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The Golden Era Feb 9, 1895

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iv. no. *a
���$2 Per Year
SElililfiG OUT
Charles A.  Olarren's.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout With hot air. The
table is first class. The. bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
(Incorporated 1070.)
Etc. Etc.
Write the   Calgary Store for special
prices on Choice Dairy and
Creamery Butter.
Special  attention given
MAft ORDERS.   Write
Wm. JWe^eish, - Prop.
& TramWay
During- the winter a stage will be run between
Golden. Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill. Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 10.
March 5 & It).
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Address HUDSGN'3 BAY
Cio'y, Calgary, or
Now is your chance to yet a good
novel at the Golden Laundry���1 for
25c, 3 for 60c, 6 for SI. Five cents
taken in exchange,
Steps are being tnken for tho organization of an Oddfellows lodge in town.
A committee was out canvassing for
members this week and everything
points to the formation of a strong
branch of tlie order iu the near future,
Invitations are out lor the C.P.R.
employees Annual Ball at Field on
Thursday next, Feb. 14th. The committee have completed all arrangements
and have no hesitation iu saving that
it will be the best of tho kind ever
given iu Field. It is the intention of
u number of Goldeuites to be present
on that occasion.
A Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor was organised on Friday evening of last week, in connection
with the Presbyterian Church. W.
R Hnarison was elected Peesidout, nnd
W R Hamilton, Sec.-Treas*. The Society meets every Friday evening nt 8
o'clock in tlie school house, everybody
The Golden Hockey Club was organised on Thursday last. The following
officers were elected : Hon. Pies., Mr
Foster ; Pies. W McNeish ; Vice Pres.
J. Lake; Hon Vice Pies., Capt Armstrong ; Captain, Dr Taylor ; Sec-Treas
W R Hamilton. The membership fee
was fixed at $1. A meeting of the
Club is culled for Saturday evening in
the Queen's Hotel at 8 o'clock.    ,
Whole-Mile ami
Iletnil iHi'iiggiMt
Oudi.uk PitoMi'i'i.Y   Attemdbh  To
On Friday night of last week Mo-
Neish's rink defeated Carlin & Luke's
i-ink for a case of coal oil for the English Church. At the conclusion ol
the game Umpire McNeish wiis presented with his leather medal. Billy took
it all in good part nnd treated the boys
on the head of it. The Officers Trophy
competition  started on
Monflav,- Mcr-
- Blll'J    '
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $10.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       P. P. ARMSfRONG, Manager.
our towx.
(lolilen, on the iniiiu line of Ihe I'.-riiiiiliiiu
I'acilic liailivny. nt its connection with the
-rteanilinut navigation of* the Culiuiihin river :
the uiiueriil inul coiinnerci'il centre of Eastern
ilritir.li Columbia: hciidniuirters of liu Hold
oil Smelting works, tile t'ppi'r (ohiiiiliii,
Navigation Co., .-.nil lumber iu.lu-itiy; the
outlet for the widely known mul I'm
famed agricultural ami grazing laud of tlie
Columbia & Kootenay Valleys: unrivalled
tor scenerv of all kiwis; the distributing
point fnr the richest mineral country on the
The Bon Ton Bakery for fresh bread,
cakes, pies, etc.
Received with thanks at the Golden
Hospital: Fish from Mr. Neilson;
Fruit from Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs Barry, and Messrs. Ed A Haiti.
A G jM Spragge, G E Manuel, nnd A P
Cummins, nil of Donald, were visitors
this week.
Service will bo held in St Paul's
Church to-morrow morning at 11
o'clock, celebration of the Holy Communion at the close of the service.
A good square meal at the Bon Ton
Restaurant for 25 cents Meals at all
Mr. G. B. McDermot has bought
tho business of tho deceased M. B.
Lang. Wo wish ���' Mac" evory success
in his venture. The business will lis
carried on at tho old stand.
Write to the Hudson's Bay Stores in
Calgary for special prices on Dairy
and Creamery Butter. Il will pay
Neish defeated Armstrong liy 17 jjpinta.
On Wednesday night the Points Competition for the Upper ColumhTnCo.%
prize. H G Parson topped the list
ivith 18. White's rink was presented
with the gold buttons which they
won recently Capt. Armstrong made
the presentation in n few well chosen
remarks. Three cheers were then given
for White's rink. On Thursday night
Warren defeated Parson for tho (Mlieers
Ill i His, Marriages nn.l Dent lis.
From Mr. S. Redgrave's returns, as
Registrar for East Kootenay of Births.
Marriages ai'd Deaths, for the year
1894, the following information is
obtained : Births 29, Marriages 10,
Deaths 20, but out of the number of
20 deaths, 11 only were from natural
causes, there being 5 deaths from accidents and 4 by drowning in tho Kicking Horse and Columbia Rivers.
Taking all East Kootenay tho number
of deaths from natural causes would be
a very small percentage, which still
shews us that East Kootenay is one ol
the healthiest districts in the world.
A great deal of trouble is taken by
our Registrar to get all returns and it
would still W��m that many in our
midst nre not. aware that births, etc..
should lie registered. There is a heavy
penalty for not registering and nil
should know it is imperative. Registration should be made of births and
deaths within sixty days of the time
and ns East Kootenay is n large scattered district, it would seem only
natural that nil officers especially
should assist the Registrar and see
when u birlh or death takes place tha
they are properly reported o.i the
regular forms for thai purpose.
IMI.1jtI.ll NOTES.
In last week's "Notes" a mistake
was mado in describing Mrs. Spragge's
dress. It ought to have read "Dresden China" being nu exact counterpart of Dresden china statuary.
The Quadrille Club did not meet last
Friday night on account of some of
its members attending the Curlers'
Ball ai Golden.
Mr. Thos. Lewis, one of the C.P.R.
men working in the round house had
two fingers of his left hand crushed
hy being run over by an engine. He
luul finished wiping tho engine when
tno latter was started for the turntable, he stepped back, but slipped and
fell towards the engine, his head striking the frame work and his hand coming under the wheels. He was very
lucky at not being hurt more seriously. He left ou Wednesday's No. 1 for
Uevclstoke to have his hand attended
to by Dr. McLean and expects to loose
one linger if not two.
We are in n great foam of excitement
Our local'chief "Ram in the Face,''
(Sim Palmer) is highly indignant and
swears vengeance and it all comes
about on account of Indian Agent
Vowell not smoking tho pipe of peace
with Iiiiu. The chief learning of tho
representative of King " George" coming to town, hail a great feast prepared
in his teepee. The bill of fare con-
isted of rousted puppies, skunk and
oilier Indian delicacies. Tho wigwam
was decorated with all the scalps of
dusky enemies of the renowned warrior,
but alas for tho disappointment, the
longed for guest did not show up.
Now tho indignant ohief swears by
the bleached blonde scalps of the
squaws that this insult requires gore
by tho bucketful and all the firewater
in thu Dominion will not quench his
thirst lor it; if he can't get it he will
hie himself in the spring to his native
haunts in the wild aud woolly territories of the 0-ka.n-na-gnn and woe
betide the unlucky traveller who
should ask for shelter, he is sure not
to gel sober for a week.
Frank Coursen is the proud father
of another baby. girl. He claims the
young lady tipped the scale at lljlbs.
(Frank is not going to let Billy Woodbouse get ahead of him if Jib is going
to do it.)
Invitations are to hand from the R.
R.T. for a ball at Field. By ull
accounts a goodly number will attend
from here.
A meeting has been called for Thursday afternoon, Fob. 7, to form a Local
Women's Council for East Kootenay
and elect officers for same.
A number of citizens assembled on
Tuesday night for the purpose of form-
ing a (.uu Club. The meeting was
called to order by Mr A P Cummins,
who briefly stated the object of the
meeting. The following officers were
then elected! A P Cummins, Pres j
Dr S.vmonds, Vice Pies ; W J Lnppan,
Sec-Trcas ; who with the assistance of
Mr McKay and lints Bailies will form
the Board oi Managers and also
formulate a Constitution nud Bye
Ijriws. The club was named the
Djnuld Gun Club. Trap and birds
have arrived and practice will cotn-
iiiciicu at oiico. Practice days aro
Wednesdays and Saturdays, visitors
accompanied by members of the club
will also be allowed tn practice, under
tho rules of the club. The membership
al present is 25 and ninny more are
expected to join as soon as everything
is in running order. The club after a
little practice will accept and issue
challenges to outsi le clubs, i*o you
iGoldeuitoti Lcwuie. -JClte (!5ol">cn <&va
The GOijUE.V EUA is pablisheil every
Saturday morning in time to catch the east
awl west mail trains, also the mail for tlio
upper country, Windermere, l'*ort Steele otc
It. is tliu only advertising medium in the���eat
Kootenay district,
S'.tb-mt'lptiou Hates:
S-'.IXJ [H*r annum IN
Advortisoinon's awl changes must be in
the office not Inter than 1-' u in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates made known on appli-
oatior 'o
All cash to be pail to the Manager, from
who.n the Company's recoipl will bo obtained.
The Ufa Eia Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, FEB. 9, 189a.
(Not Played at Golden.)
The Rink.
Dauvit. The Schoolmaster.
(L ���ailing Stone.)    (Leading Stone.)
(Second Stone.)
Geo rob Brown.
(Second Stone.)
Dn. McQueen.
(Third Stone.)
Simon Louden.
Rev. Mu. DimiiE.
(Third Stone.)
Simon (lighting his pipe) ��� Dauvit,
ye ken the road. Nev-er a [puff, pulfj
kowe!   Verra guid stane, Dauvit.
Carberry (his besom ut the too) ���
Noo, Schulemalster, dooti the soo's
liack, and mind it's gleg ice. Huts !
man ! you're owru hard ! hoti'ie owre
hard ! Dinuii touch'm. Let'm iilane,
Yiu're through a', Scyulemaister I
[Aside]   Him a curler !
Simon-Same as last, Dauvit, same
as last You're like ii ! Cannie ! Up
hands! Weel, wed, you're iu the
parish yet   D.iuvit!
Carberry���See an'keep your liaund
In this time, Schtilemuister. Leave
something to the besom. Stand by to
soop, Sandy. He's coming brawly.
���Soop ! soop ! Up kowes, he's a' there.
Let'in dee! let'm dee. Let���'in-dee!
So! Put-lid. Wliu' said you couldui.'
curl, Suhulemaistet ?
The Rink-Pat-lid! Wcel-pluycd,
sir!   Pat-lid.
Simon - George Broun, d'ye sec that?
It's a nut-lid! Affwi't! Plenty o'
pouther! Weel laid doou, sir, weel
laid doou !
Thu Rink-Will wo bring that ane
ou ?   Ho's on't!   He's ntl't! He's ou't!
Simon-He's on't! Nu, he's uff't!
Ho's afl't! Up hamuli! E - li! Missed
it!    Man, that's a pe.'ty !
Carberry -Oh ! for n gaird, Sandy !
Oli ! for a guild ! Creep doou, centre
ice, we'll soop ye! Brawly! Brawly!
Is*t a hog? Oh I see'd owre I Soop!
soop! See'd owre! See'd owre!! Suu'd
owre!!! Scu'd owre!!!! Is't owre?
Ay ? Lut'ni dee, then. There ! It's
nc a guild eftcia'   U'ni !
Simon Hoo miicklc d'ye still see o'
this pat-lid, George Broun? The whole
o't? Tak' your wu'II o't, then ! Plenty
o' pith, an' awn' wi't this tim.'. 1
diunit' wiint to see'd again. I like ye,
George, I like ye. Gie'in legs. He's
comin' struticht fot'l. Soop! Soop!
Chap and lie! [Bump] 'flint's the
curl, Geordie. Y *u for a medal player.
Carberry - Noo, Sandy, follow Geordie Broun. Huts, man. you're awn'
Sooth, you're aw-u' Sooth. Let'm gaun!
Man ! man ! Sandy ! Sandy ? ���
Sandy (ou his stomach in front of
t hu blunder) - S.�� thut uue up lauds.
S.e that aue up.
Carberry���Soop! He'll get u wick
���I! that ither stane! S iop ! up kowes
He's far eunuch ! [bump, bump) ��� the
The Rink-Weel play'id Sandy !
Carberry - The shat! You for a
curler. Sandy. Tee-high and dcid
gairded. Shake hatiuds wi' your luck.
Sandy, man.
Simon���D'ye see oiiything o' this
stane, Djctor ? No; weel we lie second
This ia our aiu stane.
doou to here for a gaird. So ! I like
this ane - It's comin' tine, man ! Let
'in dee ! Thank ye, Sir 1 A braw
gaird!   Thank ye!
Carberry���Noo, Maister Duthie, I
want ye to gaird this port to the tee.
Come awn' tae my besom, an' ye'll la'
tae't. Oh, man, you've a. fine deleevery
See'in owre the hoa an' he's plenty ?
Canny, Sohulemastrr. Up kowes!
It's no the bairns you're licking. Up
kowes 1 Thai's better, noo! Weel
plaved, Maister Duthie.
Simon��� Doctor! ye maun redd the
ice. What ? Na, na. It's owro narrow a port. Break up their gaird.
There's breeks for ye. Bit dinnu
throw aiva' your stane. Pluy for my
besom ! Watch tills ane, George Broun
I'm no sure o' ye, Doctor. Dinnu'
middle 'in Dauvit!   He's hard eneuch.
TheRit.k -He's gotthein Iniith.
Simon--No, he's no. He's through
tho port. Let'm dee! Let'indee!
Never mind, Doctor, we'll pu' their
teeth the next time.
Carberry��� That's hotter. Noo, Mr.
Dm hie, ye're accustomed comin' in
whanr the Doctor's failed. Fill up.
A tee-high wecht. If ye promote this
ither stane a yail'd it doesna' matter.
Come quietly doou for a draw���ane o'
you're insinuutiii' kind that gets at the
hairt. Dag ou't, you're like it, man.
Bring him owre the hog. Leuve'm to
mu. Up kowes; Capital, Maister
Duthie, cup-itul.
Mr. Duthie (jubilant)-You'renot in
good form to-day McQueen.
Dr. McQueen ���Come, sir. Come
sir. Who lost the last end. Tell ine
that, sir.   Tell me that.
Simon-It's not looking verra liraw.
Doctor. I'll line to break up their
gaird, Eh? An inwickufi that stane?
Weel, I'll see what I t-eu o't.
Dr. McQueen���What d've see o't
then ? Half o't ? Will ye try the in-
wick ? All right. Keep oot aliiu' the
lee, Mr Duthie. and let the man sec
what he's play in' on ! I'll gie ye my
besoin to plav to. Simon.. Well laid
down? That should find liur. Kittle
'in up lauds.
Simon-Soop, lauds, soop.
Dr McQueen -Up wi' 'm !
'in !   That'll do!   Let'm dee.
Verra bonny stane, sir!   Just
being shot.
Mr Euthie���Noo, Carberry, we're a'
playing on one side. D'.ve see this
stone ? Crack an egg on't then, and
you'll lie another. What? Well, it's
dangerous'; but lake your own shot.
Carberry- Put doou your besom ou
the stane   Stand by to soop, Sandy.
Mr Duthie He's got it! Never a
kowe! Nuver a kowe! 0 mini, I like
ye ! Fine, mau. line. [Bump, bump.]
There's my hand to ye. sir; there's iny
hand. Bcttcrgi'e Simon safety,Doctor.
Dr McQueen - What d'ye mean sir ?
Simon- Whanr there's life there's
hope, Doctor.    Which is tlie shot?
Dr McQueen - My besom's on't. It's
against yo. Can ye come doou ou the
back o't ?    You'll lie shot.
Simon - I'll liy't.
Dr McQueen and The Rink -Fine
laid doou ! It's raging.' Nu, na, it's
a dull stane. See'tupl Soup! Soop!
Thai's a'the curl! Come onwi'ye!
It's fair on't! Shot! Shot!! Shot !!!
You'rx singiu' sum' now, Mr Dutliio.
Gie mo a shake u'your hand, Simon.
Mr Duthie-Now, Carberry, there's
nothing for it but to lift this stone a
foot.   Take plenty time.    So !
The Rink - Hoo d'yo like that one ?
Is he on't ?
Mr Duthie Soop. soop ! Gie him
every inch o't! Oh. he's on': I No,
he's on the guard !   No, lie's ull right!
The Rink-He's on't! He's, on't!
|Bump] (lot'm! Soop! SooplAwa
wi'thut ither une. Soop! That's the
twist! You for a curler, Carberry !
1*11 gi'e ye a suuiT for that uue, laud !
Shot!   Shot!!
Mr Duthie-One for Carberry.
Up wi'
A pretty girl will sublun fjur out of
every five men she meets, but it is al-
A canny draw | ways the fifth she wants.
But a feeble, liont old lad**-.
With a failed, wrinkled face.
Who along thu car peered dimly
To obtain a vacant place;
Yet. as If with pulse electric,
Instantly upon his feet
Every man arose to give her
With a .mile hia empty seat.
Kindly {-lances rested on her;
Kfndly hands were ready there
To support her should she need It.
For her soft and snowy hair
Seemed an aureole of glory
To those care-encumbered men.
As the mother love within them
Woke to consciousness again.
Ah. there's nothing half so holy
In this world of sin and woe
As the love that bletsed our childhood
In tho years of Long Ago;
And a common chord ot feeling
Linked together nnr.n with mun
When tho thought of homo and mother
Through that crowd of strangers ran.
The McNair girls |.al company,
Cadence and Ruth Whee'��*��, two blue*
eyed insula wi'lint wliite locks.
Ca.le.ice was so named by a fnnd
not!*.',*-, who detected music in the firstborn iiiiby lamentations���music appreciated by the mother alone.
A number of articles wero needed in
the McNuir household, which somebody
must get in Lewisrale.
Homo duties claimed Julie and Marie
McNair���not Btrawberrv-hulliug or pea
shelling���real, practical, necessary
lump-filling, some baking (or next day's
league picnic, and the churning���three
gallons of sour cream must speedily bo
"I cannot drive to town," laughed
Julie. "That golden butter must be
chnrned.   Horrid work!"
"Bnzzy is so���well, Bnzzy is only a
little boy, I can't send him shopping,"
sighed Mm. McNair.
Thoughtful Mr. McNair said:
"Why not Caddie WheelerT Caddie
isn's timid. Selim is a trusty animal,
work's well in the irirls' phaeton.
"Oh. father, you dear!" cried Julie,
joyously. "Three cheers! Rnthy get
your bonnet; Caddie, I'll show you how
to hold lho lines and guide, Father,
you may get to yonr work. I can hitch
np Yon girls need not be one mite
afraid. Selim is jnst the kindest, smart
est old horse, goes around all the bad
plnciM. You'll have nothiug to do, only
avoid the crowded streets. You know,
too, just where to go."
"Laws, now," said the hired man. *'I
do wonder, Buzzy, if your pop's goin'to
let then strange girls hev Selim and
drivo to the city 'thout comp'ny?"
"Philip, bellins gentle as a dog.
They've been to the city a dozen times.
Selim likes to pace along slow."
"Did you ever see him run to a fire?"
inquired Philip.
Fire? U-mph, Selim hasn't been in
the lire service the lust eight years. He
was only in the service two years," said
Buzzy, conclusively.
"I don't care. He was one in a fire
team. He was disciplined every day.
He was yjunr and learned his lusnon by
heart. He will never forget it either.
Neither folks nor horses can quite unlearn things that's most second nature.
Selim is a beuuty, gentle and obedient,
but he can't be trusted in the city. He's
Ireen tested. A gentleman in the ci y
wanted him bad for a family carriaue
horse, them fire signals start him avoiu'.
Selim hud tn find a home in the country,
where the (ire gongs "
"Ho! ho! I see," laivhed Bnzzy.
"Wouldn't it be (un to see old Selim
clip it?"
"It wouldn't be (nn (or the girls."
"I don't want harm to come to them.
I thought, Philip, you said discipline
���*as so helpful."
"I did," curtly replied Philip.
"But it makes Selim unreliable."
"Selim's u good horse���biddable too."
"I don't understand you. Philip. I
do not believe even a fire gong will wake
np that sleek, (at, lazy fellow. The
girls will drive home iu sa(ety," said
"If I really feared anything would
hnppen 'em, I should have warned yonr
pop. I suy there's a risk that Selim '11
hear tbo firo alarm, catch sight of the
hose carts and fire teams, au* mind his
own past traiuin'. A home isu't sup-
josed to know when to qnit
obeyin* signals. Boys may lear when
to do or leave off doiu' thingr. Kow
���'pose you tell your pop to come here."
The noon lunch was eaten. Two
o'clock and the Wheeler girls were not
in sight. Julie kept watch ut the attic
window, looking (ar down the road.
"If an accident has happened Selim is
not to blame," stoutly declared Mr. McNair.
"They're coming up the hill
Jnlie, rushing down the stairs,
must have poked dreadfully."
"Did you have a pleasant
dear?" inquired Mrs. McNair.
| Two girls hastily jumped from the
"The hateful, mean old thing I" cried
Ruth Wheeler, two tears standing in
her eyes. "The pig-bended creature.
He just wonld go. I could neither tnrn
nor guide bim. A gentleman attempted
to restrain bim, but���
"Did Salem run, Cadence?" inquired
Mr. McNair.
"Run? He galloped���galloped madly."
"Did he spill you out?" timidly inquired Marie.
"No," replied Cadence, "only it was
so ridiculous���two girls in a phaeton
galloping to a fire down on the level,
following the hose carts. I pulled on
the lines, but the faster the firemen drovo
the faster Sirliru ran. A gentleman assisted us in turning the infatuated old
fellow toward home. He said onr horse
had certainly once boon in tlie fire service and we really mnst not be too
severe on the faithful, spirited old
Julie laughed merrily. Tho Wheeler
girls laughed, Mr. McNair laughed,
too, Selim stood in tbe harness, docile
and gentle.
"I hnd fortrntten that Selim was once
in tbe tire service.   I had no thought of
this happening. Girls. It is my fault.
My good fellow, you aro a faithful old
horse, but you can't be trusted in the
(nturo iu the girls' phaeton when they
drive to town. Bnzzv. take Selim to
the barn." said Mr. McNair. "It has
happened just ns you said. Phillip.
Selim hasn't forgotten. I think Ruth
Wheeler will not trust him again. Old
(ellow, you'll not get future treats,
lumps of sugar an' petting from the
"When the girls have thought a bit I
think they'll not cherish a grudge
against the horse. They'll understand
be did his best in his way. Buzzy,
s'pose you an' me always fell into the
liue when, duty calls���"
"Whoa. Selim! You aro impatient
(or your dinner," said Buzzy, holding
out temptingly a ripe June apple.
"You'n me aren't (ond of work. There
now, take the apple. Phillip. I detest
hateful, everyday chores. I do sometimes make a fuss when the girls find
extra errands for me to do. A boy
needs lime fur play. I'm not a shirk;
Julie calls ine one sometimes. When
I'm older I'll work for nil the family,
you'll see." Buzzy thrust bis hands
in iiis pockets, held up bis head nnd
looked defiant.
"You'll improve by an' by���by an'
"Yes, and I'm tired of being called
rnrcless, idlo an' thoughtless. Julie
need not cull me 'Tad Hoober. junior,'
I shall not grow up like bim. I do want
fnn uud a good time now. I mean
"Buzzy boy," said Phillip, "yon have
every help to grow into such a man as
John McNair. If I were you I'd begin
now, cbeckiu' an' holdin' in my faults.
Every good man will tell you he has
had to discipline himself. I'd take
special pains to learn good ways���the
ways of pleasantness���the ways one
never desires to unlearn. Nobody is
ever too old to cense to do evil, learn to
do well, but old habits cling like Spanish
On the following dny the leagne picnic in the McNair grove wus a happy
Selim, in the phaeton shafts, stood
quietly beside a maple tree, Julie McNair holding the lines.
"Dr. Love is coming our way with
little Bess,'' sail Marie.
"Cadence," whispered Ruth Wheeler,
���It is our friend."
Dr. Love had not forgotten. A
twinkle gleamed in his brown eyes.
"We���we did not expect to see you
again, sir," stammered Cadence. "We
are grateful tb yon."
"The old fellow gave you no more
surprises?" said the doctor.
"No; but wasn't it dreadful���two
girls in a phaeton trying to keep up
with the hose carts?" laughed Ruth
"Selim is a lovely horse for the country," Julie eagerly declared.
"He certainly  doesn't   forget.    A
horse is a wonderful creature    One nf
the world's famous military men  who
understood men nnd   horses said:   'A
h kind words���a little kindly
sympathy from men.'" I
was quite proud that Selim -it-
general notice.   Coiuiilimeiiis,
.and loving pats wore I wished
the handsome, sleek-coated borne.
_Jlm yet makes frequent  Irips to
Lewisv.ile.    The ladies do not drivo
him, since he still responds to the fire
signals.   Selim evidently is in soirit '
one of the hook snd ladder company,
disdaining to be retired from active ser- I
Buzzy is eaniestly striving to learn
newer, better ways. Julie does not
nowcall hiin "Tad Hoober, Junior."-
Edith Alger.  fa*.       j
routing Value of Varlon   lla-ra. I
To determine the comparative feeding
rslne of timothy, lucerne and wild hay,
t^fe'tnh (U.S.) experiment station so-
IWMl three lots of steers. Ono lot was
fed 45 pounds of tlmothv per day, ���
other 45 pounds of lucerne and a third
tlie same amount of native bay. Tho
animals were confined in box stalls, one
in each lot being tied. At the end of
the five weeks it was shown thnt the lot
ou timothy did* the poorest, and those
ou lucerne the best. However, the
timothy-fed steers wasted 116 pounds-
more of their food than did the others.-
This experiment, while not at all conclusive, indicates tliut lucerne hay in
all probability will compare fairly in
feediugvnliie with other forage crops.
In order lo test still further the value
of these three hays, a similar experiment wus tried ut tlie same station with
sheip. Thrco lots of sheep were used
and ihey were confined in small pens.
Practically tliu samu results were reached as witli tiie cuttle, except that the
oinouii t of the different hays eaten were
npinoxiiiiati'ly the same The sheep did
poorest ou timothy und best ou lucerne.
Both experiments concur in showing
that lucerne in the barn as hay is �����
more valuable food than either timothy
or will grass. This, however, is contrary to tlie results obtained in pastnre
experiments in Utah. Invariably the
green lucerne has been found less rains'do than other grosses for grazing pur-
j jioses.
From theso two experiments it may
1 lie concluded: 1. That cuttle appear to
1 do better on lncerne hay pound for
pound than either timothy or wild hay.
2. That wild hay pound for pound is
I more valuable than timothy. 8. Lucerne
bay is more valuable for sheep than tim-
| oihy lit y. In both experiments it appears that the appetites of the animals
j  were not gno.l, uud that in former ex-
I periments the best results were only
ol tained where exercise was given regularly uud systematically, and thnt trust-
| worthy experiments cannot be made
where the appetite is not good and the
food njit appetizing. These two experiments then further confirm the opinion
that exercise is dispensable in obtaining
proper growth.
r.-��|-j.'il>ly .Hall's Breath.
An elephant's sense of Binell is so delicate that it can scent u human being at a
distance of I. (hid yards.
EverrtlilT]'- spi'iiis'l'tll and tree*
ivi,��r, .no uabj uries;
Bovriiw grows wir Ii every tear
I'l'iiril lii'l' WUBI.ftlguy...
Everi iMey'-. i.tiai-1 is *..re.
Tiii.uis i-t't .vni'M' ..in* ..-.rr roar,
Liii- .levin, Ju.it a Ill-ma aura, j
When lim baby cries. ,
But It's vastly otherwise A
Wlien liu-lial.y crows. i
0rabbii.gi>il lb.'gold rimmed eyes.
From ii.ir iirun.liin'H
EverybiMlv'.. ,-iioerriil iiieiw ���
The air Is full nt n -i gun,
And lhe whole world smiles again. i
When llie baby crow..
HiiriMietrt In Ijuw Mull*-...''
"Sia-is la-en discovered .hat imit.;rV'.r��
men of tbo Royal Irish Constabulary
there is n baronet. A writer in tl-
World of this week gives his uair.<*'. ��S
Is Sir Thiimus Echliu, the Mvetith b.t-
cnet of the tiniiie. Even he, .li.-weu.-r,
low ns lii'l fortunes seem to have fallen,
is better oil: than his unc.e, Sir 1'ied.r-
ick Echini, the fifth baronet: or bis
father, tbe sixth baronet. Tlie former
was a pauper in receipt of parocniul relief at Eli'iikerry, in Kibhitv, until he
wns grained a small pension from the
Great bum llospitalat Stockton on Tee^,
while tbe latter wus a 8iiperauMur.J*JI
peasant, living nt Kiliuengue. in th**.
came country, who \va�� supported '��� jS,
contributions from the three sous, >.*���
present biiroiiet and bis two brothers,
the elder a private in the Life Gnnrds
and the younger tunnerly a footman
and now a statioumaster.
The Echliiis number a prelate and ���
judge of more tbau ordinary eminence
among their direct ancestors, and their
baronetcy -iates from the reign of
George I. Another bur-nut, it is said,
is aiming the minor performers ou tbe
Loudon stage, and yet another wus qui.*
recently ti phoiourapher in a Louden
suburb.���Loudon U ily News.
Al. .1 III.' I .....llHlruni.
Miss Ada Sweet has a genius for con-
nndrums. The latest is uot half bad.
"What was the difference," she asks,
"between Willi..tu Shakespea: j -wi
Queen Elizabeth?"
Yo i thing a while and then yon say:
'f give it up: what was the difference
between W iliiuiu Shakespeare and Queen
Then Miss Sweet answers: "Shake*
peare was a wonder and Elizabeth was
a Tudor!"
Now, what do yeu really think ot
that?  _____
Varieties of <i rasa.
The Massachusetts station has conducted an ex| eritnent with varieties of
grass. As an incidental result of other
trials Pr.if. Unessmnn reports the following yields of the different varieties*
Kentucky l.iuegrass, 2,1(10 pounds;
iiieii.lnw fesme. 2,1(10 pounds; Herds-
grass. 0.125 pounds: meadow fescue and
llei-ib-giass, .i.nlS pounds to the acre.
This iimses n poorer showing for meadow fescue iii.in its general reputation
bears, ' y
Application for Oertlfleate of
$tx&itxcaa i%avb��.
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner'sce.ti icateNo.47*;6.',intend,
HQdays from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crowu grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Gold Commissioner nnd action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate uf improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manuel Dainard.
FOR  $2.25
The "Golden Era
Application    for    Certlflcatof, of Improvements.
Take notice that I, Maine! Dainard,
free miner's certificate No, 474.17. intend
(10 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a crown grunt of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must he sent to tbe Mining lie-
corder and action ci-mmon -ml before
the issuance of such cum no, ate uf improvements.
DiteJ this thirtieth dny of October.
Manuel Dainard.
Siotleu of   Yp-.lltN.tlon 'fur, feitl (lento
of Improvements.
Take notice lhat I, Harold E. For
ster, free miner's substituted certificate
No. 35.14!), intend, sixty days (rom tin
, date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining n
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that adverse
claims must he sent lo the Mining Re
c.order, and action commenced befon
the issuance of such certillcate of improvements.
Harold E. Foiister,
By his agent F  W. ArLMER.
Dated this 211th  dav of   December.
1894.    .
Golden Hospiial Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tin
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under
signed or any member of tin
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
J. F. ARMSiaOlvG,
Assay Ofllees A Chemical Laboratsry
(Established i.i ll.C. ia 1889.)
Vancaavcr,      ���       l-.C.
ron o.vb virin,
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
0. S. McCarter.
Longheed A
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors,
Etc, Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
Calgary, - N.W.T.
D.Ij.8, A P.LS. for B.C. DOMINION A
Draughtsman, Viiluiitor.etc, CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.Jephson, D.L.S.,P.L.S. of B.C. ��*Ont.
Caloarv, Alba.
ksQ Comploto WoVBisttcs ""il��� ���- Adv<,c'jto''' *otar'm<**. s->iici-
We haro arrangeiJ with the publisher of the FftpnTu
llluitratflil literary an.J family monthly, Tht* IITun-
tr-ifm. H-ii-ntt O'lflst, to furalrih tills exceller..
publication lo club with our paper upon the flporlMly
liberal terms quoted abovo, and we aro also enahled to
ofTjr tooitch BiibHcriber, Prw-, h larjee and handmme
p-^mlum book, eoutlpd, " Twenty Cnmplf>tn
Nfivt'lettwfi bv P-p-ilur Author*,'' Tht��
our nubanrlbera, by W\\ng alTant.-ra of the above
libirilofer, -nay ���".euro, in addltloi to tholr favorite
li-nno newspaper. \ year-it a-ibicrl-ttton to one of the
hast aid 'tiost popular literary and family papera pub-
ll-thed, and aim an attractive and entertain luu book
contain to i*. twenty crrnpK'te novelettes by twenty of
the mo-it famnus a-it-iorf of America, Enirlanil and
France-In fact, a Urge amount of the most fascinating
reading matter at the most trifling cost.
Is a large and handsome lff-r-ago, Ct-column Illustrated literary and family paper, piib'isJied monthly,
I and oofitiinina- Serial and Short Stor'-)*' by the mnrt
ponnlar authors, Sketclmi. Pnems. Useful Miscellany,
Ho'iiehold, fthl'dren's nnd llnmorotw D��rartnienrs,
and ev-ervthlniitoa'n'''-'), entortaln and Instruct each
member of the family circle Aninnn the writer*
whose stnrlei constantly annear tn The IiX'tOTRAfBp
Hoire Oprst are Mr***. Emma Tt, E N. Sonthwofth-
Mrs, Mary J. Ifolrngs- Charlotte M. Braeme. Mrs. Ann
R. StenhenHt Mrs. Miy Aines Flemfm? EttaW. Plen*-*,
Mrs. .lane 0. Austin, Rmma Oirrlson Jonen. Mary
Kyle Dallas, Sylvim-M Oobb. Jr., I'merson Bennett, A.
Conan Doyle, and manv others. Tt Is a hitrh-class pub.
Ileathn for the family circle, handsomely printed,
beautifully lllfl-rtratei, and whim tt U always Intorest-
Inn and never dnll, tt la pure in moral tone, not an
oblecrt'-naMewi*-. or lino Mi.-? allowed to enter its
column**. You .rill be dellfrht-vl with this charming
paper, and a&-*-<*rly welcome Its monthly visits.
py Popnlnr Aut-n-r. Is a large and handsome
book of lfl.lari'i'l-'ib'o-'Jolnmn octavo pflges. nicely
printed In e'ear, hold, rmdabie tvne on (tnod paper,
and handsome-*? bound In colored paper covers. It
contains, as IN title Indicate**, tmn&i* complete novelette!
by twentvweil-'tnn'vn and popular author!., each one
of which Is Intensely Interem in-?. It comprises a whole
���reason's delightful reading, and Is by far the -armst
and finest collection of cnmp'ete popular nove'ettes
ever published in a slmrle volume. Tre titles of the
twenty complete novelettes contained in this book are
aa t'ollowa.
Under tbe Holly Deri-lea. Vr Cbwlotu M.
Tlie. Phnntom Woddlnff,   By Mm. Emm- D. e. N.
Bout Ii worth,
The B?|W*f-*i| Wfirnln-y.   fl* Mm. Henry WoM.
Moonshine nud ninrfrucrKeiu   Br "The nn-
THe llondantan of Antwerp.   By Hn. Ann a
Th* fttnrr of n l.ifh.   By Mrs. Mav Ann Piemimr.
��Mrl RiHf.Wn.rd lltlll.   Bv MIm M. K. llrnHrton.
lllnnehe of llf tlllHou.    Bv AlPi-mrler Drimu.
A Tnle or Thrnn Mnna.    Br ft. Hitler �������,--,-��*
A Drama In thn Air.   Bv JnlM Vfrnc.
The Story of Helen.   Bv Amsn-ta M. DnngUa.
The Captain of tlie Pole-Star. By A. Conn
The Nnltor*M Keerrt.   Bv*frs, ftnefl. AnMIm
The Duel in Rerue Wood.   Bv wnkic Oniirns.
The HelreM of tVhlteon Granite. By M. T.
Cul' ir.
Mom Fnrm.   Br Miv-v Kyt" Wis* 	
Tho III icliBinlfh--* Dnilffllter.   Br Kit* W. rt^rr*
Thn Ni*utptOP of Wodnnn.    By Sjlvsnns OrtMi, Jr.
Til-* fPulMo ��lnii.min>,   Hvitrn, Mary A. Benlion.
Ashcroft Hull.    Uy Kninn Osrrlwn J.nes.
rlmttvo sonrl THE 00LDT3N EPA for ow
yi'ur.'i'HE II.I.I'sriM'I'KI) MliME(ii:E.Sl
('���ir one veiir. nml tlm linolt, "Ttvoiily loin
ploto Novi'lettes liy l'opnlur Authors." nil
rK.xr-iH.ifl l.y miiil upon rereipt of only ������)!'.".'.'>.
Vliir-i nfl'nr nppllOH liotli to nC'.v siilim'rilier.
..ml roiiemils. Evory lover of liriurlit nntl
���.iKi'inniiiiK lileriitiire sli.nl! Inko 'I'lv-iut'i*-.
��� it'll,. Siiin]i|i'.i copies uf "The illiistr.iti'ir
llonio (iii.isi "inul of tlio premium Imok iniiy
Iio seen at this otli--o.   jVil.iress ..11 letters s
The Golden Fra Pub. Co..
Golden, B.C.
Tho Imperial Bank of ('���ninda.
Tho Camilla Permanent Loan k Saving* Co.
Tlin Yorkshire l.uan & Securities! orporation
The Miissey-Hnrrls Co. (Ltd), etc., etc.
UflicoH   Stephen Aveuus, Calgary.
T. McCAItTllY, Q.C,
Hor ace Kahvev, II. A. L.L.B.
Mining! Smelting
00, (Limited)
Assoc. jVIem. Inst. C.E.
jW-xixn  fjX<.iM*:*jR,
CocmiANE, Ai.ba.-Ft, Steele, B.C
(Graduate of Laval and McGill.)
MJSIS fi   EXGI SEl .It.
Head Office, Queheo; Branch  Offices
SilEiiimooKE, & 17 Place d'Armed
Hill. Montkeai..
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
Properties reported upon.    Estimates and
plans fur all metallurgical plants.
P. 0. Box I,    -    Golden, B.C.
Gold, Silver t\ Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rated.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manager.
In tlm Supremo Court of llritish Coliiniliia.
I MM, 11 Ko.
Have been effected Dv my
Trufl.e.. with
Perfect ��Me to wenror. than by all other
evifearomblneil. Theyietalnlargeat
upturo under ���overeat Btrain. A. ayt-
Mmgffltun-rhM Men perfected the a
last 90 yeari. lUUyequal tqpereonal J
examination hy umi I, 87 imton'n  ���*���
, CH .HWM'MjTtia-.
1jjj_ii�� *ll.W.,Tui'Vlilil_
Prosbyterliin Service.
Service will be held to-morrow
morninj- in the school house at 10
o'clock, couiluoted by Rev. W. R
Ilotneon   Aleriiiuilor  I,.   Hogg and  Fralik
lluiighiuu, l'laiiilill's;
t.'hai'les ('.  Karroll anil G. H. Johusun, Do
I'o Charles C Farrell mul fi. H. .Johnson of
Kurt Steele, in ihu Di-nrict of Koutcuiiy,
Take not i. o thut on the sixth day of Au rust
1891, a writ nt'siiriimons was issued out ot this
i oiirt against you at lie suit of thoalmvo
iiaii.ivl, Alexatiior L. Hoirg and Frank
lluilglitrin, nf I'-urt Sfeeln, Freo Miners:
Thai ihe said writ iv..s einlusod with tlie
I'ollu'ving statement of chiiiu :
"Tlio plaintiirVI'laiiu i- ior tliei'iincellallin
uf the rocnrilsof the lii'iidwood and Legal
TcuiliT miiionil Claims, in tlm oliiee of tho
Mining liVc'.r'li'r .it Kurt Meelo in tho Province of Uritish i nliimoi.i, fur nu iujiiiiction
resiraiulhg tho dofoiiil.ints, their sovvants,
agents, or workmen from entering ii|*ni tlio
ijiieotl of tlm llilisiiiui Lalrol'liinc anil Moyea
miuer..l claims, anil lor damages aud the
cosis of this action."
jlnil take notice, t'urthor, that hy an order
of His l.iiriiship  Mr .Irsiii'o Wnlkoin, tinted
thOclulior, isn , ii was ordered that service
nf the said writ bo eriecioil hy posting tho
same on the oliiee of tlto Mining I'ecortler at
Fnrt Steele, ami on ihe sail Queen ot the
Hills. Moyea und Lake ^liure cl, ims. and uy
iiilvertisiiitf u uuiiioiliiJi'001't'ji-i'tiU..ysinthe
liin.i.i.N Eii'. iien'spiipor,and that tne.<Ie>
I'oiiiliii'siio enrui'.'.n tippoai'i.iice withiniiO
(lavs of lho firs! insert ton ot such notice.
ibu are ilieret'ure required pursuaiit to
such order lo enter liu appoaraiice to flip said
writ in the office of ihe I'egwtror ot this
i oiirt at Kau I ops, Mrliish Coliiniliia. within
iiodiivs i.t'tlio first inset-iion of tl is uoiko.
Dated this r.Uth Nuvemhor, '801.
A. U. M. SPUAOfiE,
Of Donald,   in tlto District of Kootenay,
l'l.inti s' Solicitor.
Firs insertion Dec ist 18Wi
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
%VhnloMnl<- and Kctnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
| J. SMART & CO.
.      Undertakers and
i ���   .   Embalmers.
���      Cal-rary     ��� Alb��
;   IjTeeohai'ii obhers piiomptly
1 ATTE.VUF.il    TO.
"It Is worth tbe pries to stsit person
who even reads a nswspaper."���Darlington
ibk jocrkaij umi ra
Blue Pencil Rules.
__. Oh. IT-O-yilTS.
A Pocket Primer for the use ot Reporters,
Oortaspondents sod Oopr Choppers.
Short, simple and practical roles for
making and editing newspaper copy,
and of equal value Ut all who with to
write correct English.
Sent on receipt of price. Price, 10 cent*
ft oopy.   ALLAN TORMAN, Pobllahea
117 .Nassau Street, New York.
(lulil.'ii Hospltnl Society.
From flr.m a.m. to 11 n.m.
"       2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
..       7     ..   ��  8   "
Sunday from   10 n.m. to.12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to S p m.
Vl.-ilrlNO nouns.
From 2:.-l0 p.m. to >< p.m.. daily,
except Monduy and 8��titrdn.V.
fit Obobi*.
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Kootns for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for milling men and
miners. Convenient to Stution nnd Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail .leiiler in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Coluinbiii River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Department
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
CAM I onTAIN A PATENT ��    For a
Koajl!* aoner snd sn honest opinion, wrlio to
M IIS It at CO., wbo havo ban nearly flit? .enrs'
szpeiisnM In th. patent biutnen. Comtnunlcs.
tion. .trU-tlr cnnfldentlsl. A Ilnnrili.ink of In.
Ji.rm.tion concernin-r rnlenia snd how to obtain turn i.nt freo. Usui catalogue or median*
loaf and iclentluo boot, .ent free.
Patents taken throush Munn * Co. recctTe
speclslnotlirelnthoBclentllic tnieiicin. anil
_���?��� ���I�� fft-Wat wldel-r beforo the puWIc with-
ont cost to tba fUTontor. This sulendtd paper,
oinimr-��� ~   	
See, m
larue-t cirpulotion of aur aciontiiic work lu Um
iWtJMjMSf*-  Sstnole copi", ��ent free.
Bolldliu Edition, r-unllilT, ��r.>.*i0a venr.  .-irnsle
MHss,ascent.. Krerynumber contains bea...
liul platss. In colors, and nttotpgrophi of ni..r
i, with pIsdj, enabling builders fo .bow tba
'���Monsoon" Tea is put up by the Indian Tea
gro-vvr. as a sample of the best q.talitie. of Indian
'I'e.s. Therefore they use the greatest care in the
selection of the Tea and it, blend, that i. why they
put it up themselves and sell it onlyia the original
n-jrknges, thereby securing its purity .nd excellence.
Put up In H lb., I lb. and J lb. package., and navsr
wid in bulk.
If '-our c-rCH-cr does not keep it, tell him to write to.
! II and 13 Front Street East, Toronto. Awarded
Highest Honors-World'* Fair.
(V pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fre*r
iom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
We had n very pleasant visit from
onr former Gold Commissioner. Mr A
W Vowell, who is now Supt of Indian
Affairs for the Province. He came on
nn official visit to Fort Steele accompanied hv Mr Giilbruith the Agent.
He visited the Industrial School where
lie was presented with an address ot
welcome by the pupils. The children
were examined hy the Sister Superior
and her assistants on the several subjects taught ut t he school and acquitted
themeelves creditably, anl after going
Through tlie buildings and carefullv
-inspecting them lie expressed himself
very much pleased with the progress
the children had made and with the
neat nnd orderly way iu which' lie
found everything around the school.
On his return to Fort Steele he had a
long interview with tlie Indians who
expresstd great pleasure nt meeting tlie
������tyliee" aud' hoped ho woulu soon
come again to visit them. The residents ut Fort Steele were delighted to
see him and when visiting uo old
frietid wns forgotten. Mr Vowell is
nn old Kootemiyite. having been appointed to the district as S M and G V
in the vear 1872. Few tuen iti the
Province were more worthy of promotion than he, us he lias pushed his
wuy thro' every grade of tlie service,
till he has reached u position which
requires tact, good judgment and experience to fill. In the several positions
lie has occupied from time to time he
hag left a clean record. Before leaving
Fort Steele lie visited tlie public school
and expressed himself much pleased
with the work being done by Miss
Hailey. During his stay he was the
guest of .Mr Galbraith nt the Agency.
Mr William Carlin has returned to
Fort Steele from Golden looking very
well after his visit.
At lust work hns commenced on the
Dridge und it is to he hoped that it
will now be pushed thro' with some
energy. The St Mary's bridge will
also be g*me on with, both these
bridges are much required and should
be built without delay. The bridge at
Canal Flat in now finished nnd open
for travel, it cost the country it is suid
about 89.000.
Harry Cummins is bore, it is understood he comes us clerk ol tlie works
and time keeper.
Twenty-two men are constantly employed getting out timbers for the
bridges at the St Mary's and Fort
; William Gillis hns gone to Golden
with two tennis for supplies lor Curlin
A Lake.
Outs are selling at $2, the lowest
price ever reached ior grain.
Bobbie Burns' D.iy will be duly observed by a dance nt the Dclgaiduo
Hotel and a pleasant time is anticipated.
On St Valentine's Day a grand dance
find supper will be given ut Wasa, by
mine host Hanson and his able assistant the genial William Slnde. A jolly
crowd is expected.
A nice social time was spent recently at the "Grange" u party consisting
of Mr Justice McVittie, .Miss Builey,
Miss On linn ith, Mrs Clnrk and a number of friends. Mr Humphreys left
nothing undone to make tlie visit ol
his guests -.lt-aauiit.
A jolly party consisting of Cliurli'
Edwards, A Feuwick, A Bnles, 1
We'ls and a number of others from
Canal Flat spent the holidays at Wasn
it is needless to say everything was,
done by Mr Hanson to make the visit
of the boys pleasant.
On Sunday Inst divine service whs
held in the school house at whicli
there was ti very lame attendance not
a sent was vacant und all present join
ed heartily in the service. Miss Baile.i
presided at theorguu and Mr Galbmith
acted as lay reader. The services will
be continued every Sunday evening foi
thu future.
All milling operations are suspended
for the present, with the exception of
Mr Jennings who is still putting down
his shaft on Wild Horse creek. He
has uot thu pump fixed and it is hoped
he will see red rock shortly, lie deserves success as lie hns surmounted
difficulties which would have discouraged others from going on with tht
work. It is the wish of all thut his
efforts will be amply rewarded.
We have had the January thaw, it
came rather soon but still welcome.
Very little .snow, stock running on the
ranges, all doing well. Weather warm
and pleas int.
.Mr McVittie, C K & P L S hns jnst
compiled for the Lands &, Works Department a map of East Kootenay
from the 49th Par. at Tobacco Plains
to near Golden. This is one of the
most complete and useful maps yet
published of this portion cf the Province and gives a lot of information thin
will aid those seeking homes in this
section. It fills a long felt want and
it is to be hoped the Government will
huvo it lithographed without delay.
For some months past a good deal
of dis-satisfaction has beon expressed
ly those employed by the Government
on public works, at the way they hit
pnid. If the complaint is well grounded it would be well for tho''powers
that be" to look into the mutter and
see who is to blame, without delay
remove the grievance. The local government ure taking great credit foi
legislating in the interest of tho working men. They certainly should set
an example to the employers of labour
throughout the Province by paying
their employees monthly and thereby
remove a source of irritation and
serious grievance which has beon existing for some time.
A P Cummins, S M. G C, is looked
for shortly. It is scarcely necessary
to say we are always glad to see hiin.
Our new organ for tlie school has
arrived. It was supplied by Knrn Ai.
Co, Woodstock Ont., and is a sweet
toned instrument. It was purchased
by public subscription and the people
are greatly indebted to the liberality of
the old pioneer, Mr David Griffith, for
Lis handsome donation towards it.
Our mail currier Doyle is always
prompt on time and is courteous and
Constable Barnes has invested in a
new cutter and suys, '��� boys, she in a
The. Chinese nre making preparations for their New Year which they
intend celebiuting with great enthusiasm.
Newslia's ' just been- received from
Idaho of an accident in the Frisco
nine, Cffliir d' Alene, liy which a
riuoteuayite, Patrick Sullivan, well
mown and respected,lost his life. The
deceased owned the mines adjoining
tlie North Suit', known us the Sullivan
Group. Few men were more esteemed
thnri be, a good, honest, struighi forward irishman. His death is much
regretted. He crime from Bunty. Co.
Cork, was a man of good education
and bud been iu the country about
live years.
Thomas Friz-sell has gone to Golden
for a short visit.
Our dramatic club is busy rehearsing nnd will shortly lie ready to gi\e
an 'entertainment.
Onr young friend James Murphy
lends it willing hiuid and is the moving
spirit in nil thesucial gatherings, He
has hosts of friends at Fort Steele uud
has a pleasant word for till. During
the.absence of Mr'William Carlin nt
Golden he had charge of the business
of Carlin & Lake here ..lid attended to
bis duties wiih zeal and fidelity.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
kTOTICE is hereby given, in accord-
" unco with the Statutes, thut Provincial .Revenue Tax and all Taxen
levied under thn Assessment Act tire
iiow due for the year 1895. All of iho
above named Taxes collectible within
the Fjitstern Division of the District of
Kootenay, arc payable at my office,
Cotlrf, House, Donald. Assessed taxes
are collectible at Ibe following rates
viz. :
If paid on or before June .'JCth, 1895.
Provincial Revenue 8:1.1.0 per capita.
One-half of one  per  cent  ou  Real
Two per cent on assessed value or
W 11.1,1^1111(1,       ���
One-third of one per cent on Personal Property.
One-half of one per cent on income.
If paid after-June ilOth, 1895:
Two-thirds of one per cent on Real
Two and one-half | er cent on assess
ed value of Wild .Lund.
One-half of one per cent on Persona!
Propurty.        ., .
Three-fourths of   one per cent  oi
income: ���
Assessor und Collector.
Donald, B.C., Jan. 14th. 1895.
Carlin &  Lake.
The creditors of Harry Connacher.
late of Golden, in the district of Koote
nay. hotel keeper, deceased, nto hereby
requested lo send in full particulars oi
their claims l.y registered' letter addressed lo A. Or. M. Spragge, solicitor.
Donald, solicitor for James Steven?
Connacher, executor of the said Harry
Connaclier. Such claims are so to be
sent within sixty days of this date nud
alter.tho expiration of tlie said sixty
days the said James Stevens Conniich ���
er will proceed with the distribution of
the estate havitng regard only to those
claim*: of whicli he shall have notice.
. Dated lit Golden, British Columbia,
this 19th January, 1895.
��� Jas. Connacheb,
Executor of Harry Connaclier.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Moulding-*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Tosts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wa_h Bflsin and Eath
Just to see if there is
any cash, in Golden, we have
decided, to offer some of the
Biggest Reductions Ever
Given in B.C.
We have placed on our Bargain Tables several lines of
Staples, and put the knife to
the price. Some we have cut
in two, some at a reduction
of 83% per cent, and none
lower than 20 per cent. We
make a loss, but what is our
loss is your gain. We will
not describe goods or quote
prices. We want you to come
and see for yourself.
Carlin & Lake


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