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The Golden Era May 20, 1893

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VOL. II   NO 4 J
GOLDEN B.C., SATURDAY, MAi' 20, 18911.
$2 Per Year
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
uervours, bilious, or neuralgic.    Sent post
_.i.; ji free on receipt of price
25  Cents  Per Box.
, ;.���..  : DEALER IN:	
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Golden, BC.
Now ready for business, has been newly built
and newly furnished. The table is first class. The bar
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
W. McNeish, -  Proprietor.
Baby   Carriages.
AVING secured the Agency of the famous
McKee & Harrington baby carriages, 1
am prepared to furnish a superior article at
very low prices.   These gooes are the best,
and arc guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Call and see photos and get prices.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
N.B.   Mail Orders promptly executed.
(Incorporate 1 1570.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Send to Templeton,
For Testimonials Regarding
PINK POWDER never fails to effect
a speed.v cure in the worst case of
Rheumatic Fever, Rheumatism, Neu
I'ulgia and Sciatica.
oi'it rotv.v
Gulden, mi tin, main line nf I lie Ciiwiililiii
Pacific Kuilivny. ut its connection with the
ste.'iinliiKtt navigation of the tuliiinbin river;
the mineral ami coilllliori'illlcentreuf Eastern
Hi'itishColumbia; licMlquiirtor* of thiGolden Smelting works, tiro Upper Coliiiiihiu
Navigation Co., i.ml l.uiilicr industry j tlio
outlet tor the widely kiioivn ami fur
finned ngrici.ltiir.'il nmi grazing law! uf the
Columbia & KootOllliV Valley* ; unrivallcil
for scenery of nil kiwis: the distributing
IKiint for the ricliett miucn.1 country uu thu
Mr. Jim linker came in this week.
Mr.  Dave Dickie was in town this
Tho 0. P. It. auditor has been ��t the
depot this week.
Mr. Shore, of Messis Carson & Shore,
harness makers, Calgary, came in ou
No. 1 on Thursday.
The very heavy lain of tho past
few days has brought the Columbia
and Kicking Horse rivers up considerably.
The petitions which were issued for
signature last week have been well
signed and will bo forwarded to Victoria this week
The machinery for the steam dredge
which thus been   built   here,  arrived
it*-��feok and is now we think in
course of being put in place.
Mr. Morgan, from Ontario somo-
where, went to Fort Steele to join his
friend Mr. A. W. MoVittle there, by
Tuesday's steamer.
Mr. James C. Cowan late of Vancouver was hero this week on his way lo
the Thunder Hill nrnes, where he will
remain for tho summer months and
possibly longer.
Lovers of wild flowers should pay
Golden a visit. Just now they are
in nearly full bloom, the violets are
more plentiful than ever and so are
other emblems of summer.
Mr. Semple has gone to Adelu Lake,
where ho will act as agent for the
Upper Columbia Co. in receiving and
despatching freight. He is the right
man in the right place.
The saw mill of the Upper Columbia
Co. now known as The Golden Saw
Mill Co. has been doing fine work this
week. The average cut is estimated
at about 30,000 feet a day.
Mr. Archie McMurdo has returned
from his trip into the Duncan country.
Ho says access from this side is easy,
but that all he could find there to date
was snow and lieai- signs.
The Millward string band has been
engaged by the dance committee of the
Golden sports and will he here in full
force on the evening of Monday June
nth for the dance in the Alexander
The side tracks arc full of culvert
timber and ties piled on the C.P.R.
car. This is something like business and shows that the district can
produce very fine timber and an unlimited supply at that.
Next Wednesday will be the Queen's
Birthday. Although it will be quietly
spent in Golden, the many good citizens no doubt will honor ehe occasion
iu their own way and wish Her Majesty long lifo and every blessing.
Mr. Dowrrie of Donald, whoby'uhe
way is getting well known iu this
town, paid us another visit ou Monday
evening as also did Mr. A. G. M.
Spraitge, who needs no introduction to
Golden, her courts and her people.
Mr. McBridcof Calgary was in town
last week, looking into the possibilities
before this town. He proceeded west
to Kuslo on Monday and means if he can
confirm what he has rend of the place,
tc open up there iu the hardware
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wells and
daughter left on Sunday last for the
east where they will spend two or
three months taking in the beauties of
the old home, combined with the
pleasure of reunion with their many
friends and relations there.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. C. D.irick and Mrs.
Huckle left Golden this week for Canal
I'tat, where they will in future reside.
Mr. Durick has leased tho hotel there,
known as the Columbia Hotel and no
doubt under his care it will do very
well and repay him handsomely for his
time ami trouble in running it.
grub stake and depart for the surround-'
ing regions. From nil we can gather
McMurdo basin and Duncan river
country will be well looked after this
year. Mr. Forbes and partner will
leave shortly for the Duncan River.
Mr. L C, Hill, the engineer of the
Nun h Star Mining Co. who has been
east for some time consulting with the
shareholders of this concern, returned
recently and left for Fort Steele on
Saturday last. He took with him one
very line team of horse,sand two others
of the average stamp. It is Mr. Hill's
intention to push work with all possible speed and to have as much development completed as he can manage by
July 1st.
Dr. Webb passed through Golden on
Sunday morning lust with his party,
consisting of eleven friends. They hud
waiting on them no less than thirty
people. The Dr. it is said enjoys life
and takes things as they come. There
is not much difficulty judging from
hearsay in doing this when you have
running powers over nearly every continental railroad and uu income of
about ��1,500,010 per year, with good
health. Banff, Edmonton and Macleod
were visited and then the Dr. proceeds
to Montana and from thence to Chicago.
(iolil   u il   Silver   Prospecting
Those of our readers wdio have not
paid their subscriptions for the year
would oblige by prospecting in their
pockets foe silver, iu the shape of coin
to the extent of S2. Those who are
further iu arrears might seek for gold
and ante up at once. It might be well
to remind our friends that when they
have accepted an issue of a paper for
three mouths thuy are held liable iu
the eye of the law, for payment of full
number of copies sent and no cancelling notice is accepted unless accompanied by full settlement.'
New Muftintruti-'*.
Iii this issue there is an official
notico of l|ie appointment of two
new magistrates for East. .Kootenay
one ut Donald in the person of Mr. J.
Curb on Pitts and another at Beaver
Mr. Geo. Neilson, two gentleman much
respected iu their separate districts and
each worthy and qualified for the
positions they now fill. The Eka
congratulates the J.P.'s anil the
district on the appointments.
W intern l*ro��a Association.
A pretty big crowd of these members
passed through Golden on 'Sunday
evening last. They looked very happy
and proud of their badges and of the
opportunity of seeing such a fine
country us they  were   then   passing
The example of the Calgary sporting ,: through.   They proceed .0 New West-
gcntleinen iu having envelopes printed  minster, Vancouver, Victoria and per-
conveying to the recipients of letters  haps Seattle and Taooina.
the dates of their races, which are on
the 20,  21, 22, and 28rd June next,
has been copied by our knowing ones
and thev have now issued dated en
H'cIrIiIh oi* VarloiiM Itucka add Me*
Lbs. in cubic feet.
vclopcs  to cover the same ground and i Sulphide or antimony about   281
purpose. I Copper Pyrites
Messrs Owen & Cantinu, mining Coal, anthracite
brokers have bonded for a Loudon
syndicate several quartz, claims in the
McMurdo basin, including John Henderson's, Wm. Smith, W. C. Slnde
und others, each having a name, hut
'���   bituminous
Iron pyrites
Lead (galena)
"   enrhonato
this is unknown to the writer.     Como Silver thorn)
Tin, oxide
"   sulphide
Zinc, Blende or Black Jack about. 250
along ye syndicates pick up the claims
and develop scientifically if you develop at nil.
Prospectors are gradually dropping
in  and aro  wisely   hanging   around Presbyterian I Imrrb
town for a littlo timo, to pick up pur- Service will be held in the school
ticulars concerning the lay of the, house to morrow morning at 10.30,
country,  before   thev   shoulder   their conducted   by   the   Rev.   Mr.   Ross. OC'.te ti3.ili>cit (l5v-;t
The GOLDEN Elt.V is piibllshetl every
S.ititr.lay morning in time to catch tlw east
au.l west mall trains, also the mail for the
upper cn.uitry, Whidormore, Furl Steele etc
It, is the only advertising medium in the Eeat
Kootenay district.
8 ilMcription Rates:
I-.33 per ,'uuiuui in
Advertisements an I changes must be iu
the ii Hen iiit later tb,.,i 12 ...m, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates iniiilo known on application to
All cash to bo paid to tho Manager, from
wlii.u tho Company1* rocoipl will boohtuluod,
The Galdsn Era Pjblisliinj Company.
SATURDAY, MAY, 20, 1893.
Tln�� I'm In Arbitration,
Paris, May 11    Hon. ,1ns. B. Euslis
American   Ambassador,   was  present
to-day  at the session  of   the Piecing
Sea tribunal of arbitration.    Sir Chas.
Russell  resumed the argument which
was largely devote 1 to technical features of the controversy.     S.r Uhurlus
argued  that  it  was  impossible there
could he property  rights iu soils iu
Bering Sea, and  s tpported his contention w.th quotations from American
jurists and  in  particuhir from Prof,
Wolseley's  writings on  International
Law.     Sir Charles dwolt o.i the far-
reaching  ullccts   upon   International
rights that would ensue from conferring tho power claimed by American
counsel in behalf of tho United States
to   seize   foroiuu   vessels  iu  time   of
pence.   Sir Charles claimed that Great
Britain represents I iu this controversy
the rights  of   nations.   S.r  Charh s
Russell,   iu    commenting   upon   the
seizures of Canadian vessels by Americans for seal catching iu Bering Sja
insisted   that the seizures   had been
made  ou the high seas without previous diplomatic expostulation.     Mr.
Bayard, when Secretary oi State, had
nevor tried to justify tho seizures on
the grouiul that the Unite I States hud
property iu the seals.     Here followed
a   sharp   exchange of  contradictions
between  Senator   Morgan,  American
arbitrator, Sir Charles Russell and E.
J. Phelps.      Sir  Charles   Russell got
excited and angry  and declared that
the interruptions  were uncalled  for.
Sir  Charles  thou  proceeded to review
the diplomatic correspondence between
Great Britain and the United States uu
the subject of   Bering Sja.      He read
extracts from a communication from
Mr.  Blaine under date of Jan. 22nd.
181)0, arguing  that  unless the nation
should agree tii.it pelagic scahng was
contra bonus  n.ii es seizures were not
justifiable,     R tssell continued calling
attention  to the inconsistency of the
American claim to the ricjit of the
protection of  seals   wherever found iu
view of the fact that no seizor's had
bee a   attempted   outside   Bering Sea.
He defended the British commissioners
against partiality iu justifying pelagic
sealing  inasmuch as many Americans
are Interested. He showed that American  legislation docs not prohibit sealing  outside of   Bering  sen, as  stated
nnd that thu claim of property iu free
swimming  animals iu the  ocean  is
unprecedented,   Hj spokoof tho extravagant claims in past times of Britain
and S,,aiu to dominion over vast areas J
as not involving property rights.    Ho
showed that  the protection asked for
necessarily   involved    the  dangerous
elements of search, seizure and conlis-
cation,   never   admitted   by   friendly
powers.      No eminent  American publicist   supported   the    United  States
of six carriages. Iu tho lirst carriage
role Q icen Victoria with Princess
Christiana and Princess Bout rice.
They were attended by the groat officers of the household', an escort of
officers of the Life Guards and detachments of Indian, Canadian and Australian troops. 11 other carriages
lode three equerries, the functionary
known as silver stick, groom iu waiting, two ladies in watiug of the royal,
household, General Sir Henry Frederick Po.isouby, keeper of the firing
purse, nnd private secretary to her
majesty, aloi.g with two maids of
honor lo the queen, a  lord iu wnitin
known as gold ,......., ..,
the robes, Dowager Duchess of Rox- Arnold!, thecustom house officers hav-
bury and Dowager Duchess of Athole, -�����* dlmiovewd that the articles were
liord Carringtou, Lord Chamberlain, outlawed. It appears from statutory
Mar juis of Hroadalbune, lord steward j "Bohirations that the dogs were brought
Prince   Henry,   of   Butteii'ourg,   aiut i,lt0 Cuniitlft seven or oiglit years ag;o,
Prince Christian.     Her Hujesty wore ���������"������   :IS   u'��   le"">   ''"��"   ln   wh,ch
seizures   may   be  made  or a penalty
imposed  for an  iufrictiou of the cus-
" net is three years, the seizure in
Ottawa. May 13. -A representative
of 'be . brewing interests of Great
Britain, James Wigau, is nt present
visiting Canada for the purpose of
I investigating the workings of the
J Local Option laws in the different
Provinces with a view of obtaining
information against the Local Option
bill now before the Imperial Parliament.
The famous  bronze dogs seized at
the residence of J. R. Aruoldi by the
local custom house officers a few weeks
sTlekwi7mlstressM0t!,lK0WCi-e returned yesterday to Mrs.
mice uiiristia
a rich black satin dross, cape trimmed
with quipure lace, and a bonnet oF
beautiful black Ciiuutilly lace over
white, with out steel ornaments. She
bowed ine'"'S mtly in response to the
cheers of thu multitude who thronged
the route from B.ickiughuin palace tj
the institute. The Prince of Wales
accompanied by Prince George,
Duke of Y irk, and t.ie Duke of Fyfe
started for I iu institute from Marlborough House ut 11.30 a.in. iu st.��te
carriages, escor"ed by Life Guards and
the Duke an '. Duche.ss of Conuaiight
an I their children, Prince Arthur und
Princesses Margaret and Victoria Patricia rode fio.n Buckingham palace.
All the royal princes and princesses
were attcude 1 by equerries and officers
of their several households. Her
iiiaj.'siy arrived at the British Imperial
institute at 12,30.
Honors for tlio Canadians.
Toronto, May 11.���The following
special cable from Loudon appears in
this morning's Globe : At the opening cf the Imperial Institute to-day by
the Queen u detachment of Canadian
Mounted Horse formed part of the
Queen's escort from Buckingham Palace to Kensington. Canadians with
other Colonists were given the place of
honor iu the escort. Coming immediately before the royal carriage they
were warmly cheered by the crowd iu
the Institute. The scone was very
brilliant, thu proceedings being the
most important state function in Loudon since the opening of the Colonial
Exhibition. S r Charles Tapper, as
the representative of Canada ou tho
Executive Council of the Institute,
was a member of the procession to
conduct the Q icon front tlio etii ranee
to th.' ilias in the great hall. The Canadian Poi'.n i.ieut Exhibit in the
b.iilJiu,' is wh illy incomplete. Iu ull
other sections, however, a similar
state of things prevails
Hon. Edward U'uke, who hopes to
follo.v the Hjui! Rule discussion in
committee very closely, spoke 10 minutes last night 'ou the Unionist
amendment to the first clause, arguing
that every supporter of the bill freely
admitted the proposition that the
Irish Legislature was to bo a subordinate Legislature.
this case is not tenable.
At the Public Works department it
is slated that there is no warrant for
the senior naval officer at Esquiniault
ordering tho Romulus to vacate the
dock before tho loth iust. The despatch from the Colonial office, received
here, is very delini.o upon the point,
tho Admiralty having given permission for the vessel to remain I'll dock.
Mr. Coste, chief engineer, is expected
to be iii Victoria next Monday, and
will give the matter immediate attention. Hon. Mr. Ouituet has again
postponed his trip to the Coast, consequently Mr. Coste will travel alone.
Dr. D.incan, medical health officer
of Victoria, has been appointed quarantine officer, for the s ieoial purpose
of inspecting vessels which arrive at
Victoria from Pttget Sound ports. Dr.
Duncan is authorized to issue clean
bills of health in all cases in which
it can bo safely done ; but in the event
of quarantine on account of disease
being discovered on any vessel, it will
be necessary to send them to the station at William's Head for disinfection.
Dr. Mncnatightoii-Joues has been
appointed superintendent of tho British
Columbia quarantine.
Mr. Parent, engineer of the Lachine
canal, and Mr. Kennedy, superintendent, will be suspended, pending uu
investigation into certain matters in
connection with the erection of a new
bridgo over the Lachine canal. These
officers have expended some $20,100.
without the authority of the department. A commissioner has been
appointed to investigate the matter
and report to the Government without
express from Syracuse to Buffalo yesterday. East of Syracuse the train
had lost 25 minutes on account of
foaming boiler, and it loft Syracuse 25
minutes late. Leaving Rochester at
4,15 or 28 minutes late, Engineer
Hogan set out to make up part of this
time between Rochester and Buffalo;
and while not intending to make an
effort for special time, he broke all
known records in covering that section
19 miles, in (17 minutes, without making allowance for stop at Batavla.
Between Looucrvillo and Grimesville
there is a level stretch of truck for live
miles. Over this tho train sped iu
3J minutes, or at the rate of a niilo in
42 seconds. Between Gremsvllle and
the forks one milo was covered in 35
seconds, or at the rate of 100 miles per
hour, News of the trip reached
Buffalo before the train, and u big
crowd guthtro.l to see it come ill,
cial policy and opposition to the
Imperials prograinmo which demands
a reversion to Bismarckian commercial principles. Prince Bismarck in
addressing a deputation of Lubeck
iirtizans, said they ought to be able to
run a labor candidate for the Reichstag. If they were unsuccessful in
this, he added, their failure would be
due to the unfavorable nature of the
present election law.
The Radical newspapers freely criticize the Emperor's speech, The Vissi-
sicho Zeitung questions the accuracy
of tho published report of the speech
and contends that tho Emperor has no
power to dissolve the Reichstag without the consent of the Bundesrath.
A Most Novol Exhibit.
World's Fair Grounds, Chicago,
May 9.���Among the exhibits at the
Exposition to-day wits a national bank
under suspension Tho exhibit was
not an attractive or pluasiug one in
the eyes of foreigner.-) who had money
Oil deposit, but feus of not getting it
buck are unfounded. The World's
Fair branch of the Chemical National
Bank of Chicago is now in tho hands
of Uncle Sam, who usually opened the
doors on the second floor of pavilion
"D," administration buildinc;, at 9
o'clock. News that the bank directors
had decidea to go into liquidation was
known to most of the English speaking
depositors and long before the banking
hour arrived they road in the' morning
papers that ample securities were
turned over to the E [likable Trust Co.
to cover the money on deposit at the
exposition branch. But they thought
it would be a good idea to drop in this
morning and see if they could get a
little money to pay current expenses.
They did not get it.
A .lolly Crowd.
Canmoro, N.W.T., May 23. Tho
Western Canadian Press Association
arrived here early this morning from
Calgary and after a short stay left for
Banff where tliej will remain till tomorrow (Sunday) morning when they
leave for Vancouver. At Calgary they
were royally entertained. The town
council and citizens gave the members
of the party a delightful drive along
the banks of the Bow river and iu the
evening invited the members of the
imperial luatltiito. association to  a ball lit the handsome
London, Miy 10. -The British Im new opera house, which was largely
perlal Institute was opened to-day attended and proved lo bo u most
with brilliant ceremonies by Her on joy able affair, The party left Cal-
Majesty Q icon Victoria. The sun-.gary with tlie most favorable impres-
shono brightly.   Q leoa Victoria start-1 aiotis, grateful to the citizens for the
Infamous Inhumanity,
Dubuque, Iowa. May 10. -Boiling
the corpses of patients in the slaughter
houso cauldron to make skeletons,
dumping tho brains of dissected patients down vaults and beating troublesome patients to death are some of the
charges,sttpported by sworn testimony
made against the management of the
state insane asylum at Independence,
containing over 1,000 patients. These
charges are to be investigated at once
by tho stato's visiting committee, by
the order of Governor Boies. Attendants are accused of having beaten
patients so badly that they and then
reported to the authorities that the
fatal wounds were self inflicted. The
patients have been fed on the meat of
lumpy jawed cattle and other diseused
animals. Their food has been insufficient. For want of proper clothing
they have been frozen while working
outside during the winter. Dr. Hill,
the suserintetident, is charged with
having worked them on his private
Hat her Flaky.
Birmingham, May 13. -Frank Elmore, or Gordo, Pickens county, a
farmer, astonished his neighbors recently by mentioning 825,000 in cash
as one of the items on his tax list.
He has just consented to explain how
he got the money. He says that five
years ago the spirit of an old settler
appeared to him at night mid told him
he would iitid a stick under bis house,
and beneath the stick a buried treasure.
He was told he must, not use it for five
years on pain of death, and must then
exchange it for other money, He
must also place a tombstone on a long
unmarked grave near the house. He
followed the directions and found an
iron pot with $20,000 of silver and
$5,000 in gold in it. He has kept it
sacred for five years, and only recently
begun to exchange the coin. Elmore
is paying taxes ou the $25,000 as
evidence of the truth of his story.
ed front Buchingh.im  palace at 12.10 j henitiuess
The royal procession consisted ' them.
tho  reception extended
ire u jolly crowd.
Canada thu Pivotal Colony.
Toronto, May 13. ���The following
special cable from Loudon appears in
this morning's Globo: Press comments are favorable on to-day's official
notice that the E ul of Aberdeen has
heen appointed Governor-General of
The Daily News praises the wide
sympathies of both the Earl and the
Tlio Chronicle says : The Earl is
young and energetic, and alive to tlio
best democratic, movoinputs of the
The Westminster Gazette says: The
ippointment is generally approved,
and will afford opportunities of statesmanship, lis commercial union, independence and annexation are all in the
air, the future of the Dominion, and
even of tho Empire, may depend on tlio
course of public opinion in Canada
during tho next few years.
The St. James Gazette suggests that
when  the Earl of  Aberdeen's term of
office ends, the Duke of  Fife would he Tlio Gorman Crisis.
a very popular Governor, and that the Berlin, May 11.-Bankers nnd trad-
Duke of Connattght would be more ers gem,,.a|'y ttl.e subscribing liberally
popular still. to the fund for the campaign in favor
of the Army bill.   The National Liber-
Hundred Miles Per Hour. ills  and  the Relokerl    Radicals have
lluffiilo,  N.Y., May  10.���The now  issued    electoral    manifestos.
Columbian engine, No. 999, of the New
The  Husho-American Extradition
London, May 12-The Daily Chronicle says in a leader on the Russo-
Americau extradition treaty : " We
cannot understand the motive of the
Senate in conceding to Russia wh..t
was refused Great Britain and France.
Mr. Cloveland has made the American
Government the watch dog of Russian
absolutism, as forty years ago it was
the slave catcher for Southern planters.
It will be long ere this blot on Mr.
Cleveland's escutchen will be wiped
Quoo 'a rilrtlid.iy at Kaslo.
Knslo will honor the queen on the
24th of May, and iu a manner truly
befitting a sovereign who is respected
at home and abroad; and in no country in this respect greater than iu
Canada nnd the United States. And
not only the subjects of her majesty
hut the Americans residing here are
heartily in favor of making this a
special occasion for showing the loyalty of the people of this province, and
the Americans are not one particle
behind, if indeel they are not a little
more outspoken in actively pushing
the arrangements now being made in
furtherance of the affair. The committees have been carefully selected
with a view of the special work they
will be called upon to perforin and
neither time or means will be spared
to make it such a celebration as has
never been seen in Br itish Columbia
The people of the whole country are
invited to join us on this occasion in
honor of the great sovereign of a great
Our latch-strings have been thrown
away and the doors stand ajar that all
who will may enter. ���Examiner.
II. V. Reynolds Dead.
H. L. Reynolds, formerly a well-
known resident of Winnipeg, died at
Region yesterday morning of inflammation of the lungs. The deceased
has numerous friends and acquaintances iu this city. He came to Winnipeg in 1875 nnd from then until 188a
wus engaged in business here. For
the pnst six or soven yoars Mr. Reynolds has heen in the Indian department at Regina. He was married to
a daughter of G. B. Spencer, at one
time collector of customs. The body
will probably bo interred at St. John's,
this city.
Mrs. Reynolds and several small
children aro left to mourn the loss of a
devoted husband and father.��� Winni-
, peg Free Press.
Mr. Reynolds is a brother of Mr.
Ed. D. Roynolds.
York  Central, drew  tho Empire State
Montreal to Morrow n Million.
Montreal,   May   10.���The  city   is
The | about to float a new 4 |>er cent loan lor
Reickort Radicals especially advocate $1,000,000 to cover the cost of  im-
a continuance of the present commcr-; provemouts.     It is not yet  decided ���whether or not the Bank of Montreal
shall have the issuing of it. There
will not be any delegation to London.
The Conaua.
Victoria, B.C., May 9.-Twenty
clerks engaged on the census were
dismissed to-day for protesting against
the low salary given them, $33 per
Gold In the 17. N. Trcnmiry.
Washington, May 10.-The gold reserve which has for the past two
weeks been below the limit, was today made intact again by the west.
Secretary Carlisle, accepted the gold
offered from St. Louis. Mo., $2,200,000
which with the gold in the treasury
makes the total ,*IOO,19ii,OCO, or $l9u',-
000 free gold,
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
���gtueiwos ffiiu*i>o..
NOTICE IS HEREllr GIVEN, In accordance with tho Statutes,, that Provincial Rev
eutte Tax mill all Tuxes levied under the Assessment Act are now due fur the year 181)11,1 minster.  Correspondence solicited..
G. 8. iMcOAirrioii.
Ii-tngliccil  &  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk of Montreal,
Camiakv, - N.W.T..
Members Assncn. D.I...S. & IM..S. for ll.C,
SURVEVORs, Civil Engineers. Draughts-
men, Valuators,etc   Ciiigiiryimtl New West-
Two hundred and fifty chinamen
from Vancouver, B.C., sailed from
New York ou Wednesday for Cuba.
They were obliged to furnish bonds at
New York to the amount of $20,000
that, they would leave the country
inside of 20 days.
Mrs. Bleceher���Bridget, have yon
turned the gas on in the parlor as I
told you ?
The new domestic jewel-Yis, mum;
can't yer smell it V-Puck.
All of the above named Tuxes collectible
witlu'ii the Eastern Dhlsion, nf the District
of Kootenay, are payable at my office, Court
House, Donald, Assessed Taxes are collectible at the following rates, viz.:
If paid on or before June 80th, 1893
Provincial Revenue, $,'1,00 per capita,
One-halt' ut' line per cent on Re.,I Property.
Two noil'cent ou assessed  value uf Wild
Oiie-thirtD ol ouo per cent on Personal
Olie-ludf of one per cent on income,
If paid after June 30th, 1893:
Two-thirds of one per cent on Heal Property.
Two mid one-half percent on assessed value
of Wild tiimd.
One led I'of i aw* per cent on Personal Property.
Three-fourths of one per emit on income.
Asuessor mid Collector.
Donald Jim. Dili. NUM.
The finest, complateat and latest lino of Etoe-
Jrlcal iipDl.mcL'a la tho world thev have never
/ailed to euro. We are ro positive of It that we
will buck uur belief and send you any Klcctrical
/rpliance now In the market and you can try It
for Three months. Largest list of testimonials
nn earth, rend for book and jauracl Free.
tV. X. Barr te Co., V/lndaor, Cm. '
|{.,)..)i;i>II.SON, l).l,..S.,l'.l���S. nf ||.c. &0llt.
C.U.IIAIU', Alba.
A. O. WllEKI.KH, D.I..S. & IM..S. of ll.C.
New U'Ksnuxsi'nit ll.C.
McCarthy   &   llnrvcy,
lliirristers, Advocatos, Notaries, \c.   Solicitors tin* t���
The Imperial Hank of Cnnillla,
The Canada Periillilioul Loan k .Savings Co.
The Yorkshire Loan & ,Securities(.orpiiralioii.
The .Wassey-llarris 1 o. (Ltd).etc., utc.
Offices- Stephen Avciu.o, Calgary,
P. MoCAltrnv, Q.O.
HOltAUB lfABVEV, U.A., L.L.I1,
ji. h. vtmmsa,
Golden     -     -     -     B.C.
Mining I Smelting
CO (Limited)
Metal Keport.
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations :���
NKW Vo����- May 12. 1893.
Silver. The demand has continued
good, lint the condition of the
market is dull at Siljc. peroz. in
New York ; ;!KJd. in. London.
Copper. Business dull nt 11.75c. per
Ha in New York ; English O.M.
B's ��45 per ton.
This market is very strong but
very little business is doing.
A few transactions took place
at 4.25c. per lb.; Spanish
and English ��10 per ton.
Notice is hereby given tlint a Sitting of
the County Court, will bo held on Friday,
the 20th dny of May, 1WI.I, nt 10 o'clock
a.m., nt the Court Hutu*, Donald.
Kog��**Kir County Court,
Donald, Enst Kootenay,
Mlircll, lath. I8U8.
M. K..   ��. c. s���
Reports on Mines & Mineral Properties
20(i Ai.HKitr Sr., Ottawa.
Assoc, Mem. Inst. C.E.
A I'OI'PT OF ASSIZE. Xii* I'rius. Oyer
mid 'I'orininer. ami (ieiiernl Gnol Delivery
will be held lit the Town uf Tauinld, iu the
-tniuty of Kootenay, ou Thursday, the lutli
day of June, 1KB.
ily Lommniid.
l)o|)iity Provinciiil Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
HHtli April, IMW.
((���rnduati! of Laval mill McUill.)
jiix.xi.  kx<uixki:k.
Heiiu Uince, l^i'Eiii.c ;  Brunch  Offices
SlIEltllllOOKE, At 17 Place il'Arines
Hill. MoN'TllEAI..
For full particulars apply to
H. B, ALEXANDER, mamgfeb
Analytical Chemist & Assayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
Provincial Secretary's Office.
9th May, 189;*.
HIS HONOUR the Lieufcnnnf-Gov.
ernor has been  pleased to make the
following appointments: -
To be Justices of the Peace :
James Cam/ton Pitts, of the Town
of Donald, and William Geoimie
Neii.son, of Beaver. Esquires, within
and for the East Kootenay Electoral
DIMP| CC ' willmniKl'UKEIon receipt
I lifllLCO. of it 2st��mp,a recoipofor n
ainiple VEIiETAIILE HALM tlmt will remove Tan, Freckle.. Pimple.. Illotrhe.,
lllarklieiiila. etc.. leuvaur llie skin soft,
clear anil beautiful. Address A. 1). STEM-
PEL, 00 Ann St., Now York.
OOPVRKIrlTS,   etc.
For Information and free Handbook write to
MUN.V * CO.. ail IlmiAiiwAT. Htm York.
Oldest bureau for Hearing patents M America,
Krerrpatent taken out tir in Is bmaKhl before
the puollo \>j a nonce given fret of t
Sfmntiik Mttitm
Lancet olnnlatftm of anr
world.   Sulendtdlr illn.tr...
man ..'muiil Im without It.
Jew: UliHu'flx nonttiH. "Addreat  -
u��n��iMa�����a��tu��iadw��ii.M��w ����k an.
SEALED TENDERS ncMro.-sod to the
1'ostmiistcr (leneral trill be recoiretl nt Ottawa until noon on Friday the ifitli May, fur
tho coiiveyiinco of' Her Majesty's mails nnyi
proposed cnntnict rbr four year, weekly fu
summer and fortnightly iu winter, each way
from the 1st July ne.vt.
Printed notices containing further hifbr-
iiiatinii lis tn coudilioiis nf jiru|iuMil contr.,ct,
may boobtaiuotl nt the Post Offices of Unloiui
Windermere, Fairmont Springs Kootouny
mid Fort Steele, and lit tins ullicc. ���
P. (). Inspector.
P. O, Inspector's Office,
Victoria, ll.C, .'list .March, I8f��.
�������<��� MINERS
CONt'EXTIIATEII KfllAK. 600 timesstrnllj.'-
than sagnr. Can carry oqiuil tn 2i'illis. in
vest isickct, Seinl Si.lin tn A. E. Wnldon
Co., Wholosnlo Druggist, Calgary, and a
supply by niiiil will bo forwardod,
1N!)2       ASSAVKl! TO IIIE       INU2
British Columbia Government
of all apeoimens sont from the Province to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. % (iKAVKLEY, Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Thos. Fry,
Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alba.
Workmiuiftliip f.nnritntccil St>r��ml  to Tone in trie Sorfh
\\v*t Tcrrftorl'esi
" It fa worth f no price to every pereon
who even reads a newspaper."���Darlington
Blue Pencil Rules.
a. &. WEnnnrs.
A Pocket Primer for the nie of Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Short, almple ����4 practical rales for
making and edftfoa; newspaper copy,
and of equal valne to all who wieh to
write correct Englhl.
Sent on receipt ef prire. Price, 10 cents
per copy. ALLAN TORHAN, Pnbliaher.
117 Nansao Stmt, Maw Tork.
Wlioleautlc anil Jteinil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLuiirt.  B. i).
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
Cnlgnrv A Ilia.
Ti'.i.iKiit irii  0111)0118 rno.uiTi.v
Job    Dcpeirtracrit
_:0:_ OF ���:a���
Ilagrazino At Thundar Hill
A'o. I, OOporcent! No. ���-', I" pur cent
For Itis>',i Work anil HlowiiiK I'p Stumps
Terms **rii'Jl.v Cn��h.
THUNDfiK llll.I. M'u. ('n���il.i'.l.i
A trout. Ul'.l'or li'iiln'i I'o,
iMO.\i:i:ii i'Aixt sicor. j
If you wniit yuiir bouse l'tiiiitoil. I'nporoil
or Calsoniiupil', or any himl "! iimk'ii I'nllltoil [
write tu.1.11. .MII.I.WAb'll. 0AU.AKV, tlio
I.raiiliiiu Pllillt Shop in tho Wi'sl, fur ItnoJ
Work uiul prlton thai tuN rlitltt. I
H. Connach3i". Proprietor.
Newly refitted ami furnished. Strictly I'lKST
CLASS in every respeot. Sample Rooms for
Coininercinl inon. Piro-proof safe for oonvenicnee'
of Rticsts. llivi'Ii|iiiiriri's for mining men ami
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Lauding, Direcl Importer ami wholesale und
retail tleuler in Wines, Liquors, nnd Cigars.
Special ntli'iition givon lo ordi'ts from, u,. the-
(\iluinliiii River.
GOLDEN,        -       n.V LINTON BROS.,
Stationers, Boakssllers.
CALGARY       -        ALBA.
Mine Water and Copper,
We constantly hear from prospectors
that the water iu certain looalitlos
contains a something which makes il
unfit to dl'lllk. As thu districts iu
question are known to contain vast
quantities of copper we would advise
the dipping the blade of their knives
into the solution (probably sulphate of
copper) if it contains this metal it
will be deposited on the blade iu a
metallic form and should be collected
on a largo scale by making a series of
troughs, passing the water front one
into another over iron, when the sulphate will give up its copper and the
miner could sell the extracted cement
copper as it would be called, at great
Tlio World's I'.i11- Mineral Exhibit.
Those who contributed specimens
can obtain a copy of their respective
assays, free, on applying to Mr. W.
Pellow Harvey, Assay Offices, this
Each certificate will be signed by the
Commissioner to the Pair and the
nssayer named.
In no wise will assays be given to
any other than those who contributed
to the collection and to them particulars of their contributions only.
The following appeared recently in
ono of the coast newspapers : ���
A 'I foot !I4J per cent arsenic ledge
lias ben unearthed somewhere in the
Kootenay country. The quartz resembles somewhat that of nickel, and will
consume in lire.
The !)4J per cent would represent
"crude arsenic" about '2 grains of
which if inhaled would kill any man.
The quartz and nickel comparison is
really too good, arsenic of such a percentage being white and nearly us soft
us soap.    Rooming again.
Paaa^ngcr 1.1st.
May S, southward���Messrs McKiu-
nou, Behiin, Lafieur, Clement, D.iim-
yere, McGavin, Jones, Henderson.
Return May 11, northward-Mrs.
Hardy and child, Mr. und Mrs, Thorn,
Mr. McKinnon.
May 12, south-Messrs Hon. P. W.
Aylmer, Lartnour, Oalgarden, Irving,
Lauren, Larvoie.
May 15, north-Dicky, Conkritc,
The Dominion Illustrated Monthly
For April is now received, mouth by
month it improves in every way and is
altogether a credit to publishers and
writers. Those residing in the West
and wish a remembrance of tho old
scenes in Eastern ('mada, should not
fail to subscribe $l..iO to the Sabiston
Litho. &, Publishing Co., Moutrcul.
GkOOAN.��� At  Fort Saskatchewan, on
the  tilth  inst., tho infant son of
O. E. Grogan, aged H months.
A syndicate of gentlemen at Rand is
being formed for the purpose oi publishing a newspa, er. Tho pujier will
lie illustrated with views of Rocky
Mountain scenery and devoted to news
of doings nmong tho visitors at Banff
and other summer resorts in the
mountains, and genernl literature. It
will lie printed on fine book paper and
no effort will bo spared to give it a
handsome np|icarancc.
Winnipeg, May 11.���Edgar C,
Slovens, of Arkansas, bus been appointed L'nileil Stales Consul here to
succeed t..e lute .J. W. Taylor.
Quebec, May I'I.��� The German
steamer Wandrohm is ashore un Apple
Island, and is in a critical condition.
L'unolii, 111., May l'i. Six men were
killed by an explosion of coal oil yesterday.
Washington, May 1 i The Supreme
Court of the l'nileil Sink's has iilliinn-
ed tho constitutionality of tlu Geary
Chinese Act, which compels registration of Chinese, so that all Chinese iu
the United States must register ns
Americans or leave the country.
London, Eng., May 10. -Tho steamer CouiltOSS Evelyn was sunk ill a
collision with the steamer City of
Hamburg iu a fog oil Trevose Head on
Saturday night. The Evelyn's crow of
sixteen and nino passengers were
Tho Home Rule bill drags wearily
nloug in committee. All amendments
are voted down by the siiuie sulid government majority,
London, May H.--Cattle .supplies
from the States light, but heavy from
other sources; demand weak, Best
���stntes beeves 12|jc., against 1,'ir. a
week ago.
St. Petersburg, May Hi.���A ferry
bout became unmanageable on the river
Vistula, near Bosavitchel, on Sunday.
Dozens of people jumped overboard and
were drowned.
It Was Salted.
Daubury, Conn., May 15. ���A number of wealthy citizens in this vicinity
are mourning the loss of $40,000 invested in the Utah silver mining stock.
The company was started by New-
York capitalists who invited tho intending stockholders to go to Utah to
inspect the mine. Accordingly Judge
Hough, Samuel C. Hoey and one or
two others were sent west. They
found things practically as represented
and as a result the capitalists were
quite anxious to buy the stock. Judge
Scott, Joseph Scueldice, L. C. Holly,
V. E. Bai'lium, Geo. Wakeinan and
several others put money in the scheme
and they have now. learned that the
mine has beun attached for S15.0C0,
and is practically worthless. It is
Believed that the mine was salted.
A Trip of Inspect inn.
Montreal, May I'd ���Van Home's
speii d train left to-day for the Pacific
coast. The party consists of Van
Home, president; Shaiighuessy, vice-
president ; Angus, of Montreal, Osier
of Toronto, directors ; Robt. H. Payne,
H. Ellen, and Tlios. Jefferson, three
important shareholders iu the Canadian Pacific, who came out from
England to inspect the road ; Hon. D.
Mills; Peterson, chief engineer of the
Canadian Pacific; and Hosuier, manager of the company's telegraph system.
They will reach Winnipeg on Tuesday.
The Goi.hen EltA $2 ]cr year
Tho llruokly.i llandlrap.
Race Track, (Iravcseiid, L.I., May 15
All is bustle and activity at tho
course hero this morning. Club officials ami an army of employees aro
being busily engaged making ready to
receive the vast crowd expected this
afternoon to witness the Brooklyn
Handicap. The weather, always uncertain at this time of the year iu this
vicinity, is almost perfect. The track
white not absolutely fast is in good
condition and good time may be ex.
peeled in the big race. The track this
morning was fairly alive with horses,
trainers taking advantage of tho
beautiful weather to work their charges.
Several horses entered in the Brooklyn
Handicap wore out, but beyond a gentle
canter nothing was done with them.
From '.\\o best sources obtainable this
morning, it is probable that. 14 or 15
horses entered iu the Handicap will go
to the post. They aro: Lamplighter,
with 125 lbs., who will be ridden by
Willie Sims; Banquet. 182 lbs., Garrison up; Racoliind 116 lbs., John
Lambly; Judge Morrow, ll'l lbs., A-
Covington; Mars, 114 lbs.. Littlefield i
Russell, 112 lbs., Peuii; Diablo, 112
Ibc, Turiil; Nomad, 110 lbs., McDer-
mott; Loonawell, 110 lbs., Doggetl ;
Terrilier, 108 .lbs., P. Donne; Fidelio,
108 lbs., Jimmy Lambly; Charade,
IC5 lbs., C. Slonne; Pickpocket, 10i)
lbs., G. Taylor ; Illnmo, 05 lbs., Noble.
Alonzo from present indications will
be absent. Of the starters, Lamplighter will certainly bo made a favor-
lie by the publio, although ho has not
been iu an actual nice this season. He
received careful preparation at tho
hands of trainer Higgins at Jobstowm
N.J., and is said to be thoroughly fit.
His first pullic trial un Saturday, a
mile and thrce-alglits in 2:88, was not
entirely satisfactory to his trainer and
ho was given another trial at a mile 20
minutes later. He negotiated the distance in 1:45 and the manner ir which
be ran was highly pleasing to his
stable, Tho other horses all have
shown fast trials,ainong the best being
Judge Morrow and Loonawell, The
field Ibis year is the best collectively
that ever contested for the rich stake
and a highly exciting struggle may be
looked for. At 11 o'clock this morning
the spectators had already begun to
arrive at the track. By that time
several hundred persons were present,
and trains were arriving half hourly
all comfortably filled. The present indications are that at least 80,000
persons will be in attendance when the
bell rings for the great race at 4 o'clock
this afternoon.
Later.���Diablo was first, Lamp
lighter second, and Leomiwell third,
Time 2.01).
Upper Colombia Kp>,
Tuesday & Friday 7a.m.
Wednesday & Saturday I Windermere
Golden by steamer Duchess        0
Tramway between Lakes 118
Thunder llill&Canal Flat ss Pert 188
Canal Flat & Ft, Steele, stage   170
Thursday & Sunday.
Freight Rates to Fort Stecle-Class 1 & 2, $8; Class 8, 4, 5, & 6, $2.25;
Class 7, 8. I), & 10. $L50.
Express Rates to Fort Steele-4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
'' Golden to Canal Flat 2ots. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
Passenger Fares--5 cents per mile on Steamers & Tramways
and 10 cents per mile by Stage.
A Hiiilff Fatality.
Banff, May 14.��� Fire broke out in
the residence of Mrs. Frank McCabe
here at 10 o'clock this evening, destroying the house and contents.
Two children, aged two and seven
years, perished in the flames. Mrs.
McCalie was badly burned, but will
la the Canadian Ilulldliig.
President Cleveland on the opening
day of the World's Fair made a tour of
the various courts, and was heartily
received in the Canadian section by the
secretary, Mr. Diniock. The President
was most affable in his manner, and
shook hands right and left with the
Canadians present, and told them be
felt almost like one of themselves, they
were such close neighbors. Those presented to the President in the Canadian
section were Senator Perley, Hnyter
Reed, C. F. Law, H. Newcomhe, W.
D. Uimock, Dr. May, P. Lobh, A. H.
Cochrane, C. H. Blackader, G, A.
Hamilton, P. Frank Annan and some
others. The President received a rous"
ing Canadian cheer, both when he
arrived in and when he departed from
the Canadian section -Calgary Herald.
A Financial Failure.
Chicago, May 17-The World's Fair
so lur has been a Hat financial failure.
The weather is most unfavorable and
buildings are incomplete. Tho directors
have decided to abrogate the contract
with Congress to close the grounds on
Sundays and thus forfeit their claim to
two and a half mil.ion dollars. The
fair will now bo open on Sudays.
A lady describing an ill-natured man
says, "ho never smiles hut he feels
ashamed of it."
Choice Fresh Batter, Baled Hay, Feed and
Seed Grain, Vegetable! of all Kinds
Qaioct-'rieN, I'rovNionm, Flour
and Fowl.
CALGARY,        -        ALBERTA.
manufacturers and  Dealers in Fir and Spruce Timber
Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Cedar Shingles, Lime, Coal, Brick.
sIM.   B.   LANG,.'
Mining & General Supplies.
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. 6. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
on 31111 and Mining- Machinery, Boilers, Engines and
Agricultural Implements.   A good general  blacksmith
shop in connection with the Machine Shop.
Sash, Duors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken oh all
kinds of buildings.
Houston & Wilson, *


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