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The Golden Era Apr 20, 1900

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Array ���'.*".
James Hendebson,
Guilder te Contractor,
AiapplTof Building lime for Sale.
-** prepand.  Prompt attention Riren to
Look here Bien nt,*- roit k'l-fff
Plan   may   he  seen  Ht und Prices of
Lots and Terms obtained from
C; W. FIELD, Agent, Golden.
VOL IX  NO. 38
GOLDEN   B.C.. FRIDAY, APRIL 20    1600
"$2 Pee Year
this week.
Blouse Sateen
Organdie Muslins
Silk Zephyrs
Lotted Swiss
India Llnon
Linen Lawn
Victoria Lawn
Book Muslin
Rretonno Net
Cambray Net
Brussels Net
Spotted Net
Parasols and Umbrellas
Satin Ribbons
Summer Underwear
I Full Line ��f STETSON  HATS
expected Jn a few day-?.
H. G. Parson,
General Merchant,
Aexai*)der Block.
[Now is the -Time
* fsw Spring Meslielne to p..t yot. iti *J|H|J? far tlie l.��*t of ilip*oomina;
Simmier. Ant- of tlinn, aw w-.sll 'ki.owii i.ini roj.aJle���South
AutruMt. SrotuRclt aad LWer .'������.re.   B* B. B*.   Paine'a Csjery
- Conspott.ssl I Clarka'a, "Uuosl's,'A-,-��iJ>a*iJ ph��B:iitig'a*9araapBt;illaSf
AOAIK, IS TONIC!-, yon can -jet Qtiluiiiu Wino* Bisof, Iron at.-i
Wltit-4'.'F-.llo-a-ss' S.Tt.|.j Cainfliell'*. EliairJ Malt Extract; ami
P.ptooi��etl Wilis'of CoJ jjiv'frO.I.
ni" PILLS DMA'., Dj-nVChas<o'a. Willi.m'-., Qaihn>*'. Avw's,
Parnt.'sso'a. Besahim'., >JoH��Wf��jrV'9elJ(elV*, Oarwt'v BatslucU'a
Asiu.w's. Hood's .mi Wills'.
. anil .S.i-va Us-.lnt.sa>*; t'-"'-f: ������-��� P)   *������ *'
Patoata eojoraliv
���y. V, . or j. Heart
merits aud l'iug
A New Lot
Boots and Shoes
A New Lot
Shirts and Underwear
A New Lot
Spring Hats and caps.
Cki.of Brai}! Shorts aqd Oats
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. G���
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The B.G. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd
(UtolfAOrARLANE st Co.)
Vanoouver,     -     B.O.
*-       ���faid'Solke, ���*w-/s^.sJlUs!W>^u|-Vi��'s-*M."	
AUISNTtJ tat Uugtm Orairil-le Coatpwy, BaitentM.
CUlogaSaa*ft.ilparB.aUti so appkeaMsn'.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital 1>hI<1 Up     98*3*08-3X8
Best ��� ���        1,555,0110
���   IMs-fctora.
It. ��. Hc.Vl... J, - 1'iMid-lM*
'I', If. Merritt, V*iw Van.
Was. Itom>..si-,     T. ��ull.e.*l:in.| fK.ij-it-.tr
Ksibsrt-foffwy, Kllsus lts-Kui-',
Win. H-mi"l.le.   ���
Hbais .'.-.-i is., i  T.ilt.f.tr-s.
0. If. Wlt.Kir., Oo.icn.l Mtsnatftr.
E. 1UV. Inspector.    ,
MANITOBA, 1*- W. V.-tavl ft 0.
Brandon, Cultfury, Hrtmultloil,
Oi.ltls.li,       Ns-lsou,        Portago la I'ra.rie,
Prince Albert,     llovcUtoko,     Ktiv.llici.ua.
Vuncouvcr,        Wiuuipeg,
Kaaex, Ft.rir.i-, Gait, Hamilton,   InMtaQll,
I.i.itowol,  Ni'igitr.-i I'sillfl,  1'ort ("oil.ou.-i-*.
Rstt 1'orta-te.        Hattlt Kto. Mnrio, St.
CatliariuiM, Rt. TtaonHsa, Toronto, Wollnt.it,
Woo.l-.t-.ck, turi Moutru.1, "��*���*..
Agent* in Urent flrltaln:
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., B Lotnlsnnl St., Loiiilcn
���villi whom monoy muy bo (l*.-*o*t..��l tor
ti-anst'i-r by letter or- cable to aiiy-ot tlio-
above braiu-bi-a.
Agent**.!**! llnlleil Stii-tsMU
NEW YORE-Ilank of Montreal, *BS��"k of
CMO-tOO-First National Dank.
ST. PAUL-Second Notional llank.
SAN FBANCMUJO-Wolb, Fargo Ik Oo.'e
Ascent*, la SOTilIi Africa.
lutereat niiorred on dowosita
fVo.iiu-I-tl, Muntcit'nl nnd other dobouti.ro-.
Available at nil points In Cnnosla. U-sltofi*
' Kioj-iloiu, United States.    ,
J. S. Gibb, -st.. Golden Braneb.
Bodega   Restaurant,
Hea s at any hoar.
Fish and Game In sssson.
Bread, CaKes, Fralt
and Confesiic*aery
- A ways in-Stock.'
Fresh Oystsrs!
Music I
*t- em o _    a
We   Sell
THK (.Jin:HAl.U)-I*I��ISTZ"SlAN-
TLo Finest Csssuiiinn Piano.
The MoiiaK-
A-lleaitiy at a l.cn* rrsr.-s.;
Tup, Uxbiui.c-.u-*-
f-'pIellilH Tone, Fine Appeatiineo,
���uVsyy Mtalouii.t l-ri.v. .
Wc Sell
Tne hitoiit Edison  1'hono-
. graph for      $12:60
Euiam Rccoi'il.-i ut 50cts.
Juitars, Mandolina, Violins,
etc., etc,
Slicct Mnnic of all kinds and
all Musical .Supplies.
St. Paul's Veatpy.
The ani|UKl meotinc of tho v siry ul
St. PenVi Church, GoMeti, was hold
in the slioolrooro on Moi:d.iy eve.tinn
last, coniiuetif.iiiK at S o'clock with the
VitKf. Rjv. H. B. Turner, in tie
ohatr, Messrs. Ploujiwrlnlit, Pughe,
Hogere. Robinson, Lon^morw, Griffith,
Jor.en, Woodland und others in attend*
onco. Th�� meet i 11 b wns o-ptnod with
proyer* hy the Vioir, nher Vrhioh th*
luiuitHjfts o iIih iiii-o iiu w.i. |i'iceeded
with. The minuses ot ihalmit muoiiuK
were rend and confirmed.
The Vicar in submittiuR hti report
eon-aratuUteil all present oa tho htipp.v
Providenco which (jcrmlttad them
nfter another year, to iissdmble together
again at ihis* tlm annual mtHi'mg o!
tha vestry, und impressed upon tlieai
the iinoprUnt though so-iietiuies ne-
gleoted*���duty it wM for ev��i*y trim
churohman to at tend at this theprop.-i-
time and pUce for fu'l cousiderution of
Piiroohial itffiiits cf irnpurtanoe. He wus
pltased to bo able to report lho at!airs
of tho parish an bein-^ in a fairly pros-
prcsoiis condition. Tlie membership
of the parish was beio�� ^faduallv
auRmented. The serviced of the Church
which had hiihertobboii of an occasional muuiu have,baen made a permttfiant
inorjiing ati4 evening serviiM wiieltly.
Thia was dua of course, as all would
undtrstand, to thechan^GS that had
taken place iii th-a town of Donald;
thcndiy tnakiug Golduu tho central
I'Rrish iu his mi&sion. lie felt- it in
cumhstot upon him to ftivo as tnu-tih
of his time ns was possiU-'io theneeds
of those parishoucrs tn tha outlying
i-ivciucts ol his missiou. Though
tho3i) latter were scatiered iu aU di ruction* he hud been enable!, during: the
past year to hold several fisrvinos each
n Donald, Beaver.' Wiudormero. Hog
j'r'n Paaj, Bricoo nnd 'P^irborough,
lit Id tha in hll 2v4 services wi'li it total
.iitimdance of 403 pcrsuns. In .Golden
% hor vices had been held dniii-g thf
year wit-h a total aftendanco of 2^n4
Twenty-six celebrations of tbo He y
Communion had buen held nud a toul
of 219 had availed thcuiKelycs of its
uiivautauo?, Hu regi-t-lted that dniifi^
the lat>t fow w.ucks a fe^^OissiMJslle;!
imri-rtroncrH trad i.i un*Sf*'han4*w.t*r
uauKuratt'd nn,BtMiipt-ru^.4*,aw His
'tonlshiplhiBialti'p ppui-^ut oiivtBer
Vicar in his (Jb-aapcaher'n) pliu-e aud
would only |��y 1I19 inftUBi-Was con-
diictod in ncowiii-dly way, which he
hnd taken as-both a gVosa insult to
aiiuseK 1 ml un tiuusual al tempt ito
iiciate to thd iScctLdiasiicat
!;oad of the (Uocoae Ih-. Ml. however,
ail.AVhh-tt uoiiiaoloil by thu kito^T-Jtlgc
that the majority of bis parj?Uouer*-:
were but sited ttith lho eff-rts pn'
I'onh by hhr.H-'if in u^ovnihig tlif1
iiupurti nt dutiu-* eutrudled t-^i his cure.
On- MutJoii the Vicar.R report wiu
re.Cfilved i>ml uiuuuoualy fidiopu-d.
Mr.    Elwnrd    Ploughwviglj.t,   ihe'
peui.de-i wti'd<ju snhmirted lhe jtipoyt-pf
the ftni.nc-,'0 of 'he p��ri��h. *h��*vltitf r#
ctiipisond di#bursem��*l8 of the > ear .to
have baeu: ���
By general offertjiiua
Balimco from 1899 ..
frant frum S* P. G..
Special colhctiun ���
t*��Mieeds of concert
The Alberta Mnsic Oo.
Orclioatrn lur Dstncea or Contorts.-.
Their) ks
totho Utiles of Golden and
Vlolnlty for tholi" attond-
anoe and appreolatlon of
onr Millinery Display.
NEXT WEEK we oomdienee to
sell out the itook purchased from Mrs. Lake at
...$90 50
. ms 00
...   1 00
.,.   2S U.i
,.. ISO (10
... mo oo
...  7.') 00
b.nation Iro.o Ura At'tiisiroltg   bO HO
A. V. * A,  M.
MuunUsisi Lodv., No. II. A. K*. A
A. II.p��*jn(��r Cotninnnk-.tion,
Kcond Monstny In overy month.
Bojoaniiua bretliroii corawlly m-
j. c. Prrrs, w. m.
C. H. PARSON, Bswretary.*
I.  O.  0.  K.
Hooky Monnt.ln liOdgo Ko. 84 mo��U In
sDdtllssllowa Hull, Holden, overy Wedsteadsty
MS tun.  Solnurnisigbrethreu-velssoir.e.
J T. WOOD 8w.rel.rv.
Total  *3to &;.
Stipend *2B0 00
Buliding  J285
Special offertory purposes     4il 9b
Ueneral ex(.*nste,  . . ,,,,  1U0 &0
Church debt-    ... IWO CO
Interest     11 76
Balance ou linnd    19 uo
Total ;...m8fi5
The wardo.n pspres-��cd the p!ean.uro
it gave him in buiug ablo to report the
Church deb'- us buviim hcou wiped out
duiiuy thu year and dtsired to pipross
his personal tlmrilisiotill who iiud contributed ho loyally tothcChuri.h In her
noed. Tu the ladies, nurticulaily, wus
due pralyo for thoir efforts in the work.
Extensive Impvovomonts had been
made to the Church oclitio nutioe^sHat*
ing a correspondingly largo outlay,
but happily wc hail bWt) rnahh'il to
meet the same. Hu thought all would
aggrno with him iu considering the financial standing ofthe parish to bo of
a most satisfactory nature. Ro mbov
ed that thu report l-o received and re-
forwJ to the Auditors, which was
dune. The Vicar annouccd that he had
appointed Mr. E. U- Pugba as his
On motion Mr. E. KouJ-wiiirht
tret uimamuualy re-eleoted as i.Qopls's
warden. Messrs. W. W. Roger�� arid
H. G. Parsons wero ohioed as Sides*
man. Messrs. Rogers and Inn-jpnore
were elected ee Auditors, and Messrs.
F. W- Peters, H Bird and C, E. Christie wero elected us lay delegates io the
Synod. Votes of thanks were panned
to retiring officers and all who had
assisted in Church work.
It was moved by Mr. Rogers*,
seconded by Mr. Woodland, that a
liea��V vote of thanks be tendered to
the Vioar for his indcfatignable efforts
lo the work of the mission, carried
The meeting closed with prayer-
Thn County Court ms' lit Golden on
Thursday aftechoon, fiSth inst., liis
lionur Ju'dtte Poi'iil presiJiut;. The
following is 'ho douket: -
1). Maxwell Jt Sjua vs. Wm. Sutherland; claim. 8199.81, PlnfnUfta discontinued. G. S. McCartor for tb��
plaiutjff.s; Thos, O'Brifttj for defendant.
Fa. B. Hurl vs. Silver Thread Milling
Co ; claim, 48(JJ.8G; Hdjounifd. Time.
O'Brien for pbiiiitiffi J. A. Harvey
for dofundant.
Thos. Pavr vs Golden & Fort Steele
Development Co.; claim, 82^5*^0; ad
journc.1. Thos. O'Bi-ion for [jhuntiff;
0. 8 McCarter for defendant.
Kimpton A Pit's vs. A. Bugmm;
claim, 818190; adjoti'tmed. Thos.
O'-Brteti (or plaintiff; A. M. Pinkham
for defendant.
Hull Bros. & Co vs. J. Ingram;
claim, $397.9(.; adjourned. Tiioa.
O'Brii'n for plaintiff;*; Macdunald ���&
(.'lute for defendant.
Pallia vs. Toombs; claim. 31133;
dianontlnu^l. Thos. O'Brien for plaintiff; G. S. McCarter for defendant.
Carlin A W.vckolf vs. Nap. Wtlls;
adjourned.   Thos.  O'Brien for plaids
Cftftwright vs. Allan; sottlod. A.
M.Pinkham Tor tdaintiff,'Tho��. O'Brien
for defendant,
Kiinptou&Pittn vs. S. Smith; claim,
$i"ii*,lO; jtid^meuT for plaintiffs Thos
O'Brien for plaintiffs; J. M. Scott for
Itintp'on A Pitts vs. Thos. Forrest;
claim. $"iS; adjourned. Thou. O'Brien
for plaintiffs.
J. B. Kelly vs. H. E. Dixrtu; chum,
$50.00; judgment for plaintiff. Thos
O'Brien for plaintiff.
Kimpton-A Pius va. Oollto; nettled.
Thos. O'Briyn for plaintiff; J. M. B-bit
for dufundant.
Hull Brua. A Co. va. Taylor; judgment tor plaintiffs. Thos. O'Brien for
Kimpton fi Pitts vs. Taylor; judgment for plaintiffs. Thos. O-Bri-Jii for
plaintiffs* ��
I��. G Parson vs Daniels; judgment
for plaintiff.. A. M. Pinkham for
Thos. O'Bilen vp, 0. McMillan;
judgment for plaintiff.
01 lock A Barry vs. Mahoi>; judgment for plaintiffs. Thos. O'Brien for
Mr. O'BHon made npplicntton to
the tiwur-i *l.i*i. letters of administration be granted iti favor of Ptibi.o. The
���otxtkv was grar.tud with costs. Tiiree
applications for naturalization were
also m-.rh an 1 grautcd.
Coon adjourned to rnoct ou June 21
Mifs MiU-ird and Miss Pollock wore
vihitori iu town from Itovelstoke^ being guests of Mrs. J, C. Pitts during
ihe Fiftsier holidays.
Percy Eatmqr-0 has left bore to t��ke
a po-itiuu with thu Kayigatipu Co.. at
J. CJ;'Pitta tilt on n bustttess trip to
Windut-int'iti last Thursday.
Mr. and Mis Manu have left Donald
to live in Hevelw'oke.
R. D. Davies hitil been appointed
poatmastcr, vica P. Patmore. resigned.
Fi'ea Jpip To Pari3.
Or its E'luivak-nt iu Cash.
A free trip to Paria aud return will
1�� geveu by The Illustrated Amerioan
uf New York to the person making the
largest list of words by using only
these eight letters "AMERIOAN," for
���pxumple: arm, man, rice, nico. etc. An
el-gent tiprlgbt Piano for each second
and third largest list. A high grade
Bicycle fcr each of l|m i-ext live largest
lists. A Graphono for each of the
next ten largest ists. A Morris Easy
Chair, handsomely upholstered, for
each of the next twenty five Urgent
lists and a choice of t-iiher a huamifal
Silk Dress Pattern or a China Dii.ner
Sutfor each of the next fifth largest
lists. In case of a tie for any prlao the
each tquivulBiit .vtl! le equally divided
autortg ihosc.entitled to it, and nil
Gucccssful Cfluatlian contcstaVilB will
rei!i-ive prlfees treo of duty. Forward
your lift of worth (.-o.-nctiy numher
ad) with lUteeti 2 cwnt Canadian or U-
S. stami'S for a tiiree months trial
subscription, aud you will lecpive full
pHrticulars and uotitluuiion of the ro
sliIt as scon as HWitrd ti oui-ie.
Over |360t00t) has heen expended
during lho past twelve years to secure
for Tiio Illustrate American it's position in the forniost ranks of American
publication and *KC,t00 mer.-. is to be
spent to obtain fur ii tho largest bona
uleeircuh.t:on of any high ola8*thag-
azine in lho world Every successful
contestant ih to tai lenommend it to
thi ir frit-uds and aa-ust iu Increasing
it** already large annual circulriion.
The competition opfus April 18th. aud
oloReiMay Ills*, 1900, Five teachers
from the New fork Publio -Schools
wiil l)o ipvited to act as a committee of
final award. Write your list of word*
with name and address plainly, and
forward promptly. Addrasx: The Illustrated America . Dcpt't 'C' Amen-,
can "Tract Society Building, New York.
The Field Concert
(From our Own Correspondent)
Tho much talked of concert and bnll
took place In the O. P R- Hotel at
Field on WViWsday night, mid in
aptte of tho warning fntca wn*. a sue
cess. No. 2 was delated by a rock
ulidu, hut was expected '" ut 20.80,
(according to our highly competent
authority the staion agent) so it, was
decided hy the ooiuniitee to pospoua
the commancenu-nt until after its arrival, hut unfortunately our authority
was wrong as usual aud No. 2 did
oot get it until 2'il 15.
Afier delaying some time ths committee decided to commence wi'h an
overture bv Proff��ssor Aqgaide'8 Or-
cheftra, whicli by tbe energy of Mr.
Killepn hail been procured ���", lie
night, and follow nr by opening the
hull and hold the concert until aft��r
the aniviil of No. :'. Tliis programme
was strictly adberd to aud soon all
were engaged in the Intricate mass's
of tbe Circassian Circle, which was
followed up bv other dances until the
arrival of the traio, when Mr. Wells,
our popular memuer of th3lnceil house,
after heing introduced by Mr. Killeen,
took the chair. A very tasty and attractive programme was thcu served,
consisting of a rcciation by Master
Patrick, a song "Strtlicona's Horse"
by'Mrs. Pitta, two very comic songs
in character by Mr. Tredal of North
Bend; a scotch song, by Miss MolMson;
a line aud graceful exhibition in club
swinging, by Mr. Wilson; a comic
story.by Mr. Crispin Smith and a song
by Mr. Barter, and uTtora few nun irks
by tho chairman thocoucrt-waa brought
to a clot>e with ' God save the Queen."
by the audience.
1'he next item wss an extreraly in*
'vititig supper, after which daucU��g
was resumed and the handsomo bail
room was -aoon a blaze of handsome
toilets, among which the costumes uf
Miss MacDomild. Mis.- Wilson, Miss
Turnbull and Miss L. Jackson were
much admired. The fun waxed fust
until it finally culminated iu the Nat
iaii-al Anthom, He's u jolly uood fellow
and Auld Lang Syne, at 4.30
Tho attendance was slightly marred
by the good management of the Traffic
depart moat which h-id tbe greater part
of the inhabitants wot king.
Fatal Aoeitlont.
. Donald, April 20. A fatal accident
occtirre.l "icht iirttes \v*.*P ot here ttt 2
O'clock ouTliurB'l'iy morning in which
���Engineer Hoh^ri Sunes lost bis lif*.*
It appears a freight* train in charge of
Cblidlictar Bormard, engine (��7fi, wns
going west and struck a small rock
slide, tho engine nnd two cara liefrig
completely derailed. Theenuiue rolled
O'-er on its side, iostan'Iy killing tha
engineer. Fireman McDonald was injured, but is understood not to be
Kfiiously hurt.
Somes was one of tbo steadiest men
ou the soad. liis sudden death conies
us u shock to his many friends.
On Monday last Premier Martin tih
Vancouver upon a tour throughout
tho Province liis intention is to take
tn all the iuk'id't-.-m-si.ituencU'S. -Ifeia
accompanied by * stenographer* so
that the pnblio will be kept posted of
everything that is In any W'sa far of
uble to hiin.
Prom aU cppBaratices it would scens
lhat in m;iii> coustituaneles thrrt����h-
out, the Province ihe election will be
fought out on pony lints. Sir Hlbheri
Tapper is ont stumping for the Conservative candidates, and Martin fer
the Government. Tiie Cottou party
still exist and it is yet a mutter oT
conj'i;Mire asto wt.ai tbeootcpmo will
be. I1 Is to be hoped whichever party
buco'-i'iIs tbe stvif-; which has existed,
for oome time past will l*-*"- ut an end.
aud thut tlif liUMiitbs of tbe Province
will no longer be bumpered us it has
been in the past.
The electors of North East Kootenay
will shortly be called npon to make'
thair choice of a representative in the
Local House. Our lato member, Ml*.
W. C. W-dls, will, in all probability,
be in the field. It would appear tbit
Captain Armstrong is to be his oppo:.
tat'. THa Eka does uo: doaif-o at this
juuutuvf*- to make any criticism, r.f
neither of the gsmlenien in question
bave aunounced their platform, but if
is to bo hoped this will he dono with
out delny, hs the district is a large or.e
and ihe moans Ot cominu rice tion eotna-
what difficult, However, as a meeting
has been called by the friends of Mr.
Wells for to-morrow (Saturday) evening, and another oo bohalt ttt Captain
Armstrong on Monday next, It is only
a matter of a few days when the electors will lie iu possession of such tacts
as will iu part at least enable them to
arrive at a decision as to the best man
Id support. It is the desire ofTiiB Eea
ro further tbis end as much as possible.
The Curlers' Ball.
Tlie committoi appointed by thu
Curling Club to make all arrangements
for the annu.il ball have overy reason
to congratulate themselves as it fifrovei?
to ho a success in every sense of tho
word. The Columbia Hull was tax-ed*
to the utmost extent, the floor id excellent cond'tion, the music perfect and
tho supper all that could be desired.
The club in all probubility will be able*.
to add a considenabltisum to its reserve
as a result uf the hall.
Peterborough, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with the largest
and most complete stock of
General Merchandise
In the Windermere Mining' District and
making* their
Headquarters for ail
branches of Mining
and Prospecting-
I*1M VillHiLI I;
ail pt i .
*"b Supplies.
Lowest Estimates given to Mining; Men
coming into the country to
... Develop Properties*
Having Our   Own Freight
Boats We Defy
taw I....*, i   ���   i-������ mi.. ..-��� ���   .;..****.*. -���.i   ���       ��� ��� i  i-      r f met
Brabant at AHwal Korlh-C��n��di��us
At Britstown ��� Cannonading
at Bullfontelit.
Loudon, April 13.���Tbe Tirois pub
lubes the lollowiug dispatch:
Oape Town, April 13. ���The Draoho
ender correspondent states tbat Gen.
Settle's column reached Upiogton ou
Maroh 80. Ool. Hughes, Ojuudinu M
P. aud chief of Qen. Settle's staff, witb
two city volunteers cyolists, two 'Can-
adiaus and two other colonials seized
Pout. The rebel rear guard evacuated
the town hastily after firing one sbot.
under the impression that alarge force
was upon tbem Kev. Mr. Shrceder. a
member of the Oupo legislative assembly, was captured 76 miles west of Up
ius ton au I brought in. The rebels are
surrendering their arms.
Upington, about ISO miles west of
Kimberley, is a small town, which has
long been held by rebels.
Loudou, April III-���Eloudslangte
aud Wepeuer still monopolize ntten
tiou. At both pb.ces it series of indeoi-
uive actions ute oooormg. Tbe Boer
report of tbe fighting on April 10 at
Kluudsluagte avers that tbe advance on
the britiab camp was made with the
loss of o.-ly tbree mules and two horses
aud tbat the British losses must have
been heavy. Tbe bombardment lasted
all dny
Nolhiug has been learned regarding
the mnior of Col. Baden-Powell's
death, nor is tbere anything tending to
show how long the general advance to
wards Pretoria will be delayed. In the
absence ol exciting developments pub*
lie interest centres more upon the personality of the new commanders and In
tbe suppositions as to wbo tbo next
general to be sent homo will be.
The sailors of tno Powerf 11 are corn-
lug in fur enthusiastic greetings, equal*
iug those ou   tbeir  arrival  at  Ports
i month yesterday,  when youug and old
Someu kissed tho  officers aud meu iu-
fceriminutely as   they   oame  off the
The Boer announcement of the reoc-
cupation of SmitbQeld by ths burghers,
Ily tlio Callapfto of a HutUling In Pltti-
bu g��� s. verul Bodies Iteooverod.
Pittsburg Pa. April 13.���A fonr story
brick bnilding on the corner of Wood
street and Third aveune occupied by
Armstrong McKelvey & Oo. wholesa e
paint dealers collapsed shortly before
ten o'clock. A score or more people
were iu the building at the time and
many, it is feared, were buried in the
A bnudrcd men began tearing away
at tbe debris serving to release the
buried meu and to get oat the dead
bodies. It is believed tbat not one person in tbe buildug, unless one or two
on tbe'top floor, escaped from being
crushed to death.
Three injured aud ouo dead bad been
taken out at 10.80 o'olook. Tbe dead
body was recognised as that of a our-
pen ter, name unknown. Two others,
who could be seen'bnt hod not been
reached were behoved to ba dead. Tbey
are Eugene Berhnard and a body. At
least twenty-five morn more are believed to be stilled lu the rnins.
BeUefonte Pa April 111.���An accident
ooourred this fore no u on oue of the
mine sidings of the BeUefonte and
Suowshoe railroad three miles east of
be Suowshoe by whioh three men were
iustuutly killed and one iujnrid. One
of tbe mountain fbifting engines was
returning from the Holy mines io tbe
main line at Suowshoe when within
three miles of the latter plaoe tbo rails
spread and the engine and a doaen oars
were thrown over tbo euibankment.
A.Iricrmen  Offered Money on Advice of
Hub Fire Chief.
Montreal April 13.���Scandals are accumulating aronnd the oity hall. Tbe
latest id a charge made by Foreman
Naud, of 14 fire station. He was advised by *ab-Ofaief Dnbois to offer |50
to certain aldermen to secure promo*
tious. The Bonseconrs market soaudal
s growing more serlons. Members of
the oity council have now in their possession quite a number of names of stall
keepers iu Bonseconrs and other markets, wbo 'state tbey are willing to
swear they gave money direct lo aldermen past nnd preseut, before they secured stalls. So far the aldermen wbo
were publicly aconeed by Tessier of
having forced him to take blackmail
have contented themselves by simply
denying ihe tinth of TeBsier's sworn
jut received, is no news, as the suiali)   ,Pie"e ******   bBiM,n�� ^peotor,
British force at that   plaoe withdrew ' wboso resignation was accepted Tnt*.
Tbe Enemy Is Active-Brabant Holding Ont at Weponer���watacre
Recalled-Uunuers Killed.
British force ut that   plaoe withd
thence after tbe  Keddersbnrg  affair.
It uow upp ara tbat Gen. Brabant is
at Allwal North aud tbat ouly a portion of bis column is at Wepeuer.
Britstown. Onpe Colony, April 18.���
A columu of troops commanded by OjI.
Drnry, of tbe Roynl Canadian Artillery, consisting of Oanudiuu artillery
and mounted rifles, Yeomanry und
Australians, arrived here ti is morning.
They found the distriot tiuverso I or-
derly and well disposed.
Bloemfontein, April Id.���According
to information received here the Boers
activity eastward of the railroad and
in proximity to the border is largely
dne to tbe fact tbat Presidents Kroger
and Steyn havo fouud they are unable
to kiep their lorces together in Inactivity, tne burghers declaring tbey are
nuwllling to remain with their commands unless aotivily euiployei, if
they are convinced the British game is
n waiting game. It is believed the
Boer command was originally designed
to oblige Lord Roberts to weaken his
foroe at Bloemfontein in order to pro
leet the railroad. Then tbe Buerb
wonld have attempted to recapture the
capital. The bnrghers are evidently
ignorant of tbe enormous forces Lord
Roberts has at his disposal.
Advices from De Aur Siding say the
'   Boers are busily entrenching their position east of Braudfort rnnning parallel
with the railroad,  while still holdiug
tbe Wnterval Drift waterworks.
Pretoria, April 18.��� Tbe Free State
Gazette publishes an order to the effect
that no person who has been command,
ered for active service has the right to
send a substitute without tbe consent
of the landdrost. In 'reference to the
matter of leave of absence tbe Gazette
says that squads of 10 per cent of each
command will be relit ved for periods of
twelve days, tbeir relief being obosen
by ballot. This is intended to meet the
wishes of tbe bnrghers desiring to plant
tbeir crops.
A heavy cannonade was btnrd this
morning in the direction of Bnltfontein,
situated, midway between Wiuburg and
Bosuof, in tne Orange Freo State, and
north of Brand fort.
Advices from Wepener, where a British force is surrounded, say tbe battle
continues. About 1,600 British troops
are said to be there. Advices from the"
Boer headq carters in Natal say that after a heavy bombardment tho British
are retiring iu the direction of Ladysmlth. mid tbe federals are going to
their old positions,
day, wus arrestod today ou a charge of
stealing as a servant of the city, the
sum of |8 on the 2nd oe 8rd of August,
j sua. It in al eged that in a great
many cases he took money for bnilding
permits, aud never made returns to tbe
city. Laoroix appear* d before Jndge
Desuoyers yesterday, pleaded not gnilty
uud was admitted to bail. The bonds
men furnished by imcroix are Charles
Berg mre nud Autoiuo Hnrtubolse, in
ibe snm o of (100 eaoh. He gave personal ba 1 to the exteut of (200.
KnterprlHlng Am.rfeau.  Tnjur.,1   ..hit.
Reproducing '*l~lttttl{i of Bplon Kop."
Now Yorlt.Apiil IS.-JamesH White
gs-uer-tl uiuimger ol a Kiuetcscope coin-
paiiy and William McCarthy were yesterday ssjgnged iu lulling a picture of
tho "Battle of Spion Kop" whiuii tbey
had arranged nu the .ooky slopa of the
Second Orauge mountain at Orange,
N.J., when they were seriously hurt
by ths, ex pit sion of a oaunon.
More thau 200 men had beon hired
half of tbe number in Boer costume
being placed ut the top of tbo rooky
slope, while tbe others in British uniforms prepared to slortu the kop. A
.-auuou was added to increase the pic*
turcao, no effect. Why It should bare
exploded before the kiuetosoope uud
tbe storming startod is uot oleur.
Respite (fronted.
Ottawa.April IS.���An order iu-couti-
oll has beeu passed giving a sespite for
twenty-four hours lo murderer Hairy
Williams ol Toronto so a. to put his ex
ecution orer Good Friday. Williams
will be exeouted Saturday morning.
This has been doue iu respouse to appeals from Mayor Maoddnald and
others, who objeoted to William, being
hanged on Good Friday. Juttioe
Meredith the trial judge who had power under the common law to grant a
respite did not do so.
Loudon, April 18. ��� Mr. Stephen
Crane, tho Amerioan novelist, who has
been ill for some time, has .uffered a
relapse and tbe attending dootor. are
uow almost hopeless of hia recovery.
Yokohama, April 13.���Advices from
Seoul annonnce lhat Rnuia  has presented to the Oorean government renewed demands referring to Maaainpo.
Too Hervou. to Bleep, and Hilly drew Weaker ud Weaker-Uy Using
llr. Chase*. Nervo Fool She Valued In Weight, lhe Color
Its-turning to Her Cheeks, aid She Gradually
Became Strong ud Well.
London, April 12���Lord Roberta
wires from the war office from Bloem-
fontei, nuder date ol Tuesday: The
ouemy havo been very aotivo dnring
tbe past few days. Oue commando i.
now on the north bauk of tbo Orange
river, not far from Aliwal North while
another is attaoking Wepener. Tho garrison thero is holding out bravely aud
yesterday Inflicted serious loss on tbe
Boers. Major Springe, of the Oape
Mounted Rifles, wa. killed. No other
casualties have beeu reported aa yet
Tbe troops are beiug moved up rapidly.
A patrol of six men of the Seventh
Dragoon Guard., under Lieut. Wether-
ley, who had been reported missing
since April 1, has returned safely."
As the foregoing does not mention
the alleged British reverse on Saturday
at Meerkatsfontein, the Boer telegram,
are discredited a*, the war offloe.
General Gatacre's nturn to England
I. aocepted ar being In the nature ot a
recall, though no reason ii given for lt,
and it will be associated In tbe pnblio
mind as hi. laok of .kill. Lord Robert,
oritloiaed hi. management of the Strom-
berg attaok and possibly Gatacre, arriving an hour and a half to late to resoue
tbe Reddersberg force, may have decided hi. return.
The Renter Telegram oompany.'
correspondent at Aliwal North, wiring
at 9.80 this a.m , says: "There is no
further new. from Wepener. Too cloudy
to heliograph. More British troop, an
Evening���When tbe Boen oommeno-
ed .helling, the British were drilling,
and one private was killed and another
was wounded befon the soldiers wen
withdrawn from range. Then the
naval brigade opened fin and threw a
heavy Boer fusllade, and two of the
cruiser Philomel's gunners werekilled.
The naval men stuck to their positions,
however, and the Boen unmasked six
guns including a one hundnd pounder,
and shells fell in all tbe British sumps,
After three houn bombardment, tbo
Boer firo slackened.
London, April 12.���Then is little
fresb intelligence form the aeat of war
in South Africa. It looks as though
Lord Roberts may be * preparing to
make a .trong effort to clear the Boer,
from behind him. A Oape Town dispatch saya he will not move for another week, owing to the necessity of
gathering stores and supplies.
Bloemfontein, April 12 ��� General
Gataon, the oom man er of the Third
division, 1. abont to return to England.
Geu. Pole-Oarew has been appointed
to the command of the llth division.
Several ohanges on likely to be made
in the brigade commands.
Loudon, April 12,���The Bloemfontein correspondent of tbe Morning Post,
says. "The Boen to tho southeast an
exhibiting an ludeoislon of movement,
poasilb; In consequence of onr occupation of the railway. Bodies of the
enemy an still moving from Wiuburg
southward through Tb.be N'Ohu.
Their destination has not been ascertained. Tbe Boen In tbe neighborhood
of Paardeberg ahow no disposition to
interrupt onr communications with
Kimberley, from whioh point oivil oon-
voya an still arriving.
London, April II.���The war oflice
issued a nturn of the tot*)! British
casualties np to April 7. It was as
follows: Killed io action, 211 offloen
and 1,960 men. Died of wounds, 48
offloen and 4,80S men. Missing ud
prisoners, 168 offloen ud 8,722 men.
Died ot disease, 47 offloen and 1.486
men. Aooidental deaths, t offloen ud
84 men. Repatriated invalid., 288
offloers ud 4,984 men. Total, 18,866;
exclusive ot the .ick ud wounded now
In hospital.. To the war offlce return
of casualties must be added tbe loans
of tbe laat week and the wounded, aggregating about 10,000 men, making a
grand total of upwards of 28,000
offloen ud men pnt ont of aotion.
Few people escape Ihe depressing, de
Mutating effects of spring, when the
blood I. thin and watery aod the whole
���ratem exhausted by the artificial life
of winter.
The yonng lady whose oase Is des*
crlbed bolow hid never been strong
since paa'iug the oritlcal period known
a. the dawn of womanhood, she was
always overcome by tired, languid feelings and laoked the oolor, strength .nd
elasticity of movement whioh an natural to ��� girl of seventeen.
Ber mother tells in the following
letter how her daughter was completely cured br the use of Dr. Ohase's
Kerr* Food, tbe great mtoratl/e.
Mn. X. McLaughlin, 96 Parliament
street, Toronto, states:���"My daughter
wis file, meek, lugnid ud very nervous, her appetite ws. poor and change
able, (be could scaroely- dng henelf somes disetue by stnngthulng ud in*
���boat th* boo* ud bar nerve, wen vigonting th. whole syanm. Al a
oouplelely unstrung. She mold not spring restorative lt It ouapproaohed
sdwp for mon tbu half u hour at a
am without startlag ay mt ttytag
*****     *"
"As .he wh growing weaker ud
weaker I became alarmed and got a box
ot Dr. Chsue's Nerve Food. Sho used
this treatment for some weeks, ud
from the first we notloed a deoided improvement. Her appetite became better, she gained In weight, tbe oolor returned to ber faoe ud she gradually
became strong ud well. I cannot My
too muoh In favor oi this vtonderfnl
tnatment alnoe lt hu proven such a
blessing to my diughter."
In esses ot thotuuds of pile, week,
nervons girls ud women Dr. Olsue'i
Nerve Food bu demonstrated iti unparalleled nstoratlve powers. For men
who an won ont by overwork or the
ravage, of dlaeue Ibis tnatment il
equally efflolent.
It is ��� blood builder ud nerve vital-
lier of most unusual merit, which over-
by uy nmedy known to mu. 60
out. a bos, at all daslen, or Kdman-
tot, Aim * Oa, Set-Mo.
Kelt*. Part. Company Wilh H.r Arlsto-
cratlc Hu.banct.
New York, April 12.���A speoial to
the World, from Galveston, Tex., say.:
"Quietly ud without even the judge
who tried Ihe oase knowing the Identity
of the defendant, a divorce nu been
granted In the tenth distriot court hen
to Obu. N. F. Armstrong, from Nellie
Armstrong, better known to the world
u Melbo. He is a son of Sir Andrew
Armstrong, Bart., M.P., ud Lady
Franoe. Fullerton Armstrong, of
King'i county, Ireland.
Toronto, April 19.���Mayor Maodon*
aid got a verdict for 1100 damages yes
terday in hii suit against the Mail and
Empire for libel by reporting alleged
libellous statement, made concerning
htm at a publio meeting In oonneotlon
with tbe mayoralty oampiign ud for
alleged libellous edltorlil comment
���long the lame linn |60 sin eaoh
Buffalo, If.'*,, April 19.-A new
Male of wage, for freight handlers wu
agreed upon at a convention of pack-
age freight handlers at Erie yesterday.
The preswnt rate varies from 16 to 80
oenti an honr, ud a ratio ot 6 oents u
honr will be demanded wben no rain
wu granted lut rear. A ten-hour day
ud the abolition of the oontraol system
an ��� put of the demand.
Dublin, April 19.���In oonseqnenoe
oflnolement weather Queen Victoria
wu compelled today to abandon ber
usual morning siiive.
Sir Tlio.. Llptisn would prefer racing
for Ara.rtca cup lu  August, 1001.
A large amount of com fur India
famine ��uft.r.r. ba. b..u collected* la
United Slat.., and will tw transport*!
frav by tbe- government.
Tb. artlllary at Halifax hav. bma
ord.r.sl to mount guard with fixed
Th. deel.lon In th. cnae nf th. Oreat
W..t Lnundry Co., Winnipeg, fnr maa*
.laughter, wa. given by tb. Judge tn
favor ol  tb. company.
Slpldo, tb* vould-b. M.awln ot lb.
Prlne. ol Wai... I. .aid to bar. bad aa
asKorapIlM . AH tb. erowaM*
Mlao*.    -
r. aan us
bead, ol
Ottawa, April 12.���Iu ibe house yesterday Sir Adolphe Oarou u-ked if ths
nport was correct that Major Drum*
mond had been appointed to tbe oom-
mud ot the Oai.ad.au militia. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier Mid it was not ooriect.
The bill to amend the aot to provide
for the conditio, ai mention of penitentiary convicts Vint nad a second
time. Sir Wilfrid explained that tbe
bill wu one that ba I been passed by
tbe senate. It was for tl.e purpose ot
exteuding tbe tioket of leave system to
minor offences. It uow ooly applied to
penitentiary offences. The bill passed
through oommittce.
Tbe bill respecting members of the
Northwest moute.l polioe for serving
in South Africa, was read a seoond
time. It passed iu committee, wu reported, read a third time and passed.
Mr. Moore, of Staustead, returned
the debate ou toe budget. HI. principal theme wu tbe duty on coal oil
which he said ought to bo reduced.
After Mr. Moore bad fiuishe*! hll
speech on tbe budget, Mr. McMillan,
Huron, moved the adjoornment, and
Mr. Fielding moved tbe house into
committee ot supply. Mr. Oluoy
brought up again the franking privilege, explaining that lt was abused during the recess. Sir Louis Davies Interpreted the law to read that ministers
had the same right to use their frank
dnring reoe*. a. members had during
the session.
The boon weut into supply ud took
np the MtimalM of luarino and fisheries. In reply to Mi. Bei rerun, Mr.
Mulock said that newspaper postage at
a quarter oent per pound for the thne
months ending Maroh 81, 1899, wu
$10,882; tbe amount 1-2 a oent per
pound for tbe two months ending Feb.
28 lut was 117,982.
The honse adjoined at midnight
until Tuesday next
It is nported ben tonight that negotiations for treaty arrangements between Oanada aud Trinidad have fallen through, ud that the island hu
succeeded in securing a promise from
the United States for a treaty.
Winnipeg, April 12���Preparatory to
adjournment today until Monday, May
7th. the local house voted yesterday an
estimate for $150,000 to pay salaries of
officers, grants to schools and other necessary expenses until after the passing
of tho estimates. The pretuler promised lo bring dowu the prohibition bill,
and the p-ovinclal treasurer the royal
financial oommlstion nport, immediately on the reassembling of tbe house
in May. The Sneaker laid on the table
the report of the provincial library ud
museum. Mr. Greenway called often-
ton to a violation ef a eus.omary respect to His Honor iu tbat tbe olerk,
instead of the speaker, read messagw
from tbe lieutenant-governor. Bills to
amend tbe municipal ud assessment
acts iu the interest of tbe olty ot Brandon, and a bill to amend the registry
���ot, wen given a first reading,
Puis Exhibition.
1 New York, April 18���A Paris oable
���ays immediate step, an uow being
taken for the completion of the exhibition nsKoitnily to alliw for a proper
opening on Satniday. Scaffoldings are
disappearing ud tl.e wilderness of
bricks and mortar is being transformed
Into attractive gardens,
A group cf artist! going over the
grounds yesterday was unanimously ot
the opinion that tho nal notable future of tbe exhibition, u far u beauty
Is oonoerned, is the Alexander III
bridge Tbl. I. probably the most beautiful work of its kind the world ou
show. The last touches of tho interior
deoorations are uow being made by u
immense number of workmen, who arrived In Paris during Ihe lut few days.
Wages bare gone up to astounding
prices, certain skilled woikmen making
from $10 to |l( a day,
The offloiel programme ol the opening will be issued today. Tbe ceremony
will be very simple. Atout 18,000
persons will be admitted, inolndlng the
whole parliament, all the ministers and
ambassadors, including Dr. Leyds, ud
tbe papal nunoio.
II. C. Elections.
Viotoria, BO., April 11.���The Brit*
lib Columbia general eieotion will be
held on May 26, ud the houn meets
July 6. Dissolution wjs the result ot
direct pressure from Ottawa.
Ottawa, April 12.���Tbe aotion of
the agent of tbe government at Viotoria, Lieutenant-Governor Mclunea,
In dismissing bis constitutional ad<
���risen, who wen meeting the legl.la
tun it the moment ud answerable to
the npresentative. of the people, attracted tbe attention of his excellency's
advisen hen at the time ud the matter wu afterwards pressed upon their
attention In tbe houu of commons.
An offlolal request wu mad* npon
the lieutenant-governor by his eicell
enoy In council for an explination of
bia aotion. Aftor a considerable delay
tb* governor's letter of explanation bu
heen reoelved and i. regarded m inadequate.       	
. Hamilton, April Jl. ��� James A.
Lowell, formerly member for Wellud
in th* oommons, died it Niagara Fills
South ycefcray.	
Toronto, April li,���The Globe's pi*
trlotlo food imounsi to 179,741.71, tb*
bMvleat .uborlptioou today being on*
ot |I,018.0S from th* oounoil ud people of St Mary's. Other subscriptions
today wen $841 from Cayuga; $164.60
from staff and round home men ol
Grand Trunk at Toronto, and $62.76
additional from Grand Truk at Toronto, ud $.12.76 additional from
Grand Trunk employee, at Stratford,
Niplu, April 18.���A Transvaal mil-
���Ida aooompanled 1 y Dr. Muller and
Jonkhorn Vau Boosoheten itarted thll
morning for Mllu.
Bnylif War Sappllei la iutralta.
H*w York, April 18.���Great Britain
hub) a lug* extent .topped baying
food .tuff, for her army In South
Afrioa from this oountry, aooordligte
loeel itaamihip ���genii. "Shipment!
to Booth Africa an now confined lima* exclusively to hay, oats and mulM
with an oooulonal large order for cursed goods" uid oue of tbem today.
."Tb* war department loud that tiny
oould g*t coin ud mMti quicker ud
*hup.r from Australia ind ilBNtkw
ths MlfMaf "
Final Attack oa MifeUng-Cel. Otter
ud tke Cornwillt-Buller'i
Hani Unas Booming.
Allwal North, April 11.���An engagement tcck place yesterday at Wepener. Tbe Boen' Vioken-Maxim did
considerable execution at flnt but th*
British guns .oou got the range ud
made gnat havoc. The Ronxville
oommudo hu gone to Wepener.
The fighting at Wepener was seven
ud luted all day long. The Boen rewired a check. The casualties wen
rather beavy on both sides. Another
oommudo is advaucing towards Wepe*
ner from De Wets Dorp.
Allwal North, April 11.��� Heavy
Agcting was continued at Wepaner thll
morning. The iwnlt Is unknown.
Three Boer commandos in attaoking
tbe town.
Mafeking, March 97.���News WM re*
mired yeiterday oi Ibe advance bt tb*
southern relief column.
Tbe Boen this morning opened tie
at lunrin with .even gun., Inolndlng
one lOO.pounder. Tbe Bom .lege guu
alone bu ilnidy find over ilxty
roundi Under oover of the fin th*
Boen idvanced to tbo northerc ftu* of
the works, bnt relied precipitately on
ooming within rifle range. They aim
advanoed to the southwestern posts,
bnt wen repulsed. Then wm on*
The Boen nnder Oommandut Ju
Oronje ara evidently falling back before tbe advance of the southern nllef
column and ate conoeutrating with two
oommandos, who ara ntirlng tefore
Ool Plnmer in order to make a lull
effort to reduce the town. All ibe fort,
ud outlying positions in manned, the
troops standing to arms and everybody
ia nnder oover.
All an convinced tbat thia li tbe
Boer.' laat attempt.
Halifax, N.S., April ll.-Blihop
Courtney has received a letter from
Chaplain Cos, of the Seoond Oanadiu
contingent from Oape Town In whioh ll
the following: "Tbe Oanadiu. (flnt
contingent) had heavy marching for
several days ud arrived at Paardeberg
just it it. hottest. Imperial offloen ny
tbey never saw suoh cool men. They
went into action laughing ud smoking
ud telling joke.. The Oronwall regiment wm witb tbem. The colonel ot
tbe Oornwalls toid Ool. Otter that the
Oanadiu. wonld have to charge acroas
i piece of veldt 800 yirds wide with a
cross fin raking it. Ool. Otter demurred at making hia men charfe at eo
long a distance.
The Cornwall colonel then said: "If
you don't like to, or don't know how
to, the Oornwalls will show yon.'
Col. Otteraaid: "The devil yon wilL
We will lead aud you keep up if yon
It wm hen In tbia oharge that
the heavy Iou ooourred.
London, April 11.���A* dispatch to
the Daily Mail from Braudfort, dated
Sunday, by way of Lorenao Marques,
say.: "Yesteerday Gen. DeWet engaged tbe British for the third time
within a week at MeerkaUfontein killing ud woudlng 800, ' He captured
90u with 12 wagons losing five Boen
killed ud nine wounded."
The Daily Mail publishes the following dated Tuesday April 10 from Lorenzo Marquee: "The Netherlands
Railway company profeaies to have received a telegram reporting * Boer vie-
tory near Kronilad the Boen capturing
900 Britiab."
Commenting upon these, the Daily
Mail remarks: ' 'Then ll a Meerkatsfontein at about eight ud ��� half miln
wntbest of Krouslad, but if tb* nport
be true this can hardly be the place." '
The Daily News ha. the following
from Pretoria, dated Monday,, by wiy
of Delagoa Bay: "It is offloially announced that a battle ha. been fought
south ot Braudfort, in whioh 600 Britiih troops wen killed ud wouded,
ud 800 taken prisonen.'
Braudfort Station is abont 40 miln
north of Bloemfontein ou the railway
line to Pntoria
A Crntlngent or Fifty Plainsman aad
Mouatad Polio. Wanted at Onoo to
Vlll Probable Vacuole..
Ottawa, April II.���A oable wm received yesterday from Lord Strathcona
asking that a contingent of 60 men be
forwarded to South Afrioa to it ono*
join tb* Stnthoona Hone, and be ready
to fill vacuole., wbioh may be oitued
by OMualties or otherwise. It li therefore apparent that the Strathcona
Hone will be at once lent into aotion,
ud it ii tbenton the intention to keep
the reviment up lo ill full ilrength.
The department ot militii will Me
thit the order il it onw curled out
Plainsmen ud mounted polioe will be
Minted, the same as wu don* In th*
lint instance.
Honolulu, April 11.���Two oasef ot
pligue wen nported M.roh 96, Oo*
wu a Jspauese fisherman, the other *
white mu named John Hurley. Since
that slate no new mms have appeared.
Otaaa-U* I. Isstaa.ted M Mms. �����
Ml W MUUoaa,
Ottawa, April 11.���W. H. Patton,
F. H. Amu ud Henry Gny, of Daw-
ion Oily, an hen. They left Dawaou
on Fib. 11 and had a rery good trip
Mt, They atated that on having Daw-
urn buiness wu oontinnlng brisk and
everybody wm hopeful of a big oleu-
np at the snd of the mmou, probably
bstWMn $98,000,000 ud $80,000,000.
Th* royalty grievuM WM.till la agitation. ItwM tha universal opinion
among miners that tbe royalty should
be reduced from 10 per oent to 6 pw
owl, ud certainly Mine redaotloa
w *��ald be required if th* dmlopmwt
of th* gsild resource, of the ooutry
WMto b* continued iu u exleselve
wtv. -*ty Intend going M-slwatd
md will nturn to Damon during th*.
ltontr.L.1 clvi** .ca:.il:ii*i are .... tbo tn-
Heavy mow f.sl!. hnve l.:k**n rice? <n
8*v.rni Texna river. uuv.�� ria.n mid
ar. at flon.t helwh..
Chaa. Log!'.. ... Manlwnkl, -.;u... left
aa wtat. valnau at 9H0.U00.
A trni.i cl .ettlers' . ff.-csa ind atoek
wan wrwk.d lurtts nf Saskatoon.
A delegation frou. Sd.kn-k waited on
thi* premier lu cotinee l.m with .sn etec.
trie railway cl.nr'.r.
Quern Victoria wrist tor an eight mil.
drt.o alum* tin: lttvcr l.it.'jy .tail wa.
caught iu   a-l.urrlcnie.
Melt.... tbe celol.ri.teil aing?r. ha. been
divorce.l from her hualiu.id. 0. M. P. Artn-
.troiig, buu of aa lriah uuionot.
!..*ii. tiugcl. ..I the rreiicli .vur offlc,
baa Leen arr.ai.ed, accused ot aelltn-r
secrel null.ary document, in Germany.
, King L.ipo'd, of llelacluni. na. left
Ms personal eatate Is, tbe tuition.
Mayot Macd.ui.ild, Toronto, .ecured a
v.rdict fos libel ugalnat a local paper.
The big transportation building .at
Omaha fair ground, wa. s'..troy��d by
Step, aro being taken to ensure th.
opening nf the Purl, expoal'.luu -.in Saturday.     *-*
Seeding t. In full bleat In Brandon
dl.trlct; th. acreage will lucr.ni. 20
per cent.
A cloeed mall ha. beon granttd be.
twees. tV'lutilpeg and Da-aauon oa th.
local train.
Tbe British Columbia election, will be
b.ld June 9; nomination. May ��0; new
bou.u meet. July S.
Tbo Manitoba Free Pres. India famln.
laud has io far produced over 8700.
010.1 ot which Ita. boesi sent on tt. way
to tbs. relief committee.
Lebanon, T.xu>, bn. beea s)n.tray.d by
a tornado.
At Acton, Ont., 2C0 tnnu.ry employ...
art. oil .tribe.
"Kmplr. Day will b. celebrated with
great eelat in Montreal.
Tbe rl.lug iu A.hunt.e I. spreading
and Coomai.1. I.  Invested.
A 840.000 fir. visited Ottawa, .1.-
���troylng a palut factory and two .tore.
Thar, are 26 caeca of small-pox at
Su.cuehnna, pa., und bualu... ia suspended.
The newly formed Imperial Liberal
oounclt. baa held It. flt-4t meeting tn
Two special trains of eottler. bar.
Istt Hamas for the Northwest; ulao 100
Mlchlguu mm.
Peter Bubertion, formerly of Halt,
Oat,, and a companion, were drowned
near Vancouver.
Cou.ul Hay ha. fflil.d to find in tb.
Trnu.raal any foundation tor E-c-Conaul
tfacruui a chargca.
Hia EacellMsoy-ln-eounell hn. intimated tt. Lieutenant Governor Helusle. lhat
bt. recant explanation ro-pecttug :*".����� B.
a crisis i.  inadequate.
St. Loul., Ma. April 11���A ipMial
-Hnatoh from Dallu, Texas, Myn "A
baUrtn from T.ylor, fun, al $
o'oltek Saturday iftUMon mji tb*
tHl*iiodOircl.rllUha�� bin wuhid
���wtjr."  9h*plaMh*d IM lakaM$-
Tlte Paris exposition exhibit, will be
open Siiifltiiy. >
Banker Pilcher, of Oakland, Cal., coin,
milled sulcld*. I
Jo., Wuyue wa. burned to death la
Belaud, B. o. ���
Progress. Is being made ou lb. Peel,
tic cable project.
J. ltoacli. a Napanee bank burglar .us-
psMt, bn. been arrested.
Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria,
will visit Berlin, May 6.
The .alary of Winnipeg', mayor ha.
besNi increased to 62,000.
A Montreul bonk taller ba. left th.
elty, 84.00V abort In bl. ca.h.
Mr. Nlchol'. dwelling, ut calf Moun.
tale, Man., wn. d.atroyed by lira.
A. S. Burntt, .ou of a Toronto pfay.1.
Clan, died at KluiUrley of  fever.
Tb. Lake of tb. Wood, company ha.
received a flour order from Trinidad.
Tbe Shamrock., a u.w Junior lacro...
���lab. hss. been organised lu  Winnipeg.
Tbo Klondike creeks' clean ap la estimated at Irom 829,000,0110 to (dlO.tHKI,.
Ool. Dclamere, Toronto, will command
tb. Bl.ley team, and Major M.Koy will
be adjutant,
Sheriff CeutlM, ol  Aylnur, tlu..,  I.
Two Mexican ladles ssttled a quarrel
with pistols.
W. It. Black ba. b.��n appulntad ra-
���latrar of Uord.n.
A 81,000,000 fir. rl.ltod th. buiiam
dlalrlet of Pittsburg.
Th* Edmonton brldg. aero., tb. Sa..
katehawau bu bwn completed.
Five Cuban. ��.r. garrotid at Pole.,
P. B., tor tb. uurdur of a planter.
Tws. boys, ecu of Peterboro, Oat*,
resldrnte, wsr. drownud ta a creek.
4u.m Victoria hi. ..at Lady Rob.
art. tb. Victoria OroM won by he* dead
Herbert Orow., a N.w York grata
dMltr, lornnrly ol Winnipeg, hae as.
Th. Edwardsburg glucon work, at
Oardlaal, Out., w.r. completely deetroy-
ed by fin.
Slpldo'a parent, hav. mad. a pergonal appeal to Qu.m Victoria on behalf
of tbelr .oa.
��� By WtnalMg *g.n.ro.tty a public bath
hou* has b��eu .rooted for ladlsua at
Fisher Binr.,
H.nry King aulcldad lu a Toronto bot.
- Tb. fiaauc. bill bu paxed tb. Brltl.b
Melita, Man., bu bsen mads a cut.
torn, oulpurt.
Sloan bad two wla. at the Beraey
.prlng meeting.
In Pitt.bun-. 10,000 mlu.r. hav. returned to work.
Many district, in th* province nport
Meding operation*.
Oa. of Slpldo'. accomplloM I. aamed
MHrt, a .buamaktr.
Tb. Brltl.b ateamar M.xleaa wa* sunk
la a eolllalou u.ar cap. Town.
Vtrmout, Dew.;', own .late, will not
' tkt
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 hard, Fmt
William, bSJic
Flour���Ogilvie'. Hungarian patent,
$1.86; Glenora, $1.66; Manitoba
Strong Biken, $1.40; XXXX, $1.05;
lak. ot th* Woods patent. $1,85;
Strong Baken, $1.66; Medon, $Ao;
XXXX, $1 90 per saok of 88 poundi ta*
li-rend in Winnipeg.
MUlfeed-Ogitvie'e bran, $14.60,
���horti, $15.60 ptr ton; Lake ot th*
Wood! bnn, $14.50; shorn,  $15.50.
Ground Feed���Oat ohop, $88 p r tan;
barley obop $17, ud mixed feed ot
barley and oata $90 pu ton. Corn
chop, $18; oiloake, $97.
Oata���No. t white, 81 to 81 Ho per
bushel in oarloti on track. No. 9 mixed,
80 to 8OX0.
Barley���Oarloti 86 to 86c off can
ban. At ooutry point! 80o on tnok
is the ruling figure.
Oorn���Oarloti ot No 8 oorn on tnok
an worth 490.
WbMt-At 15o freight rata point.
64c ii now the ruling quotation, it Mo
point. 64o, ud wnt of that 68c.
Flixned-About $1.81 pw bushel
npreunti th* value.
Oatmeal���Manitoba m*sl la being
saffend at $1.65 per 80 lb. nok to tb*
ntiil toad* by miller.
Hay���Fresh baled bay Is worth $5 to
$6.60 per ton; Ioom hay on the street,
$8 to $4.
Butter���Creamery���The market ll
nominal t��t about 94o per pound. Dairy
���Flunt diirr In tubs will bring u
high m 18c ud ia regularly quoted It
16 to 18o, print! fetch 9eo pn pound,
mill 17 to 180, ud seoond grade batter from 10 to 14o, aooordiug to quality. Freight ud commlsiou off then
OheiM���Small, 14 to 14 l*2o per
pound: huge, 14.
Eggs���The top prloe fo* oMe eggs
now, subject to oudling, is 18o per
doaen, lew expresnge. limed an
worth te per doaen, ud fresh local
eggs 25a
Vegetable!���Potatoes 40 to 46op*r
bushel; turnips, 95o to SOo; carrot.
60s; beet., 40 to SOo; pannipi, 1 l-8o
per pound; dry onions, $1.86 to $1.60
per bubel; oabbage, ��Ho per pound;
oelery 76o per down bunches, lettuce
ud parsley, 40o per doaen bunohet.
Dreued Meats���Beef, oily drened,
6 to 7o per lb; ooutry dreseed, 6 to So;
mutton, 8 to 9c; lamb, 8 to 9c; veal,
8 to Do; hog., Do to 6 1*40 for but
Poultry ��� Turkey., llo per lb.';
ducks, lOo; geese, Do; ohiokena, llo, ,.
Game���Rabbit, are worth 7o eaoh.
Pigeon. 90o per pair.
Hide.-No. 1 impeoted hide., 7o
to IHo; No. 2, 6 to OHfii ��a 8, 5*^0;
Branded bides grade Na 9. ud bull.
Na 8; kip, 7o; oalf, 8 l*8o; deikln
sklni, 96 to 860 Mob; .beep skins, W
to 600 eaoh; honehidei, 60 to 75o eaoh...
Wool���We quote prloei hen 8 to Oo
for unwashed fliee.
Seneca root���98o per lb.
Tbey Inspect an  Employment Agent of
Swindling .nd. W ant a Belnnd.
Winnipeg. April 19.��� Though tb*
ohlef element In the faith of a Doukbo-
bor it an arenion lo fighting, he hM
another element in nil nitun whioh
almoat counteracts the lint, whioh is
his strong avenion to being "roped
in.*' When ho imagines be bwt nol
bnn given "a square deal," he is not
backward In demanding hll right! la
* way thit ll oalculated to meet n-
���pect. An employment agent, Mr.
Thoe. Musker, is of tbii. opinion. He
wu given in illustration of this lid*
of th* Doukhobor'a chancier wben he
wu summoned by about 180 of them,
wbo threatened, with terrible sounding,
triple pointed wordi, to toll him In th*
mud if be did not nturn to them th*
money he took ������ fees to find th.m
work when than wm no work. Mr.
Musker surveyed tbe nt ot angry fioM
befne bim, tbe crowd stretched almost
���crota Miln itreet, ud but a retreat,
ud had uot th* polioe diiperaed th*
Doukhobors, it wonld probably her*
given Mr. Mnsker u opportunity ot
testing th* fighting qualitiM ot i husky
tor the presidency.
" Henry Yonteey ha. mad. a uoafMcloa
of tb. Goebel murder conspiracy.
Tb. Literal eoavutioa ia Vauoo.v.r
did aot radon. Premier Martla.
A .o.tom.' s.liur. of 620.SMO worth
oi mllllMry wu mat* la Moa.nal.
Judg. Duaa. has bwa appelated a.om-
mlHloaer to InvMtlgat. tk. ebargw
agalut the Yukon gold .ommlulonw.
Begalatlca. ban b..n p.aasd prohl-
biting tugs !lebi��g la Ukw Manitoba
and Wlmtip.go.1..
It I. nported that Admiral Dew.y
h.a withdrawn bl. nam. Irom th. pre-
aldentlal candidate*.
I-ord Strathcona ha. U4k��d for 60
mor. rs-crulta for Strathcona'. Hon., to
fill probabl. v.cuuci...
Time will be no lnl.r-usilver.lty ooa-
t..t. txtwaan Britiab and United HtatM
eoll.g.. tbl. yoar la Anurlaa.
Qu.en Victoria went Ior a Mrlv.
through tk. villages along tk. Lilt./,
which w.r. gay with dMOratlons.
All .xblbll. at Pari, .xpoaiiiou must
be uncovered mvshs slay, la tb. we.k,
but butted Stat., ba. been specially
Fraburg, Md., April ll.-A gut.
eral atrik. of-tii the ooal mloen la the
George'i one* region hM bew ctrdend
for Wednesd.y midnight. Niarly 6,-
000 mu in Involved. Tin miner, in-
���lit sn u inoneM of tram 16  to 80
nti per ten.
BcMlud, April 11-Xbe Ooonra-
tin eonviatlon for Bonlud rldlag met
today ud amid tbe gnalnt enthMtam
" ated Mr. O, H. Maeklitoih,
ly llenluut-gmraor ot tb*
XarrlfariM. mi oandldaletmU*m*.
vlarfll farlliaienl.   '
Ohioago, April 11.���A non nnlou
plaiterer working in the banmenl ot
the Marshall Field bnilding, wm m-
oulted ud serionily Injured by ��� union picket today. Nearly S00 union
men wen discharged ty the contractor! of thll bnilding yuterdiy ud
their platm filled by non-union men.
Otlawa, Anil 11.���The department
of justice i. beiug oommnulMted with
In regard to the hanging of Henry William. In Toronto on Good Friday- Exception ii taken to the day nt for the
Do Not
Pay Cash.
my icnr ni
m un nimimt.
A-Nay lug. .eTt-sf Mate-ssmde. Weeia
Write bi pai-tioalan ial prise.
MOWTMAfc ******,
Beported by Alloway * Ohimptao,
.   Stoek Broken, Wluipeg,
-to***. Buysssi
���j��  S   tu
Wubal.  l��l
fpu:::::::::*::: -w
u  Ill
lav.  ill
******* womut.
VtMnHtttlMHIIIIttllMtlHltMH f\
ti-emr Cfcaractcrlitlea ���! Iailviiula
Wk* Attain hommavitr* .
Long life ii not in accident. It li oor
even en Inheritance, for the inheritance
of physical vrtallty infflclent to make a
centenarian may. be dissipated eney tn
20 yean of riotous living. The iclon of
a long lived race may die early (aa be
often haa died) of debility or wasting disease induced by unhygienic living. On the
otlier baud, a small stock of vital force
husbanded carefully may often prolong
life to a healthy and efficient old age.
A careful examination will show that
certain physical characteristics are usually associated with longevity. Perhaps
the most noticeable of these Is carriage.
Niiii'ty-nlne out of a hundred people
havt? curvature of tbo spine. The octogenarian Is the hundredth man. His
spine Is n straight line, his bead erect,
his chest broad and deep. This menus
thai the vital orpins are properly supported by the attachments provided by
nature and that tliey do not rest npou
ami crowd each otber. The heart, lungs,
stomach, liver and kidneys ure thus eu*
allied to do their work unimpeded, .aud
their activity in providing food for the
tutu's and in removing waste matter���
which Is the prime cnutte of disease���Is a
potent factor In longevity'. A large trunk,
with legs short In proportion, a straight
spine and nn erect curl-lane are among
tit1 most obvious characteristics of those
who attain great age.
A nut her characteristic, less evident to
the untrained observer, but equally Important. U the habit of slow, deep re*
plrntion. The oxygen Is the only real
food, for only the matter oxidised in tbe
pytttvm U'comes titotup. Deep, fnll brenth-
lus means nn Immensely Increased
aumuut of oxygen Ingested aud an equally augmented quantity of poisonous matter eliminated by the luugs. Mental
quietude is essential to proper breathing.
The excited mnn. the emotional Individual, who suffocates with joy, palpitates
with enthusiasm, chokes with rage,
gasps with astonishment, sighs from the
Intensity of bis attachments���tbe emotional Individual by every inequality In
his respiration abbreviates his life.
Another physical characteristic of longevity, most Important of all aud seldom or never noticed, la ease and repose
of movement. The old person���the bale,
vigorous, healthy old man���moves easily,
lightly, silently. Hc bas always moved
thut way. That's the reason be Is here
now Instead of with the others who,
with their gasps and sighs, their clinched
brows nnd twirling thumbs, tbeir intense
emotions and little complaints, are gone
and forgotten. Ease of movement and
grow depend upou muscular relaxation.
Muscular relaxation is impossible except
when tbe mind Is tranquil.
A fourth peculiarity of those who live
loug Is thnt tbey are invariably small
caters. Uurmands die young. The octogenarian Is always frugal. The enor-
���** mons physiological task of digesting
and excreting dally pounds of food uot
needed by tbe orgaulsm Is not performed
by the fmgnl eater, and so be has the
more vitality to expend In thought, in
working and In living out his century.
We live not so much because of wbat we
eat ns because of what we do not cat.
Much has been written on the subject of
longevity, but little that today possesses
nny beyond n merely literary Interest.
The liillmmce of occupation, of climate,
of stimulants, of location, of race and
breeding upon longevity opens Interesting
fields for discussion, but affects the matter only Indirectly.
T�� recapitulate: The four leading char
ncterlstlis of the Individual who attains
longevity nre large thorax, deep, full,
hIow breathing, muscular relaxation and
frugal habits regarding, diet. ��� Health
The First CoMhea In I.oadoa.
Killing was the only alternative to
walking nt the beginning of Klisabetb'i
ri ign. and a lady never rode without sll
or M'vcn serving men to carry attire suitable to all contingencies nnd the menus
to repair a toilet which might suffer on
the journey. To diminish this cost coaches i-nuie into use. Tliey were Introduced
In I'tti-l liy a Dutch coachman of tbe
queen, bin we nre told "u couch was a
strange mouxtiT lu those days, and the
Eight of ll put both man and burse Into
nmiiseiiiciit: some snld It was a great
.vrnli shell brought out of China, and some
Imagined It tu be one uf the pagan tern-
pit's In whicli the cannibals worshiped
the devil." But at length these doubts
were cleared and coachmaklng became a
substantial trade,
Ho rapid was the Increase of coaches
tbat lu 11(01 an act of parliament was
passed "to restrain tbe excessive and superfluous uie of Coaches within this
realm." In spite of tills Innovation no
method could! I* devised whkh made la
ropiotlnn pleasant through streets which
were alternately torrents" of -dirt finding
their wny to the Fleet ditch aud thick
deposits of black mud, which famished
a ready wVnpon.to nny oue who wished
tn express disapprobation; It Is difficult
for ns to picture 1-Andon without either
cabs or omulbitses;���Bishop of London In
CoiulilH Magnslne.
Straw Is better than hay In tbe nest
To thrive well the hen mnst have aome
bulky food.
The secret of feeding la to avoid getting
the hens too fit
One-half tbe trouble witb poultry
comes from lack of hard, sharp grit.
It will be hard to get a cross tbat will
ley at an earlier age than some of the
pure breeds.
It Is a good plan In winter to empty
the drinking vessels as soon as the fowls
bave satisfied their thirst
Hens tbat are kept constantly quiet
and tame will make better mothers than
the wild, uncontrollable ones.
New blood In poultry Is tbe basis of
beauty, vigor and proliticness. It Is more
essential to poultry culture than anything
Ten good hens and a rooster will constitute a very good breeding pen. Be sure
that they are tbe very best fowls on tha
With fancy poultry, to mate properly,
one should be able to score a bird uud
know just what points are most liable to
take a prise.-St. Lojils ltepubllc.
tack la Flaila* Mines.
Something like 2i">0 years ago an Indian, while climbing up tbe steep slope nf
a bill hi pursuit of nu antelope, seised a
bush to help himself up. The plant gave
way, and tbo Indian fell backward, but
by a desperate effort saved himself and.
falling forward, eut the end of his nose
on the sharp point of a projecting rock.
The Indian looked ruefully at the point
of tbe rock tbat had done tbe damage
and, to his surprise, saw tbat It was
almost pure silver. This Is how tbt famous silver mines of SCacatecas, Mexico,
are uid to have beeu discovered.
Another rich Mexican mine' owes Ita
discovery to a rabbit. An Indian aud bis
dog chased a rabbit lato hia bole. The
Indian wanted tbo rabbit ao badly that
ht got a spade and began to dig tho little
beast oat. Suddenly bo made tht star
tllng discovery that ht waa abovtllai al*
moat solid stiver. Doubtless tbt rabbit
��� eacaped-at least It la to bt hoped It did
. ���but Its memory haa been preserved In
tbe name of the mine, which, translated
Into English, means tht rabbit's den.���
Tblladtlpbla Timet.
Rebnttal Twrtlanr.
Tht fluest-lsn't yonr llttlt boy rather
pervons, Mrs. BlumiT
Mrs. Blniin���No; I think not
Utile Boy���Yes, I am. ma; when people wbo come here stay too long, It makes
me wriggle around and kick my chair.���
Chicago Kecord.
Tho Vnetarr Kind.
Banker's Boy-De boat thnmptd la
typewriter himself dis moroln,
Brokcr'a Boy-An yer stood by an lot
bim thump de poor girl! Wbero'a yer
mmlinessf-New York WorM.
�� pills wkloa have no ote ������*������
eonMln mats-Hal.
InJurloM   -
The inltin ot Laagkat (Sumatra) ha.
ordered an automobile volturette In .Parle,
Tbe cur haa presented a new yacht to
Prince George ot Greece, who saved hia
lit. in Japan some years ago.
Emperor William hu interested himself in a project to lire Berlin a Wagner
theater, in which the wcrks ot tbis master and ether ser'.ous opeiu will be pro*
It la new uttled that the German em*
peror and emp-en will pay a ilait te
Home In the si>rlng and that they will
take the opportunity, while in Italy, of
���.(siting the queen of England at Bordlg-
hera, when then ia likely to be a large
family meeting.
Authors presenting coplu of their
work, to Queen Victoria usually have
them luxuriously bound, but accordiug
to a communication received by a Scottish publisher from Sir Arthur Blgge,
the queen prefers to receive boob, in th.
binding In wblcb they an published.
Cecil Rhode, wa. relieved. Tbe relief
of Kimberley wa. an incident.���Detroit
free Press.
About tbe wont thing that ha. befallen
England In the Transvaal war Is the rescue of Cecil Rhode..���Topeka Journal.
In c>.e then 1. a alump in the diamond
business Cecil Rhodes might Snd em*
ployment in the museums as the $10,000,-
000 prise b.auty.-Wa��hlngton Port.
If Cecil Rhode, didn't take General
French into tbat diamond vault and t.-ll
him to dip In and help himself to u handful ot carats, he 1. an ungrateful man.���
Cleveland Plalu Dealer.
Cecil Rhode, took advantage of the resumption of travel from Kimberley southward to depart for Cape Town. P. S.���
Cape Town 1. the farthest point In South
Africa from the wat of war.���Syracuse
Do not neglect a cold. Yon cannot be
told this too often. Colds are easily cured
If treated at once, but neglected thoy
may mean pneumonia or consumption.
Try this ilmple remedy fur asthma:
Extract the juice of eight lemons and
mix lt carefully with one ounce of honey
and one ounce of eed liver-oh*. Take a
tablespoontul of the mixture when tbe
cough comes on.
A bruise should be Immediately ba'thed
with very hot water to prevent swelling
nnd lessen discoloration. If the bruise
be serious, a cloth wrung from warm oil
ahould be applied, changing when cold.
After bathing a bruise with very hot
water always smear It lightly with ��onie
SKKithing cream or ointment
An Iowa concern ta making firm war
on. wholly of .tee).
Pennsylvania factory Inspectors report
2.228 accidents last year, three-fourths of
which were due to carelessness.
In Virginia a company has been formed
to make artificial marble of milk of lime,
salt and mar.hm.llow root, together witb
cement --
The annual report of the New Vork
.tate board of mediation and arbitration
.how. that tbere were 4(16 strikes last
year compared with 271 the year before
lUtioiu Had* for the Occasion.
Driver Jamea Buckley, of the 88tb
Battery Roval Artillery, in a letter,
dated Orange Hirer, 18th December,
aaya: "Oh, the sights we hare seen
since we oame here 1 The other day
we loat 400 nen, killed and wounded,
at Springfontein. It nearly makes yon
cry to see the wounded being carried
abont, some -shot in the legs and
others in the stomach���well, in fact,
all over them. It took na three daya
to oome from Oape Town no to De
Aar, nnd we had no sleep for three
nights . . and no food worth speaking of, for we only had hard biscuits
aud bully beef, and they are not the
same biscuits and beef you get in
civilian life, for they are mode by the
military people purposely for this
occasion. Whatever you do dou't
worry abont me ... for we have
got too good a hold of our guns; aim,
another thing, the Boon are terribly
afraid of the artillery, for after thoy
havo tested a few of the shells thoy
scatter in ail directions."
Steers right With Goats 0��.
Pte. Seeker, of the 00th King's
Royal Rifles, who hu been Invalided
homo from Ladysmith, haa been detailing aome of hia experiences. Ha
waa wonnded on tha Nth Ootober in
the head whilat ft piece of shell lodged in bia left wriet At Lombard's
Kop the states that Qen. White had
8,000 men. bnt the enemy'a scouts
were exceedingly alert and informed
the Boers of the advancing column.
"Only the State Artillery and Krn-
ger's Bodyguard are in uniform, tha
rest being dressed like workingmen.
They always light with their coata
off and sleeves np above the'arm."
A Bern on (he Dnoks.
"Wben lttilli*r la doing nothing else,
he can work up a little liuauclal amusement"
**By null hi* hia checks on tbe banks
of the Ttigcln."-ClL'velnud IHaln Dealer.
Bad Motor.
lira. Ben Bvlent���You don't mean te
tell me you were over a poet?
Uarvard Basben-Yea, kind lady,
unfortunately 1 waa. Dat wus where
me feat flnt want attra/��-PfcUtdel-
pbla rreee.
Theso Bits ol B-aatlnsr Aro Blo��nent
BonrinAero of Onr Early XotoI
Victories From the Tin* of th*
Revelation Dawn to 1814.
There Is an Interesting historical collection In the library of congress. It consists of remnants of flags wbich were
(town from the vessels that are famous la
tbe history ot the country. This collection was found among the possessions,
which Included all sorts old literary oddities and a valuable collection of autographs, left by tbe late Peter Force, a native ot New Jersey, whose father was a
veteran of the Revolution. Force held
many military and civil offices In Washington.   He died there In 1808.
Tbe bits of flags have been carefully
preserved In a large album between
brown paper leaves, each leaf bearing the
record and something of the history of
the patch of bunting attached to it. Tho
moBt striking part of the -exhibit is tbat
devoted to Perry's captures on Lake
Brie In September, 1818. There is a
piece ot the flag which was flown from
Perry's flagship In the contest mads
memorable by his warning, "Don't give
up tbe ship." There are also, pieces of
the flags of the ships of tbe enemy captured on that occasion���the Queen Charlotte, Little Belt, Lady Prevost, Muntoa
aud Cbipueway.
Another interesting remnant Is that of
the flag of the Alliance, tbe ship which
was of the fleet John Paul Jones formed
In France, with the Bonhomme Richard
as flagship, the purpose of which was the
attacking of British ships during the
Revolution. It was the Alliance which
took an insignificant part, to the discredit of her eccentric*commander, a Frenchman named Landals, In the fight with tho
Berapls. Tbe bit of flag Is bt that carl-led during the fight.
Another Interesting flag represented Is
that of L'Insurgeute. This flag was captured by Traxtun, who commanded the
Constellation in an engagement on Feb.
0,1700. It was the first opportunity that
bad occurred since the close of tbe Revolution for an American naval vessel to
get alongside of an enemy, and the hopes
of the American officers and men for a
spirited combat were realised, for the
French frigate, under Captain Bnrreault,
promptly replied to the Constellation's
fire. In this contest a young midshipman, David Porter, performed bis first
act of gallantry. He was in command of
the foretop ot the Constellation and, acting on his own responsibility, prevented
the tall of the topmast aud all Its hamper. The victory achieved by Truxtun
produced great joy In America and established a faith In the navy which has remained unshaken to this day.
A bit ot flag which Is also memorable
Is that of Le Berceau, captured by the
Boston, under Captain Little. The American ship -wrouffbt great havoc on board
the French corvet, which had the reputation of beiug one of the fasteBt ships
in the French marine.
A celebrated shred Is that of the flag
of the Guerrlere, taken in the famous
fight with the Constitution, under Hull.
This was the contest where each side
displayed the supreme art of seamanship
and naval strategy, and Dacres, commander of the Giicuiere, suffered no loss
of professional fame by the defeat, so
signal was his efficient handling of his
vessel. It was the flrst serious conflict
In the war of 1812. The flag was taken
down by Lieutenant -George Campbell
Read, who was in command of the prise
crew and who, on finding the Guerrlere
wns sinking, set Are to the wreck.
Tbe English ship Macedonian, which
was captured by Decatur In October,
1812, Is also represented in the collection.
The capture of the Macedonian added to
the glory of Decatur, who had carried the
ship Into New York with another British vessel captured at tho same time. The
flog of tbe Frolic, captured In November,
1812, by the sloop Wasp, under Jacob
Jones, Is also represented. In the exhibit are also two pieces of flags ot the
Reindeer and Avon, captured by tht
Wasp, under Blakely, the former In July
and the latter In September, 1814.
The Constitution In December, 181%
Bslnbrldge having succeeded Hull, captured tbe Java, and the flag of tbe latter
ship contributes a strip to the Force collection. Tbere Is a piece of the flag of
tbe Peacock, captured In February, 1813,
by Lawrence on the Hornet. This was
the flag which, after half an hour's fighting, was not only lowered, but reholsted,
union down, in the foreriggtng as a signal of distress. The.Peacock suddenly
sank, and the two American prise officers
and most of the men saved themselves
only after great exertion. Tbe American
ship Peacock, under Captain Warrington, captured the British frigate Eper-
vler tn April, 1814, and the flog of the
defeated ship Is represented In the collection. In September of the same year
Burrows, a somewhat eccentric but popular officer ot great 'courage, captured the
Boxer. He forfeited his life In the
gagement, being but 28 years old. A
piece of the flag of the Boxer la In tho
Macdonough's victories on Lake Cham-
plain, achieved In 1814, are represented
by tbe remuonts of the flags of the Con-
fiance, Linnet and Chubb. The last ot
the naval flags in the exhibit Is tbat of
tbe Levant, which terminated the marvelous exploits of tbe Constitution, "Old
Ironsides," as sho bad come to be endear
Ingly termed.. Sbe was then under Stewart.
Many of the actions which these flags
represent established the fame of our
nnvnl officers. Congress In many Instances bestowed medals for tbo gal-
luiitry then displayed.���Chicago Inter
Advlee to Literary Aspirants.
In submitting manuscript for publication In a magaalne, tbe placing of tbe
author's full name and address at the
bead of the first sheet and tbe Inclosing
of return postage are universally accepted by editors as sufficiently Indicating
the fact that tbe article Is to be paid for
If published, or to bo returned to tbo author If It Is not acceptable.   Letters are
usually sent with manuscripts, but an
realty superfluous unless some special explanation Is necessary.   A price shonld
oot be put upon a manuscript unless the
author has positively decided not to accept any smaller amount���Ladies' Homo
Journal.    _________
Tho Bn�� nt Uot.
���The last chapter of my book surprised
you, didn't It?' said th* young author.
"Happier ftidltw than you expected, eh?"
"Well," replied tbe long suffering
friend. "I certainty felt a sense of relief
wb��n I read It"-Philadelphia Press.
What lho Was.
"Did yon notice bow everybody looked around at tbat Un. Plumpley when
the panon talked about the divorce
evlL She waa tbt cynosure for all
"Yea; ahe waa the einner, lurel"-
Oloveland Plain Dealer.
Tho Difference.
"Whtt'a the difference between wit
and bumorr
"if o man aaya humorous tblnga
���bout yon. It makes you laugh. If be
aaya witty tblnga about you, It makea
you mtd."-Chlcago Record.
Cheap Floor Coverings UrlTa Ont ���
Once Flourlinlaa Trade.
The rag carpet business Is not what It
used to be. Any oue with an eye for carpets might infer as much from tbe abundance and the low prices of serviceable
carpets not made of rags to be seen tn the
housefurnisblng stores.
Many of fair experience In life of today
hardly know what a rag carpet ts. For
tbe information of such It may be as well
to say a rag carpet Is a woven fabric In
which the place of yarn Is Taken by narrow strips of rag sewed together. Any
old rags will do for the purpose, though,
to be sure, the material ought to be
strong enough to stand aome strain In tbe
process of weaving and some hard wear
after It has been woven,
A veteran weaver ot rags stts at his
loom In an east side basement and recalls
tbe time when, 83 years ago, he came to
New York from Bavaria and found more
than 1,000 band weavers of rag carpets
"Some dead, some gone to 'different
places or taken up other trades," be answers If you ask him what has become
of all these skilled artisans. "There was
no work tor them any more. If it was
not for the hospitals and the old women's
homes I would uot have enough work to
make a living. Tbere are not more than
15 of us left In New York now. I only
know of three on the east side."
His allusion to the hospitals and homes
Is explained by the custom of employing
old end feeble women who are past almost all other kinds ot work to cut and
sew together the strips of rags for making these carpets.
These strips are brought to the weaver
In large balls and are wound on the shuttles by means ot an ancient spinning
wheel. The carpets, once woven, make
warm, noiseless, economical floor cover
tugs In hospitals and such places.
Given the balls ot rags, all properly
sewed, the weaver charges only about 80
cents a yard for making tbt carpet, and
It Is a yard wide. The work Is harder,
perhaps, than the weaving of threads,
however thick, bnt to judge of tbe craftsmen by this one specimen they art a sturdy brotherhood.
This one Is about 60 years old, and
though under middle height he looks as
If he could easily put down the average
wrestler of 25. In his own particular
craft of wrestling with a substantlsl
loom his stint ot work for an hour Is not
much under a yard, and he can weave
from 0 o'clock In the morning to 8 in the
evening, or longer at a pinch.���American
Tho Voloo of n Woman Hoard From
tho Grave.
Bishop Samuel Fallows of the Reformed Episcopal church, Chicago, told a
marvelous story of psychical phenomena
In which he asserts that a husband heard
bis wife calling after she bad been buried
and that on hastily reopening the grave
be found her unconscious, but still alive.
The minister declined to give tht real
names, using the name of Smith.
As Bishop Fallows told the story, some
years ago Mrs. Charles Smith, the wife
of a young man living on the North Bide,
was taken seriously 111 and died In a short
time. She was not embalmed and was
buried two or three days later In Rose
Hill cemetery.
Sbe was burled In the afternoon. In
the middle of the night Mr. Smith wat
awakened by some one calling his nnme.
He beard the name two or three times,
"Charles, Charles," very distinctly. He
did not associate the volet with any ont
he knew and said to himself that it was
a hallucination. Being a men of materialistic views, he attached no manning to
the matter and soon toll into a troubled
sleep again.
After nwhile he was awakened by tht
voice again, this time more Insistent,
"Charles, Charles, Charles!"
Just as day was breaking for the third
time be heard the call again, this time en-
treatlngly, the minister declares. This
time he recognised the voice very dis*
tlnctly as that of his wife. Moved by
some uuex plain able Impulse, he sprang
up, searched the room thoroughly, found
uo one and rushed In to where a friend
was asleep.
"Come, get upt Wt must go to Rose
HUH" be cried.
His friend tried to dissuade htm, but to
no purpose. Tbey harnessed a horse to a
light buggy, took spades and pickaxes
and drove to the cemetery at breakneck
speed. As quickly as possible they dug
down to the coffin and opened lt Tht
young wife was Just turning over in tht
Although alive, she waa unconscious.
Presumably she bad been in a stupor tht
entire time. She was taken home, recovered, and is alive today. She has no Idea
tbat she was ever burled alive, and probably If she had known all the circumstances at that time tbe shock would
have killed her. She was told that she
hnd been very 111 and bad recovery! almost miraculously.-
The Dootor Himself.
A southern woman tells about dining
In Boston once and sitting next a homely
little old gentleman wbo wanted to kuow
bow sbe pnsied the time in tht country
with ber old father,
"Well, we read," she said.
"Whnt do you read?"
"Chiefly 'The Autocrat of tho Breakfast Table.'"
"Don't you get tired ot It?"
"Oh, no. When wt get to the end, we
simply turn.back to the beginning."
Tbe old gentleman chuckled and nqde
a remark implying that tht "Autocrat"
was no great thing among books, and
tbe lady was rather surprised at bis disparaging air. After dinner she demanded
of her hostess the name of the Inapprecla
tive old gentleman and was told that It
was Dr. Oliver Weudell Holmes.-Bultl
mon Herald.
.   Bare to Bo There.-
An old Scotch farmer was lying oo
what he thought was bis deathbed. He
began to giro orders to bis wife about
his funeral and tbe people to be invited.
says the Newcastle (England) Chronicle.
His wife, knowing that he was not dying,
paid but little attention to bis requests,
and this so enraged the farmer that he
rose up on bjs elbow and cried out:
"What need I speak; there'll be nneth-
Ing dune rlcht unless I'm thtrt mysel't"
His wife, patting him on the shoulder,
replied: "Toots, man, BautdyI Keep yer
min' easy; ye'll bt tht principal man
One of tht curiosities of the tale of
Mabe, in tbt Indian ocean, ts the chapel
that Is built of coral.
From Pain to Health.
Tbe plain ef Bbaron le about SO mil.
*   Aiwa-...
"Wben a woman pitta ber foot down
hud,"  exclaimed  tbe clunk   In  tbe
crowd, ".he', uauully of a etubborn
And when ��� crank puts bli foot
down hud," eicl.lined the attentive
listener, "there's 1 con under lt"-
Yonkere Btiteimin,	
H thai PM(t-r, It Work..
When a (Iri cm (et ��� min to teach
her tome game of cards, plijred by two
only, lhe becomes so etupld tbit It
Ukee her a what* wliter to learn.-
Atohleos Globe.
Inff.r.ns Fioiu Heart Trouble for Year.���
H.r MiMry Further AasraT.ted by
Kidney and Stomach Trouble.
From tbe Star, St. O.therlnea, Ont.
In tbe Tillage of Chippewa, and
along tbe Niagara frontier, tbere I. probably no better known or respected residents than Mr and Hn. David Soha-
be). Both are of German descent and
display mnoh of tbat old fashioned bos*
pitality so olteu fonnd in the fatherland. To a correapondent ot the St
"Catherines Star, who reoently called at
Hr. Sohabel'i home Mrs Sohabel related the following story:���"Years ago
my phyiioian told me I had heart disease. I have been troubled at interval,
with palpitation and severe pain., and
some times my heart wonld almost
cease to neat. I wonld become dizzy,
restless and frightened. At other times
I slept badly and had troublesome
dreams. I lingered In this state until
last winter, when exposure t* cold
affected my kidneys and completely
proetrated me. T. e spring came, when
my oomplalnts were furtber aggravated
by stomach tronble. I loathed food
and oould realise that I wai daily
growing weaker. Hy physician's treatment wonld sometimes slightly benefit
me, then again I waa worse than ever.
Finally, after all hope wu apparently
gone and a large aom of money had
been thrown away for medioines tbat
did me no good, a friend strongly advised me to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, two boxes of whioh were brought
me at the beginning of the summer for
1899. I used them and to my joy noticed improvement. 1 oontlnned the
use of the pills faithfully nntil I had
taken eight boxes. I am now able to
attend to all my housework, feeling
entirely oured. I have never had better health than I am now enjoying.and
aince discontinuing tbe pills have had
no symptoms of the old complaints. I
feel that I am under life-long obligations for the benefit I have derived
from'Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
will oontinue to praise tbem when op*
portnnity offers."
Ezoea. of Loyalty.
The ship bad entered tbe Lesser Antilles.
The captain, who was a stickier for
form, tunic.] casually to tbe pilot.
"Puert your lii-lin." be snld, "about
two polutB."���Chicago Tribune.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills an oom
pounded from roots herbs and solid ei
tracts of known virtue In the treatment
ol liver and kidney oomplalnts and in
living tone to the aystein whether enfeebled by overwork or deranged througl
excess In living. They require no test!
monlal. Their exoellent qualities an
well known to all those who bave useil
them and they ootnniend themselves tr
dyspeptlos and those subject to bilious
ne. who are In quest ol a benefloln)
Claaatfytnl Himself.
"I understand you are playing to full
bouses." said the hotel clerk. "You
aro tho lending mnn, nre you not?"
"No, sir. I am the misleading man,"
replied the heavy villain of tbe com*
pauy, who was striding gloomily about
tbe hotel oflice.���Chicago Tribune.
Thomas S.Bullen, Sunderland.writes: "For
fourteen years I vas afflicted vith Piles; and
frequently I was unable to walk or sit, but
four years ago I wns cured by using Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. I have also beon
eubject to Quinsy for orer forty years, but
Eclectric Otl cured lt, and it was a permanent cure in both oases, as neither the Piles
nor Quinsy have troubled me since."
n.leresil Point, off View.
Mr. llrowella-Whall You want n
new lioiitii-t *. Why, I think tbe one you
huvi-1, very lii-t-oiuing.
Mrs. dro'vcllis���Yea, und so do the
ns'l-tliliors. Tliey think it is becoming
very nucii-nt and decrepit���Chlc-ugo
Pleasant as syrup; nothing equals it as a
worm medicine: tbo name isMothor Graves'
Worm Exterminator. Tbo greatest worm
destroyer of the age.
Or Iff Only She Wouldn't Try.
He-1 don't believe Miss Howell!
will ever learn to sing.
She���Well, that wouldn't matter so
much If she would ouly not attempt It
���Chicago News	
Are yon feeling out of sorts, dull, tired,
heavy, low-spirited? Is your stomach out of
order; have yon boils, headache, lumo back,
or any other of the many troubles tbat come
with the spring?
If so, use Dr. Arnold's English To.ln Pills
for Weak People, the greatest nervo and
blood medioine on earth. They'll cure you
positively, perfectly, permanently.
Sold by all druggists. Large box, 76c I
small box, 25c. or sent postpaid on receipt of
grice by The Arnold Chemical Co., Limited
anada Life Building, Toronto,
They Pay .ho Rent.
"There Is," snys n traveler, "a stock
saying which tliey hnvb nt Queens-
town, Ireland. It Is there the steamers
pick up the mulls, which can leave
London 12 hours Inter ttian the boat,
do Liverpool und overtake them there.
Frequently, however, delays occur, aud
tben tbe passengers kill time hy going
ashore, nnd the native Is always In
wait to sell tlieni -shlllnlnliB and otlier
things, such ns hag nnk Jewelry, caucs,
etc., which are aiipiiosiHlly Indigenous
to and characteristic of Ireland.
"Some of the .hillnlaha uru wonder*
ful and awful to look upon and have
no possible place In real life, their only
object lieing to take In the unwary
transatlantic traveler. One I saw there
bid 1 head fully aix inches In ilium*
eter, witb projecting knobs and roots
thickly covering It. It wns so heavy
that to lift It was an effort and to carry It nny distance without using a dray
a physical impossibility. It wns 1
murderous looking weapon, and a blow
from It on tbe head would have done
for any living thing, even a darky from
"'Wby,' I uked In my surprise,
'what on earth do you uie this for?'
"'Tbntf he rejoined. 'Arrah, that's
wbat we pay the rlnt with.'
"I've got It yet."-New. York Tribune.        	
Twist Lave aal A.bttloa.
"What's Mamie crying for?"
"She want, to vote when ibe grows
"Well, what', the crying about?
Maybe ahe can vote all right"
"Yea, but little Toramle Stlckelbat
aay. be won't marry ��� .trong minded
(lrl*"-Cl.veliDd PlUn Deal.r.
Bweet friend, wlion thou anil 1 are gone
Beyond earth's weary labor,
Wlirn imall shall be our m-cil of grace
From comrade or from neighbor;
Passed all tbe itrl'0- the toil, the care,
And done wilh all the aighing���
Wbat tender ruth shall we have gained,
Alaa, by simply dying?
Thtn lips too chary of their praise
Will tell our merit! over,
And eyes too swift our faults to see
Shall no defects discover;
Then hands that would not lift a stone,
Where stones were thick to cumber
Our steep hill path, will scatter flowers
Above our pillowed slumber.
Sweet friend, perchance both thou and I,
Ere love is past forgiving,
Should take the earnest lesion boat-
Be patient with the living;
Today's repressed rebuke may save
Our blinding tears tomorrow,
Then patience, e'en with keenest edge,
'May whet a nameless sorrow 1
"lis easy to be gentle when
Death's alienee shames our clamor,
And easy to discern the best
Through memory's myBtlc glamor,
But wise it were for thee snd me,
Ere love is past forgiving.
To take the tender lesson home-
Be patient witb the living.
���Boston Watchman.
Free and easy expectoration Immediately relieve! aud frees the throat and lung*
from viscid phlegm, and a modlclne that
promotes this Ir the beat medicine to use
for noughs, colds, Inflammation of tbe
lungs aud all affections of Uw throat aud
obe&t. Tbli U precisely wbat Blokle'e
Antl-Consumptlve Syrup ti a specific for,
and wherever used itjhas given unbounded satisfaction. Children like It because
It la pleasant, adults like lt because lt relieves and cures the dlsoase,
The .Modern Veriton.
Liveried Menial���Me lutl, tlie car-
rln-ure waits without.
Lord Fits .loMlit.'-Wltbom what?
"Wlilmut boi-scR, mo lutl; 'tis an au-
tomolilb'."���Chlcnjro Record.
Give Holloway pp Corn Cure a trial. It
removed ten corns from one pair of feet
withont any pain. Wbat lt bu done onoe
lt will do again.
The Trull of the Roer.
"Did I iintli-THtmul you to say that
one of .vour ancestors fought during
tl.e Revolution?"
"Yes, my Kreat-gruat-great-grandfa-
tlitr fell nt Hun km- kopje."���Cleveland
Pluiu Dealer.
Gentlemen,���While driving down a
very steep hill last August my horse
stumbled and fell, cutting himself fearfully about the head and body I used
MINARD'S LINIMENT freely on him
and in a few days he was as well as
ever.. J. B. A. BEAUCHEMIN.
A Deflnltlon.
Professor���-State lhe difference between a pessimist and an optimist.
Pupil���A pessimist Is oue who hopes
that all troubles will come to others,
and nu optimist is one who believes
Hint nil good tilings will come to bim
self.���Town Toplen.	
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
"What's that prufesslooal pugilist
doln-s now?"
" Exercising."
"II'm 1 What's he uslug, a punching
bag or a phonograph?"���Washington
Minard's Liniment Gores Col, Etc.
-tietllnu Read)-.
"My   benu,"   salt!   10-year-old  Lucy,
"is going io be an admiral."
"Is he In the Nnvnl academy?" nsked
lier sympathetic a unt.
"Oil. un!" replied the little woinnp
"He's too young for that yet. hut lie's
lirtvtllg nn anchor nillooeri on his arm."
-Philadelphia Press.
Minard's Liniment Cores Distaff.
Graelomlr Ursnted.
"Ab," ho sighed, "may I not hope
thnt you will be mine forever nnd forever V"
���"Yes," she replied softly, "you may
hope that long If you wish."���Catholic
Standard and Times.     	
Miiart'i LUiiem bra Quiet li con.
He Conld Voneh For It.
The New Yorker���Sleepy old town,
The Chlcagonn���Bet your life! Last
time I was there I got a dose of knockout drops nnd didn't wake for 117 hours.
-Indianapolis Press.
Couldn't sleep at night
with the torture.
Eczema, oi Salt Rheum as It Is
often called, is one of the most
agonizing of skin diseases, nothing
but torture during the day and two*
fold torture at night.
But there's a remedy permanently
cures the worst kind of Eczema-
relieves tlit Itching, burning and
smarting and soon leaves tha akin
smooth and healthy.
It is Burdock Blood Bitters.
Mrs. Welch, Greenbank, Ont,
tried it and here is what she says:
"B.B.B. cured tne of Ectema threo years
ago and I havo had no return of it aince,
I was io bad that I could not sleep at night
with It. ^
"Being told nf B.B.B. I tried It, and two
'inttlca made a perfect and permanent cure,"
Looking Ont For Ilia Welfare.
"You���you may speak to papa," Rhe
said coyly,
He sprang to his feet with a glad
cry. Was that merely another way of
Raying -YesV"
"Hut," ��Iie continued tn a tone of solicitude, "I would advise you to keep
between him and the door."
Assuredly none knew better than ahe
llie advisability of keeping open a line
of retreat.���Chicago Post.
1UOVA11A,   FAUTOHY.Montreal
Anything '"" That.
"You wicked boy!" exclaimed the
elderly woman, horror struck. "Wlnit
are you potimliug Unit poor duinli lii'tiiu
"Dumb liriiie. iiia'ainV" said tlie boy,
turning upon lier in anger and astonishment. "Dumb? This ti a donkey,
ma'aiul"���('hieagn Tribune.
Hotel Balmoral,.^.Tii.TfXofc
Zj *!*,'**\%ir��S��j��*Jbt*'.
-pT. L. CIGAP-
Manufiu turn! by TIIO.?. LEE, Winnipeg.
Farm Lands
For Sale in All Farts of tne
Province.  Write for Lists.
Hare their blood enriched, thoir
heart strengthened and their
cheeks rosy by using Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
Inanfflclent quantity or poor quality of
the blood I. on. of the evil roault. tliat
uaually (olio* any derangement of the
If the heart become, weakened In uy
way it oannot pump the blood to the lungt
a. it ahould, there to be purified and impregnated with th. life-giving oxygon.
A. a result the
blood deteriorate..
It lose, ita nourishing, Tltali.ing,
hcnlth-slTing qualities. The faoe becomes pale, thin
and waxen, the lip.
bloodies., the hand,
ud feet cold.
There la weakness, tlredneaa,
���hortnes. of breath and palpitation. When
thos. .ufferlng'from thin or watery blood
start taking Hilhurn's Heart and Nerve
Pill, they are assured ol a cure. Even
dose acta on the heart itself, causing 11
to beat strong, steady and regular.
Every doK, too, Introduce, into th.
blood thosse vital element, necessary to
make It rloh ud red.
Soon the pale cheek takes on the my
hne of health, there Is strength InatM-l ot
weakneat, energy and activity take th.
plaee ot undoes, and Inaaltud..
Mis. U. Bkulllon. ISO Turner Street,
Ottawa, Ont., nyai "I waa greatly
troubled with my heart, together with
ektroine nervounnes. for many yean.
Theae complaints brought about great
weakness ud feeling of tiredness. My
blood wa. of poor quality, ao mnch aothat 1
became pale and languid. Milburn's
Heart ana Nerve Pilla oured me after all
tie. failed. They built up my eyat.m,
earlehed ay blood, .treugthenvd my
��� "      to health,"
Are Pure Havana Filled
They're mado for men who enjoy a fra.
grant and eweot smoke.
Obtainable nt all good dealers everywhere.
VBLE       I
Whon the doctors givo you up���Try an
Oxydonor.   It ie bettor and chonper than
going to California, as it furnishes purest ot
ijtygen to tho system by nature's lawn, dls-
cuvored by Dr. Sanche. Sub-dealers wanted
in eaoh town In Manitoba. Addroes W. T,
Glbbins, Grain Eicbange, Winning. Mr.
John Buller, Winnipegosia, writes: "Your
Oxydonor ia a wonderful thing and hai made
a new man of mo. I have also cured one
mnn In e'ulit hoars of n bad case of lum-
bu��i>." We have dozens of similar testimonials.
Wliicili neither It ut nor Fnmi i ll* ft.*..
After u yean' trlnl eaitotnan ohsi it superior
to nl) other roofing    pytbv rwotnnttuwd ��**
uiinii]..-".* indimtrml Kxlillilthin, IH 7-8.
W. G. FONSECA, "���A1��SJ:U
Hull, hlrues,     ���       ���     Wlnsslp a. ***.
AV B fl
Catholic Prayer SSftSS?
ulan, Killgloua 1'ictui***. Statuary, and Chore*
OrnanientB,Kd.ic.itlon.1 Works. Mallordenn-
aelva prompt attenlloii.D,t J MllkC��.,Ir	
nblnv  IU '���""���C'E'w.sT
eautM lett In th.
eld eountrl..
-mild know that
_llllon> .-rait
hetra of their da-
eoMicuui'-. lathi, country. Book of nam*, aent
mt**4atot 10 cent*
Bol tea, Truro, N.i., Vt
W. N. U. 368. Till* GOLDEN' EltA. FKIDAY,   APRIL 20    K00.
f^*gSgWPwl,*J^S^gS*sg ���mt---**jm-*\4~'
for the
The Latest in Ladies Summer Dresses.
Different Designs
Delicate Colors
Washable Material
A complete trimmed costume for
Only $3.00
A  New  Assortment
Your choice for     7 R Pf c
A Job Lot of Blouses at Half
Price this Week.
New Portiers, Table Scarfs,  Table Covers.
A Car of Furniture.
G. B. met)ER]VIOT,
Oolden,   B.C.
FOR SALE -Parlor solte.stovo end
bedroom set.    Enquire at thia office.
Hewett Bostock was a visitor io
Uolden ou Tuesday last.
The merlin^ of ilis Rink Company
whicli was advertised for Tuesday last
has been postponed for ono week and
will ilipieforo bo hold on Tuesday noxt
at the time and place mentioned In tbo
uot ice.
"TlioTransvall from Within," hy
J. 1'. Fltxpatrick, is oik* of the 1-iteat
books out. nnd one of tlm most intoreU-
hijt-   To he had from It. W. I\uiin>re.
"From Cape Town io L*tdj6ail*li*'
hy (J. W. S-evfiis, An instr��cti*r*e
lieittiKe nti mu ilituretflhig tiip, Ii. \V
A man wa* bronchi   down   to   iIih
Golden titiiieral HoHpi'iil  frum V..IU
to-day, atiffeilnjj from   uu   attack
Kirqptoi]     6c-   Pills,
General Merchants,
Mining supplier a Specialty
Miners goiiif? northward via Canoe river route will
find it a largo saving and convenience to procure their
���upplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere.  Golden    &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
ftgentsalWindermsrefOiCGiliornssfJi^ni Powder Co
��� ��� ��� THE ...
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
F Ateg $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connact% ivitib C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
C    H.   PARSON    Manager.
Following is lhe platform Xnid down
to the electors of tiie province by Hon.
Joseph Martin:���
1. The abolition of the $200 deposit
for candidates for the legislature.
2. The bringing into force, aa soon an
arrangements oan he com plated, of the
Torrens Registry system,
3. The Redistribution of tho constit
tiencies on the basis cf poupulation
allowing to sparsely populated district*
a proportionately larger representation
than to populotib disttii.it> uml cities.
4. The eiiiictnient-. of  au   it cerate
system of Obvertimi'Uj saittiiig of log:
and ltn rigid jjtifoicemeirt.**.
5'. The ra-oni
eJ Labor Rc-titilaiiuu   Act.   1898,
nlloall tho statutes of l��D9. .contain
ing ant i-Mongolian clunsra if disallowed ne projiO&JHid hy tho DJiotniou Gov
NOTICE is hereby given that thaan-
nnal general sneei I ngof the Golden Eink
Co. Llsriited, will N> held at IhoColum-
hin House on Ttiea.lav evening, April
17th next, al 8 o'clock.
Eieotion ot officers and Other business.
H. G. PAR80N
April 2nd.19C0.
. Townsite of Golden,
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale
Blocks for Investors.
A meeting will ho h"td Immediately 6. To take tt firm stand in every'
after the political in-voting In iho Ool- other possihle way Willi a viow of ilia-
nmha H.ill loniurrowiiigln w arrange |��o��r��Kln*|i the spread of Oriental cheap
for a pi-ogiiniinie or sports and athletic] hthor in this Province.
event�� to take pi are on Qttwn'a Birilt 7- To provide for^oiTiotal inspection
day. Bvery hotly lenno^a I -.o a'.tond | of all buildings, muohincry and works,
and help in crgatiising a fitting  day's) with a viow to compelling the  adn|t
MuthO'llst Cli'.icli Sunday, April j
22ml. Tho pas'or will i-ieach htttli.!
inorniny and ovpiiing service ut 7.80,!
anlijeot ���"���How.'-' Sun-lay School at '���
" ,10.    All are invited.
Tho srcaiiit-r Hyak made a record
trip from Windormero this weak, leaving that pitico on Thursday morning
at"5 p'ulock and arriving in Goldtm the
saute ovonlng nt ri.'M, pushing n scow
all the wav down aud losing timo at
Thos. O'Brien came home on Mnft-
day morning nfter a six wcek'n
t'rip In tho oabieru ci'i's. Mr. O'Brien
wa.s as far as New York.
W. J. Barry, who for tho past two
years has lieen a partner in the man-
agemont of affairs in the Kootenay
Houso, (Joldeu. left on Tuesday,-* Loat
for SpillirnachL'ue, aoeompainid by
Mrs. Harry and child. Mr. B-irry will
cater to the wants of the many pros-
pectore and mining men who will he
drawn into the S-'illimnchpue antl
Bugal'Co districts from uow on, Lut It
places having already attracted a great
deal of oittsidu attention lately. Wa
wish Mi. and Mrs. Barry all kinds of
R-ilpli Hug haa wsiit up to Athalmer
In.it Thursday to do somohuilding for
J. L. McKay a* that place. Mr. Hughes
will ptobihty he away most of the
uu muter.
J. (J. Tom will remove his tailoring
esinhlishment n?xt week to the rooms
fcrmer'ey occupied by W. J. Barrv.
oppo&lie the Kootenay House. Ttie
place is at pn sent being overhauled by
Contract or Htmdersou and will present
an attractive, appearance when completed.
No. I was delayed iu Golden on
Tuefl-lay, fur iwt�� hours threrfigh *
hroaksge ou a spring of thccari tige
supporting the boiler. The train- - had
to wait until an engine arrived fro.n
the Cannon in order to proceed.'
Among the pasaimuers on the first trip
of the steantr-r Hyak wero the following:-W. J. Briny, H. Or. Lowe. D.
Mcl)ii:gnll and Tip Johnson for Spilli-
inachcui-; F. Bothttne, Tun Jouei end
M. Antoia for . Peterborough; K E.
Viuci.nt, J. Drapers rid H. (*. Parson
for Windoratenj W. Bott, Abel'-a
Lauding; Ralph Hughes, Athalmnr.
H. O. Pttrsoti wfint up tn Winder
m��*re on Thitrslav last on th. Hyak.
returning to Oolden on the samo trip.
E. E. Vincent roninmd tnfiohlen 011
Sunday Hsr, having paid Windermere
and i titer und ia*e points a visit iu tiie
interes'.s ofhis com pny.
It was tbo ''Coustituoaliiu'' 1 hit pre
���anted Aulny Morrison. M. P.. from
turnings hand to help William Wul-
lance Burns Mi.Iuncs, M   P., to seuimi
preferential treatment for white an
sgntiisi Chinese labour in 1 Ik- emu-it ruction of British Oloumbia railways. -
Toronto Telegram.
During tho fight at Colouso there occurred a truly Irish incident. The
aal lent Dublins. iu a:i atinck on the
Simmy's left flank, paused at a spot
fwr cover, and, also, in oiMer to rrtgalli
thoir hrcath. Hare two of the soldiers
had a dispute, and before one could s.ty
Jack ltohinson, they went ou th*:ir
feet bringing their lilts in to each other's
faces with tremendous vthciuonce,
wh le hulleis wlii-iiK-d hy tluirfars,
snd kicked up the dun nt their fuel.
When the bust m>ui had won. (hn
Dublins left their cover and went
the Boers.
The Provincial Tflachrr's Inet.tnlu
������ in scsHjdon in Vancouver and is
tended by leachens from all parts of
the province. D- J. Onguin, ft.ipt. of
EdtKrttinn, in K. W. T. Is takiiw a
leading part iu tlw inst'tutc.na 1 isgiv-
the teachers excellent pHpers <-n
thoroughly up to date school work.
having cuino to Vaiicouver for that
ThoTeache-s Iusti-*nte 1*4 b*��ing. h��dd
in the same hall (O'Brien's,) ss tin1
Libers! Convention, u short time ago,
butpsssersbr note a di<tino>.Iy differ���
eut nttnoiidiirs ematiHting front the
His Honor, Jougj Turin 01 rived hero
on Thursday and left on No. 1. to day
for Nelson. ,-
The County Court has been adjourn
ed to meet on Th-.triday, tht 21st of
Juno next, -
The Supreme Court moots at R-jvol-
stoke on the second proximo, Soucie
verses the Canadian Paciflo Railway
Company, a case frora-Goldcn, is down
on tbo list,
It II reported (hat two claims on th*
Bugnboo Creek bave Leen bonded for
���ao. 000.
W. H. Ellis, who for sixteen years
Jim b<sn connected with the Colonist
Brtt si part proprietor at,d. nfter the
paper pasted Into the hands of a joint
���took oompany, an manager has resign-
1 J. JIM. O'Brieno has also severed his
connection with th* Vancouver World
Capt. John Irvlig and O, W. D.
Clifford have nturned from Cssslsr,
���nd hsvo announced themeolvee ������
candidates for thecomlngeloctlon. The
latter is a Conservative and the former Is an Tnd.-pendent,
NOTICE is hereby givon that an applicat-
rment of lho disallow- ,l">n will ho iimdot"' tlw- Legislative Aesouibly
an4 I of the Province of Uritlsh Cohtmbia, at its
��� next sosuKin, for en Act tor hieorporate a
<. o'upHiiv with power (0 constract, equip,
maintain, aad o:>enito trloplione ami tele-
and nuiititam cuchnnil so many poles
graph lines within and throughout sll the
eiticd, towns, irmnh'ip'ditin!! ami districts
of lho niaitihmd of (he Province ot
Mritish Cohuuh'a. nnd to consnwi, erect,
and ether works and devices an the t'outrany
iletiin neccKKary for making, comt lotlng, sup-
)Virting using, working, operating and niiiiti-
tjiiniugtha svstam of uoimiimd-tatluii by lelo-
hone nnd telegraph, i.ud too|kuior hie k up
any pari nr pjins of the said-highways or
stroets en often as stud (,'ompuay, its agents,
ufficom or workmen (hl"k ptvper nnjl for the
purposes at tho'utntortaklng to purchase, no*
tjuirn lease expropriate, bold and \\e* aud dw-
POM nf lauds, bullpigs or lononwtils wiihin
the limits nfherssld an.1 to purulivse.
or leaso. for any term of year*, nny
telephone or telnjrrpslt Una* established, or
tol.oesUihll8hod.hi Hrltlslt Cnhimhla, con-
nectod, or to he cnunected with tno line
which the Company mty construct snd to
amalgamate with or leaso Its linff or lines, or
any portion nr nortions thereof, to any Oin-
pany | osj-esslug, ns Pronrlelor, any Ime of
telephono or telegrai'h rommn'ticatkiu connecting, 6r to be eoniiei-.tetl, with tho sold
Comptitn's titie. or lines, and to harrow inotioy
for the' parpo-ses of the Company, and to
pledge or mortgage any of die (/'impaiiy's
��!<��ets far that pju-ji'se, ami to receive Imnnses
and privileges from ����iy persoa 01 botly seYi
tion  cf   proper sufeguards to life ami
8 With regard to the Eight-hour
Law the Ooverumont wilt continue to
enforce tho Uw as it stands, An im-
medinte enqniry will ba mado by 'he
Minister of m'iiQS into all grievances
put forward iii connection with its
operation, with a view of bringing
ahont   an amioaLlo settlement.    If no
tdement is reached the principle of
tho rdferedum wiilibe applied and a
vote taken ut the general election as to
whether tlie taw shall he repealed. If
ihe law ti sustained bythe vote it
will bu retained niion tho matoto hook
with i's penalty elauso. If moaiffca
tions can he made removing any of the
friction brought shout, without impairing the principle of the law, thoy
will be adopted. If. the vote is agaiust
it tho law will be repealed.
1). To re-establish the London Agoncy
of British Columbia, and to take every
effective means of bringing before tho
Hritish public the advantages of this
Province, ns a place for tbo profitable
Investment of capital.
10. Tho retaining of the rcso-trces of
the Province as an.assut for tbo -boitefit
of lhe people, and taking effective
measures to prevent tha alienation   of
he public domain, except to actual
settlers or for actual bona tide business,
or ind'isMial purposes, pining nu ond
to the practice of speculating tn connection with the same.
11. Thn raking of active measure.*
for tho systematic explur-ttion of tho
12. The borrowing of inbnev fur the
purpose of providing roads, trails and
bridges, that in pyery case the money
necessary to pay lhe interest and sinking fund in connection with tho loau
shall lw provided hy addititiur.nl taxation ko nn not to impair tbo credit of
the province,
"'Jfl. Itrcotiuootion witbthoooiutru*-
tion of G-avAritniOfit roads and trails,
to provide by the employ .mem of coui-
petent civil engineers and otherwise
tiiul the Oo-> erumeut money is expended upon seme system which will be
advantageous to the general public, so
that the old system of providing roads
us a special favor to support era of tbe
Government mny be entirely discontinued.
14. To keep the ordinary annual expenditure within the ordinary ami mil
r.ivenuc In order ro preserve intact the
cred;t of the Province, whioh ia iis test
asset, ���
15. To a��1 opt a system of Government const ruction and operation of
railways, and immedialoly .a proceud
with the construction af tt "railway on
the sou: h side of the Fraser river, connecting tho coa%l with the Kootenay
district, with the untlnrstanding lhat
unless tlm other railways pow con-
hlructod in the Province give fair connect ions, and mako equitable joint
freight and psssunger arrangements,
the Province will continue this line to
the eastern boundry of tho Province.
Prepare uonneciion with such Koote-
enay railway to ho givon to the Island
of Vuucouver. With respeet to other
parts of the Proviuco, to proceail- to
Hive to every portion of It railway
connect lon at as early e date as possible, the railway when constructed to
be operated hy tho Oo vent ment through
a commission,
16. A railway bridge to becoustruct-
ed fn connection wiih tha Kootenay
railway across the Fraser river, at or
near Now Westminister, and ruiming
powers given over it to any rnilway
company applying for (lie same, under
proper conditions.    . ��� '
17. In ease it is thought at any tl" e
sdvis-il.le to give :i bontif t.i any mil
way company, the same to he in cash,
and not by way of Any land grant; und
no such bonus to U granted except upon the condition that a fair amount of
the bonds or fdiares of the company be
tr��r;fcfoncd 10 the Province, and emotive means takon to give tbe Ptovince
control of tho frieght and passenger
rates,   nud   proviialon   mado Kgali.st
18. To take away from the Lteuton
ant Ooven.or Iii-couucil anv power to
mnke substatjtivo changes in the hvw.
eonfluiu.t tbe jurisdiction entirely .to
matters of detail in working out the
laws enacted b.v the Leg ii; Lit nre.
19 Tho establishirient of sninntitii-
lion within the Province for an education of the Deaf and Dumb.
SU. To repeal th* Alien Exclusion
Act, as tbe reason! justifying Its
enactment no longer obtain.
21, An amicable settlement of the
dispute with the Dominion Government
as to Deadnmn's Island, Stanley Park
and otlier lands, and an urrangomont
with Mr. Ludgate, by which, If possible, a sawny'Il Industry toay be establish and oarried on on Xteadmau's
Island, under satisfactory conditions,
protecting the interests ofthe publio.
22. Proper means of giving lechnl-
pal Instructions to minere and pros-
c eotori.
pfirate; and with nil other usual, iieeiMsaiiy or
{ticlilo"tal rights, jiowevs or privileges as
muy bo uicciwary ar incideutal (0 the attain
meat of tno above unjects, 01 huy nf them.
Datod this 1st day of March. -i--0.tmi���
])alv& Hamilton.
Solicitors tor thn Applienuts.
NOTICE is hereby given that i}ii application will be made at tho Lcitisln'i-'a AkhCs-
mhly of the Province uf Brlll-di Cohimbiant
its next seHBlon fer an Act to incorporate a
company with power to construct, equip,
maintain and operate a line or lines of tele-
phono electrical works, power houses, generation plant and ail such other apdliance as
are nevessury and i^roner for tho generation
ofelectricity or other powe- and tianamHt-
iug the name within anil Ihronghont the District of Cast Kootenuy and the vnrii>us town-
sues in the i-aid District as the Company
from time to timo determines snd ,to construct, maintain and operate tha same along
the sides of, and across or under auy highway, streets, public bridges, or any such
places in the said dint-rift as the Compmiy
From timo to time determines, and to coii-
fttrnet, erect and maintain such and so many
polos aud other works and devlew as lhe
Compony deems nci-ess ryfi>r making completing, supporiing, using, working.oporat-
ing and mshitaiiiing thesyslenj ofooiiuniiuic-
tiou by tclephniie or electrical works, power
h'iu8P,lgeueratii!g plant and othn'r appliances,
and to opeu or break up any part or parts 01
thesabl highways CrutreflisaH oiteu as the
said Company, lis ageii*n,(iftlcers or w-ork-
juen think proper, and far tl��) purpose of lhe
unilortaking to.purchase, acquire or lesae
and hold aud sell and diu)> am of or snireudt
er lamia, bnildiuga or tenements within tho
l.mis aforocaid aud to pureluwo or lease tor
suy term of years, snv twlopiiime line' esbih-
lished or to be earn bibbed lu, British Coiuin-
bki, coiaieclmgor-tobo coimi-ctcl with the
lines which tho Company m;.y construct and
to pnr��-hii��e or lease for any term of years tbe
right Cany coniiwuy to couslritct and 'maintain nr>y,sneli talephotio lii.e and to amalgam-
ate with or leaee ita Hue or lines, or any por-
tion or portions therefornto nay companV
poasesaiug sspiopriotorimvline cf telephone
cuitriiiuiii-nii-jii einmectiniT or to be connected wil h thacaid Company'dlirio or; lines nud
10 acquire lands, lionusos, privileges er
(rthsr'ai'.la from nuy iktsiiIis or bucli^a cor-
por.ue. ami with nil oilier usual, ��� iiecrssary
or iiicis culi.1 rights, power,, ov prh ileges as
may be necessary ur iue.icou^lnreuuatictive
to the at-utlament of the above objects or any
of them. .
Cated this tit day of March 10W.
BolicltorB for lho Applicants.
Now is the Tims lo Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment
GOLDEN is the key tq tbe Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigafion on tlie Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stook -raising nnd ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootonay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negutiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
months. *
ThE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
tho only land availablo for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
And it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to       .   '
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for saleuign-3d by .Townsite Trustees.
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant,
vjg*tA,mjwF. '������HBataaiat
a nice Suit or a
Pair of Pants for
Easter, call on
..Useful Now..
Pectoral Balsam
Pure Norwegian
Cod-liver Oil
Parisian Emollient
Cold Cream
Witch Hazel cream
FOE   C11AI-8
Field's catarrh snuff
Tho Drug-gist.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist tc Druggist,
Robt. Elliot, M.D.,
Licensed Physlolan & Surg-eon
P. A. D8sormeau,
Golden, B.C.
South Sido KlcUtite Horse Blveiv
Hull Bros. & Co.
IThcloaislu&Bi.iall ���
Cuttle, Simp aia.l Hcrae Ds-clons.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solleltor.
Notary Publlo.Cortveyancer- etc
Office in Upper Columbia Navijra'lcii aud
*    Trttu.ay L'uusphssy'a lluilafsiK.
(.olden, IL V.
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
BssrrtKt.ra, *.ollcltor.. Ae.
Ilevelaloho, B.C.
1-Tort Statin, B.C.
A.M. PINKHAM.       ��� ���
Ruoma, Alw.ud.r iilpsek, tJuldeo. B. C.
Jas Bhadt, D.L8., & P.L.8.
Mining Encincer,
U. Am., hut.ME.
Ageat ti>r obtaining Crom. Gr.nl., doing
uuswsl uua.in.bt work, ate,   Adam. ���
T. 5 BOW,
Honso Painter,
In Tlew ol |be uppionolilrg election
I hereby convene a m.etinir ol tl.e
snpporlere ol Mr. W. 0. "Weill., sneb
meeting to be held ��t the Colnmbia
Hall, Golden, on Saturday, April Diet,
at 8 p.m.
A lull attendance ia requested. '������
Chairman Ur, WolU' lato Com,
 J. ��VANI*00.
tmm ***-***���)
i>... i.iim.i,       wMHifWen. ���,* %.
MAGKOLIAft BULBS, ��jj wop �����
tAWtt OBAS8 SEED, ��*&.
For,Wniplanting.    tsJrwjjT ari
moat  wmplew  atock    III;  w!��l��n,
Cawda.   Call ��W m��'" tm^*-*:
ilonior aend for oatalonua.   "*Mnb
ai Mor'wr*r 8wun<U or GreasahoMfc
Ml  IICUDV  8009 Wrttmln.ttr
. j. ncnni. *��**, vmo��ot��.
Coffins and
Funrral Bobc ot.all |lndf.
Order, promptly attended to.
W. L. Houston,
Golden, B.C.
Commercial CoHCfc
Box 817.  Vmifsover,  B. C,
Thorough Instruction in bu.ln.a.
inclboils, Book keeping, (wo um ao
tcxt-beok., but do actual boslnu.)
Sboithaml iiuii Typewrising. Wtprv-
pare {or examination..
Canadian Pacific Railway
Quickest Tlm* and Lowest Bales ta all
polnu EAST and WEST.
Bxsnnlon Bates to
aod tU WlBttr iMorti.
Ap��l*f fo*-particol��*!il������ar��ita>.��-
��� -'T| *        ag.tt.-W*->!!'
'*.������ q.;it. soPBEispN ���_ :'*���
Om. ttm, -4m*''


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