any Woman ean
Have two or More Dresses
of the Newest Colon at
Trifling Cost.
Women whs desire to dress neatly
and' wall find th* Diamond Dye* to b*
their but and truest h*lper*. On* or
two packages (according to weight of
dress) will recreate any faded, or discolored dress or skirt that ha* been east
aside as useless, and the cost will not
exceed 10 or 20 cent*.
Instead of having to depend upon
one dress for street and churoh wear,
any thrifty and handy woman with
the help of Diamond Dyes dan have
two or more dresses in stylish color*
always ready for service.
Do not risk your dresses with imitation or adulterated dyes; see that your
dealer gives you the Diamond Dyes
when you ask for them.
For Sale
World's Fair potatoes for seed at 6c.
per lb. Apply at Eba Office, G. B.
McD*rmot'e store, or to Vaehoa Bro*.
south of Wintield Park, thence northerly we
mile, thence westerly 120 chains, thence
southerly one mile, thence essterly ISO
chains, and containing one thousand ��cr*s,
Dated March 21st, 1899.
Mining Broker, Real Estate,
Notary Publio, Conveyancer,
and General Agent,
opened up by the DIAMOND CORE DRILL,
on **sy turns b? contract,
or part payment r*c*lved
in sharea if dssired. Apply to
E.  A.  HAGt*EX.
Hlnin-f Agent, ttoIiUa. B.C.
Restaurant For Sale,
apply Wah Chong,
Field, B.C.
-��� -���*,.-.


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