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The Golden Era Jan 7, 1898

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Array rTT
The Golden lira
It the molt wtfely circulated and
��� beat advertising medium in East
Kootenay. Thit is th�� paper that
it md by the miner*, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
in Advance	
g Map of (joide
g Mining' Division
| By F. < . l.iuig ...
5     On  receipt of I! copies of this ridotVe
*���   map will lie uihile 1 by
41 The Golden flra Company l.'td. l.bj.,
9 Uclden, B. (.'.
VOL VII. NO. 23!
?2 Feb Year
General 0 merchant,
tSooooooooaoo oeo
laotooaeoo o o o o ���
Is the next thing
On my programme.
In order to
and to make
Room for Spring Goods
Specially Low Prices
will be given
on many articles.
Particularly on
Glassware and
and DRUGS.
These goods must be cleared
. . Agent For . .
. I
Ptaix of London and other Fire insurance Co's
:. i
ThJ Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
... ���
+   +
The Reliance Loan & Savings h.M Ontario;
. '���'.'      ?���*,'
+  + ���'�����       j
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
lUnulur Monthly Meeting"Dnalneas
Truii sauted*
The monthly meeting of the Miner's
Association was held at the Columbia
House on Tuesday tiiirht. Present:
Messrs M. and W. Dainard, W. Mc-
Neish. T. Mercier, H. 0. Lowe, J. C.
.loliffe, H. G. Parson. A. F. Macauly,
E A. Hagireii, J. Noble, F. Berth tine,
C' A. Warren, Copt, Bacon. In the
absence of the President, M. Dainard
was voted to the chair.
The Gold Commissioner wrote: "I
am requested by tbo Provincial Secretary to inform you that the matter
of extra appropriations for wagon
roads in the Northern Division will receive every consideration when the estimates are brought before the next session of the Legislature."
On the question of providing a room
for members, W. MoN ish offered to
provide such, furnished and fitted with
mineral show case, for f 10 a month.
The members expressed their appreciation of the reasonable proposition submitted by Mr.McNeish, and ns it became a question of providing the
necessary funds it was resolved, on
the motion of H. G. Lowe, seconded
by A. F. Macaulay, that the matter lie
discussed at tnext meeting, and that
the Secretary notify members
A cirular was read from the Committee of the Omaha Exhibition, and
it was resolved that nothing could be
done in the matter as it was too late
to obtain exhibits.
The Secretary stated that Mr. Watts,
of Liverpool, had called on him and
pointed out tbut the mineral resources
of the Province were very poorly represented at the Imperial Institute. He
suggested that the attention of the
Government should be drawn to the
matter with a view to having the de
feet remedied. On the motion of W.
McNeish seconded by Capt. Bacon, it
was resolved to draw the attention of
the Government to the matter.
On the motion of H (). Lowe,
seconded by T. Mercier, it was resolved
to urge upon the Government the
necessity of making a ruprcsenative
exhibit of mineral resources of the district ut the coming Paris   Kxhibatiou.
An intersesting discussion took
place on the question of re-location.
It was opened by the Chairman, who
pointed out that the present system of
locating claims without doing assessment on them, and again relocating
them in the name of some body else,
was a means of doing much injury to
the Mineral industry, and resulted in
driving out capitalists who would
otherwise he ready to take up bona Adc
investments. He moved that when a
claim has been located and held lor a
year without any assesment work be-
iog done on it, except from sickness or
other reasonable cause, no person shall
relocate such claim until be has
a permit from the Gold Commissioner,
and has made a declaration that the
original holder has no interest in such
re-location, provided that if no such
permit bo granted within 60 days from
the oxpiry ol the term for assessment
work, a claim may bo re-located bv
any person, including the original
holder thereof,
J. Noble seconded the motion.
H. G. Low moved, T. Mercier seconded An aniennient that it is desirable
that the law remain as it is.
A Macaulay comidered the fa ih of
the prosont law was that u man coulii
not re-locate in his own name.
The amendment was carried.
The Chairman then moved that the
period for doing assessment work on
all claims expire on the Hist Dccembei
in each year, provided that in the cast.
of claims located between January snd
July, the period for doing assessment
work shall expire illst December of tho
same year, but in the ciue of locations
made between July 1st and Dec. 31st.
the period fur the first year's assessment snail be calculated to Dee. illst,
of the year ensuing. He contended
that by the present law the a��sessment
work had to be wasted to a great ex
tent. His suggestion would help the
\V. McNeish agreed with tbe idea,
and seconded the motion.
A Macaulay said this matter should
he discussed by a fuller meeting.
The secretary said they would not
get a more representative meeting.
The mot ion was (lieu put and carried
C. P. R. Ball at Field.
.On Monday night tho annual ball
given uy the C. P, It employes at
Field was held at 511. Stephen House,
and that it was a pronounced success
was the unanimous verdict of the
guests of the evening. The use of the
dining hall had been granted for the
occasion, and in charge of G. Miiiette
had been nicely decoiated, while the
general arrangements made by Mrs.
Marsh, tho manageress, and the assistance that she bad given to the committee were most complete for the comfort of I he guests. The orchestra was
from Calgary .and consisted of M.
Augade (violin), W. Ritchie (cornet),
C F. Coiner (trombone), and L. Orr
(pianist). The music was excellent,
and with this and the hospitality of
the committee we have rarely seen a
more enjoyable evening spent, dancing
being kept up till 4 a.m. Extras were
played by Misses AVells, McKay, Car-
dell and Turiibiill. Mr. Comer acted as
M. C. Many of tho ladies were most
handsomely gowned, and to Miss Car-
dell, of Canmore, belongs tho honor of
being "Belle nf the Ball." The committee, who deserve much credit for
the success of the gathering, consisted
of tho following: Messrs. Flett, chairman; H. 0. Killeen, secretary; Inches,
Oriuiston, Jones, Pratt, Marsh, Johnson, McKonly, Walker, Chaput,
Spratt, Carlin, The secretary, Mr.
Killeen, devoted himself heart and
soul to watching over the arrangements of the gathering and he succeeded in carrying them out without
a hitch. Tho following is tho list of
guests handed (o ns for publication:
Field: - Mesdames Ericksen, Ward-
man, Hanson, Jones, Killeen, Misses
Johnson, McKay, Lett ice, Colerholm,
Allan, Inches, Carman, Messrs. Johnson, Wardinttn, Jones, Allan. Inches,
Grierson, Gill, Robinson, Compston, J
Gooch, Rawlins, Schultz and members
of the committee already enumerated
Canmore: - Mesdames Carey and Turn-
bull, Misses Cardell, Clark and Turn-
bull, Messrs. Cardell, Clark and Turn-
bull. Anthracite: - Messrs. McManus
and Lang. Calgary:-Messrs. Falconer and Golding. Pulliser:���Mr.
Curry. Donald:.-Mrs. Dunne. Golden:
-Mesdames Weils, Barry, Campbell,
Misses Doyle, Tolniio, Brownrigg,
Wells, Harrison, McDonald. Hon. F,
W.I Ay liner, Messrs. Wells, Haggeu
and Lang.
O.iollhlK (.Hint,, of thr   Beusou���Preil-
llfllt   VS. Vlf.��-P|.��Mt(l0Ut.
The above match, which was begun
on Christmas diy, was continued at
the rink on N iw Year's day. The ice
was in pretty good shape in tile early
part of the day but became broken to
wards the afternoon. The following
are the scores of the respective rinks,
the president being the winner by
three points:
W. rren, skip... U Winn, skip  7
Houston, skip. .11 II.G. Parson,ok.. 14
Rae, skip 16 Henderson, skip. Ill
Totals 40 :17
A meeting of the members was held
at the Columbia House on Tuesday
evening. Present: - Messrs. Warren
(President). McNeish, Dainard. Rae,
Houston. Winn, Wilson, H. Mitchell-
Innes, Todd, H. G. Parson, Henderson,
Love and ('apt. Bacon.
The principal   business  was the representation of the club at tho bonsplel
at Calgary.    It was understood   that
the   rinks   of  the president and vice-
president   should   go   and  that other
rinks should  be made up thpre.   The]
following members intimated their intention of being present:   Capt. Bacon.,
Messrs   Dainard,   Henderson. Robert-j
son,   H.   G.   Parson.   Rue,  McNeish,
Winn,   Neilson,   C. H- Parssn, Alexander, Todd, Lamcntagne, Warren.
The umpire, H. 0. Parson, handed
in a letter from tho Manitoba brunch,
referring to the compo'itons of tho season, and enclosing badges for coolest.
The secretary regretted that h' had
been unable to arrange for clubs this
season at Donald and Revelttoke, The
letter was referred to the competition
Hospital Ball at Golden.
C. A. Warren is arranging for his
stock taking sale, when he will offer
hii stock at great reductions for cash.
There is A feud nmong the Chinese
of Oolden and Mr. Griffith has been
called upon to settle their troubles.
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Col-
umbia. Monthly SUV.ro and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed sUmped envelope. Tho Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chingo, SMapW
Tbe annual social event of Golden
is the Hospital Ball. '.'his fixture
came off on Wednesday night at the
Alexander hall and was tho most successful of any that had preceded it.
The hall was beautifully decorated, the
handiwork of Hon. F. W. Ayliner,
Capt. Bacon, Dr. Taylor and Mr. Plow
right, and the laying out of tho supper
tables was a most effective display, re
fleeting great credit on thovtaste of the
ladios who undertook this part of the
arrangements: Mesdames C. H. Par-
Son and Plowrtght, and Misses Harrison and Holt. There was also a
magnificent supply of viands, Mrs.
Wells having arranged with tho ladies
for the supply. Chief among these
were tbe ice cream supplied by Mrs.
J. C. Greene, of the Queen's Hotel,
and the cakes sent by Mrs. Barry, from
the Kooteuay House. The Hon. F. W.
Ayliner kindly gave up his rooms to
the ladies for the purpose of laying out
(he supper. Tho music was supplied
by Messrs. Augade (violin), Ritchie
(cornet), and Orr (piano), of Calgary.
Mr. Warren acted ns M. C, and Messrs
C. H. Parson and Warren were the
general committee for carrying out tho)
arrangements for tbo bull In these'
they achieved the utmost success. The
ballroom presentod a galaxy of youth
and beauty, several of the dresses being particularly striking. Where the
scene was nil so effective it would be
invidious on our part to pick out the
most, striking. Tbo honor of being the
"Belle of the Ball" belongs to Miss
Doyle. Dancing was kept up till
,'l a.m.extras being played by Mrs. C.
H. Parson. Miss Wells and Mr. Plow-
right. Visitors were present from
Anthracite. Field, Donald and other
parts of the district but as we have
not b��en able to get a complete list, we
ba/e to omit it. 85 to 40 couples took
part in the ball and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
Foil ntt
Man   Frozen  to  Dmith--l.oily
,mi Now Year's Day.
John  Pi Doran,   better   known   as |
"Casey",   nn employee of W. ('. Wells;
of the Pulliser Mills, was found frozen
to   doath   between Leanclioil and Ben- ]
verfoot Camp.    It appears  that Doran
left Leanclioil on Thursday week, hav-j
ing  a  bottle of liquor with him and
being, it is supposed,  somewhat under
the infliioiice.   The night was bitterly I
cold   and  his  body was found within
half a mile of the oatnp on New Year's
day, so that he had   walked   7}   miles'
afler leaving. IJeanoljn%|..A do,; .that,
was with the deceits*! remained By'the
tody for two days and- nights till (lis-1
covered.   Deceased   was  well   known
in   the  district..   The   body was   removed to Palliser.   The Con ner, Mr.
Manuel, held an inquest at Palliser on
Tuesday, when n verdict was returned
of death from exposure.   The father of
deceased is a messenger in tbo House
of Commons nt Ottawa and  has   sent
for tbo body to be forwarded  there for
Be TuUn of li Ih   l-:\;��f*r1cii.-e.��--Me   Iim.1
K��arln*il llootallii'iiii* River
Messrs,   Vachon   Droit, of Golden,
have received a letter from L. Vuohon,
who lefr lust summer for the Klondike and lias ji.Bt returned to hi.i noma
at SutnnM. Ho has Written to his
brothers here, in which he thus describes liiit experiences: 'T got do'vii
as far as the mouth of the HooialJnquu
River, nearly halfway to the Klou-
jdiko, on the Uth November. There I
| had to Mop owing to too murh ice
running in the river. About i i outfits
which happened to be moving at the
; same tfins had to put in there also.
We all had to mo into winter Quarters.
, My intention was to do some prospect-
injj there as the Hootnllnqmi bar* are
well known to be pretty Hell Huw-
ever, after Iliad been ihero some time,
one of tho Canadian officers came up
from Famine River, Rome 5 >0 miles
further north, mid owing to the loss
of some of their boats ami provisions
in ��n ice pack, it had left then, shoit
of provisions. It was propose! to me
to sell them my outtir, and to (to for a
new supply, which I decided on doing,
h8 I would have had to go out next
May anyhow, or I would have run
short. I had to walk out of course on
tire ice, following th* same route that
i went in by. namely, by lakes La
Barge, Marsh, T.ikish and Bennett,
and the different riwrsconnfciiu; said
lakes, tho distance from the Hootalin-
qua to the coast at 8kat;way being 200
miles. It was a bard trip and a cold
one with a heavy pack ou my back.
During the time I was at the mouth of
the Hootallnqna the thermometer registered 'JO to 50 degrees below zero,
with fine clear weather and a little
wind and snow. I s ��Id ni\ ���outfit high
enough to enable me to buy �� much
belter one. I will be starring back
again this month. The sale of
my outfit pays me fair wages for the
'.imo occupied in taking it over the
White Pass, and my experience of the
country is worth a threat deal to me.
Going out over tho same route on the
snow was not naif ho difficult as going
in in September and Octohoft I' took
me 12 days to walk out to the coast.
I was accompanied by four men who
were coming out, from Dawson. As
yon no doubt have teamed a good
many had to come out from Dawson
City owing 'o the scarcity of provisions;"
,*0n Sunday mrnnine Fin man Side-
bottom, of the C. P. R , met with a
shocking accident in tho canyon near
LennGJioU. He was leaning our when
he struck tho wail of a snowsljde and
wae thrown on the ground with one of
his shoulders broken in three places
end his head badly cut. He did not
recover consciousness for a considerable time. He was removed to Banff
for medical attendance.
Bound for the
But before I can ��0, must dispose of my
large stock of Boots and Shoes, Oent's Furnishings and Clothing. These I will sell
at rock bottom prices, for Cash, the next
thirty days. Do not miss this chance of
cheap goods.
London t'ltv Hall rotiu,>sivi--:io Per.
sons Klllod���150 Injured.
London,Out..January 4th. ��� A terrible trairedy visited Loudon last niitht
when 110 persons were killed by the
collapso of a portion of tho City Hall
and probably many more will die of
the injuries which they received. The
Stamping of feet caused the floor to
Hive way, and a couple of hundred
people were precipitated to the floor
iielow. while on them fell lar^e beams,
the massive iron safe, and the steam
coil which pinned and crushed scores
of unforunates. The injured number
ISO many of them fatally. FollowitiR
the crash a wild rush for the doors
took place. Thoso in front were
thrown down and trampled upon, the
strong bearing down tho weaker.
A Paradise for the Homeseeker and Sportsman.
The Kootenay Valleys Co.
T. G. PROCTER,   -  General Manager.
Baker Street,   -   Nelson, B. C.
26,000 Acres of Choice
Farm Lands in proximity to the Crow's Nest Pass R, R���
in East Kootenay, within easy reach of the best market
on earth for Stock and Farm Produce; beinsr the natural supply point for the mines of East and West Kootenay. You can purchase any amount you wish, from
twenty acres upwards. Stock Ranches up to f>,000 acres.
Prices Range From $2.50 to $35 00 Per Acre.
, EASY TERMS:-5 Yearly Payments, G Per Cent Interest.
Buy Now While Lnnd is Cheap,
Townsite properties arc now being laid off.   Keep your
eyes on F-lk River Crossing and (Vow's Nest Landing. 'HE GOLDEN  ERA,  FRIDAY. JANUARY
To Aitvvi'tUurN nun SdliNt-rlbui'M
School at Windermere.
UOl.DENttBA  .s bublisheu' every
f evouinir.   It is tho host advertising
medium in tho East Kooteuny district
Subseriptian Kates \   j&.oo per annum in j
Alterations inut changes of standing advor* |
tiaorttonta tnusi be in the office not later than
noon on Wednesday to e-nsuro insortluu, but
casual advert Bomonta will he received up till
noon up Friday.
Whllo all reasonable care will bo taken, the
proprietors will not bo responsible for any
omission or orror in any advertIsomont.
All accounts tu ho paid u< the Managing
Director,or his authorized agout(frommiom
���m mm i j    j tbo company's receipt will be obtained.
M AVOnflTlT. ! Advertising ratest Display ads., 81.60 per
XU.V7X \SAM.���M)M,M Vy column inch; Leg lads., to couta per lino
far tiixt insertion, Bcents foreacli additional
insertion: Heading notices, vi cents per line
each Issue.
All business communication!) should he ;nl-
dressod to the .Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publica*
lion or news ileum should ho addressed to the
Correspondence is Invited on matters of
public, interest, hut to secure 'publication
such letters must be brief. Ill the case ot
anonymous letters the name and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, hut for the private Information of the
editor and as�� n .u'anteoof good faith. Any
letter received later than Wednesday will
have, to stand over till tin: following issue.
- golden -
OUR   Stores,   Cellars   and
"Warehouses   are  fairly  crammed
with    NEW    GOODS    from
lloors to ceilings,
Trade lias been so good with i
us this last summer that we felt j
justified in buying; heavily for
our Fall, Xnias and Winter
Trade. Every train from both
east and west is discharging
freight fur our stores.
Fresh mild-cured ITanis and
Bacon, Creamery and Dairy Butter, Frosh Eggs,Cream Cheese,
Factory Cheese ami Holland
Cheese, Finnan Huddles and
Cranberries received this week.
A big lot of Eastern Poultry
now on tbe road.
One Ton of this season's Pure
Honey,   which wo arc selling at
10c per lb.
Footwear,   Rubbers,   Overshoes, Shoe Packs and Moccasins,
Gloves   and   Mitts   in  great
Remember we are the agents
for   Health    Brand     Underwear.
Don't go around shivering in
your shoes when you can buy
a suit of  Health   Underwear
and be as warm ns toast.
We are now unpacking Ton
Cases of
Xmas  Goods
imported direct from Germany
and England. SANTA CL.Vl.'S
has never been so good to us
as this year. You cull make
tbo little ones happy this
Xmas at a very small eoBt by
purchasing from us.
In Ready-Made Clothing we
"Bout the Band.'' Our Dollar
Heavy Wool Pauls lire as good
as ate usually sold fur iJ-.'.tlO.
Careful buyers are showing
their good judgment by purchasing at our stores. Wo
are crowded every week day
and have no reason to complain about dull times.
Come and see us.   Wo will
be   pleased   to   help   make   your
Xmas u merry one.
Geo. B. McDermot,
General merchant
The Golden Era Company Limited Liabilil),
Office, Golden, fl. U.
OSolbct, i&va
by E. A.  llAdllES.)
FRIDAY,  JANUARY  7,   1898.
Rev. Dr. Robertson writes: I received a letter sometimo a^o about the
Windormero church, asking that the
use of it be granted to tbo people for a
school, and I replied (substantially)
that 1 would bo quite willing they
should have it on certain conditions
for a nominal rent, tho conditions
1. That the building should be kept
insured, the policy to be in tbe name
of the Church and Manse Building
Board of the Presbyterian Church for
Manitoba and the North West Terri
toricB, and tbo premiums to be paid by
tho trustees of the school.
!!. That tho building bo kept in repair, and handed back in as good a
state as when recoivod. making allow-
ance for depreciation that always
takes place in time.
ii. And that the congregation reserve its right to use tbe building for
services on Sabbath or during the
week as required.
4: And that the agreement be for
one or two y.'ars.
I wrote to Mr. Pitts, of Donald, and
some others who wrote me, to this
effect, and I see no reason to change
my opinion. I shall write our missionary in charge to inquire into this
matter and, if practicable, arrange."
[This ought to bo satisfactory to our
Windermere friends.���Ed.]
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Stiddlo Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates,
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
Hamilton & Skelton,
The McMurdo House,
carbonate landing,
east kootenay,
Chan. Caktwriqht, Proprietor.
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept;
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
lV*��l*Vft NERVE DEANS are a new
A���ci "" discovery that cure the worst
Rnanfi vases of nervous debility. Lost
-OUrtlia. vip;,,,and Falling Manhood:
restores tho weakness of body or mind caused
by overwork or the errors or excesses of
youth. Tkisi-emedyabsolntolycures tlioinost
obstinate cases when oil other treatments have
failed oven to relieve. HolilbydruggUts utSI
per packago or six for $5, or sent by mail on
receipt of price by addressing THE JAMES
MEDICINE CO., Toronto Ont. Writo for
pamphlet. 173121
An Honest Offer!
To all those suffering from
Nervous Exhaustion or any Private
Disease, who have tried different doc-
tori or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will be sent FREE in plain sealed envelope upon application to
180431 Box 60, Detroit, Mich.
Caton's Tansy Pills.
,A tried, trne and safe laitFFMJOIIEI.
��� Always reliable Avoid ,������.���,
imitations.    Get   CATON'S and save re-
jrrets.  At druggists, or *������� sealed, 11. Our
Booklet 4 cents.     _     _   . _  ���_������"'
Oaton Spec. Co.. Beele*. ��������.
This winter's experience of the overflow uf the Kickingnorse shows the
necessity that exists for some radical
action being taken to prevent a recurrence of the trouble. If. appears that
owing to the wash from the mountains
thobed of the river at its junction with
the Columbia has become filled up to
such an extent us to form bars, which
destroy tbo force of the current by tho
otherwise natural fall and which current lias not therefore been sufficient to
prevent the river being blocked with
ice brought down tbo canyon. Wo
dont profess to bo experts at ice
engineering, but there seems to bo no
doubt that tho work already done this
season at a considerable cost has been
fruitless. We dont profess to know
what would have been the best way to
do the work though'every second man
wo meet seems to know all about it
and every man who has anything to
say on tbo subject sccins to have a
differeut idea. One thing appears to
be pretty clear, and that is that when
the open cut was made it should have
been kept open. "We understand the C.
l\ !{. offered to co-operate with the
Government in doing this and that is
the course that should plainly have
been taken, as it would have avoided
any repetition of the Hooding ot the
town at nil events, oven if it bad not
had the desired effect of opening the
channel, All this, however, points to
the necessity of effective steps being
taken in tbe future. These steps should
probably consist in dredging out the
bars which have formed near the junction of the Kicking Horse and Columbia Rivers, and in addition to that
an effectivo system of dyking should
bo put In hand early in the spring.
The object of this dyking should bo to
confine the waters of tho river to a
channel so that the sweep of tho
water would keep it open. Though
considerable expense at first there can
be little doubt but. such a system would
lie the most economical in tho end.
Just who should do it is the difficulty.
The Dominion Government own tho
townsito, but tbe Provincial Government receive the taxation, so that a
fair proposition would bo that the cost
should bo divided hctweon tbo Provincial and Dominion Governments, so far
as the dyking is concerned, while the
dredging out of the obstructions referred to in the river is undoubtedly a
purely Dominion work. The
Dominion Government has just
revalued the Golden town lands
with a view to disposing of them or
asking those who have entered into
possession to pay for their lots. We
suggest that these moneys should be
set aside as a fund for tho necessary
dyking work, and no doubt means will
bo found for providing any futher
moneys required We suggest to the
people of Golden that they should be
ulive on this question and agitate it in
time, so that thers may be ample opportunity of taking steps to urge on
the powers that lo the necessity of
urgent attention being given to the
works referred to.
Mr. Msrpole has inaugurated on the
Pacific Division what is known ns the
Brown system of dealing with railway
employes. The principle of this system
is that a man who has made a mistake
or become involved in accident, and is
punished by temporary suspension, is a
much more valuable man to the company after re-instateinent. as he is invariably more careful, Tho working
of the system on the Pacific Dlvison
has given great satisfaction both to the
employes and to General Superintendent Msrpole himself.
More hotel   accommodation   is   l
gently wanted at Field.
The B. C. Provincal  Parliament
convened for February 10th.
Chinamen are forbidden to reside
within the limits of the town of
Slocun City, B. C.
It ought to interest a great many peo��
pie besides base-ball cranks to know that
when n ball "cartas" through the air
first one way and then another after leaving the pitcher's hand, it does what scientific men once declared was imposible.
icrtainties" become mighty, un-
They  made  figures  and   diagrams and proved
that "curve"
bitching couldn't
i>e  done;  then
the pitchers did
it; and the scientists concluded
that something
was   wrong with
j the diagrams,   Tu face of facts some scientific "certa
��� certain.
Consumption, scientists once declared,
WPS incurable; now they see it cured every
; day by Dr. I'ieige'.s Oolde'u Medical Discovery, It purifies ami viiali/.esthe blood;
i drives out the potsonor.i) elements; sup-
j plies the life-giving red eemuscles; stops
the accumulation   of  morbid   deposits;
J heals and builds up the lung tissues; puts
good solid muscular tlcsh on to the frame;
I ami imparts fresh nerve-force and vital
energy.   It is the iuo$t perfect cure ever
discovered for throat and bronchial affections, wasted,  run-down  conditions*
and  all  diseases due   to  impoverished
It is the invention of an educated and
experienced physician. l)r. Fierce has
been for nearly thirty years chief consulting physician of the' Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., and
his medicines are recognized standard
"Some five or six years ago 1 had a bad
cough and got so low with it that 1 could
not sit up long tit a time," writes Mrs. Mit-
tie Gray, of New London, Union Ho., Ark.
"We called onr family physician, and he
told my husband that I had consumption.
All "f our neighbors thought so too. I had
pains through my chest and spit up blood.
I commenced with your ' Golden Medical
Discovery1 and had only taken it two or
three days when I felt like a different person. I took four bottles of the medicine
and it cured my COtlgll, I have not been
bothered since, until a short time ago I
took cold and commenced to cough again;
1 got a bottle of the ' Discovery ' and it re-
tleved me at once. I think it is the best
medicine in tho world. It saved my life,
I don't think any one would die of con
sumption if they would lake Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. 1 recommend
jt to all my friends, and tell them what it
did for me."
" About six years ago my health began to
fail," writes Miss Mollie lluttry, of Sliced-
ville, Hancock Co., Tenn, "I was weak
and nervous, had catarrh in the head, and
Indigestion���everything I ate hurt me and
caused me to have palpitation of the heart.
My lungs were weak, was troubled with
asthma a great deal, and was so despondent
I did not take any interest in anything. I
tried several doctors, and every kind of
medicine I could hear of, but nothing
seemed to do me any good only for a little
while at a time. About one year ago I was
almost a skeleton and had almost given up
ever being well again. A friend advised
me to write to Dr. Pierce about my case,
and 1 did so, and followed the advice he
gave me. I began at once to use the medicines that lie prescribed���' Golden Medical
Discovery/ three bottles, and the ' Favorite
Prescription,1 one bottle, and the little
' Pleasant Pellets.' I can truly say they did
me great good. I can now eat anything I
want, work all day, sleep well, and 1 weigh
one hundred and twenty-three pounds���
nearly as much as I ever weighed in my
It would save doctor bills for any family to have a copy of Dr. Pierce's splendid thousand-page free book, "The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser,"
explaining the laws of life and health in
clear ami interesting language, with
many valuable suggestions and receipts
for curing common ailments by simple
home-treatment. It has over three hundred illustrations and colored plates. A
strong paper-bound copy will be sent absolutely free, on receipt of 31 cents in
one-cent stamps to pay the cost of customs and mailing only- Address World's
Dispensary Medical Association, No. 663
Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y. A handsome
cloth-bound, beautifully stamped copy
will be sent for 50 stamps. This popular
work contains important information
for the voung and old, both male and
female, single and married, not heretofore published in this country, for the
non-professional reader.
[From Our Own Correspondent.)
Swansea, Dec. 29.���Moyle Lake
country is all bustle. Swansea and
Moyle City are both experiencing a
boom. Tho reports of heavy blasting
awaken the slumbering solitude.
Moyie valley is no more u wilderness;
liencefor'h it will lie within the pale of
civilization. Towns will grow and
flourish, mines will develop from prospects, and the iron hurst! a year hence
will startle the gentle deer as it rumbles through tunnel, over trestle, along
tho rock bound shore ol the lake and
speeds away to its destination, the
wide shore of Kootenay Lake.
Already the-several contractors have
made good progess. Co wen & Co.
have broken ground at the tunnel, Mr.
O'Neill, tho superintendent, is busy
getting everything in working order;
K. N. Brndshaw arrived yesterday to
act as foreman in tunnel; Messrs, Mc-
Beatb and Peters are building camp on
their rive miles of rock work; Murphy
& Co, are grading on their five piles;
J. S, McLean, F. McLennan and J.
O'Letuy are ult making ready on their
respective contracts. Keith's outfit of
20 teams and 00 men passed south to
Kootenay Lake yesterday.
M. O. Bunyan is establishing
stage route between Coat River and
Moyie City, Swansea, St. Eugene Mission, Steele and Wardner in connection
with boats from Nelson. Express,
baggage and freight will be carried
and tho stage trip will be made to
Ste^lo in 2�� days and to Wardner in 3
days. This means from Vancouver to
Steele in JJJ davs, either by C. P. K. or
G. N. llys. Freight will bo carried
over this route from boat landing on
Kootenay Lake to Steele in 4 days at
2c per lb, and will do away with the
freighting from Kalispcl, Montana.
A new fctrike has been triads on the
Lake Shore claim near Moyle City. A
vein of iU feet of solid ore assaying Go
ozs. in silver and 70*/, in lead has been
laid bare. This claim rivals the St.
Xinas was spent very pleasantly.
A ball at Moyie City on the night of
tbe 2f)th was tho affair of tho season,
and was ft success.
Extract from the Toronto Daily "GLOBE"
of August 7th, 1HU7.
that it was brought under my notice
about a year ago, and I specially interested myself in a number of cases
that were treated by it. Jn some of them
the results were remarkable, several
parties who were confirmed inebriates
becoming entirely changed and remaining till the present time sober and useful citizens. Several other parties
treated at the same time I have lost
sight of, but do not ���.ersonallr know
of a case out of a half a dozen in which
the treatment was not successful.
With best wishes I remain.
Yours sincerely.
BOO F. S. Spesce.
News in Brief
Durrant to be hanged January 7th.
British forces have suppressed rebellion in north of India.
Newell and Burner's Bay Mining
Companies, of Alaska, are in hands of
Sifton arranged with American Government that relief expedition to Dawson shall be joint affair between Canadian and American Governments.
Removed to
New Stole
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
My Motto In
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
A  Home Treatment.   Known in. the!
I>yl.<- Cure, )>y wlllah ICvery Victim  of  liitemperiimiu can be
P.-i'miineiJtly   Cured.
All ovavn ol' desire for stimulants Is
I removed in from three to live days, and ]
] in four weeks patients 010 restored   to [
��� their natural condition. It consists of a
vegetable liquid, taken as a ton t-r.   No
I publicity, no Imd iifter-cffects, and   uo i
loss of time tioin  business duties.   To
bring ill* cure within the reach of all, J
tho fee has been reduced to $i?ri.
for father Information write or consult Dr. MeTaggiut. London, Ont.
Reference as to Dr. McTaggart's professional standing and personal
integrity permitted by.
Sir \V. K. Meredith, Chief Justiceof
Ontario, Toronto;
Hon. 0. W, Ross, Minister tf
Education, Toronto;
O. W.Yarker, Hanker and Financial
Agent, Toronto;
R. J. Fleming, ox-M��yor of Toronto
City,   Toronto;
H. S. Strathy, doners 1 Manager
Traders' Bank, Toronto;
S. Nordheiraer, German Consul,
Tho following from Aid. tipeuso,
Secretary of the Dominion Alliance, is
one of many such testimonials in his
Toronto,  July 12, 1887.
A. McTaggart, Esq., M. I).
DBAIt Silt, - In reply   to your enquiry
regarding my know'
Cure for Intemperance, I hnvo to  ssy
K&K   K&K   K&K   K(!
| The Leading Specialists of America [
20 Years In Detroit.
250,000 Cured.
Thousand*) of young and mhldlo-agod I
menaro troubled with Huh discuso���many 1
unconsciously. Xhoy may nave a smart-1
ing sensation, emnll, twisting stream, I
Bharp cutting ptupsat times. Blight dis-1
charge, ditiiculty in commencing, weak I
organs, emissions and all tho symptoms I
of nervous debility���they have STK1C-1
TUBB. Don'tlctdoetoriexpcrlmentoa I
you. by cutting, stretching, or tearing I
you. 'Xhiawillnntcnroyou.asitivillre- I
MENT absorbB tV.o stricture tissue;
��� It can nover return. No pain, no suffer- I
* ing, no detention from business by onr I
method. TbeflosufttorgansareBtrongth-1
encd. Tbo nerves are invigorated, and I
the bliss of manhood returns, r
I * Thousands of young and middle-aged
I hU moo are having their sexual vigor and
*^ vitality continually sapped by this dis*
I ease. They are frequently nnoonflcloui
1 nf tho cause of those lymntoras. Ucapral
I Weakness, Unnatural i.-kcluirgc.', Ftill-
I lug Manhood, SorvoutnoeA Foot Mcm-
I ory, Irritaliility, fit tiuir" Smarting Sen-
j sation, Sunken EyOB. with dark circles.
J Weak Hack, Qennhtl Depression, Lack
I of   Ambition.   Varicocele,   Mirunkor.
Partn.etc.  GLBBX and 8THKJTUKK
maybothooaiiFC.   Don't consult family
doctors, ob they have no experience in
these-   special   di-raccs���don't   allow
Quacks to experiment on yon. consult
Specialists, Vol have made a life study of
Dirca^sofiU.mndWomci. OrrM/iV
] MRTiluU   TUfiATMM'J! will fiptt-
I tively euro you.   One thousand dollurs
I for a case wo accept for treatment and
I cuuuotciKc. Tcnua moderate for a cure*
1    Wo treat  ami euro:   EMIBSIOKB.
I YAllIClK'liLK,  WHIMS, lil.KBT. I
n KS,KlliNKYanilllLAIiliKlllM�����.��. ,
I    CONSULTATION   Vmii.    ROUK8 1
I FRKK.    If nnsbtB In call, writs for I
I I>M��*.
Kennedy* Kergan
1 Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. [
Business Cards.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29tc
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply ot   Building   Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared,    Prompt attention given to orders. 28tc
Barrister, Solicitor &
-  -  -   Notary Public.
Office at  Upper Columhia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden, B. C.
Will bo ill Golden on  Monday of each
Mniuifui-tiir.T of
Steam Engines and Boiltrs, -as.
Mill and .Miuini; Machinery, "��!T:
Saw, Shingle tinil Bark .Mills, -8*
Elevators, Hoists, Winches and *t3K^
Donkey Engines, -tSa.
Shafting and Gearing, "S3..
Castings mid Forging*, "&s
At The
Eagle Foundry,
K & K   K &'K .K A K  K
live, goittlomon or ladies to travel for
riMniiwililt\ CHtulilisliod huitse in British Col-
uiiiliia. Monthly 9dTi.OO and exiwnsoH, Position steady. Reference). Kiuiloso lelf-addrog*
Bed stAitiperl ottvolope. Tho Dominion Com-
pniiy, Dept. Y Chicago- *Jf>lm>2it
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Ruhuor Stamp* ami Seals will
,   ,U)���, , ,  h�� ropolvojlI at ilio (luW'on EraOfficoslid
ledgooftho  D>kC| ThefJoldonEraCompany,
Limited Liability.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   91.000,000.
1250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for   Security
of   Policy   Holders.
I'n'Mtk'iit   Hun. Sir Oliver Mowat.
Vire-Pro^ident- Joseph \V. Flavelle, E.i|.
Managing Direc'.or--P, G. Cox.
E. A.
II,Will KN,
Agent, Golden, I). I1.
You Ship to Headquarters When You Ship to us I
Toll Prion. Correct Selection.
Immediate Remittances.
Hides, Pelts.Wool
Tallow,  Ginseng:,  Seneca.
��� ��������������.-���
Write for Circular giviog Latest Market Prices.
Bopes and lags Farniilud In:
No Commission Charged
Jas. McMillan & Co.   inc.
100-212 First Ave North
SAVAGE RIFLE     for savage same,
Hammerless. Smokeless. Six-Shooter.
New Catalogue on Application..
Savage Bepeating Arms Co.,
Uttica, New York.
<J I
i ���
������The Oolden Bra, Air Line" Attracts
We have received the following
Lbona, Flat Head Co., Montana.,
December 19th, 1897.
Editor Goldish Era.
Dear Sir, I write at this time for
a little information iu regard to the
route from your town by way of Canoe
River to Teslin Lake I road in your
paper this fall, while I was in Fort
Steele, the advantages of the Canoe
River route. Now, if that is a practicable route toTt-aliu Lake,I wish to lay
the mutter before the Board of Trade
at Kalispel and direct the travel of
Montana and elsewhere by way of
Kalispel and Golden, B. C. If your
rcuto from Golden by way of Canoe
River is practicable I think wo people
can do something down here to get the
travel to your town. Spokane is turning heaven and earth over to get the
travol from that city to Ashcroft.
Now. we have a wagon road from
Kalispel. to your town as good as there
is in any country, while Spokane has
nothing but a trail to Ashcroft. You
are uo doubt familiar with the distance. Now, what 1 want to know is
this, so as I can state facts and have
them published and circulated through
the country:
1st. If you have a map of that route
will you please send it to me.
2nd. What would be the distance
from Golden to Quesnelle. or would
that be the initial point?
From Qucsnello Spokane will do all
the advertising I intend to go myself
to Teslin Luke in the spring and will
try and take others with me, and to
my mind I think we have the best
overland route from the States there is
��� the Kalispel. Fort Steele and Golden
route. I Alii satisliud that 1 can wake
up those people of Kalispel, who are
entirely ignorant of the advantages
they have got in regard to this route.
I live 50 miles from K.aispel on the
For" Steele road, and have some mining property here. I will go lo Kalispel as soon as I hear from you. By
all means let us have iho Kalispcl-
Colden and Canoe River route to Teslin Lake and Klondike. Hoping to
hear from y >u soon I am,
Respectfully yours,
Edmojui Haokett.
Atrooloui Cruelty of u Relclan to hit
Negro MUtreM*
B.ttJ8SEL:,s, Dec 30. -The Independ-
e ice Bol^e reports that a Belgium
au'eut at Bo ma, Congo Free state, has
i.een sentenced to two years imprison*
moot for the murder of his black mis
tress in the Arnuwimi district. He tied
his victim to a tree, smeared her with
honey and sugar and left her to be attacked Iiv h��es She died after three
days horrible torture.
��� ���
The Gatt-fflcRae Wrestle
The Revelstoke Herald says: The
wrestling match between W. Criitt, of
Hen-l<toke, and T. Mcltae, of Donald,
which came off in Peterson's hall on
Wednesday evening, attracted a big
crowd. Before the chief event a wrestle
took place between Bert Lane, of
ReveU'Oke. and Shaw, of Iilecillewaot,
iu which the former came off victorious.
T> e wrestle of the evening was well
contested and an exciting match. The
lint romid went to the Donald man iu
ni ie minutes, but the second, CJatt
���cored in only two minutes 15 second**.
The third round produced a grand
struggle, in which after U minutes
harl work M<:llieuame out on top,
Mr. J. Allen acted as referee and rilled
the position in a very satisfactory
This in the picture of
a man who is
healthy, clear-
headed, success*
ful and impartial
���Lord Herschell,
the 1! x ��� I. o r d
Chancellor of
Knglatid. You
may be very sure
,. .������   \ his blood is pure.
*t A The    man    wh0
'suffers from  tin*
inure blood isn't
__ Plikely to achieve
L   ..:,-W^gL   '.'ZXi eminence in any
* "tH'"' ji w;ilk'"'1,fV- Vou
���"'^m^KmL-*- ���*������) cannot pump impure blood into
the brain, and expect the brain to
be active and keen. If you feed the brain
cc'ls on Impure blood, you are sure to have
weak, sluggish brain cells. If you pump
bad blood into the lungs, you will have
weak lungs. Pump bad blood into the
liver, and the result is torpidity of the
liver. Feed the heart nn impure blood,
and the consequence is a weak heart.
Nourish the skin with impure blood, and
the result Is all manner of unsightly slttu
The best of all known blood purifiers is
t)r. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It
makes the appetite hearty, the digestion
perfect, the liver active and nils the arteries
with the rich, red blood of health. It is
the great blood-maker and flesh builder.
It cures all forms of eruptive skin diseases.
Jt cures oS per cent, or all cases of consumption. Tt cures bronchitis, weak lungs,
spitting of blood, obstinate coughs and
kindred ailmfnip. It gives vigor and
health to the muscle* and activity to the
brain. Thousands have testified to the
benefits derived from the use of this
wonderful medicine. AH medicine
stores sell it.
Mrs. BUa Howell, of Derhy, retry Co., Ind.,
writes: " lit the year of fftu, I was taken with
stomach trouble���oervou* dyspepsia. There
was u coldness lu my stomach and a weight
which seemed like a rock.    Everything that I
ate gave me great pain: I had a bearing down
sensation; was swelfed across ntv stomach; had a
ridge around tnv right siilu. and In a short time
I was bloated. X wan treated by three of our best
vhvfdclan* but got no relief. I wu so weak I
could not. walk across the room without assistance. I took Pr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis-
etwery and one bottle of the ' Pleasaut Pellets.'
I benu to Improve very font after the use of a
few bottles. It cured Me and thank God my
cure is permanent."
How to Prevent Pneumonia.
At this timo of the year  a cold is
very easily contracted, and if let to
ran its course without the aid of some
reliable cough medicine is liable to
result in that dread disease,pneumonia.
Wo know of no better remedy
to cure a cough or cold than
Chamberlain's Cougb Remedy.
We have used it quite extensively and
it has always given entire satisfaction.���Oolagah, Ind. Ter. Chief.
This is tho only remedy that in
known to bo a certain preventive of
pneumonia. Among the many thous
nnds who have used it for colds and la
grippe we have never yet learned of a
siuglecase having resultel in pneumonia. Persons who have weak
lungs or have reason to fear uu
attack of pneumonia should keep the
remedy at hand. For salo bv all
druggists. Langley and Co., Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
Pilot, whether Itching, blind or
bleeding, are relieved by one
application of
Dr. Agnew's Ointment
35 CENT8.
..nd cured In 3 to A nights*
Dr.   M.   Bark-nun, Blnghamton, N. Y.,
writes: Scud me 12 dozen more of Agnew's Ointment. I prescribe large quantities of It. It is a wondor worker In skin
diseases and a great cure for piles-23.
Sold by V. A. Warren.
���   50c.
50c.   ���
WASTED-TRUSTWORTHY AM) Active gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, esmblUhoiI houso in British Columbia, Monthly 8B5.rO and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. 204rip23
Land Notice.
(j() Days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works fur permission to nurchose JJ90 acres
of land in East Kootenay District commencing at a post placed on the east boundary of
lot 36 G. U where said lot jogs east, thence
north 80 chains, thcuec east 40 chains, thence
south 8l attains, thence west 40 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated Nov. 18th, IB'JJ. 23Gju81
Timber Notice.
These watches are solid 14-carat
gold, and our usual list price for
them here in England is ��ft (#25)
each, but to introduce our enormous
Catalogue, wo will semi you this
wareh freo if you take advantage of
our marvellous offer. If you want
one, write to us without delay.
With your letter send us 50 cents
International Money Order, for
which wo will send you a solid silver brooch, worth #1, and our offer.
After you receive the beautiful
watch, we shall expect you to show
it to your friends, and call their attention to this advertisement. The
watch is sent freo by registered post
on your complying with our advertisement and our offer, and is warranted for five years.    Address: ���
Watchmakers' Alliance &
Ernest Goode's Stores. Ltd.,
lN-t Oxford St., London, Knglttnd.
Money returned it'not more than
satis tied.
15 Princess Street, Birmingham,
"I thank you very much for the
beautiful watch you sent me free of
charge. I have tested it for nine I
months and it never varies one
lialf-a-minute from one week's end
to another."���E, Wilks.
"To give away a Gold Watch
worth 25 dols, is certainly a splendid advertisement, but us the
Watchmaker's Alliance is the largest firm of Watchmakers in England, they can afford it/'-EniTOttX.
Bo sure and address yourlotter, IH|
�����      Oxford Struct, London, England.      +
��� ���
��� ���>������ ������������1
W hol.'salc anil ICt-tnil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Chemist & Druggist
Has now upened in the premises
lately occupied  by   D.  L.  Beitsohen.
Prescriptions 9��efully Prepared,
A Full Stuck ni' Patent Mollcinos and
Druggists Buiidrlos Kept.
Healthy���comfortable���warm���corn less��� vc5
painless���comely feet. Feet rest tied from
cold, clammy, clumsy rubbers and shod In wet-proof
���snow-proof��� oil dressed leather shoes, made with
the Famous Goodyear Welt. Stylish, wear-resisting,
quickly cleaned, lifcht.    Black or tan.   86.60.
AiU tor the -
Clarence Hersoy,
Assayer and Chemist,
Slater Rubherless Shoe.
iimiii' in.   .in   a"Ti.H
II. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
(Established 18711) Lkauvili.i-j, COLORADO
���Samples by malt or oxpross receive
prompt attention.
���Specimen Assay Prices:���Gold, silver anil
lead, 9li any two of the above, 75c; anyone
of tho above, 60c, copper analysis, Slj plail-
nmh, nickel or tin, #��.   Write'for lull price
li.st and mailing envelopes.
'���    gs&' -We ��ro Manufacturers and Direct Importers,   and  carry n   Large  Stuck  of   Balances,
I Furnaces,    Fire Clay   Goads,   Scientific   and
^fe Practical     Books,    Oliis-
[     Yf    ""* ware,     i'lntimim     Goml.s.
PMamaW1^ Acids,   Chemicals,  nud nil
r\             ���-         f%         t                            ,/!,morc��"    [In other  Assavors'  and   Mm -
Cure For DrunkennessK��M��jm     >.
It is an established fact that the Dyke Cure !
removes all crave for alcoholic stimulants In
n few days, and iu four weeks restores the !
patient to his tioi-ui.il condition, it is a sim
hie vegetable tonic. Xo hypodermic iujec-
lions, fan be taken privately ��s a home
treatment, with uo bnd after-effects or no I
loss of th'ne from business. Eor further n��r*!
ticuhirs address Dr. McTaggart, London, !
Ont., or enquiro of Editor of Uolden Era
Ooldeu, U. U. iltkiai
Mmm>'        Sole Agents for Mor,-,,,,
^�����:4F)v ,uki*U' '        LiuciMo I omwwiv, batter-
sea; Becker's Sou's   Buls.
ces; Bi'nnton & Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, eic
Vancouver, II. V.
P. O. Hox 3M. Toleirrapliic Aililres
���ASSAY," Vniifoiivor, B.C.
rPHE East Kootenay Railway Company will
apply to tho Parliament of Canada at its
next session for tin Act to declare the Company's undertaking to he lor the gouoral advantage of Canada, to authorize It to Issue
bonds to tlie extent of thirty thousand dollars
per mile of its railway and to empower it to
convey or lease the Com1 nny's railway.
Vancouver. 15 Dec, IHiL'."
Solicitors for Applicants.
Oemmili, & May,
Ottawa Ageuls. 2o2fl j
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Uood ElTeotH at Oui-c.
Cures general or special tlehllltv, wakeful-
n 'ss, Bperiuatorrhcea, ouiinslonu, impotency, ���
paresis, etc.   Corrects functional disorders, i
caused by errors . r oxcessos, quickly restor-;
Ing Lost Manhood lu old or young, giving
Vigor and Strong!h wharo former we knosn
provtilied,    Ci nvenieut  package,  simple,
effectual and legitimate,
ui'o Im Quick and Thorough.
Don't bo deceived by imitations; insist mi
C/iton'a Vitalisers. Serit sealed if your drug-
gist does nut have it, Price ^l por plcge., t!'
for 9Q, with written guarantee of complete
cure. Informutlou, references, etc, fraeniid
cmifideinial. Send us sta'emtmt of case and
iri its I'oi a weok's trial treatment. One only
sent to each jiersou liittc '
Cut on .11,-U, <,'(���,, |to<iton, Miimh.
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
THIRTY Days afterdate I intend to apply
to the Chtot Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a Special Licemetocnt and cuiry
away timber frqin the following doscrlbetl
lauds iu Kast Kootomiy, viz.:- Commencing
at tbo N. K. comer of Lot MO, (i. I, thence
north tiO chains, thence east 60chains, thence
smith |0cli;iins. thoncoeiiRt Li) chains, thence
smith t'l'i chains, thenco oast 40 chains, thence
south HO chains, thenco west Slchaius, llieuce \
north KiO chains, thonco \��;st. 40 chains to
placo ot commeuceineiit, containing 1,000
acres more or less.
Wsi. McKenzik.
Craubrook, Oct 22nd, 18D7. 214ja0
VOTICE Is hereby given that application
will he made to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British Columbia at its
next session for au Act to incorporate a
com "any and empower it to construct, equip,
operate and maintain a standard or narrow
guage railway from some point at or near
(iolaen iu Kast Kuotenay District, thence in
a southerly direction uo tho valloyof the
Columbia River on either the oast or west
side of the s.-iid Columbia (fiver to or near to
the Canal Kbit at the foot of tho Liner Columbia Lake by tlm most feasible route, thence
in a southerly direction down the valley of
the Kootenay Hiver on either the east or west
side of the said Kootenay Klver by tho most
feasible route to a point on tho Tobacco
Plains at or near where tho International
boundary Line intersects tho said Kootenay
RiVOrj with the further |imvcr to construct,
equip, o)>orate and maintain a standard or
narrow gunge railway from some point at or
near Qnltlon ill I'';i-t Kootenay District or
from nonie |K>iut at or near Golden on the
lino of railway aforesaid to lie built southerly
fioin Ooldou, thence in a northerly direction
by tho most feasible route through the val*
low of tho Columbia, Canoe, HVosor and Parsnip Hi vers, nn cither iho east or west sides
thereof, passing near Fort MuLood nil Me*
Lend Lake, thence contiiiuitig along the val
ley of tho Parsnip River in a northerly dlroc*
tiou to tho ')tith parallel <>f latitude, thcuce
northerly crossing the Stlth. 67th, will and
iiiUh degrees of latitude by the most feasible
route to the valley of tho Liard Wiver within
tint 50tll and (illth'ilegrees of latltudo and west
if tho 124th degreeinf longitude, ai d thenco
by tho most feasible ronto either upor down
tho valley of the Liard Rlvor to the northerly
boundary of the Province; or westerly by the
most feasible route to a t oint at or near
Teslin Lake at tbo northerly boundary
of tho Province-' with power to construct branch lines, and also power to build
and operate branch lin s from time to timu to
f"roups of mines from any eoint on the main
mo, or any of its branches, with the newer
in operating the railway ;md its branches to
use steam, electricity or other motive power,
with power to build telegraph and tele h mo
Hues for the purposes of tnoConmany and
for transmission of messages for the public
and commercial purposes, with power to
build all necessary bridges, roadways,
wharves and docks, and own and operato ferries, and with tower to equip and maintain
steam and other vessels and o: erate the same
in connection with the railway and its
branches on auv navigable water along or
near to the lino of railway and its branches;
and with power to acquire wator rights and
to geuerate electricity tor operating the railway and any of it- branches, and for the supply of light, heat and other rower, and with
power to expropriate lauds for the purposes
of tho Company; and to acquire lands, bonuses, privileges or other aids from any government, municipal corporation or i ersons or
bodies corporate, and to levy and collect tolls
from all persons using' and on all freight
passing over any of such reads, lurries, and
wharves, and carried on the vessels built,
used or one-rated bv the Company; and with
power to lease, make traffic or otiier arrangements with railway, steamboat or other companies and for all other usual sud necessary
in* incidental rights, powors and privileges in
any way conducive to the attainment of tho
aforesaid objects.
Pated this llhh day of November, 1807.
HoPKir.MPH, Wooiton & Barnard,
287JaU Solicitors for the Applicants.
VnTICK Is hereby given that application
will he made to the Legislative Assembly
Of the Province of British Columbia at it's;
next session for an Act to Incorporate The
Mountain Tramway and Electric Company
with power to construct, acquire and operato [
ropeways and tramways for trans ortntion of
freight from points on or near the N;.luisp & i
Slocau   Hallway and branches thereof to:
mines and mineral claims in the McfJuigvu j
Gamp and Whitewater Basin and elsewhere
iu tlm District through which said Railway
and branches pass or will  pass,  ami   from 1
pdntfl en the Columbia and Kootenay Rail, j
way, Crow's Nest Line, constructed or to  bo \
constructed, and branches thereof in the inln
ing  districts of East and West Kootenay, to
mines and mineral claims  in  the districts
through which said Railways and branches
respectively pass or will pass; and to construct, acquire and o|>urato works and plant
to generate and supply heat, light and electricity iu the said Districts and elsewhere in
the    Province,  and to dispose of such heat,
light and electricity; and o acquire and bold
all  kinds of real and personal property, to-
gethor with the power to ex-iroprmto hinds
and J.ll other powers and privileges that may
bo necessary, incidental or advantageous to
the full exercise of the powers heroinboft.ru
Dated this I Ith day of December, 1897.
Davis, Maii.siiali���M.u;Nkii.l& Abhotp,
BiHjaDB Solicitors for Applicants.
Fort Steele
_ - . Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Singe Lenvea <-'olilen
Every TUESDAY morning at 7 30
o'clock  and Arrives at Fort .Steelo
M?iigc Leave* Fort Steele
Every   SATURDAY.unornlnu   and
arrives at (xolilcn every MONDAY |
I'il'Nt  (,'lllNN   I'<| III pill.'ll ,
anil   every  Htteiition   given  to  tiie
com fort    of     passengers.      Good
Stopping  houses every 25 miles
on tho route.
Rxnreas Hfnttee
of  all   kinds handled with promptness nud care.
FOR UArr.s, KTO., .U'I'I.V
Fulmer I Kerfooi. Props.
Head Office, Qoldon.   '��
"The Province" Map of
Absolutely Free
To New Subscribers to '-The Province."
'���The Provlnco" ulnims thnt it has the Urgost oirciilatlon west of Win-
nlpeg, and that claim has never been questioned or challenged. It is now
tletennined if inonev and cnorgy can do i'. to Ineroase its circulation until it
lorn prove that it 1ms THE LAHOEST CIRCULATION IN CANADA. To
i attain til is object tho directors have arranged with Tho Province Publishing
'Company, Limited Liability, for the supply of
One Hundred Thousand Copies ,",r���l,',',','�� Map of r tie Klondyk
2 What is known and Sold as *
Ready-Made Clothing:
Is clothing cut out by machinery, put together by
machinery, and with the
aid of starving female labor.
Such a garment stamps the
wearer ou sight as dressed
in slops. He not only locks
it but as a consequence feels
it. Men are learning that
they cannot afford to be ill-
dressed. Slops have had
their day.
expresses exactly what the
name would imply
Made by tailors, designed by au artist, sewn with the
best linen and silk, cut to fit the form of man be he
tall, short, stout, or thin. Any man not a positive
malformation can be fitted by Shorey's Ready-to-wear
By fitted we mean dressed so that he looks a Gentleman, and possesses that feeling of comfort and air
of ease'that always marks the well dressed man.
See that Shorey's Guarantee Card la In the pocket
ol every garment.
k.n is oniy pogsiuie in wie case 01 now nunerioiT'i wu
<-nclose their money with their onler, the.*, not the two for tin* prtoe of onv,
This offer will ho withdrawn as soon a** 'lie special edition ����f one hundred
thousand codpics Im axhnuated, It is tho most ^onerous offer ever made by
;uiy newspaper in any part of tho world lo ohtaiti new Btihscriherc Every
���nilwci'ipMou hooked under this nrrnuitemeui means u direct 1o*k to the pul>*
Ushers, cm 11 laryo uheulntlon nioaiis mora ndvgrtlsintf at liotter rntes, and in
this way '-The Provlnco" hopes to make good the deficit. Serrd 81,00 to "The
Province" by return mall and get a copy of this   bountiful aeon rata   map and
������Tlic Prrwliiflfl" for n   eeiii*
'The Province" for a year
The PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty.,      Victoria and Vancouver.
Paeif ie Hy
If Vou arc Wanting a
Why Not liuv the Hcst?
Write for pamphlet do-
scriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country and sailing
dates, rates, etc.
Cheap rates to California
and to the Hawaiian Islands
Quickest route to the East
and to the Old Country via
St. John, Portland or'New-
For full .Information apply to the
nearest. Canadian Pacific Hallway
Ticket Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
1 Bite Ticket Agent, Golden.
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines, The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter
Sl/lliufsftnrors, 2-III2-U W. I alto Street.
I lih'iurn, III. S17
* Cigars given away at Starforth &
We have received from 11. 0. Parson
some ot his blotters lor 1888.
On New Year's Day Banff   defeated
Catiinoro at hockey hy throe to nil
Judge Porln   will   hold   a   county
court at Donald on the 10th of January,
* This year's crop of ntits   just   arrived at liio Gulden Fruit Store,.
at th" Presby.
The McNeill Co. is turning out coal i
at the vnlo of 500 tons Jipr day at
��� Choice variety of Cigars and
Cigarettes just opened at Starfortli &
We have received the Christmas
number of the Anaconda Standard,
which is r.  highly crediiahle number.
The British Columbia Review, pub
liahed at London, England, has issued
acapiial little map allowing the various
routes to the Yukon.
Service will be held at th" Presby- q'|,0 Watchmakers Alliance and
terlan Churoh, Oolden, on Sunday, at Ernest Ooode's Stores Co. otter our
11 s. m. and 7. 30 p. ni, readers a bargain in tho shape of a $'-���">
H. 0. Parson, Agent tor  the   All
Pain Past Endurance.
G. W. Coon Hopelessly Crippled
With Rheumatism.
Insurance Co., Iihsj kindly sent us   the
Company's on Under for 1*98.
St. Paul's Church. Golden, Sunday
January 'Jth: Mornintr (tervice 11
a.m.: evening servicj 7.80 p.in
Tho steamers sailing from Vancouver for Alaakan ports are already
crowded with Yukon gold  seekers.
G. K. Smith will hold service III
connection with tho Methodiflt church
o;i Sunday uext as follows; Donald
11 a. rn.   and Golden 7.30 p.m.
Another  party   out   from   Dawson
CltV denies that there   are   provisions
at Fort Yukon and Hays there is
to be starvation at Dawson City
The C.P R. drew attention through
our advertising columns to their
pamphlet just published, descriptive of
the routes to the Yukon, with the dates
of sailing Ac.
Messrs Skelton and Hamilton havo
dissolved partnership in tho livery
stahles, the business of which will in
future be carried on bv Mr. Hamilton,
whom we wish all success.
Adam Wyllio, a hunter ami prospector, has just come into Knmloops re
porting that lie was seven days without food, and to sustain himself he
had eventually to eat his dog.
W, White, Solicitor, of Rovelstoke
is reported to bo tho Turner Government candidate for the Rovelstoke district against Mr. Keilie, the present
member, at the coming election.
Mr. Winn, of Calgary, who did the
plastering of G, Woodley's new residence, has made a magnificent job of
the work.     Tho centre   piece   in   th
gold watch.    Head their advertismeut
and t.islimouial.
The plans are out for the new C. P.
U. shops at Revelstnke, to which the
Donald plnnr will shortly be moved.
They urn of a substantial and commodious character.
* Are you troubled with indigestion?
Chew Soinervill's Pepsin Gum! Star-
forth & Hligh, ugeuls.
At Seattle there are .'JO, 000 people
waiting to go to the Yukon nud by
spring there would be 50,(CO. Two
steamships a day, each carrying UQ0
passengers an 1 their hafeguge, will
not be able to land them in Alaska
sure working an the summer.
Tbo Eastern papers are industriously
circulating the recent canard that
North E.ist Kootenay is to be obliterated and merged into Rovelstoke dis
trict, to be known ns North Kootenay.
We have official authority for stating
there is no truth in the report.
Mr. and Mrs Barry entertained their
friends at a splendid linner at the
Kootenay House, on New Year's Day.
The spread was a credit to the host
and hostess, the bill ol fare provided
including soups, fish, fowl, game of nil
kinds, meats, fruits, and a choicu as-
sortnaeut of sweets.
Tho New Year was ushered in at
Golden amid a considerable amount of
merriment, many of the residents celebrating the occasion by joining in a
procession which visited the various
hotels drinking health all round, and
keeping up a chorus of shouting. There
was noi hing approaching   rowd> ism.
Don't be persuaded into buying
liniments without reputation or merit
���Chamberlain's Pain   Balm   cosis no
parlor ceiling is a
plasterer's art.
sterpiece of theImire.md Its merits have been proven
| by a lest of many years. Such let-
i ters as the following from L. G. B'tg-
It is rumored in London that u shot jlev H���enemQi Cal��� are constantly
has been fired on a Russian uiau-nf- ' ���
war by the British Admiral, Tho report has caused the greatest excitement in the city, and futher   informa
tion is eagerly looked for.
The valuation roll prepared by F. C!.
Lang for
Eeai Kootenay shows as follows: -
Real property $816,000, personal
property 3110 000, income S3 121). 47,
169 acres of wild land aro assessed at
A man named David Coleman, an
employee of the C. P. R. working on
repairs to tho bridge on the main line
east of Calgary fell from the bridge
and had his right leg broken, and a
severe injury to the shoulder as well
as a scalp wound.
F. Ilealey, who has been well known
in connection with Queen's Hotel and
Kootenay House, was married at
Rovelstoko lust week t.j Miss Scott, of
Golden, the ceremony being performed
by the R*v. Mr. Wood. We wish them
a long and hai'py wedded life.
Capt. Armstrong arranged with a
number of men to go with him from
Golden to T"��lin Lake where he will
build his steam bnat. Some of the
men are now backing out, as trm
Klondike seems to be losing it.-* u--
trno'ions, and at tho present time it
is llSld 'o say who Will go as yet.
The School Trustees had a meeting
Tuesday last at which certain charges
being received: Tho best remedy for
pain I have ever used is Chamhorlain's
Pain H tlm, and I say so after using it
in my family for several years." It
cures rheumatism, lame back, sprains
und swellings. For sale by all druggists. Langley A Co.. Wholesale
Agents, Victoria and Vancouver. lfittjuH
Tho Ntinnltno Review gives an instance of the mischief done to ihe
while laborer hy the Chinaman. Our
oontemponry says of some mines at
Nanaimo: "In these mines there; are
both white men and Chinamen engaged
"pushing" ut the same wage namely,
one dollar and a half per day; so here
is an example ritfht near home where
the white man is forced to accept the
Chinaman's waufl or not work. Truly
a nice state of affairs in a white man's
country. In addition, in both mines,
the filling is done by Chinamen, thus
displacing one white man In each stall;
that is. reducing the actual white in in-'
itig force hy one half."
Centuries ago, peoplo used to fenr
what they called tbe pestilence. "Black
Dentil" was the most terrible thing in
tho world to 'hem. They feared it as
people now fear the Cholera and Yellow
Fever. And yet there is a thing that
causes more misery and more deaths
than nnyof these. It issocoinmon that
nine tenths of all sickness iu iho world
is traceable to it It is merely that
simple, co -1111011 thing constipation It
makes iconle listless, causes dizziness.
made by H. R. Moudie ngntnst the headaches, loss of appetite loss of sleep,
teacher were considered. The Trustees foul breath and distress after eating,
resolved lo advise Mr. Moodle that the I The little help needed i*�� furnished bv
charges were exaggerated and that he: Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pollttti. One pill
Should apologise to Mr. Bates or be is a gentle laxative and two a mild
would render himself liable to pioceod- estharttc. Once used, always in favor.
lugs for disturbing the school, [ If you are careless enough   to   lot  an
. unscrupulous druggist sell von  some-
H. O. Parson has just landed *; ,hing on which he makes more money
large consignment of goods from Lon ; ���_. j8 yo,)r own f(tu|r ,f yon do n()t RW
don and Manchester, including gentle-; W(,|i Bo sure and get Dr. Piorce'a
men's   natural   wool underwear, Mar-   pHnut<*.
seilles quilts,  towellings,   flannels and | 	
flannelettes and a lot of other goods.
The firm has also received Irom Toronto a full supply of blouses, silke,
ball   goods  Hnd ladies white kid slips.
Could not Rttlio Either Hand or Foot
und hud to he fed and Drensed���
The Doctor* told Hint h euro dan
linnnsNlhlo, yet lie Attends to hln
Uunlnemi Today,
From the Millbrook Reporter.
Rheumatism has claimed many victims and has probably caused more
pain than any other ill affecting man
kind. Among those who have been
its victims few have suffered more
than Mr. G. W. Coon, now proprietor
of a flourishing bakery in Hampton,
but for a number of years it resident v.f
Polity pool, when his severe illness
occurred. To a reporter who intei-
viewed him Mr. Coon gave the follow
Ing particulars of his great suffering
and ultimate cure: - "Some seven or
eight 3 ears ago," said Mr. Coon, '*!
felt a touch of rheumatism. At Hist I
did not pay much attention to It, but
as it was steadily growing worse I
began to doctor for it, but to no effect.
The trouble went from bad to worse,
until three years after the first, symptoms had manifested themselves I
became utterly belpess, and could do
uo more for invself than a young
child. I could not lift my hands from
my side, and my wife was obliged to
cut my food and feeu me when I felt
like eating, which was not often
considering the torture I wns undergoing. My hands were swollen out of
shape, and for weeks were tightly
bandaged, My legs and feet were also
swollen, and I could not lift my foot
two inches from the floor. I could n"t
change my clothes and my wife had to
dress and wash me. I grew so thin
1 hat I looked more like a i��keleton than
anything else. The pain I suffered
was almost past endurance and I got
no rest eiilur day or night. I doctored
with many doctors, but they did me
no good, and some of them told me it
was net possible for me to get bettor.
I tiel.eved I took besides almost everything that was recommended for
rheumatism, but instead of getting
better 1 was constantly gelling worse,
and 1 wished many a time that death
would end my Sufferings, One day
Mr. Petrin. storekeepei at Poutvpool
[ gave me a box of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and urged me to try them. I did
I so somewhat reluctantly as I did not
! think any medicine could help me.
I However, I used the pills, ihen I got
I another liox and before they were gone
1 fell a trilling reliefs Leturo a thud
l.o:; was finished there was uo longer
any doubt ol the improvement lliuy
were making in my condition, and by
the trifflil I had used three boxes n-oro
I began to feel, iu view of my former
condition, that 1 was growing qliite
st.ong, and thu pain was rapid)? subsiding. Prom that out, tln-re was a
steady improvemem, and for tho rirst
time iu long weary years 1 was freo
from pain, and once more able to takn
Illy place among tho world's workers.
I have not now the slighicst pain, and
I fuel belter than 1 fell for seven jeara
previous to taking the pills. I thank
God that Dr, Williams' Pink Pills came
in my way as I believe they saved my
life, and there is no doubt whatever
thai they rescued ,me from years of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills strike at
tbe root of the disease, driving it from
the system and restoring the patient
to health and strength. In cases of
paralysis, spinal troubles, locomtor
ataxia, sciatica, rheumatism, erysipelas, scrofulous trouble*, etc., these pills
are superior to all other treatment.
They are j��lso a specilic for the troubles
which make the lives of so many
women a burden, and speedily res'ore
the rich glow of health to pale and sallow clio. ks. Men broken down by
overwork, worry or excesses, will And
in I*i 11 k Pills a certain euro. Sold by
all dealers or sent by mail postpaid,
flOfl 0 box, ot six boxes for %'2 50, by
addressing tho Dr. Williams' Medicine
Company, Brockville, Out., or Hcbe-
nectady, N. Y. Beware of imitations
and subsumes alleged to be "just a**-
good." 275
Capt Armstrong and Tom Jones
have bonded the Delos and the extension on Horse Thief Creek to Mr.
Rutherford of Victoria for $12,500.
It is reported that while Mr. Yc*
Naught is in England he will endeavor
10 get more stock taken up in the
Golden and Fort Steele Company with
a view to pushing on the development
of tho Company's properties in the
The Kootenay Consolidated Company
are arranging to float $100,000 of
their Treasury Stock to provide for
further development of the Benuisou
Group. Tnere is no more promising
investment in British Columbia today
than is this property.
F- BerthuiiR says that a great in*
ducement to travelling by the Columbia Valley to the Yukon is that prospectors would be travelling moat of
the time through a gold belt, which
he says begins ut Kini-asket Luke 20
miles south of the mouth of the Cnnoe
The Calgary Herald says: The
Alberta and Br.tish Columbia assaying institute has been opened iu Calgary
under tbe management of W. Orewdsun
Howard, Ph. D., B. C. M. fi. The
recent rapid strides in mining work
necessitates the existence of au assay
office near home, and in the capable
bauds of Mr. Howard tho uew venture
should prove a success.
A, E. "Watts, of Liverpool, England,
is taking with him to Loudon a line
collection of ore samples of East Root-
euav. and which he intends placing in
the Imperial Institute. He savs that
the exhibit in Tub Eiia office is fur
ahead of that made by British Columbia at the Institute. This is a matter
that tho Government should reined* at
once. Messrs. Fulmer and Kcrloot
kindly carried the collection from
Steele at half rate, and Mr. Shaugh-
nessy, of the 0. P. R., has promised
free transportation for the samples to
St. John. Mr. Watts replenished his
exhibit from the GOLDEN Era collection and arranged with Mr. Lang to
receive further samples for him.
Si* Name on Earth ao Famois
���Xo Xante More Widely
Great Matte offer.
Send us tho names and addresses of
three or more performers on th* piano
or organ together with ten  cams  in
silver or postage and we will mail you
teu |iie.se full sheet music, consisting
of popular songs,  waltiea.  marches,
etc., arranged for the piano sad organ.
Popular Music Pug. Co.,
333 Indianapolis, Ind.
k. A. iit(ii;i:\
Notary Public end rionreraneer.
Mining. Ileal Eatiitc unit
Klnuiicltil Ag.-nt  .   .   .   .
Purchasers Obtains! for Prospects and De-
velopoil Claims*
....    <��<>ll   n,  II. <'.
For Sale
Alter hearing some friends continu    	
ally prai.ing Chamberlain's Colic,! ^==5
Cholera and Diarrhoea Humeriy, Curtis ,'SO-
Fleck, of Anaheim, California, purchase a bottle of it for his own use
and is now as enthusiastic over its
wonderful work as any one can be.
For sale by all drimtfists. Lnngley
A Co , Wholesale Agents, Victoria
and Vancouver. 243ja8
Mr. Griffith, as jmliie of tho Assessment Court for the Northern Division
of East Kootenay, held sittings at
Golden and Donald this wielt. S.
Redgrave objected to tho valuation of
his real estate at ��700 and a reduction
wns made to *500. W. G. Bott denied that tho owned the. personal property on which he was assessed lo the
extent of toUO and tbe item was struck
out. The C. P. H. put in an objection against the valuation ot i heir land
grant known asKootensyand Columbia,
but the objection was disallowed as
thete was no appearance to sustain it.
Tha objection by Hull Bros, .to the
valuation of their personal property In
Golden; resulted in a reduction from
12.000 to $1,760
S'nd 81 cents in one-cent stamps to
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N, Y., and receive Dr.
Pierce's 1C08 page "Common Sense
Medical Adviser," profuse'y illustrated.
Subscribe for the Era  ���*%
8avea Thousands of Live*.
Four years ago Jacob Dewltta, of Hay
Island, was dragged to the verge of
death by dreadful heart disease. He was
given up to die. From vigorous manhood
tie hud suae to a broken despondent wreck.
He procured Dr. Aa-ncw's Cure for the
Heart, turd It faTthfullr. and today
���rclghs jw pannes, and lives to Wets the
uny the great remedy was recommended
to him.   It relieves la lu minute..���34.
HoUhyCA. Warrt*.
Hbaly-Suott - On December 30th, in
the Vic'oria Hotel, Kevclsioke, by
Rev. J. A. Wood, Frederick George
Healy to Kathleen Sjotl, both of
AHPIVTS So" "Klondike fluid
�����.vsX<H 1(3 Fields" Ilka a whirlwind.
Prospectus 2'i cents, worth 31. Big pay.
Capital unnecessary.
Bradley I inrretton Company, Limited,
278d.ll Toronto.
Industrious Men of Character.
978481 TORONTO.
If Tow trt Enwt'r, and Strong,
II you aw) above foolish prolndlce against
cnnvijslng for a good bunk, write ..ml get my
proposition, Tho Information will cost nothing. 1 have put hnnilrodsnl' men in tlio way
ot making money isonie f whom are now rich.
1 ran do go��al iliitigs tor you, if youare holier-
able and will work hard.
27IHII1 T. S. 1.1NSCOTT, Toronto
"Queen Victoria! Her Life and Reign." has
captured the Hritlsh Empire. Exlraordinary
testiinotiii.N from the grout men; send for
copy free. Marquis of I., rue says: "I be
best pup lar i.it'e of the Queen 1 have teen "
Her Majesty sends a kbtd letter of appreciation. Selling by thousands; gives onthusi-
sstlu satisfaction, (.niivasaors make Jlf> ti
t:sn weekly.
J73dOI (United I TORONTO,
Group of two claims of gold-hearing Quarts
in li-'-t mineral dlstrldt of East Kootenay.
Assays up lo 37UO in guld. 111,17
I S-<e'" lease. 15
Group of two gold claims. One of the best
propositions nn the market, ami can be
cheaply developed, Ashsvs gave about 3~tft
jwr ton II
j Interest in gold property ill exchange for
develop i out work. II
j Group of 10 claims, deieloped. No better
I property in Prilish I olullibia. 1'.'
I Well ilnvelo|ioil claim. Most promising
I discovery in the eelkirkl. Assays up to S.8. 2
I Group of seven claims iu quart/, country.
I Good aierage assays. 18
I Group of 'our full sized claims. Copper
I oro carrying guld. 8
tine of best copper properies in East Kootenay.   Suieltor test 111 |*tr eont copiier, besides gold. 8
1   Claim in one of best locations iu Selkirk*.
Cheaply worked-   Assays Silo iu guld, silver
am) cupper. 9
I hoice gold property, partly freomiUing.
Assays up to $'411.   Development work      l.H
Two claims in good location.   Quarts car
rylug gold and uonper,                        20
Claim adjoining known gold property. _ 21
Four claims ill Yukon, near llawson City,
grouid running up to $i;'i per pan o
I    '1 In ee claim, near Columbia River.   Big
j ledge, gold and cupjier. 7
I    Three c!,.inis,  'to.eloped,   assays 128 in
gold, best location In Selkirk*.                2ti
i    Hold quarti claims, aas.-ysOT.               ��7
j    Gold quarts claim, developed, good lead,
assays to WC                                           , 88
!   Two quarts claims ill convenient poaitii.n
pan gold.                                                   30
i    Five claim,, coppor and g. Id, value lilOa
i ton.                                                            'M
'    Three quartz claim,, no cash, working pro
I position.                                                     112
I   Throe claims in provud country.            88
i   iim. ihi'ri uluweitlbfoInto estindovelo; wl
I grim - of Dialing near Hidden.                    .''J
i    Silver lead mine.  One of the largest in the
! world. 60,000 tout ol era blocked oul ready
to ship.   Location cooveliiout to railway.
Price, W��,000,                                       �����!
Group of three claims in Movie district.
Free  milling  gold  averaging 121 | or lon.
C otisiderable develo intent.                        41
Group of two claims at Moyie.   Free milling gold,   jig proposition.                       4J
i lann at Moyie.   copper and gold. Ilevel
oped.  Good prospect,                           43
Three claims of 20 acrea each on Forty
Mllo Creek, near Klondike.   Esleuaive de
velopment.    Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black
aiiii'h's shop and tools.   Wash averages loo
per square foot. 5
Two i lacor claims on eelobrntod Hunter
Creek.   Sluicing  will  realize $20 per man
I or day.   Title i ei feet.                       1BJW
Placer claim on Miller Creek.   Primitive
work lust aeaaon cleared��ll,00C per man over
expenses.                                    t      , 87
Claim on El Dorado Creek, one of tbo haulier  pro erties of tho Klondike.   Dirt from
No. 2 shaft averaged *>'i.5' I er |ion.   Well im
proved.   Tide clear.   Price, ��Ki1.0fl0.       88
Trcasnrv stock  in   the   VictoriaToxada
Gold  Mining Company.   This stock   is offered at ihe par value ot 25 cents    Five of
the mines on Texnila Island have 1*611 working for Iho past 10 nioichs und this company
considers ii owns the lies! pro|xwi ion on the
island   I'tospoetuj may bo seen and f..ll par
Honiara obtained on application t.t my office.
MO, on*, shares of treasury stork In one of
the best  properties at Fidrview at 30 cents
per share.
1,(01 shares iu Cariboo mine, (amp Mc-
Kinney, a steady dividend p..yer.
Shafo* in I.eRol, I'eco. Macau Star, Rambler- 'arlboo, I aat > bunco. Idaho. All good
dividend p.,yers.RvNcHEg
Farm of 100 acres near Golden! S��1 acrea in
riililviitinu! well watornd. Outbuildings con
slat of hay shetl. poultry yards, root house,
milk house ami stables. , 4
Farm of 2D0 acre,. W Indermero district.
Laud fenced and under cultivation, House
ami stable   Rare bargain 8
Farm of 150 acres, one of tho host and most
highly improved to begot in East Kootenay. 1
Farm ot 320 acrea at Windermere. &��� acrea
under cultivation. House and stable, fencing, Irrigation.  Cheap. ��
No name on earth, perhaps, is so
well known, more peculiarly constructed or more widely imitated
than the word DODD. It possesses a peciliarii/ that makes it
stand out prominently and
fastens it in the memory. It contains four letters, but only two letters
of the alphabet. Everyone knows that
the first kidney remedy ever patented
or sold was named DODD'S. Their
discovery startled the medical profession the world over.aud revolutionized
the treatment of kidney diseases.
No imitator has ever succeeded in
constructing a name possessing the I
peculiarity of DODD. though they
nearly all adopt names ns similar as
possible in tho sound and construction
of this. Their foolishness prevents
them realizing that attemps to imitate
increase the fame of Dod.Cs Kidney
Why is the name "Dodd's Kidney
Pills" imitated? As well ask why are
diamonds and gold imitated. Because
diamonds are the most precious gems,
gold the most precious metal. Dodd's
Kidney Pills are imitated because they
are the most valuable medicine the
world has ever known.
No medicine was ever named kidney
pills till years of medical research
gave Dodd's Kidney Pills to tbe world.
No medicine ever cured Bright'* disease except Dodd's Kidney Pills. No
other medicine has cured as many
cases of Rheumatism, Diabetes. Heart
Disease, Lumbago, Dropsy, Fonialo
weakness, and other kidney divinises
as Dodd's Kidney Pills have. It is
universally known that they have
never failed to cure ibese diseases,
hence they are so widely and sham-
lessly imitated. 241to
F. C Lang is to be congratulated
on tho success of his valuation fot thu
annual assessment, the appeals resulting in a reduction of only In in
the taxation  over the whole district.
The Rev O. E Smith has arranged
to hold services in connection with the
Methodist church at tho Moberly lum-
Iter c-iiiitp every Monday. Mr. Smith
has made himself very pofAllar with
the men there.
Stable to Rent
Oppoiiit* the Queen's Hotel.   Inquire *t
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask tor proprietor,
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
roBn*ni��ihie, esitihlUheri limine in Rritibb Col*
uiiiiiia. Munihly 5'.m 00 .mil expentieH. Position steady Ket'oreiue. Em-lone self add res-
B'd stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dupt. Y Lhiuago. . 204ap23
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
ttecord.    Puhlished iu Loudon.
Suhscri tion, $2.501 er annum.   Subscriptions und adveriitsoineuts received by
E. A. im.t.EN, liolden,
Agent for East Kootenay,
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It  relieves   the pains and aches the
minute applied.   It Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Bruises, .
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Ghest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs; Colds, etc.,
Can be used internally ns well as externally.    Hundreds testify to its
Mauical   relief.    Mo home should
be without it.
Sold by all dealers.   35 cts. 91te
olumbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Everj Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table iB Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
'W.m. McNeish, Prop.
r 11 iii ��� ��� ��� ���*������>��
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Uatlis.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigf.ri,
Rates $!.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Jlot and Cold Baths.
S. ADLER, Prop.
Russell House .
Golden, B. C.
Skelton & Healy, Proprietors.
Headquarters for Miners, Prospectors and Lumbermen.
Rates,  $1.00  Per  Buy.
Board and Lodnina, $5 Per Week. 274
First Class Ber.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers ot Saah, Doors, Moiildlngt, Turned and Sawn Baluster,,
Newel Poats, Hand Haili and Brackets.  All sizet of gitalin stock,
Tho Machine and Blacksmith Shop lire prepared to do all kind of repair
as toon at possible.   III sites of Pipe Fitting and Brsat goods on hand.
Wagon repair, l'ulet, Shafts, Asles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory and
**"*��� HOUSTON  &  CO.


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