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The Golden Era Nov 18, 1893

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Array -
v     f ���_>
vol. nr. no ig.
9 J Per Yea it
are a positive cure for all cnsos of headache, whether
norvours, bilious, or neuralgic.     .Sunt post
free on receipt of price
SSlS dents  For Box.
C. A.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots  and Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
nients of a town like Golden. A
public hull has for some tlill's been a
long felt want and Goldeuiles must
congratulate themselves on having
secured one at lust. The hall will be
appropriately opened on Thanksgiving
la Ail of tin- Golden   Hospital.
We hue; to remind Our readers of the
grand elocutionary entertainment to bo
given in the Alexander Hall on Thursday next. Miss Sara Lord Bailey, the
eminent elocutionist of Boston, will
Evening by the Appearance of Miss Iappear on that evening on behalf of
Sara  Lord    Bailey,   iu   aid   of  the l the Goldon Hospital,     .Miss Bailey is
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which n Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, 1 5.C.
(Incorporated KITO.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted nnd samples sup| lied on
Last Sunday evening, at the close of
the service in St. Paul's Church, Rev.
Air. Irwin intimated that the Rev.
Arohdencon George .McKay, of Prince
Albert, had been appointed to take up
the work in this district, and wus expected to commence his duties about
Christmas. Archdeacon McKay was
compelled to resign his parish iu Prince
Albert owing to ill health, The change
he is about to make will, we are sui'i',
highly spoken of hy the Knstern press,
both American nnd Canadian, and
those iu town, who have heard her ill
the east, cannot say enough in her
favor, Miss Bailey's reputation alone
ought to he sufficient to ensure a big
house, but combined with the object
for which the entertainment is being
given, will, we have lib doubt, more
than till the hull. The entertainment
will be of 11 kind which Go'.donites
rarely have the opportunity of hearing.
prove beneficial, as a healthier climnto 0l* these  grounds  we  would   advise
than   what we have here would
hard to find.
Preabyturlan Church.
jj0 1 parties who wish to secure nood seals
to call at the post office, where reserved
seat tickets may be had. The price of
admission  is 75 cents ;   reserved seats
Service   will be held in the school ��1.00; children, half prici
house to-morrow momim* at 10 o'clock
conducted by the Rev. AV, R. Ross.
Xow ready for business, lias been newly built
and newly furnished. The table is first class. The bar
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
W. McWeish  -  Proprietor.
Special  attention given   to
.MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Is a wholesale nnd retail
druggist and can supply
AT Itl-iiri.AII I'KI'.-liS.
rEMPLETON,     -     DilHGGIST,
Homeward  Hound.
Mr.   and   Mis.  W.  Pellew Harvey i
and   family   left   last   Saturday   for!.-,
Montreal, ell route for E iglaud.   They  g
leave Montreal to-day per S S.   " Van-1 7
eouver," for Liverpool.     Mr. Harvey g
expects to return early in March.    We
trust they will have a safe voyage, and
hope they may have a pleasant  time
during their sojourn iu England.
Mr. Geo. R.unhohl lofc on Sunday
for England, 111 too will he passenger
on the ������ Vancouver."
The following is the   programme: -
1. The Boston Vendor's Call.
2. How the Ladies Usually Fish.
���'!.    Money M is!;.
Life for Life.
Prompt Obedience.
Engineer's Signal.
Royal Bumper Degree.
The committee have made arrange-
; incuts fuf a dance at the conclusion of
the programme, and a most enjoyable
I time is expected.
Doors will be open at 7:,'10, entertain-
! ment to commence at S o'clock sharp.
Carlin & Lake.
General Merchants, Alexander Block.
Thanksgiving  Diiy. Pi-blle School Honor noil.
Thursday next being Thanksgiving     The   following is the honor roll for
Day the post office will only he open ilur- October : -
ing the following hours:    If the trains j .-���-, (,|.,ss WiniiifreJ Armstrong
are 011 time, from the arrival of No. I at \��tu    ..     tennis Wells
11:20  till   12 o'clock, and   from the -jn-   ..     EthelMoodie
arrival of No, 2 at o.-fi p.m. till (I p.m. ; .,,������   ..      Laura Kenny
The merchants of the town haVo also Lnt* p,.j,l)ai. Thomas Smith
decided to close their respective places  jgt        ..     Harold Wilson
of business on thut day. Average attendance  for the mouth
TOAD  210IWT-IK JJ.  UljAS, Teacher.
1,-ildeii, mi the main line nt' llie Caiuidinii
I'lii'ilic li'i.ihvny. ill ils  connection   ivitli the,,. ,       ,.        ..,        ,.  ,..���,,     ,   ,��� ���
iteainhiHit navigation ot'tlio lu ihiii rlvor: j ?"�������*��� ���' ���*�����"����� �� '"���'"���f"1 -��"o<"* r"*'
the iiiiiioriil iiiiii coiiuiiercfiilcentreo|-��tistern j        Claim Owners i'luui lld'ore.
British Coliuiiliini Iicnilnimrters of tlijUold-'    ��-       .       .,    ,,,    ,   ��(���������.���:��� j;���
en Smelting works, ihe Ipper  Uliiiiibin l    News from tho load Mountain dis-
Navigation Co., and haulier industry 1 the triot coutinues to be of n very euoour-
.unlet  for  the  widely   kuoivu   i.ud   I'.-u- ,       , .   ..      .
tinned agricultural 11111I gitr/.hig land of the
Columbia A Kooteiiny Valleys,- unrivalleil
lor scenery of ,-:ll kinds,- the (lintribltthlg
pent I'm- the richest luiiienil country on Ihe
The ������ .Vltnoas."
The Montreal Witness is now offering the remainder of the present year
free to new subsaribers for next year
as   an   eiioouragemeiit   to   giro   that
valuable paper a trial.     The Witness,
mountain have completed their assess- both W(jek,y .i||(]  DMv< ,mg) ,-m.in(r
ment work, and in some  cases some lh(. VL,.(I, .l!ll|,tu,a  whlll   ���  declares 10
extra ih'veh.p.n.-ui work   I,,- h -en dol.e | ^ (|r,   mg ^   r0I.m, w|th   neat, small,
convenient   pages,  being  enabled, by
ugiug   nature.     Iu   the   majority of
ustances those holding claims ou the
Gum Boots,
Sheriff Redgrave und (}. E. Manuel,
came in from Donald on Wednesday
Don't   fail  lo heir Miss Sara Lord I
Bailey,   iu   the   Alexander   Hall   Oil
Thanksgiving Evening, Nov. 2.'!rd.
; the possession of one of ihe most com-
; pleto printing presses ever built hy the
Hoes, of New York, to vary the number of pages ,u will. The paper enters
the press at two places, on rolls Inoail
I or narrow as required, and the newspapers   come oui  ai lightning   speed
Call and See the New Goods we are
Opening out Daily.
in addition.     The lesults of this work
  have been  very   satisfactory  i 11 most!
Mr. nnd Mrs. McR-ic left for Toronto | cases, and the coming season should!
on Sunday's train. | see the greatest activity ever witnessed
11 this vicinity,
Most of thus- holding claims iu the]
I'oad mountain district assert that now ;
'that the Hall   mines   company   have
taken hold of tliolr work iu earnest, it folded, pasted and out,     Besides  the
will he far less difficult to soeure de- improvement   iu   form, there  Isa  re-
vi'lopment capital for other jiropertlea | mni'ltublu im.ifovpmeut in typography,
Carlin & Lake havo found it neces- ;,���,.���. ,*,��� |)iv, mim,. tmJ tv|Pl, buiU(t gu,  by the   wonderful
sary  to   ereet    another   warehouse, j    gJlne fol.ty 0l. flft>. mon ,u.0'busy in Linotype machine, which  attains the .
which will be used as a store house I    (J  ul.oum*   t|(0 s,|vw  ,-in>,.     ,,,,���. gpefi(- uf   ,lve ������,���, .,,���,   ���lsts anew
for their large assort.uent of stoves,     j tM  g|li|miL,lU. ,,  n_rly xmif> u|1j, ty|ie tftC8 0VBl.��� time,    T|le proprietors
The plastering in iho hospital was ���,*���] g0 out *��� ft few days, invite visitors to Montreal to see these
finished this week, tho   furnace  has,'    j, js understood that the teams to machines.   The picture element hus so
been put in plnce and all that is now transport ibis first shipment will come greatly developed in the Witness, that
required   to complete  the work are n in front Colvlllo, local bids'havlng been it may now fairly  he culled 1111 illus-
few finishing touches by the carpenters, considered too high. The exact amount trated paper.   The Witness has moved
Among the arrivals from tbo Upper 1 of the shipment has not yet been deter- to the busiest oorner in Montreal, the
Country   this week were A. P. Gum-j mined, but it will be something over junction of Bleury and St. Peter Sts.
mins, G.C., Bert Low, R. A. Kimpton,  100 tons. with Craig Street, and has a spacious
The tram line which will bo 4J miles building there which is in some rein length, adbording to tho present sur- spocts us flue a newspaper office as is.
veys, has been located and the prelim- any where to he seen. The price of the
iniiry surveys sent off. The construe- ( Daily Witness is three dollars, and of
tioii work on tho tram line will begin the Weekly'AVitness one dollar, while
at the earliest possible period in the ' the little pioneer paper,'he Messenger,
spring, -Nelson Miner. joosts only thirty cents.
D. Kimpton, J. Hamilton, H. Humes,
C. Hanson, ,T. A Skertchley, 0. A.
Beatson, P. II. Bacon, and F, Houghton.
The Alexander Hall has been furnished this week and fitted up in every
way   necessary to meet  the require. ifihv (Solfren (!Bva \
Tlio  GOLDEN ERA  is published every ]
Saturday moruiug in timo to catch tho oust
and west mail trains, also  the  mail fur  tlio
ujipor i.u.iuti'y, Windermero, Fort Steelo ot_ i
It is tlio only advertising medium in thoEoat
Kootonay distrii.t.
S ibserip i m  littles: 32.00 jr-h* uwmui i.\ j
Advertisements anl changes must he in
the office uot later than 12 a.m. on Tliur.'-y
to insure insertion,
Advertisement rates mad.- known on appli-
eittior *u
Vllcu-sli to bo paid to tins Manager, from
win i.n tlie (!u:np.uiy'srncoipt will bo obtained.
The Uh Era Publishing Company.
������'OH CU3Y nCADERG.
THE   ������ GOLDEN    EAGLE"   IlOMlEI)
For $(!(),(��<��(>���llontri.ct Let Tor (100ft.
of Tunnelling-'.
It is understood that tho bono for
the two "Golden Eagle" claims, at
the head of China Creek, Alberni district, was executed yesterday, and the
contract let for the running of six bun
dred feet of tiinnolling, to be proceeded
with at once. Tho bond was secv.red
through representatives in Victoria for
the Duke of Montrose, and the price
agreed upon is S-10,000, part of which
sum was paid down and the total to be
paid on or before the 1st of August,
The contract has been let to Mr. Mc-
Gillivray, a well-known miner, and
with a party of fifteen or twenty men
he will at once proceed with supplies
to Alberni and the scene of ��� , orations.
It is expected that the work will be
completed early iu February. Three
tunnels of 200 feot each will be run,
for the purpose of determining the
extent of the deposit, and if satisfactory, work on a practical and extended
scale will thou begin to extract the
gold. Assays and mill tests of o.-e
from the Golden Eagle mine made so
lar show that the ore averages from
$50 to S100 por ton, while some samples have assayed several thousands of
Mr. Going, C E., who returned on
Thursday from surveying some of tlie
claims, visited all those on which
assessment work is being done. He
reports that this development has uncovered several vory promising veins
of quartz of the same character as thai
in the discovery claim,     lie says tin
there is no cloui
,...';���.���   . - fo    nili
b;        '. (jui     ;.      u    .,
br.iuuii I'niiii       ���- ik,   havi    dm j
traced  i,.     connection   with tlm Bear
on Ciiiiia Creek head.     The snow had i
fallen to u considerable  depth  (luring
his visit, rendering work on  some ot i
the claims   impossible, but  it will not
interfere with thu development of tin
Goldon Eagle property, as it is further j
down the mountain side.
Mr. H.   Saunders  who is the father
of the discovery and development of j
the China Greek mines, goes to Albcr-:
ui to-day  on business connected with
the  transferor  the Golden   Eagle.
Victor.   Colonist.
Clm'iiTt-il Hllllila.
Tlm Ku in loops Sentinel bus recently
change,! hands and is now owned and
publlshes-i by Messrs. T. A. Spink. A.
W. C. Finliuu. and W. H Jones, under tho i.iini nnu stylo of the Inland
Sentinel Printing nnd Publishing Company. We wish lho new proprietors
every success.
Ooiitindium -What's  the difference
bit-vv?!  n cat nnd a legal document?
Answer   The ono has clawses nt the
of   its   pawses;   tho   other   has
��� a i_-3 at the end of its clauses.
A Com pinto Ileuord of tlio tiusy Vorlil's
X!**.*)pmil*-,-3 irtarofnily Couipiiod end cut
Into Handy and Attraotlvo tl"'.a4.o To;- tlio
Rentiers of Oiii- J.'ii.ioi-.
Dennin MxManr.ti, Almonte, *>vas i.-'nied
l.v n runaway.
Six ll'.-enio.i vo-o overcono by ens and
smoke at a New "i o.-k lire.
.'rtluir Ctoken v.ua i.ir,;.-...'../ i.lUe.l r.t
rctrnlcii by a lulling derrick.
While coupling earn at Moncton Nelson
Cuibleford it mi futally liijnnd.
... i ��� now lV-ivd that J. D.ivi.-,, c! _**.r-
lu"-, r.T.a klllid at Butt's Crno!:.
Three men were killed by tlio e:;-)lur.:o:i
i.;' a li uui.n,i,vo holler at St. Lui'.ls.
Lewis Nell V.-.-.3 killed r.tid _!io*_ Cox
linilly iiijiiieil hy the explosion of a Hour
mi 1 boiler nt Windfall, Ind.
\i'hlIo oiling a ilynnmo at Indianapolis
,T. 1.1, l.oge-.s touched the brushes with
uolli hands mid ivim instantly killed.
/ a ii rni-.st will Im hold on tlio vemnins
nf \t'm. Irvine, tne C.P.R. yardman who
'.ui killed whilo coupling earn ut Ottawa.
I'y Ih" col npee of a partly-burned dry-
1 i'.a at llrusBB.il Henry Willico, aged TO,
i.i.o Lilicd u::d t.vu u'.lior men badly injured
Two persons were killed and eleven ter-
ribl.v injured by i.n c.-plonion of dynamite
on a t"Tiid-*c*S r-t the 'lion Onto')" of tlio
Canrlca Wood of Grand Gorge, Dela-
-.-������������ o County, N. l"., whilo trying tu blow
nt i n gnu to ���;������.> ii it wan loaded, ivcsin-
Llsatly killud. i
'.'no Ilnssian v.-nrsiii-i I'lohnlno -I. ia nt
Co-'iica. Two onilora were suffocated by
exploding turpentine, ��v_ila cover..! others
were injured.
Thten nrn vrcra killed r.nd eight In'rir-
rd by tin- explosion of r. Loiler in the dry
(lock, East B-nadwcy and i'r.tte.y Eaii-
road br.ildlr.L-, H.Y.
.'. i Portland, Ore,--", an elect ic rr.r, ���
nonta'i ing about I'D passengers, went
i .m���-Ii-b:i opoii drawbridge, falling into
i'.io i nspin river. Seven of its oooupento
Wei ������ I'luvrucd, |
J. hue!: r. :d ladder I rue1: nnd sn electric
Eire.; car collided in Detroit. The ladder
in..n was thrown from his r.cat, t-truck bis
head ci t.io asphalt pr.vcinont, ;.:.d v. as
iii.itiintly killed.
I'I o ptrntnnhip Cltv of Alexandria of the
Kcw York il': Cuba Hull Cbmpaiiy hns
licc.i Lurncd near linvaniin. About Si) of
thi-iooti hoard lost their liven, twice thut
ni::r.oir btiiig rescued.
A C*il!(!ran'i Aid h'ociety v.-.-jo-.~r.r--l-.cd
in Pcti-rlioeo'.
",'ha \7. C. T. U. convention closed r.t
Ohatli.-.ui vrnterdar. I
Dr. Hutchinson in lho now Prccideut of
Ottawa St. Andrew'-) Society.
Spreading t.'aokn canned a v.rc-c!: r.t'
ITeiimo, .'exes: several iujiii-ed.
Tlii'j-hi.-,:u'iit3 of lnrnber fron tho Sag-1
i-T.-.v river ,. Is yeas wore thu c-nulicst lor l
*.,i years,
'j ho Hrltia'.i oteatnor Ctrcthdon wes ro- '
A .viiniig llngii.ilimnn   nampd   iVlliam
mip-ini wns arrested at Stoney Creek
nnd wilh Htoaling a horsoand lug(-y
-,:-o"i Alfred Taylor, of Hamilton.
Ijiiiiir.i'l Houston, o Elieriff's nssiutnnt,
l-tt in charge of a lot of chattels nc^ir
\.'lrl:hv. iliHiippeared taking them villi
inn. ..reward ut CT5 ia offered Jor his
Inconiing vecaels report heavy weather
im llie Ailuntie,
Tho stciuiier Lake Oipmio uniled from
.1 ,iver "ool for Montreal. This '.vaa the lust
ilepill'turo thin couson for Montreal di.-jct.
The Ciiiindian 'Pacific Hallway Company's steamship Empress of 'Jhina left
j.uii|- llo-.i'* lui' Yokohama and Vancouver.
Captain 'lVsan reported nt Halifax that
lie picked up heats lielonging to the
Siciuner Mnraeiile, i.kieli ia tuid to have
The Ciiiiiirder Lv.cr.td.-i hns ngnin smnsh-
nl tin, i ccnii record, making 'he voyage
In. i> QiicuiiBtnwii to Now York in 0 days
n r.ii.l f.!   n.intitea,  or 2U miiiuies
i (������..
��� S  l|���
Jjtu-30 uhlptnonts of ammunition a*'o bo-
ing ninilo from Europe to Admiral Mello,
ine insurgent londor at Rio do Janeiro.
��� At Kennedy, Ala., Henry Well'end wirTe
lockt'U taeir house, leaving four children
inside, mid started for llie field to work,
'i'hn house caught fire and tlu-co of tbo
child.vn burned lo death.
Tho "o";*.ik" crr.zs has reached Indianapolis. Governor Matthews has boon threatened, and Adolph Olsuhwaaky -.vas nrreBt-
ed as lie wns about to start for Washington to niui'dc:' President Cleveland.
The striko cn the 2ig Four hna hecomo
The strike of coal miiioi's lu tho north of
Tra-ice is ouded.
A ennfereneo botwoen miiio owner3 end
lniiio delegates wao held in Loadou and no
settlement reached.
tii:: spii_���_ 11.' spoist.
In a game of continuous pool between
Do Oro and Clearwater at Pitiaburj Clearwater won by lio points.
Tim Whitby Collegiate instisnto football
club defeated tho Bovvreeiuvillo El-jh School
club Ly 1'jiii* fjoola to two.
'i.'ni. Irivhi, aa employee of the G.P.B.
Coitipany, v.ns run over by a yard en-jine
nt Ottawa and instantly killed.
1 ivo-year-old John Hack, nf Hamilton,
died iioi.i injuries received hy being run
over en the Hamilton r.nd Enntlas railway
%7Ar.S Ai.J) RIOTS.
The llritish South Africa Company's
lioiijm have occupied Uulnwuyo, after gov
eral I!ght3, in wtlcli tho llatilbiiics su"er-
ed hcuvily.
Latest advices fi'Oti llolilla show that
tlio Spanish hisses lmvo been comparatively light, while Ihe ltiflinns have lust many
1-..:....,-d Lilkd i.:id wounded.
I tilifl oi'HIT,
J. I.I. i.'nlley, late of Arthur, r.uieiiled at
: .1 yton. while (empor.-.tilv insane,
Tim Holland, a consumptive nnd an in-
i mate of tho alms !iur.30 at Woodstock, ?i.
.'.-.1 r.ltettipt to v.-ree - i,restin'uisterbridge   ii.? calcide.1 with a ranor.
d -estorday  to  be c:i fire in
���1 nns o* a bomb is aliened to lave been
he new Freuoh tax cn boiiDo transac-
!*.(���_ yicldud in lour iconthti S.O'iU.O'JO
.'���'.��� ..'i :i Cnimi'teo of t'10 Now  York
e     ���        ..-'.;.ed the lass of  ihi oer-
11 that Prendsig���tt, tho assassin
I   I'tison, nf Chien-jo, is a native
iv: .hlp.-f Kingatoa
-i.-.i: ntibjeut named Speilling has
!��!1 il  Irom Alsaec-Ijiiraino   lnr
��� ..ed in social iiitri-jue-i.
���.   Itnlfo, nou of the well-known
. ieis reeovered .-C-00 damage') for
rum tiie noivftpaner ��o-iioty,
':.--.!i rteaiiiei' Wiuohester has TO-
���.'. .'"iU siilvagn frum lho  Dutch
li...i..-.da.n la tho Adinli'idty Cutirt
'iVoi'd comes from Alton thai Thomas
1 iarkinn, nged 4*. lately of Mnnitobn, was
found dead ou the town line between Cale-
Ion and I .in. Ho bad cul his throat cud
taken 1 i.;d.n-uni.
Ti'.o '���
nt am.'.
,.*. Luiuluu.
W. II, I lllott was oelceted by the Inter* id Ma;,r,.:eiiient Cinumitteoof tho llnni
1 1... f-Vhonl Hoard r.a bead i-iast-er of tho
i..o..i-l School.
Lady Aberdeen, In the eonrso of onr.il-
���" eaa li fore tko Y. V7 ('. A., advocated
tho fnrmnt'011 of a Ilatlonal Woman's
i.'i.iii.cil fur Canada.
A' " nieiiing of consnls and nnrinomen
nf HritiMi I'o. lira bin it wns decided tocsk
I,in U.S. Nuvy Hep-.itnii'iit to, liauge the
ilu'hthnnao at llebtiuctiun I lead lo Carrol
T'o CnhimbnB earnvela will remain at
i��:at:i uv d"30T7:;j:;o.
Pilot Jiunea Murray, of St. Joha.lt,'.;;.,
). 113 found drowned in the harbor.
Ten men employed at the Quarantine
ntalion were drowned while returning iu a
Lout to Staieii Island.
Jiweph llei'oehes, of Miscouche, N.S.,
while iishi.ig for oysters took a 111 and fell
o,i rooiud.   lie was drowned,
While duck rdiooting ueffl- i.tenkoim
ITIngsley Muybee, aged 112, took r. lit, fell
out of his bunt and wus drowned.
"Doc" Andrew* and hit) wlfn woror.r-
rested at Buffalo aud he in ih" cells on a
charge of murder. Andrew 1 will fight ox
At Smith's Hills, Kent County, N.B.",
Fiona Lahianc. aged 23, who wus indulging in a Hallowe'en prank, was fatally
shot by Theodore Gogagno,
A murder is reported ill South Durham,
Que. John Goodfellbw, nged till, quarrelled with   Henry   Johnston,  aged 18,  and
The I'renoli Senatorial elections tn'te
place cn January 7. Only one-third of the/
members ara elected.
Prinee Alfred Windescb Qratz deeline*
to form an Australian Ministry; Co.mt
Gerlnohstein may attempt the work.
Prince Antonio of Orleans, hushnnd of
the PrinoesB Kulalia, will join the Spanish
troniB ubout tu embark from Madrid to
At a con-tress of revolutionary Socialists
struck ihe youth ou the head,   causing his   held in Brussels,  it was resolved to carry
death, i on 1111 active propaganda to bring about n,
  ' strike 8111011-; tho soldiers of Belgium and
THU i-l-Al). ! elsewhere.
Joseph Eugene Bonnemero, the  hlstor-       "Les Eois," a drama by Jules Lemaitre.
i.-.a. is deud nt Angers. -a   v.-hloh   Sarah Benhardt was to  have
The funeral of tlie late Sir John Abbott   opened at a Paris theatre, has been inter-
r.t Montreal was very largely attended.
}lr. John Evnns Davis, editur of Th��
Mitchell Advocate, U dead, ttg��d 55.
Hon. Thiiiiins Lew's Dodge, member of
"'..,��� I.cgllsativo Council, keutville, N, S.,
in nal
IU'.,'.TI1 IN HAM lOltJIS.
John II. Ilogern, Warwick, dropped dead
wliile getting out of bed.
dieted because cf objections by tho Austrian AmhaEsador.
Three eases of cholera daily are now ra-
ported in Paler-no, while tho rest of Italy
ia f I'eo.
T1IK 1V()I!I,I)'S FAII1,
Tho World's Fair has been closed.
Tho o*"icials have had some cliCciilty in
cluaiiig the Midway.
Dr. Clark is dying in London.
Baron French ia dead in Dublin.
Emperor William and King William will
rii hunting logether.
Eon. Edward ll'.aho a-rived in Queoinse
town on the steamer Campania.
I.'nlie Aitred of Snxo Cohnrg and Got'na
(the Duke ot Edluburg), via.iid tue Ouuci.
at B..luiural.
Chief Justice Sir Henry Strong la tu
spend a part of his six moiitns' l.a... 01
aliseiice 111 tho West l-.idles.
I.',ir Cliver "lowut wins, formally invraied
v.'uh the budge of honoravy e-eiuheiuu.j 1..
the Independent Order of Formers
HirJolin Thompson and tlio llninimou
ministers, who utiondej Ihe fniu-.ui ^.i
Sir John Abho t. rctnriied to Oltiu>���.
'The Governor-General an- Lady Aberdeen received a delegation from tne '.lout
real Numesmatio and Antiquarian Society.
Ye.CU r.AVT. -jr. C.   H.   Mackintosh, ex-M.P���   wns
ear Lynchburg, Tonn., three negroes ] BWOrn in as I.ieutennutOovernor of thu
Northwest Territories, by Lord Aberdeen
at Montreal.
Tho name, of Mr. J. C. Wilson, ex-M.P.
for Argenteuil, Qr^., is mentioned in connection with the vacancy in the Sennto
cause J by tho death of Sir John Abbott.
Till', FIK2I It!:COTll>. ���
The extensive barns of Mr. John Jack-
run, the  well-known   cheep  breeder  at
Abingdon, Ont.. were burned.
suspected of barn burning havo been hanged by a mob of colored men.
I'jt.AItCE AMD T*-",AD_.
Pradstrcct's reports CD business failures
in Canada the pust week,  against 112 the
corresponding week last year.
C',-...Aiil.'.X l-iEV/8.
Hog cholera has Inoken out at Point
1 Id ward.
Winnipeg had lho fn-st mow fall of tho
season yebterday.
Noviiaiber "J will ho Thanksgiving Day
in the United Slices.
The Durham Teachers' Association met
in annual convention at liowrnanvillo.
Mr. John Charlton, M.P. for North Norfolk, addressed a large gathering ut Tilaon-
C. II. Campbell has heen chosen r.s Conservative eandidato for tho Commons iu
The semi-annual meeting of the'Now
York State Normal School Principals was
held in Toronto.
The Governor-General and theCoiintesn
of Aberdeen paid a visit to the Jesuit College at Montreal.
It is proposed to ii..ii"''--'- winter carnival
in Quebec City. A meeting tu further the
project was held.
Argument in tho case of Ilolliday vs.
llognn wna finished in the Supreme Court
r.t Ottawa end judgement reserved.
Canadian residents of San Francisco
have formed an association to see Canada
property represented at lho Midwinter Fair.
The United StateaCongrcca has adjourn
ed sine die.
Phil D. Armour tas given 550,000 totht-
Annum Inatituto.
There were 5,0!)0 paid tdinissionn to the
World's Fair Friday.
Great frauds against iriaucaota's pine
lands have been discovered.
The U.S. Foreign Miasionnry Cociety
will meet in Baltimore neit year.
Presid -nt Clevtland has signed the
Chinese bid amending the Geary law,
The House Bill for a revenue cutter for
rerrioe on the lakes has passed the United
States Senate.
California's vintage will be about 18.000, -
000 gillon* this year, 2,000,1)00 callous
more than last year.
The Viking ship has started en Its jerar-
uev Iron. Chicago to St. Panl. It has been
presented to toe latter city.
��� During the six months of the World's
Fiir T,tltn,48T pioceB of -nail main,.* viei-e
despatched Irom Jaikso.. Purl: and 1,121,
IHO pieces wei>-1 (reel veil. ,
~tletlii Itopart.
We arc in lebte.1 to the  Engineering
and Miiiiii'*- Journal of New York  for
Tho arbitrators appointed to adjust the
disputed accounts between the Dominion   t*10 following quotations
mill tho Provinces ir.ado their award at
The Hart of Derby in nn address nt
Preston, Eug., said that Canada had made
enormous Btiides ia faming during the
lost five years.
Sir John Thompson, iti r.n interview in
Montreal said that the Government intended culling Parliament, ns early its possible,
r.t nil eveniB as early as last year.
William J. McCnmmon, bnrrlatir, of
Belleville, has married a wealthy young
lady of Chicago, who formerly resided in
St. Thomas, Unt., where Mr. UuCuimnon
made her acquaintance years ago.
the spouting: wortLD.
The champion trotter Directum defeated
the champion pacer Mascot at Now York
iu throe straight boats.
V,". 1!. Ilenscl of the Royal Canadian
Bicycle Club, Toronto, rode 10 miles in
2K. 20 8-5, milking new Canadian rounds
for the lust five miles.
The Boli'-gbidko Club, of London, hna
ofercd a pursfi of .11,000 for a light between Jack Dompsoy and Dick Burrje, to
bo contested iii its ring.
Montreal Liberal Club elected oCicors.
East I_mbton Lil-erals met at Watford,
Erie. Pa.. during the winter. The Viking and nominated Dr. Mclvinnon ot Alvinston
amp ii ft Chicago yesterdny forWnBhing- toBuccocd the late Hugh McKenaio, M.P.P.
Ion. via the Mississippi Kivcr, tho Gulf of Prince Edward County 'Patrons of In-
.'lul'ldu and the Atbintie. . dustry liavo choson W. V. Pottet cs their
__  eaudidu-tu far tha Coranona, vice Nolsoti
CltlMU AND < UIJlIeiAI.S. resigned.
T omna H. Kdwi-nU has been arrester] Mr John Charlton, M.P., delivered an
-' i.urnsom-.U charged with attempted aiAtem ���D wiitim\ .jneitiona to a large
.���.i,��� rooli ry. ; Badienoe Bt v���terford.    Mr. _ C. Carp-
1 bn-leR Lackey, who was tried at Brock-   Knter, M.PP.. also cpoke.
��� ill.- (or the iniirdcrof hisnister, wns fimnil * . .
��� ni.iy nn l teuioaeed to be hung on te- '. TALES OF MUKDHU.
(winner 14.                                                     _w maJ1> Jo^n 0teeD ,^3 Thomas Tay-
I. -w.-.-or Francis H. Weekn. wlio robbed   ior, were mnrdcred nt Savory Island, B.C.
Iin c.ieiiis ot over SJOO.tXKI and fled lo   The muiderer eaoaped.
1 ostri Riei to escape pnnishnieut, bos ar-
*..ii.j. in Kcw Ycrk in (.ustudy.
Three of the Newport, Ark., t.*ai:i rob-
bero have been a,u.~ij!
Burglars ctoln fcijn worth of cutler.)
from T, Lawronce's etoro, 1 ncknow.
A highway mnu relieved John Smitii. ..
1-. -1 farmer, of C20 cn the road near
Fergus. :
A gang of highwaymen r.r�� operating j
around Struthroy. Several robberies have '
been committed.
Northrop _ Lyman's representative was I
held up and robbed near Newbury. N.B.. '
by two men, who took Ida gold watch and
TboGovommont lino deoidod.to impose
n fino of 528,1-00 on Boyd, Byrle _ Camp-
boll of Montreal, who recently Eiiiuggle.l
goo.ls on which $7,1)00 duty should have
been paid.
Rogers ft Simons, of Hamilton, photographers, have skipped out leaving au unpaid tent bill and taking with them a sum
of money received for advance payments
on photographs.
A Montreal firm which lias been run
ning a produce and commission business
under the title of Shaw & Simpson hits
closed its doors, and Simpson is alleged to
have departed with 57,000 of his customer's money.
The Imperial Parliament was opened.
Prince Windisch-Grnecz has consented
to form a now cabinet for Austria.
John Barry, National member of the
British Commons, saya he will retire.
The Macedonian rebel Arnaut has captured and looted the Albanian town uf
Nuw Yui.i.. Nov. li. 1808.
Silver. In sympathy with the repeal
of the Sherman law tin- London
market ileclined on the absence)
of buyers to til .Id. with little
business. Ou a revival of orders
the market closed steady at l'-d.
Mew York price���b'U cents.
Copper. There has been a slightly
better demand from consumers.
G.M.B.'s London, nt _���! 5s
Lead,   Lou.-: prices have been ������ copied.   Prices 3.40 to ll.45e. pe   iij
Spanibh   at   ill Ills. Dtl
lb's,  3d. per ton;   English .eaa
is. lid. higher.
I'.irler Hiirrli.-.:. - Estntu.
Chicago, Xov. 10. Tho will o[ tin
tele taller 11. Harrison was brought
into the probate court yesterday and is
awaiting proof. "William Preston Harrison made a request of the court not
to allow the contents of the document
to become public until next week.
.ludge Kohlsaat accordingly permitted
the testimony of one witness to lie
taken without the will being Hied, and
further proof was continued until tlio
remaining witnesses arrive. It is said
that the lute mayor instead of being
worth *2,LIJU,(.tO or -53,(ICO,00O as wus
thought, left an estate valued ut n
little over $1,100,COO. consisting mostly of real estate. The document itself
consists ot four pages in the bold nnd
characteristic handwriting of the late
mayor. After providing for tbo payment ol his 'int debts. Mr. Harrison
made several charitable bequests conditionally. The sum is net large, and
is made to depend on certain contingencies. The residue of the estate is
left in cq.mil parts to his children. fi
It y-i's ii Monday morning in the middle
of .liil... and I remember ai I journeyed to
Cli-i'Keiiweli remarking how lovely una the
'i'lie jiin'ifewns a little late, nnd the grand
f'iryv.ere being chaiged,and we���that is.
Lie bar���had either robed or wire rolihtri
and siiniil ehi.tt n-j tie.-eiher in our roiim
While we were thus ciimigeil my clerk
I'sheieil in the'.veil known lol'lll of ll Cl'lu-
I.ruled jeni-miMst who ivimnn old friend of
mine. lie was very siiiurt, ill hi.- -.now
ihite wKlstcoat, aud looked like u viMtui
at i. -iniili'ii jiurry.
"What on earth brings you heref" I exclaimed
"I'm o*i the jury,'" he replied. "That Is
lo my. I've been summoned. For good
neHN sake, iri'l me off I never was so busy
in my Hie, and irom what they tell mel
i-niiiilil i.e kepi here for a week oi n Ion
liight Vn'l eo down nnd miv a word lot
I <e lo I lie elerk ol Ihe peace lieluiv they be
-..il t-alllug iivei't.-ieuaineH "
I uei I 1'imlly sir tlint I did so nt onen.
Mil returned inn lew miliums only to re
pint a I'.'uiuie in my mission 'IhecleiK
I id llifni'iueil ri|. (h.-i he dared nol ernve
I :e nvu'e iv.thii.il the portiiiHsiiii. ol Sir
,,'illinn. BniUui. win,, on ileum applied lo.
bu : tllt'lli,l a ,!,-,'il I'll, tonul prayei
On In-iirht" if the ii-sulls of inv efforts s
lihink e\'iii:--.-.ioii came nvei my triend s
I ice I, ii.,i cot, l.nwcvei remain then,
i nig, nnd iliei.-i'.vi niiniiii'ii smile lit ,,p
t'le ftuiturcHOf Hun most ueu.iil nl men I
i vvinu-ij I.a; i..,.iliip.,i. nl oi events Willi Hi
The usher ennie and Hilliounci'd llial Ihe
i mini pin were charj-ed, whereupon ive
,-,') filfli eeiicil iiiloeout't
in < .-le; iii.i ihii. chii*riri"i inv friend
\ i.linu'l waiting lot Iiik iinme to In-eaiie i
! .. -i ��� il, in lot the jitry box a- il i.u.v
>,o -i ���-!��� disi'liei'tU) the nui'l-iius duties
l.h-ciii. I.an  Pn-iiived  iipiin him    He
look lac it usually allotted lo Ine lore
i.e.. .' i.. I.' uelitli'liien who are culled
t;. ' ��� .   verdut give," etc
H  in due coiii's,. en.ered the
i   ;. her  tiiey lecogi.i-'.iil l.te t-uil
i .i juuiunltst or mil, or wlielhei tne a:
i ;'"Ui of ine white waisteinii unit gei.tn,
- u iiri-HJSllliic, I can.ml sui b,.|
\ nli ) imiutirfeB, bik-Ii as taking tat
[ s -, n-e rni���aging Ihe attention of the
i , .-,   Irieiid in the box  In-eaine Im
i  . iiuiid which ull Iiik fellow jiiiyr.a'ii
1 - flicB ttl.oill a jam pot.
- ,1 to be iu excel lent form, nnd
'  Ids heard'.. i..l a ore ->.nilii.6
. iaees,
;,. .',-eihc jury were cnllcil risie
i-> ,        <   '   of their tiiiinberas Inreiiieii
nil ��� u my Irieud nisi', nppnreiiiiv ivith
lo quilting I is sent. I wus not stir
; i: ��� see him at once thrust Illicit bv hi.
..intra-.! -,, whoapiMiareil to lie quite uiiani
I oils iu their desire tu appolut ultn linir
i-pi.'.c num.
After a very pretty show of hesitation lie
("iiHi'uied to act aud was duly sivurn ��.���
I. riniaii
'Ihe lirst case was called on. It wns il I
remember ���: . rht. it very simple one ol rub
liery Irom llie pcrsou Tlicevhlclice "liich
seenmi pretty clear, ivn&u-lvcii. I lie pi-i.-tiiiiei
grew nune'liuil iniiri* tlejccted. ine mug,
iiimmeil up tn a niai.nel mil loo Invnralili
l,i that Individual, anil the jury were ill
I. etui loconsiilei I heir verdict,.
The white waislcnat luriu'il rountl. there
v.-iiB a whispered colloquy 'liit-.li't ivhu.-i,
my friend seemed to Is- Blinklne Ills liciul
l Knurl ileal, nnd filially Ihe ivi.liv ��-i,..st'uoal
litem annul again
'I he iilltci'l ol Ihe cn'irl pill I lie usual
rue-lieu. "Ihilv say you���do ion Ihni tue
|. nl the Imr guilty or mil iziiiliy'
Willi the bhllidesl of smiies l_e lore
I.i'.li replied. -.Vol guilty!''
The I'i'isotiei gave a sinrl. nnd the judge
Icokid uiiHU us tbuugh coiisideit.biy our
Another prisoner iva�� alveii In charge ol
the jury, the I rial was gone ttn-uu^ii. aiul
tile result wns the same.
W'lien the second verdict was relumed
,ul very red, am! addressing
���titlemen, In the next case I
I the v,mile of the eviileuui
9:55- It was a head end collision and
the north bound freight was running
oil the passenger train's time without
orders to'do so. There was a dense
fog nt the time. The killed are: Andrew Jones, the engineer of the passenger train ; C. H. Jones, his son;
Express Messenger William Gresh and
Engineer W. S. JCerlin of the freight
train. Conductor W. S. Joseph of
the passenger train was also injured.
All the victims live in this city. The
train dispatcher here .says meagre information hns been received but ho
believes no passengers have been killed
or seriously injured.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
$1 .."iS, $2.(55, If3.70; former prices 15, $7,
(110. Quulty remains tho same���Hi different styles; dry battery and acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the price of any other company andmoro
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wit dsor, Onfc
Is liC'ohy given, that iu pursuance of the
.Act, a Map nr I'lini has this day been file I iu
the Department of Lands anil IV'nrks setting
forth the lands tube taken by the said ffi.il-
way for right of way purposes between Station IP-IS to Station I201, on the east silent'
the Elk River to the ciiiifl.ionco of Michel
Cro^k, (hence up the le''t si le of the val ey uf
Michel Creek in the crossi tg of same, i.uii
thonco nlungits right bank, nil in the Dis-
riei nf East Kooteuiiy, 11, U., n distance of tiO
�����naU\ea& ��uvfrsr.
Hon. J, A. LoirtiiiKEi), Q,C.
(��. S. McCAltTBB.
IjiniftlM't'il   _   .llcC'artt'i'.
ii.ii'i'istors, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc, Etc.
Solicitors fur Bank of Montreal,
Camiauv, - N.W.T.
I'll-JIllUC  le
I..C f.,1    III  ll
"I'i il ,.'
. I need hurilly say, bud not
��� ������ i.- tried, uud again, though
icciueil al lew.! otiei. l.iiiunili
' 'i the prisoner iviib pro
'.���mil kui I J' "
much lor llie judge
.." he snil. iiil'li-essiif! the
nshei. "cull �� IimsIi /try." Then, turning
totliencoupiiiitB ol ine box, bis lui-ilslup
iitliled In ii voice nut qiiiie milleriiiiiilnil,
"(ieiiileiiien, your attendance will nol lie
required imy mure during Hie session *'
1 shall never forget I :u> luce ol llie foil.
mail lis bv slcppill Irom the box, Ashe
I asset! ine on his way lo the iloor I Ititicieil
1 delecled Ihe faillltsl colliI'liClioli uoullj
Lisleli uye.���Household Words.
.BUIPI'IlWOeV anil Vi'HtlKM'IK
Members Assocn.iD.L.S. A P.L.S, fur B.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc' Calgary mid New Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
K.J.Jltl'llstix, D.L.S.,I'.L.S. ,,f ll.C. &0nt,
1'Al.liAIlV, Allill.
A. 0. WllBEIiEll, D.L.S. & I'.L.S. ���f B.C.
NlSW Wl'ST.UI.N.STIil!   ll.C.
*fl��Cai"tIiy   &    ISni'vcy,
B.-irristers, Advuctes, Notaries, An,   Solicitors tin-1���
The liuporh.l Bmik of Ciinntln,
The Ciui.'iihi i'ei'iiiiiueut holm A Savings Co.
The Yorkshire I.01.11 it Socurllion! orporation
Tlie MiiBsoy-lbii'i'is ( ii. M.tih.i'tc.,etc.
Otliees   Stephen Avenue, Ci.lgnry.
P. MdCAitniv, Q.0.
Assoc. Mm. Inst. C.E,
SS'.SISG   EXtilSDllil.
Cochrane, Ai.iiA.��� Ft. Steele, B.C.
"  a. leofredT
(Graduate of Laval .'mil McGill.)
iU.i-viiX-i  i-i.vii.'ixkkk.
Head Office, Quebec ;  Branch  Oliices
SilBiiuitooKB, (t 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. MoxntitAi,.
COi (Limited)
October fitli, 1893.
Mnnnging Director.
A'ip'.lcntii n for [.Icdiikc to I'nt Tlml.'or
NOTICE is hereby given 'hut 110 days after
date 1 intend applying tu the Hun. iho ( hie'
i'o iiiiiissiiiiior ot Lands nnd Works for a license to cut ���nd carry aiv.ivthu1 er froili the
i'olloivhig lr.,ct of land: Coiiiii.o.iclna' at a
it.-iko jihinteil on the North mil I'nstsidoo)
tho North fork nf Michel (reek about 10
clu,ins beluiv the eilliiiu. thence due East -1(1
eh.nus, theiiee dun South W el.:.ins, thence
(hie.West 140 chains, thonco duo Norfh 711
ch.-.iiis,'linnet ilueE..st ItJOclinmstn lite place
of hoghiiiiug cuiiti.iiiiu'g by ..liinousureuieiil
i^HD acres..
Toronto, (Int., 18.il Sept. lSilll.
Appllt.il ion tov Li no nn.) to Out Maibcr
NOTICE is lio-cliyKivii Mm! }\L)\hyti nftcir
ditto I latoiul .-.pp.yini,'- to liio Hon. t!w �� liirf
tnititiiissioi.ov nf Iw.ii'Is .-mil Uorkn tor�� ti
coii.10 tu rut jiiuI carry au*..y tlailiur frinii Hut
loltowiiiir. tr.iut of I .ml: Ooiiiineut'iiifj; at a
nf��ko pl..iitwl ou tlio North and KaHt_liloot'
thi' Norfh fork of Michel l'n*<*U jiUi.1 |0
fluiiiiK Ih'I.ju* tlio canon, thence dno lihrt _0
clnJiiH, thonco Hiv North i0 cli..ins, theitco
duo West 141 cliiJiiH. thonco dii0( >Soutli 7;1
chains, thonco duo E)i��t 1^0 chains to the
ph.i.6 of boxiuuin^rcoiituiuiti^hy adutoaHiu'G-
mont IXjOaci'GH.
W. ,1. CARROLL*.
lle!!ovi!le. Out., lJ^ih. .Sept. IHiKJ.
An-ilytis.-.l ChemiEt & Assayor,
Golden, British Columbia.
liver A Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
1303      ASS.tVEIl TO TUB        Kl)2
British Columbia Government
of all npsci-nsa) seat from tho Provmro to
Banx Of filontreal.
Interest ut Current rates.
W. 1). GBAVELEY. M.ix.uiKit.
tmm ojiinahd,
Lively & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
GOIMETi,      ���      IM".
/!*. *l-!':ij*ti >'������ iiiflftil
���!'* i i:-K] iS ;^.' '"'   !t:
'��� :e''!'itet''"tt���*~--J'*^t.;'*K^e>i
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
The I'rnKr-tsn of ll-riaalloli-
A new work liy 11. M. Wilson stntea thut
by trriuntloil ISA.UOU.UUUuuruw Hit.' u.mlti fruit-
lul in Ill-Mil alone. Ill lij-ypl lucre mil
iil'out ll,i**j,imll it res inn! in llurope nluut
f,,IW..''(KI I lie L'nitiil SWIes has just be-
UUll the work of iiuproviiiK its waste a.ca
nnd has already uboui 4,UUU,0J0 ttcreaof it-
licj.ited lands.
Il.illrniul Wreck.
Columbus, Ohio, Nov. !>.��� A pnssen-
gvr train on the Columbus, Hockiu-r
Viilloy nnd Toledo railroad collided
with n freight train twelve miles
north of Fosterin ut seven o'clock this '
ovenlnit nnd four lives were lost iu the
wreck, The passenger wns south
bound .ud should have reached hero at
All persons indebtod to ,1. C. Greono,
(t) teens Hotel, Golden, nro requested to
settle ihnil- accounts within THIRTY
HAYS from this dale, after which till
unsettled accounts will he placed iu the
collector's hands.    Plqiise avoid eosis.
Golden, Sept. 28ih, 1893.
Wliok-MiI'-niMl Kctnil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
Cnlsa-'.v     -     ���     Allui.
TEI.EGII.U'II    OltDBIIS   l'lUl.MI'l-I.V
Newly refitted and furnished. Striotlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men, Fire-proof sufe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men ami
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing, Direct importer and wholesale nnd
retail dealer iu Wines, Liquors, uud Cigars,
Special attention given to orders from u,, the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
If vnii -vain your house Painted. I'nporeil
nr c'nlsiiiiiinci, nr any kind ot iisign l-iilulei!
Hi-ill. tn.I. II. MII.I.U'Ah'l). Gjtl.U.llty, the
boniliu-r I'aiiu shun iu tlm ucst, for good
work .-iii<t prices that are right.
Job    Depeirtmcr|t
_:o:_ OF -:o:-
Scientific American
Agency for
For Information and free Handbook wrlto to
Olilest burentl for tK-curinn patenta In America.
Kvery patent taken out by us is brouplil before
the nubile by a notice given f l-eo of oiiaTQe in tlio
I'rieutiffo f mtian
T nnraat clrenlatlon of any (elentlBo paper In tbo
c-orld. l-plo-iiiidly- illustrated. No IntetlUront
man shmiltl lie wltluiui It. Weeklr. f.3.1111 a
yeari IWilx montlis. AddnSs .MfJN.V .1 CO.,
I'i;iiusukus, illil Uioaiiwuy, New Vork City.
of ii t! sliinip, n rocoipo ftn-ii
shi.ple VEOETAItliE IIAUI llu-.l will ru-
IIIOVOTllll, I'-rccKles, I'linjllc.. Illotclics.
Iilacklifiiils. etc.. leaving the skin soft,
clear autl beautiful, Address A. V. .STl'M-
I'EL, OOAuii St., New Vork.
"It is worlh tbo pi-ic- to every pprgon
who even reads a new spupt
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Oorreapondents and Dopy Choppers.
Short, simple and practical rules for
making ana editing newspaper copy,
and ot equal value tn all who with to
write correct English.
Sent on receipt of price.  Price. 10 rents
per copy.  ALLAN TORMAN, Publlshet
117 Nassau Street, New York.
Box 7, Donald, B.C.,
is Tin: aiiihiiiss ni snxii vorn ORDERS Kim
Watches, Clocks and JaWeliery.
i.ij.i j.^,
CALGARY       -        ALBA.
Tho followintt additions to the hospital subscription list have heen blinded to us by the secretary, Mr. Hurry
Coniiauhur, for publication ���
Additions to II. Coiinacher's list: --
Leslie Hill, Golden $10
E. ,7. Redmond, Wpi? ... 10
Owen & (Jiiuuaii, Golden,
annual subscription.,.  10
S. Barber, Calgary   10
Cay ley & Sutton,Golden.   1(1
Chas. Hatch, Golden     5
E. L. Thomas, W\>g .... 0
P. McCarthy, Calj-ary .. 0
Rev. Mr. Ross, Donald..    5
J. H. Sample, Golden     0
A. R.Tufts, Vancouver..    1
- S   74 00
To F. Luna's list: -
H. G. Low, Golden  $     5 00
To C. A. Warren's list: -
AV. Williams * 5
Adair Bros     2
8 1 00
ToH. G. Parson's list :-.
Lule, Wynne & Co. WptfJlO
A. P. Patrick, Calgary.. 10
T. B. Pearson & Co. Viet. 5
J. M. Jiadmeyer, Toronto1  2
S   27 00
J. F. Armstrong 825
P. C. Gamble. Victoria..  10
Mat Kerher     5
Al. H. Armstrong     ii
H. W. Barnes...'     5
Capt. Moore     ,'1
E. Wood     2
Jos. Power     2
David Fitmmertoii     2
John MuConnell     2
- t   fil 00
A. Deiiiiian, Donald ..Sln.CO
J. D. Walsh " .. 5
Joe Neulou " ..2
T. Coughlin " ..1
J. S. Barnes " .. I
J. McLeod " ..1
J. McLuchliin   " 1
J. Hart "     ..1
J. H. Watson " ..1
T. Johnson " .. I
S. P. Fraser      "     ..    1
M. Otto     1
John L. Cobb     1
W. J. Milligan     1
J. Mugines     1
Geo. Williamson     1
J. E. Micholl     1
AV. Ross     1
J. Johnson      1
Thos. Jordan      1
David Gray     1
AV. E. Godfrey     1
E. Grant     1
J. Mai hie     1
D. C. Fraser      1
H. J. McSorley     1
Thos. Miller     1
.1. Blnkcy nO
W. E. Woodhouse   ..     ,n0
A. AVoodbonso hO
J. Palmer 50
AV. Jordnn ��0
L. Cotten &0
Goo. Hiron nO
  S   4!) 50
Amount previously acknowledged  ���".1,59-1 00
Total amount subscribed.... SI.Sib* 50
Don't forget the dance in the Alexander Hall on Thanksgiving Evening,
Thursday, Nov. 2!lrd.
The shop*! are busy, now fitting the
engines with the necessary apparatus
for the new system of heating adopted
by the company.
Mrs. Patmore hns got comfortably
settled in tho " Wiiite House" and
Dick is gro-ving quite muscular fi'uui
the exercise entailed before and after
Since the destruction of the Selkirk-
House, accommodation is ut a premium
bore. lint we always itiiinnge to nn.
commodate all cur visitors in some
way or a not her.
The invitiitlona Tor the II. or Ii T.
Ball 011 the 28th have been issued and
everyone is engaged in making the
necessary arrangements for the initial
ball of the season.
The insurance agents have been here
ami have settled everything iu lonuec-
tioii with their losses at the recent
lire. But they took a long time and
much looking  over the books to do it.
The work on the interior of the
addition to the Forrest House is goiuBr
on rapidly under the management of
Mr. Adanison, when the work is fully
completed we will jive .1 description 0:
the new wing.
Mi(S M. Maogrogor returned 'his
week to her home in Vancouver. During her stay here siie 1111 lo many
friends so that thee was quite 11 number of ndieux made at tue station the
morning she left,
Mr. G. A. M u'liitt, one of our operators here, is leaving us this week,
having bee.1 transferred to Vancouver.
He will Be missed, but doubtless will
be tho gainer by the change, so we
cannot object to his leaving.
Xinas stocks are beginning to come
in and the snow falls of the past week
remind us that Christmas with its
pleasures will soon be here. Mr. Patmore is receiving goods daily and they
are displayed to advantage iu his new
Word having b'un receive 1 of the
illness of Mr. Boasluy, Asst. Sjpt.,
Mr. Downey has taken his place uud
Mr. Barker is li.liug Mr. Downey's
cnuir. Mr. Buasly comi'iiote.1 typhoid
fever while visiting iu tho East, his
many friends here will gladly learn of
his speedy recovery.
The representative of an Eistorn
dry goods house was here this week
uud did quite a business. Tne tux iu
this province is so very low 011 this
class of perambulating merchants,
that it affords no protection to our
merchants here. The Territories on
the other hand have a tax of $M 011
non-residents, which is more like the
thing.   Can't we get u change?
Ou Tuesday evening a merry party
assembled ill the manse at Mrs. Ross'
invitation to 11 ������ luuse warming."
The evening was most eujoyubly
spent by everyone tliere, a series of
tableaux being well carried out by tho
young ladies. The scenes presented
were "Sleeping Beauty," "The Gypsy's Warning," iu three acts, tho
touching song being sung behind the
scenes by Miss Purvis and Mr. Armstrong ; "Cinderella and the Glass
Slipper," concluding with ������ Romeo and
.Juliet." After the lirst tableau Mr.
Armstrong rendered " Mary ol Argyle"
ill a very acceptable manner. After
the conclusion uf thu tableaux, a short
time was spent in games and conversation after which refreshments were
passed round, and the games resumed
again. The party broke up about one
o'clock by singing "God be with you
till we meet again." That tho new
iniinso is 11 fairly commo lious building
will be understood by the fact that
though 'hero were over fifty persons
present there was 'ample room for all.
Mr. Armstrong, who assisted iu the
entertainment of the guests on Tuesday
night, is a new comer, he having just
ni-rivel to fill 11 position iu the shops
here, us litter.
news Norms.
It is prob'ible th it the next Legislature in Fewfoundliind will consist of
24 Government and 12 Opposition
Lieutenant - Governor Mackintosh
has arrived at Rugiua and been hearti-,
ly welcomed. His appointment .is
very popular in the North West.
The Provincial officers who went up
the coast in search of the Savory
Island murderers, have returned without being successful in their errand.
It is thought probable that the Government will introduce measures in
the next session of the Newfoundland
Legislature for confederation with
The lion, Peter Mitchell, who has
recently returned Irom Washington,
expresses the opinion that the present
Government there is inclined to entertain proposals looking to extended
trade with Canada,
Mr. Redmond, M.P., Mr. Jas. Egan.
and other Irishmen, spoke at a meeting
at Newcastle-oii-Tyne, on Sunday,
and denounced Home Secretary As-
quith, for his opposition to the relaase
of the Irish political prisoners.
Mr. Gladstone stated in the House
of Commons 011 Monday last that the
Government had written to the employers' and iniiiers' federations, which
are concerned in the great strike, proposing a conference between the two
parties for discussion under the presidency of 11 member of the Government,
and that Lord lioseberry had been suggested as that person.
Archbishop Walsh has celebrated
the i'dtli anniversary of his consecration us bishop. The event was celebrated by a concert in St. John's
Convent, Toronto, and addresses of
congratulation from the pupils.
Mr. Alexander Smith for the past G
years a reporter on tho Toronto Mail,
has been appointed organiser for the
Liberal puny, in succession to Mr.
George Herbert Stokes, tho crank
who wanted to borrow $20,000 from
Sir Oliver Mowut, has been identified
as the sou of a wealthy broker of New
York City. Smokes has boon ns mad us
a March bare for a lo.ig time past.
He will come into $1,000,010 upon the
death of his mother.
An important sitting cf the Quebec
Legislature took pluee on Saturday
night last. Mr. .Mereier,tho ex-premier,
spoke for an hour. Ho wus applauded
repeatedly by the Opposition, even the
ill lories applauding. The Hon, Mr.
Flynn replied to Mr. Mender and gave
him a pretty hard handling.
President Van Home denies the
rumor that the Canadian Pacific Railway is taking au active interest iu the
Winnipeg election and would support
the Liberal candidate. He said that
the C.P.R. was out of polities and
would not interfere iu the election.
Sir Charles Tupper sailed for Eng-
liiud last Saturday 011 the Allan Royal
Mail steamer, Parisian.
Mr. Hugh Graham, the proprietor ol
tho Montreal Star, has purchased for
SJ'I.OOI) the adjacent property to his
present cstaUlisuiiiuiit on St, James'
street, on which he will erect a magnificent home for the Star in the ueur
���jn fjai/igation fU
IU _Tram\VavVvi
& Tram Way
Tramway from C.P.S. Oollen to ColamMa*���iver.
Strs. DUCHESS & HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Mud Lako and Upper Columbia Lake.
" PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Columbia Lake and Kootenay Biver. ,
" GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay-Riv.
Stags Line from Upper Columbia Lake to Fort Steele.
House lo Id-ill.
A very con veuieut four-roomed house
10 rent, nt S10 jier mouth. Situated
on the Golden Smelter Townsite and
within a short distance of Carlin &
Luke's store.    Apply to:
Tim Golden Eua Pirn. Co.
Miss Sara Lord Bailey of Boston, is
a finished elocutionist and her rendering of "Life for Life," perhaps has
never been equalled in Toronto. This
lady possesses a voice of wonderful
flexibility, and has become a favorite
with Toronto audiences. ��� Toronto
Friday ...
.   11:00
nrr, Golden, s.llynk, l'vo,
"   Galena "   nrr. i 2 0
" Windermere "     " 5 00
I've. Atlcln           "     " 5 HO
nrr.    " Tramway leave
"Thunderliiil,rortiirr. 7 (10
I've. Ciiiinl Flat. "    - 7 00
nrr. "    tit.-t-.-e I
I've. Wasa            " 1100
"   Fort Steele    " 12 00
Tuesday    7*00
Wednesday   INifO
Thursday    0:0J
��� liluX)
Friday    7iOO
Satui'dnv    7:00
Freight Rates to Fort S'eeu, Canadian Freight Classification.
A   Class 1 & 2   S.-1.C0
B       "    11, ���!.."..*. (!  S2.25
C       '"    7. 8, n, & 10   SI.SO
Express Rates. Golden to Fort Steele���4 cents per lb. and 2p. c. on marked valno.
" Golden to Canal Flat riots, per ih. and 1 p.c. i:
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m.   B.   LANG,:
Mining & General Supplies.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
XT AVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, eon-
���*"*��� sistinjof of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, Elhows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Duors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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