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The Golden Era Dec 15, 1899

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Array James Hemdebson,
Builder & Contractor,
A snpply of -Building Lime for Sole.
Plans prepared.  Prompt attention given to
Stock of orer 200 to chooso from.
"Jfn-inQ  fcAUDS  "nd
As good as the ITcfit
Anywhere in tiio West.
I'IKI.lt.   tbo   Uragffl.t.
gVOL. IX  NO. 20
82 Pes Year
At the
-.W-'My*-*'*-''* ���**���*���!-W***/*&-**/**^
ti 0
Crosse & Blackwell's.. Candied Peels
x SiCKGXS.      Orange,   Letoofy   CitroA  iand   Assorted
Malaga Raisins in Cartons.   Th0 ��M"^ ���
tbo Market.
joy Currants in Pasteboard Boxes.
Highest   Orftde.       Cleaned   Heady   for   Uce.
Sultana Baisins,    Valencia Raisins,
flavor  Delicious. Tho   Best.
Japanese Qran
BatgerS   Celebrated Jetties, Assorted Flavor^,
Hants & Breakfast Bacon;
-^s��SSS& Creamery Butted.
Nuts and
Choicest Quality. tVoiri
Lipton, (MiHn.-x Ingersoll.
: H.G. Parson,
Generfell Meroh em t,
Ale^airjcler Block,
imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital Paid tip #��,��! I.4����l
Itoat - -       1.50 2,178
H. S. Howlncd.      j      PiwJib'iit.
T If. Merrill, ��� Wn IVh.
Win. Ramsay,     T. Sat ho ritual Sta^nor
Kiilrari Jaffray, Elian Itogur*,
Wm. Hfciiilri-?.
Hn\n iiiMUKi  Tmiosr*.
I) ll. Wii.k!; . Gaife-,.1 Mimneer,
��. Hay, l.ijiMcror.
,   ,l!i,ai��s,hi?t:
MANITOIJ.X, \. W. T. Mi.L ll. 0.
It-awlon,        . ��� nlgr,ry, Edftmnlon,
0��i|il��ii,       .Kelson,        Portage la l'nunc,
Prime Allien,     Ittiroldtiil^i,     Stratlicunn.
Vancouver,       Winnipag,
f \Yelli|.,rt,,',| Sucot.
Tott-WTO I Vonjjtl KR>1 Qiteon St roots.
HraSCIUOR "l Ymk'o and fllour Str:-etii.
1 Kim; and York Strtets.
P-ssex, Fysrns, Gall* Hamilton,   Incnnrll,
IjRtowe!,  Niagara  relit,   Port Cultioiirm:
(fnt Portage, fault h;��. Mario. Ht.
Catherine*. Ht. Tfiijiiuw,  81, Thomas (East
"End Uruucli.   Wullsud,'   WooflHtuuk,   mid
Muutro.-.l- Que.
AfientMIn -f��rcat t.vtUi.,.:
LIoviVh flank, htd t72LoiiiluirJ St.. London
with whom motley may h*** deposited for
transfer liy letter or cable to uuy of the
above brauchca. .
Agertt-slii iJnlfei!-Htatcs:
NEW YORK-Ifcnb of Montre.il, Br.uk of
0HlilAHO--Firat National P.-mk.
ST. iMUh-Secoml National I-tank.
SAN FHANCISOO-WcIIh. Fargo fe Co,'*
savings bankIdepartmknt
Interest allotted oh deooslts,
Provlncliil, Municipal and Dtbcr'dohontiires
Available at nil p��ints in CmintUr, unit*.d
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Kgr.t Goldon Branch.
Progress cf the Fight, as Published  In Our "Dally
War Bulletin."
C.tf'H Town, Dr.. \) ]t is lu'.uuuu-
ced that Major Elliott Is commanding
in tlm native territory of Grlntwatiuid
East, arming tne natives hv Imperial
authority with a vtttvv to {insisting the
dofulislvp forces.
Tiie ftillowini; tlesnot'cli has bfian
ivc.t'ivnii from Orimgu River sttitfutii -.
"Rallrcind culvt*rt wns hlowit up ni'iiV
Urns Pan this mqi'iiitta, Thotolbyrttph
unities report Iibuv.v titii.tr cf puns to
ihd itorth." Tlte fore��oi��iB im|ilies
ihut ilif IJoors have ciit lliu line of
uoMiiiiit.i'fcMtion buhlntl Methuen, who
is appurimtiy now fi->lititiK another
Lon lon, Dec 11.-The war offico
jMihliiiKcs ih.- following from General
Forestfrr*Witney Cape Town: Gatcr'e
reports as follow?!: ~ I regret to inform
yon tluii I met with a serious revergi*
in an untie!; on Strotnherg. I wus
misled hs to thn enemy's position by
my guides and in my advance found
tho tfrunii'-l impracticable; Our casualties so jfar US known at p esnt   are:
Second Butalliou Hovu! Irish Uiile-.
womtdo-i, Lioitt. Col. Payer, .M��jor
Seaton, Capi. Boll, Capt. Kelly, Lieut.
Suffolk ro^inient, wounded- Second
Lient. MHyneril hiiiI twelve men miss-
ing, Capt. Woirlio, Lieut. Chris tee,
Second Liout. Rodney and men of the
74th Field Uaiiery tmverley wou'ndea.
Lieut. Lervas and throe mini are tnlss-
ing, slightly i/ounded two.
' Seventy Seventh FioM Bittery,
killed���one guuijor. Wounded > Major
Northumberland Fusiliers. mUsing--
Major Stevens, Capt, FlrtcheVj .Cupt,
Morley, Secon I Lieni. Colsean-.l Lieut.
Rudcliffe, also missiug three  tin hii red
ti-r's Bally from Ladysmith to capture j.ljank there had received word froBi
the Boer puna the Britisli did not j hejidqjisru-rs iii Berlin regarding the
carry their bayonets fixed while they'runiired arrival of Bullet- at Lady-
were storming the hill The Boars, smith.';
suddenly aioused from their slumbers, i
riiflVcd to lbee ijmof lhe hill and opened |
a h"avy ftra upon 8ir Archibald's forces.
and just before the British seemed a
footing on the to��i of '.he hit) some om:
shouted "Fix bayonets, and give them
c.olij steel." At this ejaculation the
Beers turned and lied into tlipdiii knees
in all directions, tor the Boers fearun'J
despise tlm British Imyonot.
Lady Saiah Wilson has been ex-
ohanged for a Boer woman who was
iieljl a brKoiw nt Maffking.
General Gs'aero sends the following
deaputch'i "My idea to attn-kStorm;
berg st-otned to in-oinic^ certain Success
but tlio distance was iiuderestlm.'iic.i
both by myself and the local guidLS.
policemen took us several miles and
consequently we maVuhed from fl p.m.
to 4 am. and were landed in an
impossible position
New Ynii;, Dec, 1"j. London advices
ss) that 'he rupor.t cWbQ>ulng Ladysmith enme from u . clujuu who were
trying to stop the slump iu Soutli
Africnu shaves.
Defeat-onWery hand fortheBrllM
Iroopfl Vn ootuh Africa nppeors to bii
the order of ilia day. The latest is
tliat Butler has been defeated badly
uear Oolenso, Now, perhaps, England
will vake up to the fact that thero V1
not yet half enough troops in South
Africa to carry on tha war. Howovef,
wVatoin t*he tight *$ -ft-in*, and witi
we will.
llie ei-roV \Vas iuteniioual. Tho Boers
commenced firing Tfl-'oVn the top of an
unsealable bill and wounded a goo^
many of our nt'-stl while in the open
plain. The Reeoml Nor'hnniherlatids
made an effort fo turn 'he enemy out
but failed. Tbe Second Irish Ftisiliers
iolzed a kopje near by and held on to
it, supported hy tl.e mounted infantry
and Capo police. The British guns
under Jeffries could not have . been
batter handled, bin I regret tn say one
gun was overturned on a small nullc.i
and another sank ttito^ulek&Vhn*, And
neither of them could bo extricated."
London, ]).^c. 14.- A despatch from
Modder River, dated 12th, says that
the terrible two day's lighting which
occurred a few miles north of that
point has ended, and that tho British
nre now occupying a position wbitb
is rapidU being entrenched. General
Meihnon's forces started the tiaitfi?
with aHillery at four o'clock on Sun-
dnv afternoon, which continued   until
Now lhat the mining season iq over
and a large number of mining men iii
I do not consider | Town for tbe winter, would it not be a
ood idea to revive;ihe Mining Association 1* That holly haa heen nf t>W(U
benefit to the dis*riot in ilie past, and
*.�� hy not work and plan for next year ?
That there are now (ino prospects for a
brilliant future for ihic district we ar-a
assured hy those who pretend to know;
tin re fore it behooves those interested���
mid we nil are- to do all that can ba
done io induce omside capital to come
io this district) Unit*e>lji6 a body lb--��
mibers.iVould be itblo to accomplish
(yitcn in this respect, and as the
Provincial House meets on January 4'.
it would not he out of the way to -place
u few facts In that direct 1*6$',
The following marriage ceremony
was said hy an up country squire the
other day:-*'Wilt thou take her- for
thy pardl for bette*^ Wv Wtirse"; to
liav'a. to bold, to fondly cuard until
hauled oK In a hearse? Witt thou let
hor have her way, consult her niauy
wishes; make the fit e every day and
dusk  when the Highlanders moved Dp help her wash the dishes V   Wilt thou
.j. tefn^ftrn.-.jir.-r- ;j,~* -..-i.��lS--��.'*^ *.*���
it.*j .it.i j* .-j ;a.j ..i.-j.-j^j .u:j:.:
*'^^*~'mr:^7^r:tir.n.r'-iT'^i'*ry**T..*,!*-r* j
Toilot, Neaktio. Sliitving, Photogi'apli, Juw-al and Work
.   Mii'i'oi'3* Military Brtis!io3 ftiiJ Perfumery,
Match, oar)),, pnffand Match boxej.
Fancy Leatlier (roocU of all kind*.
Over Seventy-live bound books to pick from.
...   NOW   IN>
Ladies' Silk Dress Goods.
Gents' Silk Smoking Jackets.
N veltles for Evoryono at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Great Stored
Great West
liftDlES' . . , ,
Watches, Necklets, Brooches, Bracelets,
Lorgnette ChainS, In great variety at
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horse* Supplied.
The Season* is approaching when the
" Give-
Away "
spirit becomes rampant and friends vie
with each other in tho
matter of
It has long ago been
decided that the most
useful gifts are the
most acceptable.
This is the kind We
sell and Our stock this
year is very
Write for quotations
and for one of our
A rewiirci nf Four Iluurlro*! Dulkirs will ho
���pttjtl toHnycuotriving lnf.irniaii.iu thnt will
lei.rtto i-iinvH'tinii nf hiiy-mn kiliingnr stei.l-
inar rattle nnd hordes of \bo fullowhut hrjintls,
heliiiiirhiff to ilia Klk l'��rk Jtouch Co. uid
Vh<*Io lt-nnrt?(i:
'1  Qurizht ri' h. h:*lf ritfhtenr cut 6)1".
'I ���OnkSTlff:'. ^^
M Ofi'leftflbs.
a Oo Iftt't rilm.
ia  On Ibft hip.
Home* Urauded:
1   On righi yjeftt.  ���
'I  (hil'ir't-ibbnUiir.
M   ('iil.-r��fihr'lJnr.
rI   On ritfht lilibnl'ler.
'13   On left fthbitUer.
Els Park Ranch Cc
Royal Berkshro l-ouinient", killed.-
Oue privHio. Tii*' rsumitid.er will Lr
wired tu y_oti hs t oon hs they aro lisce'r-
Gtiieml Oatiu:r��*, who left   Pellwale rn it I .xesientiiy noon with a   for^-e   ofjish
over four thuusitnd men, mmlu k   sho
eossfiil inarch,   hi riving   wiihi
inih-s of Iuh dest
pnd just More ihn breslt   of  ds
Mon'I-ay they reached the  Hoer  hfnd-
qnft&yfl,   whero   thev   encountered   ji
lerrihle Are.   The fijihtinff. which wns
one of the hottest battles ever fonuht,
rHRCil for fifteen hours when the Brit-
force?   rtftireil   for   mnch neeJeO
rest,   lieing   unuhto   to  dislodge   tho
t wo j enemy. who where strongly entrench*
piist j ed.      The   losses   vec   verv  henvy
.eleven, vvh'eh Suddenly u ivrrllfla firo on hoih shies, ihe Biiijsl\. Msunliipq
, opened sitniil'iuietinly cn the British j hifllurfiriu the Marqufi ni" Wlneheste'ri
jriiiia Hunk    The Eoy^l Irish "
who fc:r:i,e.i
ter heliiurl
were juiued
drjJLiiiin.    It
i RiHos. UUjov ofjlif Seeoiitl
p ud.hhvp, -.ouuht Bliel-  Ftrenm Ou^rds, who win
BeTgfiWiinj h'\���jfundfol. DownhsfnoMinf Fi
the ri'iuHiudtir ui  the Gordon   itighlnndttrs,
���< soon fonnd, however, j wounded
hIMoh   Cold
kllleJ,   nnd
-t    Bh'��llinn
���as   mortally
1 asiimu
unoii  was diseovcretl liy I
thu    Boi-r   gn .s. ��� which   wire morel
K. E Forstor.
tta\.t. iDih-, ttW.
ij.l liueiivo tn
TAKK NOTIOF. that J/l dnys after dntn
wo Intend to Ji[iply to (libChief I'ntiintissiouer
Of LJindsand Works tor a spot*"
fnt miiI i-nrry awty timhet* oi
ilescriheil hu'uls:   Simatn nn .,,    .,
shout;iinilH ��hovo is jum-tioa with Tuhy it impopsil-le to hold the   pmition   iu
Crtwk. in tho District nf EtiiH _K(wjeiui>\| the faoe of nil the enemy apparent
power thi thitn was it liist eftpccteil.
Tho troops thoi-tt'ore souaht a safu
positioji about half a, milouwsy. two
b.iticvi.'S in the mt-uniiine Ptiga^tnu
i lie lJoot-8 aud covering the troops in
tiielr witliilraWiil, The ac:ion now
b';cKine koon nt long hthiitJ and a
diituohmont of inonnted infantry was
tuovrtl northward with a view lo
yelling on  tho enemy's right {-lank,
when   suddenly   a  strong   commando j Highlanders advanml with the gi
\vas sotn moving from the north  and  ftr gallantry to attack,  closo to
Royal Irish Ritles and Nonhmn-  plare where lav their d-^nd nnd wound-
  1       -I lirfffMlB.
CJm/ort and siippott her father and her
iiiotjier, Aunt Jeihima and.Uncle John,
three sisters and a brother?'; Ahd hia
face grew pale and blank ; it was too
late to jilt. As through the floor he
sank, he said : " My Oodl My God ! I
A traveller passing through Golden
the other day was heard to remark
that Golden was the slowest town h-f)
hnd *i��n since levying Malifax. Ho
whs tukius in llS't slptfl and amongat
them wns thp Court House, which is
being re creeled here. -He stood ��� back
and cominencid c-jur.tfug (\*y the way,
the Court House hears the date'on lhe
front U1S90," when it was first erected
in Donald.) "Wei, well," ho eaid;
"ibera is a public building commenced
!n 1S*90 and in ain't finished yet."
when the Highlanders met the
murderous point-hlnnk fire of iho
Boors about two hundred wrri' .mown
down. Tbe fnmtii.s Binpk Walijh
regiment nn reforming mnnbored ouly
!40. on in'usrering to rrll call.,
The terrific Britisli artillery fire
provoked no respphre except from the
Boer riHns until 4 o'clock in  ibe nftet-   where it was fir
noon, when the Gordon Highlanders   brass, -i,d hollow.    Wholl   it   strikes'
formed up In order io rcrew the a Mack  Its vlc.im. It dpehs bu.   liko   nn   uin-
tho entrenched k,.pj-..   The bravo i+p|l/u'ai,d bars its way^   th roup" ihe
grpat    fio^H. Bloo'tJ poi��ohihg ofrVIl sets In   A
iho  hu-niinuetts after tho  liulht   strikes
We hav
""What j*
derives i's
where it v
2 liren several iiines asked,
a duin dr.in bullet?" It
name from Duni Dum, IndW.
Jts t*dp is of
herland regiment wero sunt out to meet
it.    It wos soon discovered; however.
that thu Boers had machine guns wel
,,    .       placed   and   the  British troops   wer
Snrl'i" (!!��"'!(  ^""pe'lo-l to fneo a terrible fire, finding
umIiitiionehlg at n post ou tho tv8*t Mde ��f
Kpring Crbiik, ulaneo mirth oust tiO chains,
thence eiint TOcli.iins. thuii'o northTOeliatns,
thence wa,*t liifl. Iiouee Kundi 71) chaliw tn
I hu-e of ('(iimnbiicu.tic-at, ruiit.duiug 1,0.1)
niTL'K nmro or IcSu.
Winder in er*^-, November 7, V.1. ti
NOTICE is jibreby glvii tiiat H) days
nf!cr ihtti-i we.intoinl to apply b> ihn Ch'Cf
f'oiiiiiiiusi.iiier ufl./uiiis jind Works at Victoria
for thn l-ullowhiff ti nl rr lci.se!--Sitnaiod on
tlm we.nt Hi'te nt Wimlnhnerfl Lake, East
Kontimay IMstrit-r, i-onunota'Jng t.t u uont
planted at tho -3.W, corner of lot H47, thonce
oast- <iflflinhts, thence smith W) flmltnt, thetu-o
went Ht chaltut. tliencc uorth 120 i-huhm,
ilanico cast40 i-h..iiiH, ifioncci south 10 tdiflim
to plan! ol cimmiuuveuieiit* vuiitaining IMO
acres moro ur le***.
ItAVI!) MALE,     .^-u
Oolden; Nbv. 10, lH'.tii.
Hudson's Bay
NOTlt'K i* hoiehy givon that tv\ days
after rtlits wo intend to miikti applk'-Htiou In
tlm Chief ComlttlssioiKM* uf Lnutlx nnd Wmkn
for a spo'. iul lkmiKO to eat and carry invay
tiadier from the foilo��tn^ described limd"'���
Sltuatw-I on Itotdih-r Cieelc, in tlio District of
Kast Koottinay, (-,* dr war tlio Forks of same;
coiiiiiii'iiciiiK at a stttku planted about KVt
ynrds east ofthe cro'-k, thonce ICOidiainY
south, thenco *)*��������� chains west, thonce i-*.''
chains tion a, tlient-o 02J, chains cost to pluue
ofc 'ituiicutitiiioiit, coutahiiiiK ikiOacres iiioit)
or less.
W. BKN. ABEL.     *
Wlndermero, OM. .20,18UH.
Dainerd  & Holland*
Meals at any hour.
Ash, and Game Iii sefasom
Bread; CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionery
Always In Stooki
fresh Oysters.
superior in position, numbers and
artillery. The Uriiish rotired to
Muttcno, the Doers following up close
ly ��nd bringing two big uuns to bear
on the retiring column. It is believed
tint the British casualties were not
serious, although about six hundred
troops are missing, besides soilie lieing
London, Dec 12.-No further news
has boen received as yet to remove the
mystery overhanging General Gatucro's
ret rent from Strom burg, It is ox coed
itmly probably that he will bo compelled to retire on ���Qmcnftown and
wait for reiijforceinente, ��hich can
hardly reach hiin until Sir Chtildes
Warren's division arrives at Oape
Town. Tliu lirst detachment sails on
Haturdiiy. Kven If GeneriU French is
not compeil��d to lettvut, lie will bo
obligol tn pause In his ndvauce.
li Ik just two months sin-to the
Trnusvaal ultimatum wa-* delivorcd,
nud iu that timo ih<*rn have been nine
engagement* Thd total British loss
during th-tt tlm- is filiti killud, 2,027
wouuded, aud I,i)77 missing or made
Loudon, Deo, jl) -The War Office
publishes/the followihg doe pnt oh from
Goimral white, clt*iort ladysmlth, De-
cembi-r llthj Last night (!ol, Mot calf
and tlv-n'hiiiidrctl of the second riilo
brigade, made a sortie wiih a view to
I'.aptnring the BtiQi* howllzors on tho
hill They reached 'ho crest wiiho.it
botflft discovered by tho Hoof5 and
d'-ove tho enemy front ,1(1*1 |iQ*SUl&li;
Tho British L*heiihdeitroved ihohowit-
jiera with gun cortoii, On liis return
C'ol. Metcnlf found thut his retirement
was barred by the Boers, hut he forced
hia wny through their ranks hy using
the bayonets freely. The Boer losses
are understood to he considerable.
while tbo British'Cssualties wore Lieut.
Ferguson nnd eleven men killed; Capt.
Palov, Second Lieut. Davenport. Second
Li-.ut. Bond and fbVty one u.en wound
ed. Six men who remained behind to
take .charge of ilio wonnded wer* captured by the enemy whilo performing
their duty as nurSes.
, A despatch received nt tho W.ir
Office reports that Mafeking wftfl a'itl
safe up till December 2nd. bnt that thi-
Boers had beon cqWlnnousiv shelling
the town since November 27 with in-
crtvtscd effect.
tt ecera* thai in WHr "Archibald Hitn-
1 comrades of the II
Tho ciiomv   opened, r
firo as thf* British force
it  wits found  Impossibt
position,   nit hough   the
within     two   hundred   ���
nas'vy shrajuiel
6 fidvanced and
to ink
ards  of
*> ihe
.   I��
What   has   become
Boui-d of Trade?
of the Goldon
Some leadlngBng.
euemt's stronghold, hnt ro nearer,
wns her*- that Cob Dotvnhntn fell.
Tho Boers had freer rfconrsn to
barb wire efitniigleineiitn, whicli offeroo
groat dbstdoles even fitter the d-.inagp
ip-Qibtr-d dy ihe British ariillery fire
London, Dec. 14- It Is rumored
hnt without confirmation thnt Op*> eml
Bnller and General Clery hhvoarrlve(l
in Ladysmith and that 10,COO Bom
hnvo surrendered...
Londfln, Dec. io. - The War bHice
hart received the follow Ing despatch
rrom General Forest tor Walker at Cine
Town; ���"General Frenoh wires under
date December I.hh that he had a sklr
niish at four o'clock in the morning
wi'h eighteen bun 'red Boers who were
advancing sonthwnHl. Th" Skir.iu:��h I
coniiniicd nil mofnliig, hs tie Bosrn
were flvliting nlong a ffotithfie of four-!
teen miles. Thceuemv fliifllly retired
with a loss of fort.i killed and wound.
ed Tho British losses wero ono killed
and seven won tided, including one
officer, nnd two miming,
. t'ondon. Di'c. 15, ��� "Mothnon's check
following Gatacro's repulse," saya tho
Oape Town correspondent of tho Daily
News, ' has a Iti011 depressing < fleet
upon tbo loyalists, and ir would take
little persuasion to make them join the
Boer forces."
London, Dec 14t h. ��� A Bpeolfll despatch received hoto from Weenen,
N tai. dated D-o. Uth snys that ^ho
Ludysmith gftfrison hud mttdo another
tonio and destroyed tho bridge over
tho eiver ihere.
London, Dec, 14.-Tho Globe snys
��� hoconniry i�� prndnred Tor any sacrifice. Tho St James Oaiftlto says:-
" When we have retrieved onr defeats
and rosiored ihn supremacy of om- flag
we can criticize a'.nd investigate. Toil a v. we frfust, alu."
Toronto, Dec. 15.- Kverywhere r.h
doubtlheift wore rumors yis'prdav lo
the euiiki that Ladysmith Had ohe\\
relieved and that aome thousands of
BnerS had been captured, despite *h<-
official annniucctnent from thfi War
id London that there was no trulh in
it. However tho fumh'r has rronpea
lip repeatedly iu viirioi'i's p ners Despatches tn ih? bro.kera tiara tt doubtful
confirmation. The Governor-Gencr.il
wns said to have fe^eired word con-
firi|iing tho rumor, but, tbere nppenra
to bfe' iiotblng in this s-Jory. An evetf.
iofll, papcv   published  a special from
ms arc begin-
ih ne to DOycUt French goods as it
peuai'y fo��- Wits indecent attacks recently made iu France upon Her Mnjesty-
llie Queen. The movement i?i likely to
spread far and wide;
A Madrid journal i<5 printed on linen
with a composition basil*-? .(^movable
by wnt*r, and the subscriber, afttr
devouring the news, washes ins jour-
inii hn'd has a handkerchief.
Situate In Oolden Mining Division of NortH
Fan*. Kooienny.
Whore ibchtM-On the Middle Fork of the
Spilliinschone Hivor;
TAKE NOTICE thst I. Frjulprick W
Ayl-i er, rs ngonl for Harokl E; Forster, Fret
Minorii Cortrfiuato Nu. iiWli4, lutoud, sixty
days from tlato neteof. to apply to the
Mining Kocomer fer �� c!'rtificnto of hu-
pruveniontu, for the purpose uf obtaining a
Creivn t-r>uit nt'tlio ahtno clain.s.
Mid furllior hdtfc iietit-p thai acijpn. tiiMloi*
Spction 87, unlit bo taken before Ine usuaiii c
of such Certiliiuto of liuprcivuincnts.
Dated this I Ith day of DcctfHibbr; ifto. -
LiQtiaii LicKNcn act,* isso-
A l a spp-ilal ii rnti..-_r nUho F;.jird of Lice'- i
Conuuifsionerstr dat >*uirh Fast ��� Kotitoimv
l) strict, tu be held in he Ot.venniient oflice
UoMen, �� touM.Ykii-.li in ihn altemooti y
I'rid.'iy. Dfcceinr>er22nd, l-SUlt, tho followhi-
nnplioatiooR will lie comddeted*-
Jameii s ;StO(idin*d( Kut��H Lice.ifu,Whidc*
more Holel.Winrieriuerc, It, C.  .
'M VtftS M-J-IBS %t tie 0CrmnhiG���;1���lo���tf,D*S��?mt,���;fS.^m'0,1,nm*,*'
At .1 R|-i-ct*l! nipoliiif. of tlio Bqttnl i
l.li-oiu-o Cililllltllflltlltnrs iir the "Vi-rlfi Kiim
Kcn.l."iis.y.District to lie lifilll thitlio, Uovpni
ineiHoliii-p. UtiMi'iiiiMoV.lnck ih thi*. afn-r
noon ol FridAy tbo aiili Drf-ember 1BBK Hit
fcllmviiii; ai.iili.-nti. 11 ivill lie c*m*iiiiiircili
.luiims.l. liroiv��tor, Kulail LUtimt, lluiw!'
lloiirt, Uollni, B.C.
I, .-ii, ��� ���     .   CMofl.li-ii'iicSuijfelof.
C0M6I1 DCi-dmLor l.-nh tar*), "^
AT *01>1>ER RIVER.
Kimberley Still Actively Defended���
Boer Report That Mafeklog Hu
Fallen Not Confirmed.
London, Doq. 8.���A rumor on the '
stock exchange here today tbat Lady- J
smith had been relieved, aided the
market and oansod a noisy bidding for
South Afrioau securities. j
Xbe announcement is taade in a
special dispatch from Bloemfontein,
dated Sunday, Dec. 3, that President
Steyn, of the Orange Free State, baa
joined the Boer forces at Modder river.
His appearance, it is added, bas caused
great enthusiasm among the Boers.
Loudon. Dec. 7.���The war offlce bare
received the following message from
Gen. Foreslier-Walker, tbe British
commander at Oape Town:
"Wednesday, Dec. 7.���Gen. Methuen wires thnt he hss resumed command and is nhrhtly iu communication
witb Kimberley. The health of the
troops is excellent"
Tne Boer report that Mafeking
has fallen caunot be confirmed bere,
although tbe persistency of the report
causes considerable anxiety.
A story was enrrent at Durbau on
Tuesday, Dec. 5th, to the effeot tbat
tbe Boers made what was thought to
have beon iheir final effort to capture
Ladysmith on Deo. 4th; that they had
beeu defeated and had retreated. As
the story was brought by runners it
should bo r ccived with caution as
the unreliability of these "Kaffir-
grams" is notorious. According to tbis
report the Boeis opeued a furious bombardment during the morning ot Dec.
4th. After several hours the British
sib need the Boer guus, made a sortie
and hard lighting followed, tbe Brers
retreating after very heavy losses,
estimated in tho hundreds.
It is reported from the Orange river
today that 107 dead Boors were taken
to Kafflrskop after the battle of Bel-
A dispatch from Frere camp partially confirms the statement of the ie-
tirement of tho Free State burghers
fr in the vicinity of Ladysmith, but
does not indicate that the retreat was
the result of a defeat ou the previous
day, while the statement in the same
dispatch that the Boers were firing into
Ladysmith shews tbat tbe Boer guns
we e still active. It is also pointed out
that all suggestions of weakening" refer
to the Free Staters Apparently tbe
Transvaal Boers are still fnll of fight,
though it is reiterated they are short of
supplies. Aocording to a dispatch
irom Gen. Scha.'kburger's laager, dated
Deo. li, Frenoh and Au-ttrlian military
attaches had arrived there, while the
German attaches had gone to join the
Boer forces along Tugela river, where a
collision is momentarily expeo:ed.
Canadians at the Front.
Loudon, Dec. 7.���Fred K. Hamilton,
with the Canadian troops, wires from
De Aar: "We are now encamped at
De Aar and go to the front tomorrow,
All are well."
Although the cable is dated Deo. 6,
it was probably filed several days ago
and detained by the censor and official
business. There is no doubt, however,
that the Canadians are now with Gen,
Meihuou, and will figure in bis further movements on Kimberley.
Olery is gradually preparing to turn
tbe Boer position at Oolenso and relieve Ladysmith, while Methuen holds
Commandant Oronje's forces at Spyfon-
tbin and Jacobsdale, aud Gatacre is
playing with the Free Stato raiders
among the Dutch villages. Variations
of these three themes continue to occupy tbe attention of the military writers in the London press, and evidenoe
is found of Bullers' controlling mind
In directing the British campaign of
the expulsion of tbe Free Staters from
Oape Colony and tbe relief of Kimberley. Tho defeat of Oronje'^ army
wonld release onr forces of considerable
strength from operations remote from
Natal and open the way for the concentration of tho Dutch army at Bloemfon
tein, who.e reinforcements could be
sent to the Boer laagers between Oolenso and Ladysmith.
St. Boniface Fire.
Winnipeg, Deo. 8.���The fine residence of Mr. S. A. D. Bertram., member
elect for St. Boniface, together with
stables, barns and outbuildings, situated on Provenoher aveuue, St. Boniface, was totally destroyed by fire at
an early hour this morning. The fire
had gained rapid headway before it was
nol iced in tbe stable, and soon spread
to the residence. It was impossible to
save the stiucturos, owing to tho lack
of lire appliances. The Winnipeg fire
brigade was soon on the scene aud gave
all lhe assistance possible, bnt they
could ouly prevent the Humes from
spreading to other residences. It il
supposed that the firo was sot in tbe
hay loft of the stable aud there are suspicious that it is tho work ot an inoen-
diary. A lurge quantity of furniture
was saved by willing hands. It is nn
deistood Mr. Bertrond carried u small
amount nf insurance.
I      i   <km, Wjii*B  |
Gel (iii* inufr War.
"How Is yoh nil comln on wif yob
military perJec-tlousV"
"Ob," answered Mr. Ernstus Plnklej,
���Tie comln 'long. I hasn't got my com*
p'ny of spjers organized ylt, but I haa
fob yuller dogs an somo yutbub animals wot'II beat de world foh mas-
"Truth Is mighty!" shouted tba military man at Rennes.
"Yes." answered tlio blunt, cynical
person, "mighty iin-wtnln."���Washington Star, ���	
Manila, Deo. 8.���There has been a
mutiny of native police in oue of Ihe
towns of the island of Negros. An
American officer was killed. No particulars have yet beeu re-eived.
A rii-*.'iMl'Olls fire occurred inn Head.
Ing, i'ti. t.ii'iar.v where i;t)0 girls were
cnipln.vi-i! .u Hi'1 timo. j-'illy had to
Juiiif* tut viif*' .v from Hie roof; flvo art
dead. _,
-Ilio c'ltiiicse diplomat In London con.
grait'ifiicii ninit Iti'linhi on tin? up.
j.oln*'���"'-"f ot l'i Jl""}*: Clmiig tu th*
depni i-iicnt oi itinK- in tlio ���.uliln-jt at
1'reiuier Oreeuwav  It-e-elcctcil Iti Mouii-
min. ami  Hugh John  M mil mm hi
Elect d lu Mouth Winnipeg.
Winnipeg, Dec. 8.���Thegeneral election held yesterday, the teuth in the
history of ihe provinc, was perhaps
the most keenly ccuieeted and most
ev n in result ot ;u*y ever held in the
Dominion. After eleven years, dnring
which the government has been returned with scarcely any opposition, it
was to be expeete i that Ihe Opposition
would throw themselves into the contest with more thau usual vigor and
that the government candidates would
fcr the same rea-sou be in some cases, at
least, loss ecergotic thau is usual in
evenly divided contest}.
The returns were uot complete in
several constituencies at an early hour
this morning. In two or t iree divis-
ious the majority is iu the single
Beautiful Plains���Kuni, Lib., has 90
miij., with ono poll to hear from.
Birtle���Hon. 0. J. Meikle elected by
ISO niuj., with six polls to   hear fioiu.
Carillon���Mr. Jerome, Gov!., elected
Doiorniue���Mr. O. A. Vooug, Govt,
leads by 94. with I polls to hear from.
Lakeside��� Mr. Aluofccust e, Govt,
elouied by a small majority.
Lnusdownc���Mr. Norris, Govt., has
45 miij , wilh 3 polls to hear from.
La Voraudrye���With 4 polls lo hear
from the majority of Mr. Lngimodiore,
Govt.,will be iu the i eigbborhood of iiO.
Lome���Mr. Kiddell, Govt, elocted
by 811 maj., with 2 polls   lo hear from.
Minnedosa ��� Mr. Myers, Govt.,
elected by 314 majority.
Mountain���Mr. Greenway ti elected
by a plurali y of 83, witli ouo poll to
honr from.
Rhiueland���Mr. Winkler, Govt., hns
118 maj.
Roseufeli ��� Mr. Hespeler, Ind.,
elected by 8 maj.
Saskatchewan���The vole is a tie,
with one place to hear from.
St. Boniface���Mr. Bertruud, Govt,
elocted by 38 maj.
South Brandon��� Mr. Fowler, Govt.,
elected by 07 maj.
Springfield ��� Mr. Smith* Govt.,
Westbourne���Mr. Morton, Govt., is
elected by DO majority, with 3 polls to
hear from,
Winnpiog Oeutre���Hon. Ool. MoMil- j
Ian, Govt., elected by 115 majority.
Cypress*���Steele, Opp., lends by 98 j
maj. over Doig, with two polls to hear*
from.    "
Brandon Oily���Mr. Mclunes, Opp.,'
elected by 7 majority.
Kildonan and Sr. Andrews���Dr.
Grain, Opp., elected by 301 majority, ;
with one poll to hear from.
Muuiton���Mr. Rogers, Opp., elected j
by u plurality of about 50, with 3 polls
to hear from.
Morden���Mr Ruddell, Opp., elected'
ty 34 majority.
Morris���Mr. Campbell, Opp.,elected.
His majority is 181, with 5 pol.s to
hear from.
Norfolk���Mr. Lyaus, Opp , elected \
by a majority of ftO, with one place to
hear from.
North Brandon ��� Mr Greenwood,
Opp., elected ly 17 majority.
Pottage la Pruirie���Mr. Garland,
Opp., elected by over a hundred ma-
joii.v, with one poll to hear from.
Rockwood���Mr. Riley. Opp., has 481
majority, with oue place to hear from.
Souris���Mr. Thompson, Opp., pro-:
I ably elected.
Turtle Mountain ��� Mr. Johnson, '
Opp, elected by 190.
Virden���Mi. Simpson, Opp., has 54!
majority, wilh 2 places to hear from.    I
Winnipeg North���Dr. Neilson, Opp., ;
elected l>y 240 majority.
Wiuuipeg   Soo.'h���Mr.    Mncdonald, i
Opp , elected by (10 majority.
Ayoudule���Dickie has 3 maj., with
oue plnce to hear from.
Eiuera n���Mr. McFaddeu, Opp., reported as leading, bac ihe returns incomplete.
Killamey���Tho returns are incomplete. The figures to hand show a majority fcr Mr. Lawren-oe, Opp
Russell���Litest returns from Russell
givo MulliuB elected by iii majority,
with incomplete returus.
Woodlands���Tho reurus are incom*
plelte, with M-. Ko Jin, Opp., in the
Elections yet to be held nro Dauphin
and Gitnli.
lady Alice Dying.
New York, Dec. 7.���It is announced
here that the young Duke or Manchester, who arrived he e a few weeks ago
from England, has been hurriedly recalled by a cable from bis mother, the
Duchess of Maiiolm ter, auuooucing
that his sister, the jonng Lidy Alice
Montague, is dying. The duke is devotedly attached to his sister and although sho has i nt recently been able
to live iu England, owing lo advanced
consumption, tho faot tbat her death il
likely to occur nt tuch an ea ly age bad
been kept fioiu her brother, who had
for a long time looked for bis slsier's
ultimate lecorery. Tho duke will sail
. n Saturday
Mny*ville, Ky , Deo 8.��� Theuitizens
of Moyaville say they don't believe the
grand jury will attempt to indict the
members of ihe mob.
-i  ii-I    ���      m.fmm*     i     i
A <*o met I on.
"This report says that you cams oat
victorious after four battles," said tha
"Let me see It," said the Filipino cose*
mander, who Is jnst getting acquainted
with some htxtii-icH of civilization. "Um.
That's a typographical error. It ought
to bo 'bottles.' "���Washington Star.
Eamy Pleklflff.
Callow���All the world loves a lover,
they sny.
Rounder��� Yes, Indeed, Everybody
appreciates a good thiug.���New 1'orfe
Eiu-si)* Very Active Around Storm******
Junction and Telegraph Lines Are
Cnt In ViultiiiB Places.
���jidj-.-mitli. Saturday, Deo. a.���-The
hottest boniliardincnt of the siege took
place last Tharetlny. The Boers got a
new big gon ia position on Lombard'!
Kop, *��� completely commanding the
town, nnd shelled our camp that day
antl yesterday, planting shells with
great actinrncy in the oauip of the Gordon HigliltiiHlors and Manchester regiment, where there were mnny uarow
escapes. Toduy rho euemy resumed the
bombardment, doing ,ome very effective sliootiug. fc'uveral of our guns
hare been shattered by tlio Boors' big
Qneeustown, Cope Colony, Dec. 2.���
The Boers have Locouie v.-ry notive in
the country around Hionnberg Jnuo*
lion, to which General Gatacre will
make his next move. The telegruph
Hues huve beeu cut iu various places,
aud communication with Steyimburg,
Dunlin-lit aud Miirolstim'3 has been
severed. It is lit I eved here that the
Boers have occnpkd Stevu burg. Firing has been heard iu tlm direotiou of
Storuiburg, probably between Geueral
Gulaore's vauguard aud the Boer com*
Ij'ii-Ioii, Dec. ?.���-A dispatch from
Firm ouinp, dated Dec. 5, says: "The
Boers aro tiring Into Ladysmith. It ie
rumored that (1,0,10 Free State troops
have left Ladysmith, entertaining the
gravest leirH ns to the nufety of their
London, Deo. 7.���There is again a
oomplet i lull iu uows ftoni the teat of
war. Ladysiiiit*". has established hello-
graphic communication wt-li Frere, and
it is reported tint all was well up t>
Sunday. A dispatch from tie Boer
laager, by way of Lorenzo Marquess,
dated Thursday, Nov. Hu, confirms the
raport that the commandos have been
closed in npon Ladysmiili, aud mounting big guns iu uew poiitious. Aco rd*
ing to thn panic n .vices, a heavy cannonade I ns boon uiuiulalnerl, aud a geu*
einl assault hud beeu ordered for Thursday morning, bnt wns countermanded
at the last moment.
Modder River disnatches say that the
Boers are eucampc I ituiid the bills half
way to Kimberley, bit it is also added
that a large body of the enemy has gone
iu the tlii-eciiuu o' Jacobsdnl. It is possible, therefore, that Lord Methum
may endeavor to olmr ihis right flank
as fur as Jacobsd.il before toutinnlug
his ndvauce. Hc is still waitiug at
Mod 'er River for stores, gnus and am*
Electric Line for Damon.
Vancouver, D c. 7 ���Dawson Oity is
to bave au 11, ctric railway line, A
liue is being built through the city,
whicli will cross the Klondike rlrer
aud ccuuect Dawson Oity and Klondike
City if parliamentary sanction is obtained It is prop sed to extrnd ti is
lino np the Klondike river to the mouth
of Bonanza aud Eldorado.
The b g O.P.R. excursion left for tbe
Boundary Oreek, country yesterday.
The chief uiil'cliatys of Vunconvor,
Victoria and New Westminister accepted the iuvilatlou of the company
and will bo its gnests for a week.
Greenwood iilcI Gr.iud Forks have both
arranged to banquet the merchant visitors. Mnch profit both to Bound-iiy
aud the (o.isfc la expected to result from
the meeting of tbe morcbouts of differ*
ent sections. The Bouudary Oreek
towns want to have tho best relations
with tbe coist aud the mer;hauts here
desire the trade.
lliii'kitshops Crusade.
Chicago, Deo. 7.���A concerted movement will bo mode by commercial exchanges all over lhe country against the
bnckotsliup system. Tlu Chicago board
of trade has taken the initiative. Secretary Geo. ritono bus circulated ro-
ports of a resolution adopted by the directory calling upon the exchanges of
the oountry to combine agaiust this
form cf speculation. A number of replies havo hecu received und each Indicates that tho feeling against the
bnoketshops Is as strong lu other large
cities of the country as it is in Chicago.
The purpose of Ihe auli-buoketahop
crnsade is to strike at the bottom of the
business by semiring th ��� aid of the New
Vork sto k ex hange aud the cotton exchange, which, itissaid, iu conjunction
witb the change board of trade, form
the basis of nearly all the bucketshop
operations lu thu country.
New York, Deo. 7.���-At a meeting of
the' board of directors of the Oommercial
Cable compauy held here, the regular
quarterly dividend of 1 8*4 per cent
aod a bonus of oue per cent watt declared.
Kingston, Out., Deo. 7.��� There it
great sleighing here, a foot of mow
having fallen during the night. The
���treat cara were stalled this morning
until the line had been cleared.
Pekin, Dec. 8.���The governor of tha
province of Shan Tung has been dig-
missed in consequence of his inability
to deal with tlio auti-iuissionary
troubles whicli have been rife throughout that province. Yuuu Shiska, formerly commander of the foreign drilled
brigade, hns leen appointed to succeed
Rome, Deo. 8.���Cardinal Rnuipolla,
papal secretary of stale, hns just notified the diplomats the pope Is suffering
(rout a slight cold, uud keeps his room
Duly id n precunion.
TIhti- nr. riuiiiura of an early Mssloa
of   the Dominion lion.e,
Manila, Do.-, 7.���(leu. Hughes sow
ooonpien Hunia Barbara and Oabnnuan
Island of 1'niiny, his lines extending
thirty-five miles north of Ililio. Re
bas occupied twenty town*. The Inhabitants are returning wilh white
flags, Iheir fear of tho Americans' diminishing at tbey learn they will be
well treated. ���
Slieriiuens ,*f .Miiniuila ttioS'iullocs
liav,- Icon sent lo tlio Ti-iiiik.il Medical
.clmol, I'iik- Im I'Xiiiiiliiullon.
Al.i-;.iitliiii-t li��Ailisl Altorriu-j-, --i.il.liir
ti. K i-iinsiil In Irelorl.i, hns initlinraa..
cil the linlleil i-laus uoi-t-rniuciit.
Fr.nlil.nt or Villi- Marl. Hunk G.t. Two
Years In fall���Nnw In HI. 77th Year.
Montreal, Dec. 7.���-There was a painful scene iu the court of Queen's b*noh
todav wheu Wm. Weir, president of thi
Bank Ville Marie, coovio:ed of tending
a false stattment of tbe bank's position
to the government on Jane 80 last,
oame np for sentence. Judge Wnrtele
first rejected the application Ibr tbe reserve case to the oonrt of Queen's benoh
iu appeal, Greenshlelds at once gave
notioe the defence wonld lake advantage ot seotion 744 and appeal to the attorney-general, who might take a different view of the legal points raised. Is
the meantime he asked that sentence
| be not pronounced.
Hon. Charles Fitzpatrick opposed lhe
application and asked for sentence.
The deleudaut would have just the
tame opportunity for appeal - then at
now. After some consideration, the
judge announced he hnd oome to the
conclusion he jould pronounce sentence
on Weir withont in tbe least jeopardising hit int rests, pending an a, peal to
Ihe attorney-general for leave to carry
the oase to tbo court of appeal. Weir,
who had hitherto occupied a teat near
hia lawyers, was then ordered to step
iuto tbe dook. For Ihe first time, he
teemed to realizu his p:eition, and near,
ly collapsed. When asked what he bad
to say why sentence should not be pro*
nonuoed the old mnn produoed a written statement, which, in a -trembling
voice he asked permission to lead.
At the request of the oonrt, Green-
shields read tbe statement, in which
Weir stated he was new lu hit 77tn
year, and fcr the patt three yean had
felt his bodily and mental strength falling. During the nine mouths preceding suspension he waa prostrated by
sew re Illness, whioh incapacitated him
from maintaining close supervision
over the b.iuk, aud he blamed himself
for coutiuniug the duties he no longer
wos able to perform. The disappearance
of to much of the note circulation
whioh led to the suspension it still a
mystery, aud be felt it oould be solved
qnly by further testimony.
Judge Wnrtelee, in pronouncing sentence, said hnudredt and thousands of
people were victims of the prisoner's
administration nf the bonk. When the
bauk got into difflcul ies, branches were
established all through tbe province,
uot for discouuting tountry notes,
but for bringing country money to the
li ad office ot the bank. Tbe spider,
wheu it gets a fly in its web, snoks I he-
blood of Us victim. Tbe prisoner and
his fellow-directors robbed these poor
people. For much less crimes, many
a man has be, n sent to the penitentiary. He had known aud reapeoled
Weir for years, but hc uow pitied him.
Owing to the prisoner's age and the re-
commend itiou of tbe jury to mercy, he
wonld not impose the uuxinioni penalty of fire yrurs in the penitentiary,
hut if the oonrt 1 uten.d to the will of
anguish all over tbe country, a mott
severe pnnistimeut, wonld he inflicted.
At Queb o, Sr. Hyociutle, Nicoletnnd
otlier places, the jndge s.ld ho had
heard mott painful Inlet of dittrett
ariting from the j risouer's maladministration. Poor people had entrusted
the bauk witb a million nnd a quarter
dollars. When was that sum now?
The deposito s would not get ten cents
ou the dollar. It was uot u qu- stion of
the past fow months, for the bank had
been rotien for year., aud Ihe president
know it. He would, therefore, Impose
a penalty of two years, less oue day, In
the common jail.
The poor old prisoner, who is very
deaf, did not hear Ihe sentence, and
when told of it burst into tears, and
was unable to leave the court room for
some time.
lirakcuinn Has lioth Legs Crushed.
Rat Portage, Deo. O.���Ross Mo-
Bi ti-hie, a O. P. R. br-ikeinan living here,
received serious injuriis at a siding*
few miles east of here last uight. Mc-
Ritchie was riding ou Ibe pilot of the
engine, which was drawing a heavy
load aud pushing some empty cars into
Ihe siding. The cars ahead struok
tome more cars on tho track aud tbe
push bar doubled up. McRitohie bad
both legs smashed aud received other
injuries. He was brought here and
tent al onoe lo Winnipeg for treatment.
It It expected that one, if r'o both,
legs will have to be amputated.
Raoine. Ws., Deo. 7.���Rev, D. B.
Oheney, of the First Baptist church,
and wife were shot and probably fatally injured by a burglar, who entered
but home today. At tbe point of the
revolver the minister and hit wife were
oompelled to turn over money and
jewelry; then thlnktnu they were en-
deavoring to conceal some valuables,
the burglar shot them both and escaped.
Winnipeg, Do. 7.���-Oomminiouer
MoOreary received a cheque from
Oonnt Tolstoi yesterday of (8,000 to he
given to all the Doukhobors lu the establishment of their colony in Canada.
Count Tolat.il did not make any empty
promise when he agreed to donate to
the Doukhobors the proceeds of one of
bit books.  	
London, Dec. 7.���The Brltlth steamer Olty of Wo omter, Oapt. Jonet. from
Nyberg, it ashore at Oraiter, south of
the river Tweed, and will probably become a total wreok.   Ko lives war*
lott.        ___________
Fire at IlarUey.
Hartney, Dec. 0.���Fire broke oat in
Parkin k Moore't gener.il store abont
1 o'olook tonight. Thestook is almott
a total loss ��� Insurances 14,000. The
bnilding was owned by 8. B. Dioktos,
and it a total lott, witb Insurance of
$1,000. The oanse of tho fire le no-
known. The total Iou by the lin will
range from $0,000 to $10,000.
Grain, Provisicns ud Stocks
Mn . Win OouMtkm. wl h
"���"""���    ""    1,uS9&.wdii
mr- -��� ���tta *v*c*
148 Prlaceu Bt, Winnipeg, Man.
. mn .win uoaDMaon. wi a
MirkeU. Grain ���ndS-nrllU.Boi
0.1-ried. n Msr. n.. O urcMndi
Print. Cyph.r Cod. fun-laMd t
London,   Deo A speoial dlspstoh
from Berlin says that Oonnt Tolstoi
has been seriously ill. For two dayt
he was nuconsclout, but is now slightly better, although great anxiety It
still manifested In Moscow regarding
him.  '
A false charge was laid against Mr. J.
Obetl Smith l,y member, of the Wlunl.
peg Criiositlon.
A molntlon lin. been Inu-oiliic-nl la
tiie ll. tt. senate f.ivoi-inir tin* Transvaal
In the *>rcs.-n campaign.
The oineiigo loni-ii ot limit- has taken
a strong Initiative in a ci-usads ngalett
tlio inieiiets'isin of America,
Wheat���Manitoba JSo. 1 Hard at Fort
William, Oiiio
Flour���Oguvfe's Hungarian patent,
$1.90; Glenora, 41 70, Manitoba strong
bakers', 1.80; XXXX, 41.15, Lake of
the Woods pu-eui.$l 90, .troug bakers',
$1.70; Medoni, 41.60; XX-^X, $1.80
per sack uf lib pounds, delivered in
Millfeed���Ogilvie bran, (il 50 per
to,; sho ts. $18 50 net Lake of the
Woods bran, sack d, $1*1; shirts, $14.
Ground Feed���best u*t onop, 420
per ton; mixed buricy and oate,|18.00;
barley chop, i o; Uiioake, $28 per tou.
Oais---Mllliug ��8 tu 81c, and feed
grades 85 to lioo on traok here.
Oatmeal���Per sack of 80 lbs, $1.70.
Barley���lis to tlio lot fetd; malting,
8Jo, on tmok here
Oorn���41 to 42o i u traok.
Wheat���At country ) oiut. 48 to 64o
per bushel.
Flax���At oountry pcluts, $1,80 per
Hay���Baled, (8 00 on traok, Winnipeg; Lot so, $5 to 40.
Butter���Oreamery, 21o at the factories; dairy, 81 to 2to for fine grades.
Cheese���11 ijo at ihe faclorlet for
Eggs���Stri tly fresh, 80c.
Vegetables���Potatoes, 40o per bushel;
cart-its, 40o per bushel; turnips, 80
to 85o per bushel; beets, 85 to 80o per
bushel; parsnips, J^o per ponnd;
pnmpkins, lj-fo per lb,; dry onions,
75o lo $1.C0 per bushel; cabbage, X
to lo per ponnd; celery, 80o per dozen
bunches; squash, lo per ponnd; Hubbard, Ijjfc; marrow, 40 to to*) per dot.
green house lettuce. 4Co per dozen
bun hes; gieeu bouse pinley, 86o per
dozen bunohea.
Seneca root�����7o per pound.
Hides���Inspected hides, So. 1, .*ioi
No.8,b%o; JNo.8, 6*^o. Branded bidet
grade iso. 2, and built No. 8. Kip,
7c; calf, 8 to 8}$c; deakln skins, 85
to 85o each; sheepskins, fresh killed,
SOo each; country skins and lambs, 80o
each; honehidet, 60o to 76o eaoh.
Wool���Unwashed Manitoba fleece, 7
to 8c per ponnd.   None offering.
Dressed Meats���Beef, good to choioe,
6 to Bo; mutton, 8 to Bo; lamb, 9 to
lOo; veal, 7 to 8c; dressed hogt, &H
to (I per ponud.
Poultry���Turkeys, 11 to Ire per
ponnd, dressed weight; geese, 9o per
ponnd, ducks, 9o per ponno; chickens,
9a to lOo per ponnd.
Tn low���Dealers ore oiler ng 2H to
81(0 at oountry point., aocording to
Oattle���Good to ohoioe steers, butch*
en', 8 Jj-o per ponud off cars; exporters, hii t-1 8.Ho at point ef shipment,
common, ; H to Oo
Sheep���Ohoioe giadts, 4c per ponnd;
lambs, 4 io So per ponnd.
Hoys���Choice weights, 4J��c; seconds, 4*dO |er ponnd.
Milk cows���Very scaroe. Good milk.
en, from $85 to $45.
Hones���Good Heavy animals welshing uot less than 1,400 pounds, $185 to
$175 eaoh.   Lighter hones, for road
purposes, $110 to $140 eaoh.
Two Toronto Boys llr.wncil.
Toronto, Dec. 8,���Thlu ico on tbe
river Don tempted two boys, Donglaa
Dnnoin uud Walter Sal'h, one 11 aud
the otber 10 years of age, to stay awey
from school yesterday afternoon. The
boys played on th- la1, which near the
shore was au iuob think, and becoming
more veutuioaome, began lo tilde to*
wards lhe centre of the river. This in
creased Ihe sport, aud Ihe latt t me
they ran dowu tho west s de of tbe river and slid out where tbe enrrent was
ruuu-iig slroug under a ih u oov.ring.
The Ice gave awsy with a load report,
and tbe two boys shot under the water.
A gang of prisoners from tbe county
jail, wbo were working on tbe Dou
flat- heard tbe noise. They ran to the
spot and laid plunks out on the Ice.
Pulriok O'Brien, oue of Ibe prisoners,
climbi A onl ou the plnnkt and tried lo
reach the boys wilb a pike pole. Being
uonble to do thi', he plunged into tbe
wu'er and secured the b- d; o' the boy
Smith. Dn. Suuttlewoitb anil Karle
i ad arrived nnd they put forth gr at
efforts at resusoitatt.u, hut wt onl
avail. Twenty minutes afterwards Ihe
body of Dnnoau wat brought to the sur*
f ice.
a, *ae*tt,*,*,*,e
Frlilny. l>rrfinber 8
M Guertii tias on trial iierorc. the
French mate.
Proi. Mfiftou, ol the Klimtlon School
of  Mining, is   (tend.
J.ady Alice, ���idttr ot tba nuke nl Man.
cheater, ie fl-tintc.
Brinih ColDtitiiia iitlwcrli>e<1 over SU,.
000  to  the   Mantion  Uoune  tuud-
Fflrfto- N. !>., citUens want a tiraneb
of tin Sf.c line tu enter their Ally,
TJie Stuck Valley In Waililnitlon Htato
It flooded a nt. tilt- (lamas* to lArinera it
very great.
IV. F. Mtllvr, manager of the Frank*
Un Frnriicate, in ununr oolite Nurrell.
lanco lit  Montreal.
Thr -cmitJltUu'H elected in Wiuiiliwg
yeeterday were t'oi. McMillan. U.J. Mac.
dona' 1 bnd Dr. Neilaon.
Tlic ruimi. einuloyenH of many tlftr
factuvie*- In Tampa, Florida, muilc i.utl.
American unreciien yea tor-day.
Two l>oyn, Douglaa Duncan and Wai.
ter Smith, r.cre drowned In the Don
rlrer, Toronto, hy sliding otl tlte lec
Into open wnter.
Tlntr-Mlay, December 1.
Thit lone1- tjuipathlca are with the
Thn while mmIous of the Maiet en.
Qulrj ba. cloned.
W. H Fluuerty. an old resident of Portage Itt Prairie, ii dead.
Thi" ciHlet.cc a', the Mollneui Trial In
New Vork v,\e mifavoraWe to the prl.
Rer. D. II. Cheney, of Racine, WU.,
wai probably fatally ehot by a bur-
Itoa. Mcltltciiie, a 0. P. It. brakeaian,
wee evrlausl} injured near Rat Ton
If Folyganiiat liobrrti li rejected by
tbe U. S. ��nngre�� he may enter the
���enata. ���   >
Tbt re li a jibialbUlty ot the Sloean
mining strike being settled by mutual
A coiorod murderer wai ttxfin from
Jail by a mob at Mayavillo, j ly.. Und
burned alire* ���'
Wednesday, December 6*
The rresldcn*.*! menage was deliver,
ed tn the u. 8. congreaa and senate.
A flG.OOO fuc rlilted 1'eterboro, Ont.,
the losers being A. H. St rat ton A Co*
Mis. Katf- uoudmau. a prominent re.
sident ot Heading, Pa., died Irom hydro.
Two carloads ol Ontario apples were
destroyed :u Vnncourdi, afflicted with
codU.i moth,
Noinluatkiir ol candidates tor the
municipal elections of Manitoba were
held -yesterday.
Caubda'a aggregate trade for the past
Itai increased 117.000,000. Kavenuo In.
c reaped 14,570,000.
Hlx i-cr��iii* wore killed In the wreck
of two imsBciiKtr trains on the Dearer
and li.o iirnnuu rallwayf
Tbo Monti "il harbor board bas a��-
cepttd the Connors' syndicate iiroposal
to build elevators, dockyards aud
barges, _.
Tuesday, December It.
Tbe fckatlug stason iu Winnipeg has
"Galling dun" Howard has left for
Booth Africa,
There are font candidates Ior the Tor.
onto mayoralty.
The Uritlsh force in South Africa now
numbers 78,000 men.
Wlnripeu will cable congratulations to
the canudlar. contingent,
The missing uladstone resident, Wat.
son. bus bet:, tumid alive aud well In e
A hlcamei- leaves Boston for Cap*
Town to-day, with 3,000 tons ol Cuua-
dial; bay.
Pert Wtlllari Harbor Is still lr�� o.'
tee, a id twelve boats are yet exooctet!
for cargoes.
The N. P. excursion from tbo Portage
extension district to Winnipeg wu
largely attended,
A regiment tf the Household Cavalry,
tho blue-blood corps of England, bus
left .'ur South Africa,
Tho Warriinoo and Miowera bare been
told i- a New Zealand company, und
larger boats wiil be put on the Vannou-
ver>Anstralla route,
Tk* Best Im the Lot.
"Bow does Charley like tiie new
"I fancy be doesn't like tt very well.
They brought borne a shirt the other
day with no collar band and only half
a bosom. Charley looked at the markings and saw tbat It belonged to aome
other fellow. Then he called the delivery man's attention to it"
"What did the delivery man say?"
"Ht said it was the best be could
find ta the lot."���Cleveland Plain
A Ooaslstent MlBsmthrope.
"Oan yon tell why It Is so much colder In winter than It Is In summer?"
inquired Mr. Blyklns' little boy, who
Is studying astronomy.
"Of course I can," answered Mr.
Blyklns Irritably. "There's no use of
expecting things to be otherwise. Tbe
coal trust bas got to have some excuse for raising prices, hasn't It?"���
Washington Star.
A Gloomy Outlook,
She could not forbear asking htm
after the refusal If lie wore of (he belief that be would never love again.
"I dunnb," be said sadly. "It Is an
even chance that I will have nnother
attack next spring." - Indianapolis
A Part of HU Train I na.
"Isn't your son rather large to play
with dolls?"
"Oh, not We are training bim np to
be a man dressmaker."���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
He Knows.
"PA, what's hn old man's darling?"
"Ob, any one who will tell bim ba
seems   to   be growing younger and
younger every day."���Chicago Times*
game Thins.
"Ever up In a balloon?"
"Me? No.  But 1 hnve been In love."
^Indianapolis Journal.
"I don't arst yer fer money. 1 don't
want money. Wot I wants la bread.
'Ave yer got such a thing aa a bit o*
bread about ver. me lord?"���Punch.
Pay in SCRIP for Dominion lands and
>��*��� 30 par Ont. Discount.
For full lalonnatloa applr t>
Alloway & Champion,
Or to aay offlco. tha 1MB0HANT8' BANK
CANADA In Manitoba or thsWssc.
N(iiii,ii..llt,iii' lur tho Ontario liyo.A'.e-
tloni. In Wfl Elfin, hint Eisln, S.mtli
Ont *rlc anil South . lliant wero mad.
Vienna, Deo. ��.���Tlte oommlttee ap-'
pointed lo deal with paragraph la,
wbioh conferred on tho gorernmenl
power to oairy on Ihe affairs of the nation by administrative deoree In th*
e?enl of parliamentary obstrootion ha
decided by a vole of HO to IH In feite
at the eliminating of the paragraph
Irom the oonstltntion,
Constantinople, Dec (.��� Admiral
Foamier, the commander of tbe Frenoh
Mediterranean squadron, has started
for Sebastopoi to pay ��� rlslt to Admiral
Xyrtoff, the Bn (Ian minister of Um
Reported by Alloway k Champion,
Stork Broken, Winnipeg.
I.      . I 4
ir^/fe::::::::*:::: 'll
, JE:ifc5!ffi��::::. S*
<ooa-r,tlm.,,         .-t
loner on osil         I
Monday. l>M.tnb.r 4.
navigation lu tlio Boo canal ha. been
Mra. Mary Cavanagh, ot London, Oat.,
was murdered.
0, A. Height, a Killamey, Man��� ploa.
e��r, died .uddeuly,
Canadian bank, are Importing gold
from Newfoundland,
Consumption le rapidly on the lucrsas.
In New York stale.
Tke United State." government bas
signed thi* Sanioan treaty,
Frank W.rkc, In Jail lor murder at
Wetland, Oat., attempted oulelds*
Areb. Stewart, contractor, has won
bis suit against tbe Dominion gorera.
Fully 200,00(1 oeople farewelled tb.
Booth Alrieaa Australian contingent at
Tbe eteamer Wecott wae wrecked la
Humboldt Bay, cal,, aud tWo lives
wero lost.
F. Olarkson and Hiss Montgomery,
Normal student., were drowned while
skating at Reglna,
Pugilist 1 lli.liuiuon. quarrelled with
his manager. Marttu Jullen, and tbs two
bar. ..parated.
Toronto cltlsene hare Insured tbe
llvee ol tbe 122 members ol -the South
African contingent, ,
Saturday, Doeomber a.
Gambling ba. been clopped la Taa.
At the Boo blockade 140 .easels are
now detained.
Cbiel Sheppord, ol tbe Victoria police,
hae reolgned,
The labor mlntetry ol Uueeas'aad was
defeated at tbe -first sitting,
Storm, ou the Oull ol Mexico have
don. much damage to property.
Tbo Vlclnrla bridge al Montreal has
been opened to tralflc by tbs 0. T. It,
At Fall lllvsr, Mass., 28,000 mill bands
bare bad their wagee Increased 10 per
The will ol VIM.rrnld.nl Hot-art
hae been Hied, The eelate waa valued
at (g.500.000, !1
Mr. Walton, ol Oladctona, who baa
bean mlee.iig .inc. IV.dn.sday, has Mt
yet ben found.
Minnie Klrkbam, a 11 year old girl,
���I Psthurat, Ont., was latally shot hy
the discharge ol a gun,    o
Tha dspsrtmeul ol the Interior has
outlined a plan for the culture ol trees
aad ehrobe la the west.
Is  ths- Weak, Nervous, Dyspeptic  Man, Wbo Can Be
Restored to Health and
Strength by Dr. Chase's
Nerve  Food.
In picturing In the imagination thn
u who fails, yon do not see tho
healthy, happy, confident man, bnt his
weakling brother, the man who through
over-exertion, worry or tbo indiscretions of youth has shattered his nerv-
ons st.tern ant lost confidence, energy
and vitality.
Premier OreenWay met with a great
welcome at MeOe-cgor on Baturduy.
Quoted  by Alloway * Champion,
HI Main street, "Winnipeg.   .
Hi. horn, ia In Ih. hrlshli  To hlei
lli-n w.g* s battle iviinl and dim,
Uf. la . mlieloii .ten, aj fata.
And aonf a tlrc.il apo-tolal*.
Th. toll, ot phophecy are hU���
Ta ball Ihe comln, ccnlurlea
To cm. the step, and lift the lo>4
Of aoul. thit falter on the road.
Til. perilous music that he turns
Pall, from the vortlc. ol the aplttim
II. preme. on befor. the race
And tings out of . silent place.
Like bint notea ot. fonat bird
On helghta .far lhat vole, ll heard.
And Ihe dint petli lie bre.kl today
Will Min. time be . trodden a/ay.
But whra th. rae. u-mci lolling on
That vole* of wonder will bo gon..
B. heerd on higher peak. afar.
Morad upward wilh the morning Mar.
0 men of earth, that wamlerlns voice
Blllt gore the upward war,  Itejolccl
-Edwin ll.rsJi.nl la "Ponaa,"**
Waa Sot Snurr.lliloa..
"Itoblnsoii CruwiM- wu. lucky, I'm
"Why, ���mt,"
"Wi-ll, didn't lie linn, faith lu Friday 1"
-I'lillaiMpbln Uiilliilu.
The wasting p-raoese going oa la hie
body keeps th* nervons syitem ex-
banted an I causes Nervons Dyspepsia
and headaobe, brain fag, sleepleunesg,
irritability, laokof interet in life, ter
to venture and lose of oonfldenoe nnd
business onpaolty. In short, tha snap
and vim of n sncoessfnl career an entirely wanting In tbli weak, nervons
man���the man that falls.
Many a dlsconraged. despairing mau
has fom-d new hope, new vigor and
new life in Dr. Chain's Nerve food.
It does not itimnlate the nerves to overexertion. Nor ��oei It deaden the
nerves. It Is a restorative, pore and
sim le, a restorative snob as has never
been known ,ln:e the wor'd began It
stopi the wasting prooeis of dlsesse and
builds np the body. It puts into tho
blood and nerves the life-giving principle whioh makes tbe brain healthy
and notive, the memory keen, nnd restores the vigor and vitality of yonth.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food Is a tonio and
ln.igorator fur the whole system. 10
etsn box, at all dwlsrs or postpaid on
receipt of price by BJmsnson, Bates *
Co., Toronto. -
for oroup* coughs, oold., bronchitis
nod asthma see Dr. Chase's Byrop of
Unseed aad Turpentine, at ote a
bottle. Gtf
Q-OL*DE"lsr Bba.
Why it Unitary Family Waited Va*
ll la Vain.
He was ii faintly man, though evidently uot of loug staudlug, for he had
uot yet acquired thu faculty of doing
tbe marketing without looking sheepish.
He was buying provisions at a large
uud central grocery tbe otber day,
when for some reason or other he added "to the heap of parcels before bim
u lino big wuteraielon.
"Going to curry them, did you say?"
remonstrated a clerk. "Melous are
mighty slippery. Better let uie send It,"
But the I'uutlly man shook liis head
"I've stuck to them when 1 was going at a dead run and climbing orer
fences wben 1 was younger, and I
guesa I'll be able to stick to ono now,"
be remarked loftily. "How much did
you say? All right." And he strode
away with his possessions In bis urms.
Ho might have got on vory well If
be had not tried to look dignified. But
It Is bard for a man to look dignified
with n big watermelon nnder his arms.
At any rnto ho found it out, for as
be strode oo to bis cor bo felt an awful
slipping. Tbere was uo time to clutch.
Catch that car he must. and. pressing
down on the slippery encumbrance as
hard as he could, but never deigning
to look at It, on lie went and was all
but safe, when right at tho car steps
there was a sudden slide, a crash, a
Juicy splutter, and there lay upon the
jmremont the wreck of bis melon.
He was dimly aware of n row of
Winning faces and a rush of newsboys to tho scene, but still stood, staring tragically down at tbe heap of
-scarlet, while the car weut on. Thou,
nt'tii-ly upset by the scrambling urchins,
he turned nnd strode nwn.v ns dignified
.ix ever, but It's Nifp to predict that one
family at least went without melon
tliat night.-Cleveland Plain Denier.
How a Drunken Husband Wu Made a
Sofcer Man kya Determined Wife.
She writes:���"I hod for a long time been
thinking of trying the Samaria Proscription treatment on my husband for bla
IrtnUnghabltJ, butlwasafruldhewould
Hanover that I wa. giving him nudlolne.
��nd the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but one day when he
same home very much Intoxicated and
his week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
ttl aU fear ana determined to make an
���Sort to save onr homo from the ruin I
��w coming, at all hazards.  I sent foi
�� onr Samaria Prescription and pnt It In
Is coffee as directed next morning and
watched and prayed for the result. A1
noun I gavo him mora and also at supper.
He never suspected a thing, and I then
boldly kept right on giving lt regularly, ai
f had discovered something thai set even
nerve tn my body tingling with hope ana
happiness, and I could see a bright f utnn
spread ont befon me���a peaceful, happ-*
home, a share In the good things of life, at
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to it woman's heart
for my husband had told me that whlekej
-MTllasuilT and.hajasitaklpgs dlsllkt
"���ton. It was only too true, for before 1
Aad given him the fnll course ho bad stop
l��d drinking altogether, bnt I kept glvins
ahe medlolno till It was gone, and then sen!
(or another lot to have on hand If ha should
relapse, as he had dono from his promises
before. He never has, and I am writing
yon this letter to tell yon how thankful I
am. I honestly believe lt will onra ths
worst oasos."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
sent free, giving testimonials nnd full In-
formation, with directions how to take or
administer Samaria Prescription Correspondence considered sacredly oonllden.
tUL Address The Samaria Remedy Oa,
Jordan stress, Toronto, Onl
Cared of Asthma After Sight Tears of
Almost Constant 8u**��rI��*-Slie Bays
tko Absolute Veoodom From the
Disease Seems tike ��� Dreem-Ctarke's
Kola Compound Cues.
Mrs. J, Wise, Mt Pleasant, Vaneoaver. B. a,
Writes: "I bare bten a treat sufferer from
bronchial asthma for tha past sight jwixe,
many times having to sit np nearly all night.
Through the advice of a friend who had been
eared by Clarke's Kola Compound, I resolved
aa a last resort to try It. The first bottle did
not relieve me muoh, bat before I had finished
tbe third bottle, the attacks ceased altogether,
and during the past sis months of damp
cold weather have not had a single attack. It
seems something like a dream to be free from
this worst of all diseases after so many years of
suffering. I bare, since my reoorery reoom-
mended this remedy to others suffering as I
was, snd know many others tn this city whom
lt has cored. I consider ItamarveJouirtmedy,
and would urge any person suffering from this
disease to try It." ���
A free sample bottle of Clarke's Kola Com-
ponnd will w >ent to any persan who has
asthma, mention ng the paper.   ���������� "*�����-
Griffiths h Macpherson  "-
Agents, 181 Church street
Clnrks's Kola C'ompoui-    	
founded wl h tho otber Kola preparations on
the market, as this ������ altogether a different
preparation, designated especially for the cure
of asthma. AU drug-ins. price ��,' 0 |*r bottle.
.  Address Ths
. . sole   Canadian
. Joronto, Out.
id should uot lw eon*
Mnhti lleggarsof Men.
Wnltor Beannt lays:���
"1 have before me the 87th annunl report of the Soolety for Promoting the
Employment of Women. I nm sorry to
learn from this report that the demand
for women elerks nnd bookkeepers Is on
the Increase.
At Ihe same time I am Informed tn
other quartern tbat thousands of men
clerks are trumping the streets of Lon*
don, wearing ont shoe leather In going
np and downstairs In the weary work of
trying to find plaofs.
"They find Instead women dolne the
wcrfc, whioh shnuld keep them nnd their
wives, for half the pay. One has no objection to women doing''men's work if
they get men's pay. They may even keep
tbe men In Idleness, If they please, like
the laundresses,,
"How ehall we make these promoters
understand the ent*throat polioy of pushing women in everywhere at half or
quarter thn pay, and driving tbe men
abroad*? However, there nre othnr and
more -satisfactory features abmit this re*
"In the Inner walks something hns
been done by the society in getting
places for women ns hairdressers���'Will
they ever beootne such admirable artists
In this walk ns the menF���in finding
cooks nnd waitresses, and in getting
temporary work nf all kinds for women.
"Bnt the numbers and figures given
demonstrate that the work of the society
Is bnt a drop In the ocean. We hav*
40,000,000 of people, with 80,000,000 of
women and girls, nnd all who are post
tbe age nf 15, with ao Insignificant
minority of abont 1100,000, are clamoring
for work,"      i
Children's Knees.
Tbe favorfto posit inu nf young children
seems to bo kneeling. They kneel for
tbeir games nnd for nil kinds uf amuse*
jneuts. They nre still in iheir "sock"
-stage of existence, so how do tbe little
.knees fare? From kneeling ou aU Mode
.of surfaces tbe knees become rough and
grimy. Tbe use of the nailbrush or pumice stone Is torture, and yet washing In
the ordinary way does not remedy tbem.
3t Is a good plan to make a pod of two or
-three thicknesses of flannel about tbree
iinches square. Buttonhole tbe edges to*
���geilier and make a loop to bang tbe pad
up by.
A gentle rubbing with tbli nfgbt and
morning, using soap nnd warm water,
trill keep tbe little kuees soft aad clean
nntil tbe time comes for them to be covered by stockings.
Give Each Child n Separate Bed.
Each child xbonld hnve a bed to himself and should not lie deprived of Ihe
fresh air by ma-Hues nf Mil drapery, which
may lie rery henutirul, bm certainly not
benllby. Sleeping moms slmuld lie ennl
and clean nnd lint overcrowded A'llli furniture. If children have wunl sleeping
suits. II will nn| mill ter (W mueh if the
bedHnOics are kicked off. Nlgbiebiihei
fdnmld Always Ite Imihe nl Ibe neck, waist
and a ni w, Hc'li-jutlii'ii eharAd Im- warm,
lull light. Ilenvy enuiiterpniiett *dmu>d
bave un pine* uu ebildien'M beds.
Tells   How  Hlie  Defeated   a  Dangerous
Enemy-A Pleton Episode.
Melon, Ont, Oot IS.���Every stud
cut of Canadian higtory is familiar
with the nnme end achievements of
Colonel Henry yonng, the United Empire Loyalist, who wm the flnt white
settler In Prlnoe Edward County, and
In whose honor old Fort Henry at
Kingston is named. Oitieens of Pio-
ton are aware that one of the most respected residents of this town, If lis
Anna Young, is a grand- laughter of
tbe illustrious United Bmplie Loyalist.
Min Yonng bad laid her fellow-Can-
adlaoi tinder a debt of gratitude by
pointing out to ihem sn unfailing way
���the only unfailing way���of conquer*
ing one of tbe wont enemies of mankind ���Rheumatism.
Min Young hss written as follows
to tbe Dr. Arnold Chemical Co.,
Limited, 48 Canadian Life Bnilding,
Toronto: "Dear Sirs���About a month
ago 11 end in one of yonr circulars how
disease ii caused by gsrms nnd toxins
in tbe blood, and how Dr. Arnold'!
English Toxin Pills are a new remedy
to kill these genu. I concluded to try
Ibid suffered with Rheumatlim
for twenty yean; my poor body was all
twisted out of shape, so yon can form
an idej of what I suffered. The flnt
box of Di, Arnould's Eogllih Toxin
Pills caused a decided change for ihe
better, and I have sinoe continued im
proving every day. I nm at the third
box now, and oan enjoy my sleep
every night, sonrethtng I have been de
prived for many yean
"Of oonrse, I cannot be made yonng
again, for I will bs f 0 yean of age in
December, yet I feel that I oan end my
days in peaoe, thanks to Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills.
Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills utterly destroy aad sweep ont of the system the germs tbat oame rheumatism.
That's how they enre���always. Large
packet, 76o j small packet, S5o; at all
drug stores, or sent by mail on reoeipt
ofprioebyThe Dr. Arnold Chemical
Co., Limited, 48 King street west, Toronto
It Slintildlm.VV'ilitiil.Hiiyt Unlit .Wlimmc,
"Do not drift Into tba critical habit,"
'rites Kuth Ashmoro In tba Ladles'
...me Journal. ''Hnve itn opinion nn.l u
.risible one, atiout n wry thing, hnt when
you cnmft to Judge people, remember inr.t
you see rery little of what th.y really
are, unless you wintor ond sumner irtsh
thorn:* Find thn kindly, locnblc untnte
of tbe man who knows llttls of bocks.
Look for thn benatifnl self Fncrlflco made
dally by.some woman wbo knows nothing abont ptotnrpo. and tench yntme'f
day in and day ont to look for the best
In every thing. If Is the every .lay joys
nnd Rorrow.o, my dear girl, that gn to
make up life, it ti not the one grent sorrow, nnr the one Intense J ��y, lt ti tbe
ftpouniulntlon at the little ones thnt constitute living, so dn not be critical of
the littlo faults, nml do be quick to tlu I
tbe little virtues nod to praise them. Si
much thst is good In people dies for
want of encoiirugemeut. A* I said baton, have an opinion, nml a well
thought-out one, niion* everything thnt
comes into your life, but do not huve
too many opinions nhout pimple. Their
hearts nre not open hocks, nnd as you
must lw judged yo'irself some day, glvfl
tbem the kindest Juigmenc now."
Important to Damaged Wheelmen.
Griffiths' Menthol Liniment Is a oom-
fleio repair kit fur damaged wheelmen.
t removes tbo kink lu tbe ratisoles, nnd
coronets after u long rldo,nr.d im.f special
value for Sprains, Bruises, eto. It relieves
tb�� pains and auhis the minute applied-
All Uru&lste, Ml. cent*.
There is still existing a manuscript
letter written hy Sir Thomas More to
hia wife, Alyoe, when tbe news came to
him thnt Ids great mansion at diesis,
witb Its cilices and huge granaries, bad
been almost entirely destroyed hy flia.
Insteud of lamenting over his loss, be
bids her first "And ont if any poor neighbors had stored their oorn in the granaries," and if so, to recompense them.
Secondly, to dlsohargo no urvnnt until
be have another nhtdlng plaoi; nnd lastly, to "be nf good eheere, und take all
the household with you to church, aud
there thank Hod for what He hath
given ns and what He hath left u***."
He urges her, ''I pray you, Alyce,
With my children t,i Im merry in    ttod."
Most of us, If we hit*) lost property
and bom*, would think we did well if
we were patient1 under (ind swill; but
to be cheerful, and even "merry" tit
Him, Is almost a forgotten grace.
"Why," ask.'d n Hindu sage, "why are
tbe Christians melancholy nenf It I believed ns they sny, thnt tho great God
was my Father und thnt Ills Snn was
my Elder Hrother, I should not grnau
though 1 lost a few hnshels of wheat, or
even an eye. I should he of all men
tnnst happy nnd gay. They do not del ley?
what they say."
1'nul In prison, knowing that death
In Us most painful shape might bn near,
could exhort his friends < not only to be
patient, hut to ' rejoloo in tbe Lord nl-
way. And iisuiti I any," he adds, urgently, "Hejolce,"
Most men will laugh when they are
well-fed aud th: ir lives are comfortable,
but It is a different thing t.i sing In
prison, nr when ona's home Is burning
to And time to he kind to the pnor.nnd
"merry in God," like old Hir Thonin*
More..��� VonthV Companion.
Couldn't sleep at nlgbt
with the torture.
Eczema, or Salt Rheum as It Is
often called, is one of the most
agonizing* of skin diseases, nothing
but torture during the day and twofold torture at night.
But there's a remedy permanently
cures the worst kind of Eczema���
relieves the itching, burning and
smarting and soon leaves the skin
smooth and healthy.
It is Burdock Blood Bitters.
Mrs, Welch, Greenbank, Ont,
tried it and here Is what she says:
"B.B.B. cured me of Eczema three years
ago and I have had no return of it since.
I waa so bad tbat I could not sleep at night
with it,
"Being told of B.B.B. I tried it, and two
ioi tics made a perfect uud permanent cure."
CLEAR HKAI>-Thehigh pressure of a
nervous life wbioh busiuess men of tbe
present day are constrained to live makes
draughts upon tbeir vitality hlgblydotrl-
roentnl to tbeir health. II is only by the
most careful treatment that they are able
to keep themielves alert and active In
their various callings. Many pf tbem
know the value of Pannelee'i Vegetable
Pills In regulntiug the stomach and consequently keep the bend clear.
Jernnirnn Out Some.
Tbey were slttlug on tbe beach trying to catch whnt the wild waves were
say lug.
"I dearly love tbe sea," said tbe first
sweet girl as she gnsed at tbe billowy
expanse. ���.
"Ob, what's tbe uiw?" replied tbe second sweet girl. "You know tbe attempt to extract gold from It was a
Dewey wnrfpifl* nre of dull gold,
about (he alio of �� W goldpiece, with the
admiral's head tipi'li the obverse.
Handsomely enameled dug or sliiilJ
buckles Htliiched to crush silk hells of
red, white and blue i-ibbou are greatly iu
Tiie fashion of cutting emcrnlds nnd
other simiL's wilh high rounded top, or
ciihochau. increases nnd Is noled In the
costliest of gems.
A Columbia or ghnmrock spoon hns a
yacht iu the bowl nnd the nnme of Ihe
vi'.HHi'l nnd crossed dolphins ou tbe handle with ihe Ainerlcn'n cup In miniature
ut llie.-top.���Jewelers' Circular.
Wgctuble Fills ure very mild in iheir action.
They do not cause griping In Ihe st munch or
cause disturbances there us so mnny pill* do.
Therefore, tho most delicate con take Ihem
without fear of unpleasant results. Thoy
enn,too, be administered to children withont
imposing tho penalties which follow Ihe use
of pills not so carefully prepared,
..MtiftjcitiMl ihe ii nni.
All men who have any appreciation nf
uiuslo feel prompted ti step in time to
n march tune, nnd music on the nmrnh
therefore substitutes a new nnd ple.-i-
sun ter stimulus to exertion for thenmnr.
tonous and somewhat dreary one of keeping plane tn the ranks. It U well known
thnt weariness Kn.*. u rule, more a matter
nf mind than of body, and that the muscles of tbo body du not tire half ho soou
ih the nerve centers which move them.
Music, by bringing a fresh nervo tenter
into play, will often bniiUh nil sense or
weariness, and will even sometime
ntTnrd rest to tho usual nerve o'uii-r. so
thnt when the music censeo the soldier
feels frenher than before it began, Why
men's limbs shonld tend fo move to
music no one know, hut it is practically
the some thins ns dnnclng, and pmlmhly
lias to dn with the Instinct all men
display, that urges them to associate
themselves with what Im bcnutlfnl in
nninrs nnd art.
Oar ItniilfM-H l.nniran*e.
Mm. .Weinke irwidhiKi-Professor
Garner la about to issue Ills work
descriptive of (he Inugtiiive of monkeys.
.Mr. Average���Fin sorry to bear that.
It won't be long before the scientists
will be Ruyhift that all language Is derived from monkeys, aod then they'll
be ivvlHlng our dictlonnlres to give all
words the true original monkey pro-
nuuclnlton.-Ncw York Weekly.
The Comln* Sailor.
Stranger���I have como, sir, to marry
your daughter.
Afllllonalre-KhV   Wba"-
Hlnuigei���A million or two will be ncc-
cHHitry to make us comfortable, nud of
course you will givo it. Shall I leave my
satchel here while 1 go to present myself to ymir daughter?
Millionaire (bewildered)���II a yo you
civdeiiiinls In your wit die!?
Niriiiiger��� No; nothing but dynamite.���
New York Weekly.
Titer rttqmlli Corns Bitk igtta
With iM-WMMd StrtHty Atttt
Beln�� Remorsd by Operatioa.
The .tatliitlos ol operations for osjmsc
show thst lull, �� ver cent, ol all somcm ��������
noted by tbe knllo return usually within ��
yeor alter the operation Is porformed, sno
'.wilh rapidly fstol results. ...
Such an appalling record ollallni. ebould
ibe enough to mako anyone, who is suHeiln*
:fto-nthll dreed dlseaso, UHmiI Jjondw
���well his chances betoro submlltlng himself
ito the knife.
At Dr. Walsh, the eminent surgeon, aptly
put. It, ������Bieisldn of a cancerous tomos
seems to awaken a dormant force and hasten
a fatd termination." 1 here Is not a surgeon
of prominence but resognlsw that operation
for osneer is a serious and at the sameitta.
nnsatUfaotorynrooeedure. Item method
of treatment which we Introduced to thecan-
mroluttiniaed the manes ofdeallog with
ties *t*{T*aUe u? -ffiSSbrs pleasant
constitutional remedy Oat permeate. eTery
part of the system, remotes the ca*ase,
strengthens and builds up tba eshausted
body, esses the nsln, and day by day Uie canoer gradually subsides, the lleeh round tbnt
uke. on a healthier appearanc, and Anally
Z3��taU>e nanento-atl-tfyGlecuriority.
Sit If yon ara RKlteTwrlte ue, enclorfni
two stamps, tai w. will send you a fnfl
The most snggcstlv. and Inviting
nnme I saw was tbat of a druggist
In North Dakota. It waa D. R. Welcome, bis lirst oame being Crlas.
Across tbe street waa another man
with a funny name. II. bora the
I'lilihoDlous cognomen John Stone*
potindtir. In Ibe nut town I fonnd a
man wbo was so fat that tba name of
Abraham Crunipacker seemed especially fitting. But ther. waa a woman
In lb. town wbo went bim on. bolter.
Her name waa Einlly Froshbread.
In tbe not town I got ao Interested
In queer names tbat I aoon heard of
a speedy Indltldual called Sarah Doer*
hoof. In that same town tbere Is a
man named Henry Bookstruck. Ever
after tbat 1 was on th. lookout. On th.
train I met David N.wsalt and MIDI.
Non-love. Th. man witb tbo moat
warlike nam. I ran agaiust was Abraham Saltpeter. In on. town 1 found
n. man who bad a vary poetic name.
It waa Seabrlght Sunblootn. Iluj lb.
Inst nam. I struck finished me. It
seemed Ilk* a direct command to eras,
my sacrilegious monkeying with people's names. I took II aa a warning
nml quit A. yuli.-kflnl.il. And what
do yon suppose bis pnrtoor'a nam.
was! It waa W. K. (lofortb.-at. I*aul
Mis lu.#ri��rr.
"What hart you been playing during
your present touiT
"We played 'Hamlet' aad 'King l-car"
on Hi. stage," answered "Urjtornilog*
Iou Rnrucs.
"Were there no comedies In your
repertory J"
"Only on.. When we cam. to count
up tbt boa omc. receipts, li waa usually
'Much Ad* About Nothing.' "-Waab-
IbflM itat.
Bave thoir blood enriched, their
heart strengthened and their
eheeks rou by wing mibura'i
Heart and Herve MUs.
Ininfflelent quantity or poor quality of
the blood It one of the evil reiulta thit
usually follow any derangement of the
If the heart beeomei weakened In any
war It Arumot pump tbe blood to tbe lunge
u It ahould, there to be purified and Impregnated with the life-git ing eiygen.
Ae n mult the
blood deteriorate!.
It lo��i He nourishing, vitalising,
health-giving qua!-
Itlei. The feee becomes pale, thin
end wuen, the 11m
bloodleu, tiie hude
and feet sold.
There la weak-
neaa, tiredness,
ahortness of breath and palpitation. When
thoee Buffering from thtn or watery blood
Mart taking Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pilla they are assured of a euro. Every
doee acta on the heart Itself, causing it
to beat strong, steady and regular.
Every dose, too, Introduces Into the
Mood those vital element* neeeesary to
make tt rich and nd.
Boon the pale cheek takes on the may
hnt of health, tben la atraogth Instead of
weakness, energy and activity take the
place of tiredness and lassitude.
Ulss M. BkulUon, 00 Turner Street,
Ottawa. Ont,, sayat "I was greatly
tumbled with my heart, together with
extreme nervouraess for many yean.
Time complaints brought about great
weakness and feeling of tlrednees. My
blood was of poor quality, ao much so that I
became pale and languid. Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills cured me after all
else failed. They built up my system,
���art-bad my blood, strengthened my
���ami and watered ma to health."
���'That'll theTiest I con do for you," snid
the ihentrlciil manager. "You've been
idle nil HciiHon ho far. Now, will yuu
may iillo the rest of Hie HOiisnn or tnke
this Kinall pal'tV."
"I'll lake It," mid Lowe Comeiily. "lu
this case 11 snuill i-olc ti betiit then u
whole loaf."���Cntholio Standard nud
Tbe greet demand for a pleasant, safe
and reliable antidote for all affeotlons of
Ih* throat and lungs Is fully met witb In
Blokle's Antl-Consumptlve Syrup. It Is
a purely Vegetable Compound, and acta
promptly and magically in subduing all
ooofbs. colds, bronchitis, Inflammation
of tbe lungs, ete. II Is so palatable that
��� ohild will not refuse ll, and Is pnt at a
price that will not exclude the poor from
Gi benefits.	
TOTALLY DEAP.-Mr,S.K.Orandell,
Port Perry, writes: "Icontrected nsevere
oold lost winter, which resulted In my
beoomlog totally deaf In one ear and partially so In the otber. After trying
varioas remedies, and opniulting several
doctori, withoutobteinlngany relief, I
was advised to try DR THOMAS' BC
LROTRIC OIL. I warmed the oil and
poured a little of 11 Into my ear, and before one-half tbe bottle waa used my
hearing was completely restored. I have
heard of otber oases of deafness being
cured by the use of this medioine."
A Natural Mistake.
"They are telling a funny story lu one
of the bin dry goods houses on Canal
street." snld a man about town. "A girl
clerk, according to the yarn, waB selling
eome dress goods to a colored damsel,
while just aronnd the corner, at a notion
counter, another clerk was calling in-
ecssuully for cash boys, accompanying
the summons by beating a tattoo on the
shelf with her lead pencil. 'Come along,
Knur!' she would cry, 'rata-tnt-tat! Come,
Seven! rutn-tat-tat! Come. Eleven! ruta-
ti\ttat! Come, SIxl rata-tat-tat.* As this
sound continued tho colored customer
in-icked up ber ears aud began to shift
nervously oo her stool. Finally she
could stand It no longer. 'Say, miss,'
she whispered hoarsely, leaning orer the
counter, 'If ye' don' min tellin me, I'd
loiko iKi'ful well ter know wbnr that
crap game Is er gwino on!'"���Now Orleans Times- Democrat.
Ilow MpmbuiN t.f Un. siidoly nr Friends
���\Vril Eaeli Other.
A young man nnd womnti lu this city,
belonging totho Society of Friends, who
hAve certified their Intention or marriage at the City Unit, ate imviug to
undergo the rpgnlnr form which the
society imposes by waliinj? for the approval ot the monthly meeting beforo
they can he married, The first singe In
tbe proceeding); Is far them both to ap*
pear at tlio monthly meeting of the
society, which Is the only time thot any
business Is done, and make known their
intentions. They both stand up before
the ineetlug, and tbe mnn snys: "With
Divine permission and the Friends' approbation I declare my Intention to take
this woman (and he oills her nnme) to
be my wife," aud then thoy sit down.
But the snnotion of the society for the
marriage requires moro than this formality. It Is never grouted unless both
parties are Frlonds, and so If one of the
young people Is out of tho fold they havu
to he married without the formal Approval of Che society.
Wheu the approval Is secured the
couple marry ilirmselvew, The ceremony
Is appointed by the society to take place
nt some regular meeting, or else nt ono
specially appointed. In the hitter cise It
may be at a house, where any ono of thn
society hns the right to he present, lint
tbe moct interesting ceremony Is thnt
which takes place in n rogulnr usseinhly
nf the society nt the meeting house, Ani
oue who bas been to a (juaker servlon
knows tho fashion of tha meeting bouse,
with Its high seats in front, facing the
rest of the meeting. The elders usually
slt there, but wheu a couple of young
people are going to got mnrrlcd they
bave to occupy tills conspicuous pluce, and
have to stand up hrnvrly, without min
inter or elder, and marry themselves.
An old Quaker minister who snld he
bad seen six couples stnnd up in this
way beforo tho congregattou was asked
why the young people had to do It alone,
and he said It wns a matter thut did not
concern nn Intermediate person, but rested between themselves and God. Then
ho described how the young man would
stand np in that high-perched place In
Hn meeting house Moim with hti bride,
nnd. taking her hand, sny: "In tho
presence of (ind anil this a^emhly,) uke
thee, A. B,i to he my wife, promising ta
be tiuto thee nud nOertloDitte nnd loving
husband until the hand of the Lord by
death shall separate uo." The bride then
speaks In n similar fashion.
At tho end of this ceremony a minister prays or speaks, and then, when there
Is a pause nnd the spirit innvos uo one
else, the meeting is adjourned. At the
close of the meeting the minrrlago oertill-
cate, which is made of parchment, U
brought forward, and any one can sl-ju
It. A special law sanctions this mnrrlnge
ceremony. I he document, wlihh'tmuiitiii
to the lesul sanction of the marriage, in
greatly prised among the descendants nf
Frltmds, so much so that the children
have r.fren similar marriage certltlfiirt1*.
made for themselves though they may
have heen married outride ot the society.
���Worcester (Mass.) Gazette,
A Woman's WH.
Many of the first settlers of Ullnnis
were rude In speech and rough lu manner, money was srarce with them, aud
service wns paid for In produce. Governor
B. used to Illustrate tlie��n incidents of
frontier life by tliu following anecdote:
One doy when he wns a Justice of tho
Pence there oame to his olliee a young
man, aocompauled by a young woman.
"Be you the squire**1" asked tha manly
"Yes, sir."
"Can you tie a knot for us right
a way?"
"Vus, sir."
"How muoh do yon charge]'"
"Ono dollar u the legal feo. sir."
"Will you take your fee lu   hoes-wax!���'*
"Yes, if yori can't pny cash."
"Well, go ahead nud tie the knot, ami
I'll fetch In the wax."
"No," said tbe squire, thinking then
was u good chance for a littlo fun
' bring In the beeswax first, and then
I'll marry yon."
Reluctantly the youth went out to
where was hitobod tho horse upon which,
Darby and Joan fashion, the pair had
ridden, nnd brought the wax In a sad;
On being weighed, Its value was fouud
t<) bo only about bnlf a dollar.
"Wai," snld the anxious   grooiu,
the knot and I'll fetch   moro  wax   next
"No, sir; I don't trust; that's ugainn
the rules of my tffflc-?."
Slowly thn disappointed youth turned
to go out, saying:���
"Come, Sal; let'a go."
"I say, mister," answered 6al, with a
woman's wit, can't you marry ns ne nuns tbe wax will go?"
"Yea, I can, and will," replied tlm
'squire," laughing; nnd ho did.
fiOlltH   IO   I Iff I   HllllKI-J*.
It Is n mistake to suppose that it is
never good to cat before sleeping. Many
nu hour nf tleepieBWicaa imi,v be avoided
by nibbling u biscuit nt bedtime. All nui-
nmls except mnn cat before sleeping, nud
there is no reason why man nhnnld form
an exception to the rule.
Fasting during thr lung interval between supper aud breakfast and especially complete emptiness or the stomach
during sleep add greatly to the amount of
emaciation, sleeplessness nnd general
weakness so often met with. It is well
known thnt in the body there is n perpetual disintegration nf tissue, steeping or
waking. It is, therefore, tin rural to believe that the supply of nourishment
should hc somewhat continuous, cspecitilr
ly En th'c-e in whom the vitality Ih lowered.
As bodily exercise is suspended during
sleep, with wear and tear correspondingly diminished, while digestion, assimilation and nutritive activity continue at*
usual, the food furnished during this period adds moro than is destroyed, and increased weight and Improved general
vigor Is tbe result, snys Woman's Life,
If tho weakly, the emaciated and the
sleepless were to take nightly a ll^ht
jneul of simple nutrltlo'tf food before
K<>iiig to bed for a prolonged perioil, they
would he raised to n better standard or
It hns heen our experience ilmt nftoi
digestiug a howl of bread and mill: ur n
miiia r of ontment before going to hod for
a few mouths a surprising increase in
weight, strength ami general time lias re
stilled.-St. Louis UnmUio.
Pule, sickly children should use Mutliei
Graves' Worm Exterminator. Worms ar,
ouo of the principal ennses of sutiering ii
children and should he expelled from the
A Ihorthand Typewriter.
A typewriter for shorthand tbat haa
lately been invented haa only all keys.
The type or ohanictera are dots and
dashes, and by ringing tbe changes
on these .It la poeaible to make n long
alphabet. The key* can be worked
simultaneously, the lines begin and eud
automatically, aud u loug roll of paper
can lw used. It la claimed tbat with
tbe help of thia machine ahortband can
bt written at a vary great speed.
Bxpieiatav a Mpetery.
Proiier Way to flemove filoven.
Cheap gloves ate generally risky invest men le, but snnie ot lhe hest shops
keep n fairly good line of gloves nt low
prices which are worth buying for common wear. If stnmg nml well mndo,
(hey will serve for shopping and marnfng
walks or for hnd weather.
Iu putting a glove nn he careful to get
each linger straight. Coax each one by
rubbing getttlv with ihe thumb and first
finger until tiie lingers are down to the
very ends.
In taking the gloves off turn lhe wrist
over tlte lingers and lake hold of lhe ends
Of Ihe lingers tl ngli the wrist. It wears
u glnve out badly to pull it off by catch
big ho|d of the linger tips. I'nil tho ���..���Iou'
into shape nml iny aside carefully. Silk
should l.o kept to match en Hi shade, nnd
gloves should he mended as soon us a
break appears, for the old proverb, "A
stitch in time saves nine." it especially
appropriate lo these articles uf Attire.
Glnve mending i* n delicate work, which
requires both skill ami dexterity -wid
when well done pays nilinirabl,*i for the
pains taken. Glove powder should fnviu
otic of ihe udjtincls to every toilet inhle
nml a pretty g*ive stretcher another, says
ihe N'-w Oi leans Picayune.
French women set a good example and
have made quite an art of putting on
gloves, and this is why Ihe I'lirlsleimeV
gloves la.-t her four Mines na lung a-* any-
Hollowav's Oorn Oure is a specific for the
removal of corns and warts. Wo have never
hoard of it.- tiiiliiig to remove even the worst
Worn    liy   Lord   Fairfax   Wlien   He
l''Jttiided Winchester In Viriiiiilit.
Among the valuable antiquities left
by ex-Governor Holliday tbere Is a
pnlr tit undent riding boots which
wwiy owned by Lord Fairfax and often
worn by the man who founded the
city. The boots are tbe oddest kind
of footwear nnd nre made of leather
In an exceedingly queer fashion. Tbey
have passed through several generations of the Holliday family. Dr.
Maekey, the late ex-goveruor's grandfather, was a warm friend of Lord
Fairfax, nud these gentlemen were together much of their time.
Tho boots thut nre now such a relic
were worn by Lord Fairfax on special
occasions, and tliey were considered
Mm handsomest pair of boots of their
dny. Dr. Maekey always greatly admired tbem nnd upou one oecaslou
nsked Lord Fairfax to will thein to
him. Lord Fairfax did as he wus requested, and upon his death Dr.
Maekey became tbe possessor of them.
They have been in the Holliday family
until now. At tho request of the lute
ex-governor they will be sent to the
Virginia Hlstoricnl society.
lt is almost impossible to describe
the oddity of their appuuranco. Tbey
are made of very heavy leather, are
about 24 Inches high aud 1J Inches
bug; the height of the heel Is ;i inches;
they are C Indies loug uud 4 luetics
wide. The soles tire sewed to the uppers, bnt tbe heels nre attached by
pegs nearly as large us a lead pencil.
In design they are whnt Is known as
the box toed boot. There Is euough
leather in tbem tn make several ordinary pairs of riding boots. A flap
of leather nearly eight luetics wide
turns over at the lop of each. The
leather seems quite well preserved.���
Winchester (Va.) News Item.
The Water Care.
To "break up n cold'' the .npor bath is
Invaluable, and an apparatus may be
easily ilevl'eil for iu haCq ndministraiinti.
Sent (he pntioiil, wearing a loose weolfJl
robe oi- none nl, ail, i.i a warm room over
a tub. (iiu a blanket around \bo neck, letting it drape to the floor. Pour two or
three gallons of hnlljng water into Hie'
tub, and steam enough will be giveu oITj
tii meet the demands uf the occasion very !
well It' with the bath hot water is used1
freely as u drink, the treatment will he
doubly effective.
The danger of drinking while entlng Is
greatly exaggerated. Iced drinks are
hurtful, but a cup of fluid of moderate
temperature taken wiih ihe meal is a distinct benefit, and a glass of water two or
llnce hours nfter eating will help digestion. The best euro for constipation, :is
it so often exists, Is n pint of cold water
taken every morning un rising. It often
gives the tippet Ite lhat hon been lacking,
cleiirn up Ihe Ihrealetieil headache and
changes lhe whole aspect of the dnv.-
1)1'. /ay in Housekeeper.
Bmthlnir (he Babies.
Dou't bathe your little ones too much
lu cold weather. They should be kept
cleanly. Hut their lives tuny be washed away by the overscrupulous mother. Science has n(tinned what iniiii-
tion long ago discerned, tbnt the body
exhales a certain Imponderable atmosphere which for the lack of a better
term may be designated-ns magnetism.
To contlnunliy wash that nway is to
deplete tbo vitality. Neither should
the underclothing bo too frequently
changed. Understand, zealous young
housemother, this is uo plea for filtlii-
hess. But your experienced physician
Will assure you that mnny a. washed
o-.it, feeble, anaemic little one Is Injured by too much Lmtliing. A sensitive,
delicate little neighbor or mine used to
cry and resist his mother nt bis dull;.
bath and change. Finally a shrewd
old country woman said to her:
"Vou wash a wny tho life of Victor.
Give  him  some  sand   to  play   Willi.
Don't put bim in a tub, but give him a
quick, tepid sponge bath three times a
j week, nud you'll see bow he picks up."
j    The result justified the warning. To
' which it should be added Mint the tern-
; pcrature and  blooilumklug power of
j child    or   adult    KhiAild    always    he
studied.    No thin blooded, cold person
I cun   stnud   the  a mount   of    bn tiling
which   is demanded   by one having
| strong vitality nnd the power of rap
illy making rich red blood.
Forgot IIU 1'itreul.
A rather unlquo Inttunoa of absent
mlndcd&esH occurred the other evening on
the Jefferson avenue car Hue.
The ear was well filled with pas-ton
gers, and ns a stop wns made nt Me nut-
gall avenue u man stepped oft the hack
platform, where he had heen standing,
and tho onr moved on.
Instantly a wild ory went up from the
late passenger, which hroad-nned Into a
howl of despair as the dlstanun between
bim and the trolley carriage widened,
As he shrieked he also rin uud waved
bis hands frantically. The conductor,
seeing the shadowy form In the dlnmes4
of the night, and hearing tiie unearthly
cries, pulled the hell strap and thus Induced tbo motormnu to halt, which he
did with a jerk. Tho man In pursuit
enme within hailing dlRfunoe.
"What d'ye Want?" shouted the puncher ot pasteboard.
"I���want���th'���th'���lady���in thew,"
gasped the man, swinging hi-* hat at
the open car door. The ear, having como
to n dead stnndstlll, a woman urns**,
deliberately walked out of the car and
wis received by her breathless esoort who
had so nearly left her to the fatu of
missing parcels.
Amid much laughing the next mnn
who left tbe car In company with n la ly
Insisted that she walk In front of him
until safely on ihe'ground.	
lie t-.iiriiPMt.
Seriousness ot purpose and loftiness of
aim will make a man or n nation great,
Il was this which gave the old Puritans
tha tremendous force they had, nud made
thero suoh a power In history, They had
high thoughts of God. He was extremely
renl to them. This made them terribly
in earnest. Wherever there is a fnlth
that takes firm hold 6t tho unseen and
Ibe eternal, there Is e strength before
which frivolity and falsity go down. He
serious, be In earnest, be real, be
straightforward and plain spoken. Behold God everywhere, and live true to
thnt beholding, dally loving and serving
Qulnn���Dlck*s father must be a rail
rand man.
De Fbnte���What makes you think
Qulnn���Because when Dick lost on
the races and wrote home for money
his father replied In four words.
De Fonte-Whnt were theyV
Qui nn���Keep off the track.���Chicago
C0��l Mine Worked liy On,' Hun.
The smallest cnnl mine In tho world h
in the southern provlnco of Nnw Zealand, whero, according to the reports of
the inspectors of mines for tho colony,
tho Murray Creok Colliery Is worked by
one man, T. IJolitho, a Chinaman, who
owns, manages nnd works thll small,
but to lilm valuable, o"al mine. Thero
Is another small colliery In the same
province worked hy one man with tlio
as-Mstnnce of a donkey. The nnxt smallest colliery Is In Kng.nnd, in the vlllngii
of Nelson, In Lancashire. It in situated
near tho Colliers' Arms, and affords employment for two miners, fntlisr and
son, who combine in themselves tho
positions of proprietors, managers,
miners and haulers of the undertaking,
Ihpy have the aoslstance of a donkey,
and all the output of the mine Is ��oid to
the householders who live in tho vlliago
or Us Immediate violnly.
Ind f ��� pen an It] e.
"Why did you have your telephone
put back again, Mrs. Jim per?"
"Now that my daughter is engaged
���be can't get along without tk"���Chi*
rnege Record.
Tat-Wbat Is a mystery, Mike*
Mikc-I'll tell yc Me father bought
a barrel of pork, and the brine leaked
out and left the pork in tbe top of tbe
Fat-But bow do ye account for that?
Ulko-Tbftt'a the mystery, bi boy.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
Ity making ptymenis tor fuml'don lands tn
For mIc at lowest market prleM.
Send for fiuoUt.ons.
/   -QBE
Write im tor full Information.   You
oan savi; MONKV.
W.   H.   SPROULE   &   COMPANY,
Real Bdtate snd Financial Broken,
375 Main St., Winnipeg,
If you keep eowa you cannot afford to --*���
without a CK1AM SEPARATOR, and If you
i wast to hav* ths boat, moat moderate Is
price, sad aa tasioat tarma, apply te
;r. a. lister ft oo., ltd.,
SSS King St., Winnipeg,
Dealert In Dairy Buppllca and Product, Gasoline Englnca, Bono Trend Powors, Kt��.
tf.  cftcfUBlfrr PLOW CO.. Wlaoly.
A Mending Men.
To save time is almost as Important at
to save clothing. A woman who has
mastered both arts suggests a knee mead-
lag process (or the stocking* of childreu
tbat will be useful to man; busy moth'
era, "In buying the stockings for my
family of little boys and girls," she says,
"I select those very lung Iu tbe leg. When
tht Inevitable gaping hole appears on tbe
knee. I simply cut the stocking in two at
that point and stitch a seam around the
knee on the sewing machine, shortening
the stocking, of course, but eliminating
"the hole tn a wny that mnkes the result
almost equal to a new stock iug. It takes
me tbree minutes."
tBLE      I
lunVuna a UranammD D-aram
���fn."*. lu. urn X. W. t.
If you CUM, .timd th, "JVInnlpet Baal-
... ��....���  .��� Jo B0- w_a. ���,*,
  __ _ ..       .    lift '
Hon, In Mmt -njbjMl by -Mil*
.__ Co11.m jn.t now, do not i
...nlng. ��t borne. W. o.n ��iv. your luin-c*
Writ, ttt dacrlptm nttlofn.
a. W. DOUALD, Im.
iru, van i iam c
laavw,.!. *t Oracari*.
nn u. ��.*.iito.,oi.t.
1*. ���**���>������ I--.I-M.
w, 5, D   aso the Golden era. Friday, deoemuer 15. 18:9.
the Crowd I
They All Go To
McDERMOT'S. . . .
Our Complete Staff
hns boon working eighteen and twenty
licrnrs every day this month Hiliutr orders
ea they come from North, South. East ui.d
Santa Claus
IiHsjiist arrived nt onr Store direct from
London, England, with 300 rent English
Xintu Stockings, io-- crammed with funny
things fer Roy* jiurt Girls. Santa- poor
chapl���Is p'etty tiled -,'il'ter his long trip
with such a heavy pack, but teems qulta
cheerfnj ami suys ho is realglnd lolmvo
nrrlvod in timu 10 give us SiO.00 tor the
Firo Hull uow beiux built iu Golden.
We havo plenty
of Jim Cranks, Jumping Jacks, Mechanical
Toys nvid nil tho other Totftfcolory necessary to iimKc little oaos happy.    We find
A Decided Disposition
nn tho part of tho public fo.i buying useful
tilings tin* yonr, and wo wore never so well
placed to cater to yonr wants in this respect
We havo just received
n large comdgnniont-QfTabto and Pocket
Cutlery direct irom tho Cutlers in Sheffield
nni bought beforo lho a'dvajicu*--.Curving
Sells, Hume Set's, in Mj,h<iK'iuy, Itoxewooil
i:nd Velvet Casus���lienutitnl jroods i.nd
CHEAP. Also Dinner. Ilronkfuit and
Pesscrt Knives with Ivory Hniullen
Fork*, Spm-iw, liutler K.nives, Picklo Cus-
to*-, Table C'-uotd, Dee 1111 tern, < ut Gloss
TuniblOMfi llrieil \iot Is, &.*., tie.
Skates 1  Skates I   Skates 1
to fit every boot art! evory povkut.   Afno |
Doo's io tit overy bkftto���Meu's, Ladiea'iuid
Misses' .\t very low prices-
Ih Staple '':oods
we lend ihe advance columu for tho relief
ofoveryono. It pays to tmdo nt it store
doing a larjfd liiit.iiie.--s. Wo clear nut
everything and in votisoqueuue aro con
tluunlly reuuivlug tfco freshest and uowc&t
dates eve   writing
ui -n tins week in Vi
A carload of Stoves received from the Gnrney foundry
last week, and another car of onr Celebrated Furniture
from the eastern factories expected about tho :50th instant
Over $40,000 worth of goads in stock to select from.
If you are not already a customer of this up-to-date
Store, give us a trial order. Trading- with us means
BUSINESS, PLEASURE and PROFIT, as thousands of
our customers can testify.
Wishing You  a Happy Christinas  and a
Prosperous  New  Year.
G.  B. meDEH]VIOT,
Oolden,   B.C.
LAKE &   CO.,
havo opened as
ATH ALMEEj|,    (Salmon Beds)
Full   Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores antl all Camp Requisites.
Kirrjptori     &c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
"f* Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
(Ind it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton  Steel Company,
Windermere.  Golden    &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
��� ��� ��� THE ...
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms,    llagg-nge Transferred Freo.
Hot and Cold Haths.
Rates 92 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Go.
& International Transportation Go.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
C.   H.   PRS ON,   Manager.
Knniloops   ia  to   hnve   a 42^   <
There nro nt i>vosenr ten [intimits iii
the Gulden General   Uos^iial.
Noiliiiijr Uko i entity, silk Imr.dker-
chiefs Fruin 15 cts. io $J Ht Pursoua.
Tlm Victoria Colonist lias cnt wed
��� pon its 43. second yoir of publication]
'Ornncfs, Lemon* nnd all kinds ot
fruit Ht Dainard & H-illtinri's.
A liirgo bml-uet of now* from DonaH
tirrived Tooliite'foi this week's timo,
Trtentv nt'rmiivi' sltnltus in wldo
.Trt|iuiica.- waali fill-; m Parson a, only
50 cen<s.
Niii"een en ml;
the Ihw t*.\Hiiiin
Over a tlocei n��w flm-li's vt Jap
un��s.- wit'ftli Hilk- bosi'Vp nil the titni'le
colors nt (he I.in siore. only. Ho   rents.
Although nut.tet rlefinituly decide),
it is thon��ht that Vicioria wil he\e
��� he MncdoiuiU Manual Training
if iu -lonbr nhout the *.������ r iuhmoi-t;
of your Host>iiul IJill -��o\Vii snide
color rial'tuoiiy In the Meniiltitf of Ihe
s.lk hs ni. here hiof lioi'ilors at   PmsotiS.
A' St.. Paul's Cliuroh on Sin.iny
uvxt D.-c. ITth, theru will Ui no tnorii-
iuK service, b.t nl 730. |>. in. there
will 1*0 (v.Misoug and eern o i.
The Jupuesp desipn-fr has the tnebt
perfect eve for color ilTcct. Fancy
holder silk hand kerchiefs me their
Ituest mention mul thn liig Store is
ht'iiitiju.irter.s for them.
A ueti'letnnti ju-^t returned from
Atlitilmrr, informs us that there were
r_0 tons of hi^h p'liih; ore r.ady for
shipment on the wharf ar. Aihelmer:
Hh ��nys this oro wu* hauled over the
new wnjtgoit loud from Toby Creek
E. L. Hatching* of Win hi peg has
recoived word from thn Biltish War
department 11mt his tnnder fur l'Jt'O
mili'tiry saddtea and In-idles hae been
accei'ted, th" order lobe tilled in Southampton iu 40 dnys.
A strong protest has been signed hy
all of thu retail licence holders in this
vicinity against the presn it licence
system. The points taken seem to be
'UMiiiswenihlp. nnd in all probfth litv
tii> mult eit'ing ofthe ]>.,j.;islatur��
will    nsult      in   aineiiduients    bvu-.g.
. Kev. Mr. Evans returned yesterday
from Cmul.rook where he preached
Inat Sunday in the Presbyterian
lntrch, Whita in Crnnhrook ho met
ho Rev. Mr. Hni'h, formmly of Cold
oti, Who will dedicate a now church
at Cmnhrook uu Sunday next.
Messrs. Dainard A lloUiuid' having
hoii-tflit out Mncl; .loo In the resturant
business are advertising in thi* issue
that thoy will he found at he<idqii)irlets
nt nil hours, where thev tun prepared
to servo tip ihe many delieacioa which
the appetite can cull for,
Tho last tiawo of the MtnitiR and
Icientilio Press, of San Kraneinco,
contains a couple of photos of East
fCoutenny scenery, onoof ���'TheS'e'! Ics"
from Johnson's cabin, and the otlier a
view uear tlte head of tlm .Middle Fork
of rhe SpitHmach-ene-'ftlvtr.*    ~
Tlio case of the Q-uee'ti, vs, QoinliTau
will he heard in Vancouver on or about
Dae. 2-nd. Thn Court  litis granted n
le nisi and the legal obj.ictiona will
co Kone into tteforo thn chief justice oT
ho siipienii! court. Thomas O'Urion
appears for the prisoner, nud the attorney general for the crown.
Dr. Ruht. Elliot, late of Solcan City
B. O. Ima localed in Windermere for
rho practice of his profession, The
loctor romes highly recommended and
as he is filling a lung felt want in the
South Country. Tle-iEuA bespeaks for
bim a heartv welcome in the thriving
settlement of WiiK'.crmero,
At a businegs meeting of tht maua*
��ers of the Presbyterian church held
la*i week two new uiHiingcrs Meters
J. Woods aud W. Alexander were elected. After tho eloution various phases
of church work wag considered end
means devised for thn systematic
arrying on of the nfiiairs of tho con-
S.-rvices in the.. Methodist chutch
Sunday Dec. 17th, nt 11 n. m. aud 7.U0
p. m. Sunday school S.H0, The pastor
wiil preach both morning and evening
MornitiK subject "Misery in ihe mist
of hai pinoss" Hear that Rong ''When
the roll is culled," and others also. All
are invited to any of tbo Hervtces.
Public examination will be held in
t he Golden School on Thursday und
Friday afternoons of next week, Pec.
'Jlst nud 22nd. when tho school will
iilose for two week's holidays. Parents
and friends uf the children, and all In*
tHreated*. In education ere invited to Ik-
pnvenr. A number of prizes nre to be
Mr. Fvatis requests thst sll the
rmmiltern of the fenctnir rlnss turn out
promptly at HilO next Tuesdayovenine
as nrranopments will be made for
holding n t -crna-i e it at Xtnss Tbe
two members securing the highest
number of points will liulu for the
championship at thn next ontertnln-
mimt (jiven l^v thn Dramatic Club,
The annual hospital lull which is to
lie h'll on Wednesday no*'. D c. 20th,
will start at 9 o'clock. A good orchid*
ter bu* been sieurol which ���eX'd render
first class up to dun music. As 'lie
townpfople, have been irry liberal in
contrlbuthiB towtwds the supper, th*
bull promises to he h gmit nucccss, A
lurgo number of tickets havt already
been disposed of. Mr. McNeish hat
kindly given his hall for tho occasion
Wm. Bnrns, Public School Inspector
passed through Ool 'en Inst Sunday
on his way to visit Field school. On
Tuesday he returned to Oolden to visit
the school here. Mr, Burnt was surprised at the rapid growth of the
tcholl, nnd after t thorough examination of both division*, expressed himself os perfectly satisfied with tho pro-
iriess innde since last visit, end com-
pli iieuted Principal Hates and his able
assistant Ml*s Sinclair on tlm good
work they were doing. While here
Mr. W. L. Houston, secretary of the
Trustee Board called the Inspector's
attention to the small playground and
asked tbat the (poinds be enlarged by
the purchase to tome ground to the
south of the aohool. Mr. Bnrns will
no doubt do his best fur tho Inorease
ofthe size of the playground, and it
Is  hoped thnt ho will be suecesafitl fn
Not Made to Order
But Made to Fit.
���?f\$wh nf
' *j
For Sale.
���Blocks for investors.
���low is the Tims to Buy.
aie Prices & Easy Isms of Payment.
stitiftfv lug what mny be termed, ��.
long felt want." 1
WANTED - For t.he Era, seven!
good country correspotidonts. ]
It your fee: had brains thev would
Ko to Dainurd A Holland's for a square
Tho licence commissioners hold
their first meetina on Friday next the
���22nd install', Businei-8, consideration
of app ioitiuiis for licences.
Owing to want of spac�� for display
my China -good*, have heen put up
stairs. Ko troublo to show these
goods, C. A.  Warron
The contract for tho erection of the
new fire hall haa been awarded. Work
has been commenced, and the building
will be completed by February 1st.
For Gentleman���--Fitto assortment of
Pipes, Oijtmrette and CtK��r holders���
the B. B. B. brand. C. A. Warren's
���'This room is very cloae," remarked
tho guest to the htnd waiter. "Can't I
havo a little fiesh ar. V "One sir"
yelled tho obliging   wnlter.    '"Fresh ri
For Xmas'-jAdies Silk Ties. Stlfc
Table Drapes, Silk Table Covers, at C.
A. Warren's.
W. C. Weil* Jl. P. P. , and his son
G-oorge, left for the const yesie-pday.
They will return in n few days,
Mrs. Walker, of Calgay, who hns
lieen visiting "frfends iii Golden for
���omo we��ksi loft foV b&tuc On  Sunday.
It is rumored that oue uf our popu-
lur > onnginuihvlors will sluu-tlv join
the ranks of the" hone tiers. Tie ia expected to leavo for the cast fid Only
ilfter the l>t of January.
BATES- At Oolden. on  Dec. lo,  the
wife of J. A. Bates, of a daughter.
I,   O.   O.   V.
Pocky Mountain Lodge No, 114 meets in
Oddtellown Hall, fioldeii, erery Wednesday
Ht 8 p.m.   S(iJ<niniinff brethren welcome.'
C. I'juAliCE. K.tt.   W,.[,. HOUSTON, V.a
J, T. WOOD, Secretary.
TttK Uxion, Tub .Sno*wsi,idk, and No.
Gitufi'e   la   the   flntdeil   ininiiif;  divisiin r.f
North Vast Knoipnay district.   Altera
located���Near  iho head   of   Bugaboo
Thi; WESTEiftS Cross wi.N'uitAL.cf.AiM,
Situate in   tho   CioMon   mining  ilivixton  of
Eaat Kootenay dia trie t.    'whore lorn ted
���At ihn lead'of Ituffkbuo Creek on the
Tnlto notice tbnt I Thomra McXnufiht nct-
ing am agent for (|j The Oil'en and Fort
Steole Dovclovinniit ConipKirii'V Cb^ited,
Fro miner'ii rertiilcato No. ItlO-'iflKioHiied
:mtli,huiu, litif.t, aud for.To.wi h I ..nimiutagno.
Free mhi-ors cnrtltieato No. 71 WA, Isaiieil
*88th Mnrrli..!8HH. tbo nmieiM'ef the Uulm
mineral rhiim; i_ tho ksh! Golden snd Fort
Bteelo Dovolopnient Co'itpnny l.iiidteii, imd
forT. Merciur, Fre6 miner's eertttiiyito No.
HI0120, issued Snd AufftiHt. l-ftp, the offnera
of tho said Suowsliilo, No. 21 aud Wt-st-ru
Cross minora! chums, iiit-nnd CO days train
tliedato hereof toaply tn the mining recorder for a certilici.to of Jaiprovfliueuts for
tho purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
And further tiMe nnlico that action under
section 37 nuiHt be commcnci-d hefaro tho
instianre of Mitch certificate of htprovemonta.
Dated thi* Vth day of October, 1W-J
ml !'���
Robt- Elliot, M.D.,
Ll33iisod Fhyslelan & Surgaou
Livery & Feed Stables
Ki^s ol .11 kinds for hivo ��t rcaHiiflnbl'. fates.
Tt.u.iiu>- of .11 Ifiittl. a Si*ui-i.l:y.
A. U. Hamilton,
Jas Hbady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
"U. Alu'n, liul. ME.
AkouI for obtaining Crown Gran's, doing
Mii-iuil jij*.'���K..iiioiit work, eli!.    A.lilicaa:
GOLDEN, 11.0.
P. A. Desormeau,*
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C,
flonlli Hl.lo Kl.klnR llor.o Rim,
NOTICE in lienthy mv��n tliat anapplicalion
will he made to tho l-eKistmlvo A����etiibly of
tho Province ��f Uritish Ciili.iuibin.Ht Its next
seaaion for an Act lo incorporate a cuim any
whh power tocaiirttruut.cuuin maintain and
operato a lino or linen of lefophoho electrical
works, p-iwer li!>iues, jrcni'r,.lioii i liitit and
;.!l such ether it: ptbuicea an urn uOcesaflry
and pro;ei'fr IIih peueratioii of iloctrtcly
ororlhor poAeratid transiiiitlhift the same
within Mid throughout thn Distii.-i
of lva.it. Riiotaiiay and tho various
townsites hi tbo said dis- trfut as
tho Company from tiino to 111110 de-
terii'iii'.H and to construct, nmintaiu aud
ojairais the Mime alnng tlm Hides ot, and
acrOKit or under niiy hiffhsvHy, streets, mth'te
hri'ye-, ur I'liy mirh places in the aan! district r-t the Cempany from time to time do
torniimw,and to construct, c-rett nnd muiii-
it.iii such and so many poles and otl or works
aud devices ��s 1 tin Com pany deems necensary
t't.r inaldug emu plot ing, supporting, nsiug,
working, o|M!ratni,T and nutiutaiiuofr the
system nf communication by tctepliono
or electrici.l works, powor house, generating plant iind other appliance*, ami
to open or break up anv part nr parts of ihe
said highways nr streets m often ss the said
Company, its agents, officers or workmen
think prrijiflr, and for lho purposes of the
undertaking to purchane, acquire, or lease
and hold and sell and disposo of or tmrreudor
lands, buildings or tenements-vfiihtn tho
limits aforesaid nnd to purchase or losso (or
any term of years, any telephone Hue usUb-
li<hp.l or to be estahlishod iu DriiMi Culum-
bin, coonoctiugor to be cnnucciod with the
linen which the Company may construct and
to purchase or leas* for any term of years the
right of any company to construct aud mnny
tain any such telopboueliuo nnd to amalgamate will) or lease its line or lines, or any por
thai or portions thereof to auy company
possessing te proprietor any Hue of telo-
phono cnniinmiit'iitluii connecting or to be
coimectod with the said Com pany Vt lino er
lines and to ncquire htnds.butiusca, privileges
or other aids from any persons or bodies
corporate, and with all othor usual, necessary
or incidental rights, [Kmers ur privileges as
may be noccssary or incidental or roislucive
to tlio attuimnout of the abovo object* or any
ot them.
Dated this 10th day of October 108.
dl7 Solicitors for the Applicants'
Tho H. B. A. VOGEL
CanimerclHl (lalicje,
llox  847.  Vai-.ronver,   B.  C
TlMira-j-th liiHiruction in btiiiiw..
metltorls, Book-keeping, (we ute no
text books, but do actual bueinem)
Sborthlind n.j.iTypon-rillflg. "Wopre
pare (or exmninntions.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head ofnaviantion (,.m the Cohimbia Kiver, and the
centre of a-ii extensive stijek-misingf iin.l ranching country, exto nifi-p* (r���xi. tiie ;>*-*i l\vh,tei*Bbi;*.i*iie v'-j!nmbia River
in the .so*-.*'!i t������������ '\\if<>.! !���*��� ������'��� I 'i ���'& in tiie itbrttt,
'4 he iru;   1 ** i " ni-.n'ci'iea recently made in
the (Julden and i\ i.i.U. mo e distrieta, together with the
ftict that transportaiioa in now assured at an early date
by a railway running tho length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in tho mining, camps of North East Kootonay.
NTC��uUii*tjoi"i,s-ire'-fil-ad p-'we'* ling, which will ensure tiie
operation of the Grijloiih Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only lan$ available for the extension of tlle building
Present prices are favorable to invostars, who will
find it to their Interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree-
t for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd,
(LateMACKAELANE 4 Co.J ;':\
Vancouver,      -     B.C
.. WBAre&fonnfoMm-maandilliwtlmjmrtert., (mil r-urry a lurire .lock uf D.Iidm.,*
KiirilMM,. Firo Clay Uoal., Hi-b-ntiliu nnd I'radk.l Hooks, OlMa-Vnro, Mntlnum Ot***.
Acids, tlioimcalH, wid ��ll olber Assa-cera' ami Mim-r.' reriiiiremenla.
80I.E Atli:.NTfl fyf Morgan L'ruciblo Conij-any,  fiatteraoa: llockor'a Sea.'
Dalanccc, Etc.
Catalogue and full Dartlcular. on application.
Why Spend JVIoney
on READV-MAtlE CLOTHES whon you can
I have the best assortment of Tweeds, Serges,
Fancy Vests and Ovorcoats in the Province:
It is foolish to spend pour money ill the'East
on Inferior Domestic Goods when you can get"
the Itest Imported Material at hofiffo at lowe*'
Clothe^Cleaned and Repaired:
J. C. TOM,
Coffins and
Oltlar. promptly attended to. *
W.  L. Houston,
Golden.  B.C.
Hull Bros. & Go.
Whole-ado & RotaU
Bute tiers.
Cattle, Sheep and Hone Doalori.
80 YIAR8"
Situate la the <JoliU.it mitiliitr IMrlafon of
��a��t Knotonay Ointrii-.t. \\ licro lia-ated
on itmrtn fork nf SpllHinai-lteua Kiver,
near ilnriM lla.ln.
Take notice thut I. Job* llond.ri-011, of
Uoldoii, na agont lur W. 0* Tlllaw, of Salem,
(Iraipin, U.S.A., Froa mlnarlt Corllllrato
No. 7IU6A, intrnd alxtydaya from the"date
Itoreafto apply to the nitulOB recorder for a
certilfcate at hnprot-etMM* lor the purtnw
ol obtaiiiing a Crown Urant of the above
elaiina. .
And further take notice that action nnder
aectkin H7 j. mat be commenced before tbe
luunuce of auch certificate of improvement*.
Datod thh sard day of Scpleinter, 181)9.
If you want
Good Bread    ���
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milling,qorapao-f tuar*
antee their Hour tha equal of any
brand on the Oolden Market and
hereby nuthoriM all iirooer. to aell
It inbjeot to abofa -ajnarantw and
they will refund tit lull amount
paid for floor upon ratnru of any
not equal to guarantee.
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public, onveyancer, eto
Olll.-e iii Upiior Columbia Navigaibu and
Train .ay Company', lluilding,
Holrlen, B. C.
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
RevelstolM, B.C.
WHI attend all County Cenrt. al OoBen.SL
W. WHtric tj.0. J.M.��i:orT,B.A.,L.O.U
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist te Druggist,
To Be Sold
lit Lots to Suit Buyers
U DrMglit Male*,
11 PMk Males.
IS Cayaaea.
ati*. _
Tho Wwiwl-r ���!������ UaltM
Lakeside] Hotel,
Oooil arcifminndntloa for  rrn.MctdM.Dd
Frelgblera.   Flrat clau diaalal
Notary Public.
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent for E. A. flAGGEN,
Assayor & Metallurgist.
OrriGB at l.AKBsioa Emit,
Windermere,  - B.C.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Qulok-Mt Tim. and LoweatRaiee to all
poluti EAST and WEST,
Ezonrslon Rates to
and all Winter Resent),
Old Country,
Apply lor-jarri-iUraloiMiawrtaPB.
���S��nt art*   >
8w. Pau, A|^i,


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