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The Golden Era Jan 18, 1901

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Array James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
.      GOLDEN, B.O.
A .supply of, Building Mine for Sssto.
ue prepared.  Prompt atumtson ksvau to
Thomas O'Brten,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Pnblic.rtmveyanesr, etc
Offices in Upper Colunsbla  Kas-is-a-iun and
Train say Oou.Jisus]s'a 1-ilslslsiig,
-Golden, It. C.
���/OL. X NO. ee
GOLDEN    B.C., FHIX*A*��. JAN. 18. 11*01
8$ Per Yeab.
H. G. Parson,
���General Merchant;;3'."
Aexa,r|der Block.
* REDUCED     *
Clothing, Winter Goods,
Boots and Shoes
*. A. Warren'
Until Stock-taking ia * eku-uary.
I have decided to Sell only to Cash Custom
ers and those who Settle Monthly.
No others need apply for goods.
Imperia' Bank of Cana'd
Capital Anftoriitd, $2,600,000
Capital Paid Up ��*.4S8.��0H
Beat 1,700,000
II. S. Rowlsts.il,       -       Frotsisls-nt.
T. R. Merrill,       ���       Vlssst-Prei.
Wm. Ramaa-f,     T, Sutherland Htavnor   '
Kobert JaU'ray, Ella. Rojr��r.,,
Wns. llenslrie.
Hiad 0,-ttCE-. Touoxto.
D. 11. Wtt.KiK, General Manager.
*E. Hay, Iiupoctor.
MANITOlVv. "St. W. T. anil B. (,.
It sindosi, (.alg-try, Eslisiosssusi.
(Missis,       NcUnss,        Pnrlajre la Fn.sr's*.
I'rissi-e Alliert,     llevolatoks,,     Strathcsssta.
Vanconver,       Wsisssipetf,
Emm, Ferirna, Oall, Hamilton,   Ingnra-ll,
Llsstowssl,  Niagara  Fall.,   1'ort C'olbourn,-
Kst-U'os taj?.,        f-*auU St*. Mario, St.
Catharine.,, St. Thonsaa, Toronto, VVellansl,
Wooslatssck, and Moutrta), --Sue.
Agents, In (-treat Ri-lttil.s:
Lloysl'a llank, Ltd , 72 Lombard St., London
with svhosss nionoy may be depoaitosl for
tranafer hy lettor or cable to any of tlie
above branches.
Age sstuln llulteil tttateo:
NEWVOItK-Bank of Moutreal, Banket
. ..America.
dRlaAOO-l'Irat Natioual Bank.
ST. PAUl.-Seoond Naliosial Bank.
SAN FltANI'ISCO-Welb, Far-jo A Co. ss
Agents In South Africa.
Intereat allowed on depeaita.
Provincial, Municipal and other debenture*
Available at all point, in Canasta, Ussitisl
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, tigv.. Golden Branoh.
Mr. Thos. O'Brien having pi.TrcI.ssed
The Goldfx Eka Newspaper and
Printing Business, as from December
i'9ili, 1900. all nccoutits owing to the
oflice nt tliat date ate -payalio to him,
We have to request for Mr. O'Brien
the coniiiMi-iiiceof the subscription and
Hilt eritsitig patronage hitherto extend
ed to us.
THE    OLDEN ER V CO., Ltd Ly ,
Per ��   A. HAGGEN,
Managing Director.
Golden, Dec. 80th, 1900.
lie discourdgecl hy the action of the Africa This on the whole is .�� very
Government. Commence to n"t to- satisfactory showing nnd wn hope the
g' ther a local exhibit   und make this current year will-.how ui>e en better.
local collection ns whip and ss good aa, *- ���*_
itis possible. "Let 'the people of tbo After the tench era had closed their
E��Bt see that  we have resources that convention at  Now  Wuxtinlnster last
we are priud of Let them kuow that
not rnly have we minerals hut we also
t'oasesa some of the finest limber in
iho world "
It should bo the peculiar function of
alive Bsjarl   of Trado to seek fresh
week, some of ihem met mid funned nn
association, which partakes of the
nature of a traded union. That this
action hns been deemed necessary hy
the teachers would indicate that there
is a feeling of uncertainty in respect to
outlets for commerce and new fields of Hie relations lietween the Provincial:
advertisement,, and our Golden Board teachers anil the Educational Depart
might ba doing a great service tu the ment. It is much to bo regretted if
district bv assisting in preparing and |��"oh feelings exist, a d wo trust that
arranging a cotaple'e exhibit of local
products Any e.-hihit from thia portion of the Province ought, we think,
to make a point of displaying in suffi
on the part of the teachers tbey are
unrounded, Our educational system
should be lifted hi^h above any suspicion   of   politics   and   evory   effort
Cieut prominence tbo splendid  limber'should be made to improve tbo stand
we hav* around us, Many people
seem to fcfrget thut b. gtext portion of
onr natural wealth lies in our forests,
and that as the years go on this form
of wealth will be moro and more sought
after. The mines wo know and tho
timber we ought to appreciate, aud tlio
wider this knowledge Is diBssiniuato'l
the bi'tter it will be for the Province
sud tbe meu who are interested in its
One word more by  way of sugges- ���'-���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������m
thm. Tho Government hat found ! In 801ne quarters there bss been an
itself unable to ranks a specific grant attempt to belittle Lord Berts' work
towards a provincial exhibit, tnt, if in South Africa but the following re-
private individuals and others prepa e| ,naH[8 frun u New yf>rk W|iftM Rre
the specimens. 4c , would  it not bo in
ar<l of the teachers, but in so doing
consideraiion of old members oi the
profession should obtain, as it is well
known thst a teacher who has spent
years in tho work af training the
young is much butter fitiod, by reason
of experience, than One v. ho has higher
academical training without experience.
Lord Roberts' Service.
order for the Government to assist in
securing transportation ? Its members
have always shown themselves keenly
alive to all that affects Our welfare,
and we have no doubt lhat if approached on the subject, they will do
what they cm in ihis direction, and
thus aid our individual effoYiS.
very much to the point and most unusually just for au American news*
���De'spite tbo fact that the Baer war
i was and is with a third rate power,
lour London ooriespondsut did not ex*
apgerate the case when he said the
otlier day lhat Lord Roberts went out
to Africa a year ago to protect the
British empire from the greatest danger
i hut had menaced it since Yorktown,
Wo need not except tvtm th-*-* menace
whioh Nelson destioyed at Trafalgar*
To vim icnte this view of tlie case we
haw to recall only the circumstances
The Hon. W. 0. Wells la deserving
'of "very ffppvwjfallon, He has now
succeed ft' in having Golden di-'siuuatcd
as a Supreme Court Registry, This
will lie n iirest convenience to the
geueral public and (^certainly evidence of theouiffreak ofthe Boer war. The
of the fact tint Mr Wells is
utmost for this dis riet.
iloiug his two Boer states had leagued themselves
I logeiher, t ot merely ford' fenso against
British aggression, hut, as their leaders
fnml.lv declared and boasted, to drne
the British om of South Africa and lo
make Cape Colony, Natal and all the
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Tbe British Columbia southern Railway
Company will apply te the Parliament of
Canada at its next Session for an Act nxtend-
big the time within which it may construct
Its Kail ways and authorising It to construct
moh Branches from any of its lines not
excreding In any one ease thirty mites in
length, u are from time to time Authorised
bythe Governor in Council, aud for other
purposes. *.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Ban tha Qulokaat aad
But Equipped Train
scrolling tha Continent.
touris r
St. Paul,
Toronto and Montreal
Wedneiday and Sunday.
f Friday.
jot (nil partlonlan apply to naareit
0. P. E, Agent.
0* *�� I   Hooky Mountain I��lge vo. 84 me-ala Is.
E. J. COYtsB, C. B. M0VHER8ON, ' oddtellos��� Ball, Ooldeii, every WodnsMslisj-
AGPA-i G.P.A,        Ut8 p.m*  Sojourning brethren welcome,   -
Vainonrer. Winnipeg.    ICPBARCE.N.O,.        3 T. WOOD, Dec.
A, P. .  A.
A. M. Kegufnr Communication,
second Mondsy^n every,, month.
Mountain LoHire, Ko. 11. A. F. &
Sojourning brethren cordially iu-
J, C. PITTS, W. M.
C. H. PARSON, Secretary.
it o. o. r.
Many of onr renders probably know
'.-f ihe Piti-Aiut-'iiciii E-tpusitinn of
11*01. ;in'd oi th'6 Rh-e'rtVi-oas efforts its
i nott-r- "re pitttihg forward to equal,
���.nr   -'A th-gii-at !*hicanoshow
P     .V ueri :a:i will possess some
ds hi' uss from the fuct thai I
B s    it     In-re r w I, l��! held, isnfriVn
thu girfrt   tittntres of  uopulattdn Hnui'
Clii-caio nud tbiit t-h-'di-mcors, iiaviiig
tho  World s   F.tlr   experience  before
them,   will   lw able to avoid inauv of
the mistakes  which characterized the1
Chicago exhibition.
To Uuitad aim   Hie Buffalo Exposl i
tion will appeal  very Btroimly, as w�� j
understand  thu   majority of the pro
vitict's are iu'eiuliug to mnke nn otlicial
oxhibii or are grnutliig funds to assiet
local sttxhiliiiois   0-itario,   as   UBual, '
being in tha van.    We had hoped tha' !
the   British    Columbia   Governmont .
would  have  hem ablo to s.hi its way
clear to appropriate t lie necessary fund" i
for a re��llv rnpr��spiitstiive local exhibit, j
but ihev have, (for irooil and aufflciom
reasons, doubtless),  odiiis to the con
elusion th.il the ino .ey  \oibl be mor-
advantaueously spent ou publio wik-
within tbe boundaries uf tha ProvliiO"
It Is thus left for pri vai*�� indmdui-.ii--
aud local a'sociations, mtoh as tho
Board of Tr.idfi,**to take tc matter iu
hand, and we Hiink the question Of
local exhibits ought to be ��|.eedi1y an 1
vigorously taken up We have uo
hesitation iu saying thdt the hest fu
ture-tsof tlif Province would be served
by a good represeutatl'-e exhibition ui
our natural resources We have areas
of undeveloped wealth, aud are onl -.
waiting for the capitalist to assist in
placing our products Icfore the world
B iffalo is within easy reach of New
York and tha New England states.
and nu nbeis of tho moneyed men of
the A*Ian ic coast are .iH-onisbin^i-,
ignorant of the tcreut and variet
resources of British Columbia, North
East Kootenay lu particular has a
great Interest in all that would briun
the Pruvinon into irominouce, as
hitherto capitalist* have not directe '
their attention to our district to any
thing.liko the extent it merits. We
would say to oor proipoctors,  " Dou't
Despatches frortl Ottawa Indicate a
desire on tnV|VfcYt of the Gotprninent
to disallow the "Oriental Lnmigratioti
Act passed h\ tho t*/6vincial Le^isla coutinontaoiiHiof the.Znnbeii aDutch
nt the last stislotli It ia to lie hoped coufednratiou. It was widely declared.
th.i Dominion authorities will not |ft"d "^'"ories ur the German emperor's
persist iu this course after the re(-re '^l'��^h ou the Jameson raid gavt ap-
sentatio.s   made   to   this  Province, jVttrvnt  color ,0   !t.   ihM   Germany,
which contained   an   asVuiamre  ibat
Kriuice. Uussis aud other continental
sueh a law would lie acceptable Itoth  l,ower* "ere iu V��|*thjr  with tht
to thp Governne t ond the Imperial Boers aud might probably array them^
Hu.borlfios. The law as it stands |g|.MlvM on their side for spoliation of
not   as   stnmg  as   British Columblal^e 'modeVnCartliafte
ft whe, moreover perfectly apparent that if Great
Britain showed herself nimble to hold
her colonics iu South Africa the bonis
Uniting bur with other aud greater
colonies would be quickly loosened or
wholly broken In the last three months
in 0 tawa wilt e Me t���� place the of 1��99 it was not onlv tho rights of j people of tho nor* b west a< d British
matter In suiih a Ugh'as to convince 'bo Oi.tlauilers, but Britiih possession Columbia,!! it bu found before diSUon*
thu Gjiverinneilt of ihe ne<-.fsslty for of ^"l)H Colony, of Austruliu an I of | tent reaches iho point of exasperation
such ii law foi   thi- Province.
^^^    strong 	
gen Wit II v would like to have i', but
his hern accepted ashritiK ths l>cst we
can expect, If it is dU.illowed a great
deal of di-S'it, jt'icton will he aroused
In all q i irt<-r-* Wo r i^t the members
of the  Provincial   Cabinet at present
Eastern Capitalists  Objemt tc
Tktgh Railwiy Tariff.
Toronto Jau. 15. The Toronto
News publishes the following Interview
with Gio. Goolorham on the freight
simiuliir-ps ft affects son theru British
'���If ihe Canadian Paoiflo does not j
reduce its fralghl rites on ore all mines
iu British Columbia which are Subject
to toils of 'hat corporation, will have
lo shut down eventually," j
"And that means tho War Eagle
will__discontinue operations sooiif-r or
later?" |
"Assuredly, the W.*r Eaple, as well'
as others."
Snoh were the statements  made by |
Goo. Ooo'ierlism, president of ihu War
Eagle Mining company,   io a News re- !
portir this morning,  and  li nctjoutu-a
for the rapid full in lho choice of that!
stock  ou oxrhaii-.-e.-i during  the past
few days. Value at Hto-.'U*. has dud.n-1
wit-ho t apparent  reason, an.l outside
operators when   questioned professed |
to ho iizuorant of any  reason for  thu
This morning, however* there was a
rumor on the street to the effect that
the Gooderhsm*Bfttck'&l'ccK syndicate
were at war with ibe C.P.R. and had
threatened unless ibat corporation j
showed more liberality iu its freight
char-.et-.ou ore, they would withdraw
all 'tTi'ofr Internst-s from British Col-
umbia. I
The following is an extract from an .
B,Yticle In thi* Toronto Globe headed
������While lo.ial charges uro based on tiie;
endurance noini of every line of industry, modified only by the prospect of
fftfg-ht-way'on corapeiion, every euler-
prise is kept on the ragged ed^o of
failure. The farmer, too is held clo3u
to the level of a bare existence, and tlio
geueVal outlook is most discouraging,
Two causes bine tended to stifle cjin
plaint, the fear of winning offiiumi'
uration and the absolute power of the
railway, Me'rchants, ranchers and
miners know thut the company holds
the power of commercial life or death
over them, so they feel constrained to
iftafce tbe best bargain they can und
keep silent about their grievances. As
local rates are based on tbe cost of
hauling by team, tbe rate across the
continent is adjusted uccording to ihe
tflst 'Of ViVsS��l transportation a'rouim
C-iue Horn. The rates tu inter modi ute
points arc not less hut greater tban are
charge.! for freight acro*3s the coin innu
being tha same as ilie rate to the const,
plus tho rate buck io the point of destination. The rate to Rovelstoko is
equal to the combined charges to Vancouver and buck to that city. A continuation of this state of affairs!'*
simply impossible. Some remedy must
be found, audit will be well for the
railway com pau v, and as well for the
Minister Blair Explains
Montreal,,)Hn. 14. -Saturday night|r]
Herald. Lib , u i -tains u significant iti
ler view wlj.li H m. Mr Blafr, Miniate!
of R-illways on the dispute between*
thn Crows Ni'!*' CcfiipHiiv imd UieC.Pe
U    Tne Serald   says':  ���SpQaklug eft
railway matters wl*h  the Herald rep-
rt*>setitative on hispriiatu oar at ihe.
Windsor station the Minister said he]
had no Sedrets   to g.Vu a v'&y,   bit hs
did just indicate how his  mind lay in
the ra-ifterof thu dispute between tho;
C, P R itudthBi3l6Rea.ua Hr.Jaffray
the Globe provident,
"I hurdly k ew   I    .. c
in ted   io t,
dispute," observed Mr   i .
I knew
thutbTiad   been -
:,s  to
the c  a^ge in.i'ii- \i*    '
��� . aa Paci-
tic i\ .th regard io th    -
.     .'fVioal.
from ihe Oro *. ps Nost
pauj *h  mint's     o    hu   E
��� ed Sta^gJ
I'iunfl.iiv.      I   ba   o
ne Vn'tc the
niHtter   >i>   in i
irom what
I know of  th   f	
��� o;iyn  I had
q tesiioiiS ro  ti_u     i.i. n
.... a *p.*K.
au 1 lime questions to fig
it si'i! with
thein in the jnteresw of Canada. I auil
1ittline3 io tti'inkthai the C. P. R. 161
right in tho Crows N-sst Pass Coul|
traVsportat.ion question '*,
"Ji   ti HUegHil  T.\     io   Conservativol
organs iu Toro to . govBrnrtiQfi*|
is in lua^ne wn lufhg com
pany, 'vhet l]V' ���*��� ���- :iif; "jlobe|
presl eui?*'
"Well," obsorved Mr. Blair, "I do
ooi think I can do more thnn sfty *J
do Uiink, Ub far us Mm uicii before mu
at tha moment wann t my ?yi"T-isiiii?
an opinion, a c se fi.,- ... . be .. 1 m-d*
out of exorhit ���     .   , *. - .. , r.rl 6r.
rs orgs
is  aids
jti  '1
���* ���' owfjc
:i   Mr
J iffn
o,  wh1
!>' pVi
.'t'LX'l  l1,
There h ivebustt a aeries of despatches
enatnatiug Innu Eastern iioiuts in re-
feiet co '0 a AU.-pused deal bu: iveon tho
CrOws N.st Cowl Co. and Jim Uill of
tbe Northern Picilit system. It has
been slated thut II.i hud hoiighi the
C0.1l Ou'h inieiTStc in the Crows Nest
coal 1 sn ti but this wus denied bv idH*
cersofthi! Coil Co, whosa.i ihat tho
aniy doa I 011 Is an niireemcnt by H ill U
to take 4U cars of their conl per day, tl
Later ue-is -.ems o point to dtfttoultleg
bctwi-eu t 10'J, P R a 11 ihu Coal om
panv aud au a.-pl.oit On is pn1 lisi.llii
in this i-sue for a charter Tor the uoii��
struct i n itf'i railrua I uthe 'o.l fi.-l-U
CanHda   lit fact,  the existrnoe of the!There is a prospect of relief by a com-
British   empire   that  was at stake,  potilive Hue along the S-iskatiihewnii
That   wus thu situation a year ngo.   Valley,   bnt   the history  of   miiwiiv
It w.is increasingly ominous down to * competition shows that its benefit fl are
1 he date of lord Roberts'arrival upon genBrfclly  Illusory. It often  results In
Hie   scene.   Then,   with   asonishing , a better sorvtcS and   mom anoommoda-
celerity,  the situation changed.   The ting management, hut   so far as rates
tide of battle   was rolled  lack. Be- an* concei-i.ed ihey are gtmerall) maiti-
leiigticreil  towns were  relloved, Boei   tatned by an 1 grteuioiit)  pool or (iinal-'
irmies were vanquished and raptured,   uautatlon,    Tne uu fort una te   burgftin I
Tii" British  iiui; was raise! over tho oxmnpting the mainline from control
capimls.   The  powers   of oon* (a in   a measure responsible for the
thicnial  E' rope discovered thnt they  perpetuation of many  abuses, but the
h il. after h|I. no interest in the matter* evils can He minimized by the appoint  |
,\i.d the British colonies around the! ment of a commission Wiih extensiveI
w'oild w<rehuund to'hemuthercountry  authority in rsgnlstlng rates a-.d sett  1
with ties of b uud.  abed in  a common ' ling disputes betwieu the rallw.us nud '
i..p'Mial cause, mote potent than eve* their patrons.    Tbe sclf-inteist  of tlm I
from the bouudAry. It   is to be hoped  Iwfore exist d  That   waa the service! railways cannot be trusted for ex. en
that the LV.l Com, ��io   in a-'C-pilug which lord Roberts p. rformed for the |euce shows that lu their  eagerness for
this contract  Inue not   gone beyond   British limpiVB
tht'ir r'soitrotS un it is of li st im,'or-
trine>* to the Province that our smelter BOARD OF  l'KADE
bn sup lied wl'b all tint coke needed to] 	
h.tn.U.. tbe-te.dllv
of ore being h lued
profits they discourage enterprise and
retard pregreai. There will bb but
little relief til! an impartial and efficient
tribunal  is created,  having sufficient
tlie0 P.R .*:���������:       ���   iv
pnrt men 1 ������ I k ��������������� u ��� \ fllffl-
cult* it is to 1 urj i i)dy   l
La Pair i    :i       -dr
says:   "A   \i
bet wee ti the S
Nost  Conl  ���  .    lin-
111 tikes i's   lighi tbiMiijj
Senator Cox   nni   rh\
enters the H'*eue uudci   	
the tariffs cf ���*;" C. P R in tlio West
are to hi uli, This groufl in reality*;
Appears in the War beuitusi of a uoi.flic't |
of Interests resulting Irom large con-
sceasinns it coal lands itftrftgt1i)i.QVo\V*|
Nest Pans Railway lands which have
become of great value recently. Timro
is much fleet in this WAV 'of wordJ
which is not very clear. TBo fflotfl
are too involved to discern the truth*]
and it appears rasb to ib*rirt (u\ 6pibirti> I
on the interesting articloe in tlie Globe'-
Wc await events,"
The Witness hat a lengthy and fo"cl-*
bie article ou the ttituter, c iticisinp
the course of the Globe and pointedly
asking tl'ie'cau*e of the Budderl tim
sxtriiordinurily vehement renewal ot
its i Id crusade against  tbe C, P. V ���
An Important. Deal.
The C.P.R have completed arrangft
ments 10 lako over the Whole fleet to
lh�� C.P.N Co's bouts and it IseX|i!fctfl3
will gVestly add to ibe prtseiu nnthbej
of ships i- or er io Huccesifull.i compete for tho ever Increasing trade td
northern coast point * I 1 conue'ctiOT
with this tbo folicwlmr item is of ifl-
ierest ;
Victoria, Jan. 14. A railroad \x\ai\
who arrived in tlie city late hist alghl
sayfi iHe Ani'Victiu roads Edeffiakinrf
preparations to meat theCP.R'S move
in the absorption of the C.P.N. Heer*,
whereby the Canadian roftd will \\av'*\\
en ircmCuse adraniage over the rtvftlsj
says thu Northern Pacific hss cntevod
into an agreement with tlle Wat king-
ton and Alaska S P. Co. for the City
bf Seattle and Ruth tn handle sll their
business, while the Groat Njrtherri
bas arranged with the Pacific Coast
Steamship Co. to handle thai lined
trade north. All shippers apree that
the new arrangement will mean a revolution cf tho transportation business.
iuc easing output'    Owing to the bonspiel coming off' authorfty to deal  with the evils uow
next week, the annual meeting or the'knowu to exist,"
Goldeu Boaid ofTruleh.s been pest-
T.e p bli,' nfiuounts fcr -be fiscal p0lied till the following week,
vear ending J neUOth 1910 hits ben
issued a id though the figures have
be-.ii annOMO'd the following items
are of hinresti Theeouiingeut'ssent 0
Snitb Africti Cnsf np to Ihftt dAte
$1,547 '''AU lhe sum of 12,95:.702.
wu'm span' 0- mprovt*tig Hv wnt'iways
of 'iiiiida Th-d b1 ��ttth��entl of Hie
fiscal I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
an average rate of interest of two
and sis tenth per bent which means an
expftiidinire of $<\flp*$888,9*5 for Interest.
The debt whs reduced hy $779,889 not
withstanding   tbe  extraordihary   ex-
The press of the \Vest ktis benil calling attentibn to this matter  for years
put as absolutely no notice was taken
m__^mw,w,w,w,w,w,w^__^_^mw__^__^_        ��f ��ur protests there has not been much
Tno of the huffiilo bulls of tho herd j ��Aid or done lately.  In (act any appeal
in the  Banff Park  met last  week in   for relief wns always met  with  the
mortal combat,   with the result that  reply that  it wns iuipoBSlblo to grant
thu weaker ona wus killed an-4, the Rlly reduction In our present freight
victor bidl.v nored   Unfortunately ih& and passenger tariffs. #dt  tho owners
coyotes destroyed the skin of ihe dead of the Globe are alno interested in a
B'o d at S2SB.4P8NOG   at  ^'i'"1-1 though  the  head  ��ns saved little company  known  as Hie Crows
and  will be iftoniited. L  Is expected Nest Cbal Oompany and they have to
that the voun led animal will be pulled use the railway to dispose of their
through though badly Injured. product, so they are "up aganinst ii"
W. lfcHnard, and J H ud*rson, left good and strong aud we will now await
on Tuesday f - ff-dlmma bene where with great interest the result of their
efforts to redace "the white man -ft bur-
i dea" of the West,
senillug   ol   the   trojps   to South I pursuit of tho lest Iti ling.
Another Strike on Paradise
Peterborough, Windermere District)
Jan. 10. - Authentic. trifarittalidH frlOi
rebelved in town this morning rcgard;
ing an extraordinary rich strike of
over eight fee; f arbonntes on tHP
Pfirndise min . on -'i'i'ring -Creek; K
tributary of Toby Crerk. This ia tfic
secnt'd rich strike on this property
within a tfio'ltlli t'he Piiradifie is oiie
t>f tho coming mineR of East Kflotennj
Tho ere bodies nnw uncovered art
something wonderfnl, Ftftir horst
tflams are hauling Farudise ord inte
Peterborough for shipment in th��
spring! The Silver Crown, t*ai'aUise
Shamrock and Silver Bidt group-) in
carry the samo lend, They are situatet
in what is khown AS the Paradll
Bafcin, IicadwrttcfS of Sprittg Crffrt
tl Tributary of main Toby Of-****
False Cry of "Fire" Causes Women
and Children to be Trampled
to math.
Chicago, Jan. 14.���Six people were
���crushed lo death and mnny more in-
liured in a panic whicli followed a
���man's cry of "Fire" lato yesterday
(afternoon at   the    West   iJth street
Turner hall, About 800 pcoplo were
lin the placo, gathered lo witness the
I performance   ent i l led   "ti roenhorn.
The pluy wus in force und the au-
lilicncc comprising tor the most part
1 women and chlWron w ire nil Ho-
Ihrews. lhe hull stands in the cnliv
(of a district densely populated bj
[dews.    The   play wus  nearly   ovoi
,vlnii the cry which causod the panic
Iwas raised, nnd within live seconds
I after it  tang through Uio hall    tho
entire audience wus converted Into ft
I frantic mob, evorj member of which
I was lighting for the safety whicl
[lay beyond tho doors of tlio built' ng
iTIie ball is frequent i..' used foi
I dunces, and when a theairical per
1 fnnnnme is given chairs am sol foi
[the spectators. As soon rs tho -vlld
Irtish towards tho doors began, child's
I wese knocked down In *vny diree-
|tion,  tha aisles disappear'tl und the
excited people run, climbed nntls.iim-
I bled over the chairs in th-Jir wav to-
| ward the doors.
London, Jan. L4f���It is understood
���bat Lord Kitchener now holds    si
i t uely all the railway lines in Boutl
Africa,    having recovered   possesulo
lhe Delagoa Uuy line, which    bad
| hen cut Jan. 7.
According to the Pretoria    t or res-
| , nndent of the Dally Mall Lord Kitchener is now organizing a force of
,'10.000 irregular horso, which will oc-
I CUpy some  weeks.      When  this    force
| is ready he will resume offensive operations.
Mean whilo    Lhe    fn vast on   of Cape
I Colony looks more threatening.   The
J news that Commandant  Hertzog has
o guns  is rather startling,  ns    it
I'Wus formerly  asserted  that   the     in-
Ivuders Imd no guns.   The defences of
I Cape Town    include two   1.7    mi
f guns.   According    to u  dispatch    to
ihe Dally Express the admiral of the
J Cape lleet is to prepare in an oilter-
Igeney to lund n nnvttl brigade of 2,-
I HOO, with six FTotchklss guns
The following circular bus been is
| sued by Win. Saunders,    director   of
experimental farms, Ottawa, regnrd-
I ing distribution of samples of    seed
I*grain nud potatoes :
"During the past 1:2 years samples
I of those varieties of grain, otc,
j which have .succeeded best on the
j several experimental farms have been
I distributed on application in H-Ih
I bugs, free through the mail, lo far-
lincrs in ull parts ot the Dominion.
| The object in view iu this distribution hns been to mid to tlie produc-
I tivemss uud improve the quality of
| these Important agricultural products
throughout the country, by placing
I within reach of every fanner, pure
I seed of the most vigorous and pro-
[ductive sorts. This work bus met
I with much appreciation nnd a largo
|.measure of success
"Under instruction of the hou. tufji-
I is ter of agriculture another liiulrihu-
1 Lion will be made this season. Ou -
ling to  the very large number  of up-
[plications annually received, it is
liint practicable to send more t!un
lone sample to each applicant���heme
[if an Individual receives a sample of
���oats,  he cannot  also receive one of
��� wheat, hurley or potatoes, nnd up-
I pi icnt inns fm- more thnn one sample
Ifor one household ainnot be enlor-
11ained.   These samples  will  bo sent
��� only to those who apply personally,
I lists of names from societies or ln-
Idividuuls cannot   be  considered.   The
��� fore of samples of outs, spring wheat.
I distribution will consist as hereto-
I barley, Held peas, Indian corn nnd
I potatoes.
'Applications    should tie addressed
ihe Director of Experimental
I Farms, Ottawa, und muy lie sent, at
I any time before the 1st of Murcn.
11P01, after which data tho list will
1 lie closed, so that lhe samples usked
I for may ull Ih* sent- oul in good lime
I for sowing. Parties writing will
1 please mention the sort of sample
I they would prefer, naming two or
I three different varieties of iheir
choice. Nlimilil the available stock
of all the varieties named lie 0X-
Ibuust.'il, some other good sort will
I lie sent   instead.
"The samplo of grain will be sent
I early but potatoes cannot he dis-
I trlbuted until dunger of Injury In
I transit by frost is over. No pro-
[ vision hus boon made for any gon-
erul distribution of any other seeds)
[ than those mimed.
"Letters may be sent to Ibe OXper-
I imental farm free of postage.
London, Jan.  Id.���The czar bus   a
��� 'Might attack of Influenza, but tbe
Ijdisense is of such a mild form that
1 Ihere  is  not   the slightest  approhen-
I sion.
m London, .Tan. 14.���It is rumored
1 '.bat Sir William Butler will be np-
'; ofnted lleutenunt-general command"
JlitiM the troops In Canada, in succes-
Lf'on to Lord William Frederick Er-
[���r�� st Seymour.
Pittsburg, .Ian. 14.���TlirM foremen
fund 38 workmen were precipitated
JintO  the  Monongabahela  river  while
��� loading a barge wilh steel mils for
1 the Carnegie Steel compuny ut Itsud-
Idock. Four men are known lo havo
Ifcc-en drowned, two are missing und
[m \en were injure(\.
New York, .Ian.  14.���Private   advices received fn   Paris    suy that a
���German   pnysiciun,   who  recently vx-
famined    ox-President   Ki tiger,    pronounced  dim    dangerously  HI,    and
[scarcely likely to live more than ..a
(fortnight longer.     The -umor Is dialer-edited In London.
Van Klcek Hill, Ont..,    Jan. 14.���
he outbuildings of James    Barrett.
-undertaker    and    furniture     dealer,
(���tables,  barn and shop were burned
Saturday with all tho contents. The
is 94,000, partly Insured. I
A Budget of Important New* ("oudonied
London, Fan. 14.���According tn advices from Berlin the heuith of Dowager Empress Frederick is cnu&lbg
anxiety again.
Quebec, San. 13.���The funeral of
the late Captain Sutton, Royal Canadian Dragoons, took place Saturday
morning, with full military honors,
London, Jan. 14.���The Anchor line
steamer Ethiopia, which went ashore
Friday on Holy Island* >n Hie Firth
of Clyde, hus been floated nnd has rin
turned to (ilnsgow.
Kingston. Jan. 14.���The mail from
Heinernra brings a report ot a large
nnd nf diamonds iu the interior nf
Uritlsh Guiana, A compuny bus been
formed in England lo work the
Detroit, Jan. 14.���It is rumored
here that the Flint und I'ero Martinet le train, due nt 0:80 p. in. at
Snglnuw, collided with a freight at
Plymouth;  near   Detroit.   A   number
ere  reported   killed.
-Halifax, Jan. 14.���Tho uHdur Dempster liner Lako Superior arrived yesterday afternoon irom Liverpool, after a itormy passage, The vessel
brought 658 Immigrants bi.-.md to
the Canadian Northwest,
Vancouver, Jan. 1-1.���The British
Yukon railway will ippi.v next eee*
Mini for an aot t i construe! n rall-
. ay from a point near Fort Selkirk
lo near Dawson City, and branch
lines not exceeding 60 mill's.
Port Arthur, Jan. 14.���The ten
o'clock electric car between ihis*
town and Fort William ran over and
killed an unknown man lust night.
The accident haiipened on a sharp
curve. Tin1 niotnrnnin says the body
wus between the rails wben struck.
London, Jan. 14.���A report of an
attempted assassination of tho Prfncci
cf Wales turns out to be that a harmless foreign musician followed the
prince Wednesday, when he was returning from shoot ing on Lhe Duke
of Devonshire's estate. The stranger
ran when the (Infectives went toward him. He eluded them, hut was
Identified later.
Montreal, Jan.  14.���When Comoro)
Percy 11. Evans, of E Battery,
Royal Canadian Artillery, left for
South Afri.'a. u number of bis friends
inmle up n subscription ior the pur-
poso of jrlnging his body back to
Canudn In case he wus allied or died
of disease. Evans came hack ulive
and they nave prcscnli-il hiin with
the amount nf the subscription, about
London, Jan. 14.���A dispatch to
the Daily Mail from Stockholm says
that complaints have been mado that
tho guards <>f night trains during the
t hrislmns   festivities     ejected   inebri-i
ited passengers ul roadside stations,
caving 'hem helpless ia the snow
a ith the thermomotor li! degrees be-
,iw zero. The station ruilway administration has accordingly nrder-
d that every suburban train ul night
mis I be provided with a separate
ui* fnr Inebriated persons only.
New York, Jan. 11.���Robert Bryan,
ulaiH "Sailor Mob," alius "Jack llur-
iis." wauled in Philadelphia for complicity ill the murder there on Friday nighl lasi nf lhe Kev. Father
Relgal, n prominent priest of tht*
Piunuii Catholic church, wus arrested in tbis city Inst night. When
taken before Captain Titus, of thede-
tuctlvo bureau, Bryan made a stale-
men! in which he told u slnry of the
���iiirder of the priest. According to
tiie story told by Bryan, the priest
was drugged in the saloon by others
for the purpose of robbery and his
body was found in the hallway of a
house next  door nn Saturday  morn-
Disloyal Bondsmen tn Join the lnvsd
i-rs���The Boers Are Very
Cape Town, Jan. lit.���The British
warship Sybil has anchored in Lambert's bay and landed a force of blue
jackets und a number nf guns. This
force has constructed entrenchments.
Hertzog's main body, 700 strong.
With two guns, has crossed the Rog-
goveld mountains and is now probably in the neighborhood of Elands
Drift, 50 miles east nf Clau William.
Ilurl/.ng's intention, apparently, is Lo
move toward Ceres and Worcester.
Only a few pusses are fit for the guns
and the whole country is dillicult to
traverse. Tho passes are narrow
and easily defended.
According to reliable reports until her party pf 600 Doers has reached
the Loom River, 70 miles south of
Calvina. The authorities are doing
all in their power tn meet the situ-
Refugees from Calvina and Clan
William are Hocking so Ftequotberg
Road. They state that many poor
whites ure certain to join the Hoers.
Then, tun, many bitter bondsmen in
the neighborhood of Olan William
and Malmesberg openly declare tbat
thoy intend to join the invaders.
A small commando, about 200
strong, crossed tho Orange River
near Aliwal. It was met on tho borders of llie Aliwal, in the Wodehouse
and the Dark ley East districts by a
body of police and mounted farmers,-
and was repulsed with some loss. It
probably will attempt again to cross
the river.
De Wot was last reported in the
neighborhood of Bothaville.
All the towns In Orange Colony on
the main line of railway are strongly held by the British, and Lhe Boers
show no disposition to approach
Lord Kitchener reports from Pre-
tnria that tbe Boers attacked Mach-
ndodorp on Thursday last, but were
driven off.
Montreal, Jan. 14.���The work of
probing Into (he ufTuirs of the Victoria Montreal Insurance company is
progressing. It is hoped by Wednesday, when the committee nf the share
holders .noo't, that mailers will \a. in
shape tp decide upon the best policy
to pursue in the liquidation of lhe
business. Good insurance authorities)
give as Iheir opinion that when
everything is cleared up the deficiency will L'e found to be about $66,-
'loo. Add to this amount the loss by
tbem iu the company's year's business, and the total is $365,000, The
slock nf this company is largely hold
by people 'n the west.
Montreal. Jan. 18.���It la announced
that at the coining session of tho
Quebec legislature the charter of the
Ohambly Manufacturing Co. will be
changed to permit the company to
absorb all tho lighting and power
companies uf the city, under the
name of the Lighting und Power Co.
of Montreal, with a capitalization of
about 8125.000,000. The companies
to be secured are the Royal Electric,
the Montreal Gas, the Ohambly Manufacturing and the Luchine Rapids
Hydraulic companies.
Ottawa, Jan. 13.���The statement
published in a Culgary paper a few
days ago that Dr. McEachreti, the
Dominion veterinarian, had been relieved of Ids duties is not correct.
Dr. McEachren is still in the employment of the department of arglcul-
ture. It is understood, nowover, that
his connection with the department
will probably cease at an early dale,
in which event the name of Dr. J. U.
Rutherford. of Port age Ja Prairie,
will very likely be favorably considered as his successor. Whether Mr.
Rutherford would accept is not
San Francisco, Jan. Id.���The contents of a lei ler round among lhe effects of the I ale Abraham Roberts
who died on Jan. P Iu a room on
Howard l-troot, led tho coroner to l>e-
���o that the man may hnve been a
brother of  Eurl Roberts, cninni.iuder
n-chief of the British army. Tne letter iu question wns written on Nov
2, I SIM, by Harry Roberts, a broth
-r. to ihe deceased j who, ii appears
s   an   accountant,   employed   hy   the
First  National   bank of   Princeton,
III. It snys: "Our brother, Oenoral
Roberts, s uow, I believe, in ehurge
nf  the   English   forces  In   Ireland."
Abraham Roberts wus 70 years of
age. He hnd nn relatives here and
his bndy  id still at the morgue.
London, Jan. 18,���The Geneva cor
respondent of the Daily Mall credits
an engineer named Planta with the
invention of a mechanical brake that
will stop a train running 85 miles an
hour within eight yards, ami 50
miles an hour within 20 yards. Passengers can apply the brake by pulling an alarm cord. Tbe shock Is less
than that caused by existing brakes.
The correspondent adds that the government will adopt the Invention on
trains  throughout Switzerland.
Toronto. Jan. 13.���Rev. Dr. Warden, treasurer af the Presbyterian
church, says the twentieth century
fund of the church hue already reached the million dollar mark, and Is
now nearing $1,200,000. It will go
up to $1,800,000.
Philadelphia, Jan. 18.���John B.
Garrett announced todnv that he will
retire on Tuesday next from the vico-
prcsldency of tho Lehigh Valley railroad company. He withdraws from*
railroad life, and will devote his
time to educational und philanthropic work. |
St. Paul, Jan. 13.���Another big
transcontinental railway is reported
to be in process of formation. It
comprises a lino from ocean to ocean,
the Grand Trunk from Portland, Me.,
to Chicago; the Wisconsin Central
from thero to Duluth; a line from the
latter city to Rainy River to connect
with the Mackenzie & Mann system
through Manitoba and the Northwest,
Territories, where it will join tho
James Dunsmulr system in British
Columbia, and thus finally reach the
Pacific coast.
Windsor, Jan. 13.���James Scamon
and Louis Matheis were sentenced at
Sandwich to six years in the penitentiary for passing bills stolen from
the Dominion bank at Nauance with
the signature of the bank officer forged. Scamon Is known to be an old
crook and a friend of some of the
robbers now in the penitentiary for
robbing the Napanee bank.
Colllngwood, Jan, 18,���Henry Stan-
yon Manufacturing Co., Pittsburg,
Ta., proposes establishing here to
manufacture wire, etc. The firm will
employ 300 hands and will erect a
foundry und machine shop of large
proportions. This is una result of
tbe announcement that the Cramp
Ontario Si eel Co., Limited, is about
in begin initial ojieratlons nt, this
London, Ont,, Jan. 13.���Mr. Ingram, of Smulliniui & Ingrubam, the
largest retail dry goods firm in the
city, died suddenly at his residence
Friday morning. He had not been
well, but nothing of a serious character was anticipated.
Washington, Jan. 11.���By a vote of
185 to 102 the house of representatives yesterday accepted the re-ap-
pnrtfonment plan proposed by the
Burleigh bill, which increases tho
membership of the house during tbe
next decade from 357, tho present
membership, and the membership proposed by the committee or Hopkins
bill to 386. The result wns largely
brought about by tho influence of
certain senators from several of the
larger northern States, who threw
the weight of their influence into the
scale iu favor of the larger membership.
Ottawa, Jun. 11.���Tho noxt Dominion census will bo taken on ftfinriity,
March 81, next. This is also tho day
fixed for taking the census In G.vat
Britain nnd Ireland. All iiersons
who aro living at midnight on Sunday will be counted.
Rangoon, British Burmah, Jan. ll.
-Sir Edward 8. Hymen, chief secretary of the government of Dm mail
and a member of the legislative council of India, who shot himself in the
head while riding in a carriage several days ago, Is dead.
Ita New* la Coudeuwl Paragraphs*
Vancouver, Jan. 13.���Major T. O
Townley waa elected mayor of the
city at the annual municipal elections.
Washington, Jan. 18.���The president's improvement continues. There
are no complications and his temperature is normal-
Montreal, Jan. 13.���0. P. R. traffic
receipts for tho week ending Jan. 7
were $453,000; for the same week
last year, $496,000.
Windsor, Jan. 13.���One of the best
business blocks on the main street of
Brigdeu was nearly wiped out by
fire.   The loss is $25,000 or $30,000.
New York, Jan. 13.���Dr. Thomas
Brown Wheeler, a prominent physician of Montreal, dropped dead yesterday in tho Murray Hill hotel in this
Dundas, Jun. 18.���Geo. F. Burrows
was found dead In bed by his wife
last night. Deceased had been apparently In the best of health. Death
wns due to heart disease.
Brantford, Jan. 18,���Robert Kelly
attempted suicide by cutting bis
throat with a penknife, Robert K.
Purdy died suddenly at Dundonald
from the bursting of a blood vessel.
Toronto, Jan. 13.���It Is understood
that Whitney, leader of the Ontario
opposition, will shortly take up residence in Toronto. He has been offered a partnership In a legal firm.
Faruman, Jan. 1.3.���All the passengers and crew of tbo French steamer
Russie, which stranded near here on
Monday during a violent storm, have
been landed.     No one was injured.
Rochester, Jan. 13.���Hyman Sapor-
stone, aged four years, d ed at tho
Huhnmann hospital yesterday afternoon, making the thirty-first victim
of tho orphan asylum fire of Tuesday
Montreal, Jan. 13.���The Delpit marriage case is likely to tako an unexpected turn. One of the members of
the legislature intends to ask if Bel-
pit is a public employee und if so to
demand his dismissal.
New Orleans, Jan. 13.���Major Nat
Burbank, of the Picayune, widely
known as a dramatic critic and as
the author of the humorous column
of that paper, died suddenly in a
street car yesterday, aged 55.
London, Jan. 13.���The Anchor line
steamer Ethiopia, Captain McKenzie,
which left Glasgow on Thursday for
New York, via Moville, Ireland, Is
ashore on Holy Island, in tlie Firth
of Clyde.     She Is In a bad position.
Ottawa, Jan. 13.���Lieut. T. A. Pelletier, of Quebec, is on his wuy to
Regina to take up his duties as inspector of the Northwest Mounted
Police. Lieut. Pelletier served with
F company of the first contingent in
South Africa.
Odessa, Jan. 13.���The police, firemen and physicians havo rescued 470
passengers from five trains which
have been snowbound for several
daCs after enduring tiio greatest sufferings. A force of 4,000 workmen is
clearing Hie tracks to Odessa. Four
days' mail has been stalled up.
Montreal, Jan. 13.���It is stated
that Mr. Reeve, goneral manager of
ihe Grand Trunk, has written all former agents of tha company dismissed
since 18D6, requesting details as to
the cause of dismissal, presumably
with a view of re-instating them if
reasons are not serious.
Toronto, Jan. 13.���John W. Cook, a
prominent citizen, was arrested on a
charge of assisting in the abduction
of Miss Bessio Burke, slBter of Col.
M. J. Burke, Unit-jd States consul at
St, Thomas. Tho young lady herself
is tho complainant, and appeurs to
have been removed from her brother's
bouse at. that gentleman's request ou
account ot this agreement.
London, Jan. 12.���A dispatch from
Copenhagen to tho Morning Post says
tho proposal to sell the Danish West
Indies to the United States seems to
have been definitely abandoned. The
ratification of an economic treaty between Denmark and tho United States
ulTecting.. the islands is regarded as
London, Jan. 13.���The government
has appointed a commission, of
which Lord Kelvin, president of the
Royal Society of Edinburgh, is president, to Investigate the beer poison
epidemic. Tbo commission is especially entrusted to enquire into tho
presence of arsenic In beer and other
drinks and foods nnd to report how
the prosenco of tho poison can be
Vancouver, Jan. 12.���Alex. Faulds,
superintendent of tba Alexandria
mines. Vancouver Island, and his
young son, wore shockingly burned
lust Friday as a result of going
down to inspect tho mines with nn
unprotected light, an explosion of
firo damp resulting. The mines havo
been idle for two weeks and the gas
had thus accumulated. The sufferers
will probably recover.
Alloway & Gkwk
BROKERS. . . .
Stoclsa and bonds bought, aold and
carried  on margin.    Listed
mining atocka carried
I f-s*. ���**.���***-.-****. -**> u�� �����-*��
Reported   by Alloway  A Chamklon,
3B2 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Banks. Sellers, Buyers.
Montreal    258     	
Otitarlo           124
Molson's   102      ISO
Coinnsorce         14(1
Commercial cable ....
... 170
Montreal Tel	
... 178
Kids.  A Ont. Nav. ..
... 110
Oity Psiss Hy 	
... 280
Halifax Ily 	
..    00
Montrs-al (las .... ....
... 220IJ
Tssronlo Hy 	
... 110
Duluth l'ref	
...    10
War Eagle	
... 102
V. V. 11., Moiitrs'nl ..
...    02
L*. P, H., sponsion ....
...    04)/,
...      0
Money���On call   ....
...      0
Quoted   by   Alloway   &   Champion,
.*162 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Roichmarks   $0.32%
Austrian Gulden  89%
Holland (Judder* 30
Francs  80
Russian Roubles  50%
Wheat-No. 1 hard, Fort William,
Flour���Lake of tho Woods Five
Roses, $2.10; Patent, $1.95; Medora,
81.60; XXXX, $1.85; Ogilvie Milling
company's Hungarian $2.10; Glenora
Patent, $1.95; Manitoba, $1.60, and
Imperial XXXX $1.20 per sack .of
98 pounds.
Mill Feed���Bran, $14 por ton, bagged; shorts, $16 per ton.
Ground Feed���Oat chop, $25 per
ton: barley chop, $19; mixed barley
and oats, $23; corn chop, $20.
Oats���33 to 35c per bushel.
Barley-,34 to 36c per bushel.
Corn���48 to 4dc per bushel.
Flax���$1.40 to $1.45 per bushel.
Hay���Fresh baled is quoted at $7
to $8 per ton on track fletv, and
looso bay is worth about tho same
Butter���Creamery���20c per pound.
Butter���Dairy���Strictly fresh made
16 to 17c In packages; s?cond grades
14 to 10c.
Cheese���6 to 8c ^rer pound.
Eggs���20c per dozen.
Vegetables���Potato?s, 40c per bus.;
parsley, 80c; carrots and beets, 85c
per bushel; turnips, 20c per bushel;
cabbage, 30 to 60c per dozen; celery,
20c per dozen.
BrcBsed Meats-Beef, country dressed, 4 to 41,6c; city dressed, 5 to 6c;
stags und rough bocf, 4c to .4V$C ;
veal, 5 to 7c; mutton, 8V��c; lhlamb,
10c; hogs, 6 to 0yac.
Poultry���Dressed chickens 8c per
lb; ducks 8'/ac; geese, O^c; turkeys,
Hides���6c for frozen hides, xat rate,
5 Itis tare. Kips same price as hides.
Dea kin skins, 25 to 35c each. Sheepskins, 45c for fresh killed.
Wool���8 to ay2e per pound for unwashed fleece, and 12,/ic for washed.
Tallow���4c per pound.
Seneca Root���33 to 35c.
than three mlleB from Postoillce, will
11 at $1,500; easy turms With interest at 5 por cent���biggest bargain
& COMPANY, Real Estate Agents
und Malingers, Winnipeg.
Washington, Jan. 10.���Tho army
canteen Is to bo abolished, as the
senate today, by a decisive vote concurred in the house provision relating to tho army canteen. Only fifteen votes could bo mustered in tho
senate In favor of tho canteen; 84
wero cast against it.        lb
Union Springs, Ala., Jan. IQ.���Bass
Frazer, a son of Capt. N. II. Frazer,
of this city, Is missing from tho
school In Atlanta and a letter has
been received notifying his father
that ho had been kidnapped.
Ottawa, Jan. 10.���Chris, Foley,
Rossland, who ran as labor candidate fn Yulc-Carlboo at tbe last gen-
oral elections, has been offered and
accepted a position on the Chinese
commission, in place of Ralph Smith,
resigned. Foley will be formally appointed at once.
Toronto, Jan. 10.���The annual
meeting of the Butter and Cheese association of Eastern Ontario began
at Smith's Falls today. A number
of essays on cheese and butter making were read. Prizes given by the
Windsor Salt company and the board
of directors will bo awarded.
T. Sidney Cooper, the English artist,
has just celebrated bis ninety-seventh
Murk Twain thinks London one of the
best ciiic.i lu wblob one may write, because there is thero, be thinks, nothing
new to distinct one.
.Jutllfo Robert Grant of Boston, tbe
novelist, in n member of the board of
overseers of Harvard for 1901, Besides
being a B. A., be in n doctor of philosophy.
Frederic MacMounles has furnished to
tbe committee having lu baud the erection of a uiL'inoiiiil to Hcnjiimin West In
Swartlitiiiire. Pu��� bis conception of what
tlio monument sliould be. MucMotinloH
is a descend nut of West.
Rowland Evnas Robinson, wbo died In
Manchester, N. IJ��� the other dny, wuh
mice well known as tho author of "Dan-
vis Folk*" and other books. Enrly In
Ids career be becutae blind, but this did
not greatly hinder IiIh literary lulmrs.
Frank Stockton's illness bus tuiulu Mm
appreciate the quiet retreat uf bti West
Virginia home from lhe uulse ami excitement of city life. In spile of the Illness,
however, bis 00 yeniH of uge and bis
white hair and mustache, he returns bis
mental vigor, works overy Aay lu Ills
largo library aud wilt soon send from
there a new buok.
Rvhlentb   la Error.
���Tbo doctor tells Archly Pnccr be litis
tbe lobiieen lietirt "
"I doti'l believe It. He uever gave
anybody a clgnr In bis life."���Chicago
"Edith, you migbnri to wottr your pink
Hiiiiti wflidt wiih u rulny duy cklrt."
"Eilgtir, you dim') know a thing nhmit
"Will. I liiiuw t tin I you'd hnve me locked i:p if 1 wore mv ���Ii-hk -o"*. wlili my
plaid Ki.lf hii-e "	
Japanese Invenulty.
The Japiincsu nre ruthless In tbeir
tampering wilh nature, It tbey decide
that tbey want a bird or au animal af
a certain ibapo or color, tbey set about
manufacturing tbo artiale, so to speak,
by tbo exeruisonf exceedingly clever ingenuity and uutiriug patience.
Here, tor example, is how tbe whito
sparrows are produced, Tbey select a
pair of grayish birds aud keep tbem In
a white cage in a whito room, where
tbey are attended by u persou dressud
iu whito. Tho mental effect on n serioi
of generation! of birds results in com-
nletolv white birds��� New York TIiuul
Hit Dreamiway place la down by the brook.
In a nol retreat where tall trues grow;
The mosa is salt lu the shadowy nook,
And there's music made by the water's flow,
And you lie at ease and upward look
And dream the happiest dreams you know.
A great rock shelters the Dreamaway place,
Affording ever the coolest shade;
The preen leaves waver like filmy laet���
A fairy veil o'w the whole spot laid���
'And lilies bow with a winning grace
On the edge ot the brook in the -quiet glade.
Oh, the Dreamaway place la a remedy aurt
For worry and heartache und petty care,
And the wild bird's song ran always cure,
And a tonic lurks in the ������-.-iilcil air!
The spirit groweth strong mid pure
With an hour's repose In Dreamland i*t*o.
-Annie  Willis McCullough in Good  Huuaekeeje
We luid been talking about tbe generally humdrum lives led by nine men
out of teu. ami tbo sud eyed mau wbo
hid hitherto kept silent stiid ns he settled hack Into his chair nml put bis
feet on tbo rnil of the hotel piazza:
"Frum my birth to the present time
1 huve had but oue thing happen to me
tbnt was In the smallest degree uuu-
mull, aud that related to my marriage,
whicli was a little out of the ordinary."
Ho spake with a sleepy drawl that
piqued curiosity, aud I asked him to
tell us whnt hnppened If It wouldn't Interfere with his nap.
He smiled and yawned and snld:
"I was burn aud brought up in Laramie, Wy., nud so was Arabella. Arabella Is my wife. I bad known her all
her life aud bad always loved her, and
rim had done the same by me, and the
course of our nffectlous ran as smooth
as molten mctn'. In 1880 I decided to
marry her, and tbe day was set for
April 2*~t, nud we invited all our friends
uud looked forward to a huppy but
commonplace wedding.
'Must ono week before tbe ceremony
I was called up to North Dakota on a
business mntter which I did not think
would detnlu me more than threo or
four days.
"Arabella did n tittle weeping on my
shoulder, womanlike, nml said, 'What
If you never como hack?' Rut I said:
'Nuw, you know perfectly well that I
always have boon as regular us clockwork. It's ouly a few hundred miles
a wny. nnd I'll be buck aud we'll be
married exactly at 4 o'clock on April
25. uud It will bo the least exciting and
yet happiest wedding that ever took
"1 went up to North Dakota, ami the
Inst ten miles of my journey I hud to
mnke on foot. While I was walking
along it began to snow, and inside of
nu hour n blizzard was raging, and I
bad to put In for shelter at the bouse of
a lane stranger unnied Smlthson, who
kindly gave tue supper nnd told me
thut It would be suicidal for me to go
any farther; that a Dakota blizzard,
the last one of the scusoii. but perhaps
the worst, was upon lis.
'"Wben cau 1 return?' snld I. He
told uio tbnt If tbe blizzard was n real
energetic ono It would be two weeks
before 1 saw home and mamma. You
may imagine my feelings. Hundreds of
miles from Arabella with less thnn a
week luterveiiiug before our marrlnge,
ami uo wny of gettlug word to her! Of
course sbe would think me faithless.
"1 told the stranger my troubles, nnd
be sympathized with me. but said thai
Uo human being could live out lu tbnt
Rtnruit uud when I looked out of the
window I believed bim, It was terrific.
1 Imd been lu tbe New York blizzard of
1SS8, and it was a sultry summer's day
to this one.
"There was nothing to do but to grin
end bear it. Maybe It would stop sooner 'linn my friend thought. He might
be an alarmist, but it grew worse, aud
by oust morning it seemed to bo only
Just beginning to get In its flue work.
The mercury weut su low that I'd hesitate to sny Just wbat the thermometer
recorded for fear of beiug considered
au exaggerator. The snow fell nt the
rate of a foot nn hour ou tho level. The
lnni.se was soou covered up, and we
would have smothered In time If my
friend bad not happened to hare n tin
ventilator tbat ran 50 feet up in tbe air
for Just such occosious.
"Not to make n long story, It was Ave
days before tbe snow stopped, nnd tben
we were suowed lu to tho depth of 50
feet Aud we were dowu to our last
loaf of bread. But the thing tbat worried mc most was the fact that It waa
my wedding day. I sat lu tho pitch
darkness, for our otl had given out,
wondering what Arabella would do
when I didn't turn up. Suddenly we
heard a voice coming down the ventilator.  Smithson groped his way to It
" 'Who's there'/' said be.
"it's tbe parson. Have you food
" 'No, Indeed,' said Smlllison.   'We're
dowu to our last lonf. How are yoti
able to be about, parson?
'"Why, this Is the queerest storm
that ever happened. All Dakota north
of us Is covered, but yours Is tbe last
house in tbe track of tbe storm. South
of bere tbe ground is perfectly bare, so
I hitched up and brought some provisions along and drove to the edge of
this mighty snowbank, and then I put
on my snowshoes ond climbed up. It's
lucky you bad su-jb a long ventilating
pipe. How are you goiug to get out?
Shall I drop aome food down the pipe?
"Smithson told bim that we had not
eaten anything for ten hours, aud wa
were beginning to get up an appetite,
and the next mluute a bundle of pork
and beans was dropped dowu to us.
"if you can tunnel south of your
houso for 20 feet, you'll come out ou
clear country. I'll go home and get
my shovel and dig toward you, and you
oigbt to get out soon.'
Tunltbson thanked the dominie, aad
we tackled the baked beans, and they
tasted like Neapolitan Ice cream. Then
we felt like working. But I was feeling pretty serious, because I kuew that
Arabella was beginning to worry. However, I fell to with a good will, nnd after two hours of hard work we met In
the snow tunnel, the minister and me,
and a minute afterward we walked
out to open air and saw the strangest
sight that could be imagined.
"North as far as the eye could reach
the country lay covered 60 feet deep
with an arctic snowfall. South of us
the grass was Just beginning to show
green, and skunk cabbages were already pushing up through tho earth.
And In front of us stood the parson's
lonely house, with a box of a church
next door to tt and not another building In sight.
"We grasped the parson's band and
told him be was a white man If ever
there was one, and then I asked him
what chances tbere were of* my being
able to get back to Laramie.
"He told me that the road to tbe station was completely blocked, and It
would be two days before I could get
through. Two days! 1 Instinctively
pulled out my watch. It was 3:50. iu
ten minutes, parson,' said 1, 'my wedding will be due In Laramie, and Arabella is even now waiting for mc'
"He was expressing bis sympathy
when we heard a roaring noise, and
Smithson said: 'Run for your lives! A
"Tbe tbree of us Instinctively dived
Iuto tlie snow. Then we heard a muffled roar, and tbe earth shook, and It
was all over, dust to make sure, we
lay lu the suow for a few minutes, aud
theu we crept out. Such n scone ns
met our gazel The church and tbe parson's bouse were the ouly movable
things tbat hadn't moved. Trees were
leveled ou all sides, and the plains In
front of us were full of debris from various states.
"Just lu front of me were half a hundred crates of eggs, whipped to nn omelet by tbe wind; a bunch of bananas,
a white horse aud a library of books
labeled 'Cheyenne Free Library.' And."
stuck lu tbe snowbank wuh n woman
In a gray traveling dress. The parson
pulled her out, wondering If It wus a
neighbor, but I, catching sight of her
face, recognized her as Arabella! Arabella In her wedding dress, my friends!
"Of course tbe uext day's papers ull
over the country had full accounts of
the awful cyclone that hnd struck Laramie and had ruu uortheast Into thu
Dakotas, but uot a word about Arabella except the fact that sbe was missing
and her mother wos frautlc.
"Now, you may say that It was her
woman's love that guided her on the
back of the storm to where 1 was, but
even If so lt was a remarkable occurrence.
"In a minute sbe opened her eyes,
and then she sat up, aud tben she saw
me. She was always quick to take lu
a situation, and s��e held out ber arms
to me. I kissed ber Just once for luck,
aud tben I looked at my watch. It was
" 'Parson/ said I, 'the church Is still
standing.' "���Denver Post.
A UimiiH'tliin.
"You bave ti guuA ileal ut tntsurnncc to
come to ine for chin Ity," snid ibe iniiii uf
the bouse, "tvllh your face till bunged up
from lighting. You're untiling bul a bruiser!"
"No, sir," replied Ihe e ly vagrant.
who was hot winning In nplrtt. "Tlm
other feller was the bruiser. I'm the
bruisee."���Chicago Tribune.
Literally Ho.
"Well, Sambo, I see thut ynu are still
at yonr old occupation."
"Ob, yesslr. Me nn de whitewash
brcsh am still In pcdnortdilp."
"fio I see. And how's business? Im it
looking up?'
"Dat perclsely whnt It am, sab. "1'r.e
kalsomlnln de ceilin er de Hiipiis'
ebu'eh."���Boston Courier.
Bis tyetem.
Bobbs���Nobbs snys he rum bli business Just like clockwork.
Dobbs��� Yes. I understand be runs on
tick.���Baltimore American.
Croup, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Severe Chest
Coughs Cannot Withstand the Soothing, Healing
Effects of Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
It Is tho mothers who especially appreciate the unusual virtues of Dr,
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine. They keep it in tho houso as
the most prompt and certain cure obtainable for croup, bronchitis and severe coughs and colds to which children aro subject. Ii has never failed
them. Scores of thousands of mothers
say: " 'Twas Ur. Chase who saved
our baby."
Mrs. F. W. Bond, 20 Macdonald
street, Barrle, Ont., says :���"Having
tried your medicine, my faith Is vory
high In Its powers of curing coughs
and croup. My little girl has been
subject to croup for a long time, and
1 found nothing to cure ft until 1
gave Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed
and Turpentine, I cannot speak too
highly of it."
Mr. W. A. Wyllo, 57 Seaton street,
Toronto, states:���"My little grandchild had suffered with a nasty, hacking cough for about eight weeks
when wo procured a bottle of Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine. After the first dose she called
lt 'honey' and was eager for medicine timo to come around.   I can slm-
1 ply state that part of one bottle cured her, and she 1b now woll and   as
I bright as a cricket."
|   Mrs. F. Dwyer of ChesterVllle, says:
I "My littlo girl of three years had an
attack of bronchial pneumonia. My
husband and I thought sho was going to leave the world as her case resisted tho doctor's treatment. I
nought a bottle of Dr. Chase's Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine from   our
1 popular drugglBt, W 11. Bolster. After the tirst two or three doses tho
child began to get butter, and wo aro
thankful to say Is all right to-day
after soven weeks' sickness,'
Mr. E, Hill, fireman, Derkelet St.,
Fire Hall, Toronto, says: "I deslro
to sny lu favor ol Dr. Chase's Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine thai ono
of my children was promptly relieved of whooping cougji, and as long
as obtainable will not be without It
in the houso, nor use any other medicine."
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine is sold every whero und is
usod fn more homes than any other
treatment for diseases of the throat
and lungs. 25 cents a bottle. Ed-
inunson, Dates & Co., Toronto. Golden- Bha.
Bat   th.   So.pe<-t��d   Chicken   Thl.f
Proved an Alibi.
"Now, then, I've caught jrou in the
act!" exclaimed the policeman as he
came uppn a colored man who was
Just coming out ot an alley at midnight
with something In a bag.
"Yes, sab, you've got me," was tbe
"I've been laying for you (or a dozen
nights past, and here you are at last!
Uow many you got In that bag?"
"Only oik, sab."
"Got a tooth for chicken, eht"
"Yes, sab; drefful fond o' cblckeu,
sab. But de price Is awful high dli
"We'll see about tbe price. Any one
with you!"
"No, sab."
"Oot scared before you tilled the bag,
eh?  Well, you come along with me."
"Yea, sab���whar you gwtne to?"
"I'm going to ring up the wagon ansl
bave you taken In. The Judge will put
you where you won't taste chicken
again for tbree months. Wbere did you
get it?"
"De chicken, sab?"
"Hain't got none, boas. I dun told
yo' de price was so high dis winter dat
1 couldn't afford chicken."
"So you don't call this a chicken?"
exclaimed the officer as he reached tor
the bag and shook the contents out on
the walk.
"No, sals," replied the man as a big
black and white cat was dumped out
with a yeowl und ran up the officer's
body to bis bead and sprang Into the
limbs of a shade tree.
"No, sals," he went on as hc reached
for tbe bag and folslesl It up: "no, sah,
dat ain't no chicken, but an ole cat dat
I was.carrylu off to git lostcd. Can't
dun make out, sah, how you calls dat a
chicken, but If you sez so I hain't
gwlne to dispute It. As I told you
befo' "-
But tbe officer falsest him one and ordered him to move on.       M. Quad.
The Kussinn government has decided to adopt tho metric system of
weights and measures, and the ministry of finance is now engaged in
considering the time and manner of
introducing this reform.
The great demand for a pleasant, safe and
reliable antldutu for all affections of lho
throat und lungs is fdlly met with In Blckle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup. It Is a purely
Vegetable Compound, and acts promptly
ana magically In subduing all coughs, colds,
bronchitis, nflammntlun of the Tungs, etc.
It Is so pnliiiiiblo thit u child will nut refuse
ft, and is rut nt a price that will not exclude
the pom frum Its benefits.
The. girl wilh tho groat, seraphic,
gray eyes complained bitterly of the
timidity of her steady company.
"(Jive him the mitten!" advised
hor entourage, unhesitatingly.
"What, for    coltt   feet?" exclaimed
V. C. Richards &, Co.
t,        Pear Sirs.���Your   MINAHIVS LIN-
^     MENT Is our remedy for sore throat
colds and all ordinary ailments.
_ It never fails to relieve and    curo
^    promptly.
Port Mulgrave.
WIlO,    llllllTlIt
Chmiyr-WVn 1 so out, ill the girts
SUiM**, MniWinrltnov.
IWHo��� Who can blame them?���Chi-
CPgo News.
"I sliould like you to indorse my
candidacy." said tbo candidate.
"Nay, nay," replied tbe voter; I
know several men who hnvo been
ruined by indorsing."
One of the most dangerous and repulsive foetus of
Kidney Disease Is
for which Dodd's Kidnoy
PUIs ss*��� tbo only cerUls,
cure. In Drops) tho Kidneys are actually dammtd
up, and tho water, which
ahould bo Mpelled In th.
form of urine, floss**, back
and lodges In tho oils of
th. flsah and psilft out the
skin. Remove the film
which plugs up tho drain.
Roator. A. Kldoeys to
health*. Thsre la o��ly oo.
Kidney Ms-dlcin.
Pills ���=���**���=
' Mr.   Kruger   has   been   restored to
Several people were killed in a Chicago theatre panic.
Ice floes threaten to block the port
of St. John's, Nfld.
A Yokonaina report stales that
400 fishermen were lost >n a storm.
It is stated that Lord Curzon will
be succeoded as viceroy of ludin by
Lord C'adogun.
The .steamship Lake Superior bus
brought to Halifax 658 now settlers
for the Canadian West.
Two -.rainmon were kilbici and several Injured in a train wreck near
Kallspell, Mich.
It is said that scandalous conduct
prevailed on the stranded Russte ;
tlio crew mutinied.
A miner was killed and two icri-
ously injured by a dynamite explosion at Lillooet, It. C.
Tbo Czar is 111 again.
Tho passengors on tho French vessel Russia were landed in safety.
A passenger train collision, with
latal results, is reported from Michigan.
Tbe steamer Ethiopia was floated
from a dangerous position on Holy
A party of Workmen were dropped
into tho river at Pittsburg, Pa. Four
wero drowned.
Snowbound passengers, to the number of 3,000, are suffering terribly in
Southwestern Russia.
The Duke of Norfolk has been violently attacked for his address in
Rome by tho Daily Nuws.
A report of an attempted assassination of tbo Prince of Wales turns
out to bave littlo foundation.
A large steel company will establish a branch at Colllngwood, employing 800 hands.
Tho Anchor lino steamer Ethiopia
is ashore.
Major Townley was elected mayor
of Vancouver.
The Dominion census enumeration
commences April 1,
Thero is an epidemic of la grippe in
the large United States cities.
John W. Cook, a prominent Toronto citizen, has been charged by a St.
'nomas lady with abduction.
A case of inhumanity in Brandon Is
roported In connection with tho refusal to accept an insane woman at
the asylum.
Tho two men arrested in Detroit
charged with passing forged Dominion bank bills, received a six years'
sentence at Sandwich, Ont.
Tho United States senato decided to
abolish tbo army canteen.
There arc 2(17 cases of smallpox in
tlie slate of Kansas.
Retiring Governor Llnd of Minnesota assaulted a St. Paul editor.
The trials at Cherbourg of the submarine boat wore entirely satisfactory.
A wealthy Wisconsin lumber firm
has decided to locate in Fort William.
A train on the Colorado & Southern railway Is engulfed In a snow-
lien. Sihith-Dorlen has rccommend-i
ed four Canadians for the Victoria
Cross decoration.
A newly married couple from York-
ton speut their honeymoon in tho
Winnipeg police station.
Toronto's death record for 1900
was 3,��05.
Four lives were lost in a New
York building fire.
Colombia and Venezuela aro again'
on tho verge of war.
Eight men wero killed in a collision
on tbe Daltlmore & Ohio railway.
Soveral nurses in Bellevue hospital,
New York, have been charged with
Five men wero arreBted for carrying a safe in broad daylight from a
Boston Jowelery store.
Ex-Mayor James McCready Show,
of Moncton, N.U., who disappeared
In 1892, has been heard from.
A terrible disaster threatens tho
steamer Russie, off the French coast,
nnd the lives of 90 persons oro In
great peril.
Tho Montreal police superintendent
has resigned.
The salo of the Reading railroad '
has been confirmed,
Intense cold prevails in Europe, accompanied by severe storms.
Word has been received of the massacre of 100 little boys at Nanking.
Frank W. Wright, schoolmaster at
Cardston, Alta., accidentally killed
A big battle was fought In Venezuela, resulting in the defeat of the
Tho war ottlco has not confirmed
the statement that four Canadians
will bo recommended for the Victoria
Archbishop   Bruchesl has threatened to suppress certain Quebec news- Ij
papers    which have been    attacking
thn marriage laws.
John  1��� Sultiran'M  Hrnivn.
.Some emlneul tragedians were unco
quizzing John L, Sullivan, tben la his
heyday. Snld cue nf tbem:
��� "Sny, Jobu. why don't you try the legitimate? Lock at Muldoon. He bus
played the wrestler until he Is as we'd
Uuu iv n lu couuccUnii with Sbftkespenie
us lie Isou tbe rant."
John looked thoughtful for a moment
nud then growled:
"Say. do you think I could do It?"
"Why. sure. Ploy 'The Gladiator.'
Just the piece for you."
Ouce again .lohn thought awhile uud
tben said:
"Say, Hint's a good Idea. I thllfk I've
gol a good Hellenic io work with It ino."
"Whai Is It. .John?"
"Why, I'd hove a real solid iron
arena. I'd come Into the arena and
holler, 'Bring out your wild ox!' Seel
Then I'd bave 'em bring In a live bull.
f\l wrestle round the ring with It until
I goto good bold ou Its bonis, and then
I'd slowly twist It dowu and break lis
neck. Then I'd put my foot on its nock
and say, 'Behold the invincible, yours
truly, John L, Sullivun, champion of
the world!' I'd kill a real live bull for
'em every nlgbt. How do you think
"GreatI But great Scott, Jobul Can
you kill a bull like that?"
"Htthl Can I? Come out to tbe
slaughter bouse aud see me do XV-
She Hnd Triad Many Meilicluen Without
Avull, Hat Ultimately Fiittnd a Oare
Through the V*e ot Ur Williams' Flak
Few bodily afflictions are more terrible than disease of the heart. To
live in constant dread and expectation of death, sudden and with last
farewells unspoken is for most people more awful to contemplate than
the most serious lingering illness.
The slightest excitement brings suffering and danger to such people.
For several years Mrs. t.ruvel, wife
of P. H. A. (iruvol, foreman In
Barry's cigar factory, St. John's suburb, Quebec, was such a sufferer, but
thanks lo Dr. Williams' Pink Tills
she is again in lhe enjoyment of
good health.   Mrs. Gravel suys:���
" My geueral health was bud for
several years, my appetite was poor,
and 1 was easily tired, but it was
the fretpient sharp pains and violent
palpitation of my heart which caused
me the greatest alarm. 1 tried many
medicines, und was treated by several doctors, but in vain. Finally 1
became so poorly that 1 wus not
ablo to do any household work, and
was frequently confined to my bed.
At the suggestion of one of my
friends I decided lo try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. After taking a few boxes
I began to gain new strength and
vigor. The pains in my heart were
less frequent and less severe, und in
every way my health was improving. I continued using the pills until
1 had taken eight boxes, when 1 had
completely recovered my health. I
have gained in flush; my appetite is
good, and I uiu aide lo do nil my
iiousfho'd work without feeling the
awful fatigue I was before subject
to. I am very thankful to Dr, Williams' Pink Pills, for they have truly
released me from much suffering, and
I hope that others may be induced to
try Ihis wonderful medicine."
Di. Williams' Pink Pills cure by go-
mg to tho root of tho dlsense. Thjy
r.'tiew nnd build up tho blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving
���disease from the system. Avoid Imitations by Insisting tlmt every box
you purchase is enclosed in a wrapper bearing tbo full trade mark. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pule People.
If your dealer does not I oap thoifl
Whey will lw sent postpaid ul 50
���rints a box, or six boxes f >r $3X0,
tby addressing lhe Dr. Will funis' Medicine Co., Brockville,  Ont.
He���Do you think I'd huve uuy elmnce
Vith Isabel?
���She��� You might. I've heard her say
alwsluiplv bates men.���Chicago News.
Tlie Queen Bee.
According to Father Brown, in a paper read beforo the Ueientific society at
Preston, a queen beo sometimes lays nt
the rate of two eggs u minnte, and the
total weight of tbe eggs Is one and a
hull times that of her own body on a
summer day, As she lives four or five
years sbe must layabout one and a half
millions in the course of her life, Her
(yes are smaller than those of tbe other
bees, owing to long resldeuce iu the
hive. Her sting is 800 times smaller in
diameter tbau a piu, and as she can
seldom draw It out after stinging a per-
iou she leaves it iu and dies afterward.
���Loudou TimeH,
The hero of the melodrama was greatly east dowu. ,
"I was led lo believe you would bo
my good fairy," he exclaimed, with
cmottou. "aud I find you Instead a
wicked adventuress!"
"Yes; 1 fouud ut the Inst moment thar
I had conscientious scruples ngnlust
wearing tights!" snld tbe woman, with,
nu eerie laugh, whiob served lu no
sense to conceal ber utter wretched
A curious criminal law exists In
Qttoeea, A man who Is there sentenced lo death waits two years before lho .execution of the sentence.
Tbo London correspondent of Tbo
Now York Sun says "that the most
promising market is offered in tho
United Kingdom for American furniture manufacturers," and also adds
that "by sending good furniture enterprising manufacturers will find a
trade awaiting thein which will pay
handsome profits." The Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Limited, which
came into existence laBt week, with
a capital of 93,000,000, is well
equipped to do a very large export
trade. It has absorbed the Furniture Manufacturing Exporting Co,
of Berlin and Liverpool, and also the
Anderson Furniture Co.'s English organization. This will give the new
company ample facilities to competo
with the United States factories successfully. In connection with this
we might add that the Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Limited, offer
a portion of preference stock to   the
��� public.   It Is one of the best invest-
* ments offered.
For 60 Years
mothers have been giving their
children for croup, coughs and
Mothers-���have wn Shiloh in
the house at all times? Do
you know just where you can
rind it if you need it quickly���
if your little one. is gasping
and choking with croup? If
you haven't it get a bottle.
It will save your child's life.
"Shiioh alwayi cured my   baby   ot  croup,
coughs and colda,   1 would not be without il,"
Shllnh'sCnniuinptltm Ctit-o In sold by all
drugging In OhiiiuIh mid United Slut** at
Wo, floe, ��1,00 �� lti-.ui".   Iii Oreat IlrlUIn
at In.  Sil., Sn, 3d., nud 4a. Oil.   A printed
gimrttiiti'H gotiti   witli twery bottle.   If you
���re not nut lulled (to to ymir <l niggli-it und
-get your money Imek.
Write f*��r illustrate-.! book nn Con mi motion.   Sent
without cost io you. S. 0. Weill <k Co., Torouto,
He Wm Slow,
Lincoln usod t;i be fond at telling a
���story of n lawyer lu n western town
who desired the nomtlWtlou for county
judge. On the morulhg preceding the
evening on whicli the county couveu-
llun was to meet bu applied to the livery stable keeper In his village for a
horse and buggy lu whicli to drive to
tho comity town, HJ miles distant,
where tbe convention was to be held.
"(Jive me the best and tho fastest
horse you have, Sam." snld be. "so that
I will have time to go around and tej
the boys before the convention comes
The liveryman, however, wns supporting a rival candidate and gave the
lawyer a horse thut outwardly appeared perfect but which broke down entirely before half the Journey wns com-
pleled, yo tlmt when the candidate arrived llie convention had adjourned
and his rival had been nominated.
On his return to the stable late the
following afternoon, knowing that it
was useless to resent tbe trick played
upon him, he said to the owner; "Look
here. Smith, you must be training this
burse for the New York market. You
expect to sell him to tut undertaker for
n hearse horse, dou't you? Well, It's
time wasted. 1 know from his gait
tbnt you hnve spent days training lilm
to pull n hearse, but he'll prove n dead
failure. Why, he's sn slow he couldn't
get u corpse lo the cemetery in lime fur
the resurrect Iou."
guruing the pouulu Internal aud exter-
ial remedy, 1)11. THOMAS' ECLEU-
TRIO OIL���do not, so tar us kuowu, exist. Tl.c testimony is punitive and con-
uuironc that the article relieves ulytdcal
|juiu, cures lameness- checks a rough, 1b
au excellent remedy for pains and rheu
inatlo compliant.-', und it Has no nauseating or other unpleasant effect when taken
Internal ly.
A pair of huge tusks were recently
secured from an African elephant.
"Measured nlong the outer curve, each
tusk was ten feet und four Inched
long, but. they difTcred a littlo in
weight, one weighing 22"�� and the
cither 235 pounds, or a total of 4(tO
pounds, which the elephant had carried about without llie least inconvenience.
OUT OF SORTS���Symptoms, Headache.
to.-*- nf upp tile, 'uvieil tongue, and general
Indisposition. 'Hum! HymptuniB, if neglected, develop Into acute disciire. It Uu trite
saying thiii " an ounce of prevention Is
wot th n pound of cure," and n little attention at thin point may wive months of rick-
ii' ���-�������� and large doctor's bills, For this com*
n'uiot take from two to three of Parmelee's
VegeUiblo Pilla on going to bed, und one or
two for threo mollis In succession, and a
cure will be effected.
dirlalenln* tho Children.
An Engl Mi parson of n church In
Berblce. Uritlsh (iuluiia. writes entertainingly of bis pastoral duties. In the
mailer of christening the choke of
nnme is left io the taste or fancy of the
parents. This lemfff to strange combinations. Ue copies from his register
"Nannie Hellono," "Trunk Locust" nnd
"Whisky Knininnuol." Of earlier times
he tells the following.
One block man brought bis child, and
when the minister asked Its name lie
suld, "Seriatim nd Valorem."
On another occasion (be parson asked, "What Is tbe name of the child?"
The father snld, "Ax,' parson." Tbe
minister looked luqulringly at the man
and said:
"But I don't understand you."
- "Well, parson," said the mau, "my
mind gl'e me to go troo de New Testament I hnve bud four boys. The flrst
wns named Matthew, the second Mark,
the third Luke nud lhe fourth John.
Now, this, Ihe tilth oue, Is tu be Ax
(Acts], parson"
"I should like to know whon you
ure going to pay that bill. I can't
come bore every day iu tho week."
"What day would suit you boat?"
"Very well, then, you can call
every Saturday.
A sanitary Testament for the use
of courtrooms hat* been put nn tbe
market. It is bound with white celluloid instead of leather, and It. can,
therefore, be washed nnd disinfected
from time to time.
Her Idea off It.
"If I were ptesidcht of the United
States," sbo annoiiiiceil, "some of thu
laws would lead differently."!
"But, my dear," ho mildly protested,
"tho president doesn't write the laws."
"He doesn't V"
"Certainly not."
"Well, If I were president." she said,
wilh decision, "the president would write
the laws."
"I believe yau. my dear," ho meekly replied.-Cbicaco rust.
A Bit off ttomanee.
He (tentatively)���What would you
say, dear, tf 1 should usk you to marry
She (thoughtfully)-What would 1
Ho (hopefully)���Yes, dearest.
Sho���I would say���I would sny���
Ho (eagerly)���Yes, dear.   Go on.
She-1 would sny thnt Charlie Brown
had asked me three weeks ige ji*m1 1
had accepted him.
Aa Instruct Ire Ktmay ou now Not to
Do  It.
A sceret, liko nn oyster, cannot ho
kept too close, for the moment il is
opened it ceases to exist.
A Frenoh philosopher says: "A ma
Is more faithful to tbe secrets of uuotL
er than to his own; tt womnu, ou th.
contrary, preserves her own secret better than that of another."
Tbe explanation given for womnu '
proneness to let the cut out of the bag
is that sbe is afrnUfcsbe might die, un'
then thore would be uo one left to kee;i
Nona are so fund of secrets as lliost;
who dou't menu io keep Ihem. Sucu
persons covet secrets ns u spendthrift,
covets money���for the purpose of cli-
cu la tion.
"My dear Murphy," snld an Irishman
to his friend, "why did you betray thu
secret I told you?"
"Is It bethrnylu yon call it? Sure
Whin I found 1 wasn't able to keep t\
myself dldu't 1 do well to tell It to
somebody who could?"
Secrets are pour property. If yon
circulate ihem, yuu lose them, und if
ynu keep thom yuu lose the interest on
the Investment.
"Whnt ore yon sealing up in that envelope so carefully, Jones?"
"Important Instructions that I forgot
to give my wife before I came to town
thin tnot-uiug. I'm going to send It up
"Will your wife open It nt once?"
"Rather,   I've made sure of that."
"1 have addressed It to myself and
put a big 'Private' on tho coiner of
the envelope."���Tit*Bits.
I Ua-VAllA,    FACTORY, Montreal
Bobbs���Too bad about Nobbs. Lost
all of his furniture because or a false
alarm ol fire nt his house.
Dobbs���But if there wus no iiro,
how could his furniture be destroyed?
Bobbs���Well, you see, Nobbs lives
in a suburban town where thoy havo
a volunteer lire brigade.
MINARD'S LINIMENT Lumberman's Friend,
"Papa, what is the difference between a politician and u statesman?"
"My son, tho statesman rules Ihe
country and the politician rules the
A country paper suys in an obituary:   "Mr. X  was on -estimable
citizen. lie lived uprightly: he died
with perfect resignation. lie had
been recently married.
Ask for Ming and Me no other.
"Thrifty got married rather suddenly, didn't ho ?'���
"Yes, Somebody gave hiin a railway pass to Old Point Comfort for
two, und lie didn't want, to waste
"Here's a very good book," fcald
the persistent newsboy: "How lo
win n Woman."
"You haven't got one on how in
lose 'em, havo you?" said the bald-
headed passenger.
essloned by the want of action in the Miliary
ducts, loss of vtt-t-llij in the etomuehtow
cro e tha gastric juicis, without which dlaea-
lion cannot yo on; al o being tho principal
came of head.,ohe,   Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills taken before goiug lo bed, for u while,
never fail to ffivo relief nnd effect a cure.
Mr. F. W. Ashuown, Ashdown, Out,, writest
"Parmeloo's rills are taking the kind against
t n oilier iimla-s which 1 have la stock.
Mrs. Theodora Roosevelt Is of the
irientcst aid to her husband iu Ids literary work.
At the annual distribution of awards nt
Trinity college, England, Miss S. Alice
l-'Uh received tlie gold medal. It has imt
been awarded in two years, ns none "l
ihe musical compositions wore considered
KUllicleiitly ����>'"! l" merit it. Miss Fish
al��i took the medal for huruiony.
Governor Wells nt Utah bus appointed
Mrs. Em imt J, McYlcker to til! e va-
cancy caused by the death of Dr, , Im Ii.
1'nrk, stuto superintendent of public instruction. The appointment lusts until
next January, when ihe caudidalo cho-
HUH nl lhe Coming election will lake pos-
session of the oliice,
One ��f tliu delegates, tbe representative nt Georgia, at the convention ol
wholesale druggists ut Cblciign was a
wiuiitin���Mrs, I'n n uie Loiiinr Rtinktu,
She is the only woman member of lin
association and is largely Interested lu
several big wholesale drug Arms in various parts ot the country,
Mrs. Itallltigtou llootli lias undertnlan
a gtvtlt woik lu tlio care of discharged
prisoners. During six weeks tlm ra *���
Miinumi* she ml dressed -ii Cliiiiiimuiitii
gatherings, nl uite of which' llMHW per-
MillH Were present. In seven dilYeient
slates. Klin hns already ol) lecture en
gitgeinents made lor iho winter up to
next March,
l-'ew peoplo have n good word to say
for a London fog, Imi among the few ti
Mine. Modjeska. Her lirst acquaintance
with the phenomenon so interested her
that she order-mi her ennlago and went
fm- a drive hi the pail*: that she might
hnvo the pleasure of seeing the weird effect of people nnd carriages emerging
from tlie mist which enshrouded them.
Mme, Adelhia Pntll (Baroness Rolf
Coderstrotn), who recently received from
the king of Sweden the order of "Uteri!
et Artihus" for glvlag her services at a
charity concert which she organised al
iho Royal Opera House, Stockholm.'was
also the recipient before leaving tho oily
of the king's nud queen's photographs,
Uf'ttrlug lhe autograph signatures of their
Mrs. ,1. L, Gardner, the Boston society
woman, popularly known ns Mrs. 'Mack"
Gardner, has denied lho report that she
purchased or knew the whereabouts of
tbo Madonna of Bntlicolli, which belonged to Prince Chii-tl of Rome, aud which
thnt prince Is said to have sold lo a for-
cigncr. Italian law rorhids the mile of
any work of the old masters to persons
living outside uf Ilaly.
The bones of a human being will
bear three times ts great a pressure
as oak ond nearly as much as
wrought iron without being crushed.
To get clean GREEN tea use the machine-made tea
of Ceylon and India. It contains no adulterants, no
sticks, no willow leaves���it's all tea.
The same is true of BLACK.
Make n I'c-l uf tin- Rut.
"As n matter of fact," says a courageous writer in the Boston Transcript,
"the common rat Is a vastly more intelligent oreiiiiire than the squirrel or ihe
average cal. I nni more thnn half convinced tbnt tbe resources of the rat ns
n household pot would If fairly les.i'il
prove very great The nu is umloubl-
idly capable of a higher and more hub
male form uf domestication than tbnt
which lie now commonly assigns to
himself. He Is nt present a resident nf
our houses on unwelcome terms, ami
he mu!;es himself, quite imliirally, as
much an enemy of the household n ���
"Let the rat be welcomed nml inn do n
friend of the family, as has In eu done
lu a few eases, and he becomes a different sort of fellow altogether. No
longer forced to steal his fowl, lie becomes a playmate nud a eompituio'i
Tbe sleek nud well groomed gray rut ti,
barring Uw ordinary baldness of IiI.h
tail, quite as pretty and graceful a
creature as the squirrel, nmi there is no
reason why we sliould mil become *-*���:���
much ne customed to ibe appearance t.t
his will that in time wo should regit d ll
ns quite oi'tinmenial."
$100 REWARD. $100.
Tl e rc.;d'-i'B of hi- payor will lie pl-iwoi! to
loiuQ that lie-re is at len��t i ne dri-ndeii illsiiuse
Hint Ko.eiicu lim 1 m-n ub'e to i-ure In il ii-
stniti'S, ;.nrl tlmt i- catarrh. Hull's Catarrh Cure
In tni- only i> nit.v.- cure known tu the iin-.llcul
fraternity. Ca*arrh lieing n constitutional "i-
eust-, requires a i-ou-titut.iinul re-itm ut.
H.ill'.-i ��� a'uTh fun'i- taken internally, acting
directly upon he bloidnuil mucous surfaces oi
the Hj-tcm. tlnreby d.-siroyii.g the fountlntioii
of the tii eiise.iiml giving iho ��� atleut strength
hy lmil'lliiR 'i|) the roii-n'union and ass sting
iialure in d' i*.�� lis wurk. The i-r'iirictor- hav.-
v> much liiith In its curative powers that they
oiTer Uno H midred Dollars for any cone that It
fulls lo cur",   rtei-il fur li-.t of testimonials.
Ad.lreB-*.      F. J. t HkNKY & Co., Toledo. <>
Sold hy DrugglHts, ex-.
Halls Family Tills ure the best.
The   DIHeri-iii'i-   Di'twcen   the   Hn*-
linml nnd tlu- 1*'inure.
The difference lietween the masculine
disposition before and after marriqge was
forcibly Illustrated yesterday in one of
our largo shops, where two of tho lords of
crentlou waited for dilatory women wilh
whom they hnd appointments.
Both had chosen a point of vantage at
lhe silk counter, where they could see every oue who entered, nnd from 11:55 to
12:10 ufter Mr. Married Mun���every onlooker know he was nmrried by his im-
patience���looked at his wntch on an aver-
nge of twice a minute and gnawed Ids
mustache continuously nml so savagely
that the saleswomen iu bis Immediate vicinity edged awuy and watched events
At ton minutes after the noon hour the
situation wus relieved by the nppcaraoce
on the scene of u pretty little womnn, a
Hushed and hurried little woman, who
eyed her liege lord askance as she approached.
"I'm sorry I'm a few minutes late,
���lack," she snid, "Imt that dreadful tailor
wouldn't lot tno go until he'd basted tho
lust seam to his satisfaction,"
"I'm sorry also," responded her companion coldly, "for your tardiness will
necessitate my going without my luncheon. This is the lust appointment I'll
ever mnke with you." Ami away they
went together, milady looking injured
and milord majestically offended, though,
como to think of It, W, minutes isn't such
a grent spacv of timo nfter nil.
The other man was not married, That
was evident from his patience and the
beaming glance with which he received
the winsome bit of femininity for which
he wnlted, though Bho wns n full half
hour behind time. Perhaps when the
words have been snid over his bend tbnt
give him nn Inalienable right to find fault
he will not be so amiable, but ho wns
"Am I late?" asked the young woman,
with u Hue disregard for the evidence of
the clock right in front of her eyes.
"Oli, a trltle," replied her cnvnlior disingenuously; "but it doesn't make u particle of difference, I've been very much
amused nt the crowd."
Of course he hadn't been nt nil. He'd
been striding up nud down, looking uml
feeling ns out of place as a bull in n
china shop, but ho wouldn't hnvo said so
for worlds.
All of which Illustrates the fact that
marriage is n sort of furnace in which is
transmuted bearish uess uud thnt appalling plainness of speech that lends to tho
courts sometimes, Hnt why this should
iu> bo no prouhei has yet arisen iu Israel
to explain.
The man 1 know wns always late,
And so  I loitered in my gait.
Then he for ouce wns Ihere on Hint
To chldo mo wiih a nerve sublime.
In our new and h;...d-
somcly Illustrated scat.-c-
lo-jue ynu will find lull
lines and prices of all
that Is newest In wedding
rings, bridal presents,
bridesmaids' favors, wedding invitations, etc.
A copy of this catalogue will be cheerfully
sent you upon application.
Ryrie Bros.,
Vossje and Add.Id. St..,
We prepay charge* and
refund money if desired.
The FamuiiH am.iIhiIi Lake.
Asphnlt Is being dug out of tbe famous tar lake of Trinidad, tbe most
notable existing source cf the material
In the world, nt the rate of 80,000 tcus
per annum,   There nre still 4,500,000
tons iu sight, hut as this rate the supply could not Inst long were It uot that
tbe hike bitumen referred to is receiving n constant accretion from the bowels of ihe earth.    This accretion  Is
reckoned as amount lug to nbout 20.000
tons yearly nnd would sultlce to restore
the Inke to its original condition If It
were nlloweil to remain undisturbed
for a few years.
This wonderful lake of pitch has nn
; area of III acres, nml recent sound-
I lugs made In the middle of ii  have
l shown the depth lo be Kin feel In ttini
! part   Near the center it Is Remflli|Uld
; and bubbling, but elsewhere it lias sn
' hard a surface thai a man mi horse-
! back can ride over ll without ditngi r of
1 breaking through Hie crust.   Scattered
i over Us surface are n it timber of small
, Islands which have no proper toots lu
the earth, so to speak, but nre composed   merely of necit inula tlons of soil.
though trees of considerable slr.e grow
on some of thein.   These I sin lids are
um stationary, but tire carried slowly
from place to place by the movements
of the lake.   Now and then one of them
Is entirely engulfed.
There never wns, and never will be, ���
universal panacea, in one rem dy, for all ills
lo which fl.sh is heir���the very oature of
many curatives being such that were the
germs of oiher and differently tented dis-
elites rooted in the pystcm of the patient���
whnt would relievo one ill in turn would ug-
gr.ivatc lho otter, VVe have, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unndulteruti d state, a remedy for many and
grievous lt!e. By its gradunl and judicious
uso tbe frailest systems aro led intoconvit-
lercence nnd strength b.v the influence which
Quinine exerts cn nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom u chronic state of morbid despondency und luck of Interest in life is a disease,
and, by tran qui lining the nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing sleep���Imparls vigor
to the action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening iiu; healthy animal functions
of tlio system, thereby malting nctivity u
necessary result, strengthening the frame,
nnd giving life to the digestive organs, wbieh
naturally demand' Increased subfltnnce���result, improved appetite, Northrop A Lyman,
of Toronto hnve given to the public their
superior Quinine Wine nt the usual rate,and,
gauged by the opinion of scientists, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
tlie tnurket,   Al) drugifist-B sell It.
An unliable mule mimed Jim has
for years been employed in a coal
mine ui Oalton, <>. Tbe mine boss
decided to transfer Jim to another
mine. Four hundred miners objected
nnd struck.
Brass Band
IiiatrninenU, Drum*, Uniform*, Etc.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fine catalogue
50. llluatrRtloni mailed free. Write a* for any-
thing In Music or MiihI'bI IiutruineotB.
Whaley Koyco k Co., ^.feSi.
McCDllOGb & Boswell K-ffiSHR.1
Racing und Hockey Skates, have removed
from 210 MclX-rmutt St. iolBO Lombard St.,
opp, Mclntyro Bile,, Winnipeg.
HiiiiuliU'turiil by THOS, M.i:, Winnipeg,
A New Cream
I um introducing one this year of very superior merit, und if you buy without writing
for my descriptive Catalogue, you will be
doing yourself n great Injustice,
Wm. Scott, M6��&.r,���
Tlie Ontario Northwest Acetylene Chi? Co.,
Uear Sir���I have us 'il ymir uinchinn for aome
time and imi exceedingly well pirated with it.
I cuu say ilint it ti much more stmiile sntttfao-
i-'t-v. ecoiunnirnl, nid tnoro   eiiHilv managed
Ihnn nny machine that I hnve seen,   I hnve fuit
Pitt eut Iwo otht-r luiichinspf iluit were utter
Iniliitvs.     Yoari, Rev. Osnotl (iibhtm Stiieki'ii,
Manufactured by NorthweM Ai-Mvicne Ow
Co., *'. Princess Street, Winnipeg.
Wheeler Wilson MfcCo.'sMnr.
Ing Sowing Mnclihiat mo K easier nnd i-j fiuter
tlui.li -nv vibrating machine lu the world,
tgcntl wanted* Api-lv to.l.lv MryiieB.iienerttl
Agent,:(.'..'- MiUn St., Winnipeg.
Catholic Prayer ^,-lA
ulara, RAtgjpu, l'ii-turc-..Hsalunry,anslClins-oh
OrisainerilH, Kilucssttossal Work., .tl onli-r. re-
Hive prompt attention. |), J J, SaUHU CO.jDltlejl
II Recommend
to all mothers wbo want their babi-aa
ito have pink,-clean, clear, and
healthy skin.
Made of the finest materials. m
No soap, wherever mode, In hotter.   X
**        Manufacturer* of the Celebrated
W. N. D. 307. THE QOLDEN EUA, FRIDAY, JAN. 18, l?0l
Hsv, 'Robert Boyd, of Field, wilt j
oeeupv the pulpit of the Piesbj terian j
Church on Sunday next.
At a rowing of -he Curling Ohb
held on Tuesday afternoon it wan
annoui oed tha* a te-egmni bad just |
been received by tbe Vioo President,
J. �� Griffith. Informing i im of the
sad news of tlte death of his brother
A resolution of condolenco wns pftssed
by tho club and the sr-erfiinry was
instructed to convey the s mo to Mr.
Du i*s Review gives the following
particulars of centner cist failures in
British Columbia during i he ye r 19C0.
Number   of   failures,   115.     Assnts
$897,080;   liabilities,    $97u,3'!H.     Of
these failure* 13 were of manufacturers wilh liabilities or $."57 '100 and 104
of   iradcrs   with liabilities ol $707;
768.   There is also reported the fail I
ure of a capitalist In Vancouver, with.
nn indebtedness of $277 0 0.
While engaged in thawinc dynamf'e
io one of tbe tunnels of ihe Ample
���mine uear Lillooet, on Tuesday la��t,
John Oleson, a miner, was instantly
killed. Two other miners, Walker
and Smith, were injured, but bow
seriously Is not known. The Ample
mine is the property of tho Toronto &
Lillooet Gold Reefs Co,
The appointment of E. T.ffln, C.P It.
Freight Agent at Toronto, as General
Traffic Manager of the Iutcrcolonial
Kailway, is officially announced, but
the rumored retirement of D. Potiinger.
Goneral Manager ef the intercolonial,
is emphatically deniu.l.
Tbo "O^ervatoro Romano1' of Rome
publishes a Latin poem, written bythe
Pope, and dedicated to Christ, on the
occasion ef the beginning of the new
Mr. E. Vincent, representing the
Calgary Brewing Co., was in town on
Wednesday last and took advantage
of the delayed No. 2 to enjoy a game
of eurlmg.
C. A. McMillan, formerly with H.
G. Purson, has returned to town after
a holiday spent on the other side of
the border.    He is looking well.
W. A. Galliher, M.P., leaves Nelson
next week for Ottawa. He will re
main over a day at Cranbrook, where
his friends will tender him a compli
military banquet. He will also spend
a day or two in Winnipeg.
On Siturday last about 2:30 a m.
firo broke-out in the Lake Shore Hotel,
Moyie, caused tho explosion of a gasoline lamp. The building being a frnmo
ono, the fire Bpread with great rapidity
and in one hour the hotel an I three
- adjoining buildings wero In ashes.
The occupants of the hotel were in bed
and bad to jump for their lives, many
sustaining scvero injuries, And it is
claimed tbat one man was burned,
Tbe buildings destroyed are the L ke
Shore Hotel, the Union Restaurant a
barber shop und real estate offien, The
total loss is $25,000, of which the
hotel has $1,000 insurance, and mnny
of the boarders lost sums In cash
ranging from $50 to $400.
The note in our last issue regarding
tho state of our woodpile apparently
touched the heart of weather clerk, for;
on Saturday a thaw set In which continued for three days.
An undertaker in a town not a
thousand miles east of Golden who had
the body of n stranger at hi* place
wired a brother of deceased whether he
should embalm the body for $50 or
freeze it for $30. A telegram came
quickly back: '-Frceio it from iho
knees up for $20; he had his feet frozen
last winter.
The Governor-General lias approved
the Order in Council fixing March 31
(Sunnuy) as the date for tbe census of
Canada to be taken. Actual work, of
course, will not start till Monday,
April 1, but it in expected tlie whole
Dominion will bocov-ero I nnd the work
completed by April 15th.
One of lhe nearest calenders which
has reached us thin year is iho one
issued by the American Type Poundors
Co. which for artistic design u;id color*
Ing surpasses anything we have seen.
The Kicking Horse is steadily creeping up and some line morning we will
wake up to find ourselves Hooded out.
Tho recent heavy snow fall at tbe
Coast was followed by rain and soft
weather with the natural result of
paralysing street car traffic and the
testing of weak roofs. No fatalities
have ns yet oocurod though many narrow escapes have beeu recorded.
Iii onr school  report last  week the
oamesof Budd G.* filth. Sidney Rjbbinx
and Waller  Morgan  were  ommitteil
from the Ust of those promoted from
i  Junior II to Senior II, Our apoligie*
i are hereby tendered to these yonny
gentlemen for tho mistake.
A special despatch  from Pretoria.
' under date of January 11, describing a
fight near Commando'**  Nek, dwells
npon   the excellent  work of  "Gat."
Howard's Scouts, which is a new corp-
1 of Canadians wbo remained in Soutt
|' Afrioa  and   re-enlisted.   The  Scouts
j chased ths retreating Boers a distance
'of five miles, 'capturing one of Do La
! Bey's horses with  wallets containing
his papers, also 500 cattle.  Richard J.
! Northway writes tbat he has joined
! this corps and is a sergeant therein.
and his numerous friends in an4'
ar mod Golden will be pleased to learn
of hti promotion.
A privite Is*tor from South Africa,
briii:- wor ��� thii I. ������ urennut 'Colonel
Stee'.t of Stratbeona's Horse, was a
the time of writing, ill of en trio fever,
u d that the corps Was u der 'he tern
i orarv ooinmnnd of Lieutenant Colonel
Gordon, former I j D. O. C. of Montreal
H. E, Forster an I J. A Bangs left
for R public ou  Tuesday and   will ba
g"Oe about 10 days.
Jack Kirkpatriok or Firlanda. apeut
se-rrrtl days in Golden this week.
Miss Jean Macdonald leaves for
Ferule to today.
J E. Griffi h bin lieen appointed
Registrar of the Sipreine Court at
Mrs. Frank Armstrong gave a delightful pink tea on Saturday after
noon to a lorge nnmber of her ladv
trie lids in honor of Mr**. Ferguson
Armstrong, who is in Golden visiting.
The tea titbit* was veiy ariis'teally
decorated with pink carnations aid
suilax and was much admired. The
hostess wns assisted by Mrs. Taylor
and the MIsss>j Mncdonnld, Yates,
Wells and Armstrong,
Mrs. D M. Hao returned to Revelstoke on Sunday's train having spent
three weeks in town renewing acquaintances,
It ia with mingled feelings of plea
sure aud regret lhat thn citizens of
Golden receive the intelligence that
Miss McDonald will shortly be lea\ ing
this neighborhood. During tbe iime
which Miss McDonald has spent in
our midst, sbe has by her genial nature,
grent kiiidlin<-.fi and unswerving tact
made herself a general favorite
Assiduous in ber school duties, she
has, at the same time, taken a prominent position in all social g therings
and has thoroughly gained the good
will of parents and cbildre ti alike.
What is Gulden's loss Is Fernie's
gain and we sincerely trust that Mi-s
McDonald's future path in life tray
lie through pleasant fields nnd sunny
places. She takes with her tnt) hearty
wishes of all whose privilege it wns to
know her.
G; ffiths diedof pneumonia Inst night, ! papers express a hope that L'Jid"Kit-
Notify brother and friends. Funeral ���chener bad been mi-tied by-'.fa'sc reports,
Sundav. Sons TURNER,     j but H is gen��raljj fe% that lie Would
The deceased waa a native of Walei.   not Imv-a reported* the tn^'ler *to -the
! e��j iyed the esteem of a wide circle
of bn.iu-b-s men i,, London. Liverpool
and rilsewhsrc In the   notherland.   Iu
this city be was   luiidh
esteeme I as   tbe  orgn
War Office without undoubted evidence.
lhe "Dully Mail"  heads tbe report
wiih the word ���*Mii der'1. and declaims
speored nud! against nuy   further attempt  to coax
into  submission.  "De Wtrt
leader of S Andrew's Presbyterian
church, a Mason and a member of several fnterii.il orders In this city.
A littlo over two years ago he had
the misfortune to break his leg and
was for a long time a helpless invalid
m a rts'llt. Shortly ftftei his recovery he and several other young men
of thi- city left for Diwson und It
was mt long before the news canto
serious blow on 'he injured log, whih
nMSiSlhlg'ill   movillg   it  [duuo iiU'l wn.
1st  nnd   ell-Mr - the euem.
hus placed  himself outside  ibe pale of
Ths Smelter Trust.
Next week will be Golden's annual
winter holiday. Ou Monday the usual
jolly crowd is expects I from Calgary
which will be reinforced by rinks from
Tuesday the annual carnival will bu
held in the rink. Good music has
been secured and a large number have
siguiped their intention of taking part,
so tbis year's carnival promises to
eclipse ale former ones
On Wednesday evening the Hospital
ball wiil be held, and of course this
event needs uoudvertiBiugasit always
has been the event of the season.
This year the arrangements promise
even greater success than formerly.
O.i Thursday. Friday and Saturday
the staff cf the Era wi'l bo work! g
overtime to catch up with iheir work
and so will most, of the other citizens.
But don't forgot to enjoy the first p-irt
of the week.
A meeting of the Curling Club was
held on T-ie*da> afternoon in the Co
lutnbla H mse to complete arrange-
ramie for ihe bon-piel, which will lie
held here on the 21st and 22nd
Messrs. Udock and McNeish were
selected as skips to represent the club
in the bonspiel. It wus also decided
to hold the annual carnival on the
evening of the 22nd*
On Saturday night McNeish defeated
Parson 20 io 8, and Ulock won from
Warren 13 to 10.
Friday evening Dainard ipet War*
rcn a.<d whs defeated 11 tu 2,
On Wednesday Henderson was defeated by Warren 15 ro 9, nnd ihough
the score would indicate thai War
ron's rink bad a snap it took iheir last
stone to save a defeat, Mr. Gibb acted
as skip iu Mr, W.irren-s iiblniiue ami
played, together with other ineillbors
of the rink, n perfect game.
Ullock wou from Ro tier t son 15 to
7. This leaves three rinks. Homier
son, McNeish and Ullock with five-
wins and two defeats. It will be
necessary, therefore, for tlio**" thro-
rinks to play off for first place.
The Grim Reaper.
On Tuesday afternoon J, E Griffiths received the sad intelligence of
the death of bis brother, Griffith
Griffiths, iu Daw so:: City. The foi
lowum article frotn thn News* Ad ver
tisor shows tht esteem in which the
deceased gentleman was held by those
with whom he was formerly associated The Era extends its sympathy,
to Mr. Griffiths in bis bereavement:
Closely following the ne.vs of tho
deatli at Dawson of Mr. Alexander
Godfrey, formerly of V-iiicou'ver,
comes the announcement that Mr,
Gnffi-b Griffiths, formerly organist of
St. Andrew's ohurob, passed away in
the Klondike city on Jin 7. The sad
news was received in Vancouver by |
Mr. J. E Miller, who received the
following message :
"Dawson, N.W.T., Jan. 8.-Griffith
humanity," snys tho "Daily Mail,"
"and not proclamations but reinforcements must beo.ir watchword."
The 'Morning Post" s.tys: "This
marks the point "where tho guerilla
phase ends uud the bandit phase begins."
All thu papers appeal strongly to the
Government to   hi.rrv  forwHrd rein-
that he  had  sustained a rather J f-jrecments.   since  it   is   evident  ih.it
the Boer   leaders havs   now become
desperate and conciliation is quite use
again au Invalid,    Raj-forts from D.iw- ��� less.
son since that date nid'eated that Mr. The Pretoria cortWpcuiSettt of the
Griffiths was prospering and latterly ! uDai!\ Mail" announce* tho return to
litwas heard ihat he bad received an j Pietoria of Mr. Pet art us, a former
appointment iu Geld Commissioner, President of the Ute Suith African Re-
Bell's office. The news of bis death public, from a futile endeavor toper-
came as a shock to many in tbe city suade the Boor leaders'to surrender,
by whom he was much respected. One j Sir Alfred Milner writes to a corros-
or his brothers was formerly an engi- pondent in EiiglH|ld, saying: "It would
ner of cons ruction on the Canadian bj useless fur me to notice the whole-
Pacili.* Railwat service uid another is Sft|e Men thnt arc rfptcad about concern
Mr Griffiths. Assistant Gold Commis UUt, m,,, Jf I attempted to do so I
,er at Golden, B.C." would have no time for anything else,"
The Militia Department has received
a cubic from  Colonel -Bigger,  at Cape
(Town,  statinu   that    the Strathcona
It ti  getiPtfclly  understood in this ; HorS(( expiJCtei| t0 ���ltie (or Halifax on
camp that   the threatened  f��tlsl|lg ��M the 2Ut'Inst
smeltt-r rates  on Slocan  ores  by  the' , r
'Snr Iter Trust will be met in pari by
'tlio Canadian Pacific R.iilroad. This
1 reluct ion, it it- armed, will he as much
as S-'O. u car, a generens conn-down
by a company which h is tlm cinch the
C. P. R. has got.
If the actions of the Amerioan Siuol-
ter C' mbin< force the Kooienny mine-
cwners to build or have built lead
stacks capable of hnn-IIing the output,
thu present ft cling of uneasiness will
not have b�� hii without its good result,
but If the Canadian government are bo
ill-advised as to prematurely put an
export duty on load ores, as some are
clamoring for them to do, it will ic
. iving h�� Slocan its finishing stroke.
We cannot stand any more good- inten-
tioued b'it premature legislation,
A h avy duty ou imp -ried products
of lead seems the proper solution ol
the lead smelt ing and refining problem.
The excess of ihe lead production over
tb" local consumption could be marketed in Great Britain direct from
; Canada as favorably as via New York.
Then the import tax imposed hy tbo
| United States and pocketed ns a bonus
Chumh Services.
Services every Sunday ut 11a tn. and
7:30 p.m. Celehrntiouof Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
after Mornim; Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days nt 8 a.m., or
as may h6 announced from the chancel.
S'lt.da-, School at 2:30 p.in.
All are fjordlally invited to attend
the services.
C F. Yates, Vicar.
puBSuvrrsuiAS church.
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School ami Bible Glass at: 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday nven-
at 7.
Rev. W  D. Tujinbr, Pastor.
Services every S tnday at 11 A.m. And
7 pin,
Sunday Schjol ai 2:80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting ou Tuesday at 8 p.m,
Geo, l-itNNKY, Pastor.
by the smelters Canadian" und Ann
icau alike need not lie'hdded to'lhej In future changes in advertisements must Ic
freight and treatment charges at tlle delivered st the-Erai Qgjfg mot later man
Canadian smelter*    Silvertolllan. I ���u*'s',J'y i�� """"^ek* & tliepapor urns
be gi't out nn tunc, it is iiosobitely nnp-wtbla
for us to do that nud ins(te changes in .-tiind-
ing advertisements recoived later ibnn Wednesday. ��� > Ij
Life a Century Ago.
'    One hundred years ago a man conld
not take a ri le ou a steamboat.
He could   not  go  from  London  lo
Liverpool in a few hours.
He had not seen  an electric light or
ilreamo I of an electric car.
'    He could not sisnd a telegram.
I     He couldn't  talk  through tha  telo      THS HONOUR 'bo Lieutenant-Governor
! phone aud  hehad  never heard of ihe  int .V011.'.'^1' "Tllle,\!h" pmvWons of section fl
, of tho "Siipro.'iet nurt Aut Amendment Act,
i hello girl. : 18DW," hai i.i-en  plmmed to mlalilish a' tho
He could' not- ride a bicycle. | &*!I *"LI{�� ?l*?**�����"���
T'is TTonnnr the Lieutenant Gnvpinur in
Council has been : loaned to mnke the tullow-
ing uppointmenta:--
8th January, iflfM.
JnriS E GriPPITH, of Uolden. Esqui-e,
S.M-, to be District Itoglstrar of the Gulden
Registry of the Supreme Court.
NOTICE Is herehy given lhat applicstion
will no nu.*de tn the Lefrinlntive Ass inbly of
the Province of Uritlsh ���'���Mumhiji.at its next
Sosslon. for-a Priva-e Pill to Incorporate a*
Com1 auy with pmver tn hidld. enuip, main
tain ami eyei ute a tin or lines of Kailway nf
Atan'sr', gauge from a point at or near the
coal mines at Michelt. thonce bv way of
Mndiell (reck nnd the most fe.-Isihle and
practicable route -east nr west ol Flk Uivi-n-
i.nd I- per i-ootPmiy Rivor in a soutbarly
(liiotiiai to tbo Iiitoruhtiomd ttoiiudi.ry,
or toa point at or uour the internallonnl bound*
ary, also, wi h \ ewer to build.equip, inalu'niu
aud o orate a Hns or lines of Kail way iffi
standard gauge from Mii-h'-ll rsniue point
on Miehcll 'rewlt tiordiorly nlong the valloy
ofthe Elk Kiver and fmm thonco to a point
on the main lino of tho ( aundi.-m Pacific
Ruilway j alsj, from a point on the r.mposed
line of railway, thenco north-eastorly hv the
North K lotenay Pass to Allierta to connect
it ith tho t "row's Nest P-hss Kaibvay or the
Hritlsii t'oliimbia Bout horn Hallway, In���
a nth 'Niy j.Imi to construct, o erate nud
maintain liranchss from any point on th-
pro;-oned lienor linos unt exceeding iu sav
ono ease thirty milo- in kngth, ami with
pow-r to eoibtrnct, operate and niulntiiu alt
ut'C'ssjo-y bikl^es, roads, ways and forrl-'s
sud to construct, acquire, owu and mnintulu
ivlmrvfcH and locks in connection thnrewith;
ano to construct, own. acquire, e-gritywid
niiuMtain steam anil other vonsel.1 and laiats
aud o erato the same on anv n;*,rigalde
waters; and to construct, operato and maintain toloitrnph und telo. hone lines along the
routes of said Railway and lis brsne os.or in
connection therewith, to trausmit inessiiges
for coinmerciul pun osea and to collect tolls
therefor; and to generate electricity snd
Bfel^ngfit. heat nnd power, and the power
toap ly fer and acquire wnter and water-
power uml r statute m force, stdd water or
wateri ower tu he used in connection with the
carrying out of any oMho aforesaid powers,
and to Acquire and receive from any (iovei n-
nieiit, Corporation or i ers<nsgrants of l.iiul,
rights of way, money, bonuses, ; rivilogesoT
other assistance in all of tbe construction of
the Company's untlertakiug/aud to connect
with and to enter into traffic or other
arrangements with railwny, steamboat or
other com-sullies, ami for all rights, nowers
und iiri<ileges necessury, usual or incnlmtai
to all or any of the aforesaid pnrt onee
VateA at Vancouver ihis 10th ef J unary,
A.D., 1901.
j'8f22 Solicitors for ihe Aj plh-auts.
Court, to he known a* the Gulden Registry.
By Com mm id.
Provide ial Secretary.
Provincial .Secretary's Office,
bt   January, UML
He could not call in a stenographer
and dicta e a letter.
He had never received a typewritten
He bad never heard the gem theory
or wotried  over bacilli  and  bacteria.
He ue-.er looked ple.isanl before a
ph itographer or ha;! his picture taken.
He never ie-nda phonograph talk I
or saw i klnstoscope  turn out a priz-jl
"    ' .        .      ���.-t   , ON EXPORTED TIMBER.
He never saw through a Webster's	
UoiibridjjBil Dictionary wiih tho a d of I   NOTICE is hnretry jriven that tht intlma-
n u  ...tnr... ���-��.. l!'Dn 0H,**i ����� peeeiubfr, 1000. under this
,i ttoantgen ra>. | heading is rescinded, and tliat umlsr ths
He had uever takon A ride In an elo-  ��Uthont*jf of an Order In Council of tho 8th
I insinnt, the payment of a rebate ou all timber
,fl,��r. exppr'm beyond iho limits of the Province
He hnd uver iinncined such a thinti! "'"*? 'l,low8'' t�� '"'�� was discontinued from
n.. nau nover unaginea sucn a tning am, nt|ur ,ho HUt of n^,,^, 19.10.  The
as  11   ' vpe-e' ;mg   machine or a -type- 1 suid Order of the Hth mxtmit furihnr irovides
fer'h' piiy.i.eiit ut'a rebut' 011 thlngls* ex-
J  i). PREiNTlCB
VOTIVE is hereby given, In accordance
with the Statutes, lhat Provincial Lev-
evue Tax, aud all taxes levied under ilie
Assessment Art, are now due for tho year
1U0I and pay.ihie at my oflice, hi the court
House, uolueu "<"'
Assess -d taxes are collectable at the following rates, viz:���
Tf paid on or before June 30th, 1901���
Three tit'ih-i of oue per cent on real proper y.. ���  *
Two and one half |*rcent on real pro' orty.
One hull ot oue ,or cent on personal pro*
U. on such excesses of Income ���
CLASH A.- Ou one ihousaud dollars, snd
list exceeding ten thousand dollars" 0110 per
cont up to five tho Hand dollars and two per
cent 011 the remain er.
If paid ou or after July 1st, 1031���
l-'ou -fifths ol one  er wnt on real property.
Throe per cout ou the assessed va.ue of
wiH land.
Throo quarters of one pur cent on persnuul
On so min li ofthe Income of any person as
exceeds ono thousand d��.M.irs, iu accordance
with thu following classification: -
Upon such excess iho rates shall be, namely��� .    .
CLASS A-On one thousand dollars, and
not exceeding ten ihiusaun dollars one and
one halt per cent u- totivo thousand dollars,
uud two Jiud one half per com oa the remainder.
1'ruvinciul Kevcm.e Tax, y.00 per capita.
F. 0. LANG,
Assessor und Collector.
Golden, January llth, lDdl.
MeDermot ...
Is full of .'.iisiness - in fact, we have a little morfe
tlian we can handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
lark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .....
,..,��� ���,       ���'���'��������� 1    ������ mm ���  .���-,��� 1. in " T
Wo are now doing Business on the
and intond to stick to it or leave town.
OX HAND. This is too large a stock for oflr present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next "60 Days. We are now in the firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.'
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin,
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Pea3 and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated P-saches, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25c.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Cofitees.or Tens a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and bssst selected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   ;
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is tho only
article.to work miracles with at Our .Store.
G. B* mclDEHlWOT,
i Golden,     .G.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholowsle 4 Ito8j.il
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealors.
1'ruvhiclal Secretary.
Provlnelnl Reeret-nry't Office,
lOth January, IDOL
He h.id never used anything hut a
woo leu (iIoiiL'h.
He had never seen hie wife using u
sewing much ine.
Ho bad never struck a match on his
pnits or anything die.
He couldn't talto an fthaeithelio and
have bis leg cut off wil bout feeling It. ���. 	
*,   .   * .      . ita ne*t session for gii ah to/Incorporate a
Hehad never purchased a 10-oetit conu-auy to construct n railway from the
machine which would  have been re- ffil'i""?, ?'. W1 I!i S.e*P"lKoole,,*-V,
" lUwtrirt, lliitisli'olii.iibla.iheiicebywayor
garded as a in uncle of art. Michel ( renk and t n most feasililn and pnu-
****** ���s���. Isuy . pam lor u amM** jgL-- ffi��--tjU**��i
and learn every thing that had happened jntenindonal Imundary, jImo fiom Michel
..ii. ,, ., ,. j Creok tii.rtherly ;hnig ih�� Wdleirof IhoLIk
the day before all over the world. ! m->a��� i .1.-./.- ... *_."... _! .f_ ' ",IW^"1
NOI I'K la Isssruliy ;.| mi thj.t ispplii-aliiiis
>v.ll list sisssilo 10 ih'- Parll.-.ssssssss of rami'1, sit
HSS     ISSSSI    ..0   US'     BESS'S.
I Uver hssiI tJioin-6 i's a iiiilist oil tlse mull, Hue
MssCorisiaok 'of *",e ' ssiswIUji I'ss- isle B-siln-isv, ulso frou, a
i's,isi. oss sho iTsspoMf-si lliso os rssslwssy. thonce
reisiisr or a self Isaisliiig harvossier. norihsmaterly l,y the Norsh Kdote.-iiyPaa,
H, hs.il sieves- oroaeeil asi iron br(,lBe.! $���Jl','T'$ H ">*3g*�� Wtlnia Growi N��.t
...        '"'���   Isiulss-ay, with uulluirlty nUotocosi.
Iti assort, tliero   wc�� sse.eral ihsss^a atntct lir.nirhi-a fr'siss any |>..ir,r*son tlio prss*
he di.i ssbt knotv 11.".���1' "",? "I1  ��s*eivliiiff in assy one NUa
atrsict, n*v;i an>l 0 erale sele-rrsiph and tela*
pis -no lii.ess tor the nsui. of she I Slblk-, ropeways .mil traisi-niya, stetim and other va.*
min, fi*rrissa, rousla, sloc-k'a. sssstor right.,
(Isin.a, flume., svatsir power, to Ki-tsorato and
Loril Kiu-.l.ei.er reports tl.rea aiients iranauilt uml .l.-ul iri elswtris-.ty sinrl oloctric
,  .,,   d ,, ... . ,        l'Ois*er,  toRosher  sv.lh .-sut-h iio'srara ����'to
uf tliu Penes- Commission were taken iiialnialnjiii and dlansadpa if the .al|��ay
as .iriioiiora * to Do Wet's laauer, near I""1 w"1'*11 ��"sl's(iich olhor poisert hud sjrivl-
Liiiillov,  on  January IO1I1. One  who, pssssissa,
Jas Bhadt, D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Asn'n. lnat. HE.
Afront for obtaining Crown Oranta, doing
Mistss.nl nas-eaai.sent work, etc.,    Addrau
Family Herald &
Weekly Star
will be seut to any of our
Subscribers for one year
$2.50   ^r   $2.50
to those ordering tho two paper*.
The Herald haa for Subscribers
this season two Premium
Pictures that are, we believe,
golntr to prove the greatest
mii scriiition winner* ��ehave
���Ver offered  	
The one ia the famous Hoffman's
" Christ in the Templs"
11 'lu jnoonl onsitlesl
"Home from to War"
a ple-iH'nu incident of the late
South African ('aiupaign.
P. A. Desormeau,
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Sosatta Side KlaltlAg Horn Kfter,
Harvey, McCarter ft Pinkham,
Barrl.t.r., Sotl.ltora. t*.
Berelalake, 11.0.
Fort Steele, IU*.
Booma Aleiander lllock Oolden B. C.
Townsite Of GOlden.
Buiriess  and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
An Outrage.
was a tiriij.i|i aubject, wns flogged
and then shot Tlieothnr two burghers
were flagged by De Wei's nrdera,
Londou, Jan. 14, -Tho brief report of
thn fate uf the threo members of the.
Ponce Committee who were sent to see
Genernl Do \V. i excites tho deepest in*
OEMMlLtK:M'AY;      '
r��*       ������,     *. ftiw^B '��r-'Hppllc��nta.
Ottawa, Jon. 11, liJOi;
Ji-fiialiou on ull sislM.
One it  two j,
tei* rriMTt' i**!",;:1**//, ut*g
emit Orslrss nnd Sulns:rl|isioni to
Tin: "iia\a��;ku.
dsloldon Kra Offlsep,
4-iol.len. U.V.
IVQ '033I3NVUJ Hlg  ,1-4.8 ��-n-*IN Otl
'm.i 3UUHJI0S m osihih    :
���nut ��r,*v3 mm*,
jmiste *��tia ggg ssimog gpf
*N3W ONINIW Ol 3Ti��SN3d3iaN|l
j-irdilvinobiio aaiM-oiuoM ��� '
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Oolden and Windermore districts, together with the
fact that trai.s|.ortation is now assured at nn early dare
by a railway running the length ot the Columbia and
kootonay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure grent
activity'in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Nojfssiiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tlie
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be s-ften and prices and terras obtained on
application to **
No sate of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trust-sea.
II. B. Alexander; Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant,


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