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The Golden Era Aug 12, 1893

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Array 51
VOL. IH.   NO 2.
Si Per Year
are a positive euro for all cases of headache, whether
liervours, bilious, or neuralgic.    Sent post
free on receipt of price
��"��   i'entn   Vov  Itox.
wholesale  and  retail drug;.;ist, cai/iary,   .\l;:erta.
The vegetable crop   iu and around i    We ure sorry to have to, record the
Golden is excellent.     Cabbages, puts-!suspension of work on th'e'Nbith Star
,      ,.��� .      ..      .    .      mine.     With it confirmation of  this
toes and cauliflower are in afJotinsliing I   pwt we |lim, hftd n0 |)al.tic���|urs, bllt
condition. ��� |mva enough facts to lead us to believe
Silver  bus risen   slightly  since our I that tlie sole trouble is the great ques-
metal   report   wus   printed.      It  bus
touched   75J  cents   iu New  York uud
,'!-!!. iu Loudon.
ti.ni uf depressed prices in the silver
market. Congress will have met ere
this uud whatever is decided with
reference to the Sherman Act will abate
Dry Goods,  Groceries,  Boots   pad   Sho'es,
Hardware,   Etc., Etc,
\! Y.ViWA \
 : ACE N'T TOR THE: ���*-
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a FiAl Stock   is C021-
stantly on hand.
Sabacrijitioas taks.i for all  Canadian,  American, British or
Foreig-n Newspapers dncl Periodicals.
(Incorporated 1.170.)
Prices quotod und samples sttpi lied on
app lien: ion.
rout.change iu the ��<���''.�� i? J"sl as '
r���,    ., '    Co. hiivo done.
1 he ihermoiiioter
Golden, 13 C.
Special  attention given   to
I MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Cay, Calgary, or
Mr.   Fred M.   Wells  came  iu from
Houscr   hike lut.t   week uud   brought
: some   rock   from   that section   along
i with him for assay.
There hns been u
{ weather this week
I bus fallen considerably and so bus the i
Kicking Horse river.
The directors of   the Bobbie Burns
Alining Co. ore expected up from Vic- I
toria this week, they will then proceed ''
to the McMurdo basin, .  .
Our friend Chas. A.   Warren, Esq.; i
is having uu   ud.lit ion  'made to   bis
j store und is busily engaged paying out ; ���--	
i freight for imported goods. Rratli-.i-rllimn iir Meelia.-ilca Institute.
Messis.   Win.   Clements, Jinn   Mo-     Golden is gradually   growing and
Neish, Bert   Low, Dave   Dickie   und
Barney O'Rourke are to be numbered ;
amongst tins week's urrivuis.
Bishop  Slllitoc,  New   Westminster
and Rev. J. C. C. Kemin pussed J''.ust i
somewhat tho critical position of the
white nietul. As tli.ngsstand uo one
knows what, may come next and it is
hardly to be   wondered  at that silver
c piinies throughout  the world are
��� North Star Mining
Besides the low price
uf silver which undoubtedly has decided tin; management in their prompt
lictiouj wo believe the prime movers
in this deal lire anxious to have time
in shape the "Company" and to plan;
future operations on a \ery .sound
basis. Tue North Star is just as good
us over and one of the best mines in
Iviiolenuv, the present closing bus
nothing lo do  with  the mine  as u
Now ready for business, ha3 been newly built
and newly furnished. Tlie table is first class. Tlie bails stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
W. McNeish  -  Proprietor.
Fort   Steele
will be found a great convenience, as by it watches nnd
other repairs sent to W. ALEXANDER, Donald,
will receive prompt attention.
Don't Forgot The Address;
Box 7,
3 ^ Donald, B.C.
Watchmaker, JeWeller & Qpticicn.
I Alexander.
A HOOK  EX 11 ri.i*:>
"Startling Facts"
For men only, SENT FREE to anyone
������Oiiriui >    I>rii***'*:Ut."
Choice Fraah Butter. Baled Hav, Feed anc
Seed lirala, Vcujta.,leso''a'iK:uda
1��i orcHe*. t'rovi��ion<.  Flour
mill Ft'oil.
r.LG\RY.        -        ALBERTA.
uoiiiiLsi'iixiiiixi'i: soi.ii.-irE.i.
will grow, at the present moment there
is no amusement provided of a nature
to suit the literary taste of the inhabitants. Is ir. not possible to make a
move and do something in the way of
establishing an Institute here? The
.cost would bo nominal if it were taken
on luesduv en  route fur  J'leld where j jn -,.,,������ |,y ������,��� jor*ty and the bene-
conlirination service will be held. tits  are more  than   we   would like to
Messrs.  F. Owen  and Geo. McCabe!-""",,     'l,'l,"''e '"? .���""��������' V,''w"s lnucl'
,    ,, ,,     ,    ,.     . smaller  ih.in   tins in ihe I'rovince. in
went out into the McMurdo district on j w|m.h  Qm mu |luJ u n,it,Vni>; Boulll
Tuesday, McCabe will bring in K.Ol) ,lm) wv tuink it pretty nearly time that
lbs of quartz and bare a mill test steps were taken to organize and put
inndrj, these'suggestions into practice.     We
should be glad uf  the ideas of some of
Mr. Douglas, of Kennedy & Douglas,   olu,  ,-,..,,1,-.,-s  o.i llie  subject  and  will
Mr. Jackson, of Moore & Mowtit, und I readily and   Willingly   enter heartily
Mr. Manchester of Ottawa, all representing  tailoring   linns  have  visited,
, . , I Puiili
here this week.
Work is being pushed ahead ou the
Alexander Block. Tue warehouse under way for Mike Carlin will be a very
commodious one. Mike has taken the
two stores iu this block.
io the scheme if supported  ably by
those who should be interested���" The
The I'rusldciit's -lfeaaii'-'e.
The  President's u Idress is too long
tn be published bore, but the sumiiiiii-r
i up may be of  interest as   it contains a
recommendation  for tlie repeal of the
Misses Sherman Act:
severe j     Whatever   else  the   people   have a
AVe regret   to hear that t
Mollison of  Fio'd have had
loss this   week.     Mr.  Mollison their I right  to expect  from  Congress  til
brother died ou Monday last, universal | '"ll.V certainly demand that legislation
condemned by tbeurdeul of three vears'
The Crnwfnnl Mill.
Mr. \V. Pellew Hul-vpy bus advice
that the Mechanical Gold Exlractor
Co. of New York, have despatched a
mill tu him. It will he erected iu
Golden with tho intention of shewing
by actu-il practice what can be dono in
the way of saving gold. It is not
necessary that tho existing gold be
free. The process is simple and inex-
pensivc uud hits many advantages over
the old system of amalgamation.
Hoa-ilt.il   iib-K-rlptlona.
To the list of promises to this fund
should be added that of Capt. Gordon
for 8oO.     This was overlooked in lust
week's issue.
���sEALED TENDERS for the work
of erecting hospital building will .be
received by (he Secretary until
18 O'clock August 19th.
| Plans und speeilicul ions cun hi' seen at
| the Kooteuiiy House on und after ihe
lit li August.
Tenders must be accompanied hy 5
per cent of amount, which will he
forfeited should party fail to enter inlo
contract when called upon.
The lowest or uuy lender not neoes-
ssrily accepted.
Sec.Treus. Golden Hos. .Iss.
Mr. John E. Askwith left for Ottawa
on Sunday lust,
Rev. Mr. Ross of Donald went up
river on Tnes.'nv.
Messrs. Archie L-inglaln and W.
Mi-.Taggarl came in ibis week.
The cuulillowers grown on Mr. Jno.
Gibson's ranch lira perfection.
Mr. A. G. M. .Spragge and R.'V. J.
0. C, Ki'inni   were  in town ibis week. [Ill
Mr. Robertson und Capt, Gordon tool
a.run down from the l'Kllch ibis week
sympathy isexpresso I for the bereaved.
Messrs. J. C. Pitts and Geo; Nailson
were at the mooting re hospital on
Thursday. Mr. Neilsou has about
WTO on his list and Mr. Pilts about
���JIM). So the subscriptions are getting
along nicely.
Messrs. J. R. Costigun, F. W. Pad-
more, I. S. Freeze, and F. Dick, all  of
disastrous experience shall be removed
from the statute books as soon us their
represent!! ives can legitimately deal
with it. It was my purpose to sum-
ttiou'Congress in special session early
ihe coming September, that we might
enter promptly upon the work of tariff
reform, wbodi tlie true interests of the
country clearly deinaii 1, which so hirge
a majority of the people ns shown by
I heir suffrages desire and expect uud to
Calgary, came in on Thursday and left  '"''   acco.iiplishmeul  of   which every
.     , ' .,   i effort of the present administration is
for the upper i-oiiinry on I-riday. '   .  ,     ,,..',,     .     ���      - ,
'' pledged, but  wh le  tariff reform  has
Mr.  D. D. Maim, of Montreal, also-0S|. nothing of its inn lime and per-
went, up the river on Friday. ' iniiiieut iuiportiiiioe, and  must in the
near   future engage   the attention  of
lleweti's Mussettes gave two enter- _ .   , , ,       ,
.   ,,  ,,      ,. ,    ,    ,     , t ongri'ss, it lias s.rini'il to me that the
tainnients in Goldenthis week, both of fll)1|11(iia|  C011(l,t|0ll  ot   (hl, country
which were much enjoyed uud uppreei- should at oiico,and before all other sub-
ateil.     The bouses were well tilled on jects, be considered  by your honorable
s!i 'win ���; that t be
worth,'   oi   the
each  occasion, lb r
entertainment   was
patronage givuu.
R inn,!- has reached town of a Itou-
in tin. Upper Country  with ihe'
Kooleniy   liidians.       Ii   is   said that'
Supt. Vowell has boon tulogi-.tpho 1 for
holy, I earnestly recommeiid the
prompt repeal of the provisions of the
act passed July, 11. 1800, authorizing
ih.. purchase of silver bullion, and
that oth. r lea.l-d.uive action may put
beyond all doubt or mUiuke the inteti-
lion und ability of ilia Government to
I'ullill its pocuiiinry obligations iu
money tinlversully recognized by ull
Mrs. Dal mini is having a dwelling I uud  that Ihe Attorney  OorWi'-iI's du- oivillnedoountrlui.
honseerei'ted linden be superiuteiideiHe!purtnu.iii bus bad odlcliil intiiniitioii The President's message was listened
,..,,,,,,, I . n    , ; ni wnii Intense interest  by the mem-
of Mr. It. F. \\ ilsoii. oonccrniiii- trouhlu of .. sonous nattiie.  |p.,.s ���,. ,,���. ���,i|s,,  , ,|,e conclusion
Gold  Conitiiissioner   Cummins and  More niioii. nf   its   reading   wns    irreeted    with
; Lieut. T. II. II. Cochrano were noth:otl      We would cull  tho attention  of all applauso, not  confined to any section
|iu town oil Tuesday. om.    ,^ncloi-s    to    t.u    t." i.il,iic.iii..u  "f l1',',''1'''',",'1;','-'   , ��� ��� ,   -.
,,,.., j. 11       i . . ������ rJorahl Washington special snows
Mr.   Jas.   Henderson, Golden,   has ullj   Rogistratiou   ol   voice's    notice ,,,., |wll ���r ,,���, ,s������ ,���.���,���, Hollsc 011 the
; received ilie iinntrnnt  for building thelj��� t|,is ggsUL.,    j, ,s impuitniit that till Sueriiinn' silver law as follows:     For
: new manse at Donald. who are not sure if they are o i the list  ��"' Iiliouul   reieal, 111);   for  condi-
Mr. Patrick, D.I..S.. Calgary Is here! 0f v���K.,.s for  East  K'o iteu.iy should ,i""" "-I1""1' -" i "I'l"1*-'to '-epea'i l*i
(and linds plenty of work.     GoOd men Iapply   for   (otm   , ���.*������   l0   ,���.,,. 'f^^'^^SJ&g;
are always in demand. | formal application for ndiinssioii tu ,t. I.,(,-. Morgan is absent, Mr.  Beckwitli
Mrs. Shaw and child enne in on No. | Mr. Moodie has the ii-iueoo.ii'y papers has resigned, Mr. Perkins has not been
2 last T>ursdiiv and left for Thunder ! and would bo glad to distribute to uuy sworn in and the seats of Mr. Mantle
Hill on Frid-iv morning person reqUirlng'smiie.     The only re-j mid   Mr.   Allen urn   contested.     The
��� ;' quii-euient  is th.ii   tue applicant has  liaise stands -For unconditional re
st   P.uils (burcb.Oolb'.i. Aug. 1���. , ,.LS1,le.l i:i the   P.'O.'.nco  .me year,   the   p.���l.    187 f   conditional   ix--o.il,    125;
MoijnltlR sen ici I   holy coinmun- district I wo mo:::li-> and thai he is.i."I, opposed  m repeuil. Hi ;��� noncommittal,
ion.    Evening scrt'lco as Usual. \ years ol age.
M ; total, 8C7, OChe ��Jltx-n KZva
The GOLDEN ERA is published every
Saturday morning in time to catch the east
and west mail trains, also the mail for the
upper country, Wiudermore, Fort Steele etc
It is the only advertising medium ia the Eeat
Kootenay district.
Subscription Ratea:
32.00 per annum in
Advertisement* and changes must be iu
the oIKco net later than 1*! a.in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates made known on nppli-
catior *.o
All cash to be paid to the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
The Golden Eia Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, AUG.  12. 1893.
Rlclineei ef Ore Sain pie. Sent to tlie
World's Fair.
Fort Steele, in my opinion, will be
much better known to the outside
world in a few vents than it is at the
present time. Having given distances
this far, and with what other information I learned that has already been
published, it is to be hoped that some
one will be benefitted thereby. The
valley may be 10 miles wide hereabouts
ast, it is a diffi
cult matter to decide as it is a junction
of valleys.    S niie might place the distil ice at 20 miles.      Thai south wards.
to tne boundary   Bl Tobacco Plains, is
about (io miles.     Whenever I give the
distance oi  one place  to another, it is
tvhat t believe to be as  nearly correct
as  it is  possible for people to  judge.
11 it'ing i be past year I hive had occasion   to   think  that  there  are   some
terrible   fibbers  iu British Columbia.
For instance, I have asked the distance
11 i certain place.    Nine miles wis the
reply     I   o.ikout my w.itch, note I the
timo and walked 15 minutes.     Here I
may state th it I can  walk three aides
per hour with ease, and  it is  the general way in which I measure distances
ever trails, but the next party puts the
distance ut five miles.    I looked at my
watch again, walked  briskly for two
hours, met another man and asked him
the distance, when, to my astonishment, I was' told that  it was   somo-
where about seven miles.     No matter
where I am travelling, on foot, or with
a horse, I ask every man, woman and
youngster that I meet the distai.ee to
the point I am he.i���iin,;, just for the
fun of it aud to see how opinions vary.
I nut a mm a few days ago who
has been worrying through my letters
for over a year J  his first words were,
" For Heuren's sake, Tomo, when in
���- are you gaing to lot up writing
about farms aud mines ?   For a time I
thought you would never get through
telling us about  Cariboo;   then vott
took the coal mine fever, and you are
forever writing about  what soon old
mossback  h is  accomplished;   but I
expect now  th.it it will be   Kiotenay
mines straight for the rest of the year."
I replied th.it he   reminds I  ine very
much of the boy  who, ou a very col,I
diy   hirol   a   horso  a.il   buggy, for
which he paid *}.!.    After being out for
some timo he suffers 1 so m ir.li with
the cold that he thought crying would
help him out.     Just   thou ho mot a
gentle-nun   who asked   " Waal's the
���n.ittor ?"   T io boy ro.ilio I th.it he was
that among these aro to be found various opinions. Some like to read one
thing, some another. Many wore delighted with the story prime I not long
since outitled Burke au I Hire, whilst
a few pitched at mo like a mother-in-
law, and said that I ''should be
ashamed of myself to be representing a
paper that would print such a horriblo
tale!'' S-ini* readers al u'ra the editorials groatlv, dicluriug that they
contain the choicest E iglis'.i and tho
brightest of ideas, others say they are
not worth publishing. Sime people
like the C.ty Elitor, and an* pleaso I
to see him "making hs murk" ou tlie
World, "for," siy they, " we knew
him when ho was n little boy and we
hoed potatoes iu the same Hold," otliers
say he is "too smart" nod that they
would '-like to pull his long hair.'.'
Our manager is the fi lest man iu the
Province with hosts of people, but like
the tree with good fruit, having many
clubs beneath it, he has many enemies
beneath him. Wore I to tell of all the
fault Aiding I would have a difficult
mutter to deal with ; so I will quit
right here, af'.er mentioning that the
writer has to listen to about two hours
advice in every twenty-four. This at
tirst annoyed me, and I was prepared
to tight to a finish about every other
day, but now I an delighted to have
as many us possible toll me how the
World should bo run, and it will always bo taken in good part. 0 le
gentleman told ints that ho was surprise I til it I h id down so long a time,
and by his repeating the following
story to me. readers can judge for
themselves his reason. A Yankee
orator was ouce miking a speech, and
is lie waxed eloquent he suid. "0 if I
0 ily had the wings of an eagle I would
il. to the remotest corners of this vast
republic, and,"- Here ho was interrupted by an uver.ge American boy,
who shouted, "Suut up, you old fool;
von wotil I be shot for a goose before
you 'flowed' a mile." So long as I
can suit the in inageineiit of the World
by stating plain facts about the resour
ces of o ir glorious Province, I will bi
fully satisfied. Take away our mines,
au I instead of our rich soil (the products of which are attracting the
whole world) give us barren laud, and
i here would be but little besides salmon
uud gossip to write about. The
World circulates and is read in everv
civilized land where the sun shines,
and it is information about our
resources that will still attract people
from foreign shores to ours, which is
admitted bv those who know to be one
of the most favorel lands iu the world
to-day. Tho more I see of it, the
more -
1 love her grassy hills,
Hor thousand bright and gushing rills,
Her sunshine anl her storms;
Her rough and rugged rocks that  rear
Their hoary heads high iu the air
Iu wild fantastic forms.
I love her rivers deep and wide,
Those mighty  streams that seiward
To seek the ocean's breast;
Her forests and her valleys fair.
Her  flowers that scent the morning
All have their charms for me.
11 writing of British Columbia's
resources I have always tried to -live
accurate information. True, sometimes; and again on matters I have to
rely ou my own Opinion, winch may
sometimes be far from the murk, and
they differ; and us I am travelling
fro.n o.io section to another hurrie Ily,
reasonable   people  can readily utider-
oppor,   Jubilee    Mountain    samples I Balfour's idea Of'lt. I Th ee Good Appointments.
going 17 and 511.31 p.c. copper. Win- j London, August 3.-A meeting was | Qn July 21st a new deal was made
derihere Mountain samples from 37 to held today at the Mansion House, the by which tho oldest and best-known
50 p.c. copper. Tne highest assay in official residence of the Lord Mayor of official iu West Kootenay was ro-
leal mule by Mr. Harvey fell to the London, for the purpose of considering lieved of part of his official duties. T.
Vorin-nt Creek claim, with 80.'io of the financial and business situation. | h. Glffin of Nelson is no longer mining
thitin-ltul to the ton. These claims Tlie meeting was presided over by tho recorder and assessor and collector of
are in E ist Kiotenay Too record in Lord Mayor, Sir Stuart Knill. The tuxes. Iustead, he is a "district
sili-er as may he supposed, naturally gathering was largely attended.!registrar under the Supreme Court
fell to West Kioteiiuy, the claim being A nong those present wore the R ght j ^ct." Hereafter be will wrestle with
Like, on Four Mile creek, Si. loitn, Hon. A. J. Balfour, Right Hon, Henry ooiltentioi.s lawyers ins: end of wilh
with 5J'i ounces silver and 4,'p.c. leal; Chaplin, formerly president of the.perverse prospectors. We are of ihe
P.iyue olaim, 512 ounces s.lver, 52 p.u, Board of Agriculture, R ght Hon. S.t- j opinion thai the new job will not be to
leal; Dir.liualles. 4/9 ounces silver, John Lubbock, of thu firm of Robarts, *,[s l\k\nK< eveM jf jt doos relieve him
72J p.c. lead; Wellington, 4fl ounces Lubbock & Co., bankers, Hon. Thos. Lf nwch Morions work, No official
silver, 45 p.c. leads Boaauzi King, F Bayard, American ambassador to.-M Kootenay Is held in higher regard
450J ounoos silver, 57 p.c. loud, and Great Britain, Mr. Daniel Hortou, and. by the people with win in ho bus come
tho S.lver King, nan- Nelson, 414 tho lua ling binikors of London, Mr. in contact, and no official performs his
ounces silver an I 2d} p.u. copper. j Balfour ma le an un address.     He dis-
Fuirview camp, iu Osoyo.-s, balds claimed political motives and alluded to
the record for gol I ore, which is said ,llJ ai,xiet->' ���*'l,lch ���'''"* obuniwted wilh
to bo asplenia exhibit, When the thecurreucy changes in I.idiu, and
Minister of Mines'report appears it "ctioiith.it might be taken bythe United
will contain a full account of u,0 8t.ues Government. Tue gold stand-
assays, ns wull us practical Information ���"���������> Btl*01"' declared, would never
fro.u a metallurgical point of view on *--ltis'V commercial wants, while a
the value of the various ores for ioMa standard alone could prevent
s.neltiiig purpose. i dangerous oscillations iu trade.     He
_ ,     ,        ,        r       , ! condemned the  is dated  action on the
From the bou ulory  1 took passage
ou the stea net N.dsoii for Kaslo, the j
largest towu ill tlie Kootenay country.
I noticed that there wore not so many
idle mou lounging around to see iho
boat tied up as tliere wore ou my arrival tliere   last April, anl   lhat  there    , ,    ,
of the currency.    This might bo true,
he said, of some of the bi-metullists
connected with the Western States of
America, hut it did not apply to the
bi-inotallists of Europe, who believe
that the adoption of bi-in .���tullisiu
would prove the safest commercial
policy. I.i tlie event o.' a European
will, the debt-standard would, according to Balfour, be found very advantageous. The meeting adopted a vole
of thanks to B..lfour fur his address.
I part of individual states, and recom-
ui:ulei ai international agreement
fixing the ratio of value betwuen gold
I and silver. 11 the course of his address Balfour denied that the advocates
I of bi-metiillisin uimed at the inflation
stand that to be placed in my position
" Well," said tho kin l-hoarte.l I ia a very responsible one. 1 feel sorry
why don't you get out aud run  to know that any one has been often l-
a.vhila and warm yourself up?" Tne j ed; but as I write what I believe o be
.votinjt fellow, whoso nationality I true, I have nothing to retract; I will
don't care to give, ir answer said, "I run before so doing,
paid $3 for- this rig, an I I want my | I hu,ve very little to a Id about mines
money's worth " Ii-uoii.i lei .ay friend in this letter; but, as an instance of
that it ho w isn't, af'or his mmey's tho richness of some samples of ore
worth and d.dn't  liko woat I wrote sent to the World's Fair, and assayed
was a g io I, substantial wharf and
,1111111,' other improvements, that have
been rep irte I week after week by the
World's resi lent- K islo correspondent,
who, I think, has been very faithful
iu giving the news of Kaslo ii.ol the
mines, mid thereby relieving me from
going into details, 11 fact, his being
statio.iel iu the country bus e.tabled
him to write With exactness ; and us it
was the end of June when I left Wotit
li xiteiioy, what I iuteii lei writing has
been so well threshe I out that I do
not purpose now to take the course I
To write of the beautiful scenery
alone in the Kootenay country would
fill pages, and such space is not at mv
disposal; nor could I do it justice if it
.vera. I would lik*, however, to call
attention to tlie trip from Gol.leu to
Fort S.eole and return as a tourist
route. It would bo hard to imagine u
more delightful trip, mid tourists w.ll
liud the Dichesi u very comfortable
stea iter, uud the captain and crew
most obliging. Excellent, hunting
grounds are easily accessible along the
Columbia, aud tishiiig iu the lakes is
I o.uitte I to make mention of the
St. Clair hot springs when writing of
the Windermere section. They are
about 17 miles from Windermere, half
a mile from McKay's ranch, ou St.
Clair creek, at the head of a canyon
800 foot deep, and with perpendicular
walls. They have been regarded by
old settlers uud Indians as possessing
wonderful curative qualities. Miners
and prospectors often camp ut tiie
springs lor weeks. Parties not wishing to camp out can stay at McKay's
ranch, where they will bo provided
with good accommodation. Mrs. McKay is nn accomplished cook. This can
bo  attested from the   fact that A. D.
The Coiiiu**;-* Crisis.
London, Aug. 3 -Iu the House of
Commons to-day Sir Ellis Ash mead
Bart let t (Conservative), member for
the Ecclesall division of Sheffield,
asked the Government whether since
the stoppage of the freo minting of
silver iu I idia there had been us stated
a depression in the value of securities
held in England to the amount of
��130,000,000, whether the supply of
gold wus not ins iffioient to the monetary requirements of trade, and what
measures the Government proposed to
avert a financial crisis.
Prime Minister Gladstone replied
that he did not know how to ascertain
the truth of the assertion that a decline
of the amount referred to had taken
iduce in the value of securities held in
England. He did not believe that the
supply of gold was insufficient for
trade requirements, and he could not
announce measures to avert a crisis
that he did not believe would occur.
llllsll Fires.
Tho smoke from the fires now raging
in the timber on thu slopes of the
Rockies has enveloped the town in a
blue mist all day, while the smell of
b ruing timber wus plainly perceptible
in i bo cool of the morning,     The tim-
duties in a more conscientious manner.
He is succeeded ns mining r, cordoi' by
W. J. Goepelof Nelson and as assessor
and collector by O. G. Dennis of Kaslo.
Mr. Goepel is a thorough business
man, and the money he has spent in
mining iu West Kootenay bus surely
taught him the intricacies of the mining laws. He has large and varied
interests in the district and will make
a first-class official. Mr. Dennis bus
been long enough in office not to need
an introduction. As an official he is
popular, simply because he is nut
above the people whom he serves. At
present he is acting as mining recorder
at New Denver, and the people over
tliere were getting up a petition praying that he be permanently stationed
at that place. Mr. Dennis will make
as efficient an assessor and collector as
Mr. Goepel a mining recorder, and if
the government continues to make
such appointments iu this district,
the people will have no just cause fur
complaint. - Tribune.
A Proiiilaliijr Local I.in ou llouacr Luke.
The most authentic news of a find in
the Duncan River country is that furnished by "Dick" Gallop of Balfour,
who has spent some time prospecting
along the shores of Houser lake. Last
mouth he ran across ):ood looking
ground at a point six miles above
Duncan City and buck from the hike
about a mile and a half. On prospecting it he found three parallel veins,
one of them fully twenty feet wide, the
other two being between eight and ten
feet. The ledges appear to be well
defined, stratus of clay lying between
the vein mutter and the walls. The
large ledge was crosscut in three places,
showing the ore bo 'y to be at least
twelve feet wide. Picko I specimens of
the ore assayed all the way from 500
to GOO ounces in silver, aud rumples
carefully taken ran from (12 to 108
ounces. A tunnel wus run iu on the
big ledge for twenty feet without using
powder, so easy is the vein matter to
work. The ground is about 900 feet
higher than the lake and is easily
reached with pack animals. Nelson
bar limit belonging to Major Walker command tin
has suffered considerable.     It IS be- Ifunboat Lion has
Soroggy, the energetic C.P It. agent at  ,ieveil t)ml  ,,,��� Sonv  lmlilllis 8iMled
Seattle, stated that he got one of the t|10 fl,.a originally.    Herald,
best meals he ever ate iu h s life while
there, and hu is a judge.      I need not'
refer to the Fairinouiit Hot Springs T;"3 OaloiilM and I.din, which is
again, only that all can be seen and ��'PP��sed t0 k���l> �� n-Ieudli' eve over
enjoyed on a trip through. 1'���������  *>h��   dependencies of   the Empire,
after an existence of twenty years or
thereabouts is beginning to discover
that   Canada is  o:,e of them.      It  is
The Froneliiimu tVpoluirtsu'l.
London, Aug 4. Tue Bangkok cor
respondent of the Times telegraphs us
follows: " 11- Admiral II un ion's
.-.in of tlie Pre,lull
made an unreserved
apology to C; :. M..L.'od. of the British cruiser Pall ..s, for having steamed
down, with crew at quarters and gnus
out upon the Pallas, which was lying
outside the bloukadn lino. Capt. Mc-
Lcod's prudence and coolness alono
averted an united conflict. This and
another similar instance of the Lion's
conduct justified the Pallas In preparing to preve.it being taken at a disadvantage.''
8k.K-tu.ia  '-'on.ul.
A   few  days ago   while   workmen possible   now  tu   liud an   occasional
were engaged excavating lor a (ounda- Canadian reference.     For many years
tiou under the S.v in lord terrace, ou the the Straits Settlement, or even British      London, Aug, 3. -A despatch from
corner of  Fort and St. Mary streets, New Guinea, afforded greater interest Bangkok dated Thursday night says
they   dug up two   human skeletons, to this colonial journal  than the Do-1 "Nothing has been done yet to carry
which wore lying together about three minion of Ciinudu with its five millions out the presumed instructions to tho
feet under the surface.     The terrace of   civilized whites.     It hud endless French officials to raise the blockade,
was built twelve  years ago and the gossip about  South Africa, Tuisiuiiniu Residents   aro  still    anxious.     Tho
About, ha needn't  real it.     r ,Uo i*e-! by.   W.   P lle.v  Harvey of  Golden, I bodies must  have been buried several or Barbudoes, but rarely indeed a word opinion is that Roar Admiral Huinann
mindel him oi tlio mm, the boy anl  will give the following. I years previously.    The nose ou one of about a country   greater  than ull its is receiving orders  through  Saigon,
the ats, and of th,-fact t'tat the World     S.nlliin oliee.iu Mo uitiii.i contributed' the  skeletons was   perfectly formed, favorites  combined.     Wo are glad to * where the forward party is delaying
is r.ul o.   iiany more people than any one cas-* of  ore which   assayed 58.50 and had the appearance of being petri- seo this neglect being corrected.-Free in the hope that events may euablo
��tn��r two papers iu the Province, and, per cutt cooper, auother case 75 p.c. J lied. -Winnipeg Free Press.             ) 1 Press. I F.-auce to increase h��r demands." NEWS   NOTES). llrltlali Jfiivnl Manollvrus.
  Louboii, Aug.   5, - The umpires  in
Several finds of grey copper are re-, the naval contest between the red fleet,
ported from the Lardo. I commanded by  vice-Aduiirnl Fairfax,
g��u*ine���� ��ariie.
W.  P.   Cariiiichaol,   a   pioneer   of
Toronto, is dead, aged eighty.
Lord Randolph Churchill is reported
to be in very bad health.
and the blue fleet under tho command
I of Roar-Admiral Fitzroy, have decided
that the red fleet, which wus assumed
to be a fleet of the enemy, failed in ils
objects and have awar led the victory
The Vancouver cricket club, will not to the blue or defensive fleet     This is
visit Winnipeg us inteiii'lea. [tlio first time in the history of British
Cauad. captured 91 prizes o.u of 105  inanouvro3  of this kind  that tho do-
as against the world for fruit. I feusive has won.
The discovery of mineral soap is a 	
sensation in California. Trr-j.-u   m  -u ti_i ti
������  D   ,.       .,      .     ,.   ��� J Down With Hich Prices For
The Reading railway has defaulted, Electric Belts,
payment of its interest and bonds.        | fl.55, $2.65, M'O; former prices $5, 57,
The number of people flocking to St.  �����������  . f��?t lT"m.inffth" ���"����"-}�� >\f
"    ' ferent styles; dry battery an. I uciu belts
llox. ,J, A. LOUtHIBBD, Q,C
G. ,'
l.ou-fhei'il   A
il.ii'risters, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc'., Etc.
Solicitors I'ur liduk of Montreid.
CAI.ti.iltv, - N.W.T,
JHI��1IS'��.\  mill WIIJIJEIjEK
M hers Assoeni D.L.S, Ik P.L.8. for ll.C
SURVEY!Hi's, ( ivil Engineers, IJi'iiughts-
men, Viilitntors, etc- Ciilgiiryaiul New VYest-
iiiiustei', Correspoiitloiico Kollcited..
h'.J.J.UMi.sox, D.L.S.,P,L.S. of ll.C. (tout.
A. 0. WilBBLBB, D.L.S. & I'.L.S. of B.C.
NiilW WllsnussTBll B.C.
M't'iu'tlij    &   limve-i,
Barristers, Advoctos, Notaries, &c,   Solicitors Im'
Aunede Beaup.-e this yea, is euor- ^M^'^'^CL^^n''i^( Jl^l\^^^T^i l^ra^Co.
the price of any other company and more j 'j'*,,, Yorkshlro I ,ot.u & SucuriliosCorporiilioii
,   , ..... i. I home testimonials than all the rest to-1   Tlio Mi,ssev-Hi.rns Co. (Ltd).etc.. etc
A pleasure yac.it with, eight persons g(,th(jr<    F|,��� ||st ftw<    Mentiori thl8     Ullleos-Stephen Avenue, LUgury.
aboard sunk near Troy, N.V.  All v.ere paper. W. T. BAER it CO. Wu dsor, Vr.b. {I'. MuC.iliriiv, Q.C
Failures during the week number 43b'
in tho Uuiteu States aguilist 1 JO last
year, and 34 in Canada against 24 lust
A French sea captain has made formal complaint that he was robuud of
bis ship and cargo by natives of Cape
Breton island.
The Minister of Railways and Canals
expects that the Canadian Soult St.
Marie canal will be ready for liuffio
May 1st, next year.
There are now live vacancies in the
Senate, o.ie each iu Ontario, Quebec,
Now Biunsw.ck, Nova Sootiu and
Prince Edward inland.
J. Seagram's Oibello, which ran
second to Martello iii the Queen's Plate
race at Toronto, ou the Q leen's birthday, has died of rupture oi the bowels.
Statistics j ist prepared show the
value of tho fishery yield oi' Canada
for the past year lu be $18,l41,1i1, a
decrease of $3.1,017 us compared with
the previous year.
An English clergyman was recently
compelled to disclose the nature of the
communication made to him by one of
the imrties iu a divorce case, the plea
of privelege not being admitted.
United S.utes bonds are worth so
l.ulb iu the market that the National
banks are Hading it prufiiablc tu issue
circulation against them. Rel.ef from
the prese.it tension is in this way looked fur.
Lor.1  Aberdeen,
London, Aug. 4. -Lord Aberdeen,
the new Governor-General of Canada,
Was tendered a banquet lust night by
the leading citizens of Aberdeen. His
lordship, in replying to u toast, dwelt
chiefly on Canada and the energy with
which her people had built up their
institutions. The remarkable point
about the great progress made wus tlie
fact that it wus dune right beside su
powerful a rival as tlie United S.atcs.
Canada, he a 1 le I, understood, ami
would prove tue advantages of a
steady, safe uud gradual advance.
���She also understood and appreciated
the benefits arising from ample autonomy combine i with a vital but
absolutely u ih uiipernig connect.oi
with the British Empire.
Metal   liepul't.
We are Indebted to the  Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York  fur
the following quotations : -
New Yoiik. July 2-t, 1893.
Silver. The demand for silver for
shipmtm has been very large
for countries other than India.
The supply bus been increased
as the mints declined to buy.
Prices, London 3.'ijjd., New York
Copper. Market inactive at 101c. per
lb. G.M.B.'s iu London ��43 to
��4.1 7s. Od.
Lead. Market has been irregular although there is very little of il
to be had and smellers are linn
iu their ideas and hold back expecting prices to be higher. We
have to quote S.iibc. to 3,b'2c.
per lb.
IlOUACB lI.lltl'EV, B.A., L.L.H.
ii. I.. wiimxH,
Goi.dbn      - -     B.C.
Mining I Smelting
CO (Limited)
JH. JE.,    V. C. ��.,
Reports on Mines & Mineral Properties
203 Ai.niiitr Si-., Ottawa.
AaaOo. Mem. List. C.E.
mxixt.   i:\^��\i:i,it.
CouiiitAXB, Al.ua. -Fr. S.-eelb, B.C.
(Graduate of Laval uud McGIU.)
��I\!\(J   tJ.\��;i.\EtjR.
Head Office, Qubiiec ;  Branch  Offices
SilBltilllOOKE, & 17 Place d'Aruies
11,11. MllXI'IILAL.
('aal I Heat Inn nn I H.'-rlstriitloa or Voters Act 1870.
NOTICE is hereby (liven that the
Court of Revision und Appeal held at
the Court House, Donald, this 7th day
of August at 11 o'clock a.m., has been
adjourned till Monday the 28th day of
August, 1893, ut same place and hour,
S.   ItEllllltAVB,
Collector of Votes, E.K.E D.
01 MIDI CC 1 *-vi"i'1''''iiti;i;i<<nr<-��i'i|it
r Hill Lt J. of ii 2 stain p, u rucoipc for a
simple VEUETAIILE HALM tli..t will remove la a, Kreclilea, I'liiiplcs. IllliU'lies.
Illiielilivads, etc., Ie..vhig the skin soft,
clc.r and beautiful. Address A. D. STEM-
PEL, B0 Aim St., New York.
Analytical Chemist & Allayer,
Colden, Eritish Columbia.
ISUS       ASSAVKIt  lil V1IK NU*i
British Columbia Government
of all specimen 3 lent .rjm tlie Proving to
" It Is worth the pr're to everv person
who tvnn rtads a neMspap. r."���IiailLg.on
KvW Vol'.; .-tue:.a. 1
New York, Aug. 6 The steck mill-
ket this inor.nig sii )W id a r .actio uiry
tendency, the pace set li.te yesterday
having proved too fust to hint. As a
rule the leading issues opened slightly
lower and then made a further decline'
as compared will yesterday's finals.
Tho loss in ten minutes after the opening of business wus I to 1 per cent.
The French In Slum.
New York, Aug. 6.-TheHerald this i
morning prints the following cable,
from Bangkok: ''The Luigon papers
say that tliere was some severe fight-
ing between the Siamese and the
French on July 20th on the Mekong
river. It is said three hundred Siamese were killed, while the French losses
were slight, The latter have occupied
several more inlands,"
Blue Pencil Rules.
jl. a-. XTSi-v-ixra.
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Oorreaponilenta and Topr Choppers.
Short, simple and pi acta nl rules for
matting and edition he-vs-an- r ropy,
and nf i-uual value tn all a ao wish tu
wr.te correct En-nUb.
Sent nn net-let of p-lre   P lie. in rents
or ooiiy.   ALLAN TORMAN, Pubilslin:
117 Nasaan Street, New Y-,rk.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELLY. Manager.
Liva.'y & Feai Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
<ioi.3h:.\.    ���    it.'.
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Tlios. Fry,
Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alba.
Workiiinii-4!ilp Guarantee!! Nceoiitl to Xone in tlie Xorth
Went Territories.
Wholeit-lU' anil Hctnil
3 U T C H ERS.
Cattle, Sheep and
1J arse Dealers.
Job    Department
_:o:_ OF ���:o:���
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embairaors,
t'lilitur.y ���      Alltn.
ti.i.iuiii.u'ii   oiiiilllts  I'uii.ui'ri.v
AI'I'IIMU'Ul   Til.
For Information and free UnniiLook write to
MUN.V * CO.. Sill IIihmdw.iy. New Yoiik.
Oldeat bureau for necurlni; patonts In America.
Krery patent taken out by n�� In brouplii tieli.ro
the -JUbllc by auoiioe given free of charge lu tlio
JMritiffc ^nrviriin
Lantest circulation of any aoientioo paper in the
world. Splendidly illustrated. No Intelllueia
man ihould be wiiiwut it. Weekly. SU.im a
Toari IMOslz mom In. Addreia 3IUNN .t CO.
tiBUtaras, 3V1 Brcadiruy, .'ics Vvrt Civ.
Magazine At Thunder Hill
No. I, 00 per cent: No. 2, W per cent.
For Deep Wink anil Uluwiihf lip Stumpn
Terms Sl:i ll.v Cauli.
THUNDER HILL M'fi*. Co���iLt'il.)
AKeiil. RP.t'or Ritliet Co.
If you mint ymir house Painted. Pupernl
or CalaOiuineri. or any Itnul nl a-n/ru Painteil
write to J. H. .MM.I.W.lPll. CAi.ii.inv. tlie
ljeiidin/r Paint Simp in tlie ive��t, l'cr {fiod
Work and prices that arc right, I
-.   ''���^,>^-S^*Ma��Bi
H. Connachsr, Proprietor.
Newly tvlitleil ami fiu-nisle-d. Strleilv FIRST
CLASS in every respeel. Sample Rnoins for
Commercial men, Fire-proof mife for convenience
oT ituests. Hoiiili|iuirters for miiiitiK nnui anil
miners, Convenieur to .Station anil Sieainboat
Lantlin-r, Direct importer ami wholesale ami
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, mid Cigars.
S|nvinl attontioii givon to orders from ti, tlie
Columbia River,
GOLDEN,        -       B.C. LINTON BROS.,
Stationers, Booksellers,
tl.etwo metals on a purity with eucli ' The oalf crop throughout thecountry
other upon the present legal ratio, or will, iindoiibtedly, bo small this season
such ratio as may be provided by law." owing to ihe past severe winter but on
Section !! directed the coinage each the whole the upper district never
month of two million ounces of tbo appeared in a more prosperous con-
silver bullion purchased under the pro- jdition, and as the country is now
visions of the net into standard silver , being rapidly opened up by steamboat
dollars until July 1, 1891, and after communication, and railroads shortly
that date the coinage of as liiiich silver to be built, the settlers in this portion | IMl/'lirCO 0   TI\7A I/" /"*   1 L"     II"
bullion as  might be necessary to pro-1of the district may well  feel satisfied ^[l'S, UULrlCOJtX fl I AK. Oil   LOlllIIiUlcl KlVCf
Tramway from C.P.R. Golden to Columbia'Biver.
vide for the redemption of tlie treasury
notes issued tinder the terms of tho
act. ��� V.iiicouver World.
There is to be a townsite laid out
opposite Fort Steele cn Mr. Levett's
laud, which will be plotted immediately i
and sold ou the most liberal terms;
also the owner offers one lot free to the
first lire families that wish to settle
Mr. Wade and family arc settled on
the new townsite, and Intend starting
a dairy farm, We all wish them every
success as they are a very desirable
class of settlers.
During the past week the weather
has been very hot.
Haying bus just commence I and all
are busy,
Mr. .Tames Brady has returned from
Spokane Falls and brought with him
au assayer named Weeks, who will
remain at Tlnimler Hill inino and do
tlie assaying. Mr. Brady reports dull
times ut the Falls.
Mr. James Cronin who came in by
last steamer, will do some development
work on his claim near Moyea lake.
A. McVittie has gone to Golden  j��� a few ,]H..gi
We have endeavored to obtain a few
notes as to what is doing in these
matters iu the Upper Country, and
have pleasure in appending the following :
At Wiufield Park ranch, belonging to
Mr. Brownrigg, the crop of outs looks
particularly well. Mr. Brownrigg
broke up a fair amount of ground lust
autumn, and his crop ou it looks very
promising. On tins ranch the question
of irrigation is so very simple that Mr
Brownrigg has a decided advantage
over many of his neighbors.
The next ranch is at Wolf creek, 114
miles distant. This ranch goes in
principally for cattle raising, and more
nnd more aceiitiou is given to getting
.i good crop of liny tliun to grain raising..
The hay crop has not looked so well
for years and haying should commence
with what the future appears to have
iu store, for them.
but will return shortly.
Col Baker is expected here next
H. B. Alexander, with an expert, is
examining placer properties near Perry
Judge Rouleau, Lord Norbiir.v,Dotig-
las Dick and Lie it. Cochrane, came in
per steamer Gwendoline.
Charles Levett has added a new bar
to the Steele House ; the hotel is full
of guests.
M. Pbillipps, Indrau agent, has gone
to Windermere to fix up some Indian
It is reported that the Windermere
copper mines have been sold to au
English syndicate, and that the Lust
Chance will likely be bought by the
same parties.
Instructions have been receh e 1 by Mr.
Leslie Hill to close the " North Star"
for the present, but it is hoped that it
is only temporary, and that when
matters are arranged it will be opened
again with a large force of men.
Mr. Hanson has moved his saw mill
from Windermere, and will put it up
on the west side of Kootenay river near
Bale ranch.
Work is progressing satisfactorily on
the F,. ��. K. Co's ground.
The Sherman law. which Congress
is expected to repeal, is ai* act directing the purchase of silver bullion mid
the issue of treasury notes thereon.
It was approved by ihe President July
14th. 1 Kill),and went into effect iJOdays
after its passage. By the first section
of the act the Secretary of t ho Treasury
Was directed to purchase from time to
time silver bullion to the aggregate
amount of l.'iOO.O'iO ounces, or so much
thereof as might lie offered each month
at the market price thereof, not exceeding 81 for every three hundred nnd
seventy-one & twenty-five hundredths
grains of pure silver, and to issue in
payment for such purchases ol silver
bullion treasury notes of the United
(States in denomination of not less than
91 nor more than $1,C00. Section 2
made such treasury notes legal tender
in payment of all public and private
debts, except where otherwise expressly
stipulated in the contract, nnd further
enacted that thoy should be receivable
{or customs, taxes and public diics,and
that upon demand of llie holder of any
Wasa, the residence of Mr. Hanson
is readied after a journey of but four
and a half miles from the lust mentioned ranch. Here is at once noticed
au air of improvement, Mr. Hanson
being one of the energetic class -al-
wajs improving. Besides owning and
running a saw mill, stopping house
and store,be has a small baud of slock,
and rejoices iu the possession of by fur
the best garden in this putt of the
Kootenay district. Vegetables of all
kinds have been in full swing for several weeks, and the corn and tomatoes
should lie ripe in a few days.
Mr. Hanson lias just purchased an
adjoining piece of laud from the iv V.
Co., which will increase the size of his
meadows and make him sale against a
hard winter.
Mr. Mathers has a ranch ou the opposite side of the Kootenay, a few miles
further down, which is particularly
well off ns regards meadows ; be also
has a good crop of outs. Mr. .limbers
also owns a saw mill which is now
working near Foit Steele.
At Fort Steele up to the present little
has been done in the way of funning
though Messrs. Galbraith and Leve't
have some nice looking potatoes; however, Mr. Galbraith having now got
his irrigation ditch stalled, which will
supply the whole place with water, we
may expee*. to se; llie various residents
on the townsite surrounded by their
own vegetable and Hower gardens, as
the soil, undoubtedly, only needs
moisture to produce crops equal
to any in the district.
A public meeting was held in the
Kootenay House ou Thursday evening
to receive the report of the committee
appointed at the meeting held iu the
School House on June 11th, and to
arrange for future action.
The following gentlemen were among
those present! dipt. Gordon, W.
Miller, C. W. Bubur, E. Plow-right,
G. Mattick, Cupt. Armstrong, J. F.
Armstrong, C. A. Warren, J. C.
Greene, F. Lang, H. Coiinaclier, W.
McNeish. W. T..it, ,J. Marshall, M.
Dainard, F. Glover, Mr. Woodley, A.
P. Cummins, A. P. Patrick of Calgary,
G. E. Manuel of Donald, and W. G.
Neilsou of Beaver.
Mr. J. F. Armstrong having been
culled to the chair, the secretary explained that since the lust meeting ihe
committee hud succeeded iu obtaining
from the Prov. Government the oiler
of 82,000 towards the building expenses, a free site from the Dominion
Government and a liberal response to
the cull for subscriptions, the amount
promised being about SI,200 with one
or two places to hear from. The secretary also stated that the building site
had been chosen and duly surveyed by
a JJoin. Land Surveyor, and that
building plans were being prepared by
a firm of architects iu Calgary who
had supplied a rough sketch of the
proposed hospital. The sketch was
submitted to tbo meeting and appeared
to be generally approved.
After a general informal discussion
it was decided to form the Golden
Hespital Society, the present coinmittte
with tiie addition of Mr. Jus. Brady
to represent Thunder Hill, Iieing unanimously elected to act as trustees for
the first year. The management will
ut once cull for tenders for the erection
of the building, which will be pushed
forward with all possible despatch,
and will al-o take prompt steps for the
engagement of a doctor. Judging from
the evident interest expressed by those
present and ihe many pi onuses of
future support our hospital bids fair to
he a great success. The hands of t lie
present management will be greatly
strengthened by the prompt payment
of nil subscriptions to Mr. H. Con-
naciier, Sec.-Treasurer.
Tramway between Mud Lalxo and Upper Columbia Lake,
PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Columbia Lake and Kootenay Elver.
GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stage Lino fro    Upper Cilu-nbia Lako to Fort Steele.
GOING NORTH,   i frum
Thrsdiiy and Men. 18:0)      0
1?.10     CO
"           7:'>0    V0
4:10   ll.'l
Wed. and Sun.        18*00    118
lli-OO    liS
15: Oj   1M0
Sunday                  15:00,     "
7:00    100
Saturday              12*00|   180
(���'olden, s. Durness leave
Oi.lcnii          "    arrive
Windermere "
"        Tramway leave
Thunder Hill, s. l'orli.rr.
Ciim.1 Flat,        -   "
"        Stage leavo
Kurt Steele         "
Staa'e, Canadian
5 2 59
ii 00
11 00
12 03.
ll'CI.II 'Iv
Tuesday and Friday 7*"0
Wed. ami Saturday 10:00
���'            liiiO.)
Thursday                r,(D
Friday                    7*00
Freight Rates to Fort
A   Class 1 & :
B       "     !!, 4,
C       "    7, 8.
Freight Classiflcr;iion.
n. & i;	
i), & 10	
. 81.60
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steele   4 cents per lb. nnd 2 p. c. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
:m. b. lang;
General Supplies.
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Our Cold Dlatl'lfta.
More than usual attention is beiur-
given by mining men throughout the
Province to the gold districts of tlie
| Miudle Fork and McMurdo. A coni-
I puny is in course of formation at Victoria to take over a very promising
: property, the Bobble Burns, and we
I hour of  several other individuals who
From Fort. Steele the  roads branch | ������������' ^coming interested in  the various
,.       . /-iii   l gold ledges around.    We would remind
out   in oiu   direction   to   Cruuurool*, ���   ,      .,  ������ ,      ,,   ,  ,  ,���  ���������
iiuv gold seeker that here arc many
the property of Col. Baker, where Mr. g00(j proa|jC0t8 awaiting development
French, Col. Baker's manager, reports and that it is luck of capital and this
the c-ops never looked better; also wo alone which has so far interfered with
of these treasury notes, the Secretary
of  ll* Treasury  should redeem such p���7e"Boyle   (llK,  R
notes in gold   or silver com   at   Ins
discretion,   " it  being the established
policy ot the United States to maintain
hear very good reports on tho snnie
subject from tlie mission ; in the other
direction the road now being extendi-1
past Bull river, pusses the ranches
t'wiied by Messrs. V. Baker and F. P.
Norbury. Mr. Baker goes in chielly
for stock raising, and though his buy
crop is backward there is every reason
to believe it will be up to the average.
Mr. Norbury has a fine crop of oats
and is breaking new laud yem by year,
being in one of the most favorable
situations in tbo country his ranch,
undoubtedly, has a great future before
Besides the above ranches Messrs.
Moore give
most encouraging accounts of their
I'liNN.-ii-ri'i* Llat.
Up River, Aug. 5. - Messrs. Hon. J.
Lascuiles, Jones, Arinsow, G. Alexander, A. McVittie, Mr. and Mrs.
Hastie, Mrs. llnekle, Mrs. Brown.
Down River Messrs. T. B. H.
Cochrane, dipt. Gordon, Robertson,
Smith, Luiigliiiu, McTegart, Tremble,
Mrs. McCardell.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Stolen, a brown Gordon Setter bitch.
The above reward will be paid to anyone giving such information ns will
lead to the conviction of the thief.
Cioldeu, Aug. 10th, 180:1.
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
TTAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
JJ- sisting of Short Nipples, flushings, I nion Couplings, Elbows, Tees, lirass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Polta, Carriage
Holts and Iron.
Sash, Duors, Minds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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