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The Golden Era Nov 30, 1895

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Array Tom, ^^y
VOL. V.   NO. 17
92 Per Year
I have just finished uiy annual stocktaking and find that my stock fnr exceeds
my expectations iu suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
bats and cups.
Iu order tu remedy this I offer the followin-; inducements:
Cr-lfo I   huvo  over  FIFTY  Suits   that  I   will  sell  at   cost and
UiUCa* under.
D- - + -       I have over THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
Jl Uj.1 kJi ut exact cost.
Prta tc       * ,"lve over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell at all prices.
TT__i._        I   h.tve  over  TWENTY   vests    that   I  will  sell  at   very
VcStS. low prices.
nA/.i0    p_   CUrturt-.     I have an immense stock of boots and shoes at
jDOOIS   U&   OilJwb. prices satisfactory to all.
Tl-l,,    O-    P-j^g     I  havo hats and caps to fit the head and suit the
It will be to yonr intercut to call nml examine tlieme
���j1HII   BAIM*iAI*\.����.
Golden, B.C
H. D. HUME, Prop.
Xms Goods
Of All Kin.Kami
At All PriceM,
J. G. Templeton's Pharmacy,
Golden, on the main line nf the I'niiiiiliiui
I'ai'iliir Hailway. at its cuniiectiun with the
steaiulinnt I'i'nvigatiuii of the Cubuuliia river;
the niiueral inul t'oiniiiereial eentre ul Eastern
llritish Culiuubui: headquarters of th'Uolil-
en Smelting wurks, the Upper Coluinliia
Navigation Cn,, and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known ami far
tinned agricultural and grazing Iniul of the
Coliiniliia A Koulenny Valleys; unrivalled
fnr scenery nf all kind.'.; the distributing
point for tne richest mineral country cn the
ei's for 18!)(i is fit for any drawing
room. I tell you what, "Mac" isa
The latest aspirant for literary honors in East Kootenay is the Fort
Steele Prospector, a copy of which has
just come to hand. It is rather unique
in appearance but will no doubt fill
the bill for the present. Ths subscription price is $1.60 per annum, Mr. A.
B. Grace, manager, We wish The.
Prospector every success, and hope
the residents of Fort Steele und district
will appreciate its efforts.
" 'Wall, let her blow over, she'll be
a foot higher if she does,' replied thei
tanner, continuing his work."
The gold man lighted his pipe.
Whines arid   Liquors.
Lord   and   Lady   Aberdeen   passed
through, east, on Sunday last.
The  Fort  Steelo stage arrived and
departed ou time this week.
Miner's Inch.
A local unit for the measurement of
water supplied to hydraulic miners.
It is the amount of water flowing under a certain head through one square
inch of the total section of a certain
opening, for a certain number of hours
daily. All tbe.se conditions vary at
different localities. Every one can
keep posted by reading the Engineering nnd Mining Journal of New York,
published every week. $5 per year.
Send for sample copies.
Archdeacon McKay will officiate in
St. Paul's Church to-morrow, both
morning and evening.
A. W. Vowell, Superintendent of
Indian Affairs, returned this week
from a visit to Foi t Steele.
Work on the Presbyterian Church
had to be discontinued for a few days
owing to unfavorable weather.
Agent for Drowry's well-known Lager Beer
and Golden Key Brand Aerated Waters,
Slater's Celebrated Boots and Shoes.
Apples Apples Apples
Look out for startling announcements, interesting to cash purchasers,
in G. B. McDcriuot's advertisement in
next week's issue.
J. F. Armstrong, Government Agent
left on Tuesday's stage for Fort Steele,
where he will hold a Court of Revision
and Appeal.
TrnusMi'im ?
If the charming Indies of Golden
will be disappointed, the dear children
will be delighted. The grand trousseau
now being so carefully prepared by
Mrs. Starforth, turns out to be for G.
B. McDermot's Mammoth Doll which
he intends to give ..way to some lucky
little maiden this Christmas. The
doll is 4 feet high and has a really
beautiful English complexion nnd
when its coritume is completed will be
the most, beautiful doll ever seen in
British Columbia.
I'a-cei t unil Dance.
The hospital concert on Tuesday
evening in the Alexander Hull watt
largely attended. From a financial
point of view it was a brilliant success.
The audience however were a little
disappointed with the concert company. Mrs. Verner and Stanley Adams,
were the back bone of the company
and were repeatedly encored. The'
remainder of the programme however,*
with but one exception, the Mandolin'
solo by Mr. Kent, was not appreciated
Of course with the exception of Mrs.
Verner and Mr, Adams, the otlier
artists were supposed to be amateurs,'
and they were, very much so. The'
best part of the programme was the1
dance, which was much enjoyed by
all. Refreshments were served shortly
after midnight, nfter which dancing
was resumed and kept up till 1:110.
The  following was   the programme
of the concert:
1. Pinno Solo	
Miss Sisson.
2. Song-''The Arab's Bride"..Mark*
Stanley Adams
3. Violin Solo ���
Mr. Maughan.
4. Song��� "Answer"	
Mrs. Verner.
5. Whistling Solo	
Mrs. Noble.
Lovers of skating enjoyed that graceful sport for a few days last week but
the heavy snowfall ou Tuesday put an
end to tl.eir fun.
A groat gift enterprise. Every one
iu Golden and vicinity will soon be
able to secur-i a magnificent picture
expensively framed, absolutely free of
charge, from G. B. McDermot. Gold-
en's leading merchant.
Headquarters For
Ram Lai Tea
51b. Caddies, and 1-4,1-2, and lib. packets.
Alexander Block,
Oolden, B.C.
In onr next issue we will give a
graphic description of the town, together with its resources, advantages,
and attractions, and a review of the
chief busines8,places.
Alejo Hudso/i, the South American
Sandow, gave an entertainment in tho
school house yesterday evening. Some
of his feels bordered bu the miraculous
and delighted the audience.
Mr. P. Leake, while skating on the
slough last Saturday had the misfortune to fall and dislocate his knee.
We are glad to state, however, that ho
is mending rapidly and will soon be
himself again.
Christmas calendars are getting
prettier every year. The one G. B.
McDermot is pieseuting to his custom-
Cliurcli Services.
Service will lie bold in St. Paul's
Church to-morrow morning at 11
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
at 7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in the
school house to-n.orroiv evening at
7:30 o'clock, conducted by Mr. Robins.
Presbyterian service will be held
to-morrow morning in the school
house at 10 o'clock, conducted by
Rev. T. S. Glassford, B.A.
'Twoultl be a Foot Higher.
Two men were sitting in front of the
store discussing the financial situation
One wns   an   out-iind-out   free silver
man and the other a niouometallist.
The silver man was demanding free
nnd unlimited coinage, while the gold
man insisted that all this silver talk
would amount to nothing.
A third man drew up a chair, and,
after listening quietly fer a while,
spoke up, saying, "Maybe you'i-e right
'bout nil this silver talk 'mounting to
nothing, but I'm a silver man and I'm
of the opinion it's going to tell. It's
just l.ko this :'
The two disputants settled themselves comfortubly, and the third man
"There was a certain farmer in the
Kansas cyclone district who was
building a stone wall. He wus putting
it there to stay, building it live feet
'cross the buse and four feet high, A
stranger came riding by and seeing
the cure the farmer was taking, snid
to him, "You seem to be mighty careful about that wall."
" 'Yep,' replied the fanner, Tin er
building her to stay.'
" -Taint no use,' replied the stranger; it'll blow over just the sume.'
fi. Song���Selected	
Miss Hunter.
7. Song-"Robin Adair.**	
Mrs. Verner.
8. Mandolin and Piano	
Miss Sisson and Mr. Kent.
9. Duet���"iM ay ing "
Mrs. Verner and Stanley Adams.
1. Piano Solo	
Miss Sisson
2. Song-"Father O'Flvnn". ...Malloy
Stanley Adams.
3. Violin Solo	
Mr. Maughan.
4. Song���Selected	
Mrs, Verner.
5. Banjo Solo  ....
Mr. Kent.
6. Song-"Marching" Troth*.
Stanley Adams.
7. Duet���Selected ,	
Mrs. Verner and Stanley Adams.
"God Save The Queen."
Run* on British Columbia Or*..
During tlie ten months  ending Oct..
31st, the smelter  at Taconia  received.
12,788,214 pounds of ore from British
Columbia, of   which 8,279,103 pounds
were from West Kootenay and 4,500,-.
Ill   pounds  from   different points on,
the Canadian Pacific.     Unless the ore,
credited   ns   coming   from    different
points on the Canadian Pacific include*
the iron ore shipped from a point near
Kamloops, all, or   nearly  all, the ore
from British Columbia came from the .
mines in West Kootenay,     From the
above figures the   smelter   at Taco.na
draws nearly   all its  ore from British
Columbia.     If  British Columbia ore ,
can be profitably smelted at Tucoma, ft.
point distant six hundred miles front
the mines that supply the ore, the ore.
can   uud  will   be  smelted  at point!
nearer the  mines.      Within a year 75
per cent of the ore mined iu Kootenay
will lie treated nt  reduction   works ill.
Kootenay. ���Nelson Tribune.
The Western World and its kindred
publications will   hereafter be printed
in Toronto, the publication office hav-
. ing been moved from Winnipeg.  They
j are all published in the interest of the
I Cauudiuu Pacific Railway, OC'ts ��r-il"--cn Visa
The  (}.JI,ili''.N'E:iA  is published every
Saturday morning iu.tinio to catcli the eust
and wi-st mail trains, iilsu the mail for the
upper cuuntry, VV'i.i'Uu'iii.ii'e. i-'ui-i .Steele etc
It is thu iinly advertising medium iu Hie Kent
Kootenay liistrict
Subscription Kan-* : #2:1) -wr annum IN
Advertisn ueiits anl changes must be in
the olrlcu not Inter than 1*1 * in, uu 'riuirsiliiy
tu insure insertion.
Advertiseinunt rates made known un appli*
catinr *ru
All cash to he paid tu the Malinger, frum
ivllo.il the I ;,,.ii|uny'- receipt will lw uhtaiiioil.
The Ufa Eia Pubtishing Corapanif.
SATURDAY, NOV. 30, 1895.
There is n legend which, I nm sure,
every one having the remotest connections witb the navy has heard, I
know half a dozen or more versions of
it, varying greatly in detail.
All combine to lay the scene in the
east, sometimes in Japan, souietin.es
in China. What I believe to be the
most authentic form of the story
places it at Tien Tsin.
Twenty years ago, let us say, there
came to Tien Tsin an Englishman nud
his son. The father was a retired
army officer of somo means, and they
were travelling for pleasure. They
took a fancy to Tien Tsin and decided
to settle there for awhile.
Looking about for a house, they
were much attracted by one just outside the city, which stood near the
water's edge and command**,! a beautiful view of the harbor. Their friends,
and more especially their Chinese servants, cried out aghast. They must
not think of such. The house was
haunted. No one had lived in it for
Tlie Englishmen, however, were not
to be frighteneu off by any such silly
stories. They rente! the house and
moved in. For several month.-: all
went well. One evening the son, who
had been dining in town, came homo
quite late. As he opened the front
door he heard what seemed to be a
scuffle in his father's room. Before he
could reach the top of the stairs a
soul-piercing cry rose above the confused din.   Then all was silent.
R ishiug into his father's room the
young man found him lying on the
floor i. a pool of blood. There was uo
one else in 'be room, nor was there
any apparent way for any one to have
left it without passing him in the ball.
A knife wns sticking in the breast of
the wounded man, a wicked-looking
Malay knife, with a curiously carved
The young mnn stepped into the hull
to call the servants to his lather's
assistui.ee. When he stepped buck
into the room n moment later tbe knife
had disappeared.
The wounded .nan never rallied. He
lived several hours, but was not able
to s|��eak. His face was distorted by
en expression of unutterable terror,
���nd he died with the look etill in his
The associations of the place were
too painful (or his son to remain there
��ny longer. He packed up his belongings and returned to England.
Months passed, perhaps years; I do
not know. But after > certain lapse
of time one of our men-of-war visited
tbe harbor of Tien Tsin.
Several of the officers wero ashore
one night dining with a party of
foreign residents at the club. Some
one told the story of the haunted
house anl the murdered   Englishman,
adding that the natives said that the
murder was re-enacted every night at
the same hour.
"Let's visit the heuso some night,"
one of tbe officers suggested, "and see
tbo show."
"Why not to-night?" exclaimed a
young Dane, whom we will agree to
call A.
"We have plenty of time, and the
steward of thc club has the keys to
the house. The Englishman left them
with hiin when be went away,
Perhaps the excellant punch hnd
made ihem even braver than usual.
Anyhow, the suggestion was received
will, acclamations. Some one produced a lantern. Tho rest tilled their
pocke's with matches and caudle ends.
When they were ready to start they
looked about lor A. Hc wns nowhere
to be found, One ol our officers could
not refrain from expressing some
amusement thnt the organizer of tbe
adventure should prove tbe only one
afraid to carry it through.
"Afraid?" cried one of tho club
members. "You don't know hiin.
He doesn't know what fear means.
I'll wager he's up to some deviltry at
this moment. Probably be has gone
on ahead to put on a pillow case and
play ghost for us."
They had lo hurry to reach the
house at the intended hour.
"There it is," some ouo said, ut last,
and Lieutenant B., who curried the
lantern looked at bis watch by its
light and announced that they bad
just three minuti.es to spare. The
door wus unlocked with difficulty, for
the fastenings bad grown rusty (rom
"Bv George!" cried tbe first man
who stepped into the ball, "there's
something going on up-stnirs."
A cry of agonized despair startled
tin smiles from their lips and quickened their steps to a run. B. pushed
open the door of the room from which
the sounds had come. As he did so,
and before be could see anything the
lantern was dashed from his hand and
the door slammed behind hint.
He stood iu the darkness for a few-
awful terror-stricken seconds. Then
be took a step forward and tripped
over something on tbo floor. He
stooped over and his head encountered
a pool of warm, oozing liquid.
The instant during which his friends
in the hall were striking a light und
opening lhe door seemed au eternity.
At lust the door wus opened. The
young men crowded in with their caudles. There, at their feet luy poor A.
witb the Malay knife in his heart.
Explanations are always an anticlimax. But the explanation of the
foregoing tragedy is too curious to
omit, though its pretentions to being a
ghost story are thereby destroyed.
After this second murder the authorities were aroused to a display of tardy
activity. The bouse was carefully
nnd thoroughly searched, and the discovery made that the walls were
double, containing secret doors, stair
cases and storage chambers.
One of these secret doors accounted
for the murderer's escape, and his return to get the knife, which he evidently felt would lie n dangerous clew.
In the secret chambers were lound a
considerable supply of nrme and a
large quantity of valuables of the most
varied description.
It was evidnit that the place had
been used as a refuge and storage by
Chinese pirates. Its proximity to the
water making it the more convenient.
Tbe owuei ef the knife and some members of bis gang were subsequently
captured and put to death.
The Germans are vestu.tiling lLoir
passenger trains.
Paris w-idows wear crape knickerbockers when bicycling.
Some of the dentists in Vienna stop
teeth with glass.
Lack ol money is the chief cause of
suic.de in France.
Mrs. Langtrv's jewels are valued by
experts at over 43800,000.
Tbe King of Siuin in his state attire
is worth more than $1,000,000.
The number of draught dogs in Belgium is probably not less than 50,000,
The wearing of corsets by men is
not uncommon in the British metropolis.
Tbe best brinr wood for pipes comes
from the borders of   Italy and France.
Catherine Parr Traill is yet writing
books, although she is 1)3 years of age.
Nearly 10 per cent, of the living
holders of the Victoria Cross are military doctors.
There are springs of fresh water in
the Persian Gulf thut furnish supplies
io vessels.
It is estimated that 3000 marriages
are daily performed throughout the
Lord Tennyson's poem, "Sweet and
Low," lias been set to music by Lady
In Mexico tho large commercial
houses willingly give credit from six
to eight months, and in real estate
trade long terms are given customers
in which to settle their account*
The heaviest metal is platinum ; the
lightest, potassium. The latter will
flout on the surface of water like a
piece of cork.
In Italy but, little credit business is
done, and none without good security
being given.
In Cuba the time fixed lor paymo.it
is from four io live months after delivery of the goods.
German East Africa's future is assured. Alluvial gold uud diamonds
have been found in Usambnro.
The Duke of Fife keeps twelve suits
going at the same ti.ne, and never
wears tho same clothes twice in the
same week.
M. Chussepot, the inventor of tbe
rifle on which the French relied in the
war ngainst Prussia is uow keeping a
hotel at Nice.
Dr. Von Steplu.u, the head of the
German postal service, has just celebrated his twenty-fifth anniversary as
Loudon's Philharmonic Society, tbe
lust stronghold of the old high pitch
in music, has finally adopted tbe
French pitch, the diapason normal.
Dr. Kausou, one of Prof. Boh ring's
assistants, has discovered a serum
remedy against cholera, which lias
proved successful on animals.
Prince George of England is an inveterate cigarette smoker. He consumes from 40 lo 50 of the little rolls
of paper and tobacco each day.
It is said that one company operating several London cafes consumed
last year 53,010 pounds ol lea 833
pounds of lieuf and 328,1.00 pounds of
In spite of its commercial importance
Odessa has no direct telegraphic communication with St. Petersburg. All
messages iiave to go first to Warsaw.
The world-famed "peacock" throne
of Delhi bus ceased to exist. It wus
made for Shan Jeb.tn in the first ball
of the 17th century, at a cost of over
Eugene Murg r, a cousin of Henry
Murger, whose bust wus recently set
up in the Luxemburg garden, has been
discovered singing in the Paris streets
for a living.
In China it is not customary to give
credit. Money is obtained (rom lenders, who exact an interest of 8 to 12
per cent. Business is nearly always
conducted on a cash basis.
The most prolific writer in Russia
is said to be Mine. Ir.ua Eedossova, u
peasant of the province of Petrossa-
wodsk, who has given to the world
more than 10,000 poems.
One of tl.t".no>: admirable ���'���[ rlbutes
that a woni.".. can possess, according
to masculine views, is pluck. You
feel that a man has a sincere admiration for one of the opposite sex when
he says with an honest wring in his
voice: "She is a plucky little womnn"
And he does all he can to encourage
her and make the burden less heavy to
carry, for if the Lord helps themselves
it is equally true that mankind follows
the high example to the letter. When
n woman i: gritty sho is thoroughly
so, and keeps up under trying difficulties, fighting off mental and bodily
ills, which, without meaning anything
detrimental to the stronger sex, we
must add parenthetically, would cause
a mnn to succumb at the outset, She
struggles along, and before the world
is bravo uud cheerful, making light of
the worries that are in reality eating
out her very soul. But when the
necessity for wearing the mask is laid
aside and she can hide away in some
little comer where naught but affection
and tenderness cm. enter. Whut is
she then? A woman through and
through, helpless, clinging without a
vestige of those go-abend qualities
that had given ber the reputation for
pluck. Woman's nature doesn't change
even though .he need of money or tht
desire for fain urges her out ntothi
hurry nnd won. ' that ���. idc i ' lifo so
different from the encircling protection
of the home circle. Lihe nifty appear
indifferent to outsiders, but she is ne;
so in reality. She may show a pair o[
bright keen eyes, that look as though
their brightness neVer could be dimmed by tears, and yet the struggle
may sometimes prove too much, and
in the seclusion of her own room all
the pent-up trouble will find vent iu
such a tit of weeping as would astonish
those who think they know her best,
bill who in reality know her so little.
"HEALTH ACT, 1893."
1J0TICE is hereby given that "An
" Act respecting the Publie Health"
is now in force, and that under the
provisions of the said Act Aided T,
Watt, ol the City of Victoria, Esquire,
M.D., has been appointed Secretary of
The Provincial Board of Health.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
4t 27th September, 1895.
Official Map of British Culumiiia.
COPIES of the new official map of
British Columbia, 189.), issued,
under authority of the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lands it Works, can
lie obtained nt the office of tbe undersigned by booksellers, stationers and
others who may desire to place them
rr sale In their establishments, upon
i; rueut at tbe rule uf 93 pei dozen.
Deputy i.'ommissiouei' of  Land*,   and
Lands & Works ! 'opnrtment,
Victoria, BU'., 8th October, 189').
Will a woman always think her new
hat the worst thing she ever saw?
Will women begin a prolonged conversation just us ihey aro about to
Will some men you know raise high
jinks when iheir wives are away?
Will a short, fat woman wear puffed
sleeves, a fining skirt and a big leg-
born hat?
Will a man kick about his hail
work and then walk ten miles around
a billiard table?
Will the man with obtrusive i ���
obj .liable leet r,s�� his legs in .
street war1
District of East Kootenai-.
A COURT of Revision and Appeal
under the Assessment. Act of 188K and
Amending Act* for the Southern pert
of the district will be held at. lhe
Assessor's office nt Fort Steele nt ten
o'clock in the forenoon on Monday the
2nd dny of December, A.D., 1895.
A COURT of Revision and Appeal
under Ihe Assessment Act of 1888 and
Amending Auts, for the Northern part
of the district, will be held at the
Assessor's office, Golden, at ten o'clock
in the forenoon on Thursday the 12th
day of December, A.D., 1895.
J. F. ARMSTRONG,      .
Judge of the Coutt uf Revision and
Donald, 4th November, 1895.
Will a dentist
your mouth   is  \
tongufc is gagged?
Will womnn who want to vote not
know their own mind in selecting the
parlor carpet?
Will a mnn neglect to treat bis girl
to ice cream, nnd then spend half u
dollar on drinks?
Will some one not form a suspender
trust in view of the imminent adopt ion
of bloomers by ull the girls?
Will a woman never find out that
she loves ii man until bis engagement
is announced to another womuii?
Will clergymen overwork themselves
to such an extent iu winter that they
cannot attend to their flocks iu summer?
Will a woman who has never been
acci stomal to anything act when in
society as if nothing was goud enough
for he.?
Will youths who stick their tongues
between their teeth when they write
insist on wearing college colors on
their hats?
" it is worth the prtr* to **vmt pnano
who even r*m lis a l���i- <.-��. p. r."��� luirutigu���.
Jx. Oh. NBrV__*TB.
A Pocket Primer for th; nee of Reporter*.
Opmapoiidenti  and  Oopr. Chopper*.
Short, staple and practical rale* for
majtlne aocl ealllne -H-.pap*r copr,
if equal value to all who wlah to
correct English.
i receipt of prim. Price, M rente
'. ALLAN FORMAK, Publish*.,
io BtrM-t. Mew York.
p>-r copy,
Solirtlflo Apnriou
eOPVRKHTa,  eto.
For Informatloo and tree Handbook write to
Oldest tmr-.o for Mcariiirr paten- In An
Brery patent taken out br na I* brot-Mit betor*
iidl- illnti
_ ., _s wltton-i ���   , TABLE
Showlna;   the Dates    and   Place* ef
Courts of Assize, Nisi Prla*, Oyer
un'l Terminer, nnd   ucnernl   linol
Delivery for tho Year 1805.
FALL Assizes.
Clinton.... Thursday.. 20th September
Richfield.. . Monday... 30th September
Kamloops Monday 7th October
Vernon Monday.. . 14th Ootober
Lytton Friday llth October
New Westminster, Wednesday.Uth Nov
Vancouver..Monday .,11th November
Victoria Tuesday.. llttli November
Nanaimo Tuesday., ���.(ith November
Application for Certificate of  Im*
KOIIEIir    13.     BITIINS   .Ml ME It .11.   CLAIM.
Take notice that I.Roht.Fothoringlinm
free miner's certificate ,Vo.4785H, intend.
60 days fro n the date hereof, to apply io
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for tlie purpose of
obtaining a Crown grunt of the ubove
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must he sunt tu the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dited   this   ninth duy  of August,
By his agent, F. W. Aylu.ci
In *he   County Court   of  Kootenay,
liolden nt the East Crossing of the
Columbia River;
In the matter of Patrick Sullivan, deceased, and,
In the mutter of the Official Administrator's Act; dated tho Fifth day of
August, A.D., 1895:
Upon  rending tbo affidavit, of John
William   Clover,  it   is   ordered   that
James  Ferguson Armstrong,  Official
Administrator for the County Court,
District of Kootenay, shall be Administrator of  nil and singular the goods,
chattels and credits of Patrick Sullivan, into of Fort Steele, in tho District
of Kootenay,  Free   Miner,   deceased,
nnd that this order be published in the
Gol.DEN Kiia newspaper, in each issue
thereof, for the period of sixty days.
��xx#ixxe$a (Kavba.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
.    McClttTBtt.
Long-heed  A  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Nctarios
-tc, Etc,
Solicitors fur'Dank uf Montreal.
CAU.AKV,       ' - N.W.T.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
"J common every-day
" I ills of humanity.
The creditors and persons intrusted
in the estate of the above named Patrick Sullivan, ure requested within
(10 dnys of this date to forward lo nie.
per registered letter, full particulars of
their claims, and after the expiration
of such (10 days, I shall proceed with
the distribution of tho estate having
regnri! only to such claims as I shall
have notice of.
Dated at Donald. 8th  August, IS!).").
Official Administrator,
First insertion 17th Aug. '95,
It.  J.   JKPIISOU*,
D.L.S. A P.Ij.S. for U.C.   DOMINION A
DrniigliiNiiiiiu, Vali.atnr.etc, CALGARY,
N.W.T,  Correspondence Solicited.
R.J..JEPI1SON, D.���.8���P.L,8. of ll.C. -Out,
Caluaiiv, Alba.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.       ,
iii-xii\<-i  i;-i(.i-ii:i:R,
Cochrane, Aliia.���Ft. Steele, B.C
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Miningl Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Whole-tale and Etc tail
Cattle, Sheep and
Ilorso Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. (i;
Jort -nnt-EB
-lave been effected toy mv
^--��� TruiMS, with
perfect wm towearer.than by all other
dcvii-rftcwMM'-H-tl  .hey etuinlargest
ftupture              ���* "---'--    "  ���
tarn or-flt	
I laatMreara.
i -ine w.W..Tmr-��ie,
Joiica ef Assignment.
Pursuant   to  the    Creditors  Trusts
Deeds uud intending acts ;
NOTICE is heretiy given that
Michnel Curlin and Joseph Lake, both
cf Golden, in the District of Kootenay,
iu the P.oviuce of British Columbia,
trading as Carlin & Lake, General
Merchants, have by deed, bearing date
the 2nd day of August, I Silo, assigned
all their real property und all their
personal property liable to seizure anil
sale under executors io William
George-ion, of ihe city of Winnipeg, in
the Province of Manitoba, Wholesale
Merchant, for the purpose of paying
uud satisfying ratenbly and in proportion to their claims, without preference or priority, the creditors of thu
suid Michael Curlin and  Joseph Luke.
The suid deed was executed by the
snid Michael Carlin, Joseph Luke, nud
William Georgeson on the Hnd day of
August, 1895, and the said William
Georgeson bus accepted the trust
created by tlie snid deed.
All creditors are requested to send
addressed to William Georgeson. cure
of Thompson, Codville & Co., Winnipeg, Muiiituliu, full particulars uf their
claims duly verilied. s..ch claims to he
sent within liO days of this dute, after
which date the snid trustee will proceed to distribute the trust estate
among, l.e creditors of whose claims
l.e shall have received notice.
Dated this 5th day of August, W.)5.
Of Donald in the District of Kootenay,
Solicitor f jr Trustee.
A meeting of the creditors of tbo
said Carlin & Lako will be held at the
office of S. A. D. Burtrnnd, Official
Assign-!, corner of Second Avenue and
2nd Street North, in the city of Winnipeg, in the I'rovince of Manitoba, on
Saturday the 10th day of August,
W.)5, nt <1 p.m.
Undertakers and
���  .   Enbalmers,
Calgary     ��� A Ilia
Cold, Silver & lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H 8. ALEXANDER, manager
(iiil.lcii Hospital Society.
From i):'10a.in. to 11 a.m.    ,
"       2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
..       7     .'    'i   (j    "
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to  12  m., and
from a p.m. to 8 p.m.
From 2:il0 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
Sijfa   except Monday and Saturday.
Bv QuDi-n.
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers &
Dealers In
Wall   Paper,   Musical    Instruments,
Fruits, Confectionery!, ���_<:.. &c.
Pianos,  Organs,-&''Sowing Machines
sold for cn-rh or long time
Receive Prompt Attention*;'
Opposite tha Kootonay Hotel,
Goiuan, B.C.
late  with  Misses Baki.ow & Wi r.t.
Portage In Prairie.
G'JARjVNTSSS   perfect   fit
All  orders left with .Mis. O. U. Mu-
D-it-or will have prompt attention.
Soidsn'Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under-
-uglied.'. or any member of the
PRICE--Ten Dollars |ier year or Six
Dollars per half yeur.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
i ft.  ,|. h   *
-:i. Hi- Ol .1      T'.'      .
'��� a ur*- ia J   sll v.- *,."
r t'dit-f ati I :��� t'hJ r a {i:y
v-i tlie market end;
JoL��    Depart :mer|t
_:o:��� OF ���:o:���
mcAVtAlfl, llWUt MARKS j^
up-Mcncs In the patent bust-teas. 6*Dm-ii-_*
Uiinsmrt���ly-*onlM-��Hlal. A Handbook of in*
formation mi-j-araln-r Parrots and bow to oik
tain iliem tent Ire*. Alio a rsmlmin nf mmtm
leal and -etontiso books seat tne.
Patent* lain. Ib-owo Mm * Co. mam
special notlM in tb* *rie*li*<- Aitirri-rnn. and
-    TH
Fi-tcar Tc. I   ^__M
mom tmc to nun to thc ita cop
'JUS ^'_?'���.n'i^'-^l_5JS_*iS:.',,���
��net to lit* intento*.  Ttrt* fnmdkt ao-***,
_^set cji-t-alatloa of ��ir seMatiK wot* la
totliL JJiflar.  Sample oniKes sent tne.
Tea i* pot ���*�� by the Indian Tin
eoniet, 1*3
l*��i monthly, WSOayear. Wo-rl
 u. Tt-r**y number -ntatna beat.
platea. In aokm, *nd pbot-vraptis of new
M, witb plaiit, enablliK botMers to *bow tb*
imimZiSfamtm BAa��_T.
fiwui-s ���ills of lhe b���it ���jualitia* of iM.iv
1'e.a. VmtbrtUtf emtthmgneeM can in <hr.
���.-loc-n of th* To* anl ita Mead. Uut is why Ihrv
put it np thanwaite* and aril it only in tlto nri-rinirl
Krkagc*. thereby mcurias; He parity and esc���ternrr.
I up in U *_, 1 Si. aad f It. padtis****, aad now
���old ta balk.
Jf your grocer doe* not keep it. letl htm to write to
1 II and 13 Front Stntt East, Toronto Awarded
i.._hest Honors���World'- i _.r.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adultetant
Two Hnndred  und 8lr.ty-fl.vo Ounce*
In Kilter.
A short time since the North Star
Co. commenced to drift south in shaft
No. 1 at a depth of twenty feet from
the surface. This drift ran through
its entire length Go fee', in solid galena,
but about 1(1 feet from the shaft steel
galena was on its west wall, to which
at the time no attention was paid as
thari was no resident assayer at the
mine. Last week, however, upon the
arrival of Mr. Cowell, a complete test
was made of all the different grades
of ore in the mine. No new results
were obtained from the main body of
galena, it assaying as before from 4��
to 55 ounces in silver, and 68 to 72
per cent lead. But the steel galena
discovered on the west wall of the
above mentioned drift was found to
contain 2'i5 ounces of silver and 40
per cent lead. This ore is known as
antimonial silver, and was found
along tbe west wall of the drift for
some thirty or forty feet. A cross
drift has been started about fifteen
feet from the shaft on the west wall of
the drift, and is carrying a full breast
of this rich ore in the face. We would
add as a comment to the above news
that, should there be as large a body
of this rich ore as one might expect
from the present showing. Had the
Company any doubt as to tbe advisability of erecting reduction works in
the vicinity of the mine, they will
now, surely, see their way to do so in
the near future.-Fort Steele Prospector.
Mining New*.
Fort Steele Prospector:
A thousand tons of ore are on the
dump at the St. Eugene mine. The
ore runs 50 ounces in silver and 65
per cent lead. From 10,000 to 15,000
tons of ore could and would be shipped
next summer if there was any means
of transportation.
A good trail has been made to the
Dardanelles nnd Mother Lode. The
ledge is 4 feet in width nnd can be
traced for over 2,000 feet. Numerous
assays have been made, the average
being $22 in gold. The owners intend
to work the property all winter.
N. S. A. Wallinger has mu a tunnel
in some .110 feet on the Rocky Mountain
and Hoodoo. The ledge is four feet
wide, the ore being black sulphurets,
assaying $25 iu gold and 4 ounces in
There have been 140 mining locations recorded in this district this
The tunnel of the International
Placer Co. is in over one hundred feet.
The Company expect to run S1T0 feet
this winter.
Jay Usher and George Watson are
working on the Midnight. The Midnight is an extension of the North
Star, on the north. They have got
through the iron cap and are now into
There is at present in sight on the
Hamlet, (one of the Sullivan Group) a
large surface showing of steel galena
and carbonates. The ledge has been
stripped for a distance of 20 feet,
showing a solid mass of galena in
place. A large number of small cuts
have been run in various places. At
the point where the large showing of
galena is in sight, the owners are now
sinking a shaft. It is down about 20
feet and has a good showing for a
large and solid ledge. Iu sinking they
went through (> feet ot curbonates and
are new in solid galena, which assays
from SH to 59 ounces in silver to
CO per cent lead.
8aUl Thnt Which, la True.
While iu Spokane trying to head off
the Heitme outfit who have started to
build a narrow gauge railway from
Trail to the mines at Rosslaud, general superintendent Abbott of the Pacific
division of the Canadian Pacific said
that Kootonay had made Spokane a
mining center and that through mining would come much of its future
wealth. Yes; if the company in whose
employ Mr. Abbott is bad the best interests of Canada in view, a city that
would rival Spokane would be built iu
Kootenay, which is now admitted to
be one of the greatest mining countries
on earth.
Thursday was Thanksgiving Day in
the United States.
News Mote*.
Winnipeg, Nov. 26.
L A. Garnett, an Ontario pioneer is
A fire at Portage la Prairie resulted
in $500 damage.
British Columbia Canning Company
will be re-constructed.
Convictions against Toronto pedlars have been quashed.
The steamer Forest Home went
ashore near Sydney, C.B.
Mnitlnnd Ackroyd was honored at
Toronto for saving many lives.
Dr. L. Springer, registrar of Wcnf-
worth county. Ont., is dead.
The Nova Scotia banking firm of
Farquahar, Forrest & Co., has assigned.
Lord Salisbury doe*, not give English protectionists much encouragement.
Police searched the houses of German Socialists and seized letters aud
Harry Holtorf was found dead in a
hotel in Toronto, it looks like a case of
Herman Hnttonhurst murdered his
two children and then suicided at
Brooklyn, N.Y.
The Marquis of Salisbury has replied to US. Secretary Olney's note
regarding Venezuela. ,
The Sultan of Turkey still refuses
permission to the powers to place extra guardships iu the Bospborus.
The full correspondence relative to
Behring Sea matters has been received
by the British embassy at Washington.
A copyright bill has been drafted at
the Ottawa conference. It is described
as a satisfactory compromise measure.
Rev. Johnson, D.D., of St. Joseph,
Mo., makes grave charges against
United States Minister Terrell, and he
together with thirty-four others petitions President Cleveland to remove
decline may be ���matt- Mm itatfi
Strength may be restored; powers when
impoverished by youth's reckltaa ov*-d*al_
nay be roavigoratcd by out home treatment
never has its citadel In the brail* of thee*
Who have weak.ahron-en, undeveloped or
diseased organs. The evil that men do
through ignorance in boyhood and mora
ot early i_t_hood leavea waiting effect*.
to vipnoua vitality you might be seeeaefal
in buiinest, fervent in apiriL Our curative
method* are unfailing. Wrltefocoerbook,
"PERFECT  MANHOOD," tat /rat
���urrALO. N.T.
Montreal, Nov, 26.-Sir Mackenzie
Bowell has returned to Ottawa. He
declined to say anything as to an interview with Provincial Secretary
Pelletier, but it is understood the latter cannot at present see his wny to
entering the Ottawa cabinet, which
was the object of Mr. Bowell's visit.
"HEALTH ACT, 1893."
NOTICE is hereby given that "An
Act respecting the Public Health"
is now in force, and that under the
provisions of the said Act Alfred T.
Watt, ol tne City of Victoria, EBquire,
M.D.. has been appointed Secretary of
The Provincial Board of Health.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
4t 27th September, 1895.
Official Map of British Coi.umiiia.
COPIES of tbe new official map of
British Columbia, lr.95, issued
under authority of the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works, ca n
lie obtained at tlie office of the undersigned by booksellers, stationers and
others who mny desire to place them
fer sale in their establishments, upon
payment at the rate of $li pel dozen.
Deputy Commissioner of  Lands  and
Lands & Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 8th October, 1895.
District of East Kootenay.
A COURT of Revision and Appeal
under the Assessment, Act of 1888 and
Amending Acta for the Southern part
of the district will be held at, the
Assessor's office at Fort Steele at ten
o'clock in the forenoon on Monday the
2nd day of December, A.D., 1895.
A COURT of Revision and Appeal
under the Assessment Act of 1888 and
Amending Acts, for the Northern part
of the district, will be held at the
Assessor's office, Golden, at ten o'clock
in the forenoon on Thursday the 12th
day of December, A.D., 1895.
Judge of the Court of Revision and
Donald, 4th November, 1895.
Dpper Columbia N&a��;(!o..
During' the winter a stnge will be run between
Golden, Galena, Windarmere, Thunder Hill, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 12&26.
December 10 & 24.
January 7& 21.
February 4 & 18.
March 3, 17&31.
April 7 & 21.
aad leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars (ier pound.
Special*rate*, given on more valuable parcels.
Through '$16,00.    Local 10 cents per mile.''
T. B. H. COCHRANE. President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Small Investments.
Returning prosperity wid rnnkc ninny rich, hut nowhere cun the v ninke so niwb within
a short tune us by successful Speculation iu -mill, l'ruvisiuus nud Stock.
FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED can be made by our
Systematic Plan of Speculation
originated by us.   All successful speri.li.tors operate on n regular system.
It is a well-known fact that there nre thin simils uf men in nil parts of the United State*
who, by systematic truling through Lliiingo brokers, nu.ke huge amounts every year,
rnugmg troni n lew thousand ilollnrs for the mini wliu invests u hundred or two huiiured
dollars up to STiO.OOO to 31(11,01:0 ur more by those who invest u few thousiiiid.
It is ulso n fact that those who >iu.ko the largest profits from comparatively small investments on this pb.li are iiersons who live uwuy Iron. L liinigo uud invest through brokers
who thoroughly understand systematic truiling.
Our plun iloes uot risk tho whole amount invested on any tri.de, but covers both shies,
so thut whether the market rises or l'..lls it brings.. sternly profit thut piles un enormously
in a short time.
WKmi FOR.CONVINCING PKOOFS, ulso our Manual on successful speculation
and our Daily Market Report, full of nioiiey-ini.king pointers. ALL, KI.-E. Our Manual
er*.plunis margin truiling fully.   Highest references in regard to uur standing nud success.
For further purticulurs address
THOMAS & Co., Bankers and Brokers,
241-242 Rialto Building, CHICAGO, ILL. '
Manufactures of Sash, "Doors, Moulding*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Path


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