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The Golden Era May 26, 1899

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 A. W. Palmer,
Chemist Se Druggist,
l v c* .,
White & Bcbt*t,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries
Revelstoke, B.C.
Will attend ail'Comity Crarts .1 C-oldcn.U.tt
W. White, Q.C.     J. M.Scovt, B.A.,fcsViB
VOL. ?ni NO. 43.
GOLDEN B.C., FRIDAY,   MAY 26,    1899.
Honest Values
One Hundred and Ten Cents
Worth of Goods
For Every Dollar you spend with us��
-that ll thi union our businest hit increased to rapidly, one customer tends
another and wi try to rait thorn all, and we always succeed with bright intelligent puplo who know when they are getting big valuo for their raouey.
In   Every   Department.
Dry Goods.
35 inch heavy grey cotton 6 cents.
88 inch fancy art muslin   10   "
Light and dk. indigo prints (fast) 12J cents.
Toilet Soap���6 bars for 10 cents.
Dried California peaches and prunes 10 cents.
Fine white onions���Gibs, for 25 cents.
Chrlnie's Bieouits���lat-ge coniigtimtnt arrived to-d&y.
Ladies colored Oxfords $2.00 goods for $1.25
Ladies blaek ��� 2.00 " 1-50
Men's cycle shoes, best quality 2.25.
Slater Shues-full assortment in black and coloru.
Men's serge suits reduced tO $4.90.
Men's fine tweed suits reduced to 6.S5.
Men's Scotch suits reduced to 9.70.
Ladies mixed straw sailors 75c.
Men's English rough straw 1.W).
Men's line felt cyclometer 2.7f>-.
General Merchant.
'ii1���te    , :        :   ���=*s:
Alexander Block.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Go.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Oolden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
CfoMen and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para--
���oles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C*     A.     WARREN'S.
The Conservative party in Canada
eeetna moribund. One of the mott
trusted fellow-etstesmen of Sir John
McDonald, Hon. John Cottigan, haa
become no disgusted with the tactics ol
the party that hehas publicly renounced hie allegiance. Mr. Dodds, of Toronto, editor of the Sportsman, and
one of the ablest men who championed
the cauae of the Conservatives in the
west at last election has gone fcr
the leadtre of the putty, aud voices hit
sentiments as follows :
"The constituency of Brockville that
for over 20 years was true to Conservative principles has gone over to tho
reform vaults by a handsome majority,
and the Conservative who refuses to
accept the meaning of that loss is
"simply not worth arguing -cvith. It
means that the great bulk of Conservatives outside the members of the Mutual Admiration Society, who are
laying claim to be itt leaden, would
"rather eee the parry ont of power than
that it sliould be officered by the same
men who piny the traitor act in the
most crucial hours of its history.
'It means thut so long as it is officered by Foster, Haggart, Montague dt
Co., it will remain where it is now,
and though I have the highest respect
for the pluck aud Indefatigable energy
of Sir Charles tupper, not even he
with all his ability has a ghost of a
chance to succeed so long as his lieu
tenants are the men who knifed their
former leader and whose base tfeuchery
hns as much to do with the Conservative defeat at the general election al
the Manitoba school bill itself.
"Mr. Ceo E. Foster, the chief conspirator of the crew, showed himself
in Centre Toronto, and hundreds of
Conservatives refused to vote. He
journeyed to Lnmbtou county and the
majority against his party was much
larger than before. lie undertook to
redeem his own province of New
Brunswick, and he got wiped Ont so
thoroughly that he hadn't -enough
Conservatives electod to fill a four-
wheeled dray. Verily tho way of the
political traitor is a hard road to travel. Men may admire ability, but
when it is not allied to ordinary manliness and fair play, it will not go
down with the people. The Centerva-
live party is out of power, Rnd there
'it will 'remain through all tho yeare
tliat the traitors undertake to rule it."
Said his Physician, South American Kidney
Cure Gave the Doctor the Lie. It Cured
Bright's Disease.
l.a Grippe will leave its brand on tho
weaker-fetl spot. A bright young tuna lu a
Western Ontario city, sou of a well-known
luuihei-mau, found ilmi tlio influenza epidemic liiu develo|ied in him that must fatal ot' all
kiduey troubles���Bright's Diseaso, Lot-id
physicians treated, but to no purpose. He
consulted mi ei-ialUts, Only to be told that his
life hmrgonn slender thread, aud recovery
Ivan impossible. Hut he pinned his faith to
tho ullage, while there's life there's liuine. He
began using .South American Kidney Cure,
and iu three months from the dny he commenced using it, lhe samo physician who
said he must die, pronounced hiui cured.
geld bv C. A. Wnrren.
Referring to tho action of Hon. Jos.
Martin* in regard to the Ludgate matter at Vunooutci-* the Winuipeg 'JVi-
bune iiiuariis: "It is plain that Ur.
Martin is not one ot those public men
who can bo influenced in their public
duty by considerations involving private business. , We huve had too many
instances of political leaders, supposed
to be promoting the public good, who,
when they hare had te choose between
their own pockets and the welfare of
the public, generally decide in favor of
tho former."
A Four Years' Cripple from Acute ltbeutna-
tisra. South American Rheumatic Cure
was tbo True Physician.
Mrs. J. H. Herte, of liffil Church street, Toronto, wife of Dr. Hsrfe, suffered severely
from rheumatism for live years. For four
years she could not walk without the use uf a
cane. At times the pains were intense, nnd
she suffered tortures. No remedy or treatment gave any rolief. She was indued! to
try South American Itheumntic Cure. She
usod four bottles and today is freo from pain
and she closos her signed testimony by saying! "1 am entirely cured and cau move
about <s blithely as ever in my life."
Sold by (J. A. Wnrren.
Dr. Ton Stan's Plueapple Tablets! ut
All Druggists, 35c a ltox-0O Tablets.
1. The beginning of trouble is tho time
for its cure. The sorrows of dyspepsia
arise from neglect.
t. Indigestion is the beginning of
knowledge concerning the stomach���and
souie people get knowledge through suffering.
3. Loss of appetite, loss of vitality, loss
of flesh, loss bf rest-these are the penalties which thousands endure until���
t. They try Dr. Von Stan's Dyspepsia
Tablets. They ease the stomach, relieve
all distress and they always effect a rapid
cure. All druggists sell these tablets at
85 conts a box.
Dr. Ton Stan's Pineapple Tablets
Instantly relieve heartburn, sour stomsch,
nausea, headaches arising from deranged digestion, and they quicken the appetite tthile
effecting a cum.
Sold by C. A, Warren
Development Work by the B.C.
Mr. Graves, M.E., who is at present
on a visit to Golden, recently paid a
visit of inspection to the Porcupine
creek propertiea bonded by Messrs.
Yuill, Diimnaii, Lappttn and others to
the B. C. Alliance. He found the trail
excellent and went in and oat on snow
shoes, Sam Yuill being his guide, philosopher and friend, on the trip. Se
found the prospect to he a very promising one and the Company will start
development work aa aoon aa possibtt.
'the lead is exported over three claims
and there it an extensive mineralised
-tone show ing on th'e surface to a width
of 125 feet. The lead proper has a
width of from 15 to 2b feet. The lead
Is strongly mineralised with galena,
grey copper and sulphide's. There is
very little ore showing on the summit
but an old glacial slide lias scooped
out a hole 500ft. by SUOft.. exposing
tho present excellent showings on the
lend,and having thrown ont thousands
of tont of ore as float. A railway Cau
be readily built to the property by an
easy grade up tho Heaver canyon and
a distance ot 15 miles from Beaver
station. From this and other pros-
ptF-cts which Mr. Graves has iieeu in
the district he thinks more of the prospects of North Eaat Kootenay as a cop.
per-gold belt than any other part of the
Province which ho has seen and expresses his intention of putting in his
stakes here. We are sure that the
foresight of Mr. Graves in this matter
will be rewarded with satisfactory
A Ploa'sant Picnic.
On the Qneon'i Birthday Mr, and
Mrs. G. Manual invited their neigh-
hours in Donald to celebrate the occasion by a picnic at their residence and
grounds and the event was an uppre-
cedented success. There were about 75
persons present Lo accept the hospitality of Mr, and Mrs. Manuel, and the
guests included Mr. und Mrs. J. C.
Pitts. Miss Millard, Mrs. Pensot- and
family, Miss Event, Mrs. McKav and
children, Mrs. McMillan and children,
Mrs. Stirrett and daughter, nud Mi*.
Refreshments were provided in abundance and un excellent programme arranged of sports and games, including
rocesaud jumping and urocquet. Everything passed off well, the guests enjoying themselves so thoroughly that they
will not soon forget the generosity and
hospitality with which they were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Manuel ou
tho Queen's Birthday ol 1899.
Reports continue favorable to thi
proepects ot the new goldlleld.
Messrs. Forrest and Leamy, wbo
formed two of Archdeacou McKay's
party, returned to Donald on Wednea-
day, having only gone as far as Wood
river. They report haviug hod a very
hard trip, and as the supply of food
was giving out they determined to
hand over what was left for the Archdeacon, Barnes and Patmore, and return. These three have continued the
trip to the Cache.
One of the party who left Beaver,
Scott by name, also got into Donald
yesterday, having got as far as Canoe
river, where he met his partner Tolton
coming out with particulars for record
of fire claiina which he had located
Tolton was one of the first to go in
over the snow from Beaver thit season
Scott came on with the records, and
his partner returned to the Cache. Hie
partner considered the prospect! cf the
new field to be good, end Scott enme
inio Golden yesterday to outfit and
will start back On the trail to-morrow.
About 50 men and 100 horses will
leave Golden next week with full outfits for the Uuoho.
W. G. Mitchell-Innes has left contracts to C. Hatch and A. M. Langlands to werk the placer claims which
he has taken up on Swift. Cui-rent.
The latest reports from Tote Jaune
Csche say it is doubtful whetlierclairn
owners will be able to work Swift
Current Creel; this season owing to
high water. It is stated that one of the
prospectors there has been despatched
to the Gold Commissioner's office at
Barkervillo to get a layover till fall
for all claims,
t From ear Oira t'erreipoodent.J
The lumber famine still continues,
Fred West returned from Steele on
the 12th instant.
Windermere lots are in great demand
at present, and ss soon as tbe Athalmer saw mill starts there will undoubtedly be quite a building boom on.
H. F. Collett intends building in tbe
near future.
Frank Anderson returned from
Rossland on the 12th.
S. Craig, 8. Brewer, J. R. McLeod,
and \V. Hamilton left for Skookutn-
cliucli ou the 16th inst.
James McNnughton, the well-known
Slocan mining man, has located at
Windermere permanently.
J. E. Griffith, Govt, Agent, spent
the past week in town. ,
The Swansea mine is being worked
by tbe Derby syndicate ou a large
What the district needs in tho
worst way is a medical doctor. Theh)
is a good opening for the right man.
Up to the present time Windermere
can not boast af a shoemaker.
D. R. McLean tnd Lane Keith, ot
Sandon, arrived o nthe 12th instant.
The yulcan is being worked by a
force of men Under Tom Jones.
Fred Kimpton came in from Selkirk
City on the 16th, and is of tho opinion that Mr. Abel's townsite has a
great future.
Whooping Coach.
I had a little boy who wat nearly
dead from an attack ot whooping cough.
My neighbors recommended Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I did not think
that Any medioine would help him, but
after giving him a few doses of that
remedy I noticed an improvement, and
one bottle cured hint entirely, It is
the best cough medioine I ever had in
the house.���J. L. Moore, South Bar*
gettstown, Pa. For sale by all drug-
gilts, Henderson Bros. "Wholesale
Agent! Victoria and   Vaneouver,
Live Times at Vancouver.
They arc having great times nt Van
oouver ever Doadmuu't Island. Ths
Dominion Government let the island to
a mill-owner named Ludgata. The
Vancouver people endeavored to upset
tlio deal but Ludgate came out on top.
Then the City of Vancouver claimed
the Island and arrested Luduate and
his men for working there. Then the
Provincial Government discovered they
owned tho Islaud audL'.dgate resumed
work, so Attoi uoy-Oaiiw-nl Martin
went there and bad the Riot Act mad
and all the men arrested again, and
Ludgate was put in irons after a
Itruggle. The Hon Jos, Martin was
solicitor for Ludgate but as scon at it
was discovered that the Province had
a right to the Island ho stood by hit
duty, and giving tip Ludgate's cassis
acting for the Goveriiiiiout.
Tho Ludgate case at Vancouver has
been adjourned. A telegram to the
Winnipeg Tribune says: --The court
wns packed and t ho people cheered
Ludgate, and very little would have
starred ft riot in his favui-. On 'lie
island if Hull. Jos. Martin had not
told the provincial police to shoot the
laborers if they interfered, a bloody
fight would have resulted, but Martin
nipped a riot in the bud. Martin was
needed at the moment. The authorities
are aciing wisley, eay all thinking
men, in suppressing the crazy headed-
nets of the Vancouver masses over the
The following claims have be��K recorded:���May 15th,T. Jones.Duninore,
on Salmon River ; 22nd, Iinperietisc,
hy J, H. Taynton on No. 2 Creek;
Santo Antonio, by A. Grcsnk at Field.
A. P.SIinw has purchased the interests
ot McKinnon and Cameron In the I.X,
L. on the North  Fork.
J. D.-image reports the strike of a
fine-looking zinc lend on the property
of the Canadian Development Company
nt Ottertail.
Tha lied Lino mineral claim on Toby
creek, Windermere district, list 250
to 300 tons of Ore in sight. Tim vslues
wero not known till about a month
ago, the assiiya running from 3$ to
95c. per oz. in silver and the ore carries some gold and a good per cent in
copper. The lend is 20ft. wide���not
20ft. of rock but 20ft. of ore without a
doubt. It is said to out-strip any surface showing in East Kootenay,
Messrs. Collett and Kturbird will be
able to say thoy have tbe best showing
to commence operations on in East
Kootenay, and we wish them every
W. C. Tillson, of Salem.Or.,U.S.A.,
who is interested in the Henderton
group of claimi in the Burnt Basin, is
on a visit to Golden with the intention of letting contracts for development work by way of tunnelling. It
is alto bit intention to have the property surveyed and Crown granted.
The property comprises the Lincoln,
Bryan, Lucky Jack and Susie claims.
At we go to press we learn that Mr.
Tillson has let to John Henderson a
contract for 100 feet of tunnelling.
$2 Per Year
ni *��� ��� t ��� * i a        jLUigg
Bast Kootenay Will Beat TMS
Mr. Simon D. Ord, well-known iri
tht Kootenayt. has been in London-,
where he gave an interview to The
Colonial Goldfields Gazette. Of th��
mines generally he said : " Rostltnd
aud the Boundary Country are at present the copper-gold strengholds.tb'OUgh
in East Kootenay und other parts of
the Province we have immense depot-
its of the same ort lying idle for wane
of capital. In Rossland the far-famed
La Roi and War Eagle have now taken
their place among the leading mines ol
the world, and the Centre Star it fair
to make a very great name. Thesi
aro not by fthy means th�� only mine*
in Rossland, while in the Boundary
and Kelson districts are many properties which are likely to hold their own
with the best. The Slocan is probabljr
the licbest silver-lead camp in the
world, though East Kootenay may. in
the neat future, oust it from the prond
position it now fills. As A rule, one
does not hear much about tho mines of
this class of ore, seeing thnt very many
of them havo paid from the 'grast
roots' consequently remaining in very
few hands, no outside capital being
needed for development. Some of thd
mines in this division would still keen
on working with Bilrcr at the unheard
of price of Is. per ounce. Returning
to East Kootenay, we find all classtt
of minerals���silver, lead, copper, goldj
and many others; grey copper (Tetra-
hedrite) being particularly plentiful;
In tho Crow's Nest district district we
have also immense deposits of cor!
which yielda an excellent cluse of coke."
Mr. Ord said we had to thank "thi
Americans for our start in raining.
Had we wailed for Britith capital wi
would still lie unborn as a mining centre, We aro only a baby yet. I grant
you, but a remarkably lusty ono." The
principal dr.iw.i��'.:k is mal-administrn-
tion of companies. "I could name
numbers of dreadful fiascos, not tho
fault of tho country, but solely duo to
mismanagement. If you like I will
tell you of one. Once upon a time a
company with a lut-go capital was
floated in Great Britain to take over A
prospect, in British Columbia. A road
was made to the so-ualled mine, but
beforo it was constructed there htd
been a fairly good pack trail. Afterwards, well, there was a to-called road
whicli was not even a good pack trail;
Tho said road was built by contract.
At one time there were more officials'
than minors (not counting the head
office). Machinery wus bought ana
delivered ut the station, but after iti
arrival the management canto to tht
conclusion that the property was not
sufficiently developed to warrant the
setting up of the machinery.
Tho result is thnt the machinery ii
there now rutting away. Thi. kind
ef thing dotio once or twice is tuffiolent
to give any country a bad name."
He was asked what kind ot a company would mott likoly suceeod: "I
answer most emphatically, a strong
development company, such ns tht)
British America Corporation, for instance. For such a concern, if propet1
ly conducted I here awaits a golden
harvest. Let them secure men whd
hare seen mining in the Held, and who
know the conditions and ores of thi
country the comjlatiy intend Workihg.
Eschow altogether the patent-leathered)
vellow-legginged nephew of the director. Leave the kid gloves nt hoine.
Give no high salaries until dividendi
are being paid. Get good propertiei
on option. By paying a small amount
down thit can be easily done. I'tit
men to work immediately. Develop
and keep on developing as long as the
property warrants. If not up to expectations throw up your option, Yoil
may have spent ��200, ��500, evert
��1,000. II the company lost 100 timet,
and ou the 101st throw won, it would
still be the gainer. However, with
good judgment one hns no need to fail
100 times.    No nor ten times."
(From Our* Own Correspondent.}
There is nothing of interett (except
rain and wind) going on here. So far
it has been a particularly bad season
for the work that Hon. F. W, Aylmer
is engaged upon at tbere is only about
one day in three fine enough to uie a
level of a transit,
The "Hyak" pasted np ytsterday,
loaded to the muzzle, with machinery
and other freight foi- Athalmer.
The Hon. F. W. Aylmer informs mi
he is not in with the Government oil
the million dollar grant to the proposed cable. Roads and trails would in
bis opinion be a better investment. Tbe
spread-eagle sentiments expressed in
the doaet papers ate along the lines ot
"the party of corrupt incapablts" and
tbe parliament buildings four or flv*
yean ago.
mmm To Advertisers and Subscribers.
The GOLDEN FJU is publWhed every Friday evening. ]t \n ihe beat advertising medium
In the EutRootenay district.
Sni scriptl-ou Rates ;  $-'.ou per ummui iH k\>
Willii all reas'.nutbl-d oare will li*' take:i. tho
pavbrietnt will not tie responsible ior any
omusloD or error 1q any advertisement.
All accounts to he paid tu the Alancgirg
IHrectce.orhfci authorized agjnt. from waotu
the company's rooeipt will be obtained.
���Advertising rates: Displav nds.. sl.5i per
column inch; Legal ad?..lu i-ems per line tor
���flrst insertion. ti cents for *?ach additional inser-
tiou; Beading notices, is cents per line each
issue. Land and mineral i Crown -Kraut i
notices same as Government Gazette $T����u.
All business communications should he addressed to the Managing Director, ami all literary communications, letters Tor publication or
news Items should be udrirewed to the Editor.
Correspondence is Invited ou matters of public
interest, but to secure pub 11 eat ion Buch letters
mu-rt be brief. In the ease of anonymous letters
the name and address of Uie writer must be enclosed, nut lor publication, but for the private
iniorniatlon of the editor ami iib a guarantee o
good faith. Any letter received laurtban Wed-
iiesday will have to stand over till the following
Tbe Golden Era Co. Limited Liability,
Friday, May it).
Government limine, Victoria, hcia been
destroyed by fire.
Col, sir George Lorpent commit tod nni-
Clde nt Bedford, Dug,
Rlva glrla were burned to death by :i
fire  hi limn*wick, Uornmiiy.
The Itrltiflh ambassador nt Pekin. Sir
Claude Mnedonnld,, In very 111.
Tlu* contractor hue star tod lowering
tho waters of Luke Manitoba.
A letter from Andrei), the explorer, wee
found on the coast of Iceland.
Duluth striking Btroot ear employees
blew u;i a ear with dynamite.
Seven thousand JapB will go to nawall
to work on sugar plantations,
Promlor Greenway and Dr. Boll are In
Toronto as witnessed In a cattle ease,
President Kruger and tho British Sontli
African commissioner will confer May
Tho Canadian mining institute's mem
hers will visit western Canada In September*
Tlio Chateau I'roatenae. the beautiful
0. P. It. hotel at Quebec, was damaged
by  fire.
Brand Brown, tho pioneer resident of
Port Arthur, died In the 100th year of
his age.
S. Wllmott, of Newcastle, 'X. It., and
hi** brother, died nt the name hour, the
latter  in  Now York.
Ind In un In Arizona object to government vaccination and troops have been
sent to their reserve.
Tho postmasters i��f Paris, France,
struck for higher wager*, but finally gave
In to the government's demands.
Dr. Caven, principal of Knox college,
Toronto, said Sabbath observance was
making little progress  in  Ontario.
Premier Greenwuy and Col. McMillan
interviewed tho Dominion government ou
the transfer of Manitoba school  lands.
Aguinaldo will send peace delegates to
the U. S. representatives and the end ol
the fighting In the I'hillnpinet* is iu
Three men were killed by a promttturo
dynamite explosion In a mine uear Diuorwic. Oue, Jos. Luurln, was an ex-Win-
nlpcg barber.
A Chinese Slave Dealers' association, ia
Trl-sco, has placed a price on the heads
��� if three Mongolians wlio have been giving secrets away.
Tho cargo of the North German Lloyd
steamer Barbarossa was badly damged
by fire, and the French steamer, La
Bretagne, injured by a collision.
Mrs. Wlntemute, in Windsor, Out., secured a verdict for $1,300 from tho B.
II. T., Insurance on hor hushund, who
wns killed at Beanie, Man.,  in 1807.
Thursday, Ait y I *.
A miner was murdered lu Atlin.
ijueen   Victoria's  chaplain   is  dead.
Tho Earl of Strafford's death was accidental.
A snoo.ooo live visited the Chicago
lumber district., ,
The British hfl-vo occupied Sunm Chun
lu the Hinterland.
Connecticut cities were shaken by
cnrthiiuakc shocks.
Marlon Drown l"Tcg-Lcg" Brown) was
hanged  at   London,  Out.
A company ban been organized la Chicago to build steel freight cars.
C. H. Macintosh has retired from the
British America  mining corporation,
Tho citizens and military will give Ad.
ml rat Sampson a warm welcome to Halifax.
���iaii Ieldro, the Filipino insurgents'
capital, was captured by the Oregon regiment.
The dock laborers at Glasgow struck
and the Allan and Anchor lines are affected. ���
The steamship Egerla In ready to start
nn Its Pacific cable survey from Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley-Martin gave a
sumptuous dinner at the Waldorf-
Queen Victoria laid the comer stone
of the Victoria and Albert museum amid
great  enthusiasm.
Tlio firemen lu the lake vcssols went
out on Ntrlke and further complicated
the situation at Buffalo.
Russia Insisted on China granting the
Manclitirla-I'ekia railway concession and
the government  hud  to yield.
The   ii| point moil t   of   Prof.   Stengel   at*
German delegato to the peace conference Ik consldorod n Blight to Russia,
The late Seuator Boulton's funeral
took place at ltue&oll, Mnn. Reference
wus made to his death in (lie Dominion
The provincial government of Ontario
will opposo the Dominion government lu
all bills to Incorporate friendly and financial companies.
Everything Is lu rondine&S for the
opening of the pence congress at The
Hague, and tho text of the suggested
lines of discussion Is published.
Wednesday, May 17.
Uritlsh Colombia noalorn have made
very large catches.
Smith '& Co's big log drive has arrived at Port Arthur.
Tho Earl of Strafford was killed by an
express train in London,
Bishop Howley, of Newfoundland, Is opposed to Annexation to the States.
Tho Canadian Niagara Power Co. has
surrendered Its monopoly rights.
A party of 100 settlers tor tho Rainy
River district, have arrived at Port
British troops have hoisted their flag
over Kow* Loon and taken complete pos.
Great Britain will be represented at
the international commercial eongrcss lu
Andrew Carnegie Is bombarded with
Importunities to subscribe to every conceivable object.
Wheat seeding will be finished In tho
M. & X. W. Ry. district this reek. The
acreage la Increased,
Lord Hone, brother of the Duke of
entitle desires to sell a family heirloom, valued nt ��125,000.
Americans who have been supplying
AgulniildoYi 'followers with arms, have
skipped from Hong Kong.
Alex. Hi Delaney, of Crystal City, is
on trial for marrying a second time,
while hit* first wife wus living iu Ontario.
Pyny Pectoral
The Canadian Remedy lor all
Large Bottlet, 25 cents.
Prop's. "Petry Davis' Pals Killer.
New York Montreal
Tlu�� rlowa nt Mr. f'luuillierim-. fnvur*
able in tin- colonic* mi tlio Pacificcable
liriipuenlu, ivill in nil lu-obi-lillty pre.
Seven e-c-llrltleli iilficers have been nr-
n-Hteil by President Krup-or in the
Ti'iiimrnnl on n elinrse ot plotting to
etiii't n i-obelllon..
Droivn-Ml near Ottnnii.
Ottawa, May IB.���Stanley and Geo*
Meiul, 12 aud 11 yeari, respectively,
sons of Charles Mead, who keeps a
liiiarcliiif*- house at Britannia, and
Blanche Dnilas, were swept over the
Deschenes rapids yeBtcrday afternoon
in a skill*. Both lads were rescued a
mile and a half below the rapids after
being over au hour and a half iu the
waters. Blanche was drowned. Sbe
was a daughter of Wm. McOonnell of
tiro Ottawa wire works.
WkT far thn Urgeit army of vuffepep* In ths world art the kidney-sick
psopls���but ny far ths largest army of ths cured ones attribute thslp
release from disease to the great South American Kidney Oure���
Cures Brlffht's disease. Curs* diabetes. Cures all bladder ailments.
Kidney diseases are the most in*
sidious of all diseases common to
humanity ; within the past few
years medical science haa made
wonderful strides in coping with its
ravages. South American Kidney
Cure has proved rich in healing
power, and every day testimony ia
piled up for its great curative qualities. Where kidney disease exists
it is generally indicated by certain
changes in the urine, such as mucus,
sediment, albumen, brick dust, acid
and blood���pain is not necessarily an
accompaniment, which only aggravates the insidious nature of it. Testing and experimenting bas disclosed
the fact that the passing through
theso organs of the solid particles
in tho ordinary course of circulation
do in a remarkably short while clog
up, grind out and impair them so
that the functions of these organs are
not performed and disease lays hold
on the patient with a ruthless hand.
Kidney diseases require a solvent-
South American Kidney Cure is a
solvent���it is a kidney specific���
-^   . -, ��� claims to be no more���it has been
tested by eminent medical authorities on kidney diseases, and proved and testified to by
them as the surest and safest cure for all diseases of the kidneys and bladder. It's a
purifier���a healer���a health builder���efficacious alike to man or woman.
Oood Newi Irom the North Country���
A young machinist in a large manufacturing concern In Northern Ontario, fell a victim to the
droptlcil form of kidney disease through at-
mospherlc changes In following his dally tabors-
be continued his work until almost commanded
to quit by the physician from whom he bad been
receiving treatment. He visited Toronto and
consulted an eminent authority on kidney diseases. The doctor sent him home with ashopeful
e story of himself as he could give, but wrote
privately to the young man's physician that it
was only a matter of time with him until death
would claim another kidney victim.  When he   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
SOUTH AMERICAN NBRVINB-ls a nerve healer.   Cures Indigestion and all stomach troubles
which are forerunners of nervous collapses.
SOUTH AMERICAN RHEUMATIC CURB-Has lifted men off a bed of pain after a few days'
wee. wbo have not been free from suffering for years.
DR. AONBW'S OINTflENT cures  blind, bleeding, Itckfcaf *r ulcerating pile* In from tbree te
mee nlf bU. 31 cts. 0
began to realize for himself that bis ease wu
hopeless he took his case In his own hands, determined to fight for his life. He experimented
with many so-called cures without relief. South
American Kidney Cure was brought to his notice,
and like everything else, he tried It���to his
astonishment he began to feel better under Its
use, He continued to gain strength���he took six
battles -and to-day that same young man can be
found at that same lathe, working for tbat same
concern, hale and hearty as the first day be went
there. He gives all the credit to South American
Kidney Cure.
Northwest. Farmer, Killed.
Gaiusboro, N. W. T., May IH.���A
yonng inuu named Robt. Kirby, hatching ou a homestead a few miles south
of here, was found this morning buried
nnder a part of hia stable that had
fallen in. It is supposed the aooident
happened on Monday night as this was
tbe last seen of him nntil today when
some of his neighbors went to see if
anything was wrong, and discovered
the body. Two horses that were in the
stable were uninjured.
A man may talk of. disdaining
physical strength and prowess until
Doomsday, but the  fact
remains that he cannot
look nt a picture of an
old-time knight, magnificent in his physical proportions, dauntless in
his  physical courage,
and    armed,    ready
aud eager for a contest
to the death with nny
comer, without a thrill
of  admiration.
Mental  superiority   is   desirable
a ti d   admirable,
but is the "game
worth  the can*
die," when it is
won  at the  ex-
fense of pbys*
cui  health aud
strength ?
The unhealthy
man may gain the
pity and even the admiration of men aud
women, but it is n question whether such a
man ever thoroughly gains their respect.
The man whose arteries bound with the
rich, red blood of health carries with him a
force and an intensity that command respect, even though he be slightly inferior
mentally to the weak, nervous man. While
oo medicine in the world will add an inch
to a man's stature, there is one famous
medicine that will fill the veins and arteries with the rich, red, bounding blood of
perfect health. It is Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, ll is the greet blood-
maker and blood-purifier. When the blood
is pure aud rich and red and plenty, and
filled with the life-giving elements that
nourish every tissue of the body, it is impossible for a man to suffer from ill-health
of any description. When every little
blood-vessel in the lungs quivers with the
rush of healthy blood, it is impossible to
have unhealthy lungs. When the walls of
the stomach are nourished with healthy
blood, dyspepsia aud indigestion are impossibilities. When the liver is supplied
with healthy blood it is bound to be active.
The skin that is nourished with healthy
blood will be clear and fresh and glow with
health.   " Discovery " is sold by druggists.
Mr. Isaac K. Downs, of Spring Valley, Kock-
lantl Co., N. Y., writes: " For three years I suffered from that terrible disease, consumption, I
hnd wasted nway to n skeleton. To-day I tip
the scales at iS;, and am well and strong. The
' Golden Medical Discovery' cured me."
Three Men nr Ilio Night Shin Victim, or
a Premature Explti'ltni.
Diuorwic, Out., May 19. ��� Three
miners, Bod'l Irish, of Sndbory; Joe
Laurin, of Rat Portage, aud Quirk, of
Wabigoon, were killed last night by a
premature explosion of dynamite while
sinking a shaft at Gold Rock uear here
ou a claim belonging to .the Oxford
Mining company. These men were on
the night shift and were found dead at
seven o'clock this morning.
The men were at work in a forty
foot Shaft on the property, which is
about one mile' from Godrock. The
accident is supposed to have been caused by a shot having huug fire iu the
evening, and later on exploding while
the men were at work. The three men
had been warned to be careful when
they went to work after supper as the
day shift had doubts as to whether this
hole hud Mown out or not as thero
were several other shots fired at the
same time,    C-juirk was told tu sound
"wyw��% w**ww��WW0
The D. & L.
It the best and most palatable preparation of
Cod Liver Oil-agreeing with the most delicate
Is prescribed by the leading physicians of
ts a marvelloi;.i flesh producer and will five
you an appetite. 50c. & 91 per Bottle.
Besureyouget]   DAVIS & LAWRENCE
the genuine    [        CO., Limited, Montreal
it aud see if tbe dynamite was still in
the hole, and if so to put another stick
ou top and fire it again. He said he
would. The day shift retired for the
night and nothing was known of tho
accident until early this morning,
when thn blacksmith, Jas. Maxwell,
went to the mouth of the shaft, which
is some distance form tl'o camp aud
found the three men dead and gave tho
alarm, Thn bodies were taken out of
the shaft aud attended to as best limited means of the camp allowed and the
foreman started for Wabigoou to arrange necessary matters. He left again
at midnight ou a steamer to bring tho
bodies iu.
Rat Portage, May HI.���Joseph lanr-
in, one of the men killed at Diuorwic,
wus a resident of this town, where his
wife and four daughters are now living. The deceased, who was about
forty years of age, was a Frenoh Canadian. He was for some time proprietor
of the Ottawa hotel here, but sold out
a littlo over a year ago and had since
been prospecting. He was developing
one of his properties when killed. He
ulso lived in Winnipeg for several
years,-where he managed a barber shop.
St. Johns, Nfld., May Id���The British armored sloop Buzzard arrived here
today to undertake a fishery protection
servioe. The Frenoh third class cruiser
Olosheterie, is expected next week for
the same purpose. Tbe steamer, Greyhound, was pioked up yesterday off
Onpc Race by the sohooner Laddie.
She "was bottom upward. The schoon
er towed her into tbe port of St. Johns.
New York, May 18.���Tho North
German Lloyd steamer, Kaiser Fried-
rich, today broke her own record from
Cherbourg to New York, making the
run in six days, nineteen hours ai.u
twenty-five minutes.
X. He Beaufort Delivers an Inaugural
Address and Welcomed
the Delegates.
The Hague, May 19.���The peaee conference, called by the Czar of Russia,
opened at 3 o'clock in the hall Hnis
Ten Bosch, or the House in the Woods,
two miles from The Hague.
M, De Beaufort, president of the
council and minister of foreign affairs
in the government of the Netherlands,
delivered an inaugural address and
welcomed tbe delegates,
M. De Beaufort spoke of the high
honor in Ihe choice of The Hague as
the meeting place of the conference and
extolled the noblo initiative of the
czar, saying that this wns a red letter
day in the history of the century and
expressing the hope that his majesty
would be able to look back at today as
the most glorious of bis life. He concluded witb calling attenton to the allegorical group over tbe doorway hall,
Peace entering and closing the temple
of Janns, and said:
"I trust this beautiful allegory will
be a good augury for yonr labors, and
after you have completed tbem you
will be able to say Peace, whom Art
introduced into this hall, let it spread
its blessings among the whole of humanity."
Washington, Mny 18.���The following cablegram has been addressed by
President McKinley to the Emperor of
Russia on the occasion of the opening
of the disarmament conference:
"Ou this day ot good omen I send
my heartfelt congratulations on the
opening of the conference at the Hague
which bad its origin in the enlightened
and generous initiative of your maj-
Alinul 400 rt'i-MiiiH 111 a State uf Deittitll-
linn mi thi* [.iiinl nml I>��ano Blvera.
Ottawa, May 19.���Tho attention of
the department of the interior has been
called to the statement made by the
Hudsons' Bay company's inspector at
Cassiar, British Columbia, aud the provincial government's agent at Glenora
to the effect that about 400 persons,
many of whom are Americans, were in
a state of destitution and sickness on
the Liard and Dease rivers and Dease
lake, caused iu a great measure by exposure and starvation, aud in general
were suffering very greatly. These
people were overtaken by the winter in
endeavoring to reach the Yukon nnd
their supplies became exhausted. It is
believed they were beaten by the obstacles to travel iu tbe uninhabited country through which they had to puss,
baviug gone by Edmonton, N. W. T.,
and were unable to proceed, Tho report seemed to bo authentic, having
first been communicated by Premier
Semlin, of British Columbia, and the
department of the interior has immediately taken steps to make an arrangement with the HmUons' Bay company
by which supplies should be sent by
steamer up the Stikiu river to Telegraph Creek, and from thence by pack
train. These supplies arc going forward as fast as possible to relieve the
Curious Coincidence.
New Castle. May 19.���Samuel Wllmott died yesterday, aged 77. He was
for several years superintendent ot fish
culture operations in Canada, and -was
placed on the superannuation list some
years ago. By a curious coincidence
the only surviving brother of deceased
died in New York yesterday at the
same hour.
Toronto, May 19.���Last evening a
lad named Elizab Veale picked np a
live wire, through which was passing
3,400 volts of electricity. Ho was
severely bnrned about the hands nnd
his body was badly twisted and swollen. Two young men went to his rescue, but were thrown to the ground.
The machinery at the power-house bad
to be abut down before the boy could
be released.      	
Julia Arthur refused to continue ti -.lay
In a New Haven theatre until n man In
tbe  audience  .topped  flirting.
$^WE   PRINT$*$���
Sand us your order..
That is wbat vro are here for.
Tbe Men Era Company,
Address:   HOLDEN, B. C.
(Jovernment House llurned.
Viotoria, B. 0., May ID.���Government house, Carey castle, the official
residence of tbe lieutenant-governor,
and one of the most historio official
residences in Canada, was destroyed by
fire at nine o'clock this morning.
Tefuarantec that thew
Pluten will relieve
pain wicker dun any
other, rut up only to
yard rollt. The latter
allows you to cut th*
Plaster any iUc.
Ev��ry family
should hav* one
ready for an emer-
muni, nanui
Livery and Feed StaMes
Good Saddle Horses and
Kigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates
Teaming of all kinds a specialty,
GOLDEN, il. C.
,   .   HOTEL.
Ocod   accommodation   foi    proppt-ctorft   nntl
Freighters.  Flrat-cltu. meal��.
Opening of
First steamer from Fort William
TUESDAY, 9th May; thereafter every
Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
Connecting traius from Winnipeg
every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 4 p. m.
Cheap One Way
For information and full particulars
apply to nearest ageut, or address
Traflic Mnnuger,
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, Financial
and Commission Agent,
Deeds attested, Parties represented in
I'olice court,- Small Debts court and
County court.; Accounts collected aud
disputed claims adjusted.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines
in various parts of British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper.* Gold, and Sliver-
Leml Prospects ami-Developed Properties
on Bond.
HULL   BROS &   CO.,
���Wholesale and Retail���
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealer.*.
JAMBS BEADY, D.L.8. & P. L. S.
..Mining Engineer..
M. Am'n Inst. 11. E.
Agant for obtaining Crown GrnntH, doing
annual anewment -viirk, i-lr.
Adilrees:   QOLDEN,   B. C.
Reports and information furnished
regarding; mining properties.
Stocks in "-British Colombia mines
bought And sold,.
Haggeu's Assay OOice la'now fitted up.
Af Bays made promptly and carefully.
Rate* on arpjjeaticn.
Cable Address,   KANAGAN, Oolden.
Codes in nee:* Moreing & Neal, snd
Badford McN-.il!;
rmraoim In thin stale to mniieKe oar
t)unin(!B8In their own and near-by eountle^. It
is mnlnlv oflief work i-oniluctf-tl at lionie, Snl-
nrv stru'KliUWXi a year and expenses���definite,
l-or.aflde, uu more, no lens -salary. Month) v .-7R.
Hetereiiee. Encloed pelf-add ��� cased Mumped
envelope, Herbert E. Hew, Prest., Dept. M.
persona In thia state to manafco onr
business In their own and near-by counties. It
Is mainly office work condnetetl at home. Salary straight *W0 a year and expenses���definite,
iKJiintidt!, no more, no less tuilnrv. Monthly >"'��.
Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope, Herbert E. Hoss, Prest., Dept. M.
A supply of Building Lime for sale.
Plana prepared.  Prompt attention
given to orders.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Stamp-sand Seals will be
received nt t'e Oolden Bra Office and executed
with promptitude.
The Oolden Era Company,
-    Limited Liability
Headquarters for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms.    Baggage  Transferred Free.    Hot
and  Cold  Baths.
Bates $2.00 Fer Say.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Naiaii & Tramway Conpy, Ltd.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting wilh C.  P.  R.  at   Golden,  B. C, and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C. H. Parson,
The Money you spend
Is still to your Credit.
wh���. m��n b.i,s SHOREY'S ^eady Tailored Clothing,
the money he pays for it is really on deposit as it would be in
a bank. It the clothes do not prove to be satisfactory in
every respect, fit, finish and workmanship he can go back to
the dealer and get his money back. What more can you ask ?
This guarantee is a part of every sale of Shorey's Clothing.
A card to that effect is found iu the pocket of each garment.
You do riot find such ranis in the pockets of ordinary clpt&es.
Now do you?
k*  -i.*-^.
���-v..-.-*. "-.v.--*.**.'---"*.**- THE GOLDEN ERA.
a~" Japanese Catarrh
������ I Cure Cures
We an informed that "tbere are for*
fane, in whisky*' just now. Doubtless.
Many fortunes bare gone Into It.���Boston
Tbe latest suggestion In literary circlet
Is a new punctuation mark to denote
irony. How would a club or au ax do?���
Bostou Herald.
Instead ol closing the century with a
population of 3,000,000, Wisconsin will
havo only two-thirds ot that number.���*
���".veiling Wisconsin.
"The cyclist's cough" is the very intost,
according to a medical authority. The
cyclist feels lt most when ho coughs up
175 for a obalnless wheel.���lloston Globe,
Chile and Argentina believe that the
way to disarm is to disarm. They have
settled their boundary dispute and are
offering warships for sale.���Indianapolis
Tbe demand for war relics hns fallen
off to such an extent that one of the New
Jersey manufacturing establishments hat
been compelled to close down.���Washington Post.
Having been so indiscreet as to miss the
.St. Patrick's day celebration, tbe Filipinos
should hasten to put themselves In shape
to participate In the Fourth of July.���
Washington Star.
A magazine writer says the day will
oomo when poetry will not be written.
Those who read current magazine verse
aro inclined to think that tlio day has already arrived.���Kansas City .lournnl.
Tbey have already organized a Society
of Veterans ofthe Spanish wnr down east.
Next thing we know somebody will get
up a rival society with a slightly different
name, and then there will be a clash.���
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
England and France havo shaken handt
across the Nile and the kaiser nnd Cecil
Khodes across Africa, and thus the dark
continent is the first to get in rondlness
for tiie great poaco conference at The
Hague���Chicago Tribune
A movement is on foot to purchase anil
preserve the house where Daniel Webster
was born. There is no danger of forgetting Webster, but it will do no barm to
keep his blrthplnco foi- the sake of sentiment.���S|-ring4**ld Union.    .
Creature thu resources of civilization 1
Miners imprisoned in a Colorado mine by
a cavo In have been furnished through the
���tubo with food, drink, electric lights and
. the newspapers. And yet people continue
. to talk of thi- advantages of the "good old
That 190,000,000 will be Spain's last
haul from tho riches ot the now world.���
Rochester Democrat,
"The pen,"-remarked the queen regent
at sho signed the treaty of peace, "is
mightier than the Spnntsh sword."���Burlington Hnwkeye.
Spain left Quoin "as usual." The
treasury was found to be swopt as clean as
an empty molasses- hogshead in 11 vllulu
���Minneapolis Journal.
There doosn't appear to havo beer.' any
great anxiety to secure the pen with which
the queen regent signed tho peace treaty.
���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
. Tho Spanish army must be a very weak
organization if tho comments of General
Castellanos aro to lie accepted as true. He
declares that it contains only one good
thing, the soldier himself, and even, this
Is hard to push along.���St. Louis Globe-
Spain Is again talking of "appealing to
the world." What Spain means by that
semiannual howl Is moro than any one
enn tell. It reminds one forcibly of the
old time schoolboy who was always going
to "tell teacher," If Spain makes an ap*
peal to "tho world," she will bu respectfully referred to "the flesh" and eventually to tbe���other ono of the Scriptural trio.
���Indianapolis Journal.
Minardi Liniment Lumberman's Friend
Raspberries thrive best iu a deep, warm
Grapes should have an annual enriching
to produce good crops.
Prune the grapovinos to two or three
buds of last year's growth.
Having tho orchard well trimmed up
will keep the trees bearing well.
Trim the dead wood thoroughly out ot
the currant and gooseberry bushes.
In fruit culture, situation, as well M
toll adaptation, must be considered.
The men who succeed best, obtain the
best prices and roceivo returns every year
aro those who toke enre of their trees and
tho crops that grow on them.
Grapes are produced only on the current
year's shoots and on wood from the previous season's growth; hence.to produce
fruit the wood must be renewed annually.
Keep Hlnard'a Liniment in the honse.
Patience It all right in Its place, but lt
la better to back tenacity to win.
Many a man who thought himself wise
has beon declared otherwise l*y a jury.
Some mon nro silent because of their
wisdom aud some because of their ignorance.
Lots of mon who never think of making
wives of their cooks mako cooks of their
Love makes the world go round, and
the attraction ot gravity worries a lot of
people. ,.-���-���'
There It mon power In kindliest than
there is in dynamite but it takes longer
to find tt out.
Some doctors remind one of Patience sitting on a monument because of the monuments sitting on their patients.���Chicago
Nasal Catarrh.
Japanese* Catarrh Cure U a peni-lratlng,
soothing, nnd healing pomade, which Is inserted
up the nostrils by a small camel's hair pencil.
The beat ol tbe body melts this pomade and the
pruk-nt breathes the soothing medication
through the nostrils, anil i lie nasal channels
open up. The Btull'cd-up feeling in the head
leaves, and the person can breathe naturally
through the nose. The dull pains across the
head cense. Continual use for a short time
soothes tlle mucous membrane uiilil the sort**
nc-s and liiniiiuuiAtioii arc all gone. The bad
odor of the breath pastes aivny, antl the lost
senses of Binell and bearing return- The dropping in tbe tin-out Is permanently elieekeil, and
the nose does lint stop up towards iiigbl. The
discharge Irom the nose grows less anil less an4
finally stuns altogether. It dues not drive the
disease Inii. the lineal or lungs or into the ears,
ns so often1 .sili.tie liv washes, douches and the
temporary relief catarrh iKiwders and snulTs
whicli contain eotialne nnd olher fatal alkaloids,
which relieve nt lha lime but give rise to n false
securitv. Japanese Catarrh Cure is a thorough
antiseptic, is cleansing and healing In its action,
mid soothes the minute applied, tsixboxes are
absolutely guaranteed to cure nny ease of lineal
cntarrh, nl- money will Is- refunde . A free
sample will lie sent to nny person suffering from
this most dangerous illBense. Kin-lose r, cent
stamp. Sold by all druggists, do cents. Nix
for li.��i, or by mull. Ailuicss, Tin- ilrlltiths ��
Mnclilicrson Co., 1111 Church Street, Toronto.
She Wanted (o Know.
Of women who wear black some women always have nn nir of recent be-
renvement whicli misleads tbe ordinary
mind. At a railway station in this state
nut long ago a tall woman robed in
deep black, accompanied by n yonng
woman in colored garb, sat waiting for
a train. The station matron hovered in
the vicinity, evidently with something
on her mind, and finally beckoned to tho
young woman, who went to see wbat
was wanted.
"Has she got a corpse witb her 1" tbe
station matron asked.
"Corpse*" the yonng woman exclaimed, looking over ber shoulder in
glinstly fright. "Who's got a corpse
with her?   What do yon meant"
"Don't be scared, lady," the matron
exclaimed. "Most of 'em that travels
in deep monrnin has corpses on tbe
train. 1 jnst wanted to know, if yonr
lady had a corpse with ber."
"Goodness, nol" said tbe young woman. "Her husband's been dead 50
years. Yon ought to be ashamed to
shock people that way. Don't you ever
treat ine that way again."
The station matron looked disappointed, and tbe yonng woman went
back and sat down without even feeling at liberty to tell the lady in black
what had happened. ��� Indianapolis
The bilious man Is never a companionable man because his ailment renders
him morose and gloomy. The complaint
Is not to dangerous as it Is disagreeable.
Yet no one need suiter from it who oan
procure Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. By
regulating the liver and obviating tbe
effects of lille in the stomach they restore
men to cheerfulness and full vigor of
Even Thong-h He Hated Lawyer..
President Dreher of Roanoke college
tells this story of tbe late Edward Austen of Boston: "Meeting President Eliot
of Harvard some years ago, he said,
with a familiarity warranted by a lifelong acquaintance: 'Stop, Charles.
What is the next bnilding yon want at
"President Eliot replied, 'The bnilding we most need now is a new bnilding for the law school.'
" 'Oh,' said Mr. Austin, 'I hate lawyers! But what do yon suppose snch a
building wonld cost'.'
"The president thought a moment
nnd replied*. 'It would depend on the
material used. An adequate bnilding
of brick conld be built for from $60,000
to $70,000.'
" 'Are yon sure,' asked Mr. Austin,
'tbat $100,000 would be encngh to provide a thoroughly good bnilding?'
" 'Yes,' replied the president.
'"I'm yonr man,' said Mr. Anstin.'
Worse Than Not Stopping-.
An Englishman traveling in Maryland had occasion to investigate the
rnnnlng time of the trains that passed
through the small place where he was
stopping. Carefully searching a 'time
table he fonnd apparently that there
wonld be an express train due at 4
o'clock that afternoon. The Englishman was on time with bis grip, etc.,
and so was the express train. The intending passenger watched it approach
and thunder by the station at top speed.
Tbe traveler was annoyed, and, turning to a colored man wbo stood near,
remarked i
"That train didn't stop!"
"No, sir," replied the colored eltinen
cheerfully, "didn't ev'n hes'tate."
The plowmakors have formed it trust
and will hereafter do business on tbo
shares.��� Louisville Commercial.
Doubtless the bicycle trust will bo a big
thing on wheels. It maybe expected to
do some exciting scorching.���Now York
Mall and Express.
Whether that coffin trutt Is eapltall*ied
at ��B0,000,0UO*or mirth less Its object I* to
get the dead wood ou the general publio
���Philadelphia Timet.
ion need not oough all night and disturb your friends; there Is no occasion
for you running the risk of contracting
inflammation of the lungt or consumption
while you can get Biokle'a Anti-Consumptive Syrup. This medioine caret
coughs, coldt, Inflammation of the lnngs
and all throat and cheat troubles. It promotes a tree and easy expectoration,
which Immediately relieves tho throat
and lungt from vlicld phlegm.
Illcyel. Drawn by a Kit..
A bicycle drawn by a paper kite hat
just been manipulated with a certain
amount of success by an enthutlatt-lo
wheelman, who lives near the Roman
road, In Yorkshire. The kite, a very
large and powerful one. was Din up when
a strong wind was blowing almost
straight along tho road, and the bicycle
was thon connected with Ihe loose end of
tbo tow-rope by means of n hook on a
swivel. For nearly a dozen miles the
machine was drawn at a terrttio speed
along the smooth and fairly levol road;
then, suddenly, tt swerved or was pullad
completely over, the rider, of course,
sustaining a terrible fall. When picked
up. about lil minutes later, the man was
still insensible. Ho thon quiokly recovered consciousness, however, and in common with most enthusiasts. Immediately
doelanxl thnt. far from lielLg hurt, ho
jvould repeat the attempt on the following morning.
Trained Show Does.
"Considering tbe investment, trained dogs are one of the most profitable
attractions in the vaudeville line," said
an old time showman, here with one
of the current theatrical companies. "I
suppose there are at least 13 or IS
troupes of them scattered ovet the
country," he continued, "and the good
ones easily average a couple of bnndred
> week and expenses. As there are no
salaries to pay for the dogs and no hotel
bills for anybody except the proprietor
and one keeper the returns are rather
handsome. Nowadays they have the
business down to snch a fine point that
the sudden death of any of the animals
can be readily remedied by telegraphing to New York, where several men
make a specialty of keeping standard
trick dogs iu stock
"A dog troupe usually consists of
five performers, one of which 1b n star
The star probably costs $130 and the
others about $50 apiece Mongrels of
no intrinsic worth are generally selected for training purposes, because they
learn us quickly us the thoroughbreds
and if anything happens to them the
lass is so much lighter There is a
standard series of tricks which they are
taught to do. so that one can easily replace another, and a little ingenuity on
the part of the showman supplies the
vuriety to the progrumine."���New Orleans Times-Democrat.
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, in one remedy, for all
Hit to whioh fleth Is heir���tbe very nature
ol many ouratlves being sueh tbat were
the germs of other and differently seated
diseases rooted in tbe system of the patient���what would relieve one Ul In turn
would aggravate the other. We have,
however, in Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a tound, unadulterated ttaie, a
remedy for many and grlevoue lilt. By Itt
gradual and judicious use the frailest systems are led into convalescence and
strength bv tbe Influence whioh Quinine
exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves the drooping spirits ot those with
whom a ohronlc state of morbid despond*
eney and lack of Interest in life 1b a disease, and, by tranqulllzlng the nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep-
Imparts vigor to the aotion of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout the veins, ttrengtbenlng the honlthy
���nimal functions ot the system, thereby
making aotlvlty a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life
to the digestive organs, whioh naturally
demand Increased substance���result, im*
proved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, nf
Toronto, nave given tn tbe publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
snd, gauged by the opinion of solentlsts,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any in the market. All druggists sell
Anelenr Chain..
In an interesting article on the subject of chains an English writer points
to the fact that notwithstanding the
frequent mention of chain in the Bible
the article is comparatively new The
tame author says
"Some authorities give the Britons
credit for originating the cable chain
because Julius Ctesur is recorded ns
having been unable to cut the cables of
the Gaul's vessels, 'as they were made
of iron.' This muy have been a chain in
the present acceptation of tbe term,
bnt it is donbtfnl. because the first patent for chainmaking was obtained in
Englund in 1694 by u blacksmith named
Philip White. The patent was for 14
yeurs. and in consideration of it White
hud to pay ��5 in lawful money yearly
'ut the Exchequer, Westminster, utt
tbe Feast of the Blessed Virgyn and
Saint Micbell the Arcbangell by even
and eunl process
"His patent Is described as follows
'A way for the wearing of shipps witb
iron chuynes by finding ont tbe trne
heating (pre)pareing and tempering of
lyron for that (pnr)pose and that he hath
nowe attayned to the true vse of the
said chaynes and that the same wilbe
for the great saveing of cordage and
safety of shippers and will redonnd to
good of onr Coinon Wealth.' "
*-) u
Plaster Days of the Put,
Previous to the Introduction of Griffith'!
Menthol Liniment, belladonna, menthol
and porous plasters wore extensively used.
For pains in any part of the body
Griffiths' Menthol Liniment Is superior
to plasters of any kind. It immediately
penetrates to the painful parts, relieving
in a few minutes. Sold by all druggists,
tb cents.
Tomatoes and Cancer.
A few years ago an eminent London
physician, on my mentioning to him
tomatoes as an article of diet for myself, said, "Whydo yon eat tomatoes?'
I said, "Why not?" Hesaid: "Well, 1
think that there are grave reasons for
thinking it possible that eating tomatoes increases, if it does not produce,
tbe liability to cancer. I do not say positively that It does so."
It strikes a layman as a fact that
the consumption of tomatoes has increased as mnch in England of lute
years as has cancer. ���Pall Mall Gazette.
The lest
Remedy fer
Sprint Wetther
The Blood is the very essence of life.
As it courses through the system it carries
with it, if pure and rich, nutrition to every
cell in the body. If impure, it spreads
disease. If thin and watery, it fails to
nourish, hence we have weakness, debility and decay.
It is the wonderful power B.B.B. haa
In purifying impure blood, making thin,
watery blood rich and red, that ia. at the
bottom of its marvellous success in curing
Those who are pale, thin, weak,
troubled with blotches, pimples or eruptions of any kind should take B.B.B.
It makes the pale cheek rosy, the skin
clear and smooth, and infuses new energy
into weak, wom, ran down, ehattered
���kin "I beg to state I have used
Clear. Burdock Blood Bitters for impure blood, pimples on the face,
lie, and derived great benelit from it.
My skin is now very clear nnd free Irom
all eruptions. I only used four bottles of
the B.B.B. and can strongly recommend
it lo any person suffering from impurities
In the blood or eruptions of the skin."
Mas. G. R. Helmore,
Spence's Bridge, B.C.
Every "I have taken B.B.B. every
Spring, spring now I'or some years, to
purify my blood and keep my
system in f,-*wl order, and can honestly
say tliat 1 do not know of its equal
anywhere."    Mrs. Aggii: Barnes,
Lunenburg, N.S.
"I hnd my picture taken today," said
little Christine. "I crossed my arms
and leaned on a chair, and the picture
man put my head in some tongs."
"Why, yon must have looked like a
lump of sugar in sugar tongs." langhed
"Why, so I mrtst have," said Christine delightedly, " 'cause the man kept
saying, 'What a sweet little girl I' "���
What to Eat.
MONEY SAVED and pain relieved by
tbe leading household remedy, DR.
quantity of whioh usually suffices to oure
a oough, heal a sore, out,, bruise or sprain,
relieve lumbago, rheumatism, neuralgia,
excoriated nipples, or Inflamed' breast.
The Power of 'a Cyclone.
Careful estimates of' the force of a
cyclone and the'onergy reqnired to keep
a full Hedged hurricane in active operation reven) tbe presence of a power
that makes the mightiest efforts of
linn) appear us nothing in comparison.
A force fully equul to 478,000,000
horsepower wus estimated as developed
in a West Indian cyclone. This is abont
1.1 times the power that is creatable by
uli the means within the rangeof man's
capabilities during the same time.
Were steuui. water, windmills and
the strength of all men and all animals
combined they could not at all approach
the tremendous force exerted by thit
terrible storm.
Stratford, 4th Aug.
Messrs. C. C. Richards & "io.
Gentlemen,���My neighbor's boy, 4
years old, fell into a tub of boiling
water and got scalded fearfully. A
few. days later his legs swelled to three
times tbeir natural size and broke ont
in running sores. His parents conld
get nothing to help him till I recom
whijh, after using two bottles, com*
pletely onred him, and I know of several other cases around here almost as remarkable, cured by the same Lin ment,
and I can truly say I never handled a
medicine which has had as good a sale
or given snch universal satiasfaction,
General Merchant
Refreshing Sleep
Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pills
itort'i LUimeit is m dt Phrdciiu.
Miss Margaret Brown, 627 Colborne
St., London, Ont., says :���"My mother
has been afflicted with nervousness and
general debility for a long time. She
suffered a great deal with insomnia, and
found it almost impossible to sleep.
"I went to W. T. Strong'B drugstore
and got a box of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills, which she took, and derived
so much benelit from them that I bought
another box for her. Tbey have done her
a wonderful lot of good, making her
nervous system muoh stronger, giving her
restful sleep, and removing many other
symptom! which previously distressed
" I csn truly say that these pills nre a
great remedy for any one Buffering from
weak nerves, general debility, sleeplessness or heart trouble,"
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills sr*
Mi>. a box or 3 for $1.25, at all druggists.
The Funny Done.
A roan who fractured his funny bone
tonclndes that it is not a fnnny matter.
He said: "The displacement of the
olecranon is accompanied by disablement of the whole arm for a long while.
Webster describes the point as follows
'The large process at tbe proximal end
of the nlna which projects behind the
articulation witb the humerus and
forms the bony prominence of the elbow. ' I have it with me. I fell on the
ice in 1873 and broke off my left funny
bone. It hurt, bnt I did not know wbat
had happened for months, nnd then Dr.
Henry Fish of Fargo told me. It was
too late to do anything then except exercise to bring my muscles into condition.
"A new development set in then,-and
the lower part of my forearm became
flat, while the upper muscles developed.
At present I can pnll or lift as mncb
witb that arm as I conld at any time,
bnt I cannot strike or push with it and
cannot exert downward pressure with
it at nil, unless I hold my arm rigid
and put the weight of my body npon it.
I can scarcely hold n sheet of paper
upon my desk, and for fully 12 months
I could not nee my left arm at all. Perhaps it was because I did not have
surgical attention soon enough. Recently I had a radiograph made, and the
fragment of bone was clearly shown lying loosely in the joint. After the fracture two splinters protruded from the
skin and were removed."
or In summer Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will cope with and overcome any Irregularities of the digestive organs which
change of diet, ohangs of rendenoe or
variation of temperature may bring
about. They ahould be alwavt kept at
hand, and onoe their benellolal effects be
oomo knows, no one will be without
them. There It nothing nauseating in
their structure, and the most delicate can
use them confidently.
lit lot Hull's llilnit ill lib io otkar.
am/ J��t, 4ruf<Ji d tVfi/'��m��^,
���AUV/l. J.u��� /?../- fa
E. Cartly Parker
I Mtt offering some attractive money milking stock* just now.   It will par you to
kMp In touch with me.    CODES:   Bedford McNeill'it. <;ioti|[h'ii, Morelug & Neali.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
It destroys Iho patches of living bnoterlat
relieves the pain and irritation, hoala the
sores, nnd ntako-i the skin wliolo and .sound.
PERSIATIC siiKKi' dip in invaluable
for relieving thf animal of nil vermin, ftetui,
lice, ticks, insects, etc., and for the Cure
of all Hklu lMst-Hsi-s, Do not lie |iut
off with an inferior article���got the host,
highly nit'dli-nti'd nnd reliable Pip in the
market.  AI your dealers or direct from us.
Itnx A, StoutI'vUle,.<>iit.
It's no Trick
(All made this season from Pliro Manila Hemp)
A.k fur Prices mill Samples.   Speriitl in.
ilnceineiits tn cnrliiiul lliiyrrs.
(Limited), Toronto.
Manufacturer!! o
Hinder Twin* ami
*   Manila   and   SUal
Itope  of every  de-
To  make lllM-ults, ltuffles, etc., nice  and
lljjlit and wholesome when you use-
It Ih iinsiirimsHi'd
Instruction given bv mail to those who cannot attend college.   Full particulars on appll-
nation to
G. W. DONALD, Sec.
Winnipeg Business College.
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO are the finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
MacKENZIE k MILLS, Winnipeg
Large catalogue free.
THE RE1D BROS., 257 Kins West, Toronto.
I can cure permanently all
diseases peculiar to women,
such as displacements, inflammations and ulceration
  of womb, painful, suppressed and irregular menstruation, leucor
rhcea, etc. WRITE ton FREE BOOK.
Un. Julia B. jjjfcuj loi 996, Montrnl, Qqg.
nnppc \^i!sin9
BARBER SHOPS #** rrtti rn��t.
tn*nt it 10c nn AT'lillwitton, nr Inrjm bottll
tt dnugut* *1 I*1! )t'"iM�� '���K|ir��Ki'M, 11 im.
Samplo witb booklet un tbo bnlr, loo iioit-
J0NE3BR0S. ACQ., Toronto.
is the kind that housekeepers who want only the
best always buy. Packed
in pound and two-pound
tin cans, it comes into
the home with all its natural aroma and strength.
Protected by our Seal,
the consumer knows that
its purity and strength
have been untampered
with. Your grocer sells
this kind, but be sure our
seal and name is on the
can you buy.
CAPITAL *10,000,000
Agents minted In every town mid village
tn Manitoba and tho Northwest.
CarrlHK...,  Wiiroiih, Ilurro-vs,  windmills,
Ao.   < IH KMHITT PLOW CO., Winnipeg-.
Importer ��� o. Grocer le. J" *��� * JJ* ����fM��
....... I.. S. a II. Extract.
Write QS. Hamilton, Out. L. 8.H IS. Spice.
W.   N.   U.   231
National Binder Twine.
Apply In
"W.   R.   COLGATE,
The winners ol the sewing maohlnos In
the Koyal Crown Soap Co. 's competition
for the week entliiiR May lSth are aa follow! : Winnipeg, Mrs. W. W. .Matthews, tbl
Carlton Street; Manitoba, Julia Watson,
Beausojour; N. W. T��� Lizzie McDonald,
Battleford, *-*nsk. Thlsooinpetition will be
discontinued after the *-"Jth of this month,
when the last drawing will tttko plaoe.
All persons having coupons and wrappers
must have them lu before that date. ' I ���'���"'
Maple Luke Station, Ont.
March 10th, IK****).
National faiu-iehs' Co., Toitosro.
Pear Sirs,���I received the. National Hinder
Twine, which W0are well pli-nswl Willi,   lt in
Snod, nls'i lhe 14*karnt ffolu-piRted watcli.  We
link it is lovWv. :inil glvoa B'Kid nutlsfactlou.
With tliank...  Yours truly
."���injoiiiJE Wauoh.
"Willie," asked the. Sunday school
teacher, "what will hajipen to you ir
yon are a good boy?"
"I'll get n big apple."
"And if yon're u bud boy?"
"I'll get two apples for promising
momma .to   be   good."���Philadelphia
'Call.    '��*���-'�� THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, MAT 26, 1899.
He Is
Well Paid
Who Is
I    ^^^^t      %��*�� Almost
a tup ~&& every day 1
some made to order devotees yield X* the hard sense |
jiroposinon in our stock ef
Ready Tailored Clothing.
Fabric, style, fit, and tailoring guaranteed.   Why j
should a sensible man not profit by it ? I
These goods an always on hand at ��
G. B. MeDermot's,
LAKE  &  CO.,
have opened ns
A*        ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)
������i���$ m
Full  Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Pop a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
Fatrouizo . . .
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.      5a3tc
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
\M and Cold Baths.
Ullock Se Barry,
MBit rr.prl.toii.
Hud of navigation an Columbia River.
Th* mott central point In Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minleter of Minos for 1898: " A waggon road
could be built from the 'Salmon Bed*' ATHALMER -at �� reasonable coat,
*nd will be so built as soon as it is justified by the mining development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating on lake nnd river, and
food fishing and shooting ia immediate vicinity.
Level turface with gravel sub soil to build upon ; cold, dear water the
year round for household purposes, and splendid water power close to town.
Large and complete saw-mill (20 M. daily capacity) on the ground assure*
cheap lumber.
Terms easy, particularly so to Investors wishing to build.
C. D. Liang, Agent.
An agitation 1* oo foot for the construction of a bridge over Wood River
on the way to Tete Jaune Cache, and
Mr. Wells M.P.P. will be asked to take
ateps to hav* the matter put in hand
a* early al possible.
Th* many friends of J. Lake will be
glad to learn that he is doing well at
Athalmer and ha* had difficulty in
getting in enough stock to supply the
wants of bis nnmerous customers. Now
that the boat* will be running however
the trnnspof tatlon difficulty will vanish
Atlin is not all prosperity. A correspondent writes: "There Is no work
here, and if something does not soon
turn up, there will be a lot of bard-up
men in Atlin, in fact ther* ar* a lot
already. The sawmill here turns away
from 10 to 20 men a day who are looking
for work. There are men here working
for Pat Burn* for $1.60 per day, and
glad to get that. Carpenters get from
11.50 to $5per day. Men werecutting
iee for P Burns, and all be would pay
them wa* $1.(0 per day and board."
A washout occurred on the C. P. R.
line yesiorday .vest of Koss Peak.
Tbe Government will enforce tbe 8-
bour law iu mines after June 12th.
J. Stirrett, inspector of licensed premises, was ou a visit to Oolden yesterday in connection with his new duties.
F. W. Grant, formerly of Golden,
has been appointed foreman of the Nelson Miner.
FOR SALE���Four milking Cows and
several calves. For particulars apply
at Office of Golden Eka.
J, Wood had his right hand bndly
bruised at the Golden sawmill on Monday by a lot- falling on it. He has
had to lie off work for a time.
R, W. Pat-mere, of Donald, cameinto
Goldeu this week with a view to looking up a location for a cigar store and
removing hither.
Tommy Conner, the nine-year old
son of J, W. Conner, fell from a little
house he was building on Wednesday
and broke ont of his arms. Dr. Taylor was promptly in aiteipiaiico ami
set thn injured limb.
On Sunday Miss Burner, the sole
survivor of tbs Cator household from
th* tiagioal avalauohe at Rogers Pass,
wns again lin- i Ictiin of tin unfortunate
accident. While riding her bicycle she
overbalanced and fell, again breaking
the leg which hnd been so badly shattered at Rogers Pass aud which had
confined her in the Hospital at Golden
till a short time ago.
Col. Aylmer brother ot Hon. F. W.
Aylmer and adjutant general of Canada, has gone to London, Eng,, where
he will be on the staff of Sir Redvers
Biiller, in command at Alderahot, and
where he will take a short course in
tactical) fitness for command. Colonel
Aylmer will be absent for four
I. Forrest has now pulled down the
newer portion of the Forrest Honst
and will remove it to Cranbrook at an
early date. Mr. Forrest hat determined to make Cranbrook his headquarters.
Mr. Forrest is also busily engaged in
pulling down the Sutherland House for
similar removal.
I have been a sufferer from chronio
diarrhoea ever since the war and have
used all kinds of medicines for it. At
last I found one remedy that has been a
success as a cure, and that is Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.���P. E. Grisham, Gears
Mills, La. For sale by all druggists
Henderson Brot. Vietorindb Vancouver.
The Queen's Birthday passed off
very quietly in Golden. There sho.ild
have been some sports provided. We
trust the citizens will pull together
and organise a sucoetssul day's sports
for say th* first of July. Golden must
keep to the front and provide amusements for her own holidav-makers.
otherwise they must go to other towns
to havt their sport.
Golden people are not wanting in
enterprise whan they get an opportunity, and would hold their own with
any other town in British Columbia.
Their enterprise has been markedly
displayed in the discovery anil development of the gold-field at Tete Jaune
Cache. M. Dainard and others have
determined to establish ii ferry service
over the Fraser at the Cache in view
of the large influx of people to tbat
part of the country.
Many old soldiers now feel tbe effects
of the hard service they endured during
the war Mr. Geo. S, Anderson, of
Rossville, York county, Penn., who
saw the hardest kind of service at the
front, is now frequently troubled with
rheumatism. "I had a sororo attack
lately." he says, "and procured a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It
did so much good that I would like to
know what vou would charge me for
one dozen bottles." Mr. Anderson
wanted both for his own use and to
supply it to hi* friends and neighbors,
ns every family should have a bottle of
it in their home, not only for rheumatism, but lame back, sprains, swellings, cuts, bruises and burns, for
which it is unequalled. For sale by
all druggists Henderson Bros. Victoria
and Vancouver.
A woman's headaches mar come frem
several causes. She may have a head*
ache arising from nervousness, or from
digestive disturbances. Nine cates iu
ten, I er headaches come from disorders
peculiar to her sex. It may shew itself in the symptoms which are characteristic of a dozen disorders, Thousands of times, women have been treated
for the wrong disorders. Dr. Pierct's
Favorite Prescription was compounded
for the solt purpose of relieving womankind of these ills and pains. Thousand! of woman have testified that
after taking treatment from several
physician* without benifit, the "Favorite Prescription" cured them completely and quickly. It ha* been used
for over thirty yean, and bas an unbroken record of success.
Th* woman who hesitates i* invited
te send 81 cent* in one cent stamps to
cover only the cost of mailing a copy
of Doctor Pierce's Common Seme Medical Adviser, whicli contains plain, clear
information about all of the organ* tf
th* human body and their function*.
Jas. Henderson is building en the property
which he htm leased from H. Wild.
Aiotliar bank robbery is reported, this
tinetrom the Merchants ilaak at Montreal.
The name of the Post Office at Columbia
Valley bus been changed to Bris.-o.
It is reported that C. Carey has resigned
from the office ofTiuin Dispatcher at Field.
Liberals attain victorious. Breithanpt has
been elected for North Waterloo by lib
A meeting of the Board of Licenite Commissioners will be held at tho Government
Office at Uolden on June 15th.
J. Scott retunied to Golden on Friday after
his ;rip to Eu-rlaiid, and will start work on
lus claims on Toby Creek.
J. Forin had his loft hand badlv cut by a
chisel while working on tbt steamer Selkirk
yesterday, anil bus had to lie off.
U. Hard ie, of Fairmont, returned from the
OM Country on Saturday, looking well after
his trip access tho herring pond.
Bishop Moist and lire French priests fall
down a crevice in tbe mountains near Banff,
aud were there all night till rescued next
morning by the Swiss guides.
Iu Mr. SUirt'orth's guessing competition
the successful competitors wero .lime Hood
with awo, and Rev. Mr. Munro with MM as
against 07*1, correct number.
Our Chilliivack couternoorary notes that
S. A. Parsons, formerly of Golden, ia entering into partnership with H. A. Uiilaadors,
of that locality.
Kev. Mr. Cropp will preach his farewell
sermon ou .Sunday next and then loaves for
Ontario to resume bis studies. During his
stay in Uolden Mr. Cropp's estimable qualities.have made him many warm triends.
The Nelson Tribuue complimeutB the Hon.
Jus. Martin on dropping priv to interests
when the public weal is at stake and con-
pares his noble conduct with that of his pre*
ilecessors who took private retainers to fight
against the interests ofthe Province.
Prospectors ask us to warn people going to
Tete Jaune Cache to be careful to put out
their camp tires or there is grave danger nf
blocking the trails with fallen timber and
shutting off communication. One party last
fall ex|iericncrd great difficulty In getting
the pack train through a portion ofthe lorest
which had caught tire from thia cause.
The Revelstoke Herald rtfering to
the work whioh Mr. Weill M. P. P.
hns already done for his constituency,
compliments him on being "A real live
The Nelson Trihuno creeks up the
independent attitude  of Mr.  Bostock
.P. in the stand he has taken in
fighting for the people against the
0*. P. R.
Attorney General Martin it after
the Crowa Nest Land steals and bas
demanded to know by what right the
Crowt Nett Company are selling town
lot* at Fernie.
Without a Rival!
Paine's Celery Compound as
a Blood Parlfier and Health
diver Ranks First in Every
Civilized Land.
Professional rae'n, members ot parliament, bankers, businessmen,mechanics and our farmers, after happy re-
suits and experiences with Paints'
Celery Compound, emphatically aasert
the great medicine has no rival.
Aa a bl.od purifier, disease banisher
and health giver, it has woa the admiration and praise of those In position and affluence, and people in humbler circumstances have largely added
to itt extended reputation.
The vast army of tick and weakly
ptople restored to health and vigor by
Paine's Celery Compound have done
more for the present world-wide ial*
of th* great health-builder than all the
press notices ever published.
Under tuch happy autpioet. th* proprietor! of Paine'a Celery Compound
with full and honest confidence argt
the ute of this noblest and best of
medicinee at this present season.
The work of purifying th* blood,
cleansing the system, regulating th*
nerves, ia an imperative one, and
ahould not be delayed a moment if ailing people would have perfeo**  health.
Men and women distressed by headache, nervousness, ileepleisness, dr*-
pepiia, neuralgia, rheumatiam and
liver and kidney complaints, eannot
afford to treat their trouble! with indifference. Serioui aid fatal results
follow delay*. This ii tha time for
th* taking on of new strength and
new vitality, and Paine'a Celery Compound will never dliappoiat th* *ick
and sfflictsd.
The old motto of Paine's Celery
Compound "Make* tick people well,"
it at true to-day at it waa years  ago.
But Mrs. Fitspatriek Didn't Lose Hope-Dr
Agnew's Cure for tbe Heart Accomplished
What tba Physicians Couldn't.
If the thousands of people who rush to so
worthy a remedy at a last retort would go to
it ts a first retort, bow much misery and tut
(bring would be spared. Mrs, John Fitspatriek, of Gananoque, after being treated by
eniaont physicians for heart disease of h*e
years standing was discharged from Uie
hospital at ahopelees Incurable. The lady
procured Dr. Agnew's Cure fer tb* Heart,
she declared ss a last retort. On* dote relieved a very sent* tnatm in less than half an
hour, and three bottle, cured her.
Sold by C. A. Warrea.
Rheumatism and Kindred Trombloa
the Fr.qu.nt He.ult���On. who hat
Be.n a Or.nt Bnff.rer .peaks f.r th.
U.n.nt of Other..
From the Watchman, Lindsay,   Ont.
Wm. McKendry. a gentleman of ��12
yeart of age, has for 28 years been a
respected resident of Fenelon Folia,
Ont. For twenty-two years he hss
held the position of sactiou foreman
for the G.T.R., which poaition he fill*
to-day, and judging from hia present
robust, appearance will be capable of
doing so for many years to como.
During his residence at Fenelon Fall*
Mr. McKendry lias taken an active
part in educational matters, being an
efficient member of the school board
on different occasions. Many time* he
has been nominated as councillor, but
owiaa to the position he held with an
outside corporation felt it hie doty
to withdraw, although much against
tbe wishes of the representative ratepayers. As the public well know th*
duties devolving on a railway section
foreman expose him t. all kind* of inclement weather, and it take* a man
with a ttrong constitution to successfully fill the position. Mr. McKendry
had no illness until about 3 years ago,
when,to use his own words, he sayt:--
"I wat taken down with severe rheumatic pain* in the right knee and the muscles of the leg. I could not sleep or rest
night or day. I could not begin to tell
you what I suffered. I took many remedies, both internal and exteraal prescribed by doctors and friends, but
instead of improving I was ateadly going from bad to worse. One day whil*
reading the Presbyterian Review I read
of a cure through the us* of Dr Williams' Pink Pill*, in th* case of a man
who had not beeu expected to recover
and thi* prompted me to give thi*
mtdicin* a trial. The action ie my
case did not **em to be epeedy and I
wat using ray fifth box befor* any decided improvement was noted, but by
the tine I had ustd eight boxe* I wat
atherougbly wtll man. Sloe, that
time my general health haa been th*
v*rv best and I have io tignt of th*
old troublt. I make thia etatement
voluntarily, because I think it theduty
of thote cured to put other* it th* possession ot the means of obtaining renewed health and I am satisfied Dr.
Williams'Pink Pills will do all that
is claimed for thein if given a trial.
These pills cure not bv purging the
system as do ordinary medioine*, but
by enriching the blood and strengthening th* nerve*. They cur* rheumatism, soiatica, locomotor ataxia, paralysis, htart trcublea, arytipela* and all
forma ot weakness. Ladies will find
them an unrivalled mtdicin* for all
ailment* peculiar to tha stx, nitorlng
health and vigor, and bringing a rosy
glow to pal* and sallow ohetk*. Thir*
ii no other medicine "juit a* good."
See that the full nam*, Dr. William*'
Pink Pill* for Pal* People it on every
package you buy, If your dealer does
not have thara, th*y will ba *ent pOit
paid at 60 o*nt* a box, or ilx box**
f*r 12.60, by addreaaing ih* Dr Will
iami' Medioine Co.. Brochvill*, Oot. or
Scheneotady, N*w York.
Letter from Hewitt Sostook-M.P.
Mr. Bostock. M.P., writes as follows
in reply to the leptesehtationi of th*
Golden Board of Trade regarding tb*
Dominion Government sharing with
the Provincial Government the expsnt*
of dyking the Kicking Hone river at
Secretary Golden Board of Trade,
Golden, B.C.
Dear Sir,-I am in receipt of your
letter of the 12th instant and will lay
the matter before the Minister of Public Works but I regret that he hat
been ill for some time and still it unable to attend io ths business ot his
Department. It ia causing m* considerable trouble and I am afraid will
result badly as far a* th* interests ot
my constituency are concerned ; but I
will do the belt I oan to get this matter arranged in the way suggested la
your letter.    Believe me,
Yours faithfully,
Hbwitt Bostook.
List for North East Kootenay.
The following list of new Justices of the
Pears for North East Kootenay will be gazetted this week :���
Athalmer-Hon. F. W. Aylmer.
Thunder Hill-John Bullman Jas. Brady.
Fairmont Springs���Samuel Brewer.
Winderuiere-Edward Clark.EarlJ.Scovll.
R. A. Kimpton.
Sinclair���John McKay.
Columbia Volley-Alfred H.Mitchell, Thu.
Galena���William Botfield.
Carbonate���William Wallace.
Oolden���Henry Moodio, Charles H. Parson, Charles A. Warren, Thomas H. Robson.
Dimnld-S.E. Hsinbly, Alfred Panier.
Boavermonth���George F. Stalker.
Palliser-John L. Johnson. W. C. Wells.
Field-Hugh C. Hilleen. Charles Wyckoff.
. Appointments taking effect May 23rd,1899.
Other appointments rescinded, such re-
cission taking effect 30th June 1899.
T. D. Pickard,
Gold, Silver or Lead  81.50
Copper    100
Gold and Silver    8.00
Gold or Silver and Copper    8.60
Gold, Silver anil Lead.".... .   3.0*
Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper 4.00
Prompt Attention to Samples by mail.
Cash must accompany the Sample.
Pulp kept for three months.
Front Strent, Revelstoke, B.C.
In the event eta
{stroke of good fortune you can win
600,000 Mark*.
The payment of the
prii-es is guaranteed
by Government.
1st drawing, June 88
oa ar* In vltid to partlolpnte lathe
chances of winning
In the grand* drawings of prises
guaranteed b.fth. .tat. of Haniburr
(a which
11 Millions 849,825 marks
anrely Have t. b. won.
In the cenrse of these Anv ant aokous
Dkawinos, which contain according to
the prospectus onlv 118,000 tickets, tbe
following prises will be forthcoming, vis
The IHonitST PltiZE will be event,
500,000 Marks,
Premium of .100.000 Marks.
lPrlie of 800,000 Msrks.
1 Prise of 100,000 Marks.
SPrizttof 76,000 Marks.
1 Prist of 70,000 Marks.
1 Prize of 65,000 Marks.
1 Prize of 60,000 Marks.
I Prize of 66,000 Marks.
8 Prists of 60,000 Marks.
1 Prize of 40,000 Marks.
1 Pries of 30,1*00 Marks.
8 Prists of 80,000 Msrks.
�� Prises of 10,000 Msrks.
65 Prizes of 6,000 Msrks.
108 Prises of H,00O Msrks.
806 Prises of 8,000 Marks.
818 Prises of 1,000 Marks.
1618 Prizes of 400Morks.
40 Prizes of 300 Marks.
140 Prizes of 800 Marks.
S6958 Prizes of 165 Marks. .
9059 Prizes of IM, 101,100 Msrks.
9351 Prizes ol 7.1,45,81 Marks,
In all (9,180 prists which most he sorely
WOK in 7 drawings within the space of a
tow months.
The highest prise of 1st drawing
tmounts to Mk. 10,000, increase in Snd.
Irawing to Mk. 56,000, in 3rd Mk. 00.000,
in 4th Mk. 66.00J, in 5th Mk. 70,000, In
6th Mk. 75,000, in 7th Mk. 800,000, and1
together with tho Premium of Mk. SOO.OOOi
In the most fortunate case to Mk. 5**0,000.
The official cost for participation in thi
Brat two drawings amounts to
$4.60 for a full ticket.
92.25 for half a tieket.
81.18 for one quarter of ag
Half resp. quarter tickets will entitle .
ant half resp. one quarter of the amount,
won by the respective number, named en
the ticket.
The stakes for participation in the following drawings, ns well aa the mad
prize-table, are indicated in tho official
Brpspectus, which I send on demand gra-
sin advance.    The prospectus is alsr
isnt gratis with evory order.    After thi
Krawing I shall forwaid to every ticket
older the official list of tbe winning
Th.  payment  nnd  forwarding of
th. Am.sut. Woa
te those concerned will have my kpeciai.
and PROMT attention, and  with the
most absolute wereey.
Remittances of Honey enn be made
by American Bank-notes by lti-cls*
lersd letter or by Post-Office orders. Small
amounts can also be sent by postage*
On account of the approaching drawing
ofthe prizes, please address tho orders
Immediately in all confidence direct te
at Hntnbnre, ��erui��ny.
741 a29,m6,l.*i,80,*7,J3
A meeting ef the Beard of Licence Com
mittioners for the Korth East Kootenay District will be held in the Government office,
Golden,at 4 o'clock ia the afternoon of Thursday, June 15th, 1899, to consider the following
applications i
H. G. Psrson, Wholesale Licence, Goldm.
Jat. I. Brewster, Retail License, Ooldea,
(Russell Houoe).
Taynton & Gordon, Ratal) Lictuce, Windermere, (Lakeside Hotel).
Chief Licence Inspector,
Donald, Hay t��b, 1899.
Columbia Valley
First-class Farm lands
287 acrea at Windermere, frontage to
lake, good agricultural land; wall
watered.   Ext*n*ive rang*.
642 acres, prairie and meadow, wall
watered Oood hay land. Busoh
grass range.   Apply to
E. A. Haggen, Golden.
Advertise In
And his Deadly Struggle with a
Vicious Enemy.
Diabetes was Oettlng th. Victory over
Him wh.n h. Began to nse Dodd'e
Kidney Pills-Then   th.   Tld.
Tarn.tt and He wat Saved.
Toronto, May 8th.-Still aaother
member ot the staff of ths Toronto
Ssreet Railway come* forward to testify to tbe unequalled efficacy of Dodd's
Kidney Pills, in cases of Diabetes.
Thia time it is Mr. H, Hogg, Conductor No. 207, residing at No. 81 Fuller
street, who tells his story.
Here is what he aays : "Diabetes
rt.pt me in cooti iual mitery, and
nightly agony for three years. My
blood got ao impure that I thought I
oould never gat it reitored to its natural purity. I wa* tortured by dlsil-
neta, which grew to tuch an extant
that I had to quit work. I lott flesh
aad strtngtli rapidly, and, in ahort, I l,
thought it wat 'all up with mt.' I
"I uted different remedies, bnt got    ]
no good  from  any of  them, until a \
friend recommended    Dodd'e   Kidney
Fill*. ' |
"I had no idea they wonld help m��,
a* I had  been  disappointed so often, , '
but I dtcidtd to try thorn.    Tb* fir*t j :
box   gav*  m* wonderful relief.     Thi
dirtiness   vanished, and   my head be-, 1
came aa steady a* *v*r it wa*.    Thra* ]
boxe* completed my our*, and to-day I } .
am ��ound and well, thank* to Ootid'* I
Kidn.y Pills."
Th* but way to ascertain th* r*al ; i
merit of Dodd's Kidn*y Fills 1* t. teat i,
them. Ther* oan be no deeeit then. V
They either will our*, or th*y will net.
A trial eo*t* very little, and it will,'.'
settle all doubt* for all tlm*. 11
Dodd't  Kidney Fill* an *old by all ) i
druggists, at fifty cent* a boa, (la ) I
box** $2.60,  or stnt,  oa receipt of   \
price, by Th* Dodd* Mtdicin* Ce., *
Limited, Toronto, Ont.
.. . J


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