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The Golden Era Jan 26, 1900

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 .   4
tpwli  *"
.-.', *"***:���
James-B-NDEBsoN, .
Builder & Contractor,
'���      ooiivee, b.c.
''    i a*n-���T ef Bnilding LIim for Sajs.
*-*-*���*��*$$&.  rSattentlou given to
p orders. *S*_|_^_^-H
Wok it Km bach V-tilK frott ***.*
a a i-i.i   a i lan-"�����������a���a���ss���h*
Successful h..!R*.gCliaps
of all kinds oa the Face, Hands or
Lips 1*
Witch Hazel Cream,
Prepared by
FIELD,    Tho Druggist.
TOL. IX  NO. 26
Per Year
.. -Sale-.
Saturday, Jan. 13th, 1900,
Wecommence a Clearing Salo of all Fall and
Winter Dry Goods. *..~ Every odd lot-eveiy
broken Uno,f~all remnants, -every falrlc���
���very shade-every attribute of 1399, wil
be sold at prices we cannot quote, as tLere
is no type small enough to print them.
EG. Parson,
General Merchant,
Alexander Block.
Can You Sot See
that for the-correfetioh of defoctive sight tha
mo-Jt -perfect aids to vision ..known aro the B.
*$ atmore's Store,
find it is acknowledged by all that his stock
of drugs, confectionery, patents an 1 sundries
is the best in town.
Sltuatf ht Gulden Mining Division of North
Eust Kooteuay.
W-Jteri*Iw-rwl- On llie Middle Fork of tho
tfpillimachoue Kiver.
TAKE NOTICE thnt I. Frederick W.
Aylmer. an agont for HaroM R Furstcr, Freo
Miner'"* iortiticnte No. _j0i>4. Intend, ulsty
days from Ante tirreuf, to ntv ly to tho
Mining Itot-ordur for a Cortitlcate of Im-
trfivomatitx, fortha pnrpwu uf obtaining a
Crown l**rni.t of thi) above rtahnH.
.And further tako uotiws that at-1inn, under
Section HI, initKt Im niliutt bt-fure tlm insuauco
-ifmu'li Cortlttuatoof Itiiprovciiiouls.
Ilnto-il thii 14th tiny at Doi-embur, 1899.
a lot of lines before stocktaking and during January
month. The list is long that
must go.   Bo not forget the
��     A.     WARREN'S.
A Fine Watch
Is the Waltham, P. S. Bartlett,
17-jewelled, adjusted, stem-
wind and set '
Ton can have one in a strong;
3-oiraoe case for.   .....
Don't Forget to Call 1
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
F.   DARGIS,   P-flOP.
fire* class iwcomi^iiif^jftw T^veller*^
Prospectors a*d Mining men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Bodega   Restaurant,
Heals at any hour.
Fish and Oame in season.
Bread, CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionery
Always In Stoek.
Fresh Oysters,
We  Sell
The Gerhard-Hsintzman���
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very llederate I'tlee.  "
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Edison Records at 60cts,
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
etc., etc'.
Sheet Music of all kiii<fe and
all Mnriotl ^applies.
imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,600,000
Capital Paid rp t��-Sll.0'i4
Bent .    _^      1503,ir*
II. S. Howlsed,      ���       PraaMoi-t.
T It. Iterrltt,        ���        Vteertes.
Win. Itainsnv,    T. Sutherlnnd Sta.-nor
Robert Jsifra-p, Ellas Roko.i,
Win. llemlt-io.
Head Ofi-icbi TrmoHTO.
D. B. Wii.kik, Oonoral Manager.
E. Hay, Inspector.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. and II. 0.
Hi-Andon. < iiltfwy, Edmonton,
Golden,      Nelson,       Portiijrn bt Prairie,
I'rinca All-art.     Kevolstoke,     Ktrattyiima.
Vancouvur,       Wiunipeaji
( Wellington Street.
Tordxto ) Yniitfe mid Ouoon .Street..
Branciiek I Yuu��e end Bluer Streets.
V K'hk aud Vork Strut.:
Eseei, Fortfus, Gait, Hamilton,   Inaer."!!.
[.Utowel, Niagara Falls,  Port Culuourn.-
ItatPortaRO,       fault Ste. Marie,   FSt.
���'atlierines. St. Thomas, St. Tbonia. (Bast
E��t llrnuch.   Wetland.   Wo*t��ti*.'.l<,   and
Muiittt*..!, Quo.
Agent* In Ureat llrltaln
UoytT. Bank. Ud , Tl Ixmliard St., l-uulnn
with whom monoy may bo d.p.wii��t for
transfer by letter or cable M any of the
above brant-bos.
Agent* la United State*,
NEW YORK-Bank ol Montreal, Bank of
liHIRAOO-FlratNational Bank.   *
ST. I'AUI. -ftaml Nelfc-nal Bonk.
HAS FRANClSUO-Wella, Far��*�� A Co.*a
savings banhTbemwwmnt
Interest allownt on denaits,   '
Pro.inclal, Hnnu-lpal anil other debonturoa
pitrch.spd. ' |
A.allable at .U. puinl. to Canada, gnftiiA
KintjdonVniiltedStiitear fw
1. S. Gibb, Mgr., Oolden Branch.
The Alberta *-***toCe.
��� ���OAtatStA EDMONTON,.
Onheslte tot Bant**- oi CoacajtU-*.
A re.vnrd .if Fonr Hundred Dollnn will I*
mid tn aiiyiimi iji-.-itiK iult.ruiaiii.il thai -till
luitdto .-i.uviuliuii uf niiyi-im killing i*r .teal
intr cnttlit ami liiir-ett.of the follawiiiK braiuls,
l.-liiiiiriiiK to tbo Elk l'.rk Kaucb Co* ami
ft. E. Vur-Uor.
Onltle Lrtintled:
rI  On rfelit ri. a, ti.-ilf ri-rbt oar cut tit,
���I  On left Iii,--. '   A
M On luft rilu.
K On l-ft rllis.
'lrf  On loft hip.
Il'-i'M.'-. Brandl-dt
'I   On li^-lit nri-k.
']   On Lift -lloaldct.
M   Ou lofl alia'dili-r.
'I   Ou tit-lit aliuul'ler.
'4.-J   Oil left >houldur.
Elk Park Ranch Co.
H. E Porstar.
Sii.i-lilll, B.C., Sept. Will, It-tlO.
Progress of the Fight, as Published in Our "Daily
War Bulletin."
T.inilon. Jan. 19. ���A despatch (rem
Spenrtnen Ontiip any. Warren and
Dtiudonnld are continuing their ad
vnnre cautiously, hourly eapcctintt n
battle. There has tepu alight erllllcry
firing lienrd at Ladysmith and Chla
vely, and tbe uatives report tlte hills
to lw full cl Boers.
Ladysinlthi .Ian. 17.���Everything
c-uiet and position unchanged, Very
little boiubftrdmeht. The welcome
sound oi the guns ol the relief column
wus heard ������eetorlay Iro.n Colenso an 1
Springfield. The hent ia intense, hut
there fs ho increase of sickness,
London���A despatch to the Daily
Telegraph dated Thursluy trotn Spour-
mun detcribes the difficulty of tnarc ���
ing owing to lho haggnge coKmin, in
eluding uli the tents, etc., over bad
roads in wet A-eaih.r.
Pietermni-iiKhui-i;���Buller'e waggon
train le nlnetnon miles in length and
embrace, lour humltid waggons and
five thousand animals. 8 >iue ol Ibe
drifts are narrow and muddy, only one
waggon being able to crote at a time.
Officers ars betting two to one that
Ladysmith will be relief.11 by Prldiy.
Loudon, 19.-A despatch Irom a
correspondent dealing with Dundon
aid's movement to the west ol Warren
as already cabled s-iys hie auccsss
itltos us control of an easy ontrenoe to
Liidyumlih. Onr gons continue, to
bombard tbe Boer lines, the enemy
replying but foobly. Wetlna It advancing stsadiiy.
London, SO.-The Standard pul-
liehee the following deepatob from
Spearman, dated Thuraday: "It ia
reported that the Boen opposite Colenso on finding that Boiler had out-
tnataoeuvred them crossed to the sooth
aide ol Tugela River on Monday and
set fire to the houses. Our forces Irom
Chievely advanoed and tha Bexta retired (o their trenches io the hills In
line with Colense. Onr Infantry advanced to attack in skirmishing order,
followed by supports and reserves, onr
cavalry scouting right oloae np to the
rivor. The Boes lorces at Colenso
have been considerably weakened by
the despatch ot large reinforcements
to meet Butler's advance and they
have now hurriedly evacuated the
river trencho* snd kopjiw opposite the
illages and scattered Mloreour ehrep-
evenlag nonfr pt th* enemy
porlotl that Dundonald haa smashed
the Boer convoy.
Buller Is within twelve miles of
Lnd.ismith, while Waneu is about sh
miles to the rear,
London, 19-A despatch received
Iron Spearman aav. it is rumored the
Boers have evacuated Oolenso in order
to reinforce troops there, Heavy ton
firing heard from Ladysm|ih this
London, Jan. SO -Ths War Office
issnwl the following Irom General Buller, date t Spearman Camp, Jau.' 20
oveiiing:���General Cl.ry wi-.h a part
of Warren's force has been in notion
from 6 a.m, till 7 p. m. to-day. By
judicious use al his artillery he fought
his way up, capt mrlng ridge alter
rlditc for about three miles. The troops
are uow bivouacking en the ground he
has gained, but the main position is
still in front uf bim. His casualties
are not heavy, having lost about one
hundred wouuded, while the number
killed haa net yet beeen ascertained.
Spearman Camp, Jan. SO.���The
Boer trenches wore shelled continuously to-day. Lyttleton's brigade advanced aud occupied a bopje about two
thouaauJ yard. Iron) the Boer position.
At Bracklontein a company ot ribsa advanoed. with balloon, iuto action and
ware recitei with a heavy fire from
the Boers. Ths artillery and musketry
lira continues {torn Warren's position.
The enemy had not shitted hie position itt the time ol the tendin-i ot thie
despatch. The shslls set fire to th*
great -______.
Dttudonald'a force surprised a party
ol S60 Boers. Tbe British were posted
on a kopje and allowed the Boere to
advance when tliey opened fire. The
Boere did not make any reply and tha
majority of them galloped off. It ia
reported the remainder surrendered.
London, Jan.. 28-T.. following dc
.patch has just beeu received Irom
Spearman Campi ��� Warreu's lorces
have fought a deliberately planned aud
successful battle. Thie iraporant engagement occurred to the west of
Si*eii.kop and practically resulted in
our clearing rherpugh tableland wbich
constituted lho key of the Boer position. ,
The London Times lias the following,
���tated Suudav evening from Spurmau
*Jampr~-'All day ycatoi-day and today
General Warren ' hn. ' beon attacking
the Boei-s. Their position ia ulong the
ridge four miles nurthirct of Pi'.hard
Drift. Ascending frc-Uktheriver at dawn
yeaterday our gtene occupied a kopje on
tli-������,i rulgi. Theeneioy*. defends
were obit-fly "some .'iDg-*****-* a.teadiiig
forward and right along Bpeir ridge,
making the position* Mm.-jflrcular. At
11 o'clock Hii-t-., b-igiilu advanced ou
the left along the ro-ikv. Uneven spur
Into the semlcli-ule under a heavy  tire
fiOMI ihlTedifOCtiotlB, lakiui, fldv-nntOHO
of all posniblncove . The troips al-
wltico'l to a point Within five hundred
yards of the oneniy'a right.wing, but
lid not ndvance lia.voud the'edgeof tho
cover. There they remained until dark
and bivouackel. In addition to tho
maxim Nordetifoldt the enemy llie 1 tha
shrapnel captured from Buller at
Colon, o. Their fire was intermittent
and always lempcr.irily ailenced by
our masked ha'.tries. At ui*-ht the
enemy-s right wing evacuated its
London, Jan. 23.���Koinlurcoments
aggregating five thousand tneu oitnore
have readied Cape Town during tho
last few dars, It is not really known
how these have heen disposed of, but
probably most ot them have been sent
to Natal, whero it is believed that
Buller needs them.
The Brussels correspondent of tiie
Dally Chronicle asserts that he has
learned from autlientio sources that
the Boers have beiweeu eighty-five
.ind ninety thousand men in the  field.
The B.itlah In other districts in
South Africacontinueinactive, Meth-
uen'a thirteen thousand men remain
behind their works. French's lour
thousand at Rensburg were roused by
,\ general alarm that the Boers were
mucking on Suudav, but it turned out
that there was no basis lor this.
General Gatacre Is quiescent at Coles-
The death rnto al Ladysmith averages
ten per day, and aome fears are expressed that tho g irrlson will be so worn
out as lo be of little use to Buller when
he time (or combined activD arrives.
London, Jan. 23.-The following
despatch has been receiv-d [rom Spearman Camp, dated Jan. 23:���"The
Boer, aalmit thlr y one oaauiilliea during Lyttleton's skirmish ou Saturday.
Warren contlnuoH pushing along his
men, though be is necessarily making
very slow progress, as the Boers are
numerous sud are very strongly en*
trenched. Our lufanlrv arc working
over the ridges with Duiidenald's cav
airy, lying will out on the left llank
and awaiting developments. TheBoers
contest cvciy inch et ground. Tbie
morning Warren's artillery reopened
fire bnt tbe Boers did not reply and
our fire became less hosted. Some ol
the Boer prisoners boaited that It
would take throe months to reach
London, Jan. 23. The following despatch has been receive* Irom Spearman Camp:-"There wa�� hot fighting
all day Sunday. The Boers arc well
and strongly entronohed and their
position ia very difficult of access."
Despatches posted at the War Office
up to three o'clock this afternoon,
though dated frbin; Spearman's Camp|
tn-day, contain nothing- but casualties
General Buller ropo��tstha�� the wound
od in the engagement of January 20
inoindtd five-UK the Second Lancashire
regiment:-Captains Whyte and Or*
mond, and lieutenants Cainbell-York*.
Hettord and Duekworth;: West Surry
and Webb and St aif* Copt. Dallas,
It is remarked lhat the Boers thus
far have little ardllerv, from which it
is judued that iheir guns are   already'are about to Introduce the Russian langungd ���
German gymnasiums,or grammsr schoofii
was wi&li. rlfi* shot of Co'Mja_^ Q'mit Captalne Baitb (since dead) I
London, 2��. -A Durtleis *!**^ __}*T��d���, ��uA U��u*Ju��lU�� Sm.tW
mounted in a tactical j-ositioii, from
which the British will have to di��-
lodge them before reaching Lady-smith.
An attempt will ba made to night to
atiiffe Spion's Kopje, the salient of
wbich forma the left of the enemy's
position, facintc Friohard'S Drift, and
whioh divides from the drift facing
Potgiester's Drift, It has contfider-
ftbls command over the enemy's
en t reach ments.
The bombardment of ladysmith at
present is heavier than ou any previous
Boiler's plans have reached iheir
development. He declines to send Iii.-
Infantry across the aone against formidable) positions by ilayliuht nud
discloses his purpose to annul' Spion.n
Kopje during the night. I- appear
be the hey to the Boar dsrenoe,
if he takes it and thus contmuiidb the
adjacent country, an in porta tu aud
possibly a decisive step will bo accoin-
There is no confirmation of the
report that Lord Dundonald has arrived Lddymnith and uone is expected.
Military expert opinion is that the
Boers would only be too glad to let
tbem go in unopposed.
Spearman's Damp, Jan. 23. Geu
Warren still holds the position lie
gained two days ago. In front of hint
about fourteen hundred yards ti tlu
enemy's position, west of Siuun Kopje,
higher ground than Wnnvn's position,
into thoir already difficult and compreben-
aivo curriculum. Kot only must the scliou!
boyB crowd their brains with Gteelt, Latin,
French and English, but the terrors of thtf
Russian language are to be added.
Parliamentary rules do uot permit a member being referred to by name. Then arO
four members in the Local limine from Van*
corner, and when the 8[ eaker in referring
to Joe Martiu called bim the Junior member
for Vancouver considerubte diHcusshni arose
M to who was the junior member. Col, Baker
suggested '" fallen imget" as an appropriate
name for Joe.   From uhnre br.n bo fallen?
President Kruger mice si.id with great
bitterness. "It's not tlio English who worry
it's tlio-c can-icuiidod Scutch, Therd
would yever have bt��ii nny Uitlandor ditH
cullies ii it. b;td not beon ior tho tjeou-liman.-
A tjeotflfman would rather ko without '.ny*'
tliinjr thim hia pflllticnl rights.'* Preuldenl
Liuculu onoe snld pretty much the sum*
thing: "The tirst thing cn Engluhmnft
want*, when:he strikes Amerioa is a hotel \
nu lriHlimiin wants a uniform, and a Scotch*
man a vote-and then he takes the rest.1'.
Bay* Professor Odium of Vancouver fo a,
reporter) "At \bo hist census British Coluui*
bin hnd less than EOO.i 01 poojile, Indikus and
till, but 1 thin!*; Ut; .:*.-:t v.ill sliuw tl at our'
populution hstt hi^seased 50 pur cent. Dur*
ing tbo last live or sh years toW-ns hsivd
Itic'reHflod fruiu ��� poi.ulutiiui of u hundred up*
Iuto tho tb-JUJytud.1,   Th<>rearo atw a great
_ . .... .i \ manv town-1dr] rillagoa which are now in ft
.o that it is impossihh- to see thern W����*��� , ?������ Pruv|m,0 ���,_ wer.
(Wrir. Uear, -only ta W^ SS ftheu snd boforo.m%*h����k��
over bare open slopes and riagen, neiu . v
by Warren, so steep that guns cannot
be placed on them, but we are shelling
the enemy's position with howitzers
and field artillery. In this a good
pf advantage rests with us, as we
appear to be searching his trenches
and his artillery tiro is not causing
much loss to us,
London, Jan. 25.���The Daily Telegraph publishes the folio wing despatch
from Spearman's Camp, dated January
23rd, at I),3U p. in.;-"On Monday
Sir Charles Warren's forces canuonad-'
edand fusiladed the Boer position tu
ths west and that on tbo ko;>je nent
Acton Holmes road. Tho lyddite
battery co-opernted with oth'-r buttsrluA
and tmixiius- ahd certainly the tiro we*,
etioctivp, oausinu the enemy verv seri
ous losses, TheBoers, however, nluuu
desperately to tbeir works, frotn wbi��h
they are ouly being very slowely but
suroly driven. To day. Tuesday, tbe
enemy fired their guns much oltener
nsilig also the uaptiired fifteen-pounders
with shrapnel. Our casualties to day
were tots severe than thu^e of yester*
day, whilo tbe lighting hus been going du from about 6 o'clock in tbe
morning und continued until dusk,
but there have been nothing like regular engagements. The big naval guns
assisted materially from Potgiester's
Drift iu the shelling of the Boer position."
The correspondent of the Times at
Modder Rivet telfuraphing yesterday
Bays the reports of deserters agree : hat
thesituation of the Hours at Magers
f-jnteiu is becoming unbearable becauso
tbeir camp is in an insanitary condition and enteric fever is spreading
fearfully. Vegetable.-, are badly wanted. On the other hand the health of
the British is quite satisfactory, although the ground haa lieen exhausted
bi' long encampment and then res have
been cut dowu by iusect pests,
The frit is h losses up to date are
killed, wounded and captured, according ty Bu Hit's laat list. 8,218..
London. Jan. 25,-The War Office
has issued tlio following, which was
received frotn 9|'fl'irm>*iu'fc ( amp this
morning:���"General Warren's i roups
last night occudied Spion Kopji'. surprising the sinaf! garrison, who fled fn
disorder. It has been held by us all
dny, although we were heavily attacked, especially by an annoying shell
fire. I fear our casualties ure considerable, and I have to Inform you wilh
great regret that General Woodga'c
was dangerously hounded. General
Warren is of the opinion that he has
rendered the enemy's position untenable. His men are in splendid form.'r
Ottawa, Jan. 24.���Recruit ing for
Stratbeona's mounted force for service
South Africa wi'W commence in
Manitoba, British Col nmbia and the
Mounted Police posrs of the Nftrthwest
Territories about the first ef February.
Applicant* iMint be good shots, good
horsemen, unmarried, and between -*
and 40 years of age; Height not le**
5ft. 6in., aud chest not loss than 3<i >
London, Jan. 2B.-Advices received
from Spearman's Camp, that Goneral
Woodgade has ancttua-bed to the
wounds he received in the recent action
At midnight the Wgr Office amioune-
ed that nothing further had beon received from the front for  publication
Modder River, Wednesday. Jan. 24
General., Hector Archibald MrDoin-M
haa arrived* heite-ftDd-Hssuinnd com in and
of the Highlander,      .
The Kildouan Casrlsrencbod Bur bun
yesterday with two thousand- additions! troops for Bullnr, and thrr^e
troopships hnve srrivt-t fcom India
bringing among others e ragitnent of
lancers. Beyond these \t is not
publicly known in Loudon how heavily
Buller has been reinforced, but those
having close connection with tbe War
Office ape satisfied, that Buller will
have as many more men as-he may.
need to-make his work easier.
London, Jan. 26 -The War Cfffice
has jist posted the fo'lowing from
Gan. Buller, dated Spearman's Camp,
Thursday, the Z&th, noon:' "General
Warren?* garrison,. I am sorry to say,
I find thia morning had fa the sight
abandoned. 9fcWs Kop_e.
there will uo doubt be many iitUers."
Tha war Itullutin, ptiblUbed dally *t thi*
office a digest ot' which appears in our week
ly. is withont doubt aa lettable war news aa
reaches] Uolden, and lias the virus of beiujf
several days ahead of tbe uewi received
through any other source, Tbe Bulletin is
Increasing* m popularity every day, Hut because nu are trying tu slime h mate- people,
but because ot ita reliability, aud ntvto ditto
luttvB. It caa be delivered tu uuy address iu
town eaeh day. All you have to do ia to let
ns know tb��t you wish to aubucrlln tor it.
Al public gatherings U$- h<jro..fter during
���bu  ruiTnt war we eutuvu lo stiffffflst that it
\v, ,iV Ih- veryapp ' pri*n�� to iiing '.be sfleoc-4
vtmiul'lliu iiA'ttuii.,1 ..iilbtMi. living spocUt
empluisis nn tbe fturth atid lit7;It lines:���
"0 ! oi-il. uur ti-oi-l, utiso;
Si'.-Uiiii lur eiiQiiiiaa,
Km iiif-kefii ��� fill.
((1|,f..-'i  ,i.-ir nt,)] (fig,
l'"niHii.'it.' then* ii'ttiXt sti tricks ;.
On hor our hepca we tis :
God save 'ho Qiteou."
The fullowing resolution to bo moved in tho
IIuiiio to day by Deiuio deserves the support
of both Governmont uud Opposition. Jt i*
disiiuvtly practk'fd patriotism.
" Whereas niiioug tiie vt'lunteera who have
f;oue or may g. tn Smith \t'rjca tu servn with
ler Miije.-iy's forees, during tbo present
war, there are n��me porsons who are the*
holders of idaims under the p. o\ isious ut' tbo
Mineral'Ac I;
"And whereas it is desirable that the snid-
i-biims should be prnteeted during tbe ubsetice
from British Columbia of said i ersous, while
serviuir tier Majesty as at'oresnai \
" V.a it therefore resolved, 1 Ji.it tha nib ernl
cliiini of nuy Hniit-h Culiiiiibia nihiuteur soring Her Majesty in the present war l.e not
open to loeatittn by uny person duringatbo
aliHenee of such votonteer upon said service.
nor for a period of twelve months after tha
close of the war."
Police Court
Mack Joe was summoned to appear
before Magistrate Griffith ou Tuesday
hist on the cbaiyo of assault and bat ���
iug a pistol in his possession with Intel ft
to do Injiirj to another of bis countrymen, yp er il vvi*no:es wereexamfa-
ed and from Ik* i^idene ndducal ft
(tppeais thnt Miiffc Jut dou.anded ft
���.um ol nsonej which waa due bim, hy
Joe Tint:- Ping not having the t*}.-
M.ic-k Ji e struck him an I other China*
meti into f tit v l.e |ul ed a p'atol.
Tho Magistrate lined him lha sum
ol   $60   and   costs of Court.
Tho��. O'Brien appeared for the pros-
Golden Fir* Brigade.
The first annual meertaR of the Golden Fire ttrigade waa held tn tin
i-viiotenav House | arlors on Tuesday
evening last The meeting waa a lapg*,
and t-eptvsuntativf oue and showed the
_rent iiiteiest taken by our citizens In
be protection of >ne town agaiust fir*
The following officers were reoleoted,
G B McDermot, chief; U. M. Wilaon.
sBsistunt chief*; J. C. Tom, oaptain Nc
1 hose reel; 11. Hughe* captian No. i
hose reel; C. W, Field, sec-trees, Tlu
by-laws of the brigade were aubmltter
hy the stunting committee, and to-corn
mended to ba adopted by th* *ssec,.>
tion. A number of gentlemeh ware sn-
rolled ps tnomhers of the brigade. A��
thiaiaa veion *er hrig^a it lato It
hoped that the citiaens ef Golden will
render tbo firemen every aeeietanco,
pousihle, in the future.
Alibcngh* not yet defliniter-y Hetdde..
���a. to tbs date, iti is i-utended bo dadieut*.-
ilie opening of the ntw hall-.
Windermere School.
The following Is the report  of
Windermere school lot Dccemfcer: ���
Fourth-Ctaes���l, Ifopa Brewer; 9,
Daise Tegart.
Second Class���1, Vanghan Kimpton;
2, Martin Morgimi. -
Second Priinei' Vjless sn--- -1, Edward
Harrison; 2. Cliford Harrison.
Second Primer Class jnr. ��� 1, DuuiCi
Cameron; 2, Vcorl Tegart.
Tirst Pr'rtner Class-1. CUt-a Cum
eron; 2. William H^rriaoir.
Pupils in attendance 13.
*,*-sJ!ftw?'*.,t..r. ������ BOER TRENCHES.
Warm la 19 Miles of "Udjsmltb.-
Brltlsk Wonnded Are Arriving
���t Mooi Rlrer Hospital.
Spearmans Farm, Natal, Jan. 10.���
Gen. Lyttle ou's brigade, with a How
Itaer battery, crossed the Tu.ela River
at FotKieters Drift on Tuesday, Jau.
16. The water rose above the waists
of the men. The Boers fired two shots
aud then recalled their forces to the
trenihes, the passage being uniuter-
The British advanced in skirmishing
or. er aud the small kopje's on tbe
snm'iiits wc-ro occupied by 6.30 pm.
Dn iug the night lt rained heavily.
Yesterday thu Boer trenches were vigorously shelled in -rout of Mouut Alice,
while the British lemained in possession of tbe kopjes and plain. Heavy
mist-, enveloped (be hills but the naval
gnus and tie Howitaer battery made
good praotice. thoroughly aearcbing
tne trenches. On the Boer right a
breach was made In a sand bagemplaoe*
ment wbe e it is supposed Boer gnus
bad been placed.
Tbe cannonade waa heavy and con*
tinuona, and the Boers were ob-erved
leaving tbe treuohes in small -parties.
The hill facing tbe British position
waa ahelled next. Gen. Warren has
fore, d a passage of the Tugela, seven
miles to the loft.
Mount Alice, near Potgteters Drift,
Natal, Monday, Jau. IB ��� The forward
movement tor the relief of Ladysmith
began on Wednesday, Jan. 10, from
Frere and Ohieveley. Lord Duudou
aid's mounted brigade, with the 5th
brigade, uuder Geu, Hart, comprising
tbe Dubllna, the Gonnaughts, thelnnis*
killings and the Border regiment, pro*
needed northwesterly to Springfield.
Tue position had previously been thoroughly r connoitered. A few miles
outside of Frere, Lord Dundonald passed targets erected by the Boers (o represent a force advanoing iu skirmisbiug
order. Evidently the Boers had beeu
firing at these Irom the adjacent hills.
Lord Dundonald pushed on, and as
the main column advanced, it was noticed all were confident.
London, Jan. 19.���The war office
!iaa issued tbo following: From Buller. Spearman's ('.imp, Jan. 18: One
field battery, Howitzer battery and
Lyttleton's brigade crossed Tugela at
Potgitters' Drift. The enemy's posi
tion le being bombarded by ns.
Five miles higher np Warren bas
crossed the river by a pontoon 35 yards
long. He hones his foroes will, by
evening, have advanced five miles from
the river to bis right front. The enemy
ia busily entrenching.
Rensborg, Oape Colony, Jan. 19.���A
patrol composed of sixteen men of tbe
New South Wales Lancers and South
Australians was ambushed yesterday
by tbe Boers and overwhelmed after a
severe fi��-ht. Two of tbe detaohment
escaped aud have arrived In camp.
This morning a patrol visited tbe scene
of the fight and fouud oue dead Australian and one wounded man. A number of dead Boers were also found,
showing tbat tbe Australians made a
gallant fight b.fore surrendering.
It appears tbat when the Australians
enoounteri d the first body of Boers and
found their retreat out off, they galloped
for a near by kopje, hoping to beat off
tbe Boers, but ou arriving tbey found
' another foroe of burghers concealed
Six more ot the Australians bave returned. The rest of tbem were captured.        	
Tbe C. P. Fund (.rowing,
Ottawa Jan. 19.���The Canadian
patriotic fnnd stood aa follows at noon
today: Previously acknowledged. $29.-
785; O.PB., ��15,0U0; Mr. Halms-
worth, ot the London Mail, 14,866.
Sir Ubarlea Tupper, $100; Paris, Ont.,
Patriotio sooiety, $160, Montreal Oity
aud Distriot Savings bank, $1,000; a
Scottish Canadian, Oanniug, N.Y., $9,
total, $60 964. The Bank ot Toronto
bas promised $a,r.0i)
Tbe Scottish Canadian wbo gives tbe
above tt, sug.ests nn appe*.l tu Canadians in tbe United States.
A militia order today says tbat Surgeon Li. ut.-Ool. G. S. Ryorson, U. L.,
has bsen permitted to resign his passage given him aud to proceed to South
Africa via New York.
Pottsvllle, Jan. J 9 The  bedy of
Wm. Galloway, fire boss, at tbe Kaska
William minx, who waa entombed on
Der. 18, was rec vered toduy. While
be 11.ed Galloway kept a diary on a
���beet Iron witb a pieoe of chalk aud
subsisted oo the oil in his lamp until
It was exhausted. He wrote on a plank
on the aide or the chuto on which tbe
fir-occurred tbe fallowing words: "1
am in tbe chute, No. IIH" This was
* clue to bis whereabouts and the re*
���oners worked more di igontly than
ever. It la b. lien d be livd but tbree
days. His body lay prostrate In Ibe
Ftr. Oo* VI. Qallo-vay, who wa. cn-
toiiil.c.l at th. i'otl.vim, t'n., mine explosion, kept a dlnrj for Lhroo dars till
_> dl,d.    	
Ottawa, Jan. 19 ���Mr. C. Olute,
Toronto commis. o er. who baa oon*
elided an investigation into the difficulties between Ihu Slocan B.C. mini
owners and miners, bnd a long inter.
flaw with tbe premier. Senator Mills,
Mr. Slfton and Sir Riohard Cartwright
today, on the matter. Mr Olute has
not yet made his r* p ,rt, but will do to
very toon. The evldeno he took ie
���aid to oe somewhat eonflio'liig.
���the Play In the ltnpl'l city >onspi��|
I. down to tli<* Beml-fliia!��. except ,n the
grand challenge, which wa. won hy
Drnmuiond. o~   Mlnnrdrsn.
La-Barked Till Be Cries**.
"Pap* fell over my express wagon
<Ml morning," sold Willie. "Uy, It wu
finny. I laughed till I cried."
"Did yer?" said Tommy.
Tea." replied Willie. "Papa caught
ate taugblng."-Phlludelphla Record.
Atboe. ��� small town on tbe coast ot
Macedonia, may nol Inaptly be termed
Tbe Bachelors* Paradise," aa no woman le to be sewn anywhere In tbe place.
United btatra  Admlnlxtrntlon  Doe* Not
Favor KuliiMaltou,
Toronto, Jau, li).���Aspecialdispatch
from Washington, discussiug tbe attitude of the United State i nd in in is tra-
tlou towards a deputation of Michigan
lumber moo, who ure asking for retnlia-
toty action against Canada on account
of tho Ontario law prohibiting the export Of uncut logs, says: "Id is provable, if not absolutely certuin, tbat the
effort of tb�� Michigan lumbermen will
fall iu every particular and tbat tbey
wilt drop tbeir scheme of retaliation.
Ihey st 11 bope tha s mcthiug may be
accomplished by uegutiatiousof a milder nature tnrough the state department*
The secretary of state his us yet expressed no opluion in tbis regard. Mr.
Gage, secretary of the treasury, explained tbe case very lully today to the
correspondent from the standpoint of
the government He diJ not wonder,
he said, tbat the Inmber interests of
Michigan wauted to do Bonn -thing to
relieve the condition of affairs-brought
about by the Ontario enuctiueut regarding logs. He said emphatically,
however, he did not sec how the ad*
ministration could nnder existing laws
do anything for their relief, even if it
shonld be deemei wise to take any step
toward retaiiatioo.
"lam sure," be continued, "noex*
emtive officer of this goverument
wonld oare to authorize what is proposed by tbe Michigan men. I am convinced tbere is no authority for it under the tariff laws of tbe United States.
If congress curo to amend the law ia
order to oover this particular case of
Ontario logs, well ond good. If an appeal is to be mado it should bu mado to
congress aud net to auy exeoutive department of tbe government. Congress
is in se sion and it remains for congress to aot, it auy action is to be takeu." Tbe secretary intimated strocg-
ly thnt be deemed auy aotion nowise
which wonld lead to a possible tariff
war with Cauada. Botwepn tonntrifs,
as bstweeu individuals, be snid, the
party propwiug to take a step Whioh
could be presented by either must count
tbe cost. He must cons der what bis
weapons are aud wbat bis chances are
of com ng Oft- on top. In tbo case of
iho United States aud Canada he more
than hiutt'tl thut this conutry wonld
certainly be tbo lo-er by entering into
a tariff war with Canada, and an aot
of retaliation on aocoum of tbe Ontario
logs embargo woull almost certainly
lead to encb a tariff war.
for Irish Unity.
Dublin, Jan. 19.��� A conference for
the promotion of Irish nmty was held
today at the Mansion House, Mr.
Tliimotby Harrington, member of parliament for the Harbor division of Dub-
lit), presiding. Mr. John Dillon and
Mr, Edward Blake, who were nominated nt the recent conference, delegates
to tins convention, were absent. Rejoin t oris were adopted iu favor o con-
solid-iting the party on the old Pnruel-
lito lines, but decisions respecting do-
ta Is were postponed nntil after the re-
vs.-enibliiig of parliament.
The Dnke of Abereora.
Tbe Boers blame the British South
Africa Chartered corn pony for tbe war
tbat is now raging between the Transvaal and Ureal Britain. The president
or the company Is the Duke of Alier-
corn, and Cecil Hbodes Is one of Ita
most prominent members-
Trial of Mrs. Htrlpp.
Brandon. Jan. 19 ��� Emma J. Stripp,
obarged witb aiding Hilda Blake to escape from jail last fall by means of
conveying to ber a file, was arraigned
b fore Judge Cumberland today and
elected to take a spwedy trial. Jailor
tfoxon and Chief KlroaHy corroborated
tbe evidence given at tbe preliminary
trial. Both were sut jeo ed to a lengthy
cross examination by counsel for the
defenoe, but no new facts were elicited.
Arguments by counsel cn the merit of
the evidence were postponed until next
Tuesday. A. D. Cameron appeared for
tbo defenoe and B. M. Matbesou for
the crown. 	
Toronto, Jan. 19.���Tbe assessed population nf Ontario this ye.ir Is fixed at
S,000,S80. Tbe total afse^sment
amounted to 1800,184 868 and the taxes
raised were $l,383,96fi. which is 6.10
per bead and 16.11 mills on the dollar.
Brandon and lortage la Prairie lady
hoc key liis play a ({am* lu Vonage t>a
tia tm-da ?. t     |
The U. S. administration Is not favorable to retaliation Id too Ontario log
export tax.
Tiie Orantt-es, of Winnipeg, won the
Tuckett competition honors from tbeir
rival.-*., the Thistles.
A HirpliiH or .*ll(M)0o lias ''ew iliown
loii the pael year in Ontario** fluances.
with $800,000 to Hn credit.
Preliminary proceedings in tho Iloierv-
feint dim! Carillon rhrtloii protests hav*
commenced letorf Jiulgo Dubtie.
Four ft'otn wero carried hy neolama-
tlon Ly the Dominion government In the
Pye-clcctions yesterda.v���We��t Ontario
l.at'i'ile. Vcrciieicit nnd Cliauibly, nnd
Der tii ler,
Belleville, Jau. 18���Walter Sco**r<i,
a Grand Tronic brakeman, wns coup
ling ears at tbe station her.* tbis morn.
log vf en be slipped and wns caught be*
tween tbe coupler., receiving lnjnr.es
from whi-'h lie died /our boors later.
He was aged 38, and belonged to
Alcohol waa (li-at distilled by the Are-
Mans, and when we talk abont coffee
Md eh-ohol we are uslnc Arable worth
Dnarl* Oot., Jan. 16 ���Arable Walker, brother of Jnhn A. Walker, Q.O.,
J of f Ihathmn and Don- an Walker, in*
spntor of sehnols In Peterboro, nmpped
dead*at hia home bete Testerda-f.Jg j|
The Adranco Hotly Opposed bj the
Boers-Colenso and Springfield
Held bv British Troops.
Loudon, Jan. 18.���The Times publishes tbe following dispatob from
Spearman's farm, t ated January 17,
9.110 p.m.
In tbe forced march westward on
Jan. 10, L r.i Dundonald, by a dashing
movement, occupied ibe hills above Pot*
gisster's drift, 15 miles west of Oolenso, taking the Boers completely by surprise. The same eveu.ng tbe infantry
followed. Gen. Lyttletoo's brigade
otossed tbe river yesterday, and today
sbelle-i the Beer trenches beyond with
howit-iers, Gen. Warrens' force is now
crossing Tricbanlte drift, live miles
above, l.e is not oppose I, although
the Boers are bclding a position five
miles from the river.
The o her morning papers are out
with extra editions confirming the dis*
pat.h from Speurman's Farm to tha
Times. The Daily Telegraph's correspondent nnder yesterday date says:
"I am permitted to wire from Spearman's Farm tbat Gen. Lyttleton yesterday afteruooj ferried and forged
Potgiester's Drift and seised with little
opposition a line of low ridges a mile
from there. Dnring the night a
Howitzer battery was carried across.
Today from Mouut Alice, near Swarta-
kop, naval guns and Howitzers effectively shelled tbe Boer position, whioh
is strong. General Warren also today
crossed tbe Tugela six miles farther to
the west near Wagon Drift with all
arms in the fnco of a hot and heavy fire
from Boer camion and rifles. He has
effected a most satisfactory lodgement
two miles further on toward Sproen
A dispatch to tbo Daily News from
SpearmanB' Farm describes Lord Dun-
donald'B advance to Swarta Kop hill,
commanding Potgiosters Drift and
"Gen. Lyttletons' brigade was sent
to hold a position on Swans* Kop bill,
leaving a strong body to hold Cjlenso
and Gen. Hildyards brigade at Springfield. Oar whole force advanced withont delay. The ferry pout at Potgiosters was on tbe further bank of tbe
Togela, aud in order to bring it to onr
side, Lieut. Carlyle and five men of
ta) South African light horse, swam
across tbe river and brought it over.
"After a four days bait on the south
side of the Tugela oor advance northward began on Tuesday, Jan. Iti, Gen.
Lytt etons brigade crossed the drift
that evening aud held the kojes on our
Sir Char'es Wsrren's division bas
made an atthek upon the enemy's left
fl ilk. The column is now crossing the
The Dally Mail bas tho following
dispatob dated yosterdoy Irom Pieter-
maritzburg. "News bas been received
tbat General Buller Is making satisfactory progress.
The war office announced at midnight that no further news had been
received. A large orowd of inquirers
inolnding the Dnke of Norfolk left disappointed.
London, Jan. 18.���Gen Buller oom-
pletelv surprised the Boer, and occupied the mils wy-ond Fotgiesters
drilt, 16 miles west of Oolenso. on
Wednesday, Jan. 10. This Intelligence
is contained in an ezolusive dispatch to
the Times, dated yesterday. He followed np tbe movement by shelling tbe
Boer trenches.
This uews completely disposes of tbe
statement tbat Sir Charles Warren's
force went iu tho direction of Weenen,
aud it tends greatly to restore confidence in Oen. Buller's tactics. Tbe supposition tbat be had divided his foroe
into three columns had given caose for
aniiety. It is now seen that snch ao-
oonnt waa erroneous, as General Boiler's forces are concentrated.
In Oape Colony Gen. Methuen hu
made a demo- station in foroe, shelling
the Boer works. Oen. Gatacre is skirmishing around Molteno and Gen.
Frenoh has been throwing a few shells
at the Boen at Rensburg. Ool. Plainer is moving to tbo relief of Mafeking
from Bechoanalasd. He is in command
of 9,000 men.
The Standard's vivid account ot the
assmlt npon Ladysmith snows that tbe
narrison was surprised, and thut several
times tbe situation was critical. Ont
of a detachment of 80 Gordou High
lander,, wbo surrendered, every man
was wonnded, says tbe correspondent.
Tbis is tbe first mention of tbe capture
of tbe Highlanders. Tbe Boer repulse
at Ladysmlth was tbe heaviest counter
stroke of tl.e war.
Memphis, Teou., Jan. 18,���A negro
named Anderson Gauze, was fonnd
hanging to a imo of a tree near Kenning, Tenn., this morning lt is sup
posed he was lynched for aiding in the
escape of tbe Ginerly brothers, colored,
wbo recently murdered two offloers
near Bopley, Teun.
London, Jan. 18.���The Marquis of
Lothian, former keeper of Ihe great
seal of Scotland, is dead.
Woodstock. Ont., Jan. 18.���Tba
Woodstock council has refused a SO
year franchise to the eleitiii railway
between here and Ingersoll.
Fort William has won Ibe distrlet
medal and Port Arthur tbe Tuckett
lames In the curling .erie* with Scbrle-
Largo quantltlea ot material and
m.ny men h-a-o to-day lo comment;,
work on St. Andrew, rnnlds Improvements. 	
Arthur Wluterliurn,   an allc-gatl wil.
stealer    and   horae tlilc* ot  Franklin,
Man., ha. leen arreated at    Ola.fon,
North Dakota.
Ofllrle Billing.
Montreal, Jan. 18.���The Ogilvie
milling bussiness will be oon verted
Into a Joint stook company with a
capital of 11,600 000. Alberts. Ogilvie, eldest son of tho late W. W. Ogilvie, will be president,
Pittsburg, Pi. Jan. 1'.���A Pbilippi,
W. Va., special to the Leader says lha
Phllipi bank was robbed last night of
* 100 000.
West Kootenay mine owners hav. pre.
Miited a . ic petition to Hie Urltl.lt ool-
uiuii'a Iril.latui. a.klng lor ha rmjtel
ot th. eight boar law.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
���Pr'��� �� Wlr. Connection wi h . I I-ndlng
C rrieii n*Uar"ra9*  o"
mbaed upon AppU.-ar
148 Princess Bt, Wlnaiptg, Man.
r. O. DBAVrt K 1SS7.
Winnipeg, Jan. JO, 1900.���Tbe
wheat market during the past week hns
been very heavy and prices have declined to tbe lowest point of the year
ant show a Joss of tbree cents compared
with those ot a week ag -. The chief
causes of the depression have been tbe
completion ot the Argentine haiyest
and heavy offerings of lhat wheat to
England, large Bnssian shipments,
favorable winter wheat prospects in the
TJnitei States,small export demand and
shipments and tree selling by discouraged holders who eipected a good ex*
port demand and better prioes after
tbe holidays. The market has had a
very severe decline, bnt it has not im
proved Ihe export, demand. Something
usually ooootb between January and
April to cause an npturn, bnt it mnst
be admitted tbat there is nothing in
sight at present except the price to encourage purchases.
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 hard at Fort
William, OB^c.
Flour���Ogilvie's Hungarian patent,
11.8u; Glenora, $1.70; Manitoba strong
baken', 11.60; SXXX, I1.J0; Lake of
the Woods patent, $1.90, itrong bakets',
(1.70; Modora, 11.40; X.X.XX 11.90
por sack of 98 pounds, delivered In
Millfeed���Bran in bulk, 110.00 to
110.60; shorts in bulk, ell.60 to
119.00 net
Ground Feed-Best Oat chop, 120
por tou;mixed barley and oats, f 18 00;
barley ohop, $15; Oilcokes,$87 per ton.
Oats���Milling, 98o, aud feed grades
90 to 97o on track here.
Oatmeal���Per sack of 80 lbs. (1.70.
Barley���96 to 98o for feed; malting,
89o on track here.
Oorn���88 to 80o on track.
Wheat���At country points, 48 to ��9o
per bushel.
Flax���At country points, (1 90 per
Hay���Wild, baled, |6.00 to 16.60;
timothy, baled, <6 50;  loose, |4 to |6.
Butter���Creamery, 98c; dairy, 18 to
90c for fine graded.
Cheese���Manitoba 18, Ontario 18^0.
Eggs���Strictly fresh, 18c.
Vegetables���Potatoes, 46u per bushel;
carrots, 40c per bushel; turnips, 90 to
96o per bushel ; beets, 80 to 40o per
bushel; parsnips, lj^o per ponnd;
pnmpkins, l^oper lb.; dry onions,
76c to )1 per bushel; cabbage, 9)4* to
8o per pouna; celery, 860 per dozen
bunches; green house lettuce, 40c per
dozen bunches; green bonse parsley,
80o per dozen bunches.
Seneca root���87c per ponnd,
Hides-Inspected hides. No. 1. Ifio;
Na 9, 6i^o; Na 8, 6*0. Branded
hides grade Na 9, and bulls Na 8.
Kip, 7o; calf, 8 to 8JB'o deakln akins,
96 to 85o colli ...oepakins, 40o to
60o each; eaoh; borsebides, 60c to 76a
Wool���Unwashed Manitoba ficeoo, t
to 9o per ponnd.   None offering.
London, Jan. 17���Tho Earl of Man
vers, is do d. Ho was born M. rch 17,
18^5, and succeeded to tbe title in
I860 Thi title was created in 180(1
and the t'ecea-ed was tbe third earl
He was M. P. for South Notts 1869 80.
St. Paul, Jan.* 16.���James Welch, n
diss.tied d litlg nt, Ihis afternoon attempted to shoot Untied States Judge
Lochern in Ihe Uuitul States conn
room in Ibis city. He was seized and
disarmed by Messenger James Conway
without having inflloted serious injury
B-nudcn, Jan. 17.���The explosion ol
a lamp in the restaurant of E. Bctson.
on Paoiflo avenne, started a blaze last
evening about 'On o'olook. The fire
brigade was called ont not tbe firo hnr
been extinguish! d before Iheir arrival
Tho damago waa slight. One of thr
ladies had a wstoh s'oleu during thi
eicitement aud it has not Iota recovered. ^
Torn, Italy, Jan. 17.���A dynamite
factory at Avipliano, fourteen milts
irom bere, cxp'oded todov with Ihe re
-nit that five buildings ware reduced to
ruins and many olbor houses were bid
ly damaged. Ten bodice hare born re*
overed fiorn the ruins. Several per*
<ous were Injured and taken lo tbe ho;
Pay la SCRIP for Dominion lauds and
Sara 20 par Oaat. Discount.
For fall Information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Cfc to any ofloe of the MERCHANTS'BANK
CANADA In Manitoba at the Week
Reported by Alloway * Champion,
Stook Brokers, Winnipeg.
Bant* a**r*    Beta.
MbUon*.  ial ...
Onion ;.-.  ill
Oommeroi.  -_ '.li
WarEanl. ""I:""'." '�� Jii
rtyn.   in, -an
Commercial ew, ' " V,
P^l:::::::::::::;:: g $
pnlutbPMte ^i ^
C. s/W. Und...... U m
C��n. PftC.R'y, Moatrwl uu uu
Qm. P�� try. USES?, Jul ,,*,*!
Naugr, time..   /��� '2*j "
Money. on-nit ""' g J|
Frlitsjr, January 10.
Ocean rates to the Pfttii txpotltloa
h*-rc gone np.
tbe yu��l��: lcgitlAtar* wee optntd by
Lt Oor J*t*. , l'
Tht Cmnadiiui Patriotic tee* now
unoatfU to VftO.OM.
thi Trentta gov��rtun��M> wu Nidomd
DOT * voto of H-iO to T4.
A bitaie*otalue to Daniel W��b��tor
wi*. mirellcd In   Wublngton.
Sir Tliou. Llpton haa applied for a*\-
mliilon to Chlcftjja board ol trado.
Deputy Cohttitor Neville, ot Otta#a
inlanil revetiue dtpartmout, le  Uettd.
Tins bubonic pl*Kue le nalo to ba oa a
\*eevl uterine; Victoria, 1*. O.'n Iiartior,
The Sbajnroclca ojiiI Wimripotf Victor*
lee .haute agreed upon tbe Stanley cup
Thn new plane for th* Y. M. a A. bnlliW
Ing, Winnipeg, were approved by th*
Aithur TV" inter burn, of the I't-anklla
dlrtrlct. who wae brought back from
GalMfton, N. Dn lias coatewed ia Winnipeg to tho theft of  horeei,
Thunday, January IS.
The Morquio of Lothian, a Scottish
peer, la dead.
Ii. J, Montgomery, warden et- Prlaco
Albert Jail, it dead.
Oapt. Morrioou, a jerteran Lako Wlo-
atpev pilot, io dead.
Tbe provincial bje-electlone will ba
held Feb. 0; nomlnatlona Jan. 80b
A new Eplocopal church wat dedicated
at Morrlo uy Archblalxv Mac bray.
The Hellgolaad atcflineblp bat been
StreraJ bodies were washed aahore.
The Ogllrle milling company will bo
contertM into a Join* etock corpora*
Wholesale druggists In New York bars
forced up tho price of carbolic acid aud
quinine. <
Dealing lo putt and calls hat beta
forbidden on the Chicago board of trade
exc hang*
H. Harvey, of Calgary, has been appointed deputy attorney goneral of tht
Thi- Winnipeg council boo decided to
disclaim all responsibility for aneldentt
on Louise bridge.
The U. 8. iotcos In tbe Philippines hart
left to make a demonstration against
Samaria and Leyte islands, ,
Wednesday, January IT.
Detective Archie Munro, of th* Winnipeg- police force, is dead.
Fort William cltltens are about to
organise a geueral hospital board.
During 1800, 11)0 buildings were erected in Rossland, at a cost of fOKO.OOO.
A diamond drill hat arrived at Fin*
mark. Algoum, to teat iron lu tbo district, .  ���
Iu a dynamite explosion near Turin,
Italy, ten persona were killed and many
The Ottawa cabinet was tn session
yesterday preparing estimates for parliament.
A large concourse of people attended
tbe- funeral of tho late W. W. Ogilvie In
Tbo contract for bnilding the new underground railway In Now York wt* lott
at 130,000,000.
Fred. U. Clayson, a Dawson City merchant, lo missing, and fears ot foul play
are entertained.
A party of .Wlnnlpeggert cut down a
Boer sign hanging on a main street
ttort lu St, Paul,
Tneeday. January 10.
John Adamson, of Vancouver, fatally
thot himself,
Andrew D. Clark, wholesale merchant.
Winnipeg, |o dead.
W. tilddeus, teal estate broker, London, Out., dropped dead.
Commissioner Mccreary eoilmattt th*
year's Immigration at 40,040,
An attempt Is being mode to form a
Canadian forestry association.
Judge Hall bas llxed tali at 8SO.O0O
tor the Ville Marie bank prisoners.
Protests have again teen Hied .11 Eaat
and West Elgin and South Ontario.
A French warship sunk two Cblueet
gunboats and tclied Kwong chau Jlay,
Jat. Welsh attempted to thoot Judge
Laebren In the U�� 8. court room, Ht,
Thu dates for tbo Stanley cup contests
tn Montreal are Feb. 12, 1-1 ar-J 16.
The Winulpeggers leave oa tbe I.
Ber. Brother Ketberllno. of Montreal,
In connection with whoso remarkable
care La Salle wat made a saint, Is dead,
Monday, January 18.
Fred. It. Gibson, town clerk at Edison-*
ton, It dead.
The diamond-cotton of New York art
onto of work.
Three people wero burned to death la
a- fir* at Corona, N. Y,
Bon. Geo. Bryton, a prominent lui _
btrman and Quebec legislator, Is dead.
According to tbe directory publisher
tht population of     Winnipeg   it  now
Prisoners in St. Clair county Jail, II*
Ituolt, mad* a desperate attempt to
break jail,
Germany It endeavoring to coerce Liberia and bring tho little republic under
hor control,
Paul Joujou, a famout brewer, wat
killed by an American boy la afrenta
railway carriage.
The Winnipeg tank clearings for 1899
govt tht city tbt largest average Increase la Canada.
Brltlth societies la tbo V. 8, art
raiting large sums of money for. th*
Mtntloa Boost fnnd,
Saturday, Jaaaary IS.
Major Bleat hat bsen recalled front
The Queen's hotel, Pilot Mound, wat
damaged by firo,
Tho date of tb* Manitoba bye-elet*
float will bt fixed noxt week,
Tho a P. Be Selkirk cxtouslon party
of surveyors Is making good progrett,
Th* Santo Domingo trouulst wits
Francs ars being settled satisfactorily!
Tho number of deaths In Bombay ytt-
tarda- from bubonic plague Jumped t*
Mr. W. W, Ogilvie, Cauada't wtU
known miller, died tuddonly la Moot-
Tho Earl of Ara, ton of tho Marqalt
of Dufferlu, ha* died of hit wounds la
Booth Africa.
Ortat Britain hat rtoswtd th* Frtath
���hor* modes vlvtndl with Fraat* for
another year,
tht Bbaniroekt art wil Ita. to play th*
Winnipeg Victorian for tho Staalty ttn,
Fib. ft 10 aad 19.
Motors, lieriiort, Lemieux and Baxter,
of Vlllo Marlt bank case, wtrt	
ted for trial 1*   Montreal,
Ctarah CoUapgN-*
81. PatMtbarfr, Jan. 18.���A ohoroa
oollaptod jester day daring Id* otletna-
tlon of a mats la Maloonoene to wnghlp,
Sonsra dlitrici Ninetoea peopla wet*
killed and 68 iojnred.
BatforthfEt, Jan, 17.���Hugh Bight*
diod at S o'olcok thit afternoon Irom a
stroke of spopleiy which attacked fata
yegtorday afternoon. DeoetNd wm
abont 40 y*an of ago and wu an Bag*
ll-bman by birth, and had lived Ihon
aboot ten yeera.
Goelpb, Jan. la.���Sbarlff KoKlm
is dangerously ill dora a paralytio
stroke reoelved Saturday.
Now York bankers hare rettsed to taks
tht account embracing tht relief tend
for widows and orphans to fallen llosro.
Ths tralumen on tbe Ureal Northern
may strike to-day unless a   mi* coin-
rielitnji freight crews to switch Is modl-
The editor of the Kamloont, ll, c Stan-
durdi* lot listn siiniiiioiiii to the l*r
uf tbe ll, O. house tor couUntpt to Oor,
Three men were Injured ly an accident lo a passenger train on the crow's
epsl Past division, wust of Crettot, uear
oottaay Usdlug.
As I remember the tnt iweet touch
Of tbMs beautiful hindi that I loved so much
I Rem to thrill aa I then wu thrilled
Ehatsg tba glove that I found unfllh-d,
worn 1 met your gi�� und the queenly bow
Aa you mid to ma laughingly, "Keep it nowl"
And dased sad skma in a drtira 1 iund
Itadag tbs ghost cf your beautiful head.
Whsh trtt 1 lend you, long ago,
Aad hsM year hand u I told you to,
Pleased sad csnasod it sad pve it s Use
And aid, ����� would die for a hand like thiol"
Little 1 dreamed love's tullnem yet
Had to ripen when eyas wert wet,
gad prayers were vela la their wild demands
for one warm touch ef your beautiful hasda
Beautiful handa!   O beautiful hand,!
Could you reach out tram tht alien land.
Where you ait lingering and give mt tonight
Only a touch, were It ever ao light.
My heart were toothed, and my weary brain
Would lull Itself to rot again,
Por there's no eolace the world command.
Like tbt sweat careaa of your beautiful handa
���Jamoe Whitcomb Riley,
When a Van ahaatee Bla Girl,
Re Bad Better Notify HI.
We hare all, I suppose, In onr lives
nude blunders���little blunders, big
blunders, and ao fortb, till one reaches
tbe pitch of Irretrievable blunder���
and I bave .fust escaped Iroiu the consequences of one tbat for tbe moment
was likely to prove Irretrievable.
I was���I had foolishly allowed myself to be fascinated by Miss Stranger
ford���yea, fascinated Is, I think, Just
the word to meet the case.
Phyllis Is a dear, quite a dear, and
for a time 1 submit tbat I was tottering on the brink. I believe, as a matter of fact, that I did propose once or
twice, but of course 1 knew she'd say
"na" She's so sensible. But. for one
awful, terrible moment at tbe time
I'm going to tell you about I thought
she wos going to forget herself and sny
You see, tbe truth Is. one Is a little
bit afraid of Miss Strnngerford. Kv
erythtng will seem to be goinK swimmingly, 'anil you think you're getting
on quite well and beiug rather clever
and all that, and then yon look up uml
you see a something In her eyes which
sobers you down again. It's lu her
eyes. Somewhere right at the buck uf
tbem there's a kind of glistcii'ti-*- twin
kle that makes you feel that you're n
Now, Laura Is not like that. She If
clever and known nil about lioul-a
music nud ItiBen. anil ahe lim-tlly ever
smiles. But Miss Htl-flUKei'foi'il jiihi -iij*i
curled up lu ber chilli* nml eliiuii'i-.*
about nothing lu particular, nml ruiy.-
funny thlugs which iiinke you tuujrli
nntl dresses very smartly, nni) evi-u
sometimes smokes cignrettes. ttuil yet
directly one lieglus to talk nt-oitt ileepfl1
subjects she st-iys quite quiet uml
keeps thnt funny loo!; lu hei- eyes. Tin
all the world as If she was lauglilug ul
you to liersi'ir.
Last summer, down on the rlrer. we
got od awfully well nt lirst. It wit*,
later on thnt I cnnie tu the conclusion
that It would be a mixta];.' to entry
matters further, nnd na she lint) jusi-
well, not exnetly ret'iim-il. lint pr.t r.m
off for the secuntl time. I thought It
better to let the mutter drop.
Then I met Laura. Lim-it atlbrua
music bulla She saya thnt she thinks
the color scheme of the bullet most lu
atructlve and has conic to the couclti
slon thst It Is unconsciously based on
the primitive principles of color music.
I am sure she'a right I like them my
I uw a good deal of her after that
dinner, and laat week we pntctlcnlly
became engaged. Naturally I wnnted
to give ber some souvenir to commemorate the day���not the ordinary, vulgar
ring, but something with latent menu
Ing In IL Laura Is great ou Intent
meanings, ao I knew she would appreciate It.
On the morning after the engagement
I went to Somertou, the Jeweler's, and
explained what I wanted. Dickson,
their bead man, spotted the Idea at
"Tou want something with a pretty
sentiment In It-something original."
I couldn't tblnk of anything my
���elf. but be showed me a design which
he declared would be Jnst the thing
II waa a sort of brooch, with two
hearts���one a ruby nnd oue u diamond
The ruby was supposed to he mine, lie
cause Dickson explained tbat It signified paaslon and devotion. The two
big stones were hound together with a
true lover's knot In dlamouils���a copy
of an old pattern, be assured me. and
very pretty it looked. 1 gave bin my
card to slip Into the box wheu it was
aent home.
"What Inscription, sir?" be asked as
I was leaving the shop.
Of course, directly he asked me tbnt
I waa stuck. So I Jim told him to put
ao tb* usual sort of thing nnd to send
It to th, young lady at once, together
with my card.
Two day* later among my morning-*
letters I received a note from Mis*
Sti-it ngerford asking me to go to tea. 1
had luteuded going to see Laura, but
on getting a telegram to pnt in* off, decided to go and see Phyllis.
I wu shown Into ber boudoir and
fonnd her, a, usual, curled np la an
armchair, smoking a cigarette. It
struck me that ah* wu looking extremely pretty, and tor on* e-nttaf
second I almost wished���thst Laura *t
Also, If Laura bu a fault-wblcb,
mind yon, 1 am not prepared to adroit
-still. If ahe baa a fault, It la that she
has quaint Ideaa on tbe subject of hair-
dressing. Now, Phyllis Is always beautifully "colffe."
For my part I felt a little uncomfortable, bnt Mlsa Phyllis waa not In tbe
���lightest degree discomposed. Then
was another man tbere, tnd he glared
at me a little, out 1 treated him Willi
deserved contempt After about ten
minutes of desultory cbatter he took
himself off.
Miss Phyllis watched tb* door clow
behind bim, aud then, suddenly turning to me, ahe stretched out ber bud
and aald:
"My dear Gerald, how can I thank
I confess tbat 1 wu considerably
taken aback.
"I think," continued Phyllis, without
noticing my surprise, "that you are
the* most generous and forgiving person In the world."
"I wns afraid," aald I, "that you
were offended with me, but you aro
not, are you, since you've asked me to
"Offended!" said Mlsa Phyllis. "My
dear Herald, whatever made you think
that? You'ro a dear. See, I've got It
I did see, and to my horror I realised
for the Bret time that tbe glistening   ,
object which I had been admiring so"
much lu Phyllis' chiffon was tbe brooch
I had ordered for Luiira.
"That," I gasped, "la a little memento of our-of uiy engngemeut!"
"Yes." said Phyllis, smiliug. "1 con*
slder myself really eugaged uow."
"You don't mean to say," I stammered, "that you"���
"Oh, but 1 do!" she Interrupted.
"Really, really I do!" And her eyes
"There la a mistake somewhere," I
explained confusedly. "I���tliat Is, you
-I mean I am engaged."
"Naturally," xalil Miss Phyllis, raising her eyebrows. "We nre both eu-
gfigi'il -Isn't It splt-mllil*."
"But,"' I managed to ejaculate at
last, wltti more force thau politeness.
"I'm euguged to some one else, uot lo
This speech, lilimt untl plalu euougli
lu its way. seemed to nlToi-il Phyllis lu*
Unite amusement, sin* curled herself
up more lightly In her eliulr uml fairly
quivered with suppressed tnerrli; "tit.
"Don't you uiiilerstauilV" I cspihi.i*    t
ed.   "I am engaged to .Miss Alnesly-
Lauru Aluesly, nnd-of cnorsc. I'm awfully sorry, but thai was seni you by
Phyllis managed to subdue her
lauguter.        -
"My dear Herald, please don't loo't
like that," she wild, wiping the tears
frotn her eyes with hii absurd little
pocket linnillterclilef. "You ueedu't
look so woebegone, even If yo**i did
think I was goiug lo nei-ept you. I
promise uot to nuti-ry you. I'nn'l ynu
see? You went Into Somertou's and or*
dercd tills brooch uud told ilieiu to
send It direct to the lady's house.
"It never seemed to have occurred lo
you to mention her mime, and as they
bad made something for me nl your order lu ages past they uattii-nlly concluded tbnt this wns for me. too, nud
seut It ou by a messeuger with your
card. I kuew It was a mistake, so I
seut my maid down to Inquire. It wn*
not dllllciilt to guess the truth."
"Oh!" snld I lamely.
"There, bere you are. you silly boyP
she said, holding out the brooch, "[tun
away to Laura with It, aud forgive uie
for playing a practical Joke ou you. but
you did look such a picture of dismay I"
"Won't you keep It please!" said I
humbly. "I ought to pay a penalty for
my stupidity."
"It's awfully good of you, Herald,
and It'a very pretty, but I don't know
that 1 ought to. I've been euguged
since Wednesday, you see, to t'nptaiu
'The very thing!" I cried, turning to
the Inscription on tbe back. "I was
engaged on Wednesday, too; ace, here's
the date."
Phyllis looked.
"It doe* seem to at It nicety," sh*
uid. "May I really keep ltv"
"Please do," raid I, "and If he says
anything tell bim It waa a premuture
Christmas offering."
I am glad the mistake happened after all, for I am rery fond of Phyllis.
And-well, Captain Mnlion, or whatever bis name is, Is a very lucky mau.
-Horn* Chat
Sleeplessness Is an Unmistakable Symptom of Weak,
Exhausted Nerves, and Is Permanently Cured
When the System Is Built Up by
To peas s single night In _,
to -leen s among ibe miseries
never forget.
^ To lie awake night after
brain on Are with nervous
the thoughts -tasking baft
never e; ding verletyTe tbe
enee of pusou whoss nerve,
During snob nights nerve
earned at a InmeMous rale.
Instead of being restored
a'od for soother day's v
further wee eaed and ei_
mlad letmt-alsnced by this _
with whioh the lamp (tf
It is In this de-pairing con
en end women ettempt to
te nerves by tbs use oi opt
by the _
motion to ell euehtmil
Injnrloos to ths nervous
���uelyltl* wh.r to "a
Mstol-r teston the aar
right dowa to lh.toundai
There will be no mon sleepless nights, no
morensrvoua headache rand dyspepsia, e
more days cf-gloom end daspoadsnoy when
Dr. Chase'. Nerve Food I. need,
Bnt don't expect a cure In a night The
���snre Uraue of the boiy Is completely
changed In about sixty days. Though you *-
will feel the btncfit of this treatment In two
or three weeks, y.u should persist In th* US,
of the nerve fo..d for at least sixty day* ht
order that the results may be lasting.
Sleeplessness Is only one of the msnydls-
treaalng aymptoms which will dlsapj*****--) with      <
th��i'seofDr.Ohs*.'s Nerve FoooVltUa   ^
Etitlve oure for nervons prostration end es-
u*tion, part el pe alysJa, locomotor ataxia,
epilepsy and all the most serious fonnsoc
Is the world's greetest restorative tor pale,
weak, nervous men, women and children. It
la .pHWe for -.Oman's Ilia because they
almost Invariably arte from exhiusted
m���so. Ia pill form, OOo a bo,, at all dealers, or by mall from ��nimHn��, Ban, ���
Oo.,Tort*-to. Qori-DEI-T EBA.
"What does tbo phrase 'finished
goods' meant" nsked the reporter who
was temporarily assisting.In the com*
inerclnl department as he looked up
from a memorandum that lay on hia
���' 'Finished goods.'" replied tbe commercial editor, "means whisky or nny
mnn who drinks n great deal of It."���
Chicago Trllitiue.	
How He was Conquered by a
Tiny, but Vicious Enemy.
Toronto, December 23.���Among the
older generation, in Mulmur and
Mono townships, Simcoe oonnty, no
man is better known, nor more highly esteemed than William Hall, formerly of Mono, bnt now a prominent
Toronto ooutrtotor. Mr. Hall, in hia
younger dar* wa* a carpenter. He
was also the strongest man in the two
townships. All athletic sports were
bis delight, and in them all he excelled. His reputation a* a mechanio
-mt equally high.
Some years ago, Mr. Hall waa
caught in a terriflo rain storm, while
returning home on foot, along a country road, a portion of whioh was
"corduroy," running through an extensive swamp. In the darkness, he
got off the rood, and stepped into the
slush and mud through which the
road waa built. He sauk to the waist,
and only with the greatest difficulty
was able to rescue , himself. Next
morning he was in a raging fever, the
result of tbe exposure, which would
have killed half a doxen ordinary
men. It was several weeks before he
waa well, and when he left his bed
his left leg waa four inches shorter
than the right. Rheumatism of the
mott extreme type bad followed bis
stormy adventure, and, as the doc-
ton said, crippled him for life.
Only those who have suffered with
Rheumatism can imagine the tortures
he endured. Dar and night, the
agony burned into his nerves and
muscles, makTng his life a ceaseless
round of torment. Doctor after dootor treated bim. Some proposed to
chisel a piece ont of the bone of the
leg; others said nothing oould do
bim any good. Th* surgical staff of
the Weetern Hospital, and a* score of
visiting physicians examined him and
decided ho oould never be cured. One
doctor >bled him, drawing away a
large quantity of thick, stringy, dark-
colored blood, heavily impregnated
with pnt. Even thia did no permanent good- Liniments, oils, and scores
of "patent medicine*" were tried
withont avail. Every one belloved
there wa* nothing for it bnt to suffer
till the end. Mr. Hall fonnd greater
and greater difficulty every day, in
moving abont. To walk a few yard*
was hard labor.
On* day recently he read ot Dr.
Arnold's English Toxin Pills, and
concluded to try them. He did so,
ud wa* amazed to And that his pains
atevr markedly less. He purchased a
farther supply of th* pilla, and used
them. Ashe did so, hi* sufferings
ceased entirely; strength and flexibility returned to th* onoe stiff and
tortured limb, and health came back
to him in all Ita Tiger.
H* It enthusiastic In hi* praises of
Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pilla,
which did tor him wbat the dootor*
uid all other medioine* in Canada fail-
ad to do���gave him the power to
walk, gave him freedom from pain,
���are him strength, health and energy.
Though he 1* nearing th, foil measure
of Ihe three-score and tan year* allotted a* a man's life, ba lt infinitely
more sprightly, mor* qnlok and nu*
on hia feet, than many a man In th*
full fjiuh of manhood.
Taking these faot* Into consideration, hit complete recovery it the more
marvellous. Jut reflect that the
most skilful dootors in Toronto and
Tlolnlty mr* nnabls to do mon than
giva him temporary relief i that differ.
���nt physician* pronounced his caa*
utterly Incurable, that th* staff of a
oily hospital failed to And any meant
of aid forth* sufferer, and then re.
member tbat a few boxe* of Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pill* made a
new man ot him���practically renewed
bit lease of lit* and ny whether
Dr. Arnold', English Toxin Pill* aro
not deserving ot a plaoe in every
household. Remember also, thnt Mr,
Hell had given nearly every "patent
modiolus'7 oo th, market a patient,
fair and faithfnl trial before beginning to nn Dr, Arnold'* English
Toxin Pills and that not on* ot ihem
iWa th* slightest noticeable good.
- nan say whether or not wa arc
justified in claiming.thu Dr. Ar
nold'i English Toxtn Pilla an tho
medioine known to-day that it a
a tat Rheumatism.   They
-.nwdioin* that kill* th,
MM rheumatism.   This
1 only -way to enn th,
I Ruglitb Turin PiUa,
thai oure, disease ly
A Bri��kt Tenth of ElihtMD Snthnd ao
Badly from Asthma, mi* Bronohitla
that ho wa. ForMd to Remain la *o
Alr-U(ht Boom lb. Month, at a
Time. Dr. Clara.*. Kola Compound
Mr, L. 0. Lemlanea, 0. P. B. *tn*innr, Us
ijoa-adar Btr-/I. Win-Up-;, -nil-.:-' U, ton
-nol, just eighteen year, of .|* be. tan a
ttrrtlle anfferer from asthma and bronchltia
dnrint-UAtyMn* I have spent hundreds of
dollsis wuh doctors and many remedlea, but he
begem, won* ��ach year. Kany tlmea he 1h>-
cameM weak and the attack, ao severe, that
w. thonght each wonld bo hi. last, for months
.t. time he haa been confined to th. bouae In
ut air-tight room, nnd continually tre.ted-.itli
mtutard plasters and poultice, to keep him
from choking. About the first of September
we houn of Clarke'. Kola Compound, and purchased in all seven bottles. While taking the
nr-afobrtheehanaewe. very .light, but ahortly
after MUng the tilth he giman.llrbcc.ine better, and eould aoon go oat any day, .nd aince
completing the treatment has been completely
oared. He goes out In the severest Uenltona
weather and expoam himself to severe testa,
and the attack, have not returned. It certainly ha. beeu. blessing to him, and I feel lt my
duty to highly recommend lt to any peraun
troubled with thi. dlMuo."
Clarkt-'a Kola Compound la the onl-- nerman ���
em our. for ..Ihmnyet discovered, and lt has
cured over MX) cm fn Canada alone.   Sold hy
Encloseficentstamp^*"Adams' lh.firlffl>h.A
Uacpberaon Co., 121 Ghnrch Street, Toronto.
1 heard the aliylark's h.flven.ar-1 note,
Tiie throttle greet the iluy,
And w��tcli.tl the white null, wheel and Beat
About tlle hriuht blue hay,
-Tbe kinglet fli-li.r round the role,
The wootliu-tker alight
A moment where th, woodbine blows.
Then ripple out of light.
And then another sight I uw,
ToMed plumage, crimson atrcak,
The ilialtered wing, the crippled claw
.Mute breast and drooping beak,
And round lliia havoc creature, fair,
Nol nd, but eager now
With the dead HK.il to deck their hair
And ornament their brow,
Ob, tender maiden, tnutful wife.
Nurtured in bill, .nd cue,
Tbe KlfMtue heiren lhat lent you life
Gave life no teu to these, '
And when, mid wintry frou snd rime.
To Yule log hearth you cling.
Remember. In tbo (weet ipringtlme
The bird, again will ring.
They with their lay, your lor. will th.Dk
If you will only roar.
And oim again to willowy bank
Tbe kingfisher repair.
Oh, let the tern complete the aen
It, lendemca begun
And oriole plume and egret creit,
Gleam, aiered, In th, ,un!
���Alfred Austin in Independent.
A Xaeh Debated Qat.tlon That Will
Probably Never Be Settled.
There is sn old ssying thnt nny man
can subdue a wild animal by merely Busing Into its eyes. Yet It Is a much debated question whether such a tiling la
possible, nud there nre some bunters wbo
believe thnt tiie human eye ba. absolutely
no power over wild animals,
A Smith African sportsman once determined tn put tbe question to tbe test.
Approaching a large ostrich, he gnzeil
fixedly at it, and to bis delight tbe mesmeric glance seemed to meet with Immediate success. The bird crouched nml
flapped its wing, nervously. Some hours
later, however, tbe man's body was found
with the ostrich alternately sitting and
Jumping upon it.
Another believer In the human eye experimented on a wildcat confined in n
laotojiicitl garden. He afterward con
fussed tbat but for tbe wires of tbs cage
bis fkee would have been torn to pieces.
A rery tAlfercnt story Is reluled of n
negro nttiu-hi-d to nn African liitntinu
party. Wandering line day from cimp.
lie surprised two linn cubs at pluy ami
thoughtlessly commenced to amuse them.
lie was only too successful. Tbe big cttbs
gamboled fearlessly nbout bim and to hia
dismay refused to desist when be wished
to leave Ihem.
Realising tbe danger to which he would
be exposed should the mother sppear, be
began to rnn, but tbe cubs refused to be
shaken off, and in their play tbey scratch
cd his legs in fearful fashion.
Thst the creatures were thoroughly en*
Joying themselves wus evident from ttielr
manifestations of delight, and before long
tbeir uunsusl cries brought a liouesa leaping to the snot
Trembling In every limb, tbe negro
faced tbe growling aiiininl, while the cttbs
continued to Jump at bim eager for fur
ther caresses. Tbe enraged lionet, moved round uneasily lu a circle, man ami
beast keeping their eyes fixed steadily ou
each otber. Several limes tho lioness
crouched to spring, but tbe msn, from
fear, uever abifted bis gase.
At length after what seemed an age,
when the negro waa ready to.drop from
extinction, the animal suddenly called
her cubs awsy and disappeared Into th.
surrounding scrub.���New York Herald.
Well Answered.
There Is a handsome young woman lu
Washington who bad the misfortune to
fall down stairs a few years ago. au
badly fracturing ouo of ber kneea that
the limb had to be amputated. Tbe
young woman, wbo walka witb the alii uf
crutches, Is not In the leest sensitive
abont tbe matter. One afternoon recently she got into an P atreet ear. bound
for ths Hill, and found herself in the
some seat witb a aharp eyed woman.
who seemed to take a wbole lot nf Interest in her and ber crutches. She
scrutinised the young womuu'a face carefully for a couple of minute., then turned her attention to tbe workmanship nf
tbe crutches, which ahe took the liberty
tn handle curiously.
Tben sbs looked tbe yonng woman orer
again and leaned over to her. "D'ye
mind Irllln mr how yen lost yonr leg'."
ahe asked rasplly.
"Nut In the least.*' responded Ih.
young woman amlnhly. "I hist It In tbe
bsttlo of Gettysburg." - Washington
A Blase ef Color.
On* of the mint gorgeous flakes in th.
world Is found, strangely ennugb, not lu
tropical waters, but off tbe coasts of
Knglsnd, whero Ibe waters are gray snd
deep aud cold. It Is Ibe opab, ar king*
fish. This species reaches a weight of
from HU to IOU pounds and Is shaped ���
little like the greet sunflsb of Ibt Atlantic ocean lu American waters.
The flab hss immense" eyes, of which
the Iris Is a bright scarlet. Tht gill covers arc green and gold, and Ihe rest of
the nab Is flashing red and green, orer
wbich there piny sheena of pnrple end
gold. Again over Ihis sheen there is another still more transparent film ef silver,
which plsys In Isrge, white spot, over
ti.e rest of the bright colors. The .fins,
which are Isrge and sword .Imped, ere >
vivid red.   .	
A Llt.l an th. Ulrli.
When a yonng msn takes a girl la ,
shew, he Is expected te provide tbe best
acste, csll wilh a hack, open anil close
the gates, help her with her cloak aad
act generally as though at were a lackey
serving a princess, but whe* two girls
go to a shew together tbey buy sests In
the balcony, meet oa a corner and hav*
a gooil. sensible time, toung men would
go lu society more If tbe girls ltd net
work tbem n herd. Most of the girls,
we,regret It********, work tb* startled tawa
business too hsrd.-Atchleoa Ulob*.
uaft urn* cm DWirt.
(inlf has supplied the "mfsning links"
tifoutdoornijiirt.-Ni.lv Vork WoVltl.
Evident l,i Hit' titinl.lt* IjtiwiH'ii Mewey
l.i��1 ibi' public Is merely ii Iiiver** i|inin-ul
���Cblcugu Record.
Under ��m*f tif tiie war In Somb Africa
Lord Snlislmry hit* b>\ lihnxi'ir be *q*t>er.
wt inn of Siunou.���Luiuliin New*.
MiH-l>'t,v the fomluil| rtfumiii In prm'ti
cn'ly I'litltil Thi' wi.iiil i-.-in ii.iw tuni Ite
nili'iiiitui io Hip iiuirti'i i'vi-in-* of war.~
\i"tv Vork Mail iiml Ksiirtwt.
It would seem llml in bundling its co
luiihit itff;ilrs .hi'-Sp.inisli jriivrriiiiH'lil did
nothing well Even us uitijjn of ilif ia
Inml* it recently ims-srswd are wroiif,'.-
Cl i-vela ml l.itidi'1-.
AclutiJ wnr Iuih demonstrated thi11 fact
that Uu; automobile will never wholly
KUperwdu   tlio   horse.     Just   think   of  a
starving army witing tt�� autmmihllesl-
dim Fruucinr�� Oil I.
When it is considered that mining the
ni lint; flushes in Chile it is tisitut to drink
17 whisky cocktails befon*? breakfast, it
la not lo lie wondered ui ilml cockfight-
iug is ono of tlm tirinci|iul amusements.���
St. Louis Star.
Tito proposition io hnve the police of
New Vork lake a census of that city simultaneously with the government enn-
incrntoi-H ha* much to commend it and
might ba followed to udvantagu in tiuiiiy
other cities.���Philadelphia Ledger.
Whilo people are predicting the decline
of the horse it In tinted that hti nodal
status couiiniicH to improve, But lu this
respect the home tuny he like hti friend,
the mau. When he gets to be absolutely
uo use at all, be will be a howling swell.
���Pittaburg Dispatch.
PATluN.-Men who follow -sedentary
occupations, wbioh deprive tbem of frein
air and exercise, ure more prone to disorders of tne liver an.l Sidneys than those
wbo lead active, outdoor lives Tbt
former will find Id Puimclee's Vegetable
Pills a ro- romtive without que-tiom the
mot-t eftlen.il u- ou the market. They an
easily procurable, onfiily taken, aoI expeditiously, and they Ate surprisingly
cheap considering their excellence.
Pride ot ***** Poor,
Mrs. Clareuce Burns, who Is so well
known for ber philanthropic work,
nays that In flit hor experience In visit*
Ing the tenements of the poor of tbe
city she has uever been nsked for aim*
Mra. Bums bus made a business of visiting the poor witb the hope of helping
thein whenever she snw tbe need, but
finds It almost Impossible to make the
really deserving poor acknowledge tbat
tbey are lu need of anything.
One day she visited a family wbo
were all huddled together lu one bare,
cold room, nud their faces were so
pluebed sbe knew they were starvlug.
But In response to her offer to belp
tbem the mother snld:
"No. thank you. The children have
bad something today. I am sure to get
work soou."
After iiucstfonlng as to Just exactly
what the children hnd bnd to eat Mrs.
Burns fouud Hint they hud subsisted
for tbree days ou a few dried scraps of
stale bread. This experience, she says,
Is repeated frequently.-New York
No Doubt of It.
"Ia hc whut yon would call a cultured person V"
"Cultured! Well. I should aay so.
tie knows twice as much about tbe
history of aucleut (Jrecce us he does
about Ihe history of llie United States.
And lie enn do a problem iu trigonometry In one-third the time It would
take bim to calctiitite the Interest on
a Uf) day note. Cultured! Well, 1
guess!"��� Washington Slur.
TESTED BV TIME-In his Justly-
oelebmtcd Pills Ur. Parmelee has given
to the world oneof the most uolquo medicines offered to the pnbtlo lu la u years
Pru-iared to meet the want for a pill
which oould be taken without naniea.
and that would purge without pale, lt
baa met all r.-aalremeatt In that direction, and It Is fn general ue not only be-
caai>e of these two qua Iti s, but tiecau-e
lt la known to pos oun alterative and curative no won which plaoe It In tbe front
rank of medicines.
Mutual!? Acrreable.
Oue dny Inst summer a sour vlsnged,
middle aired, fussy woman got on one
of the smoking seats In an open car
In ibe subway. Next to her aal a man
who was smoking a cigar. More than
tbat, llie wouiuu, (milling, easily made
ont tbnt tbe man bnd been eating onions. Still more tlutn tbat, she bad
tbe strongest klud of suspicion tbat bt
bad been drinking beer. Tbe woman
fussed aud wriggled and grew angrier
and looked nt the man scornfully.
Presently she could endure it no Ion*
ger. 8!ie luoked squarely nt bim and
"If you were my husband, sir, I'd
gire you a dose of poison!"
The nun) looked nt her. "If 1 wert
your husband." snld he, "I'd take It!"
-Boston Transcript.
The three great vital factors
of this body of oun an the
heart, the nerveiandtha blood.
It is because of ths triple
power posaessed br Hllbarn's
Heart andNervePlllaof making
weak, Irregular beating hearts
strong and steady, toning np
run down, shattered, nervous
Xterns and supplying those
ment* neoeasary to make
thin, watery blood rleb and
nd, that so many wonderful
sum have been accredited to
this remedy.
Hen ii the east of Ibt. B.
J. Arnold, Woodstock, N.B.,
who saya:
"I waa troubled tot soms
tlms with nervous prostration
and general weakness, feeling
Irritable, debilitated and sleepless nearly all the time.   Ity
entln system   became   ran
down.   As soon as I began
taking Milburn's Heart and
Nenrt Pills.  1 nalissd that
tbey had * calming, toothing
Influent* npon   tnt   nerves.
1 Every does teemed to help the
I oun.   They restored my sleep,
| strengthened my nerves and
Rve tone tony entln system,
think thtuwttdtrfnl."
Hale QU Age,
Sad to see people
advanced In yean
ache. Lame Back,
Urinary Troubles
and Kidney Weakness. A hale old
age, free from pains
aud aches, ean only
beattained by keeping tht kidneys right and the blood pan.
befrlsnd ths afsd bj freeing them (torn
Esln snd eornotlnf all Disorders of th.
.Idns-rs aod Urinary System.
Mr. Thomas Ash, an old resident of
Renfrew, Ont., apoks aa follows:
"I am 72 years of age, snd hay. been
troubled for a number qf yean with pains
across my back. When I would stoop
over It gave sgontztng pain to straighten
np. I wss so bad that I oould scarcely
walk. I have taken many kinds of medicines, bnt got nothing to belp me. Being
recommended to try Doan's Kidney Fills
I got a boa. After taking three doses 1
noticed a great change lor tbe better,
and I ean now get around as smart as a
cricket. I ean split my own wood and am,
In faot, jnst like a new man."
Gay Baothby, whon not writing novels, attends to bis dogs or bis aquarium.
He collects lire ash.
Mr. \V. T. Stead, that remarkable
mau and prolific journalist, wbo has
been asking recently if be shall slay his
brother Boer, is ajso very fond of children and loves a frolic witb them.
When some one the otber day ssked
Emtio Zola why be was silent on tbo
Transvaal question, be replied that be
had "a very human fear of appearing
to pose as a t-lgbter of all buaiuu
Plnley P. Dunne, George Ade snd
Will 1'sync, whose works have attracted attoutioD, nre Chk-ugo newspaper
men. All tbrr-e began their newspaper
work on lhe Chicago News. Mr. Ade is
now ou tbe Chicago Uccarri. Mr. Tayne
is editor of The Economist, und Ml*.
Dunne is the managing editor of the
Chicago Evening .loiit-ual.
Bryan, Theuford, writes: "For nine years
I suffered witli ulrerated sons on my leg;
I upended over 110.1 to pbyslolans, and
tried every prep.mtion 1 heard of or saw
reoomuivnded lor suoh dbease, but could
got no relief I at but was reoomnwaded
to give Dr. Thorns.' Ecl.otrlo Oil a irlsl,
wbioh bas n-sulM, alter using sight bottle. (u.lng lt internally snd externally),
In a oouiul.te cute. I believe It ta ths
best medioine In the world, nnd I writ.
this to 1st others know what II has doa.
Sh. Hadn't Dropped Off.
"Yls. ma'a-m."
"I am very tired, and I am going lo
II. down for an hour."
"Yls, ma'am."
"If 1 sliould happen to drop off, call
me at 5* o'clock."
"Yls, ma'am."
So my lady lies down, folds hor
hands, closes lier eyes and la soon lu
the land of dreams. She is awakened
by the clock striking 0 and cries indignantly:
"Delia I"
"Yls, ma'am."
"Why didn't you mil me at 5 o'clock,
as I told you to do?"
"Shtire, ma'am, ye tould mo to call ye
If ye bad dropped off. I looked Id on ye
at 5, and yo lindnt ur-;'ned off at nil!
Ye was lyln on the bed In the same
placo. sound asleep!"
Where can 1 got some of Hollon-ay's Corn
Cure? I was entirely cured of my corns liy
ihis remedy and 1 wish somo more of it for
my friends. So writes Mn. 3. W, Bbowm.
Riant Want at Last.
"Ze cowboys were cakcited. Tbey
made se remark If they had se Insurgent lender Ibey would puasle bim."
"Are you sure, count, that tbey said
"Ah, I fear I have mad. ao stuped,
mistake again. Could It have been z.
"Impossible, count"
"Ah. I bave eet Tbey aald tbey
would riddle se Insurgent W. foreigners are so stupede. Mnke se unpardou-
able blunder.
���or. BMk or Ud.
Is promptly relieved of .11 pais by us-
ng Griffiths' Menthol Idnlm.nl. This
emedy Immediately penetrates lo th.
painful parts, relieving In a fewmlnutM.
Menthol Liniment Is snpsrlor to plasters
i! any kind for lame bank, pleurisy, oold
ou cheat, eta   All drag,Uto, Stats.
It ca.'t ����� Don. Now.
"Au Increase of salary!" exclaimed
tbe immpous manager of a small omnibus company to a clerk who bad Just
made that request "I am afraid, sir,
tbat yon arc too extravagant!"
He toyed with bis heavy watcli chain
and looked severely nt the young man,
who returned his stare boldly. It was
tbe set phrase on stu-li occasions, nnd
th. applicant bad heard It all before.
He meant lo bar. Hint rise or-go
somewhere else.
���'Kxciise me, sir." ho replied respectfully. "I haven't any chance to lie ex-
irnragnul ou what I earn."
"Young man," continued tbe pompon, gentleman. "I have risen from
Ibe monkey board. How? Hy being
mri-rul. Wheu I was youug I made
piotiey by saving 'bus fares."
"Alt, iiinl was In the old dnys," said
llie young man. .villi a knowing wink.
"Bin Willi Ibe bell punches nnd tb.
pi-cseiil system of Inspection, you
would find you couldn't save sixpence
trillion! lieing collared, however careful yon were."
The manager neatly fainted, and th.
young mnu had to seek other employ
incut-l-onilon Flillulnid.
Nlffktrau foal.
"You nre bluer enough on trusts
now," spoke up a man lu the audience,
"but I Happen to kuow that you belonged to one for several years."
"I did, luy fellow cltlseusl" thunder
ed the orator*   "But wben I became
fully nwaka lo tbe enormity of tbe
thing I did my best lo crush tbat trust
I sold my factories to thai trust, uy
fellow cltlaens, for twice wbat Ihey
were worth In cash!"���Chicago Tribune. __________
Oa. at TS-.S. Gra.plasl l-t��lvli.��l..
Collector-Tbis la the fifth time, sir,
l'i, brought you this MIL
Customer-Well, bsven't I always
received you affably?
Collector-I don't want affability,
sir; I want cash.-ludlanapolis Jour
tamHe Luliat era m Etc.
Mistletoe is no inl-inum-nt newly adopted by the millinei-8.
Velvet gowns are to be among the
amaiti'st ot tbe coHtumei worn thin winter.
.New satin matelasse gowns ahow opal
and muonligtiT effects in faintest sen
green, tea rose and silver gray.
Formerly it was considered patch;
looking and In bad taste to wear two
kinds of fur at ouce. Now a mixed arrangement seems to be iu high vogue.
Tbe faultlessly shaped and fitted velvet conts of only medium length that are
mude to wear with skirts of ladles' cloth,
costume satin or repped silk are becoming.
Tin- English cloak dreBscs are but little
decoi-uted, au Immense standing collar of
aealskin, chinchilla, otter or other fur,
witli stole or licliii shaped ends, forming
llie sole finish.
The fact is now well established that
Ioiik trailing skirts ate to be worn with
all bouse gowns, and by house gowns are
meant evening dresses, reception dresses,
ten gowns or uuy other styles suited for
dressy bouse wear.
Tbe winter is to tie decidedly a fur and
velvet season. KnLire gowns ure made of
thew materials, lightly lined with silk or
mi tin alone, to remove all bulky effect,
itud skirts nud conts of Persian Innib or
caracul��� tbe fine, soft astrakhan���are the
height of Cushion.
A pretty design for the new box plaited skirts is so arranged ns to form n
shallow box plail nn the front, one oo
each side, and two large, shapely ones nf
the back. These arc stitehed down pari
wny und then allowed to Hart1. Four and
one-quarter yards of 4-S inch goods uro
required Id making this skirt.���Sew York
A Resnlar Spread.
The ouly orlglual advertisement writer has struck tbo rural district, where
tbe proprietor of a grocery store advertises In the local paper us follows:
"A Sunburst of Splendor for thia
Community by Day! A (inluxy of
Stars by Night! Never was such a Cut
In Sardines and Salt Mackerel! Big,
fnt Cabbage that would mate a Poet
Sing! Fresh Beef and Byron's Works
in Cheap form! Letter Paper, Now
Maple Sirup, Blankets, Overcoats,
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Cops, Corsets nnd
Tennyson's Poems for a Song! Corns
while tbe Lamp holds out to Burn!"-
Atlanta Constitution.
Unhbr .1*i��t Wanted to Know.
Bobby���Ate you lu the show business. Mr. Weddet?
Mr. Wedder (with eight ehlldren)-
Why.no, Bobby. What innde you think
Bobby���Oh. I heard pnpu fell Kate tf
sbe married you she'd have n whole
ine lingerie to look nfter, ��� Brooklyn
0. 0. Richards & Co.
Dear Sirs,���Your MINARD'a LINI-
ME.-.T is ourrtmedy for sore throat,
ooida end all ordinary ailments.
It never fails  to relieve and cure
Port Mulgrave.
MMiTTe (fay or century, Jan. t, 1081.
Paris expiHhinti celebrates its close.
Will open on Tuv-tfuy; olnae un Sunday.
Three Februarys will bave five Sundays,
In many countries festivities are already being projected.
Thirty-six thousand five hundred aud
twenty-five days���one dny more  would
itin to fi.'Jl.K u-.'I'Lh
Mi Liniment Cora Distemper.
Qorer Ni^liu Abroad.
When I wus iu Ai.vlfs-lbiliis Inst
summer. I saw a stout (iermuii woman
sitting nt (Mother table eating from au
enormous pile of plates. 1 thought at
first she wus carving or doing something of tbnt kind, but us the meiil
progressed and ihe pile bevuuie no tesa
I made inquiry und found out that she
was extremely nearsighted, and lho
pile of plates���exactly 10 In number-
was necessary to raise ber fond to a
point where ft would come within her
range of vision. She wns uo less a
personage than the Duchess of Hies-
In Italy they do not use glass lu the
windows on account of the expense
aud replace It with wood or other ma*
terlnl. In order to relieve (he monotony, I suppose, ihey hnve n hubit of
palutlng household scenes ou these
blank spaces. In one wtmjow you will
see an old chap reading his paper and
lu another u young mlsa doing up her
hair. There are also oilier scenes of
eveu more intimate rurally ehurncler,
which I will leave to your liniigitiiiilou.
In Athens one day I went out to buy
something or other, which. I remember, cost 5 drachmae. Tor if I lender.
cd a 10 drachma note lu payment, and
In order to make change the storekeep.
er tore It neaily lu two uml n-turiii'd
one-half to inc. Convenient, wasn't it?
-New Vork Tribune.
Wi ot** to know 'two ���uiuuiii'tliert ni nevtr
room for doubt-
By the various ligni tht |witi loved bo well to
tint about.
By tbl froat and by tht pumpkin and the nutner-
out otber things
To wbich the rural memory forever loudly cling!,
By tbl purple leaves and golden itrewti to rustle
at your feet,
At you felt the froity tingle witb an eectaiy complete.
But tbete thinge are now unheeded.  Fall'a the ioa-
���on, don't you know.
When the hat ta in the window and tbt bone li li
tbl ahow. ,
Bo ilng a K>nr ot aatlna or ��� little lay of lace.
Or (ell  ot  leathern  trappings on  parade with
equine graep.
Never mind tbe sunlight and the ihadowa ai the*/
But welch ibt gnuily glitter of electric lighta and
Upon the arid ten berk there'a no foliage a-gleem:
You'll feel no trusty tingle, for the place li wanned by atcani,
lo let ui Join in welcome lo tbli time, with bearta
When (he hit la la thi window and tbe horn la la
the ibow.
-WaiMngton Star.
A Fascinator.
Mr. Nortbslde (emerging from tele
phone boxl-Tbat girl at "Central*
must be a raging beauty.
Mr. Shady side���Uow do you knowt
Mr. Norihslde-She cuts people ont
so   easily.-*-Pittsburg   Chronicle-Tele
graph.        __________
���uai uhm cm aunt a im
/ rrsE
\B1,E      I
We teach Mjorthand, all Business Sub.
Scots and Telegraphy.     No  Hollilaye at
tmae    Incll-rliluiil Instruction.   Stuileuta
may enter nt any time.   Oct Particular!..
G. W. DONALD, gee.
W.   \,  U.     2SG
L'.ril.ns, w'.iron,, Birrowa. nlnauiili,;
*c    COCKSHUTT PLOW   CO., Win Ipig.
LUCAS, STEELE t BS STOL, oirol*t .*,
.       ' .., I..S.��It, Coffee*
Importers of Grown* la* D. Bxl raoti
WllUlI. Hamilton,Out. I..H.& H.Spiuee
Writ* na tor fall luformutiou.    Vow
|W.   H.   SPROULE   &   COMPANY,
Rail Eatate and Financial Broken,
| 975 Main St., Winnipeg.
The atate of New Vork will nend to the
Paris exposition of Khhi a furr-stry exhibit of Ul spi'dnu'iia uf Wood, all tmiivt
to the stitif.
At Pot-Is there will be *loO barivla ul
choice Aim-ricttti applcti in colli aturuge,
small lots being taken from the supply
frotn lime tu time ns ueedeil tu keep up n
contiimouH fresh fruit exhibit. Orauge;
wilt be treated in tbe tmme iiinnner,
Cincinnati will bt well represented in
its industries. A Inrgc pin llo iii:iinii':u-
taring concern uf thnt city wiil mnke n
most interesting exhibit. Thin ttJiiipatiy
will set up a moving exhibition of (hf
manufacture of pianos fro in ilie raw ma
turial to Ibe tiuished instrument.
Free and easy expectoration Immediately relieves and freea tbe throat and lung*)
from viscid phlegm, and a medicine tbat
promotes this la the best medicine to nse
for coogha, colds, Inflammation of the
lungs and all affections of tbe threat and
oheht. This la precisely what Blckle's
A ntl-Consumptive Syrup Is a sped Bo for,
and wherevor used ltlbas given unbounded satisfaction. Children like It because
It ta pleasant, adults like It because it relieves and cures the dlseaee.
A ConvlnelOB Ana-tver.
There are mnny people who do not
care for libraries who pride themselves
on having "ouly tbe books they rend"
nhout them, but the answer liitade by
a distinguished scholar to one ot those
persons very well illustrates how valuable Is this Ideit as to what a library
should be. The scholar was connected
with nu institution of learning which
hud been greatly helped by a liberal
r.iiiu of lhe neighborhood, but the liberal until was not much of a sympathizer
with the idea of Increasing the library.
When appealed to In the matter, he re
".Mure hooksV Denr me, It seems to
me you've gol more tlilin .vou can read
now. Have you read all you have al
'���No." returned (he scholar, "nud I
Dover expect to read tlieni all."
"Theu why do you want more?"
"Lt*1 me ask you." said the scholar,
"did ynu ever rend lhe dictionary
through V"
"Certainly not." was the reply.
"Well, sir." suld the scholar, "a libra
ry Is my .dictionary."
Tin' iinswer was convincing, and the
merchant provided the professor with
(he f ti mis he wished fdr.���Pittsburg
Parents buy Mother Oruveu' Vr( Op I'*'-
tenninntor bt-causo they know it Is n snfr-
midiclac for their children aod an cirectmtl
expeller of worms.
Cbrl-tluisa 1* to mi on.
tie Ii no liiri) of Irwdom,   Nullum Hie,
Arc   5��i/.i'ii   li>*   sirnngL-r   powers  and   made   a
An.l m wiili lilm.   ffhin frc-erioin's song he tries,
Ue ftndi tie hai fume tmubie In liis neck.
- Kan-jus City Independent.
Imllalhiit the Hen.
"Yes, they huve two mantels lu every room In the new women's clubhouse."
"What's that for?"
"Por the members to put their feet
"The women put their feet on the
"Vol) they nre made expressly for
tbem���just 18 luebes above tho floor."
���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Varloija Si-gun br Wliivh Their 1'liat-
ucrcr Mu>   lie Ki'i'oHiilaeil.
To dlstlngullfl lietween venomous atj.il
harmless snakes is easy in practice, but it
is diltienlt to explain in words alone, its
there is one external characteristic whicli
distinguishes tlieni. It is rather n peculiar, varying union of mnny separate
marks that brands tho dangerous reptile.
Generally speaking, all snakes may In-
divided iuto two grout classes���those
which have the head covered with numerous small scales and those which
bave It covered with large, regularly lit-
ti'd plates. Leaving out the clfpldiu nnd
the poisonous sen snakes, wiih whicli
the Im liter will hnve nothing to do, all
snakes with small head scales move
about by night and those with the large
plu tea on the bead hy day. This may he
known by their eyes, for the lirst hnve
vertical pupils like Hip cut's, while those
of the hitter are generally circular in
form. Tho loug. active day snake, gild*
log about from bush to busk or hurriedly
taking refuge bouuatli some protruding
rock or tree stump, is harmless. Even
should he Ho coiled In tho sunshine lie
will lice from approaching danger. But
a serpent nicely colled in some secluded
nook which instead of flcelug gathers
himself closer together is most probably
dangerous, particularly if he lie more or
less market! with a suggestion of irregular crossbars or whitish ur dirty yellow
ami darker brown or black 1st), This is
the characteristic coloring of our must
dangerous snakes, the rattler, tbe copperhead ami tiie moccasin.
The following points embrace all the
peculiarities of our American vipers, and
the last two nre especially noteworthy as
the crowning proofs of venom:
(1) Moving about at dusk or by night,
generally ou the ground, and very rarely
ascending trees or bushes, i-i Seldom
flying in alarm, but rather coiling for defense, lit) Colors generally subdued lu
tint, with ii semblance of irregular crossbars of lighter and darker shades. (-11
Tail short, body stout, neck thin, bead
flat and very broad, especially behind.
(fi) Scales keeled���i. e, each scale lias a
Hdge down the middle, which gives the
skin u rough uppfnrnncc like a rasp, id)
I fond covered with small scales, some-
times larger over the eyes or nose. (7)
Byes with vertical pupils like a cats.
(8J Two pits or holes between tho eyes
and nose, suggesting four nostrils. (IM
Two long, curved, perforated fangs iu
the upper jaw just in front of tlio eye,
one on either side and so hinged that
they He backwurd, bidden from view in
a membranous sheath, bnt erect il* at
Some of  the  lirst  seven  peculiarities^*
may be found in harmless snakes, but/ft
iioiily in the vipers that they are tmftw-i.
-Ouftflgr- --       " *
flow She "Gulden" Them.
There is a jolly mother In Brooklyn
who lias several grown up sous boarding
at homo with her, and thoy declare shn
wants to "boss" thom all the time, Just
as U they were children. She laughingly
repudiates thoir charge nnd declares thai ���
she merely wishes tu advise and guide
thom, but hus long ago censed to rule
them. Here is an example of the way
she "guides" them: At dinner the other
night it hig meat pie and u small roast
duck were brought ou together. Tho
duck wns intended for the father principally. The boys v/ere death on duck,
their mother well knew, but it would not
mnke a mouthful apiece for them; so, addressing tho boy who sat ioarest her, she
said, "Which will you have, Bobbie, duck
or pie?" and nt onco begnu cutting the
"Puck!" said Bobbie promptly.
"Nof Bobble," answered hU umihor
cheerfully, "you enn't have duck, dear.
Take your choice, my son, take your
choice, hut you can't have duck!"���New
Vork Tribune.	
Bla Cheat Expansion Hedn*ee4.
First Oflicer���Ilow would you fancy
a sailor for a husband, Miss Curzon?
Miss Curzon���Very much Indeed, IC
he were like yourself.
First Officer (highly flattered)-!!'*!
extremely nice of you to say that, but
why so?
Miss Curzon���Because you wouldn't
bs home much.���Chicago Post
Just as the lightbuoy is a signal of
danger to sailors, and the red light to
railway men, so has nature equipped
individuals with danger signals of
one kind or another when their
physical condition is not quite right.
It may simply be a tired feeling, a
slight cold, weakness of the muscles,
fickle appetite or some other sign���
slight at first���which indicates that your condition is not a
healthy one. If the danger signal is not heeded, serious results will follow and a complete collapse may occur. In nine
cases out of ten the direct cause of the trouble is impoverished
blood, or weak nerves. . You need something to brace you up
���to make your blood rich and your nerves strong. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is the only medicine that can do this promptly
and effectively.   They strengthen from first dose to last.
Mr. Jonu Siddoni, London, On!., snys:���"I oan .peak moat favorably of the virtue of Dt. William.' Pink P.lli. "".h***. prove Invnlnuble
In .(lengthening and toning np the system when deblliisied. Hiving
n��d ihem for sime tlm. put I imu a, eak mist luvoiubly ot iheir
beneficial letolts. Aa an iuvigoratui- ot the oonititniion they are all
that they clam to be."
Bold by ��U d.ilen or port paid at 60 eeaU a box, or ilz bom for
UM, by addr-nilBf tho Dr. William.' Modlolno Oo., BrockvUl..
i_ -f-*-'"--*?
test- v
the Crowd I
T\sey A!> Go To
McDERMOT'S. . . .
Our Compltt* Stiff
has been working eighteen md twenty
honr. evory day this month Hlllng order.
a, thoy come fri*-i North, South, Eaat and
Santa Claus
tin. jiiat arrived at onr Store direct from
IaikIoii, England, with WO ...I English
Xm.-is Stockings, -fust crammed with funny
' tilings lor lloys and Ulrls. Santa-poor
I'haiil-is-jrMtyilrM afMr hi. long trip
nithsiu-h a hoary pack, but sums qui!,
ibeerfnl ud tayt be Is real glad to hav.
armed in timo lo.giv. at S10.00forth.
Fir. tlnll not. l-alng built iu Golden.
We have plenty
uf Jim Cracks, .lumping .locks. Mechanical
Tuys und nil Iho other Tomfoolery necos*
���ary to mane little one. happy.    We Und
A Decided Disposition
on Ihe I'm! of tho public foa buying UMful
tilings this, yoar, and we were nover no wo!l
placed to eater to your wants in thia respect
We have Just received
. large consignment ofTabloand Pooket
Cutlery direct Iran !bo Cutlers iu SheBeld
and bought before tho advance���Carving
SMI, Oame Sells, in Mahogany, RoMwood
and Velvet Cawa-bMutiful gooda and
CHEAP. Atso Shiner, Ilreak-liut and
Dessert Knlve. with Ivory Handles.
Pork', Spoon., Butter Knit*., Pick). Caa-
tora, Table COuet., Decanters, Cut Olaaa
Tumbler., Pined -Jonis, te., te.
Skates! Skates I  Skates!
to St every boot ard every pocket.  Abo
i'oo-s to ttt .very eknte���Men's, Ladies' and
Mis...' at very low price..
In Staple Good*
we lead Iho advance column for tho relief
of everyone, lt pays to trade at a store
doing a large business. We clear out
everything and in coti.eqt.oDce are eon
tinnnlly receiving th. freshest and newest
A carload of Stoves "received from the Gurney foundi y
ast week, and another car of our Celebrated Furniture
lit the eastern factories expected about the ��0th instant
Ovor $40,000 worth of goods in stock to select from,
If you are not already a customer of this up-to date
Store, give us a .trial order. Trading with us moans
BUSINESS, PLEASURE and PROFIT, as thousands of
our cust-pmers can testjfy.
Wishing Tou a Happy Christmas and
Prosperous New Tear.
Golden,   B.C.
Kirr)ptor|    6c���",. Pitts,"""*',
N       ��� v ��� ' .   -.j._: -   - * * *   *���*"   ,
Genial Merchants,
Minors going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a.large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.    ������  ,.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Ccmp n
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for Calif ornia Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for dowmercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot*nd Cold Baths.
Rates 82 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
& International Transportation Co.
Conneoting with C.P.R at Golden, RC.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
(Lata MACFAELANE ft Oo.)
Vaneoittyer,     -     B.C.
V. are toahctartKM*! dfteet {"*?������., Md carry a Isrg. -M.lt of Bihmr.
i, Fire CUy Oood., iMlStile and /raeikid Books, Glassware, ri.timim Oood.,
'     i__i_   .*, -ll��.La> A_atf.rat.rul Miiwr.' Mn.t -Mir-**
AcM,,tS,OaBff�� tat *-W* I'MclM. ftwany,.-But,
Halancoc, Etc.
terse*!. Beckeri Spat'
Catslogueand full particulars on application.
Th. new fire  hall is  Mariner completion, .nd will bs a credit to Ooldtn.
Subscribe for the Daily War Bullet-
In nod keep posted on the South African
In Kelson school children an required to be vaccinated before being admitted to the aohool.
The date lor the Oolden bonspiel and
carnival will I* definitely decided during the bonspiel at Calgary next week.
Owing tu chare.es of pro*Boer sympathy, Captain Victor Xtcuboii's sloop
was bond and acuti led at her mooring',
in Viotoria hartk-r Let week.
The service, at St. Paul', church, on
Sunday neat Jan. iiSih will I. at 11 a
in. Matins, Litany aud sermon, ut 7.SO
p in. F-ensong aud sermon.
A slug), advertisement may do no
risible good, bat it ia the magnet
whioh draws lb. reader to the neat
ooe, and finally be become, one of your
beet cu.ton.eri.
Methodist church Sinidnv Jan. 28th
HrvloM at II. a.m. ami 7.30 p.m the
pastor will preach ut both servi.es.
Speoial s.rvic. In th. even Inn Subject
"Heaven aud tb. way ili.ro" Every ouo
Owing to th. small-con scar, in
Spoken.. Seattle and other U. S. cities
th. Provincial authorities ar. exereis*
ing .very precaution to prevent t he risk
ol th. dreaded disease breaking out in
tbis provinoe.
Ur. J. S Gibb manager ol the lot'
perial Bulk, will tall, ohnrg. ol all
moneys for th. Canadian Patriotlo land
and sand th.in without cost to the
proper authorities. Although started
only a short tiuie.the fund is increasing
daily at treineniious strides.
Tilt Governor Glenersl hss formed u
central relief fund lor tlio Canadian
troop, in the Transvaal and theii
families. Its purpose la mutch th.
.am. as lhe Mansion House lund and
is being largely subscribed lo. The
Governor Gener.l ie president j Lieu
Col. Irwin, 8m; L. 11. Courtney, tress.;
Tb. Queen is patron. Subscription.
mar lie sent to th. officer* of .ny
chartered Canadian Bauk.
. The Vancouver Souk contingent in
Vancouver..*-, dally receiving socks
for th. mon In South Africa. Tl..
ladies ol the Terminal city are to be
commended for the collection and wilding of this, oomlorls to tl* men
at tbo front. W. an sura th* boys
will be made happy, not so muoh
account of tlte socks, aa th. interest
siioa n by friends at home. Don't forget lhat Mrs Gibb lis. kindly conaen ���
ed lo send io Vancouver, the donation,
fr Jin Golden.
The first Hush light message ��v.r
transmitted according to telegraphing
cod. was sent [rorii tl.. room of the
C. P. K. telegraph oith** by Mr, Do-Sow
of the telegraph suit, to'Mr. Gill of
the same, to Mr Gill's home on 'till
mountain side in North Vancouver. At
10 o'clock . according to prearrange
ment, Mr. Gill signalled "All right-.'
Willi a bicycle acetylene lamp, and
Mr. Dccow fliiohid baok "Garden elect
ed by 184 majority." Mr.". OilLoaid
this moruiug thut be (tad tu*i fl.asbes
easily���World.      t ���
A Cabat.Inim firm thnt Is always 1j
tbe trout In ��ci. oi philanthropy and
patriotism Is th. George �� Tuckett
Company of Hanilllou, on. of tne
tob.u-ci innnulacturureot Canada. On
the ocuaainn of dapaittire of tire second
Canadian uoutingent fur Soui'h Adieu,
thia firm will again give evidence of its
liberality and patriotism by preaeni
iug 2C00 lbs. ol .JUv'rtli. Cut T. k B.
toiMcooto iheeoittiug.ut. Thle.upply
will give each 'iiietuL-vr ol th. com ingeiii
a pound oMobaeei, and what is left
orer will be giv.n lo ih. firat coming
���nt o.w in South Africa. Tbia donation will add gnaily lo th. comfort of
tii.m.n,and willcenaliily banpprociat
ed by them. Th. tobacco-will be ready
for distribut'on when lho cout'mgeiii
arrives at Halitaa*.
Thi E��i ha. reel red from th. pub
Ushers, Th. Central Pre.. Agency, ol
Toronto, a copy of tbeir Directory of
-Canadian Newspapers for 1900.   This
11 th. first issu. of well a dinctory by
th* Company nfarrad to, ud il ia
Tory cnditabl. to th.tr diligency md
.uterpri... Th* obtsluing of inlor-
nation let unch * work me.ni * lit of
energy and patience, ud the book.
carelully compile*! aa It ap, ear* to be,
cannot fall to be a moat useful work of
reference to advertiser* nnd .11 who
with to obtain Information respecting
th. publications of Canada and Newfoundland, In addition to detailed
descriptions of all period!..!, and ih.
pieces where issued, ther. an lis.is by
count w, cU.siflod lists under all heads,
���tc, b side, summary ot th. postsg.
law, customs rates on primers material
���nd other useful luforinailun. The
book Is wall .Ranged and priut.l and
does en4lt to th. publisher,.
Under th. heading of Unintentional
Disloyally, the Kamloops Standard, in
it. Issuo of ths IBih In.t., ttjt: "Thos
who .ra iuoi-s intiin.lrly acquaiui*!
with th. .tall ol this paper will readily
uideratnnd t at rh. referaee. to the
Ll.nt..Oo��.rnor, In * Utter appearing
from our Victoria correspondent, Is on.
distinctly object louablo .nd opposed tn
the policy of llie pa per. As long a. a
man ia ill politic, he Kay expect all
hs g'ta, but the position of represent
atlveofHoi ttajjaly places th. ooipanl
��bov. th. anna ol politl.nl watfan
end ' shonld ba rwpoe'ed, eveu
should tbe occupanl ��� not be
inlitlid to trnpect -person.lly. In
this particular Incident, hew.ror, th.
editor I. On rery kindly term* aool.lly
with th. gantlaraan referrd to; which
to put it on lower grounds, isquii.suf
fici.nt r***on t* pr.nnt any unseemly
attack on him. Lut w��.k, however,
���erne cbangM were twine mad. in the
fkandant offlos, which neeeHltatcd th.
�����UHti*n of tbei literal ether mat.
ter*tieei-k��the wielding ofthe Uo.
pencil. ����4 the object ionabtapMH'**''
wc.|Md obserration entinly. This, et
course, I. no eicu-w, nor I* it of .red u
snch, as, if . person underuk** toedst,
he ahould do so. Neither do we ed.r
tbe reason ot Ite .ppesr.no* u ��� palliation, bnt only to explain teMr nad-
.ra onr apparent lnconslnuMy and to
uaure then thai such offaaeM *talosi
good tail* ud loyally at* Mt tlie-pol-
ley of thi* paper. yitb,mfrt to our
Mn.pond.at Olnerrer,. m jounot
U.m. bim, ������ a i-*���*��*-���?�� wil. hi*
w-wkiwbjerttoco-rlr^llltl^lfit i.
aocpttd In Hi intli��i*f, '***%9 ��*����
d. plum., tb. re*pon.lbillty nsts with
tho editor. It goes withont .aylng
that ws accept th* rmpon.ibility, and
tender an apology for onr inexcusable
Th. total unmber of hospital day*
forth, month of December were MS
(or 25 psti.nta.
Th. dat. of the Calgar^ bonspiel[hae
been changed, on account of tlw'Weath-
er, to the 30th of the present month.
Ou Tuesday the fin bell was taken
from its old stand on two dry good,
boxes and hung lu tbe tower of th.
new lira ball.
A committe. ha. been appointed
wilh the view of amalgamating the
-orporutlcn. of the cities of Grand
Forks and Columbia.
Service in ihe Presbyterian Church
Sunday Evening at 7.30 Suhjpct "The
Judgment Seat' of Chriai" Speei.il
Music   Every .body welcome.
The sural ary otlh. Golden Hospital
begs to acknowledge with thanks the
sum ol 12 50 received Irom Mr. Siod-
lart. Windermere,subscription toward,
ihe Hospital ball.
In our report of tho Board ot Trad,
meeting in laat week', issue the name
ol C. A. Warren appearoti as vice
preeident it elionllf have been C. H.
Parson, vice preeident,
The hospital continues to. **��, filled.
Two patients arrived from Notch Hill
lust week. Monday'. No. 2 brought
3 typhoid patients from Illccillewaet.
Theie nre now 10 patients In the ward.
Comptroller Fled Whit, bas been
intruded to mako necessary arrangement, for lb. rtorulting of theSirnih'
oona Horse Iir Manitoba.'the North
Weat and British Columbia. The
Britisli Columbia recruiting points
will probably be Kelson. Rovelstoke
and Kamloops.
Th. Golden Hospital has just reo��lr
ed a hand.oin. gift from Mr. and Mra.
ti. A. Kimpton, of Wiid.rm.ro, an oik
book cas. with brass plat, attached
bearing th. following ii.-.ription
"Presented to the Goldeu H*.spit.l in
memory'of Clifford Kimpton who died
Aug. 22ml, 1899, aged nine y.an." Au
effort will now bs mads io havo th.
book ens. filled with isoms good lead
ing matter to the near future-. The
promise ot aome good wsrks having
already been made, we hope mon will
{From our Own Correspondent}
Jlr. J. C. Pitt.. Mt tor Wind-men
on a business trip.
Mn. Pitt, nturned from Sandon.
Dr. J, W. Cross, C.P. B. phrcieian
paid ns a visit, It heing his r.gul.i
weekly trip orer the dlvbion.
Situated tu llie Gulden uiluiu-r Division ol
Enst Kooteuay Oistriit. Where heated
Un iliildlo fork of tipillhiaclien. ltivw,
near Horn. Has n.
Take notice that I, John Henderson* of
Golden, oa agent for W. C. Tillson, of Halem,
Oregon. U.S.A., Free.miner's Certilieate
No. H10170, hiieud sixty day. from the due
heronf toapirly lotlie luining m-ordorfor..'.
certllii-ate of lini-orvoniwita for tbo purpose
of obtaining a Crown -Grant of tbe above
Aud further take notice that action under
Motion 117 must be conimeiii-od before the
issuance of .neb eertirh-nto ol* improvements.
Dated thia 19tb day nf January IU00. .
Beyelstroke haa a boxing club.
Mtae Florenoe Pughe nturned home
on Tuesday.   -   "  *      "" <
J. D. Wells of Pallieer spent Wea-
ncsday In Town.
Mis. Gladys Houston is visiting
friends in Field this week.
Miss Ada Dunne, ot Rwktoke,
the guest et Mre. H. W. Putinorc,
Chaa. K Hamilton has been appoint,
ed clerk at tho Government office._.   .
Messrs. Buttan and Balnes.'of Don-
aid, came to llie me-ropoli. yeaterd.y.
B. B.   Brnco  nr.d   Thomas  Jones
left'   fo.- * Vludc^t...to   on   ^Ipi.d.y,'.
St.f0.    .      jl "*
St B-iJgr.vs ha. been appoint*.! chief
Heme Ilnpictor for* Nitllp, En.t
C. H. Pursoli and C. A. iWarri-n
hay. been appointed licence coinniisa
loners for North East Koutonliy.
Miss Hume. Miaw* Winul. .nd
Mai-jorln Anuairong left ilii* week to
attain' Alt Hallow's school, at Yale.
F. W. Jones, Manager of the Culum
hia Uiver'Luinher Co.. arrive! from
the eaal yesterday alter an aba-uco ol
J. Lamontsgne, tonaorlal arliai
had the m'sfortuneTuesday afternoon
io tall and break one ot ths bone, al
his forefinger.
HI. Lordship, Bishop Dontenwell of
New Westminster, .passed .through
Golden yesterday en rout, to .Borne,
where he will remain lor. several
mouth, before returning. .
Edusatlnnal Report,'
Th. twenty-eight annual, report cf
th. Miui.ter of Gilucatlon,; Hon
Charles Semlin, wns sibniiued to the
Houm a lew day* ago. Th. <x
tun for education proper doting the
year*was; teachers' salaries, MW.337.-
67; incidental expenaee 114.121 HI*."
per r.nite grent to city dlairleia, tbl,
1192.12; education offic 913,497. 42;-
To-ul B0B,tlii3 40. Lust y#ar the
total .xpmditun fur eduction was
Notice   '
The.nniii.l ganernl meeting of Ih. Paid
lountclii Mii-Iaa aim Dei-Hapuisoi Cjm*
pany, Limited Liability, win U hold .1
UcU-'n. II. C, on February Hih. ot! o'clock
fur the purpose of hearing the Uirwtors' lie
port, .lection of o tlcer. hirth. i'Cnl.g yesr
and any othsr business that ui.y bs brought
boftire th. maiting
President. "'      8ecret.ry.
Calgary, January, 2>h, 1300.
The .bora moothii U hereby postponed
until March llth, at the tame time and place.
PresldsM. Becnlary.
Calgary, January. MtMMO.
Situate in th. Windermere llinkig DhUon
- of Esst Kootenay District. Whan local-
��l-OnHoulder Creek, about�� miln from
TAKE NOTICE that I. If, F,
crtioga.ag.iit for Walter L.Coai._	
Miners Cwiltlcte BMW A and Fred A. Vol-
*   -    ��� |ke
holland B ltMfl, InUnd, shtv dsys from tl
purpose of obtaining a Cnwn tir.nl of th*
aeon claims.
And fm-lhm take notice that acA*. wjd*r
Motloo ��l. m*sl h* MiuiiiHrlttn th*
Dated tbl. SJtk day ef October. AD. IM*.
im-* K. F. TOWKBEHp.
Advertise in
Notice it hereby triten, iu HccoMnnce with'
the StRlulex, llmr i'rovinci 1 Revenue Tax
thil hit texts* levied mwlor the Aiweuinlttit
Act are now due for tho your 1900.'All Iff the
iiliovu named tuxni collettiible wilhfrt tiie
Northern Divtulon of Eiuit Kootenay District
are pnyable at my ofivo, tho Court Houm
Oolden. AuendtaxeaareuollortaMeatthe
followiuff rstea, vl*.;���
Iftwiid on or before June SOth.IOOO;
Three-flftha pf oue i��r cent on seal
Two and one-half mr cent on
value of wild laud.
One-half of one per cent on i e-wrnal
property. , ,
On iw much of tho income of an yporann
an exceed*'oii*'tNoiiMitd dollnra the
followititc rnte��, namtily, upuu auvh
,    excess ot income wben the mun b not
more than ten thousand dollars, one per
- eont; when such, excess is over ten
thousand dolbirs aud not in-re than
iwouty iliotuaud dollars, one mid 'one-
tjuartir of one por cent; whon snch
excess is wer twenty thousand dulUit-**,
, one rnd��iUO-lialt'ol'owe |-er emit.
U paid on or before the lut of Jnly, ��tt\
Four-fifth* ot  one   por  vent ou real
- property; ibroe per cent on tho sue-saod
vane of twild-litridj throo-fouriusdf
per cent on personal property.
On so much of the income uf any lemon as
exepeda cn* tbouwmd dolhirs ilia follow-
" tig rntos, namely, upon  such exMss,
plien the same Is not more thun ten*1 ���thousand dolltir*'. one aud ono quarter ofone
rer cent; whon snch excess is over teu
tlwuiaad   dollar**   uti'l not more  thun
-    twenty tlioiiwind dullurs, out- arid ono-
half or ono pot cent; ivheit mcbexi-emi is
over tweuiy thousnud dollars, ouewid
.:    ihree-qiiarteos of onf per-.i-cut. -  *'
Proviiuiul Revenue Tax, 13.00 per capita.
ir and Ca^Mor.
, fr-pTl-TE-ia hereby gti-on th. t an applK-at-
ion will tie made tn th I ouisltitito Assembly
oftbu I'mvlmeof Brltlth t'olmnhm, at is
next sossinii, for un Act to iucori orate a
Coiiitwiiiy wilh pon-er to construct, equip,
mfliiiuin, and operato tclcplioiw and tflo-
graph lines wifhin anil throii��hniit the Province of Kritfch Coliiuihffl, tied to tomntct
ero(.'t,Knd maiiititin such aud ao nmuy pultw
and oilu'i- works aiul devices an the < umvjiny
���lemu tiouesMiry for nrnkiiij;, vom\ Ictiup, sup-
piTtiit^f UMiVitr, working, o| ertitiu^ amTuisiu-
tain iitf tin systum uf I'OJuii.uiiivatinii bv u-lo-
iiDiii' and tolefiraph, and to open or lire k up
any part or pars of tho stidhighwuysor
utrevtsas ofuii as hhM (.iunpit.iy, its ucentK,
������Incurs or woHtme'i tl:l'<k pruper anil for ilio
1 urpos aot the undertaking to piu'cliase, acquire or lo.-.Hti mu'i Inlil jiii.rwlt aud tlUpuso of
liiiuls buillugs or le-teiumtla within tho limits
atlursidJ mat to purch��so. acquire, or Wwe.
forcuy- , term of ywirs, any
telephone or Mogrpalt lines established, or
robo established, hi HrltlsH Columbw, run-
nectod, or to be uonuecu-d with me lino
whicb^the Cum) any may construct and to
amalgamate with or leaso Its line or lines, or
any portion or port-low. therout, to any Com
pany j��asesalng| aa PFftnrietor, any line of
telephone or tekigra) h coninmaicutioti con-
,1'ectitig.or to be cotiu(n-tod( with the snid
Comi'aity'�� line or lines, aud to borrow money
fir tht purposes of^lM. 1'ompanv, and to
1'lodge *r uturfg-ag* ally uf <be CumpnmV
assets for that puri-oea, aud to receive bonuses
and privileges from auy person m bjdy *or-
perauCand with all oihor naval, necossiuiy or
iucidontii rigbu, powvrs or privilege* as
may bo u-.>ceiisary tt inclduutal to the attain
inout ot tne above uojects, oi auyoftbeui. "
Datod tbia 15tfcdapof Dei-ember, J8BP.
d���� Solicitor for the ApplMitila.
I.   O.  O.   V.
Rocky Uonntuln Ebdge ko. JH naeU Ih
OildMUrtw Hatt, Uolden, etory Wednesday
atHp.m.   Hojiiurningbrvthranwulcome.
V. PlARCE/k.a.  W, L. HOUHTON, V.0
J T. WOOD Heeratanr.
IT you want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milling Comparay gtsw-
ante, their Sonr th.eunal of any
>.* brand on tho Oolden Market end
hereby ant hoi-lac ell grocers la Mil
. It .iibji'ot to ehe*. gnarantee *ud
ihny will refund th. full amount
* paid for floor upon return of any
not equal to guaraotet*
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
Chemist tc Druggist,
Robt Elliot, M.D.,
LletM-td Phystslaa * Surg-jon
Bigs el iH Mattftr UraMfteaabk rales,
A. C. EUmimos,
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
-low is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, ami the
oentre of au extensive stock-raising' and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the. Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north/
The important mineral discoveries recently limde in
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together with itid
fact, that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length'of the Columbia aha
Kootenay valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within'the next few
months. ^,
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now dlfered form*
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase lefore a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to.  *.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree-
mont for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Why Spend Money
on READY-MADE CLOTHES when von cwft
I have the best assortment of twetds, Merges,
Fancy Vests and-.Overcoats in the Province.*
It Is foolish to spend your money in the East
on Inferior Domestic Goods when you can got
tho Rett Imported Material at heme at lower
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired.
j. c, TOM,
P. A. Desormeau,
**".. , jailor*.
Boutli HMe Kicking Ben. nitrer,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale A Retail
U.tllo, Sheep and Hon. Defers.
omumtt, b.c.
Thomas O'Brien,
BarrUtwr, SoUoltOr.
Noury Pablle,Conveyaneer, ate
bile, in Upper Columbia Narlgatio* and
Tram.ay Company^ Building,
Coffins and
* ' funeral Robe�� ol all kind..
Order, promptly attended fev
Vt-. L. Hoaston,
Golden, b*t..
i*i i ii''f    in msn' iivttmmemm**
Lakeside Hotel*,
Tayktos & GoanoiS, Pno*>.��
Coed ��-romnrt*ellen_(br. 'pKwrttrlan nnal
n-tightm.  nnt-dusniwA.
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solloitori, Rourlet,
, Ra-MUtoke, B.C.
Will atlmd .11 County Courts at OeMea.BI,
W. WHlm.Q.0. AM.gi'OTT,B.A.,l,.U.U
fi. J, SCOVIL,
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Eto.
H, O. Agent for E. A. HAOOEN.
  Aaaayer t MtUIInrrlit.
OrnoB at Unamm Botbi,,
Windermere* -' B.C.
' ' i i   i     i-���s��a^���.���.
Hvrey, McCarter It Pinkham,
Barrlit.r., lell.ltor., A*.
BsTobtok., U.O.
Fort UtelW, B.c:
The H. B. A. VOGEL
CcauBcraUl C��ll��tc
e*- MV. Vaawavm. B. C
Thorough Instruotlon In busines*
method*, Bookkeeping, (we tta no
Mgt-books, bnt do oetnal bnslrat**)
Shorthand ana T>p.wilting, W.pr*-
pare for eumlnattn*.
J_��. Beady, D.L&, & P.LS.
Mining -Engineer,
eoipw, i.c.
Quickest Tin* and LowmI HntW'M oB
polon EAST and m
thbobok car* nog QOlVtiH
Exourtlon BatM ta
ini aU f lawr Wmr***
C8KAP UM *�� IHg
'^;i;Hcp__t8oii ���
e��. rut, A,.at,


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