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The Golden Era Jan 14, 1898

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Array If
The Golden Era
Is the most wiJely circulated and
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
in Advance  	
Map of Gulden
Mining Division
By F. C. Long ...
On receipt of SI copies of this valuable
map will be mailed by
nipany 1
VOL. VII. NO. 24.
$2 Per Year
General 0 merchant,
OOOOOO OOP o o o o o o
Is the next thing
On my programme.
In order to
Reduce Present Stock
and to make
Room for Spring Goods
Specially Low Prices
will be given
on many articles.
Particularly on
Glassware and
and DRUGS.
These goods must be cleared
. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+   +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+   +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
+   + f
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
Proposed Overland
Expedition To Yukon
Qolden a Prospective OnMlttlng '"olnt
-���Price* Wanted for Ilonei, Cattle
and Supplier*.
At the meeting of the Alaska Mining,
Development und Exploration Co. held
at Spokane last week Mr. J. Gulbraith,
with whom the Era has been in communication, was asked to address the
From the Spokesman Review we
learn that a full attendance of the directors and stockholders was present.
The tinie was principally consumed in
perfecting plans for the company's
large overland expedition to Alaska
scheduled to start March loth next,
Further information concerning the
route being desired, James Gulbraith
of Hauser Junction, Idaho, was called
in to address tho meeting. He was
one of the pathfinders of the Hudson
Bay Company in the Northwest Territory. He penetrated to within 75
miles of the place where Dawson City
now stands, years auo a decade at
least before the United States had purchased the territory of Alaska from
the Russian government and when
Fort Yukon was the furthest outpost
of civilization in the northwest. He
described the topographyof the country,
its mineral wealth and tho facilities
for sustaining life in a manner that
was highly edifying.
Speaking of the country along the
McKenzie and Stewart rivers, Mr.
Galhraith said that when he and his
companions passed over it they tested
pans of dirt along the streams in numerous places. At. no place did they
fail to find gold colors and in the majority of places they found good pros
pects. They discovered many places
where they could pan from 815 to $20
per day. They wero not prepared to
remain and mine and since that time
he has had no opportunity to return.
Tue most significant thing that Mr.
Galhraith said and the one that puts
the overland proposition "in a nutshell"
is that a man can start on horseback
from Spokane and ride all the way to
Dawson City, with the exception of
the stream's tliHt he will have to ford. |
His former trip when he penetrated nsj
far as tho mouth of the Stewart rjv r
was made in mid-winter and he asserts
that he can leave Spokane at the p;es
ont time and reach Dawson City by
June 1st.
Wo have received the following letter from Mr. Galbraith.
Spokane Bridcik, Wash.,
Jan. 5tu, 1898.
pRAlt Sir- The maps, your letters of
information, and Mr. MolterK's clear
explanation, fills all I want to deliver tho address intended by me on tht
''Galhraith Spokane and Golden Routo
to Klondike."
I was vagabondizing and prospecting through tho country, looking up
placers, but lacked such energetic company as is required to make a success.
I left my whipsaw, quicksilver,
copper-plates, picks, near Jasper House
and starting from Jasper House, got to
Smoky River. I went down Peace
River to Nelson Forks, 250 miles,
thence to Liard River 180 miles, along
Liard to Dense 180 miles; from Dense
River to Polly River 150 miles; along
Pelly to Junction of Lewis, say 260
miles. There I turned back. I thought
I was at Stewart River, hut I think
now I was mistaken: anyhow I was
on navlgatnble waters to oarry mo to
Yukon. I took the party hack :o Ed*
tnonton in lato October, crossed Vermillion Pass, and was at Wild Horse
Creek 24th or 26th of Nov., having
been three years gone from that point,
in 1870. 1871 and 1872. J wintered at
soma place close to Tete Jaime Cache,
say 40 miles. Pro(n tho day I left
Edmonton I never panned a pan of
dirt, but I got gold loss or more, I
crossed ledges of galena 40 feet wide.
I took pure copper, cut it out with my
knife from rugged ledges. I saw coal
ledges 50 to 60 fpet wide on creeks and
sides of mountains. I saw oil floating
on the waters. Every lake contained
grand,glorious fat white fish; every hill
deer, bear, moose and cam boo. t saw
glaciers Indian or white man's foot, or
perhaps his eye never saw; killed the
big horn, the mountain sheep, feasted
on trout, .char and grayling; caught all
beaver we wanted; saw salt ponds
from which wo evaporated with our
frv pans all we wished for horses and
cooking; could have cut millions of
tons of finest hay; saw timber such as
mortal eye ttever looked on (white
pine); cut grass for our horsos; had
myself five horses, others three and
four, twelve in all, and they did not
eat it all. We trapped beaver, fox.
martin, fishers, otter, and saw ledges
and mountains of mica all colors, and
quartz where I saw gold with the
naked eye, but did not think then they
were worth looking at. I have learned
different since. I have skinned bars
of rivers and took 120 per day fine
gold. I saw slides from mountains
which were grand and terrible. Iron
was all over great beds, where and
what locality it is now difficult to de-
Kootenay produced ore last year to
the value of $8,106,(190.
J. Lamontaigne has transferred.tho
Union claim on Bugaboo to T. Mercier.
Mr. D. J. McDonald, ol Vancouver,
has been appointed provincial inspector of metalliferous mines.
We are informed that a big slide nas
occurred over the workings of the Bald
Mountain Company's claim.
Latest accounts from the Y ikoi
state that gold is being got in quatiti
ties on the Stewart and Pelly rivers.
Bon Abel has bonded the Bullion.
Paymaster and Mineral King claims
on Toby Creek, to a Montana syndicate.
Tho Gold Commissioner lias given
permit to J Mi Rao to re-locate t la-
Toronto claim on Spilliinachene Mountain.
Capt. Hall, manager of the Lo Roi
mine, was killed last week by Falling
down a shah, tho body being terribly
T, Mercier nud J. L:\montaigne have
transferred to the Golden and Fort
Steele Co. No. 21, Western Cross.
Union and Snowslide claims on Bugaboo.
Last week Mr. Dolmage closed a
deal with a Chicago company for the
��ale of the quarter interest held by
H. Esielle in four claims on Irvine
John M. Burke, manager of the
Slortan Silver and Le*d syndicate,
which purchased tho Dibble group,has
made the final payment on the purchase price cf tho property.
In a letter to Mr. Haggen. Mr Sub-
sm'an, mining expert for the C. P R.,
states that ho will again pay tbe district a visit shortly and will be glad to
do what he can to further the mining
interests here.
On Wednesday, Mr. Griffith, gold
commissioner, despatched to W. G.
Mitchell-Iunea, London, 1,000 lbs. of
ore from the Pretty Girl mine on
Horsethief Crock. The ore was taken
out on toboggans.
M. Dainard started out on Thursday
week for tho Bennison Group, to
which ho will have to travel about 32
miles on snowshoes. He goes to report fa Major Cloltouy on the progress
of the development work that is being
done there
Bottom. Last Chance and several
other auriferous streams���is proving quite as - good AS El
Dorado, while its gold approaches
ihe Bonanza creek standard of fineness.
Tno IIlinker is a long stream with
room for upwards of its 100 or more
claims; t here are quite as many on the
newly prospected tributaries including
Lost Chance and Gold Bottom. The
pay dirt of the Hunker and these tributaries is said to average $18 to the
pan, while claim (i below discovery is
reported to have turned out one record
pan of $104, Sulphur creek has not.
.vet shown anv sensational ground, but
$10 und $15 to tbe pan is not to be
looked upon with disdain bv the majority of miners. The Stewart, the
Pelly, Henderson, Dominion and
Quartz creeks are not proving up eqiuil
to expectations, but these have not yet
been fairly tested by bedrock prospecting."
selves, but hope to sell their information to others. This is perfectly legitimate, and such hardy pione.irs deserve every encouragement. On the
other hand there aie men���and as a
rule they knew little or nothing about
minerals or mineral indication!!-who
baud themselves together und strike
out a whole mountain side: they wont
work it themselves nor will they atUw
any body else to do no, but. simp'y
keep transferring the property one. io
the ni her as long as there i.-' any hope
of selling a piece of it. This is the
type of prospector that is objectionable.
Some months ago we suggested a rein-
6ly for this evil, which we have not
yet heard disputed. It was thi<: That
au extra charge, say of $1, be made for
recording a claim. If tho assessment
work bo duly performed within tho
prescribed time (twelve mouths) then
snot her year's gr.ice should he allowed
for further operations, but should
nothing he done on the claim, the fact
, should bo reported at least h fortnight
Referring to theactbn recently; taken | before the expiration of the term, and
the extra dollar paid for recording
might be applied to advertising the
fact that no work had tieen i)o\\e on
t he particular claim. This would give
any person the right of re-locating the
property, but no person should he allowed to do so twice. Thus the combines now operating so deternuentally,
would be broken up."
Continued on page 4.
The Prospector says: Fort Steele
promises to have its own Klondike on
Brewery Creek next spring Recently
there has been a rush for claims on tho
creek named, which empties into the
Wild Horse about three miles from
this city. A fow days ago R. 0,
Jennings brought in some I
specimens of coarse gold, and now
every bit of the ground on the creek
has been taken up.
J. Barr came, in on Tuesday from
his claims at tho headwaters of the
Blaeberry. He has driven one tunnel
50 feet on the lead and another tunnel
was put In 1.1 feet, when a big snow
slido occurred an 1 blocked tbe work
ings. Mr. Barr has struck an excellent showing of grey copper, and considers his mine looks very promising.
Ho will have it Sufficiently developed
bv the spring to know pretty well what
its prospects are.
With renpeot to tho Lanark mine
Home-Payne stated at tho meeting
of shareholders that in all 16,289 tons
of oro wero treated in the company's
concentrator, milled about i) to 1 and
produced 1820 tons of concentrates,
which yielded a not profit of $l(i,000.
During May the company shipped 430
tons of concentrates, tho product of
3200 tons of crude ore, the gross value
of which was 535,000. When concentrates which average over $80 to the
ton, yield less than $0 profit it is evident that the Lanark is a very expensive mine to work or that there is a
heavy penalty paid for tho treatment
of its product. Home Payne announced that in view of the expense
attending the working of tho Lanark,
the company had decided to close it
G. B. Dean has completed his contract in the International Basin for
Messrs. Jolliffe and Strncey and L. B.
Keyser. On the Maud S ho drove tho
tunnel 220 feet, and sank a shaft of 40
feet, half of which was on the lead
which tho shaft was put down to cut.
Messrs. Jolliffe and Stracey got an
assay of ��52 from this ore, being made
up of .35 02R. gold, 28.07 ozs. silver,
and $16.65^ per cent copper. On the
Standby tho tunnel formerly put in
there was extended for 70 feet, making
112 feot in all. The white iron found
in this tunnel assayed $12$ In gold.
Another sample of ore got from tho
shaft assayed $35 in gold and silver.
It was not assayed for copper. On the
Picton claim a tunnel was driven 66
feet and cut a lead 2J feet thick. Mr.
Dean will go to West Kootenay, but
intends returning In the spring.
Referring to tho latest reports of tho
Yukon cold fiejds. the News Advertiser
says: ''It has not supriscd old timers
that Hunker creek- -emptying into the
Klondyke river at a poi t fifteen miles
frou Dawson and itself fed hy Gold
by the Northeast Kootenay Miners j
Association, the Nelson Economist
says: ������There is, no doubt, much ill
this contention, but that tho. Mineral j
Act needs amendment; so as to prevent)
a few prospectors from tying up a
whole section of country for an indefinite period, will be conceded, wo bo
lieve, even by the association. How
to get over this difficulty withou* injuring the vocation of the honest prospector, is a point upon which there is
considerable diversity of opinion, even
among good practical men. While all
admit that upon the prospector primarily depends tho pros pet Ity of the
mining industry, few will deny thai
he h h not abused his privileges in
vary many instances by staking of a
far gieater number of claims than lie
has any hope of disposing of or anj
intention of working. By a partnership arrangement with some unprincipled man, he can prevent others from
touching these properties as long as
he likes to hold on to 'hem, dog-in the*
mangel' style, as the claims aro simply
transferred from one man to the other
year after year. In this wav large
tracts of country have been practically
lied up for years, undoubtedly to the
detriment of the community. To remedy this evil several valuable suggestions have boon made Provincial
Mineralogist Curlyle favors such an
amendment to the Mineral Act as will
Tu ibe Editor of the Oolden Era.
render it necessary for the locator of a I
claim to do a certain amount of  work
upon it beforeJie can record the prop- <
perty.    This  opinion   is endorsed   by I
very  many, but it has its opponents, ;
who, we think, very fairly claim that
such a provision  would practically do j
away with t he professional prospector, j
to whom the discovery of s.me of the
best properties in the country are duo.
There aro men who lire in the moun- I
tains and make it a business to exploit
,    ,rii for mineral  deposits.   They   do   not!
plenum     ���   ��� . i.      .r      .i
calculate  upon   woi king   them   them-
Sin - Iu your last issue appears a
paragraph iu reference to my charges
against the;school teacher which is not
only misleading to the public, but
grossly unfair to myself.
1 have made charges against tho
teacher of using vulgar and improper
expressions to the children. These
charges have not been investigated,
but because unable to refute tbe charges
tries to shield himself by accusing me
of disturbing the school. I am asked
by th i trustees to compromise the
matter with the teacher, as though it
was a pergonal matter, and not one in
I which the parents of every child were
I am informed by the secretary of
the ttou'.'d that he is forwarding my
charges to the superintendent of education without comment; this is satin-
factory to me and if it results in obtaining tbe class of teacher who love
their work, then the rising generation
will be benefitted,
Henry R  Moodih.
Golden, B. C, Jan. 12, 1897.
live gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, establinhcd ljou>o iu British < ol*
niiibia, Monthly ^ u 0 and expenses. 1'iwi*
tlon steady. Reference. Enclose Bclf-addrei*
sed Btampod envelope. The Dominion Coin-
puny, Dept. V Chicago, 'JOhipiH
Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Fancy Goods.
��� js 'isrfu �����������
A Paradise for tlm Homcseckor and Sportsman.
The Kootenay Valleys Co.
T. G. PROCTER,   -  General Manager.
Baker Street,   -   Nelson, B. C.
26,000 Acres of Choice
Farm Lands in proximity to the Crow's Nest Pass R. R.,
in East Kootenay, within easy reach of the best market
on earth for Stock and Farm Produce; being1 the natural supply point for the mines of East and West Kootenay. You can purchase any amount you wish, from
twenty acres upwards. Stock Ranches up to 5,000 acrea
Prices Range From $2.50 to $35 00 Per Acre.
EASY TERMS:-*. Yearly Payments, 0 Per Cent Interest.
Buy Now While Land is Cheap.
Townsite properties are now being laid off.   Keep your
eyes on Elk River Crossing and Crow's Nest Landing.
- golden -
OUR   Stores,   Cellars   and
Warehouses   are fairly  crammed
with    NEW    GOODS    from
floors to ceilings.
Trade* has been so good with
us thia last summer that we felt
justifiel in buying heavily for
our Fall, Xmas and Winter
Trade. Every train from both
oast and west is discharging
freight for our stores.
Fresh mild-cured Mains and
Bacon. Creamery and Dairy Hut-
ter.Presh Eggs.Cream Cheese,
Factory Cheese and Holland
Cheese, Finnan Haddies and
Cranberries received t hip week.
A big lot of Eastern Poultry
now on the road.
One Ton of this season's Pure
Honey,   which  we  aro selling ut
15c per lb.
Footwear.    Rubbers,    Overshoes, Shoe Packs and Moccasins,
Gloves   and   Mitts   in   great
Remember we are the agents
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a suit of  Health   Underwear
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We are now unpacking" Ten
Cases of
Xmas   Goods
imported direct from Germany
���uidEughuid. SANTA CI. A US
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Xmas at a very small cost by
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In Ready-Made Clothing' we
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Come and see us.   We will
be   pleased   to   help  make  yjur
Xmas ii merry one.
To ArlvertUerH ami Subscriber*.
Tho GOLDEN ERA .s miblhjUHd every
Friday evening, Ii is the best advertising
medium in tho Baft Kuoienay distrivi
aubse/iption tfutus :   Sa.UU per annum in
Alteration* and changos of standing aaver-
tiseiiient*. must he in ti.o office nut later than
110011 nn Wednesday to ensure insertion, hut
casual advert semen ts will he received up till
noon on Friday.
Wtiile all reasonable rare will 1*> taken, the
proprietors will not he lespoiicihlt- for any
omission or error in any advertisement,
Ail accounts u> bo paid to the Managing
Director.or his authorized agent, from whom
the company's recoipl will ho obtained.
Advertising rates! Display ads., 51.00 per
column tucht Leg lads., 10 cents per hue
for first Insortioii, 0 cents for each aduitiom.1
uist rtioii; Heading notices, 12 cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should bo addressed to the Managing Dlroctor, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or"nows items should ho adurnsseit to the
Correspondence is Invited on matters of
public iiitoroat, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the case ol
anonymous tetters the name and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but fur the private information of tho
editor and as a guarantee of good faith. Anv
letter received later than Wednesday will
have to stand over ti.l tbo following issue.
The GoLdcn [ia Company Liir.ited Liability,
Office, Golden, 0.0.
{the Qftolbvn Oiva
{Edited   by E. A. HAOOBN.)
FRIDAY,   JANUARY 14,   J898.
Geo. B. McDermot,
<ieii(-rnl Merchant.
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood Saddle Horses mid
Uigs ol all kinds for
Hire at Ho.isonahlo Kates.
Teaming ol nil kinds a specially.
+ x + x +
Hamilton & Skelton.
GOLDEN, B, C.        Who
We have done our utmost to draw
public attention to what we belie-.e to
be the great highway to the north and
to open up the eastern portion of British Columbia. P.iulie opinion is being
aroused, us the letters which wo have
published In the last three issues havo
fhown. We are glad to see some of
our contemporaries backing up our remarks on this important subject. The
Vancouver World has tho following
interesting remark-' on the route that
we havo been advocating, based on
the report made by Mr. Mel'ouuell of
the Geological  Department:
"The great inter-mountain valley referred to above, and of which mention
is so frequently made in this report,
forms one of the most imporunt topographical features of British Columbia.
It crosses the international boundary
about, longitude llf)" IU' W and runft
in n direction north {IB8 W. along the
western base of tho Rocky Mountains,
separating the latter from the Solki.'U
and other ranges on the west, for a
distance of over 800 miles. It is
entirely independent of the present
drainage system of-the country, as i;
is occupied successively, beginning at
the boundary, hy a number of rivers
belonging to distinct systems, among
which are Kootenay, the Columbia,
Canoe River, the Fnncr, Bud River.
the Parsnip, the Finlay and tho To
chieca. The line between tho Bad
River and the Fraser has net yet been
surveyed, and its extension, if any bo*
���t'ondiheTocliiecais still unknown. Its
width varies from two to lo miles,
and it is everywhere inclosed.except for
some distance along the west bank of
the Parsnip, by mouuin ranges varying in height fro 11 2,000 to tf.OOO feet
or more above the valley.
"Till' width of the valley does not
depend on tho size of the stream which
occupies it at any particular place. It
is fully as wide along the smaller
streams and at (he watersheds    which
erized by the same features which pro-
vail below.    The r n;o bordering it on
the east is regular and well defined,
and has an elevation of 2,5CQ feet
above the level of the valley.
"We follow up tho right (east) bank,
and two miles further on reach the
junction of the Finlay and Thudaca, a
rapid mountain stream, heading in the
Peak range. Above the Thudaca the
Finlay has a rapid flow, and is interrupted by several small falls and rapids
for a distance of six miles. Above this
reach, what appears to be an old lake
basin begins, tho rocky bauds and he U
which characterize it below suddenly
disappear, and are replaced by clay,
silt and gravel The current diminishes to about a mile and a half an
hour, and the stream expands to twice
its former siz*. The Mat bordering the
river is intersected by sloughs, and
holds a couple of small sheets of water,
known to the Indians as the Fishing
lako. The valley here has a width of
about a mile and a half,and is bordered
by mountains, 4,COO to 5,000 feet above
the river, belonging to the Peak
���'The expanded lake-like portion of
the Finlay has a length of about 18
miles. Near its head, the river is divided into several branches. The
western branch {called Thucatalo by
Finlay) was ascended hy Mr. Finlay.
and is stated hy him, iu the journal
referred to laforo. to Ho miles iu length
and to head 111 a narrow lake, l'i
to 20 miles long, culled Lake Thutade
by tho Indians.
F#r Ten Cent*.
Have yon over tried to estimate the
satisfaction, pleasure and financial returns that you get when you fcpend ten
cents for a package of Diamond Dves?
The advantages and profits aro strikingly wonderful. Faded and dingy
looking dresses, blouses, caps, knitted
shawls, hose, lace curtains, and pieces
of drapery nro all restored to their
orginal value and usefulness. The
truth is, they are made as u��od as new
and they cost onlv ton cents.
This work is done every dav hy
thousands with the Diamond Dyes.
Beware of imitations that some dealers
offer for the sake of hiir profits.
Send to Welts A Richnrdson Co.
Montreal. P. Q, for valuable hook of
directions and sample color card; sent
post free to any address.
Information or Value to Pronpeetori
Going by this Route.
Men who come in from the Crow's
Nest railway works complain to us
bitterly of the treatment they have re
ceived, having worked for months
without having a dollar coming to
them. Although the law does not
recognize it to be such, it is just as
much a crime to steal a man's labor
as his purse, and if half the reports
aro true then we have no hesitation iu
Stating that the Crows Nest railway
works form one of the most gross
scandals in the history of labor in
Canada. The public moneys are going
to build this road, and it is the dllt'v
of the Government to see that the men
employed on the works are paid fair
wages and aro justly treated. We
hope that the enquiry which the Government have inaugurated will be au
exhaustive Olio, and that if tho company are deserving of the blame that
appears to attach to them, fhoGovernment will have no hesitation in doing
what Is plainly their duty, to remedy
the grievances of the employees.
Wn acknowledge receipt  from
publishers of the January  number of
the Kootenay Guide.
The Provincial Government have
decided on opening up the old telegraph
trail via Ashcroft to Telegraph Creek.
Thev should also open up the Mohprlv
trail first thing in the spring to Tete
Jaune Cache.
The Nelson Tribune says that the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company
has abandoned tbe attempt to build
the Kootenay lake end of the Crow's
Net railway with labor at $1 50 per
day. It is announced that when Dave
MacBeath starts work upon his piece
of the road that navvies will he paid
$.2 per day, with charges for board set
at $5.25 |er week. It is also said that
men on rock work will be paid $2 25
and $2.50 per day. The establishment
of thonQ rates will have the effect of
raising the rate of wages over the on-
tire line.
Mr. Griffith, Government Agent,
kindly furnishes us with the following
information in reply to questions ask'd
by correspondents: ���
1. Distance from Kalispel to Golden
via S'eele, ,"t.">0 miles.
2. The trail from Donald to the
Boat Encampment is iu fairly good
shape. I made it in five day*, dis-
ance 87 miles. Next summer I intend
to put it iu good shape so that it c*.n
be done in four days.
8. Distance from Golden to the Boat
Encampment. 105 miles.
4, 5. fi. Cannot give yon any definite information than the trappers at
the Boat Encampment said after going
up the Canoe River about ten miles
; 1 hey strike open country easy to travel
the I over
7. The trail to the Boat Encampment will be improved just as soon as
the snow flies; unless an exceptionally good spring, this will not be before the 1st of May.
J. F. PDfiH,
Removed to
New Stoie
Sonth-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
Extract from the Toronto Daily "GLOBE'
of August 7th, 1HD7.
Sly Motto 1��
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
& K^K* KW&KK&
The McMurdo House,
CARBONATE  i.amiinii,
C'AUrWKlcillT,   PROrillKTOR.
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
S,.dille or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
NERVE ItEANS nro a new
discovery Hint cure the worst
canes of nervous debility, Lost
Vigor and F..ilinir Manhood:
restores (lie weakness of liodyor mind caused
by overwork or the errors or excesses of
youth. Tins remedy absolutely euros tho most
obstinate cases when nil other trontnioiits buys
faiiod even to relieve Sold bydruggists ntSI
per package or six for%, or sent by mail on
receipt of price bv addressing THE J A.M EH
MEDICINE CO., Toronto Ont. Write for
pamphlet. 17..t'iJ 1
An institution thac should be established in Golden is a brand) of tbo
Post Office Savings Bank. It would
be a great convenience to the working
men ol the district, and to the public
generally, aiiii we slimiest to the Postal
Department that they should give the
matter due consideration.
Wo congratulate Mr. Griffith,
Government Agent, on the steps that
he proposes to take to put the Mobcrly
Trail in good shape in the spring. This
is '.lie key to the opening up of the
great valley to the north and will
separate the different Streams, as along I abl�� Inspectors to get into the heart ol
the great rivers like tho Columbia tnd ith'' c������"-y With case.    That   is   lb
Tho Leading Specialists of America
\ 250,000 CUBED.
'r.     Nothing crtn ho mure doinoraliiiug to
-   youug <>r middle-iucJ men than the prcit-1
i;. cuoo of ttw*o   ntglltlj* 1oni(U��"    i'hoy |
r ynnliico wonkntm norvouwrah a feeling
' i��  of diigtistamlawhole tu.in of eyauttuiDii.
%   They unfit a USB ft* busraeM, married
it life uri'l foc.nl huppinc**.    No matter
whether ouircii by nvil li-bha in youth, I
natural nenknein or iaxuuI oxceMce, onr!
Wov* Method Treatment will iwrutivelyj
(d euro you. I
Header, younoodholp, EaVly abuse or
lator esoetiM may havo weakened ypn.
Kxpofure pihv have d.r*-euiU'i! you. You
aro not pjfo till mired. Our Wow Method
will cure you. Yon run no rl*k.
250,000 CURED
Voting Mara���You aro palo, feeble I
and haggard) nervous, irrltabloana ox-r
oitabio. You booomo forgotfol, morouc, I
and desixmdant; blotches and ptmpleij I
miiikcm cyc.��, wrinkled face, stooping I
form and dowiiiyi^t ctumtunanco revoal I
tho hlichtof your existence. T
No matter how lerioufl your oaee may I
bo.orli"W lOPttJOU may havo had it,our|
euro it. 'The wormy veins" rotum t<)l
their normal ccndition auo hencoJntl
sexual organs receive proper noarmh-l
mcut Iho organs become vitalized, all I
uhii!.1'im1 diaiua or l'le^es ccik-o endf
manly iiowcrs return. No temporary I
hi iiufii. but a permanent euro a^urcd. I
Wo   treat   mid   cnro_t>i'flliM,S;.l
..dSTllHTlllMi,  VAKlrOOIiLK,   SEMI-
1 nai. IjOSSES. ubAimni ax\> kii��;L
i   SfiEE,    1IOUKK PKKE.    ClIAlWEdl
9   M01ll:!M'l'H.     If ui.nlile tocall. wrllol
?  Br s mh SITON liLANK for UOJ1e|
DR9. I
Kennedys Kergan[
Business Cards.
A   Home  Treatment,   Known it. the
Dyke i.ure, by wltlell tilvery VI.-
11 ii. of  I n to in pern nee can be
Permanently   Ouruii.
All crave or desire for stimulants is
removed iu from three to live days, and
in four weeks patients are restored to
their natural condition. It consists of a
vegetable liquid, taken as a ionic. No
publicity, no bad after-effects, and no
loss of lime from business duties. To
bring the cure within the reach of alt,
the fee has been reduced to $-���*��
For futher information write or consult Dr. McTaggart. London. Ont.
Reference as to Dr. McTaggnrt's pro
fessional standi g and personal
integrity permitted by.
Sir W. R Meredith, Chief Justice of
Ontario, Toronto;
Hon. O. W. Ross, Minister c(
Education. Toronto;
0. W. Yarker, Banker and Finaucial
Agent, Toronto;
R. J. Fleming, ex-Mayor of Toronto
City,   Toronto;
H. S. Sirathy. General Manager
Traders'  Bank, Toronto;
S. Nordlieimer, German Consul,
Tho following from Aid. Spensn.
Secretary of the Dominion Alliance, is
one of many such testimonials in his
Toronto, July 12, 1887.
A. McTaggart, Esi|., M", D.
Dkar Sin, lu reply to your enquiry
regarding my knowledge of the Dyke
Cure for Intemperance, I have to say
that it was brought under my notice
about a year ago, and I specially interested myself in a number of cases
that were treated by it. In some of them
the results were remarkable, several
parties who wero confirmed inebriates
becoming entirely changed and remaining till the present time sober mid use
fill citizens. Several other parties
treated at the same time I have lost
sight of, but do not - ersonallv know
ofu caseout of a half a dozen in which
the treatment was not. successful.
With best wishes I remain.
Yours sincerely.
Notary Public, Golden, R. C.
A post card addressed to ins
at the post office. Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29tc
Builder unci Contractor,
- -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of   Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prcjiiiie.l.    Prompt attention jiivou to orders. 28tc
Barrister, Solicitor &
- -  -   Notary Public.
Ofllco flt Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. Ii. C.
Wilt bo in Golden on   Monday of each
week. 3titc
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half your.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
F. S. Sl'BNCK.
Four men were killed by an explosion at Hatrick's Chemical Works,
the Finlay. The average height of tbe
bottom of tho valley above the sea is
about 2,.'I00 feet, and tbo variation in
boighi is about I.mil) [eei. The heights
of the watersheds in tho valley are approximately as follows: Kooteuay-
Coluinbin, 2.740 feet, Columbia Fraser,
2.000 foci; Peace-Liard,il,10O feet. Tho
lncroase in height of   the   watersheds
way to open up the Interior and reveal
tho stores of wealth that it undoubtedly possesses.
The Klondyke's Wealth
Would ho no indurcment to the StilV.rer if it
Stood Hetiveen Him and Perfect Health.
H. II. Little, r.linpbolllord,wrili��: "Abont
toward tho north does not   hold   good Z'J^^I���lftl,."d���* TITaiL"ok ���fl>,"l",id
H        fe'.erand n led my ivHtflm in a very vteuk
in regard to dtiprestfions.   The Coluifl* and nervotti cuiulttlon, in fact, no bamy ili.it
i_i   i .i ii       t . l.i Lt .f   o    I (le��t>. ired of recovery.   I wait induced to
biH leaves tin valley at a height ot   2. j ,ry g^j, AmeHollII Nervine.   In a romark
0f)0 feet, and the Fmser at a height of ��W ��Aort, lin,e ,ny ne,,ltn Iwprovtd, and
n ,AA      , ^,    ���        _. _ t   .  , ���     , rt     when I had tak n a few bottles I was completely cured and have belter faosltli imce
than tor yo,trs before"
An Honest Offer!
To all those suffering from
Sebvous Exhaustion or any Private
Pisease, who have tried different doctors or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will he sent FREE in plain sealed envelope upon application to
160431 ,   Box 60< Detroit, Mich.
" tive eeutleuien or ladies to travel for
is pout
tive gentlemen or lad. ��� . . , ,
responsible, e��tab!i��hod houae In Britiah ��� ol-
iinibia. Monthly ��t>8 00 and expenaea. Position steady. Reference. Enclose aelfiidtlres-
��ed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dipt. Y Chicane. 20)��r��
2.100 and the Peace at a height   of 2,
"From tho point ascended, a viowof
tho great valley which holds the Finlay
and Tochieca was obtainable for 50
miles or more in each direction Northward, as far as visible, it maintains a
straight wide course, and is churncter-
The Gold Rush
la Not More Entluulattie Than are the
Prai.es ot the Thousands who are Living
To-day Because of South American Kidney Cure.
Thousands verify what is cbitmed of South
American El Iney Cure. Orcteat, aafest,
qiuvkest acting, no-rnian nit renults, A apo-
cifiic for kidney disorders in youmr or old.
male or female. It enjoys the distinction of
a hearty recommendation by most eiuiiient
physicians- It relievo* distressing kidney
di-e-e-e in six hours. Never fails to cure If
persisted in. Acts directly on tho circulation and eradicates from the syatem all solids
an I foreign substances which clog up these
t..uitary organs of tho hiinian anatomy. You
test what .hers have proved. 'I best words
from a letter received tmlay: "f despaired of
recovery until 1 used South American Kidney
Sold by C, A.Warren. 58.1
Sold by C. A. Warren.
In the libel action against Mr. Bos
tock and oihers connected with the
Province. Mr. Martin, solicitor for
Mr. Bi stock, threw up his
brief on account of the magistrate
allowing improper questions. Mr Bos-
tock theieupon said he was prepared
to have the ense gone on with himself but the magistrate declined.
A Pain Cripple.
Tortured and Tormented with Kheutnatiini
and Sciatica���South American Rheumatic Cure Works tho Wonder.
Mrs. .Tohn Fishor, Woodstock, N. B-,
writes: "1 had been snfering for ovor three
years from muscular rheumatism and on one
occasion I luid n vory acute attack of sciatica.
For several weeks 1 was unable to walk or
attend to my household duties Tried several rnmeilles, and physicians faiiod to give
nit relief. I saw South American Rheumatic
Cure advertised and bought a bottle. It did
me a wonderful lot of good. Four bottles
effected a perfect and permanent euro."
Sold.by V. A. Warren. J83
rrviiK&K' K&K K&
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Soals will
be receival at the (.olden Kra Oflico aud
executed with promptitude.
The Ooldeu Era Company,
Limited Liability.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
$250,000 Deposited with Domiuion
Government    for   Security
of   Policy   Holders.
President- Hon. Sir < liver Mowtt.
Viee-Prciilent- Joseph \V, Flavelle, Etq.
Managing Diroc or���F. 0. Cox.
E. A. Haooen,
219 Agent, Oolden, B, C.
You Ship to Headquarters When You Ship to us I
Boptt and Taga Fnrnlthid Free,
Full Fries..  Correct Selection.
Hides, Pelts, Wool
Tallow,   Ginseng,   Seneoa.
��� ���������������
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices.	
Immediate Keiiitttunee..
Jas.  McMillan  &c Co.
No Commission Charged.
100.212 Hirst Ave North
MlN.\EAI>OliI��,   MIXX.
SAVAGE RIFLE     for savage same,
vV ' /'303.��e.EXPANDING
New Catalogue on Application.
Savage Repeating Arms Co.,
Uttica, New York.
jukrnm If
TIh Dominion Government have lo-
cM��d on nppoi.ting a local agent to
look after tho sale of their town lota in
Gulden, and th* work will be entrusted
to til. Hon. T. W. Ayliner.
Mr. Caw. who is one of tho oldest
and moat highly esteemed drivers on
the C. P. B , has been promoted to the
position Of locomotive superintendent
���t Field, and we are glad to as* him
filling inch an iinnortant position.
Th* C f. R. will make a start th;t
month with th* enlargement of tho
Glacier and lit. Stephen Hotels. At
Field th* dining; room will be doubled
in all* and a Urea enclosure of gists
will b* placed in the front of the build-
Messrs. Osrlin and Neilson. of the
CotnmhtA River Lumber Co, have
If* at Calgary huving horses. Th��y
intend to push th* freighting of their
tits and lumber to the railway, as the
order* awaiting execution are vary
. 8. Barber will be intmated with
Capt. Armstrong in the steamboat en-
��*r>ri���� on Teslin L-"ke. Hootalinqns
and Yukon rivers. They exnect tn
have the boat readv to take the first
lot of passengers down th* river aa
���oon aa navigation opens,
A ��bo-kin(r exn��riene.�� is reported
fr��im Rtmonton. Ex-Con.tshle Stick
ler, of P inkot, wns brought into the
hnanital with hi. feet and hands
frosen. and died H�� had been lost
for .��ven d iya. One of his horses waa
ai "xhan.tetl that it waa ��hot.
11 i'ir r��nort of the Field hall we
onVrt.lrri s':ite thir the Hon F W
A.lrn-'r hv request and on behalf of
th* viai'ors. in a neat apeech tenderer!
thanki rn *be committee for the hoard
'���Im which th��v had extended to
t' i'r '.'uo<ts. and hoped tliev might
Ion; lire tn entertain with the same
success that had attended their efforts
on that occasion.
Th ��� I-mtriil Life As.uranre Com-
ptnv of Omnia ha. just clos��d its
hunk, for the vesr 1897 Th* busi-
n��.j svur-'d for the year amounted
toiver II 3OT.000. a record which mar
almost he considered phenomenal for a
tie v oompinv. and one which W'llcorr*
pire mn.t fa'-orahlv with that of the
ill inl e.rihli.ned life companies of
fb> Dvninion. The result of th*
m noanv's oneretions is regarded aa
e ninentlv satisfactory by all connected
with it.
P'"sn�� whi ar�� troubled with indi
���M-iiu .vill h�� i 1'erested in the es-
nerlmiee of Wm H Penn. chief clerk
i -be r "ilwav ser-icfl at Deg Moines,
I< a. wbo'vritesr ''I'gives me pleasure to tusiifv to the merits of Chatn-
'"'���' In's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
it m ��� ly. For two vears I ha��-e suffer-
ed fro.n in lige'tton. and am aubject to
fivquent severo attacks of pain in the
stomach and luwela. One or two
d i.es of this temedy neverfails to give
perfect relief. For sale by all drug
-:��'.. r.inglev A Co., Wholesale
\ tents Vic'oria and Vancouver.
Mr. A. Strarev, of the firm of Strscey
A Hihert. Vancouver, when at Winui-
p��g parch ised two sets of dogs, ten in
iinnther. Mr. Stracey intends to open
tp business, in Diwsoii City aa hotel-
It ener and general trader, and the
[Vlbitno a-iy* the principal object of
his visit east is to compare prices at
vli'ch goids can I* purchased there
with those ruling in Winnipeg and
Vancouver, He intend* t .kings large
quantity of uooda with him tn the
Klo-ilik*. Mr. Straeev has had a
good deal of esperience in rough minim life, havin: spent throe years in
the African field*.
Too Many are Broken
Down \\ oak and
Paint's Celery Compound Is the
Great Life-giver for all who
are Sick and Ailing-.
It has Rescued Thousands and
Hade Their Lives Happy.
The Nitrv.Uon* Compound I.
Woman'. Mo.t friend
Jessie H. Rose Ba.y��i
'I  Wa. Completely Cured by  V*ar
Wood.rrul Medicine."
Well* ARiciiardson Co.,
Dkar Sirs:   It   affords   mo   much
pleasure to testify to the   great   good
��� hat P ine'a   Celery   Compound   has
done for rae.    I was completely   run
down in health and a victim of female
weakness, and after using   three   bottles of your wonderful medicine I was
completely cured.    It is the best blood
purifier I know of, and I   recommend
it to all who are troubled as I was.
Yours very truly,
Jessie M. Ross.
27!) Quyon, P. Q.
Pile*, whether Itching:, blind or
blooding, nro rollovod by on.
application of
Dr. Agnew's Ointment
indenrsd In 3 to 5 night*.
l>r. Ai. Dark-nan, Dinshamton, ICY,.
wriitn* Sand mo 13 doicn more of *if>
�����w'i Olntmsnt. I prcierit* large Quantities ot It. It I* a wonder worker In tkla
dlauaicaand a great core for pil��t*,-23.
Sold by 0. A.Warren.
Land Notice.
(JO Days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief I'oiiiiiiisriiumir of Kaudu and
Works for permission to nurchaso ;(#) acres
of laud in East Kuufenay District comnieuc-
in* at a no.it placed t��n the east boimd'iry of
lot .'16 O.I, whore mid lot jo;** east, thence
north HI chains, theme east 40 chain*, thence
���outh 8' chains, thence west 40 chains to
place of commencement.
J. w. Robinson.
Dated Not. 18th, 1897. 23Gja3l
50c.   ���
These watches are solid 14 carat
gold, and our usual list price for
them here in England is ��.r> ($25)
each, but to introduce our enormous
Catalogue, ue will send you this
watch free if you take advantage of
our marvellous offer. If you want
one, write to us without delay.
With your letter send us 60 cents
International Money Order, for
which we will send you a solid silver brooch, worth f 1, and our offer.
After you receive the beautiful
watch, we shall expect you to show
it to your friends, and call their attention to this advertisement. The
watch is sent free by registered post
on your complying with our advertisement end our offer, and is warranted for five yeara.    Address: ���
Watchmakers' Alliance &
Ernest Goode's Stores, Ltd.,
184 Oxford St., London, Kngland.
Money returned if not more than
15 Princess Street, Birmingham,
"I thank you very much for the
beautiful watch you sent me free of
charge. I have tested it for nine
months and it never varies one
half-a-minute from one week's end
to another "-E Wilks.
"To give away a Gold Watch
worth 28 dols. is certainly a splendid advertisement, hut as the
Watchmaker's Alliance is the largest firm of Watchmakers in England, they can afford it.''-Ei)lT0liX.
Be sure and address your letter, 1P4
Oxford Street, Loudon, ��ngland.
THE East Kootenay Kail way Company will
apply to the Parliament of Canada at its
next session for an Art to declare tho Company's undertaking to lie for the general advantage of Canada, tn authorize it to issue
bonds to the extent of thirty thousand dollars
per mile of its railway and to empower it to
envoy or lease tbo i.'onrnny's railway.
Vancouver. 10 Pec., 1897.
A. Slti. H IMKRSM'Y,
.Solicitors for Applicants.
GEUMii.r. & M.tv,
Ottawa Agents. SG2fl
exhausting drains. Taken during the period of expectant maternity, it banishes
the usual annoyances and makes baby's
coming easy and almost painless. It insures the new-comer's health and tn ample
supply of nourishment. It transforms
weak, sickly, nervous complaining wo.
men into happy, healthy wives. Thou-
sands of women have tola over their own
signatures, the story of the marvelous
merits of this great medicine. An honest dealer will not trv to persuade you
to take something different from what you
ask for, fur tbe sake of a few pennies ad-^
ded profit.
Mrs. Anna tJtricli. of Rtra Creek, Buffalo
Co., Neb., writes I " I was under doctors' care
for two years with uterine disease. 1 was so
weak that I could sit nn In bed only t few mo
raenls, I commenced taking Dr. Meree's Favorite rrrscrintion sad when I had taken OH-
h.lf dMin hollte. I wis up and lolnx where.tr
I pleased, and have been very .Irons ever since
���that .waa two years and a half ago."
The only constipation-rare that never
causes discomfort ��� Dr. Plerce'a Pleasant
Pellete.   At all medicine stoma.
.. ��� -. �����������������������
tire gentlemen er bullet to travel for
reit.iinsihle, established house in llritlsh Col
innliia. Monthly *Jl iHO and expenses. Posi
tbniteady. Reference. Enclose self sddres
t��l stamped envelope. Tbe Dominion Com
-'     ...... ��UpH
VOTICE Is hereby given that application
will he made to 'he Legislative Assembly
of the Province of Kritinh < ulumbia at its
next session for an Act to incur orate a
company ami empower it to construct, equip,
oi erafe and muintaju a standard or narrow
jruaire railway from some ooint at or near
llolden in East Kootenay District, thence in
a southerly direction u> the valley of the
Columbia Itiver on either the oast or west
side of the said Columbia River to or near to
the Canal Flat at the foot of the LVier Columbia Lake hvthe moat feasible route, thenco
iu a southerly direction down the valley of
the Kootenay Hiver on either tho east orwe?f
sideof the said Kootenay River hythe most
feasible route to a point on the Tobacco 23JJa28
I'L.ins at or near where the International
Houndary Line intersects tho said Kootenay
River; wrh the further power to construct,
[ equip, operate and maintain a standard or
narrow sua-re railway from some i r.iur at or
near (inldeu in Kant Kootenay District or
from some point at or near Golden on the
line of railway aforesaid to be built southerly
fiom Oolden, thence in a northerly direction
hythe most feasible route through the valleys of the Columbia, ('anna, Kraser and Car-
snip Rivers, n�� eiiher the east or wnst sides
thereof, passing near Fort Mc|,eod on Mr
l<eod Lake, ihence continuing along Ihe valley of the I'nrsnip River iu a northerly direction to (ho .'-mil pnriillohif latitude, thenco
northerly crossing the With. 57th. JW1I1 and
;V.'ih degrees of latitude by the most feasible
route to tho valley of tho l.iard River within
the "tilth ami Olth degrees of latitudo and west
of tho liith degtrp'ifjpnglttide, a> d thenco
hythe most fu-.sii<lu route either upor down
tho vnlloy of ihe Liard Ui.er to the northerly
bound**ry of the Province, or westerly by ihe
most feasiblo routo to a t oiut at or near
Teslin Lake at the northerly buiiiid
of the I'rovincoi with po���� ��� to con*
struct branch lines, and also power to build
and 0 erato branch liu a from time to lime to
f'roups of mine* from anv  oiut on the main
Ii ' '���   '
VOTIOE la hereby given that application
will be made to the Legishitive Assemldy
of the Province of Britirih Columbia at it's
next session for an Act t'�� incorporate The
Mouutaiu Tramway and Electric Company
with power to construct, acquire and operate
ropeways and tramways for trans ortaiiuu of
freight from points on or near the N..ku,*p &
Sloean Railway and branches thereof to
mines and n moral claims iu the MrfJuig 11
Camp and Whitewater Masin and elsewhere
in the District through which said Railway
and branches pass or will pass, and from
pints 011 the Columbia and Kootonay Railway, Crow's Nest Line, constructed or to be
constructed, and branches thereof iu the min
iug districts of East ami West Kootenay, to
mines and mineral claims in the districts
through whb'h said Railways and branches
respectively pass or will puam and to construct, acquire and operate works and pl.jit
to generate ami supply heat, light and electricity iu the said Districts and elsewhere in
the Province, and to dispose of such heat,
light and electricity! and 0 acquire and hold
all kinds of real and personal property, together with the 1 ower to ex ro -riate lands
and all other powers and privileges that may
be necessary, incidental or advantageous to
the full exercise uf tho powers hereinbefore
Dated this 14th day of Docember, 18i��7.
Davis, Marshall, MAcNtsiLr.&AOQOTr,
Solicitors for Applicants.
Wbolcnnlc and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. C.       20tc
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied  by   D.   L.   licttschei..
Prescriptions 5ir?!s!!yJ>��eP-rea\
A Fill. Stock of Patent Molicines and
Drutftfista Sundries Kept.
Fort Steele
 Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Stage .leaves t.olilcn
Every TUESDAY morning at 7 30
o'clock und arrives at Fort Steele
Stage Leave* Fort Steele
Every   SATURDAY  inorninir   and
arrives at Golden every MONDAY
First Clam Equipment
and  every attention   given to the
comfort   of    passengers,     Oood
stopping houses every 25 miles
on the route.
F/xpresai Matter
of ail kinds handled with promptness and care.
Fulmer & Kerfool, Props.
Head Office, Golden.  ����
A thin oily fibre-food fluid, which
sinks into the pores leaving a
velvety burnishing' film outside.
Rub this friction coat a
little, and lo I��� a brilliant,
lasting, lustre dawns
through it.
Neither varnish, turpentine,
nor wax, to parch leather or seal up its pores, in���
.Slater Shoe Poush
H. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.
^*"We are Mam facturcrs and Direct Importers, and carry a Lar^e Stock of Iinlinces,
Furnaces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assurers' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents for .Morgan
feropytsttius' Crucible Company, Batter*
sK��JK3*-' sea; Becker's Sou's  Balan
ces; Brunton & Pearso's Pocket Mine Transit, etc,
Vancouver, II. V.
P. 0. Dox 365. Telegraphic Addrest:  "ASSAY," Vancouver, D. ('.
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to AU Others.
It   relieves   the pains *nd Aches the
minute applied.   It Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swelling
Sore Back or Side,
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Chi 11 Mains, etc.,
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Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can he lined internally ��fi  well an externally.   Hundreds testify to its
Miijrii'nl  relief.    No home should
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Tho mniit critical period In a woman's
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Time." It in the period when the blofiaoms
from girlhood in'o womanhood.
At thii momentous time the befit medicine- for a woman to take is Dr. Pierce**
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Irregularities and displacements and stops | !MI^0L���>V,1 Eifl^iS' ?I,,t.t!'?.,^v?r
puny, l>��pt. V Ch(c��tf<k.
in opei'.-.tinir the railway end its hr.inchcs to
mm xfejim, olectrii ity or other motive | oner,
with power to Imilii tulofrnmh and tele' h .ne
Itno.H for the purposes of tho Com winy and
for tranmil^iim of mosMges for the public j
and commercial i>iirpnno.<t- with power to
build all iiereiflary bridge", roadwnvs,!
wharves and docks, and own and operate fer- j
rles, and with - ower to oqui > and niaiutain I
steam and other vesneN and o eralo ihe came
in connection with the railway and its!
branches on any H/iviwilde water jdoiur or j
near to the line ol railway and ils branches;
And with powor to acquire water ri^h.s and
to meliorate electricity W o emtiug the railway and any of it brmichex, and f.>r the su<>-
ply of liirh', heal and other r ower, and with
powor to expropriate lands for the Purposes
of the Conn any: and to acquire lands, bon-
usei, privileges or other aids from any government, municipal corporation or t orsons or
hodioa cor, orate, and to levy and collect tolls
from all i or.iima \mhk end on all frourbt
'inssind ovor any of such roads, terries, and
wharvei, and carried on tho vcsselx built,
used or ownt'tl bv the   nmpany, and with
ower to le.ise, make traflic or other flr��aii(f��-
���neiits with railway, steamlmat or other cam-
auius ami for nl'other usual and necessary
or incidental rights, "owers and * rivilcgof in
any way conducive to tho attainment of the
.foresaid objects.
Dated this 19 h day of November, 1897.
McPiiiLurs, Woottoit k Barnard,
SOTjeU Solicitors for the Applicants.
Satisfaction or
Your Money Back.
In accordance with our advertisements to guarantee our workmanship
to the fullest extent and in every
particular, and as an evidence that
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H. SHOREY & CO.,     -     Montreal.
Mfft. of ������RMo>to>Wur" Clothing.
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"The Province" Map of
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To New Subscribers to "The Province."
'���The Province" claims that it has the laruest circulation west of Winnipeg, end that claim has never been questioned or chsIb'nired. It is now
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can prove that it has THE LAttGE^T CIRCULATION IN CANADA, To
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The PROVINCE PUB. Co*, Ltd. Lty.,      Victoria and Vancouver.
Pacific Hy
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Cheap rates to California
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'Iiirairo. III. Mf THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, JANUARY  14,  1898.
. G, Pttrso
thn Presby*
i Sunday] ��t
* Cigars given away at Starfortb &
The United Stales Consul at Montreal was blackballed ut St J.iuvs
Club. '
A, Ii. McDermot  has
Port Stieltt toluok lifter 9
business there.
Service will be held at
teriati Church, Oolden, o
11 a. m. and 7. JO p. in.
St. Paul's Church. Golden, Sunday
January 9th: Morning service 11
a m.; everting servic.i 7.HU p.m
* Cliolc.o variety of I '(gars nud
Cigarettes just opened at Starfortb A
Tho  Kickiii^linrsn    has   eventually,
cleaned out its own channel under the attendance of 40.
ice and tho water troub'o is at ail end.
The "Wardner International says
trains will be running to the Kootenay
River by thu Crow's Neat ltoad by
July 1st.
Constable Barnes oame down from
Steele on Saturday in cargo of a fe
male patient who was being taken to
the asylum.
The C. P. It litis brought into force
a ten per cent, reduction on freights to |
the west, und a special 85 per cent reduction on fruit.
Will tho finder of a bronze cuff but
ton. Inst on   Sunday   between   bridge
and Columbia   House,   please   return
same to tiio GOLOKN EltA Office?
G. E Smith will bold service in
connection with the Metbodifit church
on Sunday next as follows: Donald
11 a. m.   and Gulden 7.30 p.m.
The County Court lias been adjourned at Donald to tbe 20th. Tbe
matter ot the license for thy Kooteuny
House will- then cuiue up uuiougst
other business.
The Colonist learns on good authority that there is really no necessi'v
for a relief expedition to Dawson, as
there is plenty for those remaining
there dining the winter,
Dr. Taylor lias received a letter from
Buiff asking him to Arrange fur a
hockey team from Golden tu play that
town. The doctor fears that Golden
does not contain sufficient enthusiasts
to meet the request.
Mr. Harcourt has altered the arrangements lii connection with the
Presbyterian Church services, and will
in future hold morning services on
S indays at Walton's Camp, and at
the Church iu Golden on Sunday
The following were tho customs
duties collected by C. R\ Parson attht
port of Gulden for quarter ending Dec
81st' October, SiToVJS; Nov., 9&06.3I8;
December, ��4;>;iol; tutul for quarter,
$L',6l2,27. Inland revenue for quarter
was #1,217 ���!-'.
The Rev. Mr. Duncan, who has
heen appointed to the charge of Fort
Steele, left by Tuesday's utagfl to enter
on bis new duties. He had also instructions from Dr. Itohorson to s e
the people as lie weur through Windermere and endeavor to arrange tbe
school difficulty in a satisfactory
Mr. HuBsey. Superintendent of the
Police force of B. C, arrived iu Golden
on Sunday to enquire into the
facts eonueoted with thu Kootenay
House lioenso and to report to Judge
Forin of the County Court, As tho result of bis enquiries Mr. HllSSey en
dorses the action of Mr. Griffith S. M.
in regard to the matter.
The News Advertiser bus an excellent
article on the represeutaiiun question,
in the course of which it ways: ������There
is little doubt l.lutt Mr. Turner and bis
colleagues and, possibly, some of bis
suDfOrters [n the presnt Legislature
would be only too well pleased if i h
present disti'ibirion of tbe Provincial
representation could be left untouched."
The Oddfellows are bring urged to
get up a hall iu Gulden. 0 Id fellows,
are general 1** a bit shy but if the ladies keep them up to the mark they will
doubtless succeed. Their Chief is ro
potted to have the beon lecturing the
members nu the advantages of being
ahle to acquit themselves well in I heeye>
ot the ladies in the ball-room, and uo
doubt bis instruction will bear fruit in
the coming event.
A great nuisance is created in Golden by tbe number of useless dogs
that are permitted to run about the
streets, especially at night. It is high
time the Provincial Government levied
a tax of %'i 50 to $���> per annum on the
owners for each dog kept by
other than prospectors, ranchers,
and        trappers. This       would
goon clear out the nuisance,
and a tax of this nature is levied in all
the other Colonies. If owners of dogs
must make themselven a nuisance 10
their neighbours they eight to contribute handsomely to the public
revenue for their privilege.
Mr, Jo.liffe leaves for Loudon tomorrow.
f This years crop of nuts just arrived ut tho Gulden Fruit Store.
E. H.Small, formerly of Canal Flat,
is associated with Mr. Hoid, in the
opening of the new stoic at   Wardner.
F. C. Lang went to Windermere on
Monday, and the Hon. F. W. Aylmer
left fur Spiltltnaohene'on    Wednesday.
There bus beon a shortage of hay
and oats at Fort Steele. Hay lias been
selling there at Siiu per ton and oats in
Wo congratulate tho editor, Mr.
Mortimer Lamb, oh the excellent numb-rot the Mining Record which be,
turned out for January.
The roll number of the Golden school
has increased  to fin. with  an average
The seating accommodation has had to bo increased.
A sp"'.ial meeting of the Golden
Lumber Co. will be held on Friday-
next to confirm the sab.- of the com-
panv's property to the Columbia River
Continued from pngol.
F. J. Dean, the popular editor of the
Kamloops Sentinel, has been chosen by
a representative gathering as the opposition candidate for N< rib Yale at
IU3 coming Provincial election,
* Are you troubled with indigestion?
Chew Soinervill's Pepsin Gum! Star-
forth A Blight, agents.
At the Police Court yesterday morning, before Mr. Warren. J. P., D. M,
Calder was charged, on the information of W. C. Millar, with creating a
disturbance in the street, and was dis-
cluuged wbh a caution.
iermine, I saw possibly an aericul
turnl community that beat all Canada
Never frost-bitten, never cold, dry and
pleasant, but when it came a blizzard
it was "hell lot looso." We cut 2$
tons of hay (course blade grass) to the
man. Our house was under ground
little wood did us. We dug into a
bank o! clay near a creek, laid log"
14 by 14; drew in each log the width
of the other till we came to an npex;
grass and clay against the cracks
made us a grand bouse; for convenience
sake we went down the chimney; it
never smoked, we were warm, comfortable and dry; a bole and house for
dogs outside; no sickness; our only
want was tobacco. Sickness prevented
me goinir next year; business entanglements still later, but my heart and
head was for tho unknown. My onl��
trouble was tin cursed mosquito,
black fly and bull-dog horse fly.
All that country needs is a railroad,
lis possibilities are grand. Canada
will have the greatest and grandest
settle s there the world ever knew;
they will be hardy. Now I say without fear of contradiction; that every
vegetable and cereal can be grown in
those valleys and plains, as if put in
early they get such heat, 120 to ISO in
heat of day, with good subsoil nnd
little snow, so under ground vegetation
goes on continually. Some places are
frosty, but nothing serious to vegetation. I had only a mercury thermometer so could not indicate severe cold,
but where I am  in   Washington   is
Bryan  &   Lee   Competltlon--Centest
Narrovrliifi; Down.
The contest for the Bryan & Lee
competition opened at the Golden rink
on Friday afternoon. So far much interest has been taken in the competition, and at times the play has been
very exciting. The following are the
games plaved and the scores to date:
Friday l.b*0 p.m.. Rite defeated Mc-
Neish lo to h; Henderson-Parson 21 to
14. 8 p.m., Warren-Houston 19 to 3;
MoNeish-Parson 16 to 12.
Saturday-I.SO p.m., Hae Parson
111 to 10; Houston-Henderson 14 to 11.
H.p.m., MoNeish-Warren lo to 11;
Parson-Houston 1H to 15.
Monday - Rae Houston 15 to 9; Mc-
Nelth-Henderson 16*11,
T.iesday ��� Warren-llae 10 to 8; Mc-
Neish-Houston 20 to 8.
Last night the points match for the
Ogilvie buttons was held, Rue winning
the gold button, H. G. Parson the
silver button, and Brock the bronze
The competition for tbe Navigation
Co.'s trophy begins on Monday.
On the Crow's Neat Rood���Au old Man
Done to Ooath.
An old man named Smyth, who
owned a small ranch near the Crows
Nest Pass, was brutally murdered a
few days ago. It seems that he was
riding in his sleigh when threw men
insisted that he should carry them.
Ho refused and they assaulted him,
beating him in a most ferocious and
Inhuman manner, gouging out one
eye. kicking his nose off, and otherwise
mutilating his body. The assailants
made their escape and the old man
was found, but nothing could be done
to save him. and he died after lingering two days in great agonv. The
police have made two arrests Wardner International.
Donald News
,  O.eat Mimic offer.
Send us the names and addresses of
three or more performers on the piano
or organ together with  ten   cents  In
silver or postage and ue will mail you
ten pieces full sheet music, consisting
of popular songs,   waltzes, marches,
etc., arrauged for the piano and organ.
Popular Music Pub. Co.,
233 Indianapolis, Ind.
colder to me than I ever felt  in   the
...   ..   .,  ,. f..  ,,        ,   , .���    great Lone Land.    The  population  of
W. E. Holloway. oF Golden,  has is- %      ,      ...       .     ,   ,  .'      ,      ,
Canada will quadruple in one decade.
Tuis  is    Canada's   opportunity   to
suel a challenge to Mes.-rs Gatt and
McRae, who recently had the wrestling m.iteh at Rovelstoke. io meet in a
wrestling contest at Golden, but so far
he has not received any reply to his
The attendance at the Donald school
has so increased that the trustees are
applying for nn assistant teacher to
Mr. Barron. There are now 00 children attending and more are coming.
Mr. Barron has already had to apply
tu the tr. stces for more seating accommodation.
J, Henderson went to Steele by
Tuesday's stage to close the business
connected with his church contract
at St Eugene Mission. Captain
Bacon wus also a passenger hythe same .stage, and goes to Steele
on business connected with the Navigation Co,
"We have to thank tho Provincial
Board of Health for an excellent pub- \
llcation which they have issued on
tuberculosis Among other things the
paper remarks: Th*1 disgusting habit
| Chinaman have of -milting on clothes
which they are about to iron isfraiuht
with danger, as will be easily understood by what appears above.
Mr. Hohbs had one of the new mountain engines in the Donald shops tbe
other day and says, from an intimate
knowledge of American railroad engines, thai tip-engines now being turned
out at the C. P, R. shops in Montreal
beat them hollow, and he does not believe that better engines are turned out
anywhere in the world than at Montreal.
Tho Kootenay Mail says: His
parishioners and host of frien Is goner
ally will regret to learn of tho removal
of Rev, Father Peytavin from amongM
them. He goes to Kauiloops to take
Father Guertiu's place, the latter going east. Fa'her Peytavin has been
in charge hero for over four years.
When he took charge his mission
covered the main line to Field and all
West. Kootenay hut tbe rapid growth
of this section of tho province has
since relieved him of the portion south
of Rovelstoke. His successor here is not
as ye' known, but his arrival .s dally
Tho^o who are joining Capt Armstrong from Golden will leave here next
W't'k, remain a time at Victoria and
proceed to Silktne, As several of the
intending emigrants are members of
the Foresters Court it is intended tc
net up a social farewell to thorn
Among those who havo definitely de
cidtid to join the gallant Captain or
his ni'W venture in tho Klondike trftdi
are: A. M. Taylor. G Drake. R. Rusk
J. La Planto and Harry Gale, while ii
is stated about IK more may go
Mr. Tavlor has resigned his position
in H. G. Parson's Fort Steele business
and came down by Monday's stage,
A Cure for Lame Back.
"My daughter when recovering from
an attack of fever, was a threat suftVrer
from pain in the back and hips,"
writes Louden Grover, of Sards, Ky.
"After using quite a number of remedies without any benefit she tried one
bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm,
and it has given entire relief." Chamberlain's Pain Balm is also a certain
cure for rheumatism. Sold bv all
druggists. Langley and Co.. Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
The progressive ladies of West field,
Ind., issued a "Woman's Edition" of
the West field "News, bearing date of
April cJ, 189o*. The paper is filled with
matter of interest to women, and wu
notice the following from a correspondent, which the editors printed, realising that it treats udoii n matter of
vital importance to their sex: "The
best remedy for croup, colds and bron
chitis that I have been able to find is
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. For
family use it has no equal. I gladly
recommend it." For sale by all drug
gists. Langley A Co, Wholesale
Agents, Victoria and Vancouver.      f4
build herself up a great empire. Let
it be for Canada and Canadians first,
last and all the time. Draw them lo
tbe country by such inducements as
opening and settling it up demands;
take the current at tlood tide. I have
se.'n Walla-Walla a village, and Spokane a wilderness; Fort Steele a mining
camp. Golden, on a great commercial
highway, with her location, will he a
greater centre than all of these; now is
her chance; work together, pull together. It is for mutual aid and comfort. You have in sight great possibilities, embrace them. God helps
them that help themselves; up and be
Since writing the above I feel, as old
as I am, if the government would give
me a pass for my animals and tools. I
would take a picked company of goo I
men and families and take them away
out in your country, and start them
fanning, prospecting, etc. 1 know the
work. I am every day besieged with
grand men who wish to take cattle
und all and go. their objective point
Klondike. If I went, I would beat.
Klondike long before I got there with
better tilings.
Referring to the overland exploration
party, Mr. Galbraith adds: "I will
use every effort to turn thorn your
road. I have great intluence amonust
these men, and my advice haB weight.
Quoio me prices at Golden, and if a
supply point, stale whether everything
needed could be obtained at wholesale
prices. This course would save pecking also. As regards quantity of cattle and pack horses, give me prices as
near as possible Without causing prices
to advance; cut prices to wholesale,
staples, traps, axes, picks, shovels.
You easily understand what I need so
that I may make uo mistake; this
will save transportation duties, I
would not go myself except I had cattle
to pack in the muskegs; the cattle for
mo. Horses when two or three times
down soon get useless and worry your
life out; cattle go right along, no
bother; besides, the prospector from
Dawson will meet far out those coming, and a man with cattle will gain
eu route, and will come back, if unsuccessful with gull, his trip paid, having
half his time to prospect. This may
look as if I wus exaggerating. Well,
take what you like, only I have not
told you half, I could go further; one
thing for certain, every word written
here in this letter is real truth.
What I am after is to give a clean
overland route to Klondike, I know it
is there. The Government ought to
have explorers and guides bo emigrants
to Klondike might not be stranded.
This route will benefit Canada mora
than all of them, as i* goes nearly
through the mineral belt, and every
foot is valuable for something.
A man's health is tho rope by which
ho climbs to success. "'If ho can keep
bis health, he will go on to success.
Yet his health is the very thing he
neglects more than anything else. It
is easier to keep health than it is to
regain ft, When a man feels himself
miming down, when he realizes a loss
of vitality and energy, he must call i
halt. The strands of his rope are part
ing rapidly. Dr. Pierce's Golden Median! Discovery has helped thousands: of
men iu just this condition. It makes
health, it makes pure, rich blood it
forces ont impurities and kills germs,
It doesn't make any difference what
name you call your trouble by -- dyspepsia - kidney disease���rheumatism -
constipation - skin disease, the "Golden Medical Discovery" will cure it
absolutely. None of these diseases can
retain hold on the body when it is
full of red rich, pure blood.
Send 31 cents in one-cent stamps to
cover cost of mailing only, and receive
free a copy of Dr. Pierce's Med'cal Adviser. Address, World's Dispensary
Medical Association, Buffalo, N.T.  281
C. Molander, of McLaughlin's camp,
is at the Golden hospital vert ill from
Mr. Mitchencr, manager for Hull
Bros, has been confined to the hospital for a week, suffering from quinsy.
A man named Biddings was received
at the Golden hospital on Tuesday from
Palliser having had one of his feet
badly crushed while shifting lugs.
There has boon such a demand tor
all the available power for hauling
freight that the policy of the Donald
shops at present is mainly to do only
sufficient repairs to keep the engines
running as much as possible, as they
cannot be spared for thorough o-.er
haul. As a result there is only one
engine in the shops at present, although the staff are very busy o i general repairs.
The engine drivers are still sticking
out against the changing of the divis
ioual point from Donald to Fluid, Hitd
the chairman of the broth-rhood at
Winnipeg has advised the Donald men
to hold themselves in readiness to seni
a delegation from Donald to Winnipeg
th discuss the matter with Messrs
Whyte and Cross, Master Meehuuaiiic.
It is believed at Donald that this difficulty may prevent the shifting of the
divisional point for the present.
[From Our Own Correspondent.]
Donald, Jan. 14 About n week ago
the four-year old child of Mr. Daniels
was playing with a toy lantern and'
set his clothes on fire. Before it could
he extinguished the child was fright-
fullv burned on the chest and face.
Dr. Procter was called in. but there
are gnue fears that the boy will not
About the same time Dr. Procter
had a cull to Roger's Pass to attend
the infant son of Mr. John Simmonds.
who bad burned his hand on a stove
door. Blood poisoning set in and if
was only with difficulty that tho hand
was saved.
Mrs and Miss Mitchell have returned to town after a lengthy visit
with friends in Manitoba,
Inspector Trindrod, of 0. P. R.
telegraphs wns1 in town Tuesday. He
left for Roger's Pass on No. 1.
Master Mechanic Cross inspected
the shops on Thursday morning.
Everything whs satisfactory.
Miss Cochtane, of Birdeu, Manitoba,
is spending a few days with Mrs. G.
Nea lon,
The beauty and chivalry of Donald
���urprisvd Mrs. Di ne on Wednesday
evening und did not go home till
morning,    All had a pleasant lime.
The annual congregational meeting
of St. Andrew's Church is called for
T.K,r.-��wij evening, Jan. 13th.
AMITiVT'S! 8el1 "Klondike Gold
ilAjrEjll li3 Fields" like a whirlwind.
ProspeutiiH 2�� cents, worth SI. Big pay,
('���.pi al unnecessary.
Mradley Garretaun Company, Limited,
278dm Toronto.
Industrious Hen of Character,
273d31 TORONTO.	
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in BritUh Columbia. Monthly Wi 00 and expense*, position steady. Reference. Enclose ��e!f-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. ^Ez
If Ton are Enewtf c and Strong,
II vou are above foolish prejudice against
canvi.Bsing for a good book, write and get my
proposition. The inter mat ion will cost nothing. I have "ut hum) reus of men in the way
of making money; some f whom are now rich.
I can do good things for you, if youare honorable and will work hard.
278d8l T. S. LINSCOTT, Toronto.
Wanted��� Van vnsaers.
"Queen Victoria: Her Life and Reign," has
captured the l.riii��h Empire. Extraordinary
testimonials from the great men; send for
copy free. Marquis of Tame says: *'lhe
best pup lar Life of ihe Queen I huve seen.
Her Majesty sends a kind letter of appreciation, belling by thousands* gives enthusiastic satisfaction. Canvassers make $16 to
8*J0 weekly.
STTaldSl (Limited) TORONTO.
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding tho mineral sections of
East Kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished such information hy
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the EltA, free of charge.
Stable to Rent
Opposite Ilio Quean's Hotel.  Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for teruit. Ask lor proprietor.
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal anil Commercial
iiocord.    Published in London.
Subscri tion, $2.50 for annum.   Subscriptions and advertisements received by
E. A. HAQGEN, (JoWen,
Agent for East Kootenay.
Clarence llersoy,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1879) LEADVII.I.K, COLORADO
SHinples by mail or express receiva
prompt attention.
Specimen AsBiiy Prices:���Gold, silver and
lend, lljiinv two of the above, 75c; anyone
of the iiliove, 50c; copper nmilysis, $!; plitti*
ii'im, nickel or tin, 15.   Write for full price
list and mailing envelopes.
The complaints made bv Mr. Moodie
in re^nvil to the Golden scliocl have
heeu referred by tho Trustees to the
Education Dopartment for enquiry.
Save). Thousands of Lives.
Four years" ago Jncob Dewltta, of Hay
Island, wns dragged to the verge of
death by dreadful heart disease.   Ho was
friven ii|�� to die. Tram vigorous manhood
ie had gone to a broken despondent wreck.
He procured Dr. Agnrw'a Cure for the
Heart, used It faithfully, and today
weighs 213 pounds, and live, to bleas the
day tbe great remedy was recommended
to blui.   It relieves Iu CO minutes.���34.
Sold by O. A, Warren.
... the rolumbia House,
E. A. liA-tU-JaKX
Notary Public- and Conveyancer.
.Ml ii I ne, H��al Eitutti nod
Financial Agent  ...   *
Purchasers Obtains! for Prospects and Developed Claims.
....   Golden, B. ���.
For Sale
Oi <>iip of two claims of gold-bearing quarts
in best mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to 3700 in gold. lt��,17
Place/ lease. 16
(J^su'p of two gold claims. One of tho best
propositions on tho market, and can be
henply developed. Assays gave about $200
per ion- II
Interest in gold property in exchange for
develop noiit work. 3
Group of 10 claims, do\eloped. No better
property in liritish Columbia. I-
Woll developed claim. Most promising
discovery in tho Selkirks. Assays up to $78, 2
(���roup of seven claims in quartz country.
Oood average assays- 1H
tiroup of 'our full sized claims. Copper
ore currying guld. 8
Oncol bout copper proper'ies in East Kootenay. Smelter test 24 per cent copper, besides gold. 8
Claim in one of best locations in Selkirks.
Cheaply worked. Asbuj'h 805 in guld, silver
nnd mpper. 9
t linice guld property, partly freomiuing-
AuaVfl up to IMO.   Development work      18
Two claims in good location. Quarts carrying gold ami copper. 20
Ch.im adjoining known gold properly.    21
Four claims in Yukon, near Dawson City,
ground running up to $75 |ier pan. a
Three claims near tolutubiH Kiver. Big
ledge, gold und copper. 7
Three claims, develoned. assays $28 in
gold, best location in Sulkirks. 86
Oold quartz claims, assays $$8. 27
Oold quarts claim, developed, good lend,
assays to 428.     , , . . 28
Two quartz claims in convenient positan
pan gold. 80
Five claims, copper and geld; value ISO a
ton. , . , 81
Three quartz claims, no cash, working proposition. 88
Three claims in proved country. 88
One-third unasse��5ibleinte-estindevelo[ ed
grou ��� of claims near Oolden. 89
Silver lead mine. One of the largest in the
world. 60,000 tons ot ore blocked out ready
to ship. Location convenient to railway.
Price, $000,000. . ,40
Group of throe claims in Movie district.
Free milling gold averaging $21 1 or ton.
Considerable develo mient. 41
Oroup of two chums at Moyie. Free milling gold.   Pig proposition. 42
i hum at Moyie. Copper und gold. Devel-
oped.   <*��* T$SSS& MIMM. *":
Three claims of 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, nour Klondike. Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black-
smi'li'i shop and tools. Wash averages S5G
per square foot. .,    .,���   ,'
Two placer claims on celahroted Hunter
Creek. BluiclnfC will realiie 160 per inan
I er day.   Title perfect. . -.Ml
Placer clHim on Miller Creek. Primitive
work last season cleared��ll,O00 per man over
axiionsei **'
Claim on El Dorado Creek, one of the banner properties of the Klondike. Dirt from
Ne. 3 shaft averaged 15.50 perJjay^Well im-
proted.  Title clear.   Price, W0O.OOO.       M
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquartera for Mining and Commercial Men,
Golden, B. C.
Wm. McNcish, Prop.
THE   i   i   ���   ���   i   ���   t   .
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $!.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
JJot and Bold Baths.
S. ADLER, Prop,
Russell House ...
Golden, 6. C.
Skelton & Healy, Proprietors.
Headquarters for Miners, Prospectors and Lumbermen.
Rates,  1)1.00  Per  Day.
Board and Lodginp,, 15 Per Week. 274 Flrtt Class S.r.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers of Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balutttra,
Newel Posts, Hand Rails and Brackets.   All siiea of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do all kind of repair
as soon aa possible.   > II sizes of Pipe Fitting and Brass goods on hand.
Wagon rep. Jr, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes, Hickory and
M.p>.pi��k. HOUSTON  &  CO.


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